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D12 QTU5 2671 goolz 9 3 si QH'Il V YYYY YJ H Y 1 1-mai!!! wgtihssiglg. ui 1 I- , Qhikigtna ll gal amen' K-vuuil I X -may WEEE' I 1 ul f 5-A H z .JEL X N 2555552 ' J . SSEESU f liliiil . s n' l Presented By YEARBOOK STAFF CONTRIBUTORS Ruth Voskuyl --------- Editor Roseanne Campilio - - - Co-Editor Dorothy Ball ------- Art Editor Robert Benbrook, Sharon Biggam, Jo Ann Dalton, James Elsing, Joanne Fernandez, John Humphreys, Raully Jaramillo, Kristin McCaffery, Ettra'Montini, Joan Newton, Elaine Noble, Erik Nordli, Judy Rez- zonico, Clarita Romero, Floyd Ross, Judy Schooler, Mary Strate, Gill Williamson, Rose Marie Mendoza, Raul Barbosa, and Beverly Vlyrick' , PRINTERS Jimmy Apodaca, Peter Capovilla, Bill Chamlee, Eddie Cordero, Alfonso Diaz, Bennie Harris, John Humphreys, Ross Munoz, Raul Navarro, Richard Prato, Walter Sexton, Lynne Sturmer, Gilbert Velas- quez ADVISERS Mrs. Marian Burri - - -Journalism Mr. Jack Richards - - Photography Mr. Lloyd Wilson ----- Printing SANTA BARBARA JUNIOR HlGH SCHOOL Santa Barbara, California MISS HELEN E. MURPHY, Principal DEDICATION This yearbook is dedicated to Miss Helen E. Murphy, our friend and principal. We place the word friend first because it conveys so much better what she means to us than the title principal. When we open this book years hence and leaf through its pages, we shall probably experience a number of emotions, slight amusement at photographs of ourselves and our friends when much younger, nostalgia for exciting times and rewarding experiences, renewed respect for ever-patient faculty members. However, this conviction --the sincere appreciation we feel now for our friend, Miss Murphy-is one emotion which will not only stay with us but will grow. The passing of years will bring to us a greater understanding, a more mature outlook, with these to guide us, we will then realize to the fullest that Helen Murphy is one of the best persons we shall ever know. . - H FOREWORD ln the pages that follow, there will be set forth in story and picture a record of outstanding student activities and personalities in the year l953. It is hoped that this publication will serve in the years to come as an in- spiring reminder ofthe atmosphere of friendly cooperation in which we stud- ied and played at SBIHS. M RITCHIE -I-UIESJ ARLES PrU'C'pal gn FG.-e CAMPILIO st Vtce Pflfwwal THE FACULTY aww 42' Front ox NI Ayer Hr Niaguu-e NIr Hall Mr Jolly Mr Mount VI: Montesano Mr Ras mussen Mr Nunez Mr Evans Second row Mrs Burrl M1ss Sager Mrs Alven Mrs L1tt1ef1e1d Mrs Lopez M1ss Murphy Mrs Wllson NI1ss MacLeod MISS Compton Mr Reynolds Thlrd row Mrs D1erenf1e1d Mrs Hubbard M1ss French M1ss Schnzuedt Mrs Couse Mrs Nau- Mrs Lantagne M1ss Fenner M1ss Baker Mr Pezzat1 Mr Buchanan Mr Blake Mr Lansmg Back row Mr Welhng Mr Campxho Mr Courtney Mr L Wllson Mrs Clapp Mr Anderson Mr Wxlfley Mr Gadsby Mr H W11son Mr Kerngan 41 ' 1 5 . 15 ,, if f 3 13 , 'fr' ' r.- 2,1111 f ,'1 -r- 4 ' ' 1 'u e ,Zi Vx, 'I A 5 1' ' 1 f ,:, . , . ' . CH - - . . , ,I i, ., :, Y .fl , . ' VI . ' V ' K' N . -.vw . 4 - ., ,, , .. ,, , V im- HY ' -' ztigki-124, A ' -'. , .D ' ff , ' 41' A f f ,I , ' ' r K ' L H I K I Y , Y. , , M . A, ,H . ' V r ' f L' f-- 1. -. .,. K ' V ' ' ' . , 12. , C' 1 1 1 -H Q4 ' 7 uv ' Q L .L ' i 1 'L L A fu' . 2 , 4 s. 1 , , r f 1 Q. X , I 1 K fra, .1 . , ' qw. . A ' ' ' , sa-fr Q Q K X X . ' fl X 1 . . if M, -- , ' if ,K 1 , K 1' ' H ' , , fx' .' , T' 1 s fx n ' T1 I 1 I L ' -f I' V1 A Y. ' , . . - 1 A - 1 - 1 4 - - 1 5 - 1 1 , . .L , . . Q i l I . 1 1 - ' 1 - 1 - 1 1 I , 4 , . . . : . 1 , . . . . , . , . , 1 1 . , . , . ' , . . I . 1 1 1 ' I - . 