Rutland High School - Talisman Yearbook (Rutland, VT)

 - Class of 1942

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Rutland High School - Talisman Yearbook (Rutland, VT) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 14 of 106
Page 14 of 106

Rutland High School - Talisman Yearbook (Rutland, VT) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 13
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Rutland High School - Talisman Yearbook (Rutland, VT) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 15
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Page 14 text:

CONSTANCI BLANICHI' BIHALDF III CIUKIXIIRKIAL IVIURILAI Comedx Z 4 Home Room senlmlll 3 4 Iu n1.Iv.mI Thls tvp11.1IIx I'rcmh mlss IS thc. proud pcssusor11I ln 1nIL1t11111s p1r 1. xn me of IIC PILTFR ROBIRT BOVb COIIILL Home Ruom B.1sIceth.1II I 7 I'11utIw.1II I 4 I'00tImIIV1rs1tw 7 3 4 B1 hut S I3.1sIa.tI'w1IIC,.1pm1n V1rs1ty Lluh I 7 'S T IS II.1shy h1sIv.th1II perhxrrmr 11x at em pruvwus to sp1re Luuplu vs rh 1 hne sense of humor IZLIQABITH VVIIR IIURDIII ll Il bee CIuh 3 Bonnrte 7 3 4 Prundent Bumlru. Lluh 4 IIom1. I LUIIUIIIILN L Iuh D Red md Whm 4 Red 1n1I Whm I'v.1lur SLLumI Prize I mumIs Isny Au IYL 4 Senmr I'xs.1y15t Suuur Chorus er own Srouh Ilroth p1.rsun1hL1 IIIISKIL 1h1I1tw umm 1rm 1mI ISIIIIL me umur are IIIKLILLIILIIIS rl 1 m1I11 1 rmx usmhlnatlon Q Q KDUN C IIXRI I S BL Rlxl 111 XIILIIXX 1 mv. Room Ills el 1I I L Room I31sIf1etI11II NI1n1gv.r 4 lhe VN IMI I1 IH Ll7I'1Nll'1 L UI' IUQLII Q n 1 September School Reopens bRACh ANY BOOINIANI Coxmrncur Lolnlnutnrs CIUIJ 1 Home Ronin B1sI1cI I Xollcx Ba Dnsumlxnucd murxe Manh 947 BARBARA HFLFN BLNIP COL I L1 I Llumls Cluh Z 3 4 Home Iwunomlcs C Iuh 2 I'orcns11 Soucn 3 4 I'rcmh PIM 4 C 1sx Smear 4 Held Hxkcv I 3 4 B1rh hu LI1st1ng,111shuI huseII lI'l 1II h1I1 of h1 ln se mul utluty FRANCIS IOSI PH BURN Commx num A N Rune 3 Home R1111111 II1s 1111 I'Iume R111111 I31xIv.t'r1II NI1n15.,Lr 7: I'uo1I'w1II 'I In I I I1 I IL I U J VK IVE III IIQIH I'I L CISILSV. powh L v1 1 XXI VNIIII ION Ii Nl mum rv. eu! 1 L 11 llk ll Ill I mfue 1111 su I 111 u1.r1t1l11 1e1mIert1 L Seniors at Last B.1'Ic' , , I1 V' I11I'sI1I j 'RHI ,Z, 3 hm I I 'I H 34 I ,lg ' 9.11-.111 - - - I ,--' ,2, T ALI I ,'p 3, gi ., I' -, , g .s"I"v.1II I- - " Sq V , 1 - - I, 2, 3, 4, B.1,Iccth.1II V.lf51ly' Z, 3, 4, A , U- y E - -1- ' L '- 15 4' ,.Q ' ,-,, 'gh ,A hl. - .. F Q. K .,,- .l .! A I - C1 41.11 ' QA' N' .V , 'L fl.. i -I A , AM, V ' Q. . A ' . ' ' 5 ' , F5 " - g - .k-I.lI.!, .S .U .k . .I ,I 5 KWI1 ASAV V. x. WIKIICY 45 H1u11ciE111n11 I?.1xkerh.1II IhfI.ll'I.lgTI' Squad 3.1 - .A '- ' ' ' 'I'.II . LI'IQ.hIc,"Y.1 k"l1.11l I ' I..111Ity ' Q" ' , I' I .. pg .1 "gn" UI things ! th' H' .' ' 'I hfrr A , 1. a ' . ' gg ch. . LI 'f ' " h - r r ' 1.1 . " . 1 1' 5 31 A' j I. A ' Y Alf ' f LRR A, , I S I7l 9411411111 I1-11mm HU . K k. bb I Q 1- gb 4 Hmm, A Ihxmc R1 I7 's11I' 4, Ihm' R1 1111 .. 1 , lA,. V . ' ., rc 1111-N. VV! I X . L I lm . ' . Lmw n 'I I1. 11 1- I -mu UI hu .Iva .15 rpm: I r1Ifu IN hc.11IuI Ihr NIICQCNS VII ' '.' I SI ' I ' -IX 'N

