Savona Central High School - Anovas Yearbook (Savona, NY)

 - Class of 1958

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Savona Central High School - Anovas Yearbook (Savona, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Egg HOURS izlbsj emuonf' hgws of xxx Smvovwr C em qfjk CCVIGDON as- 23 f YYQSQB If kke, S Q Q S 561-Zfyucg W Alma Mater 'M1d green frelds and meadows 'Neath sunshme and shadows Our hrgh school stands To whrch we all are true A grand stately burldmg Wrth broad lawns surroundrng And over all A vault of Heaven's blue Dear Old Savona Pr1de of her many vahant sons When out on l1fe's ocean, wrth hearts Ot' devotron We'1lth1nk of thee and of our uctorres won 9 Dedicated To our Mothers and Fathers-H whose interests have been in the improvement of our lives-- whose love and encouragement have been inspirational-H and whose never ending sacrifices have made possible these four years of high school-- we respectfully dedicate, "The Anovas of 1958 "The Class of 1958 Foreword This is our life as we lived it during the twelve years at Savona Central School. When we frrst started thrs struggle our parents wrth hrgh hopes for the future turned us over to Mtss MaG1ll our fust grade teacher Durrng thrs and the next frve years we drlrgently studred our three Enterrng rnto Junror Hrgh School was a new and excrtrng expert ence for all Changrng classes and worryrng about regents made us feel qurte grown up Fmally the day came when we entered Hrgh School It was not easy but we emoyed the classes the athletrcs the socral events and all that went along wrth attendtng hrgh school Now as graduatron approaches we are lookrng to the future wrth promrsrng hopes but yet wrth reluctance at leavrng our Alma Mater Table of Contents Admrmstratron Page Senrors Page Act1v1t1es Page 3 Sports Page 4 Advertrsements Page 4 4 Rs. " ' ...................... . 5 ' ...... .... .... . . ........... . . 9 Underclassman ....................... Page 19 .......................... .. 5 ' ....................... 7 Q 2 I' 2 I y 3 f If I X vga 5 Elementar Teachers Mrs. Andrews, Mrs. Zimmerman, Mrs. Van Keuren, Mrs. York, Mr. Sangiuliano, Mrs. Sangiuliano. Special Teachers SEATED: Mrs. Bardeen, Mrs. Love, Mrs. Verity, Miss Pawlowski, Mr. Lowrey. STANDING: Mr. Randall, Mr. Verity, Mr. Yancey. ,J Primar Teachers SEATED: Mrs. Hauber, Mrs. Wight- man, Miss Wellman. STANDING: Mrs. Lum, Mrs. Packard, Mrs. Whit- ford, Mrs. V:1nDerhoff. Ah EDUCATION I5 A A BETTER INHERITANCE .-..-..... THAN A GRiAT ESTATE "' " '-"'-'- .., .