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E M055 ff V " P JF 7adLfeafQaf4Ze14fM PAGE Life at R. H. S. - 3 Letters to Editor - - 4 Rosette Readers - 5 Foreword - - 6 Dedication - - 7 Faculty - - 8-10 Seniors - - - 11-19 Senior Class Poem - - 19 Class Prophecy - 20-21 Class Will - - - 22-24 Senior Activities - - 25 Valedictorian Address - - 26 Baccalaureate - - - - 27 Commencement ----- 28 Under-classmen Clntroductionj - 29 Junior Class ------ 30-31 Junior Activities - - 32 Sophomore 'Class - - - - 33-34 Freshman 'Class ----- 35-36 Freshman and Sophomore Activities - 37 School Activities ----- 38 Activity Life Clntroductionb - - 39 Junior Red Cross - - - - 40 Hilites - - - 41 Library Club - - 42 F. H. A. - - - 43 Varsity Pt - - 44 Choruses - - 45 Majorettes - - 46 Band - - - - 47 Cheerleaders - - 48 Rosette - - - 4-9-50 Queens Donna Roberts - - 51 Jone Watt - - - 52 Jean Williams - 53 Nancy Williams - - 54 Paula Maxwell - 55 Homecoming - - - 56 Sports - - - - 57-64 Football - - - 57-62 Basketball - - - - 62-64 Advertisements - 65 FOUR v Jeiiwefiaiheiizim. Dear Editor, In reference to your year book, I wish to comment that I liked it very much. However, I think that it could be greatly improved by putting a better cover on it. Twila Sagle Dear Editor, More pictures of assemblies, classes, halls, and the kids out on the school grounds. It would make our annual more interesting and help parents to know what kind of a school we have. Thelma Tharp and Shirley Barker Dear Editor, I read your last year's annual, and I think it could be greatly improved by having more cooperation of 'the various business places in the advertisement. ' Bernard Sowers Dear Editor, More and more pictures - less reading material. How about individuals of lower classes, as well as the seniors. Marvin F olden Dear Editor, The pictures were fine, but who did the write-ups? Didn't sound like a student's language. Bill Rider Dear Editor, The lay-out of the book was unique. Liked the big pictures introducing each sec- tion. Mary Carr Dear Editor, Didn't like the book. Too many of the same people in it. Anonymous I 8 Of Padma Is this the lima' lo xp1'r1r1' f2I.H1.0II.S' lII0l'l'.'9 Qcadeffe Smpfi 714 Qemfew Tin' ullllllllfllv glmzn' T110 url of prizvlfely l'fIfl'l'fl1iIII.I1g HUl7f'f"1ffHf""f'1!I"- 011019 svlf. J 11'lX'l 615 SIX As the thirteenth edition of the Rosette makes its debut, we, the staff of 1950, hope that the student body, the faculty, and Lhe Roseville fans will find in its pages the inspiration which will keep them solidly behind the high school activities of the coming years. The pupils of R. H. S. have appreciated tho wholeheartedness with which the ardent fans have watched the Ramblers win the lVI. V. L. football championship this year, and cheered the basketball team as it entered the semi- finals of the County Basketball Tournament. It is this feeling of backing from our rooters which has created an ever hopeful spirit in the student body which will never perish. We feel sure that next year's athletic program will gain new favor by our ability to accommodate all of our ardent fans in the new stadium, a dream being fulfilled by the generous response -of the townspeople to our appeal for a bond issue to finance this project. With the issuing of this year's annual, the time is approaching when the minds of the class of '50 are centered on the long awaited event - gradua- tion! In this book you will find those cherished memories which the seniors must now leave behind them as they try to find their places along the path cf life. The Rosette staff members offer this book as their final project for the year. In it, they have recorded the various events and activities which have made this an eventful year of high school. It is their aim, as it is the aim of every publishing staff, to leave this anual as a fitting memorial to the later classes. ,?1 I MH. ROBERT REGI'I,A We. the Pmosefttf' staff. wish lo dedicate this 21111111111 to N112 Robvrl IRUglliEl. our Sllpf'l'illil'I He has done il fine job in his first your and has given us 11111011 Co-opvrzilimi. XVQ- hopv he will stay with our school as long as possible. liilxlll. lililf, SEVEN 5-Gwliy 'Wav MISS CARTER We Look what Santa brought her MRS, KERCHNER -- neat White uniform in - - loves those seniors greatest ambition is tO which she teaches class. Wives from her V if for have quieter study halls. our boys. MR. BUCK Where are those detention slips? Don't tell us he doesn't have them. MISS CLARK Has spent the most years on the faculty. Won't tell her age, but we can guess. EIGHT MRS. LEADERS - Assistant Junior teacher. Hear those keys clicking. Beware of that grey "49" Chevie. Wwwllq 'f5"'h?' MR. LO PRESTI A Is seen often with whistle in MR. RUSSELL Now, do you understand? hand. My, have the boys gotten so fast he has Loves his physics class! Coach ot' our Junior to buy a whistle to stop them? varsity. 1,3 " .css . Y Q y W . . 'Q 1:5 N Hs b e - 'ki - Qtvx.. . MR. STROUP Keep an eye on this man. Who knows, he may be a famous rider - someday. One of his pet ayersions is "jazz." MISS RANSBOTTOM - The Rosette adviser. MR. CURL Roseyille's Joe Dimaggio. Windy's Loves to ride with the top down on her Con- pal. The girls still have their eye on him sinee vertible. If you hear something clicking up the he's the only young, unmarried male in the build- halls, it's only Nancy in her spikes. ing. NINE 460054 3 1 MISS RICKS Instructor of the snappy major- ettes. What's that commotion? Only Ricks and her cheerleaders on a new Cheer. MISS HANES If you see her with globe or some maps in her hands she's not leayingg it's just material for Junior High geography. MRS. WISEMAN -f If you smell anything burn- ing, it's just the new wife learning to cook. Shc's also our secretary. TEN .1ga1 ?"X4' sI MR. SMITH Coach of the champion M. V. L. Ramblers. You think he is chubby! You should see him in one of those football uniforms. MRS. MADDOX Typical mother of the faculty as well as of her family. MR. KING The wonderful housekeeper of R. H. S. Is often seen with broom and dust cloth in hand. 5 . adm liven though we were sent to school to learn something. we have hull our lun. Remember the NI. V. L. C9l9lJI'illlOIl Y the Class Plays f X ariely Shows ff Square Dances. Aml to turn the tables there were f Every Pupil Tests - SCl10lilI'Slllp 'll-sts f - Detention Slips f- Excuses. Excuses mul Nlore Excuses ---- RENIEKIBEFU Y l F l ELEVEN PREXY BERNARD VICE-PREXY TOM Co-captains of the class as well as the team. On a bright September morning in 194-6, sixty-eight students knocked on the door of R. H. S. They were admitted and escorted 'to their home room by the mighty seniors. The idea of being in high school and the fear of initia- tion were enough to keep this class busy throughout the year. We were guided that year by Mr. Lo Presti. We started our year with the following offirers: Marge Williams is the competent secretary for Elizabeth Glass is the money-holder of the class the class. Very handy with the needle and thread She forms a vital part of the senior clarinet quar as well as the books. tet. TWELVE sam ew straw, WM Tom