Rock Island High School - Watchtower Yearbook (Rock Island, IL)

 - Class of 1971

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Rock Island High School - Watchtower Yearbook (Rock Island, IL) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 216 of 232
Page 216 of 232

Rock Island High School - Watchtower Yearbook (Rock Island, IL) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 215
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Page 216 text:

FOSTER. ALVIN—Senate, Football 1 20. Track 1- 2 3. Jr. Marshal Girxlidate, )r. Rotarian, Letterman, All Stale FOSTER. DOUGLAS—Band. Football 1-2. Track 1 2-3, Wrestling 1. DO Club FOULKES. CWENETH—Girl ' s Glee. Senior Glee. Pan-Am League, Senior Hotkk Roll, Quill ar d Scroll. WATCHTOWER Business Manager. CRIM¬ SON CRIER Copy Editor. Y-Teens. AFS Committee. FTA. Human Relations Club Treasurer. Young Republicans, " Belk are Ringing " , " South Pacific " , " The Section " FOWLER. ED-CWT Club FOX. lERI—Senior Honor Roll, Natiortal Honor So¬ ciety, Gym Assistant FOX. KAREN—Y-Teens FRANKS. DREXEL—Wrestling 1 FRAZELLE. DONNA—Girl ' s Glee. Pan-Am League. DO Cub FRAZELLE. GARY— " The Section " FRAZER. DOUGLAS—Senate, German Club. Sen¬ ior Hothx Roll, Quill and Scroll, National Hotkk Society, WATCHTOWER junior Section Editor, CRIMSON CRIER Business Manager, Jr. Marshall Candidate, )r. Optimist, Key Club President, Young Republicans. Teen Democrats, Youth Forum Vice- President, Illinois State Scholar. PTSA Representa¬ tive, Elks Youth Award, Key Club Citizenship Award FREEBURG, KAREN—CRIMSON CRIER Assistant Ad Maruger, DO Club Treasurer FROUDE. KURTIS—Intramurals 1-3, Swimming 1, Gym Assistant FULLERTON. DEBRA— " Beils are Ringing " , " South Pacific " , Girl ' s Glee, Senior Glee. FrerKh Club. Sen¬ ior Hotkk Roll, National Hotkk Society. GAA, Hi-Y, Y-Teer»s, Fraction Faction, AFS Committee. Assem¬ blies FULTON, MICHAEL—Football 3, Intramurais 2, Wrestling 1, Letterman FURNISS. ROYLA—Band, Giri ' s Stage Band. Ger¬ man Club, Top 5%. Senior Hotkk Roll, Natiorwil Honor Society, Pep Baixl, FTA, " The Section " FURSTENAU, GRETCHEN—Senate, ' South Pacific " . Girl ' s Glee President, Senior Glee, Ger¬ man Club. Senior Honor Roll. WATCHTOWER Co- Business Manager, CRIMSON CRIER Copy Editor, Literary Oub, Tennis 1 -2-3, Y-Teerrs, AFS Commit¬ tee, Young Republicar s, " The Section " C GAMELIN. QUENTIN—Senior Honor Roll. Na¬ tional Hotkk Society, Tennis 2-3, " The Section " GANSZ. SHIRLEY—Orchestra GARRISON. DAVID—DO Club 212 GARVEY. MARY—Y-Teens GATHRIGHT, WILLIE—CRIMSON CRIER, Football 1-2-3, Track 1, Wrestling 1 GEISENDORFER, SUSAN GEORGECOPOULOS, PETER—jr. Achievement, CYC Committee, A-V Assistant, Data Processing As¬ sistant GEPHART, jUDITH—Giri ' s Glee, CRIMSON CRIER, ScierKe Club, Jr. Achievement GIBSON, CYNTHIA—Senate. Senior Glee, Top 5%. Senior Hotkk Roll, National Honor Society, Y-Teerw GIBSON. KATHRYN—Band. French Club. Top 5%. Senior