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5 'fly ww Mg, , ...I .1-ld -iw A 4 Nl'-3.13. 1953 RUSETTE RIISEVILLE HIGH SUIHIIIL R ll 0h FOREWORD As the co-editors of your 1953 edition of the Rosette, we wish to publicly thank all of the various groups and individuals who have aided in the publication of this sixteenth annual edition. All of the members of the Staff have done their very best, as always. We are grateful for their effort and co- operation. Although the average reader may not realize it, publishing a yearbook involves many different types of work: selling advertisements, taking pictures, keeping records, raising money, proof reading, typing, setting up the book, and many other tasks that involve hours of tedious work. Yet our Staff is an "editor's dream," for within our talented group we have always been able to find members who are born salesmen, talented artists, and full of bright ideas. This year we have introduced a new system, advertising by page sponsorship, which we hope will prove popular. We feel that this system has many definite advantages over the old system of placing all of the advertisements in the back of the book. The advertisers favor this method because the advertisements are distributed more uniformly, The advertiser cn now place his message in an appropriate and related part of the yearbook. This method also aids the Rosette Staff for it reduces the number of pages needed without any reduction in the number of picture pages. As a result of this effectiveness for this plan, we have been able to offer this year's edition of the Rosette at no increase in cost, in spite of the rising cost of production. Summing it all up, we only want to say, thanks for the cooperation and we hope you like our book. CO-EDITORS Ronald Chrisley, Mary Jane Ridenour R0 EVILLE HIGH i W. .in ALMA MATER Where the dreamy Moxahala Flows 'neath skies of blue Stands our glorious Alma Mater Ever fair to view. Roseville High School Alma Mater To thee we are true Bring we love, and faith and honor Ever more to you. ZTPCUY Cannon's Appliance Store Ungemach Pottery Paulings Market Phone 77-777 Roseville, Ohio Roseville, Ohio DEDICATID BETTY JEAN BASNETT We, the members of the '53 Rosette Staff, wish to dedicate this book to Miss Betty jean Basnett, our faculty advisor, to show our appreciation for the great effort she has put forth in the publishing of our Rosette. When Miss Basnett took over this position, she was unacquainted with the many problems that inevitably confront the advisor of a year-book. In spite of this handicap, she has succeeded in helping iron out our many difficulties. Although some of us won't be here, we hope that she will lead our staff for many years to come. ADMI I TRATIU ROBERT REGULA Bachelor of Science in Educ. Marter of Education Ohio University BOARD of EDUCATIO W. Iliff Watt, President Kenneth Moody Raymond Williams, Vice Pres. Denzil Sanford Walter R. Swingle, Clerk jacks Barber Shop Cannons Furniture Staley's Restaurant Main St., Roseville, O. ROSCWUC, 01110 Walt and Betty PRINCIPAL I XX- I SECRETARY u a it WAYNE E. BUCK Bachelor of Srienre in Educ. Ohio University Industrial Arts CUSTODIAN ' DONNA LAKE mx G. F. Cannon Furniture Kincaid Brothers VERN KING Crooksville, Ohio Crooksville, Ohio FAC LTY BETTY JEAN BASNET1' LOLA M. CLARK BILL CURL B. S. Physical Educ. B. A. Ohio University B' A' Ohio University West Virginia Univ. M. S. Univ. of Col. Advanced Algebra Physical Education Latin, French, Am. Hisr. Geometry World His! Rosette junior Red Cross ' ' Library Club r Ji Ll NORMA GREEN MARJORIE HANES B. S. Ohio State U.. B, A, Muskingum Col. 7th-8th Mathematics H. 5. Geogmphy Practical Math. 7th-8th Geography. History SI3.1'Cl'1C1'S MgfCer's The Friendly Store Ben Franklin Crooksville, Ohio Crooksville, O ik XX., '1 FAC LTY 5 X, I ..i-'.Ef"' Q 1,,.l GRACE KERCHNER VERNON LEUCK BLANC!-IE MACE B. S. Home Economics B. S. Phy. Educ. B. A. Muskingum Col. Ohio Univefsifi' Miami University English 9th-10th llgloge Economics Sgjence . . A. LURA MARGARET RICKS B. A. Muskingum Col. English 7th-Sth Maiorettes Cheerleaders Physical Education Varsity "R" Q X N, ROBERT RUSSELL 1 B. S. Muskingum Col. Chemistry-Economics jr. High Coach of Football-Basketball FAC LTY 1 ., 1 li " .11 f .... 9 :Q 21 ll.: 2:13-, 'I' ..- IZE 'I' E12 X52 u , - -I O. C. STROUP DEAN WHITE B. S. Education B. A. Muskingum Col. Kent State Basketball Coach B. A. MI. Union Varsity "R" HURRNQI 'QR ME: X-'X ?4 xx J 1' I f IRA WOLIFE NANCY WORTHINGTON B- A- HUUYIHEIOU C01- B. A. Lake Erie Col. GOVQIUUICHY B. S. Ohio State Univ. English 11-12 M. A. Ohio University Typing-Shorthand Bookkeeping Hilites Orpha Flowers Morrison Motor Co. Crgokgville Sohio Station Zanesville, O. Zanesville, Ohio ph- 137-11 Crooksville, 0, Processional ........ BACCALAUREATE Invocation ..........................................,,.... Song-"Lord of Hostsi'-Wennerberg .....Y 7, Scripture Reading w,..,A,,. ,.....7w........,..,... Sermon ..........,..,.A...,........................,...,,............ Song-"Go Not Far From Me"-Maltzeff ...... .. Benediction .A,A..,A,,,,,,.,,.....v....,.... ................. Recessional ....... CUMME CEME T Processional - "Homage to Youth"-Olivadote ........ . Invocation ..,..........A............,..,.........., ,,.,.,..,,.,,,,.,,,, Class History .,...,..............,.........,... Music -"Homing"- Del Riego ..... ., Salutatory .....,.....,. .....,,..,......,.,, Valedictory ,.,,.,,......,,,,,.,.,.,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,r,,,,.,.,,,,,, Music-"Sails On A Silvery Sea"hStorm ..,,,,, ,,,.,,, A , Class Poem ............,,...........,.........,...,.,,., Presentation of Lamp of Knowledge .eie,,, Acceptance of Lamp of Knowledge ....,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,. ........Band Thelma Thatp Mary Axline Ronald Chrisley William Good Gheen and Kenneth Bagent Kenneth Bagent .......Ronald Chrisley ...........William Stuck RCfI12rkS ---------.