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u 5 , ,.-,, , - . -Tfg f 'E , WVQ1 Q ,5 'I we I . f -14 . 15.5--f V Q' ':z. w ,jg - rift! ,, 1.4 I Q 1, fr K f?-315 V sflf' 1,LQ3.:gQ:ti-5 - JL ,V mix? Ly. q.-. fx ian! fuilif' 'ff i. -.4 Fw . 1 'L ' , V. ' ' .,aU i7bAHw11'FE .' . Our .xdfma Wafer On the city's northern bor Reared again e sky Proudly stands our Alma As the years go by. we ww, gm IZMJAQJ A, flw 1950 .glmiom ofgba Qntfdf 3400! 9 Qc www, Betty Hicks . , A... Editors Carl Barger ,... Bus. Man. Rita Green Literary Ed 1-.... , H, N Id K lle Grah Fa Shaver Doris Sharp Lavon Riley Agnew Travis Shirley Welch, Jamie Perkinson, Charma Burdette, e a e y, y , , , , Dale Sanders, Jack Boyd, Orpha Bandy, Dorothy Beene, Anna B. Kincannon, Johnny Johnson,Gordon Miller, Wayne Wood- lee, Cordell Wright, Mack Crawley, Al West, Paxton Sawyers, Mary Ann Riley, Margaret Abel, James Blackburn, Hazel Blay- lock, Patricia Davis, Billie Joy Brewer, Odus Boyd. ef QQ Bill Carlee ibeckcafion To one who has been-More than just a teacher, Our friend and companion, who has over- looked our shortcomings and has looked for the best in all- A leader whom we all love and honor. We, the Senior Class of l950, with gratitude and re- spect Dedicate this, our annual To Mr. Richard C. Knight. Superintendent e,.. .,..... . .. Mr. Walter White 861, 8105 Prlncrpal .,.,., ...,. , .. Mr. C. V Gabbert Mrs. H. A. Jones Mrs. Huland Draper Mr. Richard C. Knight Mr. Bill Litton Mr. Huland Draper J Miss Gay Wyrick Mrs. Nancy Hawkins ix! iyrwfywyk , Q.,ETk,: ,fi we V fl Miss Wilma Small Miss Dixie Culvahouse Mr. Marshall Wright Mrs. Jewel Earhart 'ggi mg, 1 , w 'f 'slu- H 8 L :Y ap- fiigmf ' i I - ,Q,q,ug , in SE fm QM fa 4 CKQ55 C8l 5 'U VL Wt ' DQYLLOY W. E ff lZLO,.d Ptgslaau C, X ' Tqrbilpson .4 ,,... ,prevde Ueim, fum, vtce sgcletawt Mildred Keff . H . A .,,, ,..4,.,,,., 1,enS Karloff --vy p,,e'id ' P Dome B,ndY -V -ff fefrefnyf csvxatet Abe , A ee'e'a Y 3 h.... -..ana I 'vrfL0,,eJ -Q j jreo'Vlv- P .d I, Clifton Abel ............,,...................,... L.. President Qean Tl'9 '?' ---- L 'nlden Billy Owens ...,.,....,........ ..,,.... V Ice-Presudent -l 'Y wl e -'-'- ' V e'P s' em Anna Lou McPheeters , .... ..........,A 5 GCNNYY Secretary 1' 22123 32227. igiiii 'ullfllf f,e......,. Gem' 'iw - '-Q--l-'- - ' 'vl4--' ' 7 Cfaaa 0 50 MARGARET ABEL Beta Club 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Student Most Likely to Succeed 45 Honor Guard 35 Senior Class Treasurer 45 Sophomore Class Secretary 25 Library Club l, 2, 3. 4. MIKE BARGER F.F.A. Club l5 Football l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3. CARL BARGER President 35 Football 3,45 Co. Alt. Captain 45 Basket- ball 2, 3, 45 Boy's State 35 Annual Staff 45 Library Club l, 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY BEENE Pep Club President 45 Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Pep Club l, 2, 3, 45 Most Beau- tiful 3, 45 Most Popular 45 Vice-President Senior Class5 Annual Staff 4. IVA JEAN ARNOLD Beta Club 45 F.H.A. Club l, 25 Vice-President F.H.A. 45 Phys. Ed. Club l, 25 Glee Club 3, 45 F.F.A. Club Queen Candidate 4. ORPHA BANDY Secretary 45 Treasurer 35 President 2, Beta Club Treasurer 45 Home EC. Club l, 2, 35 Press Club 45 Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, 4. SUE BEAN Basketball 3, 45 F.H.A. Club l, 25 Phys. Ed. Club l, 2, 3, 4. GLADYS BEST F.H.A. Club l, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 25 Basketball 35 Phys. Ed. l, 2, 4. CL... JAMES BLACKBURN F.F.A. Club I, 2, 3, An- nual Staff 4. cHAiu.Es nlsuor Beta Club 3, 45 Library Club I, 2, 3, 4. BILL CARTEE Football I, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, 4, Editor of Annual 4, Editor of Rambler 4, Boy's State Candidate 3, Beta Club 3, 4. JANE DANIEL Miracle Book Club I, 2, Glee Club 3.