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Rocky Mount High School - Hi Noc Ar Yearbook (Rocky Mount, NC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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4 X s 4 I X 5 Q K 71 c . 'i 2 I? Q , 1 -x I , H' 1 1 v w in a 1 E 1 5 p1 Sf Q X 1 4 1 I nineteen hundred sixty four published for the students of rocky mount senior high school, rocky mount, north carolina emo xx 5 'P 1 'Y Q 0639 Q0 lf :D 53 1 1, fi 5 " Q Z Q G QQ QQE. 72 3 M Q Q- Q Q9 41 QP' UUNT nuuvl Q I co-editors - faye langley and jack cummings advertising manager -larry murchison .... circulation manager - jimmie Worsley .... feature editor - judy kornegay . . . class editor - aundrea deaton I- ' Administration and Faculty Our school has one of the finest ad- lllllllSIl'ZlllYC staffs and groups of teach- ers in the entire stzite. Their training, instruction, :ind liziithlulness have pre- pared niztny young people for luture veznrs. .., -,hx I 7 u..- ... -.. ..-, , Organizations Senior High's unity is expressed through the organizations of the honierooni, class, club, and student body. The united elfort displayed in ull areas, especially voting, is only one exznnple ol' our pride in Senior High. Sports The BLACKBIRDS have reached an all-time high in their athletic en- deavors. As new sports are added, the others are improved through experi- ence and training. The Athletic De- pzlrtnient proves 21 great boost to school spirit. t Personalities Classes The quality of the individual stu- dents at Senior High is evidenced in their accomplishments during the year. This year many honors have been bestowed upon the members ol the student body. The stream of high school life Hows on fed by the enthusiasm of the soph- omores, the aggressiveness ol' the juniors, and the growing maturity ol the seniors. Advertisements YVe wish to thank our many loyal advertisers sincerely in the name of Rocky Mount Senior High School. May your advertisement bring you not only increased business, but also satisfaction that you have helped a worthy cause. .l'00 Year-end means a time for meditating . . . evaluating . . . reminiscing . . . for examining the past months . . . trying to understand ourselves . . . our thoughts . . . our relation to each other . . . for seeing ourselves as. . . . SOPHOMORES . . . I'm here at lastg I'm one of them! Senior High stu- dents used to be ten feet tall, but now they are not - or at least I'm I10t. No, I haven't changed, but coming here is supposed to be a big transition. The tempo is faster, the work is harder, and most of the time nobody knows I'm here except the other sophsg we have to stick to- gether. I feel unsure and uneasyg yet, I am becoming more a part of things as when I pull for our team. Mostly Ilm still a little frog in a big pond. JUNIORS . . . Now I have really arrived. I'm settled in for a long stay. The future stretches before me as a wide vista, broken by only occasional thoughts of my past days here. Ilm in the swing of things more than I was last year. Perhaps I'm beginning to feel a responsibility to myself and my school, though that American history test or that geometry quiz isn't quite as important as the camaraderie of growing up. I've got things to do - people to see. SENIORS . . . Those dumb sophs probably think I'1n downright dignified with College Algebra and college applications thrust nonchalantly under my arm. They think that I'm on top. Well, I thought I would be, but I'm only at the basement landing going to the first floor again. As life looms ahead, I feign bravado, but as in a cycle I am again uneasy. Questions pop into my mind that never bothered me before. I am told that I ask the questions of the Ages, yet, the Ages have not answered them. I alone have asked and I must answer. A SENIOR HIGH STUDENT . . . We were three but we were one. We were a living, vital body of individuals in a common frame. As a whole, that frame was a cut above the rest. We were rofrressive. D We were changing. We were growing. Individually our growth took different forms and directions. As to our future? "Qui Vivra Verral' Here is the record of our year that has passed. . . ll UNT SENIOR man Miss Murk's senior English class stopped work early for i Clliristmus and sang carols the day before the holidays. l .HU Six all ln Team spirit and desire and pride were evident in all our 1 teznns, win or lose. I Don, Bruce, and kliin were our own Kingston Trio and the hoolenzinny was big at Senior High. ls i l - Ill' ear to -was -1 gsmr"Q"' nl nlber y'1 40.4 The Clhristinas Dance marked the According to every other photo in this book the 1964 school year was a clear and sunshiny one. Not so! Hle had our rainy days, too. Sixty-five per cent of the '64 seniors were college bound, so College Day was important to most of us. Here, Miss Ann Sugg from Duke talks to interested students. beginning ol the Clliristnias season at Senior High. Honieconiing, the high point ol' the lootball season, next to the chanipionship gaine. was the night to renienilmei' especially lor these girls. On the laces ol' Ginger, Qlackie, and llarbara we can see the eniotions ol the nioinent and ol' the year. diciltion The men who compose our coaching staff are not only good coaches but nice fellows. The ease with which they work together has paid off in a unified athletic program at Senior High and a string of state championships. Athletics is their first love, and they sometimes seem to go at it like kids in a sandlot baseball game. However, the job ol' building a winning team or really any kind of team is one requiring long hours, hard Coach Carpenter and his star quarterback, Chris Junior, work out before 1'00tCl's Kitty, Ann, and Mrs. Carpenter. work, and an abundance of patience. Because of the devotion of these men not only in building outstanding teams for Senior High but also in making line young men of their players, we grate- fully dedicate the l964 HI-NOC-AR to Coaches C. V. Lundy, Christopher A. Carpenter, Dudley YVhitley, Henry Trevathan, John Stott, and Don Stallings. Coaching isn't his only job. YVith a book in his hand and a grin on his lace, Coach VVhitley leads his classes through the history ol' the world. Mg. - . ,Z ...Ji l. Q, .. , N . Perhaps Coach Lundy is wondering just how much of Mrs. Lundy's mashed potatoes will be required to fill Jerry. ""'1q,,fff iw mf! I-lcnry 'If 'IlI'CY21ll'lZlI1 .X. Donald Stallings lIOl1!lIllC F. Stoll Clnlslopllcr A. Czlrpcnler YV. Dudley Nklhitlcy C. V. Lundy 52 Qgwwi W ,,.,. ., 0 Www' X. 5-lk Mr. C. M. Edson, Prilzripal Dear Student Body, I am happy to take this opportunity to congratulate the student body on a most successful and spectacular school year. Our achievements, both in the classroom and on the playing field, have been unparalleled in the history of public education in our state. The morale of the student body and the evidence of school spirit has reached an all-time high. We are exceedingly proud of our students, our school, and our accomplishments. Congratulations to the Class of 1964. We can point with pride to their many contributions to the life and progress of our school program. We wish for your continued success in the future. The 1964 HI-NOC-AR has vividly portrayed the outstanding activities for the past year. This volume will serve to recall many fond memories of Rocky Mount Senior High School. The HI-NOC-AR staff is to be commended for reviewing the year's highlights so clearly and faithfully. C. M. Edson The Rocky Mount City School System is greatly enriched by the leadership of Mr. D. S. Johnson. As superintendent, Mr. Johnson posses- ses the qualities of a devoted administrator who has his Work very much at heart. Rocky Mount has a fine reputation among the schools ol' the state and nation as a result of his efforts as well as those of his administrative stall and the school board. A real friend of young people, Mr. Johnson has devoted his whole life to them. Mr. Hoy Cobb now serves in the double ca- pacity of assistant principal at Senior High and coordinator of the audio visual center for the school system. As assistant to Mr. Edson, Mr. Cobb aids in such administrative duties as: guid- ance, discipline, attendance, and routine reports. Providing a central hlm library and visual aid program are his two main responsibilities as coordinator. Mr. Hoy Jefferson Cobb, Jr., Assistant Principal -Ml . i . 1? . S:-s .....4....4l, ,-s ..Ln..L....., Mr. D. S. johnson, Szrperirztcmlcrzt Preparation, training, and experience are the traits which qualify Dr. Fields to render outstand- ing service in the field of school administration. Hisiduties include heading the curriculum and supervision program. coordinating the National Defense lor Education Act, directing personnel. and substituting lor Mr. Johnson in his absence. Dr, XV. O. Fields, -Ir., f1SSf5l'IllIl' S1zpcri11tc11tI1'11t The Superintendent's oilicc staff are: Mrs. Yvonne P. Edwards, Mrs. Phylis M. iVeldon, Gwen sloyner, .Io Ann Hill, Mrs. Linda Ai-uisiroiig, and Mrs. Frances Speighl, seated. The chief aim of the Rocky Mount Board olf Education is to provide the highest type of academic program under the leadership ol' the most qualified instructors in the most attractive and comfortable surroundings pos- sible. To that end the members give of their time and energy in countless hours of dis- cussion belore decisions relating to any given situation are made. The Superintendent's office is the nerve center of the entire Rocky Mount City School System. Here the challenges relating to the welfare of 7,400 students and 322 teachers are met. The loyal and ellicient ser- vice of these ladies is another reason for justi- hed pride in our school program. The School Board members are: standing, Mr. Page Keel, Mr. Don XVilhalf, Dr. WV. O. Fields, Dr. Harry Fish, Mr. julian Fenner, Mr. Vililliarn O. Wfarner, Mr. Alex Biggs, Mr. Joe Nelson, and Mr. E. YV. Pegranig seated, Mr. D. S. johnson, Mrs. W. P. Greathouse, Mr. Guy Barnes, and Mrs. Edmund Gravely. Mr. E. XV. Pegram, Jr., Azlnziriistraiizfc Assistant i4 Mr. Pegram, as Administrative Assistant, constantly provides for the smooth operation of the physical aspects of our school life. In this capacity, he supervises the maintenance ol' the buildings and grounds, proper opera- tion of the cafeterias, and the janitorial service. Mrs. Bessie Carr Secretary and Registrar It has been said that without Mrs. Carr in the Main Oflice, nothing in Senior High could func- tion as it should. This is probably true. Mrs. Carr's duties are those of a secretary, bookkeeper, lile clerk, and registrar. Her wonderful person- ality, sense of humor, lively spirit, and love for her Work make her a friend and inspiration to us all. Miss Kate Parks Kitchin fillfliflllfl' fr'UIHISC'IUli Miss Kate Parks Kitchin's official title is Guid- ance Counselor, and in this capacity she comes into contact with every student at Senior High. It is through her patience, understanding, and helpful suggestions that many students come to know themselves better and are better prepared for life after high school. Members oi' her senior English class find the experience invaluable. The office assistants are Harriet Parker, Linda Melton, Margarette Allord, Faye Robbins, Pat Hasty, Marge Powell. Josephine Vann, jackie XVilliams, Emily Sellers, Margaret Dudley, Susan Strandberg, Barbara Stussie, Brenda Griffin, and Linda jordan. The fourteen ollice assistants serve our school in many ways. These girls aid Mr. Edson and Mrs. Carr by typing, answering the telephone, taking messages, running errands, checking stu- dents in and out of school, and performing varied other tasks. The job of the guidance assistants is to aid Miss Kitchin, the Student Organization, and the student body in any way possible. At least one of these girls is in the Guidance Center during each period to assist anyone who comes to the center. ., fwvvws' ff tx 'xp ,. Hr va maya "x - g., ,xml is , , K , if w r A , .ff ,,:,.1r ' 'b any 1 ,, .,, - J ,, ,V f 4 ft 46 1. The guidance assistants standing are: Linda Stallings, Lynne Evans, -Ienny Hammond, Johann Vaughan, and Tempie Shearin. Seated is Lona Batten. V5 Wheli it comes to managing the school cafeteria, Mrs. Proctor and Mrs. Eakes do a terrific job. To keep the students happy, many dilllerent meals must be planned and planned well. These two ladies realize this. and they provide excellent, well- balanced meals that suit the students' needs. Besides planning the meals. Mrs. Proctor and Mrs. Eakes must see that the personnel prepares the food within a limited time schedule be- cause once a lunch period starts. there is no rest for either one of them. If you want just a hotdog and milk or something on that order, the place to go is the Snack Bar. The Snack Bar Assistants on the front row are: Moodie Smith. Linda Robbins, and Joyce Cockrellg on the back row are: Frank Wartiszczik, Ike Proctor, Kent Taylor, and Jimmy Cooper. These eager assistants are always willing to help a student find just the right snack. They always greet one with a kind, "May I help you?" l6 ll is ,. E 0 i E. 2 Z . rl A. 'HX Q. .V 7 1, ..l XYZ R. M. S. H. S. "Thirty cents, please." is the state- ment that June Brantley, Judy jack- son, Mrs. Carr, LaNell Barnes, and Harriet Parker make as they take up the money for the plate lunches. Being a cashier is a very important part of the cafeteria system, and these cashiers are efficient and courteous. The cashiers are allowed to eat lunch in peace before the mad rush of the three lunch periods starts. These valuable workers take pride in their work and service for the school. PERSONNEL A clean school! The students at R. M. H. S. want a clean school that is a credit to our community. The hard and sometimes unrewarding work of the janitors is handled very efliciently by Walter Howard and james Walker. Their day has just begun when the students' day ends. They stay long hours after school cleaning the school for the next day. In the morning they are here bright and early to open the school and get it ready for that day. si at E. 4 Qu' 4 16 r Once the orders ol' the day are issued by the Cafeteria Managers, it is up to the Cafeteria Stall' to do the job. Mrs. Brooks Daughtridge, Mrs. Florence Smith. and Mrs. Susie 'Nin- stead do their job and do it well! lt is not easy to stop, when you are rushed with a lunch period, to help one stu- dent Iind a piece oi' pie or cake that he wants. These ladies are always willing to help any student the mo- .-1 .1 -4 fl 7-4 P-V r-r .-4 -I FU if 4 2-3 ,-4 U3 ,... P-4 r-J v-r A v f-r -..- -4 O fi N f--1 Q. e-r fl "1 r-. F. f--f 'f..fQf'? 2 .2 . ,,. 1 .Quan-wmv - ' pn. ., VW, fe, i 1 '1 Pl ' ' i 'ici' 1 ' P tial' Z . Q A ,L fl N V mv., , ,A,..a,,.. j ..i as W 2. S0 lub! iw H59 S f gvjjw, . yy , - V if-l,gi.1 ' 4 H ,A "1'r-w-'- - wi '.f .c- t .. g. 4 'yn Q M N K lr , af ' T3 ' F l .yy lj? V4 C EQ , ' ,Q , , .f , , - . W., A., . Agfy w ff' Y .... Q: nf , , t .... , f VVVV - . 1 2 A 7 fl 5 -.KM The work of keeping the school clean at all times is always demanding and sometimes a very hard job. The janitors can not do the work alone. Therefore the maids. Allene Howard and Augusta Suggs. do their equally important job with efhciency and pride. Many times their day is pro- longed because students stay alter school to do one thing or another and the maids cannot clean the rooms un- til the students are gone. Our school could not function properly without them. I7 A ff f w . iv, 'ff Mrs. t'ai'ol4x'n S. Xlrs. fslarlx' V. lit-si. Miss lluldah Mrs. 'I'ln-llna liaxllt-5' l'.llQ'llSll 10, 11 l' 1-rguson I lanidy lunglisli 12 l2llg'llSll 10, 11 lznglish ll, ENGLISH DEPARTMENT The H163-64 school year brought several changes in the English department. A new course. English 3200, was taught on an experimental basis by Mrs. Bailey. In this new approach each student progresses according to his own rate. The textbook is in frames ol' work. Wlhether the sub- ject matter is the agreement ol. subject and predi- cate or introductory prepositional phrases. an -32' q4.zwyat-M "1--..,:1-Nw Many hours ol' intense study at the public library go J I 1 into the preparation ol a senior theme. Miss Alma Hrs. Judith 'l'. Miss Frances Miss Ruhie Vause Xlinwhison Roberson Shi-llt-y English 11 nglish 10, 12 liiigglisll 11. English 10 l'lI't'IlCl1 l explanation is presented and followed by exercises to test the skills learned. Another experimental class was Develop- mental Reading, taught by Mrs. Lundy. In this course the student is trained to read with a faster rate and an increased comprehension. The other courses taught in the department are divided into three main groups to allow the students to work eilfectiyely according to their own ability or progress. F,-.. . l 1 I ' ,f N 5 os I. Individual reading machines teach speed and comprehen- sion to students in Developmental Reading. English I0 students examine -Iulius Caesar projects in preparation lor class study of the drama. xp JF L roihy Bliss lhizumr- llisnr-5 . .' ,i '. ' ' is ' ii Ale llama juan . . . Spanish students use our modern language laboratory. N1 'ml' I' 'H' ll 1.,xfl,1ff14,u,, K Mrs. Ui-ily Hog'-rs Mrs. Iivw-lpn Xllzllsloll Spanish l, Il l+'1':-mrli I, II Q LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT l Rocky Mount Senior High School's four year li programs in Spanish and French, plus its second L! year Russian class, give our school one of North Carolinas linest modern language departments. Because ol' the added emphasis on hearing and understanding the language, students and teach- ers are making much use oi' our thirty booth APN' language lab. the two smaller individual record- ing rooms, and our supply ol' tape recorders and record players. Filmstrips and supplementary - books and magazines enable the student to learn l not only the language but the customs and tradi- tions ol' the people who speak it. g' ,,., ,A gf., x Q, LMA- ..a , . Digit Laughriclge portrays Santa Claus in a French class's Miss Disney and members ol' her Russian II class use Christmas Celebration, newspapers and pamphlets in a discussion oi current events in Russia. f V' ' 1,3 ' Ek., . 1 fan . 1 1 1 I 1 f V X . 1 K , . , 4 I ' 1 X , 1 911 N4 1 1? 6' 1 13 f 1 1 1? il 1 1. 5 , 431 WJ 'Q ,,., 1 W , fe '1 5 ... if Y J., My W' 7 y fff 1 11 N111 f101'112llH leads l1lCI1l1DCliS ol' ll senior QOYL'1'lll11Cl1l class i11 ll 1 . . 1 , Q . , 1 . . 1. . Xliss 131111-1-1-1' 11111111-1' Mrs. 31111-1 Wootl N112 Ralph G111'l1an1 11151'115s11111 ol 1 1051110111 111111151111 5 .lt1lllllll51l11l10I1. ,1,,,..11i.1,m 111111,.'y, 11111111111 wnrift 1115101-v, World 11ist111'y, ,xlllt'1'11'2111 llistory G111'e1'11n1ent' 1C1'1111o111ic's. 11111141 1-1111gl'211111y Ml.. Dudley Xvhitlw. Mrs. Lillian 1fl'1lllt'4lj' Mrs. 11111111-11 'l'1-:1g111- Wo1'111 Hist111'y, 1V111'111 11i5t111'y .X111111'ir'z111 llistr-ry t'11:lt'1l 1 ,, 'V 1 P 3' 4' 1 7, ' 7 59 1 ' 1? 41 1 , A 211' The use ol' attrz1cti1'e hulletin 1111111115 in Mrs. '1'eague's classes aids in tl1e llllL1.Cl'S121I1l11l1g01'-rXI11C1'.1f'Zl21 liistorjx. SOCIAL STUDIES The courses available to a Senior High st11- de11t in the Iield ol' social st11dies are niany a11d varied. 'lihrough tl1e facilities 01 YVUNC-TV. Senior Higl1 o11'ers classroo111 broadcasts in both American and world history. Regular classes i11 these subjects, along with courses i11 economics. sociology, government, Zllld psychology, are also ollered. This year a one-seniester course i11 world geography has l1ee11 added to tl1e currieuluni. 7111162 courses in the Social Studies Department are designed to teach the 1111130118111 facts about Illllll. his past. the world i11 which he lives, a11d l1is apparent luture. Lectures, research papers, and current events projects are used i11 niany classes to hring tl1e lacts to tl1e st11dent. Youll 11etter write it down quickly. He doesn't say i 15111 once! ' ' ':v,1:37"' 1 ' Z ,::. X E 2 1. 1 s PHYSICAL EDUCATION quaintance with the major and minor sports. and a sense ol' good competitive action are what the One of the most interesting required courses for seniors is Physical Education. It is an elective for sophomores and juniors. 'l'his departments prime concern is not to give students a play pe- riod, but to strengthen them physically and mentally. Vigorous exercise, marching drills. an ac- 1 I Q Accuracy in archery is the prime concern ol Brenda Grillin as she takes aim. "One, two, three, lourg-f+" ff hoys and girls receive lrom their instructors. 'lihis instruction is a vital part ol' the student's lile that he will always he glad that he had. At times it is hard on the individual. hut it is worth all the sweat and hard work that he puts into it when he can see the physical results ol his actions. Ina highly competitive game ol haslxethall, Iohn 1 1 1 . Dew makes every shot count. J . ' -. gr A , A et- , " My . Q' L, ,V W 23-'-V., ,ya t V. Nlr. t hris t':1l'p1-nit-1' NIV, llill ltlllltlj Xlrs. lioxznunw Nltrllls t'o:n'h. l's'x't'lnologg.x', Vozlvll, l'h5si1'al l'lllllf'3lllUlI l'ht,icg1l litlncalion litlsint-ss Nlalh. i l'li-xsical l'.lllH'2lllthIl,- lrirez-lor of .Xthlel ies X9 2 .ff . . f X H .fd 'ad I :fi Q 'M-,Tix 'I av-ff' -1-'r Mr. Julius Abc-rnethy Mr. Wesley Dol:-s Mr. A. Malloy Mrs. Sarah Speiglit Mrs. Margaret .Xlgw-bra III, Algebra I, II Blc-lin-got Plane fiP0ll'lt?t1'j', Strickland f Plane an-l Suliil Algebra II Solid Homnetry, Algebra II, III, I 1:4-tum-ti'y, Trigonometry Senior Matlieinatics 'I'1'iggulmi11t-try, ,Xnalytie Us-ornefry :mtl Introductory Calc-ulus N I Mr. McGregor aids Peggy Brant- ley in solving a diflicult algebra Sallie Ricks and Bill Harles watch as Mrs. Speight explains a geometric principle. problem. Mr. Abernelhy explains the use olf Senior High's new mathematics laboratory lo one ol his classes. ' UHWKSHRQQ 5 3gg'ggQixYcs'+? 5135535 Kaffe!- asw- ,., init: il ,wwf 5- anew X-A W3 MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Courses ranging from Algebra I to introduc- tory calculus are available to students in the Mathematics Department at Senior High. This department has been expanded to meet the needs of college-bound students. Several advanced courses are available to stu- dents with superior mathematical ability. Among these are trigonometry, Algebra III, analytical geometry and introductory calculus, and the com- bined course in plane and solid geometry. The latter enables a small percentage of students to complete the requirements for plane and solid geometry in one year instead of the three semes- ters usually required. Advanced as Well as reg- ular classes are available in Algebra II and plane geometry. A new mathematics laboratory was installed in Room 208 at the beginning of the school year. This laboratory is being used experimentally by several advanced mathematics classes. Classes using it have been observed by representatives of other school districts in North Carolina. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT The Science Department aims to inspire the student toward the development ol' the scientific attitude. It has always been important in the high school program to stress the knowledge ol' science, and in today's technical world it is even more important. In past years Rocky Mount Senior High has oflered biology, chemistry, and physics, as a means of keeping up with the world around us. Recently, advanced biology and ad- vanced physical science have been added to the curriculum. These two are offered lor the college bound student as a deeper study into the sciences. Through the use of demonstrations, experi- ments, lectures and discussions in the class room and the projects and reading out ol' class, the Science Department tries to develop the interests of the student. "i' -i tri' 'fu og'-'2 i l,'ln-niistry In an advanced biology course, Aundrea Deaton delves into the study of microscopy. XfVith the added use of the camera the oh- servation can be recorded lor further study. A "QW .- . . Through expcrimentation in chemistry, Mr. Norris shows -Ioy Craig, Bill Anderson, and Randall james how the distillation process works. demonstrates the lundamental ol the cloud chamber to ln physics, Hr. Privolt Steve Kelley, Charles XVorrell and Tommy Kennedy. . , . , , . Miss Judith Mr. Billy Norris Nlr. ll Earl l'iixot1 Mr. lli'Ill'j 'Ilia-iathaii Nlrs, fha Yan ti il in 1 Qllt'IlIISll'Y I lixsii-s liioltv-i in-l to'ir'li llllsl- irlq Iill xml liiilvivr lhl x i,ivNr'1 :'4-, nog , Plane H4'o!l11ll'j' Xdxaiii-wil liiolirgj' 23 an 1: .1 BAND, CHORUS, DRAMATICS Rocky Mount Senior High is extremely proud ol' its marching band, known for its precision drills and stirring music. Especially inspiring are the compositions of the Pep Band, whose chief contribution is to promote school spirit. ,cv J- .V 523,523 Zmiiai A Q gf ,ss it ft tt E7 , , 2 Here one catches a glimpse ol Mr. Parry directing the Senior High School chorus in one ol its delightful numbers. Christmas, Easter, Commencement, and many other occasions are made more delightful by the harmonious melodies of the R.M.S.H. chorus. Life at Senior High School would not be com- plete without the Edsonian Dramatic productions. Twice a year they bring hits of Broadway to en- chant Rocky Mount audiences. Some future thespians, jean Gurganus, Susan Beard, and David jones are giving a skit on Mrs. Ada Hobbs classroom stage. Ready to play lor the next big game are these versatile members ol' the Pep Band. Mr- 1E?agflSPa1"y Mr. Frank Hammond Band Mrs. Ada Hobbs Dramzitics I, II, English 10 3 tswx Capable library assistants, Sandra Blanton and .lane XVinters, carefully put hooks in their proper places. im ka 6 ww' Art students place tiles on the base for a mosaic. The base and the tiles are made and fired to shape. LIBRARY AND ART The Library at Rocky Mount Senior School offers ideal surroundings for quiet research and study. It seats approximately ninety-two and stores approximately two thousand books not in- cluding reference materials. Capable assistants under the direction of Mrs. Barnes help the stu- dents in all ways possible. a design 'anta- Nlrs, Alilldllil Harm- Nlrs. xl2ll'Q'ill'1'f. l,llPl'lIl'lilll llaurrisou .Xri .NU.r.QH5TUVwyY.s. . ENT Q .i " K . 