Hotkk Roll, National Honor Society, Ski Oub GILLIAM, KEITH—Senate. Sophomore Class Vice- President. Intramurais 3, Swimming 1,2,3, Track 1, Letterman GOLDMAN. DIANE—Pan-Am League, Senior Hotkk Roll, GAA. Intramurais 3, Y-Teer s, Gym As¬ sistant GOOLD, DAWN—Y-Teens, Gym Assistant GORENSTEIN, RENEE—Pep Club. French Club. CRIMSON CRIER, GAA, Y-Teens. Office Helper GOTTHARDT. DEBRA—Senate, GAA. Y-Teens, Home Economics Assistant GOTTSCH, lODELL—Senate, Dramatic Club, Y- Teerw GRABAU, SCOTT—Senior Hotkk Roll, Intramurais 3, Key Club. Baseball 3 CRAMS. BARBARA—Pep Club. CRIMSON CRIER, Y-Teens. Ski Club CRAMS. SARAH—Pan-Am League CRAVES. STEVE—DO Club GREEN, DENNIS—Football 1, Intramurais 2-3 GREEN, MARY—C.W.T. CREENLEAF, lANET—Senior Glee, Shamber Choir, Y-Teens, Jr. Achievement, AFS Committee, Gym Assistant, Young Republicans, Ski Club Cabinet GREENWOOD, DAVID—Intramurais 2-3 GRIFFIN, DEBORAH—Seriate, Senior Hotkk Roll, NatkKval Honor Society, Y-Teens. Gym Assistant CROSSELL, SUSAN—GAA. Y-Teens. Ski Club. " The Section " GUNTHER, JOHN—Band. Orchestra, Pep Band, Intramurais 3. Sports Manager I -2-3, Gym Assistant GUSTAFSON. SUSAN—Y-Teens. Ski Club CUTH, JOHN-Swimming 1 -2, Science Club, Cam¬ era Club. Gym Assistant, " The Section " GUTHRIE, MARCIA—Orchestra. Jr. Achievement GUY, ANN—ScierKe Club. " The Section " CUZZO, JAMES—C. W. T. H HACKETT. CATHY—Senior Glee, French Club. Senior Honor Roll. National Honor Society, Y- Teens, AFS Committee, " The Section " HALL, LINDSAY—Football 1-3 HALLAS. CLAUDIA—Y-Teens. DO Oub. Clinic As¬ sistant HALLER. LISA—Band. French Oub. Y-Teens, AFS Committee. " The Section " HALPERN, JULIE—Senate. French Club, Senior Hotkk Roll, National Hotkk Society, Y-Teens, Teen Democrats HAMMING, BRUCE—Top 5%. Senior Honor Roll, National Honor Society President, Basketball 1-2-3, Intramurais 3, Track 1, Jr. Marshal, Jr. Rotarian, Key Club, Letterman HANEY, RICK—Senior Glee, Sports Manager 1 -2-3, Letterman, " The Section " HANKINS. RAMONA—Girl ' s Glee, Senior Glee HANSEN, DAVID—Senate, Senior Hotkk Roll, Na¬ tional Hotkk Society, Basketball 1. Football 1 -2-3, Intramurais 2-3, Track 1 -2-3, Jr. Marshall Candidate, Jr. Rotarian, Key Club, " The Section " HANSON. DAN—Cross-Country 2, Track 1 HANSON, DAVE—Crosscountry 2. Track 1-2, Jr. Achievement HANSON. JERRY—Senior Honor Roll. National Hotkk Society, Football 1-2-3, Track 2, Letterman HARTMAN, DEBRA— " Bells are Ringing, " " South Pacific, " Band. Orchestra. Girl ' s Stage Band, Pep Band, German Club, Intramurais 1 -2, Brass Choir, Band Assistant, " The Section " HARVEY, ANN—CWT HASS. DEBBIE—Girl ' s Glee HAWLEY, BILL—Cross-Country 1-2, Track 1-2, Wrestling 1-2 HAYNES. HOWARD—Football 1 HAYS. DEBBIE—Senate. Y-Teens Cabinet, Jr. Achievement, Home Ec. Assistant HEALY, DIANA—Girl ' s Glee Y-Teens, Jr. Achieve¬ ment HEBER, PATTI—Y-Teens HENDERSON, JANE—Dramatic Club. German Club. Senior Honor Roll. GAA, Y-Teens HENDRICKSON. JEFF—Senate, " The