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TAB!-XRD X . ., xv Nsgfv' ,Q 5u'QA -as -4' iff? QW s Jjr A Non Progredi Est Regredi I 'wpv ! 16" .12 K- , ' I . ' n f . I A X it D .FH if . X - 2 - 'fu '4 ' 0,19 1 A .1 .," 5 Vf hfqxt. ,Q "'5.",: I 1 kin' 5 J xl Af -18: - -12 .. 1 ' ,' .nl 5.1 . :JW . ' -' , ,J ' 1 ' - k..,L ' .',-'4 i ,, kb iii' Q by A ' r isis. 4 . 4. X 1958 foreword i , , m H- 'liigfi' - :ii Aw ,. K wpgszz. as ,m'.-- ' K, A ia . , i Yi 1 Sf12WSH"E.IiP ' . f - a,.f:mQ,gf' , ff .f -w fx.: ' , v dedication It was the winter of 1942 and the people of these United States were engulfed in the most momentous war of their history. Everywhere could be seen the multitudes of toil and sacrifice that accompany such a gigantic struggle. Total war was a stringent reality. At this moment, two residents of the San Fernando Val- ley, out of the richness of their own educational experience, conceived an image of a school. Here, ensconced amidst the hills which cross the western part of the valley, they saw-after many sacrifices-the begin- nings ot their dream evolve and become a glowing reality. As the years rolled across the growing valley, this school became fully established and highly respected in the cultural life of this community. To this school, called Ridgewood Military Academy, and to its founders, Dr. and Mrs. Simon, we humbly dedicate this Tabard as a token of our appreciation for the greatness of their contribution. 4 administration RUDOLPH J. BERGER Business Manager University of Souihern California. Dr, JOHN H. MacGRATH Assisiani Io the Headmasier Georgeiown University, Washingfon, D.C. MAJOR LANGDON R. SPRAGUE Commandant University of California, Los Angeles. headmaster from the headmaster lt is our heritage to be living in an age in which there is prevalent a feeling of great international unrest-the aftermath of another world conflict for the purpose of suppressing dictatorship and advancing world freedom. Only time and control of the power of the elements will tell the outcome. The part which you will play for the pages of history will depend upon your loyalty to God, your country and yourself. Strive for academic leadership. Strive energetically to be a better citizen. ln this annual you will find a few glimpses of your life at Ridge- wood. Cherish them. M otis h. shennum headmaster 7 . faculty D. BRUCE BULLARD Jr. High Mathematics, Science, Advisor Tabard, Homeroom 7th, St. Cloud State, Minnesota HERMAN FELTCORN Music THOMAS B. DILLON 5th Grade Western Reserve University, Ohio. KARYOL V. TRONSON Jr. High Yale University, New England Conservatory, Social Studies, English, Homeroom Sth Massachusetts. Mayville State Teocher's Coliege North Dakota. faculty MARILYN S. BERGER HELEN R. BRAUN 'lst Grade 3d Grade University of Southern California. Wisconsin State Teacher's College. ,NN1 F355 'vim-s. ev .Q FN?-2"iPi' DORIS M. BUTTERWORTH GRACE R. HITCHCOCK 4th Grade 2d Grade University of Minnesota. lowa State Teacher's College. 9 ERIC L. PRATT FLORENCE H. PRATT ANDERS J. TOFT Chef Dietician Grounds Superintendent NOT PICTURED: TILLIE I. KNEISEL Housemother DANNY CREW MAYBELLE PETTIT Driver Housemother JERRY J, FAUST GLENN O. KUHN JIM NEWELL Driver Driver Driver staff MMM? 