Ripley Local High School - Sentinel Yearbook (Big Prairie, OH)

 - Class of 1952

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Ripley Local High School - Sentinel Yearbook (Big Prairie, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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CLASS 52 7 X f H 3 NTI EL 15 'WH I IIIIIIII , Wx mmm ""' Wulf N-iaiiv i gllllllll I.----Q I i X I I ' Iluum 1 ' J If' QW 1 'vw I-I ' I ini - II' ' a s Rlllley Lffcal School BIG PRAIRIE OHIO ai! IIIIIIIII Im ,, f -5.x I ' iz: H... II II I-II-IIIIIIIII,.m'ku L X , 'SX , - -- llllllll It ll J - KX' 1 -4 ff 2 ' lllnll uanu !-I . -I I 5 - I 'N ...-I-: -------'- ' A I T I EQ! IMI I I I I' "' I' M N 1 V nt' ' X V 'y A Lin-. I gf, I fir Z' P ' o I Qledacahan We The class of T952 respectfully deflncafe flwss annual To Tlwe alumna of Big Prairie Hlglw Sclwool who are serving our counfry rn flwe Armecl Forces especially fo Max Robinson who losf lns life fxglwflng ID 'forea Name Arlrlan Raubenolf Danny Humrnclrxouser Rrclward Herald Bob Wacl1Tel Ray Barker Clair Hasfeffler Nlax Robinson Jim Porter Gene Frost Don Zook Kelflw Foster Ward Lelwr ec I ranks Paul Efzwller Rolnerf Humrrclmouser Jim Fllnner Ed Duncan lmarles Franks James Henclerslwoff Jack Marlwews Yr Graduated Branclw of Service 947 948 948 948 948 948 948 949 949 949 949 950 950 950 950 950 950 9 5 Army Army Alr Force Army Army Army Army Arr Force Army Army Army Arr Force 'Xlavy Army Army Alr Force Army Army Aur Force Arr Force To flwe best of our knowledge flmls lrsf IS complefe up un I Marclm l 1952 ' l , ' l . 1 . l l ' l 1 ' l . 1 . Dick Oberlwolrzer 1949 Army l l ' l I . C i F l i ' l . 1 1 . . 1 1 l C l 51 1951 ' 19 'l ' . . . 1.1 fflnnual SMH Seated left to rnght James Fnshlnurn Vaughn Campbell Donnie Glndlesberger Robert Flmner Rex Dye Dorothy Duncan lda Hoskins Patsy Shelley Dorothy Tharp Standing left to right Mr Cam Faye Franks Sue Fulmer Mary Worklnger Thelma Franks Jeanette Rhees Harold Stutzman Howard Smlthhnsler Ruchard Cayhoe Richard Lee Junuor Lang Eugene Mosher James Snell Thomas Franks Fdltor IH chlet Busmess Manager Advertising Manager Sales Manager Assistant Sales Manager Feature Editor Sports Edntor Typlst Staff Advnsor Rex Dye Dorothy Duncan James Flshburn Ida Hoskms Patsy Shelley Vaughn Campell Robert Flunner Mary Worknnger Thelma Franks Jeanette Rhees Faye Franks Sue Fulmer Dorothy Thorp Mr Cain Qlldftd al gdawaiwn Th E JkB FdSII E DUCATION FOR TODAY S d left to right: T. P. McMillan, Pau! Richey, Don Rush, cl wing, ac asquin, or ne . :Mmuuslwlian div' L A ARRINGTON Musknngum and Ashland B S In Science Ohio State Unlversnty M A ln School Adm l Mathematics Supt FDUFATION FOR TODAY We hear so many people who tell us that school IS the place where boys and gurls are educated whereby they may be able to solve some far dnstant problems or prepare for lute rn the future, but we must not lose slght of the fact that one lives has life each day and that as we llve we use our educational abxlltses today tomorrow and another to morrow We do not hle away for future use our knowledge No' we use ut whenever rt IS needed no matter when that time may be If we want our educatuon to be of its greatest value it IS our duty to see to It that our energles are directed toward useful learning The boy or gurl who has a great desire to learn far excels the boy or gurl who has to be driven to learn and has more pleasure whsle In the process of learmng We also have changed our minds some about the kind of educatlon one should recieve We believe now one should not memorlze facts lust for the fact utself but because we have a need to know that tact and because It helps us solve our every day problems Diplomas and degrees show that one chould have a workable educatlon but along with these we need the common sense to apply our knowledge to the situations and problems of our day I I fr . .t,t.. U M Y ' x ,kay X' , ' vb ,Q ' - ,ill , xi!!! ' y . kfify V . . 1 ! . J . '. ' ' . . . -Ls, , fwiiii YN 1' RICHARD CAIN Mount Unuon College B S xn Science Kent State Umversuty Science History Sensor Class Sponsor Jr Hugh Coach and Prmcnpal ef Sung ALEX J NAGY Youngstown College B S In Business Education Commercua Courses Bus Driver Paper Staff and Eughfl- Grade Sponsor 'faculty ROBERT LEE Ashland College B S In Secondary Education History and English Coach Freshman Sponso L EILA JACKSON Mount Union College Puttsburg Umversnty B A Englnsh Latin Speech Sophmore and Jumor Sponsor C JJfL7Lf' CARL STEEN Ohio State Umverslty Kent State University B S of Educatuon Industrial Arts and Geography Bus Driver Seventh Grade Spon so MADENE ARRINGTON College of Wooster Kent State Unlversnty Ashland College B S rn Education Slxth Grade Teacher RALPH HUDSON Ashland Colle e Kent State University Diploma rn Elementary Education Fvfth Grade Teacher RUTH SHRIBER Ashland College, Dnploma In Elementary Educatnon. Thlrd Grade Teacher. I VERA BUTLER Ashland College, B.S. IH Elementary Education. Second Grade Teacher. ij'- MAY E CARPEN TER Ashland College Dtploma H1 Elementary Education Fourth Grade Teacher sr 'T' HELEN CLOSE Ohno State University, First Grade Teacher. fw 3 4, Lf xr, ' l A A ' x ' 57 ' . .