Santana High School - Yearbook (Santee, CA)

 - Class of 1981

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Santana High School - Yearbook (Santee, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 164
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A CINDY ANN ALBERTSON Activities: Trackser 1, 4th Period Representative 4, Hor- sebck' Most Memorable: Danny C. Spendingktime with SD, JH, RJ, JM. Years of " 8-79," orking at the Gap and being in class of "81," Future lans: Spending the rest of my life with Dan, raising a family and having a happy life. SHERI LYNN ALM Activities: Gymnastics - 1-4. Most Memorable: Best Friends RR, LH, Grandma's House 4x4, Boat Show, Mullvanies w!AH, Staying the nigihct in Herbie T. Pink, Gymnastics, T Cars, ts of laughs w!PR, Tracy K. Future Plans: Accountant or Com- puter Technician. EMMA "PINKY" ARZE ALMANZA Activi- ties: Helping Ipeople in peer counselin . Most iiimiziblin 2iiiirin1iiHwi.iliibtBxiifiii2sI?SiviiiiA' l 1 Y ' H 0 Concert 3' Getting into nightclubs at 17. Future Plans: Become a Comp. Program, and travel across states to NY. ALICIA INEZ ARROYO Activities: Choir, NYI Sec., Play Piano l2Classicall. Most Memo- rable: Crazy r. "Z," ind Mrs. Colbeth, Good Old! Mr. Beach, Unbalance Mr. "G", Summer in PR. Future Plans: Go to PLC, Major Bus. Admin., Become Pres. of Beneficial Finanw. TONY JOSEPH ASTOLFI Activities: Work- ing and ridinlg my Motorcyfle with MG and fix- ing up! my or . Most emorable: 1-18-80 when eann and I got together. Special thanks to my Dad for all the help he's given me at work and home, and my Mother for just being her. Future Plans: o become a cabinet builder. ANDREA IRENE AVALOS Activities: Par- tying, Beach, Good Buds. Most Memorable: 3- 21-8 , Getting kicked out of school, 5-24-80, Being w! RR, ummer of 79, "80" Xmas Dance, Beac Cotthalges, Special friend KR, other buds RS, MC, P , MO CN, PV, SA. Future Plans: Work, Get rich, Always remember Raymond. B IDUIS JOSEPH BAER II Activities: Being w!Debbie, Football 18z2, Baseball 2, My car. Most Memorable: Debbie, Xmas Dance 79 8z 80, Football 2nd Hear, LQ' friends old 8x new, Mr. Beach, PB + G, M + DS, DE + AN, 11-11- 79, 2-11-80. Future Plans: Marry Debbie, Become a Diesel Mechanic, Have a family. KIRA LEE BALDWIN Activities: Jr. Honor Guard, Tracts Witnessing, Christian Concerts w! DG, VE, CA. Most Memorable: Jesus 80 in LA, Bririging friends to Him. Future Plans: Letting is ight shine, Azusa College, Coun- selling, Missionary, Await the soon return of the King of kings and Lord of lords. WAYNE BARKER Most Memorable: Get- tin out of school. Future Plans: US Navy, Get RicTi. BRENDA LEE BARNETT Most Memora- ble: 9-16-80, Brandon was born a big healthy boy. My job at WTC Agency. Getting tolgether with Jim in Nov., Gra uating in Jan. uture Plans: To make sure my son has the best in life, and to watch him grow day by day. Continue and advance in my job, o to college, and to someday soon get married? SCOTT M. BARKLEY Activities: Tri to Colorado River in Summer of 80. Future Plgns: Go to college and then get rich. KIMBERLY ANN BASS Activities: Softball 18z2, Track 2,3,4, Skiing Mammouth, Being space caddett with wig at Wendy's. Most Mem- orable: MeetingqRon 6-16-80, Off the wall times with VW, Y - 79 8z Texas - 80, Sum. of 80 with Ron. Future Plans: Get out of HS dz get a job that pays lots of frogs. Marry my ulti- mate, have 6 kids, and travel. MARIO BATTAGLIA Activities: Football 1,2,4, Baseball 1. Most Memorable: Being with Lisa, Vahalla football game, Mount iguel