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K " Go ye Into All the WORLD" San Jose BIBIG COHGGG 1962 We, the staff of the 1962 "Christian Victor", take great pleasure in dedicating this annual to Mr. Al Johnson. It seems to us most fitting at this time when the forward progress of the college is dramatically demonstrated in increased enrollment, improved facilities, and an enthused stu- dent body to give credit to the man who has contributed to all of this in a most outstanding way. Mr. Iohnsonhas generously given of his time in the development of the campus in Beach Hall, the picnic area, and in Jessup Hall and the Cafetorium now under construction. It has been large- ly due to his vision and his determination that the ways and the means have been found to begin this forward movement in campus improvement. The students of San Jose Bible College are deeply grateful for what his labour has meant to us and we know that far beyond our power to appreciate is the approval of our Father in whose King- dom he so faithfully serves. A1 works hard with the planning committee on plans for the new rnen's dorm and cafetorium. Lv' , Q. if-H 5 . r-ff 'HY , I . .if 1: .S+ :il .IA ,gl .' 'wx P14 X 1,, 4 ,FRI .21 'vffff 1.1, ,a A-:N 1.1 Q. 52 A jg, I1 1. J - s ,,1. -5 '1 WL Ln ' V, ,fi ' I :Hi .. 551 fi X 5- s" ' R . wa I 3 I A, A , , N I N V. N W , I S :A -1 -,x W-' Y L. r, x 5. if mr ' f . H. 4 .. X N. H , , ' w T., -' Sf.-Q15 .. 1 W - ,EN 7. 7': T3 '-ZFQJ' I . f 5 ,f .hi V I X A Y , 1 F 1 LV, ADMINISTRA T I O ur Boano Of Omectons 44 if fleft to rightj Rex Wallace, Jim Sinclair, Lawrence Sunkler, Ralph Maier, Don Meyer, Art Simonson, Al Tiffin, Chuck Richards, Herm Link, Wayne Thomas, Al Johnson, Wayne Salter Delbert Yost, John Stone, Deane Pense, Sherman Holmes, V.E. Butterworth, fnot picturedy Floyd Gee, Wilfred Busch, Dave Elliott. p ,ijw--- we f The Building Committee works hard on the plans for the new men's dorm and cafetorium. The Faculty and Curriculum Committee plans and approves degree programs of SJ BC and recommend faculty additions. l . 1 X l li w l Y V 1 lx ll l l 1 l i Dear Christian Friends: N Christian witness and serv- ii ice are costly vocations. Real witness is not a cheap commod- ity. It costs dearly in life and service. In return for all that is ours in Christ, we realize this is as it should be. l The Apostle Paul wrote in high terms of his commitment to witness with the gospel of Christ. "I am debtor both to the Greeks and to the Barbarians, both to the wise and to the foolish. So, as muchas l in me is, I am ready to preach the gospel to you. . . " Theodore Roosevelt once wrote, "No man is worth his salt who is not ready at all times to risk his body. . . risk his well being. . . risk his life. . . in a l great cause. " l T These statements epitomize the high goal of Christian witness which is the theme of this Yearbook-- l "GO YE. . . " Your College is your co-worker in equiping yourself with the tools' of your costly voca- l i tion. Together we receive the courage to "GO, " We have the assurance and the challenge of knowing that God's grace will enable us. The commission is ours, "GO YE. . . " and accomplish God's will in , 1 this hour. l In Christian Concern, Alvan L. Tiffin President l sAN Joss BIBLE COLLEGE I V. E. BUTTERWORTH Academic Dean WESLEY VEATCH Dean of Men JOYCE VEATCH Dean of Women fi faculty GEORGE ALDER Professor of New Testament Greek, Speech KATIE BUT TERHWORTH Librarian, Instructor in Christian Education V. E. BUTTERWORTH Professor of New Testament History, Ministries RALPH HOLCOMB Professor of New Testament Doctrine, Homiletics I. MORRISON Professor of Music, Voice, English REUBEN RATZLAFF Professor of Old Testament Hebrew, Doctrine HAROLD RE A Professor of Music Theory Piano, Organ AL TIFFIN Professor