Rock Island High School - Watchtower Yearbook (Rock Island, IL)

 - Class of 1964

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Rock Island High School - Watchtower Yearbook (Rock Island, IL) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 235 of 256
Page 235 of 256

Rock Island High School - Watchtower Yearbook (Rock Island, IL) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 234
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Rock Island High School - Watchtower Yearbook (Rock Island, IL) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 236
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Page 235 text:

murals. National Honor Society. Senior Honor Roll. Junior Marshal Candidate. Quill and St roll. Synchronized Swimming. MCAFEE, ROHERT German Club. MCBRIDE, CONNIE Youth Ft»rum. Senate. Y-Teens, GAA. Pep Club, Dramatic ' Club, Speech HI, “The Miracle Worker,” R »meo and Juliet,” Declamation, National Honor StK ' iety, Senior Honor Roll, Speech III. MCCAFFERY, BARBARA Pan American League. Y-Teens, Pep Club. I-TA. MCCALLIM, MARY ELLEN Y-Teens, Pep ( lub. MCCLEAN, MIKE Intramurals. Junior Achievement. MCCOMBS, MARILYN Pep Club. MCDONALD, SUSAN Y-Teens, (»AA, Pep Club. Crimson Crier, FTA. MCDOUELL, CARL Lettermen’s (dub. W restling 1-2-3, Intra- murals. MCGINNIS, DIANA Y-Teens, ( AA, Pep (dub. Dramatic (dub. Crimson Crier. MCGOLDRICH, SHIRLEY Y-Teens, G.AA, Pep Club, Intramurals, FTA. MCH4Y, DICK Boys’ Hi-Y, Pep Band, Band, Baseball, Intramurals. MCKELLW, DEBBY French (dub. Y-Teens, G. A. Pep (dub. Declamation. Crimson Crier, Intramurals. MCKINNEY, RON DO Club. MCMASTER, BRIAN Applied Electronics, Camera (dub Secre¬ tary, Science Club, Library Assistant. MCMILLAN, DONITA Senate, Pan American League, Y-Teens, (iAA. Pep (dub. Tennis. MCMILLAN, TOM Junior .Achievement. MCMVRRAY, ROSE Pep Club. MCNEAL, PAUL ( ym .Assistant. MCNERNY, KENNETH Senate. .Assembly Committee, Pan .Ameri¬ can League, Btiys Hi-Y, Debate, Letter- men’s Club, Swimming 1-2-3, Intramurals, Junior Marshal ( ' .andidate. Junior Rotar- ian. Junior Achievement. Junior Optimist. P(M 1 Assistant. MCREYNOLDS, RON Intramurals. (»ym Assistant. Pool .Assist¬ ant. MAAS, LINDA Y-Teens, Pep Club, (Clinic Assistant. Orchestra, Dramatic Club, Junior Achievement, FT .A. MADDEN, EDWARD Intramurals. MALCOLM, LINDA (T( Committee, Pep Club, Intramurals, Y-Teens Sophomore (Cabinet. MALLETT, SHARON Youth Forum, Y Teens, (iA.A, Pep Club. (Cheerleader 1, FT A, Intramurals. MANUEL, GEORGE MARSELLE, LARRY B »ys’ Hi-Y, Baseball. Cross (Country, Track. Intramurals. MARTIN, ROBERT Applied Electronics, Camera (Club, Science (dub. Declamation. Debate, Radio (Club, (Coif 1. MASENG.4RB, IRENE Y Teens, Pep Club, (Clinic