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 - Class of 1956

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The 1956 Highlander Published The laws of ' 6 Scotland High School Qcotland South afota EY c .. 5 MQWJWJXVQWVJ M4 Walter J Kallenberger Superintendent English I 'i Carol Bietz Secretary 0 '?2 J 91 QJWJIJI .Af dxf Florence R Murphy Principal, Librarian Am Gov't Qoc , Psychology gweezfffy I Myrtle Robinson Karl? Savage 518573 St01'1'Y Typing I, Bkkg EnR11Sh T.TI,III Home Ec I,II,III Shorthand I, Sec Tr I I I n u Q, s- o 777777 4 - I . K . . 0 u Q James Hukkl Alg. I, Physics Adv. Math. James Anderson Ag I,II,III Elmore Lund Biology, Chem. Geometry Loren Holzwarth Ag I,II,III Harry Savage Eng IV, French Am History Allen Baker Shop, W Hist Athletics James Jurrena WB!-'PSU C01-b01'8 Band Gan Science Vocal Music . O X . - 1 . C I U i ' 'W fr ,, O vw Cifdifff Arthur Orth nThe athletic type and in telllge XZQLJIQQI' Basketball l 2 3 M Class Pres l Student Council 2,M S Council Pres M Mixed Chorus l,2,3 M Glee Club 1,2,3,M All State Chorus 3 Mixed Octet 3 Football Manager Class Play 3 M Track l,2,3,M Science Club Annual Staff NSW Club 3 M John Foley Now, if you would just let me explain Football 1,2 Basketball l 2 Track l,2,3 M flee Club 3 Class Pres M Class Play 3 A 1, , Hsu Club 3 Donald Stevenson nHandsome is as han some can get away within Basketball l,2,3 Football 1,2 HSN Club 3 M Class Play 3 Boys State 3 A , Class Treas Class Pres 2 Student Council 3 Annual Staff M Ronald Orth 'He still looking or his Julietln Glee Club l,2,3,M Mixed Chorus l 2,3 M Class Play 3 M F F A 1 2, , Track l,2, F F A B Ball 2,3 755 Karen Ireland nHer efforts are worthy to be oopi Band l 2,3,M Brass Quartet 2 Brass Sextet M Trumpet Trio 2,3, Glee Club 3 M Mixed Chorus M Student Council 2 Declam l,2,M Science Club 2 A 1 Annual Staff M Queen's Attendant Class Play 3 M S Council V Pre Pep Squad l,2,3, Peo Squad Sec M Pep Band 2 3 M Accompanist M A Joan Pravecek Boys some, to be F H A G A A Stage are bother but I like botheredln 1,2, Crew 3 e M S Carol Palmer 'Two big brown eyes and a smile, Beware! Band 1,2 Glee Club 3 M Mixed Chorus 3 M Sax Quartet 3 M Science Club 2 A Queen's Attendant Class Play 3 M Student Council l Pep Squad l,2,3,U Pep Squad Pres M 1 A Pa l A Reporter 2 Declam 1,3 Sax Solo 2,M Pep Band 2,3,M Swing Band M 1 Bagpipe Staff l 2,3 M Bagpipe Co Pd 3 Bagpipe Editor M Annual Staff M A Staff Editor M Class Sec M Band Pres M Laverne Baker 'wel1, I trz to be good. Band l,2,3,M Clar. Quartet 2,3,M woodwind Trio 3,M Glee Club 1 Mixed Chorus M Mixed Octet M Girls' Quartet M All State Chorus M Pep Squad l,2,3,M Pep Squad V Pres M Band Treas M Annual Staff M Bagpipe Staff l 2,3 L Bagpipe Sec M Heed Majorette 1, Debate M A 1, , A . Pep Band 2,3,M Class Play 3 M Clarinet Solo M A Rep Science Club 2 Douvlas Mehlhaff 'Please girls, on one at a time! Football l,2,3 M Basketball l, Track l,2,3,M 'S' Club 3,M 'S' Club Pres M Capt Football Capt Womecominv Vina M Roberta Erps No one can enjo life alone Band l,2,3,M A , Class Play 3 Bagpipe Staff 1,2 Annual Staff M Clarinet Quartet 3 F H A 1, , Science Club 2 'tave Crew M Marvin Kortan Remember, it' the silent guy that learns the most Band M Q4 4--nf Wayne Bertrand nHe can forget the girls, but the girls can't forget himl' Football l,2,3,M Basketball 1,2 nSn Club 3,M Band l,2,3,M Debate 3,M Boys State 3 Class Play 3 Drum Ensemble 3 Science Club 2 A Staff Bus Man Student Council 1 Class V Pres Pep Band M Swing Band M Drum Solo 3 M Football Co Capt Jacque Morris NA queen in a our heartsln Homecomlna