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.1. in .,n.+- Ill rf., K QI' Wu. 1 4 - ,Q 9 I 1533" X .J- ' , xl 1 ' 5641- Q. . Eva. , v A 5 li . ug J Q: .V Q 1' ff: . V.-1' V .-vf -'-. . .I V.. ,--e- - .Qfif ink." 741 M ,jlflvj . 11-Q.-L:" ,Y , , f- 3:11IAi'1' W -"4 4 rv--1, M, : 5-,, 'i1k'44'x'-?- ' - f' fx' - w I Q E E x E I D : 1 F I 3 a : SILHUUETTE SCIENCEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO 1945 DEDICATION To the youth of the entire world, upon whom the heavy burden of winning this war and peace to follow, has fallen, we dedicate this '45 edition of the Silhouette . . . FOREWORD We the Seniors of this graduating class face an unsettled world engaged in warring conflict. Thus prepared, may we have the guidance of God to help us restore good will and an everlasting peace on earth again and forever after. L A V .Ls ' P A Pledge Five hundred fifty seven boys and girls have entered the service from our high school. Eighteen of these have made the supreme sacrifice. Our boys in service are thinking constantly of us, their homes, their community iand city. They are'fighting ond sacrificing to keep -things safe here at home, they are fighting and sacrificing to preserve our right to freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. But in a larger sense they are not fighting to preserve the four freedoms in order to keep things as they are, they are keenly aware of the fact that the four freedoms give to America the precious privilege of continuous im- provment of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Many of you boys and girls now seniors in school will go into the service of our country and sooner or later will think thoughts similar to the above. To you and to the other students now in service l express my deepest appre- ciation of the contribution you are making to our beloved land of America. As one who is unable to enter active service, I pledge myself to aid all eifforts tg uphold and extend the four freedoms in our city, our nation, and t e wor . W. L. RICKEY. Seniors The Class of '45 are about to join that larger group of men and women who make up the Alumni of Scienceville High School. You are becoming a part gf a fine group of people of whom the school is justly proud. We look forward to the time when, again, the graduates of Science' ville may have a real reunion, where friendships may be renewed, and where experiences may be recounted amidst the good-fellowship of a world at peace. At present this cannot be. Our Alumnis are pretty well distrib- uted over the world. They may be found from Iceland to the Solomons, from the Aleutians to India. On every battle front and in every task force, boys and girls from Scienceville are playing the part of real men and women in this hour of national peril. Our Alumni are nobly accounting for themselves on the land, on the sea, and in the air. They fill places of responsibility in every branch of the Armed Services. More than eighteen of our number have made the supreme sacrifice and their names are indelibly inscribed on the roll of the Immortals. You are privileged to join this illustrious Alumni of ours, who are giving their all in the Armed Forces or on the Home Front, so that you and l may enjoy the blessings ofa free people. ln the future you will share in their responsibilities and in their achievements. Scienceville salutes her Graduates! Your Alma Mater wishes you, the Class of '45, "God Speed" as you enter that broader field of .aridedvor 'which lies aheaksl. May the various roads which you may travel lead to lives of service, success, and contentment. -C. V. Thompson four Miss Hoskin, senior advisor was born on a farm near Nelson, Ohio. She graduated from Nelson High School, then she attended Kent and received a B.S. in education. Before coming to Scienceville High School in i929 she taught at Covington School. Besides taking the task of being our Senior advisor she teaches several classes in English. MISS HOSKIN CLASS ADVISORS MR. BEACHAM five Mr. Beacham, senior advisor joined our faculty in 1928. He was born in Houtzdale and graduated from Barnesbaw High School. He graduated from West Chester State Teachers College, Youngstown College, and University of Pittsburgh with B.C.A., and M. Ed. degrees. He had previous teaching experience in Penn- sylvania, and New York State before coming to Ohio and taught several years at Niles and Hub- bard High Schools. Besides giving us all the guidance we needed in our school years, he teaches classes in Book- keeping, Business Organization and Salesmanship. FACULTY NAMES Lyman, SS Mi Richey, Y. Hoskin, M SS Jones, Mi US Lopod an .2 E u U m I-n vi 5 if 'Q J o ca ID .EQ 2 E o i. +- in . LT. S5 ,Mi i Orv SS Mi 15 on, Johnson, Joyce, Miss on, Miss Wils 5 Sulenski, Miss Bode, Miss SS ,Ma idel Se SS Mi E U 3.2 Z U sa vi .. E Sounders, ' H Mr. 6 o .c P- g E E E Second Q O in Cl E .. 2 'ci P- o cn L 2 L. ID 4- VI O E Q- Q- o I q E Cs o E sz U U I Q E cs o 5. .AE 2 Hu 0 Ea: .cn 5, .Do cf O X 3: Wm .3 L0 ED sg of 'O :Q ow X9 is cu .cn i. Z.: 2 if 'U .: .c P- six Faculty Alexander, Norman D., A.B., Ohio Wesleyan, M.A., Ohio State, History, Economics. Bacon, Isabel, Ohio University, B.S.E., Columbia University, M.A., English, Social Studies. Baumiller, Josephine, B.S., Ohio State, Youngstown, Akron University, Home Economics, Social Science. Beacham, William W., B.C.S., West Chester, Youngstown, M. Ed. University of Pitts- burgh, Business Organization, Bookkeeping, Salesmanship. Benninger, James, B.S. in Ed., Western Reserve University, Cleveland Art School, Art. Bode, Rose, A. B., Heidelberg, University of Wisconsin, Ohio State, English. Boyd, Louis, A.B., Rio Grande, M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh, Social Science, Economic Geography. , Dewell, George, B.S. in Ed., Kent, M.A., University of Pittsburgh, Mathematics. Doyle, Adrian C., B.S. in Ed., Kent, Drafting, General Science. Heckman, Milton A., A.B., Newberry, M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh, Chemistry, Gym, Aeronautics, Physics. Hoffman, Ruth, B.S., Kent State University, Geography, History, Social Science. Hoffmaster, Harry G., B.S. in Ed., Ohio University, M. Ed., University of Pittsburgh, ln- dustrial Art. Hoskin, Helen, B.S. in Ed., Kent, English. Johnston, Beatrice, A.B., Oberlin, M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh, Latin, Spanish. Jones, Catherine, B.S. in Ed., Battle Creek, Home Economics. Joyce, Esther, A.B., Lake Erie College, M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh. English, Dramatics. Kabealo, Charles, B. S., Ohio State, Industrial Arts. Lapadus, Mary, B.S., Kent State, Commercial. Lewis, G. Gordon, B.S. in Ed., Edinboro, M. Ed., Duke, Biology. Luxon, Harold, B.S. in Ed., Kent, M. Ed., University of Pittsburgh, Physical Education. Lyman, Laura, B.A., Oberlin, University of Pittsburgh, West Minister Choir College, Math- ematics. Molnar, Susan, B.S. in Ed., Ohio University, Litt. M., University of Pittsburgh, Physical Edu- cation Orville, Josephine, B.S.S., Ohio University, Litt. M., University of Pittsburgh, Commercial. Polleyg Jennie, B.S. in Ed., Ohio University, B.S., Library Science University of lllinois, Li- rarian. Richards, D. West, Ph.D., F.T.S.C., L.T.S.C., London, England, Music. Richey, Warren L., B.S.M. Ed., Miami, M. Ed., Pittsburgh, Principal. Saunders, Elvin C., B.S.M. Ed., Ohio Northern M.A., Columbia, General Science, History, Visual Education. Seidel, Lulu, A.B., Westminister, History, Social Science. Sulenski, Regina, A.B., Ohio University, English, Latin, Typing, History. Swander, Elwin, A.B., Earlham, M.A., Ohio State, Public Speaking, History, Debate. Wilson, Edna, B. Music and B. Education, Oberlin College. Thompson, Carl V., A.B., Ohio University, M.A., Ohio State, Assistant Principal. . 6. ANNUAL STAFF Agnes y Commmee, Dumm rcellog I C il B onoger, M Photography rog IVIO F Q6 GOT oger, G GFI M Busmess Yurchlsorlj nor, Stephanie TEC! OD sf SS ogA Sedlock gnes A Of IT Ed +- U1 E cu uw U C E I o x 3 U 3 U U 3 rn C. o Q- U1 C 0 m QD C. o fi .C E O. .id U 15 GJ vt E T: LJ : U EB hi CD .. : E E o U O +- O .C Q. O X u O 'U OJ Ln va Q2 C cn 4 C o 52 .C U C 3 5- E E .- V1 m. LE CJ 3 m E Z VI E .Q E .G O ID X cs U 3 o .1 Q C C 0 an -C. .- C7 CZ .Q c on hi on +- t E E 0 U C an P o U LA QJ C on 4 c O co GJ vu O Ct O 2 Cu .Y LJ U 'U GJ an 5 EJ n. E o CJ PA +- -+- GJ m U C C P- U C 4 cu ow C o GJ O i O U E 3 o U Q C C. O +- .9 .C U7 F. O .C U E cm. C O C O. an OJ C or 4 Q 5. 0. 0 +- Ln E O c.. hi ua 22 E E o U an U 4 o C O E o 2 U I .J U C O E u. O. .1 U 2 C o .2 4: U C 3 P' E E +- LD W. 3 aa C .- .- O E Q E U7 E P 9 T: U ': U LD , Alice rk Amber Clo iofon, Sh Rose Horoscooe Icox. WI Lou Bonme Dorofhv GlIberT E- I nn E 9 Q1 U C S' E U -C. U EJ U C CO C .Q E C. o X 3 .I bw U 'U I ID P- U f1J .C Q O C Q. Cl .9 C C GJ V! 3 2 u.: U. C cn C 1: cu E 9 34 U O 1 52 U 2 U .1 C E U C cv .Q E 4 O U1 C O CD C 2 E C C 4 U .A o ac U7 E vi E N Q E U3 C S Q 3 . I- .n 3 an .C .- .- 0 2 Q C if S O. C 3 .C V1 w E E C1 EL C. o 52 C E 3 P- E T: .- V7 vw Q. 3 4 cu 'Z E 3 E Z U C C o mn .E L' 3 7- 9 C cu .. V5 U C O 3 9 o LL C. O +- .C QU .C vw CU vu O CZ LL D 'U C CU Col ordle, W 'U C C ED C CJ E C 9 .- o .E U an D O .E CL B .C 3 o U O E an .C U- 2. U C 5 QJ fi' 2 X. E U C sn L E 4 E. o .- 9 5 Lf! QA W o cz -C. 2 U 9 an C E 2 5 3 3 U Fx cn U. on LC O. C O E o U C 4 2 5 C5 .1 t. m E L5 'Q 3 an .J C o 12 o U L5 5 6. 1' 5 M2 E4 O C o O eught MILAN BRAIDICH BONNIE LOU WILCOX Typical Seniors 1945 SEHIURS Eleanor Pinchot . . . Betty Stopyra .. Irene Pasku ...,.e Esther Brunswick . . Virginia Matthews Pose Shipton .,t.. Eleanor May . , . Lucille Arcomano . Betty Stopyra .A Barbara Hull ,.,,. Betty Ann McGarry Betty Stopyra ..,. Bonnie Pickens . . , Agnes Sedlacko .. Stella Yurchison .I Bonnie Lou Wilcox Virginia Matthews Carolyn Banks .i., Stella Yurchison I. Bette Wardle .. January Seniors Robert Roth .,..,. Bonnie Lou Wilcox Martha Continenzo Marion Filtz ..... Ideal Seniors Best Looking . . . Most Popular Best Dancer ....... . . Most Musical ....,..,.. Most Interesting Physique . . . Best Dressed ,,.,..,..i Prettiest Eyes . . A Prettiest Hair . . , Best Personality .. Shortest ....i. Tallest ..i.... Most Friendly ..,. Gets Around Most ..., Most Artistic ,.......... Most Likely to Succeed . A . Typical Student ii.... Best Athlete .... Most Humorous .. Most Studious ...,... Most Teimperamental . . . CLASS DATA Class Officers President . . .I ........ . A . Vice President . . Secretary ..... Treasurer . , Jack Jones Dom Perry Dom Perry Bob Williams Milan Braidich George Finora Paul Trina Bill Circella Dom Perry Robert Roth Dom Perry Dom Perry Dom Perry James Hildebrand Buddy Luxon Milan Bradich Milan Bradich Dom Perry Buddy Luxon Buddy Luxon June Seniors Betty Stopyra Clarence Williams Mariorie Horton Peggy Guyer CLASS COLORS CLASS SONG Powder Blue and White Together CLASS MOTTO Not for self - but for all. ith Class History After our happy grade school days were over, we wandered, very con- fused at first, to Scienceville High School on a bright day in September 1941. Our class of 76 members consisted of students from Coitsville, Scienceville Grade, and Thornhill Schools. Our class advisors were Mr. Beacham and Miss Hoskin who had some job in getting us settled. Our only social event was a Roller Skating Party at Rayenwood. In 1942 we returned, not so anxiously, as Sophomores. We proceeded along under the same efficient advisors and our Sophomore president, Alex Bodo whom we elected after the first few weeks of school. By now we were active members in Girl Reserves, Hi-Y and Music Clubs. Our social life consisted of a Roller Skating Party at Rayenwood. We came back in 1943 as "Mighty Juniors." This year we have a smaller class because some of our mates decided to answer the call of Uncle Sam and have him as an advisor until J-Day. With our still faith- ful Mr. Beacham and Miss Hoskin to encourage and guide us when everything looked wrong, we managed our Junior year fairly well. Quite a number of our clan were active as Cheerleaders, Majorettes, Basketball and Football Players, Singers, Actors and members in the Band and Orchestra. The memories we hold from our Junior year are several sport hops, a play "Bringing Home the Bacon" a great success under the direction of Miss Joyce, and finally our Junior-Senior Prom, which closed our Junior year. As Seniors we returned in September 1944, happy because we could see a day in June of 1945 better known as Graduation Day, the day when we are given our well-earned diplomas. Still more of our students are now serving Uncle Sam but the vacancy has been partly filled by some of our advancing Junior A's. Until we have only 67 members left in our class. We are very sorry to learn of the death of Steve Kacir one of our more quiet and sincere boys in our class, a truly great loss. We are still eleven under the direction of Mr. Beacham and Miss Hoskin who are preparing us for the great day coming. Some of our students who have made the starlight by accepting important offices and others who are active in ath- letics are Peggy Guyer as president of Girl Reserves, Bill Circella as pres ident of Hi-Y Club and Movie Club, Betty Stopyra as our class president who has done a great job of bringing about social events for our class. We believe that our Senior boys who played basketball and football de- serve attention with Amos McRae as football captain and Clarence Wil- liams as basketball captain. Our last year's social events were a Sadie Hawkins Dance, Roller Skating Party, and a Senior Play. SENIOR CLOCK IZ ll som Z 00 50 F M09 DNC Marches 00 I 30 30" 8 30 06" im wut-gi , 8 oem L 3o"" s aa -Us E! gf, J Il 4 F W I : l 7 Ipit 'M' .s 1- n ul 0 1' M ON" . vi' I 2:60 2- - r l 5,6515-I A ' ' " . S 3 f .