San Marino Hall School - Marinor Yearbook (South Pasadena, CA)

 - Class of 1949

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San Marino Hall School - Marinor Yearbook (South Pasadena, CA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1949 volume:

. 47" r f FV, 'AH 'A' Y -Y-ual 0iMLOv IQ'-W ' ' ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS A- - , The Marinor Staf wishes sto express its thanks for the help all . ' cooperation of Mrs. W right, our adviser: Mrs. Sayler, our English teacherg Christine Cunningham for her art work, and Mr. WMM ' . , Q Hubbell .of the Advertising Production Service of'Pdsa1ell, M5- H lislgers of the Mariner. --f '- - ' , ' ,g . . P. 5 ,. I, N THE MHHINUH I9-49 ' '-'fi , -A X 66ZiCdti0lfL ,A ffm. geafrfce C!azAQ7Uzi?Af By no one are beifer sfandards of educafion and morals held higher 'ihan by our adviser here a+ San Marino Hall. Her much appreciaied inferesi' in each girl as an individual, her desire fo slir us 'lo develop our possibiliiies, her abilily 'lo search, fo plan, and fo advise for our advancemeni and grealer happi- ness - fhese are fhe qualifies fhai' form our Iasling impression of our undersfanding and resourceful direcfor, Mrs. Beafrice Wrighf, +o whom fhis MARINOR of I949 is dedicafed. 0-Cllftlfl, 814 'fl W' . .dv K ll v-.....,,,-5 ,4f,-nlur- MR. RALPH CLARK MRS. MARY CLARK As we look forward, we musl' remember our founders of San Marino Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Clark, fo whom we owe so much. The sfudenfs before us have known fheir undersfanding and sincerify foward fhe girls as well as fhe school. They will never be forgoffen in fhe hearfs of all of us. QAM :- -l lv ,Q jp I ll 'Il lu l The Marinor of I949 has been planned on lhe lheme of adapialion lo and preparalion for lhe oppor'luni+ies of 'lhe posl-war world forming in lhese fasl' moving years. ll' is our good forfune fo be in a wonderful counlry, one of fhe few praclically untouched direclly by 'lhe war. and 'che only lruly 'Free one. Through aclivilies on 'lhe campus and in fhe classroom we have learned lhe fundamenlals of good cifizenship and coopera- lion. We are building higher ideals 'lhan ever before and loolr- ing 'Forward wilh expeclalion and enlhusiasm lo whal lhe fulure holds. jx,-O WN 6Kl4fLilfLl.f4f'C6lfi0lt QA. Mrs. Mildred Sorensen, AB. Miss Doris Gilmore, B.A. fig?-1 . 'N . 9 E Mrs. Martha Ray, Ph.D. Mrs. Lucie Sayler, A.B., A.M. as EM 'i""' Mrs. Eihel Benson, A.B, Mfr -10' -rl Mrs. Mary E. Bylin, A.E. 1. K I A 3 'Q AN 1.4 ' Q V f fi x, L 7 ' .il iff: Mrs. H. Boyefb Whife, H.A. I 4 I I ' V X- "" r f 444 ' T Q W ' 3 Q . " f f -ref s. 1' X Q ' "' ' ' TRP ' f I sr 'P 1 as ,J K t Q 1 ., ,I " 'f " lf. i 9 4 X l Mrs. Efhel Law, B.A. Miss Gloria Mehger, B.S, Mrs. Myrfle McLeod, BA., M.A. . Mrs. Patricia Floyd. BA Office QSM55 , + i ii Nl Miss Edna Brown Mrs. Mariorie Harden Miss Grace