Sagle, president, Eugene Daniels, vice-president, Lena Smith, secretary, and James Way, treasurer. Having survived our freshman year, we took another step toward our goal. This time we were enrolled as sophomores. We chose as officers: Barbara Tharp, president, Ray Wallace, vice-president, Donna R-oberts, secretary, and Bill Ridenour, treasurer. We held a 6'Royalty Dance" with Barbara Tharp and Don Savage reigning as queen and king. During this year we were under the leadership of Mr. Buck. Our junior year started with a bang! Miss Clark was our supervisor. We elected Bernard Sowers, president, Bill Ridenour, vice-president, Donna Roberts, secretary, and Marge Williams, treasurer. We had many projects which included the sale of schedule pencils and magazines. The proceeds from these were used as the financial backing for our annual "Junior-Senior Promu. We chose our mascot, a little dog, who was named 4'Shmoo". We also gave our Variety Show and Class Play in which all the members of the class participated. At last we have reached our long determined goal as seniors under the leadership of Miss Alice Carter. At our first class meeting vve chose the follow- ing officers: Bernard Sovvers, president, Tom Sagle, vice-president, Marjorie Williams, secretary, and Elizabeth Glass, treasurer. With the senior class trip in mind, we started in on our money-making projects and discussed the usual things such as pictures, caps and gowns, invitations, and graduation activities. Our Homecoming Queen was Miss Donna Roberts and her senior attendant was Miss Jone Watt. The heroes of the freshman class of 194-6, Tom Sagle and Bernard Sowers, became the men of the hour as the co-captains of the football team. Our class has been well represented in band, sports, cheerleading, and clubs. Now, as we leave Roseville High School, we leave our empty room and polished seats to the juniors in hopes that they can fill them as Well as we did. THIRTEEN MARY KATHRYN CARR "Katie" Grover Cleveland 1 Hilites 3, 4 Rosette 4 Variety Show 3 Class Prophecy 4 Class Play 4 DONNA JEAN CLARK Lash High School 1 2 Variety Show 3 Assembly 3 Class Play 4 EUGENE DANIELS "Gene" Vice-Pres. 1 Football 1, 2, 3 Variety Show 3 Varsity "R" 4 MARY GHEEN Junior Variety Show 3 FOURTEEN SUE CARRELL Junior Variety Show Assembly 3 Glee Club 1 New Lexington 2 ELDA CLAYTON Variety Show 3 MANA EMBREY Glee Club 1 Hilites 3, 4 F. H. A. Vice Pres. 3 Jr. Variety Show DONNA JEAN GILL "Donner" F. H. A. 1, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2 Variety Show 3 c4wgwpx.1 fig -m :calf we as ELIZABETH ANN GLASS ul'-libbyn Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 2, 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Girls' Ensemble 2 Rosette Staff 3, 4 Class Treasurer 4 Band Sec'y-Treas. 3 Variety Show 2, 3 Class Play 3 LOWELL HARLAN Jr. Variety Show BONITA LOTERBAUGH llLucyP! Glee Club 1 F. H. A. 3, 4 Variety Show 3 Class Play 3 BONNIE JEAN MEADOWS "Jean" F. H. A. Jr. Variety Show L 4 5 4 ROBERT GOODLIVE I lB0bl 1 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Varsity R 4 Class Play 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Variety Show 3, 4 Hilites 4 WILMA JOHNSON "Johnnie" Zanesville High 1, 2 Variety Show 3 EDITH MAULLER "Tood1es" F. H. A. 1, 3, 4 Variety Show 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Hilites 4 BARBARA J. MILLER "Bobbie" Library 1, 2, 3, 4 Rosette 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. 1 Hilites 4 Class Play 3 Variety Show 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls Ensemble 3, 4 FIFTEEN BETTY MURPHY ..Murf., Glee Club 3, 4 F. H. A. 1 Variety Show 3 DONNA PEMBERTON Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Hilites Staff 2, 3, 4 Hilites Editor 4 Variety Show 3 MARGARET ANNA RADER Band 1, 2, 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Library Club 2, 3, 4 Clarinet Quartet 3 Variety Show 3 F. H. A. 1 MILDRED MAE RIDGLEY s4Midgev1 Glee Club 1 Variety Show 3 F. H. A. Sec'y 3 Hilites 4 SIXTEEN I. , -..,7,,..,,.,, . 734' "T7F'?7' i'f:4 , 4.4 Www BARBARA NORRIS "Norris" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Variety Show 3 F. H. A. 1 Class Play 3, 4 Variety Show 2 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, HERBERT PETTIT A iHerb! I Class Play 9, 4 Variety Show 3 Baseball 1 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Red Cross 3 GEORGE W. RIDENOUR "Bill" Varsity "R" 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2 Variety Show 3 Assembly 1, 2, 3 Class Play 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Treasurer 2 JAMES RILEY ...Hmm Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball Mgr. 3, 4 Varsity "R" 4 Jr. Variety Show ,Sv 4 DONNA ROBERTS uporkyn Class Sec'y 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Rosette 3, 4 Class Play 3 Red Cross Council 3, 4 Library Club 3, 4 Homecoming Att. 3 Homecoming Queen 4 TOM SAGLE 4 lwaxyn Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Football Captain 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2 Rosette 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Class Pres. 1 Vice Pres. 4 DONNA SKINNER "Donnie" Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 3 Hilites 4 Variety Show 3 Class Play 3 EDNA MAE SPRING "Mazie" Glee Club 1, 2 Variety Show 3 F. H. A. 1 MARJORIE ROBERTS l1Margevn Band 1. 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 3 Variety Show 3 Hilites 4 Rosette 4 Clarinet Quartet 4 Valedictorian DONALD SAVAGE t'Don" Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Rosette 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Varsity R 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Variety Show 3, 4 Basketball Capt. 4 BERNARD SOWERS llTankY7 Football' 1, 2, 3, 4 Co-Capt. 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1 2 Class Pres. 3, 4 Variety Show 3 Class Play 3, 4 Varsity R. 2, 3, 4 JUNE SWINGLE "Junie" Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Clee Club 1, 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. 1 Hilites 4 Class Play 3 Variety Show 3 Clarinet Quartet 4 Prince of Peace 3 SEVENTEEN THETA HOPE TATMAN 1"redi" Band 1 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Library 2, 3, 4 Hilites 1, 2, 3 4 Rosette 4 F. H. A. 4 Variety Show 3 Class Play 3 Girls' Ensemble 1, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 DONNA WALCHAK "Red" Variety Show 3 JONE MALINDA WATT F. H. A. 1 Band 1, 2 Majorette 1, 2 Hilites 1, 2, 3, 4 Variety Show 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Ensemble 1, 4 Homecoming Att. 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2 3, 4 VERGIN A WEAVER HJERIIH Variety Show 3 Prince of Peace EIGHTE EN wt 1,4 - .BM - w 1 ' 4 .., BARBARA A. THARP Mixed Chorus 3, 4 F. H. A. 1 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Majorette 2, 3 Hilites 4 Rosette 3, 4 Red Cross 3, 4 Variety Show 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Class Pres. 2 RAY WALLACE Band 1 Football Mgr. 2 Basketball Mgr. 2 Baseball Mgr. 2 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Football 3, 4 Varsity R 3, 4 Red Cross 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Class Play 4 JAMES WILLIAM WAY Basketball 1 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Varsity R. 