Russell High School - Pointer Yearbook (East Point, GA)

 - Class of 1932

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jafldfbc LJQLLAQ Llf 4 I x x R V 1 wel ,. , EX LIBRIS COPYRIGHT, 1932 'IJURANT Coucu Eflitor-in-Cl1i1'f NIAITA RIITCHELI, B usizzess J IKIIIKIVQUI' T715 POINTER l,I!!5!l..k'ALYll QV r ISIIIC SIQNIUR CLASS W' RUSSELL HIGH SCHOOL LAS! POINT CF HRK I R l 3 ,112 ww-199 w - Q16 C94 cli 5: s Q 'r 1" fmilicaf Tb 70HN G. LEWILS' the lyfal, e1zefgefz'c'fac'- ufzy aa'fw'ser to ffze An- nual Sfaf--our guzkfe and ourfriena'--fwe a'ea'z'c'afe this fuofzmze gf the Pointer. JOHN G. LEWIS In order fo p1'"2fe memo- rief, record 1zohz'm1e11ze11f.r, 1z1z1fgz'1fe vxpre.r.r1'of1 fo Mo Sjririf of Ruuffff Hzgb, iw, the Senior Cfouxr of 1932, prefefff tbzlr, Mo fefzrenrh 'volume yffhe Poizmfr. jurf IZJ' Mir Sefzior Clan AIU' zzdzfud Il fini' fo Me 66111.11 formed by More ocjorc uf, 10 may .l'llCCCE1l,l.llg .fenior 4ff11.r.rcf jireseroe and .ffl'6'l1gfA6'll Me chain, tba! fha? J'fNIllt'l1f.f may efuer Chfflijh remeolbrarlco of happy, P7"0JQ'fclb!E' days of Runoff. llllllllllllllllllllll Ll llllll rnfrd 2 4 C C e tr 4a 3 Hook I Hook II Hook Ill Baal' IV Hook If T nfs Cff1.r.n'.r Af 'iii 'ific AM! f'f1'v.r Alllfllfrl Ill' Ff'f1f1111'.r K 1 ffae 5 w 1 0 V V! 1 I l 'K I J ,W X . n 'f . A gif E iifln' ii.i1Tl1I'll'P.' 15133 ,. 2, .4 Lg. .4 V-A - - V YAWYA .V ..-L V Al 1- 4 LIERE A. VVELLS, S11pe1'i11lw1rIrnf Miss IYIATTIE RIICHAEI. . l.Y.Yf.YflIIlf lyflllflfltll AB., Ilnrnell l"mw'iIi' 1'.1'pl'v.vxiwa.' You slloulcl reacl more! 1lU1211,v.' Co-operating with students MR. H. C. BRYANT St'lt'IIt't' BS., linloryg lNl.A., University of Chicago 1"u:'nrili' l'.l'f'H'X.Y1.Ul1.' Too much talking in liere! llnlvlvy: Playing golf MR. J. R. CAMI-BELL llisfory A.l3., lfniory 1:l1'Z'Ul'lfl' C.l'f'l't'.l'SlUllI . . ter." llnbby: Giving tests MR. B. B. FULLER Cummcrriul HS.. Georgia Tech I"n:'m'1'lv c.1'p1'r.v.vion: All right, my usual alibi, clemerits ! lloblwy: Collecting four-leaf elovers Miss ZULA BELLE HILL Eiiglilvlz A.l3., Wesleyan 1:tl'2'Ul'l'fU v.1'pressiwz: Book report next week! Ilnlwby: Moving pupils in Study Hall MR. JAM ES T. MCGEE .il1l1f1Il'lI1l1fif'.Y .-XB., MA., lflnory lintwrilc c.rprvs5imz.' Now, young people! Ilobby: Coaching the debating team C. VV. REID, Prinriprll iffifl N "W ' " , :Z , If " " A L A .- i .. ..-W .W L .. ...-..-,,-.., LL A Page 9 l 4 - w ' ' t - fl"1 f 3' Uflli. ljllllllil. lf tl- nt- A -5, ,. .-.. .-.,....-,,...., .. ,.,,,.. vu. Y . ., V Y J iff . 4,771 FACULTY Mlss NIARGARET ALLEN Librarian A.B., Shorter: B.A.l..S., Emory Favorite m'1'rvssio11.' Throw out your chewing gum l llabby: Books-Books-Books Miss JENNIE ANuERsoN Assistant Language A.B., Agnes Scott Favorite expression: Fermez la houche! Hobby: Trying to get students to correct test papers Miss KATE ATKINSIJN Assistant Iinglisli AB., Mississippi Wouteu's College Favorite c.rprf'ssim1.' Now, Tanner says so and sol lluhby: Helping others F MR. C. BARRINGER .4.Y.Yl'5fllIlf Cnn1nn'rt'iul B.C.S., Bowling Green . Favorite expression: Let's get busy! Hobby: Making students work MR. R. L. Bowtm .Alssisfanf .S'ricm'z' A.B., University of South Carolina Favorite v.vfn'vssion: Get this, now! 11011lYy.' Coaching foothzlll teams Miss RUTH CASEY Assistant Conmzercial AB., Agnes Scott ' Fazforitc r'.t'prrssiun.' Students, hush talking! Hobby: Being a politician Miss MAUDE QIOLQUITT flssisfnn! l.auyuagc AB., M.A., Brenan Favorite expression: Act well your part-therein your honor lies Ilnblvy: Being so sweet MR. L, L. Deck Assistant English A.B., Davidson Fawvrilc r'.1'pressinn: There's the door! Hobby: Helping publish the ll'ildrat Miss MARGUERITE Dosss Assistant Sricizrc A.B., Agnes Scott Faworite c.rfrc'ssi0n.' Now listen, children, I'm going to do the talking Hobby: Going to hall games MR. RoY DRUKENMITLER Assistant Science Ph.B., M.A., Emory Favorite v.i'fn'z's.ti0n.' Sing it loud! Hobby: Eating soda cracker - J' ' "":: "' ' ha-I , 'r . t.- ,lt at j.,, ' ' -,....,..La.J.bsu ,,., A ya ...sJe1,,. Page IO is N.. Qflii' i.l1Illlll'1' 1 91:3 ,ff I- U . - I.- .x -A , , FACULTY Mas. L. S. EAKES .'l.rsis!IInt Lllllgllllgf AB., Cox College Ifatvrilv !'.l'Pl'L'SJl'0lIf Decline this word! llohby: Teaching Latin Mas. MARY NVELLS ELKINS g .-l.vs1'stm1l llomv 1ft'0lIOHIl4'.Y - S B.S.l-LE., University of Georgia Jw QW' liiirwwili' f'.vpr'r's.cim1: Now, be sure and do this! ' Hobby: Teaching Sunday School iv ig A Mlss LUCY FIELDS .-lssislcilit Coiziuzvrrial A.B., HM., Bessie Tift Iwzzwiritv 1-.I-prv.vsiuu.' You just got to pass it! Hubby: Dictating Miss Jon WILL HEARN .-lssisialit liuglilvli AB., Bessie Tift FllT'0l'l'fi' v.m'ff1'vs.rim1.' Get in line! Hubby: Giving demerits! MR. S. M. HIEARN .-lssisluu! JlIlIf11t'lll!lfit'5 A.B., limory Iiaiwritv c.i'pl'e.vx1'm1.' All right-All right! llnbhy: Carrying a yard stick Mlss EDITH HOPKINS :lSSl.Yllll1f llisfnry A.B., University of Georgia l"a:'oriIv r.i-prrssimi: Sh-sh-sh ! llnlrby: Being quiet MR. J. G. LEWIS .1JSIASfllllf .l1tlfl1l'Hlllflt'S l!.S., Clemson: M.S., Mercer 1'itlT'lJI'l'fl' v.1'ffre.vsim1: Now, come on, let's hurry up! llnlvlry: Hunting and fishing NIR. C. V. NIADDOX :ISSI-Sftlllf .,l1l1flH'7I1l1fiK'S A.B., Mercer lfawurilv r.I'f11'c's.vI'un: Hitch up the wagon! 1!0l717j'.' Coaching the track team Miss Ocm MATHEWS SC't'1'l'fl1l'j' l:Il'2'Ul'ff4' l'.l'f?l'4'.YJl.0l1.' Did your mother write this? Hubby: Playing bridge Miss RIATTIE MAE MERIWETHER .-lssistrlrit Commerfial 'I'yler's Business College: Crichton's Business College l:t1'Z'lU'l.f1' v.i'fl'v.v.viur1.' Covers on the machines Ilobby: Tapping the bell N C - "f"2?v r .15 'f.fs-lass., ,.,,,,,s,.,, ,,,, - 4-'i e lc- Q. . I-I' ii- Pagc II .sw A. Tl -ll 5 f sy L, iv llnmim 1-33 ,st U, g L fs.. Wig, FACULTY ' Miss LILLIAN MIDDLEBROOKS Assistant History A.B., Agnes Scottg M.A., Emory Favorite expression: By the way- Ilobby: Getting advertising for Wildcat Miss LAURA NEELY Home Economies B.S., Georgia State College for Women Favorite expression: Seven cents, please! A Hobby: Running the cafeteria Miss EVELYN NORTHCUTT Assistant Home Economies G.S.H.E., Georgia State College for Women Favorite expression: l know sumpin' I'm not going to tell! Hobby: Working l1ardC?l Miss Lois PARR Assistant English A.B., Shorter Favorite expression: Hear me now! Hobby: Using the red pencil MR. WALTER F. PATE Assistant linglisli A.B., Mercer Favorite expression: Say it quickly! Hobby: Being oleasant Miss MILDRED PENDERGRASS Assistant English A.B., LaGrange Favorite e.rpression: Oh! Er! , Hobby: Studying business law MR. A. P. TANKERSLEY Assistant Language AB., M.A., Emory Favorite avfvression: Now put this in your notebooks Hobby: Explaining Greek derivations Miss KATHLEEN TAYLOR Assistant Mathematics AB., University of Georgia Favorite expression: Solve for xl - A Hobby: Driving her Ford MR. C. W. O'REAR"' Assistant Mathematics M.A., University of Georgia Favorite expression: It's a matter of indifference to me Hobby: Directing baseball teams 4' N o Picture. AY' 4. AS Y ff EV V V Y W V ,ei ""'1L., ,A tif Page I2 Ely? illutnivr 1532 ,J Q M ' -L SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS NIALBERRY SMITH-"Mal" Prcxidbnt Faz'oriIv c.rpr4'ssion: Aw, Shnckins! Hobby: Doing what can't be done As president of the Senior Class, Malberry has been not only a successful leader but also a friend to all who knew him. DOROTHY ALLEN--"Dot" Vice-President Fiwuritc v.rprv.v5ion: Don't forget Girl Reserve Meeting! Ilobby: Making friends Dorothy's sweet disposition and winning per- sonality have won for her the honor of being the most popular senior girl. BILLIE GRAY Secretary Faworitv expression: Aw, now! Hobby: Drawing Billie is hard to beat. She has pep with every step: winning ways with presidentsg and a host of friends. JACK STALLINGS-nF!l1IhU Treasurer Favorite e.1'1'rcssion: Happy landing! Hobby: Breaking girls' hearts His friendly disposition and faithful perform- ance of his duty as captain of the football team have won him the esteem of his classmates. af- ' F . ,.-TH ' Pagc 1 5 In :Sr Uhr llitiizzitrtt' l. il 1213 i 'U.i!or1.....-.....L.......... SENIOR CLASS M Amir A A Nc:r.eY-"fl nge!" 1"uz'0ritc v.rfv'vs.vi011: Gosh! Hobby: Talking Zip! Bang! Here comes Martha! She is a good sport and hy her jolly disposition she has won the hearts of all. CARol.YN ANSLEV-"Kellie" l:lI7'Ul'ifl' r'.rfvrr'.v.vi0n: Get the guns! Hobby: Managing VVildeats lf you are ever in need of help, just look for "Kellie" She's a faithful student and a loyal classmate. Louis!-3 HARNETT FU7'0I'ifl' v,rjvrc's.vio11 .' Is that so? Hoblny: Playing tennis ller winning disposition and loyalty to friends have won for her the love and affection of her classmates, Sroror-t Bmsns Farforitv l'.t'f7l'!'5SitH1.' Hello, girls! Hobby: Being witty in class NVe shall always rememher him as one with few cares, and a sunny smile for everyone. lSll.EEN lil-:NsoN-"Pwr-If'ez"' Ifcworilc 0.1'fH'cssion.' Good garclenseed! Ilolzby: Being witty and pretty What's all that noise? Oh, don't get excited-it's jus' lfileen. But how could we get along without her? EUNA BLAKE Farwritv f.rf1rc'.r.vi0n.' Dern it! llolrbyi Going places lidna is a quiet, unassuming, and modest student. There is no one any hetter natured than she. EDITH Bono-"Ho" l7at'o1'it4' v.1'fH'c'.r5im1: ls he married? llnlvlvyi Dancing There is no student more jolly or sincere than Edith. Sl1e's a credit to our class. X JAM 1-:s Bomxn l7az'o1'itv v.1'p1'r'.vsim1 .' Find out first! llobby: Writing notes to Nell! james has certainly done his bit while at Russell. He is deserving and will he successful we are sure. Wll.l.lPi BoMAR l7az'o1'iic 1'.rfvrf.r.rz'n1z.' Oh, goody! Hobby: Studying XVillie is one of our most modest students, hut what ZI jewel is hidden heneath her quiet reserve! Nirix Bonsrnsr. Frworifv r'.rfu'v.r.v1'o11: Let me tell you! llnlzlvy: Jumping rope Nita is a capahle, lovahle friend, and a jolly good sport. She will never he forgotten hy those who know . her. A 'Q' "Y 'nf r.i215QQy.F"' 'f"""'4i -f'i'5QQ,,Jyr.i t- . ,vu V- 5, 0174. .'... 'tv Q., .ig .fm , ,L -,Q s..,.-.g Page I6 is A 'I 1 19, X v ., X Elm' lgllllllllfl' lilal as f I 1 I, -L 'lt P F 'K i A ., . 'ugv I7 SENIOR CLASS MARY Bowl-:Rs liav'm'iIe l'.l'fU't'S.l'l'0l1f Aw, good-night! Hobby: Going to East Point Mary's sunny disposition and friendly manner have won the confidence of all her classmates. H. L. BRIDGES liarinrifv v.rlv't'.rsim1.' Golly! Hubby: NVriting histories H. l.. is one of those ten-talented persons we often read about and so seldom see. To his many talents has been added the gift of making friends. ELIZABETH BROCK l"at'uriIv t'.rpl'f.vsion.' You know what? Hobby: Wearing aprons! Elizabeth is another quiet girl, but this only adds to her charm. Her friendliness and sunny disposition make her an excellent companion. X ltliun' BRowN-"Mitzi" 1:tl'Z'0H.fc' 1'.1'fv1't'ss1'on.' Oh-you all! Hobby: Football stars Mary is one of the best-liked girls in school, due to her pleasant temperament and true generosity of spirit. Ahlixuv JIM BROVVN-Hfilllu Faffurirv c'.rffrc.r.vim1.' Ugh, migoshl Hobby: Debating She is an enthusiastic pupil and always willing to lend a helping hand toward the betterment of the school. WII.I.l.NM Butm'N-"H"'iIlir" l7a'rw'it0 v.1'pl'essiz1l1.' Doucha know? h'obby: Throwing notes William is ambitious for success in two great issues of life-love and prosperity. X HERMAN Bnsssia X1 Ifazwrilc r.rprcs.viou: Stop! Ilubby: Studying about-? Though Herman is quiet and reserved he has a spark of humor and enough enthusiasm to make his person- ality felt. X, HELEN BUGG A 17m'brifv turprcrsiorz: Le's eat! Hobby: Loving-? "To know her is to love her." Her sweet personality and sincerity have endeared her to her classmates. l.n.1.1E MAE Bviunaia.