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"7f41'f""' l'.5'f1'fTI1""EFlf3'.,g .fu ' 1 .rf +ff"" 1 FY . In A S o 'E' .. jf. 1 ' , . X I w , - h . l AQ? I P 9' ' :. ., 'P 42 "-4, ., I , . . "U, "' W HH 'J-,' T . ,vc 1, , 'Ii 4 , PM y I 'r ' ii-r .1 uLs'A'q, v- ' "AA I9 Q ' a S 1' .00 ' va P+ ' si u' 'I :VJ 1 - : . i L. 1. ball. . , . J I , ' ' if , r' !5 .31 ,,A fb ' -SN' '1' ' ' ,. A A ' Jw" :Pl ' 1. . JI - v a vt' V V .pk -Y. '- -'. f a:,I6 . J I w'! . v.- .' u -9 -'Aw' '1 v . N. Qt. 44.1 ' If , .wr L . 1' 24" ' lghr -' 33' ' I I I g . 4 ' 1 ' . I X' 'if' 1 V, - I, . 0 N ' , x 1 'T H '. .Y . I , ll "2 , 7 9 f' 'Sf' Is' ' ,Y ' 1 , - NL.. L .. J-- ' ' ,. 4 , .v r . ,1 .nmfif .Ll V EX LIBRI5 T -N4 N 9 T: Ihr 4 ntrv nun T l .,, THE YEAR BooK OF HOWARD COLLEGE H+ ,' PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BODY NINETEEN TWENTY-THREE R ll if ' 5? X - L If I WET f 5 uf" f f I' 7 X , I -. X f' . 0, xx f 1 ,E T X X' k nlyf gx Nh' Mxmxxxjlkf ETX f HH Xnxs xxx zx A I' :fu , T ff T Tw- f A MF.,-:ig " CJR l M m! X-N WW?--STA 6' i'!5ferya-gf T lv 7 15425317 A T K ILXHNXXVNXT 'mf , 'Wf'f'i',',f'l-' I gk lffwfflf T . T 1 f f 4 X- ,...-f-LTfQL1f3 f,j K N Al fffwllfjyw ylffnfl PW Q .1 A -VL - ,An fi 13,4 Y ITQN, , gg Q, iqgw. AT ' i.Jri'sf E 7 . - ?SgXz H-fT -fr' r- f, JK ij'-1,4 ffgxx X -JI 2 an ,x'Tf,, X D x ffl: 1:51 iiiim Sxlwff' Ef1?'f" --AN . I ff ' ' , ,QQA XL D ff ' 'f"'1gX ' xT21.:- W v1Qf '- 51 "WJ xy- -Q Q- ir ii? 6.5 --5 .--f- L - DEED fi "N W' Tx + ., I X1"X,,.. .,-'I .J FOREWORD We have tried to show you in these pages not only a picture of the Howard College of l922-23, but also the back- ground fumishecl by the Nineteenth Century Howard. If in reading this. the 1923 Entre Nous not only we, the present students, but all of Howard's loyal sons will wish to live again their happy college days. we shall feel amply repaid for our efforts. i To those who through their aid have made this volume possible, we extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation. s il 1 ,-an if-if QW xs- ' 4w:rgJ,": .f u H ev ,M fi EY 125 I X ff Vff f ' f - ' 5 WW M-se fwf .T -1: tix 1' 1- "' ll l 1 ' - -Q! 1 rx iw! l N J' . ,N rx -W i i ., ,lm ,wlyn , ENTRE NOUS BOARD. fl A ll will Q M .fl , in 1 - i I l 1:4 l 'ill I 5 V V i p ?f 1 f l Nl ,E 5 'WV 'ig llllllnl-gl ll 2' ggefg .., K5 it-lx2:?'5 g ,-T.-iwiwizl 'T-N-il fx? i 4. ...i 'L,- 5 l- i 'Af' Y' .-Y - ,a.. ,,-S.-, . . ir :xl 'Iii -I 5 ' -K X Q?-tg Q- A-ved e - -X fl --f be 1,-fl: -:S ri- e- Q , :li-E' ,i- Q5-1 '- - 4-so 5 as a 'xo-Xe X Q ,- u i -aE,4s'.eg:X,.-b- - -Q qv Ib Ab,-f'5 Q- i W , .X - 'E:4. fl.. ... R Ps -5 -V pg Yi Af 'X-X fx . 'S 'L' -4 f,.,..' N5- -1- 3-L 5 -1- ,- 5 -S K i , i ,-. .... 2 f-N. gil C..-X 5 " ff' - ll -- Alf N Aga- ,Lf-' Q ,. - fl 411 l 1 ,.. , -X Q kg 5::'f4,T-Lx'-is fx :si -'S Q - 5 J i Y: -- --p asf - Cl-lr -5' ,Q .1 5 ,... ir A 4- 5 v 5 53 5'-Q" 1 - if Ans- -+-X.-- ,..1 .i -1 .l fi , X 2 X ,.a - g 4- ? K-gg -,.,,.. CONTENTS Xfi Boox I THE COLLEGE Boolc II THE CLASSES Boox III ATHLETICS Boolc IV ACTIVITIES Boox V F RATERNITIES Boox VI THE FOLLIES DEDICATIO ,A TT To The Memory of Hffxa SN , 5 , . 4 A J Stnnrumll Jarksnn Balham 4 A.B., A.M. K xi-f Professor of Ancient Languages al Howard College LEX fo' ' 'T 'N B, l WE AFFECTIONATELY DEDICATE Q , 'H , THIS voLUME OF L ff T144-' 2 Tc THE ENTRE. NOUS P1 ,IU BECAUSE WE LOVED THE MAN, Q - XE, EQ, .- MEET, , 1 ESTEEMED THE SCHOLAR AND U I, ' T jg! APPRECIATED HIS DEvoT1oN -Q, I , : f o'i ,f!jgi1' ' H ,. ,.,N,,5 , 4,5 K ,ax TO A GREATER ' ff' f f 5Tg,1,,- il ' I 1 All 55' ' HOWARD. I I 5" 'i2i4M ,Eq,' H-'E . 2 - Iv 2 A i Q T: 'QM bij - f 'fb - L-" ' -- 4 '54 S' . -f TM- - '54 ,,, U - . ' 'T L.: 2-xg """11Qw"'3TE'TxT?:1"l'w-1N.x. 7-Wg J. AK 1 X- vqf r ' A'I.FlJ'l.Fl - S515 H, "NX Wm. 'Xl A J X qfaft Mn ff z-3 L - ?g xi' A KT- lk l LT P lj T ? I I T531 El 'Ng 'Qi Tax-MQW Svfnvlb, Q7 Q 1 .xx VE Ni X, r sxfv 'D EQ - f 4 ,A Y- 'N f :Xu .1 -fu 1 , E 1,-ssl g5.f5,?Q nl V, WN 5. I-Q . I E3 .. 1' : ' -4- ff' rQ'4Z4P"'X'-'ff ' ' ,f Asif' - T . A ' ' . A :T ffE':-, ,r 53 1- -A if 1- -' - E555 ' .. ,-.::?3A5L1?',- -f'f,','f-fn ' ' -f . - U1 EET A , ff Q4 -' K - k'--- Y . -..., Y- tg "V "7J.l:7,'fKQ..'.-,Edt " - -TE I - ,. ' A Q-ff ' A . ffori--:, "" .. fs, ' ' " ' """' ' A lffg-'p'5 NsiCJg5Qe6iIl "' . . v . QL, uf X ,A-N EY-A:-:i.l.5l.'f'w.nlV,I ,I ,M , f . V4 i l -lg , -, -,+L 'ii-'5,:3t:SlnlH,4 rN,I31f,,,kfbld z .1-Z --To EA 49- ' 1-.-1.f-:Jf.'f:ff,,-':o'f'.,E- ' f E- 21 ,fn . Z -..ii fgt- ,- H7 l-fifl-xfirl,T::Q,flf,,lIZ1l:'1'4j 3. Sa m ef 5-'?A . " A-Y-ix-Vf1f.m',-.',. calf f - A ': g?'m"'m THQ!! l""f:i2" X M55'f,'1nTO. l,'f-"C!fIl1' GER X TS A 5 :',1-"-'..3fe'TN?'-9131431 ' 5 XT 5-ggcgiztf-QQ-L A-:H -X i:C,,,qx.1AvJx.f,.,--:Cf E .,- 5:2 -,ggf:sfA1"n2a2- 0 " 4-'vga-nv-f M .- QEQQX Q I'RUl"liSSOR STON I2VS'.XI,I. JACKSON I I BX!-'XY e lh-,X ' V Y Ji, . . i tiQwi:,'i2-"-'- ' X jg, - Entre N ous, 1923 -V F" ' xv 31 -Sw . ,fig Y --Y .Q Q A X T 'Y' Abi ' f ""gv ' II 1? Azlu-:L n Idei-115 EOI' Howard it J V is 1 physical and spiritual. J Un the physical side, it is our dream to have in the 5 near future a practically new set of buildings which shall iii possess architectural beauty and which shall be in harmony . ,-1 . . . . . . iligleggl with the best traditions of academic construction. These 'lug . --N ? - a , . . . . . . . . . 'fff4QWhg?f's. Dl',AI,b tor an institution of learning are necessarily both N if yt iq N buildings should not only be beautiful, but they should conform to the most modern demands in arrangement and equipment. The success of a college depends very largely upon the number of its instructors and their scholastic preparation. As the college grows, it is our purpose to bring into the faculty an increasing number of teachers already successful in the art of instruction and in creative ability. It is our hope that the level of study and scholarship in our student body may be increasingly higher: that our students may always exercise a spirit of common honesty in their daily relations to each other and in their conduct in class and on examinationg that their lives may be guided by a spirit of gentleness and courtesyg that they may become more respon- sive to generous impulses and noble aspirations. It is our desire that Howard College may increase in educational spirit, and that it may become a place in which interests are created, evthusiasms kindled, love for truth inspired, and where learning rather than information is the goal of the teaching. joux C. Dawsox. 6 - 5 f' 1 . ' fx s F' ,H uv j 1 fi A , be K i,!9,2.i.Jilgll1 J .J F I - 5 swf Entre No us, 192 3 4l'f'f!:A,:'fg17g'g'. X 1 ' ' as X J e. ,JN S 1 L: if tr 4-4 ' x J 4 7 I 4 + INA 1 . . ,4 nw K u J , if , , flkhwllll r Q f-ff LJ! Ffbffiiif-., -PF' ff' .,i5fi!5,Tf:-ii.': KK X- Q X5 L Entre Nous, 1923 ' gg 9 PRIZSIDFXT JOHN C. ILXXYSON X Fm. i- - IKRN C ,W ' Mug f, Entre Nous, 1923 Ai . 4:1-'-ni-1?'P 4 6. 13053- Xw .-,- 11 1 X 111 1.'.x1 111 - -.Q S L1 ,1, Y 1 11 :X r.' 'X : 'I 11 15 H.. 1i.1b11 :V 111111 .'1s: I' 'x j ' ' ' I1 1 1 ...:, , 'f 3-tv 'V7r,- Yfgnq' MITCIIELI, BIQNNIQTT CARR!-l'I'T VVILLIAM EVEKE'l"1'E BOHAXNON PERCY PR.X'1'I' BURNS XVAI. EVERETTE Rouxxxox, B. Sc., A.B., AAI. Dirfrfor of 11111 Sllllllflff' S'1'lmnl, and 1'ruf1'.v5n1' of Eduraliolz B.S1'-., Sol1ll11-l'11 N111'111:11 1'111l1-,ar1', 1111111 91.11. 11"1:1SS11'1. S11111111-V11 N111111111 1'II1l1'j.Ll', 15111111 1,il'1- 1'1-1'liI11-:111- 111':11111:1111. XVPS1b'l'11 K1'11t111'11y Stun- N111'111:1I2 I11sti11111' I11f4t1'111'l1111 AllI1101' 111' 1'111111ty 1611111-11111111111 S111'1'1-y. 141-111111-1:51 .X.11. 1Psyc11r1l11gy'1. I11di:111:1 State 1v111X'l'l'S1lY. 151131 .X.M. 1151111- vationj, 111111111111 Stub- 1'11ix'111'si1y, 1!1111: 111':11111:1t1' SIl111l'1'lI 1E1'1uc-11111111 111111 Psy:-I111l11gy1, 1'11ix'1'l'si1y 111' 1'11i1-11211 ISN Clllfll'tt'l'S1, 111111-171 1'1'vsi111-111 111' .Xss111'111Ii11l1 Ill, ,xlilllillllll f'1111Pg'14s, 151211-212 l'1'111'1ss11!' 111' 1'I11u1':1!i1111. 1111w:11'1l 1'111- 11-g'1-. sinw .luxlw 1, 11118. JAMES A1.111z11T HENlJR1CKS,.A.RI., T11.I3., DD. PI'0fl'5.1'0l' of l1,l'0ll0llIi1'5 and Sllfilllllfj-1' .-LB.. 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I fp W ,F!9is":fl'F', 4" Wi"-.'9'23f?Tif X 1 X v ,, 5 Entre Nous, 1923 14 A 'J' h t -lax X 4-6 4 E45 .v llllfHI'IIIl.l 4 RXXI1UI.I'Il I1.VII.VS IRIWQH HAS Xl-'S SVMXER AI,BliR'I' IVES f 1 . lumwmu s R.XNlX3I.l'II I'..xc:1.1is, AB., AAI. l'rnff,v,mr nf .lfllfflflllllfifj .X.l., IIIIXVISHX en! N-nth fllllvllllll, HHN: l'l'1vIe-ssur of I' l'.12lfll- ' : .X.3l., l'nixw'rs.ty of Null!! I':n'1wl1lm, livll, lllSYllll'I'PI', l'nix'-'lslty vvfN1Illlli':ll'0- llllll, IZ'll'-1111 M1-111111-1' nv! Mull:-n1:lIl1':lI Sn.-1145 nf .Kina-I2 Irs: :xml Hxltlnmzulnall ,Xswm'1:lll4-In ul .Xlll"I'll'1lQ .Xl'liIlLI tlg I'l'ul'vssfu' nl xlillllv- 13 .Kr-ting Ilvaul, 1930-21. VRITNCII Hwxl-is, ARI. l' of I:'11gli.vl1 am! llran of lf.0IIll'll -1 . N Y 1" x I' Xl .. ....w...l I ll 4 110 X XI 1ulI1l"lllIlXIlSlly, 114:11 IIISIFIIVIIII' in llxslntul--. Yu.. lillll-ITL 1 '. S : 4 ,z , znlzallgzn .M':ulvlnl5, 'l"'llll., SL xixm .'Xl.l!l2R'I' lvlas, AH., RS., SAI., l'h.IJ. I'rofr,v5ur' of liinlugy Q , . mm.-r, lifmg l'nix1rsi1y nl 4'lli.-nun, Suxnnurs, N' A I ., Inn--rsuly ul' 1'lm-sngw, INV l'1'1'I1-ssnl' nl' Xznlurzll rvnvluus. Vlmxxzln 4'olI-'Q-, lfl'Vfr-U91 Hwnl ul' Ulf' Il lv:uI1lII'!ll I NIIYIIIJII Swiw-In-A--s :xml I'nnx.senx' ol liwl-luv 1 ,Nw A ,l QA x: ' I-VII.-:-, snmw .IIIIIUA IUINQ 4ix':ulu.n1v Sluwly :nt l'mx'-rsily --' sl, lifllg lIl.lI., INN mmm WHNH -luuis llulwox CH,Xl'XI.XN, ,-XB., AQXI., 'l'h.fXI. V l'1'' nf Rfliyfiozzs I11nlIIfIIfi0ll Vlnixwlsily 4-I .Xl:nlv:um:l, .X.l2., 1T"'11 All, lfllbf-. Snlllhs-In Ihplisx 'l'In.1-I-,guuml S-mmzny, 'l'l1.1I., ltvlwg Simi:-nt, Vu- luml-nzu l'llIXl'I'NlllX, Sulmn--1' Sfvunl. lf1l'1p 4ir:nlu:nl1- Sill- ll-nl Ihwlf-In l'nnx--unix, S-'ww--ll, Vvlf-IN. IO A ' f-3 a ll ' 2 I iff! W U11 i E. Y N I z i O ' c E4 4 E ii ea i i 1, , ..i. 'X I BURT PARKER RICHARDSON LOUIS K- OPPITZ WILLIAM XELSON THOMAS HURT PARKIER R1cH,xRDsoN, Ph.D. l'roff'.vsor of Cllrmislry and Plzyxirs I!.l'ml., 'I'l'1ll'h1'l'S' f'uIl1-,114-, NV2ll'l'l'llSiHll'2, lilo.: Vullugv, Sllliilf-1ii1'lll, Mug I'h.B,, Univvrsity BS., Ilfllfj' ol' Vliivziurlg , , . l'h.D., Uliivvrsily ul' I.i-ipsic-, 10122 I'i'ul'i-ssm' nl 1 lll'IHl4ll'Y in Uklzuhninzi Baptist L'iiix'ui'sityg L-lm-tm-il to linwurcl Vul- lvgff. 1922. Louis K. OPHTZ, A.B., AM., Ph.D. R Professor of Pllysifs AIX., Ynli- I'niv4-rsityg Suiwriiitw-mlf-nt nl' Sc-hunls. Mil- fnril, Uhing l'i1ivvi'sity Scholar, Yule Vnivi-rsilyg ZiI.,X.. ihiii.: Sllln-l'in!e-mic-nt nf S1-lmols. Batavia, Uhmg l'l'Ul4I'SSlH' ol' Math:-in:iti4's :incl Pliysivzxl Sf'illlll'l', Lvhainun lnivi-rsiiy. Ohio: Assistant in I'l1y.2ir'S. I7niv1-rsity ol' Alii'lll,LZSlllI In- slrm-lnr ul' Pliysii-s, I'lliVt'l'Silj' of Pciiiisylvuliiaiz I'h.IT.. ihid.: Assm-i:1Iv pi-nllissiii' ul' Pliysivs. NVi-su-rii Full:-gn for XVUIIIUHQ l'rul'--ssin' nl' Physivs, Unllvgu- nl' St. Tlmnizis, ' ' i llulx Hui ol Minn.: I ml'--ssrvr uf I hysivs, I-Izirihnin 1'uIlv,L:'1 1.-N. . - Vhysn-s. SIllll'll'I' Full:-go, llnnn-, 1311.3 1'i-nl'1-ss1n- nl' l'liysia-iz, lluwairml Voile-:.:m-, Sinn- .lun--, 15422. XV1r.l.i.'m IYELSON 'I'Hcm.ixs Pr0f1'.rsor of Crrfk and I.a1in lIl':uln:lln- Vulgntn' Univ:-rsity. .LIL and AAI.: l'ns1-p.1':ul- nun- Stunli-nl, l'iiix'vi'sily nl' l'l1i1-:1:.:u, ltlllv-22: l'li.lD. l'ru- W. E' SCIIIHRMIXN lk-ssur nl' Hn-1-li :ind I.:ilin, XVm-srniinslvr lmlli-gi-, lilzih. lfillirlfi . - VV. Ia. SCIILIIEMAN 1 A.M., llurvzn'-I3 l'ln.lJ, nI'.Kll1IX. lrofrssor of 1Walln'maIir.v ami Srirzzliff Crrnmn !-a GFX. nu U P . i f Jul Aiiiiiliiil T' IXAN I1 I Entre Nous, 1923 .1,a, A hm. 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' ' 1111 eff! -'-45 'Y-'f-' HARRIS COPE FR,xxK RIQIIINEALT UXSENBERC JOHN J- MILFORII H.,XRRIS Com, I,L.B. .lllzlrlff Dirrrlor I.I..l3., l'nivv1'silA' ul' Hn- South 181-wzul.--D, IUHZL ASHF- tzull Allllc-tic' lPil'm'lu1', l'l1iw-l'sil3'uI'tlln- Smith. IEHII-lil-'UNL Head IPil'C1'l4ll' nt' Atlllvtivs in ilu- snuu- 1-4-ll.-gv, 1!I11,I-112, M1-lnlwr Nulilunul Fwvllmll Ilulvs I'-uumillm-, 11911-13. FRANK R L'R1NE.xL' B.Axsl2x1z12RG Prnfrssm' of Violin Pupil ui' lhe- w1ul4l's gn-pull-sl Yil'luusuu111l lwurlu- 13 'I'l1' U- flnrn Spivrimai Sludiw-fl with him in N1-W Yflrk Im' sl-xw-1111 yvarsg :lppm':l1'1ml as swlwixl :mil 4'1lll1'l'l'l vifrlinisl in Eust- 4-rn und NVQ-sl:-VII Slut:-S4 ulsu se-rv:-41 in llxn- l'2llI2ll'lIX nl first viulinist in lhrw- l:nl',L1v sylnlulmny 1111-lam-sllum in ll:-' Imp-11 51911.-.4 llllilvl' lx:-1111 l'HlHllll'fl'I'S: slum- lil!! In-:ul ul tin- violin nlf1ml'lr1u-lat nl' Iluxx':u'4l Vnlh-g.-. jolly LI. RIILI-'HRIJ, AAI. 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BRHIUY Biology l7l.UZllNIi Ilxczoon lzlluraliun 14 : fs xx Ili' A516101 mhvnrr in thg Ivarning? Math ihg tnil n'vr hnukz run aumrh ihv miimight nil? -Gay: F bl Bunk 09112 Ammnnir A-0 Y I ' u V' r 6' C Entre Nous, 1923 AE! 5' -'- ft".'11'.'1 X , W ,.. , QI: ,,!,imVT - fx, ad f :ily 7.--E v I 1 GQW M,,f CT? U0 S S .X f :...- H - 1 4 1 inf! L2 1 f x 1 X fl K, . - 'A 1 -u-Q-U'v1,l I Q W x X X W Xl 4 4 ! , ll ' A 1. . 4:24 Q X j. M ' N I - S K 1 Rx . yn ,.f N 1 ' . X 1 'N 'N X i N qu X v Tk N x X X f X I ,.,..2 X N X 'V-l rUTvQb? JULIA BETA 'HQ45OV.'5 hi 37 .i f'N 41 I 'X . H P A : ,I - z 1 ,fibwslul M -, 4- , 'ANSX 1 A lf 1 A -lf Q' Entre Nous, 1923 f77?'K 'ffp N .1 1 1.41, - - 3.5 iq A12 lg FI, J if , 1, - v ,mf-.f CHIOI' Class lV.X!.'l'lfR l312xTl.m', I X . ..... . Centerville, "SWEET T1lING" "Ile alfways had a smilz' Tha! madr him quilf 'worth fu:hile." I-'nmlilin l,1lvI'2ll'X Snvil-ly: Svruh llznskvlluxll, '20, '21g GI.-4' Pluh, '21, '22, '22, lhmslvlwl Vllllfl l'1'l'l-3' Vlulvl lluxxnrel l'lI1j'l4l'SI A5 . '...v, ' - 1 . - . f 'sislnul Husinf-ss AI:m:1:1'r ul' Prim- mm, --, l. 1. U. IP. 1.. 1. Nl. 4. A.: 1'lw-sulmxl ol N-nun' fluss, l --I' l'n1r--r." RI.x1ua1. llunmis, Z Q. "0h.' blur-ryrd maillrn -u-ilh goldrn hair, lI'hy this blushing, llllillfllf air!" Slum-llnurnw l,ilf'r:nl'3 Siwivly: linslvy-lluwznnl Vlulrg S-'vr--l:ll'y .Il S-fu'--tally Sf-ni'-I Vluss, '22, '2f!. LNIUXRIZNCIQ Rucmns BENNETT, Il K .-l . . '-Doc" "I darr' do all Ihn! hrromrs n Illfllff Hr who Jaws do mnrr is mmf." '22, '23, "5l'I'1ll' . llirminglmam, inwr PMN '21 "' . Louisville, Instruelnr X li-.--1'x-114.111-111 lfn-slnnzm Vlnss, '2ll. '2l: llflll-lll'll1'llll' 4'-mn:-il, '92, '4"Zg Ala Ala Ala In lliulnup. '22, '22, l'1nImn:ullni1- I,ix--raxry Sm-i--ty: 5l'l4-lllllii' Sm-ie-ty. llI'.l.'l'UX SIMS. .I .N . . . . X ermon, Ala "D.xn" Square :mul 1'nmp:ws1 Y. M. 1'. A.: Slllllvlll '1'l'f-:nsuri-r lilllllll llnll, '19, '201 f'0r- gl--ml S, .X. T. 1',, 'lfvg mile.. Vinh, 'lx '1!f, '2lI. '21, '223 lrilw-vim :mil Husim-ss Mun- 1l2l'l' H11-v Vluln, '2'I, '21, '22: Yzlrsily 1!Il1ll'In'lII', '20, '21, '221 1'x'n-xivle'-nl Su-niur Vlzws, liisl sem- st--r, uill r- turn :mil I'--evixw ilvnzrw- :ul 1-nd ul' lirst Summer Svlmul. 18 f' QM an U L A lfgezflmll 'fi . Ti S T , - , 'f 111 2- . ..N - , 4 i vii,-Qfl,',Ygff93Qg X :gg Entre N ous, 1923 r., , IIS ' Kit? f 1-1:4 11- ff ' ' f 4-ne' Y' Y,. ' fr 'Q' , I ' ' P .l- 'W u ips-- if CI'liO1' Class f7THAR 'l'HL'RsToN ALFQRD, I1 K A ..... . Birmingham, Ala. f'Bo1LERM.'xK1cR" "Iligl1-frfdrd fll0ll,0llf5 :mind in lin' llrari of fo1ulz'Jy." Varsity lfuutlmll, Buskf-lluall, Rusvlmll, '19, '20, 'Ili lflllllllllll, 'SIL '21, 'SEQ Uillllllill Fnollmll '30, 'Zip fildlllliill Ilaslu-tlmll, '!0. '!l: uw:u'rh-fi Port:-1' I.1vvin1:f'up fm- Iwst :ill-zuwmuml :xthh-t1-, 'llg I'x'm-sim-nl "H" Club, 'llg lqlillllllillllil' I.il1-fury Suvin-up Scif-ntiriv Sovim-typ I'n-ntx'uI-Illvwzuwl 1'lub. lIIl.lgRlilJ RICIJOVVELL . . . . Biflllillglllllll, Alu. "li11.1," "Thr riprsl frrzulz ix lliylwsl on ilu' fl'l'1'.H Siu-lluxrnv I.iI1-r:1ry Sm-il-typ Publi:-ily 1'1mnuit1w-1- Y. XY. 1'. .X.: liirls' Hlw- Flu!-, '30, 'Ill 1'1'1lll'1ll-li"Will'1l Vllllll X'4Plllllll'l'l' Ilauulg lluthiuu. PIMMI51' IC. Blfxx1fTT,.1'X,K 7' . . . . . . . Louisvillc, Alu ".In hours! Illllllyf life noblrsl fworl: of God." Iqlillllllillllil' !.ilm'l':ll'5' Suri:-XXL Svivlllllil' S1u'in'l5'. f,R.Nk IJANIIZI, liolmxxox . . . . . . . . . . limmnglxzun, Alu. "Tha 11111141 111111 lmlh Illlldl' you fair, hall! lllllmfl' you good." flrmllmls- uf XX'vst4-rn lfl'llllll'lQj' Stun- Nwrlnsnlg l'ul1-nm-ss Zvlil mum-ga Sur.-rily, '22, '::z. 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'33, 121,81-llmp lfjllllul I-Intl' Nuns. 21 f L, A N 1 N?-2. fxxxl I a ,J ' I UM tif' I4 Y.. ,lwmlu 3 l 'xxx 9 ' V Q N V Q J . .fx . f' , , . 4 , , rZ9?Qf,,lQQ'.,.f C ' ' "-?2fg355?!'2:'1f X l - X, H gig , Entre Nous, 1923 ty. A r-L" i x L -'N X f 7 H i ' 'A' li? ' "'gL rf lf, -lf' Alu: fi- S6I1lO1' Class S.xA1L'lfL L. HISATH ..................... Equality, Ala. "Tl'1'y arf' llt'fU1'l' alorn' flml arf' armlrzpalxinl 4'LL'il!l nolllr llzoughlsf' r'quau-' :mal Vmnpussg l'n-sid:-nl Divinity Vinh, 'ilg l'rn-sid!-nl lqllllllllillhll' Litm-ruly S.-wil-xy. 'itz lN'lD!lIllH.Z 4'--un:-il. '21, 'Hz Y. 1l.4'. .L Vuhinl-1, '21, '22g IS. 12 l, Vluhg 4'irm-ulatiun Mzmugu-r I-Iulrv Nous, '21, 'LJJIQ l'ra-siulx-ut Atllh-tic t'nunc'il, '22, 13313 In-L-Si. dm-nl Sluelm-ul Bully, '22, 'LCCL Romain' XV. HISRRING, fl' K .Y . . . . . Sumtcrvillc, Ala. "l:lSlI" "Hr fllH0'lL'l'fll k11r1u'lrJgfr likr a .trlliny slar." I-'l':mkI1x. l.iu-mry S1H'iv'lX. lla-lmrn-r, 'Ill l'r1-sid:-nl, 'SEL llvrnu-s Vlulv: l'Ix1-1-uln-v 1'--mmlll---N. JI. 221 lllllllljl Il-mm l'lDlllll'll, 211 Varsity ll:-lmling.: 'l'm-ann, 'QL '132: .Xssislaxm l,ilu-:u'i:m, '21, 'IZL .luniur Flaws ll:-pm'tn-l', '!l. 'ZZQ Ihlsimss AIZHIZIKVI' lhmnxwl l'luy-Ars: liwlilur-in-I'him-I' lluwnrml l'l'llllS'lll, '2l. '321 Suh on Varsity FUHI- lmll, 'ltlg Hwmurul lIl'lvI'1'Sn-lll2lliNm- lm' ltlmdrs S1lllllilI'Sllllb. 'L3l. Cu.xR1.las lllL'lilNLliY llL'Rs1', Y' ll . .......... . Besscmcr, Ala. "CfIl'l'I'f!ll ai nmrn, lu' fu.'al'f.v from .rlmrl rrpnsr, lirrusls Ihr krru mr, and zarols ux ln' you." HIM- Vluln, 'I!l, '30, '21, '22g X'au'sily Quart--llc-, 'lfI, '20, '21, 'UZI I-In-llnaull, 'Sill Vanr- Slly I-Wwllmll, 'QI-'12, ' 'LJZIQ IH-rlry Vlulsg l"l'ilIllillll l.lll'l'ilI'X Smarty: 'l'r4-zlsulwl' Dining Imnm l'uun1'il, 'LIL xvliRN.X Coxxnm, . ..... . Birmingham, Ala. "Lr1"r1.1-: Gnu," "1.igl1l of lzmrl and faury frrr." hlullvulnl- l,ul"mr5 hurl--ly. 22 PC?- f U f , K 'Z L f Y 4 f."QQil'llll , .. -- As' A 5 43?-aug? .' :"'1,:f..,1, ,f 7 'N' V' N A, 5 vi 5 f ?:d".iffl"55. , 'wi Entre Nous, 1923 ' - . V, . h: xi- v i A l- ' er fn: 4-hu' - - i f 'gr ' tt ' ' ,-, ,af fn' -lf'-4 sy 6I1i0I' Class E. E. jouxsox, fb K II . . . . Samson, Ala. HJEANU upllfl' in hmrl, lllllllllll' in Jpiril, br .vffks lenofwlmlgf and 1ruIl1." Vim--I'l'osi1lvx1t liivinity Vlnlu, '22: Pl'vSirlvnl I'l1ilun1ntlxil- Lita-l':nl'y Sm-in-ty "" l'l'l'Slll4'llI 1'Hll1',2'u li. Y. l'. l'.. "" CLARENCE L. IQFLLY, '1'.l . . . . . Talladega, Ala. "Doc" "fl man 'who slamls foursquarr lo all Ihr fwimlx llml lflo-w." Franklin l,it1-mry Smwil-typ Dining Rnfnn Vounc-il, '21-'22, Hwlnn' Roll, '21, Sl'K'l'1'I2ll'X' :xml Yi:-1--I'1w-sidont llvrhy Vlulnp Svlvlllilll' Suvif-typ P:1n-II:-llm-nic f'0l1lH'll '2, '23, FRIED FR,xNK1.1N RIARTIN, L' N . . . . . . . C1-ossville, Ala. -IESSIE L "Tlx: kirulrsl man, Thr llrsl rrnzdzlzonrd and zmfwrarml sffzrzl In donzg l'0ll!'lI'5Il'.S'.H IllvlnltyI'll1h,'1li- 11, '21-'22, '22-'2Z!1 Vlmilflmzlthic- Lita-x'nry Sllf'lAlX, 1'1'i!is' ""' 'Z' HI.-1. Vlulr, '1lI, 'ITL 'l'1':u-k 'IW-:nn 'l1i, 'ITL Iinsrlnull, '15, 'lTg "ll" 1'I11h, 'Ill' '31, 'ggg In-inning Wynn:-il, 'l'u---nsnlxw-l', '21, '22: l'n-sill--nt, '22, '23, Vnlnml-vr llnnll, '2l, '22: Vll'f'-l'l'l'Sllll'llI Ilivinily Vlnlr, '22, Jil: f'lPl'I'l'SlHbIIllllH.L S1'l'l'1'llll'j' Sqlxwlx- :lnll fwmllvzlss Club, '22, '2Zlg Slnuil-nl Nunn:-il, '2", 'JZL Girls' Plugs Vluss Nuns Vluss Slllill . l'Rl- l-Xl Rx "hz jlfllllf looks and lalrlzlx ran' Nonr ran 5IIl'f'1155 and frfu: r'olr1jJ11rr." H11-nf Vlnlv, 'l!I, '20, '21, Flu-lln1l'ln' l,il4'r:u'y Sm-iw I, 3 ": - . . 1 N, .I .1 1 I . . . . Bll'llllllf1ll2llll, Alu. lx ll: Icllllll I l'mNlllll1llI ll, -Ill N-we-t:l:'y :nml 'l're-usnrl-r SUllll1Illl4ll'l' Vlnss, '20, 'iflg llnsl-Irizm .lnnmr . , .,, . N, f.,.,. 4 - -. 1 - , -l, -,, 11.1-lnnmllnn 1 nnlvsl, JH, Nfunur l'lzu5', '2l1.lllninl'l'l:nss I-Iulilm' I-'ntrv A ,'Ll,'22g1'1-nlml-ll41n':l1'eI4'Inlv: Svivnlitls-Sm-i--lv: Y. XXI1' X.: I'r'-.plum Q mln ..,. llnwznrnl l'l:ly-ws, '20, '21, '22, '2I!g Play, '22g lf'-mn-I--r l.:nnlnl:1 Xl Ill-ll-1 itv '221 Assistant Ifhlilm' 1'l'llllS1lIl, '22, '2Z!, 33 Xl I . ' xx , f " ,J l ' K MMR ' 2 2 f-xx . . -. X X ,a - , .lx f 1 " V 1 J- !l '--A I . ll 5 '-.-'-f, 'LJM uf' V r 'Qflfs'5"2Q.:04f N '5I.1ll53f171'-i- E N 1 2 - Hx :,:,5:3g5l:5,g, ntre ous, 9 3 15.1 ,N ' wa' W, 1 'I ,V f .M-- , sw ' f f -1 ' L ' 1 9 1? ' A,-it 4: 1 CIIIOI' Class I. NV. AIYFRS . . . . . . . . . Clio, Ala. "Gfnllv, palirnl, lzrafvf and lrur, Crm! rs Ihr Lu-ark fwazlzng for you." hixinily Fluhg Y..l1nlnll--Nr Iluml, I'lnlnm:ulhi.- I.i11-rm'5' Sawiq-ly: lluwarml Pl:nyc-rsg Squzu'-' :'n-I l'mm-ass: l'll1lll'lllilll Pulpit Supply llllllllllllllw-1 S-'t'l'1'lill'5 Y. M, 1', A, IRWIN j. f2l'lXX . ....... . . . . . . Hartselle, Ala. "I l11"Z'I'I' lfrzmc' so young a lmfly fwillz .vo old a brad." 'l'rv:ns11rfl' Ilivinily Vluh. '32, 'URL l'hil1vn1utlniv l.lKFl'ill'j' Sm-im-ty: 'l'1-nnvssl-1, Yull.-y liifllwgy l'1nh1 l'l'l'Ill'l'll'I'S' linskvllmll. T21 I'1's-zu-ln-rs' Ham.-lnull. 'Ill Y. M. 4', A, .laxvmilfnez Uluhg Nun I-'rut All-ns' l"r':xIvl'nity. C. lf. STUNIQ, fl' K .Y . . . . . . .... . Locals, Ala. "ln ilu' ran' of liff ln' fwill not ln' lzrhirzdf' l Plnilfnnzuhiv l.Ill'l'Ill'5 Fm-i--l3: l'-If-I F4-niwr l'I:uss, '23, 'ZIIQ .Xssislunt Alilllllfvl' l"n0l- nnll. '20, '21, 4':mt:nm 'l'r:u'li 'I'--nm, '20, '31, llliRTll.X Dlavlxli llowuum, .1 .E I . . . . "IIN qwirr fzrzu 1'-wr' yfnlle and low, .In fxn'llruI flung 111 QL'0l71l1l1.U . , .I ,X V l . 9 -.,, ..,,., ' V - H . . lfairllclcl, Ala. IZnl4'12I-4-Vlull, ','II. '3I. lilxsll-5-Iluuzllal l'lnl-, Slnvllu-run Sud'-N . Y. XV.1'. X XX mm I nn ll ll nn 1 un ul lr hum I nn ll Sf Ima , , 4' . x . I Q 1 1: 1 , -., ,..A 1 . .. H g4...'i-I3 24 ,uv ug fx La a , JQLMIIQ ,Z 1" , 'IJ '2'lg ."ll'l1" ' xx C: :s NV-x --fu ix, 6' I w 2 f My ' ' H, iff 'E-'V fl' 'l -3. s N N Entre N ous, 1923 j 5 "" Wlxx 3 v -, - L Y 2 f :milf 1r v -41.4 ' V 4 if "QV YY Y ' ' f 7 CIliO1' Class DEE SAPP. . . . . "DEER1E" 'Wlrrry as ilu' day is long." . Alkndclphia, Ala. Girls' film-f'Il1h, '20, '21, '22: Sllt'llllll'lN' I,itn-rnu Sfwivtyg S4'llhlPl'I'l0l'f' f'l:xss Prflllln-I, 1 1 4 '20, '213 lluthizlnsg M1-mln-rslxip 'ummilt '-- Y, XY. '. .-X., '22, ' 1. P. G1L1.12smE, JR., fb K X . . . . ' "jERRx"' -.1, . Boaz, Ala. "Tim irur, strong, and sound mind is Illf mind Ilml mn fmllrafr rqually grfal lhings and small." Franklin Lill'l'Zll'5' Sur-iety, St'K'l'l'lZll'j' and 'I'n-xxsllx'-'x'. '23, SPIIIII Uzxsk--lluxll, '20, 'Eli - In . .., .., -.,., .,,., ,.,.- 'A V ' hlu tlulm. JI. -1. --: Humor Hull. --, -..g xxlllllvl' Phu Ixxnmun Au S1-hu-lznrslnilr I Medal, '22 "'Zlg Ilmx'z1l'd Iizuul, '22, "'Z2g Soi.-ntiiiv S-wi--ly. Flmuxkn Axmiksox. . . . . . . . . . l'1':1ttx'illc-, Ala. "Slrongfsl minfls arf' oflfn lllosr ilu' noisy fworlll llfars lrasI." lramklln Intl-rzury Sm-if-ty: Y4llllllI4'l'l' Iinnfli Irivinity Vluh, S1-1-rf-I:u'y, '22, Vrvsi- nl--ut, 'LII2 Ilmxx IANIZ, Z Q . ............... . Bll'IlllllQflHllll, Alu. "For all Ilia! fain' is, is by nalurf good,- Tlml is a siqnv to L-nofw Ihr yfnllf lllllllihn r--4-I.-1:ux 5lllllk'lll Ii-HU. '20, '2l: Stull.-nl 1', '20, 'zlz Hirlf Ill--v Vlulv "H ,, . - .., ..,., ..,.. ..,,. . , . l.ln-Il1-lI1lu1-lunmnl, ,l- ,,, ,,f -..g hlu-IIlul'n.- Inu-11115 r..rn1l5, N NN, 1, .X 25 . 5 as . ,. A5 G ,. , , L , ,lQ .l-ALM firm 1 1 V 1 .1 f ' E .iv Q ,, A 5 mf.,-Ie-Q"-gl X 'J '1?f5?lfa7fSI3Zf,? f lf L Entre Nous, 1923 . 'f-51 1 . 1 f gg- Z'-A ---3 QQ w V T -Ir A 4 , SCHiOI' Class fllumxnn SMITH . ............ .... . Montgomery, Ala. "l'11hl1'rniJln'1l lrl mr llwr, nr dir llllh'lI0fLL'll,' 0 grant an hours! famr, or gran! me nonr."' 4gi,l5' Ulm- Vlulvg Sup.-rx'isur ul' Sh-l1nll'l1v l.itn-l':ll'X Sm-ivly, '23, 'fflg Vrilllsnll Sluffg N lll n 111'-N llpnlt-1 X XX I X Vinln.. 1'UllllIlllll4 I Ill ltwn She ll nn llt .u- 4 ,... - . . . .. L.,-315 5...-1.-ly, 33, J..g I-,nulnslu ,-XQw1s1:-ln. 33. "Z2. "2 lv I' - n'.- .'- tl. C. V.x1'G11x, fl' K I7 . . .... . Camden, Ala. "V.xsla1.1x0" "Thr grullf mind hy yfnlle dfnls is hnofwng For a mm: by zmfhmy is so url! lvlrnyml as by his Illl1lI7lt'!'5.H 'l'l1il-unnlluiv Lil. rnry Suri'-tyg llnuzull l'l:13-urs, '20, '21, '2J: S1-ivnliliv Sm-If-ly: lllslru-'1--r in Vlnlllislry l.:nlv., '21, 'ZQQ Sllllll1l1'I', JZ, '32-"'I' llmzxmx IJ. 'llllONI.XS. fl' K .Y . .... . Hanceville, Ala. " l7.X'l"l'Y" "From Ihr frofwn of his hmrl lo Ihr solr of his fool, Ilf is all mirIh." l'hil-rm:11hn- 1.i1vr:nry sm-il-ty: 'l'ru-:uSnr--r Stud'-ul lhnly, '20, '!1g S--niur Play, '20, 'ylg Yiu'-1'l'1-sixll-lm! Y. M. l'. A., '31, '!!: Illlunlwl l'I:lyn-rs, Husunlse Algmng.-rl '21, 'jig 1-Hnfllnnll, '30, '31, '23, Mnnzlue-I' lfnmlunll 'I':-zum, '21, '221 "ll" Vlulv, Yiw--I'rvSi- -1- nr, '31, 'lfQ'l'l"I15lll'l'l', '31 '311:Squ:ul'--:unl IH-nnpuss. ' w v ' II. Cl. XX ulilauzk, Il lx .1 .............. . Arab, Ala. "Nolhiny is irnfwossihlr In Ihr :willing hfllflfy . . .., .., . .. v. . Xnusux I-mul-all, -0. ..l. Il llnlv. l'h11mn.nllm' lll0'IZll'X S'-1-i-U1 Divinity Vluhg Sllllivl ll fun-l 4'fvln1::1ss, 26 T ' ffmg .I UQ 2 I GL' ff' 1 A, lzf "M 1lm ,Yi ,I A gig " 1124 'f if ,395 Lf, 1. V ".w:.4-25135 QC xv Entre Nou s, 1923 J 2 2 2 2 2 ff ' , i ' ' 1-iv wr .7 v-4' ' - ' r 'Y Y ' VV. L. VVILLIAMS, Q K CI'li0I' Class N . . . . Birmingham, Ala. "BILL" "Tl1vy gofvfrzz mos! fwho make the leasl noise." Pliilwmatliim' l.ile-1':u'y Scwictyl 1'0llll'Z'll-1IlHYllI'll Vluh: Biology Clulmg l.zilmi'zitm'y In- structor in l'l1i-mistry, '22, '23: Physics l.z1lmi':1tui'y Inst1'uf'1m', Summor, '223 Quiz Instructor in l'h0Il1i stry, '22g '1'l'L'?lSUl'L'I' Sciinliliv Society, '22, '23, RIAMIE CARLIENIE XVYATT . .... . Birmingham, Ala. Girls' Gli-v l'lul1g Sh "CA'I'.XLlNli', "So fwell Io knofw llrr ofwn, fwlml Slll' fwzlls Io do or my Sanus "LL'l5l'.Yf, -v1r!uou.vr'sl, t1I5l'H'l'1I'5f, limi." 4'lllUl'l1t' l,iti-Vary Suri--ty: Y. XV. l'. .Lg Ms-iiilu-i'sliip l'nm111ilu-rl V1-nplicl Junior Vluss, '21, '223 Swim-ntiiic Sui'in'l5'Z Ilhlllllllll. BRADY JUSTICE . ................ . Newton, Alai. -'le ul lm fwlmsr inbnru fu-nrllz his urls rom 1ur'11.l, Of gnztlv soul, Io luznmn raw a fri1'mI." Si-r'rl-lziry Sllllll'lll Y4Illlllll'4'l' lizinil. '20, '!1: 1'l'i-Sidi-ill llailllisl Sluflvlil Missi-lumix mint nl Xlllllllll U 1 l I-shmui U1 il-:ix NI :lil l'li slim ll-In nil , i Alun- ' ', 1 : 2,':.':,,l:Q : 'z '4'.l'2Q '-sir 1 l lzlyursg "l"zumy uml tlue Sifiwzuil lruhli-mp" Glu- Plubg Squuri- :mil Umiipziss. R. E. IAMRIERT, JR., W .I . .... . IJ1ll'llllgl'0Il, Alu. "J ummm" " llofw 50111141 his limi! ami flllff' ul ln'url." l'l'l'5llll'lll, lllllllllllillllll' I,llvi':il'y Simi:-ly. '20, '21, Varsity lfwlilulll 'l" 'JU '.'l. l'i'1-sid:-nl .lunwr Vlzissg l'i'vsiml-rut l':iil-lli-ll-iiiv Vuiln--il, 'gtg I'ns1-l--nl I1-llmlins l'ulllll'll ' Vim'-l'l'i'4lll K mil Sluilvnl lhuly. 37 Q f'N v. Frm N . X in Us .1 D if -f 7 nfchmllflll , A - x 5 fmifff Q A-M 5: R X A Entre N ous, 192.3 , -- - A - Y-, 'QV 'L-, -. .Ii- Y- Y Senior Class .-XRTHL R KING . . . . . . Bi1'xningl1:1l11, Ala. "Run" "Thr llUll!f'51 rnirnl flu' lim! f0lIfl'llfllll'I1f luis." x""1ll!l"'l' Il.m1l. "ll" Vluhg lhwn-lmll, 233 I'I11I-vmulllir l,1l1-1':nl'y SfIii'lB1 lhvinily '.llll'. xvll.I.l,XNl R. f0l'l,l,.XXIJ . ........ . lin-N-nu-r, Ala. "Kl1ru1L'lrJy11' if pnfu.'rr." Supefuxs v an tlv- .IQITIISHI1 f'1'llnU Smlwwls. HRS. XY. KI. Rm'Kli'l"l' . . .......... ...... I in-sscxm-r, Ala. "Thr fu-nrlfl IIIIIJ1' lmfzw' yrral lllillxfl. I'i'l'lI as yfrrul xlfllrrrs suns." 'I'.n1In-1' m ilu .I 'I'I' ls-vu l'uu'u1y NI:-ul Syst- ln. ll,xlu.u' I". Chmmkna . .......,..... . Bcssmncr, Ala. 'flllilily Qvins l'.ffl'f'IlI of all Irur miml.c." I'u1uvx1-'ul lluvylf-xxn llluls sdmnl :S 7.1! , T 1ffQX . 3 , Q a ll J, 1 " W L ry! 4 flYL?M'W1 Q-cs Entre Nous, 1923 v s-12545, X- 11 - 1 -ll .- -I 'vp ll I ' ' If :LIE .i ir 15, xwxb X -.' . . - 5- , -fn, ,SL .cial :U + xQltb XB.: -'1"",'f'f": ' L "'i'-'I'- ii! J X I 5 ffiwf' "r'l X i so , + Y :ali fr -Ang f , ,.--Q-K-.- 4.1 I so egg X. SENIOR CLASS g,6'.,,-f"'7 ' 4, POEM sX 9fQf1d'2l 9 --g,.,,Q.f'e54LJ' 6 5 f"?Ze'o is O I The Degree If you should lose, :is others have done, Respect for self when fortune's wong If you forget the names of friends, The college, and books that :ire on your shelfg At every bend and every turn, From every youngster you will learn. lie you Crowned with shame or fume, That your degree is just yourself. C. lf. Sroxli. 'HY il or ll, K 652?Q. , "J..'5xKTE,s . K -9 A , ff' A 29 . fl IT ,ui U4 SBR , , y., A is s ffiiuliu. ,Z s , I 5- .ww ETX 3 , T 1 1 X guy 5,17 ,. 1- 4g1f'f'!.'Aff.Qi, -Ei '-?'ff :Twig f -ey 9 Entre Nous, 1923 1 ik., Q 1" ' N v Wx, 7 if-x .- c 1 Ql Y Y Y'-4-YY :Q-Zig Y A Z- LJ iii' -i--i oi fvg SENIOR CLASS L f4. 9 lit Xp- ,if HISTORY yi c M 1'6bg:x IAV4::f,i,1fggaAs,-X3 ss-vi -'-',,, After looking carefully through every one of this year's myriad "Books of Eti- quette," l can't find a single paragraph on "How to lVrite a Correct Class History lfrom the Freshman to the Senior Year lVhen You Ifntered in the junior." I had suc- cumbed to despair when I caught sight of H. G. XVells' "Outlines of History," for then l was morally certain that he wasn't present during all the events he chronicled. XVhy, then, should I be utterly cast down? So I began, feeling firmly convinced, how- ever, that l had missed a great deal in not being here in 1919 and seeing "Dad" Sims as an apple-checked country boy, or Clara de Shazo as a green little "Freshie." lint even considering the notable history of every class from 1842 to today, I feel justly proud of the Class of '23. Coming through a period of stress and strain: in which we lost some of our beloved classmates and faculty members, an emergence of leadership has occurred-leadership in every college activity. Some of our members who set out with us in '19, by summer work, finished with the Class of '22, but, though we feel this loss keenly, to even the balance we have gained noteworthy recruits. Our president came to us from 'Bama in '20. VValter has plenty of good "ole" class spirit, besides being the cherished idol of the llodel School, where the girls daily sigh for "Rudolph" Clarence Bennett, a three-year man, has added great strength to our class, while last year we gained a budding authoress in Mildred Smith. Now, remember, I am just mentioning notables who entered after 1919. Turn back to those write-ups and you will see of what kind of people our class is composed. But I find myself unable to ramble long in those preceding years, but, wishing rather to muse, to reminisce a bit about this year. Remember Burnett taking the wooden bleachers November 25th, and making good the word he gave Birmingham-Southern. VVe did it, didn't we? Can you ever forget Mr. Heath telling all those folks in Cullman what we had here at Howard until one man got so overwhelmed that he inquired if we had a Ku Klux? But, even in those far-off, undesirable days of gray hair, false teeth and grand- children, will your memory of our class meetings grow dim? Can you forget those weighty discussions of canes and belt buckles? Or, won't you remember that fierce letter that we got about the rings-and shiver? And the commencement-the parting of our ways. That happy-sad time. The ties of friendship tugging painfully-yet sweetly. Let us, my class-mates, think not of l'envoi, but of reunion. Viaoixm C.tuzswE1.1., '23, 30 I .l fsl ' 1 f' ,H use y ,wif 1 il - W , - 1.1LAL1L l- -- . .Q -'ECA '.'-ii.,-,iff 14 . " fseco-L . V J .- .,. J -,NEI Entre N ous, 1923 I ' -- X X ti zifiiii 4 SENIOR CLASS - mf ij Y S-9 Jl PROPHECY X-ragga, ,gl l 2' X Q I Prophecy! I seemed to have lived fifteen years in the past five months, since I was elected prophet. Evidently the tension had been great. Snap! went something in my mental region. A unit of time was consumed in a delirious trance in which was portrayed the further adventure and oppor- tunity of '23 seniors "Beyond the Threshold." Imagine an X-ray method of locating dominant persons, second, imagine you see a world likened to a modern Utopia in which you would like to live and never be bored. Adjust your apparatus, and note the dazzling lights that are dominant in the Vtopia. They are seniors. In the foreground, notice that-untrue to olden custom-every senior took up the proposition made by Bertha Howard: "To all seniors leaving off matrimonial obligations long enough to directly accomplish a distinct task for the advancement of human progress, she would give finan- cial support 'til said task be finished, said finance to come from money earned while on office duty in school." "A" is for Athletics and for Alford, known of old as "Boiler," Ile is coaching football, and has thrice the fame of all others in that particular line. No other name in our old Senior Class could have grown so quickly to the fame of a johns Hopkins as Homer Casey, Bennett, Britton, VVilliams, VVyatt and Hogan. Dr. Nallie Casey is one of the greatest dentists and lecturers known to us. Look to the Four Corners for Clara Dc-Shazo, Dee Sapp, A. M. Glover, Samuel Ileath, I. XV. Myers, Quinn and "Red" King. They accomplished a great task in religious and social service fields. VV'alter Bentley, Herman Thomas, Jessie Freeman and Mrs. VV. I-I. Bohannon have gained Hudson Strode fame in Dramatic Art. I-lad you ever thought how much care-free happiness means to the healthy? That is just what Mable Hodges, Helen Lane, Mildred McDowell and Verna Connell have been teaching, and they have accomplished untold wonders. Surely you can't hear music through your X-ray imagination, but you can picture J. C. Vaughn, Il. G. VVheeler and Ralph Clark's electro-radio organ operated, not by electricity, but by radio sound. Still thinking of music, think of the good the evangelistic singers, R. B. Sims, Charles llurst, and Burnett Cowart have accomplished. Please note the attractively illustrated book, just edited by Fred Martin and IC. If. Bennett dealing with sure methods of extinction of Amentia. liveryone must be elated over the prospect of being able to learn so easily to write by the method of penmanship advocated by "Doc" Kelly. All old class members endorsed that long ago. Speaking of writing brings our authors and newspaper writers into the white lights. lNlildred Smith, Robert llerring and C. li. Stone are leading editors and feature writers for the l'topian papers. Virginia Carswell and lf. li. johnson are authors of renown in classical literature and bid fair to keep our Class of '23 living so that from their heights the stars will see us and the earth will prove itself our friends, and we shall meet with a kinship of understanding hearts HH "UF WHY- 3, 'IISSII' I.. l-'ru-testis. , ,icuii 4 ,. .1 , mmalltta -- M, i Cv Sump n - rixjnk L !1 'F Mvdu W, S-514-r' ' v ,, Y ' W 6-21, :if .1 K 11. f f Q Xb Entre Nous, 1923 ff Z YY L ' D- 'A' , - L ' '- tfg' egg- ag - 1 r 'iw ff 1 SU Xi .L -J x l-f.'Zf? , K " 5 RX! X, if 7 . v'??gYf. ' 2 F' Q' IfxK"',i35Q A , A X X . ,f slum ' ' 3' Su ff A f N 1'31Q17U N ,, x V ' 2- 1 :Mm ,f My W .51'QM,?5i5e,g3?593 V .. ' 'X N ' . . iJh'l"fg',, . ' ' , A , ' f 4 f"?f5"L "" 1i fy, 7 1,. ,h ,,x.f,,,, , 1 W, fa-4 '?' "3 - - 'V N ,W ' 2 W942. , " 'f - 5- 'ff H055"" ., ,. ...... I I -'gin' 4 . , .,, -ass.. 4,-,., :qqj 'A-A' 32 f e ,fag D an , rw L li Milmmlll ' 11-T A Entre Nous, 1923 . ig"! isa? Z ' 5 - I ,X I V -'xx 'n' I . u,, IZ l'.x p , .'- Y. . Wm X 1' I +xfQd xx X, - .5 p' Q Al' ,I , .- J y " IX Q 3 L a. .,. X :W Y, v-if K-:TY :'u:f fr, VFX unior Class O1-'lflclzns lJ,n"1'oN Rmnua . . . . . I'rws1J.-nl 1' rzrmrla YAknuoL'r:11 . . l'lr1'-l'1'1'5i.11'11I I' 1 . Ifllllil, C'l,.xRK . .... . . . . Sru'.-fury . . . . . 'I'1n1.v:1l'rr NVll.1.mM C. llmua . . . ' llfl' lzllitnr .AILliliN Gm1.x11oRN . . . . .Ll ID Fklan VVIIITE . .... .... . . oft filiR'l'RUIH: Yonex K 33 F ffxx . V , X Q ,nu Us 5? I W, ,. 11,mmIuu . llixlnrizzn Ig 'NX Xb, g X f I , IX- Entre Nous, 1923 N i-X '-2 1 t -T 41:-l il Y A -I g' ?..,-it J. 0+ ' 4-I A ,T 1 '5 fu' - T rv 4141, '5'hfL.n - .,,..fJ Hg 212.120 rik ?"'F"'.1- . ' 'R-J"vi N LIDIOI' Class I'L N x .'XnR.xxls .I I ll UILX lflllili, .U..XIl.XSI,X Svnvllanr I-mqlmll, -l, lI.u5, -1 Ill'-mlx' """ lhrkv-llnlll. XX'-'lm-IIN lllm- Vluh, Xnrsilp l,ju.all1II1. LLRA AIKRANIS, .-I I Il OILYI Clllili, .KIMXILXMA ' """ izuslw-Ilmll S1-wlwfvl' In-ullvzlll. JI: llrlsw ll'-slnlx. --. I I 'ISL XV:-Inn-n's file-.Q f'lulrg Varsity f2lHlI'll'IIl'1 S1'1'l'l'IHIL' Vlllln-5:-' I! Y. l'. IV. CIUXRIQNCIE A1.l.Gmm, Il K .I IHRMINIIIIAM, .-Kl..U!,XM.X M1-n's 1il--f- f'luI-3 Vhilnmnlhim- Litq-rnl'y Sfwlcly. NV. T. BMNS, W .I Bl.0L'N'I'SYll,I.lE, Al..XB,XM.'I llus-vlmll, ' Ii: lsflllllilill I.il1r:n'y Sm-ivly. H um l3, xR1-'ll:l.n, Y' I I, .Xl..XlI.XM.X Yvlhlxx' lmgS. l'l1ilfm1-lllmiv l.iu-rau'y Snvif-ty: Varsity Ifmntlmll, '223 Il 1lnh I Nl 1 X Nrivlllllt tluh I-nal Oulu ul' - - . u -. ,. z' .IJ LILLIIE Bmzxlts. .I E .II EXSLHY, AIAII.-XM.-X HI--V Vlnh, 'SIL 'fig Sh'-ll-urnv I,il-rnry SIPVIVIX, 'Sl 'ZL Y. XY. V. A.: Iinslm-5'-IIuwzwml Vluh. GIQRTRL nn Yokx, .MI ,I II BIRMINGHAM, AIHXRAMA fn-ian .luninr Vluss I H 'l'r---wurvr Sflplmnmru- 1'I:ls:4g Ilisl S--cliwltuly Ihmwalrnl l'l:nyn-rs: Varsity Haskelhaxll, 'LL 'LL Y NY t' X f'1Inln-tLlul1ll'1- Illm' S1'I'X':llll I'l'IlIlIl' 34 IN. ' Us 'W FR , In 1- , , IK MIIIIQ ii K I I. Ill. A-ms bl:lITg "I-'army :nu fa Pl? Jgfx- A fr? -w i '.'X , Entre N ous, 1923 2 A - I I - , , 2 2. gi--X 5:-x 113-11 if V -Ang - Pr- 2 zf J UIIIOI' Class AIILDRED BASENBURG, Z Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA f'cntral-Howard Clubg Y. YY. C. A. liksx INE M. BRASVVELL, I N DEMOPOLIS, ALABAMA Give f'lub, '22, '23: Assistant Ph:-er Loader, ""1 "U I ..3.l.f.O.D I I Derby Plubz Y. M. P. A.: Philomathic Literary Soci- ety: Dining Room Council, '22, '23. J. SPL' RGEON BR1NDLEYp W K N BLOU NTSVILLF, ALABAMA . '.1 'ne-t. Snphnmorv Vlass, '21, '22: Philomathir' Lit:-rary Sm-ii-ty: Varsity Fuunlmll. '20, '21, '223 Haskf-tball, '21. '22, '23: Captain Football, '22: Vice-I'residcnt "H" Vlub ""i RANZY B LCKNER PRA'l"I'VILI,IS, ALABAMA Divinity f'Iuh: Square and Unmpnssg 'I'rs-zisurei' Studs-nl Body, '23, Treasurer Ifrzinklin Lita-rary Society. ETHEL CLARK, A J TI FALKVILLE, ALABAMA 4 .19 Sc-err-tary Student Rudy. '27l: Sn-vm-tni'y Junior Flaw '22, '23: Pm-side-nt llranmtic- Vlub. '2Il: Prvsifh-nt Girls' Pluh. '2Zl: Varsity Bnske-tlmll: B'-st Allvnrnuml Girl. '23, Y. XV. f'. A. f'klIJIIll'lQ Pianist Slivlburnm- I.ilernry Suci- ety: Maid Birmingham-Soullu-rn pzurnw-, '21, Franklin Lite-rm E. S. DARUEN EAST LAKE, ALABAMA 'y Sm-iutyg Sus-rm-lzlry Six-flint Plub. Jnwiiu. DARIJEN EAST LAKE, ALABAMA Y. XV. C. A Sli ,: .' clhurnu Liti-rary Sm-in-ty. 35 Q9 I L , ' i lc. 2 ,, 2- A561214-mill! --, - M gfgiyfgelsz.. . x ' F Ll ll- 'NTS ' I -'1 X Entre Nous, 1923 . N' 'Ls A V . eggs ll . -f' F H , H , ,A 3 X m . L l.lI1lOI' Class l.l'L' llmuzou KEXXHDY, .-Xl..XB.XM.X Shfllmrm- l.ll1r:u'5 Suvi--ly: Y. XY, I". .LJ Varsity Rus- In-ll-ull. Lfmlzx li linen S'l',XX'I'0N, .Xl..XIl.XM.X llrumuzllil- Vinh, 'tilg Glm- Vluhg Rusk-'tlmllg Shvlhurnv l,1lu-r:ll'3 Silvia-ly, Klum' Brxx GAY. Z Q EXSLEY, .-Xl..Xll.XM.-X Sf-vm-tul'y Y. XY. V. A.. 12. '23: Slll'llllll'lh' Sum--ty: Y. XV. V. .L Valvim-1, 'LIL '!2g I-Insla-3'-lluwursl l'luh. I.ih'rm'5' llxx cl.XYl.0RD, I1 K A BIRMINCIIAM, .-Xl,.'XBAM.X '-fo-'01 "ll" Vluh: Varsity Iflllllllffl, '21-'22: Hzxsn-hull, - -. flI.ENN O. Clmns. fb K N HXSLEY, .Xl..XR.XM.X 'l'r--:uslnwr linsl--y-Ilmxm'1l Vlulr. T333 Frzulklin Lila-rary. Sv-vu-IX: Sl'll'lllllll' Sf'-41:-Iv: ll1sll'lwlul' l'ql'I'Slllll1tll Pham- nstry, 'IRL Ilr:um'nli1- Vluhg I'hilh:1rln--niv Orclu-slrag llillllll .X1'l'lbllllHllliSl Ulm- Vlllln, '22, N121.l.1E Gmns. -1 I' .Y l5XSl.liY. Al..-XB.-KMA Y, XY. 1'. A., 'IL '22, '2Ii'g Sllvllmrln- I.iln-I':1l'y Sm-I-fly. '21, '32, 'ZIIQ l-Insl:-y-lluwurml Club. '2", '23g Girls' Glu' Vluh. '21, '22, 'UCL Evmxx clk.-KVES, -I I' L' F.-XlRFlliI.D, Al.ABAM,-X Y. XY, 1'. A. 'UJQ Sin-llnllrnv l.il1-mry Sm-i-fly. '2l. 'Tl '33, I:--port--r l-Insl--y-Ilmvurd Vluh, ':2g Girls' Gln-e Fluh, '3l. '23, 'IIIL Vw---I'l'f-sill'-Int XYmn:m's Pam-Hzflln-nic mmm-il, '2Zlg Y. XV. U. A. Pnhim-t. '233 Dramatic Club: "I-'nanny and lln- St'l'Y1ll1l l'rohlvn1." 36 .2 IX I . ul pf K-XN 1 G I FJ' X , -Y ,fzfl--'ilu -4 Z Entre Nous, 1923 x 1, xx Ei XXQU 'V 2 . 'LJ I u . V MFA 1.1.51 Q A-'.?f,i,::.'-U, , ,4- q'l,'.n-n-i',-- .3 "1 2f".' i-fc ".. is .V'1,igX 2231-15,-..l,-f,1.: if ix tktxxiis .57 ,-,..- .g gxxlg npr .-.,t, ..,-,L-. 1: wwf 1,,11,.,.5-.'f.,yAr. J 3 S2 S- 'A ' t -. 1 sf Mr A it A X 2 :- er V7 'V -git' Y ! 1,1l'l1OI' C1355 .AILIZEN f3L'LLAHORN, Z Q ENSLEY, ALABAMA Y. XY, V. A, Vailiinvt, '2Zlg 1'Ill1E'I'gI'f1llllll1t' Rf-pi't-se:iit:i- tivo Y. XY. t'. A., '2Ilg Svvrt-t:1i'y XVum:in's Part-lltfll.-init' t'num-il, '2Zlg liditrn' Junim' Vlztss, '2Iig Sli--Ilmurnv Lil- t-Vury Sum-ietyg Gln-v t'Iulug Iitislt-y-1i0wui't1 Vlub. - -4 l VV. C. HARE, W J ' TUSKEGEE, ALABAMA Vic?-President Student Bmly, '23: Student fY'0Ul"llf11. '22iC Dining Room Vuunvilg Pun-Iiellweniu twmiir-ilg '1't't-usuiw-i' Junior ClztSS. LEE HE.1XlJ, II K A ONEONTA, ALABAMA Varsity Fnutlmll, '19, '2lI: A11l'l'll2l11ll,'2' Vziptztin Ftmtlmll. 'Hg Assistant Vfmvh, '21, '225 Varsity Bust-lutllg Dining.: 1 Ronin t'uum'il, '21, '223 1'l't-Sidt-nt "ll" Vluhg I'ltilu- matliic Sonic-typ Glu- Fluhg Jazz Quart:-ttv. CARL IHIIZARN, H K .-1 VVYIAM, ALABAMA Pltillmrmrmie- Hi't'liwstr:ig l'liilum:ttl1iv 14l1t'l'2ll'j' Stwit-ty: X, XX, 1, A.: hlvu llllh, 1 LOYCE HENDRIX, .I I' I 11AR'l1f0RD, ALABAMA Slit-lhurnv l,itt-rut'y Sur-it-ty: Y. XV, ti A.: Girls' tilm- t'lul', '21, 'ifilg Sl'l'l't'13l'j' Ilmt':ti'tl I'l:tyt-rs, '21, '22. JAMES JARRELI., L' N l.1N1iVIl,l.F, ALABAMA 1'l'l'Sll1l'1l1 film- Vllllh, '231 film- Vlult, '21, '22, '231 Mwst l'u1rul:ti' Alllll, 'ZIIL l', t', U, li, l'.3 "YV" Vlulig lluxxztrcl l'l:iy4-VS: 1'Illl-11l'1t'llll' Uuititvil, '22, '2Cl3 2111111211:-tl' llww- 1ll'll Vriittsrni, '2Z4g .Mlvt-i'tisiii:: 111111141541-I' lintrt- Null.-z, '22g Y. M. t'. A.: I'hilu11i:ttliit- l.it1-rztry Sm-ivty. r1iL'RNIiR joizimixx, fl' K .Y BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Rlztltztgr-I' Vliftlllllll, '221 t'i'imSHn Sl:il'I', '21, '22g l':llll'l' Nuns Sl:tI'l', " ""' " " ' ' ' ' 21, J-, ll tluln, It-iiti':tl-lllvwztnl tlitlt. l"i.oRiNE Iltmociim, I 1' I BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Y, NY. l'. A.. Sll4'HlllI'lll' I,itt-i':it'y Silvia-tyg lluutttwl 1'lJlj'l'l'S1 "l":timy :tml tht- S.-rxunt I'rnlilt-ing" t'. Il. N. Vllllli l':ipt:ilti t'u-l'I:l liusliv-tlmll, '22g Svvl'--lzttty Vu-I-Ill "ll" Vlulrg Assistant in 1':11lIt'Jl1lllll. 37 I F T W A - A' f Aw . X tu uf .1 K Y fil wtlttlltm 6 al tif , W fflsk s -ff Y . .' I w .,. . rf ,:gw'1.'f:..g.-A . :Islas , ik - M fa:-.r5f.s'.f,1g1. y Entre N ous, 192.3 . 1-Q - I..- 'xJ,,v uf ' I I f "if-A ---..- I ig. I f T Y - 'f'-'- :-f-f' -:lt P-1 unior Class H. G. IQIETCII.-XM IiL'I-'.XL'I..NI, .NI..-XIIAMA lrxxmiu' Vluh: Y. M. 1'. A.: I-'ramklin l.Itvr:u'y S1-vlvly. XV1l.1.l12 I IL'GH Ixuua, -I I' L IIIRMINCIIAM, .-II.AIIAMA l'r--sid.-nl Y. XY. l'. A.: ITFPSIIIIHIII Mnrslml: Suplmrnnrv Marshall. 'l'r--axsur--r II-vwauwl l'l:uyv-rs. S"l'l't'IilI'X Snlllm- nmn- Vlnssg Stull--nt l'r-unml, '22, 'EIIQ l"re-nn-ll Ml-dnl, '33g Slmnsnr I".-ml-ull, 'Zig Vrniv Slu-Ihurm- l.Ile-rnry Sm'ivl5p XYunun's l':un Ill-II:-niv Vuum-il, 'ZIL R. G. Kxoxuns lflEADl.XND, AIAIIAMA lluwalwl Prnmsung Y. M. V. A.: Sf'w'r1-tary M--n's Glow- l'Iuh. II. Ii. I..-KMBERTH. .Y N ALEXANDIER CITY, AI.AI'I.XMA l'hil:-mulhim' I.itm-rznry Swvif-ty: Y. M. V. A.: Ill-rhy VIUII. FR.xxK1.lx P. I,.KSSl'l'liR, fl' K N AI.IIIiR'I'YII.I.E, AIJXBAMA Philnnlaullm' I.iI1-ralry Svvialyg Y. RI. l'. A.: I"l'1'lN'Il I'l'lZl'. E. M. Lnwru' OXEOXT.-I, AI.:II'I.XNI.X C.uu.ToN IJIZIE. 'I' .I BIRMINGHAM, Al.AI1AM.'X I-'mnklin I.iu-ran-y Sm-i-ty: f'l'lIlI'2lI-IIOXY1lI'1I Vluh. A. NELSON XVu.l.1s, fl' K N Rl'SSIfI.I.VII.I.Ii, AI..XIl.XM.-X llivinity Vluhg Vuluntl-v.' IIIIIIIIQ lluwurd Playa-rs: Q l-'rnnklin I.iln'rary Sm-in-iyg l'l'nnsun Slznffg Entra- Nous ' Stuff, 'EZL Honor ltnll. '22, 'IRQ 'I'I'IAllI51llI2lI' lh-lull:-s,'1!23 lI1mnl'1I-Mzlriw-n llvlmlv. 'Sill In-hating I'llUII1'II1 l'r4-si' nh-nt I-'mnklinsg l,ihrzny .Xssiz-lunl. 38 U l' .. KN f " f . , 1 ,. , " 4 , , .!W, A - il '- ' ' ii a .f .1293 . JI Entre N ous, 1923 Q "1"-'PLL ',:6-','- 1 i gi UHIOI' Class J. D. IIIALLORY, .. Y' AXXISTON, ALABAMA Glee Flubz U. P. O. D. P.: Philmnathir- Litvrnry Sovi- c-ty: Y. M. V. A.: D1-rhy Club. FRANK IIIULLINS, H K A CLA NTON, ALABAMA GIM- Pluhg Ss-c'rvt:1ry Franklin I.it1-Vary Sm'-ifltyg Din- ing Room Councilg Nu Kappa Delta: Knfu-In-rs Vluln. MALRICE IQORVVOOD CULLMAN, ALABAMA PIlIIOIHi1fIlIP Litvrary SfwiPtyg Y. M. V. A, ORLANDO OGLE, 'I' J BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA HALLIE STEPHIENSON, ,1 E .J BIRMINGHAM, AI,ABAM.X Shelburne I.itv1'ury Sncivty: Y. XX . S. S. SWE.-IRENGIIN IEA ST LA KE, A LARA MA Diviniiy Clubg Franklin Lil:-Vary Son-ie-ty: RIIRIAM THURNTQN, I I' BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Srfcrm-tzLl'y Shvlburns- I,itf-rznry Sm-im-1 3. --fl Uuhiml, '22, 'iffig Um-nt1':II-Iluwznwi l'II1l:. P, A. X. CIEORGE Y.IxRnRoL'GH, 'I' .1 LA MAR, A LAIIA M A Dining' Itmnn f'uunf-il: In-hating I'1IlIIl4'II' Int.-1'-in-i lv Ile-Iruu-rg Intvr-1'ullf-g'i:1tv Ihkbatl-I" Viv---l'n-snh-111 I , 1 Q Juniur Flnssg X'if-1--Prm-sim-:II I-'runklrn l,ll1-mry Suri- rtyi Varsity Funllmzlllg Ilirn-1'!ul'l'u-I'I1I .UIII-Ili:-sg 'I'r4-zAs- urer D1 halting Ufnxnw-il: Iiruinim-st A Inn C. ID. RIIJIJLI2, I A IiAS'I' LAKE, AI..XlI.X Aclw-rlising Mzumgvr I-Intrv Nous, MA uh-nl 'HIL I'l1ilonmthi4- l.it4-rury Sm-iq-ly: I'r.-s' ., . xo, 39 .ffl ,r " xl 1 711.-ffl ,J ,4 FX X A ,I ua ' 5 I I v f, Y, . f if Ilf" .I I IIi. f ,MK 'xx . nik -r'J,Y 5 r -a 17- "gf-'fi f ?g: RX Entre Nous, 1923 Lf... I N Y x I H , I - - I N1 LIIIIOI' Class RUBERTA TRECHSEI., I I' I IHRMINCILXM, AIARAMA Sin-ll-urnv l,nh-rany Suv:-fly: Y. XY. P, All Panllnl llfm:u'd 1'luI-1 lurnn'uli1- Vluhg 1'rllns..n Sian. 'gggg I-nu-1 ms hl:nIY. '22, H ILTON LIPTON M.-ICE F, MISSISSIPPI Assismm I-Ifliwr Entrv Nous: Assrwiau- Editor Crm sun: l'hnImnnlhi4' 1.111-r:u'y S1u'11'l3'1 Enslvy-Hmxard VIUII1 R msn-1-Q Vinh: Y. M. V. A.: Annual llnnor R0 "'l. 'IZL H--:nl -vt'1'1rll-sw I'uhliw-ity. jE.'xxET'r12 xv.-XL'GH.-XX. .I I' Z GENEVA, ALABAMA First Yinlinisl Philharnwnim- Orr-l1s-strag Sh:-lburnv I u Y. W, U. A. -rzlry Snvu- jg RL'TH XV.-XLLACE, .1 I' .Y BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Sh:-lhurn-A Literary Sum:-ty: Y. XY. C. A. H . XV. XVE.,wER IIIYIIIIIY Vlulmp l'hilumu1hiv Lite-rnry Sovim-ly: X NI l' A. VHFSIIY I"IHvlIr:lI I IUII. 40 ? FN .5 FRED XVHITE, 'I' J BIRMINGHAM, AI.AB.'IMA I: Nusa-lrallz 4'rimsun Stall' G. G. XVll.l.1,xxls MAPI.ESVII,I.E, AI..-'IBAMA Roman SHELTON IIIRMIYCIIAM, AI.AB.XM.'K , - 1 . 5 J K . -Y U1 , Ita ml I H i fi Q LJ . ,'i" ,ii V f -:i'.li1'-'ififl , 'swis- 22 iff! 5795 if- ntre ous, 1923 ga Wff4"' s - -,, ,jr l Pri,-e fx: -, A 1- ggglh- Y ' -,r vt gang' -' - :' 'L ,-- 'N 1 ' A ' ' V ,,,wgg:::..,..,.....::.4g- ,,,,....., ....-,--Z4e....,..,...1:.1-2--1,-,.. ,,.,, '-fe""'w:::w-2f3iF"""' C3-f-0-'-ffgarfitly--' e' Q'4guf1R?:"5fi55'i'X'UP Y" . El? . 7, gif!! 5: fi, .:. i-,s:!::- .gg-4: s wg-13' :sunf- ' 'vqlf H5511 2 '-ans. shfnn .Jw g n--.arf ful- r vu H' Q tru! rbfgdvl it 4:50 u.,,,:,m A to adj Q'-n:..bV.' strive: al'-:PEI VVell! Of all Things! Here we are, juniors, and here I am trying to write the history of the Class of '24, To be honem, I am unable to say which is the most shocking. The first thing that registered itself on my memory as a Rat, was sitting next to jimmie jarrell in the first Freshman Class meeting. Naturally, we were both green and knew nothing about elections, so we voted for everybody who was nominated. Out of that election the preachers came with Hying colors. We stumbled along through that year, learning such facts as-that George VVashington had false teeth and wore a number eleven shoe, that Spirogyra wouldn't bite, and that if you loitered in the halls with boys you would be invited to the Dean of VVomen's office, where you would receive demerits by the wholesale plan. VVe cut up all the newspapers and almanacs trying to get "VVhy, what, and where" news articles for freshman English. XVe sat at the feet of Miss Clark, and listened to her philosophy of "How to get any man you go after, and how to keep him." Her philosophy was interesting, but it has proved unsuccessful to the writer. In a great tumult our freshman year came to an end and we found ourselves advanced one step higher upon "the stairs of learning." Having learned such things as, never to whisper more than ten times in the library, never to be late to Dr. l'Iendrick's class, and always to laugh at Professor Bohannon's jokes, and always to tip your hat to Professor Burns, our sophomore year ran along rather smoothly. Uh, of course, we were vain-vain as all sophomores-and our proud vanity manifested itself upon the poor Rats, forgetting that we, only a short year before, were poor, green and shivering Rats. Our sophomore year nevertheless had its stings, for we had to take Chemistry, and of all things, learning such nonsense that ice boils liquid air, but in Religious Education we revised the Bible minutely, and became able to quote Scripture on any occasion. Thus the time came when we became juniors, and lacked only one step of being educated. VVe are juniors-the real pillars of the college-with all our required work gotten off, we now take what we please and look after the affairs of the college. just to show you that we are the real leaders on the campus, I have only to mention the following: "Bo" Brindley, captain of the foot'ball team for 1922, "Bob" Shelton, captain for 1923, Florine Hagood, captain of the girls' basketball team for 1923, VVillie Kirk, president of Y. VV. C. A.g Ethel Clark, Best All-around Co-Edg Jimmie jarrell, Most Popular Man, Billy Hare, Shrewdest Politician, George Yarbrough, Brainiest Man. You know "Professor" Yarbrough did not enter with us as a Rat, but he has already made a "rep" for himself, not only as the wisest, but as our hero. tile is always on hand when the girls' dormitory catches on Hre.l Oh, yes, all the juniors are important, but I haven't the time to mention the rest, and, anyway, having so many shining lights would make the other classes look pale. QIER'I'Kl.7lJli Yoitk, '24. Class Poem-Footprints At twilight I stood by the seashore Time may be likened to water As the snowy capped billows rolled in, 'l'hat erases the prints in the sand, And I watched the eH:ect of the water lt smoothes the sharp edges of anguish On the numerous tracks made by men. And softens the pain of a man. There were footprints-a myriad of footprints- VVhen we've gone from this old world of' sorrow In the sands of that beautiful shore, And our loved ones can see us no more, But the waves came from over the ocean 'l'hen our deeds will be hidden--forgotten, And the footprints were seen nevermore. Like the footprints I saw on that shore. Fiutn VVIIITIE, 'z4. 41 . IN G e fA'Makt.llul Nh ,xxx "7 -wi lu - x", S, s-' Mr-. Y-I I .:431'f f" 2-F!?'E"2f51'1 N -2xga"af23'zf ' tx " 'j Entre Nous, 1923 za in N .Riagg ' -, -g sim tg. B f ' dv- - zu- 531' - SOPHOVIORE x X X X. XX 0 X wa X X77 R QX X fy., - ",'7f":' ,r , f 'A J I'W'k' v" WT RINTCR 42 f'N 2 Q1 f J""" "xuuurn, J 4 .Cl'T- ' ggi -4 Aff: - .61 Entre N o us, 1923 f' jg5g,g4753gg. J ' f Dil' Qr ,-r ,-hs' " g A -, - ' ' n 55" Q od S0pl'lOIT1OI'e Class OI-'ITICERS FREIJ C',xR'l'1cR . . .... . . I'rr,vi1Iw11l ANNIE Lula MASON . . . I'ifr-1'1'r.viJr11l 'FIIELMA STACY ..... . Srf'rr1.1ry-Tlw1s:1r'rr ELINOR limswv .... ..... . Ifluxs Editor VIRGINIA I'IIl.I. ...... . Ifluxs Rrpm'l1'r Ifl.IZAIlE'I'Il FOSTER . . . . . Ili.vfnriun j. M. Vfxxmaurfokn . . . Port 43 ' . F9 9 , frm' K Y , df' 1 MMM 1:7- f Entre Nous, 1923 . A1 JR i 'Y' wh 'IM 7- -A: ffl' ' ...1' . 'i .": X ' ' F .:l".1?-LTf.'aY. ' '.'-'.'-ll -',ll'r5 4 .L,.,,i: .. X x ' 1? f.-.f -L. " ,.. A . 1 Lf ' N V V' ' - - E "'X -,.