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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1954 volume:

ll, ' 5, . WMF. - -a nl-sf ' lr fs' V Q, , :YM Civ? i' s 51? gt' 5,1- 'fffi L' L-M' 'f R, F ,H 35 . ENB K.. :xv 53? PJ" V :Qi 1 .YE ff" f 'fig-4 ,.,. ill' , ,,s-4. rfj' f 144, 27:45. ,J sig-W I :fa A V,-3 F7713 ' IT". S-M . xv NQXXX Ni'-..., N 'X .Nw xx ix xx XX Rss-'bNx'xMTNT:? X '-X M-Q, 'Xxx 1-if Rss -L, N.. . yT:-N NN. ' 'xxx f-. 'XR 4 'XM . .' 'X 'M - . w. X -xx N A Q . , hm - -N. fxx M M Q N xx, . N H 'N : . N v M ,-- x A NT '- . , ' "'-Q, RN X-Xxx-NNE f fx 5 s E 3 , i 2 F X pf' ff!!! 1309 Aff ""-X. NWN """--.. ,L 35. M W WNNNM W'-.. Ir ..-2' .a -Q-U, I vw v K ,- I Y ,, 1, . ,rf vw ? w e .Y 5 2 3 5 2 5 Zi KZ?-'Lili KW Mr' Q .fm . M41---f E Y WIQT ,, ,vs 543240 , "o 'w x 5' 0 C' fn' fu, "' ,un B: , ' 5- 1S5F'!Q,ll Q fmeclicafion To MARY IMMACULATE CREST 1954 BE OUR GLORY BE OUR JOY BE OUR HONOR NOW AND FOREVER 9 '9 , .,. . . .V K 1 ,W Q - ff- k .gui i Q 3' Jifiei Ni . ,A ' I K K A 1 . . . L,i.,, , X x K' 54 ,wx 5 -fa ,ig ix wi mwvm .. , ,ww X . I I 2 'VL J R 4 , mf fy f 3 if XKAFY' 1 - N of' QKFQ RZNQWQEI1 DIOCESE OF NASHVILLE nl lwqg.5yi,JiE.1xs I 421 CHARLOTTE AVENUE 'H ff NASHVILLE 3, TENNESSEE gllmg :gym PIIIPSAMEIDIIPSO OFFICE OF THE BISHOP To the Graduates of the Class of 1954, - Heartiest Congratulations! It is your unique privilege and honor to be graduates in this Marian Year, commemorating the one hundredth year of the definition by Holy Church of the Immaculate Conception of Mary as an article of faith. You are about to sail out from the sheltered, secure, carefree harbor of home and youth, into the seething, surging, confusing, dangerous seas of adult life. In my hopes and solicitude for your welfare, I know of no counsel I can give you, better than this: - Sail out under the banner of Mary. She is the Immaculate Motherg the Mother most chasteg the Mother of Good counselg the Mother most powerfulg the Star of the Sea. Our Lord Himself gave her to you to be your Mother Honor herg imitate herg love herg confide in herg bring all your life's problems to herg she will never fail you in the hour of need. And there will be storms as well as happy peaceful days in your life's courseg cross-winds must needs disturb your planned course. There will be heart-breaking disappointments, Soul-searing crosses. Mary, sinless, the Mother of God, was yet the Mother of Sorrows. It is God's way of purifying you, sanctifying you, proving you. Only cling to Maryg confide in her, and there will be no ship-wreck. I commend you to the Irnmaculate Mother. Bishop of Nashville 5 fy . Z IS, ' ,fi f fy H Fr sz-92. ' Q ' ,Qi vw , as 355 Qirff Qffw' W m".b 1 J ww if, ' Q, -- ,N - f wif TL- . 5 K qs, :cm . i fgeig is ' L ,- Y Q f V5. 4 is K is 5:- gffkfii ' FQ lib ww .K Q X S1 Y .Q X X, W YQ - xx r Q X fb J ink, N if sr -,ffl f-,flu .Q .Q . 2: . -if -. 2 ".f Z if Lx af- ' ' an ie 3' I 'EE 'v X ,fHfiKxXfg5g?,3r To you, dear Monsignor, we the graduating class, offer our sincere appreciation that will abide and increase with the passing years. Your fatherly solicitude and understanding interest have implanted in our hearts the inspirations to ful- fill the ideals and principles irnbibed during our treasured days at Sacred Heart. May the integrity of our lives testify to our esteem and heartfelt gratitude to you. 7 .faclminizifrafion Right Reverend Monsignor L. J. Kemphues . . . Guidance Pastor, Counsellor Father Paul Hostettler . . Religion Father Paul Wortmann . . . . . Religion Sister Jean Maria .... ......... C hemistry, Geometry Principal, Student Council Moderator Sister Borromeo .............. . Latin II Office Assistant Sister Silveria. . ...... Religion, English, Biology, Spanish Sophomore Class Sponsor Sister Agathena ................. Spanish Librarian, Sponsor Pan American Club, Cafeteria Manager Sister Sylvester . .... Religion, English, French, Mathematics Junior Class Sponsor Sister Benedicta ..... Religion, History, Social Science, English Sodality Moderator, Senior Class Sponsor, Annual Advisor Sister Jean Frances ......... Religion, English, Latin, Art Class Sponsor Freshman A Sister Catharine James .... Religion, English, History, Mathematics Sophomore Class Sponsor Sister Anthony Maria . . . . . . . . . . . Business Education Junior Class Sponsor, Sponsor Biz-Ed Club Sister Maureen .......... Religion, Home Ec. , Algebra CSMC Moderator, Class Sponsor Freshman B, Red Cross Moderator Sister Mary Rachel ....... . . . . . . . Music Choir and Glee Club Moderator Mrs. W. T. Williams . ....... . Physical Education Basketball Coach Miss Mary Rachel Lipford ........ . . Music 8 -4? II XFX .f 'w,-'4-'1'LQ- Z-it iii-..1.-1:2 A . . -ff Hai" - - 5? ' ' X X A X ,.,Q5:9' M... XSL,-'f'7'ff1j' f 7 ,ff ' .. 'Ski 55,51-.Agl4:iS5'i4-" " - Q2-Y? ivy! 43, X Y. s5.i.x 45, ,ig A fffk,-.": "'.:I?l?,,f' 51" 'VT iibf-fy ag! wa.-1' 6 .- 1' gig , W ' . 'fi-rv ny! , ':- -,f . ,Z W K - ' :sv , 994:24 fl -f 2. .f-ff' :-22511 4 ' VI! 'E- 'Fizz mf X X H02 if,,5"?,x fifzix- 7 ,b W 4 517211. Z iff.. X ' M 'nfiifgiiif 2 , 5Z"1:i-553315 X I?L-'. 1 .iff qtdiiI?!!!L-:em 1.45-ff"ipft-."':-J 441: D X f" Y f wqjSiii'I":!!.. A - .::iiQ,?:g5.g.5,f..gQ:.x f.-,gg . v ,,,,T , :ai-35555555537 1 , - V, A-Q ,,g .,,-,- .X x, x KN 4 , xx 1 -...,-,,',,:: N 'NX Q f':fh.,,,. 1 'C-155555-1 :ee I 7186 " 155' ff, . " WV 1 ""iE5i.E5E?5 EE f ' ,f ,f"7, ., .mg -1-Q 1 . 5115355531 ,' N I4 :wr S x X f 'Gr -asai- , N ,' L .:-1g- N, A - ,. , , "I: 'W :- A-Efe' 'xi' x '5 ,pr - , X' :,'1:fff1lg.? xg, f., Az! 'vfgf--0 W . f 4-i.,f:ff.5 -- . i. ,gf - .fy JQ11--JL1. 