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the Rosette Ctrurut TTIo jJUI £)o AJl ' 58 ROSETTE mm Wm WWW •MvivX M® : w.v.w W ' iwv CwMw ’.V W»V ;%♦!♦ •; wlviV. AX««V WA V gf§! w.vKv mS Presented By THE ROSETTE STAFF OF Roseville High School Roseville, Ohio ll l ♦X wVlv.w FOREWORD We, the Seniors of 1958 are about to begin a long, eventful journey toward the desirous goal of success. There are many roads approaching our various desires, some longer, more winding, and containing more obstacles than others. In the end, may we all have chosen the perfect one to lead us forward ever to the peak of success. Our sincere appreciation to our parents, teachers, and those of you who have helped us prepare for this journey. DEDICATION We, the class of 1958, dedicate this yearbook to Mrs. Catherine Curl, our com¬ petent and efficient secretary, with deep gratitude and appreciation for her untiring efforts in behalf of our education. To us she is more than a secretary- She is a friend and behind all our efforts; our class work, our activities, and our graduation. For this through all our years at R. H. S., We thank her. FIRST ROW: Rex Percelle, Co-Editor; Sandra Bryan, Co-Editor; Sharon Eveland, Co-Editor; Trena Kinnan, Co-Editor; Melvin Fleming, Co-Editor; Pat Pottenger, Co-Editor. SECOND ROW: Jon Cassady, Sports; Mickey Callihan, Roger Bowen, Solicitor; Donna Kane, Class History; Don Swingle, Assistant Sports; John Ashford, Barbara Reid, Advertising Manager;Carol Bush, Assistant Advertising; Sharroll Hammer, Artist. THIRD ROW: Pat Mumford, Jackie Bowen, Rita Barger, Karen Reid, Barbara Murgatroyd, Shirley Morgan, Jerry Maxwell, Mr. Crady. ROBERT D. REGULA SUPERINTENDENT B. S. in Education, Ohio University M. S. in Education, Ohio University Physics WAYNE E. BUCK PRINCIPAL B. S. in Education, Ohio University Industrial Arts BLANCHE MACE Muskingum College B. A. English, Latin Government, French I Senior Advisor, Junior Red Cross Senior Class Play DEAN F. WHITE Muskingum College B. A. Physical Education Miami University Health, Drivers Education Physical Education Basketball Coach, Varsity " R Assistant Football Coach Senior Adviser HELEN CALHOON Muskingum College B. A. Psychology and Sociology Physical Education Assistant Senior Adviser J. A. D ANTONIO Salem College, Salem W. Va. B. S. Education, Physical Ed., and Social Science Junior Adviser Physical Education American History World History Baseball Coach, Varsity " R " Junior Variety Show WALTER LEE CRADY Campbellsville College, Ky. A. A. Commerce, English Transylvania University, Ky. A. B. Commerce, English Typing I-II, Shorthand I-II Junior Advisor, Rosette Junior Play Adviser Junior Variety Show NELDA SHARROCK Muskingum College B. A. English English, History Geography Assistant Junior Adviser Junior Variety Show ■- BILL CURL Ohio University B. S. Education High School Math, Gen. Math., Algebra I, Plane Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Plane Trig. Sophomore Adviser MRS. MADGE S. PATTERSON Ohio State University B. S. Home Economics Freshmen Adviser VERNON LEUCK Miami University B. A. Education, Physical Education, General Science Sophomore Adviser Varsity " R " Head Football Coach DELMAR CARNES Ohio University M. A. Education Bookkeeping, General Bus. , Economics, Bus. English, General Math. Library Club Freshmen Adviser SARA DONAHOE Clarke College, Dubuque, Iowa University of Iowa B. S. Home Economics, Science Biology, English IX, X Cheerleader Adviser Freshmen Adviser EDWARD G. TAYLOR A. B. English-Ohio University M. A. English-Ohio State English, Speech, Psychology Hilites Adviser Freshmen Adviser BILL JACK CHAMBERS B. S. Concord M. A. West Virginia University Secondary Administration English, Ohio History 8th Grade Adviser VAUGHN H. HICKS Ohio University B. S. Education Arithmetic, Reading, Spelling, English 7th Grade Adviser HAROLD A. BARNES Ohio University B. S. Education Science, Arithmetic 8th Grade Adviser MARJORIE C. HANES Muskingum College B. A. Political Science Graduate Albion, Michigan History, Geography 7th Grade Adviser O. C. STROUP Mount Union College, A. B. Music Kent State University, B. S. Education, Music Northwestern University Carnegie Tech. Band, Chorus, Majorettes SENIOR CLASS SHARON EVELAND TERRY LLOYD President Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4 Rosette 1, 2, 3, 4 Rosette Co-Editor 4 Sophomore Class Treasurer 2 Scholarship Team 2, 3 Jr. Variety Show 3 Jr. Class Play 3 Class President 3 Library Club 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 County Chorus 3 Vice-President Scholarship Team 2, 3 Jr. Variety Show 3 Jr. Class Play 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3,4 Baseball 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Football Captain 4 M. V. L. Football Team 3, 4 Varsity " R " 1,2, 3,4 NANCY CRIPPEN CAROL SUE BUSH Secretary Rosette 1,2, 3, 4 Assistant Advertising Manager 4 Band 1,2,3 Band Secretary-Treasurer 3 Homecoming Attendant 2 Library Club 3,4 Head Librarian 4 County Band 2, 3 Class Secretary 3 Assistant Class Treasurer 1 Scholarship Team 2 Jr. Class Play 3 Jr. Variety Show 3 I Speak for Democracy 3 Treasurer Majorette 3, 4 Hilites 3, 4 Hilites Feature Editor 4 Library Club 3, 4 Prince of Peace 2, 4 Scholarship Team 2 Class Treasurer 3 Jr. Variety Show Jr. Class Play 3 DAVID ANDREW ASHFORD Junior Red Cross 3, 4 Band 1,2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Jr. Variety Show 3 Jr. Class Play 3 County Band 2 County Chorus 1,2, 3 MARSHA JEAN AUER Majorette 3 Library Club 3, 4 Jr. Variety Show 3 Homecoming Attendant 4 DIXIE LEE BARBOUR Junior Variety Show 3 RONNIE BRYAN Baseball 4 LARRY CARR Junior Variety Show 3 GENE RAYMON CANNON Jr. Varsity Football 1 Jr. Varsity Basketball 1 Reserve Basketball 2 Varsity Basketball 3, 4 Varsity " R " Club 3, 4 JULIA MALFE BLACKFORD Junior Variety Show 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Prince of Peace 1, 2 County Chorus 1, 2 JON MICHEAL CASS AD Y Jr. Varsity Football 1 Baseball 3 Junior Class Play 3 Junior Variety Show 3 Rosette 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity " R " 3, 4 Secretary-Treasurer Varsity R 4 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3 WILLIAM ERNEST CARPENTER Chorus 1, 2 Prince of Peace 4 Junior Variety Show 3 LINDA LEE CRANE F. H. A. 3 KAREN TERESA MOODY CRISLEY Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Co. Band 1, 2, 3 Co. Chorus 3 Prince of Peace 1, 2, 3,4 County Winner 2, 3, 4 District Winner 2, 3 Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, 4 Album Committee 2, 3 Red Cross Vice-President 4 I Speak for Democracy 3, 4 Jr. Variety Show 3 Jr. Class Play 3 Homemaker of Tomorrow 4 DOROTHY JEAN DOZER Class Secretary 2 Junior Variety Show 3 Junior Class Play 3 I Speak for Democracy 3, 4 Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 County Chorus 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 County Band 1,2, 3 Band Work Shop 2, 3 Jr. Red Cross 1 Prince of Peace 1, 2, 3,4 Hilites 1,2, 3, 4 News Editor 4 Solo Contests 3, 4 BRENDA MARLENE FOLDEN Chorus 2, 3 Junior Class Play 3 Junior Variety Show 3 DAVID LEROY HAMMERS Football 1 Baseball 3, 4 Varsity " R " Club 4 Junior Class Play 3 ANNIE JANE CUMMINGS Prince of Peace 3,4 Junior Variety Show 3 I Speak for Democracy 4 Local Winner Placed in District F. H. A. 4 JAMES ARTHUR FOGLESONG Varsity Basketball 3 Varsity Football 3, 4 Junior High Football 1,2 Reserve Basketball 2 Varsity " R " Club 3, 4 Junior Variety Show 3 WILLIS SANFORD GOINS JR. Variety Show 3 JIMMY RAY HAMMERS Football 3 Junior Variety Show 3 SHARROLL DARLENE HAMMER Scholarship Team 2 Junior Variety Show 3 Rosette 4 Staff Artist 4 STEPHEN WENDELL HENDRICKSON