1 I , - , . , . , . . , - . gfudenf goat, Ghgicehs unction get Democfzacml brook, Gloria Malengo. ' The Student Council i The Student Body Officers form the core of the Student Council which supervises student activi- ties. They are assisted by presi- dents from the school organiza- t tions and the homerooms. All are elected for one semester. Mr. Rit- chie is the faculty adviser. Front row: Robe-rta Coppock, Kristin McCaffery, Paul Duxbury, Susan Hol- Back row: Bob Goux, Dick Heron, Don Wright, John Mullins, Marjorie Mc- Cracken, Eddie Cordero. gfudent Gantt ptomofes Qmefzicanism The Student Court The Student Court is made up of nine homeroom presidents, three from each grade. Two judges who are appointed by the student body president and ap- proved bythe Student Council preside. The purpose of the court is not to punish, but to help the student become a better citizen. Members are chosen each sem- ester. Sessions are held in the Student Body room at regular intervals .Mr. Blake is the faculty adviser. , Left to right: lVIike McKnight, Judy McCarrol1, Marcia Buchanan, Ann Foss, Don Wright, Eddie Cordero, John Mullins, Elvia Siben, Arleen Terres, Dion War- ren, Joe Leon. owina ism Glass and ptinfefzs produce Vlewslfzound , v, I Front row: Judy Schooler, Roseanne Campilioj Joanne Fer. nandez, Clarita Romero, Mary Strate. , Second Row: Gill Williamson, Ruth Voskuyl, Jo Ann Dalton, Ettra Montini, Beverly Wyrick, Kristin McCaffery, Erik Nordli Back row: John Humphreys, Robert Benbrook, Raully Jaramillo, James Elsing, Floyd Ross. N-S940 e3 X .0-:Z Front- row: Jimmy Apodaca, John Humphreys, Eddie Cordero, Peter Capovilla, Gilbert Valasquez. Back row: Ross Munoz, Walter Sexton, Richard Prato, Lynne Sturmer, Alphonso Diaz. Fm lcil .Vi. Esi. Za. 316 lit- -oss, Var l l Qifzls feague and 0116 afze ifal af The Girls' League is made up of all the girls in the school and is one of the most vital organizations at SBJHS. Their list of activities includes talent shows, services as hostesses for the PTA and usherettes for the spring production, and participation in the Council of Christmas Cheer. Miss Murphy and Mrs. Nair are the faculty advisers. 3-MEA Front row: Joan Miller, Esther Cruz,. Clarita Romero, Gloria Malengo. Roseanne Carnpilio. Middle row: Rose Marie Mendoza, Marie Fouche, Dorothy Ball, Jo Anne Miller, Marjorie Mc. Craken, Theony Condos. Back Row: Sharon Biggam, Mary Lee, Ettra Montini, Teresa Tenosa, Betsy Smartt. The Boys' Club includes in its membership all the boys in the school. They have had a varied program of activities, with special emphasis on talent shows, undler the leadership of Mr. Jolly. ' Fiont ow Roland Lopez Steven Licker Gordon McMillan John Richards Back row Joe Romero Vaughn Wipf Alan Jones 6 qs, uffl' 'llfd ff Z' gpecial Hgfzavon qoes 'fo musical qfzoups The musical groups at SBJHS this year have been the largest in the history of the school. There were sixty members in the Girls' Glee Club, forty-five in the Boys' Glee Club, sixty in the Band, and sixty in the Orchestra. The Dance Band, the Ninth Grade Chorus, the Pompon girls and the majorettes were also large and ac- tive units of the music department. Double-Crossed, a musical comedy, was presented by the Boys' Glee Club with the Pit Orchestra providing the music. This Fall operetta was such an out- standing success that it was taken to La Cumbre Junior High School for a per- formance. The Ninth Grade Chorus and the Girls' Glee Club were featured in a KTMS tape recording during the Christmas season. The Band distinguished itself by win- ning a first place in the Thanksgiving Day parade on State Street. The Orchestra as well as the