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 - Class of 1932

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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1932 volume:

E 'Qu VJ ,M f A x. 11 nl ,X QL ,f X ff., A '-7'f:'?i .T 54 , X iff gkF "Q.2 x .gr- 'Qf 1, 4 .,r1.f-9 ,V . A y.j,,ML ,, f- X41 kc x y Pi N , - ,,',- A "1'X,x 4,4 1 .X..N':' X, 1. r 1+-xxmr' x 3, "4 'Mfx'1 I 1 , 1 .A , Stu, . '..f .3, ,vm ,,-M, L7 -1- g .Q ,Am . . v 1 F -v-L -. v -,AQ K Y W in ' F, wa 1 5:4 - 5- . X-vf, psf. ,f A :QL f s ug, K . ,QW ,,. r X, k X '61 1 1 rx , 1 ri N ' . A Q fig, T .f.f."i.H a"'.i.j ' - .1 . vi? 8'f1.-H3515 4-w, H 1. "f':5.1Qj ,Q -fvxr,-ff' mf 3114- 2. UQ, ' . , ' .5- Q 'J - . 5,-' , . V ,.. 4 'K A . ,A if .. 5 . ' 1' zf??,?fI 1' Ef- gw. , ,Q ' fikifif A ' . 'Q .1-'P,.:5':f ' -f 5. , Qul ' ?7J"'.' . ,vfg . ' V A Aw -, I' w ..-'LL-'I 1.3 ' . -- -Fri -- W. , ., , 'Lf"" fn 'V V '. 1- -. u.,-5,- , 5. A2 ' 4 '. wb '... , -Ml .. ' 4:-rf ' '- .,.i., as' ' ' 'I n , ,ga .. J - 'W X' : Lfrwz., V. ...Q A9 " , "",?3L Lf "P ff ZQQLQQ' , x ' ..,g?'g ,. . 1. !.5,.,xv 'K r .1 ,,' Ax, ' f'1f'4Y'?. '- ,. A1"i-75'-'f'1 , . 1 Y , f fs'-fi 1 'fb ,5 t 0.f",H f' I 1 ' ' ' H.-fy-35-f I , . .3-,:.-5? w -'1"fm-,gg V .. X- ' a . x . -. . ,EW .... , X 513.4 1 ua - J fjf.'iT45'..' 1 1 Q H - 1155553-N 1+ , V is sign-I i.,i:if"fe 'if- ' :V gp' 4- . - fha M1 ' a . ., ,, . Q ,, .. K -f .ffm ' ! A- 44 v '15, F-fi: " 'QQKQTZ5 ' 1 4 5" Y A v Q Q 4.-QQ., ,VI ' .fy ' ' 1- I 1 . Y Y 21 1 .l ., ' f ,ids -' 'EZ ' 11 1 . ' 1 1 I x I 1 P , 5 1 1 I 1 , k 5 1 1 ' 54' ,EAM , 1,-1 'v ,I 1.2 , ,l,.,M 1 ,wr 1 1 X 1 i , , ,V 1 1 . ' 1 . ew. Q 11, 1 ., 1 g if ik.: - , I f X QQ 2,112 1 s. - 11:1- 12 'M ' - ' . if 1 , 'SU 11,-Q , 1 , . Fw, A 1 '- f ' 3 'fix 3 ' 'ifl,'tE.1.' 1, k....f,.'4g,,, .E x.Lj1"'f?, ,fr , 'ffm , j 'Hu bf, r, ' - Q s .-ik, ll ' bf 1 ' f.,lg,e 5 , ,'5':' . HV U. " ' , ,L - ,-M., .. , 1932 1: Volmne 15 4,-x ' V' N., .W 11115.-, W YM .,.4:, 'fry ' x .I ,ppzgfg ' 'Lu pi , 'Q,.a"Qg.. 3 , 1, 'y ,. Mgr, .'wff5 , , Q-.fgff Jfxfw -f.-.san -f :iff 1 K . ,., K1 '13 f H 3 K.. Wi' jgmf' , x , k Ax , A yu THOUGHT ON THE SEASONS lflattered with promise of escape If rom every hurtful blast, Spring takes, O sprightly May! thy shape, Her loveliest and her last. Less fair is summer riding high ln fierce solstitial power, Less fair than when a lenient sky Brings on her parting hour. VVhen earth repays with golden sheaves The labours of the plough, And ripening fruits and forest leaves All brighten on the boughg What pensive beauty autumn shows, Before she hears the sound Of winter rushing in, to close The emblematic round! Such be our Spring, our Summer suchg So may our Autumn blend VVith hoary VV inter, and Life touch, Through heaven-born hope, her end! -W'01'dswo1'fl1 ew Ulfymrw' X ' AVI f , Z , .1 JI " S I. : 1"""-f Q ' 'I , I 24" .,, J' fu' ' "1- KT ua-, R JW . I 'W' l . - , ' "fmSaE:::::f-"' " f Q Ah Q-L Ama-5 QM .1 . , 24 X ,, ., , f, ,fm I. -- wma , I: H- 44 fm: 69 - . ,,,, Lu f , .I '46 - ' ' f 4- , fm? 