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R0-ANNUAL 1958 iw. :Wg an V 4 , qffqq 13.0 If ff ,,,, ' 4 a , " f , ziggy I 3? 1 Qiffi3j:g2L'gQ .Q . . 2' Mf,:?2s2fz2 1, 45? Eff JV?- 1! 9 . ,1 , W , gg- lgf . a 'Mgr V HAM' V ROANN HIGH SCHOOL ROANN, INDIANA Q ,fir 'I' nr 'NA P' 1'-T7 Q' CONTENTS It Q ' 'I .IV sf, 'Ii 1' ,ef 7' gm JV,-t-if E 'lx .QI-'ESS H' 'Y a 6 36.-If -A TITLE PAGE E . DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION 'I SENIoRS CLASSES - ORGANIZATIONS ' 'M' ACTIVITIES . , 35 Sui ATHLETICS if-A ADVERTISERS , . .,J:,vlL. J 'IL' fxiffarl. 1 1' ' I Lg?- .":g ' 'R-E. 'nf-kgs .1.ER-L ' . .-'SQ , "."e':! uigxnas. 5 , ,H V A' A 'V I I ".'v- ., I In-Zi 1, ,1"g. -QI Q' ' -Q,-I' r ' Q-'Sis 4.0,-'ff -,g -I1'- , j '15-5-'9gkw.'L:,f" '9gf114,L.: 2 -..j"' 'gt 5. ,- " .-'1'-g.-'-A!:g,'.-,'-E-Q,',rj: -. , r. .1 ggi" ., -R,-'.--1 -. '.- .-1. 'pu 7-754 ,"T' ,J Y . 5.1-.5 " fx?--lj,'F'i-'.-3' r, 5 -x-1j':,'-if nf: sw ,- f ,: F 'S f'-:iw Eff: ' fy:-"1f:,':f 'A 1'-+4-A 4.1--, ' .-ii, -'LZ . 'inf-' .. E.- 31933, If X ,Sw- 3 '45,-Agt. W. .' 'Sad 'fi' ,I fi.: . f .. fr A 'T 4, ff V ,. I SN : fffrl- ,QV 1 .-.'I-I9 Ikisffffh-7' . . W- 'I ':1-'w:,:'- A - I , -I - - 6 f-T 7'-'V . 1 ..., . ., ,iff-f,7,' fi Y I ifniiia ' I' 'Q' JI, .-"7 " ' ,41f4Jf'- ."?-. ff: 1, -. inf Vg- 25' . fi'?S.ife:: 71 - 'Q 'i'f5':I'!-'f" fir . . . . . Q-'5 'T A . - .1 , ,E ., ,D 3. ,saggy 0 in K.. J' ' -2"' - I .5 'Fv ' -I no ' D 419 . --Nj. - fl' 4' I . Q k 1 , . .. - 'Bak' C Q0 J S O L' I .,,. .L Ii' 'Si J' 2245.1-' Ii ' A' -eric.. ,"5 .- va -. . -167' 'r ,,," , . , xi -I . 'I Oki . '15If?"'E'.' ' 'nv DEDICATION MISS LOIS MA NSF IELD To one who has long deserved the honor we humbly dedrcate thrs yearbook the Ro Annual Thts ts but a small token of our heartful thanks especrally from the Semors who have proftted so much through your gurd ance We wtsh there was somethtng even greater that we could do to express our thanks to Mtss Lors Mansfield for maktng Roann I-hgh School a better and more outstandtng school RO-ANNUAL STAFF B DANUEL WOOD Editor-in-Chief Room "23" is in a fury. You can hear Danny and Miss Mansfield muttering something about the deadline. Mary, the business manager, "But do we have enough money for that extra page, " , , , "Oh, sure. " Bob and Glenn - arguing over what suits the team should wear for their pictures. These are but a few people behind the yearbook. They have rushed, fussed, and fumed to bring you an unforgettable yearbook, and here it is - THE RO-ANNUAL. RO-ANNUAL STAFF MEMBERS DANUEL WOOD - - ----- Editor-in-Chief GLENN MILAM ..... .. - - ,,,,, Advertisements MARY DYSON - - - - - Business Manager STEPHEN SLONIKER -------- Faculty and Prophecy BONNIE DILLMAN - - - - Awistant Editor SAUNDRA MILLER --... ....,,,, A cavities Organizations PRISCILLA VAN BUSKIRK - - - - Classes ROBERT HUFFMAN '-------- ------ A thlerics "' in Inv i - 'Q" X .4 zf W X .. 1 x mmm, - fm 1 x F 5 eff Q! 'Q as., I I 6 I .4- E ff-'fa' 'A 4 Eg ,ii f L V'f,sf,f3, 72 ? f?ff354 is ' Q e VV. x 5 fi 2 is 1?s.,a5k 5 ' 4 1 WH , mv .P H., 6' 3' fif- 4 .. I j,.fj,, ,,w',,'. 2, 1 I ' Qw-4' 'Ja-'qagb' 1 if QW I ,f-"iw . ,u R" , ,M464 . 410, '31 hA,4f' WZ' fr MRS. RICHARD JORDAN Manchester Collegeg Art MRS. HAROLD DEARDORFF Manchester College, First and Second Grades. Q,-,Q MRS . ROBERT WHITE Indiana Universityg Man- chester College, Third Grade. MRS. HERMAN MEYER Manchester Collegeg Fourth and Fifth Grades. MRS. RALPH BOYER Manchester Collegeg Fifth and Sixth Grades. MILDRED DECK B.A . , Indiana Cen- tralg Mathematics and French. GALEN EILER B,S, and M,S., Pur- due Universityg Agri- culture and Related Scienceg Drivers' Training. LEE DECK B.S, , Indiana Cen- tralg Graduate Study at Indiana Universityg Mathematics. IL DAVID FOUTS Purdue Universityg Winona Normalg B.A. and B.S., Manchester Collegeg Social Studies LOIS MANSFIELD B.S., Manchester Collegeg Commerceg Englishg Libraryg Science. MARCELLA WILSON B.S., Manchester College: Home Eco - nomics, Physical Education. JAMES HARRIS B.S., Ball State Teachers Collegeg Coach, Physical Edu- cationg Industrial Arts H6 KEITH MORPHEW B. S., Indiana Central Musicg Bandg and English. COOKS MRS. CLARENCE HAWKINS and MRS. HAROLD MEYERS and MARY JANE BAKER BUS DRIVERS RAYMOND DYSON and GERALD DYSON and TOM PENCE and BOB MILLER JANITORS MR. BROWER DONALD ROBERT HUFFMAN "Butch" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, Cross Country 2,3,4, Hi-Y 2,3,4, President 2,3,4 FFA l,2,3,4, President 3,4, Vice- President 2, Class President l,4, Citizenship 3, Class Play 3,4, Chief- tain Staff 3, Sports Editor, Ro-Annu- al Staff4, Sports Manager. "I love work, I could sit and watch it for hours. " BETTY LOU HALL "Betty" Class Vice-President 4, Class Play 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3,4, Girls' State 3, Girls' and Mixed Chorus 1, 2, Spelling Contest 1, 2,4, Booster Club 3, Chieftain Assistant Editor 3, Ping- Pong Runner-Up 2. President Vice-President "You may be a tonic to your mother, but you're only a pill to me. " SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Secretary Treasurer JANICE IOANN GAUNT "Rabbit" Band 1,2, 3,4, Mixed Chorus 1,3,4, Girls' Chorus 1,4, Tri -Hi-Y 1, 3,4, Student