Page 13 text:

PATRICK IOSEPH ABATIELI. Coxmrncr ar Home Room Basketball I 7 3 4 Home Room Relay 7 3 Baseb1II I Pats gemal personallty Ind xnterest rn other people w1II tontmue to assure hrs welcome In anv and 1II trrtles ROBFRT LANC AILCOTT CGI IFK F Class Hlstorlan Home Room President 3 4 umor Prom Committee Student C ouncll 3 4 Semor Plav A A Revue 3 Forenslt Society I Red and Whltc I Z 3 4 R d and Whlte Asso late I'd1tor 3 Trllsman S Bovs Sr te 3 Tennis 7 3 4 Team 4 Varslty Club 3 GENIUS as .1 wr ter and attor tomhmed with tn exuberant ptrsonallty are sure lndxtatrons of lmmedlate as vu.II as luturc sutcess W DEAN BAIRD A1 ro MICIINNILQ Glet Club 7 3 4 Semor Chorus Com muters Club 7 3 4 Boys Leaders Corps 3 Home Room Bmskerhall I 2 3 Home Room Rtlay I 2 3 Fres man etball Trnk Z 3 4 S erl 2 Varsity Iratk 3 4 Varsltv Setter I 2 3 Craftsmtnl uxld A A Rewue 3 The Wheel There ll alw ns ht thrt terra n somethxng, about Dean Hrs work on tht hurdles has mented uttnuon md wont soon be lor gotten EDWARD IXICINTYRE BARTHOLONIEW Coruaoe Commutcrs' Club I 2, 3 4' Home Roorn A 1v1t1es I Z 3, 4, Ed IS an allfround good fellow who holds the class "m1Ies'traveIed" record He s that commuter ln the neat Pontlac. Seniors of '42 Rutland Hugh Youth at Its Best Q 'vi' ,4ud" .et SSP' RICHARD WAYNE ABEI. COXINIFRCIAL Home Room Basketball 2 3 Baseball 3 I-Ins greeting. of everyone wxth a sncere smlle marks Dxck as a frlend who can be depended upon JANE NIEWFLL AMERIVIAN COIIF L Home Room Actxv tics 3 4 Home Eco nomus C lub 4 ane has won many frrends ln her two years w1th us hecaust of her amrable manner ANTOINETTE MARIE BARONE Clxlc Glee Club 4 Girls Leaders Corps Home Room Brsketball I 2 3 4 Home Room Blskethall Captain I 4 Basketball Vo e a Baseba Sotttr 3 4 Track 3 Glrls State 3 XCISJIIIIIV ln athletlts and a quality of leadership hespcak the girl for a merry hour and for many mother of qulet and tompxmonshlp I' DN 'X HARRIFT BFAUCHAVIP Comm RCIAI Class Prtsxdent 2 3 Cllss Vue Presldent I I'rv.shm1n Reteptlon Iumor Prom Com mittee Class Cllr Chairman Camera Club 7 FOICHQIC Souetvl 2 3 4 Forenslc Y xce-President 33 Student Councll I, 2, 3, 4' Student Councll Offlcer 2 3 4g RIODIIOI Squadg Girls' Leaders' Corps 3, 4' Muslcal Comedy 23 Home Room Presldent I, Z' Home Room Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Good Cruzenhlp Grrlg Nanonal Honor Soclety 3, 4, Natlonal Honor Socxety Ofhcer 4' Field oc ey I. 2, 3, 41 lley Ball I ' Glrls' Athletic Award I, 2 3' Freshman Dramatrcs Vxce'Pres1dentg Girls' Soccer 3, 45 Christmas Assembly 2, We couIdn't begun to list the talents and traits of thls popular class leader. Her record speaks for itself