Varsity " R " 1,2, 3,4 Football Manager 1 Football 3 MARILYN JEAN HENRY F.H. A. 3,4 Junior Variety Show 3 JUNE M. INMAN Band 1,2, 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Rosette 1, 2, 3, 4 Business Manager 4 Junior Class Play 3 Junior Variety Show 3 Junior Red Cross 1 County Band 1, 2, 3 PATTY LOUISE HEIM Jr. Red Cross 1 Chorus 2, 3 Jr. Variety Show 3 Jr. Class Play 3 LINDA MARIE HENRY F. H. A. 1 Junior Variety Show 3 JOY E. INMAN Band 1, 2, 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Hilites 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Variety Show 3 County Band 1, 2, 3 DONNA JEAN KANE Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2 County Band 1, 2, 3 Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Head Librarian 4 Rosette 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Variety Show 3 Scholarship Team 1 Rosette Historian 4 TERRY FRANKLIN KING Jr. Varsity Football 1,2 Varsity Football 3,4 Jr. Vars. Basketball 1 Reserve Basketball 2 Varsity Basketball 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, 4 Varsity " R " 4 Jr. Variety Show 3 Jr. Class Play 3 CHARLE S KISSICK ROY LAUNDER LARRY MC GEE Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Varsity " R " 2, 3, 4 Varsity " R " President 4 Football Co. Captain 4 TRENA LA VERNA KINNAN Rosette 1, 2, 3, 4 Co-Editor 4 Band 1, 2,3,4 Band Secretary 4 County Band 1,2, 3,4 Junior Class Play 3 Junior Variety Show 3 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3 I Speak for Democracy 3 Prince of Peace 2, 3, 4 Local Winner 3 Chorus 1 SHIRLEY MARLENE LANDERMAN Junior Red Cross 4 Scholarship Team 3,4 ALICE MARIE MC CONNELL Junior Variety Show 3 Homecoming Attendant 3 Junior Red Cross 3 President Junior Red Cross 4 Homecoming Queen 4 DARL MC HENRY Junior Variety Show 3 DONALD N. PETTIT LOWELL MEREDITH Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Manager 4 Baseball 3, 4 Varsity " R " 2, 3, 4 Jr. Variety Show 3 Jr. Class Play 3 ! j, m - «r- Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Reserve Basketball 2 Varsity " R " 3, 4 Jr. Red Cross 4 Baseball 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 County Chorus 2, 3 Jr. Variety Show 3 Jr. Class Play 3 CHARLES ROBERT MOORE Football 1, 2 VIRGINIA MAE MUSSER Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, 4 Secretary-Treasurer Red Cross 2 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 County Band 2, 3, 4 County Chorus 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. 1,2, 3,4 News Reporter F. H. A. 1 Jr. Variety Show SANDRA KAY MOODY Scholarship Team 1, 2 Jr. Variety Show 3 Jr. Class Play 3 F. H. A. 4 I Speak for Democracy 3 Chorus 1 BARBARA ANN REID Rosette 1,2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Band President 4 Advertising Manager Rosette 4 County Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Prince of Peace 1,2 I Speak for Democracy 3, 4 Local Winner 3 Scholarship Team 1,2, 3,4 Physical Education Playday 3 Jr. Variety Show 3 Jr. Class Play 3 Secretary-Treasurer of Class 1 President of Class 2 LINDA LOU SAVAGE Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Jr. Class Play 3 Jr. Variety Show 3 JOHN STANLEY SNELL Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3 Hilites 1, 2, 3, 4 Editor-in-chief 4 •Vars. -Res. Basketball Statistician 1, 2, 3 Jr. Variety Show 3 Jr. Class Play 3 Assistant Class Treasurer 1 Publications Workshop 3 CHARLES EDWARD STRICKLER NORMA JANE SZUCH GALEN NEILL THOMPSON Junior Variety Show 3 SUE ELLEN UNGEMACH Junior Variety Show 3 F. H. A. 4 JOHN ALLEN WATKINS Jr. Varsity Football 1 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 Reserve Basketball 1 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4 Varsity " R " Club 3,4 Vice-President 4 Junior Variety Show 3 Withdrew 4 MAX DAVID TOTH SHELDON RANDALL WAHL Football 1 Junior Variety Show 3 Junior Class Play 3 Baseball Manager 3 Varsity " R " Club 4 Baseball Manager 4 c c GARY LEE WOOD Junior Variety Show 3 Football 4 Varsity " R " Club 4 ELLEN CHRISTINA WORK Hilites 1, 2, 3, 4 Club and Social Ed. 4 F. H. A. 3,4 Vice-President 4 Junior Variety Show 3 Caught in the act! OUT! Ejaculations! WHO’S WHO Sharon Eveland Trena Kinnan Karen Moody Sharon Eveland MOST POPULAR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED DID MOST FOR THE SCHOOL MOST FRIENDLY Larry McGee John Snell John Snell Don Pettit CLASS WILL OF 1958 We the 1958 Senior Class of Roseville High School, being of sound mind and body, do hereby be¬ queath the following as our last will and testament: ARTICLE I To the Class of ’61 we leave three more years to be honor students as we were. To the Class of ’60 we leave all the fun which you will have during your Junior and Senior years at Roseville High School. To the Class of ’59 we leave a lot of ambition. They need it. ARTICLE II Dear Teachers, to you we leave the following, cause you can’t hardly get our kind no more: To Mrs. Mace we will the awful thought that we won’t be here next year. To Mr. White we will an electric paddle to save some of the wear and tear on his arm. To Mr. Dantonio we will the class of ’60 and the only thing with which to handle them. To Mr. Crady we will the title of the “smilingest teacher” in Roseville High School. Keep it! We like it!! To Mr. Curl we will something to help him teach his algebra classes. To Mr. Leuck we will a new cafeteria and hope that he enjoys it as much as we would have. To Mrs. Patterson we will a set of pots and pans and a new supply of girls. To Mr. Taylor we will a speech class that has their speech assignments ready every day. Goood luck kids! To Mrs. Donahoe we will a study hall which is always quiet. To Mr. Carnes we will a classroom upstairs so that the students can get to class on time. To Miss Hanes we will a collection of flower bulbs to keep her room pretty. To Mr. Hicks we will the class of ’63 with hopes that he can control them. They’re getting wilder every year! To Mr. Barnes we will another SINGLE year at Roseville High School. We think he makes a good bache¬ lor. To Miss Calhoun we will a perfect gym class, and we hope that they are better dancers than we were. To Miss Sharrock we will another year at R.H.S. and hope that she enjoys it. To Mr. Chambers we will a full year at Roseville High School. Also we give him the key to room 9 and hope that he likes it. To Mr. Regula we will a few “Einsteins” to experiment in chemistry and bring fame and fortune to dear “Old Roseville High”. To Mr. Buck we will an elevator so that he can get from the office to the Industrial Arts room easier. To Mr. Stroup we leave a new horn and someone to blow it. To Mrs. Curl we will Mr. Curl so that she can be the ’’boss of the family”. ARTICLE III I, David Ashford, will my government book to John Ashford and hope that he gets as much out of it as I did. I, Marsha Auer, will my sister Sharon the ability to be Senior Attendant in her last year at Roseville High School. We, Dixie Barbour and Linda Savage, will our ability to stay out of detention hall for two straight years to Wayne Savage and Jim Barbour. We, Ronnie Bryan and Dave Hammers, will to Mrs. Donahoe a pair of roller skates so that she won’t have to walk around fifth period study hall anymore. I, Carol Bush, will to Richie Ransbottom the ability to be quiet in school. He needs it! I, Gene Cannon, will my height to Bill Barker. He needs it! I, Bill Carpenter, will my speaking ability to Melvin Fleming. Good Luck! I, Larry Carr, will my ability to get along with the teachers to Sue Eppley. I, Jon Cassady, will my ability to be the quietest boy in home room period to Tim Cassady. We, Linda Crane and Ellen Work, will our ability to chew gum in Mr. Crady’s