of New Testament Life of Christ AHC staff WES LEY VE ATCH Professor of Christian Education, Psychology CLARA GRIGS BY Dorm Mother DORIS IS BELL Office Manager CLE KENNEDY Secretary LLOYD MEFFERD Custodian AVIS MEF F ERD Cook FRANCES RATZLAFF Assistant Cook ELAINE WEST Secretary 'int-. f-Sli WESLEY VEATCH EVERETT PAYTON Advisor Presldent BRUCE MURRAY WYATT MOATS Devotional Outreach S -E U 0 6 n t GARY TIFFIN HARRY DOUGLASS Project Athletics Under the capable leadership of President Everett Payton the Student Council has worked hard this year to lead the student body in a fine program of growth and advance. Continuing Operation Forward, planning for the Cross Bearers Crusade, and developing more fully the spiritual and recreational activities on the campus have been the major projects this year. SHARON CUTTS Freshman Representative RON GIBSON Freshman Representative PAUL BUSS CHARLYENE WALL Vice President Secretary- treasurer AUDREY PAINTER RON COLEMAN lf Social Social DOROTHY CHRISTIAN AKIRA KOJIMA Publicity Publications BYRON THOMAS Freshm an Representative SHARON TIFFIN 1 ' Freshrn an 1 Representative 1 T 'iff w X v ' 1, ss, U 1'5"'fiF , Lg? mi EJ U Lu I, Q .1 .....,-, ,,.,.4f , fx -x,X.XA.. ff Ntiv- E . 1: f 'IX - -Xf Q A ',-,igggi ' Tb. I .zmflw 'ii' 3, ' 'f-' --- X- --- 1. 3gi5v+'i:'T'-fiii. f . -A X.,,,XA,X3i ., ,Xy ' -j7,":'4' ': 3 L X .qXv.3g,X In Xyv XX J - 1 , - M V1 Q . ,,--lQl?'?p.fXJg-zvwrvq .... WX, .. , . AX: 11.3, 4 w w w 1 w , w .. w w w , w w w f H H 2 ' ' um H if X W W Ms M ' ' XXX " ' Eg' Q X w w w X w 1 gm Xi ,XTX 51412112 . 1 CLASSES X XXXHf5iw2 m S A ,F As Mn .'J"5' .3 ' 4 iv ,- V T 9 1 5 I .X 5' , 11 ' 'S .N-K A ' 2-'Q .., WN' "V: :Q gui - .Hs i I 1 Y 5 1-.. ,Q x 14,1 Gnaouamnq Semons 1962 as ww cr Liv 'wr ,.-.,.,'- W . LEON BERG, B. Th. Annual Staff 4: Alpha Omega 3,45 Cross Bearers' 3, Minister, Campbell LE. BLANTON, B. A. Social Com. lg Gar Club 2, Pres. 2, Youth Minister, Redwood City. DOROTHY CHRISTIAN, B. S. L. Trio 2, 3: Alpha Sigma Tau 1. 2,-3, 45 Annual Staff 4, Student Council 45 Dorm Pres. HAZEL CLARK, B. A. Student Council 1, 2: Alpha Sigma Tau l,2, Trio lg Youth Director, Citrus Heights. BRUCE MURRAY, B. A. Student Council 3, Pres. 3, Project Com. 3g Devotional Com. 3, S. I. B. C. Day 43 Cross Bearers' 39 Choir 4. Youth Minister, Sacramento. DAVE RUDER, B. Th. Basketball 1,2, 3,45 Choir 1. 2: Pep Band lg Athletic Com. 4, S. J. B. C. Day 5g Youth Minister, Green Valleyg Minister, Gilroy. GARY TIFFIN, B. A. Student Council 3, 4, Vice Pres. 3, Project Corn. 3,4g Cross Bearers' 35 Choir 35 3 Alpha Omega 2, 3, 45 Lightkeep- ers 3, 43 Basket ball 1, 2, 3: Youth Minister, Ceres. FUMIKO TSUKAMOTO, B. A. Lightkeepers 3, 4, Choir 3g Alpha Sigma Tau 3,4g Trio 3 CHARLYENE WALL, B. S. L. Alpha Sigma Tau l, 2, 3, 4, Campus Scroll 45 Annual Staff l, 2g Lightkeepers 2, 3, 45 Student Council 45 Choir 4. JESS WEST, B. A. Student Council 2, Pres. 2, Alpha Omega 1, 2g Hearts for Christ King 3, Cross Bearers' 1, 2, 3. hon - Qlzaouatlnq Semons LEE AMMONS RON COLEMAN SARA HEWITT PAU LINO LOPEZ. EVERE TT PAYTON it E QR! x mV' 5,42 9 5424 rg 41- E953- MF" 'if ' ., 1" Ti! 1 .11 ,fueff ' 'gf -3'5" , , t IL.: 1 vxgnyu gl f '. :tl ' if 5 vguu W .aww ,ay 15 - a -SMR ,, i, -Q. 5 JV- '21, , 'f .Y gt ' I 1 , JU IOR LENORA BLOUIN LARRY BUCY PAUL CLARK DAVE EVIS ON GARY F RALEY LARRY HATMAKER -1. -r NOBUKO ABE SUSAN ALDERSON NEDRA BARNUM RALPH BENNETT CARL BIGGS PAUL BUSS BARBARA CECIL EARLENE CRISMORE KARIN CUNNINGHAM HARRY DOUGLASS GENE PEASTER JIM GROAT if 3, '51""' bi' N -fr ,gsm , Q. DOROTHY KE NDRIC K S HERRIE KI NG JIM KNIF O NG LEROY LA NE MARK I-IASKINS SKIP HAZEN JOYCE HUMPHREYS GLENDA LISK TOM MARTIN BYRON MOATS WYATT MOATS ELLIE MORGAN AUDREY PAINTER SHIRLEY SIMONSON RHEA SPENCER CHERYL VANDERF ORD STEVE POWELL PAUL SCHNEIDER W. EVIE SHARP ROSANNA SHELLEY nv A-vw F I1-. f H ri ' ,af xf z.. 1 HF, -5 '?" L. ,ia Q5 f N1 7 ,, x.'i..,,,, K ,N , ,, ,W --V- n 8.7 f .