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F . Q- was X' N99 gb-. SSQX xynb!kYup. if 'ANS' Milf? fwfafvbjjfxpg 5? 69193 iff? Vugglfivkfj Ny My by ,Aff vb 03522 , Q gywfiypiilyyf' QW if 5?ii?f?f E j?ff3WX1f Qyf9Y5QV Q Q QS55cy'Vjx9l fygfigfw f AJ . 9 'P xx AT ' - Qf9fK3QfDji3'Q,?X' 'uk N M1 gif? 9 . W ff. was jg ,J .. mf E XV QV WM , X571 X398 74 QU of ' , A3 f WUJQDSJBO35' HXSQXD f b..2,9 ., ,. ., 5 0 it-bf 5 H 9 ff 'Z J .A-N? X S m bk X 1 4, iii W 'LD SRX Q xx -N YQ n . Q S if Qi' W 5 X fb, X A an Qi-U 'vw X NN '4 . TM- N X Q 3 9 S U ,' KT: YES" K-- -' Qu ' Zi -Q W lg I D -gg 7535 xi vm Six! Q Xb N ' E H ,,' ,QQKLM .4 Q v S 1., 3 . 1 '1 ..-..f.X , f'- ,fvfl ,fl xi VV 7 f ' fu 4 .fgjvvf 5, 2 x ,kj , ff ff :Ury A 'Nff J fl My , vii: ' .F xl! I' R my, il F Z 'v"xN :Zh 4 r ml! " 3,0 1 C,-gf - ?op75c,-M I W 'qi ,.l'-IN V, XE 1 ! W . ..J , JJ I fi?" 5 U ,aff L 7 Pam' , ' 5451, fi - if lil, I l, 'vu gg 1, tg? D ' 1 24 , 4' 5 D 4 655,27 i ff 4222 X 'fat-57.4-1 ww 06 421 f W 7 'l y f, 1 fZ!3fWM7'!,jJW1 'S ff A40 JM M7' Wv0'1'WQmf W! L? ,fl Alf.. I N M6Jf,ff,f ,W jf--ni V-I L K ffl fgiiyiv .. 4,17 G ,W ' 1' f,?' -iii" ,liZ!Wf:7Zf'f4'ff3 K??"?'::'5'-7!"!5'A H .1 J' " ' Z f' .. A - Q-.f f f I !I5f,77'20-4' ?f7'7' ,200 '77 I , ' 'Vw Q SJ , T A XV- KA Lzfgl,-1,iaf'j.LiZ5I.jf-, , T3 A f U-:L 3 3 Q ?f L 5 x .5 uae- ,' WX,if'V"' w4'1,f,21 ' ' cz.: Vf A' Lf 5 Tiki ?i fig, ffv'7g1f-2,71 f.vA L QI 3 N V5 'HA' ' f x 57,5-af ' "., f 'if jj? X m CW M ,ffwym J R 5 . 7 Mu? , , Y fhpfm. WW h N5 1 5 6 W W5 K 59 XMMY ?LLf'!vM V' Mfg' ' Eff JI f ' fMh,j?j, UCL!! wx? ' Clad-vsylj -l Au nj ,f -f "T'o -e bag fc-bunk 'X'fjfff+ gf VY IH O SMA-.jig any M7 wad fi hiv I 1 Gif Q ' 87" 'why 12:11:94 . K I , 'aug' Qvfzua r' " 5 .WML 67" if W 2 fi!'X3QK37X 2 fffb I QV 5353 ig NND 1 a--ggi W-Q12 Q4 . x WNmMQ 'B Qs SW3iv5yy WQQ O f W R - MM X -is 5 S '- ' .rxv l 8 ' A gf gwiggwa was Q is 2 iw M gi ci. W 1 H I Higgs, 5- gf,2gg,3x,s: ,,1 ww! -1+ Hi 1 W , -In -- A, 51422 , we Wh w fe- ' ' 1 N X ' U 35 " 'iv EJ' " - fig I mm .2-1 ,gg I 'Z Q, ' Q- as X p 'T W 43 '15 is Qs Q3 gg, amd? x I ' dz-1 1, 'II if I wlfmi X WC, , my I Q, i N 0 ev Ls EQSL-3'-f'I SHINE , Y ' C, J' "Hi fIQ1'L1e,Q, Iii. Rolla High School Rolla, Missouri Presents 1966 Growler Volume XVIII Rfk' 22 Xkii,.ft E54 "This We Remember" Foreword Six hundred-fifty five students crowded the halls of Rolla Senior High School, as they registered August 30, 1965. We remember 194 determined seniors, 215 hard working juniors, and 246 inexperienced sophomores work- ing together, attending and participating in assemblies, dances, club meetings, and sports events as a part of school life. Signing admittance excuses, writing term papers, taking tests, and completing assignments--"THIS WE REMEMBER" as the 1965-66 school year at RHS. Table of Contents Introduction Student Life Orgzlnizzttions Sports Academic and Faculty Students Sophomores .juniors Seniors Advertising Index -1 I0 56 76 100 120 122 134 144 ISZ 212 This We Remember -- Learning, Companionship, Our School, Harmony P '- :'i " mv i 11, ,, a , ,1 . ,, ,, ,, ,, Q, Ag ,,,11,,1 1 W, 1 1, W 1 U H 1 ' j3QQ1,ilffSjl1E1EQfQ1? 114a51za1.jl,l'z"' 1 may Ny 111111 ' sf .1 L! ,w!9z!,f2f5i' 11 1 ,L -' A 1 M15 I iflfm LV Bw 1 1, li? Lam I 7' 1.7 .Nm Ll' M Arr -1 W A . .i 1. 1 ' Q H 15 1 1 - --gef- vwf 1 1 1 1 11 1 ,. ., 1- lg A Q I 'Ls I I , f"':' A 'gig' EP'-'X 5 ' 11. . ml.: .J 11 1-1 . un and Work Symbolize Rolla High nr? ' M 4 il-' ' 91? 7. j' ll! mu , W , L 1 4 1 ,, JL f fm --, 'Q Ji. ff 1 . - P5 'ir 3 ' 'lf 1 ' ' Z 5 -- gl' Q H d ' ' -H zzz 3 if-Q, ' ,x" " ' -'fE 55 f M Q an - 5 , L Wg 'E ' ,,, 1 ' '-VV V7 ':::f A " 1 ' E 1' A L' V WN : -,.,, ' . ix! H :.: .:. r ,QM K F ' Eefij f f fi ,Y . ...Wav 45 mf' Af W Af-ff 1 , -?':?','fQ. , .I V ,Q -f'5ig. 2.54. ., 'A -' .1 4 :' 15?-311-5Ti4'N3A"Q 3 : A QW " T ' 'Q ,- f :E V ' Q L1 -. ,,qvwj,'1-"ef '- N ' if. . 55- A f ' gli f 1 1 S ,Q QQEY D V g D M' 's,L TE In A . sg 3 .L. ' w - 1' JMZQ, A A Qi .9-2 ' nf 2 h ' .1 x Student Life Homecoming Dance, Growler a-go-go, and Junior- Senior Prom were the major dances at Rolla Senior High School in 1965-66. Sock hops, banquets, club meetings, sports events, the annual district music festival, con- certs, the school play, Senior Follies, class picnics, and seniors' Civil Defense lectures--all constituted stu- dent life at RHS. "THIS WE REMEMBER" . . . OR 'ilc 9 GB R ex 'Y 0, .,1llll, JE ' 1 A-' D Q ,J A 0 QOLLA, 'AO' HOLLA WHEN 3 .g, Tian.- . 1 -W ,z 135-V 1 3 .U r .aium r' r 1 ,K -45.519 " ,N .I-,L. irlw nalgi fi NIE lg' li ,ini P, V ,. ff, 'Zvi J H iff A' ft "Q' Fuf. 'Tw '1 FM. 'I' -1 . X ' kg E , xi a:'e,iEf'f" 3 L4...fjg . . lil ,- A vs- -'-M ' R, w Q V551 9 .k fi, Y, x A,:. V ,fl - , N ifgvj, 1 -2' ' 'V M V , X - X ,vis 'El , mi ii .6l'fv3 ,'f I ' Wall I 41, ff' x Q K s',1g1Qn, ' ' 'i:QiU' I? 5, .7 fi I M . I f"X,gf .4 .. ...Hx ix,-A 43"-gf-fyzjw. ,VT 5- -r, . 1. A-53 I 'il' .w.',1. "4" nf P P5 5... Juniors enjoy a sack lunch at the c1 as s picnic at Meremac Springs. Ralph Myers quinches his thirst at one of the three water cooled drinking fountains at RHS. Although milk was served in the cafeteria many stu- dents, such as Rob Sandhaus, found it convenient to get a soda from the Pepsi machine. K If kt' " "fe ff' Y Girls take time to chat while eating their lunches in the school cafeteria. Students Eat in Cafeteria or Snack Bar Students enjoyed grabbing a quick sandwich at the Snack Bar located in the school cafeteria. B-Choir members form a centipede as contribution to the Homecoming Parade. Bonfire Kicks ff R.H.S. Homecoming 3 "This Land is Your Land" brought the Freshmen third prize for their Homecoming float. Second place was Sophomores captured first place in float competition awarded to the Junior Class for ,,Pi1gI,im,S Prideu. with their entry, "America the Beautiful." I4 F ' ' ' 1 x 2' : i , Y : :'- x W. Q e PA, r 1, Candidate Jane Wade rides with escort Lee Miller and driver Paul Busley. Activities Continue with 21 Parade Also in the parade are Judy Null, candidateg Delmar Drew, her escortg and Mike Crain, driver. S.. .w ir e E? .' Agri n fl -'E Judy Null and Jane Wade were crowned as the first co- queens in the RHS history by retiring Homecoming Queen Winnie McCarty. R.H.S. Co-Queens Co-queens reigned over festivities with their royal court, Dianne Myers, Jeanne Schooler, and Eleanor Higley. Seated at left is Winnie McCarty, retiring queen. ai. S-I After crowning Co-Queen Judy Null, RetiringHomecoming Queen Winnie McCarty turns to crown Jane Wade as Alan Brummell and John Wiggins, football co-captains look on. The first Homecoming Queen was crowned at RHS in 1946. Highlight 1965 Homecoming Coronation Not one queen but two co-queens reigned over Home- coming 1965 activities. For the first time in the history of Rolla High School, two girls received the same number of votes for the honor. Judy Null and Jane Wade tied for the Homecoming Queen, so shared the title. They were crowned during half-time ceremonies of the Rolla-Mexico Homecoming Game October 15 by Miss Winnie McC arty, Retiring Queen. As fate would have it, a downpour of rain altered the traditional order of events surrounding the announce- ment of the new Homecoming Queen. Instead of being introduced as they were driven around the football field, the candidates were forced to walk down the center aisle of the bleachers to the field. There they were met and escorted onto thefield by the Senior football players. Then followed the bands half-time show and the announce- ment of the new co-queens, Judy and Jane. After the crowning, the Homecoming Co-Queens and their attendants were escorted to their seats where they watched the remainder of the football game. Majorette Nancy Rowden struts down 6th Street in the 1965 Homecoming parade as the RHS band, led by Drum Major Dale Roach, marches close behind. I 1965 Homecoming Ro alt CANDIDATES Eleanor Higley . Diane Myers . Judy Null . . . Jeanne Schooler Jane Wade . . Alan Brummell FLOWER GIRL Ann Higley . CO-C APT AINS ESC ORTS . . Denniswilson Lucius Kitchens . . Delmar Drew . . John Stites . . Lee Miller . . John Wiggins CROWN BEARER . Neal Womack Along with queen candidates and their escorts, the crown bearer and flower girl took part in the "Royal Dance" immediately following coronation ceremonies. 1 -,N-: in I8 Formal 3 Xl L Je ., , is z , mg f sm 'Pill QV' :Mfg af., After being officially crowned as th the approval of their royal court. e first Co-Homecoming Queens in RHS history, Judy and Jane beam their delight to Dance Closes 1965 Homecoming Events Formal Crowning Completes This Year's Celebrations Climaxing the 1965 Homecoming Dance was the formal crowning of Co-Queens Jane and Judy. This was not only the first time Co-Queens were crowned at RHS, but also 1965 marked the first time in which student council had complete charge of all Homecoming activities. Pep Squad previously planned all activities. "America the Beautiful," the theme chosen for the 1965 Homecoming celebrations by student council, inspired float entries in the parade. Decorations at the dance Calso based on this themej consisted of red, white and blue streamers with posters representing various states attached to them. "Now it is our desire that the royal dance begin." These words formally ended the 19th Homecoming coro- nation ceremony held at RHS, The first Homecoming Queen, Jean Swope, reigned over the 1946 Homecoming celebrations and the first football season in the history of RHS. I9 ...NN Attendant Jeanne Schooler Attendant Eleanor Higley Attendant Dianne Myers I L 'I f' H . rff' iw: X, x . , Q v v u x ,L EMR , ff' G" , fa , x, -f' J "Peter Pan" starred Jeanne Raines as Wendy and Senior Follies From "Mary Poppins," seniors presented two songs, "A Spoon- ful of Sugar" by Jane Wade, Joyce Schooler, and Edith Tapp- meyerg and "A Perfect Nanny" by Jane and Edith. ,- ,P mi, - ., ,, :i F , N' -1 ry. :nl J W llwwxy- f' X 4, ,lla-nm w . v N. 22 1966 Style Follies Feature Songs from Musicals, Moviesg Scenes from wo Plays SENIOR FOLLIES, performed by an all-senior cast in May, featured songs from Broadway musicals and movies, scenes from various plays, and a one-act play. Included in the program were exerpts from "My Fair Lady," "Mary Poppins," "A Mid-summer Nightts Dream," 'fWest Side Story," and others. "Westside Story" sweeth e ar ts Lynn Corben and Danny James Sing "One Hand, One Heart." A one-act play, "Spa.rkin"' starred Kathy Tucker, Debbie Geers, and Eleanor Higley. Steve Lemasters flower rightb gives a.n interpretation of Sha.kespeare's "Mid- Summer Night's Dream." 4 t SIN Tom VK ingfield CSteve Mobleyj tries to escape his mother, Amandawing- field CSue Stollj, throughout the play. Speech Department Produces illiams' "Glass Menagerie" Tennesse Williams' prize-winning play, "The Glass Menagerie," was produrzed in the spring by the Rolla High speech department. Mrs. Pat Wolford added this play to the list of plays she has directed, and very ably coached her student cast into believable portrayals of Williams' best known characters, very difficult for high school students to enact. Student directors were Carol Mirly and Yvonne Miller, aided by the drama students. Set in the slums of St. Louis, the play is auto- biographical in nature. It concerns the author's mem- ories of his shy. crippled sister who lost touch with reality as she lived in a world of fantasy with her glass collection, the Glass Menagerie. Tom Wingfield CSteve Mobleyj yarns to be a writer, but is completely dominated by his unbearable devoted mother CSue Stollb. "'i"'-If ul .X Y 1-in 5, , li 1 "The Glass Menagerie's" shy, crippled Laura CTerry Carneyj is comforted by her gentleman caller. Jim O'Connor CPat Robertsj, 25 Ei 5 ui? L V lx wg. 2 H, Eli? ' K L 3 X Q a f 7 H , .1 yt.V, PT is , M ge J ,-Q ' rv .. will 9 Q 4. kg is X .r ma! X sy ' A A . " Jeanne and Gary were crowned by retiring Queen Sharon Huffman a.nd retiring King Bob Parker. Flower girl was Carie Null and Jimmy Ballenger served as crown bearer. Crowning of King and 1966 Growler King Gary Taylor and Queen Jeanne Schooler reigned over "Growler A-Go-Go" festivities at Rolla High, February 26. Gary and Jeanne, representing A-Choir and Pep Squad respectively, were crowned by retiring King Bob Parker and his Queen, Sharon Huffman. Flower girl was Carolyn Null and Jimmy Ballenger was crown bearer. Candidates Crepresenting 14 organizationsj partici- pated in the coronation ceremony, which was held im- mediately after the floor show. Decorations carrying out the discotheque theme combined lacey Valentine hearts with "go-go-girls" in cages to set the mood. 28 ueen Highlights Dance "The Dynamics," a seven-piece band from St. Louis, furnished music for the evening. 4.g-iamfnm - -1 1966 Growlcr Royalty CANDIDATES Jeff Groves, Barb Alley . . Gary Mace, Judy King . . Jeanne Schooler, Mike Esser . Jim McCracken, Nancy Laird . . Mike Patterson, Sandy Wilson . Pat Sump, Gary Henry ..... Ben Thomas, Donna Wehmeier . Bill Angerman, Eleanor Higley . . Pat Davidson, Joyce Schooler . . Linda Miller, Don Marek . . David Lytle, Kathy Love . . Carl Franklin, Dianne Myers . . Gary Taylor, Edi Tappmeyer . . Pam Oakes, Mike Crain . . ORGANIZATIONS . . Art Club . . COE . . A-Choir . . . Band . . FBLA . . . . . FHA . . German Club . . Key Club . . French Club . .FTA . . . Latin Club Letterman's Club . .PepSquad . . Publications Flower girl, Carie Null, and crown bearer, Jimmy Ballenger, took part in the royal dance along with the other candidates. hp Kevin Thurston helped complete the "Grow1er A-Go-Go" atmosphere by dancing as a go-go girl inacage. Art Club member Jeff Groves assists with decora- tions . a wi u .fr i N' 't f,2 I ,a , lf? S n in 5- 1614 Q mr nfs Q in ., S . f l is vgg- N :.: . it 1 ..:. mu ,'5:,V I .jf n fu. , f xv Q Q h ' . ,T K . ...Q-ll' li fi ' ' ',- 3 . 2? s fiqj, ff J j f .- Le- If N., i we Nora Strunk, Connie Sump, Sue Merrell, and Mary Roy at Meremac, but the juniors and seniors also enjoyed carefully watch roasting hot dogs at the sophomore class outings there. 30 picnic at Meremac Springs. Not only sophomores picnicked We Remember Picnics, Shots, Messy Lockers Attempting to deposit Judy Jones in a trash barrel C011f1'2-'FY to the H5112-1 menu Of hot dogs, Sophomore at the sophomore picnic are Steve Yount, Terry Earl, Alan Sachs fixes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. and Mike Nelson. K 1 W Y M N S Y 5553: 5 'Q he 1, uw il rr 'Nts f lf, M 0' '42 ' Q 'x Q 4 K . r' .-' '15, 'Ov'-M fl I f I 3 to ,H ,x A rife da f U 'H'l'i,'S. 9 wi 4 SQ I, - as ,a .v 1 'vit' 0 'ARK 1 -7 .kjfys Pat Ford stoops down to retrieve a book from the bottom of her well-filled locker. Connie Fetzer makes use of one of the pay phones located in the downstairs hall. Typhoid vaccinations favailable to all studentsj were given by Dr. Barbara. Russell and other local doctors. 495 -if unior-Senior Prom Features the Sheratons Dennis Mescke and Linda Adams dance during a slow number at the Prom. 32 "Sound of Music," symbolized by musical instru- ment favors, a replica of a mansion, and amusical floor show, was the theme for Rolla High's annual Ju- nior-Senior Prom. A St. Louis band, Jerry Jay and the Sheratons, played for the traditionally formal dance which was held on May 21, 1966 in the school cafeteria. Included in the floor show were Betsy Shannalian singing "The Sound of Music," Linda Beyers and Cathy Moore singing "Do-Re-Me," and Jerry Lorea playing a guitar solo. A humorous interpretation from Cosby by Chris Paul completed the program. Larry Brown was master-of- ceremonies. The junior class, sponsor of the event, used green and yellow streamers Csenior class colorsj to conceal the cafeteria walls and ceiling. Several Seniors line up for a fast dance' Linda Miller and Steve Haas express their approval of Providing music for the dance was Jerry Jay and fhe Ihwhm of Jerry MY and the Shefatons' the Sheratons, a band from St. Louis, Missouri. Mike Crow and Bobbie Kil- lian enjoy a slow dance to one of the Sheraton's tunes. Jerry Loera entertains by playing a guitar solo during the floor show. 34 .K f lima 'Lge mizxiix.. aww? -QQL A7ii'iA49LQ,g Sw lim ,wqmza ww M New uniors Host flwtg i 'WLM f WZ f ls '-, M. L . 5 Q ui? 4 , , , , 1 -4 L I: 5 'L '51 i s ,fy i 2 I if' 'z Qlrillig 1 1 E r ' Y 5 1 'fig K 5, ii it fm B, fx Q Organizations The academic side of school is softened and com- plemented by the various clubs and organizations of RHS. Most of these groups seek to broaden students in specific areas, increase their interest in certain subjects, or pro- vide pleasure. We remember candlelight initiationceremonies . . . pledge duties . . . special dances . . . charity drives . . . concession stands . . . the activities of over 20 clubs and organizations. ,-., . x, -v ..,, mf" is - . sv' V Rf: I 'anvil' ' ,W 'f 1 'l ww.. .Ph y M' W . 555 1- wr a' 1, QA, ,. ,- 'T , .+V - -. FEW? ? ' ., 2: ,gf ' K f - 42-21- gif- 'mf W 'Y' ., yilm. f W f . 'fi -W . :U Q I -N W I: E I Epi? K 'rv 'I ff' tx , - 1 fifr li' , Q' X :,. X , :Y ' I -K V- is QF -Q., Ng! IE N J . - '- New 'X .V 'xx-. fig? 1 Q ' ek 'V -1 M ,, gn Ju-rl'- xlg 'L 'wiwiff .4 43044 -x ,. Q .fs ,. 1, . Ugg, Ai 4 .5 f B 'I 'M M! , . , Alf' J, v 55' 2 x J ,wg H5 f , ESM 4' -I -I 4 " u an wav ,M f. Q .- M . 4 ., V L 1 M V' ff, . .9 "QQ . 5 . ' rma 1 , LL... '. v -.. '.:.l I 1 A'-1 . 4, ii , s if .- ,uf A ,fx 3 r -19 4'1 I E U. 5 -109' Q 'Q ' A - A f x x w Q ,.. wx . ,ul '?'?2S2':s1g L -M., . ' ,, i".FlfHJ I-722' Zpki .:-Ii: , . 1 I 'Lu wr 1 ,Qt ' i .ig , ,via--2-1, - 4:-- " ' f ' .5311 xv- 1 ,':j,-E177 1 I A my A :-47:31 N n W I : It - 'A : 514-QA.. F A- v ' 1 :Hx -, 'Y . M? -fsiifv I H , Q 54 ' 1:5- :nn mwsr in ' I- F v Y , "ri f"1 ' 1fE.Q'f?i: ' A J -. fm...-.. .N .4 ' 7, ' .. , ,A N Y , . I, 5,4 -, 552.-E92 . 5 ... qs: 51- .. , N.. ,-K. , ,M , -- -fm-zqu? L5 .sf 'N .PN 1 Members of student council are Row l--J, Wiggins, B, Berry, D, Lytle, M, Klinkerman. Row 2--L, Miller, B, Louis, P, Davidson, D, Meyers, P, Oakes. Row 3--K, ,NLF AWP Koboldt, V, Ellis, J, McCutchen, P, Tucker, and T, Friedricks. Student Council Plans Homecoming This year's Homecoming celebration was planned and directed Cfor the first timej by the student council. An elected group of 14 school leaders, this year's council conducted the 2nd annual open house for interested parents, passed rules and regulations to improve stu- dent government, helped gather toys to fill 200 Red Cross bags for Vietnamese children, and ran conces- sion stands at a football and a basketball game. Delegates attended a convention in April in Jef- ferson City, Mo., where the council ran for secretary of the Missouri Association. Officers included: John Wiggins, president, Dianne Meyers, vice-presidentg David Lytle, secretary, Bob Berry, treasurer, and Barb Louis, parliamentarian. The house of representatives is a branch of the student council. Members include a representative from each of the 27 home rooms. They work with the coun- cil in passing new rules and projects. 38 Mr. Glenn Poe, social studies teacher, is seen here during "Parents Night," November 18, as he discusses his class with parents. i X -gil.. Eddie Bartley, Donna Wehmier, Shelia Blue, and Robbie Sandhaus fill bags to be sent to Viet Nam for Christmas. 1'.,gjf', ' ' J X5 House Helps Council Members of the House are:Row 1--D, Wi1son,D. Meyers, 3--S. Mobley, B, Voight, L, Wxenicke P Davidson S, Blue, M, Esser. Row 2--L, Corbin, J, Brown, C, M. Crow. Row 4--S, Whitney, R, Sandhaus, G Weber Hayes, P, Curtis, S, Wilson, C. Crain, M, Slone. Row 'T Q A ' ,fu 1 , . 1, we 5. Q' -'v..-- ,J 15 r-,I , -f I .v g'-1. 1 .:. i C 'gf' 1 ' . 1 3 . f! 0 1 , " 1 I B. f Li... r Members of Pep Squad include: Row 1--L, Campbell, D, Brovm, E. Tappmeyer, S, Loughridge, N, Wiggins, J, Wade, E, Tappmeyer, J, Wienicke, B, Killian, K, King, B. Alley. Row 2--Mr. Ballenger, D, Meyers, B, Shanna- ha.n, S, Leonard, K, Tucker, J, Null, P, Vaughn, B, Ken- nedy, V, Ellis. Row 3--M, Riden, D, Persing, L, Fanley, R, Powell, C. Hayes, M, Lammlein, K, Pauley, L, Heglin, P. Whites, B, Louis, P, Jones. Row 4--G, Waters, J, Officers for the school year include: Row 1--Brendy K e n n e d y, vice-president, Judy Null, president, Betsy Shannahan, historian. Row 2--Trish Vaughn, recording secretary, Judy Whalen, merit secretary, and Dianne Meyers, parliamentarian. 40 ,sw 3 - I X. z as egigr, 51. ::2I, ' . i t 3, i, ' l I I l 6 A iJ , . 1 , -,.. . . 0519, 'K W aa L-fi'g, at ' A K P L ,I ,AEE ,, V Ligier?-rfse.A ?"