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In recognition of his service as an Athletic Director and as a member of the faculty of Roseville High School, We, the Senior Class of 1938 do hereby dedicate this second edition of the Rosette to our Coach MR. LEWIS A. SHELLY rAeutty Rufus Putnam ' Leader H MR. WILLIAM W. WILSON, Super¬ intendent; A.B.,Muskingum Col¬ lege; Ohio State University. American Government. MR. SOLOMON L. SWINGLE, Princi¬ pal; A.B., Wittenberg College; M.A., Ohio State University ; Mathematics, Physics. MISS ALMA AIKIN, B.S. In Edu¬ cation, Muskingum College; M.A., Ohio State University: Bowling Green; English. MISS LOLA CLARK, B.S. In Educa¬ tion, University of Colorado; Ohio State University; W. Iowa; Boulder College; Ohio Universi¬ ty. Foreign Languages, History. MISS MARIAN MoMURRAY, B.S. In Education of Music Supervision, Muskingum College. Music. MISS GWLADYS BERRY, B.C.S., Of¬ fice Training School; Meredith Business College; Ohio Universi¬ ty. Commercial. MISS EDNA MAE CAMPBELL, B. S. In Education, Ohio State University; Wittenberg College. Health, World History, and Home Economics. MR. LEWIS A. SHELLY, B.S. In Phy¬ sical Education, Ohio Northern University; M.A. in Physical Ed¬ ucation, Columbia University; 0- hio University. Health and Phys¬ ical Education, General Science, Biology. •5EMI ©R5 Each year twixt the noon and the midnight When achool days are almost o ' er Gomes a pause in our anticipations That is known as the class day hour. „ , , t , , , , ' TWe sta -t air Ipswl In tne office we ve seen in tne sunlight --- Scrolls on the desk lying there. These must he our well-earned diplomas That proudly away we shall hear. There ' s a sudden rush from the stairway A sudden raid from the hall By all doors left unguarded Enter the students all. A whisper and then a silence And we know by their watchful eyes The students and friends are waiting To hear us say our good-byes. ' Tis a time half happy, half serious And to cover the serious o ' er We Jest and dream and make merry And in flights of fancy soar. The Seniors present their program And leave all this advice " Any student can he a Senior If he labors, and works, and tries. " We leave our places to others And Alumni we become We depart into the Tomorrow But cherish this, our school home. DAN V OOLERY, Class President 4; Vice President 3; Secretary-Treas¬ urer 1; Glee Club 2; Mechanics Club 3; Class Play 3; Dramatics Club 4 JEAN ' WALLACE, Vice President 4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 1, 2,3,4; Class Play 1,2,3,4; Art Club 3; Operetta 1,2,3,4; Dra¬ matics 4; Kilites 3,4; Rosette 3; President 2,3; Class Histor¬ ian 4. JEAN MlIRGATROYD, Secretary- Treasurer; Glee Club 1,3,4; Operetta 1,3,4; Art Club 3; Dramatics Club 4; Kilites Staff 4; Rosette Staff 3,4; Class Play 1,2,3,4. Class Motto: " Not Evening but Dawn " . Class Plower; Yellow Rose Class Colors: Blue and Gold EVERETT JAMESQN, Glass Play 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 3,4;H1- lltes 3;Rosette 4;0peretta 3,4; Dra¬ matics 3,4. EDNA PRIDE, Glee Club 1,4; Junior Class Play 3; News¬ paper 3;Homemakers Club 3; Dramatics Club 4. KATHLEEN FLETCHER, Glee Club 1, 3, 4; Operetta 3, 4; Art Club; Dramatics Club 4; Hilltes Staff 3, 4; Rosette Staff 3, 4; Class Play 4; Valedicto¬ rian. ARTHUR LANE, Class Play 2, 3; Science Club 3; Radio Club 3; Hilltea Staff 3 HAROLD SLEWING, Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3» 4; Glee Club 4; Dramatics Club 4; Class Poet 4. MARIE HARTER, Dramatics 3, 4; Homemakers Club 3;Class Play 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1; Operet¬ ta 1, 3, 4; Librarian 4; Glee Club 1, 3, 4. MARY EDWARDS, Dramatics Club; Sec. 3; Pres. 4; Class Play 2, 3; Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4;Rosette 4; Declamation 3 4; Librarian 4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Class Night 4. CARL NEWHOUSER, Glee Club 4; Dramatics Club 4; Baseball 4; Football 4; Hilltes 4; Ros¬ ette 4; Class Play 4. ROY McBRAYER» Basketball 2J Baseball 2,4; Class Play 3; Science 3,4; Football 3,4; Mechanic, 3, PHYLIS MYERS, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4| Operetta, 1 2, 3, 4;Homeraakers Club 3; Class Play 1,3, 4 VIOLET MAUTZ, Glee Club 3, 4; Homemakers Club,3,4;Class Play 3; Operetta 3» RICHARD LUCKETT,Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball,4; Baseball 4;3cience Club4 RUSSELL SOBERS, 3cience Club 3, 4; Class Play 3. MARY M. SMITH, Glee Club 1,2,3; Homemakers Club 3 Dramatics Club,4Basket- Ball 1; Class Plays 1,2 3; Hilites Staff 4; Rosette Staff 4?Operetta 3,4; Declamatiort 3jClass Prophecy. ETTA KOON, Glee Club 2; Class Play 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club4; Operetta 2; Homemakers Club 3; Hilites Staff 3. ROBERT BARGAR, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Play 2,3,4; Operetta 3; Glee Club 3; Hilites Staff 3. « KBLDON WEAKLEY, Science Club 3; Ilass Play 2, 3; Baseball 2,3. RUTH WILSON, Glee Club 3,4; Art Club 3; Dramatics 4; Class Plays 2,3,4; Hilites 4; Operetta 3,4; Prince of Peace 4: Salulatarian 4. JOROTHY STINE, Dramatics Club 3; Jlass Plays 1,2,3; Basketball 1; lilites Staff 3,4; Secretary and Treasurer 3. RAYMOND SOLEHBARGER, Scienct Club 3,4; Class Play 3. LESLIE WALKER, Glee Club 1,2,3, 4; Class Play 3,4; Operetta 2, 3,4; Basketball 3; Dramatics 4; Science Club 3 GAY FLUHARTY, Glee Club 2, 3,4; Dramatics 4; Operetta 2,3,4. LEONARD EDWARDS, Glee Club 2,3, 4; Operetta 2,3,4; Class Play 3,4; Baseball 1; Science 3; Dramatics 4. PAUL SMITH, Class Play 2,3, 4; Glee Club 2; Basketball 3,4; Baseball 1,2,4; Rosette 3; Hilites 3,4; Dramatics 4; Mechanics 3. CHARLES LACY, Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1, 2,3,4; Glee Club 1,4; Science Club 4; Mechanics Club 3; Hilites Staff 3; Annual Staff 4;Class Play 3;Class Attorney. Like a journey into a strange land of lakes and rivers mountains, and valleys, is the story of the lives of the seniors. For now the story takes one up the mountain of hope, now down to the valley of discouragement; then into a river of rushing and pushing flood waters, and hither onto a placid lake of deep blue waters. Into the land of tiny tots one day some little boys and girls wandered, away from home, and away from fathers and mothers. A pied-Piper-ess wooed them with her entic¬ ing ways, and coaxed them to say, " I see the cat, M and many other interesting things. It was not long before the lit¬ tle tots could read the signs as they traveled along the way. They learned to sing songs and to play games. They learned many things that they had never known before. Sometimes these little boys and girls, who were not so little after some years had passed, made new friends along the way. These friends were called teachers. The teachers took care of the boys and girls for a certain part of the year, and then just like the story of the girl in mythland who stayed part of the time with her mother and part of the time with her father, so that.we can tell by the seasons of the year where she is, these little boys and girls spend part of the time each year in school with their teachers and the vacation time at home with their parents. One day these boys and girls looked into a magic mirror and saw a strange sight. It was as if a fairy had waved a wand and cast a magic spell on them. They were no longer the little tots. They were half grown men and women. 3o they cast off their playmates of the grade school days. ,Then they donned a magic costume and put off for high school land. At the gateway they found other boys and girls who were also corning to high school land. Pin- ally the gates opened and the happy crowd rushed into freshman pastures where everything seemed to have a green color scheme. It was so strange here. So different from the land the boys and girls had come from. After they were assembled it was found that there were forty-eight bashful boy 3 and girls in the Freshman Class of nine teen-hundred and thirty-four. Those who enrolled in school that Fresh¬ man year, and who would have graduated with this class of " 38 M had they not withdrawn for some cause or other are; Jane Maxwell, Richard Mauk, Richard Be33er, Richard Durst, Jim ' Jeaver, Irene Dady, Blanch Valentine, Raymond Lynn, Mary Kathryn Guy, Avalon Paterson, Paul Paterson, Marie Courtney, James Taylor, Virgil Kinder, Edna Carr, Bob Wilson, Charles Trout, Roy Sprankle, Mildred Cowan, Leota Grant, and Bernice Drake Some of these just named retired the first or second year, others furthered their high school until they were Juniors, and still others withdrew to continue their schooling in some other locality. The class officers for that year were: Pres, Richard Durst: Sec Jean Murgatroyd; Treas. Jean Wallace. The class gave the play " Thanks Awfully " in which sev¬ eral of the members took