- A 'f f 'G X X - " 41 N ,-. T. 5 , 1' , 1 1 0 1' ,I ' 1 1 Q , 1 . . I ' I ' ' I I I I 4 ' L - , 1" TQ.. , U "al, X-s.g,:, v T. P9 5 ' five ' A .Ri ' 'N M T ' ' - A ,ps . T A v . U , I f. lifzy 4-ff? I A , we Preslclenf Vnce Presudent Secretory Treasurer Student Council Saunas OFFICERS Don G1 ndles berger Patsy Shelly Jeoneffe Rhees Dorothy Thorp Jam Fl sh burn I L . VAUGHN V. CAMPBELL Nashville 'l, Lakeville 2-3, Basketball 'I-2-3-4, Softball 'l-2, Baseball 3-4, Volleyball 3-4, Class Play 3-4, Speech 3, Vice Pres. 3, Mixed Chorus 3-4, Boys Chorus 4, Annual Staff 4. DOROTHY DUNCAN Mixed Chorus 'l-2'3'4, Girls chorus 1-2-3-4, Band 3-4, Y, LV F.H.A. 1-2, Class Play 3-4, lv 'Q Annual Staff 4, Speech l- ,' N Softball team 'l-2-3'4. if XY ,M .,g T,g '-1 " ll 'qw-Vg-,mg - ,Q-, wwf" ' fe 1.2 --Wi 5531, ,ry Q if QW?- "f 'ff- f , 8 sl RICHARD CAYHO E Lakeville l-2-3, Baskeflldll 'I-2-3-4, Softball l-2, BOSS- bqll 3-4, Volleyball 2-3, Class Play 3- Q K, Q REX DYE tudenf Council 3, Band 'I-3 S ftball 'l, Baseball I-2-3-4, lass Play 3-4, Vice Pres. 4 Speech 4, Mixed Chorus 'l-2-3 Boys Chorus 'l-2-3-4, Annual Staff 4, Basketball I-2-3-4, Attendant Escort 'I. 3. 'Xw . 1 .if Q A P JAMES FISHBURN Baslcetbal l 2-3-4, Basketball Manager l, Baseball 2-3-4, Mixed Chorus l, Student Council 4, Class Play 3-4, Queen Escort 3, Annual Staff 4, ROBERT FLINNER Basketball 'I-2-3-4, Base- ball 2-3-4, Softball I, Mixed Chorus 'l-2-3-4, Boys Chorus i-2-3, Class Pres. 2-3, Student Council Pres. Speech 4, 4, Class Play 3-4, Speech 4, Movie Proiector 2-3-4. A l x C ,tw ,bf 'I OJ.. yK".- 51 'Bef- A ,JT -39 Xff THELMA FRANKS FAYE FRANKS Girls Chorus l-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus I-2-3-4, Class Play 3-4, Typist Staff 4, F.H.A. I-2, Softball 2, Speech 4. Secretary l, Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-4, Girls Chorus I-2-3-4, Class Play 3-4, Softball 2-4, Speech 4, Typist Staff 4, F.H.A. 1-2. is .' '4 xi ' f . Lv-' .4L?'f1if.s2, Q -9' V . 51-it .453-, f., r. -:go vw .v -g,,f,- A x-. .-yn. 1. , H. .,,. . . - 'I' , , " fc' .-'f5g3,,',5 ,.-'wg s, w .,,':,,.f.,.-. 1 - 1i5:.,...... i lg Q THOMAS FRANKS " Tlrzl N. SUE ANN FULMER Class Play 3-4' F.H.A- l-2, Girls Chorus DONALD GINDLESBERGER Lakeville l-2-3, Basketball l-2-3-4, Baseball 3-4, Sofi- ball 'I-2, Volleyball 2-3, Pres. l-2'3, Speech 1-2-3-4, Class Play 3-4, Mixed Chorus 3-4, BOf1Cl 2-3, Boys Chorus 4. 'I-2, Mixed Chorus l-2-3-4, Secretary 3, Student Council 'I-2, Softball 2, Class Play 3.4, Speech 4, Cheerleader I-2-3-4, Queen's Aitendam 'I-3, Typist Staff 4. IDA MAE HOSKINS Mixed Chorus l-2-3-4, Girls Chorusl-2-3-4, Speech 1-2-3-4, Class Play 2-3, Annual Staff 4, F.H.A. l-2 Softball Team l-2-3. . I 1 , . r 4 is 19 i ! il- .. 1 'sf K ff' . i A," i. Vg A :sg li- X X 'N L 1 Jlv Qu HAROLD LANG Jr. ,A Speech i, Softball 1-2, Basketball 1-2-3, Baseball ' ' I-2-3-4, Class Play 3, Annual ff Staff 4. QQ!" . if- Yi L Q EUGENE MOSHER X,-YQ Lakeville 1-2-3, Class Play 3, X ,-X lui, Basketball I-2-3-4, Baseball X," I- 2- 3- 4. .2 3' ,, y, '9 xx 1. RICHARD LEE Class Play 3-4, Basketball I-2-3-4 Baseball 'I-2-3-4, Softball 'I. '7' JEANETTE RHEES Millersburg 'l, F.H.A. I-2, Basketball Queen 3, Class Pl0Y 3-4, Secretary 2, Student Council 3, Softball 2, Treasurer 4, Reserve Cheerleader 2-3, Girls Chorus 2-4, Mixed Chorus 2-3-4, Typist Staff 4, Speech 4. I PATSY SHELLY Shreve 'l-2, MlXed Chorus 1-2-3-4, Girls Chorus 1-2-3-A, Operetta l-2, Class Play 3-4, SeC"efU"Y 2'41 Declcmqnon 4, Annual Staff 4, Office Staff 4. JAMES SNELL Class Play 3-4, Basketball Manager 2-3-4, Speech 4. HOWARD SMITHHISL ER Baseball 'I-2-3-4, Basketball 'l-2-3-4, Vice Pres, 2, Stage Manager 4, Mixed Chorus 4. HAROLD STUTZMAN Baseball l-2-3-4, Basketball l-2-3-4, Speech 4, Boys Chorus l, Mixed Chorus 1, Vice Pres. 3, Student Council 2, Class Play 3, Attendant Escort 3. V N, t. 61 if Il ls I X nfs,- DOROTHY TH ARP A 'I2 Class Play Glrls Chorus 12 3 4 Mixed Chorus 'l 2 3 4 Speech 1 4 Student Councul 4 Typlst Staff 4 wp N., X X MARY WORKINGER eens l F H A 2 3 Club 3 Mixed Chorus Class Play 4 Speech 4 Soft ball 2 3 Typlst Staff 4 O rvnile 'I 2 Samoa Class 'Heslaey The Freshman Class of l948 were proud of nts 22 members The boys out numbered the gurls by four Belng Freshman was our long sought for ambition glvung us a feeling of nmportance Our fnrst mayor duty was that ot choosnng our otflcers resulting as follows Pres George Ramsler Vnce Pres Beulah d Thl F k d f' l I d Harris, Sec an Treas e ma ran s Stu ent ouncl , Sue Fu mer an Dennas McCaully lrs Long was our advisor We were all set now for a year of smooth sallung so we thought but not so We had not yet experienced the much dreaded lnutlatnon that the upper classmen mslst IS a must W all survuved ntl l l l ll' We were happy to have two Freshman oys on the Varsnty team namely Rex Dye an made the reserve team Sue Fulmer was chosen cheerleader for the reserve team Sue Fulmer was Freshman attendent and Rex Dye was Freshman escort to the Athletac Queen l C3 vygv . F.H. . - , 3-4, I' Y-T , . . . - ,Glee ' - - - , ' oP"S- , ' 3-4, 1 f N- I - , I I I , . .' ,, , lv . . . . . . . . . I e . . AH' HA . li ' , d Buss Flinner. Howard Smithhisler, Harold Stutzman, Junior Lang, and Dick Lee CLASS HISTORY Our Sophomore year found us wuth a gaun of one Jeanette Rhees, and a loss of three members Molly Jo Hendershott Dennus McCaully, and Kathryn Fox Our electuon of offucers were as follows Pres Buss Flunner Vuce Pres Howard Smuthhusler, Sec and Treas Jeanette Rhees, Student Councul representatuves were Sue Fulmer and Harold Stutzman Our class advusor was 'lrs Webster For our class colors we chose black and red for our flower the red rose We were very proud to have Pex Dye and Buss Flunner make the varsuty team agaun Jum Fushburn Duck Lee Junuor Lang, Howard Smuthhusler and Harold Stutzman made the reserve team Sue Fulmer was chosen Varsuty cheerleader and Jeanette Rhees as reserve cheerleader When we came back