-,LL-.m v '+i:5,. h 1 -'ff -41:21 '- . fi f:,: 2 I W 5 at W W A Schwab, G, Whites, B. Reynolds, S. Blue, D. Geers, M, Govier, T, Martin, J, Decker, A, Fleming, J, Bren- neisen, Row 5--K, Sowers, M, Roy, N, Strunk, S, Merrell, K, Love, S, Glenn, J, Wilson, L. Faucett, C, Heagler, N, Rowden, T, Carney. Row 6--J, Parker, S, Allgood, S, Daniell meier, s, L, Powers, S, Brase, N, Luebbert, D. Weh- J, Bruzewski, J, Faust, M, Willy, L, Roberts. Row '7--C, Sump, V, Warrick, C, Weber, J. Mengel, S. 1 i , ij PM A K Breig, B, Haas, B. Carnaha.n, P. Null, S, Paulsmeyer, H, Vance, B. Bramlett, M. Tucker. Row 8--N, Laird, J, Hatfield, L, Miller, P, Mason, P, Sump, E,l-ligley, Y, Miller, M. Sachs, E, Meschke, K, Higley, L, Cunning- ha.m. Row 9--M, Ahland, S. Wilson, J, Walen, D, Burk- hart, L, Beyers, L, Rusch, N. Sachs, C, Simpson, K, Apperson, S, Battley. Sue Merrell serves punch to one of the parents on Parents Night as Judy Null and Nora Strunk look on. V . Mike Jones and Kathy King show off the latest in new spring fashions at the Pep Squad style show held on April 2, 1966. ep Squad Has Style Show "A Fashion Look at Spring" introduced anew project for the Pep Squad this year. With Lettermen's Club boys serving as escorts, thirty-two members modeled new spring fashions from various Rolla clothing stores. Pep Squad's festive dinner-dance in May, honoring all RHS athletes, was the featured event of the primary boosters of Rol1a's school spirit. Dressed in attrac- tively tailored maroon and white uniforms, over 30 girls turned out for each sports event--from football, basket- ball, and track, to cross-country, golf, and baseball-- and cheered for the home team. Representatives of Pep Squad served a banquet on "Meet the Bulldogs" night in November, worked in con- cession standsg decorated the gym for home games, a.nd helped conduct the homecoming celebration. Several buses, crowded with enthusiastic members, generally traveled to out-of-town football and basketball games. 41 Barb Alley Class of 1966 Jane Wade i nv' 42 'z Class of 196 Il' -4 Y., ,J 3 sr' 17" 3' ..-P A K I ' ,,-', 1 ' PJ. . .711 In "' ' i 'Y -.ysf 'Q lim. l ,. 1 .. - ' -' '. -'Ss-2:4-X fi ' - , "uf Jw'- ," .f:.?g7,". 'AN' ' ' 5 ,. -5 .15 121 15, 5. S Q gf- -3.2, P ,nail . ' , mg -.' gx ,, 'X Lee Campbell ef?" "f I . , ... H .: '2ff'fZ'-,511 .1 'l W ,"'1- ' w'1'r 'A 535' A 4-1. - -' f' if.n,,i.'e?'J.': ,ff , '.,-f ,L-ffpfem' , ..A. ,, A, ,., fl -.,.,, ., ,ya yn'-r 35- ' '15 "'-Tu? ' F. -.f --- 1 ,,e.,g-, - 3: .. - 4,4 ,',,r'.,.,,..'..-I cuff.-f -,f' ' ":.. Edi Tappmeyer Sharon Loughridge T. . 1 lfbfwf. H- ,. . Eleven Enthuslasts While attending cheerleading camp in Du Quoin, Illinois and a clinic held in Springfield, Missouri, RHS cheerleaders learned new yells and techniques which they used throughout the year. Basketball cheerleaders were: Edi Tappmeyer, cap- taing Bobbi Killiang Kathy Kingg Janet Wieneckeg and Nancy Wiggins. Football cheerleaders included: Barb Al- ley, captaing Lee Campbellg Jane Wadeg Ellen Tappmeyerg Debbie Browng a.nd Sharon Loughridge. Bobbie Killian Kathy King Cheerleaders demonstrate "Check 'em", one of the yells they learned while attending camp. W Ellen Tappmeyer U. ,- 'US ,V f 1 ' ., J ,M :Wu fn. .' - ' ,4 .22 .- e. . ,, Janet Wienecke Debbie Brown Class of 1968 Nancy Wiggins a' NU -1. I 1 1 L Pandemonium broke loose among the crowd when Rolla beat Jefferson City's basketball team by one point on December 21. 44 W.--.-mm... .... M- ,..., --..,M .... , .-.W..,.,..,.,.,.M ,,,, ...., ...., W, ,,,........i...i. ..,.... ,, V V ,, M . . J -ml ,4- ITP Key Club are: Row 1--Mr. R. Ballenger Members of Mr. G, Poe, D, Lytle, B, Angerman, L, Miller, B, Bade J, Wiggins. Cottingham. 1 I Row 2--M, Esser, P, Busby, D, Marek, B, Row 3--H, Siebert, J, Whitten, P, David- son, M, Klinkerman, R, Cowan, K, Koboldt, T, Ellis. 46 Row 4--S, Argo, D, Brandt, M, Perry, L. Chrisco. Row 5--M, Jones, Row 6--S, Cav and J, Jensen. J. McCutchen, K. Davidson, B. Berry. e, T, Friederichs, J, Butts, J, Broshot, Key Club Serves School, Community Earning the award as the outstandinc club in Mis- souri and Arkansas for the sixth consecutive year and receiving 2nd place honors for the outstanding service of the year are accomplishments typical of Rl-lS's Key Club. Its lengthy list of achievements ranged everywhere from publishing a student directory CBuzz Bookj, selling used books, polishing school trophies, and scraping Halloween soap from downtown windows, to distributing food baskets to needy families and sending clothing to Viet Nam. The 2nd place Mo-Ark District award was for painting the football bleachers. Rolla's club, chartered in 1945-46, is a service club for boys sponsored in cooperation with the local Kiwanis Club. Its aim is to develop initiative, leader- ship, and citizenship in members as well as to provide service to the school and community. Officers were Bill Angerman, president, Lee Miller, vice-president, David Lytle, secretary, John Wiggins, treasurer, Mr. Glenn Poe and Mr. Robert Ballenger, sponsors. Checking clothing collected for Viet Nam are Bill Anger- man, president, and John Wiggins, Treasurer. , W, ,T if Lffaaxx A total of 1,854 pounds of canned goods and staples was collected by Key Club in its annual Thanksgiving basket food drive. Sophomore, junior, and senior classes competed for prizes. Key Club boys handle the sale and purchase of used textbooks for students each year. I 47 2' Qt' 956115 D111 9 geutsclset' Oetwzw 1 U S 9 I... ' H-. ' 1 I German club members are: Row 1--J. Groves, K, Barr, LeMasters, B, Thomas, S, Molley. Row 5--J, Broshot J, Butts, J, Wienecke, N, Luebert. Row 2--E, Tappmeyer, B, Thompson, B, Bade. Row 6--M. Cleveland, K, Davis D, Wehmeier, B, Killian, C, Heagler, K, Roberts. Row J, Siebelts. Row '7--M, Longo, R, Schwab, R, Finlayson 3--M, Bell, M, Riden, B, Carnahan, J, Short. Row 4--S, 48 X L ,sul it ,fa if QI: German Club Sponsors Movie .fiws zfiff 'N W g 1-N "rw M ---: ' 15, 7. 'N W " 'Mffa W Nancy Luebert, Mrs. Alley, Catie Barr, and V Jeff Groves are seen en- l joying their salad at the ' ' - German Club banquet held in May. we it , ftdrw, 5 H Bobbie Killian remarks about eating before everyone else to Ben Thomas while Nancy Luebert is in the background. E l t l L -J 1 "1 E ,, I, . KX?-Q "A Trip Down the Wiser River," a movie presented by Deutsch Verum CGerman Clubj in November, showed members what life on a river in Germany would be like. An old-fashioned hayride in October at Carl Pietch's farm for all members and their dates sparked the sea- son's activities which included a banquet in May, the annual Senior-Faculty basketball game in March, and a trip to Herrman, Mo. for atraditional German "Mai-fest." Jim Butts led the group as president with the as- sistance of: Catie Barr, vice-presidentg Nancy Luebert, secretaryg Linda Wienecke, treasurerg and Jeff Groves, historian. To become a member of German Club, a student must be taking a German course, be initiated, pay dues, and take part in club activities. Frank Mori and Robert Thompson received awards as outstanding German students. 49 Members of Latin club are: Row 1--K. Koboldt, T, Carney, O. Grawe, B. Shannahan, K, Moore. Row 2-- L, Beyers, B, Kennedy, C, Luebbert, S, Palmer, B. Elliott, K, Love, S. Hale, C. Mirly, M. Willy. Row 3--J, Mendel, L, Wienecke, S, Loughridge, V, Ellis, P, Null, Gens Togata Has Have you ever taken atrip through the "underworld"? Or perhaps you've been sold as aslave? Here are some people here in Rolla High who were sold to Latin Club CGens Togataj members as personal slaves. Some sold for as much as 54.00 at the traditional slave auction held in October. A Roman banquet in May, abread sale, and Christ- mas caroling, rounded out the activities of Gen Togata during 1965-66. Members strive to become better ac- quainted with the Latin language and customs of the Roma.n people. Officers included Oliver Grawe, presidentg Betsy Shannahan, vice-president, TerryC arney, secretary, Kathy Moore, treasurer, and Kenny Kolodt, historian. 50 J, Schwab, D, Scott, S, Paulsmeyer, H, Vance. Row 4--J, McCutchen, R, Schwab, J, Edwards, H, Siebert, J, Wal- lard, D. Williams, T, Fredericks. Row 5--F. Mori, T Bloch, T, Shelton, B. Scearce, C, Spreng, T, Ellis, J. Govier, R, Whitten, and D, Lytle. Eventful Year Vickie Ellis, Lynn Corben, Susan Hale, Carol Luebert and Paula Null act out a skit during a Latin Club nip' meeting. '53 X 1 'l Gp iff W1 Julie Mengel, and Marie Willy discover the evils of Pandora's box at the Roman banquet at Shumman Park in May, Pandora's box of evil doing is carried on apillow by Julie Mengel while Kathy Love and Marie Willy await the opening of the box. 1 'Nl f Q Kathy Love, Hanna Jo Vance, " , V , ,J- in , X- ' aww n s :-: :- y 1, NK l is X ' ' W MM -' . ,sql ' M' isyyfggjv XCKIHCQQ ' 2551 11: 'ef L. if 36514 K' gg, was ' , 1, Wig 5 ' YJ J ,fi John McCutchen, Vickie Ellis, and Dennis Meschke look over all the Roman "goodies" at the bake sale held in April. 51 'E 2 E . 5 , ' n a : , Y 1 :- - Q f ' ' egg, 1 . W- ? Q mf s . gtgor. W, .a..m,..-,-,-.ff an 1 is . J' . J it , , . 2 E-' - , S la, ' w"'i..Z , - 1 1 a leg 2 ra f I ,. r,. French Club enthusiasts are: Row 1--J, Bruzewski, K, Tucker, J, Null, C. Hayes, P, Roberts, R, Powell, P, Mason, J, Brenneisen, Mrs. P, Croom. Row 2--L, Wien- ecke, K, King, K, Pauley, L, Heglin, V, Warrick, E, Higley, J. Schooler, M, Tucker, K, Love, N, Howden, B, Bramlett, K, Higley, B, Whitson. Row 3--D, Jones, C. Glenn, J, Schooler, S, Daniells, L, Rush, T, Carney, V, Stogsdill, D, Brown, K, Sowers, G, Waters, Row 4--P, Davidson, R, Green, S, Chenoweth, D, Hale, D, Marek. French Club Banquet Features Pasteboard monuments, symbolic of those in France, provided a decorative foreign flair to the French Club banquet held May 6, 1966. Other activities during the year included operating a concession stand during basketball season and having a spring picnic with members of Latin Club and German Club. Pat Davidson was named best member and Valerie Warrick, best pledge. Achievement awards in French were earned by Debbie Brown, Judy Null, Ann Fleming, 52 Suzie Daniells, Cathy Glenn, and Sharon Glenn. Chris Hayes served as president, other officers were Pat Roberts, vice-president, Jane Wade, secretary, Judy Null, treasurer, Ruth Powell, historian, and Pam Mason, pledge chairman. Le Cercle Francais strives to promote interest in the French language and help members better under- stand the country of France. - - 1 1 -.s.uw.uxa-..a.4feq ,4 Monuments Seated behind a cardboard momument of Fr2mce's Eiffel Tower are Mrs. Black, guest speakerg Mrs. P. Croom, sponsorg and C, Hayes, president. The French Club banquet was held in May. . " :iv , Q f u' '7 Qi ng , , ' ' f ' Ae,. - ,. A7 ' 1 ,s .E 'F .'-- 1 ' fi f . if y e Q ' 3 A .M Banquet guests Nancy Rowden, Ann Fleming, and Joyce Schooler admire a pasteboard cathedral representative of those in France. 5 I 0 F v Y' f u aarffffee 5 - 54 4 ' 1 in' 3 T Senior members of choir are: G, Adam, B, Alley, J, E, Tappmeyer, D, Thomas, J, Wade, J, Wiggans, K, York, Brenneisen, J. Brown, P, Elliott, L. Corben, M, Crain, M, Esser, J, Raines, L. Campbell, Gordon Juneau. Junior D. Feeler, B, Glidewell, R, Gollahon, E, Higley, V, Hub- members are: S, Allgood, G, Ayars, L. Burns, B. Carna- bard, D, James, D. Lewis, S, O'Haver, J, Melton, K, han, K, Davidson, A, Fleming, M, Guffey, D,Harris, H, E, Milward, J, Null, M, Patterson, F. Hayle, M, Riden, J, Johnmeyer, K. King, D. Sandhause, B, Lewis, T. Martin, Roberts, N, Sachs, J, Schooier, D, Sherrell, S, Stoll, J, Moulder, R, Nash, S, Palmer, D, Prewett, F, Renick, A-Choir ins ' ,,5?2i5?iSE'f" 71 Vocal soloists receiving , 'f 'J a "I" rating at the district fy I music contest are: Row 1--Pat Elliott, Jean Ro- - berts. Row 2--Edi Tap- pmeyer, Dru Thomas, and Jan Vickers. ,,. 'Q J. fd wi ,114 wx U. 512 I L, Roberts, L. Rusch, C, Simpson, V, Warrick, J, Faust, P, Martin, M, Vaughn. Sophomore members are: A, Arthur C, Crain, R, Cowan, R. Eckart, S, Hale, P, Erickson, C, Hines, R, Mitchum, J, Parker, D, Riden, D, Persing, K, Routh, M, Roy, D, Shackleford, K, Sowers, J, Sturgeon, M, Tucker, J, Vickers, R, Wagoner,G. Waters, P, Wishon, S, Yount, A, Wilkins. State Honor I Award V Rolla High's B6-member A-Capella Choir earned the highest rating possible--an Honor I--at the State Music Festival this spring. This award climaxed a series of high ratings received by the choir, and smaller vocal groups and soloists at the District Music Festival in March. Seven concerts were presented this year for various city organizations, the public, and student body, These included a Christmas Concert, a "Pop Concert" in con- junction with the junior and senior high bands, performances for Coterie of UMR Faculty Wives, the Lions and Rotary Service Clubs, FortLeonardWood, and student assemblies. Christmas concerts were given for various civic groups, including the Rolla Rotary Club. The first mishap on record occurred when 17 A-Choir members were slightly injured when a portable bleacher collapsed under them at Nutter Field House during the Fort Leonard Wood Christmas concert, Officers were: Kemmu Davidson, president, Kathy King, vice-president, and Jane Wade, treasurer. Mr. Bill Berry conducted A-Choir during his 2nd year at Rolla. Senior members of Band are: S. Battley, D. Canfield, J. Carmack, J, Carney, M, Cleveland, L, Copeland, B, Cottingham, K, Davis, M, Esser, L, Finley, D, Geers, S, Glenn, M. Govier, J, Hall, N, Laird, S, LeMaster, J. McCracken, K, Miller, K, Milward, P. Oakes, M, Pat- terson, D, Roach, J, Roberts, P, Roberts, J, Schooler, Band Present Dale Roach completes his third year as drum major. ,Y , ' .'.l aw aaa '21 gf? ' F1515 ,Hu S J, Schooler, M, Starkweather, S, Stoll, D, Thomas, J, Hummel, D, Wehmier, K, York. Junior Members are: C. Barr, T, Bloch, S, Brase, B, Brookshire, B, Carnahan, T, Carney, G, Christopher, V,Clapp,S,Daniels,M, Guffey, M. D. Hall, D. Harper, M, James, H. E, Johnmeyer, B, Killian, K, King, S, Knight, M. N, Masters, D. Meschke, ublic Concert "Reflections in Music" was the theme ofthe Rolla High Band's concert presented to the public in February. "Music is the mirror in which the cultures of the past are found reflected . . ." -- an anonymous saying which sums up the attitude of R,H.S, musicians as they presented music from period styles, such as the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, songs from the Middle East, se- lections from motion pictures and television. Five members participated in the South Central All-District Band in January: Dale Roach, Mike Cleve- land, Pat Cleveland, Vickie Ellis, and Jan Vickers. On April 29 and 30, winners from the District Music contest traveled to the Missouri University campus where they entered the State Music contest. Those receiving a "1" rating at state were Dale Roach, aflute quartet, two woodwind quartets, and a trumpet trio. On May 19, the Band gave a public concert along with the Junior High Band and the A-Choir. f,f:fi-f3,fL ,' ' I - Y .,,,, 1 W- , n V ,I f ,,'.:,i 'f'nQg' ,QW wr, 1-her, 332 Q23 H' QV Q "E x ' Rx' ' W """'3i'i ,446 ' gi wi ff' V' V V , I A: Y - awww-A. f W if W N fm! ' "-"' - ' A . sw a 5. A I YN 6' I . 5 4 Y Q 1 ,ik AP' Members of Modern Music Masters are: Row 1--H. Vance, J, Brown, J, Roberts, P, Elliott, K, King, P, Oakes, E, Tappmeyer, E, Higley, D, Geers, J, Null, J. Schooler, J, Brenneisen. Row 2--J, Schwab, S, Brase, K, Pauley, L, Powers, T, Martin, P, Erickson, R, Powell, M, Riden, S, Stoll, S, Glenn, D, Wehmeier, J, Schooler. Row 3--N. Laird, M, Govier, N. Rowden, D, Persing, L, Loughridge, V, Ellis, J, Vickers, P. Cleve- MMM Initiates Edi Tappmeyer served as MMM president during the school year. 58 15 land, S, Hale, C, Crain, M, Tucker, S, Da.nie11s.Row 4--M, Masters, M, Hall, S, Palmer, V, Warrick, B, Carnaha.n, K, Barr, D, Shackleford, P, Wishon, L, Rusch, T, Carney, V. Vogeler, P. Null. Row 5--P, Roberts, J, Govier, T, Ellis, A, Sachs, T, Friederichs, T, Bloch, W, Coy, A, Arthur, M, Guffey, F, Renick. Row 6--Mr. Cleveland, M, Cleveland, S, LeMasters, D. Harper, M, Esser. New Members If you were stopped by afrantic student requesting your signature in his or her little black book, you would have learned that he or she was an MMM apprentice. The Modern Music Masters initiation of 15 new members in October began the new year. MMM is an honor society for music-minded students of at least average scholastic ability Cwith the exception of music courses, in which a grade of a B must be main- tainedj. Edi Tappmeyer served as president, other officers were Ellie Higley, vice-president, Pam Oakes, secretary, Kathy King, treasurer, and Debbie Geers, historian. Mr. William Berry and Mr. Harold Cleveland served as co- sponsors. ? Future Medios are: Row 1--R. Powell, B, Shannahan, S. Stoll, C, Mirley, B, Louis. Row 2--B, Cottingham, B, Wagner, K. Davis, J, Gibbons, D, Burkhart, E, Higley, J, Decker, M, Govier, M, Spurgeon, L, Powers, Mr. Womack, sponsor. FMA Visits MU Medical Center Jean Ummel, senior, prepares Tim Friedricks for a typhoid shot. tax Trips to the University of Missouri Medical Center in Columbia, Mo. and to the sanitarium in Fulton, Mo. were the highlights of this year for Future Medical As- sociation CFMAJ members. Numerous guest speakers were also present for their regular monthly meetings. Those included Mr. Robert Masters, who spoke on medical technology, Dr. James Thomas, whose topic was medicine as a profes- sion, and Mrs. Alma Johnson, who discussed the re- wards of a nursing career. Sue Stoll presided at organization meetings, Mary Ahland served as vice-presidentg and Carol Mirly was secretary-treasurer. 59 Future teachers are: Row 1--H, Peeler, N. Rowden, C Simpson, B, Glidwell, S, Leonard. Row 2--P, Oakes, D, Burkhart, N, Luebert, J. Hatfield. Row 3--S, Brase, M Tucker, R, Powell, K, Pauley. Row 4--J, Harris, P Tucker, L. Rusch, M, Masters, B, Alley, B, Brantley. Row 5--B. Rogers, A, Flemming, L, Brown, L, Roberts. Row 6--Mrs. Jensen, D, Wilson, D, Marek, L. Adam Holds Book Sale Practice teaching in Ro1la's elementary and junior high schools topped the events on the 1965-66 calendar of the Future Teachers of America CFTAJ. Each of the 30 apprentice teachers "took a turn" in a classroom and taught classes. A book fair, which added S300 to the club's bank account, a formal tea honoring Rolla High's teachers, and preparation of aChristmas basket for a needy family rounded out FTA's projects for the year. Heading the list of officers was Nancy Rowden, president, Sharon Leonard, vice-president, and Carmen Simpson, secretary. a Mrs. Velma Jensen, sponsor, talks about a career in teaching at one of the regular night meetings. Students look over the selection of new books at the second annualbook fair. "JOKS, fX fix ,AXE f' ,f 1 f eg: . fir ti .affsfef .321 Ambitious students who combine school with COE on- the-job training are: Row 1--J, Feeler, M, Mowery, R, Vankirk, D, Tyler. Row 2--J, Black, L. Black, P, Curtis, W, Keeney, P, Agee, P, Sump, J, King, S, Wilson, G, COE Members Attend Contest Over 335,000.00 was earned during this school year by the 38 Cooperative Occupational Education CCOED members. Selected students attend COE class where they study principles related to their assigned jobs, and then actually work in a business establishment for a half day to gain valuable on-the-job experience. Average salaries for this year were 3.92 per hour for girls and 31.12 per hour for boys. In order to qualify for COE, students must have accumulated 10 credits Cif a juniorj or 14 credits Cif a seniorj. Activities of COE Club this year included attending a state contest in March and sponsoring an Employer- Employee banquet in April. Officers elected for the Rolla branch of the National COE Chapter, DECCA, include: Cathy Potter, presidentg David Dowing, vice- presidentg Gennie Green, secretary-treasurer, and Gary Mace, reporter. Bailey, J, Fusch, W, Bell, W, Crain, L, Happe1,G, Ousley. Row 3--D, Bixler, J. Palmer, D, Adams, J. Gruender, B. Lamb, J, Adams, G, Mace, K. Miller, L, Smallwood, J . Dalton. COE officers are: Row 1--Gary Mace, vice-president, Gennie Green, president. Row 2--Sandy Wilson, re- porterg Judy King, secretary, and Mr.Howard Roberts, CO01'diIl3tOI' . 61 'vp iw 0 wi ,, fiswzgssfziziif gm IA w ,. Students engaged in learning the ethics of the business Brown, J, Brenneisen, R, Curnutte. Row 3--D. Carr, world through the FBL S, Blue, V, Stogsdill, J, Faust. Row 2--P, Sump, J. A Club are: Row 1--S, Wilson, J, Schooler, D, Harper, J, Whalen. l 62 FBL Prepares Members for orld of Business Rolla High's Future Business Leaders of America KFBLAJ sent the third largest delegation of schools attending the district FBLA contest in Ellisville, Mo. this year. Those going from Rolla included Jeanne Schoo- ler, candidate for Miss FBLAg Pat Sump, Lorraine Cunningham, Virginia Stogsdill, spellingg Shelia Blue, awards commentatorg Dianne Carr, Judy Whalen, dele- gatesg and Mr. Don Weaver, Mr. Don Wi1kinson,sponsors. Goals of the organization include preparing inter- ested students for the business world and helping them to become better citizens. 1965-66 Officers PRESIDENT . . . . Shelia Blue VICE-PRESIDENT . . . Virginia Stogsdill SECRETARY . . . . Sandra Wilson SGT.-AT-ARMS . . . . Sharon Glenn SPONSORS . . . . Mr. Don Wilkinson, Mr. Don Weaver Mrs. Pat Havens 63 Future Farmers Row 1--B, Smith, G, Black, R. Chitwood, L, Perry, D, Hills, D, Feeler, J. Greig, Mr. Smith. Row 2--J, Tankersley, E, Lortz, G, Wagoner, J, Francis, B, Rees, G, Haas, C, Baker, D, Grisham, J, Fleming, R, Heck, R, Cox, C, Barnes, E,Davis, A. Sachs, R. Pogue. Row 3--T, Turner, R, Harris, J, Hunt, J, Williams, C, Montgomery. Row 4--B, Rush, D, McCracken, M, Williams, R, Shyles, L, Montgomery, A, Hughes, W, Maxwell, C, Allison, R, Chitwood, A, Johnson. Row 5--A, Arthur, P, Ford, M, Hall, G, Doerr, J, Arthur, J, Dillon, A, Harlan, R, Davis, M, Davis, K, Davis, D, Rush. Row 6--R, Hildreth, J, Green, A, Salts, D, Arthur, M, Poeppelmeyer, D, Williams, K, Davis, S, Adams, R, Reese, D, Tucker. Outstanding FFA boys received recogni- tion from sponsor James Smoth at their spring banquet. - a- -,"Ti7 'i - :.v 11,1 A .