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• :. (7?:.- T • ... MiS -fsps l’.-V.- ■ ilkii’i© pia« £ul ' 3S-3 k ' ; ' ! NlHsPna ,;i:» i8©!fea3 H ■ ' ■■i ;: - . ' , : ■■ ■ T ..K " jsS’ 2 !5 5::» - ••••«SKT ! iS 2 5fr ssa [is ijnStfuSSiffilKSl SilSSli! ;fKI fc: ' T: ' J r i iypapgjis; aMBwifflEfl : ;«gi ' Jj{ ■§§ §?•-i Lfc- .a»a :|g:«saBS£5;3 {. ' ■iSsuatiiJL !s ;; 11 iasinfdSfir® pSWiSfll-pt- -asp ' ' ' .. vgjsBfejEirenBEaciyr:5M3i » i ' % ,; ' , ; i,£ ii i8gS B|s; i ui3 ' p!:u ' . : -: rMliSl! ' wai aH riKiaai«rfato iiaihrife Siv " !iSi; ' - ' ' ■ ■ .. Mr : ; =: r . i;: ,; ii-;8i f|Sia%CiS:S;il“2piij:ija;!iljii i aSs!i jiiagftS? .m ' ■ ills:. ' ...I » 8 ? f.:?fflgS 8gti»:il3i ' ’jpil Miaat y lliBiifliilliif 7 IpeBTO S jiaijis irp ' .7 4il?® jliif skw I- i HiwiU ' ii-afe ' ? w53i Ss3ijg]Ssp p, !an5 ' • : lPr ' ;”i : 1 SjjjjKgf jiK SSS ■gfiiUERnsj.: •; ' r civjw AsN: ' l?gU 3Sts:r a g»£3« ! ' . ;|S ipj ih=-J vir - S 111 Li _:— CO-EDITORS: Saundra Bryan Melvin Fleming ADVISER: Walter Lee Crady It r t: I :! n • . 1-LXauM hi ' K-i ' ilM • It »• .. U lii-UHU lL . ; 1. .1_ i. .This is Roseville. Here, each day, we come together to work and to stud y and to learn to live together as men ought to live. Here, we learn to respect knowledge and competence, and here we learn to love wisdom. In the road a- head, may the memories of these wonderful years when we " traveled through these realms of gold " be kept fresh and bright in the pages of this book We, the members of the Rosette staff, wish to dedicate this year’s annual to Mr. Walter Lee Crady, our faculty adviser, to show our appreciation for the great effort he has put forth in making the publication of this book possible. Not only did he put forth his utmost effort for the publication of the yearbook but he spent tireless hours making our class work more meaningful and productive. We shall always remember his interest in, and devotion to our extracurricular activities and his desire in helping promote our school activities and projects. a ni him— nifcliiir nr 1 1 1. • ' t i i • iu«v •• » Sfc • i i i-i ' . ' uilUi . :.: ‘. m r i ' • iepapi W " jBk J Wi. gjjgi Mir 31 pri ■ ' jgt|| V ' Mik ' rli- Wr ' FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Mr. Crady, Adviser; Melvin Fleming, Co-Editor; Saundra Bryan, Co-Editor; Karen Reid, Rex Percelle. SECOND ROW: Christy Jaynes, Rita Bargar, Richie Ransbottom, Jerry Max¬ well, Rose Polen, Jackie Bowen, Barbara Murgatroyd, Pat Mumford. THIRD ROW: Kay Pletcher, Shirley Morgan, Jon Fauley, Bob Dozer, Roger Bowen, John Ashford, Don Swingle. wkyw. ' 1 I . . fT V • iilwfilf ® S| 1188 K § 8 ff« .. vv-y •?; :»;; :••:j- ff;r. . i. ' .uV ' , ! 4 i. 1 1 .. v ; ■• ' A ' . ■ .-. ' . 1 1 V v- ■S-Jarefc - • • ••• v v • f mm :- n g$a$j ' •. Vv- 5- : : .Vv» - c SturetacZetu tc B. S. in Education, Ohio University M. S. in Education, Ohio University B.S. in Education, Ohio University Industrial Arts iKiT jB irrTni ' niTnrrr! DEAN F. WHITE Muskingum College B. A. Physical Education Miami University Health, Drivers Education, Physical Education, Varsity " R " , Basketball Coach, Assistant Football Coach Senior Adviser BLANCHE MACE Muskingum College B.A. English, Latin Government, French II, Junior Red Senior English, Senior Class Play Senior Adviser WALTER LEE CRADY Campbellsville College A,A. Commerce, English Transylvania University A.B. Commerce, English Typing I-II, Shorthand I-II, English IX, Rosette Adviser, Junior Variety Show, Junior Class Play Junior Adviser Cross, ; i •7 . J. A. D ANTONIO Salem College, Salem, W. Va. B. S. Education, Physical Education Social Science American History, Physical Education, Var¬ sity " R " , Baseball Coach, Reserve Basketball Coach, Junior Variety Show, H. S. Geography Junior Adviser CARL DE VORE Mount Union College B. S. Chemistry-Biology General Science, Chemistry, Junior Red Cross Adviser. Junior Adviser. BILL CURL Ohio University B. S. Education H. S. Math., General Math., Algebra I, Plane Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Plane Trig. Sophomore Adviser HELEN MATTHEWS Muskingum College B. A. Psychology and Sociology Psychology and Speech, Girls Health, Girls Physical Education Sophomore Adviser SARA DONAHOE Clarke College, Dubuque, Iowa University of Iowa B. S. Home Economics, Science English X,XI, Biology, Director of Cafe¬ teria. Sophomore Adviser. . immmiihwmiiiiMir rinni’nTTmtmiiri]!i mm I! ' NELDA SHARROCK Muskingum College A. B. English English IX, X, XI Freshman Adviser DELMAR CARNES Ohio University M. A. Education Bookkeeping, Economics General Business General Math., Business English, Library Club Freshman Adviser JAMES R. BALLATINE Marietta College B. A. Social Studies, Physical Education Football Coach, World History, Physical Education Freshman Adviser O. C. STROUP Mount Union College A. B. Music Kent State University B. S. Education Northwestern Univ. Carnegie Tech. Band, Chorus, Majorettes I ■ mimiii m i [ TTnmimrrm Tmmii! mnmrra him lit HUGH COX Ohio University B. S. Education Biology, English X Sophomore Adviser MADGE S. PATTERSON Ohio State University B. S. Home Economics Home Economics i Mmm GrJVIKJrif ? 4 5 Sk 3 p i- ‘ ®t 58 ?£ S% ’ZXT ZL- ' v ZnZ m m. mrnmmm fe ■ ;: , ■ " Avv;;--”v. Iifi v-;Sy; :; v ••• • r •. • ■: -. v •• • •• v- i • • - v «‘ ‘ ' • V V. " . ■ .. • }••■•. ; .•••- • •;• • .: s . $£ . %• V : . : si ■ • • ■ m - mm 1 ■-■hi wmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmumaaamm ■ IHII III i nil— 1— iMWIWI ■ I— IBMBlBBBBBMBBBMBBB -: SUE BISHOP President JIM LIMBERS Vice -President Library Club 1,2,3,4 Head Librarian 4 Hilites 1,2,3,4 News Editor 4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Band President 4 County Band 1,2,3 County Chorus 1,2,3 Band Treasurer 3 Scholarship Team 1,2,3 Pep Club 4 Junior Variety Show Junior Class Play National Honor Society 3,4 Class President 1,2,3,4 Homecoming Attendant 3 Homecoming Queen 4 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 Journalism Workshop 1 Hilites Subscription Manager 3 Physical Education Playday 2 Junior Red Cross 3 Vice -President 4 imTMWMmjjmm imniUjiHuri. ' mwsiriimr- T ALICE KUHN Secretary JACKIE BOWEN Treasurer Hilites 1,2,3,4 Hilites Advertising Manager 3 Hilites Feature Editor 4 Scholarship Team 1,3 Junior Variety Show Class Secretary 4 Homecoming Attendant 4 I Speak for Democracy 4 Rosette 1,2,3,4 F.H.A. 1.2,3,4 Majorette 2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Junior Red Cross 1 Junior Variety Show Junior Class Play Class Treasurer 2,3,4 County Band 3 Physical Education Playday 2 BILLY LEE ANDERS JOHN FRANKLIN ASHFORD Junior Variety Show Football 1,2,3,4 Varsity Basketball 2,3,4 Reserve Basketball 1 Baseball 2,3,4 Varsity " R " 2,3,4 President 4 ROGER EUGENE BOWEN Rosette 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,3 Varsity " R " 3,4 Basketball Manager 3 Junior Variety Show Junior Class Play JUDITH MARLENE BEISSER Junior Variety Show Reserve Basketball 1,2 Rosette 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Chorus 3,4 Vice-President, Band 4 County Band 1,2,3,4 Homecoming Driver 4 SAUNDRA LOU BRYAN Rosette 1,2,3,4 Co-Editor 4 F. H. A. 1,2 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Junior Variety Show Junior Class Play Scholarship Team 1 County Chorus 1 Junior Variety Show nrattamw umm im umrii iiiiinmnsirwi Ki.iui it JAMES FRANCIS BURRIER SANDRA KAYE CONAWAY RODRICK EARL DORSEY Football 4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 