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JAQA' My '.hl4 nmma.m1 uamnmfulsnez w4a.wm'm'v,4uK. sum'-zu -'wa Lvtgmxaesrnmwwsn- :Ll n5aJ.1u.1vrfm'1v num.: '-' v-1-'H -f . mm.wm.Jw11rrf 111512.13 .21111 -1 -, 14. 1' hm, 1 ,-,-,,.a rr'-.,1 , 4- 111.-1 ..1 1.,.f,1 ' .. 11. H1 .-,' .1 1. - , 11m .H 1 v. 1 ,4 . 1 , A . 1 1 ' .1,1' ,na ,.a1,,,:msa14mnmww:1'Msaxzvnlu ,, ,,..' f x .-.y wa Q nf 9.f.Q--V' .r X , -.' "1-L n my lfizsmn.-msvr W Q' .ww l w x A Nu l H w W 1 U 1 w rx Y 4: ff M X lEDllCATllON This issue of the Tech Torch is dedicated to all former classmates who are now fighting in the .Xrmed forces of our nation. Names Ot' Army And Navy Entrants Army- Norman Alongi Emil Bruni Frank Boitano Cecil Birnbaum Dick Bull Dick Bastian VVm. Curts Joe Cobrunson Allan Center George Cooper joe Cancilla Fred Cermeno Robert Cruess W'arren Cushman junior Childers Allan Keesling Rennie Lasher Carmen Lepiane Alfred Lema Richard Messina Melvin McDonald john Magnasco Paul Olivero Louie Passeri john Paride Philip Pray Russel Pyler Allan Peters Bob Barone Peter Demmi Frank D'Ambrosio Art Ginsberg Neal Hamer Elwood Hodges Albert Bushaw Jonas Ruff Eugene Smith Richard Deshlevy Tony DePrinio Charles Elbert Harold Foster Howard Fleming jack Fowles Lawrence Garrett Melvin Genasci August Saia Frank Saia Frank Sutherland Ernest Santos Gene Tanno Tom Turner Sam Vitale jack Vtfatts Stirling Vtlebster Ed VVoods Howard Yanagahara Navy- Ted Grisham Edward Abbott Raymond Alderson Bob Deiter Merle Cavallaro .loe Vargas Eugene Hardy Victor Bertoldo Bill Crane VVinslow Johnson Kenneth Madeiros Ernest Slabaugh Ray Corbal Sam Chinnicci Jack Corbrunson Fred Cather Edward Cunha Fay Cotton Don Kirk Ted Le Fevre Gordon Lawrence Manuel Diaz Russell Serratore Vincent Butero john Lennon Bob Anderson Wesley Adkins Norman Alongi George Ales Robert Andrews Bob George Howard Gardner Don Hefelfinger Harold Hershey Wlilfred Heywood John Batten Estelle Brown Joe Bronk Bill Harker Ross Hupp l llill ' ,1.. Bill jones lver Jones Bob Jones Albert Rotholtz Tony Romano Tony Rinella Dominic Romano Wlalter Swiden Meredith Sloane Francis Tomlinson Robert Stokes Henry Tillman Harold Turner Earl Yokum Tom Valloni Edward Crummey John Chiappe joe Costanza Charles Kelley Bill Laden Frank Linn Fred McCracken james McBride jack McCoy Art Nelson Bill O'Toole Bob Page Allan Panighetti Irving Partington Harold Drew joe De Maria ,lim Davis Richard Eby Calvin Falcon F. Figueroa Guido Gi-illi Clyde Gillette Cadets- Paul il. Molica Paul E. Mellers Bob jacob Marines- Nick Romano XVardell Shackelford Mack Bannert George Putney Bill Joseph Emil Vidas Jack Miller R. A. F.- Lieut. R. DiCarlo The staff of this annual feels honored in having had the privilege of editing the Torch. I would like to take this space to thank all members of the faculty and members of the student body, who have done their utmost in producing this annual. lVe hope that the student body members will enjoy fingering through this book as much as we, the staff. have enjoyed producing it. As. editor of this annual, my wish is that it be a cherished memory of your High School davs. JOE GIACALONE, Editor. ' l l l 'l'his has heen a very interesting' year at San jose Technical lligh School. lloulmly inten-sting heeause of the fact that ,'XlllCl'lCIl has entered the war this year, and this immediately has had a definite affect upon the entire school situaton. 4 Jur defense classes jumped froln three last year to seventeen this year. l'art of these classes run twenty-four hours per day. Many hoys have dropped out of school to hloin the Army a11d Navy, everyone feeling the pressure to do something whether in active service or in preparation of niaterial for defense. School must go on whether it is war or peace. Xlie must he prepared, so we hope every individual has gotten out of his school year what he had hoped to get out of it, and is that much hetter prepared for the work we all have to do. Not only are students going into active service and defense work. hut faculty IlIt'llllJCl'S as well. Xl'e lost Mr. Clarence Gallagher from the Painting Depart- ment last year when he went to Vallejo to direct the defense program there. 'l'his year, we lost Mr. slack Anderson of our Radio llepartinent who went to ,Xlaineda to eoordinate their defense prograni. This will he happening to us all the tiine, to hoth students and teachers. Those of us are left must carry on the tradition of the San .lose Technical High School of always Mheing prepared to do our part for our country." Faculty Top Row: F. H. Bohlin, W. S. Gibbs, E. M. Savage, E. L. Stewart, L. M. Sparks, L. Arnerich J. L. Schumacher. Middle Row: L. S. Deasy, J.B. Kershaw, M. L. Sutphen, T. Paul Dutcher A. P. De Soto, A. C. Morgan, A. C. Heinsen. Bottom Row: E. H. Jackson, A. R. Nichols iprincipall, C. W. Williams, Hilda E. De Boer, Roy A. Hicks, Jack E. Britschgi, H. T. Stewart, F. L. Shelley. ,Y 1 A SEV 5 V1 3 e ' , pi f ' : 2" 'fr1ff.:'urvxw1nfr-'mwwnmw--':1'emwwxw-ww-1.-ww um 1:1 5:4-vwmwfrvsrnhaimsvsszma'rm'w.mrq.:fr' f-,.-:rv sfwgvwr-1:-ww: mms'-'f' 'mwmqrm wf,v.