-3 1 gwwk 64 Julie Sturgeon reigned as FFA sweetheart. il... 7 .lg -1 'll' e ,: , :ff--5 it W , ,,,: i , a L, , "' 1- ' - 33 , Members of the barnwarming royal court include Danny Rush, Bunny Merrit, Bob Smith, Julie Sturgeon, Linda Cook, and David Feeler. FFA Wins Many Awards Barnwarming, wilder and gayer than ever, was fur- ther enhanced by the coronation of Julie Sturgeon as the Future Farmers of America sweetheart in November. A dance was held in the vocational agriculture and shop building after the "green hands" fnew membersj were initiated to help them get acquainted with old members. Future Farmers attended district, state, and national conventions as well as entering and winning serveral agricultural contests. A National FFA DairyCattle Trophy was won by Dan Rush, David Feeler, and Denzil Hills, Robert Smith was named State Chapter Farmer, Larry Perry, Star Chapter Farmer. State FFA Gold Medals were awarded to Ronald Chitwood Cpublic speakingJgLa.rry Perry Cdairy productsjg David Phelps Cfield cropsbg David Williams, Steve Adam, William Rush Csoilsj. Not only did FFA boys sponsor barnwarming and a parent-son banquet in the spring, but they also voluntarily assumed responsibility for the upkeep of Lions Memorial Football Field and the landscaping of a hillside at the rear of Rolla Senior High. Club leaders were: Bob Smith, presidentg David Feeler, vice-president, Ronald Chitwood, secretary5Denzi1 Hills, treasurer, George Black, sentinel, Larry Perry, chaplain, and Jack Fleming, parliamentarian. ' .65 100 FHA Girls Attend Conference Mrs. Retha Castleman, sponsor, demonstrates the art of flower arranging as Bob Harlem, the only male student in the home economics department, looks on. Future Homemakers are: Row l--L, Happel, B. Glid- well, P, Agee, W, Keeney, P, Curtis, J. Penfie1d,S, Knight, Mrs. Castleman. Row 2--N. White, P, Bowers, P, Hensley, P, Greckson, J, Andeiecke, L, Matlock, L. A regional meeting entitled "Neighbors Near and Far" highlighted this yea.r's accomplishments of the Future Homemakers of America CFHAJ. One hundred girls from the local chapter attended the conference at Lake of the Ozarks, Mo. in October. Other activities of Rolla's young homemakers in- cluded building a fourth-place homecoming float, sewing bags for Vietnamese children, and holding a Mother- Daughter banquet in May. Pearl Agee served as president of FHA, which seeks to improve personal, family, and commlmity liv- ing. Barbara Glidwell acted as vice-president, Beverly Rogers as secretary, and Penny Curtis as parliamen- tarian. The Betty Crocker Homemaker Award for excel- lence in the field of vocational home economics was received by Dianne Myers. Jacobs, L, Loughridge, P, Masterson. Row 3--J, Jordan, T, Harris, G, Turner, J, Kidwell, B, Hendrix, B, Black, K. Prouty, C. Shivers, W. Bell, A, Harland, V. Wagner. 66 Art Club members are: Row 1--K, Glenn M, Crow, J. Groves. Row 3--D, Scott, A, Jones, L, Burns, L, J, Groves, T, Vaughn, K, Tucker. Row 2--C,Heag1er, Brown. P, Martin, D, Jones, L. Leitner, Mr. Kaley,C, Hayes, El Arte Club Visits Art Museum Mr. Orville Kaley, Sponsor, and members of Art Club stuff napkins in a pink heart-shaped back- drop for the Growler Dance in February. R H' A trip to the St. Louis Art Museum highlighted the E1 Arte Club calendar of events this year. Other ac- tivities included designing programs for football and bas- ketball games, painting posters for the Homecoming Dance and helping with decorations for various other dances. Students interested in obtaining a better background in art and desiring to further their interest in the subject are welcomed as members of the club. Leading the group as president was Tricia Vaughn. Other officers were: Mike Crow, vice-presidentg Kathy Tucker, secretary, and Richiiarris, treasurer. Mr. Orville Kaley spent his first year at Rolla High as sponsf' the group. 67 Lettermen Honored at Banquet Selling booster ads for the football programs was the main project of Lettermen's Club this year. With the help of Pep Squad, the club earned over S300 in this money-making activity. During the University of Missouri basketball season R, H, S, Lettermen were in charge of the concession stand for all home games. Escorts for the Pep Squad fashion show were in- terested boysg they also assisted in "setting up" for the event. Two honorary members for the club were selected by the Lettermen at the end of the year at the annual athletic banquet in May. Lettermen are: Row 1--L, Miller, M, Crow, M, Klinker- man, J. Dalton, S, Molloy, D, Wilson, H. Harvey, B. Murphy, M, Bell, J, Parker. Row 2--S, Haas, B, Berry, L, Brown, P, Davidson, M, Jones, B, Pendleton, M, During homecoming activities, members served as drivers and escorts for the royal court. Dennis Wilson is pic- tured waxing one of the cars for the parade. Crain, H, Siebert, J, Wiggins, D. Roberts, G, Chick. Row 3--J, Jensen, L, Chrisco, B. Thomas, D, Morford, L. Frank, J. McCracken, G, Henry, and T. Mudrovich. ii tetreemews y ctue 'E Teenagers who enjoy chess as a leisure-time activity 'ire Row 1 A Peplow B Elliott Row 2 F Young D Denny, S. Cave. D. Peplow. and D. Tucker. Chess Club Has Eleven Members "The sport of kings and the king of sports" . . . .this is the belief of Rolla High chess players who meet each Thursday morning at the school to enjoy the kingly game of chess. Chartered in 1964, Chess Club now boasts a membership of eleven. Their major activity was playing in a tournament in the spring with the St, James Chess Club. Now in their second year at RHS, they plan to expand their club and enter several tournaments in the next few years. Frances Young served as president, while other officers were Barbara Hendrix, vice-presidentg A- manda Peplow, secretaryg and David Peplow, trea- surer. WW I gf' W T "'1' -' b' F59-fl 2-ig, . , ' li 151' ' L . Amly Q ! . 6' 1 I: 'i A ,ab . l f .: Q' W -1 ,Q 1 52 - 1 . , ' , 1 Y . -A , V V I w " 4, ' "' ' I I 1 r Q mljxi' ' Q G f ty.. 'V .. 3 s ,. L 4 -in-I The fi r st annual Lloyd Herrman Memorial Scholar- ship is presented to Jewell Brown and James Pfeifer by Principal H o n al d Compton Underclassmen recelvlng recognltlonare Row D lx1tC1'1Sl'1S lx Davidson Xl, Harris. How fi-- l B Broolxshwe B 'Shannahan P Null P H Brown L Xlorrls Xl Longo, Nl, Klinker- Tucker D Phelps L Spencer D Scott Row man G Cl'11Clx T Tredericks, li. Koboldt. kr I .Ir inf f new y, P 1 -il L3 B ,...... . Af. , W Q1 1 -1 ,wgsm ' , fwfgsv ' ' . G 5 ew ,W g .We V.. an J Girls chosen to attend Girls' State at Stephens College, B, Sha.nnaha.n, N, Rowden. Row 2--S, Palmer, T, Vaughn Columbia, Mo., are: Row 1--M. N, Masters, B, Kennedy, A, Fleming, Mrs. J, W, Bradford, Mrs. P, Shumate Girls' and Boys' State Selected as alternates to go if delegates couldn't, were: P, Tucker, L, Byers, Mrs. J, W, Bradford, Mrs. P Row 1--B, Elliott, K, Barr, L, Powers. Row 2--K, Roberts, Shumate. X f in ,JL FV 1 Q 1, A X 5 'H Meeting deadlines was the biggest problem of Growler staff members: Row 1--J. Wade, editor, P, Elliott, business staff, B, Whaling, business mgr. Row 2--R, Powell, circulation mgr.g J, Hatfield, ad. Staff, J, Bren- neisen, organizations ed., J. Null, assoc. ed.g S, Leon- ard, advertising mgr.g Lane Proctor, ad. staff. Not pictured: T. Martin, photographer, S, Blue, S, Daniells, P, Sump, class editors, R, Curnutte, sports ed., M. Stevenson, ad. staff, Mrs. B, Tryon, advisor. Growler Is Never-Ending job Editor Jane Wade jots down a cutline for ayear- book picture. Her job was to plan and coordinate work on the 1966 Growler. WWE isa Wil - School-life pictures, colorful facts, interesting head- lines--these are the ingredients the yearbook staff tried to put into the 1966 GROWLER, They worked at a seemingly never-ending job, starting in August before school com- menced and working until well after graduation in May. A mock-up of the book was compiled first to show exactly how much copy was needed, the kind of pictures, and desired layout of each page. Photos were then taken, copy and headlines were written, and layouts were pasted up. The year 1966 at Rolla High was printed, its story was told in pictures and words by the GROWLER staff. In October, five staff members attended a year- book workshop in Springfield to learn new techniques. To balance the budget, advertising sales zoomed to an all-time high for RHS of 26 pages, and students paid S5 instead of S4 for THE GROWLER, This brought it into line with increased publishing costs. Over 475 books were sold. The annual Growler Dance in February went Hcon- temporary" with a "Growler A Go-Go" theme. A year of taking pictures, writing copy, and rushing to meet deadlines ended when final layouts were sent to press in July. Students Get Bi-Weekly Echo Free Photographer Tara Martin spends many hours in the darkroom printing pictures for ECHO and GROWLER, Journalists who write, edit and distribute the RHS news- paper are: Row 1--J, Hatfield, reporter, P, Elliott, bus. mgr.g B, Whaling, bus. staff. Row 2--J, Brenneisen, reporter, C. Hayes, co-editor, S. Leonard, reporter, K. Tucker, RHS news bureau ed. Not Pictured: P. Oakes, Factual news, unusual features, colorful sports, forceful editorials--these were the lifeblood of the ROLLA HI ECHO, the school newspaper. Published 18 times during the school year, the ECHO was distributed without charge to approximately 800 students, faculty, townspeople, and advertisers. Staff members started from "scratch't--assign- ments were posted by the co-editors Ceach co-editor had responsibility for alternate issuesj, or news tips were obtained from teachers or classmates. Reporters gathered facts by interview, observation or research, and then compiled the information into a newspaper story. After being copyread for accuracy, stories were taken to the printer to be set in type. Proofs of the stories were checked by proofreaders, pasted on pages by editors, and returned to the printer for publication. Although distribution of the ECHO ended the cycle, it also signaled the start of another round of assignments, writing, and editing, Even as the circulation manager licked and pasted the last stamp on a folded ECHO for mailing, reporters were tapping out news for the next issue. co-editor, C, Williams, feature ed., M, Patterson, sports ed., R. Powell, P, Sump, S, Blue, D. Hill, reporters, L. Proctor, L, Roberts, photographers, Mrs. B, Tryon, advisor. POITS Muddy football games, exciting basketball compe- tition Cincluding lst in the Central Missouri Conferencej, a successful track season, rained-out baseball games, and a winning golf team . . . these we remember as the highlights of the 1965-66 sports season at RHS. 9 5115. src: NNN 1965 football team members are: Row 1--D, Marek, S Haas, H, Harvey, L, Kitchens, D, Drew, J, Wiggins, A. Brummell, J, Stites, L. Miller, D, Wilson. Row 2--B Angerman, T. Stevens, L, Brown, D, Tucker, M, Myers G, Chick, B. Murphy, D, Kitchens, M. Jones. Row 3--M Bulldogs Complete Team football players listen attentively as Coach O'Nea.l gives pointers on an upcoming game. -5 iw , l , ,.,l,l, 1 ll,ill 'Ql. ,ll fel- P 'L' gun' 5? A '-1 r- , ' LQ Mg J., in-. -.. 5 Bell, T, Arthur, R. Duncan,S, Argo, J, Parker, M. Klinker- man, B, Berry, J. Jensen. Row 4--D. Henry, R. Cowan, P. Manis, M, Estey, J,McCutchen,M,Ne1son, R. Mitchum, D. Glenn, M, Fuller. Season with 4-6 Record 3 Through rain, mud, and cold and hot temperatures, the Rolla Senior High football team trudged through the 1965 gridiron season, emerging with a 4-win, 6-loss record. Although 85 total points for the season, 102 average yards per game, 42.8 per cent passes completed, and 1,508 total offensive yards gained are not impressive statistics, they are very respectable when this year's schedule is considered. Rol1a's 1965 Bulldogs played the roughest, toughest, most skilled competitors the school has ever faced on the football field according to most observers, Besides the talented teams of the CEMO Conference Uefferson City, Columbia, Sedaliaj, they also battled Cfor the first tirnej the big boys of Northwest High School in St. Louis, Jefferson City's Helias High School, and the Glendale Falcons of Springfield. The Bulldogs captured 4th place in the Central Missouri Conference this year in spite of the rough schedule. August 15 marked the beginning of summer practice sessions. Jim Jensen, Hugh Harvey, and Lucius Kitchens were among the football players who trained for the forthcoming season. Following the instruc- tions of Coaches Cal- white and Brown, foot- ball athletes Jim Jen- sen and Delmar Drew practice a blocking technique as another team member, Gary Chick, looks on. 79 I e 4 1 sf. ,. .A A -enu- -s . vw ' , .- s ' 4 Q ,gtg-i,, .2 wi, -1, ' , Q-, -xr Y :Ji WFEFZJ-' - 4 ' 'i 4 "' T .L 1. f. . - ,-1. -- " ' 'ax -. 1 : LM Q J 53 -' 'X .51 4 . E x 'E ' Q'v ,vk,' .I 'ff' .BP-4, AL 4 I New V. V ,1 M, .J 4 135121 ' ' ,QL ...f g --:ix If v .sg- 1 a Q 'rv 4 . '- i' I-,-f'?T E -RJ ' .- Qvgtnh 0 1 U Q56 Lv Ui:-V: Y N .H A5 P 3 Q-A , A-ri' iff, x.. fi IKE! as they battle for the championship of the game. Has Tough Season 1966 Season's Record RHS FOOTBALL OPONENTS Lebanon 0 Waynesville 12 Sedalia 14 Hannibal O Columbia 29 Mexico O Jefferson City 45 Northwest fSt. Louisj 22 Helias Ueff Cityj 21 Glendale QSpringfie1dy 19 ROLLA 14 19 6 14 0 2 O '7 16 '7 V , 5 Q -.5 ,QI . . ' L N . , . se L The Iockerroom became the scene for many pre-football game lectures by Coach O'Nea1. Running through their many football plays was only part of the team's summer work-out program. A .. , 83 Q .-.-mum? ig . W A. M, , , Miva- ' 'Eg ' 55? Z un ,K. -K .w,,. -- KK ff KKK 1 .5 4? iulii KKKKK i 1 f 4 L I . 52'-za in ? 1 is if f v 1 rifl- , - :lf . . , . 94 If - h 6 1, Q? KK KKK -1"'f . lx Lf? I gf K 238: Lvl 5 GEMO conference champs include: Row 1-- Row 3--Team managers D. Giacomarra, M G. Taylor, G. Henry, L, Frank, C. Franklin, Crow, D. Roberts Not pictured--Assistant D. Morford Row 2--Coach P, Simmons, B. Coach R, West Pendleton, D. Riden, M. Jones, M. Crain. Dogs Take First in CEMO Conference Coach Paul Simmons 1965-66 Bulldogs . . . a team of champions. This squad, the most successful in over 10 years at RHS, captured first place in the CEMO conferenceg placed one man, Don Morford on the All-State honorable mention line-up: included four among All-District players Clvlorford, lst team: Frank, 2nd team, Henry and Franklin, honor- able mentionbg and placed all five starters' in All-Conference berths ClVlorford, co-captaing Henry, Frank, Frankling and Crain, honorable mentionl, Losses to the small but respectable teams of Houston, St. James, Buffalo, and Waynesvilleg a close 4-point defeat by Col- umbiag and 2nd place rather than lst in the Lebanon tournament were the only blemishes on Rolla's near-perfect record. The 'Dogs average score per game of 62 overshadowed by 14 points their opponents' average of 48. Rolla's starting five Call seniors!--G. Henry M. Crain, L. Frank, D. Morford, C. Frank- lin. X Xxx Proud winners of the Rolla lnvitatlon tourney are Mike B111 Pendleton Larry Fra.nk,Corky Franklin Ga.ryTay1or Crain, Gary Henry, Don Morford Coach Paul Slmmons, David Kitchens Mike Jones Dogs Place F1rst 1n Wn Tourney "Good game, boys," Coach Paul Simmons seems to be saying af- ter the Bulldogs chalk up another victory in their own tournament, by defeating Crocker Lions 64-50. V f, -ZJw?QS'lY- f:,' ii r' ' : x 4, T v'a' f we W N ' " , 3 r n 2 3 i 4 if Q e r r v JE 1 E, r V N .lf XL kg! fi N RV H if-g 121 I Q A if Q 5' N :" . We . V, V HW -1:5 3 " ij? V ' 2 . ,igicrtgf , A q i H es, Abe" e p can 154i so 520 'gi 91 fx-1 , r A 1 y ew rm - J ...i as a b- . -'f 4 V. 4 ' ' . t i - - ' f IRI' '1 Q1- 13V . Lg l -assi K-ff RHS B-team basketball courtsmen: CTopJ Rob Sandhaus, Bill Voight, Roger Guerin, Don Williams and Ron Mitchum. Qsottomy Gary Haas, John Schwaneke, Jim Wo11ard,Mike Serrrer Forward Gery Henry gets reeey fo put inthe Lewis, and Ted Authur. hole against Crocker here, in Ro11a's Coach Paul Simmons stops the clock to discuss possible ways of adding to the Bulldogs trophy collection in the championship game of the Rolla tournament. invitational tourney 87 WJ' ,Q Enjoying their share of a ffgood luck" cake from Pep Squad before their CEMO championship game with Mexico, are Mike Crain, Larry Frank, Paul Busby, and Mike Crow, Gary Henry, 6'1", jumps to add 2 points for Rolla as 6'11" Don Mor- ford, tallest player in RHS history, waits for the rebound. Dogs End Season with 23-6 Record 1965-66 Basketball Scores OPPONENT ROLLA Lebanon . . . . 38 72 Salem . . . . 50 68 Houston ......... 55 62 HOUSTON TOURNAMENT 2nd Place Waynesville ....... 45 64 Columbia . . . . 57 68 Jefferson City . . . . 44 45 Sullivan ......... 68 88 Hannibal ......... 59 69 ROLLA TOURNAMENT lst Place St. James ........ 63 44 88 OPPONENT Mexico . . . 63 Columbia ........ 57 Houston ......... 57 LEBANON TOURNAMENT Hannibal ......... 57 Seclalia . . . 57 Buffalo . . . . . 55 Sedalia .... . . 56 Jefferson City ....... 54 Mexico ......... 59 CLASS L REGIONAL TOURNAMENT ROLLA 72 53 74 2nd Place 62 58 49 57 71 77 3tcl Place Bulldog Gary Frank trles desperately for a basket durmg the game agamst C0lUmb12hG1'E5 on January 28 suffereH'its first conference defeat, 57-53. 4 I. X 1 AI7, 1 ...vw M . E html 3 f 45?-iLl:Qf43gLr'L , , ,.., , y , I-.,i 5 I, . gfal 1: E in 1 i -A I we .,,f. 1. L - 1, Ro11a's track team includes Row l M Myers, T Ste J Jensen, G Ch1ck, E Bartley, M Klmkerman Row vens, S, Argo, J, Wiggms, M Jones, D Kltchens B 3 Coach F O'Neal, B Mams, D R1den, G Haas Murphy. Row 2--D, W11l1ams R M1tchum, B Berry M Nelson,M Fuller, T Arthur L Brown Mile relayers Bob Berry and Eddie Bartley give the extra burst of speed needed to defeat Waynesville on April 29. Gary Chick skims over the bar to win pole vault competition in ahome meet against Waynesville. 54 H Ri . Magi E . , 2-5.15 RHS cindermen listen at- tentively as Coach O'Neal and Coach Brown give instructions. Ron Mitchem and Terry Stevens successfully complete the pass in a mile relay. All-district trackman Gary Chick crosses the finish line to complete a mile relay. Waiting for events to begin in the Waynesville meet at Rolla are future RHS cheerleaders Sharon Lough- ridge, Brenda Kennedy and Karen Pauley. R.H.S. Places 2nd in John Wiggins displays the style with which he broke the school record by throwing a 49' 10 1f4" shot put to sophomore shot putter Dale Riden. A11-District runners Gary Chick and Mark Klmkerman get ready to compete against each other in practice CEMO Meet at Columb1a 1966 Season's Record CEMO Conference at Columbia: Springfield Open House: Lebanon!Cherryvil1e at Rolla: Jeff. CityfCan'1denton at Jeff: Waynesville Invitational: Capital City Relays: Waynesvil1e!Ro1la at Rolla: Rolla!!-Ielias at Jeff: CEMO outdoor at Hannibal: District outdoor at Springfield: lst Jeff. City 2nd Rolla lst Parkview 2nd Rolla lst Rolla lst Jeff . City 2nd Rolla lst Rolla lst Jeff. City 3rd Rolla lst Rolla lst Rolla lst I eff . City 4th Rolla lst Parkview 6th Rolla Rolla's golfers include: T. Friedericks, M. Estey. I. McCracken. B. Thomas, J. McCutchen, B. Cottingham. D. Lytle K. Koboldt, M. Crow. 1966 Golf Record STATE MEET CONFERENCE DISTRICT SMS RELAYS Q2OteamsJ 94 Sth Place 4th Place 2nd Place 2nd Place RHS golfers again placed near the top in state- wide competition by capturing 8th place in the Missouri State High School Golf Tournament. The team, sparked by lettermen Benny Thomas, Bill Cottingham, David Lytle, and Jim McCracken, and coached by Dwaine Miles, won two matches with Jeffer- son City and Union, plus one with Dixon. :Q rest V, 1. v if i 1 nf Y lv' .VJ if Practice makes perfect accordmg to Davld I ytle Golfers Earn 8th 1n State Lettermen-B111 Cottingham and Benny Thomas complete practlce puts Benny, A11 fonference was ranked in the top f1ve golfers 1n the state ' Q .gal ' lv N-A .-'7 A kts?-N' 5,225 . 'fa- ,,-55:1 :v-dw' -g ,J Avfywx , -. . 'Eg Y hw 1,1 X 1, . 9, q., Y ,- X v as A L 'PX Q if 1 1 ' We ' S --jr' rn my , .e ' gy- t " Q MA 1 1 J ' C E , 'V 4 l l 1 V Rolla player Mike Raines demonstrates the hitting skill which was the strong point of this year's team. Senior pitcher Bill Angerman warms up during -a daily practice session at Green Acres Park. mmf, .. ,- . . 1 1 96 1966 BASEBALL RE OPPOSING TEAM ROLLA Lebanon . . Jefferson City St. James . Waynesville Owensville . St. James . Sullivan . . Waynesville Licking . . Rained-out games hampered Rol1a's baseball team this year. Players are: Row l--B, Pendleton, K, Gremp, D, Feeler, G, Henry, L, Chrisco, J, Schwaneke, D, Brandt, J. Waters. Row 2--C, Franklin, L. Frank, M, Crain, G, Sherman, B, Angerman, L, Allison, M, Lewis, R, Carl Franklin refines his pitching technique during prac- tice. Duncan. Row 3--R, Seper, B, Hart, M, Chute, S, Whit- ney, G, Case, B, Voight, R, Guerin, M, Raines. Row 4--Coach R, West, R, Sandhaus, D, Henry, D, Glenn, Managers--H, Siebelt, D, Roberts, D, Giacomarra. Coach Roy West, who taught in a professional baseball school last summer, watches a practice session. X Ei. all ia :-:4'P at 6 Eg.. X , - i 'Q EV , h.....,,,, , f x Ei!! J .,,:.A .- J H .Qf..: .., R 5. ' a f HN. ,iff ,gff , , A I .ar ,-4 afi5'33H e X , -1-"sf 47?