Assistant, Intramurals. MATHEWS, DENNIS MAITHEWS, NANCY Y-Teens, Pep Club, Library Assistant, Intramurals. MELOW, EDWARD MENDOZA, FRANK Applied Electronics, Lettermen’s Club, F ' ootball Trainer, Intramurals. Junior Achievement. METTERNCIK, SUSIE Youth F ' orum, Senate, Y-Teens, GAA, Pep (Club Vice-President, Crimson Crier, Intramurals. MEYER, CANDY Y-Teens, GAA. Pep Club. Tennis. Intra- murals. MILES, BILL MILLER, BETH Y-Canteen Committee, Y-Teens. G.AA, Pep (Club, Radio Club. MILLER, CONNIE Senate, Pan American League Cabinet, CYC Committee, Y-Teens, GAA, Pep (dub. Crimson Crier, Intramurals. Home- coming Queen. MILLER, JUDY French Club, Y-Teens, GAA, Pep Club, Dramatic Club. “Romeo and JuUet,” Radio (Club, Intramurals. Speech III. MILLER, LARRY Pan .American League. Pep Band. Band, Track. Intramurals, Junior Achievement. MILLER, LINDA Y-Teens. GAA, Pep Club, Office Assist¬ ant, Intramurals. MILLER, PATRICIA Pan American League, Y-Teens, Pep (dub. Radio Club, Crimson Crier, Intra¬ murals. MILLER, SHARON Y-Teens 1, Pep Club 1, (Clinic Assistant. MILLER, SUSAN YTeens. G.AA. Pep (dub, FNA Vice President, (Clinic Assistant, Tennis 1, Intramurals, German (Club. MILLIGAN, RON Dance Band, Pep Band. Band, Baseball. F ' ootball. MINER, PAT FHA Secretary, Junior Achievement. MINNEHAN, PAT Y-Teens, Pep (dub. Junior Achievement. MITCHELL, SUE Y-Teens, Pep Club, Glee ( ' dub, (Clee (Club Winter Concert, Radio Club. MOHR, KEITH MONTGOMERY, DAVE Intramurals. M(X)RE, JOHN Band, Glee Club, Lettermen’s Club, Foot¬ ball, W restling. MOORE, WADE FcHitball 1-2. MORDHORST, PAT Y-Teens, GAA, Pep (dub, FNA, Dramatic (dub. Crimson Crier, Intramurals, FT .A. MORGAN, ALAN Youth Forum, Senate, Pan American League, Boys’ Hi-Y Sergeant-of-Arms, Radio Club, Lettermen’s ( ' dub, F ' K tball 1-2-3, Track 1-2-3, Wrestling 1, Intra¬ murals. MORRILL, RICH Boys Hi-Y, Lettermen’s Club, FcKitball, Track I, Intramurals. MORRIS, DAVE Youth Forum, Science Club, Boys’ Hi-Y, Radio Club, Crimson Crier, Lettermen’s Club, 0 lf 1-2-3, Intramurals. Senior Honor Roll. MOSES, MARK Youth Forum. Science Club, (nilf. Senior Honor Roll. MOSHER, BONNIE Girl’s Glee. MOYER, BILL Camera Club Vice-President, Science Club, Electronics Club, (German Club. Intramurals. MUHLENBURG, NANCY Pep Club. MUND.4Y, HARRIET Pep Club. NATHASNON, MAXINE Dramatic Club. Crimson Cher, ( 11 and Scroll. NATIONS, TIM Baseball. FcH tball. Intramurals. Gym .Assistant. NELSON, CHERYL Senate. Pan .American League. Y’-Teens Treasurer, G.A.A. Pep Club Cabinet. Radio Club, Intramurals. National Honor Soc ' iety, Senior Honor Roll. NELSON, K.4THRY Pan American League, Y-Teens Devotion¬ al ( ' .hairman. (LA A, Pep ( " lub. “I Remem¬ ber Mama,” “Romei» and Juliet.” Intra- SENIOR ACTIVITIES 231