-L... QTQ4 V 4 , T' ,,,-Y LY NNE BAKER MARY ANN BALE NTINE GLENN BASEY ELANE BOGART DIANE BURFORD RON CARPENTER PAULINE CLARK GAIL CRAIG SHARON CUTTS BOB DANIKEN JIM FENDERSON DEANNA GAUDINEER RAY ANDERSON RAY ANKRAM LINDA AUBREY RON GIBSON KAREN HONEYWELL RAUL GRAY I AN MELUGIN SHERYL MURRAY DENNIS JOHNSON FLOYD KENDALL TERRY KENT IUDIE PETERSON NATE RANDALL KEITH RATZLAFF SANG LEE BETTY LENTZ, FRANKIE LINDAMOOD FRITZ MAURITZ CAROL I-IAZEN BOBBI IEAN OSBOURN ION OTTINGER SHIRLEY PETERS DAVE SIMONSON MARY ESTHER SPENCER JOEL STITH DEE STOCKHAM SHARON TIFFIN BYRON THOMAS CAROL TOMLINSON JACK TROTTER .T UDY RUDER S HIRLEY S AYERS S TEVE SCHMECK w I DON STOWE DAVE SURGE NER WES VANDERFORD ROGER VINYARD BONNIE WHITT 2141! V f 7 , Q. ACTIVITIE 4 tn. F. "2jhif ,..-4-' "Be1oved, let us love one another, for love is of God, and everyone that loveth is begotten of God, for God is love. " I John: 4:7 5...- 11" if 1 if 'ffn us.-. -4 Fi. T24 But ye shall recerve power when the Holy Splflt rs come upon you Acts 1 8 Regular chapel sessrons enrrch the sp1r1tual lrfe of students S55 Ve are the llght of the world A c1ty set on a h11l cannot be hrd Matt 5 14 Many use the prcnrc area for the1r devotrons as well as study Blessed are they that hunger and thlrst after rrghteousness for they shall be frlled Matt 5 6 Srlent rned1tat1on brlngs peace to many lrves Let your hght sh1ne before men that they may see your good works and glonfy your Father Matt 5 16 Dorm devotlons on Tuesday nlghts f' I I -. Ismail" I VAN 1' ti' fd' "Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name ot the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I commanded you: and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. " Matt. 28:19 Y Q, .FJ I t 7. I . , y 1 "Love is patient, kind, never rude., selfish, or resentful, love never fails. " I Cor. 13 - ffm. W - 45 . ,VI Girls suite devotions .fl ,ij 35:9 F! Z tr, "Two are better than one, because they have good reward for their labour. " Ecc. 4:9 Devotions in new prayer room Christian service also gives to the student an oppor- tunity to feel some of the Joys of serving Christ as well as some of the drscouragements The spirit of the student body on a Monday morning is usually stim- ulated after the student s return from serving in the H Xl To the student, Christian service means an opportunity to put some of his classroom learning into practical endeavor. The experiences of school can now be applied directly to his Christ- ian work. Sometimes the teaching a student receives while in school eludes him unless he is able to test it through personal experience. CNRISUAH SERVICE i GARY FRALEY: is the Youth Minister at Green Valley. as In v- , ,fv is-. JESS WEST: served the Lord at Redwood City. LADIES TRIO: Sharron Cutts, Susan Alderson, Sharon Tiffin, RON COLEMAN: has been at the San Rafael church for one year as assistant minister. I IM GARDNER: is serving as assistant minister at Curtner Avenue Church. rg, H444 " ' - ,gas K I r ix if Q, 5 I N the-f 1 LEON BERG has been CHUCK INMAN serves as minister to the Campbell the youth minister at the Church for nine months. Campbell church FRESHMAN QUARTET: Ray Ankrom, Ray Anderson, Carl Biggs, Byron Thomas. youth minister at the church y in Oakland for five months. 'Qi as youth minister for the Green Valley Church. BOB LENTZ.: has been fQ J. S it DAVE RUDER: 1S serving 4 34 L GARY TLFFIN: serves the Lord HARRY DOUGLASS: serves at Ceres First Church as High at Ceres First Church as Junior School Youth Director. 