-T' .santa err irls Pla Volleyballg ther Intramural Sports An intramural volleyball tournament in February highlighted the girls sports program during 1965- 66. Physical activity for girls was concentrated in daily gym classes which offered everything from tennis, archery, and bowling to gymnastics and tumbl- mg. Y? war-warg .,. 1 'gf' if il: 'Qgx F4 vy i if Q-'31 A X M 3' agp A relaxed crowd Watches a game at RHS. Rolla Fans Rate High in Sportsmanship Holla fans, coaches, and athletes earned an outstanding 1,01 sportsmanship rating for the 1965-66 football season from the Missouri State High School Activities Association. Rat- ings, whi ch were determined by reports from officials participating in games, range from "1" to with "1" representing outstand- ing and "5" denoting poor Standards were based on the players' respect toward officials and opponents, sportsman-like conduct and attitude of the coaches, cooperation of the cheerleaders, sportsmanship of the fans, proper supervision by school administration, and moral tone on and off the field. 99 Academic The challenge of learning . . . the boredom of homework . . . fun with classmates . . . an inspiring lecture . . . these we remember as the academic side of Rolla High. Goals of our academic program include prepara- tion of students for immediate employment, college, a specific job, or post-high school technical training. Eighty-four subjects are taught in 161 class sections by 42 teachers. Rolla's curriculum is rated among the best in the state. Schedules are based on a 6-hour day, with 18 112 units required for graduation. i 102 I 1 I -.. - l we ' .-- f J "k,...QA H -Y Vi' C' i 1 -- of Rout- 2 -9" wi H Forward-looking citizens who served as members of the retary to superintendent. Row 2--John Morris, treasurerg BOARD OF EDUCATION include: Row l--Dr. Robert Dewayne Williams, secretaryg James Jenseng and Robert Russellg Superintendent Robert Atking Charles Sands, Conyers, vice-president. presidentg Dr. E. E. Feindg Miss Maxine Henley, sec- ROBERT ATKIN completed his second year as Superintendent of Rolla Public Schools. Assistant Superintendent RAY L, MILLER has served in education for 41 years, 34 of them here, -- 1 Y w , . - '- Y . ,-r . ,- . ,--- ,.-. -Hn ggi Q13 IQQI lf.-,J. . 1. I , Tl v 'fi I l. an ' -l I 1 1 '1 1. fi I.. G' .1 7 1 'lffl LL I Lffl L 1 5 Q el Ililllllll I! RONALD COMPTON, principal of Rolla Senior High, came here in September 1964. Assistant Principal MILTON ARNOLD has been at Rolla High for '7 years, School Bond Passes Administrators Plan Major Improvements Passage of a S695,000 bond issue, completion of plans for expansion of Rolla's school facilities, and initiation of a vocational training program stand out as the major accomplishments of the 1965-66 Board of Education. Rol1a's Board of Education and school adminis- trators succeeded in gaining approval of a S695,000 bond issue by a landslide 9-to-1 majority vote this year. Provisions were made for a 374,442 addition to the high school to include a new library, several class- rooms, and improved guidance facilities. In addition, S128,366 is to be used for remodeling Eugene Field Elementary School into a vocational train- ing center. Practical courses such as auto mechanics, carpentry, and radio and television repair, willbe offered. Completion of a two-year evaluation of Rolla High by the North Central Association, placed RHS 'fon top of the heap" with no major weaknesses to be corrected. Minor improvements are being made based on committee recommendations, however. 103 Dianne Myers, Mary Ahland, and Bill Anger- man take advantage of library facilities to complete an assignment before going to class. MISS GEORGIA KIDD p t Librarian B.S., Northeast Mo. State MRS. RUBY ROBERTS Director of Guidance B.S., Southwest Mo. State Masters, U. of Mo. ROBERT BALLENGER Counselor B.S., Southeast Mo. State Masters, U. of Mo. Guidance, Library Programs Expanded Rolla High's guidance program was ex- panded this year to include a full-time trather than part-time! counselor as well as a di- rector of guidance. Counselors at RHS try to help students with their educational, voca- tional, and personal problemsg and assist them in understanding their abilities, apti- tudes, interests, and attitudes Information, based on various tests given students during their school careers, is filed with permanent records in the Guidance Department as an aid in choosing a vocation. Catalogs on colleges and job opportunities are also available to help Rolla teenagers plan their futures. The high school library, Where students could study or check out one of the 5,000 books, was enlarged at the end of the year when approximately 500 additional volumes were ordered, Library selections include fic- tion, non-fiction, references, and other ma- terials for use in preparing class assign- ments or reading for pleasure. l0A ...JFIC ' Secretaries Help Students Rolla High's two full-time secretaries handle everything from bookkeeping, ticket selling, and attendance records, to calls from parents, mail distribution, and mimeographing tests In addition, student assistants are nor- mally assigned to help with routine clerical Work or run errands. Located in the Administration Building, the secretary to the superintendent consoli- dates reports and requirements of the Senior High, Junior High, and Elementary Schools and keeps central files on all important school business. MISS MAXINE HENLEY Secretary to Superintendent MRS. PEGGY KALEY Secretary to Principal MRS. LINDA WITYK High School Secretary there only part of year? MRS. SADIE MUELLER Secretary to Principal Chere only part of yearl MRS. MARY LOU MORRISON, High School Secretary there only part of yearb Students crowd the main lobby at the beginning of school to get locks for their lockers from the office secretaries MRS. BONNIE MILES Shorthand, Gen. Busi- ness B.S., Southwest Mo. State 545 Study DON WILKINSON Typing, Bus Law, Economics, Sales, Ad- vertising A.B., Adams State Col- lege MRS. PAT HAVENS Typing, Clerical Prac- tice, Secretarial Prac- tice B.S., Southeast Mo. State DONALD J. WEAVER Marketing, Mgt., Bookkeeping, Retailing, Typing B.S., Southwest Mo. State U. of Mo: Drury HOWARD ROBERTS C.O.E. B.S., Northeast Mo. State Masters, U, of MO, Business Subjects Practical courses, including every- thing from economics, business law, and marketing, to bookkeeping, typing, and clerical practice were offered by the Business Education Department this year. A total of 545 students enrolled in the 21 available business courses Field trips to court and local busi- ness, as well as on-the-job experience gained through the C.O.E. and teachers- assistant program helped improve student concepts of skills and attitudes needed for success in the business world Enrollment in the six sections of typing of fered this year climbed to Well over 180 pupils. Orchestra-member Mike Cleveland believes, as do other RHS musicians, that practice pays Self-evaluation by students is an integral part of the philosophy of the Fine Arts Depart- ment. Art teacher Orville Kaley helps artists Alfred Jones, Louis Smart, and Dru Thomas critique their posters. 0115 img HAROLD CLEVELAND Band, Orchestra, Mu- B.S., Northeast Mo SiCTheo1'y WILLIAM BERRY C ho i r, Humanities Fund, of Music State B.S., M.A., Northeast Mo. State Fine Arts Are Emphasized Since fine arts are interwoven in all as- pects of life, from paintings on the Walls to music that is played, Rolla' students were given guidance in meaningful cultural experi- ences to help them understand the place of fine arts in their lives They played in the band and orchestra, sang with the choir, painted pictures, etc Enrollment reached 386 in the ll dif- ferent courses given A new class, Humani- ties, was offered for the first time to help students understand and appreciate fine arts even more. ORVILLE KALEY Art 1, 11,111 Oklahoma State U. B.S., Eastern Ill. U. YT ' -i 4:11 ini lO7 l MRS. NANCY LYTLE MRS. PEGGY ANN MRS. ROSE M. BEVERIDGE CROOIVI ALLEY L9-'fin French German A-B., IVIOIIHWOUU1 A.B., Arkansas B.S., Allegheny College University College Grad- Work, U. of Heidelburg University Chicago 162 Study Foriegn Languages Three foreign languages were offered at Rolla High School: Latin, French, and German. Class enrollments this year climbed to 69 in French I - IV, 49 in Germanl - IV, and 44 in Latin I - IV. The study of these languages, whether classical or modern, was designed so indi- viduals could understand and appreciate the basic structure, vocabulary, and culture ofthe people and country they represent Courses included basic understanding and speaking during the first two years, and composition and reading of literary works during the third and fourth years. Dressing in costumes, eating typical Roman foods, and studying early Roman customs, helped these students understand the Latin language a little better. Hom e economics Senior Ruth Miller admires flowers W hi c h s h e h a s antiqued The pro- cess, which in- volves the use of P fig varnish on artifi- 1 cial flowers, is new to the department this year. in., W Home EC Teaches Basic Skills MRS. RETHA CASTLEIVIAN Child Care, Home Nursing, Home Ec, MRS. MARY Reupholstering furniture and painting the home economics room were activities of a new class which specialized in home furnish- ing and decorating. Other units were de- signed to meet the home and family needs of the 118 girls and one boy taking home ec courses Emphasis was placed on developing de- sirable habits, attitudes, and ideas which will help students become more effective home- makers and managers. Some classes visited Rolla homes to observe homemaking techni- quesg others studied everything from basic Furn, gl Decor ANDERSQN cooking and child care to sewing. B.S., Oklahoma Col- Food Si Clothing lege for Women B.S., lVI.S., Kans as U. of Mo. State U. lVI. Spurgeon and B. Ettlemen practice cooking skills. .T bf We .. QWZ' I 109 I Debate helps the individual become a better speaker and more logical thinker, accord- ing to outstanding debaters Oliver Grawe, Shannon Cave, Pat Rob- erts, and Sue Stoll. Language Arts MRS. JOYE VAN NOSTR AND English I B.S., Southwest Mo. State MRS. BARBARA TRYON MRS. THELIVIA MRS, FRANCES IVIRS. VELIVIA Journalism, Publica- CAVE HENRY JENSEN tions English III English III E nglish Literature, B.S., C entral Meth- A.B., Drury College A.B., Carleton World Literature odist 1VI.A., U of Mo. College B.S., U, of Mo. Grad. Work, U, of Mo. .g X, , Fundamentals of good grammer are being studied by Nancy Howden and her classmates in English. Emphasize Creativity Language arts covered everything from speech, drama, debate, and journalism, to literature and English The departments goal was to create more effective readers, writers, listeners, talkers, and thinkers Enrollment in speech, drama, and de- bate classes totaled 106 this yearg with 45 in journalism coursesg and 638 taking English and literature. MRS. JACQUETTA WILSON MRS. PAT English II WoLFoRD St. Joseph Jr. College, Speech, Debate, U. of Mo. Drama St. Joseph LawSchool, B.S., Arkansas State Lincoln U. College Q N-tyX The exciting world of the microscope is explored by biology student Valerie Otis.. Modern scientific equipment is available for use in RHS laborator- ies and classrooms. II2 252 Study Science Biology, chemistry, and physics were the main stays of the Science Department curriculum. Two hundred fifty-two enrolled in science courses this year. Understanding of living organisms was stressed in biology classes with a majority of time in courses such as BSCSSM CBiologi- cal Science Curriculum Study--Special Ma- terials! and BSCS CBiological Science Cur- riculum Studyl spent conducting laboratory experiments. Chemistry courses were laboratory oriented as well with emphasis being placed on the principles of chemical reactions and atomic theory. LELAND VVOM ACK BILL BRENT Biology, BSCS, Chemistry BSCSSM B.S., U of Mo. A.B., Central NLS., U of Mo., Rolla Methodist i V, CHARLES A. MARCOTT Metal, Woodworking, Power Mech. B.S., lXfI.S., Central Mo. State, U. of Wyoming JACK LANDERS Drafting, Gen. Shop, Elec., Eng Draw. B.S., Central Mo. State JAMES R. SMITH Voc, Agriculture, Weld- ing, Farm Mgt., Elec. B.S., M.A,, U. of Mo. Industrial Arts, Agriculture Give Valued Skills Drafting, Woodworking, power me- chanics, electricity, and welding are the basic areas covered by the 192 students participat- ing in the Industrial Arts program this year. Many practical skills were learned which will be of value to boys who choose engineering or a related field as a career, or the fellow who enjoys building "do-it-yourself" home projects. The Vocational Agriculture curriculum stressed the scientific approach to livestock and crop production, as well as developing welding and electrical Wiring skills. Enroll- ment included 44 Ag students and 19 farm management and welding students Close to 60 10th, 11th, and 12th graders are enrolled in general and machine Woodworking classes which concentrate on Wood finishing, carpentry, furniture design, upholstery, etc. Future carpenters, mechanics, and engineers have an opportunity to learn the meticulous art of drafting at H.H.S. faflfi . arg 11 ' H3 Social studies classes help students un- derstand themselves and the World they live in. 4 Social Studies Teach Citizenship MRS. JEANNE CHRISTENSEN World History, ECO- nomics, Government B.S., American U. NLS., Purdue U. X NU is GLENN POE Contemporary Issues, American History A.B., B.S., Arkansas State College MRS. BEATHICE LAMPERT Psychology, XV o r l d History, Geography, Sociology B.S., Wisconsin U, Social studies classes at Rolla High tal- lied a daily attendance of 661 Teenagers attended to gain an understanding of the his- tory, organization, and function of our social, economic, and political systems. Classes covered subjects ranging from history, psychology, geography, and family relations, to sociology, contemporary issues, government, and economics. Curiosity about human behavior was en- couraged in psychology class and the family relations course was concerned with the prob- lems of youth. History covered the past While geography and contemporary issues dealt with world cultures and the problems of today. I Lx ., N ..,,5bv,,,.. George Richards, instructor, explains the properties of three-dimensional figures Math Enrollment JAMES ARTHUR PREWETT Geometry, Functional Math B. S. , U. of Mo. M. S. , U. of Mo. , Rolla EUGENE LYNN Algebra, Geometry, Term. Math B.S., U. of Mo. M.S., U. of Mo., Rolla GEORGE RICHARDS Algebra, Physics, Trig 81 Math Analysis B.S., U. of Mo. to a Modern Introductory Analysis class. Reaches 362 S A Although all math courses are elective in grades 10 through 12, enrollment in Matheg matics Department courses totaled 362. Al- gebra, geometry, mathematics and trigonome- try were the principal subjects offered. ical education classes Gym Classes Take Part in National Physical MRS. RUTH BALLENGER Girls' Phys Ed. B.S., Southeast Mo. State FORREST O'NEAI.. Football Coach, Track Coach, Am. Hist. B.S., Southeast Mo. State PAUL EDWARD ' SIMMONS Basketball Coach, World l l Hist, l B.S., Southwest Mo. State Masters, Drury College Nl 9, LYMAN BROWN Drivers Training, Ath- letics B.S., Southeast Mo. State ROY JAMES WEST Baseball Coach, Phys. Ed. B.S., Southwest Mo. State TONY CALWHITE Athletics B.S., Southwest Mo. State l l Rhythms are an integ- ral part of girls' phys- Daily practice in team competition, exercises, and individual sports helps RHS students develop physical fitness, sportsmanship, and athletic skill. Fitness Tests Archery, volleyball, bowling, tumbling, tennis, badminton, and other team and individual sports were included in the physical education and athletic pro- gram at Rolla High. Two hundred sixty-two boys and 114 girls were enrolled this year. Both boys' and girls' gym classes took part in national physical fitness tests. Students earned 112 unit of credit for participation this year Cone unit of physical education is required for gradua- tionj. Major sports such as football, baseball, bas- ketball, track, golf, cross-country, a.nd volleyball, had at least one coach with experience in that sport so that participants had a chance to learn the best methods and techniques of the sport. Mrs. June Harper, school nurse, emphasizes the importance of preventive medicine in maintain- ing good health. She keeps a detailed health rec- ord on each RHS student. Nurse, Cafeteria Staff, Custodians, Health care and cafeteria service were expanded during 2nd semester when a full- time nurse Went on duty and a dietitian was added to the staff. Nursing services were formerly available only on a part-time basis, no dietitian was employed. Cafeteria Workers included: B, Stebbins, J, Glenn, E, Spencer, A, Campbell, G, Breeden, L, Lambeth, Mace, C, Shultz, and L. Steen. Custodian for the cafeteria was L. Pfeifer. Approximately 1, 200 persons ate in the Jun- ior High and Senior High cafeterias each day. Senior High students Cbelovvbvvere served cafeteria-style and carried their food on trays to tables. H8 Mrs. Glee Kincannon, dietitian, divides her time between the Junior and Senior High cafeterias. She supervises and plans food preparation. This was the last year at RHS for veteran custodian Jeff Hawkins, who retired after 32 years of service. I 1 Custodians Wesley Ragan and Cecil Tyler talk with stu- dent Larry Smallwood during class-time. Larry was ern- ployed inthe school cafeteria under the C. O. E. program. and Bus Drivers Serve Rolla Students Rolla High students enjoyed a clean, well- kept school and efficient bus service because of a capable custodial staff and dependable bus drivers. Cleaning, sweeping, mowing grass, re- pairing furniture were only four ofthe many tasks completed this year by custodians Cecil Tyler, Jeff Hawkins, Ray Henry, Kenneth Jones, and Wesley Ragan Busses ran practically every day this year, covering an average of 7,983 miles per bus. Only a few days were missed because of heavy snow. Like huge yellow elephants, Holla's fleet of 23 busses lumber into position behind the school to pick up passengers for the trip home. They traveled well over 183,600 miles in covering their regular routes this year. Il 9 tudents We remember close to 700 students . . . dragging sleepily to school in the mornings . eating ahurried lunch . . . going home after classes or downtown for a coke. These are our friends dressed in textured hose and wearing straight, frosted hair in the classroom, or donning a madras shirt and cut-off jeans for apicnic. Meetings, jobs, homework, and other obligations limit the time of today's teenagers. These are students, our friends as they were in 1965-66 at Rolla High School. OR-HI ex Ge 'QQ' , x JN m 1 t , - ' O ,g g O f 1. h N 'PO V wo ROLL LLA ' 122 ,fe i me ' f, Stephen Adam A Q15 Dianna Adams -. " A V 'M ZLL 5' 1 A 1 4 'Q I 'J 4 ,G a Linda Adam if-fl f' 9 ,' .,,-' az.. W Nu wg im Y , Tony Bahr C Janice Barnes Zzi M Randb' Barns fd 1 I ' ma ri, 'QE . , W .. 5 Y' my A, ik? lg- 1 s gf Pg JL. nnn A f Qfl C be-,P-fi S Li' ff ., ni, fi' 'ml N-1 3- Y an N we 35 :4 A QSM Charles Branson - W Class of '68 officers are: Secretary, Steve Adams, Anita Bfendefl 3 president, Debby Scottg treasurer, Susan Haleg and James Bfoshof n ,. N ml: ' , vice-president, Nancy Wiggins. L f : l I I i ix , i "" 1 y fawf ,. Tim Chaney ,W if lgig f James Cisco y J. AW : D Pat Cleveland ' x, 15? Sophomores Donna Shackleford and Judy Penfield rest a minute during the class picnic at Meremac Springs. Q5 73 iss. 55355525335 'femssiu A, X fy, 5 xi " N XL .L,JE,:a'e e X93 4 4 f Sa? f , rv f . . , ' . " ' if 1 r X ' I A 'J W X' ' 'iff :"' 4? far. - P 4 ' Q: i s . J 15' Jag , ' 751 -. i' 'J ,Ja J 2 K J A i J " , ,,, X M" V, 50 1' Q 2 v,- li a T .Q Twig' I I W , ' EN X my Q iff' Q I A , .Lf - Y V " i 3 k i' vi- GQ! 'vA'l "Q I, VA RK' f1" f ' ' 'LA . ' . .J , . Richard Allison Pam Allsman Judy Andereck Andy Arthur Dale Arthur Ted Arthur Mike Arthur Wesley Bartimus Lucy Bell Dennis Berry Barbara Black Sharon Black Phylis Bowers Brenda Bramlett Debby Brown Linda Brown Sharon Brown Jim Butts David Callen Pat Carmack Gary Case James Cochran Par Cook Ron Cowan Judy Cox Charla Crain Jim Crain Lorreta Crain Sophomores Remember Picnic at Meremac Peering over a bridge during their class picnic at Meremac Springs are sophomores Deanna Jones, Joy Martin, Ann Faucett, Carrie Heag- 1er, and Cathy Glenn. :ik V s-l x , Q Ry 15. jf x .51 4. I M X 1g Vu, ,, X JF, :.: ,.a,, Qing 1 Kp ,- , KJ m uw, , , , m uv i Ve r- ' nm,:s ,, , , W nf. ffm 'F ,,f-w,,, MgQm-,,- ,K .- A "-51, . sl . ff, Y .' ? . ,n-QL 1. L .41 4-fig 1' ,' ,1 s'..'?Lf?U",, - -,A-ffi.,,V.,,, ,,, ,.,,, -.,., ,,V,,., J- 1 , ,,V5mff.- . , ,x,VY,.f , mggg ,S , Wm -V w Vw, ., gixf - hu:-,k., by ' , f' 5,52 15,1 ., , rg,-,. I' gms, , fgfpifki mA-gpm, G 'fra V,.-9155-:sim H, -fm 1 ' -gv.-.-, 2' 416-J " V iw , yvglhiuwffiris L-,ig-'rl' P12igfA:VV',"- Vg, J , . 4 -' "1 'weffisf , ,z .ni qs-f MV if V- -, W 5, 1, NV . V. .Wg as M ,rx V ' Y.: -5: :Q Q Q ,1., Tm VV", 1 ,.- 'V :aj V '- 1,-, f S, 3, 2 ' - V :QQ .. . H r-. :ff " w "1 ,,,. ' gm!" -',-Lfifkw-fw-" . , ' -' mai? ,W ' N, :ga L --so -19. '11-I ' '1 1 - ,Vg f-,M ' 1' .+,,',f?2,gfG?w H WLUQZTQ1' wg 4 lwiziffwal , l 'F1 ,VM"15y"g'f,- L ,rw s -' :A ' , V. W . sf-ESM 3. 1: gimp .E ,, , 31 W. gas nff.ff4V1f'L: 1 Var- 1' -zgfk " - 1" ' , J, , ,, Y, .. J wg - , .f , . iw V ,.V,- .,f,, ,Vw amz ng 1, W, VL,g,,,.4 ,, -: iggjg eifi ,':1 k. ' ig -'jg ,"533k?f, 5571 3 , , f ,.: ,Wig 5 . 