- Q an .' 9195 3 Q L V , MS -3 ju new Eel' l " If i I I A ss o me Q twelve 4:30 5:00 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:15 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:30 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 11:30 12:00 1:30 3:00 4:00 5:00 thirteen Senior Clock Coitsville farmers feed their cattle and off to school. Seniors roll up the side walks and call it a day. School starts for yesterdays late. School begins for the more prompt. John Green arrives at school. Amber Clark falls asleep. James Hildebrand starts his art class. Jack Feaster begins his second period class a little late. Seniors wonder when they'll eat. Dom Perry and Paul Trina perishing from hunger. Carolyn Banks arrives on the dot for her lunch. Bob Williams is still eating lunch. George Finora and Mr. Beacham disagree again. Betty Wardle absent again. Eloise Barganier starts her home nursing class with a bondage. Dot Gilbert starts her laughing campaign in home nursing. Buddy Luxon exercises his voice in Debating. Jackie Hildebrand first out and homeward bound. Amos McRay an hour behind, but is ready to go. Jollis Welcher struggles his way home after football practice. Clarence Williams leaves Bonnie Wilcox at her gate and is home- ward bound. Rose Marie Shipton arrives safely at home. Supper is ready and Bonnie Pickens is first in line. Virginia Matthews remodels herself for a date. Senior boys get out their top hats and ties for their dates. Bill Ermert starts from home to get there on time. Barbara Hull starts her last minutes dressings. The Seniors are all out and well in the process of celebrating. Time marches on. What's this Milan Bradich just leaving on his date. For shame! Well! What do you know Agnes Sedlacko just in and tipping slightly. At last Bill Circella staggers in and whispers sh! to his pal, Bob Roth. Eleanor May and Eleanor Pinchot last but no means least. Well! Well! Look whose here. Lucille Arcomano and Rose Ann Miller just came in. HUHU Top row-James Hildebrand, Agnes Sedlacko, Stephanie Yurchison Bottom row-Buddy Luxon, Alice Wardle, Margaret Simons, Marjorie Horton R STU DEHTS fourteen Betty Stopyra From her shall read the perfect ways of honor. Mixed Chorus, Girl Reserve Secre- tary, Comet Staff, Annual Staff, Senior B President. Clarence Williams The very flower of youth. Basketball, Baseball, Football Manager, Sand, Orchestra. Mixed Chorus, Hi-Y, Annual Staff, Dra- matics, A Capella Choir Boy's En- semble, Boy's Glee Club, Vice President Senior B Class. Marjorie Horton The hand that made her fair made her good. Mixed Chorus, Girl's Glee Club, A Capella Choir, Annual Staff, De- mosthenes Club, Secretary Senior B Class. Peggy Guyer She is the pattern of all patience. Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, A Capel- la Choir, Girl Reserve President, Demosthenes Club Secretary, Rifle Club, Annual Staff, Treas- urer Senior B Class. Agnes Sedlacko Sugar-and spice-and every- thing nice-that's what little girls are made of???l Mixed Chorus A Capella Choir, Girl's Glee Club, Girl's Ensemble, Comet Staff, Girl Reserves, Editor of Silhouette, Honor Roll. 'fifteen Robert Roth It matters not haw long you live, but how. Mixed Chorus, Hi-Y, Class Bas- kctball, Annual Staff, Senior A President. Bonnie Wilcox Nature made her and seeing what she had done, smiled. Mixed Chorus, Girl's Glee Club, A Capella Choir, Girl Reserves, Cheerleader, Annual Staff, Vice President Senior A Class. Martha Continenza We that live to please must please to live. Senior A Secretary. Marion Filtz Her better does not breathe upon the earth. Mixed Chorus, Senior A Treas- Ul'El'. William Circelia He who does not love wlne, women and son?, remains a fool his whole lie long. Mixed Chorus, Movie Club Presi- dent, Photo Club President, Hi-Y gresident, Rifle Club, Annual ta . Lucille Arcomano Soft hair on which light drops u diamond. Mixed Chorus, A Capella Choir, GirI's Glee Club, Dramatics, Girl Reserves, Cornet Staff, Annual gag, Photo Club, Demosthenes U . Carolyn Banks It my heart were not light I would die. Mixed hCorus, Girl Reserves, Dra- matics, Rifle Club, Annual Staff, Esther Brunswick Without music life would be a mistake. Mixed Chorus, Girl Reserve A Cap- ella Choir, Girl's Glee Club, Band, Orchestra, Annual Staff, Demos- thenes Club, Pianist for Music De- partment. James Cobbin We live not as we wish, but as we can. Basketball. Bill Ermert 'Tis neither here nor there. Boy's Glee Club, A Capella Choir, Boy's Ensemble Mixed Chorus, An- nual Staff. Ventiline Atkins Patience is the best remedy tor trouble. Mixed Chorus, Girl's Glee Club, A Capella Choir. Frank Behne A great pilot can sail even when his canvas is rent. Mixed Chorus, Football Manager, Dramatics, Photo Club, Comet Staff, Annual Staff. Amber Clark Beauty ot style and grace de- pend upon simplicity. Girl's Glee Club, A Ca ella Choir, Girl Reserves, Mixed Shorus, An- nual Stoff, Demosthenes Club. Thelma Cowher Life is not so short, but that there IS always time for court- esy. Mixed Cl'1orus,IGirl's Glee Club, A Capella Choir, GirI's Ensemble, Girl Reserves, Annual Staff, De- mosthenes Club. George Finora l'd rather have foolishness make me happy, than exper- ience make me sad. sixteen George Fitch It is right to be contented with what we have, never with what we are. Band, Orchestra. Leona rd Gordon Since we cannot get what we like, let us like what we can get. James Hildebrand , Sometimes I sit and think, sometimes I iust sit. Comet Staff, Hi-Y, Art Editor of Silhouette. Pauline Hoffman Silence in woman is like speech in man: deny it who can. Girl's Glee Club, A Capella Choir, Mixed Chorus, Demosfhenes Club. Jack Jones A mon isn't poor if he can laugh. A Capella Choir, Boy's Glee Club, mined Chorus, Football, Annual a . seventeen Dorothy Gilbert There ls pleasure in Ttoetic pains, which only poets now. Mixed Chorus, A Capella Choir, Girl's Glee Club President, GirI's Ensemble, Dramatics, Girl Reserves Comet Staff Annual Staff, Def mosthenes Club. Norman Howard That is as well sold as it I had said it myself. Jacqueline Hildebrand Nothing like success succeeds. Girl Reserves, Debating Club, Dra- matics, N. F. L., Annual Staff. Barbara Hull Her studious appearance hides a mischevious nature. Mixed Chorus, Dramatics, Girl Re- serve, Annual Staff, Rifle Club. Doris Keels There is nothing like being used to a thing. A Capella Choir. Steve Kowal Each mon for himself. Boy's Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Basketball. Buddy Luxon Be a friend and you will have a friend. Band, Orchestra, Football, Debate Club, N. F. L., Annual Staff, Bas- ketball Manager-4th year, Presi- dent of Junior Class, Honor Roll. Virginia Matthews A lovely lady garmented in light from her own beauty. Girl Reserves, Girl's Glee Club, A Capella Choir, Mixed Chorus, Cheerleader, Comet Staff, Dra- matics, Annual Staff. Betty Ann McGarry The gentle mind by gentle deeds is known. Mixed Chorus A Capella Choir, Girl's Glee Club, Dramatics, Girl Reserves, Demosthenes Club. Rose Ann Miller She is pretty to walk with and easy to talk with. A Capella Choir, GirI's Glee Club, Girl Reserves, Comet Staff, Mixed Chorus, Annual Staff, Vice Presi- dent of Dramatlcs. Albert Lewis Doing good is the only cer- tainly happy action of a man's n e. Basketball, Rifle Club. Eleanor May An appearance of delicacy is essential to beauty. Mixed Chorus, Girl's Ensemble, Girl's Glee Club, A Capella Choir, Majorette, Demosthenes Club, Girl Reserves, Annual Staff. Luella McCarter The fountain of beauty is the heart. Girl Reserves, Comet Staff, Class Basketball, Amos McRae My greatest inspiration is challenge to attempt the im- possible. Football. Treva Mu rdock Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well. Girl Reserves, Mixed Chorus, Office Work, Demosthenes Club. :lghteen Shirley Nestor An ounce of cheertulness is worth a pound of sadness. A Capella Choir, Girl's Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. Dom Perry Live this day as it it were your last. Basketball, Mixed Chorus, Boy's Ensemble, Boy's Glee Club, A Capel- la Choir, Hi-Y, Baseball, Movie Club, Annual Staff, Comet Staff. Eleanor Pinchot Unthinking, gay and young- She laughed and danced, and songs she sung. Girl Reserves, GirI's Glee Club, A Capella Choir, Mixed Chorus, Annual Staff, Secretary of Junior Class. John Semchee Let the world slide-l'II not budge an inch. Pauline Shura Pauline has a rare personal- ity-it's hard to believe a reality. Mixed Chorus, Rifle Club, Annual Staff. nineteen Irene Pasku Those move easiest who have learned to dance. Mixed Chorus, A Capella Choir, Girls Glee Club, Girl Reserve, De- mosthenes Club, Girls Ensemble. Bonnie Pickens Bonnie we like for what she is, love her for what she promises to be. Mixed Chorus, Cheerleader, Girl Reserve, Dramatics, Annual Staff. Catherine Sanders What's mine is yaurs, what's yours is mine. Girl Reserve, Demosthenes Club, Office Work. Rose Shipton A little woman is the sweet- est thing on earth. GirI's Ensemble, A Ca ella Choir, Mixed Chorus, Demosthenes Club, Annual Staff. Margaret Simons A good heart is worth gold. Mixed Chorus, A Capella Choir, Girls Glee Club, Junior President, Honor Roll. Dorothy Streeter Here is a dear and true in- dustrious friend. Girls Glee Club, A Capella Choir. Thomas Van Fossen Books think for me. Bette Wa rdle 1 Blue are her eyes as the fairy flax. Rifle Club,"A Capella Choir, Girl's Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Girl's Ensemble, Stephanie Yurchison The temple of our purest thoughts is silence. Mixed Chorus, A Capella Choir, Girl's Glee Club, Rifle Club Secre- tary, Assistant Editor of Silhou- ette, War Bond Representative, Honor Roll. Virginia Zinns Her sunny locks hang on her temples like a golden fleece. Girl's Glee Club, A Capella Choir, Mixed Chorus, Girl's Ensemble, An- nual Staff. Paul Trina Oh, give us a man who sings at his work. Photography Club, l-li-Y, Boy's Glee Cli-b, Dramatics, Bay's En- semble, A Capella Choir, Mixed Chorus, Annual Staff, Demosthe- nes Club President. Alice Wardle A lady of grace and high de- gree. A Capella Choir, Girl's Glee Club, Majorette, Annual Stott, Demos- thenes Club, Mixed Chorus, Honor Roll. Robert Williams A horse! A horse! My king- dom for a horse. Mixed Chorus, Boy's Glee Club, A Capella Choir, Band, Orchestra, Hi-Y, Boy's Ensemble. John Zelekovich I agree with no man's opin- ions--I have some of my own. Football. Mary Cobbin The short period of life is long for living well and hon- orably. Girl Reserves, Comet Staff, Class Basketball. twenty o Milan Braidich What is becoming in behav- ior is honourable - what is honourable is becoming. Mixed Chorus, Basketball, Foot- ball, Baseball, Annual Staf. Elzanor Gandee We make way for the one who boldly pushes past us. A Ca ella Choir, Girl's Glee Club, Mixezr Chorus. Ellowese Bargainer Sing away sorrow, cast away COTE. Mixed Chorus, Girl's Glee Club, A Capella Choir, Maiorefle, Dra- matics, Annual Staff, N. F. L., Girl Reserve, Class Basketball. Samuel Blackshear PGYSY COHYSV Be iust-before you're gen- She's as merry as the day is erous. Ion9- Theodore Johnson Jollis Welcher Ask and learn. Fields are won by those who twenty-one John Speerbrecher- U. S. N. believe