Council 1, 2,3, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3, Class Plays 3,4, Secretary 4, Cheerleader 4, Booster Club 2, 3, Vice-President 2, Librar- ian 2, Chieftain Staff 3, Music Editor. "Laugh and the world laughs with you. " PHILLIP CLARENCE DRAPER "Chip" Basketball 1, 2, 3,4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, Chieftain Staff 3, Class Play 3,4, Treasurer 2, 3,4, "My only books were women's looks. " GLENN MARION MILAM "Glenn' Class President 2, 3: Class Play 3,4g Hi Y 1,2, 3,4, Secretary 4g Student Coun- cil 4g Student Manager 45 Chieftain Staff 3, Club Editorg Ro-Annual Staff 4, Advertising Manager 4, "What will be will be" If you try to change it you will be like me. JANET ELAINE CLINE "Ian" Mixed Chorus 1,2,4p Girls' Chorus 1, 2,3,4g Band 3,43 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Class Play 3,4, Chieftain Staff 33 Li- brarian 2, 3,4. Homemaker of Tomor- row Award 4, "I have never met a man Ididn't 1ike." DONNA MAE SHANK "Donna" Girls' Chorus 1, 2g Mixed Chorus 1,2g Tri -l-Ii-Y 3,4, Class Play 3, 4, Chief- tain Staff 3. "No ring on her finger but men on her mind. " DANUEL DE WITE WOOD "Dan" Basketball 1, 2, 3,4, Volleyball 2, 3,45 Cross Country 2,3,4g Chorus l,2g Stu- dent Council 1, 2, 3,4, President 4, Hi Y 2,3,4, Treasurer 4g Class Play 3,4, Chieftain 3, Editor, Ro-Annual Staff 2, 3,4, Editor 4. "From little splinters big blocks grow. MARY NORMA DYSON "Mary" Class Vice-President 1, Class Play 3,4, Cheerleader 1, 2,45 Band 3, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 15 Tri -Hi-Y 1, 3,4, Vice-President 4g Booster Club 35 Girls' Ping-Pong Champ 2g Librarian 45 Chieftain Staff 3, Miscellaneous Editorg Ro- Annual staff 3,4, Business Manager 4, DAR Good Citizen Award 4. "Lookout,'she hath mischief in her eyes." JAMES ERVIN SLEE, IR. "Sleepy" FFA 2, 3,4, Secretary 1, Treasurer 45 Student Manager 4g Basketball 1, Cho- rus 2g Class Play 3,4. "I believe in work but I am not in favor of it." ANITA IUNE WHINERY "Neta" Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3,4g Class Plays 3,45 Girls' Chorus 2, 3,4g Mixed Chorus 2, 3,45 Band 4g Student Council 3, Booster Club Vice-President 35 Chieftain staff, Teen Topics Editor 3. "A Smile on her lips and a song in her heart. " CAROLYN LOUISE WILLIAMSON "Car01" Librarian 3,43 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Girls' Chorus 1,2, 3,4g Mixed Chorus 1,2,4g Band 3,4g Class Play 3,4g Chieftain Staff 3g Booster Club 3,4. "Ring on her finger--Man on her mind." WILLIAM LEE STEELE "Bi11" Basketball 1, 2, 3,45 Baseball 1, 2, 3,4g Volleyball 2, 3: Class Play 3,4g Chorus 1,2g Cross Country 2, 3, Chieftain Staff3. "Thinking is but an idle waste of time. " V KAREL SUE BYERS "K, B." Class Secretary-Treasurer 1, Vice- President 3: Student Council, Vice President 4: Class Play 3,4g Tri- Hi-Y 1,3,4, President 4g Band 1, 2, 3,4g Mixed Chorusg Girls' Cho- rus lp Chieftain staff 3, Librarian 45 Booster Club 3, Cheerleader 1, 2, 4 . "Good things come in small pack- ages. " CLASS OF 1958 HISTORY Erghteen unrntellrgent chrldren started to school rn 1946 They were James Slee Donna Shank George Swrhart Ann Webb Rosalea Sheperd Janet Clme Mary Jane Cam Betty Hall Karel Byers Mary Dyson Jamce Gaunt Glenn Mrlam Max D111 Drck Featherlngrll Bob Huffman Phrl Draper Ronme Needham Paul Hapner and Brll Steele Our teacher this year was Mrs Deardorff Betty and Mary took a lrttle excurston up town one day durrng recess wlthout permtsslon To therr luck they didn t get back untrl after the bell had rung One guess what they got a hot seat Thrs year we had two newcomers Jrmmy Lane and Jerry Carver Paul Hapner lrked the frrst grade too well to leave rt so he remamed there Ronnie Needham left us to go to Calrforma Agarn Mrs Deardorff was our teacher B111 Steele was playmg rn the coal bm one day and of all thtngs lost hrs shoe and rt took a whole day to fmd rt Ronnie Needham returned from Calrfornla to rejorn us Jrmmy Lane and Jerry Carver both moved away Along wtth our new room we also had a new teacher Mrs Fox Many of us got several taps on the head wlth Mrs Fox s RULER trymg to knock some knowledge tn our heads even rf we drdn t want rt Danny Wood Ellen Norwood Bobby Boardman Carolyn Wrllramson were our newcomers thrs year Leavmg us were Ann Webb Max Dtll and Drcky Feathermgrll Also leavmg us was our teacher Mrs Fox who was re placed by Mrs Whrte Although we drd have some good artrsts rn our class Bob and Phrl didn t seem to be among them because they recerved F's on therr pictures they drew Carolyn Braden and Joe Poe were our only newcomers Ellen Norwood and Mary Jane Cam left us Our teacher thrs year rn the fifth grade was Mr Fouts Janrce broke her seat whrle the teacher was out of the room so she could srt by Bob The only empty seat was next to htm Qwhat a comcrdencelj Departmg thts year were Joe Poe Rosalea Shepherd George Swrhart and Carolyn Braden Thrs year lrke most students we ltked to pull trucks on the teacher Before the srxth grade was over we had grven Mr Waggie a rough trme Rex Grrmm jorned us this year while we lost no members of the class Now rn the seventh grade and upstarrs we were requrred to grve several oral book reports Janet Clme