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-4 - V-..., .,- V-.. W ...L-. -.- ,, ,--.--.... -.- , .. vv ..,, --.,'...- -.- , .-V.-. ,Y . , X.-,.., ,,-,-,..... --,,,- - ., ,. W- A- ,,,-4...-f --4.-1.' .: -c,,..v.-. ,,.-,, ,-,Q3 U H 1-F 14 4 1 ' . -fy. K., 4 , , ... 1 ,,.- . ,-. s 31, , -Y. 1 ws ' , ,ew , L 4 I 9 . tif V jg. . 5231? -wi. V ' ' . z-'-fl ' - ' - ,. 'fx .f -. -xx, ,A wa v. f N an Ia Lf -Ku-. 'Y 4 '14 1 K' 1-ima -B. 0. V XC! f-ss.-'M A 1-5114. .gs ii.-7 ' 505. -iff.. . , P-4 4 - fiiz- ' ' 5 2:14 . :gi if . 4 Left ' ' - SQ-Q . -rc' , 3-Sas -.PH - E19-,1 Y, iff -'iii ,FQ . 32,3 as , , K - ,xiii t . 1 Fi ,ix ' , ZLL: - 1.3 -f iff - . - mf, - :-Q ,Sq . , : -14 1234: ' -ei-2 , , KJ, M., 3:51, iisifi , . mils ' ' , ' ' . " f 9:52 - ' . -'v '- 1-.wa-,f::.' '-:-..-:al'd:h"tA'a- .::'-rf:--N waz--aw--1-1 --.era . - V '-1v..., qxvgh.. 4. .- , ,Q -Q ,,f-- 1, Y -54---, ,., . -M ,, .Y-A-1-fa -- my .:.,- -,k M-N. , . iq.,-W,-. Y . . - v - .v -5 ' ..- .Q--,1 -.-. ,. .4--,. M --:ang-,-jfi L1-s Vx.-x -.-s,. -, -x 4 .af -' ,.1-. -A.: , -,. J ., ..1. . pu. ,f . .mrs .-:.. . . ,4-...fs :vt -TL -.-- .. "..-. -...- -5,-.. 1, ,.. zffmnsrr- , ,pw-4. fwn... .1 xr., q., bmn , Tl-IE SENIOR CLASS SCIENCEVILLE I-IO Y UNGSTOWN OHIO VOLU E IEN I I I II II II ITIII L3 I Q 3 I 8 H I 6 I-I S C O L O , ff ,1- ,K To our forefathers who braved the hardsh1ps settled the land bu1lt the roads establ1shed the schools m1l1s and lndustry of th1s Western Reserve The Heart of Amenca To our parents, who have worked ID these 1n dustnes d1rectly, or 1nd1rectly, that We mtght have the advantages of modern c1v1l1zat1or1, cducatton and convemence To these, we, the Iune Class of l938, do most humbly ded1cate thts number of the S1lhouette A D M I N I S 3? U ' 1' 5 + Qg vi 4 ! R A 1 1 T I O N IS IS IS IS IS IS IS IS IS IS IS IS IS W L RICHEY Pnnclpal APPRECIATE th1s opportunrty for a fa m1l1ar word w1th the Class of 1938 the best class 1n all the hlstory of our school Of course I told that to the class last year but you must remember your class had not then appeared on the scene My worldly wlsdom IS contalned 1n the couplets whlch you w1ll soon peruse I as sure you most of these couplets have come out of my personal exper1ence some few have come from observatxon of the Class of 1938 Some are humorous Some are serrous Whlch IS wh1ch'? I leave you to make your own dec1s1on EASY BUT HARD easy to love a young fellow And hard to maneuver hrs socks easy to love a sweet lady And hard to replen1sh her clothes easy to get all your teeth out And hard to mampulate false easy to get 1n the doldrums And hard to satl your way out easy to get to be slckly And hard to regam what you lost ea y to show a bad temper easy to play 1n the moonllght And hard to get up w1th the sun easy to dr1ve very swrftly And hard to remarn rn the 1a1l easy to spend all your dollars And hard to rnvest a thln drme easy to start bloody warfare And hard to remaln 1n the frght easy to want a good Annual And hard to defray all the cost easy to thrnk you re a hero And hard to persuade all the rest easy to lrsten to Caesar And hard to relate what he sard IS IS IS IS IS IS IS IS IS IS IS IS IS easy to get 1nto trouble And hard to drscuss w1th C V easy to dream of the future And hard to convert 1t to fact easy to see all that s ugly And hard to drscover the good easy to wander rn Spnngtlme And hard to return to see Boyd easy to d1g out the hsh worms And hard to pull out a brg frsh easy to run home to dmner easy to ask her to marry And hard to relate rt to Pa easy to play 1n a ball game And hard to arrrve at frrst base easy to cheat ln the classroom And hard to get by on a yob easy to s1ng rn the chorus And hard to perform by yourself easy to tell one your troubles And hard to persuade hun to stay easy to thrnk of a story And hard to prepare 1t 1n rhyme easy to smlle when It s sunny And hard to be pleasant rn ram In conclusron I extend my very best wtshes to all of you I assure you I deeply apprecxate the entrancrng book whrch your kmdness prompted dunng my rllness May you stand steadfast under the responsrbxlrues and dut1es of hfe and ach1eve some satrsfactlon and happmess Smcerely W L RICHEY 4 ,T. U ,T. . U 'T' U . IT- . . . ,T. u I ,T. . , . fT. . i I ,T. . . . . IT. I . I ,T. . . I ' Q IT. S . ,T. . . And hard to maintain a fine poise. And hard to come back at a walk. ,T. . - . ,T. - 'T' . . .. . . ' IT. I . . i 'T' . . . l 'Tl H D 1, . I ,T, - i D I ,T. . . n IT. . ,T. i . IT. . , n .T. . . . iT. . . I ,T. . . , I - . OUR years fly by tor busy, happy people and soon another Senior Class will be slipping away from Scienceville High School into the broader school of Life. We of the faculty are sorry to see you leave, but happy in your success in having completed the prescribed course of the public schools. We congratulate you, and wish for you all the very best things in life. May we express a hope that you will align yourselves with the active Alumni of the school and boost for the best interests of your Alma Mater whenever occasion arises: that you will call upon us when we may be of help to you: and that through the years we may still work together for the benefit of each other, our school and our community. Life will hold many disillusions and disappointments. Your detailed knowledge of history, science and mathe- matics almost may be forgotten in the busy, trying rush of existence. Clouds of doubt may darken the horizon of some of your lives and lead you close to the sloughs of despondency. We are living in trying times, when some question the very bulwark of our American form of government: when clear thinking, honesty and service to God and Country are needed as they have seldom been needed before in the history of Ameri:a. Go forth to meet and conquer in your sphere of life whatever it may happen to be. Stand for the right, as you see the right: hold fast to your bouyant faith of youth and remember: "That the clock of life is wound but once And no man has the power To tell just when the hands will stop At late or early hour. Now is the only time you own- Livep Iove,' toil with wi1l,' Wait not for tomorrow, For the clock may then be still." C. V. Thompson. 5 C. V. THOMPSON, Assistant Principal ADRIAN C. DOYLE GOLDA A. COTTERMAN IOSEPHINE ORVILLE ADVISORS 6 G. A. Cotterman, B. S.-Ed., M-Ed., Commercial: H. M. Hoskin, B. S.-Ed., English: I. Orville, B. B. S.. Commercial: M. Lupse, B. S.-Ed., Art: L. C. Seidel, A. B., History: H. V. Miller, A. B., Physical Education and English: I. M. Rowland, A. B., Latin and Dramatics: P. Zappi, A. B., English and Public Speaking: C. M. Iones, B. S.-Home Ec., Home Economics. M. Fowler, A. B., Librarian: W. W. Beacham, B. C. S.-M. Ed., Commercia': H. W. Luxon, B. S.-Ed.. Physical Ed. and Geo.: A. C. Doyle, B. S.-Ed.. Mech. Drawing: G. G. Lewis, B. S.-Ei and Math.: R. W. Richards, B. S.-Ed., Music: L. D. Miller, Music and Science: H. E. Shoemaker, A. B., English' F. E. Pond, A. B., English. N. D. Alexander. A. B. and M. A., History and Soc. Science: M. A. Heckman, A. B., Physical Ed. and Chemistry: I. Beeghly, A. B. and M. A., Biology and Gen. Science: C. V. Thompson, A. B. and M. A., Asst. Principal: L. Boyd, A. B.. Com. Geo. and Math.: H. G. Hoifmaster, B. S,-Ed., In- dustrial Arts: L. N. Harness, Mathematics: I. E. Ehrman, B. S.-Ed., Industrial Arts. FACULTY 7 Susan Tovarnak, Advertising: Rose Krivan. Music: Gladys Mitchell, Asst. Editor: Rose Tavalario. Prophecy: Vera Croscin, Sales: Helen Zins, Sales: Elizabeth Lovas. Typist: Olive Hunter, Calen- dar: Betty Castner. Secretary: Claire Landori, Valedictory, Prophecy: Barbara Kelty, Horoscope. Steve Solmosky. Cartoons: Edward Clark, Advertising: Edward Klimowicz, Sales: Harry Rich- ards. Photo: Iohn Pawlen, Sports: Cortland Shields, Business: Kenneth Shields, Business: Iohn Cimaglia. Personals: George Fleischer, Advertising: Kenneth Helsel. Photo. Glen Stere, Editor: Pauline Alexander. Class Will: Vera Burrows, Horoscope: Dorothy Vetter, Art: Helen Kubilis. Typist: Mary Louise Pieper. Photo: Marian Hogan, Photo: Catherine Fryman. Horoscope: Martha Milligan. Advertising Manager: Betty Bartram, Poetry, Class Will: Rudolph Bagwell, Business Manager. Roy Kroll, Sports: Charles Wilson. Art: Mathew Clemens, Advertising: William McDermott, Ad- vertising: Carl Sedlachko, Iokes: Robert Wilcox, Class History: Iohn Pacura, Cartoons: Howard Iones. Advertising: Iames Welsh. Art: Iohn Macynski, Sales. ANNUAL STAFF 8 S E N I O R S , ROBERT WILCOX Secretarial "He doesn't lack popularity, nor does he personality." Class Pres- ident, Class Plays, Searchlight Staff, Buckeye Boys State, Annual Staff, Hi-Y. GLEN STERE Accounting "We remember him as our editor, as a debtor is remembered by his creditor." Class Vice President, Hi-Y, Senior Vaudeville and Plays, Annual Staff, Searchlight Editor. OLIVE HUNTER Secretarial The more you gaze the more your wonder grows that this small girl can carry all she knows Class Secretary Senior Vaudeville Searchlight Staff Annual Stafi G A A Girl Reserves Ii you want to see a girl cute iust look at the picture that she took Class Treasurer Iunior and Senior Plays Searchlight Staff G A A Choir and Glee Club Annual Staff 10 GL ADYS MITCHELL Secretarial PAULINE ALEXANDER Academic You ve never seen a gxrl studxous yet she certamly IS a frxend to Iumor Play Semor Play Semor Vaudevxlle Gxrl Reserves Latin Club G A A ELEA NOR BAGLIERI Academrc If you only talk when called upon you have a less chance of bemg wrong Glee Club Latln Club Monrtor Glrl Reserves Semor Play Semor Vaudevllle RUDOLPH BAGWELL General Hrs words are few but they re always true Iumor Play Semor Play Annual Stall Stamp Club Honor Student BETTY BARTRAM Secretarral A lxttle glgglmg now and then wxll make your heart content Glee Club Choxr Iumor Play Semor Play Semor Vaudevxlle G A A RUSSELL BEHNE General School work IS a problem lor Russell Behne although hrs trymg rs m vaxn' Dramatrcs Glee Club Semor Vaudevrlle ELEAN OR BELL Secretanal We all agree to sxmphclty as bexng better than publrcrty Glee Club Cholr Dramat1cs Plays LMIDSIGI Rldgel Class Secretary Operetta VERA BURROWS Secretarial If you want to be stern you neednt wear a grm Glee Club Searchllght Stall Iumor Play Semor Play Semor Vaudevrlle Momtor Annual Staff BETTY CASTNER Secretarial The best crtlzens are the ones that are quxet f you would l1ke to be one lust try xt Glee Club G A A Grrl Reserves Mom tor Annual Staff STEVE CHORDAS General Hes not too senous but always gay a fme old fellow 1n every way Semor Play Semor Vaudevllle Dramat1cs Momtor Class Basketball MARY CICCHILLO General A maxden so sweet mnocent and kxnd far you must look before youll fmd Momtor Glee Club Chorr IOHN CIMAGLIA Secretarzal Abxllty and know edge he has for hrs advantage Semor Vaude v1lle Monxtor Annual Staff Dramat1cs Plays EDWARD CLARK Secretarzal Love IS essentxal for happiness as knowledge IS for success Dramatxcs Plays Mxnstrel V1ce Presldent 2 3 Iumor Play Semor Play and Vaudevrlle Annual Staff ll 1 US- 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 11 . . . . 11 1 1 1 1 1 11 . . . 11 . . . . . . 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - - -1 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . , , . 11 . - , . 11 - 1 . A 11 . . . . 11 BETTY CLEMENTS A ademrc L1 e rs a rare and beautiful alfarr Glee Club Latxn Club MATHEW CLEMENS General Stature IS needed tn the game ol clrmbtng the tree of fame Dramatxcs Club Iumor Play Dramatxcs Plays Class Basketball Class Baseball Annual Stall MARGARET CONTI General Enemxes she hasnt any but frxends she has many Glee Club Momtor VERA CROSCIN Secretarral It pays to be jolly and gay for lt turns your work tnto play Glee Club Gxrl Reserves Operetta Momtor Annual Stall Semor Vaudevrlle RICHARD CURL General Trs more lun to be lurkmg than xt ts to be workmg Varsrty Football Dramatlcs l'l1Y Class Baseball Momtor Varsrty Basket ba IOHN DtPIERO General Bravery has won where other thmgs latled as xt dtd when Colum bus was harled' Varslty Football Varslty Basketball Dramatlcs Play Momtor Class Baseball MATTIE BEIL EVANS General Shes true and wrll obey the lays of the day Glee Club Glrl Reserves MARY FETCHFL Secretarral If you dont ltke to smlle dont be senous all the whtle Gtr Reserves Class Basketball Annual Staff GEORGE FLEISCHER General Schooldays are short for thls brxght chap who spends hrs ttme 1n takmg a nap Glee Club Dramatrcs Annual Stall Chou East Hlgh Momtor CATHERINE FRYMAN Academrc Always Smlllnq and never blue shes a hne lrtend too Glee Club Semor Play and Vaudevxlle Momtor G A A Gxrl Reserve Searchlight Staff WILFORD GATEWOOD Academzc He 15 a lover of every sport he xs the opposrte of short Varsxty Football Varsxty Basketball Dramatrcs Momtor Class Baseball Cla s Basketball KENNETH HELSEL Sczentxlrc Clmg on through thxck and thm-and m the end you re bound to wln Varslty Football Varsxty Basketball Iunlor Play Semor Play Iumor Treasurer HxY 12 - c . . l 1 . I I 1 ' 1 1 I ' . - . .. . . . , , ,... , J. s . MARGARET HESCH General Boys she doesnt heed but always does a good deed G A A Dramatlcs Plays Momtor Operetta Mmstrel Glee Club MARY HILL Acad mrc Shes good for a frxend shes always true txll the end MARIAN HOGAN Academrc Wlth personahty and knowledge too what may she not be able to do' G A A Latm Club Glrl Reserves Honor Roll Semor Play Annual Stall MARY HUBERT Secretarial Her record xs long and clear as her person does appear Glee Club Operetta GEORGE HUZICKA Accounting A thoughtful sort of boy xs he Some day a fortune teller he w1ll b Momtor CARDEL IRBY Academic Hrs love for all the sports rs his greatest source of joy Varslty Football Varslty Basketball Iunxor Hxgh Basketball Class Base ball Dramatlcs Debatmg Presldent HOWARD IONES-General Club H1Y Semor Vaudevxlle Semor Play Annual Staff BARBARA KELTY Secretarral Rosy cheeks and brlght red han' we look upon a malden laxr Gxrl Reserves G A A Search11ghtStaff Glee Club Semor Vaude vxlle Annual Staff ORAL KEMPER General What else can you do ln your work but put xn all your effort H1Y Dramatxcs Club Football Iamtor MARY KING Secretarial Once you look upon thxs blonde youll remember her rxght along Glee Club Semor Vaudevllle Gxrls Basketball Monltor EDWARD KLIMOWICZ Secretanal Wxth wlsdom and health we brmg back wealth Honor Student Semor Play Class Baseball Class Basketball Momtor Search lxght Staff ROSE KRIVAN Secretarzal Rose IS her name and her qualxtles are the same G A A Glee Club Annual Stall Searchhght Stall Semor Play Basketball 13 B . e." ' . "When a boy is handsome, he is never lonesome." Band. Glee ROY KROLL Academic Everyday he follows hrs tracks commg to school to learn the facts Varsity Basketball Semor Vaudevllle Latm Club HIY V1C9 Presxdent Annual Staff Executlve Commxttee HELEN KUBILIS Secretanal Shes sweeter than any brand of honey Shes worth more than any money Executlve Comrmttee Semor Play Semor Vaude vllle Momtor G A A CLAIRE LANDORF Academzc Knowledge IS better than fame the latter ns but a name' Vale d1ctor1an latm Club Annual Staff G A A Glee Club Semor Vaudevrlle ELIZABETH LIPUSCHEG Secretarzal Make yourself useful and always be faxthful Dramatxcs Semor Vaudevllle Iunxor Play Debatmg Club Momtor Honor Student ELIZABETH LOVAS Secretarial Be merry as the aay IS long and everyone wrll of you be fond Semor Vaudevxlle Momtor Glee Club Dramatxcs Annual Staff Searchlxght Staff IOHN MACYNSKI Accountmg He rs a 1ov1al fellow and a lang of wrt who sees