1 y yy f K 1 y M Youth Director. SENIOR QUARTET: Ev Payton, Wyatt Moats, Larry Hatmaker, Byron Moats. yifgv BRUCE MURRAY: SCIVGS the Town and Country Church in Sacramento. TOM MARTIN. serves at the Santa Clara Church of ChI1St. A him. -'n::rnr'w 1, Seven-thirty comes early, but he 's " right on time. X 3,322 .0 J I fg11'QN : lxeggiizzlr p e H ,x ' 1".r-if I fre 552 Stuo s, rr W ,. rr Um He IISICDS attentively to classroom lectures. .Tim takes EIIIIC IO CIISCUSS h1S schoolwork Wllh one of h1s professors Study is one of the most rrnporrant aspects of our college life. Jim Fenderson typlcal SJBC student, takes us on a day of study wlth f , P 4' s rf fs f Wx' 'Rx XX W ,KX...f 'W I-'girly 1 , ' E , K V. D' . ., I Y I L, . Lg' Q V . I I, , A, N A, , ,, ' ': 'Q fl , ' . V. V - Y 4 - ', - . no 5 lvl' H ' V Fe -Env -2- 4 -1. - :Y as - rl N - Y- 'L S- 1 Fw I X I -'H' ' i fu '4 ff' ,V ,1 N' wifi, . 1-" .' ' n u l:1.,, r ', -. 6 X-at .4 gtfsilgg' ' -aff' ' '-- , A w.. , ., If f, 1' I - A '. ' .V in I' t jg!-"I sf? V 7.7 1l":! ' Q' 'lg i a fps , , F, ' . , - I 1 A- '15 'fl , I I' - 4 F -.. Q X -if A - t tw V- X M' v-,,"' ' ff X 'Q' ' -xv After classes, much time is spent in the school Library. SI K h- Time to go home so Jim checks out some books X k'f"4'1" 'S Cleftj After dinner, hard at work, Jim is finishing the writing of his term paper. Crightj Now he begins to type and . . . gi QQ! The finished product. Thank-you Mr. Fenderson! You've earned 3 ICSI. l fx - J 2 Q fr' xg." 5 ,gs-1. - Registration The conference on Evangelism is sponsored each year by the college to stimulate interest in the work of world-wide evangelism. The theme this year was "Our Living Hope. " This theme was developed by ministers from many of our churches and also by three of our seniors students. The capacity crowds were greatly encouraged to live the Christian life because of the great WE.-f - t ' re- . Comienence on GVAHGGIISTIT -I-gp hope that we all share in Christ. The students of the Bible College shared in the conference and contributed many hours of time to the detail work that makes such a conference possible. Crowds completely fill the auditorium at evening services. Crowds Assembling i! . ,.-2 Altunni Banquet Ground was broken on February 2 for two new buildings which will be in operation in Sept- ember. Jessup Hall, the first of our men 's dormitories will house fifty students, and the new cafetoriurn will be suitable for serving three hundred at rnealtirnes. Herrn Link, Al Tiffin, Bryce Jessup, and W. L. Jessup hold the corner stone placque for the new Men's Dorm. Gnouno - Bneakmq C6l26lTlOl"ll6S W. L. Jessup, holds the first shovel of dirt while President Al Tiffin and Board President Herrn Link look on. rv rv CAITIDUS GV6lODm6I'l1I Q 1 .Lg Beach I-Iall, now two years old, stands behind the foundation for the new cafetorium. Two years ago with the building of Beach Memorial Hall we launched a forward move for campus development. It was hardly imaginable at that time that the impetus of this beginning would carry us forward so rapidly. But now we are in the process of building two more new build- ings on the campus, Jessup Hall, and the Cafetorium. These buildings will be ready for the fall term beginning in September. The blueprints are studied on the sub-floor of Jessup Hall. . ,A i. ,EI ut:-,,, xr,-1 Jessup Hall, named in honor of SJBC's first president, will be our first men's residence hall. It will be a two story building similar to Beach Hall, but somewhat larger, with a flexible capacity for from fifty to seventy-five men. Also incorporated into this building is an apartment for house parents, a large lounge, snack room, and patio at the rear. The Cafetorium is being constructed with the future needs of the college in mind. It will have a large and efficient kitchen and a dining area which will seat about 300 persons. Until the college is able to build other needed buildings this unit may have to serve a dual purpose being used also for a lecture hall or for chapel services. as ' 41"...l--. 