in winning. Basketball, Football. Cool .... Cold .,AA. Freezing A A lcy ,..... Snow A A A Mild .... Warm A A A Fair ,.., Regular A A SunnyAAA. Steaming A Breezy A A A Windy A A A Satisfactory Changeable Rain ,... Sunrise A A Sleet A A A Hazy A A A Hail .AAA Melting A A Stormy A A A Dreary A A A Glossy A A A Sunset A A A Blizzard A A Mysterious Fiery .,... Beaming .AA.. A Drizzle A A A Weatherbeaten A A A Gay A..A.,,.. A Sunshine A A A A Cloudy A A A Unsettled A Favorable A Calm AAA. Muddy A A A Weather Forecast AAAAAA.AAFrank Behne A A A A A .Catherine Sanders A AAAA Jacqueline Hildebrand A A AEleanor Gandee A A AStella Yurchison A A A .Peggy Guyer A A A A .Bill Circella A A A A .George Finora A Clarence Williams ABonnie Lou Wilcox A A A A Bette Wardle A A A ACarolyn Banks A James Hildebrand A A A A .Betty Stopyra A A AAgnes Sedlacko A A A A A AEleanor May AVirginia Matthews A A A .Virginia Zinns A A A A A ABill Ermert A A A ABarbara Hull A A A .Eleanor Pinchot A .John Zelenkovich Thomas Van Fossen A A A A A ARose Shipton A A A .Thelma Cowher A A A .Albert Lewis A A A Alrene Pasku .AAAAADom Perry A A A A Milan Bradich A Margaret Simons A A A A .Harold Luxon A A A A A .Amber Clark A A Rose Ann Miller A A A A A .Steve Kowa! A A A AAIice Wardle AA A Dot Gilbert A A A A A Marion Filtz A Lucille Arcomano tyto Class Will We the Senior class of l945 being of sound mind and body do hereby designate, will, bequeath and give this to be our last WILL and TESTAMENT. We leave to the faculty all our troubles and our forged permits with hopes they are not to severe to next year's class. To the Juniors, those poor under classmen, we leave all our back detention. To the Sophomores we leave all the dignity and perseverance of the mighty Seniors. To the Freshmen we leave our ability for getting into trouble and getting out again in the same way. I. Lucille Arcomano wills her lustrous, dark hair to Sarah Langford. 2. Carolyn Banks leaves her rugged laugh to Helen Epperson and hopes she has better luck controlling it. 3 4 5 6 to use 7 8 9 Frank Behne leaves his managing ability to "Dip" Menaldi. Milan Braidich wills his football uniform to Russell Willrich. Esther Brunswick leaves her knowledge of music to Josephine Palmer. Bill Circella wills his first aid kit to any Junior with enough cuts and scratches Eloise Barganier bequeaths her dramatics ability to Geneva Beverly. Amber Clark leaves her sparkling personality to Mary Jane Deterding. Thelma Cowher wills her place in Octette to Irene Smith. IO. Mary Cobbin bequeaths all her untold gossip to Eleanor Hall. Il, Margaret Continenza wills her secretarial ways to any Junior girl whose am- bition is to be a secretary. I2 I3 I4 I5 I6 I7 Bill Ermert leaves his ability to express himself openly to James Griffis. Marion Filtz wills her string of "A's" to Ruth Haug. I George Finora leaves his technique of getting around teachers to Jimmy Moore. George Fitch leaves his knowledge of music to Andrew Powers. Eleanor Gandee wills her ability to forge excuses to Mary Kish. Dorothy Gilbert leaves the sale of stamps and bonds to any Junior girl who can handle them. IS. Peggy Guyer wills the Presidency of Girl Reserves to anyone capable to getting the girls to attend. I9. Leonard Gordon bequeaths his talkativeness to Richard Mobery. twenty-three 20. James Hildebrand leaves drawing for the Comet to Paul Kemp. 2l. Jacqueline Hildebrand bequeaths her speaking ability to Donald Rotar and hop- ing he will benefit by it. 22. Pauline Hoffman, leaves her friendliness and jolly ways to Louise Sankey. 23. Mariorie Horton wills her way of getting shorthand so well to anyone who is smart enough to do as well. 24. Norman Howard bequeaths all his unfinished business to any Junior who will take over the responsibility. 25. Barbara Hull leaves her bottle of proxide to Doris Hulbert and hopes she has better luck with it. 26. Jack Jones wills his curly hair to Mike Tomko. 27. Doris Keils leaves her nursing ability to Barbara Phelps. 28. Steve Kowal bequeaths his books to anyone who has the ambition to study them. 29. Buddy Luxon leaves his ability to be out of guidance every day to John Kopsic 30. Eleanor May wills her charming smile to June Rheil. 3l. Louella McCarter bequeaths her neat appearance to Mary Williams. 32. Betty Ann McGarry wills her auburn tresses to Betty Muretti. 33. Amos McCrae bequeaths his technique to all future football players on how to play real football. 34. Virginia Matthews leaves a little advice behind her. "Do your homework for Mr. Beacham." She knows the penalty. 35. Rose Ann Miller leaves her ways of getting around Mr. Beacham to Ruth Allen. 36. Shirley Nestor leaves her quiet, reserved ways to any Junior that can measure up to them qualities. 37. Irene Pasku wills her ability on how to get around to Katherine Puncekar. 38, Dom Perry leaves his ways of getting along with all the girls to John Adamosky. 39. Bonnie Pickens bequeaths her little black book full of sailors to Madeline Higgins. 40. Eleanor Pinchot wills her cosmetic bag and hoping there will be no shortage. 4l. Robert Roth leaves his shy ways to John Demetra. 42. Pauline Shura bequeaths her ability to be poised at all times-to any Junior who isn't. 43. Margaret Simons wills her pleasing personality and sunny disposition to Angel- ine Tarantino. 44. Betty Stopyra bequeaths her large list of friends to anyone who can keep them. 45. Dorothy Streeter leaves a hint. "Buying a stamp every Friday will make our country mighty." 46. Paul Trina wills his ability to always be off key in singing to Nick Lupe. 47. Thomas Van Fossen just leaves quietly. 48. Betty Wardle bequeaths her ways of being absent without getting caught to Thresa Hubert. twenty-four 49. Rose Marie Shipton leaves her beautiful, blond hair and blue eyes to any Junior who can cope with those qualities. 50. Alice Wardle wills her mischievous ways to Virginia Sandora, hoping she will not over do it. - 51. Jollis Welcher leaves to George Eubanks his technique of basketball. 52. Robert Williams bequeaths his willingness to help Miss Hoskin to Harry Semchee. 53. Clarence Williams wills his athletic ability, especially basketball, to Jack Brownlee. 54. Bonnie Lou Wilcox leaves her ability to get along with the teachers and pupils alike to all Juniors who can make as great a success. 55. Virginia Zinns wills her seat in Salesmanship to Mike Krivan. 56. Johnny Greene and John Semchee leaves their magazines and seats in Guid- ance. 57. Agnes Sedlacko and Stella Yurchison bequeaths their place on the honor roll to Mary Lou Peters. 58. Treva Murdock and Catherine Sanders leaves their place in the office to any- one who wants the iob. 59. Patsy Conyor wills her singing ability to Mary Bennett. ' 60. Ventaline Atkins bequeaths her everlasting smile to Henrietta Boswell. .We hereby declare this to be our last WlLL and TESTAMENT to be prop- erly executed by our heirs. ln Witness Thereof, June 6th, l945, City of Youngstown, County of Ma- honing, State of Ohio. THE SENIOR CLASS OF i945 WITNESSES: Miss H. M. Hoskin Room ll Mr. Wm. Beacham Room 7 Kay K. Now let us take up the matter of taxes. lsh K. That's where my brother lives. Kay K. Your brother lives where? Ish K. ln Texas. Kay K. No-no, l'm talking of taxes-money-dollars. lsh K. That's right, Dallas, Texas. twenty-five Class Prophecy On my way to the office this morning I dropped in at Kate's Kosy Kor- ner and purchased some Princess Alberta tobacco for my new plastic pipe. I also bought a paper and strolled on down the busy Fifth Avenue of Science- ville, McGuffey Road. When I arrived at the office I informed my secretary l would be in conference for a few hours, I removed my coat and hat and draped myself over my chair and desk and opened my paper. My, what a shock--a new comic strip by Thomas Van Fossen. I see on the sport page that Caach Milan Braidich's eleven is playing in the Rose Bowl. Clarence Williams has accepted the position of head coach at Ohio State. Racing news shows that Bob Williams has gone south with his horses for the Kentucky Derby. On the political page I see where Agnes Sedlacko is now temporary mayor of Coitsville in the absence of her brother. The new Congresswoman-ab large from Ohio is Peggy Guyer, She should really make the House of Representatives hum. Senator Jack Jones has finally got the Senate to pass the Beaver-Mahoning Waterway Bill. George Fitch, is now Speaker of the House of Representatives and is serving his sixth term. Albert Lewis is now serving as Secretary of State for the fourth time here in Ohio. Leaving the political spotlight, I casually turn to the society page and read about the big wedding for Bonnie Lou Wilcox to you know who. The couple goes to Columbus next week where the groom takes up his position at State. Theatrical news shows Bonnie Pickens has the lead- ing roles in "The Platinum Streak." Kitty Barganier is dancing her way to fame with Cab Calloway plus Patsy Conyer, the blues singer. Carolyn Banks is now Broadway's leading comedy actress. If I know "Banksie" she'll stay there for awhile. I see where Dr. Barbara Hull M. D. is now opening a new clinic, "HulI's .twenty-six Painless Clinic for Animals." Well, well Dom Perry is Youngstown's new Vice Squad Chief-I wonder! , l guess l'll look at the financial page for a while. The Roth and Green 5 and lOc store stocks on all time high. Bill Ermert is running Frank Sin- atra a close second under the alias of Bella Lugosi. Turning to the editorial page I see Bud Hildebrand is now drawing cartoons for the Youngstown Vindicator. Dot Gilbert is now writing for the Scripps Howard Syndicate. Gossip columns still have a great deal of news, Amber Clark and Struthers are still getting along smoothly. McGuffey bus riders are still being shown how to get on the bus in one piece by Amos McRae. Pauline Shura and Stephanie Yurchison are now running a "Lonely Hearts Club." Jackie Hildebrand is now ru-nning the Coitsville telephone exchange. Rosie Shipton is truant officer for the Coitsville School system in her time off. Besides this she runs the Confectionary. Alice Wardle is now running the Wardle Onion farm on Atkinson Road. Thelma Cowher is the new Secretary of the Scienceville Feed Store. Betty Stopyra is helping Porem- ski in the Dry Cleaning Business. Leonard Gordon is now residing in his Beverly Hills home and as yet the movie industry has not decided what to do with him. Pasku's Beauty Salon is now open and running Lady Esther a close second. Frank Behne is now head grease monkey at Bernard Municipal Airport. Buddy Luxon has been promoted to Professor Z of History at U. C. L. A. The new bookkeeper for the garbage Collectors Association of upper Youngstown is our own George Finora. The first tenor for the Railroaders Quartet is still singing flat and you might know it is our own Paul Trina. ln a bicycle wreck on Wick Avenue was Rose Ann Miller. ln her anxiety to deliver he.