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howard college birmingham, alabama contents intrnduction year spnrts greeks organizatinns government classes 4 20 68 l04 l28 l64 228 2 . 1 3," ,- " X if ' gf .ll ' li , , A A41 1 ,ff4,, ,fl U 'V M ' ,,., KX SYLVIA WHITLOW editor BOB REDUS advertising manager JAMES PEARSON business manager AQ... X ' 'Q 'xX KN 5 X s I 1 ' 1 F 1 I P U P 2 I 9 5 2 5 . QC '-fr: L 5,1 ' -., k 3-1 O ? ' s l , .a, ll mlb T .st ,. W A promise of renewal each fall . . . an outlook i 1, brisk as the autumn breeze . . . 'variecl as the colors of leaves . . . you can feel it when he returns . . . the look . . . the assurance . . . this is the year hels chosen to make his. 'lb ,511-wg, The essential spirit of the institution . . 'Win 111 Rl 61 Q-we-me H -Q vim,- VNU' -.911 his every mood . . . his every action . . . the life giving element that gives purpose. , JF 5,-ur"'f 'N-.sw .ip The 'f k'vi at K' I. H i 5 . ff- 1 Involved with himself . . . the discovery of his talents . . . from the beginning movements . . . through the labor of expression . . . to the finished work. 11 NWO A n indication of Howard? progress . . . tlve growth . . . allotted for yet somelrow always beyond the expected . . . J W' " Q1 t 4 x TQ improvements . . . some limiting . . . otlrers 6 Q ' , s 6 ng, pening vas VN I . 4 H Ylr' , 4 X Y 2 gs ,Al d t' r M e s o stu . ip' ' gi ',ff' r"i-3' I ,S vi fee s, 2. 'gif' I - 5 ' -- If s A ' i ,gf in W4 5 E ' in r w 1 Q. s -ML XONM .Q . 1. x ROBERT I. INGALL HALL I SCIENCE S. SR ,Wm M. 13 1 f ii W4- Tlvat certain person to someone . . .on Whom dreams are built . . . or merely a friend . . . close . . . platonic . . . one to share problems with . . . the casual, carefree relation. if 5 .?. R if ' ef Ng , 'i i , -A Ji- i I r 1 ".f,sX1au:T " :Wx 9 w .Q iq I b ,' I A. I ...nn .I 'Q my .,, X H ,Q , Q., R.. "7 " -saswaa, - In awareness of the inspiration which surrounds birn . . . the opportunity both mandatory and optional for the spiritual growth be needs . . . the indiridnal who ceaselessly shares his knowledge . . . nature . . . the world Ive lives in . . . the world He rnade. es A . . , ., s.:,,,e,w i 'W fwsqgu, -nrmm, yilvsxm o v 5. 17 "1-.N,,... fllroife all a student . . . a link in a never ending cliain . . . always digging, ponder- ing, qziestioning . . . tlve aching, ink-stained band . . . sleepless nights . . . accepted as a means by many . . . rejected by the unfortu- nate few. ',1 ,. , W , .nl 51 L ?i l L r W I 2 i X E I, 1 w 1 w 5 W Y 1 x Y l I 1 W I1 106' f Q 'Y' als fy YQ" nfl' UK! 9' Q Q i l the year '.,,-s-li" va--,g Regislralion never ends. Finish il lor one semesler and llien repeal llwe ordeal The nexl. Bul everyone is used lo il, slanding in line, classes closing before cards can be pulled, llial agonizing momenl ol discovering wlwal Jrhe annual Jruilion rise will do lo a clweclcing accounl. Bul il's somellfiing llial musl be accepled. Tliere is no ollfier recourse. wW!K"1 ,gjtfi 1 1 ,1iH3,, , si I, ff yi W 5 Wm W 1 , 1 I , , 1, "Ura N f, ' A IH, K 1, X 1 , My - 1 -"i 'WW 'VYFQ .3 fy fs -'i U f-ff, fliiiifinqffn 40 M Thanks lo feminine wiles among The Greeks, sororiry rush once again ushers in Jrhe college calendar. As usual, days of organized confusion flow along on gallons of waler, colce, punch and repelilious conversalion. Amid The seasonal sislerly spiril, women eye women wilh cold ap- praisal oif Jrheir Jrasle, lalenls and arlribules-and Jrhe delesled phrase echoes lhrough sororilry rooms-". . . buf she's such a nice girl." Bids are received and rushees become pledges. X w . 4 .v , a- ' ' "-11. sf- - . ' , H Q . x .W 1 ff' "ff, . 1 Z V - i '- - f ,551 7 . , s v -. QTY U 1, rar . 1 5 .9 ' .V ff, Z A .5- ----I ---- uninuuxn-llriiii-D11-Sil 77TTTTTT"'M A . 4 , , .' , .1 414' s v-Q'-1 'N 1'1"i "'5'1 ' 'N gl ii .lain-u.'A.4...'I -44' una H ""' -Arn -I 4. """" -5 ' I 1 32322 .ff 2352 X ,J Manly aclcnowledgemenls, lianclsliaking, llwe slap on llwe back all proclaim 'flue search among lralerni- lies for brollwers. And clelerred or noi, ruslw al- Jrracls newcomers-bollw male and female. The final clweclc, bids are given and ruslwees idenlify llwemselves willw pledge pins. 3, . fl If 'jr V A V .txw g -af?"-:iii T" x A 595- " .1-'Z ng ,f ' 'wfas'-iss. af.:-'wi fly, . X ' 1 fea t A .4 '-',1,yqf- - ' . :- .1 4 ggi ' -a., .1 A f-rf. ,is "ff ' ' .ef 513 -,,3,.,,s'- .N l '. i ok, 4' v :B if . y H .-5' Qi? -' 1. Eg-P ol -Q. 'n X 1 . '15 'A. ,Li . -17'-9m ,,,...,.1 ,,,,,,,--------- ' -, V ' 1, I .cf ries-'RLT , 1 -J-,-5""'5q,i,i vi ' ,- N RID' . . . .4 1 -,f-V ,,1,,. . .s . ' ii.-'H' Jes.: i f -ia. msg: 41f....,1.v.m'Mf'-iffff? r r I f i s ...fh- a .f-gf, 'iiiwn 3 in-.4 85 If -FM gg, N VXOXS KIQXR They arrive every fall yer seldom is Their presence ieljr 'riil Rai Week. Bur meer a mouse-eared man and make him sing Jrhe fighr song and Jrhen i+'s known-he's There. Top rhe week off by promising irosh men a kiss from Nancy and ihe horde unilres and decides Jro siay. Donna Walker and Bob Whire reign over frosh spirir. -fl. 28 Q- J' w "W-41-4-M.. ang .Q n . -' ' Q .....,...... ..,...-.-- -v-P "-'P-""" YT lu anmum-'aQ- 1' Y I i -1-A --www, ,N ,M -it 4 KN-1 N v-DA kk 4441 .' 1 is QA? Iii? 3 5 j - M3 : fix , . A in :mi ft' I 'C Q, , . N D f W ' 1" "f?5""! gx :' ,F 7.5-f,,ix?5?L K Q . L x J, U 11" 1f'MI'i6a ak I fir, IP. .-f' 16-3' -ff-. xv ififaal 'f?Q.:Q1'- 1 -F - ,ya-K ,gary 4 - 'ifivk' NA - ' wg , , 5 gfx ' was--' Despire ine passing of a folk singing era, an updaied group was secured by 'rhe C and L Series for Hue inilrial ieaiure. Members of The Modern Folk Quarrei answered The demand of versariliry and received approval of Hwe rai pack. 1 .. + 4 Perennial freshmen faced a crowd of vicfory-elafed homecoming pafrons in Seiberf affer fhe game. Alfhough fhe laclc of variefy was regarded by many as an age facfor of fhe Four Freshmen, fhe pro- gram successfully climaxed fhe big weelcend. ,... .w XS ll l Tl'1a+ special lwomecoming feeling reigns all week bul i+oloesn'+o1Clicially begin lill Friday niglnl. Work your lingers lo llie bone in flue cold niglwl 'ro make a dream become a realily and maybe a winning display-wlwile ollw- ers walclw. Grab a couple liours sleep if possible bul clon'+ be lale lor 'l'l'1G paracle.Cl1eerl'lwe leam on lo viclory in Seiberl and Jrlwen parly like maol. And Hue wlwole weekend belongecl lo queen Danella Vinson. sf Vw' 4' ,l e A ali?" ,f forfi- 1,5 . W, ,' :vi ,V 1 4 R , ' za? 'Q 3' Q. . gi . 4 4 b ,,,-Q 4 , . .q.. , x I K x - 4: 4- sg, , an .. qi ia 77W E J Wlsff "3" 1 rr" 'T' mv' - 87, . rA,.-f -fl homecoming Q 4 ggwe.. Q , HQ 'ni - ,N 3' f5 "+ W iw 3 i 5 KM y +2 r 2 "5 1 I 1 35 v S 5, . 'ak all .3 Y I9"'Iw. 44 The year ol eleclions is a red, while and blue year. Americans seelc Jrheir candidales lor The presidency as The Enlre Nous adverlises for an All- Annerican Girl. A lea provides The inilial lesling grounds. Then linalisls parade-Roloerl croons - parade- Bobloy and Saundra perlorrn-parade -Carol pleas-and parade while The judges deliberale. Tension grows as Jrhe mornenl of decision lenglhens To minules and lhen Dick calls Mo. I 'SM X' X af -Q T! l the all- american girl N xy V- 'uf' N v I Y, x XX I 5 f 0 xii. . Q f wif .lx 1, 'W 4V 0, I 4 fi f.'g'w agxx in llioarella Pe ttuA sponsored by hypa+ia K ,:n Q ' " . .JJ W s if Y 5' H- Q, ' 'hfilrrwf !lll SS lla 3.l Sli Q U x . hqfw j . . J it af I 0 Jvx A2 lfatlay Yreeman sponsored by senior class I ,W x W- Lff' fly'-5' L a-Y -H t Y LH ' '2:.,-.--f f"'fr-?12' f9i9.' ,4' 'ff 'L' . , :gif-,giE'fvz -' f , , N w alternai S .2 . 'Wo f ,, S 5' I ,T Q ,,,f, ,L ,-7 H., , . , A fri ..,x, f , ,L 1' ds 1 ' .' "1 'Z 'wr' " - Y .,,.. or-0: .5645 --' ' '54 'wa is I . I -S . .. .- L , Q., rm. .ij .lb ..,. " Y CL .. "' ff. .-fe A Y- ez -'U ' ,, QT" 4 f G 719 .f I '-+2 ".',:,-... I 'P"0 Mr 'X gg - I miss ong nialit 10.44 Plaillqu sponsored by ushers' club nancy ffl: eridge sponsored by "h"-club Q 0 5 1 8 J EJ I "-. 'RQ' I-lui .ng .4 , QM 'Owns .... . "R . 0 'giiy-t ' 1' Au Y JJAJ 'S iffy: is-N AA' , '- . if ' spas A. ,' .- '3"fT'." 1 .' , - - ' - ' .fQ11..'-5.4 A of.. . ' - - ,Q - A ' U , ' v I il ,I '.A- . ' .,:V ,- 8 1' ,Qf'+": -Gi .. .x..,qa1-:,1.. -ff'-' 1- 15" 5 . ' ,.:.- g,.'f"., '. f 321' -Q ,Q . " "nb " -bf,'1.'1 ,""fQQ-4 1 111, W. 't Q it A 5 1 - 1 'fl 1 . i .'- ? 'r I" nf "QUT s, i?f,,, 'v.'n ' J- 6 ,ti-r - 1.44 fii - - as f A ':l. ' v ' I 5906. v .-'QU' 1 -A---.1 ' . " ,Q -.'-' W" - V. ,, J " ' 1. - :. "LQ s ' ' 1' 1 O 9: 'QW ff' . ..1'f1fla.2:f'f . ' sl'-Y - 1' ' 55 ' nw -mf It' I' "af f Fw, ii . ?:':'95:Q'g+vfQ-gps: -",97f.3n4- Q 'flfgkl - ,- '-1 :-,I ,N!.e,.!a1-nf .'-1 f-:SS 1.512 ' " Qirv' -I 0 .Elf 64' I-. . 1 ' E-1 --H1 . 1 5 " , ,V-vi 1 A - . .3,f.x6,, ssaegli? 'x : H-- .. 1,1 - .A'., f""""w ., if-,,,n' if - A 'f an Kelclaer sponsored by sigma deH'a kappa ug--u-4.1 ,Q X 'x as lm ,,,.., -' :f1...,, ,. , "va :M-54? Qi V, Q6 Mary bam sponsored by agape 4 8 I Wm' Mi sponsored by Service guna GXGS 5 N :yas Y' F 9 f . vtgigv . G . , 5 A I a. "..',.E:?f-If , 14ngie groonw sponsored by clelfa ze'ra l I , .X M A -.SJ -.F t l u. i, Ear-bam aen tl: er sponsored by freshman law class 1 I U v W r I I 4 s 4 1 N I 51 .N .,, .4 xx' ' , 3. V sm 4.5 fu, 7-x Hickey Hanley sponsored by ze+a fau alpha Carol Yngram sponsored by alpha del+a pi Kuttviw Clark sponsored by pi kappa phi favorites ponsored by lamb Sylvia Q64 on da chi alpha Carol ?iAln6arne sponsored by phi mu Tommie Keqnolcb sponsored by phi alpha zefa Sue Jana sponsored by cleH'a omicron glenda Ylfillianw sponsored by kappa pi 'Z Katia Weld sponsored by sigma nu --.-- M 'll a " , l ill'l ' l 'x A nfs Q! Fili Jrhe Arena Thearer wiih Jralenf such as was seen in The rnaior drarnaiical produc- rien, "InheriJr Jrhe Wind" and +he need is seen for improved iaciliries. Ringing ap- plause was heard for freshman +hea+er rnan Dave Douqias in rhe Scopes Jrrials based play and for Jrhe horde of addirional acrors. P X r , 'Hi 'iv F.,..'- . W ' ' w ,Q A ,gi 'I . W Q + w T' Talce a Negro rilual, black, and powerful and moving like "Gods Trombonesu and llie readers Jroucli somellwing Thar can slrir llwe soul. Or show Hue modern world "Cl1ris+ in a Concrele CiJry" and Huey undersland. Readers filled Jrlme need of flue public by Taking loollw produclions on Jrour. linden 36 1 . H .gfa-14.3. -4, - , R Linda Thomas Saralyn Monroe .ry Mozella Pef+us 1 J 53 Among The varsi+y debafers, argu- mg exrsfs as second nafure. Jusf D My huxu M menlrion a currerfr Jropic of c:on+ro- if versy and lis+en +o Jrhem expound and Then look a+ Jrheir Jrrophies. Becky Bafes .fn xv ..- ' ,,""f ,nav 's 'wi' 'i , Qfnlw., 13,53 fin .A , ,J-,. .JZ 9. ,,.z -, , W -iffy, 1 X' ' He' .-gg lg 7fg',f.'g..35.f J ' 1 I 1 f, jfs-'Cr' -.1 0.1 . Y qw-f 4'-1-" .-. f. .fy - Q , , mf . fn-Q, ,A Q iw " f Mdfwfe Sciffes Dick convalle 62 XMIM F in Alfhough few rake heed, daily radio loroadcasfs origina-fe from Hwe campus s+a+ion. Rec:ep+ion improves, programs vary in confenf and s+uden+s become disc jocks. Some even play dance music. - Dr. George L. Shearin . .,.,-and rw Wolfskifl, Jimmy Strickland, Reb C nell. a Sloan, Jae W g d B Place emphasis on religion wilh a weelc of . . . know in realily lhough lhal il's a lilelime necessily. Plans begin, panels form and finally The weelc arrives. Those whose need is grealsl seldom show buf Jrhose presenl-They lcnow whal really oounls. Guiding laclors were Ken Wollskill, Jimmy Slriolcland, Reba Sloan, Joe Wingard. I 7 1 ..! iff Z 'ir , 1' -X -Q Y,,,f" ZZ, .BX Z. ,Y X ,f Alabama Press Association Conference 'Iv Alfie Howard 66 l:if'f'l2,:z:" una? greg , , L 136 4-'-3? I Wfffkff ' W if 1 5.9. -N .1 ,. 'g Vw , M4 Q. - , ..- f.-A '1.. I .NG .0 ,. ,A . ,- Ly ff-'A T QR .. yf.f:'.z.. 725 . 5. r,U.T,3 nfl., "'1..n Q, , 1-. .- ,., f ,, , . f is V- "gl ., I i ' , .,-'Q 6 Some bring meaning ol lhe exlerior world lo lhe inlerior. These are individuals who were only names: a handshalce and a smile lalrer +hey're people. Grasp lhe oppor- lunilry To meer Jrhemg i+'s probably a once in a lilelime chance. Paul Harvey - 41.1, sports 1 I I I . CO-CAPTAINS Laffy Wm Ed Dofwhvv Don Shurbez H. xl-1 fa 554. 51' -s ff , -li' 'M v I., its 5555! A E' ' ,'-S05 .' .Q 5.1 ,VMI ,231 - LJ' ' -F 5- A' sf i ' Y A V A Q U 4 L ,y, 'V V , HTF? ' . 5,5.'.j...5'x 'Ni 111' J 'N-5 -5 .. L.. 5.2 X 'YE' hi'-'.en1,L,:. gygg-':GQ,i1 1 " ks' Q , t' , . Li, ' '. ,- f.slfwi21+-f. T5 ff A ' Left to right, first row: Rex Keeling, Jerry Gay, Bobby Masdon, Larry Wyatt, Richard Cruce, James Cecil Long, Jim Hatfeld, Don Shurbet, Buddy Cutcliffe, Jack Hayes, Ronnie Mickwee, Jimmy Jackson, Melvin Berry. Second row: Charles Jacob, Charles Smith, Bobby Austin, Wally Burham, Ed Donahoo, Mike Bishop, Jerry Garrison, Charles Ramsey, Tommy Hamby, Donnie bulldog Edwards, Jeff Hopping, Terry Chaney, Johnny Webb, Da-vid Hall. Third Row: Leon Garmon, Jim Leverette, Lloyd Heron, Bob Buonauro, Richard Bittinger, Larry Wilson, Robert Bell, Bob McCary, David Knott, Charles Boyd, Marvin Thornton, Harry Hitchcock, Gene Ernest, Larry Lackey. A season record oi 4-4-I resulTs Trom The combined eTTorTs ol members oT The l965 varsiTy TooTball sguad. AlThough The Team began The year slowly and ended in a cold Treeze, The number oT advanc- ing novice players leaves Tans liTTle doubT oT The poTenTials oT upcoming seasons. Individual per- Tormances such as ThaT oT Richard Cruce also increase The appeal oT l-loward's TooTball TuTure, a TuTure where The recognized lcing oT college sporTs gains conTinually in Tame and excellence. 71 l in Experience is what counts. Give it. Diagram new plays. Go over instructions. Call practice, again and again. Then stand on the sidelines and watclvg it's up to tlvern now Bubba Scott-head coach 9. k f' "".i . s. J, .. x X L X ffigw, 1' . W ..-N -- Q., .3 -' 4 -. --'-,wi--s : - ' 'Sv "V ., '-- A, . 'f"'-Hi-4 "1"' V 4-We-h f. .. ,a1'5'1' Wim., -12.-' gpg , .M - 1 .f . A , A ,, ,., . 'L -UYZQJXZ' A I.. A-1 +A 4,wsf:rf",, ,,. A .4.'f.',+',- au, V , V." w '-,gnvv in . . my-, ' 2' . . ia-T1 -ilk' 'nl fq as f'.Q.t'Q..!:w1' f .fu .. -5-3, Q 'kj -I E 11 1 ' 5 , C , ,,., "H, M I Y a. -' " s- ' -A 'F' as - V, ,,,. my. -QQ. . -Jef? 'H Q is , , 1 1-QT? ' 'fy' . W . , . - . Ks C' -:Q , K- Q .W Wtif-, "' ... Fw ,J v 'H 5.4 . ' Q53 R '-I ' V,-In Ken Moore+defensive secondary Jimmy Wilson-line coach y n Wayland Elliot-trainer 191 73 Paul M iller-manager Jim Barnett Charles Boyd M., Q A 7'-P 3- 447 E f A f L P! 1f'3YEw 1 X , Q.. ...nw-aM9?'f' P l Diane C rews Rick Hamilton D l 1 fo W" 4 :sf 'M if ug-N X, ,.. , -4 , 'A xl.: 4' .lim Houston . if il 50' -7 A if?-I - -4:1 ia 1 J! sf Q ,,' Darleen A rwood . if- -W1 3?-fo .sv Q33-I-,r r - - -uc .r -1 '42 --vu . .av-f' so N? L I ' Iv f"'r"hQ. Z,,n5 ' f Danella Vinson-captain ,S li , " y .. .-5' .' rifle!-:"""",'.v' Q. I ,V . an 1 N- -hiv, Q x " - . ' .. QZ'.wP"K 34-Ol nn, .E '- N' -A I 1 Nfl' 75 I v , . K V fi lin . - tl 1.555 ' . ' ' . 5.25-, . ls "' ' 'Y , J. 3-Q5 L9PxA?l.Q"'r, t , 1 , A v' . v ,,, -, " N . if ':f'::'!."i '-31,915-.QA on A ' dt' . . J ,, . .A - , rf. , ia1.4-W 'TI 1.5.1. A , L i f ':f...v,'-f Q S . ' . .p ' -M' - .r,'T":l' + ' .-' 41' -L " m":'?f.Iki? 1.14 . pjgg,3l,.. ,' . 1 H.. ak? ' ,4 ' IW W ' .N , V . Us .uri ,nr fm I. -.ln ,, . . - . . --ew ' ' ' J - " ' - xi iq ' ' - ' ,,.:fjV -'ll'-'Q .,.-A M ,.. . , -. --f ,-W. fe.. -, .. 4 - .my-.. .W TL f'7' 'A f"i""P" ,n'1" '19-n gm ' -- ' ' ' Y' 'f ' " " ' gg., ' 7 V ' '.- "-f " 1 is -- Txw-" f ' Y-'Q - H+ - - A , H N ,K . 4- ,:. ME., ..m-sig.-v....-. - .-.Q , . L A , X 4 ',,,, a , , mv, h , ,fu ,,v. .' ,. 75. ff wf X 1.1 w f Q . A, -Q"- ' - ., . -7-4 I . - - .A r -, , - 4- f .-'- - , Y . . , .'.?', . '-f':. L kk.. ,, a, ' HWQJEA- QQXQ 41 , ,, - L -'Z' L,.,,f5'3v.:". f1. v -A -. . rt -,N . ,V nf 45 I' . . , N ., A. K - . v., 0 ,, 19 . -Q '.""12"'g.. My., 1 -A--'-f ff f . M . ...Q-6. .f 4 ,.. . 5- '-iv.- -'W-ew-1-:.,..4-""1w-, "S".",,.,',ug-'41f, - "' ...- -1..4.4a4:2.--'I' , -4 '- ., - . ' --K .-4-.--.-'a:S!'.:,-,-. and then ' Rui.--. 76 - un-'Y 1 I A 1 1 Ac I 1 sm 7 .Q , ' J-, .4 7" ' ' . n ,Q ' ' - . ' ' 'Y , + mgft' ' " A 1, . 5' -' s "ss """Af'ltn'i' ' H:-"'?i'1.425g'w" J 5 -f-Tslziffff-AS- vm!-wg ., 'X .H , .- .19 'QQ' gbggfkhdibi, 'I' ': 'G 'V N QN , 1 TW Both teams trot out on the jqeld. A toss of the coin, maybe an omen, and it's time for the game. A ll qualms die but you sweat more and more and play . . . to win. f .f'-?'.- ., fu.. - ""' e?"?'31rfgQ-"Fig ,,,,,MQ3f f .1 iffd fe- ln lhe opening game ol The V764 loolball season, The Bull- dogs ballled io a 7-7 lie wilh Pensacola Navy. The lourlh giiarler louchdown lor lhe 'Dogs came lwo plays aller hallback Richard Cruce inler- cepled a Navy pass. The score was made on a I7 yard pass lrom Larry Wyall lo Cruce. Keeling kicked lhe exlra poinl. Jim Slewarl reiurned a punl 65 yards which sei up Jrhe Navy Touchdown, Wilh one second lell, Jimmy Jackson broke lhrough lo block a Navy field goal allempr. Jell l-lopping also siopped a Navy bid for a score by inlercepling a pass in his own end zone. Senior Richard Cruce was se- lecled back oi lhe week aller a line defensive nighl ia-gainsl Pensacola. Ed Donahoo, lhe number one linebacker on lhe leam, was selecled back ol Jrhew ad 3250 ABU -A . W week lor his oulslanding per- This fm" 'Wfh food' formance againsl Pensacola. STATISTICS Howard Pensacola Navy First Downs 5 5 Yards Rushing 74 94 - Yards Passing 26 8 Passing Completed 2-10 5-18 Had Intercepted 1 2 Punting Avg. 10-42.9 10-35.9 Fumbles Lost 3 0 Yards Penalized 15 35 Ride 'em cowboy! , Wa 'sf ,V ,fs ""4.Q.' rw , V V 'W . fda all pl 44... F inore yards to the promised land. howard-33 l-loward Bulldogs recorded Their TirsT vicTory oT The season in a 33-I3 win over The Red Wave oT Troy STaTe. Mike Bishop picked oTT a Troy pass in The Third quarTer, and Then raced 55 yards To score. Keeling's conversion was good To puT The 'Dogs ahead I4-I 3. The TirsT Howard TD was seT up as James Cecil Long recovered a Tumble on The Troy IZ. WyaTT made The plunge To score. The Bulldogs came alive in The 4Th quarTer as Bobby lvlasdon made a Touchdown, Charles Jacob Then caughT a 39 yard pass Tor an- oTher 6 poinTerg Two plays laTer, Larry Laclcey inTer- cepTed a Troy aerial To run 44 yards Tor The Tinal TD. Larry WyaTT and Don ShurbeT were ciTed Tor Their ouTsTanding periformances againsT Troy. STATISTICS Howard Troy State First Downs 11 8 Yards Rushing 177 93 Yards Passing 88 7 Passing Completed 2-8 1-6 , Had Intercepted 0 2 79 Punting Avg. 6-35.8 8-38.4 l Fumbles Lost 1 1 1 Yards Penalized 57 67 tru - One Bulldog barricade coming up. '5 .,,." n . . --,Q-funn-Q",'5.,4.m-1 s -KV' ,--2. - P? --' - " -' ..- V " 4 s h 2. . .V ' 1 -A 'fm' - A - ' ' ' ,-in-i ' 2345. -syn 'fin' -1-3+ rs-an as , - - -' '. ,M -z 4.-- J' .-ye-1' 'fgwr' raw T .:1,. "'!"- lim ' ""' if-Q--1-.P ,a . . 'H ' " 'L ii I Red Rover, Red Rover, Cruce is coming right over. howard-20 e. carolina- l'loward Bulldogs fraveled fo Greenville, NC. fo face Easf Carolina which was fiffh ranlced among small colleges. The Bulldogs rolled up 343 yards for 'fheir largesf of- fensive show since fhe final game of l962, The Pirafes combined a massive offensive performance and 4 l-loward fumbles fo gain a 3I-20 win. The Bulldogs led wifh 4 minufes remaining buf were overcome by fhe. Pirafe fwosome of Dave Alexander and Bill Cline whe engineered fwo guiclc TD's. Baclc of fhe week, Richard Cruce, caughf a 3l yard pass fo sef up l-loward's final score. l STATISTICS Howard East Carolina First Downs 19 16 Yards Rushing 245 251 Yards Passing 91 138 Passing Completed 8-15 9-20 V Had Intcrceptcd 0 2 pa,-don my shoulder, Punting Avg. 1.69,0 2.325 J' Fumbles Lost 4 1 Yards Penalized 90 60 , 80 i' l il - 7 K, l.H .yr , 7f"Q,i1S'ir ...r An exira poinl blocked in Jrlie 3rd guarler proved ialal for l-loward as Jrlwe McNeese Slaie Cowboys lianded ine Bulldogs llweir 2nd deieair by a slim 7-6 margin. Afler giving I-loward a 6-O lead early in flue 3rd guarler, Jrlwe defending Gulf Slale Con- ference champs roared baclc in fine form. A 66 yard march llialr was execuled in I3 plays brouglwi McNeese lo paydiri wiili 35 seconds lefl in Jrlie 3rd guarler. "c' STATISTICS i 4 f . .ia Howard McNeese gs i 1 First Downs 9 18 'L:""" ' Yards Rushing 73 220 Yards Passing 82 138 Passing Completed 8-25 9-17 Had Intercepted 2 2 Punting Average 6-47.0 4-40.3 Fumbles Lost 0 0 Yards Penalized 35 65 -1 'mi -f'5L-'Qui-1 , me Let's all do the Howard Stomp. Honest fellas, he,s just going to get a coke. howard -6 'sv i U mph, that smarts. 'Vlluuls all' -an 4 4 I 3 I I' . 20" 5 avr rf J . 0 5.- 4.1.4 Z ' x X N x N :JL . of X 5 1,-Q ,XV 1. f 1 ni V2 STATISTICS Howard N-E Louisiana 19 First Downs 14 Yards Rushing 198 Yards Passing 49 Passing Comp. 4-11 Had Intercepted 0 Punting Avg. 8-32.3 Fumbles Lost 1 Yards Penalized 15 - l howard -20 Ioui iana-I7 Big Ed racks again. XX The C rucer's on the warpalh. Rex Keeling's kicking and Larry WyaTT's running and passing led The Howard Bulldogs To a 20-I7 vicTory over The NorTheasT Louisiana Indians in an exciTing game aT Seiber'T STadium. The Indians opened The acTion early in The game by marching 80 yards in I0 plays Tor The TirsT score OT The aTTernoon and a 6-0 lead. WiTh 2:36 remaining in The TirsT period, Keeling lciclced Howards TirsT score wiTh a 32 yard Tield goal. LaTe in The second period, NorTheasT's ShillcuTT lciclced a 30 yard Tield goal To give The Indians a 9-3 lead as The halT ended. The Third period was a scoreless one, buT The 'Dogs scored 2 Tou-chdowns in The 4Th quarTer To malce iT I7-9 wiTh I:46 remaining in The game. NorTheasT was noT Through Though, as They drove 80 yards To pay dirT To Se'f The score aT I7-l5. WiTh 47 seconds remaining in The game, Howard scored a Tield goal. and The score was l4noTTed aT I7'I7. WiTh 2I seconds remaining, Keeling booTed a Tield goal ThaT broughT The High School Day crowd To Their TeeT. The clock sTopped wiTh 9 seconds remaining and Howard led 20-I 7. 82 IT Took The Third quarTer Tor The l-loward hounds To quiT napping-buT quiT They did. The DelTa STaTesmen's homecoming Took on a sad noTe as Richard Cruce spoiled TesTivi- Ties wiTh Two long Touchdown runs. Cruce broke away in The Third and churned up 37 yards oTT leTT Tackle To l-loward's second Touchdown wiTh 6:05 leTT To go. MomenTs laTer Cruce Tielded a DelTa punT aT The l-low- ard 30 and scampered 70 yards Tor a Touch- down, and added insurance. irvw. -ss- Litlle Leroy zeroes in on target. l Hamby applies the brakes to Statesman. Back in The sTarTing sTaqes, Larry WaTT scored Trom The one and Rex "The Toe" Keeling upped The Talley aTTer a Dog recov- ery on DelTa's Tumlole. Running on a draw play Tor I4, l-loward was called by The STaTesmen and Torced To go Tor Three. The 26-8 win marked The second in a row Tor l-loward over The STaTesmen. STATISTICS Howard Delta Stat First Downs 7 20 Yards Rushing 135 184 Yards Passing 37 54 Passing Completed 2-11 5 20 Had Intercepted 2 2 Punting Average 8-37.8 8 29 6 Fumbles Lost 0 3 Yards Penalized 110 69 howard -26 delta-8 83 howard-24 -I? mississippi college-7 .v H3 Q 9' Q. O The Foe wir.-'V .. Vx? ,, 1.0, . 'AMB 6 g0 . . . and Rex's golden toe. 84 . dy X4 -..Af . fig .gi 'WHY ve--lg Y 'lf c 4 -1., .9 ki' 'gf i Masdon moves the ball goalrvard to keep homecoming fans happy Playing inspired defensive foofloall, The l-loward College Bull- dogs came back from an early Mississippi College score To win The l-lomecoming Game 24-7. Bulldog guarTerbaclc Larry WyaTT suffered a bruised elbow be- fore The firsT TD. SubsTiTuTe guarferbaclc David l-lall was called in, and on This play passed To slofbaclc James Cecil Long for The firsT Bulldog score. On The second play following T-loward's score, The Choc:Taw guarferbaclc rolled ouT in The end zone. Donahoo fired Through The line and dropped him in The end zone for a safefy. l-loward pulled inTo The lead wiTh an 8-7 score, and lcepf The lead Through- ouT The game. STATISTICS Howard Mississippi College First Downs 13 9 Yards Rushing 182 74 Yards passing 71 88 Passing Completed 5-15 7-19 Had Intercepted 0 1 Punting Average 7-37.3 9-36.2 Fumbles Lost 2 2 Yards Penalized 65 42 85 in Q 3,1 ,, ,-8-gi.. W 'mug' is i .i kg 'T 'V -qv .T f ,- , ,, b "ttf-1-sm ' K 3 -Q. -r I 4-A' .: ,Q ' ' W3 f , . V f' v - . '- x 9 ' ' , 1 lf' - m As A . ' T "" 1' 1' ' . 5 " i Over my dead body you'lI stop him. The l-loward Bulldogs wenr info baille lor The lasl homer lhis year only lo be sei baclc by a spiriled Carson Newman, 3-O. Howard drove deep enough 'ro 'rhrealen 3 iimes, bul each iime Bob Davis' Eagles held and Carson-Newman gol Jrheir iirsl win over a l-loward leam since I957. A 22 yard field goal by Carson-Newman was 'rhe deciding laclor ol 'rhe game. Wilh 29 seconds lelr in +he lirsl guarier, Bobby Buckner cashed in on lhe deepesi drive lor lhe Eagles during The enlire game. l-loward's Rex Keeling almosi lied 'rhe score wilh a 44 yard field goal aiiempi on lhe linal play ol lhe game. l-loward had 2 olher scoring opporiuniiies, bul failed lo malce 'rhem counl. STATISTICS Howard Carson Newman First Downs 15 8 Yards Rushing 166 132 Yards Passing 61 16 Passing Completed 5-10 2-4 Had Intercepted 1 0 Punting Average 5-38.8 8-33.0 Fumbles Lost 1 0 Yards Penalized 15 33 n . 'S ,, Slippery little fuss. Harry'5 alone and looking for a partner. howard ' 0 86 ,QW : An inspired band of Howard College Bull- dogs fouglnf flweir way fo a near upsef af Clwaffanooga only fo see if swepf away in fl'ie waning minufes as flne Moccasins rallied fo defeaf flrme visifors 28-I3. The Bulldogs scored early fo lead 7-O, af flne end of ffie firsf guarfer. Af fialffime, flue 'Dogs sfill led I3-7. Twelve minufes info flue 3rd period, l-loward confinued fo lead. l-lowever, wiffi 2:46 re- maining, flie Moccasins scored six poinfs fo fie fhe game. Lafe in ffme final quarfer, Coacfi Scoff's feam appeared on flweir way fo an upsef fie. Buf, fl'1e Moccasins scored fwo fouclfidowns in ffme final fwo minufes of ffme game fo grab ffie win over ffie smaller Bulldogs wifli a score of 28-I3. STATISTICS Howard Chattanooga First Downs 9 18 Yards Rushing 102 154 Yards Passing 68 202 Passing Completed 6-16 6-20 Had Intercepted 2 2 Punting Average 7-38.1 3-47.7 Fumbles Lost 2 1 Yards Penalized 36 20 hx, ll 4.4: A fi' f X 5 F fe: 'S 'bf .xv , 1- f H A I' . 1 ' .1 A! ' QE, x Lag A , Q f x A A , 6 . 5, J, 3. 1 , S 5 .ff' -, ,,.,....Y ,, L , ,, ,M s if f .L S -fe 45? f'-wi if 7' iii 1 i f , v '1 rv I in 1 t f, n -Q , Q Q . I "-sv I , A Q .1 , A if sr 195- Q ,Q Mr I ,- X ' uv- .1 . f 'Y M, 4:5 My A' 3 1 5 , , sv v Ayn xi 5. " Q ,wv nf. Yfvg L, .Jaxx -A -Q 1 Q ... . if v x ' . f Q 0 o 3 3 Q' 4 ' 5 ' " Q I ' 71 " - Y' " .-A Q' K My V YL ff 3 if , F' M t , In 1 V " X ' Q. .I gf H 5' q -, f xx- 'GLS +L. 'L f' X. ,. V gk , J , 3: gc 6 . l 0 v v Z 4 ' A V V: 15,3 2 5 3 kt A .' 3 X ' . ' f ' ' ' i ' 5 I I z . A li, was . .X 4 d J 5 -, , iv . : L AI - , ' ,, J W rf ' ' 'I ,Ul f x si ' - Y - 1 C' , r I' 9 n A ' '13 ' ' 54.5" " A "Jug -4 i- B' ll M F lb an E' 4 K xl Gunn x54 if vw-no-Xf oc -c 5 Q1 Q Ss 3 Yi N -sux 2 -J' 4-r I V Vir gil C. Ledbetter-coach -n -X Bulldogs oT The hardwood enTered The '64-'65 season wiTh high hopes and The loss oT liTTle experience oTher Than The loss oT Two leTTer- men. Pre-season prospecT dimmers oT Coach LedpeTTer came Trom laclc oT depT and The TacT Tha+ The cagers' schedule called Tor TourTeen road Trips. Joining leading poinT- geTTers oT The pasT Carl Dunn, Jerry Thomas, RusTy Ryan, and Randy Taylor, Treshmen Milne lvlclienzie, Randy ShurpeT, and Jerry Bowling ran The limiT oT rags To riches as The Team recovered Trom The Alabama Tidal wave To wrealc Their wraTh or more com- paTil:nle Toes. 89 I I 'f "'f f I . 'S' ' 1 Q ' F' g""""w""""7'9"""""""f-3 ' - 5 . A ' - ,, -...' I ' .v 5-1, 1 ,- W ,'g A., Sf:-.. W 90 N.-..- ' s ' . 'N' ' Aw ....-.--4-.-..-A Howard 40 68 57 1 18 70 70 80 91 68 83 61 85 1 12 56 62 81 76 58 64 62 69 57 91 1964-1965 Berry College St. Bernard Alabama Covenant William Carey Louisiana College Mississippi College Cumberland Troy State William Carey Louisiana College St. Bernard Mississippi College Chattanooga Belmont Florence State Chattanooga Troy State Belmont Mississippi College Florence State Cumberland Opponent 42 66 1 14 48 79 77 86 72 82 5 1 58 100 80 103 59 68 72 79 74 57 65 66 Opening round of flue Rome, Georgia, Tipp-Gff 'fournamenf paw Bulldog sluoofers barely overcome by flue men from Berry in fu 42-40 score. Defeafed by fwo poinfs flue cagers bounced baclc for brief glory as fluey edged aluead of Sf. Bernard 68.66 flue ever-fouglu Alabama Tide was flue nexf opponenf and sef a new scluool record in scoring wluile blisfering flue Dogs II4-57 in a no cluance game af Fosfer Audiforium. Wluile luiffirug 27.5 from Tide-land, Howard ouf rebounded 7I-3l. And fluus flue iinx confinued on flue feam playing away from luome and according fo some, ouf of ifs league. Being luurruiliafed is no feam favorife endeavor and revenge is sweef even fluouglu flue opponenfs new. Refurning fo Seiberf, froslu guard Gilmer Ellis led flue cagers in frouncing over Covenanf College of Cluaffanooga ll8-48. Howard only oufsluof flue visifors 43 fo 4I percenfage wise buf sluof a fanfasfic IO5 fimes luiffing on 56. Only 45 seconds were needed for Rusfy Ryan and Wayne Tarranfs fo puslu flue Dogs five in fronf in flue vicfory marclu. Despife poinf-geffing efforfs of Wayne Tarranfs fofaling 2l and flue addifion of I4 by Carl Dunn, Howard bowed fo Louisiana College 77-70. A 63-58 Dog lead affer flue game luad been fied eigluf fimes foolc an abrupf abouf-face wluen feam sluofs froze fo a sfand-sfill in flue lasf lualf. Bulldogs baffled on flue courfs coming up wiflu 9l-72 over Cumberland and losses of 86-80 under Mississippi and 82-68 fo Troy Sfafe. Refurning luome, flue cagers scored revenge on William Cary wiflu damage done by cenfer Jerry Tluomas' rebounding and flue I9 poinf drive of Carl Dunn. Tlue final score placed Howard aluead 83-5I. Sfill af luome, flue players fool: on Louisiana College again and sef fluemselves on fop wiflu flue four sluoofing lueroics of Rusfy Ryan and Milce McKenzie. On a fied score of 58-58 in flue closing minufes of flue game, Ryan dropped one and McKenzie fwo wluile I8 poinf lead scorer Wayne Tarranfs caugluf luis breaflu. flue Invaders oufsluof Howard luiffing 23 of 48 for 47.9 percenf-buf flue score's wluaf counfs-6l-58. Sf. Bernard College moved info flue Mississippi College Invifafional 'fournamenf on ifs merifs of bouncing Howard ICO-85. A blisfering scoring pace was sef by Bernard's Larry Darsf wluo dumped 28 fallies fo flue Dogs' poinf leader Wayne larranfs wiflu 20. ln flue fournamenf consolafion game, Howard acluieved a near record scoring pace againsf Mississippi College. 'flue five man vanguard of power rumbled fo a I I2-80 vicfory wiflu Slcip Heaflu confribufing a 23 poinf efforf. A luissing leap by Cluaffanooga Moccasins carried flue Dogs' foe fo an impressive early lead and a convincing 44-24 lualf- fime fofal. Revision of defenses appeared regularly as Coaclu Ledbeffer sougluf fo sfem flue fasf mounfing flow of Cluaf- fanooga poinfs. Sinking Bulldogs losf fluree minufes on foul from poinf geffer Wayne larranfs. Snapping a eigluf game win sfrealc, Howard foolc flue lead over Belmonf af 58-56 wiflu fwo minufes remaining in flue game on a Bobby Draper field goal. Tlue Dogs luif 27 of 59 for a 45.8 percerufage on flue game wiflu a final score of 62-59, Hof sluoofing by Howard pulled flue score away from a 33-33 inferruruission fie wiflu Florence as flue Dogs confinued flueir winning ways. Keeping flue cagers in confenfion was forward Bobby Draperls field goal sluoofing and flue equal efforfs of I6 poinfs apiece for Carl Dunn and Joe Sexfon. Wiflu flue 8I-68 win under flueir belfs, flue Dogs wenf on fo falce Cluaf- fanooga 76-72. Following flue overfime loss fo Howard, Cluaffanooga coaclu Leon Ford announced fufure baslcefball relafions wiflu flue Bulldogs would be severed due fo differ- ences in flue manner of selecfing game officials. One of flue officials used af flue game luad previously been placed on Fords blaclrlisf. flue Troy Sfafe Red Wave scored a surprisingly easy win over Howard of 79-58. Tlue Wave's narrow Iualf-fime lead widened comforfably affer flue game resumed despife flue fasf paced acfion of Carl Dunn wluiclu neffed 22 poinfs. De- feaf confinued for flue Dogs as fluey fell fo Belmonf 74-64. ML: .f"5fTl3. NA g Seniors: Rusty Ryan, Randy Taylor, Jerry Thomas, Carl Dunn, Bobby Draper. Coach Virgil Ledbetter. v f.. ' I 93 Q 4? in 2 4 Praclice under layers ol jerseys while cold winds whip across Jrlwe ne+ wirli flue ball: peel as The days grow longer and finally emerge ready for llie season . . . darl around lilce a ballerina buf slam llwe racguel willm a driving force, never grow relaxed. First row: Lynn Easterling, Tommy Haygood, Pele Pennington, Clint Frey. Second row: Mike Melton, Charles While Larry Wood, Perry Gowgan, Gene Novell. I' i X 95 l Mike Stout Wayne Sheels Armand Yates Ralph Sheets Ron Channel! aseball Roy S1 l-lol and sliclcy willw eyes swimming in sweat The lemplor whirls lorwarcl so sleady llwe slance, slraing lunge llie inslanl Hue ball begins lo relreal and beal il liome. l+'s a long game buf +l'1ere's always Jrlie chance ol giving llie exlra boosl llwal spells viclory. X r 6, lk Ill! Ill! Ill! lil un I Allen Jordan .J 1965 SCHEDULE Jax State University of Alabama University of Alabama University of Alabama University of Alabama Moorehead Moorehead Moorehead Belhaven Tennessee Tech Tennessee Tech Troy Jax State Mississippi College Mississippi College Belhaven Troy March i April p-"" Ill' uf' url 553 gil! May rf, ' X 'I NX .Q 4" 5 N , Q., ' .5 :Ja :s.,?". S2 r .i A' M LE tw I I 4' V. 'elf 'A tn Q , . ' M, 99 if .'?w' wi 'Y' Ek li: Y ,za R. -na. 1 ' ai . Y. :xl . r-X ' 1 1 "7-1 iq, ..-.5 9-3-ara -' . v."A ' U' . '- .-.,-,, Y YE.. P.,.x,.'n .- ,cf-J,--' ,--.fra , - ,Q ,. . . . -az 4- W 211,751 -vii? -vi,-1-J"q' 13 v- .'l'f1':'1!".'!" . - . . ' v - ' A ' ' '- -. :flutes A First row: Bobby Camp, Johnny Carygh, Clinton Graham, LaDon Braclzin, Buddy Nick, Rodney Hovater, Harry Hitchcock, Roy Stalon, Mike Stout. Second row: Bruce Coshalt, Jimmy Walls, Ron Channell, Armand Yates, Rusty Ryan, James McCay, Ralph Sheets, Wayne Sheets, Allen Jordan, Roy Sims.. an Lee Copper Rusty Ryan iw .fy .192 -.Mi Hx . .M Nl - ff i Q, Y. J, gf ' :gan A :': f- U ' 4- ' 29, 4 3 6 lin QQ Know somelliing alooul all sporls and slwow a will Jro win and maybe your Jream will win Jrlwe inrramural cliampionslfiip. Wirlw new liglfil Jrlnrown on Jrlwe Jropic by nine liglwlr- Jrowers surrounding Jrlwe lielcl. new dimensions appear on Jrlwe pro- gram lor liglwling on inro rlie niglir. Even ar niglir, be on your Jroesg varsiry allileres play for keeps. 7' ' tt'YY 'Ir Wrgfjr- ft rf q- 'I W 1 'fr ""' :Ty A - W' "1 ,7,-1' 'l"".""? L , '7 .Q --44 NN Xn,5'?Z"'I. "'F " ' .. 'J"g.'3x'f1'Q'1U- "3-A Q All s , W - l ,... fu- 156- .