-.................................... ......... R obert D. Regula, Supt. P1'CS6HtatiOn of Class .,.,...... -,,,,,r W ayne E, Buck, Principal Presentation of Diplomas ,r,r.ioi, ,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., W , I. Watt, President of Board of Education Benediction .,....,..,...r. .,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,.,,, Compliments of Dr. Nebinger .......Mr. O. C. Stroup Rev. Goin ........Mixed Chorus ...,...Rev. Garrett Rev. Garrett .,,..Mixed Chorus Rev. Goin Mr. O. C. Stroup I E l0RS Today we are Seniors, ready to graduate! Remembering back through the last four years, we have many memories. Our supervisors for our Freshman year were Miss Ransbottom and Mr. Curl. For our Sophomore year they were Mrs. Kerchner and Mr. Russell. Our junior year Miss Clark and Mrs. Leaders. Our Senior year Mrs. Mace and Mr. White. During these four years our class officers were: Freshmen-President, Paula Maxwell, Vice President, Charles Cassady, Secretary and Treasurer, Carl Taylor. Sophomore-President, Bill Good, Vice President, Gene Probasco, Secre- tary, Ronald Chrisley, Treasurer, Bill Evans. Junior-President, Ronald Chrisleyg Vice President, Bill Good, Secretary, Shirley Barker, Treasurer, Bill Evans. Senior-President, Ronald Chrisley, Vice President, Bill Good, Secretary, Shirley Barker, Treasurer, Bill Evans. We chose for our Homecoming attendants these past four years: Paula Maxwell, Kay Savage, Mary Axline, and Thelma Tharp. Paula Maxwell reigned as our Homecoming Queen. Now as our class of 1953 departs, our hearts are filled with sadness, because we are leaving our friends, teachers, and school that we have loved so well. Through the years that follow, we shall never forget our Happy Days at Roseville High School. Thelma Tharp and Merlyn Elson CLASS OFFICERS 1, K s Q 3 "?' t v s The Gem T ' Ohio Power Co Crooksviue, L. to R. Bill Evans, Shirley Barker, Bill Good, Ronald Chrisley. Crooksviug, Ohio Ohio SENl0R VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN ' . 0 S13 5 ' Q ,l :- I7 fx 5 William Good-Ronald Chrisley CLASS ADVISORS ' I-0f18,5 Jewelry Clossman Hwd. Croglgqville, Dean White, Blanche Maee Zanesville, Ohio 10 SENIOR .f- .ei- lt ,awk ,Q M., BERNARD ANDERSON jr. Variety Show KENNETH BAGENT "Pegleg" ' Variety Show 3 Class Play 3 Basketball 1, 4 Football 3, 4 Varsity R 3, 4 Band 1, 4 Band Pres. 4 Scholar. Team 2 Hilites 3, 4 Pr. of Peace 1, 2 Speak for Dem. 4 BERNARD BALDWIN Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 4 Varsity 4 3, 4 Variety Show 3 Hilites 1, 2, 3 Class Play 3 Chorus 2, 3 LOREN CARR Variety Show 3 Chorus 1 MARY AXLINE "Lukie" Assembly 1, 4 Variety Show 3 Class Play 3 Jr. Attendant 3 Hilites 4 Chorus 4 SHIRLEY BARKER F.H.A. 1, 4 F.H.A. Pres. 4 F.H.A. V. Pres. 3 Hilites 1, 4 Hilites Co-Ed 4 Variety Show 3 Class Play 3 Class Sec. 3, 4 Lib. Club 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 2 Pr. of Peace 1 Chorus 1, 2, 3 MARLENE CARSON Hilites 4 Variety Show 3 Class Play 3 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 CHARLES CASSADY IIDOCH Variety Show 3 Football 2, 3, 4 Hilites 3, 4 Scholar. Team 1, 3 Class V. Pres. l Hilites Co-Ed 4 Riffile Ashland Service Station Crooksville, Ohio HERB CHAMBERS Football l, 4 Co-Captain 4 Basketball 1, 4 Varsity R 2, 3, 4 Variety Show 3 Rosette 4 RONALD CHRISLEY "Ronnie" SALUTATORIAN Rosette 1, 2, 3, 4 Rosette Co-Ed. 4 Band 1, 2 Prince of Peace 2 Class Pres. 3,4 Class Sec. 2 Class Play 3 Scholar. team 1, 3 Speak for Dem. 2 Variety Show 2 Assembly 4 MERIS DRAKE Rosette 2, 3, 4 Co-Bus. Manager 4 Library Club 3, 4 V. Pres. Club 3 Scholar. team 1, 2 Band 1, 2, 3 Band Sec. 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Variety Show 3 Prince of Peace 2 Speak for Dem. 2 RICHARD EMORY Class Play 3 Variety Show 3 Varsity R 2, 3, 4 Football M r 1 2 3 4 E- I , , Basketball Mgr. 1, 3 MARY CHESSER F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Variety Show 3 CRETA DE MENT F.H.A. 3, 4 Variety Show 3 Assembly 4 MERLYN ELSON "Mm" Hilites 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Variety Show 3 F.H.A. 3, 4 Jr. Red Cross 3, 4 Lib. Club 4 Assembly 4 WILLIAM EVANS PfBillU Variety Show 3 Red Cross 3, 4 Homecoming Escort 4 Rosette 3, 4 Class Treas. 2, 3, 4 First National Bank of Zanesville and New Concord, Ohio SENIOR 4, y 1? Qi GLETTA FERGUSON Hilites 3, 4 Variety Show 3 jr. Red Cross 3, 4 F.H.A. 3, 4 JOHN FOGLESONG ujohnnyu Class Play 3 Variety Show 3 Homecoming Escort 4 ZOLA GHEEN "Red" Hilites 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Variety Show 3 Class Play 3 Speak for Dem. 4 Chorus 1, 2 Prince of Peace 1, 2 ARTHUR HENRY HAITI! Football 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Assembly 4 Variety Show 3 Varsity R 3, 4 LARRY FLEMING Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, Variety Show 3 Varsity R 3, 4 VIRGINIA GALLIS Assembly 4 Variety Show 3 F.H.A. 4 Hilites 4 WILLIAM GOOD "Bill" VALEDICTORIAN jr. Red Cross 1, 2 Rosette 2, 3, 4 Class Pres. 2 Vice Pres. 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Varsity R 3, 4 Varsity R Pres. 4 LARRY KARNS Crooksville 1 Chorus 2 Varsity R 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Football Mgr. 2 Variety Show 3 Classic Furniture Sales 24 South Sixth St. Zanesville, Ohio 4 DOUGLAS KINNAN ,,D0ugU jr. Variety Show 3 LARRY LENHART "Lenny" Variety Show 3 Homecoming Escort 4 ROGER MILLER jr. Variety Show 3 KENNETH T. MOODY "Tw Variety Show 3 jr. Red Cross 3, 4 DAVID LAUGHLIN "Dave" Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2 Varsity R 2, 3, 4 Prince of Peace 1, 2, 4 Jr. Red Cross 1, 2 Speak for Dem. 4 Hilites 1 Variety Show 3 Class Play 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 PAULA LIAXWELL Rosette 2, 3, 4 Co-Bus. Mgr. 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Class Pres. 1 Majorette 3, 4 Home. Attenclent 1 Home. Queen 4 Variety Show 3 Class Play 3 Speak for Dem. 2 Withdrew SHIRLEY MOCK jr. Variety Show 3 Assembly 4 JEANNINE MOORE Variety Show 3 jr. Class Play 3 Library Club 3, 4 Hilites Ad. Mgr. 4 F.H.A. 4 Chorus 4 Pearts Furniture and Appliances Ph-40-R, Crooksville, Ohio SENIOR Q ik SENIOR .S GUY MCCONNELL Football 2 Variety Show 3 TOM NEFF Variety Show 3 GENE PROBASCO "Purd" Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity R 2, 3, 4 Variety Show 3 Rosette 3, 4 MARY JANE RIDENOUR HBen0U Variety Show 3 Jr. Class Play 3 Library Club 3, 4 Rosette 1, 2, 3, 4 Co-Ed. Rosette 4 Speak for Dem. 2, 4 Prince of Peace 2 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Assembly 3 Assembly 4 JOHN MCLAUGHLIN Variety Show 3 Jr. Red Cross 4 RONALD PEMBERTON rrlken Basketball 1 Variety Show 3 FRANK REED Football l, 2 Basketball 1, 2, 4 Assembly 4 KAY SAVAGE Class Play 3 Variety Show 3 F.H.A. 3, 4 Library 3, 4 Hilites 4 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4 Homecoming Atten 2 Assembly 3 Assembly 4 Artwil Dress Shop Zanesville, Ohio GENE SHIPLEY Football 1 Variety Show 3 PATTY STEPHENSON "Pat" Variety Show 3 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Assembly 4 GENE SWINGLE Variety Show 3 THELMA THARP "Tuck" Library 1, 2, 3, 4 Head Lib. 4 Rosette 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Rec. Leader 2, 3 Variety Show 3 Class Play 3 Assembly 4 Prince of Peace 1 Sen. Att. Homecoming EDWARD SMITH Variety Show 3 DARLENE SPEARS Crooksville 1, 2, 3 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3 F.H.A. Sec. 2 IFKA 3 Class Play 3 Glee Club 1, 2 Band 1 Assembly 1, 3 CARL TAYLOR Football 1, 2, 3 Varsity R 2, 3, 4 Sec. 8: Treas. "R" 1 Rosette 3, 4 MARVIS THOMPSON Band 1, 2 Class Play 3 Variety Show 3 Jr. Red Cross 3, 4 Pres. Red Cross 4 Rosette 3, 4 Assembly 3 Assembly 4 Watson Barber Shop Crooksville, Ohio K.