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3 2115015 APU' 9' Lg, xfgk-fix! -cg! VRML J 'fu WV Qi-f C, 'fu ww' MPM 005 - Q Q JW W, X gwQf A V00 OUQNLX-X Lo ' u' iii! N'if 12 Szltsnk qamwx bxvmfh Q5 A PEW S'-LNjj,'5 V I, sg- fb Q X ' 0 I , ff, gNQf3LyfM4iwl5fMf 49' w,f'5x K -f"gfg ",TTw-+ L . 'Sc-' , Oo U , A""' QQ W my f M Q 5 ' ' ,Mx fs' N W if W 2zffifQ f 3 M Vb"'x + 4W Mffwjff2556Wfw5M95ffQ4jf WW A . ! A. W X K bl fffrftjyh' f4 1 MJ WwM'JMV, M Aida Qwljzwyf WQJK fwfwwafvfflffff ex We wmff W W MS? 5fj03"NR of fywf 1923 4 W M91 wh MQ fm if fafflf ,4,g,,1,2' A E f Mfmg I DLI, , N Www N9 MVN Qfgk, WM X MACH, Mfg 'SMC K:-2.. N57 Qfovwiiz W Q Q 'to -lv :Skwxa Q-Qdlk Us A - 0 ' ' A,14?'L2L-Q1 A p'2,,,? Um, Luwa -MA sg-nfrlavmf 'semi . NA M47 wf' 424.6 hmm Nfilkfdilg any Qfx-wfxd, vb '4a ' AAO r't.QfvJ 730-ff ,406-ff 5'Q7fL5" 116-JL 5 Q , 20'-CIN J-in l'afwS ,-.fy-for - . Mill W Sanz: jon? ,jpg OLCJ-lsfv., WM: nw' 'QW' 1' f' 1 gm? f. 57745 666211 LCM!! LaT1l4',snz,,: 5911? 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MS - , f , x Y , , . x MMM, u.,,,,. X J Q B V In t , , gf ,,l,,.,hz,:, WJ!-.,.f,,"Wf..-ting ,Q 3 A. , , . 7' 5 V Mfr , w W, , .,,f,2, k, A., ,f 'La ,,., f.Wf'fa...-VL., 'UM-,,.,,,'v . , , ,M M "' M .. 1 w ---ff ' . 2 , x ' Y , f- ' x ,. . 3' M, f ' Q ' ' Mgwfi xv qW3,n,,,M, b 'Q,.,l7-ff "wx 'w",,,,,' w R Y-,..,5g,,,,,.f wwf. K, I 1 ,..+ M . .. f' K xg - A ,wr I f ,f M.: 1, , , , A L 4, , ,. , fy, f",, . f' ,2.f"" . -ff' , E A , , ,M-, Wm ,,,X.,,M,.Mf'k.Mf',,'2+,,A.f fb ., , , b - , f""""' Ms ... ,. V,..m,,,, W.. W, ,, ,W - I . . X A K .W V' M A V .I r""""'W ix , 1 rf' QQ, , - ' ,, ' -M 1 L X f ,, ,J ., 5 , , ,s if 1-q1wT'l7?f1E?2,f I .' 3 1 M1 ',..ff" f Q-.M " f I W: 4 ,f 5 J if fa, an H , . . ,WW-g:,', ,V - ,,,,.0..,wf'v?"' f4"""i' ,,m,M,f,. .WW,,.M-N ,. S. if 7 3 X 5 5 Q, 5 74.15 , ni. -Gila? fv f fx 1 f , L i'Z,?i2W" z,E!K,'L5QJ4? El. W ,Wk 'Z gl! 1 ' lv ' f T ' u 1 V 1 iw 3 11 ,J Sr'-v A 1 ,W f. y-'14 vw Wx. . , 1 1 K .H qw. . gr-.qivvgi -1 4-J H f 15" ', vii, ' f . 'cfs' if ffm:-4 . vt- , -'pfg4.:q,. A : 'J QQ w fri-AAQWM M wwe .y.Q,1,, ,, .A . J , Y wrwwli , . if fwwwz-.H'llL3' "7 ' A .mv uf ww AY' 4 f 41 Z .A sw I Ee. ,QQ ig . M if ,5 as , 9, , gift' 2 3-ff' fs as fi 2 is 112 ggi. ov,,f'444 M . C3 5' ,Q aim .. get 64 1 in 'Ea A 1252? is X 15 ,u f 6 as " if 1 si A 'Mb if wits V? wk , f . 'ra , 1, 2 , ,, I ifjn 2- e 2? a g if Eff? 5,1110 eww fjcivkfn tr. aft , i 4-r ,1 E1 use " 1 Scottsdale High School Scottsdale, Arizona Volume 42 Edited by Deborah Alvord Sponsored by Herman Schweikart WE CARE Actions Speak Louder Than Words MR. J. Tracy Tripp initiated a new program this year at Scottsdale High. This philosophy was designed to produce results by promulgating a feeling of genuine concern, a feeling that "We care." HE ALWAYS seemed to have time for personal conversations with individual students. He strived to bridge the gap between administrator and student, adult and teen-ager. As the year progressed, Mr. Tripp's own conception of the philosophy broadened to encompass every aspect of school life. He devoted his time and effort to the betterment of SHS, its students and teachers. He based his unique program on sincerity, humility and unselfishness, believing these attributes were necessary to inspire a true concern. 4 Opening He acts in varied capacities . . . Representative Advisor LQ," W ef' H-A fr' ' ,, , W, fi Observer. Opening 5 An H " For Effort ,.! Q 3 Qs 1 'il V. W 'O' LM I Q "Y A , 9 X, wif ,J 9 4 'H ' ,, W .X , 5, -' ' ' '11, f Q ' .Q wks J:--"i X 4 1 X-Xu ' ' ' W f . W , N k ' 1 ' 4 Wh XNWXTN X 'Im X ' X Xa - ' ' .. f f -' . + , , '. u ' 4 - . l x v ww.. X 1 ,15,nA. '. LX.. VX, I X . , J. .. . 1 . X +5 ,M yrs. ' . V Q.-s 4 " , ' X, X U, , .' ' X N v f :wwf V' - l in " hlf: if .EM , Y- ,. A ." x. 33+ X - li. X - ' , ' i . '7' ' 1 " 4 s .- X. Q- MAX., ff, X' - f 1 ' A11 I f . - ' ,Q vf- X R r , 5 XSS- f S A, 'nf :V X V V 15 Y - 5 Y 2 Y X' ' -X H ' ' 5 2 , J' 'fx '-KX' ' 0 5 X E X ' '.'y,-sfrterx. . 32 X- 1 '-fu ,p j 5 , nuff-n. ,- Q A X 4 . X . X K-1, f fff .::::5::'g--12: Q- '- -1. . A , 'Q 11-i?'j'f'guX .X an 1, ... .Uff:f"' ' A-,f X , .-1 -' .-'.-',:'g:n'.-:',Kz.- 9 ----.Q-5-MII' 1 .- f X? --'.-',.f-..-fg.a,QXX-5. if 'X -2-f-,gg --X..:. -- - -.,X .X-.- .X , , ' 4 X1-,'.-x10,2X'1'?.'JX1-5 4 v 'tliliiit'-Itigwf 'X ff" '.'.'.'. ' K ' Q We. X X , 5, X fx --1.t::Hf1 ' - X t 1fi"'x9'I' w- X .X . Q 2' -f.:' . .,, 2 ,.:'::..::a: Ra ' 5, M",.g+ :X 1.-',.f1v'i,migH , -- M --Lx. A- X ,,'nff---a..2. 'M ... af, X b 3.'x:4,,.l. i A axxnlygiwlllt 1 34.1, ,,'iuu..,, ww., W5 F .::ng,,,'..x' l:.'Q,v,J and gi Q., J J f .ann ,:f:fvfX.,,: '-1. .'X'::g':I4,":S:":w"fQ'x X s ' S 4'.'ff'i"H::fj"4 J ,WI Q," ' 21,40.g.I4.x1iKstii,x','R.xx, A S 1 V5 .-N Q ,H:'i:....,t:fg X, . v A I X, 1N.-Q.Q1g',Q'.g-QQ.-gin, 4 ' g!,'IIi::fffl Q- ' iw X". 'yr' u',1',ui,5" u1'0'f0 Q21 ' X 4f'.,"'w Q' ' M I W' A -ww-Y iff ' ""1'a"n'J"'v'ks'f '-.W is' - ' 1' iw 'WX.H"f' f r' !X'nuQnf il .1 - 11-6 ,L .aw 1 ,, Jr h,w,',.l.5,1o 4.-' ,. .1-'X,.4, 1,34 'Q' 4 1 ,, 1 - -X-Q.-vb 'X ' iXX-gm h::'w':ffX'gKi'?'w "Q, ' M gf, X' ua, .ff Nw-,Q -nfxf'M4I"F'-I 'fail NW' 1' !f"'y1. , ff, Y' H- chjm, ynifg-w3',fj N uw " EA 'C I ,,w 5' 2 HM 4 1' ,,:4f u. 45 L""1 , W +X W VX 035. 1 'gj?Xs::42?2:gw' X' pg H W X ,.X y. :, u ,XM,X,,,"wX. X Xw X, XX is W M1 4' -- ,et 471 X S WX -X !m,,1f3+L X .X ,gp ' 3. g X, I My-X XV - X M J H ,223 X"3 , 5 s , A 4 W E. W . y" :w , X, ' ,fi X 1 'RX FX 9 .ig X1 'X ' gfzhw W ' X' 1' 3, fu? ' W MPV X X fig.-.X-'Q-X. .Sw X W Xi, X,1iff.g.x, hi: 1 X - rn., - A .wk ff iw X " 1, V! bl, 1. X - ,V HV , , . zv.'.j'...., -. D 2- , X I Q ,4 X ,v....,:..,', X tk ,L n 44 g E , yingf, X ,, , I M . X-"-.'-I-Ah" 'Z ffiffq jx 3 Wy' X- gg! I kf ,,, -,z-,mah f'-ui X , ji yf, Z.,-I. f 3 N , , X i 5 M ,W av it .1 J ' it , li f 1 A A 3 gi ,. Q kj ,., , gs, U -. W...-wfArw, . . .W v . - - .. W , rm., yn- F . .. - .. ll 11 K Beavers Forever . . . 6 Opemng 2 . 1 ! ! H, J SCHOOL . . . DANCES . . . fads . . . games . . . problems only the young have . . . new maturity coupled with new responsibilities . . . These are the character building years, ones in which boys and girls become men and women seemingly overnight. Thoughts conceived during childhood develop into convictions. Life becomes more of a reality than in past years. Interests vary. Viewpoints widen. An active concern in people evolves. lt is at this time that we comprehend the meaning of friendship. We discover that one must be a friend to have a friend. We realize that friendship is necessary for true happiness. We learn that friendship must be built on certain attributes such as sincerity, humility and unselfishness. These attributes are the rudiments of caring, the foundation for a rich and rewarding life. "This land is your land X Splash! enthusiasm coupled with diligence Opening 7 Those Who Find The Proper Cause ScoTTsdale's gesTure of friendship CARING lS a concern. l IT is ThaT surge of compassion for a friend in need, The glow of saTisfacTion ThaT comes from a convicfion righTfully defended. IT is sTudying an exTra hour for Thaf A in maTh, working harder for The school To make iT The besf. IT is an expression of love, a momenT of silenT prayer, a gesTure of friendship. IT is an aTmosphere, an aTTiTude . . . a feeling. building up anew 8 Opening Have Many To Help Them Mencius ,765 xl, whiff ,dffvfimo 25471 J,QLglL,gz,i !Qf1,e Qgyggil - iq,v,Lu??Lfl Gdwbl A LlJC!1,f,z,v'f! if l QL XZ, 'ffl' 1 Q my Air cc,ci,,?L efwfv i 1 1 !43i'x4,'1fi eLfQ1,.CQVQZJ. 1 MCU f4LbgDQ4fLwfiL'S C ffflf l Table of Contents Opening 2 Classes 12 Faculiy anol Views 64 Classroom 82 Crganizaiions anol Clubs 1OO Acfiviiies 136 Honors 160 Sporis 176 Acknovvleclgemenfs 211 A Index 212 5244! eemfaelwi dowel fbfdlfilivff Ljgvbb, OUYOCLJQ ,mf 1 o QAAUCUCQ aw 1, - U16 V, 9 if D, Wm? fpwfcf W4 1 101w,,u.fe-eff V- Cfffffcj 1 jg off screw gffawafew Jef l '56 CGW? g!f:L?z,f LS646' V706 fo Opening 9 Cooperation: A Key To Success success Through an ardenT zeal and a loyal supporT uccess Through a predeTermined plan of acTion wU "" Clcasses WHAT IS The new face of SHS? School spiriT is a Term which can be used To encompass The enTire feeling of This change. THE STUDENTS worked TogeTher as a school, separaTeIy as classes, and as individuals To promoTe and supporT all of ScoTTsdaIe's many and diversified acTiviTies, THEY LEARNED ThaT cooperaTion is a key To success. . . ThaT winning isn'T The only facTor involved in producing a greaT Team . .. ThaT pride in Their campus is a noble aTTribuTe. SCHOGL SPIRIT, The enThusiasTic corroboraTion of The schooI's acTiviTies by The classes, was parT of all ScoTTsdale's endeavors. Opening II eniors The Road Ahead Divides Ronald Adams Sherry Albane Deborah Alvord DoroThy Andrade SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS BoTTom Row: PaTTy Wilson, veep, Gaynelle Nixon, Treas. Row Two: Jim Page, pres., Jean Holman, girl rep. Top Row: Bill Rich, boy rep. NoT picTured is Don Droze, sec. Jean Arend Jay Arnold THROUGHOUT THE pasT Tour years, The class of '67 has worked Toward graduaTion Through a comIoinaTion of aca- demic and exTra-curricular acTiviTies. BEGINNING THEIR high school career as The largesT class in The hisTory of ScoTTsdale High School, The Beaver Tledgings were drawn more closely TogeTher Through The sponsoring of The Backwards Dance. JUNIOR VARSITY sporTs, sTudenT council leadership and par- TicipaTion in The fine arTs evenTs were some of The many acTiv- iTies open To The class as sophomores. EARLY IN Their junior year, The class began To prepare Tor The annual Junior-Senior Prom which was held aT The ScoTTsdale CounTry Club and depicTeoI "NI6I'dI GFBSH. Chairman Class Council Frank Shadley William Skinner I2 Seniors OPPOSITE PAGE -- RONALD ADAMS - Paradise Valley frosh veep, soph., ir., Boys' League rep., French Club veep, Science Club pres., iv football, track. SHERRY ALBANE - Student Senate, Spanish Society. DEBORAH ALVORD - CAMELBACK editor, Nat'l Honor Society veep, Quill and Scroll treas., Scottsdale Singers, Beaver Builders pres. DOROTHY ANDRADE - GAA, Art Club. JEAN AREND - FNA, Latin Club in Ohio, AFS, Girls' League. ERIK AUGUST - Student Senate, Mu Alpha Theta, Latin Club, iv, varsity track, iv wrest- ling, football. SUSAN AUSTIN - Spanish Society, GAA, Science Club. THOMAS AYMAR - iv football, varsity baseball. JOAN BAILEY - Student Senate, Beaver Builders, AFS, pom pon. ANN BAKEWELL - Student Senate, Girls' League ir. pres., Spanish Society. CHARLES BALL - Nat'l Forensic League veep, ASU Forensic Workshop, iv, varsity track. SUSAN BALLENBERGER - Nat'l Honor Society, student body rec. sec., Nat'l Forensic League rec. sec., Mu Alpha Theta, Model UN, NCCJ, Scottsdale Singers, Beaver Builders, AFS. STEVE BARTLEY - Nat'l Honor Society, U of A Alumni Award, Mu Alpha Theta. BETSEY BECKER - Science Club, AFS. ALLISON BEHLE - Student Council, cheerleader in Okla., Student Senate, AFS pres., Beaver Builders, pom pon. BERKLEY BENNESON - Nat'l Honor Society, Scottsdale Singers, Mu Alpha Theta. LINDA BIGELOW - Girls' League soph. veep, Spanish Society. BONNIE BILLINGS - BEAVER staff, Quill and Scroll veep, Girls' League ex. sec., Beaver Builders hist., Spanish Society, AFS. MAXINE BOGACKI - Student Senate, Any- town, Girls' League, AFS. KAREN BRILEY - BEAVER staff, Quill and Scroll hist., Nat'l Forensic League hist., NCCJ, frosh treas., Beaver Builders, iv, varsity cheerleader. PAUL BOYLE - Student Council, Drama Club, basketball manager, iv baseball, football at Gerard. DOUG BREAZEALE - BEAVER staff, Lettermen's Club, Key Club, varsity football, track. BEVERLY BOSWORTH - Scottsdale Singers, Chansonettes, Spanish Society, Art Club, AFS. JEFFREY BROCK - varsity baseball in Calif., Student Senate. Ann Bakewell Charles Ball Susan Ballenberger Steve Bartley Janalee Baubie Betsey Becker Allison Behle Berkley Benneson Kenneth Benson Linda Bigelow Bonnie Billings Paul Bishop Maxine Bogacki Linda Borgen Karen Briley Paul Boyle Doug Breazeale Linda Breitbach Beverley Bosworth ' Jeffrey Brock Seniors I3 SENIOR STUDENT senate representatives are: Bottom Row: Squeak Her- Hamlet, Tom Waid, Jeff Brock, Doug Tuchin, Lynn Stresen-Reuter, Betsy man, Marilyn Flake, Wendy Powell, sec., Pam Francis, pres., Judy Gut- Thomas. knecht, Cindy Reisland, Karen Wilkins. Top Row: Phil Vetter, veep, Paul Gregory Brown Roger Brown Warren Bruner James Brunk Barbara Bryson Shirleen Buller Eric Burke Kent Burrow TS Lance Burrow C6l'OlG CGVTGF Doug Casto Shelley Chowning T4 Seniors Nancy Cavalliere Mary Canzano Randy Carlson Jeff Bull Q. :QQ 1 .,-, ., g fuf s s 1 ",L 2 s X x Cindy Clark Mary Ann Clark Clark Colepaugh Kandis Clayton William Collings Bill Collins Sherry Collins Pat Collis x Judi Compton Carl Cox Pam Conner Bill Connors Shayne Conyne Anne Corbett Of The People, By The People Cindy Coppock Ruby Corral Sue Corsaro segigmgs 'St is N ,R ,,.,..,4g y 5, , Charles Covington Nancy Cone Cynthia Crawford OPPOSITE PAGE GREGORY BROWN - varsity track, iv football. ROGER BROWN varsity cross country. WARREN BRUNER - Stu- dent Senate BARBARA BRYSON - DECA. JEFF BULL - BEAVER staff Quill and Scroll pres., NCCJ, Key Club, iv, varsity tennis. KENT BURROW Art Club. LANCE BURROW - Nat'l Forensic League treas. Science Club, iv wrestling. MARY CANZANO - frosh class council FTA at Maryvale, Chansonettes, Science Club sec. RANDY CARLSON - iv football in Iowa. CAROLE CARTER - AFS. DOUG CASTO - Mu Alpha Theta. NANCY CAVALLIERE - Spanish Society, eight musicals, pom pon, Big Beaver. CINDY CLARK - Chansonettes, two musicals, FTA. ff, Terry Crosier Mike Cummins Robert Curtis . 'x Susan Daley Gail Danculovic Wendy Danyow as A CLARK COLEPAUGH - varsity basketball, baseball in Calif., Spanish Society. WILLIAM COLLINGS - Spanish Society, iv track. BILL COLLINS - Student Senate, Lettermen's Club, iv, varsity football, varsity track. PAT COLLIS - BEAVER Staff, Quill and Scroll, Spanish Society, FTA. JUDI COMPTON - band, maiorette in Ohio, CAMEL- BACK staff, Beaver Band traes., head maiorette. CARL COX - Key Club, iv, varsity football. PAM CONNER - Beaver Builders veep, French Club, AFS, DECA. BILL CONNORS - Key Club, Lettermen's Club, varsity swimming. SHAYNE CONYNE - Honor Society, Ger- man Club in Minn., Student Senate. ANNE CORBETT - Spanish So- ciety, Student Senate. CINDY COPPOCK - Spanish Society, GAA. RUBY CORRAL - Student Senate, Girls' League soph. sec., ir. veep, Spanish Society sec., pres. SUE CORSARO - Scottsdale Singers, Chansonettes. NANCY CONE - Pep Club sec., GAA. MIKE CUMMINS - Science Club. ROBERT CURTIS - State Math Contest first place, Mu Alpha Theta pres., European Cultural Society pres. Seniors I5 iq 'lx Dawn Dasher Susan Davenport Harold Davis Dawn Dewey Rosanne DiBenedetto Penne Dicknite Denni Donaldson Geri Dow Danie Downing Don Droze Beverly Dugan Rodney Dunseath Mark Eaton Susan Eckard Sally Erbe Rudy Ernst Patricia Eyring Susan Ferneding Bob Fisher George Finn Marilyn Flake Mike Flanigan Patrick Flanigan Teddy Fleischli Dennis Floyd David Ford lo Seniors Marlene Day Robert Deacon Donald DeMark Lenna Diercksen Arlene DiMaggio Gayle Dishman I J f Consider The ssue, Vote OPPOSITE PAGE: DAWN DASHER - CAMELBACK staff, Quill D J F , P F , and Scroll, Spanish Society, Student Senate, Beaver Builders, on Fofwood acque 'a'tC'S am 'anus AFS, GAA. HAROLD DAVIS - Beaver Band. MARLENE DAY - GAA, Art Club. ROBERT DEACON - Scottsdale Singers, Student Senate, Science Club, varsity swimming. DONALD DeMARK - Library Club. ROSANNE DiBENEDETTO - Spanish Club at Cor- onado, Student Senate, one musical. PENNE DICKNITE - Chan- sonettes, two musicals, AFS, Beaver Builders, pom pon. ARLENE DiMAGGIO - DECA. DENNI DONALDSON - Spanish Society, AFS. GERI DOW - Spanish Society, DECA, Pep Club. DANIE DOWNING - Lettermen's Club, iv wrestling, track, varsity foot- ball. DON DROZE - Student Senate, sr, class sec., Key Club treas., Lettermen's Club, iv football, varsity track. BEVERLY DUGAN - Nat'l Latin Honor Society, Glee Club, Drama Club at Gerard, AFS, French Club. RODNEY DUNSEATH - Student Senate, Lettermen's Club sgt-at-arms, iv, varsity football, basketball, V track. MARK EATON - Scottsdale Singers pres., four musicals, Dean French Theresa Fults Nancy Gallagher ' as Choral Lettermen's Club, Lettermen's Club, Arizona state tumb- ling champion, Big Beaver, varsity gymnastics. SUSAN ECKARD - Pep Club. SALLY ERBE - Student Senate, AFS. RUDY ERNST -- Student Senate, Lettermen's Club, AFS, Key Club, iv football, varsity basketball, track. PATRICIA EYRING - Nat'l Honor So- ciety, Mu Alpha Theta, Nat'l Forensic League corr. sec. SUSAN FERNEDING - Drama Club, Pep Club at Gerard, AFS. PATRICK FLANIGAN - BEAVER staff artist, iv football. TEDDY FLEISCHI - JCL veep, Pep Club in Wyo. DON FORWOOD - Spanish Society, Lettermen's Club, iv, varsity football, wrestling, iv track. JACQUE FRANCIS - Spanish Society, Student Senate, Girls' League. PAM FRANCIS - CAMELBACK staff, two musicals, student body veep, Student Senate pres., NCCJ, AFS, Beaver Builders, pom pon capt. DEAN FRENCH - Key Club, Lettermen's Club, iv, varsity football, varsity track. as K .1 THERESA FULTS - DECA. NANCY GALLAGHER - French Club hist., AFS, Beaver Builders. SANDRA GARDNER - pom pon. DIANE GATES - AFS, French Club. ,K . Warren Guard Sandra Gardner Diane Gates FAST-TALKING politician Susan Graham presents her ideas in the Vigorous campaigning continued for three days following the first class assembly of the year. The meeting was held so that a speeches, and the suspense was climaxed with the election of new secretary could be elected to take the place of Nancy Harris. Don Droze. Seniors I7 Chester Gawin David Georgens Athene Gibbons Virginia Goetz Charis Ggrdon Jim Gossen Becki Griffith Pete Grundman Judy Gutknecht WWW' ,, ,, ., 1' f 2 ls' .f " A 3 ftp eii, t,saZ Alice Gitzendanner Linda Glenn Arthur Hall ff, Patsy Haas William Graham Sheryl Goettl Susan Graham Carolyn Green Laurie Halpern tv W? ,, a W W , . ewwswlmwm , CLEVER SLOGANS were put up by classes and clubs before foot- ball anol basketball games to arouse the enthusiasm of the stu- dent booly. Jim Page, senior class president, anol Bill Rich, boy 18 Seniors representative, place a sign contributed by harol-working mem- bers ofthe senior class. In making and placing signs the classes were iuolged for class competition points. ENTHUSIASTICALLY DECORATING his car, George Laughlin attempts to make his portrayal of the Arcadia game effects more realistic. This same spirit existed at Arcadia as Tension mounted throughout the week. Coach, Team, Pep, Steam... OPPOSITE PAGE: DAVID GEORGENS - Nat'l Honor Society, AFS, French Club. LINDA GLENN - Girls' Safe Driving City Championship. ARTHUR HALL - DECA. VIRGINIA GOETZ - BEAVER staff, Pep Club. CHARIS GORDON - frosh council, iv cheerleader at Alhambra, Student Senate, DECA hist., AFS, Beaver Builders. PATSY HAAS - GAA, Art Club, girls' gymnastics. WILLIAM GRAHAM - Lettermen's Club, varsity foot- ball, baseball, varsity basketball manager. SHERYL GOETTL - maiorette. PETE GRUNDMAN - iv track, football, varsity football. JUDY GUTKNECHT - CAMEL- BACK staff, Quill and Scroll, Spanish Society, Student Senate, Beaver Builders, varsity cheerleader. SUSAN GRAHAM - Spanish Society treas., Student Senate, soph., ir. class treas., AFS, Beaver Builders. CAROLYN GREEN - GAA, Pep Club, band in Canada. LAURIE HALPERN - BEAVER staff, Quill and Scroll, Spanish Society, Scottsdale Singers, three musicals, NCCJ, AFS. PAUL HAMLET - Student Senate. PAT HANKINS - Let- termen's Club, iv swimming, wrestling, iv, varsity football, baseball. MARSHA HEATH - Pep Club, French Club in Ohio. DONNA HELMANDOLLAR - Girls' League ir. sec., sr. veep, French Club. KAREN HATFIELD - AFS, Science Club. MARTHA HAPKE - DECA. CHERIE HEARNE - Student Senate, AFS. WILLIAM HARE - Nat'l Honor Society. CHERE HELLER - one play, Art Club. JOHN HENRY - iv football, iv, varsity baseball. Paul Hamlet Beverly Hancock Pat Hankins Donna Hammond John Hazer Marsha Heath Donna Helmandollar Karen Hatfield Martha Hapke Cherie Hearne William Hare Che,-e Heller Alan Hassett Jeanette Henry John Henry Mary l'lOBrman Seniors I9 l Judy Herman Jean Holman Betsy Hosmer Gary Hoover Jean Hopkins DON Horseman Donna Horseman Gene Houck Victor Houze Wes Hovan Larry Howard Jean Hudson We've Got A Lot Gt Livin' To Do Tony Hughes John Humphrey Jeary Hullinger Pamela Huson Gretchen Hurlbut Dirck Iacobelli JUDY HERMAN - soph. veep, iv cheerleader in Tucson, Student Senate, AFS. JEAN HOLMAN - CAMELBACK staff, Quill and Scroll sec., Spanish Society, sr. class girl rep., Model UN, Girls' League soph. pres., ex. pres., state sec., Beaver Builders. BETSY HOSMER - Student Senate, Student Union. GARY HOOVER - Business Club sec., Art Club. JEAN HOPKINS - Spanish Society. GENE HOUCK - Lettermen's Club, iv, varsity football, iv track. VICTOR HOUZE - Spanish Society, iv base- , ball, iv, varsity football, track. WES HOVAN - Key Club, iv Robert Ingram Mako lshlda Wayne Jordan football, wrestling, varsity football. LARRY HOWARD - Spanish Society, Key Club, iv football, JOHN HUMPHREY - DECA, iv baseball. JEARY HULLINGER - band, drill mistress, Pep Club in Utah. PAMELA HUSON - Chansonettes, Scottsdale Singers, Orchestra, Beaver Band, four musicals, FTA pres., Beaver Builders. GRETCHEN HURLBUT - Scottsdale Singers, AFS. DIRCK IACOBELLI - frosh class pres. in Va., Mu Alpha Theta, Spanish Society, West High Brotherhood Conference, Key Club chap., Lettermen's Club, iv basketball, varsity football, track. ROBERT INGRAM - iv, varsity football, golf in Vermont, Spanish Society. MAKO ISHIDA - Foreign Exchange Student, Photography Club in Japan, AFS, Beaver Builders. WAYNE JORDAN - Honor Roll Certficate in Mich., iv baseball. LYNDA JACOBS - Beaver Band librarian, Orchestra, GAA. SUE ANN KAGAN - Spanish Society hist., Student Senate, West High Brotherhood Conference, Art Club veep, AFS, Beaver Builders. KEVIN KEARNEY - iv, Varsity baseball. Lynda Jacobs Sue Ann Kagan Kevin Kearney 20 Seniors KRISTIE KELLEY - Spanish Society, Chansonettes, Scottsdale Singers, one musical. KATHIE KREY - frosh, soph. class rep., GAA at Alhambra, GAA. NANCY KNOOB - Spanish Society, GAA. STEVEN KULB - Beaver Band pres., Orchestra, varsity gymnastics. SALLY KOLB - Spanish Sgciety, MARK KOSLOFF - iv baseball. RUSTELLIA KENYON - chorus, one musical at Cortez, Chan- sonettes, Art Club. SUE KRUIDENIER - CAMEL- BACK staff, Quill and Scroll, Student Senate, NCCJ, Model UN, AFS, Beaver Builders, iv cheer- leader, pom pon. GAIL KRUTEL - Girls' League. GEORGE KOEPKE - Nat'l Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Spanish Society, Key Club, varsity basketball, baseball. MARCIA LADENDORFF - Scottsdale Singers, Chansonettes, six musicals. GEORGE LAUGHLIN - Lettermen's Club, iv foot- ball, varsity swimming. LAURA LAZEAR - Chan- sonettes, Student Senate, DECA. CAROL LEAF - Mu Alpha Theta, Chansonettes, Orchestra. ENERGETIC JIM Page fills water balloons as on lookers cheer. This was a part of Rub-a-Dub-Dub Day, sponsored by Student Council. U Nfl Nancy Knoob Steven Kulb ally KOlb Mark Kosloff Rustellia Kenyon Sue KrUlCleftI6r M Gail Krufel George Koepke Marcia Ladenclorff George Laughlin Laura Lazear Carol Leaf Lawrence Leason Don Lieferman Jodi Leverton i Jim Lestikow Marty Lierly Susan Lenz LAWRENCE LEASON - Key Club, iv football, baseball, varsity football. DON LIEFERMAN - Key Club. JODI LEVERTON -two plays, Girls' League. JIM LESTIKOW - Art Club treas. MARTY LIERLY - AFS. TOM LIFFITON - band, Student Senate, varsity wrestling in Ohio. SUZANNE LITTLEPAGE - Nat'l Honor Society, Student Senate, AFS. SUNNY LOF - CAMELBACK staff, Nat'l Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, costumes for eight shows, student body corr. sec., inter-club council sec., NCCJ, Beaver Builders, iv, varsity cheerleader capt. LYNN LOGAN - BEAVER staff, Spanish Society, AFS. DEBORAH LONG - West High Brotherhood Conference, Student Senate, FBLA. PRICILLA LUCAS - AFS. RANDOLPH LUNGREN - Nat'l Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, German Club. JOHN MACKEY - Nat'l Honor Society pres., Key Club pres., German Club, varsity swimming. CAROL MARK - FTA pres., Russian Club pres. in Ohio. KRISTINE MARK - Nat'l Honor Society, Spanish Society, Chansonettes, Model UN, Girls' State, Girls' League chap., sec., ex. pres., French Club sec., pres. ABSORBED WITH the excitement of the Homecoming game, Sue Kruidenier, Karen Briley, and Stormy Eaton emote together after another touchdown had been made. 'Mei .:s"""iS R New ..,. " A rr rrrr f 3 .2 ki ' :L 5:51-' ii ,: ,. Is,ff:i :fg5Qi"'ifQii s f. l aft' t-..:s iassifiwii- A ..-iw ----"A Axim -"- 1: -. ...Q A .sf-:safi:: K' - igeigassfis , ' . Aw .,,., ., .. Ra W fin . fa, X 1-err xx S 3, lege QA Q s G55 956 X W Q Q is Q 3, as as ' 51 -' f. ',f- if isisigr .1 s' .ct- -' .5 '::-f Iliff-5-'A - i , .fi:w:-" .as We HC' Tom Liffiton Suzanne Littlepage 5, Sunny Lof Lynn Logan Deborah Long Priscilla Lucas SR -ati? Manuel Lucero Jim Mather John Mackey Randolph Lungren Carol Mark Kristine Mark 22 Seniors For Thoughts Ot Joy Thy Memories Bring... Bill Markham Karen Marston JoAnne Moreth Forest Morriseit Carol Moore Doug Morris Susanna Morin ROY Muller Paul Matak John Mayhall - John McDowell Jean McKee Mary McKee Bill McLeod Kathleen McQuiston Allan Mettner Lee Meyer Cathy Meisner Cheryle Miller Candace Miller Charles Miller Marsha Millstead Harold Moritz BILL MARKHAM - Lettermen's Club, varsity basketball, baseball. KAREN MARSTON - Scottsdale Singers, AFS veep, Library Club pres. JOHN MAYHALL - DECA. JEAN MCKEE - Spanish Society, Mu Alpha Theta treas., NCCJ, GAA treas., Beaver Builders treas., iv cheerleader. MARY McKEE - Spanish Society, two musicals, Beaver Builders, GAA. BILL MCLEOD - varsity football, basketball, gymnastics in Tex. KATHLEEN MCQUISTON - Chansonettes treas., two plays. ALLAN METTNER - Art Club at Camelback, Student Senate, AFS, French Club. LEE MEYER - Lettermen's Club sec., Key Club, iv, varsity football. CHARLES MILLER - iv football in La., Student Senate. MARSHA MILLSTEAD - AFS, French Club, Girls' League. HAROLD MORITZ - iv foot- ball, wrestling, varsity wrestling. JoANN MORETH - Glee Club, Pep Club at Gerard. CAROL MOORE - Girls' League. DOUG MORRIS - iv football, varsity wrestling in Neb., Spanish So- ciety, Key Club, Lettermen's Club veep, iv track, varsity football, wrestling. SUSANNA MORIN - Spanish Society. ROY MULLER - Student Senate, Lettermen's Club sgt-at-arms, iv, varsity football, basketball, baseball. Seniors 23 lVIayYou Live TenThousand Years! HALERIE MUMMA - Student Senate, Girls' League. ROBERT NEILL - BEAVER photographer, Model UN, Lettermen's Club, varsity wrestling, gymnastics. GAYNELLE NIXON -- BEAVER co-editor, Quill and Scroll, Nat'l Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, sr. class treas., Beaver Builders. SHERRILL NUTTALL - CAMEL- BACK staff, French Club pres., Beaver Builders sec. PAULA NOLD - BEAVER staff, Nat'l Honor Society, French Club sec., Girl's League sr. pres., Beaver Builders, Nat'l Merit semi-finalist, Out- standing Jr. Girl Award. LESLIE O'HARA - GAA, Y-teens in Ohio, CAMELBACK . ' r staff, Ars, French Club. JOHN OLSON HalerreMUrr1ma PaUlir1eMUrrav Gary Naderer Robert Neill - Mu Alpha Theta, Science Club, iv football. TOM OSBORNE - CAMELBACK photographer, one musical, iv, varsity band, iv, varsity wrestling. JIM PAGE - Nat'l Forensic League pres., frosh, soph. class boy rep., sr. class pres., Boys' State, Key Club sgt-at-arms, Let- termen's Club, iv, varsity football, var- sity track. OPPOSITE PAGE: JOHN PECK - Key Club, Lettermen's Club, iv football, iv, varsity basketball, track. Gordon Nivison Paula Noonan 's "MAY YOU live l0,000 years!" compliments senior Banzaii salesman Patty Wilson to Bill Neill. Last year's popular cry amongst the football players was reintroduced by this sale. Gaynelle Nixon Sherrill Nuttall Paula Nold KGTBY O'BYme Leslie O'Hara John Olson Tom Osborne Jim Page 24 Seniors John Peck it 5 , ,.,, YXL 5 , . ..., . mc.-. was Qestsrskk -iii 1 5 . X ., .... . Q .. New 1.52-'I' l ' fiiff. aw ,I . -f . .5 1 ggi.. . L Q ' .st f its ,gf ss sues' ,I .. f 5,-1.1 3- ,gs : -. . . , ., .k., ,- .f:,, , , fkin LAk.,,: ViCkiG Petley Steve Pentland Gary Pappas DeVan Powell Germaine Pefe,-5 Karen Parks Kay Pitts Greg Pritchard Patti Perdikes Linda Price gli Vickie Raymond Karl Reque Keith Raney Cindy Reisland Karen Reese Bill Rich Wendy Powell Glenn Prinsze Larry Pitts Michael Proulx Michael Prouty Dean Quain William Rabe Rey Rehtmeyer Pat Ravanesi Kathy Ray as VICKIE PETLEY - iv, varsity cheerleader, GAA. GERMAINE PETERS - DECA class rep., Speech Club at Gerard, DECA. KAREN PARKS - Spanish Society, Chansonettes. KAY PITTS - BEAVER staff, Spanish Society, AFS, GAA. GREG PRITCHARD - Beaver Band, iv track. PATTI PERDIKES - DECA veep. WENDY POWELL - Nat'l Honor Society, frosh veep, student body treas., Student Senate sec., NCCJ, Girls' State, AFS, Beaver Builders, iv, varsity tennis, Outstanding Jr. Girl Award. LARRY PITTS - FBLA, iv track in Texas, Scottsdale Singers, Student Senate. MICHAEL PROUTY - iv track, varsity football, basketball at Gerard. DEAN QUAIN - Mu Alpha Theta, Nat'l Honor Society, varsity track, cross country. WILLIAM RABE - Spanish Society, Beaver Band. PAT RAVANESI - Student Senate, Key Club, Let- termen's Club, iv football, varsity swimming. KATHY RAY - Student Senate, Art Club, Girls' League. VICKIE RAYMOND - chorus at Arcadia. KARL REQUE - CAMELBACK staff, Art Club pres., Beaver Band, Scholastic Art awards. CINDY REISLAND - Student Senate, GAA. KAREN REESE - BEAVER staff, Spanish Society treas., Nat'l Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Girls' League, AFS, French Club treas. BILL RICH - Spanish Society, sr. class boy rep., Key Club, AFS, iv, varsity football. Seniors 25 Patricia Riley Bill Ridgeway Carolyn Rippe Chuck Robel ANXIETY IS shown by Dirck Iacobelli as Larry Howard and Wes Hovan placidly await to be sold as slaves, along with other Key Club members. The slave sale reaped great profits at the Key Club dance. Karla Ronn Greg Russnak Ted RudnYI4 Dave RadoBenko 26 Seniors Rosanna Robertson Albert Robles PATRICIA RILEY - Beaver Band. BILL RIDGEWAY A iv, varsity football, track. CAROLYN RIPPE - Biology Club, Girls' League at Arcadia. CHUCK ROBEL - Mu Alpha Theta, Spanish Society, Lettermen's Club, varsity tootball manager, wrestling. ROSANNA ROBERTSON - Science Club, GAA. ALBERT ROBLES - iv, varsity toot- ball. GREG RUSSNAK - Key Club treas., iv tootball, varsity wrestling. OPPOSITE PAGE: DONALD ROYER - iv basketball varsity track in Texas, iv foot- ball, track. JERRY SANDERS - Beaver Band, Orchestra. WILLIAM SANDERSON - Spanish Society. SHARON SAUNDERS - Science Club hist. PHYLLIS SAXTON - AFS, Girls' League. DIANNA SANDWICK - advanced chorus at North, GAA, Pep Club. MARK SMALLSREED -- Scottsdale Singers, nine musicals, iv, varsity toot- ball, iv wrestling. GEORGE SEITTS - iv, varsity football, baseball. WI L L I A M SCHAAR A Beaver Band, Orchestra, tive musicals. JIM SHEARER - varsity wrest- ling. JOHN SHOOK - soph. class board, Key Club, iv track, varsity gymnastics in Ill. BRAD SMITH - Key Club, iv basket- ball. RONALD SHOOPMAN - Spanish SO- ciety, Scottsdale Singers, seven musicals. JUDSON SMITH - ir. class veep, Student Senate, Key Club, Boys' League, NOMA spelling award. BILL SMITH - Key Club, Lettermen's Club, varsity swimming. SONJA SITTON - Student Senate, GAA. NANCY SHAW - Spanish Society, Student Senate, Girls' League sec. treas., Library Club sec-treas. 