Seven Oak Middle School - Spartans Yearbook (Lebanon, OR)

 - Class of 1970

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Seven Oak Middle School - Spartans Yearbook (Lebanon, OR) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 29 of 52
Page 29 of 52

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Page 29 text:

I, Dan Pemberton, will to Randy Wells my ability to fight with the girls, hoping he can win more battles than I did. I, Robbie Newbigging, will my ability to stay on the bad side of my history teacher to Rose- mary Fleury and David Mercer. I, Gay Smith, will to Sheree Frame my ability to keep my locker clean. I, Leslie Allen, being of sound mind, will to Walter Griffiths my tuba in hopes he can play it as well as I did. I, George Wetherell, will to Jeri Brown my ability to play the baritone as well as I did in the eighth grade. I, Faith Harvey, will my skillful art of being able to have the universal gym dropped on my toe to Ricky Whitehead, so he won't have to go on wishing he could limp around to get out of P.E. I, Ken KnClPP, will to Jay Goold my great and wonderous ability of beautifully styling my hair in such a manner that it sticks out in a crowd. I, Madelyn Fitziohn, sorrowfully bequeath my traditional will of having the mad ability to go from Monday through Friday with only three changes of boyfriends to Colleen Gerig. This coveted will was handed down by Pat Wilson to Christy Eeds, from Christy to Gayle Carpenter, and from Gayle to me. l, Cory Metcalf, hereby will my masculine physique and graceful art of sitting on the warm- up bench during a basketball game for two years in a row to Harold Shannon.. E I, Sheri Starr, will all my freckles to Ron Dirks in hopes that he keeps them as noticeable as I. I, Debbie Argo, will my good ole P.E. socks to Lori Nesbitt in hopes she gets as much use out of them as I did. I, Donnie Wagoner, will to Marilyn Hodson and Mike Johnson my cute baby blue eyes. I, Alan Wood, will my unfinished assign- ments to Tom Kingsley and Layton Pace hoping they will find time to complete them. I, Tim.Standley, will to Roger Slyter and Per- ry Haskett my ability to miss at least one-half of the school- year. I, Carolyn Ford, will my cool nickname, "Wiggles", to Becky Pemberton. I, Theresa Schmidt, will my ability of growing V,-inch fingernails to Bridget McGrory. I, Bill Woodworth, am giving my ancient kissing license which Connie Bilyeu will to Mike Lynch, who willed it to John Hammond, and he in turn willed it to Vicki McCallie, who willed it to Ron I-Iauck, then Ron willed it to Laura Whit- comb, who so willingly willed it to Dan Williams, who later willed it to me. I regretfully give it up to Bryan Bradley in hopes that he will use it more than I did. lTruly 'tis very usefull. I, Gary Halverson, being of sound mind, do hereby will my honorable position as "most hated boy" by all the girls to Ralph Egner in hopes that he can carry on this position through his eighth grade year. I, Gregg Franks, will my football position as guard to Marsha Loughmiller and as tackle man to Danny White, hoping they will do as well as I. l, Chris McAuliffe, will to Sharlene Yocum my Pedro outfit. I, Mark Russell, will to Sandra Bricker and Ronald Johnson, my love beads. I, Kathy Coddington, will to Mitchell Bauer my nickname "Specks" which was willed to me last year by Julie Brown. I, DeWain Alexander, will my bright shining halo to Don Pope, so he, too, can catch the eyes of the girls. I, Lucinda Bare, will to Joy Roth and Janie Franks my ability to be quiet, hoping it will do them some good. I, Julie Scheele, will my ability to know that horses are better than mini-bikes to Tissie Dur- lam. I, Mary Sue Sanders, will my place in the "Isolation Booth" in Mrs. Brown's room where I had so much fun to Susan Baker and Terry Parker. I, Rod Wells, do hereby will my fantastic ability to pick pockets and to take pencils off desks to Brenda Edwards, in hopes that she won't find as many empty wallets and crummy pencils as I did. l,.Jerry Kellogg, will all my hard times with the teachers to Mark Ross and Lucy Greiner. I, John Hessevick, will to Bill McElhinny my ability to be an Assistant's Assistant to a psy- chiatrist, in hopes he has as much fun as I did. I, Gay Bauman, will my knack of goofing off in P.E. to Jan Fritz, hoping that she won't get caught as many times as I did. I, Dana Zipse, will to Mark Benshoof and Susan Blanshan my old pink slips so they won't have to go to the trouble of going to the office for more. I, Kim Ginther, will my famous technique of being able to turn pages for Mr. Thurber in chorus to Annette Lope. I, Mary Ellen Gillett, will to Steve Porter the great ability to be the-only one in Mrs. Shaw's class never to have had spelling words. I, Roxanne Shimmin, do will to Pam Gillett my ability to charm the Jr. High's seventh grade boys. I, Paralee Patterson, hereby will my ability to say stupid things, tell dumb stories, do weird things, and ask dumb questions in Mr. Wishart's class to Brenda Jackson. I, Andy Wyatt, will my stainless steel, all purpose, razor sharp braces with all their nick- names such as "Brace-face", "Tin-grin", and "Metal Mouth" to Jim Panages. I, Jim Jensvold, will my,outstanding vocabu- lary and amazing ability to out-smart and out- talk every person in school whether l'm right or wrong to Barb Yahnke and Matt Wyatt. I, Sherry Kagee, will my unique art of cheer- leading to Tim Weller and Roger Fleury. I, Jennifer Roberts, will to Mike Perkins my Select Chorus outfit which I cherish. I, Roger Hicks, will to Robin Smith my love for "greenies" in Mr. Warren's 6th period math class. I, Gina Tennant, will my beloved deodorant can collection to Linda Martin in hopes she will keep the collection growing. ,

