Rock Island High School - Watchtower Yearbook (Rock Island, IL)

 - Class of 1965

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Rock Island High School - Watchtower Yearbook (Rock Island, IL) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 240 of 264
Page 240 of 264

Rock Island High School - Watchtower Yearbook (Rock Island, IL) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 239
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Page 240 text:

LUNDHOLM, PETER Kami, Scifnrp and Electronic Club President, Senior (dee. Junior Optimist LUNDY, CORA Pan American League. Junior Achieve¬ ment treasurer MCCALLUM, DENNIS Intramural . Sports Manager I Football MCCARLEY, THOMAS Electronics ( ' lull. Science (Huh. National Honor Society MCCLELLAN, SANDRA Rand. Dramatic Club. ETA. Pep (Huh MCCOLLUM. JOANN Pep (Huh, Y-Teens. Office Helper MCCOMBS. DONNA MCCOMBS. MARY Band. Dramatic Club. French Club, Pep (Hub. Y-Teens, Pool Assistant MCDONALD. CAROLYN Girl ' s (dee MCDONALD, GEORGE MCDONALD, JAN Orchestra MC DONALD, MARY GAA Cabinet. Pep (dub Cabinet. Sen¬ ate 2, Y-Teens, Gym Assistant 2, Intra¬ murals 1,2,3 MCFARLAND, BRENDA Pep Club MCKAY, MARILYN Pep Club MC KIM, DAWN Crimson Crier, GAA. Pep Club, Y-Teens MCKNIGHT. THERESA CYC Committee.Pep Club. Y-Teens. Clin¬ ic Assistant. Y-Canteen Committee MC MILLS, B ARBARA Pep Club. Y-Teens, Junior Achievement, Gym Assistant, Intramurals 3, Golf 1 MC MURRAY, SANDR A FHA.FNA MC NAUGHT, PHILIP MC NICHOLS. RHONDA Junior Achievement MCWILLIAMS, SANDRA Crimson Crier , Co-eidtor, GAA, Pan Am¬ erican League. Pep Club. Y-Teens Cab¬ inet 1, Intramurals, Tennis 1-2-3, Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society MACE, NEYSA Pep Club, Gym Assistant. DO (Hub pres¬ ident MADDEN, MICH AEL Crimson Crier , Senate 1, Intramurals, Golf 1-2-3 MADSEN JOHN Wrestling 1-2 MAHAR, NANCY Y-Teens 236 SENIOR ACTIVITIES MANTEl FEEL. THOMAS Dramatic Club president. FT A, German (dub. Senate. Top 5%. Junior Rotarian. Junior Optimist. J. B.. -Intigone. Jenny Kissed Me. All-State piety cast. Thespian Society. National Honor Society MARCKKSE, CAROLYN Pan-American League. Pep Club, Y Teens. Gym and P«m»I Assistant. Intra¬ mural . National Honor Society MARGAN, ANITA Band. German (dub. Pep Hub MARLIER. LAWRENCE Senior (dee Vice-President, Chamber Choir MARSHALL, CHARLES Lettermen. Wrestling 1-2-3, National Honor Society MASENGARB. CAROLYN MASENGARB. ERNEST MATHES, SUZANN MAURUS, JEFFREY Band. Hi-Y.. Lettermen cabinet. Senate. AFS Committee. Ftnithall 1-2-3, W rest¬ ling 1-2-3. Pep Band. National Honor Society M AY. LINDA Pan-American League MAYESH. JAY Dramatic Club, German Club, Senate. Top 5%, Junior Rotarian, Youth Forum, Golf 1, Debate, National Honor Society MEADE, JOHN Intramural . Swimming MEANS, DAVID Dance Band. Hi-Y, Gym Assistant. Na¬ tional Honor Society MEJERLE, KAREN Pep Club MELER. JO ELLEN MELL, SHERRY Pep Club. Y-Teens MENDOZA JOHN Band, Crimson Crier , Co-editor, Drama¬ tic Club, Senate, Football 1-2, Wrestling 1-2, Quill and Scroll MERRIDITH, GARY MESSMER. GARY Hi-Y, Lettermen, Baseball 1-2-3, Intra- murals, Swimming 1, Gym Assistant MESSMER JULIE FNA, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Intramurals METTEE. HAL Crimson Crier , Pan-American League, Senior Glee, Junior Achievement, Intra¬ murals, Cross Country, Sports Manager METZGER, LINDA Y-Teens MICKELSON, MICHELLE Pep Club, Junior Achievement MILLER. CH ARLES KEITH MILLER. RODERICK MILLER. THOMAS MINARSICH. SHEILA Pep (dub. -1 eens. Junior Achievement MINNICK. MICHAEL Basketball MINTEER. CALVIN fNA. p e p C| u b, Pan-American League, Y-Teens. Library Assistant MOEN. LINDA FNA Secretary, German (dub.Pep (dub. V -Teens. Gym assistant. (dink ' assistant. National Honor Swiety MOHR. LINDA MOORE. CAROLYN ENA. Girl ' s (dee. Pep (dub. Junior A- chievement. Intramurals MORROW. MAZZIE Intramural 1.2.3 MOSENFEI DER. THOMAS Crimson Crier , Lettermen. Pan-Ameri¬ can League, Golf 1-2-3, Basketball 1-2, Football 1-3 MOSSMAN, DAVID Band. Intramurals. Track 1 MOYE JAMES Senior (dee. Junior Achievement MUECK, PHILIP Gym Assistant Ml ENCH. PAMELA Dramatic (dub Secretary. Pan-American League President, Pep Club, Y-Teens. Miracle Worker , The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer , J. B. National Honor So¬ ciety MUNCH, MICHAEL MURPHY. AUDREY GAA, Pep (dub. Senior Glee, Intramurals MYERS, EDW IN Camera Club, Youth Forum MYERS, LINDA CYC Committee, Y-Canteen Committee, Pep Club, Senate NACIN JUDITH GAA. Pep Club, Y-Teens, Gym Assistant Intramurals NATHAN,FRED Boy’s Hi-Y, Pan-American League. Sen¬ ate, Gym Assistant, Intramurals, Youth Forum. Golf 1-2-3, National Honor So¬ ciety NEDERBROCK,ROBERT Boy’s Hi-Y, Intramural NEICE, MICHAEL NEILSON, DONALD DO Club