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Variety Show 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2 Hilites 4 Red Cross 3, 4 Class Treas. 1 HAROLD WHETSTONE upeten Variety Show 3 Assembly 3 it 11 MARJORIE WILLIAMS "Lolly F. H. A. 1, 3, 4 Library 2, 3, 4 Rosette 4 Hilites 2 Class Officer 3, 4 Variety Show 3, 4 Band 1 Class Play 3, 4 Glee Club 1 Majorette 3 Gleaef paem "THE CLOCK OF LIFEH Let us turn back the clock of life, To just four years ago, Try to recall the things we did, Before we have to go. Did we accomplish what we should? Did we work with a will? Placing no faith in the coming day, For the clock might then be still. We know there were tasks we neglected, We know we were often wrong, But everyone fails sometime, No matter how weak or how strong. So the hours ticked by and the time has come, For our class to say goodbye, But much of the success we ever gain We'll attribute to Roseville High. -MILDRED RIDGLEY , ,, SUE JANE WILLIAMS "Susie" Band 1, 3, 4 Majorette 3, 4 Variety Show 3 Junior Class Play 3 MARY WISEMAN uMax.yn Glee Club 1 Library 3, 4 Junior Red Cross 3 4 Class Play 3, 4 Variety Show 3 NINETEEN TWENTY Uma P The Senior Class of 1950 is having its class reunion this fourth day of July, 1970. Bernard Sowers, the former class president, is presiding over this group. He is now the coach of the Cleveland Browns. First, we see Harold Whetstone, now the Superintendent of the Muskingum County Schools. He is followed by Bill and Barbara Ridenour who have just flown here from their thousand-acre cattle ranch in Utah. Here comes the nurse corps. Yes, it's Mary Wiseman and Mildred Ridgley in their white nurses' uniforms. They are all prepared to take care of any casualties 'that might occur throughout the day. My goodness, I hardly knew the stylish Marjorie Williams, but, of course, she is now a model for Messieur Herb de Pettie, the well-known French dress designer. Here comes Charles Harlan, now an .automobile dealer, with his girl friend, Edna Spring, who is now a florist. We regretted very much to hear that Tom Sagle couldn't be present, but he is busy helping his wife, Sally, fill prescriptions. Donna Pemberton, editor of "Holiday" magazine, has promised everyone a free subscription to it. Barbara Norris, who runs a correspondence course on NHow To Keep Your Husband", is also unable to attend because her hus- band, Bob, has been missing for five days. Now here we see Donna Roberts who has written a well-known book, L'How To Publish An Annual". Bonita Loterbaugh, the well- known television queen, has just purchased a banana plantation in Cuba. Ray Wallace is now arriving. With him is part of his all-girl orchestra, mainly, Marjorie Roberts, June Swingle, and Elizabeth Glass. My, what a good looking set of womanhood. We now see Mrs. Bill Fountain, formerly Margaret Rader, and Mrs. Bob Jenkins, nee Sue Williams. We know that you have all heard of Jim Way, the radio comedian. Well, today, he is really telling his jokes to every- one, including Vergina Weaver's baby. Donna Walchak and Donna Gill are helping out with the refreshments since both are waitresses at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. I think I see - yes, it is Mana Embrey. She is the first woman Secretary of the United States. Believe it or not! Speaking of politics, here comes Mayor Jim Riley of Roseville. By the way, Roseville won the football league this year with the help of their coach, Gene Daniels. I was just talking to Katie Carr. She is working her way up in politics by scrubbing floors in the White House. The former Jone Watt, now Mrs. Allen Pitcock, has just arrived with her twins. She is the general manager of the largest hardware store in America. Here come our two French entertainers, Theta 'LMIMIH Tatman and Barbara UF IF I" Miller. They have been singing at the Cafe de Paris on the Riviera for the last six months. If anyone wants a new hairdo, go to the famous Bonnie Meadows .and she will do wonders for you. The well-known rodeo rider and queen, Sue Sarrell, hit town last week with her band of fifty horses. Donna Clark, who arrived a short time ago, is the head of the largest woolen mill factory in the world. Our movie actress, Elda Clayton, just drove up in her long, black limousine. And now I see com- ing my way, the girl who gives everyone a thrill with her murder stories, none other than Mary Gheen. Wilma Johnson is the star trapeze artist in the Edith "Toodles" Mauller circus. They have animals, too. For any of you girls who need to lose a little weight, here and there, just visit. Betty Murphy's reducing salon. She is quite an expert, you know. Well, here comes someone-that we almost missed, Nliss Donna Skinner, who is now Dean of Girls' Industrial School at Marysville. Our last one to arrive, as you might know, is the mortician, Bob Goodlive. He wishes to extend an invitation to anyone who cares to visit him before it's too late. This has been a perfect day for the reunion of the class of 1950, and everyone has enjoyed himself immensely. Many of us took up professions of which we had never dreamed, but I guess that we all turned out as well as could be expected. By JONE WATT AND KATIE CARR A Friendly Gel-Togeilzer TWENTY ONE Glam Will We, the members of the Senior Class of 1950 of Roseville High School, being of sound minds, do hereby make public and declare this our last will and testament in the following manner: ARTICLE I To the class of '53, we leave three more years of solitary confinement. To the class of l52, we leave the hope that Bob Ball ldoesn't drive you crazy. To the class of '51, we leave Miss Carter. Heaven help you. ARTICLE II To Mr. Buck we leave a pack of blood-hounds for tracking down delin- quent students. To Mr. Begula we leave the inalienable right to entertain unruly seniors in the privacy of his office. To Alice Carter we leave the terrible thought that we won't be here next year. To Lola Clark we leave a box of pencils and a pair of new elbows to rub. To Nancy Ransbottom we lave the hotdogs and buns for next yearls games. To Mike Lo Presti we leave another smudge pot. To Bill Curl we leave a gas pipe. To Bob Russell we leave the thought that he won't have such great physicists next year. To Red Smith we leave a quarterback who can think, a tackle with killer instincts, an end with glue on his fingers, and a team that has as clean minds as we had. To Grace Kershner we leave a lot of potato peelings and bones to replace those which she has thrown away in the past year. To Geneva Leaders we leave bookkeeping workbooks to try to balance. We know that you canlt. To Vern King we leave the paper wads and erasers that he has picked up in the past year. But only those which we "Seniors" threw. ARTI'CLE III To the school we bequeath the following: A few worn out erasers. The memories of having the privilege of teaching our class. Our portraits in the study hall. Our books, papers, pencils, and numerous other things which enabled us to graduate as the smartest class to ever roam the halls of R. H. S. TWENTY-T WO ARTICLE IV Theta