1 Jim Roth Donald Royer Jerry Sanders One Dollar-Do l Hear More? I S William SanOlerSOn Phyllis Saxton Sharon Saunders Jerry Schaffer Dianna Sandwick Mark Smallsreed George Seitts William Schaar Rebecca Shallit Tom Sellwood Jim Shearer John Shook Brad Smith Ronald Shoopman Judson Smith Bill 5,-nnh Sonia Sitton Nancy Shaw BIG BEAVERS Nancy Cavaliere and Stormy Eaton add an attraction at games and pep assemblies performing tumbling routines with agility. Seniors 27 June Is Bustin' Out All Over Frank Smith Peggy Smith lm. it I RBUCIY SYTIITIW Ann Spielberg Randall Smith Cheryl Steinke Dennis Stoner Torn Steen Deborah Stephens Paula Spector David Stieg Dianne Steinbacker Wayne Steele Robert Stopher Robbie Strange LOOKING TOWARDS graduation, Pat Ravanesi and Cindy Reisland order their senior an- nouncements. The senior class officers had previously selected the main announcement design from these representatives. 28 Seniors Lynne Stresen-Reuter FRANK SMITH - Key Club, AFS, varsity swimming. PEGGY SMITH - Scottsdale Singers. RANDY SMITH - DECA. ANN SPIELBERG - yearbook, Girls' League ir. class rep., Drama Club, Rally Commission in Calif., Girls' League, AFS, French Club. RANDALL SMITH - Lettermen's Club pres., Key Club, iv, varsity football capt., iv, varsity wrestling, iv, varsity track. CHERYL STEINKE - BEAVER staff. DENNIS STONER - Lettermen's Club, Chess Club, varsity swimming in Calif. TOM STEEN - frosh pres., band, Ski Club in Colo., Nat'l Honor Society, Scottsdale Singers, Letter- men's Club, iv basketball, varsity foot- ball. DEBORAH STEPHENS - GAA, Pep Club in Wis., DECA treas. PAULA SPECTOR - French Club. ROBERT STOPHER - iv. basketball, baseball, varsity football in Mo., iv, varsity football, iv tennis. ROBBIE STRANGE - Science Club, Math Club, Lettermen's Club, varsity football, basket- ball, track in Ark. LYNNE STRESEN-REUTER - BEAVER staff, Nat'I Honor Society treas., Quill and Scroll Student Senate, Beaver Builders. CAROL STROUD - Spanish Society, Student Senate. DEBORAH SUCHY - AFS, shorthand award. BARBARA TANNER - Spanish Society council. SHARON SWENSON - Spanish So- ciety sec., Chansonettes pres., Scottsdale Singers, Girls' League, Beaver Builders. CATHERINE SWINGLE - D E C A . B E T S Y THOMAS - yearbook, Leaders Club, field hockey capt. in New York, Student Senate. CONNIE TRECARTIN - Beaver Band treas., sec., Orchestra, Student Senate, French Club. ROBERT THOMASON - DECA photographer, varsity basketball in Okla. LYNNE THENELL - Nat'l Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Spanish Society, Student Senate, Beaver Builders. DOUGLAS TUCHIN - Science Club, iv baseball. JEANETTE TUNNEY - Student Senate, Girls' League treas. LINDSEY TURNER - Student Senate, one play in Calif. GREG VAN THIEL - Mu Alpha Theta, European Cultural Society. CHRISTINE VAUGHN - Spanish Society, Student Senate. STEVE VERFURTH - iv football, track, varsity track. SHARON VANSICKEL - Student Senate. PHIL VETTER - Student Senate, Key Club sec., Lettermen's Club, iv, varsity baseball. cHARLEs vosBuReH - iv football, iv bas- ketball. MARCIA WALKER - Spanish Society, Scottsdale Singers, French Club. ARLENE WALKER - Beaver Builders. THOMAS WAID - Student Senate, Lettermen's Club, varsity football, swimming. Carol Stroud ,G."UlZ-' as Sharon Swenson X 5 It f Deborah Suchy Sam Sullins Barbara Tanner Cafheflne Swinsle Bob Taylor Sandy Sullivan Betsy Thomas Connie Trecartin Robert Thomason Doug Toles Lynne Thenell Douglas Tuchin Genny Usher Jeanette Tunney Lindsey Turner Greg Van Thiel Christine Vaughn Steve Verfurth Sharon VanSickel Phil Vetter Charles Vosburgh Barbara Watkins Marcia Walker Arlene Walker Martha Warner Thomas Waid Seniors 29 U1 l Margaret Walsh Ronald Whiteside Debbie White Diane VVelCl'1 Eunice Whitaker Barbara Wherry if David Whetstone William Wheeler James Watts Mary White AliC6 Watterson Mark Wleging 30 Seniors Karen CI"ll'lSl'Il'1e Linda Williams Annette Williamson The Curtain Falls Dn A Grand Finale OPPOSITE PAGE: MARGARET WALSH - Chansonettes, two plays, AFS, Beaver Builders, French Club. RONALD WHITESIDE - varsity golf. DEBBIE WHITE - AFS, French Club, iv cheerleader. DIANE WELCH - CAMELBACK staff, Spanish Society, Student Senate, AFS. EUNICE WHITAKER - Spanish Society, Beaver Builders, GAA, AFS. BARBARA WHERRY - BEAVER staff, AFS, French Club. DAVID WHETSTONE - newspaper staff in Texas. JAMES WATTS - Art Club. MARY WHITE - chorus in Holbrook. ALICE WATTERSON - CAMEL- BACK staff, Quill and Scroll, Spanish Society, German Club, AFS. MARK WIEGING - Spanish Society. KAREN WILKINS - Spanish Society, Student Senate. LINDA WILLIAMS - Chansonettes. ANNETTE WILLIAMSON - Spanish Society, Student Senate, Pep Club, girls' swimming in Ga., AFS, Art Club. STEVEN WILLIAMS - Lettermen's Club, varsity wrestling. DAVID WILSON - Key Club. PATRICIA WILSON - BEAVER co-editor, Nat'I Honor Society sec., Quill and Scroll, Spanish Society, sr. class veep, NCCJ, Girls' League chap., AFS, Beaver Builders. BARBARA WYATT - Spanish Society, Student Senate. ANDREA ZACHAROUDIS - Spanish Society, Student Senate. LEE ZAVALA - ir. class boy rep., student body pres., inter-club council pres., NCCJ, Boys' State, Key Club treas., AFS, Lettermen's Club, varsity football, basketball. SUSAN ZARECOR - drum maior, Civics Club veep in Penn., Scotts- dale Singers, Beaver Band. PHYLLIS ZADEL - Boosters Club in Ohio. Steven Williams David Wilson Patricia Wilson Tim Z6I'I40S Barbara Wyatt Joseph Youngblood Andrea Zacharoudis Lee Zavala Susan Zarecor Steve Young Ellen Zaslaw Joan Zenor Phyllis Zadel Rosalie Barnside Marilyn Tull COMING CLOSE to the end of their high school career, seniors made plans for what was to come after graduation. College entrance exams were taken with anticipation of being accepted to vari- ous colleges throughout the country. Senior Days at U of A and ASU were visited to become acquainted with the curriculum offered on the college campus. With the thought of making their last year at SHS the best yet, seniors took part in many sports and activities. Graduation announcements were or- dered and such decisions as the senior gift to the school were left to be made. Seniors 31 uniors On The Road To Success Z' A 1, , 'V A "l"f Eiiviii is , 'J' ,W . tv ,Lf-.r 4, Sf Z, '21 Cv , , i 5 r W fl Anne Adams Bill Alford Gary AlfOI'Cl K . Barbara Annadale Mike Baccus Alan Baird yl.f T g a f. gh 2 . , 4, Fred Baker Wayne Balmer Kaihy BarTon A T l a 'TU E' ,a , ,. - . L, N T ' L ' V ' zly, uulz .1 V 1 A iriifi A H' F' T W T 4 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Bob Van Valer, boy rep., Lynn Tess, pres., PaT - rl.1l,s :'- Jones, Treas., Melissa CrowTooT, veep, Sharon Lesk, girl rep., Brenda SmarT, Bob Beardsley Greg Becker Mike Biles sec. These six helped make The juniors operaTe smooThly. THREE YEARS have passed since The day The class of '68 made iTs appearance on The SHS campus. ln The Time elapsed, They have sponsored dances, sales, a car bash and have had carnival booThs and Homecoming corners on display, as have The oTher Three classes. However, This year The juniors have proved Themselves To be more in- dividual and ouTsTanding Than They previously were. From The beginning of school, They were a unified group and were ouT To show ThaT They could work. They won TirsT place Tor Arcadia game spiriT signs, Tor Their Homecoming corner, and came in second Tor FaTher's NighT decoraTions, Campus Clean-Up and The Tood drive. The iuniors' money- making TalenTs were also visible as They began To pile up cash Tor The big Junior-Senior Prom. 32 Juniors ix ' , ,i,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,L,i.c,.,, . , i l' 'Si i V'4i2ii,'ffH33i'Wi:iif31s7,Cs ,. ,,,. :ig llfsiff - i':'c77.g: , ,,i. T ,,, , g gyiilw ,Pac ' f fr -5 ,, f , 1 f-rg uffsrwww 4,,aa::"mzii,., r, V " I T v ly, ,V V, I ,gg s ir 1, r ' ' Mr. Gonnerman Chairman Mr. U'Ren Class Council X 1... 13 X 2 as S if I Jack Black ii wr- sf Jim Brewer i 'W if gi: -' J 1? ' N- 3 : se f tgi fri' E . 7 'F I Q sa r Ye, X9AQ . l Barbara Blankenship Betsy Bowles st 4 Qs r Richard Brooks A n 3 .. 3 'Y xv ,, rs, g X ffl' ' si fi- .' auf- iss. 5 as l . it r' 'Y i ik: ac Joyce Brown ..,, , b 'K ft K . NJ- if My S x at Q uh' riffs " Q , g U F fxv Becky Boyd Valerie Brown E K , Linda Branger 35 N . aff Tom Buhr J " s ' B p, s W sei' ll, 54" F X ' . b ,rr..,l1 M 2 W c'.i1' I ,E ' - , icrrXL-1 .. L I ,,:'-,.., K . Mi, Marian Chittenden Linda Cissel Georgia Conway Barbara Costa Jon Creede Pat Crosier . mm J 48.2 N. rw ,. F' 1 f , Kimball Clark Debbie Coughlin Melissa Crowfoot Leroy Clay Jeri Cuvelier Ann Connolly Cathi Covell Ron Crutchfield Marie Davis , ,W QE E, AXE 1- :i w -tk. zliiiffmmft A P. M gl arf ,-s. , 12532 vm' 'F' ll i", ..,, l E --. 'A '. fs' -XX it ' E ,, 3 Jerry Brashears Bob Brazie ri 5' J ,:.k 1 A .3 z siiis 1 ' , 2 it 2 2 E use Diane Busick Bev Byke :"- . A -l i " if ,r ifg I it . ss'S ff? 1 sf sr S, Q N . N 5 5 Q Dewain Connolly Rick Cozens Jodie Decker x, 2' ' fist .,., HN f ' f X S. . " , . sr:.,i. 2. : '1 Y. :Q W . Tim Connolly Teri Craig Joyce Delich QP' 'Wu New R b- J ,tt, 155555 Susan Breitbach 3 it r .Q ,.:: , J Ray Byke ti sc 5- 3 Xp Q2 ess it 9' are Qs X Xg fs! 7, S t H ia a 2 -,- , Y ,Aw ,5,,,.,. A r Sis gs 3 Kevin Connors Vickie Cratte Judy Delmonico Charlene Dennerline Sue Dietrich Darline Douglass Doug Drake John Dresslar Ron Duncan Jeri Duster Mark Edwards Carolyn Elfgen Ron Elfgen Suzy Falk Kay Farnam Lydia Farrington Mike Faught Tom Fellows Debbie Fischer Hollis Fisher Bobby Flores Sonia Folden Dick Forwood Bill Frazer Juniors 33 X 9' 5 , a-Qi.: sf as 1 David Fuller . . -15 gr 'NL V L.. fi 'stator K John Glassmoyer V Steve Hams PROUDLY DIS PLAYING their hats Day" are iunio and Cindy Wo 34 Juniors l L L rf! A -. A f we K , .W 'QF X RY' if fig H 'f -fi .. - . i' 'W' 555 k New A 15 Lynne Gabrielson E Q f x E i ,, ' ' mv Q x J- ,SQ as 'IN X ,Q Q W K 'Lx 4 I Babette Gamash Ron Gamble Bob Gaughan Mike Gilbreath Chuck Gill Nancy Girard f ' , C J - , I Ii. J . ' "N . :wi "" I 1 - P - ws - A li., -- 'J' I 5:3 . - P- . L SLE "M Cixi L , i J' aar I aaaaaa ' 1 as ,.:i, aaai iei if Q liia C R K C 1 ' - ' i 1 .5535 I J is , ,. X c "" 1 aaa Q f as ' 'X ' iv g 3 E C QQ ei ' ,. .J .2 Q52 sa4sx51.3s4l'i.i5a.-lrasfsf ,fs David Goad Brent Golden Maureen Gornick Lynn Graber Rhonda Green Robert Hamilton Rich Hamlin we 5, .. I iw si. ' L My , M n N 'i Nr wi XT? Wt X53 Q af C xx L-. ,:.-'e l fl d ' ' d I ' Steve Hansen Ranee Hardin Robert Healy I n I V I u a I - 'Y 7 - '- 1' 2 ' i 4 W' 'tit L on "Crazy Hat day ot the Scottsdale-Arcadia football game, many rs Sam Schattenburg, Janice Lowry hats were done in orange and black to promote odbridge. Because this was also the better spirit for that night. ri R 5 Craig Heidenthal 253 John Hintgen 1 bigqi. is L Diana Hiser Monta Hodges Steve Hoffa Linda Hoffman Nancy Holliday George Holveck Jackie Hopkins Gary Horton Marsha Hoskins Bev Howard Dick Huber Wil Hughes Judy Humphrey Bill Huston Bruce lacobelli Linda Jeffries Jalayne Jenkins 25- A . 1: V V ' J , YZ? ,c"iy' - . , W I my ,I 1 f' ," Y wmv V 9 , . , W 1 I V4 V f fi? A .. r a if rfi I K f2'A--- A im , V 4-,JL fiifiw 'A 'is 655. V I ' .34 a u . Q .W 41:2 . ,.1:, gg ,f,,-vi.: ' Walkie I "c, 5 , V 1, ' M " .,fr i. if ' TW ji, Ji ' 5 fr A4.ll:4.'??,5k L J fm I . KV ' , ', w . 0 ' Patti Jerome Barbara Johnson 1 V 'M jc V gg? ,, M 1, H g, ' W if' 2 Ac I Chuck Johnson 'I 1 f W 4' flgig fi 4 4 , re f Q? Y, JA , ji L. Patty Jones Phillip Jorgensen Eric Kahn ,H ,:.ii, ' J I N 5 1 f- 'X' 1 ' lv 5' ' L' ' KK 'if 2 5 W af 1 , , A rf 2 Gloria Johnson I if' f.' , Claudia Kane . . 4? Kathy Kafches Steve Keeler Pam Kellogg Nadine Kerna X M .a i X 'F' c 3 "HOLD lT!" direcTs Sharon Lesk as her fellow iuniors Try To puT up class compefifion signs for The Arcadia game. Their signs won all of The firsf place awards. , .A 2,11 , ' Aj. '21 fi 'fi ,, , ' "" 4 , r ' - - 4 fy WJ WV,,, ,, ff' , ' 4 My f V V ,. Q 'fl - I ' Rodney Kimmell Linda King Bob Kinker Karl Kisfner Juniors 35 ' bkx s s ,,.h , i g- K . y A f K 'N me ' 3 if i l ll ,.,," ' 1 'ff ,ef . 335 . 11 N :, L , i it L K if l f L K .-" ' I q,- .KL' . K KK if KKKK,K Q . N K K . ,k,. . 2 KKK, ,. KK K., K K KK KK KKK KK L L gs. 1 -:.K 5 5 - K L 'i L as ,.,, ' 1 , A. '1 T u T 5 Denny Kline Paulette Kilobassa Chris Kopp Susie Korkosz Leanne Kottraba Sheldon Kotz Maribeth Kramer Don Kuhnz gi R . l rs Working Hardy Judy Kulb Mark Lasley Debbie Learned Judy Lee E n I I n g I t AS SMILING but Tired juniors watch him, Bob Van Valer puts a final hinge into part of the Homecoming display. The junior effort was awarded first place. 36 Juniors ACTIVE, ENERGETIC, hard-working, fast-moving juniors made their mark on Scottsdale High this year with the eagerness of a child who wants to please. The class was more well-rounded and ma- ture than in the past, and now understanding a big business venture seemed easier, The juniors scrimp- ed and saved all their hard-earned money to finance their big project of the year, the Junior-Senior Prom. They were determined to make it big and beautiful, a success that the graduating seniors would not soon forget. Sharon Lesk Chris Lester W -xr :...-- if Qs ,- in -F X we s E, ,,.. 1 si -W s gf F NW-x s ww N N Rich Liska ss'- , ..,. Linda Loehnert ., .. L. , Q J - a -fwzwjf , iqr:55ff51:EfTf:+ , anice Lowry af -- Maralee Lundin Pat Lydiard Ken Lyman Jim MacNeil Pat Maher Mike Martin kc. mf? if-' ,T s i . -.qv sem jj ss - Q 3, s .,---- so KKK ' . ' are: Bottom Row: Debbie Learned, Linda Jeffries. Top Row: Marsha Hoskins, Georgia--Zaeharoudis, Jackie Norton, Linda Hott- 9 we-X. 1 I 5 K' S5 X . . K ' ,,:,:, I ,,N,. R f ana gxfmy X 6 xx, -Qt af we . Q - I- s as Q x Y? its . 43 2'-lisa T M tsl .5 'V' as "': JUNIORS ELECTED to serve the first semester as student senators man. These girls attended meetings twice a month and reported to their homerooms the important events concerning school ac- tivities and proiects. .gg gf , I 45 ' H' w ifi 1, ii .. . T .. A ' I ..,. K N iii? ,fi ., .. 4 5 i t x 2. 5 I V k k 8 -:,! is wkv kk - AL 1-:EM 4? 33 --at I , ,,., 51 -f' "' 'i'-: 5 'A .-- ..,. T - it fi i,-. at ,. P g 1.. " ,.., P t .- .ff s s W ,aa qQg- FQ' use NPV? A I I -..k f if .V ,iv . 1 hi me Qt y Q PJ so T 5 if A V ws! X 1 fa- , Vi 'S' 1 ci M 'ELK . sb .. QV, , A .. ,T I Lf: K gi 3, I its ,y"e" ",, '-.t. K ':L" :' "" - - - P P T-c ss , S A -,-:, E H ai I V-,V A aww Roy Matthews Bob McCall Buddy McDaniel Paulette McDermott Gail McEachron Mike McFarIin Kevin McGirr Scott McKinney Joyce Merritt Tim Meyers Steve Michels Becky Montana Bill Moore Denise Morley Marsha Morrison Art Moulding Dennis Mueller Martin Mullen Pat Naderer Becky Neiedlo Mickey Nelson Danny Norton Jackie Norton Pat O'Connor Prestine Padon Dave Palmer Don Palmer Jean Parker Rory Parry Shelley Peden Mary Pedigo Dave Phillips Bruce Polesetsky Marsha Posner Stetfany Powers Juniors 37 Z ., N I Q kk K ..k' . Sig A I if S 'A f f .t 1 - i s . as - -S N S Q in t . .S ..,- , .i , ,I , I , i ss Dan Preiss Vickie Price Lynn Rabe Sam Radobenko Diane Raffaele Jan Ralston Janilee Rebelsky " '- . X .i, Q s ' yn ,Q :KQ A ruh, . . W ..,: v z A K . M S- is a s ' mil? xv- f e f . " ' ' '-1" .ii ss K ,ff . i , tttk T , -YW: Brian Richardson Linda Richardson Debbie Richas Larry Riddle Danny Ring Scott Roberts Dave Ronan 3 giant A ,. "WHAT FUN!" proclaims Marsha Hoskins to Bob Van Valer at the first bake sale for the iuniors. Goodies were sold at all four 38 Juniors lunches to starving individuals and grossed approximately titty dollars for the iuniors. Diana Ross David Ruoho Dick Sanders ::. ' A SR L' .. f fig' Linda Sanders Mark Saunders .S 'I Susan Resler Barbara Ross Terrence Royer ,W -fx 'P' 5? 'S , Ilene Rubenstein 'R V' sf "" Mike Ryan ,S . 3 . . . . K M Tom Sansom Diane Sauter ew WHICH ONE? Kimball Clark ponders over the question about class rings, while a crowd looks on. Rings of many sizes and colors were purchased by iuniors. Carrie Smith 1 ",' - ' Eliziilsi. Forrest Suggs r --,,aV I gf, Bill Spaulding Brian Stanley ,.qm:,, vV.-- V. L , 'I l g .::f 'f.,' 5 ll ig I :il I . K , my Larry Sullivan Linda Swenson Gary Tackett Brad Stimson Accent On Sizeg Accent Cn Color AF YD L ,W 1 ir- sf sf". Diane Schlicker Connie Schramm - xml-Kseezssafl .,:::,- .,,.- ' S145 is--H K SE' J Q Mary Sekan Chris Schweikart Tom Shearer S 72 ii i ciic S S ,'.p?f3.,5" ' -was iff?" Tighue Shields Robert Shillingberg ,, Q ,,,i . . ,. ' J "'i"" .. ' , ., .,.c. -' r Sam Schattenberg Ken Scott Myron Scott . ki ,K i Lucia Sheets John Sheets - ' L J P t J Ngglikvti 5 w i" ' is - Meg Shocklee Lonnie Stockton V . 5.1 X , Jackie Tayrien Dale Shuerman Pat Sickler s . Lssi . "3 , L5iH. X W Q Brenda Smart ccgyg S sci? it 5 fire: Ron Stonebrook Christine Stowell .5 H ai, ,Ibis ., 74,3 K . l ff-L 3 'tis 4 Suzy Tellier Lynn Tess Bruce Sturr i 2 55 3. ,rf Juniors 39 Time For Respectg Time For Fun ,wk naw' JUNIOR POM PONNER Jan l2alsTon bows her head cheerleaders, one maioreTTe and Two pom pon girls in respecT as The band plays The Alrna MaTer. Two were from The iunior class This year. Ll s,-.. - :TT-, Chris Trimble Alice Tsosie Debbie Tubb Edye Tucker Pam Turbeville Bob Underwood Barb U'Ren ei Y f T T ii an T. T T S i i U T - B B M T si f ff T si' Cal Vaughn CaThy VelTri PeTer Volkmar Gordon Wahl Danny Walker Karen Walling STan Wang 40 Juniors " g Taxi i': ms F Q xy ie ' E' if ml 1. TT ...ST T f f- 'itil l W.. ,sTsT::Tg,1 y -T We -A T e, .j N'-f Te S55 Linda Thies Kathy Thomas Sieve Thompson Tony Thompson Richard Towne N Bob Van Valer K T -ll-H wy: X isp f Skip Ward M'1P'f't "TWO CENTS! That's all he's worth!" pro- sale. Amounts from fifty cents to three dol- claims iunior Maralee Lundin as she makes lars were paid. her bid for a servant at the Key Club slave 2 E51 J - is 4, - ,- aa Q we . M Al C L .:.,, Q fm fvw i 2' f , , Q Y i .-C X 4 . 1 g eeee of 'r - :E 5 :1 .Q ,,.: .51 1 A "' K f W 3' f 1 . C q . Y f K iii 4 C P- Larry Way Bill Waybill Linda Webber Diane Weber Colette Westfall Patty Wiesenhofer Jon Whitaker Lanette Williams EXT' Ames fav it K ga C 'L Qi N X-Yiyfb if ' 'ff:,f -- ' :L - 'C ffl '34 51 if' .iii W f ibib rare . i' XXV f 4 1:,,.,.g-,, f ff, y ,QS If 9.7!-BL. wir Tom Williamson Vicci Wilson Brad Winter Gary Wisdom Cindy Woodbridge Kevin Woudenberg Georgia Zacharoudis Kathy Zurr Juniors 41 ophonnores The Road's Second Turn 'S ,mnm WLL-.. J iiii 1 Don Adams Jack Adams Ron Adams ' .. A at -wil ,T AAAA AAA. 1 AAd,::Ad J 4 Ad'A1A 1' ,C . K -- ' fe S Rosemary Aldrich Tim Allen lris Alterman M, r . 5 as-"Wig E, . ' ' ' . tt xc. , was 'V Matthew Anderson Paula Anderson Mike Andrews egg is ,,fP', i is SOPHOMORE CLASS officers of 1966-67 consisted of Jody Coppock, sec., Dennis Mattson, pres., Ron Adams, boy rep., Gary Cauble, veep, Suzie Susan Af1Qel0ff SPSHCSI' Apple JBCR ArmSfrOf1Q Shull, treas., and Joyce Bigelow, girl rep. THE ROAD'S second turn for the class of '69 was a sharp one. After a successful year of adiustments and new ex- periences, the freshmen soon were sophomores. At the close of the year, they put on the "Land of Oz" Backwards Dance which concluded their proiects for the year. The largest class on campus last year turned into the second largest class, with 378 students making up the class of '69. The absence of 200 students was prevalent at the start of the school year because they lived in the new Saguaro High School area. Soon the class officers and the entire class continued to become better. The sophomores have already started to raise a lot of money for next year when they will sponsor the Junior-Senior Prom. The Christmas candy cane g l sale and the selling of Scottsdale High decals showed that The ClEiSS of '69 WGS One with much pl'lCl6. Chairman Class Council. Mrs. Jan Miller Mr. Joseph Green 42 Sophomores -fa Willa' is i r assr rx 6 Dave Arooth Romeo Arra Kay Afkins an E if 3 -W , N 6 N Debbie Barfelson M, .. 4 ' ': .,,. 9 , R eff K .. V Q 5 s ,ess 3 M5 sss mg' vzwsf- Ted Berry Tom Bliver John Broadhursf S as X , -E fa 1,4 I Sharon Barron Dave Bauer an fy S " , - .. -gs , so S' Greg Besh Debbi Bossier Mike Brower I 4 . . Q. " 4- ,n 3 . fll i , , 5. Bobbie Betonti Dickie Bowers Debbie Brown iiii ' in Se . . G'n"-,li - M. - W- .fw- ' I lx!! 3',,X?...3 Q .493 Q.. .. un .. - ...- . C is H we ::q , i ,,.r- f rrez ar.- , . , 'f3l"1,: if A by i Dan Aikinson Kay Becksfead 5 A C- , HJ, rirr Ma rybeth Ba kewell Deborah Behrendf rr, ,. .a..: I ...' . -k. V V. kgs? ,,.. is ily- if S, .C - -V" C , 5 ' Bob Beucler Rae Brady Linda Brown gs -Q K A Q me 5 We K' 'V AL ' B K eh if L SA gs - Q 3 Becky Biegert Nancy Branger Steve Brown s is es f 3 Q. 4, , 'ing I J 5 lj- vi' f.. 1. 7 Susan Ba rnetf an E ,xl i Q. +35 - 5 Joe Berges 5 l S xl X4 mm mf George Barraff W is , is ii f 7 Q Tino Barresi . ,S 5 5 gg : Carol Bergman - .. .V--5 'M . ","., 3, .. gf, 2 A, V 6 ., . f Kerry Berman 3' .. I . .-55: 21 , 7. 'ii' N K ' I fi f ' no Q34 5,75 , A Jssc ffl L5 :iq .. f W il J - ?1'.figQff.f'1a K ,f zii ' T iii ' 'Y ii. ' P 'M .,k, K, A A ix MMM MIM Q h . - me x N if .F 'EF :Q 5 QR :ill Joyce Bigelow Marie Brewer David Browne if ,B - " " ' I N 3 Birr A 'rx f' 5 A is N Cindy Blake Janice Briggs Debby Browne 'A lf! 8 5 gg Curt Blalock Amanda Bringhursf Laurie Browne Alan Bruner Butch Buckley Theresa Buhr Randy Burt John Butts Susan Cady Dana Calland Tina Carroll Tom Carrol Billie Carson Gary Cauble Joanne Chapin Bill Childress Steve Clayton Jim Colepaugh Serena Collet Roy Connolly Carol Conner Jim Cookson Jody Coppock Alex Corral Sophomores 43 e .ss ' :,. ' C 2,: Q f.-' K.A A K -Q? LN g J N 211 i, ,, ' - 'P ll I, ' gc. . L - TZ' W V . D K l K - . .,AAhg-- C F X Q J .:h, 3553? K t i ff? .iff E K ., T S C, C i Bev Cowan Rick Cratte Craig Crawford Dod Crawford Chris Creighton Elizabeth Cresse Tom Crowe Jack Daggett Y Y X N,. W? . x..-. 'X K. A Q ,IX K g' R . . - A ,. ? 0 r W -'L Q . ms . .1 s .. I 'x x ,K 5 .,, Q i s I I , C N Sv - 1 i - st Q E aa X fl f s S K, :X K , ,' i is, it Q T T . i i i S T T aaa: Tim Daily Dennis Damore Dennis Darling Greg Davis Debbie Davison Kim Decber David Deerhake Dave Denyes ' , , ,,,. S il C . .C C - ' is rr M xi .-.'- 1 . 1 5 . - ,s f A A ' - saw: ii S Ciii S 7 ,i . -aa' E iz. , frii X ., Linda DeWitt Dan Dick Dennis Digges Arlene Dittmer Artie DiVenuti Mike Dodson Merridy Dwork Sharon Eberle ft if :"' ti T' Q S , t f it s if 1 S X X 'f--"3-i.c,l-. si - W fx'-Q: f E Pat Elliot Eric Ebner Debbie Egerer Leslie Ellis Sandra Ellison Stevi Eminowicz Linda Erbe Mike Ettinger fl?" THIS YEAR'S iunior varsity cheerleaders are Sharon Eberle, Becky making signs for each game. They lead cheers at the iv games Lasley and Lou Simonet. These girls work hard every day after and helped promote spirit at pep assemblies. This year There school learning and practicing cheers, working on jumps and were three iv cheerleaders instead of the usual four. V 44 Sophornores it S X X MaryJo Evans Bill Farrell Mike Ferneding 3 3 5 S ,. , 5 X' if x 4' A insists Richard Evilsizer Tom Farnam s f ' 3 Q isa? 5 Doug Farroyv -i 'Q' Randy Fidler ESQ asses A " "" . I Q- . .S jg gb Tir-i" Steve Fenderson at X K Slit txlyw at SW' Maureen Flanigan wb-'.. E Tom Fledderiohn Rocky Fleeman Peggy Flores RUSS- - . igwfsi . A X , el.. iiia J K, F ' ' fi SOPHOMORE GIRL REP. Joyce Bigelow leads the class discussion as they make plans for their upcoming bake sale and Christmas candy cane sale. Calling for much assistance, sales helped class spirit. Our Spirit Shall Shine Brightly ,, ., ..,, as 'Q J. F , .J " ,sc ss i Q tl ,..s c J , , it t R ., Q S di P 5 '- ki SW: -. .Qt . J is. 'Z f A X I A S S lc . 51 sz if: -1 'fi , f ' GBVF , ' :?'5- ir' .. 5 ,, . 4 J F SGS? :ef-ri fa' ,... Q -- Q-iilsscgsqz . g.gif-: Q :- 5' 3 i 1 , Barbara Floyd Penny Fong Bill Fraley Debbie Francis Phil Franklin Tom Freestone Lynn Fuller Bob Furst Monte Gagg James Gazdzik Glen Georgens James Gifford Nancy Gilbert Jerry Givens Jim Glasser Bruce Goetz Marlene Golding Pat Graham D'an Griffin Dane Guard Roiann Haenfler Sophomores 45 .- fr X I :gi X .3 - - 5 gi X 44 5. W 2, -pg K ,mix ' f ,Q " QQ :gazing , if A1 , , 'F , my T. - ,L v . , Charee Hamblin Anita Hamrick Mike Hearne Susie Hecker Paul Hallowel Gail Hearne so i at -asia! Keith Hodges Ralph Hodges Vicki Hodges 1' - Q: it Q - ii. . , Q' .4 K 5 3:1 N , fffii ,ga X J, J --'-. 1 S Robbie Jackson Pat Jaeger Cam Jeliiff Brad Jenkins Jerry Juster Pat Kearney Becky Kimmell Bonnie Knapp Rosy Hughes Diana Jefferson Kenna Jordan James Kerr F f QQ ' ffl "V ' 5 X ,. J E us S' 5? Hollie Harrison Bruce Hering R 'x xv Thomas Holley f., I sy if Q. eg' , S ea -rre ff! X is K X X X. 3 iv -me' 6 . scars:-J: ,f - . .-ss " K S . .. . is ' . Q .ws ' J sss , ssss X X or 5 , is .gsgss1::.1-s.s- i . iz -. .. X,-s,.s.,: . - .. .. Teresa Hart Charles Harvey Kathie Hassett Jim Hazar Alan Hilmeifarb David Hinton Dennis Hipskind 'J Q L i s Kit Hooper Roger Horton Frank Hodges up S Lucy Hosmer David Howe fffffi M 'E fgfif r H. Qrr, - ,, SOPHOMORES WORK hard on their Homecoming dec- orations as time draws near for judging. The class frg' depicted Their year, 1955, with different posters. 46 Sop homores 5 as . N gis Y J 4. ,sk i R. 'er 'Y S Cathy Knobb Bill Lancaster Gloria Lee 1 S Butch Logan j Cars! as .ki .saga l : s sf Q' it if W .wi -. -zll S Q ' Debbie Kreitner Gary Larson Robert Lehr E rr,. s - ' 'i,Xy...s Iii Greg Long f L. 5 x i f , krll J a r L Russell Kress Becky Lasley als if S Judy Krey Judy Lavin 1:-'Q-2?Sfti555fE?TEf't' .fi sf :if as S Warren LeSueur Natalie Levinson iglmm X 15 KSENVK S - "" i, 7 are R. , Sue Love ioy 'E X ,. Amador Lucero kg X Q' 'A X it U S s N assi J "s's"Affs'F,w 7 . A Ams,vzka'l5gS F an an 4 9 'fx 23 V Q- lg. tt- H 'ill 5 Q L - ' 2- NL is ft 95' ' lf?" - I M f af " ' :YI E it . il-3 1 Q--:eg K Q. i r - J . Lic. s. t 3 X V, c s ,Q K ELL- C., .ilffifljftkt 4 4 A Q ,V .tS..F,f: . is I . v Hg? mmf- 1 z a t A gt. -I ---Q its l a . X L Q3 2 W. 1' N 4' Bob Kuhlman Walter Kunzli Peggy Labriola Jeannie Law Frank Lawler Amy Lawrence . aaacc sg :Tf a e Dee Lindeback S x 155-f Craig Lund 5 . K Ki- I irkr as ls, at 3' -fffa . "jc i , Li ' as 'U' 1 L. ts g ,. juli., X . Q Lx' 2 3.643 C, . Kris Lint 5 N w , as ws' , .. Y, W, K as , es' f . Craig Lynch w. r -Q 1 f 5, . V. sy Y it .. E Q 1 IQ. fig Q r x 1? s 3 VF.,- GSW -22,5 L L ,,,-t S Rhonda Livingston 2, 'Q gf - ' fij 5? Y ' if-:-'ggi x- , Mike Mackenzie wrt , .- Qt' LL O X . 3 Y. kt lsk k Il- is ,. iii " 1 if . '. 1 sp. f , Priscilla Lacy Mike Learned ,L .-.,k ,A -... ,. Bob Lloyd Marilyn Malarz Bill Manghelli Ray Mariom Beverly Martin Meg Mason Dennis Mattson Pat McClara - Sharon McConaha Kim McCullough Kathryn McDowell Leslie McFadden Susan McFadden Sue McQuiston Jean Meisner Sheri Meisner Tony Merrill Judy Merritt Ken Messinger Larry Meyerhofer Valerie Mickle Sandi Middleton Aram Mika Natalie Milar Sharon Miles Clyde Miller Janet Miller Stanton Miller Carol Moreth Marcia Moritz Sophomores 47 YJ 4-0' SOPHOMORES JANE WIXTED, Tina Carroll and Judy Ernst place Their bets in the Key Club slave sale. Girls bought their slaves aT Bill Nestleroad . Ti Q Marcia Niles V :.' ,T so jg .T o f Kathy Niirich it T L 1 Pattie Nuttall PM P ' Scott Oddo 1- Terry Offenbacker Bill Olbricht various prices and had Them as servants for one day. . .... , :-l ' lx in xv Q! .. lra Morrell Patsy Morris , 3. 5 Debbie Moulding Bonnie Murphy iefesi -5555 i ic .X S Brian Murray Roger Musgrove s g lk , 3 A 5 eeemf fefcs we iif g fi! 'Wi 1 . W' N- Reg wean Ceo, Working Towards Conquering All T C is i1-iiT . A I T - :'1f' . i X ' ' ccsc si- Q Qp sei -"' sf sg Efffs 'i ., ciis :" 3 X- C ' "',' R X wc A if 1 Hwee ?.a P X s.c ease else 1 'Q---fe s E J is l.T 2,32 we " -. P . T - I N ' s ss T z ee ' f Q-s T - ' c i Exif I wk in X se we 5 Q ' John Olsen Mary Olsen Kathy Oltersoorf Bill Painter Debbie Palmer Mike Palmer Mike Patterson Janet Paul Charles Pavarini Steve Pearl John Pearson Val Perdikes Bill Porter Jim Potts Shar Powell Sue Probst Janice Proulx Howard Prue 48 Sophomores ' fi? gf y A :.. .Q , .C LM L X fsiiixr- . Q . 5 1 LL R A W K .- gi: j. it ' ' ' . is 1 -if . ' -1+ .fr . F . -- ..A f ' -, T" , f it Kathy Parke Dee Peterson Linda Passey Debbie Polesetsky Berry Putnam Belinda Randall if gi Mike Rayala Q 5 R 1 Bill Risk xl S . , i R f '. 5:5 Mike Rothan ,tug Y .,-Q H S Q is r Cindy Rebelsky Debby Ritterskamp t R Candy Rowely awed 7iff'1. " 5 ' - Q, X 1 i' 7.119 Q s ., fe K :stat sg 5,3543-ss i'i, K 75 1 . . f ij . s ll nf l-1' V . f ei. it as '-i as 'tt X as 1. w. f c. C X S - tat E r ? .l ' K T.: ug, K V . 5 kk ' Rick Saxton Bev Schulte Chris Scheib Bill Schultz Rick Seegmiller Andy Segedy Mary Shaw Sheila Shaw ec c c i if 5 . g Terri Redclell Phyllis Redmon Lawrence Reichenbach Sally Reisland . lg 3 , ktk Y vt' 'Iv QW Deon Robison Collen Rodgers Nick Roehr Charlie Rogers sfgi' vie sa R it fit: ff' ch.l .."'f ilijzx 2- ' tg .- fagz s g t' .n g . 552 - ,wa l 2 it If 5wv3SF Q N tj Xb S as XX if 1 Mark Righettini Jim Rinkenberger f i as K mi' rs Anne Rohan ails Rich Rudynk Mario Ruiz Darlene Russell Dan Ryan Linda Sandoz xii K - RK it N..-A 5 Ted Schuerman Sarah Scovell Tom Senseman Jim Shaver Dan Ronan -spawn- -.. PSV 2 EA 7 Rt asm Nina Sauter MISS TIDY and Mr. Debris, Becky Lasley and George Barrett, pick up trash to help clean up the campus. By putting trash in the designated cans, students placed their votes for their class candidates. Sophomores 49 8 - Qs, ' Charles Shillingburg Russ Shinabery Jan Shoemaker I Steve Slyder Carolyn Smith David Smith Frank Soto Nancy Spaugh Gregg Spero it ..,,. is g J I l 'I Q .