-.JL-. High School Teachers SEATFD: Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Adler, Mrs. Nadcaiu, Mr. Lund- rigan. STANDING: Mr. Lyons, Mr. McLoughlin, Mr. Farns- worth, Klr. Stitt. Bus Drwers Mr. Deming, Mr. Morehouse, Mr. Schermerhorn, Mr. Morehouse, Mr. Peters. Maintenance CAFETERIA STAFF Mrs. Polmanteer, Mrs. Dusenberry, Mrs. Sutryk, JANITORS Mrs. Barkley Mr. Stuart, Mr. Vanl-Iousen, Mr. Peters Seniors BETTY ANN LOPER Band 1,2,3,45 Chorus 15253545 Class Officer 45 Gym Club 1,25 lnkspot 1,2,3,45 Keynotes 2,3,45 Literary Club 1,25 Senior Play 45 Year- book 4. JON IAND DAVIS Baseball 2,3545 Basketball 2,3545 Gym Club 15 Inkspot 45 Rifle Club 15 Senior Play 45 Soccer 1,2,3,45 Track 15 Yearbook 4. JOHN CHARLES STRAULKA, Jr. Baseball 1,25 Basketball 1,2535 Gym Club 15 Keynotes 25 Senior Play 45 Track 1,25 Year book 4. MARILYN LOIS SMITH Band 1,2,3,45 Chorus 45 Inkspot 1,2,3,45 Key- notes 2,3545 Literary Club 253,45 Public Speaking 35 Senior Play 45 Student Council 2,35 Yearbook 4. 10 EIDORA ELLEN REED Class Officer 45 Chonis 2,3,45 Gym Club 1,2,35 Inkspot 1,3,45 Keynotes ,Z,3,45 Major- ette 1,2,3,45 Senior Play 45 Yearbook 4. RALPH THOMAS S'I'INSON Band 1,2,3,45 Baseball 45 Basketball 25 Class Play 45 Inkspot 2,3,45 Keynotes 2,3545 Wrestling 3,45 Yearbook 4. JAMES CALVIN ALIEN Baseball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Chorus 3,45 Senior Play 45 Gym Club 15 Inkspot 3,45 Rifle Club 15 Soccer 1,25 Yearbook 4. LINDA RAE McGUIRB Band 1,2,3,45 Cheerleading 1,2,3,45 Chorus 45 Class Officer 1,25 lnkspot 1,3,45 Jmmior Prom Queen5 Student Council 1,45 Yearbook 4. '-any 1 JUNE ALLEN Cheerleading Alt. 35 Cheerleading 45 lnkspot 3,45 Yearbook 45 Class Play 43 Gym Club 15 Majorette 2,3,45 Chorus l,2,3,45 Class Officer 3,45 Student Cotmcil Secretary 4. NEIL BULKLEY Student Council Rep. 1,25 Student Council Treasurer 25 Athletic Association Treasurer 1,2,35 Class Officer 25 Band 1,2,35 Soccer l5 Basketball l,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,35 Prom King 35 Class Play 45 All County Band 15 Yearbook 45 Inkspot 45 Volleyball 35 Band Officer 3. RALPH PETERS Wrestling 35 Basketball 1,45 Track 15 Rifle Club 15 Yearbook 45 Class Play 45 Soccer 1,3545 Volleyball 3. REBECCA WALLING Cheerleading 1,3,4, lnkspot 3,4, Yearbook 3, Yearbook Editor 4, Class Secretary 3, Class Play 4 12 it t THOMAS MCGLYNN Soccer 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Baseball 1,2,3j Track 13 Band 1,2,3,43 Chorus 2,3,4i Class Officer l,3,43 Inkspot 3,43 Prom Prince 33 Dance Band 13 Keynotes 4. J UDITH DAVIDSON Yearbook 43 Inkspot 2,3,43 Chorus 2,3,4j Majorette 1,2,3,43 Cheerleading Alt. 23 Key- notes 43 Class Officer 33 Class Play 4. JUDY BUTTS Inkspot 3,43 Yearbook 43 Keynotes 3,43 Chorus 132,43 Class Play 4. CARY COE Band