Rock Island High School - Watchtower Yearbook (Rock Island, IL)

 - Class of 1966

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Rock Island High School - Watchtower Yearbook (Rock Island, IL) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 247 of 264
Page 247 of 264

Rock Island High School - Watchtower Yearbook (Rock Island, IL) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 246
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Rock Island High School - Watchtower Yearbook (Rock Island, IL) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 248
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Page 247 text:

JES80N.J0HN Band JINKS. CXX)KIE Dolphinettas Cabinet, French Club, FTA, OA A, Pan-Am Leag’ue, Pep Club, Senate, Y-Teens, Intramurals. JOHNSON. CHARLES Football JOHNSON. CHERYL Pep Club. Y-Teens JOHNSON. KYLE Band. Dance Band. Pep Band JOHNSON. THOMAS Hi-Y, Letterman. Wrestling-1 JOHNSON. VIRGINIA Band Assistant Manager. OAA Cabinet. President. Orchestra. Senate. Top 5%. Jr Marshal Candidate. Intramurals, Tennis 1.2.3. National Honor Society. Pep Band, Woodwind Choir. JOHNSTON. THOMAS L. JONES, BOBBIE FNA, Intramurals JONES. DIANE Pan-Am Leagfue, Pep Club. Y-Teens JONES. DOROTHY FT A. Pep Club. J unior Achievement KAHN. PAULA Area. District, Sectional Speech Contests. CRIMSON CRIER First Page Editor. French Club, Secretary. Cabinet. FTA. Pep Club. Senate. Top 6%, WATCHTOWER Associations Editor. Y-Teens. Literary Club. " Good Morning. Miss Dove”. " Mrs McThing”. Thespian Society. Jr Marshal Candidate. Intramurals 1. Quill and Scroll. National Honor Society. “The Bad Seed ” KALMAN. CANDI CRIMSON CRIER Head Proofreader. FNA. Pep Club, Junior Achieve¬ ment. KAPLAN. JOE Lettermen. Junior Rotarian. Junior Marshal Candidate. Intramurals. APS Conunittee. Tennis 1.2.3. Swimming 1.2. National Honor Society KARAWAY. STANLEY KASKADDEN, JOHN Intramxirals, Sports Manager 1 KASKADDEN. PAM French Club. FTA, National Honor Society KASPARIAN, CRAIG Intramurals. Baseball 1. KAUZLARICH. RITA FHA, FNA. Pep Club KEMPH, WILUAM Band. Dance Band. Intramurals. Football 1 -2-3, Pep Band. KENTER, PAM CRIMSON CRIER Circulation Manager. KEROFSKY, GARY Junior Achievement, Track 1-2. KERN. WILLIAM Junior Achievement, DO Club Treasurer KIEFER. STEVE Track 1 -2, Football 1, KIMMEL, GREAR Band. Dance Band. Letterman. Senate, Junior Optimist. Key Club. Jr. Marshal Candidate. Gym Assistant. Intramurals. AFS Committee. Boys State. Track 1-3, Football 1-2-3, Pep Band KING. ROBERT KIRKWOOD, DAVE Letterman. Senior Glee. Pool Assistant. Intramurals, Track. Swimming 1 -2-3, Football, Cross Country. KISER. CURTIS Gym Assistant. Swimming 1-2-3. KLEIN. KATHY Pan-Am League. Pep Club. National Honor Society