part. A party at Christmas time was enjoyed. Sometimes these boys and girls grew lonesome and wanted to go back to the grade school land; but then would look at the fine young men and women over on senior boulevard, and would be encouraged to keep on with their work. The longer they stayed in freshman pastures, the better they liked it. Finally the green colors began to fade, and the boys and girls seemed more and more at home. By the second year of their stay in high school land thirty-seven of the forty-eight had advanced up the ladder of success far enough to move into more modern and more expen¬ sive quarters. They picked out a location on Sophomore Av¬ enue. This was a beautiful location. The boys and girls liked their neighbors, the juniors. They also made friends with the people who moved over into the freshman section. The class officers which were chosen this year were: Pres. Jean Wallace; Sec. Dorothy Stine; Treas. Jim Weaver. An¬ other annual play was given for the benefit of the athletic association. In the fall of that year Jean Wallace had a wiener roast at her home, for the class. A Christmas party which was held in the gym was also enjoyed by the entire class• For a year the location on Sophomore Avenue was main¬ tained and then came an opportunity to move to Junior Park. Thirty-three bright boys and girls always alert to make the most of an opportunity packed their belongings and took up residence in Junior Park. Here the outlook on life was most enticing. Many social activities engaged the time of the young men and women. The class not only showed interest in sports but also showed much enthusiasm in the Hilites Staff. Annual Staff, Annual Plays, Class Play, Prince of Peace Con¬ test, and the Essay Contest sponsored by the American Legion annually. They were fast advancing along the line toward success. The Honor Roll had its share of Juniors. Two of the hoys also represented their school at the Buckeye Boys State which was held at Columbus. Freshmen, Sophomores, ano Seniors were beginning to court their favor. Faculty members smiled in a more friendly manner when they met the residents of Junior Park. The class officers were: Pres. Jean Wallace; Vice-Pres. Ban Wollery; Sec. Treas. Jean Murgatroyd. Then came the Big Moment. A delegation waited upon the Juniors and asked them to move over to the Senior Castle in preparation for the coronation of graduation. These young Juniors ever alert to making the most of oppor¬ tunity went trailing their belongings after them to Senior Castles. Here they chose Ban Woolery as Class President, Jean Wallace as Vice-President, and Jean Murgatroyd as Sec. and Treas. Throughout this year these men and women have not only made honorable records in their studies but have also participated in such extra curricular activities as athletics. The Prince of Peace Contest, Essay Contest, Hilites Staff, Annual Staff, Glee Clubs, Operettas, and plays. There for many long months they trained in the best of court manners in order that they might in a high and mighty way ascend the throne on the day of coronation and gradua¬ tion. And that, dear readers, brings us to the present. ££A55 THROUGH THE PORTALS Hay 25, 1938 VALEDICTORIAH SALUTATORIAN SEKIOR CLASS V ILL Kathleen Pletcher Ruth. Wilson Charles Lacy CLASS PROPHECY CLASS HISTORY CLASS POEM Mary Margaret Smith Jean Wallace Harold Fleming Presentation of the torch of knowledge to the Junior class president for the Junior Glass Mary Edwards SPECIAL MUSICAL PRESENTATIONS Lance Alma Hiter Roy Lura Margaret Ricks School Song HcBrayer, Gay Flunarty, Yiolet l.Iautz, Jean V allace, and Dan V oolery One Fleeting Hour Gay Fluharty, Jean V allace, and In the Garden of Tomorrow Dan Y oolery Dorothy Lee Yiolet Maut Geo Graffe, Jr. Memories By the Three Graces Jean V allace, Kathleen Pletcher, and Ruth Wilson SCENE An enchanted garden with the portals of •♦Yesterday, " " Today, " and " Tomorrow " and the " Fountain of Senior Dreams. " THE FORTY-FOURTH ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT ROSEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL May 27, 1938 8:00 o’clock St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Program Invocation Rev. W. E. Buchholtz ”Lift Thine Eyes” Mendelssohn Girls Sextet Introduction of Speaker W. W. Wilson Class Address, " The Mind of One Man”,Dr. Robert Montgomery President, Muskingum College ”1 Hear A Thrush At Eve” Cadman Kathleen Fletcher and Jean Wallace Presentation of Class Principal S. L. Swingle Presentation of Diplomas John Ransbottom President, Board of Education Benediction Rev. E. R. Anthony SArQSM RH To the members of " the School Board, to parents, friends, and Schoolmates I wish to express the deep pleasure the graduating class of 1938 feels at your presence here to-night, and as class Salutatorian, I extend you a hearty welcome to our Commencement Exercises It is an old saying " Labor Conquers Everything. " How true we have found these words to be in acquiring an education They have played an important part in the upbuilding of our character and in our final success! Jfith many trials and tribulations we have clung to this old saying and trusted that we would sometime reach the top. We now feel that we have completed our work, yet we will learn later that our task has just begun. We have just prepare ourselves to meet the trials of life, which is the result of honest effort and hard labor. We feel now that we are standing on top of a high mountain called " Success. " At first this mountain seemed too steep to even consider climbing; however, with great determination and vim we resolved to climb it. The rememberance that we were but a few of many who had climbed this mountain and reached the top kept us going. There were times, it is true, when everything ran smoothly and everyone worked along happily and cheerfully. Our teachers were at our side and urged us on with their kind words and unselfish help. We were warned of the great tasks ahead of us and we prepared ourselves for the heavier duties, when no one was near to urge us on and help carry our load. Little by little we advanced; the work seemed to become more difficult each year but we were prepared by experience and determination. We labored on and won our goal. So that is the reason that we are appearing here as the graduating class of 1938. I will now give the other members of the class a chance to entertain you, and I hope that you will enjoy the program which they have prepared. So with a final word, I bid you welcome in the name of our Teachers, Classmates, and School. VA££DI«£©RH Parents, Friends, and Schoolmates The time for our high school days to end is drawing near In a short time we shall be full-fledged graduates and citizens of this great working world I do not suppose that we shall look any differently after we receive our diplomas, but we certainly shall be inspired Although we have been looking forward with happiness to graduation, there remains in our hearts many memories that we wish we could endure again As classmates, we have had good times together We have grown to feel near to our sympathetic teachers, because of their interest in us and their cooperation with us. As long as we live, we shall always remember the long hours we have spent together—-even the " trying " hours in which we fought battles with mental giants We have made the most of our school career All of our school days have not been filled with pleasure—-we have worked, studied, and have tried to gain honor in the field of education. But yet, I am sure that there is not one of us who does not think that this four years 1 time has been worth while. We realize that graduation means advancement, but it also means that our high school days have ended, so we must turn to the future With the passing of the months, we have been conscious of graduation being near to us. We have decisions—important decisions to make. They will influence all the rest of our life Some of us will continue in college the education which we have begun here; others will begin their life work with knowledge based on this education. Each one wants what is best for him, and the course that will bring him happiness and success And now, as the Valedictorian of the Senior Class of 1938, it is my task to close the chapter of our high school dayB. Since we are to advance to new ways, we must part from the old. We must say farewell to the school we have known and loved so long, and good-bye to teachers and schoolmates left behind. Our feelings are too deep—we cannot express them. But now the world needs us and we must be on our way. FarewellI €£ASS VI11 We, the Seniors of Roseville High School, realizing that our high school existence is about over and. that we are soon to pass through the portals into the land of tomorrow do make hereby this our last will and testament, believing it to be the best Will and Testament ever yet devised by any senior class. 