- telegrams she tried to pass a car and missed. John Semchee is now a Private First Class in the Civil Air Patrol. twenty-seve Luella McCarter is now top vocalist with the "Count." Doris Keels is now conducting a sewing class at the McGutfey Center. Catherine San- ders is head of the office girls at the Republic Steel Corporation. Martha Continenza is teaching "Home Management" at Scienceville. Shirley Nestor is now a Dress-maker in Hollywood. Margaret Simons has finally completed the task of baking pies. Treva Murdock has finally settled down to a calm and peaceful farm in Coitsville. Norman Howard has written a book on "How To Create An Explosion Without Getting Hurt." Dorothy Streeter has now completed her four year course of Physical Education and is now teaching at the McGuftey Center. Lucille Arcomano is now an operator at the Bell Tele- phone Company. twenty-eight Glooking Bac H l. Betty Wordleg 2, Eleanor Pinchof ond Evelynp 3. Rosie Shiptong 4. Bonnie Pickensg 5. Lucy ar1dlrenePaskug 6. Jack Jonesp 7. Alice Wardle and sisfersj 8. Buddy Luxong 9. Rosie Shipfong 10, Alice Wardleg ll. Bill Circellag 12. Bonnie Pickensp I3. Peggy Guyerg 14. Carolyn Banks and friendsg 15, Bonnie Pickensg l6. Frank Behneg 17. Carolyn Banksg 18, Agnes Sedlackog I9. Bonnie Pickensg 20. Agnes Sedlackog 21. Virginia Motfews and brother and sisferg 22. Buddy Luoxnp 23. Carolyn Banksp 24. Buddy Luxonp 25. Buddy Luxong 26. Virginia Zins, Twenty-nine 1 l. Milan Braidlich, Amber Clark, Rose Shipton, Agnes Sedlacko, Bonnie Pickens, Dom Perry, Barbara Hull, George Flnora, Betty Stopyra-5 2. Eleanor May, Rose Shipton, Amber Clark Dom Perr Eleon P' h t , y, or inc o , Thelma Cowher, Stella Yurchison, Buddy Luxon, Agnes Sedlacko, 3. Betty Stopyra, Buddy Luxon, Eleanor Pinchot, Mr, Beacham, Eleanor May, George Finorag 4. Barbara Hull, Bonnie Pickens, Mr. Beacham irginia Matthews, Betty Stopyra, 5. Rose Shipton, 6, Lucille Arcomano, 7. Lord Herring-Bone lMilan Bradichlg 8. Peggy Guyer, Thelma Cowher, Betty McGarry, Agnes Sedlacko, Betty Wardle and Pal, 9 Thrcc Woodsmen lBonnie Pickens, Ruth Landorf and Barbara Hulllg IO. Bill Circellag ll. "Pals" Milan Bradich and Buddy Luxon, l2. Bonnie Pickens, l3, Lucille Arcomano, l4. Agnes Sedlacko, Betty Stopyra, George Finora lon horsel, Eleanor Pinchot, Eleanor May, Buddy Luxong l5. Lucille Arcomano, Betty Stopyra, Agnes Sedlacko, Dorothy Gilbert, l6, "Farmer" Rose Shiptong I7. "Love Birds" Eleanor May and Mike Turlanicag l8. "Legs" Rita Lapricinog l9. Alice Wardle, Agnes Sedlacko, Amber Clark: 20 Cheerleaders, Angeline Veno, Rita Lapricino, 2l. Dorothy Gilbert, 22. "Escaped Convicts" Dom Perry, George Finorci, Buddy Luxong 23. "Rail Birds" back-row, Dom Perry, Eleanor May, Amber Clark, Buddy Luxon, front roweAgnes Sedlacko, Rose Shipton, Eleanor Pinchot Thelma Cowher Stella Yurchison, 24. Q 25. Babs Palmer and John Adamoskyfl 26. "More Rail' Birds"' Alice Wardle, George Finora, Dom Perry, Agnes Sedlacko, Buddy Luxon, Amber Clark, 27. Bill Circella and L 'll A , ' " " ' ' ' uc: e rcomano, 28. Farmer Rose Shipton, 29. Eleanor Pinchot and Eleanor May, 30. Boh Williams and Pal: 3l. "Our perfect couple" Clarence Williams and Bonnie Wilcox, 32. Dom Perry, Stella Yurchison, Agnes Sedlacko, Buddy Luxon, Thelma Cowher, Eleanor May, Eleanor Pinchot, Amber Clark, Rosie Shintonp 33. Charles Brunswick and friendg 34. ia perfect kiss.l thirty Sept. and Alice Class Calen 81' 5-School opens with a BANG!-We find Dom Perry still around. Amber Clark, Rose Shipton Wardle are back and still pals. Also we find among friends Bonnie Pickens, Barbara Hull, and Virginia Mathews back kicking around the halls. A few of our old love-birds are back with us again. We see Bonnie Lau Wilcox and Clarence Williams, Bobs Palmer and Johnny Adamosky, Mary Lou Gray and George Fitch and Margaret Higham and Albert Lewis. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. sponsored Sept. caused us Sept. 7-Seniors are still straggling in. B-First week over and everybody's happy. 11-Everybody is back ln school, half asleep from the after effects of the week-end. 15-Our football team went to Wellsville and came back as victors. The score was 7-6. 17-The 1944 seniors lust can't seem to stay away, they're back already to visit. 22-Athletic Club got out of class today, those who wanted to pay their own fee. They a show for the high school. 23-Football game at Fitch, we hear Bill Circella is married to a girl from Sharon, the shock to lose our game. The score was 0-13. 30-Our football team lost to Hubbard, the score being 6-10. We saw quite a few of the alumni here. Oct. 7-Our team played a fast game that day, considering the crippledness of our opponents. Our SCOPC WCS 26-12 over Brookfield High. Oct. 12-We had a Columbus Day assembly in which the dramatics class took part. Oct. 13-Scienceville played the best of the year with a twelfth man rescue at Ursuline. It was so good it was published in newspapers all over the world. The score was 0-13. Oct. 20-lf it wasn't for the Seniors, Scienceville would have no music to represent them. Oct. 21-Our football team went to Poland and came back as victors, the score was 13-0. Oct. 26-We had a general assembly and Mr. Richards led us in group singing. Oct. 28-We played Newton Falls, there, and came back with hearts broken. 0-20 was the score. Nov. 4-We tied with Lowellville, 6-6. Nov. 1O-We had an Armistice Day Assembly, all was silent and a prayer was said for our boys ln the service. Nov. 11--Sadie Hawkins Dance held by the seniors. Everyone came in rags. Who was it that Buddy Luxon tackled after the dance was over. Nov. 11-The lunlors sponsored a movie, the admission was 5.15. Nov. 23--The school was generous to us by giving us a 2-day vacation for Thanksgiving. Dec. 1-We took a trip to play our first basketball game at Springfield. Our team was a victor, 31-28. Dec. 8-Scienceville played Hubbard, and lost. Dec. 14-We played Boardman and came back with the score of 44-33. Dec. 12-15-All of Coitsville snowed ln. Dec. 15-Our last day before Christmas vacation. Dec. 18-Early in the morning we see a few of our friends starting out to work. This started the Christmas vacation. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. 20-The A-Capella Choir sponsored, "The Perfect Gift." They also had a dance afterwards. 24-We saw all seniors waiting in suspense to see if Santa would bring them anything. 28-School was called off on the account of snow. Of course everyone was happy. 29-This ended the Christmas vacation till the next year. 2-No seniors in school. 5-We played South at the Field House and lost, 35-39. 12-Played Woodrow Wilson at the Field House and lost again. .The score was 34-38. Jan. because Jan. Jan. Jan. also had ribbons. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. time for Feb. Feb. Feb. 13-The Junlors sponsored a dance held in the auditorium. The last dance of the season of the coal shortage. 16-We played Hubbard here and won by a score of 51-45. 19-We played Ursuline at the Field House and won with the score of 23--We played Memorial, here, and were all disappointed, the score was 59-62. The seniors "Hobo Day" the girls were all dressed with boys flannel shirts and different colored socks and The boys wore overalls and flannel shirts. 27-We played Chaney at the South Field House and won with the scare of 41-37. 2-Scienceville victors over East, 38-31. 4-Our boys and girls octettes sang at Epworth Church. 6-Struthers beat us, 36-28, the surprise of the year. 8-We hear a few of our basketball players had a wonderful night, got in very early, in school. 9-The crummiest game of the season, lost by 3 points to Rayen. 13-We beat Newton Falls 57-34. 16-Warren game was terrific, we got robbed, we really won the game, Heckman was furious. The score was 41-43. Feb. 19-Monday morning, nice sunshine, looks like spring will soon be here. All seniors getting Ideas-skipping will be an everyday occasion. Feb. 20-We played Girard at the Field House and won. Feb. 21-Our last game before the tournament, we played Niles at home. We won with a score af 52 points. Feb. 28-We played our last game and so did Clarence Williams. We last to East. Mar. 1-Clarence Williams and Jack Feaster left for examination. Well girls, there is two more men gone. Mar. 7-This was 1-2-3 day for Mr. Beacham, Peggy Guyer and Dom Perry. Mar. 9-We had a radio program, "High Schools on Parade," if the audience didn't know us they may have thought we were "First Graders." Mar. 16-The Senior High sponsored a music program. It had to be good if the Seniors sponsored it???? Mar. 23-Girls Gym Assembly-boys interested in at least one assembly this year. Mar. 30-Two days Easter vacation, the Bunny came to iust the seniors' houses. Apr. 1--April Foals Day, we wonder who was the biggest fool. Apr. 17-The Seniors over-exerted themselves and gave a play. Apr. 18-Boy's Gym Assembly, girlsl Men!!! Apr. 27-Girl Reserve Prom, we hear it was a great success, although it was a problem to get a man to go along, a very great man shortage is in sight. All our "chiIdren Senior, Juniors and Sopho- mores" try to act their ages. June 3-Baccalaurette Services. June 6-School is out, Hurrah. th irty-two Footloall Pictures 5 li Z3 li I. Quarferbacks-Russell Willrich and Moon Broidich. 2. Drum Maioreffes-Rose Shipfon, Dolly Cramer, Befly Sfracken, Alice Wardle, and Eleanor May. 3. Center and Guard-Jack Feaster and Donald Hoagland. 4. "l2fh. Man"-Jollis Welcher. 5. "Our Coach"-Mr. Kabealo. 6. "WaIl o' Steel"-Amos MacRae. 7. Harry Semchee. 8. Air Corps Quartet-Paul Perry, Mike Turpanica, Bill Toth, Aaron Chaznoff. 9. "Touchdown Bound"-Milan Braidich 10. Milan Braldich. ll. 1944 Football Trio-Reggie Maguire, John Adarnosky, Jack Jones. 12. Fullbacks lFakesJ-John Adamosky and Jack Jones. thirty-th ree GEF 9: -2 v-OCGA-Us BECUUH he EIU-LEW -U-82 wh-Ugda -UEK-Um sv-LOXS -EZ SBDC'- Umgtr-UE E62 5550'- K-OFUOQ WJOEE 4 MOE EHMHEOIU P-ESUUW hm?-L4 250361 Er-QEUOCSW LUSUJ UQUEUE av-Dawg 9:33:01 9-EEW L2 EIUCEW Ut? w10E5l 59-mm gs-m UUE If-OZ SDJ :Som 0'-U-U +0 -U31 50?-OU 53005 U E Omg: 090:52 E301 :OUT-UEQI-2 DUO:-Oh Us CO OEV-K-ONS B-E .4 .XS F Eg 29252 U81 M60--ou he K-OUCUD S--om UDDI.-Ui 352 U Un Ol-' iz-Kama 2 Lomas Chao I A now U hmm oh A A ' homage n EE -mcg -20:52 A I Aullll 8.260.- I E29-Umm A ' LEW :groom Z Lows?-W Lego WEWET-maxo meg-QXQCD OU our U V 'llllllllltllllll my-:Z ' L9-930 ' ' 5502. ' as-Low A mmm--OU K-2:3 ,Som WEUIUE 'LE Ei W-ENE on 2' A 4 A . I 1 up-P in 35,8 E'-on l-Em OSCE I gem Ummm E560 wo .Umm L2-Qgmocem b V ' I U2 M352 I EU:-Jocsx oi-um I b U Lmraoaohors V. 553-P B32 U mcmwm LUUOU I W5--on Com-:E U so E. to-E ' K-05:4 -I on-BOE U aw Z Brnoaoko-AE 0:1-0,08-.P om-:Z 20:-.ii : U95 LU: E : USU:-UD A 95594 : Q3-U UE! I. xam E03-QD I 350-U EI AA W-:U WO Q-Jew A 4 I u GEN-MWWOU I E-Stu :mm 9524 U E28-QXU Ur-D054 . 4 A A I UCUEK-elm I ' A I b UEOI M4 -I 3:0003 mc-E0 b or-:UUE U?-081 -:U 11: WUGEOCOUN E I V-Ba we E I I U I A or-:ow Z uk-00m DIP ' 952 CUSS ' 2-Or-nm-UF ' V COCONECEO 'gm E 205 E009-U who--Uutu I 958 UCD UCHUU-W ' EEC :D S0 9-gsm 2 2, Um m 0:16-a I i mm0--taaw 9-Em E U ' I u 596-U02 u :O of E U-E? Ili: mCm-:xp H U31-oc E UEZUU A I 5-CU-Dorm Urn Sass It xt-og DEOI Ur-so nz-rn ,mth ug:-3 I 9:2 2 gferg V 2090 U2-:D about-F UF-OI EUIEI U06-mf 950.2 1 V .'....,444., You Q3-m -oorum u A SEO! NANO! M28- 35-UQ U5 A2 EEUU we :X mam atgwuz I -Dino: me E 95-hog V ....V.""".. rc! Em :Z 656 C- I V vang: QEOI A' EEUU gtjwnvi A ' A A 2-U3 :tg V ang-U 9550 ' - - I Q65 A2 D "A--A-'.44.-Al mov-atom 90 'mum E W-EOC Ucmmol ' ' ' A A ' u I , K-2:00 at-JUUE Q3 E390 I C232 :ES A4 VT-on me E Z Us-mf' IES Z Sami' OF-OI 2 W--OL Qt :- Z toe? pact-om Ur-om 4 I4 EOS--om WEE h tub-6 ED IES -09.-UM E zmmm ,JI-4:28 I mcmmcmm BNI rcuu l h . I A I Enom . 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'52 H lawful 1 5533- JH i:.,'a5"" r 11213 .31 1 ' 'F' Ip .shi FS TS, S1 P' "YB 1 171' ,. f.. ., f 1 . , 32 :S 141 fi fil- ' 21' ?' ,fr V xr, ,, ,-L. J., 1'11: I . ,,,,, 1 -116 1 .-1. 2 .. 1 1 fi. .1 13.11 My 'J S 1 ., Lgiff 4.f! , 1, ,l ff, 1 ,N- L .' J 1' mg 1 w Lx '11 fl' fi 1 592 1 . 4, 4, ff 51 -2 :U i1 1, 59 -1 -1 1 ill . Se: 2 1 1 A .11 - 1 i'.L-4-Am.-if .1-,uk .r 5- 1 ,L, 1. J., 1 1 1:. 13? f 451 .Ib if . 1 1 131' .Lv ,,, 1 , i 11-.1 1 . 1' -- f' ix ,.. .UQ 11, --11 1 1 1-1 -14 .X I UM re! 1. 1, 1 v. ,1 -4 Y 1, hu -f-51 111. A -1 JK? .3, . 1 .,v 9 hu, 1.1 "1 Nfl. 11.1. ,M-gif. V 1 : 1, HH.-f1,p1 '-1 .,1,, 1 ... .A if-1 4515 Q, . .. t ag L 11g1.1', 17' "' . 4,-. ,. T"I w""'-1.??"f 53,154 ,1 - ' 11 54 fi? ,im ."1f,,y 1- 1 11 H , -1 1 :P Pe11ew', W --fs 'L .1 .,g.,3.,'.! A .- Wal 'H .L1-:j -, ..-1. a..fw4..-.1.f 'r xg f 1.'. F, L' ki," I A . . .,, 1.11 . . , fi-51'1',',11. - 'f -' .i!.f111' 31 . 1 1. ,H , 3, 5. 'ti' ' " 11.3.2 ., ,x'1.',.Agv11- l .,- GQ ,-AQ, 11.43 .1 ,WJ 55- -111 .. 11-1 ,rs 2: 111.- 11 111 ,14 11.15 ., ., - , . -, vs . . 3 1 kv I -- 'Q . .4 . -1,-. 11+ f ,, 1 rf ,fp .- ,e 112. ,r' -4, ' 1 ,. i , 1 1 :-' --.-.4151 if-V in - A- 1.1 .ra - Q. . ful- 1- -- 1- . - 1 .1. ., 'Ml H141-.Y"' 11 ,. , ,V..V,,, ,, .. X 1:1 A -iZ'7:,T1 1:3131 3,1 Y ? - -' .fff5 1.?1,- 1 ,2 12 'f -V ' CLHSSES SENIOR B's Lcndoro Mary iG d an hof, Virgin Ruth All U- .EW CL c O E 5 :E om 2 W5 L -0 E P .Qi I U3 n. U If to QE E5 Em ME X.: 98 wg 3- -JZ' FE ova 5 , ,C -1: E na 5m o UGJ UC for . 