Redwood High School - Oak Yearbook (Visalia, CA)

 - Class of 1937

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k X ..:k,,, A 1 , A J I iff . fm v lx 5 I 1 L r A 4 fa -1' , , ,,.E,.,2..v3. V. ,L an--mass' .S , ,ra J-In -e g 'fee . - '-fa-J F 'WH ?g1?:s.:. AZ A 3' :Q J ,F- , w pl- ' 1, f. 34 1" H w' .1 1. V 4... 'P 1""- . , i . V3 . f. ' .- .J u , . ,, ., :L ' -.4 f .A . f .., '-4 ' 'iii 5 Vw. 1.1 f. amp. I, pix.. MQ, 1 . I, , .vw Ha- i My 'N ff y N." .144 .4 1, ,E .fig :- MW' "W . 4. . 'af' " 3:2 ,. if-5 'K' A f -. J . . ' Q5 . 'W 1.. ' ,A ,'9lf" 5 ,91-i":. ' L, ,J ,Q :LY-' l x"s,v. ,g,m,,.'a,4 'x,f,'., '-.1 -1 A0 'fL??F".5r4f? 1 wr. 'J "P I. , qs. ' -:QL .1 wg i ' .." H.. .4 4 ,QE Mfrs- wg , .SM M ,N xx. 'ily Y s ww . .Q23W?,. Jas 'W' .521 . Y 2, if 1 me Qi. 1 ui W. 'fu' " 1 , 3.51 8 f Y 1 M fiifilqig vi kbs .1 . ..+ S , f m Q ...E QM-, ' .- 4 x 1 Q ? Hr Q' ' Q X -if 922' .. ,W -. ,I ,eff ' P vgiqk M K VW 'MJ' v w,. ,.n, 1. v A' JA, 3 1 -rv Lyn. ,W . e-ffm ,M ,. , X A . Ink" .F 3121? -Q , warg. x 11 . aa 1 .- ljifs Q we .k .,v' , X 'Sw iq. '43 5, ,gm . .5-2. A-i!'F A 4 1 vi ,.,, 37j 31' ' Mix ff' mm Wwwwm pw H W MW' f WWW H4 W 7 MMM! W WW' 55' , K A WW 5 E E XJ s E3 A Q 5 In E 5 5 I P 2 1 E I :i My W fig WW M24 M ,A L M , ,. Qx vip? VWQIPV GTI-IE , A V 02 Mix-1 ' 5517 3 ifzfgfiz: K!fC3,.0,,f,gf ,rf ggi 3 ff3Wif,,w7g,2 , ,Q M 'SWE XNXCDN HXGH 01336 X I Y -ki' W. 1 A L 'bi-5.'?, I!: 57. V, 4-'ip 5" A' 'L , 'ff , f , T ' V V , xg - I. A4011 - ' 4 ,6V6 f,Wx, 69154 Lrg'-. ??Z ' wwf SL- ,M GJVM' in f fa Q , bg 427 M6 , Vvaf- 4' W -f- ' 1 400564 v0 ' " L! 4 M f 1 , f WM! MV 6 ' f-Q "I ,- ' I l, 1:lu: 'gig -! ' , 6 ,M ff A ax 4. WV Air.-52 -' , f , V ' ' ' SQ" " 3 'QQ ' X-.' f f f N A ,R ,,,. Q . , ' ' f I fd!"-'4 fl'-64 U pg ,. ',,., LIP 11 vyb .M jo ' .' Q- G5 X -,".'1 qv ,ff 4 "-'-i'Ss,, ,Nd ' ' ,Q , ,OM C ,ns 2 THE ST PE? O? THE X937 xopcc TPCLES pXeqr5ure rn presehirrxg khrs ar1rmaX as a Tasirrrg record ok The veai compXerea, Yor our Theme vie! have chosen a rree, as being Xor us a par'CrouXarXv aporoprraxe svrrxhok The xree, oXaesr ok hvrhq rhkrxqs. srarias as a measure oi Tkrxe. Educarroh, Yrke Time, beXorrq,s to ho race or era-, Xi has aXv1avs been and vvrh be awavs. Ter, ro survive rhe ages, our Tree reagirrea ok ah hs pdrks the Cooperahorx hecessarv 'ro great ' verrxerxk. Ykrxahv, our Tree is a svrr9ooX ok ' rxs oi peopXe who Xoerreakh its iourrd sheher and sxs ine achre ocessro have sxlqqe Kd erxdXess pr spreaarrxq 'orgzoches Xrxsorrahorx. The srorv or The Tree srorv oi our schooX, who-se The this 'oooh vioxx porrrav . Y, MQW 6Myj!jfg W' M V D AITICD FDIC OSE STUDENTS PAST AND esent, who in passing under the Tree have gliinpsed its significance, who have perceived greater beauty, gained greater understanding' to those who have been so inspired as to cor operate and contribute voluntarily in ther advancement of our school' to those Inernbers S ot' the administration and faculty who have labored to Inalre us and our school better- and also to the numerous citizens who have in every way cooperated to Inalre this school a pleasant and beautiful place in which to work, we, the Class of 1937 and the students of Wsalia Union High School wish to pay respect by dedicating to them this twentieth ot' 'The Oak. ' volulne 5 Wim! as M' ss? MQW Og I S, Hash B1 kglkemssvvb mm :MM was gf? JW? ff IJ if J " 'aff 05 Jr CHAT ENTS C, Qaaeowway any as sa 9 ncwxvxxxae swumawwxgva 5 Q 0 9 1 e HDV EHTXS EHS I PI 5 'Q E . i 5 . E S .1 4 I E f Q 1 Q Ns v r sk-X fs As i 4 , mx if 415. 'N' x iff Q4 I 1 W ex k xx" Q ,QA gg , K N x gg - M H E ., X Sf H N "'5j2',Q?w i ' r i s 3 f 'rl . L. .V 6 N , Q :W f" . 1 . ' T3 , , ,E gh 1 PJ Q I fr xi ga 5. 5- A mn' - nw mg: A' w xi., 74.1 I, A 'ii ' 1 Q 'I . : t . ,.. W ,, 9 ffif , X 1: . - i X f Q K4 K, Siiei 5 fur- i ff -31, ,,35gffgQ1 .SV ga ai! Z x 'ii , 1 7 , x e l ' 1 I' yy .' 3 x 5 F I Q ix -A Swv I 1 1 . g .. iqx "" -W1 W M E 11,fgif,lvi ,fs Q V E X .. V X E if 4' ,VV 2 Q , V Q if 4 1 , 1 T' vi ,' M. 1 1 V1-LVL fri? ' , ' V A Q 1 1 ,f , - -M . 4 .. , - , ,Ln f,5,, ,V A S -I ,wg Q. lb. 32 HV: 3, s 5 QQ . ' as ' ', 'V ' , , 1. ' V A g 5 r- gfim ni! 1-QQ Q ,Q f, .gf gfgff, -5.'.q ' ., ,-4, gl X V QV iv -in ah ig :N f A, - ' ' -1 gf. 5 In 'f ,if - L L '- zz S '. M.. 'X - A A VK ' nl, - ' Q, - i , ' V . A ' . VM , f . A' w-.ff L4-V 0. x 4 -qi . .q QQ, M- X Ss, ' v r,Q'ffr. ' ""63g1'f , , 'yi 151 fr S' 5 jk pl 9 V VV VV ,Q V :I V M ,' . I ', kg ' if ."'1 1 Q T .x G NL ,ig 4 ' ' 58 V N' A' 4? ' rf 1, , .1 4 ., fb 5 - -.A , kj , . iv - , . , . 15, , 5 V f ,.. A , - I , , 6 V Ax .Q 511' wa. 3-, 'Af 1 ' i ' .. lf' .' .- , -r-, .W S 5 Gm 4 ' V4 x ' V V ' W -4 5. ,ffl Q ' L -. .gnu W, ., V 2 - V . ' f ' :V W' A V, ' V: , V 5rV V V .f- Q U , : A ' ' Q. ls 2 4, 3 , Vf Y :Ns - , xx -1 f , 1, V' V . - V X I 1 ' A ,f f' QQ A ' - .' 1-. ' L A " s -, , f ' ,V 11' " fx' ' . EJ-'5"' ' f ' ' , N, . , , ,. ' 5' xx 555 KV 4,1 A , V V V F A A I 'V . - f 'Q f rf ' " X 2 . , I 2 , 5 It V 2? , J SM wks' ,. ' 5,-:,,,,4 , ,l V V, va . I V V .M VV k Q - M - v '- A , f. ' ' V '- f. --m- me 4 , - MSFT, 4' . , -Y 5 ,. . 1 , V, MV i Q,g:Q5k ,,,x S Q -, ,Q 4 'qv Ffniffffkyfs- M '3 '- ' , , , " ' 4-.N ' iff, '.5'f7":3m Q 'Q -v " .411 4 4 .J K. . a f " x Q , .bl . V? V K. ,Z,:..k4. V . -R N' PF' . .f- Q26 jx Vx, V! J, WV ,V ,MMV Q g 1 .4 , ' ...Q . ,- 1 Q: ,. ' r 1 - A w,.:.A K A - 'f..- A A gr, 1 W- wail 2, gg: .11 'V A M, N V ' A, V 1 , V-Ei VVVX V fn K ' XV' ,xv 'L V . :V-V Vgi . ,. 2 tiff Huyxi 1 7 'gf--' Y ,,. U , .. -5 A ' f ,H 1 fif -f.,..,V. VZ.. p K-,Q-6 ,, - ' Qsxgx Q . 1, "QM .. , ,V ,. , ,L 6 A - , , A, X 4' Lb, 4 " 4. :jf A 5. 4 " A w X .K M--. - 4 I , g , ' F15 f 4 ,lf V? M. ' ' ' Q -Wffzf Ag A f ' A ' ', ,, MJ . Q , . A , Wy. vt-,...,g4 iw: . i f , ' ' 4 e ' . I - J,-J, -L ." ?,-Mf2:fl 12' A-31 ,V ,Q 1 ,fkgg iefa.5gfA+'g? 5 .V ru ,I , V, . V VV ' ,.s ., A . I -,t - '- ,MS . ,', '2Ky',, , ' V' VV VNV ,, f V, V ,QP AV , 5 VV - 'Q XV 1 . V :Lf W A V V if . V 1 5- K 1 f ww .f Q' . .- 5 ,W ,Q may ,.f."- 0 K ' , ,V J -, 1 ' Vx' X X . K . it uf' -1 if 'A in I 4 A . Q if 'N 5 a my + . f I Q 'R ,W ff yn 3 Hx, Q. Q F N.. . lf 1. S 9. Q j-.N V A 'P Wm I Q gn ,ls- i Q., Vp. .. V . .H .Ah ' ' V l Q V Q I V W . JJQK IJ 2,1 , x ' . 1 --if A V + ' r V . 3,51 . V p f ' , k CV.-f ' V - V , ' .- f V .. , '1 9 s "rg f f V . 1 V V .' 1. .2 " V - ' 'Q ' ' I ' X . 5+:y1,w'f:k 1,1 VV , ' V' '..j"f'Vx - A. Y 1- f V g - facl. - , . ' ,- .V '. ' - . 1. 31 .V ' ' ,- -V .v I - Q, Y - , , 4 iq , fi: Q M ' . ' .cf '3- rif f? V I V V ., V . Q -wg V ya-1, wr" X j V ' A A , ':g.rg,e , T f ,112,r:V 4. .' . , , . ' J V ' 'iw V - x kg: J V4 4 -. y I I . A A , 5 vp a,f' ...J . 'R 4 W' ' ' -,maya V - V V V., V V V -. V.ffV':4 - f' , ' .V 1 ,- -' -- , . , ' - V u ' -1 ' - " . . . ' 'nat NQL Y .3 ., - ,A L. N - V VK Q' V Y V V Vg , Vu, M' W . I f- ' I-I., -.N- ' V Q h , Y t M A V aff air -1 f '5 A V' ' - 'MST Vwwg , ' V V Y k ' 1934+ 1 -'1 if . . - V , 'Fi 3"x5i " V i A ' K ' V ff' 7"'fZ? "1 ,Qs 'i f Lf V V ' V U' 7'Lf""'3."':5 'if ' . . ' . .' 'af W ' V, - Vt.:-ima, , . " .L 5-Pea 1 V. Q l 141. "aff I I ' ,V .Q fl F, A - " X , WV., +V A V A ' Y VV , - 1 5, iz-Q: 'irixf ,u " ,'7..::f1 ff' " SV 'ja 'f. ' 3 ja f-,e 5 '-- .5 A , . , , ' gg 561+ 3' 4 - A 4, 1 . - . ' - V f , Y. V. V MQ ' r V7 ' "" :Y "-' .- . ' . 'V ...A 'tif ' ' I , v' .