Rogers Middle School - Roundup Yearbook (Long Beach, CA)

 - Class of 1945

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Text from Pages 1 - 28 of the 1945 volume:

WILL DEMOCIl.ACY AT W0llK X HIS picture shows the essence of rlemocraey. The tragecly that can happen, when people stop being intelligently interested in their own welfare, is before our view in Europe. There are many in our country who would exploit it for their own selfish interests, but as long as the ballot box exisits anfl as long as most people use it, this will never happen. Your school has tried to give you preliminary training for this cluty. Let each one cherish this right ancl use it faithfully. WILLIAM A. GOGGIN, Principal. RUGEBS JUNIOIl HIGH SCll00L Long Beach, California AllMlNlSTllAT0llS 5? WILLIAM A. GOGGIN Principal ff 1'-jN,. T'f ORLO M. ROL0 Vicc-Principal MARY A. BELL Counselor F A C U L T Y N fl x, T i . 'xxx 7 , M i, gf y A N, A A .LEX-.1 WM --.-.,, Mabel A. Shallenberger, Mabel T. Hight, Vivian C. Ingersoll. Clerks Front Row: Agnes Hoyt, Thalia Phillips, Margaret Meikle, Mary A. Bell. Second Row: Genevieve Chandler, Bette Letkin, Alice Stoeltzing, Edith l., Tydeman, vera L. Swope. Third Row: Victor C. Schmeltz, Alice P. Coppock, Joseph A, Leffingwell. Mary E. Bloodgood, Rowena Mix, Clifford W. Vredenburgh. Back Row: Orlo M. Rolo, Francis M. Bernard, William A. Coggin, Robert W. Dickinson. Vance Scott Davis. Not in Picture: Nils O. Althin, Frances D. Boyd, May C. Davis, Evelyn J. Fletcher, Nicholas Furjanlck, Clifford J. Meyer, Maida Olmsted, Minnie L. Reed, Arthur F. Steiner. ,. Y STUDENT GOVEBN.MENT -. 3 ' f-an 1- Vw Bom wce wglrzuuenel oo' SY-l'AEs1iLnt KNO V rg-sl -Xdgnl SVR own. Xl, CGYYCS 5' l BHK Hatdef ' Y rkicma tl 61 x. SEM asldenldenl Y-PA' - . V' ,vvesl FELLOW STUDENTS, This is an open letter to the entire student hotly, but it is arl- alresserl primarily to members of the present eighth grade, for they will provifle the student holly offi- eers of next year. lfmler the present plan we have a constitution providing for our slurlent holly officers anzl the mak- ing of amenrlments anrl hy-lanfs. This constitution will he framferl onrl put in the library for every- one to view. When the constitution is on :lis- play, Ire hope to point to certain amenrlments anzl by-lauts zvlticlz nie of the sturlent lnorly have made possible. These will ineluzle anfl provide for, a student court oper- atezl by the rlepulies, an estalzlish- ezl social anfl assembly committee anrl a scholarship auiarrl system. It is you, remaining here at Will Rogers, uflzo will carry out these praposerl changes and see that they become a part of the con- stitution. It is you who are going to enjoy the benefits they will provirle. Continue to think of new and ln-tier ways of improving' the :working orrler of your schoolls govermnent. And, try to aim for zz well regulated and smoothly zrorking machine of Student Holly lfepresentation in lhe years to come. BILL BROWN, Pres. Home Room Presidents, 7th and 8th Grades Row I: Shirley Papo, Natalie Skel- sey, Douglas Newcomb, Sharon Schoen, Eddie Mee. Row 2: Boyd Rogers, Bobby Patty, Richard Lay, Belden Menkus, Terry Thomas, Jane Lindemuth, Nancy Blanchard, Billie Anne Connelly. Home Room Vice-Presidents, 7th and 8th Grades Raw 1: Ronald Berry, Eugene Morris, Collcn lsack- son, Joann Belor. Row Z: Charles Nussbaumer, Don Rafferty, Charles Higbie, Sammy Holloway. Row 3: June Stenersen, Jack Harper, Bobby Nichol, Tommy Hamilton, Alan Smith. Row 4: Marilyn Mehaffey, Glenn C-ulvin. Alan Feld. Home Room Secretaries, 7th and 8th Grades Row 'l: John Knight, Walter Pollard, Ra- gtime Kirkpatrick, Sharon Schoen, Cynthia I e, Row Z: Robert Bailey, Jerome Curtis, Mary Sainseyain, Suzanne Marichal. Row 3: June Robertson, Marietta Petry, Carl Halstead, Ernest Leuenberger. 