freshman football game. Hoadleys sports lit class. LORRIE ANN BEBOUT Activities: Being with Ron as much as possible when not work- 160 SENIOR WRITE UPS ing, Havinglla good time with all my friends especially ar 6 Kathy. Most Memorable: Getting promise ring Going to desert with R, K, M. he months Feb, March, April, and May. Future Plans: I hope to become a successful lawyer and sometime judge. KATHRYN JANE BEELER Activities: Back ackin , Diving, Camping, Fishing, GDWP, TPCWIH. Most Memorab e: CM, C , SB, GD, DM, DD, SF, Mrs. Foster, Goinglto Black's Canyon with GD and goiniISO D. Future Plans: Live and be happy, ove out and live with friends. DON BENNETT Activities: Track 1 8: 2, Dithing 1-4, Partying with friends in 80, Riding ATC at the Desert Camping, Watching T . Most Memorable: Summer o 1980 wit HP, ME, JK JC, DJ, PD, TB, CP, SH, KH 11th grade, Partying at Mission Beach on Friday nights, Oakbourne Mob, Mr. Beach's Class. Future Plans: Go to college, Party with friends. LORETTA LEA BENTLEY Activities: Car, Riding, Campin , S - 22124-79, 6-20!23-79. Beach, Music, Sq1eidle's Auto Body, Jake's Mechs., Partyirig wf friends. Most Memorable: Good times wl athy, JK, WM, MH, TK, Sum- mer of 79, Motoc c e, 5-8-80, 5-10-80, 8-21-79, Concert 1-2-80. Fliiture Plans: Working with cars, Being Happy, Being Me. MARLA MERT BJORSTROM Activities: Going to the beach, Sand Pits, Dancing, Party- ing, WXJB, JW, AM KM, and GL. Most Memo- ra le: Summer of 80 concerts The beach, MeetinglGreg 79. Future Plans: Partying, Liv- ingibyilt e beach, Getting rich and living ife to it's u est. PATRICIA "TRICIA" BOAZ Activities: Ditching 1-4, BH Watching, Partiying with friends D, DB, B, HP, DJ, CP, J ,J ,MB, Beach on Fridafy nights. Most Memorable: Xmas Dance of 9, Summer of 80, 11th grade, 1-4-81, Going to El Caon, 12-1-79. Future Plans: Going to college, oving out with PD. TAMMY BOGGS Activities: Church, teach- ing 4 year olds. Most Memorable: 16th, 18th birthday, 2-21-79, 11-22-23-80. Good friends SM, PJ, SS, RH, KU, DF., Beingawfcousins, grlandparents. Youth conferences, r. Gushwa. ture Plans: Work with the elderly. Temple marriage for time and all eternity. SUZANNE LEE BORDEAUX Activities: Gymnastics 2, Cheer 1 8z 3, Beach, Three wheel- ing, Mexico, Dieting 1-4. Most Memorable: Summer of 79, Mexico 79 w!DE, Aug. 16, 79, Good times with Dave Kramer, Debbie Erwin, Kim D., KM, TP, GB, Ski Trip w!Shakeman. Future Plans: College, Career, Spend time w! Dave Kramer. Talks w! Mom. SHARON MAUREEN BOWERS Activities: Publications, CSF. Most Memorable: ltiIigFam- 1? Good times w!CS, CF, PC CM, , NC, T, BJ, Santa Cruz, 12-18-79, Schaffer's Eng- lish, C, Mills, Gushwa, Summer of 80, Caro s great family, Staffers, Friday nights, Senior year. Future Plans: Live a happy life and keep smiling. DAWN MARIE BOYER Activities: ASB 3,4, Xmas Princess 3. Most Memorable: 12-25-80, Being w! Mike, My Family, Crazy times w! CH, ASB, MR. T, Special times w!Pami, The beach, Prom 81, My car, Special friends PCXDFXKHX MH. Future Plans: College, Marriage, Live life to it's fullest: Mike, I'll a ways love you. AMBER ELIZABETH BOYTE Activities: Softball 1,2, Journalism 3. Most Memorable: 11-9-79, 11-9-80, Kenny Kr me. Sharing spzecial times with my family. Knowing PD. -5- 9, 4- 30-80, 6-26-80, Bob Seger 3-31-76 GHWGF. Future Plans: Attend college and become a psychologist. I look forward to having two chil- ren and adopting a bunch. TAMARA LYNN BRACKETT-SLA- GLE Activities: Drama, Speech Team, French Club, Histor Club. Most Memorable: Being with