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X?resenfe0f Q GQJJ 760 5. 5. 5. Q 5Z6r1OQ, 96650 yorf l 712 922122 0173122 On Monday, February 15, we were saddened by the death of our school secretary, Mrs. Alice Couser. It is difficult for us to realize that her place is now empty, for she was indeed a true and helpful friend. , , I M, fW J Qbeogcabbn We, the Senior Class of 1960, dedicate the '60 Spartan to Mr. Jacob H. Miller and Miss Annette Pal- mer, who have been an inspiration to us and have un- selfishly given up their time to help us. We wish to express our sincere and humble gratitude for their guidance when it was needed. ADMINISTRATION Mr. E. Chillura, Assistant Principal BOARD OF EDUCATION - SITTING: W. Pillmeier, I. Durland, Pres STANDING: A. Regelski, J. Sturr, S. Urbanski. IN TRODUCING OUR NEW PRINCIPAL We wish to extend a sin cere welcome to Mr. Wal ter R. Paul, former mathe- matics teacher, who this year became our new supervising prin- cipal. We were happy to spend our Iast year at S. S. Seward Institute un- der his helpful assistance and guidance, and we wish Mr. Paul continued success in the years to come. x - db r , MW XIEMX fi 'QW in be ,ff , , f AV-2' ,JJ . .ILP-' . ZWfJwf,?fj Wx ,I7Xsff? JV QW rf' 1, vl, I M If If ZIQHH if N if FACULTY - SITTING: Mrs. G. Stewart, Miss I. Spencer, Mrs. A. Behrent, Mr. E. Chillura, Mr. I. Kimiecek, Miss A. Palmer, Mrs. E. Matusewski. STANDING: Mr. A. Paul, Mr. A. Comunale, Mr. W. Bosch, Mr. H. Purdy, Mr. I. Minon, Mr. J. Miller, Mr. H. Jenssen. YEARBOOK STAFF - SITTING: P. Kosior, A. Barry, J. Ketterer, D. Noger. STANDING: Mr. J. Miller, Advisory S. Applebaum, F. Wes- Iowski, D. Krawcyk, W. Sisco, Miss A. Palmer, Advisor. Bn.-X 'Cs Whxnk- SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS R. Sieczek, Treasurer: A. Barry, Presidentg W. Uszenski, Vice P1'esider1tgD. Noger, Secretary. Mr. John Minon ADVISOR 1' 12 X, km I V I ff, Z4 rw, ' jg , X f' If 1 " 1 ?Zfj,,M7w3,77 , , af ' ,U TWWI 1, W 4 FREDERICK JOHN ANDRYSHAK - "Fred" "Never sweat the small things in life." Activities: Fire Marshal lg baseball lg Airplane Club l, Hobby: Sports, Ambition: Air Force. XV' UU' ALLAN CHARLES BARRY " Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them." Activities: Class Vice President l-3: Senior Class Pres, g Radio Club: Fire Marshal 3. Hobbies: Photography, high-fidelity, Ambition: Engineer. - n Alu ELIZABETH P. ALDERS - "Betty" "Silence gives consent. " Activities: Nat'l Honor Society 3: Sportsman Club 1: Art Club lg Music l. J Hobbies: Reading, crossword puzzles. n., jfiga Ambition: Undecided. V rf,-11 i, ,f I kin? ' fl f,,,,fQ -72,1 :fa ff 'Q gr f .fy ' y H 'l 5 fjw-+f' J -7yi,zf',f. ,?1',5,,,a " rf , ,, J, f PAUL STANLEY ANDRYSHAK - "Windy" "One's pain is lessened by another's anguish, " Activities: F.F.A. 4, president lg F.F.A. Representative at Kansas Conference, Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, ice skating. Ambition: Bowling Alley Owner. ,Z S .TOANNE MARIE BRUNSWICK "God's in His heaven, a11's right with the wor1d," C -- Activities: Cheerleader 3g Band 2g Nat'1 Honor Society 3, Youth-in-Gov't. 4g Class Pres. lg Class treasurer 2g Library Club - President. Hobbies: Fashion designing, writing. Ambition: Elementary teaching. . , af' NESW A LOL' k g X59 M if sss r swirl. rJL.tSQeiQfUtfdaO'ZQir1i . ,Sv Lgggigr ww kkfvkqyu LKIA ' ' 1 gkpfrj - V. A .' A a+?ba-Qitsfs-KIM - " Bunzieuxy 36+ 2 2 Ear Bert" s, then thru your thoughts -Gov't. 43 Student Library Club. Club 1 ath 1.1-A B - nClul 1 Trave1er's Hobbies: Ambition: State N 'rr X of B Q 5 Cl is W Nxxy X . bf ,Er s I' no Ex IJ ftp! ilksgatgva :fp ZX-J my Y JAMES EUGENE DZIERZEK ' "Jimmie" " The first step to greatness is to be honest. " Activities: Soccer 4g baseball 23 basketball 2. Hobbies: Fishing, trapping, sports. Ambition: Army. Jw 324, 066 'these bee rfargfv p,,,0lJLfuL,4"1"d:.Al5JYlIfJ 1597-I in :Ly-oflhlq' A. i. -f7nl'r1maif f J .y ff .yy if f' JN WW tiff G! Cl l Q K1 CARL EDWARD HETER - "Lub" "After the battle, the reward. " Activities: Soccer 2: basketball 1: band 5: Youth-in- Gov't. 4: Fire Marshal 2: Junior Class President. Hobbies: Airplanes, sports. Ambition: Navy. xx :wmv Zta MICHELE CECELIA GRIMES - "Mickey" "Experience is the best teacher. " Activities: Nat'l. Honor Society 2, Treasurer 1: 12? Club H bbl, Atlget1cC1ubkl1iSportsman Club 1. Jura o ies: rawing, s a ng. , Q . Ambition: Secretary. 