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I v -5 1 7755 Claw U15 1953 Sfpicefand .7ndcana 0, Spiceland Szfuwl WXX 'f . 5 X, -1 ,, 5 'I Uwe ua, The shaded campus . . . the buildings three . . . have provided a setting for the education of the four hundred and eighty students pictured herein. School life has probably proceeded all too rapidly for the graduating seniors and not rapidly enough for the under classmen. The reluctant footsteps of the seniors on Commencement Day seem to echo countless memories over the twelve years that have been life at Spiceland. To the seniors whose motto is "Tonight We Launch! Where Will We Anchor?" the students and faculty wish "bon voyage" with the hope that the Great Navigator might grant them favorable winds and sheltered harbors on their sea of life. . Robert E. Linson 2 a 'Si if .-.f luv ffl ,4- -as ,x- 1.-'-,Q it-K -4. 'Ki .0- ,f .rv -t 'Hy , ' , . ' ' ,, . . " X 'E . I. ,, M , .A f - ,X 1, 'Y -A , ,' x ' 1 X X b .X I I, ' -' x , , ' x ' 1 , ' - , ff . - 'W A . 1 J ' ,fi fx f .wh x W 1 - 5- ,' . -1 A ', . 1 , , .f-xt .- K ' f' 1 ' K , ' , ' 7 V 1 7 ' f Q V. I .. 1 .1 1 H ' I ' 1 ' I . 1 ' ,, ... 'A ,E :R,,i,k . ix 113522 111211 L lu" I g In no nn nn 3 1 J :WN ' J", 'f ' W I" A div" 'Y 9 ' f '44, 'Z ' ' Y ' :dit - W- Q ., ,..., . - X ' - lr , ' K . ' , ' v ' ' ' 15.1 , f ' .. -, . ' . ' ' f 1' x , f , L. I 1- . V ' , 1 I ' W. r . i .4 J 1 4 1 ., , . ' ' I . . ' Q 1 , R 1 'I' 1 V' ' . ' ' . 1 I, , . V, T . La'- We also wrsh to dedrcate thrs book to Mrs Grace Hall who has assxsted us tn the busrness management of thls yearbook To these two faculty members we owe much of teh success ofour 1953 Campus Capers. ' The class of 1953 W1Sh6S to dCd1C8IC Campus Capers to Mr Lonng Erlar who not only helped us wrth last year s play Lrghts Out but also has glven us an rmmeasurable amount of gurdance and backmg w1th Our School News and frnally Campus Capers 3 Robert E Lmson has successfully completed his first year as principal of S H S During the year he has helped 1n1t1ate an honor roll system has brought about the formanon of the student council and has made provisions for a school book store to be in use next year Mr Lmson states that he has been very pleased with the co operation shown by the school and commumty U if Our efficient advisory board consisting of Philip Applegate Maurice Burkett, Thomas Evans, and Kenneth Bogue has had many major problems confronting it the past year Perhaps the fore- most of these has been the preliminary planning of the new school building Dv E- liegJwunedl9wLJ LENA HOLTSCLAW Thrrd Grade Earlham Madam Blakers Indrana State Ball State BERNIECE EILAR Frfth Grade Ball State Unrversrty of New Mexrco HARRIET EVANS Slxth Grade Subsutute Indrana State MYRTLE PICKETT Regular Teacher Central Normal GLADYS IDLEWINE Th1rd Grade Fourth Grade Ball State EVELYN BREWER Fourth Grade Morehead State HELEN ROCKHILL Ftrst Grade Marlon Normal Madam Blakers Ball State 6 IUUU FLORENCE BUNDY PAULINE POER Frrst Grade Second Grade Wmona Ball State Butler ROBERT WADE Seventh Grade Central Normal Indlana Un1vers1ty Ball State Second Grade Ball State ROBERT LINSON Prmclpal BERT LINSON mcxpal onomrcs S Ball State A Ball State RING EILAR hs n B Ball State A Uruversrty New Mexrco e Ghz H.. JOHN MCBRIDE Shop HISIOIY B S Indxana State Sophomore sponsor GRACE HALL Commercral A B Central Normal lndrana Unrversrty Colorado Unrversxty ROBERT MATHES Athletxcs Hrstory B S Butler M S Butler Semor sponsor CAROL BATES Home Economlcs B S Purdue Freshmen sponsor QQWW 3 ,,... 3w19C MILDRED RINGO Musxc Vocal A B Ball State CARL SMOLIK B S Ball State 3 sum? I X JAMES HAZLETT Scrence Mathemaucs B S Ind1ana State M S Indlana State Junlor sponsor LORENE MOONSHOWER' Englrsh Biology Ca feterxa B S Purdue MORRIS NORFLEET' Agnculture Berea College Sue Bennett B S Unrversxty of Kentucky 'Absent from prcture Pxctures may be seen on page 24 Q g'.h , . . u . I1 .u . 1 1 . . . to 0 r ' Q 1 ., . k E Q. , A E W S ,-1 1,8 . X K ' fr A I l ' c 'S lst:-f . ,ja A 'K' X ,lr 1 K 'Al " V B ' 1 A X Q A .7 ua, M'-"Q: What no shovmgv A lull 1h the coke room Okax so rt s mx turn to frah out the cokes avaml And now for a nap starts another game Mmmml Must be rnterestmo Settmgtherrsrghts for the xvashmg ton mp work work and more work Come on you guvs yell' Where old frrends meet S H 5 representatlves to the State ChoralFest1valsm1l1ng for the brrd Honest I m tellmg the truth' 8 in .7 nina , ...- ' 1 V ':..N lv, 1' YI O . l So 0 . . I D000 if . , . . - 54 ' "' ' ' mxcluf, .5 U""'I "J'J5Jv'l 1 rv , 1 , .uv A A 'I J E ' O I 0 ' ' 'Q 'lu . ' 4, 16... fe T25 N ng QV , Lg. if il As H 4-as lib eading 'lla .7 CAROLYN COPELAND PRESIDENT Completely oblivious of what the next four years would hold for us, we entered S. H. S. in 1949 as green freshmen. The tortures of Freshman Day were somewhat for- gotten that night during the merry- making ofthe traditionalFreshman Party. Our sophomore year held many challenges along the line of hard study. Extra curricular activities became more important as each stu- dent branched out into the fields of his interests. Looking forward with anticip- ation to our Washington trip as sen- iors, we concentrated our efforts toward making the necessary funds. We will always remember those seven short days of the trip as the most wonderful ones we have ever spent together. 'I he first two weeksofour sen- ior year were spent in making the days miserable for the freshmen. Our thoughts then turned to the ser- ious business ofmaking our last year count. This annual will serve as a reminder of the past year which has been so dear to our hearts. DALE ALBERT SON VICE-PRESIDENT 10 llli CAROLYN COPELAND Chorus 1, 2 4-H Student Council DALE ALBERTSON Assistant Basketball Manager 3, 4 Class Poet Junior Play RICHARD SORRELL Latin Club 1, 2 School Paper Staff Baseball 1, 2. 3. 4 Basketball 2. 3, 4 Track 2. 3. 4 Pres. of Student Council Secretary-Treasurer of Junior Class Junior Play .7nwwai .mat UU .7mp MARY MARGARET APPLEGATE Latin Club 1, 4-H 8 years, Girls' State, Class Historian, Chorus 1, 2, Secretary-Treasurer 9 EDWIN BRYSON Basketball 3,4, Baseball 3,4 CAROLYN .TUNE DELAY Chorus 1 2 3 4 Class Will Girls State 4 H '7 years Society Editor of Annual Junior Class Play Paper Staff Latin Club 1 2 MAX GARNER Basketball 3 Track 3 4 Vice President 10 BONNIE GARVIN Chorus 1 2 4 H 1 year RICHARD GIDEON Basketball 3 4 Baseball 3 4 JOAN CAROL HOUCHINS Chorus 1 2 Vice President 9 GRETCHEN KIGER Chorusl 2 3 Madngal Club 4 H 7 years Cheerleader2 3 Girls State Latin Club 1 2 Co Editor of Annual Junior Class Play Paper Staff President of Junior Class GENEVA LACY Chorus l 4 H 1 year Junior Class Play Paper Staff Annual Staff SHIRLEY MASON Chorus l 2 3 4 Madngal Club Art Editor of Annual Cheerleader 9 Paper Staff 4 H 8 years 7"fy 4- i 'l 3 49' Cl ,ewfce RUTH McDONALD Paper Staff Annual Staff Chorus 1 4 H 1 year Junror Class Play DONNA NICOSON Chorus 1 2 4 4 H 1 year Paper Staff Annual Staff Secretary Treasurer 10 Valentme Queen 10 Band 6 years Jumor Class Play CAROLYN RICHMAN Paper Staff Annual Staff, Class Wrll Sprceland Delegate for East Central Conference Queen JOHN ROBERTSON Paper Staff Annual Staff Lat1n Club 1 2 Basketball 3 4 Base ball 3 4, Track 1 2 3 4 Junror Class Play JIM SWEAT F F A MARGARET MARIE SWINFORD Junlor Class Play MARILYN WADE Co-edrtor of Annual Paper Staff Chorus 1 2 4 Band Majorette 1 Cheerleader 2 3 Iunror Class Play KAY WARD Madrrgal Club Busrness Manager of Annual Paper Staff 4 H 5 years Cheerleader 2 3 G1rls State V1ce Presrdent 11 Chorus 1 2 4 Band 4 years JAMES WARD School L1brar1an 4 H 8 years Photographer for Annual I U U 9 n 1 ' 1 I I I I - . I I I I - , U l f . P . f I I I I ' I l - I I U I ' ' f . I , f D t , , Y ' 1 . n o ' . , . . l I I D - I l f I ' U 0 ' 1 2 T' 1 ROW 1 " Paul Adams Marjorte Albertson Ronny Anderson Mane Ankrorn Dorts Io Applegate ROW 2 Tom Apple ate Shrrley Arc rbald Nadine Baker Lynn Barlow Ioan Brock ROW 3 Carolyn Bryson Mary lane Catt Rosalyn Coffm Rtchard Copeland RO V 4 Dtck Eversole Mary Lou Eversole Eddte Houchtns Eva Howe Marjorte Hudelson Ll hx RO V 5 Colleen Lacy Max La Rue Iwancy Mlller Kenny Pew Lorlne Pratt F79 ROW 6 B ll Reeves Glen Rlley Don Rose Shrrley Sanders W Don Scroggms ROW 7 Loretta Srmmons Doug Smalley " Gary Stenner Eugene 'I' rompson B111 Thornburg ROW 8 v Carol Topper Sue Wrllramson ., -V .