Sauquoit Valley Central High School - Saghdaquadah Yearbook (Sauquoit, NY)

 - Class of 1941

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Sauquoit Valley Central High School - Saghdaquadah Yearbook (Sauquoit, NY) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 15 of 52
Page 15 of 52

Sauquoit Valley Central High School - Saghdaquadah Yearbook (Sauquoit, NY) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 14
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Sauquoit Valley Central High School - Saghdaquadah Yearbook (Sauquoit, NY) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 16
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Page 15 text:

fl-V'C+ 44446 FRONT ROYV: Gertrude Kimball, Dorothy Lee. Joyce Jones ftreasurcrl, David Stoddard lsecrctaryl. Betty Tuttle ipresideutl., David Clough ivice-presidenti. Dorotlly Prescott. Charlotte Jones, Evelyn Williams. SECOND ROW: Esther Terns. Helen Bawol. Dorothy Edwards, Betty Miller. Dorothy Smith. Lois Reader. Althea Wilkilisrrli, Mar- jorie Thomas. Mary Yarosz. Ann Weigel. THIRD ROW: Russell Lee, Mary .lane Basile. Reba Jones. Mrs. Prichard ladviserl, Doris DeShane, Janette Davis, Fern Burdick. FOURTH ROW: Donald Fague, August Bozzone, Marshall Huru. Stanley Stefanik. Williani Tompkins, Frank Wadsivtbrtli. unior lass Class Hlotto-Work and Win Class Colors-Maroon and Silver Class F lower-Red Rose THE FRESHMEN of 1939 have now achieved the more dignified title of Juniors. This year we elected as our class adviser, Mrs. Prichard. During the first part of this year we elected the following people as our class officers: President, Betty Tuttleg Vice-President, David Clough, Sce- retary, David Stoddard, Treasurer. Joyce Jones. The boys representing us ill the athletic fields during the year were: David Stoddard, Willialn Hartman, David Clough, Stanley Stefanik. and August Bozzone. These boys helped to contribute to the winning of the Inter-Valley Championship in basketball. Four Juniors acted as cheer- leaders during this season. They were: Gertrude Kimball, Donald Fagne, Evelyn Williallls and Dorothy Smith. The following Juniors, Dorothy Smith., Betty Jane Miller. Donald Fague, Williarn Tompkins, participated in the annual prize speaking con- test in May. On October 18, the Juniors and Seniors held a dance, and in January the lzaak Waltoll League held a banquet in the Central School. The Juniors prepared tl1e supper. At the beginning of our freshman year we were able to boast a mem- bership of 49 meinhersg now, after 2 years, we have at present a member- ship of 36 members. page thirteen 1

Page 14 text:

I 0 I PIVC4- Senior Class Histor IN SEPTEMBER, 1937, we started on our four- year journey through high school. Classed as Freshmen we were naturally looked down up- on, but somehow bore up under the upper class superiority. We elected George Gehringer as president. Mr. Glenn Polly gave us a helping hand as advisor. Our activities in the first year were limited to a Hallowe'en party and bake sales. Next, we advanced to the rank of sopho- mores. We chose Miss Cassidy to be our advisor for the remainder of our high school course. Ethel Pine was elected president. The out- standing social event of our sophomore year was a Hallowe'en party held jointly with the Freshmen. As Juniors we elected ,lohn Kogut president. Having reached the status of upperclassmen, we had the privilege of editing the i'Saghda- quadah Siren." Margaret Gaffney was elected editor-in-chief of this publication. Our junior sport dance was our social event of the year. ln our Senior year, with the end of our school journey close at hand, we chose Ethel Pine as president. ln the early fall of our last year we presented "Skidding,'. a comedy of worthy mention. A dance, held in partnership with the Juniors, gave our last year a fine start. As we look back along this hard traveled road, we see that we were ably represented in sports by Marjorie Elaine Jones, Doris Smith, Margaret Gaffney, Margery Elizabeth Jones, ,lack Chynoweth, .lohn Kogut, George Gehr- inger, Stanley Briggs, Paul Howlett and .lohn Smith, and in prize speaking by Margaret Gaffney, Howard Weyant and Justin Donahoe. Our final goal, graduation, will climax four happy years spent in the Sauquoit Valley Cen- tral School. To Miss Cassidy, we extend our gratitude for piloting us on three years of our high school journey, and with many memories that will remain with us in years to come we bid adieu to all our teachers and fellow students. Soeial Activities 1. Un September 27, 1940, the Ag. boys spon- sored a fair and Barn Dance in the school. 2. A ,lunior-Senior Dance, '4The Autumn Frolic", was held on October 18, 1940. 3. The uCollins Festivalw, sponsored by the P. T. A., was held on November 7, 14, 21, 28. There was featured a male quartet, a lnagician, a lecturer and a three-act p1ay. 4. "The Trial of John and ,lane,', an operetta, was given hy the pupils of the grade schools and the high school, under the direction of Miss Newton, on December 19, 1940. 5. On January 15, 1941, two donkey basket- ball games were held in the gym. One was the cheerleaders vs. cheerleaders and the other was the P. T. A. vs. the Faculty. 6. The Senior Class sponsored an entertain- ment given by the "Alexander Novelty Trio", on February 13, 1941. 7. The alumni association gave a play entitled HMary's Ankle" under the direction of Mrs. Prichard on March 1, 1941. The cast was as follows: page twelve Dr. Hampton .... , ,,.,... .. Lester White Stokes.-. ......, ....... .,.,, ..... H a r old Davies Chub .....,.,,..,... .....,. W illiam Williams Clementine ,.,. ...... . .. ,,.,... .,,,.. T helma Bird Mrs. Merrivale ....,,, .....,,..... ...... C h ristina Mayton Mary .lane Smith .....,,. ,.... R osabelle Wadsworth Mrs. Burns .....,..... ...,,.., ,. .........,.......,.. Nancy Kehoe G. P. Hampton ...... ...., ....,,.., .,,.... S t anley Bawol Steward ,.... ...... ......, . . . ...,... ..,.. ,l ustin Gaffney The Faculty Play, "Tish", was given in the auditorium, May 3, 1941, under the direction of Mrs. Skinner. The cast was as follows: Txsh ,,,.,,......,,, ......,...,,,.. Aggie ..... ..... ...... Lizzie ...... .. .. Charlie Sands ,..... , Sheriff Lem Pike ,.........,. ......... Ellen Leighton ..... Wesley Andrews, Bettina Trent .....,,,. Callie Hopkins ..... Luther Hopkins , Charita ...... ,.....,.,........ Darice Gaylord ..... Denby Gflll1CS ........ Mrs. Prichard Miss Cassidy Miss Evans Ralph Briggs -Carl Zimmerman ., .,.. ,..,. M iss Gill ,........,lustin Gaffney . .,..... Isabel Perkins ,......,.,....Ellen Burke .. ,lohn Faville Lela Glendenning Caroline Sheldon Otto Salchow

Page 16 text:

W- E U 'S V5 W Q9 'sl .K R 27' :Q M -UVHQQQ Q9 .Gino fP:nu2 '5'q3.:"i.. Q0-UA!-C-S ,sl QQQQQ :- 3 L4 5' QJ2H':72 53523 Sregi ggi-oar: Q.-1-:mf-4.2 N B Uv ,HE QQQEQ-,Q 'H Nom ... m Ll4'UOGo-QQ,-o 'U s-4 E 0 EE 3 'S 'S L13 ian Q." 'HE 55 Q.-c Q W 51 Q.EuLe13EDq,p '-v-.g'g.E.,..1 .2 Q--wiv! -253.552 Qducnai .- 3 3 4? E E .5 3 3' Q.. Q-'E me yum V1 -T: IJ f-1414 'Q 551.0 E 49555 w.5:g'Q".: 5.22525 Qmmgug H3 is i:CQ"'Nv.w N ON- mais? w 'DNCQQ5 :Hamm QJUDWUU: E5l"'n-1585.4 BONQJUQ Z QEEQULQ page fourteen r as .N di ui 8.2 -ir: Dx Fw 5 E 0 as .Q o ng 'as U: .SH UD EP EU an QD ,VE EE U22 Q'-u 2? Q.-1: 0 ED U 1 1 Sz onli QB -so- as has :cc in UE 32 is Q-Q f.. : o -s :T Q s wife Cl' H1 far studying Latin 'U U 1-1 5 nat good ris DeShane Do :- :- on u U as 1? 3 :Of 'IJZLT-3 It ni is -g,,. bei! 2187 1.50-C2 wQS9 Q E 'SEI- EEGJF-1 .sg Snag' avg'-wg Sn?- .C'.g..?.,S D-:si-o 1503.0 U16-'KD CX. 2 .533 072 I-1-1 -gas: U2 an-EEE' Qvivg .i'5'f-es' 05:-E5 25072 'U co Oi o Q ::"UQJ"U 3052 -of-gn-ca. E335 cd 512.58 it-Img 'TQQDK-4 0:12.39- T E m avian 3 'E viii cu Lilh-U-10 P.-ETB: E165 E532 QCIEU Y .yAfj+ as n CX- F 0 1:5 'awf' .:.E,E .231-5 Ll Q-1'5"-1 2:5 :Ei iz..- W3 QF, is E2 Z'J".2 mg'-' E33 oio OOO IDCDUJ 3 O O EE 22 32 25? ,,,,z1p.-4 5.5175 a-,J.,':'. 9765 3..-... -c 2 E :swf- ago 'ini :ms man: I3 E 'F1 E'3"fM no one wig 0505 2,21-4 Quan -QMLD as!" Christm ee, 9 L4 as I 3 o as er. CG I-4 eu an BIZ C .v-1 'U N U l-4 'U U F-1 GJ 'U n-1 --1 3 GJ an Z' as .Q Ei 'Fl bd -c : U E 3 N DCI I: rn O 9 1- an -C1 Q cu cu 4-I F4 es Q O if bl CI :Fi Call I .-1 U7 'U 'Q meek and Lee thy o I-1 o Q 'aa D- o HN ger forest ran farming intish alf-p h Russell Lee r r CD s-1 GJ Q- 0 ID I-1 I :- GJ .-Q 0 eu an 6-9 6-I at cvs un Ci ... FT an im: -1 UL 0 U F-1 H-I U H R5 U 5-1 0 : 5 V as -H 0 m mx fs GJ ka 0 .a Oi 2 Q 'za 74.5 S39 C8 ali -cs 0 Q- O T .Q 05 Ei 0 ": .Es 125 B.: rm 4 1: 3 O 'U W? 5.. --: .br-1 ca. -c 0 CD In GJ ,S U 59 Q: wg J-3 4-3 0 O 33. I-1 si Fw if bf im :FU Oo Qi-I 'I dunno" lovelorn 0 vice t ad on U I? 'U U Q-a cn bl U .1-1 'U .v-1 O P N 3 ca n-1 U1 5-I as 50-4 ev -U U cn Qi I-I an .Q o Di tra!! Guess wha 1 66 ode thing suit m ' ha dancing attractive Dorothy Smith Z o as .S 9 H 0 P .v-1 5-1 'U 3 U U I-O H U2 5 o sl-1 U U2 S-1 o 9 '4-4 F11 as Ui at I ... cv .2 71 A4 C 5 n-1 .M :Fl E eu '4-I ca 4-I cn V. cu I1l 5 as 4-I ED is 'Q UD ra: :me rdf Ohio-I DEE .453-cs Qiw on dd 0 lil .Q 6 as IT N- Bmw .9553 330 ,,,-.rn U15 Epo Q24 E xi 317, O 35m bIgU':: EN-E :mio '-ax... omw 'Cal Ii .E F-1 5 3 1? 555 we 225 'Es IDU Fc 3 a E iii 390 wh... "u'S O. '5.:D es'5',N DQS Q : as I- Lf-4 5 0 F O J-J td 4-I rn P4 Z '-H o I-4 o : l-1 0 3 o CJ 'U s-4 O F-I-4 driving his in love S Tompkin s 2 5 ,A aa O ae .2 H flndependent ye ell, really GLW music teacher music dustrious in Tuttle Y Ben 2223 "ox .gang as-1.4: Q82 as-1' sei so-e wgr :. .E O s-""'E 256 0-'QU :.Ed-I mms. ov!" .,-1 U 1-'JD'-' EHS QBQ 3:42. viii' 5-1 2 O C5 2 E ti 'Lan 355 E53 HSE 3001 +4 -53 Sv' .Moa i's U-EH .sz 46 L4 O -5- --so can iw 21? T.-icsg 3-A 3mm ooth I" III "Oh, he's s SS e stewarde all ating going s alrpl .M vivacious Wilkinson os as -C .2-." 4 ello, kidi' GSH obe trotter where gl GJ E o U1 an : :Q o at di U GJ 0 an U P effer IHS Willia CI 3. li eu 3 Ld -K E -U 4-I 0 E Q m Lf Ei 4 5-I as -C1 0 eu an Oli 'S as F1 es U li W P. -U Q- being friendly genial Yaroz Mary

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