Page 28 text:

I, Dennis Middleton, will my knock knees to Robin Ackeret in hopes he'll get as many com- pliments as I. I, Nick Ward, will my ability to shoot water between "my teeth" more accurately than any body in school to Susan Cruise. I, Craig Lohner, will my great ability to have the loudest mouth in band to Allen Johns in hopes that he too can bug Mr. Hendricks. I, Debbie Wright, will my short natural curly hair to Cindy Lowe and Terrill Bishop. I, Mike Long, will my towering height to Cin- dy Middleton so she can see what goes on above her. I, Rick Primasing, will my ability to get along with everyone in the classroom to Scot Russell. I, Adeana Ammon, will all of my tardy slips and bad grades to Diane Gatliff. I, Arthur Eriksen, will my ability to argue and get put out in the hall to Edda Zerkel. I, Kathy Hayden, will my moldy, crudy foot- ball shoes to Joel Whitmore, which was willed to me by his brother Jim Whitmore. I, Patty Fritz, will my ability to have the most cold, sweaty, and purple-orange hands and the title "Best Coloration of the Hands" to Teresa Brewer. I, Karen Kagee, will my nickname, "Stilts" to Sandie Baker. I, Rodney Fouts, will my pleasant personality, good luck, holy socks, and ability to charm the teachers to William Taft. I, Rinae Perron, will my ability to not eat. very much for lunch to Karen Kellogg so she won't become overweight. I, Sharon Sobania, will my snagged socks to Jim Earl. I, Janet Coddington, will my amazing ability to hang for four seconds from the flex hang bar to Tania Collins in hopes that she has better luck than I had. I, Dennis Denver, will my stupendous ability to have first chair in band without even trying, to Richard Dahl. I, Dan Canavan, will my ability to get kicked out of any class any time I choose to Mark Neill. I, Tim Fitzwater, will my great trumpet play- ing ability to Jim Coffman. I, Buddy Dirks, will my great running speed to Diane Spady. I, Frances DeCosta, will my collection of 350 Bobby Sherman pictures to Brenda Mankin, hop- ing she won't wreck them. I, Pam Foster, will my ability to talk to Julie Scheele in band to Chris Brannon so that he can have better luck than I did. I, Neil Purkerson, will my inattentiveness in Science class to Larry Housen so he can relax next year. I, Terri Lien, will all my unfinished English papers to Denise Jackman in hopes they will save her some time next year. I, Jeff Cummings, will all my dirty P.E. socks to Danny Provost. I, Rick Carlson, will my great card playing ability to Ray Marshall. I, Rick York, will my neat nickname "Stooley" to Mike Zook. I, Karen Hauck, will my super muscles which were willed to me last year by Tom Perkins to Cindy Wyn. I, Tim Greiner, do hereby will my l,OOO spit- wads and spitwad shooter to Bruce