- .6 ' - 3 I 1 . ,.. s A I Q: vs 4' " ' Y , I .lx A - -Q Q R A -. X - :- .L T5 4 , I - i A 5 A - a . Q. 1 . Q- v Y IT tr . A ' Ray Cable ! bfi ' N W .,,. .a l . s I 4 I' I 14 V - v- 3 - " L b , . A , A .1 C. 1, , M54 I-v7 I Q' K 1: r A 5 Q I Q07 1135 U7 'Ylwvl' '55 '-fy xl If A Q fi-an Y ' v Row 1 Nancy Adams Earl Applegate P3UZ'1Cl3 Applegate Janelle Bussell Norman Cooley Ilrs. Row 2 Ronald DeLay Jerry D1sbro Dale Ell1s Larry Estelle Phylhs Fame Row 3 Eleanor Frelden Joyce Garner Margaret Gxdeon Carolyn Greene Lrbby Henshaw Row 4 Rlchard Kendall Shrrley Luellan Martha McCormack Dorothy McDonald Kenny Moore Row 5 Ina Jean Murphy Jerry Murphy Shuley Nrcholas Betty Mae Pew Eleanor Puts Row 6 ., ,N Mary Kathryn Reece ' James Robertson 4 f Q Nma Rose Mary Lou Scroggms Mary Clare Scotten G 'AL XAX I Y 1, Q 1 R l-- L: XX -rr ..-R o Phrl Sherry Ronald Sm1th George Stroup Juamta Talbott Rebecca Topper Davrd Van Hoy Carlene Wn ht Conrad Wngqxt ws 7 and 8 14 8- 'rf' ,ri Et 4-. 'z , 41 , 5 L .5 A Q iq -A ., ,N r gm. - ' "A . J V1 .2 "X Y. lv J ' A A' ' , ti t Q f, ' e ,fl tu Q' ' kv- Q v 15131, , . 'wi' , ' . -Q ' ' -.v 'G ' fo v r X - -51 l Q S t'A","6 15 A N' - -Qu .Jw A' ' A X J 1. H .QW lg El .N t 1 pr., 1' , 1.-fi' - n Us 56, - rx -I S .7 r 'l k - I 4- C ," T "3.'f " J J 5' dr V. 4 Q' 'Hag -A ' , J' " H ' I 7 Jw: 4 ' 'Y f Jw an fm - W 5 3 Q L If J 1 L-L J swat, J gfxgw if J K '-X ' ,.:. Q- t I 'Vt . - 4, ' 5 . . N" Q' 'Q 'Y A S- , vp sr Q ' ,,, , J J I T x . 1 I 1 A , fs ' J, A ' A ,ff o 1 f A ,,, Z .P mu x at . . A 3 3 f , - Q. 5 wr - 1 ' , ,T . , ' r .W A f I . , 'LX f. . 'J 'U ,. X -s '51 A i 'J f Ji- I . , .- ' vf - ,.- 4 SKK J ' 9 ' I o xl' fa - I V 4 'za . N ' Row 1 Barbara Anderson Mrldred Jane Applegate Paul Bogue Barbara Burton Row 2 Barbara Clapp Glenna Claywell Deanna Crosrer Nancy Davrdson Row 3 rmmy Gardner Darrell Grbson Monte Goodwrn James Ray Harrrs Row 4 James Hrnes Larry Houchxns Carl Hudelson Charlotte Hudson Row 5 Peter Krger Davrd Lrng Marsha Mason Kerth Muse Row 6 Sharon Odgers Alan Shubert Robert Smrth Tom Swrnford Row 7 Ralph Thompson Janet Warrrck John Wrrght Absentee Iudrth Prrest fi EALAJK 1515 -'gn M. A Qs, 'Xxx Ae 2 V' I Row 1 Janet Allen Judy Barlow Jean Berry Jon Bogue Jane Brock Row 2 Jacquel1ne Coffman Evelyn Jo DeLay Phrlxp Estelle Eleanor Flelden Bllly Floyd Row 3 Bonme Grdeon Ruth Ann Hamm Clara Hasty Mary Io Henry Jackie Hensley Row 4 Sue I arvls Iomyla Kendall Melvm Mltchell Raymond Mrller B111 Mohler Row 5 Eugene Mohler James Murphy Harvey McGu1re Wrlham Prerce Iacquelyn R1chman Row 6 Bobble Rose Dtck Slmmons Sandra Smalley Gwen Stephens Joanne Sweat Row 7 Juamta Talbott James Thornburg Norberta Vogel Drane Ward Nadlne Ware Row 8 Newton Wrrght Nlxon Wnght A bse ntee Charley Harsh U f 'J MY JJ mf 1 ' D . y 1- 4 , 4 ' I 1, V 5 g . , . L-To 4 1 Y'iw 'gym' 2 X 1 l , N J ' ', , A , 1 . ' A ,. - J' 551. Fluff . W lv, -i W, " it ,l . . ' 5 " 1, ,' J I 'I' A . ga m if :N A V' 4, . E gk .' fl 1 1 ' ' 1 ' ' -, -- t U ' so x :J -. ' inn 4- . , .A 4 - . . . ' 'xy' 1 A x . - S 4 I . 4 f ' T , Lao- - " X K 9 ' lv' r .s ir' :Eh nl' ,, , 1' W' I . M Y 5.7 , A sa J ITM fi J L ,mf X I f, ' ' 's is 'J " .4 - . ' 5 At Q N . if M J ,' f 13 J' Q ' S ' ,Ati my 'nl' S 114 ' ,X D ld, - . , 4 1.1 l G I L, Q-. as' Q:-5 1- v S. Seventh ROW 1 Dorothy Barley Joy Cable Garry Clapp Betty Clements Robert Cook ROW 2 Cecll Estrll B111 Gardner Ronald Garvm Charlotte Guffey Marrlyn Hamrlton ROW 3 Ramon Hamm hmmy Hrcks Jerry Hrnes Rodney Hoover Donald Hudelson Al ROW 4 Taylor Jones B111 Lacy Alleen Large June McCart Wrllram Large N., ROW 5 Judith Mrller Vemon Mrller Ronald Murray Frances Nrcholas Jeff Parrsh ROW 6 Davrd Prerce Kendall Plerce Dorothy Roberts Jean Rutherford Stan Shell ROW 7 Larry Smlth Marrlee Stegner Kathleen Strunk Jack Thomburg Shrrley Troxell ROW 8 ABSENTEES Margre Warren Brll Byrket Patty Welsh Jerry Prlest 'P' , Buddy Zeller Phylhs True r ' in fn J 'Avi ' t 17 2: -.47 S ' :N ' " - ' R' 4 Y 'ty 2 S S 'fl rx W N -. 4 s s lr' -. . :F on 5- v 0 v' . t l Q Y . f E , 1 I ' ' Xi Lsxkh 1 L ' ,I . . S Q ' ,er A? W42' ' v ' vu: . . . , f 374' I' r y "- f K ' wx 1' K' W hi "' A , Vu A M ' ,- . K! ' A l . , N ", ' 3--. .. .k'L -.. W L 1 3 , W 6. in 1 " ii ll y . 41 C 'Q' L y O l S :A .I W X1 il W L 6- v- ft 1 I , W v h s Q K I F., N ' I .14 ' fm r R . ' V 2, -O ,D .. D 5 N - . H 5 L R: is X l x .-K5 'r V' is 3 l'5s"'k-I RC ap-1 In li A A 055 0 As-I X 4 tml Q il-. 'KLA 1' 1 .Nlw ROW 1 Mary Barley Beverly Brown MHICIB Burd Eamesune Caudtll Joanne Waruck ROW 2 Karen Wrtght Leonard Caudlll Wrlltam Cherry Carol Claywell Thomas Coffman ROW 3 Jeanette Conaway Charles Cook Carolyn Estelle George Evans Thomas Exersole ROW 4 Ian1ce Garner Denms Grdeon Gary Don Goodwrn ludxth Goodwm Patsy Henry ROW 5 Mtke Htnes Carolyn Howard Ltla Jarvls Mary Iarvrs Nancy Krexder ROW 6 Duane L1VlIlgSIOIl Sara Jane Lockrrdge Thomas McDonald Pr1c111a McGu1re Davtd Mohler ROW 7 James Mohler Carolyn Moore Larry Moore Charles Patnter lack Pew ROW 8 Imogene Pyle R1chard Ratcllff Ieanmne Shubert M111ard Sorrell Lew1s Thompson ROW 9 Laura Troxell Stephen Turner Sharon Ward ABSENTEE Danny Harsh AA I - ' Q " ' O if 6, M V Vt . . M J rs' - L 7 'A T 1 xl L M 'W L .5 Q. i-' v . . 'S - . ' Q' ray.. , , I gr t I 'tml ' so l L ' -N- Q Q R n, , AY - fr, ' w , T 51, 'D ' y ' is 'I q . . ' Q . i' ' -, - 1 , Q, -505 . . 5 5 1. ,, , L2 - 'Q '- -..A 2 ,sd ...L . X L X N V zo 2. 2 -D W , , , M . . 4' X L are Q . at f 19, nz' ' e S if y . - . Q 0 ' Q I 1 Y l r '4 l . xl - .75 -S L r 1 - 1 -x - an' '- sb .K X ' 1 . .sr . ,ri n x . A ff 5 pw' " 3 "F . . 4 fi lr- H- " ' C. . ,Q x - 1 .Q I ' K 'Q 1 v- 'M PW .45 Charlene Brown Mrchael Burton Mary Anna Butterfleld no ROW J Carolyn Cherry 5 AQ , Donna Jean Clapp RO W 2 Stella Claywell Judlth Kay Coffman Mary Lou Conway Russell Estelle Sylvla Frelden ROW 3 .. I A Norma Fugett Martha Glldewell Sherry Lee Goar Sandra Green Sara Jane Hamm ROW 4 Sharon Hawks Blll Johnson Andy Jones E Q ! Sharon Knott Joy e Lefter 142-V N - C 14953 f""'?- ROW 5 Martha McCork1e Charles McGee Pamela Mrller Dorothy Neal Anna Cla ue Newkrrk ROW 6 Marshall Noel Mary Ellen Pamter Freddy Pennmgton Charles Prerce Rrchard Reece ROW 7 tx' X lf-QR 5 Max Robmson Sharon Shell Clara Shubert Ronald Smrth Suella Swales ROW 8 Davrd Swrnford Dallas Thompson Bonme Thornburg Jack Turner Gene Van Osdol ROW 9 Roberta Ward Nancy Warrrck Donna Welsh Billy Wrl ht Ray Wrrg t Davld Zeller ABSENTEES Pat Kettler Barbara Kettler , ' N 1 . L" ,G fax ' .':. '. I 1: x vi! A K - 5 , , y .4 2' gf f t 1 . 5 4 ' ' 1 ., rl kxl . 1 ' ' 5 t' ' 1 ' Y " 4.5 'A A if 'ff gal. ' my ' 3-1 - 'X ' " S ' .ss C ' T f l T1 fl! , J, Y 1 M 5 3 S ? 34 2 . . l L :F 'Hg ..a VA: KJ 4 'X I U A 1 :. r " - T VV K Q -I ,X K I . It- X I ' ' fr: x I Q t ' t N 1 I Q 1 4' - J. v ' " ' . - . V , - , .. t A 3 I . In Ak rl' ' n- it Q ,s L . rx x I, X X. :, 1 5, , I ' N if Y at X f- Q A 5 ' 'A 2,34 ' : ' . , v. Y . '.E L NF .AAN dx 'Z ' 5 Al xterm J A ROW 1 .mwdfr Carol Allen Raymond A nkrom Tom Ba1ley Wayne Bogue Rua Burd ROW 2 Da vrd Barlow Dora Brown Johnny Bryson Paul Cherry Larry Clapp ROW 3 Carl Clements N ancy Coffrn Davrd Cook frckr Eversole Woodrow Grbson ROW 4 Theodore Grdeon John Hamm Shrrley Hawks Sarah Holcomb Barbara Hoover ROW5 Rlchard Houchms Paul Howard Jean Idlewrne Clans Jarvrs Tommy Jones Nancy Jordan James Kendall Rrta Lacy Lots Lxvrngston Terry Mason ROW 7 Carolyn McCoy Jeame Moore Johnny Murphy Chester Neal Karen Neal ROW 8 Ruth Reger Tommy Roberts Judrth Shaw Gerald Smrth Alan Sorrell ROW 9 Melanre Sorrell Shrrley Sorrell Patrrcra Strunk Loretta Thompson Norm an Vogel ROW 10 Martha Wrley Robert Wrlson Thomas Wrlson John Wolf ABSENTEES Myla Wallace Tamara Wrnter J J 5 - :Q v A t4 " ', , . QQ? I r 'A VJ' I A U X' ,JP X x ' X f ja-if -5 S, v- , U - L I ' J 5 . O J 5 -Y lf' K I 1 V km U X . v- 2 - 4. xx c' ' ' 4 a. 5 L " . e ' J - , ' ' , . . xi , ,. ff ' . if f A 1 , J , at , : 4 f. ' 1 x My t X , 1 . M 5 , - 1 H X J I I4 If m - -' .5 s- 1 'N f " A ' 1 5 lp ' ' ' f . . . . ,. Q, - asa J-S -. , 1 1 ' r . W ' 'N A ' .L ss ' u -k 94' -J ' . . . . f ,, 1 2 f , X, H - .H .W ' v 'x J ' J 4 - A .3 f- fr ', Lx X S .' I x rf A- xv , 'ta V - ' fd K 1 '-s. Is.. Z- N 4- 1 5 ' A2 V . ' , 'uw J 3 34' J , , fnff, . Y . B . . . s .fr it , f ti o- Q- fr! ' . ' LA V C YI. .7 J ' 1 ' B 1 4- . , .. , ' 'Fig ' . as - M Q. - ' ' ' K4 init! X ' , ' gk, J --3' .. - X xl fx with wi 4117 1- ROW 1 Prlcllla Applegate G1ry Baughan Barbara Carmlchael Chrrsune Caudrll Kendall Caudrll ROW 2 Sue Clapp Drana Cooley Dale Delay Dwnny Ellrs J- Troy Garner ,uv x TY! 