-"Kid" linzwritr rxprc'.r.ribrz.' O. K. flabby: Reading How a girl can make so many friends and keep them is an art well known to Lillie Mae: she is unrivaled. Hvniikr CA1.x.owAY lfutwrifr l'.l'f7l't'X.f1'0l1f I ain't ready Hobby: Baseball We know Hubert will be a great success in any pro- fession he undertakes for he has proved himself to be a willing worker. ,H 5 in' .AJ - Q wt' f'f-42 ff ll1,5H,L in I 4,xQ4'ln,, who ,,,W,Q- ,,,, , 7 A., , !.. .. . ... 4.,...,- R 1 rs "M . ,up 5 w , .2 25" 1 , elm' l.l.n'imrs, .Ei -tg - v ...-L.. ......-.,-.......,..,, ,.... ....,....,,.-,,,.,.-.,.,.. ,...,, e,,,-,, eww, ,,,,,,,l,, ., , SENIOR CLASS HENLEY C.xm'1:1ex.L I:tY'I'tll'lft' v.rprvs.n'm1: just wait! Hobby: Being bashfnl X' Henley has the reputation of never speaking unless spoken to: but when he speaks, words of wisdom flow. Tofu M na CA M P-" Tom" l:tl'Z'Ul'I'ft' t'.1'fU'e.f.rio11.' The very ideal llnblry: Going places Tommie likes to have a good time, but She is a con- scientious worker also. Cxrnsiuxu C.xNrinz1.i.-"Cat'n" 17a1'o1'1'te e.i'p1'fs.vio11.' Well, hang your neck out! Ilolwlwy: Leading yells An ecstatic giggle floats down the hall, then a care-free squeal of laughter, and in breezes "Cat'n." My, how she rates! ANNIE CARMlt'H.'XEl.-'U.'lllI1H 1:tlT'Ul'lf4' v,rp1'vssi0a1.' O. K. lloblv-v.' NVriting notes If you are ever blue and want sunshine on a rainy day, just look for Ann. She is the life of the Senior Class. Cil.AllYS C.-xssrzu. Fai'u1'ift' t'.1'f'n'.fsim1.' You find out! llobby: lleing quiet ' Although Gladys is quiet, she is a very worthy student, and is always willing to do her part. Racnm. Cnn.m:Rs-"Buddy" Ifariorilc t'.rfl'e.vsiou: O. K. llobhy: liverything Rachel, in her unassuming manner, has gone through school serving where there was need of service. ller quiet sweetness has formed many friendships. . Y AMY C1.Ecki.r:k-"Boots" l"aI'o1'ilz' t'.l.'fYl't'X.YI'0lI.' NVhere's Rae? llobllbvf Going with Rae lIappy-go-lncky-that's Amy. She is the girl with the pretty hair and sunny smile. M.xuY CLEL'lu.:-:R-"lilor1u'y" lfariorife e.rfH'v.vsim1: Ain't it the truth? llnlrluy: Keeping words to songs Mary is a girl who is sure to achieve greatness in the world, for she has ability, ambition, and a charming personality. Arm:-:s CLINkc.xI.i-:s-"liebe" Y l7uf'o1'ifv t'.t'fl7'l'S5li0ll.' Oh, l know! llnblry: Practicing liebe's ambition at present is to continue her study of music. Give her a problem-she'll solve it: a duty- she'll perform it: a piano4she'll play it. X Ronlalvr Coeiriux I7ur'ori!v v.i'pressio11,' Jes' a minute, please! llnlrlry: Getting out of study hall Robert is an 'ideal friend and a good student: he gives "Vf'W' , freely of himself and asks but little of others. we We' fffxyrs r N' s' 'f1'f,esfa"'g 5 , , . ' '. l i. : L 'A p R 1 '- -r- gg.. 1 A-,g,,aN, E g .vu M, I7 nge 18 3 Eh? lglniltlrt' 1532 Jgfeff SENIOR CLASS Rosa CoLi2-"Rosie" Fa:-orilc e.rpres.viun: Oh, let me see! Hobby: Going to picture shows Her sweet nature and admirable personalitv have been her chief aid in securing for her the love of her class- mates. ANNA Lou CoUcH-"Ann" lia'z'oritv e.rp1'c'x.rion: Aw, shoot! Hobby: Playing bridge Whether it's swimming, tennis, dancing, or bridge, Ann is right there. She's the best sport ever. DL'RANT Coucn-"Duke" liazwzritc v.rpre.rsio1z.' I love you! Hobby: Making love formulas Durant is Russell's Socrates: his chief cllaracteristic is that which is so needful in this modern World of ours-efficiency. Louisa DAwsoN 1Ttl'I'0l'l'fl' v.rfvrv.v.vion: That's nothing! Hobby: Going to dances Louise is a true friend and as a companion she is all that can be desired. Louise can be relied upon to do the right thing at the right time. JEANETTE DFILOACH-'ff0llCf" Favorite m'prcs.rir111.' Leave me alone! Hobby: Singing "Janet" is capable and etlicient, and it is with assurance that we predict the future success she so well merits. X EARI. Drccs Fa1'oritc c'.rp1'vssion: Tell the truth! Hobby: Football liarl has urged the "Wildcats" on to many victories. We uish him great success in life. HPII.EN Dokssv liufwrilr' t'.l'f7l't'JSl.0Il.' Oh, it's wonderful! Hobby: Drawing Plenty of vim, vigor, and vitality-that's Helen. She has an easy way of stepping into people's minds and hearts. livEl.vN ISIIDSON Fa7'orifr' z'.rpl'e.r.riou.' Really? Hobby: Being pals with teacher Evelyn is one of the most intellectual girls in our class: she always knows her lessons. Luck from us all, Evelyn. MARY Louisa li1.l.isoN-"Mary Lou" lizworilv c.rl'I'v.r.rion: Sounds like Gypsy! Hobby: Falling in love with preachers NVe can all recognize the genuine work of this lovable girl, and we know she has a bright, successful future ahead. GLENNIS El'l'ERSllN-nlkffu F1I'Z'0l'l'lf' v.rfvrc.rsiou.' Good gosh! Hobby: Chewing gum For an earnest reliable thinker and worker who is dependable, we present Glennis. Gee, but we'll miss her! tw ' f' A N s 1 'i ' 1 N . -,-. f . AN -i--11 ,, , .1 Pagr 19 1? 1 1' luintm' 151123 ,,-S' 3. uv- ..-L I-+ -A SENIOR CLASS IJOROTHY Estes-"Dottie" l7af'oriiv a.rfH'essz'ou: You'd he surprised! Ifllflflyf VVritingt?J As there aren't words to express our love for "Dotsie," we'll just give up and say, we like her lots-anytime, anywhere. , X WlNroN Evims Ifatioritt' 0.1.'f77'l'.Y.YlUl1f Find it! N Hobby: Helping others with Spanish Winton is a quiet chap who doesn't have much to say, but when he does say it, it is always worth listening to. FRANU-is FAGAN-h1:!'!IlIIi'.Y', Far'o1'i!c' zf.rjn'e.tsiu1z: You and whose army? Hobby: Wielding her brush "Franks" possesses an unusual ability to portray an individual's likeness with a pen or pencil, and we know she will have a successful life. CARl.os F.xt'i.kNER Fa1'oritz' f'.rp1'4'.r.rim1.' I don't know Hobby: Being a Senior Carlos is an expert sharpshooter on the riHe team. His good nature assures him of a hearty welcome wherever he may be. N1-:urs Cares 1:df'0I'if!' c.rpres.ri011.' Wfhat? Hobby: StudyingC?l No one can withstand this boy's pleasing personality and air of quiet determination, X 'l'n1z1.MA GEORGE-ullflfn Favorite expremiolz: Wait! Lemme see! Hobby: Talking Always waiting for fun to come around, that's "Pat" VV'hat would our years have been without her? She has brightened them for us. HUGH GnzsoN-"Gif" FlIT'0l'ifC e,i'p1'r's.sim1: Hey, Pal! Hobby: Winning R's and stars! Neat, trim: a gentleman: socially inclined: a polished manner: not too serious, yet serious enough: a per- sonality: a smile-lt's A'Gip." WILMA tin-'Foam Fazforitv v.rpr'v,rsion: I ain't very happy Holzby: Squealing Wilma, we, your friends, hate to part with you for you have a place for yourself in our hearts, and may your wishes be granted! 7C RtXlSEVEI.T Gomsv-"Rosy" Ft17'Ul'l'fL' e.1'ff1'r's.tinn.' Love 'em and leave 'em! Hobby: lVriting epistles "Rosy" is like a static machine, everything about him snaps and sparkles. He has everything necessary for a bright future. H:XRIiX' Gor.mHrI.Y 17at'm'ifc c'.rfu'c.v.rim1.' Ah, shoot! Hobby: Football VVe can pay Harry no greater tribute than to say that he is a prince of a good fellow, a true friend, and an excellent sport. -Riff ,r 'T 1-'Q NH.-an ...s-AJ 1,11 1 'O A 'hr lllnintvr 192'-E gn SENIOR CLASS M'.ARY GRUBB Iiaziorilc' vrjvrcssiori: Aw, there's so and so! Hobby: Writing notes in church Mary has won admiration by her admirable nature, her willingness to help others, and her sincerity in all phases of her work. MARILLTCY HAMMETT-"AIIn Harding" Q Fa'z'oritc f'.rprc.r.rioII: It doesn't matter with me Hobby: Studying Home Economics "You'll always find lzrr true and just, A girl tvlmnz all will low' and trust." We can find nothing to describe Marilucy more ac- curately. K CATHERINE HANN.A-ilSlI0fljV" Fo1'ori1r cxprcssiozz : Heck ! Hobby: Working bookkeeping Catherine is one of our most cheerful Seniors and the weather does not affect her in the least: she's a regular friend! PEARLE Hmuzrs-"DimpIe.v" Iiavoritr' e.rf'rr'.vsiou.' Oh ! Hobby.' Sewing Pretty and Inodest, sweet and gay, bright and jolly is Pearle. CHRISTINE HEARN-IiTll1C,, Faz'oI'ita exfwression.' My goodness! Hobby: StudyingQ?J How ever Christine may decide to spend her future, we are sure it will be a life of unselfishness to those around her. X GENE HENSLEE-riRUd,, Favoritz' c'xffrvssiorI: Sweet and ro-man-tic! Hobby: "Sweet Williams" ls it surprising to learn that she is popular with the opposite sex when you look at those beautiful brown eyes? FRANCES HODGES Favorite expression: O. K., Baby! Hobby: Going to shows Frances' charming personality, strong character, and loyalty has won for her a place in the hearts of all of us. BETTY HooD-"Hood" Favorite e.1'prf'ssion.' Cute! Hobby: Powdering her face "Hood" never lets little things like "marks" worry her, but she is a loyal friend and a classmate who is ever ready for a good time. X' JOE HoRNsBY ' Favorite e.rpr0.rsI'on: just a smile! Hobby: Playing baseball Joe has acquired quite a reputation as a baseball player, and we predict that someday he will be a member of the National League. IR GEORGE HOWEl.I. Favorite e.1'frrossioII .' Oh I Hobby: Dancing George claims that love is a strange thing, and also that he has a liking for strange things! O. K., George, it takes it to get along in this world! 4-S, + it , X' F l :tif I L I. ,L -. , I. i fi ai, 1 ftsuwrfg-W A K -w ,M,,.,,L-,-MW 1 Q- ., 1 Page 2I .vw-.W A it iirltr ,lniuirr 1911513 ,,-.Q ', Y1 4, . i Aw- -A -7- -- f- A- - -, ,,,,, L , ................ .,...-..,...... ,.4,,,.,,,,.,J4,... ,ASA SENIOR CLASS FAAYE HL7nsoN Fazwritc e,rprcs.ri0n.' Ugh, yes, I reckon! Hobby: Studying Geometry It is hard to write Faye up in such a limited space, so we'll just go to the point and tell you, she's an ideal! IMTROTHY JACKSON-nl,0f" Favorite c.rMes.vior1: Honey! Hobby: Going to shows The class of '32 is proud to claim such a member as "Dot" for she is just the type that everyone loves and admires. Louisa jixcksox Favorite m-prc.rs1'on.' She forgot! Hobby: Looking out the window Louise strives to do good, make good, and be good. And we will say she hasn't failed in any of these. EDITH Ki'XllEl. Fawritv e.rprvs.rio11: I'I.L be there! Hobby: Passing notes A fine girl, a good companion, a wonderful classmate. Always happy, with a smile for every one-'1'hat's lidith! X ARNOLD KPIITII-i'D00lllulll5" Favorite expression: "You sho is crazy!" Hobby: Reading the funny paper Behold a boy who never worries. He has an all-time, ever-ready smile for everybody. M,xRo.mET KEITH Ffworitt' 0.1-prv.r.rion.' Gosh! Ilobby: Riding around in a little Ford VVhen you want an all 'round good sport, we present you Margaret-Russell is expecting great things of her! NIARGARET KILDUFF 1:ll'Z'171'ift? expf'cssiw1.' Sweet and ro-man-tic! Hobby: Writitig essays Surely none but herself can be her parallel. She is cute, witty, and has adorable ways which charm every- one. ISABEI. KILGoRE-"Bv1It"' Favorite i'xfre.v.ri0u.' "Hon-ey!" Hobby: Raving about-? Isabel is one of the most loved and most attractive girls in our school. She is a student of whom we are justly proud and for whom we predict a brilliant future. X FUTREILE LAND Fa-z'0rilc c',1',M'z'.v.rioi1: Aw, you know! Hobby: Eating sandwiches Our association with Futrelle has proved that he is ll fine fellow. He sees the good in everything and is a A true member. W- . -H' 4 v v f 'A -----P V -fn----.. 