Junior Variety Show Junior Class Play Pep Club 4 SHIRLEY ANN DAVIS I MELVIN KENNETH FLEMING Basketball 2 Homecoming escort 2 Football 1,2,3,4 . Scholarship Team 1,2,3 Junior Variety Show Junior Class Play Varsity ”R " ,Vice-President 4 Varsity " R " 3,4 Class Vice-President 2,3 Rosette 1,2,3,4 Rosette Co-Editor 4 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 Junior Variety Show Junior Class Play ii i| ,11 HI I if f ' WI Chorus 1 Junior Variety Show JUNE ANN HENRY Junior Variety Show F.H.A. 1 Junior Variety Show I Speak for Democracy 4 CARILYN JUNE HENRY MARY ELLEN HESS Junior Variety Show Scholarship Team 2 PANSY MAE HOLBERT GEORGANNA GRACE JENKINS Lrfl. HiiLJlUJ; ... . . u J liMrfT Chorus 2,3,4 Library 2,3,4 Band 2,3 Junior Red Cross 3,4 Junior Variety Show Scholarship Team 2 STEPHEN JAY LASURE Band 1,2,3,4 County Band 3 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Scholarship Team 1,2 Hilites 1,2,3,4 Hilites Editor 4 Publications Workshop 1,3 Music Workshop 1 Prince of Peace 2,3 Junior Variety Show Junior Class Play I Speak for Democracy 4 County Chorus 1,2,3 Hilites Subscription Manager 2 ROY ALFRED KANE Chorus 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 County Music Festival 2,3,4 Music Workshop 2 Junior Variety Show Junior Class Play F. H, A. 1,2 Junior Red Cross 2,3,4 Homecoming Attendant 1 Junior Variety Show Pep Club 4 ' 7 ; ( ' JERRY WILLIAM LIGGETT Junior Red Cross 1 Band 1 Chorus 1 Junior Variety Show Junior Class Play LENORA BELIE MARPLE CHARLES EDWARD MOHLER Chorus 1,2 Band 1,2,3,4 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 Hilites 1,2,3,4 Junior Variety Show Junior Class Play Scholarship Team 1,2,3 % County Band 1,2 National Honor Society 4 NANCY JANE NOLAN Junior Variety Show Pep Club 4 F.H.A. 2,3,4 F. H. A. Vice-President 4 J. O. RIDER NEFF Hilites 1,2,3,4 Junior Variety Show Scholarship Team 2,3 National Honor Society 3,4 Club and Social Editor of Hilites ELAINE PAYTON Library Club 1,2,3,4 Cheerleader 1,2,3,4 F.H.A. 1,2 Sophomore Attendant 2 Junior Red Cross 1,2,3,4 President 4 Secretary 3 Junior Variety Show Junior Class Play Pep Club 4 •J L t L iunmn XLi--ur..inii VI t LitliLL. ROBERT CARL PETTIT VIRGINIA CLARA PETTIT Basketball 2 Junior Variety Show PATRICIA LEE RILEY F.H.A. 1 Chorus 2,3,4 Junior Red Cross 4 Junior Variety Show Pep Club 4 Red Cross 2,3,4 Library Club 2,3,4 Head Librarian 4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Junior Variety Show Junior Class Play F.H.A. 1,2 Pep Club 4 % 1 • LARRY KIM REED DAVID LEE ROBERTS Junior Variety Show Junior Class Play Football 1,2,3 Basketball 2 Junior Red Cross 1,2,3,4 Junior Variety Show LARRY EUGENE STONEBURNER Junior Variety Show Football 3,4 Varsity ”R " 3,4 GARY AUGUSTINE SMITH Junior Red Cross 1 Majorette 2 Head Majorette 3,4 Library Club 2,3,4 Junior Variety Show F.H.A. 1,2 Chorus 1,2,3,4 DONALD GALE SWINGLE Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Rosette 1,2,3,4 Junior Rgd Cross 1,2 Class Secretary 1,3 Junior Variety Show Junior Class Play Football 1,2,3,4 Junior Variety Show Junior Class Play Chorus 1,2,3,4 Varsity " R " 2,3,4 Secretary and Treasurer Varsity " R " 4 Baseball 3,4 PAUL ALLISON SWINGLE WANNETTA JOYCE TAYLOR Junior Variety Show ROSEMARY LEAH WENTZ F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 President F. H. A. 4 Junior Variety Show Pep Club 4 MARCUS THANE TOTH Junior Variety Show Scholarship Team 1 I M I II fill I I if 4 I ■ 11 I M I I Chorus 1 Scholarship Team 2 F.H.A. 1,4 Junior Variety Show Pep Club 4 ' ! ■ ' f j ' ■ LYLE WESLEY WICKHAM Junior Variety Show ' ‘ , ! r MOST POPULAR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Sue Bishop, Melvin Fleming Sue Bishop, Steve Lasure DID MOST FOR THE SCHOOL MOST FRIENDLY Sue Bishop, Steve Lasure Elaine Payton, Melvin Fleming Boo! Caught in the Act. ■ 1. Eddie M. 2. Gary S. 3. June H. 4. Sandra C. 5. Jackie B. 6. Don S. 7. Larry R. 8. Marcus T. 9. Dave R. 10. John M. 11. Rosemary W. 12. Virginia P. 13. Larry G. 14. Carilyn H. 15. Pat S. 16. Jim L. 17. Steve R. 18. Melvin F. 19. Tudy J. 1. J. o. 2. Elaine P. 3. Lenora M. 4. RoyK. 5. Pansy H. 6. Shirley D. 7. Helen H. 8. Steve L. 9. John A. 10. Nancy N. 11. Sue B. iiU UlhLU, i.A..-.ULLiix ...nii. T him iMini i it inir ' ' I ' pfln p” ii illlUtiU :.:A. + 11, ,11 11 I i,i ■ ,■ y LLH. ih(i iiiiLiimnt...i.ii Ai ttc Out We, the 1959 Senior Class of Roseville High School, being of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath the following as our last will and testament: ARTICLE I To the Class of 62 we will lots of luck! They will need it. To the Class of 61 we will two more years of success at R.H.S. To the Class of 60 we will the Senior home rooms and hope they enjoy them. ARTICLE II To Mrs. Mace we will the junior class in hopes that she has better luck with them than she did with us. To Mr. White we will a pair of binoculars so that he can see everybody in study hall. To Mr. Dantonio we will a successful year in baseball. Good luck! To Mr. Crady we will a more successful year with the Rosette Staff than he had this year. To Mr. Curl we will some detention pads for study halls. He needs them. To Mrs. Patterson we will a needle, thread, and material to make her a sack dress so that she can keep in style. To Mr. Cox we will a long and happy teaching career at Roseville High School. To Mr. Carnes we will a new set of dictionaries for his study hall so he can keep his Library Club busy. To Mrs. Matthews we will four girls so that she can make her own cheering squad. To Miss Sharrock we will a megaphone so she won’t have to yell as loud in study halls. To Mr. DeVore we will a tricycle so he can ride around the study hall instead of walking. To Mr. Regula we will a new book so he can put all his events for the coming year. To Mr. Buck we will a squeaky pair of shoes so the kids can hear him. To Mr. Stroup we will success with his junior high band. To Mrs. Donahoe we will a successful year at the new building. To Mrs. Curl we will a bell so that Mr. Stroup can hear her when she comes into music room. ARTICLE IE We, Bill Anders and Scoop Dupler, will to Bob Wolfe a hair net to keep the hair out of his eyes when he plays basketball. I, John Ashford, will my ability to hot-rod on school grounds and get caught to Billy Musser. I, Judy Belsser, will my ability to keep quiet in classes to Sarah Kay Smith and Bonnie Jean Crane. I, Sue Bishop, will the honor of being senior class president to anyone in die junior class lucky enough to get it TO! I! nmiliwiswwif milium iiinnum mimrnvm MMnm m 11 min • I, Jackie Bowen, will my place in the majorette line to anyone who wants it. I, Roger Bowen, will a “joke” book to Mr. Carnes so he will not run out of jokes in class. We, Saundra Bryan and Joyce Taylor, will Miss Sharrock a pair of ear muffs so she can have a quiet study hall next year. I, Jim Burrier, will my ability to stay awake in Mrs. Mace’s class to anyone who wants it. I, Sandra Conaway, will my title “Sweater Girl” to Twila Law. I, Shirley Davis, will my ability to talk in Mr. Curl’s 7th period study hall and get by with it to all the students in 7th period study halL I, Rod Dorsey, will my football shoes to anyone with big enough feet to wear them. I, Melvin Fleming, will a record of “The All American Boy” to Ed Guy. I, Byron Fluhart, will my Business English book to anyone who wants it. I, Larry Good, will my ability to drive a car to Bryce Watt in hopes that he uses it wisely. We, Helen