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cr AULEN COUNTY PUBLIC UBRARY ■C I 0) o o o - 0) " d Q) • MM U) c z M- " 5 o u X c u 0) (D c “O c o o o D CO 3 u D) FI DELITAS ’63 Forty-Second Edition Dedication Dollie Goodnough Registered Nurse We of the outgoing senior class of ' 63, wish to take time out to ex¬ press our deepest, sincerest, and heartfelt appreciation and acknowl¬ edgement to Mrs. Dollie Goodnough, our college nurse, to whom we so happily dedicate this Yearbook. You have not only taken care of our health needs, but have also become a valued friend to the entire student body. We therefore with pleasure dedicate to you, Mrs. Dollie Goodnough, this, our 1963 FIDELITAS. 5 1962-63 WAS THE 6 YEAR WHEN 7 DELHI TECH DISCOVERED THAT 8 PROGRESS MEANS GROWTH THE NEW JOINS THEOLD rassytt. TO REMEMBER SIGHTS .AW Court Freshmen Fall Festival Sports Day 20 ■mm Alpha Beta Chi sponsored Skit Night of Fall Festival Weekend. Taking top honors was Delta Theta Gamma with their skit on the administration and faculty of our college. Two winners are pictured: Pi Nu with second place and Brookside Independents with third. Weekend climax; Psi Delta Omega ' s " Moon River " Christmas Weekend We ' ll Remember White Christmas Scrooge Concert Choir Prince and Princess of " White Christmas, " Ginger and Bob. WSGA Bazaar College Players Present Tills play is dedicated to Charles E. Wilson, Robert B. Young and all the other small stockholders of America. Cast (In order of their appearance) Narrator - _ . . T. John Blessington Alfred Metcalfe Warren Gillie Clifford Snell frs. Laura Partridge Amelia Shotgraven Mark Jenkins iliss L’Arriere Edward L. McKeever Miss Logan Reporter.s - Terry Stevi Terry Stevens James Meyer Robert Walden R. Victor Stewart David Ross JoAnne Ferraro Roberta Barth Robert Banasik Marcia Downing Alfred Abrahams Gloria Brauer a, John Sanok, Linda Goss Student Director—Linda Goss Make-Up—Virginia Hoyt and Del-te-dram Staging—Tri-Atelier and especially Sidney Bater, Walter Bennett, Glen Ellis, Paul Pitt Back Drops—Gary Hart and Dennis Hawkins The Solid Gold Cadillac by Howard Teiciimax.v axd Georcf, S. K.vxmMA.v directed by !Mrs. Robert Humphries Presented by special permission of Dramatists Play Service, Inc., 14 East 38tb St., New York 16, Nexv York. 24 “The Solid Gold Cadillac” Directed by Mrs. Robert Humphries ' 1 Winter Weekend Mil ■■■ S The traditional snow sculpturing this year, which is part of Tri-Atelier ' s " Winter Weekend " activities, was very successful. After the snow finally arrived and stayed, the event was enjoyed by all. Tri-Atelier ' s traditional Builders Ball was named " Winter Fantasy " this year. Dancing to the music of the " Crescendos, " everyone enjoyed themselves very much. The Winning trophy was given at the dance, won this year by TG. The Tri-At brothers dance one dance of the evening alone and the best is picked by the judges to sit on the throne with his date. This year it was a Junior brother who was chosen, Joe Weaver and his date. r Builders Ball h-’-fi " ' r ' i r . • ' - .. . . . ' ' 1 muuuMjNnii mmHfttffmUStl Uiil pT73 , i i " 11 n p f f «f " |[|||||H| Ba M|||||H 1 [| t f Ri Hf ' ff nllMfli -V h gJ LjjKl " 3 » K1 t Thirty-eight Delhi Tech students par¬ ticipated in the fourth annual seminar on the United Nations held at United Nations headquarters in New York City on Feb. 6,7 and 8. The seminar included briefings by members of U.N. Secre¬ tariat, meeting with Indian Representi- tive, attending U.N. committee meetings, a tour of the U.N. headquarters lunch¬ eon in the Delegate ' s dining room and a reception for the group at the United States Embassy to the United Nations. ( Charles Castle, president of TG, receives the prize for the frat upon giving the most blood. Tug-of-War Competition Competition Sack Racing Competition Weekend trophy winnersl Egg Throwing Competition r 1 J ' One of the campus events with the most student par¬ ticipation is Competition Weekend, sponsored by Kappa Sigma Epsilon. Competitive activities and trophy winners can be seen opposite. ' X j ■ 1 i 1 1 - ( ' • -i ; r-V : a. n f Kappa Sigma Epsilon ' s Sweetheart Mrs. John LaPo inte, seated with her is her husband, John LaPointe. Weekend Delhi Tech got a touch of Old Spain as Kappa Sigma Epsilon presented, " La Viesta Del Toro, " meaning " The Feast of the Bull. " Much excitement was on campus for this week¬ end. Friday night started the weekend with the talent show and beard growing contest. Psi D took first place with their version of East Side Story. Second place went to ABX with a modern " do it yourself " fashion show. Pi Nu took third place with their rendition of " Showboat. " Saturday ' s events went well and everyone enjoyed them¬ selves. Saturday evenings climax was the dance from nine to one. The center of attention was the papiermache bull in the center of the dance floor. " La Viesta Del Toro " was very much enjayed by everyone. Trophies were awarded at the dance. i ( STUDENT UNION the Side m. In Action The event that everyone looks for¬ ward to is the Float Parade, Sat. at noon. The judging was difficult, but the placement was: Pi Nu Epsilon: 1st Alpha Beta Chi: 2nd Delta Theta Gamma: 3rd SPRING WEEK-END| Delta Theta Gamma sponsors Spring Weekend and this year, the climax of the weekend was their dance, " Manhattan Towers. " Reign¬ ing over the dance this year were. Queen Nancy Schuman and King Ben Pierce. Ma Henderson presents the queen with flowers for the evening. IPYRAMIO SUCCE I THIOg«H SECRETARIAL SCIENCE Organizational Exhibits OPEN HOUSE Open House, May 4 and 5, at¬ tracted over 1,000 visitors. Parents come to meet the faculty, view