--me an 2 New 1 r 1 SENIOR "x,,l MARTHA TRUAX New Concord l, 2 Y- Teens l, 2 Y-Teen-Hi-Y Play Class Play 3 Variety Show 3 MON TY WEST Fo otball l, 2, 3 Rosette 1 2, 3, 4 Basketball l Varsity R 3, 4 Variety Show 3 Scholarship 1, 2, 3, 4 Assembly 4 THOMAS WILLIAMS IVTOWF! Football 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2 BETTY WILSON F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Hilites 4 Variety Show 3 Class Play 3 Assembly 3 RICHARD WOODS I Speak For Dem. Withdrew RHONDA WILLIAMS Variety Show 3 GRANT WOODS "Lu" Band 2, 3 Variety Show 3 BETTY JEAN YAHN F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Variety Show 3 Assembly 4 F.H.A. Sec. 3 Sowers Sheet Metal Crooksville, Ohio CLASS PINIPHECY On May 29 1967 the Senior Class of 1953 found themselves together once again and oddly enough this class reunion took place at The Greatest Show on Earth the Ringling Brothers Baldwin and Bagent Circus Now the whole rdea of the reunion was thought of by the two circus partners formerly of Roseville Mr Baldwin and Mr Bagent who wrth the approval of john Ringling North arranged for the seats and other surprises for their former schoolmates To show their appreciation the entire class showed up one way or anotner before rt was over We took our ring side seats as soon as we arrived and renewed our friendships wrth our old classmates Sitting beside us were Ted Moody Gene Swrngle and john McLaughlin whom wc now read much about on the sports page of any newspaper rn the U S These three men have led the Cleveland Indians to five straight pennants and World Series wrns Each of these players can play any positron on the team Behind us sat one of the most celebrated music lovers of the day the well known Bernardo Anderson President of the Metropolitan Opera Company At his side sat David Laughlin the Mets foremost singing star Before the circus got underway we met several more old friends These included Edward Smith and Marvrs Thompson an up and coming dance team Winfield Miller the noted women s hair stylist Shrrley Barker the wrld woman comedrenne who does regular shows at the Cocacabanna Club and Frank Reed who now desrgns the latest evening gowns for women of course Finally the Kenny Bagent Circus Band struck up a circus march and the grand entry began The parade was very colorful and efccrtrng and when the elephants paraded past we were surprised to see that the circus queens rrdrng the elephants were none other than Betty Yahn Vrrgrnra Gallrs and Glctta Ferguson Right after the parade a commotion started rn the aisle and much to our surprise we saw the singing cowboy Monty West srgnrng autographs for a few of hrs friends W1 h Monty was hrs publicity agent Tommy Wrllrams who also had a Used Car business on the srde A few others had drrfted rn whrle the parade was go rng on Among them were Merrs Drake and Darlene Spears They had just come from abroad where they had become the champion tennis team of the world Meanwhile the mam show had gotten underway and the ring master Bernie Baldwin had already introduced some of the acts Several of these acts as we had been told beforehand featured a lew of our former classmates for Bet me and Kenny had hired those of the 1953 Senior Class who had chosen circus work for their career Among these per formers were the three daring trapeze artists Martha Truax Grant Woods and Richard Emory who thrilled the entire audience wrth therr long leaps from one trapeze to another Marlene Carson also a circus performer got the crowds ap plause when she walked a tight rope which led from one end of the tent to the other and was 50 feet high Just as Larry Karns the lron tamer for the Ringling Bros Baldwin and Bagent Circus had begun his act We came across Larry Lenhart the middle weight boxing champion of the world and Creta DeMent who rs a model for Zola Gheen the famous American painter Moving down the midway we hear a voice that sounds rather familiar As we come closer we see that rt rs none other than Charles Cassady the barker of the circus He wants us to come in and see the three bearded ladres Thelma Tharp Jeannine Moore and Mary Chesser What we see just across the midway makes us qurv r Mary jane Rrdenour the snake charmer is trying to get her pet away from Ronnie Pembertons neck Ronnie rs a sword thrower with Mary Axlrne as hrs assrstant Doug Krnnan and Ronnie Chrrsley have invented a new hart tonic which the clowns Herb Chambers Larry Fleming and Gene Probasco are experimenting with They never have to worry about their hair now rt stays well rn place john Fogelsong our srngrng and roprng cowboy is ropmg the two bare back riders today Merlyn Elson and Art Henry john mrght become as good as Will Rogers someday Bill Evans rs sellrng trckets to see the Dare Devils Shrrley Mocl Betty Wrlson Carl Taylor and Gene Shipley Therr hot rods are really tn good shape Maybe rts because Guy McConnell and Tom Neff are the mechanics Guess who rs sellrng peanuts and pop corn Kay Savage and Bill Good They tell me they love therr work rand I thrnl.. they both wergh a tony 1 1 1 1 . ,, ,, . . A . . 1 1 ' , . ' 1 1 1 . . . . , . . c , . 1 1 1 . 1 . I 5 7 . . . . . , , , . . . , . , . I 4 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 3 5 , . , . . . . V . h . . I 7 7 , . . . . . U . , . . , 1 1 1 Q . 7 A . 1 - ' 1 1 a . . E fc I 0 5 1 1 1 ' -. , . - ' 7 C 7 3 1 1 1 1 . . . . , 1 1 1 ' 7 'S I 1 ' 1 1 1 ' - ' , . 7 Y ' . . . D . . n. . , , 1 1 , . 1 n I 1 X1 1 ' . . - 1 - . . . . 3 I ' , The new lion tamers have just gone into their cages, Rhonda Wrllrams and Patty Stephenson, would you ever guess that for their profession? I think we've seen all of our old "53" classmates and they all looked wonderful. Baldwin and Bagent have a taxi waiting to take us back to the hotel. They say that Loren Carr is the driver, but don't be afraidg he hasn't wrecked any cabs yet this month! Shirley Barker, Charles Cassady Compliments of Cooksons, Compliments of The First Trust and Savings Bank, Roseville, Ohio Member F. D. I. C. Roseville, Ohio CLASS WILL We, the members of the Senior Class of 1953 of Roseville High School, being of sound minds, do hereby make public and declare this last will and testament. Article 1 To the class of '56, we leave three more years in solitary confinement, To the class of '55, we leave our ability to talk so much and to find so much to talk about. To the class of '54, we leave Mrs. Mace, may Heaven help you. Article 2 To Mr. Regula and Mr. Buck we will the song "You'1l Never Get Away." To Dean White we will him a championship team in basketball for next year. To Miss Basnett and Miss Clark we leave the class of '55 in hopes they can do more with them than Mr. Russell. To Mrs. Mace we leave a brand new, genuine leather little black book to put those unruly Senior's names in. To Mrs. Kerchner we leave the left overs from the Home Economics classes of this year. To Mr. Russell we leave hundreds of bright students for his Physics Class hoping they can do just as good as his Chemistry students. To