Page 234 text:

J( H ST(l , ROBERT JOSES, DASSY F(M»tball 1 2, Track 1-2-3, Intramurals, Junior Achievement Pres. JOSES, ETHEL Senate, Y Teens, GAA, Pep ( lub. Gym Assistant, Intramurals, FTA, JOSES, JOHS JOSES, STEFHASIE Pan .American League, Glee Club, Gym Assistant. H4LOIAS, CHRIS Y-Canteen Committee, Intramurals. KASKE, L4RRY Senate, Boys Hi-Y, (!YC Committee Vice-President, Lettermen ' s (!lub Tres., F ' M tball 1-2-3, Wrestling 1-2-3. hi4RAfr AY, MARY Pan American League, Pep ( ' lub. Band, Crimson Crier, Gym .Assistant. IC4RISH, MYRA Youth Ft»rum, Pan .American League, Y- Teens, GAA, Pep Club, Radio Club, Crim¬ son Crier Intramurals. H4RP, ALLAS Science Club. Glee Club, junior Achieve¬ ment. KELM, KES Youth Forum, French Club, Camera Club, Science Club, Boys’ Hi-Y, Glee Club, F(M»tball I, VF ' C, junior Achievement, Optimist, FTA, C erman Club. KELL, THOMAS Youth Forum, Pan American i.eague. Camera Club, Science Club. Boys Hi-Y, Leltermen’s Club. Track 1-2-3. Intra- murals, junior Achievement. KELLER, JUDY ( ' amera Club, GAA, YFC, Pool Assistant. KELLY, BARB Y Teens, GAA, Pep Club. FHA, Intra murals. Pool and Gym Assistant. KEMPF, BRIAS Band, Crimson Crier, KESTER, MIKE Senate, Basketball 1, F(M»tball 1-2, Intra¬ murals. KERSHSER, MISDELLE Youth Forum, French Club. Pan Ameri¬ can League ( ' abinet. Intramurals. FTA, Pool .Assistant. KEYS, MOSROE Senate, FcMitball 1-2-3, Track 1-2-3, Wres¬ tling 1, Intramurals. KLISCAMAS, PHIL Baseball 3, F " (M tball 1, Intramurals. KSAPP, RITA Y-Teens, GAA, Pep Club, Radio Club, Watchtower .Assistant Picture Editor, Intramurals, National Htmor Society, Senior Honor Roll, FTA, German Club. KSOX, CHARLES KOESTER, GARY Boys’ Hi-Y, Baseball 1-2-3, Intramurals. 230 SENIOR ACTIVITIES KOLLS, RICK KUBEC, BERSICE Y-Teens. KULIG, RICHARD Football 3. LA DACE, WILLIAM Youth Forum, Boys Hi-Y, Pep Club. Band, Orchestra, Letterman’s Club, Tennis 1-2-3. Intramurals. Dance Band. LAISG, MARY F ' HA, FNA, (ilee (dub, YF ' C, Intramurals. LAMAR, ROS Letterman’s Club, Cross ( ' .ountry 2-3, F ' (M)tball 1, Track 1-2-3. LASE, KESSETH LASGE, RUSSELL LASiH), MICHAEL LARSOS, CHRIS Senate, Science Club, Boys’ Hi-Y, Dra¬ matic (dub, “Medea”, “1 Remember Mama”, Declamation. Letterman’s (dub. Basketball 1-2-3, Cross Country 1-2, Track 1-2-3, Intramurals, junior Marshal (Candi¬ date, Speech Ill LARSOS, DORTHY (dee (Club. LARSOS, LISDA Y-Teens, Pep Club, FNA. Dramatic Club. “Smilin ' Thnmgh”, “Romeo and Juliet”, National Honor Swiety, Senior Honor Roll, FTA, German (Club Vice-President, Speech III. LARSOS, LOUISE Pan American League, Y-Teens Pep Club, (dee Club, Naticmal Honor