Robert Louis Stevenson High School - Spyglass Yearbook (Pebble Beach, CA)

 - Class of 1959

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Robert Louis Stevenson High School - Spyglass Yearbook (Pebble Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Y PM 'S Af'L 4. 1 mx! Qle H... .Mp +3 ,wa dw, 'B S .af wa we 'div Q ,, 'K ' an -ff, 3 Q' ,X ' 4 , ,af n., 2 ,S- Q 34532. Q vw '22 ig . -ug-n , . , if . . . 5 .. 1' QV W V' . gf' Q4 ' il., J .K V' K i 0555 1 f f,Q. ' 1 ' 5, V hmm .fri iii:-Q fe. 1 .4 Q 1 ' 2 "N '4 ,- ' e- - ff ' aw? xy 'ruff Sf Mn 54 . , un, Wa? M, 'ff N, Ji Lfwu A QQ--f v' a Q I. ' s' f V,- W ."'.,'Y, - A .V 71.1 rw V' u .',i41,.,.. iv My f, 5, S , ,,, , - I ' Q ., - I 2 .. wr gsm , -f . -if -0' gvgi , 1 wr- '- -m'- ??f'as"'w.+' ' , ff . u. .-rw f:,1,4'w'r.f11Q , , My ' , . A ' . A V, , ' , A A' if . 'Ls W fi J ' S ... . vm A K w K, 1 f V ' ' . ' '14 4 4.2.5 -114. 'ka , .. -N ,R . x . w ...W TN 34 gm, v 'H. v f ,M - rw f A rv - N A x nl I v 5 X 1 N x is , A ,.. V v, ' 'Q ii A ' ,,. . F 1 . f, 'hy qs Q--I 3' 3 9 ' xr -o I L ..4...ass,W,. 'E ful I P 'f 1 ""2.f 2 75"-'Q ..,, A - 1 .4 ,. 'E V fr! Q. ,Q S W: FR ' H5 fi H7 K w If I ",. on Q' 1' M I qksrnfa 'N 1 "Q'9l3'fZf 3 ni .. r if'7T'2F "Q vig-fir 5' 4 Wi rv ng aan? W A , - -1 , - + R. ,f ,L k. ,al-, ,A I 1- v ,n . 1 I fy.. . 'flgifi 1 1 f 1 - f Q . . , . .V U, . f ..-.v '-.., 'fr 515: ',,p,., ff .f-ff ,W 1 , lb,-6,6 1 , wif. , , .! R H V W HJ wa, .., v - ,. irq ., Z" , 1. v. 'M ,V ,.,,w -n, w gr. .I fr .4 'A' vf . 1. , 1 . .vu ,W w '- Y' 'lv 2 ,J 'Yi-.-if 1 'fix N , Sw w ,v 1 I 1 f . I," . " 'w J xii' , 5-pa: TQ: ,Xi-. nefi - Ti? G1 xi? ,-'iz If . 'V Gif: . , 2 gn-fi' R9 we 'if' 1 tiff' 1. Ld-U1 5 F'E4:,.1":f ' shi gn W .1 1.5- : , 3 'li' N: 4 . , 1 . I :XL -5 110151: AL4,g,Q.-Ya Eg ,J ' mr ' ' U , 14- V. OU 4-0' I S S v Mono . Po 1 fi XR I--V, br 6 7' .' ' Y , 'A A 4? ff' ...M , T3 -, Q' LU AX .,,.v My-4:14-"A 4,-I 1, 6 f f Isf A 1 : ,HN - K 'Z CQ W - f -NL :K In Q ,.."'4' lb T1 . ' . to V 7 Od :A ,A 0 ' ff' , rx - -R 2 L b S. Q., M In N 54 Q Q, es Q 5 :iff ,' S rr I N 196 ,O C b O XJ ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON SCHOOL PEBBLE BEACH CALIFORNIA ROBERT E. RICKLEFS DAVID T. HARVEY Editor Bur. Mgr. DEDICATION With deepest respect and affection we happily dedicate the 1959 SPYGLASS to Mrs. Elizabeth I. Weaver. She is much more than "school secretary" -she cares for us when we are sick, chides us when we are Wrong, rides our back when we neglect our responsibilities, listens to our tales of woe, rejoices in our successes, and loves us in spite of what we are or what We do. figiggggf 3: df A N I ' K5-gm W r-rnZZCwNl1'I'U v MR. ROBERT U. RICKLEFS Stanford Univerrity HEADMASTER s W WN x, xr R Wt 43 1 lvl! ' I1 41 .eil ':F-,-viii.-f-' The Headmaster . . . The Class of '59 has made significant history at "R.L.S." It is the first large graduating class - twice the size of any previous group. Many have seen Stevenson develop from a "cottage in the woods" to a preparatory school of merit and integrity. You, the members of the Class of '59, have contributed much to the growth of "R.L.S." as it has attained the position of prestige which it now enjoys. Within your group are outstanding scholars. top-flight athletes, and fine school leaders. As you move forward to new achievements, your successes will enhance the name ot Stevenson. You have our good wishes for all that is good in life. Robert U. Ricklefs. MR. W. V. GRAHAM MATTHEWS MR. CHARLES S. DOWNES DR. THOMAS N. BARROWS Harvard College Director of Athletics REV. C. E. WILSON Univerrity of Wyoming Chaplain Duke Uniuerfity Columbia Univenity Dean of Students Director of Guidance ' ADMINISTRATION Able and sympathetic people of special talents assist the Headmaster in the administration of "R.L.S." Dr. Barrows, a former president of Lawrence College, serves as chief educational counsellor: Mr. Downes works with us all in solving our many problems: Mr. Matthews "triples in brass" as Director of Athletics, Senior Master, and Head of the History Departmentg Reverend Wilson provides the special religious influence and is confidential advisorp Mrs. Weaver efficiently handles the million details connected with the front office: Mrs. Culp renders magnificent service as office assistantg and Mrs. Valladao handles the "I.B.M." with great skill. X 1 1 MRS. ELIZABETH I. WEAVER Office Manager CULP MRS. CAROLINE VALLADAO Secretary 1S,R3,M -i f -, . , . .1 1-: sf -:wfSi1afm.J:sfQ-1' , W i :Jiffy 4 : W7 .GHZLSSV Iff whsle- , f' N,L1s, W 'W' 0. Q fr fw ,W www ., 1 gy g,fKg5rf1r:P .I-.,,, :-.:.g: ,,51., A 31- j xgfggqfwk fifrv g if . , . f , .. '25 W K PM - :1.-uv.-::e::::::f' ',-ff-'D-".c"f1f'1f:ss,,'- new2:-if:"1i-'..:-msc'-:-.-M..-.f:..,:wr:-f.ak:EF-w:,.::ia,.'1g55v-: gan :-4:3--Qg. A .x .m.y1,Lf,,.L ,-mm, , , -3,5 4 . 5,,?',,. , .-,f,..,.::.' J' - ' -' ' ,, if-sf - it uf ,MQ H Hx ' V r 7 , .Q mg Q A ' f Hu, . ' ,'k t ' -"5 . ,iy"'Y'lT'7'+' - :v7'si,..1 .- A Q- ,.gw..,f.,.Lk: H y --Q f..,..' Mp, m,.,.fww A F, Q .f . -ww., , ' 1 Jf-mff mfg, N ,A -'f ff: ,, I ww' W ' "Y ' -vw' :L nf PM- A . ' V' . m My "' . V if f '-Q Af" ff'?"ma 4" . V xl' iq . f use IB:-M ' .... N72 9 'AP' v. SV, 'Q -'N an 0 Tv 41' 3' Nw, L--J M., L , M, L , ,M qw-- 'vp fgx ,fi "' if qi .ff 1-Grunt' -4 A-. ,.2'W5'5" F'-ai' a,,y"'.' an ...uf .Q- MR. HEINRICH BENDER MR. ARNOLD A. BOWHAY Frankfurt School of Muxic Univenity of California M C If CHEMISTRY 1:4 me L1 :L liglyc, MR. MICHAEL BROWNPIELD CAPTAIN CHURCH A. CHAPPELL Monterey Peninfula College U.S. Naval Aeademy COUNSELLOR MATHEMATICS MRS. SYBIL FEI-XRNLEY MR. IOSEPH E. GROSS UlIl1'67'.S'll-Y of Berlin Unlr'e1'5i,fy of Colorado ENGLISH FRENCH, SPANISH MR. TED Univerfily of ENGLISH, ART, DRAMA MR. STUART HUNTER Univerfizy of Southern California TYPING, ECONOMICS MRS,RUTH KALMBACH MR. A. K. LIVINGSTON Unizferfity of Wfixrorlfin Unizferfily of California CHEMISTRY ARITHMETIC MR. DEAN MILLSLAGLE MRS. MARGARET MOODY Monterey Pefzimulrz College Vamar College COUNSELLOR LOWER SCHOOL 1 ADMIRAL HAROLD F. PULLEN MR. RICHARD RADDE U.S. Naval Arademy Univenity of Idaho MATHEMATICS HISTORY N522 ' MRS. IOLEAN C. RHOADS MARIAN M. RICKLEFS Univerfity of Minnexota California READING S ,EI Q I MR. KARL SCHMIDT MR. WALTER SCHROEDER Unizfemity of Vienna Q Noftbwexlem Uniuenity GERMAN, LATIN GEOGRAPHY I CAPTAIN W. C. SCHULTZ MR. IOHN D. SHORT U.S. Naval Arademy Univenily of California PHYSICS, MATHEMATICS .ENGLISH w SE I 1 MRS. LILLY C. TROWBRIDGE MR. IOHN TUCKER Univenity of Utah Slanford University LIBRARIAN BIOLOGY MR. CLARENCE WAGENER MRS. LOUISE WEISS UlIil'Uf'.l'ilj' of Virginia Erole de Louvre COUNSELLOR FRENCH in I , . t ,,,.,. . Q Q. g ., gk Y if Mrs. Harriet Stcmley, Mrs. Gertrude Heblinger, Mr. Willie Reed, Mrs. Olcx Mae Finch, Mrs. Lulu Mae Breaux STAFF The good people on this page who do so much for us and for the School receive little recognition for their services, and We sctlute them with