Mr. Leuck we leave the memories of his first year as head football coach of Roseville High School. Here's hop- ing you'll be here for a long time, you're a great guy. To Mr. Curl we leave a whole crop of new jokes to tell, and also a new gaspipe. To Mr. Wolfe we leave next years Government Class hoping that he won't have to throw as many of them out of class as he did this year. To Mrs. Worthington we leave the old beat up typewriters and next year's typing class who can make just as much confusion as the eight period class did. To Vern King we leave the paper and chewing gum wads we so ably distributed in the halls and under the bleachers. Article 3 To the school we leave a few more black marks on the rest room walls. Our portrait in the big study hall. A few more worn out books that enabled us to graduate as the smartest class from R. H. S. Article 4 I, Bernard Anderson, will my ability to keep quiet in study halls to Alan Combs. I, Mary Axline, will my athletic ability to Nathalie Nebinger. I, Shirley Barker, will my ability to go steady with a McLuney boy to Betty Law. I, Kenny Bagent, will my ability to be the slowest and last boy to get out of the locker room, after football and basket- ball practice to Donnie Fleming in hopes that he won't keep everyone waiting like I did, I, Bernie Baldwin, will my ability to make a three point Stance with no hands to Bill Stuck. I, Herb Chambers, will my ability to go steady with a girl for two years to Vic Duff. I, Loren Carr, will my ability to get book reports on time to Jimmie Wilson. I, Charles Cassady, will my ability to get along without girls to Jim Cresente. I, Mary Chesser, will my ability to hold boys without tripping them to Mary Tatman. I, Marlene Carson, will my ability to get along with kids in school to Judy Eversole. I, Ronald Chrisley, will my Buck Rogers spacemens beanie to Jack Harlan. I, Creta DeMent, will a pair of nylon hose to Mrs. Worthington so she won't have to wear anklets. I, Meris Drake, will my glasses to Larry Bishop in hopes he can see better than I can. I, Merlyn Elson, will my title as sweater girl to Betty Law in hopes she can fill it out as well as I did. I, Bill Evans, will my ability to keep old cars running to Ronnie Lynn in hopes he won't have to walk as much as I did. I, Richard Emory, will my job of being football manager for four years to Ted Ford. I, Gletta Ferguson, will my patience to next year's typist manager and hope she can get the typist to type when they're su osed to. ' I, Larryibllileming, will Sonny Duff my sister, he better take good care of her too. I, John Fogelsong, will my false teeth to George Spring in hopes he can use them as well as I did. I, Virginia Gallis, will my long hair to Martha Tignor. I, Zola Gheen, will my fiery red hair to Joy Cannon. I, Larry Karns, will my ability to get detentions from Mr. Curl to anyone stupid enough to get them. I, Doug Kinnan, will my ability to get my Chevy off the school grounds before anyone else to Bill Stuck. I, Larry Lenhart, will my motorcycle to Vic Duff in hopes he does not scare the girls as much as I did. I, Guy McConnell, will my bookkeeping book to any crazy enough to take it. I, Roger Miller, will my book report material to anyone who needs it. I, Shirley Mock, will Paula Cassady a pair of scissors in hopes she will use them on her hair. I, John McLaughlin, will my chemistry book to anyone smart enough to take it. I, Ted Moody, will my ability to train wild steers to Sharon Heckel. I, Jeannine Moore, will my makeup to Joan Brumage. I, Tom Neff, will my bookkeeping book to anyone who will study it as hard as I did. I, Gene Probasco, will my ability to remain a bachelor to Don Fleming. li. CLASS WILL I, Ronnie Pemberton, will my car and ability to take care of Zanesville girls to Bill Stuck. I, Frank Reed, will my ability to play basketball to jack Beall. I, Mary jane Ridenour, will my sun tan and ability to get a lot of nicknames to Dixie Short. I, Kay Savage, will my tights to next year's cheerleader in hopes she can fill them as well as I did. I, Gene Shipley, will my good-behavior in study hall to Ronnie Cookson. I, Edward Smith, will my bookkeeping book to anyone dumb enough to take it. I, Gene Swingle, will my Economics book to anybody crazy enough to take it. I, Darlene Spears, will my shorthand book to Luada Snyder. I, Pat Stephenson, will my ability to have my chance to ride in a new Henry I to Kay Carroll. I, Thelma Tharp, will a sewing machine to Mr. Leuck so he can fix football pants. I, Martha Truax, will my ability to run into something along the road to anyone in drivers training class. I, Marvis Thompson, will my natural curly hair to Nathalie Nebinger. I, Carl Taylor, will my car to Jim Crecente to ride the good looking females around at noon. I, Monty West, will my ability to break traffic laws to Bill Stuck. I, Art Henry, will my chance to go with a stock car Queen to Tommy Shipley. I, Tom Williams, will to Don Fleming my ability to speed and not smash up Dad's car. We, Rhonda Williams and Betty Wilson, will our shorthand books to Nancy Sindledecker and Edith Launder in hopes that they get along better than we did. I, Grant Woods, will a spark plug from my car to junior Shiplett. I, Betty Yahn, will my ability to go steady to Mary Jane Veno. We, Dave Laughlin and Bill Good, after writing this, just leave. Here's hoping we make it. Article 5 This has been signed, published, and declared by the above, Senior Class as its last will and testament, in the presence of the portraits, the books and about 15 study hall teachers and we heretofor sign our names as witnesses. Bill Good and David Laughlin MOTTO Cooperation -l- Effort I Success QVQ COLORS E S Gold and Blue FLOWER White Carnation .ht If Simons ' ' ia if , '5e ' 1 W 4 f , E, 3 2 ' Zi 2 fff ..... ... ...... - , Earl's Marker-Ph-77340 Trevewood Pottery Brooks Market Roseville, Ohio Roseville, Ohio Roseville, Ohio JU lllll Our junior Class History begins in September of 1950' In this year we entered Roseville High School with many things in store for us. Those three years since we were Freshmen seem an eternity. In the fall of 1950, eighty-one Fresh- men trooped into R. H, S. and found our way into one of the two rooms available to us. Remember our class officers? Madonna Wilson was our president, Bud Spring, our vice president, and Phyllis Adams, our attendant this year, we chose as treasurer. Jim Derr had the honor of escorting her. Miss Ransbottome and Mr. Curl had the pleasure of leading us through this year. Next came our Sophomore year with Mr. Russell and Mrs. Kerchner. By this time we had lost seven members of our class. This year as every year, we again chose our class officers. They were: Bill Stuck, president, Larry Bishop, vice president, Phyllis Adams, secretary and Bud Spring, treasurer. Jane Browning was our Homecoming attendant and jim Derr did a repeat