Royal Military College of Canada - Review Yearbook (Kingston, Ontario Canada)

 - Class of 1965

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Royal Military College of Canada - Review Yearbook (Kingston, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 32 of 268
Page 32 of 268

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Page 32 text:

6605 JAMES GORDON WILLIAM CARSWELL The High School of Montreal During his four years at RMC, Jim Carswell has been without a doubt the wing's most outstanding example of athletic development. From a beginning at Royal Roads, where he discovered that circles weren't so bad after all and running three or four miles was "fun," Jim has developed into one of Ca.nada's outstanding intercollegiate runners. During the winter months "just to keep in shape", Jim decided to take up cross-country skiing after coming to RMC, in which he soon excelled. For four years Jim has won the Wing Harriers, first at Royal Roads and then at RMC. Two years in a row he has won the OSLLAA cross-country championship and the three-mile run. This year he set new college and OSLIAA records in the three-mile and one-mile runs. At Roads Jim even played two years of rep, water polo, something that is supposed to be very bad for runners. On the military side Jim, a signaller, has also left his mark. In second year at Roads he was CFL of Mackenzie Flight. Finally, this year he attained the same appointment in "P" Flight. We know that with the drive Jim has shown in College life he will make a success at whatever he turns his hand to, J.S.K. 6606 ROGER EDMOND CHIASSON HMCS Venture Born in New Waterford, Nova Scotia, Rog led a nomadic, landbound existence for many years but the call of the sea was a call that could not be denied. He decided to make the Navy his career. After spending some time as Cadet Captain at HMCS Venture, he transferred to Royal Roads in 1961. There, his inspired leadership, self-confidence, and high organizational ability won him appointment as CSL of No. 1 Squadron in the first and final slates. His drive and determination were put to good use in intramural water polo, hockey and soccer, both at Royal Roads and RMC, He diverted his leisure time from Scouting and Sea Cadets to diving with the RCN Qboth for adventure and the pectmiary benefitsj and has a soft spot for cars, sailing the EIC and---oh!! decorating. This is where Roger excels-his Hawaiian theme for Grad Ball '63 perfectly captured the mood of exotic places and of the occasion! Socially, his attachment to balmy Victoria seems to be secure, as evidencedbya gruelling one-week Halifax-Victoria jaunt last summer. An able, cool, and reliable career man, his story is still to be written. "Pipe the Captain aboard!" R,P .J, S607 KENNETH WAYNE CLARKSON Lloydminster Composit High School "Clem", as his nickname might imply, hails from Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. Upon graduating with high honours from Grade XII, he, as every good man should, went west to Royal Roads, where he delighted the wing Cand the Victoria bellesb with his sharp wit and ready humour. Behind his joviality, however, there is a profound seriousness, in which frame of mind he views a certain nurse from Brockville. These qualities, coupled with an honesty and sincerity rare among men, have made him one of the most well-liked Cadets in the college. During his two years at RMC, "Clem" has been one of the staunchest organizers and participants of the Four Squadron hockey and softball teams. His leadership and drive have largely been responsible for their success. Upon graduating from RMC, "Clem" will continue to follow in the footsteps of Billy Bishop and the like as he prepares for his career as a pilot in the RCAF, a career befitting his love of adventure and the good life. CD.L.C.D 6522 ALASTAIR ROBIN CONWAY COLE Mount Royal High School May 19th, 1942 was a day like any other day in Surrey County, England, except that suddenly Al Cole was there. Since that time, Al has busied himself with travelling the wide World over. Al finally ordered his parents to settle down in Montreal, where he completed his high school education. In September 1961 he entered RMC, a nervous, red-haired, freckle-faced recruit. It's hard to recognize the Al Cole of today: the veteran, "ho-hum", Commandant's Aide type of senior who doesn't let anything get him down. Al has been active in College activities, playing intramural soccer, volleyball, and water-polo. He has done Yoeman service as a member of the rep water-polo team for the past two years. He also has found time to participate in the Glee Club and the Protestant Choir. After graduation, Al is planning on taking his B.Sc. with him to Halifax where he will take part in the Pre-Fleet Course of the RCN. The Class of '65 wishes ARC all the best a.nd warns the RCN to be on the look-out for the long, lean, red-haired S!Lt who is out to rule the seven seas. B.S,W, 6523 TERENCE WILLIAM THOMAS COLFER St. Stephen's High School It seems incredible that "wings" was born in London CSeptember 8, 19425 if one considers his "al1 the way with the USA" outlook. Terry defected to Canada and was quickly lured away from McGill to RMC. With typical Colfer decisiveness, Terry dropped into honours atlases and switched to the RC Sigs after a brief attempt at engineering and the RCE. With no academics to occupy his time, Terry proceeded to spread his magnetic personality around, with the result that he has the largest female fan club of any at the College, and finds that extensive travel is necessary to "satisfy the demand", In sports, Terry has dabbled in football, hockey, sailing, fencing, and hiking to Fort H en ry H e i ghts . Extracurricularly speaking, the "Colf" has been a rep chanter, member of the decorating and entertainment com- mittees, and a Newman Club vice-president. It is small wonder that senior year finds him as deputy film selector and party planner. It is well known that the Sigs are gaining a competent man, Terry is used to stringing lines. CJ.R.B.D 22

