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 - Class of 1968

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1968 volume:

,, , h X s N 1 , "1- , X fX 2 1 1 a 4 1 5 gl ,V ll: X , , ' WA ni A 9 I VV , V -,VL , V Ti Q r ,. Q4. ,,,. , ,. frkwxx' .Xi 4' "1 ' ' 1, ,.f:"'2'1,53xM lm n ffm 'Lf '1- 2 J ig- gf, -A. 3.-' 1 iw: ' il mrs 32 , fl Q 1 I if 'V ' . -.. : yn.. 12 55? N ' 'ii 'fi' 4 4-- - - Ig.--..-. L,,i..v-.-- MP., - J! ' 2- 4--v .'-'f + 'L it z, I ' H nv' ' - . 1' J. 9' n... , .83?fi??TQTf' 5QQJQQ7JnM, W i ,I .I K ' --mar: ,uf - . - an L ,gy if EI. Y ., E!! wwf V, ,::- f 4 yi A .3 gnqwkq, mf w5jg,f Qf mf 'I LL VAAAN M: its ,ag SL'xT,,xQaa uv -Tf, fiwgyy , if 4, san-My ' 5. ,AA, ' F, n - n 1 X V in 1 , n, K Q z ,E in Q., Qsgxii, nnnn nn n MW' gf" f n A n H . , W, x V V. ,Mn way IS to begzn I '4 , 3 - ,Q A , 3 A with ine beginning. " Q, "" n - Byron, Dun my u .Q ,ff ".., . ,R Q 1 ,+..Av,f 4.. HW W, ,, . g.4.,.z.J.,.,.., -..Nu mls..-.......Qn, f ,ns W! 4'-EB? 41: EQ gg Uv By .. F' QQLT H152 X Q 5 Nw fp 0 X m .Q 1 We Q 'YUM G kmw XX M if V gig Q? YTON QXAX A if XA X i NN LP '9 e Q f' ' xlt. , O V,, 2-H ,... Ai: -NXLW 1 o lfjf: I xi!!! X-lillglllgzi 1 X I X L Jllllffllqll I , 'fwhjxg' xi X 1 ' .T.:2!'!l:l' HA: rn '.-lv U-' EN 4u n ni ins k+'f.Aff',0 bi ' Q-i1XJf .A . ,-s ii QMN if 1, Yxyj' O gl Nil If 'SA X H'-M I W . ' I BY ORAc.E Ceddy Meznery ,Annnnl Hines ef Nineteen Hundred and Sinfy-5igni Zneedere Keeseeeli High Seneel Dayton, Ohio SAMS A I r" koaswclf Alma Mater O hear our song of praise dear Roosevelt: A song of loyality and love. Thy name a joy and inspiration Is fairer than the stars above. The hours spent in thy massive structure Yield rnem'ries ever fond and true, Of Friendships, honors, and endeavors That prove to us thy worth anew. Hail to our colors red and white Ro-osevelt. We'11 fight with all our might. And guard thee day and night. And strive through darkness into light To protect thy every right. Roosevelt! Roosevelt! Koosooolt J-liglz School I 968 llooroook Stag ROW I QL-RJ: Michael Watts, Art Chairmang Sandra Scott, English Chairman, Eva Ferrell, Journalism Chair man, Garry Pritchett, Sports Editor. STANDING: Stephannie Phelps, Activities Editorg James Vontress, Edi tor-in-Chief, Patricia White, Typing Chairman, Clarence Willis, Business Managerg Gerald Powell, Organi- zations Editor. ROW Il CL-RJ: Margaret Oldham, Secretaryg Betty Hooks, Patricia Crawford, Diane Brown, Joyce Young, Judith Clark, Terry Harris, Linda Peavy, Debra Mayberry, Frances Young, Daria Dillard, Micheal Stepens, Roma Little, Treasurerg Horace Dozier, Sergeant-at-Armsg Mr. Christian, Advisory Pamela Murray Cnot shownj. tvrosontofiou We, the members of the 1968 Yearbook Staff, proudly pre- sent our Teddy Memory Annual with the hope that it will serve as an everlasting keepsake to each graduating senior. - The Yearbook staff James W. Vontress, Editor-in-Chief at SCHO S0 016 'Waossv W 1 , W1 ' Ji: . A,- ii Vf-' ff ' ., ,. U N' ' w .. ' --. f ' , V X' x 5 JRNXQIW , ximl ' -gkxx: X X N V f if . A ' 2' v ,A fp.. K Qygiighi 3g1,t'E"1 -, W . V' X ff - 6 fi 15'??ill',,f,f H154 4' V' 'IW is f ' 'M-'-' " 4' 15'-" U 'N f1'- - ?1'fIl. v'gs 1 , -'U' ,nf fwf .4'H32Eaff1': "1 'f W fi. f 1, -maj .If Jfizauiql . vnlllwfng f:Es ,.--in-aw., vv., 'P-,, 174'f'W": ff im' ff'-if -s, "-'f iii-W' 'J "f""wws,f-s:'s.x.w! 1 iff? V f iv' ,ww f, ,,- 'fx V -EE:1'f'J5'.'f' ' ?' Q-Lx .1 'x9!!g,'l fWwp1,v2g2M,v "f mf V! f M fzw 164 Mgr , fy .ff i f "ffA"" f 44 diff ' A if f - x"' 'br ,N ' ,ff Fwgjigiggggtsfgmb f:qgZg!!2gy"W74 f f ,f f- - "'fiZ'J fy ' A ' Sef'Ss5'W3 i"4,fiFEi2'c1a:5-R "g5f'. P' ,. ' wp. ', f ,ff ,,,,15f--rg-gglgfiggwp lsqifi, ' X N -1 I f f frf?-'5f"5?1fr?'HvfH"xr 'WJ k4Ji5fH?551ff521' ef f, J Frxs-.f 44.2-!sef'iu'r2f"w - ,f V,!-..f., -nk wr ,4 W , ' XX f ff X il: s Q Iipgyylllitlsfgv , I vt, ' 1 " Y--sk if-X "'1'. -." . .:f'1'iT"fW"'v!fi , ' - X -Xi2if3i5gS!?1iEi?:I.z1f ff !Ee?f2?f37 f' f ,H ff ,x. N1'Nli'!?i:!lIf V: n'WSge'Sfff ' " ' ' ' ,f -.MN--K-3Sw:.HuinHrwl, "g'hla?2l.yi. ,. -' xJXsxN'QkQ'-.C.ulln.1 I 4:g.' 4,1191 K5 'f, f f YW!-fiswa -'MQH mai-'frM . V C f Mi" Wxiiafiu W 'U5' 1 X "Nil 'AgSyYY1"tE5i"i4ff"I41'1F'?f?si'2f5e.q ,J , f ,. w'rQ44's.fwL.fmH' l, '!.'1-EL,-c?--'S 115 :'.1f',Q,' I' W W . f - , f 7 MI'syz2fefe'!Q 'W15 if"i,W!" f 1,1 ,JV 1 V , w,,ffp2,5,:i:g'35gN4 ' 4fEY!?4Z4Wl'1s72-'J-"' X fi Z f nvQ:2'.eE45 's?' f f ff Cable of Evnfenfs Eng: ",- ,ws 4 ff " iff.:-.., ' ,' . ',-' 1 f . ' E-g',C,,4f:' N14 , '4 !"Q5lwXfS'!9F X f il 9!!'ff xi'f6'sifYfiSM ffyx "' U 1"-'v .-QUQX. gm X, Admzuzsiratzan , ,f1i.5-:fiQ"!?ff"" , XI' 'I X gllfllffy , A, 1 ff?ff f Scuiars if 74 l Orgamkafiaus U ,Activities Sports ARNE D. HOLMBO Principal Graduates, in this glorious hour, Isalute thee. Truly, high school days swiftly pass. It seems only yesterday that you, as awe- struck freshmen, entered these Roosevelt halls steeped as they are in noble and cherished traditions. All of your teachers have followed your progress with patient interest asyou shaped your successes and your achievements. By the same token with understanding hearts, we have sympathized with whatever have been your mis- fortunes and you shortcomings. Now, friends, you are about to reach man's and woman's estate. I sincerely hope you have not only grown stalwart in body but also strong in self- conviction and determination. Enter thebroad- ening horizons of your lives with dignity, with perseverance, with courage, and with under- standing. Class of 1968, hail and farewell. May God bless and keep you. Graduating Students of the Class of 1968 It is a real delight to me to congratulate the graduating class of 1968 because I feel this has been a most significant class from the point of service and antruly innate interest, backed by action, in Roosevelt. This class has distinguished itself by its courage in action with the bond issue. I can see a fine future for allof the mem- bers of this class because of their ability to stand by their convictions and to meet problems face to face. The spirit of cooperation and dedication to the task at hand has been an ear- mark of the class of '68. I would encgurage each member to "run a good race" in reaching for the good things of life and recognize that our relationships with others are probably the most important factor in a happy, productive life. lwish you all well. W. R. CUMMINGS, Assistant Principal MRS. JEAN BOOKER MR. FLOYD NORMAN Assistant Principal To each member of the class of 1968, I extend my congratulations and best wishes. During your four years at Roosevelt, you have had many opportunities for enlightenment, enrichment, personal growth and service to others. In the years ahead the demands on each of you as individuals will be both many and great. You are important and needed. You can make a difference where you are by the quality of your re- lationship to others and the way you tackle each re- sponsibility and task which confronts you. Today, in- dividuals are needed who care - who care about them- selves and about each other in family and community: individuals who are trying to do their best where they are. I sincerely hope that these years at Roosevelt will have served to spur you on to further learning oppor- tunities. May you never stop learning and growing. I would ask that each of you strive to be a person of excellence with a wide view of life, with curiosity to look below the surface, with self discipline, en- thusiasm, energy and courage. May you be responsible men and women. In the words of Dag Hammarskjoldg "Do what you can and the task will rest lightly in your hand, so lightly that you will be able to look forward to the more difficult tests which may be awaiting you." Xx Assistant Principal .XZ MR. BANKSTON MISS HAAS MRS. ISAAC MR. KLEY counselor counselor counselor counselor MR. NUGENT MR. WALLER MR. YOUNG MRS. CARRUTHERS counselor counselor coungelgr SeCI'Bta1'y MRS. COMFORT MRS. DALEY MRS. BENNING MRS. LEWIS SCCTCIHFY secretary secretary nurse 8 From left to right: Mrs. Adams fPhys. Ed.J, Mr. Amos CAmer. Hist.J, Mrs. Barka1owfEng1ishJ, Mrs. Barriteau CLibrarianJ, Mr. Bates Gnd. Artsj, Mr. Bennett CMach. Shopj, Mr. Bo11echinoKInd. Artsl, Mrs. Britton Uviath H and IIIJ, Mrs. Brown Ginglishj, Mrs. Bush fHuman Relationsy, Mr. Cald well fBio1ogyJ, Mr. Calhoun fDraftingJ, Mrs. Cassels flinglishj, Mrs. Clay fMathJ, Mr. Crooke CBookkeeping3, Mrs. Crosby fMarhj, Mrs. Crowe fReading Skillsj, Mr. Cu1riceCBio1oSYT. Mrs. Davis CWor1d Historyj, Mr. Denney CPhys. Ed. J. 1 N ll. F. ss . ws Pun, ' .I .ffm From left to right: Miss Drysdale CI-Iealth and Phys. Ed. J, Mrs. Duncan fMathJ, Mr. Duncan QGen. Shop and Plasticsy, Mrs. Edwards fLatin and Englishj, Miss Everett fSr. Social Studiesj, Mrs. Farn- bacher CEng.J, Mr. Forbes fEng. Usagej, Mrs. Forbes Uinglish IIJ, Mrs. Fortune QShorthand I and II, Typing IIJ, Mr. Frye QBus. Eng., Bus. Math, Rem. Readingj, Mrs. E. Gordon fHome Ec.J, Mrs. P. Gordon fHome Economicsj, Mr. Grace flvlathj, Mr. Grimes CWor1d Hist.J, Miss Haley QAmer. Hist.J, Miss Heath QPhy. Ed.J, Mr. Helton CMathJ, Mr. Hill CAmer. Historyj, Mr. Hill fGeographic artsj, Mrs. Hobson fGenera1 Sciencel. Mrs. Holmes fEng.J, Miss Hufeisen CMathj, Mr. Hurt fSoc. Stud.J, Mr. Jones fMathj, Mr. J. Jones fEng.J, Mrs. Jones fBus. Eng.J, Mr. Kinsey QPhysicsJ, Miss Lawrence CTypingJ, Mr. McGhee fO.W.E.J, Miss Millonig fFrench and Germanj, Mr.' Mills fDrivers Ed.J, Mr. Mitchell QDrivers' Ed.J, Mr. Montgomery fMathJ, Mr. Nelson fPhysio1ogyJ, Mrs. Nun1eyfAsst. Librarianj, Mrs. Paige fLag.J, Mr. Palmer Uournalismj, Mr. Perkins fSr. Soc. Stud.j, Mrs. Powell CBus. Ed.j, Mr. Hil- debrand QSpanish I and ID. From left to right: Mr. Rihrn fGen. Mathj, Mr. Sanders CGen. Math. J, Mrs. Scott fGen. Sciencej, Mrs. Sewell 18th Grade, Social Studiesj, Mrs. Sheridan Clinglishj, Mr. Spencer CVoca1 Musicj, Mrs Starks fHome Economicsj, Mr. Stapleton flndustrial Artsj, Mr. Stockton QHea1th and First Aidj, Mrs. Taylor COrientationJ, Mrs. Weaver QResource Teachj, Mrs. Williamson CHome Economicsj, Mr. Woo1umsfBio1ogyJ, Miss Evans QEng. HJ, Miss Comfort QAdv. Comp., Eng. IIIJ Mrs. Shelton QEng. 91, Mrs. To1esfEarthScienceJ. Mr. Kenjamiu lindsay Senior Ekzss ,fldffisar Chemistry, General Science Mrs. ,Alberta ,Minar Senior Hlass Advisar Junior Class Advisor 11966-6'7Jg Advisor. Future Business Leaders of Americag Business Typing g . P1 ,A h,,. 