1 L. v, , .W It - . gs'-xx Leonard Veilletle tries his hand at experimental sculpture. achiev- ing as a resulta-A-the 'l1fll'C.Sf1I'l'. is drawn on the Creativity is the basis lor progress in our modern society. The art department at Senior High is designed to foster creativity. Students are given the opportunity to experiment with a variety of materials and methods. Throughout the two-year course offered, they are encouraged to use these opportunities. The first year offers painting, sculpture, and architecture. The second year covers advertising, graphics. and ceramics. 25 HDL M X F1 Q Blix llnltim llzurisnn Mrs. .lost-pliixii' Nlrs. .lane Wliitii lJis11'ilu1lix'i- fllefli-il llffim- l'l'q1f'1im'i-, l'l1lllf'2lllHIl 'l'5pil1: I. liookkw-4-piiigf, 5llf7l'lllIlH-I l SllIbl'lllIllI4l ll 'l'x1rius:l, ll Mgy f fligf.-f - v " WI! t V43 Q55 Rachel Powell, Clzintlace Puckett, and Burma Baker aid teacliers and at the same time gain skill in the use ol' olhte machines in the ollice practice class. D-li-D-space-K-I,-Ii-space. . . Steve PCICISOII concentrates on his Typing I exercise. ft, K 'W' If Installing the Christmas display in the D. li. window in C build- ing is the responsibility of Connie Lancaster and Judy jackson. BUSINESS AND D. E. Business Education courses offer many op- portunities to both college-bound students and to those who plan to start work immediately after graduation from high school. Typing I and II, while designed primarily for those planning a secretarial career, are invaluable aids to college- bound students. Shorthand I and II and Book- keeping are available to others preparing for a career as a secretary, bookkeeper, or in some other form of office work. A practice room, equipped with ofhce machines, is used by the girls in the office practice class. Distributive Education combines part-time work experience with classroom training. In the classroom, D. E. Students learn the economics of wholesale and retail selling, the rights of the customer, the duties of a salesperson, and such mechanics of salesmanship as recording sales and setting up displays. Courses in these two departments enable stu- dents to become qualified employees and useful citizens. INDUSTRIAL ARTS AND HGME ECONOMICS i f 5 ' Home economics is a course in home-making, f A 'W not house keeping. Its primary objectives are to inspire and teach girls to be better family mem- J . bers in their present homes, and to establish good I homes in the future. A typical day in this department might be as varied as bathing a baby in Senior Homemaking. preparing a family dinner in second year. and making a dress in first-year home economics. building which enable boys to develop their crea- tive skills. General Shop, which emphasizes expe- i rience in wood working, is an elective offered to V "J all boys. Mechanical drawing is offered to only A L ff' aiia the boys in the eleventh and twelfth grades who plan to study engineering. Boys who are in- y terested in working with metal are offered Voca- Ht-re goes another ensemble for the fashion show. tional Machine Shop. E ,x 3 l l 1 An almost completed product is having the hnishing XVood shop boys let the chips fly and fall where they may. touches added in a wood shop class. yu it x I tu ' fig , li lu tllltl Min l Q . And now to eat what looks like a delicious bullet! . 0 v Q . X 5: . X if iw.. 4' 27 There are three courses offered in the shop E "We are the two halves of a pair of scissors, when apart, Pecksniif, but together we are something." Charles Dickens from Martin Chuzzlewit r anizations 'tif f ik? if 4 1 fn 'M , . ,, ' Maw Q Mx K im I a..n'. I E 2 6 t'?, 9. 'vw The leaders ol' the IEMSS-64 Student Organization are Camilla Reid, Secretary, Bruce Lea, Vice President: Dallas Allord, Treasurer: and Neal Adkins, President. 1-nn. Cy Edson, jr., chairman of the Eire Drill Committee, Hips the switch that sets oil the fire alarm lor a monthly drill. STUDENT CRGAN IZATION OFFERS The students at Rocky Mount Senior High compose the Student Organization. Its purpose is to provide a means for teaching democratic processes and promoting worthwhile projects. Realizing that there is strength in unity, the l963-64 Student Organization has strived to instill a feeling of unity in all students for all activities within the school. YVe have tried to create in everyones mind a singleness of purpose-the ad- vancement of our school through co-operation among the students. The three levels of our or- ganization, the homeroom, the class, and the gen- The representatives of the Student Organization include. First row: .lean Hayworth, Betsy Neal, Jeff Kincheloe, Cy Edson, Nancy Severance, Anne Gower, Bill Hedgepethg second row: llohn XVells, Carol Mortimer, Bill jackson, Larry Deaton, Charlotte Fields. Barbara Stussie. Mary lYright Edmondson Faye Clollinsg third row: Linda hlordan, Anna Overton, Tommy Kennedy, Caroline Bullaloe, Douglas Sharer, Randall James, Linda Sorrell, Beverly Padgett, fourth row: Larry High, Kathy McDiarmid, Becky Bulluck, klennell Holmes, Kay Lee, Margaret Dudley, Kathryn Asbell, Ashley Ettinger, hlth row: Steve Sharpe, Bobby Kornegay, Brenda Allen, Kay Phillips, and Eddie Baysden. 'lr 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 I, 1 1 11 11 1 1 . li 11 Q1 -1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 t1 1 1 11 '1 1: V 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 It 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 , 1 1 1 1 yl 1 1 1 , ppt . 5 1 1 1 Yr 1-J -'A ,, S. fs V Fl' 'vt' v 'At '91, 'Lf The members of the student body who advise the President and make up the l'resident's Cabinet are: seated, Faye Langley, HI-NOC-AR Co-liditorg Dallas ,Xllord, Treasurer: Camilla Reid. Secretary: Neal Adkins, President: Bruce Lea, Vice-President, Nancy Severance, Publicity Cloininitteeg standing, Nlirni Munden, Foreign lixchange Connnittee: Lona Batten, Lost and Found Clornrnitleez Anne Gower, Publications Clonnnitteeg Ann lVaters, Student Store: .lack Cummings, HI-NOC-AR Co-liditorg Cy lidson, Fire Drill Clonnnittee: lean Hayworth, Social tlonnnitteeg David Parker, Trafhc Committee, 'Tell Kincheloe, House and Grounds Clonnnitteeg Betsy Neal, Elections Clonnnittee: Kathy Mclliarniid. Head Cheerleaderg lean Joyner, BIMAXCZIQBIRD liditorg and Mac Tilley, School Spirit tlonnnittee. OPPORTUNITY FOR YOUTH LE DERSH P eral organization, have worked elhciently and have experienced success. A special project oli the Presidents Cabinet was a Leadership Training Workshop, designed to increase the leadership ability oh elected officers within the school. The Student Organization has worked diligently in its eiliorts to re-establish our school in the A. F. Foreign Exchange Prograni. We hope that we have created a leeling of unity that will reinain in Senior High long after the present students have graduated. Other members of the Student Organization are: hrst row, Bert Stephenson, Bruce l.ea, Clainilla Reid, Neal Adkins, Dallas Alford, .lean -Ioyner, Mac Tilleyg second row: Blair lfrohbose, livelyn Ferguson, Clhutk Taylor, Dell Fariner, lX'ar- ren Cottingham, Raye Pittman, Judy Hannnond, XX'c-stray Battle: third row: l,ona Batten, .Xnn lX'aters, Chuck XVall, Bill Anderson, Patricia Vx'haley, Cassandra Martin, Kay Leonard. .lack Clunnningsg lourth row: Faye Langley, Scotty Mc- Cullough, Robert Thornton, Debbie Edwards, XVyn Godwin, Sarah Melvin, Martha llale, George Matthews, filth row: Becky Edwards, Jimmy Delbridge, johnny lX'illiains, Frances Gravely, .Iohnny Slater, E. Delainar, Josephine Vann. Anne Milgromg last row: Miss Kitchin. 4' Jil "" .ff 4 Ori 'RN 'ff' . 1' ,,,,,., P Kurt' liziyn- Lzmglcy .luck Cuiuiuings Lzirry Murchison Iimmie YVorsley Co-licliloi' Co-liclilor Advertising Mzmzlgei' Clirculzition Manager ei f W 'Wan 1 1 I96Ll . jay ,yfzfjviggg f "This lDiC'llll'C just CiUCSIl'l fit," says .luck us I.2l1'l'y, Fllyif, ciZlSS2llllil'2l, um! Riclizuid look on. h 'KM' 1 " ' ' 2 R gpm. Q ' - 2015 Y .:7:1' Ai 73 'i F X ff, X N f f Wx. if Z , l .Iivhn .Xll'Xllll4i4'l' Wziyumutli Alla-11 Inna Bath-11 F.Ii5g "SIurlg" Q-Xlplgling ll lpglggi lgly-Qui 10 ,fXi111d1iQg1 while teinilim- liinilliim- I,mx'islluziu1' l'f-c-vliu Dudh-y Ifnyc :mel lla-cc-lin work ligml lu iCiCllliiy illi-0l'lH2llS. ,,,i,,, H2,,.,,,,,,,, R2,,,,1,,H ,,1,,,,t.s Sm ,1,,,,L.S pw JL 'H ' M as '73, Judy Kornegzty Aundreu Denton Miss .xllllil Allll'i'l1lSUll Mrs. AIZIIIC XX'l1ite Feature Editor Class Editor Advisor 1Xssisl1111t Advisor ?' TN' v'i 'T Aw, -Q - A A up 1, f - 5... Sian: Q1 f-'99 WM' C21SSi1Il!,lI'3. Martin Russ Norris Ken Weeks Czirolyn Works Richard lVald Surah Yount New York, here we come! The COlL1Il1lJi2l University CZIIIIIJUS is ll large o11e, but st11ll' lllC'Il1lJCI'b ll12lIl1lgCtl to get to their various group nieetings without getting lost. . , Y 1 5 ' 'iff . J ' if HI-NOC-AR Indians don WV2lIilJZ1lIlT. and prepare to scalp the enemy ill the annual Homecoming parade. 33 he Qlatlthirh li Jean Joyner Anne Chandler Editor Business Manager "Snidley took the bird, and from him no more we heard--" Until Mickey Bailey burst into the BLACK- BIRD room to return Ben's missing feather and climax the 1963-64 subscription drive. Witli its coffee house mascot now intact, the staff was ready to begin a highly successful year with a new of- fice, a new advisor, Miss Diane Disney, and new talent. The unusual beatnik kick-off assembly set a rather different pace for the year's activities. The staff gathered first hand feature material from Madame Nhu's speech in Raleigh, political. ral- lies, the Voice of America site in Greenville, and the State Penitentiary. Perhaps the most notable of the group's achievements was the organization of The Order of the Black Feather, an honorary society de- signed to site students outstanding in school ser- vice and spirit. In addition to charter member Johnny Brooks, the members include Nancy Severance, Mac Tilley, Carol Mortimer, and Kathy MacDiarmid. The local organization set a precedent for establishing similar groups in other high schools in the state. Miss Disney, advisor, discusses the features of production Junior members seated are Brian Cutchin, Jennifer with junior members, seated, Linda jordan and Wanda Patterson, Susan jones, Linda Hoellg stan ding are W'iseg standing, Danny Bulluck, George Barnes, John Harriette Parker, Allan Gurganus, and Holt Felmet. Reid, and Bruce Lea. 34 . A ,,tg,s2.sit',,a, A gf VIQ PWA 'qi 'vs +I f 'I .. fs 7 , , '2 'V 2:5 X X " A '7' .au-. - 'f"'f"v' , A' " . , 'il ., 1 H ,ff .A.. , Q I 1' 'M' -N XI- Dt-lilzie Ifmlwarfls .lr-aiinvtte Ilught-s Jay Krirlt-l Clint-k illllylfll' Ellie Wzusnn News Editor News Editor Sports Editor Sports Iitlitor Fl.'2ltlll't' lirlilor The staff continued the traditions of spon- soring the Beauty Court for the junior-Senior, and of having the Miss Print Contest. Instead of requiring each girl to collect penny votes for Miss Print, organizations around the school could spon- sor a candidate by paying an entry fee. The girls were interviewed and judged by three people from the community, and the winner was crowned in an assembly with a Valentine theme. The staff worked diligently to publish a good Blackbird and to keep the students at Rocky Mount Senior High School well informed. Of- ficers were Editor, jean Joynerg Business Man- ager, Anne Chandlerg Advertising Manager, Cheryl Andrewsg and Circulation Manager, jeff Kincheloe. Ellie Watsoii was Feature Editor, jay Kridel and Chuck Taylor were Sports Editors, and Debbie Edwards and Jeannette Hughes were News Editors. In addition to learning the fundamentals of journalism, the junior staff helped write copy and do many other things. In February the junior staff, composed of both juniors and seniors, put out their own issue of The Blaclflzird. "Snitlley took the bird, and from him no more we heard," chants the staff during their kick-off assembly with Ll beatnik setting. Miss Diane Disney Advisor Cheryl Andrews Advertising Manager Circulation Manager jelf Kincheloe One of the highlights of the year was the trip to New York to attend the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Convention. Nine members of the staff and Miss Disney spent four wonderful days in the big city. W Folding and counting papers are routine procedures be- fore the homeroom distribution of THE BLACKBIRD. 35 CHOIR SINGS AT SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES AND CIVIC MEETINGS Menibers standing: lirst row, livelyn lferguson, Pat Hartness, Linda Stallings, Cheryl Clack, june Brantley, Theresa Barnes, Cheryl Hemenway, kludy Pernell, Phyllis Bosenian, Ann Vllilliams, Betty Adams, Susan jones, jenny Braswell, Jean Davis, Annette Parker, Aludy Ezzell, Ida Chason, Georgia Barnhill, Vickie Manning, second row, Patsy Clayton, Lynn Tucker, Darlene Rose, limily Davenport, Sue Gibbs, Linda lVeeks, Mary Currie, Vickie Hall, Louise Lee, Betty Boone, leanette Hughes, Glenda Branch, Ann Strickland, Faye Collins, Mimi Munden, Sarah Hanner, Judi Harper, third row, Audrey Mills. Sandra Stone, Carol Cunningham, Ami Gower, Mary lo Ashby, Charlotte Griscom, Lillian Nelms, Barbara Guy, Trudy jones. Sandra Blanton, Val Price, David jones, Russ Norris, Eddie Tyner, IVesley Ballou, Pat Ezzell, johnny Beard, lourth row, Annette XVhitley, Sue Russell, Darla Pierce, Cora Mac Bell, Ollie Perry, Dennis Strickland, Jimmy Eylu... mill, nc , lim lay oi, Dic Lic lridgen, Don Gray, Bob lXlangum, Fred O'Keefe, Killy Yousef, George Matthews, Sammy Davis, Mike lVinbon, Ricky Miller, jimmy Leonard. The pianist is Theresa Pollard. The Choir ollers additional work to the most interested of the chorus students. They are given practice in reading, music. singing, and perform- ing before an audience. Aside from the physical techniques taught, the Choir offers a great deal of enjoyment in its wide variety of music. Mr. Parry, the director, leads them in many kinds of music including classic, modern, religious, and Broad- way and show music. Throughout the school year, the Choir gives many performances for our school, local civic groups, and out-of-town schools and organizations. During the Christmas season, it performs at the Heritage Inn. On December 20th, it presented Christmas music at the school assembly. Other performances include the Spring Concert and connnencement. The Choir injects Christmas Spirit into students and teachers at the annual Concert. Theresa Pollard, pianist, accompanies as the Choir sings. In standard formation, the members of the Senior High Band are: first row, Donna XVhitley, Pat Hart ness. Aim Bell, Landyce Eagles, Cheryl Clack, Jeannette Hughes, Susan Sodeman, Carolyn Looney, second row, johnny Hunter, Steve Gorham, Beth Ann Boone, Al Adams, Larry Boone, Mike Hinshaw, Charles Dupuy, Barry YVinstead, Veda Clark, Donna YVilliams, Randy Griffin, third row, Margaret Farmer, Carolyn Timms, Donna Bradshaw, Louis Strickland, .lane XX'alker. Allison Nichols, Judy Dawes, Camilla Moore, .Iimmy Leonard, Johnny Hartness, Clay Couch, C. C. Hughes, Stanley Dunn, Jimmy Drake, Ronald Miller, Ernest Moore, Larry YVinsteadg fourth row, Ulanda XVise, Sallie xlo McCoy, Marie XVebb. Ann Styons, Tom Collins, Mr. Hammond, instructor, Curtis Sherrod, .Iohnny Hodge, limerson Turner, Randy llughes, Mike YVinbon, Ricky Miller, Chris Brice, Bill Staples, TViley Ballance, Jerry Balts, Ronnie Hughes, Larry Allen. Larry Barnes, and Sammy Davis. BAND IS BIGGER AND BETTER IN '64 This year the band swelled to over sixty mem- bers. Though it was not as large as the bands of some of our opposing football opponents, it more than made up for its size in quality. The band followed the football team to three out-of-town occasions, the playing of the pep band at our bas- ketball games and at the receptions of our vic- torious teams. and the Christmas, winter. and spring concerts combined to make the band a real leader in school spirit and asset to our school. games and played at all of the home games. These X The band lines up smartly to perform at half-lime. Haggerty, Pat Hartness, Diane Price, and Mimi Munden. 37 The majorettes are: kneeling, Donna XX'hitley, Sandra Stone. head majorette, and klenniler O'lYealg standing, Mary Bruce Service Club President Larry Modlin and Advisor Mrs. Best discuss up- coming plans with the other ollicers: JCZIII Joyner, Chaplain: Bobby Mills, Vice Presidentg Johann Vaughan, Treasurer, Candace Puckett, Corre- sponding Secretary, and Susan Sodenian, Recording Secretary. W Holt Felmet, Mary Tanner, and Ron Barden lower the flag each afternoon after school. SERVICE CLUB OBTAINS NEW FLAG FOR SCHOOL One of the most active clubs at Senior High is the Service Club, whose primary aim is service to the school. Presenting devotionals in assembly. organizing the Homecoming parade, raising and lowering the flag daily, and selling programs at home football games are a few of its many useful activities. In addition, as a climax to a series of Holy Week programs, club members present an Easter Sunrise Service. This year in a special patriotic assembly, the club presented the school with a new American flag donated by the local American Legion. Members of the Service Club on the first row are: Mary Ellen XVomble, Carolyn Timms, Jennifer Patterson, Linda Jordan, Mary Tanner, Candace Puckett, Sarah Ford, Kay Leonard, Jean Joyner, Linda Barnes: second row: Ronnie Pitt, lVayne Abernathy, Frank Creathouse, Johann Vaughan, Emily Sellers, Harriet Soden, Lynn Peterson, Scotty YVilliams, Joyce Cockrell, Susan Sodemang third row: Larry Modlin, Bobby Mills, Holt Felmet, Cooper Brake, Charles Dunn, Ron Barden, liarnie Strickland, Philip Ethridge, Steve Kelly, and Dal Alford. Not pictured is Mary Jane Bandy. CONFETTI-RIBBONS-GOOD SPORTS GIRLS-RAH! RAH! RAH! With a spirit of enthusiasm and desire, the members of the Good Sports Club help the ath- letic teams of Senior High to victory. Selling rib- bons, making corsages, cutting confetti and deco- rating the goal posts at home games are obvious efforts of this group of hardworking girls. At the close of the athletic year the Good Sports Club entertains all athletes at a picnic. But these girls help with things other than sports. The attrac- tively decorated auditorium lobby and the outside display at Christmas show the earnest effort ol' the girls to assist in other ways. This club forms an integral part ol' our school lor it combines pep, fun, service, and a group of attractive girls to add spirit and cooperation to all phases ol: school life. 1 1 1 1 The Good Sports Club members form their traditional football hgure. On the first row are: Debbie Edwards, Martha Hale, Geongia Barnes, Barbara Haddon, Carolyn Looney, Pat Hasty, Carrie Batten, Nancy Severance, Susan Klitzner, Charlotte Fields, Cheryl Andrews, Mary B. Haggerty, Mary NV. Edmondson, Betty ones, Ann Chandler, Nancy Peyton, Mimi Munden, and Mrs. Hayworth, advisor. On the second row are: Becky Bullock, Brenda Fowler, Sallie Ricks, Betty Grant, Jennell Holmes, Ellen Branch, Janet Hicks, Mitzi Moore, Glivia Harper, Susan Strandberg, Gail Hubbard, Susan Roane, Raven Lindsay, Barbara Davis, Margaret Dudley, Diane Sykes, Barbara Hayworth, Martha Pitt, and Mrs. Teague, advisor. In the center are jackie Oakley, president, Dell Farmer, vice-president, Katherine Nicholson, secretary, and Brenda Griffin, treasurer. Making ribbons gives Mary Bruce Haggerty, Katherine Nicholson, Ann XfVaters, and Jackie Oakley an oppor- tunity to chat and help their club. WWW' Fear ol heights is not a good quality for Good Sports girls, especially if they have to climb ladders to decorate goal posts as Dell Farmer and Brenda Grillin are doing. MACHINIST TRADE TAUGHT IN MACHINE SHOP Vocational Machine Shop teaches boys to work with machines and metals. Projects which have to be machined from metals such as brass candle holders, special bolts. and other round objects are turned on the lathe. Replacement parts for the machinery are made by the boys. There is also an area which con- tains provisions for electric and acetylene welding. Electric welding plays a major part in the fabrica- tion ol' metals in industry. Acety- ene we in' ma'es i Jossi e 'o l ld g L t bl t heat and shape metals to the desired shape. Auto mechanics is taught, too. D The boys learn to clean and install plugs and points, muiller repair. brake servicing, and other main- tenance of this nature. This class is under the instruc- tion of Mr. Neal Adkins. Vocational Machine Shop class members are, first row: G. T. Davis, Bobby Davis, Bobby Hall, Mike Dawson, Joe Edwards, and Kent Taylorg second row: james McGee, Billy Hogshire, Tommy Peele, Frank Aycock, Billy Cochran, and Bill Joe Quinng third row: Donald Davis, Mr. Adkins, instruc- tor, johnny Sykes, George jones, Emerson Turner, John Marshall, Jimmy Cooper, IVright Proctor, and lkey Proctor. GREAT BOGKS CLUB EXPLORES IDEAS Members ol' the Great Books Club are, seated: Marty Mebane, Lindsey Dennis, Katherine McCall, Mrs. Bailey, advisor, and Maria Strickland. This year for the first time, some of the great thinkers ol our school have united to form the Great Books Club. Each week they explore such topics as infinity, evolution, and religion. The Great Books of the We.9te1'1z W orld, a fifty-four-volume set, containing books written during the past thirty centuries serve as a basis for discussions. The club owns lb this set of books, and one of the members entered an essay contest in connection with the Great Ideas Program. The members of the club also strive to gain a better under- standing of themselves and others through an insight into the philos- ophy of man-kind. Of course, all members of the club are avid Standing: Lawrence Rowland, XVarren tlottinghani, John Drew, George Eat- man, David Horn, and Bill XViggins. 40 readers. Even though the Booster Club is young, it has grown to be a progressive and school-spirited group of junior and senior girls. As the name implies, the purpose is to Iaoost all school activi- ties. The requirements for membership are sim- ply that the girls be willing to participate in in- and out-of-school activities, and that they be interested in every phase of school life, Nj. In rc, Pat Marks, Barbara Stussie, Ross Carris, Allison Nichols, and Roxanna Bryant are helping to decorate a bulletin board demonstrating the Booster Club's activities. A major project of the club has been the com- pilation of a scrapbook honoring each State Championship team. Another project is placing attractive posters in each classroom to remind students oi' the week's athletic events. Future projects include plans to lzoosf all social events and Edsonian productions. Gathered around the library table are: Raye Pittman, treasurer, judy Hammond, president: Rachel Powell, secretary: and Judy Bradshaw, vice president, admiring their club's handiwork, the liootball championship scrapbook. BOOSTER CLUB ENCOURAGES SCHOOL SPIRIT IN ALL ACTIVITIES Enthusiastic members of the Booster Club are: first row, Linda Hoell, Roxanna Bryant, Ross Carris, Rachel Powell, Iudy Bradshaw, and Raye Pittman, second row, Tempie Shearin, Sharon Golf, Kay Churchill, Marie Emerson, Iudy Moore, Betty jo Ray, Gail Deans, Faye Coggins, Mary Anne Proctor, Cathy Smith, and Barbara Stussie: third row, iFrances Eve- land, Allison Nichols, Burma Baker, Pat Marks, Diane Price, Karol jean Sexton, Linda Miller, -Iill XVeldon, Harriette Parker, Mrs. Roberson, advisor, and'NIrs. Strickland, advisor. 4l This year's membership in the D. Club includes: first row, Mr. Harrison, advisor, Lanell Barnes, Faye Davis, Hilda Howell, Kathy Drake, Annette Moore, xludy Jackson, .loan Cook, Diane Moore, Vickie Hall, june Brantley, second row, Charles Sykes, Dennis Strickland, Herbert XYooten, Dickie Barnes, Annette Parker, Laurie Collins, Connie Lancaster, Vicki Sallee, Linda Creekmore, Cecil Lockamyg third row, Bruce Burnette, Bobby Bateman, Craig Collins, Ronald Moore, Donald Daniels, Spencer Drew, Bobby Crillin, Ollie Perry, Douglas Aldridge, Lonnie Pollard, and Joe W'illiams. D. E. PROGRAM TRAINS YOUNG PEOPLE FOR CAREERS IN BUSINESS The Distributive Education program trains boys and girls lor careers in distributive businesses -wholesale, retail, and services. This plan com- D. students, Aloan Cook and Faye Davis, receivc close supervision in taking inventory at their training stations. bines part-time work experience with practical in-school instruction, so that upon graduation these young people will be well-qualified em- ployees and useful citizens. Members of the D. E. Clubs of America learn to serve as leaders and followers, and have the op- portunity for state and national recognition through their cluo organization. This program not only helps the youth of Rocky Mount but it also gives the city's merchants and the townspeople a look at what young people can accomplish through hard work. - A few club members are pleased at meeting and talking with Governor Sanford, at the first store in Tarrytown- Montgomery XVard. xx xx X1 Lx The 1963-64 officers are: Lawana DeBoe, president: Diane Hudson, secretary, john Marshall, vice president, and Betty Meyer, treasurer. F, 1 1492. , The members ol the Library Science Club on the first row are: Brenda Potter, Lawana DeBee, and Linda lidwardsg second row, Martha Hux, Betty Meyer. Anne Abernathy, and Judy Preastg third row, Barbara IVagner, Linda Rose, Gail Turner, Faye Sykes, plane XVinters. Dianne Hudson, and Linda Bunn: lourth row, Mickey NVillian1s, Skipper House, YVayne Pollard, Frank X'VZll'llSlC2lli, John Marshall, and Edward Farmer. LIBRARY SCIENCE CLUB TRAINS FUTURE LIBRARIANS The members of the Library Science Club learn the skills of managing a library from their advisor, Mrs. Martha Barnes. Some of their duties as members of this club are the following: planning and putting up bulletin board displays. helping students End books and periodicals, typ- ing cards for the card catalogue, selling paper- backs, keeping the circulation file at the charging desk, and gathering information from magazines for the vertical file. GREAT MUSIC CLUB WINS FIRST PLACE IN HOMECOMING PARADE In an informal atmosphere the members of the Great Music Club acquaint themselves with a variety of music. Although the emphasis is on the classics, the members listen to and enjoy opera, symphony, jazz, organ, and folk music. The club has had charge of bulletin board during the year which has shown the school the purpose of their group and encouraged the development of an appreciation for good music. Members of the Great Music Club are: seated, Ray Hundley, Bert Gurganus, Shelia XX'illiams, Sharon -Iohnston, Brenda Griffin, Mrs. Bobbitt, advisor, standing, Grady Hart, Arthur Ehrenberg, Speight Sugg, Rull Creech, Ben Reese, and Steve Gorham. Absent lrom the picture are Kenneth Gilbert and Dennis Hobbs. RADIO BROADCASTERS COVER BEATLES AND BIRDS The Radio Broadcasters Club, which was be- gun in 1935 by Mr. Cyrus Edson. is one olf the oldest clubs in Rocky Mount Senior High School. This club has been outstanding through these years, lor it has served as a training ground for future careers. Several lormer members of this club are now working professionally in the area ol' television and radio. Students have been given the opportunity to participate in broadcasting and to study the technical aspects of this form of communications. The students working with their advisors, Mr. Edson and Mr. Norris, organize the programs for "The News and Blues of Rocky Mount Senior High" and "The Radio Broad- casters on the Air", presented each Saturday morning in co-operation with two local radio stations. Members of the Radio Broadcasters Club lor the N63-till year are, first row: -Iudy Dawes, -Io Ann Mills, Ginger Newton, Linda XVoodcock. Sara Lamm, Brenda English, Penny Killebrew, Beth lVhitley, jackie XVilliams, Mary Cobb, Suzanne Kelley, .loyce Fritts, and Mary Smith, second row: Barbara McGee, Mitchie Lane, Ellen Bell, Ginger King, Linda Rob- bins, .Iudy Quinn, 'janet Russell, glean Overman, Stephanie Cooper, Veda Clark, Romie Herring, Marcia Gray, Charles Tharrington, and Randy Grilling third row: Cag Thomas, Cy Edson, Dennis Lane, Chris Brice, Charles Dupuy, G. C. Hughes. Troy XVeaver, Don Rabon, Bobby Bateman, John Dubel, Billy Shacklelord, Tommy Nichols, jimmy Mangum, Arthur Viverette, and Cecil Lockamy. llow 1rd Anderson, local radio announcer, instructs G. C. Hughes, Charles D muy, and Mahalia Mooring in the basic principles ol radio. First semester ollicers ol' the Radio Broadcasters Club seated: G. C. Hughes, Presidentg Mahalia Mooring, Vice President, standing: Charles Tharrmgton, Treasurer and Beth Hlhitley, Secretary. 