5513551 X 315.1 1' - V v -, 1 lf.,3g,fiL.--gm. 5 X kv .gg.fz-- -may L Q," geaeug- . X ,.a--,-- fag. A V, sf., ,, X O 1 f W ,- 1 , A ' .xhafv N, , "-fi?" wi 21. ' ' 5 Q 5 N . .s A E, w.-,IH w.Qf..,--f f 5 3' 5.33.52-.' . wg ik -,X xx .si-,NTI 21327 up , f If 4:,,4:.s..,.. I, 5. , 'f ,X .-3:23:19 Yfy, -' ' 43:3-'?, . Q., I.. f f , Nba! N V - '-' X-, ', 1'1- f' at 84 ,7 Q' f NNN ' - RQ.,-"J' 1 ' Q ' mi 'N X 'JL .2 q -QW..-L - f , 31 guys f X X .f- Q' , A . xf - Q- .fe wwf A . -- M M I f I I -my - ,M 'A , , '-x '- 'fffrr I-J!! f lf' , 0:9 M:-w' . -.2 A, sg..5:,f'-.rg-. ..... I u - '- Q, .:?"T-'fi'.9 f .-.' x:4.:.- -..,, '5 v..,,' n N g gg- 443' fx E32 fx J: Haj .dlffl 1 'wifff V' '-'az ,," . P!."' "H" 1 ' . ijjffii. ff: :is - 11 ' 1:3 Eigw f" M l, Ayg- SANC T ITY " 'ff mc! ,jg ,f n :mf L . - . -.,, . N- ij LEADERS I-I IP "P f 1' ---. . Z' 1 . , i f f, l pf- yg' E 75:23 If ,, KNOWL DGE ' ,gil 51 p cliff! ' N :if If bgg V 1 1. ,f ig, A MBITION A if N ' 'X. 6213: A gi - iw- f - CH A RAGTER 5,5 1 fa! 1- :H , I "-5? - . .. IL P: ! I' ., -sl-..gLf -y ' :::'il" . L M, X , INTEG R 1'rY ,' . nm 1 5 iff ' K 1 . ..: ,bg JW' SACK l FICE ' -..,- 1 off" ' 'Eg ,QV -:IIS 1.33 . L coma A GE md' fy A s1 N CEQRITY HONEST Y ' 4 succ E ss 425, FS 0 N . om LGY LTY ff sww. - h Y-I' s avg. - 1 s vw ' 90 065 'Q 'iv ' , . . ffwfw ' ff Q A OU K Y 9 m . AQY,gAQ-xg.,-r 1 6 ' , ,J ,ag 9"f,f ' Q15 i .f f, .fv,f.fqffg.g.1e.43ff' '30 45, .. . .3 .,,,,',-if 1 ,X . - 4: , f f Q, - nf, ..' .V 5,0 X - Q I 4. , I affaf k k - 0.25: wg . K 1, 54" - . Q sk ga, . l cf'2""' '- k - ' 1 Q 'f ,xs:,Ql3'.- V 'J 1? ,. K K t Qt' In . K, X . G mi 3-,4'J'V...?gEE:fEj,f,g I gf, . J . ayQQ:.,s3uw,,,..'. ,fn-f,'5e,,'!,1 XJ,-x 5459, 5 vp.-gs , .N ,H Q. ,...,Ag.,,Q L Q1'.9efr:.'+.'f.f:v ,a,fj,,wxw'o2Z-I'11ff.ffA gig'-gfg.'.'l 'f,n.',-"Q'si+f-.f4'f '.'4,,w nfs:-1 X .x ,. -..- ',f-gif, .,q,, 1gf,..,,,,7fgm 4' ,uw ,ag -g.ks.',f'.Y 1 xx.. ,si s,.af',',,- - Q 1, xfgbs-Q A 4' .y,g.'s'f.w iw v Q 'f -'Jw fp vw f ' '.'?'.v.fQsJ.1' Yup. .", . - . .N ' 'NIL vlg.-.Q1,', 'eb Q 11:7 in :Lf - 'Q ' H50 wi-,Q ,H-Q v af - S.-ff, 1 -45 .' 'gift g 9 I 5' e NI? 'Q f 7 4'Aq'."'m'F! 10" 'ski sf' "T 'gggfbre' '9:Sv"1jQ'g'2'3?f0.g4 Jglqlw' r f f 1, , Q X A,.+,.Qf , S pQr,f,m4, ,lg w A. i q, ,-wg I if ,bi ht., 31 1 DIXIE LEE POWERS Vice Pres. 4 Treasurer 2 C.S. M.C. 1-2-3-4 Sodality 1-2, Class Representative 3-4 Softball 2 Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Pres. Choir 1-2-3-4 CHS Cheerleader 1 Biz-Ed Club Most Talented Who is that singing in that beautiful lilting voice? Why, that is Dixie of course, practicing for some school activity for we all know she lends a "something special" to any song she sings, Voted "Most Talented" of the senior class, she had the lead in the C. B.C. operetta, the "Mikado. " GERTRUDE AGNES WEHRUM President 4 Vice Pres. 1 Student Council 2-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 C.S.M.C. 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3, Vice Pres. 4 Soft Ball 2 Choir 1-2-3-4 Sodality 1-2-3-4 Senior Play The title of "Best all Around" fit our Class President perfectly. Besides being the owner of these titles she also possesses one of the sweetest smiles in all of SHS. In the "Mikado, " senior play and on the basketball court she has a winning way with every one, 19 f A , i I ? gf sl MARILYN JOY MCCARVER Sodality 1-2-3-4 CSMC 1-2-3-4 Choir 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4, Captain Softball 1-2-3-4 Treasurer 1 Vice-President 2 Secretary 3-4 Student Council 4, Secretary-Treasurer Witty and fun-loving, Marilyn makes anyday bright and sunny! An honor roll student for all four years, she and "her rocket" will go a long way, Her fashionable raincoat will long be remembered by the citizens of Little Rock, ls, 'K 'i 'Q R Ag.. , MARY RUTH GRIFFIN Treasurer 4 Glee Club 4 Sodality 4 Choir 4 Senior Play A newcomer this year, Mary Ruth easily fit in as a really outstanding girl, She not only coped the lead in the play but was voted "Most Attractive" by the class, Another one of her honors is Treasurer of the class. MARTHA JANE ASHBURN C.S.M,C, 1-2-3, SpiritualTreas. 4 Sodality 1-2-3-4 Biz-Ed Club 4 Art Club 4 Library Assistant "Good things come in little packages." This goes double for Poochie, our tinest senior. She makes up for her lack of stature in her big talent, art. No doubt, she will one day be a fashionable hair-stylist, too. K x 4 STELLA JANE BAILEY Spiritual Treas. 1 C. S. M.C. 1-2-3-4 Sodality 1-2-3-4 Pan American 4, Pres. Prom Queen -V Glee Club l-2-3-4 Cheerleader 1 Biz-Ed Club 4, Vice Pres. Annual Staff Cotton Carnival Representative Senior Play One of our prettiest seniors, Stella, does every- thing the right way, whether it be journalism, sing ing, or being just plain smart. No one was more deserving than she to be the Prom Queen of '54. Understanding and quiet, this outstanding senior is one of the best friends any girl could have. ELEANOR JANE BRANNON C. S. M,C. 1-2-3-4 Sodality 1-2-3-4 Student Council 4, Pres. Choir 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Basketball l-2-3-4 Softball 1-2-3-4 Annual Staff Biz-Ed Club Jane has been active in just about everything here at SHS. Voted "Best Sport" on the basketball team in her junior year, she has proved a good sport in everything. Her sense of duty has been an inspiration to all of us and it will lead to her success in all her undertakings, BETTYE JOYCE BOSWELL C.S.M.C, 2-3-4 Sodality 2-3-4 Biz-Ed Club If she had a dollar for every gallon of gasoline she has used in being the school "chauffeur, " Joyce would be a rich girl. Even though she "hates" to miss one second of school time she willingly obliges SHIRLEY ANNE CERVETTI President 2 CSMC 1-2-3, Rec, Sec, 4, Pres. Sodality I-2-3-4 Choir I-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Librarian S,S,C A, Representative Biz-Ed Club Quiet and likeable is our Shirley, She has done much mission work for the CSMC during her four years, She did a unique job as "Marge" in our Senior Play. In scholastic standing she ranked as Salutatorian of the senior class. i' - ,QM lil t MARY PATRICIA COLEMAN Spiritual Treasurer 2 Financial Treasurer 1 CSMC 1-2-3-4 Sodality 1-2-3-4 .- Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Pan American Club Biz-Ed Club Annual Staff Quiz 'Em on the Air Vivacious Pat, our "Power Room Pianist" will be missed by all of us, She is a willing worker and a credit to S.H.S. as she proved by making an outstanding score on "Quiz 'Em, " This was what we expected of our "Best Student, " ll JO ANN DHUY Choir 1-2-3-4 Library Assistant Sodality 1-2-3-4 C.S.M.C. 1-2-3-4 Biz-Ed Club C,B,C, Cheerleader 1 Neat, well-groomed JoAnn is a perfect model for a S.H,S. uniform. It would be safe to say that her very "favorite" subject is Shorthand, Charlyne knows better than any of us what a truly wonderful friend she is, AGNES FRANCES DATTILO Secretary 2 C.S,M.C. 1-2-3, Vice Pres. 4 Sodality 1-2-3-4, Prefect Student Council 1 Biz-Ed Club 4 "Wittiest" As Prefect of the Sodality, Agnes has gone about this duty in her usual, quiet and unassuming manner and really made our Sodality outstanding, When she isn't praising Mario, she's being her natural, wonderful, witty self, Now you see why we voted her our May Queen, N v it 5 NANCY ANN DUKES C.S.M,C, 1-2-3-4 Sodality 1-2-3-4 Choir 1-2-3-4 Biz-Ed Club Pan American Club The most jovial and happy go-lucky senior with her infectious giggle is a welcome addition to any group, lf anyone wants the news just ask Nancyg she will be glad to tell you, S SF Q ur' MARY JO FASTABEND C.S.M.C. 1-2-3-4 sodaury 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Biz-Ed Club Annual sraff Our petite classmate with a winning smile was voted the "Sweetest" senior, Her friendly manner spells "welcome" to everyone, but es- pecially to Ann and Joyce, I l X l DOROTHY IEAN HOLLAND C.S. M.C. 1-2-3-4 Sodality 1-2-3-4 Biz-Ed Club Art Club For artistic ability we go to our Dot, She was the best prop girl a SHS play ever had, When she's not busy drawing she can be seen conversing with Mary Anne. PATRICIA ANN FOLEY C.S.M.C. 1-2-3-4 Sodality 1-2-3-4 Biz-Ed Club 4 Glee Club 1 Patsy is our exemplar for quiet dignity, Because of her dependability, she is often called upon to help in the library and office, She is the inseparable companion of Betty Ann, 18 ly y MARION PATRICIA HUGO Basketball 1-2-3-4 Choir 1-2-3-4 Sodality 1-2-3-4 C.S, M.C. 1-2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Biz-Ed Club "Where are the little people," Patsy? Along with being a top-notch comedienne, Patsy is also active in sports, meriting a trophy this year for basketball, Her ability to sit down at the piano and play any piece you want keeps her always in demand, I f .f - J V PATRICIA ANN LAWRENCE Sodality 1j2-3-4 C.S,M.C. 1-2-3-4 Glee Club l Biz Ed Club 4 Library Assistant 4 C.B.C. Cheerleader 1 Patsy is a dash of fun with a pinch of mischief put in for good measure which adds to hilarious results, Blessed with the cutest dimples in the class, she is well-known for her love of pickles, HELEN KAREN LaFARGUE Sodality 1-2-3-4 C.S.M.C. 1-2-3-4 Biz-Ed Club Library Assistant Financial Treasurer 3 One of our most attractive seniors, Helen is always immaculate in her dress, She is a fabulous ping-pong player with a personality that certainly bids for fame and success. T 2 1 MARLENE CLAIRE LORENZ Choir l Sodality 1-2-3-4 C.S.M.C l-2-3-4 Student Council 3 Basketball l-2-3-4 Softball 2-3 Annual Staff, Business Mgr, Biz-Ed Club Marlene has proved a very good business Hlflflii- get for our annual, She just "hates" holidays and is always glad when school starts again, Though voted "Most Unprcdtctablen we expect great things from this capable classmate. ms, , 5 E A, .2 o B BARBARA CATHERINE LOWRY Glee Club 1-2-3-4 C.S.M.C. 1-2-3-4 sodanty 1-2-3-4 Biz-Ed Club Softball 4 When Barbara is not arguing with Agnes she is kept busy praising the "Yankees," Adept in her school, we believe she will realize her ambition to be another Florence Nightingale, . s sam, MARY KATHERINE MARDIS Basketball l-2-3-4, Mgr. Class Treasurer 3 Sodality 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 3-4 Softball 2-4 C.S.M.C. l-2-3-4 Choir 1-2-3-4 That head of shining red hair you see at every basketball game belongs to our Kay, This de- pendable manager of the team also nobly represents SHS in whatever she does - - notably, "Quiz 'Em on the Air" and winning the Sears scholarship, .-ff' K HELEN JEAN MURPHY Sodality 1-2-3-4 C,S.M.C. 1-2, Treas. 3-4, Corres. Secy, Secretary 1 Student Council 1 Biz-Ed Club, Pres. Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Annual Staff Girls' State 3 Most Likely to Succeed Voted "Most Likely to Succeed," Jean shows definitely that she will not disappoint us. She has been active in everything at SHS during her four years, She had one of the major parts in our Senior play and is a "wizard" in shorthand and all other subjects, Our class Valedictorian certainly deserves this honor, E l f 3 DeMERUS CLAIR MCCARVER Sodality 1-2-3-4 C.S.M.C. 1-2-3-4 Choir 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Student Council 3 Basketball 1-2 Softball 3 C.B.C, Cheerleader 1 Biz-Ed Club Oratorical Contest 1-2-4 SDS Representative SSCA Representative DeMerus has really made her class quite proud of her by winning the oratorical contest in the city for '54, Her popularity has however, been long established throughout the school, She played the part of Helen in the Senior play and has been an active worker in SDS. JEANETTE O'BRIEN President 1 C.S,M.C. 1-2-3-4 Sodality 1-2-3-4 Choir 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Softball 2-3-4 Biz-Ed Club Jeanette possesses a pair of beautiful eyes, which are the envy of everyone, Her quiet and friendly manner are only a few of her many attrib- utes. She can be called upon to support the class in any project which it undertakes. 