classes and get away with it to Paul Swingle and Helen Headley. I, Nancy Crippen, will my place in the majorette line to anyone interested in it, with hopes that she enjoy it as much as I did. I, Annie Cummings, will a bottle of nerve pills to Mrs. Mace and Mr. White so that they may be fully recovered and ready to face another Senior Class by next year. I, Dorothy Dozer, will my title as ‘‘Sweater Girl” to Sandra Conaway. I, Sharon Eveland, will our wonderful cheering section and “Charlie”, the mascot, to the cheerleading squad and hope that they take good care of both. I, Jim Foglesong, will my football jersey, number 6, to Walter Marple. Good Luck, Walter! I, Brenda Folden, will my ability to own my own car in my Senior year to Darlene Fluhart. I, Willis Goins, will my ability to talk in fifth period study hall and not get kicked out to Jim Work and Tom Wilson. I, Sharroll Hammer, will my ability to get called down by Mrs. Mace almost every day to Twila Law. I, Jim Hammers, will my ability to be a ring leader in Mrs. Mace’s class to Eddie Hammers. I, Patty Heim, will my ability to get along with the teachers to my brother Delbert. I, Steve Hendrickson, will to Tommy Wilson my ability to get along with Mr. Buck during his Senior Year. I, Linda Henry, will the fourth period typewriting class (fourth typewriter, second row) to Barbara Murgatroyd and hope it works better for her than it did for me. I, Marilyn Henry, will my four successful years at Roseville High School to my sister Kay and Carilyn. We, Joy and June Inman, will our ability to create confusion in class rooms to Shelba Atkins and Beth Hendrickson. I, Donna Kane, will my ability to make the honor roll every six weeks to Roy Kane, He needs it! I, Terry King, will Mrs. Mace to next year’s Senior Class. I, Trena Kinnan, will my good times in chemistry laboratory to my sister Kay and only hope she doesn’t blow up R.H.S. I, Charles Kissick, will my jeep to Mr. Buck, so he will have something to use for drag races. I, Shirley Landerman, will my ability to get good grades and to make the honor roll to Sonny Landerman. I, Roy Launders, will just leave Roseville High School. I, Terry Lloyd, will my ability to play football to Bill Barker. Maybe I should give him a little weight, too. I, Julia Malfe, will my ability to get engaged and become married in my junior and senior years and still graduate to Jane Malfe and Becky Thompson. I, Alice McConnell, will my crown to the lucky girl who gets Queen next year. I, Larry McGee, will to Roger Short and Junior Anders, my athletic shoes and hockey club. I, Dari McHen ry, will all the girls in R.H.S. to Jim Work and hope that he enjoys teasing them as much as I did. I, Lowell Meredith, will my ability to get along with Miss Sharrock to Terry Kirkbride. I, Karen Moody, will my ability to wreck my car with only stationary objects such as trees, buildings and other cars, to Sue Bishop and Pat Pottenger, and hope that their damage suits aren’t as high as mine were. I, Sandra Moody, will my wish to graduate to anyone who needs it. I, Charles Moore, will my bashfulness about girls to Jerry Wilson. I, Virginia Musser, will my ability to be tardy to school almost every day and to get out of detentions to Bill Musser. Good luck! I, Don Pettit, will my ability to get into trouble with Mr. Carnes in the lower halls to “Scoop” Dupler. I, Barbara Reid, will to Jim Buckley my first chair in the trumpet section and a jar of Lustre Creme, so his hair will always be soft and flaky. I, John S. Snell, will an F-86 Sabre Jet to my sister Ginny to help her to get to school on time as I was usually late. I, Charles Strickler, will my ability to drive without a drivers license, run into bridges, and come out alive to Sammy Strickler. I, Norma Szuch, will my ability to talk in study hall and not get caught to David Toth. I, Max Toth, will my Model “A” Ford to Klemm Ungemach. I. Sue Ungemach, will my ability to get along with Mr. Leuck and Mr. Dantonio to my brother Klemm Ungemach. I. Sheldon Wahl, will my ability to skip school, sign my own excuses, and get by with it to David Toth. I, John Watkins, will to Mr. Regula, a pair of skates to get around the school house better. I, Gary Wood, will to Nancy Daniels my ability to never talk in study hall. I, Sharon Eveland, being of unsound mind and upright character do submit this will of the Class of 1958. Sharon Eveland CLASS MOTTO EDUCATION PLUS EFFORT EQUALS SUCCESS CLASS COLORS GREEN AND WHITE CLASS FLOWER WHITE CARNATION ROSEVILLE FEDERAL SAVINGS TEWKSBURY’S CONFECTIONERY AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Main Street Delicious Homemade Ice Cream Roseville Ohio Roseville MERCERS " BEN FRANKLIN " STORE Five Ten Cent Store CONN POTATO CHIP COMPANY Main Street Best Wishes From Crooksville Zanesville CLASS PROPHECY “Around the World -in Eighty Days”, isn’t that a beautiful song and a wonderful motion picture, too? Wouldn’t it be exciting to take such a trip? Well, just pretend a few years have passed. Now it is the year 1970. Sheldon Wahl and Jon Cas- sady are attempting such a trip. Say, there is room for one more passenger in the huge basket under the balloon. Why don’t you come along? Off we go! Look down, there is Washington D. C. We see Sharon Eveland; she is in the White House. Congratulations, Sharon, we knew you could do it. Yes, we all knew that someday you would be the presi¬ dent’s housekeeper. There is Norma Szuch, she is married to a Congressman. Next year she plans to run against him in the primaries. Now, we’re over the region called the Piedmont Belt. Down there are vast acres of fertile land. Why, there’s Ellen Work. She has become a hard working pea-picker. Bless her pea-pickin’ heart. Isn’t that a colorful sight? It’s a tobbacco auction. Just listen to that auctioneer! Isn’t she going to town? Why, it’s Annie Cummings, can you beat that? Ah, there is a football game going down below in that big stadium. Boy! Look at that right half¬ back grind out the yardage! They know him best as the “Blue Rock Block-Buster”; his real name is Willis Goins. Why, there is our old school house. Let’s drop in on the new superintendent, Larry McGee. Well, I guess they’re not having school today. It is a national holiday. Groundhog’s Day. Well, there is our old home room teacher, Mrs. Mace. ‘‘Hi, Mrs. Mace. Are you still teaching school?” “No, I have a job in the McCraken Candy Kitchens in Cambridge, Ohio.” “Say, who owns that little Pizza Shop on the west side of town?” “I guess it belongs to Virginia Musser. She also sells stomach pills.” “Isn’t that Roy Launders getting out of that big limousine in front of that swanky hotel?” “Yes, haven’t you heard? He found uranium in his dad’s coal mine.” Well, it’s nice to see that at least one high school couple have got married. Yes, Shirley Lander- man and David Ashford are happily married, but not to each other. Say, isn’t that Sue Ungemach’s beautiful house over there? It shines like a brand new silver dollar. “Sue, how do you keep your house so clean?” “It’s so easy when you use Lestoil.” “See that small cemetery at the edge of town where the funeral is taking place? Isn’t that the under¬ taker Charles Moore?” “Sure, it is. You know he can proudly boast that nine out of ten stiffs prefer to take their last ride in his souped-up hearse.” “Say, did that billboard back there say there was wrestling tonight at the fair grounds?” “Sure, it said “Dirty Dorothy to fight the “Cat Lady” tonight. Don’t let the names fool you; really they are old classmates of ours, Dorothy Dozer and Donna Kane.” “Hey, is that lady on the corner below us selling something or running for mayor?” “Neither, it’s