-.1 "53- . f9i'S?2iffte1t'..:s - 4 , ,W 4 JF" 103 NM., 1 1 1-.V -., PM Y , 25, :mx :Em fi: ,dl ,Q M 1 ,I QE, nm ,mt .fr 122: l ESQ K. """'--l'.." .WAS . - . , -ni'-f ' s 'r' R , A ' Y , . ' Try lo loolc lerninine even wlien llie aclion calls lor every rnuscle and praolice is no longer praclioe bul a grinding clasli ol egual delerrni- nalion. Take a slab al lennis, baslcelball, volleyball, swimrning. lraclc or sollballg wlio said il's a rnan's world. Congralulale llle learn llial iusl did sguealc by lo gel llle lop slol. -.1 , ... 3 . s Q 3 g 3 . viii?-:gii45M..'h LM' im. " 4 S N7 QJ4 'Q M 'lg yi iw, . 1 S -.5 ,sums i' '4- I 4, C n J: of 'v' '1 . 1. , .. - ."-1 -, , ,r . 1 A ' , -gi, if' nw 1 - ,A . . . .1 ,-. -'Q -. 1:-,dk ', ' its y' 97.5 'X 1 g, .fa I f -EF, .. V 1 S X. """i 1 'Q 155' in ' " . 'Y v-0' fi I Z gy. is ' 1. , fa 4 - , M-, ,- A ,, O Q. , :gf 'gsfgifew 3, A Q 6 in Y ., -Q Qi fem 1 A V x an -b 7015 sw ' ' - ' ' f ,Q 96 . -"'4ff+75? + 1 , - .v EQ?f'ML'- LQQIQQ, L, vw' 1. 'SN' A L 2 , J PresidenT . BUTTONS CLARK Vice-Preside-nT .AA. ,. KAY KERR Treasurer .. ,RUTH WELLS As usual, Alpha DelTa Pi Tired The TirsT shoT oT The year. Our presidenT popped her buT- Tons and shoT our advisor. Such Things do happen in The course oT rush. From Then on Things lcepT going aT a hecTic pace. Three sisTers were in The Homecoming CourT, one oT Them loeing TirsT alTernaTe-buT you mighT know we wouldn'T win even iT we did sTaclc The cards. The same darned Thing happened in The EnTre Nous pageanT-TirsT alTernaTe again! Does This mean There's always some- one a liTTle loeTTerf7 OT course noTl ATTer all, having Tive runner-ups is beTTer Than having iusT one who won? BuT pea-uTy isn'T everyThing. Man-whaT we really goT is TalenT. Besides having Tour sisTers packing oTT To Europe wiTh The choir, K ---- 'f",xs1 ' I ' f' ,ir XF N ig T T Nancy Nancy .lo Ellen Sharon Barbara Susan Patti Nancy Adams Bell Bentley Bolen Carnbron Clowdus Cole T L3 a "1 iii 1 Q Y, Y, A A - l L ' ' , 1 x X' , T X i . Bm-bay-4 L indg S hirlee Vall ie Becca Terry Patsy C0595 C,-awfofd Cup-lee Dozier Durden Eastman Faircloth x V f I Sr X Kate Kathy Doris Barbara Alice Nancy Janice Flowers Freeman Goodwin Guenther Hardy Hesse Hill JL - up v .f ' , '51 ' .nz U i l:- A A T I -sk-T X 'ffl' l . f W Dianne Mary Lee Carol Mary Helen Sharon Karen Sandy Vonnie Hooten Hurt Ingram Jackson Johnson Kennedy McS1vain Manring Sara .lim Melba Linda Marrs Middleton Moore Diane Ellen Dona Nuss Phillips Roberts . V, , fm, - f fs " a'- -. Lf if . 3 val ' ' Frances Martha Rollins Sullivan w we induced many Treshmen inTo "joining up" wiTh The Pilces. Ole Bec:oa's really goT a way wiTh apples! There is much, much more To us women Than we can even begin To Tell here. Some oT iT involves worlc-l:nuT mosT oT iT is pleasure. Besides aTTending all The TraTerniTy parTies, we manage To Throw a Tew oT our own. And They are clillies. DespiTe our repuTaTion oT being raTher alooT and TlighTy, There is one elemenT oT sophisTi- caTion and senTimenTaliTy ThaT Tlows in The veins oT every True ADPi-The love and pride ThaT is reTlec:Ted in The soTT smile be- Tween- sisTers ThaT simply says, "We live Tor each oTher." Never did get that wall finished. 59? YS N Ruth Ann Donna Susxe Virgirzia Ann Kerr Wells S ummerlln Walker Warren Wxggms Wood mu wumnu em N62 uv . 9 L l Harriet Bruner Linda Wingard x A- Ll Ann Salter Judy Keith s 4 , .Lf .. v' Jean Andhinn Janet Davis .- H K I l Nancy De Moss .8 Marilyn Meg Espy Gross "-49451 D 4 Hurry before the others see it. chi omega Chi O's really came on slrong lhis year- second al l-loward. Look lor us anywhere and chances are-you'll lind us. Conse- guenlly we've plagarized a phrase an ancienl lisper once ullered-"Vini, vidi, vicil" For lhe uneducaled masses in whose midsl we sland-we had a hairy blasl. Firsl we conquered rush-and even gol some pledges. Then il was lime lo begin lhe business al hand, namely parlies. We had a lew ol lhem loo. Along lhe parly palh, Chi O's campaigned vigorously lo slamp oul while socks bul raised lhe llag ol surrender when an inspeclion crew delecled a pair al our winler lormal. Oh yes, our Eleusinian banguel. We can'l lor- gel il simply because a lew ol lhe men only have vague recolleclions ol il. Shades ol Shakespeare and l-lomecoming goose-bumps. We won! Allhough we didn'l overly exerl ourselves aller such a bewilch- ing lale, many laurels lell upon us. Ol course, space does nol permil elaboralion on our numerous achievemenls. ln summary, no one bul a Chi O loolcs lor- ward so much lo Seplember and so lillle lo May. Come visil us al Brice's. Thal's where we vacalion during lhe summer monlhs. 108 'Do ..,-sl '. on 'J' o Mi. 0, ' Presidenlr .. ,, .,. H ARRIET BRUNER 2-Qi,-X S Vice-Presidenf ., SHLINDA VWNGARD -,'.".g4L'f. 0 Sr, ' 0 Secrefary . 4 . ...,. ANN SALTER 'Q' Q...-Q so U- B 9 g.0,, Treasurer . , ,... JUDY KEITH :ff - :.,'m ss'o'," K 05" .,1V.K .5 .u,,.a 0 I. ls p' n Q0 , sho, lbs.. -o.Il X 0 susug 0 y lr li Carole Martha Carolyn Haddock Hall Humphrey wwf ' o'.o- QQ. X- J' cl -x Best plumbing in town. 109 A church what? 4312 gl 1 K "f Marcia Lulrfcid Isbell Johns -3 - . af Pam Emily Paschal! Riddle .I ci " I 4 Q . , "y 5,2 I 4 ' A Marianne Doris Scifres Smith -i ,tr X ' S -ix I1 Margaret Cordelia Smith Sweets 'S F Q. 4 3 , 0 Q X -X x 'Ffa Y J i Q S-1 ' Linda Beth Betty Rhodes Kennard Boothe 1 X lp lf . . f . 5 G W J X 'Q L ' L Atal Judy Mary Ann Mary Awfbrey Brittain Brutkiewicz f , N 4 I l1T4 , I f - X fr, Lynda Vivian Patricia Campbell Clack Clark 1- ., 'ia , wr ,Qi "-lf., . Do the what? J . . Q TL ' 54 , Serena Linda Jackie Cochran Daniel Daugherty ' ' ' L 4' ,K N . fr wr 4 , , v Diane Mary Stevie Dorsett Epperson Freeman wx, Iii! 4? Carol Glenda Ann Gaddy Goodwin Harrison Expect folks to believe that? i- 3 C. 'J1 f- '5 if Q ft, " Paulette Jana Kay Hinton Horne Jones , X , ' I 1. Z., 4 in rg V ps ,Q M A 5 . I ' i nf- ' ff lj ,t C1 V , I Pat Sandra Linda Madalyn Polly Judy Nesha Kay Glenda Diane Kfdly Kennamer Keene Landers Lawrence Nicholas Maddox Martin Penny Phares Well, Della Zela slarled oll wilh a bang lhis year- our room blew up! Aller gelling bolh ol our pledges lo clean il up, we decided lo gel il redecoraled. Aller adding lhe piano, cresl, billiard lable and swim- ming pool, we decided lhal lhe room was loo small, especially aller one ol our pledges drowned. Il every- lhing goes all righl we plan lo gel a new lrophy case lor Angie's lrophies. In lhe lield ol aclivilies and beaulies, Della Zela claims an unequaled record. We may nol have one, bul we can claim il anyway! Our pledge class has sel many records in lhe pasl year. They have Iosl more pledge pins, have had more blind dales, and have allended chapel more lhan any olher pledge class. While we have lhe opporlunily, we would Iilce lo lhanlc all ol lhe people who have helped Della Zela lo be- come "lops" on campus. Bolh ol you are very nice. We will lry our besl lo slay lhere. Della Zela's are known lo be lhe lriendliesl people on campus. We Iilce everyone and we hope lhal everyone Iilces us Aller all . DELTA ZETA IS TI-IE BEST YOU WILL SEE. .. IN TI-IIS ACADEMIC COMMUNITY. Presidenl .... Pledge lrainer Rush chairman Treasurer , . . ,I fn GROOMS ...MLINDA RHODES . . . I .BETH KENNARD ...UBETTY BOOTI-IE Up your thirst away T, '2T,"fIf'4g:gf 'T . - N n - M' W F h H . ,.,. l in? , ,A , . 1,1 X u. X I A . Q .1 .- as ' T 5 - ' . , Exim I -w V -A ' ' 3 I K+ 1' . 4' 4 , .s Kg , , .L 'le' f ,M Z, - 'F , g,,, . Y .. 1 H .zu '.- 4 I X "' 1 , A - , X 3" A ' . 'Vital 1: S ' n- A ,,,, - , if 1 1 A kg 1 ., TAI' by V l f-P'i'ff?, . " , V if I I H n ' - :ii ie ill I . 4' flag' . X Pfzfon iIeIi"'d" Danfne -714479 Margaret Becky Nancy Elaine Sylvia o erson Robinson Smndall Terry Troutman Webb Wheeler Whitlow Rebecca Wivzdham Marlha Wynn delta zeta x VX ,- -,A - X Tina Hash S- ml" Linda Payne We want a house. phi mu Q- nv-of ..- Linda Hollis 1.- 5. Pat Perkins 6 'Q A 'fx , ell if 'f-"'v?'A-"V --i .1 . Q ,,.Z ,Q ' J l px 4' Q - 'T W' d Q Q- if U K ' Pqulgne Mona Rebecca Hughes Hurlbert King 6 ,Q , f "S :T I1 .l X xx Dottie Peggy Gaye Phillips Pollock Posey .Q XJ! Claudia Levis .. ,-1 5' Geneal Rankin Sv I Dee Dee Barnes S ,JB Gail Billingsley , : 4 1- Il, Charlotte Brooks 4 u-,x 'c Becky Flowers Jeanne Dawson Gr Cheryie Draughon 22 1 1 Saundra Lewis Marilyn Rant "AW ur .1 ,7 5 I Marcia Mary I Bankston Bice ,, fx f Jean Betty Billingsley Brooks ' 'N Zi N' Cynthia Emily Carter Colson Carol Linda F ishburne Davis cu :D .J A-s 45' K 'rf U . if K ful Elaine Sherry Dean Deems WP . 1 151 v. ., Mary Kat Hamlin Hamrick H ss. G- Judy andra McKee Myers 'iff 4 M ' Linda Lauren Rose Skelton Q-1 -::, 0 Katherine Stephens l l PresidenT ,....,. lhhl Q ARQLE COOK Vice-PresidenT .... .,,A. l-l ARRIOT DIXON +5eCre'fdfv .' .A ,... s usAN uTwiLLER lTreasurer ..,.. JUDY WARD l Ji l . i ' l l A ' Carole l C ook l l H- f- l l Susan T Litwiller 1 1 W , , l i I T A--' Patty S tenvart Pamela Trawicle Diane Whitehead Marlon Woodall Harriett Dixon ,Q ",,. hnl Judy Ward K, N A, Carolyn Strom Pat Watkins z -a Amy Wilson H- z- 1 -71 Louisa Woodard Sandra Welborn l . Gloria Wilson wi 4? 'Z f V Suzanne Woodward ws:f:3.f As To whaT Phi lvlu's have been doing This year, leT us give you some clues: We've been in and ouT and all Through The news. The wandering eye oT The Crimson caughT sighT ol one oi our.cuTies, And Took Karen's picTure Tor Bulldog beauTy. When The new year began, The clubs all needed oTTicers eT ceTera, And Phi Mu's iusT seem To do Things beTTer. ln honorary TraTs like ETA", Kelli, QUT, K-VE, and A-U To name a Tew, Were many girls who belong To Phi Mu. We are especially proud ol our girl named Sherry Deems As she leads The crowds and cheers The Team. An acTive ThaT has worked hard. served well, and won senaTe Tame, ls CharloTTe Brooks To call by name. As Tor how our girls did in The Miss l-lomecoming conTesT, Claudia and KaTherine sTood ouT Trom The resT. As our social service proiecT we have been working aT The Red Cross and lvlercy l-lome, Too, While in inTermurals, we've Taken a Tew. Who's Who Among College STudenTs in America brags on Phi Mu, And Tells abouT Cookie and lvlona Too. NOT only do Alpha Gams work buT They also have Tun, And him To hen parTies come. And To Top iT all oTT we did noT play "dunce". ATTer all, we chose The l-lunTs. Everyone passes inspection i- - ,'1-TQ' 2 Tirff M' sa fag 's sg, Pri, s ,. - - . ,, , x fish + if , 5 g 0 '96 ,. .. ,, , .Y is I ,e f 'Q "R A M warg Q 'sslliii S ' ' N as O if 1531 I a s fa, ,,:s3.,s -1-if N. I I 5? F- ,,,,,',, 25 ,Q - Q5-4. in x a ,T 7 'Hg -, L f .Ppglll X ' . ' x 1 gv , x Maryanne Connie Louise Freeman Elder Barbour -A fl xg, , , g ,. ii H4 ' ' Cheryl Eleanor Nancy Childs Coker Crane 5 Janice Grace Dorothy Goodlel Grifflh Haney if- Averiett Johnnie Gwen Holley Holley Jones Mary Johnson 3 C. es, l Dianne Crews Sara H assell 3 . K y Lane Bradley Carol Cross .ft '- CW O "-5 Caryl Hawkins Q Juli, You mean we can parlz on campus? 114 i A Nancy Brent Martha Fain -Ev' 1 Pat Herndon 'Z 3 Jeane Brown 'iff'-. . 4 A. if 5 I '.:l . xx, A nn Bussey ss Jeannie Sharon Freeman F rithm 3 3 E . vii ' ' x n fs' r ' Nl ,s ilxxfm ,I Bonnie Dian H ildreath Hitt '?V'E"J . .fl S ue Pat I ones Manderson Diane Barbara Parkman Phillips lf'-9 ,.. J ag, ,,,. . X ,y "il A ga 1 I1 I Y Linda Martin Carole Reece . ,ijygggj-s ??.-: 1 U,-r A A 53i,,,31. ,. -Q n 5A ' J fa ' : iii , 'S . all T "S 19 Q -4 Martha Lesley Kay Pam Jenny Sgra Moring Morris Norris Odom Pair Palmer r-- f' F' ., I X 'C' -5 ' I Z fi T 1 Lf. n Nancy Wright Martha Mary Pat Street Wood Pat S andra Carolyn Rudd Salter Scott zeia tau alpha ZETA TAU ALPHA PresidenT , .. . .,... l..e . MMARYANN FREEMAN Vice-PresidenT . , , ..,,. CLARRISSA DURRETT SecreTary , S , ,... LOUISE BARBOUR Treasurer . . ..., MARY JOHNSON We oi BeTa Sigma Omicron have once again changed our idenTiTying leTTers-noT To The usual rearrangemenT given us, buT To a c:ompleTely new seT-ZTA, or To a c:ompleTe new name, ZeTa Ta-u Alpha. AcTually we're quiTe glad oT This because we were really geTTing Tired oi people confusing The Term "BSO" wiTh anoTher Tamiliar grouping oT The same leTTers. ZTA's chain oT chapTers was lengThened To I04 lasT summer when ThaT organizaTion "boughT ouT" ThaT oT BSO. Former BeTas aT Howard were ac:cepTed inTo The ZeTa sisTerhood wiTh Triendship and a spiriT oi love-and, we mighT add, a receipT Tor 350.00 per girl Tor a new pin. ZeTa Tau Alpha was Tounded in Earmville, Virginia lnoT necessarily oT Tarm girlsl and was The TirsT women's TraTerni- Ty ever charTered by special acT oT legislaTure. They really wanTed us organized bad! A change in name did noT mean a change in everyThing else. Our parTies are sTill as bawdy as ever and somehow we are sTill able To sTay in Trouble mosT oi The Time. ZeTas aT Howard now have many new sisTers and new aT- TiliaTions, and we are looking Torward To The nexT Tew years wiTh eager expecTaTion oT a widening circle oT Triendship and sisTerhood. In Ta-CT, we hope To geT a liTTle TurTher in- sighT inTo The "misTerhood" Tield. 115 w. 113' 1 0 Q- - 4 36 Ev Panhellenic members, left to right, frst row: Carol Berthon, chi omega. Second row: Beth Kennard, delta zetag Angie chi omega, Charlotte Brooks, phi mug Carol Cook, Phi mug Grooms, delta zetag Marianne Freeman, zeta tau alpha: C011- Melba Middleton, president, alpha delta pig Harriet Bruner, nie Elder, zeta tau alpha. Ten sororiiy women serve as The uniiicaiion oi member groups in Pannellenic: Council. The council sirives io promoie increased undersianding and appreciaiion among I-ioward's five sororiiies. Training ground for iuiure panhellenic members is ine iunior organizaiion. wa? , , Qu L , 63, H - -A H 3 ,.Z" Junior panhellenie members, left to right: Martha Wynn, delta zetag Carolyn Humphrey, chi omega: Jeannie Freeman, zeta tau alpha, Patsy Faircloth, alpha delta pig Mary Ann Brittam, delta zelag Sharon Johnson, alpha delta pi. 116 5-41,-53 '3 T7,,'T"fJ:17 Z 'HS-N K Let to rxght frst row Bobby Little presxdent Dr Bill Lunce Second row: Wayne Shaddix, Jake Herron, Skip Wilson, Frank ford advxsor Lynn Easlerlmg Norman Clapp Charles Whxte Morrxson, Darrell Greenwalt. The lnlerlralernily Council is composed ol lwo represenlalives lrom each ol lhe live social lralernilies al l-lowarcl. The council works in co-ordinaling evenls ol campus inleresl as well as governing lhe aclivilies ol ils member groups. Ollicers are Bobby Lillle, president Slcip Wilson, vice-president Wayne Shacldix, secrelaryg Jalce l-lerron, lreasurer. is--1 ZE I1 I0 ee 2 N 'B PresidenT . . ,,,. .,.....,.,A J OE GLENN Vice-PresidenT , , . . ...... FRANK MORRISON SecreTary ,.4,. .,.,,. L ARRY HARRIS Treasurer . .. ....., EARL SAUNDERS Alas! The Devil Seekers are once again being Trowned upon by Their breTheren upsTairs. Can we help iT if we're doomed To be basemenT dwellers. Since everyone's goT his own lciclc coming, if you wanT To visiT us-bring your own darned mouse. Rush was a greaT success. We goT one. However, we're sTill having Trouble wiTh him-he had high hopes oT pledging a sororiTy buT wiTh regulaTions and all he gave in and seT up his Telescope in The room. We love pledges. This year we goT a liTTle TurTher in Tilling our Trophy case-an impressive pyramid oT aired -ouT cans-wiTh new Trophies- some swiped, some boughT and one won. Thank heaven Tor love. ATTer Tall Tell, everyThing else sTarTed Tumbling-grades, mem- bers, ChrisT,mas decoraTions. Due To our presidenT's desire Tor us To regain our unequaled scholarship record, we've limiTed our number oT parTies. IT sTarTed lasT SepTember aTTer regisTra- Tion and has been going ever since. A unanimous voTe among members lasT weelc made iT an annual aTTair. One guesTion sTill goes unanswered. "Why does our pin slanT?" RevelaTion-iT's as simple as ThaT. 118 Whafs right about this picture? .ef tt' ' ff Lynn Wicker George Charles William John William Edsfefling H utlo Lee McCullough Stagg: Storey Thrash 119 Joe Glenn Larry Harris bf , Owen Tyra Frank Morrison 1 A Saunders Lambda Chi's sTarTed oTT The year wiTh The hecTic pace oT par- Tiesg The TirsT one being a "BIG ONE" aT The TuTwiler, Tollowed by many lesser ones. The "Qrgy," Roman sTyle TeaTured "LiTTle Roma" herselT and he was almosT The real Thing. Several oT The broThers sTill don'T believe he was he. NexT came The BeaTnick parTy-now ThaT was really a parTy. IT was so dark ThaT many had a hard Time Tinding Their way in and ouT. During The homecoming lull we puT in a Tew hours work and puT up a liTTle display which accidenTally won TirsT place. We did several Things Tor The sororiTies: planned and execuTed a 440 bicycle race Tor Them and also kidnapped Their presidenTs. Since This year was The 4OTh anniversary oT Lambda Chi Alpha on l-loward's campus, we celebraTed wiTh iubilaTion. We a-lso celebraTed The 39Th, 38Th, 37Th, eTc., wiTh like vigor. We iusT love celebraTions! Very Tew "l-lonor Days" slipped by wiThouT Lambda Chi being menTioned aT leasT once. Qur sweeThearT was given The TiTle oT "RowdiesT" on campus, and we goT The grand prize Tor having The wildesT house parTy since I 929. "l-loTTy, ToTTy, gosh-a-mighTy, Who The heck am l? Bim, Bam, Thank you ma'am, I'm a Lambda Chi!" Let's cut out while she's not looking. Wayne Shaddix T l l l I Joe McDonald Bobby Allen is Ell Bevill 4' I. Bill Buckley -C 5? W1 A Dixon Forrester Darrell Green walt Jim 120 Jacobs 1' ,la Jim S heetz Pele Norm John Bennet! Raymo cl Bowma C lz 71 v F Perry G ranb Wade Harris Don Kilgor Presidenf A AA A A A A ,.,. AA A A A WAYNE SHADDIX Vice-Presidenf A A AA A A A A A A A JIMMY SHEETS Secre-Jrary A A AA AAAA A JOE MCDONALD Treasurer A A A A A AA A AAAAA APETE NORMAN I mlnla hi alph Smale maybe LBJ wxll pull our ears Floyd Lxles Wayne Potter Wxllxam Sasser Edward Lyon iw XM George Powell M :lee Scott Wnllxam McClure Owen Presley Harold S math V' K5 M :ke M xtchell Donald Prosch Joseph Smith '-IF W or 'Sw M :ke Newton J xmmy oe Parker Pxerce ,rg A Byron Randall M artxn Otxs Reeves Reeves Roy Lavern Don Allan Swafzell Warh urst Weathers Wxllxams S E -A -4 V ' V o 'B R -, . lg' ' " M X 4 A li , . A sg "'-L-Vi , pb 4- ' K b A A I, ..- '22 Aw 'A 1' T' 5' ,- A, N 1 A 'T . .... J 'Wi z' , 'H A"' QQ A " " ' Q :QV K ' ing' i s - -2 l A , Av , I 'z Q , A I , A X -I Z1 X ' . V I X -1 V A' a A we A , R X A N - ' x f rf L M' ' ' A ' R 4 ' vc. , 1 fx., 531 f' "" L ' 3:1 5192. AH. A .X 'jj .N A QV AQ A ' f Q -7 N A ' df! Presidenf Vice-Presidenf Secrefary Treasurer on MIKE JAMES , DAVE BEERMAN , PETE PENNINGTON .HWILL REYNOLDS Hurrah! for well polished pledges. pi kappa alph l few, R ,Z I n A Greg Bob Eanes Embry Ron Buffington Clinton Frey 122 .. 1 hx va M ilee Dave James Beerrnan William Jerry Reynolds Albano Paul Allen Albano Benson Harold Robert Bevill Bryan - 'Q 2 ',A cv G nr t I - Q. '12, fe Robert Lew Norman Stem Burlesbn Cantor Clapp Daugherty George J. J. Bob Ron Gammill Gardenshire Gentle Glgliv ,. George Sam Tommy Gfqveg H ooten Hoover .j g I g li if ' . TW V AI A Bruce J oh n James .lowers Kent Leverett Lester Howell Kenneth L v 00110 Eugene Mackey xc or Martin McDana ic o V., gs! V t Jerry I N hl O'DeIl - .yr 7 Ken James Tom Peters Powell Round tree Don Richard Charles Southerland Tubb White Give 'em hell , Pikes, in ,' Don HA ga.. ,- vi A S hurbet Robert Wright give 'em hell. The Pikes are a group oT Triends banded TogeTher To uphold a TradiTion ol deTachmenT Trom The serious side ol College lile, and oT passionaTe devoTion To The Trivolous. DespiTe our rigorously high sTandards, nineTeen young men ol exTremely high characTer Torced Their way inTo our bonds oT Tellowship This year. Even Though we are habiTual nonconTormisTs, we don'T neglecT The wide and varied range oT sTudenT acTiviTies in any way. Gur leader reigns as Greek God and his beauTiTul co-reigning Goddess is none oTher Than our Dream Girl, lvliss Diana Fugua. Gur repre- senT.aTive To The SGA., BroTher Bob Embry, received a leTTer oT congraTulaTions on his campaign TacTics Trom Jimmy l-loTTa, and iT you're curious why we goT an exTra-long secTion in The EnTre Nous, well, we goT The Greek EdiTor, Too. AlThough we didn'T do Too well in TooTball This year, we did succeed in beaTing The DZ's aT Volleyball, buT Then we realized no one was keeping score. We can'T Tigure ouT why, buT iT seems ThaT everyone we pledge seems To go in Tor indoor sporTs. Those ol you who have been To our parTies know The True meaning oT The word. Our social season, shall we say, was "GuT oT This world." AcTually, conTorming mighT noT be ThaT bad, il we iusT knew how To go abouT iT. And we really wouldn'T mind compeTing eiTherg aTTer 54 years iT's goTTen a liTTle lonesome being The only social TraTerniTy on campus. .5 ,Q Pete H aswell r' ', L T ... an Jake Herron Larry Bolton - ..- A in .'j Hugh Brindley " f Q--N A' Danny Brown '1 5 James Butler Wayne C o field 1 ' Felix Joef Presidenr Warden Secrerary Treasurer Roy John Crocker Epperson Evans Fancher 124 . . . APETE HASWELL .,....JAKE HERRON .AMJERRY MATTHEWS .MHJACK MCDONALD ltr Randy Kenneth David George Goodwin Graves ' r l 1 4 1 l-lnghlnghls ol a happy hunhng season for Pu Kaps Include I0 new brorhers and I9 pledges BOOM ADP: s ar Auburn Phyllns Davis ns our new Rose ueen Jrhrull upon rhe hull hploe Through lhe Jrulnps haury hay rude elghr screaming blaclc brerhern Tom gusl mrghl' pass malh lruur baslcer Jrurn over he Four Flushmen lhe rubber band besr pal of The year Toohes Pu Kaps unanimously give Arlhur a years supply ol deodoranl Brnnlcel Jrhe bug blue wave founders day wlrh a nahonal presndenr Jungle parry al Auburn Showboar parly a+ Alabama and one red faced advisor ns Jalce really gelhng serlous Who dad you say gor The S 0 T award Added lo Jrhe bulging Pu Kapp Jrrophy case were several of Jrhe hnghesr campus honors By an over whelmnng malornly Pu Kappa Phi caprured rhe procrashnahon Jrrophy rhe sux fool leweled lrophy wull be presenred formally somehme nexr weelc and Jrhe co op award for hughesr percenl age presenl during chapel nor counhng pledges Pa Kappa Phu Formulas 3 rauncoars Jr one gnf+ shop one monrh s roller supplues 9 'W Charles G . Wll K gh! Nk M Larry Rodg Wll W lt R lph 125 S I z Sh W Wd M: Wtd rxjfies ' . my rr I! -I . 0 0 ' ' Wayne , Q , , YQ- Shee s . . . Warren paul ' ' 1, Hxlson 1: , - , ' ' ' v 1 John . . . C iley II - IL - ' . . . Y I ' ' ' . . . ah F 0 i iam A I - ' - Hoover - . I . u e u . . . Ronnie . ' Simms . . A . I . ' ' ni "" i Randall , :Q ade 600 pounds lime 4' 20 pledges + one aluminum cooler I Trouble gonnfe oonce ' K Robert ar , , '- 1 Av' David ' Laries ' A - f Dennis ' f ff " Warren ic uv l arlow C' ., Q -M gig Q, . -eg Ina. 13 Af ' 1 on ,ig V la . f ff Glenn er i iam Edward a er a Morris Olivenbaum Poe Pope Porter Scot! hee s CC-mrT1rmCIer LIeuIon.QmI Commander RCI fIrvIef IIQ'l'ILIIf" 9' Q-- 2 - bf ,... SKIP WILSGN ED MQFERRIN RAY WILLIAMS TONY DOLLAR Q A - Ray Tony Richard Billy Robert Williams Dollar Banks Bishop Blake 'Z h G-QQ' I 'P 'Y rs 2 5 , -- . Q99 John Ted Jan Bobby Jack Dickey Driver Doan Draper Duncan 6-iw' 3' r, 'ti'- 'Ql f A 5: I IR " - ks i Roger Robert Larry Brown Calhoun Campbell Q. 5- .Ll Doug Jim John Evans Felton Felton Presenting our queens-Rickey and Claudia. M4 Skip Wilson - if ,mf . ., -,W wgif Andy Collins Ed Graves Tommy Hagood '32 1 f-ob Joe Hopper Teddy Jackson lp '- 5 James McCoy Henry Morgan Ed M cF errin Q K Morris C rawford 'F 1 jx Boyd Griffin Sonny Helton James Jackson ..-....q.,,,qP.-...qv Don Lytle Guy Milford 1 ,' ' H251 fl -.Q 7 I 11 Stanley Peterson Rickey seems a bit hungry. im ames rnes! Charles e annon S mi h Taylor i 'E Tommy. Danny Ja-mes Mike U nderhzll West Wilson Wilson Marvin Th r 0771 071 ab- .,. Chivers Woodruff sigma nu Sigma Nu is in The process oi compleTing anoTher successTul year, in spiTe oT some oT The broThers. Our Trophy case is really gleaming This year. Our biggesT Trophy being The one Tor being The Team "MosT popular wiTh The Referees." Our pledges really ouTdid Themselves on scholar- ship This year. All Three had a l.O or beTTer. For This, The acTives honored Them wiTh a "NighT OuTl" lvlosT any nighT you can Tind 902, oT The broThers siTTing around in a cerTain darlc cellar lisTening To BroTher Jack l-lare enTerTain. Shame on The broThers Tor being There insTead oT in sTudying like The resT oT The TraTerniTies. NoT only grades, buT proiiles also TesTiTy To This expendiTure oi Time anol lmoney?l. Lilce PresidenT Wilson says, "ln a TraTerniTy you associaTe wiTh boys you wouldn'T ordinarily associaTe wiTh." We do however, Teel like giving ourselves aT leasT a brownie buTTon Tor geTTing The scholarship and inTramural Trophy despiTe our renowned exTra- curricular acTiviTies. 'z l 127 W We S xgj? 'a X - rf , Hg: 'PV V 5 in QR' 4 -, mi 'A-ff ,L 1 A A I, 4' 562 yt " ,A A s' I ' lsy . ,. -'I-1 nrganizaiions .M -4 C? 91 pp lla hair L4 QC The A Capella Choir serves as lhe college's singing ambassador bolh lhroughoulr lhe Soulh and abroad. A concerl invilalion from lhe Finnish Ambassador during The Birmingham Feslival ol Arls insligaled a lour which will carry The choir lo all lhe Scandi- navian counlries, England and France. Aclivilies ol lhe choir included a mid-winler lour and release ol a record. Officials are Jerry Tyler, president D. George W. Koslci, direclor. 131 MEMBERS Bill Bacon Ellinor Black Hugh Brindley Mike Bristow Gayle Brown Laurie Brown Gary Burdette Robert Burleson Sue Butler Douglas Cox James Douglas Vallie Dozier Annette Fincher James Fincher Polly Franklin Judy Frey Jimmy Gibson Angie Grooms Kay Hammond Marcia Hearn Linda Henderson Scott Hopkin Kathryn Hopkins Mike Huston Betty Jane Jackson Mary Helen Jackson Ron Jackson Charles Langston Lucy Lee Deda Liles Martha Liles Don Maddox Sara Jim Marrs Gerry Matthews Rose Marie Maynor Truett Murphy Martha Myers Jeanne Pollet Bill Pope Dannie Robinson Bobby Rosser Judy Scott Hazel Smithco Janice Thompson Jerry Tyler Bob Waldrup Ann Walker James Warren Bob Wright A roar oT drums, The horizonTal high sTep oT a drum maior and The l-loward Col- lege Marching Band moves onTo The Tield. Allrhough halT-Time shows are The major concenTraTion during Tall, The band also Turnishes music: Tor pep rallys, pageanTs, homecoming parade. convo- c:aTions, graduaTion and The candlelighT dinner. Marching wiTh The band This year has been The reorganized color guard under The direcTion oT drum maior l2oberT WrighT and band direcTor Floyd McCoy. howard olleg marching b nd Elinor Black Mike Bristow Judy Dimberg Elizabeth Grantham Meg Gross Scott Hopkin Ron Jackson Madalyn Landers Evelyn Lay Owen Lay MEMBERS Edward Lyon Elizabeth McLaren Nesha Maddox Cliff Morrison Mike Nichols Larry Tate James Turner Sara Williams Robert Wright 'T- a'- Q . ,Q ' 9 N fdfa.-We-.4, 'lbw - .--A.. . .. 4235- -,, -.. . NL. 0' ,,'--'L' An added inTeresT Tor musicians in The Birmingham area lies in The opporTuniTy To perTorm wiTh The l-loward College OrchesTra under The direcTion ol George W. Koslci. Due To expansion in The size oT The orchesTra, siTe oT The public concerTs has been moved Trom The campus chapel To Shades Valley T-ligh's audiTorium. Main aTTracTion oT The orchesTra's on-campus acTiviTies Tor The season came wiTh The TeaTure appearance on The Founder's Day convocaTion. or hesira MEMBERS I Violin Joseph Tricomi Wilburta K. Brinson Elinor Glenn Marie W. Gersharn Lynn Llanders Floy Strickland Newton D. Strandberg II Violin T. Edward Lyon Ellinor Black Judson Griffin Sam Lyon Dannie Robinson Martin Sher Larry Tate Viola Robert Behrendt Robert Dean Mike A. Nichols Mary Alice Thompson Ann Wood Cello Anne S. Bass Evelyn Lay Ellen Williams Bass Lyndle Conboy Flute James H. Douglas Megg Gross Oboe Agatino Ronchetti Rachel Ronchetti Clarinet Frank George Lynn Whatley Bassoon Libby McLaren Robert E. Wright French Horn Tommy Bankston Charles Matthews Jean Miller Gary Turner Trumpets Ross Davis Ronnie Jackson Millie Lawley Trombone Nelson Brown Richard Humber William E. Rush Tympani Tuba Cliff Morrison Percussion Judy Frey ul 'u l l l l I I l 19.2 gt ' ---- ."""' ' -.Z l.. ,g " -..,-, -as Cb 9 RQ,-M 54 -1 L44-I Q0 i"'1:,- -r.- qu , ' :A O6 QC First row: Darlene Arwood, sweetheart, Gary Turner, Larry Jen- nings, Richard Dillard, Joe L. Long. Second row: Ed Rush, Charles Harrley, .lim Rye. Third row: Ronnie Partain, Willi m Johnson, Ray Granade. Fourth row: Henry Hallmark, Don lac- Cary, Roger Isbell. Fifth row: Owen Lay, Ted Stephens, Bill Benson, John Shoemaker, Ross Barton, Kenneth Oliver, Mike Miller, Ed Boxrman, Charles Kennedy, Wayne Linderman, Roger Krapton, Ron Smith, Leon Starr. n. - d male choru CO 1 'A' 1-I - if -"Eli ZZIWFTVT Qfhcc-rs: Ted Stephens, Larry Jennings, Charles Kennedy, Leon Starr, Ed Bf"""dH. RUSS Hdflvfl. Vviavrii' Linderrnan. 134 Male Chorus members are men who enioy sharing The Tellowship oT oTh- ers while blending Their voices in a varieTy oi musical selecTions. Under The direcTion oT Joe Long, The group sings Tor campus religious programs. Darlene Arwood reigns as sweeT- hearT oi The Male Chorus. G1 Il 1 Laclies Chorus members parficipafe in fhe college music program aimed specifically af religious funcfions. Women whose vocal falenfs gain fhem membership in fhe group are olirecfed loy Mrs. Kafhleen S. Marfinson. First row: Mrs. Kathleen S. Martinson, Darlene Arwo od, Jane Bennett, Martha Stevens, Kay Martin, Linda Glaze, Ann Walker. Second row: Betty Jane Jackson, Beth Allen, Trina Killian, Glenda Penny, Tommy Rey- nolds, Annette Fincher, Gwen Arwood, Gary Turner, Third row: Emily Cantrell,'Don McCary, Mary Jim Bennett, Lynda Allen, Jean Burt, William Johnson, Mary Ann Stringer, Jan First row: Glenda Evans, Martha Stevens, Janice Hill, Kay Martin, Jan Belcher, Mary Jim Bennett, Beth Allen, Jean Burt, Linda Glaze. Second row: Nancy Turner, Jane Bennett, Susan Holland, Mary Ann Stringer, Jackie Green, Norma Lowry, Trina Killian. Third row: Mrs. Kathleen S. Martinson, Lynda Allen, Emily Cantrell, Tommy Reynolds. Music Educafion Nafional Conference is an organiza- fion for music maiors who seelc fhe opporfunify of pro- fessional orienfafion while sfill in college.fXdvisor of fhe organizafion is Mrs. Kafhleen S. Marfinson. First row: Bonnie Barnes, Mike Fink, Clarissa Durretl. Second row: Bing- ham Graves, Marcia Hearn, Mary Ann Chandler, Ellen. Dossett. Third row: Dick Conville, Jack Purser, Dave Folsom, Don Robinson. wacnv nan Women's Church-Relaied Vo- calions Associalion is an organizaiion lor women plan- ning To enler a church-relaied lield and for women inleresl ed in knowing more concern ing ihe vocaiion possipililies. Qllicials are Evalvlerle Sellers presidenl, Mrs. Ruric Wheel eri advisor. executive The Execuiive Council acls as lhe governing body oi lhe Bapiisl Sludenl Union which is composed oi all Baplisl siudenis. Plans are prepared and carried oui by 'rhe Council ior ihe an- nual relreals and lor Chrislian Emphasis Weeks. Qiiicials are Mike Fink, presidenl, Joe F. Faulkner, advisor. First row: Linda Hill, Eva Merle Sellers, Sandra Patillo. Second row: Mary Davis Pd!!! Clowdus, Joyce Kirkpatrick, George Branun, Charlotte Teas. Third row: Mary Ann Chandler, Martha Grimes, Becky Crawford, Judy Prince, Susie Epperson. CC., i li- 1'1- X N N C' g? 10 3' First row: Billy Austin, Bill Pruitt, Charles Hartley, Ken Veasy, Joe Wheeler, Rodney Shamblin, Mike Owens, Gerald Blackburn, John Burrows. Second row: John Maclaren, Jack Stewart, Glen Courtney, James Hyde, Jim Simpson, Jimmy McLeod, Roger Poe, Tim Hodges, Mickey Castleberry. Third row: Don Robinson, David Graves, Ronald McCary, Stanley Dickerson, Pete M4-Duff, Wayne Hulon, Bill Murrah, Roy Stebbins. Fourth row: Allen Y i Edmundson, Wayne Burns, Ronnie Burson, Charles Walker, Marshall Collins, Randy Shaffer, Galeon Campbell. Standing: Fred Lowery, Larry Draper, Buster McGoWin, Richard Bolin, Larry Hilley, Dan Duncan, James Palmer, Norris Hilton, Robert Grice, Ray Wade, Frank Wilson, Bill Jackson, Dr. Vernon G. Davison. ministerial association '1gl'Hif 'i acl, Officers, first row: Don Robinson, John Maclaren, Bill Pruitt, Ken Veasy, Charles Hartley. Second row: Billy Austin, Glen Courtney, Jim Simpson, Mickey Castleberry. 137 The lvlinisierial Asseciaiion oi iers membership ie all men pre paring for careers in ihe minisiry or in church-relaied vocaiiens. Alihough a large number ei ihe minisierial siu denis hold permaneni preach ing posiiions, eihers are available on reguesi ior deliver ing services ihroughoui Jrhe siaie. ln keeping wiih ihe main obieciive oi l-loward College members sirive To premeie among siudenis an awareness and unclersiancling ei The claily necessiiy oi Chrisiian living Oi iicials are Bill Pruiii, presideni Dr. l-ludson D. Baggeii, advisor y.w.a. Young Women's Auxiliary is an organizafion of sfudenfs infer- esfed in Chrisfian emphasis in fhe girl's dorms. Members em- phasize fhe scripfural advice for day fo day living. Officials are Ellen Dosseff, presidenf, Dr. Frances Carfer, advisor. l l First row: Ellen Dossetl, Pat Forbus. Second row: Mitzi Lane, Ruth Lanier, Mary Ann Chandler, Beverly Parker. Third row: Nancy Eth- ervdge, Ann Glaze, Patsy Gore. The Mission Band was organized fo share Chrisfi- anify wifh people of Birmingham who have had liffle opporfunify fo lcnow Chrisf. Officials are Jaclc Purser, presidenf, Dr. Mabry Lunceford, advisor. First row: .lack Purser, Linda Bolen, Edyth Deluga. Second row: Gerald Blackburn, Mary Ann Chandler, Cara Goe, Myra Nell Hayes. Third row: Dave Folsom, Robert Mcfllpine, Richard Bolin, Roy Spears, Glen Courtney, Jimmy PVayne. . . . hoir The Eaplisl Slrudenr Union Clwoir is composed ol l-loward men and women who desire To slfiare one anollwer's fellowship wlwile conrribuling Jrlneir Jralenls lo Jrlwe group. Members concenlrare on religious music applicable To programs of a spirilual narure. Officials are Diclc Conville, presidenl, Dr. Siguard Bryan, advisor. Left to right, First row: Ann Woods, Saralyn Monroe, Mozella Third row: Charles Martin, Dick Con-ville, Russell Manning, Bob Peltus, Nancy Etheredge, Libby Campbell, Ellen Dossett, Susan White, Rick Caroll, Dave Folsom, Phil Jones, Eddie Austin, Bill Mdffh, A1111 GIGZC, Monty White, Chip Mensing, Edyth Deluga, Bacon, Lionel Smith. Fourth row: Tim Olive, Raphael McDaniel, EVCIYYI LIU, Patsy Gore. Second row: Darlene Arwood, Vicki Marshall Collins, Richard Bolin, Tommy Rodgers, Richard Banks, Smith, Gwen Arwood, Donna Walker, Patti Campbell, Linda Charles Kennedy. Director: Bobby Rosser. Bolen, Pat Forbus, Judy Harris, Sue Lancaster, Linda Henderson. 