-,g , Y , N L -316 - '+ 'D-1-. - .21-qv' A SOpl'l0ITl0l'C C1355 L. E. ALFORD SAMSON, ALABAMA HARWELL ALLEN BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA HUGH AWTREY STEEL, ALABAMA Plmilonmtlnlc Literary Socit-ty ELINOR BEASLEY, A J I1 BIRMXNGHAM, ALABAMA Y. NV. C. A.: Girls' Glt-9 Club: Sln-lhurne Literary S0- 1-ivtyg Entre- Nous Its-port--r Sophunmrt- Cla:-msg Central- lluwurd Club: Phlllmrmonlr Orvllestrag Maid Foot- ball, '23. SARAH BENTLEY, A J H ROCKFORD, ALABAMA Shvllmrm- l.ll0l'3I'j' Such-ty: Ut-hating Counvll. '23: l-'rosbman Class Beauty, ,221 St-Crt-tary Glt-me Club, '235 I Yun-d Pr:-tth-st Co-Ed, T23 Howard Players, 'L3: "St-rap of Pant-r," '23. R. L. BONNER EAST LAKE, ALABAMA XV. R. BRITTON, fb K N ANNISTON, ALABAMA Franklin Lltorary Sorlvtyp Y. M, C. A.: lloward Col- lt-ne Band. D. XV. Butsox BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA l'rn-slmlt-nt Divinity Club, '23g Debating Councllg Vat sity Dvbating Team. FRED CARTER, K Z BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA St-4-rtftary Central-Howard, '22: Presirlc-nt Cvntral- Howard Club, '23g Prvsidf-nt Sophomore Class: Frank- lin Literary Soclt-ty. BEATRICE CAVER BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA t'--ntrnl-llownrtl Cluhg Treasure-r Student Volunteer Rumi, '23, Trt-asurer Ruthian Club, Y. YV. C. A, Rc- portvr. 44 . 4 fl ,U ua j F' 4 J tm ..!iQ4L'lll L Entre Nous, 1923 ,Li .A!1 ., 5 2311- 'Tp 1:1 H ,A-u-r '13 L Sophomore Class ELEANOR CHANDLER SCOTTSBORO, ALABAMA Vice-Pri-sidt-nt Tennissee Valley Club: Assistant in Bi- ology: Instructor in Mathematics: Shelburne. J. C. CONGER BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA E. BRAXTON COSPER, Z N STERRETTS, ALABAMA Sheik Club: Philomathlc Literary Society. KATHRYN CRAIG, A A I1 ENSLFY, ALABAMA Shelburne Literary Society: Cabinet Y. VV. C. A.: Vice- President Ensloy-Howard Club: Secretary Debating Council, '22: Feature Section Entre Nous, '21, '215. GERTRUDE DIAL. .1 E A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Shelburne Literary Society: Y. VV. C. A. JENNIE DILWORTH HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Shelburne Literary Soc-if-ty: Y, W. C. A.: Tennessee Valley-Howard Club: Volunteer Band. J. I. EDWARDS WILSONVILLE, ALABAMA VVinner lllatlir-matics Mrdal, '21, '23: Divinity Club: Voluntt-I-I' Band: Vive-l'resiclcnt, '21, '22: Pri-sirlent, '22, '233 x'IC'P-Pl'0SIlIBIlI State' Band, '22, T233 Philo- mathiv Literary Soni:-ty: Cllzipiuin Sovond Quarter, '22, '23g Honor Roll, '21, 'L:2. LEROY ELLIOTT, I N VINCENT, ALABAMA ELIZABETH FOSTER, A E .J BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Hi:4turI:III of SOIlIlUIll0l'l' f'l:Iss: Slinlbnrm- Literary So- viu-ty: f'5lIlIl'l4'l Y. W. 1'. A.: lfliisli-y-Huwziril I'lub: l.:Itin NVzIlt-li, '22: IIIIIIIII' Roll, '21, '22, '23: Eiitrv Nous Stuff: f'I'IIllSUll Stuff. VV. I"l,'I.l.IER, 'I' .I llAl1IiVll.I.Ii, ALABAMA Y. M. 4'. A.: til:-o t'lub '22, '2!l: I'IlIIIlZll'll1lllllC fll't'Il1'S4 tru: PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIK' I.lt1-rziry Soi-ivty: liund, 45 f'N ' , " K5 I 'I' -76 f""" mr.: A ' 4- ' is L I., ,CAJI I Entre Nous, 1923 'gg 3' 'v' -:il Sophomore Class lxcx IIRIECURY, II K .-I IIIRXIIXIIILXM, .XI,.Kli.X5I.X Ilnlunmlln-' l.Il-llnry Suwi--ty. I. I". C. Glucxzs, 'I' I INI.IRIIl'RY, .XI..XII,XM,X IIIIIIIII lxhn III N I l 1 llllh I Srlulu Iizls--lv:lII,'UI1 Y M. f'. .X II ' .'m'i1-UQ Svrllll liznsk-'llmll' 'LI NIIUII II,I.-ISI II. fIlAI.I.I?'I"I'l2. I .Y I'l.0RIiXL'E, .II..XlI.XM,X Iulmllwl I NI. 1', .Mg Uh-1' Vlulwg II1m':u'1I I'ln:1w. I hxlnm ullllw I nlv!:u'y Num ly. H. S. IIICIIOX -I.IY, .XI..UI.IM.-I YIIIIIX Vluh, YI1----l'r-'sill-lrllg Vim I llll Yulurm'-'r Hamel. 4'Iwrisl-r Plulonnl lm: ux Nn1lqlX'jI.XI.l..X. IRCINIA HILL. A .I II IIIRMIXKIIIAM, .'II..III.XM.I I':ll'j' Susie-ly, Yum--I'ln-sill' nl, ' I':llll'l NI-us, 'itz llismriam I v-shun: l'rimsun Ile-1-ul'l1-1' Supllmllnrv 1 '4 .Mg l'--nlr:1l-ll'-war-I I'IllIl1 Mulln mains IN ilu ilulu I I I U ID I' ,. . ,I . ..,., .,,. , . . . I , --. -- . . . 's, '22, ':ll3 "I-'sunny :mul tln- Munn! IB.-XISY Honvlfn. Z Q IIIRNIINCIIAM, .XI..XII.XM.X wlhurlu- I,it'-rzlry Svwiw-ly: V1-nl G. JOHNSON, 'II K N SA M SOX, AI..-XIIA M .X IIIIIX lluh hh-v K lulv, --, -.I, X. BI, l . In: Ill lux' hm'lvI3'. I IIIIZ Mui I,.xwl.liY. .-I .I I1 IIIRMINIIZIAM, .XI..IB,XM.I X XX 4 X 1--l1tr:II-Ilmvmwl Vlulv: Shvlhnrnv- ntfr'ux ml lx I nh llmll, --. ILIII5 hlu tluh. XX L. l,12x1usRxI.'xx, I1 K .-I IiNSl.liY, AI..XII.XXI.K lnkllu Illvrzlly Slwi-ly: ICnSlw-y-lluwrlrd llun Run' I,1T'rl.1s, .I I' If MORRIS, .XIARA NIA I XX 4 X Qlu-Ilmrm- I.ih-:airy Sum-in-typ Ilwnm In 1., ..., .. lin-IIHIII, -l, J... 23, X .A-r'f 4si'i'1i? Entre N ous, 1923 f JV :B-A ! ig, 'ily -rr-11, ' Y-41513 59 A ' a vw? , '1 I -, 4 I, 5 . - qs J ,VP , J C.. , , , f . - A Sophomore Class MARGARET NICBRIDE ENSLEY, ALABAMA Shelburne Literary Societyg Y. YV. C. A., Ens1ey-How- ard Club. NIARVIN BICCARTHY, II K A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA NELL BICELHENNEY, A X Q ENSLEY, ALABAMA Voted Prettiest Co-Edg Ensley-Howard Club, Girls' Glec Club, Shelburne Literary Society, Y. VV. C. A. DORIS RIADER, Z .Q ENSLEY, ALABAMA Cliorister Y. YV. C, A.g Shelburne Literary Society, Girls' Glee Club: Ensley-Howard Club. ANNIE LEE RIASON, A A H BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Vice-President Freshman Classg Vice-President Sopho- more Class: Vit-I--President Central-Howard Club, '21, 'ZLZQ Shelburne Literary Society, Y. VV. C. A. Cabinctg Marshal Freshman Class, Crimson Staff, '21, '22. SUSIE BIINTER, .1 E A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Shelburne- Literary Society, Y. XY. C. A. VIRGINI.A BIINTER, .1 E .1 BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Assistant Advertising Manager Entre Nous, '22, '23, Crimson Staff. 'Zig Vice-President f't'I1ll'Zll-I'IOXVZll'l'I Club, '23, Sh:-lburnc Literary Sovietyg Y. YV. C, A., Puri-Iiellonic Council, '231 Maid Birmingham-Suu!hern Howard game. '221 Sponsor to l-JIlituI'iul Slalf Entre Nnus, '22, L0I.A BIAE BIOODY BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Slim-llmI'Iiv Lil:-rziry Society: Ensley-liuward Cluhg 4'0- Ed "Il" Club: Y. XY. C. A. Cabinet. BIILDRED BIURRAY FAIRFIELD, ALABAMA Ilulhizin Snell-ty: Volunll-1-r Band: Sliolluurm- Lit--rziry Sm-lefty: Y. XV. C. A., Vim'-l'rPsi1l1-Ill Ensloy-lluwairil Club. -I. FRANK NORRIS, I .Y BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA l'lIiIulilsltlIi1' l.iln-l'zIl'y Sm-in-tyg "II" Cluhg I-Rmtlrzill, '22, '23, RoswIaI.I, LDXYENS, ll K A Ihisiin-ss Iilzinnlri-I' I-Jntrv Nmis, '22-'23, Square K Coni- pnssg Divinity Cluhg Sliidn-nt Council. 47 5. Y . - 1 E Qi fN ll X '. i- - K A v . . ..'CL,L.,..Illl1 4 A- v I I I I 1 I I I . fi. A . ' Y M x ' I In ' , X I, gf VM, fx ' " H331 Entre Nous, 1923 5 ,gf-' .1 I 'J A fwuxg. my-.. ' Q . I l' 111:-' -: f+-' Sophomore Class R. A. NL'NN.Xl.l,Y. Il K .-I IHRMIYKIIIAM, .U..Ul.X!N1.X Pllllillllillllll' IJ!--lury Sm-hllyg ,xigirillllll llznlmge-r IW-vlllrlll 'IW llll xI'lll'lLjI'I' 4-I4-I-I I-'mnllrlll ""K' 14-n lraml-lInxx':u'd. lmm llxksuxs, .I I' I IHKMINGIIAM, Al,.Xll.-XNIA Slu-Ilfurn-- Sm-il-lyg Y. W. 1'. .MQ 4'--n!l':nl-Hfvw- 2ll'lI l'luIv. A. A. Pass Bl.0L'N'I SYILLE, AIHXILXMA Ivuz PE,-xkl, R,w HESSEMER, .-Kl..XIl.XM.X Slxvlhurm- I.1lI-rzury Sud.-ly: Y. XY. I, A.: llmvzxrml l'I'lYt'l'Q -1.62. RllllJl.lf IIEARMONYIILE, .'XI..-UIAMA Flillllilill l,iln-rainy Snvif-ly: Y. M. C. A. -I. Bow: R VNYAN, I .Y ASHLANIJ, Al.AB.-KMA Gln- l'Iuh1 Y. M. V. .Lg Bdsm-lnzlll, '22, 'LIIKQ "II" l'lulr, Ulzokclz R. S,-xxox, fl' K .Y Al.BliR'I'VII.l.E, Al.AH.XMA Y. M. V. A.: Viv---l'rrsi-lw-m l'luilmn:1lhi1- l,in-rarx' S0- vin-ty: llining Hull 4'lPlllll'll. l'l'l'Sllli'l1l limvsuls' Clulrg l7l'llillilll-I Vuum-ll: Il.-hating: 'I'-um. -lm-ix Smsvmsnn LEFSBURG, Al..-'HLXMA lfrunklin I.ilc-rary Sncic-ty. KA'I'HI.l2EN S1.o,xN,.l I' I ENSLEY, .bXl..Hl.XMA Shvlllurm- l,il1'l'1lI'X Sm-im-ly. Glvu Vluhg I'In.4l4-y-llnunul Vluh, Ii1,1,11z Ii.-xR1.1a Sums IZIKMINGIIAM, Al.MlAM.-X Sln-llmrnv l,ift'l'llI'1' Sm-i-'lyg Y. XY. 1'. A.g l'1-nlr:xl-llow- :nrwl l'luInL XYinm-r Lillill XY:1lm'h, 'SCL 48 H A fs yt f wlfmx II I 1 " X I ,W , , ' Y fulfil A It M4 I'IlII4lIllIlIIlII' I.ils-r:Il'y Suvivxyg .Xssislgml in 'I , I 5 fi, 1 O L"'1' -" xx x Entre N ous, 1923 f I - X a xx wg! , Y P R: N .nhl Q!! .,.,,.4.,:l!f j S sg, "' K ' f -if Qu- -I: --hu ' 'S ' r ' . P I , IM N Sophomore CIass ALAIA SMITH BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA SI'l4'IIlL1l'l19 I1Ift'I'2Il'y Suviety. ROSALII5 SMITH BIRMINGIIAM, ALABAMA Y. XV. f'. A.: SIl9II1UIIll:' LilQI'z1I'y Such-tyg I"uI'nu-I' Stu- llclll bilnurts-I' t'u1lI-gr, LIC'UI'gI1l. THELAIA STACY, J I' .Y BIRMINGIIAM, ALABAMA Sponsor IIII'l1lII12IlFII1I-SULIII1l'l'11-IIONY2lI'tI gzunvg Sl'I'I't'- tary Freslmman Vlass: Sl'L'I'l'I2lI'X"I1I'F2lSLIl'l'l' Soplmxnurv Vlassg Vaptnixx and Pouch Bzxskn-llmll 'Fvzun "'1 """ Manzlger Buskc-Ihall Tl'ilIIl, '22, '23p BI-st All-Aruuml Girl Athlete, '21, '22g Y. XV. C. A.: I'l'I'lII'2lI-I'IlJX1'2lI'lI 4'luII, CLIFTON STEPHESON, II K A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA C. H. STEVENS, H K A JACKSON, 'I'IiNNESSIiIi Plxilmnatlxic I.i!n-rzxry Society: "H" Cluhg 1-'mIUIall, '21, '22, '23g ljuswlnull, '23g 4'unlr:xl-Ilrlwznnl l'Iulsg 1'orlvr Loving l'up, '2ZI. j. JONES STEVVART, I A' MOBILE, ALABAMA Iluwarxl I'luyI-rsg "Scrap ul' I':xp.rg" '4I"1lIl1Ij Servant 1'ruhIum." PERRY L. STONE IIIRMINCIIAM, ALABAMA Tum' STL'IIIIs, L' N BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA I'IIil1Im:IIlniI- I.itI-rury SI-vi--typ Fwotlmll, '21, "II" Ululzg Iiuskvlbull, 'Z!l. VIRGINIA SIMMERS liNSI.li1', .-1l..1li.-KMA SII1'IIJlII'IIl' I,itvr:Il'y Suvil-typ 'I'l'lIISIII'1'I' Y. I'I'l'IlSlII'l'I' Ifluslvy- Iluwzlrwl 4'IulI. CLARENCE rI1HUAIAS IIIRMINCIIAM, ALAIIAMA .,,, -. - B. F. ATKINS, fl' K .V IIIRMINIIIIAM, ALAIIAMA XV 4 . 1lIllI IIII- .,, 1', .X.g I1t'IllI5II'X. Irlxinlty l'1uhg Glu, l'luIIg Yursily f.JIIlll'll'Ilu' 49 Qzyxlm . , . . , I A ,g ifjsf 1 I i, I ' L' : ' 104 QV' I' 4 I Q T mx E ,.,,Jf C , R WL C -i?f!GfQ3i5f.fg, Entre Nous, 1923 . 5,4 1 'ggi ,-.. ' x x, w ....e...ff. I -ll in be-I, Q t A ""?'.. V. . :ff -., -. Sophomore Class HENRY R. Tnoxwsox, fl' K N AI.BERTYILLI'f, ALABAMA j. M. XVANDERFORIJ Pm-t I"l'1'SIIIlIIlII Flzissg Pm-l Suplimuuri- Flaws. A. S. XV.AxT1'ERs Divinity Club. H. E. XVATLINGTON, U K A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA J. B. XVHARTON BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Pri-sident Divinity Vluhg Pri-slill-nl I'hllnmathic' So- vi--tyg Square and Vompzissg Pr:-sldi-nt 'I'vnm-ss:-sr Club. HLLAN E. LVHITEHEAD, II K A I-ZNSLEY, ALABAMA Pre-sinh-nt Iimalvy-Iluwziral Pluhg Ilmxuiril I'l:iy-lrsg "Mr. Bula," '2I1 Ifrmtbull. '21, '22, '23, I,IIIIUII'I1llIIIl' Llternry Sm-in-ly. BILLY XVILLINGHANI PELL CITY, ALABAMA IIIABLE xVII.I.OL'GHBY, .J I' .Y GORDON, ALABAMA Shelburne Lit.-rary Sur-idx: Y. W. P, A.: Vi:-P-l'rr-slmlvnt B. P. I. Plubg Svc-rvtary I'4oustors' Plulm, '23g Iluwurd Plziyvrsg "Fanny and tlu- S1-rvant Pruhli-ni," '22g "Mr, Bob." '21: "Scrap ul' Pain-r," '1!3. JAMES H. XVISE, 2' N LAFAYETTE, ALABAMA Pliilumathic Literary Sori--ly: Sheik Vluhg SQ-1-retary Philumathif- Society: f'Irc'ulall0n Mzumgi-r Howard Primson, '22, Howzuwl Plziyi-rsg "Ml: Roh," '2I: "Fanny and the Servant Prnbh-rn." '22, "Scrap uf I':ipvr." '2Zl: Organization Editor Entre Nous. '23, Y. M. U, A. R. D. AVRIGHT BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Divinity Club: College Provlnr, V. L. XVYATT BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA DIYITIIIB' Club. go . 3 fX ,lu U.. , G ,f - - f, K ,fQ.Q22,.fli1 QA- Entre Nous, 1923 ,eg . '- -' lffjfir ' , 59 1 :ja f. r D .. l f I-rv se - .sf 111- QI- f-C , Y . f - f -Y Y 1 g'b R,-Q-gi -A P Ql l ly Illllllllllllllllllllll i llll llllllllll Illl lllllllltllllllllll llll 'lllllllltlllllf I , l DDU ggg SOPHOMORE CLASS +' gg Egg f E on o QUQ SSD indium ' ' Ill IHIMNIlllllIllllllIlllllllIIlIlllllllIlllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIII mu u ' manning .ang PROLEGOMENA. Only the most presuming author would at- tempt, within the scope ot' so limitrd a space. to give the exhaustive history, appreciation, and accomplishments of the Vlass ot' Une may think we magnify, or ostcntatiously rave, when in verity we only recognize our praiseworthiness and acliicvements-and these arc. indeed, very many. CHAPTER I. As there must he a beginning for all things, so was September 6. '21, the historical date that heralded the Know-it-all Class into existence. Know-it-all Plass? Yes, indeed. Exactly one hundred enlightened green faces rushed tumultu- ously and shoved their way into the Ilegistrar's office. One vital necessity of man is "sassiety." therefore, a very short while had we been on the campus when we were initiated into "sas- siety." The occasion was a reception honoring Dr. J. C. Dawson and OURSELVES, Pr-rtainly there was a continuation of good times through- out the yt-ar, and hest ot' all was the freshman party at Mrs. VVatlington's, Ot' course, we eruditt-s, were put through "Rat- ivity" in high style. After tirades, or other vio- lent deeds indicted by upperclassmt-n. some of us-poor Rats that we were-were chased nightly down the Fire-escapes. or lost near the outskirts ot' tlollege Springs. There were some despicable deeds done which we are seltish enough to with- hold from posterity lest othcr Rats may enjoy them. Speaking ot' honors for a Freshman Class. was there ever a class that had so many honors justly heaped upon them for excellent great- ness? One orb in our planetary system is George Saxon, who automatically acquired the tirst Birmingham News' Scholarship. Our hards, Fuller, Mullins, Gullet, Owens and XVatling- ton, will make this class live in posterity. ln all branches of athletics, men from the ranks ol' the freshmen have acquitted themselves the true sportsmen. Such men as "Ham" Stevens. "T0bD"' SUIUUS. "Bob" Shelton and .lesse Lachey, as well as many others, have aided vastly in all 8 hranches of sports at Howard. VVitln-ut men- tion ot' our co-ed basketball team this nariative would he incomplete in regard to athletics. IVith Thelma Stacey as coach, and such representa- tive girls as "Zip" Moody. "Poco" Little, Anna Kenda, and Florine Hagood, a team was or- ganizcd. In the Hall of Fame and Medals we were rf p- resented hy Virginia Hill and J. I. Edwards with Math medals, and Elizabeth Foster and Ellie Earle Sides with watches for scholarship in Latin. CHAPTER II. So we passed the door which opened into Sophomoredom. The latch of the door was lifted for us hy final exams. YVe could not stay in our "t'reshie" year any longer, but we loved its suns and snows, and even its storms and darkntss were good for us. Although everyone admits that sophomores are the ringlcaders in all activities of the campus, we are still confined to compulsory at- tendance at Literary Society, chapel exercises, and long drawn-out papers in the department of Religious Education: and campus courses are not in vogue as oi' olden times. XYith the exception ot' these atorenamed clouds, we have made an imposing appearance through tht- haze in Dramatic and Glee t'luhs, Y, XV. t.'. A., Y, M. C. A., Honor Roll. and we elaim the honor of the prettiest girl at Howard, Nell 1NIt-Elhenney, and also the honor of having an excellent artist in the person of "Zip" Moody. Our first two years of college life are past- all save the memory of them. and the effect ot' them, these abide-a part of the fibre of our latest selves. But for the other two years-the strange new onesfwhat? I ought not to ask. A veil is over their days-mercitully: I only know that I have assayed them: that they are hut a little hit ot' the whole span of lite-a his annual unit in the sum of Time: and that in them lie our further adventure and opportunity. XVe shall go on. ELIZA BETH FOSTER, Historian. Class Poem-Medius tll' our great lilt't', the second lap is run: Yi-t wc wail not for precious chances passed. tn' golden ages, long' forgotten, gone: tin vanished joys our judgments seal the past. litfllt-ctctl glory, glowing on lir'e's heights. Reveals the transient crescent ul' our llight, And in this honored form our hearts unite. Uni' rt-cord lit-rc is not destroyed by age: Hur deeds our own posterity have tied 'l'o future tasks, our minds' great lit-i'itai.:t-, With conrap.:t- streiigtlieiied for the work untried, And this yt-ar's gain, the glory ot' our class: XVe'lI hnild anew upon tht- old, the past, Lest we must l'all and ladt- and, lost- at last. J. M. VANIDIGRI-'tilt1J. Sl l 3 , Y, 1 f. t c - t v 1 lwutlt W- gg XAN XL Rf gL'fQCg2f 5 , f , f w X ak f if Entre Nous, 1923 . W lit: I ' X i X mimi ,- if-gigtkf V V fx K - L 'xx 5 ' l::g Li- iii ' V Wi 'X Q V' " N X 52 1 Q, 1, " V LL ,: MU Z fg ,f wfff l 'VH "T T55 QQ xx! 1 KAL 'X V?-I Q Q MOODY 'w.-.--2,3 kwa . qLl.,,CL:.ffH scoo- . I A .i -, ntre Nous, 1923 EW - LJ F1'CS11I'HElI'l Class OFFICERS Jun Damn' . . .... . . l'rwsid1-nt HUGH REICVES . . . l'i-'Y'-I,l'l'J'izfl'IIf Alxrum Ilkvmm . . . . Swnwlary-Trmnm-r EUGENE DAWSON . . . ........ . Pm-1 Tme1,MA Bmras . . ......... Prnphrl EVEIYN HIX .... .... I .'l'iIII.!'0lI Rrjmrlrr JEWEL GRAVES . . . . lfulrr Nous Izllilor 53 .l KN ,-,Aw ' ,I H4 'XJ 'ir -' f G ,, v ,,fT,2,Q.xllnq H v , IAN x ll ,V F 2:0 nf' A X 3: X L ?1y'.i',j.. All Entre Nous, 192.3 ,. N , X V. ,4 ' mb L 'Y Q ' 'Dill T, 'lf Y All 54 4 FI'CSl'llTl8,n Class XVll.l.l.xxl R. .'KIllZO'l"I', 'I' l'.XSOYYIl.l.F, .Xl.XH.KM.X Amos LQLYDE Amxrs, fl' K BOY LES, .X l..Ui.X MX 1I.xTT1I2 Lois ALBIERT FYSLEY, .Xl..Xll.XM.X l'fRxl2s'r lf. .-Xl.1.laN. 'll K VERNON, .Xl..Xll.XM.X lf1.x.x ALNIGRIZN, Z Q l".XlRFlFl.ID, .KI..Ul.XM.AX .IESSIIZ LE12 Axsuax' BIRMIXCIIAM, .Xl..XB.XMA .Y .X sl. T. ANTHONY, fl' K A Ii YSLEY, AIABA M .X RIORG.-KN Buena BIRMINGHAM, Al..-XBAMA H .-mms J. BATTUN SELMA, Al..Xn.XM.X josun D. lixxcnol-"r,.1' VX' " SIL.Xlxlz, .-XIJR.-KMA A. L. lhlxxs IHRMIYCEIXM, .Xl..XB.XM.X P..xL'l, B..xnxET1', fl! K .Y CL'l.I,MAN, .Xl..U'4.XM.X I-Ix--rulxxv 1'1-zulnill-wg Varsity lb:-lm! Hnlmx Bxss, .4 I Il IHKMIXCIIAM, .XL.XB.KM.'X A mx: I nn K THl3l,Nl.X lhrlzs. I Fl I4.XSl.EY, Al.AB.XM.X l'r..plnI ol' l'-l'l'ShlllilYl Vlusf. R. L. Al.lzx.xxnmv. IHRMIXCHAM, Al..-XBXMA llixlmly Vlull. ?'lHl2ll'v'1l11ll U1-my ,-Q ' U.. , . 1' . - G - Y ffm ' ,AMQK1 Y: 'HSS Entre Nous, 1923 X X A,J1A 1v1.,A- A 4 F1'CS1'lIT13.I1 Class AIARY ESTHER BENTLEY, A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA IXIARIE BOYETT ROCKFORD, ALABAMA ROBERT H. BRADFORD, Y' J UNIONTOHVN, ALABAMA X. DOUGLAS M. BRASWELL, DEMOPOLIS, ALABAMA v BURLEY A. BUCHANAN, T lx ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA TH ELAIA B ULLINGTON BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA LAFAYETTE B. BTJRGIN ETHELVILLE, ALABAMA GUY L. BURNS, II K A BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA MARY A. BL'sBY PRATT CITY, ALABAMA J. L. CAMPBELL HEADLANIJ, ALABAMA RUTH CARLISLE BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA AIAMIE CHAAIRLEE BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA JACK CHAMPION, Y' LI MARBURY, ALABAMA NANNIE B. CHAYIDLIER ALBANY, ALABAMA MARGARET CHLRQH, I I' L BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA .- QA ' f-'X G . ' 7 ' 5 Ii f ,sf fQ?!F'E'-1:51-' N f 53:15. ,I R Iv fwwmn I k 'Lvl' 5 i'I..Y ll1.V .ii 1115 I g -iw A Entre Nous, 1923 P1 -' Q. ' j5,.X.A7--Q' ,- .. . B, ,f . I K, , 1 .1 'hit lu' vi, .1 'V I- ,v , . H,Jf. fa . rx' ' ' ft 1 56 FI'CSl'lTl'laI'l Class RlL'H.XRD A. CI,.XY'I'UN, ll K IBIRMIXIIIIXM, .Xl.AR.XM.K XV. II. CLINIC YFRXUY, .U.,Ui.XM.X - w r Ilxzlzl. lu. Loma, Z !! IIIRMIXCIIXM, .Xl:'Ul,XM.K v s H. XX. QONNIZLI, IHRMINKIIIAM, .Xl..XB.KM.1 XV. .-Xl,l,lax Coxxlan .'xSD.Xl.L'Sl.X, .U.XB.XM.X ICLZA B. Cox, ll K .-l PR.YI'l'Vll.I.I'I, Al..-XIIALIJI Q P. H. LUX, 'I' .I smcrmn, m.xn.u1A Ekxmx I,. CRENY, I .Y COOIHV.-Yl'liR, .U,AB.'1MA Ifnclaxli Ilbxwsox, ll K .rl 'l'L'SC.Xl,00S,X, AI..XB.'X MA IH---t ul Fr-lslunun 1'l.nss. RUlilfR'l' ,Inv Dnxmy 'I' I BOAZ, .XIABAMA l'l"'Sl1Il'llI Fr--slmlnzm "lass, H.xRm' I-I. IDICKINSUN liYIiRCRl'IIiN, Al.AB,XM.X ICLSIE Home Dn,l.ox IIIRMIXCIIAM, ALXB.-XM.-X v XX . li. Iluwlim., JR., 'I' I HIRMINCIIAM, .'U..XB.XM.X Al,Tm2,x IJRYIJITN. A I Il UIRMIXIIIIAM, .-'H.AB.XMA Il. Ii. I,1TTl.1z IHRMINGILKM, AIUXB,-XM.-X I'X Y - f"' , - 1 I , 1' , , K - Y 1f"'?f.1H IVI 1 ,Y- ,, I , Sffiiw? , .:Lff11 ', fi M i , , rfwnf - .lx-lx . - 52' WI I" 'lxxlx cl ', N :J Entre Nous, 1923 f',.',','1J- ',',,- V L .L l A MIxv ? A 7 -ag' A l Y-Y "sl ' A' A Y znii- 7.-Y F1'6SI'll'I'l8.I1 C1855 .IIIIIN T. ELLIS, I .Y CLANTON, ALABAMA FLUYIJ XV. FALQLKNITR OXFORD, ALABAMA Bsssm FEAGIN BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA .IOHN L. FINKLEA, II K A BUENA VISTA, ALABAMA JULIA FINRLISA., A J II BUENA VISTA, ALABAMA F. C. FREEMAN, II K .4 BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA IN EZ GARIJN ER BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Rov L. GARDNER IIAIIEVILLH, ALABAMA NIEXVEL CIRAVES, J I' I FAIRFIELD, ALABAMA Basketball: Hmusil-rs' 1'lul1: F'I'n-SIIIIIIIII I-IIIIIIII' ICIIIIAI- Y lxuusg Marshall, '23. CARL H. LIRIEEN ENSLEY, .ALAnAIvI.A HIIRAQE S. H.-xLL,jR., fl' ..I BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA M. D. HAAIRICK BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA CURNIZLIA H.xNI.IN, Z Q BIRMINGHAM, AI..-IBAMA BILL HARDY, A I Il SI I li I-'IVI IiI.ll, ALABA MA IXIAIII-II, IIARRIS IINSLICY, ALABAMA " :"ff:.4 E?f.ingv',' ,gl I 'Q fin" -1. ' - - .- 57 -L A ,XR P' I . H xxx , f 1 , , , H " ,g A Y f IMQMMINIIQ f ,Q I Entre Nous, 192 -f 'df' T1-gil' Fl'CSl'll'I18I'l Class XXIIES KI.uu.lx lluzkls, .l Al Il IIIRMINKZIIXM, .XI,.Ul.XM.X .las :XlHl0'l"I' IAl.xssl.1alz, -lu., fl x l'fNSI.liY, .Xl.,Xll.XM.X L'L'nRx' llxvxlas L'I.XD"., NORl'll L'.XR0l.lY.X 1 L.Il.H1a.m IIIRNIINGIIXNI, .Xl..Xli.XM.K Ifvnzmx H max, .l E ,l NW LAM, .Kl..Xll.XM.X ICRLIXE l l12xm2Rsox IZNSLIHJ, ,U..'XB.XM.X Iivlzlxx Hix. .4 I ll BIRMINUH XM, Al..'XR.XMA nn Vlnss lb-lmrl--r fm' l'l'illlSll!ll l'. ' U ll u1-rlI4- I-.slnlnr l',llll'A' Suu-. j1'l.lL's XV.Nl.'l'liR Hoon LliliSBl.'RC, Al..'XB.-KMA -Il'l.I.X BETH Iinmmwsxl liNSl,liY, .'U..'XlI.X?vI.X HELEN I1L'Rl,HIZRT, .Al gl Il IQNSLEY, .-Kl..XB.-KMA C. 'l1H.XDIJlfl'S IVEY, I .Y liYIiR!2RliIiY, .Xl,AB,XM.X If. G. ,hcxsox .-X5IH"0Rll, .'XI..'XBAM.X Axmuaw H. KNIGHT.1l K .A IHRMINIIILXM, .fXI..XB.XM.X If. S. L.-XNll?R,11 K .Al I IA R'l'l'0RD, A I.,Ui.K MA .lrixxua -Icmxs'roN MADISOY, .'U,.NB.XYVl.X S'r.xcl2Y I'l2'r'rl s MADISON , Al.AB.'XM.-1 Entre Nous, 1923 A 5 B! A :? Q1 Q 7 I , Q'-V -Q7 F1'CShl"f18.I'l Class FR.-xxx Lowmu' OYEOXTA, ALABAMA E1.1z,xnETH LLOYD, A J II BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA lXIA1u'Er.1z,xmaTH AICCLURE, A J Il BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Marial :xt Iiirminghzun-Smuthp-rn-Iinwzlnl gun EVERETT G. AICIDONOIQGH BIRNIIXGHAXI, ALABANIA KIARY FRANCES AICNEIL, J I' I BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA XvELMA MCNLTT BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA AIARY Er.1z,uxETH AICPIIERSON, Z Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA IIOBART RIAYO noAz, ALAn,nu J. DONALD IXIERCHANT, 'I' J MAPLESVZLLE' ALABAMA XV. T. AIIRIS DOTHAX, ALABAMA R. A. ML'RcH1sox EQI'ALl'l'Y, ALABAMA Assam' S. llmms, -IR., Y' J BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA LILLIAN Nnsxflikuxc BIZSSEMER, ALABAMA l"u.xxc1zs Nuwxmx, Z Q BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA fIRACIi PASS, J I' .1 Bl.0ljN'ISVlLLIi, ALABAMA cIliR'I'Rl'Dli rI1IllXYlZl.I. O NICUNTA, ALAIIA MA g Qlyii . N.. , I " ' ' . AA. . r Mfg?-N Cf' ,w uz 5 I f fl -fp 4 1. L .1 H TJ, J eff I C W5 if 15.-?'i:fW?g J X... , 25,25 :ri 5.135551 Q Q.fSf.i'gQQf .,3.A,5. ::.g3j, J B K .X .1 - gc? 7-7 "-- ' A' A - -, - -1 K C Yi , I ff Entre Nous, 1923 5, . IS I I ' , N"uf, LY.: L Q H 2,7 ,g13!?:'nL:-f, --'-.fry-Y: N 71571 .3 .1 3,55 .IQ 1 .L ,,,,,,. 1 . 0' Y, .3 ' ..i li" X. 'tv of-X -., Q.: X 'its r frm I , 'wg -, w. ,, If 3' 'lf - -+- Freshman CIass Illawwr l'l2xxlNc:'rux YIJRXUY, .II..Xll.XM.K S'r.xcl2Y Pu'r'rl's MADISON, .II..XII.XM.-K CI'I.XRI.I?S If. I'li'rTx' Cl'I.I.NI.XN, AIMIBAMA C. B. PIETTY L'0I.I.IYSVII.I.If, AI.f'III.XMA ICnc:,xR Bloom' Pon BIRMIXCIIAXI, AI..-XBAMA -Inssn G. PORTER Cl'I'ROYVII.I.E, .-XI..XlI.'XM.I IIIIXNIE I1IfIf I'owF1.L ANNISTOX, .-XIUXBAMA KVM. H. I'owl21.1. MADISON, ALABAMA HLGH Dlzmxn Rmivns, Y' .J 0 J .I l.l X EVII,l.E, AIABA M.-'I BIYRTLIE R mivns BIRNIIXCIIAM, .'XI..'XB.XM,-X If.-XRI. TENNIS Rooms MORRIS, AI..-XBAM.-I PRESTQN G. RoL'sE B ISLTONA, A IABAMA I I'l l.1oTT Sc.xRnRoL'cn. JR.. 60 Qi MT. XYILLI YG, ALABA MA IQIZNNARID Ii. SHAW CUBA, .-XIMXBAMA .AGN ES ,lou xsox MADISON, ALABAMA . , fi KX . 1 " 7 I , 1' , , ' ' L f JM D. ilu ii , In . x L. Romxsox, .-I ,Il ll WJ Entre Nous, 1923 E- - ff! - f:?'i-v ,. . RJ 1 'gy' 'PQ rl -'71-,u-b,,A 44. ,v,'.,I -:1 in ff enco- :' 'vi f"f-'55' -4- ' F: - tl' 77 Q I:I'eSI'llTl8I'l Class SELDEX SHEFFIELIJ PINEHILL, ALABAMA T. XV. SHOWS, JR. LIQVIQRNE, ALABAMA HELEN SPARKS, A J II ENSLEY, ALABAMA RORERT XV. STALLXVORTH EVERITREICN, ALABAMA N.AL'FLEET SL'lJDL'TH. .J F I BIRMINCIIAM, ALABAMA CH.'XRLES 'TALIAFIZRRU EVERGREEN, ALABAMA RUSSELL H. TINKLEl'.-XL'GH, I7 K BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA LoL'1sE XVALL IIL' NTSVILLE, ALABA MA IX IORGA N IVA LLAC E MA PI.IiSVIl.I,Ii, AL 'XBAMA R. L. AVE.-XR, Y' .1 ASIIBURN, GEORGIA H. T. XVIELLS, fl! K .Y BOAZ, ALABAMA THELMA VVARREN A-VHITE A'I"I'AI.I,A, ALABAMA H ELEN VVHITE BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA F. E. A'VlI.I.I.-NMS, ll K .-l IiNSI.IiY, ALABAMA , VIIJI.E'I' ARcELL,x NVu.ul'rl: I'AIRI"II-II.Il, ALABAMA CIRACIE RILEY IIIRMINIIIIAM, ALABAMA .fl ffl f-N Qi -:f . , f-4 f-XX 1 M ' I , Q , -. f ' K - , IfLZfMII.lM M SAN my . I f .fQ9?il1.iJ.ff'gLf ,I 4 - Entre Nous, 1923 s if i ,wig :rg ,tt + s , 'Qs Q -s -:x- Q01Q':4f 7 7 772737 if ' Q : e i i? is?4:Z'i3 ' a' E? C'-f 1: - 1 5 42 Q . 3- 3 A ' '12, 53 -Z: C-321 ff t- N 33 13 33 Z?Z? 4 fn 3, ,t.sNs:A .x1x q. ss-1 gig? A ss ss 7 'NN N I' I FRESHMAN CLASS T PROPHECY OI'R FI"I'I'RIi BY RADIO. "Broadcasting Station R. A. I failed to recognize the first announcement, but soon there came a voice I had heard somewhere before. Can it be johnnie Lee Poole? Yes, and I seem to be hearing a confidential conversation: "Cornelia, have you heard the. . . " VVell, I'm hearing something new, for I didn't know Lillian Nesperling was even thinking about getting married. NVQ-'ll hate to lose her, but, I suppose, a M. R. S. degree is better than an A. B. "Broadcasting Station S. O. If., Operator Carl Hyche. A 'pep' meeting at Howard College, I924.'l Ilow the time flies! 