Page 239 text:

JENNINGS. RODNEY Crimson Crier , Hi-Y . Lettermen Club. In tramurals. Football I. Baseball 1-2-3 JESKIE. RUN M l) Crimson Crier. FT A. Hi-Y. Turk 2 JOANNIDES. TIMOTHY Band. Crimson Crier. Dance Band. French Club. Wrestling Manager 1-2. Pep Band JOHNSEN. J AMES HANDY Intramurals 1-2-3. Sports Manager 1-2. JOHNSON. DONALD Band.Science Club. Junior Achievement, Football 1. W restling 1. JOHNSON, DOROTHY JOHNSON. JANICE Crimson Crier. Drama!ic Club. Pep Club. Senate. Y-Teens. Intramurals. Girl ' s State JOHNSON. LEE Band. Senate. Intramurals 1, Tennis 1-2- 3. Pep Band JOHNSON RHONDA GAA. Girl ' s Glee. Pep Club. Senior (dee. Y Teens. Synchronized Swimming JOHNSON, ROBERT E. Junior Achievement President. Baseball Manager JOHNSON, ROBERT M. National Honor Society JOHNSON, SAMUEL „ Hi-Y, Lettermen Club, Track. Football JOHNSON, SUSAN Dramatic Club. Pep Club. Y-Teens. Jen¬ ny Kissed Me. JOHNSTON. W ILLIAM Band. Swimming 1-2-3, Pep Band, Na tional Honor Society JONES. JAMES Junior Achievement, Intramurals, Track 1, Cross Country 1 KAHREMANIS, CHRISTINE GAA Cabinet, German Club president. Pep Club. Top 5%, Y-Teens. president, cabinet. Intramurals. Junior Marshall (Candidate. National Honor Society KALLER, HAROLD Band. Dance Band. German Club. Let- terman. Orchestra. Junior Optimist, Key Club secretary-treasurer.Golf 1-2-3, Bas ketball Manager 1-2-3.Pep Band,National Honor Society. KARLIX, LINDA FNA, Pan American League. Pep Club KARMAM,JAMES Dramatic Club, Hi-Y, Senate. Youth For¬ um, Golf 1-2, The Willou and I, Romeo and Juliet , J. BThe Miracle Worker , The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer. KEARNEY. THOMAS Hi-Y, Intramurals, Golf 1-2 3, Wrestling 2 KEITH, W ILLIAM W resiling 1 kKMBI.E. MARY Band. A -Teens KETROY ROBERT KIEFER. JAMES Band. Science Club. Kcs Club. Football 1- 2. National Honor Society KINYAMON. KIRK Intramurals KLINGEBIEL.EDW ARD German Club. Hi-Y. Senate. Junior Op¬ timist. Ke Club president. Pool Assis¬ tant. Intramurals. Swimming 1-2. Nation¬ al Honor Society. KLOCKAl CHRISTOPHER Crimson Crier. Pan American League. Senate. Track 1. W restling 1 KNANISHl .TIMOTHY Hi-Y. Senior Glee. Intramurals. Cham¬ ber (’hoir.Golf J-3 KNIGHT. JACLYN Senate KNOCKENMl S.TRl DY KNOEEl L. JAMES Hi-Y. F dntball 1. Football Manager 2 KOLNIG. THOMAS Hi-Y. Football 1. Football