San Bernardino High School - Tyro Yearbook (San Bernardino, CA)

 - Class of 1965

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San Bernardino High School - Tyro Yearbook (San Bernardino, CA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 16 of 278
Page 16 of 278

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Page 16 text:

gl,i. Six Buildings, Lush Gardens, New Site EarThquaI:e Damages Pillars During The year OT l927, SBI-IS TelT The damage OT a very large earThguake. IT severely damaged The Tour massive pillars on The adminisTraTiOn building, which led To Their evenfual removal. The nexT year, Cardinal CiTy graduaTed whaT was TO be iTs TirsT TuTure member OT Congress, Mr. KenneTh Dyal. While aT SBI-IS, Dyal was The Top debaTor and also served as Commissioner OT Forensics. As Tor club-Torming, during The i927 TO I93I period. ThirTy-Two clubs were Tormed. Among These clubs were The Block The GAA, The Junior Earm Club, The Bunny Club la rabbiT raising clubl, The Nomad club Ta hiking clubl, The BroadcasTing club IThis club Tormed iTs own radio sTaTiOn-KEXIVI-and brOadcasTed regularlyl. The COunTry GenTIeman Club Ia rabbiT raising clubl. and many oThers. In I930, Cleon Skousen, auThor OT The Naked Com- munisT and also a Tormer EBI agenT, was graduaTed Trom SBI-IS. Mr. Skousen Once ran Tor governor OT The sTaTe OT UTah and now is occupied wiTh IecTure Tours. In I932, in cOnTinuaTiOn wiTh TradiTion, The annual reporTed ThaT The biggesT bonTire in The hisTOry OT SBT-IS was had beTore The big game wiTh Redlands. This year The Cards brOughT home Two CBL championships, base- ball and IighTweighT TooTbaIl. During The nexT Two years a new organizaTiOn was Tormed. IT was called The FuTure Farmers OT America. The FuTure Farmers pooled The resources OT The Baby BeeT Club, The CounTry GenTIemen's Club, The Bunny Club and Those OT any oTher inTeresTed parTy inTo one big organizaTion. They uTiIized To The TuIlesT all available agriculTural ground aT SBI-IS unTil I954, when They moved To PaciTic I-Tigh School because OT lack OT space aT SBI-IS. Also, in I933, Cardinal debaTOrs argued Their way inTo The championship OT The CiTrus BelT DebaTing League. 1915 -1964 In l935, San Bernardino I-Iigh School was in The middle OT a gripping depression. While Tunds Tor acTiviTies were scarce, clubs and social groups conTinued To TuncTion even wiThouT The padded Treasuries. Such organizaTiOns as Junior Exchange, a boys' service club was Tormed wiTh The idea OT TighTing The CommunisT TacTiOn in The UniTed STaTes. 0Ther clubs wiThouT such idealisTic aims were The Big Bore RiTIe Club, The Redskin club as wel! as an aTTable Tellowship OT Towel boys known as The KnighT Chancellors OT The BaTh. SBI-IS in i935 was undeTeaTed in debaTing and won Tor The Third year in a row, The CBL debaTing champion- ship. In CBI. sporTs, wiTh Pomona, Riverside Poly, Red- ands ColTOn, ChaTTey and SBI-TS making up The league, SBI-IS Tared slighTly worse Than The debaTing Team. The