enthusiasm and take this opportunity to express our appreciation for their loyal friendship and help. Sian Mills Eddie Robinson Roy Fetterly Chuck Clayton N-nga N, Xv X x, I, x xxf ,M XXRRXM TX f N Q-it A 1 x A f PHILIP CARLETON BARTLETT Orinda STANFORD UNIVERSITY Spyglass Staff Gnomes Honor Roll Soccer Basketball Block "S" "PHIL" "A Jophomore to the hitter end, Phil hat explored every avenue of extratrurrieular artitfity with tome Jutreu. He il tredited with founding the "GnomeJ", har a raparity for earneft endeavor, and the good people at Stanford will realize that he if on the rampuff' M. FRANKLIN BACKUS III Seattle, Washington LAWRENCE COLLEGE Spyglass Staff Tusitala Staff Dance Committee Carnival Committee Assembly Committee Dramatics Club Honor Roll Golf "FRANK" , "Not entirely .fyrnpathetie with .fehool regul tiom, Frank ha: a geniur for organization Q for h tter or and a head on hir Jhoulderx w ch will gf FRANCIS RAMON BURKE III San Mateo UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING Spyglass Staff Christmas Tree Committee Dance Committee Gnomes Soccer Basketball Baseball Swimming Riding Block "S" ..RAY.. "A confirmed malrontent, he growled hir way through 'R.L.S.' with .rome real Juceeu in xpire of hirnxelf. A natural athlete, Ray if headed for the cow country of Wyoming where he will he ahle to ton the bovine male with the het! of them." DOUGLAS S. CASS Berkeley GRINNELL COLLEGE Spyglass Staff Tusitala Staff Carnival Committee Chorus American Archer Honor Roll "CLEO" "A mild-mannered, Eaft-Bay Jophitlicate with knowing wayx, Doug wa: lon without hir little old car thi! year and never .feemed able or willing to travel the ftarry road to aradernic Jurfeu. With lotx of exploxive power, he will one day again find the 'flue'-perhapx in the tall torn rourtlry of Iowa." PETER N. CHESEBROUGH Los Altos CALIFORNIA POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE Tusitala Staff Christmas Carnival Committee Chorus Band Golf Soccer Riflery Block "S" "PETE" "A wizard at electronirr land romething les: than that in hirloryl Pete har rhown rpurtr of real power. He har lot! of amperef, more than hir rightful quota of ohmr, and law voltage." CHARLES W. CHANDLER Selma UNIVERSITY OP CALIFORNIA AT DAVIS Student-body Vice President "R.L.S." Council Spyglass Staff Carnival Committee Christmas Tree Committee Gnomes Honor Roll Golf Soccer Basketball Swimming Baseball Block "S" "BILL" "They don't rome any better than Bill. A great athlete, a hard-working Jtudent, a real leader, and a fine gentleman. He will he the bert farmer and gentleman in all the Valley of San Ioaquin, and he will always plow a Jtraight furrow." C. WESLEY COOK, IR. Santa Barbara SANTA BARBARA COLLEGE Tusitcxla Editor Chorus Basketball Golf Bowling "Wes" - "Champion bowler of 'R.L.S.' fineluding tbe HEddIIld.tl6fi Wei rollx a mean book in more wayx :ban one. He bal' a mind like a ,fix-gun, bu! Jome- limexr forgezx to pull lbe lrigger. A4011 of Zbe year be Jerzfed df Cbairman of lbe Board of tbe 'Griperf of Pebble Bearlf, a non-profil Corporalionf' fem I 70 'f L if ,q of Ja f 0 - 6 W flbyfef 610 w B' to 4 MN: AX U ' -. X, by up 1,5 FTHOMAS o. CRAVEN. IR. Reno, Nevada UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO Spyglass Associate Editor Tusitala Staff Carnival Committee Chorus Gnomes Honor Roll Soccer Basketball Baseball Block "S" "TOM" "From lbe momenz Tom arrived in Pebble Beacb from the gaudy ligblx of 'Biggen Lillle City in lbe World, be baf been a good Jtudent, a folid citizen, and a Juperior atblele. He ba.r a lot of fun, but it if rombined wilb a deep rexpert of olberf. So, olben babe a deep rexperl for bim." EDWARD NORTON EWER II Berkeley CLAREMONT MEN'S COLLEGE Spyglass Staff Honor Roll Tennis Basketball Soccer Block "S" "BUD" "Small in .rize bu! big in xpiril, Bud Lv u mighty forte for good, His mind work.: pl mile a minute, .md be buf more illmr Inf 1'lI1"1'llIg qualify! lbezn Pebble Belzrlv lmf rand. He miryei out on 1'ery lillle in Me zmy of fun Kllve next lilile utlic L'fd1l'l67' you wer .nzzvj and generally nmkef the mall of every day." ,U sv A -rf 'UV +5 VW if -7"!,ff ,fy lf" ,eff CJ dyed Qgjifcqclf eb xii sf- . A, O' .,, pf , fl' , X .? R! cf fl V57 Ns I X! xy D VID NEWELL DODGE J? IP Atherton CV , 3" DUKE UNIVERSITY Q Tusitula Siczff Dance Committee Chorus Band Golf Swimming Wrestling "DAVE" "A.ride frnom lbe Jyrnplomf of an arule fare of 'Dukitif' which at limef interfered willy bil equilibrium land made laim Jligbtly impouible lo get along witlaj Dave haf been a perfertly normal Jeniar fif there if .rurb an animnlj. He bay been kind la hif mother, iolerant of bix tearherf, and alwayf happy. He will be mined." HERMAN WESTINGHOUSE FLETCHER, IR. Pebble Beach UNIVERSITY OP WYOMING Spyglass Stall Dance Committee Christmas Play Tennis Soccer Basketball Archery Baseball Block "S" 5 "WESTY" "A rniglzly man of many moody, W'e.fty lun hit all tbe night and all louxr thot toe book alloufr. He if going to be tz nzneher and plant to have an all row-girl stuff. A lady-killer in tlve most revered Jenfe of the word, he lait hir peak with date: with three different girlt for tlaree different 'prornx' on the .tame night." DAVID THOMAS HARVEY Berkeley STANFORD UNIVERSITY Student-body President "R.L.S." Council Spyglass Business Manager Tusitala Staff Honor Roll Speech Team Gnomes Tennis Block "S" "DAVE" "A tower of .rtrenglla in every plaate of tflaool life. Dare lm! been the afcepted Jludenl leader. He bar rare good judgment, romplele integrity, extraord- inary common Jenre, and iz genuine humility. No boy bat done more for lair rlatpr and for the Srlyoolf' LESLIE WITHERSPOON HINRICHS Ojai AIR FORCE ACADEMY Dance Commiitee Chorus Golf Swimming Wrestling Rifle Team Captain "BOONIE" "W'ith many more mlenif than he aired lo let anyone i'l10lI' tIb0llf, Ley performed well fexrept when he auf .racking on! ufiih zurioim .ind .f11nu"'y, real and izlmgizzmfy izilmenlfj. The rifle leum mir hi! pei projerl and he made il Jufrexiful. He will fly high." ALBERT D. HERRMANN Monterey CHICO STATE COLLEGE Dance Committee Science Fair Swimming Golf UAL., "A man of few wofdf, Al hm earned iz plate of refpeft in rhe Jludent group and in hix :lan wizh hi! fine Jpirit of ro-operation, a happy rountenanre, and a quiel Jenxe of humor. Hix yefm at 'R.L.S.' have been goody he will he 4 credit to hif School at Chico." RICHARD GOULD HUNTER San Francisco WHITMAN COLLEGE Tusitala Statt Carnival Committee Baseball Golf Block "S" "DICK" "IVitlJ a flair for rbemiflry that orcafionally put liver and buildings on the edge of jeopardy, Dirk hat a profenion all mapped out for kim. He Iome- timey forgot the ruler, but bi! 