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---'--1 X . I , TWO I, 4 ,Q Hlcwette 5'1Leo,ented Eg the Student .Tadq af Doseville High School CHARLOTTE WOOD . VID SAVAGE . . . ADV. MGR. FOUR 1 X 9' cad VERY year the seniors, assisted by the students of other classes, publish their year book, the Rosette. They work to bring to the student body a better and different annual than those of preceding classes. But, no matter how long they work or how hard they try, the book always seems the same. Perhaps the pictures are clearer, the ideas more clever, but, essentially, it closely resembles the others. For the feelings of a student graduating from high school cannot be expressed in words. When they are thinking of the responsibilities which they will have to accept, many thoughts, doubts, and uncertainties enter their minds. They realize that there will be no understanding teachers and parents to help with every little obstacle that blocks their paths. In this annual, which the seniors present with pride, are shown the games, plays, dances, and other events that have marked this year of M48-4-Q". As the years pass the class of '49 will find here the recorded memories of the best years of their lives. X I Qedicatian . . . with and .Tfzide A salute to the flag as it waves there on high, Atop of that flagpole, which towers toward the shy, Its white stripes are stained by the blood that's been shed Twas the courage of heroes which dyed those stripes red. There's blue there for loyalty honest and true A heritage granted to me and to you. There are stars to shine brightly forever and aye As long as that flag flutters there 'gainst the sky. A salute to the flag, there, from you and from me It's your flag and my flag, the flag of the free. -Miss LOLA CLARK FIVE Lx SIX aawf .vzmazeee :mga , Ten years ago, a new high school building was finished and dedicated. In the fall of '38 the Hrst senior class proudly Bled through the portals of the most modern high school in our district. They looked with delight upon scientific lighting, spacious rooms, and the latest in gymnasiums. The years have made marked changes in the physical appearance of our school building. A new fence has been built around the football field, and lights have been placed in the brick posts at the front of the walk. This year a project has been undertaken in which each room has been redecorated. We are proud to have such a school building in a town the size of Roseville. However, even if our building were old and small, we would like it just as well. Schools, not buildings, get under your skin and into your blood. Grown ups always have a special feeling for their Alma Mater, be it large or small, modern or old-fashioned. Let us keep our high school an object of pride and remember to regard it with love, honor, and respect. 14 21 x SEVEN .flledicatian EIGHT We, the Rosette Staff of Miss Ransbottom, wish to show and cooperation she has given 7 49, by dedicating our annual to our appreciation for the interest us in publishing our yearbook. ffac As students we sometimes complain about the school faculty, about this teacher or that one being seemingly unfair in a certain case, about having detention after school, or about having such short vacations. Yet, every student, if he seriously considers the question, will realize how extremely efficient and democratic these various teachers really are. The many problems which they face in formulating policies and in governing their school and classrooms are solved with consideration for the Whole student body, with the thoughts of individual needs always present in their minds. NINE H. 1 ' c- 1 l X ., Superintendent MR. REGULA Principal MR. BUCK Junior Class Music Teacher Home EC, MISS CLARK MR, STROUP MISS MULLIGAN TEN S l Soph. Class Freshman Class Freshman Class MR. RUSSELL MRS-. RAMSEY MR. CURL Freshman Class Junior High MR. LO PRESTI MISS RICKS "vw 'fix ' 4 '- H , ,- M331 ar Y: A- 1:4210 f 'I f:I:ffQ2aS::a..512:11 ww me S--N M-A352 S f QQ " t 6'-wif V:- -H 2 :s :- ez 15.2. v , Q 5 ,,V :-, ' . -- '-:1g5i:5-',:5-V55-Z-I-L ..., ,,.. Q ,,.,.,r.,:,::m-:-:,: .- M , -.,:.f:.:.a:.-..-gm.: .' ::Kf:f:aaa2ia1:sez:,.., 'Q '-'31 4-1.v:.IL:-tJv..'f-NV. . , :' 5'i:k:Ig:'i 2.0 Dr,-:,, --Im.'.2,s5:42-5:5:sf::-is-625:-v:s: if Q , . ,. 1s--.rg::.m..k::-sw: ig.. ,.., fggbwf,-L.:--V-:.,,. Q 2 fi S 21 Y X45 x 3, gf 1 X 1 f 4 v A QVC" - 1-::s:rs-'I::..L ,fifwi -WM: xv I.: Y , 'i ' '4i:5:aws:5:s . -nf f,ggf5f45,:e3. 4-.,., 2 ,, 5? gt v Q Ae V. Q .. ..,..N , .,... Y , wif 'KA 3 Q X N X 3 5 4 f 4 K W' Q X A f ai 09 x K M X X 9' 2 ,N I-1 but f fixywi W is XM W i X' 5 Q wwf 2 Qi as Q ., Q, vs AG- 5 3' Q. X, Q ! vi X I ,Q M ,- Junior High MR. SMITH Nf eg' 5. ,:s- : 1 Qfifb " ' ' N ,. . :,.,,.,,.,.,...,5.,.,.5.,q. ww:2:'eMr5?-:Emi .6 - :.:Q..:,:,.,.4,.K:. .,.,..,.,, , ., .X ...EE ,gf Junior High Junior H'gh MISS HANES MRS. MADDOX f 651: f Q . ' N Nc R ' W M f . X X, 4 Q A qs 3 2 4 Q QM Aw ,J ax R, y , .,..,u,,:, -:.: "X:-.1:f5::" J' ' A 1' - L' 9' Q 73 EFA "'3'-Q.-:Ii Z1 225'-.S . . I:' 4 Q " ij X 0 eg , : .,2s2 . n I X x 5 : we Secretary MRS. WISE-MAN Hungry-9 Need any Butlons? ELEVEN Senicvw, TWELVE Ceann, gflbtafzg Four years ago in the month of September, 1945, fifty-six girls and boys began their careers in high school. At the beginning of the year the class was under the direction of Coach Russell. After he left, Miles Smiley became freshman advisor. The first few weeks were very dreadful, because the fear of initiation was ever present. Finally, the fateful day rolled around, and the freshmen proved that they could be good sports. On September 3, 1946, Hfty-one of the former number came back as sophomores. Courses were again selected, and Mrs. Baird became our home room teacher. We sponsored an excellent April Fool's Day assembly. September 2, 1947, we entered high school as juniors. This year our attendance was forty-eight. We were guided through this prosperous year by Miss Lola Clark. During the year money was raised by selling paper, pencils, Variety Show, and the J unior-Senior Prom. In our final year twenty-five girls and nineteen boys responded to the roll call. Kate Combs served as our first four year cheerleader. In March the class presented two Senior Stocking Foot dances, and on May 6, the Senior Class Play. Miss Ransbottom is our home room teacher. We have shared many happy hours of work and play with our fellow classmates and are ready to bid bood-bye to the many good times we have had together. Now, as we say farewell, we want the faculty to know that we really appreciate all the extra hours which they have spent with us. We are sorry to leave our friends in other classes and wish them many happy years to come. Some will go one way, and some, another. But the "Memories of Dear Old Roseville High" will never be erased from our minds' Dorothy Hubbard Joan 'Buckley INA MAE ANDERSON F. H. A. 2,4 Variety Show 3 Hilites Staff 4 JOAN BUCKLEY Shir1ola" Class Play 3 Variety Show 3 PHYLLIS CARSON Phil" Glee Club 2 Variety Show 3, F. H. A. 4 Hilites 4 CATHERINE COMBS Kate" Cheerleader 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Band 1, 2 Class Play 3 Rosette Staff 4 Hilites Staff 4 Variety Show 3, POLLY DILTS Tracy" Band 1 Glee Club 1, 3, 4 Rosette 4 F. H. A. 2 Library 3, 4 Class Play 3 Variety Show 3 BOYD FOLDEN Football 1, 2, 4 Basketball 3 Hilites 4 Class Play 3 Varsity "R" 4 Red Cross 4 3 3,4 3 ROSALIE BROWN "Rosie" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Variety Show 3, 3 F. H. A. 3, 4 EILEEN CARPENTER Hopewell 1, 2 Variety Show 3 Class Will 4 Rosette 4 EMIGENE CHRISLEY Variety Show 3 'Glee Club 2 MARILYN DALRYMPLE 44Lynn1r -Glee Club 3, 4 F. H. A. 1, 4 'Class Play 3 Variety Show 3, 3 Class Poem 4 MARY LOU FLOWERS "Posie" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Ensemble 1, 2 Class Play 3 F. H. A. 4 Class Sec. 4 Variety Show 3, 3 ELOISE FYE 6lFyeH Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Band Pres. 4 Glee Club 2, 3 F. H. A, 2 Hilites 4 Variety Show 3, 3 THIRTEEN JIM HAMILTON "Little Bone" Football 1, 2 Hilites 3, 4 Variety Show 3, 3 ARTHUR HARTLEY "Squirrel" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Variety Show 3, 3 Boys' Chorus 3 Varsity "R" 3, 4 DOROTHY HUBBARD HD0rtH Rosette 4 Glee Club 4 F. H. A. 2, 4 Class Play 3 Variety Show 3 ANNE JONES Hilites 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. 