the organizations ' exhibits, and look over the campus. Prospective stu¬ dents held Career Conferences with faculty members. The Class of ' 63 held a Scholarship Barbecue, and sold over 1,00 tickets. It is one of the year ' s biggest events, and it went off just like clockwork. activitie: 1 V»» -ytvft ■. at %» .i flS H ta ttwr hr« |M «(((Niviiii ant 1 1 ■ L 1 ' 1 X i Tl ' V- . , H.. L 1 1 r l ' 1 Pres., C.A. Payne; V. Pres., G. Tieder; Sec., C. Stangle (substitute V. Haupel) Treas., D. Rottman; Parli. C. Palmer Student Senate Executive Board Senators and Court SENATORS IN A MEETING. COURT IN SESSION: (1 to r) D. Fish, E. Carangelo, J. Treitler, C. Vanuga, A. Abrahams, H. Schnitzer. CHAIRMANS Joe DeLee and John La Pointe Wylie, L. Tolonen, L. Schmidt, C. Vanuga, E. Corangelo, Beach, C. Castle, B. Marx. Women’s Student Government Association W.S.G.A. is an organization which operates in accordance with the generally accepted principles of democracy. Each women shares the responsibility of promoting high standards of honor, increasing the sense of individual and group responsibilities, and applying the principles of cooperative government. The purpose of the Association is to promote good relations among students, to maintain self-government, and to uphold the standards, rules and regulations found in the W.S.G.A. Constitution. The main event of the year is the bazaar. We also sponsored Skit Night of Fall Festival Week-end and Caroling at Christmas. Freshman initiation, record hops and other fund raising events. OFFICERS: Pres., D. Bastable; V. Pres., M. Everett; Sec., R. Hackett; Trees., F. Koenig. 39 The Canterbury Club is the Episcopalian students ' organization at Delhi Tech. The purpose of the club is to aid students who wish to gain more understanding of the Christian faith and to help them live better i ves through religious, intellectual, and social activities. The activities of the Delhi Tech. Canterbury Club have included meetings with other groups from other colleges and trips to nearby churches. In front of St. John ' s with Father Homer CANTERBURY CLUB NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club is an organization of Catholic students attending secular colleges and universities. The basic purpose is to deepen the spiritual and enrich the temporal lives of the members through a balanced program of religious, intellectual, and social activities. This year the Newman Club at Delhi has had a series of movies, debates and retreats. The club has also participated in various social activities on campus. Newman Club in St. Peters 1 MEMBERS: (TOP OF STEPS, DOWN), B. Becker, M. Hoffman, L. Katz, A. Goldman, A. Abrahams, H. Scnitzer, P. Raices, M. Lieberman. Members of Brandeis on steps of Student Center. Brandeis Fellowship I The Brandeis Fellowship is the Jewish student ' s organization on the Delhi campus. Founded in 1959, the Brandeis Fellowship provides for the religious, cultural, social and interfaith needs of Jewish students. During the past year, the fellowship has arranged for films and speakers on topics of interest to its members, and has conducted various social functions. The highlights of the year were Dr. Kunsela ' s illustrated talk on Israel, the visit of Dr. Norman Kahan, Jewish chaplain at West Point, talks by Israeli exchang e students, a program on inter-faith dating lead by Reverend Bruce Freeman and the year end banquet. 41 The Dairy Industry Club was founded in March, 1948. The club provides its members an opportunity to deal with problems of Dairy Management and Sanitation on an extra-curricular basis. This is accomplished through industry speakers, plant visitations, and contracts with other smaller groups. The Club also endeavors to develop competent and aggressive leaders, to cooperate with others engaged in similar purposes. The Horn Hoof Club ' s membership is composed of students who are interested in livestock farming. There were speakers and educational movies for the enjoyment of the members in the club. The club sponsored its annual hayride for Fall Festival Weekend, and the Little National Dairy Show. Along with the annual banquet, field trips for seniors was a part of the program. A new activity for this year was a round and square dance called the Horn and Hoof Hoe-down. It was well attended and enjoyed by everyone. Horn and Hoof MEMBERS IN FRONT OF DAIRY BARN. S. Barnes, M, Beader, S. Miller, L. Palmer, D. Terrill, P. Sobel, K. Craft, M. Everett. M. Scott, J. Currier, C. Stangle,- SEATED, C. Todt, E. Gayton, P. Bentzen, Green Key Green Key Honor Society is a society formed for the purpose of giving proper recogni¬ tion to those students who have attained a high scholastic standing and also to promote scholastic endeavor among our students. Green Key Honor Society members, among other activities, act as proctors and tutors in a study hall, act as guides for Open House and other occasions, act as ushers for various functions, and present scholastic trophies to those organizations on campus achieving the highest average index each quarter. The Del-te-Dram Society of Delhi Tech was organized in November, 1958. Its objective is to provide students with an opportunity to learn methods of stage design, make-up, and acting. The group participates in Orientation Week, Fall Festival Weekend, and Christmas Weekend. Each year in May, Del-te-Dram plans a trip to New York to see a Broadway production. Del-te-Dram T. McIntosh, S. Barns, R. Hackett, D. Cross, M. Dinneen, G. Dantzler, R. Wood, L. Laing, F. Lagana, A. Edel, M. Downing, C. Smith, G. Morris, A. Feldman, J. Thomas, D. Whitehead, P. Blodgett, R. Denson, T. Stevens, S