0 Pham 'Li Q EE- Sao DLG 7775 Eff? QQQL ROBERT MARTIN HETER - "Hess" "It is better, of course, to know useless things, than to know nothing. " Activities: Baseball 3: basketball 4: Fire Marshal 2: Sportsman Club: Bpe Club 1, V , if I V I Y 2 lil? 5725. WM I J A UJQI, wpffw IJUIJXUA, LJYH ni l . f'l.NfiMW BARBARA ELIZABETH HINK - Basra A N H I fl, "Better late than never. " " , Activities: Art Club 1: Sub-Deb Club 1: Music: Sports- man Club 1. Hobbies: Dancing, dating, sports. Ambition: Secretary. JANE ELIZABETH KETTERER - "Jane" "An honest man 's word is as good as his bond. " Activities: Cheerleader 3: Nat'l. Honor Society 3: Junior Prom Queen: Class Secretary 1: Yearbook Ass 't. Edi- tor: Library Club - Secretary. Hobbies: Skating, music. Ambition: couege. f ,414 .Y X , X Y ,fl , .2 ' ,WV If fl 'Y' K . avg. ,V A f 5, qp A ,f fav. i .3 . 1' i-f' V. N I K. " . A , if .vi A if X I, :V .3 t ff 1, mf ,Af . " ff" 'Q ci. ' uf 'X F ' F Q - 4 I f of . ,M f .Y W of ya ,fi .,. 6..w,.M-f T .A W if .. . PATRICIA ANN KOSIOR - "Pat" "Give me the young man who has brains enough to make a fool of himself. " Activities: Cheerleader 2: Twirler 2: Nat'l. Honor So- ciety - Vice President: Yearbook Editor: Student Council Z: Youth-in-Gov't. Chairman 4. Hobbies: Ice skating, dancing, sports. Ambition: Nurse. -41 A Offmi' Qlwi if r x .. ,'C' J , ff ,w,,ci- ROBERTJOSEPH KUIAWSKI - "Bob" GL , 1 X "Patience is the best remedy for every trouble. " 60 I' Activities: Radio Club 1: Bee Club 1: Agriculture d Shop Club 1. Hobbies: Ham Radio, woodworking. Ambition: Broadcast technician. V . - sf! y fa-23.1 WM? ft ,rd 0. .. W T f I! . Z f D a RL, 2,1 A Yi! .YVTJ I ffl ,:,',y,J KY I if J - - " ' 3 , I' V f.-ff -f -rf VINCENT STANLEY KUIAWSKI - "Vin" "The secret in teaching lies in respecting the pupil. " Activities: Basketball 3: baseball 2: Airplane Club: Bee Club. Hobbies: Trapping, fishing, hunting. Ambition: Undecided, OJ y I IQ O Nw 1' Lvl. fy, 1 I fl..- CAROL LEE MESNICA - "Carol" "A wise man never loses anything if he has himself. " Activities: Girls' Leaders Club: Vice President - Library Club 1: Twirling 1: Fire Marshal 1. Hobbies: Reading, ice skating, dancing. Ambition: Secretary ra fl. 'X Ml DOROTHY GENEVIEVE NOGER - "Dot" "A high hope for a low heaven. " Activities: Dramatics' Club 1: Yearbook Business Manager: Class Secretary 3: Twirler 3: Nat'l. Honor So, y itz. Oratorical Contest 2: Junior Prom Princ ss. 5 " 7 - X Hobbies: Dancing, music, sports. b' ' : l' . 7, f ' .jr as ...ia A my Alt A ' 'Ale .AdVW L ' 9 fa bf AZ' V e: - - f n bf , M, ., I -474 gap ., 5fL'afk .4i0'v4' STANLEY JOHN P1146 - "Stan" C P ff' "Wise men say nothing in dangerous times. " f -ff MICHAEL ROBERT PILLMEIER - "Mike" ' "Busy here and there. " Activities: Band 4: basketball 4: Fire Marshal 2: baseball 1: Soccer 2: Youth-in-Gov't. 4: King of Junior Prom: Student Council - Vice President 3: Oratorical Con- test 1. Hobby: Sports. Ambition: College. Activities: J. V. basketball manager 1: Varsity basket- ball manager 1: Fire Marshal 2. Hobbies: Airplanes, sports. 1 Ambition: Undecided. ANP Q. affl- wifi? . ' ff: fifflff? A ,JU V ,I-f"Xx' lk mov JJSV X fy :J-J x- 3- ., U if X LAJ A fy Axe -5-if er' EDWARD STANLEY REGELSKI - "Ed" AQJ "Push on, keep moving. " V i" K, ' Activities: Basketball 3: soccer 3: baseball 3: Fire lvlar- shal 3. 'if QQ' Hobby: Dating. ,Diva - Ambition: College. I , X . ,I 3,0 9 , if : i. ll' Wi 'A' UN C ROBERT ANDREW REGELSKI Rig' .yy ,M Hobby: Cars I X945 of L Ambition yy Q 62' LUKE ANTHONY "Be ye therefore wise as and har ss Activities: Student Council President: Nat'l. ciety 3, President 1: Sophomore Class Pres: Boys State: Oratorical Contest 2: Band 4. 1 Hobbies: Music-piano, theatre. Ambition: Psychology or teaching. ff' 1 bblllfyf 1 .fix lifgwfa MICHAEL THOMAS SHANLEY, JR. ' " ' 6" A ' "Threat your friend as if he might bac me r 0 Activities: Baseball 4: basketbayag q, in l ff ' Hobby: Sports. ! Mil 033 : I 5, ,W Ambition: Mechanic. 624' ,fMf"wvQf1jiKnqpLy.,f ffm I , :L 2214 oi 5 . J ,I 3 7, wr, , . PM f Wrl9fM rr'MW 4 r ti -1, s gs--1..Ls..xi .fix a J l L .M - r wb x , fy.. . ' 3 M 'au ,ff 'f f. J, t ,s ff- Q-f .0-Lg. . ,CWA -LJ x:k..A.'i:g-V .Njg1'1,,:QY NZQXQNVNE W X k Qc-:-Lyn.--xc., ,,,.sc,k,.,..