1 4- - . I 2 . ww ' 'phi H I Pug 622 .. . .14 1' ti, ' .-.- ,af wi.-1 Zllfl s li. .f " ' tlgl' SENIOR CLASS Ftnzn la-ir: l:UT'0l'1.ft' e.i'f'rvx.viur1.' NVe'll find ont later! llol1l1y.' Skipping tests Fred is a typieal high school student and a trne sport in every sense of the word. NVQ wish him the lmest that ean he attained in life. livl-:INN l.Ew1s l:tl'f'0I'l'ft' t'.t'f'l't'.r.viou: NVonlcl yon like to know? llolvI1v.' Teleplioningt Fl liyelyn is an excellent stndent, a girl of high ideals and aspirations, an honest classmate, and a girl of sterling eharaeter. Brix l.Is1.E-"l.t't'i" l:tlT'UI'!ft' t'.t'ftl't'.v.vim1.' I ean't, honey! llulvlLt'.' Breaking girls' hearts! lien loves the ladies when he can and all he ean, lint we are snre he sees other great things in life! X lloitornv Lovi:-"Hal" lin-zwrilt' i'.i'fvr'i'.r.v1'n11: Yon don't mean it! llnlwliy: Swimming A "Dot" is intelleetnal, a skillful artist, and an indis- pensahle memher of our elass. CoRxlcl.l.x Nl.KNlllCRSON Fafwfile i',i'fvr'v.vsio11.' O. pals! llnlvlvyu' Chasing hntterflies lfnn-loving, care-free and full of life, Cornelia will always he a sneeess. XY'vxi:'r'l'r: MANN-"II 'yuu1'llt-" l"t1:'m-ilu v.i'fvr'v.rsio11: Listen! llnlvlvy: Singing She is loyal, friendly, patient, and sineere. We hope that her life will he filled with sunshine and prosperity. X hYll.lil'R hl.XR'l'lN-MFG!" 1:4I'Z'U!'fft' e.i'fn'e.v.fio11: Aw, shnekins! llolvlv-v.' Trying to tind new girls .X lyoy who can overcome obstacles with :1 smile and a Cheerful disposition cannot help hnt sneeeed in what- ever he attempts. l'iTllEl. ihlL'lJllN.'Xl.ll-HSL?" l:tIT't!l'!lt' e,i'f'ri'x.v1'm1.' Are yon snre? llo!vIvy.' Square-dancing lithel's character is one that inspires confidence and Irnst. ller kindness and sincerity have won her many friends. lil.lz.xm:1'H M4'C1,.xRY-"l5l1's" 1"t1-:wrile t'.l'f7l'4'.VSiUlI.' Perfectly adorable! llnlvlvy: Being stylish lflizaheth is endowed with an nnusnal amount of hoth hrains and personal charms. XVith a magnetic per- sonality, she has won many, many friends. jonx lXleL.xl'onl.lN-Ullmmvf John" l'1tYT't7l'1'f4' t'.l'f!l't'5.Y1-011 : Get up! Ilnlwlvy: 'I' models Hrillianey may not he in his make np, lint when the eonnt of sneeess is made, john will be near the top of the list. .-., '3 . 1 . . .Y 1 ' 1 'xi ' ' 1. - 5 I Q fi' nit 'tsittitls I the if SENIOR CLASS I.I'Cn.i.i-2 lNlt'Mn.l.i.xN liurwzrilr t'.l'fYl'I'.t'NflH1.' l'm here! llobliy: Being alrsent I.ueille eau take a hard hlow and eome up smiling. Certainly no one has a hetter ehauee to attain her goal than she. ltflaiw NFfl.l. lNlel'nI-:asox-"film" lia'r'nrifv C'.1'f77't'.tXf0lIf See Helen! lloblwy: Skating Sueh a charming smile eau aeeompany only a sunny disposition, hoth of which Mary Nell will find useful in life's contract. lNleXV1ioitTi-in l:ll?'Ul'fft' v.i'ffl't'.v.ri1m.' Hey, lloneyf llolnlvy: Singing in sehool "Laugh and the world laughs with youfu must he Mildred's motto. She is a good student and a true friend. lSl.lZAl!I'I'l'lI IXIINTER-"Ilvliiv" lfaroriiv t'.1'fv1'es.rioa1: je veux d'eaul llnlrliy: lfating cake A generous, lovahle, sympathetic friend. and an all 'round good sport is lilizaheth. Good luck, "lhhie." XVe know you will sueeeed. lklAlTA Ml'1't'iii:i.i,-"Mil" lir1f'oril1' c.i'fu'e.r.rim1.' "Oh, I'm Romeo's Juliet" llnlnhy: Getting ads "Not too serious, not too gay, hut a rare good fellow when it comes to play." NVe know we'll miss you lots, "Mit" ! Coxwixx' lvlIZEl.I.-"COIlllft'u liu7'n1'ilr v.1'fu't'.rxi011: VVhat manner of dog is thatf llolwlvy: Playing a sax. Most of us will rememher Conway as a Chemistry shark and as a saxaphouist. lle is a loyal and excellent student. jg Kkxxiirii Morin-"lx'f1i11iv" lic1f'or'iIr f'Yl'f"'t'.YXl'lIlI.' Yes. l willl llulvby: lilushiug He sees the good in everything and is one of the most faithful members of our class. May the sun shine for- ever for himl lil.l.l-.ts lXIi'iue.xv4-"I?i::ic" l:I1'Z'Ul'lift' t'.i'fir't',r.r1'm1.' Mercy me! llolvlvy: Following the hounds A tireless and uueeasiug worker, possessed of tact and initiative, together with a congenial nature that makes it a pleasure for one to work with and for her. a X filitlktli-I Mil.i,.'tR MI'RRAY--"Gvm'tlie" Iftrrorilf t'.l'f'I't'.Y.Yf071i just a minute! llolilr-vi Shootingf ?l The world's gaining a real friend in George, and we will greatly miss him. The hest wishes of class of '32 follow you. RAE Nmi. 1fnr'ol'ilv I'.1'fU't'.YSiUl1.' NVhere's Amy? llnlvlwy: Going with Amy refined and studious. Iler ideals, uohle She is quiet, lofty amhitious have endeared her to character, and - her classmates. ..a..-.,. .... l"T-7'?T?fIf- " "Y T " """""'T""' WN" "'L'TTiT'3T2'I'9""""" "" "" """"""" ' "'T'1rxf'f"'7g1'r""'t l ' la ' y 1' .. e 4. , '.""'- . 1- fp e page 4. l H ' ' "' ' '- i ' ..,....,.... X. J lt. .. Pagf 24 it Q5 Elie llniitirr 1932 ,. l -8- --f I 1 ,,. SENIOR CLASS Doius Nusmrr l"ur'0rifc v.rf'1'1'.v.vio11: Blow me down! Hvlrby: Sleeping For a character of fidelity and a disposition of love- liness none exceeds this lovely girl-An inspiration to all is she. ' linrru Bon NISISET-liffllbli Ifawrifv e.rpressimz: ?? um Hobby: Spending the night with Wilma - We have much confidence in you, Bob, and if you apply that vim and energy which is yours, the future can spell only success. JOHN NOLAN lfarmriiv 1'.l'Pl'!'S.Yi0l1f Finish what's started! Hubby: Working bookkeeping John, we-'ll always admire you and remember your smile. We all give our wishes of happiness to you. Coukms O'Nr:A1.-"Muff" lfarwrite l'.!'f7l'I'X.S'1'0III Find out for me! Ilollby: Singing like-? Did someone laugh? lt must have been Mutt. VVell, our jolly senior likes fun, and we all admire her. X w. D. OWEN-'iT4'0l'11t'I'u 17ai'01'iIc v.rfv'c.rsior1: Come to the meetin'! Ilnblvy: VVorkiug with 1!'ildc'ut We are sure such versatility and such spirit deserve and will receive their fitting reward. X Wu.iu:n'r OWEN lfurvrrifz' z'.1'ffrz's.rio11: Good night! l'l0l1Ivy.' Being quiet Life has been good to Wilbert. It has given him ri fine mind, and a pleasing personality. josarnlnr: PARKER-"Jn" 17ur'oritr v.1'pr't's,viuii.' Great dah! Iloblry: Driving the Essex Jo's quiet and charming disposition has won her many friends. She is one of the most valuable members of the Senior Class. GEORGE PIERl'E-HIJHIP Bit" 1:l1T'0l'l'fi' v.rpr'r.r.ri1ui: I'm here! Iinhby: Grinning George is an outstanding student, at hard-worker, and a good sport. He was always ready to co-operate in anything the class undertook. ELLA PEARL Pinson-"Ella l'ffppy" liawnritv l'A'f7I'i'5.Yi0II.' That's not the true Girl Reserve spirit! Ilobby: Going to Parry Disc lilla Pearl's lovable personality and quiet manner make it possible to say that she has no enemies, and that all who know her love her. ' Ii nu . , ,f 3 ,l v Q .W,.,,. ,T-""1A ,V:A,.., Win, 4 V vp t - . . ,, , i ,tyn 1, R stu, ,a Page 25 .taxi M4-li' SENIOR CLASS lNl.xkx' PIXIUN lia'zwl'ilv r.i'l'rt'.csio11.' 'l!hat's cute! llolrlwy: Dancing Since Mary is so fond of stopping school, we feel that there must be some strong attraction somewhere. Per- haps she is making use of leap year! RPT!! PL'RllY-iilfitfflflxi liurwrrilv e.i'fw'vs.riou: l was scared llolvlvvv: Sewing Ruth's steadfastness of purpose and untiring devotion to all she undertakes will carry her far toward success, and we all wish her a full measure of this world's good fortunes. IS Jr-:Rome R.xosnAr.E-"Jwry" Ifzworitv r.1'frv.v.rim1: Cannot be printed Hobby: Driving an Austin "jerry's" greatest pleasure in life is teasing the girls. With few cares and many laughs, he has become a great favorite. X Cu.xiu,Es lililllllt'KLu1ft'dlfft"' l:fl'I'fU'fft' e.rf1l'vssim1.' l believe yon're crazy! Ilolrlny: NVaitiug for -- at the drug store He has been a star in Russell's football team. Keep that ol' fight "Rerldie," and your life will be a success. j.xMEs Rmzvrts-"C'lzrack" Ifaimrifr c'.1'p1'r.v.rim1.' Aw, go on! llnlrlvy: Riding a Ivikvf "Chuck" has taken all the dark spots out of school life. Handsome and talented, be is ready to aid in all we undertake. REnEc'c.x Ruornis-"lively" l"m'w'ifv r.1'lu'r's.rim1: Oh, yeah? Ilolrlry: Dancing "Ile-cky's" attractiveness, ready smile, and charming personality have won for her a large circle of friends. Akvnm Rornikrs limtorirv v.i'ffre.v.vior1 : I dou't care! llnhlvy: Playing the guitar and harp This lad's optimism and ever-ready laugh have drawn all of his associates very close to him. lEl.E.'XNllR Roinzurs I'.t1'Z'lH'lfC v.1'fv'f'.rsima: Do I like Tech! llohby: Being sponsor of rifle team XVe are sure the rifle team selected one of the cutest girls in the senior class. She's a true pal, and admired by all. K Nutr. Rosssk Furwwilt' f,i'p1'f.r.vim1: Oh, yeah! Ilolvby: Playing the piano p She is capable and efficient. and it is with assurance that we predict a future success she so well merits. Lu.r.n-1 JIM Sra.u.l-:Y lfutwritv f.1'fv'v.r.rin11: Oh, honey! llolvlvy: Bookkeeping She appears quiet, but those who know her best say she is full of fun and a true friend. Inge 26 .1-... 22' tilts i2,htitttlt'i' 155152 at X ,4- SENIOR CLASS -.-v,,.., Vi:i.u.xi. Si1..xx-- I rl l'iiI7'Hl'fft' t'.t'fl'4'.t.Vi1HI.' Yeill Ilolvlty: jumping rope llid anyone ever see her when she wasu't smiling? lt is a great pleasure to know a person who, like Vehnae, liivuxutn SIIANXtlN-H.k'lt'L'IPlI,t'llIIIXH lfti-:'o11'le t'.l'fU't'S.YfUll.' XYhat are they doing in the war? Ilolvlv-v.' Tasting lipstick This fun-loving hoy is a good sport and an excellent student. lle is one of the friendliest and hest liked fellows in school. Rtrrn Sll.XXYfulv1'llH 1'lt1T'tPl'ift' t'.l'f'l't'XXit?ll.' l forgot, l think! lloltlvyi Making witty remarks Ruth's ready wit and cheerful personality are lights that quench the gloom u'herex'er she goes. Cormrxx Simxioxs-"C'o!it"' I'11':'u1'l'It' r.t'frt'.f.vim1.' L'nknown llfvlvltyi Taking l.atin Coleman gets things done without saying much ahout them, Ile is a good student and a valuahle memher of the hand. Lt'cn.i.E Swim-"Ci1lr" l'ltlT'tll'fft' t'.i'p:'t'.vxio1:.' 'l'hat's grand! X llolrlvy: Raving Without Lucille our class wouldn't he lahelcd thc "hest" ever graduated, 'cause she and lter good looks have made the class of '33 famous. l'.l.iz.xnli'l'il bnrrn l:tI'I'tH'lft' t'.l'f'l't'X.Ylt7lIf Aw-now! llnlvl1,t'.' 'l'alking?? .X tpiiet, sweet girl and a friend worth knowing. She is fond of dancing and having a good time. ll. li. SXIl'I'll7UC,l!ll'L"' l:tIT'4'Vlft' c.l'l'l'c.v.viol1.' You wanna wear it? lloltlty llumpiug telephone posts lluriug his four years here, "Chee" has dahhlcd sue- cesstully in everytlting from dehating to hreaking half the girls' hearts. Rl.XR'I'll.X SMl'l'll7U.lllI7'fllj'H l:tI'I'!'l'llt' t'.i'f1'u.v.vio11.' Save me that hug! llnltlvy: Stacking dishes "lx'urc t'Ulllf't7ltllll of tjlltlllfy, uoltlc, mid trite, ,I lvlcufy of :eil mid good .t'4'll.i'r, loo" -that's our "Marthy." Itltmtitci. Snrrn l"tr':'m'ile t'.i'f'l't'x.viort.' I thought l would die! llolvlfyf Arguing lXlurriel takes life as it comes hut she tries to wrest from it as many smiles as possihlc. Rox' SMl'l'llfnSllliH.t'H l"ti':w'ilt' t',l',"l't'.YX!itVlIf Uh, sugar! lltvlvlyv: Ileing "cute" 'l'here's no one like Roy-everyone likes him. NVQ sin- cerely admire him for his loyalty to his class. r r rr - Lg. HM., 5 I 9gz,g..iat,,,.4,.., Page 27 P . it - W SENIOR CLASS SARA Smlrn 1:lI'I'IWfI'17 r'.r111'rssion: 'l'hat's odd! llnbby: Seeing ghosts F? The many, many friends she has won is due to her jolly good nature, NVe know her future will be filled with success, joy, and happiness. CHARLES SNOW-"Charlie" l'il1T'U7'ifL' a.1'f11't'.r.riol1.' I donno! Hobby: Making music Charles enjoys two things especially: having a jolly good time, and playing his beloved piano. NYe wish him great success in life. MARY STEw.xR'r-"l?el1y" Faz'm'ifv r.rlv'c.v.vio11.' She's the sweetest thing! Ilobby: Taking Home liconomics from Mrs. lilkins Betty is one of the most intellectual girls in our class. She is always the same no matter where or when you see her. V RAND0l.l'll Sl'al,l-is-"Ramiy" 17' if .rftrr'5.vio1i.' Sho null. 1 i' 'ing tennis Randy holds a high place in the esteem and love of his fellow classmates and always manages to create a cheerful atmosphere about him. MARY Srrruzs I:ll'Z'tH'iI!f' r.rf1rcs.rz'mz: XVhat a pity! Hobby: Listening to the radio She takes life as it comes. easy going, hut still there is her gentleness, her friendliness and her attractiveness. by which she captivates all. D Bessie Swicrzczoon FllT,!lll'l'fC f'.vfvr'v.r.rio11.' I don't remember! Hobby: Talking fast Bessie is a hard-working, conscientious student. and a loyal friend. Her ideals are high and her aims are lofty. NIARY V. 