- 030 JACK BOYD Senior C I a s s President, Beta Club .3, 45 President Beta Club 4, Honor Guard. CHARMA BURDETTE Annual Staff 45 F.F.A. Club Queen Candidate 4: Captain Phys. Ed. Class 4, Beta Club 3, 4, Press Award I, Miracle Book Club 2. IMOGENE CRANFILL Glee Club Ig Phys, Ed. Club I, 2, 3, 4, Miracle Book Club I. ALLENE ELSEA Beta Club 3, 4, Honor Guard 35 Drum 8. Bugle Corps I, 25 F,H.A. Club I, 25 Phys. Ed. Club I, 2. 676145 o 0 RAY nsusk STEPHEN GALLAGHEn FRED GIBSON Cheerleaderl 2 3 Glee RITA GREEN Feature Ed i tor of Press Club 4, Literary Editor of Annual Staff 45 Glee Club 3, 4, Press Club l, 2, 3, 4, Drum 81 Bugle Corps l, 2, 3, Band 4. MARY LEE HALL SARA HALL Dramatic Club 25 Miracle Dramahc Club l Glee Book Club l, 2, Phys. Ed. Club 3 4 Phys Ed Clubl Club l, 2, 3. 2 4 Basketball 3 641145 MARTHA HARRIS F. H. A. Club I, 2, 3, 4, Phys. Ed. Club l, 2, 4, Glee Club 3. WILLIAM S. HART Football l, 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball Captain 4, All East Tenn. 3, 45 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, All 4th District 2, 3, All T.V.C. 3. THOMAS HENDERSON Football 2, 3, Glee Club 3. ARCHIE HOBACK F.F.A. Club l, 2, 3. 7 050 NORENE HARRIS Beta Club 3, 4, Press Club 2, Glee Club 3, 4, Miracle Book Club lg Phys. Ed. Club l, 2, 3. RUTH HARWOOD F.H.A. Club l, 2, 3, 4, Phys. Ed. Club l, 2, Miracle Book Club I, 2, Glee Club 3. BETTY HICKS Editor Annual Staff 47 Cheerleader 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President Pep Club 4, Girl's State 3, Beta Club 3, 4. GENE HOUSLEY Football l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3. ffm. JOHNNY JOHNSON Boy's State 35 Annual Staff 45 Basketball l, 25 Football l, 25 Drum 81 Bugle Corps 35 Band 4. NELDA KELLEY Runner-up for F.F.A. Club Queen 45 Beta Club 3, 45 Glee Club 45 Miracle Book Club 25 Phys. Ed. Club l, 25 Annual Staff 4. ANNA B. KINCANNON Basketball 3, 45 Honor Guard 35 Beta Club 3, 45 Library Club 2, 3, 45 Home EC. Club l, 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 4. HELEN LEFFEW Miracle Book Club l5 Home Ec. l5 Glee Club 35 Phys. Ed. Club l. 7 050 MAURICE JORDAN Football l, 2, 3, 45 Bas- ketball l, 25 F.F.A. Club l, 2, 3, 4. NINA KELLEY Glee Club 35 Home Ec. Club l5 Phys. Ed. Club l, 2, 3, 45 Miracle Book Club 2. HELEN KYLE Home Ec. l, 2, 35 Dra- matic Club 25 Phys Ed. Club l, 25 Glee Club 3, 4. susan MATTHEWS F.F.A. club 1, 2, 3, 4. 7 aaa 0 50 ROY LEE MAYNOR F.F.A. Club I, 2, 3, 4 DOROTHY McDOWELL Home Ec. Club I, 2, Mir acle Book Club l, 2, Phys Ed. Club I, 2, 3. CLAYTON MORRIS Football 2, 3, 45 Football Alt. Captain 4, All T.V.C. 2nd Team 3, Vice-President of Class 3, R Club 2, Boy's State 3, Most Versa- tile Boy 4. MARTHA JEAN NEWELL BILLY NORRIS 7 644445 of 50 JAMIE LEE PERKINSON Glee Club 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 F.H.A. Club l, 25 Miracle Book Club l, 25 Dra- matic Club I, 25 Phys. Ed. Club I, 2, 4. EVELYN PORTER Home Ec. Club l, 2, 3, 45 Phys. Ed. Club l, 25 Glee Club 35 Miracle Book Club l, 2. CYNTHIA RIGGS Basketball Manager 3, 45 F.H.A. Club l, 2, 3, 45 Sec- retary of F.l-l.A. Club 4. HAROLD RILEY Football 2, 3, 45 Wittiest 45 Glee Club 3. DORIS PICKETT Glee Club 3, 45 Phys. Ed. Club l, 2, 3, 4. KATHERINE POTTER F.H.A. Club l, 2, 3, 45 Phys. Ed. Club l, 25 Miracle Book Club I, 25 Glee Club 3. FANNIE RIGGS Basketball 2, 3, 45 Alt. Captain 45 Girl's State 35 Beta Club 45 Drum 8: Bugle Corps 35 F.H.A. Club l, 2, 3, 4. LAVON RILEY Football 3, 45 Basketball 35 Football Manager 25 Bas- ketball Manager 2, 45 An- nual Staff 45 Drum 8. Bugle Corps l. A Yi Q iz, A E fur l ik Wk V fl' il if 3 ff I .1 In 5 Q K , ,, -4 F' v z Vi 5 f' K 'V I was ,Wi 43' 1 . V LVV. . f , P495 . ,- wg, ,- Sir, 'K+ 9 CAM o 50 MARY ANN RILEY Football Queen 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Most Versatile Girl Candidate 45 Press Club 25 Annual Staff 45 Phys. Ed. Club l, 2, 3. ALICE RODDY Glee Club 35 Dramatic Club 2, 35 Phys. Ed. Club l, 2, 3, 4. RUBY SEDMAN Home Ec. Club l, 2, 3, 45 Phys. Ed. Club l, 25 Glee Club 3. ORAH FAY SHAVER F.F.A. Queen Candidate 45 Beta Club 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Press Club 25 Glee Club 3, 45 4-H Congress 2. MAXINE ROBINSON F.H.A. Club l, 2, 3, 45 Phys. Ed. Club l, 25 Glee Club 35 Phys Ed. Captain 4. VALLAS SANDERS F.F.A. Club l5 Football l, 2, 3, 45 All T.V.C. 45 Bas- ketball l, 25 R Club 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3. DORIS SHARP Beta Club 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 F.H.A. Club l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Phys. Ed. Club I, 2, 3. MARY HELEN SWAFFORD Dramatic Club 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Miracle Book Club 2, 3, 45 Phys. Ed. Club 2, 3, 4. 