'Ui X ' . , ,AB 15: ? Vwji?.,:Zf, WL .mn-Eu,-.QL Q3 V .' Q , f " ' V L ' gfizfliili, "- '- ,ew . .,, ' ' , f f Q ,X , , " 'Vfgiwiqkffv-f,', . iw, .. ' f A . V -V z 1' , 2+ 11 1 -V lg ui "' 'H M252 asa," V ,A - Sf ,gf GM 5 Wifi 'WF' "H , , xl --ii , , , ' , 1' HL SWE? '5.,g:,,Vi,,, -ff" ' Vg 1, 7 ' A ,, ' Vin 345515555 M if .iw , ,.-QV- . - x W2 - V . ,Lew M -aww ,Vx way - Q - :W '- : 'ii ,V V 1 y"gg'3l: V1 335535-1 41-k':f5?5,1Lg' jtj vig gi 5- 2 ' u ' ,EFEW A V ,F.,,, , vfiw- '- ' f1VS1V.f1f , .. . ., 'Uv' in fm, I A , , V new 33V551Vl5 4 Nw , V , A ' Q 'W' 1 -1 y GV ,ma ,A A Q 75 ,, W, " A wxlljgg fly' vsxikiizii ' Z , ,g ,, ' Ag ' 'p '34 V- . ,H 'Y nf, ,, , Q, TL 1 , -Lt ' V KQV flifm -' 5,5iggfEL?Ef 'K-1'.:,3f?fi?ilf ff, e ss, , VV' f -af wav -,, wqag, K, 5, - ,X s ,H , Mig? V A ,V , V fix, ,: N Q.,-yy-V f' 'Vg?5k,,f,,. QN,r,r,,, K 3, 5535 -H 553555:-L: - , . ' ,, eff -i-1wl?:w -,ggQwFfG4u 154 5 ",g'SQ Y --.2 LJ , - ' ' wa-.g, eff, J ,fy ' U":J' H," fx: " L" Zw5'f7S5,V,,2Z ,YI,,L ,. -, -A 1 ' -M 'Ki' 'E v?a3,, ' i ts : wi 2 , - 2? 5V 'A J ' Q' 5335 Vfikgii' ,, . 15'!f'??1, -w " wifi: W" M' mg? V - , , 11, ', f jg Azfj ' 1 ffm ,, 151' . Y ' Vs W - V Y ,f .V K, " ' 'gl i' - . V Y ,-'-"' lv' ,"7a'4 .. " 2 T Hr' f" ,gg " - V -- F 1503 ,f ' H""-'VZ WEN ' 1 - S " 2: 5E5'V.5' - . :-"f '1, fr ' 7,3 gi.,-S'-,E , 1- - . 1 , , -' 'I' 1 -ai! , fZ"' i1f:i' 99' -5.2242 '. r -, -, :L P-' 'A 292' " ' if 1?-Tun? R A. w1mVJ"1-' "ik: 1-w , ' ' - 'T V4 , , g, . gm . .. , ., .., .,., ll . .,- f , . . mfs, , Rf. A 1 wif . 5 i V -A. - ...:,, w,,-,--wg ' -fgffm. - 1 J - A 1 E , Y H .' ff "1 1 V ' M531-f-fi? - , ,NTT g,f,,:2Q22:.?V:if,f 1: " ,, ,Jw , A mg. F .57 . Q W, V - . ,gwji Y - 1 QQSM5. A L 33m,g,, ,Wig 2 ' SWL, .' V4 s 'aw gi fr V, ' V ' aw' fs Q' u: - 'rw -9 - f, -, ,-2, we . f " K ggngl, 7333535 VJ? .1 , Q.31:V,f A, ,, V 11 - f.' ,H 772 W, Q- VA ,V . , , w 1,2 f. , : V 75 V! maxi wzfffgi ' K uv u3,,Lu?i Vmgga K P, QQ V Lx C.. U A Z ' " "gy V' - Q W3 ,gs ' H , , Mu ., V 4:4 H" ' f W ,fi K 1 A A , , my 'Wfp-VL .-1 .,1 --, fy A Vw V- , -, .AV I M 1 55541 " 'S 'wfiv-iifglf 2'-1 1 , Judy Crider Della Derryberry Tom Downing Ron Duncan Terry Earl Bob Eckert Bill Edlin John Edwards Tom Ellis Vicki Ellis Pat Erickson Mike Estey Lucia Faucett Bob Felker Bill Fenley Robert Finlayson Jerry Frank Wanda Freeman Tim Friederichs Roberta Fryer Mike Fuller Mary Gabble Rodger Geurin Ronald Gibbons Judy Gibbons Cathy Glenn David Glenn Susan Gollahon Jack Govier Judy Gray Sharon Greig Ed Grisham Judy Groves Beverly Haas Gary Haas Steve Hagenhoff Cindy Halcomb Susan Hale Arthur Harlan Beverly Harris Mark Harris Thelma Harris Robert Hart Carrie Heagler Lexi Heglin George Hendrix Don Henry Robert Herberger Katie Hi gley Charlene Hines Linda Holt Kathleen Hudek Allen Hughes David Hunt Bill Huskey I In I' I xy , S' 'rw 'f ,iw ,ffgv ,I K v 'Q 1 If iii' 'Y is , r " J 1 lg' f 2 ' ' ,MY . it 1 vi ml ' My is 3 nl' A I, av ,e ,K 1 -' .fr YZA ', .ii 1 ef- ' li Q Q - ,ff . A If 5'5" fi' , M, . N, A 4 W- I je Q. 2 ip ,B .a ik dill t ,PSF 5 Ky Ni r I .. ,nr if l E Q 4 eg , ,R kr j.v . - '22 ff' ' ' nr rl JF W " ' - ' I 'V J' 1 hw ff F " ' , E .rf v F - . ' ', y Q53 In fr 'D 1 , ,, rw B ' " ip wr -? A Sig 55, ,r 'fi ve H. ' r ' : .W , 5 A I , ., Eli ' ggi, 'Wg ' ' 1 , at "'- f D18 3 .s M i V.:-in Ja? an M ' . 53' 55' ,, M gin E it afar' ,., ' 2 ,W 5. K A ' 1 li ., ' - , f A C :fr A - fa , r,l y' r it g V' , Y sw v 'is QA.. A 4 vi I 11 x" X . W, 'Il W - fi. . -if .Q ,. iw ,5 an " as U ,K li 'N' . ,au affix yqxixhgg af' !,nW'EFi 5 FS Fla, ww: 5 . Ek K 4 J t Y 1 , . .. '42 i 1 - '14 Q ,. Q V -V V yi S Q' i fa 0 ,, ,. , . , gas ,. I G ' - ang -,I Mr .. A, . ' 1 . ::'- -wwf. . ,. Y, , 2 r ,wr 45 is x W A- ff f P ,H 1 'IFE H 54 at ,M sg r fi J. .- , Y A 'A 1' 5 1f5f"'i 'A 'H ,s il ' 5 V 5-s g jk A In-' ssl 1 Xff ,1 ,f " w. A a .-se' , A.,, ,, Sl ze " xn' fx As 2' r as is 31 , -L, we aw U I A A " ll! - in t-'9 ak is , ' r' J gif X ,,, L Er, emily, F 1 wi'-izrfji .y Hr , NY rye" f ..L .. 3 i., gzi E,,. J J X I , vhs ff I ...., I '1 'E 5- ,Q , six. , ,J , ff'- J! s , 1 3 , illl gy A N s ' m If J iii ir 'I S If 0' J 1' -l V fl J ' Y' .rr Robert Pogue Dan Potter Mike Poeppelmeyer Allen Prentice David Mace Mike Raines Ron Reese Orval Reeves Del Richards Dale Riden Larry Rolufs Bill Ross Virginia Ross Lance Rothe Cathy Routh Mary Roy John Roller Bill Rush Alan Sachs Rob Sandhaus Bill Scearce Terry Schreiner Don Schultz Io Ann Schwab Debby Scott Donna Shakleford Roger Shelton Bonnie Shults Jim Sims Judy Skyles Ron Skyles Margie Slone 1 55 ' it - ' .- r,. -, ,L - .- . gg, M , I J. rr, 1 M - r. .rq H X '25 M 'N 3: 1"-'Q 8 1, L rr: 11 :QL.-,: , n.g7' rg., . . Y Iffit'-in -on tr-- 37..,.' T v...C 3-. x .. ..-. , R 4 u . n-nge STI. AN . S., Q T--.i . v.. , 'an x',- , ri, W Q 59. , 'l n Y . n-4. . If ,J f' 1 'IJ w AU' I :bt ,fp..".',3 ,yy . NX - , H 2 rf 1 1 fy 51 3 +G :.-f- uw., uk. ty.. 5i 1- 1 1 ' Valery as 3 'if I ' 1 X ' 1 3 5. K TJ' 1 111 . 5 .1 . ..... ar'E'L.- ' .--5 'l"x-if ' . ' UQLXLQR ' 2' Q d ' 5. 1 iff 1 522: 351523, 1 :.. A' 11 ,X . 1 . 1 1 H 'Y 1 ' A H4 s . Pfi-Eii1ETmr - i1 Q ,dl 's is A - . 1 111 1 111111 1 af' 53-11 : 111 .XX1111111 ,,.v, . X , J 1. .. .4 In 1,3 'RHF f' 1 x V f 'H any i 1 1 TE X 1 5 131 s N A X Q XXXL? X.1,11-,1 -1 , ...'.. . 1 K ,-. X - . xl' if . tg ' I V1 :f X A . 1 1 X1XX X " 1. . , . , 1 f .. -.1:-- .- 'XMAS . ,. Mull - .F 5 f,,1 if 1' f ui X I ' 'ef ' f L 1 Z I . .. . 11 at XX .. . 1 111 11 1131 1 f.,-. 1- - 1 gen in .'2- fi 1' f T 11 1 M . 11.-- X N11 "' 1 ' L J' 11. .. .3 X 2-, 4 ' ' 1.1 . ' if ' 1 1 H! .I ' I Said" gt H Q... -1- ' :': " .r ,XX ' X 4 Q '-I K' 11 TS? ,,:- .,.4 . ,111 , . J Xa QQ X nf, Y ,. .ig 1 ET ' 1 1' " 1 1. .1-frtrez 11 ff- -A .111 E W 4 7 N MEX 111 X 1 X I l X , . 1? Lv 1- I' 1 1153 1351? 1. .af E151-1 T1 1 V., 11 - rg... 'X 1 gsifssm. 1 1 mmm: 11 'wif 1 3 1-9 - ' A' 4 2-f,.1,a-1 iv X J Q XX ,-ar. dm 6 A 534 ., U V 'i 1.3 9 -f,, HX . jp 'M 5' I. 1, E 1 1 lv if t '- -N 4. 1 irq .. 1 fa 5 ' E, , . Q Le, ,XX 41 . 'P- 51. ' 7 1 ' 1 2 11g931s21'W 1 ...T Z 5 "',: E5.5:. I 'V Y --..' :::::-:- . X 1 ff' X X: f X X X . X - ,- A u -- W 5' rw 1 ' . .1 ' r L 1 if rr , .. ..v J' . - HN : A ' K: My ,- ' WY ..a. X, 1 ,C . 1, a' 'Q as gi -I A Q I g ' i f-1' 5 EZ 1 ' X 11 3 W X L J 1 Larry Tune Linda Jacobs Cindy Johnson Judy Jones Melvine Jones Judy Jordon Andre Juneau Janet Kidwell Sam Kinder Kerry Koboldt Margie Lamrnlein Carl Lane Julia Lee George Lewis Harold Lewis Pat Lewis Wayne Light Eleanne Lortz Linda Loughridge Carol Luebbert Kirt Thompson Duane McCracken Becky McCullough John McCutchen Jack McDowell David Rahorn Judy Macormic Barton Manis Merritt Markussen Joy Mastin Elaine Mason Pam Masterson Linda Matlock Wayne Maxwell Julie Mengel Sue Merrell Bunny Merrell Elaine Meschke Tom Mesko Ron Mitchum Steve Mobley Curt Montgomery Chuck Mooney Albert Myers Robert Nash Mike Nelson Paula Null Steve Opperman Tom Pardee Joanne Parker Sue Paulsmeyer Herb Peeler Judy Penfield Amanda Peplow Dianne Persing David Phelps '4,,aYl15,g 3 . "sr - J Class of 68 ,uw 9 3 sfi uxff LC- 'L iff K'-if-, 'Z' 5-gg, 'N ,V , Y K 5M xv 5 A favorite sophomore pastime--holding a bull session before school is enjoyed by Mike Fuller, Dale Arthur, David Glenn, Jim Wollard and Rob Sandhaus. Sophomores nervously wait to begin the Iowa Test of Educational Development Ca day- long test to measure achievementj given in October, Mike Slusher Phillip Snodgrass Roy Soper Kathy Sowers Leroy Spencer Carl Spreng Rory Starkweather Sophomores Test Their Skills an Mi , 5' , Julia Sturgeon kr o Connie Sump Tim Sump , fz 0 Ellen Tapprneyer I Joe Tate Jim Taylor Jerry Theil Robert Thompson 1 r get Curt Thompson i Eddie Tillott Mary Tucker Bill Hussey ' 'ie - , XX. Glenna Turner John Usery Vanna Vogeler Bill Voight Richard Wagoner John Walker Julia Walker John Wassilak Gwen Waters l3O W 1 , 1 , W' W ' fr UF A Hr Q l V 5245 E ,a ft N J 1' me V x- .J 1 R I F gh :gr " ' 5 X f A 'A lluzlzv f 5 . tr' ff-i: . 1 f' 1. Q 'XX 1 Y , Roger Guerin and Ted Arthur pause for atypical sopho- more gathering in the hall before school starts. , J- , Diane Steen - ,lax 1 A X . ,'-1. f-1 Charles Stroup - , ' ' Nora Strunk g xt J. I ,X , , Fi gl, Larry Thomas ' - 5 John Thompson ,Mrk Y ,A , n K' H ,N Leland Thompson 5 4 X, ' " its 3 5 k 1 , 2 4 Hannah Vance Jim Vandergriff Janice Vickers .3 5 iq, is -A Robert Whaling T - A I H 4, 'Q Pat Whites x 7-NX ,tv Steve 'Whitney K' 9 , ff . ' ' - r - -gg-,, f, ' sv 41 . - I W,-4,a5tf1.:,,w is ... i . 5 Q 1 .ji H ' ' . L F H ' Q ve: V' it L , L , , ,W :Q V 4 V A KL 5 I W E4 - 1 Q f t A fl JK tr'-1'-A 2 ' 6' W ,, X l 95.-'fn - , ' 1 , av lf ' I Karalene Whitson Jim Whitten Janet Wienecke Donna Wiggins Nancy Wiggins Bessie Williams David Williams David Lewis Williams Don Williams James Williams Mike Williams Marie Willy Brenda Wilson Pat Wishon Jim Wollard Doug Woodly Margaret Worstell Steve Yount Sophomores Enjo First Year at R.H.S. Margie Lammlein, Pat Whites Jim Wollard and latest gossip. Y 3 Dale Arthur take a break from classes to discuss the y"' - . wrzff'f. , X 'li gf A A 11 ,5 , Y '. A- 'lv' ' ., fir A fi?N'if'f V 'llv f ' ' I ,r , rl - 2' .' 5 I A TT: , .. 1- , , ' I , li ' 'wrrgbafji' X, 5i!rnl.W:, ' 1A r . 'J 1' A .:.. .... r -V ' " M. 1. I r:1i'- ,L 4 Ky! . K , an wx Yi , Sw if . Fai if ' A ' f. .utr V 'sas ' 11 . ' L f . 11, 1 Q' 2 . Q x 'f f' or ,1 J M? 31,55 W V: -4 J .fi A Biff UWA- my 'p . -, I I .- Qs., H' ' r L y -- A El f W Ng? .q X if E 3 A Q 4 ' 5 Aff' 'Q ' X at y y A 13-4 r . --'B 1 I Bill Aaron Mike Abernathy Susan All good Charles Allison Kathy Apperson Steve Argo Johnny Arthur Gorden Ayers Bernard Bade Charles Baker Clarence Barnes Catie Barr Eddie Bartley Don Barton Mark Batson John Belaka Bob Benidicto Bob Berry Stan Berry Linda Beyers Joyce Black Tom Block David Brandt Sharon Branscom Sue Brase Brenda Brookshire Larry Brown Linda Brown Randy Brown Charles Brune Cheryl Buckey Donna Burkhart 'L-1. 79 ,, I . i5.Y.. , ri '41 l WL V LY ' K "2 - we . I :L Y :ml I A I gn 11 1 s i f'm-W--HL --,-- -QLe.,,lf I "-WNW?-2r'1fi-gfff'iiy21Q,g,i.-.2 I I V f i M A j -' "Yf'W3 U-fa in I if I ff Q1 PM "J ' A 5 l 'vm-w.x:...e.,...,A ' " I V ' vm. 1' S 215 Enthusia SIic juni 01, P.. fi -gk , The serious business of earning money for a "great" Junior-SeniorNProrn' was tackled with enihusiesm ,by f " members of the Junior Class at a meeting in the gym. Larry Burns Janet Bruzeuski Christine Campbell Ron Chitwood Gary Christopher Vincent Clapp Russell Curnutte Wayne Dablemont Suzie Daniells Don Denny John Dillion Steve Doyle Jack Flemming Pat Ford Betty Foster A -1 , , . .- 5 ' ' ,.t , aff f I A 2: ' u 2" Y , I , 6 en Q " 'Q '4 , -In ' X y nynn, y yt o ' ft C M yyyyy ytt, "' will . y yyyr Q an 1- ' ,fjjf'jAQ y rtt rf nntrrrn,yen t C uniors Nancy Rowden provided entertainment at the Pep Squad Fashion Show in April 1966. 1 , F iiiiii m i Mike Carglo " '., '-, f X ,, T N' " 'ZZ Betty Carnahan , -V I, A L Q Sue Carney .,,. Q 5 ' H141 ,, k Q is V": 'il Terry Carney i F aana i a i Shannon m ay i . " Steve Chinoweth , Gary Chick Brian Cochran in ela it F F .11, 9 , Janet Colvin 53' ":' - t' NN J ' -re 1Q12 zln Maxine Colvin if K 2 fr , it . ,Ag 4, I, , - 5- 9 -ff H - L, ff- V-1 ' Nelson Colvin +- V M W X ---: i no 'I is . xx. . " ' 'xxx Wdltef Coy it eaa , a F Q - Mme Crow 55ZfffC J mf iii!-JW? X ef . F Lorraine Cunningham Kenny Davidson , ZZZIV 1 1' ." Y - V ' V uxxx, 4 Edmond Davis . ---: I '.. , .: ,X Ji V Roger Davis X - , 'R " N Z 'X B 2' i' zzi li - Eddie Decker ,L mf' 5 Judy Decker is a t- ggi, 3 Charles Dickman In E Phyllis Edgar si y Betty Elliott 4 4.6. Y . X A W gg I , 9 Judy Faust .. E ' "l ji. '.1V.'v ' ' -ga kluv , Brenda Ettleman ii" 'EHEI N or 'A f u . Floyd Fields ' 1 Ann Flemming Rose Fowler L .ifivq i . I1 f .b,.b' l Zzu i i I n Steve Gable 4 r r C 'fri f , -. y ., a iff 'mold Gawler ' Ji- rf t ' 'A' "Y" -5' A ' -5 Oliver Grawe ,M t R iirr M r 5 'i !!,,.,y I My rered Jim Greig , Mike Guffey . I Entertam, Attend eetmgs Paul Busby and Dusty Maine exchange Growler signatures. Mark Klinkerman and David Brant attend a class meeting Y ',.,f4u65 137 41. 4 at 1 Elected to lead their class were: Bernard Bade, president, Mike Perry, vice-presidentg Kathy King, secretaryg and BI'EI'1da Kennedy, tI'62lSllI'6I'. unior Homecoming Float Is 2nd Concentrating on studying is Tara Martin, a junior. A forward-looking, energetic group, the 215 members of this year's junior class made their mark on the records of RHS. The class of '67 excelled in everything from sports C10 out of 13 track lettermen were juniorsj to mathematics Cjuniors captured lst and 2nd places in Math Association of America awards competition at R1-ISD, They completed numerous class projects in ad- dition to planning the traditional Junior-Senior Prom. In November, juniors organized a school hayride at Bill Aaron's farm, and during the Rolla Basketball Tournament Uanuary 11-151, they had charge of a concession stand for every game. Another project to make money for the Prom was the sponsoring of "Lee Mace and his group" for a session of Ozark Opry, at the high school. "Pi1grim's Pride," a replica of an early Ameri- can ship, won the juniors 2nd-place honors in the Homecoming Parade in October. As a class, they also participated in food drives sponsored by Key Club. Nancy Guffey Kenny Gemp Steve Grzyb Don Hale Mary Dee Hall David Harper Joyce Harris Dennis Harris Richard Harris Roger Harris Robert Harlan Steve Hauser Sandra Heavin Robert Heck Mary Hendrix Kathy Henry Charles Henson Bill Hines Judy Hines Shirley Huskey David Ingram Mary James Jim Jensen Mike Jones Pat Jones H, E, Johnmeyer John Katanar Brenda Kennedy Bobbie Killian Kathy King Dave Kisslinger Dave Kitchens Jim Kettle Mark Klinkerman Sue Knight Lana Leitner Barb Lewis Mike Lewis Karen Light Mike Lloyd Gerardo Loera Mike Longo Gary Loughridge Sharon Loughridge Nancy Luebbert David Mace Dusty Main Ronnie Maples Pam Martin kr? J Wi X,.,I' " H m N WW h r Y ...L t i X ---'- YX- iii l X XXWQWWQ t x an yi uf. -f S ,h....,. .W V ' iii? ' X. a W1 jfgfflg X, 1 . T X nl - ' V, G . W Ji . X. Wt 'B' Wi' fa, X?.,,,. 2 ' 5 L r ' 4 V I -13 ' f 0' ' ' - F' , , ' .1 pxW WW W a t X- 'L W. . . ,.,.. rl' I A .Xj 1 fx Tara Martin Mary Nell Masters Theresa Masterson Mary MacC ash Elsie McWhorter I as X . ., f V ' -4 'W 3 r .nr-..-r it E, rv E i. ' an 1 W .- W " .f-, ff W K, W WWWW Li ' .SEEN , WW ' M .1 . ,ui H W1 A , iz J ag . , ,,.. WW WW, . ,W WW WW V - WWGW: WW W ' : Z X L Ag. .sf .Y ., W NWE1 . 45 T? i 1 L, H if 'l'-:: 7 .sf a is ' ,X .. .. . ,X pai.. 5 1 Wf 5- rf.. Wx. ff V: W W . Et' hifi ff ' ' 4. 'f ' ' V T X al :-: i if ' We QF , i. r ' XV X I . E M X ,A X 1,5 . " 1 ,a.w"22W' 1 f' H . M W lit? W JE .:.: . Q - -I 43: XXWi v 'V : .. 7 X 3 X gp ii. ' Q1 1 'KX . XX K, X 'J ' X I ii M : EU.: wW W V ,-g:-:":"1 .' ,c E .. gi WWXXWW' 1 Q.,1Wf" -X, 'Ei nar ,tg 5- X W l' r- W A ' i if . a -Q7 N, . , e W . ..,..: 3:-2 WW W -X,,-- . - ,f ea 5 P1 L Z? .1 f X . K mx ,Q '1'-5' . Q V 1 1 XXX WX -1- -' ' X..,.::gXX W ' 4 R 'Yr V "" -W " ii. , .43 Q i s W 11' XXW' W- WWWW Aga!" M: 1 .,, Q, 5. :W gig, 7. ' ' .:,v X al Q A if 'i W- . .. 1' WL K . . W I ,Q XXXVW, . ,Xfw i -1 Y. " E,- wi. He,-.:.:W: g 4,W H X 'WWW WX. gf W W4' n l JW we HW . WWI , '-'-an 1, ll 1 A ' f e 1? ,S n . L If , XX 5' li-'F - .-la! gl - ' Li .ea .L-3 L! Lael X XXXX XX Y l ' --'i V . i X as ul. ' 'f YE ,a ' -. . .,L'-- W I . X XX 5 XXXXXQXQ Q -:,g X XQXWN W 'H QX G JV iv H ' f 'il J s 3.1, . f " IV," -5' 4 .. ks P1 . X ga W l' ' ' Gi, 4 X 4 rl ' .' 1... . W X' ': -Q K :WW. ,F .7 Wt W 4' ' V . l W? '-2" x 2 'zii i -A X W 5 fv as I .,,.. - f 1 5 1 i 1 4-r A v ' 'Q - r , MM . , 1 , , ,. in FZ' ,ia ': fi, -- .-, V ,A , ,:, ..,. - 2 fi-' -: greg: 'Y , A? 5 1 9 x . 1 ,J was fg, M , ' V F. fl tp- as M ig 1 JJ J ,. , F , A - 1 f I l s r g li 4 N 6' A , I 34 VV..V. P Niki: P l. V l M q Y, a ,gw f, W: i -I My X 'in I ' 1 ' ' 1 N ' W' ,f J "" 3. ' A . J get if fs- S . r , i . g . X. J - JV - i ii. F - Vvrl- L-fi r, an jfgs .Q ,-.f 1 V? xi! X 6 'YZ' Aufyhv pf Xx x' Y Y J if - 1 . J as y :Z A , s in ' I W fr! xv ' I' Q rii i f J - " F , 9 r .,. , , E gp Q , xww f I K I' 1 Jn I ' fi - ,rw sf it J sw Ji . A I ,A Q I. 1-fa, wir A , 1 ,, xl, 1. - '1- N Q' . Sw a p . ' 1 'f' 51335 1 ' .-:.Q ,. 1 ' I , A . N.-:lr MIS 7 ' L H 1, 1 'L -ff ' - ' V l..- iiiily , 1" K 1" V V " , is , - - Q Yagi! ,fr 1' 5 ,, . Gary Sherman Tony Shelton John Short Harold Siebert Carmen Simpson W , H J - ts, I 'L J.. T l Charles McWhorter Dennis Meschke Wilma Merideth Mary Mitchum Ron Mitchell John Mittendorf Yvonne Miller Kathy Moore Frank Mori Larry Morris Jane Moulder Steve Mudrovich Bill Murphy Mike Myers Ken Owens Sudie Palmer Barb Pardee Jerry Parker Karen Pauley Chris Paul David Peplow Caroline Perry Larry Perry Mike Perry Donitta Phelps Curt Planje Linda Powers Mary Beth Priestley Daryl Pruett Bill Rees Larry Regnier Frank Renick James Richardson Vincent Richter Kathy Roberts Lora Roberts Beverly Rogers Nancy Rowden Lynna Rusch Marilyn Sachs Dan Sandhaus Bill Sands Dick Schwab John Schwaneke John Sederburg Katie Shackleford Rita Shanks Betsy Shannahan Evelyn Sheppard x 'fe 1 . A gae H. . Mu: Tara Martm helped decorate for Growler. Y U f I - - .. --- -v-- -Wa ... ,.k...,.,, U 743779 Growler Dance Features umors EI1j0Yi1'1g the da-U09 are C- Halcomd and J- Greig- "Go-Go Girl" Myra Vaughn entertained at Growler. 1 i I if l ' 141 Linda Smith Steve Smith Wanda Smith Loretta Spencer Mary Alice Spurgeon Dwight Stair Mary Jane Stevenson Terry Stevens - Virginia Stogsdill Rodney Sumner Kevin Thurston Doug Tucker Pat Tucker Don Tyler Pat Vaughn Myra Vaughn Valerie Warrick Joe Waters Vicki Watson Gloria Whites Nadra White Linda Wienecke Bill Wilkinson Gary Williams Eddie Williams Judy Wilson Mary Wilson Mark Wolford uniors attended six 55 minute classes each day as d1d other Senior High stu- dents Here they concentrate during a study period m Mr Poe's American pw ll. .ei Ah Starting with the discovery of America and conclud- their country under the guidance of Mr. Glenn Poe ing with present day history, juniors studied about and Mr. Forrest O'Nea1. 'I ' ' L ' T k Juniors captured third in the Homecomingparadewith Seniors chose round rings last year. Juniors, this "Pi1grim's Pride." ' ' year went back to the tradition of square rings. f 3 1 1 we Class of '66 Leslie Dean Adams Gregory Lee Adam Jerry L. Adam Pearl Agee Mary Patricia Ahland Margaret Ann Ahland Barbara Sue Alley Lynn L. Allison William Charles Angerman Clyde Philip Angle Gloria Jean Bailey Kathy Bailey 44 Seniors focus their attention on class sponsor Bill Brent as he explains senior-week activities. Seniors Learn Civil Defense Keeping score during the German Club-spon- sored senior-faculty game, are Pat Davidson and Mike Estey. Fans seated beside them are 1 . Jim McCracken and David Lytle. For relaxation and to "get away" from stud ies, seniors sip refreshments at a local drive-in. Senior Don Morford .struggles with Coach Ly- man Brown for possession of the ball during the annual Senior-Faculty game. Sharon Lee Battle-y Frank Warner Baxter G. Mike Bell Wilma Bell Donald Wayne Bixler George Douglas Black Leona Faye Black Mary Black Shelia Mae Blue Mary Jo Brenneisen '66 Competes in Sc-:mor Faculty The after-math of an exciting gamefindsthe gym crowded with ex- uberant fans. ' l46 ,J-'if I.. . wx ' 29:25 , 3:3 E 1 g z C. AE, I -u 4 zr' ip QQ ff' ' ' ff ND K S ff'-o F-5- Class of '66 Nancy Kay Briscoe Roger Allen Brookshire Jewel Fern Brown Alan Gibson Brurnrnell Paul Marvin Busby Lela Marie Campbell Dan Gibson Canfield Joseph Carrnack Robert Gerald Carney Dianna Dee Carr Larry Chrisco Michael W. Cleveland 'VS 2' Y. S ,L.,, Sports enthusiasts James Pfeifer, Mike Esser, Lee Miller, Alan Brummell, and Tom Mudrovich enjoy a "pause that refreshes". Sports, Dances, Occupy Seniors . . . A staple here, a staple there , . . Barb Alley seemingly put them everywhere while decorating for a dance. ,, V Aff Q - ' , C33 223, l - 'f sw! I I ,. tw :1 ' l Q J ,V-,.n::,..W. -l ' fx BZ M l V I w Q. :arF,f,'gf2?3E3l: ' 'X ' 1' Jw 4 g -ff 1 Cf, -'-A ' - , u .'?l.:1fJX 5 7 1. :f 51 L18 ' E- , ,-itil ' 4 'uh ' SY 1552? "' . 'I ' With snow Covering the ground, students Jeanne Schooler and Mary Dee Hall have a little fun. ,::u:x.k':' ' 1. W x. 93 54' .E 1 1 ,Q ' 12 'H -ug Ya 2, :. .. ' w- - 5 , , . ,J ,s lx, '12 '-.Hx 31 104' i: ,P 3 it wie 1 xiw 24 k , , Q. iff? I -5 - ,s " M' IQEZFEW-1' 74511 V , ,lf x ' gl , 29 V , f. H 9 '-A' , f 234 ' 4 .F A 1 if Q , 1.-:fig F 1 V! b , W F ,X - if 52 2 Us Y Y , A O 9. N N, I - I 'Q if is 55 121 ' 255 Qgfgfvx ,. , - mf ff we A f X mf . ,Q Vx. 'A - Linda Sue Cook Larry Lee Copeland CEMO Basketball Champs Are Senior Class Boys June Lynn Corben William Warren Cottingham Roy Michael Cox Wanda Crain Mivhael Anthony Crain Penny Marie Curtis l Class of '66 3 'Tx "iii L - :UK l f- "To the victor go the spoils . . .H compli- ments of Eleanor Higley. 