Karen Moody Chrisley; right now she is trying to talk her way out of a traffic ticket.” “Isn’t the man singing at the radio station Jim Foglesong?” “Yes, Jim has become a crooner; his latesthits are “Love Me Always” and “I’ll Always Be Loved.” Down there is Marilyn Henry, She sells portable birdhouses. “Say, Marilyn, who would want to buy a portable birdhouse?” “Are you serious? A bird, they’re forever moving north and south.” “Say, it looks like a wreck up ahead on that super highway!” “No, that is just Ronnie Bryan’s Model “T” Ford. It has two wooden wheels, a tireless tube, and one peg leg. It’s also a little out-dated.” “Who owns that big ranch with all those cattle? Must be a pretty important man.” “It is owned by a lady, Pat Heim; she has two-thousand cattle and eight boy friends.” Say, there is Hollywood. Look, it’s Don Pettit, the head of the Secret Squadron. He’s just now admit¬ ting Carol Sue Bush, the famous ice skater, into the Secret Squadron’s Hall of Fame. She drinks Ovaltine. Look down there at that night club. That man on the stage is Jim Hammers; he sings rock and roll. I’ll bet he sure wows the girls. My, just look at all the celebrities. There is Dari McHenry, a star of the new television horse opera “Trigger Finger”; over there is Gene Cannon, star of the great motion picture “The Last of the Long¬ fellow”; and there’s Sharroll Hammer. “No, she’s not an actress; she carries off dead Indians after the studio shoots a western.” “Over there, we see a beauty contest is in progress. The judges seem to be having a hard time pick¬ ing a winner. Why, no wonder, the two top contestants are the Inman Twins. You know, I never could tell June from Joy either.” There is Disneyland. Dave Hammers is vacationing here. He is presently employed as a salesman of winter sporting goods. He sells hot water bottles, ankle wraps, arm slings, leg casts, and pain pills. “Look’s like a convention over there. Isn’t that Steve Hendrickson standing on the speaker’s plat¬ form?” “Well, what do you know the convention has just elected him president. Steve Hendrickson, Presi¬ dent of the Baker’s Union. Congratulations, Steverino. ” Now, as we start across the broad Pacific Ocean, we see a ship cruising through the blue ocean waves. Why, Terry King is the captain. “Hey Terry, your ship is sinking!” “And why not, it’s a submarine.” Look, there is a woman marooned on that desert island. It’s Trena Kinnan. “Trena, how did you get out here?” “It wasn’t easy, but with the aid of a strong wind and weak boat I managed.” Now we approach Hawaii. Just listen to that Hawaiian music. The natives are canoeing out into the bay to meet a tourist ship: “Say, who’s the wise guy in the spt uboat? You guessed it; it’s Bill Carpen¬ ter.” After a long journey, we come to a cold, wind swept mountain side. Here we find Marsha Auer and Nancy Crippen. These two fearless souls are attempting to become the first persons to ski down Mount Kilimanjaro. “Watch that first jump, it’s a douze.” As we enter the dark jungles at the foot of the mountains, we see a group of natives dancing around a fire. “Isn’t that white girl in the leopard skin Dixie Barbour?” “Yes, she has come to Africa to visit her cousin Sheena.” Aren’t those big game hunters down there Charles Kissick and Galen Thompson? “Hey, fellows, what are you hunting? Mushrooms! Well, I guess they are having a bad season.’’ “Did you hear that blood curdling cry? Was it the cry of a beast at bay?’’ “No, just Larry Carr advertising his trading goods. He operates a malt shop on the east side of the jungle.” “Isn’t that girl by the tropic river Linda Savage? Yes, she came to the jungle for a reunion with the savages there abouts. As we proceed farther into the jungles, we find that the monsoons have begun. All the natives have been flooded out of their homes. Wait a minute, isn’t that Terry Lloyd? “Hey, Terry, what are you doing now?” “Oh, I’m head of the Flood Control Commission in this area.” As we again approach the sea, we sight two skin divers swimming in a quiet pool of water near the ocean. They are Alice McConnell and Julia Malfe. “Hey, girls, why don’t you go dive in the ocean?’’ “Why don’t you go jump in the lake?” Now we come up on a vast desert. We see a lone man trudging through the hot sands. It’s John Wat¬ kins, the professional golfer. I’ll bet that is the biggest sand trap he has ever been in. Isn ' t that Charles Stri ckler down there by the oasis? " Say, Charles, what are you doing in the middle of the desert? " Is that where I am? You know, I thought this was an awfully small swimming pool to have such a big beach.” Ah, gay Paree with its gay enchanting ways. “Say doesn’t that cancan dancer down there look fam¬ iliar?” “Why, yes, it’s Linda Crane. Her stage name is FiFi of France.” Isn’t that girl, who just became the first person to swim the Atlantic Ocean non-stop from New York to Paris, Barbara Reid? Congratulations Barbara, here’s hoping you can make it back. Now we are going over Russia, watch yourself. Say, why is everyone so happy down there? What’s that? Gary Woods, the famous international rocket expert, has just blasted Bulatov into an orbit around the moon. As we pass over the North Pole, we see that a small factory has been built in that icy terrain. On the roof in big red letters it says “Max Toth’s Cold Pills and we do mean COLD.” Our balloon is picked up on the radar screen of a radar station as we approach Canada. A jet inter- cepter plane is sent out to investigate our strange craft. The pilot is Lowell Meredith. “Don’t shoot, Lowell, we’re friendly! That’s it, just run over us.” Farther down in Canada we find an Indian Reservation. Well, there is Brenda Folden. “Say, Brenda, when did you become an Indian Squaw?” “When I married the fire chief.” Isn’t that Sandra Moody and her husband? Yes, I guess it is. They own a small potato farm in Maine. “Tell us, Sandra, are you raising any children?” “NO, just maine-ly potatoes. Just look at that neat looking little bungalow down there by the sea. “Say, isn’t that the home of Lin¬ da Henry, the wealthy business woman?” “No, she lost it in a stock market crash. That’s a business woman for you.’’ There is John Snell, he now owns his own private little television network. I think they call it the National Broadcasting Company. Well, here we are back at the starting point, and by a mere twist of fate it took us exactly eighty days. Boy! Look at the crowd that turned out to meet us. Oh, I guess that is just Dean White and his family. How does he do it on a teacher’s salary? Jon Cassady E Gad! CLASS HISTORY FRESHMEN It just seems like yesterday that we, the class of ’58, began our freshman year with 83 members. Miss Melick, Mr. White, and Mr. Curl were our homeroom advisors. We chose as our class officers: Sally Brown, President; Nelson Beall, Vice-President; Barbara Reid, Secretary - Treasurer. The as¬ sistant treasurers were Carol Bush and John Snell. For our homecoming attendant, we chose Sandra Lynn. Eddie Miller was her escort and Delbert Moody drove the car. Sharon Eveland represented our class as a Varsity Cheerleader and Toni Petty as a Reserve Cheerleader. We were well represented in various clubs and sports. Some of our activities included the Easter Assembly, a hayride, and a dance. We really enjoyed our first year in high school and looked forward to our sophomore year. SOPHOMORE We entered our sophomore year with 81 members under the direction of Mrs. Nancy Worthington and Mr. Vernon Leuck. Our sophomore class officers were: Barbara Reid, President; Carlos Holmes, Vice-President; Dorothy Dozer, Secretary; Sharon Eveland, Treasuer. Carol Sue Bush was chosen our sophomore