Rock Island High School - Watchtower Yearbook (Rock Island, IL)

 - Class of 1966

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Rock Island High School - Watchtower Yearbook (Rock Island, IL) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 244 of 264
Page 244 of 264

Rock Island High School - Watchtower Yearbook (Rock Island, IL) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 243
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Rock Island High School - Watchtower Yearbook (Rock Island, IL) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 245
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Page 244 text:

BROWN. BARBARA SUE Pan Am Leagxie. Pep Club BROWN. HAROLD BROWN. JIM Intramurals BROZOVICH. MIKE I Dance Band. Orchestra BRUHN. DIANE CRIMSON CRIER Copy Editor. French Club. FTA. German Club. Pep Club. WATCHTOWER Copy Editor. Y-Teens. Uterary Club Vice-Chair¬ man. Intramurals 1.2.3. Quill and Scroll. TIMES-DEMOCRAT Teen- Editor. Dolphinettes Script. National Honor Society BRYNER. VICKI Pep Club. BULL. WARREN Science and Electronics Club. Junior Optimist. Key Club. Jr Marshal Candidate. Track 1. Cross Country 1.2.3, Debate. Extemporaneous Speaking BUNTEN. LONNIE FNA. OAA Treasurer. OAA Cabinet. Pep Club Cabinet. Y-Teens. Gym Assistant. Intramurals 1.2,3. Latin Club Treasurer. Cheerleader 1,2.3. BURKE. FRED Area Speech Contest. Dramatic Club. Hi-Y. Senate. “Good Morning. Miss Dove”, “Mrs McThing " . Intramurals 1.2,3. BURKE. GEORGE BURNETT. DARLENE Campus Life Club. Clinic Assistant BURNSIDE. MARTY Band. Pan-Am League. Junior Achievement. Pep Band. Woodwind Choir. BUSER. PAUL Band. Wrestling 1.2.3. BUTTS. UNDA FHA Treasurer. GAA, Pep Club. Intramurals 1.2. Homemaker for To¬ morrow Award CALDWELL. JAN Area Speech Contest. Dramatic Club. FTA. GAA. Pan-Am League. Pep Club. Y-Teens Cabinet, “Good Morning. Miss Dove”. Intramurals. CALLOWAY. JIM Pool Assistant, Track 1. Intramurals 2.3. Swimming 2.3. CAMPBELL. MARY FNA, OAA. Pep Club. Y-Teens. Intramurals. DO Club. CANTRELL. WILFORD CARDOSI. JAN CRIMSON CRIER CirculaUon Assistant. Gym Assistant CARDWELL. JOELYN French Club. FTA. OAA. Pep Club, Y-Teens. Ubrary Assistant CARLSON. CAROLYN FHA. Pep Club. CARNITHAN. PAUL French Club. German Club. Hi-Y, Orchestra. Pan-Am League. Intramu¬ rals. CAROTHERS. SAM Band. Track 2. CARRELL. MERLYN CARROLL. CANDIE FTA, German Club. Pep Club. Senate, Y-Teens. Library Assistant. Ex¬ change Assembly. National Honor Society CARSELL. CAROL Dramatic Club. French Club. FTA. OAA Cabinet. Pep Club. Y-Teens, " Good Morning, Miss Dove”, Gym Assistant. Intramurals. CAULPETZER. STEVE Debate, Dramatic Club. Hi-Y, Pan-Am League Cabinet, Pan-Am League Vice-President, Pan-Am League President. Senate President, Top 5%, Junior Optimist. Literary Club. Junior Marshal Candidate. Intramurals. SAR. Track 1.2. National Honor Society, Executive Board Illinois Youth Traffic Safety Conference. State Finalist Elks Leadership Contest CHEEK. MARK Intramurals 1,2.3. Baseball 1.2,3. CLARK. ANNE French Club Cabinet. FTA. Pep Club. Y-Teens. CLARK. CHRIS CRIMSON CRIER Assistant Copy Editor, French Club. FTA. OAA. Ger¬ man Club Cabinet, Pep Club. Y-Teens. Intramurals. CLARK. JEAN Girls’ Glee CLARK. LEON Pan-Am League. Track. 