152 Ruth Ann Curtis Jim Dale Dalton Patrick Davidson Kenneth Leslie Davis Kirk Wesley Davis David Alan Downing Delmer K. Drew Patricia Ann Elliott Michael J. Esser David Arnold Feeler Competition is keen as senior girls try to out- shoot faculty members. :iw -4 N w .5 w v ,, iq, , i ' ,N , w Y Wm, ,Q-' M, W. 1 , H 'M W 1 U 1 , v W Nine Seniors join Armed Forces Larry A. Frank James William Feeler Linda Ann Fenley Jane Sue Fuchs Mary Deborah Geers Don Giacomarra Linda Sue Gideon Sharon Elaine Glenn Barbara Ann Glidewell Cleatus Goddard Carl Richard Gollahon Mary A. Govier Genevive Elizabeth Gre Class of '66 4 EH -'W' - Hifi can . ' . T1 ' H' ,LW lv :ff A1 Musical Talent Abounds in R.H.S. Senior Class Soloist Kay York and accompanist enter- tain at a student-sponsored style show. IX V. v , ww Folk singing is a favorite of RHS seniors Mary Dee Hall, Dru Thom- as. I55 1965-66 Betty Crocker award winner Dianne Myers is con- t gratulated by home ec teach- W er Mrs. Hetha Castleman. Jobs Held b 14? of Seniors Senior-party goers relax between dances. Judith Anne Hatfield Class of '66 Harry Joseph Green Duane Grisham Jeffrey Martin Groves John Robert Gruender Edward Guhse Steve L. Haas Judy Ann Hall Linda Sue Happel Hugh Warren Harvey 157 Art teacher Orville Kaley playfully discusses a painting. in A. .-A14 ,323-1 i ss M ' '-32:5 1 E ' " V :2gz?E2EE'E2?25:f 1.95:-5 ' ' Q. ll 1 , .... sf! Seniors Enj 0 Painting, Music Musicians Mike Cleveland, Dale Roach. Artist Dru Thomas. Claude Millard Hawkings Christina Hayes Barbara Ann Hendrix Linda Pat Hensley Eleanor Higley Ronnie Dale Hildreth Denzil Wright Hills John Edwin Hollingsworth Vicky J. Hubbard Dan James Carl Raymond Franklin William Gary Henry Class of '66 159 1965-6 President , Vice-president Secretary . . . Treasurer . . Historian . Student Council 6 CLASS Molloy Is Class President OFFICERS . . . Steve Molloy . . Lela Campbell . Eleanor Higley . . . . Pat Sump . Donald J. Marek . John Wiggins Dianne Myers David Lytle Pat Davidson Lee Miller Pam Oakes Class meetings are generally held in the gym 160 J-ia ,J Class of '66 Fangie Edward Jones III Alfred Lee Jones Gordon Juneau Wanda May Keeney Judy King Lucius W. Kitchens Nancy Ann Laird Robert David Larnb George Lawrence Lee Betty Wagner Lemasters Steve Floyd Lernasters Sharon Sue Leonard 161 Four Seniors Are Cheerleaders riifggti Pat Roberts nibbles a hot dog While on this ye-ar's senior picnic. 162 1 I Mike E s ser pre- pares to recite in class. Dennis Lewis Betty Loane Kathleen Marje Love William David Lytle Gary L. Mace Kenneth Macormic James Ronald Maples Donald Jay Marek, Jr. Raymond L. Martinez Pamela Elizabeth Mason Seniors S. Blue and S. Leonard diligently cut out red cupids for dance decorations. Class of '66 163 10 Seniors Will Go to Technical Schools Signing in at the office after being absent from school, Corky Franklin completes forms which will admit him to class. Seniors, waiting for civil defense lectures to begin, take advantage of the lull to read, study, or visit. Sandy and Judy Wilson rush to class to beat the early-morning bell. Xa S of ee- ae ima l Class of '66 James Earl McCracken John William Melton Milton E. Mesko David Allen Mesplay J. Kent Miller Leland Randolph Miller Linda L. Miller Ruth Cecilia Miller Kerry Ann Milward Carol Diane Mirly Steve Montel Molloy Ronald Mike Mowry Donald Curtis Morford I Class of '66 Tom Mudrovich Dianne Sue Myers Judith Lynn Null Pamela Ann Oakes Shirley Ann O'Have r Valerie Lou Otis 166 ,, Gloria Gay Ousley Johnny Gilbert Palmer Michael G. Patterson William Mark Pendleton 5. .-,.-4 I g?W!'?i9' A, Y An impromptu party at the home of a senior gets everyone on the dance floor. Seniors Swing at Spring Parties Seniors were well represented during Horne- coming festivities, Ben Thomas chauffeurs queen candidate Eleanor Higleyand her escort, Dennis Wilson. 167 . i: J' ffl' ' '. . .- A stick, glowing embers, a hot dog--that's "livin, "--senior' picnic style. Class Picnic Held at Meremc-:C How dry they Comfortable clothes make relaxing easy. their thiI'S'C- aI'G.,. soda helped quench F... l68 Classy of '66 Ronald Pillow Katherine M, Potter Ruth Ann Powell Caren Joyce Prouty Jeanne Kay Raines Floyd Thomas Rayle Barbara Sue Reese Barbara Jae Reynolds Martyne Sue Riden Charles O. Ritter Warren Dale Roach Dennis Randall Roberts 169 Y !,'XA An unconventional place to relax at the senior class picnic, but Dru Thomas doesr1't S e e rn to mind. 170 m H , H L SSX of Class to Go to College v. 115 X "bfi l Jean Marie Roberts Patrick Kent Roberts Derrel D. Howlan Danny Lee Rush Nancy L, Sachs Jeanne Ann Schooler Joyce loynell Schooler Darrell Sherrell Beverly Sidwell James Anthony Siebelts The "Class of 'GSH usually sits together as a group in assemblies. Class of '66 .1 :rf My' il 1' . - I . I I L. ,J 'Qc Many seniors eat in the cafeteria. 53955, X Q ,Ht 171 Class of '66 Louis Cid Smart Che ryl Sm ith Thornhill Robe rt Eugene Sm ith Ronald Eugene Spradling Michael Howard . Starkweater John Stites Sue Stoll Patricia Sue Sump Edith M. Tapprneyer 172 Gary Lee Taylor Benjamin Charles Thomas Dancing Is a Favorite Pastime Senior party celebrants included giggling Eleanor Higley, Dennis Roberts and serious Debbie Geers, Benny Thomas. " I 73 Class of '66 Drucilla Thomas Kenneth Charles Trossen Michael Neal Tucker Rhodora Kathleen Tucker Jean Ummel 174 Kurtis Dean Vandergriff Ralph Albert Vankirk Richard Dale Vogeler Jane Beverly Wade Billy Earl Wagner l Many Seniors Planning strategy for defeating the teachers, seniors rest during the half of the annual senior -faculty basketball game. Are Sports Enthusiasts Ribbons and football jerseys complete the attire of senior girls rooting for their classmates. Vicki Ellen Wagner Wade Walls Catherine Marie Webber ,TX , Bernadette Marie Whaling , John Dalton Wiggins Cynthia Williams The senior party in the spring meant "goofing off' and good fun. 176 ff' ' Y , I , V Y ' 1 we ,' M 193 Receive Diplomas George Aton Webber Donna Kay Wehrneier Judith Ann Whalen "4-. , , M A V V5 ,M i 'X if V H v Mllluu X Lil: , 1, Nui, WW ll ll H H' :?5W.l!3i?H fi l ZZZ, Dennis Ray Wilson Sandra Kay Wilson Kathryn Kay York .1 Q, ld jr, X-.kj X' Trying a robe for size, Hugh Harvey and Jeanne Raines contemplate the future after graduation. 177 Baccalaureate Held Sunday, May 22 One hundred ninety-three graduating seniors heard The Reverend Joseph Carlo, Christ Church Episcopal, speak on "Your Right to Dissent" at RHS Baccalaureate Ser- vices, May 22 in the school auditorium. Vocal music was provided by Soloist Jean Roberts with Mrs. Bert Stanley as accompanist. Others participating in the pro- gram were The Reverend Harvey Tyler, Ridgeview Christian Church finvocationlg The Reverend Eldridge XV, Bartley., First Meth- odist Church fscripturelg The Reverend Henry Pratt, First Christian Church fbenedictionl Organist was Mrs. Isabelle Estes, mar- shals - Bob Berry, Mike Jonesg and ushers - David Brandt, Steve Argo, James Jensen, Bernard Bade, Eddie Bartley, Mike Lloyd, Mark Klinkerman, Mike Perry, Larry Brown, Mike Crow, Kenny Davidson, Bill Murphy, Relatives and friends attend Baccalaureate Services honoring the class of '66. Trying on gowns is a tedious yet exciting job. The first two girls at RHS to top their class in several years, sa- lutatorian Drucilla Thomas and valedictorian Mary Govier, each maintained a near-perfect scholas- tic record during their 4 years of high school. 179 , q H , HIAAH V ' 5 ., wx is Q 4 J V 'v' '51 75 Q71 J i i 4 X D ' -ff QM X ' w , I 51 V mu Ly, 'lv 2 9 1 - i 5 I 1 rl 4 1 A1 I . I m X f Q I ll: , if '- . ,F , : I' Q " , X I . ',7.'Xu' ' L' A f l y Y N - ! Q W 5 ' A X "W L 1 , v':awm1-' -- . A ,Q . gi u dvcrtising Rolla, our town . . . We remember Pine Street, sports cars, traffic lights, the University, pizza houses, Frisco Pond, construction work, Phelps County Hospital, the drive-in movie, a crowded swimming pool, 10th Street, baseball, the new fire station, 159 hamburgers, and friend- ly people. We remember Ro11a's merchants, our advertisers, who enthusiastically support every school activity. They reflect the wholesome spirit of our town, Rolla. OR H1 tex GIS, fc , , .fi sr Q, 3' " . - o O " O 'Z f , , N 'P O' Ol-LA,NX ,',., Ur-v 'l.i- VAEAQIV , , cfm" S -I-x QRS RGE good p X my b 5 A,... , - 7 B I L 'A A-Q ' ' I I EWQS FT f' X ' 1' . ,...,.,,:f- rfmrtggf-'rf -z,.-w ' I g?x'f'fl'i 4 ..... ' Hwy fig, A outh Ia , Mo . ,l " ' Y ?i'45""" 6 N' 8 "ti" 5 'W' PQ? ? FARMERS PRODUCTION V CREDIT ASSOCIATION :Q Loans to farmers 4 6. -w and part-time farmers '- ? 7th 5 Pine RoIIa, Mo. I e Jr. 2 A 2 Jeri QIIIQQI3'-R 564 - IOTT BL UE B ONNE T Built in 1889, the Chance11or's Residence of the University of Missouri at Rolla cost 55, O00 and was constructed for use as a dormitory. A house of real dignity and charm, it is located at llth Sc Park Streets. 708 PINE ROLLA, MISSOURI Look to "BLUE BONNE T" to look your BEST 4 C I, t ROLLA.FOC Omp iimen S momento of Ro11a's O Ure as Kvoun GASQ 707 Pine Rolla, Mo. AM . T590 kc FM . 9H.3 mc KCLU AM-FM HEAR TOMORROW'S HITS TODAY ON HCLUEH RADIO HBROADCASTING FROM THE TOP OF OUR TOWNH HEAR ALL THE HGOOD GUYSH on T590 Radio . BROWN'S BEN FRANKLIN , Junlor 5 Petite Dresses H. 0. CAPPS -Q, . buy nsomething for the Junior Coats Q Suits wg L 1 2fTM T T praCtiCa1 Mindedn Junior Co-ordnnates Tn? I Phone 8th 8 Pine 1WE 364-1393 Rolla, MO. HThe store where you're .wi welcomen ZZ 214 W. 8th Rolla, Mo. Rolla owns the only Diesel fire- truck in the state of Missouri. Here mem- bers of the fire department fl 1 pose in front of the truck. Rolla residents are proud of the fine coop- eration shown by the fire department in l the past. nn f 1 ll A ALWAYS FIRST QuAuTv "' 5' 1006 Pine sr 5 "Save your money R01161, Mo. ' charge it at Penney's" 364-1611 HTHIS IS THE MAN WHO DOES ALL THE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY FOR YOUR GROWLERH HRolIa's Leading Photographern Del Valle Studios 203 East 6th Street 364-3413 ME1 V STUDENTS HELP ROLLA RHS students contributed to our community this year by helping in the March of Dimes Campaign, participating in the General Motors Green Pennant Safety Program, and taking part in projects concern- ing Viet Nam. ,, ,,.., , M, ,, WED S 'Nu' I 'Ref' 0 '54f"'5KZ W ?T'V o ? FIRST STATE BANK Q 5 ? 10 Downtown Q 7th 5 Pine 9 Motor Bank Q 7th 5 Park lb A3 HThe Bank oflfriendIy'ServiceH 4 4 P ? Rolla, Mo. Q .L TQ ke! Jw. 5 aw. 9 ah. f awe! QE VOLKSWAGEN Sales and Service BILL SOWERS MOTORS it 'kfiixoal 9 2 may Hwy. 66 E. Northwye Phone: 364-S178 Rolla, M0- AVA'S DRESS SHOP "Distinctive And Excius ive AppareI" Sportswear - Dresses Formais - Lingerie 361+-IOLI2 IOO7 Rolla Street Rolla, Mo. CENTRAL FEDERAL SAVINGS 8 LOAN ASSOCIATION 210 West IOth "Save with a plan for the Old Fust Pr euan Ch on the corner of 6th'X?Q1ive l ' .. W E. iH, ' i . : 'ia 2. 1 -W :fi H Hiland "Quality Checked Productsi' D O MILK ICE CREAM HILAND DAIRY, INC. 103 W. 10th Street Rolla, Missourl future." RL 361+-IO24 Rolla, Mo. ,Ava !'..-Fw. 5 .ns 9 JH.. 9 mx! THE OLD STONE JAIL R,H.S, students examine Ro11a's first stone jail which was constructed in 1860 on the corner of 3rd and Main Streets. Af-5'wf 5 'wr 5' 'wx 5 -wr MODERN qi w- DRY CLEANERS ? FASHION SHOE STORE 4 -CIGGVHUQ '1 "Wide range of sizes "' .Hatting .Dyeing in your favorite styles" S .Tailoring .a M 9th and Pine Rolla, Mo. p 807 Pine Street Rolla, Mo. Q V 9 Earn, 9 gm., '5 'xv-'5 -we 5 'Ny-"5JTQ li ? Compliments 4 of of ' H F. W. WOOLWORIH CO. 4 2 ...,.. igii . ,, , 5 1006 Pine su. Ro1ia,M0. " or I ,.f"w5..1fn.!,,m,,!,yvs.5,!,,a-w,,,!3 LARRY'S ,A NMf BARBER SHOP Q ff, I Q 'ij il i- , I lx - wwf -4 HQQQ 207 w. izrh A 3 364-1058 ' Rolla, Mo, fr. . . ,. .. ., fi .5 . Q- ww- ., .. .mga .... . 5 , A in lm 5 5 , . .,.. . , , 1 M L ., 190 CUT 5 CURL BEAUTY SHOP ,Q Q fN1 111-'or a sty1e that's rightu 55 WASHINGTON WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTING CO. Meats - Frozen Foods No. 1O Canned Foods Phone BEver1y 9-4421 1006 Cedar 110118, MO- 111 Main sr. washington, Mo P1owers is QW SUNNY 5 1 WALL g 5 FLOWER VA 5 AND 5 GARDEN 1 SHOP QQ pf- 11 2 ' " Q LONG INSURANCE AGENCY A. E. Long Lois S. Long Wm. S. Jenks, Jr. Wm. D. Hunter HService is Our Businessu THAT REALLY I INSURANCE INSURES 810 Pine St. Ph. 364-1414 Ro11a, Mo. A NT F017 N0!77'H AMERICAN VAN LINES ' WUHLD WIDE MDVE Q OSCAR DUNCAN o DUNCAN MOVING a STORAGE 904 o1.1vE s'r. RQLLA. Mlsso Go where the action is-- your fine CARNEY THEATERS ,G . RITZ THEATER UPTOWN THEATER DRIVE-IN THEATER Ro11a, Mo. We Remember Rolla- - - nf'5'?g"LQf?'f3? "fs-7??i3'f 0 One senior high school, one junior high school, five ele Sw L 97 . . g W, il, ffl ,Qu wg. mentary schools--AAA state rating. Three parochial f Agi le , . elementary schools. D I I is a More than 25 government agencies fcounty, state, ,, t K M. federalj. Oewvffz. Qoafz 5 A C U D ' n l TY -H 0 Three banks, four savings and loan companies Rolla offers a lot to a.rouse one's interest and curiosity as indicated by this sign on Highway 63 South. Located in one of the most scenic sections of the Ozarks, Rolla is a trade center for several counties in this area. Unsurpassed in natural beauty, Phelps County Cwhere Rolla is locatedj contains many interesting geological a.nd historic features, as well as boasting more miles of fish- ing streams than any other county in the state. Settlers first came to the Rolla areain 1818, with the city being officially founded in 1855 by Edmund Wa.rd 0 Twenty-five churches--18 denominations. 0 University of Missouri at Rolla 0 Almost 14, O00 population. Q Seat of Phelps County. , Seven city parks. Bishop. The discovery of iron ore and the development of the Meramec Iron Works near St. James brought the "Frisco Branch" of the Southwest Railroad to Rolla. Today, there are about 300 retail establishments in Rollag and the U.S. Geological Survey, the Missouri Geo- logical Survey, and the U.S. Bureau of Mines are located here. Rolla does, indeed, have alot to arouse interest and curiosity. F O S T E R ' S B A K E R-Y ' HTastes AS Good As Home Madeln Top Quality Appliances Heating - Air Conditioning TV - Only Top Lines Sold Philco - Hoover As, j- DUNLAP ELECTRIC CO. o,,a5',,'-E1 lOO7 Pine sr. 364-2951 LL ."- "We service all equipment Hwy 63 ,E , E, Rolla we sell" South " MO- l92 The Town, The School, The People , Quality XC 5 56 YJWL OCS i UShoes For All The Famiiyu Memorial plaque honoring those who serve their country is located at the Court House. HFor Service With A Smiieu Shop at .... O'MEARA'S MEN'S and BOYS' WEAR 816 Pine Ph. 361+-i248 Rolla, Mo. Roiia's newest and finest shoe store--buy here with confidence! MCCALL DAIRY QUEEN 907 Pine Street Phone 131211 5 Rolla, Missouri 364-Mill Bishop Rolla, Mo. 5,'T!'.3:l..'5-if ' 'W' a Nf' a 'N-f a gi' WESTERN AUTO 'ig ,, ASSOCIATE . La STORE I U 364-T702 H. S ii6 W. Sth Rolla, MO. if A , A , A , Npgjg since 1905 K - Pour HALLMARK CARDS RUSSELL STOVER CANDIES MAGNAVOX STEREO Scottis Walgreen Drugs 8th and Pine St. Scottis Books 81 Music 717 Pine St. Rolla, Mo. STEVENSON GULF SERVICE Repairs - Accessories Batteries - Tires i 36Li-1955 Hwy 63 5 Olive Rolla, Mo. VVILLIAMS SHOE STORE S if I ' 712 Pine Rolla, M PHELPS COUNTY BANK " 1 E55 -- I :QW 1 "A bank for everybody" 8th and Pine Rolla, Mo. 194 One of Ro11a's new subdivisions. It iskiiocated of town. qt I, , mea, . . ut H. fi . N ,. " 'We care for your insurance CONYERS INSURANCE AGENCY fire, casualty, auto 1ife, bond, ' 5 1labn1lty Bob Conyers, Agent 1005 Ro11a St. 36L+ 31L+L+ Ro11a , Mo. , , W., 1 'Hi ' Lim" :W 111' if " me 3' A 5553452210 ..r 111 11 . ,,1 .iC, , 1. ., ,XA 1. ,W Qi 1' .- , 1 6522452 A " ' 1 'I 1 A 11 1, ,, , , '39 W ,,,j1ljA,,B ,nw f A V 1 . 'Wm?5gW ' 1 A i O ' 1 tfg - P 1 L Q: M11 ' 15153. W Asif- j ,if ' . ,gy iii? 1 1 24,214 1 f,.:,, T 1 'fr fn V 1 fm.. , 15325-- fee,-Af-L lil' KTTR RADIO --- 1490 Ro11a -- 19 Hrs. Per Day LOGAN ELECTRIC , DEANS' S3165 5' 560006 BEAUTY AND BARBER SHOP Phone 36M-3023 Ro11a, MO. 112 East 7th Ro11a o Jct. Hwy 66 West 364-1M67 5 63 IROLLAWS COMM ITY HALL 400 Wes 4th 'EEN tiit ty --1 Stock and Custom Engine Work Cities Service Gasoline and Oils Armstrong Tires AUTO-CRAFT Speed and Power Equipment Ph. 364-IMB6 CCode 3lAJ City Route 66 W. Rolla, Mo. Compliments of B I L L A A R O N f E Radiator Repair g .rfr f I 4E!!!!!!!!Ei "DlA11N' Xl NC? Boat S Motor Sales 5 Service M2 City Route 66 Rolla, Mo. S U P E R P R O P A N E CORPORATION Ilsuperll Ilsuper-II Service Quality Phone 36M-2l63 At Night 36M-5l9O lO9i Hwy 63 S. Rolla, Mo DIEHL MONTGOMERY INC. HDeal With Diehlu Ford Thunderbird Mercury Mustang Lincoln Continental 625 W. 7th Rolla, Mo. OOOOIOO LOAN OO- Birkmmfn Magfarvr Elnn Need Cash Fast? Loans 525.00 to S2,000.00 WSignature WConsolidation WAutomobile WHousehold ll9th W. Sth Rolla, Mo. Motel - Service Station - Restaurant HIGHWAY "SS" WEST CITY LIMITS RDLLA, MISSOURI 65401 I96 1 1 RGLLA DRUGS "Your Reliable Drug Store" Q is 3 f FOUNTAIN SERVICE fUpper1eftJ: High school students enjoy the good food. PRESCRIPTIONS fUpper rightjz Mr. Homer Kerr, our pharmacist. - COURTEOUS SERVICE fLower lefty: Owner, Mr. Her- man Thomas, makes impromptu sale to Tom Taylor. CONVENIENT LOCATION fLower rightj: Your store of good quality at 903 Pine in downtown Rolla. Phone 364-1483 903 Pine, Rolla, Mo. 197 A 22115521155 -em SQL SUITS X GA N T Emlm CEUHFQF 5511513139 SHIRTMAKERS "MEN'S CLOTHING EXCLUSIVELYU I E 713 PINE s'r ROLLA, Mo. I1-LS 364 2323 sronrswmn A A Scenic Interstate LM, GRANTS MARKET south of Rolla. A ,..-nl . X K. X K--T ' Et e : RZ., fr if ff MRKET -251537 361+-25L+2 602 Pine Rolla, Mo. 6 VE'S6SELnf6 ANISM BAHR,-1 WIGGINS INSURANCE AGE Y M C tl" Q tfft - ' NC 'C1fydei:f .ca 'r't ' f B F211 AND - "OWiQe"5ilf I ABSTRACT Co., INC. FREDERIQ-S ve5Se1T 6 COLONIAL , gg A C ACCC VILLAGE Y l6th 8 Elm M5591 "Complete Title and Insurance and Rolla 5e"ViCe" Restaurant A. Mo. "':f:sf"'t' '- t-4- zou w. IOtI'1 Roma, MQ. - c i Zta. Hwys. 63 8 66 Rolla, Mo. D 198 ROLLA PET-HOBBY .Plastic Models .HO Trains .Planes .Slot Racing Tropical Fish and Pet Supplies Open 'til 8 P.M. Fri day 605 Pine 36M-558l CORNER 8th 8 Cedar Rolla, Mo. The new junior high school is the the Rolla Public School System. It is addition to on Soest Road. For Your Abstract, Insurance and Real Estate Needs See . . LEO A, BREUER, REALTOR Phone 36M-ZM88 2l3 West 8th Rolla, Mo I Um. ...- .. mmf: IJ, .4 H f WM Highway 63 South Rolla, Missouri ATX! 3 "'qf' 6 S49 4 199 A Rf ti' HExceIIent Italian Foodsn ALEX PIZZA PALACE ' ' 6Q?E2b ZENO ' S Q ,U STEAK House 1 I Q U Hwy. 66 W. RoIIa Mo. L , 122 West 8th Rolla, Mo. , , I 52,55 JFK, 2 .Fw 2 JN. 2 -JUN' 9 dba ,Q1'l,!!IWORI.D'S Most conrusre Movmtc ssnvucs it , 7 .7 . n I f 'I A vnuamllfgu " I ' V"' ki ,ANI li z! L TELEPHONE: EM 444566 Q ' ' lp - ' T 173 'I F It I , I , me ,W ,, n,,,,,,,,m, LARRY FANNON, OWNER LARRY FANNON VAN AND STORAGE :oz WEST 7TH STREET ROLLA, MISSOURI Q W ,S ,, , , .. ,, ,. ,.Y,A,,,,y A? ,,,,, i,,i:'1,:-5Qnw5nv,, .ii .- .-Ii Nw-ir'ii . 'S W fa' I.,,MV sam, 'mar' . , . .. , HTS f'figfg,'W3 '1 1 I Lf fiulilr he-av if-'ax' K R135 72'-:Q I The PHELPS COUNTY COURT HOUSE was planned and constructed by Edmond Ward Bishop at the cost of EB8,000. Construction began in mid-summer 1860. Only the walls and roof were completed when the Civil War broke out. The interior remained unfinished during the war and was used for a hospital. The bricks used in this structure were the first ever made in Rolla. Ro11a's first newspaper was printed here. Sue Merrell and Sharon Leonard tour the building. oh ELE HONE 364 3753 PONTIAC CENTRAL pONTIAC'CADlLLAC INC. BIA KINGSHIGHWAY ROLLA. MISSOURI ?"1P'5"'i"W' a :."Nf'a'f-1-f'aT2q -' J, M. DENT STORE - I898-I966 "Headquarters for materiaIs and gifts , for every occasion" 6I5 Pine Rolla, Mo. , J fJ,,ng,ff.r1N.,ea"'s,'.a6 200 PQllLI.8cSCJPJ FllDJEIlfXI.IiCDh4E IO West City 66 Roila, Mo. Won MAY PRINTING CO. INC. Q - ",z Z 4 , ,gx 4 aa 7 .3-V' ZX P' iii? I I .I Z 7 QQ lla ' 711 -.2 "For aII your printing needs Ph. 36Li-2L+85 Rol Ia, Mo. LANNING-MILLER I ROLLA'S OLD CHEMICAL LABORATORY BUILD- HASURANCE ING, located on the University of Missouri campus, is THAT a landmark with its rather unusual architecture. The REALLY original building was built in 1885 with only one story. INSURES In 1901, the roof was jacked up and asecond floor was added. 36Li- I ILI8 Scott Bldg. Roiia, Mo Schooi News - gg If JAC'NEi..EEiii?ll SHOP Q n New f-Qi' Jackie Johnson R O L L A 'im Q Adra Spencer I , , , Norma Poe D A I L Y E fC7f7f7f7C7C7f7f7C N11 Inv I tes You To Come N E W S "" " 1" For A New Hair Style L r ioi w. 7th Roiia, Mo. '05 Hwy 63 Rolla, MO- HILLCREST SHOPPING CENTER I Hillcrest Super Market O Twitty Hardware Store O Darr's Department Store I Hillcrest Sc to 351 Store O Hillcrest Drug Store o fR11'b tifl k'SCHUMAN PARK . . . me 0 O as eau u PM S 15 O Hillcrest Service Station near 14th 81 Oak. Located here are ascenic pond, tennis courts, abaseball diamond, and picnic facilities, as well as playground equipment for youngsters. H0716 Stop Sh0PIJi7lgv Jct. Hwy 63 81 72 Rolla, Mo rilsiif il ' OF ROLLA HIGHWAY 66-LILL WEST ROLLA, MISSOURI O .' 292' W-,Q , ew-'Etc li 1 III. id Qmquu "yawn Hou. . . M' Wm Cm w Cm" L I. ,.,, swim, DINE s,.RELAx , , W X -Ag W. tk, ywsgm'ws-,,"im.t: 1. 1 V.. ,,y1,,1,...'g'..tmmm Mi W H lu" ,, TW" M ,M"l tt U ' . 1 I I ' V ,'L A- . ,fgkguw K , 'Nun .-111 -1-'L'EiliMMC'-"rs: . ' .. 