'F'-41--:el -HW - r - - -A Y- .W--. ----r 4 W ,Ni 4, . fa 'K - i.I,,,, 5' THE OAK SCRAPBOOK PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF UNION HIGH SCHOOL 1932 HE VISALIA T JUNE ' I ""l-f'?"V'f!ff1":i 'T '9:'f7l'f'f'ff"' JT" 'i"1'f 5i.57?i7'?lf N757 BFG 3, ' W , t 'fggggiff Fil 51? V , ,Q milf 4 3 ' .36 2 i L i: f."i..j '!iQ 5l'g!iy1.53Tl :,' 3' rg' fhg M. .K 1. fl, '14 ,515 ' v W f"if'5:i other year inthe history of Visalia Union High School,the class of 1932 passes through the portals of' school life to enter into another world. Members of the class will follow different roads and will be separated?-perhaps forever. The staff ,of Oak" 'hopes thatuthis volume will help its the dear friends and his high glances througlif its pages. ' ' - V v 9 6' mi I 'A I 4 3 f A fv- ,. 1? T ,WV 1? 1 . :iff A-A-4,11 4- . +R .M : -J - FA LL ' Faculty Administfazibzis' ' Classes . l V Amina Activities W Athletics ' A Fordm-ics gcgrenaaf 3 r ,WiNTER A , Studeui A dmimlvtratiqn Clubs . Athletiqs ,Calendar , 'SPRING - 1 5 'C?a345 igjQjgg A ' ' , - ii W A'h5?'if4' f ggi DEDICATION O those alumni of the Visalia Union High School who have won fame for themselves, renown for their school, and distinction for their community by their achieve- ments in athletics, We, the students of the school and the staff of the school's year book, dedicate this fif- teenth volume of The Oak Scrap Book. . 3'-TILKQN. B , :::'..':,::"3,,, N, Q ' .,............ w ' 1 .,-- , I, , .. . - M A YH, .,.,,, , -..., ' 1 L if " ., M, 2 ff 3 f- ...z... , 1 5' , - Q .:.,.M.....s-,,...v1 : . 'W 5: ---M . ,- A T1oN .. 1. hi'- - , 135 1 L Y NV 1, -VI- giS5s!- an T, :3',Q," K QIQQYM- , QF' MALI.. - ,f. ,X-, , -1? ff.SsE'?" 4 ' ' -zgf1-'E:5Zr:':.-',i99 ' ' ,.-.,'-.,. - " ""I 'Q ,vj i 'K ,,.,-u::x:,L4:,.6..5 www- ..,.............'., :stil-4 . lf. -.-4 . ..w.....:.i,gq . YN , 2135" 5:g.5?gPf?75',:g k ff i - E ' , -1 r b Ajugrlm 5 - M waiaa W Q ,:.,...,..,. , . .--rv A I5 - , :ff 1 522' V if? KE . 15 J f ., , . L H '.2'f"'-X N zu 1- x " ""La:r' ' + 4 1ff '. '3' ff- ' "4'.""','y gr'-. ' 4 ' gf., .3 fw,,,N . - .if gf itcgfv' .VV . 42.5 , j i2? H , V V' L . , L, - ffg iff-fgrz. . pf , In -, "'Y . V , . e L f k ,-33:5 L' 151, 9 ' 3tf1:1f.g V. 47 ' .Wager ': ,w Vg er, NK i- V T3 'A J 5.1 A , .:.: , A . , ,""41fmN5L -Tiff' --mf' " V- 5f,j1'i.:Zg . . , E K -X I' 5. K-P ' ily, ' .gh K , x Cla,-. ' -I ' il E -. 