'f CADETS graduates 'QS- KIRBY E. ARNOLD JOHN W. BAER BRAD BAMMERLIN Cade? Cpl. 'lst Sgt ROBERT E. BENNY BRUCE C. BIANCHINI WELDON H. BROWN Mai. CFC Sgt. 14 DANIEL L. DEMPSEY 'Isf LI. SHERMAN M. GOLDMAN Cadet WILLIAM J. FOLZ Cadet LAWRENCE G. JACKSON Sgt. 15 graduates TIMOTHY J. FORD Code? GARRY L. JAMES CFC graduates ,pw ,,' I DENNIS D. JOULE Sgt. CURTIS MACK Is? LI. KIT E. KUITTINEN Ccpf. ROBERT ,I. MCCRAY CpI. DONALD J. LUND 2d LI. DENNIS I.. MOORE CpI. 16 graduates QW KENNETH A. MURRAY SFC STEVEN M. RAZNER Cpl. VAUN W. SCOTT S. NOBLITT SFC SEIGLER, Capt. :Noe TRACY K. SHEFFIELD 2d lf. Picfuredj JOSEPH R. PH ELON Capt. CHARLES E. SMITH Cpl. I7 graduates HOWARD A. SMITH CFC ALAN R. THOMPSON Cpl. MW' STEVEN N. SUCHARD SCOTT J. SWANTON Sgf. SFC RICHARD G. WEAD ORVILLE H. WEIGHT Tsf LI. Cpl. 18 class of 1959 Allen K. Baker, Sgt. Klemett L. Belt, Cpl. Michael D. Circle, Cadet Gerald B. Conklin, 2nd Lt Rudolph Cordova Jr., Sgt, Peter A. Cronk, CFC John T. L. Denton, Cpl. Steven J. Douglass, SFC Gary F. Gonzales, Cpl. John M. Hantke, CFC Michael Kearns, Sgt. class of 1959 William P. Kissel, Cade? William S. LeBeau, 2d li. Dennis M. Lefler, M!Sg1. William D. Lewis, Jr., Cadet Larry R. Losteiver, Cade? Michael L, MacBeane, Sgt Car? R. Murray, Sgf. Christopher W. Patterson, Sgf. Mlchael F. Sarrallle, Cadet Robert S. Sauter, Cadei Michael V. Swaton, CFC class of 1960 Harold M. Ayres, CFC Donald K. Bourguignon, CFC Richard N. Campbell, Cadet Geoffrey Chadwick, CFC Danny Dasher, CFC Ross A. Drew, CFC James M. Eddy, CFC Robert L. Foller, Cadet Harry J. Feick, CFC Charles R. Felix, Cadet Mark W. Gibello, Cadet ckws Stephen A. Hansen, CFC Jack Harrison, Cade! Michael D. Hodenfield, CFC Richard A. Kitto, Cadet Not Pictured: Parker M. Sullivan, Cadet Martin A. Lovequisi, CFC Michael Markham, Cadet Waller R. McGowan, Cpl. William Monfe, Cade? Howard K. Morris, CFC Stephen B. Ronald, Cade? of1960 ii' sixth grade Frederick W. Arnburg Leslie S. DiFrancesca Terry J. Duarte William L. Erickson Charles A. Gomez Scott Holden Robert W. Hollowell Kenneth E. Howard Thomas L. Knibbs James C. Marlin William C. Mafheu Michael McCarty Dennis T. McClure Dennis l.. Moore Gary S. Perkins Steven L. Powels Carson Schreiber, George C. Wenzlafi, John Wltney. No? Piciured. John T. Muller and James Wilson. .. Wff? fifth grade Timothy J. Adams Mark C. Andes James R. Boody Gregory L. Carlton William L. Carter Steven R. Chaffee Jefiery A, Feick Robert Fogel Pierre M. Giroux Larry P. Lefler Robert F. Lovett Robert T. Mynatt Clinton R. Perkins, Jr Robert H. Sigrist Roland H. Snow Gerald Soldi Kipton Tewksbury Edward P. Wade, Jr. Aaron Wilkinson Roy W. Wodtlce Douglas W. Wright Not pictured: Davis R. Heath Wh-v .fig in-sn... fb if dv ,. . ,, U Q-af.. iii: QW 1 '11 fourth grade 'QT' Matthew S. Andes Williom L. Begg Pierre L. Belonger Danny J. Bello Robin W. Gira Max P. Greene Calvin J. Gruneck Neil M. Gudgeon Keith B. Keener Neil A. Malpiede Lionel B. Neff Jay Nichols Riklci Nicholson Dan Noble Paf R. Nofaro Steven L. Peterson Blair S. Plasterer Ronald W. Ryder Gregory A. Spears Emile S. Summers primary Mark D. Alexander Kelly R, Daniels John B. Duboski John H. Fisher Mark A. Folger Jules H. Franke Robert J. Hooper Donald B. Lover! Paul B. Marsh Andrew L. Nadell Jack M. Robinson Rodson Tewksbury ivan M. Thoen Alan H. Wade Christopher H. Warner Allen B. You ng Jimmy Aaron Stephen L. Bergquist Kit Billingsley Daniel A. Brown Stephen F. Bunlca John R. Cox 'lwupv .gr MQ.. S Q 'K ,Q 5-s........ st, tis: "" K ,Q im. .1 . my EWS lf' '44 A 'HJR All . 