KUNGAMAN. MICKEE CRIMSON CRIER Head Proofreader, French Club. OAA. Pep Club. Y- Teens, Intramurals. KNANISHU, MARTIN Hi-Y, Pan-Am League, Junior Optimist. Golf 1 -2-3. KOESTER. GARY KOESTER, JERRY ROLLS. PEGGY Pep Club, Gym Assistant. Intramurals. KOLLS, ROBERT Intramurals 1-2-3, Track 2-3. KOLSRUD. REED Band. CRIMSON CRIER KOST, JUTTA Dolphinettes. French Club, German Club. Pep Club. Y-Teens. Junior Achievement. KRATZER. BEVERLY Girls ' Glee. Pep Club. Senior Glee, Campus Life Club. KREBS. BENNY Hi-Y KREIDER. JUDY Dramatic Club. FTA. GAA. German Club Secretary. Pan-Am League. Pep Club. Y-Teens. Plays " Good Morning Miss Dove " . Office Helper. Intra¬ murals KRUEGER. SHIRLENE CRIMSON CRIER. FTA. OAA. Pep Club. Y-Teens, A-V Assistant, National Honor Society LAGE, TIMOTHY LAMB. JUDY Girls ' Glee, Senior Glee LAMBERT. BILL LANGMAN. CHUCK Letterman. Junior Optimist. Key Club. Intramurals 1-2-3, Football. Baseball 1-2, National Honor Society LARSON, JOANNE Pan-Am League. Pep Club. Y-Teens. Intramurals 1-2. Girl ' s State. Golf 2, Y-Canteen Committee. LAUX. CANDY CYC Committee Secretary. FTA. GAA. Senior Glee. Y-Teens. LaUn Club. Girls’ Trio LAZZERI. TONI FTA. GAA, Pan-Am Leagne. Y-Teens LEECH, STEVEN Pan-Am League LEENEIF, PAT FHA. Pep Club LENGER. DAVID LENGER. LARRY Intramurals 1 -2-3, Cross Country 2. Wrestling 2. LENGER. ROBERT LENTZ. FRANCINE GAA, Pep Club Cabinet. Senate. Y-Teens. Intramurals 1-2-3, Y-Canteen Committee. LEVIN. JAN Pan-Am League. Pep Club. Y-Teens. Intramurals 1. LESUE, -nMOTHY Gym Assistant. Intramurals. UNDEMANN. KAREN Pep Club UNDEN. MARY FTA, Pan-Am I eague. Pep Club, Y-Teens UNDORFF, KATHY Band. FTA. GAA. Pan-Am League Secretary. Pep Club. Senate. Senior Glee. National Honor Society. UNGLE. RANDY LOGAN. RICHARD LONGFIELD. DIANE Orchestra Librarian LONGUEVEILLE. LARRY Band LOUGH. SHEILA Girls’ Glee. Junior Achievement. Cafeteria Helper LOVELESS. SAM LOVELL. BRENDA FNA. Pep Club. Y-Teens. LUND, DAVE Intramurals LUNDEEN. CAROLYN CRIMSON CRIER Business Manager, Dolphinettes President. French Club. FTA. GAA Cabinet. Pep Club. Y-Teens. Intramurals LUNDHOLM. MARK Band. Science and Electronics Club. Junior Optimist. Gymnastics. Pep Band. Woodwind Choir. LUTZ. PAM FHA, FNA. Pep Club. Y-Teens. Intramurals McADAMS. VICKI CRIMSON CRIER Assistant Proofreader, Dolphinettes. Dramatics Club. FTA. GAA. Pan-Am League. Pep Club. Science and Electronics Club. Senate. Y-Teens. Sophomore Class Secretary. " Good Morning Miss Dove”, Office Helper. Intramurals. Youth Forum McBRIDE. JEFF Pla 3 rs. Tennis 1-2. McCLOUD. GEORGE FTA. Lettermen. Track 2, Basketball 2-3. Cross Country 3 McCullough, larry Junior Achievement. McDaniel, dave Hi-Y,Senate. Intramurals 2-3, Baseball 1 McDonald. Elizabeth 243