'wr Klum., 1X9 if f UV lb ff Q L' A 4? Q 'E 1 N 2- Q f If f' V jwnwswm f if j :J C, , , -Q., ...C rfr- --,,1::r"f""'W L 'L 'I ' --wi-t.......- V Ynrnpv. Ai-,...,.-r Q I ,,,,.m,,,,,W, ,-.,,.,., ., .Y Q.-V wif fgc Of 1 Corresponding Secretary President Recording Secretary PHILIP BASS Seniar A fi A S. f 1 Sl-HRLEY WOOD 6 MARY PEARSON 0Mccrs Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms MARCIA TAYLOR 1968 Vrce-Presrdent ROBERT EARLY SAMUEL FREEMAN s i i t E Senior Glass OWcers SEATED, L-R: Shirley Wood fCorresponding Secretaryj, Marcia Taylor Cfreasurerj, Philip Bass fPresidentJ, Robert Early QVice-Presidentj, Mary Pearson CRecording Secretaryl. STAND ING: Samuel Freeman fSergeant-at-Armsl. Dedication We, the officers of the graduating class of 1968, dedicate this Teddy Memory Annual to our advisors Mrs. Alberta Minor, Mr. Benjamin Lindsay, and Mr. Raleigh Christian, to our faculty, to the memory of a fellow classmate, Alcott Hutson, and to all of our graduating seniors who we have attempted to lead these past two years with the best of our innate abilities. May you never forget us, for your teachings will remain our constant companions through eternity. Sincerely Yours, The Senior Class Officers, Phillip C. Bass, President Senior 611155 Ofkccrs PHILIP C. BASS - President Cross Country 14 yrs. 1, Student Council 12 yrs. 1, Spanish Club 12 yrs. 1, Band 12 yi-s.1 Red Cross Rep. 11, 21, Flash Card Section 121, Varsity "R" 13, 41, Baseball Team 141, Jr. Class Skit 131, Ir. Class Pres. 131, Camp Miniwanca 131, Poet's Round Table131 ROBERT EARLY - Vice President Varsity Baseball 14 yrs. 1, Freshman Football, Student Council Rep. 111, Student Council Usher 14 yrs. 1, Red Cross Rep., Pres. of Spanish Club Flash Card Section, Varsity "R" 131, Aide 120 13, 41, J. C.O.W. A. - Times Staff, Ursa 121, Laurus 13, 41, Camp Miniwanca 131 MARY PEARSON - Recording Secretary Spanish Club, Student Council Rep. 11, 21, Aide 327, F. B.L.A. 141 SHIRLEY ANN WOOD - Corresponding Secretary Student Council Rep. 13 yrs. 1, General Office Aide 11, 21, Teddette 13 yrs. 1, Var- sity "R" 12 yrs.1, Times Staff, F.B.L.A. 131 MARCIA TAYLOR - Treasurer Choir 11, 21, Spanish Club 11, 21, Y-Teens 111 Aide 164-D, Cheerleader 12 yrs. 1. Varsity "R" SAMUEL E. FREEMAN - Sergeant-at-Arms Fencing 11, 2, 31, Rep. Student Council 13 yrs. 1, Fencing City Champ 141, Varsity "R" 13 yrs.1, Spanish Club 12 yrs.1, Chess Club, Baseball Mn Raleigh Hhristian Yearbook Advisor, Head of Athletic . V' Department, Business Machines juniar Glass Advisor K I 966-67 ANTHONY ALFORD Student Council Usher 111, Student Council Rep. 111, I.C.O.W.A. 12,31, Marching and Band 111, Varsity "R" 12, 41, Student Council Exe. Bd. 121, Aide 120 131, Junior Class Exe. Bd. DAVID ALLEN JOHN ALLEN Football 14 yrs. 1, Spanish Club 11, 2, 31, Science Club 111, Baseball 111, Var- sity "R" 13, 41, Junior Class Skit 131, Student Council Usher 14 yrs.1 IOANN ARNOLD ' Parc-Medical Club 111, Gym Aide 111, Mrs. Williams Aide 111, J.C.O.W. A. 12, 31, Upward Bound 1Central State- 2, 31 EDDIE ABBOTT Audio-Visual 11, 2, 31, I.C.W. A. 12, 3, 41, Football 111, Baseball 121, Wres tling 131 CHARLES ADAMS Fencing 12,3,41, J.c.o.w.A. 121 DOROT HY A DA MS GORDON AIKENS Wrestling 121, Times Rep. 141 CAROLYN BAKER J.C.O.W. A. 121, Library Aide 131, Fencing Team 13, 41, Upward Bound 1Central State 2, 31, Junior Achievement 141 GWENDOLYN BAKER Student Council Homeroom Rep. 111, Concert Choir 111, Y-Teens 121, Tedd- ettes 131, Library Aide 12, 41 LARRY BAKER Band 12, 3, 41, Chess Club 12,31, J.c.o.w.A. 12,31 SYLVIA BALLEW CORNELIUS ASI-IE Football 11, 31, Track 11, 2, 31 Cross Country 111, Basketball 11, 215 J. C. O.W. A. 121 AMOS ATWOOD Track 111, Student Council Homeroom Rep. 111, MimeoAide 12,3, 41, Cross Country 141 SHARON DENISE AUSTIN Student Council Rep. 111, Red Cross Rep. 111, Concert Choir 14 yrs. Pres. 21, Accompanist: Flag Bearers 14 yrs.1 Contest Soloists 111, Mixed Chorus 121, Concert Choir 141, Spanish Club 121, Upward Bound 1Central State 12, 31 BARBARA BAILEY ROS ALYN BENSON Library Aide 141, Red Cross Rep. 111. I.C.O.W.A. 12 31, Times Rep. 131. F. B.L. A. 141, Bowling League 141 .TENICE LOUISE BERRY Spanish Club 111, Aide 120 14 yrs. 1, F.B.L.A. 121, Sr. Class Skit 131 PATRICIA BIBB DIANA BLACK Student Council I-Ir. Rep. 111, Gen. Office Aide 14 yrs. 1, United Appeal Rep. 111, Y-Teens141 CRAIG BARKLEY MARILYN BARR Library A ide ROBERT BELL Track 111, Aide 120.121, Baseball 131, Gen. Off. Aide 121, Varsity "R" 131, Ir. Class Exec. Bd. 131, Ir. Class Skit 131, Sr. Class Exec. Bd. 141, Student Council Usher 141 EUGENE TYREE BENNETT Audio-Visual Aide 13 yrs. 1, Aide 119 14 yrs. 1, Red Cross Rep. 111, Work Pro- gram 121, Spanish Club 12, 31, Concert Choir 141 COZZETTA BOST HORACE BOWINS Basketball 111, Chess Club 121, Bowling League 121, Y.o.c. 13,41 J.c.o.w.A. 141, Gymnastics 141 TERRELL BOYD VERONICA BOYD DONNA BLALOCK CORLISS BONNER Kgs Representative 111, Red Cross Representative 111, Concert Choir 11, 2,1 Future Teachers of America 11, 21, Aide 120 12 3,41 SYLVESTER BORUM I.C.O,W. A. 12, 3, 41, Track 12.1, Foot- ball 131, Hi-Y 131, Aide 120 141 CARL GREGORY BOSWELL Band 141, Wrestling 141, Audio-Visual Aide 121, Varsity "R" 13, 41 DIANE MARIE BROWN 1FLUBBER1 Times Representative 111, Red Cross Rep. 11, 2, 31, Prom Committee 131, Mimeograph Aide 141, Yearbook Staff 141, F.B.L.A. 141 IEROME BROWN EDWARD EUGENE BRYANT Spanish Club 121, Varsity Football 131 MARILYN BRYANT I. C. O.W. A. JAMES BRIDGES LINDA BRODIE Y-Teens 111, Mixed Chorus 131, Con cert Choir 141 CYNTHIA BROOKS Y-Teens 11, 31, I.C.O.W.A. 141, Cheering Section 141 WALKER BROOKS , , g a we rx 11 f., V uw -F ...... th ROBERT BUMPUS LORRAINE BURKS General Office Aide 12,3, 41 GWENDOLYN BURNEY J.C.O.W.A. 12,31, F.B.L.A. 141 LINDA BURNSIDE General Office Aide 111, Y-Teens 111, J.C.O.W.A. 121 PATRICIA I. BRYANT ROGER BRYANT Basketball 13,41, Band 141, Football 111, Varsity "R" 141 THERESA BUFORD 1BEU BABY1 Para-Medical Club 12, 3, 41, Accomp- lished Medical Tours 12, 31, General Office Aide 131, F.B.L.A. BRENDA JOYCE BUGGS Y-Teens 11, 21, J.C.O.W.A. 121, Girls Track Team 121, '-F. B.L. A. 13, 41, Stu- dent Council Rep. MARY BYRD Y-Teens 111, F. B. L. A. 121 MICHAEL CALDWELL MIRIAM CALDWELL J.C. O.W. A. 111, High Candy Sales- man, Jr. Achievement RONALD CALDWELL Football 11, 21, Track 12, 3, 41, Varsity "R" 12,3 41, Aide 119 EDDIE BUSH Football 11, 31, Track 11, 21, Science Club 11, 31, Baseball 121, Cross Coun- try 12, 41, Bowling 131, Basketball 13, 41 CARLTON BUTLER 1Car11 Cross Country 121, Student Council H. Rep. 131 CAROL BUTLER 1 F.T.A. 111, Student Council H. Rep. 131, Mr. Christian's Aide 141. J.C.O.W.A. 141 BRENDA BYRD Y-Teens 11, 21, Aide 144 14 yrs.1, Cheerleader 12, 3, 41, J. C. O.W.A. 121, F.B.L. A. 131, Miniwanca Camper 131, Varsity "R" 13, 41 l HARVEY CANTY YOLANDA cARTwR1GHT Red Cross Rep. 121, Aide 119131 VICTORIA CHAMP 1Vickie1 Ursa 111, F. T.A. 121, Tutor 1Grace A. Greene1131, Aide 247 131, Aide 119 141 OLIVIA CHASTAIN Jr. Achievement 111, Y-Teens 111, Gir1's Ensemble 11, 21, Aide 119 11, 2, 31, J.C.O.W.A. 1Corres. Sec.112, 3, 41, Concert Choir 13, 41, Student Coun- ' cil H. Rep. 141 .L BEVALYN L. CALHOUN Y-Teensqly, Aide 11913,41, N.Y.C. C41 BRENDA CAMPBELL Science Club 111, Student Council H. Rep. 11,41, Concert Choir 11,21. Jun- ior Class H. Rep. 13,41 WILLIAM CAMP Spanish Club 11, 21, Spanish Club Bowl- ing League 121, Science Club 111, Aide 164-D 111, Roosevelt Bowling Leage 121, Junior Class Skit 131, Upward Bound 1Ear1ham1 12, 31, Para-Medical Club 13, 41, Pep Committee 141, J.C.O.W. A. C41 EMMA CARPENTER Teddettes 12, 3, 41, Varsity "R" 13, 41, Gym Aide 13, 41, F.B. L. A. 141 WILMA COOLEY Upward Bound 1Centra1 State1 131 PATRICIA COX LINDA CRAWFORD Tri -Arts 11, 21, Science Club 111, Stu- dent Council H. Rep. 121, Spanish Club 121, Para-Medical Club 121, F.B.L. A. 141 PATRICIA ANN CRAWFORD Times Rep. 11,2,41, J.C.O.W.A. 121, Upward Bound 1Central State112,31, Junior Class Skit 131, Mimeo-A ide 141, F.B.L. A. 141, Yearbook Staff 141, Stu dent Council H. Rep. 141 DELORES M. CLARK Y-Teens 14 yrs.1, Red Cross Rep. 11, 21, J.C.O.W.A. 12, 3, 41, Library Aide 12, 3, 41, Volleyball Team 131, Red Cross Volunteer 13, 41, J. A. 141 IUDITH A. CLARK J. C.O.W. A. Sec. 12, 3, 41, F. B.L. A. 141, F.T. A. 121, Student Council H. Rep. 131, Book Club, Sec. 131, Mimeo- Aide 141, Yearbook Staff 141, J. C. A. M. S Rep. from Roosevelt. ADDIE COLEMAN Gym and Swimming Aide 11, 2, 41, Y-Teen 111, Student Council H. Rep. 11, 21, Para-Medical Club 121, Mr. Bankton Aide 131, Cafeteria Aide 141, Cheering Section 141 GW EN COLEMAN Y-Teen 11, 2, 31, Science Club 111, Aide 144121, J.c.o.w.A. 12,31, Aide 164B q1,2, 31 KAREN DENISE DANCER Y-Teens Q11 NINA DANIELS fDiI101 Y-Teens C4 yrs. 1, Aide 119 Cl, 21, Aide 120 C41, Gir1's Track 121, Spanish Club C21 ANNIE DAVIS Y-Teens f2,41, F.T.A. C21 Upward Bound fEarlha1'r11 C2, 31 BETTY JEAN DAVIS Gym Aide 131, Youth Corps Service 43,41 LAURA CROSS Aide 164 Q11, Band Cl, 21, Spanish Club f1,21, Student Council H. Rep. C21, Aide 120 f3, 41, Junior Class Exec. Board C31, Jr. Class Skit C31, Varsity "R" f3, 41, Times Staff 13, 41, Student Council Treasurer Q41 LAWSON CRUTCHER Wrestling C2, 3, 41 EDWARD CURTIS Student Council H. Rep. fl1, Science Club C21, Audio-Visual C41 IERRELL DABNEY Upward Bound fCentral State1 C31 Q TIM DAWSON CHARLES DIGGS Wrestling 121, Gymnastic, Football 141 DARIA L. DILLARD Red Cross Rep. , Choir, Aide 144, Y-Teens. I. C.O.W. A. F. T. A.. F.B.L. A. , Aide 119, Student Council Rep., Locker Aide, Red Cross Rep. , Yearbook Staff HORACE DOZIER Track 111, Art Club 121, Fine Arts Club 121, Cross Country 111, Yearbook Staff DEBORAH DAVIS Science Club 111, I.C.O.W.A. 131 LEON DAVIS Track 12, 3, 41, Hi-Y 131. Cross Country C41 PATRICIA A. DAVIS Concert Choir 12, 3, 41, Girl's Track 121, Para-Medical Club 13, 41, Sr. Class H. Rep. 141, Student Council Usher 141, Asst. Sec. of Choir 141, Upward Bound 1Central State1 131 PEARL DAVIS Ursa 11, 21, Theodore, Math I, Theodore Math II, Theodore Latin II, Concert Choir 12, 3, 