as Junuors un T950 we found George Ramsuer, Raymond Lake and Ted Chupner dud not return Our new members were Duxue Mackey, Pat Shelly and Mary Workunger, makung a total of nuneteen members For our offucers we chose Pres Buss Flunner Vuce Pres Harold Stutzman, Sec and Treas Sue Fulmer, Student Councul Jeanette Rhees and Rex Dye Mr Ogle was our advusor Our Junuor year was a very busy one wuth thoughts of money rausung whuch was accomplushed by a Chulu Supper lunch standa at publuc sales and last but not least our play The Movues Come to Town , wuth Mr Ogle as du rector whuch was very successful Thus year we were glad to have the Varsuty team made up of Jumor boys namely Rex Dye Buss Flunner, Jum Fushburn, Duck Lee, Harold Stutzman, Howard Smuthhusler, and Junuor Lang Sue Fulmer was Rhees was chosen Athletuc Queen Jum Fushburn was.the Queen s escort Sue Fulmer was attendent and Harold Stutzman, Junuor escort un the Queen s court Sue Fulmer and Buss Flunner was selected to lead the Senuors un at Baccalaureate and Com mencement exercuses When we returned for our Senuor year un T951 there was 22 of us Duxue 'lackey and Beulah Harrus dud not return Our new members were Vaughn Campbell Don Gundlesberger Tuck Cayhoe, and Gene Mosher Our new offucers elected were Pres Don Gundlesberger Vuce Pres Rex Dye Sec Patsy Shelly Treas Jeanette Rhees Student Councul Dorothy Tharp and Jum Fushburn Class advusor was vtr aun We were very busy makung plans to rause money for our trup We wull go to Washungton D C New York and Atlantuc Cuty In the fall we presented our Senuor class play They Gave Hum A Coed under the durectuon of Mr Cam We are very proud of our part un sports thus year Ten varsuty players, namely Rex Dye Don Gundlesberger, Buss Flunner Vaughn Campbell Tuck Cayhoe Gene Mosher, Howard Smuthhusler Harold Stutzman Duck Lee, Jum Fushburn Jum Snell another Senuor was manager Sue Fulmer was varsuty cheerleader ongratulatuons boys for wunnung the county tournamentll ln May the Jr gave us a very nuce banquet at Smuthvulle lnn, whuch we wull long remember Now that we have completed our four years of hugh school we are happy and also sad because we wull be leavung our fruends, class mates and teachers wno have been so patuent and kund to us SUE FULMER THOMAS FRANKS JIM FISHBURN . . I I I ' : . , . . 0 . IV I O ., , . X . . I . I . . . I . . I . I H . . I . . Sy I I 0 ' , . ' , ' . . . A v A , Q . ' I . l , ' , '-1 Q U I ' ,, . ,, . . I I 54 I - I I I . I I I . . . elected Varsity cheerleader and Jeanette Rhees as reserve cheerleader. Jeanette . . . , ' 1 . . , . . . V - uv . J . , . I . . . I - . , I - , - , . . . . . , , o , . . . ,. . . . . . . .s.,., , f q . . .. . ,, . . . , c. , . ,. . . i P I I ' I I . I I I ' I . . ,. . I c N4 . . . . I I ' fasl will and Teslamcnl Duck 'ayhoe wull my heught to Ronnue Rush Vlay he be taller than Rex Dye wull my abuluty to look ugly un the halls to all you happy people Dorothy Duncan wull my hour glass fugure to Mary Barker Faye Franks wull my abuluty to keep quuet un Commercual Law to anyone who can Try hard kuds Thelma Franks wull my abuluty to keep goung steady to Nancy Dye May she have as much success as I dud Jum Fushburn wull my abuluty to keep the cafeterua tables cleaned off durung lunch tume to Roger Wells 'vtay he keep hus mund on hus work as well as I dud Buss Flunner wull my abuluty to be such a speedy druver to Bull Darr May he learn by my experuence Don Gundlesberger wull my abuluty to gaun knowledge to anyone who happens to need ut Ida Mae Hoskuns wull my abuluty to go on a duet to Marlene Cornell Vlay she have more success than I dud Junuor Lang wuII my cow to Mr Nagy May he get a kuck out of ut Jeanette Rhees wull my abuluty not to be thunkung ot sparklers and marruage before I m out of hugh school to Shurley Scott Duck Lee wull my abuluty to swupe the basketball as much as I dud to John Barker We Howard Smuthhusler and Harold Stutzman wull our abuluty to keep the bench warm on the basketball team to Bull Darr 0r1CI CIWGTISS FODDGI' May they do a good a uob as we dud Patsy Shelly wull my swung to Cynthua Arrungton Jum Snell wull my abuluty to be an A student un chemustry to Jack Hudson May he have better luck than I dud Dorothy Tharp wull my abuluty to yell forthe Varsuty basketball team to Marulyn Neuswander Mary Workunger wull my abuluty to get along wuth Mr Nagy to Donna Ivlackey Vaughn Campbell wull my abuluty to get to school on tume un the mornung to Peggy Merruman May she get here sooner than I Gene Mosher wull my heught to Dean Mackey May he use heavuer weughts than I Thomas Franks wull my abuluty to skup school to Jack Hendershott May he have better success than I dud Sue Fulmer wull my abuluty to get cheerleadung for 4 years to Joanne Tate Just one more year Joanne Good luck' We the senuors wull our Nell behaved manners and abuluty to keep our flag hud to the Junuors Try hard kudsll I, ' c, , ' ' ' . . I. I, , ' " ' . I, , ' " - ' ' . Il I , .. . . . U ' H I, , ' " ' . . If . . I . .. . 0 I I 0 Il . I . .. . . l If . I . .. . Il . I . .. . 0 I o I, ' , ' . . ' '. Il I . .. . . . , . . . I, . I . .. . . . I . . I . .. ' Sv Q s ' ' . . . . ,, . . I I 4' II . I . .. .. ,, . . . . II I . .. . I, . I . .. . . I n Il I . .. . . . . I, I , ' ' . ' . l I I ' I I . I I A . , . . I I . . s A .. Charles Bracll Dean Erown Florla anson ary lllasn leer 0 'inc' na arcne rss l owar Ernuly et Chuck alel The Siranaer ey Flrown Cas? of l952 Sensor Class Play They Cave lan A Co Ed The Sethng amas Franks Rex Dye Sue Fulmer Don Gundleslyerger Qoherf Flvnner .lll'T' Fashhurn Nfaughn Cambell llarofl y Duncan .leaneffe Rhees ary Worlcnnger Fay Franks Thelma Franks ,lim Snell Patsy Shelly Dnclf Lee Tl e lcunae roon cl fl e Assembly E3UIlClIUQ of Cold Canyon Colleae The Tame The Present u 1 ,M V ,, I I lll ' , '. ......... . . . . . ....... . . Th J ll . .......... . C V 1l , I l. ....................................... X ' Cal ......................................... ' l ' ' F? le l ...................................... ' L ......... ................ . ...... . . . . . . ' 1 lone ...... . . ............................... Dorolhy Thorp ll l-'f I ' fl ......... ........ . . ....... ...... . M ' B l- ....................... . .............. . ,. I I Eff BF' ,AJ U-I IAQ Y xx ..- is 'jf' JUNIOR CLASS First Row Marvlyn Nelswander Ruthella Flrnner Shlrley Chlpner Mary Bechtel Marlene Cornell Jane E J T J l B I Second Row Hershel McClure Betty Clgladllfamolgolrrli Dld:JzheFtyoDdRnZr Mackey Shirley Scott John Barker Mrs Jackson Presndent Vnce Presndent Secretary Treasurer Student Councnl Vncepresudent Secretary Treasurer Student Council President Vu ce Presndent Secretary Treasurer Student Coun cu I Tl'1lI'd ROW Blll Dorf Nelson Madden Roger Wells Charles Conner JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Julia Blgler Charles Conner Joanne Tate John Barker Ruthella Flmner Nelson Madden SOPHOMORE CL ASS First Row Nancy Bryant Shirley Parker Waneta Kearns Marianne Fulton Jean Hudson Nancy Dye Cotta Richey Wllma Daugherty Blanche Swartzwalder Second Row Ardella Tate Peggy Merriman Allce Hoskins Jane Wllllard Anna Yoder Kaye Wlllnard Bull Akms Donnie Franks Mrs Jackson Third Row Larry McElroy Larry Young Jack Hudson Charles Mulhall Dorwun Anderson Roger Slgler Ben Johnson Eugene Flmner Jack Hendershott SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Chuck Mulhall Nancy Bryant Kay Wllluard Aluce Hoskms Jack Hudson FRESHMAN CLASS Fnrst Row John Conner Stanley Anderson Lyn Johnson Robert Wells Leland Parsons Second Row Nancy Curren Cordelia Franks Shirley McClure Ruthann Workmger Annabelle Sellers Phyllis Kearns Grace Duncan Marilyn Donley Bobby Jean Clark Nettle Muller Donna McCluggage Thurd Row Evelyn Smvth Elsue Jarvis Thelma Madden Nancy Kerr Cynthls Arrlngton Pat Winger Anna Mae Muller Wanda Long Marian Loszner Mary Barker Mr Lee Fourth Row James Spurlock Wulburt Young Larry Martln Larry Hall Deon Mackey Lester Slgler David Mulhall Bull Humrlchouser Ronnie Rush FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS John Conner Stanley Anderson Wllberf Young Thelma Madden Ronnie Rush Marilyn Donley . I I I ' I 1 1 . .' ' 1 . I I 1 I . . , I I OIIOI ".' ' .'. IIN-v Ill! " llilll '... --1 'v' . , 'I I I 1 1 , , . . ., I I ' , I 1 1 , - . '. ' , ' I 1 1 1 , I . President..-.. ..Peg Merruman . .. . .. .. .. .. I I 1 1 I ' . I 1 ' ' . I I I I 1 I I ' I Z 1 1 I ', ' 1 1 I ' 1 1 ' . I , 1 ' 1 .I 1 1 1 I ' - ell I .. .. .. IIOIOO .. ' .. CIO CQ 1' A 35 as 1 ln as A.. , s T' 4 uhm Ilia Tis. 99 EIGHTH GRADE First Row: Richard Hostetler, Paul Yoder, Alice Miller, Carlyn Lang, Corella Worlcinger, Betty Clark, Dean Hurnrichouser, Lynn Williard, Bill Currens, David Harris. Second Row: Kenneth Sigler, Carol Parker, Cecil Miller, Carolyn Tate, Nancy Long, Myrtle Duncan, Catherine McCluggage, Roger Hostetler, Nr Nagy. Third Row: Gaius Mackey, Clyde Richey, Harold Tate, Joe Slaybaugh Raul Donley David Hudson Paul Bigler Charles Berry Donald Vlackey SEVENTH GRADE Frrst Row Norma Mackey Sharon McElroy Mary Kearns Doris Franks Alice Barlcer Verda Arnholt Norma Losrer Rosetta Bell Second Row Barbara Hall Ella Muller Connie McElroy Ada Weaver Sue Force Eleanor Severance Joann Eagle Mr Steen Third Row Vaughn Ross Edward Snell Harold Hoover Junior Hunsberger Earl Dean Franks Robert Warklnger First Row Martha Miller Carol Worcester Sarah Haven Carol Bell Virginia Daye Nancy Conner Alva Custer Dannle Byler Second Row Barbara Bennett Pauline Haven Sandra Carr Janet Winger Fannie Weaver Barbara Richey Oma Daugherty Mrs Arrington Third Row Gerald Brown David Butler Vaughn Flunner Frankie Tate David Root Columbus Daye . 1 1 1 1 1 . I : 4 I I I A I I I I Z I A I I I I I I I ' ' 5 1 1 1 I I ' SIXTH GRADE I 5 I A I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 41 1 I I I , I. . 5 1 1 1 I I ' 31. nn? -QQ- 'TWP' 9? 5 xi , rw 1 -qv A... . 'fn-'i'ff"-E-g':-'-"Lni'l:.u:" xl: inlx an 94' -xl-. r Tx 9, an 'Y' X ,JG uv' Q6 4- . I- - ' 4 e . 0 , . 2 E' S- . ' Q , . Q q V . L ' v I 5 1' ' d J Y ' -,. 12.5 0 4 f , K4 'f' ,if . , ' 1 . 9 ' - - '- .. f-. . N., L' , "' . .Q 3 , g , I 'X Y ,, K K . If x V qu. 1 4' v.- . U it 1 4 V .fx N' W .... Hx f ,Q ' ' ' I ' ' ' , - I J 'I 1 . , ..-- V , fl K f ., .4 . X 1 V v V.. V- ,Q 1 X K I .N Q : ' - A b fx' - - x A ' N ' V ' V " " ' X T ' ' ' X" " ff x 3 ' . ' 'P' S' f A L . A n f -. . , x 'jf .. ., - .-- al Q, :- .,-x Ni g 'H' 'du 1 v.. :- J f - Q W. - . . ' f , ' Q f,- V :,,, Q - H' ,. 4 ' - ' , -- Vxnt .., lf, K X I fc ' 9 ' N' 'Y I . I -. J .A 4 QQ? ' 5 . v . R ' ' Ay x .. , h . 1 N f , Y 4 4 1 . . 1 I, '14 1 . 