was gwmg an oral report She was very nervous and Mrs Bussard our teacher told her to stand strll She decrded to do more than just stand strll she farntedl Jtm Slee fell asleep rn Mr Hunnmgs class and Mr Hunnmgs threw an eraser at htm and woke htm up About everyone was sent to the offrce by Mr Plummer and a few such as Karel and Brll had to stand rn the corner with therr arms outstretched Our sponsor thts year was Mrs Dawald Romelle Schram and Marrlyn Kmg jorned us thrs year whtle leavmg us was Rex Grlmm In our erghth year the Jumor Hrgh basketball team was Reserve Champs rn the County Freshmen Now' Ronme Needham left us to go to Wabash Glenn Mrlam after three years absence because of sickness came back to school to be with the class This was the last year Mrs Dawald was our sponsor Our newcomer thrs year was Amta Whrnery We grrls rn home ec class dectded to have a Chnstmas supper for the boys at Mrs Musselman s She was our home ec teacher and also our sponsor Although we weren t expert cooks everyone lrved through rt This year we began our money makmg projects We had two paper drxves durmg the year Durmg the summer we had a class party We went to Peru horseback rrdlng and then we went to Lukens Lake to go swrmmmg 0ur money makmg projects thrs year were the Jumor class play Deadly Bnest and our jumor concesston We also prcked up corn for Mr Erler who was our sponsor thrs year Durmg the summer we had a party at Lukens lake and then went to the Drrve ln As we neared the end of our hrgh school days we entered our last year wrth fourteen members lncludrng Karel Byers Janet Clme Phrllrp Draper Mary Dyson Jantce Gaunt Betty Hall Bob Huffman Glenn Mrlam Donna Shank Jlm Slee Blll Steele Amta Whtnery Carolyn Wrllramson and Danny Wood During the year Ruth Gnd ley attended school here for a couple of weeks For one of our class partres we went to Indranapolls to see Around the World tn Etghty Days Mr Hams and Mr and Mrs Morphew went as sponsors As money makmg projects thrs year we had our semor play Hrllbrlly Weddm We sold magazines lrcense plates and Christmas cards We also had a sock hop and a tenderlorn supper which turned out to be a real suc cess After the semor play we enjoyed a party at Gaunt s Wtth the food left from this party we had another party at Mrlam s and strll had food left We had a Chrrstmas party at Whrnery s We also had a few who lrked to get mto mrschlef among these were Bob and Danny who rang the ftre bell on a pretty cold day About two days later these same two boys had to apolo grze rn front of the assembly for rmgrng the bell As a reward for all our hard work m school we went on a trlp through the East. Our sponsors for the tnp were Mlss Mansfreld and Mr Fansler Betty Han Q 1 U , , Q 1 1 I ' V , , Q 1 1 9 ' f , Q Q - , , . . . . , . , Q - - . , Q , Q Q , 1 1 Q Q Q 1 Q Q ' , . . . ' . Q I ' 1 1 I 1 0 , , Q n Q r ' . . . . . . Q Q 1 Q Q Q Q Q I , . 1 1 Q s Q Q Q Q 0 1 Q Q Q , g Q , . Q Q Q Q Q Q Q r Q Q . , , , Q Q Q Q Q U I Q Q Q Q 1 Q Q Q Q Q . . . . ,, ,, . . . Q Q Q ' Q I I I 1 1 1 1 r 1 1 1 l 1 Q ' Q . . . ,, . . ,, . Q Q Q Q Q . - . . ,, . . . , ,, . . 0 n 9 0 , ' Q . . ' . , Q . , . Q - - . . . . ' 1 . . - Q Q Q SENIOR CLASS OF '58 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We the Senior Class of the City of Roann County of Wabash and State of Indiana being of sound mind and memory do hereby make publish and declare this to be our last will and testament revoking any will or wills made heretofore by us FIRST We direct that all our Just debts and class expenses be fully paid and satisfied as soon as conveniently may be after our departure B111 Steele will my basketball suit to anyone who can f1l1 it out my ability to play basketball to Ned Clrne my bookkeeping book to anyone who can keep up wrth the rest of the class Glenn Milam will my bxg Maroon Mercury to anyone who likes to ride in style my study hall seat to anyone who likes a splmter in the back my ability to stay home a few nights a week to Donald Richardson Donna Shank will my ability to keep out of trouble to the Freshman and Sophomore Shop class my seat study hall to Sherry Vtgar my Civics book to anyone that likes government classes Mary Dyson w1ll my ability to roam the halls of the school to Llnda Kinzie my abrlrty to keep quiet 1n classes to Geneva Chapman my ability to get along with the teachers to the seventh grade Janice Gaunt will my height to Kay Meyer my unused Physics book to anyone who likes to use new books my sense of humor to those who can t take a Joke Bob Huffman w1ll my ability to go with more than one girl to Rick Rohr my drag w1th faculty to Pete Hapner my ability to catch on to Jokes to Roberta M11ler Janet Cline will my ability to get letters from Myron to Susan Pell my ability to direct the band to Mr Mor phew my Homemaker of Tomorrow Award to anyone who needs tt er was used to Linda Closser my study hall seat to anyone who likes to be surrounded by girls Karel Byers will my chair rn band to Prrcrlla Hippensteel my ab111ty to keep quiet at the right time to udy Kratzer my ability to make passmg grades to Linda Byers Dan Wood will my ab111ty to ring the fire bell to anyone who likes to grve speeches my headaches