1, Wrestling 1. CLARK. STEVE CLAUSSEN. TOM German Club. Junior Achievement. Intramurals CLEMANN. JOHN Camera Club Vice-President. Dramatic Club, Literary Club. Football 1. Literary Club Magazine Editor. CRIMSON CRIER Assistant Picture ed¬ itor. CLENDENIN. RICK CUFF, CAROL OAA. Pep Club. Senate, Y-Teens. Intramurals. Latin Club, National Honor Society COBERT. SANDY FTA. Orchestra, Pep Club. Y-Teens. Latin Club Cabinet. National Honor Society COIN. GARY Letterman. Intramurals. Basketball 1, Football 1.2.3. COLVIN. EUZABETH CRIMSON CRIER Assistant Copy Editor COMBS, ROBERT Intramurals CONWAY. GEORGE Letterman. Science and Electronics Club. Junior Optimist. Intramurals. Football 1, Sports Manager 2,3, National Honor Society COOK. DONNA German Club. Girls’ Glee. COOK. UNDA Pep Club. Gym Assistant COOK. NEIL Junior Achievement. COOK. STAN Intramurals. Track 1, Football 1 COONS. RONALD COTTON. WILUE COULTER. BRENDA COULTER. FRANK COURTER. UNDA Pan-Am League. Senior Glee. Y-Teens COWAN. STEVE German Club. Hi-Y, Track 1.2. Football 1 COWE. CAROLYN Y-Teens COX. DEEDIE Band. Pep Club. Y-Teens. Junior Achievement. Gym Assistant. COX. JEANNIE Band. Pep Club, Y-Teens. Junior Achievement. COX. JUDY CRIMSON CRIER Assistant Circulation Editor. DramaUc Club. FTA. Pan-Am League, Pep Club. Y-Teens. Junior Achievement. “Good Morn¬ ing. Miss Dove”, Intramurals 1,2. COX, ROBERT CRAMER. DIANA Pep Club. Junior Achievement. Ubrary Assistant CRONAU. THOMAS Science and Electronics Club. Top 5%. Jr OpUmist, National Honor Society CUNNINGHAM. LYNN Intramurals, Baseball 1.2,3. CURRY. DIANE FTA. GAA vice-president. Pep Club. Senate. Senior Glee secretary. Y- Teens Cabinet. Junior Marshal Candidate. Library Assistant. Intra¬ murals. Chamber Choir. Girl’s Trio. National Honor Society. CUTKOMP, MIKE Hi-Y Secretary-Treasurer. DAKAN. DENNIS Intramurals. DALKOFF, LAURENCE German Club, Junior Rotarian, Uterary Club. Youth Forum Vice-Presi- dent. Debate. Extemporaneous Speaking. National Honor Society. DALKOFF. MORRIS Dramatic Club, FTA. Junior Achievement. Uterary Club Magazine Finance Chairman. " Good Morning, Miss Dove”. Youth Forum, Sports Manager 2.3. Debate. Extemporaneous Speaking. DANIELS, JUDY DARR, DEE ANNE French Club. FTA, Pep Club. Y-Teens, Intramurals. DAVIES. VICTOR DO Club. DAVIS. CHERYL FTA, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Uterary Club. Intramurals, AFS Committee. National Honor Society. DAVIS, DELBERT CRIMSON CRIER Assistant Second Page Editor. German Club. Intra¬ murals. Football 1, Baseball 1.2,3. DAVIS. ULUAN German Club. Girls’ Glee. Junior Achievement. DAVIS. NORMAN Pan-Am League Vice-President. Intramurals. Swimming 1.2,3. Cross Country 1. DAVIS. SHARON Band. Band Majorette. FTA, Junior Achievement. Ubrary Assistant. 240