2. EE 30 -'TE In. 31 Sb .I +- Vi . Lf Jack -e Atkins, ch ilin erdm ent cry Uef P 5' .32 U . I 58 is U -19 C4 2: 36 .1 LL 5 .Se C3 5112 ED 9 E. I? ..o' 3? go -I- LLI 50 af o U1 L o co E o 32' .E 9,0 wp. gm I Ur!! 3 3 . u1 o -ua S 'E- o u ua en Will Paul Kempe, Russell Fitch, eorge G rf Lewis, Albe ers, Pow Theodore Johnson, Andrews h D t MAke K' rd row- b J Th -f 3' :V -, gf 2. lo :r -. Senior B History We entered Scienceville High School in January, l942. At the begin- ning of the freshman year there were a hundred enrolled. Our class advisor was Mr. Boyd. The enrollment at the beginning of the senior year was 15. Our class officers are: President .,.... .. Russell Willrich Vice President .....,.... . . Mildred Higham Secretary and Treasurer , . , . . John Adamosky Our Honor Roll students are Mary Lou Gray, Mildred Higham, and Mary Lou Peters. Some of the students belong to the band. John Adam- osky and Russell Willrich take an active part in sports. ' The main event of the season was a dance. thirty-nine JUNIOR A's TOP First row-James Moore, Joe Holecko, Ed Menaldi. Second row-Doris Hulbert, Ruth Houg, Louise Sankey, Sarah Langford, Helen Epperson, Mary Kish, Kathryn Puncekcir, Mary Bennett. Third row-Glenn Williams, Richard Molberry, Lewis Height, George Eubanks, Jerry Bruce, Fourth row-Harry Semchee, Jack Brownlee, Reginald McGuire, Donald Rotor, James Griffis, Julius Horanski. BOTTOM First row-Steve Planey, William Krautner, John Kopsic, Second row-June Rhiel, Madeline Higgins, Dorothy Bruce, Angeline Tarantino, Nancy Messina. Third row-Jack Feaster, Clement Harvey, Donald Hoagland. forty unior Class History Our class entered Scienceville High in the year of l94O. We came from John White, Thorn Hill, Coitsville, and Scienceville Grade. We now have 45 members, many of whom are very active. There are Julius Horanski, Don Hoagland, Reggie McGuire and Jack Feaster, who played football. The basketball players are John Kopsic, Edward Menaldi, Charles Terrell and Nick Lupe. We also have members in Hi-Y and Girl Reserves. Don Hoagland has entered the Army. Others expected to go soon or at the close of the semester. Our members are also very active in music including Octette. On the Comet staff we have Helen Epperson, Mary Kish, John Kopsic and Jim Moore. Our class sponsored a dance January l3, l945. It was a success. In the spring we are presenting our Junior Play entitled TAKE IT EASY with Miss Joyce directing. The class officers are President, John Kopsic, Vice President, Don Rotar, Treasurer, Sarah Langford, and Secretary, Julius Horanski. Our class advisors are Miss Josephine Orville and Mr. James Bennin- ger. forty-one JUNIOR B's TOP PICTURE Third row-Chester Howard, Arver Pendlton, Chester Baker, Ernest Zavatsky, Bob Eckman, Norman Grant, Second row-Mable Fitch, Theresa Makosky, Helen Tarrentino, Mary Puskar, Muriel Kerbata, Marilyn Schroder, Georgia Wilkins. First row-Rose May Jay, Dick Jones, David Aimasy, Ernest Britt. BOTTOM PICTURE Third row-Rita Lapiocina, James Heckman, Arlet Gatewood, John Schindell, Helen Karak, Jean Joseph, Fay Huey, Francis Lewis. Second row-Angela Vena, Edith Rossler, Genevieve Fecko, Lorain Pee, Alba Low Benini, Wanda Cupler. First row-Elia Allen, Sam Pizzoferta, forty-two unior B History The majority of our class of 7A entered Scienceville High School in February l94l. We came from Scienceville, John White, and Warren Richey Grade buildings. Our first home room teacher was Miss Zappi. While we were 7A's Miss Zappi was married and Mr. Doyle became our home room teacher, Twenty one members were added from Thorn Hill Ave. When we were 8B's and Mr. Slifka was then chosen as their home room teacher. We received nine new members from Coitsville School at the beginning of the second semester which made our total enrollmnt sixty. When Mr. Slifka joined the Navy in l943 Mrs. Baumiller was chosen to be one of our home room teachers. She was with us until in January i945 when both sections were combined into one home room with Mr. Doyle as our advisor. Our number was now down to forty members due to enlistment, work and other causes. Our officers elected for this year are President-Lorraine Pee, Vice President-Sam Pizzeferrato, Secretary-Alba Lou Benini, Treasurer--John Schindell. We are represented on the Football and Basketball squads by Arlette Gatewood, James Heckman and Richard Jones. Among the cheer- leaders we have an enthusiastic pair in Angela Veno and Rita Laprocino. We have about fifteen members enrolled in the Choral Groups and the Band and Orchestra, we are proud of the work of Lorraine Pee, Chester Howard and Ernest Zavatsky. Jean Joseph and Faye Huey were on the Debate Team and the Comet Staff. We have several students whose names appear con- sistently on the Honor Roll, namely: Alba Lou Benini, Jean Joseph, Faye Huey, and Lorraine Pee. Our social life this past year has been confined to attendance at picnics, dancing, parties, and athletic games. forty-th ree SOPHOMORE A's TOP First row-Gale Barker, William Polley, Henry Boswell, Junior Gayles, William Luster, Paul Arvin, John Evans, Clarence Morgan, William Clark. Second row-Lillian Satterwhite, Helen Peters, Rose Pangallo, Irene Slavins, Donna Harris, Dorothy gosgela, Mildred Hall, Margaret Ashman, Margaret Fedor, Edith Columbo, Audrey McGuire, Vivian i ton. Third row-Betty Zins, Merna Silvis, Betty Powers, Agnes Annabel, Hildegarde May, Betty Strachan, Phyllis Seelbough, Barbara McKinley, Audrey Kempe, Mary Conway, Margaret Hodder, Rita Thomas, Doris Thomas, Doris Dickey. Fourth row-Marguerite Gordon, Fred Martino, Wilylut Aaron, Richard Nevel, George De Geare, George Hall, Ernest Bodo, Carl Watson, Arthur Burrows, Mark Lariccia. BOTTOM First row-Genevieve Skerkavich, Adeline Tovalario, Grace Tritt, Theresa Perline, Ann Rovnak, Elizabeth Fechtel, Ann Haus, Mar Garansi, Bette Davis, Bertha Mahone. Second row-Helen Sinkovich, Frank Buccieri, Walter Baltes, David Ashman, Elaenor Hamilton, Irene Turjanica, Marilyn Wardle June Evans, Shirley Neubecker, Third row-Hubert Hoffman, Eddie Hughey, Dan Harris, James Speed, Rand Becker, James Brown, Ken- neth Atkins, Semmie Jackson. forty- fou r Sophomore A History Class officers for l944-45 President A...., ,...,,.. J ohn Hull Vice President . . .... George De Geare Secretary ,... . . . Barbara McKinley Treasurer . . . ...... Betty Strackan ln our freshman year we had Mr. Saunders and Miss Lyman as Class Advisors. ln our Sophomore year, we were changed to Mr. Swanders, Miss Joyce and Miss Seidel as Class Advisors. We have participated in all clubs of our school, such as Dramatics, Public Speaking and Debate, Rifle Club, football and basketball. Besides this, there are many in Band and Orches- tra. The enrollment now stands with 84 pupils. FAREWELL By Virginia Zins A tribute to dear Scienceville, from our class of "45." We're glad to be a part of you in the education drive. We've been with you for 5 years now and leaving will be sad, To make our way through life, your help we surely had. And when the wind was mighty cold, being within your walls. We'll often think of fun we had, of running in your halls. The football games we used to see when sitting in the cold, Watching our boys run down the field defiant and ever so bold. Each year we'd leave you in the spring and come back in the fall, We liked the singing of the choir, the laughter in the hall. All things we'll remember, when we're way post sweet sixteen, We'll think of all the things we've done and all the things we've seen. So farewell Alma Mater, we'll often think of you, Forever we'll recall the happy times we knew. forty-five First row-Audrey Carter, Cecil Menold, Ed Lewis, William Hawthorne, Benny Fackson. Second row-Delores Davis, Mildred Cramer, Barbara Brownlee, Arlene Traenkle, Emma Fedor. Third row-John Stull, Robert Wilsin, George Tucker, Vincent Luchisa, Robert McCall, First row-Clyde Jackson, Manuel Nunez, Virginia Howard, Marion Styer, Mildred Wilsin Irene Bruce, Jean Gabrick, Antoriette Thomas, Ray Shindell, George Krautner, William Macovitz I Second row-Ronald Cotten, Bernice Robinson, Grace Brown, LaVerne Welcher, Delores Walker, Steve Fabry. forty-six FA ff X' ff ri, Kg LV' all V5 Sophomore B History The two lOB homerooms were combined into one at the beginning of the second semester. The officers who were elected in September will share their duties during the second semester. They are: MR. i-ioFFMAsTER's RooM President ...... , .i...... Mildred Cramer Vice President . . . ..... , .Ed Lewis Secretary-Treasurer . . . ..r. Delores Davis MISS BODE'S ROOM President ...,....,,....,.,........ Ronald Colten Vice President . . , .... Bernice Robinson I Secretary ,... . . Mildred Wilson Treasurer . . . ..... Irene Bouce Members of this class are active in many of the school's activities. The following play in the band and orchestra: Cecil Menold, Manuel Nunez, Robert McCall, Marian Styer, Emma Fedor, and Robert Wilson. Barbara Brownlee, Mildred Cramer, Delores Davis and Arlene Traenkle are on the Comet Staff. Steve Fabry, Delores Davis, Arlene Traenkle and Mildred Cramer have been active with the debate groups. We are planning a picnic to be held in the spring. forty-se e my , UHGHHIZHTIUHS A Rfislff H. 2 MVN 'MA pf A -Aw M . ,Q Nwmf A 4 ., 'L Vx, SYM gh? Q: , V ,way ,M K We ,.,x , Ng WE 52 , 0 A 5 1 5 x 4 k 6 , A' 63, J 5 I W .. gfgggl ya? J V 7: X S 5rqj,f-- "M :,., 1,3114 7 fw:fffg5,+sgfeJ?y151gs f w iw? W' ' A 1:5 if R M gijgeygg, 5 :je-.,3-5 W - M :- ,S QW: A 1 A 9 ' waigwm 1' ,sifmffwzg -MT? MN S? it M If I ff- mm, 9 2, , nxvggnli, :,,,fV.g Vgrmhl, , igaxw, X pk - . 4 A Am , 'H Gm ' . V k ' 4 , 41, F? ' ffm Lf? 3 SE is S. I .S :C H 151 Q fifty-one GIRLS GL EE CLUB Q Q C S P- C O I-C 5- C o o C P- -1 T2 U o -.- Ula. uf .E r S2 un m C m C .Wh C C O I U C C o D e Pee, rrclin LO VT, 2 4 S in al cu 1 V- o 1 O IE O U5 ru C an .C I- 6 .E 4- C O C cs l- C 9 nz I 6 .E +- C S Cl I- as .E T: - U1 fu C D4 E C.: 4.9 E 3.1 CE crm fi I:- U na I 6 .Q E Q2 E o :U ua .C C GJ C 1 .C 4-I UU Blu.: 95 'En U3 go o IDT! u C ' o 3 fi JE E U 3 o C U C o U ua U1 P m TE .C ua cf c L' E C I C C C C JP LU :Z a .C C C In a ff : C .J Cf JE fi .C +- J cn if .Li b C JC C C .C LD a 5 .9 P C C Q LD vi 3 a .C Z 3 .9 .E cn : if :Z C U Wi I"If'Ile Bo Sedlocnko, Kish, Agnes VY ley, Mo ,E Bl LJ IE C C C C cn :i cn : U I 1: D. :- 'Jw m o CDU C U U! C U CD C u QC U B 13 C3 Z ln U C U .C ,E :Z 5 :Q U 3 C o U P- E E E O .C .EP I 1 C C I2 IE uf UNS- Br . Esther rt C5iHoe Dorothy McCo GCC C3r Roller, cundcz W I' Palme Josephine Ann Miller, E? .O .C It E un a C a C u? C c .E U1 4- GJ C U IE fl' C cu .2 3 52 LU al I GJ C7 C O Rose Rhie June fr Guye QV lr Peg V Wordle, V, rdle, Bette Wo I'1 .E P4 ily w-Mor k, FO Fourth C cu .C 3 o U E .C I- na T: 1 C IE :E 3 J: VI 'C c cu BOY'S GLEE CLUB -.1 5,2 :LO :L,zi ii- wx: O'C EO is E O 5- C . GJ 32 ,E I 3 C U 9 ID E C Wx U O fn- C. o 5 D :Q C C C CL C E fy 4, .. as 3 df S2 cm E XJ w .: Cc .C I- ai 4: P KU Z .E V1 nf C Si X2 PU C ,I O -I m C C C if K E 2 uf E .9 3 Q U C C C 19 c 3 o C 'U C o U w V1 Ll'l be C C U I ci U D m +- rn GJ C C Lu Cf GJ 4- ur U KU LC .X LJ U -I -1? mv C O 1 X u O -w fT1eTl'O. De C .Fl O -l C U C O CZ C O D C 3 29 3 :Q 1 0915 Ea. ,Q Ei Jo C ua C GJ +- un D J 65 E C J 0 .1 mE I 3 9 C Q LI E S Ei :I U C E fi 1 P C Q C C E .1 U LLI 13 c an My BAND Cromer, Z' 'B D Z o 4. m 1. il Eleanor 7 4- 3: bd ui E Strochen, Betty 5 3 an E 2 S O 2 1 o c 1: 41 mn OJ C cm fi C 9 c O m 1. O an GJ Q E U 3 1 3 D 1. 'U C O U Q1 Ln ,,qo C 1115 no Ez U1 . E2 Oct 1 .C .Q I 1- sv - G CH 1. O 5122 U frm E 25 "ax 3111 Oo J-1 I O YD y 'U O 0 LD 15 an U U o I e M CIT TQ Mo om, .. 3 O ..l 5 I D uf GJ D. ID C 'Q 5 .J L cu 4 L. OJ 1 'U KD an 1. O P' +-'G V5 C U 5 E S E 0 S E .C CZ U 1.: 4: 1 . sau' .E 'Um 4' vm 3 U 1. .CUC U-.c OE IW 0 - BI 2 9 79 1: v 'J U90 E 'LUG .C I- Ho eff , Ce 'Ison, C Fi WI .D O EO E o C an E o an O C U 4- GJ UW 1. S on - o I U 1. o Q. 1. V7 .9 1: 1. o LLI 1: o 4. o nc E o C O O E Q 2 13 . C03 - O -.C 5.2 ml 9 01. NE 1 E I U, . 'S C D E O E ksuro, Bloc E o LD Murdock, nest Eor W- l'O grth Fo '51 5 O U G2 u. E U 5 C C GJ 6 1. .2 5 1,1 c :s 1. ua 1. GJ I 4- 1n 1.1.1 9 U 3 SENIOR ORCHESTRA 111. --m 30.2 OC Ql- LU mx . C3 Im Ow- -o S EN g.. U? 4-Q3 LAC .13 :C . EE LLO 5 GJ mi . 0: 38. N .Urn 31155 "Z S3 236 --a 350 Q. E if-2. 922-3 Q? 'UQJ :mi IZ? 1. f E U .c .9 I 13 on 1. E E E o In E .D O UI C .C O -a LE .Q 2 .D O UD 1: 9 'En O U3 kd! QC 2 c 3 o 1. cn O 1. O .Q . T 3 o 1. 'D C o U U1 L11 .C Q ID uv O 1 1. an U 'U O I 4. cu 1. 0 5 U1 L U 1. o .- o cz P O C o D Q 1. - C: 1,1 cu E U - S .4 111 o E U U fi cn E o o RD 0 E 1. o Z Qc O si C O I I. U3 3 U Q cu cu U7 111 3 L 11 1,1 BE 070 ,,.- 'U 3 1: 2 LU 5 .C .Di .925 Cb- -- UTLIT fifty-two ,J--ef CN xy' -0- .ami ,fv- GIRLS' ENSEMBLE Bock row---Eluonore Moy, Tnelrno Cowrler, Bette Wordie, Vlrqnnio Zins, Aqne5 Srdlodwko, Dovothv Gnllmr Front row-Jo Pmmer, Soroh Longford, Rose Shlpfovw, Rose Anne Mriler, Dorns Hulbert. BOYS' ENSEMBLE Bock rowfBob Wlllnoms, Rlchord Nevil, Paul Tvrno, John Adcmosky, Donald Rotor, Harry Scmchee, Jock Feoster, V Front row-Willnom Polley, Jim Moore, John Kopsic, Clarence Willnoms, Dominic Perry, Joe Hoiecko, Bull Laurie. fifty-Three Lf A I ' ff KL I GIRL RESERVES 'JU C O rn cl .D E2 EL b- cu C 'O J T 3 o C 4- OC -I.