2 , DEMUCIIATIC IDEALS IN 0PEIlA'l'l0N DEPUTIES Bill Corcoran, Chief Deputy. Bob Storey, Assistant Chief Deputy. Joan Hollinger, Assistant Chief Deputy. Robert Stone, Assistant Chief Deputy, ir 8A-206-Phyllis Van Ness, Janet O'Neil, - , Rose Marie Nichols, Suzanne Perry, Joan Gartner, Barbara Woodford, Ruth Megill, Roderick Kolyer, Haydon Dow- dy, Joe Ann Mavity, Betty Brox, Cer- trude Pollard, Barbara Selover. 9A-209-Norman Keesler, Bill Stannard, Helen Becker, Janice Rosenberg, Shir- ley Besbeck, Jacqueline Aitken. 9A-208-Graham Abernathy, Floyd Robis- on. LeRoy Chandler, Bob Dixon. Law- rence Bryce, Edwina Gladden, Alla Williams, Beverly Belisle, Juanita Gebb, Beverly Nemer, Barbara Lundberg, Bev- erly Jordan. 9A-101-Don Chociuettc, Bill Kidder, Virginia Anderson, Nancy Herron, Bar- bara Hinrichs, Donna Lee Tinkham, Carol Hughes, Mary Lou Hadley, Willa Noble. Margaret Frady. 9A-204-Ray Halle, Kenneth Kronlund, David Gillingham, Don Hucker, Phyllis Hattery, Priscilla Harder, Suzanne Wil- son, Jacqueline Light, Marilyn Swope. Row Marillyn Metzger, Shirley Mortimore, Mary Sawyer, Marilyn Anderson, Shir- Row ley Baker. 8A-205-Cappy Smith. Row fbi? A f USHERETTES 1: Ramona Kirkpatrick, Cynthia Pike, Joann Belor, Peggy Clarkson, Arrelle Rapp, Gloria Hughes, Arit- lyn Moran, 2: Barbara Lauer, Barbara Jean Smith, Barbara Smith, Marily Whittaker, Anne DeFreece, Pat Miller, jane Lindernuth. Melvin Wiener, 3: Joan Carter, Virginia Anderson, Nancy Wood- ruff. Joan Wilson, Betty Brox. Janet Gingrich, USHERS Row l: Tommy Stewart, Richard Mor- row, Harry O'Neil, Barry Thompson. Row 2: Roger Stewart, Conrad Rice, Neil Moon, Leon Rubenstein, Richard Wigod. Row 3: Chuck Storey, Alvin Lewis, Jack Harrison, Ray Haile, Ray Campbell, Dick Corrigan. Joyce Kenyon, Donna Lee Tinkham, Marilyn Metzger. Boys Athletic Representatives Row 'l: Clegg Crawford, Roger Minter, John Knight, Charles Nussbauner, Richard Clements, Charles Harris. Row 2: Charles Bibeau, Richard Morrow, John Tho- mann, Alan Smith. Buddy Renn. Roow 3: Dennis Price, Robert Dexter, Don Glines, Dick Woodside, Tom Del Coma, Gene Sankev, Bob McConnell, Leonard Smith. Row 4: Haydon Dowdy, Bob Lane, Jack Lacey, Selden Spencer. Girls Athletic Representatives Row 1: Betty Lou Soden, Sally Curtiss, Joann Belor Don na Bullard, Row 2: Marianne Smola. Marilyn McSween, Melvin Wiener, Pat Denny, Mary Chichester, Joan Edson, Bar- bara Smith. Marilyn Miller. Row 3: Juanita Gebb, Mary Sawyer, Shirley Besbeck, Mary Lou Hadley, Barbara Hinrichs, Joan Wilson, Mar- ian Kariger, Beverly Belisle, Mary Lou Wier. CLASS 0Fl lCl'IllS NINTH GRADE PRESIDENTS lCenterl Row 1: Don Clwoquc-He, Alla Williams, Joan France. Juariila Cobb. Row 2: ,lack Crawford, Bill Corcoran, Bill Brown, Ray Hailc, Roger Bolin. NINTH GRADE VICE-PRESIDENTS lRighfl Row I: lla Chambers, Pafroniennc Mc Nally, Dennis Price, Priscilla Harder, Joan LaBounTy. Row 2: Bill Bridges, Jim Sundell, Joan