'five-year plan' worked to good advantage, and -be will make a name for lnimfelf at Wbgrtan and tbereafte ." J V. Mpeg t of We 5,9 Dylfb nj, Wxfug XX ' m ROBERT KENT MALM Santa Rosa CALIFORNIA MARITIME ACADEMY Spyglass Photo Editor Tusitala Photo Editor Carnival Committee Christmas Tree Committee Assembly Committee Chairman Swimming Golf "WIGGINS" "Seldom Jeen without bit truxty camera flung over lair Jboulder be mapped most of the pirluref for the rrhool publirationf. With a fine Jenfe of humor fm be called ill be popped off about the .rrkool auemblier and wa.r promptly plated in rlaarge, and then everyone popped off, efperially Mr. Mattlzewf, If be can Jail a yhip af well at be can draw one, lJe'll be a right good taptainf' tx lfpyrl V M f ,t ' V .3 , , W if , fp K L L V , ., ' uw . . KENNETH GEORGE MCGILVRAY Sacramento SACRAMENTO CITY COLLEGE Carnival Committee Christmas Tree Committee Senior Dance Committee Gnoxnes Tennis Basketball Swimming Bowling Team Block "S" "MOUSE" "A delightful wit fno frattiont involved! Ken made a plate for himtelf in every phate of fchool life. During the ,fpring Jporty ,reafon he trurried around from tennif, to twimrning, to bajeball, to bowling with diraftrouf rerultf for the oppotition. He alwayx had a helping hand, alwayt lent a note of rheer. He will be long remembered at 'R.L.S.' " DOUGLAS MCCASKY II Ojai SANTA BARBARA COLLEGE Senior Dance Committee Soccer Tennis Baseball Block "S" "COMMANDER" "Doug'J place on the academi: rating lift wat never of much roncern to him, but he was mighty proud of bi! red-tinged beard. And it wa: a thing of rare beauty and dixtinguixhed 'oomph', af many an unwary gal could ronfinn. He wax' happiext when be war tinkering around with an automobile, and he haf an unranny talent with the innardf of a gat engine. We'll hear about 'McCaJhy Motort' in the not too dittant future." ROBERT LINN MORRIS Napa COLLEGE OF PACIFIC Chairman Christmas Carnival Tusitala Staff Christmas Play Santa Catalina Play Speech Team Tennis Basketball Baseball Bowling Team Block "S" "BOB" "The wonder boy from Napa with tlze Midax tourb added nzurlv to 'R.L.S.' He liked to be in the middle of thingy and enjoyed the renter of the Jtage. Sometimef the curtain wax drawn. He will be a big buxineu man and maybe he will build a new Theater at bi! Alma Mater." ROBERT E. RICKLEFS Pebble Beach STANFORD UNIVERSITY Spyglass Editor Tusitala Stall Science Fair Honor Roll Soccer Baseball Tennis Bowling Block "S" UBOB.. "Little 'R' bad a few tlaingf to live down, but be managed to head the Jclyool Honor Roll for three aonfecutive yean, won the rounty lennif rhampion- fhip, earned a couple of golf troplaiex, and nearly eliminated half of bix elaumatex when bi! rocket went into orbit anon tlfe allrletic field." ALBERT S. WEAVER III Sacramento TULANE UNIVERSITY Chorus Band Basketball Swimming Baseball "WEAVIE" "Never one to put hix heft foot forward in a romirtent manner, Al did not alwayi pleafe hif elderf, and the royal axe hung heavy over hir head, He had a lot to offer and he .offered a part of the lot. Beware of thoxe Minirxippi galJ." ERNEST E. SIMARD II Monterey COLORADO COLLEGE Dance Commiitee Science Fair Band Golf Riding Team Olympic Riding Team Nominee Block "S" "BOOTS" "The heft rider in thif or any other Jchool, Ernie topped hir prep Jrhool riding rareer with a nomination to compete in the lryoulf for the U.S. Olympic Equeftrian Team, and he if prefently in training for thix honor. Having plenty of what it tahex, we'll wager that he will he wearing the red, white, and blue .fhield." THOMAS O. WHITE Orinda ST. MARYS COLLEGE Spyglass Staff Tusitala Staff Speech Team Gnomes Honor Roll Golf Swimming Block "S" HTOM.. "Tom is almoft loo good to he true, hut he prohahly ix. Helpful to everyone, friendly to all, a real worker al everything he tackled, he earned an enviable plare for himfelf at 'R.L.S.' He will follow hir Dad'J footftepf and herome a denlirl. and norice if herehy .served that he will make you a mighty good Jet of chopperrf' IAMES A. YEAGER Sacramento CALIFORNIA MARITIME ACADEMY Tusitalcr Stuff Chorus Soccer Baseball Block "S" "IIMMY" "AlwayJ lan, hut not alwayr least, jim look great pain! to make himrelf ohrcure, hu! he rouldrfl hide hir lalenlr completely and he hlonomed forth in the mor! unexpeeted plate: IThe from row of the ffhool rhoruf, for examplej. He will :hart an inlerefling marie." QW r iz P. Q X L tk 3 4, ,, " is I 15- -' -i - t I is V' ' f 5 ww l I 5 . .,,, , im ' X '..1:.... , I .gi . N PM -- L-M' it - I W as 'Ut rg, ggi reefs 1- f S I I 1 'rseetasi-we-s,, t it tu , 1 , , Y W ML, " . 'Z ' i , NN-.. f-Hw I, Frank Backus, hereby bequeath my magic case of caustic remedies to Tom Griffith, I, Phil Bartlett, hereby bequeath my tlea-bitten rat skin to Steve Lawrence: I, Ramon Burke, hereby bequeath my health, such as it may be, to Barry Craven: I Douglas Cass, hereby bequeath my cache ot seasoned milk bones to Bonne: I, William Chandler, hereby bequeath my badge ot distinction to Honest Pat Ienkinsg I, Peter Chesebrough, hereby bequeath my old and battered electronic tubes to Pete Ullstrom. I, Wesley Cook, hereby bequeath the unused coupons on my Slenderella course to Peter Michael, I, Thomas Craven, hereby bequeath my right eye tyou almost got it the first timel to Iim Colburn. I, David Dodge, hereby bequeath my third room-mate to George Gilmorep I, Edward Ewer, hereby bequeath my dashing way with the fair sex to Robert Schulzeg I, Westinghouse Fletcher, hereby bequeath my large scoop shovel to Warren Wiesinger, I, David Harvey, hereby bequeath "control" to Squaw Valley Chris. is 4255132255 x zsiffssisli, QW Leslie Witherspoon Hinrichs, hereby bequeath my unused bar ot soap to Preston Golden: Albert Herrmann, hereby bequeath my gold inlay to Bo Day, Richard Hunter, hereby bequeath my sense of the ridiculous to jolly Bob Saindong Robert Malm, hereby bequeath my consuming interest in sports to Iohn Polhemus, Douglas McCasky, hereby bequeath my special talents in music and art to Master Beatnik Pete Douglas. Kenneth McGilvray, hereby bequeath my special, guaranteed mouth plaster to Mike Zelinskyg ag"- Robert Morris, hereby bequeath my charge account at I. Magnin's to dapper Ronald Suttin. Robert Ricklets, hereby bequeath my secret rocket luel to that blasting rocketeer, Birney Dayton: Albert Weaver, hereby bequeath my talent for punctuality to Allen "Speed" Everett, Thomas White, hereby bequeath the third piston in my "Hot '49" to Bill Graham: Iames Yeager, hereby bequeath my cool and efiicient manner to Thomas Henry. . , "WJ " ' a L' 9 j , "drl. in-V ' f. W A - .. 0 , ,.,- . 1 " " . I'-'A 2-rx . j if fu- 3 -1 J V gilhn'-I WWW Q ,. 1, v ' :fx mv: I f , K ?k"""' W4 X an f H L. ,, 1 A f ., W.- M A MW, A 4 if an -- V A' M ...f . A , "' AM ,WM ,Ag Nz W ,V - ..,,. --uw-v,.m.-1. M f-V , " VM. J . flqf'-1 'sw K ., - A Y 'S ulffifw' lk V A ,Si W, 'ff , .Q . sw- fb- 1 5 1 A ,fix ff?- F1543 ? ire! Wig ' N Vi . ,fd Q gfibf xf 'H .I iyyivmai 0,1 ' , Wrfgffjaf N. . 