647,65 0 FISHER, THOMAS Football l, 2, 35 Basket- ball 2, 35 Boy's State 45 F.F.A. Club l5 Glee Club 3. SHIRLEY WELCH President of Library Club 35 Cheerleader 45 Associate Editor of Rambler 45 Class Editor of Annual 45 Football Queen Candidate 25 Pep Club. 30 AGNEW TRAVIS Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 An- nual Staff 45 Football Man- ager l, Treasurer of Class 2. JOYCE WILSON Basketball 3, 45 F,H.A, Club l, 2, 3, 4 25 Glee Club 35 670156 poem In '46 we started out as freshmen, wild and green5 We tried out all our childish pranks in order to be seen. Our second year we still had fun- iust so our grades were fair5 But then as juniors, we worked hard5 we had begun to care. Approaching, then, our senior year found no life of ease5 Our themes, reports, and daily work just never seemed to cease. Ott' times our days grew weary5 we thought, What can we do? We wondered it 'twas worth all that to finally make it through. As we accept diplomas for the work which we have done, We think of all the battles we have somehow overcome5 Our hearts are filled with gladness, and our heads are raised with pride For to know that we've attained our goal, our souls are satisfied. --Rita Green CALM Adfory ln the fall of the year l946, the Freshmen entering Rhea High numbered one hundred and twenty-three. Our aim was to study hard and achieve many honors, the highest honor being that of receiving our diplomas at the end of our Senior year. Our Sophomore year, only ninety-eight of our classmates returned to attain a higer ed- ucation. This year we elected Orpha Bandy as President to lead us. Several members of our class made the varsity football team, two boys Agnew Travis and Bill Hart, made the boy's basketball team and Orpha Bandy made the girl's basketball team. Our third year we were proud to have Dottie Beene elected Most Beautiful Girl. This year we had several girls and boys on the basketball team. This year Carl Barger was President of our class which had de- creased in number to eighty-six. Returning to school for our Senior year we found only sixty-six members of our class still sticking with us, however, we were proud of this number since it was the largest graduating class in our school history. We elected Jack Boyd President to lead us through our final year of high school edu- cation. Those who were elected Superlatives were: Most Handsome Boy, Brantley Griffin, Most Beautiful Girl, Dottie Beene, Most Likely to Succeed, Margaret Abel, Most Popular Girl, Dottie Beene, Most Versatile Girl, Orpha Bandy, Most Versatile Boy, Clay- ton Morris, Best Boy Athlete, Vallas Frog- gy Sanders, and Wittiest, Harold Riley. Mary Ann Riley was elected Football Queen this year, and the F.F.A. boys elected Kath- leen Morgan F.F.A. Queen. Vallas Sanders made first team of the T.V.C., while Bill Hart made all East Ten- nessee, and an honorable mention on the T.V.C. and also the Tri-State Team. Carl Barger also made an honorable mention on the T.V.C. Long will we cherish in our hearts the joys and sorrows we have had during our four years of high school. As we approach the end of Our Senior year, we shall accept our diplomas with pride that we have at last attained our goal, and we regret only the fact that we shall be leaving schoolmates and teachers whom we have learned to love. .lair IXWKMJJ Zafamenf .file enior Cfcm off 9 0 We, the Seniors of l950, being of sound mind and body, feeling that our schooldays are drawing to a close, do therefore make, ordain