Band performed on numerous occasions at our a.ssemblies and in concerts at the High School, La Cumbre Junior High, J efferson, and Garfield Schools. The annual Spring Concert featured the vocal and instrumental organizations in a variety of numbers. Z' ---off x faq oz' Z 4 QQ? 2 o m P A o n G i r I s 'zaduation Glass -- nineteen AJ ZZJNJ ul 1 'E illll 're Is First fbottomb Row Romero, Clarita Zamora, Rachel Victoria Soto, Ramona lsbel Abogadie, Mary Alice Fernandez, loanne Frances Venturini, Dolly Celestina Voskuyl, Ruth Everman, Eleanor Frances Second Row Schooler, ludith Ann Carnpilio, Roseanne Vittone, Angela Tena, Elsie lulia Lopez, Mary Lousie Velarde, Elma Mae Cuthbertson, Eleanor Edith Gonzales, Sally U. Cruz, Esther Tollow, Nancy Uribe Mary lessie Martinez, Clara Petra Madrigal, Lupe Kiriakidis, Andrownickie Crossland, Thelma lean Sanchez, Rita Maria Soto, Carlotta Ann Garcia Lupe Tenoso Teresa Ann Muneno leanne C Casale, Grace leter, Beverly Ann Placencia, Carmen V. Sanchez, Annie H. Maya, Helen Third Row Ferrall, Elsie Barbara Dowdin, Ioan Hunskor, Norma L. Fernandez, Jacqueline Banks, Esther Louise Nishihara, Valentine Calderon, Paula Mary Castillo, lrma Elvira Moreno, Edna lean Martinez, Flora Cecilia Mendoza, Rose Marie Pippin, Mary Rose Tello, Audrey Edith Reyes, lrene Elvira Suarez, Manda Ramos, Carmen Bertha Rivera, Maria Delia Fierro, Rebecca Diaz, Maria Elena Daniel, Guadalupe Dan Alvarado Stephanie Munoz Cruz Marie Garnica Marcell na iel Morelli, Lorraine Frances Molina, Gloria Marie lensen, Kitty Serena Zandona, lrene Bernice Caballero, Dora Mary Bonilla, Rosalie Ann Fourth Row Bawden, Iudith Ellen Hellenga, Donna leanne Lee, Mary Holbrook, Susan Perez, Elizabeth Nora Puentes, Carmen Gloria Soini, Laura lean Fragosa, Sally lean Lopez, Annie Medina Erranova, Victoria loann Robles, Dora Marie Booth, Norma Faye Smartt, Betsy Alfreda Edwards, Barbara lean Mcllwaine, Kathleen Noble, Mary Elaine Montini, Ettra Ann Buchanan, Lynette Myers, Virginia lean Dalton lo Ann Terres Arleen Beverly Saruwatari Yukiko Dianne Siben, Elvia Rosalie Fate, Brenda Gail Swiggum, Marilyn Rae Hansen, Karen Lis McCaffery, Kristin Ingrid Urton, Marcia Elaine Turner, Shirley Mae Masonheimer, Patricia Elaine Maclean, Priscilla Alden Fzfth Row Reese, lohn Howard Valencia, Richard l. Perez, Abraham Valenzuela, Arthur F. Regis, Martin Daniel Greenberg, Edward Alan Gilbert, Kenneth Wayne Lugo, Smiley Richard Escalera, Iohn L. Robinson, Helen G. Cuellar, Celia A Howell, Iosephine Mearly Vasquez, Amelia T. Navarro, Martha Ruiz, Mary Rose Armstrong, Donna Marie 'Wilson Billie lean Ball Dorthy Grace Bodlef Sharon Ardele Catalon, Francis loseph Wanzer, Laurence Floyd Nakaji, Norman Martinez, Xavier Alexander Robles, LeRoy Safina, William Rojo, Michael Cromer, Bobby Wipf, Vaughn Fredrick Block, Garland Paris, Gene Villa, Billy Sixth Row Newton, loan Winitred lohnson, loyce Fouche, Maurie Louise Pryor, Ella lrene Price, Alice Lucretia Bertrand, Anita Diana Warkentin, Dona Mae . Small, Susan Ann Coppock, Roberta lean Biggam, Sharon Arleen Miller, Roberta Maxine Rosales, Mavis ' ' Boutell, Avis Ann ' Mendoza Martha Vivian Tonnar Alicia Ann Suarez Margaret Helen Valencia, Betty Adej Delgado, Barbara Ri Mendoza, Dolores l Fragosa, Comm, Lardizaball Bafbara 1 up G. VSHSQGS, Maria A gtrate Mary Louis orirad, Rub L Wyrick, Bevgiiyofl' Larrabee, Nancy C: ldCkson, Anne Buell Richardson Barb L. Rezzonlcof ludy ATI lllurphy' Harriet Ei Cioff Roseanne B ark, Ruth Marilyn Gifghni Bfiqitie Ch! 1GS.Elizabeth r Seventh Row e lim' Raul los' Ramirgg dvlef Vai Sanch ' dfQBrito ' Cal GZ, loseoh it H 'Qleloflr lose ' Harris, Bennie D Omer rang O Dennis l o Grris hfllfilln Mi Gutierrez Doile ld I Q Nav D 7 ation Vw vi Glass'-nineteen iff -Thfzee Ill! IIIE S vi .A A ZXAS 9 1 .vL,. .off V., EOAW - k r., francis l0S9Ph .31 Laurence fl0Yd Hamill ez, Xavier Alexander 3 LEROY Wlllllam tlmfsal f,.