Imaginary In¬ valid. " " Our Town. " " The Remarkable IrKident. " " Bells Are Ringing, " " South Pacific. " Senior Glee, Golf 3, " The Section " HENDRIX. EUGENE—DO Club HERBERT, KENN—Band, Orchestra. CRIMSON CRIER. Debate, Boy ' s State, Campus Life Club, A-V Assistant, Brass Choir HIATT, TERRI—Y-Teens. Homecoming Queen Candidate. Jr. Achievement HICKMAN, DAN—CRIMSON CRIER HICKMAN, PATRICIA—Girl ' s Glee, Senior Glee, FrerKh Club, Senior Honor Roil, National Honor Society, Y-Teens HINES, RUSSELL—Cross-Country 2. Track 1 HINRICHSEN, CINDY—Y-Teens. Gym Assistant, Ski Club HIXSON, SUSIE—Dramatic Club, Y-Teens Cabinet, DO Club Secretary, Jr. Achievement HODSON. LORNA—Y-Teens. DO Club, Office Helper HOFFMAN, ROB—Senate, Band. Wrestling 1-2-3, Jr. Marshal Candidate, Key Oub, Letterman, Ski Club, Lab Assistant HOFMANN, CAROLYN—Band, Tennis 1 HOWE. JULIA—Y-Teens. Jr. Achievement Secre- Ury HOWELL. BONNIE—Senate. Senior Honor Roll, National Honor Society. GAA Cabinet, Y-Teens Cabinet, FTA Program Chairman, Library Assistant HUDSON. ALAN—Senate, WATCHTOWER STAFF Photographer. Intramurais 1 -2-3, Camera Club. A-V Assistant HUDSON. DEBBY—Y-Teens, Jr. Achievement Secretary HUDSON. JESSICA—Girls Glee, Tennis 2, Y-Teens. Homecoming Queen Candidate, Office Helper, The Section HUNTER. JUDY—Dramatic Club. Pep Club, GAA, Y-Teens. Office Helper

Page 215 text:

CARLSEN, GREGORY M—Senate, " Sooth Pacific " , Band, Senior Glee. Ski Oub, Football 1, Track 1-2-3, Wrestling 1, Fraction Faction, Key Oub. Letterman, " The Section " CARLSON DARRON—Band, Orchestra. Pep Band, Camera Club, " Where ' s Charley " , " Bells are Ring¬ ing " , " South Pacific " CARLSON. LINDA—Giri ' s Glee, Top 5%. Senior HorxK Roil, Natior al Honor Society CARLSON, REED—FrerKh Club, Senior Honor Roll, Golf 1-2-3, Hi-Y. Intramurals 1-2-3, " The Section " CARNITHAN, )EFFREY—Senior Glee, Intramurais 2-3, Track 2-3, )r. Achievement, " The Section " CHAPPELL, lOHN—Senate, Senior Honor Roll. Na¬ tional Honor Society, Intramurais 1 -2-3, Swimming 1-2-3, SciefKe Club, Radio and Electronics, Key Club, Letternwin, Ski Oub CHAPPELL. LAWRENCE—Sports Manager 1-2, Let¬ terman, " The Section " CHRISTIANSEN. |OHN—Senior Glee, Teen Demo¬ crats, Young Republicans, Human Reiatior s Oub. Ski Club. Wrestling 1. CWT, " The Section " CLARK. PAMELA—Pan-Am League. Y-Teens. Of¬ fice Helper, Ski Club CLENDENIN, MITCHELL—Basketball 1, Football 1 -2, Sports Manager 1 -2, Key Club CLIFF, lOHN—Band. Orchestra, Stage Band, Pep Band, Fraction Faction. " Where ' s Charley " , " Bells are Ringing " , " South Pacific " CLONINGER. MARY—Pep Oub. French Club. Sen¬ ior Hothk Roll, Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society, WATCHTOWER Organizations Staff aiKl Co-Editor of Organizations, CRIMSON CRIER Assis¬ tant Picture Editor, Cheerleader 1-2-3, GAA. In¬ tramurais, Tennis 1, Y-Teem. Homecoming Queen Candidate. AFS Committee, Illinois State Scholar, Young Republicans