Collins Af' N., mise .fwolffrew Miss Elma G'0"bef9 Miss Margaref Baird Clark Hall Baird Hall , K Q . if if ,, 1 f f Ji' 7' Mrs. Rae Melville Buford Hall lNo Piclurel Mrs. Jennie Sferling Shorb Hall Mrs. Adele Young Cen+ral Hall Ai: WN in mffmlfegs Cl- 40 , N., 3 enfoz Cfczaiaficf-MA!! We, lhe Seniors of I949, do here will and bequeafh fhe following fo our under classmafes, in hope Ihal' fhey will never forgel us. l, Carla Andreasen, will +o Carole Mucich my 'Freedom as a day pupil. I, Joan Barnes, will my long fresses 'lo Bonnie Aikeson. I, Beverly Bea+y, will fo Jane Miller my dancing abilify, and room No. I0 'lo anyone who is lucky enough lo gel if. I, Diane Irwin, will +o Pal' Lighlle my singing abilily. l, Beverly Knofls, will fo Johnnie Bagby my snug-filling swealers. I, Mary Ellen Norris, will +o Cleo Cochener I'he Book Club, +iIl deafh do Ihem parf. I, Frances Ross, will lo Chrisline Cunningham The corridor healer, and fhe peace and quiel of my room Io anybody wi'l'h a new pair of ear plugs. I, Shirley Spurlock, will Io Joyce Spurlock Wayne Jr. May she 'lreasure him as she Ireasures Wayne Sr.'s le'H'ers. I, Marian Waeny, will fo Belly Wells fhe board in my bed. To fhe fufure Seniors, we leave our Senior 'lable wifh Ihe sincere wish 'lhaf Ihey will have as much fun al' if as we have had lhis pasl' year. anions We. +he seniors, realize 'lhaf we are going info a world of iurmoil in which much of fhe knowledge and experience we have acquired here a+ San Marino Hall will prove +o be of greal value in surmounling lhe obsfacles confronling all ihe youfh of +his generaiion. ln seeking fo reach our goals we have found ii necessary io mainfain ihe highesl ideals. We can acquire much knowledge lhrough books and fhrough fhe observafion of o+hers, buf an even grealer abundance of knowledge may be ob+ained +hrough fhe observalion of ourselves. Many have found lhe Unired S+a+es a haven, free from fhe oppression of 'l'yran+s, where freedom and equaliiy are carried in +he hearls of all. This we shall endeavor 'lo preserve. lf is our hope lhal' fhose enfering San Marino H-all afier us will carry on lhis idealism wi+h ihe same devofion 'lo ihe school and fo Mrs. Wrighf fha? we have had. THE SENIOR CLASS Q. Q Joan Barnes Norih Hollywood, California "No life is so hard 'lhaf you can'+ make if easier by +l1e way you make if." Eniered '47 Book Club Secrefary Sludenf Body Presidenf S+uden+ Body Vice-presideni' Associafe Annual Ediior Carla Andreasen Pasadena, California "Quips and Cranks and wan+on wiles Fun and frolic and wreaihed smiles." Enfered '46 Sophomore Presideni Sororify Secre+ary S+udenf Body Secre'rary Senior Presidenl' G.A.A. Presidenf Annual Edifor Mk B l I f Beverly Beafy Hollywood, California "There is greaf abilify in know- ing how fo conceal one's abil- ify." Enfered '45 Book Club Vice-presidenf Sororify Vice-presidenf G.A.A. Presidenf