1 -' X - . x '. AA 1 2, -:" a, ,l , E' V f 'sf ,AA FIFTH GRADE FIYSI Row Betty Bennett JGUH Rebecca Curren Mgfy Ann Mccluggage Alberta Paul Mary Lou Sprang Linda Lou Eagle Patsy Root David Miller Hal Hungberger Second Row Paul Severance Marlon Yoder Charles Fulton Lots Swartzwalder Joan Preest Barbara Rush Victor Iwlew Paul Daugherty Harold Blgler Gerald Franks Mr Hudson Third Row Forest Tate Jack Johnson Ronald Humrlchouser Robert Duncan Jerry Hendershott Ralph Steward Richard Anderggn Davld Kuhns Monroe Weaver FOURTH GRADE Frrst Row Marllyn Franks Carla Ballard Shnrley Humruchouser Patty Fleming Judy McClure Marilyn Cornell Sand a Nneswander Vnrgunna Spreng Donald Franks Bobby Kauffman Janet Acker Robert Madden Mrs Carpenter Thlrd Row Donnle Worklnger John Fulton Nelson Loxser Ronnne Workunger Clark Sprung Larry Turney Bobby Kerns Roger Conner Absent Danny Dye THIRD GRADE First Row Tommy McMullen Tommy Rush Darlene Parker Betty Fleming Carolyn Franks Carol Kearns Mary Burget Larry Fry Tommy Hostettler Roger Krlebs Second Row Bernlta Harrxs Patrlcua Steward Sharon Hofstetter Grace Dolan Bully Hntes Mary Jarvis Faye Parsons James Pharrls Sue Barker Mrs Shrnber. Thnrd Row Kenneth Mxddaugh Kenneth Wnse Ray Parsons Sterhen Sprang Robert Hall Jackie Hull Robert Daye Ronnie Duncan Johnny Rush Dean Shelly 2 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 l I IA . I4 I l : I I I I I I I 1 V I l 1 I 1 , - 1 : I 1 A 1 l I I I I I , . I 3 I 1 1 l 4 1 I I I ' I T l I I ' 4 I I ' Second Row: Harold Smith, Larry Parsons, Glenda Morris, Sina lwlew, I I ' ' V H 5 I I 1 1 l 1 I I I I I , . ' 2 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 I I I I I ' A 3 V . 1 h ' 1 1 I I' 4 I I I I ' I I A 5 A 1 I 1 1 1 I A - I I I I I SECOND GRADE Flrst Row Carol Daugherty Carolyn Daughtery Shlrley Spreng Nancy MI,cElroy Patsy Bowen Charlotte Acker Linda Kennedy Iva Kuhns Sharon S raver Second Row Judy Spurlock Mary Newell Betty Muller Lnnda Snell Gary Way Jr Pharrus Bully Prnest Neal Strock Allen Smith Larry Wlllnams Bobby Miller Mlss Butler Third Row Richard Johnson Paul McCluggage Tummy Bugler Tommy Day Lloyd Young Wlndell Daugherty Larry Worcester Bernard Bell Clayton Arnholt Rnchard Franks Alan Worcester Clinton Root Absent Fannie Yoder Harold Haven O 44 I FIRST GRADE Fnrst Row Nancy Parker Vnrgunla Slgler Conme Rnng Lana Burget Wanda Haven Gale Way Paulme Duncan Anna Lowe Second Row Jack Lolser Sammy Crawford Lester Wnse Bully Fulton Lester Weaver Wayne Horn Mrs Close Thlrd Row Tommy Humrlchouser Bully Hudson Jr Young Rnchard Sprang Verton Yoder Teddy Workunger Floyd Day David Kerng Clulls bf gm1V yi A ,rdf MIXED CHORUS Frrst row left to rught Robert Flunner Rex Dye Don Grndlesberger Vaughn Campbell Jack Hudson Eugene Flrnner Second row Dorothy Duncan Sue Ann Fulmer Marilyn Nelswancler Marianne Fulton Nancy Long Patrncua Winger Peggy Merruman Shnrley Parker Elsie Jarvns Mr Dlplero Dlrector Third row Nancy Bryant Jean Hudson Alice Hoskins Ardella Tate Anna Mae Muller Cynthia Arrlngton Nancy Kerr Mary Worklnger Patsy Shelley Wanna Kearns Julua Brgler Joanne Tate Nancy Dye Fourth row Blanche Swartzwalder Dorothy Thorp Faye Franks Jane Wllllard Thelma Franks Jeanette Rhees Kaye Wllllard Marlon Lozler Mary Barker Anna Yoder Cotta Rlchey Annabelle Sellers LATIN CLUB 1 41-I' S 4.-.J av 'Y' -.X X lf fl VJ- Seated left to rught Nancy Bryant Sharley Parker Joanne Tate Julra Bugler Marnlyn Nelswander Marlene Cornell Standmg left to right Maruanne Fulton J0l1f1 Bflfkef Chflfles Conner Blanche Swartzwalder Quad , N ff figs Ripley Local High School have their first uniformed band In the hlstory of tne high school The band was organized last year by Duillo Di Piero, who is music teacher, band and orchestra director in the school I Big Prairie Booster Club assisted the school, in buying the un: forms, which are black and gold, the school colors. The band plays at school activities, and during the basketball season, played between halves, at the home games. Speech HW 1-1-4 9J'aamalacs Null PRINCE OF PEACE Seated Anna Mae Muller, Mary Worlcrnger. qw lefi to rxglwf Rufhann Workrnger, Marianne Fulton, John Barker, Sfandlng left to rnghf Marlene Cornell, Marilyn Nenswander, Jullc Bvgler, Joanne Tate, Mrs. Jackson, advisor. 1 !,'5,x?Ff5f-Qgvfg 12 S' Q53 .fs .LK vw QM Conte f-xI'lr1O COO JF 'Ui ' 5 .D 'I ""'1 'SF' WM wk AL ACCH e Annual Cuefln was cl.osen ' s eo From G Noun of four smnfs, one C ospn from Pod QFGA6 IH schoo e winner was Tl e o ove DICTUVPA nrfaffy you W nfl w o us op H er o T e Pros 1 nss P foul me To PXYGFVJ our ofuhufuons Q, 'S x.. I Ua- s Pb V, 'M 4 :if i - YL xg , ,xx . R I ' A skis X v ,ffqg ' K FY H. , .L 'fb l , 1 1 5 ,M .,. I Q e -2? f '- K' . ' V E' ' , X. -. '-av , V. ' V1 'H K, X , i in my Af: Q.. 5, Q f . A' ' -JU 'nl 1, , 1 Tfx . ' .fzz y r V L I . . , ,L ' fm: ji I. Tfi 1 5 ' . , ns, I y Y, ' A. 'I -"'Il f I1 .,!w:1cnfl, . '-.4l" , Ca feferi a Coo lc s Mrs. Wilma Flinner Mrs. Helen Hostetfler They provide us wi1'l'1 good food Bus Drivers Left to right Howard Jackson Alex Nagy Gilman Schmidt Absent Carl Sfeen These are the drivers that have done such o good 'ob of gevflng the pupils fo school and home on time and safely Dale schmidf. ' wh-' WQQ ' V Shwlenl cauncil Seated left to right James Flshburn Dorothy Thorp Robe'-1 Flm,-,er Mr Arrington Ruthella Flmner Nelson Madden Standing left to right Jack Hudson Alice Hoskins Marilyn Donely Ronnie Rush Dean Humruckhouser, Carolyn Tqfe Norma Mackey Jumor Hunsberger President Robert Flinner Charles Conner Secretary Alice Hoskins Vice President The Student Council is a representative body composed of two students from each class and the president from the senior class. The Student Council takes part in the all-important initiation of the freshman and the distribution of presents at Christmas time. Through this organization each class has a voice in school affairs. 'Q b ..-dn.. Snails ""'lqI A ag ee 'f -,f ' 4 4 .fl . 1 Q I 5- . K .A , ,. ...,. Q.