'I'here is such a conglomeration of voices as to make difficult recogni- tion of the cheer leader's voice. Now I know it is Erman Crew, hacked by Spizzerinktum. Pro- fessor Iiaglee- threw his watch into the gallery while giving his annual "pep" speech. VVill we win that game with that wonderful lloward "pep," with that wonderful team, with a coach who tears to pieces his own hat in the excitement? "Broadcasting Station EI. I'. N., Operator john Ellis, jr., january 24, 1925. A faculty meeting at Howard College." Ah! Must I listen? I greatly fear that I'm treading where angels fear to tread. Anyway, l'll listen this time, for they are discussing the junior Class. VVhy, Dr. Dawson is really praising us, and some of the other professors are adding complimentary words. So they do think something of us, even though they do sometimes give us a "C" when we are sure our vast knowledge merits an grade. jewel Graves is still keeping up her wonderful scholarship record. Ilow proud we are of her! Dr. I7awson's voice is heard again: "In fact, I think the entire Class of '26 .... " Oh! NYhat is the trouble? I can't hear a thing. Of course, something had to happen to the radiophone just when I was hearing something thrilling, I suppose. "A Senior Class Meeting of '26." Is it possible that we Rats of 1922-23 are really seniors? I'nder the leadership of our Rat president, .Iep Dendy, we obtained such a start, and now we feel proud of students like Patil Barnett and jcssie Lee Ansley. Not many classes can boast of a pianist of the talent of Naufleet Sudduth, or a beautiful voice that is Mary Elizabeth McClure's. I didn't believe Ii. B. Cox could make such a swan song. "Broadcasting Station L. I. F. Ii., i935." In the news from various stations we hear "Dr. Huey XVelIs, noted surgeon, announces a sensational operation. Funeral services led by Rev. R. XVare. Camnbell has broken all records for his batting average in the world's series. Hazel Cobb, beautiful successor to Norma Talmadge, will be starred in j. B. Anthony's next production. Ilugh Reeves has found a drug which leaves no traces in the body of its victim when used as a poison: he is to be married again soon." "Closing announcements and signing off. This concludes the program. Good night." Tnsrsm BATES. FI'6SI'lTI'lal'l Class Poem I wish I was a little rock I wish I was a great, big, rolling That lies beneath a tree, Ocean, or a sea, And I had never beard of books, And all these crazy hooks Nor they had heard of me. VI'ere hurled down to me. I wish I was a great, big, red, I wish I was a teacher Consuming, flaming fire, Of every darned old class: 'I'o burn up every darned old hook But I am just a freshman, see, 'Would be my great desire. And have to bone like I1-I to pass. Eccisxis Dawsox, '26. 62 I' in 1 ,I K A L 1 .JCg.,..vn1 J Entre Nous, 1923 you If ,J ,631 -14-7? Pi ooo- Ns vt "Y 1 , I 1 . Z t',:-.2-ffgfo, 6- ',nx-:-, ,-N I Q7 ,fs C. in QQ Wm, fx e 2 -1 u:,y5,,-7.'.f ,gy W -ft'g.i,1zy.5iy4,. 'gflllclbvpllf' 3' 1, 1L'Zra-51-H r-':7,P.' j f g 1- 4 m'--1 'W' ' ll - 1 35' 5 sl l' mf 'I' n I cl.lli'i. f f-,',,-- ' 1" ' 1 "r-f - 71- v- Y 4:1-' -7 4, 3 K 1 ,. -dk. - .Jia QW i .Q Q , .- SAMUEL L. HEATH . . VVILLIAM C. IIARE . . Eriiiii, CLARK . . RANZY Bucxxiix . :si .sk ya as-..,t,v.-.f+'.., u 4, STUDENT Bom' OI'I"1CERS The Student Body . . I'rr,fiti1'l1l 'in'-Pn'.viti1'111 . S't'u'1'l1zr'y . Tl'l'lI5lH'l'I' Times have Changed! 'lihe fzieulty no longer says to the student "you shall" or "you shall not." Now, in this time of student honor, the stutlents propose to govern themselves. And Howzirtl stuclents live untler Il system ot honor :mtl self-gorer Il- ment, eiulezivoring to keep zihrezist of the time in :ill matters. As the oltl form ot striet tliseipline :uul alemerit systems pzissecl out with the oltl system of petlzigogy, so llou':n'tl usheretl in the new vision of eilieieney :incl szitislizletory l'tlllL'1lflUXl1ll training. .-Xs the founclzition of the stuclent government system, there is the Constitution untler whose provisions ollieers are eleetetl each Spring for the ensuing seliolnstie yezir. L 63 t of myhitiii FN ,ff fX'H -f f' I ' X NX! ,, 1, 'this' 5-I f3,':H V ft .fs-X T. XI Q XX Entre Nous, 1923 - ff il 'ey s , :wa . fi tie? 2 if , it 4 , - . s-rf 1, " f?.":?5t'3 ' ff44L,v1.m.s' , s- 'fit r STDDIENT Ifxizcvrivia CONINIITTIZE Seniors- .lllllflllffl t'i..xx.x me Sumo Wiiiiif liuzn KIRK I-'iuzo M.uc'nx xVIl.l,I.XM C, II.-uw Snplmniuws- l"rr.vl1r11fr1- Illlll-Il,M.X S'r.xcv jizssvii Ronixsox Roswizri, Owrss PAL i. Inks:-:'i'Ai' The WOI'lK of the Student EXCCLltiV6 COlTlITlitt6C Howard organized the student hodv in 1016. This called for an executive com- mittee to deal with all matters of :i disciplinzirv nature. This committee, or council, is composed of the president of the Student Body, vice-president of the Student Body, and two represent:1tives from ezich of the four classes, :i boy and Z1 girl. The council is guided, in 11 measure, hy the constitution of the orgzinizzition. The work of the executive committee has heen prziiseworthy. Excellent co-opera- tion has heen mziintziined between students and faculty through the medium of the council. The honor system at Howard, though not, :is vet, perfect in the narrowest sense of the work, has proved itself of real vzilue to the students and, with increased experience, will certainly continue to function with even greater success. 6+ fix ,ui 'Q 1 3 i ,,, mf! Ewan hlnm fur hlnm, hia- pnting inrh hg inrh, fur nur umulh nut retrvat, nur fnthrr dimly. -Byron: Don fuan. Bunk Emu Athlvtirz B . if ifi,'qi,1ll fQf:g Entre Nous, 1923 tt, to it ,J , e e ' t t ' HARRIS G.CoPle,Cozu'l1 li. 'I'. Domnxs, .lssixfazzl Cffarlz Howard Coaches Coach Harris G. Cope and Assistant Coach B. T. Dobbins are direct products of Sewanee, the University of the South. Coach Cope played his entire college career on the Sewanee eleven, afterwards becoming head coach, in which position he served for a number of years, giving Sewanee some of the best teams in its history. Coach Dobbins played his full four years at Sewanee, and under Coach Cope, later on becoming assistant coach. In his full four years, Coach Dobbins made the mythical All-Southern selection. In their first year at Howard, the two coaches have endeared themselves to every student, professor, alumnus and friend of the college. 67 S A . e 'ms it 5 44 , e ,Y ,fgzarliia QQ d '71 I I i 1 l .14 f X55 L, , 5 sl- , , g,iijj'l"i""" Y X Lk'-W .?i?7f5!i?ff-gil ix ,Rf 4 fl Entre Nous, 1923 lu-4-n :i nu-llulu-I' nl' llu- tins! I-lam 1-x vi' siiu'--. xvllll Il lllllS- 'IMI Vlllill' l-mly that :my i wfuil-I h-' pr-mul ul' hu has put .-xv-ry Ulllllw- ul' it int-1 llp.:htinL: fm' ilu- 1-lil Allllll Mill'-2' illlll Iwi mmh prznsv- 1-zimuul lu- givin him lvl' ilu svrxuw- rl-iulvl'v1l Il xxill h-' :i IHIILZ linu- lwl:-iv sunu- mu- ulll hump: lu lIuw:irel 21 l'l'4'lll'1i lu hlwl 1-ur Allurels. fupi.-Eli-1-I Iinh Slu-llvn, l-In-1 inu- ul' tlu- light--sl viulw 1-u-1' ln :im-e-au' in an l'1'imsun :iiul Illlu- uni:-. ll-nh is nl'-lui ilu- uliilu-sl :uul llznwh-,Qt hillinu Hi' ilu-in sill. I-'fzirful HI' vu- mum, hig nr small, ilu-5' :ill lm-lx-wi :flak-' lu Il'-h, :mul nI'u-1' lu- hil thwm lhvy :ull lvlt ilu' r-:nmv xxzny ln 1-x--ry Lzunu- lu- IPillXl'li this yn-nr. lu- im-lil--ll nppuxu-ills Su li1'I'1'i'Iy lhzil th-'ir SIIIIIIHVYVIQ yfllv-l for ilu- 1-'zxm to :vt him 1-ut wfnu' uzuy nr 1-!lu'r, hut lluh is um- who 4-:ul siznul th-A :aff Wiili this spirit ul' Iiglni :xml :ih- S-llut.-ly Ill' 3-ll-iw nhl-ul him, Huh ulll sl-I :u uhm'- in: -wzzmplv lui' his If-Luminal-fs in 110211, mul surn- :i- :nn lv--llfnt il'iI4i"l', This is lhlhk sf-mnul Yvill' In Hunk-' ri l"llv'l'. 68 flllblllill lin lirhullq-3, 1'--nl--r I-'ur llnrw- y--:urs lhillllllill Ro ham lu'-fn ilu- IIIZHIISIIIN -vi llu- lilu- in thi- l'l'llll'I' of ilu- 'u-livl mul- llu xii wo he i lx N un ilu- ll-Alll. l'--mum.: lu lluwurml in ilu- full of lil. , : FII! in his l"l1'Qillllilll Y1':ll', mul has ll"Vl'I' hun-ll lhl ll lu-l hy may ve-ry lik--ly rzuululailn-S, ililllllllllh the-ru hu. I---n nmny ll.. I4 an xwliy light mzm I'--r ilu- lim-, maps- nilllx ilu l'v'lll4'l' Ill I I lhnn lll1llil'S up lm' In light. During ilu- 11022 an-as nrlilvn, hut nhzu lin lzxvks in wvil-Chl ho on Un. Sui gl -41-ml 1-xninplv I-vu his lI'1lllllIlZlll'H hy his stuiuly wuxisush-nut plwx lloiln-r .Ufurd eliiil l':ig-lulin, 'I':u'kl1--ll-muwl Iwi--5 mu- nl' ilu- lwsl nu'n it 1-va-r haul lu su-rvv on tha ::ri1ln'un, ulu-n ll--ih-r All'4u'4l 1h-pzwts from ilu- halls ul' ilu- .Klum Mull-r, Sllll'l' lu- grzulunl--s this yn-:ir :uul has pluywl his full flvur yn-urs. lluiln-r als: m:ul-- ilu' Xilfkilj' in his I-'r--slunun Yu-ur, :incl has f'X ,fx ' T m , K v ,Y 1l" "iliiiiQ -: , 553 iiins 4 'i , 395 4, 1. lf-QQ. it vi Entre N ous, 1923 N fgliiiniif A i l ff A 47 ., i, i " ,f we t g , 1 lx n xx vu 1 ,x r 5 '-vxf , f J 1- - 75- v-if -451' if 4 1' A ,- , f '1 Hugh Barliq-ld, Tzu-kll--At tht- iirst nl' th? st-usun, 1'o:u'h VUIH' hall difiif-ulty in iinrling 1111- htm-r tn,r'kli-, hut as Bllrtil-ld camo ste-zulily along. Ulf' ll""d vanishm-tl, and Hul.:'h piwmwftl tn bf- gl must c-npzlhle man. Al' ways lighting, never willillll to givv un, ll. hzlrrl, tli-pvlirlzihlc plslyl-r, Ilugh llc-lix'vi'l':l tht' gnolls, and is to hh llmkf-ll ful'- wsirml tn in 15423. his Sf'f'0llll your on thi- tc-um. Frvll W'hih', Ilan-lc-'i'llv risn- of I"l't-cl NVhitc- to thi- i'l'ullt ranks Suunds Hin. A 1101-nliu ,Xlgvr story, Uhsolvti- ztllllusl ill his ! i"l'1-5-llllllzul YI-:tl', EL ini-rv p.:r:iSSf'1lttn-i' ni-xt j't'5ll'. und thi- illuvli- f 1 it-'st :uul lizlrlh-st wurlcinp: nlnyl-i' in l!l22l!thIlt's I"rl'll. Ill thi- llrst wrlrknuls nt' tht- yt-air, Flute-li f.lllll' wus llllll'i' l':ivlvl'- zlhly illllll'l'SS1'1l with thi- wily I-'rvtl lmmlll-il llilllSf'lI' lililll MIIB' Putty Tllonms, Gu:1i-ii-'I':tc-kli--Fatty has s--rw-ll his last yt-at' on a. Bullllng' vit-vt-n and in the shrill: :flu-s out llllil tht- world tn tzlclclv other things. In his first Xvill' :lt Hl3ll'Zli'll Fatty scruhh-lil zirmxml, hut lui' the lwlllilillillg yvars he made- thi' vzirsity 1-:it-li Yl'2ll', :ind has just gix'--n his last. Always rt-:lily tu iight. zilwziys l'2li.C'l'l' In gin- his hw-st. Fatty has l'k'I'l1ln'l't'd Vzilllzlllli- svi'vit--- :intl ptwwi-tl il Bulldog ul' thi- first water lil' hullllugs hzivi- zmylliinpg In ilu with watt-rl. In 1021, zisitli- fruin his plzlyilnr. I-'zitty lmmllf-ll the Illllllill-ff'l"S ,iuh Zillli llirl hints-Alt' justin-. lYhi-n thi- i-ull is 1-:tllt-rl nwxt S-Anti-ilihi-r, Fatty is ulnitlivt' aithl- ti' who will hp sur--ly missed. Cllarlie Hurst, f:Ukl!'d-St'l'YiIl4L2' his st-1-untl and lust XVIII' ns at llll'HliM'l' iii' thi- f'l'l1llS1lll and Bluv varsity, l'ilill'lln' 1-tune tn thi- lrl-nt its llfllll' utliei' ham. I-'ruin GI nit-dim-iw SUN 0" llilllll' ill 1931. wh:-ll ht- first lllillit' his lettvlg Ill'lI'l' Sl'l'Ullllillg fur twn years, f'h2H'lil' was th-x'i-l- -anvil intll at vi-ly hmwl working gtmi-.1 this xl-nl' anml his hugi- hulk wus allways tlii-rv tu stun tht- t'lml'gi-s ut' thi- iuvzult-l's. ill- xi-'vt-l' quit tiglltillg. His hi-:ul wats QIIWLIXS up. lt iS 0111! tn hi- l'l'Lfl"'IIL'li that this is 1'li:il'li.f'b lust yvzlr. Hu will he miss:-tl ill '2Z2. Uthf'l' Yllllll, :intl sol him ilnwn 'le 'i '4lll'v om llillll tht Ntllt unll I-'wil wzm thut. Light, hut nluvlcy :mtl l'ull ul' liuhl, ui-it. cle-ta-rlnlllzttimi, this 1-x-llullpup haul tht- stuff. This is his Ilrst yvlll' in llliliil: his ll-ttt-l'. di u 69 -5 IFN , Q Q f-fx i iilamtlliiq M 5 i - ' ' -,,,,llxg. f 6 I r ,Q J- " il X '--'F ez? 1' 'l-iifilf-f'T-'iii-if. ' v 2225-5i:.:grLf l Entre Nous, 1923 gg,-, lg , - .1 f- Q'-me -4 Y'-tl '-7 ,YH ' ill f ,Al L- Y -'F 1 TJ- A l' l llllll his N --ls Ullll Ululord, llnrk ll:lmli4'uppl-d s..m-'xxlml lhls 3'-lar hy inlpr. mul!-nl su-ku-ss, Sllll lmn Hun- hw lu-sl. llv was lrh-ll :ul vnul :lu-l ln Ill. lun-llll-'l1l. ull'-lv :al lnsl ln- lzuull-ll, l,lIu- IIIEIIIX' ul' hlu lmunmznt-s h.- uns also llulll. hut full ul lllvlhl, ll., has an-H'--al llll'v'4' 5-urs Ill an Vrimsun :lull llluv unl--, nmklnp: lhv 14-gun ln his lllfl 5"ill :ll llunnl'-l. :mul lfflil will lu- his f-lurth :uul lust. Je-ss l.Ill'kl'Q, llulll-ul-kr-'l'l1us ns .I-'ss' sv-1-mul 5'--:lr un lln- squad, 1. lu I nn lu ll hmwn Xl-zu, wh--n ln- hlnsxmnwl nut lull :nl lhl 1- l ul hl lll lull lllw--m. 'l'h.- ml-lg.-1 ul ilu- Ivlllll. ln sunu- rl-sm-1-is lu- 1'--ulll ZIIXXJIFS IH- l"'llll!I'll un In 4'1lI'l'j' lhf- hull fur sunn- zulumlv. .Ks .ln-ss has lun lllUl'l' ye-:urs In pn-rv--, vn- ll' l---fkml. I--:null Xkllll 1-Xlwl'l:lll4'3' in S1-elm: .I--ss S 1--lr.-Q-r Nlnrxin Bla-falrllly. 'l1llfll2U'lxfxl1ll' also has I Q thus IS his hrs! ya-ur. Lnw :mul ln-:lvyf sv-I, lu' prux-ll lu ln- n. llzlrnl-1lrlv1m:. 1-h:u'ulll1: lltlll- lmvk. llllll Hllfl' ln- I-1'llll0'll thv 'xlh-ntmn uf llu- 1'mu'ln-S thu ulululnl lx-lp hum ull ilu I-Am. illlll ho- lvlnywl runny u full-limv vn- l-llum-vr, warming: his ll-Us-r. lhllll SIPYPIIN, Quart-'rhzla-k-llhlds-rl-ll must lvl' ilu- s--:asf-ll hy zu hum unlalv-. Hum l':un-- tlxlw-ugll with lhn- gum-ls :ls gl g--nw-lull, ll naw not until lhl- Vnmu xzzxml- than l'w:u-ll 1'--pw -lisl---xv:--ll in llzun lhalt ulvlllly, llnl llmplnu, Ilum xx'-an an lln- u:lm-- :mal l"'.lllX4'Ihllt'll ilu- U-nm, :mln-r sl-va-ral 1-llxllls lm-I S--rxwl in ilu- siunnl mall-lr rwlv-, nn-l fur lhv rl-si ul' lln' sw-ns' Hamm uns uslll as llllJll'll'l'lvill'k, It was in the' Ilirminx:h:um- Sl-ulll--rn gzum- llml Hum Su-ppl-ll nut. Ill- 4-alrril-ll fu'--r tln- ll-mfllll--un :lull kukl-ll al pl'-ltty plan-vm--nl from ilu- I-lIl'Ij"5'llI'll hm- that suv- ns lhl- :alll--. 'l'hiQ is llnnfs Ilrst 5'--:lr on llu- hum 70 . 4 KN H 1 1 "' I . ,T , , ' K Y if l!T,2L'l3ll l-- .51 , gala 113-43 ? N. i f 51 fi- 'S f . EST - X Entre Nous, 1923 jgglttgfg-Q, . , ,n., ,,g, t ' J i , A ' li'-A Qlfli vs-1' Q -.-. ' ' F5 ' I ' ' and next yt-at' will I-'rank Norris, End-"Jeb ly" has bt-en the- stirprisu nt' the st-asnn, and a happy one at that. Tht-r-- wt-re thost- who said hc wnultlift last, hut ht- did and it was 3 glnrious lasting. 'l'ht-y thought ht: was too much of a jolly- ht-an, but as Foac-h Vunv nnve said. "If he is Il .it-llyht-an, give mt- more jollit-s." Frank madu good from the start in tho Auburn game-. I-'or a while ha- was usa-tl as a hat-kfil-ld man. but lilll'l' un he was shlftf-d ln an t-nd, win-rv ht- stuck. sur- vnuugh stttt-k, This is l"t'ank's first yt-at' tu maln- his lv-ttf-r. Rum-1-ll f'l'ink5 Tinklr-pallglt, llalfhark- Pri-lrnlvly tht- light RHI King, Guard-I-it-d was tht- third guard, hut ht- :ave such gwotl st-rvicv that he won his le-ttt-t' this yt-ar. llt- was a lighting tie-mon and il hard man tu play against. This is his tirst ytar, bt- his last. hai 1-Yer 11133 some-tlting. malt:-s up for Tlllry Stubbs, G ttard-' t wo lllUl't- 3'- it' his first two are nt' what ht- is going ra-niaining ft-w tlt'llEJlld1'tl tt 51tmtlS. This Tully has tn Birmingham 1-rwltt lui' th 'f-d at Itivkwt XYhat 'lmhy in hrs-akitt:: 'HTS HS 3. Drill In -v--r play 'Mult-" has Bulldog. and any t-xamplu In tin ill Illa- . tht-n Tnhy 1-an he tlvlivt-I' the yt-at' T-why played as 1-tl ht'l-ore-. a writt-r giving: hint Q- ht-st gatiit- a guard tml. and lhat's saying: lat-ks in wt-ight. he- thruugh the line and illing the plays lnt-t'0t'.- tht-y gt-1 S1441-t.,.1A 1-st man that 1-vt-r lfatyt-tl for lluwarrl, still ht- is said tw Law- tht- ht'ig'litc-st fttturt-, and this may lu- truly sw, il' his initial f-mls-:tx'nt' in his llrst yt-at' is to lu- tl--pt-nd-tl ttlmn, l'mlt-rw:-ltzltv, ittaylw, hut ht- lights ami has it ht-ad on hint. Ile has tht't-t- ntnrt- ye-urs. 7l f' tu U G -Q f-inn, 4, a , 'H4u2QUx!lW Qx Q' .. F if ' - 'l , . x 7.x , .ng - I g,'.Q.-f'7' J v H X. lk fi! Entre N ous, 1923 f 3 5 ,- I .. :wilt ,, 1- lg l l -it X? E 1 l I Football Squad Coming to lloxx':xx'xl in tlxx' Sxxmxxxcx' of 1922. Cozxclics llzxrris, Cl. Cope :xml Bob 'lf llobbixxs foxxml footlwzxll mzxtx-x'i:xl rzxtlxrx' sczxxxty ixx hotlx qxx:xlity :xml qxuxxxtity. Seven lcttcx' xxxvxx px'csx'xxtx'xl tlxt'xxxsx'lx'x's fox' trzxixxixxg, :xml six of tlxvsx' wen' xwcxxtxxzxllx- plaxccxl ixx tlxc lima A Czxll was issxxcxl by tlxx' Co:xClxx's, :xslaixxg x'x'x'x'y maxi in tlw stxxxlcxxt lioxiy to coxm- oxxt fox' football, lxotlx fox' lxis own plxysiczxl xx'clf:xx'x- :xml tlxx' fxxtxxrx- of tlxx' tx-zxxxx. Stmlcxxtr. wlxo lx:xxl xxcwx' lwforx' sxwioxxslx' Coxxsixlx'x'x'xl footlwzxll :xxxswx'x'x'xl tlxt' Czxll, :xml tlxg- rxwxxlt was :x sqxxzxxl xvlxiulx x'x'x'xxtxx:xllx' fxxx'xxislxx'xl tlxc' coxxibixxzxtioxx wlxiclx xlx'f0:xtcxl llixxxxixxglxzxxxx-Soutlx:'x'xx's grx-:xtvst tx-zxxxx. l'x'x':xx'lxx-x's, zxtlxlvtvs, lxiglx sclxool sxxlxstitxxtcs, ,ivllics :xml tlxc svlxolzxsticzxlly vlitx' bvrzxxxix' xxxcxxxlWx'x's of tlxx' sxxxxml, :xml x':xx'lx :xftx'x'xxooxx wcxxt tlxroxxglx strx-xxxxoxxs ixxstxwxctioxx oxx lflcxry l"ix'lxl. :X qxx:xx'tx'x'lw:xx'k, pxxxxtcr. lxzxlfbzxclc. fxxlllW:xx'k, riglxt vml :xml left tzxcklx' xvx'x'x' x'x'x':xtcxl by tlxz' Co:xx'lxx's, wlxilx' flax- x'csx'x'xxx's :xml gx'::wx'xxttx'x'x xx'x'x'x' x-xxtix'x'ly witlxoxxt prvvioxxs x'xpx:rix'm'c oxx tlxx' grixliroxx. XVillixxgxxx'ss to xx'ox'L. xxtxxxost x'oxxlixlx'xxx'x- ixx tlxx' zxlwility of cozxclxvs who lxzxxl xxxzxxlx' Sx-xvzxxxccls l'xxx'plC 'liigvxx :x poxx'x'x' ixx Soxxtlxcrxx footlwzxll, tog,1x'tlxx'r with x'x':xliz:xtion tlxzxt tlxx' x'lx'x'x'xx xxxxxst bv :x xx'ixxm'x' oxx tlxx- sx-:xsoxfs Coxxclxxxlixxgi cl:xx'. txxrxxvxl tlxx' trick :xml sxxrprisvxl :xll Alzxlnxxxxrx, :xx xwll :xx Xlisxissippi. l'fxx'x'y xxxvxxxbcx' of tlxx' football sqxxml of 11922 xlcsx-x'x'x's tlxz' pl:xxxxl- its of tlxx' Ftxxxlvxxt lwoxly' for tlxx' :xxxsxx'x'x' to llow:xx'xl's x':xll ixx tlxx' tixxxx' of xxvcxl. '72 H ,JK-f'QxX E , . ll' ,N K f I H ' mlllli -3 221 11 ' 7 .c .99-5 44 ,6 v Entre N ous, 1923 j 11 24' If gf T, ,A-. 4 w - W ' XV11.1.1uV Iluzu lixxx, Sf'IlIl.xllI' Mun' lil.1f.x1zl-In NIl'fxl.l'RI-I,.1f1li.l l.l,lX4lR lil ul ox, .ll.1i.l 75 FJ. 1 ,V x ,f ' -,-1 ' Xurb fm ,fi-f K , , xp yy 2. JV- YJ-. ,i B f F l W 4 5 3 . M i' .. N , ,- f: ,ff 'e."f,',':ixf .l X 2 -1 ii?'i-jiQ3'f5,'?5'-ii Entre N o us, 1923 V fd ' xslt jx Y 'I'-K W 'F' :il ' ' 7'4" 11:11 21114. f ' Ji W Footb all Resume us " N' F ' 1'- . . . . . 'v'fgi+'QW?gS lll'.Rl'. was a gloomy outlook on Berry Field at the beginning of the 1922 season. fl' lx ,I PA 'ASH AIN lx was L 4,0 Most of the best promising material of the previous year failed to return, some X., . ' of them being scrubs who had been depended upon. It was a shaky proposition of an unknown quantity to the nth degree that Coaches Cope and Dobbins took over in the Fall. The coaches were unacquainted with the situation, and the players had a new coaching system to become accus- tomed to. , So all in all there was a dark cloud, But every cloud has a silver lining. The boys that went out for football last year had it in their hearts to play football for all they were worth, and as the days grew into weeks they realized that their purpose would he fostered by the coaches as they soon found that the two were there with the goods, if the fellows would only gobble it up and digest it properly. It was a slow process, but it was well worth it as The season was successful. lividence: Howard, 91 Birmingham-Southern, 7. But we are beginning at the end. The First game of the season was with the jacksonville State Normal School, and the boys were told not to unnecessarily let looseg but we won, I2 to 0. The next game was with Auburn, and they were too strong for the Bulldogs, as the Plainsmen had one of the strongest teams in its history, as evidenced by its record. Marion came to town next, and held the Bulldogs to a scoreless tie. Then came the unbelievable news out of Starkville, Miss. VVe read it in the papers, but it sounded too good to be true. Howard, og Miss. A. 8: M., 0. But it was so, as Coach Cope had taken his fighting little team into Mississippi, and shattered the hopes of the Aggies. It was one of the games! exhibitions a little Bulldog team ever pulled. Back in Mississippi a second time, the Howard eleven didn't do so well, and Mississippi Col- lege took the game, 28 to o. Down into the Everglades of Florida went the growling Bulldogs looking for Alligator meat, but instead they found Florida heat, at 90 per, and the sizzling sun helped the University, 58 to 0. Vnion I'niversity, from jackson, Tenn., came to town and surprised all with a real team, whipping the Bulldogs, 20 to 7. , Then came the awfulest slaughter a Howard team ever suffered, not from scores, but from other standpoints, and that night in the private dining room of the Cawthon Hotel the team started winning that game on November 25th. Millsaps College saw the difference, but Millsaps had improved, too, and it must not be thought that Millsaps didn't fight to win that game, which they did, 14 to 7. Then came the big game, the game of games, the game all Howard would rather win than almost any. It was hope against hope, for outside the team there weren't ten people who thought Howard had a look-in. But the team knew it. There wasn't a man of them that woulcln't have laid down his life for the "ole" game, and when you get 'em that way, you got 'em going. And that game. Oh, they cried like babies, but they fought like devils! And where's the man that will say Howard didn't deserve to win? VVhere is the Howard supporter that didn't cry, cuss, pray, hug and kiss all within that one afternoon? lt was a game, it was a fight, and who is to say that Howard didn't win fairly and squarely? The team that fought the hardest won. Nine to seven! And wasn't that a pretty free kick Ham booted from the forty-yard line. And that's all there was to the season. XVhat more could one want? lt will be a long time before November 25, 1922, will be discarded from memory. 74 . I uv ,Y 1 "' f N 'T .l - - , A , Y J A EJ , 15:3 .f ,i!!S. . 1. X .f . tt Entre Nous, 1923 - 1 A "r fl,-i. 75347 ,. .,. - 'ft:,jt+1gv A " I f2s:i2mf"f,.z.eS.f1f2+.f'.Xwie.. . I ifL7tfQ.a..". .W Q'432if'J"lffs,.5Z,.is', V The Athletic Committee The Athletic Committee of Howard College is composed of the faculty committee on athletics, the athletic managers and the president ot the Student Body. This committee is arranged for in the constitution of the Student Body, which gives the committee the power to act for the best interests on all things pertinent to athletics here at Howard. The chief duty is the selection ot athletic managers, as each year they are required to nominate candidates for the various managerships, and these nominations are subject to the action of the student body. This year one of the main things that the Athletic Committee did was to recom- mend to the Board of Trustees the purchase of Siopoo worth of stock in the Birming- ham stadium. The committee was composed ot I rot. S. A. Ives and Coach Cope from the tacultyg S. I.. Heath, president of the Student Bodyg Turner .lordan and R. A. Nunnelley, -Ir., football managerg .less Lackey, basketball inanagtrg Robt. YV. Shelton, baseball man- ager. The late Prof. S. -I. Pulliam was the other member of the faculty committee. J 75 . 5 51. ' ii HJ A5 fu at - , rw -Mila --- M AFIFI' tin, at' X' 'Liga " get x A xi L K EES by Entre Nous. 1923 ti.f:1l4.-fe,-if X - ,EJ L f -'ff ' ATR- '- 'sn-L Y 1- -if - -:ill f l H K "5-7lI!'L-l- XVriting baseball at this time of the season with old mercury hovering around the freezing point, and the schedule not well under way, is a difficult task, but Annuals never could wait on baseball, so, through necessity, you will have to take the best you can get. when you can't get anything else. However, one baseball game has been played, and that with the Birmingham Baron Yannigans, and the result was I3 to 3 in their favor. It must be said, though, that this was the best that could be expected with two or three of the best men sick in bed, another called home, and various other difhculties. It is said of the Bulldog nine this year that they have a better prospect than they had in the Spring of lQ22. Some have gone so far as to say that the team this year is twice better than last. Time will tell. Observe for yourself. The team was composed of a good catching staff, fair pitchers, fair infield, good out- held, fair hitting, et al. "Boiler" Alford and "Pony" Cox make up the receiving staff, with Alford the first string catcher. "Ham" Stevens was being counted on for the best portion of the pitching, with Capt. Ilan Gaylord also being reliable. "Frog" Bains was not eligible for S. I. A. A. games, but was used in some of the others, while "Eb" Cox, freshman southpaw, and "Bill" Bains were also given chances. In the infield, "Finny" Griggs found little opposition at first, although "Toby" Stubbs made a strong bid. At second, "Gene" Dawson, a freshman, was a strong can- didate, while the veteran -less Lackey, shortstop, and "Bo" Brindley, third baseman, had their jobs sewed up, although Alfred Bains is a strong man to be depended upon in the future. The outfield was made up of Shelton and Runyan, letter men, and also Barfield and Darden, new aspirants. The team had a very good schedule, with Birmingham-Southern occupying the big- gest position. 76 fN . 'fs Cla ' K - Y V Afl LflAllYlQ i: 115 2-' P , ,V 'ff' ,- Sed?- Entre Nous, 1923 mf- Cite C ff' . f , Y 3 " uw JI '-xl. ,. .I-'.. et. ,vu X f v' Iii X J K 5 'R 3 Q i V g Jin 'W i -ge . , l-ff 2- , u.. H I Baseball Schedule llzircli I7 aml 2liBll'llllI1g'llZ1Il1 Hzirons, Rickwood. April 6 and 7-Alabzlmzl, Tuscaloosa. April I3 and IQ-RIZll'l0II, campus. April 23 :xml 24.ilI2lI'lOll, Klnriou. April 25 :incl 26-Union of TCllIll'SSl'L', campus. April jO+BlVllllllgllillll-S0llllll'I'Il, Rickwoocl. lllzly 3-Birminglmm-Soutlicrn, lllungcr Bowl. lllay 4 :mal 5-Camp Benning, Columbus, Cin. lllzly 7-Centre, campus. lllzly fjilglFllllllglllllll-S0llI'llCI'll, czuupus. lllay I2 :uul IQ-Bll'Illlllflllillll-SOLltllt'l'll, places pumling. 77 1. 1 XF? U A rii 2 e , W"Q'l all.llQ A J I 1 ln. , Wjnmx , W -. V Q F my . . K :ew X X U L' 41' 1 K+ LQ I-D X ff Entre Nous, 1923 4 , ' n W - ' 5 gfrf All 1 f 41 v 19 '9 A -1 THE'qf'CLUB 78 . 2 fw . ' ,FFR I ua J fw ,iff A 4, lfuhyisrm , . Entre Nous, 1923 A 'iiwllgi '3-15' Y , Club OFFICERS JESS LACKEY . . . ..... . . President Bo BRINDLEY . . . . l'iff-Prfsidrnt FRED XVHITE . . . .... . Srfrcfary FAT THOMAS . . . . . Treasurer BIEMBERS BOILER ALEORD Bo BRINDLEI' SIDMPI' CLARK DAN CEAYLORD LEE HEAD CHARLIE HURST JESS LACREY FRED NI.