1. We leave and bequeath unto the faculty our great intelligence. From experience we know that they will need it, for it is a difficult task to instruct the student body of Roseville High School. 2. Believing that we are undoubtedly the smartest and the best looking seniors ever to inhabit the high school, we leave our pictures to remind other classes who come after us of their illustrious forbears. 3. Knowing that we go into a world v;here we can no longer take time to use our textbooks, but must rely upon the knowledge we carry with us, we leave the textbooks for students who follow after us. 4. The seats we have occupied in the classroom we leave to the members of the Freshman Glass. Believing that the Freshmen are not competent yet to use and occupy these seats we create a trust, hereby appointing the Sophomores and Juniors as trustees - to guide the use of these chairs or seats, each class exercising actively the trust for a period of one year. 5. We believe that the weak and struggling Sophomores are in need of our grades so we leave our grades to them. 6 . To the Juniors we leave our cax-)s and gowns in order that they may be properly robed at their Commencement. We leave these robes believing that the Juniors will be well enough versed in correct social usage to know how to wear them at their Commencement. 7. To the worthy superintendent of schools we leave all the good thoughts that assembly speakers have attempted to pass on to us. We, full of great ambitions, have no room in our already too full heads for these thoughts. This request is made to the superintendent of schools with the kindest of consideration and after much deliberation. He can use them for talks in faculty meetings. 8 . That others may benefit from some of our individual greatness we bequeaths Bob Bargar ' s ability to talk to Ralph Morrison he may use it to help keep the students well informed. that Arthur Lane’s ways with the ladies to Luther Buchholtz. Harold Fleming’s football skill to Carrol Kennedy that he may make some touchdowns ifitta Koon’s quiet ways to Nellie Marie Henry that the school may have a rest, Leslie Walker’s bass voice to Norman Welchman that he may round out the voices of the chorus 9. All our other worldly belongings consisting of notebooks, pencils, athletic records, and many other things too numerous to mention, including all the scholastic and other honors we have ever had, we direct the executor of this will to sell at public auction; the proceeds to be used for any good use We do hereby appoint Miss Aikin, sole executrix of this will In witness whereof we hereunto sign our names, without witnesses, this 25th day of May, 1938. 9 TtyUiyu £. do ast aas. OlaJUL UXjCjU C4STZ ldi B GJl TU tj rTV(yrZ QJjMsW CCjC TTlJiCcAS 7 V- C 7t - 07+47 7% OUc Ca CUU CfJLJLaAt (oa CP MlHbO) CfJhjjtMJ OtS S oaAcAs I L pC ayvy ££AS5 3?RdPI-|E®M Some say that dreams are hut idle fancy-hut I say dreams are my working plans Upon the fitful future I would play in contemplation of what lies " beyond portals in the gar¬ den of tomorrow All this do I dream while Seniors flit the hours away in the enchanted garden On a lonely island in the middle of some far distant sea there dwells a princess with features much resembling Jean Murgatroyd. With a firm hand she rules over her hand of Cannibals The herald ©f the court seems to he one Everett Jameson They landed there on a non stop flight around the world and were held captives by the natives. Far far up in the high skyscraper of Manhattan sits the chief executive of Faraway Broadcasting, Inc Such stars as these he plays upon the air and inflicts upon the public Bob Bargar famed tap dancer, who succeeded Shirley Temple Etta Koon and Mary Edwards who give a white faced strip while the radio audience turns black with envy Kathleen Pletcher, who has all the girls tell her all their troubles and prescribes spinach for their complexions. At the corner of Main and Side streets is a travel bureau, headed by Dick Luckett To the left of this estab¬ lishment is a hot dog stand run by Art Lane Around the cor¬ ner is a filling station which sells water for gasoline and is owned by Barney Fleming Across the street is a beauty shop, and Madam Dorothy Stine has charge She is ably assist¬ ed by Edna Pride and Marie Harter The head barber is Weldon Weakley. Far far into the future I see a cruise of the world taken on a fairy boat of dreams On the cruise are Mr. and Mrs Newhouser formerly Jean Wallace and Carl Hewhouser Among the crew in charge of the boat are Captain Dan Woolery, and master sailors Russell Sowers, and Raymond Solenbarger. A newsboy is selling papers under my window It is the Free Press edited by Ruth Wilson The society reporter is Violet Mautz. The sport® reporter is Charles Lacy, one time athletic star of Roseville A man is coming up the street selling ice cream cones Looks very much like an old friend, Roy McBrayer Yes it is At last the dream of engineers is being realized. A bridge is being constructed across the Pacific Ocean to con¬ nect the United States with Australia The engineer in charge of the super-structure is Paul Smith. Along the bridge will be stores and other facilities for the travelers A garage in which to park the tired automobiles is being erected by the great millionaire Leslie Walker The fashion shop with the latest styles from the northpole will be managed by Phyllis layers A world ' s fair is being held t© honor the great scientist Leonard Edwards who discovered how t© make sugar out of snow The dream fades into the present But I will hold the dream safe until tomorrow 5EM6R P1AH " THE HAUNTED CASTLE Presented on " Friday the thirteenth of May Tommy Barksdale, " His Excellency " , Johnny Nolan, Tommy 1 s friend. Aunt Martha, Tommy’s aunt, Fritz Von Bismarkus, Baron of Bavaria, Eloisa, slave, Patricia, the Princess, Manfred, Earl of Saxonburg, The Duchess, owner of the castle, Malissa, her servant, Rinaldo, Tommy’s bodyguard, The Peasant, Johnny’s personal slave. Miss Lake, a newspaper reporter, Carl Newhouser Robert Barger Phyllis Myers Paul Smith Ruth Wilson Kathleen Pletcher Everett Jameson Jean Murgatroyd Etta Koon Leonard Edwards Leslie Walker Jean Wallace Tommy Barksdale, who inherits a castle in Saxonburg, goes to Europe to find the castle haunted Soon after his arrival, his aunt, the Duchess, tells him that he must marry a girl from Bavaria, whom he has never seen before, so that the riches of both countries car be united Besides the worries of the wedding ceremony, Tommy’s life is threatened by mysterious letters and noises that come from the castle walls. The surprise ending clears up all doubts concerning the noises and sender of the notes, The Earl of Saxonburg, the sender tries to make Tommy leave the castle, so that he can take possession and marry the Princess. Johnny Nolan, clears up the case by searching the castle and finding the Earl in a secret room, sending out the mysterious noises into the castle. jimi R (IIA55 First Row: Marjorie Klinger, Gwendolyn Kessler, Nancy Ransbottom, Margretta Watkins, Miss Clark, Faye Melick, Nellie Henry, Mary Luckett. Second Row: Hazel Martin, Leona Smith, Marjorie Watts, Betty Yocum, Martha Lane, Margaret Combs, Georgia McCaughey. Third Row: Nancy Van Wey, Roselmah Myers, Zelma Kil¬ patrick, Betty Trout, Ralph Morrison, Holland Scott, Bruce Smith. Fourth Row: Morris Talbott, Robert Morgan, Wayne Edwards Lester Bullock, Norton Claypool, Wilbur Smith, Norman Wei china nn. Fifth Row: Floyd Wetzel, Luther Buchholtz. JUNIOR HI5EOUJ In Sept. 1935, fifty-two backward Freshmen wended their way slowly towards the high school. After the much dreaded initiation was over they began to brighten up and take part in the school activities. They elected as their class offi¬ cers: President, Luther Buchholtz; Vice Pres.,Robert Morgan; Treasurer, Max Berry; Secretary, Faye Melick. A few of the members gave a play entitled " Putting on the Dog. " In Sept. 1936, forty-six pupils enrolled in the Sopho¬ more Class. Soon after the opening of school the following class officers were elected: President, ; Luther Buchholtz; Vice President, Gwendolyn Kessler; Secretary, Faye Melick; Treasurer, Lester Bullock. To help gain money for athletic supplies, the play, " Hist She ' s a Man, " was presented. In Sept. 1937, they entered high school as Juniors. There were only thirty-nine pupils enrolled. This year they elected the following as their class officers: President, Mary Luckett; Vice Pres., Luther Buchholtz; Secretary, Faye Melick; Treasurer, Wayne Edwards. They selected Orchid and Silver as their class colors, the whi te rose as their class flower, and " Onward and Upward Until We Reach Our Goal, " as their class