-. A -"T - 1' . S 4 so C s Q ' , 1 -iff? , ' - 3 ' Q se . ' Suzie Shull Carol Simmons Marilou Simonet Denita Simosen Bob Simpson - - ,, .,, t ' ls , 'ri' L 'i'g -' ii Dennis Smith 36 Paul Sprague Byron Smithy Arthur Snyder Kurt Sprinzl E SOPHOMORE STUDENT SENATORS for the first semester are Bottom Row: Tina Carroll, Leslie McFadden, Debbie Brown, Carolyn Simmons. Top Row: Linda Elizabeth Dewitt, Sharon Eberle, Mary Jo Evans, Debbie Turl. These girls are selected by their homerooms to represent these classes. Student Senate meetings helped each senator know what to take back to the homeroom concerning school policies and communications between students and the administration. 50 Sophomores ,s C 3 Mike Sopiies Susan Sosnowski A-. i i it Connie Stewart Larry Stewart Kathy Stickler Joanne Stueland Diane Summers Frank Suglia As Carrier R ,M we 11. 5 ,. 'xo -fa Q . f S is Bob Sweeney Anna Szmutko Jack Taylor , if its gl, vii 9 3 y Q, x M 'T W it K. .W x N A 1' x I Ms.. Doug Swiger Steve Swingle Madonna Tanner Diane Taylor Danny Terp Jeff Thenell AS THE sophomore class members began Their second year aT SHS, They were se'r for an exciTing year full of acTiviTies. Alfhough The sophomores placed fourTh in Homecoming decorafions and FaTher's Nighf decorafions, They never gave up. Through The hard-working efforTs of each class member, The class won The conTesT of Miss Tidy and Mr. Debris by picking up Trash during The sTudenT council-sponsored Clean-up Campus week. Sophomores also won The class compeTiTion aT mosT of The pep assemblies for yelling The loudesT and longesT. The class began To raise money for The Treasury by selling ChrisTmas candy canes and by sponsoring many bake sales. This money will be greaTly appre- ciafed nexT year when They are iuniors and will have To Take The responsibiliTy of sponsoring The annual Junior-Senior Prom. As The year came To a close for The sophomores, They felT ThaT They had finished Their second year of high school wiTh The aTTiTude of greaT accomplishmenf in many differenf fields of parficipafion and learning. Gaye Thomas Nick Timperio Rhonda Toles Janice Tolman egg! 9 I lllllllilrll . , -ggi. sf! f - T . ' ii ' T " 7 .Ls -"' f cisi- .ITQ A . i X S T siccs T ,T r-- gf' c 1 " ' "T,. z iaai "' D ' ,,.r1,.- as T T ' T' N -- i'- i ll 5 - -1 has vi' -: five - I T V f T.T, - T .Taigia33R7Tsk':T.,-T Q Kay Tomcheck Timi Torello Barbara TruscoTT Debbie Turi Jim Turner Bill Twifchell Sue Upp Donna Vahle Bob Vale LyneTTe Van Epps Bob VeTTer Jay Voelkner Sandi Vonlohen Pauline Ureeland Allen Wacker Donna Weber Pigeonsg They Transport News E -if. r -.'. ,gs qw N as R li . 'R '1 ' '- - -- il: 1 T: i . , K - Q- -, - ":: ,.,. T ' T Rick Warren Jamie Warren Mike Wardenburg Til. Ti g is I so Kris Wall Melissa Walker JaneT Wherry -up am N a s s Hg 4 N s K 3 4. ,,,, as N: A Q Lin da WhiTTemore Bill Wibbing Judy Widner Chris Wiess John Williams Jon Willoughby Mark Wilson PaTTi Wilson Jane WixTed Debbie Wood dl I W I JudiTh Young Dennis Zadel Sandy Zahnfer Vie Zavala Renee Zeigler Rick Zimmerman Cheryl Woo ing Mari yn ooey Sophomores 51 reshnnen Beginning Ot A Journey , .- Q., ff 'f X lllilllil! Larry Ackerman Paul Ackerman Cindy Adams f ,E-fl: I D J, .f:.. QHHQN z ff iia A L ' . Denise Alford Gary Allender Joanne Almhiell J :f.', , X k...: g s Q.. :,, nnn raiane is 2'iQr-f- John Almhiell Darlene Anderson Deborah Anderson . ere s i . Z .1 ..,: , rii' i Us -'- .. rsser VICTORIOUS IN freshman class elections this year were Marshall Parks, boy rep., Jon Hermanson, pres., Debbie Dwight, veepg Tina Whitley, girl Q X5 rep., Laurie Hibler, treas., Becky Hancock, sec. Terry Armstrong Tom Ash JoLinda Atkerson "lSN'T THAT iust like a freshman!" This is a comment often made by upperclassmen concerning the antics of new students. The characteristic confusion, getting lost on campus and locker trouble, accompanied the class of '70 at SHS. They also brought much needed enthusiasum and spirit to their new school. THIS YEAR'S freshmen came to SHS from the surrounding elementary schools of Kai- bab, Navaio, Kiva, Pima, and Paiute. The class of '70 began the year by electing class officers in late September. One new idea the freshmen had was to put a suggestion box in each English class. The purpose of this was to get more students to take part in the class by contributing their personal ideas. 52 Freshmen James Reith Chairman C .ifii g,,., ffff Joe Barcala Class Advisor Rob AZBI' Cherie Baccellea ff- V t 'ri,f,' ' Y " L:,i littit Steve Atwood ,, 2: fj,X. i ff' J, ff ,, A4,.,, Z Burke Baumann , :wiht fs- X' ' X H, ai? ewan in - ne W Kay Berry Barb Bradish Vicki Burdette 51 f."-',1. 1 'f A A n , -Q f f, 5' 6 ft V ti , Q V A I Wendy Baumann Dan Beardsley I .2 if K , , , TWH Wu J , Q Maria Bess Kevin Brady Anne Burtnett ,! T9 , H z. ,W-ffl AW . 4 fm f , 4 Mfr!! ,K I ,tty 1 ., f.LV,,x,5,5, i -f 1:1 if 13, , ' ff, .. f,,'fmf ken: Qfsfofv .f 2 , If Ami: Kent Baccus Jim Beavers 4 Steve Baker Yvonne Beckman 1 V ft' 1 J , 'W H fl 'M Q fi g A " 2 I 'v 1 L , V so 1 ,fs ,S gs . -V J its .. ' , n ' ' " ' ' ' ' J A . ' ' ' 0 ' Bill Billings Sue Brazie Lorie Caan W its aa J 4 af My Rene Bilodean Carol Broderick Robert Cain 4 A fn , 7 V J , V 1 it ' Q' f ,A 7 mm W , , f X ,,, if , 2 AQ , f Jim Bishop Jim Brower Clive Cairns ' ,1 ,. iff I in tt, ' Yr A. 1, t qw Nancy Bartlett 4 .P if M J Laurie Benedict C ,i ,rw X Rosetta Blauvelt Steve Brown Scott Campbell "V'Zq'j ' 7 V f ,,, 23-72 jim .l,NQi" t, ,M f, Q, ,. V , Aa: ,W if r Q Ki' QW: W ,ww M ,,, , its ,, 5 2 J B V 1 f fn A 'aj " aff" , 152 it , , f B' if R' " 'I , . - ,: , az ' ' in Judy Bartley Jim Bergman K 3 ,tx ,,,t s',l' 'K J 'WSF' 2 2 f at A L Jtfi 1,'1 f f t , if ff ft, 1 fr .Vt 1 FE 574 9f45lJ5fi5?Sl27 WMI IJJV: JY J -'iictv 6?'fvblt9f?Q!:i' Jiri' John Barto , if Bruce Berres i f 51 W' a Q .41 11 I- I 3 z,S,f:,',a5t QHff5".. . f ,Y .' :fE?w2siMiiEa'iSz7- Iii! ' "f ' iisiifx-1?55f'2Ss7:eT32 1 1 ' f ,. ll ,225 7.15 ,ff azwv y V W, fi' Robin Bonelly Sylvia Brown Steve Canzana Q: at at X 4 tok 3 fiifigv Ab i, 1-fVV J ' ' ' I . f',i,w1, 1 2 ll my I I ., ' K If , ,rt"'M -f , E.. , 77 V ,L "" , s 1 . ',,' A. ,. "i'- M J t 'l-, ',,t" f 1. z , 1 ttstt ' it J - f , J Qgfl . , 4 if ti' J t 3 an Q fp. ,, + 5 ,K ,ML .t W it ' f M 5 it f ll ' 1 iff? ff: W W z f f , ., ?:'2gp f 6 X f e Danny Bradford David Buecler Chris Cecil I Jackie Cintura Michal Clark Martina Clayton Debby Cleland Ann Clemens Dan Collings Locksley Conn Chris Conner Gay Connolly Joe Contrera Randy Coons Nancy Cowan Paul Cox Peggy Cozens Kent Craig Ann Crawford Doug Cronin Chris Crowfoot Gary Damore Denise Damrow Patricia Darling Freshmen 53 . N s S it S ss? ff --'f F32 sig X -M semi i NX ti. Q 3 . - 7 lsr mm.L G m1l A i suit 'Bl S krkkk , Gary Davis Mary Davison Dave Day Rick Deacon Mike Drbousek David Duncan John Duncan Debbie Dutton Nlake The New, Keep The Did Q: fr' if 81: .fa izis i - ' iff . fl. iv, ' . sr -y.f:i.x Yr K- - .1 .5 . if K V is ix, ..Lk K si A R- -- .5 .I X us. .. .... - ,K i i isps.. li i f f K .S I ss: . Qix,:s.qX, f - R .. .Q Q fi-M A si g. V vkk. .. . i l .,... Q ll i i N wi -z -, .L i R X QM. s 4. 4 X 5 x s3i s Brian DeWitt Robert Dutton George Endress Becky Farlee sis R X J' Q x X S 1 N N X X xx 5 X X x X, 1 13 N M X X XX .is ig. Q fx 1 Q, . 'Q ,fs -fs' . , VL' .4 -1 vf'rBfEKi :Z' if K .. 1 . II ' ' ,I H ii ' .if V A We - w i sw' . 1 . ' it Q.. . , -is v 0 0 3 V, . 5.5.5. ,..g..,s,: 1-i s - .js '. 1 ,- E. E. , -- gl m wx 'EF -v ' if--Pl' f S ieifxsst- gs' 355:1- sf- 1 1' - -2- 1 . -' I- : it Ti .a i 'N f'1w'- "'N i X .I - :ss sf 5 K s as I X K Qi' s S Susan DiVenti Debbie Dwight a f f 1" Bill Engel Pam Faudel la? . '. - -ku-E A fi K X i Xxx s s as X X X X 'Y X 259 it is x .. : ax x is X Q x s A - . 3 . .. ckf .ig 't f Q QQ Dave Dixon Ginny Ebner Kurt Estock Randy Fisher i t if ' - . i f .5 X x si te . X is fe X .gifijii P?i .is1St2-1 is -X Is i sk. 5: 5 lksxszfefi '- ' x Q f X .2 -fs sms Qi wigs N N-Y s NX 3. . . s Linda Drake Dorinda Egerer Sharon Falk Sue Fiscus T ' , . is a. - fs P 4. A...,A 5. W N Michelle Fio Rito Kay Fladderiohn .Ian French Jett Galvin Mike Garland Susan Genvit Randy Gibson Diana Gilbert Nancy Giles Kathy Gill Lynn Gleason Greg Fuller THE SWINGIN' beat ot the Outcasts is being enthusiastically enioyed by senior George Laughlin, at the Freshman Get-Acquainted Dance which was held for the purpose of welcoming all new students. in FRESHMEN SLAVING away to beautify the south entrance to the stadium in honor of the fathers ot the football players was not done in vain. As a result of their diligent work, they placed third Jerry Gossen John Gossen gy Mary Graber U , Patricia Graves Steve Greene David Grundman ,L ,AJ , ' Q' , Andy Haenflef .- Jim l"lBfT1llTOt1 ", vr ff? Bruce Hamlin . " ' - ,"' Susan Hamrick I. 1--2 " K V Becky Hancock Q a " l,,, ,Z H Mike Hankins W - " 'ff Larry Hanley , 1 , ,f Lynn Hanrahan f , , ug, L 3, Jim Harris Paul Harris 'f X F 'X Ray Harrison Hilarie Hathaway Alison Hayduke Janina Heath , Robin Heiber 'M' 4' ' . is 4 ' . f A, if t fy x Jon Hermanson A Laurie Hibler ' H Sue Higman Dawn Hill Rose Hinsdale Mike Grandy -V 'V ' Laura Greannis L, ' t H H I ,kb 7 i' "',, f , Q A z Sf ' - if gm. s. e Q 1 M, t ,Q Q e 5? Zan l Y 'Q K gi , it if 4 to 4. . f Q ,Z :Q 1' I f M 5 I Qi :Y Z fw G. 45 4 4 42 ll y Af gg Q , I' if 1 ' i , ,V t Z in this class competition event. Many hours were put in after school by active members of the class to achieve the points they received. W .ig 5 af-W V lfs ifw ' L f? Y my , f '49 W a , 9 fw 42 vm M M, fl J wi sf! ' if , We 11 'Y' ff 4 3 , '? X ty L dh 6 c 1: V Q, . ,,' 1 A M tscr A f'-' 'A it 5, , it if 1, f,,, VV , Vi , I, 5 ,L V fa 55 1 if gg Freshmen 55 Loy Horn The Responsibility Was Theirs f 591- ,, -" ' we E J T Vickie Hipskind D if XX TF T3 5 . .X Holly Hogan , Debbie Hoskins .. ' ia. ' i s '--s. ': Ti m H u bba rd T 3' 'is Nancy Hodges fee ' X f an I 5 xi in it ' Dan Huff L ,- , mg "'. Steve Hughes T ". 1 5 1 ., Scott Hullinger H' A D Shauna Hutchins , .,.: i kk T V K I gn: ,EE i1c:,i Q ' 1 1. Frank .lOl1DSOn i Q' ,xox is tihi ' T 4 A' , , Rita Jo nson 1 K 1 L V h ' a ' in A Q "2 1 T ' ' Bonnie Jones Q 5 .K r 'S s J 341, may as A df ,T A 5 3,5 l . Ifi , so t 5 ,,:, T Debbie Johnson sv X fag 5 Q. ' , Q ' - S,-, lu Brad Jones W 11 2 . f T X Diana Jones , --1 - John Joseph ' 5 5 an I 1' Fha'-+A' J' v11y'e"r'f Craig Kam Don Kartchner 'WX VN is GH K 5,5 D ia ne Keele S XX ..., A it Su sa n Keeler 1 92 6141 MW Zi PREPARING TO give his campaign speech is freshman candidate part in school life by running for a class office. The hopeful for boy rep., Dave Day. He is being introduced to the class of '70 candidates gave their speeches at a class meeting in the north by senior Susan Ballenberger. Many freshmen Took an active stadium. 56 Freshmen 1 f .' I' i .-U' vs . . 4 . E . X- .L C - . X . C K .L , . 'N "" X far, 5' ! .. L. . . Kgs 1 55 X i f 3 s Self? . 2 k Kristy Kellogg Mike Kiley Sue Killis Randy King Neil Kirsten Kurt Kitchel Carol Kolar Larry Kottraba X ' ' i r' S iff S . Q LN 1 VF A 7 9 EX si- : -ffl Tom Kulb Chuck Kushell Marcia Lamm Cindy Larsen Pat Lawler Lynne Lebert Susan Lehr Jim Lewis " 'Q kwa' if v - k f : N. L. , .... L SN .,., iw V S ix L ., .fs 'X il' p ix -i si L if .R 'Y' r K X X X s 5 Q 'li s NR X ,X Q QQ 3 Q - . , , rs. Margie Leyva Stephen Limparis Elliot Lincis 'Q s at H if I rf! ii'i ' - . Q5 5 Terry LOQBFI Claudia Lund Sherry Lynch l D ' : or L? L V X ., K ...,,, f eie .ci Steve MacLeod Pat McNiel Shari Marecek a.,r,N K ,. I if .:,, k il ' 5 Y- g Karen Maresca Daryl Manhart Myra Marion vm. V ' .f ,: - f if 'T is .Li-.. A is , rr. ' . "PlTCHIN' PALMER" was one of the ideas used by the class of '70 in depicting the year l966, which was designated to them for the decorating Chester Martz Dave Mason Denise Mathis of their corner of The gym for The Homecoming Dance. Freshmen 57 I Robin Michels wff,::'wff2vsf:i Simms gsiisyfweirxrfziiaI -A J,,,,,,,, L, Mgr, 31s ifHifsflgfff-fffs-Wg wisfitl- uv 1-is 1, gi- , Q, L 4 if ,, ,li ,fi if asf -' is I, if Larry Mohr ,,. W1 , Q, J ,N .Q i .. is 4 s ' 5945 K sm f f A .,,g A ,lr V W :'i:'f H D . , my lr i ' I Mike Milar figs 1, I ' -.'.Z5'-'Q' ' M95 . VT: ' X its ' I f Lt? fs? A 5 'z iz,-f ,V V M if 11 Q ' Terry Monshink 4 L 4 we Q r sa? L r ,, mins "wet, If ,L Connie Matteson Sharon Matthews Doug Mattson Becky Maupin Debby May Ray McAllister Mike McCall we M , ti Q 'ii Beth McConaha , f, , ,V Ray McFarlin e M f Trisha McMahon 6 , ,.,, ,,, , 2 , .ftV"7t r ,E W John McDermott ,, ,, t ,, ,, ,Q , Diane Meachan 5 fn , J" MI W N, E, 2 it A Q 4' A , W. o , yt r E3 Q y , is A Stephanie Miles Carol Minnigerade - 1 if -mf w,1i,s1f4Q2,-1iw,.::-., - 1'-fi,--1,1Marsf:sgwswfffi,,:'i,,:Q- U, '- - - :. A-ffk,,,. sig,-,i -, - . f .,,ff,-i Wm ,g7p,7Wisygs,71I - V' f, ug, f I 3 F 3 S. Z X e X i 1. W s S it , Q ,L ,, ,. - ffm it ,M , , .,,. rW,,:- , ss W . ., ,ff ., ,, -ff- .as ..,. Ms , ,,,, ,. as f in W fe: - wsvssff maexgg -, L, ff., - if .,,. L W Q, , S aait Anonda Moore Ma as rsha Morgan 6' if ,, , as , , , ., , v??s,, ,ff , T , -M i " flaw-Q Q WTQQQGI5 , ,f v A A Les Meyers TURN ABOUT was fair play, the boys discovered, when girls started asking them out. The annual freshman-sponsored Backwards Dance was the event, and the boys of SHS were the victims. The dance was iust one of the money-raising proiects the class of '70 sponsored. A CANDY sale during report card week helped lift the spirits of the SHS Student Body and also contributed beginning funds to the class treasury. By placing high in class competition events, this year's freshmen showed their ability to work together as a class. The original talent and ideas they possess will have many uses in the years ahead. M Robert Morgan Leslie Morley Randy Morris Jack Muirhede Becky Mumma Mike Nayes Gary Nelson 5 fa' Q T- I n ' Ben N i lssen , aff f?f' si, ,,,, , L Paul Nicholson 'UMM' Y' ,, , ,, , fm., ,i I ,, .., Shelia Nissen Eddie Oldfield Y Y -2" Jeff Paisley if . ,, 1 ' f I 4 V Scott Paradine V . Marshall Parke ,,'. VIAA , A V L A L is - 1 Q ' " L Y Helen Pa55eY i L' - ,, ' as ,,, chuck Paugh ,V ' "22 s,tt ,Ml A C "S PSC " 1' 'V iiiir ' j' Tony Penrod -, , gg L Q L i',i B Lisa Petello EH ' P 1 71835 , Karen Peterson ' , P ,V Kevin Peterson M str? vi? S if- Qi r L- d p 1 .,, f 4 3 ,, ' Q' 22 - Q i.' ' ln 5 erry V,-, Z ,:,g VV,, lv. Doug Pickrell ss t L L at ,Q yyyg Q is it Kerr Poiefis . fl Z as K is F Bob power 5:50 17 4551 ,f!V"'5"Y"' ,-VH , ". 1 if ' f 7 .v , Rick Porter i EV 'L 1 Janis Posner 58 Freshmen Malissa MacDonald 4 r 'f 1 ' s A i s sv 6 , ig ,, 1 S 4 Q Q x L ' 'f-f+s- - - ,:. X Patti Price Jackie Prigg Mike Prisbrey Sue Pruitt Shelly Putnan Gary Ragan li, N N Q My E i +1 , . - . : w i r ' so Les Raichert Karen Rasmussen F - 1, rf -. L ' W Dan Remmler Rick Rerleman A Portrait Of A BoId,g New yea If-1966 9: ..--. xr. 4' 1 , 5- 1 , H V if- ..... It M X W " R Q Gt RPM it , .., ,:. . .... L U., 1 i f , by i l l is . If L ,.-... K h e ., , . S. tg L rp 2 is s a sa f -Q N ee we J I L 55 4. rg rs f ygg ge , , , , 3 51555, for ig ,EZI iii 'S I 'fi s W, . .. its Q. sssiis , ' J S , ws , iii Q 5 J Q -5 Q, Liga.. - 9' , y, ,r., , 'E ,mfg ,fw- f gf E -L 1 szt S i f fi vigs in 1' ia' .,,: , . V - ..f: lil, ' E' 1'- Q ' -'1,, 1. - it-Q , J "s L i J V 'V ' 'X b gf - , ,J A11 , .gf as I,-. W K -2- 4 ,g J - r ..V:- . iv, ft, 'V . , . is " figs -'V w ff ' il' ir'i ,K ,A x M ,,,. it George Reuben Jeanne Rice Tim Rich Kevin Richards Paul Richards Terri Rogers Tim Rogers Debbie Rosenberry Wayne Ross Debby Rosland Frank Royer Gary Russell Rick Ryan Rick Ryser Jay Scheinbaum Rex Schepp Linda Schieb John Schnetzer Mike Schnorr Bill Schrader Marilyn Schwartz Steve Schwartz Steve Sekan Laura Sheatfer Marie Shindo Richard Shonerd Paton Sickler Tom Simon Cindy Smith Millie Smith Cindi Sniffen Diane Sobek Randy Soderquist Karen Sorenson Larry Soto Billie Sprouse Jim Stallard Carla Stamm Wendy Steele Dave Stimson Judy Surratt Greg Swan Freshmen 59 X as vs 'Q' Nfl s s- - X " X ., T, 5. 5 A si X sf X Q ,Ek s Q5 x 'S j 51 Q- if ssc 'gil " X Vx cgi mr gg is -21 1 i' Neal Tanner George Taylor Rick Tess Kristeen Tibsherany Mike Titterington Gail Tolman f Q Q Qi: s T' s s iq, K if - Q it . mf f it S HOMEMADE LOLLIPOPS, gingerbread men, freshman class proved that the maiority of popcorn balls, b"0W"lle5 and all kinds of the SHS student body has an uncontrollable irresistible goodies which were sold by the Sweet tooth, 60 Freshmen 5 .w.Yy. 3 Q., Q. gc .4 .K , ,p A X nssei A A W is 3 3 2 'B k . Pete Torres Anne Turner Rosemary Veltri Amy Walker VP' A NN -'X W M A K 3 K -fl ,Q X ,wc x if me -- 'K e ff. . Tim Walsh Linda Warren Gary Way Susan Weber aar A S - nm" 1 - '--- s :EI 152 K A A xc,-. .va . Q ,. csggyc sfa QIEQQZ 1 'Q X fax hx Kay Turberville Kathy Verbsky Ginette Verville Sandy Walker an S . Q gg s " S . .. c mb l Hs rt? N .ejfff John Warren Butch Watson Vern Wedge Linda Whetstone 5 :,. ..., C iw all' s , . .- P. .V ,. ,N .Xg X EQE g K ,iv Q it ' 1115 5 l Wt' R 5 X E Q? fe' 5 1 t E XXX X 7 ffl 'M A K.- . . . . . ,. - .. ffzfrg-ujf.r41yZg' ' 1 ..i-Q-1-i-1-If-2-f',' ' :i5?Eai 'f .z2: ., TSR 1 Slim . 'Z I. , A - ' ' '--- aszfeffu sfiat. sesffmfgass' R N -X l Uh' L - - wg - .- .. . Zi - Ji 5 Kfi i ' Q . , . , ,, Q .5 jf , t rf L5 , 1, ,fl , .I Nggsgt - -,313 5 Q . ' ' ,, --.1 - 5 1 ' Richard Whimble Tina Whitley Rick Widner Mary Wiley Tim Wilkins Cathy Williams John Williams Marilyn Williams Barry Williamson Diane Womack Linda Wood Tim Wood . lzl sl ' To IVIeet, To Disagree, To Discuss, To Improve Cynthia Williams Greg Williams Leo Young Scott Zebell Sherry Zigler Diane Zwaanstra WM S221 FRESHMEN ELECTED to represent Their homeroom in Student Cindy Larson, Becky Mumma. Each homeroom selected a new Senate this year are Bottom Row: Jett Paisley, Debbie Hoskins, representative and alternate at the beginning of the second Frank Johnson. Top Row: Terry Armstrong, Diane Meacham, semester. H Blood, Sweat, Toil And Tears These hallowed halls 62 Administration, Faculty and Views the Christmas spirit ,z '. . . and so we have the American wav of life." i Adrninistrotion Foicultu And Views WEBSTER DEFINES faculty as a body of persons to whom are entrusted the government and instruction of a school or university. But as SHS the faculty is more than that. Although at times the going is rough, the students not so receptive and the teachers not so willing to pressure them, the faculty strive to perfect their methods, and, in doing so, better themselves. They labor to sweep away our prejudice and bias, only to instill in its place other preiudices, their values. They are able to lead us to the sources of knowledge and yet they can't persuade us to explore or absorb them until a genuine desire is infused in us. They sponsor our clubs, chaperone our activities and advise us both as classes and as individuals. THE FACULTY and administration work towards the final goal of producing men and women who will prove to be valuable assets and contributing members of both community and country. Administration, Faculty and Views 63 To Promote The General Welfare JOHN L. TANNER WAS appointed Superintendent of The Scottsdale Pub- lic Schools by The Board of Trusteesflfducation and began his Term of office on July 1, 1966. He was a former Teacher and principal and served as Superintendent of Public Schools in GilberT, Arizona, from 1949 Through 1953. Nlr. Tanner is a graduate of Northern Arizona Uni- versity with a Masters degree in education adminisTraTion. He was principal of Camelback High since its inception in 1953. DR. C. B. SMITH WAS The former Director of Curriculum for The Scottsdale School District and was appointed Associate Superintendent for Education and Planning. He earned his Masters and Bachelors degrees aT West Virginia University and completed his Doctorate in The field of educational administration aT Ohio STaTe University. T JOHN l.. TANNER 64 Faculty District Superintendent District Office DR. C. B. SMITH Assistant District Superintendent WM. "BILL' CLOSE Radio-TV ExecuTive THE BOARD discussed and made de- cisions concerning The welfare of boTh The elemenTary and The high schools in The ScoTTsdale School Dis- TricT. The Board endorsed curriculum changes, deTermined school policies and planned The school year budgeT. The members also direcTed The em- ploymenT and dismissal of school personnel and seT The sTandards by which The schools in The disTricT op- eraTed. Newly-elecTed member Sam- uel Kitchell officially ioined The Board in January. MRS. J. PAUL CNELDAD JONES Housewife MR. L. DAVIDSON Retiring Board Member REVEREND JOHN SHAW SAMUEL F. KITCHELL Phoenix ConTracTor EARL SUMRALL Housing Execufive Faculfy 65 To Promote The General Welfare AS PRINCIPAL of SHS, J. Tracy Tripp was concerned wiTh all The adminisTraTive problems of The school. The supervision of all per- sonnel, The upkeep of The grounds and buildings, and TormuIaT- ing a budgeT for The school year were all under his responsibiliTy. Nlr. Tripp also dealf wiTh The problems of sTudenTs, TaculTy mem- bers, and oTher schools. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL William Johnson was in charge of planning school curriculum, assigning sTudenTs To classes and seTTing up schedules. His direcTion was essenTial To The schoIasTic success of each sTudenT. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Ray PIaneTa was in charge of sTudenT life and welfare aT SHS. He noT only handled sTudenT discipline problems and direcTed all formal groups on campus, buT mainTained The schooI's acTiviTy calendar. RAY PLANETA Assisfant Principal J. TRACY TRIPP WILLIAM JOHNSON Principal 66 Facully AssisTanT Principal Q Q . :su Q t gr . A +I-' . ., - -, - , . 5, .... L g t A QM ",' 2 ' s ' 'F 'L .cf .. +65-vi , I -- tlftf'-if,'j"' I f . M -A ' I s I I OF DAILY service to every student is the library. Whether it be for studying, leisure reading or work on a research paper, the library serves the purpose. Be- cause study halls have been removed from the library the past year, it is more quiet and useful to the student. New tfnfivwfg .dk k . 'N I 1 is ,,s, W 3 . .Ml 4 W. ,. S A K xx x G ' E1 6. I gskxsfffrrftji- sf '-eszgsupsm st U H., ..,, . L. a t J Hifi? 2 lf Y" it ii111g2s1Efs1i: t' ,,,L- I.,-fs fseissai wr' Mr-fa. ' .nisisiir-ff , E xmas:-lk -29111219 f S. as . ,. . -. ' - .. 2, . I ff si, as Y sr .f -. fx fs sv '-was5sf2Ei5?f2. 'L KS?-51:2 , i 'iflfil A A , ." ' l.:igfsf E xg. X . , ffifaf' I if-3 if 'W , .. through the portals of education JOE BARCALA - Spanish I, III, I7 years teach- ing, sponsored freshman class. HARRY BEN- NETT - special education, 7 years teaching. ROBERT BERRYHILL - Auto Shop I, ll, IO years teaching. PAUL BOSWORTH - Wood- working I, II, 26 years teaching, sponsored sophomore class. ELEANOR BOYLE - Algebra I, Algebra II Trig.g I4 years teaching. HIL BRADY - safety education, p.e., 26 years teaching, sponsored Lettermen's Club. -x 5 ft 'Y I. a I 'ks t .. ,V A 0,5 , - 5 5 W . 2 I s s Joe Barcala Harry Bennett Robert Berryhill Paul Bosworth Eleanor Boyle Hil BVGCIY Faculty 67 Kimi John Bruscemi Steve Bryan I 68 Faculty lx ,.C,,z'W ml 1953 af 'fl NNE Harriet Campbell Tommy Campbell Eleanor Clark Phil Clemens In Every Scene Some Moral Let It Teach ONE OF The liveliest buildings on campus was the auditorium. Essential ly a meeting place for student assemblies, the auditorium also aided many civic affairs such as voting. The auditorium building housed The Theater arts, chorus, orchestra, and art classrooms. In This building are Two auditoriums, The big auditorium and The little. Small productions Took place in The little auditorium while maior productions were held in The main auditorium. Films were shown and many meetings held in both auditoriums. Programs presented here were not only of interest to The students but To The whole community. intellectual profile OPPOSITE PAGE: JOHN BRUSCEMI - Latin I, II, Ill, IV, 4V2 years Teaching, sponsored American Field Servie. STEVE BRYAN - Chemis- try I, IIA, I6 years Teaching, sponsored Science Club. HARRIET CAMP- BELL - English IB, IIB, IIIC, 2 years Teaching. TOMMY CAMPBELL - basic math, Algebra I, I8 years Teaching. ELEANOR CLARK - con- sumer chemistry, Chemistry I, 4 years Teaching. PHIL CLEMENS - Art I, Il, I3 years Teaching, sponsored Art Club. KEN CLINKINGBEARD - safety education, p.e., I9 years Teaching. DAVID COATS - English IIB, IIC, speech, II years Teaching. HEN- ' RY COLONNA - varsity band, i.v. band, orchestra, Theater Arts I, Ken Clinkingbeard David Coats Henry Colonna ll: 27 years feachingl Faculty 69 CONNECTED TO the library is the major study hall on campus, Beaver Paradise. Room 323's large capacity enables clubs to better known as Room 323. During their study hall period, stu- hold meetings here. dents are also allowed to use the facilities of the library and if, ...mmm f .5 , . ,ttl W Esther Colt Neil Corbin M may E ll ,,.,.. W P' '--- E, 3 N . 2 . rs ,fi as E fr tr 5 ff . 5 f. ' 1.13:--gpg '- s 'iff gf ,l N X 5 N Q-J Z z 5: S lx N 1 .sa St . l X ,W T . NL W x Rf 3 gi B C JM' at w X X is El? X K X X X sl X :wil jy iv s X xi X X ' Q, i l N S-:Ny vi W0 X k Q wi Xeiis if X N W E . C X rs -as. - .. . Mrs. Sherrie Coyle Jack Crews ,- 2 .' 5:1 C wil I L,f17'5"'f -, .V -' V .1 r 2 V ' L :Wa . 'lgfgjlfii ,lsftt it -f .f fisfffwlz ifilgfffmj wif ggi, fwi' Y ' ' M iff? S W,-' Sgt... l xt, aff2ztfsffwgffmgwlh 4 tg. , - :gsm W ,ggifzegjfmffy,Lvgyfgeemzj-iffifz.sgfgiwffgglff., ,,"1,s1:G.1,-'l,Ql1fl" , 4. -I f , 5. ,,-,,,f.W fr, .t.,f.-QW, if , ., . . K f' r wwe ,I lyjifff.-54.yf,"f,.'5153, ff 2.-,f,,.1q.g,.vibTl,5g'3q.Q gi bf rfr.,.sw,p,w:zf"f4 fe? Del Davis Florence Duke 70 Faculty l M . N . 'K .. 1 , , I ' l. " 7 f -' :fax , WM W ,K . 1 V , A . N, ,,,, M z.. .W .EW ,Mi ww., Nagy.. Vgym 92,6355 2 9' x 7? 1 2 V fx IVlan Cannot Live By Bread Alone MATTHEW 4.4 "' ff' . Z V' 3... Mark Farrington ., . Q,' , .i. "H: ' f lsxfft .3-my , r K . ' 3 X..h C tt st A s xc C ax ., .Q L? iw t' C Gigi S hi' I S X f Q1 it s X X A 3 N xx K4-Rfk Paul Gonnerman Clara Gentry 'ZW' Y T 4' V s X Joseph Green V M' Lv' .,.. f f f J, ff pea. A .,, 4... ,,. .. inf., V V. QM ' f OPPOSITE PAGE: ESTHER COLT - librarian, I4 years teaching. NEIL CORBlN - biology, human physiology, 4V2 years teaching, sponsored Lettermen's Club. MRS. SHERRIE COYLE- p.e., 4 years teaching, sponsored pom pon, iv, varsity cheerleaders, GAA. JACK CREWS - Mechanical Drawing l, ll, l7 years teaching. DEL DAVIS - English lllA, llIB, 6 years teach- ing, sponsored Student Council. FLORENCE DUKE - guidance, 32 years teaching, sponsored sophomore class. MARK FARRlNGTON - English llB, drama, 16 years teaching, sponsored National Honor Society, senior class. CLARA GENTRY - Home Economics lll, IV, 14 years teaching. PAUL GONNERMAN - world geography, 9 years teaching, sponsored Key Club, Model United Nations, Junior class. MR. GREEN - world geography, contemporary world affairs, 5 years teaching, sponsored Model United Nations, sophomore class. THE SNACKBAR, connected to the north side of the cafeteria, was kept open during school days for study hall students. The cafeteria was used not only as a lunch room but also as a place for meetings and dances. The cafeteria was open during the day for studying purposes too. Faculty 71 Learning While They Teach are ! Mary Haggerty Nancy Hall Boyd Hatch Nathaniel Hathaway AAAA it , ts s X K R .g . . ss x is X X s 'r Sara Henslee Fred Hilse MARY HAGGERTY - guidance, 5 years teaching, sponsored fresh- man class. NANCY HALL - business math, machines, intro. to busi- ness, 3 years teaching, sponsored Beaver Builders. BOYD HATCH - p.e., I5 years teaching. NATI-IANIEL HATHAWAY - world history, American history, contemporary world affairs, I7 years teaching, sponsored junior class. SARA HENSLEE - p.e., I7 years teaching, sponsored girls' tennis, GAA. FRED HILSE - Theater Arts I, chorus, sponsored Scottsdale Singers, Chansonettes. WILLIAM JENKINS - government, economics, 9 years teaching, sponsored senior class. GEORGE KELLY - special education, I year teaching. JOE KUSH - Crafts I, Il, 2V2 years teaching. HERMAN LANGE - physics, physical science, 20 years teaching. sponsored Science Club. KEN LENKE - astronomy, geology, physical science, I6 years teaching, sponsored freshman class. OPPOSITE PAGE: ARTHUR LOEWENSTEIN - Spanish Ill, German I, ll, III, IV, I3 years teaching. MRS. R. LOVVENSTEIN - English IVA, IVC, I3 years teaching. CECIL MCGIRR - biology, 27 years teaching, sponsored Amateur Radio Club. JAN MILLER - geometry, analysis, practical math, I2 years teaching, sponsored sophomore class. 72 Faculty William Jenkins Geogre Kelly Joe Kush Herman Lange Ken Lenke Arthur Lowenstein Mrs. R. Lowenstein eat, drink and be merry 3 Cecil MCG-irr Jan Miller FORMED BY the science rooms and library, the court yard was students could be seen crowding through the breezeway into one of the maior gathering places on campus for the students. this quad during class changes. Since a maiority of the lockers were located in this area, many Faculty 73 The music man ,seem-- X K X QV' x,,,,,-1 ALONG THIS corridor are locaTed The language classrooms and office. The language laboraTory, builT in '64, has conversaTional drills on Tape for pronunciation pracTice. THE ENGLISH and hisTory Tiers, Two of The largesT deparTmenTs on campus, were ofTen referred To as The lOO area. All levels of English, hisTory, busi- ness and safeTy educaTion were TaughT in This sec- Tion. The area was one of The laTesT addiTions To The campus and was also enlarged by Two-and-a-half- wings. The large number of classrooms were nec- essary To acommodaTe sTudenTs enrolled in requir- ed subjecTs. ff 1 John OversTreeT Mrs. ElizabeTh Pe-Ters Miss Edna Peterson f r'l' ' K' . T - Y T . , K A ., T, if .l.s,3.3. ' fiiili . 3' T so a K -152' - 1f1i:5ffi ki Q -r.Qfgfgg,1f.Q: K. a Lk . my Ak -, T T. 'W Q, . - sn ' ss K -ff , p f: K- -- , .riff 7 if A ss T X T-:Q W 3 ss I . -- if , sy-T . - 5 X ,WW , W ,,:A,M.,6. A X f A R S M E. ,Sgt sc., NX 5, f:: k rs , . . so - - cm - X fx 1 . .X N ,alt Q .. T. W -T, T -. .- X , , 5 3 T Qs 4 X. gi5lg:i'5?QiTffff-X .N gffglf- , :ft ,, 2 x XXX T X E7 'nm .wk wks - iw- vw.. T if Q -r ff' Q s mix x fill, ,asm - T , is Q -- or f f rigs-, W f as 1 gsalw f T T , - g aff f is Ti xssigi-sis swiss Ginny Reinken 74 FaculTy James Reith Virgina Rosbach George Runkle Gerald RuTz Edward Sandling i xt . - ,V A i , W fttwfv Ti . r .W I I . J Wo. 