Page 31 text:

6602 JAMES ERNEST CALE Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute With a nickname like "Jacques" you might expect Jim to be a master of French and like all the boys in "French 20" he is. A product of Royal Roads, Jim is a naval man. I mean a guy would have to be completely devoted to spend the odd Saturday evening at the Naval Veteran's Association. The success which Jim has enjoyed in summer training is an indication of his keen interest in life at sea. Like all general engineers, Jim is keen enough to appreciate the interest each department takes in furthering his education,-especially the E,E, department. Guelph has always been famous for athletes, and "Jacques", true to form, is captain of 1 squadron's volleyball squad. I know you cou1dn't ask for a better shipmate than Jim Calel JFC 6438 N I X BEXNOYT CANTIN C'est a Quebec, ou il vlent au monde le 2 aout 1942, que notre ami passe sa jeunesse. Il devient!leveur de poids, reconfort moral pour un groupe de jeunes mexicaines. Puis expert en photographie aerienne dans le Grand Nord ou il acquiert toutes sortes de connaissances- Possedant deja l' experience militaire de la reserve avec le corps des signaux, il entre au CMR en septembre '60 et decouvre quelques mois plus tard celle avec qui il espere partager sa vie. I Ben airne discuter et personne ne peut lui en remontrer, surtout lorsqu'il s'agit de mecanique. Ses activities sont multiples, surtout en fin de semaine. C'est un travailleur assidu. Ses succes en sciences generales semblent lui avoir ete utiles en photographie. I1 est sportif aussi, mais il a certaines preferences, l' escrime d'abord et avant tout. Mais il n'est tout a fait heureux qu'au volant de sa petite voiture qui prend elle-meme la route ou son coeur l'appelle. De vpl en vol, nous esperons que l'aviation l'enverra bientot a Rochester pour le cours de photographie dont il reve depuis longtemps. CP.G.D 6471 DEREK ROLAND GRAY CARRIER MacDonald High School They say it happened in' Darjeeling, India in the year of '43, Derek was born in the mystic Orient but he left these romantic lands before he was old enough to join the Khyber Rifles,However, after stops in England, Toronto, a.nd Baie D'Urfe, he did join the RCN, By then Derek had picked up enough reflexes to conquer most any sport including motorcycle-riding. Despite demands on his time made by rep football, hockey, soccer, track and field, and harrier, Derek leads a well-rounded life. He likes folk songs, parties and dancing, James Bond novels, and group discussions on a regular basis. It should be noted that Derek is one of the few cadets from across the square who hasn't become a Frigate Bigot. In spite of this, he was appointed a DXCFL. It is also remembered that in the summer of '63 Derek set a new high in the tactful handling of Cadet Training Officers by Cadet Captains, by wearing the calipers for HMCS Stettler. "The guys" wish Derek every success in the future and we know that our hopes are not unfoiuided. CR.K.M.D 6603 DEAN LAVERNE CARRIERE Stony Plain Memorial High School "Dino" came into this world on March 15, 1943 but fortunately these Ides of March brought only good to the world in the form of Dean's winning smile and warm personality, which have captured all who have met him. He spent his later school days in the small western outpost of Spruce Grove, Alberta, where he saw the light and followed his star to Royal Roads and CSC. Here Dean was soon recognized as a true sportsman and the ability seems to have followed him to RMC, where he was a great asset on the 2 Squadron football and basketball teams. He was also a regular member of the "pick-up" rugger team which seemed to continually triumph over challengers from Queen's University. Dean's enthusiasm for sports is typical of the ability and spirit with which he tackles all things. Dean is a member of the Order of General Scientists and as if this wasn't enough, is also an RCAF flyboy" and will long be remembered for his unconventional circuits. The Air Force can only be bettered with' its recent acquisition and we wish him the best of luck. CK.W.C.D 6604 JAMES FRANKLIN CARRUTHERS Drumheller High School "Fats" is one of those cheerful, smiling characters that it is always nice to have around. He comes to us from Drumheller, Alberta, andis always ready and willingto expound on the virtues of life in that Great Western Province. When he arrived at Royal Roads, he was as dumbfounded as the rest of us. However, it didn't take him long to figure out the system. He rapidly made many friends and pushed ahead in academics. While at Roads he pursued his hobby of photography and spent many hours in the darkroom. Since coming to RMC, Jim expounds on the virtues of electrical engineering as well as on those of Alberta. He ls dedicated and has been quite active in EIC and IEEE, becoming Vice-President of the latter this year. I He has also been doing his bit as a sports officer while leading the boys on the rep PT Team. His outside interests are now centered on one of Kl.ngston's nurses. His summers have been marked with considerable success and Jim is hoping to become a member of the West Coast Yacht Squadron. With his cheerful disposition he is sure to be very successful. Good luck, Jim. J .E.C. 21