Si»ciety, Senior Honor Roll, FTA Secretary. LARSOS, TOM Science (Club, Pep Club, Band, Orches¬ tra, Tennis 1-2-3, Intramurals. LAVERY, MARTHA French Club Vice-President, Pep (Club, Glee Club, Radio Club, Intramurals, junior Achievement. LEHMAS, JOS Boys’ Hi-Y, Letterman’s Club, Swimming 1-2-3, Intramurals. Optimist, Pool Assist¬ ant. LEISTIKO, BILL Pep Band, Band. LEMAS, HELESE Youth Forum, Pan American League, Y- Teens, Pep Club, Library Assistant, Radio Club, Intramurals, Senior Honor Roll. LEWIS, DUASE Orchestra, Letterman’s (Club, F ' ootball 1-2-3, Track 1-2-3. LIEDTKE, WAYSE Tennis 1. LIGGITT, TERRY Pan American League, Debate, Radio Club, Basketball Mgr., Intramurals. LISDAHL, JOS Pan American League, Camera Club, Science Club, Baseball 1, Football 1-2. LISDBLOM, SUE Y-Teens, (iAA, Glee Club, Radio Club, Intramurals. National Honor So iety, Senior Honor Roll. (German Club, Pool Assistant. LISDSAY, GARY Camera (Club, Boys Hi-Y, Football 1, Radio (Club, Intramurals, junior Achieve¬ ment. LISDSTROM, ROBERT Youth F »rum, Pan American League, Y- Teens, Applied Electronics, Camera (Club, Science (Club, Boys’ Hi-Y, Dramatic (Club, Radio (dub. P(M»I Assistant. Swimming. LISGARD, PAUL LIVISGSTOS, CAROL Pan American League, Y-Teens, (LAA Pep (Club. Intramurals, junior Achieve¬ ment, P Hil .Assistant. LOiiAS, DUPREE CYC Committee, Band. F ' mitball 1, Track 1-2. Wrestling 1, Intramurals. L(H;SD()S, JOHS (Camera (Club, Science, Track 1, Intra¬ murals. LOHR, JOHS Science (Club. Intramurals. LOSG, VICKI Y-Teens, GAA. Pep Club Cabinet, Crim¬ son Crier, Cheerleader 1, Intramurals, Gym Assistant, PtK l Assistant. LOSGFIELD, RICHARD Track 2-3, Intramurals, ( ym Assistant. LORESZES, LASCE Youth F ' orum, Letterrnen’s (Club. Tennis 1-2-3, Intramurals, junior Marshal (Candi¬ date. Optimist. LORESTZES, BILL CYC (Committee, junior Achievement, (Optimist. LOVE, SARA Y-Teens, Pep Club, F ' NA, Dramatic Club, “The Miracle Worker,” “I Remember Mama”. LOVELESS, CAROL Pan American League, Pep Club, FTA. LOVELESS, JIM LOWRASCE, PAM Y-Teens. Office Assistant, Intramurals, National Honor Society, Senior Honor Roll, German Club, Gym Assistant. LOY, CAROL Pan American League, Y-Teens, GAA. Pep Club, Crimson Crier. LUSDEES, BRYCE Senate, CYC Committee, Lettermen’s (Club, Fr 4»tball 1-2, Swimming 1-2-3, AFS Committee, Track 1-2-3, Senior Honor Roll, junior Marshal Candidate, junior Rotarian, junior Optimist, Pool Assistant. LUSDEES, JAMES Science Club Treasurer, Band, Orchestra. Tennis 1-2. LUSDEES, SHERI Youth Forum, Senate, French (dub. Y- Teens, CAA Cabinet, Pep Club Radio Club, Crimson Crier, Tennis 1-2, Intra-