many a smzle pop up from grxt Semor Play Semor Vaudevxlle Glee Club and ba VIRGINIA MAXIM General A maxxm of hero IS more fnends than fame so lt means more than lust her name Momtor G A A G1rl Reserves MARGARET MCCARTHY General Although she 1snt that Crabby we lxke to call Maggle Dra mancs Play Glee Club G A A Operetta Chorr Mxnstrel WILLIAM McDERMOTT General Thls xs our old chum B111 who of knowledge hasnt yet gotten hrs f1ll Semor Vaudevxlle l-I1Y Class Baseball Class Basket ball Annual Staff Dramatxcs MARTHA MILLIGAN Academrc Few are her jeers but numerous are her cheers Semor Vaude vxlle Momtor G A A Gxrl Reserves Vlce Presrdent Latm Club Annual Staff IOHN PACURA General He s more skrllful than he seems to be a magxcxan IS one of hrs dreams Class Basketball Hubbard 12 Football Annual Staff Glee Club IOHN PAWLEN Academzc Speech IS great but silence IS greater Vcxrsxty Football Varslty Basketball Annual Staff HN! Semor Vaudevxlle Class Baseball 14 Choir, Minstrel and Operetta, Executive Committee, Class Basket- ll. JOHN PERRY General Patrence rs the best remedy for anyone whos m a hurry Mom tor H1 Y Dramatxcs Semor Vaudevxlle MARY LOUISE PIEPER Academzc Her beauty and her curly haxr all ard her modest and graceful a1r G A A Presldent Glee Club Vrce Presxdent Semor Vaudeulle Grrls Octet Glrl Reserves Annual Staff DOROTHY PLAYFORTH Academic The rules she always dxd obey and never drd she go astray G A A Glee Club Dramatlcs Debatmg Club Latln Club ROSE PRINCIPINI Secretarral She doesnt seem to have the abrlrty of domg her work wlth fa crlnty Glee Club Momtor G P A Operetta Basketball GENEVIEVE RICHARDS General If I hltch my wagon to a star when wxll I ever get that far? G A A Operetta Glee Club HARRY RICHARDS Academic He soon wrll be successor to some famous college professor H1Y Presxdent Executxve Commxttee Drum Ma1or Band and Or chestra Glee Club and Chorr Mmstrel I hke to work and I lrke to play whrch I 11ke most I couldnt say Latrn Club Dramatxcs Debatmq Club East Hrgh MIKE ROHAN Accountmq When you are loaded wrth grref a lrttle fun wrll brmg you relref H1 Y Iunxor Play Mmstrel Semor Vaudevllle Glee Club Execu t1ve Commlttee WARREN ROWLES General Ideas are often caught by drearung too cause many a boyhood dreams come true Band Orchestra Glee Club Cholr Dramatzcs Semor Vaudevrlle LOUISE SATTERWHITE Secretarzal If you want to be a pal lust treat em well Glee Club Chorr Gzrl Reserves Glrls Basketball 'VIARY SCHNEIDER Secretarzal When wrth us we see Mary all seems gay and merry Glee Club Monrtor Basketball Searchlxght Staff CARL SEDLACHKO Sclentrhc He IS thoughtful and brrght and he always rs rrght Orchestra Monrtor Semor Vaudevllle Class Basketball Honor Student An nual Staff I5 LILLIE BELLE RODEN -Academic L ' - CORTLAND SHIELDS Academrc He IS more than he shows and speaks less than he knows Monxtor Iumor Play Semor Vaudevrlle Semor Play Annual Stall KENNETH SHIEL DS Academic When your mmd to knowledge IS lent your tzme IS wisely spent Band Orchestra Iumor Play Semor Play Annual Stall Execu t1ve Committee RUBY SIROVICA Ge eral The cheerful usually l1ve longer but they always do go farther Monrtor Glrl Reserves G A A HELEN SLABODI Secretarral Youll always need your educatlon rn your future occupatlon Monltor Annual Stall Searchlloht Stall Semor Play Basketball Volleyball OLGA SLABODI Secretarral For a classmate she IS grand shell always le d a hand Mon xfor Basketball Annual Staff Searchl1ghtStafl STEVE SOLMOSKY General Always happy never sad a better fnend cannot be had Class Baseball Class Basketball Iumor Hxqh Basketball Football Semor Vaudevxlle Momtor PETER SOROKA Accounting around Iumor and Semor Play Semor Vaudevxlle Football Glee Club I-l1Y Class Baseball MAXINE STERE Academrc Only one llle tw1ll soon be past only what s done lor Chrxst wrll last Glee Club Momtor Operetta Searchllght Staff Wxnner of Am ncan Legron Contest CARMEL TARANTINO Gereral What rs worth begmnmg must be worth completlng Monxtor Honor Student Glee Club Searchllght Stall ROSE TAVOLARIO Academrc Many accomphsh as much but the quallty lsnt such Glee Club Semor Vaudevrlle Glrl Reserves Latm Club Annual Stall Na ttonal Honor Socxetv SUSAN TOVARNAK Secretarral Il work meant money how nch she would be Glee Club Semor Play Annual Stall Operetta Searchlight Stall DOROTHY VETTER General Art rs what she esteems as the greatest ol all extremes Gnrl Reserves Presldent Annual Stall Searchhght Stall G A Semor Play Commxttee Semor Vaudevxlle 16 "He's always serious but without a frown: a good old pal the year Q . . - - . FLORENCE VVATT Academic ll you want to scoop the race you must keep on at a steady pace Gxrl Reserves Mo'utor Searchlrght Staff Gxrls Basketball Vol leyball IAMES WELSH General He has more love lor art than anyone has rn hrs heart Varsrty Football Class Basketball Class Basebal Debatmg Club An nual Staff Searchlrght Staff LEORA WHITE Secretarral Ttme IS to be Irlled and not to be krlled Iuruor Play Semor Play Semor Vaudevxlle Monrtor MATTIE WILLIAMS A ademrc If you have a 'und heart you have a good start Latm Club Glee Club Dramatrcs WILLIAM WILLIAMS Academrc If you want to wm advance every trme you get a chance Class Baseball Class Basketball Morutor CHARLES WILSON General Not only the wrse are wrllmg to advrse Band and Orchestra Chorr and Glee Club Senror Play Annual Staff Football and Basketball Manager Senror Vaudevxlle GEORGE ZAVATSKY Accounting Some trme rn the near future over the arr you ll hear htm lecture Chorr Glee Club Momtor Class Basketball Se'uor Vaudevrlle Mrnstrel HELEN ZINS Secretarial She wrll be a popular actress some day but when lust now we couldnt say Senror Play Annual Stall Iunror Play Searchlrght Edxtor Octet Dramatrcs CLASS POEM Although we hate to say farewell To dear old Screncevxlle Hrgh We cannot halt or hesltate For trme st1ll marches by Although we never shall forget The happy trmes we ve had Among our frlends and teachers dear Of good old Scxencevrlle Hugh 17 No matter what we do m lxie No matter where we go Our memorxes of SClenC6Vllle Wrll forever round us flow So farewell to our teachers Our classmates and our books A kmdly thought wrll ere remam In the hearts of all of us 11 1, 1, . . 11 . , . . . . I , , .1 , . F . 11 . 1, . .1 . . 11 11 . . . . 1, 1 1 1 1 I 1 ,1 . . - 1 1 1 1 1 - mfq-1 l Band. 2 Drafting. 3 Cheerleaders. 4 -Chemistry. 5 Advertising. 6 -Drum Major. 7 Pairs. 8 Study Hall. 9 Loving, 10 Alma. ll Statuary. 12 Railbirds. 13 Library. 14 Senior Boys. 15 Manual Training. 16 Arbor Day. 17-18 Senior- itas. 19 Football. 20 Art. 21 English. 22 -Parking. 23 Flagpole. 24 Typing. 25 Museum. 26 Cooking. 27 Looking Northwest. SCHOOL DAZE 18 x I 27 September 34 Freshmen 159 strong ofhcers elected M L P1eper M Stere Hallowe en party school gym November danc1ng bal loon break1ng by g1rls lunch sponsors I Beeghley G I-lawkms C Iones summer 1ntervenes fall of 35 sophomores ofhcers K Helsel E Clark Ianuary party ln gym class enrollment 145 summer aga1n vacatlon over we return aga1n as Mlghty IUHIOIS enrolment down to 101 advlsors G Cotterman I Orv1l1e A C Doyle October we1ner roast Blrch H111 Cabln f1res1de games Ianuary skatrng party Rayen Wood good t1me Chnstmas Holdays dear old Santa amrnatrons oh' oh' February mystery comedy play Hobgoblln House cast held two partxes Stonele1gh Tea Room H Zms home Sprlng IS here Spnng Dance Y College sweet stra1ns Shlrrock Ork une Iun1orSen1or Prom those gorgeous dresses colorful decoranons of Nu Elms Ballroom feSl1Ve affa1r solos Ioe Krnch mono logue C Landorf crownmg Prom Queen punch cookles candy wafers Summer recreatlons over Lofty Semors of 38 another we1ner roast Bears Den Where re the Bears? offlcers H Wtlcox G Stere Vaudevllle full house very successful tlcket contest boys lost party for g1rls Wards Hall dancmg cards crder doughnuts apples New Year s Dance Nu Elms rythm1c beats Ruth Autenrerth s ensemble February sees Senlor Play Aunt Abby Answers An Ad 2 casts tlcket contest hlgh gxrl h1gh boy March hlgh school day Kent Umversxty gettmg home 2 A M Doughnut sale aga1n everybody ate doughnuts Yearbook started Semors sk1pp1ng advert1s1ng snapshots checkxng copy success at last Mus1cal Sen1ors Kent Columbus honors slght see1ng pemtentlary tour cap1to1 gov ernors autograph bu1ld1ng float Northwest parade exqu1s1te floats P1ttsburgh He1nz beans spaghettr r1ce flakes museum skeletons ugh' covered wagons stuffed an1mals rel1cs Tower of Learmng magnlhcent Zoo Wlld an1mals oh' oh' maybe relatlves tunnels yum yum road SIQIISQ s1ck people detours home Hrgh School day Idora Park all wet try aga1n 1t s Iune aga1n Ir Sr Prom gala event formal gowns boys shlne class day program p1nk blue dresses wh1te trousers Semors struttlng Baccalaureate very 1npress1ve frrst caps and gowns Senlor Breakfast trred full sleepy happy GRADUATION musxc speeches dlplomas congratu 1at1ons sad tarewells good bye SENIOR SWINGS 19 h - . - . - - ex! - I - ,, . - . ,, d - O. Hunter, G. Mitchell, executive committee - winter here again - Senior ' ll CLASS COLORS Navy Blue and Prnk CLASS MOTTO Better farthful than famous CLASS FLOWER Prnk Carnatron and Fern SIDE GLANCES Howard lones dehverlng mrlk Roy Kroll truckrng Iohn Perry skrppmg hrstory class Elrzabeth Lovas gettrng ready to keep house Dorothy Vetter spottlng arrplanes George Flerscher rrdmg h1s best grrl frrend around on her brke Rose Tavalarro sewrng Charles Wrlson women Warren Bowles sleeprng Betty Bartram learnrng to truck Mary Schne1der berng quret Bob W1lCOX notrcrng what people wear Genevreve Blchards-chewmg gum Rose Krrvan wearmg short dresses Mary Louxse Preper hshrng Cfor a husbandl Wrlham McDermott get r1ch qurck Russell Behne poutmg Carl Sedlachko srngrng rn the anvrl chorus Mary Fechtel bustmg 1nto classes Ol1ve Hunter playrng secretary to George THE RED AND BLACK Although some schools always favored The vrolets dark blue And the many sons of others To the crrmson rose are true We wrll own the others splendor Nor honor shall we lack Whlle the Bull Dog stands defender Of the Red and the Black Refrarn We wrll own the others splendor etc Thru the four long years of hrgh school Mrdst the scenes we know so well And the mystrc charm of knowledge We vamly seek to spell Or we wrn athletrc vrctorres On the football held or track Strll we work for d ar old Srcencevrlle And the Red and the Black Hefram Or we wrn athlet1c vrctorres etc ,, . H . . 9 . . I - . . - Y . When the cares of lrfe oertake us Mmglmq fast our locks wrth gray Should our dearest hopes betray us False fortune fall away Strll well bamsh care and sadness As we tu n our mem ries back And recall those days of gladness Neath the Red and the Black Hefrarn Strll we I1 bamsh care and sadness etc SONG Last fall Sen or Class 38 pubhshed school newspaper spare t1me name Searchl1ght two staffs alternate 1ssues pub11shed only when news 1S knee deep f1rst 1sue Oct 10 1937 standard cover destgn center p1cture each rssue pr1nt1ng rmmeograph typmg stencrlrng by staff general school news class work sports netghbormg schools jokes faculty defrayed sale of paper advertrsements large page afforded more news space Mr Thompson announcements school organxzattons regulations Mr R1chey best wrshes for year Nov 19 Mrs Peterson books Nov 26 Debate Boys Should Use Cosmetlcs some d1d some d1dnt Dec 3 Srgmund Spaeth Tune Detector Dec 10 Mr Heck man football letters C1cch1llo Curl DIPIGYO Gatewood Helsel Irby Iohn son Malfalre McLane Pawlen Spezza Pannunzlo Welsh Wrlson Dec 17 Chnstmas Program Ian ll specral assembly Doctor Hartman Mental Telepathy Commg Events Ian 18 debat1ng aff1rmat1ve M Lev1tsky V DeBacco Negattve O R Humberston V S1nn Sc1encev1l1e w1ns debate Earl Haefner judge Ian 14 Mr Rosapepe Lrncoln School htstory of art Fe 4 Sr assembly Charles Leedy Vrndrcator Feb ll Ir Assembly Emerson funeral drrector negroes progress Mrs Watt pres1des Feb 25 M1ss Pallay tr1p to Europe Mar 3 Mr Rxchards group Slnqlng Mar 10 Sr s sembly Play by dramatrcs class Apr1l 1 General Assembly glee clubs rendered Rev Eugene Beech Trme Marches On Boys Glee Club sang K W11l1GmS Talks on Arbor Day Cottsvtlle Garden Club presented school w1th tree Apr1l 3 Rev Mrller The Changmg World Apr1l 8 Mr Heckman basketball letters Pawlen Irby Ed wards Kroll Curl Szenyert D1P1ero Mogus Apr1l 22 I Paul Suter sptrrtuahsm psychrc phenomena Apr1l 29 Two plays Two Parrs of Spectacles Per1ls May 6 Cl1ngan Iackson expenences May 13 Mtss Lee s play Playen May 20 Debate Ceremony May 27 Memorral Day Assembly lune 3 Play Iune 10 Class Day SEARCHLIGHT and SUN DIAL 21 - 1 g - - .. I I ., ff - - - , I I I T . - , - - I I I I I I - -. I - , .W ' . , 2' i I TT" IT- I I - I I I I I T ' . , - - L ,E , ,E - snAo'1 qosnd 1 6a pun 10 1 I I A xoqg sxaq M aural 9M DDD S 9UI .usuu D91 A '-IU CD I-I l-I U2 U P 195 DUI pam 11911101 M01 WW a d oA In HDH1 I3 E 'C D""'4 6u mfs 1a og Q 19D .L DLLL P OH P-3 amnud 9S.IO I x01a0p -Q ua1s qs D16 rn -B- KD H F1371 HI MO Z3 H CT' U2 HD HID91 1o1oadsu1 10a we B D LQ I3 N-4 D H 011 IAI 01 6 DHD 6u D 9 1.1 U 119 H A H umoq a ro- 11 unla I xouun sansnunag 0 3 Q :J 'FZ :J In xv-4 ,40 frm 0 CIPD 9 r-4 ,.. n- ...- pzooax H U' I3 O YQ CD I3 r-o r- -4 'Jim I-Q A- 1-0- no A amq a qnoq 1 a1uM uodg IIICEICE U"r-Q mb, "FJ 'TI P 11310 6uIs D-A qasaH III a 66ad N-A zadaa S nq :DW W' V "4v-4 1-M40-Q 9S.II'l 6 SS919O CD I9 6u asou 1 q d 'I I mv-1 Q ..- ID ,....-.- ..- ... QT D-of I-on I3 I-4 I-1 I3 A 1 'I u r-4 YQ l-1 I-1 '4 W 55 pra- 22. 5 '4 fb v-Q '11 CD auoog I DCI 1- Fo- ..4 ,... 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Rh ake aM GH IW CI 0 'U UI broadcaster .9. ar: mm GY Se ng S d bus er M ore ll ne der ch GSI so-l Q-1 III .CZ 'U ha Cha H Be a woman lover 49.2 'Q Es 52 S-1 Q2 32 O .-Q GJ h per m GX r-1 CF O D eY OOS K ca IOV SI ee d Y a R IO Do Ruby ty culturist ner -1-4 Q M 0 5 U' U 2 OUIS I v-1 U' L-40521 51.54 CI Q very h OU' 51:2 'Dr-1 b U 0.-C1 3 .-CI IP- D U Pu-J FQ "U"U 0-4 IIICKII ervice W oka OI ln 0 Q1 X sionary U '5 L4 E One G Anne s is Serv ng GIICS a end Se u h I 9 arguer O E-' wife 4-4 C0 -v-4 1-4 U C1 01156 H I uG f Beau I SS dne T D SC eI 9 l 6 He ene Barc a I-4 C! bw DJ III OSSO B R CIVCI CII GIG!! 110 gm --1 X -v-4 4-I En 'O 33 OU P cian U' GD --1 S. E-'CO I3 CD CDO 330 GUIGI K Sh na S OI CIV C ng Ska you OI! aup I U CD OIG I D One SI me GOII W I-I-Q ng 01.1 SCI I-I-4 0-1 0.