Tatman, will my curly hair to Creta DeMent. Barbara Miller, will my height to Charlie'Cassady. Ray Wallace, will my ability to date four girls in one week to Nelson Melick in hopes that he has a stronger constitution than I have. Jone Watt, will my ability to never be without a boyfriend to Paula Max- well. June Swingle, will my girdle 'to Marlene Carson. Harold Whetstone, leave my good looks and a way with women to Marvin Folden. Mana Embrey, will my cheerful ways to Mr. Buck. Mildred Bidgley, will my giggles to Glenna Embrey. Donna Gill, will my class ring to Dick Claypool. Jim Riley, will my detention slips to David Crowder. Donna Jean Clark, will my ability to talk in study hall to Mary Jane Shaw. Mary Carr, leave my English scholarship test to Mis-s Ransbottom. Mary Wiseman, leave m 'Presidency of 'the Library Club to anyone who has a great love for books. Gene Daniels, will my ability to cut corn with a shotgun to Terry Staley. Mary Gheen, will my red hair to Marvin Moody. Vergina Weaver, will my part in the Prince of Peace Contest to Kenny Bagent. Sue Carrell, will my long ride on the school bus to Zola Gheen. ' Charlie Harlan, will my parking space on the school ground to Mr. Buck. 'Betty Murphy, will my figure to Nancy Carrell. Edna Spring, will my nerve to ride with Charlie Harlan to anyone with nerve enough to try it. Margaret Rader, will my ability to get engaged to Ann Lenhart. Herb Pettit, will my car to Dayle Browning. He needs it. Elizabeth Glass, will my ability to have two boy friends to Carolyn Miller. Barbara Norris, will my bookkeeping workbook to anyone fool enough to take it. Sue Williams, will my ability to get a boyfriend with a good car to Creta Sayre. Don Savage, will my knack of skipping classes to Dick Dollings. Elda Clayton, will my teeth to Earl Bruce. Wilma Johnson, will my calmness to David Inman. Bill Ridenour, will just leave on my honeymoon. Barbara Tharp, will just go along with him. Bonita Loterbaugh, will my make-up to Jeanine Moore. Tom Sagle, will just leave. TWENTY THREE I, Edith Mauller, will my good humor and backing of the team to Fairy Lloyd. I, Donna Skinner, will my cheerleading tights to next yefar's cheer-leader. I, Jim Wray, will my ability not to be tempted by the girls to Jerry Rider. I, lVIarj-orie Williams, will my title as sweater girl to Betty Harper. I, Donna Walchak, will my ability to miss school to Dickie Taylor. I, Bob Goodlive, will my euchre playing ability to Bob Ball. I, Donna Roberts, will my ability to miss school to Bill Callihan. I, Donna Pemberton, will my editorship of the Hilites to 'Carol Campbell. I, Bernard Sowers, will my job as class president to anyone foolish enough to be elected. I, Marjorie Roberts, will my ability to play first clarinet to Barbara Ditter. I, Bonnie Meadiows, will my government book to Jerald Bruce with the knowl- edge that nothing has been taken or learned from it. ARTICLE V On the last day of the 1950 school life, the entire class bequeaths bushels of maple leaves to all the teachers. On this day, the Senior Class did a very extraordinary thing. It mobbed Father Time, stole his scythe, and chased him up a tree. There, high on a limb, sits the Senior Class scribbling memories on each leaf and dropping them one by one, only to find, as they flutter to the ground, the run-down looking teachers. To the Athens Insane Asylum we bequeath any teacher that has not been able to withstand our terrible onslaught. ARTICLE VI Signed, published, and declared by the above Senior Class as and for its last will and testament, in the presence of Shelton, Chemicals, Kilroy, and us who in its presence and at its request has hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses. Bon GOODLIVE .TIM WAY TOM SAGLE TWENTY-FOUR. Fllflmpgf Voir? of IJ6'fIlOFI'II!',1' .welody Tinu' Fl1l'l'Sll7lIlS Joy Ff1l'l1l'V Tffllf' TWENTY-F1x'xN lr I W MIDDLE GROUND - 1950 Parents, Faculty, Board of Education, and Friends: At this time of year, all over the United States, thousands of high school seniors are assembled for their commencement exercises. Not only is 'this true this year, but it has been true for many years. But, we, the Class of 1950, feel that we hold va unique position as we wait to receive our diplomas tonight. I say a unique position because we are standing in umiddle ground"-in other words, the middle of the century. , Within the first half of the century, many events of great importance influenced our way of living. Inventions s.uch as the airplane and the atomic bomb were of primary importance in winning the second world war. The construction of modern machinery has led to better organized industry. Tele- vision has brought the world to our door-step. Having been taught that the majority of successful people of the future will be graduates of high schools similar to this, it is logical for us to assume that the accomplishments. and problems of the next fifty years will depend largely upon the classes of 1950 and upon other graduating classes of the near future. More than ever before, men are coming to realize the need for an education in order to cope with the problems that face them. One of the most important problems at the present time is the question of how to preserve world peace. It is now believed 'that world peace can. be maintained only through the education of the people. In the homes, schools, and churches throughout America, steps have been taken toward abolishing hatred and prejudice in the heart of the individual. For example, American colleges and universities have inaugurated the policy of sending American students to foreign countries, and foreign students to America, in order that the various countries of the world will have a better understanding of each other. This carries out the belief that, in order to understand a person, we must become familiar with his habits and customs. If the idea that Mall men are created equal" is continued to be 'taught in the homes, schools, and churches, perhaps, someday, we will have a truly democratic way of living. Democracy leads to co-operation - co-operation, to world peace. The members of this class are well aware of the responsibilities which will face them in the future. Not only is the Class of 1950 graduating in the middle of the century, but also in the midst of a great world wide problem. We are truly standing in "middle ground." What will our part be? -MARJORIE ROBERTS TWENTY-SIX :wig B Prelude-Organ Processional-Organ Invocation - Song-"My Taskl'-Fl. I.. ASI-worm Scripture Reading Sermon - - Swwce Mrs. Duvall Mrs. Duvall - Reverend Obee Mixed Chorus - Reverend Buchholtz - Reverend Buchholtz Mixed Chorus Song!-"Lord Make Me Strong"-EviLLE-SAMUELSON - - PUHCELL-BRICK Song-"Thou Knowesl, Lord, the Secrets of Our H earts' Benediction - Recessional Postlude-Org-an Mixed Chorus Reverend Dbee lVIrs. Duvall Mrs. Duvall TVVENTY-SEVEN 6 Prelude - R. H. S. Band Processional5"Homage to Youth" - R. H. S. Band Invocation - - Reverend Buchholtz Class History - Theta Tatman "Concertina',-WEBER - Marjorie Roberts Class Poem - Mildred Ridgley Brass Sextet - CASTILLIA - G. E. Holmes Valedictory Marjorie Roberts Presentation of Lamp of Knowledge V - Bernard Sowers Acceptance of Lamp of Knowledge - - Eddie Sterling Remarks - - Robert D. Regula, Superintendent Presentation of Class - W. E. Buck, Principal Presentation of Diplomas - - - W. T. Watts, Pres., Board of Education Benediction - Reverend Buchholtz TWENTY-EIGHT Wales-6 Q KA . 