-XRTIN BOB SIIELTDN Tom' S'rL'BBS FAT THOMAS FRED VVHITE Hucll B.-XRFIELD RED KING rIlL'RNER JORDAN FRANK NORRIS RL'SsEI.I. FIQINKLEP.-XL'GH MARVIN MCCARIIII' HAM STEVENS Born RUNYAN The "H" Club began its third year in IQZ3. It has been an active organization on the campus for three years, Zllltl this year it took some forward steps to keep up its "I'ep." The membership is eumposecl of :Ill the men who have made their letter in some branch of sports in school. lts prime purpose is for the betterment of athletics at Howard. 79 I -3 f'Nx F in 'P ADX ppl. ,z ' K E , ICULZEIKIIQ ,- ,g X -' NX 'AX Wt? ff iw' X M' ' f dRWY'ix - lx ,if cf, X Entre Nous, 1923 ,Y-x A Q :ply 'H g,t,1m ll g ,lv X .,..Q, Co-Ed Basketball l' rom tht- point ol x'1rto1'1cs, the hzlskcthzlll scnson lor rlu- girls was liilsllcccssflll in 11223, but in its sc-coml yrzlr, it might hc coiisitlvi't'tl :ts getting hcttvr :md ht-ttt'r. for rho co-mls :irc proving plurlty :tml plixclqici' L'X'C1'3' yvzlr, zuicl, in timc, tht- nlnmacls will lizirc :I wimiing tram. 'llhc first game was with Auburn, who was brought licrv, :mil thc scorn- was for .-Xuhurii, 42 to I. ' 'llhrn tht- co-mls we-nt to Auburn, hzul Il good tiiiiv :mtl lost, 24 to l2, which was hcttrr than hcforv. Nt-xt thc fnir iiiziitlciis took :1 trip to'l'11sC:1loos:1, wlicrc- thu-y :igziiii hml :1 lzirgt- timv, i :mtl lost tht- first night to Criitrzil Collcgv, 23 to 3, :mil tht' iirxt night to tht' l'i1ix'c'i'sity ot ,'Xl1llWIlIl11l co-ctlw 27 to I I . , .. . lhcn czum- tht- hug svrics, :mal tht- girls tm-il tht-ir hrst to mnkt' :lint-mls for past pui'loi'ii1z1m'c's hy hrzltmg lilrimiiglizoii-Southrrii. hut tht' l,1ll1flH'l'l'fll'S Cllllllllllf hc bear, :mtl thc lirst gnmc' wrnt thrir way, IS to S, :mil tht- sccoml was 12 to S. 'imlfi-it 1 -- - ' ' luck ot at 2l'lllllIlSllIIll, no zittvmpt wus mzulc to put out :1 mt'n's hzislwthzill tvzim, xiltho ,, i , Imtl tht untu of thx 5t.1gt this ytzn in hziskvtlvill ns, on ZICCOIIIIY of tht- ugh tlicrc' was soma' gooml mritrrizil for :1 tczmi. 'Illu- .., ,. .., girls h.ul than hut tozlcli this yvzlr in Cozicli Cin-orgt' N,Ill'l7l'0lIjlll. So it l , C JC? u , I ' 4 , u A it 4 gl ,lwmwj gg The-Ima Sturv, P'U1'1K'Jll'l1 -N11 1-11-1-11 11-11111 111 1111- S1111111 1-:111 11111151 111 :1"! S 3 . ? , ,111 ' , 11.-:.-1-s.,f1f:,g1 X E ntre N o u S, 1923 I E1 11 - 1 1 1 1 gl 1' 1 -Qf. lflorhle H3Qg1!0ll, 4":1111:1i11--111 this 1'P1l1C'1ij' 1i11l1- 1.11,1z11'11 11111111111 f 1 112111 11111: 111' 1111- l1z11'111-st 1ig'1111-rs i11 1-11-17-11 1-11111,-s. 111-1' XY'Il'1i 11411 I A 5. the 1'11ti1w- 31-111' wus 111' 1111- S11-l1a1' xz11'i1-151 I11 1111: ,'x1l1Illl'1l ::z1111- 5"f-Qf i-1 lxtn "'." V 5111- s1111xx1-11 Illl' 11151 11--f1-11s1x'1- 11l:1y111g 111' 1111, 1-111111 s1f:1s1111 .X1 1.1 '15"."" S -' V '111 11m1's sho 1'11x'1-1'1-11 11111' 11111111111 111' 1111- 1111111' 111 14111111 Stylv :111 is 11 111111111-11 lust 111:15i11g 111 1-11-1' XYfl1'1i 11 112111 113' 111-1'. 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I ntre N ous, 1923 .ww Yi:'i tr Wm . V.. , -J ix 3 ' " 'PS-' ir- ' 4 - va.-. 5: -gm W L 11.,wI:,:gf,!fi?:-. giywpy XFN ,J ' " J ii XN?II3" ' LQ' i 7 0 I " 1"f,..-ffl. ,X 4 4-inf ,,,., W ff" I... , D Vg 0 5 , A , ,f GEOREEVADBROOQH VIRGINIA MINTEQ ,H TON UPTON Assocmfe Asst ,mv MGR CQIZSVRLZZLE 4,551 en -III LM, A If .7 i 0 . C EN I RE NIBUS X " 'sr , . S I , I Q70 E? X A ' A " ' , I "7 ' U VIRGINIA HILL Q A,sJI.I,.I5 NALLIE. 5, B4 Cop' SENIOR EOIIU4 msc:-Inna., min , , AILEEN GULLAHOQN Jumoo EOIYDQ 'O 1, -3 , ,, A f 'ff Ik I-fr: I4 4 ,Q .f ' I 'v ELINOQ BEASLEY 4- snw EDIVOA- I , x , -.I W. WIAE X , .M- T fjiym S""w ELIzAperIIVFo5rfIz Jfq'fl5fhffj'f5 1 3 fb " C A Q ' . , 2 1. ' 2 Q ' I - X - I ' f , 1 X - Tumlfrz . I EVELYN Jorzom I YI! f , ,mf "'H"Uf"0"' JULI4 BEIIINAMBUWSKY Gszraeuue 'farm -JF.'fIU'i1f ff- AHI 1011011 nur npuflul 97 fl I 4 ' if ' E f'N K I W5 fxmxx I 1 Q W., X I I ,L Iv I, I -KL! M I , . ym Lgfi?g f"'19 A 955.3 ' . '35 X - 1135533522 ' -Q W ,--fQQ+a:v-ffv- ,, 15 V. H! gp Entre N ous, 1923 , , ,.- if-e " " wil: H Sidi, - -1',-f:'f': ,. x , - -J-ful? MILDEEU -SMITH- A-SSoc . Eblrobxd X R. W. HERRING- lo1roR- IN - CHIEF CQ1M5uN STAFF BDITORSAL, .JESSIE FEEEMAM' ASSOC. fame N. 4 'FRED . wmrf. E A 'MP "'f'VD'?'f A f mmfqufu eonaqf - Ovfwfrogv-ua :woe KH R9 ,FgEA,f2vfA, ' ' ' ,J ,L ,Q'4T,4,.4 Y ,vi 5 X Hmrofv UDTON ASSOC. EDINK 4. NELSON Mws, 45506. Eolmq 1 -sq 77 E. SWEAQINGEN REL IGIOUS 501702 5 5- - ..,:g ' I, ' um'-5-31 S ,. Eff: 2 :+ws-i is- .max 4.-.-.l.--':-el'-',u3p '5' ' n tre 0 u S ."ff:1,'P.fP:f2v-1 9 1,95-:.' 'rpg l 5- X A - A fr g"'L Ol 'Q J - f f f A 5 ,Y +lfNI2? E, Tnowpsov 508 INESS MGR ' Wk:-21Nf,4 Mm TE GQ31v15oN ELIZABETH . A Q' Fosreng, ADM:-'l277sm16, Mag, S TA V F Assrxwu M6AQ, ,Ill MANAGERIAL 5. JT KNOWLES CIRCULA new Mae, Jon 45571 clear. Mae. N CAMPBELL X-, Ubin ' JI I , , wx 1' IW X 'fx lu lj 4 7, l',, H I 5, Q3 E. 5. JACKSQN -f4S87f CIQC. MGE, ...J I'h. ANNX ,,,"i Y vii ,,, rf Xi Q1 xl! grnff-gg. 'I ' f .--an -2:51-" '. -' f ' , X.. K l f f '235, ,Ai h '-f Q, W, 1,1 ' 1 f f - FELL ,nf t, ya-Qt: Entre Nous, 1923 Y ,Ja tv 1? Y Y Y Y I I ,-I-. -v 17 1 WIIRQX CQ F' Af A , : ag J Entre Nous, 1923 Y : A -7?-,Y wg X Jr.-Cry 5' 1'-lg. 4 , I' I Ii A mf' 'S 1 L rC 4 A G LJ Yi v Y Yi -,K , Central-Howard lulu Colors: Crimson and VVhite. Purpo.vf.' To Bring Central High School Students to Howard. FRED CARTER ..... VIRGINIA MINTER . . . NAUFLEET SUDDETII HOMER CASEY NALLXE lN1AE CASEY FRANCES MCNEIL ELIZABETH LLOYD XVILLIE H. KIRK VIRGINIA lVlIN'l'ER DAN CIAYLORD CARLTON LEE MARX' E. MCCLURE 0'I'lIAR ALFORD ANIJREW' KNICll'l' ELLIE EARL SIDES FRANK NORRIS DAYTON RIDDLE MARSIIALL HOGAN ElIIZABli'l'H CERAVES HELEN filBSON FRANCES NEWMAN MAIIEI, IJALIGIIIaR'I'Y lVlARl.lN HARRIS OFFICERS RIEINIBERS HAZEL DISMLIREL PERRY STONE HELEN BASS FLORINE HAGOOD WVILLIE vVILI.IAMS CLIFTON STEPHENS MORGAN BAKER EVERETT MCDONALD ANNIE J. CONNELL lvl.-XMIE CIIAMBLEE FRED VVIIITI: ELINOR BF.-XSLEY lN1AKGARF'I' CIILIRCII RLITII XVALLACE LOLA MOODY ROIIERTA CIXRPICIISIQL lVllRlAM 'l'IIORN'I'ON HliI,YN1..-XNE BEATRICE CAVER XV. ll. S'lL'llBS CENTRAL-HOWARD CLLR . . . ..PfI'51dt7l1 . . I'irf-Prr.IidI'1zl . Sfcrrlary HARII ELL ALLAN HALLIE STEPHLNSON VFSTA CARLISLE MILDRED BASENRERG GRACE RILEY HELEN XVIIITE FRED FREEMAN E LIGE NE VV.-XTLI NGTOY TURNER JORDAN COKNELIA HANLIN VIRGINIA HILL EVA BLIRSON CLARENCE TIIONIAS EDGAR POE lN'lARVlN MCCARTIIY DICK NLTNNALLY BURTON DOWELL filiR'l'RL'DE DYAl.I. CLARENCE AI.l.C00ll HIQSSIF FI-:AGIN Thr' stIIIlvIIts from Ql0llfl'Zll OI'g:IIIizI-Il tllc- Ct-IItI'zIl llOwzII'Il Club in tlII' l":Ill Ol llj2I. 'l'lIC purpusc Of tlIis Club is to get Llt'llfl'2ll StIIIlcIIts tO COIIII' tO ll0XV2ll'tl. NM rt-:Ilizc wlmr il gI':IIIIl Oltl lIig1lI SL'll00l QlL'llI'l'2ll is, Zllltl also tlIc StzIIIIl:II'Il Collvgi' Zlllll il III-IIOIIIiIIzItiOII:Il SL'l100l. XVI- ft-cl that lliI'IIIiIIglI:IIII pm SlIOIIlIl Support :I lliI'IIIiIIglIzIIII collt-gc, :Iml :Irv L'lllll'.lN0llllg' to place l'Tl'l0l'l' LUIITI Il SfllllL'llfS tlII- iIIIpOI't:IIIC0 Of Cllllllllfl tO ll0N'1lI'4l. lit-siflt-S filllilllg to tlII'III pt-I'sOII:Illy, zuul putting On llowzn-Il I1I'0gl'1lIllS, wc gl llIC Lll'llfl'1ll St-IIiOI'N :I spcIIIl-tlIu-Il:Iy party zIIIIIII:Illy. 'lilll' Club is working to Strcngt ll ll the lIOIIIl lwtwcc-II Ct'IItI':Il :Intl llowzml. 6 91 fp ' ' J ff A G Ifihmllll , Yillllt' Ot llowzml IN I ' w f 5' Y X ,TTL- AIX x - - -V-N1 4 Q' g 'f ...ifff-. 'A l ff' X X X f :gaf4.1,2:f.?l.f.'Q M' . R v 4 9. ,.,uQf' A M M. I. LL' J T " X G07-.5 Entre Nous, 1923 K 'X1-IQWAQD LEY' .,2 ffos 1 llU f-'WL Y, - EJ s hin.: -ll ifa En... Nm, 1923 E Ensley-Howard 1.11, Colors: Gold and Blue. PlH'p051'.' To Interest Prospective Students in lloward. Orricmzs . Prr.riJ1'1II HL'l..XN VVHI'I'IzIII5An. . . . . . MlI.IDREll lh1URRAY. . . CHARLES VVIER .... . . I'in'-l'r'r,fit1i-nl . . . . . Srfrrlary VIRGINIA SUMMFRS . . Bsxsna Smrcics. J. T. Axinoxi' PAUL AI's'rINE Gsozzcn Ecoxoxics f:l.ENX Gmns CARL Hmkx CARL fiREEN CHARLES H.-XSSLER VVAI,'I'ER li.-XRR JULI.-XX KELL.-IR RUSSELL 'I'IxRLIaP.IUcII BERTHA IIOVVARII JULIA BIe'I'II HR,IIsowsRI Hamas ilURLBER'l' Several former students of lfnsley High Scl school session, lQ2I-22, met and organized the Mexmcns DORIS lN1.'klJER M,xRr:,IRIs'r lhrlQl5RlIDli LULA MAE Moom' lVIlI.lJRED MLIRRM' jouxng Liar: POOLE Evmxx fiRAVES CH,iRI.Izs XVIER FORCUS Xvll.l.I.'Uv1S XVILLIE LRxoERIx1.xx ELNA AI.MlIRES 'l'III5I,MA lSA'I'Es MARY HL xx G.-II . . Trraszzrrr . .-ldfvisor NIiI.I.lli Gnms JliVS'EI.l. fiRAVES AILEEN l:L'I.l.IIl0RN RVELIN l'IIs.xRN K.-X'fllI,EEX SLo.Ix VIRGIXLI SLMMIQRS llEl.liX SPARKS VIOI.E'l XVII,III'I'z lVlARY CARLISLE IZRLIXI: Haxnmtsow MA'I"I'II: Lois ALBERT MABIQL llonmis BIQNNIIL Slflxxs iool, during the first quarter of the lfnsley-Howard Club, with the pur- pose of interesting high school grziduates in Howard, and with particular reference to those from Ensley. Arvel Logan was the first presidentg K2lIl1L'I'j'Il Craig, x'ice-presi- dentg lvilnia xVZigg0IlCf, secretaryg Glenn U. flihhs, tl'L'2lSllI'l'l', and Evelyn Cimves. reporter. The work of the cluh during its initizil year included the zirrzingeinent of sererzil progrzuns, through which something of Howard life Zlllll Howard zittziinnients were brought to the lfnsley students in their high school CllVll'0llIlll'llf, and, :It the Inid-term. seniors from all the suburban high schools of lfirniinglizun were entertziined oII the cznnpus :Is guests of the club, college, and entire student hotly. Plans itll' in process of development for several fetes in the near future with the high school seniors in Inind. By organizing this cluh, the nienihers feel that the honds cenienting lfnsley High Zllltl Howard have been strengthened, :Ind that il heztrrier wel- come can, iII the future, be extended students who eIIter our llllllSf from lfnsley. 93 ' III AIRS 1 i Q U It .Y I1l" LA1.iIIqii1, Haig' 97 J HOWARD 94 is Qx "5 7 41' Au . Ti 4i11 '?is'? . '13 : - w r , Entre Nous, 1923 l"'i' lslb X I Lf - 1, ,-,. fa L H' R l 'Nt V-t . 5 ivfnlirr' of X -4 -lil ,eg i "" ' x R. -1' l u f' .it 1 -t- lift.. I Q O I.. O ' I . mv li gl ' o o 7:5040 WN' .OO vu W NA :Ip ol 6 lf. I 5-.J -.,,, 1 ll II Qi yy'-xxx-LL-2 J L b.PtlxNxltTIll K llltlklt ETIIEL CLARK . . JAMES H. VVISE . GERTRUDE YORK . VVILLIE H. KIRK ROBERT HERRING OFFICERS J. JONES STEVVART . . . HliRMAN THOMAS LOYCE HENDRIX . . . . President . Vi1'v-President . . . Sfrrffary . . . Trrasurvr Business Jllarzagrr . Siagf Iwanagrr . Tifkfi Illanagm' . . . .Reporter MEMBERS Sarah Bentley Vesta Carlisle Ethel Clark Clara De Shazo I.orene Dyer Glenn O. Gibbs YVilliam Gullette Loyce Hendrix Virginia Hill VVillie Kirk Johnie Lee Poole J. Jones Stewart Mamye Thompson Roberta Trechsel HIIlaII XVl'llfCl'l6'ZlLl Gertrude VValter Bentley Virginia Carswell Jep Dendy Althea Dryden Jessie Freeman Evelyn Graves Florine Hagood Robert Herring James Jarrell Orlando Ogle Ivy Pearl Ray Herman Thomas Miriam Thornton James ll. YVise Mabel XVillouglIby York Pl..'XX'T'.i1ilIl' Srrnfw of Pflfwrf' Cfiven at the Jefferson Th lklrs. F. Nvalter A ntlerson, Coafll. Carl Xxvilllfl' Bentley Virginia Carswell Sarah Bentley J. Jones Stewart Mabel Xxvlllllllgllbj' 95 . A li C sg f Y Y GX ta 41" N 5 - ,I-. -x C In Us .5 2 1 I 7,4 EJ Illfilgiitilm I FxA J James Jarrell Loyee llendrix llerIII:III rllhtilllllh l.nreIIe Dyer Clara De Sham entre, April zo, I + xw i wJizr"+', a- ffvx' -X .bw .sl th. l cf- yr 6 f ' X vm: A if Entre N ous, 1923 pf fffll, t p . p B cz! ' gif'-an 1 OIC JK PIO f' 1".'x Varsity Debating Teams B. F. .-Xriuvs R. XV. Hmuuxr: Gicoiuzi: Y.'XRliROL'Cll D. W. Bucsox A. N. R. C. Guumxiik Scnnmiiz llzirion llilitnry Institute, at Klarion, lfebrnziry 6. Atkins :incl Bnrson, Allirmative. Herring and YVillis, Negative. Y:1rln'ough, Alternate. Birmingliznn-Soutliern College, April 12. Allirmzitive. Triangular Baptist Debate, April 26. Aflirnizitive versus llississippi College. Negative versus Xlercer University. 96 FQ Q g W Us zz at ,1!" "'g.iuM t- Entre Nous, 1923 fag-gig? 31- Yr ' V i k' , -gh-Q , - I ' 5 X . -K l,.n . 'Y' ' x r.. v H.. tu o Y 1:1 :'?.'U,'2-' J ' "' A A I I' 1 M P , W , , 951 A -,--q. .. - - Y- iii f-i- +- L-1:5 F Z ZX 3 -i '17 fl-' f C ' -,4 '95 Q , qf, -,W ,., . W Am Ill!! K -A 3'-4 - -f Entre Nous, 1923 S 'X x x I G u 4 2 .p'.Q.: A '1 :,il Lk L11 X ft ww 'Zig it Y " 'ssc ' ' 'f' "!q' ""lY II',1f' -:ir 541'-lJ Gi.ixns'ross Jackson FR.-xxx Rcnnxr.-xc lhsexnianc Pau. nn LAUNM' College Conservatory of Music The purpose of the department of music is to supply the needs of the regular col- lege students who are interested in continuing their music studies while in pursuance of a college degree. Howard is indeed fortunate in having such a music faculty. Ile Launay is a product of the University of Parisg a pianist, organist, sculptor, artist, and lecturer. jackson is an alumnus of Howard, and continued his vocal studies in Chi- cago. Basenberg is a pupil of the renowned Theodore Spiering, and a youthful artist of great talent. The varsity and co-ed glee clubs are a feature of the work of the department of music, both being under the direction of llr. jackson, who is also director of the col- lege student band. Blr. Hasenberg is the organizer and conductor of the Howard Phil- harmonic Orchestra. 98 - e f'X . KX ,un U.. " , ' fi .l L ff f fr ,IQZQ-lall k-it f I :Juro- 5? :f f-lli aj-fi V 1 E n tre N o u s, 1923 I l N9 ' J J ,L L , . 1 YN. l., Howard College Choral Society Firsl Rofw: XVillic Mae Hardy, Doris Mader, Virginia Hill, Virginia Minter, Lorene Dyer, Mary Esther Bentley, Iivelyn Graves, Jewell Graves, Nannie B. Chandler, Irma Parsons, Ethel Clark, Sarah Bentley. Srz'olldRr1ftL'.' Iiura Abrams, Iiuna Abrams, julia Finklea, Bessie Feagin, Marlin Harris, Mabel VVilloughby Hazel Cobb, Frances McNeil, Elna Alxngren, Nellie Gibbs, Vesta Carlisle. Third Rofw: Deryl P. Bullington, Robert li. Smothers, I.elantl G. johnson, Iileanor Beasley, Carolyn XVebb, Clara De Shazo, Mary Elizabeth McClure, Loyce llendricks, tl. l.indsey lfinklea, Vllilliam T. Mims, VVilliznn, B. Gullette. l"u1n'1l1 Rufw: Douglas M. Braswell, Amos C. Adams, bl. Iilliott Scarborough, Burnett C. Cowart, VVilliatn S. Fuller, james D. Mallory, jas. ll. jarrell, XValter I.. Bentley, S. Graves Knowles, Al. Boyd Runyan. Fifllz Rnfw: lirman I.. Crew, Arthur S. IVatters, lloward S. lligdon, lirnest lf. Allen, Roy I.. Gardner, Seldon Shefhcld, Harris -I. Batton, lfldred S. Lanier, ll. Perry I.ittle. Sixllz Rofzc: C. Iimrie Petty, R. Belton Sims, ll. Iiugcne XVatlington, lftank A. Mullins, Ifrskine M. Braswell. CHORAI. Socnzry' This club, organized in 1922-23, is a combination of the lloward College Mt-n's Glee Club and the lloward College Girls' iilee Club. Its purpose is to present, at stated intervals, the best type of music obtainable. During the present season, this society bas appeared several tinies in the lilfllllllglllllll district with notable sueeess. One ol' the outstanding leatures ol the "llou ard College Day" at the Alabama Baptist State Convention, yyliicli niet at Cullman in November, nas the singing of the "Sanctus," by Gounod, by the lloward College Choral Society. UitcHi5s'rR.x .xxn Byxn Although this is as the organization year lor both the Pliilliarlnonie Ureliestra and the Band, under the direction of Prolessors liasenberg and jaclsson, much has already been aecolnplished, and plans ol much greater seo ' 1 '- :-' f pt Ill lung., lormulated lor next yetr 4- 99 IA .1 a. K I. .1 y ttf' ,atttRltu1 f- .Q, I 1 X If I n ug fs . 5 l " gl pf .8 1 . x NX! ,Ms X gix-----4, G J 4 I I . 4 JKT' , S!! rj in stu Nfufffh' i x Lwgzf W ,f A xx A -10.-1 '52, .,-. -55 , - X KX ,f f , X3 Entre Nous, 1925 Q. W' 1" N K " fpjjf, ,. ff A A L, x D '1 7. mu f' :A - X EA lk lsr-I7iCNNrH1 , I' I , F Q 152' x , if ,ff ,1JAT4J f 6 i yrgza H 1, ...hip-g 3.1 seg W E n tre N 0 u s , I 92 3 ' I fe , e QSJH4 aww MCHQS GIGS 'hh' E ' 3 v - - - 1 q','?lQQ 'Tif'1 BOLT ten years ago a group of far-sighted students of Howard College 7 v X '1 W WI began to wonder why the College should not foster a Cilee Club. Little by little this idea attracted the attention of more of the students l until, finally, there was enough enthusiasm manifested to form a tcm- porary organization. This being accomplished, they began to hold re- " " hearsals at irregular intervals and, although these were poorly attended, the one ideal in mind, namely, a Glee Club, was kept ever before them. XVith such sincerity of purpose, and with such anxiety to make good on the "job," these leaders of this new field in Howard College were bound to succeed. So they were, within a very short time, able to establish regular rehearsals. In the meantime, a source of income for music and other necessary supplies was provided. Thus was established one of the most inspiring and beneficial organizations in Howard College. The purpose of the KIcn's Cilee Club is to present the best type of music obtainable for this kind of work. It is the aim of the management to get away from thi- urzml kind of Cilee Club music, and to use some of the saner four-part choruses of thy- best composers. Notable among the list of composers in the repertoire of the Howard Cilee Club this year are liantock, Buck, Sullivan, Beethoven, Brahms, and hlendclssohn, aside from works of numerous other composers. The club makes a number of tours of different parts of the state during the year. Aside from this it gives several concerts each season in the liirmingham district. The success of the club this year may be evinced in a statement made by Dr. ll. fl. ll agood, pastor of the l"irst Baptist Church, Hartford, Alabama, which reads, in effect, as fol- lows: "The Howa1'd College Cllee Club is the most remarkable organization that has appeared in Hartford since my coming here. They gave us som.'thing better than we are accustomed to hear and, after all, that is the only way that we really grow." Plans are now under way for next year's schedule. And indications are that it will be the heaviest one ever attempted by a Howard Cilee Club. Those in authority believe that next year will be th- most successful season in the history of the club. lOl If ' fx It I I. vf-i"lxi?Xy ly, ' ISI? ee -M wc ,A Mvmwi -v -- v +4-Lf- . .11--AV .., Y. Q .gat i 5, f PM , 4 Q -55 I wg Entre ous, 1923 2 ,J buf" X X V' MBE' I - - ,.' ' '-,..K . 31-52, ll v lOl - G lu U 'QQ I-Num Q-e izir I.I'B LEE C G LS' R BI C ' v f., ,r -w L- ..-. N.- -3 ,J -. , A - 4 - ,- ,- -4 -- w fv- K 7. P .f f f 7 P r. P P. -A ,-. -. T 3 '-f 1 52 W? Entre Nous, 1923 of me og, ol, c or ' Girls, Glee Club Iiloflo: "Quality Not Quantity." OFFICERS ETHEL CLARK SARAH BENTLEY President Serrrtary and Treasurer Miss AILEEN GULLAHORN MR. Doccms BRASWELL .4 fro mpanists The Girls' Glee Club is an organization which was founded in the year IQ2O-21. From the very beginning, the aim of this club has been three-fold, namely: The development of musical talent' of the studentsg the development of appreciation of better musicg and a promulgation of interest in Howard throughout the State. During the year 1922-23 the club has sung music by the following composers: Elgar, Brahms, Rachmaninoff, Gounod, and several others of the best modern composers as well. The foremost ideal of the management is at all times to do a few things in a finished and intellectual way, rather than a quantity of things in a perfunctory manner. 103 U , L A ,e eg ,fQQbf.iiliig gh , ,Q , .' 'Q ' f we - -fr fy J . ' , X , ky X' b db X Entre Nous, 1923 QQ LQ- P ' gl 3 - 1 1 ' 1 v r P n f, - 1. L. 'J Z' Q. .S f.f I u ,S . 5:- 55 .yn Y -Y - , 'ff ' ' 1'-glial ph1lOTHathlC Literary Society fJFl'ICFRS lfirsl Clllllflfl' S','1n11J Qlltlflrf Third Quarlfr I'n,vi.l,r1l .... If. li. jouxsox JOHN I.. XVH.XR'IUY B. C. C'mx'.xR'l' l'iff-l' . . li. C. f'flXY.XRI iiramuzri Sxxox .'x.N1.f9I,0YIiR .N'f1nla1'y . . . . ul. H. NYM, QI. Il. XYISIE XV. H. GL l.I.k'l'lIE Rfpnrlf-1' . 4 . I-1. Ii. A111-ix Ii. Ii. .'xl.l,I'Y R. D. CLARK ffrilif , . I-'. I's.N1XR'llY PM I, lhkvilx F. P. L,-KSSIIAER 104 ' 5 . El, LY Q Us f 1 mini! v f li 1' J'l-414391 - Entre ous, 1923 fig Villa i' ' ' ? .4 ,, , a. ' V r- al t 'xllli' ' 1' 'fi gl xp'-fvlI'!l, 4. 1. , .5-l,,g.':,,j'fL . -1 1.4. -nv, .-, -ii xwxw A. 'j.s.f, rfirxff' at svgg J "' '4' In ' - X - ,rnff 11'-f T 247 4'--4' - " ft, Av , My -.5 ,.v7" a . J' 'E -Og 'ff a- H,.- s ' Up...-' W. 1 F The IJl'1l1OIT18.thiC Society "'i"'l l l 4 i - '4 4 l l l l . "J " 'lilllil N The nltlcst literary snvicty in Jxlillilllllil, Pllilninzltliinm ft-cl ll ct-rtnin pritlt-, not only in thc ' ' ' ni 'l'ht' p'1th lrtx lt-lt tit lNllllCl II 1 l" n present, hut also in thu pmt nl' tht- nri.,:iniz:tt1nnK ln-tt nf accmnplislnnf.-nts in all lines, with l'Sl1l'l'l1ll stitwcss in tlt-lmting ulicn lint-tl up Llj.1.llIlNl tlif' Franklin rival. The prcst-nt pluccs lwfnre us tht' lwiggvst llIl'l'lll'l Nnvit-tx nn tht' vznnpnx, lmtli in intlntltw tht- n'nncN nl lt-:ult-rx in urrx lnlnn 1-l flllilllllfl :ind in tgnnlitv. 'I'lu- rf:-ter nl rncnilwrx ' ' student activity, class nlliccrs, curators, mini-tt-rs, zitlilt-tw. 'l'lic nicinlwrxliip, lixting only qutiu' IllCllllK'l'N, is it-R. VVl1ilc stressing quality, tht- nnturnl t'llllIlt'lll't' nt nwrnlur- linux lt-nt nitl tn tht- -nrit-txk t-xtt-mlm-tl IIFIHS of wclvmnv, :intl tht- rcsnlt ll1lNl1l'l'll lmnth Qlllllllf :intl quantity. l-fu-ry nun -tntlvnt ix inx itctl coming into our IIllll.l. ms ,, , , ,TT5 i in U.: ,N ' In ff' to lmcvomc :I Pliilmnzltliizln, :intl nrgt-tl tn lnnl, nrt-r tht- unrlt nl any rixgll tll'Q.1.llll!1lllllll lu-tnrc N 9 -I Gt i , il'lQZwl1lH ...N W WQLAQSJ, -jk: :Lg K Puff ff fjfff!sf'?i'-gg , X , N - .JL K fi Entre Nous, 1923 - - - t W- - 9 I'.fa'wf Eva l ,A L Ill I Wfxq? f K 1- I 4 I fi.. 0 2142.3 T M J , . B. In Anuws -I. XV. BRI! mx XV. R. Iiklvlnw Rxxxx' li1'cKw.R R. S. Duzmix G. U. Gmns A. I.. Hfuxs Il.xRwH.1. ALLEN A - Franklin Ii. li. f'osw1R A. A. PASS rl. P. h1:.l.mPxr:, R. XV. ll:-:nuuxn F. M. HL'Rs'r Ii. M.'RriY I. C. LEE ll. D. M.xl,' NM Literary Society Mmmmzs R. Ii. Our-ws bl. Ci. SIHQPPARD bl. P. Rrxmv 11.19. XVu.l.x.u1s ja. j. G. Rnmm: V. I.. XVY.Yl'l' 'l'. II. SVYFARIXIIIQX En :ANDERSON P. tl. Swxa XV. I.. HFx'r1.m' A. N. Wn.1.1s F. A. N1L'l.I.lNS lfklin XVHHF j. A. Pi-:.xK 106 fw FD fr A M WU . ntre ous, 1923 mil -ii-f 'iv WI... .. I IV ' 1 V Pu' 'IW 4 ",'1'I :'7' N, ' I X .rig x'u .V ,SOS I XW' . I, ,, nv 1 f , ,xv , J ' In I' I ,X X 7 I' J I X' I IL Q I 'f- arf Y 74:-1' , 4 -. vhrglg-v,rf..v,f W . :m.4,a,, - -, ! 1 Y JI,-..,. ., .. ... I. -W . . .- Y.-. A-. .. ... A. ..--.1 f . , . . ',,L,7h1-txrlvyi 4 A h '-aff? 2. -5 -1 Fl'3l'1lCllI'I Lltefafy SOCIETY V. B. PIi'l'1'Y XV.'l'. lhlxs liuzrzxr- lhusox Rum-.RI lmxuuxx NI. II. IX'x1.I xv: I. M. l.AMmaR'III Ifsu-in f'.IR'l I-lk -I. I.. IflxxI.r,.x IBIIXXIJI INIIVRUI xx: II. 'l'. XVI I 1 N l'1I.xRl.lcsXVII.Ia .l.'l'..'xXlIl0XI V. ll.Cixl-I-ix I-.. .l.N1k'lJIIXIIlllIl Iimum I Illllliillilll l'L kwin AIIIRIIAN li. A. Pm-L bl. XV. Ilrmn Vol: SHI-I mx .X. ll. lil I IX I'Al'1. XVIIIII-1 HfINlI'QRf',XNl-1X l'Iu-smx Roms:-i ll. S. Ilxlr. .Xxmuu KXIIZIII V. I.. KIAQIII' Dick Cl xvmx Il. 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I-,xllyn II-znrllv, I-.xlm II nI1ll'lsnI1 I-x--Ixu II1x Iulnn I II: llrquI...usIx1 Ilvls-n Iluxlh--rl, .Iw'nnn- .lfrlnusl-rn, l':lIZ1llll'lll lmyfl, Maury l':lIZIllH'lII M1'4'lulw-, Ifranm--S KlvNI1il, YI-Imal l4'l':ul1w's NVXNIIIGIII, Gnu'-A Pars. Slam-wx' IH-Ixus, XIIIIIIII' , , I '-- Pun--ll Mywlv In-I-x--x, .lu-lnluv Ilulrinsull, .Xgn--S .lwlms--n ll Iwn .-1-mln, fx 'I'I1--Ilnzn XVIIIII-, III-I1-n XVIII!-', YI-Il--I XYIIIIII-, I I'i UF'-.I', . 12vl'tl'urI-- Ymk, Fvrg-:ml-:ll-Arms, Szxrznlu lfvllllnjl In IlvIr:uliug 1'1IumlIp AIIIIIINI Smith, ICI-lmll1l'lu4'l'lI1I 109 ii I XII XIII! Illlllnlll All-l'lIIxs-111, IIIIIII1 Nfslwxlnxnu. 'null--.Il Hum iXllIIl'l'Nll'l.II-, l.1ullI:nlI.Ixx.nlI I I Full n E fx, 'fx , xx , Q in T, "MIM ' K nf i u lulh I..,mN.- XXJII4 ll Sl'lII.lfIXl N r f-xx, YX -, ,f --,r - lx. , yr T 'T f' :e715:fH,il, .gm I v ts 5 l Entre N ous, 1923 LJ ,T-J Tail - i , rl, - Q, -19 fsz- 1: sn' f J I ff .L of 'T I , Ili CV I xv ? Z- Siulifij, Lg W at f er- f Llp V 1 V1 fggx R l xflcv s 141 ,x'U b '-, " -, Q :gf mir - 1 'A -- QQ, 4-'r--'- W - Demonstration School ln compliance with regulations of the State Department of Education, in 1920, lloward College established a high school for demonstration purposes of the Depart- ment of lfducation. This high school is composed of selected students, and maintained solely' under the auspices follows : BROOK, XVn.sox Horcosm, lil.IZAliE'lll Br xxrrr, .'XI.I.IE fiiR.XCli Bonaxxov, I"R.xxci:s BR.xc.xx, AsuER S., jk. Bo.xRn, VIRGINIA CLARK, Nl.-XRIAN of the Department of Education. FRESHMEN KPIEBl.ER, A1.1'n.Ax MAE PERRY, ALICE RODENBERRY, GL'ERssm' Soi'HoMoREs ConL'Rx, lNllRl.XM Dcliose, FR.xxR fiREEN, Ennis Uoonwix, joxxlr MAE LE.-i, Naxcr Extension School The enrollment is as TRUCKS, FRANK XVESTBROOK, ELGIE DEAN I.o'rr, L..iL'R.Ax Nsieimr, Recess li. Nouns, PAUL Nswsmx, EDMUNDS 'l'.n'LoR, HAROLD The Extension School is conducted by the Department of Education for the benefit of teachers in schools of the Birmingham district who wish to advance toward a college degree. by Saturday work during the lVinters and by Summer school attendance during the vacations. This lVinter the Saturday registration has reached 75 persons, six of whom receive their degrees with the Class of 1923. The courses are taught by members of the regular Howard Faculty, and laboratory instructors are provided in the scien- tihc studies. IIC 1 l J I ,Y ,TX . T f'f KX 1 " f K a t Jiimllllif.. . 43 "i'2f?? ilfiiiz K Entre N ous, 1923 E' QF X f,f I-giA iv.-if --, . YY lb Pr Y- ---1 7 'X' 3.1 if lx 'S .1 lggflltfiv I Gif' 'nf 2 , . fx"9fsl?lm4.'2'f+ Dining Hall Council MRS. M. I.. HARRIS . . Dirtilian C. M. llUR5'l' ..... . . . .lltlllllflff SAMUEL L. HEATH . . . .... . l'r'rsiJ4-111 VVil.1.mM C. l'lARE . . . . . I'in'-Pnsiili-111 Gliokmg R. S.xx0N -I. I.. XVu.u:'l'oN IE. M. BR.fxswEI.L FK.-xxx ML'L1.lxs jonx SuEPP.uum C0-c3Pl?R.