'lil10BI.XS-uyitlfu Faf'm'ife cxffrcssion: Isn't he cute? llolwlmy: Going to parties Mary is blessed with a natural interest in her fellow classmates, and her affectionate nature has made many enduring friends. X MfKRY Tnom.-is 1:t1'Z'0l'ffL' v.1'lWe.vsioz1.' Oh, gosh, can't I? llnbby: VVinking Mary is sure to have in her own heart the conscious- ness of her duty well done. Doals 'l'HoMPsoN Favorite l?.t'fJTt'.Y5l0l1.' My, me! Ilobby: Transcribing shorthand Doris has entered into the spirit of Russell High, and her loyalty has made her one of the most dependable members of her class. RUHYE 'l'HoMrsoN Favorite c.rfWcssian.' Oh my goodness! Hobby: Known by her dry wit! Rubye is loved by everyone. She is always in a good humor and has the unusual ability of making everyone else happy too. '--r--7'--je '-' """ "- ' -' """""""""' "'s"'-""""""'jrjN'Q' it i- ..n. nj. d.l. Page 28 X-ill, at' .. - uv A , - A ., Y , F,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, gi, g 1' -4- X r SENIOR CLASS 1'-ll'I'UfIifI' r.rfl'e.v.vinr1.' "Squeeze ine!" Ilolvlvy: lfating apples! llow can anyone help liking this jovial, enthusiastic hoy? It has heen a real pleasure to he in his classes. GRADY TIDXVELL R,vvMoNn TmMi:i.l1:-"Citrine" Iiavorift' 1'.1'Pre.r,r1'on.' "Oh, mamma!" llolrlly: Playing with dolls Raymond has had a successful high school career and we helieve that he will be even more successful in life. X l':l.XYYNNli VE:Xl.E-"f.0llgll"" 1im'w'ilc e.rlU'rss1'o11.' Yes, yes! Hobby: Playing tennis I lilwynne is an attractive girl who knows how to wear clothes well. She is recognized for her style. NICK Woon lftwurifu r.rprcs.rim1: l forgot all ahont it! Hobby: Going to church There is no Steadier student among ns tllan Nick. Quiet, hut of a jolly disposition, he has made many friends. Rrrn XV.xm1-"liool.v" li41z'ur1're e.rfv't'.v5imi.' Aw, heck it! llulrlwy: Driving 1'oadsters For true love and amiahle disposition, we'll take "Boots" at any time. She has helped to make R. H. S. what it is today. .ANN NV.n.m:R 1:tl'I'I1I'fft' r'.rp1'e.vsi0i1: Aw? llolvlvy: Having a good time Ann is the truest sort of a friend: if you have heen so fortunate as to win her as one, she will prove a friend at all times. X lxlAY0lll-Il. kVAI.l.-HIDFIU lft1r'or1'Ie e.1'presxim1.' Burn-!! llulvlvy: Making sarcastic remarks She has the reputation of knowing how to give finger waves to per-fee-tion. Her keen sense of lnnnor and jolly nature have made her a favorite with all. fiER.Xl.ll XVAI.I.AeE-''G1'rr'y" lfu':w'irc e.rp1'es.rie11.' I haven't got my shorthand yet! llnbby: Smiling llonesty, justice. fairness, and kindness, are the characteristics by which "Gerry" is known. AUDR1-:v W.xRNoc1c Iitifwriir r.1'f1rt'.rsim1.' Uh! Hobby: Singing Little, hut oh, so sweet! She is loved by all the girls and adored by all the boys. X IDELI, XVuEi:l.Ek - liawrilz' c.1'fv'vssior1: Have you studied chemistry? Ilnblvy: Sports . . ldell is truly a model student and her future will be more than bright if it eclipses her past. . q-- x- 'J . ' A M, ,,.v '...- .v lt til. , tvtt tt Page 29 4 - f ,.-.......,..-.L...a-...... Q M .Xi .....,...,,.:r,,n M ...,,.....,.-.W ---- -.------.f------T . ,, ... f, 2, i , .3 , ., .. .J ...., U he Tilll,'iili'li li! it A if -. ,.. .. . -..e ,...A. e--..,,,..,-,,....,-,., Wn.1.mM XVHIGI1.-XIXI-"BiHj'u F11r'01'ife c,rlv'e.v.vinrz: 1-li, bud! Hobby: Making eallst ?J "Bill" has heen a leader in a wide range of activities during his four years at Russell. He is very popular with the girls-especially one. RUTH XVn.1.i.xMs 1:lI2'0I'lfl' v.rfv1'v.v.r1'of1.' Aw, sump'nl Hnblzy: Music--dancing This charming little girl is admired hy all her class- mates. Her cheerful smile and winning disposition will he great aids to her for future success. FRANK VVlL1.iNt:naM Ftwnrifr r'.rfv'e'.v.riou: You clon't say! llolrby: Playing the organ Frank's broad smile and attractive ways have made him known to all his classmates. We predict success for him. - FI.oiu-iNet: NVn.i.s Ezworifv r.rlw'r.r.vim1.' Did ya know it? Iloblvyi Finding out things Stop, look, and listen, it's Florence. She holds the title of heing ahle to say more words per minute than any other senior. Hixuars NVoon liaiwrile r'.1'lvl'e.s'.rio11.' Aw, cantcha wait? Iloblvy: VVriting notes to t?l Harris is an athlete of no mean ahility but he is very modest about it. He is a true and loyal supporter of his class. AILENH Woon.u.r. Favorite c.rff1'e.v.vim1: That's religion for you! llnlrby: Cashiering Ailene, the girl who is famous for her jokes in the Il"ildcat! She works hard, laughs harder, and loves hardest. ALMARINIE NVau:H'r Ifaiwriit' z'.1'pr'r.v.v1'o11.' Oh! llnhlry: Reading NV'e deem it truly a rare privilege to have one of her personality as a member of the class of '32. X FaANc'Es XVRIGHT-"l7r'anlc" l7u:'m'i!e e.rftrr.vsz'o1z: Quit, Mayodelll! llnlvby: Making candy Frances possesses rare charm and lovely traits of character: she is energetic, progressive, and alert in all her studies. Asnrnzum YMuxuotrun-".1l.vlz" Iiawrifc c.rfvrt's.vin11: That's funny! llobby: Working in the Fairfax Ashfield has survived the test-he faces the world a Finished product of Russell. X Craunp: Yoiv-"Tandy" 17tl'i'tH'iff' c.i'fu't'.v.fio11.' Awishootl llnhby: Driving model "T's" "Tandy" never lets work interfere with his having a good time. He is fond of sports-and girls. "Tandy," we wish you great success! CoRNiel.I.x V.KL'tilI.XNik 1741-:write r.1'fvrc.vsion: je ne sais pas! 1'Iolvlry.' Studying French Although Cornelia has been with us only one year, she has been a valuable classmate and a loyal supporter of the school activities. t'fNot in picture. Fi! t M gag t M. w """"""""'s ,'f'f"'."'f " v fi-i Lp' '.: .-AA. Page 30 57? is ,uv qpmnm 1932 fl:-Y N SENIOR HISTORY , PROLOGUE "All the world? it stage, And all the men and 'wouzeu merely players."-SHAKESPEARE. OR the past four years a play has been enacted by the high school class of '32, At the beginning, the material consisted of about three hundred seventy boys and girls gathered from East Point, College Park, Hapeville, Ben Hill and surrounding country districts. An eflicient corps of instructors has given time and energy to the training of these boys and girls in preparation for the parts they are to play on the Stage of Life. ACT I. Scene-Newer Russell High with its S100,000 addition, fully equipped. Time-1928-1929. The .boys and girls who were to be the actors in this play were assembled on the stage in September, l928, and each was assigned his part. All had severe cases of stage fright upon making the first appearance because everything was so new-new surroundings, new teachers, new friends, and new subjects to be mastered. There was little opportunity for any of the actors to take leading parts in school activities in the first act, because most of their time was devoted to mastering the new studies. It seemed a stupendous task but they all attended each day's rehearsal and finally reached the end of the first act. ACT ll. Time-1929-1930. ' After a short vacation the three hundred sixteen actors qualifying for parts in the second act were reassembled and assigned their different pieces to learn, each more difficult than the first had been. There were more new friends, teachers, and subjects, but the actors settled easily into the routine of daily rehearsals. They had time to take part in other activities-athletics, music, Hi-Y, Girls' Reserve, and literary clubs. ACT III. Time-1930-1931. Their number reduced to two hundred nineteen, the actors again crowded upon the stage and received their parts for the "Junior" act. Some had become versatile actors and were able to take the leading roles in football, baseball, and other sports, ,literary clubs, the band, and in the editing of the school paper. This was a difficult year for the players, but they worked diligently, keeping their spirits up with the thought that in the following act they would reach the climax, ACT IV. Time-1931-1932. At last-the hopes of the actors were finally realized as the time arrived for the act in which they were to be "Seniors" They had been looking forward to 'this act since the first day's rehearsal and now, the fact that their dreams had been realized seemed unbelievable. They took the leading roles in all the school activities and had the added responsibility of setting an example for the lower classmen. They repre- sented Russell in the District Meet and on the athletic fieldg they sponsored the Senior Play and the publication of the Russell POINTER, they held' offices in the Hi-Y .Club, the Girls' Reserve, and the Spanish, French, and Literary Clubsg and, above all, they loyally upheld the honor of the "Gold and White." f . ' EPILOGUE And now, as the Seniors of 1932 leave the scene of their preparation for the Play of Life, each will receive the applause of the world, according to the efficiency he shows in acting the part for which he has trained. ,lt Li! y f K l A' -es: ' -.1-:,'n" , r , 4-. -5' 'T'b.'11W- 1 , .1 7 f ii 'A:"'5i'r . 'l 1 . . f . X 4 ,c . I x'. . ' V . ' , - . 4'. . s , . . . . , . , , Y- . -Q . 1 5 . - - 5' '-' ' - ' - , Q xg ' . M- - ----- x Page 3 I 1 ff? E112 igninivr 1532 THE THRESHOLD OF LIFE Unceasing, never failing, We have come along life's way, Hoping, ever wishing For the glory of the day. Life's flickering ray of hope Is beckoning to us now To strive, to win, to cope And secure its fruitful bough. Strong character and courage bold, Long years of preparation Lead us onward to our goal, Past the milestone, graduation. A t last we reach the harbor Of the sea of love and life, And 'we'll ne'er give up our ship, But o'ercome old Neptune's strife. Our happy days at Russell High Will soon be at an end. Success we'll gain--both you and I- llnd merit God's "Amen." Donoruv Esrlss, '32. 1 A r l f,Qfl"NQix- - Q' ' f .':,-cf' rl M . k qffv'T',V-171, l i ssss is ssss Li a Tl-1 Page 32 Uhr 1Hnintrr 153 3 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS JACK CLAY . . President HILL MORRIS . . Vice-President ROBERT ADERHOLD . Secretary ADAMS, Roy ADERI-IoLD, ROBERT ALDREDGE, BoMAR ALLEN, WILLIAM AUSTIN, Domus BAKER, EDWARD BAKER, JEANNETTE BAKER, MARY FRANCES BARNETTE, IDA BAUGHN, EMMA KATE BAzEMoRE, DOROTHY BELL, FRANCES BENEEIELD, CHRISTINE BOATRIGHT, RUBY Bono, MIRIAM BRACKETT, CoRA BELLE BONE, MARY BRANTON, CHARLES BROOKS, DONALD BROWN, WEToNA BROWN, RUTH BROWN, MILDRED BURDETT, CLINTON BURKE, MIRIAM CAMP, RUTH CARTER, NoRwo0D CARTER, POLK JUNIOR CLASS CASH, WILSON CASTLEMAN, JAMES CANDELL, BELL CAWTHON, NINA CHAFFIN, MILTON CHAT!