Cabinet, " The Section " COLCLASURE. Michael—Pan-Am League, Irv tramurals, Oty Government Club COLE, HOLLY—Cirt ' s Glee, German Club. Y- Teerw, Jr. Achievement COLE. ROBERT—Football 3, Wrestling 2-3 COLEMAN. KAREN—Pep Club. Girl ' s Glee, CRIM¬ SON CRIER. Y-Teens, Ski Club COLLINS, BOBBIE—Pep Oub, GAA. Homecoming Queen CarKiidate, |r. Achievement, Chefs Club Vice-President, Gym Assistant COLVIN, JEWEL—Intramurais. Wrestling COOK. MARIjANE—Pep Oub. FNA COOKLIN, RICHARD—Basketball 1, Football 1- 2-3, Hi-Y, Intramurais 2-3, Track 1-2-3. Key Club. Letterman, " The Section " COOPER. DOROTHY—Senate. Dramatic Oub. Pep Club, FrerKh Oub, Senior Horxx Roll, Quill and Scroll, WATCHTOWER junior Section Staff and Senior Section Staff. CRIMSON CRIER Assistant Proofreader, GAA. Y-Teens, AFS Committee. Ski Club COOPER. SUSAN—Thespian ScKiety, Dramatic Club. " The Imaginary Invalid " , " The Romancers " , CRIMSON CRIER Assistant Circulation Manager, Y- Teerw, jr. Achievement, DO Club COPLEA, KATHY—Dramatic Oub, Y-Teens, Oink Assistant COSENTINE. KIM—Intramurais 1-2-3, Swimming 1 -2, Gym Assistant, Ski Club CREGER, CATHY—Senate. Dramatk Club. " Bells are Ringing " , " South PacifK " , Pep Club, Senior Glee, Chamber Choir. French Oub, Top 5%, Senior Honor Roll, Natiortal Hothk Society, Intramurais, Y-Teens, Jr. Marshall Candidate, AFS Committee, Gym Assistant, Office Helper, Ski Oub, Teen OenxKrats, Human Relatiorts Club CREGER, MARK—Senate, German Club, National Horw Society. Hi-Y, Intramurais 1 -2-3, Key Club, Gym Assistant, Ski Club CROMPTON, RANDY-Band, Orchestra, Gernwin Club. Golf 1 -2-3. Hi-Y. Intramurais 1 -2-3, ScierKe Oub, Key Oub, " The Section " CROWDER, GAYLE—German Club, Gym Assistant CULLISON, KAREN—Senior Honor Roll, CRIM¬ SON CRIER Assistant Copy Editor, FNA CURRY, TIMOTHY—Senate, " Bells are Ringing " , " South Pacific " . Senior Glee, Chamber Choir, Ger¬ man Club President, Top 5%, Senior Hotkk Roll. Quill and Scroll. National Hothx Society, CRIM¬ SON CRIER Co-Editor, Literary Club, Jr. Rotarian, Key Club. AFS Committee CUTTER. LYNN—Girl ' s Glee, GAA, Intramurais 2-3. Y-Teens. FTA. Teen Democrats D DAHLEN, ELIZABETH—Band, Orchestra. Giri ' s Glee, Pan-Am League, Senior Horw Roll. National Hothx Society. FTA, Young Repubikans DALKOFF, LINDA-Dramatk Club, Pep Club, Pan- Am League, Senior Hotkx Roll, GAA, IntramuraK 1-2-3, Y-Teens. Homecoming Queen Candidate. AFS Committee, Young Repubikans Cabinet, Ski Club, Pom Pom Section, " The Section " DALPONTE. KAREN—Senate, Orchestra. FrerKh Club President, GAA Cabinet, Intramurais 1-2-3, Tennis 1. Y-Teens. Gym Assistant. Ski Oub, " The Section " DAVIS. JANICE—DO Oub DAVIS, JEANETTE—Band, Head Majorette, Giri ' s Glee, Y-Teerrs, Office Helper DAVIS. MARTIN—Golf 1-2-3, Wrestling 1-2 DAY. GEORGE—German Oub. Football 1-2-3, Wrestling 1 -2-3, Letterman, Student Lounge Assis¬ tant DECKER, STEVEN—Basketball 1, Hi-Y. Intramurah 2-3, " The Section " DELOOSE. DEBRA—GAA. Y-Teens. DO Club DEMAY, MICHAEL—Dramatk Club, Intramurais 3. Gym Assistant, Ski Club. " The Section " DEMEYER. DOUGLAS—Thespian Society. Dra¬ matk Club. " The Imaginary Invalid " , " I Married Irerw " , " Bells are Ringirrg " , " South Pacific " , Senior Glee, Pan-Am League Cabirret. Senior Hothx Roll, Quill and Scroll. CRIMSON CRIER Co-Editor, Key Club, AFS Committee, Young Repubikans, Ski Club DEMOTT, DEBORAH— " South Pacific " , Band, Giri ' s Glee, Senior Glee. Senior Hothx Roll. Y- Teens. Camera Club. Band Office Assistant DENECKERE. STEVEN—Top 5%, Senior Honor Roll, National Hothx Society. Intramurais 1-2-3, Baseball 1 DENTON. KATHRYN—Y-Teens, Office Helper DEPAEPE, ANGELA—Senate. Dranwtk Club. FrerKh Club, Intramurais. Y-Teens DEPAEPE. MARY—Senior Hothx Roll. Pep Oub. Gym Assistant DEPAUW, DENNIS—Chefs Club Treasurer DEPEW, ELIZABETH—Pep Oub, Gym Assistant DICK, DEAN—Band. Stage Band, Pep Band. Tennis 1-2 DODEN, HEIDI—Band, Senior Honor Roll, WATCHTOWER. GAA. Intramurais. Y-Teens Cabi¬ net, FNA, Ski Oub, " The Section " DOWIE. RUTH—Band. Senior Honor Roll, Na¬ tional Hothx Society, Y-Teens, Teen Democrats DOWNING. SUSAN—Pan-Am League, CRIMSON CRIER, Y-Teens. FTA. Ski Club DUNCHEON. LYNNE—Band. Sophomore Chorus, GAA. Intramurais 3, Y-Teer» President, Vice-Presi¬ dent and Cabinet. Inner-Oub CoutkII. Ski Oub. " The Section " E EACH. JOHN—Senior Hothx Roll, Basketball 1, Football 1-2-3, Intramurais 3,‘ Track 1-2-3, Jr. Rotarian. Letterman, " The Section " EAGLE, CAROLYN—Senate, Pep Club Cabinet, FrerKh Club Vke-President. Cabinet, Senior Hothx Roll, National Hothx Society. GAA, Cheerleader 1 -2-3, Y-Teens. Homecoming Queen Royalty. " The Section " EDGAR, PAMELA—FrerKh Oub, Senior Hothx Roll. Y-TeerK Cabinet, Fraction Faction, AFS Com¬ mittee, Gym arxl Pool Assistant. Office Helper, Hu¬ man Reiatkxrs Oub. " The Section " EDMONDS. KATHY—Pep Oub. Y-Teens. Office HHper ELLIOTT. DOUGLAS—Senate, Band. French Oub, Top 5%, National Hothx Society, Senior Hothx Roll, GoH 1-2-3, Irttramurah 2, Jr. Rotarian, Key Club Vke-President ELLISON. STEVEN— " Bells are Ringing " , " South Pacific " , Senior Glee, Chamber Choir, Intramurais 3, Campus Life Club ELMORE. REBECCA—WATCHTOWER Business Staff, GAA, Intramurais. Y-Teer»s, Jr. Achievement, Gym Assistant ELSNER, EDWIN—German Club. Football 1, In¬ tramurais 2-3, CWT ENGLAND. SUSAN—Pep Club ENGSTROM, DAVID—Pan-Am League, Intramu¬ rais 2-3 ENGSTROM, DONALD—Band, Intramurais 2-3 EWING, RITA—Dramatk Oub. French Club. Sen¬ ior Hothx Roll. National Hothx Society. Y-Teens, AFS Committee. " The Section " F FAfTH, STEVEN—Track 1, Wrestling 2-3 FARLEY. TONYA—Senate. Pep Club, GAA, In¬ tramurais 1-2, Y-Teens, Jr. Achievement. A-V Assis¬ tant FAY, MARY BETH— " Bells are Ringing " , " South Paciific " . Senior Glee. Dolphinettes, GAA, Golf 3, Y-Teer»s, Gym and Pool Assistant FEELEY, ROSANNA FELDHAHN, BRIAN—DO Club FENTON. STEVEN—Basketball 1-2-3, Cross-Coun¬ try 1 FISHER, DOUGLAS—Intramurais 1, Swimming 1, Ski Club, Pool Assistant FLETCHER. JANIS—Clink Assistant FLYNN, JAMES—Senior Honor Roll, Intramurais 3, Wrestling 1, Ski Club. " The Section " Secretary FOLEY, DEBRA—Serwite. Senior Class Secretary. Thespian Society. Dramatk Club. Pep Oub, Senior Glee Secretary, Chamber Choir, Senior Honor Roll, DAR, Quill and Scroll. National Honor Society, CRIMSON CRIER Co-Editor, GAA. Y-Teens. Jr. Mar¬ shal, Homecoming Queen Royalty, Quint-City Stu¬ dent Corrgress Delegate, AFS Committee President, Gym Assistant, Teen Democrats Secretary- Treasurer. Human Relatiom Club, Ski Club, " South Pacific " , " Bells are Ringing " , " Where ' s Charley " , " Remarkable IrKident " , " The Imagirrary Invalid " , " Man With the TrarHjuill MIthJ " . " In Triplkate. Please " , One-Act Director, " The Section " FORWARD, DIANE—Dramatk Club. Pan-Am League, Y-Teens. Office Helper. Ski Oub. " The Section " 211

Page 217 text:

INC(X;lY, ROBERT—crimson crier INLOES. JOAN CRISTINE—Senate. Dramatic Club, Y-Teens. DO Club ISENBERCER, DIANE—Y-Teens, |r. Achievement y lACKSON, AL—Swimming 2-3. Letterman, Gym Assistant lACKSON. MIKE—Cross-Country 1-2-3. Track 1- 2-3, Boy ' s State lACOBS, CARL—Basketball I. Cross-Country 2, Track 1. |r. Achievement JAMISON, THEODORE—Senate, Thespian Society. Dramatic Club treasurer, " Imaginary Invalid. " " Re¬ markable Incident at Carson Corners, " C)r e Act Di¬ rector. Senior ' Glee, |r. Achievement, AFS, Ski Club, Inter-School Council, Human Relations Club JANSSEN, CARY—Senior Hortor Roll, National Honor Society, Fraction Faction, A-V Assistant, ScierKe Council JOHNSON, DORIS—Y-Teens. |r. Achievement y JOHNSON. BOB—Senate. Band, Basketball 1-2-3, Football 1-2-3, Track 2-3, Jr. Marshal Cartdidate, Letterman JOHNSON, JERRY—Band, Senior Glee JOHNSON, JOHN—Top 5%. Senior Honor Roll, National Honor Society, Basketball 1 -2-3, Jr. Mar¬ shal Carididate, Jr. Rotarian, Key Club Treasurer, Baseball 1-2-3 JOHNSON, KATHY—CRIMSON CRIER. Literary Club. Y-Teens, Gym Assistant JOHNSON, STEVE—Wrestling 2-3 JOHNSON, THAD—Orchestra. Senior Glee, Sports Manager, CWT President JOHNSTON, JODY—Orchestra. Senior Glee, Chamber Choir, Pan-Am League Treasurer. FTA JONES, BRUCE—National Honor Society, Jr. Achievement JONES. DENISE—Ski Club JONES, NORITA—Band. Ciri ' s Glee, Senior Glee, Band Assistant, Sophomore Chorus K KARAWAY, RUTH—Senate, Dramatic Club. " Lady ' s Not For Burning, " Senior Glee, Senior Honor Roll, National Horwr Society, Y-Teens. AFS Committee, FNA Secretary, Clinic Assistant KARZIN, NICHOLAS—Senior Glee, Sports Manager 1 -2, ScierKe Club, Key Club, Gym Assis¬ tant KAY, CYNTHIA—Senate, Pep Club, FrerKh Club, Senior Honor Roll. CRIMSON CRIER Head Proo¬ freader, Dolphinettes Vice-president, Treasurer, GAA. Y-Teens. Quint-City Student Congress Dele¬ gate, AFS Committee. Gym Assisunt, Ski Club. " The Section " KELINSON. LEONARD—Pan-Am League Cabinet. Intramurals 