- TCI LO Y, Horrls, O 2 Co C 568 EO C C 4 C .C O C U V7 'E QC UTD vm.DlD C. il GJ. Q2 O. 2 QE CJ O JI .C 4- 3 M rn C O D vu 3 O I vi C UI UT U61 ru cv .E E 'U O . EE N is Us ICO Margaret Ash- 3- O C 'U C O LJ KU V1 U E uf 6 +- Eu C I-U3 'C O CLI. an P 2 an CD C EU C T5 C o E C O C O 0 u.l C O 'U GJ u. IE '64 DJ U .2 .C C GJ. 'U Hod e Turlo so Fef ef Iren Or WEYS U1 5 o EQ. n C U 2 6 .C u GJ C GJ I- 1. O C C O 1: C U P Lu C O 33 up an 5 uf cu C 3 1 ai E C C CL xo -. ccken, Tty Str Be l'0W Third T25 5.1 41.2 D cu C J - VI 'C 2 O :Q GJ D . O1 S9 O 'fx WC '32 U0 41 6 C CO QV? D 2 ru U1 C 42 51 E I9 C 'U C CJ Cow wa: DE Q.- I-UI C 2 . mb- 0 3 .C ,go we U SC .I U a- Li ws CC ou EE E .E .S mu-6 825C EZ ISEU U 3 O C .C Q- C J O LL go.. C cx"E1go UID V7 Ln ,DC Q13 "OMB Uwac 65 22 4-0--vu '.C QI- aa,-EE 'UU - 2 '25-2 Z':.C" ogg? Ecru' I C O ID CJ -I U C D .D C U HJ uf C KD -SC u O. if O un C .C O H vu vu 3 i 3 9 .C C. C. u. if E -.n cu C cv C uf C o .E U5 +- QI C U cn C U E C o .- V. an Z P- QD T .C U7 6 C! an O Q. CD C CD C U 2 u.l I C E. C O C .Q .- ID C :x 2 w .- +- GJ M E- :B EE U4 U .ui ,C UE U is 6 C3 OZ 24 LLI uf . .:-4-If O .C C QE UCDLJ 1 3 .I N Z LI. C O 'C o E I 3 9 .C 4- x L71 L?-7 4-+- L71 b- C +- o C O Q ci C U E o U C 4 2 U +- IU m E 5 C C 4 GJ LD o uc +- C 413 .D 4- GJ CD ui E E 3 4- Ln P- 4- +- 02 Ml C an x J LD 5 U1 U1 rv Q. 2 C C O CJ C qu .C +- va LU C QD E D CL .ug Eff ECS ogg fi 1 .X Q D 'U C 3 -2 O P ua C I- Ci .E 3 W C 3 C cn fifty-four 'x Girl Reserves The Lo-ho Girl Reserve Club is made up of Sophomore, Junior and Senior girls and Miss Johnson is our advisor. The offices and committee chairmen during l944-l945 were as follows: President r.... . . .Peggy Guyer Vice President . . . .,,. Barbara Hull Secretary .... ..... B etty Stopyra Treasurer . , . . .Rose M. Shipton Council representative, Shirley Nestor, Program chairman, Carolyn Banks: Music chairman, Esther Brunswick, Publicity chairman, Helen Eppersong Social chairman--Sarah Langford and Dorothy Gilbert, Devotional chairman, Jacqueline Hildebrand. ' The activities of the Lo-ho Girl Reserves included book reviews, group work, and discussion, dolls tea, musical programs, style shows, a joint meet-- ing with the Hi-Y Club and the main event was the all-city Girl Reserve Prom held at ldora Park The Girl Reserves have also taken part in services for the community. At Christmas we made stuffed animals for the children in the city. fifty-five HI-Y Third row-Jack Jones, Donald Hoagland, James Heckrnan, Paul Kempe, Russell Willrich, George Finora. Second row-Bill Laurie, Harry Semchee, Jtlius Horanski, Donald Rotar, Paul Trina, Frank Bucceni. First row--Jack Feaster, John Adamosky, Glen Williams, Andy Powers, Dom Perry, Edward Menaldi, Clarence Williams. Under the supervision of Mr. Beacham the l-li-Y was quite active. They sponsored many parties and dances. They started the year off by having a hayride starting at Rose Lake and riding through the town of Boardman, all that were present had a very good time. They also had a stag party combined with all the l-li-Y's of the city participating The party was also a success, and the boys enjoyed every moment of it. The boys enjoyed their swim nights which were held every first Tuesday of the month. The l-li-Y enjoyed a joint meeting with the Girl Reserves held at the Y. W. C. A, We en- joyed the delicious sandwiches and refreshments that the girls had to offer and we are looking forward in having another joint meeting at the Y, M. C. A. with the l-li-Y as host. The l-li-Y will also take part in the Annual Civic Day, in which the Hi-Y clubs of the city will help run the city for one day The l-li-Y will also have a basketball team which will play other teams of the city, The officers of this club are: Bill Circella t ,. President Jack .lanes . Vice President George Finora . . . Secretary Russell Vifillrich , . , . . Treasurer Jack Feaster . Program Chairman Ed Menaldi . ,, Athletic Coach fifty-six First row-Bonnie Pickens, Barbara Hull, Genevieve Skerauich, Phyllis Sealball, Carolyn Banks, Betty Murectic, Jacqueline Hildebrand, Irene Slavens. Second row--Miss Joyce, Bonnie Lou Wilcox, Lucille Arcomano, Dorothy Gilbert, Rose Ann Miller, Doris Dickey, Betty Ann McGarry, Betty Stracken, Elowese Barganier. Third row-Hildegard May, Frank Behne, Paul Trina, Sam Blackshear, Dorothy Bosela. Dramatic Class The Dramatic class under the direction of Miss Joyce is a class in which our "promising actors" and actresses of tomorrow are learning, not only acting, but program planning as well. We have written our own scripts and produced our own plays. We studied pantomine, voice control, and correct posture. By putting on assemblies and radio programs, we have become more competent and experienced. When the majority of the class joined dramatics, they were afraid to participate before the student body, that has ben overcome. We are the actors and actresses of tomorrow. fifty-seven line de ebra nes Annabel, A 'ti c UU! E4 ai U- .sag Q53 UF u 9-2 4.52 . Q4 O . -wi .a Ca gm "zu -5 .. Q53 :: . 0.2 3: V18 ' -I 2 E25 .Emu go sv? 253 E35 295 96 a-,5 3 41.3 Ia gm 01:19 LLCs. 122 Q12 E Z- T: Q U S.. 32 UTM. ficers f ..i LL: ckie H Idebrand Ja ent' resid P seph Jean Jo +- C GD 'U 3 CL CD U S XOI'1 Buddy Lu VY T0 Sec re Huey ye ,Fa F S Treasur atsky CIV Z Ea rnest S fm Sgt. At A QD .C V1 I- -3.- EL EE twelve ranking su r a .c ua 3 members speech contests 3 o Z 'a c o OJ r can Z-'U c o .C 9: 3 an CD 4- C .Q US SYO l'1Ul'T'l In L O Q3 PN. 22 ED.. 5.3 t We partic U +- U1 N E E on JL' ation. .i ul N. gradu hio. U -Exo BDE o LE-2 Qj GD 4- dawg g.E,E L 392 ODE 'U Q C Q 2 fifty-eight fifty-nine COMET STAFF sf., 4'- CE: 3 ai 2: Ugg c EE 239 pmt! E ' 'c 9201 ig - 205 QE! D.- I Se 5- E c 2 .Ne P50 ocf o-Q S E m Om ogg Q22 0 0 BNI IE. WU Q 203 ogg l + iw. ai 3 o -. m E EE E D x L52 8582 Q 2 o GJ 7 J 'Som 0 J EH: co 55+- P' Lf o L. O E .wo -IAC U32 mn. L. 2? 2540 'w oU.U DEQE 3 U2 iiio cm 0 9.50 SSS.: r h Q 2 RIFLE CLUB Back rawfMr. Kabcalo, Cecil Menald, Miss Malnar, Albert Lewis, Mr. Dcwcll. Front raw-f--Robert Hildebrand, Bette Warnlle, Peggy Guyei, Carolyn Banks, Mildred l-liqharn, Stephanie Yurchisan, John Evans, DEMOSTHENES CLUB First row+Mr, Swander, Catherine Sanders, Alice Warale, Rose Shimon, Paul Trina, lrene Pasku, Lucille Arcomano, Mariorie Horton, Irene Smith, Second row-Pauline Hoffman, Dorothy Gilbert, Thelma Cowher, Virginia Zins, George Finara, Peqqy Guyer, Eleanor May, Treya Murdock, Viyian Clifton, Demostlmenes Club The Demosthenes Club was started in October, l944, The Club is a part at the Public Speaking Class. Vtle had a few social programs which were held in Room l9. Then-the big snow came and the majority at the club members could not get to school. On January 24 the new semester started. Two weeks later we elected new officers. Paul Trina being re-elected tor a second term. sixty SCIEHCEVILLE OL1 4 44 45 FOOTBA LL TEAM Luchison, B FICE ,Vi Demitro John Powers, Andy Becker, Rand UQ, Ho Bob Heckmcm, im vey, J Har ent ohns, Clem b Wilson, Stanley .I ufner Bo W- ck ro Bo O n. M 0. K C 8 if 1 o 5 .4 E E - S U- GJ 5 2 O X U I LU .1 P of E Q 3 E m rv bd EI I 'S U E cz. w E' E 3 ' cs . O -T I VY E S C, Q 'U 41 .J g il I ur O 3 1 u. LR 1 U ij S 1 9 cu 2- C ru S 9 5 LD .J C -3 fi C -s C .. 2 E' U. 5 .2 LU 3 c .f' . O I 1 .2 5 uf 5 Q2 U 2 3 G2 an 'Q va lx O 1 5 5- .. - . GJ I S E . 2 +3 if .A . 1- Q11 CJ E413 . 3 5 62 I7 KU . J: wi Q E C 358 I 85 OE JE? ja EO O. l.l. 2 I 3 95 gg cn O1 U L C U1 LL sixty-two Football 1944 Scienceville had a comparatively successful football season this year with 3 wins, 1 tie, and 5 losses. Coach Kabealo did a fine job this year with his "T" formation with a man in motion. High scorer was "12th man" Welcher with 19 points, next "Red" Kemp with 12, John Adamosky with 6, "Moon" Bradich with 6, "Gus" Horansky with 6, Freshman Haug with 6, Jack Jones with 2, and last but not least, Captain Amos McRae with 2 points. 1944 SCORES 1945 SCHEDULE Opp. Team Scienceville Sept. 15 6 Wellsville 7 Sept. 15 Wellsville 23 13 Fitch O 23 Fitch 30 20 Hubbard 6 30 Hubbard oct. 7 12 Brookfield '26 oct. 7 open 13 21 Ursuline 0 13 New Philadelphia 21 O Poland 13 21 Poland 28 20 Newton Falls O 28 Newton Falls Nov. 4 6 Lowellville 6 Nov. 4 Lowellville 10 25 Alliance O 10 Open sixty-th ree AM TE LL BA ET BASK Hackman De, Mr, Lu Nick , Don Horns, 1 O1 O ew Got TY Arle Hoaqmnj Don Perry Dom Heckmon, olds, Jam SVT M Luxon, Ed ddy Bu ck row Bo ch cmd on Er Wu Moms, John Kopswc, Mr! C9 , Cloren , Charles Terre! kv Adomos John Welcher, row-Jo! ws ont 2 5 F '4 . O C . 4 Basketball IQ44 -- IQ45 ScienceviIle's Bull Dogs have a fairly good season with ten wins and eight losses. After losing a heartbreaker to South, they slipped in the City Series. They suffered losses during the season due to the armed forces and illness They participated in the "Class A" N. E. O. Tournament at the South Field House. They lost to East in their first game. 1944-45 RESU LTS Scienceville Opponents 32 28 Springfield 32 42 Hubbard 44 35 Boardman 35 39 South 34 38 Wilson 5l 45 Hubbard 55 4l Niles 49 34 Ursuline 59 62 Memorial 4l 39 Chaney 44 32 North Lima 38 3l East 28 38 Struthers 34 37 Rayen 57 34 Newton Falls 38 40 Warren 45 4l Girard 37 4l East Total 753 697 tyf IN MEMORY OF Stephen Kacir Died Moy 28, 1944 I cannot say, I will not say, that he is dead, he is just away. With a cheerful smile and a wave ot his hand, he has wandered into an unknown land and left us wondering how very it need must be, since He lingers there. Oh, you, oh you, who the erstwhile yearn tor the old time step and the glod return, think ot him faring on as fair, in the love ot there as the love ot here. Think ot him still as the same, I say, tor, He is not dead, he is just away. I -Emerson. Favorite Expressions And Songs Favorite Expressions Say you are Your looking good He's o good kid Ain't that heck Never You know it That I believe The heck you say Are you kidding Don't tell it That's tor sure Favorite Songs' And her tears flowed like wine Don't fence me in There goes that song again Ac-cent-chu-ate the positive Always Together You always hurt the one you love I dream ot you Trolley song l'm in the middle of nowhere Sweet dreams sweetheart YY JUHIUH HIGH FRESHMAN A TOP PICTURE First row-Blanche Anderson, Lois Jones, Mary Davidson, Betty Bauman, Alice Bevan, Joe Mancini, Joe Tomko, David Almer. Second row-Evelyn Wolff, Lillian Satterwhite, Ruby Atkins, Dorothy Bowers, George Perling, Lillian McFaII, Gloria Meriold, Arlene Helty, Jennie Lupe, Phyllis Sandora, George Sandora. Third row-Delores Terlecki, Victoria Butz, Diane Rogers, Hattie Ashman, Rose Pascarella, Mary Dutting, Roma Harris, Betty Jugenheimer, Delores Slapkasky, Ann Rhiel, Harold Muller. Fourth row-Carl Gray, Melvin Horton, Basil Messina, William Confory. BOTTOM PICTURE First rowhErnery Braidich, Dorothy Girts, Katherine Stull, Theresa Evans, Elizabeth Hughey, Veronica Baksa, Helen Sanders, Ed Ferguson, Anthony Messma, Ernest Murdock. Second row-Jamero Greenc, Donald Carlson, Alice McMullen, Betty Boldt, Sally Roth, Josephine Bagneir, Margaret Banks, Goldie Foldvary, Mary Soroka, Dona Puscher, Third row-Lloyd Brown, Jack Toth, Juanta Nixon, Virginia Walp, Thelma Keils, Evelyn Shuster, Whada Wardle, Virginia Dinger, Norma Goodyear, Stanley Johns, Donald Ross, Robert Haug, Freshman A History The 9A class was organized by home rooms in the Fall of l944-home room teachers were Miss Jones, Miss Lapodus, and Mr. Lewis. Mr. Hoff-- master replaced Miss Lapodus at the beginning of the second semester. The class activities were limited to stamp and bond sales during the year but we ended the year with a class picnic. The members of our class were very active in school affairs and athletics. slxty-eight FRESHMAN B TOP PICTURE Third row-Alfred Johnson, Anthony Rubino, Samuel Phillips, Joe Antoinini, Mario Coringrato, Louis For- tunato, and Martyn Bosela. Second row-Mosella Armour, Mildred Justice, Juanita Brown, Rose Todarello, Helen Maker, Rose Perline, Anna Fechtel, and Ruth Smith, First row-Albert Teutsch, Percy Phiter, Paul Macovitz, Leo Murphy, Huqh Henderson. BOTTOM PICTURE First row-John Miller, Don Henderson, Eva Johnson, Helen Conyer, Margaret Csurilla, Virginia Stafford. Second row-Woodrow Wilson, Olive Tomat, Pearl Allen, Beverly Griffis, Mary Louise Benson, Betty Phifer, Joan Rogers, Mary Louise Owens. Third row-Carl Storey, Rose Matesevoc, Louis Adovasio, John Puncekor, Charles Novak. Fourth row-Ray Slavins, Syretha French, Clifford Houy, and James