'fi :4 ,.,e,'gf fQI ,,,, , ,V , g I . I ff My rmuw, -Wm, My . . Profile GT Thought And Wisdom r fur' V f ,, W M' A .f fs wx .Ns ,V I ,V -ayfwpv 'Ag - V V 2.!"WfR,ttf1 , 7 , J, V ,,,, ,, , , 4 te 1 'Me A -of . ,.e'L,. Josephine Sawaia O. H. Schaefer Herman Schweikart MW OPPOSITE PAGE: JOHN OVERSTREET - Algebra I, geometry, I2 years teaching. MRS. ELIZABETH PETERS - personal typing, notehond, Typ- ing I, I4 years teaching, sponsored Girls' League. MISS PETERSON - English IIA, IIIB, I2 years teaching, sponsored iunior class. GINNY REINKEN - shorthand, Typing I, clerical block, ll years teaching. JAMES REITH - English IB, IC, IIB, I5 years teaching, sponsored fresh- man class. VIRGINIA ROSBACH - Spanish II, IV, 28 years teaching, sponsored Spanish Society. GEORGE RUNKLE - government, economics, 3 years teaching. GERALD RUTZ - Algebra I, II, analysis, calculus, 8 years teaching, sponsored Mu Alpha Theta. EDWARD SANDLING - English IIIB, IVB, I2 years teaching. JOSEPHINE SAWAIA - secretarial block, Typing II, I9 years teaching. O. H. SCHAEFER - guidance, II years teaching, sponsored senior class. HERMAN SCHWEIKART-beginning newspaper and yearbook, newspaper and yearbook production, 29 years teaching, sponsored Quill and Scroll. Faculty 75 C W T A T -4 WWW. .,V . ,, . , W- ,NW ,,,,, , V,,N,,, ,, '-- Wm., .,,, ,M,M,,... ,W .,,.. Wm ,,,,,,, , M'-r W W """' THE "NEW" gym, which housed The p.e. classrooms and offices, was used by the school for many events other Than baskefball games and p.e. classes. Class as- semblies and officer elections, pep assemblies and school dances were also held in This building. The pom pon girls and cheerleaders frequently used The gym for try-outs and dance routine practices. Frank Shadley T engaged.. innfhought nn James Stephens 76 Faculty mr'-9 William Skinner Mr. Teegarden . . . To Keep Myself Physically Strong --nnu,...,,,,,r,, 4 Old Gymnasium P OPPOSITE PAGE: FRANK SHADLEY - English IIB, IVB, l4V2 years teaching, sponsored senior class. WILLIAM SKINNER - American history, developmental reading, I4 years teaching. JAMES STEPHENS - Algebra IA, ll, practical math, 9 years teaching. MR. TEE- GARDEN - Auto Shop l, ll, 5 years Teaching. PAUL THORNBURGH - business law and principals, bookkeeping, merchandising, d.e., 9 years teaching, sponsored DECA. LESTER U'REN - American history, government, eco- Sgr nomics, I2 years teaching. MRS. CAROLYN WARDELL - personal typing, business law and - i H principles, 5 years teaching, sponsored Business Club. MRS. ROSANA WELKER - Home Economics l, ll, 25 years teaching, sponsored sophomore class. MRS. WINNINGHAM - geometry, basic math, 24 years teaching. EVELYN WOCHNER - English IB, IA, 21 years teaching. M. ZAESKE - French l, ll, lll, IV, 3 years teaching, sponsored French Club. Swmabf 1 -Iiiili' A gs sr lift- psihfffiff Paul Thornburgh Luther Stewart if - I lx It 3 Lester U'Ren Carolyn Wardell Mrs. Rosana Welker Mrs. Winningham Evelyn Wochner M. Zaeske Faculty 77 Xi 'K 1 wi ai si Wx 5' Qfvwl' ' .dba Q gigfifl X Q X f -Q." ', 455 Url? .f ' f f Ax. . . Lucille P. Gunselman Acting As A Hub Ot A Wheel Ji' . X H1 4' Q, I 353, , 'I If It THE ACTIVITIES of the office staff centers mainly around the attendance and files on each student, Guidance counselors advise clerical and paper work essential to the smooth functioning of in any bewildering problems connected with course selection SHS. The staff is involved in maintaining an accurate record of and college preparation. as Mary Jane Curry Tillie R. Davis Arlene Dicknite Vera E. Fisher Charlotte Francis Mariorie Gagg at ww-P ia! Q2 fiirgsieyifafl l'i55fg,uf w?fsifPf'5lEii: I Eli' -.:. f L k . Eg ..,,: .5 9' I Q , ,. 'Yr X-. it I , 3, , 5 as . :L Eleanor Huges Leo Landers Betty Michaud Mariorie Person Naomi Post Eleanor Simms Faculty 79 l l 4 i 4 l 1 f 4, 4 df' wg K ,, 1 M 1 0 fi tb S o J Q r f ss,,, J ' A l rysr Y V ,, .,,. ,vv,,, ,,..,, , ff., K KVVV Wk :" , ,,.,,,, 'A I .f..::f,,' ,ip v, 'fresefi' ,.:2i-' -'I - ' ' ' ..,,. : f:,,,,,,.'fj- ' .naf-J J O , ,AAZ Q J rr -. ' 'f Alzi 'V H . Z'-s g J A - J ,J , M ,J My L wQ CAFETERIA EMPLOYEES Bottom Row: Marilyn Lieto, Helen Mecsey, Donnally. Phyllis Wacker, Lottie Rospoch, Ethaleen Foster, Ruth Borgen, Dorothy Rose Stoll, ,fr CUSTODIANS BOTTOM Row: Robert Meade, Paul Vance, Gene Wrona, Ron Young, Jack Sytsam, Second Row: Paul Russell, Tom Flanigan, Robert Harvey, Monger, GI 80 Custodians Top Row: Dorothy Nelan, Daisy Moncrief, Esther Lashbrook Edna Weeks, Elizabeth Hoefler, Connie Jensen, Marie Sakyesva Everett Carroll. Top Row: Bill Curtiss, Arnold Tingwald, Jess en Kessler, John Oldenburg. ' FEEDING THE entire student body Be h I n a m S Took much careful planning. The cafeteria staff put in a five-day week To make sure every detail was taken care of. Planning the T h Q C a n B e menus, cooking the food and ' ' ' straightening up the cafeteria were part of Their iob. The lunches were divided into four periods,to make serving more efficient. MAINTAIN- ING THE campus was a constant iob for The custodian staff. They were in charge of repairing every Thing that went wrong, from desks To air conditioning units. They also ,,.f,,ga- kept the school rooms supplied and I I freshly painted. Long hours were f put in by groundsmen to preserve the landscape of the campus. To enhance the beauty of the school new trees were often planted. MIXING BISCUITS, Helen Mecsey deter- mines the dough needed to make enough biscuits to accommodate the day's lunch. lkij. PAINTING AND repairing desks, custodian Arnold Tingwald helps keep the school in constant working condition. Custodians are always on hand to assist in any problems that arise. CLEANING THE ianitor shed keeps custodian John Oldenburg busy. Over- all neatness of the campus is one major concern of the custodian staff. StucIent,Council helps the staff by promoting clean-up campaigns. ,, Custodians 81 82 Classrooms SUCCESS The Student' S Cf Learning Q3 ' ' PQ' X . W0 r I d e 1 4 1 i if Y x A .e.,, Q She P Q ! i building men i l l ". . . a far away look in the eye im , , fr . 5 'lr -Av Clossroorns EDUCATION OPENS the doors to a rewarding life. In this ever-moving world of fast transportation, facile communication and tough competition, it becomes more and more important for today's youth to secure an education. Learning should not stop with high school or even college, it should be a continual and constant process, taking place every day of one's life. Scotts- dale's curriculum is designed to prepare us for college work. It is also designed to encourage us to seek out knowledge not touched upon in our high school courses. Whether this is done depends solely upon the individual's ambition and desire. The courses taken now provide a stepping stone to further learning and a foundation for more intensified study. They are prepared so that when we complete the recommended courses we will have an adequate and well-rounded background in several fields of study. From there it is up to the individual to decide what he will accomplish. Scottsdale's curriculum prepares us so that we can make a wise decision. Classroom 83 A Staggered Process To Mastery f GOING BACKSTAGE following The per- formance of Electra aT The ASU Lyceum TheaTre in November, Sunny Lof and Wen- Q y y dy Powell congraTulaTe James MinoTTo Jr. Ji A - on his excellenT porTrayal of OresTes. REVEALING THE world of liTeraTure T To The inquiring minds of Their sTu- T'f denTs was The ulTimaTe goal of The y English Teachers. Knowledge of gram- mar and composiTion was only a be- ginning, a sTep Toward undersTand- ing The more complicaTed liTerary works of arT. ATTer masTering para- graph consTrucTion, The sTudenTs con- cenTraTed on composiTion and a sTudy of novels. Specific prose Types of liT- TeraTure were sTudied, along wiTh poems and drama. ln The final year of English, sTudy in depTh of The Techniques and sTyles of composiTion was underTaken in mosT of The class- es, while The advanced classes con- cenTraTed on The liTeraTure of nearly all The major culTures of The world. 84 Classroom 2,11 - ,,f, f"...,n9"' WITH AN emphasis placed on ideas in- sTead of merely dialogue, many classes sTudied plays of differenT periods in Their English classes. Ranging from murder mys- Teries and Tragedies To comedies of man- ners, The plays reflecTed ThoughTs and ideas from differenT periods. Expression of new liTeraTure was imporTanT, also. PasT culTures were linked To presenT day cul- Ture by a succession of "Type" plays which were sTudied or enioyed ouTside of class, such as 'ElecTra'. Expression Of Old And New Ideas ARIZONA STATE UniversiTy sTudenTs perform pan- Tomine skiTs for drama classes, providing impromTu dramaTizaTions of single-word ideas. v' v Q Q PLRSUING NEWSPAPERS To discover a varieTy of Techniques are beginning newspaper sTudenTs Jim Colepaugh, Dennis NlaTTson and Sheri Meisner. Clasroom 85 W vw, Q7 AS NEIL CORBIN records Jan RalsTon's blood pressiirej ilyfiiii Rabe and Karen Briley also saw pressure danger ra nges. 'QW We mu c fi T 4, if Jn' M nn. 0 ,M , 1 ' I jf ' X f WV , l 1 l rf lj gf? wr 1 I I fi, ,.,. , . , 34 . ,, ,f,f,sW,f,,,7,M The Excitement In Experimenting ,-f""' 86 Classroom ACQUAINTING THE sTudenTs wiTh Themselves and The world around Them was of prime imporTance To The science deparTmenT. Consumer chemisTry was offered for sTudenTs desiring a more pracTical raTher Than rheTorical applicaTion of science. Al- so offered was a comparafively new course, chem sTudy. This course con- sisTed primarily of experimenTaTion, while using The TexTbook To provide The necessary background and prin- ciples of The experimenT. AN INTER- ESTING rock and mineral display made more graphic The course of geology sTudy. Asfronomy sTudenTS learned of phenomenas is space. MAD SCIENTIST? STormy Eaton cauTiously adds hydrochloric acid To an ammonia solu- Tion. lsll l .PEERING CAUTIOUSLY aT Their compan- ion are Chris LinT and Nancy Girard, Two of Mr. McGirr's science sTUdenTs. Xie STUDENTS FIND a new awareness To The ground They walk upon after Taking a geo- logical course of sfudy. George SeiTTs sTudies a display rock in which BeTsy Thomas has iusT noTiced a mineral deposiT. T milli j if Q15 l Classroom 87 ,Q V , , ' 3 .. .J . I ' RN : at 4 ,Q W ,.. u Y .X k-,' I ,ff K 1. - M f NX . X Y X, I rf '- fgi'?5.,: ,S K X' Q. . we N-..,... w, SEVENTH HOUR is open to math students who wish extra help. Mrs. Miller aids Bill Connors on an equation from his work in class. mv S A CAREFUL counting of graph squares will plot precisely the slope of a line. Deftly, Jean Holman intersects two lines on the xy intercept. 88 Classroom Delvi ng nto J ww-mt! was , -"' ' at , 'W ttf it A as ff T X Y X rigs ,K 4- Q 1 if E Q Q r 4-ai.. Y was X s X We stef. - H 'tn- l 5? 5 f"t' : ..-, K 5 Q, , X N 3 'gg N .. , M 'tis is ,WA N ws iw? ww Q' X li l , S-ixglt t , Tai as K X lsr Infinite Ranges Ot Numbers al .--"""f CAREFULLY FITTING together a complete a suitable method for computing the area pyramid, Pat McClara attempts to discover and volume in the geometric figure. FROM THE time ot the caveman to that of the nuclear scientist, mathe- matics has been an increasingly im- portant part ot society. Every per- son, no matter what his occupa- tion, must have some understand- ing of numbers and their functions. RANGING IN difficulty from basic mathematics to analytical geometry and introductory calculus, the math courses cater to the individual needs of each student. Algebra I and IA deal with development of skills in quantitive relationships, while in- ductive and deductive reasoning are introduced in geometry. Classroom 89 Thinking Foreign, Language That Is SHOWING OFF The fraie cle Iuces, a maTaclor's ouifif, To her Spanish class, Nancy Shaw strikes an inreresiing pose. This cape isn'T as easy To swing as iT looks, for if is acfually very heavy. BEING INSPIRED by The many posiers of France, The sfudenis in Miss Zaeske's French classes absorb bolh This aimosphere and The language. 90 Classroom I J 1 223 T WANDERING FROM The beaten Track, sTudenTs in Mr. Loewen- sTein's German ll class learn The days of The week noT only in German buT oTher languages as well. lllusTraTing The proximify SINCE THE counTries of The world are consTanTly growing closer Through various means of TransporTaTion, iT has become increasingly imporTanT for The modern young adulf To con- verse in a foreign language. Learn- ing a language fluenTly, knowing The grammar and being able To TranslaTe were only a few accom- plishmenTs for sTudenTs in The lan- uage classes. ln The four courses of- fered, French, German, LaTin and Spanish, The firsT Two years were spenT sTudying basic grammar, pro- nunciafion and conversaTional use, while The lasT Two years were devoT- ed To more inTensive sTudy of gram- mar and use of The language in con- Temporary and classical works. The language lab drills, slides and speak- ers added more inTeresT and new in- sighT inTo The usual classroom work. beTween German and oTher languages, Mr. LoewensTein gives an inTeresTing Talk on The LaTin origin of many languages. EXAMINING ONE of The many proiecfs in Mr. Bruscemi's LaTin room, Suzanne LiTTlepage and Bill Rich reflecT upon The efforf They applied on Their firsT and sec- ond year projecTs which were an inTegral parT of The LaTin course. Challenge Gt Lite And Liberty PRIMARILY AN area consisting of required courses, the social science department had the monumental taskof in- stilling in the inquisitive minds of the students the history, geography, government and current affairs of the United States and the world. ln order to understand the current problems facing America, students must first appreciate the political, social and economic heritage of our nation and principles of its governmental system. its goal is responsible citizenship. . i 1 t . -' as '-:Sew-a"'t,, i f .,-if - .- . ez--Q. :W - r,,,c.. s ff,i.Ssr'.xg-Q -1 rf X X N W es was sm K N35 Y t A ai R, it c,,,s t isi, as as ADDlNG DIVERSITY, American History students Micky l Nelson and Steve Hams diligently take a reading test. 5 i K , . ' -. L, 3, - . 5 . ,W V,-qi l SUPPLEMENTING AN oral report on topography, Mr. Green com- pares the size of the total land area of U.S.S.R. and the U.S. 92 Classroom Shaking Hands With The World 5 my V M I sg Vw 3 V ,KEY .,,,,,,M Q59 ,....f-""vf"""" f. MAPS ENHANCE a closer associaTion of world problems wiTh Their geographic locaTion. Myron ScoTT finds maps invaluable in CWA. THROUGH THE sTudy of The principles and func- Tions of The American form of governmenT, The sTudenTs were able To realize The greaT responsi- biliTy placed on The U.S. ciTizen, whose duTy and privilege iT was To help mainTain The free enTer- prise sysTem. Since many sTuclenTs shared an in- TeresT in world news, The currenf world affairs class was offered. RATHER INTERESTING "exTras" in Mr. Skinner's his- Tory classes are sTudenT discussion panels. Sheldon KoTz moderaTes This panel abouT Andrew Jackson. USING CANNONS modeled afTer Those used by early American forces, Mr. U'Ren poinTs ouT firing mechanisms To Kimball Clark and Mark Saunders. Classroom 93 Character In Sportsmanship r lr r r a ENTHUSIASTIC PLAYERS gather around the ref girls p e Participation in team games promotes eree before starting their basketball game in friendly and spirited competition PREPARING A person for adulthood includes not only an education of the mind but a training of the body. The physical education department helped its students attain physical competence as well as mental alert- ness. During the year, dual and in- dividual activities were offered and basic skills acquired in sports such as tennis, tumbling and archery. Frosh P.E. introduced students to group activity and maior team sports, while the advanced classes were organized on a more individ- ual basis. Health education was an integral part of all P.E. classes, but it was stessed more in safety educa- tion. In this course, which was re- quired of all students, an extensive study was made of driving skills and traffic laws. "RlNG-AROUND-the-rosey?" Folk dancing in troduces dances familiar to many through the years. 94 Classrooms ai A it ,Tl We 5 BOY geth S' P.E. develops team effort and individual pride in accomplishment To- er the boys exemplify the enioyment in playing competitive basketball. Classroom 95 The Eye's Pleasureg Soul's Release FOR THOSE students who were tal- ented and wanted to learn self-ex- pression, the fine arts department offered courses ranging from art and dramatics to band and music appre- ciation. The varsity chorus gave many concerts throughout the year, and the Beaver Band played at the State Fair. In the drama classes, stu- dents acted out everyday happen- ings, developing poise through staged performances. Theater arts students learned about acting tech- niques and set construction. "STRIKE UP the band!" From the tuba to the piccolo, inherent talent expands through prac- tice. 96 Classroom TWO INTEGRAL parts of singing are constant practice and enjoyment. Kathy Ray leads the chorus in singing "People". SYLVIA BROWN and Gary Russell strike a pose for art stu- dents to see perspective and dimension. Art class proiects range from still life settings to collages to human forms. .,, X, ONE SALAD bowl coming up! Chris Peck works with a chisel on the lathe to finish forming his project for woodworking. f 'f,ffg7 x iyw Ly' xv, SXX' Jfff Y AFTER CAREFUL Thought and well-applied principles, Sam Sullins completes a drafting proiect for Mr. Crews. Skillful Artg Useful Trade PATSY HAAS is shown a fine point in the art of designing a piece of leather into an attractive item by Mr. Kush. FROM BALANCING car wheels and checking brake fluids to drafting complex designs or shaping wood into useful and beautiful forms, the Industrial Arts de- partment attempted to provide its students with either a firm introduction to a specialized trade or a possi- ble hobby. Through the use of lectures, demonstra- tions, and actual practice of the principles learned in class, students gained a sense of personal accomplish- ment. Classroom 97 Unending Job Ot Earning Pennies BUSINESS DEVELOPED an appreciation and under- standing of the economic society as it affected busi- ness, the consumer, and the student himself. There- fore, regardless of what area of study a student wish- ed to pursue, an adequate knowledge of business basics was valuable. ALL AREAS of business admin- istration were linked to form an organized system, all important to the function of successful, modern business. Bookkeeping taught a systematic process for keeping finances in order, while business mathe- matics developed a student's ability to correctly com- pute the figures that would appear in a bookkeeper's ledger. DEBORAH SUCHY practices how the age of machines continues to become more complex, constantly invading new areas. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION student Charis Gordon adlusts a dis practical application of classroom principles of merchandising play case at Goldwaters Participants in the d e program find at their jobs in local, valley stores. A Woman s World Homemaking FAR MORE faced the home economics student than learning how to use a sewing machine or boil an egg. Food and clothing classes not only gave knowledge for present day useg they included practical skills which the future homemaker would find very useful. IN THE foods classes every- thing from French toast to exotic dishes were prepared. CLOTHING CONSTRUCTION was anything but easy as the girls made such tailored things as suits and coats. Patience and precision in measurement were ac- quired when stitches had to be taken out over and over again to meet the teacher's approval. ALSO IN this de- partment, human relations dealt with the problems facing young life. BEHIND EVERY pizza is a dishwasher Debbie Rrtterskamp finds BEVERLY DUGAN gives the meat one last Stir before add- that regardless of the food s delectabrlity dishes need attention Ing the onions and Seasoning for the topping on the piz- Classroom 99 "Welcome to SHS!" 100 Organizations and Clubs Participation: Growth Of Body And Mind I service wiTh a smile vaniage poinT Grgo nizotions And Clubs PARTICIPATION . . .ACTIVITY . . . knowledge . . . enioymenT All are eiTher purposes or by-producTs of membership in clubs and organizaTions. Originaied To supply a source for meeTing new people, TurThering inTeresTs or learning more abouT a parTicuIar subiecT, clubs play a large role in campus life. They provide a place To sound off on personal viewpoinTs, learn new ideas, work off sTeam, develop physically and menTally and enlarge one's circle of friends. MOST ORGANIZATIONS aT SHS are designed To encompass only one parTicular area. A small number of Them are service clubs. The members devoTe Their Time and energy for The beTTermenT of SHS and iTs campus. Several organizaTions are spiriT boosTers. Their purpose is To arouse pep and encourage parTicipaTion. THESE DIVERSIFIED organizaTions provide us wiTh a place To develop and maTure . . . a means To become beTTer men and women. OrganizaTions and Clubs 101 A lt's The Best Band In The Land QW X? 9 my K 1? ,N A amqms Qee X B 1 - Qs r l WGS ms S fix? ii ewN't S mm A--A i , 'lx BEAVER BAND Bottom Rovv: Sheri Marecek, Sheryl Goettl. Row 2: Gary Steve Atwood, Dennis Mueller, Jim Cookson, Brian Richardson. Row 5: Wisdom, Terry Logan, Bill Schaar, Alan Baird, Frank Soto, David Fuller. Jon Olsen, Harold Davis, Sue Zarecor, Tom Liffiton, Steve Thompson, Row 3: Dawn Hill, Becky Neiedlo, Stettany Powers, Bryan DeWitt, Rick Karen Marston. Top Row: Steve Hughes, David Dixon, David Smith, Bob Zimmerman, Steve Kulb. Row 4: Nancy Girard, Alice Getzendanner, Kuhlman, Pam Huson, Rick Deacon. Fine Arts T03 Biaring Out Rhythmic Beats GT Songs MUSICAL PERFORMANCES of The Beaver Band, under The direcTion of Henry Colonna, consisTed of pre-game and half-Time pro- grams during The TooTball season. The Pep Band played anThems aT pep assemblies and baskeTball games and dedicaTed The new ScoTTsdale posT office. TradiTionally, They were honored by leading The Parada del Sol. HENRY coLoNNA, jnievifldireefor and Teacher of Beaver Band, Pep,rBan-d.a6'd OrchesTra, finds his iob inTeresTi3,g laifwell as very busy. ii J " M ifgf , T Vy' x '- ii .,., T Q I. BILL SCHAAR plays The big bass drum during one of The half-Time shows. BoTh The band and The pom-pon line pracTice TirsT period for Their rouTine. T04 Fine ArTs ,A THE PEP BAND is comprised enTireIy of members from The Beaver Band. These sTudenTs, under The direcTion of Henry Colonna, puT in long hours of hard work, perTecTing performances for pep assemblies. lfi in - rn, . iiyfyg ' My 5, 5 W CHANSONETTES Bottom Row: Kathie Hassett, Linda Swenson, veep, Carrie Smith, Michele FioRito, Anne Spielberg, Sharon Swenson, pres., Susan Probst, Rustellia Kenyon. Row 2: Athene Gibbons, Karen Parks, Anita Hamrick, Melissa Crowfoot, sec., Kathy McQuiston, treas., Brenda Smart, Kristie Kelley. Row 3: Marilyn Malarz, Elizabeth Cressey, Georgia Rhapsodizing, Ha rmonizing, Singing Out! CHANSONETTES, SCOTTSDALE'S advanced girls' chorus, was not only a singing class, but was also a club and organization dedi- cated to community service. Under the ex- pert direction of Mr. Hilse and the Chan- sonettes' President Sharon Swenson, the girls performed at Open House, at holiday concerts and at an inter-denominational service during Thanksgiving. At Christmas time the chorus gave a program of Christ- mas Carols at Thomas Mall Shopping Cen- ter which was broadcast on KBUZ radio. The Chansonettes also prepared a tape re- cording that was sent to servicemen in Viet- nam. THE CHANSONETTES add to the atmosphere during the Christmas concert as they walk down the aisle while singing the procession to the Ceremony of Carols. '11 Conway, Beverly Schulte, Marcia Ladendortf, Kay Farnam, hist., Mary Anne Clark, lib., Gail Hearne, Carol Leaf. Top Row: Sharon McConaha, Linda Williams, Mary Conzano, Donna Vahle, Margaret Walsh, hist., Sue Corsaro, Kristine Mark, Marlane Golding, Chris Schweikart. Fine Arts 105 7 I f eww A ,- lm 2 ' 2 7 i 2 3 ' 2 mb! ft' 'it l ,Q . 52 1,511 1, W ei , wi' SCOTTSDALE SlNGERS Bottom Row: Sharon Swenson, Joyce Brown Linda Swenson, Judy Kulb, David Howe, Kristie Kelley, Judy Lavin Roiann Haenfler, Row 2: Karen Marston, Carole Carter, Babette Gamash, sec., Charles Rogers, Mark Eaton, pres., Vickie Cratte, Maribeth Kramer, Rebecca Biegert. Row 3: Susan Zarecor, Betsy Bowles, Carolyn Eltgen 106 Fine Arts t r , i 2 f 1, .J , 1 A , . l l. K f , George Barrett, Tom Steen, Kevin Connors, llene Rubenstein, Peggy , Smith. Top Row: Marcia Walker, Sue Corsaro, Susan Lenz, treas.-lib., Jim Gossen, Robert Deacon, Ronald Shoopman, Gretchen Hurlbut, Deb- orah Alvord, hist., Beverly Bosworth. Crescendo... Diminuendo SINGERS, SCOTTSDALE'S advanced mixed choral group, proved itself to be a busy club as well as a fine sing- ing group. Sponsoring the Christmas Prom, selling candy and singing tor various organizations were some ot the proiects which the Singers partici- pated in. April l5, the Singers planned to travel to ASU for a contest. Mark Eaton, Singers President, worked hard in giving valuable assistance to direct- or and teacher Fred Hilse. ORCHESTRA, UNDER the direction of Henry Colonna, displayed their skills as they played for all tine art productions and con- certs, which included the one act plays and Carnival. Students interested in trying out for Orchestra were iudged playing solos. PRESENTING THEIR singing ability through re- hearsed numbers are the Scottsdale Singers per- forming at the Christmas Concert. PREP CHORUS Bottom Row: Susan Keeler, Christine Conner, Natalie teen Tibsherany Karen Petersen Amy Walker Top Row Judith Young Levinson, Sharon Matthews, Jerry Gossen, John Gossen, John McDerm- Donald DeMark David Dixon Richard Deacon Brent Golden Dan Dick ott. Row 2: Mary Wiley, Nancy Giles, Janis French, Judy Bartley, Kris- Frank Fellows Linda Perry STRESSING SKILLS and learning how to control their singing voices are the main obiectives ot the prep choruses. Freshmen make up the major enrollment of these classes where they gain knowledge of fundamental processes in the field ot music. The iv chorus also concentrated on these principles, only in a more ad- vanced class. All three choruses were preparing themselves for the type of singing clone in the advanced groups, Singers and Chansonettes, for which tryouts were held in the spring. JV CHORUS Bottom Row: DeVan Powell, Sarah Scovell, Edye Tucker, Judy Widner. Row 2: Karen Hatfield, Judy Humphrey, Theresa Buhr. Row 3: Connie Stewart, Dianne Stienecker, Kathy Ray, Judith Lee. Row 4: Martha Warner, Pauline Murray, Marybeth Bakewell, Susan Barnett. Top Row: Jean Parker, Nancy Spaugh, Marty O'Leary, Cathy Crismon. 108 Fine Arts fl l 3 A Q, , , , , PREP CHORUS Bottom ROW1 Susan Fisws, Sue PFUUT, Robin Helber, Morgan, Trisha McMahon, Ginette Verville, Top Row: Vicki Burdett Laurie Benedict, Deborah Anderson, Hilarie Hathway, Rosetta Blauvelt. Susan Lehr, Constance Marresonl Alison Hayduke, Jacqueline Prigg Row 2: Janine Heath, Myra Marion, Gloria Lee, Diana Meacham, Marsha Barbara Blankenship, Sounds That Touch The Soul lt. Q SINGING TOGETHER at The Christmas Concert are the the advanced choruses, were under the direction of prep and iv choruses. These three groups, along with Fred Hilse, who directed and also played the piano. Fine Arts 109 1 1 Love Nlakes The World Go 'Round... SUCH IS The musical Theme l of The T966-67 fine arTs de- parTmenTs producTion, Carni- val. Sophomore Judy ErnsT porTrayed Lili, an orphan girl wiThouT home or job looking for happiness in a French carnival. Kip Miller depicTed a former dancer, Paul, a crip- ple who now runs a puppeT booTh wiTh JaquoT, .lim Page, his parTner. Choruses were under The direcTion of Mr. Hilse, orchesTra, Mr. Colona, dramaTics, Mr. Farringfon. MARCO THE MAGNIFICENT, played by sen- his greaT TalenT as a magician by Taking a ior Ron Shopman, convinces one of The be- fish bowl ouT of her haT during his perform- wildered volunTeers from The audience of ance in The carnival show. BLUEBIRDS BECKY Hancock, Linda Thies, and BeTh McKee perform during Carnival. The Bluebird dancers lenTa colorful afmosphere "I TRY my hardesT and whaT do I geT?" was rousfaboufs, Dirk lacobelli, Kevin Conners, To The fOUSir1Q play. The repeaTed complainl of The carnival mana- STormy Eafon and Mark Smallsreed, To pre- ger, Bob Kinker. Here he is ordering The pare for The parade. llO Carnival Neoteric Faces Become Familiar Peter A. Schmidt Mrs. Monica Taylor Miss Carol Brechan f F. Left: Mr. Schmidt, who enioys inventing and building machines, teaches auto shop. A member of Epsilon Pi Tay, he also likes to hunt. Center: Mrs. Taylor, guidance counselor, enioys swimming when not chauffering her children. An alumnus of Alpha Delta Psi, she's been teaching 13 years. Right: Miss Brechan, a former Miss Flagstaff, teaches business law. Just graduated from NAU, she is a member of Alpha Omicron Pi and also Phi Beta Lambda, while she enioys Crocheting. NOT ALL of us began the year at Scotts- dale High. Some new additions were students, others were teachers. Becom- ing accustomed to a new school, learn- ing names anol faces of people on campus and learning about SHS cus- toms were only a few problems they faced. They've become integral, familiar parts of school life. egg, New Teachers lil Dreams Emerge, Realities Form THE 1967 CAMELBACK was produced under the direction of Editor Debbie Alvord, Assistant Editor Jean Holman and Sponsor Herman Schweikart. Twenty-one staff members worked zealously to interestingly and accurately portray the year's happenings in copy and pictures. Photos had to be scheduled, taken, cropped and blown. Informative copy was written and finalized, while layout was sketched, fixed, approved and finally drawn on carbon layout sheets. Staffers received various assignments, and several major deadlines had to be met. During the two yearbook sales, a combined total of lO25 books were sold to 68.42 of the student body. BLACK FRIDAY marked the last day of the second sale, and non-buyers were doomed to be truly sorry when the books arrived in late May. fr 112 Camelback Staff Nl' Judi Compton Judy Gutknecht Sherri Nuttall Sunny Lof Sue Kruidenier Cindy Woodbridge Leslie O'H6ra pa, Lydiard Diane Welch .,.:-k-,. . Alice Watferson Dawn Dasher Pam Francis Chris Schweikart Camelback Sfaff 113 vi Ll QW" 'li,jflTU,Dg,reEMQJQ Inform The Peo ple loug El-we CURRENT EVENTS Take on a new lighT when They happen aT SHS. Published bi-weekly, The ScoTTsdale BEAVER kepT all SHS sTudenTs informed of The laTesT happenings on campus. Numbering four To eighT pages, The BEAVER had l7 ediTions during The year wiTh Two Tra- diTional publicaTions, ChrisTmas and April Fools. Anyone having a desire To work on The BEAVER sTaTf was required To Take The beginning newspaper class, which was one semesTer long. Four new sTaTT members were Taken on aT The sec- ond semesTer. ln addiTion To working on The paper during The class period, The lf? sTaTTers puT in an average of Three Times a week aTTer school. Gaynelle Nixon, Co Ed Tor Doug Breazeale, Bill Neillg PhoTographers Ginni GoeTzg CirculaTion Manager Bonnie Billings, AssisTanT Edifor Paula Noldg AssisTanT EdiTor Barbara Wherry Laurie Halpern i 14 Beaver Staff - . we-,. i ,ul sf' ,JY f- L. ,qw 3 .. . MQW. Lynne Stresen-Reuterp Sports Editor Karen Brileyg Feature Editor Jeff Bully Editorial Director Debbie Egerer Patty Wilsonp Co-Editor Patti Jerome, Timi Torello, Barbara Johnson Lynn Logang Business Manager Pat Collis Iris Alterman Beaver Staff l 15 2 "Wu I' qua Y 3 I f FLYING HIGH in every endeavor are this year's varsity cheer- Karen Briley and Sharon Lesk alight higher up. The girls perform leaders. On the lower limbs, Vicki Petley, Judy Gutknecht and at pep assemblies and at weekly games as well as selling cam- Sunny Lot, captain, perch precariously while Cindy Woodbridge, pus spirit buttons. 