41, Honor Banquet, N.Y. C. Laurus 13, 41, Upward Bound 1Earlham1 DAVID EDWARDS DONNA EDWARDS Y-Teens 111, H.R. Rep. 121, Library Aide 131, Book Club 131, Jr. Class Exec. Board 131 J.C. O.W. A. BOBBYE ELMORE Band 111, Y-Teens 141, Red Cross Rep. 121, Aide 169 Times Staff CAROLYN ELY Spanish Club 11,21 Y-Teens 111, Stu- dent Council Rep. 11, 41, Bowling League, Aide 150, Choir WILLIAM EARLY Football 11.21, Basketball 141, Track C43 1 BARBARA ANN ECHOLS Student Council Rep. 11, 21, Aide 128 Business Club IOSEPHINE ECHOLS Student Council Rep. 121, Red Cross Rep. CAROL EDWARDS Concert Choir 11, 2, 3, 41 GLORIA PELTON THOMAS FELTON Football C11, Gymnastics fl, 2, 31, Track C11, Student Council Rep., Varsity Basketball Q41 RONNIE FERGUSON Football 111, Spanish Club fl, 2, 3, 41, Bowling League CZ, 31, F. B, L. A. CZ, 31 EVA SIMONE FERRELL F.T.A.. H. Rep.. Tutorial Program Theodore Journalism I C31, Times Staff C41, Yearbook Staff C41, Perfect Attendence C4 yrs.1 CHARLITA ELY Science Club 12, 31 GLEN L. FAIRCLOTH MARVA FAMBRO Y-Teens 111. Student Council Rep. fl, 21, Cafeteria Helper C11 Aide 349 C31 NARVA FARRIS Upward Bound CCentra1 State1 SAINT FOWLER Football C4 yrs. J, Baseball 129, Student Council Usher, Times Rep., Upward Bound CCentra1 Statej, Bowling League, Swim Aide GREGORY FRANKLIN JOHN FRA ZIER GLORIA FRA ZIER TERISA FLEMISTER Y-Teens QD, Tri-Arts fl, 2, 45, Girls Track, F. B.L. A. C3, 41, I. C.O.W. A. 13,41 Teen Board Q31 Aide 112, Para Medical MJ, Jr. Class Rep.. H. Rep.. Times Rep., Jr. Achievement C3, 41 ERNEST FLOWERS Wrestling Q2, 3.41, Varsity "R", Aide 206 LARRY FLOWERS Spanish Club f1,2, 31, Band Q4 yrs. J, Bowling League f1,2, SJ J.C.O.W,A, Varsity Track f4J, Red Cross EDDIE FLUCAS Cross Country My GENEVA GEORGE N. Y.C., Fencing Team f4j MELINDA GEORGE Y-Teens QU, I.C.O.W.A. C31 RUSSELL GILBERT Times Rep. , Student Council Rep. , J.C.O.W.A. f2, 3, 41, Red Cross Rep. Jr. Class Skit f3J JAMES GIST N. Y. C. f2, By, Spanish Club C41 Teen Council 13,41 Cheering Squad RANDE GAINES J.C.O.W.A. MJ, Y-Teens C41 KAREN JU -LETT GASKINS Aide 164D f1,2J, F.T.A. f1,2J, Aide 119A, Aide 258, St. Council H.R. Rep Jr. Class Exec. Board, Ursa, Laurus, Theodore Award, Book Club, Upward Bound CEar1hamJ f3, 43, Student Coun- cil Corres. Sec. Q4j ALBERTA GAVIN EDWARD GEORGE Football Clj, Wrestling C41 Track CD, Spanish Club f2, 3, 41, Varsity "R" WALLACE GOFF WILLIAM GOLDSMITH Audio-Visual 11, 21, Wrestling 13, 43 DAVID GRAVES LINDA ANN GRAHAM Y-Teens 11j, Aide 119141, Spanish Club 123, Times Staff JEANNETTE GLANTON Red Cross 115, N.Y.C. 13, 41 PATRICIA GLANTON Y-Teeus11,2J, I.C.O.W.A. 115, N.Y.C. 13,43 F.B.L.A. 142 Volley ball Team 132 ROBERTA GODDARD Aide 120 115, Red Cross Rep. 12y, Y-Teens 121, Times Staff 13, 4j, H. R Rep. 145 CORA GGFF I DORIS JFNEE HALL Tri-Arts Club, F.T.A. C2, 3.45, J.C.O.W. A. . Tutored fGrace A. Greenj, Student Council Rep. ISSAC HAMPTON Science Club fly, Cross Country QD, Track 121, Student Council Rep. C21 SHEILA RENEEIHARDIN Student Council Rep. fl, SJ, H. Rep. , Bowling League CZJ. Para -Medical Club, F.B. L. A. , Ursa 121, Student Council Rec. Sec. Q41 BEVERLY HARRIS Y-T eens C11 ERIC GROCE PERRY GULLETTE Football flj, Basketball Q21 ANTHONY HALL Science Club Q11 BYRON HALL Track fl, 41, Cross Country WANDA HARRIS Red Cross Rep. 11,2, 31, F.T.A. 1l,2, 31, Student Council H. Rep.. Concert Choir, Theodore Spanish, Cheering Squad MACK I-IASELWOOD1Mickey1 Spanish Club 13, 41, Aide 119, 13, 41, Wrestling 131, F. B. L. A. THERESA HAWKINS Volleyball 11,2 31, Aide 158, Aide 128, Swim Aide 131, Modern Dance Club 141 SHERILYN HAW KINS BRENDA HARRIS Honor Student 111, Ir. Achievement, N. Y. C., Pep Squad MYRTLE HARRIS ROBERTA HARRIS J. C. O. W. A. 121, Tutor 1Jackson1, F.B.L.A. 141, Mimeo Aide TERRY HARRIS I.C.O.W.A. 111, Yearbook Staff, Pep Comm., Cheering Squad 141, Audio- Visual Aide 111, Aide 119, F.B.L.A. BENJAMIN HILL JUNE HILL ,Aide 164 QU, Y-Teens Q11 WILLIE HILL .IOHNETTA HILT I.C.O.W.A. 131, Y-Teens 115, Aide 164A QD, Future Teacher EARLENE HAYES ROSALYN HAYES Y-Teens flj, I.C.O.W.A. CII. Girls Track Team C11 JOHN HENDERSON Freshman Football, Basketball fly, Spanish Club 121, Bowling League JOYCE HIBBITT Girls Glee Club 111, Red Cross Rep. C21 Times Rep. CBJ, Y-Teens Qlj, J.C.O.W.A 111, Aide 114115, F.B.L.A. C13 CLYDE HOCKETT BENNIE HOWARD Football f2y, and Manager fly, Wres- tling fly, Track f2y, Cross Country fly CHARLES HOWARD fChuCky Aide, General Office fly Varsity "R" Varsity Basketball f4y, Aide 119 fly, Hall Guard fly CHARLES WILLIAM HOW ARD VANESSA HINESMAN Red Cross Rep. f3y, Home Room Rep. fly, Girls Track fly, Pep Squad fly EARNESTINE I-IINES Y-Teens fly, Cheering Section fly, Business Club fly, Tri-Arts Club fly OZIE HINTON Track f4y, Cross Country f2y BETTY HOOKS Science Club fly, Teddettes-Pres. f2, 3,45 Varsity "R" f3,4y. F.B.L.A. f4y Yearbook Staff f4y PA TRICK HUGHES Gymnastic Team f4y, Audio Visual f3y, Varsity "R" f3y, Fencing Team fly WILMA HUDDLESTON fPear1y Y-Teens fly, Times Rep., Aide 215 fly, Tri Arts Club fly JANET JACKSON Band f4y. Y-Teens f2y, Times Rep., fly, Tri Arts Club fly, Varsity "R" f2y, Aide 206 fly, Student Council Rep. GWENDOLYN JACKSON Y-Teens fly, Upward Bound Central State LINDA HOW ARD JAMES HOWARD Football f4y, Wrestling f4y, Visual-Aide fly, J.C.O.W.A. fly SHARON HOWARD Library Aide f4y, Y-Teens f2y, J.C.O.W.A f2y, Upward Bound Central State f2y, Junior Class Skit fly DAVID HUDSON CYNTHIA JOHNSON QCinJ Y-Teens Q41 Aide 119 and 120 Q41 Aide 128 Q11 J.C.O.W.A. Q21 Times Staff Q21 DEBORAH MARIE JOHNSON Bowling Team Q11 Junior Council of World Affair Q11 Business Club Q21 Student Council Representative Q21 LILLIAN JEAN JOHNSON Y-Teens Q31 J. C. O.W. A. Q31 Junior Achievement Q11 Tri-Arts Q13 MICHEAL JOHNSON JOANN JACKSON Y-Teens Q21 Aide 144 Q31 Time Staff Q21 J.c.o.w.A. Q11 Aide 255 417. Varsity "R" Q21 Teddettes Q21 MERDIS ELAINE JACKSON Times Rep. Q11 Y-Teens Q11 Home- room Rep. Q11 I.C.O.W.A. Q11 Tri- Arts, Junior Red-Cross Rep. Q11 JANICE FAYE JAMES Future Teachers of America Q11 Volley ball Team Q11 Track Team Q31 On- ward Bound Central State Q31 Fencing Team, Co-Captain Q21 Mimeo-Aide Q11 Junior Achievement VINCE NT JENNINGS 1 I MARY LEE JoNEs Aide 115 141 SHEILA EILEEN JONES Aide-General Office 111, Spanish Club 111, Library Aide 121, Times Staff 121, Majorette 121, Varsity "R" 111 MARILYN E. JORDAN Y-Teens 111. Science Club 111, Mixed Chorus 121, Spanish Club 111, Gir1's Glee 111 CAROLYN JUDKINS I.C.O.W. A. 131 PATRICIA ANN JOHNSON Choir 111, Y-Teens 111, Red Cross 111, Swimming Aide 111 Bowling Team 111 Aide 206 111 WARREN KENNETH JOHNSON Track 121, Football 111 CHERYL L. JONES Aide-General Office 111, J.C.O.W. A. 111, Jr. Achievement 111 EDWARD JONES Track 111, Basketball 141, Football 141, St. Coun. H.R. Rep. 111 I-LR. Rep. 111, Varsity "R" 131, Football Captain C11 GENEVA KNOX Y-Teens f2y, Red Cross fly Girls Track Team fly THURMAN LANDERS Science Club fly, Track Team f2y RUDELL LAWRENCE Y-Teen-Treasurer f4y, Girls Track f2y, Aide 207 f2y, Student Council Rep. C13 GLADYS LEE Business Club fly LORETTA KELLEY Homeroom Rep. f4y Y-Teens fly, Red Cross fly, Aide 144 fly, Para Medical Club f2y, Track Girls fly, Times Staff f2y, Aide 246 fly RAYMOND KELLEY Varsity Football fly, Hall Guard fly AMY EVA KELLUM Choir fConcerty f3y, Y-Teens f2y, Para Medical Club fly, Junior Achievement f2y, MAT f2y AUDREY KILPATRICK Y-Teens f4y, Work Training f2y ST EVE LOGAN BELINDA LONG Y-Teens 131, J.C.O.W.A. 111, Red Cross Rep. 111, Pep Squad 111, Tri- Arts 111 LINDA LONG Future Teacher 111, Para-Medical Club 131 CALLIE LOVE SHAREAN LEWIS ROMA LITTLE Gymnastics 111, Volleyball 131, Y-Teens 121, Choir 121, Varsity "R" 141, Aide General Office 111, Aide 119 121, Span- ish Club 121, Student Council 121, Times Staff 121, .Cheerleader 1Captain1, Year- book Staff141 NES BITT LITTLEJO HN NINA LOGAN Y-Teens121, Aide 119131 O.W.E. 133 CARMELLA LUCADO Y-Teens 121, Pep Squad 131. Jr. ment 121 CHARLIE E. MABRY Basketball 131, Times Rep. 111 JANICE MACON Achieve I.C.O.W.A. 111, Spanish Club 111, Up- ward Bound 1Centra1 State1, 131 Aide Library 111 CA ROLYN MALLORY IDA MAE LOVE Upward Bound Program 1Centra1 State1 C23 LARRY LOVELACE Bowling League 111, Track 111 ELAINE LOVETT Student Council Rep. 111, Y-Teens 121 Future Teachers, Red Cross Rep. 111 BARBARA JEAN LOWE Y-Teens111, J.C.O.W. A. 111, Tedd- ette 121, Varsity Business Club 121 H. Rep. 111, Transcript-Clerk 111 ROY MARTIN WILLIAM MARTIN Business Club 111 RUTH MATHEWS Red Cross Rep. 111, Student Council Rep. DEBRA MAYBERRY Y-Teens 121, Aide General Office 141, Times Rep. 121, F.B.L.A. 111 WILLIAM E. MALLORY Freshman Football 111, Reserve 121 PHYLLIS MARBURY Y-Teens 131, I.C.O.W.A. 141, Business Club 121, Bowling League 111 BRENDA MARCH J,C.O.W.A. 121, Jr. Achievement 121, Varsity "R" 121, Teddette 121, F.B.L. A. 121, Library Aide 111 H. Rep. 141 GLORIA JEAN MARTIN J. C. O.W. A. 111, Future Teacher, Times Rep. , Pep Squad 111, Booster Bage Comm. THERESA MCDA VID Times Rep. 111. J.C.O.W.A. 111, Bowl- ing 11, 21, Fencing 11, 21, Pep Squad 141 DIANE MCDONALD Library Aide 111, Student Council Rep. 111, Spanish Club 121, O.W.E. 12, 31, Red Cross Rep. 11, 21 JOYCE ELAINE MCGHEE Science Club 111, Aide Mimeo 11, 21 CHARLOTTE EILEEN MCGUIRE Spanish Club 11, 21, F. B.L. A. 11, 21. Tutor 111, Bowling 121, St. Council Rep. 12, 31, Office Aide 164-b 13, 41. Senior Rep. 141 GEORGE LEE MCCAULEY MELVIN McCOY Aide in 119 111, Cross Country 121, O. W. E. Program 13, 41 SHARON McCULLOM Y-Teens 111 CHERYLN VERNEL MCCURDY Chorus 111, Spanish Club 111, Times Rep. 111, Aide in 164-B 131, Jr. Class Skit 131, F.B.L.A. 141, Exec. Bd. St. Council 141 SHARON ELAINE MELSON Aide 164 fly, Spanish Club f2y, St. Coun. Rep. f2y, Times Staff f3,4y, Teddette f3, 4y, Varsity "R" f4y MIC HA EL MILLER WILLIE MILTON i-I.R. Rep. fly, Track fly, Red Cross Rep. f1,3y, Science Club fly, Tennis f1,2 By, Para-Medical fly, St. Coun. Rep. f3y, Times Rep. f3y, Wrestling C43 DEBoRAH MosLEY Aide 164C gay, General office 449 .TOAN MCQUIRE St. Coun. Rep. fly, Fencing Team WALTER JAMES MCKINNEY Football fly, Track fly, Spanish Club fl, 2y, Basketball f2, By, Cross Country f2, By, .T.C.O.W.A. f1,2 3y, Aide 119 f3, 4y, Times Staff f3, 