3 Library Club 4 Homecoming Queen 4 Variety Show 3, 3 ELLEN KOEHLER "Foggy River" New Lexington 1 Variety Show 3 HAROLD LAUNDER "Shortie" Variety Show 3 FOURTEEN CLARA HAND Library Club 2, 3, Head Librarian 4 Variety Show 3 JOHN HENNING NJ. HIRAM M. yr Band 1, 2, 3 Class Play 3 Glee Club 4 Hilites 1, 2, 3, 4 Variety Show 3, 3 Rosette 4 II-IINGER HI-lin Football 1, 2, 3 Basketball 2 Variety Show 3, 3 Varsity "R" 3, 4 DOROTHY KANE "Dorsey" SALLY Variety Show 3 Glee Club 1, 2 F. H. A. 2 LAUGHLIN "Spaghette" Band. 1, 2, 3, 4 'Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Variety Show 3, 3 Class Secretary 3 Library Club 2, 3, Hilites 2, 3, 4 Valedictorian 4 LAWRENCE LAW "Glider" Cambridge 1, 2 Football 4 Variety Show 3 4 4 MARJORIE MCCAMMON Marj" 'Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Pres. 1 Homecoming Att. Rosette 4 Variety Show 3, 3 Class Play 3 Ensemble 1, 2 Office Staff 2 CHARLES MCLAUGHLIN Chuck" Football 3, 4 Varsity "R" 3, 4 Variety Show 3 J OSEPHINE MIKUS Glee Club 2 F. H. A. 4 Rosette 4 Variety Show 3, 4 ROBERT ROBINSON Bob" Football 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2 Variety Show 3, 3 FRED RUCKER Buck" Class Play 3 Variety Show 3 Football 3 Mixed Chorus 4 CARL SHIPLEY Crip" President 3, 4 Vice Pres. 2 Varsity "R" 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Variety Show 3, 3 3 PEGGY MCCONNELL Mpeg!! Glee Club 1, 2 Library 1, 2, 3, 4 Hilites 1, 2, 3, 4 Variety Show 3, Salutatorian 4 JAMES MEREDITH llJim'lY Football 3 Variety Show 3 RALPH PLETCHER Football 1, 3, 4 Treasurer 2 Varsity "R" 3, 4 Variety Show 3, Mixed Chorus 4 Basketball 2 DONALD ROUSH llD0n!I Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2 Mixed. Chorus 4 Variety Show 3 Varsity "R" 3, 4 Vice Pres. 4 DAVID SAVAGE "Rum" ' 3 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football Mgr. 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, Varsity "R" 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Rosette Staff 3, 4 4 Variety Show 3, 3 .Pres. 2, V. Pres. IRENE SHIPLEY Band 1, 2, 3 Drmn Major 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Library Club 2, 3, Rosette 3, 4 Class Play 3 1, 4 Variety Show 3, 3 Treas. 3, 45 Sec. 3 FIFTEEN JIM SPRING '4Meat" Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys' Chorus 3, 4 Varsity UR" 3, 4 Variety Show 3 M. V. L. 4 ROBERT SWINGLE usonnyu Variety Show 3 EUGENE WILSON Class Play 3 Variety Show 3 CHARLOTTE WOOD uwoodyn -Secretary 1 Glee Club 1 Library Club 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Rosette 3, 4 Homecoming Att. 4 Variety Show 3, 3 SIXTEEN HELEN STEWART ..Buggy,, Variety Show 3 DELORES WEST "Dottie" Variety Show 3 Glee Club 2 ROBERT WILSON I lBObl1 Variety Show 3 Glee Club 3 Football 4 BEVERLY YEAGER I KBay7Y Glee Club 4 Variety Show 3 Hilites 4 Rosette 4 'Uafedicto-faq During the next few weeks, in thousands of high schools in these United States, commencement exercises very similar to this one will be held. They will announce the fact that another body of seniors is leaving behind the sometimes called "easy days of high school" to take their place in the world. In used the term easy because you, the older generation, are inclined to forget the disappointments that march hand in hand with good times of high school days. In the hectic worries of rents, bills, and taxes, you may look upon high school as four care-free years. When you stop to think, you realize how wrong you are. This formative period of our lives holds difficulties as real to us as the everyday problems of life are to you. I cannot say that the rest of the senior class and I are graduating in a particularly jubilant moodg for, we realize that the years ahead of, us are going to be difficult and jammed with stumbling blocks which we may not be able to surmount. This is the place into which you fit. Thousands of pages have been written on world co-operation. Co-operation does not start around the tables of the United Nations, but in the homes, schools, churches, and the small communitiesg between pastor and congregation, parents and children, faculty and students. Prejudices start within the heart of the individual, not within the nation as a whole. Before we say our Hnal good-bye, there is one more thing that I must say. This land has given us public education as a birthright. You have preserved it for us, and for this we are sincerely grateful. You have given us a chance at knowledge, but I want to ask more. Our school system is not perfect, and every effort to make it so should be undertaken. Im- provements could be made in the school building that would benefit every- one. More rooms would give us less crowded classes and study halls. It would enable us to meet the demands of our increased enrollment. An auditorium separated from the gymnasium is needed. Plays could be re- hearsed and dances sponsored without interfering with athletics. How- ever, material things alone are not able to build a good school system. Attitudes of individuals form an integral part also. The parents can do more than any other people. Encourage your children to attend school and show to them the advantages of an education. Teachers should co-operate with the parents in keeping the children interested in the schools. The townspeople should stand behind and support all school activities. Nothing discourages as much as disinterest. To the student is given the responsi- bility of keeping the town support behind the school. Respect for the town and its people should ever be present in the minds of the pupils. The town will not help you if you do not help it. It is of the utmost importance to better the schools and to place every aid that we can behind the advancement of public education. For, literacy breeds better governmentg illiteracy, national chaos. Sally Laughlin SEVENTEEN EIGHTEEN Safutatcvag Parents, members of the school board, faculty, and friends: Tonight the class of 1949 welcomes you to their graduating program, a time when the seniors will receive the reward of twelve years of school life. We, as a group, are probably experiencing now many of the same emotions which you felt in the past years as you waited to receive your diplomas. To cut the bonds which have tied us together for so many years is not an easy or a happy task, nor do we feel that the world stage promises a care-free picture. The entire world seems to be shaking now, ready to erupt into a series of wars at the slightest provocation. World peace is a big question on the page of time. In this connection I am reminded of our class motto, "All for one, and one for all". As a class we have worked together toward this goal and given individual help to whoever needed it. It would be a wonderful ac- complishment if the world could adopt this same motto, "All for one, and one for all". Of course, this would take work and sacrifice. The first step has been taken in the form of the United Nations. There the countries can argue the point of difficulty instead of immediately jumping into a war that may cost billions of dollars and millions of lives. Here, it is possible to recognize a mistake and correct it, or to reach a compromise. The flaw is that there are some countries who refuse to admit that they have made a mistake and who will not consider that anyone but they can be right. These selfish, narrow-minded countries are the hardest problem the world must meet now. It will take