Kish, Freshman B History We are the new Freshman class-eager to be recognized by the upper- classmen. As "compensation," we will contribute to the best of our abili- ties our talents to a "HIGH SCHOOL" of which we are already proud to be a part. Miss Wilson and Miss Lyman are the 9B homeroom teachers. sixty-nine f 1 EIGHT A TOP PICTURE Third row-Ray. Dusenbury, Nelson Taylor, Henry Harris, Anthony Franklin, Robert Burrows, Joseph Dixon, Richard Handel, Edward Untch, Clifton Hughey, Victor Sedlacko, Harry Bird, Walter Jack- son. Second row-Frank Zelenkovich, Bill Clifton, Louis Rich, Robert Jay, Barbara Terlecki, Evelyn, Bird, riiloifncie Riley, Clara Aaron, Mary Stopyra, Nora Stevens, Robert Ashmon, George Garansi, Joe a os y. First row-Tom De Geare, Betty Spognolo, Vivian Aaron, Barbara Feaster, Carol Foreman, Betty Scott, Mattie Bunkley, McCarthy Hayes, Yvonne Pendleton, Mary Louise Jarman, Barbara Conyer, Ruth Henderson, Alvin Webster. BOTTOM PICTURE Fourth row-Leon Cobbin, Robert Thomas, Mase Armour, Ralph Anderson, Lorraine White, Curtiss Wyman, Albert Watson, James Hogue, Helen Taylor, Marion Moyer, Norman Carter. Third row-Delores Kopsic, Norman Johnson, Martha Bolt, Rita Hill, Katherine Kotch, Janet Deterding, Lillian Salopek, Katherine Snitzer, Delphine Olenick, Justine Carson, Pauline Anderson, Delores Terrell, Charlotte Jenning. Second row-Jean McGarry, Jean Lindsey, Elaine Dickie, Clezta Luster, Alexandria Clark, Janet Butchko, Delores Jackson, Juanita Holauist, Jane Higham, Barbara Fiester, Anna Sinkovich, John Schulte, First row-Peggy Card, Jean Epperson, Anthony Palmer, Richard Schroeder, George Lupe, David Holecko, George Arvin, John Korak, Charles Rotor, Bruce Armour, Theodore Robinson. Eight A History At the beginning of the seventh grade there were forty-two pupils en- rolled. At the present time there are thirty-four pupils enrolled, some have been separated into 8AB and 8AC. CLASS OFFICERS President ..,.. . . . t . ,George Arvin Vice President . . ..., Janet Butchko Secretary .... .,.... J ean McGarry Treasurer .,,....,.............. Richard Schroeder There is a special flower committee tor anyone of Room 22 who is ser- iously ill. Members on the committee are John Kotak, James Hogue, Janet Deterding, Delphine Olenick, and George Arvin, seventy BOTTS' '. PICTURE First row--Arthur Buie, John Dixon, John Houck, Raymond Keels, Doris Hightower, Glenn Welker, Harold Scott, Alice McCall, Wilfred Davis, Dorothy Brown, Jean Cotten, Henry Patterson. Second row-Donald Gatewood, Elnora Bowens, Jean Long, Frank Dietz, Josephine Pascarella, Catherine Pluchinsky, Mary Ann Monroe, Lucy Eubanks, Lucille Miller, Laura Lewis,'Elinor Wood, Mildred Carter. Third row-William Phifer, Helen Boldia, Doris Kerbata, Donna Owens, William Johnson, James McCain, Vander Jones, Donald Smaic, Billy Wilson, Howard Wolfe, Lois Eckman, Joanne Bevin. Fourth row-Richard Pardue, Nathaniel Williams, Wilbert Silvius, Stanley Brock, Harold Crum, Oscar Howard, Gene Bruce, Philip Azara, James Long, Donald Jennings. 7A TOP PICTURE Third row-Albert Guyer, Harry Hover, Sam Getz, Joe Arnett, Samuel Zavatsky, James Mclmtroy, Fred Stefan, Earl Johnston, Amos Carter, Arthur Turner, David Richards, Leo Larence, Kenneth Doley. Second row-John Spagnola Phyllis Ann Duke, Florence Strong, Doris Cupler, Jane Hoagland, Shirle Engwer, June Annabel, Gertrude Watson, Betty Jean Dixon, Jean Schwellinger, Harold Shaffer. First row-Rose Evans, Louise Pavuk, Patsy Roth, Ruth Frankenburg, Peviggy Haddoth, Alice Leasure, Donna Miles, Marlene Schnoufer, Elaine Puscher, Dolores Mascarela, Alice McKinley, Dorothy D i I I ion. seventy-one Seven A History There are 28 of us that came from Thorn Hill Grade School on Jan. 29, 1945. We are becoming accustomed to the school, The first day we came down to Scienceville High School, Mr. Richey showed us our home rooms and the rest of the building. The boys and girls think the school is very nice and also is kept in swell order. The boys are beginning to like the sports. The girls say that the games and sports are very well planned. The 7A-B's only hope that every one enjoys it as much as they are. Al- ready they had enjoyed the experiences of going through the halls with crowds of older students. They have been with crowds of older students and attending an interesting assembly. Eight B History President ..... . . .Mary E. Stropyra Vice President .. ...,... Louis Rich Secretary ..., . , .Catherine Snitzer Treasurer . . ..,. Anthony Palmer There are quite a few busy pupils in Mr. Alexander's home room. laouis Rich is on the Junior High Basketball team. Peggy Card and Clara Aaron are in the Junior Orchestra. The bond and stamps representatives are Mary Stopyra and Peggy Card. Barbara Feaster took care of the Junior Red Cross money and did a very good job of it. Our room has not missed a week in selling War Stamps since the sale started in September. seventy-two F.vw .W E i Seventy-Th ree BASKETBALL TEAM JUNIOR ford, UQ Lo Jim chords R David Emery Brcudech Reuo ncTor V Getz, Y TTT IT1 So fterson, Po Arvm, Henry xon, George Lu f. M rock. Ko YO Ecck Y. OFIVTIS Rom -J ries W Cho Lew s Rrch. unswick and V B Hauq, Don Turner, Robert Robert efon, Sf Fred Frcmt row- QXCQ Of QTL JuNloR onci-IESTRA Third row-Peggy Card, Clara Aaron, Vivian Aaron, David Richards, Rolph Anderson, Ray Slavins, Louis Forfonaro, Alvin Websfer, Leo Lawrentz, Charles Rolar, Samuel Getz. Second row-Robert Sullivan, Ruth Smith, John Puncekai, Leonard Barnes, Billy Wilson, Mike Mas- carella, Amos Carter, Harold Shaffer, Mary Joan Wrenn, Norma Johnson, James Thomas. First row-Lois Jean Jones, Donald Smaic, Josephine Pciscarella, Pearl Allen, Joanne Bevan, Dolores Terlecki, Alice Bevan, Jennie Pangallo, Lois Himes, Valdo Gray, Janet Deterding. MIXED CHORUS J AA.. ,.!s..l seventy-four SEIU -igiqi li!-I-1!1l1l1-0111!--l-11:1 31141-.I-Q1 P1-1o'roGnAP1-is or Qlihihxvdsu- L L L - O A i 2 O O D. U7 1"' ss U2 7 C -1 35' In 135.3 0 'DDD aw- D I X928 g 52142 3 N429 H g 52 E E 59, "1 In o IQ s"3 u 52' "U no O 2 'U 3' 0 3 fb 00 Z' A 1 I I 11111.-111.11-.111111m1nn1u, iipigizi :I lfniuilipgg, g--p1l- lib--1 51-1. I--l-u--1n1p1g1p- ?s- THE HOME THEATRE ls Now Under New Management It ls Under The Capable Direction of PETER M. WELLMAN The Theatre is now being remodeled and will prove to be The Ideal place for the entire family to Spend their Leisure time You will always see the Finest in Entertainment at a VERY LOW COST So make a habit of attending the HOME THEATRE l635 McGuffey Rd. Yo., Ohio REMEMBER . . . THE HOME THEATRE IS YOUR THEATRE -g1g-q-g---g.- -. 1 1 1 .- 1 1 -.g1g1..1-.1g-g1g1g1g1q1 1 - -. 1- - - - -....-....-...-1m- ---- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - -' - -""-"P uniu, ,Im II Sodqs Cakes Sundaes Coffee Milkshake-5 Sandwiches lt's Fun to go to Parties To dances and to shows And to finish up the evening Go where everybody goes T0 ISHLY'S CUNGRHTULHTIONS ! CLASS OF 1945 Our hats are off to another group of Young Americans ready to shoulder the duties and obligations that true Democracy imposes. You have received a well-rounded education. You have been prepared to take over the welcome burden of American Citizenship. Your youth and vigor are needed in this war-weary world! You will not shirk your responsibilities nor be afraid to stand by your convictions. Take your motto from Tennyson's dauntless Ulysses: "To strive, to seek, to find . . . and not to yield." McKe vey's 1.51-1.-1-.111111i111111111iiig'1p...q1p1y.-m1g4--. SEV 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I i 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 l l l l l l I l 1 l l 1 -L enty-eight iiimilll 'll ll.. f , llllliv E. ' ll -1 01 llll E S f an P 5 YY' I llllllllllllllll lllll D l i .I if 13 ll DIAMOND ff-' Hnnnaunwrnns lf' 1 fill 1 ' IN YOUNGSTOWN -F mm l For 68 years Brenner diamonds have been IH the standard of comparison. With high qual- ity considered it costs no more at Brenner's. .ll.. ... . lll RAYMOND BRENNER Federal at Hazel REGISTERED JEWELER, AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY Advance Plating and Finishing Co. M. E. Weaver l27 E. Woodland Ave. Superintendent Youngstown, Ohio Phone 4-1347 lin-:lute-lil COMPLIMENTS 'ro THE GRADUATES or 1945 THE' GROWERS MARKET CO. Pyatt Street, Youngstown, Ohio BEST WIS!-IES TO THE SCIENCEVILLE CLASS OI' '45 Moy the yeors to come bring you ol! the joys of success and fine achievement. Strouss-Hirshberg's Known for Dependabamy for over 70 Years 1 1-11-.-1911--Q-q.1q1p1g1iq-.g1qp-.5151 J. VV. Jones 85 Son Movers of Fine Furniture L1dLgo Ph 44333 E. Woodland Y g t Oh THE PIN ES 13.-gig-Q-.-1g1'-5.-.1-.-gf.-.g.--1-1:.-.n1n1-iqigig1011134,.-....pq1.,.-um1m.-,,,1n 1nu1nnl.-nn1n 24' : :-I 1 1 wr I I I 1-1. .1.1..--1q1l 1-1: .g..-......................................................... ,.,,1111111--111111ini 1 1 1m.1g1n1n1w1 1 1 1 1 1 ,Q 1-.m.1im1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -nu-nu-:dc Compliments of THE CARBON LIMESTONE COMPANY and THE CARBON CONCRETE BLOCK COMPANY 1504 Central Tower Youngstown, Ohio GLUCK HARDWARE CO. Glass, Paints and Oils Electrical Appliances Stoneware Phone 6-4177 1005 Market St. Youngstown, Ohio Always at your Service COMPLIMENTS to the Graduating Class of 1945 From CIRCELLA'S GROCERY 2047 Jacobs Road Youngstown, Ohio Compliments to the Class of '45 SI-IIPTON'S 1 conrncrxonnnv 33 Pyott St. 1 vouNGs'rowN. o. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I eighty-tw -i- q1p1p1g1p1p1g1g1g1p.1q1 1 1 1g1g1 -mi-m- 1 Compliments of the PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO. Youngstown, Ohio lg 'fy . f ff 'gnu-if"-.,i-- We sure have something to chirp about when it comes to high grade insurance companies and prompt settlement of claims. We also solicit your real estate needs. We solicit your patronage FIFTHIAN REALTORS Auto lns.-Full protection under law 505-406 Mahoning Bank Building - A For Real Estate and Insurance See Us Notary Public-44533 451111- 1 1 1 1n.,1.,,,--,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1,,, -1111 1 1 1 1 1y1.q1g1g1g1..1q1p1g BECK INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE AGENCY Mahoning Bank Bldg. COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Sales of Residence Property Phone 4-5166 BROWN'S DRUG STORE Geo. W. Brown, Prop. We Fi I I Prescriptions Books-Magazines l847 Oak St. Phone 40952 clan-un--ui -ni1n1nn--In---un1n-li--anim 1--1 I1 1 111:-aiu :--:--i11 il11nLl-ill ghty-th ee Compliments of MYRON M. GOODWIN REGISTERED ARCHITECT Scienceville High 1918-1919 Union National Bank Bldg. Phone 44316 1g..,,,1,.1 1 1 -.,.,,1. -.,,1.q..q.1-...g1,1 14,11- CONGRATULATIONS STUDENTS . . A Reward For Your Efforts May lt Continue NU-ELM BALLROOM p.---1111 1 1 ... 1-1g1g..q-.W-.gigigggiq Phone 39368 CITY PRINTING CO. PRINTERS and PUBLISHERS 114 So. Champion Street Youngstown, Ohio 1. 1 .- 1 1 1 .. 1 1. .-,-1.1.-,,1,,1m-.nil-qu ECONOMY FEED 6 SUPPLY CO. PURINA FEEDS Poultry Supplies Garden Tools Baby Chicks Fertilizer 520 Elm St. Roofings Cement Coal L. A, Cavalier, Jr. Manager Phone 3-8584 McGuffey at Liberty q.. V..-i ------ --------- 1 I- ---------- ------- H- - 4' ghty f ,- 1..M -ii .............. W.,W -,. ......... - - - - -., VAGNOZZI AGENCY Phone 7-3 I 74 For Insurance Ll FE-AUTO-FI RE I9 E. Boardman Street Youngstown, Ohio THE I. D. FOWLER CO. INDUSTRIAL CONTRACTORS Youngstown, Ohio Compliments of LOUIS FORTUNATO GENERAL CONTRACTORS 821 Scioto Avenue Phone 7-9290 SCI-IULTZ SERVICE STATION Retailer of Mobiloil Products Tires, Tubes, Batteries And Accessories Corner Stewart 81 McGuffey Phone 761 85 .1uii1pl-..-.-11111.-1111.-1.,,01 ghty-five Cornpl iments of BUCKEYE PONTIAC 693 Wick Avenue Youngstown, Ohio Phone 44451 BUY WAR BONDS i 1 -. 1 -- 1 1 1 1 1 iluinn-W., Compliments of SIVIITI-I'S SERVICE STATION 2979 McGuffey Rd. Phone 40820 -.......-nnlnn-1111111-.111 1. Grnxns WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING House of Selling We Buy Old Gold and Silver 834 Oak Street Phone 38905 ,MAA1...1i.........11......1-.lm TI-IE CURTAIN SI-IOP Curtains Draperies Slip Covers Linens Blankets 269 West Federal Street Youngstown, Ohio l i 4. 