1-2 KENNEDY, BRIDGET—Speech Contests, Dramatic Club, " Antk Spring. " " The Remarkable Incident. " " Dear Departed, " Pep Club. CRIMSON CRIER. Y- Teens, Clinic Assistant, " The Section " KENNEDY, RONALD—CRIMSON CRIER. Basket¬ ball 1. Football 1 -2-3, Intramurals 1 -2-3, " The Sec¬ tion " KIBLING, KATHY—Dramatic Club. Pep Club, Sen¬ ior Honor Roll. WATCHTOWER Sophomore Sec¬ tion Editor, GAA, Hi-Y, Intramurals 1 -2-3, Y-Teens Cabinet, Interclub Council President, AFS Commit¬ tee. FNA Treasurer, Clinic Assistant, Gym Assistant, Human Relations Committee, Ski Oub. " The Sec¬ tion " KIMBEL. CONSTANCE—FNA. Office Helper, Busi¬ ness Show Queen Candidate KINCAID, ROBERT—Basketball 1. Football 1 KINDSCHUH, JOHN—Senior Honor Roll. " The Section " KITTLER, JOHN—Senate, Band. German Oub. Sen¬ ior Honor Roll, Hi-Y. Tennis 1, ScierKe Oub Vice President, Radio Electronics President, Camera Club Fraction Faction, Key Oub, Science CourKil President. Human Relations, " The Section " KNANISHU, NANCY—Pep Club Vice-President, FrerKh Club, GAA Cabinet KOLINCHINSKY. JEFF—Swimming 1-2-3. Pool As¬ sistant 1-2 KOLLS, PAULA—Dramatic Club. Pep Club, GAA. Hi-Y, Tennis 2, Y-Teens 1-2-3; Soph. Cabinet. DO Club. Clinic Assistant KOLSRUD, DARLENE—Band 1, CRIMSON CRIER, Y-Teens, Gym Assistant KOST, ASTRID—German Club, Senior Hotkk Roll, National Hotkx Society, Y-Teens, Ski Oub KRLXi. DENISE-Senior Hotkx Roll, GAA, Intramu¬ rals 1-2 L LABARE, JO ANN—FrerKh Club, Senior hlorKK Roll, Quill and Scroll, CRIMSON CRIER Co-Editor, GAA, Y-Teens Cabinet, Fraction Faction, Jr. Opti¬ mist, Jr. Achievement, AFS. Campus Life Club, Ski Club, The Section LAMPKIN, JANICETINE—The Seaion LANE. JANET M.-Sr. Chief ' s Oub President LANGDON, VICTORIA—Senate. Y-Teens LANGE, JERRY—Intramurals 1, DO Club LANGSTON. ELAINE—Senate, Y-Teens LANNEN, KATHERINE—Jr. Achievement, DO Club, A-V Assistant LAWHORN, KATHY—Y-Teens, DO Club LAWHORN, MELISSA— " The Bells Are Ringing, " " South Pacific, " The Section, Senior Glee, Pan-Am League Secretary; Cabinet, Senior Hotkk Roll, Na¬ tional Hotkk Society, Watchtower Staff Organiza- tiom Staff, GAA, AFS, Gym Assistant, Young Republicans, Ski Club LEATHERMAN. MARY—Thespian Society, Dra¬ matic Club Secretary, " The Dear Departed, " " In Triplicate Please, " " The Imagirury Irtvalid, " " The Remarkable IrKident at Carson Corners, " One-Act Director, Pep Club. Pan-Am League, Senior Hotkk Roll, Quill arid Scroll, WATCHTOWER Index Editor, CRIMSON CRIER Head Proofreader, GAA, Hi-Y, Y-Teens, " The Section " LEHNERER, TERESA—Servite, " Bells Are Ringing " Pep Oub, FrerKh Club, Senior Hotkk Roll, CRIM¬ SON CRIER Business Manager, GAA. Y-Teens, AFS, Golden Girts, Ski Club LEONARD. SUSAN—Band. Y-Teens. Typist for WATCHTOWER LESLEY. TERRI—Sertaie, Pan-Am League, Top 5%, Senior Honor Roll, National Honor Society, Y- Teerrs LOFGREN, SARA—Senate, Pep Club, Pan-Am League, Y-Teens, Office Helper LOGAN, VICTORIA—Senate. Senior