-. -Bw v-1 0 ter singer ha GD Om W USS B Q D Asss n umm ng dear Y n l-1 an U3 52 In CD 'U L-1 10 CIl'll'l0l1I'lCel' DIZ I OH D KC ager CII1 9 UIU2 'U n-4 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm 33333333 e Tavern n IS pape YI1 1 CIS GV secretary ' ate P ory In 6 he For ks Than be he C Com n ore l 61111 H IIS REEN SC LVER SI ac nski, "Shady" M i Ch li That's nice. B i g mi night oil Dinner at E1ght Bus xi , "Gin e" Marlene Dietrich Forget it. Hunting time Old Spinning Wheel ea C rthy, "Ma gie" Ma Astor Wh t'st i . ounting stars we t Adeline Hold cDermott, " h t" W. C. ields id it my fran. eing jolly i sy Doo le illi an, "Marty" ean Parker Oh, darn! Loafing in the office Coffee in the Mornm itc ell, " utie" Doroth Lam , ! aking he Day You Came Along C l acura, "Fl sh" el M Crea " ik i ". odelin wili ht n aw en, "Zi " ew Ay You nasty woman. eeping quiet Harbor i t ou , "San y" eorge Brent You gripe me. oafing I' All Alone Dair ieper, "Hon y" harlotte H Where's K th? Ar uing with Ken o hi ti t t la orth, "Dot" Ann Shirley didn't 'no' that. Oral Ke 'm Followin You M rincipini, " i y" orothy Le Hi ! ading t tices You're in M ower oc1 icha ds, " itt " oan Be tt Comi g. i C i in Milwaukee Tele ichards, "He dy" Buddy Rogers I'll think about it. etting permits ometime Drum oden, "Lil" Ethel Waters A plesauce eing socia le Sweet Leilani Pub ohan, "Hawk" oe P i you ind it? H a tbreaking Nice Work 1 You Can Get t Som ow n " R l g finally got there. Dozing usty hoes pan tt white, "L u" F ! tu ying history amm , t ythm Ente i , "M r " Patricia Ellis Swe . Fili t i y Fid l iss e lachko, "C u k" ubino You wanna' buy a duck? Playing a violin You in Church ad hiel s, "Cort" Wh l Oh. my! Doing i ents Home on th Rrange hields, " en" W 1 on't ever do that. Chasing irl W istling Cow y Be a i i , " " th Lee Hidee. haney High 'm All Alone Doub Slabo i, "Henny" orthe Weick Nuts. T lking O 1 Fo You eau S abo i, " a " Mirra Rayo I'll be there. M i ing ar Ey s M111 Solmasky, " um" ene a mond Good gos ! isti E t i Have s Y Big , "Pete" Rex Bell When do we eat? Necking abash Blues S tere, "Swede" im Mc oy O , yeh? le ping ' dito Stere, "Magazine" M it Churchill won't wear that. Ch rch tt i Where You Are M T ti , " 1 " l l y I'mt lin you. Fortune telling ti l il T l io, " osy" vel napp understand p f tly. angoing S e t Ma our T k, " ue" Norma Oh, yeah? riving S e t e yp etter, "Dot' ' onj Heine 'll be t . ti 1 se via att, "Fl " Blanche Callaway Ask me anoth . Parties Want To Fling Bells oll s . " immie" Tommy arr oo! rawing Ad ble ign hit , "Lee" or tt Y it . Violin Hold My Hand Mus ilcox. "Bob" Robert Ta lor see. B i candy Bi Mier ist du Schoen illiams, "Mattie" Valeida S ow Yes, . i ti g ark Town Strutters Ball l illiams, "Bill" Pat O'Brien Haven't any. ingin Thousand Times No Pape ison, "Flab" E die Cantor Are you sure? port m 't You Remembe Me n Z t ky, "Zerks" Wa ter Winchell Honestly? arr i ' i th Town ad Zi , " y" C ara Bow Ah, g'wan. i ' 'f t ll t M nv 8 Perry 9 Slabodx Twms 10 Flexscher 11 Lovas 12 Khmowlcz 13 Bowles Behne 14 Baglrerx Tavalano 15 Wxlson 16 Fechtel 17 Perry DLPIGIO 18 Zms 19 Wxlcox 20 Shxelds 21 Macynskn Rohan Soroka 22 Hunter 23 Klng Schnerder 24 Pxeper Helsel 25 Bagwell 26 Wilcox Macynsln 27 Welsh 28 Tavarnak 29 Sxrovxca 30 Vetter 31 Mr Rlch y 32 Kemper 33 Mxtchell 34 M111 Creek Park bottom Lmcoln Park 35 Burrows 36 Shxelds Twms 37 Rowden 38 Zavat 39 M1ssesCotterman andOrv1lle 40 Wllcox 41 McDermott and Curl 42 Kelty Hubert 44 Lovas 45 Pacura Kroll 46 Mxllxgan 47 Rrchards 48 Rlchards McLane Wxlcox Stere Hogan 50 Wllhams 51 Clcchlllo 52 Whlte 53 Bell Fryman Alexander 55 Curl McDermott 56 Pawlen 57 Stere 58 Burrows Croscm 60 Watt 61 Lawhorn Satterwhxte 62 Clements Bartram 63 Iones Vetter 65 Lxpuscheg 66 Hesch 67 Shnelds 684Clark 69 P1'll'lClp1h1 70 Chor 71 Sedlachko 72 W1ll1ams Crmaglta 73 Landorf 74 Kublhs 75 A C Doyle H111 sky 9 das 76 SNAPS CANDID 24 ,aff 1. 'U 5 ' 1 U 49 A ,P mlm, 5125? 4.3 inns X X 49 J -f 59' 'v in , sr 55 1 5+ 44 - so , ' fs K X. fl Y az ' , -.Z - as . 13 5' A , -' "6 A 1- 1 Playlorth. 2 Conti. 3 Irby. 4 C. V. Thompson, 5 Iones. 6 Krivan. 7 White. 43 3 . . , ' . 1 - . - . ' ' 1 54 ,,,.... B4 . ' , - . - ' . . -- ' ' ' '. - Dots and dashes and lots of flashes ' ' ' Edward Kl1mow1cz leaves hrs boomrng vorce to wrlllam axe Florence Watt all the uncompleted drtto work 1n Mr Rrchey s offrce mary brro Betty Bartram blues srngmg a1leen mcfall Bob WIICOX bemg class presldent for two years franklrn jackson Mary Lou1se Preper to know where the boyfrrend 1S at all t1mes helen lewrs Charles Wrlson power to keep a tuxedo collar from w1lt1ng under the stram of leadrng the orchestra bob cowden Barbara Kelty to chew gum rn every class and get away wrth 1t jean funkhouser Mary C1cch1llo bowhng ab1l1ty mane hrg gms Rudy Bagwell power to agree wlth the teachers and therr subjects paul way lohn D1P1ero formula of how to pass Wrthout studymg dons re1nhart Mary Pechtel her ab1l1ty to check the roll correctly 1n study hall dorothy heckman Iames Welsh art1st1c talent betty baker Howard Iones one armed dr1v1ng leonard Wlggln Genevreve Rlchards senror dlgnrty mary pacura Betty Castner pOS1l1OH as Mr Dovles overworked secretary lorabelle stafford Kenneth Helsel salesmanshrp george cherpack Prose Tavolarro 1ournal1st1c powers andrew chorrey Harry R1chards collect1on of broken hearts frank szenyerr Iohn Mac ynskr place 1n lovers lane frank macynskr Eleanor Baglerl reputa socks that she won t wear out th1s year kathleen wrllrams Martha Mrlhgan pos1t1on as advertrsrng manager for every class funct1on domrnrck r1c cardulh Mattre Evans typrng rose slackman Vera Croscrn half rn terest ln the bookroom jennxe lazar Vera Burrows job of shmmg the Packard sharlotte burrows Leora Whrte her ab1l1ty to get to school one mmute of the tardy bell edlth w1ll1ams Semor Class all the u ed dance programs penc1ls and prom decoratrons whrch wer used th1s year In case they dont get a prom next year lumors B111 McDermott hrs ablhty to s1ng Ftussran songs wrth an Enghsh accent eugene patakr Ehzabeth Lovas her seat rn hrstory class bertha wyer Margaret Hesch her drarnatrc ab1l1ty margaret kolasky Iohn Perry hrs notes on how to be a fancy roller skater eugene gray Mrke Rohan hrs pull rn the councrlmans ofhce edward sanders Hrchard Curl hrs abrlrty to select a mckname for each and every person he meets tony pannunzro Dorothy Vetter her ab1l1ty to get qurck and effrclent servrce from wartresses rn restaurants helen klrmowrcz Helen Zrns red harr helen w1se-Iohn Pacura best crder maker 1n Co1tsv1lle raymond oprncarne-The Shrelds Twlns a therr correctly answered Chemrstry questrons russell helsel Steve Chordas SENIOR LEAVES 25 tion as a basteless seamstress . . . evelyn cover--Helen Kubilis . . . all the ankle I . M . . e . I l Bob Taylor personahty m1ke levltsky Vlrgxma Maxlm blonde ha1r dye rose m1sc1sk1a-Steve Solmosky curly locks anthony shura Maxmne Stere qu1et ways charles wrlhams Cla1re Landorf a stnng of A andrew falrbanks Iohn Pawlen posltxon on the varslty team leo mogus Mary H111 book on how to become an agreeable sen1or wanda hzll-George Flelscher wavy ha1r whrch makes one sea srck m1ke roth Mar1an Hogan her tallness jane veno-Helen Slabodl love of sports rachel voytek Betty Clements sewlng equlpment and patterns mary salata Semors Ublllly to keep a few jumps ahead of the Iumors on all oc caslons sophomores Glen Stere bossy ways rachel mccarthy Dorothy Playforth lov1ng ways to one and only ruth wxlcox Ehzabeth Llpuscheg tallness trances w1lson Carmel Tarantmo publlc speak 1ng ab1l1ty lucrlle too1ll Margaret McCarthy pos1t1on as mzstress of all s1tuat1ons fneda sterb-Edward Clark everlastmg shoe leather for walk 1ng hxs g1rl home at nlght robert whrtworth Ol1ve Hunter typmg speed sophle rohmk Olga Slabod1 good hxstory grades mary shargo-Rose Kr1van ab1l1ty to attract the oppos1te sex margaret schuller Roy Kroll best dancer of the Senmor class John hulburt Carl Sedlachko orator1cal ab1l1ty v1ctor debacco Mary Huburt pleasmg d1spos1t1on el1zabeth rexch Pauhne Alexander sweet ways and pretty sm1le josephme shlp ton Iohn C1magl1a ab1l1ty to answer hrstory questrons eugene jeaue naut W1lford Gatewood basketball ab1l1ty w1ll1am edwards Oral Kemper ab1l1ty to clean up the school nchard card Russell Behne play a harmomca robert sutherland Mary K1ng beautlful blonde harr rachel boye-Gladys M1tchell ab1l1ty to act josephme mcbnde-Rose Prxnc1p1n1 play volleyball anna drmetra Cardel Irby debatlng talent carnary bargamer Warren Bowles muslcal talent claude clmgan Mary Schnelder shyness wanda crowe Ruby S1rov1ca mon1tor post the frrst penod emrly gulna Mathew Clemens ab1l1ty to play the part of the v1ll1an w1ll1am berard Eleanor Bell how to get along wlthout much help from anyone else shlrley lackson-Cathenne Fryman book on how to be beautrful roberta bott Loumse Satterwhrte qulet ways sarah harvey Margaret Conn make up k1t anna b1ro-Mattle Wrlhams hldden talents pearlre ann yett Susan Tovarnak page boy ha1r dress el1zabeth relch W1ll1am Wllllams Clark Gable smlle herbert ermert L1l11e Belle Roden to keep thm harnet lowe-Peter Soroka maga z1ne on how to be a gentleman walter clements-George Zavatsky ab1l1ty to wr1te letters rn Busmess Engllsh w1ll1am c1cch11lo George Huz1cka economlc pad w1th all 1ts answers of l1ttle value w1ll1am patterson SENIOR LEAVES 26 - n n May lst 1950 ten more days Industrlal Exposrtron rn my old home town Youngstown at my desk wrshed be there suddenly edrtor new asslgnment for you cover the openrng day of the exposltron ge there early sentrmental snde dont spare cand1d camera overjoyed at the prospects called SKYTOWN AIRWAY reserved a seat Comet fatrgued days excxtement retreated room rn the HOTEL REST A BIT rnstructmg MATTIE WILLIAMS awaken me at s1x o clock sat at my desk sw1tched radro began wntrng relatrves and fr1ends 1n Youngs town tuned program of WARREN D ROWLES and HIS FIFTEEN golden volced VERA BURROWS go1ng far mus1cal world next mormng checked out HOTEL REST A BIT taxr arrport surpr1sed WILFORD GATEWOOD dnver told me LOUISE SATTERWHITE soprano vaudevllle troupe LILLIE BELLE RODEN excluslve m1ll1nery shoppe CARDEL IRBY teachmg 1n Georgla MATTIE EVANS cham of lunch rooms at the axrport Comet s motors hummmg stewardess showed me seat sat down glanced up rmagrne seexng ELIZABETH LOVAS prlot stood rn doorway RUSSELL BEHNE across the arsle redheaded lady HELEN ZINS evangel1st on her way to Detrort one man g1rl strll go1ng w1th hterary cr1t1c EDWARD CLARK 1n Columbus fame wrdespread GLEN STERE realrzed ambrtzon forest ranger rn Oregon MA LESS ORPHANAGE turned toward Afrrca hopes to spread Chr1st1 anrty CHARLES WILSON and ROBERT WILCOX undertaken to under take operate WILCOX WILSON FUNERAL HOME pretent1ons elaborate ELEANOR BELL reputable 1nter1or decorator Cleveland MARY HILL and FLORENCE WATT study eyes and opt1cal 1llus1ons KURE ALL HOSPITAL Washmgton BETTY CLEMENTS teachmg l1ttle tots kmdergarten two hours landed 1n Detrort weary and hungry LINGER LONGER TEAROOM electncally w1red letters cool and neat whrte clad SUSAN TOVARNAK showed me table soon spread on de l1c1ous luncheon footsteps glanced up surpr1sed Susan lead1ng CLAIRE LANDORF to table Clarre now PSYCITICIIIISI managmg WHIRLE MYNDE ASYLUM just deposlted another patlent rn nut house leavmg for Youngstown on the Comet two hours to wcut Cla1re suggests THEATRE AIRE DE BALLET famrhar faces on the posters 1n lobby PAULINE ALEXANDER and CATHERINE FRYMAN posters advense Pau l1nes and Cather1nes school of ballet recrtal the comrng week frlm NO LOVE LOST beautrful romance by up and comrng scenano wr1ter STEVE CHORDAS produced by expert producer KENNETH HELSEL GENEVIEVE RICHARDS newest glamour g1rl real actrng lead1ng man IOHN MAC YNSKI today s greatest screen lover no less remarkable costumes by HELEN KUBILIS beautlful Hollywoods ha1r styl1st BETTY BARTRAM pro duces umque corfteurs make up by DOROTHY VETTER famous make up artlst reluctantly leave the theatre a few mlnutes to the arrport sur pnses never end seats before ours hold RICHARD CURL and IOHN PAWLEN star players New York Yankees they are go1ng to EXPOSIIIOH talk of old teammate IOHN D1PIERO football coach at Farmdale speakxng of athletrcs VIRGINIA MAXIM a few trtles as swlmmer MARY CICCHILLO SLANTS FROM THE CRYSTAL 27 T I 1 ia . I . QT t - MAXINE STERE - succeeded by Barbara Kelty - superintendent - PA- trtle of Champron Woman Bowler MARY FECHTEL cup for the tennrs champronshrp plane lands rn Cleveland for half hour buy a paper ghost of Sc1encev11le s 1938 class hauntmg st1l1 front page photographs GLADYS MITCHELL and HARRY RICHARDS s1ng1ng Wagner s Tannehauser at the Opera House more news VERA CROSCIN launched on promtsrng surgical career St Luke s Hosprtal EDWARD KLIMOWICZ more success rn Cleveland w1dely known crrmmal lawyer RUBY SIRVOICA prnnacle of vaudevrlle fame tourmg the country wrth show of own WILLIAM MCDER MOTT metallurgrst of Republrc Steel rn Cleveland ELEANOR BAGLIERI supenor seamstress owns and operates exclus1ve dress shop Comet takes oft hardly settled dear old Youngstown meet MARGARET HESCH news reporter Youngstown V1nd1cator knows all and tells most of 1t IOHN PERRY remarkable dentrst MATHEW CLEMENS rn father s footsteps comes constable CARMEL TARANTINO v1s1t1ng nurse for Metropol1tan In surance Company MARGARET CONTI 1S pnmary teacher ORAL KEMPER Youngstown s Pollce force hrs lovmg wrfe former DOROTHY PLAYFORTH rn Strouss and Hrrshberg s Florrst Shop spare trme MARGARET MCCARTHY buyer for chrldren s department same store MARY SCHNEIDER rn great demand as travel1ng compamon of lone female travelers ROSE KRIVAN de veloped d1etet1cs to superfrne art CARL SEDLACHKO rmprovrng farmmg by extensrve work at Agr1cultural Experrmental Statron ln Southern Ohro Mar garet tells of demonstratron held rn Stambaugh Aud1tor1um stroll Federal Street CASTNER MILLIGAN STUDIO attracts attentron stopped entered there were Betty and Martha more news OLIVE HUNTER prrvate sec retary to the presrdent Unron Bank LEORA WHITE teachlng v1ol1n at Oberlrn College quret l1ttle ROSE PRINCIPINI nurse at St Elrzabeths Hospltal OLGA and HELEN SLABODI rn hort1culture rn b1g way curly pated GEORGE FLEISCHER rn Parrs rlvallrng Anto1ne French Harrdresser we leave frrends dec1de to VISII our Alma Mater we enter woman approachmg MARIAN HOGAN IS Latm teacher rn hbrary we see MARY LOUISE PIEPER HOWARD IONES drgnrhed judge hopes to grace seat S preme Court ROY KROLL S sales talk gets lad1es orders for Poor Sylk Lmgerre IAMES WELSH cartoonrst completed parntrng WHERE ARE YOU BILL WILLIAMS promrnent frgure Wall Street GEORGE HUZICKA Peru superxntend ng reburldrng tunnel Andes we meet ELIZABETH LIPUSCHEG typmg teacher MARY KING home econom rcs teacher STEVE SOLOMOSKY well known jeweler MIKE ROHAN electrtc welder Sheet and Tube Company PETER SOROKA owns cat tle ranch Arrzona CORTLAND SHIELDS bacterrologlst twrn KENNETH successful Dersel engrneer we start for Stambaugh Aud1tor1um we stopped at MOR AND MORE DELICATESSEN SHOP for lunch owned and managed by MARY HUBERT drsposrng of lunch walked drs tance to audrtorrum GEORGE ZAVATSKY and RUDOLPH BAGWELL perfected telev1s1on IOHN CIMAGLIA delrverrng frresrde chat from Whlte House IOHN PACURA spent years of research rn darryrng owns cow that grves chocolate m1lk exhausted by excrtement w harled a taxr drove to Tod Hotel ushered to room prepared for bed soon asleep snormg rest and energy for openmg of exposltxon SLANTS FROM THE CRYSTAL 28 . . , . . - - 1 n u . , . . - 1 T T be- , . . . . . . , . . . , . . . . , . T T T T u. , . . . . . . ,, 11 . . T T 1 ' T T .T 1 1 - e Parents teachers and classmates Four long years we have trod a mountarn path together At tmmes the path has been strarght and narrow rocky and steep at other trmes rt has taken unexpected turns and broadened out the rocks have been avorded and the high peaks leveled down Now we have come to the crossroads Some w1ll take the hrgh road some w1ll take the low road others will go the road that runs between All through our lives thus far we have had someone to look out for us frrst our par ents at home cared for us gurded us and comforted us when we were beset by the petty cares and perplexrtres of childhood and adolescence At school teachers were our bene factors and comforters But the time has come for the fledglrngs to leave the home nest Now we must try our wmgs the knowledge we have acqurred rn thrs school The moment for the great test 15 at hand If these years of preparation have been used to therr utmost advantage each one of us can