51. ::-'7::ie-es':""': .fI- -5 ' 'ui 6-1' primary Mark L. Ford John C. Holloway Lee M. Johnston Gary C. Jones Stephen J, Jones Link L. Livingston Scott A. Miles Mark L. Mitchell Michael Mostyn Bartholomew A. Perry Mark H. Prentice Cleyton Tewksbury Leonard S. Werner Gregory C. Wine Royal A. Hansen Ronald Mason James B. Misner Barnet F. Oakley James R. Urguhart George W. Wolf Frank F. Wright O sl I I L .J it J, 'f K g- 4 U 1' 'U .W " 1' Q Q jiwize, U ' I ' 37,12 I , - x 5- J 1- ...- ,a,qA g O Q gn' . 1 Q ,,, af .- ,--.Jx A Ang., Q . I ar ,,L .u'ie,., ,, , Q A as -'S fi 4: X f I. ' r P 5 it Q I I S. 9 . 3 .W s, .R Q xm ,. l ' S 1 Q I vm. 4-Q 4 ll VQUQ1. 5 . . nw-' 'dn- Q .V . 'AHA Lf ., V 1 W .A -. A , A , . , N .ya ' . g-va ' f'-Nifzf. M kg, , ff L4 f, N? I 41 f ,nga 'Maxi' .pr N my E r Q sw . . 34 .Q set, Q ,f m I LITH RY A 1 'C --5 . ih- gr, ,nun 4. X 1 ' -I .n i-4'fW-war Z, .ui rf-, Ai 'Q- X .,.'W,.-X ,.. A 2, '-mn? ww-, ' e- ,V "' . A. Q ' " mr 1, '. . ,f -1 . 0 y ,A A , ,K A w, . W , A . xiii' f in-'-fy" .xi 7' si ,N 1 ng 7' . , E T .1 I ,A to-1 J, ,fhgq ,it --. 1 I A -.x . Kp . .. A , , .. ,fp 52 9- f ' I - J V O ie! ' Q - . ,, 4 , . . wi ' W imaaxwjg 3 W .w, M, r , J .M ,QM g I m , W, V Q Lwww .QL-.. 3. r lf 'il 5 X .... QFW' - A 4 s I 1 x QNX ,g A ,aw .. fpf ""'5 ,, J , . Ng, A ' ,X X Fil gi X s. X. , N ,i Q 1 f f, P " W 59 . ...gr J ., gk: . w X1- ' 1 A I N -V4 K 'x 'F 422' . military department The Military Department, through its daily activities, seeks to develop fully the power of leadership so that the cadet may apply this aptitude to the impending problems of military service or civilian life. ln addition, by careful attention to the gradual development of teamwork, the cadet is encouraged to nurture a substantial awareness of his own patriotic con- cepts. The department also encourages him to establish and maintain a firm knowledge of military science and tactics with a well organized academic growth. As a result, the cadet's maturity is accomplished in a variety of directions. He achieves beyond the acqui- sition of detailed information a well balanced perspective and resolute grasp of the moral and intellectual principles by which men live and fulhll their destiny. 31 Victor E. Taylor Lt. Col., lnf., NG Supervisor, Region ll California Cadet Corps L. R. Sprague Mui. RMA Commandant 'E' 1.4.13 -v I 3 'MX Xxx' K.. k h ' I K ' . 3 if Tai' ' V V N S as, Q . .- . x L LQNQIMI.-pb t I 1 A., K A .. s 1,74 'sg .12 .5 Q gtg 54 . . A 4 :!ff, '7 'P "5 I' Q9 jf' 233' 27 8 5 75' " I, 4 A ,, -K . ' W . - 1 E i f at . ' ' Q N K 5 29 5 b 5 I' , .fx - :Mmm x it t ff K" "" W" www 'a"""Q " in M L1 A -h aww' 'iffivfsm , Y 'M J-he--S Q M 'M N , A Sum X :www any W M4 V V H- H- W . , www, ff' 'A ,ZA XX . xr 1 xg ,. , 5 Z i .. 3 in . . . 