4y, Varsity "R" f2, 3, 4y HARRY H. MCLOUD fMacy Student Council Usher f4y, Science Club fly, St. Coun. Rep. f1,2,3y, Spanish Club f2, 3y, Bowling League f3y, Aide 120 f4y GLORIA MCMAHON Girls Glee Club f2y, Girls Track f2y, St. Coun. Rep. f3y EARNESTINE MORRIS RONNIE MORRISON Science Club 111, Flash Club 111, Aide 120111, Junior Skit 111, J.C.O.W.A. 111, Ursa 11, 21, Laurus 13, 41, Camp Miniwanca Student Council Pres. 141 MICHAEL MOTLEY Football 121, Basketball 121, Track 141, Red Cross Rep. 111, Aide 119 121, H. R. Rep. 121, Spanish Club 131, J.C.O.W.A. 111, Cross Country 121 GREGORY MURRAY Audio-Visual111, Tennis 131, Spanish Club 111, Varsity "R" ROY MONCRIEF Upward Bound 1Central State1 111 BETTY MOORE Y-Teens111, O.W.E. 131 RILEY MOORE Varsity "R" 12,41 St. Coun. Usher 141, Freshman Track 111, Basketball 111, Spanish Club 121, Audio-Visual 131, Aide 153111, J. C. O. W. A. 131, F. B. L. A 61,41 GAIL MORELAND Y-Teens111, Red Cross Rep. 111, Times Rep. 111 MARGARET IRENE OLDHAM , Ursa 11, 21, Student Council Rep. 11, 2,31 spanish Club 111, Hr. Rep. 13, 41, Jr. Class Skit, 131, Varsity "R" 131, Yearbook Staff 141, Aide 246 141 WALLACE OLINGER Baskenbaii 121, Foocbaii 141 DENISE ANNETTE OWENS Y-Teens 111, Girls Glee 121, Bowling Team 121, Concert Choir 131, Fencing Team 141, Aide General Office 141, F. B. L. A. 141 LELA PACE PAMELA MURRAY 1Pam1 Red Cross 1l,21, Hr. Rep. 1l,31, I.C.O.W.A. 12,31, F.B.L.A. 12, 31, Tutoring Program, Yearbook Staff 141 GREGORY E. NASH Football 14 yrs. 1, Aide 119 121, Aide 206 12, 31, Varsity "R" 12, 31, Student Council Usher 131, Baseball 13, 41 CYNTHIA L. NICHOLSON Y-Teens 111, Aide 164 B 14 yrs. 1, Up- ward Bound 13, 41, Student Council Rep C41 CARL OGLETREE i l 1 1 PAMELA PATTON 1Pam1 Aide 119 13, 41, Homecoming Queen, H. R. Rep. 11,21. J.C.O.W.A. 121, Teddette 131 DONALD PATRICK DAYLE YVONNE PEARSON 1 Teddette 12, 3, 41, Freshman Chorus, Aide 119 12,31, Varsity "R" 141, Ir. Class H.R. Rep. 131, Aide 164 LINDA PEAVY Y-Teens Sec. 12, 31 Volleyball 13, 41, Girls Track 121, Mimeo141, F. B.L. A. 141, Y-TeenVice-Pres. 141, Red Cross Rep. 111, St. Council Rep., Yearbook Staff MARSHA PALMER Bowling Team 111, Times Rep. 11, 3. 41, Junior Council on World Affairs 12,31 MARY PALMER ' Y-Teens 111, . Aide 351 11,21, Tri-Arts CAROLYN PARKER Y-Teens 111, Volleyball Team 12, 3, 41, Teddette 13, 41, Aide 213 131, Aide 209 12, 41 JESSE PARTRIDGE Science Club 111, Track 13, 41, I. C. O.W. A. 141, Varsity "R" 141, Jun- ior Class Skit 131 EW 50 1 STEPHANNIE Pl-IELPS Aide 14411,2 31, Y-Teens 111, Journal- ism.Staff Editor 13, 41, Red Cross 121, Aide 119131 ALLEN PHILLIPS Cross Country 111, 0.W.E. 13,41, Wres- tling 111 HAVER PHILLIPS Member, URSA 121, Jr. Class Exe. Bd. 131, Highest Candy Salesman 131, Del- egate-Natl. Graphic Arts 131 WESTON L. PHILPOT JR. Football 14 yrs. 1, Spanish Club 14 yrs. 1, Student Council 12, 3, 41 JILL PERKINS Teddette 12, 3, 41, Times Staff 13, 41, Red Cross Rep. 111, Varsity "R" 13, 41, H.R.'Rep. 131 MARY PETERSON ETHELENE PETTIGREW Volleyball 12, 3, 41, Aide 109141 GEORGIA PETTY Y-Teens 14 yrs. 1, J.C.O.W.A. 14 yrs.1 Volleyball 141 Aww l 1 I i GLORIA PRESTON Y-Teens 113, Times Rep. 133 SHARON PRICE Science Club 113, Spanish Club 123, Majorette 13, 43, Aide 119 13, 43 GARRY PRITCHETT Varsity "R" 13,43, Pootba11113, Track 133, J. C. O. W. A. 143, Yearbook Staff 143 Library Aide 133, Varsity Football 13, 43 MURRAY RAMBO Audio-Visua111,2,33, Ind. Arts Club C43 N WILLIAM PLUMP ' STANLEY PONDER CALVIN L. POPE Cross Country 11, 23, Baseball 11, 43, Usher 133, Science Club 113, Track 113, Gym Aide 133, Wrestling 11, 2, 33 GERALD POW ELL Marching Concert Band 113, I.C.O.W.A.. I Vice-Pres. 12,3,43, Band 12,3,43, Lau- I rus, Vice-Pres. 13,43, Stu. Coun. Usher y 14 yrs. 3, Yearbook Staff 143 A I 1 CLEMENTINE REDD TERRY REECE Freshman Football 111, Wrestling 12, 31, Hi-Y 131 JOHNNY REECE I.C.O.W.A. 1l,2, 31, Band 14 yrs. 1, Pep Squad 141 SYLVIA V. REID Band 14 yrs.1, Red Cross Rep. 111, Aide General Office 111 TOMMY RAMBO DEBORAH A. RAMEY Volleyball Team 121, Pep Squad 141. Girls Ensemble 131 JOSEPH REAVES Track 11, 3 41 Red Cross Rep. 121. Baseball 141, Para-Medical Club 131, Cross Country 141 LINDA A. REAVES Band 14 yrs. 1, Aide 119 12, 41, Varsity "R" 141, I.C.O.W.A. 121 WILLIAM ROBINSON IANICE ROSS Para-Medical Club Q2 yr-s.J, Y-Teens 13rd yr.J DOROTHY RUTLIN Y-Teens fly, Hr. Rep. 11.21, Cafeteria Helper f2ndJ, Pep Squad f4th Yearj RONALD SANDERS Baseball C4 yrs. J, Cross Country fly, Reserve Basketball Team Varsity "R" RONNIE RELEFORD Red Cross fl, 2, 3j, Para-Medical Club flj, J.C.O.W.A. C21 The Boys of America Speech Contest Won 3rd Place C29 DAVID LEE RICHARDSON Band Q41 Baseball 2nd Year FRED RICHARDSON Football C2, 3, 41, Varsity "R" f2, 31 DAVE ROBINSON Junior Class Play HELEN SHEPERD Student Coun. Rep. Ql.25, Bowling League Q2nd yr.5 DEBORAH LYNELL SIMS General Office Aide Q15, Student Coun- cil Rep. Ql, 3, 45, Swimming Aide Q15, Tri-Arts Q1,2 4, 5, Teddette Q2, 35, Varsity "R" Q3, 45, Red Cross Rep. Q15, Pep Squad Q45 PENNY SINGLETON J.C.O.W.A. Q25, Cheering Squad Q45 BARBARA SMITH, Red Cross Rep. Q35, F. B. L. A. KRISSOR SCOTT Girls Glee Club Q2nd yr.5 SANDRA SCOTT Library Aide Q15, Tri-Arts Club Q15, Two Theodores QEng. and Economics5, Ir. Achievement Q25, Upward Bound Q35, Yearbook Staff Q45, Student Coun- cil Rep. Q45, Pep Squad Q45, Aide 119 Q45, Para-Medical Club Q45, Exec. Board Q45 ANNIE SCROGGINS Red Cross Rep. Q15, J.C.O.W.A. Q25 THOMAS SHELBY Band Q4 yrs. 5, Audio-Visual Q3 yrs. 5, Science Club Q15, Mixed Choir Q25, Choir 3,4, Varsity "R" Q3, 45, Junior Class Skit Q3 yrs. 5, Track Q45, Student Coun. Rep. Q25 LELAND SMITH ROGER SMITH 1Kil1-ROY1 Basketball 111, Golf 11,21, Student Council Rep. 11, 41, Student Council Usher 12, 3, 41. Varsity "R" 12, 3, 41, spanish Club 12 3, 41, Track 12, 31, Cross Country 12, 31, F. B.L. A. WENDY SMITH WILLIAM SMITH Baseball 131, Business Club 131, Chess Club 131 CALVIN SMITH Home Room Rep. 111 CONSTANCE SMITH Times Rep. 111, J.C.O.W.A. 111, Jun- ior Achievement 131, Prorn Committee C33 DONALD SMITH HELEN SMITH General Office Aide 13rd yr. 1, Red Cross Rep. 13rd yr.1. F.B.L.A. 141 CAROLYN STEVENSON Spanish Club flj, Tri-Arts Club C3, 41, Youth Corp. Member f3, 41, Jr. Achieve- ment Q41 HARRY SUGG Football fly, Track f1,2j, Baseball 13, 41, Wrestling C21 T. C. SUMLIN Upward Bound C21 THEODORA SUTTON Aide in 164-A fly, Red Cross Rep. Clj, Home Ec. Aide in 111 Q2, 31 IULIE SMOTHERS Gymnastics 115, Y-Teens flj, J. C. O. W C37 JUDY SNOWDEN O.W,E. C2,3,4J, Red Cross Rep. C21 CRISTOPHER STARKS CCnrisJ Tri-Arts Club CZ, 31 MICHAL R. STEPHENS 01090 Red Cross Rep. C4 yrs. J, Aide in 119 12 3,4J, Student Council Rep. CU, Year- book Staff 141, I.C.O.W.A. 123, Ir. Achievement fl, 21 CAROLYN TERRY Y-Teens f1,2,-31, Treasurer and Co- Chairman, Aide 144 Q21 Aide in 164-D Q31 I.C.O.W.A. C21 ROBERT T HA RPE ARCHIE TINGLE Football 12, 35 DIANE THORNTON Advance Band fl, 2, 3, 43, Y-Teen fl, 2,3J, I.C.O.W.A. C21 F.B.L.A. C3. 45, Varsity "R" Q41 MARY ANN TAYLOR ROGER TAYLOR WILDA TAYLOR Y-Teens f1,2J BELINDA TERRELL Bowling Team C21 LC. O.W, A, 42, 41 Y-Teens C41 1 1 EVELYN TRIGG Bowling League 111, Red Cross Rep. 121 J.C.O.W. A. 121, Tri-Arts Club 141 DE BORA H TURN ER PATRICIA TURNER PHILIP TYREE CAROL LYNN THOMAS Bowling League 111, Y-Teens 121, Prom Committee 131, Jr. Class Hr. Rep. 1A1- ternate1, Aide in 119 141 BERTI-IA THOMPSON F.B.L.A. 111, Aide in 359131, Ir. Achievement DOLPHINE THOMPSON Aide in 119 14 yrs. 1, Volleyball 121 DOUGLAS BYRON THOMPSON 1Doug1 Student Council Usher 14 yrs. 1, Track Team 14 yrs. 1, Varsity "R" 13 yrs. 1, Cross Country 141, St. Council Exec. Board 141, Times Rep. 121, Aide in 253 111 ANDREA WALKER Concert Choir 14 yrs. 1, Miniwanca Camper 131, Stu. Coun. Rep. 111, Spanish Club 121, Jr. Class I-l.R. Rep. 131, Varsity Cheerleader 141, Varsity "R" 141, Sr. Class Exec. Bd. 141 CHARLES THOMAS WALKER CHERYL WALKER Aide 144 11, 2, 31, Y-Teens 121 ELMA WALKER .TOHNNIE VAUGHN Y-Teens 14 yrs. 1, J.C.O.W.A. 14 yrs. Volleyball Team 141, Homecoming Queen Candidate 141 JAMES WILLIAM VONTRESS Laurus 1Pres. 1 141, Yearbook Editor -in- Chief 141, Head Chairman, RHS Pep Committee 141, Sr. Class Exec. Bd. 141, Miniwanca Camper 131, Ir. Class Exec. Bd. 131, l.B.P.O.E. Speech Contest 131, Essay, Young America Speaks 121, Theodores: German II 121, 1 Eng. 131, Pres. Science Club 121, Vice- Pres. Future Teachers 131, Co-Captain, Stu. Coun. Ushers 141, Jr. Class Skit 1 131 1 WILLIE WATSON Cross Country 121, Wrestling 121 SIDNEY WAFER Basketball 11, 2, 41, Science Club 121 so 1 YVON NE WALLACE 1Bonnie1 Choir 11, 2, 31, Red Cross Rep. 111, Spanish Club 121, Home Room Rep. 131, Business Club 141, Mimeo Aide SHEILA LULA WARD AMBROSE WARREN Manager of Varsity Football 111, Audio- Visual111, Jr. Council Rep. 131, J.C.O.W.A. 12,3,41, Usher 141 SYNTHIA WARREN GARY WALKER HENRI ETTA WALLACE Theodore 1Spel1iug1, Times Rep. 111, Advance Band 11, 21, St. Council Rep. 12, 31, F. B. L. A. 121, N. E. D. T. 1award1 Library Club, Camp Minawanca 131, Student Council Vice-President 141, J.C.O.W.A. 121, Upward Bound 141 MICHAEL WALLACE Cross Country 121, Choir 13, 41 VERA WALLACE Mix Choir 121, Theoryl 121, Concert Choir 131 MICHAEL ANTHONEY WATTS Cross Country C11, Football Q11, Track f1,2, 31, Choir f3. 41, Yearbook Staff C47 TED WEAVER ALFRED WEBB Varsity "R" fl, 21, Student Council Rep. C11, Track Ql,2, 3,41, Cross Country f2,41, Ir. Class Play QB1, Red Cross Rep. I BETTY JEAN WHALEY Red Cross Rep. 411, Spanish Club f21, Para-Medical Club f3, 41 LARRY WASHINGTON Hr. Room Rep. f11, Dayton Home Show Award Recipient C3, 41, Red Cross Rep. f11, Bowling Club Q31 FRANK WATKINS I.C.O.W.A, f2,3,41, Member of Concert Choir, Track C31 LEW ERY WATKINS Wrestled QReserve1, 12, 31, Track Q21 JOYCE WATTS STEVE WHITE Football 111, Basketball 11, 2, 3, 41, Track 11,21, J.C.O.W.A. 121, Times 13, 41, Cross Country 141, Varsity "R" 141 VERNON WHITE DWIGHT WILHOITE Audio-Visual Aide 111, Student Coun- cil Hr. Rep. 4423, Baseball 11, 2, sy, Spanish Club 12, 31, Varsity "R" 12, 41, Jr. Class Exec. Board 141, Jrl Class Skit 131, Aide in 120 141 JOYCE WILKINS JUNE WHATLEY KAY WHITE 'I'eddettes13,41, Varsity "R" 141, Home room Aid 131 MICHAEL W HITE PATRICIA WHITE 1Pat1 Hr. Rep. 111, Mirneograph Aide 141. Business Club 141, Yearbook Staff 141 CLARENCE WILLIS Spanish Club 11, 21, Basketball 111, Track 121, Time Staff 13, 41, Yearbook Staff141, H. R. gsm Rep. 141 BEVERLY WILSON Y -Teens ETHEL WILSON General Office Aide 111, St. Council Rep. 111, Y-Teens 111, Spanish Club 121, Jr. Class Skit 131, Prom Com- mittee 131, Aide in 119141, Band141 LAFRANCE WILSON Upward Bound CHARLES WILKINSON ROBERT WILKS Football 11, 21, Basketball 11, 21 BRENDA WILLIAMS F.B.L. A. 111, Pep Squad 141 JOYCE WILLIAMS Jr. Red Cross 11, 2, 31, General Office Aide 141, Job Corps. 