l,2,33 Class Officer 1,43 Student Council 43 Baseball 1,2,33 Soccer l,2,33 Basketball 13 Wrestling 13 Yearbook 43 Track li Class Play 4. I3 SYLVIA STRAIT Chorus 1,2,3,45 Keynotes 2,3,43 Inkspot 2,3,43 Class Play 4. ANN HAUBER Band 1,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,45 lnkspot l,2,3,45 Yearbook 3,43 Class Officer l,2,35 Student Coun cil 35 Class Play 4. CAROLYN SPRAGUE Band 1,25 Chorus 1,23 Inkspot 3,45 Yearbook 45 Class Play 4. DOROTHY SHAUT Keynotes 3 4, Inkspot 2 3 4, Yearbook 4 Class Play 4 14 GARY SCOTT Basketball 1,2,3,45 Soccer l,2,3,45 Wrestling 1, 25Track1,25 Baseball 1,2,4g Gym Club 15 Class Play 4. MARJORIE THOMPSON Band 1,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,3,45 Keynotes 2,3,43 Inkspot 3,45 Yearbook 4. EVELYN NICHOLS lnkspot l,2,3,45 Keynotes 2,3,45 Chorus l,2,45 Yearbook 45 Class Play 4. JUDITH ALLEN Cheerleading Alternate 43 Keynotes 4i Inkspot 3,45 Class Play 45 Yearbook 45 Gym Club 33 Chorus 4. Advisors Mrs. Jane Adler Mx. William Lundrigan F:sm9l.31- 3, f . rfrzw. V ' . M, ,, 7 ,J n Jr' ,, ,, V , 4, ,- ,,'1s,P?'g-zw5,' 'Wg I' . ' ' L -'I"2..sig.ii!.2J'iA '77 ' " 'wwhf " fp 'RM , .5 7' ' ' Y ,. I 91' 1 , I H i 3 I' ' "9 5 F -s r . 3 ' ' h tt' . S 1' 21 X. WY gi ' M'-'-Us!" ' f ,A 'T SH ve , v Y v , 5 H 4 ' up -ar iv L. I 'Q ROWI R Morgan B Iolts, J Scaparo, J King P Seager, B. Nielsen, J. Miller. ROW 2: R Clark S Tucker J Frederick B Nichols N Ferguson P Faucett, E. McGlynn. ROW 3: Mr. JohnsOn,W Vetter D O'Dell C Bened1ct,l-I Carr, R Dann Mrs Nadeau. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: FIRST ROW: Janice King, Secretaryg Edward McGlynn, President, Jean Frederick,Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Bette Nichols, Student Council Representativeg Nancy Ferguson, Treasurer. 9.4 .41 ROW 1: D. Morgan, H. Folts, ,G.HLgg,is, L. Laughlin, S. Hotaling, J. Murphy, A. Hough, W. Davis. ROW 2: J. Vogel, S. Allen, P. Lamphier, L. Timken, A. Ober, N. Faucett, C. Bocek, M. Percival, M. Southwick. ROW 3: G. Merrill, K. Benedict, C. Bollen, R. King, J. Slowinski, J. Strzepek, D. Johnston, R..Thompson. ROW 4: Mr. Farnsworth, D. Stratton, J. Roy, A. Percival, W. Roland. R. Rumsey, D. f.Thompson, D. O'De11, R. Love, D. Holmes, Miss P'-vlowski. 'K f SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS S Harold Folts, President, Richard Love, Vice- -' Presidentg Mr. Farnsworth, Advisor, Carole VJ J Bocek, Secretary, Raymond Rumsey. -.av Treasurer. I 22 If I2 5-4 fw- na' f , ROW 1: J. Bull, W. Hamilton, L. Leonard, J. Davis, R. LeBaron, J. Walling. ROW 2: B. Vetter, K. Davidson, D. Ferguson, R. Bulkley, M. Caward, H. Hill, V. Allen, C. Allen. ROW 3: Mr. Lyons, G. Wilson, D. White, T. Preset, H. Clark, R. Timby, J. Hollopeter. ABSENT: E. Groves. gb' S FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS FIRST ROW: Mrs. Bardeen, Advisor, Ronald LeBaron, President, Jason Hollopeter, Vice- President, James Davis, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Gary Wilson, Treasurer, Gerald Wall- ing, Student Council Representative. Classes I ..-4 4' 7"' Jr A ROW 1: L. Nichols, W. Moran, F. Hayes, G. Costello, S. Ferguson, R. Forrester, W. Walters, P. Kress. ROW 2: L. Walling, A. Allen, B. LaBar, S. Strzepek, R. Hall, P. Smith, R. Taylor, D. Wilson. ROW 3: R. Bergin, E. White, L. Le Baron, S. Benedict, D. Baker, M. Clayson, J. Dusenberry, J. Brown, Mrs. York. ABSENT: June Thomas. Sixth Grade ROW 1: J. Travis, G. Murphy, A. Ober, S. Miller, D. Bull, G. Barkley, J. Normand, M. Packard. ROW 2: L. Switzer, E. Tucker, K. Drehmer, S. Loomis, N. Ribble, R. Wilson, D. Sorge, W. Johnston. ROW 3: N. Dusenberry, F. l-land, J. Rowland, K. Bulkley, L. Scott, L. Southwick, L. Brace, Mr. Sangiuliano. ABSENT: Gloria Treat. ?K 4' sit S7'xJ ROW 1: S. I.aBar, A. Childs, S. Bedner, J. Alderman, E. Donderwicz, R. Smith, R. Peabody, R. Swackhammer, H. Salisbury. ROW 2: B. Wolverton, L. Ryon, P. Wilson, G. Dann, M. Wing, R. Wilson, N. Davidson, C. Peters, S. Walters. ROW 32 V. Brown, L. Gay, E. Towner, G. Odgen, Mrs.Zimmerman, B. Robbins, C. White, W. Wilson. Fifth Grade ROW 1: D. Brewer, D. Hough, P. Palmer, M. Hill, P. Smingler, N. Rahxner, R. Vetter, S.Donderewicz. ROW 2: J. Elliott, F. Balcer, S. Decker, D. BeGell, J. O'Del1, D. Rawleigh, D. Roy. ROW 3: L. Faucett, G. Hauryski, P. Tyler, M. Gay, L. McCann, D. Alderman, T. Salisbury. ROW 4: T.Laughlin, L. Allington, B. Baker, Nlrs. Van Keuren. ABSENT: I. Campbell. :ian 4' u ROW l: Mrs. Andrews, C. Clark, N. Butts, L. Essman, T. Brewer, E. Chisholm, D. Elliott. ROW 2: J. Walling, K. Filkins, J. Saunders, D. Robertson, C. Hayes, J. Towner. ROW 3: R. Haud J. Overhiser, H. ogden, R. Ridley, N. Benedict, R. Littell, D. King. ' Fourth Grade ROW 1: Mrs. Szmgiuliano, B. Balcer, B. Thompson, E. Sorge, L. Towner, L. Percival, J. Campbell. ROW 2: D. Rawleigh, P. Kress, P. Dusenberry, T. Stuart, M. Zyla, L. Drehmer, N. Robbins. ROW 32 J. Allington, R. Wilson, R. Pierce, L. Nichols, G. Duvall, J. Hauber, R. Hall. , X .C l.....f 2' "-C-.f ROW 1: R. Robbins, C. Essman, J. Hendley, C. Essman, L. Normand, G. Reed, L. Donderwicz, A. Clapsaddle, J. Woodard, J. Swackhammer, F. Hill, R. Thompson, D. Allen. ROW 2: K. Miller, A. Davidson, R. Faucett, D. Hayes, R. Pierce, S. Peters, T. Timken, D. Treat, J. Emerson, L.Salisbury, J. Welgan, Miss Wellman. Third Grade ROW 1: M. Allen, W. Ridley, D. Pierce, M. Silvernail, V. Folts, B. Smingler, L. Elliott. ROW 2: D. Packard, J. Filkins, P. Fowler, R. Burdick, B. Brewer, H. Rawleigh, D. Hedren, L. Utegg, M. Hill ROW 32 N. Donderewicz, E. Travis, L. Clayson, L. Jacoby, E. Rahmer, C. Robertson, Mrs. Whitford ROW 4: R. White, B. Jordan, S. Thompson, E. Brown. 