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 - Class of 1953

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Text from Pages 1 - 116 of the 1953 volume:

if .5 iam. ' 5 ...M ll ,222 1.35 i' i iiii 5 it neu wqna fi 30 213 KQRQ S43 H! GHANTIOLEER THE Cl-IANTICLEER Published by THE SENIOR CLASS of OLD RICHMOND HIGH SCHOOL CHAN IOLEER Archway ,,,, 4 Foreword ,,,,.,,,,.,.,, ,,,,,, ,,,. 5 School and School Song ,,,,, 6 Dedication ,,,,v...c7 ,,,,,,,, . ., 7 Honor Pages .. ,,,,,,, l ,,,,,,,.,, , .,A,, , , 8-9 County Board and School Committee ,,,,. 10 Mr. Wood, Principal ..,,,. ,. , .,,,,,, 11 Faculty ,, ,,,,,,, , ,,,, 12-15 Appreciation ,,,,,,,.,,, , , ,,,, , 14 Introduction To Seniors ,,,,,. 15 Senior Class Officers ,, ,.,,, 16 Rex Bowen ,, ,,,,,,,.,, 17 Joe Brown .,,.,,,,,.,. 18 Barbara Butner 19 Joann Butner ,,,,,. 20 Doris Doub .7,, 21 Billy Flynn ,,,,.. 22 Mack Hauser ,..,,,, . 23 Mary jo Hendrix ,,,, 24 james Lawton ,,,,.,, Z5 Deane Long ,,,..,,, 26 Tanya Naylor t,,..7 27 Louis Newsome ,,... 28 Carol Dean Reed .r,, 29 1. C. Rierson ..,....,, 30 June Smith .....,.. 31 Kreisler Speas ,,,..,,,,,.. ,, 32 Bobby Gray Sprinkle , , 35 Q Peter Tuttle ,..,,,,,..,,,,, 34 Annual Staff ,.,.,,,,,, . ,,,,,.,,,,, .,,,, ,,,,. , , ,,,,.,,, ,,,, . ,..,,,...,,,,, . , . 35 Valedictorian and Salutatorian, Class Poem, and Song ...., , 36 Mascots ...,,....... ..,,....,, ,.....t... .... ..., ,.,.....r...,.........,...,.,,.....,,.. 5 7 Invitations and Calling Cards .. ,.7, ,. 58 Commencement Program and Marshals ....i .... 3 9 Superlatives ,.,.........,e., .. .,.. ..,,,.....,.,......r ...A . . . 40-41 Flag Bearers ,....,t, 42 Class History ...,, ,,., .... 4 3-44 Class Prophecy ......,...,,,. . 45-47 Last Will and Testament ,,,,,, 48 Seniors .,..,,,,..,,,..,,,,,. ..,,t,,. . ,,,. 4 9 Senior Snapshots ,,,.,,,,,. 7, 50 Introduction to Juniors W ,, juniors ,,..iYYt,,,,,..... ,.........V7vv.. 7 52-54 Introduction to Sophomores 55 2 CI-IAINTTICLE Sophomores ..7..,....,7,., ........ Introduction to Freshmen Freshman .....................,.,.,,.... Introduction to Athletics ,,,. Girl's Basketball Individuals ,,.,,,,, Girl's Basketball Team ,,,...,t, Boy's Basketball Team ..,,...,,s. Boy's Basketball Individuals ., .,,t , junior Varsity Girls and Boys ,,,,,,, Cheerleaders ,,,,,...,,.,,..,......... .,,r.t,, Baseball Team ..,.,,, ,,,,,,,i,,,,, Introduction to Activities ,,,.,..r.,,.,,,,,,,,,,, Office Staff and Library Staff .. ...,. . ,..... Commercial Club and O. R. Times Staff .,,.,,,, The French Club and The Rhymettes .,,,, Monogram Club ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,...... ,...... Glee Club .,i...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..... Store and Bus Drivers ....,.,,. ,,,..., Student Council and Usher Club ...... ,...........,.......... Traffic Department and Recreation Department ,,,.,, Home Economics III and Sewing Circle ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Television and Lunchroom Scene ..... r,,,,.. 4-H Club ...,........,,,.,..,...,,.s.........,s Introduction to Elementary ,,,., Eighth and Seventh Grade ...., Sixth and Fifth Grade ,...,,,,,,..,, ,,,,,,,,,c,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,. Fourth Grade and Third and Fourth Combination Third and Second Grade ..........,.,.......,,..,......,...,,......... First Grade and Remedial Reading Class ....... World Geography Students and Etchers .,ttt,ts Band and Flute ,... . ,...,,,,.,,....,. .... ...... . ..... . . . Music Group .... .. ...,,,.,,...,.,............ Contestants For King and Queen ...,., King and Queen ..... ..... . ...,....,... Poems ..................,. Groundhogs .,.,..,,....,. Jake and Louella ........,.......,,,,,...,.r..,....,.,rc,..,. Introduction to jokes, Snapshots and Ads .,,,,,, Jokes ...........s,..,,..... ..,.,,........ .......,.......,,,.........,.. Ma 6: Pa Kettle ......,. Snapshots .. ...... .. Snapshots ..... Ads ............... Autographs ...... 3 56 57 58 59 60-61 62 63 64-65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 7-5 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100-104 104-107 ER OHANTIOLEER "Wide open and unguarded stands our gate Portals that lead to an enchanted lanclg Toil shall have its wage And Honor honor, and the humblest man Stand level with the highest in the law." -Aldrich VOLUME V THE SENIOR CLASS OLD RICHMOND HIGH SCHOOL Tobaccoville, N. C. V 4 CH A N T IC LE E , gg 13 43 4? -fy Q xx Q QW wx., Swv Glass ,Q W53 ,A W mg W g i H Y x 1 ,m.f,5 a,.+.,wff+, ., Q H We New 'Sail c1055 "' -1 -' Q eAxRW-"' ' ek-aWxn'4 QQQQQQQQ x-w o Mm JMS ' '- . . - fm., eavxvhk- MSE k1,v35""' 5 4 . .. 0 us Na+ wil bg - ualvaue an . I ui xN?+:N I+' +v3uf, N93 5 'Y Lf, Makin Sw: 4'-fw5,.Bw. A+ -mama NN' ,mmf Q lm 'Y' U an N ww ar-1:6 'fe aa we 3 im at 0 we K ea, g K -W! X 53 ii' Yemembwwoee w xvc .Jes 3g t Qh"Y'+f elsif'- MRQJ 11' A, Ln' R CHANTICLEER SCHOOL SONG Tig 3 privilege to be 3 part 3. Thy sons and daughters of O. R. beloved Of Old Richmond the red and the blue. For we know in each and every heart Alma Mater, to you we'1l e'er be true. Thy name Old Richmond renown'd We hail, we hail from far and near, Thy glories joyfully resound In songs of praise and mighty cheer. CHORUS Lift up, lift up their heads of pride, But whatsoever seas removed To thee, in love their lives are tied. When our school days are at an end And the parting hour so soon is here, May we always lovingly defend The name of our school we love so dear All hail to you, the Red and Blue Your praises we'll sing both loud and long, No matter where we go, our hearts with pride o'erflow, For you, our dear Old Richmond School. 6 OHANTIOLEER P S Z, j 1' . IMRJQHN w. wooo , 1 LQ A K? ., f .L We, the Senior Class of l955, proudly dedicate this, the fith edition of "The Chanticleef' to hi li MR. JOHN W. WOOD, our beloved principal. ll? He is a friend of all and is helpful wherever he can be. He has helped us survive the many ' roughs and toughs of our senior year. We know we can never fully repay him for his many kind words and deeds, but we hope that in some small way this will show him how much he is il Hi appreciated. As we depart from this school we leave with him our most sincere thanks and H i best wishes. 41 J, . if l 65' .. A A 4-,- 5.4 - r 4 0-W4 4v,L,ff 4- v-W-L-4,f4m e - h f- ' 7 CHANTICLE CITIZENS OF OLD RICHMOND In honor of the citizens throughout the Old Richmond Community who so faithfully stood by us when we needed them most. 8 GHANT IOLEER IN HONOR 6? ou.-r TEACXXEY . Mvs. Hedvisiia HaUan A UPMQSE 'Fai alla. ""55"'5 an Kd vu arlcf has uYsSEls1 crsizeitia V-S 'Hia :ithr- 'wh lmpw-Aqua, RB- , Satan Cami! I-AaAl?.1,u.N.C -'u,cal3cg.gi3 Xkutnillig 1 xaQAL,1y,Q,. 'V' .-,L "f""vWl v 12 r P Q-X A wks? H C..O1,u'xi:'H School ggay-,Q bw-Ralph pfcmlg ' -'2'-fssa, ,, J H Z i Q 5 G-. S. CoU"x-ine. Q-1,4-HX Swagm ,,,'v'-- - - ff- 1" GT L. E. H0Y'+0YL 7-'Pr-Bruce. Ibrahim. 2 Efgqg ,ssh if f 7 - - W -P 'Roy 'Ray --Q, f ' f:-mzixilgg,-.. x W , R'-'--""! xg Rx M ..1,4, vim- xx NS ,-f-pr-.H-W f - -?'- Z Z ai A ' -?.:- Q ff, xx - N 41 ...S .S-idx f T hgx Q 'ii' " A, ,NZB 1 ,AML Sckooz, C.,ovnwd1"1"e.e, 5 Y , ,,, - v W X, it FY'HfmK. Stfmve. G-1 ,ben-fi' bomb .1 rv' Y , YY ,v , V WV ,,, Y- C! yde S mff-karma :L '-r 7, ' -A - H - ' -f W V Gray Mao:-Q ' , V Y , z st X 5 55? I f L. ,, -1--1,-,l 1 ---1 -Q .+ Y H Y V Q v ,s -5 v., v Q ,....,,......,.. f . . .......-. '+-Q, Q 67.-.., :-Q 11,1-1-ci Y ...S-1-,,,L Y X ' 1+-Q I CHANTICLE John .Hood FJFNNCIPRL TO MR. WOOD A gallant man whose noble deeds Have helped us in our hour of need. Our hopes, though dim, were later bright His strength portrayed a guiding light. We've always laughed at all his jokes, And he in turn when our class provokes. And truly we will miss his smile, Which has cheered us in many a sad while. But as we leave I know that he Will mourn in a state of misery. And departing through these doors we sigh, Goodbye, Mr. Wood, goodbye. Il CHANTIGLEER Wd,,,,.,.-A C.vJhfls yjgma-'WS Aghraudl? f X ws. WMM 5,.f-eA10a:,,4a M :va bf-3.4, mfs Millet X Mrs. Kdaryg xv brmjeq ey ,.,4"' Qreehwf' Ba-f-6 ,ef 80 bra. 6 g '19, C'r"'x ff? vvfo Coach fkiirksx ,af 0 Ins. bra. Ag Xl?"'e CN-f -Urals our F5625 oufrddfd :Wh , we - MSL H53 9-fig' Y , J'2:wV' M X limi .Z N---" 'fx-X ,A - wg v Q,-"' x -Q-.W ,J if -f K -ff -,,,,...,-IW!--,-,, I- A i, I2 -1-""g,fv-"""i EHANTICLEER THE ?'of':5'tw 3 00.6 M kgris C vx Y FIG M Q ffOfQWQ W y M OBA, 'ff' .. ,,.'-- "'q.... XA I3 CHANTICLEER IN APPRECIATION Because of the sincere appreciation of Old Richmond School, felt by each student in the Senior Class, we print this page in the 1953 edition of the CHANTICLEER. Ar the beginning of this school year, things weren't going exactly as we had anticipated. At times, it seemed as if all hopes were destroyed completely and we couldn't have the privilege of being Seniors together after we had worked toward that end for eleven years. Finally our prayers were answered. The school was reopened. With only a few classmates missing, we resumed our regular classes in the classrooms that were so dear to each one of us. In spite of all the turmoil, this year has turned out to be a happy one for every- body. We are slowly forgetting the past as our attention turns to our last days at Old Richmond and the days thereafter. At times, maybe we haven't shown our appreciation outwardly, but I'm sure if our inward feelings could have been seen, anyone could see by our actions how pleased we are that everything has turned out our way and at last we are graduating as a happy class of girls and boys. How happy we will be in the future when we can look back over this short year and proudly say, "We are the 1953 Graduates of Old Richmond High School! JOANN BUTNER I 4 35145-Il XA: lifip- ff! w 1 w xxxgf iN W gf XLHHA 3XX m,X W A ' MDS gksxxxx NW ff f 'STfEECf'f w Pkfgggc 'WX ' ' QWXNE FRoMN jf U QD 5 Nffmw X fff WA N' mA.,--f , 4 5 M5-N7 -4-x,X,, ,, - pts A,fl ! 