performance as escort. And now comes our junior year with our number at fifty-six. During this year we have many money making projects. We start out by selling football pencils, then comes our magazine sales and Junior Variety Show, then our sale of basketball pencils. Now we are awaiting our junior Class Play. We owe much of our success at these projects to the helpful guid- ance of Miss Basnett and li 5 , - Miss Clark. We must not -I-+A this ear who were, Bill dz! Stuck,ypresidentg Don Flem- ing, vice president, Mildred Dozer, secretary and Larry Bishop, treasurer. We chose joan Brumage as our home- coming attendant and Bud Spring as her escort. We wind up this year with the Junior-Senior Prom. During these years there were many things for us to do. There were class rings, assemblies, dances, Wiener roasts, band, chorus, football, basketball, semester and scholarship tests, the "I Speak for Democracy" and the "Prince of Peace" contests. Mildred Dozer and Julia Hansen both had a turn at winning the local "Prince of Peace" contest. L L 4 S5 ff , H forget our class officers for Remember all these things? These are only a few of the wonderful memories we carry on with us. And next year, we're sure, will add many more. Laura Cassady-Julia Hansen Duncan's Market Tolliver's Grocery Ray'5 Hardware Roseville, Ohio Roseville, Ohio Roseville, ohio Q .HW .. ' Y N . JUNl0R L. lo R. Mildred Dozer, Donald Fleming, Larry Bishop, William Stuck. CLASS ADVISORS MM SIL pi -9-QQ, "N-..,, .k L. lo R. Lola Clark, Berry Basnerr Harriers Beauty Shop Browns Lunch Roseville, Ohio Roseville, Ohio + Hamilton Pottery Roseville, Ohio JUNl0R Firrt Row: L. to R, Richard Evans, Jimmie Wilson, Victor Dull, Jack Sutherland, Ronald Jenkins, Eddie Caton, Carl Milner, Larry Bishop. Second Row: Miss Clark, Donald Headley, Charles Garrett, Larry King, Patrick Crowley, Jack Beall, Truman Stoneburner, Rolland Spring, William Stuck, Miss Basnett. Third Row: Donald Freming, Ronald Cookson, Ronald Fisher, James Derr. Not pictured: Wayne Frash, Ronald Lynn, Donald Kuhn. Tewksbury's Ice Cream Roseville, Ohio .1-1.--. i 15 C 9,i?9 e C 5 gf ' it it " Robinson-Ransbortom Trouts Cafe Roseville, Ohio White Cottage, O JllNl0R 3 Firrl Roux' L, to R. Edith Launder, Betty Law, Madonna Wilson, Lena Blackwood, Delores Swingle, Barbara Abel, Mae Pettit, Deloris Ditter, joan Brumage, julia Hansen. Second Row: L. lo R. Miss Clark, Luada Snyder, Janet Neff, Florence Young, Dixie Short, Bar- bara Davis, Nancy Sindeldecker, Mary Baker, Lois Allen, Mildred Dozer, Grace McCaughey, Margaret Stewart, Elaine Sowers, Laura Cassady, Miss Basnett. Third Row: L. to R. Bonnie Sharkey, Edith Williams, Lucille Lampros, Carol Buckley, Miriam Sowers, Susan Watt, Sharon Heckel, Kay Carroll, Joy Cannon, Fairy Emory. Not pictured: Mari- lyn Wagstaff. 9:5 : an-' Nelson McCoy Pottery Company Williams Auto Parts Roseville, Ohio Roseville, Ohio 1 0Pll0MORE In September 1951, we 67 Freshmen walked into the halls of Roseville High School, with faces all aglow and hearts filled with laughter. We started the year with happiness. After meeting our home room teachers who were Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Curl, we got settled and started to perform our duties as Freshmen. ' We elected our officers who were: Carl Huston, President, Shirley Gilmore, Vice President, Larry Mock, Treasurer, and Marlene Wolfe, assistant Treasurer. Our events of the year were a weiner roast, assembly and a Square dance. We elected Mary jane Veno as our Homecoming attendant. When we entered the Sophomore home room, we found our very capable instructors to be Mrs. Worthington and Mr. Russell. We elected George Spring, Presidentg Colin Kirkbride, Vice President, Carl Huston, Treasurerg and Bill Heim, Secretary. We chose maroon and grey as our class colors. We elected Kay Eveland as our Homecoming attendant, with David Williams having the honor of escorting her. Some of our other activities of this year were a hayride and weiner roast at the home of Larry Mock. In February we had an assembly and a Valentine Dance. The highlight of our Sophomore year was the day we chose our class rings. As we are ready to leave the Sophomore class, we hope the classes which follow us will have as many happy memories and experiences as we have had. Jane Wickham and Charles Rognon. 5:-- Ze-?,fflH.fff3':.2 X 75 ' g 41 . . :QE W!-l j XQQIQQ7 TW W NM 1 xg Qi If ' V , QQ f . :fe ide t W ffm Stump? Gr0CCry-Ph-92.303 Crooksville China Co. Pinks Grocery Whtte Cottage, Ohlo Crooksville, Ohio Vhite Cottage, Ohio ,hilt 0PHOMORE L. In R. Bill Heim, Carl Houston, George Spring, Colin Kirkhrmile. fa X TOT Q ,fff so -- H -f-"'Z'lY S ' l 0 W 44 We QW 5 :NY ls I CLASS ADVISORS ' was 53 X 1 x QQ Mr. Russell, Mrs. Worthington William Thompson Sc Son Jack Teegardin Weller Milling Co. Funeral Home, New Lexington, Ohio E. Fulronhnin, Ohio White Cottage, Ohio 0PHOMORE Firrz Row: L. to R. David Williams, joe Ridenour, Bill Heim, Denzil McConnell, Myron Mautz, Dick Roberts, Carl Wilson, George Spring, john Hina. Second Row: L. to R. Mr. Russell, Delbert Moody, Larry Mock, Marvin jenkins, Colin Kirltbride, Carl Houston, Ellis Miller, Danny Williams, David Williams, Bob Dupler, Mrs, Worthington. gf -I 2' fp - gs - W R- ' C. B. Reid Trucking Co. Barnetts Grocery Pinnicks Grocery East Fultonham, Ohio East Fultonham, Ohio East Fultonhamy Qhio 0PHOMORE .- Firrl Row: L. to R. Kay Eveland, Sharma Anders, Carol Riley, Shirley Malfe, Shirley Gilmore, Phyllis Kinnan, Mary Lou Rider, Mary jane Veno, Carole Chrisley, jean Stephenson, Shirley Savage, Jane Wickam. Second Row: L. lo R. Mrs, Worthington, Mary Canady, Marla Conaway, Hulda Lantz, Shirley McAfee, Marlene Zink, Leanna Wiseman, Ruth Headly, June Dickerson, Judy Eversole, Marlene Wolfe, Maureen Adams, Mr. Russell. 'l ?8,0 , e-P7 an ' 7 ' H i 'tl 'vii Q 4.2! Ga1liher's Candy Store Fifth Street Zanesville, Ohio wogzv- WDBRV !,' Grether's Flowers Ph. 92362 Roseville Road South Zanesville, Ohio FRE HMA We began our Freshman yearfwith ninety-six Freshmen. We ' B ' had three home rooms. We were all very excited our first day in Roseville High School. OFFICERS Our home room teachers were Mrs. Kerchner, Mr. Curl and Mr. Wolfe. We elected the following officers this yearg President, Brenda Eveland, Vice President, Karen Aiken and Jeannine Callihan as Treasurer. Shirley Koehler was chosen as the Freshman attendant at the Homecoming game. Her escort was Sandy Smith and Bill Law was the driver of the car. Clara Ann Savage was chosen as the Freshman cheerleader l on the Varsity squad, and Bernadette Stuck on the Reserve squad. Karen Aiken, Brenda Eveland, Jeanine Callihan. The following students were elected to represent the Freshman class in the Junior Red Cross: Bernice Chrisley, Alan Dozer, jimmy Woodward, Bernadette Stuck, Gene Thompson and Eleanor Kokensparger. Tc highlight the year each room had a pot luck dinner. We all enjoyed our Freshman year at Roseville High School and we hope that the rest of the classes to follow will have as much fun as we have had. 1 I 3' If X X 5 'I ,tm , A l ff X My l " v eSHMAN ' . af. ' W S S' D7 A Q - lf 'iii v 5 Q '. 