face the future with squared shoulders upl1fted head and self confrdence We who have stood the storm when waves were rough are frnally prepared to leave this well beloved place Often we thrnk how wonderful it will be when schooldays are over for good how sweet to be emancrpated by a drploma But oh my classmates when in later years we look back over these years Long long be our hearts with such memories filled Like the vase in which roses have once been dzstrlled You may break you may shatter the vase rf you wzll But the scent of the roses will hang round rt strll Wrth our emancrpatron home tres and old acquaintances must be severed to some degree You and I-all of us have a place to f1l1 a duty to perform rn the world be yond No matter how small your part proves to be do rt to the best of your ab111ty For every small part goes toward making one harmonrous whole We of today are lrvmg through a most rmportant and crrtrcal epoch of history makrng events We graduates of the world from the bloody turmorl and pol1t1cal upheaval rn whrch we frnd rt today Having frnrshed the course of school lessons we must begin anew wrth life s lessons In the past few years those school lessons seemed at trmes so drffrcult But we had some one to turn to for help in the School of Lrfe the lessons are gorng to be much more dxffrcult the knocks so much harder And more often than not each one w1ll have to rely upon hrmself alone to get his problem drsentangled So the dreams depart So the fadrng phantoms flee And the sharp realrty Now must act its part For the world which we are golng out mto IS cruel and ruthless At times she is Just and consrderate but beware of her temper beneath thrs all too convrncrng veneer The world today is partrcularly merciless and relentless She has regard for none of us no matter who we may think we are She has regard only for those who look out for them selves The laggards who fall by the way may cry out for prty but rushlng humanrty as a general rule has no time rn this age for any thought or person but I me So each 1n drvrdual must be on the lookout for hrmself Let us be an rnsprratron to the future graduating classes of our Alma Mater To them we leave the task of carryrng on where we left off To them we leave any surplus glory we may have attained May they rn therr turn have as much fun and share in the work of attarnrng this honor which we have achreved at long last More power to our teachers may they continue rn their worthy work And now havrng bid adxeu to bygone days and havrng taken a glimpse into the future days the hour of partrng has come to its close and with the words of W1ll1am Shakespere I say Good nrqht good mght' Partmg is such sweet sorrow That I shall say goodnight trll it be morrow VALEDICTORIA 29 '38, are the hope to which the older generation now looks. It is our difficult task to extricate . . , . . 5 . 949.- fm if 11 150 I4 1 suTcH Q 1511-wi Q W. HAUDY RED ea lf? em ZIP 3 P , ,nu 9 f S.-919. SHIELD TWNS 5. Q 5 xl I3 -AX I Suaw ww TE A I KLIMY ,Q mwrv V .. Q mm avexv , pjx 1 mm in K FA R PE Will gj F 2,513 BRBHP CW" WA' u J Pncumn S SOLMOSKY 1 McDermott 2 Wxlcox 3 Kelty 4 Rxchurds 5 Puwlen 6 DxP1ero 7 Bell 8 Solomosky 9 Shxelds l0 Prmcxpmx Knvcn Tavalono 11 Khmowxcz 12 Hunter 13 Perry 14 Rxchcrds 15 Sedlcxchko 16 Burrows 17 Sorokcl 18 k 22 Pacurcx Stere 19 Mxtchell 20 Rowles 21 Clcxr SKETCHES 30 I, G ' -a 4 K - 1 'iv if if "' is I NA- f'- ,-Q ' 3 l Rx 1 . . 9 I , MA 2 vxlzl. . M 1 7 - 1 1 ll JT- 6 E E 7 .ku 9 V I lz. i M Q- , 1 'N F , 'fin-.'?': ' 1, - - Q H " .. QQ-U- - D ' . H I ll L 1 I .Q 1 , u Ig no . yi, Y . IZ. Q V . H It aw Q Q H , 1 ,4 -f -- if f , . I6 I wx ' K - A-I ,Z lm . M T fg, T , ' ,F 0 Q fl 1 f ' 1 - .. ZZ I 0 V 1,91 zo- j 't - S T U D E N T S Shirley Iackson, Aileen McFall, Dorothy Heckman, Mary Pacura, Helen Lewis, Iosephine Mc- Bride, Rachael McCarthy, Doris Reinhart. Rose Misciskia, Helen Klimowicz, Harriet Lowe. Iennie Lazar, Iohn Hulburt, Mike Levitsky, Clinton Pierce, Mike Opallick, Leo Mogus, Eugene Pataki, Tony Pannunzio, Iames McConnell, Willie Mae Lawhorn. Eugene Ieanquenot, Russel Helsel, Galvin Irby, Frank Macynski, Frank Szenyeri, Raymond Opincarne, William Patterson, Walter Harris, Sam Hallman, JUNIORS Rachael Voyteck, Mary Roth, lane Veno, Sophie Robnik, Iosephine Shipton, Kathleen Williams. Margaret Schuller. Mary Rovnak, Anthony Shura, Frank Szenyeri, Frank Richards, Robert Sutherland, Bob Whit- worth, Leonard Wiggins, Edith Williams. Freda Steib, Ruth Wilcox, Helen Wise. Lucille Tooill, Mary Saiala, Lorabelle Stafford, Mary Shargo. 1. William Armour, Clyde Draa, Victor DeBacc0. Sharlotte Burrows. lean Funkhouser, Walter Clements, Charles Garman, William Edwards, Richard Card. 2. Claude Clingan, Anna Biro, Roberta Bott, Emmeline Guina, Mary Biro, Wanda Crow Anna Dimetra, Marian Campbell, Rachael Boye, Evelyn Cover, Betty Baker, William Berard. 3. William Cicchillo, George Cherpak, Andrew Fairbanks, Andrew Chorrey, Herbert Ermert Robert Cowden, Paul Ealy, William Axe, Franklin Iackson. Freshmen - fall of 35 - 169 - largest Freshman class enrolled - ad- visors - L. Lee, L. Boyd, L. Miller, I. Ehrmann - Hallowe'en Party -- gym- nasium - Sophomores - September 36 - 149 - advisors - G. Lewis, L. Boyd, N. Alexander, l. Rowland - class party - Nov. 10 - gymnasium - Iuniors - in 37 - advisors -- N. Alexander, G. Lewis, I. Rowland - Weiner roast - October -- Mill Creek Park - Nov. 19 - Football Prom - Youngs- town College - very successful - play, April 6 and 7 - cast - R. Cowden, S. Robnik, W. Axe, E. Reich, A. McFall, R. Wilcox, K. Williams, I. Shipton, C. Clingan, E. Ieanguenot - presented - "Ol Susan" -A director I. Rowland - May Dance - Youngstown College - Proceeds to athletic association - year climax - Iunior-Senior Swing Prom - Nu-Elms. 33 JUNIORS ma 1 2 3 4 .vw Dorothy Seigh, Blanche Rosser, Carolyn Treankle, Dolores Walker, Iosephine Bruce, Lucy White' house, Mary lane Laurie, Lucy Cimaqlia, Anna Garasic, Margaret Ellis, Rose Maliaire. Angeline DeFlore, Betty Wasmund, Phyllis Deter- ding. Lucretia Iohnson, Stanley Yurchison, Walter Hensley, Walter Fletcher, Marlin Shepherd, Iames Gray, Eleanor Smith. William Saylor, William Cowden, William Kemper. Paul Iugenheimer, Melvyn Hulbert, Theo- dore Almer, Edward Kopstoiier. SOPHOMORES Doris Funkhouser, Tillie Croscin, Esther Lou Hartwell, Elmo Boye, Betty Hynes, Iesse Ferrante Shirley Black, Esther Clements, Alfredo Dusenbury. Dorothy Boomhower, Bertha Ceapa, Rita Currey, Dorothy Allen, Rose Finora, Virginia Gandee Eleanor Eakes. Marjorie Hodder, Mildred Gatewood, Hazel Dutton. Ray Borman, Kenneth Goist, George Draia, Balint Getz, George Curl, Peter Draia, Roy Draa. l. Antoinette Tavalario, Mary Scott, Dorothy Mae Williams, Margarete Uhrin, Rose Rovnak, Dora Mae White, Dorothy L. Williams, Pauline Stere, Katherine Schneider, Hilda Swager. 2. Dorothy Shuster, Bernice Shodd, Eleanor Wardle, Catherine Yak, Catherine Welther, Virginia Stewart, Rose Tarantino, Irene Tooill. 3. George Sando. Herbert Snow, Arthur Shorthouse, Sam Russo, Harry Slater, Robert Strachan, Howard Simons, Mike Uhrin. Kenneth Wilson. 4. Herbert Treaster, William Saylor, Carl Thompson, Paul Sedlachko. Fred Ross, George Sirbu. Fred Spezza, Ben Thomas. No longer - 126 - "Green Freshies" - Sophomores - 157 strong - Hallowe'en Party - in gym - Sophomore assemblies - talented students participate - advisors H. Hoskins, M. Lupse, W. Beacham, L. Boyd - Officers - B. Thomas, H. Treaster, T. Croscin, I. Iugenheimer, P. Stere, R. Strachan - last roundup of year - Picnic - stuffed - sleepy - stupid - slap-happy - Report cards- Iuniors at last - Whoopee! Lois McGarry, Geraldine Raybuck. Mary Opaluck, Margaret Moscz. Margaretta Kotch, Gretchen Prisby. Catherine O'Nei11, Iane Iones, Virginia Pieper. Gwendolyn Iones, Petranella Pawlen. Mildred Kubilis, Mary MacEaneny, Hannah Myers. Gere trude Moretti, Ieanette Landori, Catherine Lewis. Gerald Michael. Roy Lyons, Charles Martin. Mike Salata. Frank Rendes, Arthur Malfaire, Iune Iuqenheimer. Harris Isom. Donald McLane, Wayland McLane, Iohn Milligan, Robert Iackson, Frank Moretti, Ioe Possert. SOPHOMORES Olive Boyer, Iean Dillinger, Iean Gray, Violet Clark, Clarabelle Heaton. Libby Debacco, Lois Crowe, Freda Baun, Edward Bosela, Veta Hoffman, Mildred Higgins. Margaret Dinger, Dorothy Harvey, Marjorie Anderson, Minerva Chasnov, Betty Helsel, Iohn Baglieri. Paul Cola, Ioe Hudock, Rudolph Hamrock, Warren Harris, Richard Burns, Roy Curl, Glen Baun, Harry Cipriano. FRES HME N Ralph Skerkovich, Robert Kelty, Nick Levitsky, Ioseph Nichol, Iames Patterson, Gerhard Strup- kus, Iohn Krauther, lack Nichol. Iesse Iories, Charles Shura, Charles Soles, Iames Pannunzio, Warren Hulbert, Ralph Sanders, Ioe Szenyeri, Iohn Soroka, Victor Lazar, Marie Nicholas. Ida Pallay, Margaret McClain, Dolores Fleming, Marie Miller, Betty Thompson, Charlotte Hynes, Dorothy Iohnson, Helen Rayuk, Rose Perry, Anna Misciskia. Carl Kemery, Robert Thomas, William Kolesar, Marvin McFall, Armand Shipolio, Iack Nyers. Paul Lukich, Charles Leasure, Clayton Thompson, Andy Pluchinsky. 1. Margaret May, Stella lfVhite. Elvira Conti, Kathleen Mayhorn. Antoinette Sandora, Margaret Lenkey, Norma Benini, Nina Macharchinia. 2. Betty Ausneheimer, Dorothy Harris, Ruth Armor, Mary Callahan, Sophie Tatar, Helen Pitts, Pauline Kolar, Margaret Wardle, Nancy Heckman. 3. Elizabeth Kolesar, Martha lane Boyd, Helen Hall, Doris Faulkner, Agnes Kotch, Nellie Kopanic. Wilma May, Agnes Robnik, Bertha Gaskin. Bert Shipton. 4. Charles Lenqel, Robert Anderson, Mike Perline. Ioe Zavatsky, Edward Wurm, Louis Steib, Charles Currey. Orval Annabel, Ioe Ceapa. Freshmen - spirit of youth - life of the party - the works - high school without freshmen? - perish the thought - whence come the future greats - Master minds - superior students? - lowly freshmen? - foundation - bul- wark -- beginning of all things - look up - wake up - live. FRESHMEN 37 1--Thorn Hill. 2 Buckeye. 3 -Coitsville C60 years agol. 4 Warren Richey. 5' Sci enceville Grade. 6- Scienceville High. 7- Geography Hall. 8 'Thorn Hill Avenue 9- -Coitsville. 10' Iohn White. SURROUNDING SCHOOLS 38 W S O C I E T I E S Leora White, Eleanor Baglieri, Betty Bartram. Dorothy Vetter. Marian Hogan, Helen Slabodi, Mary L. Pieper, Martha Milligan, Elizabeth Lipuscheg. Claire Landorf, Betty Castner, Catherine Fryman, Pauline Alexander, Helen Kubilis, Vera Bur- rows, Susan Tavarnak, Helen Zins. Gladys Mitchell. Olive Hunter, Peter Soroka, Iohn Macynski, Robert Wilcox, Glen Stere, Edward Clark, Kenneth Helsel, Rose Klivan. Rudolph Bagwell, Edward Klimowicz. Charles Wilson, Howard Iones, Kenneth Shields, Cort- land Shields. Steve Chordas. SENIOR PLAY 40 Thursday March 10 Paul1ne Alexander Martan Hogan Glen Stere Gladys M1tchell Cathenne Fryman Robert W1lcox Edward Clark Vera Burrows Edward Klrrnowrcz Prompter Helen Slabodl Stage Managers Rudolph Bagwell Kenneth Shrelds Musrc by The Wh1te Srsters Solo by Vera Burrows 1938 AUNT ABBY ANSWERS AN AD Frzday March 11 1038 Abby A1nsley a dyed 1n the wool old rnard Luclndy Loveyoy her rna1d of all work Horace Harter her unwelcome surtor Anna Arnsley her n1ece from the Clly L1ll1an Lorra1ne Anna s grrl churn Bxlly Barberton engaged to L1ll1an Bobby Barr ngton Anna s boy frrend Mrs Purvrance a tourxst Horace Harkwell a lonely w1dower Synopszs of Scenes The ent1re actron of the play takes place 1n the l1v1ng room of Abby s home 1n her Toonervrlle Tounst Camp ou Slde a town 1n Maryland Act 1 A Wednesday mornrng rn sum mer Act 2 Saturday afternoon Act 3 Irnmedrately followrng Act 2 Trcket Commrttee Leora Whlte Charrman Kenneth Helsel Mary Lourse Preper Publrcrty Commrttee Martha Mllllgdn Cha1rman Betty Castner Posters Iames Welsh Posters Olrve Hunter Typlst Elrzabeth L1puscheg Typrst Drrectors Mrss Iosephme Orv1lle Mxss Golda Cotterrnan 41 Pauhne Alexander Susan Tovarnak Howard Iones Helen Kubrl s Betty Bartrarn Iohn lV1a ynskl Charles W1lson Eleanor Bagherr Steve Chordas Prompter Clalre Landort Stage Managers Cortland Shrelds Peter Soroka Mrss Estner Brunswxck An Accord1on1st Solo by Vera Burrows SENIOR PLAY , , , , - ' ' - ' ' ' 1 . . i . . A . i W U, - . . Helen Zins Essie Ebersole -a tattle tale Rose Krivan . . . ,.., ,I t- . - rr - ' 1. 2. 3. 4. Claire Landori. Eleanor Baglieri, Rose Tavalario. Barbara Kelty, Rose Krivan, Olive Hunter, Betty Castner. Martha Milligan, Mary King, Gladys Mitchell. Helen Zins. Glen Stere, Iohn Perry, Iohn Pawlen, Roy Kroll, George Zavatsky, Russell Behne, Edward Clark, Cortland Shields, Iohn Cimaglia, Peter Soroka. Mary L. Pieper, Dorothy Vetter, Susan Tovarnak, Helen Kubilis, Vera Croscin, Elizabeth Lovas. Pauline Alexander. Catherine Fryman. Vera Burrows. Marian Hogan, Betty Bartram. Steve Chordas. Mike Rohan. Iohn Macynski, Edward Klimowicz, Carl Sedlachko, Robert Wilcox, Howard Iones, Charles Wilson, Bill McDermott, Harry Richards, Steve Solomosky. PROGRAM Announcer ,, Edward Clark Play- -"O Promise Me" Hill Billy Band: Harry Richards, William McDermott, Iohn Macynski, Warren Rowles. Iohn Perry, Iohn Pawlen. Mike Rohan. Play- -"Apple Pie" Mrs. Victoria Spud Lovey ,,,, Helen Kubilis Emily smith vnkkriii Dovey ,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Steve Chordas Osmond Pune! Iunior .,,,,,,,. ,,,, ,,,. . ,,,,,,, ..,,,,,,,,, , , B uddy Luxon Sabina not iviiv H A vacuum cleaner salesman Ed. Klimowicz Lydia sharp Vivii A newspaper subscription salesman Mike Rohan Rev. Lucas H i V V A silk stocking saleslady Eliz. Lipuscheg Esther V A brush saleslady ,.., Claire Landori Bertha V A neighbor who likes to talk Gladys Mitchell Adela N A borrowing neighbor , Rose Tavalario Maud Solo . H ,,,,,,,,,,., .. ,,,,,,.,, .. Betty Bartram ML Snap Monologue: "Wanted-a Husband" . ,,,, Helen Zins MI' snip i Mouth Organ Selection ,,,,,,, , , , William Hites Tap Dance , ,, , Virginia Pieper Hill Bull' Band solo . . V . Esther Lou Hartwell Tickel Commmeea Dialogue: "Mental Deficiency" Robert Wilcox and Eleanor Buqlieri Advertising committee- lnstrumental Selections The White Sisters Mouth Organ Selections ., Russell Behne lames Welsh. Stage Managers- George Zavatsky. Peter Soroka. Carl Sedlachko. SENIOR VAUDEVILLE 42 Mr. Gilbert Spud ,,,, Priscilla Lemon ,,,,,,,,, Humphrey Spud ,,,,,,,, Vera Burrows Iohn Cimaglia Elizabeth Lovas , Steve Solomosky , ,, Marian Hogan Roy Kroll Mary Louise Pieper Catherine Pryrnan , Glen Stere Betty Castner Olive Hunter Mary King Barbara Kelty Cortland Shields Howard Iones Vera Croscin, Rose Krivan, Betty Clements Pauline Alexander, Susan Tovarnak. Florence Watt. l. Carmel Tarantino. Marian Hogan, Rose Tavalario, Elizabeth Lipuscheg. 2. Claire Landori, Rudolph Bagwell. Carl Sedlachko, Edward Klimowicz, Olive Hunter The Superior Students of this year's Senior Class are ranked as follows. They represent the upper ten per cent of the class as to grades. I Claire Landorf II Rose Tavalario III Edward Klimowicz IV Carmel Tarantino V Rudolph Bagwell VI Elizabeth Lipuscheg VII Marion Hogan VIII Carl Sedlachko IX Olive Hunter SUPERIOR STUDENTS Carl Thompson, Claude Clingan, Mike Rohan, Roy Kroll, William Berard. Eugene Ieanguenot, George Curl, Iohn Perry, Harry Richards, Kenneth Helsel. Peter Soroka. Howard Iones, Charles Wilson, Robert Wilcox. Bill McDermott, Glen Stere, Fred Spezza. Richard Curl, Iohn Pawlen, Andrew Fairbanks, Leo Mugus, Oral Kemper, Wayland McLane, Fred Ross. HI-Y CLUB 44 Hi-Y organization - create and main- tain - throughout school and commun- ity - high standards - christian char- acter - Hi-Y chapter organized - Ian. 20, 1938 - sponsor Mr. Beacham - charter members - H. Richards, Pres.: R. Kroll, Vice Pres.: I. Pawlen, Treas. C. Clingan, Sec.: H. Iones, I. Perry, L. Mogus, M. Rohan, G. Stere, C. Wilson, W. McDermott. R. Wilcox - activities - social dance, swimming party - skating party - picnic - successful year - banquet. 