Sororify Presiclenf Annual Arf Edifor Diana Irwin Los Angeles, California "l'll find a way or make one Enfered '48 Glee Club Treasurer Mary Ellen Norris A+lan+a, Georgia "'ldeals are like sfars. Follow ihem and you will always reach your des+iny." Eniered '48 Book Club Presiclenf Senior Treasurer Beverly Kno'Hs Los Angeles, California "The longesl' way around is +l1e shor+es+ way home." Enfered '48 Senior Vice-presiclen+ Senior Secreiary S Frances Ross Long Beach, California "To sfrive, fo seek. +o find, and noi 'lo yield." Enlered '45 Freshmen Presidenl' Sophomore Presidenl' Riding Club Secreiary Riding Club Vice-presidenl , Shirley Spurlocl: Los Angeles, California "The only way lo have a friend is 'lo be one." Eniered '47 Vice-presidenl Junior Class Secre+ary'S+uden+ Body Presidenl Sludenl Body Presidenf Senior Class Pholo Edifor Marian Waeny Downey, California "A young friendship may be sweef, bul an old 'Friendship is rich wilh lhe' 'Flavor of many memories, which lime alone can impart" Enlerecl '46 Secrefary G.A.A. Treasurer Sorori+y Presidenf Boolc Club Junior Presideni' Vice-presiclenf Senior Class Business Manager Annual JAM Zfgzfe fv 6 9 1 Q W ,Q I AuaoM uegnyq mpopndg Aalagqs sgoux Ap:-Mag A4293 Alu-meg sauna ueor uaseaupuy 9.193 ? ZPIm O2-W bg-sag I-Og mm-4:2 wgdq-K mg? Umgm -2? N042-K xgxm ZWQ m--Q: Z2-'mm m-'gsm mam mr:-gs M-UE-OO-A Z-:mg 2005! N hge ,M im Oozw-Um-N HT-mg 45+-H mm ami -O42 mm O-:ag :gm-Vx 15:3 :S+ P-mmm mm-.NT mm-jrmg: wrig- 1222 M-3:3 P MOSTQS 050-A 22:05 Im-15 -B -og by W Wmz 2:1 ygcm- no-Q -U0-Y M031 mam-0 -N003-503 N303 WOOBB-10 2003310 WOO-G --002V -UCS-0: mm: NE Tgxomnzm 994-Zm wg: Orin -33:6 :Q M5113 mr I I I - mga VNOC .Soi 20:-l-1 :Y-D+ :Oi xg wgz -U0 A52 Da - Q3 N -0:2 E: mvm RTE 223 0-O0-A mamma mg: vamagiu Z! 302: F003 Z9 N I-i0I+g0m EO-U-0 :I-Q.:-2 20:0 5 00510-' :DM was 0 TON-ig fA Cbchwf lfLlfLlj0'Z7 H 4.4 N V. .X Q.: s 41:21 sfnlev N Xl? - f ly iq, i 2 ' -gloom... ,,. M 'V i s xA k 'oi These girls are our fufure Seniors. Their amiabilily and perse- verance will aid iheir preparalion 'For a successful Senior year. NAME Carol Mucicll amy Wells Jeno Miller Joyce Spurloclz Chris Cunningham Cleo Cocllener AS WE CONSIDER THEM Friendly Talkefive Cuie and crazy The lad one- An orlisi Lazy SEEN WITH Clee's buh iowel Full poclzefl Music books Her new slloel Her painls Wifhoui home- work Sponsor . . . Mrs. Sorenson FAVORITE SAYING May I be excused "Once in our auio cow?" I don'I know Hull La To Da I guess you know PET PEEVE Ninrlu period sludy Ilall Chris's nigh!- mares Killioys Teasers Noise Sloppy-ioes 450 AOWLOZGA IN' 'vi I x Q 5 ' I Always smiling, helping everybody in NAME Pe? Lighile Shirley Wenrich Rhoda Mon Evelyn Frank Sandra Wernow Marie Ann Hiichcock Dolores Karon Birdie Gross Roberia Ruge lhe sophomor work and play. AS WE CONSIDER THEM Telenied Quiel Wifh xomelhing fo :ey Grasshopper HIPPY Slending in ihe hell ln riding penis Walking down Garfield Lang leen, and H S A , . 