and publish this our last will and testament. We, Jack Boyd, Charles Bishop, and Carl Barger, will our love for Mrs, Thomison to Dean Thomas and Wayne Woodlee. I, Roy Lee Maynor, will my love for arguing to Frank Welch. We, Stevie Gallagher and Johnny Johnson, will our ability to catch fish and kill ducks to Coach Draper. I, Clyde Masengale, will my place as treasurer of the F.F.A. to anyone who needs some extra cash. We, Kathleen Morgan and Maxine Robinson, will our ability to go steady with boys to Chloe Baker and Virginia Roddy. I, Jamie Perkinson, will my long fingernails to Corine Colbough. I, Doris Sharp, will my natural curly hair to Patricia Davis. I, Orah Fay Shaver, will My Aching Back! to Al West. I, Vallas Sanders, will my ability to kick extra points to Mrs. Earhart. I, Cynthia Riggs, will my position as Basketball Mana- ger to anyone who wants to work. We, Katherine Potter, Evelyn Porter, and Ruth Har- wood, will our giggles to Vera Gibson and Katherine Clark. I, Gloria Givens, will my shortness to Jessie Fay Mac- Noots Newell. I, Martha Jean Newell, will my quietness in Mr. Lit- ton's class to Anna McPheeters. I, Nina Kelley, will my witty remarks to Charles Matthews. I, Agnew Travis, will my basketball jersey No. 33 to W. E. Robinson. I, Alice Roddy, will my weight to Barbara Wagner. We, Imogene Cranfill and Doris Pickett, will our abil- ity to fail Physics to anyone who takes it. We, Sue Bean, Gladys Best, and Fannie Riggs, will our constant companionship to Bobbie Gothard, Mona Wilkey, and Katie Kelley. l, Dottie Beene, will my popularity to Sydney Givens. We, Lavon Riley, Harold Riley, and Thomas Hender- son, will our ability to pull the wool over Mr. Gab- bert's eyes to C. Y. Thurman and Thomas Raines. I, Helen Leffew, will my giggles in Home Ec. to Barbara Douglas. We, Betty Hicks and Orpha Bandy, will our ability to sing to Naomi Winsett. We, Shirley Welch and Gene Housley, will our nick- names, Myrtle and Sampson, to Barbara Giles and Bierne Kerr. We, Clayton Morris, Billy Cartee, and Billy Hart, will our ability to lead cheers to the future cheerleaders. I, Norene Harris, will my musical knowledge to Mary Kate Roddy. I, Mary Ann Riley, will my dark eyebrows to Eva Mae Stanfield. I, Martha Harris, will my lov-e for Spring City boys to Ruth Aslinger. I, Allene Elsea, will my habit of grumbling to Gay- nelle Cobble. We, Mary Lee Hall and Mary Helen Swafford, will all of our boyfriends to Sandra Wilson. Joan Scrimpsher, and Betty Jo Potter. I, Fisher Thomas, will my softball pitching to Raymond Massengale. l, Maurice Jordan, will my bashfulness to Doris Mc- Clure. I, Anna B. Kincannon, will my shy ways to Sidney Barnes. We, Nelda Kelley and Charma Burdette, will our knowledge of the Spanish language to Billy Joe Kelley. I, Joyce Wilson, will my love to play basketball to Maxine Kincannon. I, Greer Matthews, will my good conduct to Maurice Arnold. We, Fred Gibson and Ray Fisher, will our good looks to Harold Hawkins and Franklin Baber. I, Sara Rose Hall, will all my boyfriends to Iona Mas- sengale. I, Mike Barger, will the whole left side of the bench to Mackie Ballard and Gordon Miller. I, Dorothy McDowell, will my love for the Hills to no one. I, Patsy McClure, will my love for a certain blonde to no one. I, Ruby Sedman, will my gum chewing in Biology to my sis, Juanita. I, Rita Green, will my love for band music to W. E. Robinson. I, Jane Daniel, will my abilty to be on the honor roll to Margaret Brooks. I, Iva Jean Arnold, will my love for a certain boy who drives a black Frazer to no one. l, Margaret Abel, will my English grades to Mildred Colbaugh, provided she makes good use of them. Halo ec? Since graduation, time has flown, in fact, ten years have passed. lt is now a beautiful day in June, 1960, and the Senior Class of 1950 are gathering for a reunion in the Ball Room of Dayton's finest hotel. Maurice Jordon, Johnny Johnson, and Brantley Griffin were just three lucky guys to be able to secure a short leave from their stations