on the nual staff to Bonnre Dillman my bashfulness to Pete Hapner Carolyn Williamson will my seat rn study hall to anyone who likes the song She s Neat as sung by Ned Cline my ability to be the only girl 1n the Drtvers Training Car to anyone who wrshes to learn the latest farm news Anita Whinery will my Job as flag bearer to anyone that can keep it out of the basketball net my ability to steady with one person to Steve Slon1ker my ability to ride a horse to Donnie Schafer Jim Slee w1ll the pr1v1lege of sleeping in classes to Don Richardson my Civics book to Pinky Beam Betty Hall will my ability to spell to Don Richardson my Civics book to Ned Cline We hereby nomrnate and appoint Mr Wayne Fansler and Miss Lo1s Mansfield to be our executors without bond on this our last w1ll and testament In w1tness thereof we have hereunto subscribed our name and affixed our seal this thrrteenth day of May in the year of our Lord One thousand nine hundred and fifty eight fl958j Old Yeller fthe dogj Jlfrlmy R0dgers fthe srngerj THE ROANN SENIOR CLASS OF 1958 I' . I , I. . . , . . Z . . . 3 I' . l , . . . L . . ' . - . L . I' ' I . L D . . . L in I' ' . . . . ' . . . . : . . . . In . , . . ' : 4 . . 5 I, I , , . . , . . 3 . 5 I, . , . , . I Z . . . . - I, Phil Draper, :Mill my taxi service to and from school to Donald "Speedy" Yocumg my Civics lbook, "which nev- I' I ' ., I . . ' . . 5 . . . . . I I. ' . I '. . U . . . . 5 an- I, . . 1 L L L . . ' . . . L . H ' H . L I' . l. , . . I l ' I 1 . U : . . go I' . ' . . . . . . Q . . . n I, , . . . . 3 . . . . PRCPHECY Tonrght lad1es and gentlemen we are brrngrng somethrng new to our televrsron audrence Thrs 1S statron R H S presentrng a look 1nto the future and we see comrng rnto v1ew the senrors of 1958 As we start our trrp rnro the future the frrst graduate we see IS the pet1te Karel Byers Karel rs usrng her charm and pleasant personalrty to keep her passengers happy She rs the chref stewardess for the Fly Hrgh Arrlrnes wrth therr marn arrport rn the suburban area of Roann Indtana We drrft on and see the former Janet Clrne Mrss Clrne uses her marden name for her secretarral work rn a famous law offrce She rs also kept busy marntarnrng her home and carrng for her two sets of twrn boys Here comes Carolyn Wrllramson on Cloud 7 Carolyn rs makrng a career of homemakrng and seems to be very happy wrth her home and fam1ly Oh remember Dan Wood who played basketball and was a track star for Roann durrng hrs hrgh school days? Well we see Dan has become an outstandrng coach and rs also dotng a terrrfrc Job 1n the teach rng freld Glad to see you dorng so well Dan As we look rn our crystal ball aga1n a drm frgure slowly comes rnto focus Oh rt must be yes he s changed so much he IS hard to recogmze but rt s Brll Steele Brll rs the owner manager and mon ey maker of a tool and dye factory He s one to watch may be a mrllronarre someday Yes there s Glenn Mrlam We see that Glenn has frnrshed hrs trarnrng at Internatronal Busrness Col lege and rs workrng to pass hrs C P A examrnatron Maybe he and B111 can get together some day And now ladres and gentlemen, we rnterrupt thts program to brrng you a commercral by our sponsors We have the honor of tonrght s commercral berng presented by the outstandrng pranrst and vocalrst Mrss Donna Shank Donna has had a very rewardrng career rn the televrsron world and rt IS a pleasure to have her wrth us for tonrght s program Here comes the lady 1n whrte Janrce Gaunt After completrng her trarnrng at Elkhart Janrce has come home to Roann and rs workrng as a laboratory technrcran rn the New Roann Clrnrc Doesn t that male attendant look famrlrar'7 Oh that must be Phrl Draper Phrl we see rs sellrng gasol1ne and owns a charn of frll1ng statrons rn Wabash County In hrs off days he holds hands wrth the patrents and does odd Jobs around the c11nrc Jrm Slee we note has become famous as a motorcycle drrver He has won many honors and has been qurte successful Be careful Jrm Janrce and Phrl don t need any more pat1ents Just now And do you remember the valedrctorran Betty Hall? Betty marr1ed one of the boys from a nerghbor rng school and has qurte a brarn chrld The lrttle genrus maybe takes after hrs mother a future pres1 dent'7 Next we see a school teacher comrng rnto vrew one to make father comment I w1sh I were rn school agarn Yes rt s the very pleasant and patrent Mary Dyson Mary graduated from Manchester College and has gone ahead to make an outstandrng teacher Now a Good Samarrtan appears rn our crystal ball It s the lady who was recently featured on Thrs Is Your Lrfe Anrta Whrnery Mrss Whrnery has made many personal sacrrfrces rn order to help the youth of Amerrca She has done much to combat Juvenrle delrnquency through her socral work Lastly we see Bob Huffman excellrng as a sports wrrter for the local newspaper After many success ful years on the staff of one of the maJor newspapers Bob consented to come back to Roann and grve good coverages to our local sports events Yes ladres and gentlemen we see much promrse rn the future for the young men and women of the 1958 graduatrng class We thank you for watchrng our broadcast tonrght and we welcome you to Jorn us rn wrshrng for them the very best rn the future, 1 1 ' 1-1 . , - y - a 1 1 . 