-ww'-'ff - M W 1 '-M 1 --:Q - a W Fred Dominic Boitano Carpentry Aldo Scoffone Machine Harvey A. Golden Paint Manuel Martinez Electric Ignatius john Palermo Carpentry Frank Richarcl Passafuiinc Plumbing Franklin lidwurrl XYinniforcl jr. Sheet Metal joseph M. Aicllo Auto Service Vernon Lester Bowen Auto Service Peter Joseph Marchese Mill Cabinet Albert Earl l"lzJ.rris Paint Vincent Riclmrcl Caccanio Electric joseph Giacalone Electric VVillam Russell Drennon Sheet Metal Allen Eldon Harris Paint Paul Phillip James Molica Carpentry liugene VV'altrm Thomas Paint Donald Irving Brown Electric Jack Albert Nelson I Carpentry joseph Philip Battaglia Machine Samuel F. Catania Prim XVillmr Lyle Cleveland Machine Harry J. Miller jr. Radio Luuis jean liourclet Radio Giordano Print Ben John Romano E Auto Service Harold Stanley Riggs Mill Cabinet Vernon joseph Smith Electric Graduates not pictured: Edward Abbott, Joseph Alongi, Merle Cavallaro, Fred Cermeno, Valentine Chelonis, Jack Cobrun- son, Leland Cronin, Sal- vadore De Carlo, Robert Deiter, Manuel Diaz, Charles Elbert, Leonard Foster, Bill Haugh. Bill Joseph, John Mercurio, Fred Miyahara, Tom Noda. Lawrence Pacheco, William Peterson, John Stowell, Frank Taka- moto, Melvin Zulliger. lohn Lennon S hee! Metal Joe Martin D.11lOCk Jr. Landscape Architecture Clair Heplc Machine Senior Wills Al Scoffone, give my reputation in Miss De Boeris room to Louis Davis. Frank Takamoto, give my standing in Mr. Morgan's class to "Red Norman." Tom Noda, give my ability in Miss De Boer's room to John Patellaro. joseph M. Aiello, leave my height, 6' ZH" to Neal Davis 5' even. Harry Miller, will my hair net to Mr. Art Heinsen. Sam Catania, will my horse to Fred Severo. Stanley Riggs, will my wood turning to Smith Kline. foe Giacalone, won't leave anything behind: I need everything I have myself. Don Brown, will my ability to fall through ceilings to some bright sophomore who hasn't fallen through yet. Vince Caccamof, will my ability to fix Mr. Sutpheifs welders to a dumb sophomore. Ignatius Palermo, will my honesty to Larry Kosieh. Allen Harris, will my golf stroke to Johnny Gomes. Albert Harris, will my straight hair to Lester Bonito. Harvey Golden, will my awkwardness to Louis Ginestra. liugene Thomas, will my complexion to Joe Baretta. Manuel Martinez. will ability to play sour notes to "hot lips" Al Martin. joe Battagla, will my "Little Abner Shoes" to Brian Smith. jack Heple, will my "mouse" to Elbert Jones. Leonard Foster. will my VVillys to Bob Berggren. Bud Dimock, will my hoes and rakes to Mr. Dutther. Paul Molica, will my saws and hammers to a sophomore. I Tech w.-. I Torch v l sQ gi5 Q 1 v ramsammxvl - .1 wi41at.vm,na:.uss.xr,mxfwmnazmQ4,4ae.L1m,-Q-"Qin . .. I ., Qq.riE11fu'iilmx'2m1QL.5.QQ'.f"lf-Q ,-Q5-xLInm.:?Q5ff+,.a9a.vJE-11. 52215-L.. 7Mm.r.:, i Executive Board The Executive Board is presided over hy the student hotly president. The hoard itself is made up of one memher ironi each shop. 'llhe executive hoard assumes the responsibility of the management of all Student Body affairs, takes care of all financial matters. and school projects. Minutes are kept hy the student hody secretary of all the meetings. During the fall semester Bill llrennon presided over the meetings, while Fred Severo kept minutes. ln the spring semester Bill Dallas led the meetings. with .Ioe :Xiello as serihe Present at all meetings is a nieniher of the faculty. The fall semester was supervised hy Mr. VV. S. Gibbs. Mr. ,lack Britschgi handled the spring semester. The executive hoard members deserve much credit for the splendid xvzly they have handled the affairs of the school. 1 Top Row: Manuel Martinez, Michael Giansiracusa, Raymond Tomasso, Vernon Bowen, Vincent Caccamo, Floyd Turner. Middle Row: Louis Bourdet, Amos Falcon, Bud Dimock, Allen Harris, Bill Dallas, Amand Maida. Bottom Row: J. E. Britschgi, Joe Giacal0n,e Martin Ernst, Jo- seph Aiello, Vincent Innamorato. I lFa1i lDEHcers Spring l 0HfiQerQ' Court The student court is inztintztined to enforce school lzuvs. The eourt is headed bv at judge who is elected by the student body. The jury is com- posed of one member front each shop. They have established set rules that students must fol- loxv. Members of the court see that they obey them. Students of the school are soinetnnes given tickets bv the policeinen doxvntoxvn under juvenile citation for violation of the police K X X f ff- here at school for action. The Court is under code. and tickets are turned ovtr to our judht. the lfztcnltv :tdvisorship of Nr. Frank Bohlin, of the Machine Shop. and Vernon lioxven. Iudffe The court has set zt Qood reputation for fair play and justice to the students. 'foe . 35 ' 1 ' ' i ' ' ' " ' ' ' X' 's " lfterin Vernon Kiiztcztlone, ol the l',lCCtl'lC Shop, served as judgt foi the fftll tcini. ln thc .piinh lloxven filled this iniportztnt office. N im' M Top Row: Elbert Jones, Harry Miller, Vernon Bowen, Clifford Gibson. Middle Row: Bill Anthes, Joe Volpi, Joe Pereira, Joe Quartuccio. Bottom Row: F. H. Bohlin, Joe Giacalone, Vernon Smith, Johnny Fontana, Joseph Aiello. Block ociety The Block Society is a well organizecl clnh. This cluh is aclvisecl hy Larry .Xi-ncrich. The clnh at the present time has approximately twclxe memhers, and is open to stuclcnts having earnccl a hlock "S.lT" only. You may earn a hlock hy playing either on the school hasehall, haskethall, tennis, or golf team. Any stnclent wishing to enter the clnh must he an average pupil in his ZlC1lIl6llllC ancl shop work, or otherwise he is clisregarclecl. Ile must have initiative, and must he coopeiatiye, honest and rlepcnclahle. A stuclent may hecome a mein- her of the Block Society only hy Z1 hunclrecl percent vote of the cluh members. The lilock Society services to the school in the past year have been commcnclahlc. The clnh has taken much interest in school activities, and