Page 15 text:

Reds Retreat ALISON MAIL CADE Acfmrxnc Home Room Treasurer 3 Home Room Bas etball I 3 4 The essenee of QUICI tharm Ahson always ln demand She s Inter stms, amus mtg and so pretty' ALICI' RUTH L XXII At mm me omlrte CIuI1 I I lIlSI'I1ll'1 BLISIHLSS Boar Home Room VILL In lttnt I L Room B1IxetI'11II I 7 -I I' IxLLI1 LHIIWLI IISIII IIIKI I L I IIIT IIN VN0l'II'1LT IUIIIN IILIK. II'It.Dk CIIXRLIS NI I SON L XRRUII bl onltor Squu 1me R n1 X1 rut nt -I Home R om I31 III 1. Room ReI1x 3 lx quiet true prom mseII In mtt fl 1 t he ne hx L 1 1 mul It rl I BARR XRIX IIXINI L I NRI-X -X ADIXII n 73LLeLL1h-INe11oQ1m Lommuters l,Iuh I -I L UIUIHLI e u Xu Presx ent 7 L1t1m L uh 71 -I lflmlx Prtstdent -I XIus1 JI Q omtd 7 ommuter CIuI'1 PI 1 7 Home Room as eth,1II I 7 3 I'reshm1n Dr1n11t1 s Chnstmls -Xssembh I 7 3 4 .xr an has I t h r t1I nts muon tamatle athIet1L and SOLIII md e resuIts demonstrate h r I11rm md FTILIIII Interests Nazis Advance Moscow Threatened ILARLE DAVID CAMFRONI Coxmmct u Home Room Ba5IcetbaII I 2 3 Ho oom RLIIW I umor Prom Committee Earle seems to haxe acqulred :I t1tIe hs r1g.,ht to hear If has gone unthaIIen1,,cd He 1 t1II dark Ind handsome M-XRILYNI NIYRLI' LARLI ION! CONINIIIILIAI Home Room B1sIcetI71II I 7 II1IxLtI'11 B 1ots hu ID LDXIIIWIL IWIs.nd1n1e oI Ivuuty 1m person1I1t1 IXXII S I DW XRD Q XRROLI XL xmxm IITIQ R om I31Io.tI11I I 7 -I Io oom le IN Holm loom rut NI1n11eer I 7 75 -I Homv. Rmom Ihs et 1 Nlanuetrl 7 lht Wh I IN trro L eruxttnt mst oI 1umor nt luxtt 1 tol11r1Iu11e11t h unst I1 Ln IIFILN LI I N1 L s I PIII Ll IS NI XR1 L I XRIX M xm wt 1 7 L L u 4 L 1n1er1 u 4 Iftmmt N tl tx I 7 1 -I Ioan retlrv 1 -I Nu 1 m 75 UYTIL som Setter HX I Home Rovm Int unr Home Rotm X ut Prem ent -I B1sItetIuII 1 t LN L .1 ntI1.1II I IumI'1I1n I L AIIILIIL -Xxx 1r1.I 7 I'reshm1n DflmlIlLN Llp HMI own Commlttev. Choru I um rr Lshnr Thts ehlrmmg youn I,1tIx xxxth her x uherant petsonalltw Is .1 des1r.1hIe tddltlon am group

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