1 Q, es breeze ihrough fheir high school days SEEN wlTH FAVORITE PET PEEVE SAYING Her horselail Beeufiful hair A pencil Bonnie A big grin Her emiebilify Money With Simone Make-up Sponsor . . . Mrs. Bylin I can'1 remember Ok Oh. my goodness Yoh l heven'l done my Spanish Gee, wha! ere you laughing eboui My sister won'f approve of that Come on. Simone I'll be ebseni fomorrow Dancing lessons Nefhing Everyihing People who use her comb lnsincerily D.K. Dine peering candy bers Leiin I0 siudenh Week daze cle, mm 'Q These newcomers Io ihe high school are rapidly accus+oming fhemselves fo fhe classroom and school acfivifies. Wilh eager hands 'Ihey 'lake up any faslc 'lhaf will 'furlher lheir aims. NAME Simone Yoh Bonnie Aflnson Gloria Kalliclr Lorraine Boday AS WE CONSIDER THEM Neal Willy Someone Io look up Io Carefree SEEN WITH Birdie Gros: Her shoes off Her glasses Rod heir 1 Sponsor . . . Mrs. Sayler FAVORITE SAYING Gosh Ah Oh. sfop it Johnny PET PEEVE Brood Har hair Cheap girls Exam: Af mom SPELLMIG j' 54474 naman k nniaz ta lfwlttlftf Czm, Diana Lee Duran Johnnie Bagby Pafsy Duga - L I Sandra Frohman Suzanne Phelps M 1 J ,- WW fs' 2224 xy' J,' X-1 Y ., .X I v .' 'v 1 . ,, K U' X 7 39 U I R v jk? ee' , M 1' YQ 42 , W EA bi' ,yi lib X 'XS N f cf N 4 mKww9f,v M Q Q kj 1 Y fjpuklcm Q' 1 F' f' N m 'Ax ,QKB 4 A 114,11 A K- 90 ffififmfg ,ydxdcafd f 'N 0 fm NA? fl? mn X , A x I X x I ,. , J ,V M "U x AMQLJ QV 43 y V ' ,I f H ,V ,Qfjfifga .I N X ' YJ X N I ff 4 N w f N A 'J AXJI Ll I 1 . 'x iff f . - J 'Nr . ' , N i ' xr ' I K fy FQ, A X- :J XX ' 'lj rf 1f1!Iry,,L,Qn,x fxxx K S3 Xff . " ,'Jf-C-" J X xl' ? 1,.s.'C.i,f4v. lsr'-" 1 I WX A . 1-li- A W 1 N ,FWZ ,, M F! ,,.xA J i f f Inf 4, T ,wyx:x9 C 1 '9f+,T'7 c7L1Lllez1zze lfZf6.4 QGUW MLC?-kffv xg fl' 4fA, 5154 MZ 614 Qwfe. QU' Flying hands, resfless bodies, are in fhe infermediafe grades. Firsf Row Eleanor Thomas Nancy Krag Second Row Doris Crossley Paf Johannsen Sue Richardson Beverly Hudson Mike Griffin Nancy Carlson Lofhian Toland Fredlyn Godell Mrs. H. Boyeff Whife and busy minds besf describe fhese gurls who Third Row Diane Miller Paf Kelly Carmen Janenf Evelyn Hanson Beverly Bowles Drucilla Pafe Fourfh Row Julie Banker Sigrid Wiggins Paf Campbell Rufh Ann Schiffer Donna Krag Irene Vicfor Paf Crosson Q46 gaze, These are 'lhe babies we are so proud of: lhe liH'le ones lhal' will lake our place Their 'loys will soon be in lhe pasl, and they also will look 'lo lhe fufure Firsl' Row Louise Schaflnil' Reila Hulchins Tony Shrewsbury Marry Shrewsbury Claudelle Aggie Janel Cooper Second Row Diane Kemp Janei' Blaclcslock Judy Robbins Sandra Wesl Mrs. Elhel Law Third Row Kalhrine Baker Nancy Fosler Susan Wolring Diane Percell Judy Sager Mary Kay Carolyn Godell Pamela lngraham Four'l'h Row Nancy Pryor Jo Ella Guanl Mary Mosher Pal' Griffin L' Wane Parmenler Shirley Smilh 1 fig' .