-C "-L.s,S.A1fxT:LN. N I N k R ru, .... --,-KU' 1, A ROBERT ANTHONY SIECZEK - "Peasy" "Time ripens all things. No man is born wise. " Activities: Soccer 2: baseball 2: Library Club 1: Class Treasurer 1: Sportsman Club lg Fire Marshal 2. Hobbies: Sports, swimming. Ambition: Physical Education Teacher. f 4f!Z0"'Dj?i 1a!L'i,V'V' Dfw M ff' fd: WILLIAM PETER USZENSKI - "Ush" "Let the worse come to the worst. " Activities: Soccer 3: basketball 2: baseball 2: Sportsman Club 1: Fire Marshal 3: Senior Class Vice President. Hobby: Sports. Ambition: Air A Nm THEODORE WILLIAM WALSH - "Ted" "Knowledge is power. " Activities: Sportsman Club 1: Outdoor Club 1: Library Club. Hobbies: Swimming, ice sk Ambition: College. STANLEY JOHN YURGELEWICZ. - "Yugi" "Never promise more than you can perform. " Activities: Baseball 2: basketball 4: Student Council 1: Fire Marshal 3. Hobbies: Swimming, baseball. Ambition: Undecided. ,,. g .xi 1 , ,lip if .off . I in' 'gif V V, .fl ,- : , . ld" ffl, ,df ,z ,Loggi , W ff 1- f nf If N " f " . ' L. f' 1 , f I -5, ,N ' ,fbi ,V jf .1 fp i ge. 'f' ffafff gy" ' ,pf .life L L , , .riifv J' JW'-7':ff1f'L .1 -,Qj,,v"' AIVI g .,f.."' 'ir " My 5 ',:4N.f4.,,, 4' J' lf 'f ffjf . ' 7 .ffrlw , 1',fa'i'jZf"4 ,,,f:+'7 if -f g jLf"2Vff"l,,ffL NANCY ROSE ZAORSKI - "Nancy" 1 Lv V " ' U . . . . ,, lg ,Ziff if "A little learning is a dangerous thing. Vnlll 'W Activities: Band 2g Cheerleader lg Fire Marshal lg Stu- 7 dent Council lg Youth-in-Gov't. lg Music 1. Hobbies: Dancing, driving. Ambition: Bookkeeper. .K fl . 1 l 3 RUTH ANN ZOVISTOSKI - "Ruthie" "Gold has its price, learning is beyond price. " Activities: Cheerleader 3g Twirler lg Library Club lg Fire Marshal 1. V Hobbies: Ice skating, dancing, sports. Ambition: Beautician. cg! f f I lv" ' JD ij fm fi l J . , ,IW ,W rw , ff! Wu , ,M A 5 PM CLASS XSONG . Diff l fy, 1 0 ' In 144, QAround the Worldj I W i ,A , I Hzlzgf W? l gif, 5 Y All thru the years that have slipped by, , id V f W I ' g ,,,. Much has been learned, and we are proud, I i we entered Seward High. ' j The friendships made will ne'er depart, pf? f, As years pass on, they will remain ' - forever in our hearts. 6 ,f lf' To all who've helped us on our way, We give to you our gratitude, this graduation day. At last our high school days are thru - Dear Seward High, farewell, to you. Q - A7 g jy?Q122QI22 QI" Q12 Roberta Chiron stated that George Pullman invented "sleeping railroad cars. " Betty Alders stated that the definition of stock was cattle which lived on a farm and were fed hay. Robert Heter was so small that he could hide in the shadow of Ted Walsh. P. S. He had to wave his hands so that the catcher could see him at second base. Michael Pillmeier started to pitch a junior baseball game and between temper and base hits had to retire peacefully. P. S. He decided to play the outfield. Vincent Kujawski said, "Me and Hessy will come to the Junior Prom but not with "these here" Florida girls. " Luke Shanley and his 9th Grade Newspaper staff labored for three months and met every English Class period in the Library, and finally published the Ninth Grade News. Carl Heter stopped a basketball game and said, "Aw, ma! Why, don't you quit hollerin' at me. " Joanne Brunswick said, "Ha-ha, Luke. I got higher than you on this test." Dot Noger wore her hair in a perpetual pony tail. Pat Kosior brought a lunch to the Driver Ed. Road Class just because she was hun- STY- Nancy Zaorski sneaked into Joe Fix-its during Driver Ed. Class for an ice cream cone for Bob Heter. Ruth Zovistoski, a J. V. Cheerleader at the time, went out onto the gym floor at Tuxedo to perform a solo cheer. Carl Heter put in 2 points for the Montogomery J. V. Basketball team during one of 1957's league games. The saying, "After us, the flood, " was submitted as a class motto by the present Senior Class, then Freshman. lt was promptly rejected. Allan Barry shuddered whenever the words New Deal were mentioned in History Class. Paul Andryshak was appointed Sergeant-At-Arms in the 9th grade homeroom. Carol Mesnica, while taking Driver's Ed., was so nervous she asked if she should take a left turn or right turn, when only a left turn was possible. The Senior girls started on their campaign by which they hoped to make under- classmen look up to them. Stanley Yurgielewicz did all his homework. The teachers were so shocked that it took them the entire week to recover. Michael Pillmeier did his homework in bookkeeping so he would not be marked inelligible for that week's basketball game. P. S. He was marked inelligible by two other teachers. Mr. Dempsey was here. GQJJ yjOQI22 BETTY ALDERS, PETITE AND SHY, ALWAYS MANAGES A FRIENDLY HI. FRED ANDRYSHAK, WHO LIKES TO HUNT, THINKS SHOOTING