727 "TO SERVE CLASSMATES, SCHOOL, AND COMMUNITY. . ." As stated in the Kudos Club Constitution, its purpose is Mto serve classmates, school, and coin- munity, and to work unsellishly for others." The evidence of this purpose appears all over the school and community. Now in its ninth year ol' service, this valuable club has taken its place as an important part of our school. Not only was there an excellent purpose acquired, but also the fact that Kudos, derived from the Creek word "Kydos", meaning "glory", gives a further in- sight into the club's activities and purpose. This "glory" is not a personal glory but a glory ol' serving and helping others. Since this club is a service club, its work is varied. The main money-raising project is selling plastic Hl-NOC-AR covers. Under t ie able guid- ance ol' Mrs. Lillian Kennedy. the Kudos Club members also serve as ushers at the P. T. S. A. open house and serve collee and doughnuts in the cafeteria alter the Easter Sunrise Service each spring. The members of the Kudos Club are: first row, Scottie 'tVillis, Patsy Clayton, Linda Bryan, glean Curganus, Connie Young, Shaula Costilow, plane l-Iarrison, and Madeline Hills: second row, Bryan Cutchin, Anna Overton, Grace XVhitl'ord, Lynn Casto, Ann Dill, Billie Dean Marks, Sue Carmichael, Donna Taylor, and Mrs. Kennedy, advisor, third row, Ivan Ricks, Jimmy Thornes, YV. D. Driver, Sidney Jordan, Chris Marks, Charles XX'orrell, llell Kincheloe, Robert League, Tommy Shearin, and Eddie Coolsby. The Kudos Club selected Shaula Costilow, Sue Car- michael, Ielf Kincheloe, and Charles lX'orrell as their officers. K 1-' ,y,,,g',,-x P .. kj 4 f , f H K. rv Donna Taylor, Charles XVorrell, Betty Fryar, and Ann Overton prepare lor the sale ol plastic HI-NOC-.XR COVSYS. L..- ...E ,A 1 :lr . .., Qi 44 vt Riding in the Phalanx Club float were Bill Jackson, Beverly Padgett, Rick Draper, XfVade Pitt, Mickey Bailey, and Leonard Veillette. PHALANX CLUB SERVES RMSH The Phalanx Club is responsible for many of prayer cards in the cafeteria during Holy Week, the services performed for Senior High and com- and assisting community service groups with their munity. Among its yearly duties are: electing the projects. The club tries to promote school spirit basketball player of the week, presenting the bas- by participating in school events and offering ketball player of the year with a trophy, provid- its services whenever the opportunity arises. ing a needy family with Christmas gifts, placing A Members ol' the Phalanx Club are: Carol Sanders, Carolyn Griflin, Linda Lewis, Marie Pate, Dianne Siler, Margaret Smith, Margie Powell, Beverly Padgett, second row, Mrs. Speight, advisor, Mac Tilley, Bill Jackson, George Barnes, Robert Liles, john XVells, john Farris, Leonard Veilletleg third row, .Ieilf Daniels, Roddy Mlilkins, Henry Lancaster, Mike Hinshaw, Donnie Allen, Chuck Robbins, C. YVarren, Larry Deaton, lN'ade Pitt, fourth row, Rick Draper, Wfestray Battle, Bill Lee, Mickey Bailey, Steve Caddell, John Mooring, Andy Nuckols, Danny Bulluck, and Sandy Edwards. 46 SOS CLUB HAS MANY ACTIVITIES , Z . . . ....7,,,,.,.,.......,..,,,,,. ., H ,, E r "1" 'ms' Y M f -LN - -A-vw A as U' Members of the S O S Club for the H363-64 year are: first row, Miss Creekmore, advisor, Betty Armstrong, Sybil Moore, Faye Collins, Evelyn Ferguson, Ann Criifin, Judy Pitt, Olivia Pitt, Mary Council, Charlotte Clark, Joanne Hathaway, Janet Byrne, Heather Harwood, and Miss Craighill, advisor, second row, Steve Dunning, Ike Davis, Sam Stanley, 'l'ommy Campbell, Dan Stallings, Allan Curganus, Ellie IVatson, Raye Hathaway, Rose Cox, Donna XX'hitley, Margaret lfariner, I Jessica Morton, Judy Maurer, and Jennifer O'Nealg third row, Billy Spence, Eddie Bailey, Sain Creathouse, Marshall Pitt- man, Larry High, Douglas Sharer, Lyman Harris, Iven Bunn,John Nicholson, Bill Blaylock, Mike Brake, Joe Cueto, and Mike Chaney. Rendering "Service Over Self", the members of the S O S Club contribute their time to pro- vide many worthwhile school activities. A major contribution of this group is the attractive basket- ball programs on sale at each home game. Mem- bers of the club are responsible for the soliciting of advertising as well as the sale of these programs. f Faye Collins, Sam Stanley, Joanne Hathaway, and Evelyn Ferguson prepare to take food and toys to the needy family the club has taken as its Christmas project. Other activities of the club are: serving refresh- ments to the referees at home athletic games. maintaining the indoor lobby gardens, selling concessions at the basketball games, and provid- ing Christmas gifts for a less fortunate family. Under the able guidance of its advisors, Miss Judith Creekinore and Miss Dorothy Craighill, the S O S Club takes its place among the outstand- ing school-spirited clubs. Ellie IVatson, Allan Curganus, Doima IVhitley, Mike Chaney, and Judy Maurer are shopping for things to sell in the concession stand at the baseball games. Sports Keep coming back and nf at last you lose the game of right Let those who whipped you know at least Grantland Rice ,X , ' they, too, have had a light." Ui! Q V I :W Q S f Oli I fl if 'A 1 ,, ,MMV .ym X , ,V ,,,L , gif, Q, ...mmm V . A . I 1 . , - l f I .14 f Coach Chris Carpenter explains strategy to -Iohn Alex- ander and Billy XVarren during a Conlerence battle. Billy YVarren snags a long gainer as Fayetteville tlellentler Ken XVootl pursues the action. 50 gf i ll Blackbirtls hit the dummies in rugged pre-season practice. BIRDS TAKE The l963 Blackbirds of R. M. S. H. S. fol- lowed a record team and went them one better when they produced Rocky Mount's first all win- ning conference season. The Birds, ranked number one in pre-season polls, took an early tumble at the hands of 3-A power Kinston. This defeat seemed but a catalyst The defense piles high to block Fayetteville's extra point attempt. The Blackbircls are: Ken Reams Q64j, Darrell johnson f30Q, John Alexander Q76j, and Wayne Daughtridge HOD. ' '-,I"f-g.i Bill Warren clin s to the ball 'ls he bangs over in mid- y . g . . season action against Fayetteville. Darrell johnson receives a quick pass over the middle against Page i11 the semi-finals. SECOND STRAIGHT FO0TBALL CROWN for the charges of Coach Chris Carpenter. De- termination and hustle characterized the Black- birds the rest of the year all the way to Bowman- Gray Stadium and another State Title taken again from the illfated Reynolds Black Demons. On the way to the top, RM smashed the title hopes of Fayettevilles Bulldogs and semi-finalists Page High School of Greensboro. Rocky Mount used a powerful defense which limited the opposition to little more than 4 points a game to complement its many faceted offense which averaged better than lf? points per outing. Members of the 1963 Championship Football Team are: Hrst row, L. Pierce, S. Britt, S. Kelly, C. Quick, A. Ricks, B. Bonner, second row, R. Sykes, B. Milgrom, G. Brown, B. XVoodard, I. Bunn, L. Tyler, XV. Daughtridge, R. Herring: third row, Croom, C. Lamm, K. Reams, M. Branch, D. Laughridge, Arrington, D. Rabon, B. Mills, NV. Balloug lourth row, J. Lundy, Swaim, B. Wzirren, S. Thfmmpson, Alexander, B. Blaylock, M. Boykin, D. ohnson, D. Bennett: hlith row, VV. Broughton, H. Strickland, Clack, B. Lancaster, R. Barnes, F. Coblett, D. Parker, XV. Turner, and C. lVar1en. 51 FOOTBALL slinnny Arrington squccfcs ovcr for is it Lll1LlC1'i'p thc NVinston-Szilcni goal linc during the Cliznnpionsliip gznne. Digit I,ztugln'iclge 5l111'lS out on one ol' his Illlllly long- gzniners, this one against Greenville. vf' 0 Blzlckbircl griclclers look on lroni siclclines. Athletic Director Bill Lundy watches the Birds, action from thc siclclincs in the Cliznnpionship game. SCHEDULE ROCKY IWOUNT vtsrrok 20 Henderson tl 0 Kinston 7 13 Goldsboro U 26 Wllllllllgltlll 6 20 Fayetteville 13 42 Wilsoli 0 l3 Durham 6 35 Greenville 0 0 Myers Park 6 6 Raleigh ' tl 42 Page 0 14 Reynolds lfl QZIN Managers Jim Murrill, Larry Moore, and Arthur Viverette work hard to get equipment in top shape. Steve Kelly and XVZIYIIC Dztughtridge display tough de- 5 lense as they stop at Durhznn back lor no gain. 1 lVayne lJZlllgllU'ltlgC, Digit I.z1ugln'idge. Brent Milgrotn, and john Alexander pose with their awards that they received lor outstanding play. 53 BIRDS "WHUP" REYNOLDS IN FINAL GAME I Billy lYarren, Monk Realms, John Alexander, and Brent Milgrom boast the well-earned Championship trophy after the hnal game. Reynolds' defense Hnds it difhcult to bring Billy YVarren to the ground. A Tribute to the Blackbirds By Bob Williams, Sports Editor, Rocky Mount Evening Telegram Hail To The Champs! And when you say it, shout it loudly and proudly, for Rocky Mount Senior High Schoo1's Blackbirds still reign as the king of them all, wearing a state championship crown that shone brightly again at the close of the 1963 football season. It was this '63 team that placed the fourth dia- mond in the crown, coach Chris Carpenter's Black- bird football powerhouse sweeping another state championship as Rocky Mount Senior High con- tinued the most fantastic march to high school ath- letic acclaim in the history of North Carolina. Wlieii RMSHS teams of the year before became the statels marvelous Triple Crown Champs by tak- ing state titles in football, basketball, and baseball, it didn't seem that there was another sports world left to conquer. But the Blackbird gridders of 1963 did it again with another great season that produced the fourth straight state title, a remarkable feat that no other school in North Carolina has ever accomplished. The title came in Winston-Salem, where the Blackbirds beat Reynolds High School 14-13. It was a hard-fought game, and perhaps that was fitting, for this was a football season when honors were not to be easily won. In fact, early in the season there were doubts that this Blackbird team was of cham- pionship caliber. Those doubters, however, did not take into con- sideration a proud Blackbird determination that had played such a major part in the Triple Crown sweep the year before. After a sluggish start, the football charges of Coach Carpenter dedicated themselves to QuarterIJack Jim Arrington shoots a pass over the line to target Billy lVarren. 54 an all-out championship etlort, and there was no A 'T , stopping the march after that. X ' There were big games along the way that set the championship stage-a 20-13 triumph over title- hopeful Fayetteville that gave RMSH the Eastern 4-A Conference lead, a 13-6 win over tough Durham that kept the Birds on top, and a 6-0 squeaker by rugged Raleigh Broughton in the final regular- season game that clinched the conference title. In the state playoifs the Blackbirds opened with a show of power, roniping past Greensboro Page High 42-0. It was not to be that way in the finals against Reynolds, the Birds winning the biggest of the big ones on the golden kicking toe of extra- point expert Jerry Lundy. Coach Carpenter called this championship the result of the Finest display of team play he had ever seen, but like all team championship marches this one had its individual stars. Tackle John Alexander and end Billy Warren reaped most of the all-star - honors, making All-Conference and All-State and also gaining All-America mention. Halfback Digit Laughridge was another of the bright stars, the junior powerhouse ranking himself among the top backs ever at Senior High. And defensive end Brent Milgrom smashed opposing of- fenses with such consistent devastation that he stood out as one of the finest defensive stars in the state. There were others who played vital parts in Coach Carpenter's effective two-platoon system- ends Jeff Croom and Bunn Woodard, tackle jerry Lundy, guards David Parker, Don Bennett, Monk Reams, and Don Rabon, backs Jimmy Arrington, Joe Swaim, Darrell Johnson, Craig Quick, Wayiie Daughtridge. In fact, name every man on the squad and you find someone who had a part in helping achieve the title. Alerry Lundy, .Iohn Alexander, Alimmy Arrington, and Digit Laughridge take coaches Bill Lundy and Chris Carpenter on a victory ride. ' Q ii Blackhirds disembark the bus to greet the throngs that turned out to congratulate them. Arm N6f It's a happy moment for Blackbird players and lians as Coach Chris Carpenter and Captain .john Alexander receive the Championship trophy from Reynolds' A Blackbird lan unveiled this poster when the team PfinCiP211- returned from VVinston-Salem. 55 EJ B ff-.Q Q-"-Q7 Ui t , , nf f 4 31 , T tt if .. 'jf ff? .. 'Zami N said I , R A 'M , l ' I 4 ' , f g 4 . Q. ,.. X I , - "'-F5 6 -AA" I " ,--1 i ' 5 rw' E -'Q . ,QU ,NW f I, Da sf' A, ' , 1 "s""' 'arf ' '- 1 f W' t 67' " ' 'MQ' ' if 4 ' f by Q X W 'M ex " 3- , . ' tai? 'W 1 J y . J, X, Ev -nfs? K w S .M 5 I5 d' ty 3 4 uw.1 5"f- MBI- xlunior Varsity members are: first row, Eddie Baysden, Bill Wfyatt, Buzzy Redding, Glen Joyner, Don Tofton, Bobby Kornegay, Romie Herringg second row, Mack Mclnnis, Lee Tyler, Bill Hedgepeth, Butch Tompson, Ronnie Bell, Mike Taylor, Mike Luther, Ricky Phillips, E. Delamarg third row, Bobby Conway, Jimmy Thornton, Dillon Rose, Jimmy Mitchell, Scotty McCullough, Gary Arrington, Keith Hubbard, Ernest Turner, Robbie Sykes, johnny VVilliamsg fourth row, jim Price, John Carson, Johnny Slater, Freddy Barden, Gary Mlilliams, Doug Sharer, Chuck Batts, Grant Brogden, Henry Amerson, Rob Ruark, and Chuck Coley. JUNIOR VARSITY GRIDDERS COMPLETE FINE SEASON Head V. coach, Dudley Wliitley, produced V. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE ' 1 with the help of John Stott another line team in ROCKY MOUNT VISITORS O Broughton 8 the tradition of all RM grid squads, strong de- l8 Goldsboro 0 . . . l 9 Wilmington 0 lensely and built around desire. 21 Fayetteville 13 The quality of RM's future Blackbirds im- 7 Enloe 7 proved during the year to give them a creditable lg 335612331 12 5-3-l record. 14 Wilsori 19 Coaches Dudley Mfhitley and Henry Trevathan watch closely the V. action Scotty McCullough sends Eddie Baysden through the line lor a good gain. against a tough team. uwaww get A X - ' "' . 56 BL CKB RD WRESTLE S Inexperienee with 21 IICYV sport kept RM's wrestling teznn l'ro111 scoring 21 teznn victory dur- ing the '63-'64 season. But RMS grnpplers, IIIZICIC up 2llIllOSt entirely olf Juniors and Soplioinores, begzin to beat tl1e drinns lor next year :ls the sea- son closed in Goldsboro at llie COI'1ilCI'CI1CC tourney. Speed and desire play an important part as Ray Hundley pins his opponent. fha VVrestlersz1re: Hrst row, Ricky Dawes, Do11z1ld'I'ol'ton, Ray Hundley, Lyn kloyner, Robert Tliornlon, Butch rllllfbllllhlill, and Cole Rirnmerg second row, Buffy Redding, john Fznrris, xlolin Dew, Mike Cllianiey, -Iolin ci2ll'SUIl, Monk Reznns, Roinie Herring, and jerry Lundy. jerry .Lundy and Monk Reams add bulk to the Couch John Stott looks on as the Blztckbirds przictice. wrestling team. 57 Membership ol' the Monogram Club includes: seated, John Alexander, David Jones, Aloe Thames, VVayne Daughtridge, Bill Bonner, David Parker, Craig Quick, Jim Murrill, Jimmy Arringtong second row, Steve Britt, Brent Milgrom, Joe Swaim, Ulyn Godwin, Bunn Hloodard, Johnny Brooks, Gene Phipps, Steve Peterson, Skip Thompsong third row, Dennis lVilliamson, Digit Laughridge, Darrell -Iohnson, Mike Branch, Thurman Pierce, Billy Hlarren, Henry Strickland, Jimmy Clack, Bill Anderson, Bob lXlarshburn, Chuck Taylor, Roger Melton, Tommy Jenkins, and Allan Ricks. MONOGRAM CLUB All boys who receive varsity letters in any members of the Monogram Club discuss and plan sports competition are eligible for membership in methods by which our line athletic department the Monogram Club. The club supports athletic, may be improved. scholastic, and social phases of school life. The JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS The beauty and the cheering olf the energetic were always on hand to cheer their teams to Junior Varsity Cheerleaders helped the J.V. victory. teams compile impressive records this year. They Junior Varsity Cheerleaders arc: Josephine Vann, Linda Ray, Anne Milgrom, Martha Chambliss, Becky Edwards, Ann Robertson, Frances Gravely, Martha Kincheloe, Lea Haggerty, and jenny Hammond. F? iw' 5 X Y if 5553 W E- .. i A F-2.5 yi ' f , .... 3 ,T it 5' 1 r , ,444 , -,aff g ,. ff- .1 y 2' 5 5-t, 1 1 2 CHEERLEADERS "Victory------Victory ---- --that's our cry! V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!" was certainly typical of the en- thusiastic yells of the Rocky Mount Senior High School Cheerleaders this year. As Blackbird fans traveled all over the state following the Blackbird Champions, their rousing yells and enthusiastic cries were led by the cheerleaders as they boosted our team on to victory. This year, under the direction of their new ad- visor, Mrs. Roxanne Morris, the cheerleaders de- cided, as a new project, to serve refreshments to the out-of-town cheerleaders during the half-time at the football games. This was just one of the many ways in which they were able to promote good sportsman- ship and school spirit between our school and our rival schools. Another new project was that of send- ing cards to some of the sick in our community. In The 1963-6-1 Cheerleaders are: Front Rowg Lindy Brice, Sarah Melvin, Betsy Neal, Pam Luper, Patricia lVhaley. l tl1iS Way they were able to bring get well cheer t0 Second. Row: Gerry Dowdy, ackie Smith, Carol Mortimer. Third Row: Sharon Land, Linda Sorrell, manl' PGOPIC- Kathy McDiarmid, Ginger Ryals and Barbara Nelson. j The cheerleaders proudly wore their new black If monogramed sweaters at many ballgames this year. They were bought with money donated by civic j I clubs and businessmen. The Cheerleaders boosted team spirit at bonfires before many of our games. E Competition between the classes was keen as the Cheerleaders led the Student body in cheers during ' a pep rally. The Rocky Mount Senior High School bas- ketball team did not boast a winning record this year. but showed promise of good things to come. Il' the Birds can polish up their line talent you can expect them to break loose in the luture. Coach Bill I,undy's Blackhirds sutlered some heart-breakers as they fell de- leated to nine conference loes while taking two victories. The season started on a sad HOKC as Rinston rapped the Birds twice and Greenville took the Rocky Mount live once. The Birds came hack however. to clip Greenville 63-62 in an over- time win that rounded out the non-conference play beliore Christmas. Wlhen conference play started after Christ- mas, the Birds were on the road against Fayette- ville's tall quint. The Bulldogs proved to be too tough for the Blackhirds as they fell 51--10. XVilmington came to town the following Friday to eke out a close contest. 42--10. BLACKBIRDS SUFFER H Ag W 'S Q .Q U, ' . ,ax-rg ei , R Z I, W,W.,,,M, y X 5 Il's all smiles as coaches Cl. V. Lundy, H. T Trevatlian, and Dudley XVhit1ey head lor a confer encetilt. BUT SHOW PROMISE Blackliirds bombers were: jim Griffin, Ronald Barnes, Jeff Clroom, K. D. YVeeks, Jimmy Arrington. Standing: Chuck Taylor, Chuck Robbins, Henry Strickland, George lVatson, jimmy Clack, and captain, Billy NYarren. - Jimmy Clack .Iell cll'00Il1 Billy XX'11rrc11 Xlvlllllfll l'll'UllglllUfl Chunk I mlm S CI H li D U I. li R. ll. 40 ..,,.l.. ......... l iillsloll ....... .,.....,.. 5 El R. Nl. 70 ,Y,,,,,,, .. ,flulmlslloln ., 0 R. M. 60 ,,,,,,,. ,,l,,.... C Lrccnvillc .,..,l ....... 4 37 R' M. 72 Uyyilwu v H Q R. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,.., C i1'Ccll'.'illC ,,,,,, ,.,,,.. l YiVi .l4'll5cllLxYil1C V H .N . 40 llllllll llllllll I " . .l.,.ll ,l,l... F l , , R ll Ummm' 3 R. Nl. 30 lllll,Y,l llll X Yllllllllglfill l R. BI. 40 lllY,,lll ,,ll,ll, l :2lyCllCYlllC l,,l ..ll,,, : nl R X , I l . . ffl. ,,,l ,... . . 1 "1 Q ' 0 R. M. 40 ......... ........ X Vilnlinglon ...... .......A 1 2 ' I l R tlugl 1"l"l RIXI. . ARnlCigh M1100 V .7 M--Alkl R. M. 01 ...... ....,. l lanlclgll llllflllgslllfl R. M. 50 ....,.,.. ,,.,.... l lzlleigll Brougllloll .. .......... 01 R- M- 37 '..... -Vw- P Af'Ulfl5lJ0l'0 Q R. M, 41 .......,. ....,.., I Durlmm ...,...,....,.... .. ...... 51 R. NI. A10 ...... ....... l ylllllillll . E l I Hlarren Broughton pulls in 21 vzzluzxblc relxmuncl .Icll ilmmn gum up lm two LIQAIIIISI KX lX nc agzxinsl the Raleigh Cups. Mullzml ol' llllllllllll. la J.V. basketball team members ure: kneeling, Bert Stevenson, Bunn lvOOll2lI'il, Steve Gzrddell, Henry Amerson, Robert Edwards, Bert Carter: standing, Eddie Baysden, Rusty Edmondson, Bill Robbins, Tommy jones, Danny XVilliford, Dillon Rose. JAYVEE BASKETBALL '63-'64 Bert Stephenson steals a rebound from a Xtlilmington Wilalkitten as Tommy jones says "Hands off." S oPPoNr:NT Kinston ..sss Greenville ..,. Greenville .,.. Kinston ..... Fayetteville ...... XtVilmington ,,s,. C H li D U I, li isiusvisikns ........won .....,dwon ....ii,,wou i.....,.won .V....lost ....,...lX'OIl Raleigh Iinloe ......... ....., l ost Raleigh Broughton .v,t,, ,,,,,,,, v von Durham .,.,,Vtv.e,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, l ost Goldsboro ..., .......t i von YVilson ....... Fayetteville .,,.e, Wlilmington ..,.. .,....lost i,...,lost ........won Raleigh Enloe .,,...t,tt v von Raleigh Broughton Goldsboro ....,..,...,.sss Durham ...,.. ........WNOIl v ..,,..,.uoi1 i....,losI. K H' , 4 4115 Avi. 44-x ALM Members ol' the State Championship baseball learn are: first row, Manager, Bernie Capps, Digit Laughridge, Craig Quick, lim Coats, Lddie Allen, Allan Ricks, Aloe Thames: second row, Skip Thompson, Dennis Newell, -lim Arrington, Danny Talbott. Klint Daniels, johnny Brooks, xloe Swaim: third row, Coach Dudley lVl1itley, Manager, Tommy Jenkins, Darrell Johnson, Steve Peterson, Billy XYarren, Bill Blaylock, Ray Todd, Manager, Bebo Rackley, and Manager, lfVilbur Brxant. 1963 BLAQK IRDS CAPTURE On June 6, l963, the highest dreams of all compiled an outstanding record Q14-65 while R. M. fans came true. A clean sweep of' all three marching to glory. The baseball team, losing only major sports had been accomplished, for the base- to Wilsoii and Goldsboro, displayed a tremendous ball heroes had defeated Greensboro for the third amount of desire, sportsmanship, and cooperation. straight state el-A championship in one year. The pressure was on the Birds when they had The championship climaxed the finest base- beat Durham and then defeat Goldsboro for the ball season in R. M. S. H. history. as the Birds Conference crown, but with high spirits and ex- , w,..,....... 4 -7, wa t ,Y Y W tlozuh Dudley llvllillby greets his son Dee alter Championship game, Dennis Newell picks up an extra base against Page I-Iigh School in the finals. SLHEDULI1 ......R1lcigh Lnloc ......TIilson .ff 'ag A Q .f I .5 J., , i 4 ,fly R M 7 . xl 4 L 5 if ii ,1 9, R. M. 5 .... ..,... I Durham .,,,. Ll ' Q 3 5 l. y - R M 21 ' is f " g 1 02 752' 5: ,, ,gf r ' ' R M 4 s W0 'f R. M. 9 ........ R. M. 10 .RR..R.A The Birds make their bid for the play- R M 11 . . ...i,....,i,.. Fayetteville ......XVil1nington ......Raleigh Broughton R. M. 7 ..,....,.,..V. Goldsboro ......., R. M. II ............,. Raleigh Enloe .,,.. R. M. 7 ..,..,...,.... Durham ......... R. M. 6 .............. lVilson ....... R. M. ll .............. Fayetteville ...... R. M. 3 ....,......... XVllIl1IIlgl0ll .......... . . .............. Raleigh Broughton offs as Dennis Newell slides in home against Goldsboro. R. nl. 3 ,.,........... GOltl5lJOl'0 .......,...... ,....,. THIRD STATE cellent playing the team took both victories and were headed for the state 4-A play-offs. At the play-offs the Birds were equally successful. sweep- ing a two-of-three series from West Mecklenburg and then conquering Greensboro's Page High School for the state championship. Danny Talbott displays the sign- post marking the street named Ior him during baseball season. 4-A CHAMPIONSHIP The Birds went the distance under the coach- ing of Dudley Whitley and Johnny Stott. Jim Daniels, Jim Coats, Digit Laughridge, and Dar- rell Johnson all turned in outstanding offensive play, while Danny Talbott. Steve Peterson, and Jimmy Arrington pitched effectively for the Birds. 