-u..,... an sl ' l 'Emi' , L.. 4 'WSE P if 4 f gas fic Niall RESERVE BASKETBALL SQUAD First Row: Coach Bob Lee, Roger Wells, John Barker, Charles Conner, Charles Mulhall, Bill Darr, Nelson Madden Second Row: Manager .lim Snell, Ronnie Rush, Bill Akins, Larry Young, Darwin Anderson Eugene Elnnner The reserves won 18 and los? 2 this year The prospects look very good for next year as none of This Team as lost To graduafron GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM First Row Clyde Richey David Hudson Harold Tafe Raul Donley Raul Blgler Roger Hosfetfler Second Row Vaughn Ross Dick Hosfeffler Dean Humruchouser Ed Snell Harold Hoover Junior Hunsberger Don Mackey Bull Currens Coach Cam VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM Furs? Row Robert Ellnner Rex Dye Howard Smufhhlsler Jim Fnshlburn Harold Sfufzrnan Eugene Mosher Vaughn Campbell Coach Bolo Lee Second Row Dxck Cayhoe Junnor Lang Bull Akms Charles Conner Don Glndlesberger, Ronnxe Rush Duck Lee Bull Darr The Record for This fall season was 41 wms and 2 losses . , . . . ' I I I I , . ' I I I I I I I ' ' I I I I I I ' Z I I I I I I ' ..15'.l... UU! kj W .-rl.,-. I Prairie 1 Prasrie Big Pranrie I Prame Bug Prairie I Prairie s Prairie Big Pranrae Big Pralrie Big Prairie 1 Prairie I Prairie Bug Prairie Big Prairre 1 Prairie Big Prairie Bug Prairie Big Prairne Big Prairie Bug Prairie Big Prairie Bug Prairie Bug Prairie Big Prairie absalq Starting from bottom left to ru t 66 Harold Stutzman 88 Howard Smlthhrsler 22 Duck Lee 77 Eugene Mosher 44 Jim Eushburn 99 Rex Dye ll Don Glndlesberger 55 Duck Cayhoe OO Vaughn Campbell 33 Robert Flnnner Coach Bob Lee ln the regular season the team won l8 ancl lost 2 ln tournament play they won the Dover Tournament and advanced to the Toronto District Tournament 67 REGULAR SEASON SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT AT DOVER League games County tournament finals Tournament finals Northwestern Apple Creek Fredricksburg Nashville Shreve Glenmont Walnut Creek Hayesvulle Clark Clark Berl on Shreve Berlm Ereclricksburg Nashvn Ile Loudonvl l le Walnut Creek Northwestern Ka II buck Berl In Walnut Creek Klllbuck Bal tlc Malvern at Dover I . I : B.g . . 46 B.g . . 63 . . . 81 . B'g ' ' 69 ' ' ' ' 66 B'g ' ' 90" B'g ' ' 82 ' ' ' l06 ' . . . 80,1 ' ' ' 54 B'g ' ' 58" ' B.g . . 90 Big Prairie 70 Jeromesville . . . 90 . . . . 72 - B'g ' ' 79" l . . . 63 . . . . 61, ' ' ' 53 . . . 63, - COUNTY TOURNAMENT AT MILLERSBURG ' ' ' 57 ' ' ' A 69 . . . 63,6 - . . . 73 t 'v-' Reserve Cheerleaders Alice Hoskins Nancy Kerr Arclella Taie The whole school appreciates The help that these girls provided in giving the re- serve feam a successful season. .Vi CAN YOU IMAGINE: Mr Steen not mussung someone from study hall? Bug Praurue wuthout the Senuors ot '52? The senuors of 53 workung as hard for theur money as we dud? Mr Caun not at sometume durung the day shoutung Keep quuetl 7 Mr Lee not gettung excuted at a basketball game? Vaughn Campbell gettung to school before the absence sheet goes Senuor gurls un study hall? The Junuor boys not tryung to annoy Mr Nagy un Commercual Law? Havung Mr Ogle and Mrs Webster back at Praurue? The back seat empty on the bus comung home from a ball game? Tuck Cayhoe havung only one gurl at a tume? AII the Freshmen havung theur algebra done on tume? Rex Dye not gettung out of classes? Janue Evans beung at school every day ofthe week? The Freshmen gurls not tuntung theur haur? Bussy Flunner and Nancy Dye not together? Chuck Mulhall beung 5 2 tall and weughung 95 pounds? The senuor boys not outvotung the gurls? Thelma Franks and Dorothy Duncan wuthout theur rungs ? Dorothy Tharp not tryung to make a Kullbuck gurl uealous? The senuor gurls gettung the candy stand opened before the IuttIe get there? Gene Mosher not goung around sockungthe gurls? Jum Fushburn and Jeanette Rhees or Ida Hoskuns not arguung? The Annual Staff Is Very Grateful FRIENDS To Its Advertusers and Recommends That you Patronuze Them MeIzIe' Locke' Martun s Jewelery Jum Casey Maxwell Bros Hoffman Drugs Wullard Dress Shop Paunt Valley Gen Store Shreve Cate Anna Irvung FISHER S DRY CLEANING Spuctor Pressung Whale You Waut Puck Up 81 Deluvery Servuce PI'10I'1e 'I799 ISO W Luberty Wooster Ohuo around? kus Mullersburg Mullersburg Mullersburg Mul Iersburg Mu I Iersburg Shreve Shreve Shreve Mu I Iersburg Ohuo Ohuo Ohuo Ohuo Ohuo Ohuo Ohuo Chuo Ohuo . 1 . ' . . . . . . g .lg . , .. . yn . . I .I .u. g . . . I 44. .dn . . 0100011010 I I . Macin EstiII...... ....MIIIersburg,Ohio ., . . lllllll Ill I I ' QCII ill l , . Ill IIIIO I . llllillb l:.l I . I . .. .. .... T. , 1 I Fulmefs Store Dry Goods GTOCQTICS Notion Phone 2974 D ON ALQ Kfkf 6 s and General Merchandise Dealers In Poultry and Eggs Bug Prolrue, Ohio Tredeusy floor m Vid' Qfif, j.,....,:maz.fz...wfw 03 1-...S at Sfc d nco plete comfort os you ro cook or wosh d shes molded rubber mot has cush oned ser? of soft sponge rubber See how much beffe you feel S ze 18 x34 Q 'l NI me IL H Blue B lXl1lCflRl1 THE WO woosrsn omo OSTER RUBBER COMPANY I , . s Q o o l ' ' T 0 fe ., , Q ' -' Z " rf :HI A "rj-:f:5:5',:3: .Q ff rd 1 If Q Q 45-:I " V J- , . , gs' ' , ' mf Y ' jj . ,rgfggi-,mi ' A- 14 - F-v wx' :gi , - , -' 2.2 ' 'T l ' A' .JY "' n l m P X . , ,iv nag, -T, -r22Q:f"'.l X s n, 4 i ' 'ir 2 XX ' I in- 2 X ' xg f X N I I ivjx r ' i 11 11' Q, i f . -131-L -J-.1, Rv.. . il " Ped ' 'A X lz1c'k.Ch'c0:1. . 