Carlcr, Allen Sellgrcn, Don Cho' Quctfc. NINTH GRADE SECRETARIES lLeHl Row 1: Phyllis Van Ness, Susy Lane, Barbara Willefi. Row 2: Paul Weiby, Bob Taylor, Bill Cunningham, Don Mclwlcely. NINTH GRADE COUNCIL Seated: Ann Coates, Mary Sawyer, Bill Brown, Priscilla Harder. Virginia DOIC, Standing: Allen Sellgren, Jim Sundell, Bob Taylor, Dennis Price, Bill Cor- coran, Rav Halle. Abernathy, Graham Allman, Carroll Aitken, Jacqueline Alkire, Robert Allgrim, Lee Altenberg, Sally Anderson, Marilyn Anderson, Virginia Baehr, Max Baker, Shirley Becker, Helen Belisle, Beverly Besbeck, Shirley Black, Dixie Bolln, Marilyn Bolin, Roger Bonzer, Cassie Bridges, William Brown, Willianu Brox, Betty Bryce, Lawrence Burton, Alice Burton, Jack Campbell, Raymond Carrington, James Carter, Joan Chambers, lla J. Chandler, LeRoy Choquette, Don Claire, Mark Coates, Ann Coleman, Richard Cooke, Daryl Corcoran, Bull Corrigan, Richard Covington, Walter Crawford, Jack Crothers, Chcrris Culbertson, Roger Cunningham, Wm, Daley, Carol Davis, Anne Dcgele, Beverly DclComa, Tom Dcxter, Robert Dickason, Thurston Dickie, JoAnn Dixon, Robert A ,AW in 8 00 U sins 6:1 e1,,,on'Iv CHO 428 U wa' Lea Sf, QU E :M PN de Or ET 9 gea. us fsl,-5' L- T5 Logsxetkqorxo Ip Axgfd club GRADUATES 0F 19-15 Dole, Virginia Dowdy. Haydon Durnell, Suzanne Eggers, Ruth Eubank, Nancy Fielding, Raymond Frady, Margaret France, Jean Friedman, Barbara Garrison, Agnes Gartner, Joan Gebb, Juanita Gillingham, David Gilpin, LeeRoy Gingrich, Janet Gladdcn, Edwina Glines, Don Gump, Diane Hadley, Mary L. Haile, Ray Hall, Norma Jean Harcus, Goldie Harder, Priscilla Harrison, Jack Hattery, Phyllis Hauser, Wilton Herron, Nancy Hinrichs, Barbara Hollinger, Joan Hucker, Donald Hughes, Carol Humphreys, Patricia Jackson, Jay Johnson, John Johnson, Karen Johnson, Shirley Jones, Joan Jordan, Beverly Kariger, Marian Keesler, Norman Keller, Patricia Kenady, Allan Kenyon, Joyce Kidder, William Kirby, Edward Kolyer, Roderick Kronlund, Kenneth LaBounty, Joan Lacey, John Lane, Esther Lane, Robert O. Lawrence, Betty L. Lewis, Alvin Light, Jacqueline Lovett, Joan Lowentrout, Gretchen Lundberg, Barbara Magid, Marvin Mallon, Shirley Maltby. Joseph Marrotte, John Martin, Ellen Mavity, Joe Ann Meadows, Donald Megill, Ruth Metzger, Marillyn Moore, Josina Mortimore, Shirley McConnell, Robert McNally, Patronienne McNeely. Donald Nemcr, Beverly Nichols, Rose Marie Noble, Willa O'Neil, Janet Orndorff, Dolores Owen, Donald Perry, Suzanne Pinney, Neil Plumb, Harlan Pollard, Gertrude Price, Dennis Ramsey, Mary Rapp, Myron Rhyner, Norma Ribble, Gene Ridgeway, Nancy Robinson, Dorothy Robison, Floyd Rosenberg, Janice Rosenthal, Maureen Sankey, Eugene Sawyer, Mary Scheid, Mary Jo Sloane, Rosalie Schnebly, Wanda Schulman, Allan Searle, Clark Sellgren, Allan Sclover, Barbara Shep, Larry Simpson, James Smith, Alton Smith, Leonard Snider, Delores Sonnino, Paul Spano, Howard Spencer, Elton Spencer, Selden Stannard, Bill Steade, Richard Stencrsen, Marcella Stevens, Glenn Stone, Robert Storey, Robert Storey, Charles Sullivan, John Sundell, James Swope, Marilyn Taylor, Robert Telcgdi, Nancy Thompson, Janice Tinkham, Donna L. Torrance, Dick Van Ness, Phyllis Weiby, Paul Whisenhunt, Emma White, Babette Whitlock, Bob Wier, Mary Lou Willett, Barbara Williams, Alla Williams, Robert Wilson, Joan Wilson, Suzanne Woodford, Barbara Woodruff, Nancy