11, If in gg. hi v' l Blackbirds Jim Daniels, Jim Arrington, and Danny Talbott Large crowds turned out to congratulate the victorious boast their trophy as coaches Dudley WVhitley, Johnny Stott, Blackbirds. and Jimmie Armstrong look on. I I 1' 'sw we V 24' Gollers who made R. M. a strong conference contender are: Ken YVeeks, Graham Campbell, jim Thornes, Steve Caddell, Gene Phipps, Bill Lee, Mike Hux, and Terry Britt. '63 Golf Team Finishes Third In Conference Rocky Mounts '63 golf team, led by letter- man Terry Britt, finished a strong third after hav- Tennis Team Shows Future Potential The Blackbird net squad faced a tremendous rebuilding job in '63 with only letter man George Rainey returning. Rocky Mount finished last in conference play although the Blackbirds made some strong show- ings. The spark of a brighter future began to glow as the R. M. Netters scored a late season victory over a strong Vxfilmington team. Blackbird netters take a breather during a rough work- out. They are: Bill XViggins, David jones, Bob Marsh- burn, Ghuck Taylor, George Ramey, Ronnie Barden, lVestray Battle and Bunn XfVoodard. ing led the conference until the last three matches. Other men important in Rocky Mount's team -ef- fort were: Bill Lee, Gene Phipps, Keen Gravely, Steve Caddell, James Thornes, Mike Hux, and john Alexander. Track Squad Finishes Fine Season R. M.'s '63 track team began its season owner of a new track enabling them to participate on a more competitive basis. The 880 relay team proved this by making a strong bid for the state title only to fall short as the sun set on another year. Members olf the '63 track team are: Dennis Wlilliamson, Kenneth Reams, Vlayne Daughtridge, Bobby Millsg second row, Brent Milgrom, Bill Anderson, Jim Glack, and YVyn Godwin. lv, c :W 'iii' no .fx 'Ei 'V' fl'-x, T "THIS IS THE YEAR THAT WAS." L 5 w X ,I , W f f 'f 'V M . 1' -muff, 6' 'A 7' i '. f Q MQ M 5 ' ku' N A 'xii ' f , T Ru f , ,F , Q I an J 4 5 ij if .' 2 -, W, ff K 'G A " as' 4'-I ' fgi'l1 ,Q 'wil' 67 I 1 N H 4 "Every one to w h o m much is given, of him will much be requiredg and of him to whom men commit much they will demand the more." Luke 12:48 Personalities 'Tl ak 'sf ,- , 5, w wa x ' K 1 A , J Q: fi ' ,X 1 QA, H9 4 1 r' f s 04.0 .- .4 n , Beauties z ,gf " ',,, ,f f , , tiff? W yfyyffyff ff, My , 3 , X , X ,", If X, X 'fyyywyyf GINGER RYALS-1964 BEAUTY QUEEN The olhrial judges lor Rocky Mount Senior Higlrs liltil Beauty Court were IVayne Hardin, head coaeh ol United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Marylandg Mrs. Alanies Marshall, lXIlClSlllIJII1ClI,S Sorial Director: Roger Stauhack, All American quarterhackg and Captain Sheldon Kinney, Clonnnandant ol' Mid- shipmen. This panel found the selection so dilhcult that they asked the entire brigade of midshipmen to help them, Pictures of the contestants were printed in The Log along with an official ballot lor voting. The HI-NOC-AR is happy to present "The Nayy's Choieefl 70 3 72, Sharon Land First runner-up Mcntfvgb A ,I afaitybfsya J. , QWDQW J 1 lXIary Edmondson Second runner-up Gerry Dowdyf Third runner-up S usan S trandberg Fourth runner-up JACKIE SMITH .Maid of Honor lipid' -. frm. i Y. ,L .- .- ..-.i. - ---W ..--,. . , -, .. . ,MW all 2 .72 E W 'Www W 4 'wild W . L nv.', ,Q ,,. 1'-"' Patricia YVhaley Carol Mortinicr Mitzi Moore Susan Kllllllffl' Debbie Edwards Fifth runner-up ' fx 2 , i B , B ' S i f S S 'B 1 if , 5, -M ,. .-, i gm V- t, VIZV 1 Wd ,ir ,xr V M? 1 'Wi fur- :gif ., ,, ' . Yu. ,E , I A ff iw.. W. ' ,fa P - - Q, ,fa M If i V 1 N Betty jones Barbara Nelson Gail Hubbard Pam Luper Lindy Brice Front Row: Sharon Land, Carol Mortimer, Pain Luper, Susan Klitxner, Ma ry Hlriglit Edinundson, Gerry Dowdy, Bar- bara Nelson. Second Row: Mitzi Moore, Susan Strandberg, Gail Hubbard, Jackie Sinitb, Betty jones, Patricia lVl12llCy, Lindy Brice. Absent: Debbie Edwards, Ginger Ryals. 7l OUTSTANDING SENIORS RUSS NORRIS Russ is usually on the scene with the right idea and the follow through to get the job done. He has proven this by the capable way he led his class through junior-Senior and graduation preparations as President of his class his Junior and Senior years. Russ has, in addition, worked in church and scouting and has the unusual hobby of flying an airplane. This versatility contributes to Russ's ability to win friends and influence people! CAMll,I.A REID Camilla has the double charm ol' quiet dignity appropriate lor a Senior, and the gay, lun-loving sweetness ol' a young lady. Her service to the school and community takes many roles. Secretary, honor student, Miss Print contestant, D. A. R. district winner- this list ol' credits shows that citizenship, talent, scholastic achievement, integrity, and hard work are the winning ingredients ol a high school success. In spite ol the time Camilla spends working lor others, she hnds time to be well-rounded Camilla. ,wa LARRY HIGH Larry's alertness, purpose, and high stand- ards make him liked by all. He has the ability to achieve academically and in his commu- nity. His individuality and characteristic of thinking for himsell show his maturity. Larry's contributions to Senior High have ranged from class and homeroom ofhces to member- ship in the National Honor Society. He has been recognized as an outstanding individual by being chosen as Rotary Boy of the Month. His friendship, an asset to all who know him, is one to be greatly coveted. Li E3 JEAN HAYXHVORTH Gourtesy, dependability, and a warm per- sonality are key Words in describing .lean Hay- worth. As Chairman of the Social Gommit- tee and a member of the HI-NOG-AR staff, jean has shown her desire to serve. She is a loyal supporter of school projects and an active participant in many fields. lean is a quick learner and takes responsibility for her work in stride. Ready to be called upon and ready to serve that's -lean! NEAI. ADKINS Neal is dependability personified. His won- derful mind for details and ability to say clearly what he means has made him a most capable President of the Student Organiza- tion. Neal's broad scope of interests ranges from a love of the outdoors to music and academics. He has flexible appeal and a sense of loyalty to his school and lellow stu- dents. He has been honored as a member of the National Honor Society, Rotary Boy of the month, and Typical Youth. 5 ""f'2"-..... 5 1 . vi. . GINGER RYALS Busy always, Ginger finds time to be friendly and courteous. Recognized not only for her beauty, poise, and charm, she has been honored as a delegate to NVildacres and by various elected offices. Ginger is gifted with a beautiful voice and uses it for cheering as well as singing! ln spite of her many extra-curric- ular activities, Ginger is an honor student. It is easy to see why one so interested and so interesting is so well liked. 413' DAVID PARKER IVho could ask lor a better all-around boy than "Dave" Parker? David is superior in everything he does, be it sports or academics. His warmth, personality, consideration, apti- tude, integrity, and willingness to serve wher- ever he can, are equaled by only the best. David has been a leader in his class through- out high school, and his future should be extremely suc'csessl'ul, because he has the ability and the perserverance to achieve great things! JACK CUM MINGS xIac'k's contributions to Senior High are wide and varied, as are his interests. From lavorite pastimes ol golf and stamp collectting to more serious, stuclious pursuits, -Iacsk is a winner. His persuasive manner, teamed with his ability to speak in public, gives him the talent to lead. He prepares lor his luture responsibilities as a citizen by being interested in current allairs. As a photographer, excep- tional student, and young adult, .lack has proven himself an outstanding Senior. JACKIE SMITH The charm and graeiousness of the tracli- tional lacly of the South becomes more than tradition when one knows Jackie. Her love- liness equaled with her ability to get along with others makes her the congenial person she is. She is at home playing the organ or piano, cheering, singing, or just having a good time. Her humility and ctoneern for others give Jackie a seriousness that many stu- dents are lacking. ,' ,".' ,J 1 JOHN ALEXANDER Intelligence ancl athletic ability are only a lew ol the many outstanding qualities pos- sessecl by john Alexander. Athletically, John, as captain of the "Mighty liirclsu, lecl them onward to their seconcl state championship. Scfholastically, he has proven himsell' by being a lXIoreheacl nomineeg ancl combining brains with brawn, has won a lull athletic scholar- ship to Duke University. By no means limitecl to these two Helcls, -Iohn encleavors to enjoy many Helcls of lile. ,.. . ie S 7' li.YI'llY M.XClDI,XRNIllJ Iiathys ellervescense spreacls wherever she goes. ,X bright smile, aclorns her lace. liven more than her outwartl attractiveness, Kathy has an inwartl beauty ol' cleep, sincere, Chris- tian concern lor others. Her unselfislmess makes her contrilnttions to Senior lligh ol greater value than those ol many. Her cheer- ing enthusiasm permeates her lile ancl like her smile, is contagious. XVhether at school, church, or work, Kathy is reacly to lentl a hancl, ancl to be lltbl only an excellent leacler, but a goocl lollower. " 1: 1, 'nu o e ff 'r ' 4 nn 4 . I y N- :'n. f I ,s 0 z . .ll Z se 4 W , z.,':..: fy. 0:54, , Q 'nt 'nn ' fa,,l:fe . If y ,yn Q :I ,, . I vt A uyiaitx KIOYNILR hIean's elhciency, conscientiousness, ancl cle- penclability are the main components ol her exceptional work at Senior High. Not only cloes she excel acaclemically, but she is also outstancling in other capacities ol service. lean puts her best loot lorwarcl as liclilor ol The Blzzclcbircl, as an active churcfhworker, or as a supporter ol' school activities. Her broacl, mature outlook gives her an insight beyoncl her years. She says "yes" to lile and accepts the challenge. N.H.S. MEMBERS ATTEND STATE CONVENTION AT CAMP LEJEUNE Character. Scholarship, Leadership. Service- these are the characteristics required of a student lor membership in the National Honor Society. 'lihe Witzl A. Bond Chapter holds impressive candelight tapping ceremonies in the fall and spring when students receive the most coveted honor that can come to a high school student- membership in the National Honor Society. Mrs. Ora Van Buskirk guides the members in their various projects. During the year. they com- Nalional Honor Society members take advantage ol' the spring weather by holding their annual car wash to raise money lor the year's project. pile a scrapbook of their activities and projects. In the spring a carwash is held to obtain money lor the scholarship which is awarded to a member of the Senior Class elected by the chapter. At the spring tapping, the student voted to be the most valuable N. H. S. member is honored with an award. The Society also supervises the Wita A. Bond Award to the student with the highest aver- age in mathematics. ,if-vi' Old N. H. S. members greet new members and their par- ents at a tea alter the liall tapping. National Honor Society members on the First row are: Jean Joyner, Carolyn Looney, Barbara Haddon, Lona Batten, Ginger Ryals, Candace Puckett, and Linda Sorrell: second row, Burma Baker, Heather Harwood, Camilla Reid, Carolyn XVorks, Rave Pittman, Barbara McGee, and Carol Mortimer, third row, Mrs. Van Buskirk, advisor, Lynne Evans, .Xundrea Dlealon, Nancy Peyton, .Iudy Bradshaw, and Anne Gower, lourth row, Neal Adkins, Larry High, .lack Cum- mings, Ronnie Barden, .Iell liincheloe, XVestray Battle, Larry Modlin, and lVarren Cottingham. Not pictured are Mary .lane Bandy, Percell Farmer, and David Parker. 76 ii' 2- Black Masquers, seated: Thomas Lucas, Jean Gurganus, Carol Mortimer. Heather Harwood, Larry Murcliisong standing: Cag Thomas, Donald Daniels, Mike Dawson, Charles Tharrington, Lyman Harris, ,john Nicholson, XVayne Pearce, Leonard Harris, John Beard, Mac Tilley, absent: Richard XX'ald. BLACK MASQUERS HONOR OUTSTANDING DRAMA STUDENTS The Black Masquers, honorary dramatic so- ciety, was organized in l935 and has promoted the spirit of the theater ever since. These outstand- ing dramatics students are elected from the Edsonians on the basis of their participation and interest in dramatics. Mrs. Ada Hobbs, advisor, guides thespians in studying phases and person- alities of the theater. This year's project, selling personalized sta- iff l'll bet I have sold more stationery than you! tionary, was most successful. The proceeds from this sale were used to furnish the Green Room with chairs and a heater. These furnishings will be available for use in Edsonian productions. During the year, Black Masquers aid the dra- matic department by helping back stage during a production and participate at community func- tions as ushers or stage crew. In their mysterious Green Room are the lall olhcers: Mrs. Hobbs, advisor, Mac Tilley, vice-presidentg Charles Tharrington, president: XVayne Pearce, treasurer: Carol Mortimer, secretary, 77 V V.. :J wi. , :.,,g , ,j Cuinniings, and David Parker. The average student doesn't realize that it is difficult to write for a section ol recognition, be- cause only those events which happen before February l5 can be included. No intentional omission has been inade. and only the necessary deadline has limited coverage ol this section. 5-W... 1,15 'I gif -ti iz! 3 f x7 f it Q ,-, , f ' .. s --1 ki J J con' A 'atulates our top three magazine salesmen, uct. 'z. J igh, and Lewis Dofier. The National Merit Finalists are l.arry High, Mary xlane Handy, Larry Murchison, -Ieannette Hughes, Jack Sandy Edwards, Louis Dozier, and Ross Garris, winners ol the "YVhat Education Means to Me" essay contest, show that the achievements of RMSHS are not lirnited to athletics. KN 'vs 5 2 R G The fourteen Morehead nominees were: I.arry Modlin, XVarren Gottingham, Bob Mills. Russ Norris, Larry High, Larry Murchisong second row, Neal Adkins, John Alexander, .lack Cummings, lX'estray Battle. Ronnie Barden, and David Parker. Not pictured are George YX'atson and Klell liineheloe. Bob Mills and Ginger Ryals, delegates to Yllildacres, discuss what they learned at the Civitan Youth Con- ference on Human Relations. -4-"W Mr. Edson congratulates Lewis Dozier, Sandy Edwards. and Judy Bradshaw, who had the distinction oi' t being selected to attend the Governors School because ol their high academic achievement. Flash! The annual Homemaker Award. made by the Betty Crocker Foundation. went to Faye Coggins . . . Miss Print for 196-1 was Ginger Ryals . . . David Parker was chosen as a Morehead finalist . . . eleven members of the RMSH band were selected to go to the Eastern District Division of the All-State Band Clinie at East Carolina College. They were Ann Bell, Chris Brice. Beth Ann Boone, Jinnny Drake, Pat Hartness. Jeanette Hughes, Randy Hughes, Carolyn Looney. Ricky Miller, Susan Sodeman, and Donna YVhitley. if "They say that life is a highway and its milestones are the years." ' Joyce Kilmer Classes - f me E 2 NIERICAN HERIT GE M. M it ,,, 2 5 0,4 5 eg X di x , N? opho F05 SPRING OFFICERS Spring Oilicers ol' the 1963-64 Sophomore Class are: johnny Hartness, presiclentg johnny Willizxms, vice-presiclentg Brenda Allen, secrelaryg and Bobby Kornegay, treasurer. li at 's Y X R z fz "-N. . -.. ,,,, 1 " SC - H 'ff 1. fn-, .-. 4 '.- fv 1- o it . I Q i if V V Wm. 1 uf' 7' - ,y , ly 1?- 52 Ms! Hu Al Adams Betty Adams Billy Alford Margarette Alford Brenda Allen johnny Allsbrook Henry Amerson Bobbie Andrews Cary Arrington Kathrine Asbell Patsy Ayers Alvin Bailey Bob Bailey Tom Bailey Earl Balkcum Fred Barden Vloses Barker Judi Barth Bonita Bartholomew Chuck Batts Eddie Baysden Ann Bell Ronnie Bell Rose Bell Beth Boone Ann Boswell Pattie Bowden Janice Bowden Donna Bradham jane Braswell Uneeda Brewer Grant Brogden -2' Sophomore Class largest IH school hlstory Warren Broughton Mary Brown Joe Bullard Debbie Bulluck Lacey Bulluck Mary Bulluck Tim Bunn jackie Burgess Sherwood Cain Ed Campbell Sara Campbell Jo Carpenter Kenneth Carpenter Ronnie Carpenter Bert Carter Gail Casey Roy Cash Martha Chambliss Ida Chason jackie Cobb David Cockrell Betty Coghill Chuck Coley Billy Collins jo Ann Collins Patsy Collins Tom Collins Calvin fkmne Bobby Conway Mary Corinth jan Corn Clay Couch jane Cousins Carol Cowand joy Craig Tonnny Creech Brenda Crocker Mary Daughtridge Delores Davis Ricky Dawes J. E. Delamar jimmy Delbridge Graham Dozier jimmy Drake Stanley Dunn Landyce Eagles Nancy Eason Rusty Edmondson Amine Edwards Becky Edwards Connie Edwards George Edwards Eddie Ehrenberg Eddie Ellis Tim Ellis Barbara Ethridge Ashley Ettinger Phil Evans Brenda Everette Beth Elzell Gertie Ezzell Paulette Farmer Sue Farmer WVayne Farmer Dinah Felton Bill Fielding Pete Flye LaRue Fountain Barbara Fox Blair Frohbose Bobby Fuerst Charles Gardner Class lI'CEiSl1I'y boosted COI'1C6SSlOI1 Sl3I'1Cl S3168 Elton Gardner jimmy Gardner W'oody Gibson Bish Godwin Brack Godwin Vance Grady Adrianna Grant Frances Gravely Harold Gray joyee Green Margaret Grillin Charlotte Griseom Larry Grooms Bobby Gunn Frank Gupton Phil Hagan Lea Haggerty Cheryl Hall Jenny Hammond Georgia Hand Linda Hargrove Elbert Harmon jimmy Harris Jocelyn Harrison johnny Hartuess Mavis Hayes Edna Haywood Bill Hedgepeth Sammy Hendricks Charlie Herrington Susan Hickman Bobby Hieks Bob High Fred Hill john Hines Ray Holland Steve Horne Georgia Horton Libby House Nan Howell Keith Hubbard Ron Hughes Gloria Hutto Selma Hux Tim jellries Edith johnson Wvanda johnson David Jolley Tommy jones Vickie Jones David jordan Frankie Joyner Lyn Joyner jimmy Kea Cynthia Keeler Bobby Kermon Martha Kineheloe Bobby Kornegay Susan Kovareo Connie Lambert Carolyn Langhorne jack Langley Randy Langston Elizabeth LaRue Frank League Becky Lee Doris Lee Donna Lester Linda Levy Carolyn Lewis Daw id Lewis Gene Lewis ls G " "' 'V' V 2 ., .1 W' 'K' " 5' W 5' 'fs .V in i V VV, y if ,QW ' N K 1- fa. ' X , ,, . M ,.., M CW ,C mf . if fl , i , - . , l 1, X 5- . .ffff , - ,Ven 'iff f Z ' 2,3 ' 'W SJW' , ' V ' V 7 .-,W '7 V . 4, -' X- Q! " V 7, ff ff ,l -N, F ' ' rv 4' '- , . , H v- ig 3 , " X' m. 2 f - hw V 446, f, 1' , , , , A N , , 0 1 - 'Q-W, K' 1 it , J, I. ,v,, W A A. ' , V41' ff V ,ff 1 .4 , - , '21, , n V 0 , f f , J f 153 W V. 1 Y 1 -.W A1 Q . -:V . f My , "1 - I Q' 4 5 f 2? f J X , ,,,., f . f 5 , , , f ,K , g 2 " , -, u w :I 1 L W A ' Hs, sf ? if v f - A we c 2 7- ,Q lv- Q- -, 2 V 5 ,. f 2 V ., ,+ f Q" , , 1 ' , -V ,' , H, EQ 'f A... Z W fy ef, . ff ' A , Te: f-r N 1441 , N4 5' fy-I Ag, Q , Q ' , V 'x ' X t j- ,. ""f ff X V 4 -f h - I P C , ..,. 1.. , V ,W M, W f . . 1 Vw 1 . "' ' Q . , ,sf . , fV V .0 . Z , , V A -V 7' ' '. , I Hive 'wr' jf :ya -v' My fa M' -, V W .V H-fd ' il, , V W 'Ji , X f?.ies V 5 , V' ffff' f 6 W V, ff . 4 sa: ' Q ' T - V W 1 " 54 M , . M v 1 ' . M, w V, , A ww f' ,K Ny ,, A V ax, f fag: if ' ji"" l' V . :R ,, - "ff M- 42. , Q, W -1 . KZ! p I Vw W A n T f.. y fr' if A ' fm -f - 1 "' ' +- I -. 'H ' V . . , A I 2-V ' P My . , . C f G W - W , ' I J r - . Siifi- , zV. " 12? if ' ' it M ' A V I V' 1. N .Y ,. ' , . ,. ,, ff, H' 5- V Q 1 f 1 -2 ' E, .. , nj- ,rl I . S I' ,Y by , as w it IJ y 3 Jn V ,L' -xv A ff """ W l 1 fc ' ' V f , ' ' , X fggm 1 Q X KJ x -7 V-, gf! -LE .E A' i - L ! 1 Sophomores K W -'f 5' 'W I .. -2 ,. , ff 4, sold 33,426.44 in f-' - fa " Q.. 'R P il? is 41 A W., , ' 1- ng.. -,..,..,, ....,- ..,.,..,... y ' W4 -1' Q '-412 if dimly ,HE A , , 1 " r 4 A it ' .1 .i.aQY..,.,1.?, 1 ff?f",5'8' . . , 'Ji' ' ,WWWM fm ,D fu -. W-4. ri- ,Q ? " J w... , f-L . 7 w ff Effie ' ., 1 fl! X X QXX 1 .. , i -1 , A 45' 2. . ' f X e f ' + " K Ov iff , " 2 " ' ' -K V if S' ' ' ' V 237 X f ' v magazine sales -P We, ,,.. y ..... V Phyllis Lewis Ray Lewis Mike Luther Gaye Lyles Donna Manning Charlotte Marks Matt Matthewson Butch Matthews Dianne Mayo jimmy Mcilullen Scott Mcflullough Margaret McGee Mac Mclnnis Margaret Mt-Lin Linda McManus Babs Mears Lee Mears Bobby Melton A n ne M ilgrom Audrey Mills Ronald Miller florreye Hinges jimmy Mitchell Lynn Modlin Sandra Modlin Sheryl Nlodlin fllllllillil Moore Ernest Moore .lo Ann Moore Larry Moore joan Morgan Brenda Mosley judy Nadelman Freddie 0'Reefe Patsy Oyernian Sharon Parham Gayle Parrish Bobby Pate Lana Pate Dean Peace Jean Peace Kenneth Peacock Richard Pearce Hob Penny june Perry joan Peterson Kay Phillips Ricky Phillips Ray Pierce Robert Pierce Beth Pirkey Mike Pittman Theresa Pollard Linda Pope Renl Powell Mary Ann Pregnall jimmy Price junior Pridgen Lonnie Pridgen Judy Proctor Lee Purvis Sylvia Quincey Linda Ray Richard Richardson Cole Rimmer Bill Robbins Bobby Robbins Brenda Robbins Ann Robertson Pam Robinson Herbert Rouse Josie Rowe 85 Senior High challenges Sophomore-:S Mildred Rowland jimmy Saint-Amand Bob Salisbury Palmer Sanders Shelia Satterlield Steve Sharpe Hugh Shearin Jill Shearin Curtis Sherrod Betsy Shull johnny Slater Tommy Smith Carolyn Spain Shirley Spain Lynda Stallings Grace Stancil Bill Staples Bert Stephenson Brian Strickland Joe Strickland Ann Styons jack Sykes Faye Sykes Patsy Tanner Claudia Tant Ann Taylor Debbie Taylor jimmy Taylor john Taylor Karen Taylor Mike Taylor Vickie Taylor Emmette Tharrington Betsy Thomas Hal Thomas Butch Thompson Robert Thorton Anne Townsend Becky Tulloss Penny Turner Lee Tyler Karen Umbenhaur Susan Vanderslice Josephine Vann Bruce Vick Dannie Vick Ronnie Vick Elizabeth Wagner Emma jean WValker Shelia WV ard George Wvaters Anne Watson Ivey Watson Patsy WVeaver Marie Webb Linda WVells Shirley WVest Steve YVhaley Bryan Whitlord Carolyn Williams Donna Williams Judy Williams Lindv Williams David Williamson Danny Williford Vivian Wvinders Barry YVinstead Brenda Winstead Larry Winstead Bill Wood Verline Wood Karen Xvoods 2. ,oe , Q. ees M " 1 if Agfa Y J Nf4'h Q 1 V Y I x f is ,L bmw - .w Q, 1 af- fix. ' f K , I M. I ,wb sw-f W I . 2 i . X. .Aa . ,A t V , ' B 5Z5M??vaM4wg ?g f of ,rf 1 9 k J A ,. by , ,ful as 4. -' M , ,..V kj' t. ,av Malo new , y , 1 '-vs ', 9' Q4 Z .Q f ' 1 , M far' - I L... .., 5 . ' mf In A P A. Q Y' X ' gf. fl., .TSS f" some ,,,., an norway fa :L G fb.M . T jf yqwy E imjtggjzggggggg ri: ff Qi f ... f , a ww I' . 'Q ,A X sf ff: Q Q , M tw 2 f 4 , 4 W Wi' W Q 5, Krew' KKK if ra be tk gf -1 X V hX Q 0 M B' lu Y 5' X ,yym r V Q ' GN, -iowa , -Y 4 ' tv iQ? 1,2 y'wf.WiW,a 1 um -9 vit 'I' he 4 Q 1. 1 Z Brenda Wooten Sandra Worrell Anne Worsley Bill XVyatt Bill Hcdgepcth, Lczi Haggerty, and Bobby Hicks prepare thcir biology projects for display. "I've heard of footprints on the sands ol' time, but this is ridiculous," say Mary Ann Prcgnull and Hugh Shcurin. Margaret McLin just smiles, for she has thc answer. :url .. -,E 4 Max .xx ' lg ft' --.ic fl Htlltl work is tht may to sucttss .it Rocky Mount Stnioi High :ns Anne Townsend finds Olll. 87 uniors f Y-feihbnlwww ' at iw 'fm FALL OFFICERS ' ? 17 F pf Z i,,,....Nr. i' WK sc-wwahwm 4 Fall olicers elected by the Junior Class are: Bill Anderson, presidentg Allan Gurganus vice presidentg Kenneth XVeeks, secretaryg and Ryland Edwards, treasurer. P' Spring ollicers ol the Junior Class ure: Mrs. Teague, class advisor: Bert Gurgzinus, president: second row ure: Marty Mebztne, treasurerg lxflliff Hinshaw, vice presidentg and lXI2l1'g2l1'CK Dudley, secretary. 88 SPRING OFFICERS , -Q. unior year-happy, hectic, satisfying ig-v ' 7,27 fl: .. A69- Kf -19 O 'fir V 'li 0 "' fy. - , . - Z F X gp' 6 by CA X or tw 3 .t ,YNY 4 t Y P W , lv we A -ff:-rf .., 'EN J dl K. 1 --1 .. if iv.. 5-wx Av- me if A .ml f' rw. ' an , tl .Y , R, lx -1 I , eq., W ' , pal 4? ! Y ,Aw 43 f,.,..f 'N In ! '7""? q-5. E 5 gg ,P Li 'G 54 va., E ' 'fax j' f.?'Qg-1 M 'Y - ox f 7 , QKJJ J ilwwf ! Y ii f ,e ,, ef, tt, ,gf I I ,W , I ' f , y ,rwaaa B, Q: 3, Syjjv n v Y 'S 5 5 14 L, 1 cf i , -1 ix ff- If 1 n:'A 'Mfg 9 XX V1 ,, f I V QQ ,IVQ t , li QA, f., We -Li.M,,,Y, A 'Q A t,,,.jQQ WVayne Abernathy Anne Ahernethy Terry Alford WVayn1oulh Allen Bill Anderson jinnny Arrington Nlary jo Ashby Eddie Bailey Penny Baker WViley Ballance Debbie Barhee LaNell Barnes Ronald Barnes Theresa Barnes Georgia Barnhill WVayne Batehlor Bobby Bateman Bob Batten Cora Mae Bell Pam Bell Steve Bennett Sandra Blanton Bill Blaylock Bill Bonner Larry Boone Phyllis Bosenian Nancy Boyd Mike Boykin Barry Bl'klIlSllllWV Cooper Brake Blythe Branch Ellen Branch Peg Brantley Jenny Braswell Linda Brice Stese Britt Claudia Brown Linda Bryan Caroline Bullaloe Becky Bulluck Danny Bulluck Linda Bunn Janet Byrne Stese Caddell Graham Campbell Carol Carignan Gwyn Carson john Carson Steve Carson Cheryl Clack jimmy Claek Ricky Clack Carolyn Clark Veda Clark Patsy Clayton Mary Cobb Mike Cobb Glenn Coekrell Craig Collins Joan Cook Michie Coppedge Mary Council Rose Cox Linda Creekmore Bobby Crocker jeff Croom Bryan Cutchin Jeffrey Daniel Barbara Davis C. T. Davis Donald Davis Ike Davis Sammy Davis Gail Deans Lawana DeBoe jo Lenne Dellow Lindsey Dennis Ann Dill Lewis Dozier Kathy Drake Rick Draper Celia Dudley Margaret Dudley Charles Dunn Stew e Dunning Charles Dupuy Robert Eagles Paulette Edgerton Cy Edson Debbie Edwards Ryland Edwards Charles Ellis Brenda English Frances Eveland WVayne Ezzell Edward Farmer v -1.1 er- , may KZ, 2 4- .,,,. 4 .ff uniors spend year in discovering 'IS aptitucles and making future plans .- -. Qi It 5 V w ,5v'f 1 1 .'- A, gf I v my G , .,, , s. ,. , V s , ,l A l 'A ff - , , 1, ,.. 7,1 l MV! , I . X , Z 'i L, ia ,R 1: . 1 l' my J . fig XX, f X, ,Aff 2 . V " .wif in A Q , , rw, 1 ,f V27 Fw WMM' '721"'It 3 ,vm 'US Ku. aff' :ES mf!! 247, -wr - ,- fsf rt Gif 'VY 'rv if f Q , 5 2 Y xy, jg' ffl gl? 1. wg k - 1' C ' u .. ,V I' !gi ww ,, r uf is s 'A X Q ,, : :. lm X .M s s s 2- 5' fi 1 "N .Q M. ll' . A. Margaretle Farmer Linda Faueette Sara Ford Brenda Fowler -loyee Fritts Betty Fryar Judy Fryar jell' Fulch Frances Gaither Peggy Gardner Ross Garris Wvyn Godwin Sharon Coll' Eddy Goolshy Stes e Gorham Betty Grant Frank Grealliouse Sam Greathousc Brenda Grillin jim Grillin Randy Grillin Rosroe Grillin Allan Gurganus liert Gurganus jean fllll'g2lllllS Barbara Guy Mickey Hagins Martha Hale Mona Hamad kenneth Hammond Sarah Hanner Judi Harper Olivia Harper Xvilliam Harper Pat Hartness Raye Hathaway B2ll'll1ll'll Hayworth Naney Hedgepelh Cheryl Hemenway Ronnie Herring , Charles H iekman l janet Hicks Mike Hinshaw Linda 'Hoell Jennell Holmes David Horne Skipper House Judi Howell 2 Q I 222 uniors take Qctober PSAT WWUQ . ,X x X as . V Batty joy: Insnoc .f X x ...Pb X w "arm, 1, g. , Z . nf N I 4575 31 41, fi 5-4 'lf-Y , -V -J 1 Z , ,A,, wwf ,Gy ',n, Q . sy , ,, AQ A Mi: 3 'JC Ima. V xx 4 -Q I 3. ' 1 if 1 ' 2, .. 1 f Mf J 2 ,F A fr ' Q"'7 Sv .,,, 1 qi f ap, A A? f A1 f x vim 1.2- -K ,A fi .Qc 1 f f--'fn V.. , wa Q. P ,X Long-awaited class rings arrive 'L 'EJ W .- V wwe.-1 . 