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 - Class of 1945

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M J -3 'Q' EM fs pe if uf' sg J ' Jx gil Q 'm 'X , '14, ' IQ I ' , X r ,. '- ., K ' " 1 J, ' 1 A ,xx J X, N. 31, . 1, 'f ' .x, . . 1 xv . " f , xx' 1' IQ ' - ' N' . FL- . 1 l 5 Q ,' , L ! f X.. ' I 0, ,V H - x wgffflgifb w3fJ3W+fQf M A NX A f f ig im Af T SQKEES N W ,mx in fi? , E wif .W 10 ,, pf by .J 3 ii gf wife? 53 A J jggfff . . M! WM Z Md W WW 'P .M iifpxgw JXVZLUOO WM- dilffwgfx Lilyzimu M9wi,,Mf'L",,,f 3 MM JF MMM M 4Mf ' W fwbif QQ MQHM 6 WW M W fp WW ER QQALW KEZZQZW WW M r I A !. ywwl WZM My 11f0fi5,lfjf,3,f'? wwf, 'Q , ff' IJ N X 5 :J I 'N SI ,X GN? Y SX 'ff fm Mi YM 'Qig- THE HIVEHLET 1945 Editor, Don Deitesfeld Business Manager, THE SUPHEITIE SHCHIFICE Robert Stenger Waldo Eicher John Tennyson Grant MacLean Irving Jones Clifford Connolly Walter Roth William Watkins Thomas Schmeller James Boswell Robert Marcks Charles Engeman James Francis Charles Menefee Charles Blanchard Donald Baeckler Charles Levet HIV EHLET y Published By The SENIOR CLASS of Rocky River High School Rocky River, Ohio 1945 ARTHUR M. BENNETT DEDIIIHTIUH Somehow, through the years, Mr. Bennett, as a teacher, adviser, and triend, has become one of the "gang," and has correspondingly grown up with us. He has a vital interest for each and every senior. His Abraham Lincoln type ot philosophy has meant rnuch to us as we shaped our own varied personalities. Therefore, to show our appreciation, we nod our thanks and respectfully dedicate this year book to him. fou FHUULTU MR. GRUBB Through his well-rounded personality, Mr. Grubb copes with our complex student problems. A cer- tain sincerity and genuine concern for each of us has made him "one of us." MISS McKEE Because of Miss McKee's position as Dean of Girls and Senior Adviser, she has been endeared in the hearts of us all. Her kind help and advice has made each of us feel just a little more mature. I MR. STROTHERS To members of the junior high and morning late- WI" comers Mr. Strothers needs no introduction. No .........vf" better friend than he is to be found among the faculty. In the senior high as well he has won our admiration and respect. TEHCHEH mu Back row, left to right: Edith A. White 7- Public Speaking, Mathematics, Marsdon LJ. Grubb 7 Principal, Kenneth F. Mayer 7 Mathematics, General Science, Harry M. Strothers 7 Assistant Principal, Civicsf Charles F. Scott 7 Health, Physical Education, Ralph D. Richards 7 Biology, Physical Geography, Frances M. McKee 7 Dean of Girls, Senior English. Front Row: Goldie M. Strawn 7 Business, Typing, Stenography, Vivian Vlack 7 Secretary, Evelyn C, Smith 7 Mathematics, Alice A. Schuler 7 Mathematics, Bookkeeping, Bernice M, Summer 7 Art, Elma L, Wiley 7 English, Social Science, Annette Porter 7 Cafeteria Manager, Delphine Whaling 7 Home Economics. 1 i an mf--7 to JA 4- E Y Back Row: Arthur M. Bennett 7 Physics, Plane Geometry, Arthur J. Bridenbaugh 7 Chemistry, General Science, Christine Baumgarclner -- Health, Physical Education, Katherine A. Mathers 7 English, Helen M. Coburn 7 Algebra, English, Mary M. Barrett -7 French, Geography, Vincent A, Gandolti 7 Mathematics, lndustrial Arts, Paul E. Crites 7 Mechanical Drawing, Industrial Arts. Front Row: Audrey J. Murray 7 English, Home Economics, June Henning 7 Secretary, Mildred Harkabus 7 Typing, Geography, Roy C. Bcllington 7 World History, Latin American History, Juanita Evien 7 United States History, Dorothy N. Ellis 7 English, Latin, Dorothy Gray 7 English, Louise F. Beck 7 Latin. six BUHRD UF EDUUHTIUH SEVEN The backbone of our school system is the school board, They meet once a month to discuss problems of maintenance, equipment needs, and teaching personnel. This year in addition to the regular work, they have been considering plans for the new high school. The Board has visited new schools in the state, talked with architects, and gathered informa- DR- JOHN J- YOUNG tion through pamphlets and bulletins. Superintendent of Schools in '---f umm 1. vuzn 1 f Standing: Mr. Vance Chamberlin, Mr. W. E. Monson, Mr, Carl W. Sallenberger tPresidentl, Mr, Harry H. Blackburn Nice-Presidentl. Seated: Mrs. Allison LePontois, Dr. John J. Young, Mrs. Mildred Josselyn lClerk-Treasurerl. if Miss "B" ' Here's "Zoot" Keel, olwoys first with the new styles ' Noon doncing, but where ore the men? ' Allen looks disgusted ' Our tour peppy cheerleaders lPeggy, Lucy, Morion, Lou? rehersin' ' Fun on the obstocle course ' Leading Iodies in "Junior Miss" Uoon Willioms, Jone Smithl ' Wogor Beach from o precorious perch ' Now how obout o great big srnile? ' i ll ii' i 1, Sflllllll lIlllSS SENIOR HISTORY Remember when our first glimpses of life at Rocky River High School left us with a feeling of awe until we passed out of the "cradle of high school" into eighth grade. Do you remember how, as freshmen, we became war-babies, abandoning our semi-formal dance in place of a street dress affair. From ninth grade we slipped into and through tenth grade to our memorable junior year with its Junior-Senior "Nite Club" Party. Clearest in our memories will be our senior year with its disputed election at which we chose Ed Gregor, President, Jim Smith, Vice-President, with Pat Lamb taking the minutes and Phyllis Rickey balancing the money, also our Christ- mas Dance, our double-casted "Papa ls All" with its comic dialect, and last, but far from least of importance, our long-awaited Senior Prom on June l at the Lake Shore, and six days later our Graduation. These are just a few of our memories which will come to mind when we take time to "remember when." OUR CLASS OFFICERS Year President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 7th Dick Mobarry Walter Manns Cliff Beaver Cliff Beaver Sth Don Kelly Mary Withington Tom Allen Donn Gilmore 9th John Heller Ken Koster Bob Friesner Donn Gilmore lOth Dave Davies Jack Young Paul Enger Barbara Fenwick llth Dave Davies Bob Friesner Alice Adams Pat McCormick l2th Ed Gregor Jim Smith Pat Lamb Phyllis Rickey Phyllis Rickey iTreasurerl, Pat Lamb tSecre- raryl, Jim Smith Nice-Presidentl, Ed Gregor, lPresidenfl. nine I . I 1 i A. ADAMS P. ALLEN T. ALLEN P. ASPLIN A. BAKER ALICE ADAMS: Wherever there's good music to dance to and good friends to laugh with, Alice can be found with her winsome smile enlivening the festivities. G.R.L. 9, IO, II, I2, Friendship, IO, II, fsecretaryl I2, Class Secretary II, Current Forum I2. PATRICIA ALLEN: If you're looking for a dependable worker, here's just the girl. This raven-haired senior wants to be a nurse and certainly nothing will stop her, Monitor 9, Friendship IO, II, Thespinas IO, II, isecretaryl I2, Library Guild l2. TOM ALLEN: Whoever dubbed Tom "Tuffy," had the right PAT AL idea. As tailback and shortstop in football and baseball, he has proven he has what it takes. Hi-Y 9, IO, II, I2, Baseball 9, IO, ll, I2, Basketball 9, IO, II, I2, Football 9, IO, II, I2j Monitor IO, II, 2, Key Man IO, Varsity "R" IO, ll, I2. ASPLIN: It you ever see Patty and she isn't sewing, play- ing the piano, or listening to one of her latest records, then she is probably with some of her many friends. Friendship 9, IO, II, I2, Operetta 95 Current Forum I2. BAKER: Al left at the half, but we haven't forgotten his grand work as co-editor of Hi-Tide. Fishing, current events, and German are his chief interests. Monitor 9, Movie Operator IO, II, I2, Hi-Tide IO, II, Editor I2, Hi-Y IO, II, Student Council IO, II, Current Forum I2. KIRK BANNON: If Kirk were reluctant to speak with anyone JIM except his friends, he still would not be a perpetual church- mouse, for his friends are as plentiful as water in the ocean. Hi-Y II, I2g Track I2. BARKES: Jim is always ready with a catchy comeback, witty or otherwise. He may seem to be silent but 'it's only because he doesn't laugh at his own jokes. Hi-Y II, I25 Movie Operator II, I2, Track I2. MARY JEAN BENNETT: Wooster beckons our Hi-Tide co-editor, but she'Il leave behind her memories of a job well done and a gay ond friendly personality, Nat'l Honor Society ll, I2, Friendship 9, IO, II, I2, Neophytes 9, IO, Thespians II, I2j lyaku IO, ftreasurerl II, I2, Hi-Tide 9, 0, II, ico-editorl I2, Operetto 9, II, G.R.L, 9, Riverlet Staff IO, I2, Monitor IO. BARBARA BINDLEY: Bobbie, hailing from West Virginia 'til TED this year, has won everyone with her southern accent. And can tiny miss dance? Other schools 9, IO, II,, G.R.L. 12, Friendship I25 Monitor I2. BIRDSALL: Our chemistry "quiz kid!" Active Ted also runs the noon movie projector, l-le has a remark, occasion- ally funny, for any and all situations. Student Council IO, II, I2, Band 9, Monitor IO, II, I2, Key Man II, Movie Operator IO, II, I2, Thespians I2j Current Forum Ipresi- dentj l2. ten K. BANNON J. BARKES M. J, BENNETT B. BINDLEY T. BIRDSALL I I'-li s if l B. BOSTWICK M. BOWLES D. BOB BOSTWICK: Tall, friendly, and sarcastic, Bob can be found in the heat of any debate which is going on in class or out. Hi-Y ll, 12, Monitor 12, MARJORIE BOWLES: At her studies, Marge displays a conser- vative personality, but at a party she is the source of much fun. Her seventeenth birthday party was enough to verfiy this. Friendship 11, 12, DICK BROWNLEE: With Dick's irrepressible good spirits, to be his company is impossble for you'll find yourself with him. His serious ambition is to be a doctor, 10, 12, Monitor 9, Current Forum ttreasurerj 12. bored in laughing Hi-Y 9, LEE CARSON: When Lee was greeeted by Uncle Sam and left mid-year, we all missed his hearty laugh and calm indi- viduality. "He is gone, but not forgotten," Hi-Y 11, 12. BOB CONGER: If Bob met Uncle Sam with the same suaveness and mild here, his 1 l, 12. manner by which he gained so much popularity success in the armed service is assured. Hi-Y eleven P. CLARKE B. CONGER J. BROWNLEE L. CARSON E. CHARPIE EDITH CHARPIE: Joy, happiness, and felicity - all are synony- mous with "Dee." Her innate dancing and pianistic abili- ties further her claim to the title, "life of the party." Other Schools 9, Band 10, 11, Orchestra 10, 11, Friend- ship 11, 12, Student Council 12, G.R.L. ll, Neophytes 11, 12, Monitor 12. PATRICIA CLARK: You can usually find Pat where there is laughter because this fiery red head has a knack for starting it with her stories and gestures. Friendship 9, 10, 11, 12, Monitor 10, Neophytes 11, 12. JEAN CORMIER: This reserved senior is ever-ready to help, and, best of all, will do it with a grin. Writing letters and