Page 246 text:

GARRISON. ROY GARVEY. LINDA GEE. KAREN Junior Achievement. Cafeteria Helper GERMAIN. MARC Literary Club. Wreatlingr 1-2 GERSICK. KELLY Dramatic Club. Pan-Am Leag-ue Treasurer. Science and Electronics Club, Top 5%. Junior Optimist. Literary Club. Junior Class Play. Key Club Board of Directors. Jr. Marshal Candidate. AFS Committee Presi¬ dent. Debate. National Honor Society. Extemporaneous Speaking. GIBSON. GERRY District Speech Contests. Dramatic Club. French Club. Pan-Am League. Literary Club. " Good Morning Miss Dove”. AFS Committee. Golf 1. De¬ bate. National Honor Society. GILULAND, DAVID GIMM. DAVID Intramurals. 1-2-3. GUDEWELL. FRANCIS Intramurals 3. GUSAN. LOUIS Band. Dance Band. Intramurals. Pep Band GLOSSOP. BRYAN Basketball 1-2-3. GOLDMAN. CONNIE CRIMSON CRIER Feature Editor. French Club. Pep Club. Senate. Top 5%. Y-Teens Cabinet. Literary Club. National Honor Society. Top Ten. GORDON. TERRY GOTTHARDT. JERRY Jr Marshal Candidate. Wrestling GRAHAM. JAMES Dramatic Club. Junior Achievement. GRAMS. LINDA FTA, Pan-Am League. Pep Club. Top 5%. National Honor Society. Top Ten GRAY. LINDA FHA GREGG. JUDY Pep Club. Senior Glee. Y-Teens. Intramurals 1 -2. Chamber Choir. GRIEM. BARBARA Top 5%. National Honor Society. Latin Club. Top Ten GRIFFITH. MIKE GRISSOM. TONIA GAA, Pan-Am Leag ue, Pep Club. Senate, Campus Life Club. Intramurals 1-2. National Honor Society. GRITTON, SUSAN CRIMSON CRIER Co-Editor. FTA, Pep Club. Top 5%, WATCHTOWER Senior Section. Intramurals 1-2. Quill and Scroll. National Honor So¬ ciety. GROOM. UNDA FHA. DO Club. GUSTAFSON. RICHARD Band. Dance Band. Pep Band, Science and Electronics Club. Track l. Cross Country 2. GUTIEREZ. SHARON GAA. Pep Club, Intramurals 1-2. HABERTHUR. NONA Band. CRIMSON CRIER Copy Editor. FTA. GAA, Pan-Am League, Pep Club. WATCHTOWER Jr. Assistant. Intramurals 1-2-3, Tennis 1-2-3, Quill and Scroll HALL. RUSSELL Baseball 1. HAMBURG. SUE CRIMSON CRIER Picture Editor, Pan-Am League. Pep Club. Senate. Y-Teens. Intramurals 1 -2. HAMMOND. LAURA HAMMOND. LANNY Senate. DO Club Vice-President. HANEGMON. LARRY Lettermen. Spirts Manager. HANKS. JIM HANNAH. ROBERT Junior Achievement. Track 1, Football 1, Intramurals 2. HANSEN. JOE HANSON. JIM Intramurals. 