homecoming attendant. She chose Raymond Mikus as her escort and Charles Moore as her driver. Our car was decorated in our class colors -- green and white. November 16, was a happy day for every one because we chose our class rings and were measured for them. To raise money for our treasury we sold Roseville High School Badges and held a square dance. We also presented the Thanksgiving Assembly. JUNIOR Miss Betty Basnett and Mrs. James Patterson were on hand to greet 60 eager juniors. During the first week of school, we received our class rings. Also the first few weeks of school, we designed and ordered our class pennant. We elected Carlos Holmes, President; Sharon Eveland, Vice-President; Carol Bush, Secretary; and Nancy Crippen, Treasurer. As homecoming time rolled around, we chose Alice McConnell as Junior Attendant. She had as her escort, Bill Carpenter, and John Snell as her driver. Our junior year was filled with many activities. The activities in the first semester consisted of selling magazines, football and basketball pencils, and presenting our Junior Variety Show. In the second semester we presented the Junior Class Play and sponsored our annual square dance. From these pro¬ jects, we added to our treasury some needed money. Other activities were the Junior Assembly and the Junior - Senior Prom. On the day after school closed for vacation, our class had a picnic at Lake Isa¬ belle which closed our junior year. VENIMUS, VIDIMUS, VICIMUS. We began our senior year with 56 members. Mrs. Blanche Mace and Mr. Dean White were our advisers. Our class officers were: Sharon Eveland, President; Terry Lloyd, Vice-President; Carol Bush, Secretary; and Nancy Crippen, Treasurer. Alice McConnell was chosen as our Homecoming Queen. Marsha Auer was her Senior Attendant. Alice had Ronnie Bryan as her escort and Steve Hendrickson as her driver. Jim Hammers was Marsha’s escort and Dave Hammers was her driver. Gene Cannon drove the sophomore car and Galen Thompson drove the freshman car. After the game the seniors sponsored the Homecoming Dance. On December 21, the Senior Class held a Christmas Ball. On April 11, the Seniors sponsored a Talent Show. We also presented the Senior Class Play. Other projects were selling Christmas candy and cards. The members of the Senior Class who headed various clubs and sports were: Sharon Eveland and Trena Kinnan, Co-editors of Rosette; Donna Kane and Carol Bush, Head Librarians; John Snell, Editor-in-chief of Hilites; Terry Lloyd and Larry McGee, Co-captains of football team; John Watkins, Captain of Basketball team; Larry McGee, President Varsity “R”; Alice McConnell, President, Junior Red Cross. As we look back on those school days, we have many wonderful memories and we are now looking forward to our graduation and class trip which will conclude our school years. UNDERCLASSMEN JUNIORS LEFT TO RIGHT: Don Swingle, Treasurer; Jackie Bowen, Secre¬ tary; Sue Bishop, President; Melvin Fleming, Vice-President. FIRST ROW: Helen Headley, Virginia Pettit, Sandra Bryan, Patsy Riley, Nancy Nolan, Mary Hess, Alice Kuhn, Georgeanna Jenkins, Pat Sharkey, Elaine Payton. ROW TWO: Sue Bishop, Lenora Marple, Shirley Davis, Sandra Conaway, Jackie Bowen, Judy Holmes, Joyce Taylor, Judy Beisser, Mary Strick- ler, Mr. Crady. ROW THREE: Byron Fluhart, Roy Kane, Roger Bowen, Lewis Eversole, Larry Good, John Ashford, Melvin Fleming. RIDER LEFFLER’S MASON’S DAIRY ISLE MOTOR Drug Store Corner at Main and First SALES S. E. Cor. 5th Main Street Roseville Walt Rider-Owner Phone GL 2-9339 Roseville Zanesville ROW ONE: Mickey Callihan, Jill Luckett, Carilyn Henry, June Henry, Rosemary Wentz, Pansy Holbert, Beth Cruise, Eddie Mohler, Bob Pettit, David Toth. ROW TWO: Miss Sherrock, Bill Grubb, Frank Bash, Stephen Leasure, Jerry Liggett, Bill Anders, Gary Smith, Jim Castor, Jim Simmons, Mr. Dantonio. ROW THREE: Lester Dupler, Terry Kirkbride, John Miller, Don Swingle, Larry Reed, Lyle Wickham, J. O. Neff, Steve Rusnak, Marcus Toth, Larry Stoneburner. I ELLIOT LUMBER COMPANY EMORY’S ARMCO STEEL CORPORATION Roofing, Lumber, and Paints BARBER China Street SHOP 1724 Linden Avenue ” Roseville, Ohio Zanesville, Ohio SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Pat Pottenger, President; Connie Maxwell, Secre¬ tary; Tommy Harper, Vice-President; Linda Simeral, Treasurer. Kjw HI ' « i ■ 1 i W Jm ■ , 1 7 1 4 1 «H 7 ’ m m. T " 1 { ' ■jL M J . ayn FIRST ROW: Jane Malfe, May Dupler, Rita Bargar, Donna Milner, Sue Eppley, Susan Stull, Connie Maxwell, Audrey Adams, Sarah Truax, Betty Bole. SECOND ROW: Shirley Morgan, Pat Pottenger, Linda Head, Dorothy Crabtree, Twila Law, Rebecca Canady, Linda Simeral, Mary Porter, Donna Landers, Nancy McConnell, Connie Smith. THIRD ROW: Mr. Curl, Patti Clayton, Mary Cummings, Linda Holloway, Freda Ross, Diana Wright, Kay Watts, Kay Henry, Barbara Ford, Mr. Leuck. C. B. REID TRUCKING COMPANY East Fultonham DAIRY QUEEN Crooksville, Ohio GRETHERS FLOWER SHOP At Corner of Rts 22 and 75 Flowers by wire anywhere Zanesville Road ROW ONE: Jerry Maxwell, Dale Lyon, Tom Wilson, Robert Allard, Paul Meadows, Gary Sterling, Danny Hartley, Tom Harper. ROW TWO: Gary Novaria, Paul Gibson, George Rusnak, Darrell Hunt, Edward Hammers, Paul Pletcher, George Dozer, Mr. Leuck. ROW THREE: Regis Stuck, Bryce Watt, John Tignor, Terry Nelson, Ed Guy, Janet Curry, Kay Carr, Nancy Mock. ROW FOUR: Mary Jane Mc¬ Laughlin, Barbara Murgatroyd, Pat Mumford, Brenda Wilson, Karen Reid. ROW ONE: Tim Cassady, Bill Musser, Jim Talbert, Jim Work, William Roberts, Jim Buckley, Stanley Lantz, Terry Bell, Ben Rognon. ROW TWO: Mr. Curl, Bob Wolfe, Clarence Johnson, Jim Valentine, Harold Grooms, Ronnie Hayes, Bernard Groteger, Rex Percelle, Mr. Leuck. ROW THREE: Roger Short, Foster Moore, Steve Sanford, Jerry Wilson, Donald Cottrell. DAN DEE POTATO CHIP CO. KOBLES NEWSSTAND Phone GL 3-9103 Magazines, newspapers, gifts. ruffles - waves - plain - books, ice cream and candy popcorn Arthur Kobel - Owner ZANESVILLE ROSEVILLE WHITE CHEVROLET COMPANY Located at the end of the " Y " bridge ZANESVILLE FRESHMEN OFFICERS: President, Miles Payton; Vice-President, Sharon Auer; Treasurer, David Yeager. NOT PRESENT WHEN PIC¬ TURE WAS TAKEN: Karen Duff, Secretary. ROW ONE: Jackie Vandenbark, Darlene Russell, Bonnie Crane, Pearl Jenkins, Betty Henry, Linda Eppley, Gail Ervin, Carole Fitzpatrick, Beulah Kinder, Janice Corder. ROW TWO: Carol Evans, Sharon Auer, Odette Folden, Shirley Spring, Gloria Chapplear, Cassie Zink, Daisy Suttles, Rose Polen, Nancy Daniels, Mrs. Petterson. ROW THREE: Freda Grubb, Dorothy Cannon, Rita Fletcher, Betty Kindle, Ruth Truax, Kay Kinnan, Sharon Atchison, Alice Cotterel. ■- PIONEER MUSIC SHOP Southeastern Ohio’s Largest Hi Fi and Record Center 29 N. Fifth Street Zanesville, Ohio KINCAID’S DEPARTMENT STORE Main Street Crooks ville MOODY’S SERVICE STATION Sohio Gasoline Products For tops in servicing your car, see Welby Moody. Roseville, Ohio L FIRST ROW: Ronnie Reed, Kenny Patterson, Ivan Wilson, John Coffman, Bob Snyder, Georgianna Har¬ din, Jeane Sowers, Roseann Reed. SECOND ROW: Jim Wiseman, Jerry Marks, Charles Williamson, David Yeager, Paul Williams, Darrell Bird, Karl Kirkbride, Walter Marple, Mr. Taylor FIRST ROW: Mrs. Donohue, Christy Jaynes, Martha McConnell, Mary Lander, Kay Pletcher, Beth Hendrickson, Barbara Stigler, Donna Reed, Shelba Atkins, Connie Hoodlet, Joan Dalrymple. SECOND ROW: Bob Mohler, Jerry Sutherland, Richie Ransbottom, John Fauley, Greg Garret, Wesley Marple, Ronnie Massangill, Bob Dozer, Miles Payton, Arthur Dickerson. THIRD ROW: Lynn Crane, Marvin Angler, Lonnie Porter, Bill Kuhn, Larry Chapman. I FIRST ROW: Sammy Strickler, Bill Barker, Sue Ditter, Nancy Brooks, Leah Bussey, Rose Barbour, Ann Chapelear, Charlene Beisser, Delbert Hiem, Walter Cannon. SECOND ROW: Tommy Bryan, Donald Fluharty, Verge Dilts, Jimmy Jenkins, Ronald White, Gary Beall, Densil Goins, Junior Anders, Jerry Davis, Mr. Carnes. 