-X'l'IVlT HIDININGH Among thc most chcrishecl trmlitions of Howzml is the co-opcr:1tix0 stuclcnt mun- agviiwiit of the clining hall :it Rcnfroc, wht-rc :ill campus rc-siclcnts tzlkc their meals. Ir is 0pCI'Zltl'll l'lII'll'l'ly' without faculty supervision hy thc mon who vat :lit-rc, unmlvi' tht' gcncrnl guiclzuicc of hlrs. llzirris, divtitinn. fllorc :mil hcrtcr food :lt lowci' cost is the hozist of l'Yt'l'y Rcnfroc I'O0lDCI'. Board bills are pziicl monthly in zulvzuicc, :mtl :ir thc' Cnml of thc' yvzu' any sum that has hcvn lt-fr ou-1' is ilivinlvil proportionzitvly among those' who h:n'c mst their monthly hills. The Dining Council is coinposcnl of ont- 11-pi'vsclit:1tix'c from vzlcli of thu- four frzitcrnitic-s, thc' llivinity Club, :intl tht- non- frats, anal tht-sc men :irc clcctc-al by their wspcctivc groups. 'lthc nizuizigvi' is clcctvil annually by the Council, in whose powcr lics thc employment of wznircrs, zunl dining hall rcgulzitions. Ill r' will . if f 5 K f , 7.1, ilfibillllllgl, 'L V IIA'-X' M 'Y ' QI 1-:V Nfl fi-11:1 'I X nga! x fP!?f"2F:-kg, I '2s::2.fiilfI?'ai v I 9, Entre N ous, 1923 ICMA . I . I I In , fel-esggingnl K-"M -Y -IVEI gg Y, L X Ar rl 1 i l g S. y CaL......- ...---- - .7 ,, , The Tennessee Valley I,'ulnr,c.' QIFIIIINYDII and XN'l1iu I'11rfw.vf'.' 'Ill In-ter the IIIIl'I'k'NIK uf Ilfvxszxrnl i'uIIcg,:v In the vIQi'IlIIt'NNl'l' Ynllcy. fIIfIfIL'I5RS I" I RST S If NI FST Ii R Nxxxxri Ii. C'u.xxlm1.r.k. . . . . . . , I'.lIII-lI.II.XRK . , . . . . ..Pl'1'5l.1t'lIf . l'ifr-I'1'!rr1I .Mzxrs 'IOIIXSOY . ......., , S,-n'rlary SECOND SIEKI FSTITR -IUIIY I.. NX'll.xRlrw . . . . . l'! .-Xrzxre -louxsnw . . Sfrrrlary Iii.:-.xxmz f'II.INIlI,IR . . . l'i1r-I'1' I. I. QHNY - - . Rrpnrlfr KIIZXIIIIZRS fIII.XXIII.I-R 'I'1ll41.x1 x Ih1.1.lxf:mx Aux: s -IUIIYSOY XY. Ii. til I.I.F'I ni .II-XXIII l5n.l.xmRm SIIXCI I I'rf'rl'L s XVIIIIII Mui II IRIN Rum uv. XVXRI' II.G.XX'11m:l.1'k Ii. C. Um nu- Xxxxua Ii. fIlI.XXIlI.l'R ,Ir-'xxn-3 .IUIIXSIIN I.m ISI XVIII. Ru Ilmu-1.1. U. P. IIl'I.l.INfQ'lfIX -I. I.. XX'nxxmx H2 l,.l.Ql-my L . Qx .43 I I -.IT f I I AB If MAIIIII 5' . .i,,v'f ' 1. .-1':.,1,3,15 A 'QQY QN Entre N ous, 1923 J 1 I ll ,dg fifgq ikia i ff, HY, fif, K ,V ff-,,,, ,CA ,-- ' - A - " MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATIUN mga? ' SW Q1-'qllrlry X: 7'1'3--W , la x' 3 X Ng vi! ,133 ix H I X W .H. M , . by J, EXXXXZJIIQIJ: yfwpxn -Aww' I 'ff f VX " ff ff Lux li N-X I -M x - x f A .Mg -WH? Religious rganizations 113 1' . K-X Qljuiff?v u X f , 9,1 K ,. Jfi m um ,.,,. A illx QL ,Lfy ' Q C Entre Nous, 1923 -2f. QI.: 1522-.F fi'-3'G-Qi: Q--' ' ..,f.xl-1g'f1.:,'G - f' . .1 V" ' X v J 4' ' ' - x - .. Rr'-K 'Ai -4 A N' x ' T - -' - '- i gli ' Y U4-L - ' Alf- sig? A D1v1n1ty KIIZNIBIERS S. I.. Illiurl 'I'. Ii. Swrnxklxrtrzx F. If. INIARTIN IE. Ii. Jouxsow Club Ii. L. Jouxsox II. P. Amos A. II. KING R. L. CIARDNER B. C. Coram J. I. EDWARDS R. OWENS D. W. BURSON L. XV. XVs.wmz J. O. Jouxsmx B. F. Awxnxs A. S. Wmwrsns W. A. Coxxuk J. H. Coxcsn R. L. BONNER G. G. XV1l.l.mMs V. I.. XVYATT J. D. NVv,x1'r E. L. ALFORIJ I. XV. MYERS J. L.'roN R. D. VVRICIIT A. N. XVILLIS E. A. 'I'rmw1cx II. S. Ilmnox XV. 'I'. Mms Ii. Wu.l.x.xMs A. M. Gmvsk Iimmxn Axnsnsox E. L. Bucxsre II. G. XVllf.l3l.ER VV. R. COCUELI. J. Frmxxs II. G. KETCIIUM R. L. Al.Ex.x xmas: R. B. Smzlan I. J. QUINN I.. W. W.-mn VV. L. Ronemsox 114. I K . - .f"12,fwi f'X l f " f ,T ., .ag lil i L- . Eg iii!! 3 'Q E if- :Ff1f : ',fa 'ure Nous' 1923 li , ? 5 , -1 , 7' ' -A- - ' A Q ffii g-vv47 -S' ., 1 IIS f'N Q f f, ll , ,, - flf' m,.uxLlmu ,L ls- mx C 42 e , - Q 3511, l Entre Nous, 1923 X U 1"' - dv j -, if i ' y.T -viii ' Y i 41' 1.1:-f Aziggif- J ivinity lub . --N ?w--13 . .. . . . 'Z-Qf'lkQ53vW Hl'.Rl'. is but one reason for su nortin church colleges and that IS the Ut. ,l . . . . 1 -,lm teaching of religion to the American people." t i To this fact the Divinity Club of Howard fully subscribes. The .1 x ls 4 people of Alabama, especially the Baptists, are profoundly interested in xl . We :WI fn -. 1.-': , Howard, and peculiarly so in the religious atmosphere and environment. ln this they are not disappointed. As the college grows its spirit is not absent of moral and religious backbone. This spirit is manifested in a special way through the existence of the Divinity Club. The club's activities have been manifested through the year. The influence of exalting addresses that have been made before the club by some of the most spiritual, highly educated and beloved pastors and laymen of the state, has pervaded the lives of the Howard ministers and, through them. has been disseminated throughout the whole student body. Not only among the students is this wholesome religious influence manifested. It is made to leaven the lives of many bodies throughout certain sections of the state. This is shown in the fact that Howard ministers have churches in twenty-Ollc of the seventy-seven associations of Alabama. It is estimated that about one thousand, four hundred and fifty sermons are preached in the nearly fifty churches to which these preachers minister. These churches are among the very best of the state, and approx- imately five thousand lives are beneficially touched. This year forty of the four hundred students in Howard are ministers. Of these, there are fifteen new ones who are enjoying the special privilege of a college education. As new ones come in, a few go out, but not without their honors. Of the forty-eight graduates this year, nine are ministers. Nearly all of these intend going to the South- ern Baptist Seminary at Louisville, Ky., to more efficiently prepare themselves for Christian service. H6 Y , fl fxx ' numb f " X , ga ,f - - , - - ,,.,,,fCL2iilii1, Entre Nous, 1923 - ' a ,,. , a w x? ' . ' . J' ' Ptf 'n',o 'l.n u'7' Ig To . X n I ,' 7 xl, . -pn, .ii ' J fl 'xox 'Ii' J X B r-r f T., X. m 15 7 fl i ,f.-f Y if iff - 771- ,' - 4 -1-7 1 -f- rl '- 7 in I '-z L , . 5 4-'ggi 1-' N, '1'-'-.ff "Ca nf '. , "M- Mks. li. F. A'l'KlNS . . Mus. From F. MMUIN . Mus. I. XV. Mnsvrsks . - I lil Divinity Auxiliary Mus Mus. MRS Mus. MRS. fylfl-'ZCIZIIS IXIIQMRERS JOSI'.l'll jonxs' V. I.. XVY,x'l'1' HV! XV. I.. xVlIfJR'l'UX Ifroan M,xR'l1x R. I.. Al.: iXAXI7l'R 1 1'-l'rr5iJr11l Srmzltl Srm 1-.vlrr . l'1'r5iJr11l Srfomi Srrllrxln' . . . . . .Trm.v1n'fr Tha' Anxilizlry, compost-cl of rlu- wiws of thc Divinity students, is onc' ot tht most zlctivc organizations :lt Howzml Collvggc. lt is lnliquc in 0l'Q'lllIIZ2lIIUll nt Incthods. It is thc' svcond of its kind to hc' UI'Q2lIlIZl'lI in the State und, pclhzlpx III thc South. Linkctl with thc Stzltc' work, hcing one of tha- cixvlcs of tht- "Burnt I '1 Pastors NVivc's Union. lht- ann IS to alcvclop Il sy111111n't1'it':1l QHIIVISIIZIII XVUIIIZIIIINNNII to hind tom-thnx tht Y 11nnistL'1'i:ll stumlcnts wivvs for worhl-with' sm-1'x'in'c for Christ: to propzlrv for to N crzmtc-sl, cH1t'1cnt h-zulcrshlp :ls pastors wlvcs. lo thls 1-ml th:-y Imw stncht-tl that t may hc "work1nc-n that llL'l'tlk'I'Il not to he flSIl11lI'lC'tI.H 'l'ht-5 :nr nmking :ln inrtnx study of IIIISSIOIIS. lwo oi tht' nu-nmht-rs 1lI'l' now holtling mort- mission stn-ix ul tihmtm and svills than any ont' Ill tht' SIIIYU. Ann: 'lxo mlvvclop Sy'IIIIlIK'Il'IK'2ll LXIIVISIIIIII XVUIIIIIIIIIKHNI. ll -I II7 A, ,- ., f I-D . ' w!'I. . ' .H ' Y :xx 5,117 Ialavylfnlk IIN f'N x K r xc L 4-vxvklkr hw x' . f we 1+ fyxf f 5 ,f -JM ,H ,S,, , ivv', f4NQQ3,MNA f Gw3wJ1?'H 'xx qf gl Xl Entre N ous, 192-3 1'2""i fu 1 'E '? iv 'ln , JS ,,' n,',Q . I4 5 k I . 'hi 4 ..:L,"f"lg'1 bb ' li The RUTIIIQDS AIIIAIIHIRS C'l.xRx DI-. Snvo x1lI.IJRliI1 Mcl5rm'rlAl, MRS. R. D. XVR1m:'iT DH- Swv c'.XKl.I',XI XVYXII lim B1 xsox lxw lixknxr-R N1,xx11LC'r4.xxlml.11R X1XRlP.HOXl-Ill iimms XX'x.x'l I' Mxlnkum ML Run' MRS. V. I.. VVLYII limlklcr Lfxvl-.R HR K L fp . -I .ra W T'-f.f7f w52 Entre Nous, 1923 gi ,i 1:if Q.--if 4h1 SS 0 55 he Rutlnans Colors: Blue and Gold I"lofwr'r.' Marechal Niel Rose f3FFICl?RS CLARA DE SHAZO ..... .... . I5-fritirzzl MILDRED MCDOWELL . . . . I'in'-l'r'e.rii1wzt BEATRICE CAVER . . . . Treasurer DEE SAPP . . . Sl'U'I'flU'y HISTORY' In April, 1922, a very unusual organization was formed at Howard College. This organization has met with the approval of all the Baptists of Alabama. This organization is a very unique and original one, as there is not another one in any of the colleges in the South. From it we hope to see growing many similar organiza- tions in all our Baptist colleges. Because we are a new organization and because everybody does not quite under- stand what we stand for and what we are, we take great pleasure in announcing the nature of our organization. There are several things that we are l1Ot. First, we are not a volunteer band, nor are we a Y. VV. C. A., second, we are not a literary soci- ctyg third, we are not a Greek letter sorority. Other organizations have their basis for membership, so we have ours. Here are some of the things that we stand for: First, a good Christian characterg second, loyalty to the college: third, a high standard of scholarship, fourth, non-clannishness. ln general, we are striving to develop a full and well-rounded life. At present, we have four seniors in our organization, two "pre-med" students, and one missionary in our club. All of our members take an active part in all phases of college life. At present, we occupy "The House by the Roadside" Cnext door to the chapel.D lVe keep open house and welcome all visitors. 119 'ii A - -v. 11fQZMilllM 4. 1 , -...wsu Q! , ,gl '1 uk ' XL? H t-,,- 1 .PT xl K , 5 'N Entre Nous 1923 X .J I, Z C7 1? Q X' , . 'I 'T"'f'2 '-L , ' 9'A,f'3 'A 54, ,J x " W ll D -Jeff-,.i - ,-T 'vfi-:ti if S q K 120 A A f'N ,M w w mlmm, f T: '52 Entre Nous, 1923 2i5?'if 'fri M 55' I l .. 4 m 7 , 'Z -' 'I , ' ,ff W --f?'.v.'T1: -low -' - xx-y 1 "K 1,5 1 X ' B 1--I f U ff 3 ? 11 4 gl? 7:3 :L4nqs -YY, N Y. M. C. A. CDI-'FICERS R. S. CLARK . . .... . l'rr.viJ4-nl Jouxsox . . . . . . . I'irv-l'n'si.l.-nl H. S. VVA'lERs . ..... ........ S rrrrlary and Tn'asurrr fIIi0RGl5 YARBROUGH . . . Clmirlnall of 41,4'lIIll1'l'.Y,Iif Corllfuillrz' D. NV. BURSON ......... Clmirnmn ofl'rogr1un Cllllllllifffl' XVILLIAM B.'ll!1 . f.vl:'llil'IIl!lIl uf Pulllirily f.'0llIIlliHl't' Ill Q rf-FQN ' I.g D Q ,,,,. ffimyxlinnw kg 1 AAS -cgyi' ----- -Q .,1rj , , - 1 r if-' f' ,. L f' ,551 , f fx !l N AMT ' -H mf . N t.f'4:I'?aq A X ' 7 .Q --vgffii-1'2g , L2:'L V 'V A K fl Entre Nous, ,191 i Y f V Y 5,-sq A,-r Y -1. - 43' 1..- f'N gg : 5 f-f'x'X f E' ' u fi 5 J LL 1 .7, ,v -.Q if 137 Lf MIKL1 i Entre Nous, 1923 .sa ? UOXA A u . ll , ,II: ' , P 12:42 Sala ' gIg'.-iI'1g-i'.?- . uw N 1 ' s' '- 7 xfvl, 7 22-j'S,?,'SIf3t.:f3' , if I'?I'ff.IIIg', fa? L3?1Dfa'fr il "J ffl" 1Lf,,,..:-.r.,5., j 2 ,53- ..A... N .V - i x, I-fxxnf EI, w 1 ,W h II-f-ISCLE ' . . . . MORAL XVII,I,IIz 'KIRK .... CLARA DIZ SIIAZO . . lN1ARY BURN GAY . . . VIRGINIA SIJMMERS l','I'HliI, CI..-IRR lYlIRI.XM TIIoRN'IoN IivI:I,x'N C3R.xvIis OFFICERS CABIN ET IQATIIRYN CRAIG C'I,.AR.x IDIS SII.xzo GI:R'IRuIIE YORK IAILKEN QlL'I.I..KllORN -n ...c'... . . . . . PIT . . 1'I1'f-Pl'1'.I'iIfI'Il1 . . . . S'rn'I'la1'y . Trfa5Iu'rr VIRc':IxI.AI SLHIMIZRS lNl.XRY Hess Gu l,oI..x Moom' OII ,l:IIIII:II'y Ioth, IIJ22, the Co-Fcls of Howzml College 0l'gIiilllZC4l :I Stmlent ' sirinll X . XY. L. A., wIth pI':IetIeally :Ill the gurls III school as I11l'lNl5CI'S. rl he oI'I1:IIIIz:IrIoII w:Is per- feeterl hy Miss l'lI'CllCll H :IyIIes, :IssIst:IIIt professor of l'fIIglislI, who was :I lezuler lll th'- Y. VV. C. A. ill llerealith College. The olheers eleeteml XVCTL' :Is follows: NCIIZI ll2lI'I'lS, presinlentg L'l:Ir:I lie Shuzo, vice-pI'esiIleIItg lfthel lgllffflll, seeretzlry, :IIIIl Bertha Bates, fl'L'11SllI'CI'. The L'2il3lIlt'f for the gIIiIl:IIIee of the org:1IIiz:ItioII was II:IIIIeIl :Is follows: XYillIe Kirk. fiussie l II- CllllI'Cl1, Ruby ,Al'l1UlIl, Annie lioyett, lfthel Clark, YirgiIIi:I SIIIIII1Iers, .-Xleene Llllll'l t . horn, fxlllllt' l,ee IX1:IsoII, CIertI'IIIle Xork, illlil fllury llllllll Clay. lJl'UlL'SMll' lllll'll5, Ch:IpIII:III, ll:IyIIes Illlil Spinks were II:1IIIecl :Is l-llClllfj' zulvlsers to the oI'g:IIIix:IrIoII. rw A - y x 1 - I. . I lhc INIIIVJNL ol the H. W. Q. A. is to bring Co-lfmls eloser l'UQLl'fllL'I', llllll to lL"lll them, Tllfflllgll fzlith, to .Iesus Chris f Q . . . to lllue lxhlge this SllIllIl1K'I'. T. 4 l lIe llllilllfl' Cfllllllllffli' IS lIe:IIlIIl hx X114 shou ll It ll xer- ' ' v"'ll1lIl SlllllIlli'I'S, who has 5 ' :ez . P' . Silflllfy III IlL'YlSlllQ ways ol I':IIsIIIg IIIoIIey so that the e:III Sk'l1Il two l't'Pl'l'S1'llf1!flYK'5 P fxll'Q'lll' clllllilllllfll h:Is elI:II'g1e of the l'll'K'SllIll1lll QlUIllIIIl5SlUlI, III which il large group ol glrls :Ire l1l'lIl1,l fl'1llllL'll for lllfllfl' C2ll7lllCf lIll'llllX'l'S. lhc IIoIle ol rhI lIIhlIIItI Q0lllll1lffl'C has heen very eHeerIx'e IIIIIler the expert lI:IIIIl of l,ol:I fllooaly. U 1:3 ffl- fx . Yi:-fx'N ' U ua XB? ' IQ., 42' K - . s .,. JILQMMIIQ .. - - f mhz: It rg ' if - .A ' 5 N1 1"lf.,Q'i'. v I ff! ff ' . , X xi -'??1I55-ifffff, fda Entre Nous, 192.3 Illili T- I I if ff ' 'I e Student Volunteer Band il. I. limi inns . . . II. S. IIIISIJUX .... l1'11-' I'1a.xR1. RAY . C'1,.1k,x III-I 511 II. S. IIIIIIJOY A. 5. XVA1 15145 A. M. fiI.0YliR I". I'. IN-I.XR'I'IN 'II I-1. Swl-1.xR1axr:1w Mus. 'I'. Ii. Sw1-1.x1t1,xr:1x XYIIIII-I Mui Ilxxm C1 ,nu D1iS11.xzo XV. .-X. C'11xx1-'Rs NIXRIIAI lim lil r .X C 71-' I-'ICIZRS . . . . . f,l'4'5I1f1'lIl , .... . rj. .V-lv-.'ti.l.'f11 . . .S-l'1l'l'fIlI'J'- 'I'1'm.fl1rfr . . . Pianifl KIIZXIIIIERS Iiiix Iirksow 'ILNNIF I711,1.1xo11'111 I'iI1H'XIlIJ A. M1115 B. C. UOKHR I.. V. XV1,x'1'1' I. C. Cuxtzlau N11.511x XV11.1.1s D. XV. Iitksox NIIl.IlRlill iNIk'I,0H'Iil.I. A. C. Alyms S. XV. XV1:,xx'1-Lk Rxxm' litrxxrix' LI. I. Ii1mw.xk11s I. XV. Mi H115 III',I.IiN I-ixixxs Mus. I.. V. W1.1'1'1' IIF.Yl'RIClf Cfwlik R01 QIXRIIXER xIII,DRIfIl NI1'1tK.x1' l1'1H P1-:.x1t1, Rn' Y1r11,1'1 XX'11.1,111'11i Ilfmnrtl Collcgc um thc IwirtI1pI no of thc Baptist StutIe11t II:111tI of .'XI:1Ii:1111n in IQIQ, and tmI:11 thvrt' :irc tight :wtivc rlmptcrs i11 tIiI'Ivrt'11t NVIIIHDIN UI IIN' SUN'-'. VIII! Sl UNIII llK'lllI'C'l'FI1IP Of .1pproxi111:1tt-ly 300. Om- nf tI1cc'uII1-gee ix host cncli year tn the nrgn11i1ntio11's m11ve11tin11, nt which 111iwi1111:1ry It-:1tIe'rN gin' i11Npir:1tiu11 tn 111t'111Iu-rx of tI11- I1.111tIs. 'I'Iw purpmu of the nrgztllivntimi is tn turtht-r :1II fornn of C'hristi:111 work 11111111111 SIIICICIIIS, and twpcrinlly tu gin' i111pvt11x tu the l'llllNl' ot IIIINNIUIIN. iIiI1L' IIr1ug1rd I1:111tI has unuxuztl npp11rtt111itics Im' wrxivc tI'1v In ite I1w:1ti1111 i11 tht- great viii of IIir111i111gI1:1111, ssI1us1.' ilIIIISIIHlI5l'5, inils, I1r1spitaIs, i111I11-tri:1I wlmrmlx, i111't'11iIc 1'0lIl'IN, ctr., :irc Iifl'llllCIIIIf x'isitc1I. A IZL - XR U 'W 5 I u , JEZMIIKM -e Entre Nous, 1923 '1-55? M :Sf .n' f I 1 .Q-X: 1' i' xr' ,T "i J Il in 1 Q, ,Q i - . f A 4 454, 'lt r + mul- 3.-it -..-. 4' d 7 Yfrf ' Y. ' ' 7:- ollege Sunday School Class OFFICERS ORLANDO OGLE . . . . Prrsidfnl Rosweu. Owexs . . Trmsurrr vlRCINlA CARSWELI. . . Virr-Prr.vidrnt G. XV. Yanmtouou . . Svrrrfary HB?" CLASS Every man and woman desires to one day ohtain success. Success only comes through right living, and one must pattern himself after Jesus Christ, else failure is certain. This class is striv- ing to "Be Square" with God, to understand His teachings and practice them every day of our lives. The name of the class suggests the simple fullness of our purpose. ln Dr. Barrett the class has one of the ahlest, most consecrated teachers in all the city. Dr. Barrett, who was formerly president of the city commission of Birmingham, is a splendid trihute in his daily life to the God in whom he trusts and believes. His lectures are one of the richest treasures opened to Howard students. The enrollment for the year has reached the century mark and attendance has heen regular. Early in the session the class became too large for the small room at the church, and has moved to Montague Hall. It is the purpose of the class to make itself one of the livest, busiest and most felt organizations at Howard. First Srnirslfr. E. E. Jouxsox . A. S. hNA'l"l'ERS . EURA ABRAMS . . A. N. XNILLIS . . . NANNIE B. CHANDLER . BURLEY Bucimxsos: . Fimxx I.ASSl'I'ER R'riim. CLARK SARAH BHN'rl.iax' jAMias C,xMPniai.i. Roi' Gzuumi-:it Gems jonxsosr 'l'llEl.MA S'rAcY Rum' l.l'l'l'l.E SEl.llI'IN Slllil"l"lIil.D IRVIN QLTINN BURLIVY liucimxxox MAYMH 'l'uoMvsos: JAMES ll. XVISIC XV. li. filiI,'l'lli MARY I-Zsiui-:it liias'u.icx' ll . Oiiege B. Y. P. U. CDI-'FICERS . . Prrsidrnl . . . . l'ifI"l,l'l'Jizl'!'llf . . . Rrfortling Sfrrrrary . . COI'fl'.fp07IdilIfl Srrrrlary . . . . . Pianist . . . . . l:lI0fi5fI'l' . NIEIXIBERS A. S. XV.x'r'i-riks Biz.-x'riucic CAVHR MINNIIZ Liar: Powicu. I.lil..xNn jouxsox Naxsuz B. Cu.xsoi.iau D. M. Bxaswerl. lllI.'l0N R. l'P'l0N GR.-xc:-1 P.-xss li. I.. liuxoek'r SCARHROLYTII INI.-um. hVll.l,0l'lIlllH jlii- Dicsm' l.oi'cia lliasmux l'.u'i. li.xitNi2'i'i' 125 I AN i nu U.. 5 7 ' 1 'ill I p ,iymllxlq A- Srroml S'rrnr5lrr. . . Pau. BARNh'l'I' . . . A. S. XVA1 'rests . Naxxte B. CII.-XXDLER . . . Ernm. Cihxiuc . . lN1.u'zuE Tuosiesox . Bt'iu.m' BL'cu.xsxox XVILLII-I M,ue lluzm' IEURA Aniums I-2L's.x .-Xinusis Ukmsoo 0421.15 II. P. Amos Viitoisu t'.iRswifi.i. jL'1.l.x I-ixxi.i':.x j. l.. l4lsKl.i-2.x 'lEANNli'I'lE Y.xi'r:ii.xN .'XR'l'lIL'R Klxc: lisiku: Pi-'i ix Wu.i.i.xs1 A. Cosxrx liksms I.. Ciurw nl. josiss Sli-'wuu ul. limo Ri sits . A 'DAN . S V xy, K M "e'1E--t2'g-'- M fv .2i?1fgi'1,'ff.'-54.2 I' . 4 X5 Z: fsfif A Entre Nous, 1923 gif- "j'N -6--l fwf fig, ..F,, , 1, 11.1, A ."i1 Q!:'l,:5A". ' ' ' fi' 0 I V Q , .H I .Wm . 7427" 'v-:Qi ' Y C ff , . fy 4 QWQWSWQ 5 ' Fw 5,0 '01 1 I wx . M fy!! XYQ ' , Y - X?- ' wg! I! 126 f-W f iiiignq L fl rv y . P -- L r :Ast H1- A, W' L,- E, up +51-iii-1?'iw'v W Pig 5.1 E n tre No u s, 1923 X , 7 1 I Wiix fi 14'---1,91 -h E J I Q 1 s 'J-vf i -ul an Eff -:....a f - I i - e-' L The Square and OITIPQSS e-"' ' ,Uma . . - Wff,-?lMFif-F S a national fraternity, the Square and Compass was organized under the 1' S ., A, . . . l g' laws of the State of Virginia on lllay 12, 1917. . i The Howard Square was organized on February II, 1921, with the following lllaster llrlasons as charter members: H. L. Nipper, li gl? Bell, VV. T. Edwards, A. lll. Glover, V. B. Ross, V. lll. Gardner, B. Lawrence, VV. RI. Kelley and R. B. Sims. Q Each year the Howard Square has continued to grow. This year, being no exception, has been the most successful of any preceding. The organization is for Blaster lllasons only. It is here we meet and resolve to- gether to carry forth the great principles of lllasonry to help humanity, to uphold the principles of brotherly love and co-operation, especially to co-operate with our college in furthering knowledge and manhood. VVe invite Blaster Klasons to unite with us, believing that in union there is strength. Our meetings are held each Tuesday evening in the Franklin Literary Hall. There is, at present, a movement in progress to buy a permanent home for the Square, which we hope to enter during the next college year. It is with pride we point to six of our faculty as lllaster lllasons, whom we claim as honorary members, also there are two splendid young men now being made llasons, as indicated in the roll. At a recent meeting, the Square elected Ur. Crelley as its "foster father." Our motto: "Kindness and brotherly love to all." R. I.. Airxxxixrza B. F. AATKINS Raxzr Becxxea D. VV. liuicsox A. M. Groviau S. I.. lIif:.x'rn I". R. Bixsiaxniaim P. P. BURNS BIEAIBERS B. R. JUSTICIE Ifiuan F. M.-xierix I. XV. MYERS R. li. Ovviixs IJ.-n"rox Rinnmz R. B. Sims lTONOR.iXRY RIIEAIIHTRS M. li. fiARRE'l'T ml. il. M11.1-'oxo Miasiinfizs ix '1'11iflXI.xK1NG A. II. KING Guo. R. Siixox O'1'111ia BIASONS IN CtDl.l.lEGlE J. Ii. Fimxxs CARI. llliflll 127 cgi I K- IFX JA- FQBN A I P -. mfLLZ .iili1m, 1 J D. Tnozufxs A. 'TKAVVICK . VV. XVEAVEP. . G. XVHEELER L. XV11oR'1'oN . L. XV x'.x'l"1' K. OPITZ . P. Rien.-xknsox J. D. XVY.'x'1'1' A5 Ir- X K TQ-'dwg 5. - IA M- v I IX If gf Entre Nous, 1923 ' ag, ' Q -' I N ' ji 2Lf.1-g1,g----4- I B -Y iii J f- Ax!-' Q.,-Y Q! :L 1? rl-I 3- Y I I The Howard Scientif'-lc Society OFFICERS DR. S. A. Ivlis .... ......... I had nf Dl'f'flfflH1'l1l nf Biology Dk. I.. K. Ul'l'l'lz ..... ..... I Irml of Ilrffarllnrlzl of I'l1y.fir5 DR. li. P. RICIIXRDSUX . . . Ilru.I of Drparlrm-nl of Clfrrnistry KIENIRFRS O. 'l'. ALVORD Ifklan f'.XR'IER C. D. RIllIll.Ii P. XY. AKASIIN R. D. Cl..xkK -I. G. Rmnu: II. II. JXLHIRI-'Y Gm. Iicovmrs j. T. Smzrl-,mn Il. ll. B.XRI'IlfI.Il 12.0. Cimns fIl.ARIiNL'li 'l'nm1.-xs V. R. lil-'xxlrl 1' -I. P. fIlI.l,l-ISPII-', AIR. RUB!-iR'l.X 'l'RIiClISIil. -I. W. Iikrlmx R. XV. lllcruuxc: J. C. V.xL'c:H.w W. R, likwmx Iilixmx llrmixkn V. K. XVIER II. .-X. Cfxsl-:Y -Il'l.I.XY KI-Ql.l.I-'R XV. l.. Xvll.l.I.-'AMS N.x1.x.1rt Mu, Cfxsm' XV. I.. I.lxnleRx1.w fI.-XRI.lCNE XVx'.u"r I-'. P. I.,x ssl-. I I-.R JXIIIUIIQ rlmsc who have zlppczlrx-II Iwfun- the society during the session arc: I'rufc-ssor CI. R. .lolmstonv from ,'xI1lI71lIlIIl l'uIyr4-vlmic Instituto. Subjvcr, UEDOCIIS in IIUTZIIIICZII IIisrm'y'." Ilr. .I. R. Iicun, III-nd of City I.:1bm':1t01'y. Subjc-ct, "Immuniry." -I. I". Czlrlc. Consulting Chemist, Iiirminglmnm. Subjvcr, "I"ix:1ti0n of Nitrogen :unI IIN' NIIllIllf2ll'I'llI'l' of Cyzxninlc' :lr KIIISCII' SIm:1Is Iluring tIu' Rvcvnt Ivan" 1 2 R . Q fX . f-1 OX TWT U dl K . ' ,Y Y,v IfLZnu"III1 i,-P Y mlyrrr nrhvr in uarirtg uw avr, muh mhvrv, tlynugly all thinga hiffrr, all agrvr. -Pope: Windsor Fares Bunk Hunt Mratvrnitiva , ,'v ,t ' " 'fhvff 'Q f 0 f 1:3 ,1 nop O I x, 4- Q' h V .N I 4 4"r , W - , If vi iwnlu-6 .fiug fi ' 'T n 3X .f-1:52 fl , :g,fp'v't-jlgliilya' Xx x Entre N ous, 1923 'gggfg'.54fgfq,. J B :If .wa G-1:7 r- ini- 'Qr Y-E Y,,-,- ,-- A ' 7 Pr ,w ' t-AJP' , .ff , S N, 2+ kg Ajit 4 , wg? J- 11,52 l 'if' ' . 4 X Q "xc LM . 1 -0 , XX.. . ,V , E ', - fgb' . . ,xl 33 A 'Eff' 4.77 --44.4..- , W -.A , ,A I ,I L an R 15? ' , U4 " BX , MZLZIMM - I A A I ,M X AQ- u 1 - yi? Egg!! by ,f A K- X X ' f -21:1-1-5-4 z3:fs Z" 1- X xx 1 65 ,Q X Entre Nous, 1923 ,A 1 leg X , X " ref:- if K ,' 'A '-14 YA' if L -l - .-x,X f I f - X , " , 'Fi ' 5 ISE. ' fxx L l .11'f'Nixx, I ' ff? K 1 flflkdiasllm F3 Entre Nous, 1923 Kc- :iz tr isa? , 5,-,W SOCIO- A -i - l -J . ans ' V' .Mfg .xx A ,1 I... In Q- ,Ti -J P..XG,-A :.1f,I'.- E? XIXSRRNNTTX J.. L.y,f,' ,L - 5, Rwzpfil' 1 ,-. . ., xr C SS- , ,.,,,-T IES., . J N E lx gi - - H is B F!-'yn g'U,.M 7 , -1- A Sigma Nu Founded at Virginia Military Institute Colors: Old Gold, Black and XVhite JAMES F. HOPKINS XVALTER L. BENTLEY . BURNETT C. COWART . R. D. CLARK . . . FRED F. MARTIN . ERSKINE M. BRASWELI. JAMES JARRELL . . . J. BROLIGIITON LAMERTII JAMES D. MALLORI' . CHARLES D. RIOOLE . . E. BRAXTON COSPER . LEROI' ELIOTT .... VVILLIAM B. fiUl,I,E'l"l'E JESSE J. LACREI' . . . J. FRANK NORRIS . J. BOYO RUNYAN . . J. JONES STEVVART . . YVILLIAM H. SIUIIIIS . JAMES II. VVISE . . . DOUGLAS M. HRASWIELI. JOSEPII BANCROIT . . JOIIN T. ELLIS, JR. . ERMAN I.. CKEVV . . C. 'l'IIAImIauS lvm' . . 'YAYLOR VV. SIIOWS . . L L Iota Eighty-eight Active Chapters. FOUNDERS JOHN XV. HOBSON QHIEENFIELD QLLIRLES Chapter of Sigma I2St:1bliSlIecl in 1879 FRATRES IN COLLIZGIO CLASS OF 1923 S . . . . . . CLASS or 1924 CLASS OF I925 CI..-ISS Ol-' 19:6 '33 ff!-fwxx iII 1869. Flofzcr1': XYlIite Rose JAMES M. RILEY Nu ' i 'F QQ - , J Mllllllll . . Centerxille, Haleyville, . . XVetIImpka . Fmt Lake, Demopolis, . . . . I.iIIeville . .AlCX1lHtlCI' City . . . .'xIlIll5I0f1 . lfzISt Lake . Sterretts . Vincent . Florence . . . Boaz . Iailbl Luke . .'x5lllZlllLl . Mobile . lfast Lake . l.1ll'illJt'll9 . l5eIIIOpOliS . lfllsl l.:lln' . . Cllllllllll . . Gnoflu :ner . l'iYt'l'gI'l'i'll . l.llYt'I'IIt' v Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala. Ala. Ala. Ala Ala. Ala. Ala. Ala. Alai. Alai. Ala. Ala. Ala. A l LI. A l 11. A l II. A l al. A l II. A I zu. Mechanical Arts. CD .L C Entre Nous, 1923 JSA! l w X A ' ' "r :iw ' 74 CU"-4' Y 3-'-iv' Ali-in igma Nu Rom. or Cnfxvrmms Vniversity of Virginia. Bethany College. Mercer l'niversity. Vniversity of Alabama. lloward College. North Georgia Agricultural College. VVashington and University. l7niversity of Georgia. l'niversity of Kansas. Emory I'niversity. Lehigh Vniversity. l'niversity of Missouri. Vanderbilt I'niversity. l'niversity of Texas. l.ouisiana State I'niversity. l'niversity of North Carolina. De Pauw l'niversity. Perdue University. Indiana Univwrsity. Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Mount I'nion College. Southwest Kansas College. Vniversity of Iowa. Ohio State University. VVilliam Jewell College. l'niversity of Pennsylvania. l'niversity of Vermont. North Carolina College of Agriculture and Rose Polytechnic Institute. Tulane University. Leland Stanford College. University of California. Georgia School of Technology. Northwestern Cniversity. Albion College. Stephens School of Technology. Colgate Vniversity. Maryland State College. Trinity College. Lafayette College. l'niversity of Oregon. Colorado School of Mines. Cornell University. l'niversity I'niversity l'niversity l'niversity l'niversity of Kentucky. of Colorado. of VVisconsin. of Illinois. of Michigan. Missouri School of Mines. l'niversity of XVashington. University of XVest Virginia. l'niversity of Chicago. Iowa State College. University of Minnesota. University of Arkansas. l'niversity of Montana. Syracuse University. Case School of Applied Science. Dartmouth College. Columbia University. Penn State College. University of Oklahoma. VVestern Reserve Vniversity. University of Nebraska. Lombard College. State College of XVashington. Delaware College. A Brown I'niversity. Stetson University. University of Maine. Cniversity of Nevada. University of Idaho. George VVashington l'niversity. Colorado Agricultural College. Carnegie Institute of Technology. Oregon Agricultural College. l'niversity of Arizona. Drury College. XVesleyan University. University Oklahoma University I' niversity Ilniversity of VVyoming. Agricultnr il College of Florida. of Tennessee. of the South. V'.'illiam and Mary College. Massachusetts Institute of 'Technology KN .4 1 U j K , 1 L g .figzrllg 4- A- Entre Nous, 1923 451, 56 1 '5 :x C. K-17-' '+'3l1-7 -4-ff ,-44' Y 59 I Fl-A - . 