tact and firmnessg for, a country of that type will quickly seize the advantage of the gullibility of a weaker nation. We seniors do not have the wise judgment that comes with the years, but we do know right from wrong and can profit from the mistakes of others as well as by our own experiences. The youth of today is willing to work and sacrifice for world peace but not willing to be trampled. We realize that America is a country which offers many paths to progress. If we are to take our part in changing the path to the broad highway which leads to permanent peace, we must think and work toward this goal. Our school and home training has fostered this ideal. It is time for the class of 194.9 to assume their share of the responsibility and do their part to help American progress move upward. This is our aim as we leave Roseville High School. Peggy McConnell A, wife We, the Senior Class of "49" of Roseville High School, realizing that our high school days are about over, and that We soon will be out in the World on our own, do hereby make this, our last Will and testament, con- cluding that it is to be the best ever devised by any previous senior class. To Mr. Regula-We leave our joy of taking tests. To Mr. Buck-We leave our hundreds of absence slips. To the Faculty-We leave all our corny jokes for them to tell in the teachers meetings. To the Juniors-The remembrance of our graduation pictures in hopes that next year Cby some miracle? they may attain our good looks. To the Sophomores-We will our great intelligence and excellent grades. To the Freshmen-We leave our technique of thorough initiation for the Freshmen of 1952. I-Ina Mae Anderson-Will my technique of patching baseball and football uniforms to Elda Clayton. I-Rosalie Brown-Will a package of gum to Miss Clark. I-Joan Buckley- Will my giddly giggle to Donna Pemberton. I-Eileen Carpenter-Will my 23 inch waist to Nancy Carroll. I-Phyllis Carson-Will my one and only corn to anyone foolish enough to buy shoes too small. I-Emigene Crisley-Will my height to Marvin Folden. I-Kate Combs-Leave my cheerleading uniform and ability to next year's cheerleader. I-Marilyn Dalrymple-Will my makeup and curlers to Bonita Loterbaugh. I-Polly Dilts-Will my ready smile to anyone as cheerful as I am. I-Mary Lou Flowers-Will my tap shoes to Evelyn Young. I-Boyd Folden-Will my ability to stay late at M Sz S and play cards to Jim Way. I-Eloise Fye-Leave my ability to be a band member for seven years to Barbara Ditter. I-J im Hamilton-Leave a driver's license and a prayer to Herb Pettit. I-Art Hartley-Will my knee brace to Dale Browning. I-Clara Hand-Will my ability of getting to school late to Clara Duff. I-John Henning-Leave my ability to get Hilites circulation mixed up for four years to Theta Tatman. NINETEEN cam, wwe famummq I-Dorothy Hubbard-Leave my pile of absence slips to anyone who loves school as I did. I-Hiram Ihinger-Leave my automobile to Don Savage in hopes that he has less ac- cidents than I did. I-Ann Jones-Will my last minute empty columns in the Hilites to next year's editor. I-Dorothy Kane-Will my long hair to Vergena Weaver. I-Ellen Koehler-Will my technique of getting engaged to Ann Lenhart. I... Sally Laughlin-Will a deck of cards to Donna Roberts and hope she can liven up study halls and noon hours as well as the card gang did this year. I-Harold Launder-Will my "Charles Atlas" physique to Max Dilts. I-Lawrence Law-Will my luck of getting to see all movies free to anyone who is al- ways short of cash. I-Marjorie McCammon-Leave my diet to June Swingle. I-Peggy McConnell-Leave my technique with the boys to Mary Carr in hope she can handle five at a time, too. I-Charles McLaughlin-Will my Pontiac to Roger's junkyard-May its rusty parts rest I1 I1 in peace. .lim Meredith-Leave my craving for Coon hunting to Tom Sagle. Ralph Pletcher-Leave my many trips to Zanesville to Dayle Browning. I-Bob Robinson-Will Rosalie to the care of the Junior Class. I-Don Roush-Will my ability to paint signs to Dick Claypool. I-Fred Rucker-Will my bashfulness to Dale Clayton. I.. Jim Spring-Leave my size twelve shoes to Marvin Houk. I-David Savage-Will my constant backing of the football team to George Noce. Ik. Carl Shipley-Will my trick knee to Nancy Williams. I-Irene Shipley-Leave my title of "Sweater Girl" to Marge Williams. I-Robert Svvingle-Leave my embarrassed grin to Bill Gregorich. I-Helen Stewart-Will my unselfishness to any selfish person. I-Delores West-Leave my dirty saddle shoes to Donna Clark. I--Bob Wilson-Leave my government book to anyone strong enough to take it. I-Eugene Wilson-Will my shyness toward girls to Bernard Sowers. I-Charlotte Wood-Will my job of ordering hot dogs and buns to Elizabeth Glass. I-Beverly Yeager-Leave my ride home for lunch every day to Margaret Rader. TWENTY Eileen Carpenter A .Taem Every year about this time As the moment is drawing near, We all begin to reminisce Of school days now so clear. We think of all the fun we've had And all the troubles, too. We'll mark them down as our best days, The days we spent with you. We must leave you, Alma Mater, Say farewell to Roseville High. But within our hearts will linger, Love for you which shall never die. While the forty-niners are marching on And through the passing years we go Though we know that one of our goals is won We'll still think of school, and miss you all so. TWEN TY-ON E TWENTY-TWO Cfalw, .Tfcaphccg I hope no one will take offense On what I've written here. Remember, it is all in fun, So, calm yourselves-The Class Prophecy of the year! ! A is for Anderson, Ina Mae you know. She's selling medicine, which will make you grow. B is for Brown, and for her I see Four husbands and ten children at the age of twenty-three. B stands for Buckley, the girl we all know. She'll hold the title "oomph" girl in every Broadway show. C is for Carpenter, Eileen that is. At modeling clothes, she'll be a whiz! C too, is for Chrisley, an adventurer at heart, So I'm sending her to Hollywood to give her a good start. C is for Carson, Phyllis by name. At being a dietitian, she'll rise to fame. D is for Dalrymple, a girl who is mighty grand. She shall be a singer with Spike Jones' band. The next D is for Dilts, her first name is Polly. As an actress on the screen, she'll wow 'em, by golly! ! I F is for Flowers for whom we all care. She has signed a contract with Fred Astaire. F is for Fye, Eloise by confession, I Who shall be a music teacher by wish of profession. Now, this F is for Folden, Boyd? Why sure! When you feel bad, call him for he'll know the cure. H is for Hamilton, I hope he won't feel bad. As the next keeper of the cemetery he'll be a poor misused lad. Here we have Dorothy Hubbard, and this I need not shout. For her I see a wedding ring, and her name shall be Trout. H, too, is for Henning. J. M. may I say? Who will, I am sure, be a famous artist some day. H is for Hand of very gracious mind. She shall help our charity because she is so kind. The last H is for Haltley, a lady-killer now. And in the future, he'll wow 'em, boy, and how! ! I is for Ihinger, I guess he'll be a baker. But still, on second thought, I think he'll be an undertaker. J is for Jones, she's the best singer by far. I predict that she shall be our future opera star. K is for Kane, with snappy blue eyes. She's good at keeping secrets, so, she'll belong to the U. S. spies K is for Koehler, a mighty swell gal. She'll write for the lovelorn and do it quite well. L is for Launder, who leaves us in May. He'll be a big butter and egg man some day. L, once more, is meant for Sally. The last is Laughlin, I find. She'll be a famous Ziegfield girl. I hope Sally won't' mind. L, too, is for Law, a store he shall rule. That is, if he ever gets out of school. M is for McLaughlin, or is it just Chuck ? It looks like he's hooked, so let's wish him good luck. Here's one that's different. Her