has clone its utmost to he of ser- vice to the students. The liloclc Society has participated in flances, rallies. school picnics. inter-shop sports. and various other programs for the lrenclit of the stnrlent hotly mcinhefs. Th., ,.,,. ,om ...,,....MM ,.., Xn l .,, fm i- Top Row: Joe Quartuccio, Joe Barcelona, Dick Rush, Ludd Diaz. Middle Row: Dominic Cancilla, Fred Severo, John Nannini. Bottom Row: L. Arnerich, Amos Falcon, Eddie McFarland, Elbert Jones. Boosters' Club This clulm has functioned only when there was a need for its program. liaeh semester it has gone to piescnt "Tech in Action" to the junior lligli boys who were interested in attending' ll voczitionzll school. They have told of the regular and related work in the shops ot the developments n the aczideniic and athletic depnrtnients. as well as of the record of our ulnnini. For their talks they used equipment typical of the shop or department repre- sented. 'l'lie ellorts ol the clnlm have been well received. This past semester Miss Aimee lllllllllllllllllfltl, the counselor at XYoodrow XYilson junior lligli, sent il letter of comniendation to Mr. llZlClll'UKll, our superintendent of schools, regzirding' the fine ztppearzuice. excellent presentation. and worthy conduct ol our lmoys at their school. lhe idea ol the elulm originzltecl with Hill Peterson of the Mill Cabinet Shop. liill deserves the thanks of the entire school, according' to l'rincipal A R. Nichols. Top Row: Jack Heple, Louis Bourdet, Eugene Thomas, Harry Miller, Amos Falcon. Middle Row: Ed Rosendin, Harold Silva, Al Corey, Delbert Scott, Ernie Midwinter, Brad Grimm. Bot- tom Row: Hilda E. DeBoer, Bud Dimoek, Eddie McFarland, Allen Harris, Al Martin. Tech lf-'na lic n R: the x fnrd Tmmes rlius Ye-nlinliglial Nm ur I staff . Band The band is under the faculty advisorship of Mr. l.arry Arnerich. The main objective of the band was to have as many boys as possible join up and thus form a student body orch- estra to play at school dances and assemblies. This did not meet wth very much success this year due to lack of student cooperation. Larry Straight, music student at San jose State College, gave nruch of his time to the development of the band. At the start of the semester the band had a large turnout but grad- ually the boys dropped out due to outside jobs and other activities. Manuel Martinez played trumpet: Al Martin, trumpetg Phil Passafuime, trumpet: Mel Plummer, piano: Mark Carr, saxophoneg and Larry Straight. trombone. All the boys must be given credit for trying to make the band a success. Mr. Larry Arnerich hopes to contmue the band next semester. Top'Row: Mark Carr, Mel Plummer, Vernon Brooks. Bottom Row: Phillip Passafuime Peter Colmon, Manuel Martinez. The San ,lose Tech Knights The Tech linights is ZlSC1'YiCC orgaiiization eomposecl of selecterl stuclents from the Yill'lU1lS shops. l.ike all service orgmiizations. its first aim is to he of service to the school at all times. The liigliliglits of this year's functioiis have heen a rally. stage show with the lilock T Society. IL fire ZlSSCllll5ly,lll1ll the Zllllllllll Spring Dance, this year callecl the Spring Color llance. To hecoine a ineinher ofthe Tech Knights a SlllflClll.S name must he hroiight hefore the cluh hy a IllCllllJC1'. Then he must nmlergo a llllllCll'Cfl per cent vote of the cluh. The Clllll has :1 historiaii who looks up the st11cle11t's past record here at Tech, ancl also the sttlclents grarle ztrerage. Nothing' llllfltll' It "ll-" average is eonsiclererl hy the club. The cluh elect its own officers. This year they have heen: Presiclent, Allen llarris: rice-presirleiit, .Nl Martin: secre- i1ll'j'-U'CIlS1ll'l'l', liiigcne ,llllUIllI1SQ liistorian, Frerl Severoi l'11hlicity, Clifforcl Gihson. Top Row: Fred Severo, Mario Grilli, Bud Dimoek, Albert Harris, Allan Harris, Bill Terry Middle Row: Jack Dundon, Jack Crum, Al Martin, Smith Kline, Eugene Thomas, Vernon Smith Bottom Row: L. S. Deasy, Louie Randazzo, Art Ginsberg, Ross Castro, Jack Fry. Office Staff As you know. the girls working in the office are as follows: julie Lauchere and Angie Yotano who handle all the regular day school classes, and Hermine Evans and Ida Sorci who handle all National Defense Classes. The girls are very liusy handling the Defense Classes and the regular day School classes. During the past semester we have had quite a numhcr of drop-outs in our regular day school classes, making the attendance rather low. M any of the boys have left for service and few were Japanese evacuees. XVhen the Defense Classes first started there were only four. NVe now have twenty classes. NVe expect to start lO more classes soon. XYe are not only training me11 for Defense industries, hut also women. XYe expect to have more women in the near future-so hoys re- nieniher to he on your hest behavior. The office will he open as usual this summer to handle all Defense Classes and detail work that goes with the program. The girls plan to take their vacations in rotation. As yet, they have made no definite plans, hut hope to have a good time and a good 1'est liefore com- ing haek to work. Mrs. livans, National Defense secretary. was unahle to appear in the picture. Angie Votano, Julie Lauchere, Ida Sorci A .H u msuuzvzfpz' w,A.f.-...1 :Ji-.' .wmL1.if-A ySQ.m4,.1.,4'1f.f ,ff A.: vm vm, - , - -J ,.1f5a.fn-kv. 1 z:v1.wn,um.,w.aea4.vnxv19uuu. 1 . i A Sports at San .lose Technical lligh School were high- lighted hy a varsity haskethall championship in the Santa Clara Yalley .