-IAM, Lois CHEATHAM, CLARA NELL CLAY, JACK COCHRAN, HELEN COCHRAN, JEROME CocI-IRAN, SYLVIA COKER, DARBY CONLEY, GLENN COOPER, FREDERICK COUCH, KATHLEEN Cox, GENEVIEVE CRANFDRD, JACK CRANFORD, NELL CROLEY, JACK CRowELL, JEANNE DAMERDN, VIVIAN DAvIDSoN, JESSE Lou DAVIS, ETHEL DAVISDN, CANTA DUNCAN, CHARLES DUNN, EVELYN EMORY, LoIS K. ENGLISH, WILLIAM EPPS, ELIZABETH ESTES, ANITA EUDANKS, HARRIETT EVANS, SARA FAIN, DOROTHY FANNIN, WESLEY FARRAR, GEORGE FAULKNER, HARRY FELTON, EVELYN FLEMINC, ROBERT FLOWERS, CHARLES FLYNT, MARTHA FOWLER, JAMES FREEMAN, FLETCHER GABRELS, ROY GARRETT, HUGH GARRISON, CARL GARRISON, C. B. GRAHAM, WILLIE ELAINE GRAY, DORIS GREEN, JoE PoTTLE GREER, MILDRED GUNNIN, CHARLES HAMMOND, RAY HAMMOND, EDWARD HANNA, EVELYN Ii' Lau y 3 W T' rt:-.A :rw-fs" , ,, - , . , -.' Gow 211 , , 4 ., V ,fn j "'-'-"YW Im -I 4, fn-5, I A ,Em ,I I 'J -if A A A, 1 , L 1 , I , R14 5,11--'-4------- f . -' - -4 Jr' Y , L:---- ------ .. Page 33 Rooms 101 and 102 Rooms 103 and 113 Rooms 118 and 119 Room 126 E I Q , 1 II HUIHTPY 1532 gf ' E52 J JUNIOR CLASS HARIIIN, INEz M'CELROY, VIRGINIA SMITH, LAMAR HEARN, HARRXETT MIKELL, GORDON SMITH, RUTH HENDERSON, MARIE MIKELL, TOMMIE STANFIELD, ESTOL HICKS, BYRON MILLER, VIRGINIA STANLEY, LUCILE HILTON, MARY ELIZABETH MILTON, ELIZABETH STARRETT, M'ILDRED HORNSIIY, EDWIN MITCHELL, HELEN STEPHENS, DAVID HORNSBY, RENA M'00RE, HARRIETT STEWART, HARRY HUDSON, PERRY MOORE, MARGARET STEWART, SUELLA HULL, FRED MORRIS, EUGENE STRIPLIN, JEANNETTE HUNT, FIELDS MORRIS, FRANCES THOMAS, BLYTHE HUNTER, PERRY MORRIS, HILL THOMAS, HINTON IVEY, SARA MOULTRIE, SARA THOMASON, REGINALD JOHNSON, CATHERINE MURPHY, CHRISTINE THOMASON, SADIE JOINER, ALBERT O'NEAL, JANE THOMPSON, CHARLES JONES, CHARLES OWEN, CHARLES THOMPSON, W'ILLIAM JONES, CHESTER OWEN, VIRGINIA TRIMIILE, ELIZABETH JONE, EDITH PACE, MARGARET TURNER, GLENN JUSTICE, NOLAN PARHAM, GEORGIA UPSHAW, CURTIS KARLICR, JOE PARRISH, JOHN VAUGHAN, JAMES KNIGHT, MARY FRANCES PATTERSON, BRADFORD WALKER, CHARLES KNIGHT, N ELTA PIERSON, FRED WALLACE, JAMES KNOTT, MARY POPE, JOHN D. WALLACE, LEON KNOTT, JIMMIE LOU POPE, WAYNE WARLICR, ALICE KIDD, BESSIE POWERS, FRANCES WELLS, GRACE LOUISE KING, EUGENE PURDY, WILLIAM J. WELLS, NIM LEE KING, JACK RAGSDALE, FLORINE WESLEY, EARLINE KIRIIOW, LUCILE RAMEY, SARA ELIZABETH WESLEY, MARY ELIZABETH KIRKLAND, MARY RENOLDS, JACK WEST, THELMA KITE, OSCAR REYNOLDS, ODESSA WHALEY, BESSIE LANCASTER, IJJUISE ROBERTS, FRANCES WHITTER, ANNIE CLAUDE LANDERS, MARY ROBERTS, MILDRED WILKERSON, ROSA LEE LASITER, DOROTHY ROBERTSON, JESSE WILKES, EUGENE LEDBETTER, EVELYN ROBINSON, GERALDINE WILKIE, WILLIAM LEE, CLIFFORD RUCKER, CHARLES WILSON, ALLEN LOMAx, MARY ALICE RUSH, CHARLES WILSON, RAYMOND LOONEY, DORIS SALTER, JEWEL WITHERINGTON, LAVINIA LOONEY, THERON SAUNDERS, CLEO WOMACK, HExIE LOVE, LOUISE SEGREST, HOWARD WOMACR, LAWRENCE LOWE, ALMA SIMMS, WALTER WOODS, JESSE MANOR, YVONNE SIMPSON, GUERALD WOOTEN, CLAUDIA MARTIN, M'ARY SIMPSON, WILEY WOOTEN, RUBY MAYNARD, ELSIE SISSON, MILDRED YOUNG, MINNIE LEE MCBRAYER, GEORGIA SISSON, WILLIAM Yow, WILLENE MCDUFFIE, WILMOTINE SMITH, FLORENCE ZIEGLER, WERNER MCEACHERN, CLAUDINE SMITH, JOHN 'I TW I 4 Y ----1fg,L,f ' , ' ,gif---A 'E' Or' A, QL!" iii, 'f , J, 1- - ' 5 , Page 36 4 Y YZIN 'hr iinintvr 1932 'TR SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS GRADY WHITE . . . President MARY RUTH RAGSDALE . . V ice-President RAY CLONTS . . Secretary BARRETT MOODY . Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS ADAMS, CECIL ADAMS, MILDRED ALLEN, FRANCES AMASON, LOUISE ATTAWAY, DEWEY BAILEY, BLANCHE BAKER, CATHERINE BAKER, HASKELL BARBER, BEN BARRETT, RUTH BARRON, J. W. BELL, BONNIE BENNETT, MARY BILLINGSLEY, VERNA MAE BLACKSTONE, ELSIE BONNER, J. B. BOST, WILLIAM BOWERS, VIVIAN BOLLING, CHARLES BOYD, MIRIAM BRACKETT, T. L. BRAND, R. L. BRAY, WYLIE BREWER, BILLY BROWN, MARY LEE BROWN, ANNIE MAE BROWN, FRANCES BROWN, EDMUND BROWN, LORAINE BRUCE, JAMES BUCKNER, HAZEL BURAN, LAWRENCE BURCHER, DORIS BUSI-IA, ANN BUTLER, ELIZABETH CAGLE, JOI-IN H. CALDWELL, JOHN CALLAWAY, MARTHA CAMP, LOY CAMP, MARY WILL CAMP, WANA CARTLEDGE, BILLY CASH, EVELYN CASKEY, ROBERT CHAMBERS, ALICE CHAMBERS, NELL CHAMBLESS, M'ARSHALL CHASE, HUGH CLONTS, RAY CLONTS, SARA COCHRAN, RUDOLPH COLEMAN, SARA COLEMAN, MILLARD CORNETT, FLOY CORNETTE, RAYMOND CORDES, JOHN COOK, J. A. COOMRS, LOUISE Cox, HELEN Cox, MARIE CRANE, VIRGINIA CREEL, L. M. CREWS, MARTHA CUMBY, EDITH DAVIS, ADELL DAVIS, NELL DAVIS, VIRGIL DAVIS, RUDOLPH DAVIS, CHARLES DAVIS, JAMES DAVIS, HUGH DAVIDSON, MILDRED DAWSON, FRANCES DEADWYLER, KATHRYN DEARING, FRED DENI-IAM, MYRTICE DODSON, FRANCES DORSEY, KATHRYN DUNCAN, SAM DUNCAN, J. H. DUNCAN, EDNA DUNCAN, FLETCHER EDMONDSON, EVERETT EIDSON, LAMAR ELLIOTT, MARGUERITE ELLIOTT, MARTHA EVANS, LEON FAGAN, JAMES FAIN, T. H. FARMER, EDNA FERRELL, ELIZABETH FIDWERS, EVELYN FLYNT, MACK FORTNER, WILLIAM FREEMAN, LOIS GARRISON, ELLA MAE GARRISON, -GLENN GARRISON, PAT GAZAWAY, FRANCES GIBSON, ETHEL GILES, RALPH GLOVER, PAUL GOEN, ELIZABETH GREEN, ALICE GUFFIN, FRED GUINN, BERNARD GUNNIN, LUCILE HAMMOND, DORIS HARKEY. JOHN HARKINS, JOHN HARRISON, FRANK HARVEY, HILDA HAYGOOD, HELEN HAYNIE, ESTELLE 5 "T7'7 Ix! V, 3 ."-"2 'X '- ' A 552731 , 4 . nf W j ' ' Q E- I ,T rix , i In - 1 I . ii S, L.. - -Y V Y Ni?-t YL , ,v Al!! . i X:-ig,Q-1 Y,-grrftkv, Page 37 Rooms 104 and 105 Rooms 106 and 110 Rooms 111 and 115 Rooms 120 and 127 , s.,., ,. 1 Z! ,Q-,,, . ETIIP IHIIIIIIPI' 1532 I, I HENDERSON, JOSEPH HEMPERLY, EVELYN HENRY, ROBERT HILDERBRAND, RICHARD HILL, RUTH HILTON, WILLIAM HOGAN, JOHN WILIE HOGG, MARY HOOD, FANNIE HOOD, OPAL HOPKINS, BILL JACKSON, CLAUDIA JARRELL, REBEKAH JACKSON, EvA RUTH JOHNSON, ODELL JONES, CLARENCE JONES, M'ARGARET JONES, MARY JONES, T. J. JUSTICE, IRENE KELLER, FRANCES KITCI-IEM, WOODROW KIDD, LOUISE KILDUFF, JEANNE KILGORE, HAzI-:L KIIXIORE, HELEN KING, JANIE LEE KIRKLAND, DAVID, JR. KIRKLAND, JAMES KYTLE, RUTH LAMBERT, EMILY LAMBERT, FRANCES LAVIN, MARY LEWIS, ELIZABETH LIPES, HENRY LISLE, HORACE LITTLE, HAROLD LONGINO, ELBERT MAJOR,'I.10IS MAJOR, SARA MANN, EDGAR M'ARTIN, SHIRLEY MCCOY, ROBERT MATTHEWS, ROBERT MAYO, ELOISE MCCI.ARY, CAROLYN MARTIN, WILBURN MCCOY, RAYMOND MCELHANNON, HUGH MCGOUGH, ELIZABETH MCKEE, HUBERTA MCMICHEN, ELIZABETH M'CMlLLAN, KATHRYN MCPHERSON, NEWTON MCWILLIAMS, IRVING MERIWETHER, WOODROW SOPHOMORE CLASS MICOW, LAMAR MOEN, MARGARET MOODY, BARRETT MORGAN, HOWARD MORRIS, SARA I MURPHY, DAVIS MURPHY, ROBERT NEVILLE, GEORGE NEWBERRY, PAT NICKOLSON, MARION NISBETT, CARL NOLAN, CATHERINE ORR, P. H., JR. PAPI-'ORD, EDWARD PARKER, DOUGLAS PARKER, JERE PATTON, JEANNETTE PEACE, CHARLENE PEACE, PAULINE PEARSON, G. B. PEEPLES, EUNICE PEEPLESL HORACE PENNINGTON, ESTHER PETERSON, GRACE PHILLIPS, MARTHA PIERCE, ERNEST PIERCE, MARY PITTS, WILLIAM POPE, ANA POPE, MOLLIE LEE PRESTON, CLINTON PRICE, HERMAN PUDNEY, GERALD PURDIE, DOUGLAS PURDIE, HAZEL QUINN, LEWIS RAGSDALE, MARY RUTH RHYNE, JOE RICHARDSON, ALONZO RIVERS, M'ARTHA ROBERTS, CLIFFORD ROBERTSON, FRANKLIN ROBINSON, FRANCES RIJDD, RYLAND RUPPERSIIURG, LOUIS SCI-IENCK, WALTER SCHNEIDER, LOUISE SEAY, FLOYD SELLARS, J ANIE SHANNON, BASCOMB SHANNON, WILLIAM SHEATS, CHARLIE SIEVERS, JIMMXE SIGMAN, JURELLE SIMMONS, MARY FRANCES SINOR, HIRSCHEL SISSON, RUTH SLAPI-EY, EDITH SLATEN, BRANSON SMITH, F. A. SORRELLS, JAMES STANFIELD, ANDREW STANLEY, CECIL STEELE, HARRY STEELE, HORACE STEELE, HUGH STEPHENS, LAMAR STEPHENSON, BILLY STEPHENSON, ERNEST STEVENS, ELISE STILLMAN, LEO STOVALL, WILLIAM STRATTON, HOMER STRICKLAND, DOROTHY STRICKLAND, SARA STURBS, RUTH STUDDARD, HOLLAND SUTTON, CARRALEE SWANN, JOHN SWOFFORD, EMMA RUTH TARPLEY, MARGUERITE TAYLOR, EUGENE THOMASON, MARY LOUISE THOMPSON, HUGH THOMPSON, RUEUS TICE, LUCILE TURNER, FRED UPCHURCH, J. D. VICKERY, LOUISE VICKERY, PAULINE WALDEN, LUCILE WALTERS, MARTHA WALTON, DEAN WALLIS, JULIA WARLICK, HARLEY WELLS, FRANK WELLS, LOIS WEST, CLINTON WHITE, GRADY WILDER, CHARLES WILSON, EDGAR WILSON, LOUISE WLILLIS, ROY WITIIERINGTON, MILLIE WOMBLE, W. C. WOODWARD, RUTH WYNN, CLAUD YARBROUGH, BILLIE YEARGAN, WILFRED Yow, NAOMI ZEIGLER, WALTER gvzi E..,7:-,gy Y .. , , A ,K V1 sf-If 'W' A -Q' H ' ,' I"j".iff'P gg X- ,, I Y Y Lvl, az I , f A :,,I-L' .L -ri Page 40 'hz Jgnintvr 1532 ii ABERCROMBIE, FRANCES ALLEN, HOLLIS ALLEN, M'AGGIE LEE ALLUMS, WALLACE BAGWELL, ARNITA BAILEY, DOROTHY BAKER, JAMES BANISTER, LAWRENCE BAREIELD, ELMI-:R BARNETT, J. H. BARRON, JAMES BARRONTON, ALBERT BASKIN, LAWRENCE BAUGHAN, HORACE BELL, W. C. BENNETT, FRANK BERNAL, GERALD BISHOP, CHRISTINE BLALOCK, EVERETT BLACKSTONE, FRANCES BOND, JAMES ' BONNER, TEDDIE BOSTWICK, JOE BOWLING, JOSEPHINE BRAGG, LUCILE BRETZ, JOHN BREWER, MAHLON BRIGGS, GARWOOD BRINSEIELD, MARION BRINSFIELD, SARA BROWN, EARL BROCK, MARY JEWEL BROCK, HAROLD BROWN, ERMAN BROWN, VELMA BROWN, PAUL BROWN, RACHEL BROOK, VIRGINIA BRYANT, CECIL BRYANT, FORREST BRYANT, JIM BURSON, DAVID BURT, A. L. BUTLER, KELLEY BUTLER, MARY CALLAHAN, MAMIE CALLAHAN, SIDNEY CAMERON, HARRY CAMP, JAMES CAMPBELL, DORIS CARR, CLIFFORD CARSON, TOY CARVER, HENRY CARVER, M'Ax CASH, HELEN CASSELL, JAMES CATER, WILLIAM CAWTHORN, RUBYE CLAY, JIM COATS, HARRY COATS, MARY FRANCES FRESI-IMAN CLASS COLEMAN, GRADY COLLINS, GEORGE COLLINS, ORMAN COMBS, EVELYN CONLEY, HUGH A CONNALLY, TOM CORYELL, 'CARL COOK, CLARENCE COOK, JAMES Cox, W. D. CRANFORD, ELZIE CRAWFORD, LEONORA CRAWFORD, RUI-'US LEE CRAET, HARRY CRUMBLEY, EVELYN CRUMBLEY, RUBYE DAMON, JOHN DAVIDSON, DRUCILLA DAVIDSON, JAMES DAVIS, FOY MAE DAVIS, HOWARD DAVIS, ERA MAE DEMPSEY, GROOVER DIGGS, RUTH' DISON, MILDRED DODD, DORIS DODSON, SARA DOOLEY, TINEY DUNAGAN, MILTON DUNCAN, M'ARDELL DUNCAN, LULA LEE DUNN, RONA-LD DUFFIE, GILBERT DUGGAN, SARA DUPREE, LENNIE SUE DURRETT, LAWRENCE DURRETT, EARL DURRETT, IONE EASON, FRANK EIDSON, DAN A EPPERSON, BILLIE ESCOTT, ELIZABETH EVANS, PAUL EVARTS, JUNE FAULKNER, HENRIETTA FAULKNER, HENRY FELKER, HAREIN FELTON, KATHRYN FERREL, ROBERT FISHER, RODERICK FITZPATRICK, DOROTHY FLAKE, LEILAND FORD, SARA' FORTNER, ELIZABETH FOSTER, GERALD FOWLER, CLYDE F USS, MURIEL FUNDERBERG, J. B. GABRELS, JOSEPHINE GAINES, WILLIAM GARDNER, CORDELIA , lynx Il Ipit M - CELEB" I YB-'Aff 5 ... . GARDNER, JULIAN GARDNER, CLYDE GARRETT, DAVIS GARRETT, EMILY GARRETT, MARTHA GENTRY, DOROTHY GIBBS, LUCY GIBSON, ROY GILLILAND, SARA GLASS, WOODROW GORDON, PAUL GRAHAM, JOHN GRAI-', MARY GRANT, JOHN GRANT, WALTER GRANTHAM, ROBERT GRAY, CURTISS , GREEN, EDITH GREEN, THOMAS GREER, LOUISE GRIFFITH, MARY GROOVER, RUDENE GUINN, MARGARET GUNNIN, ROBERT HAMILTON, SARA HAMMOCK, J. C. HANNA, MYRTLE HARDIN, EVELYN HARDY, VIRGINIA HARRISON, OLIVIA HARRISON, GEORGE HATCH, ALBERTA HAWKINS, LAVERNE HAYNES, FRED HAYNIE, PAUL HILSMAN, MARTI-IA HODGES, JAMES HOGAN, EDNA HOMBERG, PAUL HOLLAND, ROMIE LEE HOLT, HAzEL HOLT, MELVIN HOUSE, MARTHA HOWARD, ANN HOWARD, HUGH ' HUFE, RICHARD HUGHIE, ERNEST, JR. HULL, MARY INGRAM, MARVIN JACKSON, WALTER JANSEN, FRANCES JOHNSON, HELEN JOHNSON, RACHEL JOHNSON, THOMAS JOHNSON, TOMMIE JONES, IMOGENE JONES, JOYCE JORDAN, HELEN JORDAN, JACK KADEL, HAROLD KEITH, KATHERINE If? 55 nv"E A A .gf 'LxLSx41-- ' Wg xi Rooms 10, 12, and13 Rooms 15, 16, and 17 Fm T' f Q, F, ' X 5 af .-S, Q v ,,.,....g....-.- :Fi ' if fl I hr lgnmtrr 153 I ? ' -A J . 