3 2 :54-if it Q, . as J Sf s Y 'is CHARLYNE RAE REDDICK C,s.M.c. 1-2-3-Q. Sodality 1-2-3-4 Library Assistant Biz-Ed Club Charlyne's expression "Let me tell you" has be come quite famous. Besides being JoAnn's friend she shares her love for Shorthand, Charlyne is a real help in all activities and is one of our friend- liest seniors. ? 5.83 BETTYE CLAIRRE REINHARDT C,S.M,C, 2-3-4 Sodality 2-3-4 Choir 3-4 Pan A merican Club 4 Basketball 2-3 Student Council 2 C,ll. S, Cheerleader 4 Biz-Ed Club Catholic High Cheerleader and a very cute one, too! She was "Clara" in our senior play and really did a wonderful job, Bettye is quite a Span- ish student and a valuable member of the Pan American Club, Her southern accent tops anything in Georgia and her wit and sense of humor add to her charming personality, FRANCES MARILYN REEVES C,S,M,C, 1-2-3-4, Spiritual Treas, Sodality 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Student Council 3 C.B.C. Cheerleader 1 Annual staff S.D.S. Representative Biz-Ed Club, Program Chairman Marilyn has as many good attributes as she has freckles, A ready wit, sweet personality and won- derful disposition have made her a very lovable person. Her achievements range from competent writer to prompter for the senior play, Z4 ,, Q57 BETTY ANN RIS C.S,M.C. 1-2-3-4 Sodality 1-2-3-4 Choir 1-2 Basketball 1 Biz -Ed Club 4 Our class poetess and writer, Betty won the "When I Think About Advertising" contest at Sacred Heart, A very sincere person, she has proven to be a very good member of the class. Her quiet and friendly manner has endeared her to everyone, X M' at X PATRICIA ANN ROACH C.S.M,C. 1-2-3-4 Sodality 1-2-3-4 Choir 1-2 Cheerleader 1 Homeroom Manager 1 Patsy's southern drawl has become quite famous during her days at SHS, Termed the jitterbug queen of the class for she always knows the latest steps. She is one of our very cutest seniors and a wonder- ful person. A W BETHEL ANNE SMITHERS C.S.M.C. 1-2-3-4 Sodality 1-2-3-4 Biz-Ed Club Anne, our class typist, is always seen during her free moments busily typing for one of the teachers. She is a top shorthand student, too and these wonderful qualifications will help Anne succeed in the business world. LILLIAN ROSALIA SCHINGLE C.S.M,C, 1-2-3, Spir, Treas, 4, Fin, Treas, Sodality 1-2-3-4 Choir 1-2-3-4 C.H.S. Cheerleader 4 Biz-Ed Club, Program Chairman Pan American Club A bundle of fun mixed with tireless energy adds up to the radiant personality that is Lillian, She was appropriately voted "Friendliest" of the Senior class, A very valuable member of the Spanish class always helping out in anything that is asked of her, It is no wonder that she was chosen to be our Duchess in the Cotton Carnival, 1 I 26 A f DELL MARIE TAYLOR C.S.M.C. l-2-3-4 Sodality 1-2-3-4 Choir 2-3-4 Softball 1 Pan American Club 4, Sec. -Treas, Biz-Ed Club Poise, charm, sparkling personality are character- istics of our talented dancer, Dell Marie, Always willing to lend a helping hand, she proved to be a wonderful prompter for our senior play. She has a waistline that is the envy of all her classmates, She made a very good judge at the freshman initiation, PEGGY JOY WEBER Glee Club 1-2-3, Officer-4, Vice Pres, Choir 1-2-3-4 Sodality 1-2-3, Class Repr, -4, Asst. Prefect Biz-Ed Club S. H. S, Ideal SSCA Representative 3 C.S.M.C. 1-2-3-4 Winning honors in Chemistry and a top student in Shorthand, Her delightful personality will take her a long way in the world, She was an attendant in the May Procession. X, MARY ANNE WESSELS Choir 1 Basketball 1 Mgr, Basketball 3 Baseball 1 C.S. M.C. 1-2-3-4 Sodality 1-2-3-4 Biz-Ed Club 4 Mary Anne really brought life to the part of "Bunny" in our play, Famous for her pony-tail hair- style, her winning personality will undoubtedly take her a long way, SANDRA LOU WEINBERG Vice-Pres. 3 Glee Club 3-4, Treas. Choir 3-4 Sodality 3-4 C.S.M.C. 3-4 Biz-Ed Club Annual Editor Best Leader The girl with the thankless job of Editor of the Annual, Sandra Lou has really proven herself de- serving ofthe title of "Best Leader," She is famous for her "pitchers," She can always be called to take charge of any class project and push it to success. ESQ TE ig .K K a xi 5 1 Lorena Bale strlno F' ab Y 3 OV 6 Ovfn S tfe adv a U21 A90 B Y een B 1' N380 15,0 Y wa , a WC Sara Carwile 30 ady M . 