141 LARRY WOOD JERRY WOODS P Football CD, Basketball C11 JAMES WORTHY Football CD, Hi-Y Club fly, Track 12, 3, 41 EMMA WRIGHT Gymnastic Team fly, Bookkeeping Award SHIRLEY WILSON BILLIE JEAN WINKFIELD MARVA WINTON Office Aide in 119 fl, 2, 3, 41, Science Club CD, Freshman Choir QD, Home Room Rep. C41 FANNIE WINSTON LLOYD YOUNG WILLIA YOUNG Aide 119131 WILLIA M YOUNG Varsity "R" 11,2,3,41, Track 11,2,3,41, Cross Country 11, 21 GLENDA FAIRCLOTI-I JOE WRIGHT EARLENE YOUNG Y-Teens 11, 21, Para-Medical 12, 31, J.C.O.W.A. 121, Times Rep. 121, Vol leyball 13, 41, Times Staff 131, Editor of Times 141, Varsity "R" FRANCES YOUNG Y-Teens 11, 21, Majorette 1Head1 11, 2, 31, J.c.o.w.A. 121, Aide 144, Aide 128, 312111, Varsity"R" 131 JOYCE ANN YOUNG 1Okie1 Red Cross Rep. 111, Girls Ensemble 111, Concert Choir 12, 31, Aide 164-D 13, 41 Teddette 13, 41, Co-Captain, Volley- ball Team 131, Mimeograph Aide 141, F. B. L. A., Yearbook Staff RAYMOND ADAMS: GRADY BACCUS: LEONARD BAILEY: RONALD LEE BROWN: JESSIE S. CHIVERS: VICKIE COATLEY: SIDNEY COFIELD: DEB COLQUIT: DOROTHY CORBIT T: MARY ANN FLAGG: GLORIA JEAN FRAZIER: RUTH HALL: JULIE HARVEY: SYLVIA MARIE JOHNSON: JOYCE A. JONES: CASSANDRA LOVEJOY: BOBBIE PATTERSON: MA RY PINSON: MARY LOUISE TAYLOR: ANDERSON UNDERWOOD: PATTY JO WALKER: CHARLES A . W ILLIAMS: cniors J. C.O.W.A. 121, Track 141, Wrestling 141 Track 11, 31, Baseball 121, Wrestling 12, 3, 41, Varsity "R" 13, 41, Upward Bound Earlham College 141, Chess Club 12, 3, 41 Audio Visual Aide 13, 41 Fencing Club 111 Red Cross Homeroom Rep. 111, 119 Aide 14 yrs.1 O.W.E. 12,3, 41 Y-Teen11,21, I.C.O.W.A. 121 Y-Teen 111, Office Aide 131, Red Cross Rep. 121 Volleyball 121, Girl Track 121 Y-Teen 11, 2, 31, Girls Tennis Team 121, Gym Aide 131 Y-Teen 11, 21, Aide 109 121, Spanish Club 121, Volleyball Team 131 Red Cross Representative 111, Library Aide 111 Para-Medical Club 11, 21, Junior Red Cross 11, 2, 31. J.C.O.W C41 Future Teachers 11, 21, Homeroom Rep. 131, Student Council Rep. 131, Pep Squad 141 I.C.O.W.A. 141 Basketball 111, Cross Country 121, Varsity "R" 131, Times staff 13, 41 Y-Teen 11, 2, 31 Track 11, 2, 31, Basketball 11, 21, Cross Country 111 LLOYD COX MA RY JACKSON CASSANDRA LOVEJOY SHIRLEY POOLER IRENE SHAW DELORES TANNER 0, 9. Key to Seniors' Achievements C15 C25 C33 C43 Q4 - - - - - -Freshman Year Achievement - - - - - Sophomore Year Achievement - - ---- Junior Year Achievement - - - - - - - Senior Year Achievement yr.7 - - - -------- A11 Four Years ABC's Athletic Best-dressed Cool Dancers Qbestj Earnest Friendly Good-looking Hard-working Intelligent Iamin' Kind Lovers fbest couplej Musical Natural qdown-to-earthy Outstanding Popular Quiet Respectable Studious Talented Unique Versatile Will Succeed 'xciting Yelling-est Qschool spiritj Xaniest Senior Glass Qawrifes BOY James Howard Robert Wilks Philip Bass Jerrell Dabney Gerald Powell Robert Early Larry Flowers James Vontress Gerald Powell Sam Freeman Lawson Crutcher Ronnie Caldwell Patrick Hughes William Camp Anthony Alford Philip Bass Steve White Robert Early Ronnie Morrison Clarence Willis William Camp Grady Baccus Ronnie Morrison Ed Jones Riley Moore Fred Richardson GIRL Janice James Gwen Coleman Michal Stephens Cynthia Johnson Shelia Hardin Shirley Wood Pamela Patton Karen Gaskins Sandra Scott Cynthia Johnson Henri Etta Wallace Gwen Baker Andrea Walker Eva Ferrell Shelia Hardin Marcia Taylor Shelia Jones Mary Pearson Pearl Davis Daria Dillard Margaret Oldham Roma Little Pearl Davis Marcia Taylor Penny Singleton Earlene Young Cflass History I 968 In September of 1964, we, as confused and awestruct freshmen, took our first steps into the unfamiliar world that this "massive structure' presented to us. This was quite a transition. Several months previous to this, we had been the leaders of our respective schoolsg and this plummeting to the very bottom, for the most of us, was very surprising. Unfortunately, we had been forewarned of the seemingly devious occurences at Roosevelt by many of those who had considered themselves authorities on such matters. We had been told of Mr. Holmbo's calm captivity, Mr. Cummings' tyranny, Mrs. Booker's motherly auster- ity, and Mr. Caldwell's sixth-period hall patrols. We remember the many incidents of which we had been told, some of which were very true, but others mere exaggeration of fact. We all remember our mental maturity tests, which lasted one-half day, and all the other tests we were required to take. Many of us discovered that we were the E class of freshmen to be introduced to what was then called "modern" Algebra. All of us continued our elementary school interests whether academic, athletic, or social--all, of course, were factors of a well-rounded high school student. "Three yards and a cloud of dust" symbolized the success of our freshman football team as it "wrapped-up" the City Championship. Cinders flew as our freshman relay team streaked to glory winning this championship also. While many of us flexed our muscles, others were hard at work in different ways. Victoria Champ, Pearl Davis, Karen Gaskins, Ronnie Morrison, and Margaret Oldham were inducted into Ursa Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. Those who aspired to the writing profession were also given noteworthy acclaim. Anthony Alford and Ronnie Morrison were published poets of the National High School Poetry Anthologyl y Young America Sings . A privileged few of us received the highest honor our school could bestow--the coveted Theodore. This golden statuette represented the person who was the best student in a certain subject area. Everyone awaited with great anticipation to see who would receive these trophies. At the assembly's end, Pearl Davis had received the Theodore in Math Ig Karen Gaskins, French Ig Ronnie Morrison, English I, and Henri Etta Wallace, Spelling I. We had a feeling of pride at the end of our freshman year: for, now, we had established ourselves as an integral part of this long-trodden majestic campus. We thought that we were going to begin our sophomore year with all problems solved. However, we soon discovered that the life of a sophomore was much more than what we had bargained. Our concepts of one an- other increased as we were pitted against other classes in school activities. Continuing our accomplishments in sports, we brought home the git City Championship in fencing in the history of Roosevelt. For their outstanding display of athletic supremacy on the gridiron, James Howard and Ed Jones were awarded letters. Also that year, the Red and White hoopsters brought us the City Championship. Charles Howard was the only sophomore on the team--and the only sophomore since then to make the Varsity team. Again, academics made its showing with another Ursa induction. Three others joined those honorable ranks--Robert Early, Shelia Hardin, and I-laver Philips. The Theodore assem- bly was also soon at hand, and few others were awarded this cherishable gift. They were Grady Baccus, World History, Pearl Davis, Latin II and Math Ilg James Howard, Physical Educa- tion II, Sandra Scott, English II and Home Economics II: James Vontress, German Ilg and An- drea Walker, Spanish II. We began branching out on a more individual basis. Anthony Alford served as the Roose- velt representative to Youth Government Day. Ronnie Morrison and James Vontress were chosen by their counselors to attend the Yale Alumni Meeting in downtown Dayton. Several persons showed their talents with words by having both poems and essays accepted by the Lg tional High School Poetry Anthology, Young' America Singh They were Anthony Alford, Laura Cross, Pearl Davis, Cynthia Nicholson, Margaret Oldham, Dayle Pearson, Garry Prichett, Sandra Scott, Henri Etta Wallace, and Shirley Wood. Essays were accepted by the National High School Essay Anthology, Young America Speaks. The authors were Anthony Alford, Robert Early, Linda Peavy, Dayle Pearson, and James Vontress. The end of our sophomore year marked the beginning of a new program--Upward Bound. Our class was the to participate in this program. Each member was chosen in order to help further his interest in going to college. As a result, several choice Teddies spent eight fun- filled and educationally-rewarding weeks at Earlham College and Central State University. It marked a wonderful end to an eventful year! The year of grand and official organization was at hand. The junior year started out slowly--but once started, we took giant steps forward. After much guessing, speculating, and hoping, we were finally introduced to our class advisors, Mrs. Alberta Minor and Mr. Raleigh Christian. Then, there was our grand election. Signs were everywhere! Tensions were at an all-time high. After many excellent speeches had been deliveredg and after the votes had been tallied, the results were Philip Bass, Presidentg Robert Early, Vice-President, Mary Pearson, Recording Secretaryg Shirley Wood, Corresponding Secretaryg Marcia Taylor, Treasurer, and Samuel Freeman, Sergeant-At-Arms. Class dues were paid, and we were then to begin our class activities . Our Holiday Dinner Dance was held at Wampler's Silver Arena and was proclaimed the most fabulous affiar by all who attended. Other class social activities included numerous dances, skating parties, and a very fun-filled Fun Night. In athletics, our football team won second place in the Cityg and at one time, ranked as third in the nation. Not to be outdone by our stupendous gridders, our basket ball boys claimed their share of the laurels by capturing the City Championship. With gleaming foils flying, our fencing team again won the City Championship