trying out new dance steps occupy her time. Friendship 9, 10, 11, lyaku 12, Current Forum 12, PEGGY COWLING: Peg is one of our more serious thinkers, although she isn't always solemn. She's always up-to-date when it comes to current events. Friendship 9, 10, 11, 12, G.R.L. 9, Neophytes 10, ll, 12, Monitor 11, Current Forum 12, Quiz Bee 12. TAYLOR CRAIG: A flash of tan, a cloud of dust, and a hearty beep-beep usually signify Taylor's approach. Last year he qucikly surrounded himself with friends - a fact which testifies to his being a "keen" fellow. Other Schools 9, 10, Hi-Y 11, lsecretary 112, Baseball 11, 12, Football 12, Monitor 11, 12. CORMIER P, COWLING T. CRAIG B. J. CRUTCHER D. DAVIES D- DEVVESFELD S, DENNIS D, DI BETTY JANE CRUTCHER: This attractive brunette is definitely the athletic type. Her corny quips are frequent as well as unforgetable. Other schools 95 Friendship 10, 11, 125 G.R.L. 11, 125 Monitor 11, 125 Current Forum 125 Riverlet 12 DAVE DAVIES: Red-haired, green-eyed, with athletic inclina- tions, Dave takes an active part in many activities with the result that he is a vital member of the class. Class Presi- dent 10, 115 Student Council 10, 11, lv. presidentl 125 Hi-Y 9, 10, ll, 125 Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 125 Baseball 95 Track 9, 10, 11, 125 Varsity "R" 10, 11, 125 Operetta 115 Key Man 115 Hi-Tide 115 Riverlet 125 Current Forum 125 Monitor 11, 12, DON DEITESFELD: Take a bow, Don, as Editor of our Riverlet. One of the mainstays of the football team, Don's also always behind his ever-present camera to snap any of his large host of friends. Ti-Y 11, 125 Riverlet 10, 115 leditorl 125 Hi-Tide 10, 11, 125 Basketball 9, lmanagerl 105 Track 9, 10, 11, 125 Varsity "R" 9, 10, ll, 125 Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Current Forum 125 Monitor 12. SHIRLEY DENNIS: Shirley is tiny, blonde, vivacious, and full of enthusiasm at any activity, When she's around there'll be fun and surprises galore for all. Friendship 9, 10, 11, 125 G.R.L. 125 Current Forum 12. RICHARD DILLON: lf in a crowd you see a tall, blonde, debon- naire fellow, it's sure to be "Dick." lf not in the crowd, you'll find him working at the Westlake Hardware. Hi-Y 9, 125 Track 115 Monitor 11, 125 lyaku 11, 12. JACK DOBSON: at second base in baseball, Jack has proved himself an athlete of merit. His friendly generosity has made him the friend of many. Hi-Y 10, 115 Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Basketball 9, 105 Baseball 9, 10, 11, 125 Varsity "R" 10, 11, 125 Riverlet 125 Current Forum 12. At right halfback on the football team, and MAUDE DORT: Maude is perhaps best known for her sweet personality and shy smile, but she also has outstanding artistic talent, as anyone who has seen her paintings can testify. Friendship 12, JIM DOUGHMAN: If it's loose, don't let "Little Jimmy" get his mits on it, or it's too bod. Be on guard, for fun-loving Jim may do anything and usually does. Football Manager 11, 125 Monitor 115 Hall Guard 115 Key Man 12. BILL DOYLE: Bill is typically a rnan's man. His quick wit and strong character make him a leader among his friends, of which there is no scarcity. Hi-Y 10, 11, lpresdientt 125 Thespians 11, ltreasurerl 125 Football 9, 115 Track 115 Key Man 115 Monitor 11, 12. JEAN DRUMPELMANN: Though ,lean was not around for sev- eral years, since her return, she has become a definite and very nice part of the class. Other Schools 9, 105 Friendship 125 G.R.L. 125 Current Forum 12. twelve LLON J, DOBSON M. DORT J. DOUGHMAN B. DOYLE J. DRUMPELMANN X D. DURIN J. ELLIOTT P. ENGER S. ERB B. FENWICK DONNA DURIN: Donna certainly is one of our more vivacious seniors. She always seems to be bubbling over with enthusi- asm tor something. Friendship 9, 10, ll, 12, Hi-Tide 11, 12, lyaku 11, 12, G,R.L, 10, Neophytes 10, Thespians 11, 12, Senior Play Cast 12, Monitor 12. JACK ELLIOTT: Jack's acting ability is exceeded only by his musical talent, As a singer and as an ivory-thumper, his peer is yet to be found. Neophytes 10, Thespians tsecre- taryl 11, 12, Hi-Y 12, PAUL ENGER: Hank is famous for being a bang-up left tackle, and holding the school record for points scored in one basketball season. Moreover, he's a swell guy as everyone knows. Class Secretary 10, Student Council 10, 11, 12, Hi-Y 9, tsecretaryl 10, 11, 12, Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Varsity "R" 11, lsecretaryl 12, Monitor 10, 11, 12, Riverlet 12. SALLY ERB: This past year the Erb Canteen has seen a rushing business. With Sally as its hostess no new song goes unsung, for she's got them all. Friendship 9, 10, 11, tcab- inetl 12, G.R.L. 10, isecretaryl 11, tv. presidentl 12, Moni- tor 12, Riverlet 12. V ., Y Lil n B198 R IA b f of po lity can be counted - ,V o t ' yt ' o ' MIRIAM FLEISCHER: Miriam's quiet friendliness has won her a lot of friends at River. Dependable and different are two traits of this future psychologist, Friendship 9, 10, 11, 12, Library Guild 11, Monitor 11, Current Forum 12. BOB FOSTER: When Bob goes off in a corner to be by himself, it's a rare occasion, for usually this happy-go-lucky expert in terpsichore is mingling with his friends and enioying life. Hi-Y 12, Monitor 12. NANCY FOWLER: Nancy is perhaps best known for her laconic wit which has caused more than one person to shake with laughter. Other Schools 9, 10, Friendship 11, 12, Band 11, 12, Orchestra ll, Neophytes 12, Riverlet 12, Monitor 12 GEORGE FRANCIS: George is gone but not forgotten. Our memories hold a warm spot for his happy-go-lucky Tom foolery. Endeared to many of our football men as their manager, George and his inseparable grin were present at many a good time, with a good friend. BOB FRIESNER: A comprehensive intellect and a rlriving will have made Bob valedictoriari, while his affable personality urni an i humor an argument and abilities in track and football have made him really 1 to Barb ghgsgxn lass! tself, Friendship popular, National Honor Socicty 11, 12, Student Council W' 9 t3c'yV4 ss Treqigrer 10, Student Council 9, 10, Cv. presidentl 11, 12, Monitor 9, 10, 11, 12, Band 1 'Jw N 10, s Goan sgyluldf iv. presidentl 11, 12, Cur- 9, 10, Thespians 12, Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, ltreasurerl 12, Current dw Psy., orum yy' regden 12, G,R.L. 12, Monitor 10, 11, Forum 12, Senior Play Cast 12, Football 9, 10, 11, 12, .' 1.1 ixxerlt ' " 1-1Hi-Tide 11, 12, Basketball 9, Track 9, 10, 11, 12, WN Riverlet 12, Varsity "R" 10, ll, 12, Class V. President 9, 11 f I M r Y Q' F V N A tlyrte n K V J. E-'U ' M. FLEISCHER B. FOSTER N. FOWLER G. FRANCIS B. FRIESNER l F' 1 M GEILER M. GEORGE MARILYN GEILER: Marilyn, behind all that laughter of dancing is one of the more ambitious and and love brilliant senior girls, for she's planning to become a doctor. Friend- ship IO, II, tcabinetl I2, G.R.L. IO, tvice-presidentl II, lpresiclentl I2, Key Man I2, Current Forum I2. MABEL GEORGE: Mabel is usually unassuming but she is never- theless quite talented. Being an efficient typist and neat dresser are only two ol her noteworthy accomplishments, Friendship IO, II, I2, G.R.L. IO, II, I2, Girls' Council IO, Hi-Tide 12, Current Forum IZ, Monitor I2. DON GILMORE: "Li'l Bucky" has acquired a reputation as a GLO DOR football player, a pole vaulter, an actor, and a possessor of a loud voice, which all in all make him a versatile fellow. Football 9, IO, II, I2, Basketball 9, II, Track II, I2, Hi-Y 9, IO, Il, I2, Student Council IO, II, Mon- itor 9, IO, I2, Hi'Tide IO, II, fBusiness manager! I2, Current Forum I2, Stage Manager I2, Hall Guard II, I2. RIA GORE: "Gig" and her irrepressible spirit and good humor have made themselves well-liked around River. Her effervescent laugh is from the bottom of her heart, Friend- ship 9, IO, II, I2, Monitor 9, IO, G.R.L. II, I2, Current Forum I2. IS GREEN: Although Doris is one of our smaller seniors, shc's right up at the top when it comes to ability and trienliness. Friendship I2. D. GILMORE G. GORE D. GREEN ED GREGER: Any sports fan knows that this flashing half- miler is a mainstay of the track team. A better friend and leader for our class would be hard to find. Hi-Y ll, I2, Class President I2, Student Council I2, Track IO, II, 12, Monitor IO, II, I2, Varsity "R" I2, Current Forum I2. DAVE GROSHONG: Three advantages Dave has over most of BAR JAN us are: his caustic wit, his knowledge of occult sciences' and his habit of using words of no less than three syllables. Hi-Y 9, IO, II, I2, Student Council 9, I2, Iyaku IO, II, IZ, Thespians I2, Track II, I2, Football II, Varsity "R" II, IZ, Quiz Bee II, I2, Rivcrlet I2, Senior Play Cast I2, Monitor IO. BARA HENN: Another of our peppy seniors who aside from having a brain also has a temper in an argument, Bar- bara's laugh is hearty and can be heard following a good joke. Friendship 9, IO, II, I2, Monitor 9, Hi-Tide 9, G.R,L. IO, Il, I2, Current Forum I2, E HENNINGZ Under her quiet and frank exterior, Jane possesses a hidden sparkle of fun which comes to light when she is with any of her many friends, F ifndshiplr 9, IO, II, I2, Monitor IO. I , ri x It I X LUCY HERRETT: l.ucy's talents as a cheerleadebar krl' n fox' all who follow our teams. She also hcitl'dis I yed ,Kah- siderable dramatic talent in various pgoduclgns ESRI. 9, IO, II, I2, Friendship 9, IO, IIQIY, Ngphytbw, IO, Thespians II, I2, Monitor 9, IO, iw: ide III, I3flyaku II, Cheerleader II, I2, Senior Play C ti IQ! Currdh Forum I2, ff, fi I 1 I 5 Q' kr ' I ' A fourteen E. GREGER D. GROSHONG B. HENN J. HENNING L. HERRETT .Ar l l l A. HOFFMAN S. HORSLEY AL HOFFMAN: Al's love of money has made him constant in attendance over the money box at all sports events. His magnetic personality and love of nature put him in a class apart. Hi-Y 10, 115 lyoku 10, 11, 125 Monitor 11, 12. SHIRLEY HORSLEY: A recent addition to our class is this personable miss. ShirIey's lovely voice and her Iilting laughter are only two of her charming characteristics. Other Schools 9, 105 Friendship 11, 125 Current Forum 125 G.R.L. 125 Key Man ll. CHARLENE JONES: One half of '45's only set of twins, Char- lene with her fiery red hair is more commonly known as i "Doc." As for dancing, it's in her blood. Friendship 10, D, 125 G.R.L. 10, ll, 125 Monitor-Tl. i ,. i , . ' I . , 4' f . gy 4 . ' l HMAIPY JONES? ' The other half, Mary is an enthusiasitc supporter Y otiall sports. Nothing 'is more enjofables. than to watch I i vt' 'I these twoi? dance. G.R.L. 9, 1.0, 11, tsecretaryl 125 Girl 'l, 1 'q -Reserves , IQ, lf, 12i 5 i 1' ' 1 ' I I , I 7 A A t BOB KARABINUS: Aside from being a splendid pianist and a real student, Bob has many other talents. We really can't see any reason why he wouldn't succeed in the world. National Honor Society 11, 125 Hi-Y 125 Monitor 10, 125 rl' C. JONES M. JONES R. KARABINUS STANLEY KEEL: Hold your hats! Here comes Stan! Full of wim, wigor, and witality, this well-liked iokester has an inimitable style which wins everyone. Football 9, IO, 11, 125 Basketball 9, 10, 115 Track 9, 10, 11, 125 Dramatics ll, 125 Hi-Y 9, IO, ll, 12, Varsity "R" 11, 12. DON KELLY: An outstanding football player and hurdler, "Nick" left mid-year for the Navy. Before that his "green hornet" and broad smile were familiar sights at River. Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 125 Track 9, 10, ll, 125 Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Varsity "R" 10, 17, 125 Basketball 9, 105 Moni- tor 9, 1 . N I ' : ii ' ' S h qu 0 nd laughter. Her contagious ss ' . ' l ii i l, k l1,f e tyll25F' d' io, ii, 12, NELL KENN DY a s ributions to the ioy ot our class hop akes ev one enioy her company Monitor Iya u s cre ar rien ship 5 ior fuss Play 125 Hi-Tide 11, 12. I, , If 'J SALLY KING: As long as this cute senior has been with us her smile and infectious laugh have made everyone around her want to joni in. Other Schools 9, 105 G.R.L, 115 Friendship lwlzj War 12. . 5 W, NADIN I . A ven .oll and cookie maker are ca ities w adi displays her abilities and of nt r t Sh ac A . Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Orchestra 9, 10, 11, 125 Operetta 115 H J k b I H I Thespians 125 Senior Play Cast 12. O V ndg - 12. was Km apo' owmg 0 ey , 7 v ' - j oft . Q , ' r fifteen i ' Ii' f I S. KEEL D. KELLY N, KENNEDY X, S. KING N. KINZER Q E. KLEIN K. KOSTER T. KUENZEL W . l 1 , ff I L 1 yw .'a'JwM ' 'l C VlY l'10l", C1 fflefidly Qfifh Gnd fel'-1llY sharp FRANK KUNKEL: This is our "Frankie-Boy," not the swoon- Iff ' Cl0th f'S DUI' DOYTV if of TOM- He's f10lGCl, '00, able specie, but the carefree variety. Aimlessly in his car JV . f0I' W V1 ' ilitr. A 9, lo, ll, 12: Football 9, 10: he wanders through life in search of a good time. Other !M,P,lwffBas Oll 92 Of est J 0f1lT0l' 11, 12- Schools 9, 10, 11, Football 12, Hi-Y 12. KJ CAR ERN KEN TED OLYN KISS: A multipliciy ot abilities grace Carolyn's name. She proved this year that she can really sell a song. Her artistic ability complements her taste in clothes, Friendship 9, 10, ll, 12, Key Man 10, G.R.L. 10, 11, 12, Hi-Tide 12, Riverlet 12, Current Forum 12. A KLEIN: This retiring senior has real talent when it comes to the piano, Nevertheless, Erna loves to read and to take care of the "little darlings" as well, Friendship 12. FOSTER: As a couple of bruised Berea backfield men know, plays through left guard don't work so well with Ken playing, His many activities attest his versatility. Hi-Y 9 tpresidenti 10, 11, ttreasurerl 12, Class Vice-President 9, Hi-Tide 10, ll, Riverlet 11, 12, Student Council lO, 11, ttreasurerl 12, Current Forum 12, Thespians 11, tpresidenti 12, National Honor Society 11, 12, Quiz Bee 12, Football 11, 12, Monitor 10, ll, 12, Senior Play Cast 12, Varsity "R" 11 12 , . KUENZEL: Noted for his football ability, blond hair and Marion, Ted is really one swell guy. l-lc can he hath serious and humorous with equal ease, and makes an ideal companion. Hi-Y 11, 12, Football 11, 12, Track 10, 11, 12, Varsity "R" 12, Riverlet 12. MARJORIE LADD: Everyone was glad to welcome Margie back to River this year, for her jolly laugh and boisterous spirit can liven up any party. Other Schools 10, 11, Friendship 9, 12, Band 9, Orchestra 9, Hi-Tide 9, Neophytes 9, Thespians 12, G.R.L. 12, Senior Play Cast 12, Riverlet 12. DON LAHEY: Lefty's baseball ability is exceeded only by his PAT EUG ability to tell a joke. His friends have sore sides most of the time, "Don" clever, this fellow. Hi-Y 10, 11, tvice- presidentl 12, Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, Band 9, 10, Student Council 10, Monitor 10, 11, 12, Varsity "R" 12. LAMB: We're predicting a shining musical future for this gay, pretty, and talented senior. Anyone who has heard Pat sing will agree with us. Other Schools 9, 10, Friendship 11, lcabinetl 12, Girls' Council tpresidentl 12, Class Secretary 12, Operetta 11, Neophytes 11, 12, Mon- itor 12. ENE LANGENHAN: If you're susceptible to contagious diseases, stay away from Gene, for you're sure to catch a bad case of laughter, since his personality is so pene- trating. Hi-Y 9, tsecretaryl 12. sixteen F. KUNKEL M. LADD D. LAHEY P. LAMB E. LANGENHAN ! 'U .v r try Q- "Q B LARSEN R. LEE J. LEHR BETTY LARSEN: It has been said the quiet person gets things done. And things are done when Betty's around-whether they be intellectual or social. Girl Reserves 9. RAY LEE: Give this motor-minded man a car to dissect, and he's perfectly happy. And he is ever happier since he donned the Navy uniform in March. Other schools 9, 10, 11, Hi-Y 12, Thespians 12. A 4 Vo JOHN LEHR: A gay yqurlg bird isA,John,' our pigeon fancier. This loyal student of wild-life has a sly humor as well as other attributes that dlstinguishsbim. Hi-Y 12. .N l l 1 I BERNADINE LOFTUS: "Sweet and Lovely"-what could better describe Bern' Although seemingly rather shy, she is always ready to and usually does have a good time. Friendship 9, 11, G.R.L. 12. JACK LUDWIG: Dabbling with chemicals may be dangerous to some but to one as Jack, it's fun.. Jack's scientific interests should certainly take him far. Hi-Y 11, Movie Operator 11, 12, Band 9, 10. seventeen B. LOFTUS J, LUDWIG WALTER MANNS: Wally is quiet, easy going, and friendly- except in athletics. Everyone knows him for an all-round good fellow. Hi-Y 9, lO, 11, 12, Kay Man lv, president 12, Current Forum 12, Baseball lO, 11, 12, Basketball 10, 11, 12, Monitor 10, 11, 12, Larsity "R" 12. LOUISE MARCO: Perky, petite, and cute as a bug is our dark haired little cheerleader. Chat would a game or party be without Lou iumping around. G.R.L, 9, 10, 11, 12, Friendship 10, 11, 12, Neophytes 10, ll, 12, Monitor 11, Cheerleader 11, 12. DON McCUNE: Diminuitive Don is always so full of fun that when he bursts the entire gathering is drenched with laughter. A devilish little fellow-Don. Hi-Y 9, lO, 11, 12, Football lmanagerl 9, Band 9, Orchestra 10, Monitor ll. GEORGE McINNES: If we soon forget Mac's characterization of the "policeman," we shall also be forgetting a good natured senior, outdoorsman, and trackster. Hi-Y 11, 12, Track 11, 12, Varsity "R" 11, 12, Monitor 9, 10, 11, 12, Thespians 12, Senior Play Cast 12, Current Forum 12. JOYCE MEIER: Joyce is "a pal good and true" to all of her large host of friends. Never to be without a sharp re- mark or without something to do has been Joyce's goal in high school. Other schools 10, Friendship 9, 11, 12, G.R.L, 9, 12. W MANNS L. MARCO D. MCCUNE G. MCINNES J. M R M. MILLER L. MILTNER D. MOBARRY D. MYERS D. NELSON MARIANNE MILLER: A smile for everyone, and a laugh for ovcry poke make bubbling Noni one of our more popular seniors. Wit and gaiety are wherever Noni is. Other schools 9, Friendship IO ,11, 12, lyaku ll, lvl presidentl 12, G.R.L, 10, ll, 12, Neophytes Il, Thespians 12, Senior Play Cast 12, Hi-Tide 12, Monitor 12, Riverlett tbusiness managerl 12. LOIS MILTNER: Louis is our idea of perpetual motion. This cute and lively incessant little talker radiates with bound- less energy. ln fact, she is pep personified. Friendship 9, IO, ll, 12, lyaku ll, 12, Monitor ll ,12, Operetta 9, ii, G.R.L. 9. DICK MOBARRY: "Moe" is a sort of human Charlie McCarthy with his red hair and his constant mischevious remarks, but he's certainly nobody's dummy. Hi-Y 9, 10, ll, 12, lyaku 10, 11, tpresidentl 12, Student Council 12, Monitor 12. DICK MYERS: Navy's gain and River's lost is Dick Myers. As a driving force of our football team as well as a boistrous humorist he will stick in our memories. Foot- ball 9, 10, ll, 12, Track IO, ll, Varsity "R" 10, 11, 12. DOROTHY NELSEN: Here's a real out-doors woman who enjoys hiking, bicycling, sledding ,and canoeing. But indoors shc cnioys many good timcs and good friends. Friend- ship 9,l0,11,12. S. NORAN D. OEHLKE J. PARROTT L. PARTRIDGE SHIRLEY NORAN: Her energy, enthusiasm and sharp wit make shirley a wonderful perSon to have around, She squeezes every drop of fun out of life. Friendship 12, Operetta 9, ll, Monitor 12. DON OEHLKE: Tubby and his band were the source of live for many a social function, while mischievous Tubby, him- self, is a constant source of fun as well. Band 9, 10, 11, O hestra 9 1O'HiY11 I I ' r 'r I ' ' bile., Q. , ,. nf. ,,,-f Q. f - .' ,,41.",5A-5 :fm YARROTTQ-'J'DTTa is-4eWQ4fr4ea9 fffffa-fe 1 good time or to help anyone who doesn't tough homework assignment . Friendship , '10,' fca inetj 11, 12, Key Man 10, 12, Girls' Council IO, ll, Monitor Il, Current Forum 12. LAVERNE PARTRIDGE: Our capable Ring Group chairman has demonstrated her dramatic ability to us all with her inter- pretations and readings. We'll be hearing more of her. Friendship IO, ll, 12, G.R.L, 9, 10, Operetta 9, 11, Neophytes ll, 12, Current Forum 12 tsecretaryli Monitor ll. GEORGE PAYNE: This taciturn senior ovidly enjoys a good run on the cinders, and just as ovidly, math and science. He's a "regular fella" with an intellect. Hi-Y 11, 12, Neophytcs 12, Track ll, 12. eighteen G. PAYN E I. PICKERING M, PIERMAN G. PRESLAN M, L. REAGAN IRENE PICKERING: Clever Irene with her twinkling eyes and her mischievous smile can always be relied upon to be a true friend and helper to everyone. Nat'l Honor Society ll, I2, Student Council IO, II, I2, Girls' Council 9, IO, Il, 12, Friendship 9, IO, II, lcabinetl, I2, lyaku IO, 1I, I2, Hi-Tide 9, IO, II, Neophytes I2, Monitor IO. MARGARET PIERMAN: Her Dad calls her "Peppy" but she's known to the gang as "Pert." Na get-together would have the right atmosphere without her straight faced joke telling. Girl Reserves lSecretaryJ 9, lyaku IO, II, I2, G.R.L. I2, Current Forum 12. Friendship 10, I1, I2, Monitor IO, II, I2, Opertta 9, GLENN PRESLAN: Uncle Sam beckoned tall and lanky Glenn after mid-year. He is missed by us all, but his many friends will never forget his subtle humor. Hi-Y 9, IO, II, I2, Baseball 9, IO, Il, I2, Varsity "R" II, I2. MARY LOU REAGAN: Delightfully different is our Mary Lou. Participating or watching, she's always where there's fun. And without her smile no party is complete. Friendship 9, IO, Il, I2, Monitor 12, Current Forum I2. , i Af... . B. REDDROP