1.22575-ya ,ggi 'V s A Mr. Winniger, general contractor, supervises the pouring of the foundation for the new cafetorium. Our new buildings are rising, and with them our hopes for a greater SIBC. .fr ,--' . ,fi , 5. --Y -.Q 1. ,N - f fx 'f f --474145 i 21' , 1' 4 ' Q. - 2759 " l'T PA ' ff" ' ' IQFTVL' gill LL H If xfff 'ith L'-f A. r - 4 1 ' , , i 1 ,r 'fully JTII J M , A ' I!! V 1--.-"i'-,,4' , 5 A. ,n , ., PKI' il ' if ,' ' 't . ' .?' -.- 'I .' ---V f ' 'U , ,gmgf f 4' 'W f'lr"7f. Q I 1. rm. heants lion ChI2lS1I Ron Gibson waits patiently? for his date Sharron Cutts. At last she descends the stairs to be greeted by Ron. Nothing but the best for Sharron, a white orchid. The walk to the Car"' The grand er1trar1ce--- ' 4 ' L. I L r - YH Ron agrees the best way to eat dinner is with Sharron by his side. ,-4 l fy , , Bruce and Sheryl Murray are crowned King Ron and Sharron watch Bruce and Sheryl and and Queen of Hearts for Christ. hope that some day they may be King and Queen. A11 who attended the banquet enjoyed a fine inspirational program. Wayne Thomas of Sacramento brought the message, and Mrs. Thomas led the group singing. Special music was provided by the girls' trio and Byron Thomas. Professor Morrison was the master of ceremonies. The lovely evening is ended-- Goodnight Sharron arid RCU" In the hearts of all who shared in the lovely banquet there lingers memories of a most wonderful evening, a deepened devotion to the Lord of Life who gives all beautiful things and a fond expectation for Hearts for Christ 1963. 5 i 4 v I JN' 1 1 4,4 SAITUROAY: 2:00 I arrived, my heart full of expectation of the coming crusade. . . CROSSBGARGRS CRUSA06 l "Ont 1 lute" L W y 3:00, The afternoon was 1 spent watching the student baseball game and parti- cipating in the volleyball. f ' ,.a,,.,,,..,,,,,E..,,,, ,I , am 1 , 7:00 The Crossbearers' banquet really impressed me. Excellent food, amusing 1 and inspiring special num- bers, and an excellent message by I ack Morrison. 4 V 4:17-' X J ' ' 1: Y 4 3 t "Q ...,a-'51 1 l H' '. ' . at sr 'K l l r l I 2 Sunoay, 7:00, Unfortunately I wasn't awakened early enough to be one of the first in line for breakfast, but the wait was well rewarded. at a Tvfl l' Iiafa' 1 1 35' ffffj ,A p " -' .1 -1, .f qj -.I , '-41V. :JV -Q, 'I' N, ,ji 1:30, The Light-Keepers Mission Club presentation gave me insight. into the missionary field. I was impressed with the importance of the SJ BC student organization that is concerned with the needs and the work on the mission field. 2:00, I found fun and relax- ation at the informal talent show. CAkira Kojimaj 3:00, With others I made the tour of San Jose State College under guidance of SJBC students. 1 'Nah L would? 53" Q JW' 9:45, The communion service uplifted me and increased the meaning to me of the death and resurrection of Christ. if , I r 11 1 ff, A I Y' , in-R' ': f' if"R" in A l H . -.....- NJ 5:00, The open-air song service stirred my Ralph Holcomb's message gave me a new heart, meaning in life. n...a4' Inj Hamill 11' g 1 R The SIBC choir 's praises to God became my praises also. ., ,un ..L..L.-axial 8:45, What a magnificent sight--400 young people gathered together to sing praises to the Lord. QQ ' ' 1 w V Gazing into the campfire, I could feel the spirit of God burning in everyone's heart. pf.. . 4 I . .., .ff r-3. -f 9:30, The spiritual emphasis of the morning chapel service will always remain in my heart. -Yi FA., pe monoay: 7 Q- 7:30, Everyone attended X 1 classes. I shared in Ralph Holcomb's class x 4 in Rom ans. r r. . , , i 1 1 H fi 'e. ".-,V-ffm, Q' -:r. :Per f ,h ' . ,Q ," , 5 ' A' ' Q.",' ' 125-' I ' H - . ' -.-,1 V- f H9-1 r V -ff -1 I ' 5 Q "X 2' I' ffl -2' . ij. -,gifsrx -R V A ' ' i yj. fl' . Zig, 'X i .