'QL X 4. x . N ' Russell's Red and White "Bordens" H. Weber Sons 8: Co. Fultonham, Ohio Zanesville, Ohio 421 Main Street Zanesville, Ohio FRE HMA Fin! Row: Left to Right: Bonnie Langley, Roberta Rucker, Sarah Sharkey, Martha Tignor, Ca- mille Staley, Bernadette Stuck, Clara Savage, Charlotte Wentworth, Nellie Swingle, Mary Tatman Second Rout Mrs, Kerchner, junior Shiplett, Rex Sagle, Gene Thompson, Kay Wolfe, 'loin Shipley Robert Van Wey, Roger Russell, Sandy Smith. Third Row: Charles Woofter, Marvin Woofter, Willis Swingle, Keith LeMasters, Kenneth Sim- mons, Keith Smith, Nathan Wahl, Roger Yahn. Q Fin! Row: L. to R. Shirley Koehler, Roxanna Fleming, Colleen Kirlcbtide, Karla Mauk, Patty McGee, Sondra Barker, Norma Malfe, Carla Bishop, Nancy Neff. Serond Roux' Mr. Wolfe, Bernice Chrisley, Paula Cassady, Nancy Bowden, Twila Liggett, Barbara Rider, Grace McConnell, Janice Taylor, Barbara Ferguson, Shirley Bailey. Third Row: Lewis Nunley, Dennie Roberts, Bob Harper, Alan Dozer, john Fuller, Allen Combs, William Evans, Howard Bussey, Eddie Lambert, Donald Milner. FRE HMA l 1 First Row: L. to R. Mr, Curl, Eleanor Kolcensparger, Donna Dilts, Sylvia Bash, Rosetta McConnell, Bernice Baldwin, Delores Clayton, Jeanine Callihan. Second Rorzm'-L. to R. Brenda Eveland, Nathalie Nebinger, Janice Blauser, Betty Kern, Edna Lynn, Marjorie Pearson, Wavelyn Emory, Karen Aiken, Vesta Marshall, james Woodward, Ray Kissick, Elmer Gallis. Third Row: L. to R. Rodney Archer, Robert Heim, Howard Miller, Gordon Lane, jack Harlan, james Ctesente, William Law, Ted Ford. 'rf fi 4 New French Shop Maragaretta Zanesville, Hat Shop Ohio Mr. Wolfe, Mrs. Kerchner, Mr. Curl ZanCSv1lle, Ohio 11...- JUNl0R HIGH Al ,z ... i JUNIOR HIGH ADVISORS Vernon Leuck, Lura Margaret Ricks, Norma Green, Marjorie Hanes EIGHTH We entered Roseville junior Hi in September 1951. We were divided into two sections, 7A and 7B. Our advisors were Miss Marjorie Hanes and Miss Betty Basnett. The class officers for the year were: Pres. Fred Shawg Vice Pres. Paul Moore, Sec. Sue Maxwell, Treas. Pat Ryland. In September we came back ready for another session. Miss Ricks became advisor for 8A, the band sectiong and Mr. Leuck took charge of 8B. The .officers for the year were: Pres. Fred Shaw, Sec. of 8A, Sue Maxwell, Sec. of 8B, Judy Morgan, Treas. of 8A, Patty Rylandg Treas. of SB, Mary Ann Robison. 8A is to be complimented because they have maintained the highest percentage attendance' record. in the Roseville School District this year, and were the first to fill their Red Cross Boxes. CLASS OFFICERS eww iii IAN?- S I H? "' :E fx 'f f 'rl :rr l 'A 5 '. E qu' t Q In 6 -in 'mu I-J.'.."' I Q.: . - C fn f N - X.x" 1 f -vs X S : Coca-Cola Bottling H The Cf'-mera Sghvp Co., Zanesville, O, Clockwue: Judy Morgan, Sue Maxwell, Fred- For Everything erick Shaw, Patty Ryland, Mary Ann Robison. photographic Zanesville, Ohio EIGHTH First Row: L. to R. Nancy Henry, Ruby Van Wey, Donna Evans, Sue Maxwell, Linda Shields, Patsy Short, Sharon Barger, Rita Lynn, Peggy Hampton. Serum! Row: Donald Cockreal, Frederick Shaw, Michael Stackhouse, George LeHoe, Sue Williams, Nancy Koble, Patricia Ryland, Mildred Headley, Roger Dirter, David Sanford, Miss Ricks. Third Row: Larry E. Wilson, Gene Davis, Paul Moore, john Gaddis, Bob Severt, Russell Carr, Mar- vin Neff, Alvin Taylor, Marvin Wilson, Ronald Payton, William Dawson, Danny Dicken. First Row: L. to R. Mary Ann Robison, Shirley Sharkey, Nancy Miller, Mary Ross, Judy Mor- gan, Della Lewis, Evelyn Chappellear, Carol Stewart, Georgianna Van Horn, Elmyra Coles, Leola Estep. Se-cond Row: Mr. Leuck, Danny Veno, Ray Pettit, Roger Robison, Leroy Coen, Charles McGilton, Benny Myers, Robert Ervin, Ivan Bush, Forrest Savae, Gary Gibson. ghird Row: Frank Brooks, Larry Grant, Gene Cavinee, Larry R. Wilson, Delbert Smith, james aylor. EVE TH GRADE History of the Seventh Grade The first grade students in 1946 have progressed until they are now seventh graders and spending their first year as members of the high school. There have been a total of 65 in this group during the year and they are ably directed by Carlas Holmes as president, june Inman, vice presidentg Donald Pettit, secretary, and joy Inman as treasurer. Sally Brown, Leonard Anderson, Carol Sue Bush, and John Snell have been members of the junior Red Cross this year. Those taking part in the band were David Ashford, Carol Sue Bush, Dorothy Dozer, Sharon Eveland, joy Inman, june Inman, Donna Kane, Trena Kinnan, Sandy Lynn, Karen Moody, Virginia Musser, Mary Alice Spring, Sue Ungemach, and Charles Wood. The class was divided into two homerooms with Mrs. Green as sponsor in Room 1, and Miss Hanes as sponsor in Room 9. D o . X' ' Front row: Carlos Holmes, Donald Pettit. ' Back row: L. Joy Inman, R. June Inman. EVE TH GRADE Q at Fin! Roux' L. to R. Sally Brown, Alice McConnell, Marilyn Spring, Linda Savage, Betty llstep Frances Anderson, Patty Heim. Serorzd Row: Mrs. Green, Leonard Anderson, Frank Musser, William Fleming, George Taylor Howard Taylor, Vernon McConnell, Ray Kern, Sheldon Wahl. Third Roux' Stephen Henderirkson, jerry Grant, Terry King, Larry McGee, Lowell Meredith Terry Kirkbride, David Maxwell: Firrz Roux' L. to R. Rose Ann Gill, Ellen Work, Sue Ellen Ungemach, Sandra Lynn, Linda Henry, Virginia Musser, Brenda Folden, Mary Sagle, Iulia Malfe, Donna Kane, joy Inman, june lnmiin. Serwzd Roux' Roger Sands, Donald Petrit, Carol Sue Bush, Dorothy Dozer, Mary Spring, Beverly Brown, Sharon Evelund, 'Frena Kinnan, janet Susa, Karen Moody, james Fohuelsong, Larry Curr, Thrnf Roux' Miss Hanes, David Ashford, Max Toth, Forrest Evans, Dayle Bussey, Wendell Moody, john Snell, Carlos Holmes, James Angler, Charles Wood, Willis Goins, lr. 1 5 -.' ' -5 - aww gy ch' 5 ffii i iiiviv f 3 Dixie Short in I ' F I Ronnie and Carol I fl M, .mev- Q 1 - V , 4l9"5.'P' fm? X i I L ' 1 L IL Sue and Jack Jack Rank jack Rank 9' gm V51- I Q - 4f'A.?vf X5 . W ,XD X xx YQ so ffm . The Sunday Times Signal The THDCS RCC0fdCI Southeastern Ohio's Leading Newspapers The Zanesville Signal NSN N29 Y- ,N gin 4' 5 A X? . f I- A X Q ' fi X .uk 1 x xxl.' xxx JJ ,f , 14 f 156 2 1 . xl f fi 4 '-' HGH r X ! Wx- B h P c , Roserxiile arlfitggnescfflgailiglhio Longshore Music Store 57 N. Sth Sr. Ph-39211, Zanesville, Ohio F00'l'BALL 1 - 7 i FOOTBALL SCHEDULE WE THEY 44 CROOKSVILLE 21 20 M. AND M. 19 o CALDWELL 20 40 NEW LEXINGTON 12 32 BYESVILLE 7 as NEW CONCORD 21 25 DRESDEN 14 6 PHILO 12 , 47 GLOUSTER o FOOTBALL COACH VERNON LEUCK S? VAR ITY Co-Captain HERB CHAMBERS Senior: Fullback 3 Yr. Letterman Wt. 1653 Ht. 6' DAVID LAUGHLIN C0-Captain BERN112 BALDWIN Senior: Left End 2 Yr. Letterman Senior: Quarlerback 3 Yr. Letterman Wt. 155g Ht. 5' 10" Wt. 140g Ht. 5'1O" S GENE PROBASCO Senior: Lefi Tackle 3 Yr. Letterman Wt. 1755 Ht. 5'9" H1 BILL GOOII? G d S ' : R' gy? 3211112 k, 5213? .,..1i..i...."a' KENNETH mm 1 730,54 e at e Wt. 1509 Ht. 5'1O" Senior: Left End f- eftefman 1 Yr. Letterman WI. 1405 HI. 5'8'1 Wt. Ht. 61 .4-K, in-v CHARLES CASSADY Senior: Left End 2 Yr. Letterman Wt. 140g Ht. 5'8" EDDIE CATON junior: Right Half 2 Yr. Letterman Wt. 135g Ht. 5'5" F00'I'BALL 'Q I t- W g i. . 