Queen Class Play Annual Staff M Class V Pres l Dramatics Club 1,2 All School Play 2 Spanish Club 1 A Richard Wames 'I'm not very bright, but the sun doesn't shine everv day! Basketball l 2,3 M Football l 2,3 M Track l 2 3 flee Club l, Class Plav 3 M D Club 1,2 S Club M Capt B P Co Capt FootB M All around Athlete 3 Mary Jo Souhrada 'Like the first violet of spring mild, sweet and modes ' F H A J 68 Club 1 Ba pipe Staff M J A A 1 Marilyn Thum NTalf1n develope he mind Band l,2 3 C r Cuart Band V Pres Student ouncil Clee Clwb M x d ho LS 2 All State band 2 Pep Squad l Class Play 3 M Science Club 2 A A Son e der , Bagpipe St ff M Annual St ff A Staff Co Wditor M ueen's Attendant 2 Debate A Clar Solo 2 onduct1n Class Scholastic Award l Francis Pravecek 'Dollar for a halr cut, why that's 1U latlonl F A l 2, Stage Crew 3 Arl ne Uiorseth HT don't car how o nronounre mv n m , it will Jent1allv change Band r 3 U 1 2: s A Clar Swa 4 Va plpe St PF Science Club 2 Porn Solo 3 donald Schanche 'Meets life a calm as thou h it were his own lnvention' A l 2,3 Sta e Crew 3 M Band 3 Football l Basketball l Track l Fan 45 Ronald Hermann nThe stronv silen tvpe F F A 1 , Class Play M Football 1,3 Dorothy Ieut cher nI'll be merry, I'll be free, I'll be sad for nobody N Band l,2,3,M A l, , F H A Sonpleader 2,3 Mixed Chorus 2,M All State Chorus M Clarinet Quartet 3 M Clar Quart Glee Club l,2,M Mixed Octet 2,M Girls' Quartet M Annual Staff M Class Dlay 3 Bagpioe Staff M hpBmm3l A Melvin Bitterman 'I know a lot, bu can't think of it lee Club 2,3 Mixed Chorus 2,3 Class Plav 3,M Trac! 1 Laverua Bittner Ulf there's any thlnv I like better than fun, it's more fun! Band 2 Mixed Chorus 3 M Clee Cltb l,2,3,M Trombone Trio 3 M Trombone Ouart 2 All State Chorus A 9 Bra s Cuartet 3 Vocal Solo 3 M Mixed Octet M Pavplpe Qtaff 3 Annual Staff Clrls' Quartet M Class Play M Pep Band 2,31 Swinv Band M Joan Petrlk nBubbling over with laughter and fun, with never a worrv for work undonel' Band 2,3,M Mixed Chorus l,2,3,M Glee Club l,2,3,M Woodwind Trio 3 M All State Chorus 3 Mixed Octet 3 M Class Play 3 Stage Crew M Pres Vocal Dept F H A 1,2 Band Sec M Girls' Quartet M Bagpipe Staff M Annual Staff M Queen's Attendant Piccolo Solo 3 M Flute Solo M Vocal Solo M Pep Band 2,3 M Librarian 2 Clifford Roth NI wish I were a pilot, with a girl on every cloud FA 12, 'lee Club 3 Mixed Chorus M Vocal Solo M Track l,2,3, Football l 3 'S' Club 3 M Shirley Hollman nReserved and s y, but not to every one Annual Staff M A Glee Club 1,2 william Mehrer NHe is gentle, 1 shy, but there is m schief in his eye' A 1 2, Class Play 3 Stage Crew M Glee Club 2 F F A Basketball M F F A Sentinel M ls 1ilP S-J Gary Baltzer 'I'll get there, don't rush mein Band 3,M Glee Club 1,2 Boys' Octet 2 Mixed Octet 2 F.F.A. l,2,3,M Stage Crew M Mired Chorus F F A Trees M F F A Nat Del Nadine Orth nBevins and en s everv day with a giggle Pep Squad 2 3 Student Council A l, , Glee Club 3 M Mixed Chorus M Queen's Attendant 3 Bagpipe Staff 3 M Annual Staff Annual Co Fd M Librarian M Stage Crew 3 Delmar Schanche Quiet in appearance, with mot1ves nn known! Basketball l Football l Trac? l 'lee Club 2,M Nixed Chorus Stage Crew Flsie Gran nShe lets er conscience uide her, but it some tines jumps the tracksln Band 2,3, Glee lub M 11,1 9 Librarian M Bagpipe Staff P 3 Annual Staff M F F L QP Den Wand 3 Alice Bierle Her interests are varied, especially among men! Band 2,3,M F H A 1,2, Class Play M Class Sec 1 G A A 1,2 Annual Staff Librarian 3 M Bagpipe Staff 1,2 Pep Squad 3 M Pep Squad Treas M Junior Mraz uHe turns corners on two wheels