1 I . waz . V X W S '- N iff, fw v 6 39' wig ,gs '- - 1 A 4 W . 'QM - T . - 4 x - : - fm T.. ,e .W RT.: ak ' .' f ' s X. hw .. r ww-. Q Jwvixm 9 K, F ,il A I - I . ' ,, ! i f 1 I 2 s A P A I W- , .. ., ,X ,,. 1 A QXf 'wg-f i :gN ' - if f mv ff: ,- --x, vm A M X i 3 --- :Tip 1 rf- 'ffl3'9 'S' 554' ff asf' ,HE v , 'xx ,' ' - Y I l X , -' x M' 5155 X "' 'H . 'X 'W"43'52'f1a '-7-:zwffi,r'izQfv31 - 'A 1' ,FQ 'bf K , 5 :Qf 7-5, ' I 37 Q iqf, T ,N wx Q Sa 4 X -fu -r Q , EQ QQ 5 5 s J .-N-vwvxvwL+fw1i mlzf, wfftf Q. B lg W 2 H 1 , 45 3 , f x QM , 1 ,a wg i E52 3 fd aw z 4 aw ? I 1 gf . Hs 1 X 'V 3, 5 x , 5: . s I 8 X il Val! .Q i I 4 t K 4 L4 wg, Q, Q X . V Is 9 Is' W ,- 1 ' I I .. . Rf-:if-iff QL 21 A Y 1 539554 WEAZMQ ..., 5 --,, ,ww USP Qs' Co, Cd, Seigler, Guidon Douglass. 'lst. platoon: Pl. Leader Swanton. first row: Plasterer, Carter, Summers, Gruneck, Miles, Hooper, Hammond. 2d. row: Nicholson, Folger, Noble, Duboski, Andes. Sd. row: Spears, Lovett, Marsh, Thoen, Young. 2d pla- toon: Pl. Leader Conklin. first row: Moser, Ford, Johnson, Brown, G. Jones, Belanger. 2d. row: Begg, Warner, Gudgeon, Nadell, drill team Wine. 3d. row: Ryder, Fisher, Holloway, Bunka. 3d. platoon: Pl. Leader Mack. first row: Billingsley, Cox, Mason, Misner, S. Jones, Wolf, Hanson, 2d. row: Berquist, Daniels, Urquhart, Oak- ley, Livingston, F, Wright. 3d. row: Giroux, R. Tewksbury, Perry, Aaron, C. Tewksbury, Mitchell. Assistant platoon leader Joule. " " company Commander C. Murray. first row: E. Smith, Lovequist, Gibello, Adams, Bourguignon, Duarte, Ayres, 2d. row: Morris, McCarty, Knibbs, G. Perkins, Snow, C. Perkins, Wenzlaft. "f:". le., ,pf- nr ,k , .. ql, my Mawr y siyql xx l A L. . 4.-,1 , , M M .aizytiflu-gi -1: L, if LNTJ . . C .L H . 1-- 1 ceremonies x 4 x colo r g ua rd Hodenfield, Kearns, Cordova, Harrison Presentation of Fr. MacArthur second year ribbons by Col. Philip J. Donavon, 368th Transportation Terminal Command C. US Army Photo. Li. Col. Taylor inspects bcifalion Inspection by Rep. Lou Cusanovich and Lf. Col. Taylor. Presentation of Fort MacArthur awards by Lf. Col. James C. Owens, US Army Advi- Hon. L. A. Cusanovich presenfs sor Group, NGUS. achievement awards. an ff! gQ X X IW O wal. V- if' qi! Ng, Q .35 w H ' IN f fm ,Q idk if 1, k - f , .L my K 5 I . R I X 'i .. A 3, A h 2 l- - , Y 4 ' V' ' I . , 'YV -'-'s , I m 'fx 'Q .-,. ' ' s .. I 5 , g' . 'N N ! X lei, .uv . h I ,ff x if , . T 139th tank bn visits r m a "The tank commander, gunner and loader in the turret . . ." "The turret is operated electrically or manually by . . ." 'Maximum speed of the M-47 is forty miles per hour on . . ." 1fThis medium tank is armed with a 90 mm and. . ." "The intercom radio has an effective range of tive miles. "Additional crew members are the driver and the How 37 gunner. map reading ,, ,, ,P .. .. ,aw , A - 5 . if, --4' ,L It SW .an a-Tb .ff rifle team first row: Baker, Moore, Bammer- lin, Weod, McCroy, Joule, Benny. 