motto. A Junior-Senior weiner roast was held at the Crooks- ville Dam. A Christmas party was held on Dec. 22 in the gymnasium. Some of the members took part in the play, " Frank and Erna, " for the benefit of the athletic association. To raise money for the annual Junior-Senior banquet four short plays were presented, in which all members of the class took part. The Juniors also aided the Seniors in spon¬ soring an amateur program. The banquet was held in the Lutheran Church basement on May 20, 1938, and was a great success. The Juniors have ranked high in their studies and many of their names have been seen on the honor roll each six weeks. Roselmah Ityers was awarded a medal by the American Legion for her essay on " l y Responsibility as a Citizen. " Her essay also received first place in the county. Many of the Juniors have worked on the Hilites and Rosette staff. The musical ability of this group is shown by the fact that the Juniors have had leading parts in the operettas, that Nancy Ransbottom received first place in a recent vocal contest, and that the Sextet, of which three members were Juniors, Nellie Henry, Zelma Kilpatrick, and Nancy Ransbot¬ tom, received second place in the sextet contest. The Juniors are looking forward eagerly to next year, when they will be Seniors. JUNISR PLA NEVER TRUST A MAH Emile, Rose, Betty, Sally, Aunt Hattie, Lucretia, WHO TOLD Dr. Robert Craig, Mrs. Frances Craig, Prof. Alexander Maclead, Mrs. Jennie Made ad, Prof. Xerxes Conklin, Miss Ariraethea Yorkley, Jack Shepherd, Prof. Gerald Gordon, Dan Gordon, Phil Roder, Jim Brown, An Officer, KEEPING HI ' . Kitty Brooks, Evelyn, Mina, Flo, Stanley Dupuy, Mr. Fleming, Mr. Rowlands, Maid, Margaret Combs Betty Trout Nancy Ransbottom Faye Melick Georgia McCaughey Leona Custer THE TRUTH Lester Bullock Nellie Henry Luther Buchholtz Marjorie Watts Robert Morgan Gwendolyn Kessler Wayne Edwards Bruce Smith Wilbur Smith Floyd Wetzel Norman Wei oilman Norton Claypool TY’S DATES Margretta Watkins Jackie Caton Roselmah Myers Zelma Kilpatrick Carroll Kennedy John Thompson Ralph Morrison Nancy VanWey THE ONLY I TAN ON THE JURY Mrs. Smythe Brown, Mrs. Sadie O’Toole Mrs. Ruth Showers Mrs. Mitchell Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Baily, Mrs. Stone, Mrs. House Mrs. Curtis Mrs. Jackson Mies Amanda Jones Mr. Percinal Mugg Mr. Jenkins Betty Yocum Marjorie Klinger In a Wilson Martha Lane Leona Smith Zelma Kilpatrick Gwendolyn Kessler Nancy Ransbottom Margaret Combs Faye Melick Hazel Martin Morris Talbot Ray Sands IK55 First Row: Miss Campbell, Dick Callihan, Eva Grant, Marie Combs, Rachel Wilson, Genevieve Ross, Joan Maxwell Earl Briggs. Second Rows Margaret Perry, Myrtle Combs, Nora Dunn, Virginia Duvall, Rosalie Walker. Third Row: Harry Moore, Wayne Rarick, Frederick Rhodes, Fred McBrayer, Eileen McCaughey, Doris Solenbarger,Earl Sayre. Fourth Row: Helen Brown, Betty Walker, Helen Campbell, Louise Fleming, Wilma Hanson, Mabel Guelette,Mabel Smith Mildred Hartley. Fifth Row: Vaughn Sagle, Bill Wilson, Tom Norman, Ted Browning, Richard McConnel, Garold Garrett,Harold Finley 1-TI5£©RH In the autumn of 1936 forty freshmen entered Roseville High School. Wot long afterward, they elected the following named class officers; President, Dick Callihan; Vice Pres., Wayne Rarick; Secretary, Doris Solenbarger; Treasure, Bill Wilson. They also selected Scarlet and Gray as their class colors, the red carnation as class flower, and the motto, " Gradu a Gradu.” In their freshman year, the class was well represented in athletics, music, dramatics, and other extra-curricular activities. Three members of the class withdrew during the freshman year. They were Dick Lucas, Adeline Lucas,’ and Russell Dozer. At the beginning of the sophomore year, they elected the following officers; President, Bill Wilson; Vice Pres., Dick Callihan; Secretary-Treasurer, Doris Solenbarger. Several members of the class took part in a play, " A Quiet Evening At Home, " which was given early in the year for the benefit of the athletic fund. Also, early in the autumn, the members of the class enjoyed a party held in the auditorium. When football season opened, five members of the class reported for practice. Bred McBrayer, Tom Norman, and ' Wayne Rarick were second year players, while Vaughn Sagle and Bill Wilson were first year players. Of these, McBrayer, Norman, and Rarick made varsity letters. Norman, Rarick, and Sagle, and Wilson came out for their second year of basketball, while McBrayer came out the first time. These five had com¬ posed the reserve team for the greater part of the season. Dick Callihan was basketball manager for the second year. Vaughn Sagle, Fred McBrayer, and Harry Moore represented the sophomores in baseball, Sagle playing regularly for the second successive year, being a " letter man” in his freshman year. Bill Wilson represented the class in tennis. Several members of the class took part in the operetta and other musical activities. Eileen MeCaughey and Bill Wilson received medals from the local post in the American Legion Essay contest. Louise Fleming received first place in this contest in the county, and Bill Wilson received a medal in the district contest. In the county Scholarship Tests,Margaret Perry received second place in Latin, and Bill Wilson received second place in Modern History. Thus ends two successful years of the high school career of the clas3 of " 40 " . fRESI ' I EN. ftS.A.55 First Row: Miss Berry, Pauline Kay, Betty Williams, Ruth Williams, Lyle Perry, Joe Brooks, Carl Koon,Steve Saluga Second Row: Cleta Shepard, Wanda Kinnaird, Ellen Melick, Grace Buchholtz, Eileen Trunnel, Gordon Sayre, Earl Lotterbaugh, Rodney Shipley Third Row: Eris Alexander, Garnet Garrett, Polly Melick, Leanna Garrett, Robert Maddox, Paul Moore, Myron Carter Fourth Row: Lura Ricks, Jean Brown, Laura Brown, Verla Carr, Minnie Brown, Bonna Allen, Paul Besser, Henry Goody Fifth Row: Robert Lacy, June Waltemire, Howe Henning, Mabel Emory, Verna Lloyd, Billy Scott, Richard Weichmann Delmar Williamson, William Kleis Sixth Row: Robert Dunn, Frederick Higgins, Sammy Arcuri, James Weaver, James Johnson, Robert Pletcher, Jack Wood¬ ward. f RE-SI-fl EN On September seventh, the Freshman class entered high school, with an enrollment of fifty two . The Freshmen feel that the upper classmen were very considerate at initiation this year; the Freshmen were equally sporting by doing all the stunts which were asked of them, more readily, it is said, than any other Freshman class of R. H. S. The Freshmen gave their class play on November 5, 1937, entitled The Thle of a Mule ' s Tail The cast included Robert Maddox, Lura Margaret Ricks, Verna Lloyd, Grace Buchholtz, Steve Saluga, and Sammy Arcuri A large number of the Freshmen were present at the three high school skating parties The Freshman class party was given on April eighth, in the high school gymnasium, where a delightful evening was enjoyed by everyone The Freshman class is believed to contain several budding athletes in basketball and football Jack Woodward, Robert Lacy, Henry Goody, Carl Koon, and Richard Weichmann were on the football team When basketball season opened, Jimmy Weaver, Robert Pletcher, Henry Goody, Myron Carter, Robert Dunn Jack Woodward, Robert Lacy, Robert Maddox, and Carl Koon were on the squad The Freshmen girls also show an interest in intramural basketball The class officers recently elected aret President, Robert Lacy; Secretary, Grace Buchholtz; Treasurer, Robert Maddox Class colors are maroon and white The class motto is Be Square, and the class flower the American Beauty rose The Freshmen have had a very exciting school year, and all agree that they like high school. May the on coming Freshmen have just as good a time next year First Row: Tom Norman, Fred McBrayer, Paul Besser, Vaughn Sagle, Henry Goody, Carl Koon. Second Row: James Weaver, Bill Wilson. Third Row: Jack Woodward, Bob Wilson, Luther Buchholtz Richard Weichmann. Fourth Row: Wayne Rarick, Robert Fletcher, Borman Weich¬ mann, Robert Lacy, Harold Fleming. Fifth Row: Guy Kennedy(Manager), Roy McBrayer, Charles Lacy, Ray Sands, Coach, Lewis Shelly. Following in the footsteps of the undefeated team of 1936, the Ramblers won the first three games of the 1937 season. In the fourth game they played at Bremen and there received the first beating of the season, and saw the possi¬ bilities of another undefeated season gone with the wind. The following week they played Philo on the home field and by doing all the scoring in the first half emerged victor¬ ious. The next game was with New Lexington, and in that game they found themselves again on the losing end. Rose¬ ville again was shoved down to defeat the following week by Crooksville, but they closed the season well by defeating the Zanesville Reserve Team. SEASONS