1-2-3. HANSSEN. CHARLES Lettermen. Pool Assistant, Swimming 1-2-3. HARKEY, DAVID Senate, Intramurals 1-2-3, Football 1. HARRIS. PAULETTE FHA. DO Club HAYES. DAVID Junior Achievement, Track 2. HAYSLETT. JAN CRIMSON CRIER Assistant Exchange Editor, Pep Club, Senate. Y-Teens. Gym Assistant. HAYSLETT. MARILYN Girls ' Glee. Intramurals 1. HAZARD. JOAN Dolphinettes. FTA. Pan-Am League. Pep Club Cabinet. WATCHTOWER Index Editor. Y-Teens. HEATHERINGTON, DIANE Y-Teens. National Honor Society. HENDRICKSON. PATRICIA FNA, Girls’ Glee. HERBERT, KATHY Band. FNA. GAA. Clinic Assistant HESCH, LAWRENCE Intramurals 1-2. HEUMAN. JOANNE FTA, German Club. Pep Club. Y-Teens. HIGAREDA. MONICA HIGGINS. MIKE Area Speech Contest. Camera Club. Dramatic Club. Junior Achievement. " Mouse That Roared.” HILL. MAGGIE HILTON. CHARLES HILTON. TOM Hi-Y, Lettermen. Senate. Intramurals. Football 1-2-3. HINKLE. DIANNA HINMAN, CHERI Area Speech Contest. CRIMSON CRIER Ad Manager, Dramatic Club Treasurer, French Club, FTA, GAA. Pep Club Cabinet, Senate. Y-Teens, Thespian Society. Jr. Marshal Candidate, Gym Assistant. Intramurals 1-2-3, Cheerleader 3. Latin Club, Homecoming Royalty, " J.B., " ' Time Out For Ginger,” " Mrs. McThing,” “The Bad Seed ” HODSON, PAULA GAA. Y-Teens. Gym Assistant. Intramurals 1 -2-3. HOFFEDITZ, KATHY French Club. Pep Club, Senate. Y-Teens, Library Assistant. Intramurals. HOFFMAN. SUSAN Pep Club HOGAN. MARCIA Pan-Am League. Pep Club. Y-Teens. HOLDER. JAMES Band. Intramurals. Track 1-3. Wrestling. HOLMER, MATHEW HOLMES. KRIS Pep Club, A-V Assistant. HOSIER. SUSAN French Club. FTA, Pep Club, Y-Teens, National Honor Society. HOWELL. PAT CRIMSON CRIER Copy Editor. FTA, GAA. Pan-Am League Cabinet. Pep Club Cabinet. WATCHTOWER Sophomore Section and Senior Activ¬ ity Editor. Intramurals 1-2-3, Quill and Scroll. TIMES DEMOCRAT Teen Editor. HUDSON, PAT GAA, Pep Club, Senior Glee, Y-Teens, Gym Assistant. Intramurals HUDSON. RICK Qym Assistant. Intramurals 1-3, Baseball 1. HUFFMAN. STEVEN HUGH ES, JAMES Football 1. HUNIGAN, HOWARD Pan-Am League HURD. UNDA French Club. FTA. GAA, Pep Club. Top 5%. Y-Teens. Jr Marshal Can¬ didate. National Honor Society. INCH. TERRY Intramurals. INGOLD. GREG Pan-Am League. Senior Glee, Junior Achievement. Intramurals. IVERSON, CONNIE JACKSON. JAMES German Club. Intramurals JACKSON. KAROL JACKSON. NEA JACOBSEN. SHERRI CRIMSON CRIER First Page Editor. French Club, FTA. Pan-Am League. Pep Club. JAMISON. GWENDOLYN FTA. Pep Club. Gym Assistant, Intramurals. JENSEN. DIANE FTA Treasurer. GAA. Pan-Am League, Pep Club, Senior Glee. Top 5%. WATCHTOWER Jr. Assistant. Ekiitor-In-Chief, Y-Teens. Jr. Marshal Candidate. Intramurals. AFS Committee. Quill and Scroll. National Honor Society. Girls ' Trio. 242