Woods, Craig Woodside, Dick Belanger, Jacquelinc Bowman, Georgia Kaub, Lee Kidder, Mary Roberts, David Stallings, Virginia Burkhart, Barbara NO PICTURE Butch, Thomas Custer, June Hoover, Norma Kern, Joanna, Manlove, Tom BEST WISHES FOR FUTUIZIC SUCCESS fm? hllli? I i ,M I if 1 J 4 4 1 0 .7 W , ..A., , ,ag Row Row Row Row .ef 8A-205 'I-Carol Larson, Joan Hadovec, Billie Scholl, Betty Frantz, David Steiner, Bob Swain, Conrad Riley, Harry Sandifer, Charles Frady, Richard Huff. 2-Marie Bouck, Kay Gaby, Toni Lane, Pat Miller, Anita Moore, Billie Ann Connelly, Doris Burton, Marilyn McSween, Barbara Smith, Betty Lou Harrison. 3-Janice Hardie, Elizabeth Thompson. Billie Bobb, Carrilyn Lowe, Jeanette Duncan, Marilyn Mahatty, Marietta Petry, Joan Edson, Morris Magid, Charles Coy. 4-Cappy Smith, Bob Reagan, Jerome Curtis, Bob Lane, Richard Wigod, John Earle, Bob Nichol, John Thomann. Row Row Row Row 8A-102 'I-Barbara Locke. Lael Fuller, Punchy Wiener, Darlene Schrandt, June Stenersen, Mary Sainsevain, Barbara Smith, Marilyn lrish, Betty Lou Shields, Nancy Dernarest, Jerry Shaw, Doris Oliver. 2-Gene Hummel, Ernest Leuenberger, Robert Astrin, Dick Mor- row, Conrad Rice, Bob Patty, Glenn Gulvin, Seymour Rosenberg, Allan Paul, Stanley Fosholdt, Jay Owen. 3--Steven Powell, Charles Bibeau, Curtis Blockley, Richard John- son, Ann Patrick., Shirley Vvhittington, Ramona Gunnufson, Jo- Ann Nelson, Clarice Earl, Joy Moorman 4-Mr. Bernard. Bob Stricklin, Irvine Phillips, Bill Behrns, Robert Kerr, Ralph Duffy, Gail Simpson, Boyd Rogers. Row Row Row Row 116.1-MEBWP1, 'X ,rw figs, llfgfrwie A Q, 8A-106 1-Carol Harrington, Nancy Konig, June Robertson, Audrey Cooke, Dorothy Moran, Faustena Fradd, Anita Steade, Marieana Smola, Janis Stolpestacl. 2--linda Kappius, Barbara Lauer, Jane Lindemuth, Mar- ilyn Miller, Ruth Ann Walsh, Irene Simmons, Earline Sloan, Ber- nice Sinclair, Dexter Stemple. 3-Tommy Hamilton, Leroy Cook. Don McDowell, Roger Stewart, Richard Lay, Richard Johnson, Richard Myers, Robert Bailey. 4-Miss Bloodgood, Charles Degele, Arthur Hopkins, George Shuman, Merritt Emley, Neil Moon, Marvin Saltzman, Alan Feld, Leon Pelsinger, Douglas Koon. Row Row Row Row 8A-I 14 1-Eleanor Lehman, Eloise Moore, Suzanne Marichal, Neil Cant- weil, Larry Clark, Bill Keys, Alan Smith, Dorothy Seely, Laura Lee Peugh, Patricia Denny, Mary Chichester, 2-Shirley Chandler, Marv Jane Alway, Bindy Ott, Marilyn Whittaker, Ann DeFreece, Nancy Blanchard, Nancy Wilson, Flor- ence Spaugh, Shirley Wyatt. 3--Suzanne Buxton, Patsianne Daniel, Marlene Garrett. Betty Lou Alway, Frances Ann Baker, Carl Halstead, Jack Manion, Larry Louthain, Jack Harper. 4-Billy Kling, Buddy Renn, Charles Taylor, Leon Rubenstein, Larry Gilpin, Mr. Schmeltz, Ernest Evans, Robert French, Charles Connors, Belden Menkus, Keith Trexler. HIIME RO0M GRUUPS x Row I-Verna Jo Barton, Billy Mottet, Rollie Hawk, Barry Lee, Don Maurer, Robert Matthews, John Knight, Tony Bernard, Sally Curtis. Row 2-Marjory Nelson, Meta Wilson, Coleen lsackson, Louise Gor- such, Jerneral Johnson, Leona Schoeberl, Karen Kappius, Helen Tripeny, Gale Thomas. Row 3-Allan Ezrin, Ben Trogdon, Frank Kelley, June Gottsch, Shir- ley Papo, Don Rafferty, Diane Mulvey, JoAnn Howell. Row 4-Frank Follcwell, Carl Snyder, Bob Behrens, Walter Pollard, Mrs. Mix, Billie Ann Schmidt, Bobbie Jean'Sinclair, Gloria Hughes. 