to sav tires' Basketball 1,2 Football l, Track 1,2 Bonnie Konrad Just a teeny weeny firecracker with a great big ang! A Pep Squad 2 Stage Crew 3 M Glee Club 2 Norma List 'Blondes always have a sunny disposition A , Glee Club l, Mixed Chorus 1 2 Bagpipe Staff 3 M FFA , Class Sec 3 Donavan Dean lt's not that I'm ignorant, it's ust that I know so many wrono things F F A 1 2, , Class Play 3 Elsie Blaalid 'United we stand separated we corres pond fwitk Mickey I Band 2 3,M Glee Club 1,2,M Mixed Chorus 1,2 Stage Crew M F H A 1,2, , A Hist Bagpipe Staff 2,3 M Science Club 2 A Marilyn Jerke 'School does fill in the ga between evenings! Glee Cluh 1 2 Pep Souad l 2,3 M Steve Crew 3 Librarian 2 Karen Chance Number please sorry, mine's busy permanently! Band 1 2,3 M Al., Clar Quartet 3 M Pep Squad 1,2,3 Bagpipe Staff M Class Play 3,M Annual Staff M Pep Band 2,3,M N n M Q J . . . 3 . . . , 3 M C 0 I ,-L I I3I,'l' I . . . 3 P4 9 -' F.H. . . M 2 G.A. . 2 n - H H , A , b F.s.A. 1,2,3 F.H. . 2,3 - 1 ,M , 1 j3sh I in '-- I1 - Ain I I F.P. . 2 3 e.A. . 1 2 . , 2.h ,'U 9 9,4 1 . . . 1 2 ' M ' JUNIOR CLASS BACK ROW Cleft to rightl Allan Gall, Clifford Zeeb, Robert Delzer, Allen Bierle, Leroy Suess, Lynn Palmer, Leonard Moser, Lawrence Mehlhaff, Joseph Pekas, Roger Zweifel, Roland Furney FOURTH ROW Carol Gunn, June Larson, Janice Hancock, Charlotte Weber, Iona Auch, Rita Schlechter, Deloris Weltz, Bonitta Johnston, Eugene List, Carl Soukup THIRD ROW Robert Pravecek, Helen Bruna, Marliss Batterman, Marie Walloch, Patricia Kocer, Verna Orth, Helen Souhrada, Joan Hesla, Fern Lagge, Elden Bjorum, Walter Burk SECOND ROW Allan Dingman, Larry Nelson, David Eberhardt, Richard McCann, Robert Kaul, Wayne Bentz, Gary Wold, Ronald Schoon, Dennis Bloch, Budd Pedersen FIRST ROW Miss Storry, Sponsor, Patricia Albert, Rose Lyons, Betty Zeeb, Julie Haynes, Donna Bender, Carol Neth, Judy Hermann, Carol Gunderson Pat Kocer, Rita Schgchter, Lynn Mis' Stan? Palmer, Marlins Sponsor Batterman, Class Officers o n 0 o o s 0 c 0 q K . l .... . -. 6. 0' ' 'Zac.4 , SOPHOMORE CLASS BACK ROW Cleft to right! Larry Hebbert, Dennis Baltzer, Joseph Dvorak, Dale Stevenson, Paul Schlechter, Henry Winckler, Ronald Talsma, Joey Schmidt, Rodney Burke, Lloyd Sorlien THIRD ROW Violet Gimbel, Judith Bender, Joyce Novak, Carl Neumeister, Leighton waltz, Lonn Sweet, Duane Bierle, Allen Klemme, Laton Gall, Robert Nielsen SECOND ROW Leroy Orth, Francis Serr, Gloria List, Carol Maruska, Audrey Glynn, Sylvia Andersen, Karen Kline, Twila Kremer, JoAnn Borszich, Judy Frey FIRST ROW Mr Lund, Sponsor, Dorothy Jochims, Lynette Maruska, Judy Ireland, Kay Wieters, Donna Thum, Mary Jo Rasmussen, Mary Meyer, Carol Eberhardt, LaVonne Suess, Joyce Conrad Carol Eberhardt, Mr Lund, Mr Colberg Joey Schmidt, Carl Sponsors Neumeister, Judy Ireland, Class Officers 0 o 0 X o o n n o 0 . VA Q ' I ...V ! U 0 FRESFMAN CLASS BACK ROW lleft to right! Mr Hukki, Sponsor, Jerry Roth, Gene Smith, Ronald Hunhoff, Delyle Dvorak, Fredrich Pike, Wayne Weber, Wayne Pibal, Lawrence Behl, Lynn Englehorn, Arthur Vollmer FOURTH ROW Gerald Weber, Larry Gall, Russell Silvernail, Gary Hamberger, Paul Huber, Melvin Suess, Gale Gunn, Harvey Serr, John Hess, Marvin Mueller, Dale Evenson, Dwain Kline THIRD ROW Duane Hoff, LaMont Gall, Darlene Schaeffer, Marlys Herman, Dorothy Schweinforth, Betty Haynes, Don Mehlhaff, Wayne Ireland, Merl Coles, Donald Bierle, Jerome Rudolf, Donald Zeeb SECOND ROW Raymond Kayser, Shirley Krieger, Vernee Mogck, Carolyn Gemar, Marjean Schnabel, Gloria Alberts, Donna Evenaon, Velma Wright, Marvelle Suess, Janice