Headley and Rosemary Wentz, will our ability to eat candy in Mr. Carnes classes and get away with it to Janet Wolfe and Thelma Starcher. I, Carilyn Henry, will to Dean White a Ford Thunderbird Convertible for next years Drivers Education Class. I, June Henry, will just leave R.H.S. Isn’t that enough! We, Mary Hess and Patsy Riley, will our ability to go through our last two years in high school with no detentions to Joan Darlymple and Barbara Stigler. I, Pansy Holbert, will George Dozer my telephone so he can talk to his girlfriend in private without my cutting in on him. I, Tudy Jenkins, will to Mrs. Mace a pair of red kneesocks, so she can keep in style with next years seniors. I, Roy Kane, will this car to Steve Sanford in hopes that he has better luck driving it than he had with his dad’s car. I, Alice Kuhn, will the honor of being senior homecoming attendant to any girl lucky enough to get it. We, Steve Lasure and Jerry Liggett, will our typewriters to Nancy Mock and Twila Law and hope that they have as much fun as we did. I, Bill Grubb, will my ability to get along with Mrs. Mace to Lewis Eversole. I, Jim Limbers, will a more studious, quiet third period study hall to Mr. DeVore. I, Lenora Marple, will to Mrs. Mace some cotton in hope that her homeroom periods will be quieter than they were this year. I, Eddie Mohler, will to Mrs. Mace something which will help her to quickly quiet down her home room and study halL A BALL OF COTTON. I. J. O. Neff, will Mr. Crady to next years advanced typing class with hope that they have as much fun as I did. I, Nancy Nolan, will my technique with Morgan County boys to Karen Duff. I, Elaine Payton, will to Barbara Sharkey the diary of my last three years at R.H.S. and hope she will fill it with as much fun and success as I have. I, Bob Pettit, will my common sense and good judgement to Steve Sanford with the hope that he uses it while sitting behind the wheel and driving his car. I, Virginia Pettit, will to Nancy Daniels and Rita Fletcher the ability to skip school without getting caught. I, Larry Reed, will my cars and their flat tires to anyone who wants them. I, Dave Roberts, will Mr. Curl a new pad of detention slips. I, Steve Rusnak, will my chemistry book to my brother George. I, Pat Sharkey, will my majorette uniform to next years head majorette in hopes that she has as much fun as I did. I, Gary Smith, will Rick “The Killer’ Wilson some height to go with his feet. I, Larry Stoneburner, will to Pat Mumford the ability to get along with Mrs. Mace. I, Don Swingle, will Snook Guy a bodyguard for basketball practice. I, Paul Swingle, will to Carl McLaughlin a crash helmet. Better luck next time. I, Marcus Toth, will these hot rod books that I borrowed from Terry Bell back to him in hope that he will someday have a better hot rod than I ever had I, Lyle Wickham, will my height to Bill Barker. J ackie Bowen The year, 1975. The location. New York City, The event, maiden trip of the first atomic-powered train-mobile, invented by that fabulous transportation expert, J. O. Neff. This wonderful machine, the utmost in travelling comfort, is equipped with everything possible to accommodate the passengers’ every whim, which is the responsibility of June Henry and Rosemary Wentz, the hostess. On this trip, the train-mobile will make a complete tour of the United States, breaking all time records between cities so as to give ample time to the passengers to visit them. J. O. Neff and his guest, Eddie Mohler, are two of the passengers of this exciting trip, but there’s still plenty of room. Why not come along? Suddently the Engineer, Scoop Dupler, tells through the loud-speaker that all is ready, and off we go! First stop, Chicago, Illinois. No sooner said than done. ZOOM!! What was that? Jim Burner in one of his new fleet of hopped-up taxi cabs. Jim guarantees his customers the fastest ride to their destination that they ever had -- that is, IF they arrive at their destination! Is that who I think it is walking by the famous Rusnak, Inc., stockyards of Chicago? Yes, two of the Nations’ leading farmers, Bob Pettit and Bill Grubb, discussing the fine points of farming with Steve Rusnak, owner of the Stockyards. Bob has just invented a robot cow, but seems to behaving some trouble milking her. This does not dampen his enthusiasm a bit, however, and he claims that once this minor problem is licked, hay-feeding Bossies will become a thing of the past. What does that big barn across the street hold? Big bam? Why, that’s Patsy Riley’s Boarding House! She specializes in home-sick hog farmers who are fed up with the city. Her head clerk, Carilyn Henry, tells us that she is still not satisfied, because each of her thirteen children with their rooms and mouths to feed, eat up a large part of her time and profits. Well, enough for Chicago. Next stop, Hollywood, California! Look at all die glamorous movie stars! Boy, aren’t they the lucky ones? Why, there is Jerry Liggett. What’s he doing here? Oh, why he’s producer for Warner Bros. -- what? A producer? Yes, Jerry produces all the trouble Warner Bros, can handle. There ' s the famous Joyce Taylor; she’s now co-starring with Sandra Conaway in Paramounts’ latest hit, “Snail along, silly Moon.” Well, it looks like ole Walt Disney has found himself a new cartoonist; the character is none other than Dave Roberts! There’s a pair of young ladies who are quickly working their way to the top of the ladder of stardom; yes, Judy Beisser and Mary Hess are the best window-washers in Hollywood! Oh, well, so much for Hollywood. Now that we’re in California let’s take a stroll over to the famous Observatory, My, what’s everyone so excited about? As we gazed into the powerful telescope, who should have appeared on the moon but our old High School teacher, Dean White. He said that ever since he heard the song, “Sail Along Silvery Moon,’’ no one would get all that silver but him. That’s a poor excuse, though. We all know he went there just to get away from Roseville High! Well, it seems as if everyone is ready to leave Hollywood, so where to next? New York City. Wonder what all we’ll find here? Amid all the hustle, bustle and confusion of the big city, a sign bearing a familiar name stood out on a dilapidated old building. It read “Melvin Fleming, Inventor.” Lately this shop had been the scene of much excitement, because Melvin’s brainchild, the famous gigantic rtiree-dimensional television-phone radiostonic receiving set, had been revealed to the world. Modestly, but with little-concealed pride, Melvin explained how he had labored over this machine, combining his skill and scientific imagination, he combined a television set with a telephonel Wonder why those girls are in such a big hurry? Oh, no wonder! There’s ole Steve Lasure at his favorite pastime, flirting with the girls, bright red pants and all! Say, by the way, what’s Steve doing now? Why, I believe he’s in the newspaper business. What’s the name of his paper? I believe it’s called the New York Times. Say, what’s all that commotion? It looks like a parade. Well, no wonder, it doesn’t sound much like one. Look who’s leading it! The Roy Kane and John Ashford -- ? -- band. Look! There’s the famous huge Macy ' s Department Store 4 Isn’t it impressive? Wonder who owns it? There is one of New Yorks Biggest business executives, Roger Bowen. Well, I’ll be! He is the owner of this store, too! Who’s that he’s talking with? That’s his manager, Jim