'L ,. ,. '4..Qf'l?lT N U. v 1- x , , f - ff: 7 . fri A ,ffwg , A ,l .wh',A '-:Z , ' 'W ' - - A, -L. ., gif . , - Q . Wj -v ,fun J-if . ,L - fri:-it V 3. - , i'r::H':'i1f . 15 -ln 4g',f,17.. - 4 .A .r"':!92:l:u, - '-f Y 'N ' ' W' " y5ll'ff'W'. my Y ' .""'4'1-'is , ' - mwah. , ' . ., - lu I -I, V jg ' I ' , 'Q ,:V'!'ffq7-Q"': . ' Q AA , . 4 'z I.- ,- E v X . 1 N F I 1' AHL... t r x.N IL I! wx, . 11 ' K ,A , 9 ,x , , N .1 f , Z :gm 9 hr , N 4' ' It -If ' 1-T A i 'Cf 27: fl . 2. ' 121. 5 Hg ' A fl Jil' " Q' f is r ' 1 ' V: f ,g 'A '. ", 1' I "" A H, l l . . r, .H is, . '- at ,A ' 5, ,Q ff J 2 g cs Z 663 ' f ,y. 4- 1 '40 Q-KH rag X 'Dt' . , I 5 , be ab, - . If " I F551 I 1 4 f i LU -I 3, 9- x . S ,M -at e A- ' k I f .. la i7, -4 . ,Q 4 fi Q Q , 0.1.-1 " L53 Y cf , wx? - " f 7-Y-' Af- If 1" "-1 5 ' . ll' "' f f' ' I is ' 3 rfi ' " : ' N, " 5, ra , 5:1 f- FA' - Af- f- :Q Q m'44' . 'T' 7 v-x Z5 'I P KN , - -1 b ' gg. Qi 12. 2 ,. af? . ,.,.,C- ' I 5 5 m' .x N- - f- f' z .AA f , t 1,411 A Ynfjg . E, 17 J 1. 5 315,-,R ,gfkq if fl 1" X' ' E : M : E x vf k Z 'A' - ----0 I 41 f- -fins --A 1 - f- . U2mwwWWwwWmW,M1f ' ' WXll1'r'n1Ufl1'!'ff'f,..h. 1'11Iwms1lr'W . f, ,vb X gag. 4 f i mm 1. "Wil I W'-l " m.I'l"I"'1M hQ -wqwmx -..- ,f..- :s X 1 H1-li'N,Nlnl '1 1 ' HW .... f":1g-.:i5"k'T"-M q z WP ' 'W if .+ . I ll!! ."'. """"""""""f"v 1 -11 V - WWW 3.51.7 :C . .... eg- lwlill llllfln HHH WW , I I 1 lla Nt WE - . A fi D A 11,1 E. if fu final has ,".- A X . r 'J .-'--1: . : .143 ' y ., UQ' 6 -1 -f -A r .af-FH 4' U52 B 1" 4 ' 5' QQsaw?wHgWwWMF-we Q I: I' ' - I ,. '31 i 5 -.Fw--7iNm'm"?f:'ia"""'i:"' -.- giazvlim , u ,P Y .4 fu! ! 1 :'jElt:25'- i,fJ:n:p,n,. fi' 4: ' I 'P" I I 1 ' , I ,Q """"-v., ' f :gil n.,-H , . , , ,, S I 1 l 4,1 5 4 iw!! 1i?3iei!,,,, ',fnm- L g - ,ggbamzz X I AYMNII, Mg' W1 ,,.. ' 1-in .. . ' 1 , wiki .'- ' lyk' ,, ., tf Aff' ' ' 1 ,sq ,J-'W "' .4 -'I my " ' ,.".f"":'f . ' fl' " -fe,-uf" .:' ,' ','.--UL ' fi' ,gf,1,' nh .' .' ' "lW5,P4.' I, ' .N,,,f-?.r,,,. "Haan N' ,f"',',j,:l Q, at ,gu.f,ga.f,1'f,'. 4 -:Hai U-I 4,4-f-1-f". I, ., I, ' - ,Q eu ', If f-ff 1,114-fr-.r4,'fff 1 ff. -.- .,. ' I- av 1 I K ,,fIl7'l'cZFl1,ij'!d J ,J I" 1521! ly. 1 .- FALL ,H A AUTUMN SEASON The music of the autumn winds sings low. Down by the ruins of the painted hills, VV here death lies flaming with a marvelous glow, Upon the ash of rose and daffodils. But l can find no melancholy here To see the naked rocks and thinning trees: Earth strips to grapple with the winter year- I see her gnarled hills plan for victories! l love the earth who goes to battle now, To struggle with the wintry whipping storm And bring the glorious spring out from the night l see earth's muscles bared, her battle brow. And am not sad, but feel her marvelous charm As