4 v v VIVACIOUSLY LEADING their teams to vic- CHUGA-CHUGA-chuga-chuga, choo, choo is a familiar sound coming from the tory, junior varsity cheerleaders Lou Simo- varsity cheerleaders at one of their practice sessions. The group spends many net, Becky Lasley and Sharon Eberle work to hours inventing and perfecting catchy new cheers to incite spirit. promote the over-all school spirit. I I6 Cheerleading 'Ali The Way Orange And Black' PRACTICING DAILY, The cheerleaders and pom pon girls worked diligenTly on presenTing a varieTy of new cheers and dances To The sTudenT body. THIS YEAR, boTh groups became acTive as clubs on campus by conducTing sales and parTicipa- Ting in sundry proiecTs To improve The school. Early in The year, The cheerleaders sold shakers, and a laTer proiecT was a spiriT sTicker sale. The pom pon girls sold quarTer-sized spiriT buTTons displaying boldly The leTTers SHS. JUNIOR VARSITY cheerleaders added much To The spiriT of The iv games by aTTempTing To Teach The crowd several new cheers and changing many of Their rouTines. TWO BIG BEAVERS performed various sTunTs and provided addiTional incenTive Tor The Teams. GIVING A rousing cheer aT one of The baskeTball games are varsify cheerleaders Sunny Lof and Karen Briley. BoTh girls have served Three years on The line raising school spiriT. e sl SKILLFULLY DEMONSTRATING a shoulder sTand are The Two Big Beavers, STormy EaTon and Nancy Cavaliere. The pair was sponsored by STudenT SenaTe. BY OBSERVING and giving consTrucTive criticism, Mrs. Coyle, cheerleading and pom pon sponsor, succeeded in helping The groups appear unified and peppy. Cheerleading I I7 "I Could Have Danced All Night..." . gc 3 KICKING HIGH over their heads, pom pon girls Pam Francis and Becky Mon- tana dance in one of their well-prac- ticed routines at half-time. SMILING BRIGHTLY, the pom pon girls pause for a breather. Bottom Row: Jan Ralston, Sue WITH POISED demeanor, The pOI'T1 pon Kruidenier, Penne Dicknite. Row 2: Sandi Gardner, Allison Behle, Joan Bailey, Becky Montana. gi,-IS Wait pai-ienfly for fheir furn fo Top Row: Athene Gibbons, Pam Francis, captain. perform at the outdoor pep assembly held for the Coronado game. "Hl AND SMILE WEEK" was the first activity promoted by the Student Council. They spon- sored "Gussie Germ" and the Clean-up Campus program, Fathers' Night, Homecoming and have brought the trophies in the lobby of the gym up to date. They have had exchanges with the Saguaro, Coronado, Yuma, Camelback and Central councils. Council members had a work- shop for the entire student body explaining officer's duties to those interested in holding an office in a club. They organized plans for the Talent Show, Roman games and instigated the "Carnival King." These students met for 90 minutes each day to organize school functions, sales and activities. New Challenges And Positions Gt Leadership STUDENT BODY officers standing, Pam Francis, veep, Lee Zavala pres Sunny Lof, corr. sec. Seated: Susan Ballenberger, rec. sec., Wendy Powell treas Student Council 119 SENIOR CLASS officers, Jim Page, pres., Jean Holman, girl rep., Bill Rich, boy rep. JUNIOR CLASS officers: Bob Van Valer, boy rep,p Sharon Lesk, girl rep., Lynn Tess, pres. An Organized Student Effort For Progress SPONSOR DEL DAVIS supplied the guidance to carry out an effective year of student government. img, LEE ZAVALA prepares the agenda at one of the student council dent government, students were encouraged to sit in on regular meetings. To better understand the functions and aims of stu- council meetings held during fourth period every day. 120 Student Council -N'-f"wz , 2 .Qi I bi il C , Lg 'W' my ,f D, ,- as f-few" wijhcouncil lyiemf- ff l .diem l PAM FRANCIS conducts the Coronado pep assembly held to boost spirit and attendance at the game. . - is S 553' fa Li ABOVE: SOPHOMORE CLASS officers, Joyce Bigelow, girl rep.: Ron Adams, boy rep., Dennis Mattson, pres. BELOW: FRESHMAN CLASS officers: Tina Whitley, girl rep., Jon Hermanson, pres.: Marshall Parkes, boy rep. .. V4 I . I KWH' 3259 . 3 4 k , + 5 1 aw 3 , . Student Council 121 High In Praise, Higher In Spirit LETTERMEN'S CLUB Bottom Row: Robert Neill, Dirck Iacobelli, Chuck Manual Lucero, Gene Houck, Thomas Waid, George Laughlin, Lee Meyer, Robel, Steven Williams, Phil Vetter, Don Droze, Jim Page, Dennis sec. Top Row: Don Palmer, Bill Collins, Roy Muller, John Peck, Bill Floyd. Row 2: Lee Zavala, Doug Morris, veep, Randy Smith, pres., Smith, Rodney Dunseath, Rudy Ernst, Pat Ravanesi. X' rr tie FOOTBALL PROGRAMS don't iust come into being. This year two members ofthe Athletic Lettermen's Club, Doug Morris and Randy Smith, spent much of their time planning and organizing the layout of the programs. SELLING PROGRAMS at both the school football games and state basketball tournaments were iust two activities of the Ath- letic Lettermen's Club. The club also donated weights to the school's athletic department. Any boy who earned a varsity letter in sports was eligible tor admittance into the club. LETTERMEN'S CLUB Bottom Row: John Daggett, Pat Hankins, Greg Russnak, treas. Row 2: Robert Jackson, Kevin Woudenberg, Robert Stopher. Top Row: Bill Connors, Bill Markham, William Graham. l fi l 4 l 2 T 1 4 5 I MU ALPHA THETA Bottom Row: Dirck lacobelli, Susan Ballenberger, sec.: Gaynelle Nixon, Robert Curtis, pres. Row 2: Dean Quain, Patricia Eyring, George Koepke. Row 3: Lynne Thenell, Chuck Robel, Jean McKee, treas. Row 4: Randolph Lungren, Gregory Van Thiel, John Olson, Berkley Benneson. Top Row: Bill Smith, Steve Bartley, veep: John Mackey, Doug Casto. Let Your Slide Rule Do The Work DELVING INTO higher mathematics Mu Alpha Theta sponsored the Santa Clara Math Test on December lO and the Mathe- matics Test on March 9. The club members financed the administration of the tests and also paid the registration tees. ln order to be eligible for membership in the national honorary organization, it was necessary to be a junior or senior and have outstanding grades. 'W Iv ,X , fnl"y'42' f 1 Z Z' , , Q , J ,,,, ,ff 1 Fai? 1 l 4 , . f 2 ' I I Z, Jima!!! 7' f t ": ' tll .,'t Q .2 ' U v 'T 'ffl' . 'M X . gi, M11 4- 1'-' D- . " iff' ,,, L ' 1, ,", Q l", iffy n-1-"" ' -4 f'wf,L...q '.- K TUTORING ISN'T necessarily limited to professional instructors national honorary organization tutored students on Monday and home-bound students. Mu Alpha Theta member Hollis Fish- Wednesday and Thursday in the library on homework and es- er assists Paton Sickler with his math homework. Members of the sential math concepts. Clubs 123 Flavor Your Fun With The Joy Ot Work BROWNIE BASHES, a marshmallow mash, and a psychedelic dance kept Beaver Builders' members busy. Besides decorating the goal posts and polish- ing trophies, members found time to sponsor the Sweetheart Prom on February l8. Any iunior or senior girl having a grade average of three or bet- ter could petition for membership in the club. FOURTEEN MEMBERS were inducted into Quill and Scroll on November lb. Membership in the nat- ional iournalism honorary was limited to students in the top third of their class and on either pro- duction staff. KAREN BRILEY and Sue Kruidenier help their friend Foster with his high kicks at the Quill and Scroll banquet. Besides a scrumptious meal, members were inducted. A sg S X Ta! W BEAVER BUILDERS Bottom Row: Judy Gutknecht, Linda Swenson, Janice Lowry, Linda Cissel, Sharon Swenson, Bonnie Billings, hist., Kathy Katches, Gaynelle Nixon. Row 2: Dawn Dasher, Pam Francis, Susan Ballenberger, Athene Gibbons, Charis Gordon, Karen Reese, Pamela Huson, Nancy Gallagher. Row 3: Judy Kulb, Mary McKee, Penne Dick- nite, Sue Ann Kagan, Sunny Lof, Karen Briley, Patty Wilson, Arlene l24 Clubs Walker. Row 4: Susan Graham, Joan Bailey, Eunice Whitaker, Maribeth Kramer, Patti Jerome, Marsha Hoskins, Lynne Stresen-Reuter, Babette Gamash. Top Row: Pam Conner, veep, Paula Nold, Pat Lydiard, Sue Kruidenier, Jean Holman, Allison Behle, Margaret Walsh, Chris Schwei- kart. 4 wi N W4 s as 5 55 msn lx is Nsf sw it' txt' J N X' it Ns? 'AVS Q Q-N .1-us...,.4.. QUILL AND SCROLL Bottom Row: Judy Gutknecht, Pam Francis, Laurie Halpern, Bonnie Billings, veep, Pat Collis. Row 2: Barbara Wherry, Dawn Dasher, Sunny Lot, Gaynelle Nixon, Sherrill Nuttall. Row 3: Judi Compton, Leslie O'Hara, Patty Wilson, Alice Q95 X Watterson. Row 4: Karen Briley, hist., Paula Nold, Teri Craig, Sue Kruidenier. Jean Holman, sec., Pat Lydiard. Top Row: Jeff Bull, pres., Anne Adams, Lynne Stresen-Reuter, Chris Schweikart, Deborah Al- vord, treas., Karl Reque. BEAVER BUILDERS Bottom Row: Lynn Rabe. Row HAVE YOU ever heard of a Marshmallow Mash? Beaver Builders thought of 22 NGHCY Shaw- ROW 32 MeliSS5B CfOWf00i- ROV? 42 this unique way to raise money for the Sweetheart Prom. Scott Paradine Deborah Alvord' West Sl"e"'ll Nunall' Sec' op munches on a Carmel-covered marshmallow to testify to their goodness. Row: Lynne Thenell, Jean McKee, treas. Clubs 125 A STUDENT arT show, Trips To diff- erenT arT galleries and experimenTs wiTh new arT Techniques were iusT a few of ArT Club's acTiviTies. In help- ing To increase The sTudenTs' inTeresT and TalenT in arT, The club assisTed wiTh scenery for dramaTic producT- ions and designed painTings for The Teacher's dining hall. SPANISH SO- cieTy supplemenTed language sTudy wiTh inTeresTing TacTs and TradiTions abouT The culTure of Spain. MeeTings held once a monTh were accenTed wiTh Flamenco dancers and Spanish songs. EligibiliTy Tor membership required passing grades and a sem- esTer of Spanish. SCIENCE CLUB promoTed general inTeresT and un- dersTanding in all areas of science. Members learned of The process of recording earThqualces when They Travelled To The Seismological Ob- servaTory on February ll. T26 Clubs DONNING A Mexican sombrero and serape, Sharon Swen- son and PaTTy Wilson Try ouT The TradiTional Spanish aTTire. Besides seeing skiTs and sTudying The language, members of Spanish SocieTy aTTended The "FiesTa de la Primvera," a dinner parTy puT on by fourih year sTudenTs. Q. Q If ,hw -I if Qgffj M, 6.5" Q if 'y gg ri ff" -T :Ili ART CLUB BoTTom Row: Anne Spielberg, Chere Heller, Diana Jones. Row 2: Sue Ann Kagan, veepg Barbara Wherry, Sharon Falk. Row 3: Gerry Hoover, Leslie O'Hara, Kathy Ray, sec. Top Row: Karl Reque, pres., Howard Prue, Jim LesTikow, .uc Treas. I I SPANISH SOCIETY Bottom Row: Lynn Rabe, Linda Cissel, KaThy Kafches, Ranee Hardin. Row 2: Dave Phillips, Becky MonTana, Gail McEachron, PaTTy Jones. Row 3: Teri Craig, Marsha Morrison, Barbara Johnson, Larry Way, Fred Baker. Row 4: Bruce Iacobelli, James Glasser, Roberf Flores, Kevin Woudenberg. Top Row: Ilene RubensTein, Linda WhiTTemore, Karen Walling, Suzy Tellier, Gloria Johnson, Marian ChiTTenden. E A Q of W .. ' 4 ., , - I . X Z M' if 4 W if ' J Q 4 nf, r K Q ,, M, , , 5 Az , s ' 3 3: Q? : ' " I f ' 2-Z I L--- 71 - W aa.. - SCIENCE CLUB Bottom Row: Joanne Chapin, Robert Curtis, pres.: Eliza- beth Cressey, sec. Row 2: Douglas Tuchin, Jeff Obstteld, Leroy Clay. Row 3: Patrick Sickler, Bill Lancaster, hist, Top Row: James Glasser, John Olson, treas., Robert Shillingburg, veep. Nothing! New Under The Sun SPANISH SOCIETY Bottom Row: Ruby Corral, pres.: Jacque Francis Carol Stroud, Carrie Smith, Sally Kolb, Pat Collis, Sharon Swenson sec., Cindy Coppock. Row 2: Mary McKee, Athene Gibbons, Denni Donaldson, Sue Austin, Melissa Crowfoot, Karen Wilkins, Bonnie Billings, Nancy Shaw. Row 3: Clark Colepaugh, Eunice Whitaker, Sue Ann Kagan, hist,, Nancy Knoob, Penne Dicknite, Kathy O'Byrne, Karen .Q , .v cr . ,. . Q X ,Q , APPLYING FINISHING touches on a picture, Lynn Gleason and Dana Gilbert complete a project for Art Club. The pictures were revitalized and then returned to the teach- er's dining hall. 1 1 . V g i I . I I + 1 .4 Reese, treas.y Laurie Halpern. Row 4: Marsha Millstead, Jean McKee, Susan Graham, Jean Holman, Patty Wilson, Ann Bakewell, Marcia Walker, Susan Lenz. Top Row: Don Forwood, Doug Morris, Lynne Thenell, Kristine Mark, Don Leiterman, Bill Rich, Chris Trimble, Bob Van Valer, veep. Clubs I27 A Code For Peace: BUSINESS CLUB Bottom Row: Rebekah Maupin, Chere Heller, Carolyn Simmons, Deborah Long, veep. Row 2: Becky Mumma, Diane Zwaanstra, Leslie Morley. Row 3: Gerry Hoover, sec., Patrick Sickler, John McDowell, treas., Robert Shill- ingburg. Top Row: Leroy Clay, pres., George Barratt, Don Palmer, Gene Houck. WHAT'S THIS? Another soft pretzel sale? Jack Armstrong watches the trans- action as Allison Behle makes a sale to Bob Vetter. Money was used to spon- sor a foreign exchange student. AFS Bottom Row: Sharon Lesk, sec., Susan Falk, Iris Alterman, Virginia lett, Lynn Logan, Sharon Miles. Row 4: Jane Wixted, Pam Conner, Jean Goetz, Joyce Merritt, Deborah Palmer, Timi Torello, Nancy Shaw. Row McKee, Cam Jelliff, Susan Breitbach, Jeff Obstfelcl, Susan Graham, 2: Patty Wilson, Sonia Folden, Paula Anderson, Pam Francis, Susan Ball- Lynne Thenell. Top Row: Janet Miller, Amanda Bringhurst, Bill Rich, enberger, Cindy Blake, Mary Shaw, Pat Collis. Row 3: Brenda Smart, Rudy Ernst, Allan Mettner, Gary Damore, Allison Behle, pres., Sharon Kay Farnam, Judy Herman, Penne Dicknite, Karen Briley, Nancy Bart- Eberle. l28 Clubs Actions Speak Louder Than Words AFS Bottom Row: Linda Cissel, hist., Janice Lowry, Linda Thies, Maralee Lundin, Suzanne Littlepage, Susan Probst, Masako lshida, foreign ex- change student, Becki Griffith, Row 2: Judy Bartley, Linda Loehnert, Cindy Woodbridge, Deborah Suchy, Bonnie Billings, Joanne Chapin, Suzie Shull, Glenn Georgens. Row 3: Vicki Hodges, Ann Rohan, Judi Compton, Nancy Gallagher, Barbara Johnson, Anita Hamrick. Betsey ONE OF the goals of Business Club was to instill and develop in each member the qualities of competent, aggressive leadership in the business world. Although a service and social club, admittance was limited to the students possessing knowledge and interest in the business field. BY SELLING stocks in the organization, the Scottsdale High chapter of the American Field Ser- Becker, David Georgens. Row 4. Arlene Dittmer, Donna Vahle, Jody Coppock, Joan Bailey, Wendy Powell, Marie Brewer, Marsha Hoskins, Madonna Tanner. Top Row: Susan Loveioy, Ilene Rubenstein, Linda Hoff- man, Chris Trimble, Greg Becker, Bill Lancaster, James Glasser, Anne Adams. vice sponsored Masako lshida's trip to America from Japan. Pursuing the clubs goal of understanding among nations, several foreign exchange students from neigh- boring schools spoke in an assembly on the customs and traditions of their native countries. Throughout the year, soft pretzels were sold by the club to raise suffi- cient funds to sponsor a deserving student abroad. AFS Bottom Row: Trisha McMahon, Nancy Girard, Lynne Rabe, Donna Helmandollar, Karen Hatfield. Top Row: Dennis Matt- Beverly Dugan, Diana Jefferson, Marsha Heath. Row 2: Lynn son, Linda Erbe, Jean Holman, Patty Wilson, Betsy Thomas, Tess, treas., Karen Marston, veep, Teresa Hart, Gail Hearne, Pat Lydiard, Susan Dietrich. Clubs T29 'Service !' 3 I If I if I I if NAT'L FORENSIC LEAGUE Bottom Row: Edyth Tucker, Patricia Eyring, corr. sec., Karen Briley, Susan Ballenberger, rec. sec. Top Row: Jim Page, pres., Lance Burrow, treas., Charles Ball, veep. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION provided an opportunity for all girls to participate in sports, regardless of their athletic ability. Members competed in intermurals and against each other in several sports. BESIDES HELPING members overcome speech difficulties, National Forensic League acquainted stu- dents with the purpose and profits of speech training. Any student who received 25 speaking points from a national or state tournament was eligible for membership. A Battle Cry Dt VARSITY GAA Bottom Row: Sally Reisland, Joyce Brown, Tracy McFad- den, veep, Linda Thies, pres., Pat McClara, Judy Widner, Kathy Olters- dorf, Maureen Flanigan. Row 2: Sheila Shaw, Leslie McFadden, Susan McQuiston, Susan Stamm, Pat Collis, Lynda Jacobs, Trisha McMahon, Judy Lavin. Row 3: Viola Zavala, Marcia Moritz, Sandra Von Lohen, Linda DeWitt, Linda Passey, Laurie Browne, Deborah Palmer, Marlene 130 Clubs Day, Cindy Coppock. Row 4: Linda Brown, Arlene Dittmer, Jane Wixted, Mary Jo Evans, Jody Coppock, Pat Naderer, Mary McKee, Linda Erbe, Susan Angeloff. Top Row: Amy Lawrence, Gail Hearne, Margaret Mas- on, Valerie Perdikes, Linda Hoffman, Jean McKee, treas., Rosanna Robertson, Debbie Davison, Pat Lydiard, sec. Competitors UNDERCLASS GAA Bottom Row: Sue Brazie, Terri Rogers, Nancy Cowan, Laura Hibler. Row 2: Vickie Hipskind, Debra Johnson, Robin Helber, Beth McConaha. Row 3: Laurie Benedict, Becky Mumma, Robin Bonelli, Laura Sheatfer. Row 4: Sue Higman, Deborah Anderson, Michele FioRito, Marilyn Williams. Top Row: Lynne LeBert, Rebekah Maupin, Mildred Smith, Sandra Walker. "GOT IT!" exclaims Sue Stamm as she smashes the ball over the net during a volley ball game against Arcadia GAA members. GAA participated in sev- eral play-days held at schools throughout the valley. UNDERCLASS GAA Bottom Row: Karen Rasmussen, Debbie Hoskins, Hilarie Hathaway, Ginette Verville, Jolinda Atkerson, Helen Passey, Cathy Williams, Deborah Dwight. Row 2: Cynthia Smith, Christine Con- ner, Wendy Steele, Barb Bradish, Mary Davison, Linda Warren, Holly Hogan, Rebecca Farlee. Row 3: Diane Sobek, Nancy Giles, Wendy Bau- mann, Vicki Burdette, Amy Walker, Linda Drake, Christine Whitley, Cynthia Larsen. Row 4: Stephanie Miles, Deborah Cleland, Kay Berry, Diane Zwaanstra, Lynn Hanrahan, Sula Killip, Sharon Falk, Louann Reichenbach. Top Row: Martina Clayton, Kay Fledderiohn, Kristeen Tibsherany, Alison Hayduke, Ann Burtnett, Linda Perry, Pamela Faudel, Constance Matteson. Clubs l3l Dot Dot Dash Dot-Gver And Gut gl 'FQ l' A. , f ff ,lj H fs 2 ---V .EW ig , ZH 5 1 if if 25112 T, T uf , - ,5.,, ,-v,. .1 . ' 3 1 ffl? RADIO CLUB Rod Kimmell, Michael Flanigan. "THIS IS W7LXY calling W8AUX." Such is The conversafion of Rod Kimmel and Mike Flani- X 'T MT' T 4 ss, was 1 K: gan as They make a conTacT wifh a fellow radio ham. The boys also received and senT so " T as A messages in Morse Code. was-S aQimpf.SgjL:QxQ, .-Ei i 1 H' wc.. 1' as if Q m Q C . Yagi if ,NLY is :vw -.-sw. Nkwm, Q e 1+ s x Tma my 'Q .Q 5 we riff Qwffxa W' Q si T XV 'Y T' T' :as a s xg X T, ff :gg E mx il- W MN xg -Q aw T s 4l 1, T , T T' cms 1-sms c . , .T -A W' f , ,gwgiix fi-1 'N' .,c,.,s M- X sw- A T I C A 1 - T. ,. -- . - - WOULD YOU believe This Erecfor set could be The Eiffel Tower? Kimball Clark works on Turning her proiecf for French Club inTo a miniaTure copy of The Eiffel Tower. 132 Clubs DECA Bottom Row: Arlene DeMaggio, Barbara Tanner, Deborah Stephens, treas., Tony Hughes. Row 2: Barbara Bryson, Patricia Perdikes, veep, Charis Gordon, hist., Ger- maine Peters. Row 3: Geri Dow, Pam Conner, pres., Theresa Fults, Laura Lazear, Catherine Swingle, Top Row: Arthur Hall, Martha Hapke, sec., John Humphrey, Mike Proulx. MEMBERS OF the Amateur Radio Club put their knowledge ofthe Morse Code to work while operating their station, W7LXY. The club not only made con- tacts throughout the nation, but in for- eign countries as well. WORKING AF- TER morning school hours, the mem- bers ot the Distributive Education Club of America gained practical education in the world of marketing and distribu- tion. The annual employer-employee banquet was sponsored with funds raised by selling dafty apples at Hallo- ween. MEMBERSHIP IN L'Alliance Fran- caise brought students closer to the cul- ture and customs of France. The mem- bers' knowledge ot French culture was increased when they prepared and ser- ved several dishes ot French cuisine. Members also constructed a scale model ot the Eittel Tower. Students who had taken a semester of French and had passing grades were eligible for mem- bership. Touch Gt The Foreign, A Taste Of The World FRENCH CLUB Bottom Row: Marilyn Wooley, Anne Spielberg, Marilyn Malarz, Patty Wilson, Rich- ard Bowers. Row 2: David Georgens, Connie Trecartin, Nancy Gallagher, hist., Ronald Adams, veep, Karen Reese, treas. Row 3: Barbara Wherry, Leslie O'Hara, Kimball Clark, sec,, Sherrill Nut- all, pres., Allan Mettner. Row 4: Susan Barnett, John Sheets, Janet Miller, Howard Prue, Deborah Alvord. Top Row: Dennis Damore, Sue Lovejoy, Marlane Golding, Kristine Mark, William Farrell. Clubs T33 l34 Clubs IT You Care Enough To Do The Very Best PUBLISHING SCHOOL calendars, selling ChrisT- mas Trees and ushering during school orienTa- Tion and ParenT's NighT were among Key Club's yearly acTiviTies. Besides repairing The wishing well, a giTT To The school by The class of '66, members decorafed The goal posTs and sur- rounding school areas in coniuncTion wiTh InTer- Club Council. Membership requiremenT were ThaT The boys be in good sTanding wiTh The ad- minisTraTion, TaculTy, and fellow classmaTes, and ThaT They be willing To devoTe Time To Kiwanis funcTions. " KEEP OUR cafeTeria clean!" was The slogan Key Club sup- porTed for a monTh. ParTicipaTing in The cIub's efforT, Larry Howard Tosses an abandoned paper cup inTo The Trash can. KEY CLUB BoTTom Row: RoberT Neill, Mark Eaton, David Wilson, Phil VeTTer, sec., Dirck lacobelli, Bob VeTTer, Jeff Bull. Row 2: Lee Meyer, RoberT Stopher, Charles Ball, Ron- ald Adams, Doug Morris, John Shook, Bill Rich. Row 3: Greg Russnak, veep, George Laughlin, Don Droze, Treas., Jim Page, Randy Smith, Don Palmer, Don Leiferman. Row 4: Judson SmiTh, Rick Cozens, Bill Connors, Timothy Dailey, Larry Howard, Lawrence Leason, Frank SmiTh. Top Row: Roy Muller, Pat Ravanesi, Bill Smith, John Peck, Bob Van Valer, John Mackey, pres., Bill Markham, Rudy Ernst. . rr .. s :eel .g 5 ,"- 1,iQ:..s-3.:-. -i - ., ' zr, T' fsrss L L . .. 4 T e . T T. ,,.. TTP V fi., r 'Q zrz. B . ... 2 sl 'f-T--- T T f , , T T T .,, Q k,,. T 5 ie' L S :,.. 'rlii ' :Q Y' 'lie V gff ii ESPEQE I gi 1 ' , f -:.- i NAT'L HONOR SOCIETY Bottom Row: Suzanne Littlepage, Karen Reese, Connie Trecartin, Lynn Rabe, Melissa Crowfoot, Gaynelle Nixon, Susan Ballenberger. Row 2: David Georgens, Dean Ouain, Susan Breitbach, Jan Ralston, Sunny Lot, Patty Wil- son, sec., Patricia Eyring. Row 3: Stephen Hams, George i if THE FACE that launched a Thousand ships? No, it's Marilyn Wooley, a model for the Merle Norman dem- onstration sponsored by Girls' League. Tips on beauty tricks and facial care highlighted the meeting. Koepke, Wendy Powell, William Hare, Paula Nold, Lynne Stresen-Reuter, treas., Sheldon Kotz. Top Row: Randolph Lun- gren, Steve Bartley, Berkley Benneson, John Mackey, pres., Kristine Mark, Deborah Alvord, veep, Lynne Thenell. ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE is the requirement for member- ship in National Honor Society. Members sought for high standards of character, scholarship, service and leader- ship. Membership comprised the top ten percent of the senior class, five percent of the junior class and two percent of the sophomore class. PROVIDING SERVICE for both the school and the community, Girls' League supplied oppor- tunity for every girl in the school to become an active member. Hoping to create to closer bond among girls on campus, the club sponsored a Get-Acquainted Tea and Fashion Show. The girls also sold Homecoming mums and decorated the cafeteria at Christmas. GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS Bottom Row: Nancy Shaw, ex. sec-treas., Linda Swenson, ex. veep, Bonnie Billings, ex. chap-hist., Debbie Learned, ir. veep. Row 2: Paula Nold, sr. pres., Donna Helmandollar, sr. veep, Judy Kulb, ir. pres. Top Row: Kristine Mark, ex. pres., Rebecca Biegert, soph. pres., Jean Holman, Ariz. state sec., Deborah Bartelson, soph. veep. Clubs 135 Memories Are Made Of This a moment of quiet study T36 AcTiviTieS 3 .4ff'H'f'i'P'f'ff.ff., ? f se -1 7- f ai' ...,.L?.Ls,as,a.,e is if P- if sz MSA :x3y,ggeie,, , , Q, . at v J use -will s .s we .X ,. - , -Xi N, 7 .1 i 2 'K 5 X' if S " QI Naam, l SES 5 s f ,N 4 fx , x"n M , ' 5 , 4 1 ff? , J ly if I f voices raised in song Lf- eq? 4 hmmm . . .what shall if be? gi' gf 1' Y ,, V if 4 Activities WHAT IS remembered mosT upon reflecTion of our high school years? The courses Taken? The books read? The Teachers we had? No, invariably iT is The school evenTs and acTiviTies we parTicipaTed in. These evenTs, many and varied on The SHS campus, are The differing facTors of each academic year. By Taking advanTage of The educaTional value of These acTiviTies, a sTudenT can familiarize himself wiTh social siTuaTions and all Types of people. BUT These acTiviTies, while providing The sTudenTs wiTh This form of educaTion, also provide a means To have fun. The various concerTs, plays, dances and sales increased The sTudenTs' awareness in The personaliTies, TalenTs and mannerisms of The people ThaT he shares his high school years wiTh. This awareness leads To appreciaTion, appreciaTion of individualiTy. He learns ThaT every person is ToTally different from anyone else, and he has fun doing iT. AcTiviTies 137 SEPTEMBER S M T W T F S 123 4 5 6 7 8 910 11121314151617 1819 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 LINDA AND Sharon Swen- son, and Stormy Eaton supply music for the Girls' League tea. Held in the cafeteria, the tea provided SHS girls with a chance to become ac- quainted with the club. student council sponsored Get acquainted THE OUTCASTS provide music far me A N n dance after the first home game 138 September ' ,,,,,..... wmv ,,,,,,w-wmv 2 f af 'U Q Y fn 49 , S 9 MAKlNG HIS choice for senior class secretary is Jim Page. Al though class elections are usually held in the spring, the pre viously elected secretary had moved. PARENTS AND students aren't changing places in societyf it is just Open House at SHS. lt was held for parents to be- come better acquainted with the school. g 5 ,lf U 2 t taxi T I M My . . 1- f 5 ANTICIPATING VICTORY against West- wood, Bob Van Valer and Dave Phillips hold a spirit sign for the pom pon girls. ORGANIZATION AND introduction were the key words to the month ot September. The Get-Acquainted dance was held for the purpose ot introduc- ing new students to SHS on Septem- ber ninth. MR. TRIPP standing in the midst ot a flood sending students home brought about an unexpected vacation on September 2Oth. STU- DENTS WEREN'T the only ones intro- duced to the schoolg parents became acquainted with classes and teachers at Open House on the 28th. CLASS elections ended the activities of the month on September 28. ANY VACATION from school is a wel- come one. Though wet, the one SHS got the day the rains came was no exception. September T39 0cTober's Bright Blue Weather OCTOBER S M T W T FS 2 3 910 16171819 20 21 23 24 25 26 27 28 30 31 THE SIGNS were everywhere, "Viva Jeem." Jim Palmer, '63 graduafe, pitched in The World Series for The Orioles. While The pom pon girls danced and The cheerleaders led cheers, everyone on campus gg could sign The scroll iniTiaTed by The Beaver sTaff To wish 3 g him good luck. .rulu 20' V V JEEW all OCTOBER EVENTS sTarTed wiTh a send-off of The TN fooTball Team for The Kofa game in Yuma. This was combined wiTh TV and press coverage in TribuTe To graduaTe Jim Palmer, who piTched for The BalTimore Orioles in The World Series. STU- denT Council sponsored The annual FaTher's NighT. A fooTball vicTory for The enTire school was proclaimed when we beaT Arcadia, 55-27. The fine arTs deparTmenT held The TirsT concerT of The year, and Theer was an educaTional as- sembly abouT ATomic Energy. DOWNING ARCADIAS confidence This was a game The coaches and The Team members S r'.,.., i..' will never forgeT. Gene Houck and Coach l 40 OcTober T Campbell show The feelings of happiness and Triumph aT Tinall winning. TOM STEEN'S father, 30, and Albert Robles' father, 66, watch and 'Feel like the team members, as they sit on the Ve., sidelines at the Father's Night game. i'ii'i'iilil A Team's Goal Come True I ,sc - sa NN s f A l ras nge. STORMY EATON'S Car, look- ing like a Beaver, won Key Club's car decorating contest for the big Arcadia game. its it ' .i-f- ,Q F S as -maxi' - 5 f f A r "" ' A W FINALLY, ON Friday the l4th, we beat Arcadia. The crowd song. The spirit all week was centered on our rival with all cheered the entire game and pom' pon girls Pam Francis four classes posting colorful spirit signs. and Penne Dicknite danced to the band playing the fight October 141 ls., T ll THE "JUST US" folk singing group on campus sing excellently at Linda Swenson, Babette Gemash, Stormy Eaton and Marsha the Solo and Ensembles Concert organized by the fine arts de- Ladendorff. partment. The group's members are Sharon Swenson, Tom Steen, In Their High Singing Mood WITH POISE and deep feeling, Debbie Alvord sings, "Un bel di," from Madame Butterfly by Puc- cini. T42 October 5 ' THE HANGMAN, Charles Pavarini, sneaks up to hang the maid, Linda King. The old crone, played by Marybeth Bakewell, has no idea that she may very soon be his next victim. The Hangman's Loose was a one-act play which combined both humor and terror. JIM SHEARER, Marilyn Flake, Barbara U'Ren, Don Palmer, George Barratt, Becky Lasley, Diane Meacham and David Stimson were chosen by their respective classes to be representatives in the uudvl' V V 'V ,, 3, 'M l , V , i ,fi ' 5 1 , in , , . nw if , ,gf , , 5' if QR 1. ff week long end-of-the-moth clean up, the campus campaign. The sophomore class won by stuffing the most trash barrels. as ,Q i 1 'S K A . THIS ATOMIC World was Conducted by RUB-a-Dub-Dub-Day was a big success, with every class having K Mr, Margeel a nuclear Scientist, He water balloon fights. The sophomores and seniors won the discussed basic atomic principles. fll competition in the quickest cleaning up of burst balloons. October 143 Nlay You Reign In The Hearts 01' Nlen Forever NOVEMBER S M T W 1' F S 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112 13141516171819 2223242526 20 21 27 28 29 30 AT HALF-TIME,the results from student vot- ing are announced, naming the homecom- ing king and queen, Jim Page and Pam Francis. A WEEK of preparation was ended with the crowning of homecoming king and queen. Each class part- icipated by taking a corner of the gym to decorate for the dance after the football game. Inter-Club Coun- cil had the iob of decorating the stadium, while the cheerleaders and pom pon girls wrapped the goal posts with orange and black streamers. The big game and cere- mony was preceeded by an after- noon pep assembly. After the ex- citement of the day's events, the crowning took place. Pam Francis was chosen queen with Jim Page reigning as king. The queen wore a red velvet robe and was given a gold charm bracelet. The three at- tendants were also awarded roses and bracelets. A n SELECTED AS this year's homecoming aTTenCl6r1TS are VGFSHY ALL VARSITY football players, Lee Zavala, Roy Muller and Leo- cheerleaders Vickie Petley, Karen Briley and Judy Gutknecht. nard Mascaranus, are the three attendants to Jim Page. 144 November , Gld, New Traditions For Spirit "A SQUARE TooT of Tin foil is To be added for each SHS vicTory," explains sTudenT council member Bob Van Valer aT a pep assembly. BEGINNING THE monTh of November, Homecoming was scheduled Tor The Third. Because of The AEA ConvenTion, sTudenTs were given The TirsT vacaTion of The year on The TourTh. Opening day of The Arizona STaTe Fair also occurred on The TourTh wiTh The Beaver Band and pom pon squad performing. ASU OPENED iTs campus on The fiTTh for Senior Day, To give inTeresT- ed sTuclenTs an opporTuniTy To view The campus. CLUB DAY, held on November l5, gave The sTudenT body a chance To lisTen To whaT each club on campus had To offer. TO ROUND ouT The monTh, The Phoenix Symphony OrchesTra came To SHS on The 29Th. so c,.o 55' VOCALISTS MARY BETH KRAMER, George BarraTT and BabeTTe Gamash perform aT The Thanksgiving concerf. The concerT was puT on by Singers and ChansoneTTes. A HOOTENANNY aT The snackbar is a feaTure of Club Day. The enTerTainmenT includes Tom STeen, Eric Aug- usT and STormy EaTon on guifars. November 145 I R RECEIVING THE Player of The Week awards aT The annual Dirck Iacobelli, Jim Page, Lee Zavala and Leonard Mascar- fooTbaII banqueT are Roy Muller, Randy SmiTh, PaT Hankins, anus. These boys were honored for Their performances I AIberT Robles and Doug Breazeale. The boTTom row includes during various fooTbaIl games. Accomplishing Through Performances ,Q N: M , 3: MRS. DAVID PAGE is commended aT The annual TooTbalI banqueT Tor her aTTendance 1 aT 50 consecuTive fooTbalI games in The pasT 5 years. Her sons, Jim, Dave and Chuck, proudly presenT her wiTh Their ierseys. 