-mm 1 Y 1 Wi iii, 'N'-Q,,,"f? 'iff ,W hiv. sf- -qi". 4 We f' , xi ,vi r N! fagxlfff.. X.. lug 'NO Oo WH wx v,-'ll' I mia' 5 3 fi ln, I :LV 5 Qs. mar ,,, 1 .s 'buds il 8 M 1 H u, ,ef 3 ju 6 pf r 1 1 1 1' 5 -pf m,... gf, .P w""f'. 1' t . 1 A 1 , 1 SQ f:q.'J" if? , 'ff V 13, 1 .fhiw X CL, -. -I V Qt Z! v-Z 'B 4 in Miuazmanic 35 Y' X QX X' This group of girls have spenl many a pleasanl' evening, lislening fo well- known pianisls and vocalisfs af fhe Philharmonic Audiforium. Programs such as fhose of Palrice Munsel and Casadesus will linger long in lhe memory of each. 12011 To be a member of 'lhis socieiy is a goal which every girl +ries +o achieve Requiremenis for ihis honor roll are iwo A's and no grade below a B. 5004 Citi The Book Club is an organizafion which gives us fhe opporfunify fo share fhe lives of ofhers fhrough books. Meefings are held in fhe drawing room, dues are collecfed each monfh, and new books are boughf fo increase our library. Through good liferafure we can acquire fhe knowledge of our fufure world. Firsf Semesfer Officers: Second Semesfer Officers: Presidenf . Vice-Presidenf . Secrefary . Presidenf . Vice-Presidenf . Secrefary .... Sponsor . . . Mrs. McLeod . Marian Waeny . Jean Herman Ardeen Gufhrie Mary Ellen Norris . Cleo Cochener . Pal' Lighfle Alu i ', ,,-,,,p, -...- A..-....-..- . , 5 an Cin! Cooking by a campfire in lhe early morning or riding under +l1e sfars are favorile pasfimes for +l1e girls who are fraining iheir bodies as well as 'lheir minds for fhe fulure. ffl wife The E'riqueHe Club is made up of The en+ire s+uden+ body. Each week discussions are held on good manners, poise, and grooming, which every girl knows are imporfani fo her fufure success. Sponsor . . . Mrs. Ray C7114 The fhree A's which form our 'lriangle represenl' 'lhe fhree-'Fold purpose of our sorori+y in i+s care for +he body. mind, and spirit These purposes will noi only prepare us for school life buf will also give us a greaier unclerslanding of our fufure world. Sponsor . . . Mrs. Ray CS-infant Cami The Sfudenf Council represenfs fhe sfudenfs of San Marino Hall. The officers uphold fhe rules and help make decisions concerning school problems and acfivifies. Firsf Semesfer Members: Presidenf of Sfudenf Body Vice Presidenf . . . Secrefary . Treasurer .... Senior Class Presidenf . Junior Class Presidenf . Sophomore Class Presidenf Freshmen Class Presidenf Second Semesfer Officers: Presidenf of Sfuclenf Body Vice Presidenf . . . Secrefary . . Treaurer . . Sororify Presidenf . G. A. A. Presidenf . Senior Class Presidenf . Sponsor . . . Mrs. Wrighf . Shirley Spurloclc . Joan Barnes . Beffy Wells . Carole Mucich . Carla Andreasen . Jane Miller . Sandra Warnow . Lorraine Beday . Joan Barnes . . H Beffy Wells Marie Ann Hifchcoclc . Joyce Spurlock . Beverly Beafy . Carla Andreasen . Shirley