-Xithletie l.eag'ue. The championship team went tlirough their league games without a clefeatfeight straight victories. This reeorcl was mafle possihle only through the excellent teamwork and defensive play of the entire squacl. The following seniors will he sadly missecl: lid Melfarlancl, Hill Peterson. .-Xlhert Newman, Luclrl Diaz, Yernon Smith, ancl .Iohn lller- enrio. all outstanding players. l,eag'ue competition in hasehall will he suspenclecl this year clne to the rnhlmcr shortage. This prevents us from making' our usual trips to other schools for games. llowever, in spite of this fliffieulty, we are going' to earry on a light lrasehall seheclnle hy ZIl'I'21l1gAll1ff' local games. l'hysieal fitness is now the keynote of every physical eclu- eation program. This is possilmle only when we have changed our role from that of a spectator to that oi' an aetive partieipator. Varsity Basketball llall to an nnrlefeatecl varsitv team! for 1 tnt lllmt L1ulL lll sexual 5141.13 ot tm 5. L . X 1 a team has come througli nnclefeatecl. That team is San 'lose Tech. The two previous 5 Tech was co champions both years, having' lost one game each year. In the last three years Tech has lost but two games, while winning twenty-two. it hest game of the year was when Tech defeated XYashington, pre season favorites, 19-16. Tech 12 ...A,...,.,......................... Santa Cruz 26 Tech ,Burlingame Tech 23 .... ,,e,,,w. S an Mateo 25 Tech ..., .e,,e,,Y S an Mateo 4'Tech 21 .....,e, Campbell Z0 Tech .,.e ,e,.,r, I 'alo Alto Tech 44 .... .Y,....... X lumni 34 i'fTech Y,Los Gatos Tech 19 ..., ,Y,,Y. b lefferson 14 XTech .... Live Oak "'Tech 37 ............,v...........,.,,..,..,..... Fremont 18 "'Tech XYashing'ton 'iTech 33 ......1......,......,.,........,.. Santa Clara 23 9fTech ,,c, .,..,.,.,.. C lilroy "'-Denotes League Games. Top Row: Larry Arnerich Ccoachh, A1 Martin, John Mercurio. Willard Dunlap, Eddie Mc Farland tcaptainl, Dominic Cancilla, Vince Innamorato Cmanagerh. Bottom Row: Elbert Jones, Albert Newman, Vernon Smith, John Nannini, Ludd Diaz. CMissing from picture: Bill Peterson, Jordan Germano, Peter Nasif.D Basketball 130's The 130lJOl1l1i1C1'S hzul il fairly successful season. lluwex'ei', they crime in fmirtli in League stanclings The loss pf Hill joseph in the michlle ul the sezismi c1ic1 not he1p things will any. Bill was a Stez1c1y,1'e1iah1e player. l'z1u1Molica was the 111Zl.lI1S1Zly uf the team. zmfl had very capahle support from Bill l7:111zLs :Incl -1111111lf'1S0. Tech 21 .,.....,.........,,,,,,,...,,.,, Santa Cruz 30 Tech 26 Tiurlingame 42 Tech 17 .... ,, S2111 Klateu 20 Tech 26 ,Y,,. Sun Mateo 25 "Tech 13 .Y.. ,Y,, C famphell 15 Tech 14 ,,,, P1110 Alto 21 Tech 15 .... ...,,,,, . Nhimni 20 :kTech 17 ,Y,, .,.,. 1 ,os Gatus 28 "Tech 33 ,,,, 2222 1 ,ive Unk 15 Tech 8 2 ,ii. .lefferscm 21 "Tech 22 ..,,. ,,,Y,,,,, 1 :1'Cl1l0l11 26 3':Tech 11 1, l'entervi11e 23 'Tech 22 ,Y,...1,,Y,.,llY.,.,.1...,,...,. Santa Clarzi 2-l xTeeh 18 ,,,,, ,,,,,,, f ililroy 24 'kllenotes League games. Top Row: Lawrence Bonito, Paul Molica fcaptainb, Jim Davis, Fred Severo, Dick Rush Cmanagerh. Bottom Row: Isadore Mendez, Lester Bonito, Jimmy Iso. Basketball 120's The 120 pounders went through a rather disappointing season, dropping all of their league games as well as practice tilts. They did, however, put up a good fight in all of their games. One of their best games was against Fremont, which they lost hy a norrow margin. In this game "Iggy", Ventimiglia and Sado Furosha played outstanding hall. Against Santa Clara, Ventimiglia scored four of the team's seven points. Other first string players were Joe liarcelona, .Nl Lazzeri, and Jerry Panighctti Season Record "q'1'cc11 6 ....... .,..r C enterville 19. Tech 8 r...... ...,. I efferson 24. 'l'TCch 14 ...... ...... F remont 18. Tech 10 ...... .,..... 1 Jalo Alto 41. 'kTeCli 12 ....... ..... ll lorgan Hill 17. "'Tech 7 ..... ...... S anta Clara 23 'Tech 1-1 ......, ..c..,, C Qilroy 20, XTech 3 ...........,..... ...,............. I ,os Gatos 21. Tech 14 ...................,............,,.. Palo Alto 31. "C-Alienotes League Games. Top Row: Neal Davis Cmanagerj, Robert Corcel, Gerald Ferreira, Jerry Panaghetti, Sadao Furusho, Joe Baretta Jimmy Iso Cmanagerb. Bottom Row: Robin Mills, Ray Fry, Louis Rose, Joe Barcelona, Ignatius Ventimiglia. Basketball HWS The 110 basketball team had 21 very successful season. The hoys won 5 and lost 4. "Q . Against Centerville they allowed only two foul shots for two points, while Tech rolled up .Z-1 points. Louie Ginestra, Dick Rush and .Xnthony linfa,.ti11o were all outstanding players for the llghtweights. Season Scores "'Tecl1 24 ,... Centerville Z. Tech 15 .,... .,.... . lefferson 20. 'Tech 25 ...,. ...... I Tremont 3. Tech 23 .,.,,, ,,.,..... l 'alo Alto 16. "'Tech 13 ,,,,, ..,,,, 1 ,ive Oak 17. "'Tech 9 ..,,, ,,.l,,, S anta Clara 19. Tech 10 ,.... ....... ........, l 7 alo Alto ll. "'TL'Cl1 26 ..,,, ,,,.........., f lih-oy ll. 0' 5. 