3 Iennie Lazar, Betty Baker, Rose Krivan. Iosephine Shipton, Miss Miller. Barbara Kelty Olive Hunter, Margaret Schuller. Kathleen Williams. 2. Dorothy Heckman, Betty Castner, Rose Misciskia, Martha Milligan, Pauline Alexander Aileen McFall. Gladys Mitchell, Ruth Wilcox. 3. Vera Burrows, Catherine Fryman. Dorothy Vetter, Marian Hogan. Sharlotte Burrows Mary L Pieper, Elizabeth Reich, Helen Lewis. G. A. A. - Miss Miller - succeeds -- Miss Zappi - as advisor - general meeting - talk - helpful hints - Miss Miller - officers - M. L. Pieper, Wil- cox, Schuller, Williams - social Season - opened - Christmas party - new members - initiated - Ianuary - rol- ler skating party - February - Valen- tine party - farce - by few members - May - hike - swimming party - Y. M. C. A. - basketball team - pre- sented - emblems - city-wide prom - "finis". 45 G.A.A l. Claire Landorf, Franklin Iackson, Bob Cowden. Miss Rowland, Andrew Chorrey, Betty Clements, Ieanette Landort. 2. Catherine O'Neil, Wanda Crowe, Rachael Boye, lane Iones. Bertha Ceapa, Catherine Lewis, Rose Slackman. 3. Hannah Myers, Rachael Voytek, Mary L. Pieper. Marian Hogan, Mary Salata, lean Funkhouser, Rita Currey, Evelyn Cover. LATIN CLUB Latin Club - advisor - Miss Row- land - October - first meeting - of- ficers - M. L. Pieper, Chorrey, Cover, I. Funkhouser - December - cele- brated - Saturnalia - Latin Christmas - gifts exchanged - monthly meet- ings M dues - ten cents - buy pins - May - hike - weiner roast - Mill Creek Park - Iune - present - medal - Senior - highest average. l. Iune Iugenheimer, Virginia Stewart, Miss Zappi, Iean Funkhouser, Elizabeth Reich 2. Elizabeth Lipuscheg, Mike Levitsky, Cardel Irby, Fred Ross, Victor DeBacco, Rose Slackman Debating Club - first in history of school - organized September, 1937 - Miss Zappi - coach -- experienced de- bater - question of debate - The Sev- eral States Should Adopt a "Unicameral Legislature" - Scienceville - Rayen - tied - second place - City Tourna- ment at Ravenna - applied for Na- tional Forensic League Charter W charter members - affirmative: M. Le- vitsky, I. Iugenheimer, V. DeBacco, C. Irby, E. Pataki - Negative: E. Lipu- scheg, I. Welsh -tournaments at- tended - Struthers, Ravenna, Niles, Newton Falls, Salem - honorary pins - M. Levitsky, E. Reich, I. Iugenheimer, I. Funkhouser, E. Lipuscheg, V. DeBac- co, C. Irby. DEBATING CLUB Iune Iugenheimer, Barbara Kelty, Iesse Iones, Mary Fechtel, Olive Hunter, Iesse Ferante. Hilda Swager, Ieanette Landorf, Margaret May, Shirley Black, Antoinette Tavalario, Libby De- Bacco, Frieda Baun, lean Gray, Shirley Iackson, Betty Helsel, Anna Biro, Mary Scott, Katherine O'Neil. Gertrude Moretti, Dora Mae White, Pauline Stere. Eleanor Baglieri, Rose Misciskia, Doris Reinhart, Anna Dimetra, Mary Biro. Esther Lou Hartwell, Marjorie Hodder, Ida Pally. Nina Macharchina, Virginia Pieper, Evelyn Cover, Helen Rayouk, Tillie Croscin, Iane Iones. Rose Tavalario. Helen Wise, Lucille Tooill. Martha Milligan, Betty Castner, Dorothy Allen, Hazel Dutton, Dorothy Moscz, Dorothy Seigh, Patranella Pawlen, Betty Wasmund, Elizabeth Lovas. Margaret Dinger, Eleanor Eakes. Virginia Gandee, Dorothy Iohnson, Betty Hynes, Hannah Myers, Rose Finoro, Eleanor Wardle. Charlotte Hynes, Marian Hogan, Mary L. Pieper, Catherine Fryman. Pauline Alexander, Dorothy Vetter, Vera Croscin, GIRL RESERVE Orgnized November, 1937 - Miss Zappi - 65 members - first meeting - election of officers - D. Vetter, M. Milligan, E. Wardle, A. Tavolario, E. Hynes, social chairman, D. White, asst. social chairman - D. Vetter, D. White - delegates of Girl Reserve conven- tion - February - Massillon - social activities - April - party at Y. W. C. A. - May - hike to Crandall Park - May Prom at Idora Park - committee - place flowers in every home room - Florence Crittenton Home - in- cluded public service work. S N Y M P H 0 N I E S GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The officers - H. Zins, M. L. Pieper, G. Mitchell, R. Wilcox f first program - Christmas sketch - December l6, l937 - Concert - Akron - first place in division - qualified to en- ter at Columbus - Epworth M. E. Church W March 7, l938 - April N. E. O. Music Contest - Kent f superior rating -- Col- umbus -- excellent rating ee tied for first place f climax of year - banquet - senior mem- bers receive pins. Gladys Mitchell, Margaret Schuller, Margaret Conti. Katherine Schneider, Antoinette Tavalario, Esther Clements, Mary Schneider, Mary King. Eleanor Bell. Anna Biro, Betty Baker, Carmel Tarantino, Lois McGarry, Rose Misciskia, Kathleen Williams. Edith Williams, Shirley Iackson, Aileen McFall. Catherine Lewis, Ruth Wilcox, Rose Tarantino, Dorothy Boomhower, Helen Zins, Lorabelle Stat- ford, Doris Funkhouser, Freda Steib, Willie Mae Lawhorn, Margaret McCarthy, Elizabeth Reich, Mary Louise Pieper, Esther Lou Hartwell, Dorothy Moscz, Margaretta Kotch, Iane Iones. Iune Iugenheimer, Virginia Pieper, Virginia Stewart. 1. Ida Mae Pallay, Mary Iane Lawrie, Lucretia Iohnson, Stella Iane White, Donald Behne, Iames McConnell, Ioseph Nichols, Martha Boyd. Margaret Dinger, Clarabelle Heaton. Margaret May. 2. Dorothy Seigh, Iean Gray, Herman Bell. Theodore Almer, William Cowden, Walter Fletcher, Carolyn Traenkle. Libby DeBacco. 3. William Kachig, Walter Hensley, Rose Perry, Helen Rayouk, Esther Clements. 4. Helen Hall, Anna Garasic, Phyllis Deterding, Rose Slackman, Rose Malfaire, Nina Macharchinia. Margaret McClain, Dolores Fleming, Betty Helsel, Minerva Chasnov. MIXED CHORUS 1. Frank Moretti, Paul Way, Charles Martin, Robert Wilcox, Herbert Treaster, Robet Iackson Arthur Shorthouse. 2. Claude Clingan, Stanley Yurchison, Harry Slater, Edward Harris, Fred Ross. Fred Spezza Ken neth Goist, Ray Borman, Ralph Skerkovich. 3. Tony Pannunzio, Ioe Lawhorn, Iohn Macynski, George Zavatsky. Warren Rowles Wayland McLane, Charles Wilson. Fred Stevens, Harry Richards. MIXED CHORUS Organized this year - students who never belonged to choir - trained ac- cording to requirements of organiza- tion - thirty-one boys and girls in group - girls division gave short con- cert at minstrel held this spring - no public appearances made - because of good work done throughout year - bigger - better Senior Choir next year. BOYS' GLEE CLUB Organized in September with 25 mem- bers - a few veterans - Seniors, Iu- niors, Sophomores - sang at Kiwanis Club - Iohn White - P. T. A. - Brown Memorial Church -4 Annual Minstrel - N. E. O. Contest - April - Kent - superior rating - Columbus - excel- lent rating -- director Mr. R. Richards - accompanist - K. Williams. BOYS' GLEE CLUB 51 A C A P PC EH LO I L A R 1. Paul Way, Claude Clingan, George Zavatsky, Iohn Macynski, Warren Rowles, Charles Wilson, Robert Wilcox, Wayland McLane, Leonard Wiggins, Robert Iackson, Kenneth Goist, Ralph Skerkovich. 2, Lois McGarry, Margaret Schuller, Kathleen Williams, Willie Mae Lawhorn, Betty Baker, Virginia Pieper, Frieda Steib, Rose Misciskia, Eleanor Bell, Mary Shargo, Katherine Schneider, Louise Satterwhite. 3. Fred Stevens, Harry Richards, Charles Martin, Harry Slater, Fred Ross, Frank Moretti, Herbert Treaster, Stanley Yurchison, Tony Pannunzio, Ray Borman. Arthur Shorthouse. 4. Anna Biro, Doris Funkhouser. Dorothy Boomhower, Dorothy Moscz, Margaretta Kotch, Aileen McFall. Gladys Mitchell, Esther Lou Hartwell, Catherine Lewis, Ruth Wilcox, Edith Williams. Esther Clements. THE A CAPPELLA CHOIR Officers - H. Richards - G. Mitchell - H. Treaster - M. Schuller -De- cember l6 - Christmas Operetta - "Why the Chimes Rang" - Musical ser- vice - Epworth M. E. e- March 7 - Kent Contest - April 4 excellent rating - musical selections - Baccalaureate and Commencement Services. 1, Gladys Mitchell, Kathleen Williams, Lois McGarry, Ester Lou Hartwell, Aileen McFall. Mary Louise Pieper, Ruth Wilcox, Helen Zins, Virginia Stewart, Freida Steib, Betty Baker, Margaret Schuller. OCTET l. Carl Sedlachko, lack Nyers, Nirta Macharchinia, Harry Richards, Iames Patterson Kenneth Shileds. Evelyn Cover, Josephine Shipton, Catherine O'Neil. 2. William Cowden. Eugene Ieanguenot, Robert Card, Harry Slater, Robert Strachan Wilbert Beacham. Frank Richards. 3. Fred Ross, Helen Hall. Phyllis Deterding, Richard Card, Charles Wilson, Robert Cowden Russell Helsel, lane Iones, Franklin Iackson, Lucy Whitehouse. 4. Arthur Reinhart, Carl Thompson, Claude Clingan, Iohn Milligan, Frank Rendes, Iohn Walker Elmo Iames, William Patterson. GIRLS' OCTET Sang at Garden Club - Coitsville - Senior Vaudeville - P. T. A. meet- ings - banquets - circuit meetings - P. T. A. council - Youngstown College - Christmas Program - Minstrel March 18 - coached by Mr. Richards. BAND Marched at all football games of the year - formations - H E L L O, S H S - led by H. Richards - directed by Mr. R. Richards M band concert - at Christmas Time- music for minstrel - in Spring - band Concert - with ice cream social outside - Marched, played in Northwest parade. BAND and ORCHESTRA 53 -f.,v ,L ,.. , ' . 55 ' 1 ,Q U - . 1 a,,. As it N' 'Ill' j'WV7 ? t, , ' ' A ,,,, Mmm ij 9 me .'f intl 4451 1 Q. M I , K A x ' W 5 WW I , M L W f ,f 'WW 'W f:"'Tr ' 11:"'ig- aw ' M 5153555 Q ng . 3. 3 Q 5 swag 1g"'!.' Q '57-9X7 'YF W ff?-f gy U 1 sl ww' ...W W-mrL W I HQ., ,wuz I ' ' --v"'4"""N'? 'ff ........,' .mm 'fn-uni' ' , 3 ,4-QM'-,', . if ' 4" , ., ,.'.f - I , 'i2Qff 5'9 A Q Awww n...N., ,gtfwal S P 0 R T S Iames Welsh Claude Clingan. Gerald Michael. Kenneth Helsel, Tony Pannunzio, Fred Spezza, Sam Hallman Iohn Walker. Milton Heckman coach: William Edwards. William Saylor, Frank Macynski, William Kolesar, Iohn Pawlen William Cicchillo, George Curl, Charles Wilson, manager. Chester Green Wayland McLane, Galvin Irby, Arthur Malfaire, Leo Mogus. Wilford Gatewood, Cardel Irby Richard Curl, Iohn DiPiero. FOOTBALL Opening battle - bands playing - crowds cheering - cold weather - floodlights - Wellsville wallops Bulldogs - Brookfield edges "Red and Black" in fourth quarter - Curl tallies - Ledbetter proves too strong - Fitch proves weak for Heckman's lads - Irby crosses twice - Newton Falls loses in tie - sloppy gridiron - Gatewod scores with pass -- Hubbard ties in last half rally - Irby plays marvelous game first half - How- land trounced - Cicchillo features on defense - Sharpesville's line impregnable -Paw- len stars on line - next we meet the I. V. L. champs - nice game - for Lowellville - Cicchillo hot on tackles - Ursuline whipped on muddy field - nice linework, fellows - graduation gets seven lettermen - Welsh -- DiPiero - Curl - Helsel - Pawlen - Irby - Gatewood - spring practice - plenty green - prospects bright. BASKETBALL Opening game - cheerleaders cheering - Howland weak - Mogus hot - Fitch swamped - Pawlen on - Lowellville I. V. L. champs - of 37 whipped - Mogus stars - Hubbard - "Hick city riva1s" fall - Irby shines - Bulldogs take winning streak serious -- Lowellville forced further down river - Gatewood provides "Paddle" - Brookfield falls - Ledbetter nearly provides upset - Hubbard burning from last defeat - still burning - Curl reigns - Memorial provides thrill - first half - Gatewood on - second half - Newton Falls provides first western trip - Bulldogs push them further west - Ursuline makes veteran talk but still "Green" - Pawlen provides color - Poland - small town - large team - breaks Bulldogs winning streak - Bennett twins star - Gatewood gone - South triumphant - Ellis stars - team makes come back - first city win - Rayen - Kroll outstanding - Mogus provides buckets -- East hands second city defeat - Congemi proves too fast - Chaney taken for second city victory - Pawlen handles passes - N. E. O. Sectional Tournament staged at East - Bulldogs prove tough for East Palestine - Mogus and Kroll cinch verdict - N. E. O. Tournament at Akron - Bulldogs spanked by Akron East in first round -- all in all a very successful season! - graduation takes five letterrnen - Kroll, Pawlen, Curl, Irby, DiPiero, next team - built around - balance - lettennen. FOOTBALL 56 B A S K E T B A L L 1. Bill Edwards. Roy Kroll, Andy Chorrey. Leo Mogus, Iohn Pawlen. Cardel Irby. Z. Coach Heckman, Gerald Michael, Richard Curl. Balint Getz, Wayland McLane, Iohn DiPiero Man ager Frank Szenyeri. 3. Tony Pannunzio. George Curl. Robert Sutherland. Arthur Malfaire, Fred Spezza. TOP ROW: 1 N. E. O. B. B. Champs, 1930. 2 Inter Valley League Champs, 1933. 3 Sectional Champs N. E. O., 1933. 4 Inter Valley League Champs, 1936. 5 N. E. O. Sectional Co-Champs, 1937-38. 6 N. E. O. Sectional B. B. Runner-Up. 1934. 7 Grade B. B. Champs. 1927. BOTTOM ROW: 1 Inter Valley League Champs, 1937. 2 Iunior High Champs, 1933-34. 3 'Homer Warne Trophy. 4. Highest Attendance. 5 Inter Valley League Champs, 1934. TROPHIES JUNIOR FHGH BASKETBALL 1. lack Iones. Fred Walker, Richard Burns, Chester Green, Ioe Zablaski, Otis Iennings, Ioe Hudock. 2. Mr. Luxon, lack Kemper, Paul Iugenheimer. Bernard Iohnson. Roy Curl, Sam Cicchillo, Nick Levitsky. BASEBALL Opening round - Ianuary 4 - East smothers Bull pups - 7 - Hubbard's night on - Burns - scores for losers - 11 Chaney walloped in final quarter - Iugenheimer big noise - 14 - Hayes triumphs - Curl sets pace - 18 - Wilson hot off home courts -- "Ber" Iohnson leads way for losers - 21 - Princeton dominates the hour - 25 - Grant proves too tough - Iennings plays good game - February 1 - East on - Dellick leads way for winners - 4 - Lowellville whips pups - Susany sets pace for winners - 8 - Chaney beaten - Burns leads way - 11 - Hayes wins easy set to - 15 - Wilson wallops Bull pups - Curl on - 18 - Princeton's night on - Gustafason pro- vides buckets - 21 - Grant whips in final battle - Lally top scorer - letter- men are - Iugenheimer, "Bon" Iohnson, Curl, "Ber" Iohnson, Burns, Iennings, Green, and Hudock. BASEBALL Coach Luxon - revives baseball - hard ones - hot liners - long flies -- scoring singles - no runs - no hits - no errors - won three - lost one to date - schedule - April 28 - Newton Falls - May 3 - Liberty - 6 - New- ton Falls - 7 - Warren - postponed - 13 - Liberty - 16 - Lowellville - 20 - East - 24 - Warren 27 - Lowellville - Iune 3 - East - Seniors - Kroll, Solomosl-ry, Klimowicz, Welsh. 58 Class oi 1913 Ruth Curl lMrs E R Wzllramsl 627 Redonda Rd Youngstown Ohto Mary Come tus 'Mrs Ford W1ll1ams1R F' D No 1 Lowelv1l'e Ohro rorrest Clark AustmtownN1les Rd Mahonmg Valley Samtary Dxstrrct Ray Km: Akron Ohxo Earl Lloyd Prttsburgh Pa Charlotte Moore 'Mrs Frank Bertchl 2321 Logan Ave Youngstown Ohxo Anna B Wardle CMrs Iames Henryl 1950 Atkmson Rd Youngstown Ohro Class oi 1914 Paul Cove 814 Se vea Ave Okmulgee Oflahoma Foreman O11 F1rm Iudd Mar ner 2507 Mt Vernon Ave Youngstown Ohro Machmrst Sheet 6 Tube Davld Ne mark R F D No 2 Wtcklrffe Youngstown Ohlo Dat y Clas of 1915 Howard Iones 2629 McGutfey Rd Youngstown Ohro Daxryman Cecl K1 k Kenneth Thompson 45 Maple Drrve Youngstovsn Ohto Attorney Homer Faust Columbus Oh1o Salesman N Y Coal Co Class of 1916 Vena M Fall LM s Page Carterl Meadowbrook Ohlo Class ol 1917 Ruth Reno lMrs L S Grossl 49 Falls Ave Youngstown Ohto Elrzabeth Curl KMrs Albert Davtsl 1827 Lansdowne Blvd Youngstown Ohro Gladys Rohn :Mrs Iohn Rogersb 916 Dean Ave Youngstown Ohro Dorothy Muter CMrs A R Tewrsl 3114 Northwood Ave Youngstown Ohro Randall Clemens 9115 Roosevelt Way Seattle Washmgton Mechanrc Charlotte Muter KMrs Edmund Tanner! Salem Rd Cantreld Ohro Marte Reapsummer fMrs Mark Wrlsonl Lansdowne Blvd Youngstown Ohro Lawrence McGonnel Madrson Ave Youngstown Ohro Class ol 1919 Marguerrte Manner CMrs Iohn Davrdsonl 22 Hollywood Ave Youngstown Ohro Hannah Bossert CMrs Fred Traenklel Los Angeles Calrtorma Gladys Morgan lMrs Randall Clemens? 