Limbers. Jim got his start as a fabulous salesman by selling ice-boxes and mosquito nets to the Eskimos. Golly, that’s an important looking limousine! Wonder whose it is? There’s Paul Swingle, the chauffeur, opening the door and look who’s stepping out! Elaine Payton, the richest businesswoman in town, followed by her private Secretary’s personal Secretary, Alice Kuhn, and Pat Sharkey, Alice’s private Secretary. They have come down town to visit Tudy Jenkins, manager of the Y.W.C.A. Isn’t that the famous Society leader and Lecturer, Dr. Sue Bishop? Yes, she just gave a speech at Harvard last week on ‘‘Why I like Yale.” There’s Sandy Bryan and Shirley Davis; I heard that they own a dress shop here in town. Yes, and they sell more dresses than most dress stores, too. Not many dress shop proprietors model their own dresses! Say, isn’t that the great comedian, Larry Reed? Wonder why he’s not in Hollywood? Oh, he came to visit his idol and great pal, Bob Hop. Why, there’s Pansy Holbert. Wonder what she’s doing now? Why, she grows flowers. Pansies are her favorites. Well, there’s the famous Swingle Stadium. Let’s take a look in on the basketball game. I understand the famous gob-trotters are playing tonight. Yes, and watch those boys handle that ball! Who’s that little short guy down there? Short? That’s Bill Anders, the highest paid player in pro-basketball, and he’s five feet, eleven inches. However, these guys are all about seven feet tall, and Bill goes right between their legs to score higher than any other player. Well, look who else has come to see the game! Skip Toth and his wife, the former Helen Headley. Skip is the famous gun expert who can FIX and GYP you out of anything from pea-shooters to atomic sub¬ machine guns. There’s another celebrity! Larry Stoneburner, the star fullback of the Georgian Yankees’football squad. Virginia Pettit, one of the best-known women reporters, is also here to cover the game. Well, game is over. The amazing gob-trotters have won again, so let’s go find the rest of the gang and leave. Why, there’s Don Swingle and his wife, formerly Jackie Bowen. Don, who owns the Stadium as a hobby, made his first million in oil. He’s still after his second million, for atomic power is offering some mighty big competition to oil now. man MIMIlllMMMMMMMBMBWiiiililli iliillilliillilllililiHi ill I I UifJ 111 I LLJ1l Whew! It’s sure good to get back into the fresh, clean air of the country again. Where are we going now? Let’s stop in this quaint little town. What’s its name? Oh, Roseville! I heard that Roseville had a new faculty member awhile back. Yes, Lenora Marple is now on the teaching staff. What else is new in the old homeplace? Oh, there’s Lyle Wickham in one of his Delivery trucks. He and his trucking outfit have made a few hauls! Nancy Nolan opened up a new shop here in town a few years ago. She has become a beautician. Say, why is everyone crowding around in that huge field? Oh, a drag race is going on there. Boy, those cars sure are kicking up the dust! That number 13 has been ahead in every race. Yes, the driver of that souped-up crate is Byron Fluhart. His secret to success is simple. He just gets all die other drivers mad at him before the race and takes off for dear life! Gee, isn’t that Rod Dorsey? I thought he had become a famous Electronic Engineer. He has, but he’s back on vacation. Rod tells us that he is liked so well that his boss gives him nine months vacation per year, with pay! Boy, have they got him fooled! Well, it looks like someone’s been busy. Look at that nice orchard. Wonder whose it is? Well, Larry Good owns the land. However, Gary Smith planted the trees on Larry’s land, but Larry was a good sport about it alL He let Gary keep the trees there, but guess who makes the most money on Larry’s land? Gee, we’re back to the landing again! It doesn’t seem like we ' ve been all over already, does it? Oh, well. I’m sure we’ve all had a very nice time. Well, I’ll be! Look who’s at die landing to greet us. It’s our old High School teacher, Mrs. Mace. She heard about our trip and decided to hear what we found out. Now there’s a teacher who looks out for her students! Eddie Mohier ELLIOTT LUMBER COMPANY THE ZANESVILLE PUBLISHING COMPANY 1 Roofing, Lumber, Paints and Millwork Crooksville, Ohio The Times Recorder The Zanesville Signal Sunday Times Signal , FRESHMAN Today we are Seniors, ready to graduate. These four years at Roseville High School have been full of many memories. Remember! How excited and thrilled we were on our first day in high school? That year there were eighty-five of us. Our advisers were: Mr. Carnes, Mrs. Petty, and Mr. Curl, We elected: Sue Bishop, President; Bill Anders, Vice-President; Don Swingle, Secretary; and Judy Holmes, Treasurer. We chose blue and gold for our class colors. Elaine Payton was elected as our cheerleader. For our homecoming attendant, we chose Georganna Jenkins. Don Swingle was her escort. Jackie Bowen, Don Swingle, Roger Bowen, John Ashford, Kim Browning, Mickey Callihan, Melvin Fleming, and Saundr a Bryan were elected to the Rosette Staff. Pat Sharkey, Jackie Bowen, and Jill Luckett were chosen as majorettes. Steve Lasure, Alice Kuhn, Lenora Marple, and Eddie Mohler were elected to the Hilites Staff. Judy Holmes and Pansy Holbert were elected to the Library Club. SOPHOMORE Sixty-eight of us returned for our Sophomore year to find Mr. Cox and Mr. Leuck there to direct us. We chose Sue Bishop, President; Melvin Fleming, Vice-President; Kim Browning, Secretary; and Jackie Bowen, Treasurer. Our class colors were changed from blue and gold to blue and white. Our homecoming attendant was Elaine Payton. Melvin Fleming was her escort and Johnny Desarro was her driver. We chose our class rings in November. Pat Sharkey and Virginia Pettit were elected to the Library Club. JUNIOR During the summer, some of our classmates dropped out of school and we returned with fifty- eight memers. Mr. Crady, Mr. Dantonio, and Miss Sharrock were our advisers. We elected Sue Bishop, President; Melvin Fleming, Vice-President; Don Swingle, Secretary; and Jackie Bowen, Treasurer. Sue Bishop was our homecoming attendant. Terry Kirkbride was her escort and Larry Good was her driver. Our class had a hayride and weiner roast. We gave our annual Junior Variety Show in November. ‘‘They Gave Him a Co-ed " was our class play directed by Mr. Crady. We sold magazines, football and basketball pencils to make money toward our class trip. Sue Bishop and Eddie Mohler were elected to the Lola Clark Chapter of the National Honor Society. We had an enjoyable time getting ready for the Junior-Senior Prom. Sandra Conaway was chosen ‘‘Sweater GirL " SENIOR Being Seniors, we had the usual things to discuss -- pictures, caps and gowns, and the class trip. Mrs. Mace and Mr. White were our advisers. We elected Sue Bishop, President; Jim Limbers, Vice-President; Alice Kuhn, Secretary; and Jackie Bowen, Treasurer. We sold candy and Christmas cards to raise money toward our senior trip. Sue Bishop was chosen homecoming queen and Alice Kuhn was senior attendant. Sue’s escort was Jim Limbers and her driver was Larry Reed. Alice’s escort was Jerry Liggett and her dirver was Steve Lasure. " Moonlight for Herbert " was our class play directed by Mrs. Mace. The members of the senior class who held various club and sport offices were: Melvin Fleming and Saundra Bryan, Co-Editors of the Rosette; Virginia Pettit and Sue Bishop, Head Librarians; Steve Lasure, Editor-in-Chief of the Hilites; Gary Smith and Bill Anders, Co-Captains of the football team; Bill Anders, President, Varsity " R " ; Melvin Fleming, Vice-President, Varsity " R " ; Rosemary Wentz, President, F.H.A.; Elaine Payton, President, Junior Red Cross; Elaine Payton, Head Cheerleader; Pat Sharkey, Head Majorette; and Sue Bishop, President, Band. Lenora Marple was elected to the Lola Clark Chapter of the National Honor Society. f • ' ?.