139 , 1- --Y, 4, Il- ' vc C. ihodi i 356 -E' tud ni move nt The Wesley Fellowship, beller lcnown as Jrlie lvlelliodisl Sludeni lvlovemenl, iunclions as a unifying body lor sludenls oi Jrlwe Melbo- disl denominalion. Weekly meel- ings ol Jrlwe organizalion iealure programs by leaders in ine local lvleiliodisl clwurclwes. Officials are Buddy Vesl, presidenlr, Elberl lvl. Norlon, advisor. E' 'gf Seated: Alice Copeland, Florence Hurst, Pat Hurst, Peggy BUZ- zard, Dianne Dorsett, Laura Clark, Delilah Carter, Linda Bowdon, Buddy Vest, Bill Davis, Quinton Stillwagon. Standing: Cathy Clark, Reverend Stanley Clark, Elbert M. Norton, Dorothy Haney, Don Shay, Shannon Thornton, Reverend Edwin Kin- brough. First row: Gerald Blackburn, Edyth Deluga, Mary Davis, Mary Ann Chandler, Martha Snfedenburg. Second row: David Graves, Mike Fink, Jack Purser, Judy Prince, Bonnie Barnes, Patti Clowdus, Charlotte Teas, Sandra Pattilo, Roy Spears. Third row: Richard Bolin, Jimmy Wayne, Tom Leverett, Jeanne Etheredge, Sue Whitmire, Becky King, Reba Sloan, Susie Epperson, Beverly Parker, Martha Grimes, Becky Crawford, John Hollis, Dave Folsom. agape 1 Agape, meaning brollw- erly love, is an organiza- iion lor mission volunieers and lliose inleresled in missions. Familiarily willi ine world-wide mission's cause grows in llwe or- ganizaiion Jrlirougli ex- periences relaied by members. Qilicials are Mary Ann Cliandler, president James A. Clarke. advisor. First row: Carol Cook, Ann Franklin. Second row: Mozella Pettus, Dannie Robinson, Brenda Maynor, Nancy Ethredge, Susan Bennett. irid ni Tridenl is a local recognilion honors and leadership organiza- Jrion. Membership in lhe club is open lo men of Jrhe iunior class who have mainlained high schol- arship and who are eminenr by reason ol college acrivilies. Ci- licials are Charles Langslon, presidenl, Dr. Hugh C. Bailey, sponsor. 141 hypaiia l-lypalia calls inlo ils mem- bership on 'rhe annual Tap Day women in The junior class who have Jrhe highesl general combinalion oi scholarship, cha racle r, leadership and promise ol lulure uselullness. Ciiicials are Ann Franklin, presidenl, Dean lvlargarel Sizemore, advisor. Left to right: Nick Whitehurst, Pope Thrash, Jack Purfer, Paul Wesson, Dr. Hugh C. Bailey, Ed Graves, Dick Conwlle. First row: Bingham Graves, Janet Davis, Martha Myers. Second row: Peggy Pollock, Brenda lph Iambd cl lla Alpha Lambda Della, freshman scholarship hon- or sociely for women, was inslalled ar l-loward in I958. Membership is based primarily on slricl scholaslic aplirude. Ol- licials are Bingham Maynor, Carol Cook, Susan Bennett, Harriett Dixon. Third row: Kay Martin, Martha Stevens, Dottie Goodwin, Patti Campbell, Linda Bolen. omi ron delta kann Qmicron Della Kappa is a na- iional leadership honorary lor men. Sludenls are recognized by lhis organizalion lor leader- ship in lhe areas ol alhleiics, scholarship, social and religious allairs, sludenl governmenl, publicalions and speech and drama. Qllicials are Diclc Con- yille, presidenl, Dr. l-l. A. Mc- Cullough, advisor. First row: Billy Bishop, Dick Conville, Jim Witcher. Second row: Mike Fink, Paul Miller, Mike James, Ed Graves, Tony Dollar. Graves, presidenl, Dr. Myrris T. Kurz, advisor. First row: Jimmy Wayne, Barton Starr, Ray Granade, David Bolton, Billy Armistead, Roy Spears, Jerry Lee, Roy Stanton B94-fl9',V, Joe Wfngafds Rick Carroll. Second row: Jim Simpson, Bob Camp. Jack Purser, Jimmy Wright. Third row: Richard Banks, Larry Alpha Phi Omega is a riafional service fra- fernify for men who have been members of fhe Boy Scoufs of America. lfs members sfrive fo promofe leadership and fellowship. Officials are Skip Wilson, presiderif, Mr. l-l. L. lvlarfin, advisor. First row: Ruth Wells, Dottie Goodwin. Second row: Kay Kerr, Ruth Lanier, Mozella Pettus, Charlotte Brooks. Third row: Bingham Graves, Susan Litwiller, Ann Golf, Mary Johnson, Monty While. service guild The Service Guild is composed of women sfudenfs who excel in fhe field of service and lead- ership. lf funcfions as a service organizafion fo fhe campus. Officials are lvlozella Peffus, presidenf, Dean lvlargaref Size- more. advisor. Left to right, First row: Judy Scott, Sandy McSwain, Linda Bolen, Mary Epperson, Eva Merle Sellers, Ann Goff. Second row: Becca Durden Dottie Goodwin, Ruth Lanier, Harriett Gibbs, Linda Phillips Dianne Caldwell, Harriett Dixon, Ann Salter. Third row. igma tau d Ita Sigma Tau Delia, naiional proiessionai English iraierniiy, was insialled ai Howard in l959. This organizaiion is open To rnaiors who have compleied six semesier hours of English in residence wiih ai leasi a Jrwo poinr average. Qiiicials are Dick Conville, president L. R. Hawkins, advisor. 144 Dick Conville, Glenda Peny, Linda Thomas, Melanie Alford Brenda Maynor, Hazel Joe Smithco, Martha Windle Fourth row: Janet Davis, Peggy White, Ann Bussey, Joe Wingard Andy Collins. Dick Conville, Ann Salter, Ann Goff, Harriett Dixon 9 l First row: Mary Jean Creamer, Mary Ann Scifres, Sylvia Smith. Second row: Linda Thomas, Mozella Petlus, Saralyn Monroe, Janet Davis. Third row: Jerry Richardson, Becky Bales, Dianne Dorselt, Doris Luker, Bob Boyce, Marcus L. Ambrester. Fourth row: Jim Ezheredge, Dick Conville, Serena Cochran. The Debafe Club funcfions as a basic orqanizafion for sfudenfs who are infer- esfed in and acfively parficipafe in debafes. Informal meefings provide members wifh an opporfunify fo pracfice and gain furflwer knowledge in flwe field of forensics. Officials are Mary Ann Scifres, presidenf, Marcus L. Ambres- fer, advisor. First row: Robert McAlpine, Nancy Crane, Tommy Haygood, Jim Dobbins. Second row: Glen Courtney, Dr. John E. Wintter, Hugh Brindley, Jim Israel, Byron Randall. 145 ircle Circle K is an inferna- fional service organiza- fion composed of over 290 clubs. Oufsfanding men on campus are honored by member+ slwip in flwe club. Of- ficials are Roberf lvlcfklpine, presidenf, Dr. Jolwn E. Winffer, advisor. Left to right, First row: Tommy Hamby, Rusty Ryan, Larry Rob- nell, Jeff Hopping, Dave Beer-man. Third row: Buddy Cutcliff, inson, Paul Miller, Harry Hitchcock. Second row: Alex Johnson, Wayne Sheets, Jerry Thomas, Randy Taylor, Ed Donahoo, Ronnie Bobby Austin, Marvin Thornton, Charles Smith, Ronnie Chan- Mickwee, Walley Burnham. If if "l-l" Club members unire lo promole allw- lelics llwrouglw leadership of varsily parlici- penis and lo provide a meeling place where leller aibleles can sliere llieir inleresls in sporls. Prior lo llwe dislinclion of gaining membership in "I-l" Club, allwleles are sub- iecled lo llwe Jrradilional rigors ol inilialion. Uliicials are Paul Miller, presidenl, Waller D. Sowa, odvsor. 146 physical edu ation maiors' lub l l The Physical Eclucalion Maiors' Club is com- posecl ol all maior ancl minor sludenls in Jrhe physical educalion deparlmenr. Primary olo- ieclive ol lhe club is lo awaken in siuclenls l a wicle ancl inlelligenl inleresl ancl under- l i l slanding oi lhe profession ol heallh, physical educalion and recrealion. Oilicials are Jerry Thomas, presidenl, Miss Avalee Willoughby, y advisor. l l Left to right, First row: Jerry Thomas, Barbara Cline, Fayrene Sandy Lee, Joan Stevenson, Donnie McBrayer, Dave B2?f77l47f, Holloman, Paul Miller. Second row: Allen Rawson, Marvin Jim Butler, Harry Hrtchcock, Skxp Bundy, Robert Dillard, Ronme Thornton, Ann Mange, Ann Beerman, Dianne Parkman, Charles Channel, WUU7' Bufnhdm- Smith, Martha Chandler, Pat Corr, David Knott. Third row: 147 Left to right, First row: Jeanne Pollet, Carol Cook, Nancy Etheredge, Monty White. Second row: Dianne Bridges, Mary Davis, Charlotte Brooks, Jeanette Barkley, Diane Johnston, Dottie Phillips, Dr. Frances Carter. Third row: Linda Martin, Mottie Moring, Glenda Williams, Joyce Cox, Tressie Dotson, Janice Hill. Fourth row: Verna Woodall, Sharon Berry, Becky Flowers. American Childhood Educaiion is composed ol sludenls who are planning lo cenler lheir leaching careers on lhe elemenlary grades. Officials are Nancy Elheredge, presidenl, Dr. Frances Carler, advisor. First row: Carol Cook, Nancy Etheredge. Second row: Dottie Phil lips, Brenda Maynor. Third row: Virginia Wilder, Joyce Cox. U epsilon Kappa Della Epsilon seelcs lo promole excel- lence in women who are planning lo enler ihe leaching profession by limiling ils hono- rary membership io lhose who exhiloil ils ideals. Oilicials are Virginia Wilder, presi- denl, Miss Elizapelh Forman, advisor. I na l I lelal I I Slrudeni Naiional Educaiion Associaiion is open io all slrudenlrs inlreresied in gaining iuriher knowledge oi ine reaching profession in associarion wilrh oihers of similar aims. Direciors are Marina Vaughn, president Dr. John Carier, advisor. Left to rlght, First row: Dr. John Carter, Jack Vickery, Dianne Bridges, Martha Vaughn, Joe Wingard. Second row: Dottie Phillips, Carol Cook, Dr. Frances Carter, Jeanne Pollet, Monty White, Mozella Pettus, Harriett Bruner, Nancy Etheredge, Myra Nell Hayes. Third row: Tressie Dotson, Joyce Cox, Becky Flow- ers, Lmda Martzn, Mottxe Monng, Jamce Hill, Charlotte Brooks, Sue Jones. Fourth row: Sharon Berry, Glenda Williams, Virginia Wilder, Verna Woodall, Brenda Maynor, Nancy Skelton, Ruth Lanier, Paul Miller, Ann Hobbs, Mary Davis, Bonnie Barnes. 149 pani h lub El Circulo Espanol is open lo all sludenls of Spanislw and +o ollwers infereslecl in Jrlwe language and cullure oi Spanish-speaking counlries. Monllfily rneelings presenl cullural anol social aspecls by means of guesl spealcers, Typical ioocls and enlerlainmenls and movies or iilmslrips. Qflicials are Jane Wesl, presi- denlr, Dr. Grace Weeks, aclvisor. First ww: Jack Vifkfflvi -711112 WPSI, Bevefly Ifdfkef, Dr. Weeks. Patti Cloufdus, Shirlee Curlee, Becky King, Judith Dimberg. Fourth ieconf 'OW Bfmme Barnes, Dr- Acton, Virginia Wiggins, Pam row: Sharyn Shierling, Judy Cotton, Verna Woodall, Libby Mc- afm I' Thnd fowl Ken VMS7, Harriett Bruner, Charlotte Brooks, Laren, Vivian Edwards, Joyce Kirkpatrick, Tina Weeks. , 150 Sigma Della Pi is a nalional honor lralrernily lor our- slanding sludenls of Span- ish who have mel specified academic reguiremenls and who have complelred al leasl Jrwo courses of lilrera- Jrure. Della Nu chaplrer was inslalled in I959. Chief ol- ficial is Virginia Wiggins, presidenl. M Il an in 'L Q as st row: Jack Vickery, Ann Hobbs, Dr. Acton, Virginia Wiggins. Second Fir Bonnie Barnes, Dr. Hanley, Dr. lVee First row: Dr. Acton, Ruth Wells. Second row: Brenda Maynor, Peggy White, Dr. Hawley, .lack Purser. 151 ks. pi delta phi Pi Della Phi, nalional recog- nilion sociely lor slrudenls ol French, originaled in l925 as Bela Pi Thela. Merger wilh Jrhe nalional chapler loroughl Pi Della Phi lo Jrhe campus in l953. Qllicials are Rulh Wells, presidenr, Dr. i-l. lvl. Aclon, advisor. french club Membership in The French Club ex- lends lo all slrudenls inleresled in Jrhe language and cullure of France an op'- porlrunily for lurlher exploraiion. The organizaiion shares ils inleresls lhrough viewing oi lilmsfrips, loreign iilrns, and leclures. Cllicials are Peggy While, presidenlr, Dr. Wheeler Haw- ley, advisor. i l First row: Peggy White, Brenda Maynor, Dr. Hawley, Dr. Acton. Second row: Ann Wood, Ruth W ll e s, Jack Purser. phi alpha theta First row. .lack Purser, Ann Hobbs, Sue Jones. Second row: H Nell Hayes tt Bruner, Carol Cook, Myra 152 Phi Alpha The+a's Epsilon Rho chapler of l'he na- lional honor sociely in hislory was inslalled in I956. The organizaiion is open lo sludenis who show deep in+eres+ in Jrhe sludy of 'rhe pasl and rnainlrain high scholaslric slanding. Officials are Nash Keel, president Dr. Lee Allen, advisor. Pi Gamma lvlu is a nalional so- cial service honor sociely. This orqanizarion seelcs io improve scholarship in Jrhe social sciences and To inspire social service by an inielliqenl approach To Jrhe solurion oi social problems. Qi- iicials are Tommy Rounlree, pxresiclenr, Dr. George Irons, aclvisor. First row: Jack Purser, Ann Franklin, Myra Nell Hayes. Second row: Ann Hobbs, Becky Flowers. eta epsilon Eia Epsilon is a volunrary home economics club lor all home eco- nomics maiors and minors. Or- qanizalion members sirive +o worlc rogerher lo coniribuie io lhe im- provemenl oi home ancl family living. Oiiicials are Pal Forbus, presideni, lvlrs. Roy lvloncus, aclvisor. First row: Charlotte Teas, Pat Forbus, Phyllis Drummond. Second row: Beverly Parker, Jeannie Brown, Jana Horne. Third row: Kay Davis, Julia Robertson, Jackie Majors, Margaret Culcliffe, Martha Grimes. Fourth row: Pat Perkins, Ann Harrison. P PM PPT First row: Barbara Almond, Millie Lawley, Sandra Scott, Larry Hipsh Ann Bussey, Susan Holland, Bill Hartsfield. Second row: H awne Glenn, Joe Glenn, Martha Windle, Carol Gaddy, Virginia H ildtr Joe lVhef-ler, Carol Berthon, Lynn Easterling. Third row: Young Republicans ol l-loward Col- lege is a collegiale branclw ol llrie nalional organizalion designed lo pro- mole inleresl in llie aclivilies and ideals ol The parly. During llie IQ64 Presidenlial campaigns, members ol llie college group paricipaled in parades, programs, and llme various aspecls ol gelling volers lo llwe poll. Qulslanding local ollicials and Re- publican leaders are brouglil lo llie campus as guesl spealcers by llwe or- ganizalion. Qllicials are Larry l-lipslw, presidenl, Dr. Jean Dunbar and lvlr. Frank Donaldson, advisors. Mary Pat Wood, Jeannie Brown, Doris Johnston, Nancy Gregory, Jim Clark, Sharon Webb, Billy Armistead, Mila Key, Hazel Jo Smithco, Mason McCary. Fourth row: Ronnie Roberts, Jerry Wright, Melinda Roberson, Malcomb Youngblood, Bobby Little. republi n Officers, seated: Larry Hipsh, president, Doris Johnston. Standing Joe Glenn, Millie Lawley, Billy Armistead. 154 First row: Marshall Collins, Donna Doerfler, Orbie Medders, John Pollett. Second row: Roy Stalon, Cindy Deason, Tana Lee Vaughn, Serena Cochran, Mattlyn Wren. Third row: Tina Weeks, Paula Clark, Jack Steward, Diane Dorsett, Arrien Aders, Peggy Blizzard, Bill Church, Linda Davis. Fourth row: Dianna Zacharias, Ken Oliver, Eddie Isom, Nancy Skelton, Joe Sizemore, Mr. Harold Hunt. Masguers seelcs fo encourage sfudenfs fo acfively parficipafe in all forms of drama while providing a congenial social afmosphere. Members of fhe organiza- fion are freguenfly called upon fo per- form fheir fheafrical producfions for various local groups. Officials are Cindy Deason, presidenf, Mr. l-larold l-lunf, advisor. th la Iph phi Thefa Alpha Phi is a frafernify whose purpose is fo increase infer-- esf, sfimulafe creafiveness and fosfer arfisfic achievemenf in all of fhe allied arfs and craffs of fhe fheafer. Spring inifiafes of fhe na- afional organizafion include Rodger Poe, lvlona l-lurlberf and Buffons Clark. Officials are Cindy Deason, prelsidenf, lvlr. l-larold l'lunf, advisor. if 1 .I First row: Cindy Deason, Paula Clark, Bill Church. Sefond r0W Donna Doerfler, Serena Cochran, Tana Lee Vaughn. Third row Marshall Collins, Mr. Harold Hunt. Left to right, First row: Martha Myers, Doris Johnson, Mike Fink, Dottie Gregory, Dennis Warren. Second row: Dr. Peeples, Kathy Freeman, Glenyce Landers, Diane Crews, Rebecca Everage, Brenda Yarnell, Sara .lim Marrs, Anita Pritchett, Cheryl Childs. The lvlafh Club sfrives fo help sfudenfs wifh fhe pracfical applicafions of mafhernafics. The club is open fo all sfudenfs fo exhibif a special inferesf in fhe field of mafh. Officials are Mike Fink, presidenf, Mr. Joe Faulkner, Third row: Delelah Carter, Bingham Graves, Peggy Pollock Carolyn Layton, Shirley Burkett, Nancy Adams, Barbara Cosper Marilyn Beasley, Clovis Rutledge, Nancy Cole. Fourth row: Dr. Wheeler, Larry Richardson, Larry Bolton, Macky McDanal. advisor. kann IIIII epsilon Kappa Mu Epsilon is a nafional honor frafernify for sfudenfs who have disfinguished fhemselves in fhe field of mafhemafics. lvlem- bership is based on scholasfic af- fainmenf. Officials are Wayne Shaddix, presidenf, Dr. W. D. Peeples, advisor. First row: Dr. Peeples, Kathy Freeman, Carolyn Layton, Macky McDanal. Second row: Marilyn Beasley, Doris Johnson, Peggy Pollock, Dottie Gregory, Dr. Wheeler, Glynce Landers. Third row: Dennis Warren, Mike Fink. First row: Tony Dollar, Libby Campbell. Second row: Bill Hoover, Cheryl Adams, Martha Sullivan, Linda Rhodes. Third row: Meg Gross, Carolyn Wright, Stephanie Giraird, Margaret Jane Welborn, Barbara Cosper accuser American Chemical Sociefy is a profession- al organizafion which is composed of sfudenfs inferesfed in fhe field of chemisfry and re- lafed vocafions. Of- ficials are Libby Campbell, presidenf, lvlr. Ben Chasfain, advisor. Befa Befa Befa provides opporfunify for parficipafion and fhe pursuif of furfher knowledge fo oufsfanding sfudenfs eifher maioring or minoring in biology. Efa Nu chapfer was in- sfalled in l958. Officials are Libby Campbell, presidenf, Dr. l-l. A. lvlc- Cullough, advisor. First row: Lee Hurtt, Libby Campbell, Tina Hash. Second row: Rd McFerrxn Stephanie Gxraxrd Sylvia Wilson, Melinda Roberson. Third row: Ralph Thomas, Larry Robinson Barbara Casper Mr Chastain 157 st : Stephanie Freeman, Judy Whorton. Second row: Joe Wheeler, Peggy Blizzard, H E Zieger. kappa pi Kappa Pi is a nalional recog- nilion soclely in arl lor s l U cl e n r s ol oulslrahding achlevemenl. Alpha Alpha chapler ol lhe lralernily was inslallecl al l-loward in l94O. Worlcs ol lhe member slu- denls may be seen during lhe year al scheduled showings in lhe arl gallery. Cllicials are Cary Wallcer, presiclenl, Charles l-land, aclvisor. any .log 6unoA umpa uaule E3 Sll rT1 013- -+--"' QQDQJZDS-2 grim? :swf IxIQ.0fg-2,3 Q: QCD fB.a'9fC3w0a'3Dr Q. LD m-0-3m-r 3 CD2-33-glgogo P CD " -o- CDN4 """ 2. or U"N43 o L.o'U WO 2-cooleogkag L.71.Q-9-33-P-1-.ojm 2N4D'Qg?i 2.55 . SOJMLQCD-+-51,1 -e-gf C+-1-I 5? ?2'frQ'Q WKDO -.3 Elma' 29.3 Q- - or 1301 3 -I-mgiljgn Q31 -. 2413-0-3233 OJ cn w--1 oo -.1-l' -O O-kO'oQ'gcTa3O CD13'O--39.3 -"'gC'5.LQw 0 Q-3.2: 'Dori 1s'we29,.9h?'-Z I F t row: Merlyn Faye Dykes, Cary Walker, Shirley Walker. Second row: T L Louise Barbour, Charles Hand, Beth Kennard. 158 I Left to right, first row: Lanny King, Hershel Brock, Wells Dunbar. Third row: Gerald Calma, Mike Gammell, Ken Turner, Gene Barlow. Second row: Tommy Auxtell, Elbert Jacobs, Dan Curran. Buchelew, Lynn Earnest, Randy Tribble, Dean Ryde, Dr. Jean kann P i Kappa Psi, nalional pharmaceulical lralerni- ly, was inslalled al l-loward in l935. Chaplers ol lhis professional lralernily are lirniled lo recognized schools ol pharmacy where mern- bers are selecled on lhe basis ol characler, leadership and scholarship. Qliicials are Milce Garnrnell, presidenl, Dr. Jean M. Dunbar, advisor. First row: .lack Duncan, James Middleton, David Brown, John Terry Stone, Mike D0fflefy, 05547 C00l?ef Geofge B9fd1V-'han' Breckenridge, Grady Phillips, Charles W. Langdon. Second row: Laffy HGTYIS, Wesley Martin, Loroy McKinney. Mat Neill, Charles Blocker, James Harris, Bill Crane. Third row: Ipha kapp p ' Alpha Kappa Psi is dislin- guished by being lhe lirsl nalional professional iralerni- ly lor sludenls majoring in commerce. l-loward's Bela Omega chapler was inslalled in l949. Dinner meelings held by lhe organizalion during lhe year lealure prominenl spealcers from around lhe slale. Qllicials are James Middlelon, presidenl, Charles W. Langdon, advisor. ,,.-isnt, QQ Oficers, first row: Grady Phillips, David Brown, John Breckenridge. Second row James Middleton, Jack Duncan, Douglas Mackie, Charles W. Langdon. 160 First row: Boyd Ennis, Lavern Warhurst, Greg Eanes, Hugh Officer, Paul Wesson, Ed Holcombe, Stan Gravvat. Second row: Bill Buckley, Jake Daley, Gary Ray, John Moore, George Graves, Howard Powell, Jim Thomas. Third row: Martin Reeves, John Bennett, Jim Busby, Mike James. a. ph. . The American Pharmaceufical Associafion admifs info fhe sfudenf branch of fhe organi- zafion pharmacy majors who are inferesfed in fhe high sfandards and advancemenf of fhe profession of phar- macy. Officials are Mike James, presidenf, Dr. John E. Winffer, advisor. phi d lla chi Phi Delfa Chi nafional pharmacy frafernify was founded in I883 af fhe Universify of Michigan and was esfablished af l-loward in l956 as fhe Alpha Chi chapfer. Obiecfives of fhe organizafion are fo advance fhe sci- ence of pharmacy and promofe a frafernal spirif among ifs members. Cfficials are James Busby, presidenf, William l-l. Adams, advisor. First row: Byron Randall, Gary Cavnar, Gary Ray, Dr. John E. Wintter. Second row: Martin Reeves, Jim Busby, Mike James. l l 1 1 , ' ll Q' . f-'ei 27 "-Er? r A J Q5 Wx' A X I ffl? . 4 V li Seated: Marilyn Rant, Linda Wingard, Jo Ann Clements. Standing: Connie Elder, Barbara Stewart, Linda Bice, Deanna Franklin, Linda Vardaman, Betty Sue Hamm. rho chi Rho Chi Rharmaceulical l-lonor Sociely promoies as ils funda- menlal obieclive Jrhe advance- menl ol lhe pharmaceulical scienceslhroughihe encourage- menl and recogniiion oi iniel- lechial scholarship. Bela Bela chapler ol ihe socieiy was in- slalled al l"loward in l955. Qiiicials are Niclc Whiiehursl, president Dr. Woodrow R. Byriim, advisor. Left to right: Pope Thrash, Lambda Kappa Sigma was inslalled as ihe Alpha Gamma chapler oi Jrhe naiional professional pharmacy sororiiy in l95O. Women in phar- macy achieve member- ship by mainiaining a high scholasiic average. Qliicials are Linda Win- gard, president Dr. Woodrow R. Byrum, advisor. lambda kappa sigma P l Wesson, dll Nick Whitehurst, Jim Arnold, Boyd Ennis. -v-qu-gm: QC' V -4 'G',p-...e ,- 1-'1 First row: Charlotte Brooks, Wade Harris, Hershel Brock, Sue Jones, Meg Gross. Second row: Susan Holland, Sandra Bethea, Millie Lawley, Rebecca Everage, Truitt Murphy. kappa kapp p i X- , -erssfg assi' ln! in xx Mu Members: Jan Belcher, Jane Bennett, Mary Jim Bennett, Gayle Brown, Laurie Brown, Glenda Evans, Annette Fincher, Marcia Hearn, Susan Holland, Trina Killian, Lucy Lee, Norma Lowery, Pat Manderson, Kay Martin, Elizabeth Pate, Glenda Penny, Tommie Reynolds, Dannie Robin- son, Martha Jane Stephens, Mary Ann Stringer, Nancy Turner. 163 Tau Bera Sigma, nalional band recog- nilion sociery lor women, and Kappa Kappa Psi, inrernalional recognirion sociely ol band memloers, were borh inslalled in I958. Qllicials ol Tau Bela Sigma are Menninelle Allgood, presi- denr, Mrs. Floyd McCoy, advisor. Kappa Kappa Psi ollicials are l-lershel Brock, presidenr, Floyd D. McCoy, advisor. cl lla Della Qmicron is a narional music honor lrarernily which was inslalled af l-loward in l956 as Jrhe Gmi- cron Gamma chap- ler. Membership in The organizalion is limired ro women eilher maioring or minoring in music. Qllicials are Tommie Reynolds, president Dr. George W. Koslci, advisor. l Q ,- 2 ,4 . K ' 1. r '4 i W V , ., 1 A ' L ' v .N Q 'n V 0 . I Ll. 1 J . e .,j. . -.. K wa ff' : 1,-Af .j ., fi ,f . ,P fi' nf-' 5515- 1 1 if up , -,,.N'0.v:af 5::, .LA 2 . , , ,, X . M ' . x - ' fj 1 fri. , fi' 5. 1 I jf- Q, ,W .. J' ' U b M- f - img, . - , - . N., Q ,dr A, . 1- Q? z . X +1 4' f' 4 'U' . A A. 'Q 'Ii , ,Y 1 . V , H. g. ' 4 3 . W , ,:.,. 7 xgixffl 1 Ng .-'ffm fggag 4. 12' , Y' - . N- xi , wiv? ' 4 5' 11 ...J " 1, '1 4 Hr' rw , "'eiVga. ' , . gal, 417 f, 5' I 7, ' 512, v ' I ,K X - , -' ' 'QA . .1 -A 5 .V , ,V . . ' r ' wr ' -'P v wa:gwf,.,4,fwf'?-A-A ' .-H 5'-' 1 A- -"2-nw f-' ,Xz,43gf2"'.' E: J, ' qnf' L B 5 . f.,,'. ' af' ' . W 15 QA' . f wgp - ,i. e-lf' ' ' ' .5-.C ' ' ln ' I Nb M' L. ,AN .1-.,f :.:. "fn 5 as rx. Jn. H' ck .4 " ' xx, jfs, Y H?'4 is 5 -rl' xx C , 'j' ' xvx A -:Jn f' af .. ' 'K' -. . -, L. -'v.M.1 .f,,.-4 -f' -f.f, 1. '- . A' .fg ,J .1-Raza" ,Q- . .ARL w,,X gl ., .. .-xg-vp .V ,x , ' FFQ 3 fn, if-: QU xi ' g ' "Q'.l-.- .,g, v - QA- ' 1 31- ,'.f+, . -f 4 Q ' v , f 4- 'Q - ' W v- f, N. .. 4 'fits ' :wi f-".1 -v"' ffr, 14f:w.,Af,, H,?.-T-1, - ' ' .if . f 'ml 'V Y- Nfxq ,, ,g. , s 5 1:1 1 mv- f.. G", -'JH' E ,,,..., W -4 .- N, :-.+,- .rn xv :x3vE 2' Y . fazjff' ""x"'Ff A- , 5 ,L :'S?ip"v J o 1 Q. 'ri- government I 1 l i l l hr.. Lani' ,i 'sJ Xt" , ' "l ,,.,,,,yy'gnigh, ' ' V . kf.!Hff'wlf', 1 ' -we --fr--.gina-nd. --A 'ima 'ta a 13 'fl Wien! 1 sl. ' Q 'flM,..,c S me " img 4994-317' ' '51 mwggg Q me - lmuqf, lg Dale Corley-president Ted Jackson-vice president ,wma The Sludenl Governmenl Associalion is composed ol sludenis elecled by lhe sludenl body and senale represenla- lives from each class. Governing rules ol Jrhe associalion are provided by a conslilulion drawn up by lhe sludenls wiih approval ol Jrhe adminislralion. Wilhin ils realm ol financial supervision which allows 332,907 come all campus evenls including publicalion expendi- lures. 166 Reba Sloan Bob Embry-treasurer Senate, left to rxght Jonathan Morris Judson Jones Kathy Free Ellen Dossett Al Shumaker Bxll Murrah Tina Weeks Ruth man, Bob Bryan Bingham Graves .lam Stuart Joe Wmgard Wells Clarxssa Durrett Charlotte Brooks Danella Vmson ld. Q! 9 Joe Wingard, Bingham Graves, Charles Martin-parents' day. Bob Bryan-parliamentarian Y IA' David Graves-eleclions iud ni a governm ni Jim Stuart 168 Bingham Graves, Andy Collins, Bill Murrah- frosh orientation Tina Weeks, Ruth Wells, Charles Martin-h-day Wir ,Wal , Lee N. Allen-advisor Jonathan Morris-high school day 169 'T .f- F,,,,,. .Q CHARLES MARTIN, MARCIA HEARD Swim Class P,-mdf-nf NANCY ETHEREDGE Secretary c Treasurer - LORCY MCKINNEY GARY MARSHALI 0 Business Manager Vice-President I 170 I X 'HA' r . ' - 2 In il! ,L . L J X 2 1 1 .L..'.,, 1 I .-0T'. A ', ,1 A, , J . '. ,UQ H v 1 I.- L. 1 if TI.: 1 1 I 5 1- . .- W , 4 ,! 4 1 I I I J .. ,,,J.,,l,W,,,,,XL,,,- -A 1 fa rf"-1 r- y T"' -"M -'-- L -.,. 4. ,J T, -.l..YN,, .g,4,,l i 'Q' W "Q """'5"w-in- ' v,....,M-.5.-.JY,,.I,L, 1 j Q" 'Xf"'a'A' v 1 - Q M g,W.,i .CTQJQ . s A -T ..,.L ,JT ,TL - bl., M, .....-....- ' 1 ..,.-...-- J... I 5 W 'VA .I . 1 ' 7 mmf 1 ,, ,, ,,. my -145. 4.1 W, ,,,. . Q H-, os'-ra, . I., ..,. -N. ' -v--Qwwu-' v- v mm, ., if . ,1, :ww , iw . A, vw.: ,M N... ,.,. 1 , ' .-.. T. .,- .... ' ' H " .,,. ,,,. ., ml' ' W V 1. . .I . ,.g..l ,s- -gl .-A..,.,.,.. X X. - I , Ir . f : ' . Q wx - f r-A '- W ui- rf' 1-T - . 4 fu r Y 1 I P k ' , .W-H 4, 4X 1' ' - 4- I f 7 . 11 ' Q ' ' ' iff... f Wx ' . 1 Q ' ,. Q - - . .' tv' ' .f I ,",Qg, A N nuutvlu- . 5 F ,K X ' Ant, :W N di. 4 F ' LQ " i 1- 5" 1. 5og?93'1.N- K F in .4 :1Bsm,,-'ug ., . ' . 5 Z V' V 'mfr' P'bxC?'T", -, D ,A L: J A uw. A W. v K' - 'fn N .L .A ' -1.5 but .sq if--NJ' 'qi as 5 Ifutqanf . icuii P 'T' " I lf gg " Cl 'M' U f va 1 I , .. - 4 Ib in ibu- ma L , , Ilan! ..,. -s L-fl .Bl w 1 +4 N' Il , 1 First row: Merlyn Dykes, Pat Forbus, Kathy Freeman, Ann Franklin, Monty White. Second row: Marie Sentell, Ann Gojf, Mary Epperson, Janice Goodlet, Linda Rhodes. Third row: Linda Lee Bolen, Virginia Anderson, Harriett Gibbs, Ellen Corlew, Marilyn Beasley, Harriett Bruner. Fourth row: Bonnie Beauchamp, Phyllis Drummond, Emily Cantrell, Anita Pritchett. Women's Dorm Council and lv1en's Dorm Council serve as llme governing bodies on dorm liie. Oulslanding sludenls are se- lecled annually lo enforce ine codes designed lor ilie dorms and lo encourage a spirii ol harmonious living among ilwe resi- denl sludenis. Serving as presideni ol The women's council is Kailiy Freeman wlmile Jonallwan Morris acls as lmead residenl counselor lor llwe men. First row: Peggy White, Reba Sloan, Patsy Solley, Harriett Bruner, Ellen Dossett. Second row: Pat Forbus, Lauren Holcomb, Kay Davis, Kathy Freeman, Harriett Dixon, Ann Franklin, Jane West, Nancy Etheredge. Third row: Linda Phillips, Judy Carter, Ruth Wells, Eve Merle Sellers, Evelyn Collier. 3-W. - Associaled Women Slu- denls serves as a unifying agenl ol sell-governmenl composed ol all women organizalion presidenls on campus. The group slrives lo insiill in women sludenis an awareness ol llweir leaderslwip polenlial. Presidenl ol ilwe associa- lion is Reba Sloan. sd- l l l i r I l l l l i l l l l l l I I r l l l l i l I l l E l E 71255 can , .M-MK First row: Jonathan Morris, Billy Austin, Tony Dollar, Fred Lowrey, Marshall Weldy, Richard Queen, David Beasley, Teddy Jackson, Theron Guthrie, Rick Carroll. Second row: Billy Bishop Bob Embry, Tommy Sorrells, Jim Busby, David Graves, Mike Fink, Bob Szizh, Tommy Underhill Don Robison. m n' dorm nun il The Publicaiions Board acls as an advisory and regulaiory panel lor eslablislwing finances and slandards for publicalions released under siudenl edilors. Composed of lacully officials and sludenls, ine board screens' applicanis eacli spring for ilwe lop posiiions on ine sludenl publicalions. The ediiors and business managers oi Jrlwe Enlre Nous, ine Crimson, llme Bullpup and Pensez serve as sludenl commillee members. Members are Sylvia Wliillow, Bob Redus, James Pearson, Ed Graves, Ed- die Lyons, Joe Winqard, Ann Salier, Diclc Conville, Marilia Myers. Facully officials are Dr. William S. Baxler, liead, F. Wil- bur l-lelmbold, Dr. Arilwur L. Walker. Q QI board -nf-I" 173 SYLVIA WHITLOW-edit ii,-'ifgqg ., an r.fQMfq Y 'wwf sb ,,.sj'w I Somebody grabbed a figer by fhe fail lasf fall and dragged fhe overworked and under- paid yearbook sfaff info spring-wifh a finished book. We fhink we know who fhe guilfy parfy is! Conseguenfly, despife fhe loffy ideals implied in fhe fhoughf "among us", fhe sfaff voices one commenf-af fhis poinf who gives a - hoof? This is parf of fhe feeling, buf . . . of course you can'f please everyone . . . buf you ar-r-re fhe edifor . . .if fhaf's for me l'm nof in...bring us some food . . . hear ye, hear ye, we need an office ...could be a iinx . . . iusf drilling for film . .. fasfen your safefy belfs, here comes fhe loving man . . . hey, guif fhrowing fhose pea- nufs . . . whaf's a Snooky? . . . buf we are on schedule . . . she always sifs on fhe desk . . . no fime fo sfudy . . . a fypewrifer wifhouf leffers-you've gof fo be kidding Tuscaloosa? . . .fhis is supposed fo be a sfaff meefing . . . locked in . . . Leroy . . . locked ouf . . . sfill no fime fo sfudy ., . . if you haven'f fried if, don'f knock if . . . fhe man wifh fhe Midas fouch . . . maybe fhey'll see whaf fhis place is really like . . . renumber fhe pages . . . gef fhe prinfer on fhe phone-quick . . . frafernifyfavorife ...grain rubs us fhe wrong way.. . Alabama's mosf noforious ioke feller . . . sheer perfecfion . . . whaf smoke? . . . don'f sfep on fhe picfures . .. cuf class again're supposed fo be in grad school... I could iusf corrode . . . whaf's fhe excuse fhis fime? . . . yipesl he's here again . . . fhe shorf, sharp iournalisf . . . spring holidays- wowl . . . l-lenry's had if. . . .. entre nous wil SHARON BERRY assistant edxtor BOB REDUS-advertising manager JAMES PEARSON-business manager 175 TIM OLIVE-photography F Q- "rf PEGGY POLLOCK government 4 I ll K V 'X If . "9-.. ROSIE MAYNOR LAURA CLARK staff SAUNDRA LEWIS pageant hostess -gf? SAM ROBINO .1 MARILYN ESPY activities LEW CANTOR index editor Ianf editor ,X 1 is-.ii DAVE BARNHILL -4 ions...-- .- L BETH KENNARD I PETE MCCARN an editor circulation manager 177 public relations I f . gelgf. J' Q I .. IQ gi , 1? S v 'F ,lf Ed Graves-editor 49' ,uf ,rf-1-L 2? - ' Jr? I' I III 0 II Andy Collins-assistant editor James Pearson-advertising manager Jam' H'c'st-rnanaging cditor - I , fx P N " T 178 . 1' Y 5,-7 gf P-s. .,,,, in -r '- , , ik., ' .mn A H--, 'X-s. , . 1 v, Doug Evans-sports writer The Crimson voice ol lhe sludenls whelher whim- pering or roaring echoed lhraugh ils lillielh year ol exislence. Guided by a masculine hand lor lhe lirsl lime in live years, il prospered on a slriclly regulaled budgel and an abundance ol by-lines. Borrowed opinions ligured largely on lhe guesl edilorial page. Slall members: Dale Vinson, Jim Elhredge, Roger l-lollis, Belly Broolcs, Rulh Size- more, Marlhanne Burgess, Carolyn Beally, Frances Rollins, Ann Saller, Sylvia Whillow, Dianne While- head, Carol Reece, Tim Robinson, Jaclc Schilleci, Emily Golsan. James Penninglon, Sharon McCal- lum, Laurie Skellon. Edd Ly Meg Gross-greek editor 179 Joe Wingard--editor l l . . A nn Salter-business manager As The official sludenl direclory ol Jrlwe college, The Bull Pup operales on an early lall delivery sclmedule. Alllwouglm a change in prinling mellwods crealed a delay in Hs arrival, flue direclory salislied llwe sludenl needs ol compleleness and accuracy. bull pup Staff members: Ann Norris, Diane Walker, Meg Gross, Orbie Berlhon, Kay Harvey, Marcia Isbell, Carolyn Humphrey, Nancy Medders, Pat Harris, Marilyn Thompson, Sylvia Smith, Carol DeMoss, Jean Anderson, Nancy Gregory. I fm. . ' " PSN- ,. .',fi.1,Q'B-we A if ar Ci? 'v-I ,',,..4e"' Left to right: Dick Conville-co-editor, Becky Bates, Soon-Ok Lee, Louise Bar bour, Martha Myers-co-editor. pe se THINK! Tha+'s Hue requesr ine edilrors oi Hue liierary magazine, Pensez, make of slrudenis. Fea- Jrured in Uwe magazine are iaciual and iiciional liferary eiioris as well as Hfiose in Hwe aris media. In Hs second year of exisfence, Pensez is pre- pared as a lei-annual publicarion. 181 who' who in american eulleges and universities 4 l L, .7-B . l.w"' B Eff if A B Susan Bennett panhellenic president Laurie Brown a capella choir Bill Bishop senior counselor Buttons Clark alpha delta pi president 182 I X 1 Carole Cook phi mu president Dick Conville o.d.k. president H41 Dale Corley sga president COHIH7 Tony Dollar senior counselor Ed Donahoo varsity football S' Q1 f yn. Joyce Cox male chorus sweetheart 1 XM 1 Q-.1-A rg . 'XX Hb Bob Embry sga treasurer I 1 Ann Franklin semor senator Nancy Etheredge miss howard EVERY DAY for your ' ,bfpkjf an-4 JA, ,V . 1, , '-f4.A- L 1 .als Mike Fink b.s.u. president fh I 4. 53 A 184 Kathy Freeman dorm council president Mona Hurlbert dramatics Ed Graves crimson editor Wkvle p Marcia Hearn friendliest girl '62 Q- Charles Langston trident president E E s e Q-'J' QUE 7 14" nf fi W 5-412:13 5 - I ' ....,-..... wg, -..ii Wffw- ., , ,i .......... ..- ..,. ,E 13-........ , Q wa.- .....LLBil .1 . V .P-M .v. W- 5 E i , x ! i i x -...V ...Q --Q, 'e 1g,f' 2 : " '5 fQ ?W ,1avi4f ZfQ, f qvf Irene McCombs 1 . 6. 1! ' 'zjvif -5 X ' Lf. bf- f . . ' pf: , fs' X ph: chi theta Hx w!f.'-' ' I F 3' ff3 . 1f'.h-t 'Gi' lffi d- ' SKY- '- Rex Keeling varsity football 185 7 ' 1 wsegtt,-a,, 'Q' ' Uk - -X , .- lt- .- .za 1- 3153 ':fl:':J.r"- FL. A .4 1. ,, ,3'.+f1. 4, , 3, ,,,g.-'qidit -f- ef P Q. n".-fa-My Sv' . ' u X Brenda Maynor student dean '63 Melba Middleton panhellenic president '64 ,,-.-...., 4'- Q Paul Miller football manager onathan Morris 1' J head resident counselor 1, In -1 ...IK X li 1 X X Patti Reymond honor student 186 D 'S Jenny Pair poet 5156 U. ff! .m r ' r Dannie Robinson delta zeta president '63 Reba Sloan sga secretary Sylvia Whidow entre nous editor ,4-'. . I Ga rs 13- s 5. Skip Wilson sigma nu commander Danella Vinson homecoming queen an-. x v 'C If I--who 4. 1 ' 1 hit L Dr. Leslie S. Wrighi' president howard college 5117 Pg .J wa. ,yi U 1 Q . 1 'X I ,. .. , . f"'f1111..-QZQ ,.l:......,.. . .Am ---W , , ......,.L, , . .. ,-,....f 4 ,, V , I! 51 i L x 1 L I N if l psi Dr. John A. Fincher dean of the college Harwell G. Davis chancellor 5, Margarei' D. Sizemore dean of women ,lnqgx 190 Bill E. Lunceford director of student personnel services James A. Clarke registrar riff? 3 .- , fi! 1.11:-, L 5' Ti 1 V . 1' Ii- 1 " , " . Q. 2 , V M-My N - A ,. t W' W. ,W H. Lincly Marfin director of auxiliary services Gilberi L. Guffin dean of religion .ug 5 .1 Q '5 SZ' H152 'l 1' F. Wilbur Helmbold librarian w Ben J. Connell director of religious activities fr w 1 2 W QQ W l E K I I K I 41 xml? .- .....--sa-'-' ' 11.-L-...Q J. Jerry Wood purchasing agent Michael Whi+e auditor H. Evan Zeiger Business manager director of alumni aff Russell R. Donaldson airs 2 aa- 922 4 Q George H. Smrlh director of public relations Men Trom all walks oT liTe gaTher in The Board oT TrusTees To Torm The governing body in esTab- lishing The dicTaTes oT The col- lege. AT The SouThern BapTisT ConvenTion in Mobile lasT Tall, Mrs. Clarence E. Rice oT Birmingham and ArThur M. Mead oT MonTgomery were elecTed To Till vacancies on The board. l 1 T 44... 