Page 248 text:

Dramatic Club. FTA, OAA. Pep Club. Y-Teens. McFALL. ANITA Oym Assistant. Intifumurals % 2. Gym Assistant. Intramurals 1-2. McFarland, steve Band McKENNA. ELLEN FTA. Girls ' Glee. Pan-Am Leagrue. National Honor Society McKINLEY, GARY Football 1 McKinney, kathy GAA. Pep Club. Y-Teens. Junior Achievement. Intramurals 2-3. Tennis 2. McKinney, mike Junior Achievement, Wrestling 1 McMAHILL. KEN McMillan, michael Camera Club. Lettermen. Science and Electronics Club. Senate. WATCH- TOWER Assistant Photographer. Junior Rotarian. Junior Optimist. Jr Marshal Candidate, Track 1-2-3. Football 1-2-3. Wrestling 1-2-3. National Merit Semifinalist. National Honor Society McMillan, trudy Junior Achievement, Cafeteria Assistant McNICHOLS. DAVE DO Club McSPARREN. JUNE Pep Club. Y-Teens. MacLENNAN. UNDA MADSON. LUaLLE Intramurals MAESS. JEAN Girls ' Glee. Clinic Assistant MANARY. DENNIS MARCKESE. MARILYN FTA. Pan-Am League, Pep Club, Y-Teens. MARKE. DORINDA MARQUIS. BOB Hi-Y, Pan-Am League Cabinet. Senate. Basketball 1-2-3, Cross Country 3. MARSHALL. WILUAM Pan-Am League, Junior Achievement. MARTIN. DAVID Science and Electronics Club, Wrestling 2, Debate, Extemix raneous Speaking. MARTIN. STEVE CRIMSON CRIER, FTA, Pan-Am League. Intramurals 2, Latin Club. MASTERSON, JIM MATHEIS. CHARLES Sports Manager MATHEIS. LARRY M ATTHYS. SUZANNE Pan-Am League. Y-Teens MAXEINER. SALLY French Club, FTA, OAA, Pep Club. Y-Teens. Pool Assistant, Intramurals. Latin Club. MAXEY, GARY Pan-Am League. Top 5%, National Honor Society. Top Ten. MAY, PAULA MAYNARD. GARY CRIMSON CRIER Ad Assistant MAYNE. KATHALON MEAGHER. PHILUP “Charley’s Aunt”, Key Club. MEIER. DON Intramurals 2, DO Club, Baseball 1. METTEE. STEVE Junior Achievement MEYER. CHARLEEN MEYER. JON Junior Achievement. Basketball 1 MEYER. MICKIE MEYERS. ALUE MILLAR. MARGIE Area, MVC Speech Contests, Dramatic Club, French Club, FTA, GAA Cabinet. Pep Club Secretary, Y-Teens Cabinet. " Time Out for Ginger”, “Mrs McThing " , ' The Bad Seed " , Thespian Society, Junior Marshal. Intramurals 1-2-3, Cheerleader 1-2-3. Homecoming Queen, National Honor Society. MILLER. KRIS CRIMSON CRIER Circulation Manager. French Club. FTA. GAA, Pep Club Cabinet, Y-Teens. Intramurals 1-2-3, Cheerleader 1-3. MILNER. SUE GAA. Pep Club. Senate. Y-Teens, Library Assistant. Office Helper. In¬ tramurals 1. MOELLER. MARILEE German Club. Pan Am League. Pep Club. Top 6%. Y Teens. Literary Club. MONTGOMERY. PAM GAA. Pep Club, Y-Teens MOODY. MIKE MOORE. GARY Lettermen. Intramurals 3. Basketball 1. Football 1 -2-3. MOORE. DAVID Track 3. Wrestling 1 -2-3 MOORE. TOM O Football 1 -2 MOORE. TOM R German Club. Hi-Y. Lettermen, Intramurals. Golf 3 MORTELL. MARG MOSENFELDER. MARTY Area. MVC Speech Contests. CRIMSON CRIER Proofreader. Dolphin- ettes Treasurer, Dramatic Club, FTA. Pep Club. Y-Toens. " Mrs McThing . ' Time Out For Ginger " . Thespian Society, Gym Assistant MOTZ. ERIC Band. German Club, Intramurals 3. Cross Country 2-3. MOYER. KAREN GAA MULLER. DALE MYERS. UNDA FN A. Girls’ Glee. Pep Club MYERS. SANDY GAA. Pep Club. Y-Teens. Gym Assistant. Intramurals NEICE, JANE Dolphinettes Cabinet. GAA. Pan-Am League. Pep Club. Science and felectronics Club Secretary. Senate. Y-Teens, Senior Class Secretary. Pool Assistant. Intramurals NEIGHBORS. LEN Senate. Wrestling 1 NELL. MICHAEL CRIMSON CRIER Assistant Circulation Manager, Junior Achievement. Intramurals 3 NELSON. BRAD Senate, Junior Optimist. Pool Assistant. A-V Assistant. Intramurals 1-2, Tennis 1-2, Swimming 1-2-3. PTSA Student Representative. NELSON. KEITH Pan-Am League. NELSON. RONALD Band. Camera Club. Orchestra. Senior Glee, Junior Achievement. Intra¬ murals, Pep Band NELSON. WILUAM Senior Glee. Chamber Choir. Tennis 1 -2-3. NESSELER. DORIS CRIMSON CRIER Assistant Fourth Page Editor, Dolphinettes Cabinet. FTA, OAA. German Club, Girls’ Glee. Pan-Am League Cabinet. Pep Club. Senior Glee. Y-Teens Cabinet, Junior Achievement. Oym and Pool Assis¬ tant. Intramurals 1-2. NESSELER. JEANNINE FTA. GAA. German Club. Pan-Am League. Pep Club. Y-Teens, Junior Achievement, Intramurals 2 3, National Honor Society NEWTON. SUE Intramurals 1-2-3, National Honor Society. NICKELL. GARY NITEKMAN, DEBBI French Club. FTA. Pep Club. Senior Glee, Top 5%, National Honor So¬ ciety. NORTON. PAMELA Dramatic Club. FTA, GAA, Pep Club, Y-Teens. Oym Assistant. NUESKE. KENNETH NUNN, LARRY DO Club President. Football 1 NUSSBAUM. JERRY NYQUIST, JACK OLSON. CAROL FTA, Pan-Am League. Pep Club. Y-Teens. OLSON. DOREEN FTA Publicity Chairman. Pan-Am League. Pep Club, Y-Teens, Golf 1-2-3, Migor Letter. National Honor Society. OLSON. JOANNE Pep Club. Y-Teens, Latin Club Vice-President. O’MEUA, JAMES O’MEUA. LESUE FTA. GAA. Pep Club Cabinet, Senate, Oym Assistant, Intramurals 1-2, National Honor Society. ORTIZ, VICTOR “JIM” Hi-Y, Lettermen. Track 3. Football 1-2, Wrestling 1 -2-3. Lettermen. Senate, Basketball 1-2-3, Baseball 1-2-3. OSBORN. SUE 244

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