9' fvv. """"t'f-"Tv gy,5?N lst ROW: S. Donderwicz, D. Hendley, S. Strzepek, C. Peters, S. DuVal, C. Costello, M. Silvemail, N. Buchanan. 2nd ROW: B. Jordan, S. Moss, D. Oberlin, M. Alderman, R. Conklin, C. Overhiscr, J. Cantineri, D. Brewer. 3rd ROW: T. Balcer, L. Rowland, P. Nichols, D. BeGel1, T. Yawger, F. Van Vliete, Q. Robertson, Mrs. Hauber. Second Grade ROW 1: C. Hand, S. Buchanan, S. Messer, R. King, M. Walling, E. Hill, S. Peabody, R. Peters. ROW 2: T. Kress, R. Palmer, E. Clark, D. McCann, E. Strzepek, D. Loomis, K. Frederick, P. Murphy. ROW 3: D. Drake, M. Towner, E. Warner, A. Morse, L. White, J. Hollopeter, Mrs. Packard. '-I 'Hi-Alf 5.-fr .gg -,,.. 1 ef -i 4' i' --4:--1' lst ROW: P. Burdick, B. Buchanan, B. Conklin, M. Fernandes, B. Reed, D. Mills, M. Covert, H.Exley, D. Barkley. 2nd ROW: C. Gay, J. Anderson, V. Paul, J. King, F. Warner, S. Woodard, C. Fowler, N. Towner, G. Chisholm, Mrs. Van Derhoff. 3rd ROW: S. Normand, V. Verity, K. Ridley, E. Taft, D. Drake, D. Thompson, P. Shinners, N. Dusenberry, D. Negri. First Grade ROW 1: B. Percival, S. Elliott, T. Thompson, J. Welgan, D. Hawks, R. Hendley, R. Bartholomew, G. Hill. ROW 2: M. Robbins, S. Murphy, L. Simpson, M. Balcer, G. Strzepek, T. Kress, D. Tyler, K. Benedict, R. Taft. ROW 3: L. Pierce, S. Normand, E. Chase, G. Filkins, C. Hilligus, D. Conklin, G. Salisbury, T. Jacoby, W. Brown, Mrs. Wightrnan. J 'X . . ,4 I ' L L 2 K -. , ,- 1 4 Wil' 6 P iw Q I 8 r Q5 V :tiff ROW 1: T. Verity, B. Clark, D. Smingler, M. Stuart, M. Burdick, A. Ridley, C. Hotaling, T. Morse, R. Salisbury, D. Cantineri, R. Wamer. ROW 2: E. Fairchild, M. BeGell, J. Polmanteer, M. Mills, B. Hayes, D. Vetter, M. Andrews, D. Rawleigh, L. Simpson, B. Hilligus, D. Essman, L. Moss, J. Moran ROW 3: J. VanVliete, J. Peters, T. Simpson, A. Yawger, M. Miller, L. Dusenberry, C. Morse, J. Overhiser, M. Bollen, A. Campbell, S. Messer, Mrs. Lum. ROW 4: C. Hedren, P. Jordan, B. Hauryski C. Negri, M. Robie, S. Nichols, F. Helm, T. Schermerhorn, N. McDonnell, D. Snyder, K. Jackson, R. Sprague. ABSENT: D. Van Housen, H. Travis. Kindergarten I wh. Q Af 33 Mx, T.i""' A K j 3 ww? yi N fAI4L.5j,!f',fi kA,A V - ' 'Q g ' 'K ' .af , jf'3Q1.i,f'9:x, A l f 4 x ' VA JJ.Vx3.T'y . I , X . 1 ff' ' 'M' 95 'Ili X .df- E5-. 