31-le cole 'han .Ad Ursula Cuccla M xref a - ha Q0 Flon wait Ga in aret C1291 Mary J Nxafg O Fury Q? M9 . , . OXXI0 YW Anastasla Herm Gia H. Gai lne 31 path x S Beitve ke Gloria Lewis woe A Gjoria Littleton . XXAQJSOQ June M ' a P8910 CG1'aw hon J 3 acqu Marxg MCM Lax-ri Rae Minsky eline Mit h c me e1 Pm 3 2 I Mosexasf, DOYOQWI Q3 r0Xe.P eiherb 9 Mickey Motta fadge Judith O,B rfen Do 1'othY Pierin ' 1 Poua .Tudlth Prlddy nne R Theresa asche 33 dev Patricia Rector an Lynn Rea S Richard s C' ' uito ary F1 , Bruna Rxg OI-ence Roberts 'tr Y H uXa Saiie Mary Sanders elen S Q3 awner 34 Sxamepl Mary Loulse Suhno Barbara S bafa' U1-he Ea! 1' J Xkgf Oan 3630 XN ai Walker Xake F , ka West Shirley Wunder rances Y QAYYXC Oullg Y A Y I 1 f"l--ai I ,-N 1 Q . ,243 X 4 4-5 Q 4 I . rv-1 l A Vi 33351 0 is i,-4. A 'rr 1 A I 48 f ki ll fi 1 1 ,F ,Q all 4-if R A .tr -,, y u f 5 1 . l 5 Q T y il. i , Q .:.,. uf xx 7 X q if h W' 5 -gy g 2 - A I sl , ' v TE C C- , gf .i . l 38 Peggy Andreoli Rose Anne Annaratone Edith Arnold Barbara Baker Cecilia Black Vickie Boldreghini Betsy Brown Claudette Chandler Gladys Cross Carolyn DeBandi Dawn Divine Estelle Eggleston Janet Epstein Marie Fitzmorris Sally Fisher Anne Foley Mary V. Fox Mary Lou Garbarini Patricia Geary Rita C. Grantham ff-wp' fs W W-29 lisa , -'S' tg f -:ar RW 1 E. X X . S 4 4? div' n '35 1 'W' 4: xx , -. X ww '.. fa L. al ,qt , cz 'Ji K . AZN . I X 3 I I 15 Xa ,X X ls, 39 We I, 5 5 K 1 r R Katherine Grantham Mary Lou Griffin Mary Catherine Hadden Rachel Harrer Charlene Hatmaker Anne I-Iiegel Peggy Holden Sharon Holland Jo Ann Hudson Mary Dinah Hunter Margaret Kelly M. Margaret Kennedy Mary K. Koch Mary Jo Laughter Barbara Lumley Kathryn McKittrick Kathryn Mitchell Anne Poje Paula Pongetti June Powers KA 4 ' gl: Us ff! S. xt. I 4. .I C' 4 'U ,v I 5 4+ 4 0 ' - an 1' 1 an 45 ' i 3- I2 l' 1 f . U y 5 Betty Ann Raffanti Carolyn Ragghianti Claudia Rasche Mary Helen Rast Barbara Rief Jane Robbins Mary Joyce Ruegsegger Barbara Simandl Patsy Sitter Kathelyn Smith Lena Soro Andrea Spencer Mary E. Stalens Rose Marie Stevens Barbara Suliano Jenelle Todd Kitty Vaughn Gloria Wade Diane QDeej Warren Dolores Wolfe Eleanor Yeaglin axf 5 Q ,.. XJWQN L, V Q ig, . , ,, '- 2, g. cj, , fvrtvif- ff' Martha Baker Sandra Bassi Ruth Beauchamp Pat Bishop Dolores Bomprezzi Brigid Brady Rita Ann Brignole Nadia Bugg Dorcas Coleman Rose A. Davis Jean DeBandi Betty Ann DeMarco Barbara Jean Dhuy Margaret M, Dwyer Ruth Ann Edwards Barbara Jean Ellis Jean Ellis Catherine Fitzmorris Patricia Gattas Barbara Greer Frances Griffin Vivian Griffin Ellen Marie Harris Teresa Holcomb Mary Kay Holobaugh A 91 VP, Mal Q. qt ' 51: 'J Z -.L '11 X . N "rr ps dv'- N15 X T ,.-.. IQ' n. 3 v E rees ACT' R .Xi i 4 6,9 A .fs ' 'mul f A Mary Leone Hooten Dianne James Karey Ann Kaiser Sue Kallaher Mary Koppeis Nancy Landman Jean Leneke Elizabeth Linder Mary Louise Lynch Annette McGee Barbara McGill Emma Rena McLean Mary Virginia McNair Jo Ann McNamee Jociel Mendolf Gloria Miller Pat Mitchell Margaret Ann Morrison Josephine Moselage Virginia Nardini Mary Catherine Nonnen Rose Frances Nonnen Ann Marie O'Ma,1-a Sandra O'Nei1 Mary Alice Oxford 1'-s Q11 'Q 4' . N L 5 7 E ,vc N835 ,. 'JT -A N 7' f is , A I .fs y '-'F 4 we ,eu r X it 'il' wen - Q - I .g, ,N we L . ,T W ii M 'G Mary Louise Paccasassi Rosalie Peri Patsy Pierini Vivian Posey Brenda Priddy Loretta Raymond Frances Ross Linda Russell Teresa Scanlon Mary Jo Scott Peggy Sterle Kay Stevens Cynthia Sutton Valerie Taube Judy Townsend Jo Ann Turner Karen Vestal Annette Wade Patsy Whalen No rma Kay Whitlow '25 .e 3' 0' 2 ' A ,159 f X l s ,X11 V " ' A ri :tx 'r . 1 X x it N I I I i M' I I A A .2 9. if e,,,. 8 ff , '--1? t N All 6 J Kay Wilkenson fx ' Y x Janice Williams " . J Betty Pat Wunder f 1 'i fh, Josephine Zaccola J ' A ii ,-5 .fv .1 .pb-M' ,HM ,.-se eu fi?-'-IL 4? ...,, wfkl n f ,X ., V VJ fig Q J., V X5 tv. bu 'Ak ,.. fp fly? 5 , X-.1 x k '-, .5 F X s ,,.3f'v x 43 - i if f' Q 21? X -'-' 4 he 'A .ik K 3 . 'gm R xg 2, if ,mgfgr ,- I SPH' 1 1 'WR C. 'fill W' xx W 1 'HQ J- in K X wi, Q. y X' 3 4- ,. ,wi fi: -N W 10" up H ' 3 ' 4' Q " gig? cg Y at K Q cr A. 3 WI' Q. , 2:1 ..!"" 1' 'O' Q, QF- OFFICERS - KLEFT TO RIGHTQ: Barbara Sumer, Treas.g Shirley Cervetti, Pres.: Monsignor Kemp huesg Jean Murphy, Rec, Sec,g Margaret Gavin, V. Pres, X X .Slvlakfg - f ii 1... W' 1 2 1 QV' f N ii f' S uf' fQ i R A, in A - f rr t Q-ff y ' OFFICERS: Joan Wa1kergA nes Danilo, Prefectg Pe .. ,ff , 4 K 1 g ggy ' W f Weber, Asst. Prefectg Mary Lou Griffing Arm Foleyg Judy 1 L m X Townsendg Mary Florence Roberts. 'Q T my . .3 R bf'-"N "Nl:-MQ' 'D vi' , 'I' r ll LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Jo Fzisiabend, Stella Bailey, Sandra Weinberg Marlene Lorenz. Editor, Jean Murphy , '- 1 Sfbwlent Garla- 1 1' qv H 123' OFFICERS SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: June Marie Powers, Marilyn McCarver, Jane Brannon, President, Gertrude Wehrum, June McGraw, Peggy Bovinette, STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Catherine Grantham, Jean Ellis, Sandra O'Neil 59 gf!!-1 'ff ll' 0 ii 4 w WF, yt. 60 Q BMUIIFUL UHIO ,mmm we Q.A,mF,,, ww-. . ,Lf a J- 'C Y 7: Vx ya' 45' -JY' X 1 A , W a I X F X X 1' I NI A 5 'NH Q 3 5, fix' 'f RN gf ,fi w' : .Q-.., ' -5 ff '53, ix W -. X ...Q mfs! f I ,L 9, .: fu Q06 if vw X CMJ 4-ar N..-7 . if in 4,-.ff ,L X 2? N -1 QR ,mal H7W0zlW io a re5Aman f we r 1' ' Q Nu A V' 3'- f-. ,f , ff , C A S T Abby ,,,, Mary Ruth Griffin Susan ..... Jean Murphy Mrs, Miller . .Gertrude Wehrum Sylvia .... Jane Brannon Bunny , , Mary Anne Wessels Helen . . DeMerus McCarver Carrie .... Stella Bailey Dean Gillingham , Lloyd James Clara .... Bettye Reinhardt Bobo . . . Kordel Linder Jack , ,,,, Jay Harris Howie , , Steve Pendergrast Bill ...... Dick Ralph Marge . . . Shirley Cervetti Prof, Michaels. . Harry Cardosi . y.,::r:'r1,.i..... . 3 K' , , "W .' K Q7 X 'ati' Q .v :Q ,m- 9' ' fm. . X X A ? if A W F xx M A Q v J i Y' A . 5 rg i X xx Z . J 1 Q his K . , ,Ki , r 4 if , 4 1 4 Q. .c , I un. .. r 4 O ary 'fs -I 'F -fr I 8 We A .lf f 'mf Sw, +4S'?.g, :'E 1 Qff " xl Q-N ?,.a+Q if W 0 A C I 5' K y , ,HS ,. . --s-A L '5 w- 1' R W s.., xx- Jgxi " Q 'Y 'Q Q3 Urswx N' Af -In Cv 935 'Q Q sap 'K 0'Q XM f 1' ,, . .....y.,...,.,- , ,N...