in the Army. Gloria Givens, Orpha Bandy, and Dottie Beene, who recently re- placed the Andrew Sisters, came in by plane from Hollywood. The pilot of the plane was Billy Norris, with Mike Barger as co-pilot. Dr. Bill Hart succeeded in getting an as- sistant to stay in his hospital in Nashville while he came in for a few days. He brought with him nurses Sara Rose Hall, Jane Dani- els, Katherine Potter, and Joyce Wilson. Coach Sanders and his wife, Patsy Mc- Clure, had no trouble getting to the reunion since the football season was over. Their chauffeur, Fisher Thomas, drove them up from Graysville. Rita Green, who now lives in Chatta- nooga, took time off from writing poetry to drive up in her new Ford. On the way, she picked up Sue Bean, Martha Jean Newell, and Mary Lee Hall, who were hitch-hiking. They had left their husbands at a stag party in Red Bank. Billy Cartee cancelled his Radio Quiz Show for -one night in order to attend. His quiz students are Charles Bishop, Jack Boyd, Thomas Henderson, and Alice Roddy. The radio announcer is Agnew Travis. Shirley Welch, still employed at Robin- son's Drug Company is busy rounding up special numbers from those students who remained in Dayton. A quintet consisting of Norene Harris, Charma Burdette, Nelda Kelley, Nina Kel- ley, and Anna B. Kincannon, who had been studying under the direction of Charles Key, sang the popular song of the day, l Didn't Mean To Hurt Ya , composed by Clvde Massengale. Also a quartet made up of Carl Barger, James Blackburn, Clayton Morris, and Gene Housley planned to sing. Stevie Gallagher rode up to Pennine in his 'new streamlined motor boat after Ar- chie Hoback, who lives there on his million dollar estate, acquired by raising rabbits. Keeper of the rabbits is Ray Fisher, his but- ler is Roy Lee Maynor. Freddie Gibson, owner of Dayton's larg- est hotel, reserved rooms for the out-of-town guests who wished to stay there. Co-owner is Greer Matthew. Only the best of food is served by chief cook, Harold Riley. Wait- resses at the hotel are Gladys Best, Dorothy McDowell, Evelyn Porter, and Ruth Har- wood. lnterior decorators, Doris Sharp, Kath- leen Morgan, and Maxine Robinson decor- ated the Ball Room for the event. Cynthia and Fannie Riggs brought from their shop beautiful arrangements of violets to be used in decorating. Oral Fay Shaver, Margaret Abel, and lva Jean Arnold took time off from their prosperous business career in New York to get there. Imogene Cranfill just returned from her honeymoon in California. Mary Ann Riley and her sailor husband, who now reside in Ohio, returned by airliner owned and op- erated exclusiveiy by Ruby Sedman. Everyone renewed old acquaintances at the reunion, and Allene Elsea, who told of her tour around the world, was main speaker. Betty Jo Hicks, news reporter, was on hand with Lavon Riley as photographer. Before leaving Dayton, the girls all went by Helen's Beauty Shop for a nice hair-do. Owners are Helen Swafford, Helen Leffew, and Helen Kyle. Their assistants are Jamie Lee Perkinson, Doris Pickett, and Martha Harris. Thus ended a wonderful event in the fu- tures of the members of the graduating class of 1950. Rita Green ,gglwfgfgim we PW ff M ffaa .1 Virgil Adams Sidney Barnes Maxine Bunch Dena Corder N gfaaa 0 5 7 e 'QM ,Vx - L ',,' 5.914 155: Q, 4? 15 4'-as 'Hg .1 an bw a Kgg ,j.e-1, f , 2 Mn 'lil ,,, W 5 lifisgv S 2 V53 xi, 2 , www , i f E mf' w ,j,:,2: . Franklin Baber Charles Blevins Catherine Clark Sudie Coulter Alma Ruth Daniel KV 2 1.:L wx -Q :wg Q A :V -CQ, Q ' 2 if fi Mackie Ballard Alice Bishop Gaynelle Cobble Jeanelle Coxey Patricia Davis '11, S favs ii fi ll Mfg , M. 55 1 . 1 il J Joann Barger Odus Boyd Jimmie Cook Mack Crawley V, me -.623 C. ear' 641,55 of G5 I 3 wi 'WMV' g 1 , in f- , f 3 G eeii fa . 