7 FN V I 1 i FRESHMAN' CLASS KIDD, WEYMAN OWEN, GERTRUDE STEPHENSON, DANIEL KINNETT, M'ILDRED OXFORD, EUNICE ' STEVENS, FRANCES KINZY, EDITH PACE, DAN PATTON STEVENS, MARION KIRBOW, WINIFRED 0 PAIR, HAROLD STEw-ART, KATHRYN KIRKLAND, GLENN PARHAM, FLOSSIE MAE STOVALL, LEWIS KIRKLAND,aGEORGE PARKER, GEORGE STOVALL, IBOUISE KITE, CLEYMAN PARKER, HUGH LEE STROHECKER, LINSER LAMBERT, JOHN PARKER, ORVILLE SUMMER, JUNE LANDERS, GRACE PEACOCK, HENRIETTA SUMMERS, LOUISE LANEY, GLENN PECE, DOROTHY TANKERSLEY, INEZ LARGEN, JAMES PHARR, LILLIAN THAXTON, ROY LINGEFELT, HAzEL PHARR, WILLIAM THOMAS, ELOISE LIPEN, ELIZABETH PHILLIPS, WILSON THOMASON, MYRTLE LITTLE, GEORGE PIERCE, RUBY THOMPSON, ELISE LIVSEY, CONSTANCE PIERSON, FRANCES THURMAN, NELL LOMAx, LOUISE PLATT, FRED TOWNS, CARL A LOWE, EUGENE PRICE, L. S. TURNER, DOROTHY LYLE, BRUCE PRICKETT, THOMAS TURNER, EDNA MAI-ILE, JAMES EDWARD PULLEN, MARY EMMA TWIGGS, PHRONIA MALEY, .MAzIE PURDY, H. N. VAN NORDEN, MARIE MARIJOW,'MARY PYRON, EDNA MAE VANSANT, HUDSON MARTIN, OPAL RAGAN, HAZEL VAUGHAN, PAULINE MASON, HOMER RAINWATER, M'ILDRED VWAGGONER, SIDNER . MAYO, TYMAN RAPER, OSCAR WALKER, M'ARY JANE MCCORMICK, KATHRYN RATTERREE, HAROLD WALKER, WILMA MCDONALD, J. C. REDWINE, CLARA WALL, LEWIS MCDONALD, WINIERED REESE, ANDREW WALLER, GORDON MCDUFFIE, RALPH , REID, ARTHUR WALLACE, MYRTICE MCELROY, RUTH RIGSBY, ELIZABETH WALLACE, ROBERT MCKELLER, PAUL ROBERTS, GEORGE WATERS, DOUGLAS MCKINNEY, LENIEL ROBERTSON, EUGENE WELCH, LAROYE MCLENDON, ARNOLD ROBERTSON, KATHLEEN WHEELER, FRANCIS MCPHERSON, SUSIE ROBERTSON, LAIRA WHIGHAM, MARTHA M'CWHORTER, MARION ROBERTSON, MILDRED WHITE, KATIE MELTON, WAYNE ROBINSON, JOE WHITE, MARION MEWBORN, JOHN ROBINSON, MARY WHITl.EY, FOREST MILLER, DEN ELLE ROWLETT, MARY WHITLOW, J. T. MILLER, JIM RUPPERSBURG, MARY WHITMIRE, ALICE MILLICAN, MORRIS SALTER, FRED WHITTEN, J. T. MILLS, ELIZABETH SAMPLER, MYRA JOE WII.SON, JESSE MINTER, SARA SAPPINGTON, HARRY WILSON, LOUISE MITCHELL, CLARA SATTERWHITE, STEVE WILSON, MARGUERITE MITCHELL, GERTRUDE SELMAN, JEAN WILLIAMS, VERNARD MITCHELL, GLADYS SHEARIN, HYNES WILLINGHAM, MAY MONTGOMERY, MER!-E SHEPHERD, VASHELL WILLS, CHARLES MOORE, ERNEST SIMMS, EDWARD WINGO, GEORGE 6 MORELAND, WILTON SIRMANS, ALICE WINGFIELD, CHARLES MORGAN, FRANK SMITH, BETTY Jo WINKLES, ERNEST MORRIS, IAMELIA SMITH, HUGH WOMBLE, MTLLEDGE MORRIS, MADALINE SMITH, JACK, WORTHINGTON, ARTHUR MOTE, DOROTHY SMITH, PUGH WOODWARD, DAVID MOYER, ALMA SOWERS, MINNIE WRIGHT, ANDREA MURPHY, JOYCE SPURLIN, HENRY WRIGHT, CLIFFORD NEWBERRY, JIM STALNAKER, LEXIE MAE WYATT, MARY NI-IWSOME, MOLLIE JOE STANSELL, TOM WYATT, RACHEL NICHOLS, HERBERT STEELE, HERBERT VV YNN, CHARLES NOLAN, MARION STEELE, HUDSON YARBROUGH, MARY NORTHRUP, GENE STEPHENS, MAMIE JO YOUNG, LOUIS OLIVER, JOHN STEPHENS, MARY YOUNG, VIRGINIA ORR, MARION ZAKAS, MELVIN HI, I I Ifvn, f, xl , xx -, -f'.':'T Hitt. gn H 1, .YL Ll nl - .V ,Qing V.. A L ,',am?f'T1 Q- LEED-,Z n W ,X ' L,!,",f'5, V V V! f ' S,, .-E RX I-: it ll Page 44 'I . O Little John defearsm .7-Xriiuitivz 69' Uhr 1Hnintrre1H3E 1, l l 3 ACTIVITIES HERE were many clubs organized in Russell High this year. Their aims are to unite the student body into a closer friendship and to promote better sportsmanship and social activities among the students. The Girl Reserves is one of the largest organizations in Russell this year. It is composed of many interested girls who represent all sides of a student's life. Throughout the year, they have given many interesting programs and sponsored many social affairs. The Hi-Y boys have made wonderful progress this year. Their meetings are held each Friday during the Military period. Many interesting and varied programs are presented. The boys enjoy ban- quets, dances, and other socials. This year the Home Economics Club was organized with Miss Laura Neely as faculty advisor. The aim of the club is to "Live Home Economics." The meetings are held twice each month and interesting programs are carried out. The Glee Club, organized by Mrs. E. C. Curtis, has made much progress along musical lines. The Club presented an operetta and sang at the G. E. A. Convention in April. Those who have won Literary "R's" for proficiency in scholar- ship or literary accomplishments are eligible for membership in the Literary "R" Club. The Athletic "R" Club is a club composed of students who have won athletic letters. It was organized for the purpose of promoting friendship among the different athletic groups. The Officers Club of 1931-32 is composed of cadet oflicers in the Russell R. O. T. C. unit. lt was organized for social purposes. Their aim is to promote leadership in the R. O. T. C. unit. A These activities are supported 'by the supervision of the faculty and the regular work of the class room. HELEN Doksev, '32. ' . A 1 "lf 7 I Ififii' - . Q ttt f H 3 ed Page 47 Eur llmuxrr 151122 aff rf, ,,L,,3L,1...-. ., .,,. , .,,, H, L O , K , f -I :V - 1' A f - f ANNUAL STAFF IJURANT COUCH Editor-in-Chief DOROTHY ALLEN . . . Assistant Editor-in-Chief NIALBERRY SMITH . . . . . Class Editor HIZI,EN IJORSEY . . . . . Club Editor CATHERINE CANTRELI. . . Jthletir Editor AILENE VVOODALL . . Senior Editor ELLEN MURRAY . . . Senior Editor NIR. B. B. FULLER . . lfllfllffj' J1l1'i.vor IJORIS NESBITT . . Senior Editor IJOROTHY LOVE . . Art Editor ,L -,.?E-,W L ,tt. A YL -.AE-t,.,W :i,,,,,-,,,--A--,-ml3 LQYT 1.i5d.h ,W E, A, ,W 1- L 1 ,..-,.., --E E A fha. "1" Page 48 5... va If f gvg Ehv Mliillfll' IH"- V .I v' X ' 4' -X MEI Qu, ' Page 49 ANNUAL STAFF M.-xI'I'.Ax AIl'l'CHIEI.I. 1gIl5'ilIl'5J Allllllltgffl' l'il.0RENCE NVILLS . flsszstzmt Iizzmms Illannger +4 NI.-NRY JIM BROXVN . NVII.I.I.n1 XVHIGHAM . QIAROLYN ANSIIEY . CONWAY HIIZEl.I.E . KEEORCE RIURRAY . . . Mlss BIARGUERITE DOBBS . lvuulm Jzlvmn MR. J. G. LEWIS . . EvEI.vN LEWIS . . FRANCES HODGES . bfenogzaplur jj ,pl wav N -.M in - A v,,,,,,W II,I ,, 1 K .JL N . 'Q Ely? IgI11i1lTl'I' 1513 Q 'Y Y JW, --W ,I lhh 'RY' .,.,.,.E - 4 1 1 --.7 .. ,, WILDCAT STAFF W1LsoN CASH . . . Editor-in-Chief JEANNE CRowE1,L . . :lssociate Editor CAROLYN ANSLEY . . Mrznalgirig Editor JOE GREEN . . . . Hihlelic Editor EVELYN HANNA . . Business ,Manager CLINTON BURDETT . . Hdwrtising MI17lHgFf JACK REYNOLDS . . Circulation Illrlnager DORIS NESBITT . . . . Senior Editor CLAUDINE MCEACI'iERN . . Junior Editor MALBERRY SMITH . . Make-Up Editor H. E. SMITH . . Zllake-Up Editor '-115- E ,.,,. f , , ,s,,,l:,s mv, , , -,,--W , Y--,JL ,hh -A. Page 50 ugw I GIRL RESERVES CLUB . . . . . . . . . . . l,l'z'.vf1f1'lll HI-Y CLUB . ...... . l,I'l'.Villt'lI! llmuvrm' Al,1,1cx . H. lx.5x1l'm . 1 .wedge Q 9, I , v, N., :..- , HOME ECONOMICS CLUB H IiI,liN lluksm' ............. . l'rm-iflwzf OFFICERS' CLUB H you Gmsox ................. l'z-vxiflwzt v 3' 1 W 1 ,,- Ly., ,LJ N LITERARY "R" CLUB P I'1uxc1fs XX1z11.111 , . . . ...... . l1'1-,vfflwfr -I wk S'I4Xl,l.IN ATHLETIC "R" CLUB 1.5 . .......... . l,l'!'SlIfl'lIf Qu. i-in Q4-'Y' 4 "2 , r, , . XYl1,suw Cxs GLEE CLUB ll ............... I if nl WILDCAT STAFF AND REPORTERS , Ehv lllnintm' 1532 f E gf , 1' DEBATING TEAM NIALBERRY SMITH . . Aiirnzative MARY JIM BROWN . . Affirmative H, L. BRIDGES . . Negative H. E. SMITH . . Negative Resolved: That the several states should enact legislation providing compulsory unemployment insurance. I A -im, QP ,I , 'lf f' .i . will 7' ,. 1' x , , I-W'--4--'..., ,,.... -H ,, , ...,,.-.el....J :f,v!-lSs2-,Y..-,--.-.-,f....?.......g..i-,iA,'..5 Pvgfss A. il iw j1Ii1lTPl' 151112 ,O .......-,,....... .4,-.f,, A - .........,1,,A-V.-..... V V -AV,-, ........-.A,...-.,1...... .... -7- ..........,,.,4...,n..... ,-w.,,,..,.. ., 1-...X.m.. SENIOR SPANISH CLUB-LOS OBREROS NIOTTO: M113 Alto FLOWVERZ Poppy COLORS: Red and White OFFICERS Presirfents ISABEI, KILOORE H. L. BRIDGES Vive-Presirlezzls GIQOROE HOw1zl.I. JOE HKIRNSBY Sf"txI'!'lIll'iL'.Y CONWAY MIz1z1.I.r3 WILLIE BOMAR JUNIOR SPANISH CLUB-EL DORADO INIOTTO: TiFllIf7O Es Oro FLOVVIERZ Yvllou' Raye COLORS! Green and Yellow OFFICERS , 1Jf'l'SiI1FI1f.Y SADHQ '1'11OMl-SON EVELYN LEDBIZTTER jlsssra LOU DAVIDSON Vive-Presiflents XVI1,1,mM AI.I,EN Nm LEE VVELLS I':I.IZ.-XBETH 'I'RIMB1.1z Serretaries BIILDRIED BROWN IXIARY NIARTIN NIAURICE CJLAFSON -fig"-F FF -"--- wfgag fg + '-W'"-'-fm"""'-'W-"'w""'W""nf71r3f"Tgf ' E 1,7 4 :V yi Q- w . -F., Q. -X W 1 Pugf 56 h Brldgi Rohm meets lhfmnger Ont 6 - 1-z A 1 11 I P1 i I 5 69' Z I 1 I A I i : 1 . I . I I I f H i -. LgA,z-.,':7vnnfv..g51n.k,- 1' ,1 5 4-f -'L , 1- 1 ' 1932 .ll 2 2 Uh? 1gm"U r ...fix COACHING STAFF R. L. BOWEN Football . J. G. LEWIS KN Basket-ball C. W. O'RnAn Baseball C. V. MADnox Track s.fP"'i.f f"'v 1 f V ff'-b . .'T.-0" ,.,:,,.: .f . vm "'f"jf?.-.'-'We' :J ' ' '2f4fJ7.,1, xi .Q 1:11 .351 fiiififii-i,g5-.- 463 Page 59 3' F ,L 48 I 5 1 Q ' f ,i,,, .W sz ,J , .-,. , A ,pn -wi ,.,,,, . , ...N fwi , M H f V ,. .., ,U- 5 M, .4 a N... l a I- 1 2 a 1 2 9 Q y E Q 2 FOOTBALL SQUAD limos, ICARI, IJIENIPSEY, CERUUVIZR c30l,lGH'l'l,Y, HARRY RMDDICK, CH.-xRl.1as ST.fxl,1.lNc:s, JACK AIORRIS, HILI, .ADIiRH0l.D, Ronlawr XVOUD, HARRIS S1A11'soN, XV1l.1u liowlax, R. L., Cnnrh KIQITH, ARNfJI,D XVnIc:H.u1, XV1l.1.1.xx1 B.-XSKIN, L.fxwR1aNCr2 LZLAY, JACK Kl'l'li, IUSCAR f2RAY, CL'R'l'IS f1Rl2lZN,-1015 BR.-XNTON, Cx1.' CLAY, .Im 1 9 Q? ..,.4.-fm. .. . l"r1fnl rniv, lwfl In riglll: Ifarl Diggs, Gmnwur llcnqasuy, Ha1'1'yf2uligl1tly,Charles Rcdmlick, A A ' ' t X1 l ll ll mis XMRNI NYT A 11 jack Slallmgs, Ilmll lW0l'I'lS, Rulmcr 1 cor 10 1, 2 " .' ' , IIL' SIINDSU . liarlc Vfvfv, Ivfl In Vlkgjlff Cwacl1 R. I., Iimvcu, AX1'1mIrl Kcith, XYilliam Whigluam, T.aw1'cm'c , Luskin, .lack Clay, Oscar Kite, Curt is Gray, ,loc Green, Cllarlcg Iiralltml, jim Clay. W., pn E E R .',,.g.. 1 ,. ,, . T "T"?"f"""f"'f:f?"' I fl' 3 'W'-f ' -..WiEL.......,, ui . i Pago 60 E Q -j 'he 1Hnmtvr 1532 i x FOOTBALL HISTORY HE football season of 1931 was the most successful in the his- tory of football at Russell. Russell won six games out of ten, and the team fought hard in every one. The first game of the season was with Powder Springs, and Rus- sell was victorious by the score of 7 to 0. This game showed that the Wildcats had great defensive ability and that they had plenty of fighting power in them. In the next game, Russell whipped Fulton 6 to 0, thereby gain- ing revenge for the beating which the Wildcats received 'by the hands of the Fultonites in 1930. In the third game, the Wildcats met disaster in the Marist eleven, and were defeated 13 to 7. Russell played this game with several hackfield regulars on the bench, crippled by injuries. However, she was leading at the half, 7 to 0, and came near winning the game. Russell next met Grifiin in a hard fought game in which she was victorious by the score of 7 to 0. The fifth game of the season, the Wildcats played Athens High in Athens, in their first night game. They were defeated 14 to 0. The Athens team was very fast and Russell did not gain possession of the ball but very few times. Decatur High was Russell's sixth opponent. This was another night game, and although Decatur won, 45 to 6, the Wildcat eleven was first to score on the Decatur team. just one week after this defeat, Russell came back to give Barnes- ville A.. 85 M. a trimmingto the tune of 27 to 0. A R. E. Lee was our next game. It was one of the two rainy games of the season, the other being the game with Powder Springs. The result was Russell 6, R. E. Lee 0. ' U. S. B. was Russell's next opponent. This was an interesting game because several of Russell's old players were on the U. S. B. team. It was a hard and fast game which Russell lost 13 to 7, to make her fourth and last defeat. The final game of the season was with Commercial High. It seems that the Wildcats are Commercial's "Jinx" for Russell is al- ways the victor. The score this time was 17 to 7, and this game brought the season 'to a close. ' CATHERINE CANTRELL, '32. 