-..-4- iff' 'Jann rw Y. d ',,,..n W9 ,MI :tn Wmiired ?'yC9 , 4 mari? Loulse eg Trelle pm E', :pnLuCfell6 ta Diande if Q Dona Ma Q 'Wm Arm .Nirvana lean .L L Ju Arleen Zhdfon A Zine Ii ttpgfld l a g.1.'f1J ,nfl . in VW ,, ffm . A4 y Ann ilfid et Helen F iv! Iffifi- Valencia, Betty Adeline Delgado, Barbara Rose Mendoza, Dolores Maria F ragosa, Connie Lardizabal, Barbara Venegas, Maria Aurora Strate, Mary Louise Conrad, Ruby Lorraine Wyrick, Beverly Larae Larrabee, Nancy Catherine Iackson, Anne Ruth Richardson, Barbara Louise Rezzonico, ludy Arlene Murphy, Harriet Elaine Vior, Roseanne Clark, Ruth Marilyn Bruehn, Brigitte Christel Ruth Gradias, Elizabeth lane Seventh Row Navarro, Raul Ioe De Leon, Xavier Valenzuela Ramirez, Margarito R. Sanchez, loseph A. Calderon, Ioseph Harris, Bennie Romero, Dennis William Franco, Martin Micheal Harris, Monroe Gutierrez, Donald L. Diaz, Alfonzo lazo Palma, Herman Seyle, Gary E. Esparza, Tony Barbosa, Raul Arnolfo Valasguez, Gilbert Anthony Apodaca, Iimmy Ioe Paulin, Ralph Stewart Manlapig, Darrel Eugene Cavalletto, Louis Dominic Acquistapace, Eddie B. Hayman, Thomas Brinkley Swanson, Robert Neil Vxfilliamson, Gill Eyre, George H. Nordli, Erik Humphreys, lohn W. D. Alvarado, Eugene Adrulto Vincent, Norman Willem Romero, loseph Paul Prato, Richard Raymond Wright, William Wakefield Mar, Stanley Yam Martinez, Daniel Alexander Pedersen, Elmer Eugene Iones, Alan Blanguette, Anthony R. Tritschler, Hubert F. Castro, Eddie Villegas, Raymond Richard Kluth, Robert H. Padilla, Ioseph Fernando Lingel, Francis Darrel Heron, Richard F. Perez, Robert Martin Solis, Eugene Cordero, Eddie R. Maxwell, Dwayne Clifford Medina, Salvador S. Ir. Sexton, Walter Eugene Sturmer, Lynne Walter Niles, Kenneth E. Poindexter, Carey Iunior Eighth Ii ow Smith, Daniel Begg, Robert David lr. Grand, Ioaguin Thomas Wilder, Robert Grant Naretto, Charles lohn Thompson, Delbert Schneider, Richard Iames Clapp, Walter D. Furman, lames Emmett Ellis, Alan Boyd Richard, Robert Carter Acquistapace, Ronald Frank Baird, Frederick Lee Munoz, Ross A. Calles, Gilbert lohn Capovilla, Peter Bernard Chamlee, William Frederick Simms, Felix Erasmus Wright, Russell Lee Copas, Bryan Berber, Iohn N. Cota, Frederick Ronald Kerr, Donald Hugh Reid, Lee Sherman Middletonf Clarence Maurois Ross, Floyd Dale Elliott, Oscar Leyva, Clifford A. Crain, Arthur David Rubalcava, Felix Bernard Harms, George Strowbridge Hendrick, Thomas William Benbrook, Robert Stewart Churchill, Peter Franklin Ninth Row Lane, Clyde Allen Baker, Richard A. Weigman, Chris Rivera, Leo R. Willson, Harlan Michael Leon, Toe Elsing, lames Bruce Tirrell, Iohn Anthony Mullins, lohn E. Rogers, Richard L. Stenson, lohn F1 ancis Stone, Edward LeRoy Brown, Charles Armenta, Miguel Silva Kohler, Raymond French, Robert A. Wright, Ben Johnson, Donald L. Banks, Robert F. Duncan, Rod H. Troxel, Warren Keith Leon, lack Wright, Donald Keith Those not in Picture Cloer, Lawrence Iackson Gutierrez, Iohn H. Iaramillo, Raully Lopez, Richard I. McNall, Robert R. Placencia, Ralph Nicolas Rizor, Michael Franklin Torrez, Samuel Verner Douglas I. Ybarra, Arthur Guerrero, Vera Ann Mercado, Dolores Montoya, Ophelia Vasquez, Hortensia Mon Wheeler, Sandra lean talv W , evenflz Qfzadefzs make 'fine Recozb Naomi Asakura and Chorus Three hundred starry-eyed seventh graders entered Santa Barbara Junior High School in September, 1952, and eagerly became a part of