4 'W t' A ' fy ,QE VW., X , FBI? , --5? ' ' 54 , I i Xf 0 C f- M , Y T?" gk I , - '! ' yn' J X If ' 5334, ffi'.7 CM. VT-:LQ'QJ ION AKSELSEN BRUCE ARMSTRONG Lafayette Ojcxi EARL BAGBY IAMES BLACK Hillsborough San Francisco ROBERT BUSH IAMES COLBURN Monterey Irvington Loma ARTHUR DAHL BIRNEY DAYTON Pebble Beach Hollister BAYLEY DORRIS PETER DOUGLAS Pacific Grove Hermosa Beach :gg ALLEN EVERETT HOWARD FETTERLY Palo Alto Pacific Grove TELEPHONE A l if 1, 'S me-, mm jf 53 W ff- is g.f':. '55 LADDY FLETCHER GEORGE GILMORE Pebble Beach Atherton X, THOMAS GRIFFITH DANIEL HARTM N Scm Francisco Ross 1 I' gl!!! A mm' LLOYD HARTZELL THOMAS HENRY Carmel Berkeley 31181 I PATRICK IENKINS STEPHEN LAWRENCE Sacramento Ojai - 55 I N.. II.. F STEPHEN MATCHETT PETER MICI-IA EL Okinawa San Francisco RICHARD MOWER DENNIS O'CONNELL Pebble Beach Kentiield PHILIP PAGE IOHN POLHEMUS Berkeley Los Altos KEITH ROBINSON EVAN SHI-XRD Kauai, Hawaii Sacramento ROBERT SAINDON ROBERT SCI-IULZE Palm Springs Dixon 'X RAYMOND SNOW BRECKINRIDGE THOMAS Berkeley Fresno THOMAS TOWER MARTIN WEINSTEIN I ' Reno, Nevada San Francisco Q . WARREN WIESINGER LAWRENCE YABROFF MICHAEL ZELINSKY Oakland San Francisco San Francisco 711 3141 I :We ' ' Tm A i s 'M ,, V,.. ROGER ANDERSON BARRY CRAVEN Monterey Reno, Nevada ROBERT DAY PETER FLETCHER Los Angeles Pebble Beach 1-5 , IEFFREY GHOLSON PRESTON GOLDEN Pebble Beach Hillsborough '11 xqj g fb uc M gf mf Q6 .yf x MJ., N K ky, X Q, AX, WILLIAM GRAHAM STUART HARKNESS Belvedere Berkeley f DAVID HOLT I BLAINE IANIN d Stockton I San Francisco I N 1 ' 3 , 5 f 1 ' u 5 x E ' .A FRANK IOHNSTON THOMAS IONES Reno, Nevada Pasadena , ,f s 1 I , S ,li 1,5 IA f' W IIALCOLII KELSO CARLTON KEPPLEMAN Kentiield Pebble Beach ELIOT HER! RICHARD NUSBAUM Menlo Park Pebble Beach GORDON PARKER IOHN PATU Carmel American Samoa fl IOHN PERINE CRRNHY POPE Seattle, Washington Sacramento 'Ynnuwff CHISTIAN POULSEN EDWARD RANSOME Tahoe City Oakland W' 'mf HUGH ROMACK TERRY RYDER Sacramento Piedmont 3 W3 ll my Y n lg S ROBERT SHIRLEY ROBERT SHURTLEFF Beverly Hills Orinda in ERRR R O X . Af. 1 1 wr lf. ROLAND TOGNAZZINI WARD WHELDON San Francisco Scm Francisco w E ,I 5 all DON WHITE TERALD ZALL Orinda Marysville RICHARD ANDREWS WILLIAM CAMPBELL San Francisco Salinas IAMES CARTER GEOFFREY CHICK Menlo Park Mercer Is., Wash. MICHAEL FARLEY WILLIAM GEER Los Angeles Stockton '62 xg swf: EY A ew:-:wwf ws- 1 A -- I .5 -:fe-It X we 8-ad 'gif ill A L ,X .481-Nsili sk F 1. WILLIAM MOORES HENRY NISBET Ukiah Pebble Beach PETER RILEY BRUCE ROBINSON Secxitle, Washingion Kcxuai, Hawaii CARLON TANNER DENNIS THOMPSON Monterey Atherton . ' 1'Il .. If ' - . , ... M -I ll' Y - 1 ln . GREGORY SCOTT BRENDON SEABORN Carmel Carmel .1....,.H,w RICHARD STOUT RONALD SUTFIN Reno, Nevada Iolon Q.,,, I BRUCE TOGNAZZINI PETER ULLSTROM San Francisco Honolulu, Hawaii IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS CLASS OF 'GU President .,... George Gilmore Vice President . . Breck Thomas Secretary . . . Tom Griffith Treasurer . . . Mike Zelinsky CLASS OF '61 President ....... Don White Vice President . . . Bob Shirley Secretary . . . . Preston Golden Treasurer . . . Eliot Merk CLASS OF '62 President ....... Mike Farley Vice President . . Dick Andrews Sec'y-Treasurer . . Rich Stout FREDRICK ALEXANDER THOMAS H. BALLARD ROBERT H. COLLINS IR. IOHN M. FLEISHMAN Carmel Valley Berkeley Pasadena Belvedere WILLIAM G. GRIFFIN HOWARD HUNTINGTON PETER E. LAMB Pebble Beach Pasadena Orinda PETER M. REYNOLDS THOMAS E. SHERWOOD GORDON von RICHTER IOHN M. WYATT Walnut Creek San Mateo Carmel Lima, Peru WWW Under the able leadership of Peter Reynolds, the eighth grade class was more of a vital force in the life of the school than ever before. Individual members participated on the varsity teams, wonderful representation was given in student government, and there was a constant stir of activity within the group. This bunch will make a great nucleus for the Class of '63 - keep your eye on them for big things during the years ahead. CHRIS ALEXANDER RONALD BENNETT WILLIAM CALLENDER WILLIAM CROWLEY Carmel Valley Carmel Santa Monica Monterey .Jawa GREGORY DAHL ROGER DAHL Pebble Beach Pebble Beach STEPHEN DODGE CHRISTOPHER FITZHUGH STEPHEN GROVER MALCOLM HOOK Atherton Pebble Beach San Francisco Pebble Beach DAVID KAPLANSKY THOMAS LAMPANE THOMAS LEMOS LAWSON LITTLE Salinas Pebble Becxch Carmel Pebble Beach MICHAEL MACAULEY WILLOUGHBY NASON CHARLES OSBORNE Fresno Carmel Valley Pebble Beach NATHANIEL OWINGS WILLIAM PARKER CECIL SMITH WILLIAM STAHL Big Sur Pebble Beach Truckee Monterey fx fxxa. JgQZ'9, . . 1 3A xg m X A ,Ag S 1 1 I 'Z L' S " President Harvey Peter Reynolds, Bill Chandler, Headmaster Ricklefs, President Dave Harvey, Mr. Matthews, Captain Chappell, Mr. Downes. Secretary Chandler Under the capable and efficient leadership of Student-body President Harvey, the "R.L.S." Council has turned in the "best-yet" job of school government. Bill Chandler and Pete Reynolds have both exercised fortitude and judgment in making vital decisions, and the faculty members have been ever available for advice and assistance. Editor Ricklefs Seated White D White T Day Graham, Douglas, Harvey, Ricklefs, Kelso, Thomas, Malm, Bartlett, Cass. Standing Farley Chandler, Fletcher, Backus, Craven, Griffith, Black, Dahl. The 1959 SPYGLASS, an organized attempt to record the highlights of the 1958-59 school year, goes to press a month before the final day of school, so many of the exciting events of the closing Weeks must, of necessity be omitted. I want to express my gratitude to Dave Harvey and his business staff for "putting the book in the black" in a big way, to the editorial staff for faithful and diligent Work, to Bob Malm for his fine photography, and to Mr. Warner Lee for his technical advice. I hope you like it all. -The Editor. The Christmas Carnival and Bazaar ushered in the Christmas Season and it was a tremendous success. Mrs. Simard and her committee of Mothers did a magnificent job on the Bazaar and Bob Morris was chairman of the student committee. CHRISTMAS The tradition of "Bringing in the Yule Tree" became firmly established this year with a long-to-be-remembered ceremony organized by the Christmas Tree Committee composed of Ray Burke, Chairman, Bill Chandler, Ken McGilvray and Bob Malm. An outstanding Christmas Program featured a delightful nativity play directed by Mr. Huffman. Budding thespians who 'C"'S ,Q turned in a remarkable performance included Ieff Dunham, Peter Reynolds, Westy Fletcher, Marty Weinstein, and Bob Morris. 1958 The R.L.S. Chorus, with Mr. Huffman and Mr. Bender as co-directors, made its debut on the Christmas Program with a burst of glory, and other featured numbers made the evening before the Holidays a memorable one. SCHOOL DANCES A lot of the fellas don't care too much about dancing but they all love that bit of feminine pulchritude that goes along with the gentle art of tripping the light fantastic, so the various dances- the Santa Catalina Cotillions, the various Proms, and the school dances based on one excuse or another - are a popular part of life at Stevenson. ., e , at - a , M... rr... CHORUS and BAND Musical activity at Stevenson hit a new high this year under the supervision of Instrumental Music Director Heinrich Bender and Chorus Director Ted Huffman. They furnished music for the Christmas Program and the Commencement Ceremonies and had much fun at the regular rehearsals. And, after practice, when the Bob Louis Iazz Combo Went into action, the joint really rocked. Ni Q lu 1 11 "WMM YZ M if 5, ' Q if-M' V, , B E' ti, an A -f' , A 4. fa .J A' 'SIS , nt' 'ift , , ,, al. . 