« • .VA ■ M • v s W: ,-,y.-L3 ZH T -••. ..y tSSwsS®: r vw wj4.i . " y g.u - ? nuww ilu- »jh ,w.yi »wes ’X Tt mmmm if Mrs . 1 tin t lit ’ (i ' iii Mill LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Buckley, Secretary; Brenda Wilson, President; Connie Maxwell, Treasurer; Paul Meadows, Vice-President. ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Connie Maxwell, Susan Stull, Linda Head, Rebecca Canady, Donna Milner, Rita Bargar, Sue Eppley, May Dupler. ROW TWO: Mr. Crady, Sara Truax, Twila Law, Freda Ross, Connie Smith, Glenda Holloway, Sarah Kay Smith, Dianne Wright, Shirley Morgan. ROW THREE: Pat Miller, Janet Curry, Kay Carr, Pat Mumford, Barbara Murgatroyd, Nancy Mock, Betty Bole, Kay Watts, Paul Meadows. Compliments ot Compliments of WANDA’S HOUSE OF BEAUTY Compliments of THE OHIO FUEL GAS COMPANY Telephone: OX-7-7952 POLLOCKS Crooksville, Ohio Main Street Zanesville, Ohio Roseville, Ohio . i .u u; . . 4 . 11 A liilikl L..t.; —3L1 J-tI II Um-.I i 11 ill 4 U 1 1 umC ‘‘lY+hi ' U f U i ih’I : m ■ ■ ’ ■ m ] ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Dantonio, Jim Buckley, Ben Rognon, Bill Roberts, Jerry Maxwell, Karen Reid, Dorothy Crabtree, Robert Allard, Tim Cassady. ROW TWO: Roger Short, Rex Percelle, Ronnie Hayes, Harold Grooms, Jim Valentine, Tom Harper, Terry Bell, Brenda Wilson, Bob Wolfe, ROW THREE: Terry Nelson, Ed Guy, Eddie Hammers, Foster Moore, Bernie Grotegeer, Steve Sanford, Bryce Watt, Lewis Eversole, George Rusnak. ' 1 ■i (■ I ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. DeVore, Stanley Lantz, David Toth, Jim Talbert, Bill Musser, Dale Lyons, Audrey Adams. ROW TWO: Don Liggett, John Tignor, John Miller, Darrell Hunt, George Dozer, Mary Lou Cummings. ROW THREE: Paul Pletcher, Gary Navario, Jerry Wilson, Jim Work. Compliments of Eat and enjoy yourself SPORTSMAN ' S CENTER THE TEEN SHOPPE 1418 Maysville Avenue Zanesville, Ohio Crooksville, Ohio Owner: Janice Allen i Hi If Compliments of DAIRY QUEENE Crooksville, Ohio ■■■■■■■■■■■HI Ocoefrt ' fyUteZj S fow mi: V .ttl SSSg ; Sp st«« ! ; ' . • • : - mb umLm i i 1111 r LEFT TO RIGHT: Kay Pletcher, Vice-President; Nancy Daniel, Treasurer; Kay Kinnan, President. ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Matthews, Helen Davis, Sharon Acheson, Ruth Truax, Buelah Kinder, Carol Fitzpatrick, Charlene Beisser, Joan Dalrymple, Barbara Stigler, Connie Hoodlet. ROW TWO: Mrs. Donahoe, Lynn Crane, Gary Sterling, Jim Eversole, Lonnie Porter, Arthur Dickerson, Gary Beall, Walter Cannon, Tom Bryan, Darrell Bird. ROW THREE: Mr. Curl, Walter Marple, Ronnie Massengill, Paul Williams, Bob Mohler, Wesley Marple, Bob Dozer, Karl Kirkbride, Roseann Reed, Patty Fluharty. ROW FOUR: David Yeager, Danny Hartley, Jerry Marks, Bill Kuhn, Ronnie White, Jerry Dietrick, Paul Gibbons, Junior Anders, Miles Payton. Compliments of Compliments of STARCHERS DEPARTMENT STORE WHITE CHEVROLET COMPANY Crooksville, Ohio Zanesville, Ohio Compliments of JENNY’S PLACE Ironspot, Ohio ! I (! 11 ! 1IfflW IHIHtl ' W! inilllUHIH m nimu ELL. id 1. duj in Lit 11 Hi I ' ' iflitfl .ill 14 41 ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Matthews, Carol Evans, Sharon Auer, Odette Folden, Beth Hendrick¬ son, Jeanne Sowers, Linda Eppley, Martha McConnell, Bonnie Jean Crane, SueDitter, Leona Spires. ROW TWO: Mrs. Donahoe, Rita Fletcher, Nancy Daniel, Alice Cottrell, Delbert Heim, Ronnie Reed, Kay Henry, Rose Barbour, Leah Bussey, Kay Pletcher. ROW THREE: Mr. Curl, Rose Polen, Charles Williamson, Jon Fauley, Shelba Atkins, Kay Kinnan, Ivan Wilson, Bill Barker, Greg Garrett, Richie Rans- bottom. ROW FOUR: Jerry Sutherland, Bob Snyder, Thelma Starcher, Freda Grubb, Donna.Reed, Karen Duff, Christy Jaynes, Jackie Vandenbark. 4 j I MERCERS " BEN FRANKLIN " STORE Five and Ten Cent Store Main Street Crooksville, Ohio RAY ' S T.V. APPLIANCE FURNITURE 108 E. Main Street Phone: 9661 Crooksville, Ohio KINCAID’S DEPARTMENT STORE Main Street Crooksville, Ohio imiiiiri iimn ii f « I i ! 1 I I J i I 4 I II Mil 1 IM I III I I I iri III—■1M I 1 A . t 11II II ' 1 II Ill IliMM ■ I I I IIMIM! ' t i JBJLV—, LEFT TO RIGHT: Janet Wolfe, Treasurer; Judy Young, Secretary; John Dawson, Vice-President; Rick Wilson, President. ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Sharrock, Jeanne McConnell, Lois Head, Linda Pennington, Derrlyn Hess, Jack Stainbrook, Jim Mclnerney, Alma Gussler, Virginia Bailey, Carol Adams, LaVon Davis. ROW TWO: Sherry Ungemach, Judy Young, Ginny Snell, Becky Thompson, Kristine Kildow, Nancy Young, Marilyn Wickham, Charles Spires, Keith Pletcher, Roger Murgatroyd. ROW THREE: Karl Kane, Rick Wilson, Jim Tignor, Ronnie Bird, Carolyn Higgins, Janet Wolfe, John Swingle, Klemm Ungemach, Bill Crabtree, ' ! ROSEVILLE FEDERAL SAVINGS WILLIAMS AUTO PARTS and Pure Oil Products Roseville, Ohio LOAN ASSOCIATION Roseville, Ohio. J. J. APPLIANCES Plumbing and Heating 116 Main Street Crooksville, Ohio i i i Ml llliMi l i 1 1 llil ' ! ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sam Strickler, Junior Talbert, Harry Caton, Judy Dusenberry, Carol Wills, Cherly Brown, Ann Chapplear, Betty Henry, Jackie Clayton, Mr. Carnes. ROW TWO: Gerald Hina, Barbara Jenkins, Shirley Taylor, Ruth Liggett, Sharon Holmes, Cassie Zink, Gail Ervin, Darla Wood. ROW THREE: Paul Lovingshimer, Jerry Miller, Donald Fluhart, Marvin Angler, Bill King, Larry Chapman, Danzil Goins. ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Strickler, Wayne Savage, Evelyn Gill, Betty Still, Sheila Barr, Dorothy Cumberlidge, Peggy Angler, Mr. Ballatine. ROW TWO: John Hill, Barbara Sharkey, Kenny Patterson, Clarence Cottrell, Mark Hendrickson, Jim Barbour, Mary Ann Wofter. ROW THREE: Robert Medley, Jerry Davis, Paul Bryan, Jim Savage, Verge Dilts, Farrell Anderson. ROW FOUR: Ray Valentine, Larry Jenkins, Larry Bell, Earl Bowen, John Dawson, Raymond Davis. SHELTON MOTORS, INC. Your Friendly Chevrolet Dealer Crooksville, Ohio RUFF ' S ROYAL BLUE MARKET Crooksville, Ohio SINGER HARDWARE STORE Dean and Barry Paints, Oils, Glass Builders Supplies and G.E. Appliances Crooksville, Ohio Denzil Sanford, President; Walter Swingle, Clerk-Treasurer; Burgess Fauley, Vice-President; James Wilson, Raymond Williams. VERN KING mini CATHERINE CURL :! 