2d. row: Major Sprague, Instruc- tor, Denton, Patterson, Kuittinen, Shetiield, James, Dempsey, Team Captain. Team placed fourth in Jr. High school competition. field problem Upper and lower photos: Map reading section of Fort Mac- Arthur leadership course. Cap- tain Abbot J, Lane, l32 Eng. Bn., instructing. US Army Photos. nf' gf 4 ji Lt. Col. behalf at U S r '. Q- s, x Harold White and Cadet Dennis Moore present flag flown over the United States Capitol Building on of Congressman Joe Holt at the California Cadet Corps annual inspection, Photo: Pink Sheet. presentation Cadet Maior Robert Benny presents plaque for assistance in developing leaders to Maier General Homer Eaton, Jr., 40th Armored Division, NGUS, California. Photo: US Army. ATHLETICS 5 . R physical education soft ball 440 nowhere '-.bf first row: Gomez, Schreiber, Matheu, Witney, Duarte, Fal ler, 2d. row: Rich, Arnburg, Gibello, DiFrancesca, Morris Knibbs, Perkins, Fogel. 3d. row: Holden, Wilson, Roberts Heath, Ayres, Bourguignon, Murray, Moore, Hollowell, moon watching flag football all stars Line: Hollowell, Difrancesca, Erickson, Arnburg, Perkins Backlield: Knibbs, Mafheu, Holden. 1 athletic department ni' WILLIAM R. WALTON ERNEST H. KLANN Playground Supervisor Athletic Director The physical education program for the cadets is twofold. Of paramount importance is the proper physical development and sound health of the cadet. Daily calisthenics appropriate to the age and the ability of each class are re- quired. Drills establish correct fundamentals for all sports. Teamwork is the other principle of the curriculum. lnterclass and intramural com- petition teach cadets the value of working together as a unit. Teams are also organized to compete with other schools in the area. A vigorous outlook toward a healthy life and a mature attitude for "playing the game" is the result. The Cadets have compiled a worthy record in competition. Learning to win gra- ciously and lose gracefully is an important part of cadet life at Ridgewood. ridgewood "r" club Orville Weight Richard Wead John Baer '- - " . iw --rg-:. f at ' ' ' ,yr ' ' gf" 4 ,... .. , ,, r, , , ,. 55,1 pjf.-, ,, qv, . D I , 4 ' QM ' football varsity upper photo, first row: Kissel, Folz, Kuittinen, Weight, Lund, Suchard, H Smith. 2d. row: Mr. Walton, Phelon, Kearns, Baer, Mr, Bullard. lower photo, first row: Belt, Brown, MacBeane, LeBecu, Jackson. 2d. row: Cordova, Lostetter. fourth down, three to go "now listen, next time . . . "b" team: Sauter, Arnold, Weocl, Weight, Thompson, MacBeone, Lostetter, Cordova, Kearns, Kissel, Mr. Klonn. . - ' 'fb' 1' -is Q: ew '. Y , f gs f ,ir , 4 - , ,,,t W ,VIA rr mg Aw f fl Ek WX . fE:kQ.g,g.3:., "No Basket" "Jump Shot" James Naismith Invitational Tournament entry class c: Motheu, Ayres, Morris, Hansen, Mr. Bullard, Mr. Walton, Drew, Wilson, Feick, Dcxsher Bourguigon. -l Y Q Y -...NW x . KS rx K 1 "Who has the ball?" "Jump Ball" "Four Feet Up" James Naismifh Invitational Tournament eniry class d: Fogel, Schreiber, Feick, Mynart, Belanger, Heath, McClure. ii baseball team first row: Losfetter, MacBeane, E, Smith, Mack, Belt. 2d. row: Cordova, Kissel, Jackson, Suchard, Brown, Baer. 3d. row: Kearns, Arnold, Wead, pracllce slart Jackson, H. Smith, MacBeane, Kearns, Cordova, Lostetter. baseball xx "yer out" track in the blocks Wead, Kearns, Baer, Kissel, MacBeane. if looks could win . . . 