Haase, Yvonne Magstadt, Janet Pratt FIRST ROW Gordon Johnston, Phyllis Dawson,Dorothy Mueller, Donna Baker, Karen Erstgaard, Lavonne Ganske, Joyce Baltzer, Judy Van Driel, Peggy Bierle, Darlene Mach, Vera Klemme, Marlene Grosz Wayne Ireland Vonnie Magstadt, Class Officers Mr Hukki Sp ons or I A ,,, Dorothy Schweinforth, W f f yr 5 hw. Elms hldhh IAX n ni xp as ,, ' ll Q -Qilfig wfms :fl-1. ff 'Qs gl A Sim, negate .fi ,nr , 1 STUDENT COUNCIL Standing Arthur Orth, Miss Murphy, Sponsor Seated Kay Wieters, Betty Haynes, Joseph Pekas, Haynes, Nadine Orth, Lonn Sweet, John Hess Julie School Board Standing: fleft to rightl Superintendeng Walter Kallenoergen Ralph Hermann, Cyrus Rasmussen, President, Dr. walter J. Treick Seated: William Hansen, Clerk, Treasurer, Gus Weidenbach, Leighton Gemar, Wesley Palmer M-M0212 digg if 0 l' 5 if H 0 X I7 l, 'LGB FILTIF WAY LWFT TO RIFHT Yvonne Mavstadt, Carol Vberhardt, Marliss Batterman, King, Douglas Mehlhaff, Queen, Jacque Morris, Nadine Orth, Carol Palmer, Joan P trik CPILDRFN Donna Behl, 'eor e wins, Terry Moore, Shirley Bjorum Que 911 W' Queen's Car Senior Float 4 X , .1 1 I r .J . 9 1- ,, 2 or f, 'Z ,, . , , , ' , Q ,Q . I .- PVP SQUAD BACF ROL Cleft to rightl Judy Frey, Judy Ireland, Judy Bender, Joyce Novak, Marlys Herman, Marvelle Suess, Yvonne Magstadt, Donna Baker, Carol Eberhardt SRCOND RON Carol Neth, Carol Gunderson, Karen Ireland, Nadlne Orth, Rita Schlechter, Marliss Batterman, Marie Walloch, Dorothy Schweinforth FIRST ROW Marilyn Thum, Carol Palmer, Laverne Baker, Alice Bierle, Bonnie Konrad, Karen Chance, Mar1lyn Jerke, Vera Klemme, Miss Murphy, Sponsor CHR RLVAD DQ Donna Bender, Julie Faynes, LaVonne Suess, Judy Fermann CHEERLEADERS : Mar-ve11e CHEERLEADERS: Donna Suess, Marlys Herman, Bender, Julie Haynes, Judy Bender, Joyce Novak I-Iigyslgnng Suess' Judy ANNUAL STAFF STANDING Cleft to rightl Roberta Erps, Dorothy Deutscher, Karen Chance, Jacque Morris, Miss Murphy, Sponsor, Arthur Orth, Elsie Gran, Karen Ireland, Shirley Hollman, Laverne Baker SEATLD Laverna Bittner, Joan Petrik, Donald Stevenson, Marilyn Thum, Carol Palmer, Nadine Orth, Wayne Bertrand, Alice Bierle f-..- Cerol Palmer, Marilyn Donald Stevenson, wayne Thum, Nadine Orth, Editors Bertrand, Business Managers . . ,, . . 'ga nr ' , , vs A ZHQQR BAGPIPE STAFF BACK ROW fleft to right, Elsie Blaalid, Norma List, Laverne Baker, Roberta Erps, Marliss Batterman, Verna Orth, Rita Schlechter, Iona Auch, Bonitta Johnston, Mary Jo Souhrada SECOND ROW Nadine Orth, Karen Chance, Laverna Bittner, Dorothy Deutscher, Arlene Biorseth, Marilyn Thum, Janice Hancock, Charlotte Weber, Mrs Robinson, Sponsor FIRST ROW Carl Neumeister, Elsie Gran, Alice Bierle, Joan Petrik, Judy Hermann, Carol Palmer, Kay Wieters, Mary Jo Rasmussen, Yvonne Magstadt Mrs Robinson Sponsor Carol Palmer, Editor ' ' Judy Hermann, Co editor sv-it ,M 22 V 1 5 n . Q . o e Q Q f A W A141940 ,N ' ,M , 1 , fa 2 M N em .M .Q .ni ' -qw , N. M 1 ix 5 I 2, an 5 .-A. ve J 4 M - . .f .., . 1 V F - ' H, DECLAM STANDING Kleft to rightl Lynn Englehorn, Wayne Ireland, Mr Savage, Mrs Savage, Joe Pekas, Judy Hermann SFATFD Julie Haynes, Marlene Grosz, Carol Eberhardt, Judy Frey, Mary Meyer, Karen Ireland, Carol Nath 3 DEBATE STANDING Cleft to rightl Wayne Bertrand, Mr Savage, Coach, Henry Winckler SEATFD Janice Hancock, Charlotte Weber, Iona Auch, Marilyn Thum, Kay Wieters SVNIOR CLASS PLAY STANDING Cleft to rightl John Foley, Arthur Orth, Ronald Orth, Billy Mehrer, Richard Rames, Melvin Bitterman, Ronald Hermann SEATFD Laverne Baker, Dorothy Deutscher, Alice Bierle, Karen Chance, Miss