'yi' 1 ' 2 "" f-.. 7511? pg. ,V PL, Fviiiw :jew Q 1-3 ff Sf A , .1 tk, Y , - 2. Q --.Lf 1 i, -Llfxf 33.12 1-Tiig ' 4:41. l Page 61 BASKET-BALL SQUAD Yow, Cl.AL'm5 Scmzxcx. XV.x1.T1aR Lfxxlv, JAMES Cmv, .Im XYHITIZ, KIRAIJY. Cnpirzin Ilowram, KQIEURGIS B xsliw, IHNXVRIENCIC CL.-xv, -IACK Lrzwls, J. G., Conrh l"l'n11l rmw, lvfl In Vigllli k'l:1uclc Yuw, A,2lIIlCS Vlllllll, C2llltili11 firmly XYl1itc, I.zlwl'01u'0 Uzukin, Xvilllvl' Sclmcnck. liuul: rmu, Irfl In righl: Cuucll J. fi. Lcwis, Cicurgc llmvcll, ,luck Clay, jim Clay. Xa, 4 Y ', JE ngv fn Ellie linintvr 1532 . ll, -' Xx 1 1 l BASKET-BALL HISTORY COACH JOHN LEWIS issued a call for basket-ball players November 1, and a large number of boys responded to this call. Since the school had no court it was necessary to rent the Calvary Methodist Church court in West End for two afternoons a week. The season was considered a fair success under any conditions but a great success under the handicaps. Russell is expecting to put out a championship team next year as she will have her own court and only two of the team are leaving this year. GAMES Russell . 30-Gate City . . 10 Russell . 23-North Fulton . . ll Russell . 39-Griflin . . . 27 Russell . . 17-R. E. Lee . . 21 Russell . . 17-Marist . . 13 Russell .' . 24-Fulton . . 10 Russell . 24--U. S. B. . . 15 Russell . 26+Commercial . 7 . 22 Russell . . 27-North Fulton .N . 24 Russell . 16-U. S. B. . . . 21 Russell . 22-Fulton . . 26 Russell . . 21-Newnan . S2 Russell Q29-Marist' . . 30, , Russell . 13-Commercial A .... 24 CATHERINE CANTRELL, '32. f QQ: i Page 63 is 14' , i . Y, gl oil Q I I I 1, iv 1 nmtrr 1- .IL WA, I". - ' , va J f'- l.,,,, , , ,, , . .H I--.n-W BASEBALL SQUAD QUINN, LENVIS CHAPMAN, HUWARIJ WALLER, WALT LEE JOHNSON, N. S. SIMONTON, CHARLES O,REAR, C. NV., Coach ELLINGTON, C., Captain HORNSBY, JOE SMITH, WALTER GIBSON, HUGH ROBERTS, ARVID CAMP, ELLIS BUNN, C, L. Front row, lcfl Io riglzf: Lewis Quinn, Walt Lee Waller, Charles Simonton, Captain Cornelius Ellington. Serond raw: Walter Smith, Arvid Roberts, Howard Chapman, N. S. Johnson, Coach C. W. O'Rear. Back row: Joe Hornsby, Hugh Gibson, Ellis Camp, C. L. Bunn. Al ldiii- , , , L,.-,,. Jil... -.-..g4e........, Page 64 Uhr lgnintrr IH?-E F . ggi 5. BASEBALL HISTORY HE 1931 season for the Wildcat baseball team was a very suc- cessful one. In fact, it had the 'best record of any baseball team that Russell has ever had. When Coach O'Rear called practice a flock of eager boys thronged the field. There were many good prospects among them and from the beginning a good team was expected. After a few days of practice Coach O'Rear selected the best of the crop, and a few practice games were played. When the season opened the team was hitting "on all nine." The first game, although lost 4 to 3, showed that we could play ball. Following this loss was a winning streak of seven games. The outstanding game of the season was our triumph over Fulton, "our ancient rival," by an overwhelming score. We finished with ten games in the won column and four in the lost. We were runner-up in the N. G. I. C. standing, and placed two players on the all-prep team, namely: Ellington, pitcher, and Gibson, first baseman. Although only four of last year's players will be back there is an abundance of new material which should make the team of '32 as good-if not better-than the team of '3l. Russell Russell Russell . 8-Chamblee . . . 3-Commercial . . . 8--Marist . . . Russell . 1-Decatur .' . . Russell . 8-Douglasville . Russell . 9-Marietta . Russell . 9-Newnan . . Russell . 14-U. S. B. .. . Russell .. 4-Fulton . . Russell . 3-Decatur . . Russell . 15-Marietta . Russell . 3-Fulton . ' . Russell . 12-Fulton . . . Russell . 3-Commercial . . . Russell . 12-Marist . ' . . . . CATHERINE CANTRELL, fr'+aE6.'.1 - uf . , U 1 .M Q ,V g"'r vb,":T" g 1 4 Nl is V .,,,.'..,Y. g. 4 " .. . L-' , - g M A ',.:ff---ff", L, ,ight '- :zfiff f A 1 3...X?+'.: Page 65 wx 1 Elm' l,lninIP1' 151315 ,i i - . a , -.. M4 TRACK SQUAD Guns, RALPH GR.fXNT, f,LlN T1-ioMAsoN, REGINALD BAKER, lin HORNSBY, JOE GIBSON, HUGH, Captain IYIADDOX, CY, Conch Front row, lrfft to right: Ralph Giles, Reginald Tlimnason, Joe Hornsby. linrk row, lrft In riglil: Olin Grant, Iicl linker, Coach Cy Maclrlnx, Captain Hugh Gibson. 2, 4 ' iiefggq 'iizff' W' "' K ,5"' v 1 Q I 4 M ef,-'9.,.2.a--M . ..l,. ' Lf5,.A.....,.a, Page 66 Y A O va E - Ihr lgnmtvr 1932 TRACK HISTORY ANOTHER year has passed andthe Russell High track team is again on its way toward the top. Coach Maddox had a large number of aspiring candidates to re- port to him for the first tryouts. He hopes to build a winning team out of the following: Reginald Thomason, Ed Baker, Ralph Giles, Hugh Gibson, joe Hornsby, Bradford Patterson, Paul Glover, Harold Little, Grady White, James Camp, Harry Stewart, Barrett Moody, Homer Stratton, Ralph McDuHie. The team is expecting to enter dual meets with the schools in and around Atlanta. The team will also enter the N. G. I. C. and Fifth District track meets. Last year Ql931J Russell won second place in the Fifth District meet. The 'boys entering the different events were: OLIN GRANT . . . Mile, 440-yd. dash and relay RODNEY GRAY .... Half mile and hurdles HUGH GIBSON CCaptainJ T Shop put, discus, 100-yd. dash and relay LEYTON HUNTER ' .... Discus and shot put I , DEAN STITH . . . Shot put and high jump! V JOE HORNSBY . . 220-yd. dash, pole vault and relay REGINALD THOMASON . . 100-yd. dash and relay EDWARD BAKER . . . H. . . Pole vault RALPH GILES . .t Broad jump and relay GEORGE HENRY . H. . . . Hurdles YT:-Q 1r:.v:-'- . I ' Q I . 1" 'E' rift:-'-.. V V L I :V V- V- 5 " will Q ' LL, ' r it 'gtg---3-if-lf-'m g -.y::45ry2 Zi- ,Y - ' Page 67 Ja Uhr Igninirr 15132 7f'4q W'7i'4'f" y r As in . ,j'vf"-yf"'W 1 . A , , 1 , ' , Y ,--- ,V 1 4 . A , F - .. R, -w z-. ,f f-f - L , ., INTRAMURAL AND MINOR ATHLETICS HE aim of the Russell High School Athletic Association is to have as many students as possible taking part in as many differ- ent athletics as possible. This aim is carried out through a system of minor athletics such as tennis, class track meets, class football games, class basket-ball games, class baseball games, and cross-country races. All of these activities are under the direction and supervision of some member of the faculty. Tennis is probably the most popular of these minor sports. A tournament for both boys and girls is held each year. The winners in these tournaments meet teams from other schools. The class meets in track, basket-ball, football, and baseball offer physical exercise fox: a large number of students. The cross-country races create a lot of interest in the entire stu- dent body. Each of the four classes has a race and the winners in these class meets run against each other. It is the hope of the Athletic Association that it will be able to build a modern gymnasium during the coming summer and thus be in position to render a greater service in the physical development of all boys and girls in Russell. Q x A jj XX . A .WT-c ' -',f':a7.,: a' .f 1 K , I Ni f- s X- li t Page 68 Rob ootinQMatch in flliilifarg Hood goes I0 the Sh 4 " Lfln' NlN?11Si"' 113 Zi r. A.: XVM. R. Ilvxsuuz Brigadier-Clenerzll, U. S. A. Retll Y l'. XII. S. mul T., ISIIIHIII Counf' ' High Srlmnlx STAFF W v 4 Q. cl. H. IC. Mll.l.1iR Sergeant, U. S, A. 3 Cvflllllllflllllllllf Russell lligh IJURUTHY Lovlf Bllfflljlflll bjmrzmr 'Q fa s If 1.wvN N If V if Axl Staff Sfmllmr in 1 . f-Tsar - ---,,w.. .QF --.Hi E T? 5 L.:...g,w',f, V 5 1 nv n c 04,40 Q...-4 ,.. W .., ,,ps"J M ...H . MIL Q QM, A BAND I.UCll.l.I5 Smuls S fro mo 1' A , V- 1 NIAI'r,x RII'l'ClHEI.l, I Spwfsm- COMPANY 'A D . - . . W-Z. Dwi A Liga' 72 QE' 'gg Elly' lglllillflfl' 15132 6,5 E, COMPANY "B" Ismxlel, KILGURIE Sponsor BILLIE GRAY Sponggr UCP, 'Hill' ' P' 73 ,Wg TF, - A YL I Q . Vfb COMPANY NDN JEANNIS CRcm'm.l. Sfmzlsm' ICl,E.xNoR ROBERTS J Sponsor NEI' 74 W . X5 'hr Elguinter IH?-E in f MILITARY ORGANIZATION R. O. T. C. BATTALION THoMAsoN, R. ............. Major OLAFSON, M. . . . . 'Captain and Adjutant GIBSON, H. . . . Captain, Company "A' RAGSDALE, . First'Lieutenant, Company "A WHIGHAM, W. D. . . First Lieutenant, Company "il SMITH, H. E. . . Captain, Company "B COCHRAN, R. . First Lieutenant, Company "B PATTERSON, B. First Lieutenant, Company "B SMITH, M. . . . Captain, Company "C MURRAY, G. NI. First Lieutenant, Company "C SHANNON, E. H. . . First Lieutenant, Company "C PEARSON, F, . . . Captain, Company UD' COUCH, D. . . . First Lieutenant, Company "D' CASH, W. . . First Lieutenant, Company "D" ADERHOLD, R. .... Captain, Band MIZELLE, C. . . First Lieutenant, Band SIMMONS, C. . . First Lieutenant, Band Yow, C. . . . First Lieutenant, Band , COKER, D. . . Second Lieutenant, Band GREEN, J. . . . Second Lieutenant, Band MARTIN, W. . . Second Lieutenant, Band LISLE, B. . . . First Lieutenant, Staff . YARBROUGH, A. ........ First Lieutenant, Staff A FRESHMAN BATTALION ' ' Woon, H. W. ............. Major LAND, F. . . .... Personal Adjutant BOLAND, A. . . . Captain, Company 'Kd' DAVIS, R. . First Lieutenant, Company HA' STEVENS, D. First Lieutenant, Company "A' HOWELL, G. . .... Captain, Company HB' BURDETT, C. . First Lieutenant, Company 'B' WALLACE, J. First Lieutenant Company "B' TRIMBLE, R. . .... Captain, Company "C' LEE, F. C. . First Lieutenant, Company "C' SURLES, R. . . . First Lieutenant, Company "C' REYNOLDS, . . . . First Lieutenant, Staff I 'gF'7 '-5 , ,HM "' ' irq--.3573 'V A , -Y , x. , .QI .,5 .4 5,V- V nivr qsgzibl-AV. 1 , --M-ll-4.4 1 Y' - I I . iq 2 X I Tk: Y if--C' ...H f 4, s Page 75 ,A Elm llmliivl' 1'JQi1i gif. - -,.-. .. .N ., ... J: .... - -- :nr V V SNAPS 9'-if ,S git I Q ---. 's 0-fi lag . . 331 AQ 51 f- L - v" 'l 251' -,.v"" f T ' -P X fxw A J, -LQLN ', ,.,,,.,!,.A.,, , ,PL ff, 1 .... g. 4 Page 76 Rob in hath a narrow esca EF Z7 is .Alf Ely? ljllfllwl' 15132 V-H - XVXOJ' U-LAJL, PJLFTTEJT fT E690 N 1 .A . Af-.xgff ' V V L , .W V " l MY jeg, H .-.. Pagc 79 ,. , ,..--,.,, -....--.,W,.-4L1J. ,,.. WW Q 'ek E7 Y Rvx xv WU' xirfillan I -... v s 3, u MLW-1 mf , , . ,MA , W.. , ,,.,, . ,-M-.,,. A- K :,,.,.,.F A., ,- .....,...,,...A,,fAL fn . ....,. ...M M -W '.335w-3.-C:,,---'-- W -v-----'-iv: Sf- --- '---w - vw- U I - 5 1 if j f f ' . .- Lf ......., Page 80 11- I iw lluillirx' lil DJ H5 1 1 Y 1 I1 "f Lfvx. r !,f !,'....-- 5 - aww . P my nur , """'- " ' 'L f Q M8554 'H nf'Q'f3JR7M wg ,, 4 . wav, N! , . N I Wx' Q A , 4 C A -X-fa" V I u 'ffl' ,k 4413 KJ N x ,- ,fy 'tg ,,- , L' ax ,ku 1: f. I ' k , news v I 1 . N Q , , X W. .M , X . if . J Q :Q , l m, X .r , ,M fg ur ' wi 2 y' M 1: 'Y I wg 4 i ' if . . JK mi. 