1 - I 1 , . 1 ' 1 1 , . . ., . .. 1 0 1 1 1 .. . ' - 9 1 4.1 1 . 1 . 1 1 . . , o 1 ' 1 1 1 0 1 1 . .,, ,, . . . .. 0 1 1 1 1 . . . . , . . - 1 1 ' , . 1 . . . ,, . . 1 - 1- -1 - . , , . . 11 - .1 - 1 ,, . .,, . . . , .. . . 1 . ' 1 . 1 1 ' 1 1958 GRADUATING CLASS W T111 IM' in DAN ANITA BOB CAROLYN GLENN WOOD WHINERY HUFFMAN WILLIA MSON MILA M KAREL PHIL BETTY BYERS DRAPER HALL JANET MARY CLINE DYSON PM J ,I CQTW vim Z' -fy ,Lp 'Z IIM SLEE BILL ST EE LE DONNA J A NICE SHANK GA UNT g---N,h,, ,,1"" o O ,W MVWWZV Wffwlfifvw' f Mm MW Jwwf W ,sw , X' ff f 'M , ,, , ' I ,, N M A My ,,,. , . U , R, ,w,'MW, Q91 W, A f4MVwwrmmmwww'fNfMwffwwMwrfwwfwVfM wwwmwwm ..WW, , , , 0 ,Lf , 4 K Q , my Q . sv ,, Wk L V ' .M V2 M T , , . ,ww f .1-am' , . .4 Q , .X ,mmm k i X Sandra Beam 4 4' , Genev a Chaprnan J P ' Nancy Cline X C' L 1 Nea crane Linda CXo5s6r .-X Bonnie Dhlrnan Y Pam Banner " "' Linda Kinzie A ff " ' r ' n g Torn Ktorn V P-Oherra Mme: ,' susan Pen 1 ' A D0na1d Rogers Q A a .1 Q M Richard Roh! D0na1d Richardson N " 3 Marie Schafer I q . 4 ' q Sxevhen Sloniker r " 1 'J , Sherry Vrgar Nancy vlrhrarnson 7 Donald 'iocnrn xg ,J gp R- c XM PETE - - IENNNIE - , DA C - - ' ' Pr - L - - - . eSld :NDA K, , i - Yrce-Premier - - 'Secretary - Treasurer SOPHOM Margaret Baker Linda Byers Nr A Margaret Dershem s U V Gene Dyson IJ v .nf ' QS A -A " Ronnie Harris Q s. Mary Kramer gf y e A Judy Kratzer :ff fl'-. is ' Ka Me 5' . , thx? 1 Y ,Ver U . . 1 i s ,Z Y : ' , . . . . . s 4, I 5 A fh' ::::::',,' 12: xxx? 'Z .!'!Z--'- saundra Miller Gerald Shank Barbara Watson 1111 White is Jay Leach Q Thomas Leach fnew Inelnbersj 5 EQLN . dent Presl ' ' - - President -Vice ' BARB - - - GENE ' aSu1'er Secretary-Tre ANN ' ' Q906 YY K9661 Yeoexoge Y' BKXX Xaxvos A Ysioxn W, m views EQW ,, 2' fx J Qawx Qxroeooa 901 01 xA QMESON cXvaKe,1 Owe. www it SXe.e, xsclne. X1 an Ymgkiuxa Sem yheqobex f Da-do Givl es BEC K D Y - ICK - - - - - -. - R Vice-P Ggde Tesidegt t PRI S - - -Sec feta 1' - Y Treasu fer Pamela Cline Richard Cowles Bonnie Dunfee Edward Dyson Nancy Dyson Steve Fogleman Fayanne Givler Darlene Harris Pricilla Hippensteel Robert Kramer Nancy Kratzer Russell Krom Robert Lynn, Jr. Ronald Maish Sharon Malott Joyce Rogers Donald Schafer Rex Vigar David Williamson Patricia Wood Sandra Wright Dale Yocum David York Michael Young New Member - Floyd Robinson 3 .E I Ui f at... Z A W EIGHTH GRADE BONNIE DAVID - - - -Vice PAM - - JOYCE - - Q G was President -President Secretary Tre asurer 1 av S 5' X i .r. .f ' f 29' af 4 SEVENTH GRADE SHERRY - - - - - - President MARGARET - - - Vice-President COZY ---- Secretary DORIS - - Treasurer C' ,v ,W , I - K' U K g W I Cozette Baker Sherry Bowman Eugene Dyson Glenn Everest Roger Fogleman Margaret Freeman Michael Givler Doris Haecker Margaret Hapner Stephen Iam es Joe Krom Charles Mills Nancy Murphy Richard Rantz Terry Rogers Richard Steele Curtis Vigar Patricia Whinery 13? my wwe.- ffl Effwfxe .,,. I A ' , XL +52 f Q , ' mwng AJ 15,24 A gif n ii' , f , . , :Zip , A ,iwt 5 flg.j?gf" 7 fi M ,ek yi-5 .Lf,.. V f ff- 'M K A, ROANN MARCHING xg HIGH STEPPERS Under the Dlrecuon of MR KEITH MORPHEW Muslc Instructor ff X fyjk - ff if of X DRUM MAJOR: Stephen Sloniker. FLAG BEARERS: Carolyn Williamson, Anita Whinery 3? .JM '1"e"2 x 1 ,1 xl pw A3 35. 4 a 'Ui Q ' . B 5 fs , x X X L Kg". 3"1?'m'?'fi X .why 'i"l. Q . . f' 1: ' -, y , Silk C , 46 1346 SOLO RATINGS FIRST: Barbara Watson, Penelope Fisher, Patricia Yocum, Roberta Miller, Nancy Williamson. SECOND: Nancy Cline, Margaret Dershem, Becky Meyer, David Williamson, Susan Pell, Pamela Cline, Barbara Miller, Saundra Miller, Karel Byers, Don Yocum, Pricilla Hippensreel, Dale Yo- cum, Linda Kinzie, Judy Krat- zer. THIRD: Janet Cline. DISTRICT SOLO AND ENSEMBLE CONTESTANTS ENSEMBLE RATINGS FIRST: Saxophone Duet: Ann White Judy Kratzer. Trumpet Duet: Linda Kinzie, Priscilla Van Bus- kirk. Clarinet Duet: Roberta Miller, Nancy Cline. Trumpet Quartette: Linda Kinzie, Nancy Williamson, Priscilla Van Bus- kirk, Penelope Fisher. SECOND: Clarinet Duet: Margaret Dershem, Barbara Watson. Trum- pet Duet: Nancy Williamson, Penelope Fisher. Clarinet Duet: Saundra Miller, Janice Gaunt. Drum Duet: David Williamson, Nancy Cline, Drum Duet: David Williamson, Janet Cline. Clari- net Quartet: Margaret Dershem, Saundra Miller, Barbara Watson, Roberta Miller, Trombone Duet: Don Yocum, Nancy Kratzer. SOLO RATINGS SECOND: Barbara Watson, Pene lope Fisher, Roberta Miller, Nancy Williamson. , N . H a i. I fs I J' i 1 QI , 7 STATE SOLO AND ENSEMBLE CONTESTANTS ENS EMBLES RA TINGS SECOND: Trumpet Duet: Linda Kinzie, Priscilla Van Buskirk, Clarinet Duet: Roberta Miller, Nancy Cline. Trumpet Quartet Linda Kinzie, Priscilla Van Bus- klrk, Nancy Williamson, Pene- lope Fisher, THE SCATTERBRAINS THE SCATTERBRAINS were organrzed thrs year and played for the Basketball Banquet Record Hop P T A meetmg and a Farm Bureau meetrng They were under the drrectton of Kerth Morphew musrc rnstructor MIXED CHORUS THE MIXED CHORUS partrcrpated rn many actrvrtres thrs year lncludrng Patron s Day P T A Meetrng Sprrng and County Musrc Festrvals Good Frlday Servrces and Baccalaureate HI Y AND TRI