-9:1 '- . 'Z 1" J' 'U "'l','- - . . V V V. ' , V , X " 'FV 1 -' - 111 V A 'A ff f' 2' :: Jg+4'zll+' - ' V ,-I., V, V V ' .- '11 .gr V Q, l f,t'kiy.'::'1'?!i", V -' 1 ' +V -MT-'WN " -4' , f' V ' ' A .-A1 7 'T' -FJ .". . .I ,N ,WL W ,yxvmlt .,L, . 5 , ,,,. V, .F , ,. ,UT , ya, X - ',V3iiI"'-' ai 'fl 'A-A 'V ' " -1 ' " -Y fbi' 4:-'T ?'f"2-4' 2 - , .4 7 A-21211-' -4 V '. - Jr Lvl' '12 1 .15 r- -1 L- - .vp - ug ' V Q. .- 'J N"1. - H--. y --,V V L,Q . ,,rlVzVV:1f1i ,L gf- V. V .V l V , Q-V A-slj j jf v - wg. ': 'xg .. If . 'N ' ' Q A . :fi - v:'1',.74'1f V rffrffn Hs f E ' ' N ' V 1- Ji v.iPifV, 21. .V . , .3 V 9.4 -1 'fa' 1 , lk' 1 'Q "lj" Y, '-A . 1' f , A , -V .pf ' V' .3 , ' Q57 ' gg -' Af. fx -'64 , "hwa1g-'ff-14?-A. . - V fur, '- 'wi' fl . X . , , V ,W Lal' . . JI '31 '1 I 4' ,L --V 'V-FQ i dm. 1 -.. ' V Vx, . V i. V V if I f A S.. ytakh 1 ka- 1 WA ,L f. A V' V ,. - W.-'V-V mmf- 'H' '-2.1-My ny ' V . Q., ,, V1 1 kg , fy. .VV 455 1' - . ' , -. ff., V- Q V- A 'aff A- -T -1 1741, V '1,u'53'VlV1-. ' V . ' W F 5"', V' "Q '.2 3153 ', bV.1,g1:,,g, wh: 1 , lr- U I Vf. "'1"fZ1u1e'V fr " V, ' 1' , 1 V' 1 - V wif. ' . - .xv ii-f. V " 'L .TV 'rf-o 9.5 111' I A .- ' "4?i ,:'fgj",V gf Aish lwTV?'VQ:NQ,.l 5 .6- .1 - ' 'V f V- V u..- 1, Qf.iyTVa', .u - ,Veg A 35,5 qgfggufg-f.l'.y.y QV -- gf ' A 'la 4 'fn J'-L--fm f '- QV -W .V -- '-W'-f.Qpff.,3fF2z' , g-5,-,:-V-f--f - , fv- :fgw-ffl ' V Mg ij.. ' ffm . m Eg -nw - V . u-RTA, V ,'-523, ,-F., ry. 1 . f n f,5f:,,V- f . . -.V1 -'v X -' -f 5,?,?gi.5:,gYsy . ' , ,iv .va Q . - V L -V s fx: ag- .,: V , y ,:' V ' A sign- ' H :Xl EXE! V - V, . .5 3 . ,gps Vx- ,.,.. --N .q. 'VJ' , gf VV Y , , . . 1 , g Y J A b wk 'W V Q rr, .154--.V1.. ,, 1' V' w: V . V : - f V Al' . . 'f -- V --ful 4, Q :Vu ' ' ,V M L . ,. Vt., - naw, FEV., ,. Q V ' k ' ' ' 1 3-A KC.. V .',' Vg." "vi 1 f V J V - ' V . ..L' ,f V AND nfs VERY LIFE , -Q A. -- f . - bl mv V Q gy r..'Vs A.: ,-I A -. .., W, - V-V, 'V V I - . -. V, , Uv, , hmmomous' no 9 VS V -+22 " -iw ".'V"'f19 .7 " ' A Fr- 'f L' V ' V . 1 'fy-,,,-vw-f,.v.'. V .. ' r 1:1 1 -m - Wm A -- ,, - fa-,.V ' C011 UDUS IO - J mg oi mcmypans im 9 ,V Mb?lr5: V, N . gg .f:,., Vw- , V L,?F?.f 'Q u. Q5 V1 b k .3,?sL 1QY,fz,i,3-5 'A ' fv , ij! 'f'rx!-4'3" fha! - V V5 .-4:1 if V -. 5 -' 1' my . ., ' . 41:2-sf , - ,4 -. y V, , V 'V +.a:rv" 'Y' :ig Q1 f,-qv, 4191 YQ' - -, X . 1,4 V Y , -., '-, ,f-', '. ff, , . , , . ,4 . 1 - I , A A- ,X , ., " J' ,ff ,. . , 1 2 43 ' f' '-1.'f-.x,-:- ,gl -gi 71. 94 '51, -, - V',,. ..b 4' 31. V .'.f.'-' W. -Q V ' A 3'V'aA,:1- 1 "' , , ' 1' VM .1 ,-'g- 1 mv ae :A A 'xx M- any 1 . if 8''if-Qfffl'.:f5I:Q.y."' If f R ' wahasgitezw-1yfZ..f'f..ff.-11Vr?5a'f1cVaimmmfwff rf:-Via, ai??,":f.'m:r.m'2.12130 - . ,mb Nusf1S:1!g'mmBV.VV:Vr.?..s,s,:m.:,..V1f-:,x gs My - af' f w fr I . Xef swd wi- l" xi Good' . 56' XNKWG xv' ' some CQXGNI wx? FIDMINISTRATICDN Tl-IE ADMINISTRATION SI-IOULDERS TI-IE NUMEROUS, DIVERSE responsibilities ot this modern high school. Briefly, Mr. Mont- D. W. Montgomery gornery, superintendent, is charged With the intricate problems ot finance and super- vision, While Mr. Williams, principal, cares for the general organization and well- being ot the school, assisted in details by the vicefprincipals, Mrs. Goad and Mr. Shidler, who act as girls' and boys' advisers, respectively. Supervising continuation education We have Mr. Holstein. lust as success ot student-body activities depends upon hearty support by all students, so success of the administration requires the etfi- cient cooperation ot the faculty, Whose ettorts in our behalf have earned respect and gratitude. I3 FACUL William I. Sanders Stanley Matheson Carroll A. Montague Arthur Timothy Annie Mitchell Esther Davidson Brita Bowen Helen Grant LANGUAGES Vera Charpentier Rosalie Borgman Ellen M K c enzie Geraldine Cross HISTORY Mary Mcliibben Charles P. Schleicher Ira D. Steele Otto L. Lehmann MATHEMATICS Iennie Larkin Ray McCart Dorothy Bradner Mary Zaelke TY FACULTY SCIENCE C. W. Read W. L. Shidler Ray Houston Alton E. Bryant COMMERCIAL Claude Paregien Inez Crow Dorothy Richardson Dorothy Bradner Marie E. Meyers Y AND STUDY HALL Natalie Lapike Vera Charpentier LIBRAR Lottie H. Goad Mary Zaelke Geraldine Cross ARTS Alice G. Rouleau R. B. Curtiss George Burris Claribel Du Plan HOME MAKING Marie L. Montgomery Gertrude Webb Thelma K. Dates Izetta Burnard FACULT SHOPS Edward E. Hayden Walter E. Shore Alfred I. Boradori Myron C. Moyer D. B. Gilbert AGRICULTURE Walter E. Shore Ray Houston GIRLS' P. E. Marvis Halford Mary Ianet Martin Antonia M. Rehmke BOYS' P. E. Oakley Morris Paul W. Wilhelrnsen George Holstein Claud e Paregien 'Y Two big shots. Miss Meyers tinds a dear. Financial discussion. What now? On their Way. Where's that overdue book? The Vice Principal takes a walk. Mr. Timothy going south. Reflections. A little motor trouble. Have you heard this one? Alice in Natures Winter Wonderland. Football trouble. Concentration. Whither? Rising teachers. CLASSES AS THE LEAVES OF THE TREE FALL, THERE is regret at their passing, but joy in the fulfillment of life with its mcmy riches. M, I I 4' -D :Qy Zz Z.. -f 1' -,Z S' I Q E M E S a 2 5 F P: 2 '1 K Q s 5 S u 5 Q M Qi E Si 2 P -A 5 E Q E E xr E 1 w i E i2 1: H E a r 3 H E 5 F 2 F if 5 5 41 If E U 3 s B . oO darn? H. we wef ,Qs-. WMO XXOXQGS. ia- A Game' ' mgxoft -E L. su' ohfvsov' vi 1 K 1 Ptqeel Dwgxxgmdy Q, Pure , r M' V wih0'ul'o 6, BXJCYHZ Ykrsk Bow Secon , -k SEPTEMBER ll, 1933, MARKED A CHANGE IN.Tl-IE LIVES OF members of the Class of '37, for that was the first day of four years of work and pleasure in Visalia Union High School. How vividly that first morning appears in their memories as they are now ready for graduation! With smiles they will recall their bashfulness at the reception given to them as incoming freshmen. Then, during their sophomore year, they, in turn, gave a party for the succeeding freshman class. Well they remember the fun and work to make the annual Prom the success it was. And, only a few weeks ago, the Class of '38 gave the graduating class a lovely prom. Now, as their last year in high school draws to a close, they take on new responsibilities, new problems. As never before, they appre- gate the opportunities offered them the past few years. Good luck to each member of the Class of '37, 19 1"'V MAXINE AGEE V. Pres. Senior Class Mathematics, English BEN ALLEN Auto Mechanics Club Auto Mechanics, Music CLYDE ANDERSON Football, Track English, Shop AURVILLE ARMSTRONG Girls' League English, Social Science CALVIN AULMAN Yell Leader English, Band DORAL BAKER Girls' League Executive Bd. Latin, Social Science REGINALD BARRINGTON President, Senior Class Social Science, English MILDRED BASMAIIAN Operetta, Dance Recital English, Home Making DAN ALIPAZ Glee Club, Football English, Printing MARY LELIA ALEXANDER Girls' Block V English, Science DOROTHY ALLEN Dance Recital, Operetta English, Commercial FIRMAND ANDERSON Transferred to Escondido ELIZABETH AVERY V. Pres. C. S. F. Latin, Mathematics ERVIN AYRES Auto Shop Club History, Shop MARY BARDONE Pres. Commercial Club Bookkeeping, Home Making WILLIAM ROSS BENNETT Editor, The Oak Mathematics, English ROBERT BOWER Basketball MARY-BELLE Foreign Language, History Dancing Club English, Music EDNA BRANDON Sec Y Comlnercml Club , HAROLD BRYANT BUCKNER Home Making, Commercial