'fx ff - Xwxfxw ff ffffxx Mmfm glbpx KW! x X ffff f XW PR ' 'NW' 'ff 'ffQ1'ffA"fXff'E,,E C X ff!! f" fr ff! OM XXX J L ,ffm ,, iff 'jyigfflf X V 9-5,5 .Nas--Ji VX U! l f. x X Yi xf i R27 AMX M AN-W NWN XXQQ X '! Nj! xx gxxilel ! r MM 1-- ff Q: -x 'V""""' , ' W-N fn-QR WWW NM-WW ,i-L-- NWM fs.zN-'B f5,,5.aQpN,, fx-"""'rNf".-'X' A Q HANTICLEER , to-' :nn fr'JQ !X ' :iw I V " 'o,'1 " 1 s A f ' A 1 , 4 Q 2 6 QQ X Q A , ,mz . gm, xx.,-ir. i j is X MM f NN tl , 'K A fx , ., 1. Q .. Kp 1,355 coLovS'. Y 6964 w1N5FA we C- 'Ax "- g W ' X bl 5 cz Q7 , :-,Q Q + ""' "9 Nm- WML CHANTIC Well here': Rexg He har a nice look. I don? know girlr, He might he able to cook. LEER REX BOWEN "RuJty" of power." I7 "The monument of wil .furvizfef the monument ACTIVITIES: F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Officer lg Basketball I, 2, 5, 45 Monogram Club 2, 3, 43 Usher Club 35 Commercial Club 3, 4g Student Council Officer 45 Glee Club 45 Bus Driver 4g Annual Staff 45 Senior Play 44 Superlative-Wirtiesr. ICHANTICLEER 4, sf, , 5 . 9 'mist A, I offs Ioe ir Jmarl in hir boolax. But with the girlr, He is. just another crook. JOE ALTON BROWN "Brownie" "I am very fond of the company of ladiexf' ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Home Economics 43 Class Of- ficer I, 45 Glee Club 55 Commercial Club 5, Annual Staff 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 Student Council 1, Cafeteria Staff 3, Senior Play 45 Super- latives-Most Athletic, Biggest Flirt. I I8 GHANTIGLEER Barbara Sprinkle left tlae Senior Clan, For a few dayi, But when :be came back She war Barbara Butner All happy and gay. BARBARA SPRINKLE BUTNER "I have given my hear! away." ACTIVITIES: , Basketball lg Glee Club I, Z, 53 Monogram V Club 2, 3, 4g Student Council 3g Annual Staff 4g Senior Play 45 F.H.A. I, 3g Commercial Club 2, 3, 43 Office Staff 25 Marshal 35 Superlariveh-Most Courteousg Usher Club 2, 39 tif A if 1' CI-IANTICLEER V Joann, :be ir a littlc funny I but :he make: 4 Hunter a honey BARBARA JOANN BUTNER "Brighl ar the um, her eye: that gazer: .rmke And like the .run they :lame on all alike ACTIVITIES: Class Officer 4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Monogram Club 2, 3, 43 Student Council 1, 2, 49 Annual Staff 45 Senior Play 45 F.H.A. 1, 35 Office Staff 2, 4g Commercial Club 2, 3, 43 Marshal 34 Softball lg Valedictorian 4g Superlative-Most Athletic, Biggest Baby. 'ih CHANTICLEER Now that Dorix V K 4 I5 a good litlle girl. ' Y She enjoy: herrelf H ,sir In rbi: old world. Q 32- . ' "-'-' ' H ,:7.-EMI 3:-V-i ii'-:2':fV v ' 3 j 'Y i in Q , . 4 I 531' .sa i g! 2 .f .5 I wet? I 5 I ' I ssl, , DORIS MAXINE DOUB "A Jweel heart lifting cheefrfulnen Like Jpringtlme of the year, Seemed ever in her footstepr to walt." ACTIVITIES: Glee Club I, 4g Annual Staff 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 Class Officer 4g journalism Club 25 Commercial Club 3, 43 Softball 13 Editor Richmond Rambles 43 Office Staff 45 Flag Bearer 49 Library Staff 35 Senior Play 4g Recreation Department 4g Home Eco- nomics I, 3, 4g Superlatives-Best All Around, Most Loyal, Wittiest. 'ii IHANTICLEER That Billy i.r alwayx around He 'WUJ' bum: up the ground. To get behind the gym BILLY RAY FLYNN lYBill!! "I'll Gel By." ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 43 Commercial Club 3, 43 Senior Play 45 Annual Staff 43 Library Staff 4g Art Club 43 F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 43 Band 13 Class Poet 43 Flag Bearer 43 Cafeteria Staff 43 F.F.A. Officer 4g 5 Superlarive-Most Talented. l 77 CHAN TIG ,EER Thai Mack, now he": 4 men, Behind the gym he gaexy tickled to death. ACTIVITIES: Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 Student Council lg Glee Club 45 Annual Staff 4g Senior Play 45 F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4: F,I-I,A. 4: Commercial Cluln 3, 4: 'Bus MACK RAY HAUSER "HappineJ: ix cheaper than worry, .ro why pay the high price." CHANTICLEER Look out here come: Mary Io, With her lipr going lo and fro. - . if i E I, ,.A- I. v',v f t, 1 MARY JO HENDRIX "May good :eme and good humor euef join." 5 5- ACTIVITIES: ,V Home Economics lg Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 49 Newspaper Staff 33 T. A. D 55 1 like Club sg French Club 3, 4g -Journalism Club 2, sg Z Commercial Club 2, 3, 4g Cafeteria Staff 1, 2, 3g Traffic Department 4g Senior Play 43 Class Prophet 5 4: Superlative-Friendliest. yi 3 CHANTIC Here come: that little James, I-Ie makex all the girlf, jun af tame, LEER JAMES GRAY LAWTON "Red" "The men of few wordx, Are tbe ben men." 25 ACTIVITIES: F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club lg Commercial Club 3, 43 Usher Club 4g Senior Play 4g Superla- rive-Mosr Stuclious. UHANTIOLEER Deane, helr not shorty heir Long Ami girly, He can Jing them Jweet love Jongr. LOWELL DEANE LONG "1 miglol rucceed in rmall ibingr, Were I not lroubled with great ambiliomf' ACTIVITIES Basketball 2, 3, 4g Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g Class Officer 1, 23 Student Council 3g Cafeteria Staff 23 Monogram Club 2, 3, 4g Commercial Club 2, 33 F.F.A. 2, 3, 45 Senior Play 43 Glee Club 1, 25 Annual Staff 45 Superlarive-Best Dressed. 26 CHANTICLEER Now that Tanya, :he it a cute little girl, She keep: all the hay: in 4 whirl. TANYA CHRISTINE NAYLOR "Tina Chic" "She wa: like a dream of poetry that may not he written or told." ACTIVITIES Class Officer 1, 35 Student Council 15 Glee Club 1, 2, 45 Traffic Dept. 25 Recreation Dept. 35 Home Economics 15 Softball 15 Office Staff 45 Annual Staff 45 Marshall 35 Senior Play 45 Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, 45 Journalism Club 2, 35 Mono- gram Club 2, 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Commer- cial Club 3, 45 Poetry Club 3, 45 English Club 35 Assistant Editor, Richmond Rambles 35 Beauty Queen, 51-525 Superlativesg Best Looking, Big- gest Flirt, Best Dressed, Most Popular. 27 CHANTIOLEER TlJal'J Louif, folk: He is a sight, You ought to ride bis bus, ' It flier like a kite. LOUIS HAMILTON NEWSOME "Louie" "There'J mixchief in his eyexf' ACTIVITIES: Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Baseball l, 2, 5, 41 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 F.F.A. Officer 3, 43 Com- mercial Club 5, 45 Cafeteria Staff 33 Monogram Club 1, 2, 5, 43 Home Ec. 44 Annual Staff 4g Senior Play 4g Bus Driver 3, 49 Superlative- Most Loyal. 28 CHANTIGLEER Carol, .the mart have Two good pawr. Became in the future, Sbe will have a lot to draw. CAROL DEAN REED f "lt': better to be good than bad, in be A It'J better to be meek than Herne!" ACTIVITIES: Home Ec. 13 Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 49 Annual Staff 4g Journalism Club 5, 4: Band I, 25 Cafeteria Staff I, 2, 35 T. A. D. Club 51 French Club 3, 45 Recreation Department 55 Commercial Club 2, 3, 43 Class Officer 4g Newspaper Staff 34 Senior Play 45 Superlativesz Most Studious, Most Court- eous, Most Likely to Succeed, Most Talented. 29 Usher Club fig Poetry Club 45 Artist Club 4g HANTICLEER A ,mr .' ,Wdx I X - 5 :A 1 45 A li I 'W ygffv f S I an V ,rl 5 Q ,,. :: -5253251 ,V E 2 ,Qi W I 5'::.::3 :: " 2 ' , X ,zz l , f:4.ffIw,f'ff 5 f , f L, ffl ,i1"X2ffliffw2,L:Mf "' ' 'A ' ug. -. '-., ,W ll I g V .A ' ' 36 z rly - ,flip-fig " 4'z',-g5y ',q,gl. .,,, ,my 2,-:. .- it M: e , " .rw -'lr - . ,' . gy hu," 1.Z.v ,,g V,,Mfi,H 1 , , gf, WQEBX, Af WN imyiij, .. 1 V ,lv . N , lg AWK n M I NM ,. A ,. is agua b I f X' V fa 2, V ,., A, . I Y , 7, ,gga,,.,, r ' , f ' . fi. we df .L Y ' I I ACTIVITIES: I. C. u one of the "go needy" guyx. Every night to Barbara? home he flier JULIUS CLARK RIERSON "Time and lide wail for no man." Baseball 5, 4g F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Monogram Club 3, 4g Senior Play 43 Journalism Club 33 Superlative-Biggest Baby. 30 CHANTICLEER Tbere'J ,luneg be aifo bar good lookx, But lbe trouble ix, be ba: done "flewed the coop." 6 JUNE SMITH iw V rr u jake "Give me Libby or give me death!" ACTIVITIES: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4g Baseball 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Commercial Club 43 Bus Driver 4g F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4g F.I-I.A. 4g Student Council 1, 23 Annual Staff 43 Senior Play 45 Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 Cafeteria Staff 45 Superlative: Best Looking. 