Manager 2 KOEPPLINGER.Ct RT Gym Assistant. F »otball I. Wrestling 1 KOESTER. TED KOESTER. BEVERLY Junior Achievement KOESTER. DANNY Intramurals KOLLS. RICHARD KOLO VAT. THOMAS Band. Dance Band. Cross Country 1, Pep Band KREIDER. KEITH Pan-American League. Youth Forum, National Honor Society KULIG. FRANK KLRIGER. CRAIG Lettermen, Tennis 2. Sports Manager 1- 2- 3. Latin Club LACE. MICHAEL Senior Glee L AIRD. B ARBARA Pep Club. Library Assistant LAKE. HAZEL Junior Achievement, Youth for Christ president LANGE. LINDA Orchestra. Pep Club. Junior Achieve¬ ment. DO Club LANNOO, LINDA FT A. Pep Club. Senate. Y-Teens, Youth Forum, National Honor Society LARSON. CAROL LAVERY. EDW ARD W rest ling 2 LAWRENCE. PAL LA Senior Glee LEECH. JEFFREY Hi-Y. Cross Country 2. Baseball 1-2-3 LEES. GLENOR A Pep Club. Y -Teens LEFLER. SHERRY F ' N A. Junior Achievement. Clinic Assis¬ tant LEFSTEIN. LINDA GAA. Pan American League cabinet. Pep Club. Top 5 F. Intramural! . Ten¬ nis 1-2-3. National Honor Society. Top Ten LEINS. SUSAN CYC Committee secretary . Pep Club. Y - Teens treasurer, secretary, cabinet. Clin¬ ic Assistant LEITHNER. JOHN Crimson Crier. Hi-Y. Lettermen. Intra- murals. Tennis 1-2-3 LEMKAl .DAVID Top 5 . Nati«mal Honor Societv LEM ME. JOHN Track 1 LEVIN. BARB AR A GAA. Pep Club.Y -Teens. National Hon¬ or Society LEW IS. JOYCE Crimson Crier. GAA. Pep Club. Junior A- chievement. Office Helper. Intramurals LIEDTKE. PATRICI A GAA. Pep Club cabinet. Y -Teens. Intra murals. Y-Canteen Committee LIEDTKE, PAMELA GAA. Pep Club cabinet. Y-Teens. Intra¬ murals. Y-Canteen Committee LIND. NANCY GAA, Pep Club. Y-Teens cabinet. Gvm Assistant. Intramurals LIEN. MICHAEL National Honor Society. National Merit semi-finalists LOCKHERST. PAMELA Junior Achievement LOVETT. RON ALD Lettermen Club. Senate, Track 1. Sw im¬ ming 1. Football 1-2-3. Swimming Man¬ ager 2 LINDAHL, JOHN Intramurals. Golf 1. Swimming 1-2-3. LUNDBLAD. RANDY Band. Dance Band. Pep Band LUNDEEN, STEPHEN Band. Senate. Top 59F. Junior Rotarian, AFS Committee, Tennis 1-2-3, Pep Band, National Honor Society, Top Ten LUNDELL. WILLIAM LUNDGREN, LINDA LUNDHOLM, JAMES Senior Glee. Intramurals. Tennis 1 LUNDHOLM. JEAN GAA, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Pool Assis¬ tant. Intramurals. Tennis 1-2, Golf 1, Synchronized Swimming SENIOR ACTIVITIES 235