Pres Senior Class English, Social Science IACK CAUTHEN gulf. ihogh Club BERNIECE BROWN ngls ' Op Tumbling Club English, Home MAXINE COFFELT Sing-Sing-Club Commercial, Home Making RTHUR COTE ADDEL A Basketball, Student Council Englis h, Mathematics WINEFRED CECIL Girls' Block V English, Science P yp,t,QA,eA1e,a, 53. KO v IJ' NMA DONALD DEMING Home Room Council Shop, English CINO IOSEPHINE Girl Reserves English, Spanish BECKWITH DAVID CARLIN Bookworm Club English, Mathematics lEAN CARLTON 5eC'Y lunior Class Eng ' lish, Commercial PARISSA COX Stage Crew Electrics, Mathematics CAROL CHRISTIE V, Pres. Girls' Block Sc ience, Mathematics BERT DESSEL NOR Tennis English, Shop DALE DOWNE Archery Club Y H4 Sh AGNES ARLENE CLAYTON lstory' op Commercial Club Commercial, English VENOVIE IOAN COLBERT Commercial Club FRANK DO! English' History Harmonica Club English, Spanish OUENTIN DUNAWAY Boys' Federation HELEN ANN COLE English' shop All County Orchestra English, Orchestra IACQUELINE COLLINS Sports, Girls' League RAY DUNN English Home Making Block V Track English, History WILLIAM DURAN, IR. School Yell Leader HELEN COPELAN English, History Spanish Club English, Mathematics MARZELI. DAVIS Hom? Room Chc""'?f"' EUGENE EILENBERGER English, Home Making Tumbling Club 'f Science, Mathematics ff? . uffxfvyfxl I . IIM EIRLS Baseball, Chess Club EDITH DALLY English, Social Science Pres Girl Reserves Home Making, English HELEN VIRGINIA DICUS Home Economics Club LOREN ELUOT ry, English Track . Football English, Shops TOMMY ELLIOT School Yell Leader History, English ETHELYN DORNBERGH Girls' League English, Social Science IAMES FUIIMURA Block V English, Shop DOROTHY DOUGHERTY Girls' Block V English, Home Making ALLAN HARDER Commissioner of Athletics Science Shop THEDA DUNN Sec'y C. S. F. Science, English MEDI-'ORD MILLER Basketball Boys' Block English, Social Science MARGUERITE ELROD Home Room Chairman Commercial, Home M EMOGENE DICUS Girls' League English, Home Making LLOYD ELLIS Boys' Federation English, Auto Shop ELLA DOUGHERTY Pres. Girls' Block V Mathematics, Science CLAYDENE GUILL Architecture Club Architectural Drawing, Spanish GAIL DUI-'FIELD Pres. French Club English, Commercial DENTON HARVEY Drama, Speech Language, Social Science V LA Hur: GEIGER Sec'y, Senior Class English, Commercial HARRIS HOGAN qking Boxing, Football English, Shop MARY HARDER School Y En lish Egreiiider ROBERT HUTH g ' Boys' Federation English, Shop ALTON HUNNICUTT Basketball, Football TSURUKO HASHIMOTO English, Social Science Home Making Club Home Making, English MARY ISE WKINS Sing- -Club A EDWARD UXEGER Hom aking, Commercial BOYS. Federation English, Shop ARTHUR IENSEN Pres. Stamp Club RUTH HICKS English' Spanish Home Making Club English, Home Making DOROTHY IEAN HOLLEY Dramatics, Operetta ROBERT IETT English Pres. Boys' Federation English, Social Science BOB IONES Tmck' Coaching Club CHARLOTTE HUESTIS English' Spanish Editor Pioneer Social Science, English MARY VIOLA HUESTIS School Yell Leader CLINTON English, Spanish IONES Coa h' c ing Club English, History WILLARD KINDIG Track, Basketball VE1-MA IACOBS Mathematics, Shop 5ec'y Girls' Block V - Engii h C s , ommercial MELVIN LEE Football, Tennis BESSIE IENSEN English' Shop Vice-Pres, Girls' League English, Commercial DORIS IOHNSON grigclisiilcgocial Science gQ3,r3,EiAeLfiNgjmd English, Mathematics GEORGE LINDMAN Commissioner of Finance NANNALEE KEELING Enghsh' Mathematics Transferred from Missouri English, Household Science KATHERINE KNIGHT Home Making Club English, Home Making ytgljzclgirgeifgljs English, Shop BYRON LOVELADY I Boxing' Tumbling RACHEL LAFFOON English, Mathematics Pres- Home Making Club English, Home Making PAULINE LOGAN Pres. Girl Reserves GERRY LYNDS Home Making, English Band Orchestra English, Music pw! BENIAMIN MADOOX Pioneer Stall, Ilbramatics MITSUKO MARUYAMA Commercial Science Senior Yell Leader English, Home Making HELENE MATHENSON Girls' League Executive Bd. LUSK MARLIN M lhemohcs Stage Crew, Football English, a English, Shop 1145 BULAR MARTIN Pres. Home Room Spanish, Woodshop MAXINE McCRARY Orchestra English, Music AL MCAULIFF Business Manager The Oak Mathematics, Social Science MEDFORD MILLER Basketball, Boys' Block V English, Social Science DARWIN MELLINGER Sing-Sing Club Band, English I-IAZEL Mc E Girls' Le gue Englis , Mathematics ROSS MOBERT Sing-Sing Club English, Band ALVINA PISCANSO Girls' Block V Commercial, English DOROTHY MCADAMS Sec'y Senior Class English, Mathematics IAY MASI Football English, Printing LOLA MCGORRAY Dramatics English, Orchestra BILL MCAULIFF Boys' Federation English, Social Science CARL MENDES Sports, Boxing Club Agriculture, Shop FRANK MENDES Football, Basketball Shop, English CARLENE PATTERSON Orchestra English, Music TADASHI MORI Chess Club, Autoshop Club English, Shop CHARLOTTE RAIBLEY Press Club Commercial, English BILL NASH Pres. Boys' Block V English, Social Science IEAN RAY RICHARD Treas. Freshman Class English, Mathematics KAY OTANI Coaching Club, Chess C Social Science, Shop VICTOR PARKER Forensics English, Science X LAWRENCE PETTERSEN, Hi-Y Club English, History LILLIAN SIMONS Tumbling Club English, Commercial FRANCIS PRESTON Pres. C. S. F. R English, Science ' ligne,-I, 4:4 W GEORGE NAKAI-IARA Sports, Chess Club Mathematics, Sciwence DORIS RAYMOND Dance Recital English, Science RICHARD NEWMAN Auto Shop Club English, Mathematics lub SHINOBU ODA Camera Club English, Mathematics CLARENCE PARSONS Tumbling Club Mathematics, Show .g ,flu 'V ,.1l,, ELEANOR RUSSELL Girls' Block V Home Making, English EDWARD POTTICHEN Coaching Club English, Shop IRENE SPEIGHT Pres. Girl Reservesn' English, Commercial f., I , 1 f GRACE ANN SQUIRE Sec'y. Girls' Block V Mathematics, Social Scie. 'e ABEL REIS Track, Football English, Agriculture VIRGINIA STREEPER Oak Stall Art, English ROBERT SETTLE Pres. Auto Shop Club English, Auto Mechanics JOHN SCHROEPFER Architecture Club Mathematics, English GORMAN STALDER Varsity Basketball English, Shop W M HAZEL THOMAS Senior Yell Leader Commercial, English GEORGE STRAUCH Track, Pioneer Staff N- English, Social Science ARTHUR REID Basketball, Track Science, English KATHRYN STRADER Dramatics English, Homemaking DAVID RICE Pres.Student Body,Basketball English, Mathematics HAROLD MARTIN Pres. Future Farmers Science, Shop SARKIS SIMONIAN V, Pres. Boys' Federation English, Shop PRAXEDES SWORDER Girls' League Executive Bd. English, Music FRED SHANNON Baseball, Track Shop, Agriculture MARIAN TRAYLOR French Club English, Commercial HARLES STEINMAN C Basketball Band, English MARGERY WALLS Treas, Senior Class Eng lish, History LEONARD SWANSON Camera Club Mathematics, Science TAKAHASHI SHIGIRU Chess Club Shop, English MARTHA VARIN Tennis English, Home Making EUGENE STEVENSON ' l b Tumbling C u Shop, Mathematics IRENE WAUGH V. Pres. Home Ma History, ' king b English li IOE TANABE Boys' Federation English, Mathematics HOWARD TAYLOR Boys' Federation English. SYIOP GEORGE VARIN Boys' Federation English, Auto Shop MARGARET WIHLIDAL Spanish Club English, Home Making WILLARD VILLA Architecture Club Shop, Science CARL WHITENDALE Future Farmers AQUCUIYUYGI Shop TOMILETTE WILSON Commercial Club English, Commercial VIRGINIA WILSON Girls' League Executive Bd. English, Commercial M51-VIN WILLIS Future Farmers Agriculture, Shop ELEANOR WINTON P . G' l ' L Elilgish ,lrlilcthllcljstics drgxlggn Music, English PAUL WOODWARD Debciing Lat in, Science J' GENEVIEVE WFllG NORVELL WOOD Girl Reserves Soci l ' c Science, English HT Gm? League LAWRENCE WURSCHER English' History Boys' Federation English, Shop . 