3l CHA TICLE N010 K wider is ian a lizzie tall, And with the girl: He really maker 4 haul. KREISLER DALE SPEAS ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1, 3, 49 Baseball I, 2, 5, 43 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 F.F.A. Officer 45 Annual Staff 45 Senior Play 45 Flag Bearer 44 Glee Club 49 Cafe- teria Staff 3, 4g Commercial Club 3, 4g Mono- gram Club 2, 3, 4g Superlarive: Mos: Popular. "Jun .fmiling through." 32 CHANTICLEER Nou, Bolzlfy, He can really drive a mr, He can tum around In the middle of the road. And no! get a rcar. BOBBY GRAY SPRINKLE rlB0bH "I am? lazy, I'm ju!! dreaming." ' L ' ' " ACTIVITIES: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Mono- gram Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 2, 43 Glee Club 2, 4, Annual Staff 4, Senior Play 4, F.F.A. 1, 2, 5, 45 F.H.A. 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, Class Officer 2, 3, Superlative: Best All Around. 33 OHANTIOLEER That Peter, can really talk, Before he'd have anything hut a Plymouth, He'd walk, PETER DOUB TUTTLE , "Critical" "Little in rtracture, But often wire in judgment." ACTIVITIES: F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 43 Class Officer Z, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 43 Bus Driver 4g F.F.A. Officer 25 4-H Club Officer 5g Annual Staff 43 Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 Commercial Club 3, 45 French Club 33 Superlarive: Mos: Likely ro Succeed. 34 Q ' f ax S 5, V' WT Y-SEN m a .1 , A ' , 4:- ,W Q12ltf'f6 VX X f .sl it-M:,51'2 Q-fgla H :wg :5 w,fk +4 , 1,3 si e: fagg'-:Him 5 515 134 g f'I, s ' Z J Ai' My 'Ufxi N ' 4 I 1 ' 'V I 5 f any Jy N 4 'IV ' ma l A N 5 :ff M., ' l' if 54 ,gk f ,ff ,,,,.,. My 4. , A , fl i , M ff ' 4 16-1 :N 1 E H My 1 Q 1 w . 0' x-' - . Q' M f W" L X f v 1 x . U .'h of ' V1 5.31 -g -X fy E 4 ,WIN fa ' H L y, 1,5 'MIM N f-J ' vo Q: 3 5 X . " wx 1 'xr' Yfxli Q ,- ' 3 , N Q an A Z.,-N .Il 'L ii ' 1 4 get xc li X K x 3 ix x Mg? . x J ,X 2 had E W" 1 1 . , 5 t .1 5 x xA 2 "+. ,Cf 1 . - A, ' 2 if f W! ' V 1 X U! I1 Q M 'l fr .5 W F I I ' ge xc 3 3. m u sv L Q 1, f " 254 -- f .22 vw 5 w 2-1+ W 111 1- gg: we .gm 53,3 Q Q fy fl t rffzi f'4'5.:,-E 91" +'5"1ff5,3 I fig' l G W' ' ... Q2 Q I 1 Q-5-if W' 2 :ff " vf 'i sf H is CHANTICLEER TANYA CHRISTINE NAYLOR BARBARA JOANN BUTNER Salutatorian Valedictorian "Deaf f1'iCHC1S, 0110 and all: The class Of 1953 "So, as we step forth through the gateway to greet you. As an important epoch in our life night, clasmates, let us walk out into the world closes--" bravely-" CLASS pOEM CLASS SONG Seniors, we must now say our last farewell, Where we will go only time can tell. We have had many good times at O. R. indeed, And hope we have learned our future needs. Our talking and singing in the O. R. halls, Brought on many happy times by one and all. But our happy times have come and gone, And our classmates we will miss as we face this world alone. Our school days have come to an end, And now we must leave O. R. to become women and men. Our principal and teachers will not forget, For leaving O. R. is our largest regret. As we leave O. R. the school we love so dear, We will go out in lift and praise our school with a mighty cheer. We will remember the students that we are leaving behind, And hope that they will keep us in mind. BILLY FLYNN, Class '55, Hail and farewell, dear companions, Friends that we know to be trueg Th' past with its rosy tomorrows, Day when our sorrows are few! Sweet be the lay of the songbird, Fragrant the flow'rs on our way, Lovely the dawn of the morning, Happy the hours of the day: Crystal the skies bend above us, Perfumed the earth and the air- What can our friends, tho' they lov Give us than school days more fair. Then shall our happiness, waning, Chill' neath the shadow and cloud? Shall the high heart never daunted, Low in the ashes be bow'd? Not if Thy words, Divine Master, Ever our inmost tho't fill, Brief is the life Thou hast given, Love is but doing Thy Willy Kind words are easily spoken, Endless their echoes may beg Kind deeds must ever betoken Hearts that are loyal to thee. C MRS. CHAS. BERNARD CHANTICLEER 44' L u . if 3 Mfxscors Patricia Kay Hauser-Dale Thomas Doub iw' 'QW 1 vi .fm V, wr " 9 if:.i-!fixa1l-1e- :-4 v 1?-'lim if is 'kMf as 37 , , ,., W:-V -3 yy ., w, 'r- 1ZQfV'f" ' ., -V I 245' 1 A t AA A :iv 38 K W .,-:s1' 2 ug ' f 1 1 1 ,I ' E W S' ' "g ' 3 1 Y T, if Lin J mf S 1 P 1 -1 vs 5 5 5 c Ji WIYJ' 4 , 5 gifs: ,if 'S' 1 QS "' r ' 13 ' 1' ' i Q 325 'f ' f an nv , fi- "if 3 ,sw .4521 ' V ER X C-f-9V"VY'.eng,q,y-rx eYL+' E E Pwr-'oar' aww. XOUS 3 genie:-"PLa,xf o M31 Q 'swimov 'ana gf-NOV Bivuiu e'L.maj 01356 W'149"5" mmf If UQSPZ' S""7Cl 0 Nw: I7 G'f'3.a-V.'B.q'1' gn NX ee ' 39 CHANTICLEER , A-W Doris and Bobby Carol and Peter Ben All Around Mon Likely to Succeed IIE! I .HHY3 and J'-me . - Joann and Joe Bev Lvvffing Mon Azhlezif ui E Doris and Louis Maxi Loyal Carol and James Tanya and Kreisler Mon Studiour Mo!! popuja, 40 CHANTIGLEE SUPERLATIVES Barbara and Carol Tanya and joe Mort Courteoux Bigger! Flirt 1. C. and Joann Biggen Baby wr , Doris and Rex Wizrien an-1, Mack and Mary Jo Friendlieyl Deane and Tanya cami and amy Ben Drened Mon Talenled 41 CHANTICLEER N 2 5 i ' lg FLAG BEARERS Kreisler Speas, Tanya Naylor, Billy Flynn, Doris Doub, Bobby Sprinkle. "I swing before your eyes as a bright gleam of color, a symbol of yourself, the pictured suggestion of that big thing which makes this nation. My stars and stripes are your dream and your labors. They are bright with cheer, brilliant with' courage, firm with faith, because you have made them so out of your hearts. For you are the makers of the flag and it is well that you glory in the making." BY FRANKLIN K. LANE FLAG SONG Sunset is low, In evening skies, Dark shadows grow, The bugle cries. Echoes are stirred, By hill' and town, Slow at their word, The flag comes down. Flag of our land, Dear Flag of Light, Watching, we stand, Good night, Good night. 42 GHANTICLEER CLASS H ISTORY September of 1941 began a long school voyage, which has nearly ended, for some forty little boys and girls. Of those 40 only 18 have remained at Old Richmond, and they are the Class of 1955. As we set out on the O. R. S. we were small and unaware of what rough waves and storms lay before us. We sailed up to the first grade door, on that first day. Although we had no one to steer our boat there, once we arrived Mrs. Odell Kearney became our PILOT. We sailed through the first and second grades under her careful guidance. On our journey in the second grade we found Joe Brown in a big wave. After Mrs. Kearney had steered us for two years, she turned us over to Mrs. Fletcher, who steered us into that big wave of English. We floated through the woods on an EASTER EGG HUNT this year. Then we sailed on into the fourth grade, where at the beginning of the year Mrs. Frank Strupe guided our boat. This job must have been more than she could bear, for she soon turned her job over to Mrs. Melvin Hunter. This year Tanya Naylor canoed to Winston-Salem to school. xMrs. Hunter had a long trip to make with us for she sailed us all the way up stairs before she anchored the boat. We were up on the high seas for three years. The first year we were in the fiftlf grade, and our boat was guided by Miss Naomi Phillips. Tanya Naylor found that no boat sailed so smoothly as the O, R. S., so she returned this year. In the sixth grade and our second year on the high seas, we were unable to find a captain for our boat, so we boarded the boat with the seventh grade. This made theirs very crowded, but we enjoyed some new experiences this year. Billy Flynn, Alice jeune, and Becky Long were fortunate enough to join our merry crew. We survived the rough sailing of the sixth grade, and at last we came to our last year on the high seas, which was spent in the seventh grade. We had a boat to ourselves this year and we had Mr. Schroder as our Captain. We did more coloring maps this year than any thing else. Now at least we got off the high seas and were back to the sgood old sailing ocean. Miss Mildred Doub was our eighth grade steerer and she guided us into the many waves of high school preparations. It was this year that James Lawton joined our group. At the end of the year we went on a hayride to' Hanging Rock Park. For eight years now we had been riding the little O. R. S., but we had grown considerably and we looked overcrowded in it. So the next year we anchored this boat and boarded a larger one, the O. R. H. S. This meant we were in high school at last. 43 OHANTICLEER Mr. Ray Cates was the first to steer this new boat. We were all greenhands at changing classes this year. Doris Doub, Joann Burner, Tanya Naylor, Alice Jeune, Becky Long and Barbara Sprinkle joined the girls' varsity, and Bobby Sprinkle, Joe Brown, Lewis Newsome, June Smith, and Hoyle Hunter joined the boys' varsity. Dewey and Sara Roberson were newcomers to our boat. Doris Doub had an ice cream party at her dock. When we sailed into the 10th grade we were old hands at changing classes. Mr. james Hunter was the "lucky" man who guided us this year. Dewey and Sara Roberson left and Donald Baucom joined us. A Weiner Roast was held at Reynolds Park. At last we were full fledged juniors. There were some 22 of us on the O. R. H. S. For the past two years we had had a man to steer us, but this year things