4 i 7A-109 Row 'l-Russell Mannex, Mary Jane Williams, Charlene Croth- ers, Virginia Thomson, Cyn- thia Pike, Harry O'Neil, Lar- ry Koch, Muriel Downs, Janet Johnson, Robert Hast- ings, Row 2-Joan Alvine, Virginia McConnell, Barbara Hollin- ger, Mary Lou Herron, Jo- ann Belor, Sharon Schoen, Jane Ellen Carter, Caroline Shinn, Marion Wade. Row 3-Duane Wright, Charles Higbie. Hugh Carrington, Tom Browne, Allen Mona- srnith, Boyd Jackson, Thomas Graham, Don Keller. Row 4-Harold Turner, Barry Thompson, Clegg Crawford, Mr. Dickinson. David Lee, Homer Plumb, Bobby Ham- ilton. .1 Row Row Row Row 2-www. 7A-207 'I-Natalie Skelsey, Beverley Burkharcl, Norma Horn, Pauline Storey, Beverly Barry, Nancy Lou Hollingsworth, Angeline Mark- 2-Sally Sutherland, Willa Jean Cole, Mary Lou Cole, Patricia Palmeter. Margaret Clarkson, Barbara Peters, Stella Lawrance, 3---Roger Minter, Marvin Soloman, Douglas Newcomb, Walter Hillinger, Charles Harris, Sammy Holloway, Bruce Robeson, Gail 4-Wayne Taylor, James Stewart, Eugene Morris, B. Lefkin, For- rest Shryock, James Froid, Harry Pruett, Gene Elkins. Row Row Row Row 7A-202 1-Snaron Dean, Suzanne Garrison, Rita Jones, Colleen Shields, Ja- net Stanke, Ruth Hamilton, Arillyn Moran, Joanne Engel, Z-Ruth Durnell, Paul Southgate, Jerry Evans, Jimmy Hancock, Phil- lip Verne, Robert Sevilla, Terry Cook. 3-Frank Dobyns, David Timberlake, Albert Williams, Kathleen Walker, Joyce Wier, Gloria Sloane. 4-Mrs. Phillips, Curtis Moon, Curtis Atwell, Jack Foster, Terry Mil- ler, Phillip Patterson, John Wade. Row 1 Robin Appelgate Ecl die Mee. Albert Lautier, Ken neth Craig, Brent Norlem, Richard Davis, Roma Jera- bek, Mary Becker, Arrelle Rapp, Row 2-Richard C l e m e n t s, Robert Kirkpatrick, Frank Goodman, Sally Faber, Nan- cy Smith, Betty Lou Soden, Ramona Kirkpatrick, R a y Hale. Row 3-Joan Rinker, Richard Rountree, Charles Nussbaum- er, Donald Lewis, Don Tinch- er, Richard Morrow, Marilyn Mardua, Kathryn Malucky. Row 4-Kathleen Lehman, Donna Bullard, Ronald Ber- ry, Robert McCalla, Gary Minnis, Mr. Davis, Kent Mclntyre, Virginia Robinson, Joan Bessey. Not in Picture-Don Frazier. ORCHESTRA Ailman, Carroll Barry, Connie Belanger, Jacqueline Besbeck, Shirley Coy, Charles Crawford, Jack Curtis, Jerome Dickie, JoAnn Fielding, Raymond Gulvin, Glenn Hopkins, Arthur Jordan, Beverly Keesler, Norman Keys, Bill Leuenberger, Ernest Lundberg, Barbara Malucky, Kathryn McNally, Eileen Merrill, Mary Ann Morrow, Dick Nichol, Robert Nussbaumer, Charles Oliver, Doris Price, Dennis Robison, Floyd Sainsevain, Mary Scheid, Mary Jo Selover, Barbara Shaw, Jerry Smola, Marieanna Soloman, Phillip Stenersen, June Stenersen, Marcella Whittington, Shirley Zittel, Herman -Q. CARROLL AILMAN JACK CRAWFORD Concert Master Soloist MUSIC GLEE CLUBS AND ORCHPSTRA The Will Rogers l11111m H1gh Sfhtiol has li 111 1911 fflflllllillf' llllb 10.1r UlllSlillldillaL' lezidel ll Cf 111 111411 IV1 Nclxo as Fllljcllllllx .1114 1 llIS0ll XVl'l0 Elf? well lxll N 1 0 N I s Through thvl Q t -f 1 Ciiy' ,lunior High Sr mi 1 11 U H0111 0 011 11-r the I. 5. C. Mu IK wi mi e is 111 1 101 1 ice ff rl Sll Uill'l'01l Allman, ll 1 11 1 lVlz11'y SZ1lI1S8V3ill aml lnuilx O1d0I1 If'lllXLKl ficullciil ldllllgg and lions 011 rating of good. Music plays .1 1111 . . 