1 ! I Freshman ? ? ? ? ,. M r Freshman Rosette Members. FIRST ROW: Kay Plet- cher, Christy Jaynes, Rose Polen. SECOND ROW: Richie Ransbottom, John Fauley, Bob Dozer. BOARD of EDUCATION Denzil Sanford, President; Walter Swingle, Clerk-Treasurer; Burgess Fauley, Vice-President; James Wilson, Raymond Williams. SECRETARY CUSTODIAN Catherine Curl Vern King JUNIOR VARIETY SHOW PLAYS JUNIOR PLAY CAST 1957 JUNIOR HIGH EIGHTH GRADE FIRST ROW: James Maclnerney, John Hill, Henry Stewart, Nancy Young, Peggy Angler, Evelyn Gill, Catherine Brooks, Mark Hendrickson, Harry Caton, Wayne Savage. SECOND ROW: Clar¬ ence Cottrell, John Dawson, James Barbour, Paul Lovingshimer, Raymond Davis, John Sagle, Jim Sagle, Larry Bell, Mr. Barnes. THIRD ROW: Jerry Miller, Larry Barnhart, Farrell Ander¬ son, Bill Crabtree, Carol Higgins, Janet Wolfe, Sharon Holmes. FIRST ROW: Jeanne McConnell, Lois Head, Melinda Pennington, Christine Kildow, Sheila Barr, Virginia Bailey, Darla Woods, LaVon Davis, Barbara Sharkey, Cheryl Brown. SECOND ROW: Sherrell Ungemach, Judy Young, Shirley Taylor, Becky Thompson, Virginia Snell, Gerald Hina, Raymond Valentine, Roger Murgatroyd, Jim Savage, Mr. Chambers. THIRD ROW: Carl Kane, Earl Bowen, Ricky Wilson, Keith Pletcher, James Fleming, Jack Anders, Paul Bryan, Jerry Emory, Eddie Bell, Klemm Ungemach. SEVENTH GRADES ROW ONE: Patty Pletcher, Sandra Lander, Phyllis Morgan, Velma Henry, Jeanette Brown, Sue Ford, Rebecca Barr, Joyce Allard. ROW TWO: Pamela Luman, Adelle Tracy, Linda Wise, Carol Davis, Wal¬ do Rider, Jr., Richard Ditter, Ray Simmons, Randy Stackhouse, Mr. Hicks. ROW THREE: David Bryan, Robert Combs, John Barnhart, Fredrick Dunn, Craig Watt, John Riley, Edward Baker, Billy Rhodes. ROW ONE: Rita Watts, Faye Cavinee, Michele Driggs, Sharon Williams, Judy Blauser, Carol Sue Valen¬ tine, Janis Emory, Linda Barbour, Judy Dawson. ROW TWO: Darlene Fluhart, Francena Nolan, Bobby Bargar, Harold Bash, Steve Maxwell, Ikie Henry, Bruce Novaria, Ronnie Kane, Terry Rambo, Miss Hanes. ROW THREE: Tommy McGee, Rodger Novaria, Donald Wilson, Jerry Weakley, Michael Hartley, Larry Spring, Larry Frash, Conrad Saxton. ROW FOUR: Mike Ross, Jimmy Chrisley. C. W. CANNON Furniture Store Roseville, Ohio SHELTON MOTORS INC. Your Friendly Chevrolet Dealer Crooksville, Ohio BARNETT GROCERY East Fultonham, Ohio CHRISTMAS BALL lL ) » •ra 3) 1 • 1 ' m ACTIVITIES JOHN SNELL HILITES STAFF FIRST ROW: Nancy Crippen, Dorothy Dozer, Ellen Work, Joy Inman, John Snell, Sue Bishop, Alice Kuhn, Lenora Marple Stephen Lasure, Eddie Mohler. SECOND ROW: Jim Maclnerney, Christine Kidow, Connie Maxwell, Rebecca Canady, Barbara Stigler, Shelba Atkins, Virginia Snell, Connie Hoodlet, Brenda Wilson, Mr. Taylor. THIRD ROW: Carl Kane, Jerry Sutherland Klemm Ungemach, Bryce Watt, Tom Harper. _ ■ - ROBINSON-RANSBOTTOM POTTERY Manufacturers of Stone-ware Products Roseville, Ohio Compliments Of NEFF OIL STATION Main Street Crooksville, Ohio DUNCAN’S MARKET For the finest fresh Meats, Fruits, and Vegetables Main-Third Street Roseville, Ohio LIBRARY CLUB HEAD LIBRARIANS: Donna Kane and Carol Bush. ROW ONE: Christy Jaynes, Virginia Pettit, Dorothy Dozer, Susan Stull, Nancy Crippen, Shirley Morgan, Pat Pottenger, Linda Simeral, Marsha Auer. SECOND ROW: Sue Bishop, Elaine Payton, Judy Holmes, Sharon Eveland, Pat Sharkey, Pansy Holbert, Carol Bush, Donna Kane. ADVISER: Mr. Carnes. HARRIET’S BEAUTY SHOP WISEMAN DAIRY COMPANY For the finest milk, cottage cheese, and orange drink. CROOKSVILLE BROOKS MARKET Shampoos-permanent waves Fresh meats, vegetables, and fruit Main Street ROSEVILLE HARRIET STONEBURNER Owner-Operator ROSEVILLE ROW ONE: Jackie Vandenbark, Darlene Russell, Bonnie Crane, Carol Fitzpatrick, Linda Eppley, Gale Ervin, Betty Henry, Janice Corder, Beulah Kinder, Ellen Work. ROW TWO: Carol Evans, Sharon Auer, Dorothy Suttles, Odette Folden, CassieZink, Gloria Chappellear, Nancy Daniels, Freda Grubb, Day Kinnan, Rita Fletcher, Mrs. Patterson. ROW THREE: Alice Cottrell, Ruth Truax, Dorothy Cannon, Sharon Atkinson, Betty Liggett, Sue Ungemach, Virginia Musser, Annie Cummings, Marilyn Henry. OFFICERS, ROW ONE: Susan Stull, Mickey Callihan, Ellen Work, Connie Maxwell. ROW TWO: Linda Simeral, Twila Law, Dorothy Crabtree, Mary J. McLaughlin. ROW ONE: MayDupler, Jane Malfe, Sue Eppley, Mickey Callihan, Audrey Adams, Susan Stull, Connie Maxwell, Mary Porter, Nancy McConnell, Pat Fluharty. ROW TWO: Mrs. Patterson, Linda Simeral, Dorothy Crabtree, Twila Law, Lenora Marple, Nancy Mock, Shirley Davis, Mary Jane McLaughlin, Jackie Bowen, Sue Bishop. President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Historian . . . News Reporter. Parliamentarian Song Leaders . , . . Mickey Callihan .Ellen Work .Susau Stull , . . Connie Maxwell . . . . Linda Simeral .Jill Luckett Mary Jane McLaughlin .Twila Law Dorothy Crabtree One day in the first part of December, all the girls in the Senior Class met in the Home Econo¬ mics kitchen to take the Betty Crocker Homemakers Test. Karen Moody Chrisley received the highest score in this test in Roseville. For this she received a lovely pin and the title " Homemaker of Tomorrow " in our school. Karen is not a member of the Home Economics classes, but, like so many others, she has evidently received some valuable experience and knowledge on her own. i JUNIOR RED CROSS ROW ONE: Janice Emory, Catherine Brooks, Phyllis Morgan, Virginia Musser, Alice McConnell, Karen Moody Chrisley, Elaine Payton, Leah Bussey, Virginia Pettit, Betty Henry, Pansy Holbert. ROW TWO: Freddie Dunn, Craig Watt, Ike Henry, May Dupler, Shirley Landerman, Sheila Barr, Sarah Truax, Kay Kinnan, Tudy Jenkins. ROW THREE: Ivan Wilson, Bill Musser, Carl Kane, Richie Ransbottom, Greg Garrett, David Ashford, Jean Higgins, Janet Wolfe, Tom Harper, Terry King. ROW FOUR: Don Pettit, Steve Sanford, Larry Reed. President, Alice McConnell Vice-President, Karen Moody Chrisley Secretary-Treasurer, Elaine Payton CROOKSVILLE - ROSEVILLE MESSENGER Main Street Crooksville, Ohio OHIO OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY Stationers-Office Outfitters 27 North Fifth Street Zanesville, Ohio RUFF’S ROYAL BLUE MARKET Crooksville, Ohio c H O R U S FIRST ROW: Freda Ross, Connie Maxwell, Becky Canady, Patsy Riley, Donna Reed, Leah Bussey, Julia Malfe, Sue Ditter, Martha McConnell, Carol Evans. SECOND ROW: Nancy Brooks, Barbara Stigler, Pat Pottenger, Twila Law, Joan Dalrymple, Mary Launders, Rose- ann Reid, Jackie Bowen, Sharon Eveland. THIRD ROW: Jon Fauley, Wesley Marple, Bob Snyder, Bob Dozer, Jim Valentine, Stephen Lasure, Sue Bishop, Sandra Conaway, Pat Shar¬ key. FOURTH ROW: Richie Ransbottom, Gary Smith, Roy Kane, John Ashford, Mr. Stroup. FIRST ROW: Linda Savage, Christy Jaynes, Virginia Pettit, Virginia Musser, Dorothy Dozer, Karen Moody Chrisley, Sandra Bryan, Susan Stull, Linda Head, Shirley Morgan. SECOND ROW: Kay Pletcher, Shelba Atkins, Connie Hoodlet, Nancy Daniels, Alice Cotter - all, Kay Kinnan, Rita Fletcher, Barbara Murgatroyd. THIRD ROW: Miles Payton, Robert Allard, Marvin Angler, Terry Nelson, George Dozer, Tom Harper, Don Pettit, Greg Gar¬ rett. FOURTH ROW; David Ashford, Mr. Stroup, Jim Buckley. . j WATT POTTERY YOUNG-LEWIS SERVICE STATION Compliments of WILLIAMS GROCERY China Street Crooksville, Ohio Crooksville, Ohio Roseville, Ohio Ray Williams - Owner SPEAK FOR DEMOCRACY WINNER: Annie Cummings CONTESTANTS: Dorothy Dozer, Karen