1 l l is f J. W. Avery hunts-ville board 1 s X 5 . F. P. R. B. Samford Anderson chairman andalusia birmingham f A H. H. C. W. Grooms Gross birmingham tuscaloosa I 1 .,,. Q I. 1 - LN W ' .2 - f L. F. G. Jeffers Ketchum birmingham iackson J. O. J. C. Ogle Pittman birmingham birmingham ti' . Q F F. Hardy selma wfv ' EK, 2' x' l R. E. Lambert darlington 7 Y ,,f. T. D. Russell alexander city rea.. G 2.1-Q , L. E. Bashinshy birmingham x YQ H R 6 J. D. Heacoclz birmingham , ilk 9 be '.,f' ' J. J. Milford huntsville 'I 1 px . F ' A H. W. Seever mobile S J. C. S tivender gadsden 3. H O W. A. Berry birmingham N.. L' P. A. Eubank birmingham x... J. A. Head birmingham 'W D. M. Nelson birmingham L. H. Sessions enterprise "i Ia 'Q'- ...I- J. T. Upchurch montgomery 195 f W' ,-rp. H. Brindley cullman 1 r -.,.x E959- if-F i' A. Briscoe decatur '95 L -12.9- in ' H-at ,C'. ' x M. J. Brooks bessemer J. H. W. C. J. W. Felton Gardner Gay russellville jasper scottsboro Fifi? 4 1 ,' ' fr f P' S' - A ,, A ' ' 4 -9. 3 Q ,. , Q 'bf f bi ' A J. C. J. T. L. Inzer Jackson Jackson gadsden dothan birmingham of fi Y R. Norman ft. deposit I 14. H S. A. D. F. Sheffeld Smith Stakcly greensboro monroeville montgomery R. S. G. O. Ward Welch Williams hartford talladega greenville 0 if 'QQ l-loward loves ils alumni and ils alumni evidenlly love l-loward. They musl. They come back every year lo see each olher al The Candlelighl dinner and al homecoming lo see how The currenl crop ol sludenls is developing. And lhey also beslow gills in increasing amounls. Hlllliilli 196 " QN FK' , James C Thompson Wayne Atchxson G. Nuceleus oi l"loward's educalional program is Jrhe Bilole. The division requires oi each siu- deni a course in The ieachings and develop- rneni of boih ihe old and new iesiamenis. Addiiional courses delve inio more com- plex aspecis oi ihe- ological quesiions for Jrhose preparing for Jrhe minisiry. gl il. B g Wi ' ix li?" if 'iff- Vernon G. Davidson chairman, phd, southern baptist theological seminary 1' t X William M. Lunceford V thd, southern baptist theological seminary 'H 'fb gf ul-,,,,...f 'x ,fir K Q' 9 N- '-5 an Tl mfr 'if' Wg fi " ' f 11355 ' - .":: LW .' ' ' LW 'ry . s 47, ",- ,. "Pu 'L-eil' . ' .1-".'-.fs ,, -3-.Q . V "Z, s nf' 1, , ,351 Jig- 1944 ' Sugurcl F. Bryan thd, southern baptist theological seminary Arfhur L. Walker thid, new orleans baptist the- ological seminary religious eclu ation l 198 chairman d b a um-versity of indiana hll ilI2SS 1 1 1l Pyramids of ligures, unending lines oi ledger slweels. +l'ie cornplexilies of labor unions-Jrliese are llwe elemenls found in ine BA division. Wliile llie rnain obieciive oi BA is io provide a basic educalion for posilions in corn- rneroe and induslry, ernplwasis is also placed on liberal arls opporiunilies. Sludenls are allowed a degree ol specializalion in selecling a rnaior due Jro llwe business requirernenls in Jrlie worlcing world. .'7" ' ,:. N 4855 First row: Dr. I.. T. Reeves, ph.d., northwestern, Mrs. Wynelle Jacks, m.a., university of alabama: Charles W. Langdon, m.s., university of alabama. Second row: Fred N. Hendon, m.s., university of alabama, Dr. Melvin W. Smith, ph.d., ohio state, Paul J. Schatz, ll.lJ., jones law school, J. Ray Allen, m.s., harvard. 9? IIA Hul-Cee Acion phd, university of wisconsin QI Q L '54 Ausfin C. Dobbins chairman, phd, university of north carolina NTVER SEE ,A ITAI 'V QONAO Wheeler Hawley phd, sorbonne The iruils of ioreign language are numerous-anollner way of Jrliinking, a new lierilage, knowl- edge oi dislanl counlries, a wider scope ol views. Firsl year sludenls are required, and olli- ers encouraged lo parlicipale in flue language lab program designed for sludies in French, German, and Spanish. Grace E. Weeks, ma, university of north carolinag G. Robert Behrendt, mm, manhattan school of music: Helen Jackson, ma, university of alabama. wo f- , two 3 As Tamiliar as yesTerday bul' newer Than Tomor- row, liTeraTure exisTs Tor all sTudenTs. Freshmen and sophomore courses are ouTlined To creaTe an awareness oT correcT Techniques in TacTual and TicTional wriTing and The selecTion oT reading maT- Ter. Advanced courses are designed To Teach sTudenTs The uses oi lan- guage and liTeraTure as a skill as well as an arT. G Allan Yeomans ma louisiana state university Harold L. Huni' ma university of alabama Marcus L. Ambresfer university of pennsylvania Y ' v' 4 cl .1 Y CZ so .3 ig -,..- ,,,,.,.--"' 'i Left to right: Joseph L. King, phd, columbia, Myrtis T. Kurg, phd, university of north carolina, Larry R. Hawkins, ma, northwestern, Frances W. Hill, ma, birming ham southern, A. Wayne Deloach, ma, university of alabama, Austin C. Dobbins phd, university of north crolinag Frances W. Owens, ma, university of alabama Merritt E. Whitman, Polly J. Powell, ma, baylorg Samuel I. Mitchell, ma, university of texas, Barbara H. Merck, ma, stetson. - 1 dramah Teaching The essenTials oT dra- ma and speech in boTh a scien- Tiiic and an arTisTic vein is The obiecTive oT The speech deparT- menT. PracTical Training devices and culTural boons To The cam- pus come Trom exTracurricula acTiviTies oTTered by The de- parTmenT. Included in The acTiviTies are maior dramaTic producTions and workshop plays, inTercollegiaTe deloaTes and sponsorship oT high school TournamenTs. Q 5 fa nf: xfi A I ng Charles D. Hand ma, university of alabama Elberf M. Norlon ma, peabody X if 47 Ja Lewis E. Arnold bs, auburn university John F. Shoemaker iournali m Srudies in The Jreclmnigues, lwisrory and praclical aspecls oi iournalism as a profession prepares llwe sludenl major or minor willw a working knowledge oi Hue wrillen word. A-are l fi so I Raymond L. Guffin mea, university of georgia Courses in llwe fine arls seek ro promore an appreciarion of llwe visual arls and +o provide specialized insrruc- lion in sludio work lor careerisrs. Works execured by bolli sludenls and facul- ry members are periodical- ly placed in lhe gallery for campus viewing. William S. Baxler phd, state university of iowa x If ,A ff: ll ,as if Newion D. Sfrandberg dmus, northwestern university - 4 George W. Koslri chairman, edd, columbia university A iour-fold purpose molivales lhe division oi music: lo prepare Jralenled sludenls lor careers as professional musicians and lor advanced sludyp lo prepare sludenls lo leach: lo prepare sludenls in The sludy ol sacred music: lo creale an awareness and underslanding ol ils enrichmenl lor Jrhose who choose il as an avocalion. Membership is held by The division in lhe Nalional Asso- cialion oi Schools oi lvlusic and approval is given il by lhe Slale Deparlmenl ol Edu- calion. , ert H. Dean, mm, university of rochesterg James M Bolender, cinn. conservatory of music, Betty Sue Shepherd, mm, alabama, Kathleen S. Martinson, mm, northwestern, Witold W. Turkie- Left to right: Steve Nelson, mm, baylorg Eleanor O. Ousley, mm zvicz, ma, columbiag Anna J. Bolenderg Raymond M. Gotlzog Rob Ronald A. Worstell, mm, illinois, Arlene Phillips, mm, university of michigang Floyd D. McCoy, mem, southwestern baptist seminary 'ffzsz Z if 'V ig Y pwnwwr v-M., -Q. an -. NI I 8419! H ' f Herberl' A. 'McCullough Q fairy chairman, ph.d., university of pittsburg .. - il 1 I I0 og The sirudy oi human life from Hs concepiion io rnaiure siruclrure is pursued in varying de- grees by siudenis meeiing reguirernenis and preparing for medical and graduaie siudy. Praciical lap invesiigaiions serve io illusiraie areas of research and siudy. Dr. William W. Miller, ph.d., auburng Dr. James L. Dobie, ph.d., tulaneg John R. Plymale, m.s., university o f alabamag Miss C. Lynn Raulerson, m.s., emory university. pivqfrq - is phyg gg ss Q . ev Q "" X P ' Ji An. 1 An age oi space, energy and rno- 1 hi ' hon creaies new demands on ihe deparlrmeni of physics. Faciliiies of a new eiecironic laboralrory provides a ioundaiion for Jrhe ac- celeraied pace of Jrhe field. left to right: Bemis O. Hannah, m.s., florida stateg Edvard L. Robinson, ph.d., perdueg Charles W. Matthews, m.a., kansas state. 204 Letitia Yeager, ms, university of louisvilleg Joe F. Faulkner, ma, louisiana state universityg Wade Norton, Anita Howard, med, auburng Walter S. Bishop, ms, university of arkansas. ln flue exacf science dic- fafed by formulas, sfudenfs are urged fo acquire flue abilify fo use flie language of maflwemafics effecfively Q including flfie abilify fo wrife 1 and spealc ideas involving mafliemafical ferms. R gi, chemi try uric E. Wheeler phd, university of kentucky Lefl' +o righfz Anna Johnson, phd, duke: James H. Langsfon, phd, universify of William D. Peeples norfh carolina: Roberf W. Pilcher, phd, universify of missourig Ben B. Chasiain, phd, university of georgia ma, columbia. Group 1 ,gc,,c.g,W , as as ,M lla ze aqui s Ibl2b!3a 4a So be 7' Y, ZQQQQ Providing loasic knowledge in flue fields of clfiemisfry fo flwe levels speci- fied in fhe curricula of sfudenfs pre- paring for professional careers defines flwe primary purpose of flue deparf- menf. Through a sysfem of sfudenf assisfanfslmips a confinuing efforf is made fo encourage sfudenfs in flue disciplines of graduafe sfudy. i Q! James E. Sherman chairman, am, university of alabama Ul Narional significance resrs on lhe division's program of idenlifying and developing physical needs of rhe body. Due consider- alion is given individual capacilies, infer- 4? - esls and needs in plannings each s+uden+'s Q program. Specific obieclivesv exisr in 'rhe program oi each oi lhe seven areas of in- slrucrion: Jrhe required physical educalion I program: The adapled program: rhe pro- fessional programg lhe inlramural pro- gram: lhe inlercollegiale alhlelic program: lhe exrension program: lhe correclive lherapy program. 1l - cl i' ii' l vg- ra .r 5 f Avalee Willoughby ms, university of florida Left to right, first row: Mona Washburn, bs, howard: Lee Brewer, bs, howard. Second row: J. T. Haywood, ms, peabodyg Herman I.. Scott, bs, troy stateg Virgil C. Ledbetter, m.ed, birmingham southern. 206 W Gladys Moncus ms, columbia university Doroihy Funderburlre ms, university of alabama teacher I. 'Frecl Simmons phd, george peabody college .Fife-' 2 ,r YI 9 Alio L. Garner chairman, edd, university of kentucky The division sfrives fo provide ex- periences and environmen-fal con- difions which will aid each sfudenf in developing a professional affi- fude. A necessify fo expand experi- ence opporfunifies has increased fhe original half-day sfudenf feach- ing program fo an all day one. The division worlcs wifh ofher deparf- menfs in offering -specializafion in fields of feaching. 1 Il Left to right: S. Nathan Scott. phd. university of alabamag Frances Carter, edd Monnie T. Cheves, ma, louisiana stateg John T. Carter, edd, university of illinoisg university of illinois. ' , . 'AQ' r A pf ' ri 59'- f' . G9 Woodrow R. Byrum chairman, phd, ohio stale 'im .Qi fi. .aw-' ' i is --sw ng,-'Wu 0 1" I pharmacy Wilh division accredilalion from Jrhe American Council on Pharmaceaulical Educalion, phar- macy maiors receive a professional educalion in subiecis relaling lo Jrhe praclice of phar- macy. Nalional requiremenl for lhe 3.5. in pharmacy was eslablished in I96O as five years. To assisl sludenls in gaining praciical knowledge while compleling Jrheir sludies, Jrhe division mainlains a modern college dispensary which maiors operale. ,A"?'fs.x Left to right: John E. Wintter, phd, university of florida: Stanley V. Susina, phd, illinois, Harry C. Shirkey, md, university of cincinnati. 208 Jean M. Dunbar phd, northwestern social Eliorl is made by ine division lo draw from ine experiences ol manlcind an awareness ol liislorical, sociological and economic perspeclive wlwiclw will enable llwe siudenl lo cope more elieclively willm +l'1e problems ol llie world. Left to right: Lee N. Allen, phd, university of pennsylvaniag David M Vess, ma, vanderbiltg William C. Nichols, edd, columbiag Frances D Hamiltong Hugh C. Bailey, phd, university of alabamag Mary M Washington, ma, duke. 209 George V. Irons chairman, phd, duke university i fy i' In i " -':. ' A by ' i Y ef-wffu is is A. -as , xiii ff s . fx 2 5 ll f . 4 ,. y r 'ui Ac ' li 9 3 , 9 'ii 5 3 X was i i i 5 V o, 4, 'V Harry E. Diclrenson phd, george peabody w.II. P D I :iam . ao phd, duke If fi I, is . X Y Q ' Q U 2 ik Q umberland iff? gffifif? W QQ 0.1. Arlhur A. Weeks dean of the school of law Since lhe move ol Cumberland School ol Law lrom Lebanon, Tennessee, lo l-loward College in I96l, il has grown sleadily in ils obieclive ol lraining compelenl lawyers. ll isblhe inlenl ol lhe school lo expound a philosophy ol law lo lhe slu- denl which will recognize lhal all human law is valid and enduring only lo lhe exlenl lhal il is in accord wilh lhe principles ol God, which some reler lo as nalural law. 211 dvisor board Left to right: Judge John B. Scott, secretary, alabama state bar association, mont- gomeryg Major Harwell G. Davis, chancellor, howard college, birmingham, Judge J. Edgar Boivron, circuit judge, tenth judicial circuit of alabama, birmingham, Richard J. Stockham, president stockham valves and fittings, birmingham, Lee C. Bradley, Jr., attorney, white, bradley, arant, all and rose, birmingham, Frank P. Samford, Jr., president, liberty national life insurance company, birmingham, Frank P. Samford, Sr., chairman of the board, liberty national life insurance com- pany, birmingham, Leslie S. Wright, president, howard college, birmingham: Frank E. Spain, attorney, spain, gillon and young, birmingham, Judge H. H. Grooms, united states district judge, birmingham. William D. Rollinson ll.b., harvard J. Russell McElroy Richard Wade lecturer lecturer - 5 "'---..Nm --uc, 1 NN-Ns r , ju 'if' faculi 52555 rising Walfer D. Sowa ll.b., duquesne university qua: 1483 Claude E. Banlres+er Cl-,rigs H, D055 U-b-, university of alabama m,5,l,5, ....""k Linda Kay McCrary b.s., howard .75 biker. Bernard B. Bailey j.d., university of chicago James L, Hughes. Jr. Frank W. Donaldson ll.b., university of virginia Il.b., university of alabama 'HQ The Sluclenl' Bar Associa- lion is The loundalion of The sludenl orqanlzalion lor Jrhe School ol Law. ll is composed ol officers elecled by lhe sluclenl body and represenlalives elecleol by lhe dillerenl classes. Hs purpose is +o losler and promole slu- clenl and school aclivi- Hes. Le I to rrght rs! row Charles Thompson Jerry Oglesby Buck Burns Rudy La Russa, John Kopelousos president Second row John De Carlo Carter McFerrrn Bob Bertram, Taylor Senior Roberl' Weaver John Higginbofham Jerry Reynolds .. .. Jim Sullivan ,,,,... John DeCarlo Roherl Berfram Carler McFerrin . . A . 4. 1. Q A ,-- gui ' n J, ' sion IW 1 gg" Igg'?!"" "M" Ili A-ig, -4-ox 1? ug.. vs 2.3 77 K? Bbq ,.,gqn-l X16 X Le t to right, ront row: Bobby Weaver, Mac McLeod, Chuck Irwin. Second row: John De- Carlo, Tom West, Phil Brown. Third row: .lim Sullivan, Jerry Reynolds, John Higginbotham, Charles Thompson, Earl Peyton. Fourth row: Jerry Oglesby, Tom Deus, Carter McFerrin, Robert Bertram, Nick Cervera. 'Class Junior 'Class , . . .presidenf vice-presidenl' , 4 ...,.. secrelary ,....+reasurer sba delegafes Mac McLeod Earl Peyion . Tommy Wesi ,.., Niclc Cervera Red Wilkins Charles Thompson ...president vice-presidenf .. secrelary ..., ,ireasurer sba delegafes Freshman Class Chuck Irwin ..., ,..... p resudenf Tom Deas . . . , .vice-presldenf Phil Brown . Msecrelary-'lreasurer Jerry Oglesby .. , .,..., sba delegale legal fratermtles delta IE eta p th "The obiecT oT This organizaTion shall be To uniTe TraTernally congenial sTudenTs oT The law, To lead Them and Their Tellow sTudenTs To high scholarship and legal learning, To surround Them wiTh an environ- menT such ThaT The TradiTions oT The law and oT The proTession may descend upon Them, To promoTe iusTice, To inspire respecT Tor The noblesT gualiTies oT manhood and To advance The inTersTs oT every school oT law wiTh which This l3raTerniTy shall be associaTed." -ArTicle l, Sec. 23 ConsTiTuTion oT The DelTa TheTa Phi Law FraTerniTy. OTTicers oT C5raTTon Green SenaTe oT DelTa TheTa Phi are l-larold Peclc, Dean: Vern Fernandez, Vice- Deang Charles lrwin, Clerlc oT Rolls: Joe Fischer, Clerk of The Exchequer. Members: Frank Bell, Joseph Fischer, Vern Fernandez, John Garren, John Higginbotham, Charles Irwin, Charles Leverett, Louis Mezranno, Harold Peck. Q' I Members: Bill Bedford John DeCarlo Jim Forsman Howard Henderson Jerry Herring Ralph Hornesby Bill Irons Jim Kierce Wallace Kinsaul John Marcus Mike Moebes Gerald Reynolds Carl Robinson Neil Shepherd Evan Veal "Red" Wilkins Jimmy Wilson 5 xx N I. Q0 , .acc 1 igm delta kapp Sigma Della Kappa law iralernilry was founded ar Jrhe Universily of Michigan in IQI4 and arrived al l-loward lhrough Jrhe Lebanon Jrransaclion. One oi Alabama's lead- ing legal organizalrions, ihe iralrernily claims among ils membership Governor George C. Wallace and Allorney General Richmond Flowers. The chapler is The sponsor ol 'rhe SDK Award lor Scholaslric Achievemenl lor Jrhe oui- slanding Cumberland freshman and oi Jrhe '64-'65 Souihern Conclave. Officers are Neil Shepherd, Chancellor: Jim Kierce, Vice-Chancellorg Bill Irons, Secrelraryg Jerry l-lerring, Treasurer. 217 Hifi? Cl' . ivy.. I ""' .W ' lllmi M i ,x.,, L il Qu -...aiu f-. I -2- , A -':"CIhnq 'CHQ' H-1., ,. lnnunq.2lhl ' Q-.M -.Qlagl L r B Left to right: Stuart Kocha, Bob Driggers, Lee Bruno, John Leake Robinson, Jack Shoemaker, W. O. Beauchamp, Donahoo, Charles Rikard, Tom Donahoo, Mrs. Memory Bevan, Jim Kearce, David Conrad, Hugh Caldwell. robinson legal colon Robinson Legal Colony will provide The iulure home for Phi Della Phi, lnlernalional Legal Pralernily. Pormalion of lhe organizalion was made al Cumber- land on Oclober 9, i964 by W. O. Beauchamp, Ken Bevan, Lee Bruno, l-lugh Caldwell, David Conrad, Bob Driggers, John Donahoo, Tom Donahoo, Jim Kearce, Sluarl Kocha, Tom Linder, Charles Rilcard and Jack Shoemaker. Nalional legal iralernilies recognize Phi Della Phi as one oi lhe largesl nalional legal iralernilies and as The oulslanding legal organizalion in lhe Soulheasl. The founding law sludenls have chosen lo name lheir chapler ailer Memory Lealce Robinson, oulslanding legal iigure and member of lhe iralernily. Officers are Tom Donahoo, Presidenlg Jaclc Shoemaker, Sec- relary. 218 Members: Ralph Armstrong Jerry Beck Robert Bertram Lloyd Briggs Phil Brown Billy Burney Joe Burns Nick Cervera Charles Cole Allen Cook Dale Corley Marion Deffenbaugh Fred Erben Brooks Glass William Green R. M. Guito David Hampe John Harrell Ed Hohn Jackie Isom Tom Jones Ed Kirst William Kominos John Kopelousos Bob Kracke Rudy LaRussa Joseph McDevitt Carter McFerrin Murphy McGehee H. M. McLeod Jack Monroe Kenneth Moore Bob Moorer Rand Newby J. C. Norton Jerry Oglesby Earl Peyton Mike Rainey Charles Robinson Mike Romeo Tommy Rountree Clairborne Seier Mike Simonetti Al Shumaker William Smith J. G. Speake James Sullivan William Swatek Richard Taylor Charles Thompson Robert Weaver Morgan Weeks Tom West Joe Wilson James Witcher Steve Wright KI: phi alph delta Phi Alpha Della slrives annually lo iullill ils lhree-iold obieclive ol service lo lhe law school, service lo The law sluolenl and serv- ice lo The law profession. Service conlribu- lions ol lhe iralernily have been rendered lhrough a showing ol "The Nuremberg Trials" and lhrough lhe siuclenl-assisled pub- lic clelender program. Fralernily proiecls have broughl lhe Corclell l-lull Chapler a plaque cilinq il as lhe besl chapler in lhe organizalion's lillh clislricl. Qllicers are Bob Kraclce, Jusliceg Charles Robinson, Vice- Juslriceg Charles Thompson, Clerlcp Nick Cervera, Treasurer: Fred Erben, Marshal. M, , ,..,. if 45 i .Q 1 38 ' . 0 , r 93 r A , . fix Q . , Q ,,,, V Q N' 1 PQ Q' 1 " .-an """"' -4-s gum., 'full' r ,', fi .7 J, at 31 I2 Q 1 7 ,'Q1'. Y, .. I,--v ,J Af: Bailey Donahoo. J. if fmrxi G-he-v 1 'FP "6 i A a 1 ,..-ni' . l W7 ro. i' IW Berlram Briggs Bruno Decarlo Donahoo, T. Filch Higginbolham Hoolrs Hornsby Kopelousos Kraclre V Love McFerrin Mobes Bailey, Sarah Ann lumacacori, arizona Berlram, Roberl L. iameslown, lcenluclcy: senior class sludenl bar represenlalive: phi alpha della, soulhern dislricl lirsl vice iuslice: pi lcappa alpha Briggs, Lloyd G. chahee, missouri Bruno, Lee E. douglas. arizona: phi della phi De'Carlo, John Paul birmingham, alabama Donahoo, John William. Jr. iaclrsonville, 'florida Donahoo, Thomas Milchell iaclrsonville, Florida: nalional mool courl leam: sigma alpha epsilon Filch, Mable Burns birmingham, alabama Higginbolham, John Ellioll florence, alabama: senior class vice-presidenl: freshman class vice-presidenl: della lhela phi Hoolrs, William Jr.. Jr. birmingham, alabama: sigma chi Hornsby, Ralph Wayne birmingham, alabama: sigma nu Kopelousos, John slarlie, florida: presidenl sludenl bar associalion: lreasurer sludenl bar associalion, '63-64: phi alpha della: nalional mool courl leam: who's who in american colleges and universilies Kraclce, Roberl Russell birmingham, alabama: vice-juslice and iuslice phi Alpha della: sigma alpha epsilon Love, Belly C. lalladega, alabama McFerrin, J. Carler birmingham, alabama: senior class sludenl bar represenlalive: phi alpha della Mobes, Waller Michael decalur, alabama Norlon. John C. selma, alabama: phi alpha della Reynolds, Horace Gerald alexander cily, alabama: senior class secrelary: iunior class presidenl: freshman class lreasurer: presidenl sigma della lrappa: nalional mool courl compelilion, omicron della lcappa: young democrals: sigma phi epsilon Robinson, Charles E. pell cily, alabama: vice-iuslice and lreasurer phi alpha della: 'Freshman class sludenl bar Spencer represenlalive: lrappa alpha order Sheier, Michael Slanley mounlainbroolc, alabama: lhela chi Shepherd, Roberl Wylie birmingham, alabama Shumalcer, Alberl L. iasper, alabama: sga represenlalive from law school: iunior class sludenl bar represenla- live, omicron della lxappa: phi alpha della r '- Spencer. Harold M. , newlon. indiana ' Sullivan, James Dennis ...a' mobile. alabama Swalelr, William Edward birmingham, alabama: phi alpha della Veal, David Evan SUlllV6f' birmingham, alabama: sigma nu Weaver, Roberl Wade birmingham, alabama: who's who in american colleges and universilies: freshman class presidenl: presidenl senior law class: mool courl compelilion: phi alpha della: varsily foolball: varsily baseball: vice-presidenl b.s.u.: sigma alpha della Wilson, Joseph Wheeler birmingham, alabama: phi alpha della: vice-presidenl sludenl bar associalion: lzappa sigma X 9 X 1 aw SBIIIUI' sm qs' Norlon Reynolds Robinson Veal Sheier Shepherd Shumalcer 4 5 , li 0 -4:3 1 an cr 1 WO' Cunnan' maflavl i Weaver Wilson 473' ' .J , 5. E" on' pq, .,.- Abrams, David Lee. Ohafchee. Fresh. Alberding, Gilberl E., Rock Falls, 3 Q' ' hgh., A 4+ 1 Ill., Fresh. ' 'ggi i as x 'A F Armsfronq, H. Thomas. Scoffs- Y boro, Fresh. Beauchamp, Woodrow O., Gaines- ville, Fla., Junior Beclc, Auguslus J.. B'ham., Fresh. Bedford, William W.. Hamilfon, 'G 725. Fresh. Bell, Franlc L., Pensacola, Fla., Junior Bevan, Kennelh V., Largo, Fla., Junior 1 0" underclass Burrus, Paul R., B'ham., Fresh. Caldwell, Hugh M., Tucson, Arizona Junior Campbell, Roberl C., Drexel Hill, Penn,, Fresh. Cervera, Nick J., Broolclyn, N.Y., Junior Cline, John S., Homewood, Fresh Cole, Charles D., Monroeville, Junior Conrad, David S., Blham., Junior Coclc, Allen F., Andalusia, Junior 222 ,dn Boone, Palriclc H., B'ham., Fresh. Brown, James N., B'ham., Fresh. Brown, Phillip J.. B'ham., Fresh. Burney, Billy C., Florence, Junior fs? W' 'A' 'ga 19 ,1l""' Q' he-'4' Corley. Phillip D.. Panama Cify, Fla. Junior Cromer, Andrew M., Unionlown Fresh. Darnall, Marcy B.. Florence. Fresh. Deas, Thomas A.. B'ham., Fresh Delaney. William R... Mobile, Fresh Demenl, Thomas H., B'ham., Fresh Driqqers, Roberr O., Dayiona, Fla. Junior Duqdale, Mary E., Philadelphia. Pa. Fresh. Elkins.,Clarence E.. Unionville, Tenn. Junior Erben. Frederick A., B'harn,, Junior Fernandez, Vernon W.. B'ham., Junior Fisher, Joseph H., Warringron, Fla., Junior Fallerra. Anrhony M., B'ham., Fresh. Flowers, Raymond R., Shreveport La., Fresh. Folmer. Joel M.. B'ham.. Fresh. Foisrman, James D., B'harn., Fresh. Sanus, Gerald A.. Gardendale. Fresh. Garren. John D., Gadsden, Junior Garrerf, George H., Kinqsporr, Tenn., Fresh. Geary, John P., Mobile, Fresh. Glenn, Joseph E., Elmore, Fresh. Gonas, John S., B'ham.. Fresh. Green, William L.. Hixson, Tenn., Junior Guemmei. AI M., Weslchcslci. Ill.. Fresh. 223 i i Guthrie, Theron A., Pensacola, Fla. Fresh. Haqerfy, Joseph T., B'ham., Fresh Harnpe, David E., B'ham., Junior Hardy. Clifford W., B'ham., Fresh. Harrell, John A., Enrerprise, Junior Henderson, Howard R., B'ham., Fresh. Henry, Herberf H., B'harn., Fresh. Herring, Jerry R., Headland, Junior Higgins, John M.. Clanron, Fresh. Hill, Tommy E., B'ham., Fresh. Hopkins, John L., Kossorh, Miss., Fresh. Huey, Charles H., Talladega, Fresh. Ingrurn. Charles M., Opelika, Fresh. Irwin, Charles V., Sarasora, Fla., Fresh. Isom, Charles E., B'harn., Fresh. Isom, Hewlerr C., B'ham., Fresh. Isom, Jackie O., Hodges, Junior Johnson, Forresr F., Sarasofa, Fla., Fresh. Jones, Thomas L., Homewood, Fresh. Kearce, James T., Tallahassee, Fla., Junior Kennedy, John D., Arab, Fresh. Kinsaul, Wallace B., Tuscaloosa, 'Junior Kirsr, Edward J., Lancasier, N.Y., Junior Kominos, William T., Ozark, Junior 224 LaRussa, Rudy G., Tampa, Fla., Junior Ledbeller, Ray L., B'ham., Fresh. Leverefl, Charles C., B'ham., Fresh. Lincoln, Curlis M., B'har'n., Fresh. Linder, Thomas M., Hawkinsville, Ga., Junior Lowe, John W.. B'ham., Fresh. Marcus, John H., Clanfon, Fresh. Marlin, Wayne W., B'ham., Fresh. Malfhews, Charles W., B'ham., Fresh. Mccorlcle, Thomas J.. Jaclcscnville, Fla.. Fresh. McDevi'rl, Joseph E., Allanla, Ga., Junior McGahee, Roberl M., Monlevallo, Junior 1 'v 'ON ' Y? . fa, fun:- l Y .tie ,fav-. ,1 , ,fs Q., Q2 , -fa- P9 'S underclass Mclfeehan, Emby A.. Corbin, Ky., Fresh. McLeod. Henry M., Mobile. Junior McNuliy, William P.. B'ham., Fresh. Menzrano, Louis A., B'ham., Fresh. Monroe, Jack W., B'ham., Junior Monlgomery, John l-l., B'ham., Fresh. Moore, Leonard K., Homewood, Junior Nellles, William M., Arlinqlon, Fresh. 225 l. Q, 'G' wa-G' "3 1 s iw-'X ,,,...f T N! no-"" underclass ,Q gg GJ' Ncwbv, Rand W., B'ham., Fresh. Oqlesby. Jerry B., B'ham., Fresh. Palvqhi. Joseph P., Mobile, Junior Peyfon, Earl R., B'ham.. Junior Poynler, Ray, Vanceburq, Ky., Fresh Rainey, Prenliss, B'ham., Junior Rikard, Charles F., Winrer Haven, Fla., Fresh. Roberls. Larry B., rl-larlselle, Fresh. Robino, Sam T.. B'ham., Fresh. Robinson, Roberl G., Lawrenceville, Ga., Fresh. Rogers, David P., B'ham., Fresh. Rofqers, Roberl M., Morris, Fresh. Romeo, Michael J., B'ham., Junior Rounlree, Thomas l... B'ham., Junior Schellcer, Pefer J., Larchmonl, N.Y., Fresh. Seale, John F., Monlqomery, Fresh. were-, 'Yi -.ix Seier, Claiborne P., Bessemer, Junior Shaver, Charles E., ll-lunlsville, Fresh. Shepherd, Cornelious A., B'ham.. Junior Shoemaker, John F., Tallahassee Fla., Junior Slofniclc, Melvin C., B'harn., Fresh. Smirh, Charles R., Hunrsville, Fresh. Smirh, Claude R., B'ham., Fresh. Smifh, William W., B'ham., Junior Sfapp, Alberr B., B'ham., Fresh. Srephens, Florence R., B'ham., Fresh. Sfrand, Allred B., Danclridge, Tenn., Fresh. Suils, Willard J.. l-lamilron, Junior Sundoclc, Michael A., B'ham., Fresh. Taylor, Richard L., B'ham., Junior Tompkins, N. Pride, Tuscumbia, Fresh. Thompson, Charles B., B'ham., Junior Tongue, Roberr W., Fr. Walron Beach, Fla., Junior Walden, Garewoocl A., Monrqomery, Junior Weelcs, Harold M.. Scofrsboro. Junior Wesf, Thomas M.. B'ham., Junior Willcins, Taylor D., Bay Minerie, Junior Williams, Alberf D., B'ham., Fresh, Williams, Gary P., Grace, Idaho, Junior Wilson. James A., Haleyville, Fresh. Winkel, Bill M., B'ham., Fresh. Wircher, James S.. B'ham., Junior Woodin, James E., Tucson, Arizona, Junior Wrighr, L. Srephen, B'ham., Junior 227 333 'WHO' r ..,. mf! classes X i.,L S. Q' x uw- xs ox Q 1. ,- ix ' ' V' ' 1 L , if ie. i' 11. ,avi 5 'K , :":1:'f,4 A MIK' tr' KKK if J, A 1 , , 2 X Hifi arf.,- ei. r ,gl is is . 7Qx l . I 'L Abercrombie Allen Anderson Arnold Arwood Aushn Abercrombie, Alberr Hunfer: birmingham: business adminisfrafion' h-club, fennis 'leam Allen, Roberi Eugene: birmingham: general business: lambda chi alpha baseball Anderson, James Richard: alioona: pharmacy: american pharmaceu- fical associa+ion Arnold, Jimmy Jasper: birmingham: pharmacy: american pharmaceu- 'lical associaiion. rho chi, orbis scienfarium socieiy Arwood, Gwendolyn Joan: avondale, georgia: music: bsu choir, m.e.n.c. Ausfin, William Harris: monigomery: religion: apo, minis+erial asso- ciafion. men's residence counselor Axiell, James Thomas: birmingham: pharmacy: kappa psi Balcer, John Howard: birmingham: general business managemen+ Barbour, Louise M.: decafur. georgia: arf: ze+a 'I'au alpha, lcappa pi, spanish club, y.w.a., women's chris+ian vocaiion associa+ion, b.s.u. Baison, Bef+y Besi: birmingham: general science Bearden,Margarei' Jane: birmingham: biology Beaucham , Bonn Gale: americus, eor ia: secrefarial science: P Y. 9 y.w.a., b.s.u., mission band, young republicans club Axiell Balmer Barbour Ba+son Bearden Beauchamp 1:57 P 0 5 'elf Q-"' Beerman Belcher Benne++, J. Benne'H, J Benson Bevill Bishop, E. Bishop, W Beerman, Davis Carlyle: lalceland, florida: physical educaiion: pi kappa alpha, h-club, physical educaiion maiors club, +ennis ieam Belcher, Jan: cenierville: music: della omicron, ladies chorus Benneif, Jane: bessemer: music: delia omicron, m.e.n.c., s.n.e.a. BenneH', John: bonnieville, iceniuclry: pharmacy: lambda chi alpha, orbis scieniarium socie+y, phi delfa chi Benson. William T.: birminqham: sacred music Bevill, Ellis Ma+his: birmingham: pharmacy: lambda chi alpha: american pharmaceuiical associafion Bishop, Elizabeih Swann: mobile: hisiory Bishop, William Moss: selma: biology: sigma nu, omicron delia lrappa, fri befa, inierfraierniiy council, circle lc, who's who Bloclcer, Charles Fenion, Jr.: birmingham: general business manage- men+, lcappa psi Bonnef, Roberi E.: birmingham: hisiory: minisferial associa+ion, a capella choir, iroy s+a+e playmalcers, band, b.s.u. Bordenca, 'Charles Michael: birmingham: chemisiry Bradley, Roberf Kenneih: monroeville: pharmacy: american pharma- ceufical associaiion Braselion, Gloria Anne: birmingham: elemenfary educafion Bridges, Brenda Dianne: hunfsville: elemeniary educaiion: b.s.u. greaier council, s.n.e.a., vice-presidenf, agape, y.w.a., a.c.e. year- bool: ediior, women's chrisiian vocaiion associafion 231 if' .of -- '13 , . 1 fi A 75x 'V "Z" Bloclcer BonneH ' wr r f . 1505 r 3 . . 'IB Bordenca Bradley Q C15 Q :fp ssxix X X'X Brasel+on 7-'N' Bridges K, 1'-'-'57 QQ -qi:-.... Brinson Brock Browder Brown, D. Brown L M Brown, L. J. Brinson, Tracy Lanier: birmingham: religion: minisferial associalion Brock, Hershel Wendell: birmingham: pharmacy: kappa psi, kappa kappa psi, american pharmaceu+ical associafion Browder, Margarel' Belle: needham, massachuse++s: economics Brown, Dorofhy Lloyd: brooksicle: hisloryg phi alpha +he+a, pi gamma mu, delfa phi alpha, masquers Brown, Laurie M.: birmingham: music: a capella choir, usher club, del+a omicron, who's who Brown, Leila Jeane: birmingham: secrefarial science: zefa iau alpha, phi chi +he+a vice-president e+a epsilon, usher's club. young republi- cans Brown, Roger Allen: pascagoula, mississippi: hisioryg sigma nu Brown, Samuel L.: monfgomery: english: reader's fheafer Brown, William E.: birmingham: personnel producfion managemenf Browning, George Edward: birmingham: religion: minisferial associa- lion, b.s.u. chairman Bru+kiewicz, Mary Cecile: birmingham: markefing: delfa ze+a, phi chi +he'ra, associa+ion of business maiors Buckley, William Franklin: selma: pharmacy: lambda chi alpha, phi delfa chi, american pharmaceuiical associa+ion Brown, R. Brown, S. Brown. W Browning Brufkiewicz Buckley f' 3 s an Ev.-Q ' .1- Burlcs Burns Busby BUVSOU Bulls Caldwell Burlrs, Johnnie Harlon: gorgas: pharmacy Burns, David Wayne: birmingham: hislory: minislerial associalion Busby. James Clifford: caleral pharmacy: american pharmaceulical associalion- vice-presidenf, men's residence counselor, phi dell'a chi Builer. Ralph Alber'l': birmingham: pharmacy: american pharmaceulical associalion Burson, Ronnie Davis: wedowee: sociology, minislerial associalion Bu+'ls. Tony O.: childersburg: physical educafion: physical educalion maior's club. foolball Caldwell, Dianne Clemm: birmingham: home economics: beia alpha 'Calma, Gerald: birmingham: pharmacy Campbell, Harry Laurez: andalusia: business adminis+ra+ion: sigma nu, b.s.u. choir Campbell, Olivia Ann: afhens: biology: american chemical sociefy, +ri be+a, alpha lambda della Can+or, Lewis Juslin: birmingham: marlcefing: pi lrappa alpha, alpha lrappa psi, apo, associalion of business maiors, enfre nous slaff Card, Charles Kennelh: irondale: speech: a capella choir, minisierial associalion Carlee, Ozilene Shelby: birmingham: elemenlary educaiiong lrappa della epsilon Carler, Judy Lee: birmingham: secre+arial science: phi chi ihela, maiorefle, associafion of business maiors 233 mac Fla' Buller Calma Campbell. H. Campbell, O. , 'Canlor Card 'Ca rlee Ca r+er ,153 M HY l er., Q-A fli- 4""'?' Q-x VZ? Church Clack Clapp Church, Billy L.: birmingham: religion: minisferial associafion, senior counselor, masquers Clack, Vivian Farrar: birmingham: english: delfa zefa Clapp, Norman William: mobile: accoun'I'ing: pi kappa alpha, alpha kappa psi, apo Coker, Elinor Ru+h: birmingham: home economics: ze+a +au alpha, efa epsilon, kappa omicron phi, alabama home economics associafion Collier, Evelyn M.: new+on: religious educaiion: y.w.a.. b.s.u choir, s+uden+ dean, usher's club, women's chris+ian vocaiion associa+ion Collins, Thomas Marshall, Jr.: birmingham: english: masquers, besf acior - '64 Coggins, Coy Lee: camphill: ma+h Compfon, James: birmingham: religion: minisierial associa+ion Conville, Richard Lane. Jr.: birmingham: speech: infercollegiaie de- bafe squad, readers' iheaier, omicron del+a kappa, sigma +eu delfa, b.s.u. choir, sga vice-president co-edifor pensez, dsr-fka Convill, Hewi'H' Lawrence: vincen'l': business Cook, 'Carole Elaine: moulirie, georgia: elemeniary educaiion: phi mu - president alpha lambda delia, phi alpha +he+a, kappa delia epsilon, a.c.e., s.n.e.a., hypa+ia, spanish club, who's who 010 mug. Coker Collier Cook. Oscar Hobson: birmingham: business adminisiraiion Coggins Compfon Conville Convill Cook, C. Cook, O ,an-5 '59 ' Collins 'Q ,J ..'!'."..- Cgurfney Cox Creel Cl'UCe cg., Culver Curran Daugherfy, J. M. Daugherfy, J. S. Courlney, Kossulh Glenn: norlhporf: his+ory: minisferial associafion b.s.u. I Cox, Joyce Inez: deaisville: elemenfary educaiion: a.c.e., s.n.e.a. alpha lambda della, lcappa delfa epsilon, who's who Creel, Andrew Wayne: dofhan: biology: apo Cruce. 