6,3 "'..f. -1 f" ' 1 js' A . J, M- a fm f ,v. 4- W 1, V A a 7, a iw ,s . Ag., -N, f -fn ' ,, , ...kb , , K . ,l'PFS.Q,. f , 4, , ,Vi W e-.-ae'-we L , N ,ef " s ,,, A4 A 3 ,C f ? ,M , qv' e- -6' gg ,., 0 A" "W f 7 f -P 'V wh im X- ., M, ,f , ff ' -1 - 'L 'W' Q In . 544'-4 "1 pp? a , ., fx, A "' V' A ' "' 4?-1 ' ' gli 'yer L- ' '1va'f's,- . KJ. A N ,. ,L ,I V A.,-'f' f -15 as f - 4-W m if L 'A 9 " " N. "ss , QSMQ, V fig, I ,Fu ' F 1. rm a...., f. , V e ' 1 ' ' 1 , 'Nw 1 'ia' ,, k ' ,,.4 I 'Q ' 7 I 5fwHk3f'F'fe."',. E -'fx sr , 3,17 K' f-fp ,Af ., - , , 'S 1--M " . f ' ' " a Y' 2 mm . HA 4 K f v.k,. .-,sf 'rx 'PN 'ff , ff, ffl ,,- 4 ,QT . Q' j 9' f , A 15-'51 N- s, we ee - 5 ,. f , ' . -,.. ,H , A '-V ' ' 'f 1 'K if . , f' 5 W f Al , 4 'L ., , f ,',,4' ' - "yi 43: sf M ', ,ef 'JY -f :M , N ' 4- E. 3 ' Afzw' ,' A ', QQ, A . ' . ,mv ' ff,-1: '. 4 Aff , Q V' A .ef '. '- ,. .f .. 'ii M -1 1' , fs ,Q .X f ' . V- a x ff.-s 453 Q " 'a 5 1 1' 'is'4"'3"' 'sl 5. L- , L A.: 1 'f 1. , J, 4 .V f' Ax X pf ,sl ,,f J ,, .4-gag Sjmq N,,,'.xf'-VM. V LS-F: A as - A " 1-www:-1 , 4.9--gf . V . .A f fe' " f ' ky., Q . 'Q f ,J -e 'yu' :QS f 2. "':.j'Df' ,. . Y b.. ' ., M '.-H' .,r- ,. v Qf""'. I - A 3 . H., ,-4 ,,. , af sq, ,, ,- J... fi, sr . , a. ,jr Agn X ,J 1,1 Q, A . ' d X, 1, . -. f' t' f . , K J' 1.. A . .V V V, I, ii.. LQJMYQ .xy . S-: 'J A M .-,tt 1. I 15' N, H- 1, y ,531 ' x."g.,v,:y3 fig -3 an L.,-wg", 1 1 V. jfs? 21 . 's V 1, 1-.1 , me --hr. ,Q V-225.4 sg. i- eggs., .-, ,. 1' ff' . K , -- sf',,- " f T" 4 HX", " ,L ga'-'.e,'2qj, .f 'T f a 1, If--"" ,M ., -, L ' , -11- sf '- I ' A A -3,i"'ffi I., .f .2 . an nk., 'K 7' ' xf '1 'P -1-'G Aff? -Sf, ' 1 ,fan fl' rf' Q ,E fy N - 'ff .. Q ,E . A W v.3.,g:M.A.' Nga: V . . , ff 'awk . 9' 'ijy 4. -,E ff W ' N555 292' 1- ' ' Iwi: , eel , 14: .. A li? ug, ,V ir.-'V I . H' I , m tif: Q., .f in in 1 'L '1 Q ,N ' ' .v K , ,N . " , . 3 4 V5 5 ,1-H , I K? ,,:,, I a v , . 4 , ,N 8 - 4,4 I 4 , V 1- ,- X' 5, " ' - 1 'is f. i an-nd' H 1 . '- - 7 f I 4- iv f 4, X ,. Q. I A mx' U QQ .-nn Q .E 'A f ' s K . I ., F F . ,t H 1:55. H ' I W Y 2-::,. x:, 3,A A, Q , V L., K' K . in L " ,Lf - W ...........m..M..., N W H , , Vm ,gzq LV K , V QW A , ...,., If 3,2 Le fgsgfy , V , sf 5, as asse f Q' ,s 1' messy all N, .K H N K V6 Q 355. ,W V, el Q 4 37, L ,. ,, Lii... ,, , W ,.,, - ,. L ,- I .. A ff Lf igffx s ' ' Q K' u Miiarr ' " , N.: 7 ' A ,' iff ' 'A A M ax VLVV me , L L L H . wie, N 'A .Q V Hy' f . , , we . L , , The seventh annual Yosemite Ski Tripnwas the best bf s them all, and that is saying a lot. Good snow, wonderful weather, iine dances at the Ahwanee, and a great party of 80 combined to make it a mighty happy Week. V ' ew-W, , Wins ju' 5 4: Q? 4 '5-ax: in WE J ' B Q A ik-xiii, I Q IA 1 1 ,, 4 3? Y' A -if' ,.-if-0 ' 'gr3Q'Kf"iYf vb , i-""'T'f-9 44- Qs- , Q Q 9 ' JD'-,,,,.., A 5 ' """"o ' ig - - " 32. I 5 ...pav- S 4 1' " ' . A M txgrgile rg .M 1 ' k Q ,f,mwaal-424 ffwiff ,gxir A new--- , Y it 3 Q"A f . 1, N bi 4. f W LXLV Z QQ 9.1 ,, .x,, J ff? E ,,X 2 A Nu- H9 flf 'NU ngm f - 'fm flfnif T i hnninifhiii 1 1 5 , .2 X yi lf: 'L fi, g ,, 55-5 wi ' Y Y - An organized conglomeration of "clo- gooders" with the single tie of enthusiasm G N Q M E S tor skiing, the RLS GNOMES lwolves, tigers. turkeys, and red-hots - athletes, students, and lover-boys? added spirit to Sevenson in large quantities. The quantity left something to be desired lthree issuesl but the quality Was "tops" and T U S I T A L A every issue oi the school paper Was awaited lsometimes for a long time? with enthusiasm. v lv: x yi -'Y 5 , 'X' ' V ntqfhxb Q! 'W' ,YL 'af-3 K V" gg ig gf! if '1 L i ur ww 1,1 af- 'S 52561 '3'Z-.a3':, Ja S B "3 'f 1 ' H giffvf 315-ggyj? ra ,- A K sr W ,. iw , V av I . :xr-Hs-HQQAQ: . K. N 35.5 '- fi -s wil. -5, :hx 1 wg if 3 iris nam X w 0 , , 9 .l 4 19 fs sf 5-ff ' 1 E NG W5 IL 11" . A v. Yi ,A ' 4' cf' I p K"-Sk Y' 'i 'li' i -XI? Q. gy iff., L. 38 ,, ,Y .F-N. 35 M -wa-51 wx ,M fjfgg ,3 35' U34 'ual 2 'rg ,sw All-1 Malik aww f,,... 1"""W' af Ng in n -' J ' 'A gf, 5-GTC: ":r::z:5aeH - 25 gn., 15955 132: 'gfik if - y sff, . ' 224 '-. " ig... 4 We f? Qi . .1"+i ,s kk iii 5 Y 4 , XS W JV ,vfrfj X '1 ' .55 .Y if " .1 mff':L1NQLf 8, , GOLF Although the 1959 "Choppers" didn't compare with the great teams of the past, and the season ended with modest success, the squad gained valuable experience and the future is bright as there were no seniors on the first string. lim Black, Iohnny Perine, Eliot Merk, Tiger Wiesinger, Bob Saindon, Mal Kelso, and A1 Everett all saw action, and they were well-coached by Mr. Radde and Mr. Brownfield. Us Q TENNIS The championship tennis team had two seasons this year with public school competition during the fall months and independent play with the private schools and colleges in the spring. Both were victorious, climaxed with a tie lor first place in the Northern California Independent School tournament at Pebble Beach. Regulars included Ricklels, Ewer, Iones, Harvey, Fletcher, McGilvray, Day, Stahl and Little. DAVE HARVEY "Old Reliable" 1 .l glx.if KEN MCGILVRAY "A Fighting Irishman" . ir. iw -Q i ',, - ,. . g E EEE E , a'2miY 'g-'SS 'qbh ' ifigii' 'friia ,.,':7g,,gggYf f'.:lgillll!QiCU, f3z2r251 p A ' ::f2:. 'W , A X lllmlfl a ln: ...'l!'!!!,,, U""S"'5a:i - "'f'-k""E"ii!f' . VT Ei55Qg:gf:5Ei??iisfi 'ziseiiizglal f I '-'- 5 2- I' ' -' . .'!.llllllflll Smungnnuu ,cumin an I, H, Ii LEfg-ffff:z':f:1-'sgzxlzgxxnzfzr:::1:,:p:i 1.f-. ,..::.' l li? 1l'lllliii'1iPi" -A o f , X M. A -A ffl j,,..,. , 14 H '5 Y-"X wffi-ffgif 5E,iEZ:QQl5ESE 53.21-5:'2iE2i.3k 4., Q L,k.:r 7. K- Ji-jrfi ?,':ff'j V , - f M ' E runiia"i"""""' E E E E E EE fiamfm ,fffif ROBERT DAY WESTY FLETCHER "Knows all the shots" "Lois of reach" J BUD EWER "The real pro" BILL STAHL "A young 'comer' " M ' XbENNfvM'h1, A WVi5?ff'93'Qff . if , J, . MWQQ in Yi COACH GROSS BRECK THOMAS "Grimly,satisfied" "Champion of Champions" KEN MCGILVRAY PAT IENKINS "A clown with fins" "Always cx winner" BOB BUSH THREE FISH Reformed skin diver" "Clowning it up" an 'K Ag K S- R N, 'R-X, , issue: ,Q ,L . Q ,ANC S fr ,. ty . 4 ix-NMxx4,,i., R1-,,,.., yn .. . tn:-:M W A fav. 'Q A X hi ,tid "' + f , K C. P , THE SQUAD Out of a squad of fifty-six, Coach Matthews developed a fine team which gave good competition to the Army Language School and the Monterey Peninsula College - the only other teams in the area. Outstanding among the players were Craven, Fletcher. Gilmore, Douglas, Kelso, Andrews, Hartzell, Bagby, Yeager, Polhemus, Harkness, Bush, Burke, and Matchett. Coach Matthews and Bonne MS Q-at-S FW-5' THE VARSITY SQUAD LS LS ku 1 aewfilfliff' ni x"L-A. 