with Samuel Freeman the star fencer, placing first in the City. Our track team won the City Championship and went on to achieve sixth place in the State. Again, we exemplified our versatility on a more individual basis. Anthony Alford received the American Citizenship Award and served as Roosevelt's United Appeal Representative. Philip Bass, our Class President, proved his superiority in the writing world by having his poem accepted by the Poet's Round Table, and, as a result, he was asked to appear on a local tele- vision program. Judith Clark and Patricia Crawford were chosen as representatives from Roosevelt to the Junior Chapter Administrative Management Society. Ronnie Morrison was chosen to represent Roosevelt in the Honor Seminars of Greater Dayton at the University of Dayton. Ronnie also was recipient of the Dayton Jaycees Youth Leadership Award. Haver Phil- lips was a delegate to the National Graphic Arts Convention. James Vontress won laurels by serving as contestant in the I.B.P.O.E. speech contest. Awards were received by Emma Wright for her superiority in Bookkeeping, by Linda Peavy who placed first in Shorthand Ig Diane Brown, placing second in Shorthand I and third in Typing Ig Carolyn Baker, placing third in Shorthand Ig Shelia Hardin, placing first in Typing Ig and Sherilyn Hawkins, placing second in Typing l. Larry Washington received honors for his model home which was featured at the Dayton Home Show. Socially, we were at our best when the Junior-Senior Prom time came around. Our Class Motto was "Look forward, not back!" Our class colors were green and gold, and our class flower was the 'yellow rose. " It was truly a fabulous affair, thus living up to its theme, "Magic Moments." The Prom was held at the Sheraton-Dayton Hotel with music by the Im- perials. However, the true purpose of attending school is to obtain the best education possible. Education is of four distinct qualities: scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and service. Upon these four pinnacles are based the requirements for acceptance into our Laurus Chapter of the National Honor Society. Finally, on the day of induction six were accepted--Pearl Davis fTreasurerJ, Robert Early, Karen Gaskins fSecretaryQ, Ronnie Morrison, Gerald Powell fVice- Presidentj, and James Vontress fPresidentJ. At the completion of the Theodore Assembly, four juniors left the auditorium carrying the fruits of scholarly victory--Eva Ferrell, Journalism Ig Terisa Flemister, Home Economics III: Wanda Harris, Spanish IIg and James Vontress, English III. Our class picnic at John Bryan Park was a welcomed event before the summer break. Everyone enjoyed himself, and class spirit was at its highest. Class Day marked the end of an active year. But as always, we proved ourselves still masters of all situations by not only giving our own skit, but also by playing a major role in the senior skit. Our third year at Roosevelt was really a most enjoyable and memorable one. To our amazement, senior year had arrived. For the first few days, we stalked the halls as proud majestic lions--kings and queens of our school. We were the epitome of all else. Our same class officers from the junior year were reelectedg yet, we had a new class advisor, Mr. Benjamin Lindsey, who readily filled the position left open by our new Athletic Depart- ment Head, Mr. Raleigh Christian. The beginning of our last year at "dear old' Roosevelt High" also brought many innovations. Faculty-wise, we gained a new assistant principal, Mr. Floyd Norman, and a new counselor, Mrs. Emiley Isaac. ' Two new Student Council advisors, Mrs. Dorothy Bush and Mr. Melvyn Stockton, sparked off a new school spirit. The newly elected Student Council officers were President, Ronnie Morrisong Vice-President, Henri Etta Wallaceg Recording Secretary, Shelia Harding Correspond- ing Secretary, Karen Gaskinsg Treasurer, Laura Cross, and Sergeant-At-Arms, Anthony Alford. The new, thriving organization boosted school spirit, pride, and loyalty. Probably the reason for all of Roosevelt's new change was the result of our high spirits for the bond issue. Many seniors took part in this "flyer-passing" campaign headed by the Student Council. The Student Council did a great job with our Homecoming Queen assembly. This year's Queen was Pamela Patton, and her senior attendants were Brenda Campbell and Johnnie Vaughn. As a class, we engaged in our many activities--skating parties, selling projects, fun-night, bowling league, dances. The Senior Dinner Dance was a most memorable occasion and was held at the Sheraton-Dayton Hotel. The attire was semi-formal, and the music was by the lmperials. Many groups served our class throughout our four years. One, of which, was the 1968 Yearbook Staff consisting of twenty-three students: James Vontress, Editor-in-Chief, Diane Brown, Judith Clark, Patricia Crawford, Daria Dillard, Horace Dozier, Eva Ferrell, Terry Harris, Betty Hooks, Roma Little, Pamela Murray, Margaret Oldham, Linda Peavy, Stephannie Phelps, Gerald Powell, Garry Prichett, Sandra Scott, Michal Stephens, Michael Watts, Patricia White, Clarence Willis, Frances Young, and Joyce Young. Some of us made additional scholastic news--Pearl Davis, Karen Gaskins, Ronnie Morrison, and Sandra Scott were commended students in the National Merit Scholarship Program. Deborah Sims placed third in a national bake-off sponsored by The Dayton Power and Light Company. James Vontress was chosen as a finalist to attend the Youth Conference on the atom in Chicago, Illinois . He was the only student from the Dayton-proper area to'be considered for this high honor. In football, we achieved respectable standing in the City--James Howard and John Allen making All-City. Our cross country team lead in victory by sprinter Roger Smith and Gary Walker won the City Championship, while the fencing team matched this by winning its third straight City Championship. Charles Adams, Samuel Freeman, Patrick Hughes, and Janice James were primarily responsible for this victory. Our wrestling team made its stupendous come- back as it recaptured the City title. Outstanding matmen Grady Baccus, Lawson Crutcher, Ernest Flowers, Edward George, William Goldsmith, James Howard, and Garry Pritchett were all inspired by their Wrestling Queen Deborah Sims. Our basketball team also achieved some fame with Charles Howard and Roger Bryant being the outstanding senior hoopsters. The Class of 1968 has proven itself in many areas. It has been recognized as the class with the most "first's" in the history of Roosevelt. It has had its "ups and downs, " but it has always withstood the trials of growing. We have spent many golden moments at Rooseveltg and though we must leave her cherished walls of knowledge and experience, we shall strive our utmost to respectfully represent her by our thoughts, words, and deeds. For our tasks are "not finished, just beginning." ffmwll fd-ICEADM' aiwowlwfq-dl ' Wamzra Glass Sang I 968 fTune: "To Sir---With Love NJ Those good old days of telling tales and dodging bells are gone, But in our Hearts, we know they will still live on and on. But how do you leave your friends and all the fun and joy we have shared? It isn't easy, but we'll try. We've had dances and picnicsg we have had such a ball---Now our future calls---The world is ours! The time has come, for closing books and bidding teachers farewell, And as we leave, we know that we are leaving a school that is swell, A school that we have come to love, a school where many good things we have learned. What! What can we give you in return? lt is hard to believe that our four years here are through Roosevelt we'll miss you---To Roosevelt, ---With love . . . Those fun filled years have hurried by! Why did they fly away? Class of "68", we always knew that we would leave one day. What took the place of freshman fears? And looking forward to our sophomore year. Oh, how the years have gone so fast! We have weathered the course, we have tried to do our very best, To the junior class we leave the rest! From "68"---with love! " Jwfkfef AYMM Wa! Wi af MA Glass Poem I 968 Roosevelt, farewell, as we take our last walk, Good-bye, to one and all. We dare not erase all the things we have learned, We'1l hold our heads high and stand tall. Together we've traveled a very rough road, And regretfully the end is here. Through honors and failures, we all have trod, But we'll continue our lives without fear. Consider the past when planning your future, Think long, hard, and clear. Remember the errors and mis- takes you've made, And evaluate your goals from there. That last lingering glance we hesitantly take, Of the halls we so long have filled . No more, bustle about, No more, shall we have that great thrill! shall we hustle and So, weep not classmates for chances gone away! See what the future holds! We are not ending but beginning a job, So walk forward, be brave, and be bold! ? '-242.60326 lfilfflsi' Z ff ,- Slrzrcufell Song I 968 fTuneg "Somewhere 'J There 's a place for us, Somewhere a job for us, All we have to do is use the source from our high school course. Good times, bad times too, after we leave our school. We will 'try not to close our eyes, we will fight, with our might. To be, something that we can be proud of, Somewhere, you might hear about us, somewhere! Now we start our road, Yes, now we have to go, Twelve years ending, some more to start, Teachers--we thank you from our heart! We'1l be, Someone! Somewhere! .p,4,efl4 ,Dffffff2Q' Glass Prophecy - 1978 Ten years have passed and the Class of '68 reunites for old acquaintances. Many have succeeded, many have multiplied, and many have failed. All in all, we must meet again and this is what we see . . . GWEN COLEMAN 'the girl with the strawberry curl", just completed her work at the convent, and nor proudly holds the title of 'The Flying Nun". DEBBY COLQUIT and GWEN JACKSON have opened a footwear shop together, special- izing in knee socks and tennis shoes! RONNIE FERGUSON fthe youngman who tried so hard to get a laughj has taken over the old "Uncle Orrie" show! When buying flowers, remember LARRY FLOWER'S Florist Shoppe and his main com- petitor BRENDA BUGGS. BRENDA HARRIS, fthe girl who always had the gigglesj