1 1 llfllll Mr. Furjamclx and 1 IC 111so11 1.110 uio1e1ae 111 1.11111111 1111 gzraxns for special 01111-1011s .1sse11111c- anrll T A 111eet111f1s Wu cli- Ui r 'PG WC ru, he ml 'o- RAYMOND FIELDINC Soloist ABOVE: BOYS' GLEE Bibeau, Chas. Bridges, Wm. Burton, Jack Butch, Thomas Campbell, Ray Cwnfwcll, Neil Chandler, LeRoy Claire, Mark fovigan, Richard Culbertson, Roger Cunningham, Wm, Dickason, Thurston Fielding, Ray Gilpin, Larry Gilpin, Lee Roy Harrison, Jack Hummel, Gcne Jackson, Jay Kenady, Allan Kolyer, Rod Lacey, Jack Manien, Jack McConnell, Robt. Moon, Neil Powell, Stephen Rice, Conrad, Smith, Cappy Stone, Robert Thomas, Terry Vance, Don H usio Hath Power... MIXED CHORUS L' 'ua- ,ir 5' if .fiaaigaw ,. N15 l ,V . , Alway, Betty Alway, Mary Baker, Frances Becker, Helen Belanger, Jacqueline Bouck, Marie Bowman, Georgia Burton, Doris Chandler, Shirley Cooke, Audre Crothers, Cherris GIRLS' CLEE Daniel, Patsiann Demarest, Nancy Duncan, Jeanette Frantz, Betty Gaby, Kay Hadovec, Joan Hardie, Janice Harrison, Betty L. Hoover, Norma Irish, Marilyn Kern, Joanna Lovett, Joan Lowentrout, Gretchen Martin, Ellen Metzger, Marillyn Miller, Pat Moore, Anita Moran, Dorothy Nelson, Jo Ann Nichols, Rose Marie O'Nell, Janet Orndoff, Dolores Parsons, Pat Robertson, June Schnebly, Wanda Sloan, Earline Smith, Barbara Stallings, Virginia Thompson, Elizabeth Van Ness, Phyllis Whisenhunt, Emma Lee Vlhite, Babette Woodford, Barbara Fl 1 hC1'lVL PIIYSIC BOYS Physlcal Educatlon Ill 1 1 U ,,4 1 14 mn, 4 Pl xlxlfl 4 14-41111 4'4111pI11, 14 Cl 41411 ll 4l1d111p14111sl11p e111 JPI IPAI 11414 4111 CIl141q114fttP, Ray llaih, ob 41 Ill Se 4 4 Il 5114 IICLI 1 51511111.1141 1414 lx I dCP 714 W41414ls1d4 dlli 41 111 5111111 111 1 14111111 ll S 1411 x 4141111 1 4 ,. 14.11 J H 41114 1 YB 109 s M4111 4 lt 4'ha111pi4111.hip ll 41w1nf 41411114111 DIN 41 1 4 1 1P 4 1144 4 421111 Hrdlll 4111114-144-4 4 1 4141 1 111l141s IPA w 4 1 I CHIP F41 1 111 1 N1141144 I 1414111P 4111 4N44 v 411 1 111114111 lx 4 I P 5ll Xf'Il.. 'tl 4- 4v1 x B lll ll 4 1 114 41 4 114.1 1- 4 1d I4 1 1 14 Nl 11.14 NIPI 141111 4 1111111 ll II 4111 414 I4 1v44 QK141 1, J U4X41. 1114 Nl 41 Pl 4 ' 'ls 1 . 414 Iravk 51414-14. w'.' 4- 4111- . 114111, . ' IZENS A111' 1 'fi LY FIT 'J' 1 A Physlcal Educatlon H11 1111 I 111 Il 1l lllll 1'all1111 - j11y1'11 11 1111111l 111111 v11ll1Jyl111ll 111s11I 113 p 111 1 lQ'I1fliN IIN? ld 1 1 -111 11-hall ld 11 11 mural d.NlN 1' ' 11111 free 1111 11111 111111111111 T111 11111 11-11 11111111111 df CIN 111 Il 1'11111p11H1,d f 1 ass IH1111 1 111111 C 1 IH 11 II11- 1 11111 1 N 111111 f11111111 11 fl 1 1111 1 Ni'll'iUllN 111 Of 111111 11 f11R N J11111' N I 11111111 11 11 1'11l11rf11l 111111 1 pParP1l 11n III1 NX ll 1111 f11l1l the 11111 llgl 1 11111 11 1111114, T111 1 lllllldlli 1 y1-ar 111 1 1111 1 lic-s. 11 1 11 than 11 11 1 only. 1111 1 ll 1 giving 111111111 11 111 ll hl'K'llIlll l11 l1l 111 111111111111 will1 1 llllxx 1 1 1'11si1111 1 11 11wa1'1l- 11 1 1 1 1 1 was l It ll 11 Nvmv lmske 1111 N clllf lllg tl May l lxvl 111111-1 1111111 f'ZilIll'N 11 111111 1 1 1 11 -...., ,Wa-m,,,V, W 1 AN! ix! Mmmmw.. - :s.fwzw, m 2 f Q55-ww .f -HGA w.-A A 'M .