9 A E Listen my rhildren. and you shall hear Of my efperience both far and near. Around this building in times gone by Iyre been chased with paddle held high. Detentions. efeuses. and troubles galore Have come each year more and more. Moments of gladness heaped upon this Have caused me never to want to miss. ADVICE Along u'ith these. if you hare lIf'l'fll'll Your teaeher's adrire. as '1'Ull.l'l' proreezlzvlx You'll grow in knowledge and U.l'pl'I'll'IIl'l'.. too. And then your gains will rome to you. So pay attention and stay in srhool And let this be your standing ruleg For education to school y0ll,I'P Come And don't thinlf it's a plate just for fun. Freshmen, sophomores. and juniors, too. Please heed what I have said to you And in the future you may be A brilliant senior just like me. TWENTY-NINE The well-liked prexy of the junior class is Eddie The handsome vice-prexy who makes a hit with the Sterling. Eddie loves to make speeches- "--- especial- ladies and like Eddie adores making speeches is ly when Miss Clark insists on it. Dayle Browning. 6M Ja Three years ago. on Sept. 4-, 194-7, seventy-six girls and boys reported to Grace Mulligan and John Smith to begin their first year of four in high school. Class officers were chosen as follows: President. Bill Callihan: Vice-President, Max Dilts: Secretary. Gerald Bruce: and Treasurer. Frances Nfankey. We chose as a mascot, a yellow lamb. named "Daisy Junew. Dur- ing the first part of the year came the well remembered day of the Freshmen. It was initia- tion. Many of the class represented us in all school activities. On Sept. 2. 194-8, sixty-seven members returned as sophomores under the leadership of Wayne Buck and Robert Russell. This year's class officers were chosen as follows: President, Dayle Browning: Vice-President. Marlene Aikeng Secretary, Ann Lenhart: and Treasurer, Bill Callihan. An appointed committee selected our class rings. Again our class was represented in many activities. Sixty-two of our sophomore class assembled in room 19 on Sept. 6. 194-9. to begin the junior year. We are very proud of our directors, Miss Clark and Mrs. Leaders. This year. we selected our class colors which are green and white. We have already purchased our class pen- nant. Class officers were elected as follows: President, Eddie Sterling: Vice-President. Dayle Browning: Treasurer, Carol Campbell: and Secretary, Bill Callihan. This year we are trying to build up our treasury, We have sold pencils. magazine subscriptions. etc. We were repre- sented in the High Schol Varsity Show. football, basketball. band. and all other activities. The class selected as the junior attendant for the Homecoming activities. Niiss Jean Ann Williams. As we look back with pride upon the preceding years. we find that we have ac- complished many achievements. and know that in the future we will accomplish many more. The well-known secretary of the class is Bill Cal- The Class Treasurer, that girl with the personality llhan who simply loves to speak French. plus all the money, is Carol Campbell. THIRTY Girls of the .lzmior fwlass Boys of the Junior F1055 THIRTY-ONE Loolf fjfrf? Rffpenf Perfnrmrmfe . ails 'cpcnrffs fwf77077 Kiflsfw ufyllllillg All IJIIIISH WTI! He or WKJIIQI H119 I' I i I R'1'Y-TNVO Known as Jerry. Usualy seen with Mautz. Likes Known as Nancy. Usually seen with Bernard, Sue. to play basketball. He is the class president. Mary Jane, and Paula. Likes football games and music. Vice-president also. 5 glam On September 7th. 194-8. eighty-three freshmen. three rooms of us. enrolled at Rose- ville High School. Our advisers were Mrs. Ram sey. Mr. Curl. and lNlr. Lo Presti. We elected the following class officers: Robert Gamble. presidentg Nellie Rider. vice-presidentg Nancy Williams. secretary-treasurerg and two representatives. Barbara Ditter and Ruth Roberts, Af- ter living through initiation we had a combined hayride and Weiner roast. Seventy-two of us returned for our second year with Mr. Russell and lVIr. Lo Presli being our homeroom teachers. At the first me eting. the following class officers were elected: Jerry Owens. presidentg Nancy Williams, vice- presidentg Johanna Heckel, secretaryg and Barbara Ditter. treasurer. For dues, we decided to pay a quarter a month. Our class is well represented in outside activities. Known as Heckel. Usually seen with Lois and Known as "Barb". Usually seen with Pat and Barb Booty. Likes to talk. Secretary of the class. N. Likes music and football games. Treasurer of the class. THIRTY-THREE Girls of the Sophomore Floss THIRTY-FOUR Boys of the Sophomore Class ,glqjit . .,,..e g Ax fl,-f-.fri 1 X, Q tigwctgt N GRAUIFID' . ,www Known as Paula likes at White Cottage Known as Doc usually seen with Baldwin lives usually seen with Parks or Drake likes to hear at East Fultonham -- fishing is his hobby does- Perry Como sing President of the class. n't like girls Vice-president ol' the class. QQ6 glad Jfdllcwy Un September ti, 1949. seventy-four freshmen. two rooms of us. enrolled at Roseville High School. Our advisers are Miss Ptanshottoni and hir. Curl. VVe elected the following class officers: President. Paula Nlaxwellg Vice President. Charles Cassadyq Secretary and Treasurer. Carl Taylor: and two representatives. Bernie Baldwin and Gene Prohasco. YYe survived initiation with living Colors. Later on we had a combined hay ride and wexner roast. rlhis spring the class and some of the facultv enioved a potluck lunch in the I Home ict-tmtmtit-S room. W e are looking forward to ournext year. Known as Purd ff lives at Known as Taylor tiirts with all the Roseville usualy seen with girls football is his favorite sport anyone f likes to play foot- usually seen with Shipley or Henry ball representative from Mr. always chewing gum in classes Sec- Curl's room. retary-Treas, of the class. Known as Pogo lives at White Cottage usually seen with Kenny and Dave likes to play basketball. Representa- tive from Miss Ranshottonfs room. THIRTY'FIYI-I Girls of the Freshman Class TIIIRTY-SIX Boys of the Freshman Class 'WS .1L,.. Srmlzmzzorf' Girls' l3r1slfr'fbr1H YVFIIHI I'yI'f'SlIIIIllII Girls lirzslfvflwrlfl 7vl'IIlil we w. nf Q, N va .F 'HW1'.s'll1'frzf' Kiss" AI'fiI'if,l' Pl'l'1.UIl.D f' Oraiors of Iliff Future Big 1DJl'III'l'.D THIR'I'Y-:41H1x'l-IN Slzmoo with II VIIUZIV Hall! RIIII! HIIII! f4Lf,,,4,'yU-ff Little Pilgrims THIRTY-EIGHT Trrzflidorzfzl Kiss Sfmfffg "Hg1lpgr,' "Activity Life". These two words strike a sound chord in the minds of every person who is, or has been, in high school. This is the part of school that breaks the monotony of all math problems, Latin phrases, dates of history, and all those other revolting subjects. Activity life includes such things as library club, Hilites, Rosette, glee club, band, class plays, F. H. A., Varsity R and all other things that remain always, as