'Tech 12 ..........,.,................... l.os Gatos 'l-Denotes League Games. Top Row: Lester Bonito fmanagerj, Louie Ginestra, Henry Yoshioka, Harry Oyama, Law- rence Bonito Cmanagerb. Bottom Row: James Sakamoto, Anthony Enfantino, Dick Rush, Carroll Miyasaki. g Baseball Team This year's varsity baseball had a very tough'break. With a team that was to be a strong contender for the S.C.V.A.L. title, the league had to be temporarily disbanded due to war conditions..' They instead played any team which was willing to play them. They played San jose High four times, losing all these contests. Losing all these games to San jose High was not a tough blow because they are one of t he strongest teams in the P. A. L. Ray Aguilar was one of the most outstanding players on the team by virtue of his one hit pertormance against Jefferson at Daly City. Louie Genestra was outstanding at the "hot cornorf' fielding like a big leaguer and hitting consistently when hits were needed most. Tech 9 .......................,....,, San jose High 15 Tech 2 ,..................,,......... San jose High 6 Tech 5 .... .........,..,...,.. Sequoia 2 Tech 3 .... .............. J efferson 1 Tech 8 ...... ........ S an Jose High 12 Tech O ..... ,..... S an Jose High 2 -Top Row: Lou Ginestra, Pete Faraone, Dan Ginestra, Peter Langone. Middle Row: Larry Arnerich Ccoachh, Ray Aguilar, Joe Quartuccio, Russell Giese, Joe Caggiano, Lidio Nottoli. Bot- tom Row: Elbert Jones, Dominic Cancilla, George Silva, Charles Mingroni. Intramural Basketball The Paint Shop had an outstanding team this year that won the inter-shop basketball championship. Outstanding players on the team were Louie Ginestra, stocky little foward, and tall Harvey Golden. Most of the boys in the shop went out for the team and all showed much spirit, which is essential to a winning team. The hoys did not have much time to practice hut did very well as their record shows. They were also clever hall handlers, and very seldom made errors. Now that they are well organized they will he hard to heat in the coming years. The most interesting game of sched- ule was the championship game played with the welding shop. Although the paint shop managed to stay a little ahead. they had a tough time suhduing the welders. All inter shop games are under charge of Coach Larry Arnerich. Much credit for the success ofthe team must he given to Mr. J. B. Kershaw. who has given the boys that extra spirit. Top Row: Anthony Enfantino, Joe Quartuccio, Lawrence Bonito, Joe Baretta Cco-captainb, Lou Ginestra Ccaptainl. Bottom Row: J. B. Kershaw, Eugene Thomas tmanagerj, Lester Bonito, Allen Harris Cmanagerj. Prep A The l'revocational Shop is for the boys that are just entering San .lose Tech High School. This shop gives the boys an opportunity to explore various trades, including' sheetmetal, electricity. machinery, plumbing, auto service. radio, carpentry, paint, and mill cabinet making. The boys remain in the prevocational shop as long as the instructor thinks it is nec- essary. ln this shop the boys take a basic course. They are guiclecl into the trade best suited for them. At Tech it isn't all work, and it isn't all play: it is both together. The boys in the shop present class parties, dances, and other activities. The prerocational shop has baseball, basket- ball, and track teams. These teams play other shops for the intramural championships. Q Top Row: Albert Lepiane, Jerry Carnpisi, Leroy Hayes, Dan Ginestra, Salvadore Lopiccolo. Middle Row: Bill Anthes, Roy Pardini, Paul Porrovecchio, William Meyers, Jack Dundon, Floyd Turner. Bottom Row: L. S. Deasy, Louie Randazzo, Richard Carpenter, Angelo Sunseri, Jim Whit- ney, Bill Johnston. CNot pictured: Gilbert Agatha.J Prep B The instructors of the Prevocational shops are Mr. Lewis Ileasy CA groupj, Mr. li. ll. jackson QI! groupl, and Nr. XYilfred Gihhs CC' groupj. Mr. jackson teaches mathematics, which is very essential to the hoys in their shop work, as well as in every-day life. ln the math course, thev review all the fundamentals of arithmetic, addition, suhtraction, and deci- mals. They also learn square root, and proportion. Mechanical drawing is taught hy Mr, Gihhs, and it is one ofthe suhjects that completes the hasic training' for entering' of a trade shop. They learn the fundamentals of mechanical drawing, and free hand lettering. This course in mechanical drawing helps the hoys under- stand drawing' as a tool in working' out and planning' matters of mechanical nature, and form- ing' habits of accuracy. This course gives the hoys mteiestmg facts about industrial organ- ization, methods, machines, and material, Top Row: Santos Hernandez, Ray Aguilar, Frank Pandolfo, Salvador Caccamo, Michael Licata. Middle Row: Jack Stewart, Edward Sanfilippo, John Cvitanich, Ralph De La Rosa, Maur- ice Mercier. Bottom Row: E. H. Jackson, John Katovich, Ray Bernal, Orlando Casella, Kenneth Lopes. CThose not pictured: Ed Collins, Arthur Lyons, Bob Svi1ich.J Prep C Iiacli group has its own class officcrx as wcll us mcmlmcrs who rcprcscut tllcir groin in Court aml executive nicctings. The following' are officers of group: Prcslclent fill lmcrt Agatlm: vice prcsiclcut, Louis lQZ1IltlZlZZU1 i'C'Cl'CtZlI'f'-ll'L'ZlSlll'Cl'. Riclmrrl C'zu'pcntcr: lfx lmoarrl member, Floyd Turner: Court inemlmer, Bill .Xutlicsz rcportcr, -lack Ilunrlon. "li" group officers are as follows: Presiclcnt, .loliu lizitovicll, ricc prcsiclcnt, Normzm Sullivan: secrctary-trcasurcr, lfrziuk Pzmclolofo: Court memlwcr, Orlzmclo Czlssclzlg lix lwonrll mcmlmcr, Hill tlolmson. group officers arc: Presiclcnt, Holm Svilich: vicc prcsiclcut, 'lillUlll1lS llnislcy: scc rctzlry-trcasurcr, joe litilllglllll Court l1lCllllJCl', Lawrence Armcttu: :mil rcportcr, llcncy llzlr rlcnlrurgh. l Top Row: Jesse Castillo, Anthony Palermo, Joe Bologna, Pete Cudia, Pete Faraone, Chauncey Santoro. Middle Row: Bob Svilich, Ernie Fry, Angelo Sileo, Henry Hardenburgh, Louie Danforth, Thomas Baisley, Walter