Taylor. I, Glenda Davenport, do hereby bequeath my amazing ability to talk and giggle in every class to Peter Foster. I, Willie Hess, will my brilliant mind to Greg Johnson, which was willed to me by Mark Rams- dall, who had it willed to him by John Teague. I, Jack Willems, will to Kciyleane Hufford and Lee Pennington my trombone playing abil- ity, in hopes they can play it better than they have ever done before. l, Kelley Minter, will to Dick Powell my long hair in hopes he will cherish it as much as l. I, Bob Armstrong, will my naturally curly hair to Billy Newbigging and Gary Schwartzengraber. I, Donald Heath, will to Scott Brady and Al- bert Agee myQamazing ability to run, in hopes they will speed up a bit next year. I, Dan Austad, will to Mark Belanger my super strength and giant height. I, Dierdre Bates, will my chicken cluck to Wade Hanna and Connie Mockery. I, .lay Chestnut, will to my little sister, Becky Chestnut, my side burns. I, Janet Collings, will my great acrobatic skills in P.E. to Deanna Ramsey and Darrell Pow- ell. I, Tery Henderson, will my great ability to keep cool to Shawn Perron and Kenneth Cruise. I, Gregg Roberts, will my size IO tennis shoes to Jeff Schoen, so he will be able to play bas- ketball next year. I, Mark Lady, will my last name to Pamela Byrd. I, Terrisa Richard, will to Sherry Thoma, my nickname "Waldo", in hopes that it will bring her the luck it brought me. I, Tim Steele, will my terrific knack to make the teachers a nervous wreck to Charles Sobania and Keith Haley. l, Steve Collins, do hereby will my beauti- fully hand-carved pencils to Bennie Atchley in hopes that he will cherish them as much as I have. I, Sandie Mankin, will to Wes Blacketer my messy locker so he won't have to go to the trouble of messing up another locker. I, Mike MacDonald, will my great height to Mary Zippler so she too can go among the stu- dents unseen, yet be able to gather all the gos- sip. I, Phillip Reeves, will to James Anderlik my ability to stay out of trouble at all times, es- pecially with all the girls. I, Carol Argast, will my knack of talking when Mr. Wishart isn't looking to Donna Moss.

Page 30 text:

Neil Purkerson Theresa Schmidt Donny Pemberton Karen Kogee Carolyn Ford Julie Scheele Gllendo Davenport lVice-Pres. BCI Pom Foster Mary Ellen Glllett Sherry Kugee Modelyn Fitziohn Janet Coddington Steve Collins Foith Horvey Willie Hess Bill Woodworth lPresidenf 8Cl Leslie Allen Kathy Hayden Tim Oreiner Jennifer Walter lllepresentcitive Rick York Karen Houck George Wetherell Potty Fritz ' Gary Hcilvorson Jim Jensvcld John Hessevick Dana Zipse Ken Knapp Nick Ward lPresident 8Dl argl mtlh Grad K AL 5 9 lv 1:1 Q 'lb L l x ,J- 9 if-, W " ri- F' I .il aw..

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