splendidly she plunges in the fight. -Edwin C111'1'a11f. I M.'YI'IIICM,YI'ICS AND SCIIHNCIQ IJIiI'.'XR'l'IVIIiN'l'S Mn. P.Xl'l. XVILIIELIXISISN Mu. C. NV. READ Mu. Mmuus Iuiunxv Miss M,uu' ZAELKIZ Miss IIQNNH5 I..x1ua1N Mk. WII.l,I.KAl SIIIDLER Ma. RAY IIo1's'roN SIIUI' IIIiI'.XR'I'MIiN'I' Mn. Izlmuu I',LIJIiIIJCiIi Mn. INIY1uvN C. IN1m'mz Mn. l'IlJXV.XRIJ P. Mvmzs Mn. I'IIlNV.XRD Ii. I'I,n'n1s Mu. .xLIfIiliIJ IIcm,xImulc1 ICNCPLISII IllfI'.'XR'I'MI",N'I MR. fJ'I"I'U I.. I.l21l1xlIxNN Mk. VV. I. Sxxnulas Mlm. .Xl4'1'lu'u 'I'lmu'1'm' Miss Iluvu I"Il'NS.XKER Mus, RmsI5la'1'.x P.x'1'Tl5lisuN Mlss Mun' Z.x1i1.1ui Miss NQRMA II.xs'rINr:s Miss IiL1.ux NICIIQENZIE Miss l'.m'1'll DEW Miss Iflmmtzis P01111 CTI JMMICRCIAI. lJliI'.'XR'I'MIiN'I' Miss IJURUTIIY RICIIARDSUN Miss Mmuu Muyuus Mlas. INN Cxmw Mk. Kxlu. W. IV1I'I'CZIlEl.L HISTORY AND LANGUAGE DEPARTMENTS Mu. I. D. S'I'IiIiLE Miss INIMO' Mniliilsrsmr Miss ROs.xL1E I3O1u:1x1AN Miss Fluwfius IJUPE Miss ELLEN MCKENZIE Miss CIERALDINE CROss MR. fJ'I"I'U L. LEHIXTANN PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT I MR. ANIILLIAM SIIIDLER Mu. PAUL WILHELINISEN Miss ANTIINICJ REHIWKE Mu. OA141.EY Momus Miss I-IOPE I-IL7Ns.u41iR Mu. RAY HlJUS'I'llN Mu. H. W. KELLY FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT MR. R. B. CL'RT1ss MR. GEORGE Buuus MR. .ARTHUR VI-QIIXIOTHY Mlss IXLICE ROULEAU Mlss IZETTA Bummuu Mlss IQUTH Ihazalzs Mlss CTERTRUDE WEBB Mlss 'I-QIIELINIA IQNAPI' NURSE: STUDY HALLQ LIBRARY Mxss LOL'IsE ANDEusON Mus. IAHTTIE H. CTOAD Miss NATALIE IAIJIKE I I Ii Ifacnlty ofa school is nicrcly a duplication of thc 2LCll11llllSl1'2LllX'C board of any largc corporation. Its dutics consist of maintaining thc siniplcst and niost cffcctivc incthod by which thc cducation of sludcnts may bc carricd on. . XIV. Xlontgoincry. thc Supcrintcndcnt, IHZIIIZLQCS niost of thc outsidc contact worlc. NIV. XYllll2L1l1S, l,,1'lIlCllJ2ll, attcnds to thc gcncral lllllllllgl'-' inc-nt of thc school, assistcd by NI 11 Shidlcr, thc Yicc Principal. Nlr. Kelly carrics on thc dctails conccrning' thc boys, whilc Mrs. Ilattcrson main- tains sinmcrvision ovci' thc girls. 'I'hc rcniaining' nicnibcrs of thc Faculty havc dutics as nunicrous :and important as thc few alrcady listcd. STUDENT COUNCIL I IIC Studcnt Council is a body inadc up of thc principal officers of various dcpartincnts of thc Student Ilody, with thc prcsidcnt of thc Sludcnt Ilody as prcsidcnt "cx otliciof' and a nicnibci' of thc faculty acting' as adviscr. Lfndci' lcaclcrsliip of XIV. hlitchcll, thc faculty adviscr, it conducts thc affairs of thc school on thc inost cconoinical basis possible. Thus ii has nianagcd to nialic thc prcscnt school ycai' a succcss both financially and