Vento. Bottom Row: W. S. Gibbs, Wallace Wilson, Ray Scoffone, Charles Mingroni, Vincent Balistieri, Mike Tomasello, Edward Boos. Auto Electric Shop The Auto Iilcctric Shop is under the guidance of Mr. .lack llritsehgi. ln this shop the boys learn the fundamentals about ignition, wiring, generator repair, battery rebuild- ing and motor tuneup. Last December the boys in the shop had a Christmas party. For eats the boys had hot dogs, buns, mustard, pickles. ice cream, pie, soda water, and olives. The shop is plan- ning' to have its annual spring picnic at Alum Rock Park. The shop did not place in any intramural sports because niany of the boys had jobs after school. liill Dallas was the spring president of the student body: he was also a star forward on the 130 basketball team, as well as on the wrestling team. Louis Moreland and Mike Furusho also played on the basketball teams. Top Row: Joe Nishimura, Jack Kay, Chris Cintas, Bill Dallas, Tom Gambucci. Middle Row: Bill Kittrell, Albert Erickson, Emile Buyak, Brad Grimm. Bottom Row: J. E. Britschgi, Calvin Sawyer, Floyd Doss, Sigfred Ahm. Auto Service Shop 'l'he Auto Service Shop is one of the most popnlar shops in school. More hoys try to get into it than any other shop. The hoys have a very eapahle instrnetor, Mr. l.. Bl. Sparks, who has been at the trade a great many years. The boys dropped out of intramural sports lmeeanse most of the lmoys had outside work to attend to, hut in all probabilities would have had an outstanding team. lsadore Mendez played 130 haskethall. joe Aiello was bulletin hoard lllllllilgfl' for the fall term and secretary for the spring semester. Yernon Bowen, served as judge for the spring term. Class officers of the shop are as follows: Yal Chelonis, president: Fred Cermeno, vice- presidentl Vernon liowen. secretary-treasurer. The hoys had their annual Christmas party, and at the present plan for the animal pic- nie, which is to he held at Santa Cruz or :Xlmn Rock l'ark. Top Row: Vernon Bowen, Robert Marotz, Bob Machado, Joe Leone, Abdon Serratore, Tom Johnson. Middle Row: Florentino Carreno, Isadore Mendez, George Silva, Bob Robertson, Gene Nelson. Bottom Row: L. M. Sparks, Joseph Aiello, Manuel Contreros, Kurt Curtis, Mike Lo Nero. Carpenter Shop The Carpentry shop is one of the most interesting shops in the school. ln the first place, each student is supplied with a full set of tools. These tools are to he kept sharpened at all limes. W'e have our own truck that takes us to our various jobs. This year we have put in cabinets at the San jose High School, where candy, ice cream and soda pop is sold. Xve have made shelves for the Red Cross, and have done various other jolms around the school department. liesides work, we also have our pleasure. 'NVe have a clulxofourown consistingofapresident vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and "bouncer" liach student in the club pays his dues, which amounts to a nickel a week. XVith this money we have two parties a year. one at Christmas. At this party, we initiate the students that have just entered the shop. The other party is held just lmefore summer vacation. At this party we usually go on a trip, and then at night go to a restaurant for supper. Top Row: Bob Broeder, Charles Bayley, Lester Rose, Joe Feenstra, Dominic Scaglione, Donald Speciale, Al Newman. Middle Row: Henry Broderson, Bill Watson, Leland Cronin, Jack Crum, Bob Jenkinson, Larry Kosich. Bottom Row: A. C. Morgan, Ray Nuness, Frank Porrovecchio, Fred Boitano, Delbert Norman, Ignatius Palermo. Radio Shop The Radio Shop at Tech has progressed very rapidly in the fexv years of its existence. lt is one of the youngest shops in school and has all the most recent equipment in its field. This equipment includes the latest type tulwe-tester, ohmmeter, voltmeter, signal generator, and chanalyst. The memhers of Radio Shop are taught to use all this equipment. Regardless of the fact that it is a young' shop the jolm placement is very high. Some former students from the Radio Shop hold jolms at the liimac Tulie lfactory. located at San Bruno, California. Others are employed lwy the Civil Service Commission at McClelland Field, Sacramento, as civilian repairmen of army Signal Corp lirpiipmeut. Shop gradu- ates are also employed hy various local repair shops. Mr. 'lack :Xuderson was the instructor for the shop from its lmeginniug. ln lielmruary. lf?-ll, he went to xvork for the governinent as a fivilian llelense Coordinator at ,'Xlameda. lle has lmeeu almly succeeded lwy Klr. Cl. XY, -laclcliu. ll xvell lcnoxvn San 'lose servicemau. Top Row: Louis Bourdet, Art Ginsberg, Frank Cota, George Colacicco, John Misc. Middle Row: Albert Luhrman, Walter Kottman, Mark Carr, A1 Gaetano, Edgar Forshaw. Bottom Row: Kenneth Muchow, Ted Tilman, Peter Pardini, Tommy Manning, Faustino Pedroza, C. W. Jacklin. Machine Shop ln the .vlachine Shop we get training under the instruction of Mr. lf. ll. bohlin. The training is very valuable. XYC are taught to use a wide variety of machines and tools and we are also taught precision work. All the necessary related mathematics are taught in this shop, In this shop we do drilling, boring, griinling, thread cutting, lathe work, milling machine vvolk, and a multitude of other jobs, XVe also have a blacksmith shop and a small bronze and aluminum foundry. This shop has a very good placement record. .