really changed, when Mrs. Myrtle Byrne took over the job. Donald Baucom sailed to Kentucky to school. Doris and Bobby Doub gave the juniors and Seniors a Valentine Party. On May 9, 1952 we gave the Seniors a banquet at Reynolds Grill, and, in return they gave us a picnic at Reynolds Park. Time flew and before we knew it, we were dignified Seniors. Yes, dignified we must have been then, to survive the terrible storm that blew upon us, and tore our class so dreadfully apart. Some attended schools elsewhere, while some only stayed home. We were shaken and tossed about, sometimes almost more than we could bear. Then on December 31, 1952, the victorious day came, and we were given our school back. We were so glad to be united once again at our Alma Mater after such a long separation. Mrs. Roy Holland had the difficult job of putting our crew back to the helm once more. It took much understanding and kindness on her part. We lost Alice Jeune, Becky Long, Hilda Ring and Delmar Wall, but despite that, we have tried and looked forward to being successful in making this year the best ever. Besides doing our work, we pushed in the big job of publishing this edition of "The Cbanticleerf' One of out merry days, was the "Ma and Pa Kettle" day in which each and every Senior took part. In April we were entertained at the Y. W. C. A. by the Junior class, at a Junior-Senior Banquet. We gave the juniors a party in return for the nice banquet, and also had other parties in th eschool park. Then in May we presented "Oh Aunt jerusha," as our Senior play. All this and many other things took place and then came the day we had all been striving for, "Graduation," We then realized that what we thought would be a long twelve years of school had really been too short. Although we were glad to receive our diplomas, and have bid you our last farewell, we shall never forget the 'roughs and toughs" and "happy times" that were enjoyed at Old Richmond by the Class of '53. Historians J. C. RIERSON KRIESLER SPEAS 44 CHANTICLEER CLASS PROPH ECY One Sunday evening as I sat in my room, I glanced through the window at the terrible storm that was brewing outside. Lost, deep in thought, it suddenly brought back to my memory the chaos and storm that passed through Old Richmond ten years ago. Days, weeks and months afterwards-with everyone's help and sympathy, the storm cleared and again we were all united at our home school. I recalled all the fun we had had in our senior year, along with our hardships of trying to publish the '53 edition of THE CHANTICLEER. As the annual entered in my mind, I picked it up and looked through the senior section. just seeing my former classmates' pictures made me long to see them again. Early Monday morning I packed my suitcase and left for our beloved School of Old Richmond. My! How things had changed! It only seemed a couple of years since graduation, but here it was 1963. As I entered the school building, I saw Mr. Wood in his same office. The office looked almost the same but Mr. Wood had changed-he was almost baldheaded except for a few gray hairs. Oh! I almost forgot to tell you, he was as slim as a railroad tie. After talking with him, I learned that some of the '53 seniors had visited him during the past ten years. Mr. Wood was still in good spirits and was singing "Daddy's Old Red Whiskersf' He told me that Mack Hauser and Deane Long had been to see him and they were now in Boone starring in "Horn in The West" but were soon moving on. Naturally, I wanted to see them so, I told Mr. Wood "good-bye" and was about to get into my car, when I saw the former Carol Reed drive up on the school grounds a few feet away from where my car was parked. She told me that she had also been thinking about our classmates, so we decided either to see or learn something about them. After talking a few minutes, we got into my car and started the long drive to Boone. All went well until we got to Elkin. Here, to my sorrow, we were caught for speeding. As we stopped and looked up at the policeman, we felt relieved because, believe it or not, he was Bobby Sprinkle. Although we were old friends of his, he gave us a ticket that we would have to pay in Winston-Salem. No offense! Bobby was only doing his duty. He told us that he had been a policeman in Elkin for two years, which had been his home town for eight years because he and his wife, Sherri, were living here. We decided to pick on Bobby a little, so we made a "U" turn right under his nose on Main Street and started on to Boone. We glanced through the rear view mirror and saw Bobby giving us the "you know what." We reached Boone in time for the 8 o'clock performance. It was very good and, in spite of their disguised masks, we soon recognized Deane and Mack. After the thrilling drama we slipped backstage to chat with them for a few minutes. Deane told us that the girl starring with him was his beloved wife. They had been playing in this performance for seven years and during the summer months, operating a tourist home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Mack was standing there with a twinkle in his eye when we asked him if he were married. "No," he says, "but I'm casting eyes on the girl who lives next door to me. I almost popped the question last night, but was interrupted by a telephone call. Afterwards, I lost all my nerve and decided to wait until later." We were having a lot of fun talking to them, but realized it was time we were on our way back to Winston-Salem. AC HANTICLEER We arrived at the Robert E. Lee and checked in our bags at 4:00 A. M. We had a late start the next morning but the first thing on docket was to go to the courthouse to pay our fine. On the way in we met Joann fButnerJ Hunter. She had become a secretary for Harvey Lupton, lawyer, shortly after graduation and a year later added Hunter to her name. 'They were planning to move to Florida in two more weeks, to relax with their three year old son who was just like Hoyle and their daughter, the very image of Joann. Joann invited us to lunch with her. While we were reminiscing over old times, Joann asked us if we were going to see Rex Bowen sworn in as editor of the Winston-Salem journal and Sentinel. After lunch we rushed over to see the big event. Later Rex informed us that he received his idea of being a newspaper reporter during his senior year, while writing letters to the Readers' Opinion. He wasn't married yet but was hoping that blonde from Lewisville would soon say "YES." While trying to find our way out of the mob, we ran into the former Doris Doub who informed us that she had become the wife of a photographer and the proud mother of a five year old girl. She was sport's editor for the New York Tribune. She was planniuy a brief visit with her parents after which she would return to New York. Doris also told us that she had been writing a series of articles about the Boston Red Socks. She asked us if we knew who their star player was? We guessed it right away to be Kreisler Speas. He had become world wide known for strikeouts. Doris said she had noticed in the gossip column that he had been going steady with a T. V. starlette for sometime. After a good night's rest we started for Raleigh to see Peter Tuttle, who had now become professor at N. C. State College. Upon arriving there we couldn't have had better luck, because Peter was on the campus looking at us with amazement. After graduation from high school, he had entered State College, had majored in agriculture and wa snow professor of agriculture there. Peter was just as distinguished as ever but still he hadn't found the right girl. He told us that his students were like the '53 senior class of Old Richmond and would be quite out of order so he would have to get back to class. But before leaving Peter told us that he was corresponding with Monsieur james Lawton, who was a famous hair designer in Paris. James had always studied his books well at school and decided he wanted to further his knowledge of the world, so he started a trip around the world and finally settled in Paris. Then we went to Washington, D. C. We were so exhausted from traveling thatx we decided to stop at Norfolk, Virginia, for a little recreation. After walking the streets for a while, a decorative poster attracted our attention. It read: "An Old-Fashioned Square Dance, Everyone invited, Sponsored by the Sailors of Norfolk." Now that was just the thing to ease our mind so we went in. As we were watching the merrymakers, we heard a familiar giggle and with the turn of our heads we saw Louis Newsome. He told us that immediately after graduation he had joined the Navy and was a Lieutenant. A year later Nancy Moore joined him in Norfolk, where they were that while on their honeymoon in Las Vegas, Nevada, they stayed the state's largest. They hotel. Louis said that he owner of the hotel. June We then continued were surprised to see Mr. and Mrs. june had and OLII' was making her home. As we were just blooming caught u just received a letter from june stating Libby were now very happy with their now living. He also said at the Las Vegas Hotel, Smith, managers of the that he had just become two sons. drive to Washington, D. C., where