is still giggling, but her straight jacket makes it difficult. WARREN "RAP" JOHNSON operates a steam shovel and wants to know if you can dig it! CHARLEY MABRY the bank teller, has just written his first novel How to Get Rich Over Night. BRENDA MARCH has just had her twelfth child. They are better known about the community as "The Dirty Dozen". MELVIN McCOY and JESSIE CHIVERS,-claim to be great lovers. They are now serving ten years at the state "pen" as being "The Kissing Bandits"! RILEY MOORE, president of Dunhill's, Inc. , has published a book entitled Rags to Riches in Ninety Days. GREG NASH has graduated from Levis to corduroy slacks. No one can say that CYNTHIA NICHOLSON turned out to be a nobody. Her glamorous figure can be seen throughout the nation. You guessed it--hers are the fingers that do the walking through the yellow pages! "SHEPPY" PETTIGREW, '68's great skater, now performs weekly on Roller Derby. SHARON PRICE who was often caught looking at herself, still sings her favorite tune "Mirror, Mirror On the Wall". Remember IUDY SNOWDEN and how she was always late? Well, she finally learned to be on time, she's now assistant manager of Westclox Incorporated. No kidding! DEBORAH SIMS and LINDA GRAHAM ARE Go-Go girls at the Cub Scout Clubhouse! Here comes --- there goes DOUG THOMPSON, the Temptations equipment man. . "Pigmeat" Markham and Moms Mabley have been replaced by ,ff X ,MICHEAL WATTS and EARLENE YOUNG. rf, 4 9 ALFRED WEBB is finally the Don Juan he's always aspired to be. Q Q LLOYD YOUNG finally learned how to "step ". He attended H ' evening classes at DOUG WALKER'S School of Dance. ygyis. to I L N A? "" Eva F-Eflef Bflffffazfele may K? JI 9 in M' X f Remember '68 We are now living in a time of immense historical significance. In years yet to come, this year, 1968, may bring many things to mind. It is the purpose of our Teddy Memory Annual to represent each senior's most cherishable memories. Therefore, it was felt that all might desire to remember what was making history the year they were graduated from high school. Firstly, The American Negro was at that time making greater headway into pro- fessions of more honorable standing. Many had achieved governorships, cabinet ap- pointments, and other positions of great political esteem. The Afro-American was then being noted more for his abilities and was being given more opportunities. In the world of science, one might recall that heart-transplant surgery was in its toddling stage and that a living virus had been first developed E:--here in the United States. Politically, his belief on the war in Vietnam was the albatross of our President Lyndon B. Johnson. His measures in handling the war were the constant target of other great world powers and also of the world 's clergy. The Hippies, descendants of the earlier "beatniks" and "bohemians, " were in constant opposition to the war in Vietnam. Their many protest marches served as an inspiration to all American youths to exercise their rights as citizens. They may be remembered, however, in a more deplorable sense. They were often associated with LSD, STP, FDA, and other hallucinatory drugs which were proven to be the cause for many deformed babies. The population explosion, birth control, water and air pollution, cigarette-induced lung cancer, heart disease, and the clean-water shortage were also crises of our senior year but were of lesser notariety. These were the major world happenings of the year 1968. As you read this approx- imately twenty years from now, all of these things may seem very minute. However., with much hope and an equal amount of diligent work, by then, greater things may have been accomplished. Maybe all earth will have adopted the "love" philosophy of the Hippies. Perhaps through this, the many peoples of this great globe of ours may have eventually found peaceg and, as a result, may have had time to discover solutions to the many problems which faced them. Hopefully, we, the future generation, will help discover these answers ourselves. 007155 MTIZZGS-5 Ea4'7ZlC lin - C'6f'c7c 'Q 'iw s x Quture Scientists of America ROW I: Mary Kilpatrick, Edward Horne, Janet Horne, Andrew Strolger, Beverly Kil- patrick. ROW ll: Pamsy Mitchell, Patricia Edwards, Gary Taylor, Linda Wright, Cyn- thia Floyd, Mrs. Hobson CAdvisorJ, James Clay fnot shownl. Q91' Xa almgkl Klzemisfry It 611111 ROW I: Edward Brown, Josephine Hazley, Robert Bell, Gwendolyn Walton, James, Love, Wanda Walker. ROW II: Mr. Lind- sey. Phyllis Williams, Ada Guy, Beverly Hardin, Janey Dunson, Adah Jones, Pamela Murphy. I S C 1 r J., if ist. X it X 5 ,... . A Q F SA P W ' - V Q 'fix 'rv A if Para-Medical i 61116 Left to Right: Pat Davis, Gertrude Straight, William Camp, Teresa Flemister, Mrs. Williams. N juuiar gdllllfff an World Afarzk ROW I: Pamela Hamp, Ambrose Warren, Roger Smith, Riley Moore fVice Presidentj, -Wendy Lovelace CCorres. Sec.J, Adah Jones fPresidentJ, Olivia Chastain fRecording Sec J, Gail Blacknell, Martha Fer- guson, Terisa Flemister. ROW II: Mr. J. E. Jiovanazzo, Debra Pritchett, Linda Lindsey, Tonya Few, Patricia Frazier, Paula Davis,,Cathy Zackery, Cynthia Russ, Diane Palmer, Sandra Burney, Gail Rbin- son, Eler Moore. ROW III: Barbara Washington, Sandra Flemings. ROW IV: Saundra Brooks, Juanita Holden, Shirley Barksdale, Celia Arnold, Rose Moore, Denise C. Motley, Diane C. Motley, Bertha Smith, Helen Dockes, Alma Barrett, Merlinda Truith, Pamela Macon, James Hawkins. ROW V: Phil- ip C. Bass, Shirley Hooks, Doris Hall, Judith Clark, Sharon Pullex, James Bullard QSgt.J, Leon Davis, William E. Camp, Frank A. Watkins, Samuel L. Hill, Haver Phillips, Garry Pritchett. Quture Kusiucss Leaders vf ,Amerim 'Eiga ' 5 F uruns usmcss L :Aqrns MERICA ROW I: Jill Perkins, Pat White, Mary Pearson, Riley Moore, Linda Peavy, Diane Brown, Joyce Young. ROW ll: Annie Davis, Daria Dillard, Yvonne Wallace, Emma Carpenter, Roberta Harris, Pamela Murray, Mrs. Minor. ROW HI: Caro- lyn Peters, Barbara Robinson, Jackie Huguely, Helen Weaver Linda James, Sharon Dudley. ' Literary Klub 2 bf !'5-Qbfr 3- Vf? 7 Senior ll- Cecns ROW I: Senora Thomas, Harriet Napier, Linda Peavy CVice-Pres.J, Delores Clark fPres.J, Peggy B. Black, Shelandia Dawson, Pamela Macon. ROW II: Donna Johnson, Linda Hol- land, Barbara Woods, Deanna Johnson, Karol Moss, Johnnie Mae Richardson, Wanda Howard, Margo Rakestraw, Mrs. Holmes. ROW III: Irene Phillips, Doreatha Allen, Dorothy Stokes, Anita Walker, Rudell Lawrence, Elver Brown, Matilda Milton, Beverly Kilpatrick. ROW IV: Wanda Hawkins, Linda Davis, Patti Foster, Mary Kilpatrick, Savannah Gilreath, Karla Morrison, Angela Morgan. Z'ri-,lifts 1 I az 1 ll I4 C 6 - me wx' 83 I 968 ffcnneeefning Qneen and Kane! E X so. P. of . ...I ,Orion 0,6..' .Qneen and Sseert pu 5 5 1' x-'Q 33 n 'Fu ynniar 611155 OMccrs ROW I: Nickla Smith fCorr. Sec.J, James Love fPres.J, Carol Estelle fTreassJ, Brenda Jenkins fRec. Sec.J. ROW II: Mr. Staple- ton CAdvisorJ, Tony Currington fSgt. at Armsj, Wendell Oldham fVice Pres.J, Miss Heath CAdvisorJ. Senior 611155 Snecntine Heard Left to Right: Andrea Walker, James Vontress, Deborah Sims, Brenda Byrd, Robert Bell, Sandra Scott, Pearl Davis V ' if?-W. asf? an g"3'K sskf ' D 5 g l RT Q ' LI' '. QQ I . 1 5, , ww Student Hanna!! ROW I: Karen Gaskins fCorr. Sec.J, Laura Cross QTreas.J, Shiela Hardin fRec. Sec.J, Henrietta Wallace fVice Pres.j. ROW II: Mrs. Bush fAdvisorj, Ronnie Morrison fPres.j, Anthony Alford QSgt. at Armsj, Mr. Stockton fAdvisorJ. "Wir ' .. Student Seuneil llsners ROW I: Gerald Powell, Riley Moore Robert Early, Harry McLoud, James Vontress, Anthony Alford. ROW II: Patricia Davis, Samuel Freeman, Karen Griffith, Jessie Chivers, Am- brose Warren, Amanda Smith, Robert Bell. ROW III: Edgar Peavy, Walter McKinney, James Bullard, Anthony Thomas, Ricky Ely. Student Seuneil Sneeutiue Heard ROW I: Beverly Hardin, Hermita Dees, Cherlyn McCurdy. STAND- ING: Mrs. Bush, Garry Pritchett, James Love, Mr. Stockton. Student Pep Cfefnfnittee ROW I: Karen Gaskins, Sylvester Borum, Cynthia Johnson, William Camp, Marcia Taylor, James Von- tress, Sandra Scott. ROW II: Robert Early, Philip Bass, Samuel Freeman, Riley Moore, Gloria Martin, Deborah Sims, Edward Jones Jessie Partridge, Robert Bell. ROW HI: Horace Dozier, Warren Johnson, Ronnie Ferguson, Mike Watts, Jessie Chivers, Terry Harris, Gregory Vontress. Uhcering Section ROW I: Frances Young, Ivy Jane, Diana Moncrief, Ronnie Ferguson, .Terry Harris, Karen Griffin, i Edgar Peavy, Beverly Neil, Gail Colemon, Nellie Philpot, Yvonne Hill, Teresa Davis, Sandra Greer, Constance Ming. ROW Il: Larry Brodie, Willie Tabor, Wade Williams, Russell Gilbert, Gloria Martin, Deborah Ramey, James Gist, Pat Jackson, Gwen France, Andrea Wright, Ada Guy, Shirley Davis, Brenda Williams, Frances Miller. ROW III: Carla Alsup, Delores Long, Amanda Smith, Dwight Dris- coll, Barbara Williams, Helen Weaver, Donna Williams, Teresa Seege, Lana Carmichael, Sonya Nut- ter, Yolonda Joyce, Jo Harbin, Emma Carpenter, Darryl Neal. ROW IV: Eva Ferrell, Karol Brookshire Dennis Hockney, Judith Clark, Deborah Buckner, Patricia Scandrick, Brenda Hammett, Linda Camp, Sharon Persons, Juanita Holden, Jeannette Whaley, Shirley Heard, Kern Moore, Joe Howard. ROW V: y Wendy Smith, John Henderson, Derrick Wood, Penny Singleton, Margarette Martin, Janet Horne, Mary Dunson, Deborah Cotten, Josephine Fields, Patricia Thornton, Greer Gossey. ROW VI: John Parron, I Grete Terrance, Elaine Melson, Deborah Johnson, Carson Douglas, 'Robert Wright, James Kimbell, Ericl Goldsmith, Lewis Rhodes, Michael Peeks, Michael Allen, Victoria Robertson, Sandra Burney. ROW , VII: Robert Taylor, Larry Flowers, Roberta Goddard, Alfreda Phillips, Steve Hammonds, Howard Moses Zaurus ROW I: James Vontress QPres.J, Pearl Davis fTreas.J, Gerald Powell fVice Pres.D. ROW II: Ronnie Morrison, Karen Gaskins fSec.J, Mrs. Toles fAdvisorJ, Robert Early. ,S mmorlan. HONORSOCIETY 3 'Q E E. Z , ,S J Vs if llrsa ROW I: Saundra Brooks, Jacqueline James, Amanda Smith. ROW II: Joseph Martin, Mrs. Edwards CAdvi- sorj , Michael Martin . f xx Q i xi? General OW? Aidzs ROW I: Diane Black, Cynthia John- son, Deborah Mayberry, Torraine Backs, Denise Owens, Bevalyn Cal- houn. ROW II: Zuandra Williams, Joyce Williams, Barbara Lowe, Delores Cochran, Phyllis Williams, Deborah Mobley. ROW III: Leitha Stewart, David Matthews, Belinda Fruit. Umes Staff ROW I: Roberta Goddard, Earlene Young, Eva Ferrell, Stephanie Phelps, Io Ann Jackson, Laura Cross. ROW II: Bobbye Elmore, Marsha Taylor, Linda Graham, Sheila Jones, Loretta Kelly, Shirley Wood, Roma Little, Jill Perkins. ROW III: Walter McKinney, Anderson Underwood, Elaine Melson, Clarence Willis, Robert Early, Steve White. Mrs. ladaakcris' Aides . 