'Charlie Edward: bessemer: religion: minislerial associafion Culver, George Perry: monigomeryg pharmacy: american pharmaceu- 'iical associafion Curran, Dan Wallace: birmingham: pharmacy: kappa psi Daugherfy, Jacqueline McFarland: birmingham: journalism: della zela- rush chairman, press club, enfre nous s+a'Ff, crimson sfaff, bull pup Slaff, usher's club Daugher+y, Jorden Sfanley: birmingham: general business managemenl: pi lcappa alpha, apo, masquers, associa+ion of business maiors, enfre nous sfalif, bull pup slaff Davis, Gerald Carson: birmingham: religion: minislerial associalion Davis, Glenda Mine'He: birmingham: elemeniary educafion, s.n.e.a. Davis, Jeanna Kay: norfhpori: home economics: lcappa omicron phi, e+a epsilon, y.w.a. Davis, Mary E+hel: blounfsville: elemenlary educafion: n.e.a., s.n.e.a., dorm council, y.w.a., women's chrisfian vocafion associafion Dennis, Joseph Morfon, Jr.: bessemer: hisfory Doan, Jan: maxwell air force base: chemis+ry: sigma nu 235 Davis, G. C. Davis, G. M. Davis, J. Davis, M. Dennis Doan ..,E.-, - 1 -. ,fmlifi-ls , .N ii 2x , ' : X vi K 1,3 N,-2 me , 1 DIZ, V, g"W7v2',7a , . I M1417 4, s?,,,,N 'Sl , ua' mm if 5 N , I Dollar Dorsie Dolson Dollar, Tony Wendell: shaumul: biology: sigma nu, alpha epsilon della, omicron della kappa, 'l'ri befa, senior counselor, who's who Dors+e, Elizabeih Frances: miami, florida: english: della phi alpha, german club, a capella choir, chapel choir Do+son, Tressie Hill: bessemer: elemeniary educafion Dozier, Vallie Lawrelle: birmingham: music educa+ion: alpha della pi, a capella choir, american guild of organisis, enlre nous sfaff, m.e.n.c. Draper, Bobby Lane: decalur: business adminisfralion: sigma nu, h-club, baskelball, golf Duncan, Aubrie Lamar: birmingham: pharmacy: american pharmaceu- 'iical associalion, apo, alfernafe cheerleader, agape, b.s.u., circle k Duncan, Clarence: birmingham: religious educafion Duncan, Frances Weaver: birmingham: english and religious educalion Duncan, Judifh Elsberry: farranf: commercial educafion: phi chi fhela, associaiion of business maiors Duncan, Waller Jackson: Tarrani: produclion and personnel manage- menl: alpha kappa psi, associafion of business maiors Eanes, Ballard Gregory, Jr.: birmingham: pharmacy: pi kappa alpha, ad., "u5,..- H on .1-in Dozier Draper Duncan, A. omicron della kappa, phi della chi, mr. howard - '63, american pharmaceulical associafion Duncan, C. Duncan, F. Duncan J E Duncan, J. H. Duncan, W. EMIOS 'ska V '13 - 3 Xm'V Earnesi Edwards Embry El'lnl5 Efheredge Fincher Fink Fishburne Earnesl, Willie l.ynn: birmingham: pharmacy: kappa psi Edwards, Henry Cornelius: mobile: pharmacy: kappa psi Embry, Roberi' Byron: alexander cify: pharmacy: pi kappa alpha, senafe, sga-ireasurer, 'iri beia, american pharmaceulical associafion, apo, en'rre nous siaff, who's who Ennis, Arfhur Boyd: carbon hill: pharmacy Efheredge. Nancy Elizabeih: fori' walion beach, florida: elemeniary educalion: miss howard-'64, homecoming queen-'63, cheerleader, h-club sweeihearf, b.s.u. choir, ace, miss chrisimas spirii-'62, sweef- hearl' of men's dorm-'63, hypalia, y.w.a., senior class ireasurer, kappa della epsilon, sfudeni' dean, mosf phofogenic-'65, who's who Fincher, Anneiie Lee: birmingham: music educafion: delia omicron, music educaiors nafional conference Fink, Marion Michael, Jr.: birmingham: maih and english: b.s.u., maih club, kappa mu epsilon, omicron delia kappa, kappa phi kappa, minisferial associaiion, men's dormiiory siaff, b.s.u. choir, who's who Fishburne, Carol Ann: mobile: sociology: phi mu, crimson edi+or-'64, press club, enfre nous favorife, who's who, hypafia Flowers, Rebecca Ann: ozark: social sludies: phi mu, s.n.e.a., ace, pi gamma mu, y.w.a., b.s.u. Franklin, Ann Harrief: millbrook: sociology: hypafia, dorm council, pi gamma mu, who's who Freeman, Gerald Clyde: birmingham: english Freeman, Kafherine Ru'ih: ihomasfon, georgia: mafh: alpha delia pi, kappa mu epsilon, senior senaior, dorm council presidenf, enire nous sfaff, ls'I' alfernafe miss enire nous-'65, maih club, who's who Freeman, Mary Ann: doihan: home economics: zeia +au alpha- presidenf, e+a epsilon, college club seciion of a.h.e.a.s.n.e.a., dorm council Gales, Mifzi: birmingham: home economics: home economics club 237 Flowers Franklin Freeman, G. Freeman, K. Freeman, M. Gaies 'Q 19: .1 133' f'P'fi'rx xx ,Q p 'S ,,..4..i 'WD' Gen+le Gighio Giorlando Goings Gordan Gore Genfle, Roberl' Curiis: birmingham: marlceiingg pi lrappa alpha, asso- cia+ion of business maiors Gighio, Ronald Joe: birmingham: human relafions: pi lrappa alpha Giorlando, Mary Ann: birmingham: elemenfary educa+ion Goings, Virginia Doris: birmingham: elemeniary educaiion Gordan, Horace Garlan: huoylown: social sfudies: lrappa phi lrappa, pi gamma mu Gore, Pafricia Ann: bremen, georgia: his+ory: b.s.u. council, b.s.u. choir Graham, Mifchell Douglas: s'rringe+, mississippi: pharmacy Granberry, Perry Dale: birmingham: lambda chi alpha Granl. John Paul: birmingham: pharmacy Graves, Edwin Casfleberry: +alledega: journalism: sigma nu, crimson edifor-'64, +riden+, omicron delfa kappa, colonial dames winner, phi alpha 'l'he'l'a, phi eia sigma, who's who 'Gravel-'r, William: dayion, +ennessee: pharmacy: american pharmaceu- fical associaiion, phi della chi Green, Judie Holmes: birmingham: elemen+ary educalion: s.n.e.a. Graham Granberry Granl' Graves Grave'H' Green QF ...Tb-ff' ,Quis- K'-2 'N io.- xi. Gruman Grummon Guenlher Gufhrie Haas Hall, D. Hall, M. Halsell Gruman, Edna Hall: birmingham: english: sigma lau della Grummon, Mary Carolyn: alhens: home economics: ela epsilon Guenlher, Barbara Joan: sainl pelersburg, florida: elemenlary educa- I lion: alpha della pi, s.n.e.a., spanish club, bull-dog beaufy, enlre , nous beauly, pi kappa alpha pledge sweelhearf, b.s.u., a.c.e., y.w.a. Gulhrie, Donald Nelson: birmingham: hislory Haas, Marlha Carolyn: birmingham: elemenfary educalion Hall, David Allen: huey+own: physical educalion: foolball, h-club, physical educalion maiors club Hall, Marlha Dean: bessemer: elemenfary educalion: chi omega Halsell, Kalhryn: nashville, fennessee: elemenfary educalion: b.s.u. mission band, sophomore class lreasurer, usher's club, sophomore class service girl, y.w.a., a.w.a., s.n.e.a. Hamm, Norman Lamar: birmingham: social science: kappa phi kappa, b.s.u. Hamrick, Kalherine Sue: livingslon: business adminislralion: phi mu, alpha lambda della, kappa omicron phi Haney, Dorolhy Jean: melvin: home economics: zela 'rau alpha, kappa pi, ela epsilon, young republicans, mos+ phologenic-'64, melhodisf sfudenl movemenl-presidenl '63 Harris, Larry Joe: mariann, florida: markeling: della sigma phi, alpha kappa psi Harris, Sherell Wade: birmingham: pharmacy: lambda chi alpha, band, kappa kappa psi, american pharmaceulical associalion Harris, Thomas Ewell: marion: pharmacy 239 Hamm Hamrick Haney Harris. L Harris, S. Harris, T. f 5- 'ft' "ng-T Nr' Lg,-:Q 6 r f ,L 3 gu- : f -i i Fiji? ' f ' - 7 ,mx f, Harlley Hassell Haifield Hariley, Charles: birmingham: religion: minisierial associafion, wrhc radio sfaff, younq republicans. band, male chorus Hassell, Sara Lee: birmingham: elemenfary educalion: ze+a fau alpha Haifield, Dralce Marqueiie: monfgomery: pharmacy: lrappa psi Hayes, Edwin Joseph: cleveland: religion: minisferial associafion, mis- sion band Hayes, Myra Nell: pra'H'ville: hisiory: b.s.u., mission band. y.w.a., s.n.e.a., w.c.v.a., phi alpha, pi gamma mu Hearn, Marcia Louise: nashville, +ennessee: english: a capella choir, b.s.u. choir, senafe, ushers' club, miss friendship-'62, dorm council, spanish club, b.s.u. council, senior class secre+ary, who's who Heddle, Ronald: birmingham: religion Hendrix, Carol Heard: birmingham: elemeniary ecluca+ion: b.s.u. Hendrix, Winford Leon: birmingham: religion: b.s.u., minisierial associaiion Herndon, Pairicia: abbeville: medical iechnology, zeia 'lau alpha, b.s.u., religious drama guild, ushers' club Herron, Jacob Jermone: imperial beach, california: pharmacy: pi kappa phi Hayes, E. Hayes, M. Hill, Franlclin Gerald: birmingham: business adminisiraiion: alpha kappa psi Heddle Hendrix, C. Hill Herndon Herron Hendrix, W Q 'CFWN i ' f Hearn Q X T A U00 43? L 5t?2lf"5i ,pl iilii ,K Snr HW' Hobbs Hodges Holcombe HollowaY Holi' Hoover Houldifch Hill, Shirley Dian: birmingham: elornenfary educa+ion: ze+a +au alpha Hobbs, Delores Ann: chiclrasaw: hisfory: phi alpha fhela, pi gamma mu, sigma della pi, s.m.e.a., iunior class service girl '63-'64 Hodges, Julian Timofhyg doihan: religion: b.s.u. choir, mission band Holcombe, Edwin: holly pond: pharmacy: phi del+a chi Holloway, Jimmy Walfon: leeds: sociology Holi, Margarel Kalhryn: sylacauga: educafion, s.n.e.a., y.w.a. Hoover, William Rufus, Jr.: birmingham: biology: pi lcappa phi, 'fri bela Houldiich, Reafa: lcansas: social science: b.s.u., vice-presidenf of slu- denf deans Hoven, James Bruce: birmingham: pharmacy: b.s.u., american pharma- ceu+ical associalion Howell,'ler H.: piedmonf: biology: pi lcappa alpha Hughes, Ervin Wilson: birmingham: marlcefing: sfafion manager of campus radio wrhc Hughes, Olan: birmingham: accounling Huie, Jones William: monfgomery: religion: minis+erial associalion, agape, french club, grealer council of b.s.u. Hurlberf, Mona Wynelle: birmingham: english-speech: phi mu, masquers, crimson slaff, bull pup slafl, lhela alpha phi, who's who 241 Q9 may Giv- Q' 'vu--ff 23, I QW- Hur+ Hur++ Hu++o lshee Hur+, Mary Lee: birmingham: sociology: alpha delfa pi, usher's club, miss sigma nu evenfs Hurff Ill, Oscar Lee: birmingham: chemis+ry: american chemical so- ciely, maih club, apo HuHo, Noah Wiclcer: clofhan: economics: delfa sigma phi, alpha lrappa psi lshee, Paul Davis: birmingham: pharmacy Israel, Jim Carson: swansboro, norih carolina: biology: sigma nu Jacobs, James Clarlc: birmingham: business-maih: lambda chi alpha, maih club, alpha kappa psi, associaiion of business maiors Jacobs, William Kenneih: birmingham: pharmacy James, Forresi' Michael: piedmonf: pharmacy: pi lcappa alpha- presidenf, american pharmaceu+ical associaiion, omicron della lrappa, phi delfa chi, apo, lcappa icing, greek gocl JarreH', Jerome Howard: birmingham: accounfing: alpha lcappa psi Jones, Emalie Sue: hunisvilleg hisfory: ze+a 'lau alpha, band, +au beia sigma, phi alpha fhela, pi gamma mu, s.n.e.a. Jones, Ralph George: birmingham: accouniing: alpha lrappa psi Keene, Linda Joyce: abbeville: georgia: social sfuclies: clelfa ze+a Jacobs, W. James Jarre'H' Jones, E. Jones, R. Keene an Ci AB" We Israe Jacobs J 'Y qs...- if 11:35 W'-N ' ' '.' y .f,. ,. . " " " .J ' A , 'i 'I , Al I' ' li' I' ' JR 1 ' X i 'rf fir' 'uv tis-L. Keifh Kennedy Keer Killian King Knighf, J. Knight G. Koonce Keifh, Jerry Burl: irondale: personnel managemeni' Kennedy. Charles: birmingham: music: b.s.u. choir Kerr, Mariorie Kay: piedmon'r: hisfory: alpha delfa pi, service guild Killian, Beverly June: 'forl payne: english King, Lanny Clyde: birmingham: pharmacy: kappa psi Knighi, Jimmy G.: birmingham: biology: pi kappa phi Knighf, Gail: gadsden: secreiarial science Koonce, Alex Ronald: birmingham: biology: pi kappa phi Landers, Glenyce Elaine: alberfville: maih: mafh club, kappa mu epsilon Lanier, Sara Rufhg savannah, georgia: english: service guild, y.w.a., b.s.u., s.n.e.a., sigma fau delfa 4 Lassafer, James DeWayne: pinson: religion: agape, minisferial asso- ciaiion Lavies, David DeWi'H': birmingham: iournalism: pi kappa phi, crimson sfaff Layfon, Carolyn Blackerby: leeds: mafhg mafh club, kappa mu epsilon Lee, Soon-Ok: seoul, korea: home economics: efa epsilon, kappa pi 243 sn Landers Lanier Lassaier Lavies Laylon Lee ko' 4v"""' I.. QS Nb, E--v lvl' 'N X .pee 'QQ ,nv- W Y Q' "".-I 'W' sf' 555 Liles Lowery McCombs Liles, Floyd Clarlr: birmingham: business adminisfraiion: lambda chi alpha Lowery, Fred Lynn: ailren. sou+h carolina: religion: senior s-iaff, apo McCombs. J. Irene: pinson: accouniinqt phi chi fheia. associafion of business maiors, service award from associafion of business maiors, who's who McCullough, Charles Richard: samson: pharmacy: della sigma phi, american pharmaceuiical associaiion McGraw, Fred Allen: vincenig pharmacy: apo, a.e.d. McKinney. Loroy Johnal: shawmui: marlreiing McLaren, John David: lake cify, florida: religion: minisferial associafion McMichael, Judiih Lee: washingion, d.c.: music educaiion Manring, Vonnie Vae: opp: ari: alpha della pi, kappa pi. french club Marler, Tommy A.: bessemer: accounfing: baseball, associaiion of business maiors, h-club Marlow, John Broadus, Jr.: aflanfa, georgia: biology: pi lrappa phi, a capella choir, arena 'iheaier 6 ls McCullough McGraw Marlin. Charles Bowen: doihan: his+ory: senior class presidenf, l':.s.u., sga McLaren McMichael Marlrihq Marler Marlow Mariin '!!:,"' McKinney ez.-1 WX 1112:-' Q f--A J! 4.1 , 4, -l!! Maynor Middlefon, J. Middlefon, M. 'Monroe Moody Morris Mullins Neal Maynor, Brenda Ann: scofisborog english: alpha lambda delia, pi delia phi, kappa del+a epsilon, sigma +au della, service girl-'63, b.s.u. choir, sfudenf dean, hypafia, who's who Middle+on, James Howard: birmingham: personnel managemenf: alpha kappa psi 'Middle+on, Melba: dofhan: english: alpha delia pi. service guild, sophomore class-vice-president alpha lambda delia, sigma 'iau delfa, s.n.e.a., debaie +eam, panhellenic presideni, who's who Monroe, Saralyn: miami, florida: speech and drama: debaie feam, readers' fheaier, b.s.u. choir Nichols Moody. Fred Wiley: leeds: siaiisiics Norred Morris, Jonaihan E.: mobile: hisfory: senior senafor, head resideni men's dormifory, apo, omicron delfa kappa, who's who Mullins, Larry Joe: birmingham: religion: 'l'ridenf, minisferial associaiion Neal, Jerry Milion: birmingham: social sciences: h-club, +rack, 'F.c.a. , ,sex Nicholas, Judifh Ann: birmingham: english: delfa zeia, wesiminisier Db I ki' , . ,,,,,, fellowship, s.n.e.a. Norred, Roberf Truman: la fayeife: religion: young americans for 'Freedom Olivenbaum. Glenn A.: clermonf, florida: finance-insurance: pi kappa phi Pair, Virginia Elizabefh: ailania, georgia: english: zeia iau alpha. Olfvenbfv' ,sn sigma iau delia, mission band, women's chrisfian voca+ion associa- al' ,F-.L Hon, y.w.a., kappa del+a epsilon, na+ional pen women, s.n.e.a., who's " who Parker, Carl Hansel: moulfon: pharmacy: american pharmaceuiical associaiion Pass, Mary Jim: irussville: biology: y.w.a., dorm council, young re- Publicans f , -9:11 V Tig-vs. ' ' -' 'ii fi ,LX P k W A ix i ar er f . gy-s Pass ' "" S-1' N f , . ., 245 'lit'- 5 Pearson Pemberfon Pefius Phillips, B. Pearson, Gary Max: alberiville: religion: a capella choir, minisierial associafion. spanish club, mission band Pemberfon. Roy Roberl: 'lrussvilleg religion Peffus, Mozella: doihang speech and dramalic arisg miss enire nous- '65, hypa+ia, who's who, service guild, b.s.u. choir, infercollegiaie clebaie, readers' 'fheaier guild, women's dorm council, y.w.a., asso- ciaied women sl'uden+s, s.n.e.a., d.s.r, Phillips, Barbara: birmingham: maihg zefa fau alpha, ma+h club, lcappa mu epsilon, delfa omicron Phillips. Dorofhy Jean: alexander ci+y: elemen+ary eclucaiion: phi mu, kappa delfa epsilon, sfudenf dean, s.n.e.a., a.c.e. Phillips, Thomas Grady: birmingham: business adminisfrafion: alpha kappa psi Plunlc, Jere Haynes: iullahoma, iennesseeg english: bancl, lrappa lcappa psi Poe, Roger Bruce: florence: chemisiry: pi lcappa phi, masquers, re- ligious drama guild, missions, ihefa alpha phi, fri-befa Ponder, Lynda J.: fairfield: sociology Pope, William E.: birmingham: maih-biology: pi lcappa phi, mafh club, +ri-beia, a capella choir Porler, Edward Cary: birmingham: english-religion: pi lcappa phi Powell, George Howard: birmingham: pharmacy: lambda chi alpha Plunlc Poe Ponder Pope Porier Powell E? Phillips, D. Phillips, T. 40" fr'-' 41 . MX' urn! Q-aw' I nv-e 1 "Qu-H 'CUP' Powers Praler Presley Pu,-ser Queen Randall Rankin 'Ranl Powers. James Ronald: birmingham: pharmacy Praler, Rulh Radney: alexander cily: elemenlary educalion: s.n.e.a. Presley, Roxie Kay: alhens: commercial educalion: phi chi lhela Purser, Jack Moody, Jr., birmingham: hislory: phi alpha lhela, pi gamma mu, lrack manager, mission band, apo, young democrals, agape. lridenl, pi della phi, kappa phi kappa Queen. C. Richard: birmingham: religion Randall, Hugh Byron: brookhaven, mississippi: pharmacy: lambda chi alpha, circle k, american pharmaceulical associalion Rankin, Geneal M.: birmingham: french: phi mu, pi della phi, spanish club, a.w.s., s,n.e.a. Ranl, Marilyn F.: dolhan: pharmacy: phi mu Ray, Garry Jerome: birmingham: pharmacy: phi della chi, senalor, american pharmaceulical associalion Reese, Peggy Helen: pinson: elemenlary educalion Reeves, Marlin Gladden: jackson, mississippi: lambda chi alpha, crimson-business manager, phi della chi, american pharmaceulical associalion, orbis scienlarium sociely Reid. William Penn: lhomasville: biology: band, b.s.u., apo Reymond, Pally Ann F.: birmingham: human relalions: alpha lambda della, who's who Reynolds, Tommi Charlolle: dolhan: music educalion: m.e n.c., della omicron, y.w.a. Ray Reese Reeves Reid Reymond Reynolds 'L 'V'-1:13 Reynolds . f 'W ' ' Rice Ag 4. g ' f , ' 'QQ ' Robino pggnif 2 K, Robinson, 'b,,.,.f-Y sl fi 'Hx ' R, Robinson, ' 7 Rodgers C. D. Reynolds, William Grover: andalusia: chemisfry: pi lcappa alpha, alpha epsilon delfa, american chemical socieiy, apo Rice, Glenn Kealen: birmingham: hisioryg s.n.e.a., spanish club: young republicans, americans for freedom, msm Robino, Sam Thomas: birmingham: human relafions: h-club, varsiiy baseball, del+a sigma chi Robinson, Carl Ray: bessemer: law Robinson, Dannie Meadow: birmingham: music: delfa zefa-presidenf '63, hypaiia, a capella choir, della omicron-vice-presideni, y.w.a., b.s.u. council, s+uden+ leaders commifiee, who's who Rodgers, James Albert ellisville, mississippi: pharmacy: american pharmaceufical associa+ion Roe, Tea Sam: seoul, korea: pharmacy: b.s. in pharmacy from seoul nafional univcrsify, b.a. in chemisiry from hunfingdon college Ruiledge, Clovis Marie: arab: ma+h Ryan, Pairicia Bruce: souih shore, lceniuclny: pharmacy: baslrefball, base- ball, h-club, omicron della kappa Salier, Melvyn Waison: iarrani: religion Sal+er, Ann: bradenion, florida: english: chi omega, sigma iau delia- secreiary, bull pup-business manager '65, crimson Schulfz, Merle Coffon: birmingham: elemeniary educaiion: phi sigma sigma Rue Rufledge Ryan Salier, M. Salfer, A. Schulh YU' W 'TV 4' fw 'L R9 -17 Sco++ Shaddix Sheels Sheeh Shiley Simms Simpson Slaugmer Sco'H, Walier: andalusia: music educaiion: pi lcappa phi Shaddix, Carl Wayne: birmingham: malh: lambda chi alpha-presideni, circle lc, ma+h club, kappa mu epsilon-president spanish club, omicron delfa lcappa Sheefs, George Wayne: leeds: personnel-producfion managemenl: pi lcappa phi, h-club, fellowship of chrisfian aihleies, associa+ion of business maiors Sheefz, James Harry, Jr.: birmingham: biology: lambda chi alpha, alpha epsilon delia, 'fri bela, lrappa lcappa psi, band Shiley, John Glen: birmingham: hisfory: pi lrappa phi, pre-law club- Sloan p,.e5:den+ Smallwood Simms, Ronnie C.: mobile: biology: pi kappa phi Simpson, James Homer, Jr.: pascagoula, mississippi: religion, apo spanish club, minisierial associafion Slaughfer, Mary Ann, mobile: elemen+ary educa+ion: s.n.e.a., a.c.e., y.w.a. Sloan, Reba Joyce: oneonla: english: sga-secrefary, associa+ed women sfudenfs-president b.s.u., y.w.a., agape, s.n.e.a., siudeni dean, who's who Smallwood, Carl: birmingham: religion Smiih, D. Smifh, Dean G.: pinson: elemeniary educafion Smlfh. G- Smifh, Garland Leon: birmingham: religion Smiih, Jerry L.: pinson: religion: minisierial associaiion - g Smifh. Ronald Roy: laurel. mississippi: pharmacy: american pharma- , J ceuiical associa+ion Smi+h, J. Smilh, R. I, .1 ' QQ' FN E-Y O il fu M. 4. f. n:5--i,',.. a,:"7,,' 1. I F . 41? a rg xx-P'59s. ego 9 J. Smifh Soufherlancl Sfephans, M. Sfephans, W. Smilh, Ronald Thomas: alexander ci'ry: music: pi kappa phi, male chorus Soufherland, Lawrence Donald: birmingham: ma+h: pi kappa alpha, male chorus Sfephans, Marfha Jane: eufau: music educafion: del+a omicron, m.e.n.c., alpha lambda-presidenl' and secre+ary, b.s.u., american guild of organisfs Sfephans, Wilburn Ted: birmingham: music: male chorus S+ill, William Allen: aflanfa, georgia: biology Sfilh. Rober+ E.: lake charles, louisiana: business adminis+ra'I'ion: apo, senior sfalif, men's dorm-head resiclenl, brofherhood-vice-presidenl, minis+erial associa+ion, fellowship of chrisfian afhlefes-presidenf, frack feam Taylor, Warren Randy: pell ci+y: social sciences: h-club, baske+ball Thomas, Jerry Curfis: birmingham: physical educafion: maiors' club, baskefball-co-capfain Thompson, Bob L.: laneff: human relafionsg dorm council, apo Thrash, Andrew Pope: birmingham: pharmacy: american pharmaceufical associa+ion, rho chi, fridenf, orbis scieniarium sociefy Timberlake, Elsie C.: birmingham: business educalion Tindal, Travis Jordan: birmingham: english: sigma lau della, b.s.u., a capella choir, waler show R be--.I no-51 Q f Sllll Taylor Thomas Thompson Thrash Timberlake Tindal 7' s, , ,aw fx 71 1 F I - Smh ,vs ' f 3 I cgi 'Tl' fin -Q--r A XfLx Towry Toague Troufman Ty er Vaughn Vaughan Towry, G. Benfon: birmingham: english Teague, Ellen Rae: birmingham: sociology Trouiman, Rebelcah Vaughn: birmingham: elemen+ary educalion: del+a ze'I'a Turner, Nancy Clair: monlgomery: music: del+a omicron, american guild of organis+s Tyler, Jerry Wilkins: nashville, georgia: music: a capella choir- presiden+, b.s.u. Vaughn, Marfha Jane: mobile: english: s.n.e.a.-presideni, bull pup s+aFf, dorm council Vaughan, Tana Lee: birmingham: ar+: kappa pi, masquers, religious drama guild, +he+a alpha phi Ves+, Huber+ Louis: birmingham: general business managemeni: mefh- odisl sludenf movemenf-presidenf Vinson, Sarah Danella: 'for+ walfon beach, florida: speech and clrama+ic arfs: homecoming queen-'65, cheerleader-capiain, b.s.u. choir, readers +hea+er guild, senior senafor, who's who Waggoner, Warren Farrell: birmingham: his+ory Walker, Rufh Es+ella: corley: french: wrhc-swee+hear+, french club, b.s.u., y.w.a. Ward, Roberi Carl: birmingham: general business managemeni: pi kappa phi Wafkins, Palricia Peeples: birmingham: elemenlar educafion: hi mu Y P ' greafer council of b.s.u., s.n.e.a., a.c.e., press club, crimson, enlre nous Waff, Elise Miller: mounf olive: elemenfary educafion F f U 6' -1 f xi af' "Viv Turner Vesf Vinson Waggener Walker Ward Waflrins Wa H' , Q75 ,, Welborn 45, Wesson -"W Wes+ Whife, M. I Welborn, Sandra Hale: birmingham: hisfory: phi mu, s.n.e.a., a.c.e. Wesson, Paul David: sylacauga: pharmacy: rho chi, phi +he+a lcappa, irideni, phi della chi, american pharmaceuiical associaiion Wesf, Harvey Daniel: haleyville: pre-law: sigma nu Whiie, Moniy: doihan: elemenfary educafion: service guild, a.c.e.- secreiary, y.w.a., dorm council-secreiary, b.s.u. choir, maioreffe Whi+e, Peggy Suanne: phenix ci+y: english: sigma iau della, pi delfa phi, dorm council, french club While-hurs+, Sammy Nick: abbeville: pharmacy: iridenf, omicron delfa kappa Whiilow, Sylvia: birmingham: english-iournalism: della zc+a-his+orian- scholarship chairman, enire nous-ediior '65, crimson-assisiani' edi+or '64, publicaiions board, press club, susga delegafe, iunior panhellenic-secrefary, young republicans, mefhodisf siudeni' move- meni-secrefary, who's who Wiclcs, Frances J.: birmingham: elemenfary educaiion Wilder, Milion R.: vinemoni: physical educaiion: pi lrappa phi, physical educafion majors' club, masquers besi' supporiing acfor award- '64, apo Wilder, Virginia Lee: vinemonf: english: kappa della epsilon-presidenf, dorm council, bull pup siaff, ushers' club, young republicans, y.w.a., s.n.e.a., b.s.u. Whiflow Wicks Wilder, M. Wilder, V -RK. Whife S ti? ' rv i ' Whiiehursf as -ox l W7 71 -4""'I2'.V Williams Willoughby Wilson. H. Wilson, J. Wilgqnl J, F, Wingard Williams. Glenda Mae: birmingham: english: enire nous beauiy and 'favorile Willoughby. Anifa Dean: birmingham: hisloryg phi apha +he+a, lcappa delfa epsilon, alpha lambda della, enlre nous managing edilor, colonial dames essay award, s.n.e.a. Wilson. Herberl' Slripper: dolhan: pre-med: sigma nu-commander, alpha phi omega, zela fau alpha beia beau Wilson, James Newlon: birmingham: religious educafion: sigma nu Wilson, John Franlclin: double springs: religion Wingard, Linda Ann: praHville: pharmacy: chi omega, lambda lrappa sigma-presidenf, american pharmaceuiical associa+ion,' orbis scien- 'larium sociely Wood, Mary Pafricia: cullman: elemenfary educaiiong zela +au alpha, ushers' club, a.c.e.. s.n.e.a., young republicans Woodward, Louisa Mae: birmingham: sociology: phi mu, bull pup edilor-'62, enlre nous sfaff, b.s.u., y.w.a., ushers' club, press club, alonzo siagg physical fiiness medal Wrighf, Carolyn Elizabefh: excel: biology: y.w.a., b.s.u., lri bela Yelverlon, Fred Ryneer: birmingham: accounling 253 Wood Woodard 'Wrighl' Yelverion 15 47 Aaron, Irvin Ma+his, B'ham. Soph., BA Ables, Linda Wood, Alfoona Junior, Spanish Abrams, Howard Lleldon B'ham., Fresh., Pre-law Absher, Marion Travis, Ma plesville, Soph., Pre-law Adams, Cheryl Jane, B'ham. Junior, Bi. Adams, Horace Hershel B'ham., SDA Adams, Nancy Jane, Dofhan Fresh., Ma+h. Aders, Arriean Pairice, B'ham. Fresh. Adlrisson, Jimmy Wayne Brewlon, Junior, Pha. Alrins, James Donald, B'ham. Fresh., Acc. Albano, Jerry, B'ham., Soph. Pha. Albano, Paul J. B'ham., Soph. Pha. Albrechf, Thomas Karl, Moni- gomery, Soph., Fin. Alford, Judy Carol, Gadsden Fresh., Soc. Alford, Melanie Reeda, Gads- den, Soph., Eh. Almguisr, Bill Francis, B'ham. Fresh., Ari' Amos, William Roberr, Monr- gomery, Soph., BA Anderson, Carolyn Jean, Do- +han, Junior, Hi. Anderson, Harrison R., B'ham. Fresh., Acc. Anderson, Jay Warren, B'ham. Junior Anderson, Linda Kay, Cull- man, Fresh., Elem. Ed. Andrews, Waller Carrol, LaneH', Fresh., Pre-med. Archison, Freddie Leland, Bessemer, Fresh., Re. Armisfead, Billy, Thomasville, Junior, BA Arfhur, Edilh Kay, B'ham., Soph. Arwood, Dorofhy Darling, A+- lanfa, Ga., Junior, Ed. Ashley, Wayne Gladden, B'ham., Soph., Re. Afkins, James L., B'ham., Soph., Re. Aflrison, Randall Morgan B'ham., Junior, Pha. Ausfin, James Edward, Moni- gomery, Fresh., Re. Music Awbrey. Judy. Roanolce, Fresh. Bacon, Bill Milfon, B'ham., Fresh., Eh. Bagley, George Edwin, Moni- gomery, Fresh., Eh. Bailey, Danny Aubrey, Lane'H, Fresh. Baird, Fred R., B'ham., Soph., BA Balmer, King Mar+el, B'ham., Soph.. Pha. Banks, Richard Harrison, B'ham., Soph., Hi. Banlrsfon, Marcia Elaine, B'ham., Soph., Home Ec. Barlrley, JeaneHe, Harlselle, Fresh., Elem. Ed. Barlow, Billy Gene, B'ham., Junior, Pha. Barnes, Angelina Dee Dee, Dolhan, Junior, Acc. Barnes, Bonnie Ann, Gadsden, Junior, Spanish Barnum, Joan Margarer, New York, Junior, Com. Ed. Barron, Merrill Ray, Troy, Junior, Chem. Bass, Milford Gordon, B'ham., Fresh, Law Bales, Dorofhy Jane, B'ham., Soph., Home Ec. Bales, Rebecca Carolyn, B'ham., Soph. Beard, Rolaerl Lee, B'ham., Junior, Ind. Man. Beasley, David Barneff, Monl- gomery, Junior, Pha. Beasley, Marilyn Sfeward, Alhens, Junior, Ma+h. Beerman, Margarel Ann, Lalre- land, Fla., Fresh. Phys. Ed. Bell, Nance Kay, Graysville, Fresh., Pha. Bell, Roberl' Charles, B'ham., Fresh., Phys. Ed. Benson, Presley Allen, Troy, Soph., Acc. Benrley, Jo Ellen, Russellville, Ky., Fresh.. Acc. Bernard, Kenny Douglas, B'ham., Soph., Eg. Berry, Melvin Lamar, Gads- den, Fresh., Eg. Berry, Sharon Ann, Monfgom- ery, Junior, Elem. Ed. Berry, William Thompson, B'ham., Fresh., Pre-law Belhea, Sandra Sue, Dorhan, Soph., BA You still can't get in without an I D L, A Af? : "pl u li 476' 1 ar' x sr' I Y I' 1 be Y Hr I' 'E' ,.. ,ns -f - 75" i Bevill, Harold Lee, B'ham. Soph., Acc. Bice, Mary Lee, Birmingham Soph., Elem. Ed. Billingsley, Brenda Gail B'ham., Fresh., Home Ec. Billingsley, Joan Ann, B'ham. Soph., Home Ec. Blackburn, Gerald Jackson Shawmuf, Soph., 'Hisfory Blackwell, Pamela Lee, B'ham. Soph. Blake, Roberl Forney, Haley- ville, Fresh., Bi. Blalrney, Roberl' Bernard Reform.. Soph., Pha. Blalock, Leroy Temple, Selma Fresh. Blizzard, Margaref Ann. Hunfs- ville, Soph., Journalism Blue, Jo Ann, Annisfon, Junior Acc. Bolen, Barbara Anne, Green ville, Soph., Elem. Ed. Bolen, Linda Lee, Selma Junior, English Bolin, Richard Ofha, Fairfield Soph., Religion Bolfon, Larry Taylor, Scofls boro, Soph., Chemislry Bomchel, Era, B'ham., Soph. Elem. Ed. Bonnej+, Nancy Gillies, B'ham. Junior, Med. Rec. Science Boo+he, lBe+l'e Lynn, Monfgom ery, Junior, Elem. Ed. Bounds, Donald Earl, B'l1am. Junior, Pha. Bowdon, Shirley Linda, B'ham. Junior, Soc. Bowling, Jerry Hugo, B'ham. Fresh., Pharmacy Bowman, Raymond Naihaniel Opp. Fresh., Pre-med. Boughin, Clyde Smilh, B'ham. Soph., Hisiory Bradley, Lane L., B'ham. Soph., Home Ec. 's ' geo 111-' K . ' 1 4 . , QQ, 41794 , Did you really pull that 'out of gas' bit? 256 N ,QQ -1, "J, , Xxx x .1 ir, lx l , , , . A J iv P aff if . fr' sy ' . ' '-x 1, -if ' il a " 1 ' 'fe lfi i !J'!l 64llli'i' 1? liz 'i i ' QD Q .X X gh 2 . 6 is lf- -fn .. Y . , I 'y t-M' 4.-1. '- VU I' Is that all? Brandon, John Charles, B'ham., Junior, Economics Branron, Larry Allan, Moni- Fresh. Branum, Georgia Mae, New Hope, Soph., Elem. Ed. Brashier, Charles Gordon, Irondale, Soph., Business Breed, Evelyn Sandra, Alex Ciiy, Soph., Religion Brenf, Nancy Ellen, .Pasca- goula, Miss., Fresh. Brewer, George Wallace, B'ham., Fresh., Religion Briggs, Tommy Hayes, B'ham., Junior, Religion Brighfwell, Cynfhia Ann, Nashville, Tenn., Fresh. Brindley, Hugh, Cullman, Soph., Biology Brisfow, 'Marvin 'Michael. B'ham., Soph., Music Ed. Brifiain, 'Mary Ann, B'ham., Fresh., 'Home Ec. Brock, Rebecca Ann, Weir- ion, W. Va., Soph. Elem. Ed. Broolcs. Charlofie Creagh, Bufler, Junior, Elem. Ed. Broolrs, BeH'y K., -Rome, Ga., Junior, Educafion Broolrs, Phyllis Ann, Hunfsville, Frgesh.. Pre-Law Brown, David 'Nelson, B'ham., Junior, Biology Brown, Marsha Porier, B'ham., Junior, Biology Brown, Peggy Sharyn, B'ham., Fresh., 'Music Ed. Brown, Ofis Lee, B'ham., Fresh., Acc. Brown, Roberi Daniel, B'ham., Junior, 'Marlreiing Brown, William Robert B'ham., Fresh., Psychology Browning Allee Elizabefh. Monfgomery, Fresh., Mafh. Bruner, Harrief, Ashford, Junior, Hisfory Bryanf, Marfha Fay, B'ham.. Junior. Religious Ed. Brymer, Jack E., Graysville. Soph., Religion Buclrelew, Dennis Arnold, B'ham., Soph., Pharmacy Buclrelew, Elberf, Homewood, Junior, Pharmacy Buflingion, 'Ronald Paul, B'ham., Fresh., Pre-Law Bundy, Alfred Lawrence. 'B"ham., Soph., Physical Ed. Burchfiel, William Vicior, B'ham., Fresh. Burchfield, Emma Lee, Tarranr, Fresh. Burdeife, Shirley Joanne, Ash- land, Fresh., 'Ma1'h. Burgess, John Edward, Bessem- er, Fresh., Pre-Engineering Burgess, Marfhanne Elizaberh, Carrollfon, Ga., Fresh. Burlreh, Donna Joyce, Aflanfa, Ga., Soph., Hislory if S Q ll 'UQ 'w!L C3 1 , , V ' f , N A 3 .1 I I X 5 V --.,1,'7' .- 1 . D- ,iz ' Qs ig, 'i 2 5 -'Q' Y if .sl i T A 'i Jar, Cf? X. 4 undergraduates A. L 14 'O' Z NX! ,XX W ffm- ,,, 57 eff I H9 no fvx W a -ce- is lr. :ew v . I xy . M. J . .fi 1. -51.1. . . . x.:-Aga, in . . l I -it N. E. 'Q-ni l. f-'Q-i. ig, qf 5' I 1 X 1. '1 . qv s- , M, ff v 5 'X Fx l . fi inf ' s .fN rex, sd..-5 r 4-L' -an -Mx undergraduates -A X 1--'V I , 2 - . V : N F f l x ' 'A - M. Y f' X IU! .dsx 'it' Q-rr X . sv? 258 Burleson, Roberf Bruce, B'ham.. Soph., Music Burns, Joe G., B'ham., Junior, Law Burrows, John Howard, Moni- gomery, Junior, Religion Bur'r, Helen Jean, Sylacauga, Soph., Music Educaiion Bussey, Helen Ann, Hunfsville, Junior, English Bufler, James Henry, Oxford, Fresh., Physical Ed. Builer, Jerry A. B'ham., Soph., Religion Bufler, Susan Elaine, B'ham., Fresh., Elemeniary Ed. Buller, Sue Frances, B'ham. Junior, Music Bufler, Wendell, Douglas, Ky. Soph., Pharmacy Bynum, Judilh Ann, Talladega ,,Soph., English Bynum, Toxie Carl, Mariefla Ga., Junior, Pharmacy Calhoun, John C., Alberfville, Soph., Law Calhoun, Roberl James, Chai- ianooga, Tenn., Fresh. Bus. Adminisiralion Calvert Roger David, B'ham., Soph., Pre-Med. Cambron, Susan Briggs, Nash- ville, Tenn., Fresh., Ed. Camp, Bobby Thomas, Ope- lille, Fresh., Sociology Ca m pbell, Galeon Websfer, Cullman, Fresh., Religion Campbell, Mary Lynda, Hef- lin. Junior, Pharmacy Campbell, Vivian L., B'ham., Soph., Elemen+ary Ed. Canova, Mifiie Marlene, lm- moliahee, Fla., Fresh., Acc. Canlrell, Emily Marie, B'ham., Soph., Music Educalion Carden, Donna Faye, Siluria, Junior, Pharmacy Carroll, Rickey, Tallassee, Fla., Soph., Religion Carier, Cynfhia Sue, Ailania, Ga., Fresh., Educaiion Carier, E. Delilah, Clanfon, Fresh., Physics -Cashion, Philipp, B'ham., Fresh. Casfleberry, James M., Monf- gomery, Junior, Religion Chambers, Jerry William, B'ham, Soph., Acc. Champion, Sara Nell, Jemi- son, Soph., Sec. Science Chandler, Bob, B'ham., Soph., Pharmacy Chandler, Marfha, Selma Soph., Educafion Chandler, Mary Ann, Selma Junior, Religious Ed. Channell, Ronald Eugene Leeds, Junior, Physical Ed. Childs, Cheryl, Talladega Fresh., Maih. Chrisiian, Michael Burlxe Gainesville, Fla., Soph., Pha Chrisfian, Lynn Theresa, Huey- +own, Fresh., Home Ec. Clarlr, James Wendell, An- nisfon, Fresh. Clarlc, Laura Nelle, -Oxford, Fresh. Clarlr, Linda Ann, B'ham., Fresh. Clark, Pairicia Anne, B'ham., Fresh.. Law Clayfon, Ar'l'hur Mclnnis, B'ham., Soph., Pharmacy Clemenf, Kennefh Ray, 'Gads- den, Soph., Social Sfuclies Clemenfs, Jo Ann, Haclcbury, Junior, Pharmacy Cline, George, Helena, Junior, Pharmacy Clowclus, Pafricia Lynn, B'ham., Soph. Cochran, Serena Ann, B'ham., Junior, Speech Cofield, Wayne Crawford, Wedowee, Junior, Pharmacy Coger, Mary Louise, Alex- ander Ciiy, Soph. Coggin, Esfher Barbaree, B'ham., Music Cole, Nancy Bass, Cl1aH'a- nooga, Fresh., Mafh. Coley, Jerry Hale, Centre, Soph., Pharmacy Collier, Roberf Joppa, Soph., Sociology Collins, Kennefh Arnold, B'ham., Junior, Pharmacy Collins, Willard, Guniersville, Soph., English Como, Vincenf Joseph, B'ham., Fresh., Pharma cy Compfon, Linda Fa e, Fresh., Y Religion Compfon, John Harold, De- cafur, Fresh., Accounting Congdon, Cafhleen Ann, B'ham., Soph., Medical Technology Conner, Maurena Sue, Moul- fon, Fresh., Pharmacy 'QRS wg:-wx 4 1 fa, X l X X X I'-35 af' Cf? li ff: 'K 'fx E'-17' 'Y if 'LS fvv 151 . fl, Zzi You a'on't have to salaam to Dr. Wright. 1 Stage fright is nothing to be ashamed of. Coolr, Joy Ann, Easf Poinf Ga., Fresh., Journalism Coolr, Lision Fosfer, B'ham. Fresh., Pre-law Coolr, Marsha Ann, Pell Cify Soph., Med. Tech. Cope, Marilyn Joyce, Fair- field, Fresh., English Copeland, Alice Mae, Alrron Ohio, Junior, His+ory Corlew, Elizabeih, Aberdeen Miss., Fresh. Corlew, Jimmie Ellen, Aber- deen, Miss., Junior. English Cornelius, Wilma Joyce, Gor- gas, Soph., Chemisfry Corr, Pairicia Anne, Mound ville, Soph., Physical Ed. Cosper, Barbara Ann, B'ham. Soph., Pre-med. Cosiello, Sam Marion, B'ham. Junior, Pharmacy Cohon, Judy Karen, B'ham. Fresh. Couniryman, Carol Lee, Sfelle Fresh., English Crawford, Joe Morris, Bes- semer, Junior, Pharmacy Cox, Bruce William, B'ham., Fresh., 'BA Cox, Douglas Neil, Carlers- ville, Ga., Junior, 'Music Crane, Nancy Gail, Somer- ville. N.J., Soph., Ed. Crawford, Linda Carol B'ham., Fresh., Mafh. Crawford, Lufher Glenn, B'ham., Fresh., Hisfory Crawford, Rebecca Jean, Af- lanfa, Ga., Fresh. Crews, Carol Dianne, Dofhan, Soph., Mafh. Crider, Nancy Anneice, Tar- rani, Fresh., Music Ed. Crocker, Felix Ronald, Chil- dersburg, Soph., Acc. Crosby, Freda Merle, B'ham. Soph., Re. P .