1761141 . MADALYN BLASWlCH 0 Stamp Club CATHERINE HICKS English, Science Dancing English, Band BEATRICE ASHFORD Transferred from Fullerton CHARLES STIRLING English, Mcthemaiics B - GEORGE HANDY Boys' Federation Science, History VERDA COLLINS Girls' League English, Home Makin 9 ond, Science HELEN NOLAND Opereitcx Commercial, English I. D. FAULKNER Boys' Federation English, History N L FEHGUSO DA 11 be p oggish' Sho Federddon Boys' h History ns ' Eng f ON CRIBB 0 IUDS l success 'o ER HUNTER Wttffedsfsigotics BOY Mg shop' J Vt N IN BRAITILO Ll Egrgbungvsiodshop Science' FA REW WHO ARE ABOUT TO LEA VE us, the Poculty ond Adfnintstrotzoh extend I srhcere congroftulorhons for your crccony plishnyent. Wth these congrot goes the hope thot QS duties, new h Ize YO1-I responsibilities, new gools, you wt here were th An l1lQt1on torlre w ond wsuol tl find the yeors orll respects truly pronto le educoted mon or wonyon wzll leom Q much from Q Inzstolre os onother from successxboth possess Q yfrlue. In odob tion, 1nQY you lreep before you, orlw sonqe goal some ideol to only thus do W Pcrrew QYS' steer by stnce e ovofd Qilnless ' e l to you, the cl be y drrftzng Qss of '32 ours. Moy ol! CIO . Bake! I . p.. finlelf' Wake: In K tqott Eggs XA xcxtxtgfoalixvm' tl 'XJ Mdcygetf ' Q99 SUMMING UP THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF OUR THIRD YEAR in high school, we, the Class of '38, find a total which signifies success. Our class was outstanding in dramatic and athletic talent, with good representation in the C. S. F. After our choice of class officers for the fall semester came the selection of the class ring reflecting our discriminate taste. Organiza- tion for the traditional Harvest Dance followed, but our chief responsibility was to sponsor and finance the lunior-Senior Prom. Much of the financing was accomplished by means of sport dances and the enthusiastic sale of candy and soda water. The distinguished Prom was a fitting farewell to our graduates. Now we are ready to uphold our dignity as the Senior Class of 1938, when we hope to be an even better class than before-one of which the entire school may be proud. J!! - is Q 49-66 Wm! WM , M334 Wiki W, wet' MZ camel we" Q- We Xelil' yi. Gmail Xoseit lure-stop' gaxei- Y' B B- Xe, ' 'QCOCY' P-A CO 4 XJ :rw - X' ilgondo' A C1 -k .j - V. ricggwflf' , D Q how! COV 1 T first Se 2 Q -X- sifljt WELL, HERE WE ARE, THE GRADUATES OF '39, READY FOR another step up the academic ladder and a distinguished third year. Our social event for this year was the Sophomore Party, Friday, November thirteenth, with spooky black and ominous thirteen as the special motif. The affair offered a variety of entertainment, including motion pictures and dancing, that each person might find something to his liking. While no one sophomore was particularly outstanding in sports, many pro- vided strong competition for places on fighting teams, proving that We have some athletes Who will bring credit to our school in the next two years. Others of us, proudly bearing the torch of knowledge, upheld the honor of our class in the C.S.F. Some, too, have taken active part in various other school affairs. With two years yet ahead, our career should be an enviable one. 0 fuk -2y:q.6, Ma-,Qt 35 Lone' adtef D- NN0 Gfewlxy- YK' 3. me gtme Cofllowxe. ' YNiXe'1'L4B- Gum Madam 2. XNQXKOYX. ,D- . dwell' V Yglaxjwl Bn -x SecO9 ' QHHST' SEPTEMBER 18, 1936, WE FRESHMEN ENTERED THIS school feeling forlorn and filled with awe. To us, many of the seniors, with their dignity and poise, stood out in impor- tance like the buckle on the school belt. The juniors seemed to ignore our presence, While the sophomores, We thought, took full advantage of our newness here. However, We think this year has been a successful one for us. We took our work seriously and learned quickly, with good representation in the CSF. Several of us took part in major school athletics. Now, having reached a milestone, the close of our first year, We are ready to tackle the problems and to overcome the ob- stacles of our sophomore year. We Will continue to strive for Worthy attainment so that in future years We may look with pride upon our high-school career. fa '- ,A 'lt 1 Yi ll! , FY, 2 ,Gif 1X EA 11 I x ACTIVITIES AS THE TREE DEVELOPS, COME NEW branches-proudly borne-cmd pro- claiming to the world its sturdy growth. Q -if , , if ' L, 4 1 1 vi' " L ,. ,, 5, I, ,W , , ,, N... Cole' Gates' Sus Yegion 9 te Y . - si 8 ,N miigxvxtm Xe t s- NGS? ilu' Bl Q YHSX Baflcgxixon, Ci BOW! s Con Sign TO MANY STUDENTS THURSDAY IS IUST THE DAY BEFORE Friday, but to members of the Student Council Thursday ordi- narily brings thoughts of student-body affairs. Once a Week the Student Council, composed of nine members, the Student Body president, Who presides, the Commissioners of Finance and of Athletics, the Commissioner of Student Welfare, Who acts as secretary, the Commissioner of Publications, the presi- dent of Girls' League, of Boys' Federation, and the presidents of the freshman and sophomore classes meet to pass on stu- dent affairs. Under the guidance of their experienced faculty adviser, Mr. Houston, the Council considers all matters involv- ing expenditure of student-body funds, athletic awards, prob- lems arising in the departments of the various commissioners, and student affairs in general. Theirs is a responsible task, not often fully appreciated. 39 , p, Apt. yi f? N Ct! gi g gxreepei XI . Borrwglonl Q . ucvsner . ii B Xt. swine C'miSue ' an C. son' 9. iohn ii ia. ievisen' X t P-,VXCNU Tl-TE CDAK STAFF SINCE EARLY FALL AND FIRST EORMULATION OE PLANS EOR THE 1937 tOak,' the staff has been busy at home, at school, and at conferences and exhibits that you who read this book might pronounce their Work Well done. For this staff, like others, set themselves a difficult goal: to equal, if not excel, all previous publications. To this end the staff decided to give propor- tionately more space to pictures and to arrange them in a novel Way. External change was made optional by a new provision, a padded cover. The staff who enabled publication were Ross Bennet, editor, Carol Christie, associate editor, Bessie lensen, senior editor, Doris lohnson, editor of activities and student life, Reginald Barrington, sports editor, Virginia Streeper, art editor, Harold Buckner, snapshot editor, Alfred McAuliff, business manager, Guidance Was afforded by Miss Rouleau, art adviser, Mr. Matheson, literary adviser, and Mr. Montague, financial adviser. The staff thanks sincerely all contributors to their success. - . . 