9115 Roosevelt Way Seattle Wash Laura Wrlhams CMrs George Cardl 334 W LoClede Ave Youngstown Ohto Class ol 1920 Florence Ausnehmer 960 Early Rd Youngstown Oh1o Iohn Moore 146 N Glenellen Ave Youngstown Ohlo East Ohro Gas Co Anna Nelmark 1Mrs Carl Malkoftl 1346 Qurnn Ave Youngstown Ohto Dorothy Thorne 6Mrs Irvrn Hazell 3561 Stocker Ave Youngstown Ohto Mane Young CMrs Howard Brentl 457 South Oakland Sharon Ohro Class ol 1921 Dortha Dewey CMrs Charles Brunswxckl 2247 Krmmel Youngstown Ohro Wayne Stoyer 7845 McGuffey Rd Youngstown Ohto Truscon Steel Class of 1923 Altce Gable 920 Gray Ave Youngstown Ohto Youngstown Coal 61 Brrck Co Wtebka Lawson 1Deceasedl Emma Iones fMrs Trto Fabnzlal 216 Vme Street Geneva Ohxo Helen Mrlls lMrs Frank Krperll 622 Hayes Ave Youngstown Ohro Class ol 1924 Legretta Sherxdan CMrs Edward Knaulll Southern Blvd Youngstown Ohro Alex Badaskx 1511 Second Ave Mmneapolrs Mrnn CPhys1c1anl Ellen Kmg CMrs Ellen E Bnttl Kmsman Ohto Mmola Manner R F D No 1 Marlon Hetghts Campbell Ohzo Sheet :S Tube Alma Lawson 1Mrs Loren Pendletonl Baker St Youngstown Ohxo Thelma Helsel tMrs Roy Wylcrml 1531 Lansdowre Blvd Youngstown Ohxo Vrctona Canada lln the South? ALUMNI 59 1' ' ' A . . . . , V. . l . . , . ' r A A ' f ' I r ' ' 4 ' . ' 5 . . . . A I ' . A , -Y - i '1' . 1 , ' . - . A - I' Y D , . . , , , Class of 1918: , ., . . , ., . ., . ' I I ' l I I 1 . I ' I 5 1 -n 1 ' 1 Cass of 19 5 Evalrna Clmgan tMrs Tom Evans 2422 Rosewood Ave Youngstown Ohro Nartha Hazel tMrs Io'1n Curryl Deceased Nel're Stevens tMrs Brown? 135 N Marlon Ave Youngstown Ohro Kenneth Cover Deceasea Fra k Ruble 398 Rhode Island Ave Rochester Pa Class of 1926 Peter Tedeschl 502 Idora Ave Youngstown Ohro Atto ney Warren Bennrnger 2443 Inglenook Place Young town O G neral Frrep oo mg Iames Bennrnqer 3140 E Northwood Ave Youngstown O Clvd School of r Student Paul Maxrm 903 Lawrence St N E Washmgton D C Asst Pa1ntChemrst Forrest Cavalier 3023 Rush Blvd Youngstown O Attorney Homer Warne Deceased Class of 1927 Francrs Castner 2248 Krmmel St Youngstown O Republrc Rubber Ann Denyes CMrs George Clarkl Athens Ohro Edward Hazel Deceased Mrlton Heckman 2624 Hrllrran St Youngstown O Teacher Screncevllle Hrgh Lawrence Gable 2811 Brentwood Prttsburgh Pa Accountant McCoy Manner New Concord O Coach Muskmgum College Carolma Engstrom tMrs Harry Slaglel Lorrarne St Sharon Pa Grace Crcchrllo Oak St Youngstown O Grant Co Pearl Stevens tMrs L Coblel Iosephme St Youngstown Ohro Dorothy Weaver tMrs Ellrs Wayl 11801 Mrlan Ave Cleveland Ohro Gall Way tMrs Andrew Marstellerl Shehy St Youngstown Ohro Earl Sutter R F D No 1 McGuffey Rd Lowellvrlle O Farmer Class of 1928 Lucy Arnaut tMrs Frank Glascol 2845 Rrdley Ave Youngstown O Nurse Eunrce Bennmger 3140 E Northwood Ave Youngstown O Sec Scr Hrgh Sarah Bower tMrs Warren Bennrngerl 2443 Inglenook Place Youngstown Ohro Gladys Devor Warren Ohro Genevreve Gordon tMrs Cassrus Clxnganl Keough Ave Youngstown Ohro Dorothy Gordon tMrs Walter Devorel Hubbard Edna Helsel tMrs Russel Handworkl 1535 Lansdowne Ave Youngstown Ohro Alrce Hormckle 907 Alden Ave Youngstown Ohro Vmdrcator Margaret Matasy tMrs Ballantynel Early Rd Youngstown Ohro Rebekah Moore Youngstown O Nurse Mary Nesbrtt tMrs Charles Shtpleyl 71 Omar Ave Struthers Ohro Maryorre Sherrdan tMrs Iames Carhnol Hosprtal New York Crty Aurora Tedeschr 672 Hayes Ave Youngstown Ohro McKelveys Irma Thorn 1031 Frlmore St Youngstown O Teacher Screncevrlle Grade School Guy Berard 815 Dean Ave Youngstown Ohro Republrc Rubber Ralph Helsel 1531 Lansdowne Blvd Youngstown O Truscon Iames ONe1l Poland Ohlo Republrc Steel Gordon Peduzzr Mramr St Youngstown O Lmde Arr Co Wrlllam Prtt Lansdowne Blvd Youngstown O Western Auto Co Gordon Spezza Holland Furnace Co New York Crty Salesman Homer Whrtterrberger 933 Dean Ave Youngstown Ohro Frreman Class ol 1929 Mrldred Barley 929 Kenneth Ave Youngstown O Clerk Court House Carrta Baughman fMrs K S Shallenbergerl 808 McGuffey Rd Youngstown O Lrllram Cover tMrs Frank Bergmanl 4660 31st St San Dlego Calriornra Frank Ellrs Youngstown N C Rd R 1 Lowellvrlle O C C C Thomas Hamrock R No 1Lowellv1lle O U S Navy Ora Mae Harvey tMrs E Wallace? New Bedford Pa Anna Helecko R l Lowellvrlle Ohro Teacher Geography Hall Vrrgrnra Lloyd 4Mrs Rrchard Hazell Lowellvrlle Hubbard Rd Ioseph Lukac R 1 Lowellvllle Ohlo Farmer Lxllran Mrller tMrs Iohn MCCOfmlCkl Oxford Ohro Ralph Muter 313 Myron Ave Youngstown O 2nd Lreut Natronal Guard ALUMNI so 'T . . . ,. . ' I. . P. V. V V - A I- l I ' 1' . . , V . - ., . I - Y! ' . .1 1 - ', . ., . ' .. 1 . ' , s , ., e ' r iQ . ' , . ., , ., . A t ' I -I - 'I I A ' -I - ' . ' . , , . I , D A ., 1 -1 I I ' . U l , .I , ., , I I . -I I -I ' I I I ' Elizabeth Donuchie tMrs. Paul Dillsl. Warren. Ohio. ' I 'I I A ' I 'I I D a I I - l D I 'I I . ' . ' D I 'I I . ' . I ' , ' . .I D D f, I -l - A ' U l 1 -I , -1 . . Iesse Nesb1t 810 Lyden Ave Youngstown Ol'1o Sale man W11 ram Noble E High Ave Youngstown Ohto Sheet :S Tube Mary Pallay 2225 Stewart Ave Youngstown O Prmcrpal Geography Hal Margaret Pellrn lMrs Samuel Getzzl 2807 Ridley St Youngstown Oh1o Florence Playforth 2817 Guss Ave Youngstown Oh1o Truscon Mary Slxpkasky tlVlrs Don Chrrstyf Iudson Ave Young town Oh1o Paul Snyder 904 Lyden Ave Youngstown Oh1o Ruth Stevens lMrs Charles Rotarl 1047 Alden Youngs own Ohro Frank Thomas 438 Drake Ave Youngstown Oh1o Truscon Irene Thorn 1031 Fxllmore Ave Youngstown O Teacher Iohn Whrte School Floyd Welk 2927 Karl Street Youngstown Oh1o Class of 1930 Ioseph Arnaut Phoemx Arrzona Lester Baughman 1.579 Avon Street Youngstown Oh1o Wehle Bakery Antornette Berard Deceased Lucxlle Bower lMrs Howard Sherrdanl 3722 Sunset Blvd Youngstown Oh1o Howard Buckner Youngstown Oh1o Sheet G Tube Adahne Carone Lxberty Road Youngstown Ohio A 6. P Iames Castner New Bedford Pa Republrc Rubber Thomas Crrchton 1146 Strles Ave Youngstown O St Dept Wrllram Dodson 2020 Jacobs Rd Youngstown O Truck Drrve Iames Eubanks 3161 Nelson Ave Youngstown Oh1o Trto Fabrtzro 216 Jne Street Geneva Oh1o Bruce Frsher 2538 Cornwall Ave Youngstown O Stambaugh Thompson Elmer Frxsbre 1370 Holland Ave Youngstown Ohro Betsey Hartwell lMrs Edw1n Moore? Youngstown Oh1o Susre Harvey 1801 Cromwell Youngstown Ohro Housework Clarence Martm 2108 McGuffey Rd Youngstown Oh1o Ida Morettx Los Angeles Callforma Florence Roth 3061 Lansdowne Blvd Youngstown Oh1o Laura Slagle Deceased Lena Vance lMrs Wrllram Rogersl New Bedford P Domrmc Vrtacula 264 McGuffey Rd Youngstown Oh1O Cecrl Watt Deceased Chrlstme Wrlson CMrs Albert Baughmanl 56 Chxcago Ave Youngstown Ohro Lavma Zms 2946 Northwood Ave Youngstown O Housework Class of 1931 Beatrrce Basch lM1S Samuel Shafer! Toronto Ohzo Arthur Bell 148 Carol Street Youngstown Oh1o Orchestra Robert Benlamrn Hubbard Oh1o Truscon Iohn Berndt 3022 Castalla Ave Youngstown O Carnegre Steel Cathenne Brownlee CMrs M Mesarosl Oak Street Ext Youngstown Ohxo Iohn Burkosky 2107 McGuffey Rd Youngstown Ohxo Grocery Glenn Burrows YoungstownN C Rd R 1 Lowellvrlle O P 6 O Donald Card 2006 McClure Ave Youngstown O Buckeye Pontrac Garage lane Cracraft 1934 East Mrdlothran Struthers Oh1o Ida Dodson 2020 Iacobs Rd Youngstown Oh1o Frank Fabnzro 818 Dean Youngstown Oh1o Truscon Iewel Gatewood 3117 Regrs Ave Youngstown Oh1o Woodrow Hazel McGuffey Rd Youngstown O Western Reserve College Ioseph I-hrt Box 354 Youngstown Oh1o Margaret Hogan 2819 McGuffey Rd Youngstown Ohro Teacher Florence Kxng Cons Hubbard Rd Youngstown Nurse Iohns Hopkms Hosprtal Baltrmore Maryland Ella Kxrkman 851 Scroto Ave Youngstown Oh1o Iulra Kochamba lMrs Andrew Klapachl R 1 Lowellvrlle Oh1o Vxrgxnra Lazar lMrs Frank Fabrrzxol 818 Dean Ave Youngstown Oh1o Lerla Lennox lMrs Rrchard I-Iaddethl Hubbard Oh1o MGIJOIIS Magzlll Mrs Ioseph Arnautl Phoemx Anzona Iohn Matasy 425 Early Rd Youngstown O Attorney Ethel McBr1de 2987 Wardle Ave Youngstown O Frthlan Insurance Karmel Mrscrskra 2012 Bryant Ave Youngstown Oh1o Dressmaker Edwm Moore Wrcklrffe Youngstown O Vll1dlCClO! Harry Nremark R 1 YoungstownN C Rd Lowellvrlle O Tamarkm Co ALUMNI 61 . s 1 - -I A 1 -1 - I ., , .. . - - , - - . , ., D 1 . A , - 1 1 l r - , . . . ' . . . . 7 . . . , . . . , . . , , a. , ., , ., . 1 -1 ' I . Austxn Orr R 1 Lowellvxlle Ohto Truck Dnver Ronald Rrchards Lxberty Rd Youngstown O Teacher at Screncevrlle Hrgh School Ioseph Rudzek Palaskr Pa Farmer Ge trude Shorthouse tMrs Angelo Fanaza 2556 McGuffey Rd Youngstown Ohro Myrtle Shorthouse tMrs Mrke Flresherb 3042 Mrltoma Ave Youngstown Ohro Lawrence Snyder 904 Lyden Ave Youngstown O Sheet G Tube Duncan Sutherland 2576 Wash Ave San FIGHCISCO Calrfornra Asst Mgr Std Brands Frances Swope fMrs W Morrrsl Earl Warne 167 Garfreld Youngstown O General Frreproofrng Kenneth Wrllrams R 1 YoungstownN C Rd Lowellvrlle O Truscon Genevreve Workman Elm Street Youngstown Oh1o Class of 1932 Bermce Austmn 2987 Northwood Ave Youngstown Ohto Mary Bella tMrs Ray Hertzal 845 Kenneth Street Youngstown Ohro Laura Berger tMrs Andrew Wrenl Devon Ave Youngstown Ohro Evabelle Brownlee 2971 Edgar Street Youngstown Ohto Ruth Brownlee Oak Street Ext Youngstown O Teacher Iohnnre Lee Carter 2950 Kenyon Ave Youngstown Ohto Farmer Mary Castner tMr Myron Go1stJ New Bedford Pa Mrldred Chasanov Mrs Murray Sleptanl 2222 Mermard Ave Brooklyn Wrllram Chrrstmas Deceased Dent Cryzter Lansdowne Blvd Youngstown O Republrc Rubber Dorothy Davrs Box 287 Wardle Ave Youngstown Ohto Housework Charles Dusenbury Shelby N C Teacher at Shelby Wrlham Ensley 1549 Lansdowne Blvd Youngstown Ohro Tyree Gatewood Iacobs Rd Youngstown O Sheet 6 Tube Mrldred Gettan tMr Frank Perovl YoungstownN C Rd New Bedford Mary lane Hartwell lMrs Lester McFarlandJ Warren Ohro Alwyn Helsel 1521 Lansdowne Blvd Youngstown O Wonder Bakery Charles Herald U S Navy Srdney H111 Pxne Bluff Arkansas Prof at A M 6 N College Helen Hogan 2819 McGuffey Rd Youngstown O Teacher at Cortsvrlle Iohn Klrmowrcz 2056 Stewart Ave Youngstown Ohro Steve Levrtsky 1728 Vaughn Ave Youngstown O Ohro U Helen McBr1de New Castle Pa Bank Nora McGarry 2146 Stewart Ave Youngstown Ohxo Mlke Mesaros Oa' Street Ext Youngstown O General Fnreproofrng Co Celra Nermark R 1 Lowelvrlle O YoungstownN C Rd Allen Furmtur Arleen Nesbrt 810 Lyden Ave Youngstown O Restaurant rn Hubbard Robert Ray McGuffey Rd Youngstown O Strouss Hrrschberg Mmme Schuller tMrs Tom Kennedyl 123 Baldwzn Ave Youngstown Ohro Anne Sedlachko Robrnson Rd Campbell Ohro Housework Iohn Strbu 2913 Wardle Ave Youngstown Ohro Wrlram Snow 917 Scroto Ave Youngstown O Unton Whole ale Katheryn Span Buffalo N Y Mazda Lamp Works Evelyn Spencer Atktnson Ave Box 300 Youngstown Ohro Edward Stevens McGuffey Rd lsalys Dorothy Ql1Y6SOnfMIS T Grayl Tyrone Pa Frank Strejan R 1 Lowellvrlle O COITS N C Rd P W A Hervey Van Fossen 1340 N Gray Ave Youngstown O W P A Elrzabeth Welk Mr Rrchard Powell? Cleveland Ohro Iames Whrtrng New Bedford Pa Darry Maryorre Wrllrams tMrs Wrllram Noblel Colts Hubbard Rd Youngstown Ohro Andrew Wrenn Devon Ave Youngstown Ohxo L1ll1an Zerby Pennsylva ra Secretarral Work Class of 1933 Stephen Adamowsky 920 Lyden Ave Youngstown O General Frreproofmq Howard Alexander 2419 Frost Ave Youngstown O Tube M111 at Sharon Vtvran Austm 1789 Northwood Ave Youngstown O at a New York College Sammre Baglrerr R 1 McGuffey Rd Lowellv111e O Carnegle George Balthes 31.a5 McGuffey Rd Lowellvrlle O Carnegre Davrd Boldt 2335 McGuffey Rd Youngstown Ohro Wtllram Behne 1708 Pennsylvanra Ave East Lxverpool O Welder ALUMNI ez . . . 1. s. ' , , . ' ' , ' , ' ., . N. Y. , , , .. . ' s. . - V . .. . PU- Steve Lubonovic, R, 1, Youngstown, O., Republic Steel. ' ' , . , ' , ., - . . ,, ' e Co L4 - v . . , , . . . n, , Helen Brownlee R 1 Oak Street Ext Lowellvrlle O Housework Iames Carter Nelson Ave Youngstown Ohro Rose Crcchrllo CMrs Carmrne Ambrosrot Lowellvrlle Ohro Tony Crrcella 2034 Iacobs Rd Youngstown Ohro Mardell Chrrchton tlV1rs Glen Mrlesl Scott Street Youngstown Ohro Cornelra Croscrn fMrs C Cramerl Lowellvrlle O Co1tsvrlleHubbar Wanda DeTofiol 3116 Castalra Ave Youngstown O Lustrgs Harold Draa Oak H111 Youngstown O Republrc Steel Irene Fekete tMrs Iohn Thomasl Stewart Street Youngstown Ohro Theresa Gettan R 1 McGut'ey Rd Lowellvrlle Ohro Olympxa Grbb R 1 State Lune Rd Lowellvrlle Ohro Grlbert Gordon Hubbard O General Frreproofrrg Co Callre Greene Deaceased Fred Hartman Karl Street Youngstown O Truscon Martm Hrtter Wardle Ave Youngstown O Truscon Cecrl Iewell 2865 Guss Ave Youngstown O Carnegre Ioe Kolody 2034 Wardle Ave Youngstown O Ohro State Mane Konrng 2968 Wardle Ave Youngstown Ohro Iohn Krrvan R 1 Colts Hubbara Rd Republrc Laboratory Phrlomena Long Iosephrne Street Youngstown O Arr Cond lnst Wrllram Matasy 425 Early Rd Youngstown Newberry College Wrllram McBr1de 2987 Wardle Axe Youngstown O Republrc Steel Carlo Morettr 170 Cleveland Ave Youngstown O Contractrng Ioseph Morettr 3524 McGuffey Rd Youngstown Ohro Contractrng Nora Morrrsonl Mrs George Moorel Bott Ave Youngstown O Truscon Elrzabeth Prtt tMrs Sam Almanb Lansdowne Blvd Youngstown Ohro Otto Poschner Lrberty Rd Youngstown Ohro Iuamta Powell Nelson Ave Youngstown Ohro Mlldred Reese 410 Broadway Ave Guard O Goodwrn Co Woodrow Schotton 8235 Lyden Ave Youngstown Ohro Iohn Shargo 1072 Devon Youngstown O Sheet 61 Tube Gordon Sherrdan Callfornla Avratron Nora Swank fMrs Lester Bauqhmanlb 1007 Glenmont Ave Youngstown Ohro Velvcr Swrnney 3816 McGuifey Rd Youngstown Ohro Iames Thornton Mramr Ave Youngstown Ohro Thursa Watt 6414 Thrrtreth Street Detrort Mtch Edna Wrnans tMrs Iean P Werglel North Iackson Ohro Catherrne Yurchrson YoN C Rd Lowellvrlle O Teacher Scr Grade Marcella Zrns tMrs Fred Larsonl Guss Ave Youngstown Ohro Class of 1934 Evelyn Alexander 2419 Frost Ave Youngstown O Beauty Operator Eva Andrews 903 Dryden Ave Youngstown O General Frreproolmg Iennre Baglrerr R 1 Lowellvrlle O McGul1ey Rd George Basch 1109 Dryden Ave YoungstownO Salesman Lors Becker CMrs Charles Arnoldl Los Angeles Calrfornra Iosephrne Berard 815 Dean Ave Youngstown O McKelveys Wrllram Berndt 3022 Castalra Ave Youngstown O Ohro State U Iohn Boehm Wardle Ave Youngstown O Y M C A Anna Bosela Iohnson Rd Lowellvrlle O R 1 Housework Helen Card 2008 McClure Ave Youngstown O Youngstown College Frank Carone Washmgton D C Marte Carter Stop 25 Melvra Ave Youngstown O Rarncoat Co lack Clark Corts Struthers Rd Sheet :S Tube Sam DeBacco 2833 Karl G Iosephrne Ave Yourgstown O Truscon Rudolph Ermert Hubbard Cortsvrlle Rd R 1 Youngstown Ohro Nellre Eubanks Stop 25 Nelson Ave Yourgstown O Housework Dorothy Evans 661 Early Rd Youngstown O Teacher Fowler O Leora Evans 661 Early Rd Youngstown O Kent Unlversltv Nena Fabrrzro 817 Scroto Ave Youngstown Ohro Charles Felton Braddock Pa Rose Fusco 928 Dean Ave Youngstown O Beauty Operator Iohn Gardner 125 Kenyon Ave Youngstown O Orchestra N Y Henry Green Frost Ave Youngstown O Marshall College W Thelma Hunter Deceased May Iacobs 1516 Iosephme Ave Youngstown Ohro ALUMNI ss I - 1 . .1 A - 4 .1 . ' ' . . . ' , ., ' ' - d Rd. . A , ' , V . . I D 1 V -1 4 -1 I ' A1 -1 1 -1 . 