5 . ""' 5 ' W ' It . I t Q la,-4 Q - .. , M.-.TT k. XM 1 lair:-.u rf"'?rmf.52r'1e' 1 A aft, ,gl 3' . ra, - .1 TOMMY WILLIAMS Senior: Right Guard 2 Yr. Letterman Wt. 1553 Ht. 5'9" LARRY FLEMING Senior: Left Guard 2 Yr. Letterman Wt. 1655 Ht. 6' BUD SPRING junior: Left Half 3 Yr. Letterman Wt. 140g Ht. 5'9" VICTOR DUFF Junior: Right Guard 1 Yr. Letterman Wt. 1505 Ht. 5'8" --......,,.. 1 W ,N i . . . . - 'im-. jACK BEALL Junior: Left End 1 Yr. Letterman Wt. 1503 Ht. 5'9" . I I LARRY BISHOP junior: Right Half 1 Yr. Letterman Wt. 1303 Ht. 5'1O" JIM DERR P junior: Right Tackle 2 Yr. Letterman Wt. 210g Ht. 6' 4 E, - .. I- . 5: MK ,:, .ff E 553-rt" .4 '- . - 'NS' .' IW' 'kk' -,.fL'fJ5"'-.Qi- MONTY WEST Senior: Center 2 Yr. Letterman Wt. 1753 Ht. 5'9" ui g.,.,M, ,.4,,. DONALD FLEMING junior: Right End 2 Yr. Letterman Wt. 160g Ht. 5'10" Wt RONALD LYNN Junior: Fullhafk 1 Yr. Letterman Wt. 1453 Ht. 5'9" H F00'I'BALL DAN WILLIAMS Soph: Right Tackle 1 Yr. Letterman Wt. 1703 Ht. 6' TOM SHIPLEY f' BOB HEIM Freyh: Left Tackle Frexbr Center 1 Yr. Letterman GEORGE SPRING 1 Yr- Letterman Wt. 1705 Hr. 5'10" Sopb: Left Half Wt. 1454 Hr. 5'8" 2 Yr. Letterman Wt. 150g Ht. 5'9" MANAGERS Front: Steve Henderickson, Ed Lambert Back: Richard Emory, Ted Ford in FUOTBALL SNAPS --QGUIIHWRV .. +- XF' X ixiwgxli Alvxjr' . "gi X ' J 1 J' i .5 T ' R. iw as P W M ir we -l 'il Efw axw-:B A l iz Y iikff? -M 6, W - fl Jn V - l Yum . , e -j Ag H fvq- . T : Q A X5 . -f l :W ' ' 1 x -w , , A M gy -A Al 'e ' , , f 5 il. ylfw , M K, ffey-xf-1 . 'f we, fix-J Q .N-iii l.- i K '--3 K is N' Q . Qi Aw A as 'w hrkt ..A ,. .mmf Russi Paint 8: Wallpaper Store Bintz Bros. Business Equipment Zanesville, Ohio Zanesville, Ohio Zanesville, Ohio JU l0R VAR PTY Fin! Row: L. to R. Russell Carr, Howard Bussey, Ellis Miller, Delbert Moody, Fred Shaw, Marvin Wilson, Danny Veno, Sandy Smith, Mr. Russell. Second Rauf: Gary Gibson, Mgr., john Gaddis, Mgr., Larry R, Wilson, Howard Miller, Robert Van Wey, Nathan Wahl, Marvin Wofter, Keith Smith, Charles McGilton, Third Row: Rodney Archer, Alvin Taylor, Benny Myers, Carl Huston, james Crescente, Roger Russell, Joe Ridenour, Bill Heim, Colin Kirkbride, Marvin Jenkins. VAR ITY H N Fin! Row: L. to R. Carl Taylor, Bill Good, David Laughlin, Richard Emory, Larry Fleming, Gene Probasco, Larry Karns, Art Henry, Monty West. Second Row: Mr. Leuck, Eddie Caron, Bob Heim, Ted Ford, Don Fleming, jim Derr, Kenny Bagent, Herb Chambers, Bernie Baldwin, George Spring, Mr. Whire.- BA KETBALL VARSITY lei I-l Front Row: Bernie Baldwin-55, David Laughlin-44, Arr Henry-33, Donald Fleming-77, Victor Duff-99, Bill Good-60. Back Row: L. to R. Bob Heim, Mgr., Larry Bishop, Jack Beall, Bill Stuck, Larry Fleming, Herb Chambers, Kenneth Bagent, Frank Reed, Mr. Dean White-Coach. OPPONENT Rosecrans Crooksville M. and M. Caldwell New Lexington S. Zanesville New Concord Glenford Dresden Philo I C Penneys Zanesville, Ohio THEY 85 71 51 89 64 77 54 78 73 68 BASKETBALL COACH L as 27, DEAN WHITE Ohio Office Supply Co. Zanesville, Ohio OPPONENT THEY Glouster 57 Crooksville 49 M. and M. 58 Caldwell 55 New Lexington 71 New Concord 69 Glouster 60 Dresden 50 Philo 81 Rosecrans 71 Roekel Co. Zanesville, Ohio BA KETBALL RESERVES X Front Roux' joe Ridenour-40, Carl Huston-44, Ellis Miller-33, Sandy Smith-55. Bark Roux' Mr. Vernon Leuck--Coach, Truman Stoneburner-60, Charles Garrett-77, Larry King- 88, Colin Kirkbride-50, Bill Heim-Manager. WE 40 Rosecrans 47 Crooksville 54 M. and M. 44 Caldwell 31 New Lexington 45 S. Zanesville 48 New Concord 47 Glenford 30 Dresden 36 Philo COTD -- Overrime Sweirzer Paint Sz Hclw. Zanesville, Ohio THEY 49 40 45 30 37 40 46 56 38 49 SCHEDULE WE THEY 33 Crooksville 29 COT? 36 M. and M. 37 49 Caldwell 37 48 New Iiexingron 41 47 New Concord 40 40 Glousrer 37 33 Dresden 31 COTY 26 Philo 43 35 Rosecrans 32 33 Glousrer 31 Bryan Feed Service Lefflers Drug Store So. Zanesville, Ohio ZHIICSVUIC, Ohio BA KETBALL JUNIOR VARSITY W E V, O. t, TM.. From Row: L. to R. Bill Law, Russell Carr, jim Crescente, Nathan Wahl, Keith Smith, Roger Russell. Back Row: L. lo R. Bob Harper, Mgr., Marvin Wilson, Fred Shaw, Alvin Taylor, Bob Van Wev, Roger Ditter, Benny Myers, Gordon Lane, Mr. Robert Russell-Coach. Talley and Zulandt Scotts.Nut Shop Necchi Sewing Circle 631 Main Street MKII? Street ' 230 Main St. Zanesville, Ohio ZHUCSVIUC, 01110 Zanesville, Ohio HOMECOMl G QUEE PAULA MAXWELL Portraiture Studios 32696 Main St. Zanesville, Ohio JUNIOR ATTENDANT JOAN BRUMAGI2 SENIOR ATTENDANT THELMA THARP SOPHOMORE ATTENDANT KAY EVELAN D FRESHMAN ATTENDANT SHIRLEY KOEHLER HOMECOMl G SNAPS 19' rex ""v,. ""!Py'u.. S i Q ,XQ- i .1 Ove.-. . , I Finlaw Sawmill Frank A. Leone, Realtor Pitcock's Hwd. 8: Furn. Box 578 51-N. Fifth Street Crooksville, Ohio So. Zanesville, Zanesyille, Ohio Ohio HOMECUMI G AP , O if . x . X ,i V A Bills Allens Appliance Diamond Pottery Corp. Fowler-Bolin China Crooksville, Ohio Crooksville, Ohio Zanesville, Ohio CHEERLEADER VAR ITY Left zo right: Clara Savage, Kay Savage, Dixie Short, Shirley Savage Left to right: Bernadette Stuck, Kay Evelan. Neff Oil Company Young 6: Lewis Sunoco Wigton-Bailey Inc. Crooksville, Ohio Crooksville, Ohio New Lexington-Crooksville CHEERLEADER JUNHJR VAR ITY From ruuw Linda Shields, Sue Maxwell. Back mu : Sharon Barger, Rita Lynn Snaps of the Cheerleaders 1 - .W , f Q' Q Q, ' P leiiln-QNW1 um 1 - fs: f lf f N f A .ks . . .Q .. . 'Sl Q A J, X "' S lx? ,NL -X SIC s 04. I XX Fred Shaw, Charles Wood 4 I .4 O C. Stroup Chorus-Band LURA MARGARET RICKS Cheerleaders Majorctrcs Maryart Products Sherman-Williams Davy Parking Lot Roseville, Ohio Zanesville, Ohio Zanesville, Ohio USIC 1"1'ril Roux' Left to Right: Sue Ellen Ungemaah, Sandra Lynn, Virginia Musser, Donna Kane, Dorothy Dozer, june Inman, joy Inman, Sharon Barger, Sondra Barker, Charlotte Wentworth, Janice Blauser. Second Row: Trena Kinnan, Vesta Marshall, Clara Savage, Mary Canady, Karen Aiken, Karen Moody, Madonna Wilson, Carol Riley, Brenda Eveland, Carol Sue Bush, janet Susa, Ronald Payton, David Ashford, Betty Kern, Mary Spring, Carla Bishop. Third' Roux' Roger Stigler, Kay Wolfe, Sue Maxwell, Linda Shields, Nathalie Nehinger, Phyllis Kinnan, Marlene Zink, Marlene Wolfe, Mildred Dozer, Sharon Eveland, Danny Divgkcn, Kenneth Bagent, Mr. Stroup. Fourfb Roux' Donald Kuhn, Charles Vifood, Miriam Sowers, Zola Gheen, Meris Drake, Susan Watt, Gene Thompson, Charles Rognon, Elmer Pride, Rex Sagle, Paul XVhetstone, David Sanford. Roger Ditter, Fred Shaw. Y V Y rf? K . - X Lf!! D Q 313335 5 I - -- Wg' .4'wa.' N W it b. is X X 5 V. . fi ,ii ii gill i A 'Z ',F5-Sf . .4 is - 1, 5. , : , A? Ne: A . im a -Q" 1 ' X ' ' v on--1 3 x L 4' 'V l . X Q 5 'ng ' , ' - ' 1 ,Q i Q:if, J ff - ,,-xox' 1 't. .5 'gba ,fx 'K .at ,. 