RESULTS Dresden Opponents 0 Roseville 28 Buchtel 0 34 Chauncey 6 25 Bremen 33 6 Philo 7 32 New Lexington 25 7 Crooksville 18 6 Zanesville R. 0 13 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE FOR SEASON OF »38 Sept. 16 At Dresden Sept. 23 Buchtel (Here) Sept. 30 New Lexington (Here) Oct. 7 Bremen (?) Oct. 14 At Philo Oct. 21 Open Oct. 27 Open Nov. 4 Crooksville First Row: Harold Fleming, Charles Lacy, Everett Jameson, Robert Lacy, Ray Sands. Second Row: Wayne Rarick, Paul Smith. Third Row: Vaughn Sagle, Lester Bullock, Robert Morgan, Carl Newhouser. Fourth Row: Coach Lewis Shelly. First Row: Leonard Edwards, Carl Newhouser, Charles Lacy, Paul Smith, Robert Lacy, Ray Sands, Vaughn Sagle. Second Row: Rodney Shipley, Carroll Kennedy, Harry Moore, Fred McBrayer, Floyd Wetzel, Robert Pletcher, Norton Claypool. Third Row: Coach Shelly. BA5KE£BAt£ The basketball team saw defeat in the first three games, but in the fourth game they finally came through and defeated Chandlersville. In the next two games Roseville was taken over by South Zanesville and Crooksville. Roseville then won two straight games from Meigs and Otsego, Roseville lost the next three games, and thus, ended the scheduled season with three wins and eight losses. In the tournament Roseville won the first game from Dresden, but lost the second game to Hopewell. SEASONS RESULTS Opponents Roseville Philo 54 8 Nashport 33 29 Frazerysburg 34 31 Chandlersville 21 25 S. Zanesville 37 34 Crooksville 31 24 Meigs 26 55 Otsego 31 39 Hopewell 44 32 Dresden 36 28 Adamsville 47 21 Dresden 22 24 Hopewell 51 21 BASES Kit Roseville broke even in the County league by winning three games and losing three. The losses were to South Zanes¬ ville 5 to 2, Philo 6 to 4, and South Zanesville 9 to 7 Roseville won from Chandlersville 10 to 6, Philo 12 to 7, and Chandlersville 14 to 1. In a non-league game Philo defeated Roseville 17 to 3. County Schools | ircftooi seniors will t i conducts on Arw l 2. County scholar bip team A m .„ 7 iL ' ’hminatious wiii be April 22. Eighth) Upen 30OL. in ?« » »« scholarship tests iu t» April S- » the tiwtrtcfc state scholar-; . . . „ „ ehlp examinations wUl be May 7. i Calendar of Events for -- ACCIUIOES Coming Term Issued MuaStlttgittn mtr. y pel Tuesday. Setter tender F of atndeh win : was ■ Registration plane from j » eeptomber 3. the weed beginning of the ohnola tv.;: be closed for the 1 “-•ik of the Kswwrn Ohio ,v■•■:•:.■ t.;on, which wi he held | ofc -r 8 W?i» Chn tt»u»,s vacation; n. December 24 end; : 4 v.i hool win he rinsed i r I- 2. woMkintfonb birthday i •v..-.-;.. ana or. v nnfciftMnKt N • • ■:;•• JX ' f 24 . arc? the follow-i scholarship tests for high High stbiMji Koto The football team. Is stilt an v, way to victory without- defeat, for the secre with B-Ufthtel last Friday wx 34 to o, with five touchdowns. This " eek they are trying tor their eleventh straight win m t)i game herw with Chauccey, Saturday, sept. as. s students at¬ tended the fcotbal) game In cm una- tnw. Faculty members attending were Mr .«;t4 Mrs Wilson. Mr. and Mrs Swingle and Mr. Shelley Roaeviiie has the large t enrollment, in the county, 131 at which are in the high school. Dresden --nfs second end Philo tlilM tte r l 0 e xX ' ® v ■ f ev» - c ose vV CAevet} i e ' Yriro s .1 e Vi rv IB 1 «Vi • It ? $J » ’ 0 Vnc f ' « r- V Football Season Opens Today With Schedule of Ten Games 1 schoolboy football makes ttt 198T | aeasous until next Saturday ami debut Hi thus section of the state to- | tbe tt they will slash at Coshocton. « ma 10 «“ “ «• • " • amt wn «.urt u ouummim a - ■noon and six at sight. Two con tears ; I Saturday afternoon swells the la- uw,a a.tettioon. ! augural week-end schedule to art even Tula afternoon’s program will mark I drawn games. j the debut of Philo and Dresden lu Featuring the garuea this week-er.d ftohblmiile foo . The £lec-t.rhw w.-d .-.“.. „ r . I-’ ! - Pt «o, T ”’ Roseville High Nine Downs Crooksville » • y S? l0 wy l,. , - ». to T df, fo 7 tn» sr-v-.- , . A late « ' r ‘ e ved • re Sf o JT «J vi» T t rV» T CROOKSVILUSs 0.. May ■•• Rcweviild high ' baiwbaU team downed CrooksviUt?, 16 to 4 , Here_ -today. Score. Roasviile ..314 «3t 4— m 10 2- Csis.ikv. ille ....-050 (KB d— 4 S 5 Ne ' s t ' .niser and Smith; ftottRh, Me t. 5n Barker and Ysder 5 5g?e 4 - Work Starts at Roseville Monday On School Gym NEW UFJXrNGTON O. April 21- Thiny men will go to wort; M- ' n ' .dne on bud dine an annex v the new Rcw-IlD ae.nooi hdUae, Money for il»e 70.000 WPA peoier. to rompiece ibr building h , beer, releaaec. Aecovdlng to l„ c Oli»on of Ath¬ ens WPA director of district Wn 3 ' be work will consist of construct¬ ing « brick and steel gymnasium «p- proximate!? 40 by as fen, s)»c- - m- t«Jt sewage fadbtle . gi-adc he ground around the building and perform Incidents ' : work The total coat of the project will be of which 38,844 will be furnished fey the federal government while the sponsors win furnish 441.530. When he pr ivcf gets into full f peration it will employ approxi¬ mately m men This project, sponsored b ' the Roseville village school district board of education, win be under ’-he su¬ pervision of .r W Miller. WPA en. zincor and Koro ' d Showery general euperlmendam Under favorable weather condition «t • n4t;ps cd that the project will hr completed •-» approximately six month . va : Roseville Upsets Jeffer. Adamsville, Hopewell As County Tourney C Thref Games Scheduled for Tonight at M uskingum College Gym 1 ao«» 5rc-’ ,Ba 2ia « -T ■ . .»!» • ' ?? ' r« y ' U+. ■ » - tftk »a tc Dates Announced Senior Events Of Roseville School RO £VSiA£. O Apr.: Ai a « l ' 1 %: ' ' »S- +££ ? • tX . -.« siWrk, ve ' e V. a ' xf.oO’- .tJ ‘ la to « rl ot .; ue- wsi l fia f vtCU tr V esv V .;yr.ior-»mf« hanu- V 7 dtf« pvoc . vir er-yy 30 .b. Baecail«rr if ;‘V W V!S fat ou 1516 „iv p !,r Lulb » ,k! ' cb,;ri ' -‘ r 4 , pw S°yUj«tcd uet» ' Vimg. May 32 sd Rc’ ’Sr " 1 " ' ' c - W S ««: »• ft®.? ' , - " I 5 rcry iw ' 7 u „e V kw ’- ’• » «« " ... « .... » - » . m »-1 »! HKft -bn ■« • » “iflSEWSfeWwS °hC ' . ' «0 . ' 0p ;«• .v. • in . f£ % . fitb- r. . 6 W rnoa Bwiixgi: principal of ' ■ R- jif » ? ■ » fc fe«» » Umie h=ph «h, ol , h A s w . i; , V ' I «o«e- • Hwmc eebcduir of Senior $£- % » tJ v ” ' ■ ' ?$ ■ ■ %,« t ' W VJ nr.lM ' Mm f.I S Tl » «»• s,,,;? - ? - ' W 1 1 ‘ k I»,(V PV -:. ' ••• .••,. . ' ' £‘ h 5 . ' » » y M» ,«i - : - " • Port .Wow " » s ■ ..V.f ' lW- x bvx® ; b.ed .ge ott ajod t e ■ x»» . ' ' , At h «h aofconi «0‘ U sfi ' flia,•» »« w -41 } A or’ Friday VMiibg May 37 : Motugomcr;-. piKlw; d - »-• xA Ob ' — . OVC 4 0. ' « « + u • , ' " to • » °y. i ' „ al » ..- s-i abjSSw V-.’S “ “ ni. •V e v c rwc a . " twp .•■ ' " ’ s ..j - s , ... = •. ‘ 1 ° r a ' Vxh A y 0 ? ' ? i: s .» B .V,V TS ' !C iS a- s,w Pt’ »ra ' l a ■ ®sfer CX ' ' .. y ' ■ C,R to " ' y ,tvT-h v " V Scholastic Team Named to Compete In State Tests The scholarship itwn whicJi ♦opreswat M».»s.fe: ' igvifb «r;nty In th Ab r wit:c .- ;!■ b given l » Columbu or Mar 7 -vs announced •• ' •■ ' !• • ! ' •« oem •■; romi ' Wt w ' .-h ' r.-,e v , from r.rrsi Ohio. •■ o ' -re icua to repewawm ; • • of Mn k::ir-»m «oun vy in-: fnllTW-.rg 4x« « UV ? xaol-r (hlf «) ' .»;lpag-:rf. » a» hejtf i high «rh:«l !x» Ikv-urdwy »ltb fipproximatcly 360 baking ih . t j ■atp ' rtpneed i W ' w ,.™ ’ ■.»■■■ ' ■•: - v ’ fe ydwjr - .iV. , c’ V c a Uk fb! pupil . o F Fairall prs- ft»)l ,}«fl« r on: C. FrwUcf ftouih vk ; f g £ 8 • iVt v , av» T " ‘ 0 V ' « - . • ..XV? cl » 5 ; ?|«xt« ' , , ' iv The •.- ur.V Ae , :C ?r d :sV « tS fte ” «» Schoolboy Grid Teams Play Ten Tilts This Week ,, b« ‘ ,pr 0 yv ' ? « V Ad »f 0» ' £,. «- .V- » « , - vev ;» » ■o ' d. f ... ' « y, »- v- ... n«r ? - • " Ten —scv.vft of th--m comer- enc «mtr«ta - make up i : • week¬ end acheduie £0“ ' teams at this » Five of the gs. ' ‘fere Gan, o l L®«4f, nSg,“. ;. 4 - “- Oib- Bnte.v i M r- ,XV‘« Lash Reserves Bow to Roseville i Eleventh Straight .1 n iT " o .V-AO’ avA ’ X : • VR U, ' $■ r V.» For Roseville Hi " : " ” u, ' : . ■ , ' 13 to 0,fwy, 25 to «. here this afternoon lt»r r - rL ‘ r (-.. W... ft 11, _ —_,. .. - 1 ROB8V1U.B . Oct, -Alibo ««h? •: helpless m the aecond half. Rose- if ur Storing in the- second ssui third | ville piled up enough points in the) jKirlod . Roseville high gridder de-f; flrsi, two quarter u? wallop CbftUh- «« ?: M e— !l r, § ( ,Vr f h .vT ' ■’ 4’ ' ‘ . V? v s ■;,sfer’ , ;,.c 4«-. -.y:..s,.y;. ■■ ' 7-« • v ' %«sr« “ ' ■ ' Jfli V ft fVf r ' ‘vO - ■« fSI. cbnawn tfl-fclt So. Zanesville Tops Roseville ' T° evf e s G a s « t ' 5 e l 8 . ' pi 0 Ph on Af _ --IS. j ” " .- .- 4. ' r !. j-- " Wh? i; scored the OitciwJown e ■hit , period, c, 7 . 4 HCV bxr « jiChse through the reserve sine for ?