BEN REECE: lf it's about radio, see Bennie: our expert on that subiect is also chief of our efficient stage crew. Busy fellow, Bennie and his "mikes"! Hi-Y IO, II, Neophy- tes 9, IO, II, Thespians I2. BERNADINE REESE: Bernadine can always be depended on to help wherever help is needed. The production depart- I ment couldn't get along without her. Friendship 9, IO, II, I2, G.R.L. 9, IO, Neophytes II, I2, Production 11, I2, Current Forum I2. JOHN RICHARDS: Repeating other peopIe's jokes lover and over againi is John's favorite pasttime. He's serious only long euogh to get straight A's in every subject, Other Schools 9, Hi-Tide II ,I2, Neophytes IO, Thespians II, Iv. presidentl I2, Riverlet 12, Current Forum 12, Monitor 12. PHYLLIS RICKEY: Besides sports and a flair for the intellec- tual, our lively class treasurer is an ardent lover of animal life. Suitably enough she aspires to be a zoologist, l Other Schools 9, IO, Friendship II, I2, lyaku I2, Operetta Il, Class Treasurer I2, Hi-Tide 12, Current Forum I2. BETTY Rio vv' fe er Betty as the girl with the H , , , , I I lovely O mil I hen you odd personality the MARTHA JO RODGERS: Happiness is lust a thing called Jo." f pi O ery or senior is Complete GRE- 9 And how true- For 'tis rarely we see Martha Jo without I I ie 9 IO H 12, Monitor '12, 'cgrgeng a smile on her face. Friendship 9, IO, II, I2, G.R,L, 9, Y 2- ' ' ' ' ' io, ii, I2, Monitor io, Riverlet iz, Girls' Council csecy. ' , , 8. Treas.I I2, Current Forum I2. ' I .A In ni en MJ ll . i , il ilrvwv B. REECE B. REESE J. RICHARDS P. RICKEY M. J. RODGERS 1 i i i I il I i 1 I 'I 1' .. ROL if fff o s ior are since y and a heart of go K her M hi debon ie ways But under O - XX fl' N' R Eipfhis his y ng senio has swept many a f ' , - th is Ii e ' ' ld. '-6.9, 10 I. J MARK R E K . When you think of Marilyn, think of JOH ebony block hair, dark eyes, smooth dancing, and a swell sport. She's never been seen in a sombre mood. Friend- ship 9, 10, 11, lyaku 11, 12, Neojhytes 11, Thespians 12, Current Forum 12, Senior Play Cast 12. N SAKURAI: A newcomer to our class. John made many friends in his own quiet way. His sly wit and un- stinting generosity have won him his place in the class. Other schools 9, 10, 11, HAROLD SANDERS: This quiet fellow really has ability plus. JOE B. SCHRAMM With numbers, chemicals, or a basketball, Harold is at home. His pertinent remarks have a witty ring to them. Other Schools 9, IO, Hi-Y ll, 12, Current Forum 12. SANDVICK: Under a stoic exterior, "Little Joe" keeps a heart ot gold and a subtle wit. At left guard he was one of the mainstays ot our football forward wall. Foot- ball 9, 10, 11, 12, Baseball 9, 10, ll, Track 12, Basket- ball 9, 10, Monitor 10, Varsity "R" 11, ttreasurerl 12. ' M. RUECKE J. SAKURAI H. SANDERS J. SANDVICK BOB SCHRAMM: Mechanisms and math intrigue this tall young senior, Although he is quiet and easy going, Bob can and does entertain a large number of friends. Other Schools 9, Key Man ll, Hi-Y 11, 12, Neophytes 12, Moni- tor 12, Student Council 12. JEAN SCHWARTZENBERG: You will find a true friend in this quiet brown-eyed girl. Jean's sincere manner and gay greetings make River's halls brighter when she's around. Friendship 10, 12. ARTHUR SHELLEY: tPause for swooningl. Yes sir, this is some "Guy." With his polished ways and amiability, he is all set to go for with a successful career through life. Baseball 10, 12, Other Schools 11, Hi-Y 9, 10, 12. BILL SHIE: This Shie fellow ca nusually be spotted by the car he drives everywhere. As a practical ioker out for a good time, life with Bill is full of surprises. Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 12, Monitor 10, lyaku 10, Baseball 10. ELEANOR SISLER: "Sis," a newcomer to River this year ,hos mode a hit with everybody. And who wouldn't with such a loveable disposition. Other Schools 9, 10, 11, Neophytes 12, G.R.L. 12, Friendship 12, Monitor 12. twenty J, SCHWARTZENBERG A. SHELLEY B. SHIE E. SISLER -is . I - J. SMITH M. SMITH M. STEIN O ' , JIM SMITH: From an Esquire ad stepped congenial Jim into the vice-presidency of our class. The immediate popular- ity he won is small example of his infectious personality. Other Schools 9, IO, Baseball ll, Hi-Y 12, Iyaku 12, Class Vice President 12. MARIAN SMITH: What will River do without her sunny smile and big brown eyes. Homework and typing for Hi-Tide, however, didn't keep Marion from envigorating our activities. Friendship 9, 10, 11, 12, Band 9, Hi-Tide 12, Monitor 12, Current Forum I2. MARIAN STEIN: Aside from being an ardent fan of all sports as well as participating in many, Marian and her dry wit can always be relied upon at any get-together. ft Friendship 12, Li, v I ' ,' 1' If QUE' REET: Every class must have its dizzy blonde, and I ' f 'I -f S e ti certainly ours. She is also, among other things, ,i an aidthority on airplane travel. Just ask her. Friend- ' ship 9, IO, II, 12, G.R,L. 9, IO, Monitor 11, Riverlet 12. I I ' i. i L'iv,,f .-...I . . l L' . ' ' ,Jil ,MARGARET SZUNYOG: What nickname could better apply .lv i 4' than "Dolly" to this, the tiniest member of our class. r ,IN N- ' Her everreadiness to help others makes Margaret only ' ,I y more outstanding. Friendship 9, 11, 12, Nat'l. Honor ,f K, ,X Society 12, Current Forum 12. 1 J twenty-one G. TANIGUCHI A. TAYLOR GL 'T C. TEN-HOOPEN -ui. S. STREET M. SZUNYOG GEORGE TANIGUCHI: Small but mightly is quick witted George. His fine sense of humor and generosity are not the least of his many fine points. Other Schools 9, 10, 11, Hi-Y' 12, Baseball 12. . ' , . rw Kava L,cfqA..-, .tg 5 95 Vvd D' 'I ' aj!! f , - 3 H. ,f sf, 4 LSI! if ' ANN A ij' wc eifllis .yeai:, inn , friends qui wi ' ispo ' i . Hq,M+0ersified talents shcyjdih eco s c sful dietitian, Other 'SEhoolsi!iI0- ' riendship 2. is - t - lf' ' J 1' " Q' M' Xiu rf gy, CARL TENHOOPEN: Skip is liked by all for his dry, poker- faced humor. Seldom serious, his favorite pastime is devising devilish uses for his knowledge of chemicals. Football 9, IO, Il, 12, Hi-Y 9, IO, II, 12, Baseball 9, Basketball 9, Monitor II, Current Forum 12, Varsity "R" 12. GEORGE THOMAS: Quiet and unassuming, George is one of the friendliest fellows in the senior class. His "Balckis- ton's back-room" pals know he would do anything for a friend. Hi-Y II, I2. PATRICIA THOMAS: Pat's signature will soon be seen on much outstanding commercial art. If you have seen some of her work, you will know what we are talking about. Friendship 9, 10, I1, 12, Iyaku II, 12, Monitor II, Cur- rent FoFrum 12. G. THOMAS P. THOMAS ,,m.,,jfi2.- . ..... . ,,, Ji , I .71 f . ' if all if time I VAN STONE C. WAI-lL R. WESTERFIELD M, WITHINGTON A. YOUNG BEVERLY VAN STONE: "Bev's" one ot our seniors who loves to get mixed up in things. Some new activity, an aid to things. Friendship 9, IO, Il, l2, ,R.L. 9, I2, Monitor IO, II, lyaku I2. CHARLOTTE WAHL: Charlotte has a style all her own for telling dialect stories, ond has done a wonderful job running Friendship Service Group, Friendship 9, IO, ll, l2, G.R,L. tpresidentb 9, IO, Neophytes II, Thespians 12, Girls Council IO, Il, Operetta 9, ll, Monitors IO, ll, Senior lay Cast I2. ROSEMARY WESTERFIELD: Our "Rasie's" fun seems unlimited for she engages in sa many enjoyable activities such as skating, bowling, picnicking, and even writing poems. Friendship 9, IO, ll, I2. MARY WITHINGTON: A born organizer and sports lover, Mary is a leader in many school activities, She is the "indespensable" girl to Friendship. Student Council 9, IO, Monitor 9, Current Forum I2, Friendship tpresidentl 9, IO, Ctreasurerl ll, tpresidentl I2, Friendship Cabinet 9, ll, I2g G.R.L. 9, Cpresidenti IO, ll, IQ, Operetta Il. ALICE YOUNG: lf you haven't heard Alice of the luscious brown eye-lashes play her French horn, you've missed hear- ing o future symphony orchestra player. OOther Schools 9, Friendship IO, ll, IZ, lyaku Il, IZ, Neophytes Il, IZ, Operetto II, Monitor IO, ll. J. YOUNG M. ZBIN JACK YOUNG: Look on the basketball court, baseball dia- mond, or dance floor and you're bound to find Jock, an- other truly all-around fellow of the senior class. Student Council 9, O, II, I2, Key Man l2, Monitor 9, IO, 12' IO ' a Hi-Y 9, tv, presidentl , II, I2, Basketb Il IO, II, I2, Baseball IO, II, I2g Football II, Class Vice-President IO, Nat'l. Honor Society II, I2, Varsity "R" II, I2. MARION ZBIN: ln spite of her outward tranquility, Marion manages to get a lot out of life. Her special manias include cherry cokes, cartooons, and skating. Friendship I2, BEVERLY BEVAN: Dynamite comes in small bundles they PAT say, And here is our blonde bundle. A Riverite of a year's standing, Bev and her good temper are phenomenal. Other Schools, 9, IO, I l, McCORMlCK: Besides his ability to convulse any gather- ing at a moment's notice, "Stretch" has a brain that is the despair of us ordinary mortals. Student Council 9, IO, II, tpresident l2g Nat'l Honor Society II, I2g Hi-Y 9, IO, II, I2, Class Treasurer ll, Neophytes II, Thes- pians l2, Varsity "R" IO, Il, I2, Track IO, II, IZ, Basket- ball 9, OO, ll, I2g Football Il, I2, Current Forum IO, II, I2, Movie Operator IO, II, Monitor 9, IO, II, I27 Hi-Tide IO, II, twenty-two B. BEVAN P. MCCORMICK N ei . Q f'fQ .n,.3g QJ-f'JLuJ2,oJ, 1 39, A ,L CI 'Aww :lp-ffzfiyx 1-l'?J4!,,' , .YJJVH mi- Wm S3111 gllflemurizrm GEORGE FRANCIS f 1945 ffm f lc. n Q ,Dv f mi' V thi' 1x1 .lg ll 1' 1 ' v ll J U ll l U R Q!f',K,irvQ 'l 3 PK -5 'S 'Q '-ls.. t . JuNloR ' FICERS Lett to right: Ray D fyeosurerl, Rd gy Blowers iSecretoryl, Bill or, lV. Presiden Bob 'Ferry lPresident!U 1 M jj P . D 1 K! , dj 'xl' . ,7 . , ' - ' ! Cx 7 - - P 1 - ef P 'rf s Back row . e, . F , . Daedlow, J. Cronander, J. Cater . dw rd . y. Thir w B. B d , Arth, A. Cawley, M. Burney, R. C6 ne . Fenke . A , P. Buckingham, D. Bearse, D. B e r. Second rowB. ra , D. Carson, N. Addleman, J. Broer- man, P Bo , Carlson, M. Alexander, J. Fassinger, D. Adams. First row -- . Bfshek, M. A. Check, J. Deuble, D. Caulfield, C. Doolittle, S. runst, P. Brelstorcl, J. Borgerman, J. Douglas, J. Comey. SECOND PICTURE Back row - M. Inman, R. Ketchum, J. Hague, B. Hoehn, D. Focke, K. Havens, A. LePontois, G. Garrett, M. Hirchert, D. Kirlough. Third row - N. Liedtke, B. Kocar, J. Horten, H. Hoppe, C. Laidlow, B. Hooper, D. Foulds, B. Loesch, A. Kolbe. Second row - D. Hemann, B. Hand, S. Godard, J. Lydrickson, J. Meier, R. Josselyn, D. Gildemeister, P. Garlough, M. Johnson, C. Lowe, L. Green. First row - L. Haug, J. Grigg, E. Hiser, S. Hoppinger, R. Garrett, L. Loufman, J. Horsley, B. Hardesty, J. Galloway. THIRD PICTURE Back row - D. Olmstead, J. Moley, B. Parsons, D. Mcntzer, R. Pasterczyk, T. McKim, R. Riordan, B. Moore, A. Mitchell. Third row - A. Myers, B. Sarles, J. Pejeau, B. Rudy, D. Paisley, D. Nyland, J. Mylett, J. Rchor. Second row - L. Nicholson, J. Ransom, E. Pierce, A. McQuiddy, C. Peterson, M. Scholz, S. Richardson, N. Scott, J. Mitchell. First row - S. Mertes, V. Rollins, J. Rardin, J. Nelson, E. Ras- mussen, B. Rollins, S. Seed. FOURTH PICTURE Back row - P. Will, B. Shook, B. Williams, D. Stein, N. Vogel, B. Turnbull, J. Wenzel, F. Stover, D. Starin. Second row - J. Smith, D. Seedhouse, B. Webster, D. Walker, D. Wright, G. Williams, T. Souris, D. Stock. First row - S. Smiley, J. Syvertsen, A. helan, P. Weldy, D. Tezie, L. Vaughan, B. Wismar, A. Vanek, L. Walz. twenty-four TOP PICTURE Back row -4 S. Dean, D. Crawford, M. Barlow, S. Brown, D, Aglcr, A. Barrett, C. Arndt, T. Clowser, T. Deahl, R. Brenncn, B. Berkey First row -4 D. Dimaline, G. Arday, J. Bain, J. Ackerman, J. Davis, S. Carr, L. Anderson, N. Cooper, P. Cazier, SECOND PICTURE Back row -4 B. Ellsworth, D. Groshong, J, Eviston, Third row 4 S. Graves, J. Easton, J. Hottell, L. Dute, M. Frederick, C. Emrick. Second row 4 B. Killius, D, Feldkircher, E. Hoke, L. Guibcrt, C. Heil, J. Grigsby, E. Keel. First row 4 M. Hanna, B. Klapp, P. Kavanaugh, A. Fenkcr, L. Larsen, D. Grail, M. Kochera, B. Kinsley, THIRD PICTURE Back row 4 E. Scheppner, B, McKenzie, E. Pienkowski, J. Manthey, J. Rutledge, A. Share, D. Kemp, H, Paul. Third row 4 T. Rich, D. Murray, D. Miller, W. Peterson, D. Morrison, T. Sauppe, B. Rotterman, D. Murphy. Second row 4 R. Schreiber, R. Schaefer, N. Rebel, J McKinney, J. Ormsby, D. Rice, M. R , M. Reese N. Recldrop. J J First row 4 J. Rollins, P. Mitchell, M. Nfay, M. Saxton M. Lemieux, J. Monson, J. Lump," C. Mobarry, D Miller, M. McCormick .1 ' A , lc- -If , 1 I 45's- I O . ,P . 1 ., . x X' Kb.. "" FOURTH PICTURE Back row 4 R. Urban, J. Snell, L. Smith, J. Sutlitte, N Wagner, M. Smith. Third row B Swinehart W S ooner J. Walsh, M. 1 - 1 - D I Wahl, M. Stock, J. Welshans, A. anStone. Second row -- D. Sheets, J. Turgeon, B. Sparks, D. Timpe, H. Vogel, B. Schreur. First row 4 J. Williams, R. Shaw, J. Smith, M. Thom son, C. Stein, F. Walters, J. Taylor, D. Varwig. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Lett to right: Louis Dute lTreasurerl, Janet McKinney lSccretaryJ, Norm Wagner lPresidentl, Steve Groves KV. Prcsidentl. .l L Q1 i twenty-tive 1 L Y .--Dah SllPHlllllllllES TOP PICTURE Back row - G. Daily, C. Bishop, E. Butler, W. Arndt J. Daniels, J. Douglas, B. Acker, D. Burney. Third row - D. Bonte, D. Akehurst, O. Colpert, J. Carry N. Arnold, B. Behm, B. Chandler, L. Baker. Second row - E. Bousauet, G. Connolly, R. Davis, D DeMarinis, . Beers, M. Cowler, G. Collins, M. Badger J. Donohoe. First row - D. Chamberlin, B. Borden, D. Borreson, S Barco, M. Dahlin, P. Andrews, D. Alexander, J. Collins R. Armstrong, T. Bailey. SECOND PICTURE Back row - R. Lang, D. Kopp, R. Jonas, B. Gates, B Koos, E. Graebner, B. Koster, D. Inman, N. Krieutzburg Third row - L. Eisele, P. Jones, B. Heil, R. Jonas, B. llibbard, J. Faulks, P. Kurtess, V. Lamb. Second row - J. Eddy, G. Elms, F. Graham, J. Hauserman B. Kusturin, M. Funk, J. Hanna, B. Goldsword, B. Fisk First row - H. Engle, H. Gerrish, J. Henning, L. Hall, B. Gregory, B. Fox, M. L. Hirchert, R. Howarth, L. Larson, J. Ellis. THIRD PICTURE Back row - D. Slaught, B. Young, J. Waite, M. Will. J. Stadter, B. Taylor, R. Stepler, D. Whelan, B. Tezie. Second row - D. Zeiger, N. Traves, R. Simoncic, B. Smith, D. Tenney, H. Tyrone, J. Simonds, B. Wester- field. First row - N. Withington, N. Smith, M. Wunderly, V. Stenger, N. Smith, D. Sperber, B. Webb, D. Share, P. Seltzer. FOURTH PICTURE Back row - B. Orr, F. Peaco, B. Rafn, E. Martin, D. Neate, R. Roessler, G. Reece, R. Morris. Third row - M. Reichard, M. Minter, N. Miltner, A. Rickey, A. Osmun, J. Loebe, D. Markert, B. Numiyiler. Second row e N. Parsell, P. Reagan, J. Melton, J. McQuiddy, B. Richards, B. Lee, B. Lyth, M. A. Nichols. First row - M L. Seltzer, B. Parsons, T. Larsen, F. Priest, J. Ruecke, D. Shernpp, R. Pietrangelo. FRESHMAN OFFICERS KK Seated: Jackie Waite lSecretaryl. Standing: Fred Priest ,Q : , .wi T ' A 7 KV. Presidentl, Ray Sirnoncic lPresidentl, Don Neate lTreosurerl. lllESHlllE .Y-. 1 o X V R 5- K ' s 3 l . twenty-six X EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS Lett to right: Bob Bowers lTreasurerJ, Louis Tasse, tPrcsdientl, Norma Loesch lV. Presdientl, Barbara Walchli lSecretoryl. TOP PICTURE Back row - S. Minner, T. Parcloe, B. Lyclrickson, C Peterson, T. Nicholson, E. Loomis. Third row W- B. McKinney, D. Mertus, L. Mackassy, J Paisley, D. Lyons, A. Lewis. Second row 4 F. Lamb, N. Petry, D. Mucldimer, J Mourer, M. Miller, N. Loesch, R. Marsden. First row - C. Milner, C. Peterson, D. Rafn, C. Lakin L. LePontais, M. L. Laidlaw. SECOND PICTURE Back row - L. Tasse, B. Yohe, J. Staneburner, L. Wilson N. Sommet, R. VandenBossche, L. Weldy, G. Tyrone Second row 3 M. Urban, B. Wolchli, C. Wilde, N. Reid A. Rudy, B. Williams, C. Seed. First row - J. Smith, M. Ritchie, B. Snell, D. Wester- field, A. Shaw, B. Scott, J. Schulte, C. Rasmussen. THIRD PICTURE Back row - N. Culver, N. Beach, B. Bowers, D. Broer man, M. J. Benninghoff, D. Borchik, D. Arft, J. Dixon, J. cnc-dict. Second row - C. Clapp, J. A. utler, C. Davis, C Brausch, J. Drumpelmann, D. Apple, S. Cowie, N Akerburg. First row - J. Ferguson, T. Donneyson, S. Crawford, N Butxman, B. Bullington, K. Bowles, D. Cunningham. FOURTH PICTURE Back row - J. Flaherty, C. Kitzerow, B. Ingles, K. Free, B. Eckharclt, D. Horner, G. Kaser, T. Dunford. Third row -- D. Graves, R. Carlsen, G. Fleischer, D. Hill J. Gillespie, S. Jones, D. French, L. Kinsley. Second row 4 D. l-loeftlcr, C. Livingston, A. Gayman, J Hoy, M. Kray, A. Kroening, M. Kolbe, J. Gray, E. Gunn. First row - C. Harbert, B. House, B. Hoehn, D. Fansler R. Herrett, D. Fullmer, M. Grega, D. Kauffman. twenty-seven lllHlH llllHllE- SEVENTH GHHIJE SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS Left to right: Barbara Caulfield KV. Presidentl, Sid Wentz fSecretary-Treasurerl, Dick Killius iPresidentJ. TOP PICTURE Back row: S. Swift, V. Welshons, D, Smithson, A. Schramm, G. Schreiber, B. Reardon, C. Thompson, J. Siddall. Third row - S, Poe, S. Wentz, F. Woods, N. Wheeler, W. Riemenschneicler, J. Spellman, R. Shaw, W. Pierce, B, Pienkowski. Second row -- M. Rollins, J. Wahl, P. Pinter, B. Swank, J. Williams, J. Romweber, J. Robinson, M, Walker, D. Seversan, B. Young. First row - A. White, B. Sandvick, C. Siegman, M. Ramsdell, B. Spang, D. Williams, J, Walker, G. Wilson, M. Wagner. SECOND PICTURE Bock row - L. Parker, C. Lang, C. Nyland, J. Nelson, J. Lynn, J, Hoy, D. Mulac, P. Herter. Third row - J. Harlan, D. Neate, M. Macbeth, C. Klein, M. Lindhorst, M. Misamore, G. Mullenix. Second row - P. Miller, J, Pelton, B. McFarland, P. Nason, W, Miskell, B, Meredith, E. Klindt, D. O'NeilI. First row - K. Horst, J McDaniel, H, Lamb, E. Hender- shot, R. Morris, R. Lynes, D. Killius, M. Peaco. THIRD PICTURE Back row W- J. Chandler, D. Berneicke, B, Ashby, B. Ayers, R. Cramer, F. Gilner, R. Greenman, T. Gross. Third row - B. Becker, J. Adams, J, George, L. Glose, C. Hale, S. Grail, B. Caulfield, A. Davies, S. Deahl. Second row - T. Hardesty, T. Hague, J. Burkhardt, D. Eiourley, M. Haugen, W. Bleckrie, H. Beers, D. Ake- urst. First row - B. Hansen, R, Grimes, D, Gruetter, B. Hath- away, S. Dimoline, J. Cook, C. Gregory. twenty-eight CFI Home Run? ' Why so worried, Coach? We won 52-7 ' Between events at the River Relays ' Hoehn ready for the take-off ' Tough Man, Loesch ' Up and Over ' Dobson waiting for a hot one ' Galloway Posin' ' Daedlow on an end run ' "On Your Marks" for Friesner, Hughes, and Keel ' "Heavy" Miller announcing results Back row - T. Craig, L. Smith, D. Groshong, H. Paul, D. Deitesfeld, R. Daedlow, G. Garrett, D. Davies, D Kell P En er S Brown E K I . y, . g , . , . ee. Second row - C. Emrick, N. Wagner, C. Tenhoopen, J. Hague, J. Horten, B. Friesner, B. Sarles, B. Loesch, J. Yeager, J. Sandvick, D. Agler, A. Lepontois, L. Guibert. First row - Coach Vince Gandolfi, J. Dobson, D. Morrison, B. Hoehn, K. Koster, B. Ferry, D. Murray, D. Gilmore, T. Allen, D. Seedhouse, S. Keel, T. Kuenzel, P. McCormick, Coach Paul Crites. Do you remember when, in the closing minutes of our last game, Deitesfeld galloped through Wellington's line to break a l9-l9 tie, and win 26-l9? And the time all the River fans who had gotten out of school early yelled and cheered as we tied for the con- ference championship when the Pirates swamped Fairview 52-7? Of course, no one will ever forget that fatal game under the lights when Berea edged us out 7-6. Many students travelled in all types of conveyances to watch us tie Western Reserve Academy 7-7, and lose to Ravenna l9-13 in the season's opener. Almost everyone enjoyed our 32-l4 victory over Bay Village, and shouted with glee as our passing attack clicked and we defeated Clearview 20-7. The Parma game wasn't such a happy affair though, because a strong Parma squad trimmed us 27-13. The preceeding week, however, River smashed Oberlin 34-26 in a hard fought game. The twenty-eight lettermen elected All-conference guard, Ken Koster honorary cap- tain at the season's end. Jim Yeager, Dick Myers, Harry Paul, and Don Seedhouse also won their positions on the All-conference team. Our point total of 203 points com- pared favorably with our opponents' l33, and our game total of five wins, three losses, and one tie, showed us tenth in the '44 season. lllllBHll BIISIIEIBIIII Remember our 47-26 revenge victory over Parma? Surely the crucial game of the season was when we lost to Berea 40-35, and thus took a second place in the conference. Berea had also trimmed us 37-35 in a breath-taking overtime contest earlier in the sea- son. These two defeats were all we suffered in our last twelve games. The Alumni returned home only to be defeated 61-29 in an early season game. We scored double victories over Bay, Oberlin, and Fairview. Our seven senior and three junior lettermen chose Dave Davies captain after the season's sixteen games were completed. Hank Enger was season high point man with 184 points, and McCormick and Hague followed with l27 and lO3 points respectively. VARSITY SCORES WE THEY WE THEY I4 WESTLAKE . 33 35 BEREA 37 26 MAPLE HEIGHTS . . 