we heard Barbara Butner neared Washington a beautiful orchard where the cherry blossoms r eyesight. We just had to stop by and admire this beautiful orchard, by chance, we met Barbara and her husband, Harry. Ar CHANTICLEER During our conversation we were interrupted by someone calling, "Mother, Iookee here!" To our amazement' there were two little girls tglowing with laugherl and we knew they were Barbara's by their tactfulness and sweetness. Barbara told us that she was now stewardess for Harry, who was piloting a TWA Airliner from Washington to California. She also told us that on one of their trips they visited the "Howling Ha-Cha Club" where 1. C. Rierson was singing his latest hit, the "Howling Ha-Cha Blues." Have you heard it? lt's really a scream. Over a million copies have already been sold. His wife, Barbara, was hostess at this famous club. We never realized that our classmates could be so scattered in the four corners of the earth, but it certainly was interesting to find out what each of them was doing. It just occurred to us that we hadn't seen all of the class of '55 yet, Remembering a card we had received from joe Brown inviting us down to see him in Georgia, we decided to turn our tour southwrd. As our Cadillac rounded the comer, we immediately recognized him leaving his office. We screeched to a sudden halt and found a parking place nearby. joe heard the noise and, seeing who it was, rushed down to meet us. We had lunch with him :ind he told us he had finally settled down and was working earnestly in the real estate business. We asked' him if he were still having trouble with the women. He grinned and said, "l married the cutest little Georgia peach you've ever seen and l have two little boys." We asked him what had become of his high school sweetheart, Tanya Naylor, He told us that she was living in Miami Beach, Florida. Since we were in Georgia, we decided to go on down to Florida to see Tanya. We had read that she was going to be in a fashion show in the evening so we thought we would go out for a swim, since there didn't seem to be anything else to do. We received a terrible surburn but were better by the time the fashion show began. Tanya came out modeling Flynn's latest creation, "The Strapless Mink." lmmediately after the show we went back to talk to her. She was thrilled to see us and we had quite a con- ference during which time she told us she was engaged to a Lieutenant in the Navy. She told us also that the Flynn for whom she was modeling was none other than our classmate, Billy Flynn. Billy had a corporation in Hollywood, California, known as the "Flynn's Fine Furriers." Billy was very well acquainted with the movie stars because of his marriage to Margaret O'Brien. He and Margaret have twins, a boy and a girl. After leaving Florida we journeyed on to Texas to spend a quiet week-end on Carol's ranch and reminisce over our long journey. Carol had married her former high school sweetheart, Rupert Brown, in the fall of '55. After Rupert had served his three years in the U. S. Air Force, they moved to Texas and were now living on a large ranch. They were kept busily occupied with their herd of 30,000 cattle on the outskirts of San Antonio. My visit ended all too soon as I said good-bye to Carol and headed for my home which was now in Columbus, Ohio. After being secretary for Dr. james Crews, a dentist in Winston-Salem, for two years, I married my high school sweetheart, Jack Lawson, in 1955, and moved to Ohio so Jack could increase his business in selling cars. This had been a very interesting trip and I found that the seniors of '53 were a very ambitious group of people. Now I could go home and rest in Comfort, kn0Win1-I that, HI ISSI. they all had reached their goal. MARY HENDRIX and CAROL REED, Prophets. GHANTICLEER We, the Senior Class of 1953 of Old Richmond High School, realizing that we are about to take a permanent leave of absence, much to the sorrow of the faculty, who have, I a.m sure, treasured each moment that was spent with us, hoping by some remote chance to have relayed to us some small element of knowledge, and also to our fellow students, do ordain, publish, and de- clare this to be our last will and testament, rendering void any former wills made by us. ARTICLE I-SECTION I To our beloved principal, Mr. John W. Wood, we leave a full measure of sanity which he doubtless has lacked throughout our infallible reign as Seniors. ARTICLE I--SECTION II To our ever-understanding teacher, Mrs. Henrietta Holland, we bequeath J. P. Dillworth's latest book, "How to Preach An Effective Sermon." ARTICLE .II-SECTION I To the Juniors, who will soon fill our honored seats in the senior class, we bestow: Cal All the knowledge that was attained in our most ex- citing yearlin high school. fbi Our- privilege of going to lunch first. ich Ahd last, by no means least, the task of publishing "The Chanticleerf' ARTICLE 'II-SECTION II To the Sophomores we leave patience and courage to endure the oncoming seniors. But be brave and just remember that you, too, will someday be a senior. ARTICLE Il-SECTION III To the innocent Freshmen we leave a certain amount of dignity and the ability to carry a countenance of wisdom, when you sometimes find yourselves lacking in gray matter. ARTICLE III-SECTION I I, Joann Burner, do bequeath my aches and pains to Barbara Tuttle and ,Jeanette Burner, so that they can prevent the doctors from going out of business. I, Carol Reed, do will my artistic ability to Sue Allgood and Patsy Craft. I, June Smith, do bequeath my marriage license to Betty All- good. Have fun, Betty, you won't be single but once! I, Mary Jo Hendrix, do leave my big mouth to Wynoka Josey and Pat Doub. But remember to restrain yourself in Mrs. Holland's class. I, Billy Flynn, bequeath my seat in the senior class to Winburn Shore, so he may graduate with a broader mind. I. Rex Bowen, do will my ability to argue with Mr. Early to Edgar Masencup. May you be more successful than I. I, Barbara Burner, leave my secret for a successful marriage to Barbara Livengood and Sylvia Spease. I. hall I. James Lawton, do will my quiet and studious ways in study to Wayne Coley. Lewis Newsome, do bequeath my esteemed seat in the senior class to Nancy Moore, so she may graduate in honor. I, Doris Doub, do will my wittiness to Janie Smith and Ann Reid. Take advantage of it, and enjoy yourselvesg it's later than you think. I, Mack Hauser, do bequeath my bus and route to W. C. McGee. Take it easy, "Dub." I, Deane Long, do leave my position on the baseball team to Charles Petree. May you have better luck than I. I, Bobby Sprinkle, will with reluctance my many girl friends to Bobby Fulk. Take good care of them, Bobby. I, Kriesler Speas, do bequeath to John Conrad my ability to hit the high notes with my popular giggle. It will win you many hard looks from your teachers! I, J. C. Rierson, leave my unfailing habit of coming to school by lunch time to Roy Bowen. That morning sleep does wonders for you. I, Peter Tuttle, do will my bus to Winburn Shore. Take good care of old "SO," Winburn. I, Tanya Naylor, do bequeath my dimple to Lonnie Ring, to add to the rest of his charms. I. the Joe Brown, do will to John Robertson my ability to attract opposite sex. We do hereby constitute and appoint Henrietta W. Holland our Lawful Executor, to execute this, our last will and testament, according to the true intent of the aforesaid document. Signed, sealed, and declared by the Senior Class of Old Rich- mond High School. We do hereunto set our hands and seal this twenty-seventh day of March, nineteen hundred and fifty-three. Testators PETER TUTTLE BOBBY SPRINKLE IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ------ I - I III I I IIIIIIIIIIII22Z'.'.'.I' V 1 4 I HANTICLEER Q H ff' f 5 sf Li, y 1 -'vrj l lx d MM W W fy' 27 2 'W E, Happy Bf9.'HwJm1 1 N1-me. S+e.e.i'd1 19 3 Chew "I'7m2- ,S b Q ' , In ,PH RAM: A Cexfgk H014 5 -:.. Egggrr z ,:A tm hw mm H, I, A ,, fab rim de em hqh Hmqmvwffv Be' ' FM , . N 8. , , 1 , 1' HW.-,A.4,pe.c:+:,en: :: , 4-- A JHoIJ up 'gn X go 4 Q ,sw , , as 'fm -m y fg.-,u . 1 I ls, M ', 1.452 ,vii ,Xu wqfff iw 'i v M, ,,1:A2 1Q'f ffiitl' g Q dx A - - - .,:,, ga '::- . -Vg Www Q fu: gf - ,,,, 'Winn ! ,-Z ., ' gg ff -'--A N , ' , , : " Y " my R A :': 1-- rf ' wi ii. A iff ' ' 5 'K M K . ..,. . mia5.,., X ,gf 1' Liu M gum .nm-1 Asscmggq Lune. - DU x ,Y - ,avian 1,5607 "Wi 5- xi fat. - 2 Qxm ,g -lf, Q. W ' if 5. f - I , , , 'iwkl tariff' , , HW:- uQ+Ck Orff' 581013 Gkak mvci C,-Row! 50 . TX Ta mi-'R H N3 The. 'Be.Ad5'h.X UH A NTICL EE R M . Q x Sxwxbx, N1 X WAN o S : xx -:N X f MS f 1o2r5Z5Kfrf,f ,W-y:,Kf 2 .5831-5:06 y you-9,4 HM N uh 2 1 h 4 :IHE KIGHT +0 -Fair' P2y,JJer1u-3.-Sa 3 Cfmmand 'H-e. ruc.e.ssH'fC5 an 0 K J1wf+,-as of ML-cm eugznffa Fw-w r , 7 Sefualif 'fA"ff7",3r1d oflr Cf' 505315 valuable' f eg 3' THE KIGJIT' +0 Zclcqu-3+2' food: "7"'H"7"3' + 1q5k"N""',znJ medicgf oafrej Q ,THE RIGHT 'fb 5'9"""l+1, 39,-pk 'fgeedemffom uaagw -r 1 an ww q lg, irq:-f,Fy1J Eaabznfb' . gvgyzim U ree. uxidf X 9' rlrff 9-ar 9 0 U-hem? U6 wx 5 'A 9 arb MW' IO N45 7 THQ K-YG' T' 9 1 609-rf se.,-F u-9 urneponarble, f fvlh "1 J dbx C' af' 9 1' ZYUJ Wa' A dh: F63- 2 cf!-I 'M af' 901 H an rfcdfgx ,..