1'-rwn ll. .' ' f' ' :PHY I 0Ull FREEDEIM YNSUR QQ, gl'-" " 1 N f ' 5 e- fu 'www' 'U vi "'.m.,g ua.:- "1f1im,1n5 Freedom of speech and of the press are two of our great herrtfages Through the free exchange of thoughts rdeas and rcleals we have bu1It the strongest natron rn the world Today our country rs facrng grave dangers and as crtrzens me are facmg tremendous responsrbrlrtres As thmkmg crtrzens vsrth farr drscussron and the applrcatron of the Golden Rule we vull hnd the rrght answers and preserse our freedom Irfc Insurance offers the means for the protectron of our f1m1Ircs of our ovsn future the means to stop the present rnfhtron ry tendencres grvmg us the wcrx hxck log for the rrrscrx mc n of our freedom Arc you rntcrested rn kceprng our grert country safe? You vull find rt pays to be frrendly wrth PEUPLES LIFE INSURANCE CUMPAIIY The Frlendly Company FRANKFORT INDIANA Aso Western Reserve Mutual Automobile Insurance Co PHONE 414 LAKEVILLE OHIO I i' t Y . . . if i' . 5 I , Q E53 0 to -1 2 V 'V 'Q gu N 'S 3499 . RALPH C. HUDSON, General Agent I R gl B MOTOR SALES Sales and Serv1ce Dodge Cars Dodge Job Rated Trucks The Best Deal In Town Phone 228 M1llersburg Oh1o COMPLIMENTS OF RICE CHADWICK RUBBER CO K1llbuck Oh1o Manufacturers of Extruded Rubber Products FARM BUREAU INSURANCE Represented by LLOYD ALEXANDER R No 1 B1g Pra1r1e Oh1o Phone Nashv1lle 2197 MCCLURE INSURANCE AGENCY All Forms of Insurance Real Estate Phone 0411 Charles Burhard Jr Res 2342 J Frank McClure HARRISON IMOFF Sz LONG REFRIGERATION SERVICE Westmghouse Appl1ances Spec1a11zes 1n Refr1gerat1on Serv1ce Hardware Sl Palms Au Makes E1ectr1ca1 Supphes Bu1lders of Farm Bu1ld1ngs Shreve 01110 340 E Llberty St T J HaI'I'1SOI1 PhOI1e 2183 Phone 642k Wooster Oh1o LIBERTY SUNOCO SERVICE S 344 W Llberry sr COMPLIMENT of Wooster Oh1o Phone 1827 Expert Lubr1cat1on T1re Sz Battery Serv1ce SANDY SUPPLY Wooster Oh1o . . 64 J! ' ' ! 7 7 , . . Q a . 0 I l 3 . . 7 7 SHREVE FARM BUREAU C0 OPERATIVE NASHVILLE HARDWARE Se1'V1Ce1H E D Galbranh Prop. Feed Seed Fence Coal General Hardware Farm Supplles Fert1l1zer Farm Machmery Complete Lme of Farm Supplles phone 2132 Gfmdlflg and Mlxlflg Nashvllle Oh1O Sell Your Gram the Co op Way Phone 2311 COMPLIMENT OF Comphments of JOAN"S BEAUTY SHOP MONITOR SAD IRON COMPANY B1g Pra1r1e Oh1o B1g Pra1r1e 01110 . . , 9 a a , 7 1 Complxments of COMNH- RCI -XL -XND b XWINGS IANK Xhllcraburg, Oh10 omplxments of XD HIS B XNR Nllllersburg Ohm I st mlxshed 1870 Nlunhcrs of the Feder 11 Rc scru by stem IH The Federal Deposit Insurmce Corporiuon A S WLNGILRD SLATIL C0 Nllllersburg Ohm Phone 7 O ROOFING 51101 IINQ Iccdx md Blllldlllg, Niuuul NAILLERbBLRb I QL I IX Cooperchve Mnllersburg Ohio Phone 73 SI I Ds LR I NRM Il-XRDXX -XRI md XIXCHIN x Iohn lleere farm HJCIIIIIGFQ I L d T111-14 A ' ' 'Q EXQQHANGE Co. Q , , ' J ' , ' '- - e - 1 h H11-3n,g5-3 3. 9 AIN. A ' i i grgrx' Compliments of PlCKING'S Nut and Candy Shop We Make Our Oun Chocolates Fresh Nuts NX oos ter Ohxo Comphments of SMAIL S SNCLAIR SERVICE Phone 8699 BOYlJ'S SHOE STORE 19 West jackson St. Millersburg, Ohio Quality at lbe right price. WOOSTLR TRACTOR SALILS 108 bpmk btreet Phone 341 The Loudonvllle Farmers Equity Co Lakeville Ohio Phone 7 :M Free viii Delwery Every Wed ri, vurfvm F Feed Coal Fertilizer Lame Tsres Deep Freezers "W M :Ik Coolers Paint 'Fw llg ' I uf, "flung 0"'INr f Q. A V 7 . . . I If ., H X I .:,,,,,l L14 .Q K '- lu, 'lp . Q- rf: O - f-hw: 5.43 , , 1 ,J , I ., 'S Y - Jeff -- u gy N r ' r . In., W 04 F , . fu I "Urn, f X X 91:11, ' I 1 t , 1 - - , v I ' f.,- Wooster, Ohxo N Eg., ' F - - n Q - , -ef:-,L -, , ' . . .,, , ! I UI4 H 'Y "f'pl,, in ' " a "D, . 'aln,:'.N' ol1,::"Xn,,,. - . 1 lar., MU: l,,,,' Inn, ID uf ,- W., 54 'Q ha., ,ff Cf,,M 31" . n,,,,,I.' ov, ' - Y C omg llmnnts of IN x HO 'K Phone 2191 Nhrexe Uhlo S NHUI Sli nc M11 ltx 0 Shoe s Nllllcrsburg, Uluo NIOORI S uto Puts Ksstsoues lrdwx ire Toy s C omplxmcnts of hconomy Grocery Nhllersburg, Ohio C OII1p11l'l1C1'lIS of HUF FVIAN S MOTORS SALLS C berfrolet Sales and Seruce Nhllersburg, Ohro Phone 350 DOIN GILNSFWIIN R Dry Goods, Ready fo Wear West Jackson Sireef Phone 304 Mlllersburg, Ohno e x I ' ' I sl-i1-iglc Q 5 ml-3 H151 ff FAI r' lfI-IfCfI'RIC, Fi Q K 1. In f L, Electrical Appliances X Repairs . A I . A . , i Ha 1 I K A 7' D 1. BARRETT S LIBI RTX FLOXXLR SHOP Phone 600 335 E Liber Wooster, Ohro Lomphments of JOE. SOCK S RhS'l URAINT Lakes 1Ile Ohxo C omg lrmenls of CI I Ll Ix NXXA'NIx K CU INC I umhcr Sash Doors I ouriom 1IIe Ohlo When In Vkooster Be Sure to V1s1t Us RAYIBACIIER SL WEIMLR or Dealers In I Case 1 I4 um Machinery and Smart Sportsweir 8. Appare SOIIIO Products FIV RAMBACHILR SU HOFFMAN RABER 81 HLRSHBERGI' R SIOIL REPAIR Intcrnxuonal Harvester De xler New Shoes llepcrzdalnle StfU1CE It lou Cos! Nhllersburg Ohio North Nlonroe btreet Xhuefsbufg l I f if 2 l i 1 I f . ' r Sr. . , 1 . V I I. , . . v' ' S ' , f , , . . . L . . , .. - ' , fx J . ., Nlouldings S4 Roofing 41 A F - ' ' 2 ' - Qr.2,ALY'S ' L ' ' ' 1 I - J I2 ' Q - L I RICH BROTIIILRS ontmc mul! NIC Nxles ll1kl5ll'NlCL 270 I lsr 'North Stunt Xloostcr Uluo Iclcphonc H3 bhrner Neldmg shop cctrrr intl Xtctxlrne llcltlmr Nlxrlunt Work xlar f x ISI Nltf onltu Nt s lfl L C BXLFOLR COMP XXX ittlcboro Xlxssiclxrnetrs lxnouvz ul rrrz er tlere are Schools m1dCollcgeS L l iss Rings and Plns COIIIIIILKIKLIIILIIK lIlXlI1I1OIlb D plomu I trxon xl C xrtlg Club lI1Slg,Il1i s lro ll Rq rescntctl hx lforrestl Wallace U Box 173 'lolcrol L l I ". 1l'Ik, P ' Q, 5 ' ' Q ' i Q 'I 5 RIff1lSl'l'l:'lCl1lJ xlflctlfjfl' llc. A for , - URI JUS m11lS"l'I'.'1'l"lUN K ' I:',N'4il.VlfS' I f ' L' , fl ,YC O 1 If f ' . f .W v ' 1 , 2 .1 k 17 , A '- i ry-9-, . . 5 f Y Q - Nlulal, .mtl M pl 'rs ,, K . V 9. . 