1- Www ff N ' ,ry ,V 0 it., x - , vi if f 'rv ,J I+, "Mr . ff G , s w ift. M.- I. E in 'lm-v 1 -,. 4:-, . ' 21: ,Q , ini. f s.-1 X I fi Q I s 1" ' Y .,L. f w 1 5 'A ., na-- f Q' V 4 . K W4 5 as T-ws nu' S... ws... wry s'7 K ff 1 ,Q ws HE ?' -rv A I if W 'LF 'in " J s.J 1, I . M X 4 ,, ft, - , 7 X . ,fm , ' M! .- fame , ,M ..- ,.. M , .ge W w- .fq 0- X , "' A S,- ' ,j J - .F W. 'J " 'S ,W X Q it '-r' P L, a Q , 4 f ry ,ri , f ..-.,, ff? rn, , 4' .,.. U 1' ., ' -' U 'l"i"' Q fi . i5:,A,.Av3 l if gif- Z 324 Qffflzil, 'QQ TRKQWT W1 :. W, ' ' ,aw " .5 f if ay my is If 46 XX Y Q Z , x Y-4 W 1 W if , W my A W f ff -,i aj za! E' Marty Mehane Sarah Melvin Betty Meyers joan Mitchell -larw is Moore Nlitzi Moore Sybil Moore Nlahalia Mooring Margaret Morris Jim Murrill Betsy Neal Lillian Nelms llarlzara Nelson Tommy Nichols judy Nyquist Larry Odom Nell Odom 'l'ennil'er O'Neal jean Overman Anna Overton Susan Page WVayne Parker Marie Pate jennifer Patterson Darla Pearce Lynn Peterson Steve Peterson Gene Phipps judy Pitt Martha Pitt Olivia Pitt Ronnie Pitt William Pittman Judy Preast Danny Proctor Ike Proctor Mary Ann Proctor Sue Rash Kenneth Reams Susan Rhodes Ivan Ricks Sallie Ricks Hollis Riley Susan Roane Darlene Rose Gail Rose janet Rosser Bruce Salshurg it . . Carol Sanders Emily Sellers Billy Shackleford Douglas Sharer Randy Shaw jane Shearin Tommy Shearin Dianne Siler Cathy Smith Evie Smith Margaret Smith Moodie Smith Pat Smith p Tim Smith f , Harriet Soden M Stewart Smith .r ' Q Karen Spurrier K Dan Stallings Susan Strandberg Earnie Strickland Henry Strickland Louis Strickland Maria Strickland Speight Sugg Joe Swaim Dianne Sykes ' Ralph Sykes Robby Sykes Donna Taylor Sandra Taylor Mary jane Tedder Cag Thomas Jimmy Thornes Carolyn Timms jackie Tripp Lynn Tucker I. WV. Turner Nancy Tyler Richard Vann Arthur Viverette Barbara Wvagner jane Xvalkcr Ralph Wallace Sylvia Ward Brenda WVeaver Nancy Webb Z.. Patricia Wvebb R f , Charles Webster V! uniors plan an elaborate m,,a uit. fl xl 1 7 Q , H Prom to honor the Senior Class 4 5 1 l -,Cf Qi I if A j: X . i A I in ' j '1 fa.-f fi' l , " v. ftp., fy I f fa, V I4 Qu! f f'i' ii 3 fi 7 , if ,. 1. .- l if fi A I H in sig-nl' Bryan Cutchin and Jenny lirztswell admire this lovely gown as they think of their first tlunior-Senior. 1 l An Af Ken KVM-ks Linda YVrcks Pzitrifiu YVhulcy Phil YVllill' Grain' XVhill'orcl AIIIICIU' WVhillcy llclll WVhitll'y llnnnzl WVIiillcy AI1'Illlli.l'l' xvllllfl' Ann Williams filmrlcnc Wvillinnls juild XVilli1nns Hickey WVillialnls Shi-lin XVilIinins jinnny Xvillis Miko XVinh0n W'un1lu SVisc liunn xvtblllllllill Linda W'oodfock lVudc WV0odrnll' Connie Young Sllfllll Yonnt killvy Yousef Excited B2l1'lJ2ll'2l Davis :incl lXl2ll'g1ll'Cl llucllvy get their long-ziwziitecl 4' rings lroni Mr. lizirbee. C, x 49,3 FALL OFFICERS Larrf Hi li, Jresidentg Lvnne Evans, vice- Qresiclentg Nanc f Pe 't0n, sefretar ig and And Nuckols, l . , l l l l Y treasurer, are shown relaxing lrmn some of the many duties that are required lroin Seniors in the lall. SPRING OFFICERS Russ Norris, presiclentg Belly -Innes, secretaryg Troy NfVeaver, vice-presiclentg Mrs. Speiglit, advisor: and Steve Kelley, treasurer, pose in the Senior courtyarcl as the Hnal slate ol olneers of the Class of 1964. 96 1 iw! 'Twig Neal Ashley Adkins, Jr. john Charles Alexander, jr. Dallas Lloyd Alford, III Donald Wayne Allen, jr. Cheryl Anne Andrews Edith Drue Andrews New Senior Class assumes leadership Betty Sue Armstrong Milton Cecil Bailey, jr. llurma Leigh Baker Wesley Owen Ballon, jr. Mary jane Randy Ronald Stephens Harden 'V' We WW, X 'f.,w,,-ty 4- ibm '77 f ag," NIM Faye Robbins measures Mac Tilley for his cap and gown, -4. "IDI 1 S 7 wh! Qpuvna... George Eldridge Barnes Georgia Lynn Barnes Linda Fern Barnes Philip Lacy Bartholomew Carrie Blanche Batten Lona Ann Batten Turner Westray Battle, Jr. John Lester Beard, Jr. Mary Ellen Bell Donow an Brooks Bennett af....WW" Wan' W Betty Frzmces Boone Rena Gayle Bossolono Judy Kay Bradshaw john Michael Brake Glenda Lou Branch June Russell Brantley fi, 'vi 'Me' iii M, .Q-14 ri" W JY Christopher Bryan Brice f "XVi 1 1 lh the seniors leaving lirst . . john Charles Brooks IKOAJIIIIJ Blyillll Linwood Bruce Burnette 93 Beverly Sue Carmichael Stephanie Gail Casper Karen Lynn Casto Anne Elizabeth Chandler Michael Dean Chaney Lydia Kay Churchill 'swf' , 4 y f 5 41? Camilla Reid Wins DAR Award W ,idk 30? 'gf-Y- pdii if mv i QQ, .RY Charlotte Marie Clark Svillianl Kenneth Cocluan Rachel Joyce Cockrcll Adelia Faye Coggins Linda Ann Coghill jacqueline Lee Colhul V1 ,pe aw W '.,,.1' N 4 F3 :-. ,, . , 7- 1 WV.. f Ex x ni fr'-M -we me 0:5 3 , Faye Anne Collins Laurie jo Collins 'Warren jackson Cottinglunn jznnes Rullin Creech Casey joseph Cueto jasper Lee Cummings, Jr. National l-lonor Society taps I5 seniors Carol Jenkins Cunningham Donald Underwood Daniel William Mfayne Daughtridge Carolyn Jean Davis Lois Faye Davis John Michael Dawson 'B flrs .e Q Mmm OID' Sze'--K 1 16.3 N Rum ,W QE! A rx A 4"'0-q.,,-0.1 -um .,fw"" Aundrea Jean Denton Larry Dean Deaton John Lewis Dew, Jr. Spencer Lee Dew Maureen Frances Doherty Geraldine Pittman Dowdy Most rlxilclren haue two parents. yvmiamDmridpriyerilr. Anclroniki Youlsu smiles upon ah-4 lea ming that she has 297. Elvin jerry Eatman 147 , George Hackney Eatman O2 Nldl y Wright Edmondson NNW in-s-uni' fm-Q ea. ,,... Joseph Emiel Edwards Linda Joyce Edwards Arthur Charles Ehrenberg, jr. Philip Cameron Ethridgc Frances Lynne Evans Judith Anne Ezzell 1' 'rss 7' vwvhv Qs. x , 'K 3-s...f1y ,Ur 1' 1 . .lf 7:1 . 'Q 5 , ,il .f -'ali Q54 " ww 'iii'- --,f, .- I 4,. 1,5 , ,. . ,wg , --v "' Jijf ' : f Dell Marie Farmer Pcrcell Farmer john Joseph Farris, jr. Lucian Holt Felmet, jr. .-'I X: 1 E , ' vf , 'a I' v l .4 J 4' , , ' il 1 5 I 1 l I L--- The burden of the Senior English tcziclicrs is liglilenecl l'0llSlilL'l'lllJll' by two znssislznits who rcznl ilu-nies. Mrs, lVilgus seems to find her task zu rc-wurding one. in Ez,-, Wm, -U' ,,.,,,..--,, HT? Evelyn jean Ferguson Lharlotte Elizabeth Fields Rebecca Dianne Flood Wanda Sue Floyd Betty Ruth Foreman Linda Sue Gibbs qi ff? 'iilv-1.-41? 91' 104 5 . W if f Carolyn Faye Griffin Margaret Brenrla Griffin Rohm-rt Paul Griffin, Jr Betty Lou Gurganus Barbara jean Haddon Mary Bruce Haggerty Seniors complete college looarcls Robert Morrison Hall, Jr. Vickie Dianne Hall Judith Graham Hammond Bennie Roscoe Harrell Lyman Eason Harris jane Lea Harrison ffm' A rv '37 fr sg'-,..,,f Wo qw. 1 Q Jf"'h.,, ,. ff., V227 Jf""'h 4--,MA ,N,,,, Heather Ann Harwood Patricia Anne Hasty Joanne Hathaway Emily jean Hayworth Larry Allison High, Ir. Madeline Harriet Hills Class Get Ready! Class Begin!" svllllillll Judson Hogshire, Jr. Hilda Faye Howell Frances Dianne Hudson 1, Charles Durand Hughes Jeannette Marie Hughes Ray Horatio Hundley, Jr. Martha Gwen Hux julia Faye Jackson William Austin jackson Larry YVayne Johnson ffmfw M 4 . 'v 1 III! -Q.,-.- 1 rx, I ff 16 'Q .I f f fW ff, 7V 9 'DN YQ- We 'An 4:23 A xy 4,9-Y-' 97"-u-4' Q' 'WY 'c""'. QW-N ' ifllnw A-Qu.-.-f--f' 'HIL' ff If 'A ff! i f I ' 1 1' 4 f .' 1, "' X Xxx ,ff ' 1 Q '+V r 4 yy fL.l,.,,,w Q,-,N ,f R------ --- --M- i Q l ,rf i r X,-Lx4'..,,r,.ff at .t QTY? Ronald Haywood Johnson ' "Hz1ll!" sans Mrs. Spelght, class acl- Elizabeth Leigh Jones Sara Frances jones Dorothy jean Joyner xisor. as she helps seniors protect the privilege of breaking into the lunth line. X,-S IO7 Steven Craig Kelley Thomas Reynolds Kennedy, Jr. james jellrey Kincheloe Ginger Leigh King Susan Elaine Klitzner Judith Leonomie Kornegay 4 "ww ,abuse 7, ,E 'NY mv 'YV' Class gamers many scholastic awards. "" P ' ,mv 118-w V w',.!iff Q., , 1 - fi ' jay Michael Kridel Connie Anne Lancaster james Henry Lancaster John Steven Lancaster james Dennis Lane Carolyn Faye Langley I it X S ,Yx"'W3S"" IWZ7' ,f"'W 1' ml mr'-wr, X v--I 4 f-W if' X Q-low ' fm, KN-wx: iw, Ski ,QM ,IM 4, .5 7 1 y V .aw wg Minnie Louise Lee Raynlond Robert Levy Johnny Lewis Long Carolyn Page Looney Pamela Ann Luper Vickie Lynn Manning Six National Merit Finalists! Patricia Ann Marks IQ ,qw- john Loving Marshall Robert Andrew Marshburn W E E jimmy Dee Massengale Judith Fay Maurer Kathryn Lindsay Maclliarmid Q. ws 7 . 7l'X ' .-""'S YQ' gk ,' ,. X -fy.-'Y lim fix "1-,Jr 1 ' f I Q' f XX fl gal A-'hw N E Q. 1 l xg 2 I "Out! Out. jc lowly lllllll'liCl2l9i mon," l'Xll2lilll thc seniors on lhcir prixalc car lo lvllllllllglllll. , .,., W, V V 'Jw Z Www? ff. ,"M'147,fu-7,112-'-4 -' W ,f ,, ' " .. -. -lm?- v1,f , ,gr ,' K ' 51:7 gy -5 , E 5 9-A www , AJP . Q ,K fi' , " ' sf J, , 1. ,.: 534021 mffff M e ,t 121' if . Q- 25 Q af. uf? 'K f li fl ' . l l 4 1 ' Q 3 , ,, W3 a F sr Raymond Richard Miller, Jr. 'lx Aw A x S " Q ' ,. Q ' ww: x 412-3" XVil1iam Sidney McGahee Barbara jean McGee Howard Ray Mears Linda Hines Melton Brent Marriott Milgrom Linda Ann Miller HO F - . Jeannie Joanne Mills Robert Lee Mills Larry james Modlin mix . imdb! .miaai 1 . 4 W1 an-s.-"' , 4 A "' ,Q gy -f-ri 1 fr' Orville Napoleon Monroe Annette Moore Brenda Diane Moore Judy Carol Moore john Goff Mooring Linda Faye Morgan 10'5"'i w 'Fit 1 9 l fin. Ss- Z. Carol Anne Mortimer jessica jane Morton Janice Elizabeth Moss Miriam Elsie Munden 'PMI' 'SIIY "" W' lfmls! Fails! Fails! The look of thi well-d1'c-ssed li -enagcr! Y Z 2 2 2 3 f Q N john Laurence Murchison Ben Holland Neville, jr. Phyllis Anne Newell Ginger Faye Newton Allison Lynn Nichols John Lawrence Nicholson 2 AA. .., 1 .i Ax .,4,, Y A f 4 ? A X Q F if 'ht MM? is Seniors orcler graduation earcls and announcements UT' YT' ll2 Wilt ,L i .ff 1 E, Www., gs gs 1 IQ,-. 'EW Katherine Hicks Nicholson Julius Russell Norris, Ir. Andrew Stewart Nuckols Jacqueline Braudis Oakley Gloria Jean Odom Virginia Beverly Padgett llzuid Franklin l'zn'kcr llzlrrivl Suv P2ll'lxl'l' Louise Annctlc l,1llAkCl Stulcy H7113 nc l'curuf lierncy Thomas Pee-lc judy Czu'0linc Perncll Graduatlon commlttees Work cllligently rv-Q '4 Mi 4'-3 "R""--,k 7 735 Raye Marie Pittman Benny XVayne Pollard W -,,,fff' Ep WW, X IF ,wh . ,V 9 wr 2 IW ' W Marjorie Marie Powell ffm WN , , 4 ' ' 'f ,Mg ' 4,1 35, ., 1 , '- f 4 1 . ...pv . 15 63. -mv Rachel Mae Powell Felix Val Price, jr. Lonnie Woodrow Pollard, Jr. ll XVI ll'l'l' ' ' ml?" 111 Illc W4'lil'l 'llll I QOIIIU' lo Nancy Diane Price Clyde Earl Pritlgen, II w,.,, M., Dorsey Wright Proctor, Jr. .wana war' Martha Candace Puckett ".r' , "W---JT' John Craig Quick Judy Bryan Quinn john Robert Reardon w. ag-W --,,, WY? 1 ' David Hunter Rcavis V ,bm ' . nw W Camilla Anne Reid ' 51. K1, Charles Austin Robbins "fu , OK I 4 J! .av w Q H M: 4 i gi Q M., . H 'nn ,49 1-'G' 1'-iw? 1 'f ' " ji ff -,,m,:w.,- 1 V ' 2 2 1' S i 'iff' 'f .MW ,f W WMM' ,y V , Zriibywfflwfv, I -,W ' W , , ' fi . ff" 'f M f.w'4:fyz' 1 529161, . , , .14 :JA 4" ,ffm .W 5 '3 A if f ,fa 0.1 ' C" ff - ' X , ,L Q' 1 9 ' 1 Doris Faye Robbins Linda Faye Robbins lvllllillll Micluu-I Robinson Mary Sue Russell .4-AWZ.'l l"""' '79 Q . 147' - ., ...V i ,. ff Q- N wwxar 2 "xl . .V ,pf 'X lcd und wlnilc lmmkgmnml with .1 04, Zl mnclm- of suns, und lu Lltlllllf I .nn nothing, uilh bod l znn sonu-ll1ing": this is our Hug, ...a- N5 ,LNG Virginia Ruth Ryals -Falk Vicki Sallee Nancy Scott Severance Karol Jean Sexton Tempie Louise Shearin Jacquelyn Ellen Smith College representatives help prepare ar- 5912 fha- U6 l:OI' the flltllfe Mary Russell Smith Susan Louella Sodeman Linda Sorrell Vlilliam Edward Spence Samuel Knox Stanley Sandra Jean Stone r'C fum, ,QS- . J, afr'rwgyrfi1i?'m??!'1 M-vu?" '99 .jar-uf Ann Lyon Strickland Barbara Sheryl Slussic Charles Earl Sykes Charles Edward Taylor, Jr. Lyman Kent Taylor Timothy Russell Taylor Seniors joyfully receive acceptance notices Tommy Norman Tedards joseph Brownie Thames, jr. Charles Stewart Tharrington Steve Henderson Tharringlon james Rice Thompson, III james McDonald Tilley 'Q' 6v"P"" Q! if 'W- QW 4' I I I I I ,, I I I E2 v I I I I 1 I, I 'ww J ul ian Em crson Turner, 'Yami 147 in , --N.r- I I ffflf' 1 Tv ---'A . I I I f ' 'X 1 I l I I I . I , I Mimi Mundi-n, l.l". exchange Slll- clcnl, rcllliiiisu-s with friends about llL'l' trip to South .'Xllll'l'lCil. 5.7 S if eva! ,jx IIES '71 I ,f 'H-'--'Y-I I r I I I I I I ..., joseph Leonard Vcillcttc John Edward Vivcrctte, Ir. Richard Mark WVuld Charles WVils0n YVall Billy Earl Todd Raymond Francis Todd Brenda Gail Turner Edward Earl Tyner Lana Johann Vaughan Ir. ' 3' mu F "HIV WVillium Lloyd WVz1ll WVillimn Edwin IVZIITCII, III Frank WVaruszcnk, III Martha Ann WVatcrs Ellie Norita Ivatson George Benedict Watson, jr. ,gn si eff gk 9 ,A ' 3H'-45. I 57? Q91 f ,I 'L of . ,W -.1 . , bv: rf " ' ,EM x , , X .-nga ,ug 2 Q M l,0lllSl Lu, liflly lloonc, Iillllll , Lani Ccnc WVatson IllL'IIIlll'l'S of thc SL-niol' liflllltlllllli- llzuulport. and lfzxyc Robbins QW' 'Bw- ing lh-purtlm-nl, modvl thc clrcsscs ' llml lhcy llldtll' for thc znmuul ' ilxshion show. Anthun Tloy XV1me1,jl. jnllnan Many Clem WVcldon 'Wm ,W fro ' ' f John Alun Walls , P U9 mf., I Q WVilliznn Wvilson Hfiggins. jr. Roderick Cox Hfilkins Irene Scottie wVilll2llllS Johnnie joseph WVillinms Dennis jackson lVilliamson Donna Scott WVillis 0 .-3 1' Graduation arrives at last! QQ' H- ...,. W iff! john Dwight Winstead Jane Claire WVinters Mary Ellen WVomblc George Eliot Wood, III Rita Dare XVoodcock Carolyn Ashford Works nv" Ar. mgwfwf' Buck Allin Worrell C harlcs Crxfhn Hforrell anus D0 lk WV01 sley r Zin Memoriam CAROL ANJNE MORIIM1-:R uly '73 1946 March 1 1954 l ui nu an ma ll ll ,qyff -ff QW- :Q was ,f 'V cf f 4 y .asf 'Q' ll imp - 1 , 6 fnm,2:Y'wf4wm4mn: H -nf ' . - . -pn --. , W,-414 4, h,,,,W,?LW,..m,,.,4, ff ,h..,..,, gn V.-I , X: 1 - ,.,.,WmW,7Q4.,. , , mg ' 9, ff WM 2 41 fgv , f ,Milk wa , w1.-.,,.W.v.,,,,..,..,,- . . .,.,' rr E You RE PEOPLE make the difference F ,' 1 'f gp , ri iz' , as , l N r: f I E new Noulll f1 f r BAN K s TRUST co. FEREBEE-BISHOP - SIGN....0F A FULL SERVICE BANK A In Rocky Mount- Home Office Consumer Credit Brooch North Office Drive-In Seutlr Qffice Drive-In East Qtfice Drive-In West Gftice Drive-In r Branches ln l Nashville 0 Whitakers 0 Zebulon 0 Middlesex O Battleboro Pinetops 0 Enfield 0 Edenton 0 Sharpsburg 0 Hertford 0 Henderson I l24 KILLEBREW STUDIO OFFICIAL - NOC - AR PHOTOGRAPHER 1963-1964 TOM BAILEY MOTORS Compliments Qt . . . HIGHWAY 3C-ll BYPASS Rocky Mount, North Carolina -B I SE T-I-EIS 1hl:lllC1ll0l:K07l MACK TRUCK pistRisotoRs MWUY5 Rwdy tO Serve Compliments ot . . . NATIONWIDE INSURANCE Locol Agents Don Boggley Eloise B, Riggs Milton Porker Williom N. Boppitt Jomes R. Tnompson, lr. ARNES TIN SHOP Rooting oncl Sneet Metol Controctors l2O Nortn Hovvord Street Pnone Glpson 6-7l92 Rocky Mount, North Carolina WALKER SAW SERVICE QNE HOUR KORETIZING HOMELITE G POULAN CHAIN SAWS Tlte MUST in DRY CLEANING Corner of Polls ond Tnomos Sts. Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mount, North Carolina l i 26 A. SCHOTTLAND INC. Manufacturers ot ACETATE, RAYON AND NYLON FABRICS Rocky Mount, North Carolina -SALES ROOMS- l44l Broadway New York City THE CARLETON HOUSE Motor Lodge And Restaurant Downtown In Rocky Mount, N. C. NELLO L. TEER COMPANY Rocky Mount Quarry Rocky Mount, North Carolina Phone GI 2-6353 - Crushed Stone Granite Screenings Compliments ot , . . Compliments Ot . . . JOYNER oiL COMPANY Sm0ffFufnifufe 'iff N9-W' Mohawk Carpets and its Siegler Heaters Hotpoint -Elegy' vws-'Vg Appliances K 1 "Where Quality and Prices Meet" Main at l-lill Rocky Mount, N. C. Snell Dealers l27 ALFORD INSURANCE 84 REALTY GO. 2l8 Torporo Street Rocky Mount, North Corolino 234 Torporo St. Glbson 6-7095 DIXIE LETTER SERVICE Typing Addressing Moiling Folding Moiling Lists, Uttset Printing Cliurcn Bulletins, lVlultiQropning l-ligli School Directories, High School Student Hondbook, Club Books, l-listory Books ond Pnotostoting Rocky Mount, North Carolina THE MEBANE COMPANY For The Rest ot Your Lite KI G DOW Mottresses 8 Springs Compliments . , . LEDER BROTHERS of Rocky Mount, North Carolina Congrotulotions, Closs ot '64 JOHNSON FUNERAL HOME, INC. Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments Ot . . OAKWOOD PARK SUNDRIES Fountoin Service Toys ond Sundries 329 Foiryievv Rood Joe l-l, Borrett, Prop. QUALITY LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS, INC. 238-242 Tarboro Street Dial GI 6-7l I6 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Telephone GI 2-6202 30I By-Pass South ROCKY MOUNT AWNING 6' TENT CO. Manufacturers Gt Metal And Canvas Awnings Storm Doors And Windows THE BIG STATION DOES THE BIG JOB Complete Coverage ot Blackbird Events You Will Flear It First And Best On WCEC and WFMA sto on A, ivi. - l00.7 on F. ivi. Compliments Ot . . GEHMAN'S J EWELERS I39 South Main Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina FAIRVIEW FABRIC SHOP, INC. 309 Fairview Road lIXIear Old Fairgroundsl FIRST QUALITY . . . Cottons - Silks - Woolens Custom Tailoring Telephone 446-7734 Day Phone Night 6' Sunday Phones GI 6-9986 GI 6-4025 - GI 2-2058 24-Hour Wrecker Service COASTAL TEXACO SERVICE STATION JOHN JAMES, Mgr. 42I S. Church Street Rocky Mount, N. C. Country Style H Jerusalem A R T I O H O K E S Sweet'n Hot Packecl 0 Guaranteed By S. C. DUDLEY l300 Tarhoro Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina ODELL'S DRIVE-IN Nashville Highway Rocky Mount, North Carolina "A trienclly place to meet ancl eatf' "pizzas" Telephone Gl 2-S274 RAMBLER - MERCEDES-BENZ - MG AUSTIN HEALEY - SPORTS CARS W S- my 509 S. Church W- Tel, 442-LH66 DAVIS 8: CO. Wholesale TH OMAS-FARRIS Auto Parts-Eauipment,Tires Rocky Mount, Conway, Scotland Neck, M O T O R S , I N C. Murfreesboro Compliments . . . ORKIN EXTERMINATING COMPANY, INC. 705 North Church Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina GI 2-H12 NORTH STATE MOTOR LINES, INC. l.ocal G Long Distance Hauling Rocky Mount, North Carolina Phone GI 2-4l08 Phone Gl 2-4l09 l30 Compliments ot. . . CITIZENS SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Rocky Mount, North Corolino TO THE CLASS QE '64 SEALTEST DAIRY PRODUCTS Division Ot Notionol Doiry Products "Get tne Best - Get Seo1test" SEALTEST ICE CREAM ond MILK Coll Glbson 6-41128 1437 Ro1eign Rood Rocky Mount, North Carolina 131 i For EVENING. . E I, 5 I1 V I1 'X Io 'w I lo F 5 I Or DAYTIME . . ' ' -6 U I Rocky Mouni, N. C. I 124 Sw. Mm sneer Rocky Mount, North Carolina A o T32 w 1 Y Y l 1 vu. Bus. Phone 2-6444 Res. Phone 6-8967 RUSSELL LANGLEY'S AUTO SALES Russell Longley 401 W. Thomas St. Gwner Rocky Mount, N. C. CI'IANDLER'S 55 to SIO0 Stores IO6 North Moln St Rocky Mount North Carolmo Wolnut Shopolng Center CK C1 LES Cr SERV Drol GI 23492 P G Box I296 Your Enendly Gredrt Jeweler BARTH'S JEWELERS W Thomas Street Rocky Mount N C Formerly We seryrce oll rnokes THE JEWEI. BGX PHILCO Block GWh1te Color Ty Our Best Washes To You COIIQIGIUIGIIOPS Ilom DOT AND B BARRI GER UGS N RESTAURANT Hlghvvoy BOI North BARRINGER STUDIO INC Rocky Mount North Carolmo LEWIS OIL COMPANY Doy Phone I Eorl Levvus Consugnee GI 2 2786 4I9 Muddle Street Nrght Phones P O 3094 I294 GI 2 2437 2 7998 Rocky Mount GI 6 46I4 North Corolsno Cornolurnents ot WESTWOOD LUIVIBER CO , INC Rocky Mount s Only Complete Buuldnng Suooher I33 I . VI 'S RADIO TV SA ICE HOWARDJOHNSON'S Qing X 'Xp ez? XS S? -ti- f ' Q J QPEA TY QOQ- Mii tim For Pretty Posies Go To RUTH'S FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP 327 Foirvievv Rood Olbson 2-7396 Glbson 2-35l5 ALLAN MIMS FORD SALES AND SERVICE Ford, Folcon, Tbunderbird, ond Ford Trucks It you don't trode with us, we botlfi lose Rocky Mount, North Carolina FOUR FASI-IION FLOORS FOR TOTS, TEENS, AND MOTHER TOOI . MAIN AT SUNSET ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. Compliments ot . . . A. F. COMER TRANSPORT COMPANY I tai Compliments ot . . . H. H. WEEKS SEED AND FEED STORE Gorden Supplies May Success Be Yours Z. B. BULLUCK, INC. WIIR I-IGVIOV Wholesale lvleats Established I904 G. S. TUCKER FURNITURE N. C DA, impeded Mews COMPANY, INC. IO7-I II North Washington St. . Englewood Brand Rocky Mount, North Carolinq Denton Street Dial GI 6-SIZI KNOX PORTER NURSERY Landscape Nurserymen Growers Gt Ornamental Shrubs, Bedding Plants Wholesale EJ Retail 4 Miles East On US 64 o R O. Box I242 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments Ot . , . PLANTERS COTTON OIL COMPANY Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments ot . . . ELBERI' IVIGR-VON J, D. WILLIAMS MOSLEY'S MOTEL M , G W , B O D Y S H O P 60 Outstanding lvlodern Units AUTQ Bgdy RQDQIVS Gnd Pgjntjiqg Hot VVCIIGI' Heat - XAXIV-COl'ldlIlOI'lGCl Radio - TV. A Room Telephone S. Church St. Ext, Rhone 442-8349 Lake FISRIVIQ - SWIVVIVTIIVIQ IDOOI R k M N h I. U. S. Highway SOI and SOUR oc y cunt' Ort Caro ma Rocky Mount, North Carolina I35 I I -Lite Telephone GI 6-93l6 I -Fire I -l-lospitolizotion I -Automobile I . li ,-Trip Insoronce, I doy to 6 rnonths Ill JESSE C. MORTON, GENERAL AGENT y 3l6 So Woshington Street ' Rocky Mount, North Carolina MATTHEW'S DRUG STORE Compliments Gf Prescription Druggists Phones ROSCOEGRlFFlN'S , GI 6-4121 d 334 M ' S GHG' 6-4122 Gm fleet "Qoolity Footweor Since l9l8" P d l' mmm G New Diol Glbson 6-4350 Rocky Mount Within city limits l , "Those Who Dernond f 6 2 '33 Trio Best Plont PJ H ., Wo tson Seed" soles LKRCMO . T wt' WATSON SEED FARMS, INC. Rocky Mount, North Carolina I Women I l who love their families 1- r' -r r bl TIP-TOP BAKERS sea"'!"'ae I I I N "SPREAD THAT TIP-TOP FEELING" li I TIP-TOE BREAD Y I ,I n , I I NM-I34' ' I I I i 36 Tiiliiiiiiirii FE'iiif'iEE 'Wynn-w"" W sf-ff I . 'Wigs , ,, If W , ' . . LIKE THESE FINE LADS WHO MADE A SOUND DECISION. The PLACE to BANK in ROCKY MOUNT MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM "Thanks for Banking with Planters NationaI" APPLIANCE 84 TIRE CENTER, INC. SEE i AL 227 S, E. lvloin Street - Phone 442-7I56 n " I I d J. C. Rocky Mount, North Carolina ROCKY MOUNT CORD CO Monutocturers ot EBRAIDED CORDS 6' TWISTED ROPES Cotton, Nylon, ond Synthetics Rocky Mount, North Carolina . THE CAROLE DRESS AND BRIDE'S ROOM APPAREL THAT APPEALS Dresses Jewelry Sportsweor Lingerie Wedding Attire I IS Sunset Avenue Rocky Mount, North Carolina FUTORIAN MANUFACTURING C 0 M P A N Y Ivlcilcers ot Strottord Windsor Strotolounger Avon Strottord Drive Phone Rocky Mount, N. C. 442-5I I4 B icyc Lown Tillers Choin Sows Engines Ports W 0 0 T E N ' S Smoll Engine Service 929 Cokey Rood Diol GI 2-2369 or GI 2-6538 les lvlowers Briggs G Strotton Cl inton-Louson Moto Mower McCulloch Power Products Prop R. W, IBoIJI Wooten Compliments ot . . S. S. TOLER 8s SON AIRPORT LUNCHEONETTE Rocky Mount, North Carolina "Good Eood cincl Courteous Service" Alwoys o friendly welcome John Willitord, Prop. J. C. WHEAT 6' CO. MEMBERS NEW YORK STOCK Rocicv Mount OPTICIANS EXCHANGE Tlfie Optical and l-learing Aid Center lc 0' Blgl-ml? Regidem Mgmger L26 Ni Main St. Rocky Mount, North Carolina HOME SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCEATHON . , -.-:.-. " 'f:1.5:5: WvN,,,m-snr. c 1 ,xggdnf 13115 ':5Q.---'ffffi A . 5 if.. Z3 .-5 .. - 317+ " 5.-.-.-':.':,5::' .::: ' .-o: - 53:1-V. , : .iq -, -Q 'I . .-43QQg2:4:i.vf. -'H "W 'M- -. VQAWSZ: . .1 .2:l. . 'V - 'V " .-.-:i:-:T '1 f- i' ' . ' g ..-.-:-:':-:4:+- v 'fi' " "" 'W' ' ' .- .1:-11:4gr-,g'f:g3:-:2:Q5f:j:v:y' - ,..-.-.f5:f:i:5:1:f"" 1 -' 3'?5553i17'55'5""5:52-VgF:E.2rf:1:1:1:12"- ' ,,4.g:3:3:E:2:EEif?1Z?51:'3'' 'W' 'ii ' ' ' ,, ,f- rm D M .,.::::,5s: .... 2 sh,- Q.-, f- ,ff ,,. Rocky Mount, North Carolina ANiTA's BEAUTY SHOPPE Crvrieirofiiiotirvristotrie Rocky Mount's Largest Class Ot Specializing in Teenage Styling and l96-l Swimming Pool Wave Wigs For All Occasions IMPERIAL CLEANERS Exclusive Every School Girl's Dream 573 N Rgleigiq Street l5 or More Stylists to Serve You Q 232 rgfbofo sifeei oioi ci 5-S165 Rocky Mount' Nom' CG'0l"'C' Azfec i i I ' i i AZTEC i sold exclusively ot BUNTING HARDY, AND MINGESI Compliments ot . . . ROCKY MOUNT LAUNDRY 6' DRY CLEANERS, INC. 223 S. Woshington Street Phone GI 6-7l5S Compliments ot . , . G. A. WILKINSON, INC Rocky Mount, North Carolina l W . C . R E I D 84 C 0 . pimog U QVQGHS - Bond lngtmmems Hove Your Fovorite Repoirmon See . . Hietidelity H RGCOVCIS RAWLS 6' WINSTEAD, INC. l i l43 South lvloin Street l R k M t N thc I, 247 South Woshington Street I i oc y oun , or aro ina , Diol Glbson 2-7178 ron A Complete MEAL 'FO'- J Quolity Ports ond Post Service l OR A QUICK SNACK- ? ll I QQME TQ- For All Mokes ond Models ot i lt WA LN UT S 0 DA S H 0 P Cors, Trucks, ond Troctors i ' i l lf-IO WORKS PIGSUIDIIOIIS 526 N, church street -Photo Shoo- "S Wth S t t " me I G G Y Rocky Mount, North Carolina 130 South Mmm Street Diol Glbson 6-6007 -- Night Glhson 6-5760 Compliments ot , , . MERCURY SPORT CENTER 603 N, Pine Street Rocky Mount North Carolina ISAAC SMITH, JR. BUILDING CONTRACTOR Bottleboro, North Carolina Ottice Phone GI 6-9449 Nite Phone GI 2-7890 "For the Best in GRADE A DAIRY PRGDUCTS, insist on ..i., MA0l.A." MAOLA MILK AND ICE CREAM COMPANY Box I4S6 Rocky Mount, N. C. GI Z-4I9I Compliments ot . . . FENNER'S WAREHOUSE INC. Rocky Mount, North Carolina AMO"-' SHELL THOMAS sr. EDGEMONT 5TAT'ON Service Is Our Business I-Ioms, Bocon ond Fronks O Mme IIGSII CIOIIY Thomos oncl Fronklin Street in Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mount, North Carolino DIGI GI 2-3733 I4I ED FULLER'S Esso Servicenter Ed Fuller, Owner Church G Thomos St. Phone Gibson 6-9918 or 6-7319 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Emergency AAA Service Doy or Night Auto ond Truck Repoirs GURGANUS BROS. SUPER MARKET 'Dependobie Quolity-Everydoy Lovv Prices" For the Big Donce Rent Your Formol Weor ot FGIWIGW ROM BUNTING HARDY, AND MINGES Rocky Mount North Carolina 'fYour Ivy Leogue i-ieodouortersn "A well educoted person produces more ond consumes more. He or she mokes vviser ":' fzf I QE"- 1 decisions on tfie job, in the home, ot t b q V' the voting booth, ond in the morket ploce . . . Americons ore better oble to t pertorm the responsibilities ot ::5 Americon citizenship it they orm i ii themselves vvith on educotionf' M ' Spencer Love, Lote Choirmon ond President of Burlington Industries B 1 . Burlington ur INDUSTRIES. INC. CSOl'TlDlll'T'lQl2IlbSOlC... JOSH BULLUlCK'S BARBEQUE Transportation Company, Inc. SCO Cokey Rood Phone GI 6-565l Nonce Street . Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments . . . ENTERPRISE FURNITURE COMPANY Rocky Mount lS8 South Woshington Street North Carolina MODLIN PRINTING COMPANY BREWER PAINT Printers ond Photo-Gttset 5 WA I- I- P A P E R C O - I IN C - LithOQfODhGfS Controetors Sociol Stotionery ond Engrovino IOZ S. Raleigh St. Rocky Mount 220 Bryont Street Glbson 6-5989 Dm' GI 6-7171 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments ot . . . CLAUDE MAYO INSURANCE AGENCY H lnsoronce ot All Kinds - H 'AothorizedDeoler CARBISCO FLOUR AND AlQ5?Jl'E2mmQ FEED MILLS, INC. MERRITT PLUMBING Edd Stmp Feedg AND HEATING CO., INC. Surge Doiry Form Equipment Qtto C. Merritt, Jr. 923 Norfolk Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mount, North Carolina Telephone 446-4667 l43 PEOPLES OIL COMPANY r A LW LW E DlSl'VllDL,llOl'S N l f'Our Fuel Gil lvlokes Worrn Friends" , i Rocky Mount, N. C. Pinetops, N. C. ' oi 2-6l3l TA 7-Liiee FOmP"mm0lrr' NORGE DRY CLEANING y ROCKY MOUNT NEWS VILLAGE l A G E N c Y li Wholesole Distributors WWW Dixie Sll0l3Dl"lQ CGVWTQV I 2900 S Church St. y Rocky Mount North Carolina G' 2-9939 i S S F DRuMMoND's Fi.oRisT U P E R M AR K E. T ll9 North lvloin Street I Food ond Supplies , Institutions ond Restouronts Rocky Mount, North Carolina Wholesole ond Retoil Compliments ot . . S T A N D A R D INSURANCE 8: REALTY CORP. I I i lnsuronce - Rents - Reol Fstote Z Home Sovings Bldg. Rocky Mount, North Carolina lilll Fon ouR own CHEERSH' HOMETOWN BANK BANK OF ROCKY MOUNT Rocky Mount, N.C. We are your full service HOMETOWN BANK, dedicated to serving the financial needs of all the citizens of the Rocky Mount area. To every family, To every individual, To every business, and To every organization WE OFFER OUR SERVICES AND OUR HELP l l45 I THE REMNANT sl-lor EoR I DRAPERY EARRICS A DRESS EARRICS gy ALL SEWINC NEEDS Hiwoy 64 WeSt At Englewood Rocky Mount -I I IAo S WQSIIIAQIOA SI, oiei GI 6-A547 tl IMPERIAL FURNITURE CO., INC. COMPLETE I4oAAE FURNISHINGS I ROCKY MOUNT, NORTH CAROLINA I l MOORE Q PAINT and WALLPAPER Co. l 531 N. Church St., Rocky Mount, N. C. EATMAN MOTOR CO. I E l5l8 BronClI Street l I DeCorotorS ' Floor Floor y 30VlCll"lQ E FlVll5lll"lQ Elvin Eotrnon Phone GI 6-92l6 I pgpel Hmgmg Owner Nite 446-6247 l. "We take pride in your home" I Compllmelllg ' ' ' Compliments ot . . . COBB'S MOTEL COPLON'S +23 Modern UI'IllS-- FASHION CENTER - EoR THRIETY WOMEN U. S. 3Ol By-PoSS North Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mount, North Carolina ENGLEWOOD PHILLIPS 66 DIQIGI6-4086 J.J.AnClrevvS,Owner l I Englewood Rocky Mount I I ' I II I RADIO STATION WEED l I A R C Network Sooo Wotts .V l l l46 l I l BROWN PRODUCE CO. THOMPSON PHARMACY Wholesole Distributor Rocky Mount, North Corolino Prescription Druggist Upposite Pork View hlospitol Telephone GI 2-l9l9 Rocky Mount, North Carolina AMERICAN AKERIES, INC. Bokers ot lvlerito Products Boked While You Sleep Phone GI 6-SlS6 3Ol Ext. North Congrotu'otions I , Closs ot '64 PUTT PUTT GOLF COURSE Sunset Avenue Extension "Americo's Quolity , Minioture Golf Courses" l , 'Putt Your Troubles Avvov , ot the Putt Putt" ROBERSON PLUMBING 84 HEATING CO. Plumbing Service 63 Fixtures 620 Royol Street - Phone 2-l656 Rocky Mount, North Corolino Our Congrotulotions ond best wishes To the Grocluoting Closs ot V964 EASLEY WAREHOUSE COMPANY Center Put Your Time ln Our l-londs Prompt At Courteous Reosonoble Service Rotes On-The-Spot Emergency Service L E E ' S WATCH E7 JEWELRY REPAIRS Theatre Bldg. GI 2-5353 N7 I For 40 Yeors OFFICE Your 1 1 IAZ, C A R 0 L I N A See MY. It A.-55" Ei. 5 X 1 EQUIPMENT CQ, SCHOOL SUPPLY ,yi ef 9 PEADQUARTHK COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND , sf- Ye11 ForYe1verton . . . ' GQ MARY CARTER PAINT Y E L V E R T O N C O A L RFQ CWWR ANDOILCOMPANY 2517 Sunset Avenue . I ci- Rocky Mount, North Carolina N 1025 Arlington Street Rocky Mount North Carolina WILLIAIVUS TRANSFER 8a STORAGE, INC. United Von Lines R. G. Williorns, Owner Phone 44 2-2067 501 N. Eost Moin Street Night 44 6-6798 Rocky Mount, North Corolino DAVID HILL'S SUPER MARKET T1-112 BEST IN FOODS, FEEDS, AND NOVELTIES I 1 1 Phone Gibson 6-6618 Cokey Rood 148 Rocky Mount, North Carolina MT' Congratulations Class of '64 NORTH CAROLINA WESLEYAN COLLEGE Photo Outdated? Yes. We need live T-VI Wouldn't you like to grow with us--acquire a sound liberal arts foundation for Christian living? uwfm Rocky Mount's and Eastern CaroIina's SHOPPING HEADQUARTERS . g e A , . .-mf. .,m.,,. Everything for the Home Family or Car - - -.....-..,...,. ,. . ,,.. ...V , , . , . ,- ,AH ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY, NO SECONDS AT SEARS You Can Count on Us Quality Costs No More at Sears M9 MAY 8a GORHAM, INC. Best Sonclwiches, Drinks, ond Comic Books, Cosmetics, Drugs, Etc. I 1 Five Points Rocky Mount, North Carolina Glbson 2-ll27 , TARRYTOWN ESSO SERVICE CENTER . Broke Relining 6 Wheel Boloncing ' 2408 Sunset Avenue Phone Ol 6-6958 DOZIER SUPPLY l COMPANY Men's Clothing E l TT l:GSl'yi0mS PQI' Wofngm ' com H Lumscia S HARDWARE N2 W. BASSETT ST. Compus Shop tor Young Men l TELEPHQNE 4468409 filfllfllfh ,,,,,,t,,,, ,,s,,,, , ctrrf M OW , o Fitty-Nine Yeors ot Clothing Sotistoction IOYNERS' ATHLETIC HOUSE A Complete Line Ot . . . SPORTING GOODS - TOYS - BOY SCOUT EQUIPMENT T l24 Torhoro Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina l I I l Congrotulotions To The Closs Ot '64 . . . l EASTERN ELECTRIC SUPPLY, INC. Rocky Mount North Carolina lSO Y UN A .SHOP BEl.K's .re 5,0,e .,i,,.,l..,y0.l-tml-1 SERVICE SALES, INC. and COLLEGE PARK MOTEL Rocky Mount, North Carolina G M C - JEEP Mobile Horne Sales Travel Trailer Rental FIELDS LEAF TOBACCO COMPANY Leaf Tobacco Dealers, Packers, Exporters Rocky Mount, North Carolina U. S, A. WHOLESALE OIL CO. "We Sell Wholesale" Distributorsi Atlantic Petroleum Products Phone Gl 2-2945 lO5 VV. Grand Ave. Rocky Mount, North Carolina l5l IVIISS RRINT AND COURT PRESENTED BY A FRIEND Compliments . . . BUILDERS FEDERAL Sovings ond Loon Associotion ot Rocky Mount - IIS Nortn Cnorcn Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina IS2 1 Congrotulotions . . . PEARSALL OIL a FUEL co. COmP'lmQfilS Oi - A I and CAROLINA BUILDING TEMPTROLdHEATING SU PP,-Y CQMPANY AIR CONDFIFIONING co. . 5ll Keen Street Dupont Points Rocky Mount, North Carolina Complete Building Moteriols CUSTOM-MADE FURNITURE RFFlNlSl-llNG North Carolina C A R O - C R A F T Rocky Mount 740 Alhemorle lncorporoted Avenue Diol Glbson 2-2964 GAY-YOST FUNERAL HOME 805 Foirvievv Rood GI6-6634 Rocky Mount North Carolina ROCKY MOUNT FLORAL CO. A. R. Weothers Art in Flovvers GI 6-9976 lvlrs Lucille G "We Serve Wonderful Food ond Our Cottee Con't Be Bent" CAROLINA 906 N. Church St. CAFE eo rge, Prop Rocky Mount FOOD BARN SUPER MARKET Choice lvleots, Foncy Groceries ond Produce Open Nights Until 9 0'clock 2508 Sunset Avenue GO Telephone , , . Anytime . I . 442-3l6l Free Teletvpe Service LEONVS BODY SHOP Wreck Rebuilding e 4 A Specioltv 24-Flour Wrecker Service Gloss lnstollotion A e Used Ports All Work Guoronteed Sheorin Box 46, Torhoro Rocky Mount, North Carolina l-lighvvoy DAUGHTRIDGE PAINT 84 WALL PAPER COMPANY CGNTRACTCRS 9 'E 2309 Sunset Avenue A Rocky Mount, North Carolina ConaratulationsClass Ot V964 . , . BRYANT - LANGLEY CONTRACTORS l-liabvvay 97-East Phone GI 6-6488 Residential Rocky Mount, N. C. Commercial ASPHALT AND CONCRETE PAVING General Street Work "When We Pave - You Save" Industrial lil "For tlie Men Wbo Know Tires Best" PRIDGEN TIRE COMPANY Ask About Our Race Rubber CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES trom The CENTER Theatre The TOWER Drive-In Theatre Compliments ot . . . MARKS BROTH ERS Your Tire Headguarters Corner ot Church and Hammond Rocky Mount, North Carolina W. B. LEA TOBACCO COMPANY Rocky Mount, North Carolina PEOPLES BUILDING SUPPLY CO With Compliments . . . A ' S I d S ' Everything TO Build with utomotive aes an ervice Eor4O Years Lumber - I3uiIding Material W Hardware F LA K E B. C H I P L E YI IN C. "Highest Ouality MiIIvvork" Remulf K PGUQOT 410 N, Pearl st. - Tel. 442-3104 I-IIICOIVT 4 Mercury ROCKY MOUNT N C Rocky Mount, North Carolina SEABOARD COFFEE SERVICE, INC. Eastern CaroIina's Largest Institutional Distributors Phones 442-61323 or 442-6139 915 NORFOLK ST. P. O, I3ox 387 Rocky Mount, North Carolina DANIEL'S, INC. The Shopping Center For WOMEN and JUNIOR MISSES Rocky Mount Main Street North Carolina I. W. ROSE DRUG COMPANY Complete PRESCRIPTION Service Phone Glhson 6-7111 Rocky Mount, North Carolina KODAKS - FILMS - ACCESSORIES and DEVELOPING ISS Y- I Sa t i r Get that refreshing new feeling-- I HAVE A cons Compliments at . .. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS I AN LOAN ASSOCIATION lmsared Savings - Mortgage Laarms I I 1 16 S Franklin Street 104 E Nash Street j t l Rocky Mount, North Carolina Louisburg, North Carolina A 3 I T56 ,...,,..Y MEBANE SHOE COMPANY "QuoIity Shoes Eor The Eomilxf' Rocky Mount, North Carolina I32 S. Moin Street Phone Gibson 2-2639 A. HICKS AGENCY LIEE INSURANCE - PROPERTY INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE I32 Sunset Avenue Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments Gt . . . ARNOLD L. ADAMS WHOLESALE CO. Distributor Ot PLEE-ZINC PRGDUCTS Rocky Mount North Carolina TRINITY STEEL CO., INC. Engineers And Eobricotors P, O, Box I529 ' Phone 442-GITS Rocky Mount, North Carolina CATERERS, INC. Soeciolizing In Industriol Cotering Phone 442-SI97 I I3 N. Pine St. S H AV E R 2IO I-IiII Street BATTERY 8: AUTO COMPANY, INC. Rocky Mount, North Carolina P A R T S Phone Glhson 6-6I 45 IS7 Compliments ot , . . JOHN VANN MOTORS,lNC. Oldsmobile I Rocky Mount, North Carolina i Comphmenm... CICDRNIEFI CJII. CIClhHF'AlN'Y Rocky Mount, North Carolina ll oiii Us tor eiiir toel oils . . . Diol eiimfi 2c2ii2 now its PEPSI for those who think young l ' l fi 9 l Compliments ot . . . BRUUGiI'ITON'S FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE CENTER, INC. Soles ond Service l l3l Sunset Avenue Rocky Mount, North Carolina l l i CENTRAL-MIX coMPANY, lNc. i Certitied Reody Mix Concrete - Sond - Stone 645 S. Cnorcn Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina iss l i l l Estoblisned 1818 ROCKY MOUNT MILLS I Q W Monutocturers ot Riverside Twine . For the look thot is RIGHT on cornoos, doy time or dote tirrie. Rocky Mount, North Carolina V 0 G U E D R E S S S H 0 P 312 S. Main Street Telephone 446-5920 DECORATIVE FABRICS Mory A, Proctor - l.elio D1 Steodmon lnterior Decorotors 707 Walnut Street - Walnut Shopping Center - Rocky Mount, North Carolina WILLIAMS WATCH SHOP W-Where You Get More For Your Dollor- One Doy Service on Wotclfr Reooiring, Diornonds, ond Jewelry 835 Folls Rodd Rocky Mount, North Carolina Diol Glbson 2-3503 All Work Guoronteed THE M. P. DAWSON AGENCY Rocky Mount, North Carolina Reol Estote Approisers ond Brokers GURGANUS GROCERY 8: MARKET Finest in Foods Corner ot Pine ond Western Rocky Mount, North Carolina 159 l-lome ot Mrs. S. E Ballentine Ottice 446-9542 i828 Sunset Ave. Rocky Mount, North Corolino A. B. ROSE, INC. Landscaping 0 Designers and Contractors 0 Grading and Clearing 0 Ornamental Snrabbery O Swimming Pools 503 Evergreen Road West Hmen A, B. Rose Tom L. Price Compliments ot BEL AIR CHEVROLET CO. l6O Jessica Morton, Anne Gower, and Faye Langley really go tor tne i964 Cl-lEVlfl.l.E convertiblel QUINN'S INCORPORATED FURNITURE OF QUALITY -- COMPLETE HOIVIE FURNISHERS Rhone Glbson 2-2171 Rocky Mount, North Carolina 1633-1723 North Moin St. FOUNTAIN'S RADIO 84 TV SERVICE Arthur G. Fountoin Doy - Glbson 2-6315 -RHONE- Night - Glbson 2-5003 2411 Woshington Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina W 1. 1, 21 L , l WW Reol Estote Apbroisers G Consultonts It lt's Reol Estote, See Us, . . . Most Folks Dol 116 South Franklin Street Dial Glbson 6-6195 SOUTHERN COTTON OIL DIVISION HUNT FOODS AND INDUSTRIES, INC. MANUFACTURERS COTTONSEED PRODUCTS HIGH QUALITY FERTILIZERS ROCKY MOUNT, NORTH CAROLINA CAROLINA ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTION CO. 132 No.lV1oin St. Lighting Fixtures - With beoutitul tinishes thot lost Residentiol, Commerciol, ond lndustriol Wiring Compliments GRIMES-MORGAN Plumbing E7 Heoting 211 Atlontic Avenue Phone GI 2-17641 161 J. AE THARRINGTON 8: SONS Manutacturers ot Tobacco Curers and Heaters Dial Glbson 6-7l76 Rocky Mount, North Carolina CAROLINA TIRE CC. First ln Quality and Fairest ln Price Quality Recapping - New Tires and Tubes 625 S. Wasnington Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina YOUTH SHOP'S CAMPUS ROOM Uirinaipiu 2l3 S. Main St -L Rocky Mount North Carolina Members ot tbe Fasbion Board rnodel latest tasbions, FARMER - BROCK 8: COMPANY Candies M Wbolesale Specialties - Paper Products - Fountain Supplies Notions and Sundries 224 Tarboro Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina Dial Glbson 6-6234 Co l62 mpliments of . .. THORPE MUSIC 84 VENDING SERVICE Everyone is o cnornpion in o Cor Erom . . . 55559, DAVENPORT MOTOR CO. c WIDE TRACK TOWN Rocky Mount, North Carolina Air Conditioning P E M B E R T 0 N , I N C I Telephone 44-23i T2 I-ieoting 277 N. E. Moin St, Electricol Controcting P' O BOX M13 plumbing Rocky Mount, N. C. .l. C. FRIAR MOTORS, INC. Your Volksvvogon Deoier CQNGRATULATIONS CLASS OE '64 CAROLINA SERVICE STATION T730 Sunset Avenue Rocky Mount, North Carolina Phone Gibson 6-9954 DIRECT AUTO FINANCE COMPANY, INC. Corner Wosnington G I-lill Streets P. O. Box T255 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments ot . . . D. .l. ROSE 8: SON, INC. Generol Controctors READY MIX CCNCRETE Zio Moyo Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina TC3 Rocky Mount Lanes and Rocky Mount Lanes Restaurant Open 24 Hours A Day - Fun For Everyone - N. Church St. Extension - Phone 446-9557 - Rocky Mount, N. C. Comolimer1tsOt . . l CHINA AMERICAN TOBACCO COMPANY 436 North Peorl Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina CADDELL MOTORS y Plymouth ' Volloht Imoerlol ' Chrysler Teleohohe 442-Bl 2l 256 Torboro Street Rocky Mount, N. C. l64 Sylvia Quincey FRANCES REDDING SCHOOL Amine Edwards Barbara Fox DANCE - TEACHER: FRANCES REDDING , SARA FRANCES JONES ASSBTANTS' sYLvlA QUINCEY CLASSES FOR ALL AGES Ballet Tap Modern Jazz Acrobats ' Ballroom Baton Twirling Sara .lones Ann Robertson Phone: GI 6-4497 l32O Dawson Place Rocky Mount, North Carolina l65 RAY BAN Y'S RAY BANDY'S Authorized Authorized Plymouth Dodge Volioht Dodge Dort Simco 880 Dodge Deoler Dodge Truck Deoler M I V I I ff N ' H ff' As-.t "oy-w': 942 N. Church 602 N. Church Rocky Mount Rocky Mount arrytown Center WORKS' TOBACCO WAREHOUSES There Are None Better Eor The Sole Ot Leot Tobocco lelill South Church Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina STALLINGS OIL AND COAL COMPANY ' ' Sl 6 R' li St t ' ' Rocky Mount, North Carolina Post Ottice Box 787 Telephone 445-fjl HERFF-Jones co. School Jewelry - lnyitotions ALLEN BARBEE "Neorly Twenty-Eiye Yeors Serying Schools" P. O. Box 338 Spring Hope, North Carolina Telephone 478-Bl A Friend COMPLIMENTS OF . . . Ai C1 Smith Windows 8 Doors Andrewfs Wosherette Anne's Do-Nut Shop Broswell's Sport Shoo Brown lvlemoriol Co. Crescent Loundry Edmondson Ins. G Reolty Englewood Super lvlorket Eornily Shoe Store Eronlq Wilson Eryor's Erozen Eoods Goy's l-lordwo re l-lorvey Roberts lvlutuol l ns. Agency Elertzburg Eurs H. Li Hicks Drug Co l-lotel Cult Seryice Knowles Nursery lVlilody's l-lot Shop Motor Beoring G Ports Co, Nosh St. News Qol4ley's Goroge 0yerton's Cleoners Sutton's Used Cors TV-Rodio l-losoitol Teleyision Center Vorsity Grill Wheeler Eguiprnent Co. l 7 SENIOR DIRECTORY NEAL ASHLEY ADKINS4Sophomore Class President, Homeroom President, Typing Club President. Civitan Award, Elections Committee Chairman, Kudos Klub, National Honor Society, Chief Commencement Marshall, Junior-Senior Decorations Com- mittee, Junior-Senior Figure, Student Organization President, Morehead County Nominee, 'Typical Youth, Youth-in-City- Government Mayor. Outstanding Senior, N. C. H. S. S. Discussion Group Leader, Honor Roll. JOHN CHARLES ALEXANDER, JR.-Varsity Football 1, 2, 3: Treasurer of Radio Broadcasters Club, S. O. Representative, Homeroom oflices, Golf Team l, 2: Monogram Club 2, 3, Fellow- ship Christian Athletes, Traffic Committee, Player-of-the-Week 2. 3: All-Conference 2, S, All-East, All-State, All-Southern, Shrine Bowl, East-IiVest All-Star Game, Captain Varsity Football, Rotary Boy of the Month, HI-NOC-AR Staff, Youth-in-City Government Day, Morehead Award Nominee, Outstanding Senior, Kiwanis Boy of the Month, "B" Honor Roll. DALLAS LLOYD ALFORD, III-Homeroom Treasurer, Radio Broadcasters Club, S. O. Representative, Elections Committee. Bridge Club, Kiwanis Boy of the Month, Rotary Boy of the Month, President's Cabinet, S. O. 'l'reasurer, Service Club. DONALD IVAYNE ALLEN, JR.-Junior Varsity Basketball, Home- room ofhces, Vice-President Typing Club, Phalanx Club 2, 3. CHERYL ANNE ANDREIVS-Radio Broadcasters Club, BLACK- BIRD Stall, Junior-Senior Beauty Court Committee, S. O. S. Club, Delegate to CSPA, Delegate to NCSPA, Homerootn Secretary, Advertising Manager of the BLACKBIRD, Order of the Black Feather, Good Sports Club, Publicity Committee, Eighth Page Editor of the BLACKBIRD. EDITH DRUE ANDREIIVS-Radio Broadcasters Club, Dramatics I, Study Club 2, 3. BETTY SUE ARMSTRONG-S. O. S. Club 2, 3: Homeroom olhcer, Art Editor of the BLACKBIRD, Junior-Senior Decorations Com- mittee, Social Committee. MILTON CECIL BAILEY, JR.-Typing Club, Homeroom Offices, Junior Varsity Basketball, Phalanx Club 2, 3g President of Chorus. BURMA LEIGH BAKER-Junior Classical League, Booster Club 2, 3: National Honor Society. IVESLEY OXVEN BALLOU, JR.-Choir 2, 3: Football 2, 3. MARY JANE BANDY-Typing Club, Homeroom Ofhces, Service Club 2, 3, Dinner and Program Committee of the Junior-Senior, Class, Flag, and Motto Committee, National Merit Finalist, National Honor Society, "B" Honor Roll. RONALD STEPHEN BARDEN-Homeroom Oflices, Athletics Club, Certificate of Superior Scholarship, "IV Honor Roll, Service Club 2, 3: National Honor Society 2, 3, Junior-Senior Figure, Academic Monogram, Governors School Nomination, Tennis Team 2, 33 Commencement Marshall, Chairman of Flag Committee, Home- coming Parade Chairman, Graduation Committee, "A" Honor Roll, Academic Star, Morehead Scholarship Nomination, Youth- in-City-Government Day, Herbert IVorth Jackson Memorial Scholarship Nomination. GEORGE ELDRIDGE BARNES-"B" Honor Roll, Homeroom Ofhces, Junior-Senior Refreshment Committee, Service Club, Phalanx Club, BLACKBIRD Staff. IGS GEORGIA LYNN BARNES-Treasurer of Typing Club, Member of Elections Committee, Good Sports Club 2, 33 Rrefreshment Com- mittee for Junior-Senior, Homeroom Secretary, Elected Delegate to Girls State. LINDA FERN BARNES-Typing Club, Service Club 2. 33 Home- coming Parade Committee 2, 3. PHILIP LACY BARTHOLOMEIV- CARRIE BLANCHE BATTEN-S. O. Representative, Junior Clas- V sical League, President of Booster Club, Good Sports Club, "B" Honor Roll, Student Store Committee, Secretary of Homeroom. LONA ANN BATTEN-Junior Classical League, County Type- writing Contest 2, 3, Service Club, Guidance Assistant 2, 33 Civitan Citizenship Award, Service Award, S. O. Representative, Banquet Committee of Junior-Senior, Discussion Leader in Mental Health YYOIKSIIOJJ, Presidents Cabinet. Chairman of Lost and Found Committee. HI-NOC-AR Staff, National Honor Society, Participant in Youth-in-City-Government Day, Candidate for Elk's Leadership Contest. TURNER WESTRAY BATTLE-S. O. Representative l, 3, Dele- gate to E. D. N. C. S. C. C., Scholastic Letter l, 23 S. O. S. Club, National Honor Society 2, 33 Treasurer of Junior Class, Phalanx Club, Nominated to N C. Governors School, Nominated for Morehead Scholarship. JOHN LESTER BEARD, JR.-Secretary of Typing Club, Home- room Offices, Lead in "If a Man Answers," Lead in "Murder Takes the Stage," Lead in "Pillow Talk," Chorus, Choir 2, 3: Black Masquers 2, 3. DONOVAN BROOKS BENNETT-Junior Varsity Football 1, 23 Varsity Football. BETTY FRANCES BOONE- Treasurer of Home Economics Club, Radio Broadcasters Club, Choir 2, 33 Library Science Club. RENA GAYLE BOSSOLONO-Radio Broadcasters Club, Study Club 2, 33 Part in "Pillow Talk." JUDY KAY BRADSHAYV-Vice-President of Future Teachers Club, "B" Honor Roll, S. O. Representative, Booster Club 2, 33 National Honor Society, Delegate to Governor's School, Junior-Senior Banquet Committee, Academic Letter, Publications Committee, National Merit Letter of Commendation. JOHN MICHAEL BRAKE-Typing Club, Homeroom Treasurer, Service Club, Study Club, S.O.S. Club. GLENDA LOU BRANCH-Homeroom Vice-President, Choir, Boos- ter Club, Edsonian, Production Staff of "Pillow Talk." JUNE RUSSELL BRANTLEY-Homeroom Vice-President, Junior Classical League, Booster Club, Vice-President of Distributive Education Club, Choir. CHRISTOPHER BRYAN BRICE-Vice-President of Photography Club, Band 1, 2, 33 Audio Visual Club, Radio Broadcasters Club. JOHN CHARLES BROOKS-Dance Club, Homeroom Offices, Phalanx Club, Baseball Team 2, 33 Decorations Committee for Junior-Senior, Monogram Club, Order of the Blackfeather. ROXANNA BRYANT-Home Economics Club, Typing Club, Libr- ary Assistant, Booster Club, Homeroom Secretary. I I I N II .I I I I II II, II II II I I I..l I I I III II I 1, N l E III I , fly I. IN JJ. I I P: PI. I CLARENCE IVEN Bl'NN, JR.-Junior Varsity Football, Homeroom Ofhces, Track l, 2, 3, Varsity Football 2, 33 S. O. Representative, S.O.S. Club 2, 3. LINXVOOD BRUCE BURNETTE-Bible Study Club, Distributive Education Club 2, 35 State and District D. E. Education Conference. BEVERLY SUE CARMICHAEL-President of lfuture Teachers of America, Homeroom Secretary, Junior-Senior Figure Committee, Kudos Klub 2. 3. STEPHANIE GAIL CASPER-Homemakers of America Club, Radio Broadcasters Club 2, 3. KAREN LYNN CASTO-Dramatics Club, Kudos Klub 2, 3: Junior-Senior Committee. ANNE ELIZABETH CHANDLER-Homeroom Ofhces, Junior Clas- sical League, Secretary of Booster Club, Business Manager of BLACKBIRD, Good Sports Club, First Page Editor of the BLACKBIRD. MICHAEL DEAN CHANEY-S.O.S. Club, IYrestling Team, S.O.S. Club Vice-President. LYDIA KAY CHURCHILL-Junior Classical League, Booster Club 2, 33 Booster Club Treasurer, Homeroom Ollices. CHARLOTTE MARIE CLARK-Choir Club, Study Club. S.O.S. Club, Treasurer of Homeroom. YVILLIAM KENNETH COCHRAN-Typing Club. RACHEL JOYCE COCKRELL-Library Assistant, Library Club, Radio Broadcasters Club, Service Club. ADELIA FAYE COGGINS-Vice-President of Future Homemakers of America, Radio Broadcasters Club, Junior-Senior Invitations Committee, Booster Club. LINDA ANN COGHILL-Transfer Student from XVilson, N. C. FAYE ANNE COLLINS-Choir 1, 2, 31 Homeroom Othces, S.O.S. Club Committee Chairman, S. O. Representative 2, 33 Foreign Exchange Student Committee, S.O.S. Cltlb President. LAURIE JO COLLINS-Homeroom Treasurer, Study Club, "B" Honor Roll, BLACKBIRD Staff, Sergeant-of-Arms of Booster Club, Booster Club 2, 33 Distributive Education Club, Local D.E. Beauty Queen. JIMMY HAYES COOPER-Wlildlife Club I, 2. VVARREN JACKSON COTTINGHAM-Vice-President of Home- room, Junior Classical League, Public Speaking and Debate Club, S. O. Representative 2, 33 Scholarship Monogram, Nominee for Morehead Scholarship, President of Great Books Club, National Honor Society, Social Committee. JAMES RUFFIN CREECH-Homeroom President, Typing Club, Great Music Club. CASEY JOSEPH CUETO-Dramatics Club, Homeroom Olhces, Junior-Senior Decorations Committee, S.O.S. Club. JASPER LEE CUMMINGS, JR.-S. O. Representative, Vice- President of Sophomore Class, Photographer for HI-NOC-AR, "A" Honor Roll, Advertising Manager of HI-NOC-AR, Vice- President of Junior Class, Commencement Marshall, Second Place in State Carolina Charter Essay Contest, Co-Editor of HI-NOC-AR, President of National Honor Society, Kiwanis Boy- of-the-Month, National Merit Finalist, County Morehead Award Nominee, Outstanding Senior. CAROL JENKINS CLNNINCIIAM-IIomeroom Ollices, Junior Classical League, Cood Sports Club. Choir, "B" Honor Roll. DONALD VNDERXYOOD DANIEL-Edsonian I, 2, 35 Photography Club, Black Masquers 2, 33 Technical Stall of "Murder 'lakes the Stagef' Assistant Stage Manager. WILLIAM XYAYNE DAI'CQIITRIDCE-'Iirack l, 2, 31 Varsity Foot- ball 2, 33 Monogram Club, Most Outstanding Blocking Award, MARGARET EMILY DAVENPORT-Choir l, 2, 33 Kudos Klub, Choir Club. CAROLYN JEAN DAVIS-Vice-Presitlent and Secretary of the Future Homemakers Club, Choir. LOIS FAYE DAVIS-Future Ilomemakers of America Club, Distri- butive Education Club 2, 3: Delegate to District and State D. E. Conventions, D. E. Student of the Year. JOHN MICHAEL DAWVSON-IVildlil'e Club 1, 23 Black Masquers 2, 3. Al'NDREA JEAN DEATON-Secretary of Sophomore Class, Honor Roll Certificate I, 23 Homeroom Oflices. I. F. Exchange Semi- Finalist, HI-NOC-AR Stall, Junior-Senior Decorations Committee, HI-NOC-AR Class Editor, National Honor Society. LARRY DEAN DEATON-Athletics Club, Homeroom Ollices, Chairman of Music Committee for Junior-Senior, S. O. Represen- tative 2, 3: Varsity Basketball Manager 2. 31 "B" Honor Roll, Music Club, Phalanx Club. JOHN LEYYIS DENY, JR.-Prelttde Club, Great Books Club, IVrestling Team. SPENCER LEE DEH'-D. E. Club. MAUREEN FRANCES DOHERTY-Radio Broadcasters Club, Phalanx Club, Choir. CERALDINE PITTMAN DOXYDY-Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Miss Print Contestant l, 2: Choir, Nominations Committee, Var- sity Cheerleader 2, 3, Beauty Court 2. 33 Homeroom Oflicer. XYILLIAM DAVID DRIVER, JR.-Boy's Athletics Club, Track. Kudos Klub 2, 3. ELVIN JERRY EATMAN-Homeroom Ofhces, XVildlife Club, Edsonian. GEORGE HACKNEY EATMANAS. O. Representative, Radio Broadcasters Club, Foreign Exchange Committee, XVays and Means Committee for S.O.S. Club, Secretary of Junior Class, Homeroom Olhces, Scholastic Letter, Vice-President of Great Books Club, Hotlse and Grounds Committee. MARY XVRIGHT EDMONDSKDN-Homeroom Ofhces, Chorus Club, Cood Sports Club 2, 35 Beauty Court 2, 3, Music Committee for Junior-Senior, Homecoming Sponsor, S. O. Representative, Social Committee. JOSEPH EMIEL EDYVARDS-Typing Club. I.INDA JOYCE EDXVARDS-Radio Broadcasters Club, Music Lovers Club, Library Science Club, Distributive Education Club. 169 IK' ARTHUR CHARLES EHRENBERG, JR.