-rw, sfyan o iN Q ig ,,,, +v..xw, .Hi-noe, w -Qac. u-MWC-1 JY 2.-61 ggerai' QM-YO vb Q, X 'YYY gum., zone To 3 Y xc. ff eAv.G3"""" 1 an QQ LYSOIN3- Y 0 ecfta ox' +0 1,1155 E 9 190m 'M' wr yforffun ff ad zfldlll r 6 wp? Gfl-!f"+M F yn 311. 1 an BEN ra If zgivsgd 'fa ' V+ C1ull123f' 0 -F 0 5' K -5 1 5 50 H + Y Q ZX? . 1-K 9 rags. po ! 7 , ' K ' rv' P V Y ' V' Us I'-I il 3,49 I3 5 ROI' 6 S Th o ' Q5 'F -I-vb 'I jg f vb. N 5 0 x ' , -Qu? 1, 599 'W 63:5 'A'-W ' L: as Vg gssaixh X 4 ' -6 1 S -XA X5 .0 J ,., P arowik xc 6-"2 F" 2 a a I I 1 T f in or Y' and qc Q' ff 0 ' l 7' ' 1V ,f, , ,,, 0 V 0 51 HA TICL ER Wynoka Josey Janie Smith Prerizlent Vice-Preridem Barbara Tuttle NWCY MOOIC Sgpfepa,-y Trearurer Lonnie Ring Barbara Livengood W, C, McGee 52 CHANTICLEER ,:Q'1'1" Winburn Shore Anne Reid Berry Lou Allgoocl Jeannette Burner ' Roy Bowen 'Gd Frances Doub John Robertson John Conrad 53 CHANTICLEER Patsy Craft Edgar Masencup Wayne Coley ' Sue Allgood Sylvia Spease Bobby Fulk Charles Petree 54 1 TX 1 .u. N , if EC W f! f Z J. K J , f F' . 'N N K' - N! 2 X Q XX 1' 'X 3 Y SUQ X X X up - X W ,eg 7 A I-Q x' 1 Y Q01 SOPHOWXO +1 cr LJ 1' J CHANTICLEER piano I 1332352 A 2123413 New L j B1 - E 1, """'Nwf Robert P0016 Lynn Winfrey Bonnie Smith Betty Jo Warts Helen Davis Preridenr ........, ,,,v..,. M ary Lawson , Vice-Prerident ............ Betty Jo Watts Sh"??Y Pfaff, Secretary ,..,..... ...... L ynn Winfrey Treasurer ..... ..,.. R obert Poole Nancy Jo Dull Avolene Edwards Bobby Bowgn Barbara Bodenhammer Donald Allen Carrell jean Brown Bland Moore Dorothy Edwards Nancy Spainhour Mary Lawson Belmont Doub Linda Hill ' if an is . s we l' 5 5 56 tj gy X E 1 X Qi N WK , LL-I 1, ' L-Sam w 4 3 ,M V ff W 2 CHA . fi ' c,.X9'3 ' 'dazvjx -L-Sai -"2.2,'T"+"' s 4 ff " 'V'-K n qi 'HU '9":,f-X5 o an A V A ,tj 1 .. f 9 1' 1 ' - S' ", . 1 -D if 'Q vu, Z' ll, Ce- 1 ' . I aqgy' b f' G 'ef' 56 - ,' 3 ,A W , a, , E 1 ' fk x I f I K 3 OLD HFHONLD IYNOST ALURBLE 2591, OH yrfg '59 X CHA TICL O az, n, .O 9 ,v 04. 9 'QQ v ' 'fofp'Q39' . 'Q' ,'y'O. I'09., v 'bl' ,. ,'.fJ"v5x- . 0 9 o ' 41 . 4 i':z'iv' Q? 4"o 'Q 4 ' O , Q 'ANOIQQ ' 1 v v I R U WX . ', 'VV J'6mwr,DuT'NeR I ',, I I fflfq . GQ s ' o 1.244 "fo 4 f . I H1111 fl- I Tv w'-F v" O 'a, . 4 O.. v ' 'U' ,f. O Co- QBP Hill Bgwme Sm' TRNHA N I Q 4 ' 5 ,',', 4 Q.v:':' '-'v's,v" 'Xa S.: 0 'A' 3 Q1 v'o'O"'. ' :Orca-: -' O Q O 'x' O I Q 1 0 o O 9566! 1 ,O 5555.1 I. Y- w., Janis Doub co-.CII P+Hl' N J'9nave.H'Q.w :Bu-PN e 9. ok 'S ai! QNX. 5 fn' s. QQ., , Y 'Q . . vi Q is 6 'Jn . 53. ,, v 'hy fig 'O' I , f O 5 jx so A Q q, ll' o O 'o"l 0,60 0, Q v No,.. u..-.. A xi 1 I 3, 4,1 E I 5 A x I a fC - 4 'xx' .Qv ,xx 5 .Q , fnfvf, 1 1:1 , . , x , . 31 AXE,-51" O 5 1 ' 4 K 'Q sz ' 4 0 L '0.0s V n,g,, ,V o 4 , 9 0 ,. P s 5 s ,o . ., xsg -4 CHANTICLEER ' A g f X .S " 1 K - wa- 4 X9 VV Q fm! V , lx A I Q. ' Ev " ' 1 CV ' W W A , ,.,A Q I zcyf A 31' if 7 ka ,L ,W 3 A v..Qsm!m Wy I A a ., 5 N vb AV" 'N' ' ' AA,:ff- 1 AQ,-ffx5":f' ,Wy ' J' , V , f A H A 5 .,. A A' 4 Q 3 5 I ' f 5 V V E - 3 I " ' ' 355' 5 ,V Q E 1 ' fliffjf K " X ' L PA 'TUB S fy cafe. Ji A,g?'2?d 4 Af A A A fl K 2 Aa, ,,., E QM H W A A' ' Q A V ,.,, V' in my xg Q y IT' ,T IBMQLRRR 'ii tbvl ". ' 1 1 . - -Tai-He Af' 1 1' L gk' FWA, A V V i W A4 A A., - S AA '- ., 1 V7 V a ff, ff i K W ff -,:. , - f A 'H' V, V ..,h H' My - R . 1 w" A sk..Rl H f j Q : fi A . A 91 ps' NNN: Cakdlju HBNIRIX H, f' Ewa umm A Ccnch F Q 1 , -ff' 14'-fn. 371701: Ln-I? W A .,--A A lvllll , A v L f ff YL, , Y , i 33 :Q 1 A ,kl- rl A., W iw xx ,V v.'p"?' 5 A A W 3 . nr- 4 .Ay V f 1 N ' 3 A " X 1 E Y AAAS! I AQAQ 2 1 x 1 " -NA 61 CHANTICLEER Back Row GIRLS BASKETBALL Lois Key Janie Long Coach-Mrs. Edna Walls Shirley Pfaff Nokie josey Co-Capzaims Joann Burner, Dorir Daub Bonnie Smith Front Row Patsy Craft Carolyn Brown Sylvia Spease Tanya Naylor Jeannette Butner Barbara Tuttle Carolyn Hendrix 62 Anne Reid CHANTICLEER Back Row Louis Newsome BOYS' BASKETBALL Donald Waller R0 Bowe Coach--Mr. Lloyd Early R Z n Manager-George Vaughn o err Poole Donald Long Rex Bowen Skippy Allen Lonnie Ring Bland Moore Front Row Bobby Fulk Mack Hauser Bobby Sprinkle Kreisler Speas June Smith W. C. McGee Donald Allen ClfHAlXlTICLEEli Kreisler Speas June Smith Donald Waller Donald Long e-fa 9506 Mr. Early , Coach 6 .Y- QXG . A, CCGG J Donald Allen 64 Robert Poole Roy Bowen jerry Allen Lou s Ne some .ag,e. ? '. O O 00 A 209 gd: 99.0.0 O O 0 ' 'z'o Q rv' '5 'X 0 5 fe - al 'Q goo Q'o'0'4 V 0 4 2 'S 22 '2 Rex Bowen 65 CHANTICLEER GIRLS JUNIOR VARSITY Back Row: Faye Davis, Patrie Livengood, Dorothy Ring, Hilda Myers, Barbara Hann, Norma Wilmothg Front Row: Janice Davis, Patricia Fulk, Ann Higgins, Wanda Joyner, Ruth Harpe. BOYS JUNIOR VARSITY Back Row: james Poole, jerry Davis, Wayne Hauser, Donald Doub, Billy Hall, David Boger, Front Row: Kent Allen, Travis Burner, Arliss Doub, johnny Long, Gray Bowen, Chester Goins. 66 CHANTICLEE Kg!- ,xxe sw 7,O'1e Q ,Sn 0" W ees- We we , Wo 3 be NX 09 X K 506 61-ee SKC? 6 yogf. ' Yasg. 4 O 3 bi' Nloq was C1115 411 off-if C A fx 5 15 Yfe Nant? rand li O Moore a0Q' 6 UD' Ojler 1. least O 60 'O R 1560 7 or A 0,-120, hiaiar 06 90 aff ,boo 005. or Of wwf or L11-I da 17771 Betty Watts Nanci' Spal. Janie Smith Mary nlzour Lawson Ann Lawton lv -, A Rag S and Tacks ' KC 1 O S and C M . - gmc uf Red .fades Ye . ' Af Bird eh . ,team 6 Cra k I S xl xx , . ' 100- C eblafks Sieve log Q2 'fm P52091 669 4 'LQ Glgerf' J6 Yu X5-egg lI?"e Rfo.,,y'JeA.01'f ' Q ' J C' X40 - YW ,d"W, 6,6 A 'Z '94 0. ati QOGA' Of 490 I,- XA YJ XL. 'cb 070 O 'se O' e 'bo 09' 4100 'S 1,001 GJ: ' When the O. R. H. S. girls fall in line. We're gonna win this game another time. For the dear old school we love so well. For the red and blue, we yell, we yell, we yell. We're gonna fight, fight, fight, for every score. We're gonna fight until we win some more. Were gonna leave old --- on the side, on the side, fight team, fight. 67 CHANTICLE TH E BASEBALL TEAM Back Row: Donald Long, Bobby Fulk, W. C, McGee, Donald Allen, June Smith, Bobby Sprinkle, J. C. Rierson, Mack Hauser, Kreisler Speas, Joe Brown, Front Row: Roy Bowen, Charles Perree, Lonnie Ring, Rex Bowen, jerry Allen, Louis Newsome, Bland Moore. 68 Dv Q' Z , SX QQ X ff, xx L,,""'mN f a 7 17757 Q X. O 0 CHANTICLEER N MUSSEH lu' vx THE OFFICE STAFF Standing: john W. Wood, Prinripal: Doris Doub, Tanya Naylorg Sitting: Nancy Moore, Joann Burner. THE LIBRARY STAFF LIBRARIAN ,, ,, , ,, ,,,, , ,,,7 ,77, M ISS SADIE WILSON Standing: Louis Newsome, Betty jo Watts, Nancy Moore, Gerald Zene Brown, Peggy Shamelg Sitting: Lonnie Ring, Billy Flynn, Shirley Pfaff. 70 CHAN ICLEER COMMERCIAL CLUB . MRS. MYRTLE BYRNE First Row: Patsy Craft Joann Butner, B. Livengood, Rex Bowen, Sylvia Speas, Wynoka Josey' Second Row: Sue Allgood, Betty Allgood, Bland Moore, June Smith, B. Turtle, Third Row: Doris Doub, Janie Smith, K. Speas, Louis Newsome, E. Masencup, Lonnie Ringg Fourth Rowi Mack Hauser, B. Sprinkle, Billy Flynn, Tanya Naylor, W. C, McGee. OLD RICHMOND TIMES STAFF ADVISER MRS. MYRTLE BYRNE First Row: Betty Allgood, Sue Allgootl. Patsy Craft, Sylvia Speas, Wlynolca Josey, Barbara Tuttle, Barbara Livengood, Janie Smith, Back Row: W C. McGee, Lonnie Ring, E. Masenmp, Bobby Fulk. -H H Preridem ,,,., Vice-Prexident , Secretary ,,,,,,,, Reporter ,, Teacher , ,,,,, ,,,, , ANTICLEER Carol Reed ,, , Tanya Naylor Mary Lawson , Lynn Winfrey Mrs. Henrietta Holland Mary jo Hendrix ,v 22 Prefident ...,.. ...R Vice-Preridem ,,,,,,, Secretary .H ,, Reporter ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, ,. ,,,, , , Other members: John Robertson. M5 We 2 cxvilj' ll x 'Z Tanya Naylor , ,W Carol Reed , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, W, C. McGee Charles Petree Billy Flyy Geraldzene Brown, THE R fi , CHANTICLEER L A H , f--1 N -4 b W N M momosanln CLUB C' Se cond Kou BOYXYGB SWQYM, Dov-RS Dov-5 snfx v-of Row Tommie. Dmilow- F' 'SV' Rvw 'RM fled- L0 no Ko. ffbsesl P3+2"" TWWIQ 5'a,o..fw-'H'v-fU-7'n9v- nmvkmva. 'Tu,H'le. J0lnn Bu'1'nv.y- Nh-if-1 nloov-2 muck Romsey Bobby Sys-nkle Lpwvs News-:me Joe 9,.,,,,h wLC.f'EG-eGa-:'- Rei Bows A 'M' 'T C mv- les Pd,-e.e. Sung rm Kviegnggreas Bobby FMIL 73 CHANTICLE,ER Sepho- -g:g 4!5: 'fiigsy iff af - - - f, 1 ' 4 J 0 va GLEE CLUB DIRECTOR ,,,7,,,,,,,,.,.,,A, ,,,,,,,,,.,....,, ,,,,,,,,7,,7,,,,,,,...v..,..,..,.,, M I SS WILSON Back Row: john Lee Conrad, Donald Edwards, Bobby Sprinkle, Kreisler Speas, Mack Hauser, Rex Boweng Middle Row: Peter Tuttle, Winburn Shore, Joe Brown, Lewis Newsome, june Smith, Billy Flynn, Ethel Lane, Barbara Cullerg Front Row: Patsy Craft, Barbara Turtle, Nokie josey, Nancy Moore, Tanya Naylor, Barbara Bodenhammer, Dorothy Edwards, Doris Doub, Peggy Shamel, Joann B rner. gki gggiigg ' an-ani'i"'lgg!f'-I 74 I-ef, Fo ffghr, Mack CHA T we 'STORE ICLE ER Hal, Se 1-, June Sm 1117 pmt Tkltdej Rex 75 Lou . IS Newsom ea Bowen Custom Manager-Miss Sadie Wilson ers: Doris Doub N , ancy Moor Joann B C UUICI' CHANTICLEER STUDENT COUNCH. Back Row: Sylvia Speas, Donald Waller, Janie Long, June Smith, Mary Lawson, Winburn Shore, Tanya Naylor, Front Row: W. C. McGee, Bobby Sprinkle, Joann Burner, Rex Bowen, Carolyn Hendrix. l 'l I 4 v. 1 W I 4 L 'lf 1, UN I nw, rs r 'M' wi -M., A it 1 f r 3 D ,A l Q J. J USHER CLUB Back Row: Donald Waller, W. C. McGee, Donald Allen, James Lawton, Front Row: Wynoka Josey, Carol Reed, Berry Watts, Janie Long. 76 HANTICLE TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT Back Row: Bland Moore, jerry Allen, Louis Newsome, Lonnie Ringg Front Row: Lois Key Mary Hendrix, Bonnie Smith, Sue Allgoocl. RECREATION DEPARTMENT Back Row: Billy Bowen, Mack Hauser, Robert Poole, john Conrad, Front Row: Ann Lawton, Doris Doub, Shirley Pfaff, Barbara Tuttle. 