-X number of former students are working in the N. A. C. A. Laboratory at the Moffett Field Air Laboratory, llendy's, Oliver blohn- son's, American Can Co, lledherg's, Stoner's, l'ozzo's, l'ray's, Mare Island, in the airplane plants of Southern California, and many other concerns. ln service in the Army are Russell l'lyler, Robert Crness, and Phillip Pray. Ill the Navy are llarold Hershey, listelle Brown, and lid Cfrummey. ln the field of sports the boys of the Machine Shop play on the basketball team, lmasehall team, and participate in the other sports. Top Row: Joe Battaglia, Elbert Jones, Erian Smith, Charlie West, Michael Giansiracusa. Midddle Row: Jack Heple, Al Scoffone, Myron Prouty, Clifford Keesling, Dwight Moody. Bottom Row: F. H. Bohlin, Louis Rose, Al Corey, Robert Corcel, John Hardy. Mill Cabinet Shop The Mill fiZlllllll'l Shop, instructccl hy Mr. R. .X Hicks. is now loczltccl :ll llcslcr grani- mzir school, hecziusc of thc Tccliiiiczll High School firc of March, WSU, which totally clestroyccl their shop. Some of the lZll'Q'C1' projects clone hy thc shop this scmcstcr have hc-cn the inzikiiig of thc Rccl Cross clrziwing' hoarcls :incl filing czihincts for thc school 1lL'lJ2lI'llllQlll.. The shop had its zmiiuzll flllll'Sllll2ll3 party, zmrl in thc Spring' is cxpcclccl to hzlvc :1 picnic at Santa Cruz. Class officers of thc shop arc as follows: l'l1iljuronz1, prcsirlcnli Smith lilinc, SUCl'i'lIlI'f'- l.l't'Z1Slll'Cl'I Aflllillltl ixlillflil, lixecutive llourcl l'C1Jl'C:1Cll!ll.iYC. zmcl hloc lk-rrcirzi, Court rcprc- SCl1fZlllYt'. Top Row: Gabriel Lepiane, Smith Kline, Melvin Furtado, Joseph Rando, Peter Langone, Andrew Henriquez. Middle Row: Jerry Panighctti, Stanley Riggs, Armond Maida, Dominic Can- cilla, Tony Aiello, Bottom Row: R. A. Hicks, Joe Perreira, Gilbert de la Rosa, Caesar Ciardelli Bill Sanchez. 7 Paint Shop ln the 'Paint Shop various kinds of work are done. This includes brush painting, air brush work, sign painting and decorating. VVhen new boys enter the shop they are taught the basic principles of painting, such as careof brushes, preparing woodwork, sandpapering, and riming. This gives the boys the feel of handling brushes. Ladders, waste paper baskets. :md small pieces of furniture are usually assigned as first projects. Learning how to mix and match colors is a very important part in the painting trade, which takes years of study and practice. There are hundreds of different kinds of formulas to be thoroughly understood. This trade calls for a good, intelligent boy to become later a first class journeyman. -Melvin Ralph Top Row: Frank Garcia, Laurence Bonito, Joe Baretta, Joe Quartuecio. Middle Row: Melvin Ralph, Eugene Thomas, Jack Garrett, Lester Bonito, Bottom Row: J. B. Kershaw, Robert Simas, Lou Ginestra, Anthony Enfantino. Plumbing Shop The plninliing trzulc offers splenclicl opportunities for competent incellzlnics. ln the Plnnibing Shop the boys, unclcr the instrnctorship of Mr, -I. l.. Schninzicher. learn how to read blueprints, repair range lioilers, gas boilers and inzltheinziticzll flrziwing' rougliing-in. and general all-arouncl pipe work. The boys :ill haul Il swell time at their annual Christinzis party helcl in the ljlllllllllllg' Shop. For ents they hzul hot clogs and huns, beans, szilacl, pickles, olives, soda water anrl pie. Ben Retherforcl and john linsign were on the foocl coniniittee. Xkihile this story is lieing' written the shop is planning to have its Spring picnic at .Xluni Rock Park. The shop dropped out of intrznnnrzil competition because many of the boys haul to work after school. Class officers ofthe shop are as follows: lfrunk Pzissifinnie. presiflent: lgnatius Venti- llligllil. vice-presiclcnt: -liro Nlnkui, secretary: .Xnios lfztlcon. trezisnrer. and Vhino Czincillzi, sergczliit-:lt-ziriiis. gt I i' Q i 'nf v"'i e ' if ef e - ! i Top Row: Norman Glanville, Nick Ruscigno, Amos Falcon, Ignatius Ventimiglia, Francis Loney. Middle Row: Phillip Passifiume, Joe Scimeca, Wesley Kosich, Lidio Nottoli, Eddie McFarland. Bottom Row: J. L. Schumacher, Salvatore Sunseri, Angelo Butera, Joe Volpi, Phino Cancilla. Print Shop The Print Shop is composed of between fifteen and twenty students. There are really two distinct fields which may be considered when a student enters the Print Shop-composition and presswork. These are two trades within themselves, both controlled by different unions. Com Josition takes in settinff tv me and ffettinff 'obs readv to he urinted. Presswork ' l I l I Is .l ta zs.l . l is the actual printing of Jobs. The Print Shop, each week, prints two newspapers. The School Herald, the San Jose Iligli School newspaper, and The Night Letter, the Department of Adult Education's newspaper. These papers are given as special assignments to one or two boys in the shop. The rest do 'oh work, and the u J mer classmen work on the Linotvbes. J l l . l The Print Shop is proud it has five former nieniluers in the Navy. two in the Army, and one in the Marine Corps. Top Row: Paul King, Charles Cancilla, Harold Jordon, Anthony Santilli, Jerry Cvitanich. Middle Row: Fred Severo, Sam Catania, Elmer Hunter, Raymond Tomasso, Clifford Gibson. Bot- tom Row: H. T. Stewart, Peter Colman, Joe Mandella, Paul Valente, Gaeton Faraone, E. L. Stewart. , ,L Landscape Shop The Landscape Architecture TShop, which is located at Lowell School, has been in- cluded in the Technical High School program for thc last four years. Mr. T. Paul llutcher, instructor, has turned out some very fine boys who went to work in various nurseries, or joined the nation's