'WWL K rx a xv' f 9- f All :alll .H 21 ROW 3 Mary Glrdewell Frederrck Grrffm L1nda Hall Sue Hrcks Bobby Houchms ROW 4 Sharon Houchms Larry Large Mary Lefter Jerry Lucas ROW 5 Jamce McBrxde De Wayne McGu1re Jerry Mrller Irmmre Moyer Bobby Neal ROW 6 Davld Newklrk Karyn Nlcoson Mrchael Nrcoson John Parnter Judrth Pamter ROW 7 Anne Pamsh Vrrgrma Reece Steven Rlchman Karen Rlley Donald Shaw ROW 8 Walter Smlth Stephen Snow Nrkkl Ward Nancy Welsh Sharry Wrlson ROW 9 Bruce Wrlght ABSENTEE- Rex Wright Donald Harsh ti ' I' "Q te 4 . - az ,V K .X 1 ,I r . . I . K ' V ll ,' N ,l O W! l ' N I . . L .5 . Y' 1 ' h L' L We kr L 'S E7 4 l X X U U Q v t 1' N2 ' .ix , L . A " HA A."g , X f' ,AV ' , ' ' ra .' 31 1 'I 'ins f S .- V . , 4 'N 1,3 Chris Kiger Y s A , , i V 5' 2 I Q fi s A V, " . 5 ' l.MI.".i-A A with NV N 6 . . I . V 2. 1 vf - L Q ' ' .sz L' 4. " '- F , ig . . 1 "' ' " 0 ' f ' T-'f : . A , ' ,L .. X . . ' . I . JGX 5.1 'X ' X K f D"X L, . Ll n .J Si X X 2 4 4 ii . . "X A ' . 3 Va. n T Second ROW 1 Rosemary Barkley Sylvra Barlow Charles Brown wb YT Iudrth Bryson -" Johnny Byrd ROW 2 Vxrgrnra Clapp Patsy Drmett Larry Fugerr Mary Grdeon Robert Glass .St 2 ROW 3 Sharron Hardrng Davrd Harrrs Harry Hembree 3 Irmmre Hrckman 1 Carol Sue ldelwme ROW 4 Oren Jarvrs Bobby I ones Gary Kendall Ralph Large t '1'lx'3,,4' N' X Susan Luellan Q! ROW 5 Sue Ann McCartt Jane McDonald Pamala McG1nn Lonna Mrtchell M I Romona Mohler ROW 6 Roberta Muncy Donna Palmer Larry Muse Sue Parrxsh Mlchael Ratlrff ROW 7 Nancy Reedy Sharon Roland Lewls Rutherford Jr Danny Sampley Maunce Shortt 5 ROW 8 Irvrn Shubert Iamce Thornburg Bobby Troxell Tommy Turner Lee Ann Wade naval' ROW 9 Melvm Warrrck Helen Wrley Gary Lee Wrllrams Margaret Wrrght L .Mi 1. ,x 's 4- S' . O 0. .6 t 7 - -5 Q, L' ' Q-A . X - si f. Iain. W , . . Q .L Q' 'A 6 O - , :R Q nv X ri 5 , I ' L . L g. K lv V- Q ' . . I at so Q Xxg I K 'fl M ,, Q , '- ' ' A af ll M r if 1 J . rd' 8' ' ' L - ' N . 'Q W 1 B 1 x ' 4 'V If sx., 5 t ,figs 1 M' ' x "1 fw 1 e li 1 l . s.. X' Q- x A' 5 Vi' Ag Q g i W y A L lx' L , . xx I Q A .A A X s 1 v'-f -1- " .Q .. . If , 'X W o ,Z 3 " Q " I " , L ' Q P' 4' . 'xg N X . . B ' xl N " Y :TN X is A L .qt sl I I h ' , 'f is ala xy, , ' ' L H S. T 6, A 'T' x 1 ' wx 1 I 'f 1.4. Q. 'X N ' L A .ni 5 N1 ' 0- 'L' . 'x ef 'IX 4 Y N Q , . . ' - 1 Q -" ' ,f Btiy, K L J I g'x 7 Qqknikua NIPcte le x """l Q f' Rm 0 KE 1- Jud .hw ROW 1 Ralph Adams Terry Albertson Mtcnael Ankrom Parme Baker Davtd Bennett ROW 2 Rosemary Bex Ersktne Cherry Janet Clapp Carmalyn DeLay Norman Foust ROW 3 Connte Hall James Hamtlton Dtcky Hardlng Sherman Hasty Stephen Htlbert ROW Lf Frank Holcomb Stanley Hudelson Karen Lacy 'ma Lamb Jerry Ntcholas ROW 5 Melody McG1nn Helen Mttchell Dtxte Muncy B1l1y Pterce Roy Pterce ROW 6 Donna Roberts Joe Roland Bllly Sample Bobby Sample Joyce Shaw ROW 7 Jlmmy Sherry Gary Sorrell Mary Ann Sorrell Vxrgrnta Stover Beverly Thompson ROW 8 ABSENTEES Jtmmy Trteschman Gary Warrtck Calvtn Wells Mlchael Welsh Stuart Young Duatne Clark Arlene Harsh Sue Keeler Kay Keeler Ronme True ., ff ..+, . Ria ' ts , 0. 4 + . Q .,'f - A5 -' V I W Q . . tix , t . 'Q - . Y V A A,g,g,x 0 Q s .0 ' U' I .I it 1 , K ii ' A wc V Y , . .I . .- R f fl' VV I A S f , . , haw : If"5. I 5 P Y ' , " 4' R . ' ?i Y X 7 a V , I 1 . l A l 1 R R AA . M M A A ' F ' "-,. , 1, , l,. 7 X . 6 ' -6 Q I . 5' , 'V Q 'R 'E ,Q A rv 2 it Q ' -- 1. A g Q" 4 If ' 'Y ,- t 5- I , - , Q D I. . A S be-n x f ll R r iN L A ' z I -ge , 'va' Nw , ff ,f I e ' .A g bf 1 5 ,,. , ' F' ' 'Q 4 Q o -G N ls. ll 6 L 'N 1 R- ' . , 'Z -Q A N, A pw if 7 A Q I 1 ' A I l ' 5 . s G, v 5 ,ya Y . ,i 4 W lwrs Bates SI1Il'1f1g up somethmg rastx m the lutchen H1-'Q Mr Lmson duecung the school s affalrs from behlnd h1sb1g desk Mr Smohk peerrng over hrs hom rrmmed glasses at a late commg Mr McBr1de bendlrrg over some shop Lrterature Mr Ellar busrly markmg down the zeros on hrs score sheet Mrs Rmgo explammg some fmer DO1HI'.S of musrc J... ,ljfxgib Tw ca swam 20455 ffuul. . Q Mrs Hall keepmg her classes up to offlce level effrclency NM X Mr Hazlett puttermg around rn rhe Mr Mathes far rn the recessesof the lab Here an electrlcalexperrment locker rooms strarghtenm tlun s "i, up a b1t g g K' Mrs Moonshower planmng our apeu Mr Norfleet grvmg the ag boys ad zmg lunch menus v1ce on how to run then farms 34 ,NN ' Q' A V V l X Bs .- K 4 f ' . I f l s s ' so o l ff ' Y l N A f 1 :L Q - , 3 A - 4 , I 1 J if 5 'N' in A 4 I , 2 ' N as gs s s '... pqvzgxfaw A . ff s lass ww. " K I . - , ' . . ' . . . s f s h A ' 4- 3 i , 'MI L ye L , is Q 'M 3 q I 4 DICK SORRELL Dick, a fighting for- ward, was one ofour lead- ing scorers averaging 20 points agame. His snap- py shooting ability and tricky ball handling will be missed next year. JOHN ROBERTSON Spic:eland's spunky guard, John Robertson, saw much action during the past season. His ag- gressive style and defen- sive ability made him a double threat to the op- ponents. ' facie ' ScFwol.93cw ,S ' ,.7wuz.7n.7lieifaSui DICK GIDEON This was the first year of varsity basketball for Dick as he played for- ward. His spirit and fight boosted the team tre- mendously during the season. ED BRYSON Ed, our 6' l" center, imcproved rapidly near the en ofthe year. Ed's ac- curacy in rebounding and shooting will be missed next season. 26 Cljflfldity Shown, .Drive and Spiful vw vwpifm 'ng W -QL lx Janelle Bussell Larry Estelle Phyllls Fame .93o.aoted wa Hmm QU .7fze way, lg-I' ,W v Norberta Vogel Sandra Smallev lxadme Vare w thxgea Chdcnatcng J do 4 -'U' ROW 1 Ray Cable Vrce Presrdent Drck Sorrell Presrdent Dorrsjo Apple ate Secretary Treasurer Barbara Burton Monte Goodwrn Pete Krner Dale Albertson Doug Smalley Nlr Lrnson Carolxt Lopeland Pa Appleaate Earl Applegate Con Wrrght J em Staf,E...JJaawe .fm Cl juli 'wail Qhuze 1 1 .ff P- Q' 3-I ROM 1 Carolvn Rrchman, Gretchen Krger, Marrlyn Wade, Slurley Mason RO V 2 Donna lxrcoson, Carolvn Delay Geneva Lacv, Mary Margaret Applegate, John Robertson, Kay Ruth McDonald 30 Ward, Drck Sorrell, I S ' ' ' O ' U av -I I I I H , g ,J ' I f 9 " ,S K' ' 3 xi, '35 ,, Vg, Q , M I ' b' V o V ' a 'qu I 'fl y gr A gig A y n Ax U , We 3 X --rf f , V --D - ' ' -- ' ' -- ' ly I- ,, l . ll D 1 I - 2" 1 1 D I I I .1 1 ' 1 fl x 1 U 1 ' 1 fl F7 ' 6' ,. ...-, f:t':t4'IJ u., -4' ' " V A 4 fl, . f . 7 I . -J S 2 o 'A A. lr 9 ' . Y l. , I Z' , 1 . . . 5 I . l ' ' - Lx "..,.A .1,,'7L. W ,B ,Mt Q ,M-til, Q, if ' A V' '..,4-Q. k .73and....Tepp , ' ' ,Clad .7npaJA ROW 1 Don Scroggrns Mary Lou Scroggrns Joan Brock Carolyn Bryson, Shlrley Arclubald Joyce Garner Nancy Mxller Mary Clare Scotten Shrrley Luellen ROW 2 Paul Adams Jon Bogus Bxll Floyd Buddy Zeller Dons Jo Applegate Rosalyn Coffln Ph1lEstelle, Evelyn Jo Delay Phylhs Farne Norman Cooley ROW 3 Mary Jane Catt Barbara Clapp Pat Applegate Plul Sherry Sandra Smalley Roberta Vogel Juanrta Talbot, Jeanme Rutherford Janet Warrrck Rodney Hoover ROW 4 Larry Estelle Judy Barlow Pete Krger Mr Smolrk, Janelle Bussell, Mary Reece Nancy Adams ROW 1 ROW 2 ROW 3 'lllefl Un .7142 LL KQL Russell Estelle Ann Butterfreld Anna Clare Newlork Dallas Thompson Jamce Garner, Joyce Lefter Sandy Green Charles Parnter Duane Lrvrngston, Geor e Evans Gary Goodwrn Lrla Jarvrs Rua Burd Davrd Zeller Carolyn Cherry Sharon Hawks Judy Goo wrn Prrcrlla hrlCGU1l'C Donna Welsh Mary Parnter Sharon Knott Martha Ghdevyell 31 , I I ' I I . . I I ' I . . . . . . ' I I I I I I I I . . .I I I I I I I I ' ' l I I ' I I 1.7 S of -. eh 1 s -..s.s...t ,s , xv - I .F Q, me M .. is vw It I K' , ' ,- - -'A- wx S' i .4 . ' ,, x ll I I t I by ' I I . 