A DEER IS QUITE A STUNT. PAUL ANDRYSHAK, WE'RE PROUD TO SAY, IS AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF THE F. F. A. THE ONE WHO KEEPS THE FLOORS SO CLEAN, IS ALLAN BARRY ON HIS DAILY ROUTINE. JOANNE BRUNSWICK, WHO'D LIKE TO TEACH, WILL GIVE ANYONE TIPS ON MAKING A SPEECH. IF YOU HEAR SINGING IN THE HALL, IT 'S ROBERTA CHIRON, A FRIEND OF ALL. RICHARD COLEMAN, WHO LIKES TO FLY, ON HIS MOTOR SCOOTER, IS QUITE SOME GUY. JAMES DZIERZEK, OUR SOCCER WING, TRIES TO BE PROMPT IN EVERYTHING. MICHELE GRIMES, WHOSE HOBBY IS SKATING, BELIEVES RAY IS THE KEY TO SUCCESSFUL DATING. CARL HETER, OUR CLASS FLIRT, SEEMS TO LIKE THOSE SNAZZY SHIRTS. ROBERT HETER, WHOSE NICHNAME IS HESS, IS QUITE WELL KNOWN FOR HIS FRIENDLINESS. BARBARA HINK, WHO LIKES ROCK AND ROLL, GOT THE "BEST LOOKING" IN THE POPULARITY POLL. JANE KETTERER HAS CHEERED HER BEST, AT EVERY GAME SHE SHOWED HER ZEST. PATRICIA KOSIOR, WHOSE AMBITION IS NURSING, SPENDS A LOT OF HER TIME IN FRIENDLY CONVERSING RADIO ELECTRONICS IS HIS HOBBY, THAT'S ROBERT KUIAWSKI, WHOM WE CALL BOBBY, Gkss yyoem, Gonbh zzeof VINCENT KUIAWSKI, OUR CLASS SIDEKICK, AT TELLING JOKES HE'S PRETTY SLICK. CAROL MESNICA, BIG V CASHIER, IN ALL HER WORK, SHE'S QUITE SINCERE. DOROTHY NOGER, OUR BUSINESS WHIZ, MIGHT SOMEDAY BE SEEN ON A TV QUIZ. STANLEY PIKUL, WHO DOESN'T TALK MUCH, CAN'T SEEM TO FIND THAT TRIG TOUCH. MICHAEL PILLMEIER, OUR JUNIOR PROM KING, IS ALWAYS READY WHEN THE PASSING BELL RINGS. EDWARD REGELSKI, WHO PLAYS IN THE BAND, IS ALWAYS READY TO LEND A HELPING HAND. ROBERT REGELSKI, TI-IE JUDGE 'S SON, TREASURES THE AG. PRIZES HE HAS WON. ROBERT SIECZEK, NICKNAMED PEASY, TAKES THOSE POP QUIZZES NICE AND EASY. LUKE SHANLEY, A VERY GOOD DANCER, FOR EVERY QUESTION HE HAS AN ANSWER. THE CURLY HEADED KID WHO PLAYS THE DRUM, IS MICHAEL SHANLEY, OUR GOOD NATURED CHUM. STANLEY IURGIELEWICZ, WHO HAS A GOOD SINGING VOICE MAKES GIRLS HIS FAVORITE CHOICE. WILLIAM USZENSKI, WHO'S LOTS OF FUN, GETS ALONG WELL WITH EVERYONE. THEODORE WALSH'S FAVORITE TREK, IS DOWN TO THE OFFICE OF MR. BECK. IF THERE'S EVER A TYPEWRITER THAT NEEDS REPAIR, NANCY ZAORSKI IS SURE TO BE THERE. WHEN IT COMES TO SPORTS OUR CLASS ATHLETE, RUTH ZOVISTOSKI, IS HARD TO BEAT. w5QP M My ,xy x'. Qfax n. QMS 'J , P XXX wfw WWW QW X by T F5939 X N - JU' L4 ir it 6 A ' MPM , N M ywimfp Gp 1 5 v 3' V' QW J x H L X N N xx WX, 7 y ,levy 1 v- WF ' 1 RQ: 2 63599 17lII2IOiZ'S K' fi? Q'y"yJ!,9'7! v if ,fix QW If X Wx! " Ab a,cxfl,!?bjj ggi, of P , fu- -. ,Jr i M,W if if ii 5 WW MY A jg W 19' NL ,WD ,fgf A Cgopfpmores pmuy-M My pyqpmwwwk fluff L! . ' CWM WI .f0'vf9,Vj5f' ,fn P L V1 'M A iff W M W Z -f kb QL yf wwffffii A lfxfasffigffw L 08 QM V ,Mfi DX C M-z'-"VJ: N ,Q WQPQ54 QESSQ QQ x gresfm ff QIUOQ B . of 'L eoenff QJUOQ J f- - Q - 7, - L L X f ' XXX A STUDENT COUNCIL - SITTING: M. Pillmeier, T. Grecco R. Chiron, L. Shanley. STANDING: Mr. A. Comunale, Advisorg D. Heter, E. Kosior, S. Azierski, R. Sicina, M. Huies. O. Q W 0 X , a f 5 ' - v W' '-.X 1.9-D , , KJV V I I my ,U-. k, NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY X i S. S 7 u s If S "Q :Z ,Q if Q I W 'k Qi HONOR SOCIETY - SITTING: D. Noger, J. Brunswick, L. Shanley, M. Grimes, P. Kosior, I. Ketterer. STANDING: M. Bakker, E. Alders, C. Caplicki, Mrs. Matusewski, Ad visorg M. Huies, F. Weslowski. 'I DAD F.F.A. - SITTING: I. Couser, T. Grecco, H. Wilson, R. Regelski, P. Andryshak, F. Palmer, R. Dzierzek, J. Dzierzek, R. Ehlers. STANDING: I. Olinski, Mr. E. Chillura, Advis- org H. Behrent, P. Greener, J. Szulewski, D. Grippe, H. Coulon, I. Kessler, R. Romer, I. Banuat, E. Andryshak, I. Shanley. ' " Aj.: , 'E Aj n 4:21 2.6 4..V s .ima -E if ' M X ,ff "J X .. Q xx X JI, If 6 af lxv 4 I fx ' ' L 17395 1 ,M V, J - . ,rw Ame-.v 4 . A :,. -XE .ij 1 -,ia gx I' 1 ,kv 1 11 3 ,f ' 9 if A EY ,CN W , , f , ,ff ,Q w - . 3 EN! M nl , rl gg l"Q W4 A fy . 6 A Q il-fx rv' 329' , fx W gqvx N'nUQxf!L N A YVL3 2 fa :ff Q Lil 54 ' JQMQS QM' 'nf J 2 f W U Exgbf , I fa 3' if ,if m ,L " ,gif U, if CEU 4223 v A f 9 wb Lf . V jk V Q pr 'yds v ,. , 1 .1 ,, 4. Q 1 J 1 ,M V A U fly 5 3 fa Fug? ,Ilf 9- f I j NX V L N0 lg Eli' if X N15 ,yxvq ' AJ I J :Cf G' wwf!" bk 5 . 1 A .A V 1 1 1 A J .. . if RUSTWW A H J!9FA5i 1' iyjx JV , VV, JJ' V . Nj K JV 4-QD' P97 'X lf R931 N, BI! EA v U . ,ly J 'VA ' 'J A 3-5 .. YY B, 'og K 3 .HS 6 . . 5 '.Qf X Egxw, W N 3: ,. ,M Sf N X , . x - -I Y . X. x r -g ' X-ff! . 