Glee. GAA, Intramurals 1-2, Human Relalior s LOHMEIER, JAMES—Speech Contests, Thespian Society, Dramatic Club, " My Three Angels, " " Death Cell, " " Imagirury Invalid, " " Antk Spring, " CRIMSON CRIER, Hi-Y, Intramurals 1, Swimming 1-2-3, Ski Club Vke-President, President LONG. CYNTHIA—Senate. Dramatk Club. Pep Club. Pan-Am League, GAA, Tennis 2, Y-Teens, AFS, Office Helper, " The Section " LOVETT, DENA—BarKt, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pan- Am League. Senior Hotkk Roil, Campus Life Club, Band Assistant, Woodwind Choir, Clarirwt Choir LOVETT, RALPH—Basketball Manager, A-V Assis¬ tant. Pool Assistant. Teen Democrats Club LOWERY, DENISE—Senate, Pep Club. Cheerleader 2-3, GAA, Intramurals 2-3, Y-Teens, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Homecoming Queen Royalty, Jr. Achievement LUNDQUIST. MITCHELL—National Honor So¬ ciety, Fraction Faction, Key Oub, The Section M McClellan, Brian—B and, Spons Manager, ScierKe Club. Radio and Electronics, Camera Club, A-V Assistant, Lab Assistant McCLINTOCK. DEBBI—Band, Senior Hotkk Roll, Natiorvil Honor Society. Y-Teerw McCORMACK, BRUCE—Senate, BarKi, People to People McCOY, DAVID—Chefs Club McCULLOLKIH, CHERYL—GAA. Homecoming Queen CarKlidate McCullough, VERN—Band, Basketball 1-2-3, Track 1, Letterman, Baseball 1-2 McEVOY, JOHN—Senate, Senior Hotkk Roll, Na¬ tional Hotkk Society, Intramurals 1-2, Baseball 1- 2-3 McFarland, JIM—orchestra, CRIMSON CRIER. Basketball 1, Intramurals 2. Jr. Achievement McGEE. LINDA—Intramurals 1. HEO, Scholastk Poetry Contest McGinnis, sheila—P an-Am League, Ski Oub McLEMORE, KATHRYN—Senate. CWT McWADE, JUDY—Senate, Senior Hotkk Roll, Y- Teerts, Gym Assistant MADSEN. SUE—Senate, Jr. Class Vke President, Speech Contest, Pep Club, Dramatk Club, Senior Hotkk Roll, Quill and Scroll, NatkKMl Hotkk So¬ ciety, WATCHTOWER Index Co-Editor and Organi- zatioTis Co-Editor, CRIMSON CRIER Page Editor, GAA, Intramurals, Y-Teens, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Illinois State Scholar, Antk Spring MAHLO. DEBBIE—Band, Society, Y-Teens. AFS Committee, Library Assistant, " The Section " MAKINEY, BETH—Senior Glee Treasurer. Cham¬ ber Choir, Y-Teens. Ski Oub 1-2-3, " The Seaion " MANTHEY, ANDY—Band, Pep Band, Top 5%, Senior Hotkk Roll, Natiortal Hotkk Society. " The Seaion " MARTIN, DOLX}—Senior Hotkk Roll, National Hotkk Society. Debate coach. Intramurals 2-3, Tennis 1-2-3 MASON. MICHELLE—German Oub, National Hotkk Society. GAA, Y-Teens MAXEY, KAREN—Pan-Am League, Top 5%, Senior Hotkk Roil, National Hotkk Society MELTON, RICHARD—Band. Orchestra, Senior Honor Roll, Intramurals 1-2-3 MERKI, SABINE—Senate, Senior Glee, Y-Teens. Fraaion Faaion, Ski Club, Quint Oty Student Con¬ gress Delegate. AFS Committee Foreign Exchange Student METOFF. MARIA—Dramatk Oub. German Club, Top 5%, Senior Hotkk Roll, Natiorwil Hotkk So¬ ciety, Debate, Y-Teens cabinet 213

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