Page 33 text:

gg , .. GERARD H. COMEAU A Ecole secondaire St-Viateur Gerard est ne a Montreal le 14 septembre 1942. Apres avoir complete tm cours scientifique special, il entre CMR dans le but d'apprendre l'anglais. Tres tot, grace a sa determination et a son habilete physique il fait marque. Puis il se signale dans les sports. Possedant un corps robuste, Gerry fait parler de lui au KARATE, is sa trop grande bravoure en ski lui valut une fracture at la cheville, Cela ne l'emp'echa pas de revenir fi la irge pendant son annee senior et de preter main forte at son escadrille Cartier. Il est nomme CSTO et DCSL, Au RMC Gerry n'a perdu aucun de ses talents academiques ou sportifs. ,En effet, on lui decerne la medaille Lieutenant-Gouverneur pour, ses progres en anglais durant la troisieme annee, Il obtient egalement une mention iorable comme joueur de l'equipe representative de polo aquatique. Quand il sera en possession de son dipl'6me igenieur. civil, peut-ietre aidera-t-il a completer la gigantesque structure en beton de la place Ville-Marie. nme Gerard se plait dans l'infanter1e il se joindra au 22e Regiment avec l'espoir d'un sejour en Allemagne. ine chance "Don Juan". CL.L.l l 6371 PETER EUAN COOKE The High School of Montreal Pete was born on November 20th, 1943, in Hamilton, Ontario but it was not long before his family saw the light and moved to La Belle Provence. For the last ten years Pete's home has been in St. Lambert, a mere stone's throw from Montrea1's night life, which he knows so well. Cooke, a veteran of CMR, and now an esteemed member of the Frigate, can more often than not be found lounging in the Gunroom looking for a ping-pong partner. Besides being an "ace" with the bat, he has been a great asset to the Frigate's soccer and hockey teams. A patriot of the Quebec French Tour, Pete has gone to such lengths as to take monthly field trips to Montreal, where he enhances his knowledge of French with the aid of a very attractive tutor. After one year of engineering, Pete decided that Arts was the ticket if he wished to keep his sanity and maintain his pit average. Now a budding "Jewish" engineer, Pete hopes to be able to put his knowledge to good use as an officer in the RCOC, where no doubt his mess bill, sports car and women will pose somewhat of a financial problem. We have the greatest faith in you Pete. All the best! H.R.J. 33 GARY ALBERT COOPER Trenton High School Born a Torontonian, "Coop" soon left the hubbub of Toronto for the quiet of the countryside of Trenton, Ontario, a home of 437 Squadron Con the Trentj. Blue appealed to Coop at an early age, a fact which naturally led to his ning the air cadets. When the time came to advance to a school of higher learning, he found himself at Royal 'ads and here he began his career as an officer in the Tech!AE branch of the RCAF. During his last year at RMC, Coop quickly decided that on the weekends the College was just a place to sleep. ,e rest of the weekend he could be found enjoying the finer things that Kingston's social life had to offer. A staunch supporter of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Ottawa Roughriders, he always set out to convert 2 uninformed who didn't support these teams. His willingness to dig in when things need to be done, combined with his witty sense of humour and likeable rsonality, assure Coop of definite success in the years ahead. CR.G.B.l 6611 DOUGLAS LEON COPE Danforth Technical School "Copius" was born at a very early age in the bustling town of Hamilton. He spent his early years eating and buying used Japanese vacuum-tubes. At first, his ambition was to become an electrical technician but, after finishing grade XII, he decided to have a go at becoming an electrical engineer. Thus, Doug went to Royal Roads and the Navy. At Roads, Doug soon became head of the Toronto Maple Leaf fan club and could be found glued to the TV set every Saturday night. He also became a staunch fan of the game of Rugger. Because of the time that Doug spent in academics and in watching the Saturday night hockey games, Kingston did not see too much of him in his two-year stay. Besides loving electrical engineering, he is also a loyal fan of the RCN. With his electrical degree in hand, he is looking forward, l know, to spending all his spare time at sea with the RCN, where he hopes to become a pilot. We wish him all the luck in his future ventures. CW.D.A.l MARK BRUCE R.M, CORBETT St. Patrick's High School Born into the true Quebecquois atmosphere, Bruce entered the troubled world at Shawinigan Falls, Quebec August ll, 1943. Having an English-Canadian father and French-Canadian mother, he has been playing the role a public-relations man between the French and English-spea.king cadets ever since he entered CSC. Taking the st of his ancestry, the 'Frog' has developed a real fling for love, French style, and on the other hand, a shrewd, Lculating business sense. Deciding, moreover, that a static life was not the best way of exploiting his talent with girls, he joined the TE, whose motto is 'everywhere'. b Over the years at CSC, Bruce has more than proven his prowess at many sports, including soccer, hockey, ztball, and basketball. He even excelled in such non-athletic diversions as rifle-shooting, earning the distinction belllg the captain of the representative rifle team. Bruce usually is game for anything, what with his fun loving and easy-going nature. However, he draws the e when it comes to sacrificing study time. Thus, he has won a good standing in Civil Engineering. The sincerity with which he tackles all jobs and faces life in general, ensures that he will go far and excel whatever he attempts. 23 JGC

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