Moody, Barbara Reid, Annie Cummings. HULL POTTERY COMPANY J AND J APPLIANCES Crooksville, Ohio 116 Main Street Crooksville, Ohio STARCHER’S DEPARTMENT STORE Crooksville, Ohio PRINCE OF PEACE LOCAL CONTEST WINNERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Crippen, Karen Moody, Dorothy Dozer. COUNTY CONTEST WINNER: Karen Moody Crisley. ROW ONE: Nancy Crippen, Dorothy Dozer, Karen Moody, Pat Pottenger, Kay Kinnan, Karen Reid, Tom Harper. ROW TWO: Jackie Vandenbark, Annie Cummings, Steve Lasure, Pat Mum- ford, Trena Kinnan, Bill Carpenter, James Valentine. WHITE’S RESTURANT East Fultonham Ohio SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS 624 Main Street Zanesville WILLIAMS AUTO PARTS Pure Oil Products Roseville VARSITY ' R’ OFFICERS: Jon Cassady, John Watkins, Larry McGee. ROW ONE: Bill Barker, Jon Cassady, Rick Wilson, Dave Yeager, Bill Anders, Terry Lloyd, Jim Fogle- song, Don Pettit, Gary Smith, Steve Hendrickson, Terry King. ROW TWO: Bob Wolfe, Dave Hammers, Junior Anders, Sheldon Wahl, Lynn Crane, Roger Bowen, Gary Wood, Roger Short, Larry McGee, John Watkins. ROW THREE: Mr. Dantonio, Dean White, Jerry Marks, Melvin Fleming, Larry Stoneburner, Gene Cannon, Mr. Leuck. SNELL’S PHARMACY Registered Pharmacist John Snell-Owner Roseville, Ohio BUSINESS EQUIPMENT COMPANY 4th and Market Streets Zanesville, Ohio SPRING GULF STATION Crooksville, Ohio ROSEVILLE HIGH j i A™ 1 1 1 I 1 i ■ n ||ga% % 1 ' 1 ' rr Jkr ' sat 3nQni«jSr 4 aH : 3 4KI ROW ONE: Samuel Strickler, James Valentine, Jeanne Sowers, Susan Stull, Ray Valentine. ROW TWO: Pat Sharkey, Jackie Bowen, Pat Mumford, Judy Young, Faye Cavinee, Judy Blauser, Pat Fluharty, Janet Curry. ROW THREE: Stephen Lasure, Connie Maxwell, Steve Maxwell. ROW FOUR: Donna Kane, Vir¬ ginia Musser, Lenora Marple, Christy Jaynes, Sue Bishop, Kay Kinnan, Kristine Kildow. ROW FIVE: Shelba Atkins, Ginny Snell, Dorothy Dozer. SCHOOL BAND ROW ONE: Karen Moody Chrisley, Barbara Stigler, Lavon Davis. ROW TWO: Twila Law, Sherry Unge- mach, Lois Head, Steve Sanford, Jim Savage, Donna Milner, John Ashford, Karen Reid. ROW THREE: TrenaKinnan, Kay Carr, Connie Hoodlet, Verge Dilts, Pansy Holbert, Gregory Garret, Becky Thomp¬ son, Linda Head, David Ashford, Pat Pottenger. ROW FOUR: Barbara Reid, Jim Buckley, Brenda Wilson, Ricky Ransbottom, Alice Cottrett, Tom Harper, Terry Nelson, Roy Kane, Sharon Williams, Janice Emory. ROW FIVE: Nancy Crippen, O. C. Stroup. MAJORETTES Nancy Crippen, Patty Sharkey, Jackie Bowen. Jackie Bowen, Patty Sharkey, Nancy Crippen. SPORTS CHEERLEADERS Sharon Eveland, Elaine Payton, Rita Barger, Nancy Brooks. Sharon Eveland, Elaine Payton, Rita Barger, Nancy Brooks. FIRST ROW: Pat Miller, John Watkins, Larry McGee, Willis Goins, Jeff Patterson, Melvin Fleming, Jerry Marks, Larry Stoneburner, Don Swingle, Terry Kirkbride, Lynn Crane. SECOND ROW: Earl Bowen, Manager; Gary Smith, Gary Wood, Terry Lloyd, Don Pettit, Steve Sanford, Jim Fogolsong, Terry King, Charles More, Howard Anders, Roger Bowen, Wayne Savage. THIRD ROW: Coach White, Jim Work, Leroy Cullison, Bill Barker, Bernard Groteger, Don Cottrell, Danny Hartley, Bryce Watt, Tim Cassady, Jon Cassady, Paul Meadows, Dave Yeager, Dick Dickerson, Coach Leuck. SCHEDULE WE OPPONENT THEY 6 Dresden 7 0 Crooksville 0 21 M M 12 19 Caldwell 21 6 New Lex 34 49 Byesville 7 26 Dresden 13 26 Philo 0 7 Glouster 27 0 New Concord 34 Olympia OFFENSE ■ lO • ' t oo X X CO CM o tr¬ io N e ' ¬ en JR. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM FIRST ROW: Rick Wilson, Bill Barker, Ivan Wilson, Richie Ransbottom, Jim Work, Jerry Sutherland, Jon Fauley. SECOND ROW: Bob Snyder, David Yeager, Wesley Marple, Bob Wolfe, Miles Payton, Lonnie Porter, Donald Fluharty. THIRD ROW: Mr. Leuck, Ronald White, Jerry Marks, Bryce Watt, Lynn Crane, Greg Garett. FOURTH ROW: Roger Short, Junior Anders. SCHEDULE WE OPPONENT THEY 6 M M 19 6 New Lex 13 0 New Concord 6 I t BASKETBALL SNAPSHOTS BASKETBALL TEAM r FIRST ROW: Bill Barker, Roger Short, Howard Anders Lester Dupler, Terry Lloyd. SECOND ROW: Lowell Merdith-Manager, Terry King, Don Swingle, Jerry Wilson, John Watkins, Ed Guy, Gene Cannon, and Mr. Dean White-Coach. SCHEDULE HOME TEAM OPPONENT HIGH POINT MAN POINTS Roseville 63 Rosecrans 57 Watkins 16 Roseville 56 Crooksville 51 Watkins 21 Roseville 58 M M 56 Miller 23 Roseville 60 Philo 50 Cannon 17 Roseville 39 Caldwell 45 Watkins 12 Roseville 66 New Lexington 70 Cannon 30 Roseville 53 Maysville 49 Miller 19 Roseville 56 Warsaw 48 Dupler 14 Roseville 86 Crooksville 57 Watkins 17 Roseville 59 New Concord 44 Miller 22 Roseville 38 Dresden 55 Watkins 15 Roseville 44 Frazeysburg 41 Miller 15 Roseville 38 Philo 41 Guy 14 Roseville 58 Glouster 62 Lloyd 14 Roseville 60 New Lexington 56 Guy 17 Roseville 65 New Concord 68 Guy 24 GLENFORD INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT Roseville 63 Hopewell 74 Cannon 21 Roseville 58 Millers port 31 Watkins 15 NEW CONCORD CLASS A A SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Roseville 50 Cambridge 70 Guy 17 TERRY LLOYD Senior 5’ 10 " GENE CANNON Senior 6 ' 2 " B A S K E T B A L L JOHN WATKINS Senior 6 0 " TERRY KING Senior 5 ’10 " JERRY WILSON Sophomore 6 0 " PAT MILLER Sophomore 6 ' 3 " EDWIN GUY Sophomore 6 ’ 0 " JUNIOR ANDERS Freshman 5 ' 10 " ROGER SHORT Sophomore 5 ' 10 " FIRST ROW: Bill Barker, David Yeager, Stanley Lantz, Wesley Marple, Bob Dozer, Bob Wolfe, Bob Snyder. SECOND ROW: Wayne Savage, Manager; Miles Payton, Roger Short, Bryce Watt, Regis Stuck, Howard Anders, and Mr. Vernon Leuck, Coach. SCHEDULE HOME TEAM OPPONENT HIGH POINT MAN POINTS Roseville 39 Crooksville 41 Barker 10 Roseville 30 New Concord 37 Anders 13 Roseville 42 Dresden 39 Barker 15 Roseville 36 Frazeysburg 50 Anders 9 Roseville 31 Philo 52 Anders 12 Roseville 49 Glouster 50 (OT) And ers 18 Roseville 30 New Lex. 46 Anders 9 Roseville 33 New Concord 31 Short 11 Roseville 30 Rosecrans 57 And ers 8 Roseville 30 Crooksville 40 Anders 10 Roseville 36 M M 40 And ers 17 Roseville 41 Philo 31 Short 15 Roseville 34 Caldwell 42 Anders 10 Roseville 50 New Lex. 53 Anders 19 Roseville 37 Maysville 42 Anders 13 Roseville 42 Warsaw 40 Barker 15 Won 4 Lost 12 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM i ’ • ■ BASEBALL Vv % %? ,. ‘ ■■-, ' V ‘ n ' t BASEBALL V ; i COUNTY CHAMPS ”57” FIRST ROW: Forrest Savage, Leroy Cullison, Marty Wilson, Bill Anders, Terry Lloyd. SECOND ROW: Sheldon Wahl, Manager; Larry Wilson, Dave Hammers, Jon Cassady, Russell Carr, Gene Cavinee. THIRD ROW: Lowe Meredith, Bob Wolfe, Terry King, Larry McGee, Coach Dantonio. SCHEDULE WE OPPONENT THEY WINNING PITCHER WE OPPONENT THEY WINNING PITCHER 3 Zanesville 1 Carr 7 Chesterhill 5 Carr 8 Chandlersville 3 McGee 0 S. Zanesville 3 12 New Lex 0 Carr 5 Rosecrans 4 Carr 0 S. Zanesville 1 0 Zanesville 5 9 Frazeysburg 0 McGee 28 New Lex 0 Carr 7 Philo 1 Carr 17 Hopewell 0 McGee 6 New Concord 4 Foglesong 3 S. Zanesville 1 Carr No-Hitter F ) F| ' s. ri: H| ' The Queen and her escort. THE QUEEN AND HFR COURT Bill Kuhn, Sharon Auer, Sue Bishop, Alice McConnell, Marsha Auer, Becky Canady, Ronnie Bryan, Jim Hammers, Rex Percelle. QUEEN ALICE Alice Marie McConnell arrived at the scene of festivities in a 5 1 Im perial which was driven by Steve Hendrickson. She wore a becoming box- styie suit of black with a turquoise tweed and turquoise accessories. Ronnie Bryan escorted her to the platform where she was crowned queen by Co-Cap¬ tain Larry McGee during the halftime activities of the Annual Homecoming football game. At this time she was given a beautiful bouquet of multi¬ colored mums by Co-Captain Terry Lloyd and a traditional kiss by each. MARSHA AUER v Senior Attendant, Marsha Auer, was escorted