Murphy, Director, Marilyn Thum, Carol Palmer, Donald Stevenson, Karen Ireland, Jacque Morris age JUNIOR PLAY CAST BACK ROW: Cleft to right! Eldon Bjorum, Richard McCann, Joseph Pekas, Leroy Suess, Budd Pedersen, Allen Bierle, Dennis Bloch, Lynn Palmer FRONT ROW: Director, Mr. Hukki, Judy Hermann, Julie Haynes, Rita Schlechter, Jan1a Hancock, Patty Kocer, Carol Gunderson BAND STANDING: fleft to rightl Duane Dean, Donald Schanche, Roger Zweifel, Wayne Bertrand, Paul Schlechter, Henry Winckler, Gary Baltzer, Carl Neumeister THIRD ROW: Dorothy Deutscher, Carol Eberhardt, Roberta Erps, Janice Hancock, Elsie Blaalid, Helen Souhrada, Carolyn Gemar, Clarita Hellman, Marilyn Nelson, Betty Bettenhausen, Dolyle Dvorak, Janet Pratt, Betty Haynes, Velma Wright, Dorothy Schweinforth SECOND ROW: Karen Chance, Joan Hesla, Elsie Gran, Alice Bierle, Verda Catton, Carol Weiland, Eileen Stevenson FIRST ROW: Judy Henmann, Laverne Baker, Judy Ireland, Joan Petrik, Sylvia Andersen, Donna Thum 1 , 3 1 ' c. I gi' Jgrrens Carol Palmer, Marilyn rec or Thu , Laverne Baker, Joan Petrik, Officers BAND STANDING: Cleft to right! Lynn Palmer, Mr. Jurrens, Director, Joyce Novak FOURTH ROW: John Hess, Vera Klemme, Janice Haase, Joe Pekas, Karen Ireland, Marliss Batterman, Mary Meyer, Mary Jo Rasmussen, Laverne Bittner, Lonn Sweet, Cheryl Nelles, Marie Walloch, Leonard Moser, Dennis Baltzer, Donald Bierle, Leighton Weltz THIRD ROW: Rita Schlechter, Joe Dvorak, Dale Stevenson, Yvonne Magstadt, James Hess, Marvin Kortan, Vernee Mogok, Elden Bjorum, Charlotte Weber, June Larson, Carol Palmer, Arlene Biorseth SECOND ROW: Marilyn Thum, Larry Nelson, Marlene Grosz, Eugene List, Marlys Herman, Kay Wieters, Delores Weltz, Carol Gunderson FIRST ROW: Darlene Mach, Bonitta Johnston, Marvelle Suess, Carol Neth SAXOPRONE OUARTET TROMBCN, TRTO Left to Right: Marie , Walloch, Carol Palmer, giignego Riggs? Lggjgga Delores Waltz Carol ' ' ' ' ' Gunderson ' Lonnie Sweet CLARINET QUARTFT Left to Right Laverne Baker, Karen Chance, Joan Hesle, Judy Hermann FRENCH HORN QUARTET Left to Right Rita Schlechter, Betty Haynes, Janet Pratt, Dorothy Schweinforth WOODWIND TRIO MIXED CLARINET QUARTET LEFT T0 RIGHT Joan LEFT TO RIGHT Arlene Petrik, Laverne Baker, B5-Oraethn Hari-1TH Th!!-lla Carol Nath Dorothy Deutscher, Judy Hermann BRASS SEXTET LEFT TO RIGHT. Leighton Heltz, Lonnie Sweet, Lynn Palmer, Rita Schlechter, Joe Pekas, Karen Ireland CORNET TRIO LEFT TO RIGHT Janice Hease, Joe Pekas, Karen Ireland J , e , Q w , e , e e e e MIXED CHORUS BACK ROW Cleft to rlghtl Dwain Kline, Clifford Roth, Elden Bjoru , Gale Gunn, Eugene List, Gordon Johnston, Kay Kayser, Mr Colberg, Director FIFTH ROW Dennis Bloch, Laton Gall, Joseph Pekas, Clifford Zeeb, Allan Gall, Ronald Orth, Paul Huber, Donald Zeeb, Larry Gall THIRD ROW Dale Evenson, Leonard Moser, Norma List, Karen Ireland, Harliss Batterman, Verna Orth, Rita Schlechter, Donald Mehlhaff, LeRoy Suess, Melvin Suess SECOND ROW Betty Haynes, Harvelle Suess, Janice Haase, Nadine Orth, Jady Ireland, Donna Bender, Julie Haynes, Carol Neth, Delores Weltz, Joan Hesla FIRST ROW Carol Maruska, Joan Petrik, Mary Meyer, Laverna Bittner, Donna Thum, Carol Palmer, Dorothy Deutscher, Judy Hermann, Laverne Baker, Carol Eberhardt MIXED OCTET BACK ROW: Cleft to right! LeRoy Suess, Joseph Pekas, Lonn Sweet, Leighton Weltz FRONT ROW: Laverne Bittner, Laverne Baker, Joan Petrik, Dorothy Deutscher o a 0 o a o - e o 1 e e , . A , ..,, 4, , wi., , , I ,-W' , . la. .1453 IRLS LVD CINB BACK ROW Cleft to right! Betty Haynes, Janice Haase, Marvelle Suess, Laverne Baker, Joan