armed forces. I Among the jobs that have bee11 completed and are being worked on are a rock wall at Hoover junior High School, and considerable pruning, trimming, and lawn planting. The biggest project is the plot at Peter Burnett junior High School, where the members of the shop have been working for three years. A lath house was built, a wire fence was put up around the area, and plans are being made for a glass house and log cabin. A sprinkling system was put in for a future lawn, and an asphalt driveway was made. The growing yard is on one plot, and the boys' court is in the other. The work includes the shop work from 8:15 to 11:24 a. m., when the boys do actual work on projects. There are two periods of related shop in the afternoon. dealing with math, lllltillly, topography and contour mapping, architectural drawing. and plant identification. There are also two periods a day of academic work. 'W 1 y 1 Top Row: Bud Dimock, Drexell Oliver, Frank Azevedo, Peter Sgattoni, Jimmie Iso. Bot- tom Row: T. Paul Dutcher, Clifford Glanville, Eugene Magginetti, Delbert Scott. Electric Shop Under the proficient instruction of Mr. F. L. Shelley, the students of this shop can and will confront all types of electrical installation and maintenance. During the past year at 5. J. Tech, we, of the shop, have participated in all student body affairs. XVe have members in the Tech Knights, Block Society, 120, 130 and varsity bas- ketball squads, wrestling team, school orchestra, and a student body office. hVe have assisted in putting on graduations, dances, and rallies by contributing to the lighting' effects. In the shop, we spend most of our time on fundamentals as sophomores, and low jun- iors. XYhen the fundamentals and theory are k11OW11. we are then able to take on j0bs because ive have practical experience as well as theory. NYe work at the various schools of San jose, installing' lights motors, and conveniences, as well as doing maintenance work. During the last summer some of our students worked as electricians' helpers and main- tenance mcn in the local canning plants. XVe also have alumni in the various branches of our conntrv's defense. -Vernon Smith .- 3 ,. A Top Row: Dale Carnmack, Ralph Brown, Manuel Martinez, Robert Alberts, Ernie Midwinter Bob Sappington, Philip Roehr. Middle Row: Ralph Giordano, Paul Kouns, Ed. Rosendin, Ludd Diaz, Joe Barcelona, Quintin Bohnet. Bottom Row: F. L. Shelley, James Misz, Al Martin, Vernon Smith, Joe Giacalone, Morgan Symons. Sheet Metal Shop The Sheet Metal Shop, under the direction of Mr. Arthur lleinsen. is one ot' the most active shops of the school. The shop is also one ot' the hest equipped in the school. lt has a forming machine, bending machine, crimping' machine, spot welder. electric arc welder, punch press, and many other machines, too numerous to niention. This shop also contains a spray department and a fine Body and Fender department. The hoys dropped out of lnost of the intramural sports lmecanse niost of them had after-school work. XYillard Dunlap, meniher of the shop, holds three track records. lle was also a lnemher of the varsity haskethall team, which won the S. C. Y. A. l,. champion- ship. XVillard was also liall lfditor of the school paper. The hoys threw a rousing' Christmas party. This spring they are planning to throw their animal spring picnic on the hank of some shady creek. Top Row: Martin Nunes, Bob Berggren, Mario Grilli, Rodney Johnson, Brandon Goodrich, Wallace Zaccagna. Middle Row: Andy Alongi, Vernon Brooks, Al Brumund, Willard Dunlap, Mar- tin Ernst, Mel Plummer. Bottom Row: A. C. Heinsen, William Ribbs, Clarence Erickson, Lawrence Pacheco, Dominic Zoccoli. Weltlillg Shop The president of the XVelding Shop is Vincent Innamorato with Bud Echols as vice- prcsidcnt helping him out. Al Fetterman is secretary and treasurer. The boys had a Christmas party in the shop and had gobs to cat, including hot dogs, huns with mustard, potato chips, soda water, pie, ice cream, olives, and pickles. While this is heing written up the hoys are planning to have a spring picnic in Santa Cruz. The hoys are planning to have harbecued steaks with the trimmings. The welding shop placed second in basketball in the intermural sports. Some of the boys prominent in school activities are George joseph, who engages in wrestling, john Nannini, haskethalll and Bud lichols, exchange editor on the Tech Times. Top Row: George Joseph, Gerald Ferreira, Robin Mills, Alfred Fetterman, Joe Francia. Mid- dle Row: Joe Formosa, Harold Silva, Henry Zepeda, Joe Uzzardo, Jim Corno. Bottom Row: M. L. Sutphen, Vincent Innamorato, John Fontana, Jack Andrews, John Nannini, Fred Ernst. tThose not pictured: Bud Echols. Ray Fry, Alfred Porter, Louis Tarasco, Emmett Nunesb sin' s 1 2 J , QVJI5 l C? , QM Mafia N! ' pquiayaqn-fu f X, ' 4,444 ' N7 fjwpgfjwpay A,Q f .., b, AE? WWW 1 1 M6 j 2,533 2 JMQEM f EXE Q by fjfgf WN fi x RfQff , 7? is fqdvfwpfu NA, J, i ' . ' W AMW W . W if Q Qmxxawx J A 3 ?CfQgMf ipgyy, JVM ff WM Wfaww 0 Q ' ff X.,-x N , i 73 , 5 wQ"' 1Ffw':rz,.-fy , - ,. lmm:,,: X uw ! v ' M X ' 5' 'M W"'2'P3.'-','n iff ' A 1 . W. ., MW 3' I 0 4 1. 'naman'-' . .. ' ' f:dla:mL:+.a,.wL-xiJw,3wuL:,uum:mlw- ' ' A ,. x x .3 K . . 1, 51.f3'5'5E'L AMA xm ' if fM1..vm.CJn?.1. ' ' ' ,ma ma .14:x...r.:.m -:nw .mv-M. . 5, .A , .Q,f.sV.v.mrm ,:.':z.ra1L,.r4 ..n:aun,.mn.a4..rmluanLn':m:.i J rw-.JL-an 'f I L in .,., i 4 U01 M' 2 31 ' ,5 my' w .w

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