-af" Don t ya ll have enough chairs? What women, Mr. Marlin? o I Cross, Carol Ru+h, B'ham.. Junior, Elem. Ed. Cruise, Julius Jesse, San Fran- cisco, Calif., Soph., Re. Culp, Brenda Louise, B'ham.. Soph., Home Ec. Curlee, Shirlee, Monfgomery, Soph., Foreign Language Cusired, Alfred Leroy, B'ham., Fresh En ineerin -- 9 9 Cu+cliFfe, Margaref Ann, An- nisfon, Fresh., Home Ec. DaGue, Pafricia Ann, B'ham. Soph., English Dameron, Gerry Kenneih B'ham., Soph. Dameron, Walfer Thomas B'ham., Junior, Pharmacy Daniel, Linda Gail, Thomas- fon, Ga., Fresh., Elem. Ed. Damsly, Abby Lee, B'ham. Fresh., Engineering Danford, Pafricia Diana, Shaw- nuf, Soph., English Darabaris, Roberi' Samson. B'ham., Junior, Pharmacy Davis, Charles Marcus, Piffs- burgh, Pa., Soph., Pharmacy Davis, Chrisiina B'ailey, B'ham., Junior. Social S+udies Davis, Janef lna, Gadsden, Soph., English Davis, John Oscar, Gadsden, Soph., Pharmacy Davis, Linda Elizabefh, B'ham., Fresh., Mafh. Davis, William, B'ham., Junior, Accounfing Dawson, Jeanne Lewis, Mo- bile, Soph., Soc. Dean, Gary Ausfin, Cullman, Fresh., Pharmacy Dean, Glenda Elaine, B'ham., Fresh., Med. Tech. Deason, Cynfhia Lou, B'ham., Junior, SDA Deems, Sherry Suzanne, Ai'- lanfa, Ga., Fresh. DeMoss, Nancy Ann, Decafur, Fresh., Home Ec. Denney, Tyre, Leeds, Junior, Hu. Re. Denson, Nancy Kay, B'ham., Soph., Med. Tech. Dichiara, Mary Jo, B'ham., Fresh., Physical Ed. Diclrerson, S+anley Gerald, Fairfield, Fresh., Re. Diclcey, John Harwell, Hunfs- ville, Junior Dillard, Richard Leroy, B'ham., Fresh., Music Dixon, Harrio++, B'ham., Jun- ior, Soc. Sc. Doerfler, Donna Sue, B'ham., Soph., SDA Dorough, Luvenia Nan, Bes- semer, Soph., Elem. Ed. Dorrough, David Sfanley. B'ham., Fresh.. Biology Dorse'H', Diane, B'ham., SDA . ffi K RX xx 'rf' 'I5 me-"' It h gfx C' PIR "Vi, undergraduates C 'ON f-X Q ,pf I 261 ,Q I l . Doss, Larry Frank, Morris, Junior, Pharmacy Dofy, Jacob Johnslon, Troy, Junior, Pharmacy Doughion, Walfer Wayne, B'ham., lrr. Douglas, James Harry. B'ham., Fresh., Music Ed. Dozier, Sarah An+oineH'e, B'ham., Junior, Soc. S+udies Drake, Linda Lee, B'ham., Fresh. Draper, Larry Ward, B'ham., Junior, Re. Draughon, Linda 'Cheryle, Do- +han, Fresh., Elem. Ed. Driver, Ted C., Haleyville, Soph., Chemislry Drummond, Judy Ann, B'ham., Fresh., Acc. Durmmond, Phyllis Dawn, B'ham., Junior, Home Ec. Drummons, Bobby Wayne, Mulga, Fresh., Engineering Duckworlh, George Randall, B'ham., Soph., Chemisiry Duncan, Daniel Wendell, Ber- ry, Junior, His+ory Dunn, Anna Eileen, B'ham., Soph. Durden, Becca Frances, Moni- gomery, Soph., English DurreH', Clarissa Glass, A+- lanla, Ga., Junior, Pre-med. Dykes, Merlyn Faye, Mascou- +ah, III., Soph., Ari' Eades, John Marlin, Tarrani, Fresh., BA, Pre-law Early, Rebecca Ann, B'ham., Soph., Com. Ed. Easferling, Lynn Wesley, Clanion, Junior, Ed. Eas+man, Terry, Monfgomery, Soph., English Edmondson, Harry David, Guniersville, Soph., Bi. Edwards, Donnie Frank, Eu- faula, Fresh., Engineering Edwards, Vivian Smilh, B'ham., Soph. Elder, Helen Cornelia, B'ham., Junior, Pharmacy Ellis, Barbara Ellen, B'ham., Fresh., Physical Thera py Ellis, B. Kaye, Lipscomb. Fresh., English Ellis, Gilmer L., Harlselle, Fresh., Physica Ed. Ellis, Sydney Howard, B'ham., Fresh., Hisfory Ennis, Franklin Jess, B'ham., Irr. Bi. Ennis, Mifchell Lewis, Carbon Hill, Junior, Pharmacy Epperson, Joel Vaughn, Mo- bile, Junior, lndus+rial Managemenf Epperson, Linda Susan, Mo- bile, Fresh., SDA Epperson, Mary Elizabefh, Mobile, Soph., English Espy, Marilyn Elaine, Head- lancl. Soph., Marke+ing Efheredge, Beverly Jean, Saliipa, Fresh., Bi. Evans, Glenda Ellen, Pensa- cola, Fla.. Soph., Elem. Ed. Evans, John Douglas, Sheffield, Junior. Pre-law Evans, Roy Gasfon, B'ham., Soph., Maih. Everage, Eva Rebekah, Brew- fon, Soph., Mafh. Fain, Marfha Anne, Eufaula, Soph., Elem. Ed. Fairclolh, Palsy, Monlgomery, Fresh. Fallcner, James Edgar, B'ham., Soph., Bi. Fancher, John Howard, B'ham., Fresh., Pre-med. Farringlon, Woodrow, B'ham., Soph., Acc. Fel+on, Jim L., Russellville, Junior, Ed. Felfon, John H., Russellville, Junior, Ed. Ferriera, Beverly Ann, Jacl- sonville, Fla., Fresh., Nursing Findlay, John Brown, B'ham., Fresh., His'l'ory Florie, Judiih Marie, Augusfa, S .Car., Soph., English Flowers, Kale, Covingfon, Tenn., Fresh., Hisfory Folsom, James David, Miami, Fla., Junior, Hisfory Foofe, Sfephen Durden B'ham., Fresh., Engineering Forbus, Palricia Dean, Kelly- 'fon, Junior, Home Ec. Forehand, Rex Lloyd, Enfer- prise, Soph., Chemisfry Forresler, H. Dixon, B'ham. Soph., Finance and Ins. Fowler, David Wayne, B'ham. Soph., Malh. Fox, William Neill, B'ham. Junior, Hislory Franklin, Ronnie Melvin, Ad- ger, Fresh. 'Ni Ne' , Q'-nr - ' 'rw -nf V- , .1 6554 . F 1? ZN- fv- Mi I. , I -xi. K.. Where did my dale go? These orgies are getting me down Frazier, Pamela, Riverview, Fresh. Freeman, Norma Jean, Do- +han, Fresh., Ar+ Freeman, Sfephenie Ann, B'ham., Soph., Sociology Frey, Clinion Lee, B'ham., Fresh., Physics Friih, Sharon Gale, Grove Hill, Soph., Elem. Ed. Fuller, Diann, Monigomery, Soph., Elem. Ed. Fussell, Jaris Kafhleen, Prich- ard. Junior Physical Ed. Fussell, William Collins, Pana- ma Ciiy, Fla., Soph., Hisrory Gaddy, Carol Norma, Thom- asville, Soph., Elem. Ed. Gallman, Judi+h Dean, B'ham., Fresh. Gallman, Rawdon Lee, B'ham., Soph., Religion Gambill, James Ronald, B'ham., Fresh., Chemisiry Gamel, Billy Chilfon, Oxford, Fresh., Religion Gammill, George Davis, B'ha m., Fresh., Pharmacy Gardenhire, Jean Jusfin, B'ham., Junior, Hisfory Garmon, Milford Leon, Gads- den, Fresh., Religion GarreH', Sharon Lynn, B'ham., Junior, Maih. Garreff, George Harrison, B'ham., Law Gay, Jerry Marvin, Haleyville, Soph., Accouniing Gay, Linda Nell, Tarrani Cify, Soph., Physical Ed. Geniry, Emmanuel Joel, B'ham., Fresh., Physics George, Randy Larry, B'ham., Fresh., 'Chemisfry Gilbreafh, Gordon Larry, B'ham., Soph., Engineering Glaze, D. Anne, Bessemer, Soph., English , r I -Fil 8 f 5 'V- ' 53 rl I E I fhmk I 'V' 'N 'hi' Wffmg line No more haxrcuts 1 you're going to be on Shindig. ui Glaze, Judy Lee, Princefon, N.J., Soph., Elem. Ed. Gleafon, Kenne+h Wayne, Fairfield, Fresh., Mafh. Goe, 'Cara Grace, Foresi' Parlr, Ga., Junior Elem. Ed. Goff, Annane++e, Cordele, Ga., Junior, English Glenn, Roberl' Wayne, El- more, Soph., Business Golsan, Harry Evere'H', B'ham., Junior, Hislory Golson, Emily, Monfgomery, Fresh., Sociology Goodlel, Janice Gail, Hia- leah, Ga., Fresh., Hislory Goodwin, Doris Anne, Do- +han, Soph., English Goodwin, Glenda A., Selma, Soph., His+ory Goodwin, Kenneih Lee, Cull- 1 man, Fresh., Maih. Gore, Barbara Joyce, Bremer, Ga., Fresh., Pre-N ursing Gowan, Joe Perry, Hun+sville, Fresh., Den+is'fry Graham, Clin'I'on Harold, Henagar, Junior Phys. Ed. Granade, Samuel Ray, Ever- green, Soph., Hisiory Graniham, Elizabe+h Ann, Greenwood, Miss., Fresh., Medical Technology Graves, David Allen, Louis- ville, Ky., Junior, English Graves, George Fausfine, Tazewell, Tenn., Junior, Pha. Graves, Lena Bingham, Talla- dega, Soph., Mafh. Graves, William Raymond, B'ham., Fresh., English. Green, Jaclrie Lee, Camden, Soph., Elem. Ed. Greenwal+, Darrell Taylor, Liv- ermore, Ky., Junior, Pha. Gregory, Dorofhy Aline, Do- fhan, Junior, Maih. Grice, Roberf Earle, Dofhan, Junior, Religion Griffies, Charles Hugh, Chil- dersburg, Soph., Ins. 8: Fin. Griffin, Anihony Wayne, Syla- cauga, Soph. Griffin, William Boyd, Bes- semer, Soph., Pre-'Law GriFfi+h, Grace Noel, B'ham., Soph., Educa+ion Grimes, Marfha Anna, Opp, Junior, Social Science Grocholslri, William Allen, Faye'H'e, Fresh. Gross, Meg, Albany, Ga., Soph., Journalism Grunden, Claudia Sue, Hunfs- ville, Fresh., Elem. Ed. Gunfer, Gregory Craig, B'ham., Fresh., Biology Gusfin, David Michael, B'ham., Soph. Gwin, Royce Milfon, Carlers- ville, Ga., Fresh., Maih. Haddoclr, Carole Kay, Cull- man, Fresh., Accoun+ing l .1 ,i undergraduates .L-gn i ff! K-. , - fa it 'Six l l le as L- X Q"v 1237 if Q- Q-...Jr is 5 ,,,,:l . ? 1 53 2 3. ii 'ts E- ff' undergraduates I 1' X4 -N ,,, . 266 5:-1-7 U' fb. 5 . Hagood, Thomas Ward Jr., Aflania, Ga., Junior, Hisiory Halbrooks, Madeleine Rufh, B'ham., Junior Religious Ed. Hale, James Alfon, Monfgom- ery, Fresh., Pharmacy Haley, James Ellis, B'ham., Soph., Business Hall, Dianne Virginia, B'ham., Fresh. Hall, George Kennedy, Louis- ville, Ky., Fresh., Biology Hall, Nancy Rebecca, An- nisfon, Junior, Com. Ed. Hallmark, Henry, Tarrani Ci+y, Soph., Music Ed. Hamby, Thomas Evan, Wedo- wee, Junior, Chemisrry Hamilion, James Dee, B'ham., Fresh., Pharmacy Hamil+on, Richard Denny, B'ham., Fresh. Hamilion, William Charles, B'ham., Fresh., Accouniing Hamlin, Mary Carlene, Jasper. Fresh., Human Relafions Hamm, Samuel Jeff, B'ham., Fresh., Biology Harbison, Mary, Logan. Soph., Elem. Ed. Hardy, Alice Calhoun, Selma, Junior Harringion, Linda Cox, B'ham., Fresh. Harris, Henry Beechum, B'ham., Soph., Accouning Harris, Judy G., Sylacauga, Fresh. Harris, Roberi' Joseph, B'ham., Junior, Law Harrison, Grace Ann, Marion, Soph., Home Ec. Harrison, Kenneih Murray, B'ham., Junior, Chemisfry Hariley, John Ofhello, B'ham., Soph., Chem. Engineering Harvey, Sandra Kaye, De- cafur, Fresh., Biology Hash, Chrisfina, San Francis- co, Calif., Soph., Pre-Med. Haskew, Jean Clare, Mobile, Soph., English Haswell, George William, Hunfsville, Junior, Pre-Med. Haifield, Fred James, Tallas- see, Fresh., Physical Ed. Hawkins, Caryl Jean, B'ham., Fresh., Educafion Hawkins, Mary Linda, Roswell, Ga., Soph., Sociology Hayes, Jackie Harold, Ran- dolph, Fresh., Physical Ed. Hayes, Shirley Lemoyne, Tus- caloosa, Fresh., English Heafh, Clyde Willis, Jefferson- ville, Ga., Junior, Bus. Ad. Heafon, Billy Earl, B'ham., Soph., Religion Heilig, Nancy LoreH'a, B'ham., Junior, Elem. Ed. Helfon, Sonny, Annision, Fresh., Speech Henderson, Ben Byrd, Enler- prise, Soph., Bus. Ad. Henderson, James Edward, Campbellsville, Ky., Jr., Pha. Henderson, Linda Janelle, Eulaw, Junior, Com. Ed. Heron, Lloyd Douglas, An- nis+on, Fresh., Pre-Med. Hesse, Nancy Carol, B'ham., Fresh., Elem. Ed. Hildrefh, Bonnie Kafhryn, B'ham., Fresh., Physical Ed. Hill, James Allen, Decafur, Ga., Fresh., Pre-Law Hill, Janice, Bessemer, Soph., Elem. Ed. Hill, Linda Jane, Bay Minelie, Soph., Elem. Ed. Hill, Riclr, B'ham., Soph., Sociology Hilley, Larry Thomas, Annis- lon, Fresh., Religion Hillhouse, Joel, B'ham., Junior, Pre-Med. Hilson, Warren Wesley, Do- lhan, Junior, Pharmacy Hil+on, C. Norris, B'ham., Fresh., Religion Hinfon, Paulelle Susan, B'ham., Junior, Biology Hipsh, Larry, B'ham., Fresh., Law Hodges, James Donald, Scolfsboro, Soph., Pha. Hohn, Ed, B'ham., Junior, Law Holcomb, Lauren Riggs, Nash- ville, Tenn., Soph. Human Rela+ions Holland. Douglas Lynn, B'ham., Junior, Accounfing Holland, Roberf Milfon, Tus- cumbia, Fresh., Bus. Ad. Holland, Susan Ayers, Pell Cily, Soph., Music Holley, Lillian Averie++. Syla- cauga, Soph., Hisfory Holley, Nanlher John, Syla- cauga, Fresh. --,fy 'A Nota jo 3 g Q vw 0 J. '27 ,yi za 1, 1 ' 1 Km 'v 4 I LPQ' b, I want to be your sister. So Eve surrendered to a snake, so what? 267 'ai 41731 On .., QQ, IQ-C' L9 ...x 3- 43? ,- ..,.. if kr 'L- if l .av-"' N' .5 u-ff' SX? . Holliman, Ronald, Deca+ur, Soph., Engineering Hollis, Lainda Gail. B'ham., Fresh., Medical Technology Holloway, Waynard Andrew, Cullman, Junior, Pre-Med. Holr, Larry Farmer, B'ham., Soph., Business Ad. Hoolon, Rifa Dianne, B'ham., Fresh, Organ Hooion, Samuel Bayol, B'ham., Soph., Pharmacy Hoover, Tommy H., B'ham., Soph., Business Ad. Hoplxin, W. Sco++, Fi. Wal- ion Beach, Fla. Jr., Mu. Ed. Hopkins, Ka+hryn, B'ham., Junior, English Hopper, Joseph Wiley, - M+. Creelr, Soph., Physics Horne, Jana Helen, Thomas- +on, Ga., Junior, Home Ec. Horsnby, Michael Wayne, B'ham., Fresh., Bus. Ad. Hosmer, Sharrye Yoem, Broolc- wood, Soph., Home Ec. Hosfeifer, Wayne Ken'r, Jacksonville, Fla., Soph., Business Ad. Hough, Larry Keirh, B'ham., Junior, Pharmacy Hovaler, Rodney T.. Russell- ville, Soph., Business Hoven, Mary Virginia, Home- wood, Soph., English Hudson, Junwa+ia Jovoa, B'ham., Fresh., Home Ec. Hughes, Mary PauleH'e, Haleyville, Fresh., Ed. Hughes, Ronald Lee, Hur+s- bow, Fresh., Hislory Hulon, Richard Wayne, De- calur, Ga., Fresh., Hisfory Humphrey, Carolyn Dianna, B'ham., Fresh., Music Hursf, Florence Lillian, B'ham., Fresh., Ari Hurs+, Pafricia Gail, B'ham., Junior, English And now, direct from the Harlem riots. 268 But it's the only way I can hold them up. Husfon, James Leroy, B'ham., Junior, Hisfory Husfon, Michael Wood B'ham., Soph. Ingram, Carol Kay, B'ham., Junior, Hisiory Isbell, Marcia Faye, Monf gomery, Fresh., Hisiory Isbell, Roger D., Fairiied Soph., 'Church Music Jackson, BeH'y Jane, Vincenf, Soph., Music Ed. Jackson, James Robert Dade- ville, Soph., Pharma cy Jackson, James Teddy, Do- fhan, Junior, Pre-Law Jackson, 'Mary Helen, B'ham., Soph., His+ory Jackson, Ronald, B'ham. Junior, Music Ed. Jacobs, Paul Leslie, B'ham. Fresh., Bus. Ad. Jarref+, Marfha Ann, B'harn. Fresh., Elem. Ed. Jennings, Larry Wayne, An- nisfon, Fresh., Pharmacy Jernigan, Roberf Paul, B'ham. Fresh., Sociology Johns, Eliaberh Lurricia, Geor- giana, Soph., Home Ec. Johnson, Eliabefh Ann, B'ham., Fresh., Elem. Ed. Johnson, Kenneih Lawrence, La ne++, Fresh., Pharmacy Johnson, Mary, Dofhan, Soph., Sociology Johnson, Sharon Ann, B'ham., Soph., Maih. Johnson, Thomas Hilfon, B'ham., Soph., Pre-Law Johnson, William Wayne, Ab- beville, Soph., Music Ed. Johnsfon, Freddie Diane, E. Gadsden, Fresh., Elem. Ed. Jones, 'Caiherine Diane, B'ham., Junior, Hisfory Jones, Emory Philip, B'ham., Fresh., Music Jones, 'Gwen Marie, Cleve- land., Tenn., Fresh., English Jones, Kay Francis, 'B'ham., Junior, Educafion Jones, Judson Leafh, Huey- rown, Soph., 'His+ory Jones, Sharon Eliabefh, Men- fone, Fresh., English Jordan, Howard Allen, Foley, Soph. Jowers, Bruce Bradford, B'ham., Fresh., 'Biology Kealy, Pafricia Barbara, B'ham., Soph., Elem. Ed. Keirh, 'Consfance Judson, B'ham., Fresh., Journalism Kei+h, Judirh Ann, Irondale, Junior, Spanish 8: Elem. Ed. Keller, Susan Carol, Colum- bus, Ga., Junior, English Keney, Howard David, B'ham., Junior, Maih. Kennamer, Sandra Jean, Sco'f+sboro, Soph. Com. Ed. x"v s ".-5 35 'T s...f 2: L. ff" A ri.. . gg U , ' , 5 .N A L' ihrx L f Ki x ' undergraduates V uv- :QN V- ' Q57 " ,, 269 ""7 XV' A , .' af.: i "" 'f. '. 'Q ? 3 . . 3 ' Eli L 1331. - l I I L ,-4 , hm., 1 1 fs ,ad ze qa1', ..-I is .. ,, 'Qin 'vig , ik . .21 l ff MX X , . ri 1 'lmka ', -lf X v-'ff Ch' as Q.. Wi undergraduaies 189 YN ki T1 75 I-',,,os -ff" 1"LQ if ', f it 0. 'Vu ' 'vs .Xb l 270 Kennard, Beih Ann, B'ham., Junior, Ari' Kennedy, Karen Wafis, Greenville, Fresh., Ed. Kenf, John A., Siluria, Soph., Chemisiry Key, Mila Jean, Greensboro, Fresh., English Keyees, Mary Carolyn, B'ham., Fresh., Mafh. Kierce, James Brunson, Green- ville, Junior, Law Kilgore, Don H., Jasper, Junior, Business Killian, Trina Janice, Gadsden, Soph., Music Ed. Kimbrough, Terry Dean, B'ham., Fresh., Engineering King, Dema Jerome, Muscle Shoals, Fresh., Pharmacy King, Peggy Lynn, Chafia- nooga, Tenn., Soph., Ed. King, Rebecca Jane, Townley, Junior, English Kinney, William Fosfer, B'ham., Soph. Kirlcland, Kilby Lawson, Webb, Fresh. Kirkland. Janice Kay, Wesf Plains, Missouri, Soph., Physical Ed. Kirlcpafriclc, Joyce Ann, B'ham., Soph., Religion Kisser, Donald Ray, B'ham., Soph., Ind. Managemeni' Klein, Eugenia Rae, B'ham., Fresh., Psychology Knight Philip Michael, Gads- den, Junior, Pharmacy Kno++, David Parker, Greens- boro, Fresh., Physical Ed. Koninos, William T., B'ham. Koon, Mary Margaref, Shaw- mu+, Fresh., Home Ec. Kraclce, William G., B'ham. Kreider, Vernon Eugene, Ens- ley, Fresh., accounfing Kuylrendall, John Nelson, Ohafchee, Junior, Hisrory Lamb, Oscar Brasell, Lane'H, Fresh., Religion Lancasier, Marilyn Sue, B'ham., Fresh., Biology Landers, Madalyn Eve, Soufh Miami, Fla., Fresh., Sac. Mu. Lane, Mifzi Cecile, Benfon, Soph., Com. Ed. Lassefer, Janice Milner, Pin- son, Soph., Ed. Lawrence, Darlene, B'ham., Fresh., Music Lawrence, Kimsey K., Laurel, Miss., Junior, Pharmacy Lawrence, Polly Anne, FayeH'e, Junior Lawson, Charles D., Gadsden, Soph., Sociology Lay, Evelyn Elaine, Miami, Fla., Junior, Elem. Ed. Laz, Nancy Eileen, Miami, Fla., Fresh.. Elem. Ed. Lay, Owen W., B'ham., Junior, Music Ed. Leach, Carolyn Mary, B'ham., Fresh., Biology LeDoux, Lynda Ann, Hunis- ville, Soph., Mafh. Lee, George Alfred, B'ham., Soph., Pharmacy Lee,, Jerry Marshall, Decaiur, Fresh., BA Lee, John David, Alberfville, Fresh., Pharmacy Lee, Larry Horace, Garden- dale, Fresh., Religion Lee, Sandra Cade, Enierprise, Junior, Physical Ed. Lemley, Larry James, Bes- semer, Junior, Accounfing Leonard, Henry A., B'ham., Fresh., Pre-Law Leslie, James Henry, B'ham., Soph., Biology Levan, Ronald Linlc, Tarrani, Fresh., Pharmacy Levere++, James Harold, La- FayeH'e, Fresh., Pre-Denf. Levere'H, Thomas Eugene, LaFayeH'e, Soph., His+ory Lewis, Claudia Ann, Aflanfa, Ga., Home Ec. Lewis, Saundra, Pell Cify, Soph., Speech Liles, Deda Kafhryn, B'ham., Fresh., SDA Liles, Mariha Louise, B'ham., Fresh., Music Linderman, Gordon Wayne, B'ham., Junior Music Liiwiller, Susan Waniia, B'ham., Secrefarial Science Livingsfon, David Kelly, Mi. Olive, Miss., Junior., Pha. Logan, Margaref Rose, Moni- gomery, Soph., Religion Long, Margie Ann, Hariselle, Fresh., English Looney, Kenneih Hewell, B'ham., Fresh., Pre-Law .13 ,are L.,., h.-,--L,.L ., ,, . ,. I I Q' J., A C7 .l Fw 'Cz' r 93' 4.-Q Qi? 3 -as 5 SN 4 , vv A 3 " v Jp,,..s-...I N- -ee-.- l y 1 V , "7 5 'f A , - -L I .J ' 1 .A i . 'C . . 1 3 Q... ' 3 ' ' Q-- : ., J, ' 5 A F- S l K' 'TIA it. 9i:4Q .Q ,.s ,N r l 1 -wr: lfliixi 2. 2'-'ffl is a - Hold on to one roll of that. Playboy Phil050Ph7', in the Cfimfon 271 Lovell, Arfhur Wayne, B'ham., Soph., BA Lowey, Belly Jean, B'ham., Soph., Religion Lowry, Bobby Dean, B'ham., Soph., Religion Lucas, Dianne Margaref, Forf Wallon, Beach, Fla., Fresh., English Lucas, Kleob Bruce, B'ham., Fresh. Lulwer, Doris Eliabe+h, Good- wafer, Fresh., Medical Technology Lundy, William, Henry, Chaf- lanooga, Tenn., Fresh., BA Lulher, Barry Vann, Alberl- ville, Fresh., Biology Lynn, Jacquelyn Lynefle, lnn- olcalee, Fla., Fresh., Acc. Lynn, James Aubrey, B'ham., Junicr, Hislory Lyon, T. Edward, B'ham., Soph., Biology Lylle, Donald Eugene, Gads- den, Junior, Mafh., Hisfory McAlpin, C. Mifchell, B'ham., Junior, Pharmacy McAlpine, Rober+ Walson, Demopolis, Soph., Re. Ed. McCallum, Sharon Winona, B'ham., Fresh. McCary, Roberl Milfon, B'ham., Fresh., Physical Ed. McCay, James Roger, B'ham., Junior, Physical Ed. McClure, William Bryan, B'ham., Fresh., Pre-Law McCoy, Quinl' Hanes, B'ham., Junior, Pharmacy McCullough, Diana Clare, B'ham., Fresh., English McDanal, Clarence Eugene, B'ham., Junior, 'Chemisfry McDaniel, Lanney Rafael, Alexander Cily, Soph., Ed. McDonald, Joe Royce, Mid- wesi Cily, Olcla., Junior, BA McDonald, Rufh Marie, B'ham., Soph., Home Ec. 5.4 You get the goldfish What s a mce girl like you doing in a place like this? McDul7f, Milfon William, Fair- field, Soph., Religion McFerrin, Harris Edward, Greenville, Junior, Chem. McFrancis, Pafricia Joy, Truss- ville, Soph., Elem. Ed. McGill, Alber+ Oliver, Junior, BA McGinnis. Rosemarie, Annis- +on, Fresh., Secrefarial Sc. McGowin, William David, Bal- boa, Canal Zone, Jr., Re. McKee, Judifh Earl, Pasca- goula, Miss., Soph., Biology McKenzie, Michael Wayne, Tuscumbia, Fresh., Pharmacy McLaren, Elizabefh Jane, Wes? Palm Beach, Florida, Fresh., Pre-Med. McLean, Dana Jean, B'ham., Fresh., Elem. Ed. McLeod, Jimmy Ronald, Hazlehursh Ga., Jr., Hisfory McMichael, Marian Jeanne. Washinglon, D.C., Fresh., Sociology McNeill, George Robert B'ham., Soph., Physics, Mafh. McReynolds, Jane Marie, Thorsby, Soph., Elem. Ed. Mcswain, Sandra Dianne, Thomasfon, Ga., Soph., English McWhor+er, Douglas Lee, B'ham., Fresh. Maddox, Nesha Mayree, De- cafur, Fresh., Ma+h. Mahan, Judifh Carmen, B'ham., Junior. Ed. Maiors, B. Jaclcolyn, Columbia, S.C., Junior, Home Ec. Manderson, Pafricia Ann, De- cafur, Ga., Soph., Music Mann, Mary Nelda, Tallahas- see, Fresh., Elem. Ed. Mann, Pa+sy, B'ham., Fresh., Marlrefing Manning, Sfephen Russell, Monroeville, Fresh. Maples, Cafherine C., Fair- field, Soph., English Maring, Slephen Bernard, B'ham., Soph., Pharmacy Marrs, Sara Jim, Hueyfown, Soph., Mafh. Marsh, Susan Jane, Pinson, Soph., Sociology Mar+in, Eugene Leander, B'ham., lrr., Pharmacy Mar+in, Linda Joyce, Dofhan, Fresh., Elem. Ed. Marlin, Linda Sue, B'ham., Fresh., Elem. Ed. Marfin, Marilyn Kay, Gun+ers- ville, Junior, Music Ed. Mar+in, William Larry, De- cafur, Junior, Pharmacy Mason, Lewis E., Remlap, Junior, Hisfory Ma'H'ar, Philip John, Michigan Ci+y, Ind., Soph., Psychology Ma'Hhews, Mary Kay, B'ham., Junior, English Maxwell, Harvey, Lonnie B'ham., Soph., Pharmacy Qty S-I Q '-"' Q Sf . .rsh it 'Y' .P-as Mg.- if undergraduates K' gd-' 4-4' 4,224 Maynor, Rose Marie, Arab, Fresh., English Meadows, Johnny Charles. B'ham., Fresh., Pharmacy Medders, Orbie Lee, Annis- +on, Soph., Journalism Mellon, Charles Michael, B'ham., Fresh., Pre-Law Mensing, Beverly Lois, Blham., Junior, English Mesheiian, Wayne KH, B'ham., Soph., Physics Miclrwee, Ronald N., B'ham., Soph., BA Milas, Theodore Pafriclc, B'ham., Soph., Chemisfry Milford, Guy Windsor, Monfe- vello, Soph., English Milford, Rena Louise, LaneH, Fresh., Elem. Ed. Miller, Michael Leon, B'ham., Junior, Music Mills, BeH'e W., Roebuclr, Fresh., English Mills, M. Jane, Hunfsville, Junior, Pharmacy Mifchell, Charles Granf, B'ham., Soph., Pre-Law Mifchell, Michael Presion, B'ham., Soph., Pre-Law Miichell, Slyvia Sue, Fairfield, Fresh., Sacred Music Mi+chell, William Henry, Fair- field, Fresh., Ed. Moman, Aus+in Lee, B'ham., Soph., Religion Monroe, Karen Anne, B'ham., Fresh., -Music Ed. Monroe, Nancy Elizabe+I1, Miami, Fla., Fresh., English Moore, Brenda Jean, Fulion, Miss., Fresh., Pharmacy Moore, John Ernesf, B'ham., Junior, Pharmacy Moore, Linda Evelyn, Talla- dega, Fresh.. Ed. Moore, Noel Donald, B'ham., Fresh., Pharmacy Moorer, 'Roberf Edward, B'ham., Junior, Law Moorhead, T. Warren, Sfone Min., Ga., Fresh., Hisiory Mordecai, Davelaine, Glencoe, Fresh., Pharmacy Morgan, Henry Arfhur, B'ham., Junior, Sociology Moring, Mariha Jane, Do- ihan, Fresh., Elem. Ed. Morris Bufler, Junior, Biology Morris, Lesley Jean, Do+han, Soph., Hisfory Morrison Clifford Peyfon, B'ham., Fresh., Music Morrison, Kennefh Wayne, B'ham., Junior, Biology Morrison, Franlr, Lyons, Ga., Junior, Social Science Mullins, David, Oahu. Hawaii, Fresh., Religious Ed. Mullins, William Henry, Col- linsville, Fresh., Engineering Munch, Glenn Albion, Mobile, Fresh., Pharmacy Murphy, J. Truefi, Brew+on, Junior, Music Ed. Murrah, William A., Sco'H's- boro, Soph., Human Rel. Myers, 'Mar+ha Crysial, Moni- gomery, Soph., Biology Myers, Sandra Jean, B'ham., Fresh., Secre+arial Science Nabors, 'Charles Edward, Goodwaler, Jr., Pharmacy Nall, Mary Ann, Flomafon, Junior, English Neal, Perry David, B'ham., Soph., Religion Nelson, Nina Marie, Soph., English Newman, Harvey Ray, Phenix 'Ci+y, Soph., Religion Newfon, 'Michael Oscar, Ens- sley, Soph., BA Nichol, Vicfor Eugene, B'ham., Fresh., Chemislry Nichols, 'Charles Roberl, Gar- denclale. Soph., Pharmacy Nix, Dorcas Elizabefh, Carbon Hill, Soph., Elem. Ed. Nolin, Billye Jo, Brewfon, Junior, Elem. Ed. Nooiin, Aleda Rufh, Gadsden, Fresh., Biology Norman, Peier Dara, Deposif, Junior, Fin. and Ins. Norris, Margorie Kay, B'ham., Fresh., Music Nowell, Eugene A., Nashville, Tenn., Junior, BA Nuss, Diane Marie, Pine Hill, Fresh., Secre+arial Science O'Dell, Jerry Lynn, B'ham., Soph., 'Pharmacy Odom. Pamela Ann, Decaiur, Ga., Fresh., Secrefarial Sc. Officer, Hugh Franlrin, Sparfa, Tenn., Junior, Pharmacy Olive, Timo+hy Lee, Baguio Cily, Philippines, Fresh. .- --.,,g,, ,, 'Q ,F vb E1 ' 2 Q mi ....,,,,, .::,. 9. ? Does she or doesn't she? Rdid 275 ! Oliver, Kennefh Boyd, B'ham., Fresh.. English O'Quin, Donald Cleon, B'ham., Junior, Hisfory Owen, James Percy, B'ham., Soph. Ozmenf, Dessie Jean, B'ham., Soph., Secrefarial Science Pace, Tullis Edward, Moni- gomery, Soph., Law Padge'H', Bede Anne, Fair- field, Fresh., Religion Palmer, James Melvin, Ash- ville, Junior, Hu. Rela+ions Palmer, Sarah Ann, Aflanfa, Ga., Junior, English Parlcer, Beverly Ann, Hender- sonville, Tenn., Soph., Home Ec., Religion Parlrer, Gary Lee, Gadsden, Fresh., Pharmacy Parlcer, James Carl. B'ham., Fresh., Biology Parker, Wayne, Moulion, Fresh. Parlrman, Diane, Dofhan, Soph., Religious Ed. Parr, Margie Diana, Dofhan, Fresh., Religious Ed. ParreH, Pudy Lee, 'B'ham., Fresh., Religion Paschall, Palma Lynn, Nash- ville, Tenn., Soph., His+ory Pa'I'e, Elizabe+h A., B'ham., Junior, Sociology Pafe, John Dewie, Bessemer, Soph., Accounfing Pa+ferson, Jerry Lon, B'ham., Fresh., Engineering PaH'illo, Sandra Elaine, B'ham., Junior, Elem. Ed. Payne, Grover Cleveland, Mablefon, Ga., Fresh. Payne, Linda, Jasper, Junior, Elem. Ed. Payfon, Jimmy Bruce, Clanfon, Fresh., Religion Pearson, James E., Yazoo Ci+y, Miss., Soph., Mafh. There mus! be an easier way to clean the oors More fried grasshoppers? Peclc, Harold Gene, Florence, Junior, Law Peclr, Millon Andrew, B'ham., Soph., Marlceling Pendergrass, Billy Ralph, Col- linsville, Fresh., Religion Pendley, Howard Vann, A+- lanla, Ga., Fresh., SDA Penningfon, James Wallace, B'ham., Soph., Physics, Malh. Penny, Glenda Ann, Georgi- ana, Junior, English Perlrins, Palricia Ann, Thom- aslon, Ga., Jr., Home Ec. Pelers, Kennelh Earl, B'ham., Soph., Accounling Pelerson, Diana Joan, Do- +han, Fresh., Elem. Ed. Pelerson, Slanley Clyde, Do- lhan. Junior, Biology Phares, Chrisline Diane. 'Mo- bile. Soph., Com. Ed. Phillips, Ellen, Roanolre, Junior BA Phillips, Gerald Marshall, Sylacauga, Soph., BA Phillips, Timolhy Bruce, Owe- onfa, Junior, Accounling Pinson, Jane Ann, B'ham., Fresh., Biology Pi'H'man, Harold Wade, B'ham., Fresh., Music Ed. Pills, Charles Arvel, Gadsden, Soph., Pharmacy Pollel, Johnny Bapfisl, Or- Iando, Soph. Polloclr, Peggy Ann, Moni- gomery, Jr., Malh., Hislory Posey, Marfha Gaye, Decalur, Soph. Polfer, H. Wayne, B'ham., Junior, BA Powell, James Eugene, B'ham., Soph., Engineering Presley, Owen T., B'ham., Fresh., Personnel M'gmenl' Prince, Judy Faye, Esfillforlr, Junior, Social Science Prifcheff, Anila Eugenia, Do- lhan, Soph., Malh. Prosch, Charles Brady, B'ham., Fresh., Religion Prosch, Donald Grady, B'ham., Fresh., Biology Prui++, William Thomas, Gads- den, Junior, Religion Ramsey, Charles Edward, Greensboro, Fresh., lndus. Managemenl Ray, Tommy Dwighf, Nash- ville, Tenn.. Jr., Pharmacy Ray, Waller lrwin, Aflanfa, Ga., Fresh.. Pre-Denl. Redus, Roberl' Clarlre, B'ham., Soph., Marlreling Reece, Carole Ann, Aflan'I'a, Ga., Soph., English Reeves. Olis Carlfon, Monr- gomery, Fresh., Chemislry Reid, Denson Cunningham. B'ham., Soph., Engineering Reid, Michael Eugene, Mulga, Soph., Accounfing qv x,,XZ QQ. cr'37 I X . fi 'ii' 'er 'T 1' 0 I undergraduates J- , all fy K . x X x X-X "fi: P' I -e V 1 3 'ir 277 Reid, John William, B'ham., Junior, Biology Reynolds, Boyd K., Challe- nooga, Tenn., Junior, Phe. Rhodes, Linda Ann, B'ham., Junior, Biology Rice, Joy Frances, B'ham., Fresh., Elemenlary Ed. Richardson, Jarrell Wood. Columbia, S.C., Fresh., Bi. Richfer, Paul Vernon, Adger, Fresh., Biology Riddle, Emily Elizabelh, Gads- den, Soph., Home Ec. Riggs, Lee Randolph, Hunls- ville, Fresh., Malh. Riley, Deranda Elizabelh, Ev- ergreen. Junior, Hisfory Roberfs, Agnes Donalson, Dorhan, Fresh., Elem. Ed. Roberls, Alvin Ronald, Tus- kegee, Fresh. Roberls, James Edward, B'ham., Junior, Pre-Law Roberlson, Julia, Welumplra, Soph., Home Ec. Roberson, Melinda B'ham, Fresh., Chemisfry Robinson, John Wayne, B'ham., Junior, Pharmacy Robinson, William Leon, Ap- aplra, Fla., Soph., Biology Robison, Donald Gene, De- calur, Junior, Religion Rodgers, Judifh Anne, Brew- +on, Fresh., Psychology Rodgers, Thomas Lee, Brew- lon, Junior, Mafh. Rodgers, Virginia Aline, B'ham., Fresh., Com. Ed. Rodgers, Virginia S+ewar+, B'ham., Fresh., Malh. Rollins, Frances Lucile, B'ham., Fresh., Journalism Rose, Linda, Monlgomery, Fresh., Elem. Ed. Rowell, Llewellyn Lewis, B'ham., Soph., Biology Rubin, Bruce Franlclin, B'ham.. Fresh., Pharmacy Rudd, Carolyn Anne, Ozarlr. Fresh., Music Rush, William Edward, Pell Cify, Junior, Sacred Music Rushing, Franlc, Decalur, Fresh., Law Russell, Joe Demar, B'ham., Fresh., BA Russo, Andrew William. B'ham., Junior, Physics Rulledge, Edwina Winslow, Phenix Cily, Jr., Hislory Rye, Jame William, B'ham., Soph., Accounfing Salfer, Pafricia Ann, B'ham., Fresh., Sociology Salvage, Bradley Dean, Soph., BA Sandefer, Richard Ellis, Ml. Bioolr, Fresh., Hu. Relafions Sanford, Leonard Edward, B'ham., Fresh., Pre-Law Sanfore, Johnny Ernesf, B'ham., Soph., Pharmacy Sasser, William C., B'ham., Junior, Pharmacy Saunders, BeH'y S., B'ham., Junior, Home Ec. Saunders, Earl B., Abbeville, Junior, Accoun+ing Schilf, Eugene Harold, B'ham., Soph., Ind. Managemenl Scifres, Marianne, Wesl Hel- ena, Arlc., Junior, SDA Sco++, Mary Judifh, Foley, Junior, English, Journalism Sco'r+, Michael Hugh, B'ham., Soph., Pharmacy Sco++, Sandra Faye, B'ham., Junior, Elem. Ed. Seiberl, Carolyn Mae, B'ham., Fresh., Music Sellers, Eva Merel, Prichard, Junior, English Sellers, William Duncan, Mo- bile, Junior, Law Senfell, Marie, Ashland, Junior, Com. Ed. Shaclcelford, Waller Enslen, Ashland, Fresh., Physical Ed. Shaffer, Charles Lamar, Mo- bile, Fresh. Shaffer, Roberf Randolph, Or- lando, Fla., Soph., Religion Shannon, James Harry, Talla- dega, Soph., Pre-Law Sharpe, Laird Jaclcson, B'ham., Fresh., Pre-Law Shay, Daniel Palriclc, Leesburg, Fla., Soph., Pharmacy Sheefs, Ralph Alexander, Leeds, Soph., Ma+h. Sherer, John Minfer, Do+han, Fresh., Chemislry Sherman, John Toney, B'ham., Junior, Pharmacy Sherrill, Pamela Rufh, Gads- den Soph Hislor . -. y Shierling, Sharyn Lee, Colum- bus, Ga., Soph., Sociology 'X il 95 14:4 tv' wer X ' 's XXX- Is it me or my trophy? The food can'l be that bad! 279 Shipp, Billy Joe, B'ham., Junicr, Accouniing Shipp, Larry A., B'ham., Junior, Pharmacy Shirley, John David, B'ham., Soph., Religion Shirley, Susie, Kaleen, De- cafur, Fresh. Shurber, Edwin Randall, B'ham., Fresh., Law Shulmisfer, Jelifrey Alan, B'ham., Fresh., Engineering Shurbet Waller Donald, B'ham., Junior, Pharmacy Sides, Rebecca J., B'ham., Junior, English Sills, Edward J., Falls Church, Va., Soph., Biology Simonfon, John H. Hueyiown, Soph., Pharmacy Sims, Alvin Lamar, Lanefi, Fresh., Accounfing Sims, Arnold Roy, B'ham. Fresh., BA Sims, Jerry Gayle, Johns. Fresh., Engineering Sirles, Ann Marie, B'ham., Fresh., Soc. Siemore, Joe Lee, B'ham., Soph., Forresiry Sizemore, Ru+h Lee, B'ham., Fresh., Chemisiry Slcelfon, Donna Lauren, B'ham., Fresh. Slrel+on, Nancy Lynn, B'ham., Soph., Elem. Ed. Slade, Ralph, B'ham., Soph, Smiih, Ann Marie, New Hope, Fresh., Music Smifh, Claudia June, B'ham., Soph., Home Ec. Smifh, Doris Carolyn, Chai- fanooga, Tenn., Jr., Soc. Sc. Smifh, Elisha Balmer, B'ham., Business Smi+h, Ernesi Eugene, Mobile, Junior, Biology v Q ' 1. S But I did use a deoderant who switched my calendar? Smifh, Glenda M., Couriland, Fresh., Pharmacy Smifh, Harold Slanley, B'ham., Soph., Physics, Mafh. Smi+h, Herberf Allen, B'ham., Fresh., BA Smifh, Joseph Harden, B'ham., Junior, Accouniing Smifh, Julia, Thorsby, Soph., Biology Smifh, Julian Ray, Dofhan, Fresh. Smi+h, Margare+ Sylvia, Chaf- +anooga, Tenn., Fresh. Smilh, Shelfon, H., Sferrelf, Fresh., BA Smi+h, Vicky Susanne, Moni- gomery, Fresh., Music Smifhco, Hazel Jo, B'ham., Junior, English Snyder, Maurine Luckie, B'ham., Junior, English Solley, Pafsy J., Talladega, Soph., Com. Ed. Spangler, David Wade, Park- ersburg, W. Va., Junior, Pharmacy Spears, V. Roy, Opelika, Fresh., Religion Speed, Doroihy Frances, Jackson, Miss., Junior, Pha. Spurrier, Thomas Edward, B'ham., Fresh., Engineering S+aggs, Jacob Wayne, Monie- vallo, Soph., Maih. Sfanford, Sfanley E., B'ham., Junior, Pharmacy Sfarr, George Leon, B'ham., Junior, Music Sfarr, Joseph Barron, Pensa- cola, Fla., Soph., Hisfory S+a'l'on, Roy Quinfon, Oneonfa, Freshman, BA Slave, Dale Clifford, B'ham., Fresh., Law Sfebbins, Rumon LaRoy, Ci+- ronelle, Junior, Religion Sfephens, Kafherine E., B'ham., Soph., Elem. Ed. Sfephens, Laura Elizabefh, Roanoke, Fresh., Home Ec. Sfephens, Linda Faye, B'ham., Fresh., Mafh. Siephenson, Edgar Carlfon, B'ham., Soph., Fin. and Ins. Sfephenson, Ernesf Winn, B'ham., Fresh., Pre-Med. Sfephenson, Hugh Wafson, Parrish, Soph., Pharmacy Sfevenson, Doroihy Joan, B'ham., Junior, Physical Ed. Sfewarf, George Ray, B'ham., Junior, Religion Sfewarf, Jack Durwood, B'ham., Fresh., English Sfewar+, Pa'Hy Lee, B'ham., Fresh., Elem. Ed. Svfewarl, Richard Thomas, B'ham., Fresh. Seillwayon, Queniin Oscar. B'ham., Fresh., Pre-Law S+one, Virginia Gail, Sferreff, Fresh., Elem. Ed. l +1 GK . - x '13 .nf ,r-.14 gs i SPX ar" 3 'Q' N ,sg 1-. .fs li i 'I' l "LT x undergraduates sup' rv 15' ao- f -5? sg! ,Q , ,, jfilifgv X' ifffs 'xiii . X - My f 1 , ' 'Q xx ,X undergraduates hw., 1:--r I I. s -SL 4. Qs... K .--9 A .-'DK 423 'a 282 1-f" WY . 11" .J Sfeppelbein, Malcolm, B'ham., Fresh., Hisiory Sforey, John Warren, Dofhan, Fresh., Accounfing Slouf, Michael Bruce, Mill- brook, Soph., Ma+h. Sfreef, Mariha Alice, Annis- 'l'on, Soph., Elem. Ed. Sfriclrland, James Cliffon, Florala, Junior, Hisfory Sfringer, Maryann, Jaclrson, Soph., Music Siringer, Meryl Panice, Ciiro- nelle, Fresh., Elem. Ed. Slrom, Carolyn Louise, Union, S.C., Fresh., English Sfroud, Ronald Saxon, B'ham., Fresh., 'Chemislry Sullivan, John William, Moni- gomery, Junior, Religion Sullivan, Mar+ha Anne, B'ham., Junior, Biology Summer, Pa+ricia Ann, Reyn- oldsburg, Ohio, Fresh., Home Ec. Swafzell, Roy Huberf, B'ham., Fresh. Sweaff, Gary Allen, Leeds, Fresh., Hisfory Swedenburg, Marfha Ann, B'ham., Fresh., Sociology Sweeis, 'Cordelia Harrie++, Chaffanooga, Tenn., Junior, English Swindall, Judge Anne, Syla- cauga, Fresh., Elem. Ed. Tarranfs, Wayne, Beaver Dam, Ky., Junior, Pharmacy Taunfon, Clara Janice, Talla- dega, Soph., Sociology Taylor, Charles Siocldon, Hunisville, Soph., Business Teas, Charo+1'e Ann, Melrose Parlr, III., Fresh., Home Ec. Terry, Margaref Ann, Decafur, Fresh. Thomas, 'Carolyn Treuilen, B'ham., Soph., Home Ec. Thomas, Johnnie Carol, B'ham., Fresh., Music Ed. Thomas, Ralph Middleion, B'ham., Fresh., 'Chemis+ry Thompson, Barbara Elisie, Selma, Soph., Maih. Thompson, Fred Vaughn, Sulli- genf, Soph. Thornion, James Marvin, B'ham., Junior, Physical Ed. Thornion, Roberl' Earl, B'ham., Fresh., Religion Thornion, Shannon JeFferson, Wildwood, Fla., Soph., Pha. Thrash, William Arfhur, Clan- +on, Soph., Hisiory Tidwell, Brenda Sue, B'ham., Junior, Secre+arial Sc. Towry, Susie Mae, B'ham., Soph., Elem. Ed. Trawiclr, Pamela Eunice, Va. Beach, Va., Soph., Elem. Ed. Tubb, Richard Mason, B'ham., Soph., Human Relaiions Tucker, Beffy Joyce, B'ham., Fresh., Music Tuggle, Judy Gail, Quinlon, Fresh., Music Ed. Tuggle, Mamie Esfelle, Jeffer- son, Junior, Home Ec. Turner, James Gary, A+lan+a, Ga., Soph., Music Ed. Tyler, Barbara Ann, B'ham., Soph., Elem. Ed. Tyra, Julius Owen, Hamillon, Junior, Pharmacy Underhill, Thomas Manley, Havana, Fla., Jr., Pharmacy Vaughn, Glenda Carole, An- nisfon, Fresh., Elem. Ed. VanderVoori', William Franlc, Cha++anooga, Tenn., Fresh., Pre-Med. Veazey, Kenne+h Warren, Fo- ley, Soph., English, Religion Vedel, George C., B'ham., Junior, Pre-Denr. Verchof, Junius, Huey'l'own, Soph., Pre-Law Viclcery, Jack Royace, Lalie Wales, Fla.. Junior, His+ory Vincenf, Richard Lee, B'ham., Junior, BA Vines, Franlrie Davis, Haley- ville, Fresh., Pre-Med. Vinson, James Dale, For+ Wal- fon Beach, Fla., Fresh., Pre-Law Wade, Kalenna Ann, B'ham., Fresh., Elem. Ed. Wade, Randall Wearfh, B'ham., Fresh., Chemisfry Wade, William Ray, Head- land, Soph., Religion Waldrop, Roberl Emerson, B'ham., Fresh., Sacred Music Wallcer, Charles Hearn, B'ham., Fresh., Sociology Wallcer, Donna Lynn, B'ham., Fresh., Ed. Walker, Rex Gordon, B'ham., Soph., Engineering, Mafh. Waliers, 'Mary Jill, B'ham., Fresh., Home Ec. Ward, Judy Ann, Bren'l', Soph., Medical Technology K -gr. ps W 3 fs? .219 ig so ,,, A we dzi ly' Ill 5-'li -5-at '33 I--Q "--6 New gi Fd' HJ Grub ,....,f5 W p. Q11 , I - sam. , xii - , Let's leave. Boy, required reading's getting better than Peyton Place. 