77 OHANTIOLEER "V:'E: if .G ri if "" A-7 G , .- HOME ECONOMICS Ill TEACHER ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,, , , , , MRS. JANE CRUTCHFIELD Back Row: Doris Doub, Betty Allgood, John Conrad, Sue Allgood, Bobby Bowen, Donald Allen, Joe Brown, Kriesler Speas, Mack Hauser, Billy Flynn, Robert Poole, Front Row: Pat Doub, Anne Reid, Sylvia Speas, Barbara Tuttle, Wynoka Josey, Nancy Moore, Louis Newsome, June Smith, Pat Craft, Jeannette Burner. THE SEWING CIRCLE TEACHER 7V,V7eeA J , rrorr V 7 t , 7 MRS. JANE CRUTCHFIELD Back Row: Anne Reid,, Louis Newsome, Mack Hunter, Billy Flynn, Bobby Bowen, Robert Poole, Front Row: Sue Allgood, Doris Doub, Pat Doub, Betty Allgood, Jeannette Burner, John Conrad. 78 CHANTICLEER QXJNSXOS 10 XJ WN we A LUNCH ROOM SCENE 79 GHANTICLEER 4? xl! Cl M22 Rx vixfik R.ou.5 V. Dum xx i gms ----' SYN-rJm.v-'Y mnfvvxn. fX,,'g,"CKb""YX Dqgvud Booxrav' jixzslvav., UXf.61uLK ,TyinvQ, QMJ-.,.K,m,.J' Emwlxi Uoqkxew-9 Xjondhi xboubl Xaravxvix Q, Sm-1N'Vxv w--mm v-. , BIXUV ' Elf-W, fkc5+eu-1 G'o'wn'S , iYUKYxH1' kong' X Afflr-I-Lfff?ql" vJa.47r-nz: Lirvvcnyaoog ,Av-T3 Row vfonrwfa jfn-v77lf!c! f6if'f'f2J-1 grown, 55:1 ,Lex jun ,'Q,, rdf! "Q Lglffbi' bf' 59Q,,fq mm E""Pf'2 fps. 14.76 Ihlmnolqv ' fvlijmyifliir, Ji-,1.,.7 pa-17.5, mdy Ck,flfCf', Quan? jfpeqdg, Dommfd Cla lfe f--2 f!fYg'g' ,'7Zyg,s-5, -fffc? 4 'life df .4 lv'-1-f's1.-. Kcfmff f, 1 ,, 1 ,Cap , ,cahlbcjai :mfr 'q'1'L f df? OJ X' J 7 Ll 174, lffij 1 01 'Ad Fla Slnczyp 510011 1 r, 25,3 , H,,,f""l" P7. ' g'fiC'0'Nd FC-1-Q ffirfs ,kjoau Lmxrr' Gvw'1YQ'nx Elm Q Ho en Pg Cf-,1-ff ,, ,b J'q1nZ:f A7,Q'f7S'O'I1jHL46oI?C.y Ein!-nbi :jucfg l'ZUi,.nC U.Jfrx'Uwv-vx, Cvxmfxf' Dofv.0'cf f7Z4..p-ig 15'-wlff B41-5 ,- 7 Hia.,-N5 Jin' 130144 H 7 Q' ad Q Al v ,Q 5 ,QCQL '51 Chien, 51-fcrpa'a.5c.f,1q,,3 X QghLnV,tff5, -711176. g71q,f7,Cgg,g',,,,.l7J!7mv'-7,16 ffl Ci- A,-1173 fix, Sfgqn 5 If X742-n,ci-idfzfferrd-fflgz , fxyffis rams, X' f4Ta1v'c, ,4!,1fQGQ P, X X XX X X 80 1 I 1 Ik D 'S' 3 0 J L5 E4 FQ? f I -F5 5. if Z 1, t N v ' 4 fs B I V 2 ! , 4 ' v. V I , 1 , 2 W I fN I , r 5 5 . 5 I x f I ' Rf 'A x Q fl 5 I" -vu-wav ,B V ,. DQ ' TA EMv if JK QQ J EN I N x I f EL r If U r u a l 5 V l CHANTICLEER EIGHT!-I GRADE TEACHER .. , ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,7,,7,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,., ,,,,,,, M R S. EDNA WALLS Back row: Donald Doub, Patricia Fulk, Wanda Joyner, Ann Higgins, Joe Medlock, Billy Hall, Earlie Vogler, Travis Butner, Bonnie Spaugh, Faye Davis, Front row: Donald Culler, Chester Goins, Dallas Marler, David Boger, Janice Davis, Carolyn Cromer, Louise Wall. SEVENTH GRADE TEACHER . . . MR. J. D. WATSON Back row: James Poole, Wayne Hauser, Middle Row: Tony Sprinkle, johnny Long, Luther Spurlin, Gary Brown, Bobby Hendrix, Roland Hauser, Kent Allen, Carrol Vogler, David Goins, Gilbert Bodenhamer, jerry Davisg Front Row: Aubrey Doub, Elwood Bowen, james Benson, Arliss Doub, Norma Wilmoth, Ruth I-larpe, Barbara Hann, Pattie Livengood, Hilda Myers, Dorothy Ring. 82 CHANTICLEER SIXTH GRADE TEACHER ,,,,,..,,7,,, , .. ,,7, . .. .. MISS FRANCES M. RAWLEY Back Row: Gail Long, Margie Lane, Carol Ford, Betty Bowen, Mary Lee Long,,Fay Craft, Brenda Burner, Glenda Sprinkle, Fred Shore, Bobby Mathews, jerry Taylor, Randall Burner, Front Row: Barry Brown, Donald Poole, Mackie Blackburn, Dvvid Petree, jerry Whitman, Wayne Livengood, junior Taylor, Herman Duggins, Grady Doub, Larry Griffin, C. G, Marler, Richard Taylor. FIFTH GRADE TEACHER ...,., ,..,... .,..,.,,. ...,., .,,.., ,,,.... . . . M RS. ELIZABETH HALL Back Row: Gray Duggins, johnny Turtle, Terry Shore, jerry Doub, Diane Cole, Ronnie Smitherman, Eddie Newsome, Marie Fulk, George Marler, Tony Culler, Danny Speas, Freeman Brown, Front Row: Ronld Sprinkle, Barbara Benson, Marie Davis, Fay Coley, Peggy Prim, Carolyn West, Doris Stewart, Nancy Harpe, Janice Doub, Judy Nance, Norma Blackburn, V. D. Wall. 83 OHANTIOLEER FOURTH GRADE TEACHER ..... . M MISS ANNIE CLYDE DRUMMOND Back Row: Margaret Bowen, Linda Speas, Phyllis Parks, Kay Davis, Charles Allen, Shirley Watts, Carl Brown, Buddy Cromer, Douglas Newsome, Marie Waller, Dean Bukas, Ronnie Morgan, Grace Frye, Winburn Craft, Front Row: Benny Wilmouth, Loman Edwards, Larry Creech, jimmy Culler, Nancy Speas. THIRD - FOURTH GRADE TEACHER . .,7,, ,,,,,, ,,,, . , ,7,,, . , ,,,, , MRS. MELVIN HUNTER Back Row: David Allen, Dennis Taylor, Joyce Cole, Ann Whitman, Phillip Watts, Donald Adams, Sandra Butner, Nancy Lou Hendrix. Rachel Davis, jane Ring, Front Row: J. D. Ray, Carol Helsabeck, Jane Lane, Christine Sprinkle, Judy Doub, Martha Hauser, Faye Speas, Sheila Ford, Billy Bodsford, Evererte Edwards. CHANTICLEER THIRD GRADE TEACHER tttttt It to I MRS. LUCY MILLER Bck Row: Danny Stewart, William Lane, Dwight Long, Charles Sprinkle, Larry Blackburn, Richard jordan, Ronald Petree, Vernon Reed, jr., Walter Doub, Charles Watkins, Tommy Sapp, Jerry Wayne Hauser, Front Row: Ruth Smitherman, Sylvia Ring, Linda Goins, Sandra Tate, Bobbie West, Betty Wall, Janie Burner. Betty Lawson, Connie Matthews, jimmy Long, Lewis Warner. SECON D G RADE TEACHER ,eeeeL,,,,eCLeeee. Leeee I ,.eLL I to MRS. MARY WILLIAMS Back Row: Larry Speas, Jerry Taylor, Dexter Burner, Billy Frye, Wayne Allen, Dwight Morris, jimmy Morris, jimmy Cline, Charlie Selle, Mike Boyles: Front Row: Marilyn Randleman, Vickie Blackburn, Susan Stewart, Gloria Stewart, Brenda Fulk, Charldene Blackburn, Susan Furches, Harriet Pfaff, Linda Cromer, jane Bowen, janet Raisner, Lena NX'atts. 85 CHANTICLEER FIRST GRADE TEACHER ,, ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,.,..,.,,,,,,, ,,,,...,......,.,,,,,,. , MRS. ODELL KEARNEY Back Row: Judy Lynn Spainhour, Becky Creech, C. A. Matthews, Linda Reid, Judy Davis, Jerry Brown, Harold Hauser, Lynn Lineback, Wanda Kay Brown, Gene Cullerg Front Row: Laura Rose Hauser, John Ray Tate, Milton Lee Masencup, Wayne Garner, David Hauser, Shelby Jean Moore, Sarah Ruth Holyfield, Mike Smitherman, Joanne Goins, Patricia Lane, Charlotte Blackburn, Linda Jordan. I W-7 vs 1. A . M 425 H, 1 'WW M sr, M, ,N-,fa + A f E Q nn, 4.g,,M s,,,,.,4 4 N" Pvlnf-,Q 'Saul m K , -rn' - ., ,,,,,,, REMEDIAL READING CLASS TEACHER rrrrrrr or rrrr rrrrrrrr .,rr E Mas, GREY J. WALLS Left to right: Wanda Kay Brown, XY!ayne Garner, John Ray Tate, Rose Hauser, Harold Gray Hauser, Milton Masencup, Linda Reid, Harriet Pfaff, Dexter Burner, Linda Jordan, C. A. Matthews, Shelby Jean Moore, Joann Goins, Gene Fuller 86 CHANTICL ER VVORLD GEOGRAPHY STUDENTS Mrs. Annie Clyde Drummond Left to right: Marie Waller, Lee Ann Smith, Dean Bukas, Carol Brown, Douglas Newsome. l ETCHERS Mrs. Elizabeth Hall Left to right: Lowell Livengood, Danny Speas, Terry Shore, Ronald Sprinkle, Tony Culler, jerry Doub. 87 CHAN ICLEE BAND INSTRUCTOR ,,,,, W ,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,, , , ,,,,, MR. BASIL FREEMAN Terry Shore, Chester Goins, Travis Butner, Wanda Joyner, Patricia Fulk, Billy Hall, joe Medlock, johnny Tuttle. l. FLUTE TEACHER , ,, ,, ,, ,, , ,,,, , ,,,,,,, , ,,,, MISS WILSON First Row: Betty Wall, Connie Matthews, Danny Stewart, Vernon Reed, jr. Tommy Sapp, Second Row: Ronald Petree, Charles Coley, Lewis Warner, jimmy Long, Larry Blackburn, Dwight Long, Third Row: Charles Watkins, Sandra Tate, Bobbie West, Shirley Lawson, Sylvia Ring, Ruth Smitherman, Norma jean Long, 88 OHANTIOLEER Music: GROUP INSTRUCTOR MRS. JOHN WOOD Nancy Speas Douglas Newsome Back Row: Doris Stewart, jutly Nance, V. D. Wall, Lewis Warner, Front Row: Dwight Morris, Susan Furches, Carolyn Helsabeck, Carolyn West, Barbara Hall. 89 CHANTICLEER CONTESTANTS FOR KING AND QUEEN First Row: David Hauser, Carol Plowman, Sylvia Ring, Carolyn West, janet Wood, Dean Bukas. Marie Wallerg Second Row: Joann Talley, David Leinback, Nancy Hendrix, Susan Furches, C. Blackburn, Danny Stewart, Eugene Strupe, Dwight Morris, Terry Shore, Third Row: Dennis Taylor, Ronnie Morgan, Mary Lee Long, Dorothy Ring. Kaye Davis, P. Parks, W. Craft, Roger Morgan, Fourth Row: jerry Davis, Wayne Hauser, Faye Davis, W. Joyner. Saw-1 il THIRD GRADE ARTS AND CRAFT INSTRUCTOR . . . .. . . MRS. LUCY MILLER Left to right: Larry Blackburn, Danny Stewart' Charles Watkins, Bobbie W'est, Sandra Tate. 90, N Q99 Y' TICLEER V -'Slip UB. V11 . v P, J' 1 ' QB Dx V ' A. DOA 83:0 J 3' .g Jb' Q1 JU-f'A 'F 'A . 