Page 243 text:

Senior Activities ADAMS. DELORES FHA ADAMS. JULIE CRIMSON CRIER Assistant Copy Eklitor. French Club. FTA, OAA, Pep Club. Office Helper. Intramurals 1 AHLF, MYRON Basketball 1 ALDRIDGE. WILLIAM Hi-Y. Letterman. Junior Rotarian. Track 1.2.3. Cross Country 1.2.3. National Honor Society ALLEN. CAROL ALLEN. CINDY Pool Assistant ALLISON. BRUCE ANDERSON. BONNIE OAA. Pep Club. Y-Teens, Literary Club Secretary ANDERSON. DEBBIE CRIMSON CRIER Ad Manager. OAA. Pep Club. Y-Teens. Intramurals. ANDERSON. JAMES ANDERSON. KATHIE Y-Teens. Junior Achievement ANDERSON. MARK Letterman. Senate, Swimmings 2. Baseball 1.2.3. ANDREWS. MIKE ANDREWS. STEVE Track 2. Football 1. Cross Country 2. Baseball 1. ANIL. LEE Hi-Y. Senate. Tennis 3. Quint-City Student Congress Delegrate. AFS Student ANTHONY. MICHAEL ARNESON, MICHAEL Senate. Track 1. ATKINSON. SUE OAA. Pep Club. Senate. Y-Teens. Library Assistant. Intramurals 1. ATTO. PAT FTA. OAA. Pep Club. Y-Teens. Intramurals 1.2. National Honor Society AVERSINO. JUDY Pep Club. AVRUCH. SUE Pan-Am Leag’ue. Pep Club. Y-Teens. BACON. MICKIE Girl’s Olee, Orchestra. Pep Club. BACON. ROBERT French Club. Hi-Y, Letterman, Senate. Junior Optimist, Key Club Vice- President. Jr. Marshal candidate. Intramurals. Track 1,2,3, Basketball 1. National Honor Society. BAHEN. MARY Pep Club. Junior Achievement. Oym Assistant. BARGER. NANCY OAA. Pan-Am League, Pep Club, Intramurals 2. BARKER. BARBARA FTA. Pan-Am Leagxie. Secretary, Pep Club. Senate. Top 5%. Y-Teens. NationcU Honor Society BARNES. BARBARA Pep Club. BARSHINOER. PAULA French Club. FTA. OAA. Pep Club. Y-Teens. Intramurals 1,2. BARTLESON. JO-8UE BARTH. KATHY BARTON. LIANE Pep Club, Oym Assistant. Jr Red Cross. BATEMAN. BILL Dramatic Club. Letterman. Literary Club. “Good Momingr. Miss Dove”, Sports Managrer 1,2,3, Latin Club. Exchangee Assembly. BATES. CONNIE FNA. Pep Club. Y-Teens, Clinic Assistant. BATTIN, BILL BAUDENDISTEL. DWIGHT CRIMSON CRIER Circulation Manager. Orchestra. Jr. Achievement. BAUOHER, LYNDA Pep Club. Y-Teens BEACH. DIANA BEALE. BEUNDA Girls’ Olee, Pep Club. Y-Teens. BEALS. CAROL Pep Club. Y-Teens. Library Assistant. BEARDSLEY. PHIL Band. Track BEATTY. JOE Dramatic Club. Senate. Junior Achievement. ”Oood Morning, Miss Dove”. Intramurals 2. Sports Manag er 1. BEAUCHAMP. JAMES BEAUMONT. JOHN Senior Olee. Intramurals 2. Sports Manager 1.2. BECKMAN. MARY French Club. Pan-Am Leagrue. Pep Club. Y-Teens French Club. Pan-Am League, Pep Club. Y-Teens. BEDFORD. MIKE Band. Camera Club. Dramatic Club. Hi-Y. Letterman. Orchestra. Pool Assistant. Intramurals. Track 3, Swimming 1.2.3. BELL. DEBRA BELL. OREO Band. Hi-Y. Lettermen Vice-President and President. Pan-Am League, Senate, Top 5%, Junior Rotarian. Junior Optimist, Junior Marshal, Intramurals. Track 1.2.3, Basketball 1. Cross Country 2.3. National Honor Society. Pep Band BENDER. GARY Hi-Y, Letterman, Intramurals 1,2,3. Basketball 1, Baseball 1,2,3. BENJAMIN. EARLE Intramurals 1,2. BENEDICT. JOHN BENNETT. JERRY BERG, DIANE Pep Club BEROFELD. JANE OAA. Pep Club. Y-Teens. Library Assistant. Intramurals 1.2. National Honor Society BERNSTEN, MARK Science and Electronics Club. Top 6%, Key Club. Swimming 1. National Honor Society. BEYER. DON CYC Committee. Dramatic Club, Pan-Am League. Senior Olee. Oood Morning. Miss Dove”, “Mrs. McThing”. Thespian Society. Intramurals 2. Track 1 BILUNOS. UNDA Girls ' Olee, Pep Club. Y-Teens BIRKHAHN. KAREN Area Speech Contest. Dramatic Club. FTA. President. OAA. German Club. Pep Club. “Mrs McThing”. “Good Morning, Miss Dove”. Thespian Society. Intramurals. National Honor Society BLACK. RICK Senate. Intramurals BLACK. STEVE Intramurals 1.2.3. BLAKELY. NANCY French Club. FTA. OAA. Pep Club, Senate, Y-Teens. Intramurals. Nation¬ al Honor Society. BLANKENSHIP, BOB BLOCKER. BARBARA Pep Club. DO Club BOETJE. BILL Hi-Y, Pan-Am League, Intramurals BALLAERT, RAY BONNETT, GLYNN Intramurals 1.2,3, Baseball 1.2,3. BONIOER. GARY BOSWELL. LAURENCE Letterman, Basketball 1.2.3. BOUNDS. CARLAN Band BOYD. ALEX Letterman. Basketball 1,2.3. BOYD. SHARON Senate BOYLE, DENNIS Senate, Oym Assistant, Intramurals. Wrestling 1 BRADLEY, HOLLY Dramatic Club. Pan-Am League. Pep Club, Junior Achievement. BRATSCH. KERRY BREACKENRIDOE. BARBARA OAA. Senate, Junior Achievement. Clinic Assistant BREAM. COLIN Letterman. Jr. Marshal candidate. Oym Assistant. Track 1,2.3. Basket¬ ball 1, Football 1,2,3. BRINN. MIKE CRIMSON CRIER assistant Ad Manager, Intramurals. Swimming 1,2.3 BRISINO. UNDA FHA BRITTENDAHL. MARILYN Pep Club. Office Helper BROOKS. ELAINE FNA BROWER. KEN Band. Football 1.2, Wrestling 1 . 2 . 3 . 239