Allen, ACE, Planning for our Feb. Wed ing, Graduation in Jan. Future Plans: To spend the rest of m life with Allen as his wife to have a beautiful family, and a happy life together. DAN WRAY BRADLEY Activities: Soccer 3,4, Soul winning, Ridin my motorcycle, Go to Ted's BBall games. Most Memorable: Vi ning Santana's first soccer ame against Cap. All the times with SB, RD, TC TB, 1 the BMF Youth group. Comin to know Lord. Future Plans: Go in tlge service awhile and learn a trade. Get married and rz a Christian Family. RICK W. BRENNAN Activities: Surfi: Skateboardirig, Going to Zoids w!Crew. M Memorable: ood fig tswith jocks Surfing PA, RC, JJ, TS, LF, TW, JD CH, RP, VV, l BP, DD, s Cliffs. Future Plans: Become architect Get Rich, Travel, Shape Boards, 4 out of valley. DANIEL GREGORY BRENT Activiti Working My car, Bein w!Cindy, 3 Whec Riding, Cruzin'. Most Ngemorablez M Fam Jo-Jo Meeting Cindy 7-18-80, Xmas Rance WCB Ts, LS, so wfJA, JF, Pc, Craz time !JF. Being w!Cin, SM Beach WXCFE Fut Plans: CE, Get rich quick be happy. BERNADINE STELLA BROWN Activit Universal Studios 77. Most Memorable: C versations about guys with SL, KS, MC, Q LP. Going out an being crazg with "i HAWAII NANGELS"G ,LP, Band be with Marc Files. Future Plans: Having fun : being happy. College, work, Maybe marri: and ami y. LISA CATHERINE BROWN Activiti Drama and choir. Most Memorable: Goof off with Micke , Bob, and Lois. Fun w Bryan and friendls. Tryin to ass. Psych. i Football. Future Plans: fgavei, College, Sei down, and more psychology. Marriage a Family. RAY "RAMBLING" BROWN Activiti Baseball 1-4 Football 1-2, JH Parties 1 Roadin15,3 Wlheelin, Mini Trucks. Most Me rable: eetingzPatti, Radiant Buddy DR, 79, MS, MH, M, "5-22-80," Baseball 80, Game, Towers with PR, OMD, CM, SV, . Future Plans: Keep Patti smiling, College, 1 the best out of life. RICHARD "RERUN" BROWN Activiti Anything that is adventurous or becomes d ing. Most Memorable: Going out for izza my classmates during Gourlay's cljass tiil Future Plans: Go partners with Mark Hay: our own wood shop store. SCOTT A. BROWN Activities: CC 1-4, T Most Memorable: Good times with KK, CD, DD, PS, Destroying my Dodge's trans sion. Future Plans: Become a computer grammer. SUZANNE ANDREA BROWN Activit' gyiiymnatics 2, Camping, Beach, Snow with EJ ost Memorable: 10-5-79, with Rob, Meet Rob 5-79, Fun times.with Tammy and Pat, nheyland, 5-18-79. Future Plans: Getting ried soon, Moving, Being alone with ob Living and loving a happy life trouble free. JULIE ANN BUCHANAN Activities: E Cheerleader, Gymnastics, Eating, Laugh and being? with Gary. Most Memorable: J 21, 1980. uture Plans: Go to school and gil UP WILLIAM C. BUCHANAN Activities: AI 78. Most Memorable: Part ing with JH, F DT, MB, DB, SW PC, LIXL, Prom and G Night so with Pc, Homecoming 79-80, fi Forever, Summer 78. Future Plans: Make of money and buy a house in Beverly Hills. MARTY C. BURKS Activities: Football, mg motorcycles, Most ?orts. Most Memora Dulzura 79, Plaster it 80, Being aro friends JG, BB, AH, DS, RD. Fut Plans: College, Making money, Traveling. DEBORAH LYNN BURPEE Activities: 1,2, TRK. 1,2,4. Most Memorable: Part Dancing, Guys, Fun times at the beach. friend Y 8 yrs., Good times WXAY, CW SY, cw, sw, Dec. 31, Being sister wfAY at Future Plans: Be healthy, Travel, Marri Live life to it's fullest. C LYNDA "CAB" CABURNAY Activiti Tennis 1-4, SB 1-4, CIF 28z3, BB 1, lst Te ALT 4. Most Memorable: Disney w!SB te 78. Mardi Gras 77. 10-15-78, 10-2 -78, 11-24-

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