Petr1k,Bonitta Johnston, Dorothy Mueller, Dorothy Jochims, Mr Colberg, Director FOURTH ROW Karen Ireland, Marliss Batterman, Deloris Weltz, Helen Souhrada, Verna Orth, Elsie Fran, Rlsie Blaadid, Norma List, Marlene Grosz THIRD ROW Nadine Orth, Carol Neth, Rita Schlechter, Judy Frey, Joan Hesla, Donna Bender, Julie Haynes, Vernee Monck, Karen Erstgaard, June Larson SECOND ROW Carol Maruska, Donna Thum, Dorothy Scheinforth, Betty Zeeb, Judy Ireland, Judy Hermann, LaVonne Suess, Joyce Conrad, JoAnn Borszich FIRST ROW Velma Wright, Mary Meyer, Laverne Bittner, Kay Judy Van Driel, Carol Fberhardt Z GIRLS' QUARTET Left to Right Laverne Bittner, Laverne Baker, Joan Petrik, Dorothy Deutscher Wieters, .Carol Palmer, Dorothy Deutscher, Yvonne Maak adt, ,qu 3 '-'CJ I . Q BOYS' GLLE CLUB BACK ROW fleft to rightl Carl Neumeister, Allen Gall, Clifford Roth, Clifford Zeeb, Laton Gall, Leighton Waltz, Paul Huber, LeRoy Suess, Mr Colberg, Director SECOND ROW Joseph Pekas, Dale Evenson, Lawrence Behl, LeRoy Orth, Gale Gunn, Elden Bjorum, Eugene List, Larry Gall, Arthur Orth, Mary Meyer, Accomnanist FIRST ROW Gordon Johnston, Dennis Bloch, Dwane Kline, Lonn Sweet, Gary Hamberger, Delyle Dvorak, Ronald Orth, Melvin Suess, Donald Mehlhaff, Donald Zeeb BOYS' QUARTET LEFT TO RIGHT: LeRoy Suess, Joseph Pekas, Lonn Sweet, Leighton Waltz H BACK ROW Cleft to risahtl LaVonne Suess, Julie Haynes, Donna Bender, Judy Frey, Joyce Conrad, Carol Eberhardt, Mary Meyer, Donna Thum, Carol Neth, Kay Wieters FIFTH ROW Judy Ireland, Lynette Maruska, Carol Maruska, Gloria List, Violet Gimbel, Audrey Glynn, Bonitta Johnston, Sylvia Andersen, Judy Bender, Joyce Novak FOURTH ROW Janice Haase, Marvelle Suess, Carolyn Gemar, Vernee Mogck, Joan Hesla, Delores Weltz, June Larson, Helen Bruna, Carol Gunn THIRD ROW Sponsor, Miss Storry, Charlotte Weber, Iona Auch, Verna Orth, Patty Kocer, Shirley Krieger, Marlys Hermann, Dorothy Schweinforth, Betty Haynes, Mary Jo Rasmussen SECOND ROW Arlene Biorseth,Janice Hancock, Dorothy Mueller, Karen Erstgaard,Lavonne Ganske, Judy Van Drlel, Donna Baker, Fern Lagge, Joyce Baltzer, Darlene Mach FIRST ROW Vera Klemme, Elsie Gran, Elsie Blaalid, Phyllis Dawson, Velma Wright Darlene Schaeffer, Gloria Albert, Marjean Schnabel, Janet Pratt, Vonnie Magstadt iv 'W Miss Storry wg. Sponsor 1 :TE 3325555 1 l 555255: H1111 lil ? Iona Auch .Q President linens. fkfq F BACK ROW Cleft to rightl Robert Delzer, LaMont Gall, Gale Gunn, Dennis Baltzer, Rodney Burke, Paul Schlechter, Donald Schanche, Eugene List, Wayne Pibal, Fredrich Pike FIFTH ROW Paul Huber, Lloyd Sorlien, Roland Furney, Allen Dingman, Donavan Dean, Larry Hebbert, Delmar Schanche, Robert Nielsen, Larry Gall FOURTH ROW Wayne Ireland, Lynn Englehorn, Robert Pravecek, Laton Gall, LeRoy Orth, Carl Soukup, Eldon Bjorum, Lawrence Mehlhaff, Wayne Bentz, Gerald Weber THIRD ROW Ronald Hunhoff, Ronald Schoon, Roger Zweifel, Duane Bierle, Allen Klemme, Henry Winckler, Leonard Moser, Richard McCann, Budd Pedersen, Dennis Bloch SECOND ROW Gerald Roth, Clifford Roth, John Foley, Ronald Hermann, Francis Pravecek, Ronald Orth, Melvin Suess, Lawrence Behl, Donald Hehlhaff, Donald Bierlo FIRST ROW Hr Holzwarth, Sponsor, William Mehrer, Donald Stevenson, Allan Gall, David Eberhardt, Gary Baltzer, Larry Nelson, Duane Hoff, Wayne Weber, John Hess, Delyle Dvorak Hr Holzwarth Sponsor Don Stevenson President nS' CLUB BACK ROW Cleft to right! Coach, Mr Baker, Henry Winckler, David Eberhardt, Larry Nelson, Ronald Talsma,Wayne Bertrand, Douglas Hehlhaff, Robert Kaul, Mr Savage, Assistant Coach SECOND ROW Allan Gall, Allen