Spurloclc Qcylvl Our G. A. A. has learned, 'through acfivifies on fhe gym courf, fhe funda- rnenfals of good sporfsmanship and feamwork. Firsf Semesfer Officers: ' Second Semesfer Officers Presidenf . . Vice-Presidenf . Secrefary . Treasurer . Presidenf . . Vice-Presidenf . Secrefary . Treasurer .... Sponsor . . . Miss Mefzger Beverly Beafy Joyce Spurlock Marian Waeny Norma Andrews Carla Andreasen Frances Ross Marian Waeny Gloria Kellick QL., CM This is a group of girls who have willingly given lheir fime fo creafe harmony around campus. Their musical falenls have enabled +hem +o sing many de- lighiful songs such as "April Showers" and "'Tea for Two." Throughouf 'lhe year, lhe Glee Club has provided variefy and musical almosphere which will be carried on inlo +he fu+ure. Sponsor . . . Mrs. Floyd OKJL- WN Om L . v 17N U s 4 S J O .Wap r L:-'10 Owe cjinale If 'Y 5 an B . xx, S ,. 4? Q X we fs 44, Wg, n 'isa n ,W . xv ' 'W-aww, f s Y , . . K V. 'Y sw, i g- , ii . , 5 -X f'9""'f J .. 6 gg . ia 'Mi' , . 1 .N as 1 ,.... N.. 'W '. . 1 1 x X , 3' 1 'XX ,gl F1035 Wf --f W - 1 ', ...Q Q M Lk , . 4 4 V 51, - L 4'w',R .4 Af' Qinr if aff Lg 'wk yM'5w63gQ '24,- A . 'ffvfi S M 'SQ V 1 - -Q, . A.. w,,g,,g',5w-Y . , +!"ff'f, N ' " '. ' ':" t . Q a:'f':'5f4.N2f5lffv,s,:v ' af"f'WL , Q ,ww lm' 555 X33 IVY 'lf f 'S 'A ly: xg 54 Jax. .J 'K W 5 ' Hx. . . vii f 8 , " -Q I ' .wx s V ' N, GL, N - A E Q-,LVTCQ4 M. . ,..f f - ' M ' 7 X A' Y ' by K 1- I A an 5 1 W K- my " ' A X i 'ff7'f1'f."'ffP R M . , A Y., 'ax '. y ' c , - ' I . -f yffwi? S K dx y fwr k I .V ! ,Lzfw A XQXL, :ffm 'QSM ' , Qf P , . . - X wmv- f" gif? " ix " is I A 1 w. N, . W f,v,, - M ,Q gg, L42 s A -L7 . . Q., vw? f X ' w,'i:S1X5f- ?1g..gws ' . A - Q A . -A A , M . - A f A as ' :Va x iff' W-ki, N 3 X. Lg Ixw Mb- .'-WS'-.1 A 'bivifj KV . ,.,:':'55 M -4 -W 5 x x ,Ur- 'Wx mu: ,R 5' ' 'W' . ' -4 .. . Xe :V sg' Q' ,Nw 1- -.mi . ,-tv is P ' W 5 5 fi 1 1 -gg . uf .41 H, Rf, ,, ,S F - R. Y' X.. Ts. Ti ,Q E - H' K 1 f -.1-r.,,.L Wu 1 Y 'im' J--dn-W E I H if I .- 3 i' l if ,T ,ine ,M,.r' i XA an um fgiufz jig JZMM 1 TN - Each monfh +he Juniors of S.M.H. pu+ in+o circuIa+ion +he lafesi' gossip, announcemenis, and news, in fhe school paper. All fhe girls enjoy reading if as if confains somefhing for everyone. We are proud of our Juniors for iheir greai' work. Sponsor . . . Mrs. Sayler .,-,i1 M1 Stagg An annual conlains more +han mere phofos and prinled maH'erg i+ has a per- sonali+y all ifs own derived from all fhe aHi'rudes of fhe girls and scenes porfrayed. The Marinor gives you a glimpse of our life here a+ San Marino Hall. When lhe edifion, in all ifs while and maroon splendor, finally emerged from fhe maze of fyping paper fha? originally composed il, we, fhe seniors, brealhed a sigh of relief. Yef fhe fun of producing fhe year book is somefhing +o which every high school girl looks forward wi'l'h enlhusiasm. Now