-"l X 5 , QU-f'., - 3. . - ff? V i or -gf - -l 3 tgfrfii -, , "' ' L"', - -L EGR' 1 -. ' " N ""'- i' 1-ar g 12:30, As we joined hands in Christian love, I could not stop wishing that the Crossbearers Crusade was just beginning . . . -'f Gpenatlon llonwano it Wltfl student help the p1cn1c area proJect moved towards compleuon f N 3' 3 1n the fall semester f-s,s,s,,,,,g5,,, X. was ,X 'ww ix .B Many hours were donated by students rn plantmg 1cep1ant, clearmg and levehng the ground At the ded1cat1on of the completed p1cn1c area, Pres1dent T1ff1n speaks to the Student Body. The completed p1cn1c area, ready for student use, 1S a beauuful ad d1t1on to our campus '. yi.. 'T y 'x , f 6 Qs..- .- -1- adm... - , my V, ' . .. -f' r A f 4' a ' ,di 1" I K , if-My ,Q I -1 9 -, 9 . ' . ,. A ,L , . l 0 , , " . ' I ffii!H'f'1-2-."':,-. ' -. ' ,' " 5. - ' . PX - f , ' - H ,A . l 4 s - - a 1 azjmlgfff-5, .. -Q .. gh N FL 7:39112 - ' "E S4 ' i:f-Ifygyjnijgfl--4g?.:J . ,- A ' fran-V111-2'TS5f'?-5-. ' "-my Q -. A . - i'5w27l?"a D r5'5"-ET2.?"F1'e ' ' r fiK.Iijg.1-,a-5'5'. , ' 5 fs Q., A - -,.'.,'wv -sr . . .,- M, ,- we w r . . The backstop and the bleachers are installed by our contractor. Below, this operation is seen at an earlier stage. With rented equipment, the students leveled the baseball field and readied it for the coming season And now San Jose Bible College has a softball diamond. Good playing! - - t' ' - - -r J..-1--. A S J OAS! ffront rowy G. Alder, W. Veatch, R. Coleman. E. Butterworth, B. Murray, P Buss, G. Tiffin, C. Biggs, B. Blanton, L. I-Iatmaker. Csecond rowj A. Tiffin, G. Fraley, P. Lopez, D. Ruder, L. Lane, R. Bennett, T. Martin, H. Douglass, C. Inman, A. Kojima, flast rowj J. Morrison, R. Rat zlaff, W. Moats, B. Lentz, B. Moats, B. Thomas, E. Payton. YET' -3-,.. R G-, if t ' .L Qleftj Bro. Tiffin briefs students on SIBC day A- V .' the flower lefty Ralph Holcomb, advisor of SJBC day. flower rightj SJBC day reports given in chapel following return of students from various churches. .-...Ll +4 V' .h ' A, ..,, l-Al ... i l ' I, . i It 2. egg. A JJ Interesting visitors to Halloween party. October 31, annual Halloween party. I 5 ff: It Qjiglr ll L Y, fg,Q,,Q1.+,, Ql,+e,, . Fun night: Comical version of Gunslinger. "How to chew gum " Akira Kojirna 2 1 'Q o fi' 5'- ,,, .- eil PBS social following annual game. Social at Western Baptist College. X i . I I I I I I I I I E fy- -, iv-v R. li! --an up ' f . . T -.,. i I-v :mai .21-. f i , I -. nI. 55, - g,g.-:,-.- II W4 I I. , ' ,p " ' ' x V L5 L, ' 'f w 7 .I .,. -vi, R GANIZA T I 0 U!" Ei 31 I x IIQIQSW I .mi W ggi IIN? 1 zzz! , S 1-'swf' fi 2 T -.4 .II II 32,6 s'l.v,1'-, -4754 .gunna I II I: 'I I ,', . I ir yd In ' s -,Q 11... if Alpha Sigma Tau officers: Cleft to rightj Judie Peterson, Historian, Evie Sharp, Hostess, Shirley Simonson, Vice-pres. , Susie Alderson, Pres. , Linda Aubrey, Secretary, Ellie Morgan, Treasurer. Alpha Sigma Tau provides fellowship for all the single women on campus. Zelotai officers: Cleft to rightj Elaine West, Mary Coleman, Barbara Bennett, Sheryl Murray, Cnot picturedj ,Tess Evison, and Velma Holcomb - advisor. Zelotai provides spiritual enrichment for the married women. All organizations at SIBC are purposeful and Christ-centered. Even though each has a different aim, their one goal is to magnify Christ through services to others. Alpha Omega officers: Cleft to righty Tom Martin, V. E. Butterworth, Wyatt Moats, Byron Thomas, Ron Coleman, Chuck Inman CSteering Committeey Alpha Omega enhances spiritual growth and offers fellowship for all men students. 