4 3 .2"-3 .f..'g ."L'.,-r"-5:21 Q 451 5.3! - A-,fC-js X - -SQQRYS-igx vo-.K.T'v' XQQ p .j:, gg, . . K I - Wa. 1 x B I-fwnf ...I ii 1 . A 4 '35 I s l U R 2 L - - hl'LzA1MlM' fi, E A 'AXJX7 , . si :,,i , W , X xxx V. , QsJLFl...Yl,T. 1 F ' Y A-ff N ff ' .,if5gff.'rff+gs,? N, KX f 5 Entre N ous, 1923 ' 'L' V A - I x V i fL!'x:l' 'f KJQ"x+ LL in , t 1 , 3 -i 9 QL 136 I fl L 1F" ie9!l! ,. EQ ul flll--lZi 'u,5 X - f Entre Nous, 1923 LL. ,L ,L 1-1, - Pi Kappa Alpha Founded at the University of Virginia in 1868. Colors: Garnet and Old Gold Flofwrr: Lily of the Valley Sixty-three Active Chapters. FOUNDERS F. S. TAYLOR R0BER1'Sox HOVVARD L. XV. 'TAZWELL j. E. VVOOD J. B. SCLATER Alpha Pi Chapter Established in 1 91 1 FRATR ES IN COLLEGIO CLASS OF 1923 O. T. ALEORD C. R. BExxET'r HOMER A. CASEY H. G. XVHEELER CLASS OF I924 A. L. HEAD C. XV. ALLCOOD D. A. GAYLOR11 F. A. MULLINS C. E. HEARN CLASS or 1925 J. L. f:RECORY VV. M. lYfCCARTllY H. E. XVA'rL1Nc'1'oN XV. L. LINDERMAN R. A. NUNNALLY H. C. STEVENSON R. E. OWENS C. K. XVIER C. II. STEVENS II. VV111TE11EAD CLASS 01-' 1926 G. L. BURNS E. S. L.-xx1ER R. A, f'l.AY'l'0N li. li. Cox R. ll. FI'1xR1,EPAL'G11 lf. C. FREES1.-xx J. I.. IXINKLEA J. B. PARKS A. ll. Kxlrsm' F. XV11.1.1.-xMS R. DAWSON 137 , f in 'l R . -p Mlnxlm - - - kc 1 'LAX In X' TV. ,,,,.Ef ' "" ,ff .K V X W Q ga, N Entre Nous, 1923 V " -ll a E :X i Z N,x1.1.111 Mus C.'xslax', .S' I'i Kappa .vllplfa 139 W Q HAIKUI 21:3 fur J : WN 5 1 A la nlx Q-: ' f - SAE D v i-f fi if 1Eff'::f?53g -f, M Entre Nous, 1923 X v Qu.-,-1: Q f,f FN I 44 -J Q-INXS ' X rj nos x I DW? 'H 0 n J' New , ,: .. I 1. ,I J 'X 7 M Q ...op --o-o--4-.,,,,,. ..-,Q . - 'sv KA , 1' 5 f"N ' 2 ,'fXxy JI sau-sq ,S 5 . ' , I ,I K Jf mlug ,Msg f RN 5 ESL' H! fq f:.'AQ'-.. ':""'F' X f .fi'iLJl7fffj-"f.'g X X Q1 ab , 1, 1 jig I 9 g ' Entre Nous, 1923 ?S!f42J.33f.Si" fi ' 'A v- Q QQ - .6 23 at .. K, i 1 9.1 1' -Hai 140 r L- ,X :N ,215 AIN Sig 3115!-f 'P ff' -r.,,l'4J?,,', V Entre Nous, - 'g li'-5?:1I" .. , wg i J i L MM . U Psi Delta Fraternity Founded at Howard College in 19co. Colon: Purple and Gold FlofzL'fr.' Violet FOUNDERS MELL DL'll.XY'l4 SMITII XVn.l.l.x:.1 C. Cnawroxo 'FIIOMAS VALENTINE NEAL F. ll.X'l'CllER XV.x'lek1xs .ALBERT LEE Ssmn F1:,xTREs IX FACL'LT.exT15 PERCY l'R.x'l"1' Buxxs fiLAll3'I'0XE JACKSON CHARLES MCKINLEY H L'ks'r Cx.ARExcE Llilflll KEl,l,X' . . hvll.I.lAM 'I'.x1.Llax' B.-XINS . HUGH How.-wo B.xRHE1.o . . VVxLLl.xM Cxuxw'rOx ll.XRE . . JOSEPH C'AR1.'iox LEE . . JAMES ORLANDO OCLE . . ROBERT XVHALEY Snmxrox . FRED HOLLIS kvllllli . . . Cili0RCE VV. Y.-uunmuczn . XVn.Ll.-im SnEmnako FL'1.1.En JAMES F. C. Gkuzris . . . VVn.l.xAM R. .Al3B0'l"l' . ROBERT ll. liR.ini-ozco . . Poxx' B. Cox . . . JACK CHAMPION . . ROm:R'r J. Dlexm' . . XVi1.l.1.n1 Ii. Dowuu. . l'lok.xcE S. ll.Xl.l. . . . J. lJox.xl.o lNlliKL'll.XX'l' . . Aumuax' S. lvlllllili, JK. . . llurzn D. Rmavras .... J. lfl.l.l0'l'I Sc.xRnnoL'r:n . R.-wnukx I.. XVEAR . . . Rox' Ixmum , ll Fn.xTREs IN COLLEGIO CLASS OF I923 CLASS OF 1924 CLASS OF I925 CL.xss or 1926 Puaocn l4l F4 Qx wi fat ty -E JCLQMU A A . . Bessemer, . Talladega, . . . Blountsville, . . Lineville, . . Tuskegee, Birmingham, . Albertville, Birmingham, liiriningham, . . Roanoke, . . Dadeville, . . Marbury, . Fasonville, . l'niOntown, . . Slocomln, . Mountain Creek, . . . . lioaz, Birlninglmrnn, liirlningllznn, . . Maplcwille, liirmingham, . . Lineville, . . Mt. XVilling, . . Ashburn, Hlfllllllglllllll, Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala Alal Ala Ala Ala Ala Ga Ala Ti fig ms fii -A W Entre Nous 1923 r- . ,ix f :il 'Fi .ls A " ' Ufkli .Tris i 'r I f" ' N-v 3 - . tr-x .-V h A A W X Y ' Y - ' - AY "- ' 1, 1f ' -:lu-5? A History of Psi Delta Fraternity '5"'gyFT9s Nlf of the greatest contributors to international records wove into the in l,iberty, the essential of progress, lfquality, the essential in society, Pra- 1 ternity. the essential of real living. f. 'ft' M fabric of her immortal government, Liberty, Ifquality, and Fraternity. it -if ln the year 1901, a number of students at Howard College organized 'sigzyijff' themselves together for the purpose of petitioning Sigma Alpha Epsilon li fraternity. The organization was known as the Psi Club, and the rec- ords show Thomas V. Neal as the first president. At the time this organization was effected, the college was not open to fraternities. ln the early part of the following year, the faculty announced the college open to fra- ternities. The Psi Club then secured the room now used as the Zeta Omega sorority room, and made it into a room fit to be used as a home for the club. ln these early days the Psi Club carries on its rolls the names of many ladies, who were known as honorary members. As time passed, the members of the Psi Club be- came interested in making the club into a real fraternity. XVith this idea in mind, plans were made for a fraternity home, and a constitution, by-laws, etc., were drawn up. The name of the Psi Club has became Psi Delta Fraternity. Prom the very outset this fraternity has had the names of some of 'Howard's strong- est characters on its roster. For more than twenty years this fraternity has been teach- ing its lesson of life to Howard men. These men have gone out into the world with this lesson stamped indelibly upon their minds. Blany of them have climbed high upon the ladder of fame. Others there are, who have become strong men in many of the world's professions. They are all proud of the fraternity and the fraternity is, indeed, proud of them. As the years come and go this list ever grows larger and larger, and the task of this fraternity is to help send more men thoroughly prepared to live life to the fullest extent. This it has done in the past, is doing in the present, and will do in the future. Preachers, doctors, lawyers. men of Psi Delta, wherever you are, we greet you: in your success we glory, of your achievements we are justly proud. As we go out into life, we too, hope to reflect credit upon the best fraternity in the world-Psi Delta. 142. ,fi KX ' - f' ,ui U.. , fl' J A - Y ,ffgefell ll 1 A1 Entre Nous, 1923 Q6 43? -"i5::'? 59 X XA J 7 :nil gg-fn: 74-hd' I I ' V KN 1 3 1 A. ,ff 35 , , . . ljauxhlnlk , s A I 1 Y' at fx! g fiwj .- f X- S.- 5 Q .5 5, ,f -- , ,, -F, . . -f' ' .'4?cf1f.fs.-3 ' '-'-'f' ' -ff-I 11'-, if X C f - .' fl ,.L?V5:'i: Q,-' I1 - . y ew..-:1,,,,:A 5: 'N gi -1 X E X Fuji., H 5 , 'Q--11 X -t'Y- - i' Y. ..l iii Q- Y Entre Nous, 1923 x 333 K 3 3 I +4 '. i- I 4'1X ". rx-s u .4 I. f EA 17 f 5 QQ I-X3 A Q fo 3 Entre Nous, 1923 . 523 1142-1-3 3 Wig! 5 3,3 '-15 V .: wixi 5: 2 'ff 2 WG! QcL -I M I I r . . ., .. .' ', if '- r. . S-SA xx , x Q T N X 1 W9 X - .S -X X . ,O ..' .W . J u L gf 'in --B., 3 1 L ,J J ,W-,, A 37 ' 3-2: if ,-r ,451 rw ' 7 Y, Phi Kappa Nu Local. Founded T91 9. FOUNDERS JAMES J. BELL BOLIYAR B. OQREAR YVALTER G. PLEDCER DEWVEY H. MCMEASS J. FORD ROBINSON FRATR ES IN COLLEGIO CLASS OF 1923 JAMES XV. BRITTON J. P. CQILLESPIE, JR. ROBERT XV. HERRIXG EucE::E E. JOHNSON CHARLES E. STONE HERMAS D. TFIOMEXS J. CARL V.-XLTIHN XVILLIAM L. XVILLIAMS CLASS OF 1924 J. SPL'RcEOr. BRISOLET' TLfRxlsR JOROAX QPLENN O. Gmns A. NFLSOS XVILLIS CLASS OF 1925 BENJ. FRAxKL1x ATKIXS FRASK P. LASSET ER 'NVIl.I.lAM R. BRITTOX KPEORGE R. SAxOx LELANO G. Jouxsox A. ClA'mc AOA Ms PA U. HARNETT K . HENRY E. 'IPHONIPSON CLASS OI" 1926 ERNEST I-I. ALLEN J. T. Amnoxx' IILEY 'l'. xv!-Il.l.5 C. A. II.-XSSLER, JR. BURLEY A. BLCHANAN '45 rf-fqxx U WAN I--V., fr, 47 ,, T- fa 'T' X ,, QQ Y xv- 139 . X-. Entre Nous, 1923 Y' ' ' " "' Agf ""'s- - it 1, if fini: Phi Kappa Nu AI.l'NlNl KIIEMIHZRS JAMES J. Brzu. JOHN E. Bkswrox IZRXES1' E. Cox II. R. G:uuzET'r, jk. josmfu P. ll,x1,r. XVll,l.1.AM T. IIENDIQRSWY J. C1.,xuK llonmxs Dnwlcx' Il. McMr,xws QIEORCE A. Nmam' Gkovlix C. O'KraLl.x' RoI,1v.w B. 0'RmR T. R. O'Rr..xR I. Nliwmzkxlf PATIERSON W,-xmml G. PLEDCER 'PIIOMAS IEARLE POWIZLI J. Form Romxsox Wx1,1.l,m G. Smuu L.-xwuan F. Wmsrm 146 . 1 KX I l 1 U ! ,T , L f K f it ,-v Illini W. - :, ,i 2.25 A 5? Entre Nous, 1923 L- Q ,., ,, fb 'J r ' ,f v-'r Y L-ng' - - 7 -,Y 7 '- - f 1-x-n '71 I 1' YT KI Menqs pan-Hellenic Council ful-'I-'ICIERS JAMES XV. BRITIUN .... .... ..... . I ' EUGENE VVA'1'1.lxG'1ox . . . . . I'in'-l'rf5i.ir11l Cldxxuxcna L. Kra1,1.x' . . . . Srrrrfary KIEMIWRS Siyrua Nu- I'i Kappa .llplm- j.xMlcs -I,xkRH.l. C'l.Axr1xcr: lil-Nxlcx 1' BL'RXli'I"l' Crmxxur Iiurzrcxrz XVA1 l.lNG'l'0Y l'.ri Dflm- Phi Kappa Nu- XVll.I,I.XM C. llxrua bl. XV. likwrox C. I.. Kla1,1.x' ll. l3.'I'nm1,xs '47 'NN 1f'X 6 1" z.f.Mf:1 Q Q 5 X if XF gf! 'lr if mf-Air., X i tfl ' .,ir15gff2ffQgef X KX lf X 4 Entre N ous, 1923 if iii, L-. D D' ?P'f35'5f D N151 Wm 2'ia"f7'- xii - -- - lv Q 7 'X .:x'v"'. . Q' fi ' l . :IDT 'r .N .rin 1142-1 ., . n.,"'." I A if fab-'s QU IPR'- 4, S -' ' .xfxfvx 'txxg 4 - ' . '15, ..7'h-2, 'v ev fllT'1"'4v'4 Nffbekl' 'w-S1 IH '..-'f -'f...- J-Z... .'.- .t I - 1:1 i 5--f 1 XXIOITISIIAS PaH'HCllCHlC COL1I'lCl1 Yiiuzixu CARSXYFII lux' li. lj xGR.xvi-.s. . . . .-Xii.i.i.x fiLil.l,IlIORY . . X Hsu 1 .XRl,lSl,lf YIRIIINI t K'.xRswr.i,i. . Wniu lluzn Knut. . I-fx'H.x x Gkxvrs .'tKIl.l-I-.N Citi l.lllf llrm N l..xxrt . Ynuzixix Nllxu-.R Iiuuiit Hou .tan K TRN . Oi-ti-'ici-tus XIENIISERS 143 : rx . . . ..l'rr.fiilfnl . l'ifr-Prrxiilrlxl . Sfnrlury . . Alpha Delta Pi . . Alpha Delta l'i . Delta Gamma Sigma . Dt-Ita Gamma Sigma . . . . Ze-ta Oincga . . . . Zeta Ulm-ga . Lamlula Xi Delta . Lamlula Xi Delta 5 ,JAQX ,u a 1 V flflii-will ,- I 5? xv -2 X Entre Nous, 1923 if Lf--F t. ,vt H L W, 1 , 4, ef, Z fir 1- ff i ff . ' ' -1, I ff 5 ,Y -. l.. W. . is 'fauuw , . A . : fr? . R0 VA ln 1-"J , '49 3 ,ffm Y V . X ,nu .Q JJ L W., L ,L AgL,.,v !lxq -A gpx .X Lkjfq.: ,,.. 3, A r, ly ' K 3 3' irm'47f 'nf-mr.. X f ' :Q 1 Q Q xr f Q gx Entre N ous, 192.3 Liffk -Q V X 'Q QA! 5 ,uk 2,41 li f lf f x .ir 2 7 L:-D 1 1 , of f'f,.,.1.,.l"' . , ISO ff 'ffmfw , 'nur' 5 , 1lf"' w5Ul , Ci., Entre N ous, 1923 T ' 'lifi - 21- - ' 7451- f ,, 1 ' Y-W v i -f 1? W. 59 A -l .. -J 1 ' . w Ff'.' -'.-Ja .15 .1-4:1213 A 4 n . ., - ii , xxxw . M. I 4 -' .df .I wtiww . ,rm--Zi . .,gJ,.W, 119' ' J - ' R W 37 ES. Alpha Delta Pi Founded :lt Xvesleyan College, IS-SI. Thirty-nine Active Chapters. Eighteen Alumnae Organizations. Fo1'NnERs MRS. F1'1'zc1zR,xLo MRS. Gmss MRS. Rusu Kappa Chapter Installed 1919. SORORES IN COLLEGIO U CLASS or 1923 V1Rc1x1.x C1xRswELL Cmss or IQZ4 Vlasm CAR1.1s1.lf f1liR'l'RUlHi YORK Euxfx AnR.xMs E'1111f1. CLARK IEURA IXBRAMS C.1Ro1.Yx XVEBB C1.Ass or 1925 VIRGINIA Il11.L SARAH BEN1'1.1:x' Axxm Lian MASOX K,x'1'11ERx'x f'kAIC ELL11a Mui LAWLE1' Cmss or 1926 M,xR1.1N IIARRIS JL'I,I.K l:lXKI.I'I.X I21.1xoR ll12.1s1,rtx' lllil.liN BASS .AI.'I'llIiA Dkvolax -I 1-:xxwc C. Romxsox llIiI.liN lIuR1.msR'1' II1i1.1cx SPARKS MARY I2s'1'1naR lS1aN'1'1.r:1' XV11.1.11a Mus llmzm' I2v1f1,1'N Hxx I21,lz.x1x1a'1'11 l.1.o1'n NIARY E1,12.1mi'1'11 lxlCCI.L'Rl-I SoRoR12s IN URHI? li1RM1xr:n.xM A1.1'Mx.x1a C1111-'11R OF Al.l'll.X lJ1a1,'l.x P1 ISI .25 IX H 1 U1 f' 'lv T Q, U -ff K , -V 11laZMlllllu . - .Dis ,. E ii ..-ff f. ' - .-Sr' , ' -"-" NI' '. - - '.g".h 1 a " .lf Clfijnfs ' X Entre Nous, 1923 Qi: -- Wu-QL. . :- 'l-7 -l-11117-113 'XVcsley:in Female College . . 'Salem College ..... 'Mary Baldwin . . . l'niversity of Texas . Newcomb College . . . Southwestern I'niversity . . "I'niversity of Alabama . . Lawrence College . . Florida State College . . Iloward College. . . lirenau College . . 'XVoman's College . . Randolph-Macon . . Ohio State I'niversity . . Trinity College. . . Iowa State College . . Boston Vniversity . . Cniversity of Illinois . . Kansas State I'niversity . . XVashington State . . . Hanover College . . XVittenherg College . . Cniversity of California . . Louisiana State University . Cniversity of Colorado . . Iowa State University . I'niversity of Missouri . Colby College .... Cniversity of Nebraska . . . Southern Methodist Cniversity . . Kansas State College . . . I.l1IVCI'Silj' of VVashington . Vniversity of Pittsburg . . I'niversity of Tennessee ..... George XVashington University . . Oklahoma Mech. and Agri College Vniversity of New Mexico .... Ohio State College . . . Vniversity of Oregon . . Cniversity of YVisC0nsin . . 'Indicates dead chapters. Alpha Delta Pi Ro1.L or CHAPTERS 152 f'X Z 1 H j fi ,, Ill , , is -C Affikiilll .M . . Macon, Ga. . Salem, Mass. . Baltimore, Md. . . Austin, Tex. New Orleans. La. Georgetown, Tex. . Tuscaloosa, Ala. . Appleton, VVis. . Tallahassee, Fla. Birmingham, Ala. . Gainsville, Ga. Montgomery, Ala. . Lynchburg, Va. . Athens, Ohio . Durham, N. C. . . Ames, Iowa . Boston, Mass. . . Urbana, Ill. . Lawrence, Kan. . Pullman, NVash. . . Hanover, Ind. . Springneld, Ohio . . Berkeley, Cal. . Baton Rouge, La. . . Boulder, Colo. . Iowa City, Iowa . Columbia, Mo. . VVaterville, Me. . Lincoln, Neb. . . Dallas, Tex. . Manhattan, Kan. . . Seattle, VVash. . . Pittsburg, Pa. . Knoxville, fenn. XVashington, D. C. . Stillwater, Okla. Albuquerque, N. M. . Columbus, Ohio . . Eugene, Ore. . . Madison, VVis. Entre Nous, 1923 ,, Nvxr I 59 Ai ' 3 3 ,. I OHXK 'I' I K . W, If s x , ,:' 3 1 Un f.fn',-. .l'3. f- , , Qwcu XM . I: ,,:,x. V: WSJ. IIN, A, ,xx f x X L I' x .1 X i , 'H 1 if I L, Lf. , ,,- C lgnq - 4 'Z Q A Q A X Q x LTHI f N'AEIAN'EKAiTO1Z NE '53 W MAI I 1 If 3 -,-if" ix , Q4 A ly L- AM -um f v Xu Xxx L X4 Q 4. t h A ,X I B r -.-Af X K V' ' X N ' 7 fl! Lfwfi V E H' ,:'- if xii' k??f:yg :zI Q x Entre N ous, 1923 Vx fwi gg: x 22 DLP 1 I 54 f 155-15505 K Q51 wigs ff Upco- T mmf A- LJ 5' A .ii - LJ .c hili f. 'f .- 4,39 I .,--,.gx-.-.212 ' " sg iff: ii, .3 -ji Xxxwx xxx E N 1 3 21,0 T ..i2'-ff ' Qqlfg-,qxizg 113' LT,-R' Ee . J E aarrlkl' ' T'-0.5 Ulf."-'C 3 S553 3,394 S5 , 5 wh A Y C f T g g S ig .-.La f -, ,- 1.-f v-ug f, A Delta Gamma Sigma orority Local Founded at Howard College, 1919. Colors: Green and XVhite Flofu-rr.' VVhite Rose NALLTE lVlAE CASEY . NELLTE Grass . . EVELYN GRAVES . . FLQRTNE HAGOOD . . LoYcE HENDRICK . . VVTLLTE KIRK . . . MIRTAM 'I'HoRx'10x . ROBERTA 'TRECHSI-QI. . JEANE'l"I'E VAUGIIAN RUTH WALLACE . . RUBY LITTLE . . ARMA PARSONS . . THELMA STACY . . . MAEEL VV1Ll.oUr:HRx' KATHLEEN SLO.-KN . . THELMA BATES . . lVlARCARE'I' CHURCH . JEXVEL GRAVES . . . FRANCES MCNEIL . GRACE PASS .... NAUI-'LEET sUl!DL"l'll . Rum' BARTON . . liliR'I'llA BATES . . Axxna BoxTa'rT . . RUTH CASEY . VERA DUMAS . . fil.ADYS FA1.RxER . . lillllil. HARRIS . . flklifili LAMMERT . . RUTH lNl0RRlS . . . ANADELLE l,A'l"l'liRSON F1.oRTaxcE PASS. . . Iiuxlcn 81.0.-xx . . . XVILMA XVAc:c:oxER . L- FOUNDERS RUTH lNlORRlS RUTH CASEY VERA MAE DLMAS SORORES ix COLLEGIO CLASS or 1923 CLASS or 1924 CLASS or 1915 CLASS or 1926 SoRoRES ix Al,L' ATNAE l 5 S ,,41',MTlm Qi Birmingham . . . Ensley, . . Fairfield Birmingham . . Hartford Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham . . Geneva Birmingham . . Nlorris, Birmingham Birmingham . . Gordon . . Ensley . . . Ensley Birmingham . . Fairfield Birmingham Bluulltsvllle Birmingham . . Boyles . . . limley Birmingham Birmingham Birmingliam . . . linsley Birminghxun, . . . lfnslcy Birmingham Port Arthur, Blountsville . . . lfmlrv . . linslcy 1 v v 1 v u 1 v n Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala. Ala. Ala Ala. Ala Ala Ala. Alu Ala Ala Ala. Ala. Ala. Ala. Ala. Ala. Ala. Ala. Ala. . .l. . .l. . .l. Ala. Ala. llrx. Ala. Ala. Ala. 4 fx , , A , .U X, kX4.?""N'- 5 ix 'ir -"J S 5-v,i3:':-n '- f 3 :-5123133 -NN ' 1 -ree' -Qi A X in K: f pk XX Entre Nous, 19 134' - 5-5 Q. y v S T 4 '7". A, rs. 4 7 v u I ,rf . '- I: L " 4',r,1 -l.l....-- .- -97 , DA. 156 ' - FN gi fmjw A, 1f iI1ll!! T, 445 1+ B Entre Nous, 1923 V 1..1,1..'lf: Sf. j s cr., T F, ,I , A 2 5 , J 1 .5 2 . ,,.f,, g . ,'. X X X ' 'T ,, - ii M4 '57 , , 1 7'1- WMM CQ , L K Y K Y In v, , ' K-xxx -, 5 , - 7 A I I .x X 1.-if I A x C X, Entre Nous, 1923 1 '27 I -., - -A 4' fL.:u1D,,,l T v,, "Ax - v Ewa., ,L Y Y , , x i i Y J 153 QL . " .ff K Y fff ihxlnkljii Y. . ,"U4':. , r-3lxLl , 551 , af-'I ' 'pi 3 J i f 'fx , M a Y Entre N ous, 1923 J E fbixllf' ""4"'3' li" "V' N X 2 jE5 Colors: Green and Gold KATHLEEN CLARK HELYN ALLISON LANE . . NANCY MAREL HODGES . AILEEN GULLAIIORN . MILIJRED BASENBIJRG. MARY BUNN KIAY . DAISY HoovER . . DORIS MAIJER . . FRANCES NEWMAN . ICLNA ALMIQREN. . . . . MARY I':l,IZABIi'l'll MCI'I1l:RsoN IIAZEI. Conn ...... CORNELIA IIANLIN . Zeta Omega Founded 1916. FOIJNDERS HAZEL NEWMAN CECILIA CAIN ANNIE N1ERLE IIACCARD SOROR IN FACULTATE BENNIE SPINKS SORORES IN COLLEGIO CLASS or I923 CLASS OF 1924 CL ASS or 1925 CLASS or 1926 I 59 1 2 A 1' W A 49341111111 K I " I' l0'LL'I'l'.' Red ROSC FRANCES h1.XRTlN Birmingham, AMI. Birrlxinghaxu, . . Iimley, Biflnillghillll, . . I'f11Sley, . Bil'lI1iI1g'hIllTl . . lfllsley Biflllillghlllll , . IEIISICQ' . . ltiist l.:llw Biflllilllillllllll . l5iI'IIIiIIgh:InI . Al.. , Al.. , Al.. Ala. Alu. Ala. Alu. , Ala. , Ala. , Al.. 'I . .I , .Xl.. 'I -1 - , ,YW he Q - ,,,.J' . ii X 3,1-f,f.s'..' " 'H .Q2'i.gl7.ff."gYi:5 X fg?'5gf.3ig,Q5f1QI Entre Nous, 1923 fs w e gt S . e Y - YA- 35 - - 'I'l-- - :nf -1- -:ui-5211 ' Zeta Omegi Alumnae Bennie Spinks, Instructor, Howard College. Nell Hodges, Teacher, Central College, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Annie Klerle Haggard, Teacher, Central High School. Cecilia Cain, Teacher North Ave. Pres. School, Atlanta, Ga. llrs. F. KI. Strickland, Cl-lazel Newmanj, Birmingham, Ala. Frances Klartin, Gadsden High School, Gadsden, Ala. Anna Johnston, Birmingham, Ala. llrs. Bruce llabee, North Carolina. llrs. Robert Nettles, fHattie Hopel, Fairfield, Ala. llrs. aloe Debardlaben, Qlfrances Sheldonl, Ensley, Ala. llrs. Hodge, fllary Brown Buckshawl, Birmingham, Ala. Aileen Crosswell, llanchester, Ga. Kathleen Clark, Birmingham, Ala. Nannie lllyrtle Price, Bessemer High School. Klrs. Arthur Duke, Cllildred Clappl. llayone Gilmore, Sicard, Ala. Rlary Hord lVilson, Birmingham, Ala. Norine Lyles, Ashland, Ala. llarie Clark, Birmingham, Ala. Ruby Arnold, Ashland, Ala. Klary Lucille Ezell, Student sludson College. 160 fx U .2 1 " 1 , - T , ,l C A W. . g ,rflihwlll C ,JJ A E' 1Q ,Y.r 1,'g X E n tre N 0 us, 1923 " K 5 ' ' J - -nw N, - 1 - i i i pf K i 'zz Y ,P .f '13'if?'i we-W ,A-if , HL -,Wi V P1 Q! ,L 4 I by fx' I, N Q f' f Qi . :rf l6l gn' CTN Q 1- Q ML 'ff ' 0 Jammu - SA' 4 xx I ' 1 sw, s w X, EQ:-p. ' x 1. .f Q, Entre Nous, 1923 gg? TM l1 - fn - f f C-1 N .i 'x 'V - 161 A' 1.l " pf-RQN JD KY gi Entre Nous, 1923 S12 9 DOCK?- X i ' -4 -. -J vp 1 I r- ' ".-1421: - A - ,??".lx.??-V iff. '51 W WW SQ -A .I.f',,I fe cmiwg .J-.. brim-Ei , 5: .,q,,2:,lI1 ' 7"-'95 'fa J K h X , 5 ,fwf HL- f Dil LA ,K ,,, ,ML 2 L .2 -9 .Q I ..- Lambcla Xi Delta Sorority Local Founded at Howard College April 13, 1922. Colors: Purple and Gold l'v!fILu'l','.' VVlIite C'.II'IIrIlioII FIILNIJERS EIINA PA'I'E BERIIIA HOWARD JESSIE L. FREEMAN VIRGINIA MINIILR CEERTRUDE DIAL ELIZABETII FOSTER JESSIE L. FREEMAN . . BERTIIA Il0wARI1 . LILLIE C. BARNYS . . . I'IAI.1.IE PEARL STEPIIENSON M. FI,IzAI:E'I'II FOSTER . . VIRGINIA C. MINIER . . SUSIE A. lVlIN'l'I-'K . . FvI'.I.I'N IIEARN . . flliR'l'RUlll'1 DIAL . . JOIINIE I.IzII Pool, . Q9 L CHARTER NIEMBERS SARA C. XVEBB LlI.l.lE C. BARNES JEVVEL HAGOOII SORORES IN CoLLEGIo CLASS OF 1923 CLASS OF 1924 CLASS or 1925 CI..-XSS OF 1926 SPFCI.-Xl. l'I.I:I1nI: 163 5 .KR . 1 fw X lll. 1 . 1 Mllhfalllll L- 2. WILIIELMINA SIIARELEORII Ax XA KIINIIA . Birmingharn, Ala. . Fairfield, Ala. . . .Fmley . BlrIIIiIIgh:IIII, . l5lr1niIIglI:IIII . liiI'IIIinglIaI1I . . Fast Lake . . lfmlcy . lfnst luke . liirI11iIIglI:IIII, , Ala Ala. , Ala Al.. , . .. , Ala ..l , Al. .1 , Al. 'Xln xxx mf X - 4 ,I , X xi A Entre Nous, 1923 - Vai 'H 6 x- ew'1l1 1 F" F1-N L F Z! 1 164 Ai , ii f-vpfxi F! lc 1 .w xmgug if n Hum mnrh a inmrv that has been 52111 tn rnam Exrvla an hunrv that han hmm kept at hump. , -Cooper: Progress of Error. Ennk 5Hiuv 5Hn11ivn Ein ilivtrnmavrt mefnrr turning in mem ignnmrh 5 mrs Put hug hvllra lvt ua asv Ihr mmhvnn mhn rlyarnwh thvm In thr tiftwsa Q ' 1 - 9 0 Q Q 0 it"P'4',vff' " 7 '-1' it NINETEENTH CENTURY BIQLLES I l I N11 Nn4ini:x Mmtx-1' Posvd In Miss Doris M4 x The Magazine Rack Vanity Fair lhfffifst . . .... ..... X ELI, RICELHIZNNEY Vogue Jlnst Voguish . . . . . - lI..xRY Ifl.1z,xnETH KICCLKRE ATI'leI'iC8.I'l Hrs! .111-Round . . ....... . . FTHEI. CLARK Life lVi1tirsz. . - . Ifl.1zAm2TH LLOYD YOl.1th.S COTl'lp3.UiOI'l .Host Youthful ...... . . . - ..... Jl'I.I,-X FINKLEA Howard Crimson Most Rep:-esmzzniive .... . . . . . . . .XYIRCIXIA CARSWELL .. -X Y n' Q44 l....f-1 in n I L f T X413 I I-4 025 P-r A Wonderful Sales Of Transportamn . law nS. nylN lnk mm: lv wL""X 80- f' l A 3 mllnul I tr.1nshw!f1'l'n pb G IIN :ug ln? 'ih ' Nrssxxl Hhs 1'Wtru0nhn?r?iRlKl5 the luv- 'km ar: u-Tl"hY N nl ' J, mf' - ' mu ' INV' B Ji! 5,8 4.-I 6.4 ul s--" ad' ,cu NY' M-, m W p.,.,.,,,, ,H -H.m.n.v..v,.fr.s ..., 1 . A .p1.m,nN., W 1 , ' I-M-Mp -1-mplunxll-1 fy Mm.. nn... mm. mm- f. M: 1154 1 A H4 ,-fu .mm-n U 4, ..: M1 -5.f',zA-N 1mHuM: dmlv nn nw. .- Wk Oo p.-ungm. f-1-.1-mu mu. ,,...m..-.-. M- ,-nm, m..,,,,L,., f.,-Nm or. f-.-Am r wm- um U- mull- ' al-xx Jnrvg n UI ll-U h I 'F nun nh-I nk x. Nu- .n.f.1 nun.-unduihx xmmv,lhff,..,.q,, md: u huh, xn lhnum um :M Prxvniwl I -un I: plamly xglfauh. mdm n- A I r K .E Urn:-In Rwmnbn fwuvnzllq ra in dnvdvd pf-mmm: kept 'di im. I mulzxqrrn mu.--.-4 v- 1 ,, an IN .- .vi n-"V Q.. 4 v" 4 Q -ig-anew I-solver? A 'C Ulu 2' l ", ll llllll l'fl ""'thi-vhti-Q,J .7 1 , --AQ-.---' 'Jig T- ' fxggia , .WT ff H 4 I Xi ,wff'.f1f ' L FAMILY 95. ' CQMPANIQ J 1 . 1 6 t PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY , 52.50 A YEAR f 7 CE-NTS A coPY APRIL ze. mn f 'N f 459 holeh hand: ngsndpa K yndrh heh silt.. ty b 5 Mft- 1v v W -44 Y L lst-vi' ,Q , , ,Y.,...,.. 7 I FIRST 1 HO 'O L '. . U Y,.. , ..,. , W U Siudenls of Srlrool for! ',' X- folorea' Blind Presenlf 1 lnleresling Program N al Howard. 1,5-vw I-0154 - ."?Qqgr .13H6tr.,w.-'il , w -- l+ 1 I ' f x 'Nu' 'un Shia 5 2 +srf'u142-5 Q 'P . aus ' , M fi E ntre N ous, 1923 ffgiialf l J 'V'--'-5' 'fam' ' 5. Y 2 - . . , ef f ft 4' Whois Who at Howard-Among the iiliidsn G XVALTER BENTLEY, Best-fooling .llzm VValter L. Bentley, the original "Sweet Thing," won the title of best-looking man on the campus. He appreciated this honor still more because girls only were allowed to vote. Ham Stevens came next, but XValter's dimples and eye lashes were too much for him. GEKJRGE hw.-XRBROUCH, Bminiest illfm NVhen you see the accompanying picture you may expect to look at some "boiler" with big heavy books under his arm, but George is s0 brainy that he doesn't have to do the honing or carry the books. YVe are justly proud of him. He is the delight of all the profs and a regular fellow besides. XVILLI,-mi C. H.ARE, Slzrezwlest Politician "Billie" should feel highly elated over winning out in a field so crowded with aspirants. Robert Her- ring, Fatty Thomas and Hilton Vpton ran him a pretty good race. VVas it his smile, his curls, or his line that won it for him? JAMES JARRELL, illost Popular fllmz Jimmie is from Lineville. He is the "Sheik of Clay County." lle doesn't care who knows it. The only secret he cares about keeping is what the "H' in his name stands for. Hoyt. Maybe that accounts for his popularity, for "Hoyt's" is quite popular. At all events he far outdistanced any competitor as the most popular man in school. Ask "Gomer" or any U. C. O. D. P. HAM STEVENS, Best Jtlzlvle Besides acquiring next to the highest number of votes as our best-looking man, Ham has been selected by Coach Cope as our best all-round athlete. His beautiful toe-work in the Iloward-Birmingham- Southern game thrilled our bleachers. Ilis baseball is now demonstrating how easy it is to strike out op- posing teams. llam is all to the good. S.xx1t'iai. l.. H iaxrn lJI'F.fil1l'7lf of Slzulvnt lfozly Our "XVl1o's NVho" would not be complete with- out Samuel ll. lleatlt-the biggest man in thc stu- dent body-in two ways, physically and ollicially. Sam is everybody's friend and a splendid executive as well. lle is as "big" as he looks. '75 fp, , .sla t - E if' Antik ' 'N 11 ...wg ig Ly? , ' -P! MX Q ,J X Entre Nous, 1923 ,g-si's:1,w,-- ex 'CUllPGP'C alrndar 1 .'. fJ.u .,.gM W X - l' 11.3 ' 6 Q . I I 111 .s ' . , lf 1 lui, ' 9 5. l li . 1 1 - . , , J A I Southern. llurrah for our growling Bulldogs! . 1 : .7 A - I Oh, gee! hut it's great to have a lighting KCRIIII 1. F and to hite those Panthers' tails. The sun , 1 never nent down on a more glorious crowd p Y than on that lloward gang on that unforget- U l fi 1' L. V X v .7 1 ,,,,f fi September 3. Opening Day. XYhat fun we had seeing everyhody again and looking over the Rats. Octoher 17. Pledge day for Frats. 'l'hose lwecoming pledges have the air that the world is perfect, hut they just don't know what initi- ation means. Novernher 14. Nlississippi .-X. and M., OI lloward, o. llow proud we were of our team to holtl those Aggies! November 17. 'l'rip to Cullman. It's lots of fun making impressions on an asscmhly of Baptists, especially when you get fed Hee- and then, hesides, having a special train with inst lloward hoys and girls. XVe hope we Can go to t'41I1Yt'lllltlll IICXI year. NfN'l'lIll5CI' 13. meeting. "And .N'f'1'1'4f1r'.f. Xoyeniher 35. lilflllilljlllillll-StHlIl1l'fll "pep" give 'em what Dad said." llou ard vs. Birmingham- ahle Saturday night. Decemher 14. "Hurrah for Santa Claus!" XVe all packed up and went home for Christ- mas. january 3. Somehow we managed not to eat too mueh, for we all got hack to school, hut, oh, how hlue that day was. january 11. Those mid-term exams. The sun quit shining that week. january 29. Founders' Day. liighty-first anniversary for Howard. "Uh, Howard, Alma Mater, dear, XVe love thy glorious name." january 31. Pledge day for sororities. XVe wonder if girls really think they look cute in white, or if they do it just to he different. Uh, well 3 lfehruary 4. Sleet storm. One time Birmingham looked clean. l:k'l5l'llIllf' 5. Blue Monday tfollowing the sleet storml. No street cars, no lights, and hoys walking home from their Sunday night dates. April 13. Annual stunt night. Our first real "college night"-the first, hut not the last. April zo. lloward players at the jefferson. Now, didn't XValte1' just thrill you when he looked at Virginia? May zo. SUllllIIX-VOIIIIIICIICCIIICIll sermon. Dr. john Ii. XVhite, president of Anderson College, Anderson, S. C. Isn't it funny how caps and gowns are so becoming to some of us, and so hideously ugly on the rest ot us? May 21. Class day exercises, alumni han- quet, open house, Glee Cluh and college recep- tion. .Xlumni address, Ulayton li. Crosland, associate president of XVard-Belmont College. May zz. Graduation. I.'envoi. Baeea- laureate address, Dr. john li. Metcalf, profes- sor of English, liniversity of Virginia. 