ambition is to be A registered Nurse of high skill, You've guessed it-it's me. M, too, stands for McConnell who also wants to be Another nurse to help the sick. She'll end up helping me. M is for Meredith. Better known as Jim. Some goodlooking girl he is going to win. M is for Mikus, we know her best as Jo. She'll be an expert typist that we all know. P is for Pletcher, a fellow so neat. I guess I'll just let him clean up the street. R is for Roush. Don we all say. He'll make some girl a good husband some day. R, too, is for Robinson, the boy with the easy going ways. I guess he'll be a salesman one of these days. R is also for Rucker. Fred is the name. He is going to be a teacher. My, my, what a shame! S is for Savage. You know the one! It's David, and instead of a sling shot, he'll carry a gun. S is for Shipley, the great football star. As coach of Roseville High, he'll go mighty far. We next have Irene, a Shipley too, you know. She is joining her friend, Marilyn, in Spike J ones' show. S is for Stewart. Helen you know. She may be a tight-rope walker, but I'm not so sure I know. S, too, if for Spring, and I'm sure you'll agree That he will be our "Jitter Bug" of 1953. T is for Tharp-Combs we must confess. But since the future has already been predicted for her, We wish her happiness. W is for West. It's Dottie you know. She'll go places and do things if she isn't too slow. W is aslso for Eugene Wilon, a boy, sweet, shy and nice. He shall have a business all his own-exterminating mice. W is for Wilson. This time it is Bob. He shall be a lady's man or maybe just a gob. W, too, is for Wood, Charlotte to us all. She will be married to Jim by next fall. Y is for Yeager, Beverly's her name. Like all the other Roseville graduates, she'll rise to fame. Marjorie McCammon TWENTY-THREE .93acca5awzeate Prelude-Organ Processional-Organ - Invocation Song-"The Green Cathedraln, HAHN Scripture Reading Sermon - Song-"Thanks Be To Godv, BRAI-IE-JANSSEN Song-"God Bless This Housew, DIcKsoN - Rev. Mrs. Laughlin Mrs. Laughlin W. E. Buchholtz Girls' Chorus Rev. J. VV. Obee Rev. J. W. Obee Mixed Chorus Mixed Chorus Benediction - Rev. W. E. Buchhollz Recessional Postlude-Organ - Mrs. Laughlin TWENTY-FOUR Prelude Comm Processional-"Homeage To Y outh", OLIVADOTI - Invocation Class History Trumpet Solo-"Glen Eden" Salutalory Clarinet Quartet-"Allegro Capriccioson Valedictory Class Poem Remarks - Presentation of Lamp of Knowledge Acceptance of Lamp of Knowledge Presentation of Class - - Presentation of Diplomas ----- Benediction President, Board of Education R. H. S. Band - R. H. S. Band - Rev. J. VV. Obee Dorothy Hubbard - Kenneth Bagent Peggy McConnell Eloise Fye Elizabeth Glass Margaret Rader Barbara Ditter - Sally Laughlin - Marilyn Dalrymple Robert D. Regula, Supt. - Carl Shipley - Bernard Sowers W. E. Buck, Principal - Harold E. Burton - Rev. J. W. Obee TWENTY-FIVE uniww TWENTY-SIX Cfcuw, Efiatwag Mr. Michael Lo Presti, our basketball coach, greeted us as our fresh- man home room teacher when sixty-eight anxious students arrived at Roseville High School on Tuesday, September 3, 1946 to start our high school careers. For our freshman year we chose the following class officers: President, Tom Sagleg Vice President, Eugene Daniels, Secretary, Lena Smithg Treasurer, James Way. Donna Skinner was popularly elected as our varsity cheerleader. We survived initiation and settled down to a regular routine. Mr. Wayne Buck was our sophomore home room teacher. For our class officers we chose: President, Barbara Tharpg Vice President, Ray Wal- laceg Secretary, Donna Roberts, Treasurer, Bill Ridenour. We held a "Royalty Dance" with Donald Savage and Barbara Tharp reigning as King and Queen. This year we became juniors under the faithful leadership of Miss Clark Our money making projects have included selling pencils and maga- zines. The staging of the ever popular "Junior Variety Show" in which every member of the class participated, was very successful. According to tradition each member of our class received his class ring. In the spring we presented the annual "Junior Class Play". In leav- ing, all of us hope to return as seniors. Donna Pemberton Spring, Murphy, Gill, Loterbaugh, Mauller, Williams, McCurcly, Williams, Watt, Roberts. Meadows, Savage, Rader, Norris, Tatrnan, Miller, Roberts, Swingle, Glass, Pemberton, Carrell, Carr, Miss Clark. Johnson, Clark, Walchak, Clayton, Embrey, Skinner, Tharp. Williams, Gheen, Riley, Ridgley, Wiseman, Weaver. Whetstone, Sagle, Ridenour, Wallace, Pettit, Way, Sowers Goodlive, Gregorich, Harlan, Miss Clark TWENTY-SEVEN Snpfzanwfceo, Cffcuw, Ffiotcvzg On September 4, 1947 seventy-six girls and boys reported to Grace Mulligan and John "Red" Smith to begin the important freshman year. A class meeting was held and officers were elected as follows: President, Bill Callihang Vice President, Max Diltsg Secretary, Gerald Bruceg Treas- urer, Frances Mankey. We chose a yellow lamb as our mascot. In the latter part of October, we paid the annual tribute to the seniors, commonly known as "initiation", We survived without too many casualties. We took part in many activities throughout the year. On September 2, 1948, sixty-seven girls and boys returned as sopho- cmores under the leadership of Wayne Buck. We held a class meeting in which the following people were chosen to lead us through the year: Presi- dent, Dayle Browningg Vice President, Marlene Aikeng Secretary, Ann Len- hartg Treasurer, Bill Callihan. With the help of our officers we ordered our class rings. Carolyn Miller, Fairy Lloyd, and Dick Nebinger represented us as cheerleaders. The class had many participants in sports and other activities during the year. Ann Lenhart TW ENTY EIGHT Robinson, Ditter, Young, Harrop, Wentz, Price, Carr, Moody. Bishep, Williams, Aiken, Fuller, Ensminger, Miller, Lloyd, McLaughlin, Lenhart, Mr. Buck. Eversole, Gallis, Koehler, Campbell, Harper, Sayre, Embrey. Dupler, Davis, Henning, Harrop, Fleming, Guy, Bash, Emory, Toth, Whyde, Hayes. Sterling, Mauk, Veno, Gilliland, Titko, Shipley, McConnell, Perry. Bruce, Shaw, Dumolt, Browning, Callihan, Rader, Parks, Fauley, Houk, Jenkins, Nebinger, Mr. Buck. McCaughey, Crowley, Melick, Claypool, Rider, Ridgley, Hand, Bpsh, Luckett, Cowan. TWENTY-NINE flfreafunen THIRTY Cfazw, gfioicfzq On Tuesday, September 7, 1948, thirty-nine girls and forty-four boys of the freshman class reported to the following home room teachers: Mrs. Ramsey, Mr. Curl, and Mr. Lo Presti. We chose the following class oflicersz President, Robert Gamble, Vice President, Nellie Rider, Secretary-Treasurer, Nancy Williams. Since all of the officers were from one class, Ruth Roberts and Barbara Ditter were appointed representatives for the other two classes. We held a meeting and chose for our class colors blue and white. We decided to pay a nickel a week for dues. Booty Hanning is the freshman cheerleader. There were several boys out for sports. The annual initiation was held on November 10, but we, being good sports, survived. On Saturday, October 9, we had a hayride combined with a weiner roast at Lake Isabella. As a class we hope to have good times during the coming year and will offer co-operation in all school activities. Jerry Owens Weaver, Skinner, Moody, Heckel, Hanning, Williarns, Swingle, Hansen, Allen, Shaw. Savage, Trout, Moody, Launders, Luckett, Whetstone, Luckett, Dickson, Langley, Cannon, Shipley, Brummage, Mrs. Ramsey. Roberts, Duff, Drake, Carrell, Ferguson, Meadows, Maultz, Evans, Erwin, Taylor. Nebinger, Daniels, Ditter, Patch, Sagle, Rider, Russell, Moore, Whiteman, Folden, Brummage, Lantz, Taylor, Payton, Murgatroyd, Neff, Mr. Curl, May, Mautz, Devore, Bruce, Gamble, Patterson, Anderson, Clayton, Robinson, Mr. Lo Presti. Clayton, Wheeler, James, Spring, Inman, Maxwell, Sowers, Lambert, Kinnan, Moody, Williams. Smith, Owens, Ball, Fleming, Sowers, Miller, Longwell, Dilts, Noce, Hardin, Horn, Hammers. THIRTY-ONE Hlefpfceaentatiue Siudento, Peggy McConnell . . . "Snookie" "Speak softly, but carry a big stick." Good librarian. Uses a cute little hand duster to keep the books clean. Salutator- ian of her class. Learning to drive under the able instruction? of Buster, her current interest. Jim Way . . . "Elmer" "Never lie until the truth wonft work." Don't advise anyone to play hookey. Fav- orite hobby is disturbing the teachers. Un- known to him, he is the object of many ladies' affections. Loves sports. The funster of the junior class. Personality plus. THIRTY-TWO Boyd Folden . . . 