'w , I .21 1 ..,. W O ' ff '..w..., Page 8 I 'I' Y P R VV R I T E R 5 COLLEGE PARK BEAUTY Fon IIIIIIIE on OEI-'Ion SALQN All .llukcs Nfandard and I'o1'lubIc NlN'1'IilI,l't'llIilI rates and forms of snlv Splyialisls in Uv buy. sell, rout ZIINI I1-pzIiI' Beauty Clllfllft' QUICK SERVICE TYPEWRITER CO. IIRIINIIIQS SMITH, In-op. lti I,0ill'Iltl'00 Arvzulv IVA. 1618 Over Post OHIUO CA. 3626 TI-IIE EAST POINT HARDWARE and TRADING COMPANY The Plum' lVhf're All Crm Buy GOOD I-IARDVVARE .. GOOD SHOES GOOD DRY GOODS :: DARN GOOD COAL THE Boys AND GIRLS -Of- RUssELL HIGH LEAD ALWAYS COLLEGE PARK ALL PHo'1'0GRAPI1s PIEIARIVIACY, INC. IN TIIIS ANxUAI. RIADE BY THE LITTLE STUDIO nm WIIIII-IIIIII St., S. W. A'l'l.ANTA. GA. PHONE CA. 1186 In plmloyraphs only mn yesterdays live IIS 83 5 HOWARD IL. CARMICHAEL FUNERAL HOME Supfrior Ambulance Serfvice CA. 1138-1139 EAST Pomr Complivmenfs Compliments , of 1 f of 1 f The POINTER STAFF ROOM 109 PICTURES IN THIS ANNUAL -1 f MADE BY f GIIUIHIUIEB IIIQIIIQIIFGIIUMIEB SSIUIUIIDIND S72 NVHITEHALL STREET, S. XV. ATLANTA GEORGIA Page 84 PERFECTLY PASTEURIZED GRADE MAH MIILK CERTIFIED MILK 1 1 RAW MILK ' ICE CREAM PEDIGREE DAIRIES, Inc. MAIN 3453 : 165 HIAYNES, S. W. ATLANTA, GEORGIA After Finishing High School Educate for Business Good Old Southern Business University 193 PI:AcII'I'IIIcE ST., ATLANTA, GA. ESTABLISHED Fon 66 YEARS Indorsod by BOW of Atlantn's Business Mon 'K' I' K- Thc Place ut II'hicl lo Obtain Good STENOGHA l'll HRS -AND- BOOKKHEPERS L CATALOGUE F RE I-IERFF-JONES co. INDIANAPOLIS, IND. College and High School Class Rings PINS : INVITATION CARDS DIPLOMIAS Special Keys, Medals, Etc. to Order Ojfcial Jeweler for R. H. S. Standard Rings 302 Mortgage Guarantee Bldg. ATLANTA : GEORGIA Page 85 '34 Page I. P. STEVENS ENGRAVING CO. 103 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Ga. E N G R A V E D WEDDING INVITATIONS ACKNOWLEDGMENT CARDS ANNOUNCEMENTS MONOGRAMS, CREST AND RECEPTION, TEA AND PERSONAL STATIONERY AT HOINIE CARDS VISITING CARDS MONOGRAM BRIDGE CARDS SPECIAL RATES ON VISITING CARDS TO HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Compliments COWPIIWICIIIJ 1 1 0f 1 1 1 1 of 1 1 GIRL RESERVE CLUB ATLANTA TENT AND -AND- AWNING CO. HI-Y O A L. 1 4 S 3 COMPLIMENTS OF The Draughon School of Commerce Peachtree at Baker Street ATLANTA, GEORGIA Page 86 Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 GEORGE F. LONGINO co1.1.Ec:E PARK : GEORGIA Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 CY MADDOX Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 BOROUGH HAPEVILLE -AND- COUNCIL Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 MISS MILDRED PENDERGRASS Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 LEWIS H. COTTONGIM SEED CO. 93 BROAD ST., s. W. BROOKS-SI-IATTERLY CO., INC. Distributors for SEIBERLING TIRES Automobile Accessories and National Batteries 1643 Jonesboro Rd., S. E. MA. 2132 Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 MR. AND MRS. T. W. FOWLER Fon BETTER BAKING -USE- MY-T-PURE SUPERLATIVE FLOUE Plain and Self-Rising ATLANTA FLOUR 8: GRAIN CO., INC. ATLANTA, GA. Page-87 BLAC KSTOCK 8: STEWART Successors to A. Fugazzi and Co. Wholesale Fruits, Produce and Fish COMMISSION MERCHANTS No. 7 Produce Plaice Atlanta, Ga. For Home Furnishings -SEE Us- ED. MATTHEWS 81 CO. S6-88 Alabama. St., S. W. ATLANTA, GA. Compliments of RALPH D. DAVIS L. B. SAULS Of Southland Ice Co. Compliments of STEWART'S SERVICE STATION COLLEGE PARK Complimfnts of "BILL" TYLER Compliments of A F R I E N D EAST POINT FURNITURE COMPANY "It is truly home, sweet home when we furnish it" 116 N. MAIN STREET OSCAR PALMOUR 1004 Citizens 85 So. Nat. Bank Bldg. ATLANTA, GA. 1 1 1 GENERAL AGENT The Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Hartford Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 MR. 81 MRS. G. E. HARRIS Compliments 1 1 0f 1 1 C. H. GLASS Dentist Fairfax Bldg. : East Point 6 Page 88 Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 R O O M 1 1 7 Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 R O O M 1 1 6 Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 R O O M 1 6 Compliments 1 1 gf 1 1 SAMUEL R. YOUNG, P.-T.A -AND1 SCHOOL COLLEGE PARK "Electric-Al" Fixtures, Household Appliances Electrical Housewiring Material WHOLESALE AND RETAIL AL. L. SCHOFIELD Fairfax Theatre Bldg. CAL. 1721 CAL. 1626 Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 QUINCY O. ARNOLD Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 CAFETE RIA Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 MR.C.W'.REID sf 89 28,000 Sq. Ft. Glass Member F. T. D. "Say It Ufitlz Flowers" MURRAY THE ETLORTST FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS W. Washington Rd. CCA. 25225 East Point, Ga. DUREN'S SHOE SHOP 112 YVest Cleveland Compliments 1 1 0 If 1 1 EAST POINT, GA. m mu 1-'RIENDS WE ARF Num R O O M 1 1 5 IX ora SERVICE YVE xm F FRIENDS SOUTHERN BEARING SL PARTS CO. 497 PEACHTREE, N. E. STANDARD AUTOMOBILE REPLACEMENT PARTS Pagr' Q0 Compliments of J. H. VICKERS, JR. WRAY'S CAFE 300 N. Main : East Point JULIUS HOLDERMAN, Prop. New Low Prices Cgmplimgnfsg of Genuine Mexican Chile ..... 10c X V Home Made Pies . y. . . . 5c 5 - N - I H O M P S O N Sandwiches, etc. . . 5c J. E. HUGIE Real Estate and All Kinds of Insurance PHONE CA. 2933 Compliments 110f11 HOME EC. CLUB EAST POINT DEPT. STORE EAST POINT "Everything to W'ear Front Head to Foot"- PHONE CA. 2452 Satisfaction or Your Money Back GUTHMAN LAUNDRY 212 Whitehall St. Walnut S661 hlere's to the "Poin ter" FIVE BUCKS FROM 1 1 120 1 1 AND YVE SURE HOPE THAT'S A PLENTY. Compliments 1 1 0f 1 1 R O O lw 1 0 8 Page QI Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 R O O M 1 2 6 Compliments of R O O M 1 0 3 Compliments of R O O M 1 1 3 Compliments 1 1 Of 1 7 ROOM123 C. E. PEEK COAL 8: TRANS- FER CO., INC. Dealers in Coal and Building Material Public Transfer CA. 3116 East Point, Ga. Compliments 1 1 Qf 1 1 ROOMl24 The Voice of the G L EEE C L U B Directed by MRS. E. C. CURTIS Pnoxl-' . , ' OUR RIzPUTATION IA. is based on past accumplishments PHONE CA' 1411 2 8 T 3 Call an up-to-date printing house O. M. HAIRE Sz SON REAL ESTATE : RENTALS FIRE INSURANCE : LOANS MARTIN-JOHNSON PRINTING CO' 143 S. Main East Point, Ga. EAST POINT 1 GEORGIA Pagf- Q2 Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 I.. li. HOLLOWAY FRUIT Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 H. A. ALLICN Sz FAMILY CO. A. I4 X L' l'Runlvm'r: Row A'l'I,AN'l'.X 1 GEURKIIA W Y Grade UA" Raw Nlilk R.-XYKIUNIJ 5905 Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 H. F. MILLIC R s1f:m:lc,xN'l', U. S. A. C'UMfXIANDAN'l' RVSNICLL ll Ill ll Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 DR. R. A. HARDAWAY y Stokes Atlzmtu, Ga BASTAIN BROS. CO. .W41lluf4n'l1u'ing JICXVICLIERS AND S'l':X'l'IONlCRS Free cliltillilglli' on Hvllllvrll ROC'HEN'I'I'IR. NEW YORK IIIHOIHII.-1 lfIu'I'IfIn'NlJ.YT.-1TIVIJ S08 Al'QfUlllI0 Avo., N. IC. Compliments Compliments 110f11 110f11 ROUlNI106 ROONI111 UHF 0.3 Compliments Compliments 11of11 11of11 MISS OCIIC INIATTHEWS ROOM10 "SPIRIT" 102 P. M. GOVVDER Complimwlts of R O O INI I 5 CROLEY'S MARKET 2 STORES IIS S. KIAIN ...... CA. 2161 812 N. BIAIN ...... CA. 9124 COIAIIICGE PARK FHICSII MEATS AND GROCERIES Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 ROOM12 Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 ROOM125 Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 R O O M I 1 Page 94 HENRY MOTOR CO. Chrysler and Plymouth S.-xmas AND SERVICE ICA ST POINT ' GEORGIA Compliments 1 1 Of 1 1 R.L. RAMSEY PRINCIPAL OF I"l1I.'I'0N HIGH SCHOOL Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 VVALTER E. HARCLERODE Attorney at Law 110 VVI1ite YVz1y : CAI.. 1536 EAST POINT : GEORGIA Compliments 1 1 Of 1 1 JEREA.VVELLS SUIIERINTENDENT OF FULTON COUNTY SCHOOLS COMPLIMENTS -QF- Mayor and Council CITY OF COLLEGE PARK 1'agv95 COMPTLTMIENTS OIF Mayor and Council CTTY OF EAST POINT HUGH FARRIS Aurmnobilc Parts and Accessories WASHING AND AI.EM1'l'ING lloon 'Fnu-:s AND TUBES : ROAD S1-Juvlcl-1 CA. 51198 322 N. Main St. EAST POINT, GA. 1911 1932 CHRISTIANS PHARMACY Home Owned Drug Store G. C. CHRISTIAN, Proprietor Phone: CA. 3136 or CA. 3137 101 S. Main St. East Point, Ga. G. G. HOLLUMS STAPL1-I AND FANCY GROCICRIES AND FRESH MEATS CA. 9153 123 C1l?l1Qt2'l1I0001106 Ave. EAST POINT, GA. Compliments 1 1 0f 1 1 A J. W. TANKERSLEY M. O. HEMPERLEY Security Alills Dairy, Poultry and Horse Feeds Phone CA. 3811 112 N. Main St. EAST POINT, GA. BRANDON-BISHOP CU. M 0 R T 1 C IA N s Complete, Efcient Serfuiee ' Hapeville, Ga. C A . 1 2 1 1 Page 97 goes Seott Co lege Decatur, Georgia cf"X.9 We welcome graduates of Russell High School. Your records have been gratifying. Agnes Scott ollers exceptional opportunities in general college Work, music, art and spoken English. Its student activities are varied and interesting. LXVXJ FOR LITERATURE OR INFORINLI TION, APPLY TO PRESIDENT ll. R. McCAlN B O X F Page 98 EAST POINT CHEVROLET CHAS. A. GREEN COMPANY Oplomelrist and Optician For Ifvonomicul Transportati 128 P0ilCIlt,I'0'C Arcade ' ' ATLANTA, GA. Oculist l'rf'sm"iptions Properly Filled EAST POINT GEORGIA XV A . 8 3 8 3 'l'noUsANns UF PEOPLE CONSISTEYFLY Rr:-num-:R OUR COAl.s Compliments 1 1 of 1 1 There Is a Reason! XXTLANTIC ICE Sl COAL CO. Avross from Russell High Svhool PHONE MAIN 1900 PHONE :: FA. 974 Southern Wood Preserving Co, CREOSOTING AND CREO-PINE PRODUCTS A T LA N TA P. O. STATION "A" 7 Y 1 1 TFREATING PLANTS EAST POINT, GA. CHATTANOOGA, TENN. Page QQ , Lf Jn., J Lff,,1. I ' ' - f ' f , -,.. V V, f K- 1 ' ff -' vi,-44 ZSJZXZ' 'tu' L 1 'LLA1 f.,1 w zz - , ba 44 v. w , fiukf. fuxiigfw MWmMMwffWff 'vp I ' f 7f"L""L"'y! .,,,,,s.' Hf:,4,:'4Z, H S ZZMIAQ ll WWMWQX AUTOGRAP QWJMMH H 4, ,fLua..-1...g.q, 17, e,9',5K?siL, . s U1-afwiff-AZ, j,,,7,,404,4., -M Ju-:.., wi.fxWwWW M M M MM ff- Qfcumfyfvfi-Vrn.vvvL,Za.4A,frme,qA,ZK,L, mz1,,+a,L " 14,1 W ,Www W PAL4, Zuig' ,- ' ' iizwdw ' A E Q9 9 . , S if f3iQ,2f,v Jggffyjlfgv' sw W 4"4k-'Z-7444-41, Tay ceq, j"""-131-if-H.-..2 L,.vL,., -34-M-J 'de 'W'-ff"7f'?'Wffwf Z'4""' QJfrvu-V-'af-Af 'PM-4,647 ' ' 43640-f-fyvx' l75Z5E'C',.,.:r - . - gh-fy M-72-f-f u , . a ADEQUACY In the production of fine books, or for that matter, fine printing of any sort there must be an adequacy Omt'65 and S ore O f f Understanding and experience to plan and inter- pret . Of Workers Who have mastered their crafts . Of materials of the best quality..And of modern equipmentand exact skill in its direction. .X . .. These sales and service offices and this manu- facturing plant are evidences of an inflexible rule that adequacy must be maintained at . . . FOQTE82 DAVIES COMPANY ATLANTA, GEORGIA PRoDUcERs o F F 1 N E ANNUALS BooKLETs C A T A L 0 G S Manufacturing Plant 'q,.-3,-f,,-- :,, w hw A 1 b A ,ur 1 i L L .J N in V. 5 VLIVA , , ', 1 jk ,A ,,. .x W J , A .5 95: I A' iQg.4,f E Qi ffl 'A' K W W A ' "X - ' 11 ' ' 11, 1. . L' 'I 2,3 .X ,9 Fi: xx bi X M 1 I J X. I l 5. A 5 .- X x " 1 .V -x f :Vera-'f ' ' I1 N U I ' 41' .V 1 ' ' 1 ' F A, .V It E A U X NX ' , : A- F " . ' 'X 'J I ' ,my-.Af . ' , , ' Q Q A 3 ,A 4 , , L m lg 4 3, fy... Wt, Q .. f H 1 V ' '1 i. 3 V PX' Vrlsf LAW O ' X , , b "fr . ,V vp' , V , ' XFN. X 'Nw Q. JHXX A Gs. A I 1 A X ,wyl M SLNW GMM L, U s :w T ow wif? ' K . . ' , . W , swf I J Q' ,5,ffv1'51., ,fsgfxfffi U Yjgjjiff ,, ' f. Q-al N A l ,Y ,,, i ,., - lf X P E K ll, Y X ' Q X Q 41 . V y A ,Q xg - 4: K '.hh i 3 L 4 -5. in-2 S ' Q, j ,3 5g , M : f 1 -, , QTILQQ 'fini QU ,up -1 '1' 113, .,- fi- . , 1 L , Q , V rr I ' ' y . , V . . a., W 42216 f , ily' fr, - M' S-if 0 :din "u . ,,, .L ,,,-51,-.,r - . M ., ', . , 1,-1.5 + 4 - luv m ', N .Ml!r,53. ,gf:,,y ' f 2 A 1 5 Q.zIiW51 E ,f: is ?.'vJ+.w -J-1? f'-1 "1 'wif-'ww : 'ffm' ' A R , 4 gym ' 5.k,qff, W, - ' -. l f -,g:,3g'--,W mpg l.r.?..,'.. H21 4' ?,' Y W-1 ff '5l'Ev.1"', V.:-1-511A - , nw L. "-.,fF',-,V Jw , ,,,.,,,,,,, , .1 ,, MN5, W. . . T... ,, 1 Uv? . 4 5 'f x Q. .., , W, ., . . .L , I . ,.. ,fa , , -1 ' - " vb.. mffw ,Ag 1. . ,L A , , '. , Wig-,,,f,,. mg. U. ., I, W' Nj in 3 . ff- ,, .M .ff , I . . ,, y yy... 4 .3 - 'V - 1 .. ff: - ' . -3 ,jfl1s':--M21 ,.vi."iP:Exs'f-:X im' ki .eail?Ji'Q'11i'f Wig! xr,-362,141 'J'-wr ,ug L1?.".nirw'1 "F

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