student life. The boys have learn- ed how to print and plant, and the girls have learned how to handle the needle and thimble. They both have learned that as ye sow Csewh so shall ye reap tripl . They have contributed original art designs to the exhibits in the dis- play windows, and twenty-two of them took their places in the school band and orchestra. In sports they have shown a keen interest, with honors in class competition going to the 7WB's ffootballl the 7A's lbasketballl and the 7M's fvolleyballl. The seventh graders are also proud of their record in winning school-wide contests. To the 7F's went the honor of being first in the PTA membership drive, the 7N's were second, the 8R's third. First place in the ticket sales for Double-Crossed went to the 7N's, followed by the 7F's and 8R's. Again the seventh graders scored in the contest for the Council of Christmas Cheer, sponsored by the Girls' League, when the 7N's were awarded first place. With the help of Mrs. Groebli and Mr. Richards ,the 7N's also presented an as- sembly program, including a broadcast of school news and two skits. The '7N'fs. the 7LM's. and the 7F's also took pride in being among the first to announce one hundred per cent membership in the student body drives. Roger Runyan at the Mike 'WY ' V ' '11 gf T it ' ' gill h 5 . X I. I A Studying the World Scene C . .- Nw ar. N4 .N 37,3 ' - Q- 1.3: 33'-5 E --. . ' .., TE F. rw .W Zizjtaflz qfzadeis qive pfwmise of feabetsliip The outstanding contribution of the eighth grade class this year has been the magnificent way in which they have served our school as monitors and members of the Campus Squad. Mr. Lansing credits the eighth graders with having done a superlative job in helping to maintain our traditional high standards of conduct in the halls. Sup- ervisor Gloria Malengo and Captains Ann Woodhead and Tom Berry deserve special recognition for having served faithfully the entire year. Mr. Pezzati's Campus Squad also has been notably successful in enlisting the cooper- tion of all the students to improve the grounds. Whole- hearted participation on the part of dozens of eighth grade boys and girls made the noon sports program really effec- tive. The Talent Show early in the second semester was another example of splendid eighth grade response and cooperation. Roosevelt Hoover merits special mention for Winning a tremendous ovation from the entire student body for his performance on the piano. We are glad these eighth graders still have another year at Santa Barbara Junior High School, for we expect -to see many leaders emerge from this splendid group of students. Science Classes 1 ,ll . K 1 Cx 1 1. 1' - 11 Rn, A T Roosevelt Hoover Improvises Exploring the Realm of Science 9 1, M J ganfa gatlnzta Revisited While catching a few winks the othe-r day, I was awakened by the buzlz of the TV phone. I tufr-ned the knob, and there at the other end was-! Well, I'l-l l-et you guess. He's tall, dark, and handls-ome, and ay world famous musician., of course you know, it's'Rod Duncan. He exlplained that he had just returned from a world tour, and since some twenty years- had ep-assed, he though-t it was albout time to pay a little visit to Santa Barbara. He wondered if I would show him the town. Oh, I was delighted, and said I would meet him at the Art Museum. I caught the very next b-us, and in the driver's seat waiting to take o-utr fare was good old Johrn I-Ilumphreys. We sa.i-d Hello, and, as I went to sit down, I saw six of my old school friends: Nancy Larrabee, David Begg, Alan Jones, Eu- gene Pedeers-on, Su-s-an Small, and Vicky Erranova. I no more than got seated when Richard Lopez got aboard. We