Page 236 text:

murals. National Honor Society, Senior Honor Roll. Speech III. NELSON, RICHARD Youth F ' orum, Science (. ' lub. Dramatic ( ' lub President. Smiling Through,” “I Remember Mama.” “Romeo and JuUet,” Debate. National Honor StK ' iety, Senior Honor Roll, Junior Marshal (Candidate, Junior Rotarian. NELSON, RON Boys ' Hi-Y, Lettermen’s Club, Baseball, Football. Intramurals. NELSON, WARD Youth Forum, Science Club, Boys’ Hi-Y, AFS (Committee Chairman. Cross Coun¬ try I, Swimming 1-2, Intramurals, Na¬ tional Honor Society, Senior Honor Roll. Junior Optimist. P m 1 Assistant. NESSELER, JANE Pan American League. Pep Club, Senior Honor Roll. NEEINS, EARL Football. Junior Achievement. NEWTON, JOYCE Y-Teens, GAA. Pep Club. FNA, Clinic Assistant, Glee Club. NICHOLSON, SANDRA Pan .American League, FT A, Junior .Achievement. NIELSON, BETTY Girls’ Glee, Junior Achievement Secre¬ tary, Personnel Director. NIELSEN, RICHARD Youth Forum, Boys Hi-Y, “I Remember Mama”, Debate. NITEKMAN, MARK Youth Forum. Pan American League, Science Club, Intramurals. German Club, Top 5%, National Honor Society, Senior Honor Roll. NORMOYLE, TOM Lettermen’s Club, Baseball. Cross Coun¬ try, Golf, Intramurals. NUESKE, ALLAN OBERSTALLER, ROSA OGDEN, SYLVIA Senior Glee, Junior Achievement Secre¬ tary. OHLWEILER, JANE Youth Forum, Senate, Pan American League. Y-Teens, GAA, Pep Club Cab¬ inet, Radio Club. Cheerleader 1, Intra¬ murals. OLMSTEAD, BILL Basketball, YFC President O ' MELIA, MARYELL Pan American League, GAA, Pep Club, Tennis. Intramurals. ORTIZ, DICK Lettermen’s Club, Football, Wrestling. OSWALD, SUE Y-Teens, Pep Club, GAA, “The Miracle Worker”, Intramurals. OWENS, ARLENE Senate, GAA, Office Assistant, Gym Assistant, Intramurals, Crimson Crier. 232 SENIOR ACTIVITIES PADAKIS, DENNIS Basketball, (»olf. PARK, BOB Youth Forum. Applied Electronics. Cam¬ era Club, Science Council, Debate, Radio Club. PASSMAN, SHIRLEY PATSCH, JUDY German Club Treasurer, Pan .American League Cabinet, GAA, Pep Club, Tennis 2-3, Intramurals, FTA, Watchtower Assist¬ ant Copy Editor, Top 5%, National Honor Society, Senior Honor Roll. PAUL, TERRY Youth Forum, Boys’ Hi-Y, Lettermen’s Club B »ard of Directors, Football, Intra¬ murals. PAULEY, DENNIS PEARSON, BERNARD PEARSON, BOB PEARSON, NANCY Crimson Crier. PEASLEY, DIANA Glee Club. PENWELL, JANICE Camera Club, F.H.A., Glee Club, Junior Achievement. PERRY, BILL Boys’ Hi-Y, Pep Band, Band. Crimson Crier, Cross Country, Football. Glee Club, Track. Junior Achievement. PETERSON, KAREN Pan American League, Y-Teens, Pep Club, Library Assistance. PHAFF, KEN Senate, Boys’ Hi-Y, Lettermen ' s Club, Baseball, Football, Intramurals, German Club. PHEGLEY, HELEN JUNE Y-Teens. G..A..A.. Pep (!lub, F.H.A., Dra¬ matic Club, Intramurals. Junior Achieve¬ ment Treasurer. PHILLIPS, JIM Junior .Achievement. PHILLIPS, W.4NDA Camera Club. PICKRON, FLORENCE Glee Club. PIEPER, JUDY Pan .American Club, F.H..A., F.N.A., D.O. PIRKE, ROSEY Orchestra .News Reporter POLLOCK, DARRELL Applied Electronics, Camera Club, Pep Club, Band. Junior Achievement. POLTON, GARY POLZIN, CATHERINE Pan American League, Y-Teens, GA.A., Pep Club. Intramurals. PONTZIUS, DENNIS D.O. Club. POPP, GARY Band. D O. Club POLDER, JUDY Senate, Y-Teens President, G.A..A. Cab¬ inet, Pep Club Cabinet, Crimson Crier, If atchtouer. Tennis. Intramurals, Quill and Scroll, (German Club. POWELL, ROSEMARRY Y-Teens, Pep Club. F.H.A., Glee Club, Junior Achievement. PREDMORE, SALLY Y-Teens, G.A.A., Girls Glee, Intramurals, Class Officer, Pmil .Assistant. PRESCOTT, MICHELE Y-Teens, G.A.A., Pep Club, Dramatic ( ' lub. Radio Club. Intramurals, Gym .Assistant. PIREBE, NANCY Youth Forum, French Club Secretary, Y- Teens, Pep Club, Orchestra, Radio Cilub. Golf, Intramurals, National Honor Society, Junior Marshall Candidate. A.F.S. (Com¬ mittee. PUCK, GINGER Senate, G.A.A., Pep Club, “1 Remember Mama”, Intramurals, Class Officer. QI ECK, CONNIE Y-Teens, Pep Club, Glee Club, Intramur¬ als. Pool .Assistant. QUINT, ANITA French Club, Y-Teens. RAY, DAWN F.H..A.,F.N.A. REED, GERALD Color (iuard. Junior Achievement Pres¬ ident, Vice President. REED, MARGARET C. A..A.. Pep Club, Office Assistant, Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Intramurals, fir¬ man Club. REED, MARLENE Pan American League. Y-Teens, G.A.A.. Pep Club, Intramurals. REED, SHARON French Club, Y-Teens, Pep Club, Orches¬ tra. REED, LEONARD REISMAN, ROBERT Boys’ Hi-Y, “Smilin’ Through”, Swim¬ ming, Pool Assistant. RETTIG, CAROL Y-Teens, Intramurals. REXDALE, TOM Glee Club. Optimist. REYNOLDS, DONALD D. O. Club. RICHARDS, CAROL Y-Teens, Pep Club, F.N.A. Publicity Chairman. Crimson Crier. RIDDELL, LORRAINE Pep Club, F.N. A., Crimson Crier. RINELL, ROBERT RODERICK, RUSSELL French Club, Science Club, Boys’ Hi-Y. ROBERTSON, JOHN Youth Forum, (Camera Club, If atchtou er Assistant Editor, Junior Assistant Foot¬ ball, Intramurals. National Honor Society,

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