2' H' V Q. Sue Denton Ruth Goebel Belly Ann Hall Melvin Harris Sidney Fritts Betty Sue Gothard Zelphia Hall Violet Hartbarger Harold Hawkins Vera Gibson Martha Gadd Anna Lee Harney Donald Higgins Teddy Jones Charles Glass Helen Green Charles Harrison Doris Higgins Cfam 0 351 Katie Kelly Jane Matthews Barney Morgar. June Peavyhouse i Beirne Kerr Syble Matthews Billy Jo Morgan Finley Price Patricia Sanders Mildred Keylon Bruce McClure Jessie Fay Newell Thomas Raines Paxton Sawyers .loan Marler Gordon Miller Vance Owenby W. E. Robinson CAM 0 bf 'mi' we fri' ww 'QW' ., , wif 'fc 2 w. Mag? laik? F . . , 4? iq j ay J' I ii 5. 'iw Bobby Schrimpsher Helen Spence Ernestine Travis Al West Martha Jane Scrimpsher John Spence Jeff Tolle Doris West Peggy Wilson 1. , .Qt 'if T32 Peggy Sexton Mary Alice Sutton Betty Jane Ward Franklin Wilson Billy Wilkey JF aggira f 1 .-Ai 2 ,tif . t .z img a W ,- 559 5 yi. A Q, I y X, , tm ff 'W Hg Q: fx V :mg A a.,ff5'Q - 2' Paul Sinclair Calvin Thurman Frank Welch Patsy Wilson 7 CALM 0 i s Mona Wilkey Naomi Winsett Wayne Woodlee Cordell Wright Edna Mae Yates - - - gate, Creed Dugger, Sydney Givens, Donald Hall, Georgia Ann Head 55 Maunce Arnold' Ruth Aslmgil' Jlmlggxl Clarkguglargaret Ann le B'll Harwood E estin Hicks, l. W. Haun, Inez Hudso lins, Billie Joy Brewer, Jimmie Crawley, Margaret Brooks, Charlie glpfrlis Hobaixk' D0 aKMae llesf Eugeye Holds? Martyn jean jones' Daughfrey cofine coibaugh Billie wade Day, Mildred coibaugh, 'Y amesf awe . 'fa 0 f OV mes' EW Ye' e V Ones' Ralph Green Edith De Ford 'Barbara Ann Douglas Gene Harris Bar- Shirley June Kyle, Billy Jo Kelly, Charlotte Lester, Floyd Kelly Jr., ' ' ' ' .I M Th l. Pa M A 6 YU I 'N L. GJ .C LD Q. E ': .C U LD C C 4 O 'S L. 2 x fU F ID E L71 S 1: 'O o CZ o 'N .E .E on .': P C. o LD .. GJ .D O IX J O .1 J 3 m L C C E JD o an E ru U1 C Q2 cn an 3 fu C O 41? .. .2 LJ 3 5 If rx N 7 if C N 2 C C fi FU E 'U cu an 1: E u. .. O O 2 3 o O u 2 P- B cn Q9 3 C .C O H CZ C fu .. un an 3 fu a LLI uf m E o .C P' f: fU Q2 CD C. .c .- OJ .o NJ L' E GJ .. U7 cu U af 'U C m TI m LD E O H ua x. GJ 4- Q! CD .C CL 3 3 Ex .15 .C 4- fu E fU P LL! Q- oung Y Everett Roddy, Kate 'Y Ma Riley, binson, Ear Ro e, Wanda .E M P- .D .D O LD CN 25 O f Z E Q D. E. O L11 42 LD .C L 3 Of C 2 cu I L -x w. E .1 'S I U: L L fi! XI E .E C. U CD x. LD I +- 3 1 CD I 4- 4 C. an E o I O C ffl E Q 3C ,U- Ii U ri fU L l.I. Ln. E 'U E0 .. Q,- U1 N P4 4-.C --+- U-O x N Ll. N 2: nc 35 o C C 4 P- 'U of E fu C O O 3.5 o C .. 4 .T U 'C 4-' Q C. T: .Q 4 C O 4- TC G .9 on 3' 'U L fu CD LD Q2 'D .E 3 GJ .1 W CD U5 CU O I U fU L VU .D x E E o P- .Q E N I at O O L CD 'U G L m CD OJ .1 L VU ru C -U L.L1 fu 'U ru L' 4 ln. .C U7 G33 NI 'U C 2 6 I 4. ru Q. S C Z an P LU Q5 7- .D .D O CD if L L 03 I m U D- o -H .9 E on .2 P :I P-2 Lil? FU E -U. C 3 o I x -'V 'VCC C. 3 O L CD fu E Ta P m. Z' -'aa S cu C L O .1 vo 'Ex mo Um CD .E an 'E o C C 4 P- ru D! ,-E wx. LD cu Ui I- 5' E 6 L. ED J LA X. o o U C C 4 cu U :- O I af an .- C ru U L E E o P- -C. U C 3 co 2 E 9 5 pl rv C C GJ U C sv 4- V? as .C U 'Q 'Q QE N15 C EI g3 .,.A O . O D H O 2 'U fu an I o .C +- u ru E Z' 25 uf D- .C 4. m E E .C P- S cu BC 4- L NJ J 4- Lf! LD as E ru 1 'U C o E x m DC 'Ci o o I fi cu U :4 o -N C5 C o .1 .- C 3 -.- LIJ U7 fu E o .C I- f 5 .T .ac NJ 2 ID KD. 2 'U N1 GJ I E 415 .C on E C C 3 U T: 3 o ..l U7 W E S YU D GJ J U1 2 P- .C .- LL! :Z FU x o U x 3 GJ U fU E 4- .C .9 C bd C o .- C cu C3 an U y o 7 GJ 'U C S C. C 3 D 2 'E YU I.l.I E E fu D an KD I fu .C U ff n N D as U YU C LD Q.. P- S Urs . rua--U ru . 225 52 mklx-4,223.2 u.mQ4t 233 3 USU' 23 52792: 1 mm IPEQJE E 9 Un V7EmCx g fU Cowmwm 0352 4 SIL? 