Page 241 text:

NELSON JAMES German Club. Top Youth Forum, National Honor Society NELSON. LOIS Crimson, Crier. Dramatic Club. French Club. FTA. GAA. Pep Club, Y-Teens Cabinet. Junior Marshall Candidate. In¬ tramurals. Miracle W orker, Jenny kissed lie , Bachelor and Bobby Soxer, J. B ., National Honor Society NELSON. RENE Camera Club. French Club. FTA. Pep Club. Senate, Senior Glee. Watchtouer Picture Editor. Junior Assistant. Intra¬ murals. Tennis L NELSON. RICHARD Senior Glee 2-3 NELSON. RICKEY Rand 1. Color Guard I. Crimson Crier , Wrestling 2. NELSON. SHERILYN Pep Club NESHAM.DARRELL NESSELER. EVERETT Football NICHOLSON. BARBARA Crimson Crier , Dramatic Club, GAA Cabinet, Pan American League, Pep Club President 3, Senate. Watchtower , Y-Teens, Intramurals. Cheerleader 1, Homecoming Attendant. Jenny kissed Mr NORIN. RONALD NORTHCUTT, JACQUELINE GAA, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Junior Achieve¬ ment, Gym and Pool Assistant. Intramur¬ als 1-2-3. NORTON. NANCY GAA. Pep Club. Senior Glee, Y-Teens, Intramurals 2-3. NUSBAUM. DAVID Lettermen Club, Intramurals, Track 1-2- L Football 2-3. OGDEN, REBECCA FNA. Pep (3ub. Senate. Y-Teens. Jun¬ ior Achievement, Clinic Assistant. Intra- murals 1-2 OGREN. JANICE CYC Committee. GAA. Pan-American League. Pep Club, Senate. Y-Teens. In¬ tramurals 1-2-3, Youth Forum. OHRN, LINDA GAA, German Club Secretary 3, Pep Club, Science Club, Senior Glee, Y- Teens, Gym Assistant, Intramurals 1-2-3, Chamber Choir. Top 5%, National Honor Society OLSON, SUSAN National Honor Society ORR. RAYMOND Senate, Intramurals 1-3 ORTIZ, RONALD Senior Glee. Intramurals 1-2-3 OWENS, ALICE PACE. DONNA Crimson Crier PADILLA. ROBERT Swimming 1 PAIR RETT. JAMES Wrestling 1 PATSOVOS, DIANA Pep Club PATTON, CYNTHIA Band. FTA, Pan American League, Pep Club, Science Club, Junior Achievement Vice-President, Pool Assistant, Intra- murals. Latin (dub. Y-Teens. PAUL, RICHARD Track, Swimming 1-2-3 PECK. DOUGLAS Science Club. Swimming 1-2 PECK, MICHAEL PEGG.ROLAND PERRIN, SUSAN Crimson Crier , Dramatic Club, GAA, Pep Club, Y-Teens, French Club, Gym and Pool Assistant, Intramurals 1-2, Jenny kissed Me. PETERSON,DEBORAH Crimson Crier Copy Editor, French Club, GAA Cabinet. Pep Club. Top 5%, W atchtouer Editor-in-Chief, Y-Teens Cabinet, Junior