1 I 5 l ' 'Il 4 bb I V 'I I I .I ' ,Y Il I ' I I 'I I I , .... filling .7 'fa with ic ,..404l'v'?i' Q?" ,.. , . ,as f lf I 4:-ev 491' 'J "' '7 cr C7 ROW 1 Phylhs Fame Glenna Claywell Judy Prtest Nancy Davrdson Betty Mae Pew Pat Applegate Joyce Garner Eleanor Prtrs Mary Clare Scotten Nrna Rose Shrrley Mason Carolyn Delay ROW 2 D1 k Copeland Norman Cooley Janet Warrrck Mary Lou Scroggrns Becky Topper Carolyn Green Marjorre Hudelson Mane Ankrom Mrldred Jane Applegate Lrbby l-lenshaw Wanda Talbot Barbara Clapp Barbara Anderson Marrlyn Wade Kay Ward Barbara Burton Dtana Crosrer Mrs Rrngo ROW 3 Larry Estelle Don Rose Eddre Houcluns Dorts Jo Applegate Mary Jane Catt Carolyn Bryson Charlotte Hudson Donna Nxcoson Nancy Adams Rosalyn Coffrn Joan Brock Sharon Odgers Gretchen Krger Marsha Mason Inagene Murphy Martha McCormack ROW 4 Brll Thornburg Lynn Barlow Rrchard Kendall Ronald Smrth Davrd Van Hoy Tom Applegate James Harrrs B111 Reeves Davrd Lrng Pete Krger Conrade Wrlght Jerry Drsbro Kenny Moore Earl Applegate Bw ,a, B - Am 1,155 ROW 1 Mrs Rrngo Shrrley Mason Kay Ward Barbara Clapp Nancy Adams Gretchen Krger Marsha Mason ROW 2 Paul Adams Ronny Anderson Larry Estelle Pete Krger Davrd Van Hoy Lynn Barlow Q n , bfi? "N ,L Q , I U- sn- 'K Cf' - sg X , 6 Q W V A "' V , .A mi U o E , , W--W A . 'V V Y ,..' ,Af , 3 gf U W g T A V s-S slew J f A 55 Y: r " A A' "sa -- . Q f ' vi ,-,f ia, '45 ' ' - Lg w,' - 1 . Q , ' ,, g 5 iv . - ,"' ,V ' A H Y J ' 1 , 1 v . Y -.J Q Q tv M . V .5 V 5, p r. .14 ,Q ll :J juz. -iz. 'J :V .21 I Y uh-K 'E P Y g h 1 A an ,, I - - . -A p K J' , V " gs 1 V 'r A 'sv 4 , f. A , V 77.- TRAITIIFIG POR All OUTDOOR VOCATION ROW 1 Paul Adams Jrm Sweat Rav Cable Drck Copeland Brll Thornburg Eddre Houchxns ROW 2 Tom Applegate Larry Houchrns Alan Shubert Ronald Delay Tom Swrnford Don Rose Paul Bogue ROW 3 Mr Lrnson Darrell Grbson Kenny Pew Mr Norfleet u U U VENIMLS VIDIMUS VICIMUS Carol Topper Shuley Archlbald Doug Smalley 11m Robertson Mr Erlar Carlene Wrrght Eleanor Prtts Becky Topper Pat Applegate Betty Mae Pew '53 f . . , . ,X . P . , , ru ' ' , I I 1 I I 2 I I I I 'K 0 1 r l 0 V - 'v 1 9 c ll ' V UQ ' I I I , I ' I ,,,V Q G I : ,.. A ' ,, . .. O I I f 1 . I f R ' - I , A.. r -y - .1 K , I s 4' , , R ' - 1 , O, -A ' I 'W "ffl, . ' 1 I I' :XIX-1 XX- . s I ' 's a S., , I ' g 1 b 1 0 l u o l . I .T ClfD 4... W Sfxvullflf .4 :N ROW 1 Judy Barlow Rosalyn Coffrn Barbara Clapp Dorrs Jo Applegate Mary Jane Cart Phrl Estelle Pat Applegate ROW 2 Mary Lou Scroggrns Nancy Adams B111 Floyd Paul Adams Evelyn Io Delay Ion Bogue Larry Estelle Pete Krger ,....Ste,p4ung 36496 , .Zpzeg Sinile 11 pix ek'-v Left to Right--Nancy Miller, Joyce Garner, Shirley Archibald, Joan Brock, Carolyn Bryson Whatzapopprn Il one ofthe best school shows of the year began Cas do most varrety showsj w1th a few scattered rdeas Practrces bevun early rn No vember brought these rdeas torether Bv the mrddle of November the musrc department could see the makrngs of x good show Practrces were strenuous often loud affarrs rt The work of many stage hands was needed Be hurd the scenes students worked verv hard preparrng backdrops and stage propertres The show could not have been a success wrthout these helpmg hands In rts frnal stages Whatzaoon rn II took the audrence to all parts of Iwew York rn a musrcal num ber called Nrght Beat to a country square dance toEastL1nn rn an old trme melodrama and mto the nursery rhymes w1th a scene from Goldrlocks and the Three Bears The audrence was amused and entert uned mth many other acts musrcal and other wrse Because the musrc department has had such suc cess wrthxarrety shows 1n the past two years What zapopprn rs almostsure to become an annual event H N, Nfl Q 3 W H na, A 5 x x 'I' Ms. .. Z A . . y P 2- of 0 , F L P . . , P I N ' 1 A . ' X - V liveryone who had an opinion was allowed to express ' A-fi:'5.Tw'4f --A-r atS. .6 '40 The smells of hot rolls chicken and pine boughs mingle in the halls Why? Simplef The annual Christmas festivities have just begun and the seniors are pre paring a delicious dinner for the high school students to enjoy Cfifuo Qlmnefa The senior girls demonstrate their abihues along the lines of cooking .ff and tasting Meanwhile one of the more D , ' I I I Specialdguests enjoy the wide variety of foo along with the stu- dent body. energetic cooks plays hookey from the kitchen to dance an impromtu number in the halls Decked out in their finest aprons these two helping hands drink a toast to the tasty food which will follow Teachers and guests keep the conversation moving between bites. 36 ...Q Dishwashing is inevitable and at such an affair as this the job is a tough one. But the seniors clean things up with a smile and a song. :I em ,ar JBA Beyond the sweep of the spot The settrng IS rn sunny Florxda hght the rntermedxate band plays Wllh a beach scene for a backdrop the overture the srgnal for the cur and palm trees adornrng the stage rams to open upon Act l of She Here the Chrxstmas pornsettms srng Drdn t Belxeve a gay song .l Even rn Flortda Chrrstmas would not Here comes Santa s toy tram The tram chugs rts wav down be complete w1thout holly and complete wrth engrne and a long onto the gym floor mrstletoe stung of cars The SU21lghICh1'1SIlT13S candles Bedecked rnrrbbons and fnlls these Havrng lard therr mtxlng bowls wear therr wrcks well Chrtstmas presents bnng a fesuwe asrde these homemakers tap t trough look to the stage a short dance rouune f 0 u J I l 1 fl v 1 I K . C- F1 , ' ,Q s ' I -3 T' .! n fl. .1 3 ' " al W- ' ' . . . , . . . L ' . ' I I N ' ' "I - tt 1 I 1 - -'Q .. lf. - ' , T 1 :L 1 X 1 i . ' 1 l We saw the sights ofwashington. . . together. f-..y':' gl N- --,,N-.ja ifwi . Oblivious of the turmoil within, the Capitol Buildin serenly stands upon its picturesque awn. --A 'A 7. ,,,--"""' --w..,,...N.. ,af 11" -'Z' ,- 1 -,If 4 ff!! yi K li' Our Washington tour included the Senate, Washington Cathedral, and Lincoln Memorial. v., s eff I ' ..- 1 Q.. .. --N F-CZ.-x - I '.a-I Y. In awesome silence we watched the chang- 38 We took a moonlight cruise up the Potomac ing of the guard at Arlington Cemetary. .-'e-"9--,,, 'Q 5 E tl 1lmimmr-' Grve me your ured, your poor . . .I lift my lamp beside the golden door." Yu", ,xy gi 'lc jffi We stopped long enough in g ' Philadelphia to see Independence if Han. X As our tour of Manhattan got underway, through the glass top of the bus we saw our New York home, the HotelPicadilly. Our "guests" pose before the bus. We lined up to tour stately Mt. Vernon. 39 aff .Yn Q Taye, As one walks into the office, he will be greeted by a student office girl whois etting some good practical traininggnefore she leaves school. The memeograph machine is in constant usegall commercial ma- jors are expected to master its operation. Demand for workers skilled in the operation of the mimeograph machine and other duplicating devices is ieat. The school paper, published y the stu- dents each month, has given them ample opportunity to gain this ex- perience. Upon entering the commercial room , one finds himselfin an atmos- sphere of business-like efficiency. Speech class has displayed many interesting phases ofdramatics as well as speaking. Would you like to be asalesman, pleading with an unwilling customer? Or. . . Would you rather belong to a ball Or perhaps you would like tobecome and chain gang in a women's prison? 3 1BdY COD OU the beal. 31'f9SIiUg 3 sidewalk drunk. L .. -X H ff' i 'i Ill WH.-'Y t-if l The study hall offers a quiet atmosphere for students requiring dictionary and reference work. Or. . just plain book work. Or. . . . 40 well, , you've got to relax sometime! 'lllwrft at S. . S. Band now has the rating of a two-credit subject. Students are given specific practice requirements and are expected to treat band as a solid subject. 'Q The shop boys take greatpride in their craftsmanship. The boys have produced many beautiful chests, lamp bases, and bookcases. Above some wood filler goes into place. The question here is, 'Which wire oes where?" The lab students find Sie answer to this and many other questions in first-period physics class. Q - . r X 5.