32 6I OBERLIN 37 27 MARSHALL ... . I9 54 FAIRVIEW 2I 33 PARMA . 38 52 BAY VILLAGE 32 61 ALUMNI . . 29 47 PARMA 26 27 OLMSTED FALLS . 36 43 OBERLIN 37 47 BAY VILLAGE 24 50 FAIRVIEW 25 35 CLEARVIEW , . 22 35 BEREA 40 Back row - C, Emrick, Mgr., A. Kolbe, Mgr., B. Killius, B. Webster, D. Timpe, B, Burkey, D. Carson, Thirdslrdawolll D. Groshong, Mgr., J. Eviston, B. Kocar, T. Clowser, S. Graves, B. Sarles, B. Moore, D. Morrison, Coach Fred Scott. Second row - H. Paul, D. Davies, R, Daedlow, P. Enger, W. Manns, P. McCormick, First row - B. Loesch, T. Allen, J, Hague, D. Seedhouse, J. Young. thirty-one lltllllll The Pirate track squad, fortified by a dozen returning lettermen, swept all opposi- tion aside to win the class "C" division title at the Public Auditorium lndoor Track Meet on May l6. Our sixty-two points were more than enough to capture the crown, as none of the other teams had more than thirty-eight points. The 880 and two mile relay teams qualified to run in the Knights of Columbus meet held a week later. Mr. Bridenbaugh has high hopes for the season because of the fact that most of our times were better than those of class "B," and many of our distance men and hurdles have returned to run their specialties. SEASON SCHEDULE April IO ..,. ,.,...... ..,,i.. E I yria-there I3 i.,. .... L orain-here 21 .... ,... U niversity and West at University 26 , .... Parma-here May 5 . . . .,.. West Tech Relays ot West Tech 12 .... .... R iver Relays-here 16 ,,., .... C onference-Berea I9 . . . .... District-Rhodes Back row -- R. Urban, B. Sarles, D. Davies, G. Mclnnes, T, Clowser, B. Hoehn, B. Williams, D. Groshong, G. DuVernay, L. Giibert, D. Murray, Second row - E. Keel, D. Walker, S. Brown, J. Barkes, B. Kocar, D. Edwards, A. Scherer, J. Ormsby, ' ll' A. L P t ' D. Gilmore, B, Ki ius, e on ons. First row M- H. Hoppe tManagerJ, G. Payne, B. Friesner, J. Cater, D. Deitesfeld, P. McCormick, T. Kuenzel, J. Horten, E. Gregor, A, J. Bridenbaugh tCoachl. t 5 5 thirty-two QHVEI1 Bock row - L. Haug, J. Peieau, D. Adams, D. Morrison, C. Cadle, J. Snell, M. Smith, E. Scheppner, B. Webster, D. Inman, E. Hoke, T. Deahl, R. Konus. Second row - J. Sandvick, W. Manns, J. Dobson, B. Moore, J. Galloway, J. Young, B. Loesch, R. Simoncic, First row - J. Grigsby, Mgr., T. Craig, T. Allen, R. Daedlow, Coach Roy Bullinton, J. Hague, G. Shelley, D. Lahey, J. Eviston, Mgr. This will be River's second season in the western division of the Metropolitan Base- ball League. The league is composed of twenty-five greater Cleveland schools, and is considered one of the toughest divisions in the state. Last year, Lincoln, one of the West- ern Division schools, represented the league in the state finals. Our squad had defeated Lincoln twice during the season, and since the majority of the boys are back, Coach Roy Bullington is looking forward to a successful '45 season. His capable mound staff of Daed- low, Craig, and Manns, is back, as are three infielders, and the complete outfield. Many YOUVIQ boys coming up are expected to fill the shoes of the graduates very well. SEASON SCHEDULE APRIL 20 ...WESTLAKE .. here ll WESTLAKE there 24 ,ELYRIA . . . here . . .ELYRIA there 27 ...BEREA . there ,UBEREA here MAY I . . .LAKEWOOD . . here LAKEWOOD there 4 . . .PARMA . . there PARMA here 7 . . LINCOLN , . . here LINCOLN there 9 . . .WEST TECH. . . there E WEST TECH, here thirty-three Ellill Outdoor Assembly ' Sarles caught off guard ' Morning after Erb's slumber party ' Down at the beach ' Nice smile ' Something itchin', Jack? ' You figure it out ' Bathing beauty ' Guess who? ' Before the mast ' Good, Dick? ' Smile pretty ' Look at Conger ' Such a time to read ' Whatcha lookin' at ,QU 1 fs if lr 145 ' Q ty-five Look what Hurrell missed ' "Dopey" ' Behind bars ' Boy, that was a Lulu ' John Marshall's gift to River ' The joys of skating ' Monitor's lite ' Look at these, Ruth ' Bright sun that day ' Last photo of the "Green Hornet" ' Galloway looks pleased ' Whatcha got there, Hank? ' Don't take mine ' Pistol packin' mamas ' Talk about the girls ' Representing the ninth grade ' Looks harmless lThis is the kind that does its running around on four legs, girlsl L.. 'ig Q48 Nia... ,gl it if 'Qt FRIENDSHIP Back row - M. Fleischer, L. Vaughan, B. Blanchard, N. Vogel, J. Smith. Fourth row - M. Hirchert, S. Ayers, R. Fenker, D. Carsen, M. Withington, S. Street, M. Johnson, L. Partridge. Third row - C. Peterson, J. Henning, D. Nelson, J. Meier, C. Nyland, S. King, P. Brelsford, L. Loutman, D. Caulfield. Second row - M, Pierman, M. L. Reagan, L. Herrett, M. Smith, A. anek, C. Jones, J. Schwartzenberg, C. Wahl. First row - M. George, B. Van Stone, J. Borgerman, E. Ras- mussen, J. Nelson, M. A. Check, J. Dorko. Back row: P. Clarke, D. Gildemeister, L, Platt, J. Parrott, A. Mitchell, A. Cawley, J. Mitchell, M. Inman, D. Kirlough, Fourth row - M. Zbin, M. J. Bennett, P. Lamb, I. Pickering, A Young, R. Josselyn, D. Stock, S. Erb, A. Adams, D. Tezie. Third row -- N. Fowler, D. Durin, E. Charpie, N. Kinzer, J. Tenney, P. Thomas, P. Weldy, J. Horsely, S. Godard. Second row - P. Cowling, R. Westertield, S. Smiley, D. Green, R. Garrett, J. Meier, B. Hardesty, M. Ladd. First row - L. Marco, M. Jones, M. Szunyog, S. Hoppinger, J. Deublc, B. Rollins, S. Seed. Back row - W. Spooner, J. McKinney, L. Dute, D. Swinehart, D. Grail, N. Rebel, J. l-lottell, D. Rice. Fourth row - L. Larsen, J. Ackerman, N. Reddrop, M. McCor- mick, A. Van Stone, A. Fenker, M. Stock, J. Smith, J. Walsh, M. Reese. Third row - M. May, J. Welshans, L. Anderson, M. Thomson, J. Monson, S. Carr, N. Cooper, J. Bain, R. Kinsley. Second row - D. Miller, J. Lumm, P. Cozier, R. Shaw, J. Williams, J. Rollins, P. Mitchell, F. Wolters. First row - C. Stein, J. Davis, M. Hanna, M. Lemieux, B. Clapp, M. E. Saxton, D. Varwig. Back row -- B. Henn, E. Klein, M. Geiler, C. Kiss, B. Loftus, J. Drumpelmann, D. Olmstead. Fourth row - P. Will, P. Rickey, B. J. Crutcher, G. Gore, J. Boerman, N. Scott, P. Blowers, R. Chaney, M. Bowles. Third row - S, Brunst, C. Doolittle, P. Garlough, A. Taylor, B. Fenwick, B. Reddrop, N. Addleman, P. Buckingham, M. Alexander. Second row - A, McQuiddy, M. Dort, L. Miltner, S. Norah, J. Ransom, J. Lydrickson, A. Whelan, E. Hiser. First row - J. Douglas, S. Mertes, N. Miller, B. Bindley, S. Dennis, J. Grigg, B. Reese. thirty-six SENIOR G. R. L. Bock row - J. McKinney, J. Lydrickson, R. Ketchum, J. Meier, N. Addleman, M. Withington, B. J. Crutcher, M. Geiler, S King, D. Olmstead. Third row - M. Jones, A. Adams, M. Alexander, J. Syvertsen, B. Hardesty, B. Reddrop, D. Gildemeister, S. Erb, N. Scott, B. Loftus, L. Herrett, J. Broerman. Second row - A. Van Stone, R. Kinsley, S. Smiley, S. Dennis, B. Fewnick, J. Ransom, J. Douglas, E. Hiser, G. Gore, C. Kiss, J. Drumpelmonn. First row - S. Hoppinger, J. Lumm, P. Ccizier, N. Miller, L. Anderson, J. Welshcns, M. Thomson, J. Grigg, B. Bindley, C. Jones, M. Ladd, L. Marco. Back row - N. Vogel, J. Smith, P. Will, B. Swinehart, J. Walsh, J. Hottell, L. Dute, J. Meier. Third row - M. Burne R. Chane M. Inman, D. Kirlough, Y, Yi E. Sisler, B. Van Stone, J. Walsh, P. Blowers, A. Fenker. Second row - S. Brunst, A. Whelan, M. Smith, M. Pierman, J. Horsley, P. Buckingham, S. Godard, J. Manson. First row - S. Mertes, J. Smith, M. George, B. Rollins, S. Seed, J. Deuble, R. Show, F. Walters, P. Mitchell. IYAKU Bock row - D. Groshong, N. Liedtke, D. Groshong, J. Smith D. Dillon, A. Hoffman, S. Dean. Third row - D. Moborry, J. Horten, D. Durin, R. Chaney, J Cormier. M. J. Bennett, M. Burney, P. Rickey, J. Grigsby. Second row -- M. Ruecke, M. Hirchert, B. Wlsmar, I. Pickering S. Ayers, M. Piermon, A. Young, M. Rudy. First raw - N. J. Kennedy, J. Smith, P. Thomas, B. Van Stone L. Miltner. VARSITY "R" Back row -- H. Paul P. Enger, P. McCormick, G. Preslon, l-l Hoppe, C. Laidlaw, Third row A D. Walker, B. Hoehn, J. Hague, D. Davies, K Koster, D. Deitesfeld, D. Seedhouse. Second row -- D. Lahey, J. Young, G. Mclnnes, J. Scindvick S. Keel, D. Gilmore, T. Allen. First raw - B. Loesch, J. Dobson, E. Greger, D. Groshong B. Sorles, R. Daedlow, D. Kelly, B. Friesner. thirty-seven I 1 I USIC BAND TOP PICTURE Back row - R. Brennen, D. Kopp, L. Wcldy, N Sammett, F. Arth, N. Smith, J. Fox, D. Chamberlin A. Young, D. Gourley, J. Hauserman. Third row - B. Yohe, A. Rickey, B. Karabinus, N Liedtke, B. Smith, B. Rudy, E. Bosquet, G. Fleischer Second row - E. Rich, Mrs. Steele, J. Smith, R Cramer, E. Hendershot, B. Hathaway, H. Gcrrish B. Eckhardt, F. DuCharme, B. Bowers, M. Ritchie C. Milner, N. Wheeler, J. Borgerman. First row - B. Reece, J. Spellman, C. Harbert, J Eddy, N. Fowler, B. Goldsmith, M. Dohlin, S. Grail A Davies. ORCHESTRA - BOTTOM PICTURE Back row 7 N. Sammett, S. Grail, J. Spellrnan, N. Fowler, B. Yohe, B. Karabinus, B. Smith, H. Garrish, A. Davies, A. Young, J. Fox, C. Davis. First row - M. MacBeth, H. Lamb, U. Alberts, A. Zimmerman, D. Mertus, D. Muddimer, F. Lamh. A CAPPELLA Back row - B. Karabmus, B. Foster, A. Shore, D Davies, D. Groshong, G. Reece, D. Mentzer, S. Graves, J. Elliott, T. Kirk. Third row Y E. Charpie, J. Melton, P. Clarke, C. Cadle, D. Gilmore, S. Keel, D. Ochlke, D. Boehmer, T. Deahl, M. J. Bennett, M. Withington, A. Young, P. Weldy. Second row - L Walz, B. l-lardesty, J. Syvertsen, C. Wahl, A. Mitchell, F. Arth, D. Mobarry, T. Rich, B. Spreng, J. Rehor, J. Broerman, D. Gildemeister, D. Starin, B. Fenwick. First row - M. Ladd, R. Josselyn, P. Rickey, J. Meier, P. Lamb, D. Stock, A. Fenker, R. Ketchum, L. Vaughan, A. Vanek, N. Miltner, L. Partridge, L. Miltner, S. Norah, D. Grail. -lJllllllllllICS- Back row - K. Koster, D. Gilmore, J, Richards, B. Wil- liams, B. Doyle, J. Elliott. First row - P. Allen, M. J. Bennett, D. Durin, L. Herrett, M. Ladd. NEOPHYTES Back row - D. Agler, B, Reece, G. Payne, G. Mclnnes, D, Focke, P. McCormick, N. Wagner, D. Groshong, S. Keel, N. Rebel. Fourth row 3 M. lnman, P, Lamb, J. Pejeau, T. Birdsall, C. Cadle, G. Williams, D. Paisley, R. Lee, D. Morrison, M. Ruecke. Third row - J. Lydrickson, P. Blowers, M. Frederick, C. Doolittle, E. Sisler, R. Josselyn, P. Will, I. Pickering, N. Fowler, Second raw - D. Caulfield, J. Horsley, J. Smith, J. Syyertsen, M. Stock, D. Stock, M. Rudy, A. Young, E. Charpie, J. Ransom, P. Cowling. First row - P. Cazier, J. Williams, C. Wahl, R. Kinsley, L. Marco, J. Grigg, C. Mobarry, N. Miller, B. Reese. JUNIOR HIGH DRAMATICS Back row - T. Dunford, J. Loebe, D. Morkert, J. Dixon, J. Douglas, M. Reichard, H. Fordham. Third row E M. Will, N. Miltner, V. Beers, M. Urban, L. Eisele, N. Smith, D. Hills, D. Demarinus, N. Sammett. Second row g B. Hibbard, A. Rudy, N. Withington, S. 