5 ,V , ' Al , Jlxio SIIRI XI NIILLINO Harold Q crber Prop CRAIN FII D SFFD IlOl R L RINDINC AND NIIXINL1 Uualzly I eeds find Frtendly Yeruce LONIPLINIFN LOU DON W ILLIL MOTOR CO Buick Chr Lrolet Cadillac Sales and Serwce Loudonulle 01110 Phone 3651 Q Famous BAUFR LADDIIRS Congmtulates B1g Pr 11r1e Cl iss of 1952 Hay 'r ou Clmzb to Success FIHE BAUER MFG C0 Rooster Oh1O Nhlk Comphments of SIIOWK S DAIRY Paste-ur1zed Selected Drury Products Butter Buttermdk Cottage Sweet Lream Ice Cream Phone 249 X1ILLFRbBL RG OHIO Cheese I I X . . , 1' T S of H- , . ' X S 1'- fi -fu: -5- f O v - t 1 v V - 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1' 1 . . Shreve, Ohio 1 I ls . 1 l . 7- ' v I ' , , Y I , N 1 1 l 2' A . -I , , N 1 . ' . I ' 7, 1 7 , 1 ' f 1 1 44 Q v 1 Y QONGR 'STL L 'UIONS Class of 1951 Smce 1891 rt s been our nm to gue you the frnest rn sportswear and clothrng Featurmg Hanbatfarz Shirts Hart Scbaffrzer 6 Marx Clothes NICK ANISIER Xloos ter Uluo DORPHIL JhRSl' YS Delzcrous Nizlle I frczentlx Produced P L and Dons Seserance owners H C Drxon Herdsman Nhrexe RD 2 HOLMES TR ACTOR SALES I rrst in Holmes County Nhllersburg Ohro Phone 397 Ford Farmmg lleadquarters 'NIOHERMAN TRACTOR SALBS Past Butler Street Phone -4081 Loudonulle Ohxo Ford Tractors Dearborn Farm Fqurpment and Cobex Wagons md bpreaders . , . , Y K' .Y v ' . . Lamb Knit Sweaters ' ' 5 ' 5 A D ' ' - ' - . . , e . TA T A , Y T. . . I i N R f ' T Y Y 5 Y . 4 ' Y v , 2 T V X Congratulatrons to Class of 1952 L K li blORl:. Wooster Ohro 0 s ol I uck to All of l ou Complrments of WOOSTILR MUSIC CENTER Wallace F Franks Sheet rnusrc records band mstruments boutheast corner of the square MX llarscl Shoe Repair Loudonulle Oluo BOB LMX RI NCI' Western Auto Xssocrate Loudonwrlle, Ohro Phone C R WACHTEL oal Lrme, Sand 84 Gravel Lalteulle U Taxr ben rce Chas Westfall Nigr Lunches sodas sundaes Lomplunents of BXNH KESI KLRANT George Trrpak Lourlonulle Ohro 'NILNIPI-.RS fflgld Food storage Red 8. Mute Nlarket Loudonullc Ohro 141 5 1 , ' , I ri. A . . 1 . 4. , , I r .. , . . l V C , . , I V WESTFALL DAIRY BAR I , 'H 7 . . V 9 . . l- 7 ' . ', a . I 5 I C I PRANRSK SON Roofnng and Spoufnng Roof Coating Sheet Metal Work Work Guaranteed Phone 718 'Nislxulle Ulno Q omplrmenrs 'VIIII I Rbl LRG I- -XRNI bLRh.AU I R-XNCIIIS XX alnut C reek N xshulle YL XIIIICISIDUYP Nlxllersburg Ohxo LEIIR Plllfllblllg and Ileatlng Bun 5 and X13 ers Pumps Ncccss in Prpmg., and Irttxngs RIOIILYICI Luxalrc N115 xra Coil O11 or C115 Forced Mr Ileatmg, bx items Vkmkler and Century O11 Burners Sheet Xletal and 'iupplres Call for Free Estlmates B15 Prrurlc Wooster 2065 1 8 Ix Nlclxec x Xhll Iced Loll Icrnlrzcr Phone 79 1 . I. ' . .7 ' ' r' A' - - A I of r J I I 4 I I RA A ' I N S A A ' All b Kohler and American Standard Baths BIG PRAIRIE IVI-.I-QIJ CO. 79 ' ' C omphmcnts of S WACHT hL George V Denny Lvroccry Barber Shop Lakex 1116 Ohlo Loudenx 1116 Oluo BRILNINILR S STORE GL!-N RODHE 101, Uu,,1,,y Ezferytbzng In Foods I I C Owing Nhllersburg Ohm Ni 11 b O 1 ers urg Phone 54 Complxments of KILLBUCK ELBVATOR Ixxllbuck Ohxo obrz Deere Dealer Gram flevator Farm I qmpmem ' A M. . ' ' v Q . 1 . 3 ' I CSOH1 Lllll N IS Ol MAYERS SHOE STORE NISELY SHOES FOR WOMEN MANAGIC SHOES FOR MEN SHREVE OHIO CUHPIINIFNIS V SPRANG fr MORLAND Shreve Ohuo INTERNATIONAL Form Equupment Motor Trucks Refngeratlon Buckeye Truck 81 Implement Wooster Ohno BOND SHOE STORE Wooster Ohno JN 5 lDlIR7l 131 lXDS lT POIKI lR IRICIS R R Roubenolt Service Stotuon Gas Oll and Groceries Phone 2889 Bug Prolrle Shreve Ohuo R D Boyd Cornelius Corner North and Walnut Street Pl10l19 505 Wooster Ohlo Oldsmobile Sales and Service Body and Fender Work and Pointing Howard Arnholt fr Son SILI THF CIOIHIS Loudonvulle Ohuo nn Lohm s Jewelers Watches Diamonds 221 East Liberty Street Wooster O I I , I il I .Yrlllllf . 'alll ' 1 'f 1 Slfll I if .V N . ' V -1 Co. 7 T I I Cnuzjrl wilt uf 1 Compliments Woodlln Inn I Li Rhees Grocery B g P of Willis o t Property C 0 MPLIME N T S - 9 I i rairie, Ohio 0 B FIIAIIKS 81 SDN Roofing and Spoutmg Roof Coatmg Sheet Metal Work C omphments or SIIOIIK S IIAIIIY Pasteurlzed Selected Dalry Products PHONE 2187 NASHVILLE OHIO Mnlk Butter Buttermulk Cottage Cheese Phone 249 Mnllersburg, Ohuo COHPIIHLN TS Ol- QUALITY SHOP Compluments of Wooster Feed Mfg Co Wooster Ohuo Monufocturers of Gold Stor Feeds Locolly Owned ond Operated Wooster Form Domes Co Ice Cream Daary Products Lunches Stores at 679 Madlson Ave Wooster and 'I629 Cleveland Road Wooster We Monufocture Our Own Ice Creom Kauffman s Service Station lrlf ul Goodyear Tlres and Batterles Texaco Products Quallty Service Satisfaction Cor South Market and Henry Streets Phone 681 Wooster O I I J I fII,I. 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Suggestions in the Ripley Local High School - Sentinel Yearbook (Big Prairie, OH) collection:

Ripley Local High School - Sentinel Yearbook (Big Prairie, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Ripley Local High School - Sentinel Yearbook (Big Prairie, OH) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Ripley Local High School - Sentinel Yearbook (Big Prairie, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 34

1952, pg 34

Ripley Local High School - Sentinel Yearbook (Big Prairie, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 59

1952, pg 59

Ripley Local High School - Sentinel Yearbook (Big Prairie, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 22

1952, pg 22

Ripley Local High School - Sentinel Yearbook (Big Prairie, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 21

1952, pg 21

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