5 i E I . . . ACIIVIIICS Yearbook Staff FIRST ROW: E. Nichols, S. Strait, L. McGuire, J. Butts. SECOND ROW: D. Shaut, B. Loper, E Reed A. Hauber, B. Walling, T. McGlynn, J. Allen, J. Davidson, J. Allen. THIRD ROW: M. Thompson, M. Smith, Mrs. Adler, Mr. Lundrigan, H. Peabody, R. Stinson, J. Straulka, N. Bulkley, J. Allen, Davis, R. Clark, J. Fredrick, J. Scaparo. Editor. . .... . . . Business Manager. . . Literary Editor. . . . Assistant. ..... . . . Advertising Manager. . . Assistants. . . . . . . . Sales Manager. . Assistants. . . Photography Editors. . . Assistant. . . . . . . Sports Editor. . . Assistants .... Art Editor. . . . . . Assistants. ..... . Publicity Manager .... Assistants ...... Yearbook Staff Rebecca Walling . . . .Ann Hauber . . . Linda McGuire , , , , , , , , , ,Harold Peabody . . ............... Tom McGlynn . . James Allen, Gary Coe, Ralph Stinson ..............EldoraReed . Dorothy Shaut, Evelyn Nichols . . . Ralph Peters, John Straulka . . Judy Davidson, June Allen GaryScott . . . . . . . . Neil Bulkley . . .Judy Allen, Jon Davis ................BettyLoper . . .Sylvia Strait, Marjorie Thompson .............MarilynSmith . . . .Judy Butts, Carolyn Sprague 36 G3 if ff. f ' X u ,iff - I . X, . , X ' v ..f xg f Y fg 24 f X Q N ' xx ' ' f tb . . b x f ,yeh ' 7 . . - . s fs .. ii A H my K f Fjffjfyfwf f' ,Af ,?. ,, , ,Mz14 g Q L Q wg Q 'v M - wg. I M - X' ' ,fi 5 . A tu 17 1 Arm ,.,, ,WMM ,,,i ,. W -f,mXL:EfiVALqwA ' s Q J ,7-. V, vm 2 li' -xv, Him 1 , wh 51 -4-..-. V S I ss,,,,- ,0- v 1 ZA af , O 3, Y, fe ' , 2 . K . A v 1, k fi' QS F A! I sup, Y' J I, y N -'Q ' , ,sufffufh , s ., ,. .,,, e : . , 4 ji? R 72:6 'J vE"f'1. x 1 fm I " "fi wif! , x , 5 5? M M W ,, 4 ji 'R 'if ' fm! ' s . f 6 g Q5 , E 1954 M. 'faV3f?'iT if '59 W I' F3 W 1 Q Q Q' ar 3 'V N-.fn 4.. -K ,MV M, W ,525-luv ,- I S It ,Iv A - 5 , 0 ,gf , 5 'W figs Q , 1. is x MQW M 7 151 J, my 'WZ a g?ef , ,.,- . Y 1 ff. A. j"!'5f. ' , Q ,A Q '.Qg'l'1ff J. K - ' 5 wif K fi? 'W' xg N 1 Z- E5 W - +51 V 'ii-M . L 551 Q "im fx-'mwq ' - -' T ' 5. Q -0 I . 4 ,MW U OITS STANDING: G. Lewis, D. O'Dell, J. Allen, D. Stratton, T. McGlynn, N. Bulkley, J. Davrs D O Dell G Scott, E. McGlynn. KNEELING: A. Stuart, Manager, Mr. Yancey, Coach. Savona Savona Savona Savona Savona Savona Savona Savona Savona Savona Savona Savona Savona Savona Savona Savona 28 75 37 35 57 47 65 52 60 Varsity Basketball League Record 42 Troupsburg 48 Woodhull 26 Campbell 35 Prattsburg 33 Greenwood 31 J asper 49 Cohocton 50 Bradford 29 Troupsburg 58 Woodhull Campbell Prattsburg J asper Greenwood Cohocton Bradford 41521 N. X VV! 1 ,, NV 4 11 1: ff2V'gwQQ:a , , IU 3, 9 5 , 1 I , Lai'-iii, - M 7 ip Q ,V fx 'J -5 -' "5 Lia- '1' 3: -5: X ,Q s":f , I , 1 1 - y jjb v' . V' JY h .K R 1 ' ' 1 a V . f. , 1 D , ' I' S, S Us 74 la! I 5 Z q g t Q ' 'Y It JL A, W 1 1 r .U ' r , V 4 I Z' ,, , , - ' f , xx , . . I',u 'f' v' . f X525 gm' 'J C?"I"" 1 c M 1 , . , 7 A J Q h5w'pl 1 E '2' 'Pl Di' A ' ., . V , , .. 