talked Va few minutes, and then I got off the bus to see Rod. There he was, looking as good as ever, with a flock of girls around him. Let me see, there were Roberta Copfp-ack, Nancy Tollow, Sharon Bi-ggam, Judy Schooler, and Arleen Terres. We all cha-ttered together afbount old times, anld then Rod and I went into the Museum to see the mod- ern paintings by El-aine Noble, Dorothy Ball, and Rose Marie Mendoza. Rod's balby toe was bothering him a-gain, so we looked in the telephone directory and found some old -friendls listed as dlootors: Dr. James Elsing, Dr. Tony Tirrell, Dr. Robert French, Dr. Gary Seyle, and Dr. Chris We-igmtan. Well, he ended up going to Dr. Tirfrell. Oufr next s-top was a movie. It had been such a lon-g ti-me since R-od had seen a movie that he forgot to bring his threeadimensional glasses, so he had to borrow so-me. We were thrilled to see on the screen Lynette Buchanan, JoAnn Dalton, Dickie Heron and Walter Clapp. Rod asked how much progress t-hey had made on the new college at Goleta, a-nd I suggested that we go out and see. So we went and were cer- tainly impres-sed with the beauty of the campus, the splendid build-ings, and the colorful sig-ht of the students passing to and from class. We calil- ed on our old schoolmates Gill Williamson, now professor of Stellarol-ogy, and Floyd Ross, Di.s- ney professor of Industrial Arts. We saw Raullfy Jaramillo out on the field getting his team in shape for the Rose Bowl. Erik Nordli, the Pro- vost, was in Washington attend-ing a top edu- cators con-ference. There was stil-l time left for a dip in the ocean, and so we hurried to the beach. I called Rod's attention first of all to the tower so that he would see Bert Tritschler and Eddie Cordero, healthy and sun-tann-ed from their work as lrife- guard-s. We saw two friends, Ra-l-ph Paulin and Bob Richards, supervising a group of boys from the Y who were playing volleyball. They gave us news about many of our friends from SIBJHRS. Rutth Voskuyl was a writer and au-thority on social. problems. Joan Newto-n was writing script f.or several top r-adio programs. Marry Strate was making a sucess on TV. Roseanne Campilio was serving a second term in Congress. For dinner we went to a fine, well-fpatronized restaurant on the beach. We were surprised and pleased to find that Judy Rezzonico and Beverly Wyrick were the proprietors. Maeny of the o-lid crowd came in to dine and chat. We were es- pecially glad to see M-ary Lee and Clarita Romero, both me-m.bers of the Board of S'u'pe.rvisors. 'Soon we had to lea-ve, as Rod didtn't want to mi-ss his- ship. A-t the airport Rod in't1rod.uced me to his pil-ot, Jim Furman, who -told us many in- teresting stories afbout his trips to the moon arnd to other planets in the universe. It was now ship time, so Rod and Jim climbed into their beautiful 1972 rocket-propelled space ship and were off. Kristin McCaffery JUNIOR HIGH MEMORIES Those jolly days at Junior High, How quickly they have speeded byg I often think of the morning rush, The tardy bell that caused us to hush, The gong that sounded fire drill, When we'd leave classes with a thrill. Assemblies, toog I enjoyed them all, And smiling friends I passed in the hall. Report cards were another story, They made some glad, others sorry. Elections and contests filled many a day, Junior High, Oh, days of work and play. Ruth Voskuyl. 4 . ZF ..0 Pm- 21113. 3 'n the , ww . xulued - :Q '7-12 ..,., L--Jriem, ' . V-. 1 if me , A A .N . ..,, -L43 -9 f fX:I1 .Milf give 1 sexes, f-flfi' C1 v V44 5'I'i1Q c' we - Marv TJ . . , ---film 1' Paz: '4- W-... 'rxzai tae-i and 3e'.'erZj.' 1:-2 :Id WET? ES- Q ....