1 , .. . . Clifford Stere, Early Rd.. Youngstown, O., Carpenter. 1 ' - 1 '1 - I -1 1 .- ' , ,, , ,, ' ' . Co. I I 1 1 A I 1 1 1 5 ' 1 -1 ' . .. . .. , . V0- , . Lamarqurs Iarmon Nelson Ave Youngstown O Howard U Edward Kelty 2936 McGuttey Rd Youngstown O Sheet G Tube George Lazar R 1 Box 42 Youngstown O Lazar Darry Helen Lrsko lMrs Iohn Dorrmgtonl Youngstown Ohro Helen Matasy 425 Early Rd Youngstown Ohro Wrllram McCla1n 837 Lansdowne Blvd Youngstown O Trusco'1 W1ll1am Mogus Devon Street Youngstown O Water Dept Treva Morey tMrs Lawrence Cacchrol Poughkeepste N Y Bella Nexmark R 1 Lowellvrlle O Colts N C Rd Betty Gav Shoppe Iames Noble Mercer Pa Sheet G Tube Iohn Pallay 2225 Stewart Ave Youngstown O Republrc Rubber Nellte Peterman tMrs R K Van Fossanl 12 South Glenellen Youngstown Odell Penmck R l Box 269 Youngstown O Housekeeper Olga Petrrck 16176 Inverness Ave Detrort Mrchrgan Ragrna Puscher lMrs Morgan Clrftonl Hubbard Ohto Walter Rrchards 2889 Guss Ave Youngstown O Truscon Walter Rohan 2157 Klmmel Street Youngstown O Repbltc Steel Wrllram Rotar 1017 Manley Ave Screncevrlle Ohro Nrck Shargo 1072 Devon Ave Youngstown O 1 Youngstown Feed 6 Gram Beulah Shrpton lMrs Donald Cardl McClure Ave Youngstown Ohro Irene Slrbu 2903 Wardle Ave Youngstown O Van Dyke Studro Gladys Slagle 2961 Myron Ave Youngstown Ohro Frances Stevens tMrs R Rotarb 1047 Alden Ave Youngstown Ohro Ruth Thompson fMrs C C Sodemanl 631W Woodland Ave Youngstown Beryl Treaster Oak Street Ext R 1 Mt Smal Hosprtal Baltxmore Md Cassrus Van Fossen Nrles Ohro Republic Cecrl Walker 739 Early Rd Youngstown O Penna R R Edwrn Wallace VV Nelson Ave Youngstown O Insurance Elmore Weather Sretert Ave Youngstown O C C C Ella Wrllrams 871 Lansdowne Blvd Youngstown O Tyrus Wrlson 1339 Lansdowne Blvd Youngstown O Gen Frreproofrng Eby Woodley Cantwell Ave Youngstown O Wrlkotts Class of 1935 Catherrne Albrrght 279 Wardle Ave Youngstown O A Edwm W Allen R 1 Lowellvrlle O Farmer Mary L Balch lMrs Iohn Kellyl Youngstown Ohto Mmnre A Balthes lMrs Peter Elrck 118 Webb Youngstown Ohro Bessre Brvens Box 271 Youngstown O College Delores Black 912 Dean Ave Youngstown Ohro Emrlra M Brardrch 919 Scroto Street Youngstown Ohro Lester Brownlee R 1 Lowellvrlle O Farmer Ann B Busm Box 106 Youngstown Ohro Srdney M Chasanov 1010 Lrberty Rd Youngstown Ohro Grocery Sarah Iane Clark R 1 Lowellvrlle O Sec Paramount Beauty School Paulme Crawford tMrs Robert Benyamml Devon Ave Youngstown Ohro Charles E Deterdmg R 1 Lowellv1lle O Yo N C Rd Annapolrs Charles E Dornhoff R 1 Youngstown O Barleys Walter E Edwards Lowellvtlle Ohro Republrc Steel Errc A Ermert R 1 Lowellvrlle O Republrc Steel Susan Flerscher 2138 Ives Ave Youngstown O Republrc Steel Bernrce Gayles 3349 Orrrn Ave Youngstown Ohro Mable V Gordon Youngstown Ohro Kent U Thomas Hallman Box 133 Youngstown O Lumber Yard Clayton Helsel 1521 Lansdowne Blvd Youngstown O U S Navy Iohn Hesch 2964 Myron Ave Youngstown O Com Shearmg 6 Stamprng Mrldred H111 3382 Serfert Street Youngstown O Wrlbertorce U Marte Hrtter fMrs Vernon Weaverl Youngstown Ohro Chaney Howard Box 278B Youngstown O Tally Mae Huey CMrs C Ionesl Youngstown Ohro Vernell Hulbert lMrs loe Turnerl McGuttey Rd Youngstown Ohro George Jackson Box 731 E Northwood Ave Youngstown O W P A Kenneth H Iohnson 629 Early Rd Youngstown O Ohro Bell Telephone Alex A Kasnevrch Iosephme Ave Youngstown O Ohro Bell Telephone lack A Kraysets Castalra Ave Youngstown O General Fxreprootmg Co ALUMNI 64 O - A, .4 l -1 ' ' , ., , ., . ' ' ' ' ,, , ., . . , . . .. . ' 1 - 1 D 1 -1 I -' - - '1 r ' - . . . 1 1 1 . I 1 1 1 'I ' D I ., D , - - . ' . U , , . I 1 fl 1 -1 ' 1 ' 1 I -I . ' A 1 1 -1 I . 1 r ' . 1 , ., 1 . . , ., . , . ' D . I . I 1 . ' I I I ' I I ' ' , ., I -, . . . I 1 1 '1 1 '1 ' D . ' , 'I 1 rl ' I ' Iames Wyer, Iosephine Ave., Lincoln Ave., R. 1, Hubbard, Ohio. ' ' . ., . .. . G P. . I 1 1 , -1 ' 1 -1 , - . I - I . I '1 I , .. , .. . ' ' Co . I , . . - 1 ' -, 1 -1 - - Eugenra Larson Warren Rd Teacher Lrllre Gay Lawhorn Derby Street Youngstown O Busmess School Detrort Vrctorra Lazar Box 42 Youngstown O R 1 Yo N C Rd Iohn LeCote 3105 Regxs Ave Youngstown O O chestra Iames Lewrs 2011 Roche Ave Youngstown O C C C Carl Lrpuscheg 1119 Sctoto Ave Youngstown O Republrc Steel Mary Long 1714 Iosephme Street Youngstown O A r Condrtronrng Instrtute Carl Longstreet Youngstown O Sheet 61 Tube Iohn Lubonovrc R 1 Youngstown O Republrc Steel Maggte C Mack 3017 Serlert Ave Youngstown Ohro Edward W Matlock Struthers Donald McGarry R l Lowellvrlle O Sheet 61 Tube Donald E Mzller 2425 Stocker Ave Youngstown O Republrc Rubber Vrncentl Morettx 931 Scroto Youngstown O Ieweler Helen Moscz Box 84 Lowellvrlle Ohro Nellre Murdock CMrs Woodrow Schottenl 835 Lyden Ave Youngstown Ohto Vrola M Maxrm fMrs Paul H1111 227 W 24th Street New York Vernon Nesbxt 810 Lyden Ave Youngstown O Restaurant Ne1l1e Nester 8 Orrrn Ave Youngstown Ohro Ioseph Noble R 1 Lowellvllle Ohro Frllmg Statlon Margaret ONe1l CMrs C Felton? Braddock Pa Rose Oreco tMrs G Narkmo 45 Blame Ave Youngstown Ohro Lours Pannunzro 132 Farrfax Ave Youngstown O Unrted Foundry Anna L Pmchot 823 Mramr Street Ohro Rel Instrtute Raymond Rowles 906 Early Rd Youngstown O Fenn College Howard Sarver Box 353 Stacey Ave Youngstown Ohxo Ollre Satterwhrte Prttsburgh Pa Mary Elxzabeth Sells fMrs D Mrllerl 2425 Stocker Ave Youngstown Ohro Lucxlle Skerkovrch Box 457 Youngstown O R 1 Prttsburgh Housework Mardelle Stere 421 Early Rd Youngstown O General Frreprootmg Iosph Tarantmo 312 Atkmson Ave Youngstown Ohro Andrew Tavolarlo 3524 McGutley Rd Youngstown O Welder lack Toorll Youngstown O Republrc Rubber Glen A Traenkle Box 100 R 1 Youngstown O Cap1tolU Margaret Treaster Oak Street Ext Youngstown Ohro Margaret Wallace Nelson Ave Youngstown Ohro Elma Watt 6414 Thlrtxeth Street Detrolt Mxchtgan Seamstress Dorrs Welker 1997 Lansdowne Youngstown O Y College Marlon Wheeler 2814 Stacey Ave Youngstown O Housevuork Boyd Wrllrams R 1 Co1tsv111eStruthers Rd Youngstown O Farmer Oscar Wrlhams R 1 McGuftey Rd Lowellvtlle O Farmer Byron Wxllramson R 1 Cortsvxlle Hubbard Rd Relrlgeratxon Ins Harold Wrlson 1032 Devon Ave Youngstown O Truckrng Marthelra Wx1sontMrs B Belll 1339 Lansdowne Blvd Youngstown Ohro Ahce Wylam R 1 Cooper Rd Lowellvtlle O StroussH1rshberg Iohn Zaku 1919 Iacobs Rd Youngstown O Radrator Shop Iuantra Walton 824 North Ave Youngstown Ohzo Class of 1936 Gwen Absolom CMrs Wm Vorghtl Lowellvxlle Ohzo R 1 Mary Andrews 903 Dryden Ave Youngstown Ohro Steve Arendas Box 276 Mrlllgan Rd Lowellvrlle O R 1 Farmrng Elrzabeth Baglxert Box 95 Lowellvrlle O R 1 McGufiey Rd Lours Baglrerr Box 95 Lowellvzlle O R 1 McGultey Rd Shelton Bell Castalra Ave Sharlrne Sta Youngstown O Wrlberforce U Albert Blro E Scott Youngstown O Republrc Rubbe Alva Blunt 3345 Orrm Ave Sharlrne Sta Youngstown Ohro Evelyn Boals 1715 Shaw Ave Sharlxne Sta Youngstown Ohro Arthur Boomhower 1802 Cromwell Youngstown Ohro Arbutus Bott 846 Farrfax Ave Youngstown Ohro Kress Raymond Brardrch 919 Scroto Street Youngstown O Klanch Food Market Came Brown Cantwell Ave Youngstown O Y College Vrolet Burrows Youngstown O R 1 Iarfe Campbell North Iackson O Y College ALUMNI as A A 1 1 1 .1 A 1 I - 1 - 1 1 1 -, - 1 1' - 1 - ' 1 1 .1 r . 1 , ., . - a 1 1 I 11 V 1 D . , L4 - 1, , - . ' . .1 n 1 1 .I . ' U 1 ' -1 1 -, ' - 1 ' , I I , , . . . , ., , . t I 4: 1 11 1 Iames Thompson, Early Rd., Youngstown, O., Truck Driver. , -1 1 A - 1 11 I -1 Y 1 U ' 1 - 1 -1 l 1 -1 - A ' 1 - 1 I U ' -1 h I - ' , 1, I -1 - 1 D D - - 1 -1 1 I - . I ' I 'I D 1 fr ' A - 1 ., 1 . 1 I 1, Y 1, 1 -1 I 1 Ioseph Carte 2850 Kenyon Ave Youngstown Ohxo Marte Croscm Box 135 Lowellvxlle O R 1 Armand DeBacco 2803 Karl Street Youngstown O Truscor I-lance D nnts Sharltne Youngstown Ohzo Mary Gale Deterdtng Lowellvxlle O R 1 Westmrnster College Elomse Draa 1043 Fxlmore Ave Youngstown O Truscon Wtlmer Dusenbury 1634 lacobs Rd Youngstown O Iohnson C Smtth U Ed th Fatrbanks 2918 Guss Ave Youngstown O Y College Paul Fryman 922 Sttles Youngstown Ohto W1111G1H Gogesch 2102 Stewart Ave Youngstown Ohto Paul Gray Wardle Ave Youngstown Ohto Elxzabeth Hallman Roche Ave Youngstowns Ohro Thelma Iackson 3016 Wtnton Ave Youngstown Ohto Steve Kochamba Lowellvtlle O R 1 Farmmg Ioe Kopstotter 2971 Wardle Ave Youngstown O Frreproofmg Lucy Krtvan Lowellvxlle O No 1 Iames Lawson Baker Street Youngstown O Servlce Man Mary Levrtsky 1728 Vaughn Ave Youngstown Ohio Marlon Lombard Lowellvtlle O R 1 Margaret Longstreet fMrs Chester Gerthmgl 2513 Stocker Ave Youngstown O Fred Lynch 3509 Clotster Ave Youngstown O Erre R R Florence McBr1de 2987 Wardle Ave Youngstown O Student Nurse at St Luke Wllllam McEaneny Mtamt Street Youngstown Ohto Norman McM1chae1 Youngstown Ohto Ioe McRae 3059 E Northwood Ave Youngstown Ohlo Iohn Mxchael Lowellvxlle O R 1 Thresa Mtscrskta Bryant Ave Youngstown Ohlo R 1 Esther Morettx 931 Scloto Street Youngstown Ohto McKelveys Marguerlte Morettt St Lukes Hospxtal New Castle Pa Nurse Dorothy Myers CMrs D Sampsonh Deerfteld Ohro Frank Nagy 851 Mlamt Ave Youngstown O Wehle Bakmg Co Esste May Olxver 1655 Iacobs Rd Youngstown Ohto Andy Pally 2225 Stewart Street Youngstown O Truck Dnver Dmo Parrsx Youngstown O Costaha Ave Truck Drrver Iohn Pope Lowellvtlle O No 1 Republlc Steel Mary Pozay Youngstown O R 1 Youngstown Hosp1talN S Raymond Prtsby 3024 Wmton Ave Youngstown Ohro Steve Rohan 2157 Klmmel Street Youngstown Ohxo Edward Ross 2813 Guss Ave Youngstown Ohto Thomas Semchee Vlctorxa Ave Youngstown Ohxo Wayne Shrpton Youngstown O Growers Market Steve Stnkovtc Oak Street Ext Youngstown Ohxo Marlon Stafford Lowellvtlle O R 1 Louxse Stelb 2513 Cornwall Ave Youngstown O Home Savmgs :S Loan Ralph Swrnney 3816 McGuffey Rd Youngstown O Truscon Anna Szenyen 154 Scloto Street Young town O Kress Co I C Tarver Htllcrest Ave Youngstown Ohto lack Tavolarto Box 201 Youngstown O Weldmg Robert Treaster Oak Street Ext Youngstown O Western Reserve Helen Thompson Coalburg Ohto Wrlbur Underwood Sharlme Youngstown Ohto Ethel Watt 3105 Myron Ave Youngstown O Belmont Y W C A Secretary Eddte Wxlllams 2940 Kenyon Ave Youngstown Ohlo Iames Wtlllams 871 Lansdowne Blvd Youngstown O Truscon Iune Wllltams 1027 Manley Ave Youngstown O Sheet G Tube Wayne Wtllxams Lowellvrlle O R 1 Mlke Yurchtson Lowellvtlle O R 1 Class o! 1937 Bertha Absalom Lowellvllle Ohlo R 1 May Ahlgren 902 Manner Ave Youngstown Ohxo Peter Alexander 835 Lansdowne Blvd Youngstown O Ohto Levm Grocery Elmore Armour Orrm Ave Youngstown Ohlo Mtllre Ausby 3053 Selfert Ave Youngstown Ohro ALUMNI 66 . e ' , ' , . ' - . , ., . . . I , ., - Q . . , . .. . Sophie Neimark. Yo.-New Castle Rd., Lowellville, R. 1.. Tamarkin Co. 1 -I 4 I . ' ' 2 , . -. . ., . . , -, . - lack Becker 908 Lyden Ave Youngstown Ohro Herman Beeman 1309 Hrllman Street Youngstown O Y College Ralph Berard 815 Dean Ave Youngstown Ohro Lawanah Berger 861 Farrlax Ave Youngstown O Kress Ruth Boldt 2355 McGuftey Rd Youngstown O Ohro Y College Bruce Boyd 909 Lrberty Rd Youngstown O Ohro U Iay Brownlee Youngstown O Cap1to1Un1vers1ty Hugh Buckner Box 311 Lansdowne Blvd Republic Iron 6 Steel Elmer Card 2008 McClure Ave Youngstown O Ohro Buckeye Ponttac Nora Carter tMrs Wrllram Crawford? Struthers Ohro D0l'Il1I11Ck Cunaglra 2548 Frost Ave Youngstown Ohro Frank Cobbln 1801 Iosephme Street Youngstown Ohro Dorothy Crawford 3241 McGuffey Rd Youngstown O Costens Harold Crytzer 862 Lansdowne Blvd Youngstown Ohlo Kroger Store Carne Daruels CMrs Francis Shrptonb Orange Street Struthers Oluo Erante Detoffol 3116 Castalla Ave Youngstown Ohro Ohlo U Erma Dewell 905 Lrberty Rd Youngstown O Y College Iohn Drara 1716 Iosephme Street Youngstown Oh1oMusk1ngem College Berdella Evans Coltart Square Prttsburgh Pa Oakland Wrlham Evans 661 Early Rd Youngstown O McKay Machrne Shop Eleanor Felton Youngstown Ohxo Charles Flnley 2413 Frost Ave Youngstown Ohro P W A Edith Frnn 2556 Cornwall Ave Youngstown O Nurse St Elrzabeth Hospxtal Vrrgmra Frtch Iacobs Rd Youngstown Ohro Kent State Wxllram Forsythe Stewart Ave Youngstown O Elmer Francls 840 Colby Street Youngstown O Ohro State George Gettan Lowellvxlle O R 1 Iulrus Gettan Lowellvrlle O R 1 Robert Hall 918 Colby Street Youngstown Ohro Wrllram Hrtter 2745 Wardle Ave Youngstown O Muskmgum Margaret Hrehor 2330 Watson Ave Youngstown Ohxo Andrew Hudock 1717 Iosephme Street Youngstown Ohro Lours Karosr 1131 Stxles Ave Youngstown Ohro lane Kelty 2936 McGuifey Youngstown Ohro Iulla Kubrlrs 818 Scxoto Street Youngstown Ohro Ioseph Lawhorn 1749 Shaw Ave Youngstown Ohxo C C C Sarah Lazar R 1 Youngstown New Castle Rd P G Screncevxle Hxgh Vrrgrma Leasure 2853 Guss Ave Charles Levrtsky 1728 Vaugh Ave Mrnnre Lombard R 1 Lowellvrlle Henry Matlock Youngstown Ohlo Clalre Mlller Hugh Mrllxgan 2810 McGuiley Rd Lrlllan Mrtchell 2531 Stocker Ave Vmcent Mrazek 733 Kenneth Ave Youngstown Ohxo Youngstown O Ohlo Works Ohro Grocery Youngstown Ohlo Purdue U Youngstown O Wheeler Mrneral Sprrngs Youngstown Ohro Oldnck Mrazek 733 Kenneth Ave Youngstown O Clty Blue Prxntxng Elrzabeth Myers 2051 Atkmson Ave Youngstown O Kent State Ethel Nemeth 1563 Iosephone Ave Youngstown Ohlo Mmnre Ollner 708 Dean Ave Youngstown O Bell Telephone Co Iohn Opmcarne 2939 Edgar Ave Youngstown Ohro Letltra Opmcar 3228 30 Wrlson Ave Youngstown O Mary Pannunzro 132 Faxrfax Ave Youngstown Ohio Gladys Parry 914 Sttles Ave Youngstown Ohxo Kathryn Pmchot 823 Mramr Ave Youngstown Ohto Manan Poschner CMrs Fredenck Bergb 505 4th Street Struthers Russell Prrsby 3024 Wmton Ave Youngstown Ohro Eleanor Rahn 2811 McGuffey Rd Youngstown O Y College Margaret Rerch 815 Lyden Youngstown O Y College Elsa Rotar 1017 Manley Ave Youngstown O Costans Dany Eleanor Shrelds R 1 Lowellvrlle O Kent U Lots Slagle Myron Ave Youngstown Ohxo Buddy Spezza 3131 Castalra Ave Youngstown O Newberry College S Howard Thomas 2438 Stocker Ave Youngstown O Automattc Sprmkler Everett Tobey 546 Woodsrde Ave Youngstown Ohto Clayton W11l1ams R 1 Lowellv1l'e Ohro Farmer Vxrgxnra Wylam R 1 Lowellulle O Y College Rosalra Zavatsky 1022 Strles Ave Youngstown Ohlo 67 ALUMNI 1 -f 1 ' , 1 1 11 1 . 1 -1 1 - , .1 1 -1 - I .1 1 -1 1 - , .1 , -1 - , 1 11 . , .1 1 , .1 1 -1 ' - . 1 1 - 1 11 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 -1 1 -1 - 1 .1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 .1 1 1 - , ., , 1, . 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 -1 - 1 -1 1 -1 - 1 1 1 , 1, 1 . . . 1 11 1 1, -1 1 -1 1 ' - 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 -1 - 1 1 .1 1 . 1 1 .1 1 . 1 , 1 - 1 -1 1 -1 - 1 -1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 , 1 1 ' 1 . 1 11 1 1 1 1 . , . ., - ., . . 1 . 1 -1 1 - 1 -1 1 -1 ' - 1 -1 , 1 1 1 -1 1 .- 1 -1 1 . 1 -1 1 -1 . 1 .1 1 1, . , 11 1 . . ., , 1. . . 1 -1 1 . 1 ' -1 1 . 1 -1 1 1 1 11 1 . 1 11 , . 1 1, 1 . 1 .1 1 .1 1 . 1 1 , ., . . 1 -1 1 -1 . 1 1 -1 1 .1 . , 1 ,, ' . 1 1 ., , ., . 1 1 1 1, . , . Foreword Admrmstratron Mr Rrchey Mr Thompson Advrsors Faculty Staff Seruors Class Poem School Daze Semor Swmgs Song S1de Glances Class Colors Searchlrght Sun D1al Srlver Screen 22 23 Snaps Cand1d Senror Leaves 25 26 Slants from the Crystal 27 28 Valed1ctor1a Sketches Students Iumors 32 33 Sophomores 34 35 Freshmen 36 37 Surroundrng Schools Semor Play Casts 40 41 Semor Vaudev1lle Superror Students H1 Y G A A Latrn Club Debatmg Grrl Reserve Symphomes Grrls Glee Club and Mrxed Chorus Boys Glee Club A Cappella Chorr G1rls Octet Band and Orchestra Mrlls Sports Football Basketball and Troph1es Baseball Iumor Hlgh Basketball Alumm 59 67 Selectrons Sponsors and Smrles 89 90 SELECTIONS ' ' ' ..... . 