-fs. - :QE .MM SPECIAL Pupils in Spanish Special lntercst corresponflefl with Mexican pupils in linscnacla anrl Hermosillo. Mexico. Letters were written half in Spanish and half in lfnglish so that pupils of both countries could use their own and a foreign language. The many snap-shots in thc annual arc eyiclence of the work achieyccl hy rneinlmers ol Mr. l4PffiY1gIVVGll7S Roundup Cluh. :'Teen-age toggeryfl formal ancl informal. was exhihitecl by a lluffunis' representativ- al one of the many intercsling meetings of the new Personality Cluh, directed by Miss Alicc Coppock. as on of the Special Interest groups this year. Correct 'Lhair-docsu clcinonslratccl hv Mr. Reno. hair stylist, and proper make-up shown hy Mary Hulcn, Beauty opcrator. were other practical activities enjoyed by the group. Stamp Club nieinlners have lweeonie genuine philatelists under Principal William A. Cog:- ginis direction this year. Led hy presidents, ,Iohn Marrotte and Kenneth Kronlund, the 33 members have made fine collections. Malta and Norway were the two countries from which one of the inernlrers chose lo collect stamps. Other inemlmcrs specialize in stamps exclusively INTERESTS from lllf' l'Illll'fl States. Sonic lmvo rollcvted only usvrl stumps: otbcrs only ininl stamps. Ap- proxiniatvly M50 is tba- avvragv prim paid fora stump by the boys. Tho most valuable staunp in thi- world vosts 575000. Utbvr spevial groups also time been busy. Girls Leaclvrs Corps sponsorerl the support of iiliinf-so orphan cbildron, svvuring l50 girls to vontribute to tbvir support. The flowvr arrungvnient ffrou bas ke Jt the offif-1+ briffbt with uaosiesfi V N u . -C P . l I z- N l l u , lhe rnusn- Clf'lJilI'llIN'Tll bas been nnprovvd by tba- Mlxvd Chorus, under Mr. Dll'lilIlS0l1S instruc-lion. Boats of ull kinds are ronstruw-lf-d in tlu: Momivl Boat Building Club, uncle-r Mr. Her- nncll lIlNllllill4llI Hill! lhffy, 1 fl the 21 niclnbmmol the mb 1 . ., sail-bout. . a ll x nn- J , ' 5 - - vlub, lnucle il twvnty-four ii ' Mrs. Mixk Broaclc-ustiwf Club nwziurod ai Tlb Grade ilay on lbe life of Jobn Suttvr. r l l I . V V w l bv f.urrf1l it lfrviits Club nimnlwrs liuve kept up ssitb world affairs by intervsting reports and discussions. 1 1111 111 e111 IP 111 1111 111.111 1 Pl lillfb cl slstec 111 111 11l11.111 .111c1 1111f1111110d 11111u1110ra1110 1111- 110s 111 10 1 101011 10.11 IGIS .111 .1c1111111st1a111rs 11111 ra 01111.1 1ss1s1.1111s -1121111 15165 .111d s11101 milk. 11 11111 11111 110 sv10011111.1ts 1 IQ past 1ear a 11111 11011 rl 119.111 task 11111 1110 1111 student store clerks an 11.1111110111 1110 11111 111 .111 0ff1110111 and b11s1r1ess11k1 111an1101 11 1 a 9611111 OI 11 111 1 1111 p011a credit is gi1'011, 110 0111 the 11 s 111 1 ff N111 11 ue 1121011 111 0.11 IPIH IX 1111 111 WE s 15511111 l11ck0rs, 01 1'0terz1. L11111r 1111 ff111c1a1110 of 11.1 Cl1.1111l101s 00l1t0r .md 15101 11111111 111.1110 1111 0c111111 1110 Cox'-11a111 staff publishefl OFFICE ASSISTANTS Seated: Willa Noble, Joan Gart- ner, Joan Carter, Diane Gump, Marilyn Swooe, Mary Saw- yer, Betty Lou Lawrence, Connie Barry, Marillyn Metz- ger, Donna Lee Tinkham. Standing: Nancy Herron, Bever- ly Belisle, Bob Dixon, Bob Storey, Harlan Plumb, Bill Corcoran, Don Meadows, Gra- ham Abernathy, Paul Son- nino, Marilyn Bolin, Joan La- Bounty. LIBARY ASSISTANTS Seafed: Nancy Telegdi, Willa Noble, Joan Gartner, Norma Rhyner, Beverly Jordan, Shirley Baker, Ruth Megill. Standing: Bob Dixon, Harlan Plumb, Ray Campbell, Don Clines, Lawrence Bryce. P. E. ASSISTANTS Seated: Mary Sawyer, Betty Brox, Ruth Megill. Barbara Hinrichs, Dorothy Robinson, Nancy Ridgeway. Standing: Lawrence Bryce, Bev- erly Jordan, Phyllis Van Ness, Norma Rhyner, Joe Ann Ma- vity, Bob Storey. STUDENT