1 l Hrs, How XP . Mod S do econd HOWXZ P' Haley R X ' Mqdd , ' BQI. . o 'ln X, N Q Q10 5 4 B f9"rr, '71 C. ulrmf Esbifgrrozgesrfs' B G -Si S . . ' G- Li Uber nd f, Q 111012, M ' -Dujgel . Harder' E Md, H Ben ' artsy en' Tl-TF PIONEER STAFF WITH ONLY TWO MEMBERS WHO POSSESSED PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE in journalism, the 'Pioneer' staff, under the leadership of Char- lotte Huestis, as editor, succeeded in putting out a weekly paper rated as excellent in the Valley contest held in connec- tion with a journalism day at Fresno State College. The 'Pioneer', now classed as a stream-lined paper, is also a mem- ber of the National Scholastic Press Association. Special editions, such as the Christmas paper, with its conventional red and green colors, an April Fool edition, a freshman green- horn, and a senior edition Were published throughout the school term. Representatives from Visalia attended both jour- nalism days at Fresno and two journalistic conventions, one being at Santa Maria and the other at the University of Cali- fornia in Berkeley. All members of the journalism group may be justly proud of their excellent Work, for their combined efforts guided by Mr. Carroll Montague, faculty adviser, have resulted in greatly improved style and makeup. , ' 'fp NW at4gf'tqg pifwgf 5 - ffl? Winton' l Y I sedate Y 9 BOW ' THE GIRLS' LEAGUE SOON AFTER SCHOOL OPENED, THE GIRLS' LEAGUE, UNDER THE supervision of their officers and chief adviser, Miss Webb, held their first tag sale. To start the year's activities, in which the officers were aided by chairmen of twelve committees,each girl was asked to pay her dues in return for a tag, worn at the next meeting. On November l3, two delegates, Eleanor Winton and Mary Harder, attended the annual convention at Taft. lust before Christmas the League enlisted the aid of the whole school in filling Christmas baskets for the needy. Then the day before vacation all the girls joined in a Christmas party. Early the second semester a dance was given to raise money for a scholarship award for the graduating girl with highest scholastic honors. The All-Girls' Movie Party in April marked the climax of activities. Two hundred girls signed the register at that affair, which included, as part of the varied program, refreshments, a dance, and awards for prize-winning impersonations. I ' n ' H , len, S, Sim Oflfqn , D. Godfrey TI-TE BUYS' FEDERATTCN membership all the boys in school, is maintained, solely for the purpose of stimulating Wider acquaintance, sportsmanlike recreation, and Wholesome enjoyment among its members. This year, as in the past, the principal entertainment during the regular meetings consisted of boxing and Wrestling matches held in the boys' gymnasium. The organization, be- ing strictly a man's club, permitted no members ot the trailer sex to Witness these exciting, Herculean contests. As a special feature, a part of the Christmas entertainment, Federation offi- cials arranged for motion pictures of the Stanford-U. S. C. football game, shown in the high-school auditorium just betore vacation. ln the spring, under the able supervision of Coach Polly Wilhelmsen, the annual Boys' Federation picnic was held at Mooney's Grove. There various physical contests and sumptuous-seeming foods provided adequate entertainment for those fortunate enough to attend. First Row-C. Sterling, R, Dennis, L. Moss, B. Gilfillan, E. Mills, M. Orth, M. Haggard, C. Raibley R. Mitchell, E. Peterrnan, R. Shadinger, A. Shirk, H. Glass. Second Row-R. Settle, M. Conrad, E. Griffin, G. Kulujian, R. Gibson, D. Iennings, H. Griffin, S. Feher, A. Gates, C, Aulman, C. Hicks, I. Buckner, D. Mellinger, Third Row-B. Heberling, D. Brown, B. Preston, I. Hester, B. Reynolds, E, Black, C. Steinman C. Caldwell, R. Bennett, R, Crain, H. Woodard, E. Cox, E. Black, M. Wise. Fourth Row-C. Iden, W. Moss, L. Monroe, L. Brown, M, Wihlidal, P. Hawk, T. Misenhimer I. Gothcird, B. Guthrey, E, Lynds, M, Ellis, G. Lynds. Fifth Row-AL. Wing, H. Woodard, E. Fry, H. Stiver, R. Coats, M. Smith, H. Ensign, R. Mobert BAND ORCHESTRA First Row-V. Smith, O. Beardsley, B. Reeves, C. Patterson, H, Cole, M. Swanson, H. Lucas, l. Tomlcinson. Second Row-H, Tellalian, D. Hart, S. Shobe, B. Swanson, E. Stokes, A. Wuehler, R. Martin, L. McGorray, V. Rhodes, M. McCrar Third Row-G. Burris, G, Lynds, S. Beath, F.DHul?er, S. Feher, I. ierce, L. Keener, L. . ose. Fourth Row--T. Misenhimer, C. Steinman, H. Glass, T. Wing, I. Moffett, C. Mills I. McGovran, H. Buckner. 1 G. Sadoian, M. Rotondo. I First Row-McWilliams, Swanson, Rittimang gasgidy, Balian, Davis, Martin, Chester, Brown, ir . nsz. Second Row-Wilson, Wilson, Cortez, Ferreira, Frigulti, Laifoon, Smith, Mueller, Snow, Lane. Third Row-Ashford, Dougherty, Taylor, Pratt, Knight, Basmajian, Wilson, Cowing, Nell, Maruyama, Hashimoto. Fourth Row--Fleen-ian, Logan, Hucknall, Logan, Dougherty, Turner, Colbert, Hicks, Barhyte, Elrod, Varin, Toole, Broyles, Ashford, Smith. Fifth Row-Butler, Coffee, Tipton, Alkire,Aithenour, Seaman, Patterson, Gomez, Armstrong, umann. Sixth Row-Smith, Halstead, Nolan, Wieman, Wing, Cantrell, Fuller, Wright, Arterbury, Blanken- ship, Fryar, Ashford. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB BUYS' GLFF CLUB First Row-H. Fleemon, T. Bower, D Pardue, H. Tipton, E. Winton, I. Simons, A. Cote, D. Godfrey, R. Hill, B. Schwab. Second Row-A. Cote, M. Dula, D. Ferguson, H. Martin, L. Patterson, H. Washburn, D. Al' z, Ir. Channel, D. Rice, R. Nitz :gg D Iohnson, E. Wmlon, A Baker, V. Streeper, D. Richardson, H. Lentz, D. Hrce, W Mackey MERIT BCDARD DEBATERS F. Henderson, V. Parker, W, Iohnson, R Preshdge, D. Harvey, P. Woodward, B. Chase l l 1 i . . -W .... .. , ..,....,. W . .. a. Outer Row-E. Davis, H. Glass, G. Squire, Z. Masi, V. Iacobs, E. Dougherty, C. Christie, E. French, A. Shirk, D. Dougherty, P. Huestis Inner Row-A. Picanso, E. Russell, M. Elrod, V. Stewlow, I. Richards, D. Iohnson, E. Winton, M. Middleton GIRLS' BIQCK l ' BGYS' BLCDCK 'V' First Row-B. Duran, B. Benjamin, R. Jett, D. Godfrey, I. Gothard M Lee S Simonicn, A. Harder, R B . ennett, G. Lindman, R. Clark, P. Suyeda, D. Iennings Second Row-A. Hernandes, R. Hill, C, Caldwell, A. Cote, M. Miller, B. Nash, D. Rice, A. Becker, R. Beckner, G. Strauch, B. Stump f Third Row-F. Preston, H. Carlton, R. Dunn, I. Sumida, T. Elliott, C. Fluty, H. McWl1erter, Ir. Channel, D. Bice 2 L! L' 47 MW First Row-D. Iohnson, E. Avery, F. Preston, M. Ierlow, W. Mackey, T. Dunn, D Harvey SdRB EWtEGtlGLd HCltIBdlAA econ ow- . Iensen, . in on, . o , . in man, . ar on, . ra ey, yres Third Row-I. Crose, P, Brown, K. Schroepler, I, Babcock, I. Schroepfer, D. Rice, D. Cu n ngham SEAL BEABEBS 1933 Iosephine Adalian Eulabelle Hayward Mary Adelaide Bovee Rosezell Murphy Marianna Ensz Agnes Rittirnan 1934 Clifford Cunningham Charles Brown Porter Vera Nell Augusta Gilmer Constance Leroy Richard Katherine Steen 1935 Catherine Brandon Wellington Langguth Robert Curtiss Han Young 1936 Barbara Becker Elizabeth Ayres Lorraine Thompson 1937 Elizabeth Avery Denton Harvey Doris Iohnson George Lindman Francis Preston David Rice R MATICS X Y i 1 ' My if , . ' ' A. This yecrr the dromdlics group produced severed oneecct plays for orsserirbhez, clubs,dr1d vcrrious or cmizotions. Outstondin czmon their roductions was Q Q I3 the threeecxct comedy, KAQDIGSGUCSI. In oddition, the group lent dssisiomco 'Lo the Music Depdrtmenfs dmbitious operetto, XLQICIWCIIGI. STUDENT LIFE ring of growth sees the swelling pro- cesslons of people beneath, each seek- ing expression cmd a place in the sun. ALL MAY HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO follow up special interests or hobbies, ap- proximately Iorty clubs, meeting periodic- ally on school time, are open to the entire student body. NEITHER INSECTS NOR LARVAE, THE Bookworms come out for a little air. They are interested in the reading, reporting, and discussion of interesting, unusual, or little- known books. THE SCIENCE CLUB TAKES TIME OFF from tield trips and discussion-they favor electrical, mechanical, and botanical sub- jectseto pose for a picture. THE CAMERA CLUB GIVES INSTEAD OF takes in this one. They spend their time studying the technique of taking, develop- ing, and printing pictures, with practice in all. MERE MIGHT POSSESSES NO RIGHT TO members of the Chess Club, whose hobby, an ancient game ot skill, offers the little fel- low an even chance with the big. WITH SOME EXPERIENCE IN ELECTRICS- you might have tuned in on that Club's discussion of electrical improvements and equipment or visited the Vestal substation. 