'Cowie, B. Young, J. Hauserman, M. Badger, J. Hanna First row i B. Swank, D. O'Neill, B. Engle, C, Lakin J4 Paisley, R. Simoncic, R. Herrett, L. Lepontois, M ray. f PLAY CAST FOR "JUNlOR MISS" Harry Graves, father of Judy and Lois Joe, house manager . . . Grace Graves, Harry's wife Hilda, the maid ... . Lois Graves .. Judy Graves .. . .. Fuffy Adams, Judy's friend J. B. Curtis, Harry's employer Ellen Curtis, daughter of J. B. .. Willis Reynolds, brother of G Barlow Adams, brother of F Western Union Boy . . race Graves uffy .. . . . Jack Elliott . John Richards Margaret Inman Marilyn Ruecke June Lydrickson . Joan Williams . Jane K. Smith William Doyle Lucy Herrett . . . Ray Lee Dave Groshong .. Don Paisley Merrill Feurbach y Ted Birdsoll Sterling Brown Albert Kunody Donn Gilmore Stanley Keel Lois' boy friends . , Tommy Arbuckle Bill Williams Charles George Williams Henry Jim Pejeau Jaskell Cummings, Judy's friend . . . . . Norman Wagner thirty-nine MONITORS Back row - G. Payne, N. Wagner, H. Hoppe, G. Mclnnes, B. Hoehn, J. Wenzel, J. Hague, D. Davies, B. Doyle, S. Keel. Third row - D. Chamberlin, D. Morrison, B. Karabinus, D. Lahey, D. Gilmore, D. Mobarry, B. Moore, B. Loesch, E. Greger, B. Friesner, T. Allen. Second row - M. Smith, D. Durin, A. Fenker, L. Nicholson, D. Stock, R. Chaney, D. Gildemeister, N. Addleman, M. lnman, D. Kirlough. First row - B. Bindley, M. Mobarry, N. Reddrop, P. Cowling, J. Smith, M. Pierman, L. Herrett, B. J. Crutcher, S. Erb, E Sisler. Back row - K. Koster, S. Graves, B. Williams, B. Burney, W. Manns, P. Enger, P. McCormick, D. Groshong, D. Dillon, J. Young, A. Hoffman. Third row - N. Kennedy, T. Birdsall, N. Liedtke, B. Heil, T. Kirk, M. L. Reagan, B. Chandler, D. Walker, R. Simoncic, B. Wismar. Second row - L. Miltner, P. Brelsford, M. George, P. Cowling, B. Hardesty, P. Blowers, A. Whelan, P. Weldy, J, Smith. First row - L. Marco, S. I-loppinger, S. Seed, N. Withington, M. Badger, E. Hiser, J. Grigg, J. Douglas. Back row - D. Stein, J. Moley, R. Pasterczyk, N. Wagner, J. Richards, B. Schramm, G. Mclnnes, B. Hoehn, J. Snell, C. Arndt, D. Grohong. Fourth row - J. Hottell, R. Daedlow, T. Craig, E. Greger, L. Smith, B. Boeddener, B. Thompson, R. Uurban, D. Morrison, J. McKinney. Third row - S. King, D. Seedhouse, W. Peterson, B. Chandler, T. Birdsall, E. Keel, D. Boshek, J. Rehor, R. Simoncic, R. Armstrong, S. Ayers. Second row - N. Smith, J. Waite, J. Horsley, P. Buckingham, P. Irwin, R. Josselyn, E. Charpie, N. Fowler, M. Minter, D. Durin, S. Brunst. First row - M. l., Hirchert, B. Rollins, J. Douglas, A. Van- Stone, J. Monson, G. Collins, M. Cowler, P. Kurfess, R. Kinsley, P. Brelsford, L. Loufman, S. Mertes. KEY MEN Back row - J. Hottell, J. Parrott, J. Doughman, W. Manns, D. Focke, N. Wagner, T. Clowser, J. Young, D. Marauert, D. Olmstead. Third row - S. Graves, R. Jonas, B. Webster, S. Brown, G. Williams, H. Fordham, J. Ormsby, B. Young, B. Smith. Second row - V. Beers, P. Blowers, C. Hale, J. Douglas, D. geecgihouse, M. McCormick, J. Grigg, D. Apple, N. Laesch, N. ee . First roww: L. Kinsley, B. Bowers, J. Spellman, F. Priest, M. Badger, S. Poe, J. Snell, J. Paisley, T. Hague, H. Lamb. forty SENIOR HI-Y Back row - D. Boehmer, J. Cater, B. Hoehn, D. Welshans, B. Turnbull, D. Focke, B. Burney, B, Kocar, R, Pasterczyk, J. Wenzel. Fourth row - D. Edwards, J. Pejeau, J. Hague, B. Parsons H. Hoppe, C. Cadle, D, Mentzer, A. Myers, A. Kolbe, J. Mahoney. Third row - D. Paisley, C. Laidlay, B. Hand, C. Lowe, N. Liedtke, F. Stover, B. Moore, D. Riordan, J. Mylett, B, Boeddener. Second row - G. Williams, J. Comey, B. Brawley, D. Nyland, D. Carson, D, Seedhouse, J. Galloway, D. Adams, D. Boshek, D. Bearse. First row - D, Foulds, L. Haug, J. Cronander, J. Horten, A. LePontais, B, Loesch, P. Doedlow, B, Sarles, D. Stein. Back row - G. Payne, B. Schromm, G. Mclnnes, J. Ludwig, W. Manns, J. Doughman, B. Bostwick, P, McCormick, D. Dillon, Fourth row - R. Lee, D. Kelly, D. Davies, J. Barkes, A. Baker, D. Deitesfeld, T, Kuenzel, P. Enger, D. Groshong, E. Greger. Third row -- J. Young, F, Kunkel, D. Oehlke, B. Shie, G. Shelley, G. Thomas, B. Foster, L. Carson, K. Koster. Second raw - T. Kirk, E. Langenhan, D. Gilmore, T, Allen, C. Ten-Hoopen, J. Elliott, D. McCune, G. Tanaguchi. First row - H. Sanders, J. Lehr, D. Lahey, B. Doyle, B. Fries- ner, K. Bannon, D. Mobarry. STUDENT COUNCIL Back row - J. Young, B. Ferry, D. Groshong, J. McKinney, B Schramm, E. Greger, J, Pejeau. Second row - N. Withington, D. Crawford, E. Martin, B. Chandler, T. Williams, D. Berneicke, B, Webster, B. Williams First row - B. Sandvick, B. Clapp, B. McKinney, B. House, F. Woods, M. L. Hirchert, D. Killius. ack row - B. Moore, S. Graves, N. Wagner, P. Enger, M Withington, P. McCormick, D, Davies, K. Koster, B, Friesner. Second row - I. Pickering, P. Blowers, N. Reddrop, M. Mc- Cormick, A. Whelan, N. Beach, R. Simoncic, J. Waite, D Chamberlin. First row - T. Birdsall, J. Smith, M. Thomson, L. Tasse, B Bullingtan, J. Williams, M. Badger, N. Traves. forty-one EDITORIAL STAFF Standing - G, Arday, M. McCormick, J. Waite, J. Smith, P. Rickey, D. Caulfield, M. George, D. Chamberlin, R. Chaney, A, Shaw, D, Groshong, J. Richards, D. Focke, C. Kiss, J. Grigg, L. Larsen, S. Godard, L. Herbert, N. Kennedy, B. Friesner, M. Smith, B. Mackenzie. Seated - B. Ferry, A. Baker, D. Gilmore, M, J. Bennett, J. Peieau. 4 Yr? ni' I Q l S 1 i iw... fe.. 'll CIRCULATION STAFF Back raw - P. Will, P. Rickey, D. Paisley, C, Arndt, J. Galloway, D. Durin, N. Rebel, N. Arnold. 1 First row -A J. Williams, C. Davis, M. McCormick, N. Traves, C, Wilde, M. Haugen. I 4 j.' -X1-1-,JW " -,v:",fI',. 11219:-:I it A "f H' -f Q , , HI-TIDE STAFF .. , 'I is Co-Editors4First Semester . . . . . Al Baker, Mary Jean Bennett A ,St ' Second Semester . Dick Focke, D. Caulfield 1 ' Q7 Business Manager . . ,. . Jim Peieau ' f. , Circulation , Bob Ferry, Margaret McCormick - ' Editorial Editor . . ..,,. .. . ,. John Richards , Sports . . . . . . . Bob Friesner 1' , I , A Alumni and Service News . . . ,... ,,...,. . , . . . Lucy Herrett Y Typists . . .. . . . Mabel George, Nella Kennedy, Marian Smith Reporters4Sara Godard, Ruth Chaney, Carolyn Doolittle, Greta Arday, Jane Smith, Jackie Waite, Dan Chamberlin, Bill Yohe, Allan Shaw, Carolyn Kiss, Dave Groshong, Lenore Larsen, Noni Miller, Phyllis Rickey, Marilyn Miller. Photographer . . . .... . . ..,. , Bob MacKenzie Faculty Advisor . .. . ,. Miss Evelyn Smith ,. wmv 'W' I - l I ll E forty-three RIVERIET Sllll - Editor . . . . . . Don Deitesteld Business Manager . Noni Miller Circulation . . . . . Ken Koster Patrons . . . . , .Barbara Fenwick . . . . . . . John Richards . . Bob Friesner , , ........., , . . ..... Bob MacKenzie Literary Editor Sports Editor Pl-iitograoher , Staff - Alice Adams, Ted Kuenzel, Sally Erb, Dave Davies, Mary Jean Bennett, Jack Dobson, Sue Street, Dove Groshong, ztartha Jo Rodgers, Marge Ladd, Betty Jane Crutcher, Carolyn iss. Faculty Advisor , .,.,. Marsdon U. Grubb 1-.3 EDITORIAL STAFF Picture at right - Don Deitesleld, editor, Noni Miller, Bus. Manager. Back row - D. Davies, J. Richards, M. Bennett, M. Rodgers, B. Crutcher, A, Adams, S. Erb, Second row - J. McKensey, T. Kuenzel, J. Dabson, B. Fenwick, C. Kiss, M. Ladd. First row - D. Groshong, K. Koster, S. Street, D, Deitesteld, B. Friesner. , .iljiggxiri . i XI. Ln CIRCULATION STAFF Back row - T. Allen, B. Ferry, D. Tenney, R. Pasterczyk, A. LePantois, D. Agler, D. Morrison, E. Keel. First row M. Badger, M. Benninghotf, C. Seed, K. Koster, B. Wismor, N. Kennedy, M. Rodgers, M. Kolbe. . Jill l GIRLS' COUNCIL Back row - P. Buckingham, N. Scott, P. Lamb, J. McKinney, L. Dute, D. Caulfield, J. Waite, L. Eisele. First row - I. Pickering, A. Fenker, B. Fenwick, A. Whelan, M. Lemieux, D. Sperber, M. L. Hirchert. PRODUCTION Second row - S. Dennis, R. Garrett, D. Tezie, D. Caulfield, B. Reese. First row -- J. Mitchell, D. Gildemeister, R. Josselyn. LITERARY GUILD Third row -- D. Paisley, B. Boeddener, A. DuVernay, M. Barlowe, H. Buseman, J. Manthey. Second row - P. Allen, P. Garlough, R. Armstrong, R. Konas, D. Starin, R. Schaefer First row - D. Caulfield, S. Brunst, C. Doolittle, N. Smith, S. Mertes, M. Kochera, A. Rudy. SSS CLUB Fourth row - J. Robinson, F. Woods, M. Misomore, J. Siddoll, J. Harlan, C. Thompson, B. Ayers. Third row - M. Rollins, B. Caulfield, L. Schuele, J. George, D. Neate, B. Young. Second row - L. Glose, G. Mullenix, S. Poe, J. Adams, E. Klindt, J. Pelton, P. Pinter. First row - K. Horst, M. Wagner, A. White, J. Wahl, M. Lind- horst, S. Albert, P. Miller, D. Severson, M. Peaco. forty-four JUNIOR HI-Y Back row - D. Tenney, R. Jonas, L. Baker, J. Daniels, D. Burney, D. Neate, D. Inman, J. Carry. H Third row - D. Chamberlin, B. Koster, R. Morse, B. Smith, B. Young, J. Donahae, D. Whelan. Second row - J. Simonds, R. Simoncic, B. Lee, B. Richards, R. Konas, D. Slaught, N. Traves, D. Kopp. First row - H. Gerrish, F. Priest, N. Smith, T. Bailey, J. Eddy, B. Heil, J. Henning. Tow row - J. Snell, T. Clowser, J. Eviston, C. Arndt, D. Gros- hong, N. Wagner, l.. Smith, B. Ellsworth, M. Smith. Third row - S. Graves, J. Miller, C. Emrick, A. Scherer, J. Sutcliffe, D. Agler, A. Barrett, R. Urban, D. Miller. Second row - E. Hokc, L. Guibert, B. Rotterman, J. Sparks, E. Scheppner, D. Morrison, D. Timpe ,C. Heil, S. Brown. First row - S Dean D. Sheets B. Burke D. Murra W. Peter- , r YJ Y, son, T. Williams, B. Killius, J. Grigsby, E. Keel, J. Ormsby. GIRL RESERVES Back row - C. Petersen, P. A. Seltzer, B. Kusturin, B. Fox A. Rickey, B. Pierson, A. Osman, G. Fleischer, N. Parsell, N Miltner, R. Marsdon, G. Connolly. Third row - N. Arnold, N. Reid, J. Hoy, P. Jones, B. Behm M. Dahlin, R. Davis, N. Loesch, C. Davis, B. S. Parsons, D Apple. Second row - A. Rudy, V. Lamb, M. Kolby, N. Withington J. Hauserman, M. l.. Seltzer, M. Ritchie, P. Kurtuss, B. McKin- ney, B. Williams. First row -- C. Rasmussen, S. Cowie, J. Schulte, N. Butzman M. L. Hirchert. Back row - J. Benedict, S. Jones, R. Lang, O. Colpert, R. Step ler, J. Gillespie, M. Urban, N. Sammet, L. Wilson, A. Gayman Third row - B. Walchli, J. Smith, C. Clapp, M. Funk, J. Mourer J. Gray, P. Cowler, D. Borreson, P. Andrews. Second row - M. J. Benninghoff, N. Petrie, B. Fox, M. Miller J. Drumpelmann, J. Butler, J. Gray, N. Akerberg. First row - M. L. Laidlaw, C. Seed, M. Nichols, L. LePontois