11 linJuiflUUUn «v IliUvUJitli Hi ll IlUi tIMM I HI ill ! • w CAST Beverley.Alice Kuhn Margaret Rains.Sue Bishop Miss Hepplewhite.Lenora Marple Mrs. Ellington-Lewis.Shirley Davis Vincent Farnsworth, Jr.J. O. Neff Herbert.Jim Limbers Sidney Rains.Melvin Fleming Julia Arnold.Georganna Jenkins Jean Brassart.Saundra Bryan Vincent Farnsworth, Sr..Jerry Liggett Mrs. Tracy.Pansy Holbert Mr. Tierney.Rod Dorsey Felix Heidler.Steve Lasure Director - Mrs. Blanche Mace m mi iii Mil llll I 1 1 111 111 n ' t im minimi ' nlllll M III II PRESENTED BY THE 1959 JUNIOR CLASS OF ROSEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL CAST T. Timothy Tweedsome Lindy Lou Evans Dick Barry Big Boy Roberts Benjamin Blackstone Ethelburt Duchess of Londonberry Dolores Del Monte Patsy Miss Chicago Patricia Miss Philadelphia Prunella Miss Boston Paul Meadows Connie Maxwell Regis Stuck Jerry Wilson Bryce Watt Jim Buckley Karen Reid Dianne Wright Susan Stull Barbara Murgatroyd Brenda Wilson Director - Walter Lee Crady IIM4I Pit uiiimiHiitiiiMiiiuininui • • i mnr; I i _ 1 f : , i , . ' i j»n in i li mttiH ' iiH.ituiutttoKiJ iu«c •. ' I llll I I flit ■ 1 III ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Sharrock, Steve Lasure, Connie Hoodlet, Sue Bishop, Barbara Stigler, Becky Canady, Jim Mclnerney, Kristine Kildow. SECOND ROW: Alice Kuhn, Lenora Marple, Ginny Snell, Brenda Wilson, Carl Kane, Shelba Atkins, Becky Thompson, Connie Maxwell. THIRD ROW: Bryce Watt, Klemm Ungemach, Tom Harper, Eddie Mohler, David Yeager, Jerry Sutherland. BARKERS GROCERY Roseville, Ohio Dutch and Mary Jo, Prop. TEWKSBURY ' S CONFECTIONERY Delicious Homemade Ice Cream Roseville, Ohio MOODY ' S SERVICE STATION Roseville, Ohio ’9IIHHIM 17X11 llllll ' IIIIIIWI® ilhllOT " illllll HEAD LIBRARIANS: Sue Bishop and Virginia Pettit ROW ONE, Left to Right: Shirley Morgan, Virginia Pettit, Darla Wood, Linda Head, Karen Duff, Susan Stull, Sue Ditter, Christy Jaynes. ROW TWO: Mr. Carnes, Kay Carr, Pansy Holbert, Pat Sharkey, Betty Bole, Sue Bishop, Elaine Payton, Barbara Sharkey. Compliments of Compliments of RIDER MOTOR SALES WATT POTTERY TREVEWOOD POTTERY, INC. Main Street China Street Roseville, Ohio Roseville, Ohio Crooksville, Ohio » ■■■■BHnMBHHBBHnWHnBHH 1 ‘ ' i i i i Elaine Payton President.Rosemary Wentz Vice-President.Nancy Nolan Secretary.Odette Folden Treasurer.Kay Kinnan Historian.Betty Henry News Reporter.Rita Fletcher Parliamentarian.Dorothy Crabtree Song Leaders.Nancy Daniel Linda Eppley Adviser MUSKINGUM COUNTY PIE BAKING CONTEST WINNER Mrs. Madge Patterson HOMEMAKER OF TOMORROW ! I i I ' ll I iliillllli It!111 l W 1M 17 MM l II Ml 11 111 !l IIIIII ' IIIIIIIIV 1 1 Ely I i I Ill- Nancy Daniel ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Head, Leah Bussey, Linda Eppley, Sue Ditter, Audrey Adams, Bonnie Jean Crane, May Dupler, Jackie Vandenbark. ROW TWO: Mrs. Patterson, Sharon Auer, Carol Evans, Odette Folden, Betty Still, Carol Wills, Betty Henry, Jackie Clayton, Rose Barbour. ROW THREE: Julia Chappelear, Cassie Zink, Charlene Beisser, Lenora Marple, Sue Bishop, Kay Kinnam, Darla Wood, Carol Adams. ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cheryl Brown, Nancy Daniel, Beulah Kinder, Dorothy Crabtree, F reda Grubb, Gail Ervin, Thelma Starcher, Alice Cottrell. ROW TWO: Mrs. Patterson, Marilyn Wickham, Rosemary Wentz, Ruth Truax, Sharon Holmes, Nancy Mock, Twila Law, Patty Fluharty. ROW THREE: Mary Wofter, Joyce Taylor, Rita Fletcher, Roseann Reed, Jackie Bowen, Sandra Conaway. KOBLES NEWSSTAND DAN DEE POTATO CHIP CO. Magazines, newspaper, gifts, GUEST SERVICE STATION Cleveland Avenue books, ice cream and candy Main Street Zanesville, Ohio Arthur Koble - Owner Roseville, Ohio Roseville, Ohio President.Elaine Payton Vice-President.Jim Limbers Secretary-Treasurer.Virginia Pettit ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. DeVore, Betty Henry, Janice Emory, Janice Howard, Candy Gibson, Ikie Henry, May Dupler, Phyllis Morgan, Frank Eveland. ROW TWO: Larry Spring, Tudy Jenkins, Elaine Payton, Kay Kinnan, Bill Musser, Virginia Pettit, Dale Lyons, Sheila Barr. ROW THREE: Steve Sanford, Pansy Holbert, Janet Wolfe, Sharon Auer, Patsy Riley, Charles Williamson, RichieRansbottom, Carl Kane, Fred Dunn. ROW FOUR: Terry Nelson, Jerry Marks, Larry Reed, Rex Percelle, Jim Limbers, John Swingle, Tom Harper, John Dawson. ZANES LANES 38 South Seventh Street Roseville, Ohio LEFFLER ' S DRUG STORE S.E. Corner 5th Main Street Phone: GL-2-9339 Zanesville, Ohio WINSOR ' S STEAK HOUSE Phone: GL 3-0301 South Zanesville, Ohio ALTOS-TENORS. ROW ONE, Left to Right: Patsy Riley, Carole Adams, Carol Evans, Rita Bargar, Leah Bussey, Martha McConnell, Sue Ditter, Lois Head. ROW TWO: Mr. Stroup, Jackie Bowen, Pat Sharkey, Ginny Snell, Becky Thompson, Sara Truax, Joan Dalrymple, Barbara Stigler. ROW THREE: Carl Kane, Richie Ransbottom, Ray Valentine, Roseann Reed, Pansy Holbert, Pat Mumford, Sue Bishop, Sandra Conaway. ROW FOUR: Jim Mclnerny, Wesley Marple, Gary Smith, John Ashford, John Dawson, Jon Fauley, Roy Kane, Steve Lasure. SOPRANOS-BASSES. ROW ONE, Left to Right: Jeanne McConnell, Christy Jaynes, Susan Stull, Kristine Kildow, Linda Head, Dorothy Cumberlidge, Virginia Pettit, Karen Duff. ROW TWO: Jeanne Sowers, Saundra Bryan, Kay Pletcher, Shirley Morgan, Shelba Atkins, Sherry Ungemach, Alice Cottrell, Kay Kinnan. ROW THREE: LaVon Davis, Judy Young, Rita Fletcher, Mary Ann Wofter, Robert Allard, Jim Savage, Charles Spires, Jim Buckley. ROW FOUR: Greg Garrett, George Dozer, Bill Crabtree, Klemm Ungemach, Rod Dorsey, Steve Sanford. BROOK’S MARKET Main Street Roseville, Ohio ELLIS PHARMACY Corner of Maysville Echo Zanesville, Ohio NICOL ' S RESTAURANT 730 Putman Avenue Phone GL 2-2577 Zanesville, Ohio —n—mi —Mai 11ifmimi it rn i it in illlllTP mi i.i in ■ mm -mmi ' nirmi CONTESTANTS: Alice Kuhn, Steve Lasure. NOT PICTURED: Helen Headley LIND ARENA Zanesville, Ohio BOGGS SERVICE STATION Zanesville Ohio RUSSELL RED WHITE STORE Route 22 Fultonham, Ohio I ' 1 ' , 11 ! t tlllillMIIIHWIlfllWlUl IlhllH II III I HI Hill II l!ll ' 11 II II1IU rlilMW, u hi III ji llllir: President . Bill Anders Vice-President.Melvin Fleming Secretary-Treasurer.Gary Smith ROW ONE, Left to Right: Roger Bowen, Roger Short, Bill Anders, Bob Dozer, Bob Wolfe, Dave Yeager, Jim Buckley, Bill Barker. ROW TWO: Melvin Fleming, Larry Stoneburner, Jerry Marks, Lynn Crane, Steve Sanford, Rod Dorsey, Junior Anders, Gary Smith. ROW THREE: Mr. Ballantine, Mr. White, Mr. Dantonio. TOM’S ICE CREAM BOWL Maple Avenue Zanesville, Ohio SNELL PHARMACY Main Street Zanesville, Ohio FRANK COOPER’S JEWELERS Zanesville, Ohio .1 mi u inir 1 1 niT ' TT»i! ' T ’TTTmTmr S fyerZe fib ' tffafaca 7% Society SSS Eddie Mohler, Sue Bishop, John Snell, Barbara Reid, Karen Moody, Terry Lloyd, Trena Kinnan. Donna Kane, June Inman, Joy Inman, Sharon Eveland, Dorothy Dozer, Nancy Crippen, Carol Sue Bush. SSS s fac et ROW ONE: Sue Bishop, Lenora Marple. ROW TWO: Rita Bargar, Karen Reid, Linda Head. ROW THREE: Brenda Wilson, Kay Carr, Rex Percelle, Tom Harper. NOT PICTURED: Eddie Mohler. The National Honor Society was started to stim¬ ulate Scholarship in the secondary schools of the United States, and to endeavor to place secondary education on higher levels. Recognization of Scholar¬ ship, Character, Service, and Leadership in the student members of the National Honor Society of Roseville High School has been done in the hopes that they will stimulate all members of the high school to attain those elements of high standing. The National Council tries to impress on all members who are chosen and inducted intotheSociety this feeling, that, when one is elected into the National Honor Society, it is not only for his career in the secondary school, but it is for life, and that he, as a student and a graduate of high school, will be held to the pledge as a member of the National Honor Society, no matter where he goes, no matter what he becomes - to endeavor always to try to raise secondary education to higher and higher levels. M i T j r | pf 1 J. 1 Jll.UlULV III 1 j 1 1 I f j i 1 1 ! ' ii : 1 . 1 IJLJ m , ,m ■■■ « sB4 - 9 W ' W : m- ! 