to her place of honor next to Queen Alice, by Jim Hammers. The orange and white 1957 Ford in which she was riding was driven by Dave Hammers. She was presented with a beautiful bouquet of Chrysanthemums which were decorated with green and white ribbon corresponding to her class colors. SUE BISHOP Junior Attendant, Sue Bishop, rode in a 1957 Oldsmobile and was escorted to her place of honor beside Queen Alice by Larry Good. She was presented a bouquet of Chrysanthemums which were traditionally decorated with ribbons of her class colors, blue and white. REBECCA CANADY Sophomore Attendant, Becky Canady, rode in a red Thunderbird and was escorted to her place of honor beside Queen Alice by Rex Percelle. The car was driven by Gene Cannon. She was presented with a bouquet which was traditionally decorated with rib¬ bons of her class colors, turquoise and white. SHARON AUER Freshman Attendant, Sharon Auer, sister of the Senior Attendant, was escorted to her place of honor next to the queen by Bill Kuhn. The green Pontiac in which she was riding was driven by Galen Thompson. She was presented with a beautiful bouquet decorated with black and white ribbon corresponding to her class colors. f PORTRAITS BY BEADLING Known For Outstanding Quality In Appreciation: We feel that when you selected our studio to create your portraits, you paid us a direct compliment. Thank you for this opportunity of serving you. -- Roy Beadling PORTRAITURE STUDIOS 3263 Main Street Zanesville, Ohio Phone GL 2-9091 Squawk Box You can squawk all you want about how your government is being run. You can squawk to your family, your neighbors, the boys at the shop, or your barber—anyone who’ll listen. Or you can praise your government. But your squawks and praise won’t pay off unless you deposit them in the ballot box. The right to a secret ballot gives you an actual voice in your government. By casting your ballot at election time, you can help decide who is going to run the show. It’s not like this in every country. Behind the Iron Curtain there’s a lot to squawk about. But people have to keep it to themselves. If you com¬ plain out loud, you may get a one-way ticket to Siberia. At election time you may get a ballot, but there’ll only be one person to vote for. But in America you can choose. And choosing means that you’ve got to do some serious thinking to make sure you vote fo r the right man. The secret ballot is a right you don’t exercise every day. But the fact that elections are not daily occurences makes the right all the more important. And the guy who fails to vote has lost the right to squawk. Think it over—and then make sure you vote It’s your right; so treat it right. TRADE-MARK REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. The Timken Roller Bearing Company " The right to work shall not be abridged nor made impotent” DO YOU KNOW YOUR RIGHTS? As Americans, we have the greatest freedom and the highest stand¬ ard of living in the world. Help keep it that way by knowing your rights and guarding them well. Some of them are: Freedom of worship Right to secret ballot Right to know how your union spends your dues Freedom of speech Freedom of the press Right to criticize officials Right to know salaries of your union officers Freedom from search without warrant Right to petition government for redress of grievances Right to know if your union officers are Communists ■ ' ■Right to know how your union is run Right to speedy and public trial by jury Right to help of a lawyer ■ ' " Right to hear your employer’s side of disagreements Right not to appear as a witness against yourself ■’ ' ■Right to refuse to permit the " check-off” of union dues Right to go direct to your boss with a grievance Right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty Freedom to own property ' ' ■Right to work despite union jurisdictional disputes Freedom to work in any locality ■ ' " Right to proper supervision of your union welfare funds Freedom to start and manage a business Freedom to make a profit Right not to be fired by union leaders Right to vote on company’s best offer ♦These are rights you enjoy under the Taft-Hartley law. This is a right enjoyed by members of United Steel Work¬ ers, C.I.O. only when the Taft-Hartley law is invoked. THEY’RE YOUR RIGHTS, TREAT THEM RIGHT! GREINER’S FLOWERS " Flowers From A Dependable Florist " Phone GL 2-5771 South at Fifth Zanesville Ohio Compliments JletAge, ECONOMY FUEL FOR Cooking Refrigeration Clothes Drying Water Heating Incineration Air Conditioning THE OHIO FUEL GAS COMPANY CERAMIC SUPPLY THE CAMERA SHOP COMPANY Division of FERRO CORPORATION " For Everything Photographic " REFRACTORY SPECIALTIES 620 Market St. Zanesville Ohio Crooksville Ohio The Finest in Bulk Milk Tanks 32 " From Floor to Pour All Weather Cooling Systems Stainless Steel Throughout Here ' s a Bulk Milk Tank That Will Pay for Itself. See It the First Time You Are in Town. Ask About Our Low Cost Financing Plan Chore Boy Pipeline Milkers and Supplies THE ZANESVILLE PUBLISHING CO. 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ALLEN ELECTRIC, INC. 101-103 East Main Street Phone 1121 HOME APPLIANCES ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Crooksville, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF THE NELSON MC COY POTTERY Manufacturers of COOKIE JARS GARDEN DISHES FLOWER POTS VASES COFFEE POTS CANDY DISHES ASH TRAYS Roseville, Ohio BOWERS AUTO SUPPLY Crooksville Ohio RALPH E. BOWERS - MGR. " THE MOST IN DRY CLEANING " Your Clothes Are .... 1. Cleaner 2. Brighter 3. Odorless 3 Hour Shirt Laundry Two Stores for Better Service 402 Main Street 1800 Maple Ave. At Terrace Point Zanesville, Ohio Penney’s A IWA t .rif ' S.T-: O.y A l i 1 Y » 22-32 North Fifth Street Zanesville Ohio " WHERE ZANESVILLE AND VICINITY SHOP AND SAVE " Look For These Brand Names GAYMODE TOWNCLAD ADONNA BIG MAC TOWNCRAFT FOREMOST Compliments of THE BLOOMER CANDY COMPANY 39-41 North Third Street Manufacturers of Star Milk Ch ocolates Penny Goods - Bars - Bulk Candy - Package Goods Fountain Supplies A Complete Line of Bagged Candies Zanesville, Ohio Phone GL 2-1311 Compliments of OHIO POWER COMPANY CLOSSMAN’S HARDWARE Zanesville, Ohio Crooksville, Ohio State Burley Crooksville, Ohio JESSE SKEENES - OPERATOR THE FIRST TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK AV PROVIDE? IN THE BANKING ACT OF 1933 ROSEVILLE OHIO FRANK COOPER JEWELER 7 North Fifth Street We Carry The Largest And Most Complete Line of Silver in Southeastern Ohio CRUISE RESTAURANT FOR SHORT ORDERS Corner of Main and First Streets Roseville, Ohio Ther n ° €? ' h ! HU’S DRIVE-IN " ALL HOME COOKING " Rt. 75, Roseville Crooksville Road WINSOR’S STEAK HOUSE-DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT " THE BEST EAST OR WEST OF THE MISSISSIPPI " Phone GL 3-0301 South Zanesville, Ohio EAT IN YOUR CAR TAKE HOME A YANKEE BOY Soda Fountain, French Fries, Milkshakes Fried Chicken in a Basket Shrimp in a Basket OPEN 24 HOURS BRING YOUR DATE TO WINSOR ' S Manufacturers of: Flower Dishes Vases, Figurines Garden Dishes KLEMM AND ROBERT UNGEMACH Owners and Operators Roseville, Ohio LONG SHORE MUSIC STORE PIANOS HAMMOND ORGANS ALL MUSICAL SUPPLIES Phone GL 3-9211 57 North 5th Street Zanesville, Ohio B 0 RAY ' S T. V. SALES 0 WIGGINS BARBER SHOP Crooksville s East Fultonham Ohio T Ohio E TOM FERGUSON BARBER SHOP R TOLLIVER ' S MARKET Crooksville Roseville Ohio ADS Ohio MAY TOLLIVER CARTER ' S FUR SHOP Crooksville Zanesville Ohio Ohio DENNY TAYLOR MUSIC Zanesville Ohio —■ COLLEGIATE PRESS ■ Cover Manufacturers - Book Binders FACTORY HOME OFFICE Kansas City PRINTED IN U S A. us;

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