-7 ..... ..k. ,., ..- ....... rom if gli? X JY f' R C fm mf ff 'XJ Q f A 'W and 45 C, FY """s, ks . , . ,L .,. ,..f,x-: wvhffnxx , ,-...Q NC-' if 'mf lg u nf? JI sci XXX 4 ff wi' X? sa ' M' if '2. A K+, Q N , A i . R ' rg X' 5' i J , E X-'Nunn' X ,DM a orrowfuf garewe With the passing of time, the echoes of our school life will grow fainter and fainter, and then die awa ever will be the routine of school life, the fun we had, and the friends we made. It is the hope of the 1954 Graduating Class that, as you glance through this book in the years to come, you will recapture those moments--and the echoes will begin again. 70 y. Gone for - , xx mf 'Ti SF 4? 'Af'f"ffZ1fH , 4 -i. H, .. 7 'I' l'7., A 1 f 'ae Hi .3-Ln JEAN MURPHY Likely to Succeed -'lf A0 9 if Most 0 'Y e e f 'N"1- be QP xg' e 616, JO ,S-0 if i, 3 ig Gr ,ex oe fff e ee .e m e , 19 Q, ,I f V A - N--'N-g4:jN.L,w?1 wg, 'e 2' 6 KI 3 ,N ,,,N, N. Q D . We Q fy xy, ' 09 ., , "'A Q- K Qfxfovy e R We vff A' 1 4' e ' f "1:,4,? If ' -'C '--Q NN XXXX Q6 -'lf eewfbc Q55 -1 51, 0 451 .fly sb . 45 Sf 0 Org '0' G Q' ,900 'U Q5 4' Q? wg' 03 Q0 M TRUDE WEHRU GER Be st A11 Round 72 Qy 'b' 'N 19 59 99,0 A0 Q QQ? Q0 Q2 wb 'S vqkf SANDRA WE INBERG Be st Leader A 0 SQ I 0 0 foofe Qolflggjv 'Y so Q ' , , V X 642, ffm og' 59 'V , Cf' QQ? 08' Q 'C vga-V 08 Q' 055 9 23,6 PEGGY WEBER SHS Ideal 73 JM: YM! am! flifammf of CVM 54 We, the Graduating Class of May, Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-four, in the city of Memphis, state of Tennessee, being about to leave this school in full possession of sound mind, and understanding, do make and publish this, our Last Will and Testament. And, first, we do direct that our funeral services shall be con- ducted by our friends and well wishers, the faculty, only enjoining the funeral be carried on with all the dignity and pomp our situation in this high school has merited. As to such estate as it has pleased the fates to give us, we do dis- pose of the same as follows, viz: ITEM: To the Faculty, we give and bequeath restful nights and peace- ful dreams. They have done their duty and they have their reward. We also leave the amazing knowledge and startling information that we furnished them from time to time in our various examination papers. ITEM: To Sac red Heart High School, we leave all our poor reports, stubs of pencils, and all books which have served us nobly and which will be of no use to us in our new careers. ITEM: Some individuals of the class bequeath small personal pos- sessions to numerous persons as follows: Mary Jo Fastabend wills her "blue streak" to the front door after the 2:55 P. M. bell to Lynn Readey. Peggy Weber leaves to Jane Richards her home chemistry set and to Jackie Mitchell she leaves the chemistry lab and her pet bottle of sodium. DeMerus McCarver bequeaths her book, desk and beloved comptometer to Bruna Rigutto and to Lorena Balestrina she leaves her 20120 vision and all her glasses to go with it. Jean Murphy wills to Pat Westlake her beautiful "S0pranO" v0ice t0 carry on in the Glee Club and her love for C. B. C, and to Ann Rasche she leaves her beautiful penmanship. Dixie Lee Powers leaves Judith Priddy first place in the breakfast line so she won't have to push anymore. Stella Bailey leaves her assistant teaching position in the Spanish class to Margaret Gavin with the hope that she' will carry on with great accomplishments. Mary Ruth Griffin cedes to Mary Sanders the last desk in the first row. May she always get to lunch first. Shirley Ce rvetti leaves her ability to complete four years of high school in four years to Anne Marie McMahon. Jane Brannon bestows on Martha Cotter the privilege of being the first out of the choir so she won't have to rush. Bettye Reinhardt presents her one-half bottle of left-over Light and Bright to Anne Brady. And to Mary Katherine Gatti she bequeaths her love of the piano. Marilyn Reeves wills to Frances Young her naturally curly hair along with her "super Toni," and to Peggy Bovinette she leaves her freckles to go with her red hair. 74 Barbara Lowry wills her dark brown eyes and her long blonde hair to Jean Walker. Patsy Lawrence donates to Carol Petherbridge her dimples if she cares to have them and also her seat at XE's meetings. Pat Coleman bestows on Betty Leneke the privilege of calling anyone she wishes by her full name. Martha Ashburn leaves Paula Saffer her long XE chain and her love for long telephone calls on a private line and she leaves to Gloria Littleton that broad smile and hilarious laugh. Gertrude Wehrum donates all her excess weight to Barbara Sumer. Dorothy Holland presents Pat Mason with her natural ability to dream, smile, and otherwise take it easy. Lillian Schingle leaves Joan Walker her bottle of energy pills and her love of Catholic High. Mary Anne Wessels wills her perfect attendance record to Sara Carwile hoping she will meet expectations. Sandra Weinberg bestows on Joy Baer the patience she has acquired over worry and wonderment and to June McGraw she leaves her desire for long, long letters from the north. Patsy Raoch leaves Ursula Cuccia her wonderful ability for driving a car and hopes that Ursula can avoid having as many wrecks as she did. Jeanette O'Brien leaves Judy O'Brien her Irish name and wit. Charlyne Reddick bequeaths to Patsy Rector her ability' to always see the bright side and never to be under a strain. Jo Ann Dhuy bestows on Therese Polland her LOVE for shorthand. Anne Smithers leaves Kathleen Brady her willingness to lend a helping hand with any extra typing. Marlene Lorenz just leaves, but she wills her favorite desk in her favorite