'I46 December tisfaction OPENING THE monTh of December was The annual TooTball banqueT held in The caTeTeria. FooTball and cross counTry Team members were acknowledged Tor Their performan- ces during The season. The TirsT bas- keTball game of The year was wiTh Sunnyslope on December Third. Be- sides The inTroducing of The baskeT- ball Team aT The TirsT baskeTball pep assembly, The pep band was There To help liven up The spiriT. ALONG WITH The Two one-acT plays, The TheaTer arTs class presenTed "The Mirnes". S O O N AFTERWARDS, many homerooms Took parT in The challenge of decoraTing Their rooms, and each of The Tour classes decoraT- ed a diTTerenT area around The school. The seniors decoraTed in TronT of The audiTorium, iuniors, The office, sophomores, The adminisTra- Tion building, and freshmen, The li- brary. BASKETBALL COACH Ken Clinkingbeard Talks aT The TirsT baskeTbaII pep assembly Tor The game againsT Saguaro. Besides in- Troducing The Team members, The 1 iflll fl program provided for a skiT by The seniors. DECEMBER S M T W T F S 123 4 5 6 7 8 910 11121314151617 1819 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Mrs. HaggerTy, Edye Tuck- er, Mrs. Dowey, Amanda BringhursT, Mrs. Trimly and Dee Sandwick, Mrs. Micklham discuss Their sons in The war in "The Old Lady Shows Her Medals". BE- LOW: BOB KINKER and Susan Falk acT ouT The King and Queen in "The Ugly Duckling". 1 I LEFT: CINDY REISLAND, December 147 JUNIOR CLASS Christmas decorations were "The Arizona Spirit of Christmas". Santa was seen in a covered wagon and was pulled by the tra- ditional Arizona roadrunners. RIGHT: Seniors' decorations compared today's commercial Christ- mas with the real spiritual significance of Christ- YTTGS. When Holidays Seldom Come... , .,,s,i.i fziiimzte ' 1 a 'ffa' 4 i 4 fi u 1 V4 3, ' 4 i v - f , i is fy I v 9 2 A JOURNALISM ROOM 405 was one ofthe many homerooms participating in the may Christmas competition decorations. Although Mr. Bryan's homeroom won, this prolect increased the holiday excitement in all the classrooms participating. QM 1 Q ' wi 0 x ,W ... ,.,, --fiixig 'K b. -L, ua .Sr - AT ff' '-ff .. - A S ,,.. Q- 5 X x-uf 5 " 1 ,.- fn ,Qu A., f 1. fx, if f - f -'wa ,f f x Q. 5 x . -Www m,,.,.3!G-' 4, Q f f-, lk X-'ar ,M YR- if 5-QQ Q ,Q ig, Q, 2 f x I ,iq - .r-if , J. k y . 3 - r. 5 , 11' QS: 1 , J- jpg ff 'Q A A - W .., 'A J iyi-is RW3 f 4 f .s'?'4f'!- ff.. - . W X ,., 'X f Q . , 1 K W fx X ' -4" ' A A Q. , . 'Eff fw- 4 wigs . Y , sf x M,- wh ' ww. 'HZ wily, W, 'f 6 w hff Lf wg 5 --.: 3 K 6. Y x 0nce Again The Footsteps Sound JANUARY S M T W T FS 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 91011121314 1516171819 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 293031 jiigg PRESENTING ENTER- f TAINMENT at the AFS 9 'lo' assembly, Masako Ish- ida performed a tra- ditional Japanese dance. BELOW: Masako, Japang Christian Mueri, Switzerlandg Helle Blomquist, Denmark, Raffael Reda, Italy, and Ore Estrella, Argentina, discuss the differences of school and dating customs in their native country and the United States. Q , ' '7' i f T T i 3 4321? ',f:,,, if If V 1 'UK A i7o??.fi I 150 January I JGY AND sadness combined as Patty Wilson waved good- bye to the student body and campus of Scottsdale High School. Chosen to be a Foreign Exchange Student to Brazil, Patty will live with an adopted family for a year, becom- ing acquainted with their language and customs, and then return to graduate with the class of '68, -...R 55 f I ka MSR: WITH SATISFACTION, Lee Zavala and Bill Markham pre- sent Arcadia Student Body President Brian Langston with 26 the Loser's Trophy, initiated to arouse spirit. SEMESTER CHANGE I brought different sched- I "-it fjgq e','y ules and teachers. Robbie l"ili'l" Jackson and Mike Hearne prepare tor the new semester by ex- changing old books for new. THE ARRIVAL of January brought another year and a new semester. Helping stu d e n t s swing into the school routine, Beaver Builders sponsored a Back-to-school dance on January sixth. Spirit ribbons sold by the Junior class and Beaver decals sold by the cheerleaders helped to increase the enthusiasm and interest among the students. On January I3, the IOOth and 300th persons entering the pep assem- bly were awarded a surprise package by Student Council con- taining spirit pins, ribbons and a shaker. January I5I UGiOl OLD FRIENDS return to exchange ideas about student government and present Their proposed constitution SW Qt as sHs hosts the saguafo srudenr council. ' a r n F r O m Gthers' Ideas if WITH MORE and more girls showing an interest WHITE KNIGHT Janice Lowry battles The Blues by i in medicine and dentistry, this vocational con- Q selling a yearbook to Kimball Clark and Linda Cissel l r ference answers popular inquiries. before the arrival of Black Friday. l52 January And Gur Queen of Courts ls H FEBRUARY sm T w T F s 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 91011 12131415161718 18 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 SING OUT wiTh "Up WiTh People" was The Talk of many sTudenTs on campus afTer The morning as- sembly concerning moral rearm- mamenT. BELOW: SE- LECTED AS one of The Three senior girl candi- daTes by The baskeTball Team, Sunny Lof was chosen Queen of CourTs by The sTudenT body. Bill Markham escorTed aTTendanT Jean Holman and Rudy ErnsT was Sunny's escorT. AThene Gibbons, aTTendanT, was led by Lee Zavala. ATTer The game, The queen reign- ed over The dance which was sponsored by The sophomores. February 153 Si., 7 1 ' V' TM? 4 W . , A TTTT i , y we if, W Tw ,,u .,, x . .I rpm! , Ys " -ff, n 1 , , ,Q M- - , A 4 W f J Lf 1 ""7 T at T M M D gy 3 M J Jim ,, or s T T IVV 'A,f 1 T will is A V . zff 'f we in .W,.,f,.,, ,,,L,N,, .1 f,,. vi E-1 f --" '2" ---' - .,- " W," TRICYCLES, WHEELBARROWS and shovels were used by avidly served The ScoTTsdale Jaycees by collecTing sTreeT The Key Club members in The rodeo parade. The club debris from The parade rouTe. JIM PAGE, playing The parT of JacquoT in The spring play CAR- 24 NIVAL, sympaThizes wiTh Lili, porTrayed by Judy ErnsT. Filled wiTh dancing and music, The play concerns The sTory of many people spending Their lives working in a carnival. T54 February FLICKERING BRIGHTLY, The candle of 17 leadership is liT by NaTional Honor SocieTy secreTary Susanne LiTTlepage. SPRINGTIME ARRIVED wiTh a bursT of ac- TiviTies such as The Parada del Sol which involved many sTudenTs. Sunny Lof was crowned Queen of CourTs and a dance was held in her honor. The "Up VViTh People" assembly was an ouTsTanding presenTaTion of The moral rearmamenT program. NaT'l Honor SocieTy inducTed Their new mem- bers, and Beaver Builders prepared Tor Their TwenTy-sevenTh SweeThearT Prom. The musical CARNIVAL ended February. '15, I 5 Q 4 2 1 I Z 5 E 2 3 DUKE AND Duchess Bob Gaughan and Cindy Woodbridge walk up To Take Their places for The crowning ceremony aT The SweeThearT Prom. W i .5 .,.-:. ROYALLY SWINGING around The dance floor are The SweeThearT g Prom King and Queen, Lynne Thenell and Frank SrniTh. The pair was chosen by The people who aTTended The annual evenT. I y IW' PARTICIPATING IN The SweeThearT Prom processional are freshmen Dave EXPECTANTLY WAITING To find ouT whaT TiTle is To Sfimson and Wendy STeele. The couple was voTed Prince and Princess. be Theirs are sophomores Charee Hamblin and Randy BurT. They were crowned Lord and Lady. February I55 In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb MARCH sivitwrrs 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 91011 12131415161718 18 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 - it WRESTLING AND bas- L ketball awards are pre- sented at a banquet. ' 'R Coach Neil Corbin pre- sents an award to senior Greg Russnack, while senior Steve Wil- liams looks on. l 8 i - PLANNING AHEAD for graduation, Randy . PRECISENESS IS one qualification for pom pon. Joan Bai- A if Smith orders his cap and gown. A four dollar ley, senior, demonstrates the correct form to freshman m,LL deposit is required before the student is meas- ii Wendy Steele as she practices for final cuts. ured. ABOVE: CONGRATULATIONS ARE given to Carnival King Stormy Eaton and attendant John Mackey by Lee Zavala. BELOW: ANTICIPATING BEING dunkecl, Rey Rehtmeyer waits patiently forthe ball to hit the lever. .Q Q-Q - W me ---' .,:v.-i f. - :E K W L..,: j.,ig: g M K ' K L ri ras. f -sr ' -N ' M' K E A W , ., V , ,, .. n Q . .. aeilo 'flt A it ittll A E E Q' E Nit, ,, -K W- kr. ollaa ttae, E E ii . Q 55. 3 it . il' ,si :ia ' ig A f afit W, -fs? ' 'V . or 1 1- L. 'N i - K? ., if . A aaa. L to A f" K . . Ng-:sw A . I I A b y - T . il A A A ' A V yikl' N ...- 'E A A .1 I A Q KV .,.' K7 , i N- , T.. T v i 1-In A m Step Right Up And Win A Prize W any fs' CHOCOLATE PUDDING is heaved at Letterman Club member Randy Smith at the club's Carnival booth. One dime buys a paper plate of pudding to throw at dedicated club workers. March 157 ll 13 Remember..Go And Vote Today 7 r,-f fix x ye .....,... 5, - , RM, Y v . s,fN. s-.f yt . if 'Q au. REALLY ON the ball, Sue Kruidenier bounces a basketball after ACCENTING THE freshly-buolcled trees are campaign posters her campaign-manager election speech for Jackie Norton. used in the spring Student Body elections. l58 March MEETING AGAIN Bffef being OlCl School Cl1UmS, Dirk skits from each of the four classes. Student Council offers Iacobelli,Mark Smallsreed and Jim Page sing and talk over a first, second and third place money prize for best in- old times. The talent show features individual ancl group dividual performances. 'TTI H! L P 1 ll! JW MARCH BROUGHT school life closer To The end of The year. On March sixTh, STudenT Council sponsored a Carnival for The clubs and classes To parTicipaTe in. GeT- Ting ready Tor The coming year, pom pon TryouTs were held on The l4Th. Seniors anTicipaTing gradua- Tion ordered caps and gowns wiTh a Tour dollar renTal Tee, and wrap- ping up The vvinTer sporTs, The SporTs BanqueT was held on March i3Th. Also on The l3Th, The STu- denT Body elecTion assembly gave sTudenTs a chance To decide TuTure leaders. To demonsTraTe The sTu- denTs' versaTiliTy, The TalenT Show was held on March l8Th. Finishing up The monTh, and The yearbook, Miss Camelback was selecTed on March 2lsT. ABOVE: THE SILENCE is broken as The T967 Miss ff Camelback Jean Holman is A crowned by sTaTTer Judy GUT- knechT. LOWER LEFT: THE CHANSON- ETTES prepare To sing an original song composed Tor each girl. BELOW: DEBORAH ALVORD'S proud TaTher es- corTs his exciTed daughTer down The ceremony processional in The audi- Torium. 21 Aecomplishmentz The Setting And Realizing Of Goals queen of our courTs an unexpecTed Thrill Honors THE STUDENTS ThaT appear in The following pages are ones who have worked hard To beTTer The school, The communiTy and Themselves. Their genuine concern in Their work is evidenced by The goals which They have seT and meT. They are presenTed in The lighT of meriT, Tor They have achieved meriT. IN THE world of Today's youTh, conTormiTy is oTTen The easier rouTe To Take. This Type of conTormiTy includes behaving The same as everyone else and accomplishing The same. The individuals honored in This secTion are The ones who, noT conTenT wiTh This average, have pushed Themselves a liTTle harder To become above average, in TacT, To become ouTsTanding. This exTra push has gained Them meriT now and will conTinue To do so ThroughouT Their lives. THESE YOUNG men and women are The leaders oT Today, buT more imporTanT, They will become leaders of Tomorrow. Honors 161 Fair As ls The Rose In Nlay --Chaucer DEBORAH ALVORD, MISS CAMELBACK ATTENDANT - CAMELBACK editor . . . National Honor Society veep . . . Beaver Builders president . . . Quill and Scroll treasurer . . . Scottsdale Singers historian . . . Chansonettes . . . "Carnival" . . . French Club , . . Publications Workshop . . . Outstanding Journalist Award . . . December Student-of-Month . . . Nominee for National Council of Teachers of English Achievement Award . . .Cornell University Advanced Placement German Summer Course. . .Top 51. WENDY POWELL, MISS CAMELBACK ATTENDANT - Student Body Treasurer . . . Student Senate secretary . . . freshman class veep . . . National Honor Society. . . Beaver Builders . . . AFS . . . iv, varsity tennis . . . Girls' State . . . NCCJ . . . West High Brotherhood Conference. . .Outstanding Junior Girl Award . . . Key Club Sweetheart. . . Daughters of American Revolution Award . . . Ellie Lee Kahl Foreign Language Award . . . Nominee for JC Citizenship Award . . . Top 52. TBQT-lonors i X JEAN HOLMAN - Senior class girl representative. . .CAMELBACK assistant editor . . . Queen of Courts attendant. . . Girl's League sophomore president, executive president . . . Arizona State Girls' League secretary . . . AFS semi-finalist . . . Quill and Scroll secretary . . . Beaver Builders . . . Spanish Society . . . November Student-of-Month . . . Model United Nations . . . Girls' State Alternate . . . Howdy Dudettes president . . . selected SHS representative on lndispensables. Honors 163 Top Wi With Them Gi Wisdom TOP FiVE PER CENT Standing: Sieve Bartley, Theneil, Randy Lungren. The Seed I Did Sovv -'Omar Khayydm Bob Curiis, David Georgens. Sitting: Lynne Y 164 HONORS I TOP FIVE PER CENT Standing: Dean Quain. Sitting: Suzanne Littlepage. TOP FIVE PER CENT STEVE BARTLEY f National Honor Society . . . Mu Alpha Theta veep . . . Science Club . . . U of A Alumni Award. BOB CURTIS - National Honor Society . . . Mu Alpha Theta pres . . . European Cultural So- ciety pres . . .Science Club. . .German Club. . .varsity tennis . . . Harvard Book Award. DAVID GEORGENS - National Honor Society . . . Mu Alpha Theta .... AFS . . . French Club. LYNNE THENELL - National Honor Society . . . Mu Alpha Theta . . . Beaver Builders . . . AFS . . . Spanish Society . . . Sweetheart Prom Queen. RANDY LUNGREN - National Honor Society . . . Mu Alpha Theta . . .German Club. . . Doctor of Motors Award. SUZANNE LITTLEPAGE - National Honor Society sec . . . AFS . . . Latin Club . . . Student Senate. DEAN QUAIN - National Honor Society . . . Mu Alpha Theta . . . varsity track, cross country. Not pictured are TRISH EYRING and KAREN ASH. Activities and pictures of these students may be found on these pages: Deb- orah Alvord, 162, Wendy Powell, 162, Sunny Lot, 168, Paula Nold, 169, Kristine Mark, 169, Gaynelle Nixon, 169. Honors 165 Top My GiveMUysQ,A Taste Gt Your Quality -' 5,2 sr, ,.-.1 "if, --Hamlet te., 1,5345 gl-55" M F TOP FIVE PER CENT: BERKLEY BENNESON - National Honor Society . . . Mu Alpha XL M ,. il nigh Theta . . . Scottsdale Singers . . . "Lil Abner" . . . "Molly Brown" . . . "Carnival" , . . JV 7 , ,EL f, L' - ggltt ,R iv tennis. GEORGE KOEPKE - National Honor Society . . . varsity basketball, base- lil s,aiL7M ff-sg I T " "M T T ball . . . Mu Alpha Theta . . . Key Club . . . Spanish Society. JOHN MACKEY - G L lj ' Y National Honor Society pres . . . Mu Alpha Theta . . . Key Club pres . . . December .J ' ,V - . tv, Student-of-Month . . . German Club . . . swimming team . . . Arizona Youthpower Y R ,fit tr f' A' KYQ 5 E' Conference. CONNIE TRECARTIN - National Honor Society . . . French Club . . . 5 Q 9, " V M X 1 Thespian Society . . . Student Senate . . . Beaver Band treas. sec . . . 2 musicals, P' tg 'J 5 Ti "Carnival", LYNN STRESEN-REUTER . . . National Honor Society . . . BEAVER staff ig? 3 A sports editor, photographer . . . Teentattle correspondent . . . Student Senator-oti F' A Semester Award . . . Beaver Builders . . . Quill and Scroll . . . Arizona Youthpower i' ' I ' Conference. 1 ,gggl TOP FIVE PER CENT Seated: Connie Trecartin, John Mackey, Lynn Stresen-Reuter. Standing: Berkley Benneson, George Koep- ke. 166 Honors American Field Service "YOU ARE' going to Scottsdale, in the mid- dle of the desert." Oh my gosh! What kind of school will I go to in the middle of the desert? Contrary to my imagination, Scotts- dale High School was a big, old but pretty school with a beautiful, green lawn. Since the first time I saw it, I have loved the red brick buildings and spread-out campus which I walked across every day. MY FIRST week at school was very confus- ing, spending ten minutes to open my lock- er, looking for rooms with my arms full of heavy books, and sitting in the classrooms not knowing what was oing on. But time has passed so fast. Footgall games, school dances, excited cheering, they are all gone. But also now is the time of new beginning in my life, using modern American ideas in the traditional Japanese Society. YES, I have learned a lot here, other ways of thinking, living, other relationships be- tween people. However, the thing that impresses me most is your ability to express youselves. In all situations, you have con- fidence in yourselves and never hesitate to express your opinions. Many times I wished that I had had that ability. THANK-YOU VERY much for everything you gave me. Your friendliness has made me feel at home as well as keeping me from being homesick. I hope I have given you as much as you have given me. TOKYO IS just fifteen hours flight from Phoenix. lt's near, isn't it? Perhaps I might have a chance to come back, and you might have a chance to visit Japan. SO UNTIL then. Sayonara. Ma ko MASAKO 'Mako' ISHIDA Cultural Exchange Between Two Nations A GRACEFULLY charming and sincere young lady, Mako Ishida has spent a memorable year as the third SHS Foreign Exchange Student. Masako left her home in Tokyo, Japan, her parents, and fourteen-year-old sister on August 3, I966, to be warmly received into the home of her "adopted" family in America, the Morgan Johnsons. Honorary membership in Student Council, Beaver Builders and AFS kept Mako constantly involved in school life. From her lectures, slides and personal friendship, we have reaped in- tangible rewards. THE FIRST SHS student to be chosen as an American Abroad in the school's history, senior Patty Wilson was notified on January I2, 1967, to prepare in nine short days for a year of study in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A very active leader on campus, Patty busily arranged her posi- tions as the BEAVER co-editor, senior class veep, Nat'l Honor Society secre- tary and Stellae Tri-Hi-Y president so that her duties could be accepted by others. In addition to obtaining a passport, many shots and packing, Patty fit in countless farewell parties. SHS will eagerly await her return to the senior class for the second semester of l968. PATTY WILSON HONORS 167 QUEEN OF COURTS ROYALTY SUNNY LOF - Nat- ional Honor Society . . . Student Body corr. sec . . . Inter-club Council sec . . .varsity cheerleading capt . . . CAMELBACK staff . . . Beaver Builders . . . Quill and Scroll . . . Student Senate . . . "Bye Bye Birdie" . . . NCCJ. ATHENE GIBBONS -M Beav- er Builders . . . Spanish Society . . . pom pon . . . Chansonettes . . . "Bye Bye Birdie" . . . "Sound of Music". Queen Ot Courts Garmented In Light From Her Beauty ATHENE GIBBONS 168 Honors Varied Honors Virtue ls Like A Rich Stone, Best Plain Set PAULA NOLD NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLAR- SHIP FINALIST- National Hon- or Society . BEAVER staff assistant editor . . . Quill and Scroll . . . Girls' League senior class pres . . . Mu Alpha Theta . . . Student Senate . . . Beaver Builders . . . French Club . . . Outstanding Junior Girl Award. KRIS MARK GIRLS' STATE - National Han- or Society . . . Mu Alpha Theta . . . Girls' League ex. pres., sec., chap . . . French Club pres., sec . . . Chanson- ettes . . . Model UN. --Bacon GAYNELLE NIXON BEAVER EDITOR - National Honor Society . . . sr. class treas . . . Mu Alpha Theta ... Quill and Scroll... Beav- er Builders . . . iv tennis . . . February Student-of-Month . . . Miss Model Coed finalist . . . nominee for Senate youth Program. Y, .2- ew-we BONNIE BILLINGS BETTY CROCKER HOMEMAK- ER OF TOMORROW AWARD - National Honor Society . . . BEAVER staff assistant editor . . . Quill and Scroll veep . . . Girls' League ex. hist., chap . . . Beaver Builders hist . . . Spanish Society . . . AFS . . . Scottsdale Progress correspon- dent. Honors 169 Homecoming NoloIeBy Birth, Yet Nobler B Great Deeds y --Longfellow HOMECOMING ROYALTY PAM FRANCIS - Student Body veep . . . Student Senate pres . . . Student Union . . . Student Senator . . . pompon capt . . . CAMELBACK staff . . . Beaver Builders. . . AFS . . . Spanish Society.. .two musicals. . . NCCJ . . . IHSBC . . .Model UN . .Teen Workshop rep . . . Elks Leadership Award. JIM PAGE - sr. class pres . . . frosh, soph. boy rep . . . varsity football, track . . . All-City QB . . . Lettermen's Club. . . Nat'l For- ensic League pres.. .Key Club sgt-at-arms . . . Boy's State . . . NCCJ . . . "Carnival" . . . BB prom attendant . . . January Student-of-Month. LEE ZAVALA - Student Body pres . . . ir. boy rep . . .varsity football, basketball . . . Lettermen's Club . . . Key Club. . .Spanish So- ciety . . . NCCJ . . . IHSBC . . . Boy's State . . . National, State Student Council Conventions . . . October Student-of-Month. KAREN BRILEY - Varsity cheerleader . . . BEAVER staff. . . Teentattle correspondent . . . Beaver Builders . . . Quill and Scroll hist . . . Nat'l Forensic League sec . . . AFS . . . NCCJ . . . IHSBC . . . October Student-of-Month. ROY MULLER - Varsity football, basketball, baseball . . . All-State football . . . Student Senator . . . Letter- men's Club . . . Key Club sgt-at-arms. VICKI PETLEY - Varsity cheerleader . . . GAA. JUDY GUTKNECHT - Varsity cheerleader . . . CAMELBACK staff . . , Beaver Builders . . . Quill and Scroll . . . Spanish Society . . . Student Senator . . . BB prom attendant . . . Howdy Dud- ettes. LEE ZAVALA KAREN BRILEY ROY MULLER VlCKl PETLEY JUDY GUTKNECHT 170 Honors c f J mmf E 3 2 5 E 3 Honors 171 Model United Nations . . . The Town Hall Gt The World MODEL UN Seated: Patty Jerome, Sue Kruidenier, Susan Ballen- berger. Standing: Bill Neill, Myron Scott, Lynn Tess. MODEL UN DELEGATES BILL NEILL, Canada - BEAVER staff photographer . . . varsity wrestling, gymnastics . . . Letter- men's Club. . . Key Club. MYRON SCOTT, Zambia - Euter- pian Society. PATTI JEROME, Canada H- BEAVER staff . . . Student Senate . . . Beaver Builders . . . Spanish Society. SUE KRUIDENIER, Canada - CAMELBACK staff . . .Student Senate . . . pom pon . . . iv cheerleader . . . Beaver Builders ...Quill and Scroll . . . AFS . . .Spanish Society... NCCJ. SUSAN BALLENBERGER, Red China - National Honor So- ciety . . . Student Body recording sec .... Student Senate treas .... Mu Alpha Theta sec .... National Forensic League sec .... Beaver Builders . . .AFS . . . SHS debate team . . . Scottsdale Singers. . . NCCJ. LYNN TESS, Red China - iunior class pres .... sophomore class veep . . . AFS treas. . . . Scienc-eilub . . . Youthpower Conference.. .Student Coun- cil Convention . . . NCCJ. ASU MEDALLION AWARDS MELISSA CROWFOOT - National Honor Society . . . junior class veep . . . Chansonettes sec .... Scottsdale Singers . . . Mu Alpha Theta . . . Spanish Society . . . Beaver Builders . . .AFS . . . Classical Society. SHELDON KOTZ - National Honor Society. . . Mu Alpha Theta. T72 Honors .MXN MELISSA CROWFOOT SHELDON KOTZ ALL-STATE ORCHESTRA MIKE WARDEN- BURG - Beaver Band . . . "Carnival" . . . varsity wrestling. ALL-STATE BAND BILL SCHAAR - Beaver Band . . .Orchestra . . . six musicals. ALL-STATE ORCHESTRA STEVEN KULB - National Honor Society . . . Beaver Band pres .... 5 musicals . . . Phoenix Youth Symphony Orchestra. ALL- STATE CHORUS CAROLYN ELFGEN - Chansonettes . . . Scottsdale Singers . . "Carnival", "Plain and Fancy", "Cyrano de Bergerac" . . .frosh tennis . . . French Club. BABETTE GAMASH - National Honor So- ciety . . . Beaver Builders . . . Scotltsdale Singers sec .... Chansonettes . . . "lVlolly Brown", "Carnival". MARCIA LADEN- DORFF - Scottsdale Singers . Chanson- ettes . . . "Music Man", "Bye Bye Birdie" "Sound of Music", "'Lil Abner", "Molly Brown", "Carnival", three musicals. . . '66 All-State Chorus. SUSAN LENZ . . . Scotts- dale Singers treas.-lib .... Chansonettes . . . "Sound of Music", "'Lil Abner", "Molly Brown", "Carnival" . . . Spanish Society. JUDY ERNST - Scottsdale Singers ...GAA ..."Carnival". ALL-STATE Mike Wardenburg, orchestra, Bill Schaar, band, Steven Kulb, orchestra. All-State Band and Chorus Let The Music Creep In Gur Ears gf--H-1 amp ., MW! We TLS? --Shakespeare ALL-STATE CHORUS Seated: Carolyn Elfgen, Judy Ernst, Marcia Ladendorff. Standing: Babette Gamash, Suzie Lenz. Honors 173 Playing: A Feeling Cf Self-Satisfaction no matter what shape your stomach is in a lunge, a tackle Sports A FIGHTING spirit and cooperative team work characterized the Beaver teams of T966-67. Practicing hard, playing hard, fighting hard, they strove to make SHS proud ot them. Their goals, beyond the basic one of winning, were to present our opponents with an overall picture of good sportsmanship. Accomplishing this brought merit to the coaches, the school and the team. Winning or losing, although important, isn't and should not be the primary issue of athletics. It a team is able to leave an opponent's gymnasium knowing they played the game fairly and that they did their best, then they too have won something. This elusive "something" is self-satisfaction. lt includes satisfaction in themselves, in their ability as sportsmen and in the knowledge that the student body is behind them fully. It a team has this, it is a winner! Sports 1 75 1 W z- WZ 4 .fr ' V ' 1,1 r wwf .. . . V .5-V , ,,m..M. M... .A ....,s .. .. , rr-H f . 1 fqnn- .mr v ' H- -Q Af 2 4. :W .... . . Zy ... g v. vv W fy Y 72 . . , A 75 . , , AW ,. A, , swf M 5 MW 24 my . Q Mp .,,A . ,,',,rm ,f" lr 'N-,hwy V-. my ,,,, ' .WH V .. Q W' ' .V 47 V M if Q W 3, Eff? E jf, M 1 ,Ml I 1 4 A - 1 i ,6 - ' r . W . rc. L in A I '1.,f- V '7f . f 1 WT g i 5 LK A5 M if , L' 1 Q liit . K or -' 31 fi- sa- iss se-3 lm L 1 ,E i 5 6 5 V . ,'f1 2 ' 1 . Y 'W gg Q... li Q, I 1, M-up g -bw VV W mm.. dp . 1 V ,M YW imfwl. if , 4 22 VARSITY FOOTBALL Bottom Row: Leonard Mascarenas, Randy Smith, Mark Smallsreed, Robbie Jackson, Tom Steen. Row 4: Bill Graham, Bob- Bill Collins, Pat Hankins, Albert Robles, Gene Houck, Jim Page, Dirck by Flores, Rob Stopher, Bob Kinker, Lee Zavala, Kevin Woudenberg, lacobelli. Row 2: Wes Hovan, Doug Breazeale, Bruce lacobelli, Don Greg McDonald, John Pearson. Top Row: Jim MacNeil, mgr., Vern Palmer, Bill Rich, Dennis Smith, Bruce Sturr, Tim Connolly. Row 3: Wedge, mgr., Chuck Robel mgr., Lawrence Leason, Clif Cowan, Man- Pete Grundman, Don Forwood, Roy Muller, Rick Cozens, Tom Waid, uel Lucero, Lee Meyer, Carl Cox. IN HOT pursuit of Coronado fullback Loren Smith, 40, are defensive guards Albert Robles, 66, and Carl Cox, 68. A l3-12 loss to Washington introduc- ed the i967 football season for the Beavers as Leonard Mascarenas and Tom Steen scored the Beavers' two touchdowns. ON SEPTEMBER 23, the Beavers hosted the highly-rated West- wood Warriors. The Warriors over- powered the Beavers, 26-7. AFTER JOURNEYING to Kofa, the Beavers re- corded their first win of the season as Scottsdale trounced the Kings, 42-6. ON OCTOBER 7, Scottsdale lost to the impressive Tempe team, 28-7. The Beavers' only scoring came in the first quarter when quarterback Kevin Wou- denberg passed l5 yards to halfback Doug Breazeale, concluding a 56-yard scoring march. Bruce lacobelli kicked the extra point. SCOTTSDALE TRAVEL- ED to Arcadia to hand the Titans a 55- 27 trampling. Leonard Mascarenas led the Beavers scoring attack, gaining three touchdowns and setting up another on an 85-yard punt return. 176 Sports .. ,, My iw., an 1. -L L . Vw f ,, . f 1... ., ., W . , A . R V . Q ,V . 4 . -4 , . , A 1, , BT,,,,.,..,.- T F., VARSITY FOOTBALL Bottom Row: John Armstrong, Gary Cauble. Row 2: Jack Black, Mike Palmer. Row 3: Dave Ronan, Hollis Fisher. Row 4: John Glassmoyer, Jack Daggett. Top Row: Allen Wacker. PURSUING THE rugged path Towards scoring, Leonard Marscarenas helps the Beavers down Chandler, 25-13. appiness ls A Victorious Team VARSITY FOOTBALL SHS THEY 12 Washington 13 7 Westwood 26 42 Kota 6 7 Tempe 28 55 Arcadia 27 19 Casa Grande 12 27 Mesa 41 47 Yuma 13 21 Coronado 13 25 Chandler 13 GUARD PAT Hankins, 63, and Tackle Clif Cowan, 72, make a lunging Tackle aT Tempe fullback Sam Taylor, The Beavers were overpowered by Tempe in The annual Fathers Night game, losing by a score of 28-7. Sports 1 77 Trying Harder T Shows We Care BEAVER HALFBACK Dean French charges aT WesTwood quarTerback Jay Rokey in ScoTTsdaie's Tirsf conference encounTer of The season. The Beavers losT, 26-7. 