'L si Coach Wilson developed a fighting team which gave cr good account of itself at the varsity level, and Coach Radde brought the lightweights along in fine style. "Regulars" included Craven, Thomas, Hartman, Bartlett, Bagby, McGilvray, Iohnston, Colburn, Gilmore, Tower, Douglas, Page, and Saindon. Action at Mora High BASKETBALL The Team smiles after a close victory With a lot of green material and a few veterans, Coach Downes, assisted by Coach Wilson, weldpd together a fighting ag- gregation that turned in a good record. BASEBALL Coach Wilson 'Z Hurling duties were shared by Iones, Tognazzini, Ballard, and Nisbet, and Matchett did most of the receiving. The big hitters were Iones and Chandler. Polhemus Goes Up Coach Downes an-'V' 'K 'nw' we-M Q-. 5, rr ti fiqflitijff mf, om H59 The "Groan and Grunt" Artists Introduced into the "R.L.S." sports program this year, wrestling proved to X4 - MQ be very popular. and under the enthusi- astic tutelage of Coach Downes, former Duke wrestler, a fine team was developed W R E S T L I N G Mcxtchett gets ready for cz "pin" Riding, always a popular sport at Steven- son, gained impetus this year with the nom- ination of Ernie Simard to the U.S. Olympic Equestrian Team, an outstanding honor. Mr. Huffman assisted in the riding instruction. The Rifle Team gained power as the season progressed and ended up with four consec- utive victories. Les Hinrichs managed the team and was the top performer. Other sharp- shooters were Dayton, Kelso, Grover, Scott, Nason, and Alexander. Helping with the instruction were Coach Wilson, Mr. Schroeder. and Mr. Nason, International Ace. , v fwy. .4 M Ky, ,, .L "'Nmq,.,, M uw 1 R4 K 1 Epi., v nl ' H M sim. lm' A ' xg ' !' . ' X 'n, '11 A 3:- -gT,,:,.3fA x GQ g F 74 - f . i f 'Eg-'Q f 'f fi 'i1-':- U S. -A" ,L ' . 6535 x 1 Lf' Q 'y gn-g .i3:,Q -4:,.9Qf ff , auf!! SPONSORS MR. RICHARD L. ADAMS MR. IVAR AKSELSEN CAPTAIN R. S. ANDREWS MR. and MRS. M. F. BACKUS DR. cmd MRS. IOHN C. BARTLETT MR. and MRS. IAMES C. BLACK MR. GEORGE BOOTH MISS KATHARINE F. BRANSON MR. and MRS. F. R. BURKE DR. and MRS. LEWIS I. CAMPBELL DR. VERA A. CASS MR. and MRS. CHARLES R. CHANDLER MRS. THOMAS B. DELLA CIOPPA DR. and MRS. I. R. COLBURN MR. and MRS. THOMAS O. CRAVEN MR. cmd MRS. ARTHUR L. DAHL MR. I.. L. DEWAR MR. W. M. DONNELLY DR. and'MRS. EDWARD G. EWER DR. IACK M. FARRIS DR. and MRS. WILLIAM M. FITZHUGH MR. and MRS. HERMAN W. FLETCHER DR. cmd MRS. IAMES HARKNESS MRS. MARCIA HART MR. cmd MRS. T. H. HARVEY MR. and MRS. FRANK G. HENRY MR. and MRS. HARRY HOLT CAPTAIN and MRS. GOULD HUNTER DR. and MRS. IOHN K. ISHIZUKA HUGH IAY IACKS cmd MRS. M. B. IOHNSTON and MRS. ROBERT LEA ROBERT N. LEA and MRS. LAWSON LITTLE HARRY R. LUSIGNAN 'and MRS. W. E. MATCHETT cmd MRS. WILLIAM S. MCCASKEY and MRS. K. G. MCGILVRAY MRS. MARCY C. MYERS MR. cmd MRS. CHARLES H. NASON MR. ROGER U. RICKLEFS and MRS. G. E. RILEY FRANCIS E. SCHLUETER and MRS. R. C. SCHULZE cmd MRS. CHARLES C. SHEPARD FRANCES E. SHIELDS and MRS. ROBERT SHIRLEY and MRS. EUGENE SHURTLEFF B. H. TANNER cmd MRS. BRECKINRIDGE THOMAS and MRS. DANIEL I. WALIGORA and MRS. IEROME WESTHEIMER and MRS. DON PARLE WHITE and MRS. WARREN WIESINGER PAUL S. WINSLOW and MRS. ARLOS M. YEAGER PEBBLE BEACH California One of the seven wonders of 'the golfing world Ifs fairways and greens overlook fhe waters of Carmel Bay. Their dramafic beauty is mafched only by fhe companion courses on the Monferey Peninsula - Cypress Poinf, Monterey Peninsula Counfry Club, and Del Monfe. Togefher, 'these famed courses have made fhis area "The Golf Capital of the WorId." DEL MONTE LODGE is fhe heart of fhis golfing paradise. Cafering fo fhe discriminafing, if offers superior accommodations - and special green fees for guesfs. IIIIII MIINTII IIIIIIIIII Pebble Beach NOW IS THE TIME to Secure . . DISABILITY PROTECTION ILoss of time coverage for Accident and Sicknessl REIMBURSEM ENT ACCIDENT COVERAGE for Housewives and Children, paying DOCTORS BILLS SPECIALISTS HOSPITAL BILLS EXTRAS GRADUATE NURSE EXPENSE lust submit bills-Plan pays expenses in full, up to limit you select tor any one accident. HOSPITAL INSURANCE both Indiuidual and F ily plans- am B. F. SOWELL. IR. CARMEL, CALIFORNIA P. O. Box AB Telephone: MAyIair 4-6910 General Accidenf .Fire and Life Assurance Corporafion Philadelphia, Pennsylvania IAsk Robert Louis Stevenson School parents about "GENERAL" CLAIMS SERVICEJ u I S c zao CALIFORNIA smear SAN FRANCISCO, 11 SIncc'1l91 ROLAND TOGNAZZINI B. M. MARTIN Presidenf SGCFBNYY SPORTSWEAR FOR DISCRIMINATING WOMEN ACTIVE and SPECTATOR featured by fgfto. aqf MONTEREY. CALIFOLISNIA 536 MUNRAS - MONTEREY M. R. FLEISCHMAN CO. Scxn Francis W.'l'.L E 00. PWM-:MMM 529 HARTNELL STREET MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA fo fx wif, KEN NY T H E f . B u T c H E R FR + 2 9008 6I7 LIGHTHOUSE NEW MONTEREY Best Wishes to R. L. S. from SAM ZALI. MILLING CO. PENINSUIA CHEVROLET CO. "The House Thai' Service BuiIf" -- 1 " - . -. 5 R X Q 'q:'lAjs1Ex?l ' J! N.x. .. . ...i 3 E If X 'f"31g.xxIXW " FOREST AVENUE AT HIGH STREET PALO ALTO. CALIFORNIA PHONE DA 4-257I Congra'ruIa'I'ions ff W. M. MOORES HoLLow TREE LUMBER co. P. O. BOX I78 UKIAH. CALIFORNIA Q Q L LII INI S MACHINERY- CORPORATION MANUFACTURERS OF preciszbn llzreadmg and cutting mac ' 5474 ALHAMBRA AVENUE - PHONE CAPITOL 5-6I33 - LOS ANGELES. 32. CALIFORNIA JOHN PERINE CO SEATTLE, WASHINGTON Colifornio's favorite homogenized snug, ,Milk ,, 'S4 'mm' 0 f 3:3-vgrv flimw -W Z Congratulations to the Class of 1959 N1-X Remember when you get that certain feeling - take either an aspirin or a coricidin and think of . . . Betty Weaver at "R .L. S." I PACIFIC GROVE THE PENINSULA'S SHOPPING CENTER ' 46 complete departments ' charge accounts 0 S 8: H Green Stamps on cash purchases ' Solarium Coffee Shop DEL MONTE LAUNDRY CLEANERS . LAUNDERERS FURRIERS PEBBLE BEACH FR 5-249I 'I cm or NAPA Saad Faq Wbm Sala. 1mFi"'S""' 500 SOUTH SEPULVEDA BLVD. MANHATTAN BEACH, CALIFORNIA FRonIier 6-89lI - FAcuIfy I-I872 NAPA. CALIFORNIA Y O CONTINENTAL - LINCOLN - EDSEL MERCURY - ENGLISH FORD CLAYTON WESLEY COOK SANTA BARBARA E L E CT R I C , Office ROBERT L- SHO'-SON Momecno VILLAGE Elecfrical Confracfor .470 EAST VALLEY ROAD Sfudio R FRon'Iier 5-7007 Telephone: 9-08I8 O O Residence 2l95 Easf Valley Road 145 snoAowAY seAs1oe. CALIFORNIA Tvlephm: 9-2446 Compliments of HOWARD N. GILMORE i' NATIONAL ENVELOPE CORP. 111 POTRERO AVENUE SAN FRANCISCO 3, CALIF. D. ZELINSKY 8: SONS "Leaders in I'he Painiing lndus+ry" - Since l884 - SAN FRANCISCO I LOS ANGELES 0 SACRAMENTO f T A C I WILDEI2 E JONES I PLUMBING - HEATING CHQ- PQ SHEET METAL E HOME APPLIANCES if AND NEVER TOO YOUNG TO START SAVING WITH YOUR HELP AND OURS . . . BANK OF CARMEL "YOUR HOME TOWN BANK" OCEAN AVENUE AND DOLORES Deposifs Insured up To SI0.000 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS I525 FREMONT EXTENSION - SEASIDE FRonIier 2-989I If SAN CARLOS af TIII . CARMEL MAyfair 4-642I gamma! 