9 .f K A .R W L3 ' .N ' i The Union Store Moody's Sohio Station Zanesville Publishing 326 Main Street Phone 77394 Southeastern Ohio's Z21flC5VillC'. Ohi0 Roseville, Ohio Leading Newspapers. USIC Fi-rl Roux' Karen Aiken, Phyllis Kinnan, Betty Law, Miriam Sowers, Barbara Davis, Roxanna Fleming, Coleen Kirkhride, janice Blauser, Roberta Rucker, Parry McGee, Charlotte Vifentworth. Surrnzd Roux' Mary jane Veno, Madonna Wilson, Carol Riley, Mary Canarly, Jeannine Moore, Nancy Neff, Miltlretl Dozer, Meris Drake, Betty Kern, Shirley Bailey. Tbmf Roux' Roger Stigler, Eddie Lambert, Mae Pettit, Shirley Savage, Marlene Zink, Susan Wiitt, Lois Allen, Carol Buckley, Sarah Sharkey, Rosetta McConnell, Wfavelyn Emory, Mr. Stroup, Ifourlh Rliffl Donalil Kuhn, Rex Sagle, David Laughlin, Bill Good, Kenneth Bagent, Gene Thomp- son, Charles Rognon, Alan Dozer, Paul Whetstone, Robert Harper. jerry Hoffner Studio Pioneer Music Shop Steed Music Srudio Piano, Organ, Accordion 29 N. Fifth St. 6 SO. Fifth Street 44 Main St. Zanesville, Ohio Za1f1f'Svill6, Ohio So. Zanesville, Ohio DRUM MAJORETTE SUSAN WIATT Watt Pqgtery Company Rqseville Federal Crooksville, Ohio Savmgs and Loan MAJURETTE Akvv -,...Mt,.t i k I U- .t , 7 T v ,, ,M .,.,1 g, , Left to right: Madonna Wilson, Paula Maxwell, Janet Neff, Sue Watt, Lucille Lampros, Florence Young, joan Brumage Future Majorettes ?? OPdYke Bmfled G35 CO- jack Worstall Auto Coffey Realtors SO- Zanesville, 01110 Glass Service 41 S. Fifth Street R4 F- D- 2 Avondale 718 Mariette St. Zanesville, Ohio Phone 92 348 Zanesville, Ohio R0 ETTE TAFF "--T..." un 7,77 Senior Staff Co-Ed's junior Staff AMS Sophomore Staff Editorial Staff Geniuses at work! 'N U, Ibn? Side Kick and the BOSS! ,N Z-L f Betty after the Book went to press Watch the errors? Zane Lincoln, Mercury Co. jim 8: Lou's Gen. Store 170 S. 6th, Zanesville, O. Cannellville, Ohio Phone 77156 'M S Don't smear the ink! Hull Pottery Co. Crooksville, O. JU l0R RED CRUSS Fir!! Row: Left I0 Right: Mary Canady, Sally Brown, Carol Sue Bush, Gletta Ferguson, Merlyn Elson, Marvis Thompson, Janet Neff, Susan Watt, Mary Ann Robison, Elaine Sowers, Bernadette Stuck Second Raw: jimmie Woodward, Eleanor Kokensparger, Mary jane Veno, Allen Dozer, David Sanford, Donald Kuhn, Paul Whetstone, Elmer Pride, Nancy Koble, Bernice Chrisley, Miss Clark. Third Roux' John Snell, Leonard Anderson, john McLaughlin, Kenneth T. Moody, john Fogelsong, Larry King, Gene Thompson, Roger Robison, jack Sutherland. LBRARY CL B First Row: Left to Righty Roxanna Fleming, Delores Swingle, janet Neff, Betty Law, Jeannine Moore, Kay Savage, Meris Drake, Carol Chrisley, Leanna Wiseman. Serond Row: Paula Maxwell, Madonna Wilson, Miriam Sowers, Mary Jane Ridenour, Florence gloulng, Thelma Tharp, Sondra Barker, Grace McConnell Shirley Barker, Marilyn Wagstaff, Miss ar . Snell Phafmafl' Starrs--"The Best Place To Wiseman Dairy Roseville, Ohio Shop Afterall" Crooksville, Ohio Zanesville, Ohio PRINCE OF PEACE 1 L, Q , tr. , i Q i, , L,..,...f,.--A -- - mf"-"W he M' 'A ' A 'L 'L' 5 - ,f , eg ,W MM-.. ..r-.,,.,...r E.,,x . 1 -A L L- Firit Roux' Luft to Right: Mildred Dozer, Karen Aiken, Shirley Gilmore, Norma Malfe, julia Hansen Sefofzzl Roux' Susan Watt, David Laughlin, Richard Woods, Rex Sagle, Gene Thompson, Brenda Eveland, Bonnia Langley. I SPEAK FOR DEMOCRACY ,,.,,,. ,Ns C Firrt Row: Left to Righty Mildred Dozer, Laura Lee Cassady, julia Hansen, Madonna Wilson, Zola Gheen. Second Rout Lucille Lampros, Richard Woods, Kenneth Bagent, David Laughlin, Mary jane Ridenour. R0 ETTE Firfl Roux' Left to Right: M. Wilson, T. Tharp, P. Maxwell, J. Wickham, C. Rognon, Ri Chrisley, M. J. Ridenour, J. Hansen, L. Cassatly, B. Davis. Second Row: Left lo Rigby Miss Basnett, B. Evans, L. Blackwood, B. Law, S, Watt, F. Young, M. Baker, G. McCaughey, M. Thompson, M. West. ' Third Roux' Lefl to Rigbf: H, Chambers, L. Karns, T.Stoneburner, P, Crowley, B. Good, J. Deer, B. Stuck. Ohio Fuel Gas Co. Crooksville, Ohio ADVISOR Mutual Federal Savings and Loan Association BETTY JEAN BASNETT Zanesville, Ohio HILITE Fin! Roux' Lefl to Righf: Zola Gheen, Bernie Baldwin, Kenneth Bagent, Sharon Heckel, Shirley Barker, Charles Cassady, Miriam Sowers, Kay Eveland, Jeannine Moore, Sondra Barker, Janice Blauser. Second Roux' Mrs. Worthington, Kay Savage, Mary Axlinc, Lucille Lampros, Merlyn Elson, Mildred Dozer, lanet Neff, Parry Ryland, Gletta Ferguson. Third Roux' Dixie Short, Leanna Wiseman, Grace McConnell, Carole Chrisley, jafk Beall, Victor Duff. DRIVER EDUCATIU Q Left lo Right: Virginia Gallis, Betty Wilson, Betty Yahn, Mary Chesser, Grace McCaughey, Bonnie Sharkey, Shirley Barker, Mary Jane Ridenour, Paula Maxwell, Marcha Truax, Rhonda Williams, Bernie Baldwin, Marlene Carson, Herb Chambers, Gene Probasco, Mr. Dean White. ', F.H.A. ,...,. s . Fint Row: Left to Right: Grace McConnell, Mary jane Veno, Nancy Sindeldecker, Carol Chrisley, Kay Savage, Thelma Tharp, Shirley Barker, Kay Eveland, Betty Law, Barbara Davis, Vesta Marshall, Branda Eveland, Mae Pettit, Sylvia Bash. Second Row: Left to Right: Mrs. Kerchner, Eleanor Kokensparger, Roxanna Fleming, Clara Ann Savage, Bernadette Stuck, Kay Wolfe, Maureen Adams, Marlene Wolfe, Meris Drake, Jeannine Moore, Florence Young, Dixie Short, Creta DeMent, Gletta Ferguson, Barbara Abel, Karla Mauk. Third Row: Left to Right: Mary Canacly, Carol Riley, Karen Aiken, Phyllis Adams, Marlene Zink, Shirley Savage, Rosetta McConnell, Colleen Kirkbride, Bernice Chrisley, Edith Lauder, Bonnie Sharkey, Camille Staley, Nancy Bowden. Fourth Row: Left to Righty Merlyn Elson, Sharma Anders, Nancy Heff, Sarah Sharlcey, Wavelyn Emory, Betty Kern, Donna Dilts, Luada Snyder, Delores Ditter, Shirley Koehler, Bernice Baldwin, Shirley Gilmore, Judy Eversole, Betty Yahn, Mary Chesser, Pat Stephenson. Elhot Lumber Co. Conn's Potato Chips Wwdwards Groc 8: Service Cmoksvllle, Ohio Zanesville, Ohio Station, Rosevrlle Ohio BOOSTERS Jane Lee Floyd Sagle Shoe Repair Beauty Nook Morrison Leather Bessers Garage Weavers Gas Service Inmans Garage W. I. Tycer Pottery Kresge Weavers Corset Shop jack Cohen Greiners Flowers Book Friends McDowe1ls Spot Restaurant Best Jewelers Devines Prescription Frank Cooper Groffs Studio Winn Gift Shoppe Ediths-Crooksville Hankinson Grocery jack Sprat Food Sowers Grocery Curls Barber Shop Singer Hardware Alpine Tannahill Market aw-rn-'rw' Q., L- L l ,- ' F , .,,e V . . ,Y-1 .. 3.z.r'QF5' Jvc.. V .K 1 Y x r 1: 4' 'L x .Ps A a ,. rv , :il ff if 117 I

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