1 iW 4i| 1 if 9 3 JL 1 Mf mm d ill muma ROW ONE: Rita Fletcher, Craig Watt, Susan Stull, Jeanne Sowers, Sammy Strickler, Jim Valentine. ROW TWO: Barbara Murgatroyd, Jackie Bowen, Janet Curry, Patty Fluharty, Judy Blauser, Faye Cavinee. ROW THREE; Judy Young, Pat Mumford, Steve Maxwell. ROW FOUR: Lenora Marple, Christy Jaynes, Steve Lasure, Freda Ross, Sue Bishop, ROW FIVE: Shelba Atkins, Ginny Snell, Kay Kinnan, Kristine Kildow, Connie Maxwell. President. Sue Bishop Vice-President.John Ashford Secretary.Brenda Wilson Treasurer.Susan Stull MASON ' S DAIRY ISLE Main Street Roseville, Ohio C. B. REID TRUCKING GARAGE East Fultonham Ohio BUSINESS EQUIPMENT COMPANY Corner Fourth Market Zanesville, Ohio Wi!H!!i m i! miiii ' Mmmpr n-iii iiiwnimiiinini 11 ii ii 11 mm- ROW ONE, Left to Right: Jim Savage, LaVon Davis, Barbara Stigler. ROW TWO: Ray Valentine, Steve Sanford, Lois Head, Sherry Ungemach, Twila Law. ROW THREE: Roy Kane, Karen Reid, John Ashford, Donna Milner, Becky Thompson, Linda Head, Kay Carr. ROW FOUR: Bill Kuhn, Janice Emory, Sharon Williams, Alice Cottrell, Jim Buckley, Brenda Wilson. ROW FIVE: Mr. Stroup, Pat Sharkey. 11 , ' I ' I EMORY ' S BARBER SHOP Roseville Ohio HARRIET’S BEAUTY SHOP Shampoos - Permanent Waves Harriet Stoneburner Owner- Operator Roseville, Ohio ARM CO STEEL CORPORATION 1724 Linden Avenue Zanesville, Ohio RALPH DENISON - SAXTON’S RESTAURANT FA-MAR BEAUTY SALON DISTRIBUTOR Superior School Roseville White Cottage Passenger and Commercial Bodies Ohio Ohio South Zanesville, Ohio Phone - GL-27780, GL-24783 fi ' .M )i i ii i- ■ i tt i ill 1 1 t Jackie Bowen, Pat Sharkey, Barbara Murgatroyd FINLAW LUMBER COMPANY BURLEY’S PHARMACY CANNON’S FURNITURE Builders Supplies, Putnam Avenue Lumber and Millwork at Pierce Street Roseville " Everything Zanesville, Ohio to build a Home " The Economical Ohio 1759 Maysville Avenue Accurate Zanesville, Ohio Prescription Service ' firfiJimm HP 1 1 mriii iniin)t?jinpf m itiniiitiiiniiHiiiii hiiii ' iiiiiiihI’ ninil 1 »i i mill l f ' I in , tixai j b ■M i 11 Ui JlU i (it » ,i.. it. • • ...«;•% V„ . :?• ' Yi ' u-V-. ' . ' • ' •’V -»w ' ?• ' .- J- M 1 - ■ y w » ' - l . , -u VI •; . .• j •’ ; -• . - - •’. ■ . .’ • . • -J rrr-nin •• Yminaii»i .., I tlMM imniimmmamnmuuMiiimnn Elaine Payton, Barbara Sharkey, Odette Folden, Rita Barg ar. ROW ONE: Barbara Sharkey, Odette Folden. ROW TWO: Elaine Payton, Rita Bargar. FORD’S RESTAURANT WOLFE’S CANNON CANNON Roseville Good Place to Eat I FUNERAL HOMES Ohio Crooksville, Ohio Roseville, Ohio ii tiii i 1111 ' ir 11 m 11111 i ? i » ii ii . i i i rt ! i i r; m MHTTn r tiT rr 7 ”i i n r nr i tt " i . ■ r ri i r rvi . r : I | r M Mil) HI Hi . il IK i ■ ■ n imummi SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS 624 Main Street Zanesville, Ohio BKtfl 11 imnmwiiiiihmn i! I r JIM WAY SERVICE STATION Maysville Pike South Zanesville LONGVIEW GULF SERVICE Maysville Avenue Free Pick-Up Delivery Motor Tune-Up, Brake Repair Washing Waxing, Gulf Tires and Batteries Ph: GL 2-3984 Ohio We give Buckeye Premium Stamps iiiiiiimin11 illinium mill ' iiiiiiu i wnu:;, ,iuiii .»i nil nil ROW ONE, Left to Right: Rick Wilson, Roger Short, Larry Stoneburner, Gary Henry, Gary Smith, Lester Dupler, Bill Barker, Dave Yeager, Paul Williams, Stanley Lantz, Wayne Savage, Manager. ROW TWO: Coach Ballantine, Jerry Wilson, Bob Wolfe, Greg Garrett, Bryce Watt, Paul Meadows, Jerry Marks, Lynn Crane, Jim Work, Bill Anders, Bob Snyder, Don Wilson, Manager. ROW THREE: Dean White, Assistant Coach; Ivan Wilson, Tim Cassady, Junior Anders, Jon Fauley, Walter Marple, Ronnie Massengill, Don Swingle, Melvin Fleming, Wesley Marple, Jerry Sutherland, John Swingle, Richie Ransbottom, Jim Buckley, Klemm Ungemach, Earl Bowen, Manager. HOME TEAM OPPONENT Roseville 0 Rosecrans 0 Roseville 0 M M 19 Roseville 6 Caldwell 6 Roseville 6 New Lexington 8 Roseville 42 Byesville 0 Roseville 12 New Concord 55 Roseville 33 Dresden 12 Roseville 12 Philo 33 Roseville 18 Glouster 32 Roseville 28 Crooksville 6 • Olympia GARY SMITH Senior BILL ANDERS Senior DON SWINGLE Senior 165 lbs. 165 lbs. 150 lbs. MELVIN FLEMING LARRY STONEBURGER ROD DORSEY Senior Senior Senior 165 lbs. 170 lbs. 170 lbs. f ROGER SHORT Junior 145 lbs. JERRY WILSON Junior 160 lbs. PAUL MEADOWS Junior 150 lbs. i n i ii liiktiHiiiiiUHiiiifiiiii ' iNiiu iiHi ii in i in mu ii i uni ii u ' nil.,,, Minn:;, .him , i nnm i i JIM WORK Junior 140 lbs. BOB WOLFE Junior 155 lbs. BRYCE WATT Junior 160 lbs. i. ' ' 1 JIM BUCKLEY Junior 135 lbs. STEVE SANFORD Junior 155 lbs. TIM CASSADY Junior 135 lbs. JERRY MARKS Sophomore 210 lbs. LYNN CRANE Sophomore 225 lbs. JUNIOR ANDERS Sophomore 150 lbs. n u TT nrrtr i i ■ ■ fftmun i i i iiH i — 1 1— i w i i i wuifmwiiiiimiMF ' J DAVE YEAGER Sophomore 135 lbs. BILL BARKER Sophomore 120 lbs. IVAN WILSON Sophomore 125 lbs. MILES PAYTON Sophomore 135 lbs. JON FAULEY Sophomore 125 lbs. PAUL WILLIAMS Sophomore 135 lbs. WESLEY MARPLE Sophomore 130 lbs. RONNIE MAS SENG ILL Sophomore 140 lbs. WALTER MARPLE Sophomore 145 lbs. " •minim mud n nmiiiiiiiiiiiiitmnii n ihiiiihul) iiimiimui iminiiiiiiHsa-j m ' iiihiifi i i Him-. mmm GREG GARRETT Sophomore 135 lbs. RICK WILSON WAYNE SAVAGE AND EARL BOWEN Freshman Managers 130 lbs. JAMES R. BALLANTINE Coach ; j ■? :■ I i See Compliments of BOWERS AUTO SUPPLY THE Parts For All Cars CAMERA SHOP Crooksville, Ohio " For Everything Photographic " Phone: 2451 620 Market Street " Gene " Bowers, Manager Zanesville, Ohio a i i n i ill «I Tfi rrrrm »■■ ' iTi ' iin Tumble bugs Say you got in late? The Secretary ???????? Don ' t tell anyone — but — And away we go! Who, me? Now, where do I go? I ' ll get him! Where is he? Freshmen Rosette members WNUMIIHin KM 11 (imttflHlIIIHItfJIlfMk III If IIJIU II III 1 11 III 1 ! Illlll ' IIHIIKIUi ihiU! • ) i Hill! ' 1 UUuiiUll ■ OPPONENT M M New Concord New Lex New Concord THEY 28 32 27 30 Compliments of Class of ' 59 WISEMAN DAIRY " Quality Products Since 1926 " Phone 9451 50 Keystone Street Grade A Crocksville Ohio ROW ONE, Left to Right: Mr. Ballantine, Bob Bargar, Ikie Henry, Tom McGee, Don Wilson, Ivan Wilson, Bill Barker, Jerry Sutherland, Bob Synder, Ronnie MassengilL ROW TWO: Rick Wilson, Jon Fauley, Greg Garrett, Dave Yeager, Wesley Marple, Walter Marple, John Woodard, John Swingle, Jim Savage, ROW THREE: Paul Williams, John Dawson, Karl Kirbride, Miles Payton. T»7W WIHrillll 11 ! 11 i e iiinmnm m mmmi Hint mmwm muhuh i mtmm ROW ONE, Left to Right: Mr. Dantonio, Mr. White. ROW TWO: Wayne Savage, Manager,, Bill Anders, Roger Short, Bryce Watt, Don Swingle, Pat Miller, Ed Guy, Jerry Wilson, Regis Stuck, Lester Dupler, Bob Wolfe, Rex Percelle, Manager. r 4CU ' HOME TEAM OPPONENT Roseville 27 (Preview) Zanesville Reserves 22 Roseville 51 Rosecrans 43 • Roseville 63 Crooksville 54 • Roseville 84 M M 59 Roseville 52 Philo 35 Roseville 48 Caldwell 53 Roseville 59 New Lexington 57 Roseville 51 Maysville 45 Roseville 59 Warsaw 62 Roseville 82 Crooksville 66 • Roseville 53 New Concord 48 • Roseville 76 Dresden 59 Roseville 58 Frazeysburg 63 • Roseville 65 Philo 57 Roseville 79 New Lexington 54 • Roseville 67 Glouster 56 League Game MVL CHAMPS Won 7 and Lost 1 MUSKINGUM COUNTY CLASS A TOURNAMENT Roseville 67 Dresden 54 Roseville 63 Chandlersville 60 (2 O. T.) Roseville 67 Maysville 82 Received Runners-up trophy and Sportsmanship trophy ZANESVILLE CLASS A SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Roseville 58 Keene Won 15 Lost 5 ■» M » M 1 ‘Tv! ' ' ’ M r ) ! ' ! h I ■ U .HUUm V ..V 111 11 If JIBIHWM—■■— DON SWINGLE Senior 6 ’ 0 " PAT MILLER Junior 6’ 3 " ED GUY Junior 6 ' 2 " ' . ' ■TO! Ill II ill !! .! ! 