« ! yards wad a score. Tl»c reserve rr.edr evrt«J gorAf hvins ia naidfie’d but never threatened to score. During the season, RtMovUir: won ' -.St ffttnnK and )o« three Uneupa. ted Lft»fv high’s reset yesterday afternoon at Roseville. The B the nth coiuseimtlvi SST.tT ' ® “ «“ naK -1 KOMWU. mm ft a. Itnt pntM p»» " . ■ ” ,!6iki ■ ' ' ' r " C " ' S k raff ' s;.. -:-••■ r . z isLrjur , -s. .nrr. :: marched to two more touchdowns 1 i befors the naif ended. C X.wy cor- - | ing both. Ch uEH»T also taliied in. the HeetuX I penoa on a pass Border going over [ tor ■ ■ marker. Ohauncdy playesi bttilmat ten »i ; the second half, but tacked a scoring punch. The team, however nrx up p the llose- ’• ' % „, ' j v Roervih — fcBrarer R. D, ». r, n. k. 4 . H. |Eb« ' »«u | ' tfefffltts boxtiet. Mliirr.; ¥ jj; e back . Summary; firm S « e viHe— •» its«! ear; t K r ' n, ? ,! i msninar. t Rotickj Ne-n-xr l Bseh ' v S r (VI. BuchhMte F Mt K;»5 ' r ; Welc?!M »a ,5 ; Tcuewffoe ' ■» Wi. ; - t ' c Center ft.O, R T. R.K. ; b. ! 4. Weil ' sfed i ' U SJjii.rsvRie D.H. R H K-.K. n . fc?r«x - tauehcc_ , - | Woodward t rgwa ». Q,,MWr Two MxwsklOf ChainicVv . " ....; o « « team — Roaevti Koarefite codn«....TMtfthdew»« “ « w « " « » 7f« L ’ ,s, ?L5;S;, « 3 g with Roeevii.a down Bordrr winning stride after droppaJFTfrTffet game 5a i week in 12 start. . A dens, will perform «b Bt. ClairevlUe the rae af to moors with the Sains plan¬ ed to win. The two nsghv content Friday wllj take Cadi to Dillon vale for an East¬ ern Ohio league game and Dennison to BwnesviUe ES»«nr y MsBrlde befflar Rmito Mcc».{f r Hale »»;ields Border M Trrrc r. Slat J «ta? .. toiler ta.Vi e -,x e V -13 to .Siler f ,e?° a .25 6— k Wt; r ... r wi;- ' -foaefi. n ' 0. s ' V A r . v ,o’p v C f Roseville Takes Eighth in Row BUCHTSL O.. Sept 24—Rove vine ; high ' s gridrter scored fbeir eighth ■ iStmJfftt victory Here till aftornooc by walloping Bnchtel. 34 ♦ Roee vllJe M ored three WMAbdowns in toe first period end eros’ed to victory Buchto;. completed eeverai Song p® s late ir» vltie gem ar.d twice were on the RoacvUie 10 • yard Hr:e. How- ; ever, the RwmviU defense xtawV.ed on each occealtm and the three be !! -rrr hailed. The most, specrsweular play of t.b game oeeurred in tor last qusrier whOB Sernas took a IS-yard pass frucn C f tey aifd ran 8S yards pe score I.lneUfW. X» V Row. tile— : First ‘.:; r I : :t fcBv m St ami an P.ijchlhcHr ? MsBrayer ; tVeiehmann ! » » «» c. Leer vi5 ei f ». h.r. l.t. lO. Ctri ut H. U. » T r r. W.B. I. . M. —Bechtel Rijer WV: 2 k«,l y t.T V £■ ?■ v c ¥ ts- ' Wee.-tacrsJ M. N;.f, ftr-sr fer Quarter RtvMvdlc .21 « t : Racievitie scoring: Tttvebaowh - C. L ,2. V.v. ' , . Woodward. 5 r-i« F«tn . . • - : si down —-Wll»o« » •• • ». i :V» s«» from c !, «» : R e«h» ' - .- ;-.:r C I. y, Planers First Row: Mary Luckett, Mary Smith, Mary Edwards, Hazel Martin, Zelaa Kil¬ patrick, Lura Ricks Second Row: Miss Alkln, Miss Lola Clark, Miss Gwladys Berry, Jean Murgatroyd, Kathleen Fletcher, Betty Yocum. Third Row: Charles Lacy, Bill Wilson, Bruce Smith, Everett Jameson. Additional members: Carl Newhouser, Faye Evelyn Melick. First Row: Faye Melick, Jean Wallace, Nancy Ransbottom, Betty Walker, Gwen¬ dolyn Kessler, Ruth Wilson , Margaret Perry. Seconfl Row: Nellie Henry Le- anna Garrett, Kathleen Pletcher, Jean Murgatroyd, Mary Smith, Zelma Kilpat rick. Third Row: Everett Jameson, Gwladys Berry, Bruce Smith. Picture Talk This is a picture of a henpeek. And I want you to watch while I check The designs in this lady ' s sour pan. For it is written in Gregg ' s shorthand. Now we ' ll start at first with the collar, The bottom is the sign of the dollar . The front edge is the word sign for date . The top and back is duplicate . Take a good look at this picture again And you ' ll see that progress makes her chin. The lower lip denotes the end of a line. And now for the pipe that taste so divine. Soon and not form the stem in the bowl, And instant forms the tobbacco filled hole. Smoke from the pipe resembles the figure S. But society is its meaning as you ' d never guess. Next comes her nose and upper lip, Which very nicely forms the word benefit . So now comes her eye which is as sharp as a point, And is formed very cleverly from the word appoint . Then to the wig of this lady ' s so fair, P, K, F, and I, form the large crop of hair. The back of her head is made from the letter V. And S ' es make the hair fringes so curley. D and T form the large hanging curls. Which are seen on most all older girls. And last but not least comes the lobe of her It is formed by us_, so now she can hear. And now that I ' ve explained this lady ' s face I ' ll leave you now to study it ' s grace. -Ray Sands- ear. Jir»t Row Betty Trout, Marjorie Klinger, Miss McMurray, Jean Wallace, Edna Pride. Second Row Ruth Wilson, Marjorie Watte, Gwendolyn Kessler, Zelaa Kil¬ patrick. Mary Luckett. Third Row Mary Edwards, Marie Harter, Leona Smith , Hazel Martin, Margaretta Watkins, Nellie It. Henry. Fouth Row: Wayne Edwards, Gay Fluharty, Jean Mhrgatroyd, Kathleen Pletcher, Phyllis Ifyers, Margaret Combs Violet Mautz, Harold Fleming. Fifth Rwo Lester Bullock, Carl Newhouser , Charles lacy, Everett Jameson, Ray Sands, Leslie Wdlker,Leonard Edwards. First Row: Jack Woodward, Robert Dunn, Miss McMurray, Vaughn Sagle, Robert Maddox, Hfyron Carter. Second Row: Leonard Edwards, Ray Sands, Harold Flem¬ ing, Bruee Smith, Leslie Walker. Third Row: Lester Bullock, Wayne Edwards, Charles Lajry, Everett Jameson, Robert Lacy. First Row: Betty Williams, Margaret Perry, Eva Grant, Pauline J ay, Ruth Williams, Rachel Wilson, Ellen Melick, Wanda Kinnaird, Grace Buchholtz. Second Row: Leanna Garrett, Eris Alexander, Eileen Trun- nel, June Waltemire, Yerl Carr, Bonna Allen, Minnie Brown, Lura Ricks, Jean Brown. Third Row: Doris Solenbarger, Louise Fleming, Wilma Hanson, Garnet Garrett, Mildred Hartley, Verna Lloyd, Polly Melick. Fourth Row: Cleta Shepard, Helen Campbell, Virginia Duvall, Genevieve Ross, Joan Maxwell. Fifth Row: Myrtle Combs, Mora Dunn, Betty Walker, Mabel Emory, Ilowe Kenning, Eileen McCaughey, Alice Dunkle, Mable Smith, Rosalie Walker, Miss McMurray. £ P£R£££iV " OH DOCTOR” Doctor Drinkwater Jtrs. Weakly Nurse Mrs. Crossly Nurse Doctor Slaughter Doctor Cutter Doctor Coffin Rainbow Bessie Honor Madame Cherie Glory Drinkwater Pancho Phillip Jim Old Timer Bob Cynthia Manuel The Pilgrim The Goddess The Nymph Lester Bullock Gwendolyn Kessler Jackie Caton Mary Edwards Marjorie Watts Steve Saluga Richard Weichmarm Bruce Smith Leslie Walker Phyllis Myers Nancy Ransbottom Zelma Kilpatrick Nellie Marie Henry John Thompson Leonard Edwards Robert Lacy Clarence Edwards Everett Jameson Ruth Wilson Harold Fleming Vaughn Sagle Kathleen Pletcher Lura Margaret Ricks Somewhere east of the Rio Grande is a famous Sanitarium owned and operated by Dr, Drinkwater, who disowned his only son because he married an actress, Drinkwater f s wife grieved greatly for her son, and when she dies she leaves her money to his orphaned daughter on the condition that she spend the last 24 hours before her twenty-first birthday with her grandfather hoping to clear the matter. But Glory is an actress and is under contract and sends a proxy in the personage of Honor. Glory learns late that her fiance has gone to the Sanitarium for his vacation, so this complicates matters. Glory gives a letter of explanation to Honor to give to Bob, but this gets lost, and causes much worry for Glory. Mexican rustlers stop at the Spring and Philip is attract¬ ed to Honor, whom he believes to be Glory Drinkwater. Philip accidently sees the lost letter and gathers from is that Honor is engaged to Bob and he has been deceived. However all is finally straightened out during the prog¬ ress of the birthday party and Dr. Drinkwater charters a boat to join the happy couple Bob and Glory on a trip to South America. First Row: Miss Campbell, Verna Lloyd, Leona Smith, Violet Mautz, Rosalie Walker. Second Row; Wanda Kinnaird, Mabel Emory, Third Row; Ilowe Henning, Eris Alexander, .Nila Waltemire, Eileen Trunnel. Fourth Row; Mabel Guegette, Louise Fleming, Wilma Hanson, Helen Campbell, June Waltemire. First Row: Joe Brooks, Dick Callihan, Henry Goody, Roy McBrayer, Tom Norman, Vaughn Sagle, Earl Briggs. Second Row: Paul Besser, Harry Moore, Norton Claypool, Charles Lacy, Russel Sowers, Robert Pletcher. Third Row Delbert Williams, William Klies, Robert Morgan, Fourth Row: Richard Weichmann, Floyd Wetzel, Stanley Inman, Norman Weichmann, Harold Finley. Fifth Row: Lewis Sheily. DRM0M;i£5 (Ctuc , :rJ0mLJ 4 ' " R P mM f- Ufa i r mSr ■ ' V 1 k ■ u n j - b jap rwzu V yB C iffii 1 Jr First Row: Cleta Shepard, Rachel Wilson, Ellen Melick, Pauline hay, Ruth Williams, Betty Williams, Myron Carter Robert Maddox, Carl Koon, Steve Saluga. Second Row: Polly Meliclc, Grace Buchholtz, Genevieve Ross, Etta Koon, Mary Luckett, Nellie Henry, Marjorie Watts, Betty Yocum, Edna Pride Third Row: Doris Solenbarger, Marie