M. Kray, S. Barco, D. Alexander, C. Milner. forty-tive CURRENT FORUM Cowling, M. Ruecke, P. Thomas, L. Miltner, M. George M. Szunyog. JUNIOR G.R.L. Back row - F. Woods, L. Schuele, A. Zimmerman, M Ritchie, J. Siddall, B. Behm, P. Jones, N. Loesch, N Arnold, D. Mertus, N. Smith, N. Miltner. Fourth row - J. Robinson, G. Connolly, R. Davis, D DeMarinis, J. Hoy, L. Eisele, G. Collins, M. Funk M. Dahlin, J. Hauserman, N. Withington. Third row - B. Fox, M. L. Hirchert, D. Borreson, S Barco, J. Butler, N. Butzman, S. Poe, M. Rollins, L Glose, B. Caulfield, A. Davies, D. Apple. R. Lang. lHHIlIiS There were obstacles to overcome in nearly every stage of develop- ment in this yearbook. If, however, we have given you a book worthy of the times, it has been done through the efforts of the following people: Dear Subscriber: Mr. Fred Vlack - Kingsport Press. Mr. D. E. Partridge - Chesshire Photographers Mr. F. N. Ropkey - Indianapolis Engraving Co. Mr. H. B. Hurst - Painesville Publishing Co. To the above mentioned, our staff, and our subscribers, we extend our thanks. Don Deitesfeld, Editor Noni Miller, Business Manager ' forty-six Back row - J. Parrott, A. Baker, D. Davies, P. Enger P. McCormick, J. Richards, W. Manns, D. Brownlee, M Fleiscner. Third row - L. Partridge, K. Koster, E. Greger, M. Geller D. Deitesfeld, B. Friesner, T. Birdsall, P. Rickey. Second row - L. Herrett, C. Kiss, G. Gore, M. Withing- ton, A. Adams, S. Street, M. Smith, M. L. Reagan B. J. Crutcher. First row - M. J. Rodgers, S. Horsley, B. Fenwick, P Second row - C. Horst, M. Wagner, A. White, L. Le- Pontois, J. Collins, J. Adams, G. Mullenix, D. Severson M. Walker, J. Wahl, M. L. Daidlaw, M. Peaco. First row - A. Rickey, J. Douglas, M. Minter, B. Pearson 1 ,x s s I , vdf ff ' UN? Q5 N A WF .A if Aggfgy ,M U Wf vw , W M Aff M wyk fi My Hnyygwsfmfnis ofW1JfbffgW25yQ7ff W wf , PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Adams Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Allen Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Allen Mr. and Mrs H. L. Asplin Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Baker Mr. and Mrs. K. N. Bannon Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Barkes Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Bindley Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Bowles Mr. and Mrs. l. S. Brownlee Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Charpie Mr. and Mrs. Ben J. Clarke Mr. and Mrs B. C. Conger Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Cormier Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Cowling Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Craig Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Davies Mr .and Mrs. R. S. Dennis Mr. C. C. Deitesfeld Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Dillon Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Dort Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Doughman Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Doyle Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Drumpelmann Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Durin Mr .and Mrs. W. E. Dute Mrs. Geo. W. Enger Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Erb Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Fenwick Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Fleischer Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Fowler Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Friesner Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Geiler Mrs. J. C. George ' Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Gore Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Green Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Groshong Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Henn Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Henning Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Herrett Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hoffman Dr. and Mrs. H. B. Horsley Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Jones Mr. and Mrs. A. Karabinus Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Kiss Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Kirk Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Koster Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Kuenzel Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Ladd Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Lamb Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Lee Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Lehr Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Ludwig Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Marco Mr. and Mrs. S. W. McCune Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Mclnnes Dr. and Mrs. L. C. Meier Mr. and Mrs. C. de V. Miller Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Miltner Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Nelsen Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Noran Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Oehlke Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Parrott Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Payne Mrs. S. M. Pickering Mr. . L. Pierman 333333333 T' T' T' T' T' T' 7 T' T' Q Q Q Q Q D O 0 O 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Q,Q,.C1.Q,D.O.D.O.CL gZ3gZ3333 G G G 0. 5 G G G G. IIZf-f'FD1l1'l0 rs-3O3T"I1l'U?' ' :U :U 533552 ES ES mg 55336 S 3 GT5- U 3 and Mrs E. E. Ruecke and Mrs. F. A. Sanders Lt. and Mrs. C. L. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Schwartzenberg Dr. and Mrs. M. D. Shie Lt. and Mrs. M. D. Shie Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Smith Mrs. Enid Stein Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Street Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Ten-Hoopen Mrs. G. F. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Von Stone Mrs. Katherine Wahl Mr . and Mrs. F. J. Westerfield Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Withington Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Szunyog Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Young Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Schamm Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Young f ty ght I HOLLYWOOD I CLEANERS 5 Main Office 8. Plant Madison Br h T 1299 Blounf Road 15408 Madison A I mm Yo wesndkd i-men Ldkzwooo, omo I Rocxv, Rivzn omo Academy zeoi I In--nlrun 1111111111-1 - 1 I I BEACH AND I COLA!-IAN I RADIO SERVICE I I All Makes I so 9825 19056 Detroit Road I I l1H'1'7ll1IlllillllTlll'1 T T112 llll T llll '1 YYII ilu? lli' TIW1' llll -1 l"l 31143 I I ED 2545 A Estimates Given 1 I SPRINGEITS I RocKY Rivek wAi.i. PAPER 1 8- WINDOW SHADE CO. I i L. W. Springer 19248 Detroit Road 1 !.-....,. - -.......,-.. .....-. m.-.......... l l 3 nocxv mvnn I 3 Pouurnv I I POULTRY DRESSED FRESH DAILY I E BO 5086 1369 West 192nd St. I I .f..-.....-......-... ........ - - forty-nine ,mi-.HH1 1 1 1 ...HI1,mi1111111.11m.1iiii.-.,,i-.1101 .- 1 ...ll SCHENK'S FLOWER SHOPPE Individual Floral Design 19041 Detroit Road Peter Schenk Lf-Xkewood 8200 1nu..m,.-mi..iiii1,,.,1nri1,,,,1im1 1. 1,,,,1.i.-i,n1i,n-ni.1,,.,1,..1m F. S. INGERSOLL. INC. The Complete Hardware Store SEEDS - FERTILIZERS TOOLS 19071 Detroit Road BO 1201 Minninn1im1mi-.,,..inn1.iii.-i,n1m.1i ... -. 1m,-i.,...,,,,1,m.- GEO. F. COUCI-IEY'S Electrical Service 8. Appliance Shop 20141 West Lake Road BO 2131 Prompt and Expert Repairing On Anything Electrical u..nn-M1 11111.-nuznii1un-mr.-mi1nu1nu.-nn,mi-.iiri1im1vm1iqi-n LILLII-lN'S SHOPPE 2049 West Lake Road For the Junior Miss - 0 Play Togs 0 Jackets - Skirts 0 Sportswear 0 Sweaters .. 1 1 1 ..w1im1iin-iui1iiii1y ... 1 .- 1-ig.-plugin 1 1 1 1n1mi1mi1m41 1 1 1 1 1 1m1,m1m41m.1,...1,,,,1,,,,1,,,,1.,,, 'rl-In 1 FIRST NATIONAL 5 BANK or ROCKY mvnn 5 Savings Accounts With Interest Telephone: LA 8810 E. E. ELGIN Jeweler - Watchmaker Repairing COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTS WITH SERVICE L SAFETY Boxes Fon RENT I 19144 Detroit Road L iiflffyf ",fflf.1'.f-f'..'"il'.ll"'Sf....'fo"i ROCKY River, Ohio BO 4773 Furniture Made to Order Compliments of I. Kaos UPHOLSTERY l DUGAN'S Repairing, Refinishing Uphomermg E BARBER sl-lop 19100 Detroit Road Rocky River, O. 19234 D ' R Your Old Furniture Made l etrolt ood Equal to New l ,,1,,1 1 1 .1,,,,1,,,,1,,,,1....1,...1l.,.1..,.1 1 1 1,.,l1mi1mi1,,,.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,,,,1,, Compliments of ROCKY RIVER'S COMPLETE MEN'S HND BOYS' SHOP McGregor Sportswear Douglas Shoes Arrow Shirts lnterwoven Socks ROLAND LUKE'S MEN'S SHOP OPEN EVENINGS 19113 Detroit Road Opp. Rocky River City Hall ....-.--..--.-ug. ,111.1-1-1-1-1,...uq-pu1u1-11-1r-1 -1g1-1g1-1111 1-1-1-1-1.1 I- I I I l -1--- 3 ,ngu-un-III1 1-1 1. 1 1 + .. 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I-- - f fty IAN DELL l i ED :zooo FLOWER SHOP i Beach Cliff Theatre Buaidang REEHORST l9284 Detroit Reed, Rocky River L l CLEANERS Distinctive Corsages Orchids, Cut Flowers, Plants Flowers Telegraphed Anywhere Telephone Edison 2393 T 1 1II1IIII1IIII1IIII1IIII1IIII-IIII-II1III11IIII1IIII1 ...IIII-IIII1IIII-IIII1 -- 1 1 1 1...-,,.,1 1 1 1 ..- IOSTEN'S cLASS RINGS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS MEDALS - TROPHIES Union Commerce Building., Main 6757 Official Jewelers to Rocky River High School 1 1 1 1 1 1 1III,--Im1,,,.1.m1.14.1Im1mI1I...1IIII11...11...1...11...1...1,,,,1,,,,....,,1m,.-IIII1 1 1 1 FOR DAD AND THE BOYS CORRECTLY STYLED HABERDASHERY AND SPORTING GOODS CHI-IRLEY GEIGER LA. H54 14710 Detroit Avenue Open Tuesday and Saturday Evenings 111111111111111...-1111111111,1I111,,1,,.1. l9445 Detroit Road Rocky River l We Own and Operate Our Own Plant -I- l I E l I I l ! 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Suggestions in the Rocky River High School - Riverlet Yearbook (Rocky River, OH) collection:

Rocky River High School - Riverlet Yearbook (Rocky River, OH) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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Rocky River High School - Riverlet Yearbook (Rocky River, OH) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Rocky River High School - Riverlet Yearbook (Rocky River, OH) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Rocky River High School - Riverlet Yearbook (Rocky River, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Rocky River High School - Riverlet Yearbook (Rocky River, OH) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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