283 , V 9.1- ,YB li ff' , . I . 1? A E U 5. li, O ' ..,. 'A' 5 L' -' 'T' 'KZ'.'7" , Ru i .-Q. i yt. I . -., . 4-. -...V H 'UNE- -. 1 .gif 6:-.4 'SEZ' ' 1- .Q ef is, r fir X, 'X I9 '+P-if Gig,-f Warhursl, O. Lavern, Camp- bell, Junior, Pharmacy Warren, Dennis William, B'ham., Junior, Physics Warren, James Complon, B'ham., Soph., Arl Warren, James Edward, Will- oughby, Ohio, Fresh., Ed. Warren, James Ronald, B'ham., Junior, Pharmacy Warren, Jerry Sue, lrondale, Junior, Journalism Warren, Sara Jo, Foresl Parlr, Ga., Fresh., Ed. Warren, Susie, Pompano Beach, Fla., Jr., Elem. Ed. Walsaw, Rila Jean, B'ham., Soph., Elem. Ed. Walson, Mary Ann, Maples- ville, Fresh., Sacred Music Walls, Kennelh Joe, B'ham., Junior, Eg., Physics Wayne, James Clifford, Chip- ley, Fla., Junior, Religion Wealhers, Jimmy Dan, B'ham., Fresh., Pre-Denl. Webb, John Powell, Camden, Fresh., BA Webb, Nancy Carol, B'ham., Soph., Malh. Webb, Sharon Joyce, B'ham., Junior, Ed. Websler, Slanley Horlon, B'ham., Fresh., Pharmacy Weelrs, Carol Tina, B'ham., Fresh., SDA Weems, Sandra Faye, 'Oneon la, Soph., Elem. Ed. Weiner, Lewis I., B'ham., Fresh., Pharmacy Weldy, Marshall Chefler, Mo- bile, Soph., BA Wellord, Wallace Joe, Cilro- nelle, Junior, Accounling Wells, Rulh Allison, B'ham., Junior, Hislory Wesl, Allred Marlin, B'ham., Junior, BA I fl'- zahv' B- V 'i'i"l fi llf , Li' A:e"'g'-r""-- - will-edgy? ' hi.. Who put these eyes on Little Orphan Annie? They keep Iogking over this way. 284 Wes+, Jane Ellen, S+. Louis, Mo., Soph., Spanish Wesf, Linda Margarel, Car- rolllon, Ga., Soph., Elem. Ed. Wheller, George Joseph, Hunlsville, Junior. Re., Hi. Wheller, Ouida Elaine, B'ham., Fresh., Ed. Whirley, John Fred, B'ham., Soph. While, Charles Andrew, An- nislon, Soph., Business Whi+e, Doro+hy Dale, B'ham., Junior, Elem. Ed. Whi+e, Emily Rebecca, Do- fhan, Fresh.. Spanish Whiie, Haden Collier, B'ham., Fresh., BA While, James Roberf, Moni- gomery, Fresh.. Biology While, Jimmy Don, B'ham., Junior, Pharmacy While, Murray Collins, B'ham., Junior, Journalism While, Sidney Benne++e, Do- +han, Soph., BA Whifehead, Diane, B'ham., Fresh., Journalism Whilley, Joel Roswell, Green- ville, Ga., Junior, Pharmacy Whi+mire, Barbara Sue, Fyfie, Fresh., Eh. Whor+on, Judilh Leah, B'ham., Junior, Social S'l'udies Wiggins, Edi+h Virginia, Gads- den, Junior, Spanish Wiley, Dennis Wayne, B'ham., BA Fresh., Willrins, Nancy R., Decaiur, Soph., Home Ec. Williams, Ari, Phenix Cily, Junior, Sociology Williams Marfha M., B'ham., Soph., Elem. Ed. Williams, Ray Clayfon, Green- ville, Junior, Biology Williams, Sarah Ellen, Ha++ies- burg, Miss., Fresh.. Music Educalion Williams, Veronica Elaine, La- Grange, Ga.. Jr., Elem. Ed. Williams, Warren Allan, B'ham., Fresh., Pre-Law Willoughby, Asier Laura Ari+on, Fresh. Willoughby, Sarah Anne, Gor- don, Fresh. Wilson, Amy Lee, Arilon, Fresh., Business Wilson, Gary, B'ham., Soph., Pharmacy Wilson, Gloria Gene, B'ham., Soph., Secre'I'arial Science Wilson, Guy Harris, Aflan+a, Ga., Junior, Religious Ed. Wilson, Larry Fonza, B'ham., Fresh., Physical Ed. Wilson, Margarel' Jane, En+er- Soph., Sociology prise, Wilson, Michael L., Doihan. Soph., Pre-Law Mona McEwen, Leeds, Elem. Ed. Wilson, Fresh., gp .2 Cf 4315? 'h'x I 1 y. ,f' . 'vig as 'A N KEN' Us K. 1 -fi A I J l f-if Jf' 1? NX: 1g'N iv'-V 'tn' 1 f A ffm i .mag A Q-..... undergraduates 8 fi C ' ff?" l , I . - i s 11943 T?" -Y flu if f . Ygv fl, ,, 35- M 286 Zacharias, Dianna Rae, 'Miami, Fla., Soph., Eh. Zuiderhoelr, C. Fayne, B'ham., Business Managemenf Beafry, Caroline, B'ha m., Fresh., Elem. Ed. Powell, William David, B'ham., Fresh., Chemisfry 4 Wilson, Sylvia Claire, Annis- +on, Soph., Biology Windham, Rebecca Nell, Columbus, Ga.. Fresh., Pre-Law Windle, Marlha Lou, Re- form, Junior, Eh. Wingard, Joseph Cecil, Monigomery, Junior, Eh. Wolfslcill, George Ken, Deer- field Beach, Fla., Soph., Eh. Wood, Ann, Fairfield. Soph., Eh. Wood, Jennifer Pairicia, B'ham., Fresh. Com. Ed. Wood, Richard Hugh., B'ham., Fresh., Pharmacy Wood, Shirley Ann, Soph., Ed. Wood, Trrus Cobb, Pell Ci+y. Soph., Spanish Woodall, Marlon Augusfa, Thomasville, Ga., Soph., Journalism Woodall, Verna Claire, Desfin, Fla., Fresh., Elem. Ed. Woodard, Linda Suzanne, B'ham., Junior Woodruff, Chivers Richard, B'ham., Junior, Pharmacy WoodruFf, Franlrlin Eugene, B'ham., Junior, Religion Woodward, Dennis Osborn, B'ham., Soph., F-in. and Ins. Wren, Marilyn Carole, B'ham., Fresh., SDA Wrighf, Douglas Braxion, B'ham., Fresh., Chemisiry Wrigh+, James H., Harlselle, Junior, BA Wrighr, Nancy King, New Orleans, La., Fresh., Biology Wrighl, Paul Harold, B'ham., Soph., Maih. Wrighf, Roberf Earl, Bessemer, Soph., Music Wrighf, Thomas Claylon, B'ham., Fresh., BA Wrighr, Dillian Anrhony, B'ham., Fresh., Pre-Law Wynn, Marfha Nell, Gadsden, Fresh., Eh. Wynn, William Jefferson, B'ham., -Fresh., Law Yarnell, Brenda Florence, Cleveland, Tenn., Fresh., Maih. Yeaclrle, Henry John, B'ham., Fresh., Pre-Law Young, Mary Jane, Columbia, Ky., Junior, Pharmacy Youngblood, Malcolm Lamar, B'ham., Junior, Pharmacy V-I!ilh31 advertisers 287 JUST WONDERFUL FOOD RESTAURANT 81 SANDWICH SPA Mtn. Brook Village Delicious Slrip Tenderloin STEAK DINNER BonfieId's Famous For Young Fashions FIRST TO BONFIELD'S . . . Where young 2823 Soulh l8+h sl. faSInIIgnS. Homewood 879-4I3I are not Ilmlled to size . . . lhen lo HOWARD 0 FIELD' WATKINS I Hr. CLEANERS Central Avenue Phone 879-795I HOMEWOOD, ALABAMA Complimenls ol St francis H d P l to spend your Ieisu hours swimming or b k g h h f n Alabama S A I p d d f p I de dining, King's Inn Restaurant Th K ng's Inn Restaurant!-overlooking Pool and Patio-offers yo d fl selection, from delectable g p allies d Ilcious budget" meal ' Ily crea d I r famil travelers. I93O 29+I1Av. S. Homewood Phone 87I-0343 Compliments of GOLDEN FLAKE 'i EE Liu nh-es ' 31 zsnaususo law PIANOS I i FORBES . . ' 73Y sh ""T"' V N',,'!?,W IQ , . E Q g I I fmig' 52 A N D J 0 N J Q JI I II JIJQQ' s I ri N, ,, - . ' : Forbes has served the Music- L yzglj If Loving Public for Over eor li -8 Porlung Lot Next Door and Across Street X 1914 North 4th Ave. Ph AL I-4154 Anniston, Decatur, Gadsden, Montgomery, Florence 288 Locoted in the Student Union Building HOWARD COLLEGE BOOKSTORE Visit our new poper-bound book corner Selected ond Comprehensive Books of oll Types-Also stocked ore sweoters, "bulldogs," ond 'other novelties , f 7 71 ' L X K, .Y 5 , IVV Y 24I6 CANTERBURY ROAD HOMEWOOD, ALABAMA E i tl F fu Q iv " F o 4' wf ' P? Qi PLOTT BARBER SHOP Open 8 AM ,,.. Close 6 RM. Closed All Doy Wedrwesdoy Hgood to have you in Homewood" 2905 18th Sf., So. PHONE TR Q-6452 HOMEWOOD, ALA. Finest in Formals r ,. A .' Z ui ' A ff ,Zi I B U RC H , AND Cafiaoun 5 .SZOM P. 0. Box 5841 HOMEWOOD, ALABAMA 28I6 So. I8+h S+ree'r Five Poinfs W 'I' Homewood Shopping Ce QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS 11111111111111T1111 I I I I I AT THE STORE aff wbgoy M AT YOUR DOOR HOWARD Students prefer the banking convenience 5 of Exchange Security's Green Springs Office . . No ma'H'er whaf fype of financial service you need-savings accounf, checking accounf, or mosf any fype of loan-you'll find if af friendly Exchange Securify Bank. Join 'rhe hundreds of ofher Howard College sfudenfs and faculfy members who are now enjoying fhe personal and helpful affenfion fhaf comes wifh banking af our convenienf Green Springs office. Drop in for a visif soon. Your accounf-large or small-will be welcomed! Slcefch af righf shows fhe beaufiful Williamsburg archi- 'uw-it fecfural sfyle of our Green X Springs office which will be ' complefed in fhe spring of X" v 'S+ " ' E A-,,'.4.. , Y!! fha Ezzknolfg l EXCHANGE SECURITY Phofographed above are iusf a few of fhe many Howard College Mwanofmwnic sfudenfs who enioy fhe convenience of our femporary mobile office af fhe infersecfion of Carr Avenue and fhe Green Springs Highway. . E . -HL 1. L-W... .,,, 00 300 I xx mofxm 0141205 ' X-e-XE QA g .wif Pfafcfzwfsc- "' H' ,, Muni V-my 1 WATCH US THROW-THE GOOD FRESH DOUGH AT JIM DAVENPORT'S 2837 Cahaba Rd. 5 OO R D RUSSELL S, C rv Presidenr V-ce Chairman IO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Corner Pefficoaf Lane 8: Monfevallo Road Ml- Bm" V"'a9e MOUNTAIN BROOK, ALABAMA ' x., Q on Highway 280 1 1 1 E l i Eaf in, or fake ouf. Rex Hollis, Mgr. Phone 879-8603 PHONE 879-5748 291 QVICE EDGEMONT GUI-fi SE lillulil 111:-. 3-in si XY EDGEMONT GULF SERVICE Franlc F. Busenlelmer, Dealer 82I Green Springs Hiway Two PHONES Phone 879-9249 Quay Phone 879-9I88 O'Conner Sl1eII Service 263I Caliaba Road Birmingham, Ala. WRECKER SERVICE STEAM CLEANING COMPLETE MECHANICAL SERVICE rvallecy Jfnii SADF I908-A Sou+l1 29'I'l1 Avenue I-Iomewood. Alabama Blfmlhghdm, Louise L. Madden phone 87'-053' DAWSON EET NG OUR SP RITUAL NEEDS MEMORIAL M ' Y ' BAPTIST Sunday Scliool 9:40 A.M. Morning Worship 8:40 'and I I:OO Training Union 6:I5 Evening Worship 7:30 DR EDGAR M ARENDALL Paslor MISS BETTY PITTMAN, College Direcfor I Sludenl Day '63 5 'gs V . , -1 -,,....""' ....---- ,Q "' . ,g:A""' gall- ..--"""' ---1" -""" 5 -J-,,f-' ,..- i .4m,,..f-fv ..,.-- .A ..-4 F' W' ' : 371 1 'Q 'wld' 1 ,,:' B' :""-- :SK Go . . . well dressed Go . . . in confidence or HOMEWOOD E LSF.NI1IAl5!H,iJ H922 1 Eat At Uhr OPPER KETTLE SHOP Restaurant HIGH - KEL Jones Valley Brand Products JONES VALLEY SAUSAGE COMPANY HOMEWOOD I 127 - A-?e5rw2ui3 North 293 a 3. f , 5. Li, D D is :QI J l Sv, , DAR E P hk C 47:2 as - ' P' fi f- , -fix Kfxx X if V , r ilu 5 W ROAD .wg ,V -,, 'ffm ff 1.154 , ' W C ' '7 :nigh lg nt' i l l 3 9 m -me -'1'3i"1fl-leallhfig-1 r nay' C' if 5' in . ll, If Jill- 4: Come On Over To ms om 32 Mu.L V' jlre Wounfain goal' gapfisf Klzurcli Q02 .4 - ...L E 3631 Montevollo Rodd A F E HOwARo CA Mvus SHADES cneex PARKWAY LAKES D 'V b I ACT. Hone A E CLOVEJSIEAF M l f M Your Friendly Church Home Away lgrl'eJ53nCl:'3icoab hJ From Home :ii L Compliments of Howard College Alumni Association Compliment, of JIM and JlM'S Aulo Repairs 294 Homewood 87 I ,4636 Shop Newly Enlarged the Fashion Campus up for the 0,0 HQWARD Compliments of Un Homewood CO-ED Featuring Nationally Advertised DRESSES-SPORTSVVEAR-LINGERI E SKIRTS-SWEATERS-RAINWEAR 8 CHARGE Accoums imvireo 871-8823 ED CEITUN 3 I9 South 22nd Street THE SQUlRE'S SHOP Homewood Distinctive Apparel for Men Distributors of ond Young Men HAV-A-TAMPA CIGARS l Glrl team fun friends things g0 all go better refreshed 5 Coca-Cola never too sweet 'l gives that special zing. . .refreshes best. PAS PES. BAPTIST BooKsToRE 5 , SAVAGES MQEZGODI? BREGIDS , . 2OIl Third Avenue North FA 2-4492 f . Bakery and Epicure Shop Books ond Bibles of oll Publishers Everwhinq Delicious Out of Stock Items Speciol-Ordered 29I6 I8+h S+reel' Birmingham, Ala Phone 87 I -490l """""' Tp E MEWOOD 2912-I4 Souih I8Th Srreef ' Phone 871-7422 O SELECTED COED FASI-IIONS 0 FRIENDLY, PERSONALIZED SERVICE 0 GUARANTEED SATISFACTION SHADES MOUNTAIN BAPTIST CHUR H - '.Lf':r',:w"'?' ' ' --H-A ..2.'f2?t-9'i- f'f:4.?-'17 , 4. . -1555 r'Psf ,eg I REV. CARL I. GIERS, D. D. , -5 -jfzljffj' Ig: 4 . o z I.-.. -.2 5.12 - -. 1 - 'f .-fir" , ..:' PASTOR 'fx' ff ' HAROLD NEWBERRY MINISTER OF MUSIC MISS KATHERINE M DADE - ' ' DIRECTOR OF CHURCH ACTIVITIES Green Lone Sunday School ........................,.II.................. ...,........................, ......... 9 : 15 A.M. Morning Worship ,,.,,,.,.,I,,,,,,,,.,,,.,.,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,.,..,.,,,.,, ....... 1 0:45 A.M. Training Union fPreceded at 5:45 by Snack Supperj ..,.,,... ....... 6 :15 P.M. Evening Worship ...,,.....,,,,,..,,,.,s,,,,,.,,,,,,..,,.-,,,,,,,,,,.,,...,,.. ......... 7 :30 P.M. Wednesday - The Church at Prayer ...... ...... 7 :20 P.M. N3sT NWXSNN?? FLOORS MATERIALS 81 COVERINGS Commercial - "Since 1911" -Institutional Y- 'f R' "OT nut ET TTY RTOS-XTX 'F Tffgggect -A M3 it E Qf1l1iTT m.M 1:1 E. P. Cuthrell Flooring Company 140 Second Ave. North-Phone FA 2-1854 1 I 1 1 1 n 1 1 I I I 'I 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 i I i ,l gf QCUQCLO IMIRPIBPO HOMEWOOD 897-1929 GET TI-IE TI-IINOS YOU NEED A I-IURRY yyy y IN OPEN 7 A.M. TO ll P.M. 7 DAYS A WEEK Cold Drinks, Bread, Meat 81 Milk Health 84 Beauty Aids ALL 9 LOCATIONS: HOMEWOOD 1917 Oxmor Road behind 1-lills Grocery WEST END 17th St. S.W. NORWOOD 1200 North 24th Street MONTGOMERY 1-l1WAY 1492, at Columbiana Road GLEN OAKS Noila Street and l-luntsville Ave. CLAIRMONT AVE. 3020 Clairmont Ave., next to Boques CENTRAL PARK 4928 Avenue "O" CENTERPO1NT ROAD 1109 Centerpoint Road, at the "y" EASTWOOD MALL No. 4 Oporto Avenue, tacing Eastwood Bowl Need books . . All kinds HAWKINS BOOKSTORE 1909 Oxmore Road j 'Y .. ii? if , 47 , .. 0-A 515615 x Q V7 iT's FINGER LICKIN' sooo!" x ""1fxj X 5? X 'g as' xg. 1 Q Q I r T- L, 'T A,-, z f'T V-'T ll 1 1 ' Tl - sue 11 1 A f.. 1 I X 1 , 1 VARNER BROS. RESTAURANTS, INC 1720 Third Avenue West Birmingham, Alabama 787-5233 I3 a college diploma olEQlMf1Qfi N0 VNU uw uv! so V U vuuw umm V00 Ml li Il ll tu WI Nl nvuu- 'WVIQQVUVIU 0 un U 'U xlln annum. YUVIVNUI v vt U Vilvilivuvhlv INV!! in uvuo 101010 lm xluvyga yeuuav U VIIIV uuvnu VNV!!! 6LV"'ff - VllvqsVl:!V!N'Xll' ens the door to many careers No matter what business or profession you have chosen as a career, life insurance will play a vital role in your future planning. Not only is life insurance important as a security measure, it also creates an immed- iate estate for you while you are growing in your chosen life's work. There is a well- trained Liberty National representative who can help you as he has helped so many other men plan their life insurance program. J Fl LIBERTY NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA SINCE fx X 1859 Shop AWP Where the values are! Get cash savings . . . ancl valuable plaid stamps THE CPLAY ATUKNYIC G PACIFIC TIA COMPANY, INC i AMIIICNS llfllbllfl IMI NIICIIAI1 Stl!! IIS! Zlowers for all occasions cwenlaorf jdiridfd Edgemont RESTAURANT 8 LOUNGE open daily Highway 78 East Phone 595-2777 Smart Girls Your Year-Round Key To Fashion MOUNTAIN BROOK CRESTWOOD 871 -907.5 592-036i Compliments ot Dixie Sporting Goods Co. 2101 :ara Ave, So. FA 3-7126 h f 1 . I Y56?!,. 'vs 1 f 51, C.iriiriIiiiif1iits ul A 'tt Melrose Ice Creom Store 4 l . -.fluff Ifiiiiitririiiifiiy Ili Wfriy Ilii- ICI--,I IVIiIlf,',Iirilsef', iii Iriwiiu Compliments ot CITY PAPER COMPANY ,I-I .ix .ff -Av , -v 9 'Xu 1 I i- ,.... c ,ts .' ' , U A-4-'. I-.4'. ,,4. Alf. , A "rf", I., ,.'7,.- wi . . -ii nf 'Sigh 'will' ' ,W 'J-rl., -J.-, 53' ,I , I .r . . ,..'sf.,-.-:1--',. .. RELAX AT THE 3700 First Avenue North PM It M555 UIIK GRUVE GULF CENTER "BirrningI1orri's Oldest Poper Compony Est, 1897" 6I8 Sal: Grove Rd. 879-920I Compliments ot DINE WITH 'iff T , x x '19 Us I Ellie I rttUmmtti,a,I a+ msrmxcs COMPANYOFAMERICA ovogd ordinary agency 2Ol9 Highland Ave. Phone 372-66I3 'llln lgq 5.--lllfs GREEN SPRINGS ic Davis 162- Graduates and Seniors Have you investigated a career in the expanding lite insurance industry? Call me. Lets talk about if. J. Wm. Hines Agency Manager Compliments of HUMBLE OIL AND REFINING C0 Mabukcqf 301 .1. - xlib- 2, tty I-A N 1413 Montgomery Hwy Phone 822-1615 Best Wishes From Russell's Photo Supplies Southside Baptist Church For Howard College Sludenls mmm Jgfksonf PGSTOV 4I8 IQTH 322-76I8 19th ST. Gnd 11th Ave, South 1 iii 91 l tt ,tty 1 N! Pig Trail Inn Where Howard Sfudenls Come By Choice-Nof Chance 281 I l9+h Pl. S. 879-9285 RRLQQETXLET Be .fare With PURE 'Wx HJ. - SPIDER E Follow the Hfebffd FIVE OF THE SOUTH'S FINEST FUNERAL HOMES Brown Service Funeral Home 2507 I2+h Ave. N. Johns-Ridoufs Funeral Parlors ZII6 8+h Ave. S. Ridou+'s Valley Chapel I800 Oxmoor Rd.-Homewood Ridouls-Brown Service Funeral Home Roebuck Chapel 9060 Gadsden Road Johns-Ridoufs lv1or+uary Elmwood Chapel 303 l5I2 Monfevallo Rd. S.W. Bowl. '- ...f ' + . . ,..'........ I F-31 T lr : - :Lin ea E E T- T' --3 TTY?- HOMEWOOD LANES 430 Green Springs Highway HOUSE OF FAMILY FUN Robert Ross, Manager 87l-738I ..4 E... gnu SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS BINGHAM'S VESTAVIA Shell Service 728 Montgomery Hwy. Vesiavia Shopping Center PAULS SERVICE STATION 2908 So 20+h S+ a+ Oxmoor Rd. Homewood "We're always open" HOWARD STUDENTS Among us, Howard College is very important, but, incredible as it may seem, it is not a self-subsisting unit. The commercial world of dime stores, doctors, dairies, restaurants, shoe stores, apothecaries, banks, bowling alleys, jewelers, and manufacturers can not be forgotten. These our advertisers provide the necessities and lux- uries of life. Simultaneously through advertising, they aid in the production of this student publication. Pcrlronize Our Advertisers 304 F- You're looking inside the new American Steel Pipe Division plant recently completed at ACIPCO and now in production. This new facility means additional employment, additional production, and additional growth for ACIPCO and for Birmingham. As has been said before, the success of one contributes to the other. We're proud of our mutual progress. And as the nation knows the name of AMERICAN as a leading source of quality cast iron pipe and steel tubing, you can be sure our steel pipe will take its important position. The men and women of ACIPCO are proud of the part our company and our people have played in contributing to the civic and cultural growth of the community. Yes. . . it is nice to live in Birmingham. "Our 60th year of service. " AMERICAN CAST IRON PIPE COMPANY ' BIRMINGHAM, ALA. 305 RIDES ORLD EAUTIFUL EDDINGS Q7 Jgriclcs lworld rcquesfs fAc Pleasure ol lielping you with your wedding "from tlwe announcement to the alter," with our complete coordinated servicesp ol assisting you with your paper 'rrousseauf invitations, inlormals, naplcins, etc.: ol linding lor you llne rnost beautiful bridal gown in all The world? ol selecting with you the attendanlsf rriorliers', llower girls' dresses lieadress and slioes llinredlq ol taking your bridal picture in lllG same spot ol your lifting: ol bringing you guality and elliciency in pliolograpliy, belore, during and alter the wedding: ol Coordinating willw elegance and simplicity your wedding flowers and receptiong ol presenting a personalized design witli your budget in mind: and ol freeing you llve Bride-To-Be, ol a llwousand and one details, on this Day af Days i Your Wedding Day 1 Luxury Motel in downtown BIRMINGHA M 951 South 18th St. in Medical Center area l H. Boyd Barnard Edward E. Beason Carlton R. Cook Class of '50 Class of '28 Class of '60 ALUMNI OF HOWARD COLLEGE Representing , 'I7L l JI Li' TLCAL LIFE LVS UJYAJVCE COPIPAIVY Coordfnators 308 Farley Bld. 2126 f Vfh Avenue, South Mrs. Allen Morton Downtown Blwam 306 Blrmlngham' Alabama Mrs. Phyllis Bishop Teleplione 323-5702 .fdcluerfiriem We would like to acknowledge and thank these tine merchants tor A Acipico 305 A 81 P 299 B Baptist Bookstore 296 Barber's Milk 290 Bontields 288 Bridal World 306 Brown Funeral 303 Burch 84 Tant 290 Buttery 288 C Calhoun's Shoes 290 Cantebury Shop 289 Casual Aire 299 City Paper Co. 300 Coca-Cola 295 D Dales l-lideway 289 Davenport Florist 299 Dawson Memorial 292 Dixie Sporting Goods 299 E Edgemont Gult Service Station 292 El Rancho 297 E. P. Cuthrell Floors 297 Exchange Security 291 F Forbes 288 advertising with us. G Golden Flake Guest I-louse H l-larbert I-lawkins Bookstore l-ligh Kel Drugs l-lomewood Lanes l-loward Alumni Asso. Howard Bookstore l-tumble-Fsso J Jim Davenport's Jim 81 Jim's Jo Jo's John l-landcock Jones Valley Sausage K Kentucky Fried Chicken Kopper Kett e L Lavoys Re sta u ra nt Liberty National Luau M Melrose Merchants Cigar 8: Candy Mrs. Todds Mt. Brook Baptist 307 O Gak Grove Colt Center 0'Connor Shell P Penny Palmer Pertection Laundry Pig Trail Plott Barber Prudential Lite Pure Gil Q Quick Mart R Russell Photo S Savages Shades Mt. Baptist Shaia's Shell Oil Southside Baptist St. Francis Sguireshop V Valley Jewelers Valley Knit Shop Vestavia Lanes Village Sports Wear Vogue W Watkins Cleaners The I965 Entre Nous would appreciate all the students patronizing these stores Bowman Aaron, Irvin M., 254 Abercrombie, A. Hunter, 230 Abrams, Howard L., 254 Absher, Marion T., 254 Adams, Cheryl Jane, 157, 254 Adams, Horace Hershel, 254 Adams, Nancy Jane, 106, 156, Aders, Arriean, 155, 254 Adkisson, Jimmy W., 254 Akins, James D., 254 Albano, Jerry P., 122, 254 Albano, Paul J., 122, 254 Albrecht, Thomas K., 254 Alford, Judy Carol, 254 Alford, Melanie Reeda, 144, 154 Allen, Robert E., 120, 230 Allen, Judith E., 135 Allen, Lynda M., 135 Almon, Barbara Jean, 154 Almquist, William F., 254 Amos, William Robert, 254 Anderson, Carolyn Jean, 108, Anderson, James R., 230 Anderson, Jay Warren, 254 Anderson, Harrison R., 254 Anderson, Linda Kay, 254 Andrews, Walter C., 254 Armistead, Billy, 143, 154, 254 Arnold, Jimmy J., 162, 230 Arthur, Edith Kay, 254 Atwood, Dorothy Darline, 75, 134, 139, 254 Arwood, Gwendolyn, 135, 139, 230 Ashley, Wayne G., 254 Atchison, Fred L., 254 Atkins, James Leon, 254 Atkison, Randall M., 254 Austin, James Edward, 139, 254 Austin, Robert L., 71, 146 Austin, William H., 137, 173, 230 Awbrey, Judy, 110, 254 Axtell, James Thomas, 159, 230 254 180, 254 Bacon, Bill M., 131, 139, 254 Bagley, George E., 171, 254 Bailey, Danny A., 254 Baird, Fred R., 254 Baker, John H., 230 Baker, King M., 254 13 Banks, Richard H., 126, 139, 143, 171, 255 Bankston, Marcia E., 112, 255 Barbour, Mary Louise, 114, 158, 181, Barkley, Jeanette, 148, 255 Barlow, Billy G., 159, 255 Bames, Angelina, 112, 167, 255 Barnes, Bonnie, 140, 149, 150, 151, 255 Bamett, James H., 73 Barnhill, Davis A., 177 Barnum, Joan Margaret, 255 Barron, Merrill R., 255 Barton, John Ross, 134 Bass, Milford G., 255 Bates, Dorothy Jane, 255 230 Bates, Rebecca Carolyn, 62, 145, 181, 255 Batson, Betty Best, 230 Beard, Robert L., 255 Bearden, Margaret, 230 Beasley, David B., 143, 173, 255 Beasley, Marilyn, 156, 172, 255 Beatty Caroline, 286 Beauchamp, Bonny Gale, 172, 230 Beerman, Carlyle Davis, 122, 146, Beerman, Margaret Ann, 147, 255 Belcher, Bettye Jan, 46, 135, 163, 231 Bell, Nancy Kaye, 106, 255 147, 231 Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, Benson, Benson, Bentley, Jane Powell, 163, 231 John, 120, 161, 231 Mary Jim, 135, 163 Susan E., 141, 142, 182 Presley A., 122, 255 William T., 134, 231 Jo Ellen, 106, 255 Bernard, Kenny D., 255 Berry, Melvin L., 71, 255 Berry, Sharon Ann, 106, 148, 149, 175, 255 Berthon, Carol Joyce, 116, 154, 180 Bethea, Sandra Sue, 163, 255 Bevill, Ellis M., 120, 231 Bevill, Harold E., 122, 256 Bice, Linda H., 162 Bice, Mary L., 112, 256 Billingsley, Brenda, 112, 256 Billingsley, Joan Ann, 112, 256 Bishop, Charles M., 71 Bishop, Elizabeth S., 231 Bishop, William Moss, 126, 142, 173, 182 231 a Bittinger, Richard E., 71 Black, Ellinor A., 131 Blackburn, Edna Clement, 256 Blackburn, Gerald J., 137, 138, 140 Blackwell, Pamela Lee, 256 Blake, Robert F., 126, 256 Blakney, Blalock, Blizzard, Margaret Ann, 140, Blocker, Blue, Jo Robert B., 256 Leroy T., 256 155, 158, 256 Charles F., 160, 231 Ann, 256 7 Bolen, Barbara, 106, 256 Bolen, Linda Lee, 138, 139, 142, 144, 172, 256 Bolin, Richard O., 137, 138, 139, 140, 256 Bolton, Larry T., 124, 143, 156, 256 Bomchel, Eva, 256 Bonnett, Bonnett, Nancy, 256 Robert E., 231 Boothe, Bette, 110, 256 Bordenca, Charles M., 231 Bounds, Donald E., 256 Bowdon, Shirley L., 140, 256 Bowling, Jerry H., 256 Bowman, Franke E., 134 , Raymond N., 120, 256 Boyce, Ro-bert C., 145 Boyd, Charles Y., 71, 73 Bracklin, La Don, 99 Bradley, Lane L., 114, 256 Bradley, Robert K., 231 Brandon, John C., 257 Branton, Larry A., 257 Branum, Georgia Mae, 257 Braselton, Gloria A., 231 Brashier, Charles G., 257 308 Breckenridge, John C., 160 Breed, Evelyn Sandra, 257 Brent, Nancy Ellen, 114, 257 Brewer, George Wallace, 257 Bridges, Brenda Diann, 148, 149, 231 Briggs, Tommy H., 257 Brightwell, Cynthia, 257 Brindley, Hugh P., 124, 131, 145, 257 Brinson, Tracy L., 232 Bristow, Marvin M., 131, Brittain, Mary Ann., 110, 116, 257 Brock, Hershel W., 159, 163, 232 Brock, Rebecca Ann, 257 257 Brooks, Charlotte C., 112, 116, 143, 148, 149, 150, 163, 167, 257 Brooks, Elizabeth K., 112, 257 Brooks, Phyllis A., 257 Browder, Margaret, 232 Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, David N., 257 David Owen, 160 Dorothy L., 232 Lelia Jeanne, 114, 153, 154, 23 Lorena M., 131, 163, 182, 232 Marsha, 257 Martha G., 131, 163 Otis L., 257 Peggy S., 257 Robert D., 123, 257 Roger A., 126, 232 Samuel L., 232 William Edward, 232 William R., 257 Browning, Gordon E., 232 Bruner, Harriet, 108, 116, 149, 150, 172, 257 Brutkiewicz, Mary, 110, 232 Bryant, Martha F., 257 Brymer, Jack E., 257 Buckelew, Dennis A., 257 Buckelew, Elbert, 159, 257 Buckley, William F., 120, 161, 232 Bufiington, Ronald P., 122, 257 Bundy, Alfred L., 147, 257 Buonauro, Robert J., 71 Burchfield, Emma Lee, 257 Burchfield, W. Victor, 257 Burdette, Gary L., 131 Burdette, Shirley J., 156, 257 Burgess, John E., 257 Burgess, Martha E., 257 Burkett, Donna Joyce, 257 Burks, Johnnie H., 233 Burleson, Robert B., 122, 131, 258 Burnham, Ronald D., 71, 146, 147 Burns, David Wayne, 137, 233 Burrows, John H., 137, 258 Burson, Ronnie Davis, 137, 233 Burt, H. Jean, 135, 258 Busby, James C., 161, 173, 233 Bussey, Butler, Butler, Butler, Butler, Butler, Butler, Helen A., 114, 135, 144, James H., 124, 147, 258 Jerry A., 258 Sue F., 131, 258 Ralph A., 233 Susan E., 258 Wendell D., 258 Butts, Tony O., 233 Bynum, Judith A., 258 Bynum, Toxic C., 258 258 2 152, Caldwell, Dianne C., 144, 233 Calhoun, John C., 258 Calhoun, Robert J., 126, 258 Calma, Gerald, 159, 233 Calvert, Roger D., 258 Cambron, Susan B., 106, 258 Camp, Robert T., 99, 143, 258 Campbell, Galeon W., 137, 258 Campbell, Harry L., 126, 233 Campbell, Mary L., 110, 258 Campbell, Olivia A., 157, 233 Campbell, Patricia A., 139, 142 Campbell, Vivian L., 258 Canova, Mittie M., 258 Cantor, Lewis J., 122, 177, 233 Cantrell, Emily M., 135, 172, 258 Card, Charles K., 233 Carden, Donna Faye, 258 Carroll, Rickey A., 74, 139, 143, 173 Cartee, Ozilene S., 233 Carter, Cynthia Sue, 112, 258 Carter, Emma D., 140, 156, 258 Carter, Judy Lee, 172, 233 Cashion, Phillip D., 258 Castleberry, James M., 137, 258 Cavnar, Gary J., 161 Chambers, Jerry W., 258 Champion, Sara N., 258 Chandler, Bobby C., 258 Chandler, Martha R., 147, 258 Chandler, Mary Ann, 138, 140, 258 Chaney, Terry W., 71 Channell, Ronald E., 96, 99, 146, 147 Childs, Cheryl, 114, 156, 258 Christian, Lynn T., 259 Christian, Michael B., 259 Church, Billy L., 155, 234 Clack, Vivian F., 110, 234 Clapp, Norman W., 117, 122, 234 Clark, Josephine M., 54, 190 Clark, Laura N., 177, 140, 259 Clark, Linda A., 259 Clark, James W., 120, 154, 158, 259 Clark, Patricia A., 110, 259 Clark, Paula E., 155 Clayton, Arthur M., 259 Clement, Kenneth R., 259 Clements, Jo Ann, 162, 259 Cline, Barbara C., 147 Cline, George Ross, 259 , 258 , 258 Clowdus, Patricia L., 106, 140, 150, 259 Cochran, Serena, 47, 110, 145, 155, 259 Cofield, Wayne, 124, 259 Coger, Mary L., 259 Coggin, Esther B., 259 Coggins, Coy L., 234 Coker, Eleanor Ruth, 234 Coker, Shirley A., 114 Cole, Nancy Bass, 106, 156, 259 Coley, Jerry H., 259 Collier, Evelyn M., 172, 234 Collier, Robert, 259 Collins, Kenneth A., 259 Collins, Thomas M., 137, 139, 155, 2 34 Collins, Willard Andrew, 126, 144, 169, 171, 178, 259 Como, Vincent J., 259 Compton, James O., 234 Compton, John 1-I., 259 Compton, Linda Faye, 259 Congdon, Cathleen Ann, 259 Conner, Maurena S., 259 Conville, Richard L., 39, 62, 139, 141, 142, 144, 145, 173, 181, 234 Conwill, Hewitt L., 234 Cook, Carole Elaine, 112, 116, 14, 142, 148, 149, 152, 183, 234 Cook, Joyce Ann, 260 Cook, Liston F., 260 Cook, Marsha Ann, 260 Cook, Oscar H., 160, 234 Cope, Marilyn J., 260 Copeland, Alice M., 140, 260 Corlew, Elizabeth, 260 Corlew, Jimmie E., 172, 260 Cornelius, Wilma J., 260 Corr, Patricia A., 147, 260 Coshatt, Bruce, 99 Cosper, Barbara A., 106, 156, 157, 260 Costello, Sam M., 260 Cotten, Judy K., 150, 260 Countryman, Carol Lee, 260 Courtney, Kossuth G., 137, 138, 145, 235 Cox, Bruce W., 260 Cox, Douglas N., 131, 260 Cox, Joyce Inez, 148, 149, 183, 235 Crane, Nancy Gail, 114, 145, 260 Crane, William G., 160 Crawford, J., Morris, 126, 260 Crawford, Linda C., 106, 260 Crawford, Luther G., 260 Crawford, Rebecca J., 140, 260 Creamer, Mary Jean, 145 Creel, Andrew W., 235 Crews, Carol Dianne, 75, 114, 156, 260 Crider, Nancy A., 260 Crocker, Felix R., 124, 260 Crosby, Freda M., 260 Cross, Carol Ruth, 114, 261 Cruce, Charlie E., 235 Cruce, Richard A., 71, 80, 82 Cruise, Julius J., 261 Culp, Brenda L., 261 Culver, George P., 235 Curlee, Shirley E., 106, 150, 261 Curran, Dan W., 159, 235 Custred, Alfred L., 261 Cutcliffe, Louis H., 71, 146 Cutcliffe, Margaret Ann, 153, 261 Dague, Patricia A., 261 Dameron, Gerry K., 261 Dameron, Walter T., 261 Danford, Patricia D., 261 Daniel, Linda G., 110, 261 Darabaris, Robert S., 261 Daugherty, Jacqueline M., 110, 176, 235 Daugherty, Jorden S., 122, 176, 235 Davis, Charles M., 261 Davis, Christina B., 261 Davis, Gerald C., 235 Davis, Glenda M., 235 Davis, Janet I., 10s, 142, 144, 145, 261 Davis, Jeanna Kay, 153, 172, 235 309 Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, John O., 261 Linda E., 112, 155, 261 Mary E., 48, 140, 148, 149, 235 William A., 140, 261 Dawson, Jeanne L., 112, 261 Dean, Gary A., 261 Dean, Glenda, 112, 261 Deason, Cynthia L., 155, 261 Deems, Sherry S., 112, 261 Deluga, Edyth C., 138, 139, 140 Demoss, Nancy Ann, 108, 180, 261 Denney, James T., 261 Dennis, Joseph M., 235 Denson, Nancy, 261 Dichiara, Mary Jo., 261 Dickerson, Stanley G., 137, 261 Dickey, John H., 126, 261 Dillard, Richard L., 134, 261 Dillard, Robert B., 147 Dimberg, Judith, 150 Dixon, Harriett L., 142, 144, 172, 261 Doan, Jan Jackson, 126, 235 Dobbins, James P., 145 Doerfler, Donna Sue, 155, 261 Dollar Tony Wendell, 126, 142, 157, 173 183, 236 Donahoo, Edward W., 70, 71, 82, 146, 183 Dorough, Luvenia Nan, 261 Dorriety, Robert M., 160 Dorrough, David S., 261 Dorsett, Diane, 110, 140, 145, 155, 261 Dorste, Elizabeth F., 236 Doss, Larry F., 262 Dossett, Mary Ellen, 138, 172, 167 Dotson, Tressie Nell, 148, 149, 236 Doty, Jacob J., 262 Doughton, Walter W., 262 Douglas, James H., 131, 262 Dozier, Sarah A., 106, 262 Dozier, Vallie L., 106, 131, 236 Drake, Linda Lee, 262 Draper, Bobby Lane, 93, 126, 236 Draper, Larry Ward, 137, 262 Draughon, Linda C., 112, 262 Driver, Ted C., 126, 262 Drummond, Judy Ann, 262 Drummond, Phyllis, 153, 172, 262 Drummons, Bobby Wayne, 262 Duncan, Aubrie L., 236 Duncan, Clarence W., 236 Duncan, Daniel W., 137, 262 Duncan, Frances W., 236 Duncan, Judith E., 236 Duncan, Walter J., 126, 160, 236 Dunn, Anna E., 262 Dunn, Carl, -93 Durden, Rebecca F., 106, 144, 262 Durrett, Clarissa G., 167, 262 Durrett, Clarissa G., 167, 262 Dykes, Merlyn F., 158, 172, 262 Eades, John M., 262 Eanes, Ballard G., 122, 161, 236 Early, Rebecca Ann, 262 Earnest, Willie L., 159, 236 Easter-ling, Lynn W., 95, 117, 154, 262 Eastman, Sarah T., 106, 262 Edmondson, Harry D., 262 Edwards, Donnie Frank, 71, 262 Edwards, Vivian S., 150, 262 Elder, Helen C., 114, 116, 162, 262 Elliott, Jerry W., 73 Ellis, Barbara E., 262 Ellis, Beverly Kaye, 262 Ellis, Gilmer L., 262 Ellis, Sydney H., 262 Embry, Bob Byron, 123, 167, 173, 184, Ennis, Arthur B., 161, 162, 237 Ennis, Franklin J., 262 Ennis, Mitchell L., 262 Epperson, Joel V., 124, 262 Epperson, Linda S., 140, 262 Epperson, Mary E., 110, 144, 172, 262 Ernest, Malcom G., 71 Espy, Marilyn E., 108, 177, 262 Etheredge, Beverly J., 140, 263 Etheredge, James G., 145 Etheredge, Nancy E., 45, 74, 138, 139, 148, 149, 170, 172, 184, 237 Evans, Glenda E., 135, 163, 263 Evans, John D., 126, 179, 263 Evans, Roy G., 124, 263 Everage, Eva R., 156, 163 Fain, Martha A., 114, 263 Faircloth, Patricia, 106, 116, 171, 263 Falkner, James E., 263 Fancher, John H., 124, 263 Farrington, Woodrow J., 263 Felton, James L., 126, 263 Felton, John H., 126, 263 Ferreira, Beverly Ann, 263 Fincher, Annette, 131, 135, 163, 237 Fincher, James M., 131 Findlay, John B., 263 Fink, Marion M., 140, 237 Fishburne, Carol Ann, 55, 112, 237 Florie, Judith M., 263 Flowers, Kate, 106, 263 142, 156, 173, 237 141, 184, Sherall Wade, 120, 163, 239 Flowers, Rebecca Anne, 112, 148, 149, 153, 237 Folsom, James David, 74, 138, 139, 140, 263 Foote, Stephen D., 263 Forbus, Patricia D., 138, 139, 155, 172, 263 Forehand, Rex L., 263 Forrester, Howard D., 120, 263 Fowler, David W., 263 Fox, William N., 263 Franklin, Ann Harriet, 141, 153, 172, 184, 237 Franklin, Deanna M., 162 Franklin, Ronnie M., 263 Frazier, Pamela, 264 Freeman, Gerald C., 237 Freeman, Katherine R., 42, 106, 156, 167, 172, 176, 184, 237 Freeman, Maryanne, 114, 116, 237 Freeman, Norma Jean, 114, 116, 264 Freeman, Stephanie Ann, 110, 158, 264 Frey, Clinton L., 95, 123, 264 Frith, Sharon Gale, 114, 264 Fuller, Diann, 264 Fussell, Jaris K., 264 Fussell, William C., 264 Gaddy, Norma Carol, 110, 154, 264 Gallman, Judith D., 264 Gallman, Rawdon L., 264 Gambill, James R., 264 Gamel, Billy Chilton, 264 Gammell, Michael E., 159 Gammill, George D., 123, 264 Gardenshire, Jean J., 123, 264 Garmon, Milford L., 71, 264 Garrett, Sharon L., 264 Garrison, Charles J., 71 Gates, Mitzi, 237 Gay, Jerry M., 71, 264 Gay, Linda N., 264 Gentle, Robon C., 123, 238 Gentry, E. Joel, 264 George, Randy L., 124, 264 Gibbs, Harriett F., 131, 144, 172 Gibson, James C., 131 Gibson, Sylvia L., 55 Giglio, Ronald J., 123, 238 Gilbreath, Gordan L., 264 Giorlando, Mary Ann, 238 Girard, Stephanie, 157 Glaze, Doris Ann, 138, 139, 264 Glaze, Judith Lee, 265 Glaze, Linda G., 135 Gleaton, Kenneth W., 265 Glenn, Don T., 154 Glenn, Robert W., 154, 265 Gober, William E., 39 Goo, Corn G., 138, 265 Goff, Annanette, 49, 143, 144, 172, 265 Goings, Virginia D., 238 Golsan, Harry E., 265 Golson, Emily, 112, 265 Goodlet, Janice G., 114, 172, 265 Goodwin, Doris A., 106, 142, 143, 265 Goodwin, Glenda A., 110, 143, 265 Goodwin, Kenneth L., 124, 265 Gordon, Horace G., 238 Gore, Barbara