a principal factor in the school life of every person who graduates. THIRTY-NINE Staff Working Nui Cups! umm Reef 6120144 This year our .lunior Red Cross has had one year of experience. Each room chose three representatives to our Red Cross Council. We have two honored representatives. Donna Roberts and 'Carol Campbell. These girls attended the kick-off banquet at the Y.VV.C.A. in Zanesville and received many new and interesting ideas for projects. For projects we made birthday favors which we sent to the Avondale Children's Home. We also made favors for different holidays for Chillicothe Veterans' Hospital. We made nut cups and sent them to the Red Cross office in Zanesville. There were many other projects including collecting funny books and pocket-size magazines and making a correspondence album to send to some foreign nation. We're sure that the Council found the projects were easy and considered the work fun. Last year the Red Cross selected Donna Roberts as representative to go to the Pied Cross camp in West Virginia for ten days. We, the Red Cross Council. wish to thank Miss Clark for her fine work and co-operation with us. We also want to thank lVlrs. Leaders for her fine work witht us due to the fact that she only has been with us this year. Miss Clark and Nlrs. lieadears are our advisers. Junior Herz' Cross Council FoR'1'Y Editor Assistant Editor Pemberton Campbell 155 411304553 .qtuff ' ,,w,,.f-fri Sew, f iwqw"'f'n,s:5,q1t9 .- w rv meet. ,Q 110 Q 0 W' .f BW, W' i uf Q There is no one. who travels through the halls of ll. H. S. today. that has not read the school paper. the "Hilites". It is a tradition older than the walls of our school building. liaeh issue is heralded with a mad scramble and forgotten textbooks. The 'lHilites" is prepared for the press by the staff. Consisting of twenty-seven students. It is published each month and has a Circulation of around three-hundred copies. To any- one interested in journalism. it offers a great opportunity. But its greatest value is that which it brings to the readers. Although the news may not be "news" to them. it is seeing your name and deeds in print that counts. And. as the years pass and you are no longer a student at Pt. H. S.. you may look through your old scrap book and happen to find an old issue. Then you realize the true worth of the "IIilites". STAFF liditor-Donna Pemberton Assistant IiditorfCarol Campbell Sports Editorsflini VVay and Bob Goodlive Feature Wfriterselolianna Herkel. Paula Cannon. Roger NlrCaugliey and .lune Swingle Reporters-Barbara Tharp. Nancy VVilliams. Lois Nloody. Shirley Barker. Sue VVatt. and Kay Iiveland Advertising Manager-.lone Watt Advertising AssistantsfPmarbara Nliller. Dick Nebinger. Sue Allen and David Iilllglllill Circulation KlanagerfTheta Tatman Circulation Assistant-Louise McLaughlin Typist NlanagerWN'larjorie Roberts TypistsvfNlana Embrey. Ylildred Ptidgley. Bonit Loterbaugh and lidith Nlauller General XianagerffN'lary Carr Faculty Advisor-Nlrs. lieaders Hilffes Staff FORTY-our: Head Librarians Miller and Tatman President Mary VViseman fzfwamf The library Club started out the year with a bang! The first assembly was sponsored by our Club. and I'm sure everyone enjoyed it, especially that boogie woogie. Our Club. this year. has a membership of nineteen with Miss Clark as our adviser and helper. The following were elected as our officers: president. lVIary VVisemang vice-president, Nfarjorie Willianisg secretary. Lois Nloodyg and treasurer. lVIarlene Aiken. Our head librarians are Theta Tatman and Barbara lVIiller. Wei had our annual Christmas party at which we exrhanged gifts and had a potluek dinner in the home economics room. The Club has had a very successful year and wish lo thank the students for their help and Consideration whifh they showed the librarians when Checking in and out a book. Library Club 1-'ORTY-Two if '93 5 I". H. A. Flub Ojifvrs 67. 04. 74. On Uftohvr 21. wo iilitialocl IllllPlt't'Il liI'PSl1IIlEtI1 into our cluh. rI'lu-rv are now thirty' ono momhvrs. Our oflirvrs for this yvm'm'e: liflith Nlziuller. pI'PSlfl0IllL Ulviimi l':IlllN't'y. vivo- prcsiclolltg Susiv Suvzigv. svvrvtziryg mul BonitaI.ot01'haugl1. tI'0as1lx'0i'. Wo uro svlliilg Illtlllj' tlifl'0i'P1it items this yt-sn' such as socks with H. H. S. on thcm. salt wzitvx' tally. and progrmiis for foothzill gitlIli'S. We' solcl sCotCh tapv with Hosovillv Pxamhlors IJl'lIllt'fl on it. also. We he-ld em F, H. A. rally iii the school auditorium on April 25. 1950. at which ull of the County Clmpters wore oritertziiiied. At this rally. County ofI'icv1's were Q-lm-te-tt. F. H. A. Club FORTY'-THREE Varsity URN Club ww, vw During the school year of 1949-50. the Varsity "Pm" Club found itself enjoying a suc- cessful year. The officers who were elected to lead us are as follows: Nelson Melick. presidentg Dayle Browning. vice-presidentg .lim Way. secretary. Coaches 'glVIike" Lo Presti and f'Fted" Smith are our club advisers. The five new members who were initiated into the club this year are Bob Ball. Jim Riley. Jerald Bruce, Gene Daniels and Eddie Sterling. This year we have sold pocketbooks, pencils, booster plates. plastic pillows and spon- sored a square dance. - We wish to thank the townspeople for their support, and co-operation this year and also for their votes for the bond issue for the new athletic field. Inilinlion Co-captains and trophy FORTY-Form l The Girls' Ensem ble 7Ze ' Zmemkfe Seventy boys and girls have been assembling twice weekly this past year for mixed chorus. They appeared in a program with the band. at Christmas. singing carols both familiar and unfamiliar. Their only other public appearance will be at Baccalaureate services. I don't imagine the majority of the students realize how hard it is to prepare these programs. but the members have done a remarkable job. Four-part music has been used most of the time. making the work that much more difficult. I,et's give these boys and girls a well de- served vote of thanks. Nlirerl Chorus FoR'rY-Flviz Head Drum Majorette Fronting our band are eight high-stepping, eye-filling girls who, under the direction of Miss Ricks, have succeeded in making a place on the majorette line, the dream of every high school girl. Headed by drum majorette, Twila Sagle, the girls strutted and 'twirled their way through the football season H adding just one more thrill to our list of memories .... M ajorettes FORTY-six ,Marching Band Approximately forty-three members. including many beginners. made up the band this yearg and they have done a nice job. Under the able direction of lVlr. Stroup. we've been quite active. Our first performance of the school year was at the Lash Reserves football game. Since then we'x'e performed at all home football games and two games away from home. We presented a Christmas and Spring concert and have performed at various other aetivities. Let's all back the bank in their attempts in future years. And, Band - Keep up the good work! -vin-lf'-'Q ,, X X , ,sua w X floneert Band Pmetieing Twiln On the Field FORTY-SEVEN Donna, Carolyn, Kay, and Booty Ukewleaciwm We, the cheerleaders, wish to express our