'Ar New 81 Used Furniture Fine Quality at Lowest Prices Ia's "block long store," situated at 8th 81 Pine Street. Ramsey's Downtown Store, Rol- Ramsey's Outlet Store located at Hwy. 63 S. 81 Black St. mm! aww? FURNITURE' Fast efficient delivery of new furniture is made with Ramsey's trucks. Ramsey FURNITURE STORES INC. Homeowned 81 Managed Open Every Evening Until 8:00 P.M. 203 HARRIS CABINET WORKS Kitchen Cabinets Store Fixtures Custom Built Furniture Formica Tops 364-2470 New U.M.R. dm-miteriee being constructed IIOI Cedar Rolla, 0 on Highway 66 East are an impressive exam Ele of Rcd1a's accelerated buuding progranm BOUQUET SHOP HFlowers for every occasionn Mr. 8 Mrs. Howard Chrisco, Owners Carol Huskey, Manager 805 Olive Phone 364-6I84 Rolla, MO. Night 364-i348 A Complete Line of Williamson Air Conditioning AIR-CON ENGINEERING COMPANY Equipment for home, stores, offices, industries. Also a complete line of warm air furnaces, electronic air cleaners and humidifiers. IOO7 Cedar, Rolla, Mo. 364-2627 pg MEL BLOCH CHEVROLET. INC. ffil!hMME!!:ETWW?WF" 364-1002 Jct. Hwys 66 5 63 W. Rolla, Mo. WITTS FASHION SHOP Suits Sweaters Coats Skirts Jewelry . Blouses HSmnart Styles For Teensu llO West 8th Rolla, Mo. 513 ,+ ' Highway 51' PQJ' f,f3mif -Legend a-,n5f 63 ifi-'HiO- .K'L 4110419552 - X 13-If-4. :..:f:'7. --'-iv " "1-LJ? :i.1..? - Q73 21" Q- 1 --' S' '27 3 SOl.l'Ch ' - Mfg '21 ' 5 ' 5: - ' WUT! '--is . . - . .,. ., in , . ' 2: T M, 3, nf je1?",2, 3 Q-3, ' L, ,im I ' fm '- Phone i"1,,..ffz,..,i ,... gs ,,lss, i,.,, - ft. -assfw-Iliff -L ,,.4i J- ,L--au my -Q ,H 1 - i wi. J -' ,, 3 614- 52 52 N 6' ..:. 4,.,, z+2wgz,v-V-in Q: 0 Hier" A ",' - ' ..,. ' ,L - .11 'ngiiy iilw' ,zz -- 224:97 - :.H',,g'sf, - EW Lai- . ' ml . -r-- I gill' ,ills :?'3'7f'iT.IIf' ,- 'H im . 'E HOOK AUTO SUPPLY HQuality Partsu HOne Low Wholesale Pricen -:rw-1 ' Heated Pool WWE Air Conditioned mugg! Television Steam Heat 'I R V E M A R T I N M O T E L Junction U,S, 66 and 63 gg, Rolla, Missouri f Telephone Mr. 8 Mrs. Chas. Caro D, 364-2273 Owners - Operators Compliments of CAMPUS BOOK STORE Rolla, Missouri 205 West l2th 364-37lO Mary Jane Stevenson, a junior at RHS and a mem- ber of the yearbook ad- vertising staff, sold the most ads in a sales con- test sponsored by the Pub- lications Department. She sold a total of 20 ads. BOB 1 S STANDARD STAT I ON HFree Pick-Up and Deliveryu DIAL 364-2156 If no answer call 36A-A969 Highway 66 East Rolla, Mo. H. L. 81 work on Q ROLLA STATE BANK Downtown 2lO W. 8th St Hillcrest Hwy 72 5 Rucker Own C0lftl'lil"y oldest- gCl,5!li0l'l5 most experienced- Teens , Juniors Misses largest Open Thrusday - Friday 5 Saturday till 8 Since l89M Hwy. 72 5 Southbrook 364-l42l Rolla, Missouri Judy Hatfield, Sharon Leonard, and Lane leave school to sell ads. Proctor HAMILTON 8 SON, INC. Check and Fill Service Metered Invoices Phillips H66H Tires - Batteries Products of Phillips Petroleum Co. 364-l636 l9th 8 Railroad Rolla, Mo 206 We Remember Rolla Senior High School RoI.I.A, MISSOURI In September 1874, the first high school was held in the old Rolla building on the MSM campus. When it developed that the newly located Missouri School of Mines was without sufficient funds to construct abuild- ing on its campus at the Old Fort Wyman site, the board rented the two upper floors of the Rolla Building to MSM. In 1875, the district sold the Rolla Building to the Missouri School of Mines and moved to the old Log Schoolhouse which was used until it was destroyed by fire, July 4, 1881. During thewinter of 1881-82, there was no school. The present Rolla Senior High School fpictured above leftj was completed in 1953, with the gymnasium and music area added to the school in 1957. In 1958, a cafeteria was added to the Senior High campus. COLONIAL LANES, INC. ' City 66 West HOLSUM IX.. f Rolla. Missouri BREAD fig ll.. I W' loth 5 B I Shop 16 Lanes-Automatics-Pro Shop Nursery Stays Fresh One Day Longer 'GM0dern Bowling in Early American Atmospherew 364-4124 Chuck 81 Shirley 364-9974 Lammlein VANCE SHOES Paradise Kittens Del iso Debs Sandler of Boston Geppetto's Red Cross Phone 364-1721 Rolla, Mo. DOTTY'S BEAUTY SALON ff 63, Expert 9 Hair Styling A 0 li Rlbllfl Sl. Rqjlla, MU, Ph. 364-4270 Support Pine Street. I CITY 8 YELLOW CAB 2I7 W. 7th ALLEN ' s I yyy ,COM-N-DINE CAFE II09 Pihew .iii Iii 603 Pine BARNESVENGINEWREBUILDERS, INCISJ DEAN'S GOVERNMENT SURPLUS MIO Eim L Highway 66 East BELTONE HEARING EDWIN L. MOONEY - REALTOR I SOI Pine W'XT III .I ZII West 8th BUSY BEE LAUNDRY 8 DRY CLEANERS IERNIE'S RADIO 8 TV SERVICE IMth and Oak 705 Roiia CANDY'S DRIVE-IN I FULLER JEWELRY City Route 66 West TIS Pine CARP'S INCORPORATED 9th and Pine CHASTEEN'S TEXACO 6th and Eim CINDERELLAPCOSMETICS 9 King Drive 208 FULLER MOTOR COMPANY City Route 66 West HANK'S GUN SHOP Highway 63 8 72 HERRMAN LUMBER COMPANY II7 West Sth JACK ROACH 'MFA 202 Ramsey Building JOHN'S FIRESTONE . 2 5 t I O t KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN IOI South Highway 63 MAGG I CONSTRUCTION O1 we MCCULLOUGH SHOE SHOP iiO West 7th OZARK SERVICE COMPANY 6 1 l"IQ'S hiiiiigmviayi i THOMAS SHELL STATION. iOth 8 ROI ia VICHY iCHiIiLDi QQARE 21026 Vichy Road K . , ., ii,i,,,,,,-V -f : . ,, ,.,. MQW ,G i :M Mf.f,. .Mmm . I f- .1 ,WL 1311- ,.M,m,,f,f K - if s, " ' yX,,:fggfz,f,H5r:f5g Pzzb!z'cafz'o11 of tbzlf yearbook if pofyible became of the g6l797'0.ffljl and cooperatiofz q' the bzuinerf- men of R alla wbo azfvezjgjgket wzfb zu. O there ibzu'zV1er.feggifg:Q ugbolebeqrffzfezifgggigggggaporf R0!ld'Hzgb, we zzrgeQffRHSi Jtz1denti"iQi?L??Z2'iSiitbeir familief to remember Zin' aflzferfzlfem' patroizs when bf need of bzlgb Qqzmlhfy goody i0iil5e1'vicef. View of Rolla Street at 10th. Rolla, seat of Phelps County, is the junction of U,S, Highway 66 Clnter-State 441 which snakes diagonally across the aerial photo at rightg U, S. Highway 635 and Mo. Highway 72. OUR TCW . . . ROLLA, MISSOURI The 1966 Growler staff extends its appreciation to its advertisers and the citizens of Rolla for their support. Memories of Rolla are pleasant ones because this is home to most of us at RHS, Our parents teach at the University, farm, punch the clock at the shoe factory, commute to Fort Wood, clerk in a store, or work at the U,S,G,S, Rolla means classes during the school yearg and golf, swimming, a job, or summer school during vacation. Our town supports its schools in every way from athletics to publications. The Growler staff urges that everyone support Rolla by continued patronage of our advertisers. Index A Academic . . . . . 1 A-Choir . . . . . . . Administration . . . . Advertising . . . . . A1'tClUb...... .. 102 182 B Band .... . . . Baseball . . . . Basketball . . . . Boys' State , . . . Buses . . . . . . . . C Cafeteria ...... . . Cheerleaders . . . . Chess Club . . . . Closing .... . . COE . . . - - ' Counselors . . . . Custodial . . .... . . D Dedication ...... . . E Echo Staff ..... . . 75 F Faculty .......... . . Mrs. Rose Alley - 108 Mrs. Mary Anderson - 109 Mrs. Ruth Ballenter - 116 Mr. William Berry - 107 Mrs. Nancy Beveridge - 108 Mr. Lyman Brown - 116 Mr. William Brent - 112 Mr. Tony Calwhite - 116 Mrs. Retha Castleman - 109 Mrs. Thelma Cave - 110 Mrs. Jeanne Christensen - 114 Mr. Harold Cleveland - 197 Mrs. Peggy Croom - 53,108 Mrs. Pat Havens - 106 Mrs. Frances Henry - 110 Mrs. Velma Jensen - 110 MF. Orville Kaley - 107 Miss Georgia Kidd - 104 Mrs. Beatrice Lampert - 114 Mr. Mr. Mr. Jack Landers - 113 Eugene Lynn - 115 Charles Marcott - 113 Mrs. Bonnie Miles - 196 Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Forest O'Nea1 - 90,92,116 Glenn Poe - 114 Arthur Prewett - 115 George Richards - 115 Howard Roberts - 106 Paul Simmons - 87,116 James Smith - 113 Mrs. Barbara Tryon - 70,110 Mrs. Joye Van Nostrand - 110 Mr. Donald Weaver - 106 Mr. Roy West- 97,116 Mr. Jack Wilson - 110 Mrs. Patricia Wolford - 110 Mr. Leland Womack - 112 FB1.A....... ...62 FFA FHA ,, ..s4 FMA . . . . .59 Football . . . . 7B Foreword . . . . . . 2 French Club .... . . 52 G German Club . . . . 4B Girls' Sports . . . . 98 Girls' State . . . . 73 Golf ..... . . 94 Graduation . . . . . 178 Growler Dance . . . .26 Growler Staff ..... . .74 11 Homecoming .... . . 14 l Introduction ..... . . . 1 J Junior-Senior Prom . . . . 32 Juniors ......... . . 134 Aaron, Bill - 134 Abernathy, Mike - 134 Allgood, Susan - 40,134 Allison, Charles - 64,134 Apperson, Kathy - 41,134 Argo, Steve - 46,78,90,134 Arthur, Johnny - 64,134 Ayers, Gordon - 134 Bade, Bernard - 46,48,134,138 Baker, Charles - 64,134 Barnes, Clarence - 64,134 Barr, Catie - 4B,56,57,73,134 Bartley, Eddie - 39,90,134 Barton, Donald - 134 Batson, Mark - 134 Belaka, John - 134 Benedicto, Robert - 134 Berry, Robert- 46,68,72,'78,9O,134 Berry, Stanley - 134 Beyers. Linda M. - 40,41,'73,134 Black, Joyce Carol - 61,134 Bloch, Tom - 50,56,134 Brandt, David - 46,9'l,134,13'l Branscom, Sharon Gay - 134 Brase, Sue - 40,56,60,134,135 Brookshire, Brenda - 56,71,l34 Brown, Larry - 68,'7B,82,9O,134, 135 Brown, Lynda - 60,134 Brown, Randy - 71,72,134 Brune, Charles - 134 Buckey, Cheri - 134 Bruzewski, Jan - 4o,sa,1aa Burkhart, Donna Jo - 41,59,6O,134 Burns, Larry - 136 Campbell, Christine - 136 Cargle, inthe 4 137 Carnahan, Betty - 41,4a,5s,1a'1 Carney, Sue - 137 Carney, Terry - 40,5O,53,56,137 Cave, Shannon D. - 46,71,72,69,137 Chenoweth, Steve - 53,'72,137 Chick, Gary - 68,'71,'78,'79,9O,92, 137 Chitwood, Ronald - 64,136 Christopher, Gary - 56,136 Clapp, Vincent - 56,136 Cochran, Brian - 137 Colvin, Janet - 137 Colvin, Nelson - 137 Colvin, Maxine - 137 Coy, Walter T., Jr. -137 Crow, Mike - 39,62,68,85,l37 Cunningham, Lorraine - 41,137 Curnutte, Russ - 62,136 Daulemont, Wayne - 136 Dan1ells,Suzi - 4o,53,5s,1a5 Davidson, Kenny - 46,71,135,137 Davis, Edmond - 64,137 Davis, Pauline - 137 Davis, Roger - 64,137 Decker, Edward F. - 137 Decker, Judi - 40,551,137 Denny, Don - 69,136 Dickman, Chuck - 13'7 Dillon, John - 64,136 Douel, Steve - Edgar, Phyllis - 137 Ettleman, Brenda - 137 Elliott, Betty - 50,69,'l3,13'7 Faust, Judi - 41,652,137 Fields, Floyd - 137 Fields, non - 137 Fleming, Ann - 40,60,73,137 Fleming, Jack - 63,136 Ford, Pat - 64,136 Foster, Betty L. - 136 Fowler, Rose Mary - 137 Gabel, Steve - 137 Gately, Garold N. - 137 Grawe, Oliver A. - 5O,7l,72,137 Green, Randy - 53,137 Greig, Jim - 64,137 Gremp, Kenny - 97,139 Grzyb, Steve - 139 Guffy, Mike - 56,137 Guifey, Nancy - 139 Hale, Donald - 72,139 nan, Mary Dee - 56,139 Harlan, Robert W, - 139 Harper, David - sc,sz,1:s9 llarris, Dennis - 139 l-larris, Joyce - 60,139 narris, Rich - 64,139 ilarris, Roger - 139 Hausner, Steve - 139 lleavln, Sandra - 139 Heck, Robert - 64,139 Hendrix, Mary - 139 Henry, Kathy - 139 Henson, Charles - 139 llill, Charles - llines, Judy - 139 Hines, Bill- 139 Huskey, Shirley - 139 Ingram, David - 139 James, Mary - 56,139 Jenson, James - 46,68,72,'7B,79, 90,139 Johnmeyer, ll. E. - 56,139 Jones, Mike - 41,4s,ss,1z,'1e,a5,ee, 90,139 Jones, Pat- 49,139 Kennedy, Brenda - 40,50,73,138, 139 Killian, Bobbi - 4o,4z,4a,45,4e,5s, 135,139 King, Kathy - 40,41,43,45,53,56, 138,139 Kesslinger, Dave - 139 Kitchens, David -71,78,81,86,90, 139 Kittie, Jim - 139 Kinkerman, Mark - 46,68,'71,72,7B, 82,90,137,139 Knight, sue - 56,657,139 Leitner, Lana - 139 Lewis, Mike - 87,537,139 Light, Karen - 139 Lloyd, Mike - 139 Loera, Gerardo - 139 Longo, Mike - 48,71,139 Louis, Barbara - 40,59,139 Loughrige, Gary - 139 Loughridge, Sharon - 42,50,139 Luebbcrt, Nancy - 40,4B,5O,60,139 MacCash, Mary - 139 Main, Dustina - 139 Maples, Ron - 139 Mace, David - 139 Martin, Pam - 139 Ma.rtin, Tara - 40,75,138,139,141 Masters, Mary Nell - 56,60,73,139 Masterson, Theresa - 139 McWhorter, Charles - 140 McWhorter, Elsie - 139 Metideth, Wilma - 140 Meschke, Dennis - 32,51,56,133, 140 Miller, Yvonne - 41,57,140 Miller, Melba - Mitchell, Ronald - 140 Mitchum, Mary - 140 Mittendorf, John - 140 Moore, Kathy - 50,140 Mori, Frank - 5o,71,72,14o Morris, Larry - 71,72,140 Moulder, Jane - 140 Mudrovich, Steve - 140 Murphy, B111 - '71,72,'78,81,9O,140 Myers, Mike - 78,90,140 O'Neal, Judy - Owens, Ken - 57,140 Palmer, shale, M. - 50,713,140 Pardee, Barbara - 140 Parker, Jerry - 40,6B,78,l40 Paul, Chris - 140,141 Pauley, Karen - 40,53,57,60,140 Peplow, David Leslie - 69,140 Perry, Caroline - 140 Perry, Larry - 64,140 Perry, Mike - 46,'72,l38,14O Phelps, Donitta - 71,149 Planje, Curtis - 140 Powers, Linda - 40,5'7,59,73,l40, 141 Pruett, Daryl - 140 Priestley, Mary Beth - 140 Proctor, Lane - 54,74 Regnier, Larry - 140 Rees, Bill- 64,140 Renlck, Frank - 140 Richardson, James - 140 Richter, Vincent - 140 Roberts, Kathy Jo - 48,713,140 Roberts, Lora - 41,649,140 Rogers, Beverly - 60,140 ltothe, April - Rowden, Nancy - 17,40,53,57,60,73, 136,140 kusch, 1.ynna - 41,ss,57,oo,1-io Sachs, Marilyn - 41,140 Sandhaus, Dan - 57,140 Sands, 13111 - 57,140 Schwab, Richard - 48,230,140 schwaneke, John - 72,s'1,97,14o Sederburg, John - 140 Shackelfurd, Katie - 140 Shanks, Rita Mae - 140 Shannahan, Betsy - 40,50,57,59,7l, 73,140 Shelton, Tony - s7,72,14s Sheppard, Evelyn - 140 Sherman, Gary - 97,140 Short, John - 48,140 siebert, Har-om - 4s,5o,es,'1z,97, 140 Simpson, Carmen - 41,57,60,135, 140 Smith, Linda - 142 Smith, Steve - 142 Smith, Wanda - 142 Spencer, Loretta - 71,1-12 Spurgeon, Mary Alice - 59,142 Stair, Dwight- 142 Stevens, Terry - 76,9O,92,l42 Stevenson, Mary Jane - 142 stngsdni, virginia - 53,152,142 Summer, Rodney- 142 Taylor, Jimmy - Then, Jerry - Thurston, Kevin - 142 Thompson, Jhon - Thompson, Robert - 48 Turner, Glenna - Tucker, Douglas - 69,78,l42 Tucker, Patricia - 60,7l,73,142 Tyler, Donald - 61,142 vana, Hannah - 41,50,5l Index Vandergrtff, James - Vaughn, Myra - 141,142 Vaughn, Patricia - 40,713,142 Warrick, Valerie M. - 41,513,142 Waters, Joe - 97,142 Watson, Vickie Gayle - 142 White, Nadra - 67,142 Whites, Gloria - 40,142 wlenecke, Linda - 3S,50,53,142 Wilkinson, Blll - 142 wllllams, Gary - 142 Wilson, Judi - 40,142 Wilson, Mary - 142 Wolford, Mark - 142 Woodley, Douglas - Williams, Edward - 142 Young, Francis J. - 69,142 K KeyClub.. ..-46 L Latin Club .... . . 50 Lettermen's Club . . . . 68 M MMM . . . . . . .58 N Nurse.. ..llB O Organizations . . . . . 36 P Pep Squad ...... . . 40 Q-R S Secretaries . . . . . 105 Senior Follies . . . 22 Seniors ............. 144 ADAM, GREGORY LEE: A-Choir 4, Football l, Track 2. 144 ADAM, JERRY L.: FFA 2,a, COE 4, Football l,2, Student Council 3. 6l,144. ADAMS, LESLIE DEAN: COE 4. 61,144. AGEI6, PEARL MARIE: FHA l,2, recreational leader 3, president 4, COE 4. 6l,G'7,'70,l44. Al-ILAND, MARGARET ANN: FHA 4, Pep Squad 1,2,3,4,MarchingPep Squad 3,4, 41,144. AHLAND, MARY PATRICIA: FHA 1, French Club 3,4, Pep Squad 1, 2,3,4, Marching l1epSquad 3,4,Sen- ior Follies Crew, Girls' State 3, FMA 2,3, vice-president 4, Latin Club 2,3. 144. A1.Ll:IY. BARBARA SUE: A-Choir 4, German Club 2, secretary 3,4, Pep Squad l,2,3,4, Cheerleader 1, 2,3,4, Marching Pep Squad 3,4, llramatlcs 4, F'I'.i4,Senior Follies 4, Class vicc-president 2, Class president 3, Art Club 4, GAA 1, Gfowler Queen Attendant 4. 14, 4o,42,45,so,l44. ALLISON, LYNN L.: Baseball 3,4, 97,144. ANGERMAN, WILLIAM CHARLES: Band 2, MluM 3, Football l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2, Track 2,s,4, Base- ball 1,4,SenIorFol1ieSCrew,ClnS5 president 1, Lettermen's Club president 3, Homecoming Escort 4, Boys' State 3, Student Council 2, Key Club 2, treasurer 3, president 4, Growler King Attendant 4. 18, 46,7o,7a,s1,9'7,l44. ANGLE, CLYDE PHILIP: FBLA 3, Latin Club 1, Football l,2,Basket- ball l,2,3, Track 1,25 Baseball l, 2,3. 144. BAILEY, GLORIA JEAN: FHA 1, COE 4, 6l,l44. BAILEY, KATHY: Cfransfer 43 FHA 4. 144. BATTLEY, SHARON LEE: Band l,z, 3,4, FHA l,4, Pep Squad 1,2,3,4. 41,5s,14s. BAXTER, FRANK WARNER: 146. BELL, G. MIKE: A-choir 2, German Club 3,4, Football'1,3,4, Basketball 1,2,Lettermen's Club4. 46,68,'78,l46. BELL, WILMA: 61,146. BIXLER, DONALD WAYNE: COE 4. s1,146. BLACK, GEORGE DOUGLAS: A- Choir 3, FFA l,2,3,4, Football 1, State FFA Gold Medalist. 64,l46. BLACK, LEONA FAYE: Fl-IA 1, COE 4. 6l,l4s. BLACK, MARY: COE 4,FHA4. 146. BLUE, SHELIA MAE: FI-IA4, FBLA 3, president 4, Pep Squad 2,3,4, Marching Pep Squad 2, Growler Staff 3,4, Echo Stall 3,4, Senior Follies 4,House ol' Representatives 2,3, secretary 4, Latln Club 2. 39, 40,S2,146. BOULWARE, GREG: Cfransfer 41. BRANTLEY, BARBARA LYNN: Band l,2, FHA l,2,3,4, Pep Squad l,2,3, Dramatics 4, FTA 4CTrans- fer 43. 60. BRENNEISEN. MARY JO: A-Choir 3,4, FHA 4, FBLA 3,4, French Club 3,4, Pep Squad l,2,3,4, MMM 3,4, Growler Staff 4, Echo Staff 4, Senior Follies 4. 4o,53,e2,'14,'15, 146. BRISCOE, NANCY KAY: Member of National HonorSocietyCTra.nsfer 45. '70,l48. BROOKSHIRE, ROGER ALLEN: 148. BROWN, JEWEL FERN: A-Choir 1, secretary 2,a,4, FBLA 4, MMM 2,3,4, Senior Follies 4, House of Representatives 3,4. 39,62,'?0,'7l, 148. BRUMMELL, ALAN GIBSON: De- bate 4, Football 1,2,3,4, Track 1, 3, Key Club 3,4, l.ettcrmen's Club 3, president 4. 1'7,'78,8l,l4B. BUSBY, PAUL MARVIN: French Club 1, president 2, Basketball 1, 2, Boys' State Alternate 3, Key Club 4, L.ettermen's Club 4. 46, 148. CAMPBELL, LELA MARIE: A- Choir 4, FHA 1, Pep Squad l,2,3, 4, Cheerleader l,2,3,4, Dramatics 4, I-'TA 4, Senior Follies 4, Class Vice-President 4, GAA 4. 40,42, 45,l48. CANFIELD, DAN GIBSON: Band l,2,3,4. 5G,148. CARMACK, JOSEPH: FBLA 4, A-Choir 4, lillvllx-I 4. 56,148. CARNEY, ROBERT GERALD: Band l,2,3,4, FBLA 4, Key Club 3,4, Latin Club 1,2,3, Pep Band 3,4, Boys' State Alternate 3. 56,14B. CARR, DIANNA DEE: FHA4,FBLA 4. s2,14s. CHRISCO, LARY: Basketball 1,2, Boys' State 3, Key Club 4, Letter- men's Club 2,3,4,Cross-Country4, Baseball 2,3,4. 46,68,9'7,148. CLEVELAND, MICHAEL W.: Band l,2,3,4, German Club l,2,3,4,MMM 2,3,4, Senior Follies Crew, Chess Club vice-president 3. 48,56,5'7, 'Io,14s. COCHRAN, WILLIAM T.: Shop Club 1, COOK, LINDA SUE: FHA 1,2,3,4, GAA 4, FFA Sweetheart Attendant 4. 65,151. COPELAND, LARRY LEE: Band 1, 2,a,4, FBLA 4, Football l,2,::. 5e,151. CORBEN, JUNE LYNN: A-Choir 2,3,4, Pep Squad l,2,3,4, Marching Pep Squad 3, MMM 2,3,4, Senior Follies, Latin Club 4. 39,50,151. COTTINGI-IAM, WILLIAM WARREN: Band 1,2,3,4, German club 3, MMM 2,3,4, Golf 3,4, FMA 3,4, Key Club 2,3,4, Latin Club 1, 2,a. 4e,ss,s9,az,l5l. COX, ROY MICHAEL: FFA 1,2,3, 4. 64,l51. CRAIN, MICHAEL ANTHONY: A- Choir 4, Growler Staff 4, Echo Staff 4, Basketball 1,2,3, All-con- ference Honorable Mention 4, Cross-country 4, Baseball 2,3,4, l.ettermen's Club 2,3,4, Growler King Attendant4,State Sports Writ- ing Award 4. 6B,70,B5,86,9'7,l51. CHAIN, WANDA L.: FHA l,2,3, COE 4. 61,151. CURTIS, PENNY MARIE: Fl-IA l, 2,3, treasurer 4, COE 4, House of Representatives 4. 39,61,6'7,'7O, 151. CURTIS, RUTH ANN: FHA l,2, Pep Squad l,2,3,4, Marching Pep Squad 2,3, FMA 2,3. 152. DAKE, MYRON T.: Bano1,2,Base- ball l,2,3. CTransferJ. DALTON, JIM DALE: COE4,Track 1,2, Chess Club 4. 61,sa,l52. DAVIDSON, PATRICK: FrenchC1ub 1, treasurer 2, vice-president 3, best member 4,Football l,2,Track 1,2,3, Senior Follies, Boys' State Alternate 3, Student Council 4, Key Club 3,4, Growler King Attendant4, Cross-country 4,Lettermen's Club 4, Bausch E: Lomb Science Award. s9,4e,5s,sa,ls2. DAVIS, KENNETH LESLIE: FFA 2,a. 152. DAVIS, klltk WESLBY: Band 3,4, German Club 4, FMA 4. 4B,56, 59,64,'70,152. DOWNING, DAVID ALAN: A-Choir 1, COE 3, DECA vice-president 4, Football 1, Art Club 2,3,4. 152. DREW, DELMAR K.: A-Clloir 3, Football 3,4, Track 3, Boys' State 3. 7a,79,a1,l52. ELLIOTT, PATRICIA ANN: A- Choir l,2,3,4, FHA state choir 4, French Club 2, PepSquatl 3, March- ing Pep Squad 3, MMM 2,3,4, Growlcr Stall 2,3,4, Echo Staff 2,3, business manager 4, State Music Contest Solo 1 Rating 3,4, 'I0,'74, '75,l52. MICHAEL J.: Band l,2,a, 4, A-Choir 4, French Club 2,3,4, MMM 2. vice-president 3,4, Stu- dent Council 3, Key Club 2,3,4, Chess Club 3, Growler King At- tendant 4,House of Representatives 3, parliamentarian 4. 39,46,56,152. FEELER, DAVID ARNOLD: A- Choir 4, FFA 1,2, pa.rliamenta.rian 3, vice-president4,Cross-Country 4, Baseball 3,4, 64,65,'70,9'7,152.. FEELER, JAMES WILLIAM: COE 4. 6l,154. FENLEY, LINDA ANN: Band 2,3, 4, FHA 1.4, Pep Squad 1,2,a,4. 56,154 FRANK, LARRY A.: Baseball 2,3, 4, Cross-Country 4, Lettermen's Club 2,3, vice-president4,Basket- ball l,2,3, All-Conference, All- Distrlotfl. 6B,85,86,'70,97,l54. FRANKLIN, CARL RAYMOND: Basketball l,2,3, All-Conference, A11-District Honorable Mention 4, Baseball Z,3,4, Growler King At- tendant 4. 85,86,9'7,154. FUCHS, JANET SUE: FHA 1,4,Pep Squad 3,4, Marching Pep Squad 3, COE 4. 6l,154. GEERS, MARY DEBORAH: Band l,2,3,4, Pep Squad 2,3,4, MMM 1, 2,3, historian 4, Debate 4, Science Club 2, Senior Follies, Girls'State 3, Student Council 1, Latin Club 1, 2,3. 40,56,TO,154. GIACOMARRA, DON: Shop Club president 3, Echo Staff 4, Football 1, Basketball 1,2,3, Track 3, Cross-Country 4, Baseball 3. 85, 91154. GIDEON, LINDA SUE: FI-IA 1,2, 3,4, GAA 1. 154. GLENN, SHARON ELAINE: Band 1,2,3,4, Pep Band 2,3,4, A-Choir 1,2,3, FBLA sergeant-at-arms 4, French Club 3, Pep Squad l,2,3,4, MMM 2,3,4, Class secretary 2, Girls' State Alternate 3, FMA 3, 40,56,'7D,154. GLIDEWELL, BARBARA ANN: A- Choir 4, F1-lA'1,2, historian 3, vice- president 4, FTA 3, historian eo,s7,154. GODDAHD, ICVLEATUS LOIIELBI: 154. I GOLLAI-ION, CARL RICHARD: A- Choir 4, Football 3. 154. ' covllzn, Many A.: valeoletoiianf Banu l,2,3, treasurer 4, A-choir 3, Pep squad 2,a,4, MMM 2,'il,4, Debate 4, Senior Follies, Girls' State Alternate 3, FMA 3,4, Pep Band 3,4, Latin Club 1,2,'3,4. 40, 56,5'7,59,70,l54,l'79. GREEN, GENEVIVE BLIZABBTII: FHA l,2,3,4, German Club 2, COE 3, president 4, DECA secretary 3, 4. s1,154. ' ' GREEN, HARRY JOSEPH: FFA 2, 3.4. 