Bierle, Duane Bierle, Allen Klemme, Lynn Palmer, Arthur Orth, LeRoy Suess, Budd Pedersen FIRST ROW Clifford Roth, John Foley, Don Stevenson, Laton Gall, Wayne Bentz, Richard Rames, Joseph Pekas 7 -L. HP Savage, HP Baker Richard Rames, Wayne Coaches Bertrand, Douglas Mehlhaff, Officers KLTNIZTJGJ V: 6 9 A D, 901 Auf J un H350 I I cwfw' YJ 6 ,J D1 f gy X :A ' wi , wi lg'-- ' FOOTBALL SQUAD BACK ROW Cleft to right! Mr Baker, Coach, Ronald Talsma, Duane Bierle, John Foley, Allen Bierle, Budd Pedersen, Wayne Bertrand, Dennis Nelles, LeRoy Suess, Donald Stevenson, Mr Savage, Assistant Coach SECOND ROW Lynn Palmer, Larry Nelson, Robert Kaul, Wayne Bentz, Laton Gall, Douglas Mehlhaff, Allen Klemme, Richard Rames, James Foley, Henry Wlnckler, Joseph Pekas, David Eberhardt FIRST ROW Jerome Rudolf, Rodney Burke, Wayne Weber, Merl Coles, Joseph Schmidt, Duane Hoff, Gerald Weber, Wayne Ireland, Donald Bierle, Marvin Hueller Richard Rames, Douglas Mehlhaff, Co-Captains BASKETBALL SQUAD LEFT TO RIGHT Wayne Bentz, Richard Ramen, Arthur Orth Douglas Mehlhaff, Allan Gall, Allen Klemme, Lynn Palme Ronald Talsma, LeRoy Suess, Larry Bierle, Budd Pedersen infi Richard Rames, Douglas Mehlhaff, Co Captains : I' Q' f ,Jn 2 L zgl ' 22 A 1 A 5' TRACY SQUAD LEFT TO RIFHT David Eberhardt, Richard Rames, Arthur Ortn, Allan Gall, John Foley, Clifford Roth, Robert Kaul, Allen Bierle Arthur Orth v :,1 ' I QQALQPZS 1 N?-X'xA l s 1 -K E Nvv Wei' EIGHTH GRADE BACK ROW Cleft to rightl Allen Krieger, Robert Hancock, Nellie Holm, Joyce Nelles, Alice Schaeffer, Eileen Stevenson Betty Bettenhausen, Verda Catton, Mr Schneider SECOND ROW Darlene Auch, Roger Koblas, John English, Dwain Orth,Norman Blaalid, Gregory Schmidt, Patricia Lyons, Jackie Burke FIRST ROW Ronald Schatz, Kenneth Zeeb, Charles Conrad, Larry Flakus, Roger Walter, Joseph Wasson, Robert Clough SEVENTH GRADE BACK ROW: Cleft to right! Duane Dean, Robert Curk, Darrell Eisenbraun, Robert Zeeb, Marilyn Nelson, Cheryl Nelles, Marilyn Simantel, Dorothy Glynn, Nancy Pratt, Erma Vollmer SECOND ROW: Lyn Wagner, James Hess, Myron Wruck, Darrell Mogck, Howard Soukup, Bruce Kallenberger, Arleen Schnabel, Charlene Glynn, Clarita Hellman, Mrs. Colberg FRONT ROW: Frank Burke, Barry Goodwin, Charles Schaeffer, Glenn Chance, Richard Flakus, Shirley Kocourek, Doris Heckenlaible, Carol Mulder, Deanne Clough, Carol Weiland SIXTH GRADE BACK ROW Cleft to rightl Carolyn Holm, Karen Andersen, Judy List, Shirley Schuette, Gary Smith, Ronnie Glynn, Melvin Holm, Darrell Magstedt, Mr Gross Coles, Iva Fischer, Tom y Farus, Marjorie Bettenhausen, Gary Bauder, Absent Donna Silvernail FIFTH GRADE BACK ROW Cleft to rightl John Zeeb, Barbara Hebbert, Jeanne English, Gene Baker, James Fiedler, Harlan Rudolf, Anita Lyons, Barbara Hesla FRONT ROW. Mies Ewing, Joan Burke, Dennis Conrad, Patrick Soukup, Oren Long, Betty Novak, Carol Hamburger, Sharon Hirsch, LaVonne Jochims, Connie Simek FRONT ROW: Delmar Gran, Elta Zlnck, Marlin Burke, Carol FOURTH GRADE BACK ROW Qleft to rightl Mrs Gross, Daniel Christensen, Judy Conrad, Lonnie Chance, Karen Herman, Merle Zinck, Phyllis Fiedler, Garlen Mueller, Judy Hirsch, Gerald Scheaffer, Vickie Hirsch FRONT ROW James Cisar, Kay Freitag, Charles Flakus, Jeanne Pratt, Ronald Clough, Rita Clough, Danny Lipkie, Georgia Burke, Sandra Nelson THIRD GRAD? Stern, Lois Magstadt, Orville Weisz, Ruth Hebbert, Morris Wruck, Darlene Heckenlaible, Russel Ireland, Marzene Novak, Gary List, Diane Eisenbraun, Ronald Retzer, Gerry Gran, Edwin Vollmer FRONT ROW. Miss Smith, Shirley Ford, Terry Simantel, Kathleen Pratt, Connie