48 ACTIVITIES F' NI IDA! -23- X Q ,f W I sw! Who wanfs ihe mop? christmas dance Christmas greetings Ribbons and beans Dasher and dancer and all the deer 51 W41ere's the misflefoe? Y 4 1,1 : - - operation food Can colledors Everyone gets in the ad Shuher bugs Lookl no ieeihl Say cheese 53 mess call N nn- L.....m. Q .H ik "Accep1 our thanks . . ." Cooked io order Hmmmm-good ---...J Conscieniious obiedors Dinner at the rnz inspection Gehing ready 'Thol's o good quesiion for Dr. MucGrofh." the light side Preparing for lhe les? Caughq red hgndgd male and . . . "Hmmm, tho! is u good quesiionl" female Shy lihle violet "Hi ll'lGf6" 55 scouts and summer Troop 332 Mr. Riggins presenis achievement badge Who brought the matches? Court of honor On the firing line Which way is north? Home on the range He who laughs last 56 glancing back Commencemenl '43 Blizzard of '49 X 'i .MQ '- "NGA W .J W W Pioneer days '46 Cold again in '57 School closed, gone skiing Mrs. Braun and friends Who sneezed? ii iw- . ' ' ' I i l i' ,fil l ll: K F. 1 x- , l Q 1 ' Q' - , as n , f as-.ik l a--. Q, 4,,,,l.X it - -sl, 'X '.tL-ll X NJ' Yu.. D Lott to right: Patterson, Advertising Editor, Wead, Business Suchard, Reporter, Gonzales, Assistant Copy Editor, Sheflield, Manager, Benny, Sports Editor, Kuittinen, Photo Editor, Kearns, Feature Editor. Photo Layout, Mack, Editor in Chief, Phelan, Copy Editor, ta ba rd staff acknowledgements For assistance in the production of the 1958 Tabard we extend thanks to . . . Dr. MacGrath for baptism with the appellation Tabard. Tabard derives from the Latin, tapete, and the Old French, tabart, first used by Chaucer. The ierkin worn about l45O by a knight over his armour and the ofticial coat of the herald with armorial bearings, as well as the emblem pen- dont on our cover are a few of the military denotations. Mr. Berger for assistance in all phases especially photography. Mr. Tronson for preparation of copy. Mr. Walton for art. Mr. Klann and Chef Pratt for advertising. Cadets James and Gibello for layout. Our patrons, advertisers and subscribers for their help and kind assistance in making this book available to you at reasonable cost. We hope you will not forget them. And to all those people who have had Patience. Mr. Bullard and the Stat? 58 1 M. SUBSCRIBERS W! ,J I J S ' .. patrons Robert Aaron Mr. and Mrs. Keith Andes Earl W. Arnold John N. Baker H. C. Bammerlin Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Belanger Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Billingsley J. J. Bunka Mr. and Mrs. William Hudson Carter G. H. Conklin Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph E. Cordova Mr. and Mrs. Wynn Cronk Mr and Mrs. E. A. Dasher Mr. and Mrs Bernie A. Duarte Mr and Mrs. Leif Erickson Mr and Mrs. B. Goldman Gilbert E. Faller Robert R. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. William Holden Mrs. Beth Joule Mrs. Henrietta M. Kitto Mrs. Mirria Knibbs Mr. and Mrs. George A. Kuittinen Mr. and Mrs. M. Lovequist Mr. and Mrs. Fraser Lovett Donald J. Lund Mr. and Mrs. James C. Mack Mrs. Lottie Mackenzie Mrs. Mike Martin Guillermo Matheu E. R. J. McCray Mr. and Mrs. Ken Murray Murray Nadell Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Nichols Mrs. Nick Nicholson Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Nickel Mr. and Mrs. Pat R. Notaro M. B. Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Bart A. Perry Mrs. Vi Plasterer Mr. and Mrs. Bob S. Sauter Evelyn Parker Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tewksbury Mrs. Viola P. Thoen Edward P. Wade Alice A. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Wead Milton S. Werner Mr. and Mrs. James E. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Alfred H. Wine Mr. and Mrs. William Witney Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Wodtke Dr. and Mrs. Albert N. Zdenek 60 -QA'-A' I .,-a aww 'v ln A M Adv 'VI' Y 52 W DI. 8-2223 KEN'S MOVING THUMB AND NURSERY s. HARDWARE PAINT - GIFTS - PET SUPPLIES Agents for Globe Van Lines PATIO FURNITURE 5927 Noble Ave. Van Nuys, Calif. DALE BERGQUIST 21812 Sherman Way Canoga Park SR,R R S Ii IIIII I ' 122 ffl 52 CRANE 3' MOFFAT 4 ' 575041410 1,.,, ,,:.:In,,:::: ,:., ' . . . Zio -'R: Television - Radio - Records 0 QWVNA 3 zz- '--A A -.1.- ,.,.:A 5 Sales and Survive 25221: :1" T 3 71 Dlamond 7-1893 GLASS and MIRRORS POplar 3.8216 12417 Ventura Blvd. 4.5. 21724 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills SUM-llO CNY, Calif- POplar 1-5521 M VERNON mm' ff TARZANA AUTO X M PARTS s. SUPPLY BOB MOORE ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT Open Evenings and Sundays LICENSED AND INSURED LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR 13047 Ventura Blvd- DEI-,CO.REMY Residential and Commercial Tarzana, Calif. AUTOLITE 4747 San Feliciano Dr. Dlckens 2-6193 P ts Woodland Hills, Calif. ar m n - X I Dla o d 78440 V A 7mm lm "THE FINEST USED CARS" LADIES WEAR 1 AND E. W, ACCESSORIES Q MILDRED Ci-mowicx Vicki LOHMAN 7212 Van Nuys Blvd. Van Nuys. Calif. Z 7 sToo1oy 7-4064 STM., 0,7053 7 4446 Forman Ave. 7 Toluca Lake o North Hollywood iz fmhmy. ' THE VALLEY'S MOST IMPORTANT MENS AND BOYS STORE Louis Roth and Eagle Suits British Walker Shoes Excello Shirts Boys Sizes Ages 4 to 20 Regulars Huskies Slims We Stock Ridgewood's Summer Camp Outfits RESEDA ' CALIFORNIA 18163 SHERMAN WAY DICKEN5 2-0635 TEST DRIVE THE FAMOUS VOLKSWAGEN STATION WAGON - UWT' 'fi I 9 25 miles-to-the gallon and better: 9 Carries 9 adults or a load of kids with plenty of room for luggage: 9 Lowest up-keep 9 Lowest depreciation 9 Long tire life at COMPETITION MOTORS DISTRIBUTORS, INC. 1219 Vine Street, Hollywood, Calif. - Ho. 2-6861 BILLINGSLEY'S SIX GOLDEN BULL STEAK AND cHoP HOUSE "Where Steaks in the West Are the Best" Delicious Char-Broiled Steaks and Chops Lobster and Shrimp 3 sa i CHAR-BROILED STEAKS from 31.75 11325 W. Pico Blvd. IW.L.A.l 170 W. Channel Rd. ISM. Cnyl 12749 Ventura Blvd. fS.C.J 16400 Whittier Blvd. fWhit.1 21603 Devonshire Iflhatsworthj 630 W. Foothill Blvd. Iflialtol GR 9-934-2 EX 4-9657 PO 3-9941 OX 7-9033 DI 8-2684 TR 5-4024 Cocktail Lounges at 2, 3, 4-, 5, 6 AND S2246-' 244:44 chops, lobster, shrimp Sz cocktails Lunch - Dinner - Ranch Breakfast Daily 2600 Ventura Blvd., Calabases DI 7-3484 if- SADLER and HOLMES . X XQ?'iiig. Siifli-N .f NYXXXN ALL TYPES OF ' FIRE 1222 East Green Street Pasadena 1, California 0 INLAND MARINE - CASUALTY INSURANCE Compliments THE SHEFFIELD TUBE CORPORATION HOME OFFICE SALES OFFICES: New London, Conn. Manufacturer of collapsible metal tubes New York, N. Y. Chicago, Ill. Los Angeles, Calif. NUNMISTAKABLY. . .THE FINEST77 KEN BOURGUIGNON DOT E President E I I KEN E CD CD L1 IS' Blvd., Encino, Calif. 