Lown, L. Palmer, E. Balim, M. Fagan, R. Banasik. Wm. Morgan, Advisor. The objectives of the Gourmet Club ore: first, to give students in Food Administration a chance to try new and exotic dishes that they may not have a chance otherwise to try; second, to give students a chance to actually gain experience not only in planning a dinner or banquet but, also in the preparation; and thirdly, by the use of films and speakers to introduce new ideas concerning gourmet cookery. Gourmet Club The Oracle STATE UNIVERSITY CS V ' ; AGRICULTURAL AND LEC! I YE A’ ' YS i ! D : DELHI, NEW YORK V. U. NO i - i ' AiKi R Record Year For De hi EXPECT 620 STUDENTS; PRESIDENT KUISEU MOST FRESHMEN EVER BACK FROMiSPrlP BUILDING PROGRESS DORM A IN USE, B BY NEXl TCPII The Oracle Pre-regislration estimates of the size of the student body indi¬ cated that Delhi Tech will have its largest registration in history this fall, an expected 620 students. Dean of Students Clarke G. _ Hoffman expects 400 first-year students. They will be joined by approximately 220 returning seniors, a number w ' hich in¬ cludes a few part-time and spec¬ ial students. Largest enrollment before this year wa.s 571, in September 1960. Last year the size of the entering class was held down, primarily due to a shortage of dormit ’ " " ' ' —.. total Oi the staff at the DELAWARE REPUBLICAN NEWSPAPER OFFICE . . . tlOn tir Editor Victor Stewart and staff, Marylee Hoyt, Nancy Ann Decker, Of tl students. 376 fresl Exact will not senior 17. First of jeeted ten n? into use. Dorniitory “A” is to be occupied H ' Y-esidenl Wiiliani R Ko adednistrative officer c! ' i IsrHf ' i on a mission for SYe.o Rn.v Under sr onsorship oi Ae minRtration for Inter’eaC,;!;;,- Df vo ' oornt-nl (the fo: nn-; CA Or. Keaaela helped Re ' c-t i government set up a ia’ul rr- ' ot (‘oUege et nehobotti. He. his Wife B.cienw. -ni! ' esl rRiUgni’ r ' e ryahu, a sahe;;-r: v 216 students as Twfj older daughters, h r -a,, 18, astd Lynn, 16, sturiR-r: .-t fi,,: American Internati -nn ' Sandra Hort. graduated from high re on June 13. Dr. TWW SPEI Parkir sharply est of sa cording who is i parking forceme: Encro. on som bined wi construe day aiK dent ca: made it dent Cc class h( p.m. Only dormito thorized those h sion cor Coulter Building I ' d. r-lo cai ' S will be allowed : ampus from 8 to 5 which do am : r rry cni- iege registration .stickers, A build in earryme In ' i PetoiB (Coniint-ed on page eas eoi ' .i aa’ Will be • xpenra d Ri,- U varsity m die r e i ten yew’s, finance physical eepanston I ' w Delhi Tech Ca- p is ■ ‘We eaS ' • ' . " Y ae laS ' raCUiiv at 0 SC ' pl eh CONCERT CHOIR The Delhi Tech Concert Choir is composed of students from all divisions who meet to further their musical interests. Concerts are given by the choir and also a smaller, special group, the Fidelitones, both on and off the campus. Other activities include radio and television presentations, and a tour of some part of the state, usually during March. This year the choir performed for the student bodies at Deposit, Ellenville, Monroe- Woodbury, Tuxedo and Warwick Valley High Schools in addition to the N.Y. State Rehabilitation Hospital at West Haverstraw. At least 5,000 people heard them. They received much acclaim and were invited back. This tour seems to be a climax for a near ending school year. LQJWI. -iSitw ur- inxMn EXECUTIVE BOARD, P. Jensen, G. Broderick, R. Hackett, C.A Smith, J. DeLee, G. Bunce, B. Marx Student Officers? President: William Marx Vice-President: Pe te Jensen Secretary? Ruth Hackett Student Union The Student Union of Delhi was organized in the Fall of 1956 and is a member of the Region II of the Association of College Unions. The purpose of the Student Union is to develop leadership abilities, provide recreation outlets for students, sponsor culture events and regularly sponsored Sunday movies, encourage friendly relationships between faculty and student and student with student, and keep them infomed about the activities on campus. The Union belongs to the students of Delhi; it ' s your home away from home 1 The purpose of the Delhi Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda is to develop competent, aggres¬ sive business leadership, and to create more understanding and interest in choosing business occupations. This year the Club has taken various field trips, such as the trip to Rochester, New York to tour certain business enterprises. The club also sponsored a Halloween Party which was very successful and enjoyed by everyone. Phi Beta Lambda Retailing students on Field " Buying " Trip to New York. At the New York Gift Show are Martin Felberg, Fred Simpson, Ed Carangelo. The show took place at the New Yorker Hotel and New York Trade Show Building. Officers of Phi Beta Lambda: President: J. Liguori Vice-President: B. Rector Secretary: N. Fessard Treasurer: P. Shaw Student Senate Rep.: S. Hort in . s. V ' - Since the organization of the Delta Chapter in 1920. Theta Gamma has combined progress with prosperity to enjoy forty-two years of continued success. Traditional, this year 1962-63, we have lived up to ttie high standards and spirit set by Theta Gamma. Serving for the purpose of strengthening the bond of brotherhood between its members, through social activities and academic achievements, the fraternity has functioned well and prospered throughout the school year. Making this a successful year was attributed to the many activities in which Theta Gamma has participated in, some of which are the annual frosh party, and the spring weekend. ROW 1 (I to r): J. Treitler, B. Scott, H. Coles, B. Marx, B. Caroompus, B. Pierce, C. Leila, K. Pratt, L. Archibald, E. Carangelo. ROW 