51 if 55521 Ji 6 an A ., wl ' . V., . w ART OF A NATIONAL ASSOCIATION,TI-IE Future Farmers, active group in vocational agriculture, sent two delegates to the live- stock show at San Francisco and held a field day for three counties. 1 INTRODUCING THE COMMER AL CLUB- minus the refreshments served by volunteer hostesses at each meeting. Travel adven- tures on the British Isles have been the theme of their programs this year, with a picnic planned the end of May. THE COACHING CLUB SPECIALIZES IN various sports as they are played, in rules of the games, types of offenses and defenses, and in interesting sidelights that occasion- ally occur. .sf NO CARTOON THIS, BUT THE CARTOON Club, familiar through their drawings of students, teachers, and amusing incidents published from time to time in the Cartoon- O-Graph, with the cooperation of the Press Club. A WORTHY CLUB WITH A WORTHY GOAL are the Girl Reserves. The proceeds of their annual silver tea, given for neighboring Girl Reserves, are used to send some members to summer camp. 52 ffwwili TALKS ON SPANISH-AMERICAN countries and their customs, presented in English or Spanish, and folk songs from Spain, Mexico, and early California have made up this year's program of the Senior Spanish Club. A LUSTY ONE-YEAR-OLD IS THE PRESS Club, formed this year as an honorary so- ciety tor those Who have reached a high standard ot achievement in high-school journalism. NOT THE H A R M ON l C A RASCALSk although some may be-but our own Har- monica Club, a flourishing organization composed of boys and girls Who play hare monicas or other unusual or ingenious musical instruments. COOPERATING AS A GROUP, THE STAMP Club Cphilatelists to somel follows its hobby by pooling resources to subscribe to maga- zines, to send for stamps, and to arrange interesting exhibits and illustrated talks. FULL OF DESIGNS IS THE ARCHITECTURE Club, Whose serious-minded members have made several field trips for the purpose of studying various kinds and styles ot con- struction. ' 53 53,1 ,ww .r HM 9 9 5 .M 2 'J 'T 5 13 4 'PQ 'J 19,1 ' , : nv ' Q 4 :L Z 'Y xg I ff., t4 V . ' . Q . Ai, , ,cm , T 24 I , 4 a s I I L i l- AT . ,.,,? . dlFfgzJ IT IS NOT ALL GREEK TO MEMBERS OF the Greek Club, for they have a twofold goal: an understanding of parliamentary procedure and a useful working knowledge of Greek fundamentals. THE IUNIOR SPANISH CLUB HAS BEEN AN interesting, educational activity, much time being spent on Spanish songs, games, cus- toms, exhibits of Mexican clothing and handiwork, and the presentation of short plays. SEVERAL PARTIES AT WHICH THEY played games, sang songs and learned something of French foods assisted those of the French Club in introducing members to life as enjoyed in France. FOLLOWING ITS CUSTOM, THE HOME Making Club again donated to the needy at Christmas. Besides meeting for Wednesday lunches, the group enjoyed a skating and cycling party, followed by a cafeteria dinner. THE GIRLSLEAGUE CABINET, COMPOSED of officers and committee chairmenjunctions also as a club which forms the policies of the organization and in club meeting dis- cusses each activity as the time for it arrives. 54 Taxil lntermission. Tskl Share and share alike. Words, Words, Words. See you later. Gals getting the lowdown on Oklahoma. Side glances. Days of real sport. Fountain ot youth. Brand-t new twins. Well, tl'1at's Settle-d. Noon dance-lookin' in. Sold! Guess Who? I 1 t. 2 mn-L lugs All Rendezvous. Repcist. Mis Ella Egtfgpple. We-uns. When we Were young. Noon hour. Wgiting tor o street cgr. The Weary ot rest. Smiling through. A couple ot the Oak Stott. Kelley ond Thelmg. Love in Bloom. Oh, me, Where do I go from here? Look What I've got! Alter fourth period. All things must end. Freshmen, yet. fivff 'fs ,A Handball. Freshman convention. How does he rate? Dolling up for ??'? Conference. Goin' to Press. Goldie-looks. They came and got it. In the babbling brook. G. L. Prexy Winton. Dressed down. What Now? Bread- line? Foursome. Borneo and Iuliet. , Y V . ,-yL .ll as Scliool dcxys. Architects. Eyes on the bookl Smile pretty, girlsl Pals Buckners Spring Dgnce. Kelrn demonstrates. Sewing bee. Rice, the holl- bcrck, looks on. Glenn gncl ct couple of girls. Don Rice buzzes gwgy. V. U. H. S. boys working. The bell ringsl i'Lelc1Wcilc1". Some of the boys. Belt buckle clgzzles Price f I fl Q Cheeseboxes. Rivers on the campus. So We may eat. Bye-bye! Mr. Eirls- he keeps us clean. Clean-up committee. All spic and span. Dump cart in poetic setting. lust leaving, Collector, Financier, etc. Chautteurs. Stream- lined Bus Line. Hear ye! Hear ye! Candy tor sale! TH PGRTS E MANY TO PASS UNDER THE TREE in its yecxrs ot life, none were more hardy, more stout of heart-the Pio- neers, who conquered the wilderness. M-MF 4 9 2 Q Q i v. was H5 ' det . itietdn vi-'fl A CQIXL M313 sg E le AS IMPORTANT AS INDIVIDUAL ABILITY AND TEAIMWORK in athletics is the spirit inspired by the coach. For that reason V. U. H. S. is fortunate in its Well-balanced coachinglstaff. In addition to his responsibilities in Pioneer football, Mr, Holstein this year assumed those of track. Mr. Wilhelmsen continued as coach of Pioneer and Voodoo basketball, while Mr. Paregien, with a varied program of sports, took charge of baseball, Voo- doo football, and C class basketball. Mr. Morris, cts Head Coach, is responsible for gymnasium business. Miss Martin this year took charge of both boys' and girls' tennis. Leading the students in cheers for others, but seldom getting the cheers they deserve themselves, are the school yell leaders, Mary Harder, Polly Huestis, and Arnold Alexander, all of whom have done much, in their leading of old yells and by their introduction of new ones, to keep school spirit flaming. G pi s U : f Q U75 v X, X Q p ui N I it First Row-H. Hogan, I, Gothard, B. Benjamin, A. Harder, R. Iett, D. Rice, A. Reis, C. Mendes. Second Bow--I. Curtin, F. Mendes, NA. Beckerl, C. Fluty, S. Simonian, I. Masi, L. Fischer, V r y F . e r , . erguson Third Row-B. Pontius, I. Call, I. Ietfries, C. Strong, W. Schmelzer, I. Montgomery, M. Elam, C. Anderson, G. Holstein. Fourth Row-F. Martin, B. Henry, S. McDougal, W. Chapman, R. Coburn, F. Anderson. PIONEER FOOTBALL AS THE SEASON OPENED, COACH HOLSTEIN FACED THE TASK OF filling gaps left by graduation. Much shifting was necessary to find a smooth combination. Realizing their inexperience and the outstanding reputation Pioneer football gained the previous seasons, the boys lacked confidence before more seasoned teams. Hard luck and injuries coincided, so that the Pioneers dropped all but one game, yet in doing so gained valuable lessons. Outstanding was Sarkis Simonian, guard on offense and tackle on defense, whose fight encouraged the team. Four others, Fritz Ringer, Allen Harder, Carl Mendes, and Captain Cleo Fluty, were likewise noted for giving all they had to win. The first game, with Delano, ended O-U, whereas the next, with Strathmore, was lost 19-U. Hopes for victory against Lindsay were finally dashed 7-O. In the re- maining games, except for the touchdown of the Hanford game, dropped 19-7, the boys were thwarted in attempts to strike pay dirt. As a result some determined gridders will answer the call tor next year's squad. ...., -.. ..