Marshal Candidate, In¬ tramurals 1-2-3. Tennis 1-2-3, Quill and Scroll. National Honor Society. Top Ten PETERSON. MARK Band. Orchestra President 1, Pep Band PETTIT, GARY PHELPS. KENDALL Band. Hi-Y, Orchestra. Intramt rals 1-2- 3 Pep Band PHILLIPS, CHARLES Wrestling PHILLIPS, STANLEY Pan-American League, Top 5%, Nation¬ al Honor Society PHIPPS, JOHN Track 1. Swimming 1 PICKETT, ROBERT PICKRON. FLORENCE PIEHL, WILLIAM Crimson Crier, Dramatic Club. Hi-Y, Pan American League, Senate. Borneo and Juliet. The Bachelor and the Bobby Sox - er . Antigone PIERCESON, SALLY GAA POE, SHARON POLTON, EDDIE POPE, M ARGOT POPP. RICHARD POSTON, WILLIAM Dramatic Club. Good Morning Miss Dove POTTER, LINDA Orchestra. Pan-American League. Pep Club POTTER. PATRICK Camera (dub. Electronics (dub. Science (dub. Sports Manager Track 2-3. POTTS, SHIRLEY POWELL. DELORES Pep Club, Y-Teens. Intramurals PRATHER, BARBARA GAA, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Canteen PRESCOTT, LINDA GAA. Pep Club, Y-Teens, Intramurals PRESTON, VIRGINIA German Club, Orchestra, Pan American League,Pep Club. Youth for Christ, Vice- President 1-2-3. PRINGLE. DAVID Senior Glee PTAK, HENRY PUCK, LINDA GAA, Pep (dub. Senate, Y-Teens, Intra- murals PURCELL, MARSHA Library Assistant, Tennis 1-2. PURVIS. BARBARA FHA, Pep Club QUANE, MICHAEL FTA, Hi-Y, Swimming 1-2-3 QUIGG, RICH ARD Band. Camera Club-Sec.-Tres.. CYC Committee, Dramatic Club. Golf 1, Jun¬ ior Achievement, Lighting Director for plays RACE, PATRICIA GAA. Pep Club. Y-Teens, Gym Assistant RAMSEY, RUTH RANDALL, JAMES RANGEL. ANTHONY DO Club RANKIN, JERALD Crimson Crier , Lettermen Club. Top 5%, Junior Rotarian, Intramurals, Boy’s State. Wrestling 1-2-3, National Honor N, jf| RAPLEY, MARILYN French Club, GAA. Pep Club. Y-Teens, AFS Committee, AFS Hostess REED, GERALD REED. JAMES A. Intramurals. Baseball 1 REED, J AMES P. REIMERS. W ILLIAM Key Club, Intramurals, Cross Country 1- 2, Baseball Manager 1 REINHOLD, LINDA Crimson Crier , GAA Cabinet, Pan-Am¬ erican League, Pep Club Cabinet, Sen¬ ate Secretary, Y-Teens, Intramurals, Youth Forum, Cheerleader 1, Homecom¬ ing Attendent, Quint-City student con¬ gress delegate. Secretary of Junior Class RENTFRO,GARY SENIOR ACTIVITIES 237

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