Page 245 text:

DAVIS. STEPHANIE French Club. FTA. Pep Club, Y-Teens. Office Helper. DAWSON. STAN Hi-Y. Lettermen Club Secretary. Senate. Top 5%. Junior Rotarian. Junior Optimist. Sophomore Class Vice-President Junior Class President. Jun¬ ior Marshal. Intramurals, AF8 Committee. Track-2. Basketball 1-2. Football 1-2-3. National Honor Society. Latin Club. Quint City Student Cong’ress Delegrate DAWSON. STEVE ' Hi-Y, Lettermen Cabinet. Senate. Top 5%, Junior Rotarian. Junior Opti¬ mist. Senior Class Vice-President Junior Marshal Candidate. Intra- murals. AFS Committee. Track 1-2-3. Basketball 1, Football 1-2-3. Nation¬ al Honor Society. Latin Club. Quint-C ity Student Congress Delegrate. DAY. DAN Junior Achievement. DAY. TED DEBARR. JIM Intramurals. Cross Country 3. DeBOUT, FRANK DEBRUYNE, ROBERTA Dolphinettes. French Club. FTA. OAA. Pep Club. Y-Teens. Pool Assistant. Intramurals. DeFAUW. GARY Band. Senior Glee. Intramurals DeGRAUWE. RON National Honor Society. DEIBERT. WESLEY Band. Dance Band, Pep Band. DEITRICT, ROBERT Intramurals 2-3. Track 1-2, Basketball 1-2. DeKOSTER. SYLVIA Gym Assistant. DENTON. DANIEL DESAUVOURET, STEPHEN DeSMET. SUZANNE DETTMANN, DIANA DETWILER, SANDI Pep Club, Junior Achievement. DEUTSCH. Steven French Club. Hi-Y, Intramurals. National Honor Society. DEVOLDER. SANDRA DEXTER. FRANK DINNEEN, PATRICK Letterman. Football 2. DISMER, DAN Letterman, Key Club Board. Swimming: 1 2.3. DOHRN. GARY Top 6%, Key Club President. Intramurals. Swimming 1.2. National Hon¬ or Society. DOMINICK. JEAN FTA, OAA, Senior Glee. Top 5%, Y-Teens Treasurer, Junior Class Secre¬ tary. Junior Marshal Candidate. Intramurals. National Honor Society. DOWNING. JOHN Science and Electronics Club. DRUCKER. CEUA CRIMSON CRIER Circulation Managfer. FTA. Pan-Am Leagrue. Pep Club. Y-Teens. DUNN. IDA Girls’ Glee DURKEE, DARLA French Club. FTA. Pan-Am Leagrue, Pep Club. Senior Glee. Top 5%, Y-Teens. Jr. Marshall Candidate. National Honor Society. EAKINS. JOHN Letterman. Football 1.2. EATON. PEARL Pep Club. Office Helper. ECKERMANN, HOLLY Dramatic Club. OAA. Pan-Am League. Pep Club. Y-Teens. “Good Mor¬ ning, Miss Dove " , Intramurals ECKHARDT, FRANK Track 1, Football 1,2, Wrestling 2. ECKHART, JAY Gym Assistant ECKHART. ROBERT Intramurals. EDOERSON, CURTIS CYC Committee, Pan-Am Leagrue. ELDRED. DIANE CRIMSON CRIER Assistant Proofreader. French Club. OAA, Pep Club. Senior Glee. Y-Teens. Intramurals. ELUNOSWORTH. GORDON Lettermen Treasurer. Senate Vice-President, Junior Class Vice-President, Senior Class President. Quint-City Student Congress Delegate. Basket¬ ball 1-2, Football 1-2-3, Baseball 1-2-3. ELUNWOOD. UNDA