111TTT : 11:1v1 nu1m:rlll1lnl viii 1iiYTiii 1' T 71014 Qhfv aim: LUSTIG'S SHOE STORE QUALITY SHOES I25 W, Federal Street FOR GOOD FURNITURE AT FAIR PRICES On Fair Terms HUME'S Youngstown's Two Dependable Furniture Stores 252 W. Federal St. Market at Philadelphia - 1 -.g1m1M1,,1-.... -un1nn-.np1in1m1 .1 1 tm Qhfv I 31-4:1-1: :4 I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I 1 I 1 1 I 1 I I I I 1 ASK FOR GOLDEN AGE BEVERAGES GOLDEN AGE GINGER ALE CO. Phone 3-3333 Youngstown, O. Diamonds, Watches, Jwelry, Musical I 1' ments, H d , Stoves Sporting God F 1' Rugs,G P I' T I GI Et THE KLIVANS BROS. CO. Youngstown's Largest Cash and Credit Store Clothing for all the Family Glasses on Credit 271-275 E. Federal St. Youngstown, Ohio Compliments of ALFRED I. I-IHMM1-IR FURNITURE STORE Market Street Youngstown, Ohio .-ii11i1111..111111,q-.ini DERAMO BROS. FLORISTS Fresh Flowers From Our Own Greenhouse For all Occasions Phone 3-3826 I936 East High Ave. 1.11 1 ..ini1miMimiimiini--nii1iui..un.-un.. 1 ...iin...mi..m, SCI-IAEFER MUSIC SI-IOPPE 4ll Keith-Albee Bldg. Musical Instruments Accessories Sheet Music and Supplies Guaranteed Instrument Repairing Office 3-4605 Residence 77687 n1nn1un 1111111111111i1 liii1iili-lo!! I I CONGRATULATIONS AND I BEST WISHES I to the Graduating I Class of I945 I I KLINE'S DEPT. STORE 122 E. Federal sf. Youngstown, Ohio I An Institution ofthe Community I I I ""' """"""-' - -"" I I FLOWERS for all Occasions I I STHRK FLORISTS I I Phone 3-4312 I Greenhouses and Store I I502 Parker Street I I I - i.ii ........... .... . - I I MEN'S SPORT I SHOES I All Styles I All Prices I Good shoes for 80 years I 1. w. SMITI-I as sous I 9 Market Street I Tod Hotel Building E I i1uu-ui-mu 111-1111111111 lliriliz-Hi' eighty-eight SAUSE STRUCTURAL STEEL COMPANY 303 Central Tower Bldg. Phone 78329 Youngstown, O. THE ASTATIC CORPORATION YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO, U.S.A. 1nu1ml1 1 1 1 1 1 -. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1m-M. Compliments of WELKER'S THORNE HILL DAIRY fY gq1u1u1u1 1 1 1 1un1 1lm1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Compliments of 4 H, . Qi? I . 5 V 1" , r' Q 7759 .A R' CHD Q-537 ,.-lf' Wu , .'DQX1J 1.4" -,,,,Qbkq , .: 'fit my ENRICI-I ED wulteaamo -un-uu1nu1lm1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1nu HOLMES POULTRY l7 Pyott Street Youngstown, Ohio Phone 3-55l2 DRESSED POULTRY 1,,u1 1 1 1 1n1nn1nn1 1111.1 1 1 1 1 1 Let Our Flowers Soy lt For You WILLIAMS FLOWER SHOP 240 W. Royen Youngstown, Ohio Fhone 77412 ,W-.M1.n... 1 ,.1q.1.,.1 1-,1..1,,1unn1 ,1q.1.g1q1g1.m 1 1 1 1 1 1mi1,,,,1im.1lm1 1 1 1 1 4.1 -m ---.-- -------1- nu -ini-un-n ------- ---- no -n-n- of TOTS AND TEENS 2100 Market St. Youngstown, Ohio nv: .2 .. "R Knuvns BARBER sl-:op 544 Market St. Youngstown, Ohio COHEN'S CASH MARKET 2570 McGuffey Road Phone 66331 Where Spending ls Saving EVELYN'S BEAUTY SHOP 2558 MCGuffey Road ,1 .-M,1mi1mi1,,,,1mi-iii.1.,u1,,,.1i...1,,,,1 1 1 Compliments to the CLASS OI' '45 BRONSON'S DRUGS Corner of Albert and McGuffey Jo:-IN r. DRUMMOND Service Station Accessories-Batteri es Cor. Oak St. 81 Early Rd. Phone 40805 Youngstown, Oo im-in 1 1nu1im1uu1mi-im1nii1im-un1uu1nu1iui-iin-uii1un- GROSS'S CASH FOOD MARKET GROCERIES MEATS VEGETABLES 1808 Jacobs Road " Phone 35717 1.1.11 - 1 1 1,,,,1,,.,1 1.,.,,1.m-im1m1 1 1 1,m1 CANALE SUPER MARKET QUALITY GROCERIES Fresh Vegetables 1 108 McGuftey Road 1,n,1uu1uu1,m1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11,111 1 1.411 v..,,,,..w 1,111111 5.11. -pq1ii.-ii - - 1111:-nu 11-1-111---11-1 I-ll-ull -1-1-1g1.1g1g1-.-p1g1-1g1g1....g1-11-1-1.11-151.1-1-1-.--1iq1.1-1-1-1g1ig1q1-1.51-1-.-p1-1-1-1-1-1g1-1- .Fi 0 POREMBSKPS CLEANERS AND DYERS "The Magiclean Service" Your Neighborhood Cleaner 2929 West Northwood Ave. Phone 31510 Youngstown, Ohio ii.-iiii1 1 1nu.-nu1uii-uiiiiiii-im-iiu1nii.-iiiiiiin-in1 1un SCIENCE HILL GROCERY di? MEAT MARKET Groceries, Notions, Drugs SCHOOL SUPPLIES Tobacco Candy Phone 3-3705 2601 McGuffey Road Youngstown, Ohio Compliments of ICE KELLY 29 S. Champion -in-mi-:iii-iiu1iin-ui-11:1 FOR HEALTH'S SAKE EAT Toth's Home Dressed Meat TOTH'S DE LUXE MARKET Corner East Federal and Wclnut St. SHOP ON FRIDAY ,.1,,,1 1 1.,.1m,.-mi1. .11im1iiii1m...m,...,,,1m1 1 1,,,,1iiii-.,,,1....1 1 ,1,,.,..,,.,14...1.iu.-.im1.m1...,1,..,1,,u1 1 1 1,.,,1,, I-IAZEL'S SCIENCEVILLE DAIRY INC. Pasteurized Milk and Cream Phone 3-6668 -.m1m.. 1 1 1n..,m1.mi1i-1.,,..,w .-W1 1 1 1 1m1m Compliments of JENKINS nnucss ...,..-.. ------------ - - -.ii TY Compliments of GLASGOW TAILORS Makers of fine tailor made clothes for MEN and WOMEN At Populor Prices 312 W. Federal St. 1nu-im1u,i1iiii1qu1q,,1im-.m,1iiii1,,u1w.1un1iiii1.iu1,.1m1Mu- Phone 75030 Res. 82196 CENTRAL FLOWER SHOP Flowers For All Occasions Gust Caravasios, Prop. Opposite Court House 107 Market St. Youngstown, O. 1w1mi1iii.1.,.1m.1lu1w1, 1 1 1, 1iiii1uii-.i.1..1w1w1. 1 l ll I l'l ll ll l ll ll ll l ll n l ii ll I l I l I l 1 ll ll l ll ll I l ll ii l, ll 1, ll 1 l I ,:1: :IM :l l ll ll ll I l I -il .kl-nnil -1un- lvlu :lin-wsu-ou1un1un1uu1 nnnn 1uu-uu1im- ' Your Credit is Good at 1 omrs 1 1::w::Lnv co. T Youngstown, Ohio if Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, T Tools, Sporting Goods 1 Phone 4-3923 M-Ill 11Tl lllTll4l-.lllTlWTWTl'lTWll' Flil T "ll iTTi I KVI!! l it sronnua li ' GOODS CO. il i Carl Genkinger 'T Pete McBride l E Compliments of CHAMPION , BOWLING HLLEYS I I George Vallos, Manager ll l T Lmiuu 111,, W, ,,,, ,-w1,,,,1,,,,1 1,1 1 1 l i Compliments of BIIN CLOTHING l l37 E. Federal Street 1 Headquarters of Good Clothing :IL-u ------ l'-ll-w-vw-l- - - - 1 1 1 1 11m1.m41.m1M1ml1,m1,m1lm1iiin1 1,1541 SOARSELLA FURNITURE CO. Quality Furniture Everyday Low Prices ur-li 934 Oak St. Terms 1,401 1 1 1 1m,1m,.1m.1m,1nl14m1m, P Open Evenings Compliments of HLAC!! GRILLE Spaghetti and Meatballs Sandwiches l9Ol Jacobs Road Open Till 2:30 Compliments of YOUNGSTOWN RROR AND BRT GLASS CO. 659 Market Street For Gifts Of Quality Visit PUGI-I BROS. Youngstown's Largest Jewelers l5 W. Federal St. Youngstown, Ohio ni 51-.-gg-.1-1g1-1.1p1-131p1.1g1g1g.-g1g1g1-1-11 -1g1-1-1g1p..-1113-.g1g1g.1g1q1..1-1g1g1 111- 3 3' 3 -1- .1m..,u,1w1,g1g1u1ng.-W-.,g.1mi1m EAT A DELICIOUS DINNER AT . . . RAVERS TAVERN 8 West Boardman St. NATIONAL SHOE REPAIRING 'Quality Shoe Repairing at Reasonable Prices" l l Market St. Tod House Bldg. DI CICCO SHOE STORE l O06 Market St. Phone 3-9459 Youngstown, Ohio YOUNGSTOWN' GARAGE. INC. Phelps and Boardman St. Youngstown, Ohio COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Open 24 Hours Phone 3-4l56 Compliments of CLINGAN'S BARBER SHOP iw--un.-ini1iiu1nn1wi1uu1 1 1 1 Compliments of TAVOLARIO STUDIOS Compliments of ROYAL FURS l2 Bus Arcade Youngstown, Ohio New coats Mode to Order Repa i ring-Remodel i ng-Storag Compliments of THE BUICK YOUNGSTOWN CO Phone 34l 75 1' l l l p-: :, , 1: blur-3--1 :i1: : : l1!1n--51:19-51:11 : nil: 14 Ill-I4 I :-l- QMQMQMQ-11 EDDIE'S DOUGHNUTS Variety Donuts Are Delicious 2639 Market Street Phone 8-1617 .1p11:4: ! i 5 51 32 3. 'UE PM El-Tu' r' E O INSURANCE 36 N. Phelps St. Phone 44636 ,,,,Mm.1tmi.,,,1iiii1ini1,,,,1,,,,,,,,1,,,,1im--nm-iiu1 List Your Property For Sale With THE UNION REALTY AND MANAGEMENT COMPANY Realty Building Phone 4-1 121 -mimi-.ug1m1Mu1m,1uu1liu1lill-l.u1l.u1M11 1,,.,1i:u1ml..,,..-. Compliments of KAPLAN'S SUPER MARKET 2283 McGuffey Road Phone 30822 g.--.4-g.1g1g-.gL-M-15.-gi--.-p1uu1,-ig ,.-im.-,m1,,.,1,,,,1,,,,iini1, .Muni -. 1 -.-W ........... .-.,..-.-,-,T DR. H. PIRING - Optometrist Eye Examinations 22 Bus Arcade Youngstown, Ohio Phone 35714 1,1 1 1 1 ..uii1,,,,1m.1uuMN...-,n.1u..1 1 1 1 .- - Compliments of LYONS PI-IYSICIANS SUPPLY COMPANY Health Supplies Trusses Built 26 Fifth Ave. Phone 40131 I. D. NESBITT SONS GARAGE Electric and Acetylene Welding Repairs on all makes of cars 2610 McGuffey Road COMMODORE GRILLE FINE FOOD Across from Y. M. C. A. ...m1,w1,,1 Mglgl 1,MW-.w1im1s,i1iiii1iv.1lg.Mm,-.lulial tyf i.n1iiil1,,n1..,,1,u.1ll...-,,,,.-ml.-null.....m,- 1141:-nil-uni-un1iiii1nn1nil-uu--uu- - -inl1un- MEMORIES OUR IUNIOR PLAY BRINGIN' HOME THE BACON 3 Act Comedy CAST OF CHARACTERS Given March 13, 1945 l. MYRON MEADOWS, who publishes a small-town newspaper. 2. PRISCILLA MEADOWS 3. CARLOTTA MEADOWS 4. MARlGOLD MEADOWS 5, POPPY MEADOWS His four daughters 6. BAINBRIDGE GUNTHER, the healthiest man in town. 7. MRS. GUNTHER iClaudial, his wife, a society matron. 8 9 10 il . DEXTER GUNTHER, their son. . STEVE STONEHAM, a most unusual young man. . HOWARD MILTON, who is easily embarrassed. . MRS. NETTIE SPING, cz "Widder" who owns a farm. MARY ANN FAIRFAX a friend of Priscilla's. 12. , 13. MARTHA BIDDLE, who never tires of asking 1. Paul Trina 2. Agnes Sedlacko 3. Barbara Hull 4, Bonnie Pickens 5. Bonnie Lou Wilcox 6. Buddy Luxon 7, Ruth Ellen Landorf 8. Bill Ermerf 9. Bob Williams IO. Jack Jones 11. Carolyn Banks 12. Eleanor May 13. Marion Filtz questions. fi- t"' - - - - - iffr ----M--M ---- ---M-i- -w---uf--M-M---- --M- M-w-----H--1-H-------------: 1 1 i - 1 l E mucrs i cocnnzm 1 1 1 1 SERVICE STATION WALLPAPER STORE l 1 ' l 1 STATE LINE i l L U S 422- Phone 2935 601 Market at Woodland I i - - 5 - I f New Bedford, Pennsylvania Phone 7 8536 i T 3 3ll-n1il1isn-iun-un-u1mi- -ut 1nnin1u.-511.441,1.L,..,,,..,1,,1-,,,,,,,.1-.--...,-,.1-1,,,.,-1. ninety-five 111-1Ql1lS-111-Il'I'1Il1T-1QlSl1!1ll"llI1'1lQ1QiQlDlH1ElDlS-'QC1ClCS1Q---i-Si'H1CiClI-11111-11lD1Ii'S1'Q-Tl? L e I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I 1 I r I i I " 5 1..n1ml11 1 1 1 1 1 1 -.uu1nII-nn1.m1ln,444.1lm1N01W1.mllm...ml1.m1n.I1InIx--un- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS for the Class of 43 were purchased from THE EDUCATIONAL SUPPLY COMPANY PAINESVILLE, OHIO MAN BOOKS 'A' i' 'lr UFACTURING PRINTERS SCHOOL SUPPLIES WILLIAM O. EICHER DE MAIN'S ROYAL OAKS 924 Oak St. Sales Representative E Covers for The I "SIL:-1oUr:'r'rz:" I designed end produced by I 'rr-zz: Mu::LL::n ART covnn Q BINDING I rl- I I I I I 6 I C I E I YI I O , 2 , Z I 2 I 6 I I I I I1l1lil1l- I COMPANY I I I Represented by: I MR. HOMER SMITH i Box 4I I, Youngstown, Ohio I I Fl mi .-M1 .1 1 1 ....,--..1.....,,,1.m..uu1 1 1 im... .m1.m-1111 1,.,,...nuu1,m-.,,,1nu1 1m,..,,,.1m,-.minuln1m-...m1 1im1.w1111-.-...11111...111111.-111-.-.1111nn-.m1vm1 Compliments of REPUBLIC RUBBER DIVISION LEE RUBBER AND TIRE CORPORATION Albert St. TI-IE YOUNGSTOWN PAINT 6 GLASS Established 1903 246 East Federal Street Youngstown, Ohio Shop at STHMBAUGH- TI'IOIVIPSON'S FIRST For quality hardware Sports goods and home needs EQUAL OR GREATER VALUES THE STAMBAUGH-THOMPSON CO. 1 14 W. Federal St. 2625 Market St. 1652 Mahoning Ave. 131.11111-1 1 1g1g1g1,-gg... .-J-'11 1 lui..-,,,..,,...,, 1-1-1-1.1-1.1-1:1--n-1n11c1u1c1u-ui:-1A .1q1g I :-- l 1 1 ll il r l l Il -I- -nm1.n1 n Lna:laiuz :fmt ,f.,. ' ww . 1-1'-rm I ,- I . 'E' ,rf '.-,Kb--.'I z..:'g ,1- . I- if j ,If , I Iigi, III, Ii. fl 11.4 4, - T , , A ':f":'y 1-,i In A -, -,Ln II.,:'. 'I' -I ru., 'A few, , -' ' 1- ,L 1 . ,-Y' 1' , 'IA V," ggrk -Q4-,-' ' ' . if " ' .,-2 L V-22115 , , ' 1 . Um - "Q . E . : '15 A' ,ah ' ' -, I -H+'-'sfi ' . Y -- VM df - A 1 .'.i" A V .: page ' -1, , ,S+ . ' -Q ,: I . 13- II mei 4 I I .I I . -, '41 .I f' :KL " ' -, .f, I iw, ,,II. ' . .. "' A i. , .:,"'..f,! ,, . 2 "- : .., V . - , -. me I . V - , 'lf -4 V , gif' iffg -, 'F 1 - ' , ,V , . ' AJ: 'F W If, sg ' f mf. , , sf, I ig.. .I I . . . P "-F' , .. " ., I -I . .I IJ. .. I , I :II ' E2 1 :,,..' , I . I gg- W " II, V - .I FM ,,, . W - s - on 1-II g X ', 1 I II I H I. II I - It, , :II ., I , 1,74 Ib, I ' 31:4 1 ' . ' IMI, I , I. . j 'P -" ly' I sf - . 1 , .5 ' 1 1 ul. '1 ,A r ' 35-'iffuif ' . - ' -- 'LTU f ' ' .. 'f I I I ' 5 f'f.C ' 2.512 G I . fr. I 1 ' ' ' ,, , I r V , " 5 ' ... ' X . . . I Ht I- 2-W , f KA, V. tm. . - . I. ILIII: . II . II I ,r ',,' ' l- 1, 'W' 3: '. QT, ',f"' ' J. gif 3 I 4 IQ-Q Q H?-',,x'4f,., ' I. LLII. 15:1 C,-Z."' -f """ff'- :L , 5 -'L ..z 1- 'YI fm ' II .,'- . II . 'III I ' II mx, W 1 'ur U ' I' A ' " . f . ' A 'Hag pf' ' H T ' 12' ' .E eg ' II .,,. , .I . I II .,. fr 1: ' - ,-- ,I 5 FI :Ii ,. 1 I vw , , , L. . 9, '- In I,,gI,'II I Lim? ,g 11, 1 1 1 . i ' 1 ',-'If 1, . ' ' L , 1-r ' . . I I f.' tw ' , -I .-. , ' 5 1 , --.,,, . .Y 1 X, - . '.7,,,,. " , ' L l I , . ' . 1 N... ' ' ' ' I A 1 5" " ' V V 4 K 7 " T I . H! I ,.,, . I ,f . I L' ' F f".-,W 'QI : X I I- -Q' gf, "Q L. 4. ' .' ' 'YH-'Aw 15-rw'-I., , A rf "Q - . 4 . W . ,z, , li . I . , . I, I Il I .. - . I , ,I JI Y .r 'x WMI II,I,I,I.II 5. .fi fs -' 'JJ 5 ' I - 2 ' ' l I x - ' ' .. ,.- ..-I, I I II ',I I , QII I, 5 I HE. , . , . f . I.,, If . I , . I I I ,, I . Y . ' -- II 1 ,, I I IA. -' -" . - 4 -' . KW ,' 1 T., ., 1 A - .- 1 ln.-rn Q- w -A . 1 Ay , ,L-. . ' , --xm. .1533 pf .':, f Juno lu., I :Qf":fTI:Qw2? fm .ram "2 'Juana La.-.:.m.u.nrnu.u.m -

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