1 U W .. JSM ,' ' If l 0 M A VARSITY CHEERLEADERS - FIRST ROW: R. Chiron, J. Ker- 'JNQJJ xy RXU terer, Co-Capt. 3 L. Urbanski, J. Brunswick, Co-Capt. 5? SECOND ROW: R. Zovistoski, M. Huies, P. Kosior, J. Ro- Vkfl manoski. VARSITY BASEBALL - KNEELING: S. Pikul, managerg E. Kania, R. Wood, R. Ehlers, S. Glejnicziak, R. Heter, V. Kujawski. STANDING: A. Kujawski, managergj. Dzierzek, J. Sullivan, G. Slattery, T. Grecco, J. Galiski, R. Sieczek, A. Paul, Coach. -Nf- ,-S my C -Jbb A ' Q. JQPJ I' X. 1, 1 ,Q ,fn h- V 6A ' .X '2 -L- Q25 -'C-ff' .,,2.4f,, X44 94' -T92-T.-A K.. s , A . 4 wi so ss jjj? ...SMA , f, ,. fwV:x,,ff-. v M1 . . - X. 'x ' Q N K Fbfifi I. V. BASEBALL - KNEELING: J. Fish, G. Card, I. Olinski, ' G. Dimke, H. Coulon, I. Shanley. STANDING: R. Romer manager, W. Doty, R. Ketterer, D. Brunswick, R. Sicina, R. Kujawski, R. Jessup, A. Comunale, Coach. f X fx 'xx fi I YOUTH-IN-GOV'T - SITTING: L. Shanley, P. Kosior, S. Applebaum, R. Chiron, I. Brunswick. STANDING: Advisorsz, Mr. A. Comunale, Mr. H. Purdy. 5 A fy ', 0 Plhfv ' p4 . C353 K' J NME? fffygpiiwy fc M qv . OU' J. MJ fafvi fb UW M19 U ff!! LU ' ,ARM My ,WA , . ffohjf- 7 M L 1'JjVT'f Q' I 1 ' k,v' X! .- XJ 'sur ' J ' 2, 0 'J' .P 'N 35 QQ NJ J.v. BASKETBALL - KNEELING: C. Karas, R. wood, 1. ' Q A ' A Olinski, J. Shanley, D. Brunswick. STANDING: R. Kujawski, Y managerg T. Traskus, R. Ehlers, R. Zovistoski, G. Card, E. 53' I Kosior, Mr. I. Miller, Coach. E' N 1 T 1. .35 4. .5Z'Sfv9K.1.9-2 Q JP W7 VARSITY BASKETBALL - KNEELING: E. Kania, T. Kardys, R. Heter, T. Grecco, M. Pillmeier, S. Olejnicziak. STAND- ING: S. Pikul, Managergl. Szulewski, G. Slattery, I. Shan- ley, C. Heter, H. Behrent, I. Minon, Coach. J' GQ5s if Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to witness the last will and testament of the class of '60. We, the class of '60, being of sound mind and body, do hereby write, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament. ELIZABETH ALDERS leaves her shyness to Marie Schilling. FRED ANDRYSHAK wills his hunting outfit to his cousin, Butch Andryshak. Don't go on washdays, Butch! I PAUL ANDRYSHAK leaves his muscles which he acquired from the Atlas Training Book to Edward Kania. ALLAN BARRY bequeaths his dangerous chemical experiments to Gary Slattery. No bombs, Gary. JOANNE BRUNSWICK leaves her driver-training pillows to Mary Posten with the hopes Mary will grow by then and won 't need them. ROBERTA CHIRON wills her ability to argue with Mr. Comunale to Eileen Krawcyk. RICHARD COLEMAN leaves his motor scooter to Wayne Sisco. Let's hope it gets you home faster, Wayne. JAMES DZIERZEK just wants to leave. MICHELE GRIMES bequeaths her working papers to Tilly Van Wieren in hopes she will have as much fun as Michele did. CARL HETER leaves his quiet ways in classes to Tom Grecco. ROBERT HETER wills his muskrat traps to Ronald Kujawski. BARBARA HINK wills her 20 hair curlers and 100 bobby pins to Tommy Traskus. JANE KETTERER bequeaths her cheerleading ability to Kathy Seekamp. PAT KOSIOR just left. ROBERT KUIAWSKI leaves his knack of fixing radios to Donald Brunswick. VINCENT KUJAWSKI wouldn't leave anything, in fact, he decided to take every- thing with him. CAROL LEE MESNICA leaves her ability to go with one boy for a long time to Lenore Urbanski. DOROTHY NOGER bequeaths her endless hours of typing for the teachers to Joan Lempka. 100 words a minute, Joan. STANLEY PIKUL leaves his ability to manage the basketball team to Corby Olinski. MICHAEL PILLMEIER bequeaths his bookkeeping workbook to Theresa Nowicki. EDWARD REGELSKI leaves his knack for borrowing combs, to comb his beautiful hair, and never returning them, to Bob Zovistoski. ROBERT REGELSKI leaves his F.F. A. pins and medals to Harry Behrent. GQJS Gonbh ueof LUKE SHANLEY leaves his sports ability to Tom Grecco. ROBERT SIECZEK wills his corny jokes in class to Steve Applebaum. WILLIAM USZENSKI wills his famous car that gets him where he wants to go to Jimmy Shanley. THEODORE WALSH wills his year's membership in the Driver's Ed. Club to Charles Karas. STANLEY YURGELEWICZ. leaves his ambition to graduate to Joe Szulewski. NANCY ZAORSKI leaves her bottle of peroxide to Pat Slesinski. RUTH ANN ZOVISTOSKI leaves her ability in sports to her sister, Rosemary. Let's go, Rosemary, it runs in the family. To the Junior Class, we leave hopes that they get a better Senior homeroom than we did. To the Sophomore Class, we leave hopes that they receive their class rings at their Junior Prom. To the Freshmen, we leave hopes of