1 ft 91 HANTIOLEER HRHYMETTES' CORNER" OLD RICHMOND SCHOOL CONTROVERSY On the first of September we all came to school and most everyone said we're going to see :his thing through. We sat here on strike for many weeks, While the county school boards sat flat on their seats. And along came election day with everyone busy in some sort of way. We were campaigning for those who could help us win. And it sure did help, because they all got in. Then one day the good news came-Old Richmond will be opened and all will be the same, so we all went back the very next day. Everyone was proud, happy and gay. It went before the State Board of Education and Sanford Martin gave his explanation. He said, "No, we won't pay the teachers' fare". And the man did this without a thought or care. Then we had a private school from then on, and everything went fine until the bills came along. Then Chairman Kreeger came around one day and said something has to be done about the teachers' pay. The County Board came to Old Richmond, one night and they said, "We are behind you in this fight." They told us to do one thing, in a nice sort of way, and that we were to go to Rural Hall or Old Town the next day. The next day twelve of us went to Rural Hall, and we enjoyed the trip, students and all. They've always been our rivalry 'in games of ball. It's not the players nor students, it's just the name Rural Hall. The rest of our students went to Old Town, but I guess it helped us to visit around. When we came back they were noisy and loud, because Old Richmond was back and all were proud. Old Richmond School was almost gone until the board members put us in the Old Town zone.. Now there were some that didn't like it so good but most everyone saw the point and understood. We're back at Old Richriiond, the red and the blue, and we are to stay until they build a new school. Although things have been in aamess, we are going to try to do our best. SPRINGS When spring is here with birds so gay We all feel happy every day. And when the flowers begin to bloom, It drives away the winter gloom. The trees start budding leaves of green, And everything is looking keen. GERALD ZENE BROWN LOVE LORN As reverent as a silent prayer, As silent as the spirit there, As perfect as a present new, As radiant as the shining dew, So is my love for you- TANYA NAYLOR CHARLES PETREE SPRING The days are getting longer, And the weather not so coldg The flowers and trees are budding I think winter is getting old. The robins and the other birds Are coming back to sing, As I see all this splendor I think it must be spring. JOHN ROBERTSON CHANTICLEER Q 14' ""5-SEQ ' VOLAJVL 63 XYN'f M QA Wim?" f zz- Q -L xv aj 0 4-4,1 SSA XXX 93 CHANTICLEER "X A , A f .- A' - f XVXQV .-M 5 QTEK: Spsas Familiar Faces Seen H,-Quad o.R. -Tnun-ov be-4elIndSueles MM' UIUUIZ' r HI j.:r.B V Q ifffi' x v gf? if X o 1 1' Q .ff 'f K N21 3-5 J , LS .N il 1 1 P Q 6 Ifm!2.'J,' an iv 'Lili -:r ' 81" 6' SNA P: WSW 'Z-PDVEE ' X A Z ?, Z? 42 fi' 'ff CEQMJ TQ C2 I"'L 1 Y , Q 95 HANTICLEER JOKES June: I fell in love with a dimple, and that's where I made my mistake. James: How come? June: I married the whole girl. O 0 is Q Rex: Joann, give me the definition of a door. Joann: Something the kids get a bang out of. If If lr Q Bobby: Did you have an interesting time at the dentists? Kreisler: Goodness no! I was bored to tears. U Q U l Doris: Tanya, you say one more thing to me and I'll make you eat your words. Tanya: Orange juice, ham and eggs, hot rolls and coffee. I I1 5 I A Negro preacher began his sermon by saying: "Brethren and sisters, here you is comin' to pray for rain. I'd like to ask you just one question, where is yo' umbrellas?" H il i i A teacher annoyed with his clock-watching students covered the clock in the classroom with a sheet of cardboard. On it he lettered these words: "Time will pass. Will you?" C Q i I Mary Jo: Have some more of this alphabet soup? Carol: No thanks, I couldn't hold another syllable. I I l 4 Mrs. Holland: Be sure and wash your arms, "Mickey." Mickey: Yes Mother, should I wash for long sleeves or short? i If 1' O June: Why does your dog turn around so many times before he lies down? Louis: He's a watchdog, and he's winding himself up. I O ll I Barbara: Get up, Harry, The birds were up hours ago. Harry: If I slept in a nest of sticks and grass, I'd get up early too. C 1 1 I Mack: What is that which has never been felt, seen, or heard, never existed, and still has a name? Peter: I don't know. Mack: Nothing. O Q i U Bobby: How can you be sure you weren't exceeding the speed limit? Joe: I was on my way to the dentist. 1 if U 0 Billy: Cheating owl who-oo? What is that? Deane: That's an owl. Billy: I know it's an owl, but what is it that's owling? O K 1 i Deane: Those erasers have been here ever since I've been going to school. Doris: Oh no! Erasers don't last that long C14 yearsi. l i 'K l Kreisler: What model car does your boy friend have? Joann: It's no model, it's a horrible example. 5 f i I Mack: Louis, I hear you are going to get glasses? Louis: Yes, I am. Mack: For what, you don't need them. Louis: Yes I do Mack: For what? Louis: To look more intelligent. Q ll Q Q Mrs. Byrne: The scientists who make the bombs have only gone as yet from A to H, they still have left much of the alphabet. Mr. Wood: And as they go from H to Z and start each testing fuse, we'll tremble a little bit if they don't mind their P's and Q's. l 8 I Q Mack: Was your grandfather always in the habit of talking to himself when he was alone? Billy: To tell you the truth, I never was with him when he was alone. 96 CHANTICLEER ,,,, 10" W Q : I A 2 . "f:' zz 5, 3 , fbi., V, i f ,... M1 .,,., 63- 3 ' Kkxxxxxgx XV w GHANTICLEER 43- 'paw 98 GHANTICLEER 99 Bocock-Stroud Co. Be Prepored For Hospitolity Sporting Goods TJNXN3--,N ,ff X . . f X Fourth at Spruce St. f N ' GCG' A u in : 9 X K RE4,u.a, PA1. are I I V -R Xp i ns - ,C I O SP-s ei Drink Winston-Salem, N. C. COCA-COLA ln Bottles K. L. Smith Grocery and Service Station Old Richmond, Rt. 2 Tobaccoville, N. C. Compliments of Roy Houser 6' Co. Sprinkle Bros. Grocery Fresh Meats, Produce Frozen Foods Old Town School Circle Phone 676 Snyder's Grocery Elkin Highway-67 Tobaccoville, N. C. C. H. Kreeger's Grocery and Garage Groceries, Meats, Confectionery, Wrecker Service Day or Night New and Used Auto Parts and Accessories. Route 1 Winston-Salem, N. C. Phone O. T. 365 Near Old Town School King Hordwore Co. General Hardware, Electrical Appliances, Seed, Paint We Appreciate Your Trade Large or Small O. W. Sisk, C. N. Newsome, Propt. King, N. C. Your Friendly Chevrolet Dealer Always glad to see you. Be sure to see us also for good used Cars and Trucks. Let us service your car. Stokes Motor Co. King, N. C. Phone 121 Compliments of Brodt-Separk Music Co. mes Neighboorhood Grocery Meats, Groceries, Gas and Oil R. L. Holland, Proprietor Phone 586 Shattalon Drive Quinn Distributing Co. 1900 Waughtown St. Kapp's Service Station General Merchandise Winston-Salem, N. C. Shell Gas Distributor Elkin Highway Tobaccoville Tom's Toasted Peanuts Tom's Sandwiches and Candies Phone 377 Biltmore Dairy Farms Winston-Salem, N. C. Phone 2-2555 Compliments of Kelly Paper Co., Inc. For Your Fertilizer Needs, See Lee Randleman V. C., Swifts and Weavers Your Business is Appreciated Rabbits For Every Purpose Breeders - Laboratory - Meat Pedigreed Stock - Five Breeds Tobaccoville Rabbitry Tobaccoville, N. C. Drink Compliments of DR. PEPPER PEPSI-COLA ft ' F F' F d ! OI' H16 OO S C. H. Smitherrnan Distributor of Esso Products Route No. 1, Pfafftown, N. C. Phone, Old Town, N. C. Staiey's Drive-In 2803 Reynolds Road Kenneth Cheek Phone 9447 H. W. Hauser Grocery and Service Station Tobaccoville, N. C. Route 1 Shore's Store Motorola Dealer Texaco Service Groceries Tobaccoville, N. C. AIIgood's Repair Shop Lawnmowers Sharpened Tobaccoville, N. C. Bicycles Repaired Gentry C1 Moser Co. Groceries, Fresh Meats King, North Carolina Phone 183 Compliments of Curtis Candy Co. W. A. Reynolds, Distributor Yadkinville, N. C. King Drug Co. Prescriptions a Specialty Registered Pharmacist On Du At All Times Shop Here For Complete Drug Needs Phone 127 King, N C Compliments of C. Elwood Sprinkle Representing Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Co. Also Fire and Auto Insurance Pfafftown, Route 1, N. C. Compliments of L. E. Kearney Groceries Shell Gas and Oil -l- + Highway 67 Pfafftown, N. C. Forsyth Hardware Co. Next to Post Office on Trade St. Small enough to need your patronage Big Enough to Appreciate It Phone 3-4321 Winston-Salem, N. C. Phillips-Stone Company Wholesale Grocers ll' 536 N. Cherry St. West Motor Sales, Inc. 1206 Reynolda Road Sales Phone 2-1413 Service Phone 3-7681 Winston-Salem, N. C. King Meat Market Phone 156 are King, N. C. P. H. HANES KNITTING COMPANY Winston-Salem, North Carolina Underwear - - - Sportswear - - - Sleepwear I WE DELIVER --- PHONE 4-4520 W. O. H EN DRIX+Meats WHOLESALE AND RETAIL-NATIVE KILLED BEEF VEAL - - PORK AND LAMB CITY MARKET 'ps I Kar r "fy, A X ""' WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA 104 CHANTIOLEER AUTQGRAPHS CHANTICLEER AUTGGRAPI-IS CI-IANTICLEER AUTQGRAPHS CHANTICLEER QUAXAUTGGRAPI-IS us 2553 '2 , -- fy QQ. , fp, 3, in 3, 2' 1 fd ,, A, S S , 54, ,- -1 N , 4.1 igrpwikfm, 1 ,,,,,,.,?,' Wi! STE! SHS iiii 1 A J s fi' FB.

Suggestions in the Richmond High School - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Rockingham, NC) collection:

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1953, pg 116

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