room to Dottie Pierini. Nancy Dukes leaves Helen Sawner her cute figure and to Dorothy Moselage she leaves the right to set the clock every day. Patsy Hugo leaves to Shirley Wunder first base on the softball team. Patsy Foley bequeaths to Anne Marie Cardena her own "special" seat in the principal's office and her love for typing. Joyce Boswell leaves Carolyn Hearn her "anxiety" to make her Buick accommodating. Agnes Dattilo wills to Rose Marie Coleman her flaming red hair and to Mary Suliano she leaves her fair complexion. Helen LaFargue leaves her good times at S. H. S. to Barbara Slattery and also her ambition to never miss a day of school. Marilyn McCarver wills her wonderful initials to Mickey Motta. Kay Mardis leaves the seniors' "Toy Rocket Gyro" to Mary Jo Fury and Mary Florence Roberts, one to be the pilot and the other co-pilot. Betty Ris bestows on Patsy Hines two inches of her height and to Gloria Lewis she leaves the privilege of writing poems for the Biz-Ed Briefs. Dell Marie Taylor leaves by the back door, but will give the key to Larri Rae Minsky. Signed and Sealed this first day of May, Anno Domini, Nineteen Hundred Fifty-four. 7544 Sand ra Lou Weinbe rg Q. Pat Coleman Jo Ann Dhuy WA en 011 all Kay Mardis Reddick .ite Q! mg Marilyn Lillian McCarver Schingle 76 Patsy Lawrence Stella Bailey Cha rlyne Gertrude Wehrum Nancy Dukes Marlene Lorenz J ean Mu rphy Martha Jane Ashburn da Mary Jo Fastabend Q Q Peggy ' K Weber L bwl -A ' J ' M'?1'YRurh L 1 - P Grlffin ' W 'M D1X1e Lee Powers 1 Helen La Fargue 'S ere ouneg vs J Mary Ann Wessels 'R rw 1 B e ttye J' na 3 QE R e inha rdt , . .W ,wr 'f .1-W f . H:q:11,,:.f1Qg av J M ,355 ., 532 , y , :.,, J Agnes D attil o ggi -N..-- 1 we-F gl T-nwvfmr-X was Joyce Boswell '!9'M!N' Dorothy Holland Jeanette O'Brien J ryr e n 1? 77 is .. F' 2-1 A is H Q. .wif X 'Sam , v I' rl 5 .'i x 'na-7 61.55 POP QC? As the class of May, 1954, was contemplating its coming commence ment exercises, it fell to my lot to forecast the future of these fair dam sels. After endeavoring in vain to cultivate what is commonly known as "second sight," I concluded that prophetic vision was not my strongest point. I uttered a cry of despair and a-s my cry of weakness did ascend I fell into a deep sleep. Instantaneously I began to dream. I found my- self gazing down the long vista of things yet-to-be. I gazed into a courtroom and was amazed to find Jane Brannon, dis- playing her oratorical pains, as a lawyer, Opposing her was her old friend and classmate, DeMerus McCarver. A small volume of Songs and Ballads had just been published and the author is a girl, Betty Ris, who had a reputation in High School days as a poet. For a moment there was darkness and then suddenly I found my- self in a library where Patsy Foley was Head Librarian. I picked up a newspaper and learned from it the various activities of some of my classmates. Sandra Weinberg was editor of this splendid paper and Marlene Lorenz advertising manager. I read among the news that Joyce Bos- well, an explorer, was departing for the Polar Region and her traveling companion was none other than Ann Smithers. I saw an announcement for a stage play which was to open at the Palladium in London, the prima donna of which was Dixie Powers. The choreography was done by the nationally known dancer, Dell Marie Taylor, One of the most outstanding numbers featured Patsy Roach, presenting her inimitable style of the jitterbug. Under the news items I made the following discoveries: Helen LaFargue had returned from a visit to Paris, where she had been giving the French people new ideas on the very latest styles. Her assistant was Patsy Lawrence and the noted hair stylist, Martha Ashburn. Peggy Weber was a famous pianist and Barbara Lowry had become internationally popular as a singer. 80 The President's secretary, Agnes Dattilo had just broken the speed record for shorthand dictation. Other girls had adopted various other interesting occupations: Dot Holland was a commercial artist, and Stella Bailey, a journalist, had just received her third Pulitzer Prize. Pat Coleman was now Mistress of Ceremonies of a famous T, V, show, "Who Said What?" Marilyn Reeves now writes "horror" stories for the movies. Mayo Brothers genius was exceeded by the new doctor in charge, of their clinic, Kay Mardis. Her indispensable nurse being Shirley Cervetti. In their research laboratory was Mary Ruth Griffin, chief chemist, who had been making some startling discoveries. Chief X-Ray technician in the clinic was Mary Anne Wessels. Nancy Dukes was now teaching in the same school as her old friend, Lillian Schingle. Nancy was Professor of Laughter and Lillian was head of the Energy Dept. Turning to the sport page I found that our class was well represented Patsy Hugo and Jeanette O'Brien had become professional basketball players and Marilyn McCarver had attained great fame as the star mem- ber of the United States Olympic Team. Suddenly I could see no more but I found myself in a small candy shop. Jean Murphy kept this very attractive candy shop. Perhaps the lady who frequented her shop most was Bettye Reinhardt now married and bringing her little boy down to buy candy. Mary Jo Fastabend often came in, too with her twin girls, Last I visited a quiet little suburban street. In one clean, neat white house lived Gertrude Wehrum and her family. Not far away, sharing a duplex were Jo Ann Dhuy and Charlyne Reddick who had been married in a double ceremony just a month ago. As I beheld-all-this a veil was drawn before my eyes and I awoke to find myself turned back to the things that are. It has been a pleasant dream for everyone was happy, It proved that only goodness, truth, and prosperity shall follow the fair and talented members of the class of 1954. 