FTA, Pep Club. Y-Teens. Intramurals. ELUOTT, LONNIE Hi-Y, Lettermen. Intramurals. Football 1-2-3 ELLIOTT. LUCINDA French Club. Dolphinettes. FTA. OAA Cabinet, German Club. Pep Club. Senate Secretary. Y-Teens Cabinet. Pool Assistant. Intramurals. Quint- City Student Congrress Delegate. National Honor Society ELUOTT. TIMOTHY Band. Senior Glee. Chamber Choir. ELUS. TERRY Hi-Y President. Lettermen. Gym Assistant. Intramurals. Football 1-2-3. EMERICK. UNDA Girls’ Glee. ENDERS. DAVID ENGEL, UNDA FTA, Pan-Am League. Pep Club, Top 5%. National Honor Society. Latin Club Cabinet ENOELHAUPT, TERRY CRIMSON CRIER Assistant Circulation Manager. Sports Manager ENSTROM. KEITH Lettermen. Key Club. Track 2-3. Swimming 1, Cross Country 2-3. EPPERSON. SANDY CRIMSON CRIER Picture Editor, Dolphinettes Vice-President. Cabinet. French Club, FTA. OAA. Pep Club. Senate. WATCHTOWER Activities Editor. Y-Teens Cabinet. Intramurals. Quill and Scroll. EVANS. LARRY Hi-Y. Pan-Am League. Senate, Junior Rotarian. Literary Club. Football 1. EVELETH. DICK FAUR, JUDEE FTA. German Club Cabinet, Pep Club, Y-Teens. Gym Assistant, Intra¬ murals. FIOOINS. UNDA Pep Club. FINDLEY. LARRY Pan-Am League. Senior Glee. Campus Ufe Club. Chamber Choir. FISHER. DONNA CRIMSON CRIER Assistant Ad Manager, Dolphinettes, FTA. OAA, Pep Club. Y-Teens. Pool Assistant, Intramurals. FISHER. LARRY Hi-Y, Lettermen. Senate. Gym Assistant. Chamber Choir, Senior Glee President. Football 3. Latin Club. FLETCHER, ROGER Track 3. FORD. BARBARA FNA, Girls’ Glee. Pep Club. Latin Club. FOSTER. ODETTE Office Helper. Latin Club. FOULKS, WAYMAN Tennis 1. Swimming 1. Football 1. FOX. ROBERT FRANCK. HARRY Key Club. Tennis 1. Basketball 1, Football 1-2. FRANK. DEBBIE Girls ' Glee President. Pep Club. FREED. JUDY FREEMAN. SHIRLEY Pep Club, Top 5%. Y-Teens. Office Helper. National Honor Society. FREEZE. REGGIE Intramurals, Golf 1-2-3. FRIEL. RANDY Lettermen. Intramurals. Cross Country 1-2, Baseball 1-2-3. FRITZ, DELBERT FRYXELL. JERRY Senate. Jr Marshal Candidate. Intramurals. AFS Committee. Wrestling 1-2-3. Quint-City Student Congress. Baseball 1-2. National Honor So¬ ciety. FULLER. JOHNNIE Bemd. FULLER. SHARON Band, Junior Achievement. FURSTENAU, GINNY Band. Dramatic Club. French Club. FHA. OAA. Intramurals OALANTINI. MARINA Pep Club. Senate. Intramurals. AFS Committee, Latin Club. AFS Stu¬ dent. GALLAGHER. BRADLEY GANN, JUDITH Band, French Club. FHA. Y-Teens. GARBER. NAOMI French Club. Pep Club, Science and Electronics Club. Gym Assistant. Tennis 1-2-3, National Honor Society. GARRETT. JOHN Senior Glee, Intramurals

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