Cards were Two and six in TooTbaIi, zero and seven in oaskeTball. Also, a new course was added To The curriculum This year. IT was enTiTled OrienTaTiOOn, and iTs purpose was To acquainT sTudenTs wiTh SBI-IS. The TirsT-year Teacher Tor iT was Miss ElizabeTh Dimock. In I936, Two new male clubs were Tormed ThaT had almosT idenTicaI purposes. They were The Periclean SO- cieTy and The AThenian Club. The Pericleans were made up OT The leaders OT The school ThaT banded TogeThe,r in a service organizaTion. To counTer This so-called upper- class club, The AThenian Club was Tormed. The AThenians had The same purpose as The Pericleans, which was school service, buT The requiremenTs were ThaT a prospecTive member nOT be a leader OT The school. ATTer l936, The AThenians were never heard OT again. The Pericleans lasTed ThirTeen years, unTil iT was dissolved in Tavor OT The presenT day Key Club. EnroIImenT Passes 2000 in I937 The nexT year marked The passing OT The 2000 enroll- menT noTch aT Card CiTy. The ASB consTiTuTion was revised, The curriculum enlarged and during The nexT year, The business building and caTeTeria were added To meeT The increased demand OT The growing enroIImenT, Due To The I927 earThquake, remodeling in The audi- Torium and Ad I-lall Torced The removal OT The columns in TrOnT OT The AdminisTraTion building as well as The bas-reIieT OT an Old Soboban chieT which was -on a pIaT- Torm Over The arch OT The audiTOrium. BoTh were so greaTIy missed by The sTudenTs, reporTs The I939 annual, ThaT a mural TThe presenT day onel was painTed iusT inside The brand new Toyer on The audiTOrium To re- place Them. SBHS is FiTTy in I939 Also in I939, SBI-IS was celebraTing iTs TiTTieTh an- niversary. IT had been TiTTy years since The TirsT gradu- aTing class had received iTs diplomas. In l965 The TiTTieTh anniversary SBI'IS is currenTIy celebraTing is in honor OT The Tounding OT The school aT iTs presenT siTe in I9l5. Two oTher imporTanT daTes have been ignored, however. In I883, The TirsT high school in San Bernardino was Tounded. In I884, The TirsT public high school came inTo exisTence. IT SBI-TS plays iTs Cards righT, The Cardinals can have a l00Th anniversary in I8 years, have iT again one year aTTer ThaT and Then again in Tive more years Tor The graduaTing class. During The war years, Card CiTy was a virTuaI hoTbed OT paTrioTic acTiviTies. All campus clubs, insTead OT raising money Tor Their Own Treasuries, wenT OUT To raise considerable sums Tor The war eTTorT. Servicemen re- ceived IeTTers Trom SBSS sTudenTs and war bond drives were a cOnsTanT companion To sTudenTs aTTending Card CiTy in The war years. There were a Tew brighT spoTs, however. In 1942, alThough The baskeTbalI Team was unusually poor, The Team did produce Tour senior ouT- sTanding players. They -were WaITer Spencer, Karl Evans, Cruz Nevarrez and Richard Adair, Richard Adair? Yes, iT's The same one who reTurned To his alma maTer eleven years laTer To coach PE and varsiTy baskeTbaII,