Combs, Myrtle Combs, Margretta Watkins, Nancy Ransbottom, Gwendolyn Kessler, Zelma Kilpatrick, Georgia McCaughey. Fourth Row: Eileen McCaughey, Jeanne Brown, Lura Ricks, Bonna Allen, Roselmah Myers, Laura Brown, Leanna Garrett Hazel Martin Fifth Row: Wayne Rarick, Earl Sayre, Ted Browning, Miss Clark, Miss Aiken, Betty Walker, Gay Fluharty, Carl New- houser, Jean Wallace, Helen Brown, Jean Murgatroyd, Virginia Duvall, Joan Maxwell, Sammy Arcuri,James Weaver Sixth Rows Bill Wilson, Dorothy Stine, Kathleen Fletcher Mary Smith, Mary Edwards, Robert Lacy, Leslie Walker. Seventh Row: Fred McBrayer, Robert Dunn, Bruce Smith, Wayne Edwards, Lester Bullock, Everett Jameson, Paul Smith, Leonard Edwards, Jack ’Woodward, Harold Fleming. F[©P ttqA.KER5 «1UB Officers President Rosalie Walker Vice Pres, Wanda Kinnard 3ec. Treas. Violet Mautz This club is composed of sixteen members, with Miss Campbell as its advisor. Some of the members are working on their projects that they have in Home Economics, others are doing embroidery work and knitting. This club is planning to meet during the summer. Officers President Dick Callihan Sec, Treas, Roy McBrayer The Science Club, under the supervision of Mr, Shelly and Mr, Swingle, is composed of twenty-one members. The club is divided into four groups and at each meeting a group takes its turn in performing an experiment. Officers President Mary Edwards Secretary Jean Wallace Seventy-five members make up the Dramatics Club which is under the direction of Miss Clark and Miss Aiken. It is divided into five groups. A committee was appointed for each group to plan a program for the meetings. These pro¬ grams not only improved the members acting ability but proved to be entertaining for the club. A tun NI NAME OCCUPATION RESIDENCE Class oT 1920 If G Calhoun, Supt Helen Cowazi Mrs Browning Gladys Mumford Marie Ungemach Mrs Jack Woodward Esther Wallace Mrs Settles Ruth Wetzel Mrs Kinsky Guy Wilson Minister Eultonham Roseville Zanesville Roseville Penn Class of 1921 M G Calhoun, Supt Chester Allison Dale Harkness Adda James Ada Inman Rolland McCaughey Mary Owen Ityrtle Pemberton louise Price Alfred Ratekin Ina Rhinebarger Dorothy Sagle Thelma Smith June Stoneburner Gladys Swain Elmer Swackhamme r Helen Swingle Earl Williams Truck Driver Mrs Imes McCoy Pottery Mrs R McCaughey Mrs R. Cunningham Mrs E Norris McCoy Pottery Mrs W Swingle Mr8 Eox Mrs R Moore Mrs Chas Scofield Mrs Bennett Ransbottom Pottery Washington Zanesville Roseville Roseville Roseville Roseville Roseville Roseville Columbus Columbus Roseville Roseville Springfield Hebron Roseville Class Evelyn Moore Helen Ransbottoi Do Hie Smith Rolland Smith Robert Stine ? e ?? ice J rrot te r Arthur Wilson of 19 2 M G Calhoun, Supt Nurse Mrs B Lenhart Mrs H Laughlin Sears Roebuck Teacher Teacher Roseville Roseville Roseville Cleveland Columbus Roseville Roseville NAME OCCUPATION RESIDENCE Class of 1923 M. G. Calhoun, Supt. Hope Allison Mrs, Cale Wood Marietta Alice Caton Deceased Gerald Cookson Restaurant Roseville Lawrence Crowley Lawyer Roseville Kathryn Dodds Mrs, S. DeBrava Cleveland Rhea Fundaberg Hester Jones Mrs. E. Strate Newark Mable Lenhart Mrs. M. Horn Roseville Edsel Moody Ford Plant Michigan Nadene Pace County Health Nurse Zanesville Arthur Pride Engineer W. Virginia Edith Rider Mrs. Neff Roseville Lucy Rider Building Loan Roseville Rosalie Smith Mrs. Arvidson Illinois Edwin Strate Ohio Power Office Newark Raymond Tracy McCoy Pottery Roseville Elsie Wahl Mrs, N. Burley Zanesville Russell Whartenby Organist Toledo Raymond Williams Ransbottom Pottery Roseville Bonna Ziegler Mrs. Williams Roseville Class of 1924 M. G. Calhoun, Supt • Roy Allison Store Manager Marietta Gwladys Berry Teacher Roseville Norene Besser Mrs. D. Rice Roseville Anna Bishop Mrs. A. Jones Roseville Garnet Burton Mrs. Hunt Columbus Gerald Burton Electrian Columbus Irene Cannon Mrs. B. Allen Roseville Mildred Carter Pern Denbow Mrs. R. Garrett Detroit Lenore Garrett Mrs. K. Ungemach Roseville Carl Hardy Koenig’s Bakery N. Lexington Russell Harper Mail Carrier S. Zanesville Geraldine Koble Mrs. G. Ross Pittsburgh Karl Laughlin Deceased Arthur Longstreth McCoy Pottery Roseville George Pace Photographer Dayton Garnet Pemberton McCoy Pottery Roseville Nellie Mae Swingle Office Work Dayton Glenn Wilson Filling Station Roseville NAME OCCUPATION RESIDENCE Class of Rclla Deaver Charles Pauley Dean Fleming Garnet Ford Emmett Good Carl Kessler Joe Davis Koonts Louise Myers Hubert Owens Dorothea Price Ruth Ryland Carl Tilton Marian Thomas Kathryn Venrick Iliff Watt Harry Woods Class of Adrian Allison Joe Baughman Edgar Bell Lucille Brunner Freda Clifton Dalton Denbow Roy Dyer Winfred Fluharty Donald Garrett Frederick Guy Arthur Hayes Paul Horn Lucille McBrayer Harry Owens Doris Parret Ruth Pride Frances Ransbottom Frank Scott Ophir Shafer Sylvia Thomas Class of Helen Brown Margaret Finney Reed Finney 1925 M. G. Calhoun, Supt. Cement Plant Fultonham Cement Plant Fultonham Filling Station Roseville Mrs. H, Owens Deceased Roseville Minister New Pittsburgh Columbus Mrs. Price Crooksville Mgr. Red White Roseville Teacher Roseville Mrs. H. Drake Columbus Electrian California Restaurant Zanesville Watt Pottery Roseville W. P. A. Crooksville 1926 M. G. Calhoun, Supt, Cincinnati S. Zanesville Mrs, Chas. Pauley Fultonham Mrs. Stigler Roseville Roseville 1927 Treasury Dept. Washington D, C, First National Bank Zanesville Insurance Agent Roseville Rider Garage Roseville Mrs. Thomas California Brush Pottery Roseville Mrs. Deaver Fultonham Store Clerk Roseville Mrs. Owens Roseville Zanesville M. G. Calhoun, Supt. Restaurant Zanesville Home Roseville Glass House Roseville NAME OCCUPATION RESIDENCE Wayne Hammers i Gladys Harper Deceased Hubert Hicks Brush Pottery Roseville Warren Hicks W. P. A (Office) Toledo Orville Horn Cement Plant (Office) Fultonham Mary Kinnan Mrs• Smith Philo Edward McLean Bricklayer Roseville Thurman Miller Filling Station Roseville Dorothy Nelson Mrs Crider Athens Beulah Owens Mrs. F. Rider Roseville Francis Rider Garage Roseville Gladys Rider Iiaz.el Sanford Teacher Roseville Eugenia Schofield Mrs. Poison Pennsylvania Edwin Shields McCoy Pottery Roseville Izo la Smith Mrs. C. Whissen Roseville Charles Thompson Salesman Roseville Klemm Ungemach Sheet Mill Roseville Class of 1928 M. G. Calhoun, Supt. Thelma Baughman Mrs Popp Zanesville Clarence Bishop Gobel s Hardware Roseville Orville Good Ohio Power Plant Philo Helen Hardy Mrs. Luman Roseville Mildred Kessler Mrs• Lehman Marion Helen McBrayer Mrs. Bishop Roseville James McLean McCoy Pottery Roseville Enid Parret Teacher Athens Ruby Patch Mrs. Wilson Roseville Alfred Ransbottom Ransbottom Pottery Roseville Gerald Sowers Store Clerk Roseville Randall Strate Asst. Forest Ranger Michigan Jack Thompson Salesman Roseville Catherine Wahl Mrs. Watt Roseville Edith Walker Home Roseville James Wilson Farmer Cannelville Class of 1929 M. G. Calhoun, Supt • Edgar Ansel Cement Plant E. Fultonham Helen Beall House Maid Zanesville Mary E. Buchholtz Mrs. Foster Washington C„ H. Georgiana Cannon Mrs. Ransbottom Roseville Edwin Clifton Cashier Child ' s Restaurant N.Y. City Virginia Evans Mrs. Jameson Mansfield Franklin Guy First Trust Saving Roseville Harold Hayes Filling Station White Cottage NAME OCCUPATION RESIDENCE Isabelle Luckett Mrs. Sowers Roseville Lyndal layers Mrs. Richards Columbus Elizabeth Owens Mrs. Weaver Zanesville Donald Face Ransbottom Pottery Roseville Byron Parret Civil Engineer Mary Ransbottom Mrs. Gardner Dayton Elmore Sanford Tyser Pottery Roseville Ted Scholfield Ransbottom Pottery Roseville Margaret Shields P. D. Q,. Radio Store Rosevi lie Esther Mae Smith Mrs. Woods Ros eville Beulah Smith Mrs. Bolan Zanesville Marian Thomas Am. Rolling Mills Zanesville Thelma Thomas Mrs. Koehler Medina Loren 77att Watt Pottery Rosevi lie Aundah Weaver Mrs. Spring Zanes ville Opal West Mrs. Carson Fultonham Clyde Whissen Watt Pottery Roseville Class of 1930 M. G. Calhoun, Supt. Wilbur Caton Time Keeper Roseville Holland Cooper Ransbottom Pottery Roseville Josephine Elliott Mrs. Miller California Mildred Eppley Mrs. Russell E . Fultonham Robert Finney Brush Pottery Rosevi lie Warren Garrett Watt Pottery Roseville Ociin Kildow McCoy Pottery Rosevilie Howard Kinnan McCoy Pottery Rosevilie Warner Kloepfer Ohio University Athens Kathryn Lowry Mansfield Frederick Luman Brush Pottery Roseville Garnet Marshall Brush Pottery Roseville Pauline Martin Teacher Cambridge Norma McBrayer Mrs. Probasco Rosevilie Ralph McCoullou. ' h McCoy Pottery Roseville Welby Moody McCoy Pottery Ros eville Maxine Myers Mrs. Evelana Crooksville Leonard Kelson Store Clerk Rosevilie Ben Pemberton Cincinnati Ruth Mae Pemberton Hamilton Adrian Probasco Ransbottom Pottery Roseville Thomas Sagle Brush Pottery Roseville Delbert Sanford