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Wayne Woodlee , , Betty Hicks ., , ,. Rita Green Miss Wilma Small on W, cm President .,. , , Vice-President Secretary , . . Treasurer ,, Sponsor ti'i .. A A . . Peggy Sexton Carl Burger .. Orpha Bandy , Margaret Abel Miss Wilma Small A 'uu.,. S,-,PN gf Q v .fgffLLLLic5 Soofgaff ggw, rw ..f'x L I 5 Af i' M R. HULAND DRAPER BILL HART CLAYTON MORRIS Coach Captain Co-Captain f If f-i ei.i'4 Wrist L p ,. I CARL BARGER HAROLD RILEY Co-Alternate Captain Right Tackle Y I Av' Lajafmh YW VALLAS SANDERS Right Guard I MACK CRAWLEY Center MAURICE JORDON JEFF TOLLE WAYNE WOODLEE GENE HOUSLEY Left Guard Left Tackle Left Half Rlghf Half 3 aw AL WEST BILL CARTEE :kt 295 THOMAS RAINES CALVIN THURMAN Left Half Quarterback Fullback Right Half wk? BRANTLEY GRIFFIN CORDELL WRIGHT SIDNEY BARNES LAVON RILEY Right End Right Tackle Right Guard Center '51 A r ' .gg--vf.'fKf' Li K 2 LITTON COLLINS GEORGE HOMMEL MACKIE BALLARD BRUCE MCCLURE Left Guard Left Guard Left End Rioht Guard 3 1 'W MIKE BARGER GORDON MILLER BILL JO KELLY THOMAS LANE Left Half Quarterback Right Half Center VM? Mefgaff W wi, , 529: , M X as fm millbf W Mm 'awww 1. ,,,x yx if M Mapu BQ . A W una: K ' .nl I 'NEB M, f . A.,,x..,Q w ,fauna :rm na. IM, ' . f'W 'K ,qunmwn vfw w if 5 x. f inf? .A V 'il .nn-w MQ? -fa.. , MR www- Wm ij ind gifs gafezfgaf Manager .... Captain ..,, . Co-Captain . ,. , Orpha Bandy Anna B. Kincannon Sue Beene Mona Wilkey Bobbie Gothard Cynthia Riggs Jessie Newell Fannie Riggs Joyce Wilson Patricia Sanders Katie Kelly Ernestine Hicks Sydney Givens Marilyn Jones fix L M t h N' uw C Q ..- naw., Lar- :E r 4- , ,,,...a-- M.-. ,L., WA-.......,,, KI? 3 JM , EZ! Q .zqf gm is-'lb ' 2, , - ' K' -' r -1'.!?'?.'-3:,. 5is..I'.. 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DOTTIE BEENE E45 .Amie DALE SANDERS and JESSIE FAY NEWELL mffiedf unc! mmf Z Sowcee MARGARET ABEL and HAROLD RILEY ,J gl Ii ,,,,-- gf A jim W QZLWQ KATHLEEN MORGAN gee MARGARET ABEL 0.4 jwfgaff MARY ANN RILEY Cox - McClure Motor Company Dodge- 77!qmaaZ4 Decline DUDGEA6-PWZTRUCKS P H O N E I I 5 SECOND AVENUE DAYTON TENNESSEE Compliments Of L0 C K E Furniture Co. Compliments Of Hy-Way Gardens Compliments JIM CONNER Florlsts West Main St. Hotel Aqua Bldg. GIFTS And FLOWERS QE P1-Ions 335 DAYTON Compliments Oi Purser 8z Knight CLOTHES. SHOES rr-ron: 304 Compliments Of WA S S 0 M Service Station SOUTH DAYTON SAWYE RS Funeral Service 24-HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE za-J N Compliments of Compliments of Bea,S Cafe D3yt0ll Gngygvlug wHoLEsALE D1s'rn1nU'rons PHONE 24 vuxorrs nnsr noun Colonial is good Bread COLONIAL BAKIN G CO. 2220 East 4th Street Phones - 2-3148 and 2-3149 CHATTANOOGA 4. TENNESSEE Compliments Of Station 8z Tire Co. Ideal Cleaners nsso Pnonucrs and Lalllldfy PHONE 250 Spring City - Phone 2071 Compliments Of Compliments of BPOYIGS H0SDlt3l W. L. Hodges8zSon DAYTON. TENN. IE W E L E R 5 F. R. ROGER ,Z 'ff 746 REXALL Sam P H O N E 2 0 0 Corner Main 62 Market Streets S 'r L E 1- Compliments Of The Modem Way C. A. Downey 8z Son EE CII-32II'l61'S SALES SERVICE no Youn CLEANING Under New Management PHONE ll6 ,. . 11 M Compliments of . J. H. Mlller's Grocery S' 8 F' Elggigry General Merchandise if GAS 4 on. Mmuracrunzns or 5: ruu. 1-'Asnlonnn Hosuzmr G 'YS i e I I 4 4 Compliments Of MORGAN Furniture Co. Compliments Of Mrs. E. B. Arnold C ITY Meat Market FRESH MEATS - POULTRY BILL Colman. Prop. P H o N s 2 9 Compliments JENKINS 8z DARWIN'S DEPARTMENT STORE Compliments Dayton Theatre J O H NSO N Hardware Co. Ask Your Neighbor DAYTON. TENN. 1 PHONE 191 Compliments Of CARY 8. WEST CO. A. 8. A. Super Market Yom, Fancy 6? Staple Groceries 'Firestone DAYTON. TENN. DEALER MARTIN -THOMPSON CO Hamm cmd Spmafg gum IT PAYS TO PLAY COMPLIMENTS OF SHIP KELLY SHERIFF COMPLIMENTS OF M. SCHILD 8: CO. ICE - ICE CREAIVL- COAL P I-I O N E 3 COMPLIMENTS OF WALTER'S BUICK CCMPANY Sales And Service Phone 283 Dayton, Tennessee RHEA EQUIPNIENT CENIPANY INTERNATIONAL FARM EQUIPMENT Trucks-Tractors-Pontiac Sales and Service PHONE 562 DAYTON, TENNESSEE Compliments Ot Compliments Of DAYTON HOSIERY MILL U. S. 5 81 10 STORE Phone 33 Dayton, Tennessee -------------------- ..---- -- ----- -- ------------ ------------ --- FORD'S TAXI SERVICE If It's A Taxi You Want Compliments of Phone 256 24-Hour Service 81 Service With A Smile 500000004-M ----- - - --------------- - ---------- - ------- ------ COMPLIMENTS OF Graysville Hosiery Mill, Inc. ll 'r 4 COMPLIMENTS or Compliments Of 1: . 