2 1 CARL COX, 68, member of The defensive Team, The "BIack Ban- diTs," sTops a Chandler runner. Doug Breazeale, 22, and Mark Smallsreed, 13, rush To assisT him in The Tackle. 1 i wmsw'afs':z mxsl'1s 5 z 2 2 5 9 ii Ei Zi i NE RANDY SMITH, 31, Leonard Mascarenas, 21, Lee Zavala, 43, Carl Cox, 68, and Mark Smalls- reed, 13, Tackle a TiTan runner. THE BEAVERS were Then vicTorious over The Casa Grande Cougers as Jim Page, Roy Muller and Leonard Marcarenus all scored in The 19-12 vicTory. THE MESA JackrabloiTs delivered The Beavers Their lasT loss oT The season. The JackrabbiTs deTeaTed The Beavers, 41-27. EAGER TO avenge Their deTeaT loy Mesa, ScoTTs- dale encounTered The Yuma Criminals. Playing one oT Their besT games of The season, The Beavers deTeaTed The Crim- inals, 47-13. SCOTTSDALE THEN con- quered The Coronado Dons, 21-13. Sen- ior quarTerback Jim Page scored Two Touchdowns and passed To Roy Muller, end, Tor The Third Beaver score. Bruce Ia- cobelli compleTed The Three conversions. IN THE lasT game oT The season, The Bea- vers downed Chandler, 25-13. Halfback Leonard Marscarenus scored Two Touch- downs. Randy SmiTh, John ArmsTrong, Dirck lacoloelli each scored one Touch- down. Bruce lacobelli added The exTra poinT, making The Tinal score oT The sea- Son, 25-13. ROY MULLER hurdles a TiTan defender To gain good yardage as The Beavers overwhelmingly beaT "" Arcadia, 55-27, for Their second win of The season. SporTs 179 lt's Not Who Winsg lt's How You Play The Game JV FOOTBALL FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SHS THEY SHS THEY 6 Central T2 O Westwood 39 O Westwood 26 6 Carson 32 7 Camelback l 3 6 Tempe 19 O Tempe 49 O Arcadia 49 6 Arcadia 6 O Casa Grande 4l 7 Saguaro 7 T3 Carson T3 6 Mesa 27 l2 Kino 3l O Washington 33 l 2 Coronado 40 T6 Coronado 34 14 Chandler 58 7 Chandler O A PASS from JV quarterback Rick Ryan was broken up by a staunch Arcadia defender. The JVs Tied the Titans, in the one of the best games of their season. -no V . W.. .. . . ' f'c"". """' M., .1-M , , l,,, ..M..., 4 f,.X V hm. . ga ,W . 1,5327-H' an , -- may .,,. .,,,, -,,, . mi., ,,.,,, . Manu,-M? . mn -we f , .. . , K:.:m,..5a..v0-wy:g5,a-w 4 - 'Mi' :fora . , . .s.N,.,- f , .. M.. .,.,, sway... mf - -W . ...-W , ,, M . , , ,, , ,, A, .. Y,U,,,..,. ..g ,. -1 WW JV FOOTBALL Bottom Row: James Kerr, Brian Murray, Mario Ruiz, Bill Charlie Rogers, Dan Ronan, Dave Denyes ,Larry Mohr, Artie DiVenuti Fraley, Don Adams, John Warren, Rick Cratte, Rick Saxton. Row 2: Mike Greg Davis, Jack Adams, Mike Dodson. Top Row: Coach John Over Brower, Gary Davis, Tim Dailey, Marty Olson, Jim Rickenberger, Curt street, Coach Jim Stephens, George Barratt, Byron Smith, Dennis Darl Blalock, Jack Taylor. Row 3: Rick Ryan, Steve Swingle, Dave Bauer, Tom ing, Michael Titterington, Dave Arooth, Pat Graham. Farnam, Steve Clayton, Butch Logan, Ron Adams, Larry Stewart. Row 4: T80 Sports 4,4 V - s Q 4 BLOCKING A Chandler play are members of the freshman de- fensive team. The Beavers were overpowered by Chandler, 58- 14. ar' "W rrrw' A if h whA h A i ""AA A Vrrvv rrge 'rrr rgrr zzv - f.,, w,,,Was,E5'-- . V, ..,, frfk Q ,,,,,,,,,,A , -4 f42f' ivrfi A w ff' ': I , f.- Tig? ':'--,,. 1' , -.,l ,..., , . 4:45 "" 'f-: ' ' K 7 i M vr, W tA"-1,4 at hz,-h', -, -. -- 1 :ff -wx .. 'M ,. ' X 'A75 ' - ','- f ' i 81 4 ,"- 4 9' ,K .s K , ,T ,. it ..t, ,, ,. .,,,, , ,.,,. , .r. .,,, , ,A ,, , , f . K , ,M at of Sf.. 4 , ,. x,,, , ,, .,. .. t, ., , ,, W J, ' lr , . ' ' -'-' 'W wr flr' ' ' X 'Z114 'ffm i"'5'f '2II- Z 1 . ., ' it 1 is f'2, I ",, . ,Q I , ki tt , by H' 'HIV I 1 W hh . :AN I ,pr l L o T , f '1 L A 4? 1 S "r' , K y H p A, , . t . ,.ZZ N q 1 . 4 1 1 1 L 2 1 K 'ff r, I r 1 , 7 A ' , ' X lvlrvl V 7 .. , e , V 25 DF 6 L -I ,V vzll A E . , A Q 5 K 1, . :Y , -'-' r ,, sg ff . , - , 4 it L , L rrr, 4 f " N fer, Mg ,. .12 1 5 I V V Iv , , tx :,. Z . if Q, , t it L d 1 f H X it N .J A y if T W' V i c df 1 fi f t- "' t 'N 1 :: 2 '.', Q 4, lf i- K . " , ,l i i f I ' 1 2 ff ri., if it V- -rif W ' ' fi FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Bottom Row: Kent Craig, Chris Crowfoot, Steve Sekan, Brad Jones, Jim Lewis, Mike Hankins, Chester Watson. Row 2: Danny Bradford, John Williams, Jay Scheinbaum, Randy Gibson, Dave Day, Paul Cox, David Mason, Row 3: Doug Pickrell, Scott Paradine, Frank Royer, Tom Ash, George Reuben, Jim Harris, Tony Penrod. Row 4: John Schnetzer, Mike McCall, Barry Williamson, Rick Tess, Tim Hubbard, Chris Cecil, Steve Atwood, George Endres, Dan Kartchner, Coach Kenneth Lenke. Row 5: Stephen Limpanis, Mike Hayes, Paul Ackerman, Mike Grandy, Kent Baccus, Larry Kottraba, Rick Ryser, Steve Hughes, Coach Ken Clinkingbeard. Top Row: Bruce Hamlin, Rob Azar, Chuck Kushell, Dan Beardsley, Randy Coons, Jim Beavers, Michael Clark, Jon Hermanson, Mike Prisbrey, Bryan DeWitt. Sports 181 as WFQTSZ?-, A THREE-year veTeran of The Team, Dean Quain races for The finish line, To place eIevenTh in The meeT againsT Arcadia. OFF AND running are The Yuma and ScoTTsdale milers. The Beavers losT The meeT, 50-15, ToTaling The sevenTh loss. 4 4 r 4 T W, T 182 SporTs ON THE IasT lap of The long disTance run are Tom Sansom and several Arcadia runners. The Beavers losT The meeT, 50-15. Runners Get Ready, Get Set, Go! l AN INEXPERIENCED cross country team l suffered a disappointing season, losing l all nine of their matches. No Scottsdale runner placed in the top five in any meet except the Coronado meet when Tom Sansom placed fifth with a time of ll minutes. Jim Shaver, Bill Frazer, Dean Quain, Tom Williamson, and Rick Seegmiller continually placed in the top T5 runners. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY SHS flow score winsj THEY 50 Westwood T5 45 Kofa T5 45 Tempe T5 45 Arcadia 15 58 Casa Grande T7 50 Yuma l5 40 Coronado 26 45 Chandler T5 THE FIRST Scottsdale runner to cross the finish line in the meet with Arcadia was Tom Sansom. The Titans outran the Beavers for a T5-45 victory. , 11 QD ' ' CROSS COUNTRY Bottom Row: Bill Frazer, Dean Quain, Rick Zimmer- Brown, Tom Williamson, Coach Hil Brady, Jim Shaver, Tom Sansom. man, Rick Seegmiller, Steve Schwartze. Top Row: Dick Forwood, Steve Sports I 83 Jump For Possession Run For The Point I s UNSUCCESSFULLY TRYING FOR two points against Coronado is Bill Markham. Bill was high-point scorer for the Beavers with 208 points and lead the team in re- bounding with a 147. 1 84 Sports LOOKING FOR an open teammate to pass the ball to is iunior Don Palmer. Yuma de- fense proved difficult for the Beavers to overcome, as they were defeated, 59-56. VARSITY BASKETBALL SHS THEY 53 Sunnyslope 51 39 Tempe 64 52 Saguaro 47 55 Westwood 54 71 Casa Grande 53 53 Coronado 70 56 Yuma 59 50 Kota 51 58 Arcadia 56 74 Chandler 57 40 Westwood 49 46 Casa Grande 45 48 Tempe 56 57 Mesa 68 49 Arcadia 56 59 Chandler 48 47 Coronado 72 61 Yuma 52 76 Kota 65 74 Mesa 73 STARTING THE season vicToriously, The ScoTTsdale Beavers defeaTed Sunnyslope, 53-51, in The non-conference sea- son opener. The highly-raTed Tempe Team handed The Beaver cagers Their firsT loss of The season. They rolled over The Beavers, 64-39. In Their firsT home game of The season, ScoTTsdale defeaTed Saguaro, 52-47. The Beavers Then won Their nexT Two games, defeaTing WesTwood and Casa Grande by scores of 55-54 and 71-53. NEXT, THE Beavers meT defeaT aT The hands of The Coronado Dons, 70-53. Losing The following Two games To Yuma and Kofa, 59-58, and 51-50, The Beavers Then faced The Ar- cadia TiTans. Backed by Bill Markham's 18 poinTs, The Beavers defeaTed The TiTans, 58-56. ON JANUARY 14, ScoTTsdale evened iTs division record To 4-4 wiTh a 74-57 win over The Chandler Wolves. Bill Markham was again high scorer. HIGH-SCORING John Peck neTs Two poinTs for The Beavers againsT Yuma. The Team IosT, even Though John scored 16 poinTs. GEORGE KOEPKE demonsTraTes his ball handling abiliTy againsT The Tempe Buffaloes. The highly-raTed Buffs overpowered The Beavers Twice during The season, 64-39, and 56-48. SporTs 1 85 ,Q ll ii I SW usual, rullfill '--.... rv-,...,..,,,,,,, T J Y TEIITTSUII .lillllggq 1 Inf W 581 , A F , MTW 5 0 T 2 4 , T 4 1 , wi X5 VARSITY BASKETBALL BoTTom Row: Don Palmer, Bill Markham, ErnsT. Top Row: Dave Phillips, Lee Zavala, Rick Cozens, Kevin John Peck, Rod DunseaTh, Bob Van Valer, Roy Muller, Rudy McGirr,STan Wang, George Koepke,Jim Brewer, manager. "DRIBBLE DRIBBLE down The floor . . ." Junior guard Dave Phillips advances The ball Toward The baskeT. The Beavers deTeaTed The Sunny- slope Vikings, 53-51, in The firsT game of The season. 1 86 Sports -W ' ON JANUARY 2OTh The ScoTTsdale cagers suffered defeaT aT The hands of The WesTwood Warriors by a score of 49-40. The Beavers recovered from This defeaT To beaT The Casa Grande Cougars, 46-45. THE CAGERS' hopes for a division champion- ship were diminished when The Beavers dropped Three games in a row. On January 27Th a visiTing Tempe Team conquered The Beavers, 56-48. The Mesa JackrabbiTs defeaTed The Beav- ers, 68-57. The Arcadia TiTans gained revenge on Their earlier defeaT by crushing The Beavers, 56-49. ON FEBRUARY Third The Beavers shoT Their way To a 59-48 vicTory over The Chan- dler Wolves To make Their season record 8-8. The Beavers suffered Their IasT loss of The season when They were defeaTed by The Division IA champions, The Coronado Dons, 72-47. SCOTTSDALE DUG in To revenge earlier defeaTs by shellack- ing Yuma, Kofa and Mesa by scores of 6I-52, 76-65 and 74- 73. WINNING THEIR IasT Three games of The season enabled The Beavers To end The season wiTh an I I-9 overall record and a 9-9 conference record. The Beavers ended The season plac- ing fifTh in The division. Bill Markham was high-poinT scorer wiTh a ToTal of 208 poinTs. HIGH IN The air, senior guard Lee Zavala Tries a long shoT for Two poinTs. Lee sparked The scoring for ScoTTsdale wiTh I7 poinTs, buT The Beavers failed To win The game. 4, S I I 1 mmm-...4. vfm1w,iI,,,, ,,.,l,i,,M,,,.,,W,1mMW.,,,,,,,,,,ii JUMPING UP and fighfing for a rebound is Rudy ErnsT. ScoTTsdale came from behind To beaT WesTwood, 54-53, in Their firsT encounTer of The season. SporTs I 87 BOB FURST, Ed Smith, Alan Wacker and John Hazer battle an unidentified Saber- cat cager. The ivs held the Sabercats to only 47 points as the Beavers won, 51 to 47. FRESHMAN B TEAM SHS THEY 48 Tempe 24 31 Saguaro 22 41 Carson 39 44 Casa Grande 50 38 Coronado 27 16 Arcadia 18 32 Chandler 60 30 Kino 44 44 Casa Grande 48 41 Tempe 31 51 Mesa Jr. 43 57 Arcadia 45 54 Chandler 31 JV BASKETBALL Bottom Row: Bob Furst, John 36 Coronado 37 Pearson, Bill Risk, Mark Wilson, Ed Smith, Ale lan Wacker, Greg Davis, Top Row: William Olbright, mgr., Bob Vetter, Terry Offenbacker, Jim Hazar, Mike Palmer, Alan Himeltarb, Den- nis Darling, Douglas Farrow, mgr. JV BASKETBALL SHS THEY 32 Sunnyslope 29 43 Tempe 51 51 Saguaro 47 41 Westwood 39 45 Casa Grande 56 50 Coronado 58 59 Yuma 37 42 Kota 49 42 Arcadia 25 39 Chandler 48 38 Westwood 42 41 Casa Grande 53 55 Tempe 47 55 Mesa 54 61 Arcadia 47 65 Chandler 66 57 Coronado 60 60 Yuma 54 60 Kota 59 69 Mesa 58 FRESHMAN A TEAM SHS THEY 42 Tempe 54 33 Saguaro 30 32 Westwood Kino 41 42 Casa Grande 54 51 Coronado 22 44 Arcadia 54 58 Chandler 37 57 Carson 43 61 Casa Grande 40 57 Tempe 31 48 Mesa 50 51 Arcadia 70 53 Chandler 52 52 Coronado 60 66 Mesa Jr. High 59 1 88 Sports Joy of Victory, Pain of Defeat B it i L as S L MT 39457 Zum fi L i an V V AA g k, I X N5, , , 1 1 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Team B Bottom Row: Vern Wedge, Kent Baccus, Rick Ryser, Gary Davis, Larry Mohr, Dave Day. Mike Grandy, Jon Hermanson, George Reuben. Top Row, Dan Beardsley, FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Team A Bottom Row: Rick Ryan, Jim Bergman, Kottraba, Warren Groves, John Warren, Dave Mason, George Endres, Paul Cox, Jim Harris, Steve Schwartze, Kevin Brady. Top Row: Larry Randy Gibson. TF-3 fra Sports 1 89 HEAVYWEIGHT DON FORWOOD struggles with his Yuma opponent. Don decision- ed his opponent, 9-2, but the team lost the match, 9-31. SH 37 13 16 9 9 15 14 11 24 31 18 VARSITY WRESTLING THEY East 1 1 Tempe 31 Westwood 28 Sunnyslope 37 Yuma 31 Kota 30 Arcadia 34 Mesa 39 Casa Grande 22 Chandler 16 Coronado 28 DOUG MORRIS brings down his East High opponent in the opening match of the season. Senior co-cap- tain of the team, Doug wrestled at 165 pounds in the matches throughout the year. Photo by Mike Bailey. STEVE WILLIAMS senior co-ca tain of the team, attempts to take down his Yuma op- , P ponent. Wrestling at 145 pounds, he won this match with a 6-3 decision. 190 Sports laik, 3 en. V ff I i Y .1 I ' - .L Q ' VARSITY WRESTLING Bottom Row: John Apodaco, Rickie Zimmerman, Top Row: Chuck Rgbel, mgr., Steve Williams, Greg Russnak, Doug Mor- Mike Wardenburg, Dennis Floyd, Mark Righettini, Bill Neill, Dave RuohO. ris, .lon Creede, Danny Norton, Don Forwoocl, Jack Black. "Don't Just Lay There, Fight!" DAVID RUOHO unsuccessfully wrestles a tough Kota grappler. With only four Scottsdale wrestlers winning their matches the Beavers lost the meet, 30-15. Sports 191 Struggling, Straining For A Pin i - ks. uw' . . SJW auf s.A. PLAGUED BY inexperience and hampered by ill- nesses during The season, The ScoTTsdale wresT- lers had a disappoinTing season, winning Three and losing eighT maTches. AlThough placing eighTh in Division 1AA, ScoTTsdale grapplers placed elevenTh in sTaTe,wiTh 22 poinTs gained by The skillful wresTling oT STeve Williams and Jack Black. STeve placed second in Division 1AA and was runner-up in The sTaTe TournamenT. WresT- ling aT 180, Jack placed TirsT in division and sec- ond in sTaTe. BoTh grapplers had ouTsTanding sea- son records, Jack losT only one maTch and STeve losT Two and Tied one. OTher wresTlers wiTh suc- cessful season records were Don Forwood and Jon Creede. "TWO POINTS!" shouTed The referee as Bill Neill reversed a Tough Yuma High grappler. WresTling This year aT 127 pounds, Bill losT The maTch by decision. n...,., ,css . STRUGGLING TO pin a Kofa High wresTler is iunior Jack Black. during The season, Jack placed firsT in Division 1AA and was Jack, wresTling aT 180, pinned his opponenT in Tive minuTes, even runnerup To The sTaTe champion in his weighT division. Though The Team lost The maTch, 15-30. Losing only one maTch 192 Sports JV WRESTLING Bottom Row: Kent Craig, Char- lie Rogers, Bobby Flores, Hollis Fisher, Dennis Damore, Mario Ruiz, Dave McPherson. Row Two: Lance Burrow, Dennis Zadel, Bob Buck: ley, Tom Ash, Greg Brown, James Glasser, Mark Smallsreed, Pat Kearney. Top Row: Art Moulding, Alan Anderson, Scott Paradine, Neil Liszt, Eric August. JV WRESTLING SHS THEY 28 East 18 6 Tempe 36 26 Westwood 24 36 Sunnyslope 6 22 Yuma lO 60 Kota O 8 Arcadia 44 12 Mesa 36 26 Casa Grande 12 22 Chandler 24 TO Coronado 32 DOUG MORRIS struggles to gain control of a Tempe grappler as he holds him in the air. Doug won the match by decision for his sec- ond straight win of the season. Sports 193 WINDING UP to deliver his fast ball is pitcher Bill Graham. Bill pitched his HUSTLING TO first base for his first hit of the sea- third victory of the season as Scottsdale beat Coronado, 8-4. son is shortstop George Koepke. pvf""" nr""'I BELTING HIS first home run of the season during the Casa Grande, Tempe, and Coronado twice. They lost to second game with Coronado is centerfielder Gary Far- Westwood. relly. The Beavers were 4-I in the season, defeating 194 Sports One, Two, Three Strikes You're Out LUNGING FOR The ball Kevin Woudenburg aTTempTs To scoop iT up in Time To Tag The runner ouT before he arrives aT base. WAITING FOR acTion caicher Roy Muller sToops at The plaTe in eager anTicipaTion of The nexT piTch. I WITH A resouncling whack Phil Vetter attempts to hit a home run. Instead, he succeeds in crack- ing a foul ball out into The stands.- I RUNNING HOME To score anoiher Scortsdale run is Rick Cozens. The Bea- vers scored nine runs To down Coron- ado, 9-4, in The firsr game of The sea- SON. Sporfs T95 ,.7..,,,w,,,.,,,,, Y .. v.?,Y , ,YW , , YW ,ie V,. M kxyk 5,5 V M .. ., , -f f- , , , - A -Ms 5' ' l -'5F'!t4?kf'l K. -f . Vky. V. - . we N sa at , QQ R... :,'s,s:is,,, 1 ' - 'l f'-7-,. , ', i' Z'-ii' f .-rrfsiffi' ' -A - -. A , 2 if . H J cffif vxirtsmwsa i V if - -f M' ww. KEVIN WOUDENBERG slides into home to score a run on a base hit by Mark Lasley. Kevin got two hits and scored one run during the first encounter with Coronado. 4 Q i, ,S F S .5 , 4 ,Q at w+E,'It Q S- BR as ws, 15 " sv is ,R Qu kt. 1555 WINDING UP for his delivery across the plate is senior pitcher Tom Aymar. Tom pitched a winning first season game against Coronado, 9-4, giving up only 6 hits and striking 5 batters out. W if .,, ss, -Y S. K It VARSITY BASEBALL Bottom Row: Mark Sullivan, Dave Phillips, Phil Gary Farrelly, Mark Lesley, JOl1I't Henry. TOD ROW: Kevin Woudenberg, Vetter, Stan Wang, George Koepke, Row 2: Rick Cozens, Jeff Brock, Roy Muller, Tom Aymar, John Glassmoyer, Bill Graham, Leslie Ellis, mgr. I96 Sports Take IVle Gut To The Ball Game JV BASEBALL Bottom Row: James Gifford, Bob Vetter, Jack Armstrong, Nicholson, mgr., Tim Walsh, mgr., Jack Daggett, Mike Brower, Ray Harrie Greg Besh, Dennis Zadel. Row 2: Mike Palmer, Steve Swingle, Mike son, mgr., Randy Soderquist, mgr. Dodson, Jon Willoughby, Alan Himelfarb, Allen Wacker. Top Row: Paul FRESHMAN BASEBALL Bottom Row: Vern Wedge, Steve Schwartze, Steve Mohr. Row 3: Randy Gibson, Dave Mason, Chuck Kushell, Jim Beavers, Atwood, Dave Day, John Warren, Jay Scheinbaum. Row 2: Michael Titter- Rick Ryser, Larry Kottraba. Top Row: David Stimson, mgr., Stephen Can- ington, George Endres, Tim Wilkins, Mike Grandy, Bruce Hamlin, Larry zano, Jeff Paisley, Randy Coons, Rick Tess, Kevin Brady, Bryan DeWitt Sports 197 Zffffmf-sas I -, "-L I' ,A rkyr :V , I Q kryk K I ' 2 " - A A ,tl ,gy u'' 'S i 'ig , 57 I I , K I :-. .lp , s if ., M29 H 7551 25:3 gr mfg! 'QV . fT,,i,g , 4, V , WITH A powerful windup, senior Bob Deacon Throws the discus. Bob did not place in This event but Randy Smith, another Beaver tracksman, won The event. UP AND almost over The high lump bar is iunior Bruce Pol- etsky. Bruce failed to place in The event. 5 F l l l T 2 'Nr' l , d T T I V..f .E RETURNING VETERAN letterman, iunior Don Palmer tries To clear the high iump bar. Don placed the event, but The Beaver Trackmen lost The meet to Mesa, 73V2-44V2, for their second loss of the season. 198 Sports 2 T "TAKE IT!" Spencer Apple passes The baton To Terry Logan during The mile relay aT The SHS- UBC Won by Tempe, if was The Fleet Afoot And A Fast As A Greyhound fm:fsf,,e,., wan? JUMPING THE firsT hurdle in The series of low hurdles is versaTile Trackman Don Palmer and a mob of Arcatlia Trackmen. Don placed second in This evenT in The firsT Track meet of The season. WITH DEXTERITY, STeve VerfurTh enTers The pole-vaulfing compeTiTion in a meeT againsT Mesa on ScoTTsdale's home Track. The JackrabbiTs placed high in all The evenTs entered To win over The Beavers. Sports 1 99 Enduring Strength And Fortitude VARSITY TRACK SQUAD Bottom Row: Steve Werner, Greg Brown, Den- nis Damore, Randy Burt, Dan Harrington, Greg Davis. Row 2: Randy Smith, Jim Brewer, Don Palmer, Greg Williams, Jim Page, Dirck laco- belli, Greg Spero. Row 3: Dave Ronan, Jon Schnetzer, Ron Crutchfield, 'J' Curt Blalock, Mike Sopies, Bruce Iacobelli, Mark Siders. Top Row: Mike McCall, Scott Zebell, Jim Lewis, Jon Hermanson, Doug Pickrell, Bruce Sturr, Rick Widner, Dave Denyes. an 1 r t i a lill C 7. if A96 42 ti A if ,,,,, g 1f" A ,ja A ' , T Mi ,r , ,Q , , , tt , , trim , Pm ,igi 5 i g to ig .tg . T , E .gg Li i ,i , i , ! VARSITY TRACK SQUAD Bottom Row: Terry Logan, Ron Straughan, Kris Wall, Gary Cauble, Dennis Smith, Bob Deacon, Spencer Apple. Row 2: Jim Kerr, Dennis Darling, Rick Ryan, Bruce Poletsky, Kent Baccus, Jim Rinkenberger, Robin Azar. Row 3: Bob Kinker, Charlie Ball, Dave 200 Sports 'iw' if ' , , il Snuwgrmxy 5 lg ,V I t, Arooth, George Barrett, Butch Buckley, Ray Marion, Nick Roehr, Doug Ackerman. Top Row: Mike Clark, mgr., Ed Elliot, Tim Hubbard, Rick Deacon, Greg Fuller, Chris Cecil, Mike Prisbey, Dave Baurer. Stressing Sportsmanship I+". ' i i A A YF-1 ' i' 1' M I s . K - , , My 5 F f Q 'S' U 1 0' f , - rv' 5 JW'-5-S?"?Fgj s 'kgaw-21:,fyg.'-px15.5-M-niit.'g2f'gH7 .9-3-."f:agj:iiiQkfg:13E:27:1'Jf,i'i" ffi-L.-f1'?:5--fp,11gw,:s1,.gQ53'15:5eP95-f?'i?K YNY V - 1 53 1853425 - .... N ---- - K L ' ' sa . . fl:1'T'E' T-will L, .,L, Q, ..z., , , I g sfj-:fi:f'wjij-3552 1 film, i,'V',k1Q,5Vikf-,-V ' 72'Sf'1fQ V ,giliiiii'fLl,:fi111f', 3ff5i?:3:f?i:':5:'zfQJ.-534245 '-: 11. - L' V A, I -A .Ll 'i K' s q..6.f,i in i S iN ii s issi , g i l 5 Joseph Green-boy's tennis Tommy Campbell-Track Norm Wifham-gymnastics Sam Ubank-Track assf. Ken Ciinkingbeard-basketball James Stephens-baseball paul Thomburglmswimming Sara Henslee-girI's tennis Philip Clemens-golf Dan Dunn-Track assf. .mW Sports 201 Q , . 1 4315-L iii ziilflfl B 0 it Steve Bartley j -, is , s I t " 1 I V' I -. wsg ,rr , ? Zg 5 'Q l ,,.fi p tt F D h .,... u or oug P6 g Q 1 V 1 . L ig M l Y ' ly. V l 4' Q. .' ...I w",. -f"k ' if " Steve Fenderson GOLF TEAM Bottom Row: Wayne Steele, Bill Risk, V Jack Black, Steve Bartley, Mike Hayse, Top Row: Ron Whiteside, Steve Fenderson, Mark Wilson, Dick Forwood, Brad Jenkins. 202 Sports Q W if 455 2 iw A . 15 K xi ., 1 . if -1-,X A new . ' Sl. Mi v..f mi gif 1. -1 ff-. ' 31 Dick Forwood Ron Whiteside Jack Black Bill Risk Sports 203 And He Flies Through The Air ' WE 76 52 69 lO3 GYMNASTICS Saguaro Westwood Central Yuma South Prescott Sunnyslope Arcadia Coronado Washington THEY 46 70 55 33 VARSITY GYMNASTICS Bottom ROW: Rick Warren, Rick Zimmerman. Row 2: Dan Ryan, Stormy Eaton, Mike Ryan. Top Row: Dave McPherson, Charlie Rogers, Bill Neill, Mat- thew Anderson. 204 Sports in! tot' url 1-asf Mark Eaton Mike Ryan Rick Warren mv- W My ,. W wk ,Fm mx www, BOYS' TENNIS WE THEY I 4 Westwood 3 O Casa Grande 7 3 Tempe 4 7 Kota O 4 Yuma 3 '6 Coronado I I Arcadia 6 3 Mesa 4 6 Chandler I I Westwood 6 - Casa Grande - - Tempe - Kota Yuma Coronado Arcadia Mesa Chandler VARSITY AND JV BOYS' TENNIS Bottom Row: Bill Porter, Marshall Parke, Bill Billings. Row 2: Steve Hams, Brian Richardson, Stephen Baker. Top Row: Jeff Bull, Mike Hild, Hollis Fisher. Not pictured is Bob Curtis. A Swift Stroke, A Quick Return WE THEY O Westwood 7 O Casa Grande 7 I Tempe 6 2 Kota 5 O Yuma 7 O Coronado 7 O Arcadia 7 O Mesa 7 O Chandler 7 - Westwood - Casa Grande Tempe Kota Yuma Coronado Arcadia Mesa Chandler VARSITY AND JV GlRL's TENNIS Bottom Row: M5 Amy Lawrence, Kay Pitts, Alison Hayduke, Wendy Steele. Row 2: Marlene Day, Kathy 3 Z Krey, Pat McCIara, Hilarie Hathaway. Top Row: Jeri Dustir, Marty Clayton, Susan Breitbach, Pat Lydiard. 206 Tennis ef 3 2. l S f K Z Earl 0 . A sam A M: af: 'P W 7' A M ff :xt H ,gf . M ,fww w 5 +V wwf M my .W wwf 5 r 3 5 L wg" wsu -l ,QYSi14Q, if 4 iff EPIA Wm W agwfwfi , MQW V45 K "2,?'ivT?l ffmmswr 'fiflbwif' "7 ',.'4,fr wma wfiafilavd' 'V 1 ' xi . r '3'L?-vm: uridniiffx A an M4 A ,,W,,,,. ww ,avi .2 is x .41 1 2 w, , N , 1' 1,532 c is ,affix : V AW' C37 Nab' ,W .vs .. Q Nah, . . rf-,s V r 'ips H Q, it hw- al ffwi - M5534 A " .. . , .mf , ' Qi 513 - ff Q -. K , 'Y f7f:f'rf2r we , 1 4 -1.-'fl f '- Bi 4, . - ' ' riiffii ffef if , .mazgf L, -4 z- , 4 5 , Q31 J Alison Hayduke Steve Hams Hollis Fisher Kay Pitts Susan Breilbach Hilarie Hathaway Marshall Parke Jeri Duslir Marty Clayton Tennis 207 011' But Don't Go Near The Water' VARSITY SWIMMING Bottom Row: Bill Connors, Pat Rava man George Reuben Top Row Jay Voelkner Dennis Stoner nesi, Tom Waid. Row 2: Bill Farrell, Eric Ebner, Jim Berg George Laughlin Steve Clayton MEETING AT the Scottsdale Commun- ity Pool every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 5:30, the SHS swimming team held their practices. The team had their first meet away on March 23rd with Coronado. Coached this year by Paul Thornburgh, the team looked forward to a successful season. Bill Smith Bill Connors Pat Ravanesi 208 Swimming Bill Connors George Laughlin Eric Ebner Dennis Stoner Steve Clayton George Reuben Swimming 209 TX X X X X ek'f X . XY 'f TRW? x A 1 XV Q5 f' 4 y f A 5. 'T' X X Liz Zac? rf' T AW' X L W6 Qf 4 , jg Tag lykex VXA SSA!! pw A ,,g,41fM!'X A 21 fx 'TWQX' Z 09' J T N T , Dix 'i .72,ffX,f'yXX,f! ' , X'-1" " , TQRQX' ' T ff? 4 I , f 5 5 - 6 ' K X 4 ' Z g:1",,, ,wspv NQEEEEES5 p A ,ff T YA 4 ,fy f . ,, 'A Larry Meyerhofer Class of 1969 LARRY MEYERHOFER b C If M y 26 195 dp d yD b 24 1966 A T h L y I b d T A d H T T d T S TT dl fr Th b g Q Th ph Y d p T p T cl B B d h hh pl y dT b L y by Wkdby I 1 fTpk Ilh GT Work And Joy, And Tears LISTEN TO The sounds of yearbook: The clackeTy-clack of TypewriTers . . . The rasp of pencils across layouT . . .The slap as rulers hiT The Table. . .The click of The camera . . .The busTle of The sTaff scurrying around The room To meeT a deadline. These sounds are only symbolic of The work ThaT goes inTo every page before iT reaches The prinTer. Look aT The grease pencil marks on picTures . . . The hieroglyphics of The proofreader . . . The squares and oblongs, some of Them wiTh X's Through Them, on greaT, gridded sheeTs of paper . . . The illegible noTes of The ediTor everywhere and on everyThing. WhaT appears To be a child's play is very imporTanT. lT is a language among sTaff members, phoTographers, and ediTors used To convey ideas abouT how The record of The year can besT be recorded. IT is a criTical language meaning "Show This parT of a phoTograph" . . . "add a liTTle whiTe space To leT The layouT breaThe" . . . "change a word here because iT doesn'T Tell The sTory accuraTely or arTfully." The finished producT shows no evidence ThaT any of These Things Transpired, buT, The sTaff will noT forgeT. They will have The memories of The work and The fun, and every Time someone menTions yearbook They will recall some parT of The experience. As The years go by, This yearbook will be every ScoTTsdale High sTudenT's link To The pasT, for iT is a record of The year's acTiviTies, of friends, and of Teachers. Some may look back and laugh, oThers cry, and some will iusT remember. Deborah Alvord Camelback EdiTor EdiTor's Farewell 21 1 FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION Barcala, Joseph 52, 67 Bennett, Harry T. 67 Berryhill, Robert V. 67 Bosworth, Paul 67 Boyle, Eleanor 67 Brady, Hil 67, 183 Bruscemi, John N, 68 Bryan, Steve 68 Campbell, Harriet 68 Campbell, Tommy E. 68, 140, 178 Clark, Eleanor 68 Clemens, Philip J. 68 Clinkingbeard, Ken 69, 147, 181 Close, Wm. "Bill" 67 Coats, David 69 Colonna, Henry L. 69, 102, 104, 107 Colt, Esther 70 Corbin, Neil 70, 86, 178 Coyle, Sherrie 70, 1 17 Crews, Jack 70 Davidson, L. 67 Davis, Delbert C. 70, 1 20 Duke, Florence M. 70 Dumrall, Earl 67 Farrington, Mark 71 Gentry, Clara 71 Gonnerman, Paul R. 32, 71 Green, Joseph A. 42, 71, 92 Haggerty, Mary 72 Hall, Nancy 72 Hatch, Boyd H. 72 Hathaway, Nathaniel 72 Henslee, Sara 72, 94 Hilse, Fred W. 72, 108 Jenkins, William 72 Johnson, William 66 Jones, Mrs. L. Paul 67 Kelly, George E. 72 Kitchell, Samuel 67 Kush, Joe A. 72, 97, 178 Lange, Herman H. 72 Lenke, Kenneth 72, 181 Loewenstein, Arthur H. 73, 91 Lowenstein, Rose Z. 73 McGirr, Cecil 73 Miller, Janet E. 42, 73, 88 Overstreet, John W. 74, 180 Person, Mariorie 79 Peters, Elizabeth 74 Peterson, Edna 74 Planeta, Ray 66 Post, Naomi M. 79 Reinken, Virginia A. 74 Reith, James W. 52, 74 Rosbach, Virginia 74 Runkle, George A. 74 Rutz, Gerald R. 74 Sandling, Edward 74 Sawaia, Josephine 75 Schweikart, Herman H. 75 Shadley, Frank W. 12, 76 Shaw, Rev. John 67 Simms, Eleanor 79 Skinner, William S. 12, 76 Smith, C. B., Dr. 66 Stephens, James E. 76, 180 Stewart, Luther S. 77 Tanner, John L. 66 Teegarden, Paul W. 76 Thornburgh, Paul 77 Tripp, J. Tracy 66 U'Ren, Lester 32, 77, 93 Wardell, Carolyn A. 77 Welker, Rosana E. 77, 99 Winningham, Ruby 77 Wochner, Evelyn 77 Zaeske, Mary Lou 77 212 INDEX CLASSIFIED PERSONNEL Bargen, Ruth A. 80 Carroll, Everett 80 Curry, Mary Jane 79 Curtis, William 80 Davis, Tillie 79 Dlcknite, Arlene 79 Donnally, Dorothy 80 Fisher, Vera 79 Flanigan, Tom 80 Foster, Ethaleen 80 Francis, Charlotte 79 Gagg, Marjorie 79 Gunselman, Lucile 78 Harvey, Robert 80 Hoef1er, Elizabeth 80 Hughes, Eleanor 79 Jensen, Constance 80 Kessler, Glenn 80 Landers, Leo 79 Lashbrook, Florence 80 Lieto, Marilyn 80 Meade, Robert 80 Mecsey, Helen 80, 81 Michaud, Bette 79 Moncrief, Daisy 80 Monger, Jess 80 Nelan, Dorothy 80 Oldenburg, John 80, 81 Rospach, Lottie 80 Russell, Paul 80 Sokyesva, Marie 80 Stoll, Rose 80 Sytsma, Jock 80 Tingwald, Arnold 80, 81 Wacker, Phyllis 80 Weeks, Edna 80 Wrona, Eugene 80 Young, Ronald W. 80 GENERAL INDEX A Ackerman, Larry 52 Ackerman, Paul 52, 181 Adams, Ann 32, 113, 125, 129 Adams, Cindy 52 Adams, Don 42, 180 Adams, Jack 42, 180, 200 Adams, Ron 12, 42, 121,133 Albane, Sherry 12 Aldrich, Rosemary 42 Alford, Denise 52 Alford, Bill 32 Alford, Gary 32 Allen, Tim 42 Allender, Gary 52 Almhiell, Joanne 52 Almhiell, John 52 Alterman, Iris 42, 102, 1 15 Alvord, , 128 Deborah 12, 106, 113, 125, 133, 135, 142, 162, 211 125,1 33,135,142,162, 211 Anderson, Alan 193 Anderson, Darlene 52 Anderson, Deborah 52, 109, 131 Anderson, Matthew 42 Anderson, Paula 42, 128 Andrade, Dorothy 12 Andrews, Mike 42 Angeloi, Susan 42, 130 Annadale, Barbara 32 Apple, Spencer 42, 200 Apodaco, John 191 Arend, Jean 12 Armstrong, Jack 42, 128, 177, 197 Armstrong, Terry 52, 61 Arnold, Jay 12 Arooth, Dave 43, 180, 200 Arra, Romeo 43 Ash, Karen 165 Ash, Tom 52,181,193 Atkerson, Jolinda 52, 131 Atkins, Kay 43 Atkinson, Dan 43 Atwood, Steve 53, 103, 181, 197 August, Eric 13, 145, 193 Austin, Sue 13, 127 Aymar, Tom 13, 196 Azar, Rob 53, 181 B Baccellia, Cherie 53 Baccus, Kent 53, 181, 189, 200 Baccus, Mike 32 Baily, Joan 13, 118, 124, 129, 129, 156 Baird, Alan 32, 103 Baker, Fred 32, 126 Baker, Steve 53 Bakewell, Ann 13, 127 Bakewell, Marybeth 43, 109, 142 Ball, Charles 13, 130, 134, 200 Ballenberger, Susan 13, 56, 1 19, 123,124,128, 13O,135, 172 Balmer, Wayne 32 Barnett, Susan 43, 108, 133 Barnside, Rosalie 31 Barratt, George 43, 49, 106 Barresi, Tino 43 Bartelson, Debbie 43, 135 Bartlett, Nancy 53, 128 Bartley, Judy 53, 108, 129 Bartley, Steve 13, 123, 135, 165, 201 Barto, John 53 Barton, Kathy 32 Barton, Sharon 43 Baubie, Janalee 13 Bauer, Dave 43, 180, 200 Baumann, Burke 53 Baumann, Wendy 53, 133 Beardsley, Bob 32, 102 