-lj: ul Pt , X Q . r by When the teacher leaves the During the noon hour students The next voice you hear will room, the horseplay begins. relaxin the assembly with theirfav- be that ofthe assembly teacher ord- orite friends. ering the boys to cut the comedy and to get down to work. ' ,1 I if The seventh period finds the Every month specialperiodsare The tables are littered with Latin students huddled closely set aside for class meetings. The books and paper as the yearbook around Mr. Eilar's desk in an in- following day the student council Cdiliflg Stiff PYCDHCS BHOUIC1' ml! formal manner. convenes to discuss ideas gained in to be sent to the publishers. these meetings. land: Mary Margaret Applegate Carolyn Delay an Shlrley Ann Mason won fust on her vocal solo at the Gretchen Klger all won state 4 H honors Mary drstrrct contest Margaret won secondplace rn food preparatron Judg Carolyn Delay placed rn the re rrbbon group rn food preserva mon judgxn Gretchen Kager won the pub c spealung contest Dou Smalley Qbelowj won frrst E C C table ten tourney Doug also had the hlgh est free throw percentage 77 201 rn basketball for the past year Pete Kr erand Paullio ue qleftj placed ust and secon respect 1V8ly rn the Henry County Tree Judgxng Contest The grrls barbershop quartet C0l'1S1St1I1g of Marsha Mason Gretchen Krger Slurley Mason and Kay Ward qbelowp took frrst places at both drstrrct and state musrc contests T Jon Bogue won f1rst1n the Uumpet d1v1s1on at the drs R1chardQSaucerj Sorrell and Gretchen Klger were chosen to represent Sprceland H1 h School rn the M n Mrss Henry County contest Rrchard was also chosen forward for th Henry County All Star team . "Gretch"t1ed for frrst place 1n the Southern County d1v 1s1on of the D. A. R. "Good C1UZCl'l" contest. 43 .y S -Q'-P as ' i , N I: I e '!m....r-ex Preparrng well balanced meals rn huge quantrtres 1S an art' Ask any of our four cooks prctured rn the Group to the left Mrs Henry Mrs Applegate Mrs Pew and Mrs Carr It rs not unusual to f1nd them rollrnv outa batch of dough whrch complete ly covers one table or roastrng srx turkeys rn the ovens for a spe cral treat Keeprng the school clean and orderly keeps Mr Henshaw hrgh school Janrtor Cleftj, and Mr Stubbs grade schooljanrtor busy long hours before durrng and after school The school could not functron properly wrthout the ard of our marntenance experts lg .Ne Cfcumng yeaw The summer of 1953 w111 see a new school burld mg nsrng north ofthe Frrends Church Thrs welcome add1t1on to the campus w11l house grades one two and part ofthree Besrdes these modern schoolrooms a cafeterra an offrce and a nurse s room w111 be rncluded The bu11d1n0 of buff buck w111 be ready for occupancy next December The necessary mov mg from the present grade school burldrng wrll be done durmg Chrrstmas vacatron 'Hr- srzcr' N EM 93000 Mrtchell s Grill Sprceland Ind Bealor s Barber Shop Sprceland Ind Ioseph W Hancock Elwood Ind E R Moore Co Chrcago Ill. Leota Scroggrns Spxceland Ind Mlke Nrles New Castle Ind Best Wrshes To The 1953 Fraduatrng Class' lndxanapohs Indrana ...+R The Long and Short of rt an 'R The old Go get em handshake Mrs Hall rs the bashful type Up and Over 5 'la x' 1. uh. My but he looks busyl Mmmmmmml Must be mteresnngl :lllf r mf P f 'M s . as . I U , I oy .1 Y N . 1 X f U R I I A I .-...,,J 5,4 ,'.", 'fi ' , K xqkx M 0, ' I , . . 46 - . WILL OF THE CLASS OF 1953 xX ll! We the class of 1953 bem of sound mrnd and S I K f nemory do hereby make publrsh and declare th1s to be our lastwrll and testament hereby makrnv vord 3 any w1ll or wrlls heretofore made by us We do hereby w1ll and bequeath to the faculty one moment each day for nrghtj at exactly twelve o clock to thrnk of us and remember the many late hours we spent on the school paper We w1ll to the beloved underclassmen our wonderful abxlrty to get alonfv so well wrth the faculty Each member of the class of 1953 doth hereby w1ll and bequeath one of hrs cnaracterrsttcs or tra1B to some underclassman Dale Albertson do hereby bequeath my wonderful abrlrty to wrrte poetry to Ray Cable Mary Margaret Applegate do hereby bequeath my M R S degree to Colleen Lacy Edwrn Bryson do hereby bequeath my abrlrty to get along wrth grrls to Jrmmy Robertson I Carolyn Copeland do hereby bequeath my drsposrtron to Joyce Garner I Carolyn June Delay do hereby bequeath my abrlrty to meet people and make frrends to Carol Topper Max Garner do hereby bequeath my curly harr to all of the Jumor boys Bonnre Garvrn do hereby bequeath my abrlrty to get along wrth Mrs Hall to Margre Albertson Rrchard Grdeon do hereby bequeath my abrlrty to play the French harp to Dale Ellrs Joan Houchtns do hereby bequeath all of the thrngs that I have seen on televrs on to any televrston lover Gretchen Klger do hereby bequeath my dtmples to Mr Erlar Geneva Lacy do hereby bequeath my queen crown to all of the up and comrng queens Shrrley Mason do hereby bequeath my talent for s1ng1ng and my blue eyes to Ltbby Henshaw Donna Nrcoson do hereby bequeath my hour glass frgure to Barbara Clapp Ruth McDonald do hereby bequeath my fraternrty pm to Becky Topper and Eleanor Puts Carolyn Rrchman do hereby bequeath my multrcolor harr to Mrs Hall John Robertson do hereby bequeath my srze twelve shoes to Janet Warrrck Rrchard Sorrell do hereby bequeath my magnetrc eyes to Norman Cooley James Sweat do hereby bequeath my crgarettes to Dorothy McDonald Margaret Swrnford do hereby bequeath my poodle cut to Judy Prrest Marrlyn Sue V ade do hereby bequeath my personalrty to Sharon Odgers Ellen Kay Ward do hereby bequeath my ab1l1ty to talk to Janelle Bussell James Ward do hereby bequeath my heel caps to Mr Lrnson Srgned sealed publrshed and declared as and for our last wxll and testament by the class of 1953 the above nfamed gestator 1n the presence of us who have subscrrbed our names hereto as wrtnesses on the day and year last 1 oresar 'cr 'b Q31 Carolyn Rrchman Carolyn June Delay , XXXL X X f U U I " l -. X ' - 1 - - ol' . II Y 1 D l 1,' I , . fy . , . . . . . 1, , ' , 1, ' , - ' , I. D . . . D L ' . . I 1, ' , - , 1. . ' . I. ' , ' . I. ' . . I 1. , . ' . DX Vff' Cr , Y I f , I K Q 1 , X I CLASS HISTORY This eventful year, 1953,is the end of our twelve years of school. They have been twelve years of great joy and learning, years of happiness, years of discouragements, and years of disappointments. I.n looking back over the years, we find that six out of our Cgraduatingcclass of twenty-two have glone hand in hand throughout our school ltfe. They are Carolyn Copeland, retchen iger, Ellen Kay Ward Rrc ard Sorrell, hm Ward and Mary Margaret Applegate John Robertson started rn the first grade with us but left while he was rn the second grade He came and went until the fourth grade and then he stayed wrth us for good Marilyn Sue Wade also started 1n the first grade wrth us and has been with us for the twelve years except for a half year in the fourth grade Mrs Queener was the teacher who started us on the road of education Donna Nocoson Joined us in the second grade Our teacher was Mrs Rubey In our thrrd ,ear of school we had a class enrollment of forty three the largest we ever had Mrs Holtsclaw was our teacher Edwin Bryson, Ruth McDonald and Ioan Houchrns entered our class At that trme the Dunrerth school closed grving us some of our new members Mrs Bundy was our teacher 1n the fourth grade and that year Donna Nrcoson left Donna Nocoson came back in the fifth grade and Mrs Eilar was our teacher How important it made us feel to move upstairs with the older students' In the srxth grade Max Gamer and Carolyn Richman Jomed us The same year Donna N left agarn, It was also during thrs year that our teacher, Mrs Davtdson, started us on our journalistic career through pubhcatron of a paper written entrrely by members of our class Geneva Lacy and Shrrley Ann Mason Joined us in the seventh grade Donna N decided she ltked Sprceland best of all and therefore came back to stay, but Carolyn Richman left Some of our teachers were Mr Wade Mrss Pickett Mr Mason Miss Neal and Miss Donahue Now we were tn the erghth grade whrch was our year of raduatron There was not room enough for us in the grade building, so the prrncipal sent us to the hrgh schoo burldmg Dale Albertson Bonnre Garvin and Carolyn Delay came that year and graduated Wllh us Mr Mason was our sponsor hm Sweat and Dick Gideon came when we were sophomores Also, Carolyn Richman decided she would come back and graduate with us We helped the Jumors sell at the concessions at the County Toumey and we also In our Junior year Margaret Swmfrod joined our class Again Mr Mathes was our sponsor That year we did the usual things Juniors do lrke selling at ballgames selling Chrrstmas cards and candy and domg anythrng