2: D. Witherell, J. Sosler, W. Russell, C. Piazza, D. Schoening, C. Castle, J. Deal, L. Pyne, T. Doran. Z A 54 ! I 1 1 : 1 i I ROW 1 (I to r): V. Haupel, P. Wylie, G. Vanuga, M. Everett, L. Tolonen, E. Tomkins, Mrs. Hoagland, N. Schuman, K. Romes, D. Pomeroy, S. Huff. L. Schmidt, M. Rio. ROW 2; J. Davidson, J. Cookley, B. Fourie, Pi Nu Epsilon Sorority, Gamma Chapter, was organized in the spring of 1958, in affiliation with the Beta Chapter at Alfred Tech. Pi Nu Epsilon was introduced and accepted as the first sorority on Delhi Tech. ' s campus. We are a sister sorority of Delta Theta Gamma Fraternity. It is our aim to develop a bond of sisterhood through promoting a feeling of good will and establishing loyalty, sincerity, and truth among sisters. Tri-Atelier, a professional construction fraternity, is an organization of construction students of the Delhi campus. The organizations program emphasizes professional activities and objectives rather than social functions. Meetings with eminent practitioners in the construction industry, technical movies and discussions, and field trips comprise the basic activities of Tri-At. One major social event, which is the traditional " Builder ' s Ball, " is sponsored by Tri-At each year. This event takes place at the Annual Winter Carnival Weekend. All male students majoring in Construction Technology who have a scholastic index of 2.25 are eligible for membership. ROW 1 (I to r): B. Keough, D. Fougere, D. Murphy, D. Heaphy, J. Heimlich, J. Deleo, M. Liebarman, F. Kraus, K Young, G. Broderick, H. La Pointe, R. Sojka, M. Bertino, J. Kennedy. ROW 2: B. Thomas, Schnitzer. L. Roof, W. Stilson, J. Frantin, R. Bell, D. Birmingham, H. Newton, B. Kappa Sigma Epsilon was chartered on the Delhi Tech campus in May of 1960. it is our aim, as a social fraternity to develop a spirit of brotherhood through cooperation and joint effort; to inspire loyalty to the ideals and traditions of Delhi Tech; to encourage religious, social, and athletic activity,- to achieve scholastic standing which is above the minimum; this we believe will better ourselves as individuals and the name of Delhi Tech. 57 Alpha Beta Chi Sorority, at Delhi Tech was established by a group of independent girls in 1961 and 1962, of their freshmen year. The Dean of Women is the acting advisor for the sorority. Psi Delta Omega is our brother fraternity. The purpose of this sorority will be to promote moral and social standards, to foster a spirit of comradeship, to develop tact, poise, and personality of the individual. ROW 1 (1 to r): J. Van Voorhis, C. Stangle, V. Newton, D. Bastable, S. Miller, A. Welch, R. Hackett, J. Currier, L. Katz, M. Brand. ROW 2: Mrs. Smith, S. Barnes, P. Shaw, C. Freese, T. McIntosh, N. Johnson, S. Jordan, L. Palmer, D. Cross, P. Grady, J. Rankin, C. Smith, L. Beach, Mrs. Oles. ROW 1 (I to r): T. Wagner, D. Reese, W. Humphrey, K. Filippini, Mr. Seguare, D. Fish, E. Palmer, K. Walter, C. Cobb. ROW 2: C. Shafer, A. Grabb, G. Wiegand, R. Huthman, G. Bunce, P. Sobel, C. Hutchins, R. Dolan, M. Kelly, B. Becker, R. Beach, D. Ford, R. Giebelhaus, T. Hamlin. Since the founding of Psi Delta Omega in 1958 as the Beta Chapter on the Delhi Tech campus, the fraternity has constantly been interested in pursuing high scholastic and social standards of achievement. As a result of our scholastic endeaver, many of the brothers participate in campus organizations in order to broaden their educational background. In unison with this academic endeavor of oufside experience as it relates to their curriculum, the brothers also participate in various social and cultural events throughout the school year, in order to dvelop their personality and intellect to the utmost. Psi Delta Omega Fraternity feels that it has accomplished its goals and has at the same time augmented and donated to the town and campus where it functions. 59 W ' ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY Clarke Hoffman, M.A. Dean of Students William F. Kennaugh Dean of the College Klare B. Sommers, M.S. Dean of Faculty O. Miller — Librarian L. Hickling — Public Relations R. Hughes — Financial Secretary E.A. Smith — Dir. of Admissions W. Oles — FSA Director A. Oles — Dean of Women G. Van Nostrand — Main. Supervisor W. Frisbee — Dining Hall Manager W. Johnson — Campus Store Manager 4 ROW (I to r): Allen Joslin, Laura Treyz, E. Ogden Bush, Fred Murphy, Paul Eaton, Ralph Clark, Dr. Kunsela. Missing is Ralph Higley. LOCAL COUNCIL E. Ogden Bush talking with Senior, Donna Cross. In accordance with the provisions of the New York State Education Law relative to State University,- the Delhi Agricultural and Technical Institute is supervised locally by a council consisting of members appointed by the governor. These members serve for nine years, and their main function is to review all major plans of the institute. 65 MATH AND SCIENCE FACULTY (I to r): Paul Santiago, Merrill Lefthouse, Willard Vetter, and Charles Johnson General Education DIVISION CHAIR¬ MAN, James Arm¬ strong and secretary, Mrs. Bird. ASSISTANT LIBRARIANS; Helen Adair and Silas Townsend. ENGLISH AND SOCIAL SCIENCE FACULTY; (I to r): John Lowry, Vincent Ruggiero, Seldon Kru¬ ger, LaVonne Humphries, Robert Kopecek. I 67 DIVISION CHAIRMAN, Wilbur Farnsworth and secre¬ tary, Blanche Cleveland. Agricultural Division AGRICULTURE FACULTY; (I to r): Robert Morris, Edward Hvitfelt, Jr., Sheldon Merritt, John Mai¬ ler . Background, Robert Leigh¬ ton, Technical Assistant. Business Division, BUSINESS FACULTY: (I to r): Charles Pease, Henry Hovanasian, Sybil Gilmore, George Ashenden, Eugene Whitney, Edwin Deleski, Anthony Scaccia. 