success in their Sophomore year. To the Eighth Grade, we leave hopes of their having happy high school days. To the Seventh Grade, we leave hopes of becoming Seniors. To our new principal, Mr. Walter Paul, we leave our sincerest thanks for making our last year at Seward a happy one. To Mr. Chillura, we leave the hopes that next year his F. F. A. boys will have a bumper crop of potatoes. To Mr. Alex Paul, we leave heated soccer uniforms so next year's boys will win the championship game. To Miss Spencer, we leave a new pair of Swift bowling shoes so someday she 'll hit 300. To Mr. Miller, we leave 500 feet of dusting cloth for next year's librarians. To Mr. Purdy, we leave a quieter study hall -3rd period on Tuesday and Thursday. To Mr. Comunale, we leave a year 's supply of displays for his bulletin board. To Mr. Bosch, we leave a book entitled HOW TO TEACH TRIG IN 3 EASY LESSONS To Miss Palmer, we leave hopes that she will have a bigger and smarter bookkeep- ing class next year. To Mr. Kimiecik, we leave an extra basketball, so that next year at lunch hour the girls will be able to play. To Mr. Jennsen, we leave a beautiful flower garden, so he may make corsages all year round. To Mr. Baltes, we leave the title of "BEST ALL-AROUND IANITOR FOR '59. " To Mr. Minon, we leave a 35, O00 promissory note to supplement next year's mag azine campaign for the Seniors. To Mrs. Stewart, we leave a big new '60 Cadillac, so that she can take her little Opel in the trunk, as a spare. To Mrs. Matusewski, we leave a year's supply of baby-sitters. We know she 'll make good use of them. To Mrs. Hansen, we leave hopes of someday having a mixed chorus. To Mrs. Behrent, we leave an extra supply of adhesive tape as a replacement for those used by the Yearbook Business Manager in hanging up posters. To Mr. Beck, we leave hopes that next year he will find secretaries as efficient as this year's, Michele Grimes and Betty Alders. We all, having disposed of our possessions, set our hand and seal on this twenty of June, in the year of Our Lord, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Sixty. CLASS FLOWER: Pink Carnation CLASS COLORS: Pink and Silver CLASS MOTTO: "Always Faithful" ww Bgfif w 3V 4,0 W ff ,DM of fp! fb Q MK. WV . ff by 4 XR VARSITY TWIRLERS - D. Krawcyk, Captaing B. Mazur, D. Kleveno, R. Rosenberg, M. Cochiero, K. Durland, J. Lempka, M. Schilling. lf? ,ISE ri W 4- Y 41, 35W f J. V. TWIRLERS - KNEELING: M. Chillura, Capt. STAND- ING: M. Posten, M. Mance, B. Wosneski, P. Faliski, I. Spranger, S. Dombrowski, C. Dombrowski. 5.5. 5.5 Zjamf wg? f O M3 M fwvosf ff f 1 M Ji!!! jgesf 3012 Cen? ff? SCICCQQJ jzbsf ?0puQ MW K ,ffyzp UQIVQ Wosf f?I"IQI2JgQSf T QEQSIZ-500Af?2y esf- Zresseof TOY WUSICGQ gzzcfbef Wosf k77MQf1 jofers gfffs v-Q 1 Y GQSS yjrop QC Betty Alders has just returned from the United Nations where she was a U. S. repre- sentative. Betty gained the post by saving cracker-jack boxtops. g ufrzgdzxgndryshak is now a game warden in Orange County. Fred is sure of getting first deer. Paul Andryshak is still quite busy with pins. He is married and has 10 children. Allan Barry is now out of this world. His last experiment has sent him into orbit, and he can be seen once every 25 years during the solar eclipse. -Joanne Brunswick, our shortest classmate, finally has people looking up to her. She the windows of the Empire State Building. Bert Chiron, who was determined to leave Florida after graduation, did so. She is now publicity manager for Nikita Khruschev. Bert isn't too happy since she can't stand people who can't make up their minds. Richard Coleman, who followed in his father's footsteps, took a wrong step one day and fell out of an airplane flying over the heart of Africa. Dick finds Tarzan and Jane good company. Jim Dzierzek, now 87, is still trying to get to Goshen to obtain his driving permit. 'W-vY1ri2wn?!3:9!B1IQ2'z,g:u.Z4 . Going my way Jim? Michele Grimes is now a model. She does the cigarette ads for Viceriene - the cigarette with the thinking woman 's filter. Carl Heter never knew how powerful his voice was. One day he was calling his dog, and the next day he had one of the finest hog farms in the state. AY-muwgxgaghbara Hink can be seen every week on channels 2-4 and 5 starring in her program, Manhunt? Will she get her man? Tune in next week and get the answer. Jane Ketterer, a freshman at New Paltz, decided that college isn't for her. She is now going into the arts - the art of wrestling, that is. Patfliosior, much to our surprise, is the only frogwoman in the Italian Navy. -gliukkujawski thought he'd give the world a fantastic new idea. Bdliicrossed cacao hampalm tree and obtained chocolate covered coconuts. ...