else to make money Our class play Lrghts Out sponsored by Mr Erlar, was a big success Then came the long awaited event our Junior and senior trip How we drd look forward to this' At last we got to vrsrt Washing ton D C and New York City and to see many wonderful, interesting and educational things and places Nowour last year, our senior year,has come Mr Mathes is our sponsor, as he has been for the past two years We gained no new members this year Probably thrs year IS the saddest of all Why? Because we hate to leave dear old SHS Some of our teachers from the eighth grade on up were Mr Davidson Mr Eilar Mr Christiansen Mr Gordon Mrs Hall Mr Prrde Mr Smolrk Mr Mason Miss Kramer Mrss Brown Mr Norfleet Mrs Bates Mr McBride Mr Hazlett, Mrs Rrngo, Mr Mathes Mr Krnkatd four past princrpalj, and Mr Lrnson four pre sent prrncipalj Now we want to extend our srncere apprecratron and thanks to all the teachers we have ever had for the help and guidance they have given us Wrthout them we wouldn t be what we are now more intelligent confident and looking to the future to make a success of ourselves 48 Mary Margaret Applegate sold everyday cards and stationery. We served dinner on Field Day. At that time Mr. Mathes was our sponsor. - . - s .I N .1 , " a . . . I I . . . , . . . . . . ' I - v . . . . ' . . ' . . . , S. CLASS PROPHECY Let s take a peekrnto the future and see what the graduates of 53 are dorng We frnd thatBONNIE GARVIN rs strll lrvrng rn Sprceland She rs happrly marrred and has four charmrng chrldren She has been correspondrng regularly wrth her old frrend GENEVA LACY They have decrded to renew therr frrendshrp by takrngtherr summer vacatron together Geneva who rs a very successful nrght club entertarner has managed to wrnd up her srngrng engagements rn Indranapolrs After careful delrberatron the grrls decrde to tour the country and look up their old classmates Bonme has recerved careful rnstructrons to obtarn all her travel informatron before she leaves Indianapohs She does so by gorng to the Ross Babcock Travelrng Agency Much to her amazement she finds the manager rs JIMMY WARD Jrmmy has been manager of thrs agency for the past frve years As you wrll remember Jimmy always did lrke to travel' A few days later we find the girls speeding toward Calrfornra They are fascrnated by the huge crtrus farms that dot the counuysrde The grrls decrde to stop and take a brref tour of one of the crrrus farms, and whom do you thrnk they meet on their tour? It rs none other than DALE AIBERTSONI Yes, Dale rs the wealthy owner of one of the most prosperous crtrus farms rn the natron He tells the grrls to be sure to see Carolyn Copeland who rs teachrng rn the Los Angeles school system Of course, the grrls take Dale s suggestion and hurry to Los Angeles There they frnd that CAROLYN COPELAND rs a third grade teacher in the Prne Vrew Grade School She is very happy wrth her work and plans to go to Europe next wrnter as an exchange teacher The next desunatron rs Washrngton They have heard that MARY MARGARET APPLEGATE rslrving rn Tacoma hrs career After arrrving rn Tacoma the grrls are very drsappornted upon frnding that Walter and Mary Margaret have gone to Washrngton, D C to attend a mrlrtary convention The day rs DOI entrrely unsausfactory however, as the grrls accrdentally run rnto Seaman First Class ED BRYSON Ed s shrp has just docked and he rs very happy to see some of hrs old classmates He relates some of hrs experrences to the grrls and tells them where to frnd some of therr old frrends The grrls contrnue therr Journey and head for Montana A srgn happens to catch Geneva's eye as they are drrvrng down the hrghway The srgn reads THE FAMOUS CAROLYN DELAY WILL SPEAK AT THE PUBLIC AUDITORIUM AT 8 30 p m TONIGHT Geneva and Bonnre naturally attend the lecture and have an rnterestrng talk wrth Carolyn It seems Carolyn has become an expert on etrquette Some people say she rs a second Emrly Post' On therr way to Colorado the grrls notrce another srgn Thrs srgn, however rs advertisrng GARNER S Lumber Company After reaching Denver, the grrls decrde to look up Max and talk to hrm They find that he rs happrly marrred and rs a very successful busrnessman After therr pleasant vrsit wrth MAX GARNER the girls head for St Lours Several days later they arrrve rn St Lours Everyone rn St hours attends the ballgames therefore the grrls decrde to try therr luck and attend a game between the St Lours Browns and the New York Grants They are delrghted upon frnding that the manager 49 with her husband, Walter Clay. Walter, incidentally. is now a five-star generaland is certainly making the Army of the Browns rs none other than DICK CIDEON a former classmate D1ck has been manag1ng the Browns for frve years and 1S a well known f1gure rn the baseball world The gtrls are also happy to f1nd that the star of the Browns 1s none other than DICK SORRELL D1ck now heads the league 1n battrng averages Hrs battrng average for the last year was 512 As a srdehne D1ck owns a huge cha1n of drugstores The Sunny South Land waves 1ts beckomng hand and the g1rls conttnue on the1r Journey We f1nd them several days later tn the town of New Orleans Of course a tr1p to New Orleans would not be complete 1f the g1rls d1d not try one of those famous French restaurants Wh1le eat1ng a del1c1ous French meal the grrls happen to see CAROLYN RICHMAN They all have dmner together and talk over the1r school days at S ll S Carolyn 15 now marr1ed and 15 vacat1on1ng w1th her husband rn New Orleans She l1ves 1n New MEXICO The grrls cont1nue IDIO the deep south The1r1ourneys take them to Flor1da The wonderfulFlor1da sunslune necessttates hghter cloth1ng therefore, the g1rls go on a shoppmg tour They enter a fasluonable Mramr dress shop and are delrghted to f1nd DONNA NICOSON Donna owns a cha1nofexpens1ve dress shops tn M1am1 and Palm Beach She IS gett1ngready to make her annual tnp to Par1s where she buys the latestParis1an dresses Donna tells us of our frtend SHIRLEY MASON Shuley 15 now a famous French hatr styl1st She has made a fortune Wllh her famous p1gta1l ha1r do Wh1le pass1ng through Atlanta, the g1rls notrce that JOHN ROBERTSON another one of the1r classmates has just won the Atlanta Open Golf Tourney The g1rls phone John at h1s hoteland learn that JIM SWEAT 1S now l1v1ng 1n Charleston, South Carol1na 11m owns a huge tobacco farm and sellsA 1 tobacco to the Chesterf1eld Company After rece1v1ng a wonderful sun tan and add1ng several pounds the g11'lS head toward the natron s cap1tal Waslungton D C They are especrally anxious to reach Washrngton because they have a specralappoxntment Wllh GRETCHEN KIGER the f11'SI woman Prestdent of the Un1ted States She 15 very busy w1th the peace talks between the Un1ted States and Russ1a The grrls leave Wlth a prom1se to return whenever they are 1n Wash1ngton agarn The b1g town of New York 15 the guls next stop They have trckets to the Meufopohtran Opera, where KAY WARD rs starr1ng the leadrng role of Carmen! Kay has had twelve prev1ous engagements at the Met and has made qutte a career for herself 1n the mus1cal world Wh1le rn New York the gtrls also run 1nto another one of the1r former classmates, MARILYN WADE Mar1lyn 15 now known as Mrss Socrety She 15 strll berng chased by thousands of helpless men! The g1rls start the1r homeward Journey They have heard tbatMARGARET SWINFORD 15 l1V1Ilg 1nPennsylvan1a Of course, thetr tr1p would not be compltee w1thout a VISII w1th Margaret They f1nd that Margaret IS now pr1vate secretary to the presrdent of one of the largest coal and steel manufactur1ng compames 1n the nauon Her dutles take her to many countrres She IS engaged to an 011 producer from Iran and wrll be marr1ed ID the fall The last stop for the grrls 15 1n Rac1ne Wrsconsrn They frnd that RUTH MCDONALD ts happrly marr1ed to a darry producer and has five daughters Geneva and Bonnie return home after a successful vacauon w1th the1r former classmates 50 , Q ' n . s u . 5 Q 'I N . . . . . , . o 0 9 0 9 , a n u n n u u Q 0 4 Q Q , a , Q n n ' ' ' , u . v I u u ' n . . . . . ' . D n , a a 5 n Q n s ' ' ' u n ' -u n I I . . . ,, . . N . . . . 1 0 o o s I n 9 4 o u ---.--..-Q..----.---.Q--l---K----.-1-t.-----1.-K-Qgtgtn.