4'Pistol" "Better late than never." At noon time particularly. Big noise from the senior class. Loves that game of euchre. Full of puns and plays jokes on many people. Con- genial and well liked by boys and girls alike. Marjorie Williams . . . "LolZy" "Life goes quickly when you get around." Wants to be a model. Excellent cook. Struts as one of the majorettes. Han- dles the money for the junior class as ably as the scissors, pots, and pans in Home Ec. Has an enticing grin that makes everyone feel good. Hiepfceaenta Ann Lenhart . . . "Annie,' "A happy smile will go a long Way." Has great journalistic leanings, Newly elected Assistant Ed. for the Rosette. Consistent worrier about lessons. Main in- terest resides in the senior home room- Chuck. Robert Ball . . . "Twila" "Little effort, great ambition." Sleeps through his first period English class. Greatest joy is teasing- the girls, Excellent athletic material. A Willing helper on any- thing at any time. Best known for his smiling disposition. tive Studenhs, Eddie Sterling . . . "Pause" "Great men come from small places-1 White Cottage." Sophomore contribution to the field of sports. Spends spare time outtalking Claypool and cleaning basket- balls. Loves that early morning ride on the bus. aww ' Ruth Roberts . . . "Ruthie" "Great people are big, and I am still growing." Wonderful music comes from those nimble fingers. Easily recognized by her long brown hair and blue rimmed glass- es. Manages good grades in spite of the many hours of practice. THIRTY-THREF THIRTY-FOUR THIRTY-FIVE MR. STROUP On a balmy spring day, as We sit in class looking out the window, the various sounds which float up to us from the auditorium form strange combinations. Some days We can hear voices coming to us in anything but a harmonious chord. Still there are times, such as concerts and football fi games, When the band is deeply appreciated. X X 'Era J Ygqgyp .X , dw- H , x U ' J l X mm THIRTY-SIX Head Drum Majorette-Irene Shipley ROSEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL BAND MISS RICKS MAJ ORETTES As the band marched onto the field, the spectators beheld a line of pretty girls marching proudly in front. The Woman responsible for this row of Well-trained majorettes was Lura Margaret Ricks. Miss Ricks turned a group of inexperienced twirlers into a smart marching column. Credit is due to her for taking over a job in her spare time Which no one else would do or was capable of doing. TPURTY-SEVEN TI-IIRTY-EIGHT GLEE CLUB MIXED CHORUS CHN :J 4? fe E o 5 700311 05 This year our Junior Red Cross was really organized. Each room chose three representatives to our Red Cross Council. We have two hon- orary representatives. They are Barbara Tharp and Donna Roberts. These girls attended the kick-off dinner at the Y.W.C.A. in Zanesville and re- ceived ideas for projects. For projects this year we made birthday favors which we sent to the Avondale Children's Home. These consisted of candy and chewing gum for a birthday party. At the beginning of the year we started collecting comic books for the Chillicothe Veterans' Hospital. We made nut cups and sent them to the Red Cross office in Zanesville. These cups were filled With candy and sent to the Veterans' Hospital also. There were other projects which we carried out. We're sure that the council found the projects were easy and considered their work fun. I, as one of the council, wish to thank Miss Clark for her sincere interest in our or- ganization. She is our Red Cross advisor. RED CROSS COUNCIL THIRTY-NINE Hfuificatiano, N, 5 e0'1i1'fL"' 5 f Papers of all sizes, conditions, and descriptions cover the floors and tables, and the Waste container is filled to overflowing. However, in this confused state of affairs the journalistic mind seems to function best, and there's nothing to which it thrills quite as much as completing the annual issue of the Rosette. f . . . ,. ' a I 4-I l ':"": I F ' ' boftlghf O l.' , l X I' I 0 "... ,Qi i is "" W, .A J '35, Yi? 'B 'O an '70 K f hy . I s N I HILITES STAFF ROSETTE STAFF FORTY-ONE LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club this year had a membership of nineteen with Miss Clark as faculty advisor. Social and business meetings were held once a month. At the first meeting the following officers were chosen: President, Charlotte Woodg Vice President, Ann Len- hartg Secretary, Donna Robertsg Treasurer, Marjorie Williams. Our club's head librarians were Polly Dilts and Clara Hand. The club, this year, sponsored a series of assemblies which included a magician, a group of singers, and various shows. Everyone seemed to enjoy these shows. At Christ- mas time the club exchanged names and held a potluck dinner in the Home Economics room. The club can proudly point to books on the library shelves as proof of our work this year. These books were presented to the school by the School Board and our library club. The librarians appreciate the co-operation they have received from the students in the use and care of the books. I ua sn' of l -i w tf . y N X . sepia f4 y K F. H. A. CLUB The first meeting of the Future Home Makers of America was held October 1. The following officers were chosen: President, Marjorie Williamsg Vice President, Mana Em- beryg Secretary, Mildred Ridgleyg Historian, Jean Williamsg and Treasurer, Edith Muller. On the night of December 2, twenty-one girls were initiated into Roseville Chapter of the F. H. A. by the Glenford-Hopewell Chapter. Since then eight more girls have become members. A Good Meal FORTY-THREE FORTY-FOUR VARSITY "R" CLUB As the school year of 1948-49 drew to a close the Varsity "R" Club found itself at the end of a second year period during which we had tried to make ourselves into a progressive club. The ofiicers who led us were: President, Bernard Sowersg Vice Presi- dent, Carl Shipleyg Secretary-Treasurer, Don Savage. We were assisted by our able advisors, the coaches, "Mike" Lo Presti and "Red" Smith. We in- creased our membership to twenty-nine. The new members taken in this year were Jerry Rider, Boyd Folden, Marvin Houk, Bob Gooklive and Nel- son Melick. We are now selling booster plates, plastic pillows, booster pins, pencils, and pocketbooks. The profit made from the sale of these articles is used for the promotion of the general welfare of the athletes. To make ourselves into a better organization, we need the loyalty and support of the school and the townspeople. We know from former co-opera- tion that we can count on them. Tom Sagle ' Muscled men of might and dimpled darlings, packing deceptive wallops, M, crowd the halls of our dear alma mater as shining testimonials of what Roseville's athletic program can do. For those already endowed by "Mother Nature" with a "Charles Atlas" physique, varsity sports open their doors and shove the neophyte into sweat shirts, shorts, and sneakers, or padding and helmets. For the less ambitious, who care for fellowship and rivalry minus gruelling practice, intramurals fill the bill. FORTY-FIVE FORTY-SIX Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. atfzfetic Scfzeduge 1948 - 1949 FOOTBALL Bremen .............. New Lexington ....... Philo ..,...,......,..... Crooksville ............ .... New Concord .................... Malta - McConnel1sville ....... Caldwell .......................... Glouster ...... BASKETBALL Malta - McC0nnellsVil1e ....... New Concord .................. New Lexington ....... Crooksville ......... Caldwell ........ Glouster ........ Philo ................................ Malta - McConnelsville ..... New Concord .................. New Lexington ....... Crooksville ......... Caldwell ........ Philo ......... Glouster ...... Roseville Visitor 27 O 0 0 13 6 32 0 6 6 12 6 0 0 32 6 Roseville Visitor 49 36 34 54 32 55 42 26 37 45 46 48 36 31 30 31 32 53 40 52 49 47 31 58 49 48 57 53 flaatiaff MR. JOHN SMITH On August 19, thirty-one promising young men reported to John R. Smith for the 19.48 football season. This team promised to be one of the outstanding teams of the M. V. L. Our team did fairly well considering the fact that we tied both New Lex and New Concord who were the M. V. L. Champions. During the season our captain received injuries three times which kept him out the larager part of the season. Our managers, Runt Savage, Jim Riley and Marvin Folden, did a marvelous job this year. Runt, a senior, deserves much credit for the help he has given the team the past four years. Also our mascot, Dickie Mauller, is a promising football player for the future. ENTIRE FOOTBALL SQUAD FORTY-SEVEN FORTY-EIGHT if Y f f -' - ieW,zf""X""2'?-7' Nth' wa'S"azSC'lrNl " .V '5 "" Olaf" ,-fi' --,': ' ff-.ZS - :'E'.'-"2-"1-15:'-""1i"Eaa-325117. '- " V. - f -. n ' -if A ga? fi -A - W T ::.- z ..,. , --1a. gl,r, ,f -3 , ' . " " - . ---- ' . 5 ,.- .M,... .nf .gg-:.f .:: 2155.-V:-, .: ---' -1: ..-r V ..,. . EY f . ' ' w i f .. ki'-.'.'!::5.-:3-'1f.5:-?.':'4'2": . '7:'Z53':7:5f45:7"5'. .1 ' 'I Y - "' W W' .' .T ,V ' ' .- ' T :'n.-S:E' -Eb .l'5 'I-5x5:1' -" m5.E.5.a:., .... . ,,.5.1z3? --.- . X - , f s.,f,x .. ..,., ,- . K .. -, . V-..,-.3 JIM SPRING-Seniore-"Meat''-made all M. V. L. Played tackle. Two year letterrnan. DON ROUSH-Senior-"Couz,'-one of the fastest backs on our team. Two year letterman. BERNARD SOVVERS-Junior-''Tanku-made all M. V. L. Sowers played fullback. He is co-captain for next year. Three year letterman. RAY WALLACE-Junior - "Woman Hater" - Played right end on defense. One year letterman. CHARLES McLAUGHLIN-Senior - "Chuck" - Good man to invade the other teanfs backfield. He was our left tackle. Two year letterman. JERRY RIDER-Sophomore-"New Lerl' - All round good end. Good on offense especially. One year letterman. ARTHUR HARTLEY-Senior-''Squirrelv - made M. V. L. Righ Guard. Two year letterman. DAYLE BRO VV N ING-Sophomore-"Madelyn,' - One of our best ball carriers. Right-half. One year letterman. TOM SAGLE-Junior-''Bezzlebaum'' - Played quarterback. An awfully good defensive player. Sagle is co-captain next year. Three year letterrnan. RALPH PLETCHER-Senior-"Idgit"--Our right guard who held up his side of the line. Two year letterman. JIM WAY-Junior-''Elmern-Excellent end on both offensive and defensive. Two year letterman. DON SAVAGE-Junior-"Argo''-Made honorable ,, mention M. V. L. as center. Two year letterrnan. BOYD FOLDEN-Senior-"Pistol''-Played offens- ive and defensive half back. One year letterman. BILL RIDENOUR-Junior-''Chillsn-Played a dif- ficult guard position. Two year letterman. LAWRENCE LAVV-Senior-"Otho''-Played full- back. BOB GOODLIVE-Junior-''Cider''-Played offens4 ive right end. One year letterman. NELSON IVIELICK-Sophomore-''Berthau-a good end and has two more years to show his talent. One year letterman. MARVIN HOUK-Sophomore-''Pee-wee"- Plays right tackle. One year letterman. ROBERT VVILSON-Senior-"Bob" - Plays left tackle. ED STERLING-Sophomore-''Pause'i - Played center. He plays a good game. CARL SHIPLEY-Senior-''Crip"-Last but not least is our captain. Due to injuries unable to play his pos1t1on at left end. Two year letterman. FORTY-NINE .93cwket5a2E MR. LO PRESTI On the seventeenth of November, ten boys turned out for varsity practice. Since we used two teams most of the time last year, many of our players had experience. They were of average height and had plenty of fight. Mike coached his third year at Roseville, and the development of the younger boys has begun to show. We Want to mention Bill Rider, Ray Wallace, Bob Goodlive, and Nelson Melick also. These four boys earned places on the varsity squad. All were good shots. Our reserve squad is always made up of freshmen and sophomores. This squad did a good job this year. We are proud of it, and we think it deserves credit for the hard Work put forth by its players. The squad was coached by Red Smith. VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD FIFTY DAVID SAVAGE-Senior, 5' 5"-has played varsity for three years. He used a set shot from the front court. ARTHUR HARTLEY-Senior, 6' - played three years on the varsity, played forward and specialized in one hand shots from the corner. J IM WAY-Junior, 5' 10"-started his first year on the varsity by playing forward and was considered a dead shot from his side. BERNARD SOVVERS-Junior, 5' 95"-played for- ward and used a set shot. This is his second year on the varsity. He is especially effective in getting re- bounds. DON SAVAGE-Junior, 5' 7"-played guard and was a good defensive man. He is a good set shot from the front court. TOM SAGLE-Junior, 5' 7"-played guard in his second year on varsity. He is a good all-round player. He did not play all year because of back injury. JERRY RIDER-Sophomore, 5' 11"-played center and is a good all-round player. This is his first y-ear on varsity. BILL RIDENOUP1-Junior, 5' 7"--was a guard and a good all-round player. He played only a few games because of a football injury. HERB PETTIT-Junior, 5' 5M".lplayed in no par- ticular position and was first year on varsity. He used a spectacular two handed shot. BOYD FOLDEN-Senior, 5' 11"-played two years on the varsity. Boyd was replaced later by Wallace. 1 FIFTY-ONE Cfzeefnfeadefw, .si ' . ' ' ver.-:.,"?5:Y355 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS On behalf of the cheerleaders at R. H. S. I wish to thank you, one and all, for your wonderful backing and co-operation. Completing my fourth year I know what it means to be cheer-leader and have to say "farewell", but continue giving your sincere support to the cheerleaders and they in return will do their part I'm sure. If this is carried out, you and I, both, will be proud to say in later years, "We Choose Roseville." Kate Combs R- b RESERVE CHEERLEADERS FIFTY-TWO Saciaf Clctiaitiefo, awund the Cwuzem Pause that refreshes! Young chivalry Trouble? Action .... FIFTY-FOUR Juliezs? Suspense- l l I s gfamecaming At the end of the first half of the Roseville and Malta-McConnelsville football game on October 28, 1948, came the exciting moment. The homecoming queen, Miss Anne Jones of Roseville High School and her attendants, Miss Charlotte Wood of the senior class and Miss Donna Roberts of the Junior class were presented to the audience. Large bouquets were given to them by Captain Shipley, and the traditional "kiss"x was be- stowed upon the queen by the captain. Later that evening Miss Jones and Captain Shipley led the grand march which created the highlight of the homecoming dance. E' FIFTY-FIVE Snaaping again is Explosion! ! Euchreas the Game! ! Business! ! Mail Scramble! ! 