-,.,, ........., V121 13 .,-A '- p ,w 1-v-,I .':s. ans KM. Sup all 'Q vx rt1...l'.l .I v nf. .- I L gpoifs Develop mokale ana 009 gpofzlsmanslfip ZW' if 11 , 'I 8S - Track Champions 9R - Football and Volleyball Champions 7th Graders Play Lively Volleyball The Umpire said Out 9P - Basketball Champions GD: gxtfzacts 610:44 die Diaful of Glafzita fzomefw, Octolzefz I956 October 25, 1956 Today while I was down town I met my old friend, John Mullins, and we started to talk of former days at SBJHS. He suggested that we drive up to the Blue Onion, so we got into his 1956 Superjet, fuchsia Merc and headed there. A number of our friends had already gathered, including Connie Fragosa, Ramona Soto, and Ophelia Montoya. They were talking about the Homecoming Football game which is taking place tomorrow night. They said that nearly all the class of '53 would be there, so John and I decided to- go, too. October 26, 1956 Tonight John and Ifleft his car in Dennis Ro- mero's parking lot. While we were walking from there to the stadium we saw Jack Cloer, Sammy Torres, and Don Wright pretending to jump the fence. As we came up to the ticket window we saw Felix Rubalcava, Carey Poindexter, Ella Pry- or, and Priscilla Maclean buying programs from Dick Heron. We bought our tickets from Walter Sexton, and hurried in the gate because they were starting to broadcast the line-up. We heard: This is Martin Franco, your sports announcer, announcing .tonight's starting eleven. For Santa Barbara are'Ends Bob Cromer and Richard Valen- cia, Guards Norman fthe bombl Nakaji and Billy Villa, Tackles Johnny Escalera and Abie Perez, and at Center George C Bubb1es l Eyre. Playing in the backfield will be the Halfbacks John Reese and Michael Rojo, Robert Benbrook, Fullback, and Quarterback Eddie Greenberg. We struggled through the crowd and John spied two seats near Lorraine Morelli and Barbara Lardizabal, but by the time we had worked our way up the bl e a c h e r s Betsy Smartt and Alice Price had ,taken them. Then Iusaw Dianne Saru- watari, Donald Kerr, and Ben Wright buying cokes from Grace Casale who was trying to make them pay 15c per coke! We finally found some seats next to Marilyn Clark, Dwayne Maxwell, Norma Hunskor, and Gene Paris who were carrying on a lively conversation about who the Homecoming Queen would be. Suddenly everyone began to cheer. It was for Quarterback Eddie Greenberg who threw a 101, yard touchdown pass to End Bob Cromer. After the cheeringuhad died down, I saw Ross Munoz and Donald'Johnson carrying out Raymond Kob- ler, who fainted from shock. The score was 76-6, their favor, at the tend of the first half. Suddenly the lights dimmed. Everyone was waiting for the halftime activities directed by Nicky Cavaletto. The last thing on the program was the pre- sentation of the Homecoming Queen. While the band played softly, Norman Vincent introduced the Queen-Donna Hellenga. What a doll! Her ladies in waiting were Roberta Miller, Edna Moreno, Alicia Tonnar, Carmen Puentes, and Irene Zandona. After the half time activities, John and I walked to the field and talked to the water-boys, Eugene Solis, Bob Richard, and Doug Verner. Instead of going back to our seats We decided to go in the cheering section, which was quite full. A-s we walked in, Clyde Lane, Sally Cuel'ar, Joe Sanchez, and Helen Robinson called us. Then I saw Thelma Crossland, Cruz Munoz, Annie Sanchez, and Eddie Castro rooting for our team, which was ready to play again. Taking Bob Cromer's place Was Mike Willson. Wow! What a player! Now we would see some action. Coach Alphonso Diaz was eating his cap' and staring blindly into space. The team, now including Richard Baker, Joe Leon, C'ifford