81 i Jean Murphy Valedictorian Shirley Cervetti Salutatorian A v tvs". .' .+ ' K D vw I G, N, ...Q . 1 f' if ' 4 as A L V f W 1' ' ,T X 'ai iff? fav. DeMerus McCarver CSMC Oratorical Contest a 6 , , .- iv L 1: ijj gg VAL I mga , I y' ' 'L' Z.: 0 if fgkv I da 6 X S k i - , NNI' " A : "' '1 N I ,, EIT is h A . Q . 3, I v L X F x5 IA ex rf' X ' . " it X SOPHOMORE WINNERS Edith Arnold, Lena Soro, Mary Hunte r S B S L a e t i n t e 1 d t 1 1 r y 1 i 3- 6 a 3. n W R B e e a, S i i i c n n 1 h b h e i e a. Y I1 r r g S d 82 1 t e C A R N I V A L R O Y A L I T Y is h JK Kay Mardis Sears Award iw?-.4 X F -.i , if . Nj.-V Q J . 5' Betty Ris Advertising E ssay Q,l"..- 1 -v....,xJ Q pf QP 1' 11:99 218.1 1 -9-.. 2321-. Q2 G! 'D' mm q ,J + W' nf Sw 5.19 fix " ,. ,.f ' E59 ff, C fx a '- f a . HQTSIQEQ. Aff, - In , L H 9. , J. f , mL-- i v- Q ,Q A L 'N A fn 4,-v. , -. Ks, JL 1 N.. ap. , 'W ' 'Wi f :W .Jw :ii , Iv, mgnqi - Q' W Q LW, -1 XX .3-1u.lfus.x 53, 19... I""' 2' -0 M up-nn Gen A, 11.1 YB' ' Q 5 -0192 5 Compliments OF THE HOLY NAME SOCIETY mm-p,-u-v-www-pw- S f . V .ns-Q.. Q59 1 M .R if ,xwfw ,,.x , w I.. X , N Q K X k Iiazrftn x N. -A-... f-0-"if -null" . -4 ,, 1, x"5"iu 'f "Q,-piss... s,,A'Y V' 1, I -uni' .W.,v4 J,-,:+r,'9. .I-ha-u,,, sa- v'v ""N"'s 4-rv" ty 4 shits' u-54. Q Q. 9 ,A A .- kr., .' -.g,f,-+- If " 5 -ff,-,.. ...Z aomso unoen Aumomv or me cocA-cou commv uv COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF MEMPHIS i- Compliments of SHS MUIHHIS' lIlUB K 'o 0 0 5 :kg S, C o rnplirne nt s X 3 , J I 1 my M, W. ,gf I brews 3 l J ia... Compliments of JUNIOR C Y 0 I me THE SENIOR GLEE CLUB Compliments of BIZED CLUB Compliments of ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY Sacred Heart Church Compliments of zghnlir 1359111 ff 4" n ,Wguf Ili' i IIE -M- 1 at -, SHN sw lg: t Nj 5, I V ' I ' 1, ' f A, QI ' fl ,E I gig' Q-If H v Q, QS Q II I 1 T5 1 If . Q I . , 2,1 n I ,.-4 . x ij, S- . , ' ,I L ,1 V I '- 3 ' A w x M V .E Hi. ,LN -N"'. , M r . . xii 4."'E, ,L avr' age' Q 1 I "2 g, f fl -E1 I ' 1' " - - ., ,if'-'-my-fi . I pf, -7 V-XA. 'U :A Cities Service Phone 9-9097 For Your Protection Use Kool Motor Oil BARIZIZZA BROS., IMPORTERS gllhartm Saruicn Siaiinn Memphis, Tenn. WHOLESALE FUEL OIL 81 KEROSENE Complete Car Service 30 Min. Battery Charge Olive Oil, Macaroni, Cheese 12 6 No rth Main L. Maranise 1421 Miss. , at Parkway Compliments Compliments of of MEADOR'S MOTOR LINES MR. 208 West Desota Avenue NORMAN D. ISABELL 1 l Fine Class Rings Announcements Compliments Yearbooks Compliments of Awards of WERNER GARMENTS Manufacturer JOSTEWS TAYLOR MACHINERY of Since 1897 COMPANY School Uniforms Rep: Eugene V. Dierkes 3523 Dunn Memphis , Tennes see Fire, Automobile and General Insurance Liberal Real Estate Loans Real Estate Sales E.H.CnuMP 8. Co. Compliments Compliments of of CLASS 10A CLASS 'IOB ROGERS CHURCH GOODS CO. Third and Adams Gifts For A11 Occasions Church Supplies Religious Articles Compliments of G. D. HQQKa4co Realtor s Compliments of FRESHMAN CHORAL CLUB Compliments of W . QW X if fiiwil f A "OTTO" THE ORKIN MAN Orkin Exterminating Co. , Inc. Wor1d's Largest Pest Control Company Call 36-4583 1313 Poplar Avenue THE PAIN TS IH THE MASS UF congratulate their daughters on their outstanding achievements and wi sh for them much happiness and great success. BIISI ESS PAIR!! S ANNARATONE CONSTRUCTION CO. 590 Loeb Street Residential Work A Specialty BIG STAR No. 25 1701 Jackson Avenue PIERCE HARDWARE COMPANY 1717 Lamar Avenue Phone 7-2815 Compliments of SOUTHERN RUBBER CO. STATE FOOD STORE No. 2 1384 Jackson Avenue Phone 2-2149 Compliments of STEEPLETON GENERAL TIRE CO. TIM RYAN SERVICE STATION 54 N. Cleveland Avenue Phone 36-9432 HOWARD GRAHAM CO. , INC. Complete Home Furnishings 1359 Madison at Crosstown SAM FORTAS HOUSEFURNISHING CO. Main and Poplar Avenues Phone 5-3515 Peggy Holden Marjorie Duckett School of Dancing A Friend Mr. and Mrs, E. M. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. J. Pongetti Arcade Market Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Baker Mrs. Tom E. Eggleston Barre Pan-Am Service Station The McMahon Family Mrs, Agnes Laine Bill King Ted Wilson Gaia Bros, Bruno's Super Market Redus Shoe Service Mr, and Mrs. Albert J. Suzore J. G. SCHMIDT 8: SON 1355 Poplar Avenue Phone 7-2808 Compliments of WILLIAMSON SERVICE CO. GLASH CASH GROCERY 279 W. Esota Avenue Phone 35-5122 Compliments of CROSSTOWN SHOE SHOP BOSI'S WEONA No, 17 1723 Jackson Avenue Phone 2-2176 Compliments of T. W. BILLIONS THE TOGGERY Exclusive Men's Shop Main at Adams CHAS N. TIGRETT STUDIO Portraits - Weddings 2086 Union Avenue Phone 36-6405 A Friend Mrs. J. A. Rudisill Miss Edith Rudisill Sampietro 8: Co. 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Suggestions in the Sacred Heart School - Crest Yearbook (Memphis, TN) collection:

Sacred Heart School - Crest Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Sacred Heart School - Crest Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 18

1954, pg 18

Sacred Heart School - Crest Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 8

1954, pg 8

Sacred Heart School - Crest Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 91

1954, pg 91

Sacred Heart School - Crest Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 57

1954, pg 57

Sacred Heart School - Crest Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 69

1954, pg 69

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