74nd Wwlaadzdea, Vac. I208 E. SAN ANTONIO STREET SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA Phone CYpress 2-9067 Iohnny's Sea Food SEA FOOD COCKTAIL BAR Beer and Soda NO. 47 FISHERMAN'S WHARF MONTEREY, CALIF. O FR 3-4602 CARMEL SPORT SHOP 'rows TO TEENS O KENNETH BENNETT CARMEL DRUG STORE 4 Registered Pharmacists FREE DELIVERY Carmel-by-the-Sea, P. O. Box 3396 MA 4-3203 Carmel CCIIifOI'niCI Phcne MA 4-3819 MUTSCHI-ER MAILING ADDRESS TELEPHONE Hardwood Kitchens P- O- BO' '525 MA 4-4912 x- Household Appliances R. L. LEE ELECTRIC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS FR 5-7667 1640 DEL MONTE BLVD. SEASIDE HARIIII IIIINIAN LADIES SPECIALTY SHOP 61h Iaeiween LincoIn 8: Dolores Carmel-by-'I'I'1e-Sea W DEAN LITTS PEBBLE BEACH CHEVRON STATION Phone MAyfair 4-38I I ,A GROCERY COMPANY Sou+hern California's Finesi' Food S+ores 9' nAII.ROAD 4' 'Be Terrific . . .- YXXGHTON 8- lp MJ 4120 Go NEW BRIGHTON 6 PACIFIC" Congratulations to "Class of '59" from the Board of Directors Thomas G. Griffith, President CARMEL SPORT SHOP "KEN BENNETT" 51h 81 SAN CARLOS ' MA 4 3203 Congratulations to Class of '59 COMPLIMENTS OF VALLEY FINANCE COMPANY 15.1 .TUHN I2Xi0ll mo. NATIONAL WHOLESALE GROCERS ESTABLISHED :aaa P. O. BOX JS - CHICAGO 90. ILLINOIS in carmel - by - the - sea hl7wlIflll0llWfl men's wear box 3395 ' Carmel - california 450l W. 47th ST. PHONE Virginia 7-5600 pine inn shops ocean avenue EVE soREY's VANITY FAIR Compliments of A mzncumns CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA W --n- colucllou DSSSSSS S ASSUCIATIUN MILLINERY 'Ml OAKLAND SPORTSWEAR . COATS AND surrs SAN FRANCISCO Box 1542 ,Retail ' Professional Phone MA 4-4566 Ocean Ave. al Lincoln and Commercial Collections l l . E 6 Q I SLACKS and SPORT COATS AT LEADING STORES reno, nevada sdife Three, securiiy nafional bank bldg. Phone Bus. 2-7076 F. J. iBobl TOWER Ru, 2-5354 un WWW it-also-lunar V0 4 . 5 E 3 5 E! E3 EIB ESI Em ll-ll I-R H5 I-ll ll-ll Nom: ENTERTAINMENT MONTEREY PENINSULA TELEVISION Seventh 8: Lincoln Sfreefs, Carmel, California Posf Office Box 3455 - Telephone MA 4-20I2 MTIBA-S m 320 WEST MARKET STREET SALINAS, CALIFORNIA Manufaclurers and Disfribulors of Agriculfural Chemicals and lnsecficides Compliments of PEBBLE BEACH DRUG STORE In Memoriam , PEGLEG PETE Founlam Cosmefics Epicures Iohn Geer Chevrolet Co. "LET GEORGE DO IT" GEORGE E. DOVOLIS, Realfor REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE l4O W. FRANKLIN ST. OCEAN 81 MISSION MONTEREY CARMEL FRonIIer 5-3I93 MAyfaIr'4-I54I GORDON REID Congratulations Disffibufof Union P1'Od'l1CtS MONTEREY P. o. Box 269 rn-5-5213 LEICA ZEISS Nielsen Bros. Grocery Camera Crait P. o. sox laso FINE FOODS PHONE MAyfair 4-4l27 KODAK BELL 8: HOWELL R. W. K. Business Machine Co. SaIes - Service - Ren'raIs EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTORS ROYAL EIecIric, Siandard Typewriiers - Por+abIes VICTOR . Adding Machines, CaIcuIaIing and Cash Regisiers Fa ciory Trained Service PHONE FR 5-5Ib5 24I PearI Sfreef - Monferey, CaIifornia "For Boys and Young Men" OSOWTI I 64-We CARMEL-BY-THE'BEA Q 5 EARN, MAYFAII 4-:aes G-ARNERO'S MISSION BAKERY SPECIAL CAKES AND PAsTRlEs MADE Fon ALL OCCASIONS Phone FR 5-4222 or 2-6835 Monierey VALLEY SHOPPING CENTER HA 4-5504 SALINAS PEBBLE BEACH STABLES EOUITATION - HORSEMANSHIP TRAIL RIDING JF PEBBLE BEACH, CALIFORNIA PIONEER INVESTORS 1 CALIFORNIA SAVINGS 8: LOAN 0 ' I A ASSOCIATION HA L6 1 HOME LOANS E I Ni H y INSURED SAVINGS Anluulv or mme 'U V Dolores Street, Carmel Pebble Beach 499 ALVARADO, MONTEREY FR 2-75I6 MA 4-2343 MA 4-3909 Smifh Corona Typewrifers Diffo DupIica'Iors Clary Adding Machines Office 'Furniiure ,pi-, , axf. ink ' l i' 6 .LQn,4?fIi,! , A' ' Qi if I 05 Eg ez-.:l.:'111-......A-.555-::E:':i 432 An.vARAoo ,,.. H NIO NTE R EY i CALIFORNIA Phone FR 5-2686 School Supplies 403 Alvarado S'l'ree'I FRONTIER 2-5505 Draffing Supplies MOhi8l'eY, Ciiifdfnid Uie KM Illll movuhnmnl TELEPHONE FR 2-8l6l ni-qw' NORMANDY INN POST OFFICE BOX 1706 CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA. CALIFORNIA TELEPHONE MAYFAIR 4-3825 ENE IME HARRISON GODWIN Carmel-by-the-Sea Managing Owner California I374 Munras Ave. Phone FR 5-7709 CARMEL llllLL MOTOIldL0llllE MW 700 Monferey, California ph O' BOX 1U1 V4 mile from main enfrance of I7 Mile Drive Mlivicir 4-2641 CARMEL. CALIFORNIA MAN NY and HAZEL FREITAS HEATED PooL HAROLD and MILDRED PAINTER, Managing Owners Owngr5eM,3nager5 TELEVISION mas Lnrun ,il it H"'x'!iee ' E l" ' cumu wma can ii .. i262 Munras Avenue Monferey, California PINE INN AAA Heafed Pool P.O. Box IOBI Carmel-by-flwe-Sea, California, MA 4-4337 Telephone FR 5-3353 THE HOUSE OF SEVEN SEAS Giffs from far away places BOX 49 CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA dadi'li'Qo II GARDEN MOTOR HOTEL Carmel-by-the-Sea, California P.O. Box 3715 ' Phone MA 4-1831 William Francis Cano DAVID and ARTHUR 5141161 55 Antiques DOG eRooMiNe Q AND ACCESSORIES Lincoln Street between Ocean and Sevenih F f h d M C I C If if an ission, arme, ai ornia CARMEL CALIFORNIA Ppsf Office Box II33 Telephone MAyfair 4-4697 PLUMBING - HOUSEWARES . ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES GIFTS - SPORTING GOODS - PAINTS - TOOLS WRIGHT HARDWARE HEATING - VENTILATING AIR CONDITIONING MALM METAL PRODUCTS, INC. Metal Fabrication CUSTOM BUILT STAINLESS SINK TOPS XL RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT KENNETH MALM 2640 Sania Rosa Avenue Llherfy 5-2286 Santa Rosa, California Office Ph. MAy1air 4-6461 Residence Phone OLive 9-2201 or OLive 9-2836 DOLORES PHARMACY NELSON M. LEON: PHILIP WILSON Ir. JF REALTOR MEMBER MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE DOLORES AT SEVENTH CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA. CALIFORNIA P. O. Box E1 Ocean Ave. and Dolores Carmel, California WARNEITS RADIO SERVICE PEBBLE BEACH GOLF SHOP TV 6: RADIO SALES and SERVICE PEBBLE BEACH I. HOWARD WARNER 215 Forest Ave. CALIFORNIA Phone FR 5-5309 Pacific Grove, Calif. Congratulations to the Class of 1959 Compliments of The Woodshed Shadow Box ALLEN M. RUBLE ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE FRonIier 2-7331 CARMEL 419 Professional Bldg. Monterey, Calitornia 0 DRIFTWOOD 0 SUCCULENTS ' ROCKS CONGRATULATIONS Milion williams GARDEN SHOP Lincoln between ocean a. 7th , Carmel MR. ROBERT STANTON l 1. ,pLAV.1ur4FjKw js -Monterey- umefr ,M-f SANITARY SUPPLY CO. A. LEVY at J. ZENTNER CO. Janitorial - Maintenance - Sanitary Supplies WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS DON S. CAMPBELL I660 Del Monte Blvd. MONTEREY FR 5-9801 Phone FR 5-2434 Seaside, California THE SHOE BOX nilfx Shoes for the Entire Family gt nan-8 DON MANN Dolores St. So. Ocean P. O. Box 3342 6th 84 LINCOLN - CARMEL, CALIFORNIA CARMEL- CAUF- PHONE MA 4-:mo P. o. Box 3758 EXCLUSIVE CARMEL VALLEY PROPERTIES glans Bafafwin HERITAGE ANTIQUES 18th Century European Furniture - China - Pewter R E A L T O R . I Accessories of all kinds Phone OLive 9-2216 P. O. Box 153 . H 6th and Dolores Box 3046 MAyIair 4-4213 Res. OL1ve 9-2445 Carmel Valley, Ca 1 . CARMEL' CALIFORNIA CARMEL TAXI ASSOCIATION JAMES C. BURKHOLDER Yellow Cab Village Cab The Joe's -I-OXI VILLAGE Phones: Cleaner MA 4-3885 - MA 4-6222 - MA 4-3886 BOX 93I CARMEII Ocean Avenue Carmel-by-the-Sea, Calif. Free Pick-up and Delivery MISSION CLEANERS IN CARMEL Ocean Ave. at Mission Tel. MA 4-6546 Slmplafivwlimw Studio-designed Iewelry LOYOLA FOURTANE cordially invites you to visit her studio devoted to jewelry . . . made and designed in gold, silver, and gem stones. Signed pieces especially created lor you, too. You'lI find one studio at Pine Inn, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Calif. Exclusively with GUMP'S in San Francisco Carmel Savings 6: Loan Assoc. 