HI Y CLUBS HI Y OFFICERS Presrdent BOB HUFFMAN Treasurer DANIEL WOOD Secretary GLENN MILAM Sergeants at Arms TOM KROM BILL STEELE Chaplarn NED CLINE Asslstant Chaplam DONALD YOCUM Sponsor JIM HARRIS PLATFORM Clean Speech Clean Sports Clean Scholarshrp Clean Lrvrng TRI HI Y OFFICERS Presrdent KAREL BYERS ANN WHITE BONNIE DILLMAN LINDA KINZIE Program Charrman JANICE GAUNT Sponsors MRS MARCELLA WILSON LOIS MANSFIELD Secretary Treasurer Chaplam PURPOSE To Create Marntam and Extend throughout the school and commumty hrgh standards of Chrrstran character ACTIVITIES Thanksglvrng Frurt Plates Candy for Wabash County Farm Valentme s Party for Whites Instltute grrls Bake Sale Y 1 1 I 21' Y I 5 . v I' ' ., 0 if Q' . , ' 4 Q - I 'I , I I I ' , 4 4 - I ce Vice-President ----- RICKY ROHR I l , Vice-President ----- MARY DYSON OFFICERS President - - - DANUEL WOOD Vice-President - KAREL BYERS Secretary - - ROBERTA MILLER Treasurer - SAUNDRA MILLER Sponsor - - -WAYNE FANSLER Class Representatives: DARELD RANDOL MARGARET HAPNER MARTHA SCHAFER BOB LYNN STEVE SLONIKER NED CLINE GLENN MILAM STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council sponsored a school record hop, the King and Queen contest, and selected the students for the high school citizenship awards. Best school citizens chosen by the student council were Bonnie Dillman and Dan Wood. MEMBERS: Torn Krom, Don Yocum, Ricky Rohr, Don Rich- ardson, Pete Hapner, Bob Huff- man, Jim Slee, Galen Eiler, sponsor. ARMERS O .e'1r,gf gk ,, F J-px F If r Xs- ' XAYM, 0 v i , ' : un! FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA rw Self Starters - - ------ - ---- - MRS. PELL, leader Merry Mixers - - ------ MRS. PELL, leader Eel River Juniors ---- - - MRS. WILLIAMSON, leader Ribbon Reapers Junior - - ---------- MR. EILER WMZMX Ribbon Reapers - - - - - MR. EILER, leader Eel Rivers Seniors - - - ------- - - - ELLIE VAN BUSKIRK CHIEFTAIN STAFF Editor - - Sports Editor - - Typists - - Mimeograph - - High School News Grade News - - Gossip - - Art Work - - Circulation - - Features - - Advertising - - - - DON ROGERS - - - - - TOM KROM -GENEVA CHAPMAN ROBERTA MILLER SHERRY VIGAR NANCY WILLIAMSON NED CLINE - - - - DON RICHARDSON BONNIE DILLMAN - - SUSAN PELL PETE HAPNER - - LINDA CLOSSER SANDRA BEAM - - STEVE SLONIKER - ' MARIE SCHAFER - - LINDA KINZIE RICK ROHR - - NANCY CLINE I r 4 f 9- 3.95. I 0 if W, M, ,J fm , .1 in 2 Wa .v CAST OF CHARACTERS Mrs. Ratchet - - Mr. Tok ---- Ronald Sasson - - Buzz Bailey - - - Coach Guthrie - - Tallula Ploetz - - Miss Dill ---- Miss Goodin - - - Mr. Harper - - Shalimar Ames - - Mr. Ames ---- Pamela Jones - - Mr. Lundquist - - - Midge Murphy - - - - - Faversham Lightly - - - - - -sUsAN PELL - - - PETE I-IAPNER - - STEVE SLONIKER - - - RICKY ROHR - - - - - TOM KROM - - BONNIE DILLMAN - - - -NANCY CLINE - - LmDA CLOSSER - - - - NED CLINE - - ROBERTA MILLER - -DONALD ROGERS - - -LINDA KINZIE - -DONALD YOCUM - GENEVA CHAPMAN - -DON RICHARDSON Mrs, Clendenning - - - ----- SHERRY VIGAR Miss Ogilvie ---- - - - Celia Slade ---- Evelyn Manners - - ff NANCY WILLIAMSON - - - - -SANDRA BEAM - - MARIE SCHAFER "NO MORE HOMEWOR K" The Junior Play, "No More Homework, " was present- ed April 11, 1958, under the direction of Mrs. James Van Buskirk. The student council of the school was placed in charge of the school for a day and the trials of "Pamela Jones" and "Buzz Bailey" provided an evening of hilarious entertainment. QI I X. " '-:ara-M-xa --I iff I ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS The annual achievement night was held on May 7, 1958, with Paul Bowman, Director of Admissions, Manches- ter College, North Manchester, Indiana, as speaker. Many students received awards, some of which are pictured below. Valedictorian, BETTY HALL - Salutatorian, BOB HUFFMAN D,A,R, Award, MART DYSON - Music Award, IANICE GAUNT Shorthand Awards Perfect Spelling Awards American Legion Awards - PRESENTING - The Student Council sponsored a King and Queen contest on April 30 1958 Each class selected a king and queen candidate then the Junior and senior high school students voted on the contestants Bonnie Dillman was chosen to reign as queen and Paul Hapner was chosen as king Sophomore Class Kay Meyer Gene Dyson Freshman Class Priscilla Van Buskirk Richard Krom Eighth Grade Pamela Cline Bob Lynn Seventh Grade Doris Haecker Terry Rogers i l CLASS CANDIDATES: Senior Class: Karel Byers, Bill Steele: Junior Class: Bonnie Dillman, Paul Hapner, hwy- L--0 :Pix W 4 'Z if 1 wvff' Y X JP mf 1 'B g-...MJF-r -ww MW I fxh, 1553.224 f wx 1 14" , gg , 7: 1 -l 5,2 A, " Miwu ' if ixfff gf 3, if V ,.,,,, .zu mu Mal L + K . ,... ' r A ,IBQHSHW "E"1'm J15i'i5f' Q "UHF" I ff X' hi fm!! W in f f - f I jmgg X ,iii 1 . J- N -j , w W f , ' 491 . . - A ' . tif X Q, X QL N , ,S .lbvqrxv Nslf--A XX f A .1 + v J.: Q11 ai a 2 IWW 10.551,- a', Q! es Z", X 1 X! bt .., , i X .N 'T S v 'c-Q it Qgpn f I A - m.4lqiY'lll-- l'5I1' :vu ,M s E QUIK- f3I""i ' I 4 1Q?QQmm5ll ' f Eiiwilnlli l fl' ' 3,52 Midi .L2424if '-1Cf-Alf" f O 44. 