--..t 1 Congratulations and Best Wishes To The Senior Class From BORDEIYS MILK PRODUCTS Stanley Harding Ir., Distributor Phone 3394 1633 South Main Street NEW CASTLE. INDIANA For Satisfaction, Try Our . . . Country Style Cottage Cheese Regular and Homogenized Milk Yogurt fall flavorsl Half and Half Cream Salad Cream Cream Buttermilk Dont forget our BORDEN S ICE CREAM Pmts Quarts Half Gallons Lady Borden Dxaebtxc Special orders are made upon request Elsie says. If it s Borden s its got to be goodl I -. .- 1 n -1 1 -1 u SPGCIU1 Attention To x:::i:i:1f:re:':tg::u:fe:v:x:x:xe:1:s.:n:Q:Q:n:1:1:::ic:r R H PICKERING Sheet Metal Work Industrial Sheet Metal Work Phone 173-W HOMESTEAD NURSING HOME Phone 22 SPICELAND INDIANA srxcmmn INDIANA HERMAN REDD Plymouth and Chrysler Dealer 1313 Broad Street NEW CASTLE INDIANA ZS S1SZ55Z55SZ5S:3SS55CiES 5 55S THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING FIRMS FOR THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS TO OUR BASKETBALL ROSTER BOARD Wilson s Grocery Bogue s Orchard Henry County Farm Bureau Paul Gardner Griiiin's Service Station C. S. Chappelle Paul Reece - Insurance Andy's Spiceland Department Store Spiceland Beauty Shop LaRue's TV Headquarters Henley Studio Citizen s State Bank C L Personette 6. Son Luther Draper Wood Motor Sales Floyd Hiner Longwel1's Garage Scroggin's Garage Mitche1l's Grill Kiger's Service Co. Cliff Payne Spiceland Coal and Lumber Company I 5"'I-'111--1----1-1-1-.-1--.--1-1---.. L ------,--..-----,.. I I L L L L L L L . L 0 0 I sr-n:1:'r METAL sr-lor g I L . . l . ' L L L L L . L L L L L L L L - L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L . , . L L L I s a I I E L . . - D-X I I I L I I I I I I I 1 .. -. Q- 1 -u 1 1 .- :Q-Q1 un an 1- 1 1 1 -A111 1K1-lu-l1K111l-A-Q1 u- 1Q1Q-K-K-4 11-mtxlq -.Q 1 THE BOXWOODS NURSING HOME Where Loved Ones Are Cared For Under Personal Supervrsxon Ambulant Bed Convalescent Sen11e Patrents Lrcensed Nurse on Duty 24 Hours Capac1ty 27 Mr and Mrs Edwm W Harns Operators and Owners 115 North Tenth Street Phone 692 NEW CASTLE INDIANA K-----.-..--.I.-..I..-.--...-h----- CHEVROLET All New - Through and Through NEW CARS and TRUCKS O M LEE CHEVROLET CO 1121 Broad St Phone 436 or 2840 NEW CASTLE INDIANA COLOR CRAFT STORE Anythmg and Everytlung m Pamts and Wallpaper For Any Purpose Or Use 1211 Race Street Phone 1319 NEWCASTLE INDIANA Chas O Mogle Manager Complxments of THE DAYLIGHT STORE 1131 Broad Street NEW CASTLE INDIANA DAVIS-SMITH- COUDEN FUNERAL HOME 24 Hour Ambulance Service Phone 50 314 South Main S NEW CASTLE. INDIANA lllh STREET MARKET 1120-1122 West Broad St Open Each Evenmg Untxl 8 P NEW CASTLE INDIANA For Regrstered Durocs EDGAR HALL SPICELAND INDIANA I 1 I I I 5 I I I I O O I I ' I I . , I. I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I -K-K-l-k-K- -K- -4-K-K-l-l-K-l-l-K-I-lni-lnK- E I I - I I . . . .I I I ' I I I I I , . g . M. I . , I . . , L I I -K-K-lI-K-K-I-K-l-l-k-K-K-1-I-K- -l-i-I-l-1-K- ' g I I I ' I I . I I See I I I I. I l I ' I I I I I ......-----------....--....--..,----..-....----..--..--..----.. 1 1 1- -1- -1-1-1-1- -1-1-1-1- ...1-1-1-1-1-1-1.-1-1-1-1-1.-1-1-1-1-1-1-1.-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 1 1 t 1 1 1 Compliments of MCPFIT SCHWEIZER Funeral Homes Oxygen Equipped Ambulance Servxce Spicelcmd and Knlqhtltown. Indiana Congrcztulcrtmons to the Spxcelcxnd Graduatmg Semors CASTLE THEATER NEW cAs'n.E. INDIANA K In The New Castle COURIER TIMES News of Spxceland and all Henry County Follow Ken Ford for county and natlonal sports news. I I I I 1 1 1 K-t-t-k-k-t-t-t-t-K-k-g-t-K-t-k-1-1-L-K-1-Q-Q..1-1-1-1..t..t-t-1-1-1-1- -g,.1-1,-1..1-1..1 1 I L I I I L I ,- I I L I 7 RE D IT ' A ,- I ,- . . L L I - I ,- I . L L L L I ,- I 9 I . ,- I I ,- L L L I ,- I 2 L L I ,- L I ,- - .. ....... , .......... .. -,-, ........ ...... - - .. - - I------K--.lq-K-Q--I-.--.----..---------.-..-,-...-...----..--...v Courtesy Of FOX 6 MACER FUNERAL HOME NEW CASTLE. INDIANA KNEIDEL S FLORISTS Flowers for all Occaslons 206 Park Avenue Phone NEW CASTLE INDIANA In-K FOREST H MEEK Flonst NEWCASTLE INDIANA 151 HORNEY'S Fine Musical Instruments 1215 Race Street Phone 1884 NEW CASTLE INDIANA A Fme Place to do Busmess WILSON BROTHERS For Your MUSICGI Instruments YE' PE' Yours I-'or cr Swell Annual Ike' I I I I I I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I E I I I ' I ! . . I I - I I I . I I I NEW CASTLE. INDIANA I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I o 0 I - Q I I . I I I I I I I u -1 ---- I- -I--1---I ----- I ------ I--1 ---------------- m------ -. - -1- - - - - - - -K- -. -Kg Q - .-l-K- - - - 11-K-K-K-Kai -K-K-K-K-K-l-K-K- :KQK K K Compliments ot THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OI' NEW CASTLE "The Friendly Bank" Phone 31 GRIMM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Masonry General Contractor Concrete R. R. l Knlqhtdown. Indiana Phone 5-4108 Resxdentmal Commercnal and Farm Buxldmg When better buxldmgs are buxlt we wxll bmld them K K K K K K:KnK-n :Kal-AQK1 . . ' . I . . n . . . . . n 1 I--........-K--I--l----k-.-..-..-- CITIZENS STATE BANK New Castle. Indiana Spiceland Lewisville Mt. Summit Oi Course CLIFF PAYNE Sells the Grads Then Clothes NNI IIIII 11111111-.Q-11-.-.----Q-u-.-1-.- Compliments of EDDIE'S SHELL SERVICE STATION 17th and Broad Street Eddie Dyer. Manager l-K-I-l-K-K-K-l-K-K-K-l-l-K-I-K-K-K-K-l-K-K-I I I FORD MOTOR SALES INC. Ford Sales and Service Phone New Castle 28 DIAMONDS WATCHES IEWELRY PHOTO SUPPLIES EDWARDS IEWELER NEW CASTLE mmnrm I I I I I I I I I I I I L I , I I we - I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 5 I I I No Charge for Credit I 1 , I I I I I I I I I I I -------------------------v-u----------y--------t------ --..-..-....---..--..---....-..q--........--1---..---..q......t-- .... Q.. YOU w 4 YOUR HEW CASTLE LUMBER 6 SUPPLY I ohns-Manville Roofing - Curtis Millwork - Enterprise Paints - Hardware Cement 432 West Broad Street Phone 1 NEW CASTLE. INDIANA DENTON DRUG STORE F0 WIYH M087 1004K CAMIA3 BZ! Denton Camera Department 200 South Mcnn NEW CASTLE. INDIANA SEETHENEW Automcrtrc Lcxudromats Dryers Ranges Reingerutors Dxshwcrshers Televmon HARRY S APPLIANCE 204 South Mcnn Phone 997 NEW CASTLE. INDIANA ot Q- j Q? S 0 N 3 -t- -1- -l-l- -K-K-l-R- -K-K- -K-k-t-K-K-k-K- -K-l-K-K-K-k-l-K- -t-l-K-t-b-t- -1- - - - - - -K- I I I I I L L I I I as I 1953 eating ouee pp 'crnces WH hu t I w 11 A 11 0 S - E . L L . I I - . I . n - e v L I S 1 "' In I I I . I I h I L I T L I L L I K--K-...A-l-Q-A-.-l-QQ...-..-.-K-.---..-.-g-g...-..----------....- C. L. PERSONETTE G SON D-X Service Fresh Produce - Meats State Roads 3 and 40 5.SCi 3 DIINREITI-I GRAIN COMPANY ' Phone Spiceland - ll IFS Feeds - Seeds - Grain - Custom Grinding Fertilizer - Coal DUNREITH INDIANA Compliments of DURHAM G C0 DUNm:1'rH INDIANA GOODWINS INC Dodge Iob-Rated Trucks TeIephone5-F1 l NICK S CAFE Serving Good Food Open 24 Hours DUNREITH INDIANA I K Compliments of DRESS SI-ICP Phone 5 2735 ir- Dodge and Plymouth Sales and Service Main and Madison Streets Phone 5-2555 KNIGHTSTOWN INDIANA I 5 U I 5 5 -.lsl-l'-l-I-l-Ksl- 1 - L L I L A I L L L L L L L L 1, . L ' L L L - l-L-L- K- K- l-K- K- l-i-l-K- K-K : K- K-l- ni- l-l- L- -K-K-In - -inl- ,- L L L L I . L ' L L ROBIN LEE ' L L L a L . L L L L L L K k-k-K-K- -k-l- -K-l-l-l- 5 0 I w ------- ---------- 1 ------- ----- 5 ------------ - - 4-I I I-1111!gnu-IanI-lxlzl-dunk-Arial-l1Iql1Ixl-Axixfsnl-I-1:1-I-K1l1lxK1Ixl1K-Ixlxl-nl-ufilztgl-.l1K1l1I I K I 1 Best Wishes for The Best Class Annual G E.Pan'ish ALLIED INC Adnurcxl Dumont LQRUE S TV Sales cmd Servxce 206 South Mom Street NEW CASTLE INDIANA Raytheon Crosley COMPLIMENTS OI' A FRIEND O 1 Q-K-t..t-.Q..g..l..t..x...t..t-t- -g..g-Q..g-g.t-t-g..g-g- ..Q....L..n-Q-Q-g..t..q-m...t..t..t...4A..g..4..t..1..t-x..t- ,Lt- I I I I I I L I L I I I L - 1 I L . L Comphments of I L L 1 L L I L - I I L L ' I L L I L . I L I L I L I L I L I L L I L I L L I L L L I L n-' " ----- -1- -' --- '-.-x-x-x- -x- -' -x- -1-u-v-v- - -t-x-.