appreciation to each individual for his co- operation in helping us back a fine team. We try to do our best, and with the coaching of Miss Ricks, we accomplish quite a bit. Being a member of the squad for four long years, itfs hard to say "so-long". If each of us continue to back our future teams, vve'll all be glad to say "We're for Roseville". I, myself. would like to thank each one. again. for his co-operation in making our pep assemblies a success. You're doing a fine jobg continue to do so through the years to come. Dick and Fairy FORTY-EIGHT t -55. xg 'll' S S i, Z- QM Q Editor -- Donna Roberts Assistant-Editor Ann Lenhart NQ ,ik ll Rach year new members are elected for the Rosette Staff. This year's staff is as fol- lows: Editor. Donna Robertsg Assistant-Editor. Anna lenhartg co-business managers. Mar- jorie Aikeng Photograplter, Vernon Pxussellg Advertising Department, Toni Sagle. Don Save age. Barbara Tharp, lVlary Wiseman, Nelson lVlelick. Bill Callihan, lVIari0n Perry. Carolyn lVliller, and Fairy Lloyd. Our first project for raising money is selling food during the football games. During the last of October and the first of November. the staff begins to outline and make the 'Ldummiesf' Approximately three "dummies" have to be made. At the first of the year the advertising Committee takes a few hours from srhool and visits the local and neighboring business firms to collect, ads. The year-book is then published and issued to the people who have subscribed. bliss Ransbottom is our faculty adviser. Advertising Staff FORTY-NINE Ann, Donna, and the newly elected Assistant-Editor, Our Photographer Vernon Rus- Mary Jane Shaw sel, to whom we owe a great vote of thanks. Business S tajj' These people are responsible for the food furnished for the public at all the athletic games of the year. The staff and their adviser, Miss Pnansbottorn, wish to thank everyone For their patronage. FIFTY 70 Qwem The Homecoming Queen - participates in all activities, both scholastic and extra-curricular ff hands are full with the editing of the year-book, Rosette. 3 enjoys all sports W loves swim- ming the most - really goes for that "swing your partner" square dance - likes French fries dripping with ketchup. FIFTY-ONE , :wmv , ggi. - 1 Her lovely, wavy hair is the object of envy - she is a music lover and her pet aversion is studying - loves steak and spaghetti - usually seen with Nlarge and Sue - collects pictures - has a long hike to school every morning - does wonderful things with a needle and tliread FIFTY-THREE Always buzzing around in the car with the one and only, Bernard - uses Pepsodent as any- one can see from the glitter of her smile f loves her fried Chicken f enjoys swimming at the lake all summer. FIFTY-FOUR L'Miss Dimplesv from White Cottage - not only our choice for a queen but Clyrle's also spends the summer months on the shore of Lake Isabella aequiring a cleleelalmle lan - loves mashed potatoes and eats them always a loves piano playing. F11-'TY-ravi: Paula. fone, Donna. Nancy. and lean J ' Q Friday, October 7, Philo ventured to Roseville to receive a trouncing of 39-0 from the lVl.V.I,. CHANIPS. They also shared in the honor of receiving our Homecoming Queen. Miss Donna Roberts and attendants. The lovely queen was attended by Miss .lone Watt. seniorg Miss .lean Ann VVilliams. juniorg Miss Nancy Williams. sophomoreg and lVliss Paula lVlax- well, freshman. After being heralded by a fanafare from the band. the queen was met by both prominent Cofeaptains, Tom Sagle and Bernard Sowers. The annual kiss was bestowed upon the football queen and lovely bouquets of yellow mums presented to both the queen and her attendants. After the gala festivities at half time. a juke box danre was held in the auditorium. si Queen and flrzplains After the Elm,-tion FIFTY-SIX Spcwh Through these glasses has been witnessed many highlights in the field of athleticsg such as, the great. team which ran away with the M. V. L. championship, the hard fighting basketball team which advanced to the semi-finals, and the '4two" kisses bestowed annually on the hon- ored queen. Both the football and the basketball team were faithfully followed by an enthus- iastic crowd of fans, who cheered them on in defeats as well as in victories. This proved that the teams of 1949-1950 will always be remembered by everyone for their great sportsmanship and wininng ability. FIFTY-SEVEN The Trophy ROSEVILLE ELEVEN DEFEATS BYESVILLE- n Roseville Ramblers scored in every quarter to defeat Byesville 41-0. RAMBLERS UPSET PANTHERS IN EXCITING GAME- . A Roseville became a favorite for this year's Muskingum Valley League Championship by defeating the 1948 co-champs, New Lex, 26-7. ROSEVILLE CLUB WALLOPS PHILO- 1 . The Ramblers wasted to 3 39-0 'triumph over Philo in the annual Homecoming game at 'Roseville The victory was the fourth in as many starts for the Ramblers. The de- feat was the first for Philo after three straight V1Ct0I'19S- ROSEVILLE DRUBS CROOKSVILLE- ROSGVUIG Fl3YT1bl'9TS SqL1HSh9d Croksville, their 'traditional rival, 74-0, getting sweet re- venge f0I' H drubbing R0'S9Vill9 suffered 18 years ago. The Ramblers took charge of things at the start, and steamrollered their wav through the game, RAMBLERS DOWN NEW CONCORD IN SIXTH STRAIGHT VICTORY- Roseville Ramblers, undefeated this season, added New Concord to their list of victims, scoring a 26-14 victory over the Little Muskies. The win put the Ramblers in the un- disputed possession of first place in the M. V. L. RAMBLERS SCORE SEVENTH STRAIGHT WIN OF SEASON- The Ramblers, in protecting their Muskingum Valley League leadership, scored twice in each period as they walked over M 85 M, 53-0. ROSEVILLE DEFEATS CALDWELL FOR EIGHTH VICTORY OF YEAR- Roseville Ramblers roared on down the victory trail by downing Caldwell, 39-6. The victory was the eighth straight for Roseville. GLOUSTER NINTH VICTIM OF FIGHTING RAMBLERS- Roseville Ramblers wound up their perfect season, downing Glo-uster 20-0 to become un- disputed M. V. L. CHAMP- IONS. It was their ninth straight win. Co-captains FIFTY-EIGHT SAGLE--Played left half and was co-captain of this year's team. Was choice of the M. V. L. for left half. Chief passer for the team. SOVVERS-Co-captain of this ye ar's team. He was choice for all lVl.V.L. full back. Good ball carrier - main stay in the middle of the line. SAVAGE-Played right guard in this year's championship team. He was a unanimous choice for guard of all the M.V.L. teams. WAY-He played tackle on the offense and the end on defense. He succeeded in breaking through the blockers to bring the ball carrier down. A choice for tackle of all lVl.V.L. RIDENOUR-Was running mate with Savage and very tough offensively, especially, and down field blocking. WALLACE-One hundred forty-five pounds of dynaminte who played defensive opponents for losses. GOODLIVE-Played right half - he was one of the fleet-footed, pass receiving backs of which all coaches dream. end and threw DANIELS-Played right guard and did a very good job defensively in the cente he was also a capable blocker. HOUK-Largest man on the team, who used his weight as an advantage for