Beardsley, Dan 53, 102, 181, 189 Beavers, Jim 53, 181, 197 Becker, Betsey 13, 129 Becker, Greg 32, 129 Beckman, Yvonne 53 Beckstead, Kay 43 Behle, Allison 13, 118, 124, 128 Behrendt, Deborah 43 Benedict, Laurie 53, 109, 131 Benneson, Berkley 13, 123, 135 Benson, Kenny 13 Berges, Joe 43 Bergman, Carol 43 Bergman, Jim 53, 189 Berman, Kerry 43 Berres, Bruce 53 Berry, Kay 53, 131 Berry, Ted 43 Besh, Greg 43, 197 Bess, Maria 53 Betonti, Bobbie 43 Beucler, Bob 43 Beucler, David 53 Biegert, Becky 43, 106, 135 Bigelow, Joyce 13, 43, 45, 121 Biles, Mike 32 Billings, Bill 53 Billings, Bonnie 13, 114, 125, 127,129, 135, 169 Bilodeau, Rene 53 Bishop, Jim 53 Bishop, Paul 13 Black, Jack 33, 177, 191, 192, 201 Blake, Cindy 43, 128 Blalock, Curt 43, 181, 200 Blankenship, Barbara 33, 109 Blauvelt, Rosetta 53, 109 Bogacki, Maxine 13 Bonelli, Robin 53, 131 Bargen, Linda 13 Bossier, Debbi 43 Bosworth, Bev 13, 106 Bowers, Dickie 43, 133 Bowles, Betsy 33, 106 Boyd, Becky 33 Boyle, Paul 13 Bradford, Danny 53, 181 Bradish, Barb 53, 131 Brady, Kevin 53, 189, 197 Brady, Rae 43 Branger, Linda 33 Branger, Nancy 43 Brashears, Jerry 33 Brazie, Bob 33 Brazie, Sue 53, 131 Breazeale, Doug 13, 114, 146, 176, 178 Breitbach, Linda 13 Breitbach, Susan 33, 128, 135, 207 Brewer, Jim 33, 186, 200 Brewer, Marie 43, 102, 107, 129 Briggs, Janice 43 Briley, Karen 13, 22, 86, 1 15, 116,117,124,125,128,13O, 144, 170 Bringhurst, Amanda 43, 128, 147 Broadhurst, John 43 Brock, Jeffrey 13, 14, 196 Broderick, Carol 53 Brooks, Richard 33 Brower, Jim 53 Brower, Mike 43, 180, 197 Brown, Debbie 43, 50 Brown Brown , Gregory 14, 193, 200 ,Joyce 33, 106, 130 Brown, Linda 43, 130 Brown, Roger 14 Brown Steve 43, 183 Brown, Steve 53 Brown, Sylvia 53, 96 Brown, Valerie 33 Browne, David 43 Browne, Debby 43 Browne, Laurie 43, 130 Bruner, Alan 43 Bruner, Warren 14 Brunk, James 14 Bryson, Barbara 14, 133 Buckley, Bob 193 Buckley, Butch 43, 200 Buhr, Theresa 43, 108 Buhr, Tom 33 Bull, Jett 14, 115, 125, 134 Buller, Shirleen 14 Burdette, Vicki 53, 109, 131 Burke, Eric 14 Burrow, Kent 14 Burrow, Lance 14, 130, 193 Burt, Randy 43, 200 Burtnett, Anne 53, 131 Busick, Diane 33 Butts, John 43 Byke, Bev 33 Byke, Ray 33 C Caan, Lorie 53 Cady, Susan 43 Cain, Robert 53 Cairns, Clive 53 Calland, Dana 43 Campbell, Scott 53 Canzano, Mary 14 Canzano, Steve 53, 197 Carlson, Randy 14 Carroll, Tina 43, 48, 50 Carrol, Tom 43 Carson, Billie 43 Carter, Carole 14, lOo Casto, Douglas 14, 123 Cauble, Gary 43, 121, 177, 200 Cavalliere, Nancy 14, 27, 1 17 Cecil, Chris 53, 181, 200 Chapin, Joanne 43, 127, 129 Childress, Bill 43 Chittenden, Marian 33, 126 Chowning, Shelly 14 Cintura, Jackie 53 Cissel, Linda 33, 102, 124, 126, 129 152 Crosier, Terry Crowe, Tom 4 Crowfoot, Chr 15 4 is 53, 181 Crowfoot, Melissa 32, 33, 105, 125,127, 135,172 Crutchfield, Ron 33, 200 Cummins, Mike 15 Cutler, Scott 1 Curtis, Robert 166 02 15, 123, 127, 164, Cuvelier, Jeri 33 D Clark, Cindy 14 Clark, Michal 53, 181 Clark, Kimball 33, 39, 93, 132, 133, 152 Clark, Mary 14, 105 Clay, Leroy 33, 127, 128 Clayton, Kandis 15 Clayton, Martina 53, 131, 207 Clayton, Steve 43, 180 Cleland, Debby 53 Clemens, Anne 53 Colepaugh, Clark 15, 127 Colepough, Jim 43, 85 Collet, Serena 43 Collings, Dan 53 Collings, William 15 Collins, Bill 15, 122, 176 Collins, Sherry 15 Collis, Pat 15, 102, 115, 125, 127, 128, 130 Compton, Judi 15, 102, 112, 125, 129 Cone, Nancy 15 Conn, Locksley 53 Connolly, Ann 33 Conner, Christine 108 Conner, Pam 15, 124, 128, 133 Connolly, Dewain 33 Connolly, Roy 43 GriHin, Connolly, Tim 33, 176 Connolly, Theresa 53 Conner, Carol 43 Conner, Chris 53, 131 Conners, Kevin 33, 106, 1 10 Conners, Bill 15, 88, 122, 134, 149 Contrera, Joe 53 Conway, Georgia 33, 105 Conyne, Jane 15 Concano, Mary 105 Cookson, Jim 43, 103, 107 Coons, Randy 53, 181, 197 Coppock, Cindy 15, 127 Coppock, Jody 43, 129, 130 Corbett, Anne 15 Corral, Alex 43 Corral, Ruby 15, 127 Corsaro, Sue 15, 105, 106 Costa, Barbara 33 Coughlin, Debbie 33 Covell, Cathi 33 Covington, Charles 15 Cowan, Bev 44 Cowan, Cliff 176, 177 Cowan, Nancy 53, 131 Cox, Carl 15, 176, 178, 179 Cox, Paul53,181, 189 Cozens, Peggy 53 Cozens, Rick 33, 113, 125, 126, 196 Craig, Kent 53, 181, 193 Craig, Teri 33, 113, 125, 126 Cratte, Rick 44, 180 Cratte, Vickie 33, 106 Crawford, Ann 53 Crawford, Craig 44 Crawford, Cynthia 15 Crawford, Dodi 44 Creed, Jon 33, 102, 107, 191 Creighton, Chris 44 Cressy, Elizabeth 44, 105, 127 Crismon, Cathy 108 Cronin, Doug 53 Crosier, Pat 33 Doggett, Jack 44, 122, 127, 197 Dailey, Tim 44, 134, 180 Daley, Susan 15 Damore, Dennis 44, 133, 193, 200 Damore, Gary 53, 128 Damrow, Denise 53 Danculovic, Gail 15 Danyow, Wendy 15 Darling, Dennis 44, 180, 200 Darling, Patricia 53 Dasher, Dawn 16, 113, 124, 125 Davenport, Susan 16 Davis, Gary 54, 180, 189, 200 Davis, Greg 44, 180, 200 Davis, Harold 16, 103 Davis, Marie 33 Davison, Debbie 44, 131 Davison, Mary 54, 131 Day, Dave 54, 56,181,189,l97 Day, Marlene 16, 130 Deacon, Rick 54, 103, 108 Deacon, Robert 16, 106, 200 Decker, Judie 33 Decker, Kim 44 Deerhake, David 44 Delich, Joyce 33 Delmonico, Judy 33 DeMark, Donald 16, 108 Dennerline, Charlene 33 Denyes, Dave 44, 180 Dewey, Dawn 16 DeWitt, Bryan 54, 103, 181, 197 DeWitt, Linda 44, 130, 150 DiBennette, Rosanne 16 Dick, Dan 44, 108 Dicknite, Penne 16, 118, 124, 127, 128, 141 Diercksen, Lenna 16 Dietrich, Sue 33, 129 Digges, Dennis 44 DiMaggio, Arlene 16, 133 Dishman, Gayle 16, 1 10 Dittmer, Arlene 129, 130 DiVenuti, Artie 44, 180 DiVenuti, Susan 54 Dixon, Dave 54, 103, 108 Dodson, Mike 44, 180, 197 Donaldson, Denni 16, 127 Douglas, Darline 33 Dow, Geri 16, 133 Downing, Dan 16 Drake, Doug 33 Drake, Lindo 54, 131 Drbousek, Mike 54 Dresslar, John 33 Droze, Don 16, 122, 134 Dugan, Beverly 16, 99, 129 Duncan, David 54 Duncan, John 54 Duncan, Ron 33 Dunseath, Rodney 16, 122, 186 Duster, Jeri 33, 207 Dutton, Robert 54 Dutton, Debbie 54 Dwight, Debbie 52, 54, 131 Dwork, Meredy 44 E Eaton, Mark 16, 22, 27, 86, 106, 110,117,134,138,142,145, 157 Eberle, Sharon 44, 50, 1 16, 128 Ebner, Eric 44 Ebner, Ginny 54 Eckard, Susan 16 Edwards, Mark 33 Egerer, Debbie 44, 1 15 Egerer, Dorinda 54 Elfgen, Carolyn 33, 106, 173 Elfgen, Ron 33 Elliott, Pat 44 Ellis, Leslie 44 Ellison, Sandra 44 Eminowicz, Stefanie 44 Endres, George 54, 181, 189, 197 Engel, Bill 102, 107 Erbe, Lindo 44, 129, 130 Erbe, Sally 16 Ernst, Judy 48, 110, 173 Ernst, Rudy 16, 122., 128, 134, 186, 187 Estock, Kurt 54 Ettinger, Mike 44 Evans, Mary Jo 45, 50, 130 Evilsizor, Richard 45 Eyring, Patricia 16, 123, 130, 135 F Folk, Sharon 54, 126, 131 Folk, Suzy 33, 128, 147 Farlee, Becky 54, 131 Farnam, Kay 33, 105, 128 Farnam, Tom 45, 180 Farrell, Bill 45, 133 Farrelly, Gary 196 Farrington, Lydia 33 Farrow, Doug 45 Faudel, Pam 54, 131 Fought, Mike 33 Fellows, Frank 108 Fellows, Tom 33 Fenderson, Steve 45, 201 Ferneding, Mike 45, 200 Ferneding, Susan 16 Fidler, Randy 45 Finn, George 16 Fiorito, Michele 54, 105, 131 Fischer, Debbie 33 Fischer, Randy 54 Fiscus, Sue 54, 107, 109 Fisher, Bob 16 Fisher, Hollis 33, 123, 177, 193, 207 Flake, Marilyn 14, 16, 143 Flanigan, Maureen 45, 130 Flanigan, Mike 16, 132 Flanigan, Patrick 16 Fledderiohn, Kay 54, 131 Fledderiohn, Tom 45 Fleemon, Rocky 45 Fleischli, Teddy 16 Flores, Bobby 33, 126, 176, 193 Flores, Peggy 45, 102 Floyd, Barbara 45 Floyd, Dennis 16, 122, 191 Folden, Sonia 33, 128 Fong, Penny 45 Ford, David 16 Forwood, Dick 33, 183, 200 Forwood, Don 17, 1 27, 176, 190, 191 Fraley, Bill 45, 180 Francis, Debbie 45 Francis, Jacque 17, 127 Francis, Pam 14, 17, 113, 118, 119,121,124,128,141,144, 171 Franklin, Phil 45 Frazer, Bill 33, 183 Freestone, Tom 45 French, Dean 17, 178 French, Jan 54 Fuller, David 34, 103 Fuller, Lynn 45 Fuller, Gregory 54, 200 Fults, Theresa 17, 133 Furst, Bob 45 GENERAL INDEX G Gabrielson, Lynne 34 Gagg, Monte 45 Gallagher, Nancy 17, 124, 129, 133 Galvin, Jeff 54 Gamash, Babette 34, 106, 124, 142, 145, 173 Gamble, Ron 34 Gardner, Sandra 17, 1 18 Garland, Mike 54 Gates, Diane 17 Gaughan, Bob 34 Gawin, Chester 18 Gazdzik, James 43 Getzendonner, Alice 18, 103 Georgens, David 18, 129, 133, 135, 165, 166 Georgens, Glenn 45, 102, 129 Genuit, Susan 54, 107 Gibbons, Athene 18, 105, 118, 124, 127, 168 Gibson, Randy 54, 181, 189, 197 Gifford, James 45, 197 Gilbert, Dana 54, 127 Gilbert, Nancy 45 Gilbreath, Mike 34 Giles, Nancy 54, 108, 131 Gill, Chuck 34 Gill, Kathy 54 Girard, Nancy 34, 87, 103, 129 Givens, Jerry 45 Glasser, Jim 45, 126, 127, 129 193 ' Glassmoyer, John 34, 177, 196 Gleason, Lynn 54, 127 Glenn, Linda 18 Good, David 34 Goettl, Sheryl 18, 103 Goetz, Bruce 45 Goetz, Virginia 18, 114, 128 Golden, Brent 34, 108 Golding, Marlene 45, 105, 133 Gordon, Charis 18, 98, 124, 133 Gormick, Maureen 34 Gossen, Gossen, Gossen, Jerry 55, 108 Jim 18, 106 John 55, 108 Graber, Lynn 34 Graber, Mary 55 Graham, Susan 17, 18, 124, 127, 128 Graham, Pat 45, 180 Graham, William 18, 122, 176, 196 Grandy, Mike 55, 181, 189, 197 Grannis, Laura 55 Graves, Green, Green, Patricia 55 Carolyn 18 Rhonda 34 Greene, Steve 55 Dan 45 Griffith, Becki 18, 129 Groves, Warren 189 Grundman, David 55 Grundman, Pete 18, 176 Guard, Dane 45 Guard, Warren 17 Gutknecht, Judy 14, 18, 112, 116,124,125,144,170 H Haas, Patsy 18, 97 Haenfier, Andy 55 Haenfler, Roiann 45, 102, 106 Hall, Arthur 18, 133 Hallowell, Paul 46 Halpern, Laurie 18, 114, 125, 127 Hamblin, Charee 46 Hamilton, Jim 55 Hamilton, Robert 34 Hamlet, Paul 14, 19 Hamlin, Bruce 55, 181, 197 213 GENERAL INDEX Hamlin, Rick 34 Hammond, Donna 19 Hamrick, Anita 46, 105, 129 Hamrick, Susan 55 Hams, Steve 34, 92, 135, 207 Hancock, Beverly 19 Hancock, Becky 52, 55, 1 10 Hankins, Mike 55, 181, 200 Hankins, Pat 19, 122, 146, 149, 176, 177 Hanley, Larry 55, 200 Hanrahan, Lynn 55, 131 Hansen, Steve 34 Hapke, Martha 19, 133 Hardin, Ranee 34, 126 Hare, William 19, 135 Harris, Jim 55, 181, 189 Harris, Paul 55 Harrison, Hollie 46 Harrison, Ray 55, 197 Hart, Teresa 46, 129 Harvey, Charles 46 Hassett, Alan 19 Hassett, Kathie 46, 105 Hatfield, Karen 19, 108, 126 Hathaway, Hilarie 55, 109, 131, 207 Hayduke, Alison 55, 109, 131, 207 Hayes, Michael 181, 201 Hazar, Jim 46 Hazar, John 19 Healy, Robert 34 Hea rne, Cherie 1 9 Hearne, Gail 46, 105, 129, 130 Hearne, Mike 46, 151 Heath, Janine 55, 109 Heath, Marsha 19, 129 Hecker, Susan 46 Heidenthal, Craig 34 Helber, Robin 55, 109, 131 Heller, Chere 19, 126, 128 Helmandoller, Donna 19, 129, 135 Henry, Jeanette 19 Henry, John 19, 196 Hering, Bruce 46 Herman, Judy 14, 20, 128 Hermanson, Jon 52, 55, 121, 181, 189, 200 Hibler, Laurie 52, 55, 131 Higman, Sue 55, 131 Hill, Dawn 55, 103 Hllmelfarb, Alan 46, 197 Hintgen, John 34 Hinsdale, Rose 55 Hinton, David 46 Hipskind, Dennis 46 Hipskind, Vickie 56, 131 Hiser, Diana 34 Hoorman, Mary 19 Hodges, Frank 46 Hodges, Keith 46 Hodges, Monta 34 Hodges, Nancy 56 Hodges, Ralph 46 Hodges, Vicki 46, 129 Hogan, Holly 56, 131 Hoffa, Steve 35 Hoffman, Linda 35, 37, 129, 130 Holley, Thomas 46 Holliday, Nancy 35 Holman, Jean 12, 20, 88, 113 Hoskins, Debbie 56, 61, 131 Hosmer, Betsy 20 Hosmer, Lucy 46 Houck, Gene 20, 122, 128, 140 176 Houze, Victor 20 Hovan, Wes 20, 26, 176 Howard, Bev 35 Howard, Larry 20, 26, 134 Howe, David 46, 106 Hubbard, Tim 56, 181, 200 Huber, Dick 35 Hudson, Jean 20 HuH, Dan 56 Hughes, Rosy 46 Hughes, Steve 56, 103, 181 Hughes, Tony 20, 133 Hughes, Wil 35 Hullinger, Jerry 20 Hullinger, Scott 56 Humphrey, John 20, 133 Humphrey, Judy 35, 108 Hurlbut, Gretchen 20, 106 Huson, Pamela 20, 103, 107, 124 Huston, Bill 35 Hutchins, Shauna 56 lacobelli, Bruce 35, 126, 176, 200 locabelli, Dirck 20, 26, 1 10, 122, 123,134,146,176 Ingram, Robert 20 Ishida, Mako 20, 129, 150, 167 J Jackson, Robbie 46, 122, 151, 176, 200 Jacobs, Lynda 20, 102, 107, 130 Jaeger, Pat 46 Jefferson, Diana 46, 129 Jeffries, Linda 35, 37 Jellilt, Cameron 46, 128 1 Jenkins Jalayne 35 Jenkins,lBrad 201 Jenkins, Lawrence 46 Jerome, Patti 35, 1 15, 124, 172 Johnson, Barbara 35, 115, 126, 129 Johnson, Chuck 35 Johnson, Debbie 56, 107, 131 Johnson, Frank 56, 61 Johnson, Gloria 35, 126 Johnson, Rita 56 Jones, Bonnie 56 Jones, Brad 56, 181 Jones, Diana 56, 126 Jones, Patty 32, 35, 126 Jordon, Jordon, Kenna 46 Wayne 20 Jorgensen, Phillip 35 120,1 163 24, 125, 127, 129, 135: Holveck, George 35, 107 Hooper, Hoover, Hopkins, Kit 46 Gerry 20, 126, 128 Jackie 35 Hopkins, Jean 20 Horn, Loy 56 Horseman, Don 20 Horseman, Donna 20 Horton, Gary 35 Horton, Roger 46 Hoskins, Marsha 35, 37, 38, 124, 129 214 Joseph, John 56 Juster, Jerry 46 K Kagan, Sue Ann 20, 124, 126, 127 Kahn, Eric 35 Kam, Craig 56 Kane, Claudia 35 Kartchner, Dan 56, 181 Katches, Kathy 35, 124, 126 Kearney, Kevin 20 Kearney, Pat 46, 193 Keate, Diane 56 Keeler, Steve 35 Keeler, Susan 56, 108 Kelley, Kristie 21, 105, 106 Kellogg, Kristy 57 Kellogg, Pam 35 Kenyon, Rustellia 21, 105 Kerna, Nadine 35 Kerr, James 46, 180, 200 Kiley, Mike 57 Killis, Sue 57, 131 Kilobassa, Paulette 36 Kimmell, Becky 46 Kimmell, Rod 35, 102, 107, 132 King, Randy 57 King, Linda 35, 142 Kinker, Bob 35, 1 10, 147, 176, 200 Kirsten, Neil 57 Kistner, Karl 35 Kitchel, Kurt 57 Kline, Denny 36 Knapp, Bonnie 46 Knoob, Cathy 47 Knoob, Nancy 21, 127 Koepke, George 21, 123, 135, 185, 186, 196 Kolar, Carol 57 Kolb, Sally 21, 127 Kopp, Chris 36 Korkosz, Susie 36 Kosloff, Mark 21 Kottraba, Larry 57, 181, 189, 197 Kottraba, Leanne 36 Kotz, Sheldon 36, 93, 135, 172 Kramer, Maribeth 36, 106, 124, 145 Kreitner, Debbie 47 Kress, Russell 47 Krey, Judy 47 Krey, Kathie 21 Kruidenier, Sue 21, 22, 112, 118 124, 125, 172 Krutel, Gail 21 Kuhlman, Bob 47, 103, 201 Kuhnz, Don 36 Kulb, Judy 36, 106, 107, 124, 135 Kulb, Steve 21, 103, 107, 173 Kulb, Tom 57, 102, 107 Kunzli, Walter 47 Kushell, Chuck 57, 181, 197 L Labriola, Peggy 47 Lacy, Priscilla 47 Ladendorff, Marcia 21, 105, 142, 173 Lamm, Marcia 57 Lancaster, Bill 47, 127, 129 Larson, Cindy 57, 61, 131 Larson, Gary 47 Lasley, Becky 44, 47, 49, 1 16, 143 Lasley, Mark 36 Laughlin, George 19, 21, 54, 122, 134 Lavin, Judy 47, 106, 130 Law, Jeannie 47 Lawler, Frank 47 Lawler, Pat 57 Lawrence, Amy 47, 130 Lazear, Laura 21, 133 Leaf, Carol 21, 105, 107 Learned, Debbie 36, 37, 135 Learned, Mike 47 Lebert, Lynne 57, 131 Leason, Lawrence 22, 134, 177 Lee, Gloria 47, 109 Lee, Judy 108 Lehr, Robert 47 Lehr, Susan 57, 109 Leiferman, Don 22, 127, 134 Lenz, Susan 22, 106, 127, 173 Lesk, Sharon 32, 35, 36, 116, 120, 128 Lestikow, Jim 22, 126 Lester, Chris 36 LeSueur, Warren 47 Leverton, Jodi 22 Levinson, Natalie 47, 108 Lewis, Jim 51, 181, 200 Leyva, Margie 57 Llerly, Marty 22 Liffiton, Tom 22, 103, 107 Littlepage, Suzanne 22, 91, 129 135, 164, 166 Limparis, Stephen 57, 181 Lincis, Elliot 57 Lindebak, Dee 47 Lint, Kris 47, 87 Liska, Rich 36 Liszt, Neil 36, 95, 193 Livingston, Rhonda 47 Lloyd, Bob 47 Lot, Sunny 22, 84,l12,116,11Z 1l9,124, 125, 135,168 Loehnert, Linda 36, 129 Logan, Butch 47, 180 Logan, Lynn 22, 115, 128 Logan, Terry 57, 103, 199, 20C Long, Deborah 22, 128 1 Long, Greg 47 l Lowry, Janice 34, 36, 113, 124! Loveioy, Sue 47, 129, 133 Lucero, Amador 47 l Lucero, Manuel 22, 122, 177 Lucas, Pricilla 22 Lund, Claudia 57 Lund, Craig 47 Lundin, Maralee 36, 41, 129 Lungren, Randolph 22, 123, 135 164, 166 Lydiard, Pat 36, 112, 124, 125 125, 129, 130 Lyman, Ken 36 Lynch, Craig 47 Lynch, Sherry 57 M MacDonald, Malissa 58 Mackenzie, Mike 47 Mackey, John 22, 88, 123, Mac Lead, Steve 57 Mac Neil, Jim 36, 177 Mac Neil, Pat 57 Maher, Jim 22 Maher, Patrick 36 Malarz, Marilyn 47, 102, 134 105 133 Manhart, Daryl 57, 102 Manghelli, Bill 47 Marecek, Sheri 57, 103 Maresca, Karen 57 Mark, Carol 22 Mark, Kristine 22, 105, 127, 133 135, 169 Mafkham,1s111 23, 122, 134, 151 186 Marion, Ray 47, 200 Marion, Myra 57, 109 Marreson, Constance 109 Marston, Karen 23, 103, 106 l 29 Martin, Beverly 47 Martin, Mike 36 Martz, Chester 57 Mascarenas, Leonard 144, 146 176 Mason Matak, 1 177, 179 Dave 57, 181, 189, Mason, Meg 47, Paul 23 130 Mathews, Roy 37 Mathis, Denise 57 Matthews, Sharon 58, 108 Matteson, Connie 58, 131 Mattson, Dennis 47, 85, 121, Mattson, Doug 58 197 129 Maupin, Becky 58, 128, 131 May, Debby 58 Mayhall, John 23 McAllister, Ray 58 McCall, Bob 37 McCall, Mike 58, 181, 200 ,e9,13o McClara, Pat 47 McConaha, Sharon 47, 105 McConnaha, Beth 58, 131 McCullough, Kim McDaniel, Buddy McDermott, John McDermott, Paule 107 47 37 58, 108 tte 37, 102, 133 McDonald, Greg 177 McDowell, Kathryn 47 McDowell, John 23, 128 McEachron, Gail 37, 126, 149 McFadden, Leslie 47, 50, 130 McFadden, Susan 47 McFadden, Tracy 130 McFarlin, Ray 58 McGirr, Kevin 37, 186 McKee, Jean 23, 123, 125, 127, 128, 130 McKee, Mary 23, 124, 127, 130 McKinney, Scott 37 McLeod, Bill 23 McMahon, Trisha 58, 109, 129, 130 McPherson, David 193 McQulston, Sue 47, 130 McQuiston, Kathleen 23, 105 Meacham, Diane 58, 61, 109, 143 Meisner, Cathy 23 Meisner, Jean 47 Meisner, Sheri 47, 85 Merrill, Tony 47 Merritt, Joyce 37, 128 Meritt, Judy 47 Messinger, Ken 47 Mettner, Allan 23, 128, 133 Meyer, Lee 23, 122, 134, 177 Meyerhofer, Larry 47, 210 Meyers, Les 58 Meyers, Tim 37 Michels, Robin 58 Michels, Steve 37 Mickle, Valerie 47 Middleton, Sandi 47 N Naderer, Gary 24 Naderer, Pat 37, 130 Nayes, Mike 58 Neill, Robert 24, 1 14, 122, 134, 172, Neiedl 191, 192 o, Becky 37, 103 Nelson, Gary 58 Nelson, Mickey 37, 92 Nestleroad, Bill 48, 200 Nicholson, Paul 58, 197 Niles, Marcia 48 Perdikes, Val 48, 130 Perry, Linda 58, 108, 131 Petello, Lisa 58 Peters, Germaine 25, 133 Petersen, Karen 58, 108 Peterson, Dee 48 Peterston, Kevin 58 Perley, Vickie 25, 116, 144, 170 Phillips, Deve 37, 126, 139, 186 Pickrell, Doug 58, 181, 200 Pitts, Kay 25, 207 Pitts, Larry 25 Poletsky, Bruce 37, 198, 200 Poletsky, Debbie 48 Nilssen, Ben 58 Nissen, Sheila 58 Nivison, Gordon 24 Nixon, Gaynelle 12, 24, 1 14, 123,124,125, 135,169 Niirich, Kathy 48 Nold, Paula 24, 114, 124, 125, 135, 169 Noonan, Paula 24 Poletis, Keith 58 Porter, Bob 58 Porter, Rick 58 Porter, Bill 48 Posner, Janis 58 Posner, Marsha 37, 102 Potts, Jim 48 Powell, DeVan 25, 108 Powell, Shar 48 Norton, Danny 37, 191 Norton, Jackie 37, 149 Nuttall, Penie 48 Nuttall, Sherrill 24, 1 12, 125, 133 Mika, Aram 47 Mllar, Mike 58 Mllar, Natalie 47 Miles, Sharon 47, 128 Miles, Stephanie 58, 131 Miller, Candace 23 Miller, Charles 23 Miller, Cheryle 23 Miller, Clyde 47 Miller, Janet 47, 128, 133 Miller Stanton 47 Millstead, Marsha 23, 127 Minnlgerade, Carol 58 Mohr, Larry 58, 180, 189, 197 Mondhlnk, Terry 58 Montana, Becky 37, 1 18, 126 Moore, Ananda 58 Moore, Bill 37 Moore, Carol 23 Moreth, Carol 47 Moreth, JoAnne 23 Morgan, Marsha 58, 109 Morgan, Robert 58 Morin, Susanne 23 Moritz, Harold 23 Moritz, Marcia 47, 130 Morley, Denise 37 Morley, Leslie 58, 128 Morrell, Ira 48 Morris, Doug 23, 122, 127, 134, 190, 191, 193 Morris, Patsy 48 Morris, Randy 58 Morriselt, Forest 23 Morrison, Marsha 37, 126 Moulding, Art 37, 193 Moulding, Debbie 48 Mueller, Dennis 37, 103 Muirhede, Jack 58 Mullen, Martin 37 Muller, Roy 23, 122, 134, 144, 146,17O, 177,186 Mumma, Becky 58, 61, 128, 131, 179 Mumma, Holerie 24, 149 Murphy, Bonnie 48 Murray, Brian 48, 180 Murray, Pauline 24, 108 Musgrave, Roger 48 O Obstfeld, Jel"f 127, 128 O'Byrne, Kathy 24, 113, 127 O'Connor, Pat 37 O'Day, Kathleen Oddo, Scott 48 Olfenbacker, Terry 48, 102 O'Hara, Leslie 24, 1 12, 125, 126, Olbricht, Bill 48 Oldfleld, Eddie 58 O'Leary, Marty 108 Olsen, John 48, 103 Olsen, Mary 48 Olson, John 24, 123, 127 Olson, Martin 180 Oltersdorf, Kathy 48, 130 Osborne, Tom 24, 1 13 P Padon, Prestine 37 Page, Jim 12, 18, 21, 24, 120, Powell, Wendy 14, 25, 84, 119, 129, 135, 162 Powers, Stelfany 37, 103, 107 Preiss, Dan 38 Price, Linda 25 Price, Patti 58 Price, Vickie 38 Prigg, Jackie 59, 102, 109 Prinsze, Glenn 25 Prisbrey, Mike 59, 181, 200 Pritchard, Greg 25 Probst, Sue 48, 105, 129 Proulx, Janice 48 Proulx, Michael 25, 133 Prouty, Michael 25 Prue, Howard 48, 126 Pruitt, Sue 59, 109 Putnam, Berry 48 Putnam, Shelley 59 GENERAL lNDEX Richards, Paul 59 Richardson, Brian 38, 103 Richardson, Linda 38 Richas, Debbie 38 Riddle, Larry 38 Ridgeway, Bill 26 Righettini, Mark 49, 191 Riley, Patricia 26 Ring, Danny 38 Rinkenberger, Jim 49, 180, 200 Rippe, Carolyn 26 Risk, Bill 49, 201 Ritterskamp, Debby 49, 99 Robel, Chuck 26, 122, 123, 177, 191 Roberts, Andy 200 Roberts, Scott 38 Robertson, Rosanna 26, 102, 130 Robinson, Deon 49 Robles, Albert 26, 146, 177 Rodgers, Colleen 49 Roehr, Nick 49 Rogers, Charles 49, 106, 180, 193 Rogers, Terri 59, 131 Rogers, Tim 59 Rohan, Anne 49, 129 Ronan, Dan 49, 180 Ronan, Dave 38, 177, 200 Ronn, Karla 26 Rosenberry, Debbie 59 Ross, Barbara 38 Ross, Diana 38 Ross, Wayne 59 Roth, Jim 27 Rothan, Mike 49 Q Quoin, Dean 25, 123, 135, 182, 183, 200 Rabe, Lynn 38, 86, 125, 126, 129, 135 Rabe, William 25 Radobenko, Sam 38 122, 130, 134, 138, 144, 146, 171, 177, 200 Painter, Bill 48 Paisley, Jeff 58, 61, 197 Palmer Dave 37 Palmer: Debbie 48, 128 Palmer, Don 37, 122, 128, 130, 1 34, 200 143, 177, 186, 198,199, Palmer, Mike 48, 177, 197 Pappas, Gary 25 Paradine, Scott 58, 125, 181, 193 Parke, Kathy 48 Parke, Marshall 52, 58, 121, 207 Parker, Jean 37, 108 Parks, Karen 25, 105 Parry, Parry, Jacque 58 Rory 37 Passey, Helen 58, 131 Passey, Linda 48, 130 Potters Paugh, on, Mike 48 Chuck 58 Paul, Janet 48, 107 Pavarini, Charles 48, 142 Pearl, Steve 48 Pearson, John 48, 177, 200 Peck, Chris 58, 97 ohn 25, 122, 134, 1185, Peck, J 186 Peden, Shelley 37 Pedigo, Mary 37 Penrod, Tony 58, 181 Pentland, Steve 25 Perdikes, Patti 25, 133 Raffaele, Diane 38 Rogan, Gary 59 Raichert, Les 58 Ralston, Jan 38, 40, 86, 118, 135 Randall, BeLinda 48 Raney, Keith 25 Rasmussen, Karen 59, 131 Ravanesi, Pat 25, 28, 122, 134 Ray, Kathy 25, 96, 108, 126 Rayala, Mike 49 Raymond, Vickie 25 Rebelsky, Cindy 49 Rebelsky, Janilee 38 Reddell, Terri 49 Redman, Phyllis 49 Reese, Karen 25, 124, 127, 133, 135 Rehtmeyer, Rey 25 Reichenbach, Lawrence 49, 180 Reichenbach, Lou Ann 59, 131 Reisland, Cindy 14, 25, 28, 147 Reisland, Sally 49, 130 Remmler, Dan 59 Reneman, Rick 59 Rennch, Janis 108 Reque, Karl 25, 107, 113, 125, 126 Resler, Susan 38 Reuben, George 59, 181, 189 Rice, Jeanne 59 Rleh, Bill 12, 18, 25, 91, 120, 127, 128, 134, 176 Rich, Tim 59 Richards, Kevin 59 Rosland, Debby 59 Rowely, Candy 49 , Royer, Frank 59, 181, 200 Royer, Donald 27 Royer, Terrence 38 Rubenstein, Ilene 38, 106, 126, 129 Rudnyk, Rich 49 Rudnyk, Ted 26 Ruiz, Mario 49, 180, 193, 201 Ruoho, David 38, 191 Russell, Darlene 49 Russell, Gary 59, 96 Russnak, Greg 26, 122, 134, 191 Ryan, Dan 49 Ryan, Mike 38 Ryan, Rick 59, 180, 189, 200 Ryser, Rick 59, 181, 189, 197 S Sanders, Jerry 27, 102, 107 Sanders, Linda 38 Sanders, Rick 38 Sanderson, William 27 Sandoz, Linda 49 Sandwick, Dianna 27, 147 Sansom, Tom 38, 182, 183 Saunders, Mark 38, 93 Saunders, Sharon 27 Sauter, Diane 38 Sauter, Nina 49 Saxton, Phiyllis 27 Saxton, Rick 49, 180 Schaar, William 27, 103, 104, 107, 173 Schalier, Jerry 27 Schattenberg, Sam 34, 39 Scheib, Chris 49 Scheib, Linda 59 Scheinbaum, Jay 59, 181, 197 Schepp, Rex 59 Schillingburg, Charles 102 Schlicker, Diana 39 Schnetzer, John 59, 181, 200 Schnorr, Mike 59 Schrader, Bill 59 Schramm, Connie 39 Schuerman, Ted 49 215 GENERAL INDEX Schulte, Bev 49, 105 Schultz, Bill 49 Schwartz, Marilyn 59 Schwartze, Steve 59, 183, 189, 197 Schweikart, Chris 39, 105, 1 13, 124, 1 25 Scott, Ken 39 Scott, Myron 39, 93, 172 Scovell, Sarah 49, 108 Seegmiller, Rick 49, 183 Segedy, Andy 49 Seitts, George 27, 87 Sekan, Mary 38 Sekan, Steve 59, 181 Sellwood, Tom 27 Senseman, Tom 49 Shaw, Mary 49, 128 Shaw, Nancy 27, 90, 125, 127, 128, 135 Shaw, Sheila 49, 130 Shallit, Rebecca 27 Shaver, Jim 49, 183 SheaH'er, Laura 59, 131 Shearer, Jim 27, 143 Shearer, Tom 39 Sheets, John 39, 102, 133 Sheets, Lucia 39 Shields, Tighue 39 Shillingburg, Robert 39, 127, 128 Shillingburg, Charles 50 Shinabery, Russ 50 Shindo, Marie 59 Shocklee, Meg 39 Shoemaker, Jan 50, 107 Shonerd, Richard 59 Shook, John 27, 134 Shoopman, Ronald 27, 106 Shuerman, Dale 39 Shull, Susie 50, 129 Sickler, Patrick 128 Sickler, Paton 39, 59, 123, 127 Siders, Mark 200 Simmons, Carol 50, 128 Simon, Tom 59 Simonet, Marilou 44, 50, 1 16 Simonsen, Denita 50 Simpson, Bob 50 Sitton, Sonia 27 Slyder, Bob 50 Smart, Brenda 32, 39, 105, 128 Smallsreed, Mark 27, 110, 177, 178, 179, 193 Smith, Bill 27, 122, 123, 134 Smith, Brad 27 Smith, Byran 50, 180 Smith, Carolyn 50 Smith, Carrie 39, 105, 127 Smith, Cindy 59, 131 Smith, David 50, 103 Smith, Dennis 50, 177, 200 Smith, Frank 28, 134 Smith, Judson 27, 134 Smith, Millie 59, 131 Smith, Peggy 28, 106 Smith, Randy 28, 122, 134, 146 156, 177, 179, 200 Smith, Randall 28 Sniften, Cindi 59 Snyder, Arthur 50 Sobek, Diane 59, 131 Soderquist, Randy 59, 197 Sopiies, Mike 50 Sorenson, Karen 59 Sosnowski, Susan 50 Soto, Frank 50, 103 Soto, Larry 59 Spaugh, Nancy 50. 108 Spaulding, Bill 39, 102, 107 Spector, Paula 28 Spero, George 50 Spielberg, Anne 28, 105, 126, 136 Sprague, Paul 50 Sprinzl, Kurt 50 216 Sprouse, Billie 59, 102 Stallard, Jim 59 Stamm, Carla 59 Stamm, Susan 130, 131 Stanley, Brian 39 Steele, Wayne 28, 201 Steele, Wendy 59, 131, 156 Steen, Tom 28, 106, 142, 145, 177 Steinke, Cheryl 28 Stephens, Deborah 28, 133 Stewart, Connie 50, 108 Stewart, Larry 50, 180 Stickler, Kathy 50 Steig, David 28 Stienbecker, Dianne 28 Stimson, Brad 39 Stimson, Dave 59, 143, 197 Stockton, Lonni 39 Stonebrook, Ron 39 Stoner, Dennis 28 Stopher, Robert 28, 122, 134, 177 Stowell, Christine 39 Stresen-Reuter, Lynne 14, 28, 115, 124,125,135 Stroud, Carol 29, 127 Strange, Robbie 28 Straughan, Ron 200 Stueland, Joanne 50, 102 Sturr, Bruce 39, 177, 200 Suchy, Deborah 29, 98, 129 Suggs, Forrest 39 Suglia, Frank 50 Sullins, Sam 29, 97 Sullivan, Larry 39 Sullivan, Sandy 29 Summers, Diane 50 Surratt, Judy 59 Swan, Greg 59 Sweeney, Bob 50 Swenson, Linda 39, 105, 106, 124,135,138, 142 Swenson, Sharon 29, 105, 106, 124,126,127,138,142 Swiger, Doug 50 Swingle, Catherine 29, 133 Swingle, Steve 50, 180, 197 Szmutko, Anna 50 T Tackett, Gary 39 Tanner, Barbara 29, 133 Tanner, Madonna 50, 129 Tanner, Neal 60 Taylor, Bob 29 Taylor, Diana 50 Taylor, George 60 Taylor, Jack 50, 180 Toyrien, Jackie 39 Tellier, Suzy 39, 126 Temperio, Kathy 40 Temperio, Nick 51 Terp, Danny 50 Tess, Lynn 32, 39, 120, 129, 172 Tess, Rick 60, 181, 197 Thaden, Joe 39 Thenell, Jeff 50 Thenell, Lynne 29, 123, 125, 127, 128,135,164,166 Thies, Linda 40, 110, 129, 130 Thomas, Betsy 14, 29, 87, 129 Thomas, Gaye 51 Thomas, Kathy 40 Thomason, Robert 29 Thompson, Steve 40, 103 Thompson, Tony 40 Tibsherany, Kristeen 60, 108, 1 31 Titterington, Mike 60, 180, 197 Toles, Doug 29 Toles, Rhonda 51 Tolman, Gail 60 Tolman, Janice 51 Tomcheck, Kay 51 Tsosie, Alice 40 Torello, Timi 51, 115, 128 Torres, Pete 60 Towne, Richard 40 Trecartin, Connie 29, 102, 133, 135 Trimble, Chris 40, 127, 129 Truscott, Barbara 51 Tubb, Debbie 40 Tucker, Edye 40, 108, 130, 147 Tuchin, Douglas 14, 29, 108, 127 Tunney, Jeanette 29 Turberville, Kay 60 Turberville, Pam 40 Turl, Debbie 50, 51 Turner, Anne 60 Turner, Jim 51 Turner, Lindsey 29 Twitchell, Bill 51 U Underwood, Bob 40 Upp, Sue 51 U'Ren, Barb 40, 143 Usher, Genny 29 Vahle, Donna 51, 105, 129 Vale, Bob 51 Van Epps, Lynette 51 Van Sickel, Sharon 29 Van Thiel, Gregory 29, 123 Van Valer, Bob 32, 36, 38, 40, 120,127,134, 139,145, 186 Vaughn, Cal 40 Vaughn, Christine 29 Veltri, Cathy 40 Veltri, Rosemarie 60 Verbsky, Kathy 60 Verfurth, Steve 29, 199 Verville, Ginette 60, 109, 131 Vetter, Bob 51, 134, 197 Vetter, Phil 14, 29, 122, 134 Voelkner, Jay 51, 102, 107 Wherry, Barbara 30, 114, 125 126, 133 Wherry, Janet 51 Whetstone, David 30 Whetstone, Linda 60 Whimple, Richard 61 Whitaker, Eunice 30, 124, 127 Whitaker, Jon 41 White, Debbie 30 White, Mary 30 Whiteside, Ronald 30, 201 Whitley, Tina 52, 61,121,131 Whittemore, Linda 51, 126 Wibbing, Bill 51 Widner, Judy 51, 108, 130 Widner, Rick 61, 200 Wieging, Mark 30 Wiesenhofer, Patty 41 Wiess, Chris 51 Wiley, Mary 61, 108 Wilkins, Karen 14, 31, 127 Wilkins, Tim 61, 197 Williams 1 cathy 61,131 Williams, Christine 31 Williams, Cynthia 61 Williams, Greg 61 Williams, John 51, 61, 200 Williams, Lanette 41 Williams, Linda 31, 105 Williams, Marilyn 61, 131 Volkmar, Peter 40 VanLohe n, Sandie 51, 130 Vosburgh, Charles 29, 201 Vreeland, Pauline 51 Wacker, W Allen 51,177,197 Wahl, Gordon 40 Waid, Thomas 14, 29, 122, 177 Walker, Amy 60, 108, 131 Walker, Arlene 29, 124 Walker, Danny 40 Walker, Marcia 29, 106, 127 Walker, Melissa 51 Walker, Sandy 60, 131 Wall, Kris 51, 200 Walling, Karen 40, 126 Walsh, Margaret 30, 105, 124 Walsh, Tim 60, 197 Wang, Stanley 40, 186 Ward, Skip 40 Wardenburg, Mike 51, 191, 173 Warner, Martha 29, 108 Warren, Jamie 51 Warren, John 60, 181, 189, 197 Warren, Linda 60, 131 Warren, Rick 51 Watkins, Barbara 29 Watson, Butch 60, 181 Watterson, Alice 30, 113, 125 Watts, James 30 Way, Gary 60 Way, Larry 26, 41 Waybill, Bill 41 Webber, Linda 41 Weber, Danna 51 Weber, Diane 41 Weber, Susan 60 Wedge, Vern 60, 177, 189, 197 Welch, Diane 30, 1 12 Werner, Steve 200 Westfall, Colette 41 Wheeler, William 30 Williams, Steven 31, 122, 190 191 Williamson, Annette 31 Williamson, Barry 61, 181 Williamson, Tom 41, 183 Willoughby, Jon 51, 197 Wilson, David 31, 134 Wilson, Mark 51, 201 Wilson, Patricia 12, 24, 31, 1 15, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 133, 135,151, 167 Wilson, Patti 51 Wilson, Vicci 41 Winter, Brad 41 Wisdom, Gary 41, 103 Wixted, Jane 48, 51, 128, 130 Womak, Diane 61 Wood, Debbie 51 Wood, Linda 61 Wood, Tim 61 Woodbridge, Cindy 34, 41, 1 12, 1 16, 129 Woodling, Cheryl 51 Wooley, Marilyn 51, 133, 135 Woudenberg, Kevin 41, 122, 126, 177 Wyatt, Barbara 31 Y Young, Judith 51, 108 Young, Leo 61 Young, Steve 31 Youngblood, Joseph 31 Z Zacharoudis, Andrea 31 Zacharoudis, Georgia 37, 41 Zadel, Dennis 51, 193, 197 Zadel, Phyllis 31 Zahnter, Sandy 51 Zarecor, Susan 31, 103, 106 107 Zarcos, Tim 31 Zaslaw, Ellen 31 Zavala, Lee 31, 119, 120, 122, 144,146,149,151,170,177, 179, 186, 187 Zavala, Vie 51, 130 Zebell, Scott 61, 200 Zenor, Joan 31 Ziegler, Renee 51 Ziegler, Sherry 61 1 Zimmerman, Rick 51 , 103, 107, 183, 191 Zurr, Kathy 41 Zwaanstra, Diane 61, 128, 13,1 1 QUTHVQEST YEARBOOK

Suggestions in the Scottsdale High School - Camelback Yearbook (Scottsdale, AZ) collection:

Scottsdale High School - Camelback Yearbook (Scottsdale, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Scottsdale High School - Camelback Yearbook (Scottsdale, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Scottsdale High School - Camelback Yearbook (Scottsdale, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Scottsdale High School - Camelback Yearbook (Scottsdale, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Scottsdale High School - Camelback Yearbook (Scottsdale, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Scottsdale High School - Camelback Yearbook (Scottsdale, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


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