5 . if 1 - 1 , ik ,SP : . l F 3 ,Mn Cfumfuings' ,4idcs " A+ o sr N4 5 - I E 45- Wim 3 - ,' 1. 2 -4. A. U 3 xx tux I I is 'H vi W ,Mn ,Nvrmanie ,Mies PM ' I, N U, ' Library ,412lcs ,Mm Lewis Aides SQ Seniors lfaufliug Zeaguc ,4 wie- Usual Aides ,Mined ,Allies ROW I: Diane Brown, Calvin Buck- ner, Patricia Crawford, Patricia White, Janice James. ROW II: Joyce McGhee, Linda Peavy, Judith Clark, Roberta Harris. Hell Aides ,Mieiwuuea Gampers SEATED: Robert Early, Brenda Byrd Andrea Walker, Ronnie Morrison. STANDING: Philip Bass, Anthony Alford, James Vontress. faryuzm llpufard Hound ROW I: James Calhoun, Pat Davis, Grady Baccus, Sandra Scott, Dale Bell, Annie Davis. ROW II: Pearl Davis, Henri Etta Wallace, William Camp, Karen Gaskins, Leonard Napper, Cynthia Nicholson. Zentral Stale Zlpward Hound ROW I: Narva Farris, Sharon Howard, Carol Edwards. ROW II: Janice James, Wilma Cooley, Ida Love, Carolyn Edwards, Janice Maker, Mrs. Britton fAdvisorj. ROW III: LaFrance Wilson, Jerrell Dabney, Roy Moncrief. Prajccl ,flflafiwztiau Left to Right: Tommy Glasper, Dwight Wilhoite, Phillip Fields. Carolyn Baker, Pat Crawford, Joarm Arnold, Varsity Cfheerlmdcrs 1 i N Left to Right: Leitha Stewart, Marcia Taylor, Andrea Walker, Roma Little, Margo Rakestraw, Jo i Harbin kcservcs , i ROW I: Renee Slaton, Gwendolyn Welton, Pamela Hamp. ROW II: Sharon Pullen, Carol Estelle, Juli- W ette Draine. Gheerleadvr Gampcrs STANDING: Juliette Draine, Roma Little. Che Zeddctfes ROW I: Jill Perkins fCapt.J. ROW II: Angela Hardin, Kay White, Dayle Pearson, Joyce Young CCo- Capt.J, Betty Hooks, Emma Carpenter, Shirley Wood. ROW III: Deborah McClure, Sandra Howard, Shirley Brown, Sandra Dean, Brenda March, Dorothy Stokes, Essie Nix, Marrian Addison, Carolyn Par ker, Pamela Allen, Tonya Few. ROW IV: Pearl Davis, Cynthia Warren, Hermita Dees, Elaine Mel- son, Diana Motley, Deborah Sims, Beverly Bass, JoAnn Jackson, Althea Roseman, Norma Thomas, Wendy Lovelace. Che ,Majareftcs Left to Right: Juanita White, Sheila Jones, Sharon Price, Marcia Bradley. Cha Marching Hand ROW I: John Reece, Tim Price, Walt Morrison, Derrick Floyd. ROW II: Jowona Jones, Linda Reaves, Cassandra Smith, Janet Jackson, Kathy Roy, Linda Davis, Kenneth Smith, Lola Harrison, Larry Baker, Teresa McCorry, Joyce Butler, Alice Snow, Ellen Boddie, Lenora Bell, Martha Henry. ROW III: Ron- nie Gilbert, Herbert Nelson, David Richardson, Wi1loWortham, Ernest Caldwell, Albert Canty, Gerald Powell, Thomas Shelby, Amos Richardson, Anthony Alford, Mario Nelson, Rodney Lett. ROW IV: Raymond Turner, Earl Johnson, Archie Young, Leland Smith, Greg Long, William Hayes, Richard Lucas, Alvin Avery, Marcia Peavy, Shirley Harris. Drum ,Major Drum ,Majarcffe rn- if 1' ' 5111 , .. .? 3,6 ,L K J K , ,gy ,rr , . QW I J N 4 I 1 w r 1 Che Horzccrt Khair ROW I: Robin McGhee, Sandra Howard, Adah Jones, Andrea Walker, Benita Smith, Angela Hardin, Donna Brown, Amy Kellum, Kathy Sanders, Sharon Melson, Linda Lindsey, Rosaylin Wilkins, Mr. Spencer, Director. ROW II: Tricia Faulks, Wendy Lovelace, Phyllis Atkins, Carol James, Beriel Freeman, Olivia Chastain, Marshall Broady, Toni Frost, Sharon Green, Barbara Kelley, Linda Brodie Cynthia Floyd, Michelle Crews, Patricia Davis, Marsha Driscoll. ROW III: James Harris, Lewis Rhodes, Carol Edwards, Evelyn Willis, Yvonne Hill, Florence Jones, Teresa McCorry, Carolyn Ely, William Smith, Thomas Shelby, Pearl Davis, Pauletta Hayes, Paulette White, Carol Sanders, Phyllis Ramey, Helen Weaver, Melvin Russell, Eugene Bennett. ROW IV: Raymond Turner, Patrick Hughes, Frank Watkins, Robert Taylor, Leonard Napper, Wayne Hayes, Michael Wallace, William Hayes, Kenneth Crawford, Frank Harrison. Girls' Snscmlrlc ROW I: Alice Baldwin, Diane Palmer, Doris Bonner, Shirley Thompson, Charlene Levell, Patricia Wright, Deborah Morris, Louise Long, Mr. Spencer, Director. ROW II: Victoria Robertson, Tonya McKe1ly, Joyce Smith, Gail Smith, Connie Ming, Utwilla Tucker, Sherrie Johnson, Gail Coleman. ROW III: Emma Harbin, Erisa Ramsey, Melva Jones, Denise Pooler, Shelandia Dawson, Darlene War ren, Linda Howard, Marilyn Jordan, Lula Ward. jlffflfd gfldflli ROW I: Emma Combs, Mary Dunson, Eleanor Durden, Diane Page, Utes Reid, Julia Harris, Mr. Spencer fDirectorJ. ROW II: Melanie Taylor, Sandra Avery, Robert Allen, Paul Sherrer, Jerome Thomas, Sandra Burney, Salome Butler, Marcia Cope- land. ROW III: Carlotta Jones, Torene Manning, Dwight Barr, Dwight Prewitt, Gregory Vaughn, Washington Johnson, Anthony Strolger, Greer Gossey, Claudia Glenn. wi .div 'I C, L -, wp: sw-WW .lf Rik s , mf? wid" I. H"2' 5 ,H 12.1 A . , -"' I Q q il mQf4 1 Kziiw I x Q-S 5 4 1 C 'ln 'Ill ..l lw,., l'h'u'u' aww., Ill lvl: .vyxovp -5-x'n'ci num u'n'n'u ll'lU P1415 1'll J sums gum' Xin' mags .na YI' 08.1 gn! 'fc 4 5 U 8 " I-:s.'.l'. ' 'Ill .SH W x I-,- E MLQC ' -. U Q 7 3 x ,Y . .0-vw? asm 1 il P5 W S 5 k Wai ,Wg .W vb 535 A m. 'Yi gil R' ,rm 1967 Zfoflrall Calm Zrotlrall Eoaches L-R: Denney, Marqu Reardon , Caldwell. f -ZZE 1967 genczng Umm Q Q. ugh C'-f J 7' K X X A Ja U S x' S4 '?""'txk 61055 Hauutry Zeam I 9 6 7 Lfily 6l1amps Wrestling Squad Cfify Cfhampions I 1968 Hasketball 27611114 N Gai Squad Gymnastics 6611114 Girls' Hasketball 5611111 '68 . . Zn-:Mfr-44 513, V -f - ,-V L -, Q ,1 A: .qv . .- " A- " hr.. b f:f3.rr, A '-it i-,zifjv ' 441 .yi y. 2:51 I Fiji." - WL ' -L?" 5, X ,. 1 K . , 'fi --51' . V 5- 7' A .. -' -t Modern Dancers Baseball Gram Q 4 Girls' ' Valleyball 566114 3' ,im 5 H X n ff M j'!n,ff K ! 3 p -Uglgu., x 'XM 3 SH ' 5 . xq ' xff ,' 'S f' ' gi-S53 ' V . ine--' 'J ' ,Hs .. Varsity '73" Ginn J 1 Outstanding V T, ts N Seniors p i ff' vt M 21 J fm 1 - 1 68 if . 7 5 . X 1-L ff FOOTBALL 'S' James Howard - A11-City, All-Area ' John Allen - All-City - t y. W CROSS COUNTRY Roger Smith - District f2ndJ, City f2ndJ, State Cllthj 9 Q Gary Walker - District f3rdj, City C4thJ, State f14thj FENCING Charles Adams - City Q3rdJ Janice James - City flstj Samuel Freeman - City flsty BASKETBALL Roger Bryant - Charles fChuckJ Howard - All-City, A11-Area WRESTLING Grady Baccus - City champ, District f2ndJ Lawson Crutcher - City f2ndJ, District champ Edward George - City champ James Howard - City champ, District champ I05 Activities, 79-84 Administration, 5-8 Advisors fSeniorj, Aides: General Office, 89 Hall, 92 Library, 91 Mimeo, 92 Mr. Cummings', 90 Mr. Norman's, 90 Mrs. Booker's, 90 Mrs. Lewis', 91 Alma Mater, 2 Audio-Visual, 92 14,18 Baseball team, 104 Basketball team, 102 Cheering Section, 88 Cheerleaders: Campbers, 94 Reserve, 94 Varsity, 94 Chemistry Club, 80 Concert Choir, 97 Cross Country, 101 Dedication, 17 Dinner Dance QSeniorJ, 83 Drum Major, 96 Drum Majorette, 96 Faculty, 9-14 Fencing team, 100 Football coaches, 100 Football team, 100 Future Business Leaders of America Future Scientists of America Girls' Basketball team '68, 103 Girls' Ensemble, 97 Girls' Volleyball team, 104 Golf Squad, 102 Gymnastics team, 102 Homecoming Queen! Court, 84 Jndelz Junior Class Officers, 86 Junior Council On World Affairs, Laurus, 88 Literary Club, 82 Majorettes, 95 Marching Band, 96 Miniwanca Campers, 92 Mixed Chorus, 98 Modern Dancers, 103 Para-Medical Club, 79 Presentation, 4 Project Motivation, 93 Remember '68, 78 School seal, 1 Seniors: Bowling League, 91 Class poem, 76 Class song, 75 Executive board, 86 Farewell song, 76 History, 70 Officers, 16-18 Prophecy, 77 Senior Y-teens, 82 Sports, 99-105 Student Council: Executive board, 87 Officers, 86 Pep committee, 87 Ushers, 87 Teddettes, 95 Times Staff, 89 Tri-Arts, 82 Upward Bound, 93 Ursa, 89 Varsity "R" Wrestling Squad, 101 Yearbook Staff, 3 8 JOHN ALLEN PHIL BASS BOB EARLY RON FERGUSON LARRY FLOWERS SAM FREEMAN ED JONES RON MORRISON BEST WISHES FROM THE ESQUIRES fX MIKE MOTLEY FRED RICHARDSON ROGER SMITH STEVE WHITE DWIGHT WILHOITE BOB WILKS A CLARENCE WILLIS BOWMAN FUNERAL CONGRATULATIONS CHAPEL TO 3223 Hoover Avenue ALL 1968 SENIORS. 268-6869 Dayton, Ohio THE I ll I ll CLASS OF 40 YEARBOOK STAFF CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1968 AND ITS FABULOUS YEARBOOK ROBERT KNOLL STUDIO 140 E n Th d sf 1: D yt , ohio 45402 228-8642 DAYTON'S FOREMOST PHOTOGRAPHER Memories ,flflemvries Aufvgraphs 1 N V N TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANX "In wma. lm vwsuu- A.. 1-,nw-me-" TW- , ,.p ., 1 5 . bn.: . I ,zvim 5 -. A ef iff-1 f Q.-T ' fi- ' 51591-yi . , Ja -H-. , .X 1 . 5 - 115 A - , ' w ,- --Y . I. . iff, -f N A , V .Q , ,H it ' '- f urvj 45-. ',: I ff' -wavy 1 x.',. x w :Ji '5f,'.': . .-: lg Q fm ' K, . , , ' ' '1' fl..-.lf-'f. L ' ' 4460- 5-1121, I. -nEf'c1- xgv-N-5 l2t.'.' : -Q. , . k , .Q 1 W. 1 H N 1 ze v -m ,4 ' " , V If",-T' ...av A- 1' A 'v -fr E?--"1:':' ' if X 1-my . - X .. If CJ nga, and ,?""1f-. ai O . if: 1.4-1---,. ,V ." ' . tv: - :.'V3:-" .iv 'edt' 'P' fx-Ja HSI!!! ending, and I ' ' ' " 932' bvyluuzfly Slclll 12 - f7l7WflL'l' , -, '-f,z:1f.J12A-"' x lg If r 4

Suggestions in the Roosevelt High School - Teddy Memory Yearbook (Dayton, OH) collection:

Roosevelt High School - Teddy Memory Yearbook (Dayton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


Roosevelt High School - Teddy Memory Yearbook (Dayton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


Roosevelt High School - Teddy Memory Yearbook (Dayton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 39

1968, pg 39

Roosevelt High School - Teddy Memory Yearbook (Dayton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 81

1968, pg 81

Roosevelt High School - Teddy Memory Yearbook (Dayton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 95

1968, pg 95

Roosevelt High School - Teddy Memory Yearbook (Dayton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 118

1968, pg 118

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