3 . ' ....... 4 . ...... 5 ' ....... 6 ' ....... 9-17 . . . . . . 17 . . . . . . 18 ' ' ..... . 19 - ' - . . 20 ' - ' .... 21 ' ...... 24 ' ' ...... 29 . . . . . . . 30 . . . . . . . 31 ' ..... 38 Societies ....... 39 ' ' ..... 42 ' ..... 43 '- ........ 44 . . . . . . . . . , 45 ' ....... 46 ' ....... 47 ' ...... 48 ' ...... 49 ' ' - ' . 50 ' ...... 51 ' - ' ' . . 52 . . . . . 53 ' ........ 54 . . . . . . . . 55 . . . . . . . 56 ' .... 57 . . . . . . . 58 ' ' .... 58 ' ....... 88 S P Q 3 H N d S S 0 M R1 5 L E S C0 GRATULATIONS To the Class of 1933 BEST WISHES FOR YOUR SUCCESS IN THE YEARS TO COME THIS STUDIO GRATE FULLY ACKNOWLEDGES THE CONFIDENCE EXPRESSED BY YOUR CLASS IN SELECTING SCHWEEN WAGNER STUDIO FOR YOUR PORTRAITS mon: 35636 NORTH PHELP! JTREET NUMbkR I1 70 Compliments to the CLASS OF '38 Brrtt Jlnnvv. Gln 1407 1419 North CGDIIO1 Avenue ENGRAVERS Indmnapolms Indlcmcr Manufocturmg IEWELERS W E NLAVER .J WICKLIFIE OHIO PRINTERS 71 Q Q 4 9 Q I- 9 O Sfrles Rej1esQ'1tf1!:':f2 , ts Up to You' What becomes of th1s old world around 1950 IS largely up to members of th1s years graduatmg class and therr generatron Soon you w1ll have full responslbrhty for shapmg the growth of your country economrcally soc1ally and morally We congratu late you upon your opportumty and we have full farth that you wrll carry on DEPENDABLY tlnuss Hnshheuf s Youngstowns Dependable Store for Over 63 Years mpg, 1 x Ixr Il I dont t III x nu tm 0 t Congratulations I937 I938 Graduates WISHING You THE BEST OF EVERYTHING E E o M THE MANSION AND THE NU ELMS BALLROOM OFFERING YOU THE FINEST IN MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT L A CAVALIER IR 72 f I I . . Q Y i 1- . 1 Y 1 I I B E u n U n Xlr. Imuis: "Now Roy. if I Izly rltm- eggs In-rc and fin- cggs flu-rv. lum' m -' fs will I I uw?" Rn, ":I:" ' h'k-4 'z d I." . onffldtulatlolle Llase of 38' YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY PASSED ANOTHER MILESTONE ON THE ROAD OF LIFE WE WISH YOU CONTINUED GLORY AND HAPPINESS E KNOW YOU LL HAVE IT' WICKQ-zlvex S Youngstown s Largest Department Store R 1 t 1 rl tt wo x x Comphm nts to the Graduates of 1938 The Grow ers Vlarket Company Pyott Street Youngstown Oh1o 73 . . , . , Q -4 . . - A ,, V. I K . K , v7 .L I . Ilzufy ICIl2lI'llNZ "XYl:t X flu' num' of 1: l ok T' iff I'IUXXlt'I'f Hxxvlllll lun Xlillion Girls XY:u1t." llnrry Riclrxuwlx: "l,vtX we it. will vnu? l xx 2lI1I1'l we if rht- :tml or epvllul mx I1 nm IIQIII.. ' e . 1 w , - 1 fa Jeivdffffg Wxth the same s1ncer1ty and fnendlmess that Brenners extended congratulatrons to your graduatmg grand fathers srxty one years ago so do we pay trlbute th1s day to the Suencevllle class of 1938 May our future course be worthwhxle rn enjoyment 1n knowledge attamed rn happ1ness and success RAYMOND BRENNER IEWELER FEDERAL AT HAZEL STREET xc- Rt ll cm 1 tm 1 tx 5 I m T ht loo IUU THE SIAR ENGRAVINI C0 Mohawk Burldmg 209 Water Street AKRON OHIO Telephone Blackstone 4824 74 . C cncxiv i'h:1'is: "Hy Scotch hop fri 1 sc-nt m' hik pirt " ycstcl' n lm' Tum: "Hn ' for-N - k?" C cmwir-x 1-2 "l mhnfr kmm tt'I. I h:u'cn't had it mlvxc' It-al." V X W 4 Y 0 THE STAMBAUGH THOMPSON CO EQUAL OR GREATER VALUES HARDWARE Cl SPORT GOODS 2627 MQ ke1s1 114 W E de 1St 1652 Mqho g A e WORN BY THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1938 WERE FURNISHED BY C E Ward L0 NEW LONDON OHIO Go n for School Cho s Glee Cl bs Bcmd Un form Et 75 nd THE CAPS AND GOWNS Compllme Is of FORREST CAVALIER ATTORNEY AT LAW 510 Mahonmg Bank Bldg Phone 32156 BUD THE TAILOR Wlshes you the BEST OF EVERYTHING V1s1t me the next trme you need A GOOD SUIT 301 West Federal Street 1 nt tux It tcllmg, utrxboc c III VERES BROS SERVICE GA SUNDCU OILS SUNOCO PRODUCTS GOODYEAR TIRES BATTERIES 2302 McGuftey Road Youngstown Oh1o Compl ments of THE CARBON LIMESTONE CO 1504 Central Tower Youngstown Oh1o ' n 3 1:11 and H4-lc-n :irc st-crctly vrtgzlgv 1, :tru 1' 1ll'j'?u XY-ll, t11z1t's wh: 1 ' ' Y ' " I' 131' 1 76 For more than 40 years a place to buy FURNITURE Comnl me is of SHIPTON S CUNNINGHANI 5 CONFECTIONERY Lowe11v1l1e Ohlo Furnrture Dealers Funeral Dlrectors 33 Pyatt Street Youngstown Oh1o R I x lllkll HTH" 111 Hou do xou ltmm Urn Rcmhtrr tbl 1C ru 1 mn xhn I' lltll Compliments of THE UNION WHOLESAI E LUMBER CO 1671 Cherry Street Youngstown Ohlo SCHAEFER MUSIC SHOPPE 411 Ke1th Albee Bldg MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ACCESSORIES SHEET MUSIC and SUPPLIES Guaranteed Instrument Repamng Phone Offlce 34605 Resldence 77651 . i n Y 9 N L . Doris 1-irmlmrtz "You sr-niurs mukc lmc tht- szun' ww- :ls rht-5 tlitl in z " . -lor 1J11'it'I'0: " ' -' ' '?H 1 's V : : "1 just I't'I141Z cut: 1 --k nzlitl- x' i2lI2lI1l1 lim-m-tl tu at lsr: 11 lu- ing." 1 77 BENJAMIN L AGLER 8, CO CINCD INSURANCE A SURETYSHIP REAL ESTATE INSURANCE NI L MCCRALKEN'S Soma SL CO 339 WEST FEDERAL STREET Comphments of Joseph A Travallne R E A L T o R BUY SELL EXCHANGE LEASE REAL ESTATE 214 214 Home Savlngs G Loan Bldg Phone 65121 LET S GO TO I S A L Y ' S FOR AN ICE CREAM TREAT 78 0 my ' ...-.1- .Z L-.W-AL ' 3 1 -L N 1 ' w , l Q lx I o 0 1 1 1 I LUSTIG S SHOES BOTH YOUTHFUL a n d SMART tor the GRADUATE L U S T I G S 125 West Federal Street pl etso GLASGOW TAILORS SUITS TO ORDER S22 75 to S37 50 312 West Federal Street 27 YEARS OF GOOD SERVICE IN YOUNGSTOWN C 1 e Zur L Dld xou exer t'1ke Lhloroform lst h XY llyox No ss ho teaches tt? p etso CAMPBELL ELECTRIC SHOP A YACOVNE Prop 58 Twelfth Street Campbell Oh1o Phone 3 0516 A NEW ANGLE' Herrlngbone Student Sults S BROWN S GREYS GREEN S I l'lIllZ s 253 W Federal Street ' Com im n 1' 9 161111 1 'zts'y: " ' " ' . T ?', J v- x ' 4. Y g - Jr Com lim n I . 5 ' I n . . ' , 0 f 1 79 JOSEPH G The Cover for th1s Yea Book was des1gned and produced by the VASCHAK P A T B O N MEULLER Art Cover and 40 Lxncoln Avenue Blndlng Company Youngstown Ohio 2202 Superror Avenue Cleveland I I ctltm in 4 ummm XI lll X For Years and Years Comp! me ts of FAIRMONT DAIRY CO ICE CREAM and DAIRY PRODUCTS 2307 Market Street Youngstown Ohlo A grft of frne Jewelry w1ll help you to remember your GRADUATION DAY always Nauonally advertlsed lewelry and watches on eas1est cred1t terms MILTON KLIVANS CREDIT IEWELER lll East Federal Street WATCHES DIAMONDS CAMEOS RADIOS ELECTRIC DRESSER SHAVERS SETS ' I XI 1 H 1 : "Bill, XYIIZIIIS tht' turmulzx fur NVlll't'I'?U 'II Xlcli-A tt: "II I -I li I.. X U." llr. Ht-cklnztnz "lVhz1t's rlm? lYhcrc did you get rlmt idea?" Bill KIslJt'I'IIIlIIl IIZIIII "l"rom you. YI szlid wvstvrnlzry it wal- II to Of. I I1 ' ' ' ' ' 1 . . v I . 80 Compl ments of DAVID STEINER ATTORNEY AT LAW Dollar Bank Bulldmg CHARLES SIMONS Incorporated PAINTS VARNISHES WALLPAPERS 2220 Market Street Youngstown Oh1o Phone 7 4152 R G VASU C0 Realtors GENERAL REAL ESTATE Heal Estate Apprarsers CITY PROPERTIES ALLOTMENTS FACTORY SITES MFG PLANTS FARMS COLONIZATIONS 338V2 W Federal Street Youngstown Oh1o TELEPHONE 44251 The Youngstown Garage, Inc Youngstown Oh1o Cor Phelps and Boardman s Phone 34156 Park1ng by Month Day or Nrght Washmg Lubncatxon T1re Bat tery Brake and Mechanxcal Servlce The HCWlt Bowman Co GENERAL INSURANCE SURETY BONDS AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE 501 Mahonmg Bank Bldg Youngstown Oh1o Phone 3 2574 POR MODERN PLUMBING C HILL 513 West Chalmers Phone 37988 i I I O, . . St . DRUG STORES FINANCING I . Q n 81 Compliments ol SMITH TRANSFER W Commerce Street Termrnal Warehouse Youngstown Ohlo DeCICCO SHOE STORE HOME OF GOOD SHOES 1006 Market Street Phone 39459 Youngstown Ohxo KLING S BAKERY SPECIAL WEDDING CAKES and BIRTHDAY CAKES 1401 Market Street 2600 Market Street Phone 30578 65156 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Phone 33412 STARK FLORISTS Greenhouses and Store 1502 Parker Street OUR PRICES Are The LOWEST We carry the frnest grades of Rugs Carpets and Lmoleum F 1ne Custom Bu11t L1v1ng Room Sultes Out of hlgh rent d1str1ct means your savmgs 416 East Federal tSreet Open Evenzngs EDNER RUG 8z FURNITURE CO CLOVER LEAF FAMOUS ICE CREAM and DAIRY PRODUCTS 1583 HlmfOd Avenue Phone 43868 . I' n . DAIRY COMPANY 82 NICHOL S FOOD MARKET QUALITY MEATS and GROCERIES 2303 1VIcGuffey Road Phone 66574 I VAGNOZZI GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY and REAL ESTATE 75U'z Wrlson Avenue Youngstown Oh1o Phone 73174 RAHN 8: CHAKEY GOOD GULF GAS and OILS Huntxng and F1sh1ng Lrcenses L1cense Plates and Drrvers L1cense 2565 McGuffey Road Sc1encev111e Oh1o BROWN S DRUG STORE Geo W Brown Prop WE FILL PRESCBIPTIONS Prompt Dehver 1847 Oak Street Phone 40952 Youngstown Oh1o EVELYN S BEAUTY SHOP All Branches of BEAUTY CULTURE Work Guaranteed Inspectron Inv1ted Open evemngs by appomtment Phone 4 3335 BEDELL S BAR B Q LUNCH Famous for BAR B Q s 5214 Market Street E tenslon Youngstown Oh1o I I 1 . 7 . , . I .Y Books - Magazmes 7 9 . . X . 83 Comphments o! Compliments HOMER E EMERSON CARLYLE FUNERAI HOME ATTORNEY AT LAW 352 West Wood Street 503 4 5 Realty Bulldmg Phone Phone Youngstown Oh10 1115 I UU 1 l CICFIKK btfXltt1'l ll 1 1 ll 111 Ut., U1 0 tn St It wc ll txkt tht us HAVE YOUR NEXT BANQUET EDDIE S RAVER S MAHONING BANK BLDG Potato Ch1ps 1929 Market Street Phone 3 7211 Youngstown Oh1o We cater to partxes orgamza tzons and Churches 1 Utd uhlt J tI11t11Il0D 1 1 dtlc-Late it 1 ge 1 omp on me in hx 1 mem uhm tht piper ix om: mm ucnt to didn t 1,0 utth htm son ZINZ FURNITURE EXCHANGE Youngstown Oh1o New and Second Hand FURNITURE Stove Castrngs and Repairs 428 430 E Federal St Phone 33325 Res 43 N Schenly Phone 91328 CONGRATULATIONS' FISCHER S FINER FLOWERS 3810 Market Street Phone 21 148 84 h ' O! CH' .1Tt'1'l'Z "Um you kn 'I1t't1.ff" " ' 1111lX11 td: hrs?" XI: 'fx H 'z Z "N til' Q arc: "Fix '. z '- - b 7 Doughnuts and AT - 7 Q!1l'lJ1'.f "Say, 1 . ' 1 dies 't z ' - - 15' sz-'s s - 1 " -1 ' ' :sz ' 'z -1-l.rf ?', X1-.Th s 1 "lt : s 's wife ' ' ' " ' ,' . . , Compl ments of JIMMIE S SHOE REPAIR 95 Washmgton Street Campbell Oh1o Phone 32161 SANITARY S s E A L T E s T DAIRY PRODUCTS nn 1 1 tl at tl 41 tm xx tl Comp11ments to the GRADUATES OF 1938 Smlth 8: McDonald Agency REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE 1509 Market Street Youngstown Oh1o CONGRATULATIONS' F W Woolworth Co 35 East Federal Street Youngstown Oh1o up x r 1 x ax 811011 1 ltnm 1 urhulc L Compl ments RIDARSKY Serv1ce Statlon 1522 South Avenue Youngstown Oh1o Compllme ts ol RELIABLE Parkmg SCFVICC 35 N Walnut Street Youngstown Oh1o 1 f 1 l 1 -lml Xlillfzmt "Xl '. lit-vgllly. thc l1JlI'lbIllt'll'1' has 'z ll 'r Hr. ll-'ghlyz "lt mlm-sn'rl nk 5 'mtg Ho ' fur has it A1llL'l1?u .luhn Milligan: "About six for-t. but it isn't broken." K' Z "Haj tlu-rv, tlun'r jzun up tlu' tw ffic. Wvllg' tlurfr you ll 4' 5 :ur r1umllt'?" Rul- 'Qui "l mlitlft ' cw rl 1' 'z 1 mf" i of A 2 l 85 Complzments of BUN CLOTHING CO 137 E Federal Street MYRON GOODWIN REGISTERED ARCHITECT Un1on Natroncrl Bank Bldg Youngstown Oh1o ll mntlt :Ht 111 INDI' UI K K lTl llL 1 II COIIXOII ll Co,,,,,1,,,e,,,S of SCICHCC H111 Grocery 81 Meat Market Grocerles Not1ons School Sup phes Tobacco Candy Drugs Phone 33705 3617 Market Street 2601 Mcguffey Road Sc1encev11le Oh1o tum t ru touutl Ant I 1 e S 1l1t1 I0 1 Sent Lolumbu ll t S11 r L uumlwu x 1 fn t nt Compliments 1 NESBITT DAIRY CANDIES HOT LUNCH SUNDAES 40 West L1berty Hubbard Oh1o POREMBSKI S Cleaners and Dyers The Magxclean Servrce Your Ne1ghborhood Cleaner 2929 West Northwood Avenue Phone 31510 Youngstown O ll Aluclggvz "XVI :wus tlrixing when you hit Il1IlI cur?" lt ',1jQt'I'sI "Nt ' ' us. we wt-rv 1111 in flu' buck wut." john l,1lk'llIAIlI "This linux - 1 zk-s my lmrk s art." QlJll'1Sl'll2 'hkoz "Ru1 s mn' .' 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R1111 I "lr t111'1'1' 11111 11i1f1'1'1'n" in I111' " .I1 K1I'.5'.Iu.'f ' '1",si." . R1111 : "'1'11' 5C'I'Xt'1111111'f1'11C1i s1i1'1' A1211 ADRIAN SUCCESS to the CLASS Of '38! 7 X1'ss 1111411112 "X11 111'111' 1'11i111r1'11. 1 1111111 11111 111 1112l1il' up s1'11t' cvs 11,1112 111 11 1' ':11 N. 1.111'11111'111' .'tz1'f111'11: "KI, f11t111'1' gr 's 11-11 sf '1 " Y' .1 S: " ' 's '11 S. 1Y11'1" 1111's: " Y' . 'z 1 1 sf' 9 , ' Complxments of JONES DAIRY PASTEURIZED MILK and CREAM Phone 3801 I Complxments of COHEN S CASH MARKET Phone 66331 2570 McGuffey Road Youngstown Oh1o 1 1 wx rn 1 11 IIN out 0 ut oup n al mx 1J1t oup 'unt hor 1 om SCHIAVONE Funeral Home 1801 Oakland Avenue Youngstown Oh1o Phone 33222 Inva11d Car Servzce Compl ments 1 IRON IM SI RBU MEAT MARKET and GROCERY 132 S Watt Street Phone 6 6834 Youngstown O Thank You' 1 1 Run md ohn sou xc' hun xerx niughtx md I lm Q.,0lll2.,IU1xKtI 1 u ltr I ml uux du thx ut Il 1 Q ef Hut n ou r 011 Il11x lm M111er s FROZEN CUSTARD TWO STANDS Corner Market at Boston Mahonlng at Fernwood Free Motxon Pxctures Thursday and Fr day Nlghts LYLE D MILLER S KOTSCH 8: SONS D A I R Y Cooper Rd Lowe1lv1l1e O BB , X1-S. 1'1- : "Cu 1-11. take- your 1 1 f t11 s L1l'L1'II'1-'IH 1 s 1" ..I ." i o .Iss '11 :HJ " -' ' ,' 1 Y .'1 z 'l ' 'Hyu 1' schc 1 1-' 's "ck," Joh 'T-1'1'5': "Uh, 1 t1un't car- for mys 1 , 1 ui 't y uf uid f 1's'11 1 ' 11 us?" I , CONTRIBUTORS TO THE SILHOUETTE Central Flower Shop 107 Market Street Phone 65031 S G Bauman Furrler 20 S Hazel Street Youngstown Oh1o Rul11 Bros Frurts Vegetables and Meats 21 34 E Federal St Youngstown O Easton Sohro Gas Statlon Corner of Llberty and Atkrnson Youngstown Oh1o Morrxs Mendelssohn Attorney Crty Bank Burldmg Youngstown Oh1o Rehable Clothmg Co 209 E Federal St Youngstown O Phone 38491 I I Kelly Confectionery 29 S Champxon Street Youngstown Oh1o Gluck Hardware Co 1005 Market Street Youngstown Oh1o Phone 64177 C G Berger General Contractmg 861 Fcurfax Avenue Phone 41309 Nrchol s Qualrty Market 1627 Iacobs Road Youngstown Frank Tedeschr Shoe Reparr Shop 2607 McGuffey Road Sc1encev1lle Garage Iohn Boos Prop 2616 McGuffey Rd Youngstown Oh1o Oh1o Phone 73140 Youngstown Oh1o Youngstown Oh1o Evans G Clmgan Barber Shop 2557 McGuffey Road Youngstown Oh1o We are deeply grateful to The Youngstown Sheet :S Tube Co and the Republrc Steel Corporatron for the loan of cuts of the vanous mrlls mak1ng possrble the carryrng out of the theme of the Srlhouette of 1938 COSTAN S DAIRY STORE 2557 McGuffey Road Phone 40526 SCHOOL SUPPLIES CANDY LIGHT LUNCHES ICE CREAM FOUNTAIN SERVICE Have You Tned Georges Dellcrous Hamburgers? Complzments of ECONOMY COAL 8r SUPPLY CO COAL BUILDERS SUPPLIES FEED Qualzty and Servzce at the Rrght Pnce Ofirce Phone 38584 Res Phone 42802 Screncevrlle Oh1o PARAMOUNT BEAUTY SCHOOL Offers the class of 1938 a career wrth a future The fastest grow 1ng rndustry rn the natron today Specral for the month of Iune 15 X drscount We place you rn a pos1t1on upon graduatlon 10 N HAZEL STREET 89 Picktord, the Tailor, 338 W. Federal Street, Youngstown, Ohio. 1 9 . . I . . . O . , COMPLIMENTS OF IHIIS PIIIIIIIIIG IIIIIIIPHIIU ONE TWENTY VINE - WARREN OI-no Dmzm If 'IAQ 5 fm f93f Xl L III IN Il um om N I I III II III III IIQ I I I I I III III III I III III I II III I wut I U IIIIIX XX III1 U III IH IIII X I N LIIII I III X L I III X III In l Il I IIT! IIU I II 5 I I lllx I I I IIIIHN I Il Il III I LIIIIIIIII III II IIII I IIIIIIII I I I IIIIIII xx I I K I 90 SII' ' 'II 'II:Is: "III ' Is5III1I' I N IIILI. ,I I ? 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