-u--- - - -' -s---u- - - -V-f-' I K------K--1-.11--l-,-,-,--,--,,-----------t-4----------Q-4 STANLEY MORTUARY Norris Crawford 24 Hour Ambulance Service "On The Square" Phone 376 NEW CASTLE. INDIANA 1153 HENRY COUNTY TIRE STORE On The Square 115 South 12th Street The Home of General Tires NEW CASTLE. INDIANA NEW CASTLE. INDIANA I I I 1 YUKON ICE CREAM Our Specialties Malts, French Fries, Hamburgers, Ice Cream 1102 Race Street and 11th NEW CASTLE. INDIANA FALCK S PHARMACY 18th Street and A Avenue Phone 690 NEW CASTLE. INDIANA 1 as 1: sr-lor: sronr: A Good Place to Buy Shoes 1323 Broad Street Naturahzer Buster Brown Life Stnde Rohm Hood Roblee Pedwm Floyd McShurley Ir Manager C ngratulations to the Graduates DOROTHY COPFIN S BABY SHOP Clothing Novelties. Greeting Cards 1225 Race Street NEW CASTLE. INDIANA I I I I I I 1 n .4 I 1 I I 1 I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 L . - - . . I . . L . - 1 . 1 va 1 NEWCASTLE. INDIANA I 1 1 1 1 1 I I I ll Il - .. .. .. -1- - - .. - .. - -x-t-.m-1-1- -. - -1... - -Q.. .. .- 11-It - - -1-l.-1-l-I-k-k- -Q- -g- Q I I I". I ' A ".'.'1'-v , Eg 4 I Fox A Strong Healthy Body Drink Meadow Gold MILK 1615 Indiana Avenue Meadow NswcAs'ru:. mnuum I W HOUSE OI' HARTER Indmana s Largest Wholesale Sportmg Goods Dxstnbutors GOSHEN INDIANA l K Complxments of PRINTING CO cnzmrmn nwnuuu M .- K K J H1113 -Q..g.Q.g..g.Q-g.g-g..g... - ..y...g-Q-g-g.g-q-g...Q-1- - ..g,..q.. ..Q..m.. - - -x..a f I I I I L I ,- I I L I L L I ,- L 4 I T ,- . . I THE D. H. GOBLE I . . L , L I ,- . L 1 ,- I ,- L L L L L L I ,- I ,- L I L L L I ..-....- ..... ,..-.. ..... ..--..,..,-,---...---.....- .... ,----..,--, ....---..I....---------g--.... COFFIN 'S IEWELERS Quality Iewelers Since 1873 NEW CASTLE. INDIANA Courtesy HENRY COUNTY FARM BUREAU COOPERATIVE ASS N IN New Castle Honey Creek Strauqhn Spicelcmd WILSONS MARKET NEWLY nE1v1oDr:LED Grocenes Meats Produce Hardware SPICELAND INDIANA SOUTH SIDE LUMBER COMPANY A Dependable Place To Trade Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1953 1628 "A" Avenue Phone 345 NEW CASTLE INDIANA SPICELAND COAL 6 LUMBER Burldmg Supphes General Contractmg SPICELAND INDIANA SPICELAND DEPARTMENT STORE Try Us Fxrst We May Have SPICELAND INDIANA I 1 . 1 ' 1 ' I C. I I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 I . . . - . 1 1 ' 1 . 1 1 ll li . 1 . 1 ' ' ' 1 1 Phone 25 1 1 . 1 1 l I. 1 1 I ll I ll ! - It 1 1 . ! I I 1 I - - - - - - - - .- - - Q - - - - .- 1 -. - - -l-. .. -.tQt.- .-l-K-Quinta -I1 11- 1l-lnl.- -I- qt- .-Q- - -l-I A WARM WELCOME Awaits You at our New ERBIT HOTEL Tenth and H Streets N W Washington. D C George C Clarke Owner and General Manager Est 1909 P1 9114 PORTER S STUDIO 310 Ilhnors Bldg Your Photographer Candxd Weddmgs Buthdays Mother s Day Father s Day Christmas I-'amrly Reumons Home Portraxts Pleasmgly Posed Popular Pnced Photos Please Partrculcrr People A Complete Lme of Canned Goods KOTHE WELLS AN D BAUER s lhe es f T ,- I- in ,- f in '- 1- ,- Q A ,- I I I I 0 I I O F L L . - I L L L L L L L L L I L L L -QQK1 1Q-KQI.-KQQ-L-Q.. -A-K-1-K1 -Qqt-.Kg QKQI- ,- Q tg LMA- - -J.-KQKQ. L L L L L L L L L L L L a n L L L L 1 I I I I ,. L . . I I - I . L L L L L L L I I I I u 0 S- " L L - I I . I L Valentme Day I I ' L as L I fy VI' I I I' A L I L . ' , u ,Z ' I' ' i' ' ' mm B 1 I A . L L L L ' 4 7 L I I ,. ,. - - L L ' L L . L L ' L L L L I I L L I I L , L L L L I -.- -,- -. ...... , ...... ....... , ....... R .............. , .... - ,. I -..--..Q-...l-----..---1...---.....n-t GRIFFIN'S SINCLAIR SERVICE Appliances and Television M. D. Griffin. Owner SPICELAND. INDIANA -K-0-K-K-Q-L-t..g. -g.g.g.1..g. -Q..g.L.Q-g..Q.. NEAL S SERVICE STATION Phiuaps ss SPICELAND mnumn PAUL R REECE 6 SONS Complete INSURANCE Service Smce 1936 Spxcelund Phone 23 AN DY'S The Home Drug Store SPICELAND. INDIANA 31 FISCI-IEL S IEWELERS 1320 Broad Street NEW CASTLE INDIANA WIMMER BURIAL VAULTS NEW CASTLE INDIANA STINSON OFFICE EQUIPMENT 115 North Mann Street NEW CASTLE INDIANA I I 1 I I I 1 l 1 I I I n In !. I I I I L I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I ' I I I . I I I "We Protect What You Have" I T ' 1 I I ' I I I I I . I I I . 3 I I I -..--l-.-..--..--.Q--....---l-l---- Compliments of HENLEY STUDIO xmcx-rrs'rowN, INDIANA Compliments of PLO I-IICKMAN S APPAREL STORE West Side Public Square KNIGHTSTOWN INDIANA - -I-le - - - -Kal-A -l-IQ -I.. -K- -1- - -I.. RATLIFFS IEWELERS For Gifts of Year Around Pleasure -The Finest in Diamonds- "When she says "Yes," See us" Skilled Watch Repairing at Ratliiis Jewelers in Knightstown on the Square Phone 5-3525 I:f.v.:x:c:x RI-IADTHE KNIGHTSTOWN BANNER I I I I I I I I I L L L L Ci ' L L L L L L L L L L L L L - I I For News of Spiceland and Vicinity I I T L L . . I I L , L L I I I L L L L I L I I-.-....-......l-..-----..-t-----...- NEW CHEVROLET cms AND TRUCKS AT HALL MOTOR SALES. INC. West on U, S 40 KNIGHTSTOWN. INDIANA Q.. .. kg Q- g A f f f 1- Compliments of THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK KNIGHTSTOWN INDIANA K.-K Comphments of RODY S DEPT STORE Phone s 2754 xN1GH'rs'rowN mnmrm Q ABNER MOTOR SALES 536 W Mum St Phone 5-3585 KNIGHTSTOWN INDIANA I I I I I 1 r mvmn HUDSON 1952 AAA Stock Car Champion Phone 5-2795 KNIGHTSTOWN INDIANA DIAMOND I-IATCI-IERY Wmner of Indmnu 1952 Chxcken oi Tomorrow Contest Phone 5 4795 KNIGHTSTOWN INDIANA S TI-IE GARMEN T CLEANERS H I Haqner Prop 20 North Wcxshmgton Street KNIGHTSTOWN INDIANA m t-1-Q-t-Q ----- t-t-t ---- t-l-t- - 1- -t-t-t-t- -t- - 5 I I I I I O O L L L L L L L , L L L I L L I -K-K-Kal-K-K-K-K-i-K-K-l-K-K-K-l-K-l-K-l-K- it I' L I L L . L L L I L . . ' I in ll v ll ' L L . I- ' L L L I L L t K l-l-K-k-K- -i-K-K-K-!-k-k-K-K-l-K-l-K-K-l-K- -6' F L L L I I F L L . . , ., . ' . L r . I I ---------------------1-v-m------------v--------x---- ..,.-,--,,------t---.-.----.1---.---tal-L:K--1--l-QQ-K-K----K1 1 Indiana's Leading Sporting Goods Store EM-ROE SPORTING GOODS CO. 209 West Washington Street Phone LI 3446 INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA More Students Purchase Class Rings Made By r-mnrr Jouns co Than From Any Other Manufacturer Indianapohs Indiana Represented by Iohn McVay 3 E 2 ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ ZYD ZEAZYDCJKIT-:Z 'LSC 2.42242 ' i ' L I I S' Q I I L72 I : S I S5 sz - i . . 3. I : ' 5 ? - 5 - 5 I I r T I I 1 ' - i' 1 T E 1 I I 1 Im . - - I 1 4 I 4 I I - I- I f Q . I I z' 5. ' u Q ' I 1 . - ' : - , : ' ' S 11, : - I , . ' I 1 -W 4 I 1 I .Q If You Had a Million Dollars. You Couldn't Buy Better Bread DIETZEN S BAKERY Defend the Hands Makes dishes and X glassware Sparkling S YX't0n Bright was wt fl 11 Defenso A ll I kdm windy ll you caan! purchase this in your kno town vnilsn P O lu! 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I 1 I 1 T I ' i - - I 1 I 1 - I ' 1 I ii e 1 ll ' 1 I 1 I 1 T 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I I 11 . 1 . . ul! - 1 1 . 1 1 . ' . - 1 I j . I I I 1 1 I 7--I ------------------------------'------------ I ----- - ..!.. -.1 nnnn Jnwnnnn Watches - Diamonds Watch Repairing Ill South 14th Street NEW CASTLE. INDIANA It K Q-QQK-K-tub-Qgt-Q1 QQQQ-QQKQKQQQQ-Q-KQQQK1 SCI-!II'F'S SHOES For the Entire Family Madison Square for the Men Blue Bird Shoes for the Children Sports and Patent Leather for Women NEW CASTLE. INDIANA ...t..I- .. 1 -. - .- .. - - 1 -. - Q 1 - ... -Q-l-. nl- .-l-t.-t-Q- - - - 1 1t-l-l1l-t- -l-t1k- -Q-. - -1- i L LunL1.r:N's g sPon'rs1-lor 2 117 North Main suse: T : Nzw cnsruz. mnuum I T E I I t.g..t I 55: I I i i MILLIKAN- 2 xnnusnnunn g Aenncv i 117 North Main Street I i Telephone 30 I Q NEW cAs'ru:. mnuuu lid!! THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF KNIGHTSTOWN A National Bank Smce 1865 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation KNIGHTSTOWN INDIANA 55 , I - L l r' I -1-1-111' 1 1-1-1-1-. 1- 1- -1-1-1- 1 1- 1-1-1- 1- 1- -1-1-1- 1 1- 1-1-1- 1- 1- 1-1- 1- 1- 1-1-1- 1- 1- 1-1- 1- 1- 1- 1-1- 1- 1- 1-1-1- 1- 1- 1-1- 1- -1-1- - -14- 1-1-1 1- 1- 1- 1-1- 1- 1- - -1- -1- -1- - v-1 1 1 I 1 I g I I .I I I .f I I I I I I I I .1 I I , I I I I I .f I 4 I I 1 I I I I ., I I .1 I I f I 4 I I I I I 1 I I v I I I I I I .I I I I I I I I I I.,..,-,-,-......I......,-,-,..,-,-,-,-,-,...,..,-,-,-,..,..,-,-,-,-,..,..,-,-,-,-,...,-,...,..,..,-,..,-,-,-, 1-I-1-1-1-I-I-1-1-1-1-1-I-1-I-I-1-I-1-I I - -1-l-1-1-1-1-1-1-l-1-I-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-I-1-I-1-1-1-I-1-1-I-1-I -I-If AUTOGRAPHS I I I I I I I , I - , I I . , I I . I I - I . I I I I I I

Suggestions in the Riverdale High School - Riverian Yearbook (St Joe, IN) collection:

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