-....., ..,. vaiav.-.ii C.. Liiiuiiiuii Avi Lee ri nlll, Y. huyedd, W D. Ienrfings. l I ' l Second Ro -G. Nakahara, M. Rarneriz, I. Brecht, I. Tanabe, H. Carlton, E. Milton, H. Williams, C F guso E Flem'n C Ell' tt B G h . er n, . 1 g, . io , . ut rey, W. Mendes. Third Row-E. Iones, S. Lambert, F. Maruyama, E, Philippe, B. Rinaldi, W. Villa, A. Morentin, W. Ianelli, I. McDaniel, I. Silva Fourth Row-B. Stump, I. Abercrombie, C. Bellefeuille, H. Otani, H. Dougherty, D. Miller, W. Olson, G. Collins, C. Paregien. VOODOO FOOTBALL AFTER A SCRAPPY ENCOUNTER, LOST 6-12, WITH HANFORD, league champions, the Voodoos completed a fairly successful I season, losing only two games. Coach Paregien built a sur- prisingly good team from inexperienced players. But three lettermen returned to strengthen the squad: George Lindman, fullback, Melvin Lee, quarter, and Manuel Ramirez, end. As the season progressed, the Voodoos proved their ability to outfight any team, making in each game more yardage than opponents. Because of their inexperience the boys dropped the first game to Delano, O-6. They then tied Strathmore, U-U, and defeated Lindsay, l4-2. The Voodoos jumped into the Exeter game With pep and determination, Winning 7-U. The next two games, with Porterville and Tulare, ended U-U. Melvin Lee was selected most valuable man, ably supported by Captain George Lindman, Bill Turner, and Paul Suyeda. The fighting line consisted of Roland Hill, Willie Mendes, Cleo Caldwell, Bernard Bellefeuille, Don Iennings, Manuel Ramirez, and Gabriel Renzi. M? First Row F Ioseph, A. Cote, B. Nash, G. Solder, R. Beckner, D. Rice, R. Bowers, B. Chase, . SHO econd Ho -P. Wilhelmsen, I. Schroepier, M. Miller, O. Brecht, H. Lentz, R. Swanson, H. Huff, A. Ried, H. Martin, D. Schmelzer, D. Henry. PIONEER BASKPTBAI .l. third consecutive league title. Delano proved a threat by de- feating them 35-34, but in a second and tie-breaking game Visalia Won 29-21. With the league title cinched, the boys next battled Taft for the South San Ioaquin Valley championship. ln a hot game the Pioneers, after trailing all evening, shot ahead to win 26-2l. As a result, a strong, fast Fresno five appeared here, blocking Visa1ia's hope for the Valley title by a 23-17 score. Although thwarted, the Pioneers lost no merit as players. Gorman Stalder was named Valley forward, and Addell Cote Won a place on the Valley second string. David Rice, Bill Nash, and Robert Beckner received honorable men- tion. Much credit is due them, the fighting reserves, and Coach Wilhelmsen for the splendid season. Scores in the league games not already mentioned above were as follows: Visalia 20, Dinuba 20, Visalia 30, Hanford 17, Visalia 33, Tulare 16, Visalia 34, Porterville 27. x Nfl pd First Row-P. Wilhelmsen, A. Hernandes, R. Hill, C. Todd, E. Iamison, G. Lindman A. Cote, H. Carlton Second Row-A. McAulili, I. Tanabe, Hachigian, B. Turner, R. Kinnie, O. Mills, I. Mt T. Yasuda, G. Barnes V VQQDQQ BASKETBALL OFF TO A STRONG START, THE VOODOOS WOUND UP W1THi A strong finish, losing the title by a narrow margin after a hard- fought game wherein Porterville seemed to gather the breaks. With only two regulars back from last season, the Voodoos took all their practise games except that with Bakersfield. When the league opened, they proved themselves title con- tenders. Their first games, with Dinuba, Hanford, and Delano, all close, were won only by the Voodoos' determination to hold their lead through the last dangerous minutes. A shifty Tulare team gave them their first defeat. This loss placed them. in a tie with Porterville, to Whom a welcome gun later gave the championship. Even so, the Voodoo regulars, Captain Lindman, Hernandez, Hill, and lamison, as Well as the alternates, have student praise for their undying spirit. Scores in league games were Visalia 19, Dinuba 12, Visalia 18, Hanford 17, Visalia 17, Delano 16, Visalia 14, Tulare 17g ' Visalia 33, Porterville 37. i lk. q....- N 66 pf lwwf I'-'lYSl Row-R. Alvarez, I. Abercrombie, H. Alvarez, F. Maruyama, C. Landxs, M. Ruth, M. Okino Second Row-E. Marshall, E. Brecht, W. Ianelli, D. Salazar, H. Willlams, C. Ferguson, C. Paregien l,'BASKFTBALL BASEBALL all ff V r '. 5 gf X . 93 First Row-I. Gardner, W. Mackey, A. Morentin, W. Kendig, D. Iobe. Second Row-F. Shannon, I. Montgomery, G. Straugh, G. Lindrnan, A. Reed. Third Row-G. Holstein, C. Mendes, C, Anderson, H, Hogan, B. Benjamin, R, Pontius. lA' CLASS TRACK XB' CLASS TRACK First Row-P. Suyeda, G. Nakahara, A. Hernandes, B. Guthrie, G, Cook, I. Sumida. Second Row-I. Mayer, C. Olson, F. Pierce, C. Caldwell, B. Iones, I. Tanabe. Third Row-G. Holstein, H. Otani, H. Williams, S. Lambert, K. Ayres. - X AY N First Row-H. Fleeman, L. I..aBarge, I. Sera, B. Preston, M. Okino, V. Hasset. Second Row-G. Holstein, R. Main, E. Brecht, H. Howard, E. Sousamian, F. Maruyama, I, Call X CI .ASS TRACK TENNIS First How-R. Laffoon, R. Oldfield, M. Varin, I. Richard, K. Kottmeier, M. Brooks, C, Finley Second Row-M. Martin, R. Bennett, I. Mwarp 'E. Avery, H. Mathewson, D. Baker, C. Iden . r1ce. Third Row-F. Presion, E. Koobation, B. Maddox, D. Clark, D. Smith, D. Rice, W. Nash, M. Lee ' L. Shepardson. 9 Turf scrimmage. Walter Chit-it-over-J Price. Piling up. Gorman? Sfstart Stalder. Boy, this is Work! A running play. The kickoff. Re-creation of an Oak Editor. Right to him. Whoa-a-at Tumbling Tumble Boys. And so the game starts. Pioneer practice. In the stadium. Mi.,---9 ll Q i . 4 A . , , AL ' Mmg After the game. Good shotl On side! Senior Hockey squad. Stop. Waiting for the bali to come down. Skipping along. Watching a ily-bali. First Row-L. McGorray, D. Iohnson, C. Christie, M. Alexander, D. Dougherty Second Row-M. Wihlidal, M. Davis, E, Russell, L. Geiger, H. Thomas, E. Dougherty Third Row-P. Huestis, W. Cecil, A. Piccxnso, V. Iacobs, A. Armstrong, I. Cmo SENICDR GIRLS' SPGRTS when girls' sports opened this year they again demonstrated in basketball the fast work and clever playing for which they were noted as juniors. These girls, who set a new high in V. U. H. S. girls' sports throughout their third year, showed no less ability in their fourth. Their teamwork and excellent pass- ing was evidenced in the speedball tournament. During hockey season the strength of the senior squad was again marked when they walked off the field as Winners. Although not victorious in each of the tournaments, the senior squad, many of Whom have Won their letters, consistently showed a determined, fighting spirit that urged them to great efforts always. Though they may leave girls' sports