176 ' : fN, . ' as ,-ffg U, lt - Y 1 w w '-1,13 T, Entre Nous, 1923 if-i-53" ir 'xg I 45' : I . lr 7 , 34 51-L'-L-:'r:'f.'f.:' .- f 234555, 'aff ' 5 ,- f.-.ylgxifjbev-. fl X.: "N 1,c7v.5..l -:I J h 5 1 JM , A iv - X E vi .A,,g fri Y' i - Y ' -,Y Lf ,f- L-Q 7 READ ' I- fi ,A Q CQ J- 'FD wx H 5'-fl my 'll LJ H 1 T fi!! li Y , -, L - .-Af.. QP. fqrgq---:bn -V ,Q ,E i Q7???f15fF? " . K ,' H 31' X vi 1 352- -'1 I X H .N 6 - 1' f f: : lo I 1 1 ff Q Entre Nous, 1923 N ,Qs ' 2'-,-nf -:-1:4--i Birmin Ham Nabhvgxldf elaclqonvillcf- New Orleang . J, ,G f U4 my 6 n 'Where Qlcyle am Quality Predominafz 1 'f . 0 1 1140, ' A 19272 -1924 FIRST AVENUE BIRMINGI-bc.MxxL.uA,B1eM1bx cg ? I fi ' I u f' xv f, ' ' 4 1l" "w!Hl ,. ,fp .c hw 31 ,54 E ntre No u s, 1923 gig? ii? E l s " j p E A ' 4:-A Ar- --a-'- '-A 1 - 'I - "" ' Y S-'Aff CANADA LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY Attractive Policies With a Company That is Cver Seventy-live Years Old, Having Over 86 Million Dollars Assets, and Over 360 Million Dollars Insurance in Force. LET US SATISFACTORILY INSURE YOUR LIFE .Service Second to None Unusual Contracts Offered to Ambitious Young lVIen. Thorough Training in Life Insurance Available at this Agency. See us for Particulars. FOLMAR BROTHERS SOUTHERN MANAGERS JEFFERSON COUNTY BANK BUILDING BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA MAIN 3894 A 4. if-We 4 v 1 f,If" 'i.ilIIM T, g "' if K l VNIY! m.-X 'I - 74 I 4- - .gaf5Qifi'?f1-134. xi L fiif ffli Entre N ous, 1923 -Si ILM' ,-,, - 'x x K i ,AA E-' ' - iii' - '91-L 7- E Y 1' 'nr' - A -1.7 1:- INSURE WITH HOWARD MEN See our NEW POLICY. It pays for the insured Ten Dollars per Sl.000.00 per month during his lifetime, with no further premiums required, in the event of total and permanent disability by any disease or accident, and the face value of the policy at death. In addition to this, it pays twice the face value of the policy for accidental death. The Jef-'fCI'SOI'l St8.I'ld3.I'd.S Rates Are W. A. ALBERT LEE BERRY fc? SMITH Cencral Agents for Alabama 401-2-3 jefferson County Bank Bldg. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA A. Koenig 83 Son GROCERIES OF ALL KINDS pL0Ri5'r5 Phone Main 3995 For Occasions Res. Phone Woodlawn 355-W Al Pgpulay' Pfigeg 3l8 N. Zlsi St. Birmingham, Ala. "EVERYTHING FROM FouNDATioN TO CHIMNEY ToP" W- B- EDMOND W. D. Wood Lumber 6 Company Eighth Avenue and Thirteenth Street MAGNOLIA PoiNT Mm 9590 fl Pays-"See l'V0oJ for Woodi' V -3 . s rg ' ,uv U.: .T eff" 4 v at Lkmitug 5-g Entre Nous, 1923 Qc, s-"-f-'W ' 421- tr ,f COMPLIIVIENTS OF THE AUGUSTA F RIEDMAN SHOP INCORPORATED ASK ANY WELL DRESSED WOMAN BESSEMER COAL, IRON AND LAND CO. MINERS OF HIGH-GRADE STEAM AND DOMESTIC COAL l3!2 AMERICAN TRUST BUILDING TELEPHONE TWAIN H05 K CE L ' ff IILZLQQWLD.. If 9 NI: 5 is i ia LI I ' I- gFff.',:'-:f.fa f sry'-'-1f1':":fJ 2- , W x:,,.'--I. -4'.-. -,N xy 2.1-.I.-,:.32i'.15 I on mfg: 1.-9 11 55,41 - Q --I iff" WA 5252 5 K, , S ,1 rj 1 ,- - 44hq' A -1 -Y Y ' - - ., , px, ..-,. 2' X Q . Nga Entre Nous, 1923 f f 1 9 N N wow A 5 J 7 f ' 'iii - f' D4-L 1 1- 1r- ' A-3-ev '41 ' EVERYTHING OUR NAME IMPLIES TO PRESERVE AND BEAUTIFY THE HoME Birmingham paint ancl Glass Co. 2021 Foumu Ava., N. BIRMINGHAM, ALA. HOWARD BIRMINGHAM-SOUTHERN CAME SEND TO THE LAUNDRIES AND BUY LAUNDRY COUPON BOOKS At the Laundry Coupon Sales Office, 2008 First Avenue, and save trouble making change with the drivers BIRMINGHAM LAUNDRY OWNERS CLUB EVERYBODY LIKES TO Select Jewelry for Select People DUCK INN P. H. Linnehan Jewelry Co. BY AND FOR THE l07 North Twentieth St. STUDENTS Phone Main 94 . A IR ' ,I ua . NQ rig' K , Y . -Y if'fQ?1.u'tllQ T, . L-H1 ..4'. A 715 Y f E Entre Nous, 1923 if L L ,. E '. e4 ---Lg I : TIL- 77: ,'E - - WILLIAMS PLUMBING AND HEATING JAMES WALKER REAL ESTATE COMPANY Agent for Roebuck Springs Land Company 2038 FOURTH AVENUE, NORTH OHICEI 7708 Underwood Ave. BIRMINGHAM, ALA. MAIN 7989 Phone Woodlawn 732 v N Phone Main S994 Insurance of All Kinds. Rentals-Aparb 6 ments, Homes, Stores. Real Estate, Sales, ,, ' I Loans. di A's- 5 Mfg Ben Karp MOSELEY, HENDERSON R i WL A , 1 DAVIS REALTY - Nygbiyl Ladres Tailor COMPANY and Fuffief Office, 310 N. Twenty-Hrs: sneer Phones, Main 791-792 201 Clark Bldg., Birmingham, Ala. Insurance and Rentals BEST WISHES FOR THE CLASS OF 1923 IAPPE JEWELRY CDMRA Everything in the Way of Gifts for the Graduates GIFTS THAT LAST A YV.-4" FXQ in U1 wx? ' , D E-"fl, K A A Jllkmlm L - YL., f'N sf A ni - 1 -J I I fs W, rl. J D , X' Q:.fP'I.lx5TeV lsr. X is XT X SWPX ef, n,KCl.-1T,,.- :Q :-9 L-. ri L: - Q W ff, I - ,V v I-rilx L fe-Xxx QF' ezfflfx tu T-rf , C V' fQiil?i"i1.lfg . .' Entre Nous, 1923 he I ,H Ali it-2 regenlg We Rec- For Graduation P ommend Gruen Verilhin and Wrist Wamhes' American Trust and Saving B1-omherg and Bank C0111 an P y Member of Federal Reserve System JEWELERS 8: SILVERSMITHS Capital fB50o,ooo.o0 TWENTIETH ST. AT THIRD AVE. Surplus and Profits 3550000.00 Exclusive Parisian lrnportations P. C. RATLIFF 86 SON INSURANCE THE PENN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY or PHILADELPHIA AssETs OVER S225,000,000 P. C. RATLIFF 61 SON, General Agents l003 JEFFERSON COUNTY BANK BUILDING, BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA A Penn Mutual Premium, less a Penn Mutual Dividend, purchasing a Penn . . A P Miitual Policy containing Penn Mutual values. makes an lnsuiancc ropo- sition which. in the sum of All Its Benefits, is unsurpassed for net low cost, and care of all interest of all members. It is best not just one way, but all Ivays, and always. Back of it is a seventy-six-year reputation for fair dealing with all its policy holders, whether continuin, withdrawing, maturing or dying. I I is ,fa fl L jj 3 , T D ,I K , L Y , flfrgfrwllllj ,Yr ez-1 1 ,gxlf ' 1. Entre Nous, 1923 J I - E or , . A , 5 Lf BIRMINGHAM DISTRIBLI TORS OF Merry Widow and Flora FIours LEE BROTHRS WhoIesaIe Grocers 2202 Morris Ave. Birmingliam, Ala. FULL LINE BATHING SUITS WIMBERLX' AND THOMAS HARDWARE BIRMINGHAM. ALA. W Copyright 1922. Jantzen Knitting Mill! WE MAKE A SPECIALTY OF HOTEL AND CAFE SUPPLIES WOOD-FRUITTICHER GROCERY COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS TIZLIQIIIIQNIQ IVIAIN 81 I-I 2035 IVIORRIS AVLNUI-' IIIRIXIINGH.-XIXI RQ f,:,Q7F A J t K if gr yi, X E ntre N ous, 1923 Lf,-A t 'bf w . fH'3l-4' , ,L L- , - L x ly D COMMUNITY THRIFT SILVER IS AN EDUCATION THAT IS NOT LEARNED Guaranteed IN SCHOOL F ifty Years Or From Printed Boot-as . S O C li L' The IVIost Prachcal ee ur ompee me Way Roht. ProWeII Is to Do Your Shopping At Stove Co ZOII THIRD AVE. BiRMiNc.HAM, ALA. DOUGLASS BROS. WHOLESALE DEALERS IN FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC FRUITS AND PRODUCE 2017-2019 Morris Avenue Phones Main 745 7-7458 A LULLABY QTO l'loword's Most Youthful Co-ed. Miss julia Finlclcaf The north wind sings a dolelul song Around our hut the whole day long. So hush, my child. and 'gainst my breast Lean your fair head that you may rest. Co to sleep and cry no more: See the kitten on the floor: He softly licks the silken fur And makes a happy, throaty purr. So go to sleep. my little Clove, Beneath the wings of mother's love. Close your eyes while the old moon beams Al my little julia as she dreams. -FRED H. XVHITE. 5' Mitltfl Entre Nous, 1923 I fig? 5? A u Qi an: .41-Q E -i-iI.21f.- S' ff: 2 N: 'v- uv. .'. -5 XM exif: 'f'?Q.I,Zlff'll' EF, J 'I . f I l 'Ji O -A+' A... L v Y L zniz- Q1-Y ,- FLOWERS FOR "HER" Al Commencement Corsage and Arm Bouquets Tastefully Arranged From Our Stock Affords Unusual Op portunities for Selecting Useful and Appropriate Graduation Gifts REID LAWSON INCORPORATED 308 NORTH 20TH STREET JEWELERS D. L. SMITH, Mgr. 505 N. 20th St. lVloltoII Hotel ..WIlGl We Say It ls MAIN 8091 It ls" Matthews Electric Supply BETTER BREAD Company WHOLESALE llllllillllll EECTRICAL DISTRIBUTORS BIRMINGIIAM, ALA. IVICGOUCH BAKERIES Zl I3 SECOND AVENUE 729 N. 26TH STREET ,rw Us mb, I P ,g K v f flQ2QMll3llQ A ,- ,A twig ' igwtgyfx it 'fl '--'-'.'.i',. K --Aff 1" f2f'fiif'1i-.L-:Q X- v ,J L Entre Nous, 1923 -A+ is ,. ,T 5, G EVERYTHING TO WEAR The Newest Things First AND THE BEST VALUES ALWAYS llll 1 fll Q C-1 CAIN BTOII IIIIIICIAI ENGRAVED hveclding Invitations Visiting Cards Monogram Stationery DEWBERRY fd MONTGOMERY ZOI4 FIRST AVE. A11 Right, Boys ON E-TWO-TH REE! Here we go! just remember this -the fellow that plants his savings in Birmingham and Alabama real estate is sure to get ahead financially and be a better citizen. We wish you much success and trust we may have the opportunity to show you how to buy and pay for real estate. Vaughn Realty Co. 2129 Third Avenue Birmingham, Alabama EVERYBODY ENJOYS ATTENDI NG SOUTHSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH l lth Ave. and l9th St., S. REV. E. DILLARD, D.D Pastor REV. B. F. GILES. D.D. Assistant Pastor "A Church of the People For the People And By the People" - r IW L A- E .eg Jiiiiiitiigf gi g fsg fis i-'TFP Entre Nous 1923 CL, 1 TURNER STUDIO COMPANY C. R. HATCHER, Manager PHOTOS OF THE BETTER KIND Clark Building, Twentieth Street and Fourth Avenue Fraternity and Sorority GET IT CHAPTER HOUSES AT . DRENNEN'S Furnished from our store always convey a homelike air yet pre- I 'd' 'd l'ty ' p 'b' sen an In Ivi ual Im ossi .e to secure except from BIRMlNGHAM,S BEST STORE THE LARGEST STOCK OF HIGH FOR OVER HALF A GRADE FURNITURE IN THE SOUTH CENTURY Six Beautiful Floors lo Select From-Terms lo Suit Your Cwn Convenience! Prices Very Low. THAT MEN, WOMEN AND HOOD E6 WHEELER CHILDREN WEAR THE PEOPLE.,S STORE 2013 FOURTH AVE. BIRMINGHAM A QE 'JT I fp! A A Iwniu , ix 3 5 1 - -J , ,,n: ' ,, fi il'f'--.4'ff',Q'g :5Ll.v.?i'.:,I.'T : Xx x :wg V Hg- ag- ,Q 5, PAQ-kt -' ' ":- -fl 's xbgifxlli , .'.f LQ-E 2: ' E n " , ,V x ,., - 5 AI- - -. ,- I J - A, v f fr i i i,i f : if- f- ' ' -,, Qu f , SNL X It 5 Entre N ous, 1923 M-7365:-e,z,x T'-AV' U-l k w flag Y Outfitters for Howard College We welcome any and all of Howard students at our store. Call and see us when in neecl of sporting goods. B. M. Chenoweth Ed Company PHONE MAIN I590 103 N. 20TH STREET MERITA BREAD American Bakeries Company PHONE MAIN 4224 MRS. A. B. DENNERLE NESTLE PERMANENT HAIR WAVE ZOIO FIFTH AVE. BIRMINGHAM The Alabama Baptist 3l7-I8 jefferson County Bank Bldg. BIRMINGHAM. ALA. PUBLISHED BY THE STATE BAPTIST CONVENTION L. L. CYVALTNEY, Editor Subscription price. 52.00 per year per copy Budget Churches SL50 per year per copy GIBBS-FORT DRUG COMPANY A Good Drug Slnrc Sth Ave. and 20th St. Phone M. 82II BIRMINGHAM, ALA. KODAKS CORRECT DEVELOPING AND PRINTING PLACE CARDS-ANY GIFTS TERRESON'S CAMERA SHOP -103 N. 20TH ST. BIRMINGHAM. ALABAMA f'N 2' 1 " f l T LIL . 1 ILII qi'-Qiaw .1 . ' lin" 'fi p -ty' 16. xxx Rx 03: i Y Y - T- - f 1' -T j Y 7 ' A7 - 7 T L1 ' oe: V, 5 D' ,,x. ,. ,Q 5 -215 -2 fr' -Eff if- if-l tl Entre Nous, 1923 QQ? J 'i iffft' f B fn ,Vi t 247 "WHEELER STUDENTS GET THE BEST POSITIONS" , .--qt --'- V- -fav if '1 5. L, P 4 -1 l Q lt .- CHAPEL HOUR Wheeler Business Training paves the Way to Success HE slusran. HXYhl'E'll-'l' Stud--nts Gt-t the M. A. tlllastwr of .-Xwnuiitsl. YVhtf--It-r Busi- Bt-St Ptisitiunsf' is not un itlle htigigt, nt-ss Ptillt-ge is fully aCt'i't-tlitetl hy tht- Xzi- UUI 21 13101 Wl1iCh IS 9mlJllH5iZf'41 m"l'P H1141 tional Asstwintioii of .Xvt-1'tat,litetl t'tnnint-i'- inure: as tht- ye-urs gn hy, Bil'l11it1sZllHIT1 cizil St,-lirmls. Tlx--i't-:twax'zt1'it-tynl' t-tiurst-5 lmusint-ss institutions, in t-x't'r iitviv-ztsiiig with tt-at-h-tr spt'-t-ittlists in t-vt-ry lint-3 t--inn nuuiht-rs, hunk to Yvlit-Hl6'l"S tv l7r'Wi4l4' Dlvlt' llll-lu-tlzilt' n't'il1lIllllt'llI, illld llltltlvtll. young mt-n :intl wtini--n for ptisitiuns rv- it-tnny quai'tt-i's. quirini: t-fliviviity and tlmiwitigli husinvss Our Stn-iio,gi'ztpliit' f'1itii'st- prtrvitivs in- truiiiing-aiitl l1l1lllQ'lllllE'P11 are the lYlit-t-lvl' strut-titin in htith tht- Siuiiii-ljtipltiyuii and stutlt-nts wht: hzivt- risen to positions of Grt-gg int-tlititls til' Slmrtliniitl. high trust, nut only in Bll'llllllgll8Ill, but The stunt- f-t-urs-'s :intl tht- saint- pm'- nvtfi' the entire South, Sunni int-thuds tit' instrut-tinn ztrt- tini- This is tht- und' t-tltit-atitniul institution pitiytfti in nur Night St-litityl as in tht' in Alulminzi, with tht- t-xt't-ptitin of tht- rltiy st'ssit'nis-niitl tht- Night St-htit-1 t---n- Statf- I'nix't-rsity. linut-s thi'tvu1:lit1ut whit-h is uutlitirizt-tl hy lztw UII-1I'illll tlt-- thf- yt-zur. COURSES OF STUDY lttzilly :tinhiti-'tis in lvusine-ss. grt-vs ' ytvung nit-n :intl Qtiulliivtl stutle-nts Vm'nn9'Tml Sh'm'grnphiv wtiint-n will iintl inziy rtit't-ix't- tint- tn' F""'biumi'm that this hit: MMU. intirt- til' tht- ful- S""""t""i4'l tutwn twin piwwitl-- ltiwiiii.: iivpjrt-t-sf Il, Vllfllilll' t-tal-tlilmg lmssililv tl. ll, llltuiiui' S1lI1'Sllhlllhllill and Busiiwss ltlffit-it-lit-3 tt, lining sut- t't- ss fil'2l'lU1lll' ill liusif - Atlx'unt't-tl At-t-trullting :intl sulztry twis- nvssi, I3. .L ill:tt-h- ily nuthin th--li' 1-l-Ir til' At-tttmiitsi, rt-zivli. Wrilc or Call for Full Information WHEELER BUSI ESS COLLEGE I909-29 FiRsT Ava., BIRMINGHAM, ALA. -1 fn ' - ff R-X A ,l u i SJSU, tt E L, jgitttttt E A kr,-X l -X 1 f ,.,1,k-fx N fl- X. fp g? E "' Qi' ' Qjrffg . -,ss-M N L 1 1-'- -o ' L pl, 3.1! 'V .3.QN'Q'1fffZ'. A N QM' X J -2!'1Q1?a5f'2:jE5k .1 X 1 X H Q1 Entre N ous, 1923 1 1 1111, A D - Y -'LQ S ---' fri AV'-V , 4 'xi Y 'LY i Y i Y Y 5 Y ufzuf cl Lilllu l'1lll'fllL'l', lgllf S0 :Unch Bvllcru C. H. WILLIAMS CO FECTIO ERY If ltls Gund lo If.1l ur Dunk. Nyc Ilan- ilu- Hel JLNI' .fXc1um 1111. Cuz l.1x13 Co1.1.13cL STATION ONE REASON WE BEAT "SOUTHERN" Judggn Cguege When the Xvorld Puts For Xfoung Women You On the Scales XX'11l1 1-11111111111w111111t 1'--1111's III1 IIISI MARION' ALA, 114,11 H1411 111111 II11 luis ul l1I--':- lmlll-, . ll1.1x 111-II x1-11 1.11'1- 111 1111 11lI, 111111 lll.llIX E'l'1bl1s C 838 ' , 51 h d I 1.1 1111 ::11111s A-111 XXIII, 111411--mls 1411:-ly 111---11 1I1-- .111111-111-'111 31111 1-11115 111!l1 31-11 N ' N1 1I:llx x ll :1- Tully 4'lllI'Il"1l wut," Standard collegc course lcandlngg lo ll1c ' I I ' 1" ' ' ' 1.111 x1-111' 1l1xf11'.1l 1111111111-'lxl 111111-11115 B x .1 C f M ' A I A ' .1 . 1-QITC, onbcrxaloly 0 uric 1,,,:.15 11111-11 111-11 1--11 :uv 111'--sswl. Y:-:us awards II10 l5.N1. dcgrve. Home hrunom- .11 1111111111111 lllilllf 111 1111- 111111111-i1111s uf :cs Model Hume. lixhrcsgion. Art. and 1'7"f ":5'N""""'S "HS 1""""""' HHS ljducalitn 51111 111 1l1-- :11'1 111 1l11fssi11:.: 111111 111111 . I . 1 H, 1, 1111114111 II1-111' 111151. lame ,nhlohc swimming lm' 'VIII 511111 slw-11111 I-.-111111. 5.1111 :11111:11'1-I . 1 , . 1 1. P11'11l1111'11111v 11 11-11 '1111 1111 '1ll'f-'ulx 1'11- A , I 1. . , U . 1 . . A lgf'Sl YPIIQIOUS and ITIOYBI IHHUCDCCS. 11111112 lllf- :11ix:111I.1:1x S11111 il l"'llIll'1'lI 'll , I I II 415. I'o11 oxlnlog and olher 1nfu1'm.1l10n. nd- H V d.CS' , Odum. Bowers fs? Xvhite ffppurcl for :Hen and llrllflldfll 1 1 , PML X' BOMAR' PWS' l9l5-l9l7 T1111111 AX'ENL'E 1 F i 3 JK-f?'N 'M Y W M .id Entre No us, 1923 EE -up if 5 , at I Prwf : 'T -Q A fl - W I I F' -. , I, xx rl' H : ' xxx 1 . X , II' In I X ,Q KISS, xii I '-uf.:".' url!" Q I 'R' qi J X , iii tr --mg "Our Stores Arc Your Stores" SELLERS DRUG COMPANY 400 NORTH TWENTIETH STREET Maize Our Two Stores Your Headquarters GREENE DRUG COMPANY CORNER EMPIRE BUILDING THE COLLEGE SHOP SANITARY BARBER SHOP J. T. Burge College Station Phone M. 3l66 Night Call XXI. 4-I-Vi' THE COURTENAY HEATING CO. HEATING AND REFRIGERATING ENGINEERS AND CONTRACTORS 403 NORTII 24TH STREET BIRMINGHAM. ALA. NSWTTIRHQS Cleaneries Always a Representative on the Campus to Call for and Deliver al Any Time. VISIT OUR MODERN PLANT Olhce and Plant, 560I Seconcl Avo., S. East Lake Branch, Il6 South 77th St. Hyncls-Upshaw paint Glass Co.. Inc. lVlIulcmlc :mtl Rt-tail DL-alcI's ZI I8 Second Ave. Phone M. 8049 BIRMINQIIMI, .'xLA. Cold Stamps with Cash Puiclmses f'N -Q-XX X ' ,U .JI It E ,L .1 ,I ,fum-IIIIIQ Y-. K xx fr Faw-J K 'q'Q'4.'iQ'-I'. X CM! I -aigiesgfgfeesf-ff , t- X X: 1 ga N Entre Nous, ,E 1, I when You Think Of Drinks TIIINK OF BURCHFIEL A COMPLETE LINE OF DRUGS. STATIONERY TOILET ARTICLES FOUNTAIN PENS FINE CANDIES E. G. Burchfiel XY'oon1,.xwN IOO3 IOO SOUTH 77TH ST. Clothes uarters for Young lllen LESS EXPENSE MORE VALUE TAKE THE "EL" Klothes Sho PPS UP5T,xlRs 207W N. l9TH ST. FRED THELEN, Mgr. CAN YOU MAKE GOOD COFFEE? The Secret ls In the Coffee Itself Q va:':.':.:24.:i2' A.. ,r . . 4 S , n , v.. -K .1 ' . - h I . Q .i Y fs..-6-......- . Qt arena E ' l NH if S'-I ' -u 'n AJ C' . r2"ff2"" 'Y-7 " 'sistz-E-1: ,z' A Smile in Every Sip ROYAL CUP, with its fIavor and freshness, delights all who try it. Buy Royai Cup and reaiize how ne1r perfection Coffee can be. BATTERTON COFFEE CO. BIRMINGHAM, ALA. ChiIcIren's Hair Cutting a Specialty DeLuxe Barber SITO JOE AND FRANK Dftvis P For twenty years Birmingham's best IJ ar- bers. invite attention lo their new location 409 NoRTii ZOTII STREET BIRMINGHAM, ALA. WALK-OVER COOL sl'MM ICR SHOES Assist ytiu in 5'-fur Sell-'HI YV0l'k hy Kvvp- ing Your I-'i---t Siylishly 1'niiifvrt:itilv. In niziny styles :intl :ill siz--s at prive-S that 1-It-:isv tht- ptr-'kit-trunk us Well :TS they ph-:iSv the tr-vt. !l1'f'0N',Li'S W'.Kl,K-OVER BOOT SHOP -II North Tw'-lltivlIt Stlwvsl Il, I'. Mcvuwziii. Prupr. il' ZA IIIU fT . 'OQ t X'l'u:A.AfQj1'3 I4 Entre Nous, I fj?g'f,:1f51'Q5', A 'IIB' . J ' 7 Le ATA 777 ,LA A L A L Reminiscences of Long Ago ffls George Yarbrough Recalls His Youll-IJ The sun at eve, prepared for rest, Had gained the precincts of the west, When far across the wooded dell Was heard the tinlcling of a bell. The lowing cattle homeward turned, Nor at the stream the water spurned. But deeply quaffed from laughing brook, And then the woodland path retook. A distant call Hoats through the trees, Wafted by the summer's breeze, And hastens on their homeward way These bovines, at the close of day. A lad awaits, with shiny pail. The cattle coming up the trail. Could happier life be found than this: A life of simple, rustic bliss? FRED H. Wl'IlTE. The Southern Homes of Southern Cooking BRITLIN G CAFETERIAS No. I, BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA No. 2, BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA No. 3, ATLANTA, GEORGIA No. 4, MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE ? ff?-N A In Us 5f , Inn KA , , Alazlttthlxlig I if ,-.X XX ' . Y-,ffx ia t I, .' I It an Entre N ous, 1923 , ,Q 1 I I .. Y O QLTPI !:"' 'rY'T' - Yi ,...Y-I Q i .Ls is I . , s, sl FOUNTAIN PENS I I A ff Ylzc Finns! of flrcm All CROIVIER ARTCRAFT FOUNTAIN PEN CO. BIRMINGHAM, ALA. HPURITY AT PARKERS lorlel Goods. Fine Candies. I a Flowers. Everything you expect to find in ern drug store. We appreciafe your patronage. Parlcer Drug Store Xivoodward Bldg., the Convenient Co COLLEGE MEN AN COLLEGE GIRLS Can Always Depend on the App that comes from this Good Store "S A K S"' .fIlul1ania's Lcacling Style Store BIRMINGHAM, ALA. THE BIRMINGHAM ARMS Ed CYCLE CO. Rejoices in nearly a half century' s faithful service to Southern sport- clom. It's not so much how many we serve. hut lion' nvcll we serve. Everything for Every Sport Mail Orders Filled Same Day Received. Established H380 BIRINIINGHAINI ARMS Sc CYCLE CO. 2017 Third Avenue Birmingham, Alabama Refined Music Refined Dancing Our Molto MILES SCHOOL FOR DANCING u K-X! ,J 'N 4 Q 47" ,ff Entre Nous, 1923 a?2?'a ,B -CN E - U .Q Sli: .4 'r iif:'1f.-ff? 9213 ' f 5'1'.'?'73'-.'f" ,V Vw zur: , ,.":, 55. 'J was ' -4'--gi., -3 KN 5,1 4. . E, IN If 1ffjl'.:r.'r.sF.' S' A. ,-r-DAF 'fzzlv E- Y 7 fr, -v A-sq. - - SEE STRAUSS BEFORE YOU PAY MORE V liirininglmm l5l'1lIll'll, 2007 Third .Xu-Illlv A, lIICI.I.IGli, Al: ' ' ISIRNIINKQIIANI, AILXISXNIX Smart Men Loolc Smart OR SHOULD For the man who desires to be well groomed smart haberdashery is always the most practical. THE TOGGERY SHOP Huberdaslicrp of Character 200 NORTH 20TH STREET HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW? Asif Iilfxfap, He can Tull You If you want Seed, see him in person or telephone liim lVlCVAY'S SEED STORE ZII7 THIRD AVE. TELEPHONE MAIN 8227 Farmer-Cannon ewelry CO. DIAMONDS, VVATCHES, AND SIL- VERWARE IVIEROHANTS We Solicit Your patronage 'SIB N. TwEN'I'IE'I'II Sl'REET ISIRNIINOIIAM, .A.LA. BAUGH AND EMMERSON LAWYERS -lOl-3 Bl'0XYll-lx1ill'X Building Birmingliam, Ala. K - '- iff' JAH lllfl fi x if ' ff 135 Y .I ,jk ,WVR f' E " ' -" i i. Q L ' . . K If ' .fgijisf-1352 -'l Entre N ous, 1923 A - I .AI . rj its 4, I y . X I M yy D CAN YOU BLAME US? There is not a fair-minded citizen who will blame us for wanting to secure the hydro-electric power properties at Muscle Shoals for the general distribution of power to the public. The lands and surveys of this property on which we had expended 5476,- 000 were delivered to the government as a means of winning the XVorlcl War, and the government paid the Alabama Power Company for this property the sum of Sl. Did You Know This? ALABAMA POWER COMPANY BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Buy Your Home WITH THE. RENT MONEY With just about what you hand the landlord each month you can. by our easy monthly plan, soon own your own home. If you are sfill paying reIIt. come in and let us tell you how to stop. Jefferson County Bldg. Ei? Loan Association II3 North Zlst Street YOU'LL FIND IT HERE ANYTHING FOUND IN A REAL DRUG STORE CANDY Shipments Received Daily TRY OUR FOUNTAIN SERVICE HOWARD DRUG COMPANY "Quality and Service Bcsln 7700 Underwood Ave. T . 'fx A -f ,Y nal ii i IZA Illlll Entre Nous, 'ffi M 5' , xnf T' 5 I il x., i I F' :alll .Fc lar. , -sNN"s .Y .s 1 3 X -mu sv n if n' J Ut X 1- Y I 3 . . it J It ga 3 Q-1:5 '4--1-2-f :gf L 7'-fn L-if HOWARD COLLEGE A STANDARD COLLEGE FOR BOYS AND GIRLS OWNED AND CONTROLLED BY THE BAPTISTS OF ALABAMA In choosing a college the graduate of the high school naturally prefers to go to an institution that is alive and progressive. Howard College is growing stead- ily each year in numbers and influence. This is due to the character of the college life and to the splendid instruction afforded in the class rooms. Howard College prides itself on being the best insti- tution for general education in this section of the South. FOR CATALOGUE AND OTHER INFORMATION, ADDRESS JOHN C. DAWSON, President BIRMINGHAM, ALA. I -5 f'X- . ,-1' O5 QM ,ln ,2 ' I xi 'Z 6 L ,V A iiimiitiifi Q, g - ff- is L. - . - L R .'. x X it r if-1 , I 5,,,f47 , f , ,TQEQK-.?f'--'f . 'vu'-"""s'f. X 7 'ig 1'4" "SP i xx 'fly-i'1 el I H "Q Entre Nous 1903 gl-1 :'f' 5-5 i ii 1 3-gl g g x 1-g g Vt ill More than ninety universities, colleges and schools of the South favored us with their Annual printing contracts for the year l923. ill This phenomenal record is the natural result of the high quality of workmanship displayed in all our publications, coupled with the very complete service rendered the Staff. 1-ll F rom the beginning to the end we are your counselor and adviser in the financing, collecting, and editing of your book. QI Surely if "Experience is the best teacher," as an old maxim says, then our service must be supreme. Decide right now to know more about our work and service. Simply write for our proposition. cc College AnnU8l I'Ie8dql18l't9l'S ,, Z -4, f? I We " Q M , ,f lirting 4 I , was ' :.,,x:,L ...Wea UT:-.:2'1'11,. .g-I.-,,x.,:y,: ze 1923 " ' ' ' En re N ous, ' D Q JM A- 21 347 A - , ,A Y Y- -J YY Y- QL - 7-7 N' Y, ' 'L' , k7hisJAnmua3 illustrated by the ALABAMA ENGRAVINGCU, . BIRMINGHAM THE"RED ROBER1's"oF THE couees :Nc-sRAvnNe ausmess . , RED QOBERTS DLUNGWG THQU THEAUBUQN LINE .T I' IYf1"'F"- ' .-.f l A .oL',.'l. D s K -'s ,. ,. . .. ,. .pg .. 4 ., 1 - 4 4 . . A w'- '. ol A fi 1 .- . 1 , . A S vw' A qL f ft -1 ,z .1 TJ. ' I Q , n 4 I - A , 1 4 x 3:7 '1 vu U f . .' 7' U .O Q' ,ef Q s -.,x Q Sp -Q 1 Otol' -1 LL. u -I l 0 YQ XP "Qu 'Q 1,. 0' . ,I 1 . N' I , . - . , , . s. ' S4 -I-- T--" - If kv 'Q' fs' I I 2-' v.l 4 I 4 ., Y' n 11 - J , .Al . v 'T -2 , as f '. 'xo' 9 J , l O o , ' '-, 5 , , ,o . in . ." 1. J. 0 -. . nu- P-album : A I. L 9 JN JA 1 ' ,-' . ' ,fl R' ' N ? v 1v'l?:h5-s l 'h f' " V' 'vw - n 'f'n':"Y.r:,Ivf N. .ri V' ., 9' v , 1, 1 ' Y - W ' L ll 4-,,'."t':4f 'iv ss' ... 'H I' ' t on Li- Q V . ' ' '. ' 1 - ,v . A . o- L' '. ' X 0 6 J' . 5 ' T- - .. 'A -A. ar l ' . .l . . t ' A . 4 .' ' X 7.7 ' 1. Q- 1 N , 8' Q 7 F. I ,ww y s .. as, ' U - I ' , ' . ,JW .' .Lg '.. ' ' -4 V . D 'P . i 0 W . Q ' X A 9 ' 'X' , '. F . h 'll ' ' Q Q ! V ni I '. ,Q ix . Q.. ' , ' ' - 5 X M Q ' 8 I' A tw' ' ."t aqhkv la, , . 5,1 - A 1 ' , ', 1' 3 Q in ' " 6, X . - , '4 n - f A ' . ' A -ii' ' 's M W 1 A . 'Ad ' ,J 7- im. AJ.. r 1 I' 4' - -' . - ' ' ,, , ' - -eq' -f A . i ' .5 rt . A ' ... -.4 4 H N ' , 5 ' 4 . -,.-793' - , a 'Q - .":- 'l,,,4,'- - . . ' N 5' Q9 581- ' - :nib "if N"'5T" M '-M4 I-' ' ' L 4 ' ' I . 'Q f' .f it " .x X I ffl -D W.. ' yl' I C I Nb. A - ' " ' t ' l .uf q 5 M . 1 .4 ' I1 I PLY.. l .N v,s .5 v' ff M -' Q ,ss 1 ltr. L , y, v ., V V ' ' V..1A ...flhA vt. 'Q f' .1-1 0 5 ,S ! J 9 . - v 1 an s Q . V f ,r . tk . xt V 1 5 Y' . litre, Q , I V 'V U , l O' D . . 1 g.:l ..4.1'Ex'N, I' J'4 nf V ' - V . " ,X 11' , . ' I. " 1 wx ,X-V, fr it-FW 'Lf -. Q.. v , ' , O. T ,. sn- A f. ' J ' . U' ' I 'Q ' V' , 1, L. ' v - ' 3, , h' WI ' I J ' '. v yt' 4 . V' if O ' n N L ' 5 at F . 4 It a o ' . 'A A-Y 4 6' r ., , l f '. , I , . I ' ' -I 'Qi wi' N- 4 ' - A " ,W-C, ' 1 ' 1. ' W I 1 u Q ' ' t. X '. 5 o . ,, 1 'V , 'N 0 Oy' Y . Li AG I nl .X A ' ' . 'pn' ' ' ' fx 1 ' -, . ' il r"'.4-v v u Q.. 7 .. . 5, ,'. '-Y x, ,,, . ' 'N Q. .nv 'X'- I . .. ' Q u I I X ""T' . V TW gnu Y f, , n. 5 ,Mil 'QQ ' :N N Y It o 1 . ' 'gi L ' ' '.-' +1 . , ,ff . .. Q J 51, .. L 1.,:xrrfkff...xf. 'L .4 VS.. Nfl bng 0 . ' " " ' ' f." a " ', Y xlgixx 9 s' ' M3 , .g ss iii. ' 5,. "uf-, ' f 4 . X 5. N, Ir 'V .if tu Q . xii! 15? Q 0 4 1 .v as "XJ H , v L. , 1 1' Q' , T: wtf' 1 . A' M . . v J A f g,.' .- - x f l .14 H 'ab' 'r lo su' ""3A " ' I ll IA' 1 R tb" M" ' s . - -In-J i , 4 'I - Q? n' U , ', .3-' ' 1'K,Mgfg. 'I ' N.-A , ' . X 'MJ' 1 U 3 u - A - J' . .1' g. . ., .3 1 1 Q .J ' I J, , fgl ,- ul . uf- I ,'. n . A 4' 'I sf if-.Q 5 P- , . af' ' n 1 'hula ,ffy 1" A 4" "1 " A . P' I 5 C mt o I ' . . x Iva 1 n H. 'L' A -Q I.. - wllxjinh I 4 I , , I r L ' 1 fi! i '

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