5 A nv' x f, vw-up-. , -:lil-Tif --5-'MVMHE W X' . A1114 X I r , - . all 4 - X .,,, - . ' .ff,f,, Q . ' .- w ' 5 ' -s - , ' ' 4 Tennis HY .L+4 J D. Thompson, D. Stxatton, J. Strzepek, G. Lewis, H. Folts, Mr. Smingler. f' N", P , I ,1,UJ-A U40 A f "1 i WWW K ,V M If-, X X. .,Qi,7QiMa,,.ff0!i :72E!i".jT iff A if J f .17 W7 9230 iff b i ,ffff ' V011 fi! ,LIZW Base all f f JJJQW J, if ,J C ROW 1: D. O'De11, R. Love, D. Murphy, T. Feehan, E. McGlynn, J. Grimaldi, D. O'De11. ROW 2: Mr. Yancey, J. Davis, N. Bulkley, J. Allen, N. Gunderrnan, G. Coe, T. McG1ynn. 'bg . -Q., 1 , ' - ' 3 I W 1 may M 'are-'If 1 f , i .f 5 3 ' in I I Q2 5 , ff V , ' 7 x 1 gp K ' 4 YN' , I A I A 3 '1 , 1 .v ' " 'A A' ' ' " ii 45 . 2 Names Becky Evre Eldora Betty Sylv1a Judy D Marg Judy B Lrnda Dorothy Ann Marrlyn une Judy A Gary C lon D 1m Ralph S Ralph P Gary S Nell John S Tom Favortte Saymg Whoopee' Oh Yeah Umm Boy I don t know Oh George Beyond me Good Grannres Holy Cow True Oh' Honestly Heck' No' What cha gonna do Good Grref Yeah I ll be dogged Now wart a mrnute Get lost Howdy That s Rrght I ll Thlnk About ll I ll be drpped Never Happened Huh DOW Horoscope Noted For Intelhgence Smallness Trny warst r gtggl Her shortness Goofrng off Curly halr Brown eyes State of Confusron G1 l ng Dotng crazy thrngs Flrrung Talkmg Delrvermg m1lk Stubborness Brown eyes Calmness Crazy Jokes Ha1r cut Curly Haxr Bemg a Romeo Temper Hrs drrvmg 46 Wants To Be Nurse Secretary Arrlme Hostess Stenographer Beautrcran Beauttcran Musrc Teacher Atrlrne Hostess Teacher Pracucal nurse Nurse Farm overseer Teacher Nurse Forest guard Engmeer Carpenter Wrestler Mrllronaue Vrce Presrdent Engmeer State Trooper Presrdent Wtll Be Housewrfe Clrnt s wtfe Mrllronaues wrfe Sarlor s wrfe Housew1fe Farmerette College grad s w1fe Housewrfe Old Maud Secretary Crazy Comedlan Lady Bachelor Famous Athlete Daredevrl Dltch dlgger Engmeer Jockey Chemrst Pall Bearer Basketball player State Trooper Agrtculturtst ' He ' e ' ' ' . 'gg i ' Carolyn Really Quietness Lady marine Einstein II J . , J' ' Autographs Autographs 4- -. 'xi' a 4.. 7"" f rl.. -,, K ,W.,.f..,. - x""'9" 5, , 5 75' Xmti-iq" il X . s1'XH ' xy' ,, 3 in 3,,. I l,.,f QM 9. iizfixszif 116 FPR a 1 ii A Ehgwifgsiiff 5 X. ,qs ,gif , 1 4 fn 4 a ' my i.. 'fs ,mm 1 . K : Q . J. Q.. x I .--Y.., - , .- ,' -Uhilv -vvuotg 4.-atb L. 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