-YVildlife Club l, 23 Great Music Club. PHILIP CAMERON ETHRIDCEA'l'raclc l, 2: Service Club, Foot- ball. FRANCES LYNNE EYANSfSecretar'y of Homeroom, Junior Classi- cal League, S.O. Representative, Secretary and Treasurer of Pho- tography Club, Guidance Assistant 2, 33 Academic Letter, Delegate to Science Symposium, Vice-President of Senior Class, Treasurer of National Honor Society. JUDITH ANNE EZZELL-Choir l, 2, S3 Junior Classical League, Service Club, Junior-Senior Conrnrittee. DELL MARIE FARMER-S.O. Representative l, 3: Radio Broad- casters Club, Homeroonr Secretary, Elections Committee, Vice- President of Good Sports Cltlb, School Spirit Committee. PURCELL FARMER-Choir 33 National Honor Society. JOHN JOSEPH FARRIS, JR.AS.O. Representative, Civil Defense Club, Homeroom Offices, Class Flag and Motto Committee, Junior- Senior Decorations Committee, Phalanx Club. LLTCIAN HOLT FELMET, JR.-Dramatics Club, S.O. Representa- tive l, 21 Service Club, Scholastic Letter. EVELYN JEAN FERCI'SON-Choir, Library Assistant, Homeroom Ollices, S.O.S. Club Secretary, Oflice Assistant, Junior-Senior Decorations Cornrrrittee, S. O. Representativ e. CHARLOTTE El.IZABE'l'II FIEl,DSATreasurer of Typing Club, Service Club, Decorations Committee for Junior-Senior, Good Sports Club, S.O. Representative, Social Committee. REBECCA DIANNE FLOODfHome Economics Club, Study Club Z. 3. XVANDA SCE FLOYD-Junior Classical League, S.O.S. Club, Semi- Firralist for I.F. Exchange Program, Junior-Senior Figure Corn- mittee, Radio Broadcasters Club. BETTY RUTH FOREMAN-Dance Club. Bridge Club, Study Club. LINDA SLE GIBBS-Transfer Student from Xl'lritakers, N. C., Radio Broadcasters Club, Choir. ANDRE XVARD GII.MORE4I'ransfer Student. GEORGE FREDERICK GOBLET, JR.A'l'ransfer Student, Varsity Football, President of Homeroom. RICHARD EDXVARD CODIVIN-Junior Varsity Football, XVildlife Club l, 2, Junior-Senior Invitations Committee, Study Club 2, fl. PATRICIA ANNE GOXVER-Secretary of Prelude Club, "B" Honor Roll, Secretary of Horneroorn, Dinner and Program Committee for Junior-Senior, Representative to Covernor's Youth Fitness Conference, Representative to General Science Symposium, Kudos Klub, S.O. Representative, Honor Roll, Chairman of Publica- tions Connnittee, Choir, National Honor Society. NIARCIA ELLEN GRAY-Transfer Student from XVaycross, Geor- gia, Service Club, Radio Broadcasters Club. c ANN MOORE CRIFFIN-Prelude Club. S.O.S. Club 2, 3: 'Treasurer of Homeroom. CAROLYN FAYE GRIFFIN-Choir, Study Club, Phalanx Club 2, S. WO MARGARET BRENDA GRIFFIN-Junior Classical League, Home- room Offices, S.O. Representative, Junior-Senior Invitations Com- mittee, Scholastic Letter, Treasurer of Good Sports Club, Student Store Committee, Ofhce Assistant. ROBERT PAUL GRIFFIN, JR.-Radio Broadcasters Club, Dis- tributive Education Club. BETTY LOU GURGANUS-Study Club 1, 3, Library Science Club. BARBARA JEAN HADDON-S.O. Representative, Junior Classical League, Scholarship Certificate, Homeroom Oflices, Corresponding Secretary of Service Club, Junior-Senior Figure, "A" Honor Roll, President of Service Club, Scholastic Letter, Chairman of Re- freslnnents Cornnrittee for Junior-Senior, Delegate to National Honor Society State Convention, Delegate to East Carolina Science Symposium, Candidate for Goyernor's School, Commencement Marshall, President of National Honor Society, Member of Good Sports Club. MARY BRl'CE HAGGERTY-Radio Broadcasters Club, Student Store Corrrrnittee, Majorette 2, 33 Good Sports Club 2, 33 Home- room Oflices, "Miss Print" Finalist. ROBERT MORRISON HALL. JR.-J. V. Football, Typing Club, XVildlife Club. YICKIE DIANNE HALL-Choir Club, Choir 2, 33 Distributive Education Club, President of Chorus Class. Jl'DI'l'H GRAHAM HAMMOND-Homeroorn Secretary, Typing Club, S.O. Representative 2, S3 President atrd Vice-President of Booster Club, Dimrer and Program Committee for Junior-Senior, "B" Honor Roll. - BEN NIE ROSCOE HA RRELL- LEONARD EARL HARRIS, JR.-Black Masquers 2, 35 Treasurer of Black Masquers. LYMAN EASON HARRIS-ll'ildlife Club, Student Store Committee, S.O.S. Club 2, 3, "Murder Takes the Stage," Junior-Senior Decorations Committee, Edsonian 2. 33 Black Masquers Treas- urer, "It Happens Every Summer." JANE LEA HARRISON-Chorus Club, Kudos Klub 2, 3, Home- coming Parade Committee 2, 3: Bulletin Board Committee, Secretary of Homeroom. HEATHER ANN HARYVOOD-S. O. Representative, Vice-President of Dramatics Club, Elections Committee 1, 2, 33 National Honor Society 2, 3, Black Masquers 2, 31 Academic Letter for Scholar- ship, Star of "Pillow Talk," Vice-President of Black Masquers. PATRICIA ANNE I'IAS'IiY-Typing Club, Homeroom Offices, Candidate for Governors School, President of Booster Club, "B" Honor Roll, President of Good Sports Club, School Spirit Committee. JOANNE HATHAWAY-Choir Club, S.O.S. Club 2, 33 Secretary of Homeroorn. EMILY JEAN HAYWORTH-Junior Classical League, S.O. Repre- sentative 1, 23 Social Committee 1, 23 County Typewriting Con- test, Good Sports Club, Junior-Senior Decorations Committee, Chairman of Social Committee, HI-NOC-AR Staff, Rotary Girl of the Month, President's Cabinet, Outstanding Senior, Youth-in- City-Government Day, Candidate for Elk's Youth Leadership Con- test, Sponsor for Football Game, Graduation Committee. LARRY ALLISON HIGH, JR.'Homeroom Ofhces, Delegate to Science Symposium, Typing Cltlb, Treasurer and President of S.O.S. Club, Treasurer of Junior Class, Commencement Marshall, Finance Committee, Scholastic Letter, Junior-Senior Figure, Na- tional Merit Finalist, Morehead Nominee, Elk's Leadership Award Contest, Kiwanis Boy-of-the-Month, Rotary Boy-of-the-Month, President of Senior Class, President of National Honor Society, Debate Team, Outstanding Senior, Youth-in-City-Gorernment Day. MADELINE HARRIET HILLS-Dramatics Club, Kudos Klub 2, 32 Publicity Committeer, 'IlI'C2lSlll'C1' of Homeroom. DENNIS CARAIVAY HOBBS-Treasurer of Photography Club. XVILLIAM JUDSON HOGSHIRE, JR.-IVildlife Club 1, 2, HILDA FAYE HOIVELL-Distributire Education Club Treasurer, Dramatics Club. FRANCES DIANNE HUDSON-Dramatics Club I, 2: Library As- sistant 2, 3, Props for "Pillow Talk," Cap and Gown Committee, Vice-President of Library Science Club. CHARLES DURAND HUGHES-Band I, 2, 33 Boys Athletic Club, Stage Crew for "Pillow Talk," Band Librarian. JEANNETTE MARIE HUGHES-Transfer Sttldent, Band, Choir, BLACKBIRD Stail', National Merit Finalist, Vice-President of Homeroom. RAY HORATIO HUNDLEY, JR.-Transfer Student, Vice-President of Typing Club, Junior Varsity Football, Jtlnior-Senior Decora- tions Committee, Treasurer of Great Music Club, XVrestling Team, Fire Drill Committee. MARTHA C-YVEN HUX-Choir, Library Science Club l, 2, 3, Black Masquers, Cast of "Pillow Talk." YVILLIAM AUSTIN JACKSON-S.O. Representative l, 33 Junior Classical League, Vice-President of Junior Class, Vice-President of Phalanx Club. LARRY YVAYNE JOHNSON-IVildlife Club, "B" Honor Roll, Boys Athletic Club, Study Club. ELIZABETH LEIGH JONES-Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Junior Classical League, Miss Print Candidate I, 22 Homeroom Ollices, Varsity Cheerleader, Beauty Court 2, 3, Cheerleader Club, Ban- quet Committee for Junior-Senior, S.O. Representatire, Finalist for DAR Award, Good Sports Club. SARA FRANCES JONES-President of Homeroom, "B" Honor Roll, Junior Classical League, Junior-Senior Banquet Committee, Edsonian, Production Stalf of "If A Man Answers" and "Murder Takes the Stage," Good Sports Club, S.O. Representative, III- NOC-AR Staff, Vesper Committee. SIDNEY CLYDE JORDAN, JR.-Boys Athletic Club, Track l, 2: Homeroom Vice-President, Dance Club, Kudos Klub 2, 3. DOROTHY JEAN JOYNER-Junior Classical League, Homeroom Ofhces, Commencement Marshal, Co-Chairman of Junior-Senior Decorations Committee, Scholastic Letter, Olhce Assistant, Record- ing Secretary and Chaplain of Service Club, Editor of the BLACKBIRD, President's Cabinet, Secretary of National Honor Society, Outstanding Senior, Rotary Girl of the Month, National Honor Society 2, 3. STEVEN CRAIG KELLEY-Junior Varsity Football, Social Com- mittee, Homeroom Ofhces, S.O. Representative, Track, Varsity Football 2, 31 Football Player of the XVeek, Service Club, 'l reas- urer of Senior Class, Eagle Stout. 'IIIOMAS REYNOLDS KENNEDY, JR.-Boys Athletic Club, . 1 Junior-Senior Clean-I'p Committee, Boy's Choir, S.O. Representa- tive. JAMES JEFFREY KINCHELOE-S.O. Representatixe, Treasurer of Homeroom, 'lreasurer of National llonor Society, Treasurer of Kudos Klub, Editorial Page Editor and Circulation Manager of BLACKBIRD, Presidents Cabinet. Rotary Boy of the Month. Chairman of Vesper Committee. GINGER LEIGH KING-Choir, Dance Club, Dramatics Club, Radio Broadcasters Club. SUSAN ELAINE KLITZNER-Secretary of Dramatits Club, Miss Print Contestant, Junior-Senior Beauty Court 2, fig Junior-Senior Figure Committee, Good Sports Club 2, fl. JLDITH LEONOMIE KORNEGAY-Vite-President of Dramatits Club, HI-NOC-AR Stall, Vice-President of Homeroom, Chairman of Flower, Color, Motto, and Flag Committee, Decorations Com- mittee for Junior-Senior, Feature Editor of HI-NOC-AR. JOY MICHAEL KRIDEL-Wildlife Club 1. 2: BLACKBIRD Stall, Varsity XVrestling, Sports Editor of the BLACKBIRD, House and Grounds Committee, Study Club. CONNIE ANNE LAN!IASTER-I-'utuge Home-makers of America Club, Booster Club 2, fl: Distributixe Education Club, D. E. Representatire to State Conxention. JAMES HENRY LANCASTERfChoir Club l. 25 Band 1, 24 Vite- President of Homeroom, Phalanx Club. JOHN STEVEN LANCASTER-Typing Club, W'ildlife Club, Study Club. JAMES DENNIS LANE-Dance Club, Library Science Club, Edson- ian 2, fig Radio Broadcasters Club. CAROLYN FAYE LANGLEY-'I'reasurer of Future Teachers Club, Junior-Senior Refreslnnent Committee, Crisco Award for Out- standing Home Economics Student, Co-Editor of HI-NOC-AR, Secretary of Homeroom, Presidents Cabinet, Rotary Girl of the Month, Nominee for Elk's Youth Leadership Contest. MINNIE LOUISE LEE-Study Club, Radio Broadcasters Club, Choir. JIMMY SIIERXVOOD LEONARD-Typing Club, Band I, 2, 3, Choir 2, fig Choir Club. RAYMOND ROBERT LEVY-Radio Broadcasters Club, Vice- President of Homeroom, Phalanx Club. CECIL GLENN LOCKAMY-Radio Broadcasters Club l, 3: Dance Club, XVildlife Club, D. E. Club. CAROLYN PAGE LOONEY-Junior Classical Leagtle, S. O. Repre- sentatixe, Band l, 2, fig Student Organization Nominating Com- mittee, National Science Foundation Scholarship, Good Sports Club 2, 33 Scholastic Letter, National Merit Letter of Commenda- tion, National Honor Society, Treasurer of Band, Treasurer of Homeroom, All-State Band, "B" Honor Roll. PAMELA ANN LUPERhDramatics Club, Miss Print Candidate, Sponsor for Football Game 2, 33 Fifth Runner-up in Beauty l7l Court, Good Sports Club. Junior-Senior Invitations Committee, Varsity Cheerleader, Beauty Court 2, 3. KATIIRYN LINDSAY MACDIARNIIDfChoir I, 2: Junior Varsity Cheerleader, President of Sophomore Class, Homeroom Ollices, Varsity Cheerleader, Head Varsity Cheerleader, Rotary Girl of the Month, Outstanding Senior. VICKIE LYNN MANNING-Choir I, 31 Booster Club. PATRICIA ANN MARKS-Junior Classical League, Homeroom Ollices, PTSA Representative l, 2. Il: Booster Club 2, 3: Junior- Senior Decorations Committee, "Sergeant-at-Arms" for Booster Club. JOHN LOVING MARSHALL-Secretary of Photography Club, Jtmior-Senior Decorations Committee, Library Science Club, 2, 31 "B" Honor Roll, Social Committee, Vice-President of Library Science Club. ROBERT ANDREXV MARSHBI'RN-Tennis Team I, 2. 31 Boy's Athletic Club, Monogram Club 2. fl: Figure Committee for Junior-Senior, Vice-President of Homeroom. GEORGE XVILLIAM MARTIN-Athletic Club, Study Club 2. fi. Jl'DI'I'H FAYE MAI'RER-Dramatics Club, Homeroom Ollices, S.O.S. Club Secretary, Scholarship Certificate, S.O.S. Club Treas- urer. XVILLIANI SIDNEY McGAlIEE- BARBARA JEAN McGEEfRadio Broadcasters Club, National Hon- or Society. LINDA HINES MELTON-Chorus Club, Ofhce Assistant 2, fl, 'Treasurer of Booster Club, Booster Club 2, fl. BRENT MARRIOTT MILGROM-Junior Varsity Football and Basketball, Class Treasurer, Homeroom Ollices. Typing Cltlb, Varsity Football 2, 31 Track 2, fl, Monogram Club, All4State and All'Conference Honorable Mention, Player of the IVeek 2, 32 Youth-in-City Government Day. LINDA ANN MILLER-Radio Broadcasters Club, Booster Club. RAYMOND RICHARD MILLER, JR.-Choir 2, fl, Vice-President and Secretary of Band. JEANNIE JOANNE IVIILLS-Dramatics Club, Distributive Educa- tion Club, Radio Broadcasters Club. ROBERT LEE MILLS-Dramatics Club, Homeroom Oflices, Vite- President of Service Club. Track 'Team 2, fl: Chairman of Junior- Senior Clean-I'p Committee, Delegate to Science Symposium, Delegate to IVildacres, Varsity Football, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Morehead Nominee, S.O. Representative. LARRY JAMES MODLIN-Junior Classical League, Honor Roll, llomeroom Ollices, Service Club, Academic Letter, Co-Chairman of Junior-Senior Clean-l'p Committee, President of Service Club, National Honor Society, Nominee for Morehead Scholarship, Nominee for Ellis Leadership Contest. ORVILLE NAPOLEON MONROE-Transfer Student, Vice- President of Homeroom. ANNIi'Ii'I'E MOORE-'I'ransfer Student, D.E. Club, 2, fl: Delegate to D.E. Convention 2, fl: Study Club. W2 JUDY CAROL MOORE-Dramatics Club, Booster Club 2, 3, Chorus, School Spirit Connnittee. JOHN GOFF MOORING-Junior Varsity Football Manager, S. O. Representative, Athletic Club, Homeroom President, Chairman of Junior-Senior Invitations Committee, "B" Honor Roll, Study Club, Phalanx Club. LINDA FAYE MORGAN-Study Club I, 33 Future Homemakers of America Club. CAROL ANNE MOR'l'IMERAHomeroom Ofhces, S.O. Representa- tive, Beauty Court, Lead in "If A Man Answers," Junior-Senior Figure Committee, Varsity Cheerleader, Secretary of Black Mas- quers, National Honor Society. JESSICA JANE MORTON5Junior Classical League, S.O.S. Club, Junior-Senior Decorations Connnittee, Choir, Ollice Assistant. JANICE ELIZABETII MOSS-Study Club I, 2, 3. MIRIAM ELSIE MUNDEN-President of Homeroom, Vice- President of Junior Classical League, Choir 2, 33 Majorette 2, 32 Host of I.F. Foreign Exchange Student, President of Good Sports Club, I.F. Exchange Student of Ecuador, Co-Chairman of Junior- Senior Figure Committee, "B" Honor Roll, Chairman of Foreign Exchange Committee, Presidc-nt's Cabinet, Candidate for Miss Print. JOHN LAI'RENCE Ml'RCHISON-Prelude Club, Production Staff of "Ask Any Girl" and "Fair Exchange," HI-NOC-AR Staff, Co- Chairman of Junior-Senior Decorations Committee, "B" Honor Roll, Black Masquers, Advertising Manager of HI-NOC-AR, National Merit Scholarship Finalist, Morehead Scholarship Nomi- nee, President of Black Masquers. BEN HOLLAND NEVILLE, JR.-Transfer Student, Study Club 2, 3. PHYLLIS ANNE NEIVELL'-Radio Broadcasters Club, Bridge Club, Treasurer of Homeroom. GINGER FAYE NEXVTON-Dramatics Club, Radio Broadcasters Club. ALLISON LYNN NICHOLS-Choir, Choir Club, Band I, 2, 31 Powder-Pull Football I, 25 Booster Club, Vice-President of the Band. JOHN LAIVRENCE NICHOLSON--Radio Broadcasters Club, Ed- sonian I, 2, fig S.O.S. Club 2. fl, Choir, Part in Play 'Alf A Man Answers," Black Masquers 2, fig Co-Chairman of Music Committee for Junior-Senior. KATHERINE HICIQS NICHOLSON-Student Store Committee I, 33 Edsonian, Good Sports Club Secretary, Junior-Senior Figure Committee. Jl'LIl'S RVSSELL NORRIS, JR.-Vice-President of Sophomore Class, S.O. Representative, Dramatics Club, President of Junior Class, Delegate to Boy's State, Delegate to E.D.N.C.S.C.C., HI- NOC-AR Stall, President of Senior Class, Morehead Nominee, Letter of Commendation for National Merit, Choir, Outstanding Senior, Rotary Boy of the Month. ANDREIV STEXVART NI,'CKOLSATyping Club, "B" Honor Roll, Prelude Club, S.O. Representative, Junior-Senior Refreshment Committee, Phalanx Club, Senior Class Treasurer. JACQITELINE BRAIVDIS OAKLEY-Secretary of Homeroom, Sec- retary of Dramatics Club, Student Lounge Committee, Sponsor for Football Game, Choir, Good Sports Club 2, 3: President of Good Sports Club. GLORIA JEAN ODOMAGlee Club, Distributiye Education Club. Dramatics, Study Club. VIRGINIA BEVERLY PADCETT-Transfer Student, S.O. Repre- sentative, Secretary of Phalanx Club. DAVID FRANKLIN PARKER-S.O. Representatiye l, 2, 3: Boy's Athletic Club, Junior Varsity Football, Honor Roll, President of Junior Class, Trallic Committee, President S.O.S. Club, Na- tional Honor Society 2, 33 Junior-Senior Decorations Committee, Commencement Marshal, Varsity Football 2, 3: Junior-Senior Figure, Presidents Cabinet, Chairman of Tralhc Committee, Vice- President of National Honor Society, Treasurer Monogram Club, National Merit Finalist, Morehead Award Nominee, Kiwanis Boy of the Month, "Player of the IVeek," Outstanding Senior, Basketball Statistician, Youth in City Government Day. HARRIET SUE PARKERfPrelude Club, Ofhce Assistant 2, 31 Refreshments Committee for Junior-Senior, House and Grounds Committee, Youth in City Government Day, Secretary of Home- room, Booster Club. LOUISE ANNETTE PARKERHChorus, Choir, Library Science Club, Library Assistant, Distributiye Education Club, Dance Club. STALEY IVAYNE PEARCE-Typing Club, Stage Crew, Study Club, Stage Manager. KERNEY THOMAS PEELE-Athletic Club l, 2: Part in Play "Pillow Talk." JUDY CAROLINE PERNELL-Dance Club, Bridge Club, Choir 2, 3. OLLIE 'THOMAS PERRY-Library Science Club, Choir l, 2, 3: Chorus Club, Distributive Education Club, Attended D. E. Convention. NANCY LEE PEYTON-S.O. Representatiye I, 2: Treasurer of Junior Classical League, Homeroom Olhces, Publicity Committee, Junior-Senior Decorations Committee, Good Sports Club 2, 31 BLACKBIRD Stall, Secretary of Senior Class. JOSEPH PARKER PHILLIPS-Junior Varsity Football, Radio Broadcasters Club, Varsity Football 2. 33 Public Speaking and Debate Club, Study Club. THURMAN REGINALD PIERCE, JR.-Basketball Manager l, 3: Study Club, Baseball Manager, Homeroom Oflices, Monogram Club 2, 35 Choir 2, 3g Baseball Team. IVADE LAIVRENCE PITT, II-Typing Club President, Junior Varsity Football, Phalanx Club 2, 33 Homeroom Ofhces. MARSHALL DEAN PITTMAN-Junior Varsity Football, Home- room Ofhces, S.O. Representative, President of S.O.S. Club, School Spirit Committee, Elections Committee. RAYE MARIE PITTMAN-Future Teacher's Club, Alternate Dele- gate to Science Symposium, IN'inner in Local and District Science Fairs, Junior-Senior Decorations Committee, Honor Roll, National Honor Society 2, 3: Commencement Marshal, Booster Club, IN'inner in Local Typing Contest, Treasurer of Booster Club, S.O. Representatiye, Homeroom Ofhces. BENNIE WVAYNE POI.LARD-Library Science Club l, 2, 33 Vice- President of Library Science Club. LONNIE WOODROW POLLARD, JR.-Distributiye Education 1,23 Delegate to D.E. Conyention. MARJORIE MARIE POXVELL-Junior Classical League, Ollite Assistant l, 2, 33 S.O. Representatixe, Phalanx Club 2, 3: lnyita- tions Connnittee for Junior-Senior, Homeroom Oflites. RACHEL MAE POIVELI.-Choir I. 2: Typing Club, S.O. Represen- tatiye, Phalanx Club, Ilomeroom Ollices, House and Grounds Committee, Secretary of Booster Club. FELIX VAL PRICE, JR. NANCY DIANE PRICE-Radio Broadcasters Club, Vice-President and Treasurer of Booster Club, Majorette, Homeroom Olhces. CLYDE EARL PRIDCEN-IVildlife Club 1, 23 Junior-Senior Deco- rations Committee. Homeroom Ofhces, Choir, Club. DORSEY IYRICHT PROCTOR, JR.-Prelude Club, Hfildlife Club, Chairman of Ilomeroom Connnittee. MARTHA CANDACE PI'CKE'I"I'-Junior Classical League, Con- testant in County Typing Contest, "B" Honor Roll, Service Club 2, 3: First Place Xl'inner in County Typing Contest and Co- IVinner of First Place in District Typing Contest, Chairman of Junior-Senior Dinner and Program Committee, Scholastic Letter, Corresponding Secretary for Seri ice Club, National Honor So- ciety, Homeioom Ollices. JOHN CRAIG QIIICK-Varsity Football and Baseball l, 2, 31 Bas- ketball, President of Junior Classical League, Homeroom Ofhces, Foreign Exchange Committee, Player of the XX'eek, President of Monogram Club, President of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Second Team All-Conference. JUDY BRYAN QIIINN-Dramatics Club, Radio Broadcasters Club ., .J BE'I"IiY JO RAY-Radio Broadcasters Club, Booster Club 2, 31 Edsonian. JOHN ROBERT REARDONf'I'yping Club. Study Club 2, 3. DAVID Hl'N'IlER REAVIS-Dance Club. BENJAMIN XYAYNE REESE-Baseball Manager, Play "Pillow Talk," Great Music Club, Physical Education Club, Black Masquers. CAMILLA ANNE REID-Homeroom Olhces, S.O. Representative, Junior Classical League, Social Connnittee, Secretary of Junior Class, National Honor Society 2, 33 Good Sports Club 2, 31 Secre- tary of Student Organization. Rotary Girl of the Month, DAR Citizenship Pilgrim, Delegate to N.C.S.C.C., Outstanding Senior, Nominee for Elk's Youth Leadership Award, Presidents Cabinet. CHARLES AI'S'I'IN ROBBINS. JR.-Junior Varsity Basketball, Homeroom Ollices, Varsity Basketball 2. 3: Phalanx Club Oflicer. DORIS FAYE ROBBINSAHomc-room Ollices, Oflice Assistant 2, 33 Figure Committee for Junior-Senior. LINDA FAYE ROBBINSADramatics Club, Radio Broadcasters Club, Choir, Snack Bar Attendant. AVILLIAINI MICHAEL ROBINSONAAIIIletic Club, Homeroom Of- fices, Junior Classical League, Study Club, LAWRENCE EUGENE ROIVLAND-Study Club, IViltllife Club, Creat Books Club. 173 MARY SUE Rl'SSELL-Study Club, Choir l, 2, 33 Vice-President of Booster Club. Secretary of Honreroom, Junior'-Senior Program Planning Committee, Choir Club. VIRGINIA RFTH RYALS-Head Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Secretary of Junior Classical League, S.O. Representative, Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3: First Runner-Up in Jurrior-Senior Beauty Court, Delegate to IVildacres, National Honor Society 2, 33 Outstanding Senior Homecoming Queen Runner-Up, Miss Print, Rotary Girl of the Month. Chairman of Junior-Senior Figure Committee, Honor Roll, Secretary of National Honor Society. VICKIE SALLEE-Dramatics Club. Distributive Education Club 2, 33 D.E. Club President. NANCY SCOTT SEVERANCE-Radio Broadcasters Club l, 23 Honreroom Otlices, Publicity Conrrnittee, Treasurer of Radio Broadcasters Club, "Order of the Black Feather," Good Sports Club, Presidc-nt's Cabinet, Chairman of Publicity Conrmittee, Edsonian. KAROL JEAN SEXTONfChoir l, 23 Secretary of Homeroom, Social Committee 2, 33 Secretary of Booster Club, Booster Club 2, 3. TEMPIE LOUISE SHEARIN-Vice-President of Future Teachers of Anrerica Club, Choir, Secretary of Booster Club, Secretary of Homeroom, Cap and Gown Conrnrittee, Lost and Found Conr- nrittee. JACQUELYN ELLEN SMITH-Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Home- roonr Offices. Good Sports Club, House and Grounds Committee, Maid of Honor for Junior'-Senior Beauty Court, S.O. Representa- tive, Miss Print Candidate, Junior-Senior Dinner and Program Conrrnittee, Varsity Cheerleader, Homecoming Queen, Junior- Senior Beauty Court. Outstanding Senior, Choir. MARY RUSSELL SMITH-Transfer Student. Service Club, Radio Broadcasters Club. SUSAN LOYVELLA SODEMAN-S.O. Representative, Junior Classi- cal League, Band I, 2. 33 Horneroom Omces, Secretary and President of Band, "B" Honor Roll, Secretary of Service Club, Senri-Firralist for I.F. Exchange Student. LINDA SORRELL-Junior Varsity Cheerleader, S.O. Representa- tive I, 2, 33 Junior Classical League, Foreign Exchange Committee l, 23 National Honor Society 2, 33 Horneroom President, Good Sports Club, Alternate Foreign Exchange Student, Varsity Cheer- leader, Letter of Conrmerrdation for National Merit Scholarship, Letter of Academic Achievement. WILLIAM EDWARD SPENCE-Horneroorn Olhces, Decorations Committee for Junior-Senior, Social Committee 2, 3g S.O.S. Club 1 2, 3. SAMUEL KNOX STANLEY-Photography Club, S.O.S. Club 2, 33 Cast of "Pillow Talk." SANDRA JEAN STONE-Typing Club, Good Sports Club, Junior- Senior Invitations Committee, Choir Club, Secretary of Home- room, Head Majorette, President of Chorus Club. BARBARA SHERYL STUSSIE-S. O. Representative, Booster Club 2, 33 Junior-Serrior Refreshment Committee, Ofhce Assistant 2, 33 Student Store Committee. CHARLES EARL SYKES-Boy's Athletic Club. Typing Club, Treasurer of Horneroom. W4 ,.ii CHARLES EDIVARD TAYLOR, JR.-Transfer Student, Audio- Visual Club, S.O. Representative 2, 33 Basketball 2, 3: Tennis 2, 3: Monogram Club, BLACKBIRD Staff. LYMAN KENT TAYLOR-I-Vildlife Club 1, 2. MAVIS PI'RIFOY TAYLOR- TIMOTHY RUSSELL TAYLOR-Band, Chorus Club, Choir. TOMMY NORMAN TEDARDS-Edsonian. JOSEPH BROWNIE THAMES, JR.-Baseball I, 2, 3, Athletics Club l, 23 Monogram Club. CHARLES STEIVART THARRINGTON-Radio Broadcasters Club, Vice-President of Homeroorrr, Student Director of "Fair Exchange," Edsonian. Prelude Club, Technical Staff of "If A Man Answers," Cast of "Murder Takes the Stage," Black Masquers, Choir, Vice-President of Radio Broadcasters Club, Homecoming Parade Committee STEVE HENDERSON THARRINGTON- JAMES RICE THOMPSON, III-J. V. Football, Varsity Baseball I, 253 Monogram Club 2, 33 Varsity Football 2, 32 Homeroom Otlices, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Trallic Committee. JAMES McDONALD TILLEY-President of Dramatics Club, Rep- resentative to Student Organization l, 23 Vice-President of Phalanx Club, Junior-Senior Decorations Conrrnittee, Vice-President of Black Masquers, Clrairnran of School Spirit Committee, "Order of the Black Feather." BILLY EARL 'I'ODD!Boy's Athletics Club, Study Club 2, 3. RAYMOND FRANCIS TODD-Boy's Athletics Club, Treasurer of Homeroom, Varsity Baseball. BRENDA GAIL TVRNER-Study Club, Library Assistant 2, 33 Library Science Club 2, 3. Jl'LIAN EMERSON TURNER, JR.-Band I, 2, 33 President of Photography Club. Radio Broadcasters Club, Band Librarian, Study Club. EDXVARD EARL TYNER-Track I, 33 Junior-Serrior Clean-Up Committee, IVildlife Club, Chorus, Edsorriarr, Secretary of Home- room. LANA JOHANN VAUGHAN-Junior Classical League, Service Club, Guidance Assistant, Lost and Found Committee. JOSEPH LEONARD VEILLETTE-Boy's Athletic Club, President of Phalanx Club, S.O. Representative, Class, Flower, Flag, and Motto Committee, President of Homeroom, President of Phalanx Club, Youth in City Government Day. JOHN EDIVARD VIVERETTE, JR.-Basketball Manager, Kudos Klub. RICHARD MARK IVALD-Secretary and Treasurer of Civil De- fense Club, Edsonian, Cast of "If A Man Answers," Production Stall' of "Murder Takes the Stage," S.O.S. Club, Junior-Senior Decorations Committee, Honreroom OlEces, Black Masquers, HI- NOC-AR Stall, Youth in City Government Day, Graduation Committee. IVILLIAM LLOYD YVALL-Transfer' Student. JUNIUS CLAYTON IVARREN, JR.