69 CONSTRUCTION FACULTY (I to r): George Duncan, H. Wingate, John Miglianti, Paul Worth, Tom Hutchinson, Darrell Singer, Edmund Clark, Julius Fredericks. DIVISION CHAIRMAN, Peter ClifFord and secretary, Doris Doherty. DIVISION CHAIRMAN, Katherine Foster and secretary, Carol Bovee. ' ' " » ' ■ !■ . . .... . , -LI. ... Li j ■ Food Administration FOOD ADMINISTRATION FACULTY: Edith Mabon, and William Morgan. (I to r): Ruth Mauger, Lucy Johnson, Ester Lee, Revo Curley, Executive Office Staff (I to r): Ethel Hooks, Ethel Hall, Elizabeth Mills, Ruth Knowles, Bela Nicholes, Mary Haveland, Harriet Robinson, Jane HofFman, Alma Dreyfus, Frances Messeder. HOUSEMOTHERS JANITORIAL STAFF IN WORKSHOP, (I to r): Bob Smith. Charley Stuchala, Don McFarland, Ralph Patton, Carl Hinaman, Tony Malewski, Joe Huska, Mike Schaechter, Ellsworth Knowles, MAINTAINENCE SUPERVISOR, George Van Nostrand. Mrs. Bisbee, Mrs. Janke, Mrs. Smith. VARSITY SPORTS ROW 1 I SKETBALl 1962 - 63 Scores Binghamton , Holmes, M. Garrison; K. Rumsey, J. Burns, J. Boxberger, Mgr. ents ' Aiumnitt Dutchesl Community College Canton %ricultural Technical Institute Royal MiliTSy-y College Queen ' s Uni rsity Morrisville Agri jjJ ural Technical Institute Cobleskill Agricultil jJ Technical Institute Oneonta State J.V. ipneonta State J.V. Morrisville Agricultural TechnicS MlJj ute Kj ystone Jr. College Loto Island Agricultural Technical Institute Ne ' i ork Tech St. Joseph Nassau Community College St.i;,Joseph Rockland Community College MoK Valley Community College Keysto Junior College Cobleskilli lcultural Tech ' rffeai4n5titute Region III —Junior College Tournament at ROW (I to r): Coach Fierro, R. Scott, M. Dadson, J. Reed, J. Puccia, J. Franten, D. Brown, P. Sinderman. D. Wilcox, J. Merrill, S. Golden, M. Bertino. The wrestling team had a fairly good season this year with a 3-4-1 record. Our toughest and closest rival was Oneonta State, which defeated us both times we met them. As the record shows, a couple of matches were very close and could have gone either way. We had a number of injuries during the season. Dale Wilcox hurt his arm in an exhibition match, Myron Dadson pulled his ankle during practice just before the season started and this kept him from wrestling for a few weeks and Roy Scott was unable to wrestle because of a cracked rib. Throughout the season other nuisances plaged the wrestlers. The season wound up with the Region III tournament of which Delhi was host. Home meets and the tournament were well supported by the student body. SEASON ' S SCOREBOARD Delhi Tech vs Keystone Jr. C. 32-2 W Oneonta State 8-24 L Alfred Tech 10-21 L Bronx C.C. 28-6 W Nassau Comm. C. Oneonta State Rockland C.C. Orange County 18-18 T 6-24 L 23-10 W 13-17 L Region III Tournament Region III held its first wrestling tournament at Dehli Agricultural and Technical Institute on February 22 and 23rd. Six teams and 56 wrestlers responded. Wrestlers represented Alfred Tech, Paul Smiths, Corning Community College, Morrisville Tech, Canton Tech, and host Delhi Tech. Paul Smiths and Corning had five men in the finals while Alfred and Delhi had four. When it was over Paul Smiths had four regional champs and 71 points for first place. Alfred had three champs and 61 points. Corning and Delhi had one championship each and 58 points each. TEAM SCORING: Paul Smiths 1st Alfred Tech 2nd Dehli Tech 3rd Corning Comm. Col. 4th Canton Tech 5th Morrisville Tech 6th The winner ' s post. 3 1 a ’T?!9r Mwr ' n ' 1963 SCORES Hudson Valley Community College 3 Delhi Opponents Dutchess Community College 7 Long Island Agricultural Technical Keystone Junior College 2 Institute 0 8 Keystone Junior College 0 New York Tech 4 6 Broome Technical Community College 0 Cobleskill Agricultural Technical Cobleskill Agricultural Technical Institute 3 7 Institute 2 Morrisville Agricultural Technical Hudson Valley Community College 8 Institute 7 3 Mohawk Valley Technical Institute 1 Morrisville Agricultural Technical Mohawk Valley Technical Institute 4 Institute 4 7 Broome Technical Community College 0 Baseball ROW 1 (I to r): J. Frontin, H. Spencer, K. Rumsey, R. Metzger, E. Carangelo, J. Marsh; ROW 2: G. Stevens, J. Betchick, J. London, W. Boyd, R. Firkins, D. Whitehead. (I to r): N. Fessard, D. Slee, S. Morevic, S. Chambers, C. Malinowski, J. Palen. Cheerleaders Throughout the year, team support was spark-plugged by our cheerleaders. Intramural soccer champs — Tri-At. " Spikers " — Intramural volleyball champs. __— — . . . - . — — --- - - -- Intramurals JUNIORS B. Thomas 1 0 ; 1 is f f ..V “ Y-?;v .: ■% ' V ‘ i y0 ' ' P. Laurance T. Guido yiy — ,ry ' t r ' -v;!! ' ' ,. ’oi’ ‘ ‘ -n - •! i rB " R. Rector nr 1 SECRETARIAL .... I to r. (BACK ROW) J. Dales, B. Oliver, J. Ferorro, L. Ebbesen, J. Tanaka, C. Tricarico, J. Stinniford, P. Taggart, L. Nagle, S. Sweemer, E. Grommeck, D. Wolfe, B. Teliak, C. Yenson, L. Schneider, S. Smith, D. Slee, L. Nagle, C. Shaw, M. Reed, R. Triemer. Business MANAGEMENT .... (no special order) J. Skula, J. Clark, D. Sandoli, R- Cooley, J. Wasser, D. Whittaker. B. Rice, J. Frantin, B. Rector, B. Quinn, D. Robjohn, J. Sprague, D. Weber, 90 SECRETARIAL . . . . B. Desbiens, B. MacDougall, P. Brown, P. Gibbons, J. M. Knock, S. Bruno, P. Champion, G. Brouer, C. Hommill, B. Borz, S. Komotinsky, S. Hammond, C. Malinowski, M. Boldt, K. Davidson, C. Mootz, Marshall, S. Moravec, E. Dederick, T. Guido. Division MANAGEMENT .... (no special order) J. London, K. Knutsen, J. Peters, Fanton, R. O ' Dell, L. Carr, P. Haines, J. Hartman, M. Lazzaro, G. Franks. B. Beebe, J. Bey, J. London, W. Bowler, T. Park, P. Abran, J. Potter, G. i 1 ' “ ir? 91 Business .... STANDING, D. Clayton, L. Eldred, M. Dadson, S. W. Conger, S. Golden. Benson; SEATED, L. Goss, F. Cleveland, Jr., J. Boxberger, L. Gould, H. Corbin, ACCOUNTING .... With MINIVAC computor; S. Westcott, T. Henley, B. Sundheim, F. Sopko. i i 1 I INSTITUTIONAL FOODS . . . . M. Dinneen, F. Kastner, F. Lagana, D. Picciano, T. Cohen, L. Compton, J. Van Saun, M. Fagan, M. Downing, M. Curtis, C. Seaman, A. Feldman, J. Butts, D. Whitehead. Foods . Division HOTEL .... I to r, (BACK ROW) D. Butler, R. Wilson, D. Durham, K. Young, E. Kristek, C. Tholhofer, I. Thomas, S. Matthews, J. Shaw, L. Skinner, D. Ross, C. Nonemaker, D. Dibble, R. Di Santo, F. Snediker, D. Graham, A. Goldman, R. Brewer, A. Panich, L. Mabry, A. Abrahams, B. Walden. Il i I AGRICULTURAL BUSINESS AND ENGINEERING .... I to r, R. Maas, W. B. Cosman. Hitchcock, R. Ballard, R. Parker, S. Helhoski, F. Jackson, A. Burns, B. Marsh, Agriculture ANIMAL HUSBANDRY AND GENERAL AGRICULTURE .... (no order) J. Fas, S. Reed, H. Reynolds, B. Tracey, B. Cable, C. McIntosh, G. Barnard, R. Aumick, R. Germond, J. Zoldak, L. Epps, H. Sagendorf, K. Canfield, D. Toicz, J. Patterson, R. Bardin, H. Russell, J. Betchick, P. Centner. 96 I DAIRY INDUSTRY . . . H. Newton, L. Roof, D. Walker, D. Teets, U. Kulkarni, F. Davis, D. Pepe, M. Garrison, P. Schirra. ANIMAL SCIENCE . . . H. Ruella, J. Sanok, J. Meyer, G. Taormina, S. P. Emelski, J. O ' Rourke, E. Stanislowski, G. Broderick, N. Decker, R. Christensen, R. Placek, A. Panas, K. Overton, D. Hill, B. Covil, W. Weber, Brasser, M. Dewer, D. Smith, J. Reed, B. Breuder. ' TtV. Construction B. Bemis, H. Gleasman, J. Darby, C. Shafer, D. Spencer, R.. Compeau, T. Bristol, D. Philpott, P. Essig, B. Ayers, P. Hornbeck, D. Hoffman, F. Hill, J. Hladun, O. Martin, J. Kago, G. Wiegand, B. Fames. W. Gardner, J. Whitney, D. Miller, C. Mazurak, L. Situma, J. Leuzarder, J. Westover, J. Peskin, S. Scarcello, S. Clark. Division Construction Division R. Campbell, S. Hulbert, L. Cross, W. Treiber, J. Perry, B. Orleib, R-Vakiener, J. Butler, A. McPherson, B. Hayes, B. Clarke, R. Metzer. 100 C. Conklin, J. Walters, D. Smith, W. Stilson, T. Willard, B. Thomas, G. Utter, G. Schaefer, J. Bartolone, B. Rathbun, M. Solomon, T. Ruchar, D. Schouten, G. Pitcher. Stanton, M. Miressi. AT THE CROSSROADS By Richard Hovey You to the left and I to the right. For the ways of men must sever . .. And it well may be for o day and o night. And it well may be for ever. But whether we meet or whether we port (For our ways ore post our knowing), A pledge from the heart to its fellow heart On the ways we oil ore going! Here ' s luck! For we know not where we ore going. Whether we win or whether we lose With the hands that life is dealing. It is not we nor the way we choose But the foil of the cords that ' s sealing. There ' s o fate in love and o fate in fight. And the best of us go under . . . And whether we ' re wrong or whether we ' re right. We win, sometimes, to our wonder. Here ' s luck! That we may not yet go under! With o steady swing and an ..pen brow We hove tramped the ways together. But we ' re clasping hands at the crossroads now In the Friend ' s own night for weather; And whether we bleed or whether we smile In the leagues that lie before us. The ways of life ore many a mile And the dork of fate is o ' er us. Here ' s Luck! And o cheer for the dork before us! You to the left and I to the right, For the ways of men must sever. And it well may be for a Jay and o night And it well may be for ever! But whether we win or whether we die (For the end is post our knowing), Here ' s two frank hearts and the open sky. Be o fair or on ill wind blowing! HERE ' S LUCK! In the teeth of oil winds blowing. Officers President — B. Becker Vice-President — K. Rumsey Secretary — L. Schmidt Treasurer — J. Treitler ROBERT ABBOTT JAMES AMODEO CARL ANDEREGG LEE ARCHIBALD ROBERTA BARTH SANDRA BARNES ROBERT BARTLETT DOROTHY BASTABLE SIDNEY BATER ELAINE BAUM FRANK BEABES LYNN BEACH ROBERT BEACH MARILYN BEADER AAARSHALL BECKER GARY BEDOR WILLIAM BEESMER VICTOR BELLARD 105 106 MARYANN BRAND BARBARA BRAUN DAVID BROWN JOHN CANNAN DOUGLAS BROWN WALTER BUBOLTZ ROGER BUDA JOSEPH BURKHART NICHOLAS CAPORUSSO GEORGE BUNCE EDWARD CARANGELO 107 - Ft ' " " ' rMS CLARENCE CARD i WALTER CAROOMPAS HARRY CARTER Surprise!!! CHARLES CASTLE SHARRYL CHAMBERS JUDITH COAKLEY DAVID COATES CALVIN COBB RICHARD COLE 108 JACQUELINE CURRIER HARVEY COLES PHYLLIS COOPER KATHLEEN CRAFT MARY LOU CARRY JAMES CRIDGE DONNA CROSS What yawl doing, fellows? JAMES CROWLEY 109 ROBERT DAVIDS JUNE DAVIDSON JAMES DECKER JOSEPH DELEO GEORGE DERING PRESTON CUTLER JOHN DEAL ROBERT DOLAN 110 ROBERT DONOVAN WILLIAM EAMES PETER FAHERTY LENORE FESSARD GLEN ELLIS BETH FAURIE MARTIN FELDBERG MARYANN EVEREH RUSSELL DOOLITTLE ARTHUR DUNSMORE KARL FILIPPINI ROBERT FIRKINS DOUGLAS FISH JOSEPH FOLEY DONALD FORD DONALD FOUGERE ELBERT FRANCIS SAMUEL FRAZIER KENNETH FREER 112 CHERYL FREESE EDMOND GAYTON RICHARD GIEBELHAUS GARY GILBERT JAMES GILLETT ARTHUR GRABB MARGARET GRADY RUTH HACKETT 113 THOMAS HAMLIN SHERRIL HARRINGTON LINDA HARRISON My, Vil VIRGINIA HAUPEL. DENNIS HAWKINS BYRON HAWTHORNE 114 JAMES HLADUN GEORGE MOCKER SANDY HOFFMAN That ivory look! SANDRA HORT PHILIP HOPKO MELANIE HOOKEY DAVID HEAPHY BRUCE HEIMLICH 115 CONRAD JAKOB RAYMOND HUTHMAN NANCY JOHNSON SHARON JORDON 116 WILLIAM HUMPHREY DALE JENNEJAHN SUSAN HUFF DUNCAN JACKSON DAVID KAPLAN WILLIAM KATHMANN LINDA KATZ JACK KAUL FRED KEISTER MICHAEL KELLY i I USH KULKARNI LINDA LAMBEIN RAY LANE ! I I I I I i JOHN LaPOINTE JOHN LIGUORI SHARON LOWN 118 I WILLIAM MARX THELMA MclNTOSH ARTHUR MAXWELL JOHN McBRIDE KIRK McLaughlin 119 RAY McNAUGHTON JEFFREY MERRILL SHIRLEY MILLER DANIEL MILLIS I I