5? ' 1 1-If K 'T' "WF Bottom Royals 1S des1gned for men on campus wnh cars It advocates safety 1n dr1v1ng LIGHTKEEPERS A m1ss1onary m1nded orgamza uon made up of students who are espec1a11y con cerned wlth the needs and work on the forelgn f1e1d Cheftj Llghtkeepers Off1C8IS Paulme Clark, Nobuko Ruth West Ev1e Sharp Dot Isbell Spon sor Harry Douglas, Prestdent, Ray Ankrom fnot P1CIl1I6dJ FIIIZ Mauntz V1ce Pres , Shuley Peters, Sec , Gene Feaster Treas Dorm Off1C6IS Sharon T1ff1n Pllb11C1T.'y, Susan Alderson Vtce Pres Nedra Barnum Pres , Joyce Humphreys Sec , Jud1e Peterson SOC131 Sharron Cutts Devouonal SSX -J The SJBC choir at practice under the direction of I ack Morrison who has taught each one the true purpose of singing: "to draw man and God into spiritual closeness through the art of music. " fleftj Jack Morrison i Choir Director. l if-::.'Y" frightj Harold Rea ' Choir Accompanist After many hours of work, the SIBC choir brings "The Song of Christmas" at the Los Gatos Church. r 1 4 ps 1' Annual Staff EDITOR Nedra Barnum , CR1ghtJ Larry Hatmaker, Sherrre Klng Nedra Barnum, Lenora Bloum, Dorothy Chnstran, J on Ottrnger Lynn Baker, George Alder George Alder Dorothy Chnstlan Elane Bogart, Sponsor ASSISISIII Edltor Buslness Manager We... qmghry Larry Hatmaker, Phorogr apher qI.eftj I on Ottrnger Adverusrng Manager Isp Q T 'rv " - -vi 5 5 V ' - Y 71: n n . o b ,, X 1 Z. W r fl? , f W: ufw 1 1 ,, 7 :Lx-ii 'vu rr r 'H ' I - H1 Z N 57 W2 rr ml ,Hwy -4 - ' ,gl f 1 -' rr A-rv . 1' 'E' Y w WY, - . -. W , 1 "' '4 V 4 . Y V , , M dl P--, - ,, . fx.. " 5 w x W - - . , iii h"' X .A I "1-112:12 Q- X .iff ,ASU "iff V " , r V 1 A - 1. r 1. .- X Z'-'Y ' ' . r ' rr, j, '--1.7.1 F P- f ' . ' ' 1 Q ' V ' ww V ' 1 H , H H rr X W mmm!!! 0 3, , . T P hd. LJ-rx-P JACK TROTTER Head Yell Leader '30 yell leaoens I I I Aff A 11- '7 ff :mf f7',,f..e3- ,v 41? ' 7 'JJ' Ve,e.. f YN 4..'3'1'Q. -. " 4 fy' JUDIE PETERS ON LIND A AUBREY ,v""' l fi 3 pep BANG The pep band has extended its efforts to promote school spirit at our basketball games. 4v" 7, ' I . 2 , f - A Director: Hiram O'Kel1ey A nh I - My it -5 ,-. XX ffront, left to righty Bobbi Jean Osbourn, Gail Craig, Thelma Nix, fsecond rowj Akira Kojima, Jim Russell, Ray Ankrorn, Carl Biggs, George Alder, Spon sor, Larry Hatmaker. mr Campus Scroll staff: Akira Kojima, Paul Sch- neider, Shirley Peters, Ron Coleman, Charlyene Wall, Bob Lentz. The Campus Scroll, SJBC 's newspaper, keeps the students informed about activities and other events . Editor: Lee Ammons of interest. G , H2552-.5. -.' , -J ' 'flea' 3' 1 ' ,gl-if staff hard at work to meet their deadlines. Gospel Broadcaster staff: George Alder, Sharon Tiffin, Paul Gray. CAITIDUS SCROU. S1BC's Basketball Team: -qfrontj H. Douglass, I. Stith, F. Kendall, C. Boman, P. Buss. fsecond rowj R. Ratzlaff, coach, T. Kent, R. Gibson, D. Stockharn, E. Payton. I. Ottinger, K. Ratslaff. Floyd Kendall fCaptainy guard, Most Valuable Player flower lefty Ron Gibson, forward Qcenterj Ion Ottinger, forward flower lefty Dee Stockham, forward aff u Ev Payton Paul Buss Chuck Boman center guard guard :sw N w,4f, of rr r Keith Ratzlaff forward Harry Douglass x guard Ev for the Tip! -- qlefrp o Terry Kent WM f guard X X N,,, UO A of frighrj I 1, J'0e1Stith if :LQ 4 guard ' -ali-V ,A 5' ,- "lump, Ev " N "Get that rebound" Fight. team, FIGHT!" "Hey, Hey, take it away." y 6 ' Ile :Agp ,ik "H 7' , g Y 6 I " -iqigisi ' "i ' ' dd K . H. 5- QM' , ,-A X .1 ' 1 ' J, ' , ,Q 11'rl:jlvv"'w. .. I y ,XV r l. ,J -"- 1 ff' V A. -' 5 ,fy f .. ,, , 'A , ' n A :Ai - 5 -1' ,yi ,,4j.-5 - I V . f- 'H-', 4'-. 1 Y "Hand on Ron" "Rebound, Stockham" "Basket, right there! Second semester enrollees: QBack rowj Don Hawthorne, Edward Lee, Gwynn Devey. Howard Ramsey, Michael Morton, Stephen Howell. fFront Rowj Joyce Trouba, Sharon Mason, James Russell, Nina Cook, Thelma Nix. Clnsetj Graduating seniors, Robert McLean, Gwynn Devey, and Howard Morgan. J- y 1 ,nunamlt 3 x Lum X. A ,QE X-S ,pf ,If J, ? AD VER TISERS in-. g"!' 