STORE Joan Gartner, Patsianne Dan- iels, Don Choquetfe, Nancy Telegdi, Nancy Herron. CAFETERIA ASSISTANTS Faustena Fradd, Carol Harring- ton, Forrest Shryock, Wayne Taylor, Charles Coy, Jerome Curtis, Bob Nichols, Marvin Sol- OTTTOFI. Y T 1 WVIIBKING TOWAllIl VICTOBY Bond and stamp sales at Rogers this year, up to May l5. amounted to almost 3911l,000, wbieli averages more than 3377.00 per person. After winning the eity-wifle XVar lioncl Contest in November. llogers was visitecl by Knox Manning. no- ted war eorrespondent. Mrs. lfdwarcl F. lialier, War Aetixities Clliiifltliill., presented lbe awards wllieli were an original eopy of a painting from the Chinese Ink Slit-k by Kurt Wim-se. and an original letter from Strutbers Burt. Paper drives wx ere another part of Rogers' contribution to the war effort. Almost 22.5 tons were colleetefl, netting the student body funcl more than 95210. Art elasses made almost 3.000 boliflay tray favors wbieb were given to the wounded at Long lieaeb Yaxal Hospital. Five afghans and about one linnclred bot water bottle 4-overs were inacle by the Junior Heil Cross for the war neerly. Artieles were eontribnterl by the pupils for edneational gift boxes. vm RED CROSS Seated: Edwina Cladden, Geor- gia Bowman, Janet O'NeiI. Goldie Harcus, Shirley Mallon, Carilyn Lowe, Rose Marie Nichols. Sfandlng: Nancy Eubank, Don- na Lee Tinkham, Kay Leh- man, Mrs. Swope. -T fi- 5 z - iris, .--v 2' wart 1 145 i sq- i s .. ff .fri . if .fu b : isis 'aff 1 El i ., if , . af-Q . Y COXSWAIN Seated: Jean France, lla Jean Chambers, Lael Fuller, Leon Pelsinger. Sfanding: Faustcna Fradd, Mrs Hoyt, Don C-lines. K i A Q I BIDUNIDUP lintiring effort and many hours on the part of teacliers and pupils were spent in the pro- duetion of this YGHIIS Roundup. Snapshots were subniitted by Raylllibllll Fielding, Thurston llickason, Caroll Ailman, Jackie Aitken and Bob Dixon. Sineere appreeiation is extended to Mrs. Seely for the taking: of group pictures and help- ing the members of the Roundup Club with the developing and printing of their snapshots. She nas ably assisted in her work at the school by Lawrence Bryee. Supervised by Miss Meikle. Beverly Jordan. Jo Ann Dickie and Naney Woodruff handled the sales and sales eon- tests. Xaney Wvoodruff also prepared the the posters and cover design. Articles were written by Jackie Aitken, Bay Haile, Beverly Nemer. ,lean France, Lael Fuller, Carroll Ailman and Bill Brown. Thanks to the Long: Beach Engraving Company and the Royal Press Limited for printing the Roundup, and to Mrs. Hoyt, Mr. Rolo, Mrs. Swope, Mr. Vredenhurgh, Mrs. Lefkin and Mrs. Shallenberger the proof readers. To these and the many' others who eontributed to the suer-ess of the Roundup, Mr. Leffing- well and his assistants extend their sincere thanks. A DAY AT SCHOOL 'ir CLOCKWISE ANOTHER DAY WOOPS!! LATE AGAIN WE TOP THE CITY CHOW LINE LOCKER TROUBLE A STITCH IN TIME AT EASE YIPEE!! SCHOOL IS OUT I. 4'- f J. Qufogfzaplas vu M ' 18,1167 .9 , X!,i,,f? j4 F, ,sf f, ,fl if 4145, UL H ujflbg f4wf'4! , f' vw f b . 634 J 0 EN Jem gb- WSW 09' ' ' ' GXQB-'3: '1 f E f SOM Cbsn-M-E96 ' A ff, 3223? 5 52 1 Q W gg O 29 RONCHO USED THROUGH COURTESY OF LE VERNOR OF THE STATE OF W QP f . gig Qufogfzapfas Q EQ mga ,4My,'!wJL EQ 7 0' 0' I Ll'I'nvUu L I . u r X I Cf, f 41' . 0'-Le a 1 2

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