Leyna, Richard Lopez, and Clarence Middleton, star end, was going full speed. .After the game fscore 176-76, our favor of coursel We walked back to thecar. Zoom! There went Herman Palma chirping out of the parking lot. With its twin pipes the car could be heard for blocks. After about twenty-five of us had piled into four cars we cruised the main drag, stopping at Pete Capovilla'S restaurant. Don't think we didn't give the waitresses Joanne Fernandez and Jackie Fernandez plenty of trouble! As we drove home after a happy evening we couldn't help thinking of the many other happy times our crowd from SBJHS had had together. W' Q Pg D Al' 4' I -24 .13 ,.-. ,QLQW 2 ' 2 it I-Q,., , af.. 'X - lx as l I A 1-1 7 N Q A12 fl: Q 5 , . 1 s on ' ' A , A ' ig!-gy fl' 38 'r' -. '-A..-Q2 71 'Tiff ' L iq -,. , '50, '41 Q :H l N -.,q,3:-AA. lp' ' .' fir as xt' fl, ' 'TLEEIQ e., 4 - - Vgsg 1- o'-'f Pre I! 'A 'N x H a,.n ' --9 Lie L .?f'sz... - w.,C,,.'21: I 1 291' Tgk-4? F A7 14:23 'xgrtsfx ani V93 llcf ,- U'l'L:9:n'.t'.: Zerxer. - Vps LH. leg 'vm Qi? .,, Q1 gv .. .., -.pai 'L T.x., fir' Hill? ' r :far f':.c::f3 Bib l r-rv 'i-3.21 2 Q. 'tfzljff :fgf .If'f fx' ffl' A, 7,,..,... ..- .,. .... ,. 'thi TE .: y frm? Q... -pr? , , 'v 5 - j'.1fI.I, , . .1 'fr ,. w,-lf, p 53-ff' Hs . f Ya it-Jgzff J r. V rv .1 .vf Q .' . , :mf ,l if . 4:1116 A '-qff I lm 1, Ag .f ' I Mb. Q Uafziefxi 06 ezsamzlifies an cenes Cast of Double Crossed Mrs. Kimsey, Secty. Mrs. Dearborn, Clerk Report Cards neun Uusliuulan Moy.-v Llvun uno I-Jllllllg ul USICUIC A J .A. A. Board as xr H Stanley and Patricia Gordon McMillan ARLEEN TERRES ETTRA MONTINI ELAINE NOBLE CLARITA ROMERO BEVERLY WYRICK NANCY TOLLOW ROBERTA COPPOCK KAREN HANSEN RACHEL ZAMORA ELVIA SIBEN JO ANN DALTON Half of 'fame ALL AROU'ND PERSON PERS ON ALITY FIGURE PHYSIQUE BEST DRESSED HAIR EYES ' DIMPLES VOICE DANCER ATHLETE SMILE 'Newshound Headlinefzs JOHN MULLINS RAULLY J ARAMILLO BERT TRITSCHLER JOE ROMERO DICK ROGERS TONY BLANQUETTE WALTER CLAPP KEITH TROXEL ROD DUNCAN DON WRIGHT JAMES ELSING Dorothy Ball Roseanne Campilio Dion Warren Ann Woodhead Member of All California Symphony The one girl in Double-Crossed Selected the name Newshound S B J H S ChamDl0n SPBUCI' 'fashions in I95.-2-3 mlllllllil Ill lllill Ill lilllll il::uni!!!! . ik: 1 ' PJ . v xiii. u-yin uf'-lllfx i!I'IFlIlU, luminal' 'llll-,gill ' I-'lil' lglll 0 '-' N!H Styles in boys' shirts ran to checks- blue and white, red and white, and green and white. There were also many beauti- ful cotton and wool plaid shirts in pastels and darker shades. Spectacular was Mike Wi1lson's. Very popular again this year were the V-necked sweaters in some gor- geous colors, a good example being Pete Churchill's gray cashmere! This year navy and black suedes were the thing when it came to shoes. Also, gray cords were worn a lot. As in the past, Christophers were again very popular with the fellows, and, it might be added, with their girl friends, also! The girls showed a preference for skirts made of tweed, gabardine, corduroy, and wool. Plaids, checks, and plain colors were worn, frequently with bobby socks of the same color. Suede shoes in navy and black were the general choice this year of both boys and girls. Flats in navy, black, red, and white were often seen, while saddle shoes were preferred by some. 'E ffllllidsrilff U X . X v X ' i s 2 L n

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1953, pg 10

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Santa Barbara Junior High School - Condor Yearbook (Santa Barbara, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 21

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