1 V I X I r awww f My --+ QaQiS"k Z 4 NUYQ XS di ,f'A ANQ S 5 ' d5Q0 9' W? f'9 x' N f ggf ' jx JK Eg :' ' gf G xx V r 'W ,' as in ifj X ! f , I 4 Lo A 5 E e 9 , 6 M Ax gi as . SECOND TEAM FIRST ROW: Bob Slee, Richard Krom, Gene Dyson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Harris, Gerald Shank, Don Yocum, Ned Cline, Steve Sloniker. CROSS COUNTRY SECOND TEAM THEY Laketon 43 Chili 26 Somerset 27 Akron 32 Bippus 25 LaFontaine 48 Lagro 21 Noble 41 Andrews 42 Whites 24 Claypool 18 Silver Lake 24 Urbana 17 Gilead 25 Mexico 39 Sidney 25 Individual Cross Country Winners PETE HAPNER and DAN WOOD S.,-ff H' T4 ,.,, 4' Q Roann Roann Roann Roann Roann Roann Lost by forfe ll FALL BASEBALL RESULTS Laketon Urbana LaFontame Noble Laketon LaFontalne Fmal Standmgs LaFontaxne Noble Urbana Playoff Roann Toumey Laketon Lagro L JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROW: Gene Dyson, Ronnie Maish, Mike Young, Rex Vigar, Curt Vigar. SECOND ROW: Bob Lynn, Bob Kramer, Russell Krom, David York, Glenn Everest, Mr, Harris. THIRD ROW: Dick Rantz, Charles Mills, Mike Givler, David Williamson, Jim Pell, Joe Krom, Eddie Dyson. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS NANCY DYSON MARGARET FREEMAN NANCY KRATZER 41' H F, D I 1-,-M' i -- -Q 14 J- Y 3 X, X Q, ggi 7 5 K, J Ji 3 fu s NZM. -,fqmgwz , J -- wi Q xv ' "X I . . we I 'Az' , 3,- qn I '-'L f 'V: G z iii' A . Y , - 1 - i Y SX- ' WPBLQ ' V fm QV? h f t1-l3"-'fiiaq-WIA' C ompliments of SEYFERT'S POTATO CHIPS Fort Wayne, Ind. romo CHIPS Q BFS", "l'7lll,g1g1Ps -s-:Qui C 2 2 E215 COMPANY Manufacturing, Jewelers , and Stationers 1407-1419 North Capitol Ave. Indianapolis 7, Indiana Oppcuhezm 5 North Manchester Indiana Johnson Sea Horse Motors "Outboard Motors Repa1red" Live Bait Ammunition WHITEY'S GUN 8: TACKLE SHOP 4 M1 N of Wabash on Ind 15 WOLF'S STANDARD SERVICE For Super Service Try Us Also Kendall and Quaker State Oils Wheel Balancing STANDARD Phone TEmp1e 5 2551 FRANK K DAUGHERTY Phone Z3 l Grains Feeds Seeds 69 East Canal Street Wabash Indiana I S . C S: E -" Es I . Sr-vfxfgy mms ' 'ff-f-1,,,.,,H '35, 9 C7- ., . - 1 . . - . . 9 I I I O ' 0 I VANILLA Pmrzeer ICE CREAM CO INC 3232 South Lafayette Fort Wayne 1 Ind1ana Cornphments STAN DARD flaufard Siam' STANDARD OIL AGENT LANDMARK Sundrles FOUHIBIH Serv1ce Package Drugs Glft Items Toys Roann Phone TEmp1e 5 5441 Roann Phone TEmp1e 5 5551 Televls 1on Rad1os and Apphanc e s lynn and Slzvemaker 'BOB AND J Sales SCTVICC Antennas Towers hone Q Q QQ OO O'f 6? M I 1 Zualdtq Q at ' J Zmus GROCERY AND GENERAL STORE "I-hghest Quahty Mdse, at Lowest Prlces Phone TEmp1e 5 2.271 Roann Ind QW Www, ik W DlCK'S TRADING POST "Fru1t of the Loom" Jackets, Socks, Work Un1forms Sport Sh1rts, Jeans, Underwear Dres se s , Etc Wabash Ind1ana Watson and l5'1dufell J I Case, .T Un Phone TEmp1e 5 244 ohn Deere and Dunham Farm Imp Dealers 1n lements lversal and Kewanee Elevators 1 Roann, Indlana JR, 50" 'me fr QL fi f Elia .L fffdef ' ll . , I f. 2 " , 1 . T, if X ft,-Yilifvf..-,.t. 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'5 , 1-, - .vw .h Q .Q ...X-ef'-, N -.L Late st Hous ehold Appliance s at Kvann HARDWARE Roann, Indiana Phone TEmple 5-5251 I , 0 0 man", 1 0 R6 gf' I 5 ' , M YJ pw Telephone 7 12 Wabash, Indiana 1 Meet Your Fr1ends at the WABASH CAFETERIA fgapifl N ,, ! -3 V 013 MITTINGS GREENHOUSES Weddmg Bouquets Funeral Deslgns Cut Flowers and Potted Plants Phone 581 770 North East Street We Telegraph Flowers NICELY OIL SERVICE Tydol Gasol1ne Veedol Motor O11 N 2 No1FueO1 Kerosene Phone TEmple 5 5571 Roann, Ind1ana ROANN , NS! fw e g f Q 65 A 7 Q 1 O. , . 1 'l sy ' ," 'llu A W."-.I .I.l"'luuhl'---"5 -7 ' 'SEIU' If" ,," W, I .l "IN 755. .A ki ll lf' ,Il E 'I 4-, 'ni 'NR E' I j' 1 . hs 4' ' tx Y -5? ' V U t's wHEN IN THE MOOD FDR FINE FOOD Ill MIKES CAFE North Manchester Good Coffee Home Made P1es Compliments of M BOWMAN Mobllgas and Mobllgas Mob11o11 Your Appearance Is Our Busmess Dean s BARBER SHOP KRAMER PHE KLEANER Quahty Dry Cleaners 129 West Market 340 West Harmson Wabash Ind1ana Ii as tr " "' Qruudvfaff Quncral flame Thoughtful Care and D1gn1ty Characterlze Our SCFVICC Phone TEmp1e 5 5591 Roann Ind1ana 1 I 2. 2 JI N- in O ' O D IICIIV-Klill , Z 6 . X Z 1 . O xx W' Y '-w ' 5-54,4 5 as ,f, ' ,pf Us Egg' 'Main ' ' ,v .,. '17 1 1 ' pq.. vu 2 1, "Mimi .2 ' '51 Y. , - 411-if 2, 5 Y-ir 1 , 1 as f E1 - ' A 5 ' ---- M L. 5 ,CQ -n , l JOE REED P0lI'lIf BUICK PONTIAC Sales and Serv1ce North Manchester, Ind Phone 554 LLOYD GRANDSTAFF I-1 Roann Representatwe Phone 59 TRUMAN NICCUM 8: SON Tractor Repan' Box Phone 88 Roann, Indlana if-C 5, pa Yi? ,M C fx!! J FRITCHEY FORD Sales and Servlce PONTIAC CADILLAC X i Author1zed Sale s and Servlce Wabash, Indlana FURU KZ CLIFF SNYDER MOTORS Phone 34 North Manchester CROSS SA LES AND SERVICE 92 East Market Street Wabash, Ind1ana TH E FORWARD L00 K Z2 Years Your DeSoto Plym outh Dealer See Werkmg 5 I For Annual and Weddlng Plctures F11m Servlce and Portra1ts WERKINCHS STUDIO 110 N. Walnut Street No. Manche ster, Ind1ana . " 1 . fr - r,.T,2 f '5 rs.: 1 ',.g, : 1.--' ' : 15" : , X We AF, 9 . .1 f. ...qt rvw-.:...l . , - . L.- wg. If , ' I A Q4 .,, ' -J -1' ,r ,, - - , 1 - I V f .--11-L' 1 Q 1.-V ' ilri' - j"" J v. 