157. GRISHAM, DUANE: FFA 1,2,3,4, District Dairy Products Team. 64, 157. GROVES, JEFFREY MARTIN: Cler- man Club 2, historian 4, Art Club 1,2,3,4, Student Council 2,Growler King Attendant 4. 48,'I0,157. GRUENDER, JOHN ROBERT: COE 4, House of Representatives 4. 61,15'7. GUHSE, EDWARD: 157. HAAS, STEVE L.: Germall Club 2, 3,4, Football 1,3,4, Track 3, Lettel'men's Club 3,4. 68,78,82, 157. HALL, JUDY ANN: Band l,2,3,4, FHA 4, Pep Squad 3,4, COE 4, l-'TA 4, Art Club 2,3,4, FMA 4. 56,15'7. I-IAPPEL, LINDA SUE: FHA 1,2,3, recreation leader 4, COE 4. 6l,6'7, 157. HARVEY, IIUGH WARREN: fTl'3.l'l5- fer 25, Football 3,4, Lettermews Club 4: Track 3, Latin Club 2. 68, 4B,'79,15'7. HATFIELD, JUDITH ANNE: FHA 4, Pep Squad 3,4, Marching Pep Squad 3, Growlcr Sta.ff4, Echo Staff 4, FTA 4, Writers Club 3. 41,60', 74,75,157. , I-IAWKINS, CLAUDE JMILLARDZ Track 3, Latin Club 1,2,3,4,Indus- trial Arts Fair III rating 4. 159. HAYES, CHRISTINA: Latin Club 1, 2, French Club 3, president 4, Pep Squad 2,3,4, Marching PepSquad 3, 4, Growler 3, Echo 3, co-editor 4, Senior Follies, Art Club a,a,4, Girls' State Alternate 3, House of Representatives 4, DAR Good Cit- izenship Award. a9,4o,5a,7o,'15, 159. ' HENDRIX, BARBARA A.NN: FHA 1,2,3,4, Att Club 4, Chess Club vice-president 4. 159. HENDRIX, CONNIE KAY: FHA 3. HENRY, WILLIAM GARY: Football 1, Basketball 1,2,3, .All-District Honorable Mention, All-Conier- ence 4, Growler King Attendant 4, Baseball 2,a,4. ee,s5,as,s'1,97,159. HENSLEY, LINDA PATEI FHA 1,2, s,4. e'1,159. HIGLEY, ELEANOR: A-Choir 3,4, French Club 3,4, Pep Squad'2,3,4, MMM 3, vice-president 4, Senior Follies, Class Secretary 3,4, Homecoming Attendant 4, FMA secretary 3,4, Growler Queen At- Index tendant 45 Latin Club l,2. 16,18, 4l,sa,59,l5s. HILDRETI1, RONNIE DALE: FFA 1,2,3,4. 159. HILLS, DANZIL WRIGHT: FFA 1, 2, treasurer 3, reporter 45 FBLA 2. 53,s4,l59. HOLLINGSWORTH, JOHN EDWIN: Chess Club 3,45 Radio Club 4. 7o,ls9. HUBBARD, VICKY J.: A-cnoir 45 rl-lA 1,2,35 Pep Squad 1,z,a,45 Marching Pep Squad 1,25 FTA 45 GAA 2,3, 159. JAMES, DAN: A-cnolr 1,45 Senior Follies. 159. JONES, ALFRED LEE: A!'tClub 45 Art Award 3. 161. JONES III, FANGIE EDWARD: Track 2,35 Latin Club l,2. 161. JUNEAU, GORDON A.: A-Choir 3,4. 161. KEENEY, WANDA MAY: FI-IA 1, 2,3,45COE 4. el,s7,1sl. KING, JUDY: A-Choir 35 COE secretary 45 Growler Queen At- tendant 4. 61,161. KITCI-IENS, LUCIUS W.: Letter- men's Club 3,45 Homecoming Es- cort 45 FFA l,2,35EchoStaIi5Foot- ball l,2,3, All-Conference Honor- able Mention 45 Track 1,2,35Senior Follles5 Class vice-president 1. 78,79,80,81,82,161. LAIRD, NANCY ANN: Ba.nd1,2,3, 45 French Club 2,35 Pep Squad 1, 2,3,45 MMM 2,3,45 Growler Queen Attendant 4. zs,4l,5e,1sl. LAMB, ROBERT DAVID: COE 4. 61,161. LEE GEORGE LAWRENCE: CTrans- fel' 47 National Honor Society. 161. LEMASTERS, BETTY WAGNER: FHA 1,2,35 Latin Club 1. 161. LEMASTERS, STEVE FLOYD: Band l,2,3,45 FBLA 45 German Club 1, 2, treasurer 3,45 MMM l,2,3,45 Senior Follies. 48,56,70,161, LEONARD, SHARON SUE: FHA 1, 45 Pep Squad 3, treasurer 45 Marching Pep Squad 3,45 Growler Staff 3,45 Echo Staff 45 FTA vice- president 45 1-louse of Represen- tative 3. 40,60,74.75,161. LEWIS, DENNIS: 163. LOANE, BETTY: 163. LOVE, KATHLEEN MARIE: FHA 15 French Club 45 Pep Squad l,2, 3,45 Marching Pep Squad 3,45 Girls' State Alternate 35 Growler Queen Attendant 45 Latin Club 3,4. 4o,5o,5l,5a,lea. LYTLE, WILLIAM DAVID: French Club 1,25 Debate 45 Football 15 Golf l,2,3,45 Boys' State 35 Student Council 1,2, treasurer 3, secre- tary 45 Key Club 2,3, secretary 45 Growler King Attendant 45 Sopho- more Pilgrimage 25 Latin Club 3,4. 46,50,62,163. MACE, GARY L.: FFA l,2,a5 COE vice-president 45 Growler Queen Attendant 4. 61,163. MACORMIC, KENNETH: 163. MAPLES, JAMES RONALD: Ger- man Club 3,45 Track 15 Latin Club 1. 163. MAREK, JR., DONALD JAY: FBLA 45 French Club 3,45 Football 3,45 Track 3,45 FTA 45 Senior Follies5 Class historian 45 Key C1ub45Let- termen's Club 3, historian 45 House of Representatives 4. 46,53, 60,78,163. MARTINEZ, RAYMOND L.: 163. MASON, PAMELA ELIZABETH: Band 15 French Club 2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Senior Fol1les5 Latin Club 1,2.41,53,163. MCCRACKEN, JAMES EARL: Band 1,2,3,45 Golf 1,2,3,45. French Club 15 Growler King Attenda.nt 4. 26. 56,62,68,165. MELTON, JOHN WILLIAM: A- cnolr z,s,4. iss. MESKO, MILTON E.: COE 3,45 Art Club 4. 165. MESPLAY, DAVID ALLEN: 165. MILLER, J. KENT: Band 1,2,3,45 COE 4. 61,165. MILLER , LELAND RANDOLPH: FBLA 45 Debate 45 Football z,3,45 Track 35 Homecoming Escort 45 Student Council 45 Key Club 2,3, vice-president 45 Lettermen's Club 3,4 Crransler Zh. 46,68,'78,81,lS5. MILLER, LINDA L.: Bend 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Marching Pep Squad 15 FTA 45 Senior Fol1ies5 Growler Queen Attendant 4. 41, 165. MILLER, ROYCE C.: MILLER, RUTH CECILIA: A-Choir 35 Dramatlcs 3,45 Art Club 45 GAA 2. 165. MILWARD, KERRY ANN: KTTRIIS- fer 21 Band 2,3,45 A-Choir 2,3,45 FHA 45 GAA 4. 56,165. MIRLY, CAROL DIANE: FHA 15 Pep Squad 3,45 Marching PepSquad 3,45 Dramatics 45 Senior Follies5 FMA 2,3, secretary 45 Latin Club 2,3,4. 5o,59,1s5. MOLLOY, STEVE MONTEL: De- bate 45 Football 15 Track 1,2,35 Senior Follies5 Class president 45 Boys' State Alternate 35 Letter- men's Club 1,2,3,45 Latin Club 1, 2,3, 4B,68,70,165. MORFORD, DONALD C.: Basket- ball 1,2,3,45 Track 35 Senior Fol- lies5 Boys' State 35 Lettermenls Club 2,3,45 Latin Club 1. 68,8-l,ss, 165. MOWRY, RONALD MIKE: COE 45 Football 3,45 Track 3. 61,l65. MUDROVICH, THOMAS: 68,166. MYERS, DIANNE SUE: French Club 35 Pep Squad 2,3,45 Marching Pep Squad 35 Debate 45 Senior Follies5 Homecoming Attendant 45 Girls' State 35 Student Council 3, vice-president 45 Growler Queen Attendant: Latin Club 2,a. 16,1B, 39,4o,7o,les. NULL, JUDITII LYNN: Band 1,25 A-choir l,2,a,45 French Club 3, treasurer 45 Pep Squad 1,2, sec- retary 3, president 45 Marching Pep Squad 3,45 MMM 2,3,45Growl- er Staff 3,45 Echo Staff 35 Home- coming Co-Queen 45 Girls' State 35 Student Council l,2. 15,16,l'7, 1a,2a,4l,5a,7o,74,lss. OAKES, PAMELA ANN: Band 1,2, 3,45 French Club l,2,a,45 MMM l, 2,3, secretary 45 Echo Staff 2,3, co-editor 45 FTA 1,25 Class trea- surer 35 Girls' State 35 Student Council 45 Growler Queen Atten- dent 4. 56,60,70,16G. O'HAVER, SHIRLEY ANN: A-Choir 45 FHA 2,3,45 Pep Squad 3. 166. OITIS, VALEBIB Lou: rl-lA 1,2,3, 45 GAA 1. 166. OUSLEY, GLORIA GAY: A-Choir 35 FHA 15 COE 4. 61,166. PALMER, JOHN GILBERT: Shop Club 35 COE 4. 61,l66. PATTERSON, MICHAEL G.: Band 1,2,3,45 A-Choir 45 FBLA 45 MMM 2,35 Echo Staff 3,45 Growler King Attendant 4. 5.6,166. PENDLETON, BILL MARK: FBLA 1,25 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Basebal12, 3,45 Cross-Country 45Lettermen's Club 3,4. 6s,a5,ae,97,1s6. PFEIFER, JAMES W,:L1oydHerr- man Memorial Scholarship 4. '70, 71. PILLOW, RONALD: COE 3. 169. POTTER, KATHERINE MAT1-IILDE: COE 4. 169. POWELL, RUTH ANN: A-Choir 35 French Club 1,2, reporter 3, reporter 45 Pop Squad 1,2,3,45 Marching Pep Squad 3,45 MMM 3,45 Dramatics 35 Growler Staff 3,45 Echo staff 3,45 FTA 3,45 sen- lor ro11les5 Art Club 45 FMA 3,4. 4o,5a,59,co,74,ls9. PROUTY, CAREN JOYCE: FHA 1, 2,3,4. 169. RAINES, JEANNE KAY: A-Choir 1,2,45 FHA 1,25 Pep Squad l,2,3, 45 Marching Pep Squad 35 FTA 1, 2,45 Senior Follies5 FMA 3,4. 169. RAYLE, FLOYD THOMAS: A-Choir 2,3,45 Football 1,25 Track 1. 169. REESE, BARBARA SUE: FHA 1, 2,3,45 Pep Squad 3. '70,l69. REYNOLDS, BARBARAJAE: CTTBIISIEI' 41 Pep Squad 45 Debate 45 Senior Follies. 40,'70. RIDEN, MARTYNE SUE: A-Choir l,2, president 3,45 German Club 2,3,45 Pep Squad l,2, parliamen- tarian 3,45 Marching Pep Squad 3, 45 MMM 2,3,45 FTA 45 Girls' State 3. 40,4S,169. RITTER, CHARLES O.: Shop Club 15 Football 1,25 Basketball l,2. 169. ROACH, WARREN DALE: Band 2, president 3,45 Drum Major 2,3,45 MMM 2, president 3,45 Debate 45 Senior l"ollies5 Boys' State 35 Key Club 2, vice-president 3,45 Latin Club 2, treasurer 3,4. 56,169. ROBERTS, DENNIS RANDALL: Football manager 1,2,3,45 Basket- ball manager 45 Lettermen's Club 4. 6B,85,9'7,l69. ROBERTS, JEAN MARIE: Band 1, 2,3,-15 Pep Band 2,3,45 A-Choir 2, 3,45 Pep Squad 1,35 Cheerleader 15 MMM 2,3,45 FTA 45 FMA 45 vooal solo State I Rating 4, 56,57,I71. ROBERTS, PATRICK KENT: Band 1,2,3,45 French Club l,2,3, vice- presitlent 45 MMM 1,2,3,45 Debate 3, president 45 Senior Fo1lies5 Boys' State 3. 53,70,l71. ROWLAN, DERREL D.: Art Club l,2,3,4. 171. RUSH, DANNY LEE: FFA 1,2,3,45 National Dairy .Judging Contest Award 3, G4,65,17l. SACHS, NANCY L.: A-Choir 2,3, 45 FHA 45 Pep Squad 3,45 March- ing Pep Squad 45 GAA 4. 41,17l. SCHOOLER, JEANNE ANN: Band 1,2,3,45 A-Choir 45 FBLA 45 French Club l,2,3,45 Pep Squad 1, secre- tary 2, vice-president 3, treasurer 45 MMM 2,3,45 Senior Follies5 Homecoming Attendant 45 Growler Queen. 16,1B,2B,53,56,62,l7l. SCHOOLER, JOYCE LYNELL: Band l,2,a,45 A-choir l,2,3,45 French Club 2, historian 3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Cheerleader 15 MMM z,a,45 Senior Follies 45 Growler Queen Attendant 4. 53,5G, 171. SHERRELL, DARRELL: 171. SHELTON, LINDA SUE: FHA 15 FBLA 25 Pep Squad 3. SIDWELL, BEVERLY: 171. SIEBELTS, JAMES ANTHONY:Ger- man Club 3,45 Latin Club 1,2,3. 4s,l71. SMALLWOOD, LARRY: 61,'I0. SMART, LOUIE CID: Art Club 1, 2,3,45 Student Council 45 Architec- ture Award. 172. SMITH, GLORIA JEAN: FHA 1,2, 354. SMITH, ROBERT EUGENE: A-Choir 25 FFA l,2, secretary 3, presi- dent 45 MMM 25 State Farmer. 64,65,172. SPRADLING, RONNIE EUGENE: Shop Club 1. 172. STARKWEATIIER, MICHAEL HOWARD: Band 3,4. 56,l72. STITES, JOHN: Football 1,2,3,1l. 78,B2,l'72. STOLL, SUE: Debate 3,45 Dramat- lcs 3,45 MMM 3,45 FMA 3,4. 56, 59,'70,l72. SUMP, PATRICIA SUE: FHA 45 FBLA 45 Pep squad 1,2,3,45Mar- ching Pep Squad 1,25 COE 45Grow- ler staff 45 Echo stall l,2,a,45 Senior Folliesg Class treasurer 45 Growler Queen Attendant 4. 41,61,62,172. TAPPMISYER, EDITH M.: A-Choir 1,2, secretary 3,45 German Club 2,3,45 Pep Squad 1, historian 2, secretary 3,45 Cheerleader 1,45 Marching Pep Squad 35 MMM 2, secretary 3, president 45 Senior Fo1lies5 Girls' State 35 Growler Queen Attendant 4. 4O,42,45,48, 70,l'72. TAYLOR, GARY LEE: Basketball l,2,3,45 Key Club 45 Growler King. 2a,as,se,l72. THOMAS, BENJAMIN CHARLES: German Club 3, board of directors 45 Football 15 Basketball 1,25 Golf l,2, All-Conference 3,45 Boys' State 35 Growler King Attendant 45 Latin Club l,2,35 Lettermen's Club 2,:l,4. 4e,s2,es,l72. THOMAS, DRUCILLA: Art Club 1,2, 3,45 Salutatorian5 MMM 3,-1. sc, 7o,l74,179. THOMSON, WILMA JEAN: rl-lA 1, z,a,4: COE 4. 7'nollN1llLL, Cl-IERYL sMl'rl-l: FBLA 3,45FHA2,3. 172. TROSSEN, KENNETH CHARLES: 174. TUCKER. MICHAEL NEAL: 174. TUCKER, RHODORA KATHLEEN: FHA 15 French Club 3,45 Pep Squad 3, reporter 45 Marching Pep Squad 3,45 Growler Staff 3,-I5 Echo Staff 3,45 Senior F0l1ies5 .irt Club 2.3, secretary 4, GAA 15 State Certificate of Meritfor Jour- nalism 4. 40,'75,90,l74. UMMEL. JEM: Band 1,2,3,-15 FHA 45 Pep Squad 15 Dramatics -i5 FMA 1,2,3.4. 5G.5D,l74. VAXDERGRIFF, KURTIS DEAN: 174. VANKIRK. RALPH ALBERT: FFA l,2,35 COE -11 Football 1. 6l,l74. VOGELER, RICHARD IJALI-L: 174. WADE, JANE BEVERLY: Band 1,25 A-Choir 1,2,3, secret:ll'y45 French Club 2,3, secretary 45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Cheerleader 1,2,45 MMM 2,3,45 Growler Stall 3, Editor 45 Senior Follies5 Homecoming Co- QUGGH 4. ls,1o,17,le,4o,42,45,7o, 74,l74. WAGNER, BILLY l:ZARL:FMA 3,45 Latin Club l,2. 59,1'74. WAGNER, VICKI ELLEN: I-'HA l,2, 45 Pep Squad 35 GAA 1,3,treasurer 45 Most Athletic Senior Girl 4. 7O,l76. WALLS, WADE: COE 4. 175. WEBBER, CATHERINE MARIE: FHA 15 Pep Squad 3,45 FTA 4. 41,17G. WEBBER, GEORGE ANTON: FFA 25 House of Representatives 4. 39, 177. WEI-IMEIER, DONNA KAY: Band 1,2,3,45 A-Choir 2,35 German Club 45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 MMM 2,3,45 Senior Follies5 C-iris' State 35FMA 3,45 Growler Queen Attendant 4. 39,40,48,56,177. Index WHALEN, JUDIT11 ANN: FHA lg FBLA 4, French Club 3, PepSquad 1,2,3, secretary 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, Marching Pep Squad, Senior Follies, GAA 1. 4o,4l,s2,1'11. WHALING, BERNADETTE MARIE: A-Choir 3, Pep Squad 3,Grow1er staff a,4, Echo starr a,4. 1475, 176. WIGGINS, JOHN DALTON: A-Choir 3,45 Debate 4, Echo staff 2, root- ball l,2,3,4, Basketball 1, Track 1,2,3,-1, Class president 2, Student Council 3, president 4, Key Club 3, treasurer 4. 17,46,68,70,78,81, 90,1'76. WILLIAMS, CYNTHIA J.: FHA 1,2, French Club 4, Pep Squad 2,3,-1, Marching Pep Squad 3,4gGrow1er Staff 4, Echo Stall 3,45 Latin Club a,4. l'7G. WILSON, DENNIS RAY: Shop Club 1,25 FTA 3,45 Homecoming Escort 4, House of Representatives 4, Football 2,3, .-111-Conference Honorable Mention 4. 39,60,68,78, 81,17'7. WILSON, SANDRA KAY: FBLASQC- retary 4, Pep Squad 2,3,-1, COE reporter 4,Senior Fo1lies,Grow1er Queen Attendant 4, House of Rep- resentatives 4. 39,41,61,62,177. YORK, N.1THltYN KAY: Band 1,2, 3,49 A-Choir 3,45 French Club 2,3, 4, Pep Squad l,2,3,4. 56,177. YOWELL, PEGGY: Sophomores .......... 122 Adam, 1.inda - 32,57,60,l22 Adam, Steve - 122 Adams, Dainna - 57,122 Allison, Richard - 122 Allsman, Pam - 122 Andercck, Judy Kay - 67,122 Arthur, Andy, Jr. - 6-1,122 Arthur, Dale - 139,122 Arthur, Donald - 122 Arthur, Harvey - 122 Arthur, Michael W, - 122 :'ll'llll1l', Ted - 78,87,90,122 Bohr, Tony - 122 Barnes, Janice - 122 Barnes, Randy - 122 Bartimus, Roy - 122 Bell, Lucy Mary - 122 Derry, Denllis - 122 Black, Barbara - 122 Black, Sherry - 122 Bowers, Phyllis - 122 Bralnlett, Brenda - -11,53,57,122 Branson, Charles - 123 Brclldoll. Anita - 12:1 Brosllot, James A. - -16,-18,123 Broun, Debby - -10,-12,-lil,-15.53, 12-1,123 Brown, Linda Sue - 57,123 Brown, Sharon K, - 123 Butts, Jim - -16,-18,123 Callen, Dave - 123 Carrnack, Patsy - 124 Case, Gary - 97,124 Cllaney, Tim s. - 124 Cisco, James - 124 Cleveland, Pat - 57,124 Cochran, James - 124 Cook, Pat - 124 Cowan, Ron - 46,711,124 Cox, Judy May - 124 Crownover, Joel - 57,124 Crain, Charla - 39,12-1 Crain, Jimmie - 124 Crain, Loetta - 124 Crider, Judith A, - 124 Derryberry, Della - 125 Downing, Tom - 125 Duncan, Ronnie - 78,517,125 Earl, Terry - 125 Eckert, Bob - 125 Edlin, William - 57,125 Edwards, John - 50,57,125 Ellis, Tom - 46,50,57,125 Ellis, Vicki- 40,50,5l,57,125 Erickson, Patsy - 125 Estey, Mike - 62,7B,125 Faucett, Lu Ann - 40,125 Felker, William - 125 Fenley, William David - 125 Finlayson, Robert - 48,125 Frank, Jerry - 125 Freeman, Wanda Jean - 125 rrleclerichs, Tim - 4o,5o,s7,59, 62, 71,125 Fryer, Roberta - 125 Fuller, Mike - 6l,78,90,124,129, 125 Furse, Randy - 125 Gabel, Mary Elizabeth - 126 Geurin, Rober - 87,517,126 Gibbons, Judy - 57,523,126 Glenn, Cathy - 53,126 Glenn, David - 57,78,97,129,126 Gollahon, Sue - 126 Govler, Jack - 50,57,126 Gray, Judy - 126 Greig, Sharon - 126 Groves, Judy - 126 Grishan, Eddie - 126 Groves, Judi - 126 Grisham. Duane - 126 1-1 aas, Beverly - 41,126 Haas, Gary Lee - 64,87,90,126 liagenhofi, Stephen - 126 Halcomb, Cindy - 126 Hale, Susan - 50,126 Harlan, Art - 64,126 Harris, Beverly - 57,126 Harris, Mark - 71,126 Harris, Thelma - 126 Hart, Bobby - 97,126 lleagler, Carrie - 40,-18,126 Hendrix, George - 126 Henry, Don - 78,537,126 lflerberger, Robert - 126 Higley, Kathleen - 41,53,57,126 Hines, Charlene - 127 Holt, Linda - 127 Hudek, Kathleen - 127 Hughes, Allen - 64,127 Hunt, David - 64,127 lnlskey, Bill - 127 l-leglin, Lexi - 4o,53,57,l27 Jacobs, Linda - 67,127 Johnson, Cindy - 127 Jones, Deanna - 53,127 Jones, Judy Kay - 127 Jones, Melvin D, - 127 Jordan, Judy - 127 Juneau, Andre - 12B Kidwell, Janet - 128 Kinder, Sam - 128 Koboldt, Kerry - 4e,5o,s2,71,12a Lammlein, Marjorie - 40,517,128 i..ane,Car1- 128 Lee, Julia - 128 Lewis, George - 57,128 Lewis, Harold - 128 Lewis, Pat - 128 Light, Micheal Wayne - 120 Lortz, Alice - 128 Loughridge, Sharon - 40,45,50,l28 Loughridge, Linda Sue - 57,67,l23 l,uebbert, Carol - 50,128 Mace, David - 12B Macormic, Judy - 128 Manls, Barton - 48,520,128 M arkussen, Merritt - 128 Mason, Elaine - 57,128 Masterson, Pam - 67,128 Matlock, Linda - 67,128 Maxwell, Wayne - 64,128 McBride, Jerry - 128 McCracken, Dwayne - 64,129 McCullough, Becky - 129 McCutchen, Joh - 46,50,51,62,78, 129,133 McDowell, Jack - 129 Mengel, Julie - 41,50,5l,129 Merrell, Sue - 40,411,129 Merritt, Bunlly - 65,129 hleschke, lilaine - 41,129 M55 " rs. Mcsko, Tom - 129 Mltchum, Ronnie - 78,87,90,92,129 Mobley, Steve - 39,129 Montgomery, Curt - 64,129 Mooney, Chuck - 129 Myers, Albert- 129 Nash, Robert 4 130 Nelson, Mike - 57,78,9O,l30 Null, Paula - 41,50,57,71,130 Oppermann, Steve - 130 Pardee, Tom - 130 Parker, Joanne - 130 Paulsmeyer, Sue - 41,50,57,13O Peeler, Herb - 60,130 Penfield, Judy - 67,130 Peplow, Amanda - 69,130 Perkins, Becky - 130 Persing, Diana - 4O,57,130 Phelps, Wilbert - 130 Pogue, Robert - 64,130 Potter, Daniel S, - 130 Prentice, Allan - 130 Poeppelmeyer, Mike - 130 ltallorn, David - 130 Raines, Mike - 97,130 Reese, Ronnie - 130 Reeves, Joh - 130 ltichards, Del - 130 ltiden, Dale - 85,570,131 Roluis, Larry V 131 Ross, Bill- 131 Ross, Virginia - 131 Rothe, Lance - 131 Routh, Cathe - 131 Roy, Mary hlargaret - 40,131 Rush, William - 64,131 Roller, John - 131 Sachs, Alan - 57,134,131 Sandhaus, Robert - 39,87,97,129, 131 Scearce, William Dudley - 50,131 Schreiner, Terry - 131 Schultz, Don - 131 Schwab, Jo Ann - 4o,5o,57,l31 Scott, Debbie - 50,71,13l Schakleford, Donna - 131 Shelton, Tony - 50,131 Shelton, Roger - 131 Shivers, Carol - 131 Schults, Bonnie - 131 Sims, James -131 skyles, Judy - 131 Skyles, Ronald - 64,131 Slone, Margie - 30,131 Slusher, Mike - 131 Snodgrass, Philip Dean - 131 Soper, Roy - 131 sewers, Kathy - 4o,5a,ls1 Spencer, Leroy - 131 Spreng, Carl - 50,57,132 Starkweather, Rory - 57,132 Steen, Dianna - 57,132 Stronp, Charles - 132 Strunk, Nora - 40,111,132 Sturgeon, Julie - 57,65,132 Sump, Connie - 41,132 Sump, Tim - 132 Tappmeyer, Ellen - 40,413,132 Thompson, Leland - 132 Thomas, Larry - 132 Thomson, Curt - 132 Thurston, Kevin - 132 Tillott, Edwin - 182 Tucker, Mary - 41,53,57,60,132 Tucker, Doug - 132 Tune, Larry - 132 Usery, John - 132 Vance, Hannah - 57,132 Vickers, Janice - 57,132 Vogeler, Vanna - 57,132 volglit, Bill - 39,B7,97,132 Wagoner, Richard - 133 Walker, John R. - 57,133 walker, Linda - las Wassilak, John - 133 Waters, Gwen - 40,511,133 Wh aling, Robert - 133 Whites, Pat - 40,133 whitney, Steve - 39,97,133 Whitson, Karalene - 53,133 Witten, James - 46,133 Whitten, James - Wienecke, Janet - 124,133 Wiggins, Donna - 5o,s'1,l3a 133 Wiggins, Nancy - 40,43,45,57 Williams, Bessie Williams, David - - 133 50,133 Williams, Dav1d1.ewis - 133 Williams, Don - 8 7,133 Williams, James - 64,133 Williams, Mike - 04,133 Willy, Marie - f-l1,5O,51,133 Wilson, Brenda - ll'iSll0Il, Pat - 133 133 40,42,-l3,45, ae, ,133 Wollard, James D. - 50,87,129, 133 Worstell, Margaret May - 133 Yount, Steve - 133 Special Awards ...... . . .70 Sports . ...... . . 76 StudentCouncil . . . . . 38 Student Life .... . . 10 Students . . .... . .120 T Track . . . . , , 90 This We Remember ..... The be!! bar rang, taboo! zir oat. All0fb6'1'-11611141 965- S0017 lbe balk will be flier! 101711 laaglyter am! the 66 fm maze am! gone. Ou 1016 Street, the bzzzfrfzag claagizzg qf Zockem-the bell 1017! nag once again Jzlg- .ffamff f?Jl'f01'Il auf! eapty, llllllllfltig the lmftle Kill!! baffle, aalfag another year, another Jtofy. And we zazfl rewzember tae aiz'1'le11zeal am! J'IlIflll!.fJ' ufaaotberyear at R alla High. -I 965-66 may a great year. 5 i +14a aaa. lwuuill-igailf ' ,ear ' .- . Wi , Ar ii I. H .Y 1 ,i . - Q.:-: 4 - L-,sql wr - -- 1 - . M , ,. . . Y V7 fr: ' ' ,,,i'i., fi f' 1-.-. A- fi.- V ' it A. 'f j' ' ' ' ir Qi? ... , .,nr"' , , ,A Q 2 ,V ,er- '- qi iii: ',:.:.v-..:i Q ,v. ,.E:F'f fi-'Qg:'.",, :rj , mf., M. 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M, Yountg Mr. Bill Ston- son of Inter-Collegiate Pressg 1966 advertisersgthose staff members who contributed their servicesg Mr. Russ Perry of "Russell's" for the use of coats for senior picturesg and the many RHS students and teachers who gave their support by purchasing year- books. Sincerely, JANE W ADE E ditol' Marolyn Marston 'Er Af' 36.44. i?i'?""'e J, ,, in -vf' ' J .W J ff. 1 K' , - , ,I If r F, E gl I 'f 1 ' 5 'T - , ,' f,f"9' ff X, J ,av if' -r memwirance I , +Y !, . . x Sit' X if x 1 -4,4-ffxx fl -. ,J-.,,. .K , N hw f. , I' .:: 1? :Mk ' " ' ' fish, , lil y 7 . 1 5523553 KWH ff ,ff My , ,, WX , 3 V 5525 SHQQRESX N S is 32 QESEPEUS 'Q i 3 ii RX s MJ MX xx JW QW BqfVjyVWlQ my WU ck, ,4OM"jw3MWW?W QM W K WY Qjwfgwiwff MWWWWVWK Q6 WWM1fWf,W fW ijwjwqwzmf WMMWMW Mf 'wwwgjww W3 3MfqMUi!WMMMQfMW W MMM 0 MW , my M"- fi' ' B if ,vw ,, Jw ' 1 Ap WW MW Jiffy, V fl ,ff W Q wvH' f' 6 ggi' 14"fmL .V"N fa 'H U vi K W, Ggnfw , UE! A Q Y! E fx a Y ' 55 A Wm V 01- . X X .tw gp wk N Q. 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Suggestions in the Rolla High School - Growler Yearbook (Rolla, MO) collection:

Rolla High School - Growler Yearbook (Rolla, MO) online yearbook collection, 1915 Edition, Page 1


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Rolla High School - Growler Yearbook (Rolla, MO) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 178

1966, pg 178

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Rolla High School - Growler Yearbook (Rolla, MO) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 127

1966, pg 127

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