2 A. M. Morgan, sr. on s Dr. G. V. Taylor, Sr. is ' ' ' ' 5 Archie M. Morgan, D.D.S. Dr. Garland V. TuyIor,Jr. Harold A. Morgan, DMD. Mrs. Betty Green, D.H. Fay Garrison Carner Compliments Dayton Florists D3yt0Il Bank Qlaweu 7am ,411 Oacauana Q Trust CO. PHONE 524 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT WEST MAIN ST DAYTON TENN INSURANCE Comb, Christ Abofve All PREPAHING YOUNG PEOPLE TO SERVE William Jennings Bryan University A Four-year Liberal Arts College nmrron. TENNESSEE BIOBI , Fwy Stoned Serfving The High School Students Of Rhea County Since 1905 DAYTON - 102 SPRING CITY - 2861 4 Compliments Of Furniture Co. if Furniture - Appliances - lewelry When You Think of Furniture. Main sh-get Think of Frenchu DAYTON. rznnzsszz mwrou srnma crrv 5: rn azs - Two sf - Phone 4191 ji THE ONLY NEWSPAPER PUBLISHED IN RHEA COUNTY Quantum: Fuaufafy - Ogize Swpplm ll ll's Printed. We Have It or Can Get It for You Ph 43 DAYTON. IENN. P. o. Box zas Compliments Of W E L C H ' S Dr' G' V' Tuylorl Sr' Tourist Court And Cafe Compliments Ot Dr Garland V Taylor Jr, Try Our Delicious Bar-B-Que 0 I I O Steak And Chicken COMPLIMENTS OF 625 Borruue womcs - . . . . - . . . . . - . . Y W Y . ,M , , - - ,wxZ,-1.7,v.::::w:2.5.-,:w.:::::::::::: Compliments Oi Compliments Of R. P. Palmer Elmer Hardin Garage wmhes . pi.,m.,.ds . gewehy srumazmxnn sz-mas and snnvrcn DAYTON- TENN- mom: 229 DAYTON lr X. U v W 1 lr Ar . COMPLIMENTS OF Graysville Hosiery Mill, Inc. Western Auto Compliments Associate store MANSFIELD'S Furniture-Hardware-Auto Parts Goon EATS PHONE 15 Am connrrronrn MARKET s'rmaz'r - mwron TENN. fr Compliments Of Compliments Locker Plant Food Market 8z Implement Co. rf a PHONE sos Abel Hardware I 4 f 4 It Arnold Motor Company s A L r: s snnvlcn Ford Tractors With Dearborn Implements DAYTON PHONE I0 S. F. HOOVER General Merchandise GRAYSVILLE PHONE 19 ---A---A444------''A'-AA - 'M' ''uivuiu '-'-A'-:l: ',v1 COMPLIMENTS OF Dayton Department Store ::::ooc::::x:::::::::::::x:: Compliments Of A Compliments Of Ray Cooley's Carl Denton G I' 0 C C fy , County Accountant Ben Franklin Store STUCK T0 RHEAH MR. G MRS. D. M. SHBVER. Owners Comphments Of TOIVl'S BARBER SHOP DAYTON. TENN. 8,,N,,xw,, BROWN CHEVROLET CO. Eye It - Try It - Buy It DAYTON PHONE 228 0 4a 3 it r tr In n tr 'r in n In r tr lr U I to lb to wasnt-------------:.:--.vQ4.:----------,,.,,4------,.,.,--------- :: :::::0loae::::::::::::+0Nx::Mx:::xfMt::: 000.0000000000000 1. Comp lments of Compliments Of RALPH PORTER GULF OIL PRODUCTS County Court Clerk R. K. ABEL DISTR. Darwin-Sharp Lumber Co. Compliments Of LUMBLII AND BUILDING MATERIALS Graysville Cleaners 81 Hatterg SHERWIN - WILLIAIVI PAINTS When Better Cleaning ls Done We Do It West Fourth Avenue Phone 300 Proprietor Jerry Diven Morgan Motors Your Friendly Dldsmobile Dealer Commimenfs Of A F mPostDlli'e . MSS m ' Southern Grlll Phone l67 Dayton, Tennessee Compliments Of For Good Eats Stop At MAIN STREET CAFE Main Street Phone 9195 Dayton Building Supply Co. Everytl11ng For Burldmg'-' J. M.jones-W. M. Morganl-I. A. Jones Proprietor, Mrs. Patten

Suggestions in the Rhea Central High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Dayton, TN) collection:

Rhea Central High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Dayton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1921 Edition, Page 1


Rhea Central High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Dayton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


Rhea Central High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Dayton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Rhea Central High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Dayton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Rhea Central High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Dayton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 35

1950, pg 35

Rhea Central High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Dayton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 9

1950, pg 9

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