Joyce, 265 Gore, Patricia Ann, 138, 139, 238 Gowan, Joe P., 95, 265 Graham, Clinton H., 99, 265 Graham, Mitchell D., 238 Granade, Samuel R., 134, 143, 265 Granberry, Perry D., 120, 238 Grant, John P., 238 Grantham, Elizabeth A., 265 Graves, David A., 124, 137, 140, 168, 173, 265 Graves, Edwin C., 126, 141, 142, 173, 185, 238 Graves, George F., 123, 161, 265 Graves, Lena Bingham, 106, 142, 143, 167, 168, 169, 265 Graves, William R., 265 Gravett, William S., 161, 238 Green, Jackie L., 135, 265 Green, Judith H., 238 Greenwalt, Darrell T., 117, 120, 265 Gregory, Dorothy A., 156, 265 Gregory, Nancy C., 154, 180 Grice, Robert E., 137, 265 Griffin, A. Wayne, 265 Griffin, William B., 126, 265 310 171, 178, 156, Griffith, Grace N., 114, 265 Griflies, Charles H., 124, 265 Grimes, Martha A., 140, 153, 265 Grocholski, William A., 265 Grooms, Angelin M., 50, 110, 116, 131 Gross, Meg E., 108, 157, 163, 179, 180, 265 Grummon, Mary C., 239 Gruman, Edna H., 239 Grunden, Claudia S., 265 Guenther, Barbara J., 51, 106, 239 Gunther, Gregory C., 265 Gustin, David M., 265 Guthrie, Donald N., 239 Gwin, Royce M., 265 Haas, Martha C., 239 Haddock, Carole Kay, 108, 265 Hagood, Thomas W., 126, 145, 266 Halbrooks, M. Ruth, 266 Hale, James A., 266 Haley, James E., 266 Hall, David Allen, 71, 239 Hall, Dianne V., 266 Hall, George K., 266 Hall, Martha Dean, 108, 266 Hall, Nancy Rebecca, 266 Hallmark, Henry G., 134, 266 Halsell, Kathryn A., 239 Hamby, Thomas E., 71, 83, 146, 266 Ha.milton, James D., 266 Hamilton, Richard D., 75, 266 Hamilton, William Charles, 266 Hamlin, Mary C., 112, 266 Hamm, Betty Sue, 162 Hamm, Norman L., 239 Hamm, Samuel J., 266 Hammond, Julia Kay, 131 Hamrick, Katherine S., 112, 239 Haney, Dorothy Jean, 114, 140, 239 Harbison, Mary L., 266 Hardy, Alice C., 106, 266 Harrington, Jinda J. Cox, 266 Harris, Henry B., 266 Harris, James T., 160 Harris, Judith G., 139, 266 Harris, Larry J., 160, 239 Harris, Patricia G., 180 Harris, Robert J., 266 Harris, Harris, Thomas E., 239 Harrison, Grace Ann, 110, 155, 266 Harrison, Kenneth M., 266 Hartley, Charles W., 137, 240 Hartley, John O., 266 Hartsfield, James W., 154 Harvey, Rickey Lynn, 52 Harvey, Sandra Kaye, 180, 266 Hash, Christina, 112, 157, 266 Haskew, Jean C., 266 Hassell, Sara Lee, 114, 240 Haswell, George William, 124, 266 Hatfield, Drake M., 240 Hatfield, Fred J., 71, 266 Hawkins, Caryl J., 114, 266 Hawkins, Mary Linda, 266 Hayes, Edwin J., 240 Hayes, Jack H., 71, 266 Hayes, Myra Nell, 138, 149, 152, 153, 240 Hayes, Shirley L., 266 Hearn, Marcia L., 131, 163, 170, 185, 240 Heath, Clyde W., 266 Heaton, Billy E., 266 Heddle, Ronald J., 240 Heilig, Nancy L., 266 Helton, Elmer D., 126, 266 Henderson, Ben B., 267 Henderson, James E., 267 Henderson, Linda J., 131, 139, 267 Hendrix, E. Carol, 240 Hendrix, Winford L., 240 Herndon, Patricia, 114, 240 Heron, Lloyd D., 71, 267 Herron, Jacob J., 117, 124, 240 Hesse, Nancy C., 106, 267 Hildreth, Bonnie K., 114, 267 Hill, Derick R., 267 Hill, Franklin G., 240 Hill, James A., 267 Hill, Janice, 106, 135, 148, 148, 149, 267 Hill, Linda Jane, 267 Hilley, Larry T., 137, 267 Hillhouse, Joel R., 267 Hilson, Warren W., 125, 267 Hilton, Claude N., 267 Hinton, Paulette S., 110, 267, Hitchcock, Harry C., 71, 86, 99, 146, 147 Hitt, Shirley Dian, 114, 241 Hobbs, Delores Ann, 149, 151, 152, 153, 2 Hodges, James D., 267 Hodges, Julian T., 137, 241 Holcomb, Lauren R., 172, 267 Holcombe, T. Edwin, 161, 241 Holland, Douglas L., 267 Holland, Robert M., 267 Holland, Susan Ayers, 135, 154, 163, 267 Holley, Lillian A., 114, 267 Holley, Nanther J., 114, 267 Holliman, Ronald R., 268 Hollis, Linda G., 112, 268 Holloman, Fayrene, 147 Holloway, Jimmy W., 241 Holloway, Waynard A., 268 Holt, Larry Farmer, 268 Holt, Margaret K., 241 Hootcn, Rita D., 106, 268 Hooton, Samuel B., 123, 268 Hoover, Thomas H., 123, 268 Hoover, William R., 125, 157, 241 Hopkins, W. Scott, 131, 268 Hopkins, Kathryn, 131, 268 Hopper, Joseph W., 126, 268 Hopping, Jeffrey A., 71, 146 Horne, Jana Helen, 110, 153, 268 Hornsby, Mike W., 268 Hosmer, Sharrye, 268 Hostetter, Wayne K., 268 Hough, Larry K., 268 Houlditch, Reata, 241 Hovater, R. Thompson, 99, 268 Hoven, James B., 241 Hoven, Mary V. Wright, 268 Howell, Lester H., 123, 241 Hudson, Junwatia J., 268 Hughes, Ervin W., 241 Hughes, Mary P., 112, 268 41 Hughes, Olan D., 241 Hughes, Ronald L., 268 Huie, James W., 241 Hulon, Richard W., 268 Humphrey, Carolyn D., 108, 116, 180, 268 Hurlbert, Mona W., 112, 185, 241 Hurst, Florence L., 140, 268 Hurst, Patricia G., 140, 268 Hurt, Mary Lee, 106, 242 Hurtt, Oscar L., 157, 142 Huston, James L., 75, 269 Huston, Michael W., 131, 269 Hutto, Noah Wicker, 125, 242 Hyde, James A., 137 Hyde, Robert D., 159 Ingram, Carol Kay, 53, 106, 269 Isbell, Marcia Faye, 109, 180, 269 Isbell, Roger D., 134, 269 Ishee, Paul Davis, 242 Isreal, Jim C., 145, 242 Jackson, Betty Jane, 131, 135, 269 Jackson, James Robert, 71, 126, 269 Jackson, James T., 126, 173, 269 Jackson, Mary Helen, 106, 131, 269 Jackson, Robert A., 269 Jackson, Ronald E., 131 Jacob, Charles Edward, 71 Jacobs, James C., 120, 242 Jacobs, Paula L., 269 Jacobs, William K., 159, 242 James, Forrest M., 123, 142, 156, 242 Jarrett, Jerome H., 242 Jarrett, Martha Ann, 269 Jennings, Larry W., 134, 269 Jernigan, Robert Paul, 269 Johns, Elizabeth L., 109, 269 Johnson, Alex M., 146 Johnson, Elizabeth Ann, 269 Johnson, Kenneth L., 269 Johnson, Mary, 114, 143, 186, 269 Johnson, Thomas H., 269 Johnson, William W., 134, 135, 269 Johnston, Doris F., 154, 156 Johnston, Freddie D., 148, 269 Jones, Catherine D., 269 Jones, Emalie Sue, 56, 115, 149, 152, 163, 242 Jones, Emory Phillip, 139, 269 Jones, Gwen M., 114, 269 Jones, Judson L., 167, 269 Jones, Kay Francis, 110, 269 Jones, Ralph G., 242 Jordan, Howard A., 98, 269 Jowers, Bruce B., 123, 269 Kealy, Patricia B., 110, 269 Keeling, Rex G., 71, 84, 185 Keene, Linda J., 110, 242 311 Keith, Constance J., 269 Keith, Jerry B., 243 Keith, Judith A., 108, 269 Keller, Susan Carol, 269 Keney, Howard D., 269 Kennamer, Sandra, 110, 269 Kennard, Beth Ann, 110, 116, 158, 17 Kennedy, Charles, 134, 135, 243 Kennedy, Karen W., 106, 270 Kent, John A., 123, 270 Kerr, Marjorie Kay, 106, 143, 243 Key, Mila Jean, 154, 270 Keyees, Mary C., 270 Killian, Beverly J., 243 Kilgore, Don H., 120, 270 Killian, T. Janice, 135, 163, 270 Kimbrough, Terry D., 270 King, Delma J., 270 King, Lanny Clyde, 159, 243 King, Peggy Lynn, 270 King, Rebecca J., 112, 140, 150, 270 Kinney, William Foster, 270 Kirkland, Janice Kay, 270 Kirkland. Kilby L., 270 Kirkpatrick, Joyce, 150, 270 Kiser, Donald Ray, 270 Klein, Eugenia R., 270 Knight, Jimmie G., 243 Knight, Jimmy G., 125, 243 Knight, Philip M., 270 Knott, David Parker, 71, 147, 270 Koon, Mary M., 270 Koonce, Alex Ronald, 125, 243 Kreider, Vernon E., 270 Kuykendall, John N., 270 Lackey, Larry G., 71 Lamb, Oscar B., 270 Lancaster, M. Sue, 139, 270 Landers, Glenyce E., 156, 243 Landers, Madalyn E., 110, 270 Lane, Mitzi C., 138, 270 Langston, Charles E., 131, 185 Lanier, Sara R., 138, 143, 144, 149, 243 Lasseter, James D., 243 Lasseter, Janice M., 270 Lavies, David D., 125, 243 Lawley, Millie Ann, 154, 163 Lawrence, Bobbie D., 270 Lawrence, Kimsey K., 270 Lawrence, Polly Ann, 110, 270 Lawson, Charles D., 270 Lay, Evelyn E., 139, 270 Lay, Nancy E., 270 Lay, Owen Wallace, 134, 271 Layton, Frances C., 156, 243 Leach, Carolyn M., 271 Ledoux, Lynda A., 271 Lee, George A., 271 Lee, Jerry M., 143, 271 Lee, John David, 271 Lee, Harry H., 271 Lee, Lola, 158 Lee, Lucy Faye, 131, 163 Lee, Sandra C., 147, 271 Lee, Soon Ok, 181, 243 Lemley, Larry J., 271 270 Leonard, Henry A., 271 Leslie, James H., 271 Levan, Ronald L., 271 Leverett, James H., 71, 123, 271 Leverett, Thomas E., 140, 271 Lewis. Claudia Ann, 112, 271 Lewis, Saundra Mae, 112, 177, 271 Liles, Deda K., 131, 271 Liles, Floyd Clark, 120, 244 Liles, Martha L., 131, 271 Linderman, Gordon W., 134, 271 Little, Bobby Wayne, 117, 154 Livingston, David Kelly, 271 Logan, Margaret R., 271 Long, James C., 71 Long, Margie Ann, 271 Looney, Kenneth H., 123, 271 Lovell, Arthur Wayne, 272 Lowry, Betty Jean, 272 Lowry, Bobby Dean, 272 Lowry, Fred L.. 137, 173, 244 Lowry, Norma Carol, 135, 163 Lucas, Kleob B., 272 Lucas, Dianne M., 272 Luker, Dpris Elizabeth, 145, 272 Lundy, William H., 272 Luther, Barry Vann, 272 Lynn, Jacquelyn L., 272 Lynn, James A., 272 Lyon, T. Edward, 120, 179, 272 Lytle, Donald E., 126, 272 Mackey, Douglas F., 160 Maclaren, John David, 137, 244 Maddox, Donald Paul, 131 Maddox, Nesha M., 110, 273 Mahan, Judith C., 273 Majors, Beverly J., 153, 273 Manderson, Patricia Ann, 115, 131, 163, 273 Mange, Joyce, 147 Mann, Patricia Z., 273 Mann, Mary N., 273 Manning, Stephen R., 139, 273 Manring, Vonnie Vae, 106, 244 Maples, Catherine C., 273 Marino, Stephen B., 273 Marler, Tommy A., 244 Marlow, John B., 125, 244 Marrs, Sara Jim, 106, 131, 156, 273 Marsh, Susan Elaine, 139 Maynor, Brenda Ann, 141, 142, 144, 148, 149, 151, 152, 186, 245 Maynor, Rose Marie, 131, 177, 274 McAlpin, C. Mitchell, 272 McAlpine, Robert W., 138, 145, 272 McCallum, Sharon W., 272 McCary, Donald C., 134, 135 McCary, Elbert M., 154 McCary, Robert M., 71, 272 McCary, Ronald, 137 McCay, James, 99, 272 McClure, William B., 120, 272 McCombs, J., Irene, 185, 244 McCoy, Quint H., 272 McCullough, Charles R., 244 McCullough, Diana C., 272 McDanal, Clarence E., 123, 156, 272 McDaniel, Lanney R., 139, 272 McDonald, Joe R., 120, 272 McDonald, Ruth Marie, 272 McDuff, Milton W., 137, 273 McFerrin, H. Edward, 126, 157, 273 McFrancis, P. Joy, 273 McGill, Albert Oliver, 273 McGinnis, Alan A., 273 McGowin, William D., 137, 273 McGraw, Fred Allen, 244 McKee, Judy, 112, 273 McKenzie, Michael W., 273 McKinney, Loroy J., 160, 170, 244 McLaren, Elizabeth Jane, 150, 273 McLeod, Jimmy R., 273 McLean, Dana J., 273 McMichael, Judith Lee, 244 McMichael, Marian J., 273 McNeill, George R., 273 McReynolds, Jane M., 273 McSwain, Sandra D., 106, 144, 273 Meadows, Johnny C., 274 Medders, Orbie L., 155, 179, 180, 274 Melton, Charles M., 95, 274 Mensing, Beverly L., 139, 274 Meshejian, Wayne K., 274 Mickwee, Ronald W., 71, 146, 274 Middleton, James H., 160, 245 Middleton, Melba Sue, 106, 116, 186, 245 Milas, Theodore P., 274 Milford, Guy W., 126, 274 Milford, Rena L., 274 Miller, Michael L., 134, 274 Miller, Paul Austin, 73, 142, 146, 147, 149, 186 Min., Bette W., 274 Mau., Mildred J., 274 Marsh, Susan Jane, 273 Marshall, Gary L., 170 Martin Martin Martin , Charles B., 139, 168, 169, 170, 244 , Eugene L., 123, 273 , Linda J., 115, 148, 149, 273 Martin, Linda Sue, 273 Martin, Marilyn Kay, 110, 135, 142, 163, 273 Martin, Wesley M., 160 Martin, William L., 273 Masdon, Robert L., 71, 85 Mason, Lewis E., 273 Mattar, Philip S., 273 Matthews, Gerald W., 131 Matthews, Mary K., 273 Maxwell, Harvey L., 273 Mitchell, Charles Grant, 274 Mitchell, Michael P., 121, 274 Mitchell, Sylvia Sue, 274 Mitchell , William H., 274 Moman, Austin L., 274 Monroe, Monroe, Monroe, Moody, Karen A., 274 Nancy E., 274 Saralyn, 62, 139, 145, Fred W'iley, 245 Moore, Brenda Jean, 274 Moore, John E., 161, 274 Moore, Linda E., 106, 274 Moore, Noel D., 274 Moorhead, Thomas W., 274 Mordecai, Daveline, 274 Morgan, Henry A., 126, 274 312 245 Moring, Martha Jane, 115, 148, 149 274 Morris, John Larry, 125, 274 Morris, Jonathan E., 167, 169, 173 186, 245 Morris, Lesley J., 115, 274 Morrison, Clifford P., 274 Morrison, Frank, 117, 274 Morrison, Kenneth W., 274 Mullins, Charles David, 274 Mullins, Larry J., 245 Mullins, William Henry, 274 Munch, Glenn A., 275 Murphy, Joseph T., 131, 163, 275 Murrah, William A., 137, 167, 169, 275 Myers, Martha C., 131, 142, 156, 181, 275 Myers, Sandra Jean, 112, 275 Nabors, Charles E., 275 Nall, Mary Ann, 275 Neal, Jerry M., 245 Neal, Perry D., 245 Neil, William M., 160 Nelson, Nina M., 275 Newman, Harvey R., 275 Newton, Michael Oscar, 121, 275 Nichol, Victor E., 123, 275 Nicholas, Judith Ann, 110, 245 Nichols, Charles R., 275 Nix, Dorcas E., 275 Nolin, Billye Jo, 275 Noojin, Aleda Ruth, 275 Norman, Peter Dara, 120, 275 Norred, Robert T., 245 Norris, Margorie Kay, 115, 180, 275 Nowell, Eugene A., 95, 275 Nuss, Diane Marie, 106, 275 Odell, Jerry Lynn, 123, 275 Odom, Pamela Ann, 115, 275 Officer, Hugh Franklin, 161, 275 Olive, Timothy Lee, 139, 175, 275 Olivenbaum, Glenn A., 125, 245 Oliver, Kenneth B., 134, 155, 276 O'Quinn, Donald C., 276 Owen, James Pearcy, 276 Ozment, Dessie Jean, 276 Pace, Tullis E., 276 Padgett, Bede Anne, 276 Pair, Virginia E., 115, 186, 245 Palmer, James Melvin, 137, 276 Palmer, Sarah Ann, 115, 276 Parker, Beverly Ann, 138, 140, 150, 153, 276 Parker, Carl H., 245 Parker, Gary Lee, 276 Parker, James Carl, 121, 276 Parker, Marilyn Kay, 74 Parkman, Diane, 115, 147, 276 Parr, Margie D., 276 Parrett, Judy L., 276 Pai-tain, James Ronald, 134 Paschall, P. Lynn, 109, 150, 276 Pass, Mary Jim, 245 Pate, Elizabeth, 163, 276 Pate, John Dewie, 276 Patterson, Jerry L., 276 Pattillo, Sandra E., 140, 276 Payne, Grover C., 276 Payne, Linda, 112, 276 Payton, Jinlmie B., 276 Pearson, Gary Max, 246 Pearson, James Edward, 175, 178, 276 Peck, Milton A., 277 Pemberton, Roy Robert, 246 Pendergrass, Billy R., 277 Pendley, Howard Vann, 277 Pen.nington, James W., 95, 277 Penny, Glenda, 110, 135, 144, 163, 277 Perkins, Patricia Ann, 112, 153, 277 Peters, Kenneth Earl, 123, 277 Peterson, Diana Joan, 277 Peterson, Stanley Clyde, 126, 277 Shurbet, Edwin R., 280 Pettus, Mozella, 39, 40, 41, 62, 139, 141 143, 145, 149, 246 Phares, C. Diane, 110, 277 Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Barbara, 115, 246 Dorothy J., 112, 148, 149, 246 Ellen, 106, 277 Gerald M., 277 Linda, 44, 144, 171, 172 Timothy B., 277 Thomas G., 160, 246 Robinson, W. Leon, 278 Pierce, Joseph L., 121 Pinson, Jane Ann, 110, 227 Pittman, Harold Wade, 277 Pitts, Charles Arvel, 277 Plunk, Jere H., 246 Poe, Rodger Bruce, 125, 137, 246 Pollet, Jeanne Carol, 131, 148, 149 Pollet, Johnny B., 155, 277 Pollock, Peggy, 112, 142, 156, 176,277 Ponder, Lynda J., 246 Pope, Williain E., 125, 131, 246 Porter, Edward C., 125, 246 Posey, Martha Gaye, 112, 277 Potter, H. Wayne, 121, 277 Powell, George Howard, 121, 161, 246 Powell, James E., 123, 277 Powell, W. David, 286 Powers, James Ronald, 247 Prater, Ruth R., 247 Presley, Roxie Kay, 247 Prestley, Owen T., 121, 277 Prince, Judy Faye, 140, 277 Pritchett, Anita E., 156, 172, 277 Prosch, Charles B., 277 Prosch, Donald G., 133, 277 Pruitt, William T., 137, 277 Purser, Jack M., 138, 140, 141, 143, 152, 153, 247 151, Queen, Richard, 173, 247 Ramsay, Charles E., 71, 277 Randall, Hugh Byron, 121, 145, 161, 247 Rankin, Geneal M., 112, 247 Rant, Marilyn F., 112, 162, 247 Rawson, Allen B., 147 Ray, Garry J., 161, 247 Ray, Tommy D., 277 Ray, Walter I., 277 Redus, Robert Clarke, 175, 277 Reece, Carole Ann, 115, 277 Reese, Peggy Helen, 247 Reeves, Martin G., 121, 161,4247 Reeves, Otis C., 121, 277 Reid, Denson C., 277 Reid, Michael E., 277 Reid, John William, 278 Reid, William P., 247 Reymond, Patti Ann, 186, 247 Reynolds, Boyd Kay, 278 Reynolds, Tommie C., 56, 135, 163, 247 Reynolds, William G., 122 Reynolds, William V., 248 Rhodes, Linda Ann, 110, 157, 172, 278 Rice, Glenn Kealen, 154, 248 Rice, Joy Frances, 278 Richardson, Jarrett W., 156, 278 Richter, Paul V., 278 Riddle, Emily E., 109, 278 Riggs, Lee Randolph, 278 Riley, Deranda E., 278 Roberson, Melinda S., 111, 154, 157, 278 Roberts, Agnes D., 106, 278 Roberts, Alvin R., 154, 278 Roberts, James E., 278 Robertson, Julia 153, 278 Robinson, Dannie M., 111, 131, 187, 248 Robinson, Donald G., 137 Robinson, John W., 278 Robinson, Larry Grant, 146, 157 141, 163, Scott, Mary J., 131, 144, 279 Scott, Michael H., 121, 279 Scott, Sandra Faye, 115, 154, 279 Scott, Walter, 125, 249 Seibert, Carolyn M., 279 Sellers, Eva Merel, 144, 172, 279 Santell, G. Marie, 279 Shackelford, Walter E., 279 Shaddix, C. Wayne, 117, 132, 249 Shaffer, Charles L., 279 Shaffer, Robert R., 137, 279 Shannon, James H., 127, 279 Sharpe, Laird J., 279 Shay, Daniel P., 140, 279 Sheets, George W., 96, 99, 125, 146, 249 Sheets, Ralph A., 96, 99, 125, 279 Sheetz, James H., 120, 249 Sherer, John M., 279 Sherman, John T., 279 Sherrill, Pamela R., 279 Shierling, Sharyn L., 150, 279 Shiley, John G., 125, 249 Shipp, Billy Joe, 280 Shipp, Larry A., 280 Shirley, John D., 280 Shirley, Susie K., 280 Shulmister, Jeffrey A., 280 Shurbert, Walter D., 70, 71, 123, 280 Sides, Rebecca J., 280 Sills, Edward J., 280 Simms, Ronnie C., 125, 249 Simonton, John H., 280 Simpson, James H., 137, 143, 249 Robison, Rodgers, Rodgers, Rodgers, Rodgers, Rodgers, Roe, Tea Donald G., 173, 278 James Albert, 248 Judith A., 278 Thomas Lee, 139, 278 Virginia A., 278 Virginia S., 278 Sam, 248 Rollins, Frances L., 106, 278 Rose, Linda, 112, 278 Rosser, Robert Frank, 131, 139 Rowell, Llewellyn L., 278 Rubin, Bruce F., 278 Sims, Alvin L., 280 Sims, Arnold R., 97, 99, 280 Sims, Jerry G., 280 Sirles, Ann M., 280 Sizemore, Joe L., 155, 280 Sizemore, Ruth Lee, 280 Skelton, Donna L., 112, 280 Skelton, Nancy L., 149, 155, 280 Slade, Ralph, 280 Slaughter, Mary Ann, 249 Sloan, Reba Joyce, 140, 167, 172, 187, 24 Smallwood, Carl, 249 Rudd, Carolyn A., 115, 131, 278 Rush, William E., 134, 278 Rushing, Frank, 278 Russell, Joe D., 278 Russo, Andrew W., 278 Rutledge, Clovis M., 156, 248 Rutledge, Edwina W., 278 Ryan, Patrick B., 93, 146, 248 Rye, James W., 127, 134, 278 Salter, Maelvy W., 248 Salter, Patricia A., 115, 278 Salter, R. Ann, 108, 144, 180, 248 Salvage, Bradley D., 278 Sandefer, Richard E., 278 Sanford, Leonard E., 278 Santoro, Johnny E., 279 Sasser, William C., 121, 279 Saunders, Betty S., 279 Saunders, Earl G., 279 Schilf, Eugene H., 279 Schultz, Merle Cotton, 248 Scifres, Marianne, 62, 109, 145, 279 313 Smith, Ann Marie, 280 Smith, Charles W., 71, 146, 147 Smith, Claudia June, 280 Smith, Dean G., 249 Smith, Doris C., 109, 280 Smith, Elisha B., 280 Smith, Ernest E., 127, 280 Smith, Floyd L., 139 Smith, Garland L., 249 Smith, Glenda M., 281 Smith, Harold S., 121, 281 Smith, Herbert A., 281 Smith Smith , Jerry L., 131, 249 , Joseph H., 121, 281 Smith, Julia V., 281 Smith, Julian R., 281 Smith, Margaret S., 109, 180, 281 Smith, Ronald T., 134, 250 Smith, Shelton H., 281 Smithco, Hazel J., 131, 144, 154, 281 Snyder, Maurine L., 281 Solley, Patsy J., 171, 172, 281 Sorrells, Thomas W., 173 Southerland, Lawrence D., 123, 250 Spangler, David W., 281 9 Towry, Susie M., 282 Spears, Vickey R., 128, 140, 143, 281 Speed, Dorothy F., 281 Staggs, Jacob W., 281 Stanford, Stanley E., 281 Starr, George L., 134, 281 Star, J. Barton, 143, 281 Staton, Roy Q., 99, 143, 155, 281 Stave, Dave C., 281 Stebbins, Ramon L., 137, 281 Stephens, Katherine E., 112, 281 Stephens, Laura E., 281 Stephens, Linda F., 281 Stephens, Martha J., 123, 163, 250 Stephens, Wilbum T., 134, 250 Stephenson, Ernest W., 281 Stephenson, Hugh W., 281 Stevenson, Dorothy J., 147, 281 Stewart, Barbara Ann, 162 Stewart, George R., 281 Stewart, Jack D., 137, 155, 281 Stewart, Patty L., 112, 281 Stewart, Richard T., 281 Still, William A., 250 Stillwagon, Quinton O., 140, 281 Stith, Robert E., 173, 250 Tindal, Travis J., 250 Towry, G. Benton, 251 Trawick, Pamela E., 112, 282 Tribble, John R., 159 Troeger, Ellen R., 251 Troutman, Rebekah V., 111, 251 Tubb, Richard Mason, 123, 282 Tucker, Betty J., 282 Webb, Nancy C., 111, 284 Webb, Sharon J., 284 Webster, Stanley H., 284 Weeks, C. Christine, 151, 155, 167, 169, 284 Weems, Sandra F., 284 Weiner, Lewis I., 284 Weldy, Marshall C., 173, 284 Welford, Wallace J., 284 Wells, Ruth Allison, 57, 107, 143, 15 1, 152 Tuggle, Judy Gail, 283 Tuggle, Mamie E., 283 Turner, James G., 134, 135, 283 Turner, Nancy C., 163, 251 Turner, Wells R., 159 Tyler, Barbara Ann, 283 Tyler, Jerry W., 131, 251 Tyra, Julius O., 283 Underhill, Thomas M., 126 , 173, 283 Stone, Terry D., 160 Stone, Virginia G., 281 Stoppelbein, Malcolm G., 282 Storey, John W., 282 Stout, Michael B., 96, 99, 282 Street, Martha A., 115, 282 Strickland, James C., 282 Stringer, Meryl J., 282 Stringer, Mary Ann, 135, 163, 282 Strom, Carolyn L., 112, 182 Stroud, Ronald S., 282 Stuart, James E., 167, 168 Sullivan, John W., 282 Sullivan, Martha A., 107, 157, 282 Summer, Patricia A., 282 Summerlin, Ann C., 107 Swatzell, Roy H., 121, 282 Sweatt, Gary A., 282 Swedenburg, Martha A., 140, 282 Sweets, Cordelia H., 109, 282 Swindall, Judith A., 111, 282 Tarrants, Paul W., 282 Tauton, Clara J., 282 Taylor, Charles S., 127, 282 Taylor, Warren R., 93, 146, 250 Teas, Charlotte A., 140, 153, 282 Thomas, Carolyn T., 282 Thomas, James L., 161 Thomas, Jerry C., 93, 147 Thomas, Johnnie C., 282 Thomas, Linda A., 62, 144, 145 Thomas, Ralph M., 157, 282 Thompson, Barbara E., 282 Thompson, Bobby L., 250 Thompson, Fred V., 282 Thompson, Janice P., 131 Thompson, Marilyn L., 180 Thornton, James M., 71, 127, 146, 147, 282 Thornton, Robert E., 282 Thornton, Shannon J., 140, 282 Thrash, Andrew Pope, 141, 162, 250 Thrash, William A., 282 Timberlake, Elsie C., 250 Vandervoort, William Frank, 283 Vardaman, Linda Sue, 162 Vaughan, Tana Lee, 155, 158, 251 Vaughn, Glenda C., 283 Vaughn, Martha J., 149, 251 Veazey, Kenneth W., 150, 283 Vedel, George C., 283 Verchot, Junius, 283 Vest, Hubert L., 140, 251 Vickery, Jack R., 149, 151, 283 Vincent, Richard L., 283 Vines, F. Davis, 283 Vinson, James Dale, 283 Vinson, Sara Danella, 75, 167, 187, 251 Wade, Kalenna A., 283 Wade, Randall W., 125, 283 Wade, William R., 137, 283 Waggoner, Warren F., 251 Waldrop, Robert E., 131, 283 Walker, Charles H., 137, 283 Walker, Diane R., 180 Wallter, Lois D., 131, 135 Walker, Rex G., 283 Walker, Shirley E., 158 Walker, William C., 158 Ward, Judy A., 112, 283 Ward, Robert C., 125, 283 Warhurst, Omer L., 121, 284 Warren, Dennis W., 125, 156, 284 Warren, James C., 284 Warren, James E., 131, 284 Warren, James R., 284 Warren, Jerry Sue, 284 Warren, Sara Jo., 284 Warren, Susan G., 106, 284 Watson, Rita S., 284 Watson, Mary Ann, 284 Watt, Elise M., 251 Watts, J immy D., 99 Watts, Kenneth J., 284 Wayne, James C., 138, 140, 14 Weathers, Jimmy D., 121, 284 Webb, John P., 71, 284 314 3, 284 167, 169, 172, 284 Wesson, Paul D., 141, 161, 162, 252 West, Alfred M., 284 West, Harvey D., 126, 252 West, Jane E., 150, 172, 178, 285 West, Linda M., 285 Wheeler, George J., 137, 285 Wheeler, Ouida E., 111, 285 Whitley, John F., 285 White, Charles A., 95, 117, 123, 285 White, Dorothy D., 285 White, Emily R., 285 White, Haden C., 285 White, James R., 171, 285 White, Jimmy D., 285 White, Monty, 139, 143, 148, 149, 172, 252 White, Murray C., 285 White, Peggy S., 144, 151, 152, 172, 252 Whitehead, Diane, 112, 285 Whitehurst, Sammy N., 141, 163, 252 Whitley, Joel R., 285 Whitlow, Sylvia, 3, 111, 173, 174, 187,252 Whitmire, Barbara Sue, 140, 285 Whorton, Judith L., 158, 285 Wiggins, Edith V., 107, 150, 151, 285 Wilder, Milton R., 125, 252 Wilder, Virginia L., 148, 149, 154, 252 Wiley, Dennis W., 285 Wilkins, Nancy R., 285 Williams, Glenda M., 57, 148, 149, 253 Williams, Ray C., 126, 285 Williams, Sarah E., 285 Williams, Veronica, 285 Williams, Warren A., 121, 285 Willoughby, Anita D., 176, 253 Willoughby, Aster L., 285 Willoughby, Sarah Anne, 285 Wilson, Amy L., 112, 285 Wilson, Gloria G., 112, 285 Wilson, Guy H., 285 Wilson, Herben S., 117, 126, 187, 253 Wilson, James N., 127, 253 Wilson, John F., 137, 253 Wilson, Larry F., 71, 285 Wilson, Margaret Jane, 285 Wilson, Michael L., 127, 285 Wilson, Mona M., 285 Wilson, Sylvia C., 157, 286 Windham, Rebecca N., 111, 286 Windle, Martha L., 144, 154, 286 9 Wingard, Joseph C., 143, 144, 167, 168, 180, 286 Wingard, Linda Ann, 108, 148, 162, 253 Woolfskill, George K., 171, 286 Wood, Ann C., 107, 139, 152, 286 Wood, Jennifer P., 286 Wood, Larry A., 95 Wood, Mary Pat, 115, 154, 253 Wood, Richard H., 286 Wood, Shirley A., 286 Wood, Tyrus C., 286 Woodall, Marlon A., 112, 286 Woodard, Linda S., 286 I I: l I l I I I I I I I I s I I I I I I I iv I I I I I I .J Woodard, Louisia M., 112, 253 Woodruff, Chivers R., 127, 286 Woodruff, Franklin E., 286 Woodruff, Richard L., 286 W'oodward, Dennis O., 286 Wren, Mattlyn C., 155, 286 Wright Carolyn E., 157, 253 Wright Douglas B., 286 Wright James H., 143, 286 Wright Nancy K., 115, 286 Wright, Paul H., 286 Wright, Robert E., 123, 131, 286 Wright Wright 7 Q Thomas C., 286 William A., 286 Yarnell. Brenda F., 156, 286 Yates, Armand E., 96, 99 Yeackle, Harry J., 186 Yelverton, Fred R., 253 Young, Mary Jane 286 Youngblood, Malcolm, 154, 286 Zacharias, Dianna R., 155, 286 Wyatt, Larry Nelson, 70, 71 Wynn, Martha N., 111, 286 Wynn, William J., 286 Zuiderhoek, Charles W., 286 law School Abrams, David Lee ...... - ..,...,.. .,..,.. 2 22 Fitch, Mabel B. ................ ......, 2 20 Alberding, Gilbert E. ............ ........ 2 22 Flowers, Raymond R. . ......, 223 Armstrong, H. Thomas - ......... ....,,...., 2 22 Folmar, Joel M. ........... - ......... ............. . 223 Armstrong, Ralph ..,..,. - ,,..,..,, . ,,.,...,.,.,.., 219 Forstman, James D. ...,.,,, 217, 223 Beauchamp, Woodrow O. .... ,......., 2 18, 222' Ganus, Gerald A. ..,... - ...,,,... .........,,.. ....... 2 .... . 2 23 Beck, A. Jerome ,.....,,,... - ,..,.,,.. ,.... - ...219, 222 Garren, John Davis ...... -216, 223 Bedford, William W. .-.-..- ......., .,...,.,.....,.... 2 17, 222 Garrett, George H. ...... - ......... ..-...--..223 Bell, Frank Lee ..,.,....... - ........, .,,..,,..,,.,... - ...216, 222 Geary, John P. ..,,..... 2, ........ ....... - ...223 Bertram, Robert L. ...... - ...,..... ..,.... 2 14, 215, 219, 220 Glass, Brooks .,,,,.,,...,,.,, 2 .,,,,.... ............ 2 ...219 Bevan, Kenneth V. ...,........ ..................... 2 18, 222 Glenn, Joseph E, ,,A, ........ 1 54, 223 Boone, Patrick H. ........ - ......... ............ A ...222 Gonag, John S, ,,Yg,,,,Y,,, - ,,,,,Y,,. .............. - .223 Briggs, Lloyd G. ........... .., ....... ........ 2 19, 220 Greefl, L, AYY,Y ,,,Y,, ...,..,, 2 1 9, 223 Bt'0Wl1, JRITIBS N. ......... - ...................... .- ........................... 222 Gugmmer, Albert M, .............. 223 Brown, Phillip .... .... - ....... - ...... - ...... - ....... 2 15, 219, 222 Guigo, Ralph M, ,,,,,,-- ,...,,,,....., 2 19 Bruno, Lee E- --W-. .- -...... .....-.....-... 2 18, 220 Guthrie, Theron A. ,,,, ,.- ...... 2173, 224 Bryan, Robert R. .......... - ......... .......,. 1 22, 167, 168 Hagel-fy, joseph T, l,,,- ,, ,YY,-,A .,,,,.., , ,..,,. 2 24 Burney, Billy C. ............ L ......... .,,..,........, 2 19, 222 Hampe, David .,,.,.,V,, ,N Vv,,,,, 2 ,,..,., 219, 224 Burns, ,JOE G. ....... ..... .. ......... - ...... . .- -.......214, 219 Hardy, W, Y,,,Y4 ,. ,,,,v,,,, ....... . .-..,-..224 Butrus, Paul R. .....,. ..- ........, ....,..,..... 2 22 Har,-eu, John G, .rrr,,,rl, - ,,,,,2... .,...... 2 19, 224 Caldwell, M. ....... .. ......... .........., , 218, 222 Hgndgfsgn, Howard ....... 217, 224 R0bel'l C. -.... ......,.. .....,.. ............... , 2 22 Hgnfy, Herbert H, YYY,.,, A Y,,,,,, ,.............. L ...224 Cervera, Nicholas .... - .......,, ,,,..,,,, 2 15, 219, 222 Hel-ring, Jerry R, ,,,-,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,, 1. ,,.....,.... 217, 224 Cline, John S. ............. - ...,..... ..................,..... 2 22 Higginbotliam, John 215, 216, 220 Cole, Charles D. ...... - ,...... ,....,.,..., 2 19, 222 Higgins, John M, -,,,,,,-, , ,,g,w-,g, -,,,,r,,,, 2 ....,. 2 .-.224 Conrad, David S. .... .................. 2 18, 222 Hill, Tommy E, --,,,,,-,-,,- - ,,,,,,, ..- ...,,,...... 224 Cook Alan E. ......... , .... ,....,,.....,,....... 2 19, 222 Hi,,,,h, Law,,,,,c,, H, ..,..,.. 154, 267 Corley, Phillip D. ,....... - ....... ....... 1 66, 183, 219, 223 Holm, Edwmd L, -,,,,,,,,. , ,,,,.,. ,.... 1 .219, 267 Cromer, Andrew M. -.... ......... 2 ............................ 223 Hooks, William J, V,,-, ,v ,,,-,,,.. ............ . .220 Darnall, Marcy B. ................. ......... - .......... - -.- ....... 223 Hopkins, John L, ,,,,---,- - ,,,,,w,,,,,, ,,,,.,,, ,..,,,,., .... - . , 2-22224 De Carlo, John P. ....... ,. ...,,..., ..... , 214, 215, 217, 220 Honwby, Ralph W, ,,,,-,, ,umm -,-,--- 2 ..,....,............ -..217, 220 Deas Thomas A. ......... .. ............. .........,......... . 215, 223 Huey, Charles H, ,,,,,,,,, ,,-,ww -,,-,-,-, , ........ ..- ........ -..224 Deffenbaugh, Willis M. ......... ........... 2 19 Ingram, Ci-,ai-les Ml ,,,,, -, ,,---,,,, ,.... - -.......2 ......... --.224 Delaney, W. Richard -- ...,,,, ....... . 223 Irons, William L, ,,,,,,,,,, 1 ,,,-,,,, W -,,, ,.,. - ..,. - .--.-.2.14, 217 Dement, Thomas H. ,.. ......... ............. . 223 Irwin, Charles V, ,,,,,,,,,, - ,-,,,-,, ,W , ,,,, , , ............. 215, 216, 224 Donahoo, John ,.,,..,,,.....,,.. ......., 2 18, 220 Isom, Charles E, W, , ............... 155, 224 Donahoo, Thomas mm., ,..,,,.,.. ......., 2 18, 220 Isom, Hewlett C, ,-,,,,,,, -my .... --.-.----.224 Driggefrs, Robert O. ..... - ,......... ......... 2 18, 223 Isom, Jackie M- ,,,,,-,-- ,- ,,,,,,,,, ........ 2 19, 224 Dugdale, Mary E. ............ - ..................... ........... 223 Johnson, Fon-est F, ,,,,,, ,,,, ..,,,. -... - -.-...224 Elkins, Clarence E. ,,.., - ,.,.... ,.,,,.,,., L -., ....., ...........,... L ..L-.,223 Jmes, Thomas L, ,,,,,,, F ,,,,, ,M ,,,,,,. ,.., .. ,... .. ........ ..... .. . 219, 224 E1-ben, Frederick --.L .,.,, - ,,,..,,,. L ..,,.,,. , ....,..,. .. ........, 219, 223 Kearce, Jalnes T, ,,,,, ,,, ,,,, M, L ...... - .... .- ...... ----224 Falletta, Anthony M, ,,. .,...,.,. ,.,....... ............. . 2 23 Kennedy, John D, ,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,, - ........ - ...... - ........ - .....--. .224 Fernandez, Vernon W. .... - ...... ........ 2 16, 223 Kiel-ce, James B, ,,,,,, ,- ......... - ...- ------.217, 218 Fisher, Joseph H. ,,,,.. , ,,,.,,,. .,..... . 216, 223 Ki,,,,,ul, Wallace 3, ,,,,, - ,.,,,,,., ...-...217, 224 Kirst, Edward -22 ...,-,..,,, .2 Vfr... A......... -----------,-.-.-. 2 1 9, 224 Kocha, Stuart ....... .. V.... 2222. ....V,.-..-,---. 2 ------ - --.- ------213 Kominos, William T. ............... 219, 224 Kopelousos, john A..... 2 2,2,.v. ,,,............ 2 14, 219, 220 Kraclce, Robert R. ...... .... 2 .-2 .... 2--2-..219, 220 Kracke, William G. ...,w 2 ...... . ......... .......... 2 .... 2 ....V.... 2 70 La Russa, Rudy G. 2.2 ,... 2 .....,. ......... 2 14, 215, 219 Ledbetter, Ray L. .......,.. 2 .......... ....,.,..............,...... 2 -..225 Levertt, Charles C. ........ 2 ..,. 22 .... . 2 .... 2 .,....,..., 216, 225 Lincoln, Curtis M. .,...... 2 ..................,,, ..... ,........, ........ 2 - . 2.2225 Linder, Thomas M. ...,,. 2 ,....... 2 ...,,. 2 .....,.., 2 ............... 218, 225 Love, Betty C. .,.....,,,..... .2 ....... .....,... .......... ..........,......... 2 2 0 Lowe, John W. .... ...... - ....,......,.....,..... 2 .............. 2 ...... 2 ....... 2 25 Marcus, John H. .......,., 2 ..,,..., 2 ,.., 2 ,....,.. . 2.2 .... 22.217, 225 Martin, Wayne W. ....... 22 ,.,.... ...................... 2 ......,........ 2 25 Matthews, Charles W. McCorkle, Thomas J. 2--. 2.222-22--..22...-.-2...225 ...- ....... ..... 2 ............ 2 ......... 2 25 McDevitt, joseph E. .... 2- ....... .....,............. 2 .-.219, 225 McFerrin, Carter ........... 2 ..,..,. .......,. 2 14, 215, 219, 220 McGehee, Robert ...,...... 2 .....,.. ...................,.... 2 19, 225 McKeehan, Emby A. ......................, 225 McLeod, Henry M. ..,., 2 ,...,.. 2 ...... 215, 219, 225 McNulty, William P. ............. 2 ..... 225 Meranzo, Louis A. ........., ....... 2 16, 225 Moebes, Walter M. ...... 2. ....... ................. 2 17, 220 Monroe, Jack .2222 ....... 2 ....... .-- 2 ........... 219, 225 Montgomery, john H ...................... 2--.225 Moore, Kenneth .......,.... 2 ........ ....,. ........ 7 3 , 219, 225 Moorer, Robert E. ........ 2 ........ 2 ........ ........... 2 19, 274 Nettles, William M. . 2.-2 ......... 225 Newby, Rand W. ...... .,.....,.......... 2 19, 226 Norton, john C. ...... ..-2 ,,..,... 2 ................,..... 22.219, 221 Oglesby, Jerry B. .......,.. 2 ......., ......... 2 14, 215, 219, 226 Palughi, Joseph P. ....,... 2 ....... 2.2 .................... 2 .... 2226 Peck, Harold G. ...... .....,............ 2 16, 277 Peyton, Earl R. ...... ........ 2 15, 219, 226 Poynter, Arthur R. 22 .... 2 ..,....... -..226 Rainey, Prentiss M. 2 ,..... 2 .... ..... 2 19. 226 Reynolds, Horace G. ..... --. 2 .... 2 .........,., 22.215, 217, 221 Rikard, Charles E. ..... 2.2 ................ 2 ..,........,...... 2 ...,. 218, 226 Roberts, Larry B. ..... 22 .,,...,,,,..,...,,, 226 Robino, Sam T. .2.......2. 2 ........ .2........2... 1 77, 226, 248 Robinson, Carl R. ......22. 2 ...22.., 2 ,,,,,,,.,.2,,,..,. 222-2217 Robinson, Charles E. -2 ...., 219, 221 Robinson, Robert G. -,-,--,,.,.,-,-,,--, 226 Rogers, David P. ..2,, ,,-,,,, 2 22 ------,,-,-., 226 Rogers, Robert M. .,2, 2 ---,,2,,,2,,-,-,---,, 226 Romeo, Michael j. ,.,,,,,2,, 22,,,-,,.,.,,-,,-,,,-.- , 219, 226 Rounrree, Thomas Lee - ..,.. .2.,.,.. 1 23, 153, 219, 226 Schellcer, Pater ,2,,2,22,,2,2, ,2.2222222,,,,,,-,---,, 2 ,222226 Seale, john F. 22,22.2 2 2,22,2,,22 2 -2,2, 226 Seier, Claiborne P. 2 ,,,.2,, 2,22222 2 219, 226 Shaver, Charles E. Sheier, Michael S. 2 Shepherd, C. Alston Shepherd, Robert W. .-.---.-.2-..226 - ---....... 2 ..2...... 2..... 2 .... 2 -..221 Shoemaker, john F. 22.,2 2 ,.,...,, ,2,,,222,,,,22, 2 02, Shumaker, Albert L. Simonetti, Michael Slotniclc, Melvin C. Smith, Charles R. .2.22 . Smith, Claude R. ..222 2 Smith, William W. Speake, james 2.,2.22,,.,. Spencer, Harold M. Stephens, Florence R. 22 222.2 2 2.-.---.167, 214, 2217, 226 218, 226 219, 221 2.-.222-.-2--22.22.222219 22222.227 ...22222227 222219, 227 2.22221 .222227 Strand, Alfred B. ..2. Suits, Willard J, ,,22222.2,22,2 2 Sullivan, James D, 22222,,2 2 222,2 k--,.P,V' 2 15, Sundock, Michael ,,,, 2 2, 219, 221 -2-2-..227 Swatelc, William E. ...... 2. ................ 2 .....-.......-...... -2 -... 2---.219, 221 Taylor, Richard .........2. - ........ 2 .... 2 .... 22222 ...-.... 2 ......... 219, 227 Thompson, Charles M. -22 ........ .......... 2 .... 2 ....... 2 14, 215, 219, 227 Tompkins, Nathaniel P. 2 ...2 2 .... 2 .... 2222.227 Tongue, Robert W. ..... 2. ........ 222 ....... -------------.----.--- 22 7 Veal, David E. ............. 2 ........ ....... 2 ............-. 2 .-----. 2 17, 221 Walden, Gatewood ....... 2 ............ ...... ...---. 2 ---- 2 - -2 ---------- --227 Weaver, Robert W. ..... 2-.2 .... 2 ........ 2 ...... 2 ......-..------2- 215, 219, 221 Weeks, H. Morgan ...... 2 ........ 2 ......... ..-..---.-.- 2 ---- - --.219, 227 West, Thomas M. ..... 2-2 ........ .2 ............ 2 ......... 215, 219, 227 vvilkius, Taylor 222 ,,2,,,2 22 ,,2,.,. 2.2 .... 2 ..... 214, 215, 217, 227 Williams, Alben D. ---2 ........ --.2 ..... 2 ................. 2 ..... ----227 Williams, Gary P. ........ 2 ....... .......--2.- 2 --2 ------ 2 .--- - ---- -2-----227 Wilson, James A. ........ 2 ........ 2 -....---. 2 ------ ---.- - 217, 227 Wilson, Joseph W. ....... 2 ........ ------- 2 ---- f ----- 2 27 Winkel, William M. ..... 2 ....... ........ 2 ............ 2 27 Witcher, James S. ....... 2 ........ -.-2--- - 214, 219, 227 Woodin, James E. ...., . Wright, L. Stephen ..2., 22.22 ..... 22227 222219, 227 Yip

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