this year, they will retain interest in them for many seasons yet to come. All hail-and good luck. First Row--E. McElwee, E. French, M, Swanson, M. Findley, R. Lindsay Second Row-N. Buikin, A. Turner, V. Taylor, C. Tagiri, V. Stewlow, V. Iones Third Row-M, Simons, Z. Masi, H. Glass, M. Ichiyama, A. Enz IUNICDR GIRLS' SPGRTS athletes, following in the footsteps of preceding junior girls, were Winners in many tournaments. A prominent feature ot their play was the artiul teamwork displayed in basketball. Speed on the floor, as well as unitied action, proved neces- sary when they competed with the seniors, whose three years of experience were clearly noticeable. In speedball the juniors showed remarkable skill in depriving their opponents of the ball, thereby winning their second victory of the year. Prin- cipally because of bad breaks and a shortage ot players, the juniors were not so successful in hockey as in other sports. Yet, with two years of experience to their credit, they showed clever, commendable play in all the games. The girls of '38, having convinced opponents and instructors of their ability, look forward to next year, when they hope to sweep to victory over all opposition. Other classes, beware. -tw' First Row-M. Turner, B. Stump Second Row-G. Smith, M. Boudreau, D. Fleeman Third Row-C. Perez, K, Oda, B. Collins, D. Christie, A. Shirk, M. Ells Fourth Row-N. Dennison, M. Johnston, V. Sweeney, A. Logan, M. Smith, R. Henderson SCDPI-IOMCDRE GIRLS' SPCDRTS the year, the least conspicuous of the girls' teams was prob- ably the sophomore squad, but before long these girls caused opponents to pause to take stock. Before each tourna- ment, players to represent the sophomore class were chosen by means of tryouts designed to uncover those most capable and eager. Competing against junior and senior squads, the sophomores were hard pressed by their opponents' greater experience, against freshman opposition they were more for- tunate. Perhaps their best performances Were given in the hockey season, when only the seniors were able to score against them. While the girls showed ability in other games, too, they were finally conquered by the more mature play of the upper classes. The spirited teamwork that made them a threat this year will do much next year to lead them to the victories they anticipate. if tx. First Row-M. Nash, W. Toole, M. Tanabe, D. Lane, D. Martin, E. Shepardson, R. Cassidy Second Row-A. Mkhalian, D. Ball, G. Marsden, M. Swanson, L. Richards, D. Logan, E. Lowry, E. M Cl G. M lton B. Youn c ure, e , g Third Row-Betty Stokes, B. Carter, A. Balian, M. Kaller, V. Stokes, P. Squire Fourth Row-T. Opple, I. Parker, M. Taylor, O. Tonn, H. Cunningham, D. Maxwell, R. Coats FRESI-IMAN GIRLS' SPORTS PEP AND ENTHUSIASM? WELL, RATHER! Tl-lEY'RE THE FRESHMAN girlsl Those familiar with girls' sports are agreed that the freshman class this year produced some capable athletes. During gym periods they practised diligently, cooperating whole-heartedly with their coaches, in an attempt to become proficient in the games. Those chosen to represent their class were elected on the basis of performances given in tryouts. When organized as a team they gave proof of their ability and future promise in the realm of major sports for girls, being considered by some as one of the fastest freshman teams in recent years. Keen interest added to good sportsmanship has made the freshman girls an athletic squad which other teams have enjoyed playing. Both the floor work demanded by basketball and the teamwork required by speedball were theirs. In other sports, also, their enthusiasm for athletic activity continued at an increasingly high level. They will bear watching next season with the benefit of this year's ex- perience. A weather eye, you upper classmenl Posing with their Weapons of battle. Sit-down strike. Soc-er girls. Birds-eye View of the tennis courts. A racquet raiser. Basketball season. 'Spectatoritis'. U,5Lg, W ff QM' X, ff f ADVERTISERS ABOVE THE WHISPER OF MANY BRANCHES sounds the voice of a growing city. , ,W , 5,4 5 J , 5, , ., K ' 9 -af, f'z ,w at ' 7 ' " X , , .f 5, -f ,. - - - , . . L "! A ,, 'fx' 'L M ' ., fl f 4 5, QzQ.Q' . , r, y 1.9,-V U PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY MCFADZEAN 8: CROWE ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW Daniel McFadzean Jacob Bldg. J. Thos. Crowe Visalia BRADLEY 8: BRADLEY ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW N. F. Bradley 115 So. Church St. C. L. Bradley, '04 Visalia MCCLURE 8: COMBS ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW Visalia ---- California DR. F. G. KELLENBERG OP'roM1s'rR1s'r EYESIGHT SPECIALIST Class of '06 Suite 310 Phone 474 Bank of America, Building WALTER C. HAIGHT ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Court House - - Visalia Sherrill Halbert Frederick E. Stone HALBERT and STONE E. C. Farnsworth James M. Burke Dickson F. Maddox FARNSWORTI-I, BURKE 8: T MADDOX ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW 410 Bank of America. Bldg. Visalia ---- California EARL W. WESTCOTT ATTORNEY-AT-L.AYV NOTARY PUBLIC J aoob Bldg. Visalia W. R. BAILEY ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Larkins Building ---- Visalia DR. R. F. MOREHOUSE Osteopathic Physician . and Surgeon Suite 501 Bank of America DR. M. O. WININGS DR. M. C. ANDERSON , DENTISTS Security-First National Bank Bldg, Telephone 721 Visalia WARD C. ZELLER, M. D. Practice Limited Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat ATT0RNEYS'AT'LAW Suites Bank of- America Stone Bldg. Court House 206'7'8 Budding . POI'f,el'V'il1e Visalia VIS ALI A, CALIF' SeeTheNew FRIGIDAIRE Univex Cine-8 Now movies cost less than snap With The "Meter-Mixer-Unit" shots. Precision built - Compact A and light. Camera 39.95-Pl'0iCCl0f 34.95-Film 60c. Complete Outfit 32555. Terms, 155 down, S2 week. ZI4 West Main St. Visalia Main Drug Store Phone '353'W VISALIA SAM MARSH U nsurpassed Val ue: PERSONALITY Beauty Salon I23 South Court St. Phone II J. C. PENNEY CC. CINCORPORATEDD WHEICE SAVINGS Cltlsmobile "The Talk of the County" SEE AND DRIVE IT ARE GREATEST 'A'- Visalia Motor Sales Corner Main and Locust Streets 701 E. 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SHOE STURE Happy F e? for All the Family Congratulations To The Class ol: IQ37 spot? xx 111031. rl ,inn 4'K"' I' i' "Q 3. x G' I' eFf"'EmA'Wfx Z' 4 'r -.'-. Q a ', 3 ,-- fa H 1 4. W . Q I 1 - ni! 1 - 1, 1. a : 00 F I i , ' : ff fglafaa--'gd als ',g'7 vfwfi .S It X i. '20 LQ-Zzmzflx - Q - 5 -11' QS- 'P ro I "- if J- ls "0 S h I 1, y s ,1 '51 JA N0 "Nunn ' Bank of America National Trust 6' Savings Association CONCIR.-1'l'Ul,.-ITIONS Cl,.'I.S'.S' O17 1937 Ellnlny LUCKY SIIOIQS olf MERV1' Visalia Lumber Co. FARME,R'S SUPPLY EDGAR G. NCJIILE, P1'esia'c'ni Dealers in Ima- I.. I-Iumms, Sm-cmry QQIQNERAL MERCHANDISE Ben Mzulclox Way Tcl. 316 Telephone 76 Visalia Free Delivery Phone 253-W IIPQ. Ili.. GIEIITQIIEBAIINIIIIESIIRS MRS. CLARA S. BOYD Personal S11pc'1't'1's1'011 of all W01'k 530 North Encina Street VISALIA, CALIF. BEST IVISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1937 IKNLIIDSEN CREAM EW QUALITY PRODUCTS Visalia, California ' U. S. Tire Distribzztor J, ,. ,,tr ,,,l CLAUDE L. ALLRED 106 S. 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