Black Grant Co. Roseville Denzel Sanford McCoy Pottery Office Roseville Donald Shields A P Store Clerk Rosevilie Ruth Short Mrs. Slack Roseville Paul Sowers Store Clerk Roseville NAI£E OCCUPATION RESIDENCE Helen Spring Teacher Roseville Reed Stoneburner Home Roseville Natalie Wilkins Modiste Columbus Annabelle Wilson Mrs Dunn Roseville Class of 1931 M. G Calhoun, Supt Dorothy Baughman Mrs Cavendish Zanesville Marie Brand Home Roseville Robert Brummage McCoy Pottery Roseville William Brummage McCoy Pottery Roseville Miriam - uchholtz. Mrs Rice Mansfield 3dna Mae Campbell Teacher Roseville Brenton Clifton Armco Zanesville Wilma Combs Mrs Graham Zanesville Junior Cusick Brush Pottery Zanesville Betty Dilley Home Roseville Kathleen Ditter Mrs Marshall Roseville Clarence Dobbs Pilling Station Akron Norman Durst Cincinnati University Cincinnati Evelyn Eppley Mrs Koon Roseville Robert Eppley Parmer Roseville Charles Gibson Ohio Puel Co Roseville Helen Gottke Mrs Fleming Roseville Pauline Harper Mrs Downey Crooksville Ruby King Mrs Kinnan Roseville Harry Luckett W. P. A. Office Roseville Earl Marple McCoy Pottery Roseville Kathryn Matheny Mrs. Moody Roseville Nancy McLean Soils Erosion Office Roseville Bonna Owens Mrs Sagle Roseville Ruth Pickrell Mrs Davis Roseville Corena Rice Mrs Milligen Moxahala Park Mary Smith Mrs Smith Roseville Mildred Sowers Store Clerk Roseville Edward Stinson Minister Columbus Beatrice Thomas Mrs Jones Roseville Jane Ungemach Mrs Shaw Columbus Mary Ungemach Brush Pottery Roseville Thelma Weaver Nurse Zanesville Leona Wilson Mrs Eveland Roseville Jelletta Wood Mrs Lambert E. Fultonham NAME OCCUPATION RESIDENCE Class of 1937 W. W. Wilson, Supt. Marion Browning Mrs. H. Walsh Crooksviile Kate Cann Mrs. 3. Page Roseville Bill Combs Home Roseville Marie Cummins Meredith Business Roseville Julianne Dozer Meredith Business Roseville Martha Pauley Ohio Central Roseville George Hansen Parmer Roseville Evelyn Jaynes Home Roseville Lucy Mautz Home Stover town Lawrence Maxwell Home Cannelville Opal Miller Home Roseville Ralph Moody Home Roseville Kathryn Pickrell Home Roseville Ruth Potts Home Roseville Rex Probasco Ransbottom Pottery Roseville Arlo Shaver Parmer Roseville Roy Short Brush Pottery Roseville Duane Spring Ohio University Roseville Anna Mae Valentine Ohio Central Roseville Bet tie 7 eaver Home Roseville Carl Williamson Home Cannelville Marjorie Wilson Mrs. Cooper Zanesville COMPLIMENTS J I j — j- p % j—» j- 1 {— 1 ZANESVILLE OP -w ' s-J -1 j OEj j J -Hj OHIO BUY YOUR FLOWERS DIRECT FROM L ' ALAYf; COMPLIMENTS OP ROBE RT5«CO. CREDIT JEWELERS 509 l in Street Zanesville, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF THE CO. MAKERS OP A-l SQUARE CUT AND HONEY CRUSHED BREADS IN ZANESVILLE IT ' S THE QUAL J T Y FURNITURE COMPANY MAIN AT SEVENTH SOUTHEASTERN OHIO 3 LARGEST STORE DEVOTED TO THE HOME COMPLIMENTS OF ZANE HOTEL ZANESVILLE COMPLIMENTS OF ARTWIL DRESS SHOP 430 MAIN STREET ZANESVILLE, OHIO IT 3 SMART TO BE A THRIFTY SHOPPER CO H G R AT U LAT10 M S TO THE SENIORS AND BEST WISHES FOR THEIR SUCCESS IN ALL UNDERTAKINGS ;AU£LL£K studio ARCADE NEWARK, OHIO DUPLICATE PHOTOS OP THESE IN THIS BOOK MY BE HAD AT ANY TIME AT SPECIAL RATES COMPLIMENTS OP THE FIRST TRUST vSAVINGS BANK Branches: Dresden, 0. Roseville, 0 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION THE WHITACRE TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE Authorized Dealer UNDERWOOD ELLIOTT FISHER COMPANY UNDER »VOOD- MASTER OF TOUCH-SPEED-TYPEMANSHIP Sales Rentals Service 521 Market Street, Zanesville Ohio - Phone 402 COMPLIMENTS OF THE DAN COHEN CO. A FAMILY SHOE STORE BLOOMER CANDY CO. STAR CHOCOLATES Zanesville, Ohio A FULL LINE OF COSMETICS BEAUTY AIDS IN STOCK FLORENCE WALLACE BEAUTY SHOP PERMANENT WAVES $2.50 $3.50 $4.00 $5.00 Roaftville EXCELLENT FOOD MAY ' S MAIN 308 Main Street Zanesville, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF MOORES ROSS Sincerely hope your future has as many good times in store for you as your school days at ROSEVILLE HIGH COMPLIMENTS BON I FI ELD HARDWARE COMPANY HOME OF GOOD HARDWARE Phone 404 524 Main St, Zanesville, Ohio FULL RETREAD EQUIPMENT GENERAL TIRES THE A Or RJSOM A OTOR CO 214 - 218 Main Street ZANESVILLE STUDEBAKER CARS AND TRUCKS FINE USED CARS COMPLETE SERVICE COMPLIMENTS OF THE AVJ5KINGUM A OTOR CO. 28 So. Sixth Street ZANESVILLE - DISTRIBUTORS CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 38 May the pleasant dealings you have had with the Starr Store during your high school days continue in the days to come. fhl£ A r_j r 1 c - o ZAKESVILLE, OHIO IARR CO. — COMPLETE STOCKS OP UP TO DATE OFFICE SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT TME OHIO OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY 27 N. Fifth St. Zanesville, 0 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OP 1938 SPOT SANDWICH SHOP Main and 4th St. Zanesville When you want your CALL J ' AJLLERY C o Phone 1486 flower orders handled with particular care FlO ' VER IN ZANESVILLE Located at 624 Market Street t COMPLIMENTS OP THE ZANESVILLE PUBLISHING CO. THE TIMES RECORDER THE EVENING SIGNAL THE SUNDAY TIMES SIGNAL COMPLIANT3 OP EIRST NATIONAL BANK " ZANESVILLE 3 GRAND OLD BANK " COMPLIMENTS OP H00K-AST0N MILLING CO HAROLD L ROBB YOUR , DEALER Crookaville, Ohio DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS 25 North 4th Street Zanesville, Ohio Phone Main 48 ZANESVILLE, OHIO SECURE YOUR BUSINESS TRAINING AT THE 72 Years of Dependable Service Southeastern Ohio s most successful Business Training School Ask any of our 17,000 Graduates about the record of this school All Modern Business Courses offered. Franchised to teach STENOTYPY. Accredited by The National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools Special Finishing Courses for those who have had Commercial Training in High School SUMMER TERM JUNE 13 6 20 CONGRATULATIONS AND THE BEST OP LUCK FLOvTERS express beautiful sentiments Our arrangements accentuate their beauty at no extra cost to you. MUN K e COLLI NS " AT THE SIGN OP THE ROSE " 49 N. Fifth Street Zanesville, Ohio CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO ROSEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL J.C. PENNEY CQ TEWKSBURY ' 5 PURL ICE-CREAM THE BIGGEST DISH IN THE WORLD FOR 10 N Main St., Roseville SOUTHEASTERN OHIO HEADQUARTERS FOR GOLDSMITH SPORTING GOODS Expert Tennis Racket Restringing SWEITZER PAINT HARDWARE „ . „ Fishing Tackle a Specialty Jam « 7th St. Zanesville,0. COMPLIMENTS OF RRANKEL ' S UNION STORE ZANESVILLE We carry the most complete line of athletic equipment in Southeastern Ohio " WHERE YOU CAN GET WHAT YOU WANT WHEN YOU WANT IT " ZANESVILLE, OHIO Since 1876 Reasonably Priced Fine Shoes CONGRATULATIONS Let us be HEADQUARTERS for your CLASS DAY and GRADUATION SHOES All sizes and widths-newest styles- fit by X-Ray TAYLOR ' S SHOE STORE Opposite First National Bank-427 Main St., Zanesville, Ohio. OrJJO CENTRAL UN1VER SJTY SOUTHEASTERN OHIO ' S MOST MODERN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS COURSES OP STUDY Business Administration Commercial Law Penmanship Higher Accounting Journalism Spelling OFFERED INCLUDE Shorthand Typewriting Bookkeeping Business English Salesmanship Commercial Arithmetic All modern office machines including the comptometer and stenotype Free appointment service to all graduates Students learn Business letter service and filing services OHIO CENTRAL BUSINESS UNIVERSITY Third Floor, Lind Arcade Zanesville, Ohio. Zwelling s on I in THE H. 2WELLING 6 SONS CO 702 Main Street Phone 2478 CLOTHING, MSN 3 FURNISHINGS, CLEANING AND PRESSING Zanesville, Ohio. 6 jiC-dp 0 w -WQTrM... I 5 -SYSTEM- HAMBURGERS " Buy ' Sm By The SacA " TRADE MARK RES. You can always get quality food and ex¬ cellent service at the SPIC-SPAN. For your convenience we specialize in preparing sand¬ wiches to carry out. If you will notice as in the picture each hamburger is individually wrapped to retain the heat. He sure and visit the SPIC-SPAN and see for yourself how clean¬ liness and quality are combined to offer the best in sandwiches and light lunches. Located at - 799 Main St., Zanesville, Ohio Si HAMBURGERS5 MAKE THE FAMILY STORE YOUR CLOTHING HEADQUARTERS 614 Main Street Zanesville, Ohio » » » O has THE GRAY PRINTING COMPANY with 50 years of progressive achievement. When you use ' ' Gray Printing”, both letterpress and offset, you are getting printing that has been given careful thought, proper supervision and accurate execution . . . with facilities that aie modern and craftsmen who are skilled. » » » Happy are we to help you in building this Annual — the result of many hours of thought and toil as Time Marches On”. T IU1F2533D QUALITY ) PRINTING ) THE GRAY PRINTING COMPANY FOSTORIA OHIO AUTOGRAPHS

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