11 amimiHiimiit ' inz iftii iNinmmi uinituiiui imti iiimiuh- uk it»tn .u i . imnw Alii »U iil.l llit M ' M ' ' t . iifWi;uHi: r. — .u.4 .» « ..«i mm A ROGER SHORT Junior 5’ 10 " BRYCE WATT Junior 5’ 10 " JUNIOR ANDERS Sophomore 5 11 " COACH - Mr. White Assistant - Mr. Dantonio ROW ONE, Left to Right: Rex Percelle, Manager, Bill Barker, Bob Synder, Bob Dozer, Dave Yeager, Rick Wilson, Wayne Savage. ROW TWO: Mr. Dantonio, Miles Payton, Klemm Ungemach, Junior Anders, Wesley Marple, John Swingle, Mr. White. HOM E TEAM OPPONENT Roseville 43 Rosecrans 36 Roseville 61 Crooksville 34 Roseville 49 M M 60 Roseville 42 Philo 54 Roseville 32 Caldwell 35 Roseville 40 New Lexington 55 Roseville 44 Maysville 57 Roseville 33 Warsaw 35 Roseville 42 Crooksville 54 Roseville 34 New Concord 50 Roseville 48 Dresden 47 Roseville 47 Frazeysburg 46 Roseville 35 Philo 32 Roseville 49 New Lexington 34 Roseville 53 Glouster 52 Won 7 Lost 8 mwm ll ill m , 1 n II a mwmimntn limit niiiimnn n in 11 mini mnr mmi.auM w muium i , iiiii ' i, m min- ROW ONE, Left to Right: Jim Buckley, Bob Dozer, Bill Barker, Dave Yeager, Paul Meadows, Bob Wolfe. ROW TWO: Lynn Crane, Gary Smith, Junior Anders, Regis Stuck, Bill Anders. ROW THREE: Coach Dantonio, Pat Miller, Lester Dupler. (Sc ea e ' WE OPPONENT THEY PITCHER WE OPPONENT THEY PITCHER 6 Rosecrans 12 Miller 14 M M 7 Smith 7 Philo 3 J. Anders 11 New Lexington 5 Smith 12 Chandlersville 2 Smith 7 Rosecrans 8 J. Anders 0 Philo 7 Miller 4 Philo 7 Anders 10 Dresden 1 Crane 3 McCluney 2 Crane 20 Hopewell 0 J. Anders • 4 Philo 8 Smith 4 New Lexington 3 Crane 14 Hopewell 1 Anders 5 Philo 11 Miller 1 Zanesville 13 Smith MUSKINGUM COUNTY TOURNAMENT 1 Philo 4 Won 9 Lost 8 • No Hitter DAVE HAMMERS Senior JON CASSADY Senior LOWELL MEREDITH Senior TERRY KING Senior GARY SMITH Junior LESTER DUPLER Junior JIM BUCKLEY Sophomore l BILL ANDERS Junior BOB WOLFE Sophomore . uiiJi J m ii mi m iii a mi minimum inm nr ih iiiiihhx n i i immi iniir iniffiiu , m hbmii ii urn A PAUL MEADOWS Sophomore PAT MILLER Sophomore REGIS STUCK Sophomore BOB DOZER Freshman DAVE YEAGER Freshman JUNIOR ANDERS Freshman BILL BARKER Freshman LYNN CRANE Freshman MR. D ANTONIO Coach ■ HHrllHI II Ml i. ' ril llHlf I ill M ' .iniHi lfM f f f . ' ii I • ! Ill w M m III mi m nr imm III URi.ii ' iMimw i i tk i i min. i :;d5EsS135A»ffi 0 ‘wfcXL-- ' ■ - %! • . Jp JL ’, • BE fcs ■ r? . - w ‘flM x W ' ■ tVMfey. _ ' w dL frj | ,l " r if 1 W - : W+ Ill " , QUEEN SUE and Attendants Kristine Kildow, Rita Bargar, Alice Kuhn, Odette Folden Co-Captain Smith and Queen Sue " Sr ti lllUl mil ' ll in. ' 1 1 ii Him; i.nmimi it " 111 min. i u i u 11 nu ? n m mm in imir iniin.i Queen Sue and Co-Captains Anders and Smith Co-Captain Anders and Queen Sue Queen, Sue Bishop, dressed in an autumn gold suit with avocado accessories was escorted to her place of honor by Jim Limbers. The queen arrived for the half time activities in a 1958 Chevrolet driven by Larry Reed. Queen Sue was crowned by Co-Captain Gary Smith and was presented a beautiful bouquet of yellow and orange mums by Co-Captain Bill Anders. She was then given the traditional kiss by each of the Co-Captains. Junior Attendant, Rita Bar gar, a member of the cheerleading squad, was escorted to her place of honor beside Queen Sue by Pat Miller. The 1957 Oldsmobile in which she rode was driven by Harold Grooms. Rita was presented a bouquet of yellow mums decorated with the ribbon which matched her class colors, turquoise and white. ' fjnij ' if ill it iii in i n ii i i i i t . i.t-r min it? i f r t ii ru i i.t i u i i it u t mil iiiniii 5 u muw j Hi l,M ! i r ? ' ! ■■■hi mum mi v ? iff Senior Attendant, Alice Kuhn, arrived for the festivities in a 1958 Buick driven by Steve Lasure. She was escorted to her place beside the queen by Jerry Liggett who also presented her with a bouquet of yellow mums tied with blue and white ribbon to correspond with her class colors. Sophomore Attendant, Odette Folden, rode to the festivities in a 1957 Imperial. She was escorted to her place beside Queen Sue by Bill Kuhn. She was presented with a beautiful bouquet of yellow mums decorated with black and white ribbon to correspond with her class colors. .iUilhiMHH ■J ' .; , i »«« . Freshman Attendant, Kristine Kildow, rode in a 1958 Buick driven by John Ashford and was escorted to her place beside die Queen by Klemm Ungemach. She was then presented a bouquet of yellow mums tied with the ribbons which matched her class colors, red and white. ! ;! M : •.e i- ■:;uu U ' v k i ii • ii ' H ' .-iiin ii (i r n nmimmi • • f ii i m Portraits By Beadling Known for Outstanding Quality In Appreciation: We feel that when you selected our studio to create your portraits, you paid us a direct compliment. Thank you for this opportunity of serving you. -- Roy Beadling PORTRAITURE STUDIOS 3263 Main Street Zanesville, Ohio Phone GL-2-9091 HU’S DRIVE-IN Compliments of " All Home Cooking " Rt. 75 Roseville- Crooksville Rd. CONN’S POTATO 8 fl» CHIP COMPANY FQOP Zanesville, Ohio Compliments of ZANESVILLE THEATRICAL INC. GEM ICE CREAM " Take Time for a Good Time Best Time is Theatre Time " Crooksville, Ohio Zanesville, Ohio BRYAN FEED AND HARDWARE Compliments of Maysville Pike PENNEY’S South Zanesville, Ohio Zanesville, Ohio , ; 1 , . ' •IUV.UiW ' i. N I! f i i ’UImI 1111 v 1 ' ! t I!. ' 11 liililtl lliii fill in UMimunmiMwi Manufacturers of Flower Dishes Vases, Figurines Garden Dishes KLEMM AND ROBERT UNGEMACK Owners and Operators Roseville, Ohio Compliments of HOME FURNITURE COMPANY Southeastern Ohio Largest Display of Home Furniture Zanesville, Ohio Free Delivery in Ohio THE FIRST TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK % DEEOSIiTiS E OC38M0 AS PROVIDED IN THE BANKING ACT OF 1933 % o Roseville, Ohio SIDWELL BROTHERS Asphalt - Aggregate Coal - Lime Route 2 South Zanesville Ohio Phone VI-9-2392 THE BLOOMER CANDY COMPANY CHESTERHILL 39-41 North Third Street STONE Manufacturers of COMPANY Star Milk Chocolates Penny Goods-Bars-Bulk Candy Fountain Supplies East Fultonham A Complete Line of Bagged Candies Ohio Zanesville, Ohio Phone: GL 2-1311 BIG APPLE NITE CLUB RO Bl N SON-RAN S BOTTOM Dance Every Friday POTTERY Saturday and Sunday COMPANY Crooksville-Roseville Road Roseville, Ohio Compliments from DICK ZANESVILLE TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE C.W. TAYLOR AND SONS, INC. 416 Market Street Zanesville, Ohio Royal Typewriters Olivetti Printing Calculators Adding Machines Buildings Structures Residences P. 0. Box 791 Sales - Service - Rentals Jim Charles - Owner Zanesville, Ohio Phone: GL 2-5076 LEE JEWELERS Nationally Advertised Watches - Diamonds " New Easy Terms " 512 Main Street Zanesville Ohio to the graduating class PURITY MARKET THE CLOSSMAN Roseville, Ohio GRETHERS HARDWARE COMPANY South Zanesville, Ohio CAMPBELL MAKET South Zanesville Ohio Hardware and Sporting Goods LABAKI ' S Zanesville, Ohio HOWARD MARSHALL Everything in Athletic Equipment 909 Prospect Avenue Zanesville, Ohio BARNETT GROCERY East Fultonham Ohio School Letter Sweaters BOOK FRIENDS 61 S. Fourth Street Zanesville, Ohio Zanesville, Ohio BOOSTERS ROSETTE MEMBERS I INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers (over Monulotturers Book Binders FACTORY HOME OFFICE Kansas City PRINTED IN U S A ■MHF ■n urn ■ I? H y i

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