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California Zaagfzdlfafdlfiand 7alwwl cum' 66444 of 56' 14 ?fz6eowl WALTER B. STARR Union Oil Dealer 21940 Ventura Blvd. Topanga Canyon Woodland Hills Phone DI. 7-3431 UNION OIL I I COMPANY OF Ridgewood Cadets receive 76 Sports Awards LEFT T0 RIGHT: J. D. Becker, Weight. Wead. Baer. McCray, Suchard, Dempsey. W. B. Starr. WOODLAND HILLS MARKET Horace and Gladys Lyon 'fOpen Seven Days a Weekl' MEAT DEPARTMENT Bill Lincks in charge Manning or Rutchi Beef Meat Cut to Order Dlamond 7-1727 21108 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills business subscribers Bernard Food Industries Burgess Bootery Dr. Fredrick A. Bullard Harvey's Automotive Service Harold W. Kipp Insurance LeBeau's Boys Shop Louie's Ice Cream Pinky's Barber Shop SIattery's Egg Fann Tarzana Nursery and Patio Shop Western Restaurant Supply Co. Woodland Hills Camera Center Woodland Hills Stationers Vitality Frozen Foods 1208 East San Antonio St.. San .lose 19810 Ventura Blvd., Woodland Hills Reseda Chiropractic Center 714-0 Bemmet Ave., Canoga Park 510 West South St., Los Angeles 12638 Ventura Blvd., Studio City Ridgewood Military Academy 7212 Remmet Ave., Ca rlcr ga Park 5158 Cochran St., Santa Susana 5562 Reseda Blvd., Tarzana 6600 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles 5352 Topanga Blvd., Woodland Hills 21132 Ventura Blvd., Woodland Hills 104-05 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles b Q sooo msn: IN mm 2 URBAN . 11- ... -.1 .il-1 - .l- iii-1 ....ilT-- .-.. -1 i.-1-1 iiii .. .-11 l- i. -l .li-1 . -lx 1111i i- -1 -.,. 1 ..1 1l 1.-.. .1i . - lil- i. -1.1 - .. -1 l--ii L1-l-l . . l-ii-1 .....i.- - l-. lil-1-1 - l1.l1--- ,-. 111- - 1i --.T 1 ..11Q 1 . .-.. - lil.-1 .1.l1l1 .i. .1-.--1 -1 N. PATMAN, INC. 1-.... 2638 East Vernon Ave. ll- ...L-1 ll- ii i Los Angeles 58, Calif. 11. .11 .1-. .1 1.. .-1- .1-.-1.- - .il-l-. i-iii .-11 - 1.1 l - -ll- .l . 11 1i 1 -1 -1- ..1l.-- .. .1 ll-i iiiq- LUdl0w 3-1611

Suggestions in the Ridgewood Military Academy - Tabard Yearbook (Woodland Hills, CA) collection:

Ridgewood Military Academy - Tabard Yearbook (Woodland Hills, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Ridgewood Military Academy - Tabard Yearbook (Woodland Hills, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 76

1958, pg 76

Ridgewood Military Academy - Tabard Yearbook (Woodland Hills, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 56

1958, pg 56

Ridgewood Military Academy - Tabard Yearbook (Woodland Hills, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 27

1958, pg 27

Ridgewood Military Academy - Tabard Yearbook (Woodland Hills, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 32

1958, pg 32

Ridgewood Military Academy - Tabard Yearbook (Woodland Hills, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 41

1958, pg 41

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