3 FIFTY-SIX Hungry kids? P 5 Getting her education! ! flfzeabcical gfigheighw, Qu Stage Good Neighbors The junio,-Sal Full House Ridin' the Range FIFTY-EIGHT All Smiles High Kick! Qu Stage DOLUP1 In The Hills Presenting "The Oscar" ROCff6T16'? You Guess What Graceful Girls! Nice Show . . . Freshmen FIFTY-NINE Snwpofzafn, 1 l Richard Heckel Richard Combs Tony Arcuri - Zella Garrett - Shirley A. Moody Jack J aynes - Don Dunn - Olena Savage Clarice Strahl Virgil Caton - Jack Swingle Jackie Sorge Pat Marshall Jerry Allen - Miriam Mautz Doris Parks - Esther Edwards Gene Shipley - Arthur Ridgley Pearl Lucas - Kate Wallace - Edith Whetstone Eddie Finley - Lewis Wilson - Shirley J. Moody Betty Berga - Harold Roberts Edsel Pletcher Eddie Hansen James Rider - Marianne Cassady Edith Russell - Ned Koble - Loretta Gaddis Edith Walchak Orville Rucker alumni CLASS OF' 1948 - - Purdue - Ohio University Ohio University - Garrett Pottery Mrs. Don Hubbard - - Indiana Dunn's Stone Quarry - - - Wac's Olivet College - Brush Pottery - McCoy Pottery General Electric Brush Pottery - - - Navy Capital University - - - home Penney's Store - - - home - - - home Kresge's 5 and 10c store Mrs. Bill Hamilton Mrs. Wallace Ayers - Ohio University - - - home Columbia Cement Lunch room Mrs. John Lucas - - - Navy - Ohio University - - - home - - - home Muskingum College - Mills Restaurant Marines - Brush Pottery Essex Wire Company - Cement Plant SIXTY-ONE SIXTY-TWO .7ndea: Introductory Page ,,.,,..,,,,,,,,, ,,,-,,, P age 2 Clara Hand, Don Roush. Senior Class Officers ,.,...,...,,.,,,.,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,4,4.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Page 12 Don Roush, Irene Shipley, Carl Shipley, Marilyn Dalyrmple, Mary Lou M' Flowers was absent when picture was taken. Junior Class Officers ,,,,,.,,.,,,.,.,,,,,,,,4,,,.,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,-,,,,.,,.. ,,,.,,,,-,,,,,,,-,,,,,, P age 26 Donna Roberts, Marjorie Williams, Bidd Ridenour, Bernard Sowers. Sophomore Class Officers ,.,,,,..,,,.,..,-,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,, P age 28 Ann Lenhart, Dale Browning, Marlene Aiken, Bill Callihan. Freshman Class Officers ...........,.......,.,,,.,..,..,.,.,,,,.,,,,..,.,,,,,,..,,.,,,.,.,...,., Page 30 Barbara Ditter, Ruth Roberts, Nellie Rider, Nancy Williams, Bob Gamble. Activities ..,,,,,....,.,,,,,,,..,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,, .,,.,,, P age 35 Dale Browning, Donna Roberts. Band .,,,,,.i.-,,.,.,,.,.,.,,..,,,-...,.,,.,..,,,,,-,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,.., Page 37 Twila Sagle, Marjorie Williams, Creta Sayre, Joan Brummage, Sue Wil- liams, Barbara Tharp, Murna Moody, Donna Moody, Elizabeth Glass, Marjorie Roberts, June Swingle, Evelyn Savage, Norma Riley, Donna Roberts, Barbara Ditter, Madonna Wilson, Mary Jane Shaw, Marian Harrop, Esther Whyde, Wilma Ensimger, David Laughlin, Betty Loehler, Eloise Fye, Margaret Rader, Martha Luckett, Sue Allen, Sally Laughlin, Patty Patch, Ruth Roberts, Marvin Sowers, Jackie Lambert, Jim Shapley. Donnie Fleming, Cariam Sowers, Barbara Nebinger, Kenny Bagent, Larry Crowley, Charles Rader, Orville Bush, Roger McCaughey. Irene Shipley, Lore Jane Luckett, Mary Taylor, Mr. Stroup. Majorettes ....,,.,.....,,,.....,,,...........,.........,,.......,,..............,......................... Page 37 Girls' Joan Brummage, Sue Williams, Creta Sayre, Murna Moody, Mariam Har- rop, Twila Sagle, Donna Moody, Barbara Tharp, Marjorie Williams. Glee Club ........................,.....,........,...........,.....,,...........,................. Page 38 Jane Robinson, Lora Ditter, Lois Moody, Johanna Heckle, Booty Hanning, Marianne Hanse, Marilyn Dalyrmple, Marjorie McCammon, Polly Dilts, Mary Lou Flowers, Donna Roberts. June Swingle, Betty Weaver, Vera Fuller, Murna Moody, Mary Launder, Ruth Whetstone, Martha Luckett, Barbara Miller, Theta Tatman, Joan Watt, Barbara Norris, Dorothy Hub- bard, Sally Laughlin, Mr. Stroup. Ruth Roberts, Irene Shipley, Marjorie Roberts, Beverly Yeager, Rosalie Brown, Barbara Tharp, Donna Skinner, Fairy Lloyd, Creta Sayre, Betty Harper. Nancy Carrell, Betty Drake, Nancy Williams, Eileen Swingle, Naomi Duff. index continued Mixed Chorus ....................................................................................... -..Page 38 Marjorie Roberts, Jane Robinson, Lora Ditter, Lois Moody, Johanny Heckle, Barbara Tharp, Marianne Hansen, Eileen Carpenter, Naomi Duff, Creta Sayre, Betty Harper, June Swingle. Murna Moody, Mary Whet- stone, Dorothy Stewart, Nancy Williams, Donna Skinner, Barbara Norris, Barbara Miller, Theta Tatman, Sally Laughlin, Ruth Roberts, Fairy Lloyd, Booty Hanning, Mr. Stroup. Irene Shipley, Polly Dilts, Marilyn Dalrymple, Marjorie McCammon, Rosalie Brown, Donna Roberts, Beverly Yeager, Nancy Carrell, Betty Drake, Mary Launder, Vera Fuller. Ralph Pletcher, Bernard Sowers, Bill Ridenour, Donnie Savage, Carl Shipley, John Henning, Bob Goodlive, Don Roush, Herb Pettit, Dick Claypool, Ray Wallace, Charles Rader, Bob Wilson. Eugene Wilson, Dick Nebinger, Dave Savage, Fred Rucker, Harold Whetstone, Arthur Hartley, Jim Spring, Lawrence Law, Jim Way, Marvin Houk, Tom Sagle, Guy McCon- nell. Red Cross Council .,.............................................................................,.. Page 39 Miss Clark, Marjorie McCammon, Mildred Dozer, Mary Wiseman, Barbara Tharp, Donna Roberts, Barbara Skinner, Patty Harrop, Carol Camapbell. Donald Fleming, Billy Good, Jimmy Maxwell, David Laugh- lin, David Horn, Billy Evans, Jim Hamilton, Jim Way, Nelson' Melick, Ray Wallace. Publications .................,...............,.,....,...,...............,.....e..,........................ Pa e 40 g Dave Savage, Tom Sagle, John Henning, Kate Combs, Barbara Tharp, Donna Roberts, Donnie Savage, Irene Shipley, Mary Wiseman. Hilites 4,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,-..,.,,,,,,,,.,.,.,.,,,,,.,..,,,,,.,,,............... Page 41 Louise McLaughlin, Mana Embrey, Theta Tatman, Mary Carr, Sally Laughlin, Anne Jones, Donna Pemberton, Ann Lenhart, Ina Mae Ander- son, Joan Watt, Peggy McConnell, Kate Combs, Beverly Yeager, Phyllis Carson, Paul Cannon, Johanna Heckle, Carroll Campbell, Miss Clark. Eugene Wilson, Jim Hamilton, Boyd Folden, John Henning, Roger Mc- Caughey. Rosette ............,......,...................,............,...... ,...................,............ .......... P a gc 41 Eileen Carpenter, Theta Tatman, Charlotte Wood, Marjorie McCammon, Polly Dilts, Donna Roberts. Ina Mae Anderson, Mary Wiseman, Josephine Mikus, Irene Shipley, Clara Hand, Elizabeth Glass, Dorothy Hubbard, Barbara Tharp, Kate Combs, Miss Ransbottom. Dave Savage, Tom Sagle, Jim Hamilton, John Henning. Don Savage was absent when picture was taken. Library Club ............................................................................................ Page 42 Theta Tatman, Sally Laughlin, Lois Moody, Ann Lenhart, Polly Dilts, Donna Roberts. Margaret Rader, Clara Hand, Charlotte Wood, Mary Wiseman, Glenna Embrey, Marjorie Williams, Barbara Miller, Donna Pemberton, Anne Jones, Miss Clark. Peggy McConnell, Barbara Nebinger, Irene Shipley, Patty Harrop. SIXTY-THREE SIXTY-FOUR - . , I .Ymlefx cantinued A. Club ....................,.,..,.,..,.......,.....................,............................... Page Rosalie Brown, Bonnie Meadows, Norma Riley, Evelyn Savage, Dorothy Hubbard, Marilyn Dalrymple, Mary Lou Flowers, Marjorie Williams. Ina Mae Anderson, Mary Jane Ervin, Martha Luckett, Ellen Clayton, Donna Walchak, Glenna Embrey, Phyllis Carson, Mary Ann Williams, Josephine Mikus. Mary Whetstone, Mary Taylor, Murna Trout, Sue Savage, Mana Embrey, Mildred Ridgley, Donna Gill. Edith Mauller, Bonita Lotterbaugh, Betty Lou Murphy, Edna Spring. F. H. Home Ec. Lab. .,...,.,.,,,,,,,..,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,..,...,.,,......,.,,..,,,........,,..........,......... Page Polly Dilts, Ina Mae Anderson, Ellen Koehler, Josephine Mikus, Phyllis Carson, Miss Mulligan, Marjorie Williams ,Dorothy Kane. Marilyn Dal- rymple, Irene Shipley, Marjorie McCammon, Dorothy Hubbard, Rosalie Brown. Varsity "R" Club ,..,.....,..,.,,...,,.,,.,.,...,................................,.,................... Page Dale Browning, Ray Wallace, David Savage, Jim Way, Tom Sagle, Bill Ridenour, Don Roush. Carl Shipley, Bernard Sowers, Jim Spring, Arthur Hartley, Charles McLaughlin, Ralph Pletcher, Hiram Ihinger, Coach Red Smith. Donnie Savage was absent when picture was taken. Athletics ..............................................,........... ........ P age Mary Wiseman, Tom Sagle, Mary Carr. Football Squad ,.,,,.,,..,..,,,,.,,,,,.,.,.,.....,.,........,,......................................... Page Wilson, Hartley, J. Spring, McLaughlin, Shipley, Pletcher, Roush, Boyd Folden, Law. Dave Savagq Goodlive, Sagle, Sowers, Don Savage, Mauller, Browning, Wallace, Ridenour, Way, Sterling,lRiley. Mr. Folden, Coach Lo Presti, Ball, Hardin, Dalton, Horn, Devore, Claypool, Gamble, May, Danigls, Fleming, Coach Smith. Moore, Houk, R. Spring, Dumolt, Cowan, J. Ri er, Varsity Basketball Squad ....,,.,..,.,,....,,.,,........,..,,,.,...,..,,.,,....,,....,.,....... Page Don Savage, Jerry Rider, Arthur Hartley, Tom Sagle, Bernard Sowers, Coach Lo Presti. Herb Pettit, Boyd Folden, Jim Way, Bill Ridenour, Dave Savage, Mgr. Carl Shipley. Reserve Basketball Squad ....,,......,,,,......,...........................,.................., Page Coach Red Smith, Bill Rider, Roger McCau'ghey, Nelson Melick, Bob Cowan, Dale Browning. Mgr, Jim Riley, Earl Bruce, Larry Crowley, Clyde Parks, Gerald Bruce, Orvile Bush, Mgr. Eddid Stering. Varsity Cheerleaders ,,.....,...................................................... ..... P age Dick Nebinger, Fairy Lloyd. Social Page ,,,,...,,,..,,,,....,,.,.,...,,.,,. ..... P ago Bill Ridenour, Polly Dilts. Homecoming .....,.....,...,...,.....,,,...,....,............,..,,.,.......l............................ Page Carl Shipley, Anne Jones . , . Charlotte Wood, Anne Jones, Donna Roberts . . . Don Roush, Charlotte Wood, Carl Shipley, Anne Jones, Jim Spring, Donna Roberts. Theatrical Highlights ,,,,..,..,,,,.,,.,.. ..,,, P age Bob Goodlive, Sally Laughlin. f' 'X OOM PLI M E N TS OF Roxy Theatre rqlwayd 14 Quai Shaw ir DORMAN LAW, Manager L. J T O7 V 'T Compliments of Betty's Lunch Room , , Hot Do s S ft D ' k Sh1cld's R3d10 Shop g O rm S Candy ROSEVILLE, OHIO School Supplies L- .i L.- J 7' 'T 1 'COM PLI M EN TS OF J ANE'S LUNCH L., + T.J 7' 'W T' 'N WiHiams 81 Maxwell , , Compliments of Servlce Station GROCERIES Kz MEATS Watt Pottery AUTO PARTS Phone 77382 Roseville, Ohio CROOKSVILLE, OHIO L.- J L.- J V' 'T V 'W Compliments of Compliments of Kincaid Brothers Twin City Ice Main Street Crooksville, Ohio CROOKSVILLE, OHIO Lt- ,J an. .4 SIXTY-SIX ff ?" 'W ICOM PLI M EN TS OF MORRISON'S MARKET ROSEVILLE, oH1o A K. .J f' 'I C. W. CANN N FURNITURE S TURE Roseville, Ohio PAY US A VISIT WHETHER YOU NEED ANYTHING OR NOT We like for you to come and see OUR NEW MERCHANDISE BERNARD and IRENE ALLEN L AJ f' W7 V -7 3 H N Owens Compliments of 9 Dry Goods 85 Variety Store Snell 5 Pharmacy Everything for the Family I'I3.llII1a1'k Greeting ,CaI'ClS Phone 77155 Roseville, Ohio Main Street Roseville, Ohio Q. EJ L.- J SIXT Y-SEVEN 'l I r., OOMPLIM EN TS OF Robinson - Ransbottom pal faq eampcmq Roseville, Ohio L.- J T' "T T' Compliments of Ben Franklin Store C! Always the Best Servicei' 1 1 'Congratulations from Edwin M. Pitoock HARDWARE FURNITURE CROOKSVILLE, OHIO Crooksville, Ohio L.- .Z L.. 7' 'W Y' BEST WISH ES 1 1 Pemberton Motor Express Gruhlfs Service Station We Cover the Entire State of Ohio Carburetors - Generators FOR ALL CARS -Plenty of Tires- 'ZANESVILLE - ROSEVILLE x CROOKSVILLE ROSE FARM - MCLUNEY " Phone 77369 Roseville, Ohio A .f K, AJ La.- L . SIXTY-EIGHT I' 'N OOMPLI ME N TS OF E112 fired Urusi ami! Saving-I 25511112 Roseville Branch MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION COMPLIMENTS OF THE G. F. GOODRICH COMPANY sos MAIN STREET I ZANESVILLE, OHIO HOME AND AUTO SUPPLIES PASSENGER - TRUCK and FARM SERVICE TIRES and TUBES FIN LAW LUMBER COMPANY and FINLAW SAWMILLS EVERYTHING TO BUILD WITH 226 - 277 PHONES 348 - 6004 S Y f' 'x PUHHMHUHE SWUVUE 326Vz MAIN STREET PHONE 3270 Zanesville, Ohio O "It's Been Nice Knowing You" CAROL and RAY BEADLING gn J TULATIONS C -NINE from Mammoor Beauty Shop . OF The NELSUN- MCCOY Pottery Company V 'u r' 'x Congratulations Compliments of Class of ,419 Ford's Flowers aw 13445 Maple Ave. Phone 7045 ZANESVILLE, OHIO Kathalene and Robert Ford ACROSS FROM COURT HOUSE Zanesville, Ohio L., , .J k. J 7, THE P. W. CANNON APPLIANCE STORE ROSEVILLE, OHIO Phone 77-777 Frigidaire - Maytag - Speed Queen - Hoover - Ironrite SALES - and - SERVICE L.. V 1 7' 'w Carter's Hardware GROCERIES - MEATS Second Street Phone 77227 Phone 77111 Main Street ROSEVILLE, OHIO ROSEVILLE, OHIO L.. ..z L.- .J 7-R 'W V' 'u Congratulations from Mercer Auto Supply Pauline's Food Market CROOKSVILLE, OHIO ROSEVILLE, OHIO L- J L. J SEVENTY-TWO V 'T ICOMPLIMEN TS OF THE ADVANCE PRINTING COMPANY L.. Ii V' 'T GRETHERDS FLOWERS A COMPLETE FLORAL SERVICE ROSEVILLE ROAD PHONE 7823 L.- J VC 'W LONGSHORE MUSIC STORE PIAN OS BAND and ORCHESTRA INSTRUMENTS - SHEET MUSIC 57 NORTH FIFTH STREET PHONE 273 ZANESVILLE, OHIO L. ,J V' 'W V3 'T . Compliments of Stlers Motor Sales . The Ohlo Ofiice Supply Company SALES and SERVICE ' 27 North Fifth Street Phone 2434 Phone 6880 Zanesville, Ohio ZANESVILLE, OHIO L. I. lE.i S.. 3.2 SEVENTY-THREE F, Pearts Furniture and Appliances Philco - Norge - Zenith 'X f' '1 'Congratulations from Starcl1er's Men and Boys' Store QUALITY MERCHANDISE SALES d SERVICE at an MODERATE PRICE Cfooksviue, ' ' ' Ohio Crooksville, ohio L.. Q. .z V 'W r- '1 Moody Servlce Station G. F. Cannon General Repair Work CROOKSVILLE oHIo CARS CALLED RoR SL DELIVERED ' Phone 77394 Furniture - Rugs - Stoves - Washers S.. .z u. .4 V' 'x r -1 Compliments Compliments of y of Roseville Federal Trevewood Pottery Savin S and Loan g W H O L E S A L E ROSEVILLE, oH1o ROSEVILLE, OHIO L- .J 1. .1 V 'X r' 'T CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FOHTY-NINEHS Ungemaeh Pottery from Manufacturers of s Moore and Staley ROSEART WARE Restaurant I t ROSEVILLE, OHIO ROSEVILLE, oHIo L- J L -3 SEVENTY-FOUR W7 V ui W E B E R 9 S The Clossman ,CONGRATULATES Hardware Company THE 1949 GRADUATES Everything In HARDWARE f and ATHLETIC SUPPLIES o ROSE VI LLE HIGH SCHOOL 1 . Southeastern Ohids Largest Store for the Home .J L.- ,J is Ve T7 PENNEY'S Dr. DavidR.Fitz Serving The Average American Registered Optometrist F amily Af T hfiffy Prices Phone 1975 5343 Main st. ZANESVILLE, OHIO Zanesville, Ohio J L.- J .W PIONEER ELECTRIC Zanesville's Oldest Electrical Appliance Store 31 North Fifth Street Phone 589 ZANESVILLE, OHIO ,J 'T FRENCH SHOP 4-06 MAIN STREET ZANESVILLE, OHIO "THE STORE OF SMART FASHIONSH ,J SEVEN TY-FIVE T., 1 WHEN YOU THINK OF HOME ...THINK OF QUALITY FURNITURE STORE YOUR SUPER HOME STORE MAIN AND SEVENTH ZANESVILLE, OHIO L.- re 'COMPLIMENTS OF THE ARTWILL DRESS SHOP ZANESVILLE, OHIO L.- V 'T .re Jane Lee 400 Main Street Zanesville, Ohio SMART APPAREL from Clark Candy CO. A SMART SHOP Quality, Style, Value are integral parts of every purchase at LANCASTER, OHIO Jane Lee L., PJ L... V QW F, Compliments of Compliments of Eveland Cleaners - ' d re and T all 01, S Slnger Har wa IT SUITS US TO SUIT YOU CROOKSVILLE, OHIO L, J L, .1 SEVENTY-SIX F 'W V' 'W , , , 'Compliments of , 9 G a r 1' 1 s o n s 9 Frank Cooper S YoUR FAMILY sHoE STORE Jewelry Store 319 Mein Street Phone 474 7 North Fifth Street Zanesville, O. ZANESVILLE, OHIO x. -J L.- J r '1 rt ri , I , , . C 1' f MOPPISOHQS Omplmensof Cunningham's Market Luggage and Leather Goods 18 North Fifth Street Groceries and Dry Goods ZANESVILLE, OHIO Roseville, Ohio m. J' L.. LJ f' "W V Ri Tayl0r7s Men's Store icomplimem Class of ',49" for Nationally Advertised Crooksvllle Cab Co. MEN'S WEAR Prompt - Courteous Service CROOKSVILLE, OHIO Phone 55 CROOKSVILLE, O. ,it L.- .J "1 COMPLIMENTS OF TIMES RECORDER and ZANESVILLE SIGNAL ZANESVILLE, OHIO .i SEVENTY-SEVEN f' 'B THE HAMILTON POTTERY Roseville, Ohio L J F' 'N COM PLI M EN TS 'OF THE GEM RE STAURANT CROOKSVILLE, OHIO L J HT l AUTOGRAPHS SOUTHEASTERN PRINTING COMPANY, . . . CAMBRIDGE, OHIO SEVEN TY-NTNE I 1

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