shoving around the other team. RILEY-Played quarter-back, w ball handler and pass defender. BROWNING-One of the blockers on the team -- his running was on an equal basis with the rest of the backs - he was chosen as co-captain for next year. NIELICK-Played end on the offense and half- back on the defense-he was a good pass re- ceiver and scored many touchdowns because of this fact. r of the line - as a very good F11-'TY-NINE J. RIDER-Played end and was very good at catching passes, especially over center - also an all-around, defensive man. J. BRUCE-Played offensive center and was a very good blocker - he had a lot of spirit and could always be counted upon to do his share. COWANS-A very good center and good de- fensive man - also, a very capable blocker. B. RIDER-Played end - he was a good pass receiver and very competent on the defense. BALL-Played tackle and was a very good de- fensive man - good at blocking in the center of the line. PARKS-Played half-back, and was a good open-field runner - also a good passer. DEVORE-Played left half and was a very fast runner. E. BRUCE-Played full-back and was a very tough line backer - he proved his merit as a fellow who knew how to run the ball. ADAMS-Played left guard and was a good blocker - he was very fast at pulling out around end and making an end run. PROBASCO-Played tackle and was good in offense as well as in defensive playing. EMOHY-Manager of our victorious football team and basketball team. STERLING-Manager of our victorious foot- ball team and basketball team. SIXTY Tlzrought the Line Good Tarlfla foaflz Iolm "Red" Smith Varsity Football Squad SIXTY-ON F Coach Mr. "Mike" Lo Presti TOM SLAGLE-senior f 5' 10" f captain f played forward - four year man. BOB GOODLIVE f senior - 5' 11" f played sub center - four year man. NELSON MELICK -- junior - 6' - played guard -we three year man. LARRY CROWLEY - junior - 5' 10" K substituted in any position - three year man. ROGER MCCAUGHEY g junior - 5' 10" -- substitute for- ward f three year man. JIM WAY f senior f 6' - played guard -7- four year man. JERALD BRUCE - junior k 5' 11" - substituted at center and guard - three year man. JERRY RIDER - junior - 5' 11" - played center we three year man. BILL RIDER - junior -Y 5' 11" - played forward. BILL RIDENOUR - senior X 5' 9" -- substitute forward -- four year man. BOB COWANS -fe junior f 5' 11" N substitute guard f three year man. EARL BRUCE - sophomore --N 5' 11" -- substitute guard -- two year man. JOHN GILLILAND - assistant manager. JERRY OWENS and JOE MILLER were carried on the squad at tournament time. Manager Eddie Sterling VARSITY SQUAD RESERVE SQUAD JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD Scramble under the basket during the New Lex game. The 1949-50 regular basketball season drew to a close with seven games won and thirteen games lost. During the season the team lost four of its mem- bers due to the fact that the boys had to work. This interferred with the scheduled practicing sessions. The team went to the county tournament with a little of the "down in the dumps" feeling, but. came through with flying colors and advanced to the semi' finals in the tournament. All in all, the team enjoyed a fair season. SIXTY-FOUR OU' the bankboard in the New Lex game. Y' 'T Y' O -W A 'X Compliments of Ph 7007 MARAMOOR L E E BEAUTY JEWELERS SALON 8 417 North Fo th Qtreet 512 Maln Street ZANESVILLE. OHIO Zanesville, Ohio .J L. .J kite' e'Ae it to i 'W r" '1 P S U5 we Q Z l im l Q U A L I T Y FURNITURE COMPANY Your HOME Store WRX 52m tit , Zanesville, Ohio J L ,ww ,W .. ,,,.U .J T' 'W T" I Phone MELICK'S MARKET GROCERIES MEATS 7-7111 Main Street P-OSEVILLE, OHIO Compliments Of E L L I O TT LUMBER CO. Crooksville, Ohio L.- f' Tm W A if 'W 7" Compliments Of J A N E ' S E V E L A N D L U N C H Cleaners and Tailors "It suits us to suit youf' L.- .J CMAQ, .a SIXTY-SIX EMORY Compliments Barber of Shop M A R Y A R T ROSEVILLE, oH1o 7' 'X T' MAJESTIC MO0DY9S S W E E T Service Station S H O P CROOKSVILI-'Ev Roseville, Ohio oH1o Phone 7-7 394 L.. .J L .1 ?'T --MT' T 'W T' T T 'T Compliments Of The P I T C O C K 9 S H A M I L T 0 N HARDWARE and POTTERY CO. FURNITURE Everything in Hardware Farm Supplies, and Furniture Roseville Hot Point and Crosley Ohio Appliances Come in and lei us save you money. 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C, A... - -M .. .J r W1 Y' "owne o o f-3 "A Complete Floral Service Compliments G R E T H E R ' S of 3 Flowers J. C. PENNEY CO. Zanesville, ohio ' Ph. 9-2362 Roseville Road SO. ZANESVILLE, OHIO m. ,,,O..Z.,m.,,-,-.,,, -J LV. l C C ,J SEVENTY-FIVE COM PLIM EN TS OF ROBINSON - RANSBOTTOM POTTERY COMPANY EVILLE, Roseville Federal Savings and Loan Association ROSEVILLE, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF First Trust and Savings Bank Roseville Branch MEMBER F. D. I. C. Best Wsihes Roseville High School From Rose Furniture Company ZANESVILLE, OHIO K. in ,,,,,,, A , J F Nelson McCoy Pottery Company R lle, -------- Oh '1 i COMPLIMENTS OF DR. R. A. NEBINGER i I n. .J QEVE NTY-NINE -Q 1 r T' Y' - F 'B Compliments Of DIRECT SALES FURNITURE CO. 7241 Main Street Corner Of 8th and Main Compliments Of Orpha F lowers' Shop 4'7-49 N. Fifth Street Phone 2026-W Phone 2-2076 ZANESVILLEH OHIO ZANESVILLE, OHIO L., 4.1 L.-..-...eEi ,H F' M I L L E R 9 S "Your ROYAL FLOWER SHOP Typewriter Dealer" Zanesville Progressive Florist Business FINER SELECTION Equipment FINER SERVICE FRESHER FLOWERS COIHPHHY MILLERS ON MAIN 532 Main Street Phone 2-9971 5-15 Market Street MILLER5 ON MAPLE ZANESVILLE OHIO 14-16 Maple Ave. Phone 2-6371 7 Lum, ...z Li J EIGHTY 0 1 1 7. 'T VV W A WT "'-T' Za gl Fomplimvnts E e of E' ' + ga gg P A G E 9 S i 2 DQ 5 5 BEAUTY SHOP Q- U ' 8 Betty and Lawrence Snyder O U W QD E E. C. DUVALL Q 5 PLUMBING and HEATING N . . L- Am J .J 'W T COIVIPLHVIENTS 1 OF l N I dit Ddue-.711 5 Six Mile Turn 1 1 4f M, . MW hwv ,J EIGHTY-ONE I T' 'W Y' 'Y Congratulations The Class of 1950 C L O S S M A N H. WEBER SONS HARDWARE CO. AND CO. ZANESVILLE, OHIO Main Street ZANESVILLE, OHIO L I L.,s,,i AJ t. a TH t 'x r' 'N Q' O Compliments LE to O Of Z Q O 3 QE Dr. Davld R. FltZ Lu -Q N1 A D Q 5 0 Q3 3 54 54 m fc sg fo 5 6 2 2' S 534- Main Street U1 Q ZANESVILLE, OHIO N L., ,J L.. .3 EIGHTY-TWO T' 'T Y' 'T Compliments of Compliments Of GLENN WILSON T R E V E W O 0 D Your STANDARD OIL P 0 T T E R Y Dealer for the Past 20 Years" ,val L. -- V,,,, .M , J 'B T' 'N Compliments W I C K A M 9 S of M A R K E T TEWBSBURYWS GROCERIES I and MEATS Spring and Talbot .4 L ,MD .J V QW l Compliments f of H. T. Restemeier PEERLESS Saratoga Chips 1 1--, is airplanes,-M.: EIGHTY-FOUR The Rosette Stajjf and its adviser wish to thank all of you for making the publishing of this year book possible. Donna Roberts Ann Lenhart Mary Jane Shaw Marjorie Williams Elizabeth Glass Marlene Aiken Barbara Ditter Marvin Folden Mary Carr Mary Wiseman Don Savage Tom Sagle Carolyn Miller Fairy Lloyd Nelson Melick Bill Callihan Marion Perry Larry Crowley Vernon Russell Barbara Tharp Marjorie Roberts Miss Ransbottom, faculty adviser -ns x fx V- Y.f.aj. , . 1 - ' . 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