-'Virfiiujawski and Bob Heter, who always had trouble with math in high school, have now established their own firm on Wall Street. Carol Mesnica has just won the title of the National Cash Register Pusher Champion. Carol is now on her way to Europe to compete for the world championship. GQSJ jjropfecy, Gonbbueof ,zwyqggliogwer surely did succeed in the business world. She is now putting the clicks in the Remington typewriters. Stan Pikul has spent the last 15 years figuring out a method to avoid income tax. He will be glad to send you the answer he devised. Just send your letters to Wallkill State Penitentiary. Michael Pillmeier, who always had a nose for news, is now editor of the Round Hill Daily Gazette. It has a circulation of 30, 328. E Ed Regelski is now a head shrinker. He learned this profession while taking his basic training with the Foreign Legion in Kenya. Bob Regelski, an agricultural enthusiast, has made the Army his career. He is the chief potato peeler on K. P. duty. H Bob Siechzek is now one of the wealthiest men in the world. Bob has perfected thermo-underwear that retains the cold for warm weather. M Lule .Sahzanley has turned to Hollywood for his living. He lives off the Los Angeles County Relief Board. Stanley Yurgielewficz, because of high scholastic standing, is being sent on a one- man expedition to Antarctic to analyze the mineral content of the ground. Bill Uszenski is now a big unior leader. He is president of the L G E O B V P U. CLet's go easy on Big V Packers Unionj. Ted Walsh has become a famous surgeon. His method of performing an appen- dectomy without an incision is remarkable. Ted has taken over for Richard Boone in Medic. -lianngy Zaoisrlfi fulfilled her dream and became a stockcar racer. She can be seen at Victoryqgpxeedwnay every Saturday night. Last week Nancy finished 12th in a 10 car race. Ruth Zovistoski has just returned from the Olympics in Australia. Ruthie insisted those kangaroos had springs. V I V5 ,I Sv' i ga '40 ,jk Miss Elizabeth Alders Mr. and Mrs. Neal Alders Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Andryshak and family Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Applebaum Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Barry Mrs. Anna Behrent Mr. and Mrs. Edward Beniz and family Cheeta's Bowling Team Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Chillura Harlan Chiron Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Chiron Mr. Robert Cines Mrs. Ann Coleman Dick Coleman-Cushman Motor Scooters Mr. Joe Coleman - Pittsburgh Paints Mr. and Mrs. Anthony F. Comunale Mrs. Alice Couser Ralph Curry, Jr. Ralph Curry 85 Son - Plumbing Supply Richard De Lorenzo Mr. Hank De Mouth Mr. Irving Denenberg Mrs. Sarah Denenberg Mr. Donald Dimke Dombrowski Farm Supply Mrs. Helen Dowd Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dyjak Miss Joyce Fleischer Florida Garage Florida Oil Service Florida Pharmacy Florida Radio Shop Florida Recreation Center Mr. Raymond Forshee, Jr. Frank's Shoe Rebuilders Mrs. Gladys Freisinger Mr. John Galiski, Sr. W. H. Gortz - Travel Agency Mr. Leo Grimes - Florist PATRONS Miss Michele Grimes Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Grimes Mrs. Katherine Hansen Harter 's Hotel Mr. and Mrs. Carl Heter Mrs. Gertrude Hink Mrs. Pauline Howell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Howell Mr. Thomas Howell - Electrical Contractor Mr. and Mrs. William Howell Miss Theresa Jaje Mr. Hans Jennsen John's Barber Shop Mr. John Kaltenbach and Mrs. Frank B. Ketterer Paul A. Ketterer John Kimiecik Catherine Kosior Mr. Joseph Kosior, Jr. Andrew Kujawski and Mrs. Andrew Kujawski Walter Kujawski Leco Electric Co. , Inc. Miss Adele Lempka Miss Patricia Lempka Mr. and Mrs. David Mance Mars Ss Mance Insurance M Sc P Food Market Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Mars Mrs. Elmeda Matusewski Mr. Kemper Mazzarelli Mr. and Mrs. John Mesnica and family Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mesnica Mrs. Rose Mesnica Mr. Frank D. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Jacob H. Miller, Jr. Mr. James Miller Miller's News Mr. Ignatius Michno Mrs. Josephine Michno Mr. and Mrs. John Minon Dr. and Mrs. Martin Monat and family Mr. Mr. Mr. MIS. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Henry Neuberger, Jr. Mrs. Jerome Neustadt Mielsen Construction Co. -Team Miss Dorothy Noger Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Noger and family Miss Florence Noger Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Noger Mr. Raymond Noger Miss Vera Noger Fran B. Nowicki Mrs. Josephine E. Nowicki Miss Annette Palmer Mr. Alex Paul Mr. and Mrs. Wa1terR. Paul Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Pawliczek Miss Betty Pawliczak Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Perez and family Mrs. Sophie Pikul Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Pillmeier Mrs. Helen Pillmeier Mr. Michael Pillmeier Mrs. Michael Pillmeier Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Pillmeier Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Pillmeier, Jr. and Son Mr. Harold Purdy Mr. and Mrs. Adam Regelski Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Regelski Mr. Edward Regelski, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Regelski Mrs. Emma Rhein Mr. James Richiski Miss Mary Ann Richiski Mr. Robert Ritzer Royal Furniture Mr. Bert Rudy Mr. and Mrs. John Schreibeis and family Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shanley Miss virginia Shanley Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shanley Miss Bernice Sieczek Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sieczek We thank you for your patronage. Mr. and Mrs. John Sieczek Reverend Joseph Sieczek Mr. Robert Sieczek Miss Toni Sieczek Mr. Wayne Sisco Miss Barbara Sobkowiak Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Sobkowiak Mrs. Frances Sokolowski Mr. Louis Sosler Miss Josephine Spencer Mrs. Geraldine Stewart Mt. James Sturr, Sr. Swartz Oil, Inc. Mr. Jack Temchin Dr. and Mrs. Michael Temchin and family Mrs. Maude Totton Mr. and Mrs. Louis Towner Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Traskus Mr. and Mrs. Edward Turchen Mr. Richard Turi Miss Lenore Urbanski Mr. Walter P. Uszenski Mr. Charles Van Gelder, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Van Oostendorp Mrs. Marguerite Villamil Mrs. Dorothy Walsh Mr. Edward Walsh Mr. Theodore Walsh Wanda's Beauty Shop Werner's Department Store Mrs. Anna Weslowski Miss Eleanor Weslowski Miss Frances Weslowski Mr. and Mrs. Walter Weslowski Mr. Hank Wilson Mr. Richard Wood Mr. Henry Woortman Mr. and Mrs. John Yansick Mr. Carmanelo Zingale A!2c Anthony J. Zovistoski Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Zovistoski Mrs. Edna Parsons TAYFSPRW 'f.UEL!5'd'!49 .CPNWNY . Y, Q V Q is 0 f 4 X: HQ X ?' A MX X VT -N vim V xQ' at X , xr A. 1 f' ,W JN x fx X ff 'T J vi A A A N y P11 ' 3 fy X K X V Q Q'-1 f NV J F Cc? N ANU, X L .A 1 x - 13- , 'X .XM jx FA' -JN Q N K If . x ' ,I 'A' , xm R NX 6, HN, F N N " 1 n U x 57. A LD . . rm- , T , f X Az' 'Nm X, I ' ,Q ,vm L7 'J I I . '7 1 T M ,, X W , , 75 1 X l V jx 3' ' x f 4 fx: vwx, .14 1 . x - ,f , lx eq' J . ' I.: 1 X' A ,A fx' x f ' x u, ,P x , a , X I 'S A N , f ,E 4 1 s ' 1 'x K , f X ' N-Ss. ' W.-f --14 2 x x Y 4 1 f x W S. x f ff . . V V: -C' 7 V' X' ,- . '- Hr 5, -' A .- M .1 A, 'W WMU W WkwWfCMQMff'M f 16 W DWZLW M M My W ff ff 6fWWfWW f ff MW XMWWJL MLW' PM f 4 Uu'UMJ, , WJ yd' 0 Wjivfg r w ML fy X. x W, V!" , , 7,1 U ' tx Lf R .74 , . ,, 1, X v ' '- f xy I I J , U ' -, YJ V . 4, I -, . W! ' , IA, A K f f .tj ,Q 7 , 1 we j , ' jg XV U sf , ku N- V 'fj mf? lik! Q T 'wx Ju 1, .J J 'Y V 1 H! X! M-' F551 I V V f ,A ,N I YD! X 1 f Ya I7 3 xy , lt' , V ' N ,X xy :LJ , ' +1 .J K ' 'fy' ' 5 , '75 A1 K Y ' lj 7' 1 2,2 Q51 ' , 'Y' YW ' "Q fi " -X 2.1 lx w-' x xl. X m 1 i . J ' fb :Ja . f dx, , , xl ' , Y' Q 2 '11-L .lA

Suggestions in the Seward Institute - Spartan Yearbook (Florida, NY) collection:

Seward Institute - Spartan Yearbook (Florida, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 37

1960, pg 37

Seward Institute - Spartan Yearbook (Florida, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 35

1960, pg 35

Seward Institute - Spartan Yearbook (Florida, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 21

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1960, pg 25

Seward Institute - Spartan Yearbook (Florida, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 47

1960, pg 47

Seward Institute - Spartan Yearbook (Florida, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 47

1960, pg 47

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