Page 15 text:

Span on Three San Bernardino Sites and Clarence Coombes, decided To Try. Soon, They came up wiTh one ThaT everybody liked and even aTTer TiTTy years is srill sung by The sTudenTs OT SBT-lS. The Two boys spliT The reward. l9l5 Turned ouT To be a Tine year Tor sporTs and debaTing. The debaring Team won seven ouT OT nine debaTes, Thereby winning The CiTrus BelT DebaTing League Championship. The Team laTer came in second in The All-STaTe Championship. The baskeTball Team had a new TurnouT and hurriedly won The CBL championship. They, Too, laTer came in second in The All-S-ouThern Championships. The Tollowing year, l9I6, did noT Turn ouT as evenTTul as I9I5. This year a new club was added, The YWCA girl's club. During all previous years, rugby was played aT San Bernardino l-ligh buT in I9l6, The sporT was changed To American TooTball. The baskeTball season mighT have been an excellenT one Tor SBI-IS iT iT hadn'T been Tor The OpposiTion. Five oppOnenTs reTused To play The Cardinals and Thereby TorTeiTed The games. l9I7-I9I9, World War I Years ln The school year OT I9I7, all eyes were Turned Towards World War l. During The year, ThirTeen pa- TrioTic boys decided To drop school in order To TighT Tor Their counTry. The TooTball Team looked hopeTul during Their prac- Tice games, buT when iT came To league play iT was anoTher sTory: The Cards dropped every game. The baskeTball Team would have noThing To do wiTh such a record, however, and prompTly won The CBL. Also, The Tennis Team nabbed The CBL TiTle. ln l9l8, wiTh The growing inTensiTy OT The war, I78 boys decided To guiT school and TighT Tor Their counTry. IT has noT yeT been derermined wheTher The boys were in earnesT when They guiT school or wheTher The original ThirTeen ThaT had dropped school a year earlier had wriTTen back and compared TighTing aT The TronT wiTh sTudying aT school. Through need in The war, Two new clubs were sTarTed, The Junior Girls Surgery Club and The Junior Red Cross Club. This year The baskeTball Team Took home The bacon in The CBL. The Track Team also made a Tine showing by coming in second place in The STaTe Tinals. The nexT Two years were dev-oTed enTirely To The war eTTorT. Two hundred ninTy-Tour boys leTT school Tor acTive duTy. The sTudenTs aT school TelT iT Their duTy To do someThing Tor Those who were TighTing Tor Them so They sTarTed gardens and began war bond drives. AT The war's end in I9l9, 350 persons had war gardens eiTher aT home or on campus. Again in I9l9 and l92O, SBl-TS' baskeTballers won The CBL TiTle, Thus bringing Their winning sTreak To Tour consecuTive years, Mr. E. C. Cline, SBHS' baskeTball menTor, was building Teams ThaT would be known as The Yankees OT The CBL Tor several years. 1 1 CadeTs wi+h MiliTary Band By l92O, a new organizaTion, The CadeT Corps, was charTered as a school acTiviTy. lT now had over Two hundred TiTTy members and had iTs own miliTary band. Over The nexT Three years The baskerball Team won The CBL in T92 l, I922, and I923 bringing The champion- ship To eighT consecuTive seasons. Possibly one OT SBI-TS' mosT Tamous graduaTes aT- Tended Card CiTy in l92l. His name is Dr. Marshall Dimock, The broTher OT SBl-TS vice-principal ElizabeTh Dimock. Dr. Dimock is a proTessor OT poliTical science who has served as AssisTanT SecreTary OT Labor under Franklin D. Ro-osevelT as well as a commissioner OT The lmmigraTion and NaTuralizaTion Service. l-le has also held The posiTion OT consulTanT Tor The UniTed NaTions and NaTural Resources Commission, and many oTher governmenT posiTions. Some OT The gym Teachers decided ThaT a club should be Tormed having The besT leaders and aThleTes Trom each class as members. This club was called The Leaders' Corps. Ernie PinckerT-AThleTic Hero ln sporTs, boTh TooTball and baskeTball SBI-IS copped CBL championships led by perhaps The greaTesT aThleTe ever To have walked The halls OT Cardinal CiTy. l-lis name was Ernie PinckerT. ln his Treshman Through senior years aT SBT-lS H924-27i, he led The Cardinals To Tour sTraighT baskeTball championships. l-le laTer aTTended USC where he became an All-American TooTball sTar and won a Rose Bowl game Tor The Trojans wiTh a lasT- minuTe field goal. ATTer college, he played pro TooTball wiTh The WashingTon Redskins. ln l9'25, The TooTball Tield was permanenTly named STockTon Field in honor OT The Then currenT principal. STockTon Field had a lighTing sysTem, and some OT The home TooTball games were played under The lighTs. ln baskeTball, The SBl-lSers again romped Through The CBL. Two clubs were Tormed wiTh The idea OT promoTing school spiriT, The BoosTer Club and The RooTer Club or girls' pep club. The year T926 Turned ouT To be one OT The besT all- around years in The hisTory OT The school. l-lelping To boosT SBI-TS To many honors was a sTudenT by The name OT Dean Woolridge who won several cups and Trophies Tor being The TasTesT and mosT accuraTe TypisT in SouThern CaliTornia. ln The field OT sporTs, SBHS showed The oTher schools ThaT iT could do almosT anyThing iT puT iTs mind To by winning The CBL in TooTball, baskeTball, lighTweighT baskeTball and Track. The sTudenTs OT The school had a righT To be proud OT The Track Team because iTs capTain, Jimmy Payne held The World InTersch-olasTic record Tor The 220 yard low hurdles aT 23.8 seconds. Also during This year, a new club was Tormed. lTs name was The Baby BeeT Club and was Tormed by boys inTeresTed in raising caTTle. H

Page 17 text:

Greet Students and Faculty in 1915 Orange Show stadium was built in l94I in time tor the high school tootball season, so SBl-lS moved to that location tor its games. Games had previously been played at Stockton Field, a tield which is now known as the SBHS gym tield. lt has been estimated that l073 tormer SBl-IS gradu- ates and taculty were active participants in World War ll. At the end ot the contlict. a talley was taken to determine how many had died in the war. The tinal result was a grim seventy-two tormer Cardinals and taculty missing or killed. Atter the way, which the i945 annual celebrated with the dedication ot its theme to Victory, San Bernardino High School reverted back to a peace-time economy. ln order to keep up with the increased demand tor etticient records land to comply with a new state law stating that no club on campus could call its money its own, it had to come under the heading ot Student Body Fundsl, SBI-IS hired a tinancial secretary. l-ler name was Miss Ruth Meyers. Atwood Memorial Trophy, l945 Also, directly atter the war, a new athletic trophy was presented to the school. The Leon A. Atwood Memorial Trophy was awarded to the best all-around athlete in the senior class ot SBI-lS. lt is currently kept in the display case in the Ad l-lall with all the names ot the outstanding athletes dating back as tar as the tirst athletic records were kept. A With the return ot boy triends and triends trom the services, having tun became the main concern ot most students on campus. ln I947, the La Boas, a boy-girl beach gang that commuted to Laguna or Balboa beach every weekend was tormed. La Boas only lasted until the people concerned with it graduated. SBHS Becomes Card City in I949 ln l949, a signiticant change came about in the SBl-lS governing processes. Instead ot running the student body on a system based upon that ot the tederal govern- ment, it was changed to that ot a city government. The Student Congress was dropped in tavor ot the Student Council. The President ot the Student Body became the Mayor ot Cardinal City. The idea ot SBI-IS now becoming Cardinal City was born. The tirst mayor was Chuck Patterson. Although SBI-lS is now celebrating its tittieth birthday, Cardinal City can technically claim only titteen years ot existence. As SBHS entered the decade ot the l950's a new contlict was upon the United States. Although it was otticially a United Nations Police action, it was a war to the men tighting it. One ot those men, and perhaps the most honored ot all SBI-lS graduates, was Joseph C. Rodriguez. ln May ot I95l, Rodriguez singlehandily destroyed tive enemy machine gun nests and titteen ot the soldiers manning them. For this courageous act, President Eisenhower awarded Rodriguez the Congres- sional Medal ot l-lonor, the highest honor the United States can bestow on a man in the military. Two years later, on a March night in l953, students in the immediate vicinity ot SBI-lS awakened to whines ot sirens. lt they were quick enough in dressing and getting to the school, they saw the last remains ot the girls gymnasium go down in tlames. The gym, in ex- istence since l9l9, had cought on tire and, in the March wind, spread quickly to engult the entire structure. The Tyro Annual, in l954, noted that Card City had an overtlowing population ot 3500 and with every ta- cility at considerable strain. The next year, however, the Annual reported only 2300 students enrolled, with the building ot cross-town Pacitic l-ligh School to allevi- ate SBHS' population problem. The i955 Tyro ignored the beginning ot Pacitic High totally, and let the new educational tacility get ott to a pleasant start. As SBHS entered into the school year ot l954-55, it also entered into its tortieth year ot existence at l9th and "E" streets. This marked the start ot a general upswing in quality in nearly everything at Card City, including the athletic teams. The Cardinals, who had never really been noted tor their winning basketball teams, except tor a period in the late l9l0's and early l920's, began a series ot seasons which consistently placed them among the top three in CBL competition, climaxed by the CBL championship in I964. The Cards went to CIF three straight years betore l964 as runner- up in the CBL. ln I963, the Cards travelled to the CIF quarter-tinals. SBl-lS also produced an all-CBL choice in tootball that was destined to make tootball his protession. Joe Womack, who started tor the Redbirds in l955, later joined the Pittsburgh Steelers ot the NFL. Card tootballer's pretered to wait tor their big mo- ment. lt came in I96l when SBl-lS swept to a tie with Redlands tor the title, deteating Redlands in the process. Redlands later went on to become CIF champions tor that year. lt was the tirst championship tor Card City since l939. ln that same year ot I96l, Cardinal trackmen won CIF tame led by Tom lthe Bombl l-lester, who set a national record tor the low hurdles. Two other notables stood out in adding tame to the name ot SBI-lS. The Tyro Weekly, SBl-lS' school news- paper, gained honors trom national press services and at local, on-the-spot writing tournaments. Also, the Card Band, the Marching l-lundred, won high praise in South- ern Calitornia competition during the past decade. Victory Bell, Dr. Dolan Come in l960 I960-6I should go down in the annals ot SBl-lS as an historic year tor the Cards. lt was during this year that two ot Card City's most permanent tixtures be- came a part ot SBHS. The tirst was the Victory Bell donated by the Santa Fe Railroad. lt was an old bell that needed a lot ot polish, but the student council members ot that year did an admirable job on it. The other addition was Dr. G. Keith Dolan, SBl-lS principal. The year atter that. SBI-lS ioined in the toreign ex- change student program, which yearly brings in two students trom a toreign land to study at San Bernardino l-ligh School. l continued on page 2591

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