'f , vw. ' -'1 . - , 1 ., -E V . L GMA 2 I, . ... I--- , 7 i55::': " - ff,-VW 4 u A . fi T3 ' I BOB S PURE OIL STOCK YARDS Car Washxng and Waxmg Greasmg Roann, Ind1ana Auto Accessor1es Duals for A11 Cars Dany Hog Market Mufflers and Tall Pzpes Monday Thru Frlday Flrestone and Armstrong T1res Phone TEmp1e 5 2521 ll- Roann Phone TE 5 5351 'Ulf + 0 For Comphments of MA!I?fIE?QOP aihwfdfl 0 irzzkidlsrgl 951311 It's McGregor N MANCHESTER FARM EQUIPMENT DICK'S 1nternat1ona1 Trucks New Idea MEN'S WEAR West on Road 114 North Manchester, lndlana Wabash, Indlana , PURE , "u.v.vf'y' fl ' I Ns lr. X. . xl - 1 . at Compliments of CHALMER AND HELEN PRICE 15 PAW PAW EF ef AL M T L HATCHERY AND FEED CO 'Ze g6E - I PRICE S ROANN MARKET Phone ll Roann, Ind Grinding and Mixing Master Mix and Murphy's Feeds Leghorn and Hy-Line Baby Chicks Phone Z5 F 40 Roann, Indiana Compliments of P N HIRSCHE AND COMPANY BRCWN TRUCKING COMPANY Local and Long Distance Moving Phone 804 Wabash Indiana MOUSER PRETORIUS "PLUMBING Z 8: 4" Well Drilling and Repairing Electric Wiring and Repair COMERS GARAGE HUGH BOB Phone TEmple 5 5411 Roann, Indiana 2 V T Q l .ly I IL .X 1 a , WARREN S ELECTRIC SHOP Roann, Ind1ana TE 5 5283 Over 40 Years of Experlence Stop and Save YORK S GARAGE General Repau' of A11 Makes and Models Roann, Indlana TE 5 2321 DRAPER'S SERVICE Mob11 Products TE 5 2421 Roann Ind1ana JUANXTA Bus1neS'5 uty 15 OUT Bea TE 5 2571 a Roann' mdlan wx W ,..-J BREMBECK AND SON Fardware, Home Apphances and Farm Supphes Phone 60 Urbana, Ind1ana LYNN'S RESTAURANT E1ne Food and Fun Come and Meet Your Fnends Roann I.nd1ana 7 fn f- at Us 2, It . - Q - Ii- -e? at 4 T SHEEFYZ' J , f 60696 The Wor1d's Favomte Soft Drmk Also for the D1scr1m1nat1ng Taste QUALITY ORANGE QUALITY ROOT BEER QUALITY LEMON SELTZER Pure De11c1ous Refreshmg COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Logansport Ind1ana WILLARD MOUSER or Trench1ng Se rvlce ' to ' by Phone TEmp1e 5 2801 FRED PETTY Your Roann Agent for THE NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY P51 of MEATS fi xx .M gf, See ROANN FROZEN FOOD CENTER Phone 10M I I , . O f . . E 3l 81 4811 Elly! I if f i 4 Rl Q - Y 1- -"M S SR X L FARM Reglste red Holstems "F1t the Farm Ftt the Marke MARK MANSFIELD R R 1 North Manchester, Ind1ana LESTER HUGHES AUTO SA LVAGE FF7 ' Wtifrrfmg Q1 Cyclone' Jumbo Feeder A Fast Seller Manufacture r s of Mode rnlzed Poultry Supphe s 'M THE CYC LONE MFG CO Dept RA TEmp1e 5 2011 Roann, Ind Urbana Indlana 0 CAN YOU IMAGINE? Semors wlth dtgmty? Jtm H wtthout curly hart? Phll D not fltrtlng? The Sophomores not talkmg? Jtm S not sleepmg tn class? School wlthout teachers? Dan wtthout Nancy? Janet not dreamtng of Ed? Don Rogers tn LOVE? Sharon wxthout blond han? Ned C welghlng 210 lbs ? Freshmen studymg? A wlnnlng Basketball team? Boys sxtttng w1th guls? Mr Fansler m Bermuda Shorts? Bob H not gotng wrth gtrls? Penelope tn a serlous mood? Mr Fouts wnhout peanuts? Mr Morphew not losxng hls temper? Prtsctlla wtth long han? Pete and Rxchle wtthout wtsecracks? C omplunents of E 'Jn-16" WABASH CO FARM BUREAU CO OP ASSN INC Wabash Spe1cherv111e Treaty North Manchester Roann, lndtana M I L'-' is 5 - - Q , J I I . ' ln. . 8 V -17 , W sd ..:,., X ..- .:- ag Q, ' tl! O O Il I I nh.: 1 f X ff. -f IN ' Q - - 1,,l - - x. X 1- ' 11 T" . . C ' - 1 . . ' 0 ' o 9 o ROANN HIGH SCHOOL ROANN INDIANA WAYNE E FANSLER PRINCIPAL FREE, PETTY TRU51-gg FRIENDS Our 1958 RO ANNUAL has been publlshed w1th the help of these people, through thelr klnd contr1but1ons w Teenager R E M C Susan's John R1chards T1re Sears Ma1n Store Sears Farm Store Resnecks C N Eetzner, Je B1ckel Shoe Repa1r Penqum Polnt Brewers P N Hlrsche Brady's Pau1A Beam Ulrey's Appllances Hartlng Furnlture J C Penney Company eler Beltman and Wolf Poor Man's Corner P K Dept Store Wabash Plam Dealer Pace Pamt Shop A and W Root Beer Clark's Foods Dr James Pearson Geyer Motor Sales Denny Motor Sales Sam's Sport Shop Wabash Implement C0 Frantz Lumber Company Ace Hardware R1gdon's Jewelry Wassman's Smcerely THE ANNUAL STAFF Schlemmer Bros. Pratt Studio . ! hir b iw' -3 qw We f Fw' xi C 'rr . . . '4' . IQ. Q wi 51" 2 174 gf v X -o A :fill 6 'GY' J- 4,5 5. 1, '- Q r'- S 'X N-L 1 'n 1 9' : Q XX bfi x V, 1 Q ".':.'fw in 1 4-f 4-wr RO ANNUAL STAFF After many long but happy hours at last we are through We hope thls Ro Annual wlll hold fond memorles for you BO STEVE MARY SAUNDRA GLENN BONNIE PRIS DANNY H ADON YU UCCES ATH TO DON T BE A CARBON COPY MAKE YOUR OWN IMPRESSIONS ff W A Q A WS W? f A M 5212 4447 Mvuwi Mmm! J B!-V W Xl, C ,L f rf A yd A BQQBKLL WQAW Jw C fx? J Q YJ -1-.aigib X3 J Q cfgc AMERICAN ENDS IN I CAN JAMES VAN BUSKIRK Aut b 1 L f Insuxan Prope ty Casualty " S S LE L P IL , " "-75 , 'C , ' O , E MCE Q2-2. ffff' 'ffl-3 Af- X S fmj 'C A ,f ,L 2, v. EG X' . -' -- A ' 74' If: J -5 Q: n N Q f. X X. 1 CSCCC XT 1 L4 K 214. kg-we A lx Q J-LL A .H 1 if , is 9, R K C V- AX 'Y' 'R ,QR ' x A x, ?CL, ? he 1 C3 5 C LL . Q' P iN A -D, Y 2-Y A . , Cb 'Q A 'J 4 ' N X X , 34 ' H L ,Q ,Y aff? L NS . A 3:72 f 3 I if Ni ITE- 1 O . -fi ' UD XG' . Q . 1? kd E A Q Q J ' ' 'E LEE. W 3 'N - : ' 2 . I Q 2 C AEN: J ' ' 044' K Q X X 45125 5 0 E' ' I Lux 3 I xl -X A . h , V . :V ,A QT , P' XO ywffm' 3 5 Q 5 21 O E q XX X X : A Q ' E1 ' I if ffm LQLN x. .. EI DN O V.. OW ON SH H.I.V9 NOJ.

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