1'r,.n1l91srv' r 1 I I 1 13 H 1 CODGRATIUIAIIIGHS Gnaouates Stuoent Booy Ano Annual Staff We the Board of Drrectors of San Jose Brble College extend our warmest congratulatrons to the graduates of 1962 for successfully completrng the ngorous program of study wh1ch culmlnates 1D your degrees We also congratulate the Student Body for the conunumg and magnlflcent stndes made 1n the development of the campus 1n your program Operat1on Forward Your labor lnterest glfts and dedrcatron are deeply apprecrated Furthermore we take pleasure 1n recogmzlng thrs addmonal forward step taken by the Annu al Staff 1n the publrcatron of th1s professlonally produced Chnstlan Vrctor May the Lord contrnue to bless and gutde you We thank I-hm for the pr1v1lege of gllldlflg thls wonderful college rn these years of progress And we thank H1m for you young people wh o are the m1n1sters evangehsts m1ss1onar1es and leaders of the Church rn the years Just ahe ad Omectons AQWYQLM wma Ahrggim l gas 1 55 C' 1 I SAN .lOSE'S POPULAR DOWNTOWN HOTEL 531, lk, for . coMFoRT . CONVENIENCE is-,f,fi,' ' 'FRENDLY SERVICE- 9 mooennrgeliznrss 7' 3 i1"T.l:7Jr 2:'3 ""'. 'gif , ' - ' A . rf? tlsf F.-Om 54.5010 :S7 single - astro sio Double OO ff 2- Q- X 1- Coe: Q Fire Proof Construction ATTRACTIVE WEEKLY ZAND. MONTHLY RATES COFFEE SHOP o FOUNTAIN BANQUEF ROOMS A - T E L E v 1 s 1 o N l 'DRlilE-IN GARAGE. . FREE OQERNITE PARKING MON EPR Y HO 1' E L RGlPl1,G1 lf' fCsIdweH soufim First sneer. at san Antonin CYPRESS imanagef A ' . y A San Jose, California T 4-9404 I t voun fnounes f i"95Y'Wli-fl V L N 7-f' 1 . A X. ,,O.. 2 B "- i. 'QQ dn 5' v " i 1 mm!! Why lose sleep worrying whether your printing will be ready on time? Instead, go right to Trade Litho Press for all your printing and graphic art needs, Bro- chures, Mailers, Booklets, Broadsides, Publi- cations and all Business stationery. You can be sure of prompt personal attention to all your printing . . . delivered on time. Discuss your problems with Bob Hillis or other Trade Litho Press technicians person- ally. Call or write . . . TODAY! TRADE LITHO PRESS .29 761 Coleman Ave. San Jose, Calif. CY 2-0430 Robert C. Hillis, owner Pleck's Auto Parts AUTO PARTS 8: REPAIRS August J. Pleck, Owner Tenth and Keyes Streets San Jose, California WE NEED YOUR HEAD IN OUR BUSINESS Vernice Lois 8nFrar Roy .Tack Ray 8:Gene Fdmlly BBGUIY SGIOI1 and Bqrber 508 South Tenth Street CY 2 3643 ffwfigwqmvgvggy Fvwlm-wwgwg-Q F 3 L M52 Sw PROFESSIONAL PHo'roGRAP1-IER Tony Rose 37 FOUNTAIN SAN JOSE CALIFORNIA CYpress Z 4444 Wedding Portraiture Our Specialty W. -1- E 'gg'- Ill I I 's I I 'Ill I E umm! f 'T l ' EE i "" " Come to he EVANGEL BIB LE BOOK STORE or Sacred Records-Bibles 85 New Testaments Christian Books-Church8c Sunday School Supplies CYpress 2-2353 96 South Second Street San Jose 13 Calif THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH CONGRATULATIONS of f rom L o s G ca to s Green Valley Church of Christ Paves Ave. off Winchester Rd "The New Church With The Old Message." SERVICES Sunday 9230 School 390 Ridge Vista Avenue Morning San Jose q,lgf 10:45 Worsbip V, 'lg' Evening 7:00 service Serving Christ Marvin Rickard' in EL 6-4910 Minister F hill A Living Link - Bill 8: Audrey The East cot 1 S rea Missionaries - Painter Saltillo, Mexico College Church of Christ A Christian Church First 790 S. 12th at Virginia San Jose . . 1-1. Roy Rickard - Minister Chrlstlan . Sr !,,,,.,- . - Ch urch I of CAMPBELL Morning Worship Service "The Church With A Future" 62. North First Street Campbell, California LE ON BE RG - MINIS TE R fTAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" F IF jx X I fi 59 If if -N N I . ,I V l i- li ' P1 f' W . ,i i , f , ,il , x I 3 1 W' I 1 J H' :F 1

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