4010 On Insured Savings CARMEL, CALIFORNIA MA 4-6741 P.O. Box S-I Hz Post Office Box QQ Carmel-by-the-Sea, California Millinery - Cosmetics - Iewelry - Accessories House of Flaire AGENCY FOR MODELS Carmel, California GEORGE R. CARTER 2l7 W. Franklin Dolores Street P.M. MAyfair 4-3098 Phone: FR 5-245l Monterey, California P. O. Box 1401 ILM. Mllyfair 4-7114 H R TV and APPLIAINEES Fashion Allav Unusual Imports TIBURON ' f mg 5 sAuas - senvnce - ReNrALs Telephone FR 2-I I I0 685 Broadway E. D. POTTER, Mgr. Seaside, California ETS-HOKIN 81 GALVAN Electricians AD EDEL PHONE FR 2-4-549 484- WASHINGTON STREET - MONTEREY Pikes Volkswagen Center Inc. 598 Fremont, Monterey, California rnonuer 2-3943 Hamilton TAILORING WILLIAM STAHL and FINE MEN'S WEAR lol-IN PAL 397 cane Principal Stahl Meier Company FRontier 5-2456 yossm vmmo Mommy, California Momrrzev Res. FRontIer 5-5683 The UNION ICE COMPANY Frozen Food Service . PHONE FR 2-4589 600 EAST FRANKLIN STREET - MONTEREY TREAT YOURSELF TO THE VERY BEST PAUL'S BARBER SHOP PAUL VARIEN, Prop. 5 CHAIR SHOP Phone FR 2-42 I5 575 Lighthouse Ave. Pacific Grove, Calif. ORLANDO'S Modern Shoe Shop All shoe supplies - shoe repairing 547 Lighthouse Avenue Pacific Grove, California The Work Lumber Company, Inc. The Work Mill and Cabinet Company, Inc. PHONE FR of ra 2-5867 David and Lighthouse Avenues Pacific Grove. California I 9 MURRAY vour Q MIA "Serving the Peninsula Since I929" Monlerey Insurance Agencles Phone FRon+ier 5-268 General Insurance Brokers Phone: FR 2-4507 MURRAY VOUT Corner Washington 8: Pearl JACK CRAFT 498 Alvarado Street Owner Monterey, California GEORGE CLEMENS Monterey, California XJ ' L Where the facilities are the I best in the west . . . m e n S W e a I' BOWL at: "THE PENlNSULA'S OUTSTANDING RAN H B SHOP FOR MEN" C O III, MUNRAS o MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA PACIFIC GROVE We Give S 84 H Green Stamps Compliments Padifid Rove ZZ! , J V ' E :if I' V 5 CLEOANERRS K 77'Vn 'Q "SIN-CI-: 1927" Fkonllef 54494 . 222 Gund Avenue Fine Stationery - Office Machines Pacific Grove, California 459 Alvarado Street Monterey NEW AND USED CAR SALES DODGE TRUCKS Congratulations to the Class of '59 Monterey Dodge. Inc. FRANKLIN SHOE REPAIR DODGE and SJMCA ED GREENLEE 623 Munras General Manager FRontier 3-1881 Post Office Box AA Phono MAyfair 4-I253 LIAL s MUSIC SHOP is P. O. BOX 94 CARMELCALIFORNIP. MAYFAIR 4-4380 Qcmpgggggngsgji Ocean Avenue -N W A I Carmel, California La Jolla, California WOMBLE'S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY COR. OCEAN AVE and SAN CARLOS ST. Phone: MAyfair 4-490i Carmel, Calif. "666" Copper Cookware Brass Bathroom Fixtures .Chinese Brass Hardware VILLAGE HARDWARE BOX LL OCEAN AVENUE CARMEL, CALIF. CARMEL LAUNDRY AUGUSTE J. ROBERT, Gen. Mgr. 5th at Junipero Phone MA 4-6745 Carmel-by-the-Sea, Calif. P. O. Box 450 The Linen Shop ll MONTE VERDE MAytair 4-6711 P. O. Box 1682 CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA, CALIFORNIA Ruth P. McMenamin HELLAMS TOBACCO SHOP 4:3 ALVARADO smsisr MONTEREY, cAuFoRNlA CYPRESS GARDEN Bedding Plants - Shrubs Landscaping Y. SUMIDA - PHONE FR 2-555I H38 CASS STREET - MONTEREY, CALIE. The Monterey Peninsula Herald THE NEWSPAPER OF THE MONTEREY PENINSULA Bud Giles Men's Wear Monterey Peninsula Authority on Campus Fashions COMMUNITIES PHONE FR 5-6760 217 Forest Ave. Pacific Grove PHONE FRontier 2-8I II MONTEREY Earl 61 Margaret Fellhauer and Ann CONTRACTING JOBBING G1 F T 5 Nichols Plumbing 8: Heating Inc. CRANE AND AMERICAN STANDARD FIXTURES H A N D B A G S Westinghouse and Iron Firemen SelecTamp Telephone FR 5-2671 FRontier 2-0121 409 Alvarado Street Monterey, California 635 Cass Street Monterey, California PHoNE FR 2-a4aa BYERS DRUG STORE linrhz amh Tllahz PRESCRIPTIONS ,I Courte-ous Service DISTINCTIVE SPORTSWEAR Fine Candies NL is Complete Cosmetic Lines PHONE MA 4'448l Flrsl Aid Needs - Vacailon Supplles P. O. Box "O", Ocean Ave., at Monte Verde Street 565 Lighthouse Ave. Pacific Grove, Calif. CARMEL, CALIFORNIAI "Exclusive Imports tor Guys and Dolls America's Finest Collection ot Imported - AUTHENTIC TARTANS - SCOTTISH NOVELTIES 84 SPORTSWEAR THE CASUAL SHOP OCEAN AVENUE AT MISSION STREET - CARMEL I-IO TRAINS, MODEL AIRPLANES, SHIPS, VEHICLES CRAFT SUPPLIES AND TOOLS Carmel Crafts G Hobbies Ocean Ave. between San Carlos 6. Mission Phone MA 4-7460 Carmel, California ,4 The cost of this book has been covered in large measure through the generosity of advertisers and sponsors who have purchased space on the preceding pages. The staff of the 1959 SPYGLASS is grateful to these considerate people for the splendid spirit in which they have co-operated to make this publication possible. They have exhibited faith in the value of the SPYGLASS, the promise of all "R.L.S." students, and the continued development of the School. We encourage you to patronize these firms and help us prove to them that their confidence is well placed. ,-4 PRINTING . . W. T. Lee Printing Co. COVERS . S. K. Smith and Co. PORTRAITS . . . Forest Hill Studio SCENIC PHOTOS LINE DRAWINGS . Iulian P. Graham . Iohn Freeman '55 We adjourn out of respect to: KCoach Wilson, Founder! This book belongs to v g. 1 1 w ,Q G QL 5 1, K L, ,Q .! .. ' 1- ' ,X L ,a!,",L,J , "rl " 1 , ul -4, W. 5, N 1 , - . k -5 ' W . A 4 ,A 'il 1-. Q. . . -. , ! '37 .,m..., .... M. ,.... . R f ! A 5 u 'f 2 1 v 2 1 '4'V" Y -0- 'J 56 31 .. ,, . -1,1mQiQ'f?1f J 'M' QE .K G .M 'W I Es f !m!2!llll! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! 'ff 3 if S-2-ff- ig-A . 4. 325 J- I K L, Qgi 9 Q i 4 S i I VA! -D f if '25, . Ulf? " 'K' in V 'S A D' x . 1, . Q Y 1, ff Q, Q WF. .XA A Lv In ws' 'S9' ' W' sl, ' , ig 5 'Wf if 359 ., F , 3, 1 6 , Q Q i . , A af 'TH ? ?f f"f Qffgg W Q1 w . at ,Q f Q, n, Te 6 D 1 .. 1 M A' if 1 24 ink 9 A Qunoiuq , lawns ...W K MIM w ,n n. A Q , nl! Qlll Hu

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