Bettenhausen, Diane Gemar,Kathy Behl, Diane Kocourek, Charles Silvernail, Loretta Bauder, Sharon Mulder, Mary Ellen Long, Tom Goodwin BACK ROW: lleft to right? George Zinck, Nancy Foss, Ronald SRCOND GRADE BACK ROW Cleft to right? Glen Long, Betty Hosterman, Larry Kallenberger, Linda Schneider, Roger Hebbert, Flora Auch, Charles English, Barbara Keihlbauch, Cary Haase, Ruth Brown, larry Popma, Yvonne Eilmes FRONT ROW Joyce Freitag, John Rembold, Shirley Novak, Lynn Bjorum, Hope Hellman, Dwight Buechler, Gale Wold, Anne Goodwin, Eugene Flakus, Susan Hirsch, Diann Losing, Rolly Haynes, Mrs Drey FIRST GRADE BACK ROW Cleft to right! Dennis Blaalid, Phyllis Jochims, Lucille Bauder, Paul Bettenhausen, Rodney Hebbert, Robert English, George Ewing, Janice Baker, Arlys Schneider, Ella Vollmer, Susan Ford, Teriesa Simek, Stanley Hoefs, David Zinek FIRST ROW Donald Woehl, Terry Zweifel, Janey Nagel, Kathy Schneider, Gregory Gemar, Donna Behl, Shirley Bjorum, Kathleen Serr, Linda Schaeffer, Merit Sehortzman,Danny Long, H e.'Bridge Bauder, Mel Schortzman, Janet Burke, Joan Zwelfel, Suzanne 6?5AL7J6ZL??5' bf ,.-K - J 4 4 I h , . WY cl I , J ug.. -rl b ! U H la gas . W 'S . . p'7', ' 'Y JT: QT, J-11, , JJ 1 , 14 .f J 4 .1 N. I :Wi A 1 X' Mffkil yy ,-1-Q-, .W if' . bk f' 1 xl. ld-411' Wi, is 5' 1 J - 4 hr. - X Rn! Qs clit' 'Q' f fl gi UA :lim UL. ,222 JW 4? 451 WI' W , 0 f 'L u er ,, C Q x ,la me NN PHIQ i 4 so O04 ONVIJFM-'N r-J no f77c974fE'?f The Toggery Kiltie Cafe Rivin Bros Gamble Store Wold's Store Al's Clothing Crown Produce Scotland Cafe Sportsman Cafe Jungman Clinic Max Drug Store Zinck's Studio John T Baltzer Scotland Bakery Baker's Produce Ed's DX Service Breen's Pharmacy Scotland Lockers Cargill Elevator Al's Barber Shop Koblas and Rebel Scotland Journal Scotland Variety Scotland Hatchery Scotland Implement Scotland Oil Company Charlie's Barbershop Ted's Radio and T V J1m's Standard Service Scotland Furniture Co Mue11er's Farm Service Central Lumber Company Scotland Co op Creame Harold Grace, Postmaster Peoples' Telephone Company Northwestern Public Service Scotland Electric and Plumbing Farmers and Merchants State Bank Bitterman'a Ford Sales and Service 10. 11. 12. ia' - 15. 16. 17. 15. 19. 20. 21. 22. 3. 214. Brown and Donley 25. 26. 27. 23. 29. . . 30. 310 ' 0 32. 33. 314. - . 35. 36. 37. 33. 39. WELCOME TO SCOTLAND Scotland High School, with the backing of the business men of the city, extends a cordial invitation to eighth grade graduates to attend Scotland High School Scotland High School is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Coleges and Secondary Schools There fore, when considering our school, you may be assured that it is fully accredited by more than Just the state accredit ment standards Our high school assures all students a large choice of subjects and a varied and interesting assortment of extra curricular activities In our curriculum we include voca tional, commercial, and college preparstory courses Vocal music band, and athletics make up the greatest portion of the actlvities Other activities include debate, HSN club, pep squad, F H A , F F A and journalism As you page through our annual, your attention will be drawn to the many opportunities our high school provides. Rural students are always assured of transportation as Scotland has a very efficient bus system. This annual is presented to you with the compliments of the Board of Education of Scotland Public Schools. We sincerely hope that you will begin making plans to attend Scotland High School next year.

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