II tri : it! ' ' 1 :i! r ' U ill 1: I I? I i; l! Ij I I I I I, ROBERT MURRAY SHERYL NEWTON VIOLA NEWTON EVERETT PALMER TED MOSS DENNIS MURPHY EDWARD NEWMAN What say. Peg! ROBERT MORAN 120 HERBERT PASSING PAUL PITT JOHN PERRY CHARLES PIAZZA BENJAMIN PIERCE CAROL ANN PAYNE LINDA PALMER GARY PLATT 121 122 HENRY RAMAZZANA DAVID REESE MARIA RIO KAREN ROMES DON ROTTMAN KENNETH RUMSEY WAYNE RUSSELL LOIS SCHMIDT HERBERT SCHNITZER 123 ! I J I WALTER SCOTT WILLIAM SCOTT PATRICIA SHAW 124 ELLA SMILKSTEIN CAROL ANN SMITH PHILIP SOBEL ROGER SOCHIA RICHARD SOJKA JOHN SOSLER CAROL STANGLE GEORGE STEVENS RICHARD STUPP DOUGLAS TERRILL SHERMAN TRASS JOHN TREETLER PAUL TURNER LISA TOLONEN ELLEN TOMPKINS GALE TIEDER WILLIAM TIFF then he said . . . Well, girls . . . and 126 EDWARD VAN PELT CATHERINE VANUGA JOYCE VAN VORHIS .... " Well, when I was a bootlegger — KENNETH WALTER THOMAS WAYTENA JUDITH WEEKS THOMAS WAGNER HOWARD WALDAS 127 ANNE WELCH GARY WILCOX DUANE WINTERS DALE WITHERELL GORDON WOOD DAVID ZAKEN PAUL ZWART PATRICIA WYLIE 128 LAWRENCE LANE A @ r IN MEMORY OF LAWRENCE LEE LANE, JR. AND HIS INEXHAUSTIBLE DEVOTION TO DELHI TECH., HIS CLASS, AND HIS BROTHERS OF DELTA THETA GAMMA,THE CLASS OF 1963 WISHES TO DEDICATE THIS PAGE IN REMEMBRANCE OF A WONDERFULLY WARM, SINCERE PERSON. LARRY ' S MEMORY WILL BE OURS TO CHERISH UNTIL THE END OF TIME. DECEMBER 9, 1962 - ETERNITY 129 Sill i ■ I; ' i y r V ' V- Commencement KJrAE Jam IHIB ' . ’ iimi r 0 1 ■■■W ' l jifimfl State University of New York Agricultural and Technical Institute at Delhi, New York Baccalaureate Service SECOND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH SUNDAY, JUNE 9, 1963 Sponsored by DELHI COUNCIL OF CHURCHES Senior Directory ABBOTT, ROBERT - B " Rabbit " Syracuse, New York ANDERBEGG, CARL - C " Carl " Rome, New York ARCHIBALD, LEE - B " Scantch " Bovina Center, New York BARNS, SANDRA - F " Sandy " Lansing, New York BARTH, ROBERTA - B " Bobbie " Oneonta, New York BARTLETT, ROBERT - C " Herm " Chestertown, New York BASTABLE, DOROTHY - A " Dot " De Rugter, New York BATER, SIDNEY - C " JB " Churchville, New York BAUM, ELAINE - F " Lanie " Franklin, New York BEABES, FRANK - B " Frankie " Walton, New York BEACH, LYNNE B " Ben " Rochester, New York BEACH, ROBERT - C " Bob " Croton-on-Hudson, New York BEADER, MARILYN - B Lyons, New York BECKER, M. A. - B " BVD " Oneonta, New York BEDOR, GARY - A LeFargeville, New York BEESMER, WILLIAM-B " Joe Bomowitz " Kingston, New York BELLARD, VICTOR - A " Vic " Delhi, New York BENNETT, WALTER - C " Bilko " llion. New York BENTZEN, PAUL - C " Paul " Croton-on-Hudson, New York BERTINO, MICHAEL-C " Mike " Waterloo, New York BIRMINGHAM, DAVID - B Camden, New York BOICE, ARTHUR - A " Art " New Berlin, New York BOYD, WILLIAM - B " Bill " Morrisville, Pa. BRAND, MARY ANN-B Newburgh, New York BRAUN, BARBARA - B " Barb " Buffalo, New York BROWN, DAVID - C Gouverneur, New York BROWN, DOUGLAS - B " Doug " Delhi, New York BUBOLTZ, WALTER - B " Walt " Kingston, New York BUDA, ROGER - C " Rog " Rochester, New York BUNCE, GEORGE - B Seneca Falls, New York BURKHARDT, JOSEPH-C " Joe " Port Leyden, New York CANNAN, JOHN - C Rochester, New York CARANGELE, EDWARD - B " Blackfoot " Gloversville, New York CAPORUSSO, NICKOLAS - C " Nicko " Oakland, New Jersey CARD, CLARENCE - C " Butch " Norfolk, Connecticut CAROOMPAS, WALTER - B " Bud " Binghamton, New York CARTER, HARRY ROBERT, JR. - A " Harry " New Hampton, New York CASTLE, CHARLES S., JR. - C " Chick " Port Jervis, New York CHAMBERS, SHARRYL - B " Tiny " Unadilla, New York COAKLEY, JUDITH - A " Coke " Holcomb, New York COATES, DAVID - A " Dave " Addison, New York COBB, CALVIN - B " Cal " Greene, New York COLE, RICHARD - A Andes, New York COOPER, PHYLLIS - A " Phyl " Binghamton, New York CRAFT, KATHLEEN - B " Kathy " Ellenville, New York CRARY, MARYLOU - A Brockport, New York CRIDGE, JAMES - B " Cridgie " Gansevoart, New York CROSS, DONNA - F " Donna " Hurleyville, New York CROWLEY, JAMES - C " Jim " Westbrookville, New York ' 1 CURRIER, JACQUELINE-B " Jackie " Cornwall, New York CUTLER, PRESTON - A New Hampton, New York DAVIDS, ROBERT - C " Bob " Stamford, New York 133 DAVIDSON, JUNE - B " Chip " Treadwell, New York DEAL, JOHN - A Vernon Center, New York DECKER, JAMES - C " Jim " Otego, New York DERING, GEORGE - C " Butch " Cambridge, New York DOLAN, ROBERT - A " Bob " Wallkill, New York DONOVAN, ROBERT-C " Bob " West Shokan, New York DOOLITTLE, RUSSELL - C " Russ " Sidney, New York EAMES, WILLIAM - C " Bill " Deer Park, New York ELLIS, GLEN - C " Percy " Penfield, New York EVERETT, MARY ANN-F " Moose " Elmira, New York FALERTY, PETER - C " Pete " Wayne, New Jersey FAURIE, BETH - A " Bethie Babes " Milton, New York FELDBERG, MARTIN - C " Marty " Monticello, New York FESSARD, LENORE - B " Nori " Williamsville, New York FILIPINI, KARL - B " Karl " Pine Plains, New York FIRKINS, ROBERT - B " Bob " Kenmore, New York FISH, DOUGLAS - B " Doug " Oneonta, New York FOLEY, JOSEPH - B " Joe " Valley Stream, New York FORD, DONALD - A " Don " Scarsdale, New York FOUGERE, DONALD - B " Padre " Oceanside, New York FRANCIS, ELBERT - B " Al " Moravia, New York FRAZIER, SAMUEL - F " Mr. Lovable " East Elmhurst, New York FREER, KENNETH - F " Wing " Pattersonville, New York FREESE, CHERYL - B " Freesie " Rochester, New York GAYTON, EDMOND - C " Ed " Olean, New York GEROW, LEWIS, JR. - C " Lew " Liberty, New York GIEBELHAUS, RICHARD-C " Dick " Glen Head, New York GILBERT, GARY - C " Gil " Adams, New York GILLETTE, JAMES - A " Jim " Stafford, New York GRABB, ARTHUR - A " Art " Williamson, New York GRADY, MARGARET - B " Peg " Trumansburg, New York HACKETT, RUTH ANN - F " Rufie " Hicksville, New York HAMLIN, THOMAS - B " Doc " De Ruyter, New York HARRINGTON, SHERRILL - C Clinton, New York HARRISON, LINDA - B " Linda " Laurens, New York HART, GARY - C Binghamton, New York HASTINGS, ALBERT - A " Al " Chatham, New York HAUPEL, VIRGINIA - B " Ginger " New Rochelle HAWKINS, DENNIS - C " Hawk " Poughkeepsie, New York HAWTHORNE, BYRON - A " By " Phoenixville, Penn. HEAPHY, DAVID - B " Haf " Syracuse, New York HLADUN, JAMES-C " Jim " Camden, New York HOCKER, G. GARY-A Milanville, Penn. HOFFMAN, SANDRA - B " Sandie " Endicott, New York HOPKO, PHILIP - C " Phil " Teaneck, New Jersey HORT, SANDRA - B " Sandy " East Meadow, New York HUFF, SUSAN - A " Huffy " Haneoye Falls, New York HUMPHREY, WILLIAM - B " Buzz " Malane, New York HUTHMAN, RAYMOND - B " Ray " Medford, New York JACKSON, DUNCAN-C " BJ " Newark, New York JAKOB, CONRAD W., JR. - A New Brunswick, New York 134 JENNEIAHA, DALE - A " Dale " Hamlin, New York JENSON, G. PETER - C " Pete " Melrose, New York JOHNSON, NANCY - B " Non " Oswego, New York JORDAN, SHARON - B " Sherry " Candor, New York KAPLAN, DAVID - B " Tiny " Jamaica, New York KATHMANN, WILLIAM, JR. - C " Bill " Delhi, New York KSTZ, LINDA - B " Kitty " Bedford Hills, New York KEISTER, FRED - F " Freddie Poe " De Ruyter, New York KELLY, MICHAEL - B " Mike " Kingston, New York KENNEDY, JOHN F. - B " Jock " East Rockaway, New York KENT, RONALD - B " Hod " Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York KEOUGH, ROBERT - A " Bob " Jamesville, New York KESSLER, ROBERT - A " Stretch " Holland Patent, New York KRAUS, FRANCIS - B " Frank " Farmingdale, New York KULESA, EDWARD J., JR. - C Central Bridge, New York KULKARNI, USHA - A " Downy " India LAMBEIN, LINDA - B " Lin " Stafford, New York LANE, LAWRENCE - B " Peanut " Vestal, New York LANE, RAY - C " Joe " East Pembroke, New York LaPOINTE, JOHN - B Ticonderoga, New York LIEBARMAN, MICHAEL-B " Mike " Mt. Kisco, New York LIGUORI, JOHN - B East Patchogue, New York LOWN, SHARON - F Wells Bridge, New York MARX, WILLIAM - B " Bill " Valley Stream, New York MAXWELL, ARTHUR - A " Art " Delhi, New York McBRIDE, JOHN - C Delhi, New York McIntosh, THELMA - F Franklin, New York McLaughlin, kirk-c " Feet " Wells Bridge, New York MERRILL, JEFFREY - C " Jeff " South Dayton, New York MILLER, SHIRLEY - B " Shirl " Harris, New York MILLIS, DANIEL - C " Dan " Liberty, New York MORAN, ROBERT - A " Bob " Suffern, New York MOSS, THEODORE - B " Ted " Cortland, New York MURRAY, ROBERT - B " Bob " Oswego, New York NEWMAN, DAVID - C " Ale " Mt. Vision, New York NEWTON, SHERYLL - B " Sheri " Fairport, New York NEWTON, VIOLA - B " Vi " De Ruyter, New York PALMER, EVERETT - A " Spike " Hobart, New York PALMER, LINDA - F " Unga " Unadilla, New York PASSINO, HERBERT - B " Pat " Englewood, New Jersey PAYNE, CAROL ANN-B Mamaroneck, New York PERRY, JOHN - C Brainardsville, New York PIAZZA, CHARLES, JR.-B " Little Italy " Albiun, New York PIERCE, BENJAMIN-C " Ben " Forwood, New York PITT, PAUL DAVID - C Scotia, New York POMEROY, DONNA - B Delhi, New York PORTER, PAUL - A Schenectady, New York PRATT, KENNETH - B " Ken " Richfield Springs, New York PREDHAM, WILLIAM-C " Bill " Pawling, New York PYNE, LARRY - B " Crash " Newton, New Jersey QUINLAN, THOMAS-A " Tom " Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York RADEKER, HERBERT - B " Herb " Walton, New York 135 RAICES, PATRICIA - F " PJ " Great Neck, New York RANKIN, JANE - F Nichols, New York RAMEZZANA, HENRY - C " Honk " Wood-Ridge, New Jersey REESE, DAVID - A " Dove " Scorsdole, New York RIO, MARIA - B " Rio Grande " Solvoy, New York ROMES, KAREN - B Cold Spring, New York ROHMANN, DONALD - C " Don " Seoford, New York RUMSEY, KENNETH - A " Ken " Delhi, New York RUMSEY, MELANIE - F " Msh " Delhi, New York RUSSELL, V AYNE - C " Wayne " Schenevus, New York SCHMIDT, LOIS - B Mossopequo Pork, New York SCHNITZER, HERBERT-B Hudson, New York SCHOENING, RICHARD - B " Dick " Limestone, New York SCHMAN, NANCY - B Syracuse, New York SCOTT, MARGARET - F " Margie " Ancrom, New York SCOTT, WALTER - C " Scotty " Glean, New York SHAW, PATRICIA - B " Pot " Ticonderogo, New York SHERO, GERARD - C Scottsville, New York SMILKSTEIN, ELLA - F Mt. Kisco, New York SMITH, CAROL ANN - F " Smitty " Delhi, New York SOBEL, PHILIP - B " Phil " Mohopoc, New York SOCHIA, ROGER - C " Rog " Soronoc, New York SOJKA, RICHARD - A " Dick " Alden, New York SOSLER, JOHN - A Goshen, New York STANGLE, CAROL ANN - B Candor, New York STEVENS, GEORGE - A " Vic " Hobart, New York STUPP, RICHARD - C " Dick " Rochester, New York TERRILL, DOUGLAS - C " Doug " Fabius, New York TIEDER, GALE - C " Tied " Oriskany, New York TIFF, WILLIAM - C " Bill " Watertown, New York TOLONEN, LISA - B Bedford Mills, New York TOMKINS, ELLEN - B " Elli " Geneva, New York TRASS, SHERMAN - C " Sherm " Georgetown, New York TREITLER, JOHN - B " JT " Castleton, New York TURNER, PAUL - A " Paolo " Afton, New York VAN PELT, EDWARD R., JR. - C " Ed " Deposit, New York VANUGA, CATHERINE - B " Cathy " Endicott, New York VAN VOORHIS, JOYCE-B Woodstock, New York WAGNER, THOMAS - B " Tom " Rochester, New York WALDAS, HOWARD - A Swan Lake, New York WALTER, KENNETH - A " Kenny " New Hyde Park, New York WAYTENA, THOMAS - C " Tom " Elmira Heights, New York WILCOX, GARY - C " Cots " Gloversville, New York WINTERS, DUANE - C Gouverneur, New York WITHERELL, DALE - A " Withy " Heuvelton, New York WOOD, GORDON - B " Gord " Walton, New York WYLIE, PATRICIA - B " Pat " Brookview, New York ZAKEN, DAVID - C " Zuck " Hurleyville, New York ZWART, PAUL - A Walden, New York 136 1 • . ' . - . _ X,- ' tr 1 •

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