-J. V. Football, V. Basket- ball, Varsity Baseball l, 2: Dance Club, S. O. Representative, Phalanx Club 2, 35 Tennis Team. XVILLIAM EDIVIN XVARREN, III-Varsity Football, Basketball, and Baseball l, 2, 31 Homeroom Olhces, Monogram Club, Vire- President of Monogram Club, All-State and All-Conference in Football. FRANK XVARUSZCAK-Vice-President of Library Science Club, Boy's Athletics Club, Service Award, Library Science Club l, 3. MARTHA ANN IVATERS--Iunior Classical League, Homeroom Offices, Secretary of Good Sports Club, Choir, Junior-Senior Decorations Committee, Student Store Committee, Good Sports Club 2, 3, Presidents Cabinet, Chairman of Student Store Committee. ELLIE NORITA lVATSONfHomeroom Ollices, Typing Club, "B" Honor Roll, BLACKBIRD Stafl, Editor of BABYBIRIJ, S.O.S. Club, Junior-Senior Invitations Committee. lfeature Editor of BLACKBIRD, "Order of the lack Feather," Elections Com- mittee. GEORGE BENEDICT WATSON, JR.-Prelude Club, Treasurer of Sophomore Class, Basketball Team l, 2, 3: Homeroom Ofhces, Bridge Club, Nominee for Morehead Scholarship, President of Great Books Club. ARTHUR TROY IVEAVER, JR.-J. V. Basketball, Varsity Base- ball, President of Radio Broadcasters Club, Homeroom Ollices, Lead Role in "Pillow Talk," Vice-President of Senior Class. JILLIAN MARY CLEE IVELDON-Junior Classical League, Booster Club 2, 33 Homeroom Ofhces. JOHN ALVIN IVELLS-Homeroom Olhces, Typing Cltlb, Phalanx Club, Student Organization Representative, Publications Com- mittee. WILLIAM WILSON WIGGINS, JR.-Boys Athletic Club, Home- room Ofhces, S.O. Representative, Phalanx Club, junior-Senior lfigure Committee, Crt-at Books Club, Vice-President of Creat Books Club, 'liennis 'li-am. RODERICK COX XVlLKlNSfStudy Club, llomeroom Olhees, Phalanx Club 2, IRENE SCOTTIE XVILLIAMS-junior Classical League, Booster Club, Service Club. NIOHNNIE jOSEl'll XVII,LIAMS-Etlsonian. DENNIS JACKSON XVILl.IAMSON-Track l, 2, 3. DONNA SCO'l"l' XVILLIS-junior Classical League, S.O. Represen- tative l, 23 Bridge Club, Kudos Klub. JOHN DXVIGIIT XVINSTEAD-Radio Brozulcasters Club. Home- room Ollices, S.O.S. Club, S.O. Representative, Study Club. JANE CLAIRE XVINTERS-Dancing Club, Radio Broadcasters Club, Library Science Club. MARY ELLEN XVOMBLE-Choir Club, Homeroom Ofhces, Service Club 2, 33 Junior-Senior Committee. RITA DARE IVOODCOCK-Radio Broadcasters Club l, 2, 3. HERBERT ALLEN IVOOTEN, JR.-Civil Defense Club, Track Team l, 2: Study Club. CAROLYN ASHFORD IVORKS-Junior Classical League. S.O. Representative l, 2: Homeroom Ollices, Good Sports Club, Scholastic Monogram, Candidate for Governors School, "B" Honor Roll, Ill-NOC-AR Stall, National Honor Society, Elections Committee. BUCK ALLAN XVORRELL- CHARLES CRIlflfIN XVORRELL-Kudos Klub Vice-President. JAMES DOAK IVORSLEY, jR.4Civil Defense Club, HI-NOC-AR Staff 2, flg Cirtulation Manager of HI-NOC-AR. I75 Abernathy, 1Vaynee38, 89 Abernethy, Anne -13, 89 Adams, A1!37, 82 Adams, Betty-36, 82 Adkins, Neal--30, 31, STUDENT DIRECTORY 73, 76, 97, 79 Aldridge, Bt1tchA-12 Alexander, Johne32, 50, 51, 53, 511, 55, 58, 66, 75, 79, 97 Alford, Al lord, Alford, Allord, Billy482 Dallas-39, Fil, 38, 97 1X1argarettegl5, 82 Terry,-89 Allen, Brenda-30, 82 Allen, Donnief1l6, 97 Allen, Larry!-37 Allen, W'aymouthA32, 89 Allsbrook, john-82 Anterson, Henry-56, 63, 82 Anderson, Bill-23, 31, 58, 66, 8 Andrews, Bobbie-82 Andrews, Cheryl-35, 39, 97 Andrews, Drue-97 Armstrong. Bettyfe17, 97 Arrington, Garye56, 82 Arrington, -Ii1n1ny!5l, 52, 511, Ashell, Kathryn-30, 82 Ashby, Mary Jo--36, 89 Aycock, Frank-40 Ayers, Patsy-82 Bailey, Alvin-82 Bailey. Bob-82 Bailey, 1iddie2-17, 89 Bailey, Mickey-34, 16, 97 Bailey, Toni-82 Baker, Burmae26, -11, 76, 97 Baker, PennyM89 Balkunt, Iiarle282 Ballance, VJileyg37, 89 Ballotl, NVesleye-36, 51, 97 Bandy, Mary kIanee38, 78, 97 Barbee, Debbiee89 Barden, Frede56, 82 Barden, Ron238, 66, 76, 79, 97 Barker, Moses282 Barnes, Dickie2A12 Barnes, George 34, -16, 98 Barnes, CLeorgia239, 98 Barnes, I.aNells16, 412, 89 Barnes, Larry-37 Barnes, I,indaf38, 98 Barnes, Ronald-51, 60, 89 Barnes, Theresa-36, 89 Barnhill, Georgia436, 89 Barth, udi282 Bartholomew, Bonita 82 Bartholomew, Philip-298 176 8, 89 55, 58, 69, 61, 65, 89 Bateman, Bobby2-12, -1-1, 89 Batten, Bob-89 Batten, Carrie--39, 98 Batten, Lona-15, 31, 76, 98 Battle, Vfestray, xIr.,e31, '16, 66, 76 7f Batts, Chuck-56, 82 Batts, Jerry-37 Baysden, liddie43U, 56, 63, 82 Beard, k1ohnnye36, 77, 98 Beard, Susan-24 Bell, Ann-37, 82 Bell, Cora Mac-36, 89 Bell, Ellen-All, 98 Bell, Pamela-89 Bell, Ronniefe56, 82 Bell, Rose-82 Bennett, Don-51, 98 Bennett, Steve289 Blanton, Sandra+25, 36, 89 Blaylock, Bill-L17, 51, 64, 89 Bonner, Bill-51, 58, 89 Boone Beth Ann,A37, 82 Boone, Betty-36, 99, 119 Boone, Larry-37, 89 Boseman, Phyllis-36, 89 Bossolona, Rena-99 Boswell, Ann-82 Bowden, Pattie282 Boyd, Nancyf89 Boykin, MikeA51, 89 Bradhain, DonnaM37, 82 Bradshaw, Barryf89 Bradshaw, Judy--I 1, 76, 79, 99 Brake, Cooper238, 89 Brake, Mike--17, 99 Branch, Blythe-89 Branch, Ellene39, 89 Branch, Glenda-36, 99 Branch, Mike-51, 58 Brantley, 4Illl1Cfll1, 36, LI2, 99 Brantley, Peggy 22, 89 Braswell, Betty qIaneJ82 Braswell,x1ennyf36, 89, 95 Brewer, Uneeda+82 Brice, Chrise37, -11, 99 Brice, Lindy--59, 89 Britt, Ste-ve251, 58, 89 Brogden, Grant256, 82 Brooks, Jolinny-341, 58, 64, 99 Broughton, 1'Varrenv5l, 83 Brown, Claudia-89 Brown, Mary-83 Brown, Gary-51 Bryan, Linda-215, 89 Bryant, Roxana-41, 99 Bullaloe, Carolinee30, 32, 89 Bullard, Joe-83 Bulluck, Becky-30, 39, 89 Bulluck, Danny43-1, 46, 89 Bulluck, Debby 83 Bulluck, Lacey-83 Bulluck, Mary Margaret-83 Bunn, lvena-17, 51 Bunn, Lincla -13, 89 Bunn, Tim-83 Burgess, jackieM83 Burnette, Bruce-42, 99 Byrne, janetA47, 89 Cacldell, Steve'46, 63, 66, 89 Cain, Sherwood-83 Campbell, EclY83 Campbell, Graham-66, 89 Campbell, Sarag83 Campbell, Tommy-47 Carignan, Carol-89 Carmichael, Sue-45, 100 Carpenter, Jo-83 Carpenter, Kenneth-83 Carpenter, Ronnie-83 Carson, Gwyn-89 Carson, john-56, 57, 89 Carson, SteveW90 Carter, Berta63, 83 Casey, Cail-83 Cash, Roy-83 Casper, Stephanie-44, 100 Casto, Lynn-45, 100 Chambliss, Martha-58, 83 Chandler, Ann-341, 35, 39, 100 Chaney, Mike-47, 57, 100 Chason, Ic1a436, 83 Churchill, Kay-41, 100 Clack, Cheryl-36, 37, 90 Clack, jimmyV51, 58, 60, 66, 90 Clack, RickyY90 Clark Caro1yna90 Clark Charlotte-47, 100 Clark Veda-37, 44, 90 Clayton, Patsya45, 36, 90 Cobb, Jackie-83 Cobb, Mary-44, 90 Cobb, Mike-90 Cochran, Billy-40, 100 Cockrell, Davic1A83 Cockrell, Glenn-90 Cockre11,joycei16, 38, 100 Coggins, Fayasil, 79, 100 Coghill, Betty-83 Coghill, Linda-100 Colbert, Jackie-100 Coley, Chuck456, 83 Collins, Billy-83 Collins, Craig-42, 90 Collins, FayeA30, 36, 47, 101 Collins, Laurie W12, 101 Collins, Palsyw83 Collins, 'l'o1nW37, 83 Cone, Calvin-83 1 Conway, Bobby a56, 83 Cook, tloan 112, 90 Cooper, 'Iimmy 16, L10 Coppeclge, Michiei90 Corinth, 1XIary,2,83 Corn, Ian-83 Coslilow, Shau1a,AL15 Cottingham,1Varrena31,s10, 16, 79, 101 Couch, C1ayA37, 83 Council, 1N1ary 117, 90 Cousins, plane-83 Cowancl, Caro1 83 Cox, RosCfL17, 90 Craig, ploy-23, 83 Creech, Tommiea83 Creech, Ruff-913, 101 Creekmore, I.inc1aA4l2, 90 Crocker, Brenda-83 Crocker, Bobby-90 1 Croom, Rlefli-51, 60, 62, 90 1 Cuelo, xIoefe17, 101 Cummings, .lack-1, 31, 32, 74 Cunningham, Carol-36, 101 Currie, Maryaa36 Cutchin, Bryan-3-1, 415, 90, 95 Daniel, Dona1c1a'12, 77, 101 Daniel, kleffreyw 416, 90 Dauglitriclge, MaryA83 ,. . 8, lD2illgll1I'lLlgC, 1Vayne 50, 51, 53, 58, 1 Davenport, li1ni1y 36, 119 Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis Davis, Davis Barbara539, 90, 95 BobbyfA10 C. T.-'10, 90 Donalc1Yas10, 90 De1oresa83 Fayea101,12 Ike-47, 90 lean-36, 101 Sammy436, 37, 90 Dawes, udyf37, 411 Dawes, Rickyf57, 83 Dawson, Mikea-10, 77, 101 Deans, Gail-111, 90 L . Deaton, Aunclrea-1, 23, 32, 33 Deaton, I,arry 30, '16, 62, 102 De Boe, l,owana-13, 90 DeBow, -Iolennea90 Delamar, Julian-31, 56, 83 Delbridge, Jimmy-31, 83 Dennis, Lindsey-40, 90 Dew, john-40, 21, 57, 102 Dew, Spencerasl2, 102 Dill, Ann445, 90 Doherty, Maureen-102 56 76 102 79 101 Fielding, Bill-83 Dowdy, Gerryw59, 102 Dolier, Lewisf32, 90, 78, 79 Dofier, Cifilllillllfgg Drake, jimmy-37. 83 Drake, Kathy-42, 90 Draper, Rick-46, 90 Driver, 1Villiam 45, 102 D ubel, Jo1in 44 Farmer, Sue483 Farmer, 1fVayne-83 Farris, Johnny-46, 57, 103 Faucette, Linda-90 Felmet, Holt-34, 38, 103 Felton, Dinah-83 Ferguson, Evelyn-31, 36, 47 104 Dudley, Cle1iaY32. 90 Dudley, 1XIargaret415, 30, Dunn, Charles-38, 90 Dunn, Stanley-37, 83 Dunning, Steve-47, 90 Dupuy, CharlesA37, 44, 90 Eagles, LandyCe437, 83 Eagles, Robert--90 Eason, Nancy-83 Eatman, George-40, 102 Eatman, Jerry-102 Edgerton, Pau1ette490 Edmondson, Rusty--63, 83 39, 88, 90, 95 Edmondson, Mary X'V1'1g'l1l730, 39, 102 Edson, Cy-30, 31, 44, 90 Edwards, Amine483 Edwards, Becky-31, 58, 83 Edwards, Connie-83 Edwards, Debbie-31, 35, 39, 90 Edwards, George-83 Edwards, s1oe440, 103 Edwards, Lindaf43, 103 Edwards, Robert463 Edwards, Sandy546, 88, 90, 79, 78 Elirenberg, Arthur-43, 103 Elirenberg, EddieA83 Ellis, Charles-90 Ellis, Eddie-83 Ellis, Tim-83 Emerson, lXIariev41 English, Brenda-44, 90 Ethridge, BarbaraY83 Ethridge, Pl1i1ip438, 103 Ettinger, Ashley-30, 83 Evans, Lynne 15, 76, 96, Evans, P1ii1g83 Eveland, Frances-41, 90 Everette, Brenda-83 103 Fields, Gharlotte430, 39, 104 Flood, Becky-104 Floyd, Sue4104 Flye, PeteA83 Ford, Sara-38, 91 Foreman, BettyHa104 Fountain, La Rue-83 Fowler, Brenda-39, 91 Fox, Barbara-83 Fritts, Joyce-44, 91 Frohbose, Blair-31, 83 Fryar, Betty-45, 91 Fryar, Judy-91 Fuerst, Bobby-83 Futcli, jeff-91 Gaither, Frances-91 Gardner, Charles-83 Gardner, Elton-84 Gardner, James-84 Gardner, Peggyflll Garris, Ross-41, 78, 91 Gibbs, Sue436 Gibson, 1'Voody-84 Goblet, Freddiev5l, 104 Godwin, Bish-84 Godwin, Brack-62, 84 Godwin, Ric3kyw104 Godwin, 1Vynf3l, 58, 66, 91 Goff, Sharon-41, 91 Goolsby, Eddie-45, 91 Gorham, Steve-37, 43, 91 Gower, Anne-30, 31, 36, 76, 104 Grady, Vancev84 G-rant, Adrianna-84 Grant, Betty-39, 91 Gravely, Frances731, 58, 84 Gravely, Keen-66 Gray, Harold484 Ellelle, Betl1ve83 Euell, jimmy-36 Ene1l,kIudyY36, 103 Gray, Marcia--44, 104 Greathouse, Frank438, 91 Greathouse, Sam-47, 91 Ezzell, PatM36 Euell, 1Vayne-90 Euelle, Gertie-83 Farmer, Dell-31, 39, 103 1'armer, Edwardw43, 90 Ifarmer, Margarette-37, 47, 91 1' armer, Pau1ettew83 1'2ll'll1C1', Percell-103 178 Greene, E.-104 Greene, Joyce-84 Grey, Don-36 Griffin, Ann-47, 104 Griffin, Bobby-42, 105 Griffin, Brenda-115, 21, 39, 43, 105 Griffin, Brenda L.-91 Griffin Carolyn-46, 105 Griffin, jim-60 Griflin, Margaret-84 Griflin, Randya37, -14, 91 Griflin, Roscoe-91 Griscom, Char1otte436, 8-1 Grooms, Larry-84 Gunn, Bobby-84 Gupton, Frank-84 Gurganus, Allan-34, 47, 88, 91 Gurganus, Bert-43, 88, 91 Gurganus, Betty-105 Gurganus, Jean-45, 24, 77, 91 Guy, Barbara-36, 91 Haddon, BarbaraA39, 76, 105 Hagan, Phila84 Haggerty, Lea458, 84, 87 Haggerty, Mary Bruce-37, 39, Hagins, Mickey-91 Hale, Martha-31, 39, 91 Hall, Bobby-40, 105 Hall, Cheryl-84 Hall, Vickie-36, 42, 105 Hamad, Monaf91 Hammond, Jenny-15, 58, 84 Hammond, Judy-31, 41, 105 Hammond, Kenneth-91 Hand, Georgia-84 Hanner, Saraha36, 91 Hargrove, Linda-84 Harles, Bill-22 Harmon, Elbert-84 Harper, Judy-36, 91 Harper, Olivia-39, 91 Harper, Wfilliam-91 Harrell, Bennie-105 Harris, Jimmyi84 Harris, Leonard-77 Harris, Lyman-47, 77, 105 Harrison, Faye-84 Harrison, jane-45, 105 Hart, Grady-43 Hartness, John-37, 82, 84 Hartness, Pat-36, 37, 91 Hicks, janet-39, 91 Hicks, Boll-84, 87 High, Larry-30, 417, 72, 76,78 High, Robert-78, 84 Hill, Fred-84 Hills, lXladelinei45, 106 Hines, tIohna8-1 Hinshaw, Mike-37, 46, 88, 91 Hodge, Johnny-37 Hoell, Linda-34, 41, 91 Hogshire, Billy-40, 106 Holland, Raymond584 Holmes, -1enne11430, 39, 91 Horn, David-40, 91 Horne, Steve484 Horton, George--84 House, Libby-84 House, Skipper-43, 91 Howell, Hilda-42, 106 Howell, k1udy491 Howell, Nan-84 Hubbard, Gail-39, 92 Hubbard, Keitha56, 84 Hudson, Dianne-4 106 w 1 Hughes, Cf. L.-37, 44, 91 Harwood, Heather-47, 76, 77, 106 iellrier, Tim-84 Hasty, Pat-15, 39, 106 Hathaway, Raye-47, 91 Hathaway, joanne447, 106 Hayes, Mavis-84 Haywood, Edna-84 Hayworth, Barbara-39, 91 Hayworth, jean-30, 31, 32, 73, 106 Hedgepeth, Bill-30, 56, 84, 87 Hedgepeth, Nancy491 Hemenway, Cheryl-36, 91 Hendricks, Sammy-84 Herrington, Charlie-84 Hickman, Charles-91 Hickman, Susan-84 79, 96, Im 78, 107 Hughes, k1eannettea35, 36, 37, Hughes, Randy-37, 106 Hughes, Ronniei37, 84 Hundley, Ray+43, 57, 107 Hunt, Raymondg92 Hunter, Johnny-37, 92 Hutto, Gloria-84 Hux, Martha-43, 107 X' ' Hux, Se1ma484 Ingram, udy-92 Inscoe, BettyM92 jackson, Bil1a30, 46, 107 Wackson, Donnya92 Jackson, Judy-16, 26, 42, 107 games, Randa1l423, 30, 32, 92 lellcoat, Orman-92 cnkins, Tommy-58, 64, 92 enkins, Thomas Lee- 92 wessup, Leo-92 'ohnson, Darre11450, 51, 58, 61, 92 ohnson, Edith-84 Johnson, Larry-107 Johnson, Ronald-107 lohnson, Faye-92 johnson, Hlanda-84 fohnston, Sharon-43, 92 folley, David-84 Herring, Romie-44, 51, 56, 57, 91 fones, Betty-39, 96, 107 "ones, David524, 36, 58, 66, 92 Jones Ernest-92 Jones George-92 i fones, kIol1nny2,63 ones, Sara-32, 107 tones, Susan-34, 36, 92 M ones, Tornniy--63, 84 ifones, Trudy-36, 92 1 ones, Vickie28-1 Jordan, David--84 Aiordan, Linda-15, 30, 34, 38, 92 ylordan, Sidney2il5 M oyner, Frankie--81 oyner, Jean-31, 341, 35, 38, 75, 76, 107 N oyner, Lyn-57, 81 Kea, Braxton blames v-84 Keel, Page-92 Keeler, Clynthia28A1 Kelley, Steve2l08, 23, 38, 51, 53, 96 Kelly, Suzanne-44, 92 Kennedy, Tom1nya108, 23, 30 Kertnon, Bobby28-1 Killebrew, Penny-4-1, 92 Kinc'he1oe,LIe112108, 45, 30, 31, 35, 76, 79 Kineheloe, Martha-58, 84 King, Ginger 108, Al-1 Klitzner, Susan 108 Kornegay, -Indy-108, 1, 33 Kornegay, Robert--30, 56, 82, 841 Kovarco, 8usan284l Kridel, xIay+35, 108 Lambert, Connie-8-1 Lannn, Cllarence251, 92 Lamm, Sarali-44, 92 Lancaster, Bennett-51 Lancaster, Conniee26, 42, ll Lancaster, Henry---16, 108 Lancaster, Stevee108 Land, Sharon-59, 92 Landen, Marshaf92 Lane, Dennis244, 108 Lane, Mitcliiel-'lil Langhorne, Carolyn-84 Langley, Faye21, 31, 32, 108 Langley, Jack-8-1 Langston, Randy-8-1 LaRue, lilixabeth284 Laughridge, Digit-19, 51, 52, 53, 58, 61, 92 Lea, Bruc'e26, 30, 31, 34, 78, 92 League, l'lI'llllli-84 League, Robert-445, 92 Lee, Becky-84 Lee, Bill 216, 66, 92 Lee, Doris-84 Lee, Kay-30, 31, 92 Lee, Louise-36, 109, 119 Leonard, -Iinnnyf36, 37 Leonard, Kay438, 92 Lester, Donna28L1 Levy, Linda-8-1 180 Levy, Raymond l09 Lewis, Carolyn284 Lewis, David 84 Lewis, Genev84 Lewis, Linda-46, 92 Lewis, Mary Lou-92 Lewis, Phyllis-85 Lewis, Ray-85 Liles, Robertee-16, 92 Lindsey, Ravenf39, 92 Lockanly, Cecil-42, 44 Long, x1ol1nny4l 09 Looney, CarolynA37, 39, 76, 109 Lucas, Thomas-277, 92 Lundy, '1erryf5l, 55, 57, 92 Luper, Pam-59, 109 Luther, Mike-56, 85 Lyles, GayA85 Mac'Diarmid, Kathy230, 31 Magee, James-40, 92 Mangurn, Bob-36, 92 lxlilllgllffl, Jimmy-44, 92 Manning, Donna-85 Manning, Viekie436, 109 Marks, Billie Deanf45, 92 Marks, Charlotte-85 Marks, Chrisv45, 92 Marks, Pat-41, 109 Marshall, john-40, 43, 109 Marshburn, Bob-58, 66, 109 34, 5 Martin, Cassandra-31, 32, 33, 92 Mason, udy-92 Massengale, Jimmy-109 Matthews, George-31, 36, 92 Matthews, Butch 85 Matthewson, Matt-85 1XIaurer, Judy-47, 109 Mayo, Dianne285 McCall, Katherinee40 McCoy, Sallie-37 Meilullen, Jimmy-85 McCullough, Scott-31, 56, 85 McGahee, Billy-110 McGee, Barbara-44, 76, 110 McGee, Margaret!85 1XIelnnis, Maef56, 85 McLin, lXIargaret285, 87 MclXIanus, LindaM85 Mears, BarbaraM85 Mears, Howard-1 10 Mears, Lee-85 Mebane, Marty-40, 88, 93 Melton, Linda-15, 110 Melton, Robert-85 Melton, Roger-58 Melvin, Sarahf3l, 59, 93 Meyer, BettyY43, 93 Milgroni, Anne-31, 58, 85 9, 75, 109 Milgrom, Brent-51, 53, 54, 58, 66, 110 Miller, Linda441, 110 Miller, Rickyf36, 37, 110 Miller, Ronald-37, 85 Mills, Audrey436, 85 Mills, Bobby-38, 51, 66, 79, 1 10 Mills, Jo Anne-4-1, 110 Minges, Corrye 85 Mitchell, Jim-56, 85 Mitchell, Joan-93 Modlin, Shery1v85 Modlin, Larry-38, 76, 79, 110 Modlin, Lyn-85 Modlin, Sandra-85 Monroe, Nap-111 Moore, Annette-42, 111 Moore, Camilla-37, 85 Moore, Diane-42, 111 Moore, Ernestv37, 85 Moore, JarvisY93 Moore, Jo Ann-85 Moore, Judy-41, 111 Moore, Larry-53, 85 Moore, Mitzi-39, 93 Moore, Ronaldi42 Moore, Sybi1 47, 93 Mooring, Mahalia-444, 93 Mooring, 1ohnA46, 1 11 Morgan, Linda-11 1 Morgan, joan-85 Morris, Margaret-93 Mortimer, Carol-30, 34, 59, 76, 77, 111 Morton, Jessica-47, 1 1 1 Mosley, Brenda-85 Moss, Janice-111 1NIunt1en, Mimi-31, 36, 37, 39, 111, 118 Murchison, Larry-1, 32, 77, 78, 79, 112 Murri11,jim-6, 53, 58, 93 Nadelman, Judy-85 Neal, Betsy-30, 31, 59, 93 Nelms, Lillian-36, 93 Nelson, Barbara-7, 59, 93 Neville, Ben-112 Newell, Phyllis-112 Newton, Ginger-44, 112 Nichols, Al1ison 37, 41, 112 Nichols, Tommy-44, 93 Nicholson, Johng47, 77, 112 Nicholson, Katherine-39, 112 Norris, Russ-33, 36, 72, 79, 96, 11 Nuckols, Andy-46, 96, 112 Nyquist, Judy 93 Oakley, Jackie-39, 112 Odom, jean-112 Odom, Larry-93 Odom, Nell-93 O'Keef, Freddie 36, 85 2 O'Neal, A1enni1er437, 47, 93 Overman, Jeanne-44, 93 Overman, Patsyf, 9 85 Overton, Anna 30, 45, 93 Padgett, Bever1y430, 46, 112 Page, Susan-93 Parham, Sharon-85 Parker Parker Parker Parker, ,Davic143l, 51, 58, 62, 7-1, 78, 79 Harriet-15, 16, 31, 11, 113 Annette 36, 42, 113 1fVayneY93 Parrish, Gayle-85 Pate, 1NIarie-46, 93 Pate, Lana 85 Pate, Bobby-85 Patterson, 1enni1'er434, 38, 93 Peace, Dean 85 Peace, jeang-85 Peacock, Kenneth-85 Pearce, Darla---36, 93 Pearce, Richard 85 Pearce, 1Nayne477, 1 13 Peele, Tomn1y440, 113 Penny, Bob 85 Perne11,judy-36, 113 Perry, une-85 Perry, Ollie-36, 42, 113 Peterson, x1oan 85 Peterson, Lynni38 Peterson, Steve-26, 58, 64, 93 Peyton, Nancy-39, 76, 96, 113 P11i1ips,Joe-113 Phillips, Kay-30, 85 Phillips, Ricky+56, 85 Phipps, Gene-58, 66, 93 Pierce, Ray-85 Pierce, Roberti51, 85 Pierce, Thurman 58, 62, 113 Pirkey, Beth 85 Pitt, Judy-93 Pitt, Martha-39, 93 Pitt, Olivia-47, 93 Pitt, Ronnie 38, 93 Pitt, 1Vade-46, 113 Pittman, Marshalle-47, 113 Pittman, Mike-85 Pittman, Raye-31, 41, 76, 114 Pittman, 1tVillia1n593 Pollard, 1,onnieg42, 114 Pollard, Theresa-36, 85 Pollard, Wfayne-43, 114 Pope, Linda-85 Potter, Brendag43 Powell, Margarie-15, 46, 114 Powell, Rachel-26, 41, 114 Powell, Rem-85 Preast, Judy-43, 93 Pregnall, Mary Anni85, 87 Price, Diane437. '11, ll-1 Price, jimi 56, 85 Price, Valf36, 1141 Pridgen, Dickie-36, 114 Pridgen, Junior-85 Pridgen, Lonnie-85 Proctor, Danny493 Proctor, Ikey-16, 40, 93 Proctor, x1udy485 Proctor, Mary Anne441, 93 Proctor, lVright,1 14 Puckett, Candacef26, 38, 76 Purvis, Leek-485 Quick, Craig!5l, 58, 611, 115 Quincy, Sylvia485 Quinn, Bill l1oe440 Quinn, Judy--411, 115 Rabon, Don46, -1-1, 51 Rash, Sue-93 Ray, Betty 104-11 Ray, Linda-58, 85 Reams, Monk4A50, 51, 541, 57 Reardon, 51ohn4l 15 Reayis, Davidf115 Redding, Buny456, 57 Reese, l5en,443 Reid, Camil1a4-430, 31, 72, 76 Reid, -Iohn4434 Rhodes, Susan493 Richardson, Richard485 Ricks, Alan-51, 58, 63 Ricks, lvan4-15, 93 Ricks, Sallie-22, 39, 93 Rimmer, llolef 57, 85 Roane, Susan-39, 93 Robbins, Bill463, 85 Robbins, 15obby485 Robbins, Brenda-85 Robbins, Chuck?-16, 60, 115 Robbins, l"ayev15, 98, 115, 1 Robbins, Linda4'16, -14, 115 Robertson, Ann-58, 85 Robinson, Mike4l 15 Robinson, 112111101214 85 Rose, Darolene-36, 93 Rose, Dillon456, 63 Rose, Gail 493 Rose, Linda!43 Rosser, l1anetg93 Rouse, Herbert 85 Rowe, klosie-85 Rowland, Lawrence--10 Rowland, lX1ildred486 Ruark, Rob456 Russell, anet-L14 Russell, Suek-36, 1 15 114 66, 93 100, 115 19 ' - 1 Ryals, Gingerf7, 59, 73, 76, 79 116 Saint-Amand, -1inin1yf,86 Sallee, Vicki4-12, 116 Salsburg, 1iruce44-93 Salsburg, Robert f86 Sanders, Carol --16, 94 Sanders, Palmer586 Satterheld, She1ia486 Sellers, limilyf-15, 38, 941 31 39, 116 Severance, Nancy 4, 30, 31, 'A , 182 Sexton, Karol-41, 116 Shackelford, Billy-44, 94 Sharer, Doug-30, 47, 56, 94 Sharp, Shaw, Steve-30, 86 Randy-94 Shearin, Hugh-86, 87 Shearin, Jane-94 Shearin, x1il1v86 Shearin Shearin, Tommy-45, 94 Sherro Shull, d, Curtis-37, 86 Betsy486 Siler, Dianne-46, 94 Slater, johnny-31, 56, 86 Smith, Cathy-41, 94 ,Tempie-15, 41, 116 Smith, livie-94 Smith, t1ackie57, 59, 74, 116 Smith, lklargaret-46, 94 Smith, 1Xlarys44, 116 Smith, Moodle-16, 94 Smith, Pat+94 Smith, Stewart-94 Smith, Tim-94 Smith, Tommy486 Smith, 1Villiam-116 Sodeman, Susan-37, 38, 116 Soden, Harriet-38, 94 Sorrell, Linda-30, 59, 76, 116 Spain, Spain, CIaro1ynA86 Shirleyf86 Spence, Bill-47 Spurrier, Karen-94 Stallin Stallin gs, Dan-47, 94 gs, Linda-15, 36, 86 Stanciil, GraCei86 Stanley, Sam-47, 116 Staples, Bill-37, 86 Stephenson, Bert-31, 63, 86 Stone, Sandra-36, 37, 116 Strandberg, Susan-15, 39, 94 Strickl Strickl Strickl Strickl Strickl Strickl Strickl Strickl and, Ann-36, 117 and, Brian-86 and, Dennis-36, 42 and, liarnie-38, 94 and, Henry-51, 58, 60, 94 and, Joe-86 and, Louis-37, 94 and, Maria-40, 94 Stussie, Barbaram15, 30, 41, 117 1 Styons, Ann-37, 86 Sugg, Speight-43, 94 Swaim Sykes, Sykes, ,joe-51, 58, 64, 94 Charles-42, 117 Dianne-39, 94 Sykes, 'lack-86 Sykes, Janice Faye-43, 86 Sykes, Sykes, Ralph-51, 94 Robby+56, 94 Tanner, Maryh38 Tanner, Patsyg86 Tant, Claudia- Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, 86 Chuck-31, 35, 58 Debbiek86 Donna-45, 94 jimmy-86 JOl1Il786 Karen-86 Kent-16, 40, 117 Mike-56, 86 9 60, 66, 117 Wagner, Barbara-4 3, 94 Taylor, Sandra-94 Taylor, Tim-36, 117 Taylor, Vicki Cheryl-86 Tedards, Tommy-117 Tedder, Mary jane-94 Thames, Joe-58, 64, 117 Tharrington, Charles-44, 77, 117 Tharrington, Emmett-86 Tharrington, Steve-117 Thomas, Betsy486 Thomas, Cag-44, 77, 94 Thomas, Hal-86 Thompson, Butch-56, 86 Thompson, Skip-51, 58, 64, 117 Thornes, Jimmy445, 56, 66, 94 Thornton, Robert-31, 57, 86 Tilley, MacH31, 34, 46, 77, 98, 117 Timms, Carolyn-37, 38, 94 Todd, Billy-118 Todd, Ray-64, 118 Tolfton, Donald-56, 57 Townsend, Anne-86, 87 Tripp, Jackie-94 Tucker, Lynn-36, 94 Tulloss, Becky-86 Turner, Emerson-37, 40, 118 Turner, Gail-43, 118 Turner, NV.-51, 56, 94 Turner, Penny?86 Tyler, Lee-51, 56, 86 Tyler, Nancy-94 Tyner, Eddie-36, 118 Umbenhaur, KarenA86 Vanderslice, Susan-86 Vann, Josephine-15, 31, 58, 86 Vann, Richard-94 Vaughan, Johann-15, 38, 118 Veillette, Leonard425, 46, 118 Vick, Dannie-86 Vick, Bruce-86 Vick, RonnieA86 Viverette, Arthur-44, 53, 94 Viverette, johnny-62, 1 18 Wagner, Elizabeth-86 VVald, Richard-32, 33, 77, 118 Walker, Emma glean-86 Walker, jane-37, 94 1Nal1, Chuck-31, 118 Wall, Williamg1l9 Wallace, Ralph-94 Ward, Shelia-86 Ward, Sylvia-94 Warren, Billy-50, 51, 54, 58, 60, 62, 64, 119 Warren, C.-46, 51 Waruszcak, Frank-16, 43, 119 YV ebb, Nancy-94 Wlebb, Patriciaf94 1Nebster, Charles-94 1N'eeks, Ken-33, 60, 66, 88, 95 1N'eeks, I.inda436, 95 1fVe1don, .Iil1,4l , 1 19 1lVells, john-30, 46, 119 VVc11s, Linda-86 1fVest, Shirley-86 1Vhaley, Patricia-31, 59, 95 Vlhaley, Stevef86 Hlhite, Phil495 1Vhit1ord, Bryan-86 lvllllliillll, Grace-45, 95 1fV11itley, Annette436, 95 1Vhitley, Betha-1-1, 95 Wlhitley, Donna437, 47, 95 Hliggins, Bill-40, 66, 120 Hlilder, t1ennifer595 Wilkins, Roddyk-46, 120 1Villiams 1Villiams, 1171111211118 1Villiams X'Vl11l2lIT1S Wlillianis 1Vi1liams 1571111211115 1fVil1iams 1571111211115 1111111111115 l'Villiams 1171111211115 1511111111115 1'V11112lI11S, 7 7 Ann--36, 95 Carolyn-86 Charlene-95 Danny-86 Donna-37, 86 Gary-56 xIackick15, 4-1 jilllllfgl, 56, 82 -1oe4-12, 120 JLILIL1495 -Iudy486 Lindy-86 Mickey-43, 95 Scottie438, 120 Shclia495 1Villiamson, David-86 1Villiamson, Dennis458, 66, 1 VVilli1'orc1, Danny-63 NVillis, -Iiuiniy-495 1'Vil1is, Scottief45, 120 1fVinbon, Mike-36, 37, 95 1Vinders, Vivian486 lVinstead, 15renda486 1fVinstead, Dwigl1tM-120 1Vinsteac1, Barry-37, 86 1Vinstead, I,arryw37, 86 WVinters,K1ane-25, 43, 120 1Vise, 1fVanda-34, 37, 95 Waters, Ann-31, 119 Waters, George-86 Watson, Ann-86 Watson, Ellie-35, 47, 119 Watson Watson Watson Weaver , George-60, 79, 119 , Ivey-86 , Lani-1 19 , Brenda-94 Weaver, Patsy-86 Weaver ,Tr0y-44, 96, 119 Webb, Marie-37, 86 1N'omble, Mary E11en438, 120 1fVood, Frances-86 1fVoocl, Ceorgefl 20 1Vood, 1Vil1iam-86 VVoodard, Bunn-51, 58, 63, 6 1Voodcock, Linda-44, 95 Wloodcock, Rita-120 1fVooc11't111, VVade495 1Vooc1s, Karen-86 Mlooten, Brenda487 1fVooten, Herbert-42 1iVorks, Carolyn433, 76, 120 1Vorrell, Buckwl 21 lfVorrell, Charles-45, 23, 121 Wlorrell, Sandra-87 Mlorsley, Anne+87 1Vorsley,x1imn1ie-1, 32, 121 1Vyatt, Billm56, 87 Young, Connie-45 Yount, SarahA33, 95 Yousef, Kelley-36, 95 20 6, 95 tv ORGANIZATIONAL INDEX ORGANIZATION PAGE ORGANIZATION PAGE Academics IIIIIIIIII . 18 junior Varsity Cheerleaders -emeeeee eeeee - -A 58 i Administration l2 Kudos Klub Meeeeeeyee,- ,A - 45 I . . 'y 15211111 A A eeeeee A A 37 Library Science Club C 43 i Baseball eeeeee eeeee 6 4 Monogram Club 58 Basketball s s eeeee 60 National Honor Society 76 i Bswflss 'oooooooo o'o'o 70 Outstanding Seniors . . lttte- '72 ISLACKBIRD tttttt - 34 Personnel 16 Blfwk NIZITCTS AAAAAA A AAA- -- 7? Phalanx Club 46 B . .. 4 Omter U J Radio Broadcasters Club ssss,s, .iee 4 4 Choir tssttI,tttt - ttttt 36 u I G Senior Class ttsttt tsttttttt,,, 95 Dedication ,ttttttttt ttttt . .t,ttt 3 S 1 Cl b 4 5 I Distributive Education Club - sssst 42 Neruce u SSSSSSSQ 38 y A Faculty gg gg gg 18 Sophomore Class 82 l Iborliall ssssss tsts 5 II S O S Club sssssssssssss 'I ee'ee 47 I I Golf 66 Student Organization tttssss 30 l Q Good Sports Club .. . 39 FI Sums "eeoeeeseeeeeeeeeee 66 l Great Books Club ttttt 40 Track -e'-e-'eeeee 66 5 yi Great Music Club ,. ,. 43 Varsity Cheefleadem 59 y I-lI-NOC-AR neuml A 32 Vocational Machine Shop .... - 40 I i Junior Class ,ss,,t 88 WfCSIlIllg tss,sttstssstss ttssss S 57 2 TE I i The stall of the l964 HI-NOC-AR wishes to express sincere appreciation to all in the community, l school, administration, aIId faculty who helped Inake this publication possible. Special thanks go to our I able advisors Miss Alma Murchison, Mrs. Jane 'White and Mr. Price Coursey of Charlotte Engraving Company. The l964 HI-NOG-AR is to be read, looked at, or in any other way enjoyed by its readers, for it is lor these readers that we publish such an annual. We of the staff have covered the past year at Senior High ' in a way that we leel will make its memory a permanent one. This is our goal. l 15 -1 Jack Cummings C0-Editor Faye Langley C0-Editor . , ,, V 1 N w w K HE M i3 ' J TJ N fri 'u v .rj 46 H U6 .Vw '5 O H 'QII V1 fi Nj Zfl M W I UV. QUT W I 1.1 . N, 1 gil I i I I F 1 1. 11 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 A 111 1 1 1 l Q 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 8 1 1 1 1 1 'rj r ' -.. ., .,,,, v -11-ff'-ff:--fi.-v-77---M-.+-.f37f,,..Y..--2--Tf--...,..- .. -. ....,-V -.-,- YL.--.,, , -.------, -.-,'....,---...,...-. ..,-,.-Z.,-,..--'A ....jf,.. ,v,.,..,...,:v,

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