for your approval, we have submiffed our efforfs. Edifor in Chief . . Carla Andreasen Associale Ediior . . Joan Barnes Assisfanl Edi'l'or . Jane Miller Business Manager . . Marian Waeny Ari' Edilor . . Beverly Beaiy Pholo Ediior . . Shirley Spurlock Englisher Adviser . . . Mrs. Sayler II. E. WELLMAN Jeweler 28 Easf Main Sfreei' Alhambra, California ATIan+ic 2-680I Eslablished I9I3 DE FOUR'SRAR-B-0 Broiled Sfealcs Bar-B-Q Chicken-Ribs I757 Garfield Ave. SouIl1 Pasadena, California TRUDY'S I5I7lfz Mission Sfreef SouI'l1 Pasadena, California SYcamore 9-6I40 BLACK AND WHITE CLEANERS All cleaning done in our own plani' 70I Mission Sfreef Sou'I'I'1 Pasadena, California SYcamore 9-2585 BLUE STAR DAIRY Producers and Disfribufors James Waeny F. Luiz 7I66 Sfewarf Gray Rd. Topaz 22946 Downey, California EMPIRE SILK STORE Silks-Woolens-Rayons-Colfons ATIan+ic 4-806I 842 W. Las Tunas Dr. San Gabriel, California GOLDEN WEST STABLES Privafe or class lessons-English or Wesfern Horses bougl1I', sold, and boarded Phone OI7 I43I So. Mounfai nAve., Monrovia Don and Harvey LA BRlE'S DRIVE IN Free delivery service fo your home Open 24 hours Hunfingfon af Aflanfic ATlan+ic 2-3669 CONGRATULATIONS COSTNER BROS. SINCLAIR PRINTING CO. 40 Norfh Garfield Ave. Alhambra, California ATlan'ric 2-3I23 WHITFORDS FLORISTS. Inc. 343 Easf Colorado Sfreef Pasadena, California SYcamore 3-4I6l Congratulations LEO'S ICE CREAM I729 Wesf Main Sf. Alhambra California ARCO PLUMBING SUPPLIES 527 W. Garvey Ave. Monferey Park, Calif. ATlanfic 4-2439 giffs Cosfume Jewelry Ceramics Cards Sfafionery I009 Fair Oaks Soufh Pasadena, Calif. SYcamore 9-228l BRYANS Cleaners and Dyers 544 Soufh Arroyo Parkway Pasadena, California ASHBURN'S 4l0 Easf Main Sfreef Alhambra, California OPEN EVERY NIGHT A. R. DANKWORTH, Inc. Los Angeles I4, l4I4 Wesf 7+l1 Sfreel' San Francisco 8, l26 Posf Sfreef Commencemenf lnvifafions Club Pins Correcf Personal Cards Medals "Famous" Herff-Jones Class Rings Typewrifers Desks Adding Machines Safes Files Duplicafors ATlanI'ic 2-5I63 238 W. Main Sf., Alhambra, California C0lE'S Cusfom and Upholsfered Furnifure Drapes Bedspreads PYramid I-I54I SYcamore 9-2744 l509 Mission Sfreef Soufh Pasadena, Calif. Y V ,:11- - A i. . -V., '- -' , A- f H ,f ww, ' 1--,-eff?-, , -"4 - . -.. , if: -.N I' ' lf- ,gm .K 9":,'w.3,,gS-Afgfzfgi-gv,1512?-.wg?'g..e,:v--v'..- ....-...-.-N45-,.w.'.AL.,1 3' A - .4--1 -v- .-1 - w.A-hA-- -- -- - - 1 4 I ' 9 32' 2 3.1 F 'W 1 I J .4 4 J rv K, W ,Y ,, 5' . ,, w. . - .V . 1- . - 1 -' fy-v", 'fo'-41 Qrgflmfwlsivffffifiva-if-?.Hs12 12 S. Q! Q. .- 4 w. ww A mai:-iff-,-s'gi:s2,,,-v-1-"SP--RM' "' A Q 0' 'E .. .M -',-1.191-H.1f3l!?5 -:"9f!'-E? f . .na .1.1::m,,Ual::'.-mf,:vf4fd..L.:..i:g.f2-,rgiz-.L ..b....f' .gf -' - - 7 -- f . 33-"?aS

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1949, pg 46

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