otlicfwisc. MERIT BOARD HE Merit Board was reestablished at the beginning of the Second Semester, after nearly a year of inactivity. lts return awakened old forebodings, which we had thought gone forever, in the minds of the students. Cuts, tardiness, and poor school attitude have begun to disappear, and other grounds for demerits are becoming scarcer with the passing weeks. Perhaps some day we will have a perfectly regulated Student Body.- Ycs! NEWS STAFF HROUGH the combined efforts of the staff and the expert guidance of the faculty adviser, Mr. Timothy, the "News" again passed through a successful season. The new editorial and feature departments which appeared in the weekly issues were decidedly successful, not only in aiding the status of the paper, but also as a variety from the strictly 'Knewsy' paper. lssues such as the Christmas issue, which appeared in the conventional red and green Christmas colors, and other such publications came as pleasant surprise, and we hope that in the future they will continue to appear more or less regularly. FRESI-IMAN CLASS GFFICERS FALL l,I'L'.fl'lfC'1Il - - - - - - - liD1x1L'Nu Drum I'iz'c'-l'?'r.v1'zfw1t - - - - - REX 'I-,ODD Sn'f'c'lm'y - - - I.ouovlN.x Ruuvles '1'l'l'l1,x'lH'l'l' - - PIIYLLIS IXRNIINI Yvff I.C'l1lfC'l' - - l3,xlus.xk.'x ARc:1u'Lu'1'x FALL l,l'l',f.'bI1L'lIf - - - - - - lurk MiIXVllEli1'EIi I'1'c'4'-l'1'c'x1Ad4 nl - - - - BEN T1P'1'oN Sc'f'r4'tury - - - - PHIL HEh11'HlLL 'l'1'm1.f1rl'cl' - Rosuwm MCSWAIN Yvff l,4'udz'r - - L,x1'u.x .Xuczu Avxex' "aft:-fi JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS FALL PI'C'5I.dC'l7l - - - - - - FRANK MITQIIELI. VIICC'-Pl'C'.YlAdt'72l - - - IIIHN DAIICX' SC'CI't'fLIl'y - - - 1,015 BCCKINIAN Treasurer - - IESSIE HIGGINS Ye!! Louder - - - lass IXRNOLD SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS FALI.. I Pl't'fl'dL'IlI - - ---- - - BILL MKIKINNEX' VICC'-Pl'L'51'd6'71Z - - - - - LEONARD HILL Secretary - - - DELTHA BEARDSLEY Tl'cu.fure1' - - VVALTEII IBRABNICK Yell Leader - - - PAT IJITDLEY llliif' JUNIOR CLASS I l IC activities oil' the junior Class for the year began shortly after the fall election of class officers. The first social event of the year was given by the juniors. lt was a Harvest Dance helcl in the gyninasiuni. and everyone agreecl that it was very successful. The junior rings were especially attractive this year, and niany proucl owners will wear these spinel ruby rings with the large "YU for a nuinlmer of years. Several lfriclays during the selnester the juniors nianagecl the cafeteria. All classnien were inyitecl to eat with the juniors on these clays, ancl clelightliul programs were enjoyecl, as well as goocl foocl servecl. The junior Class was represented in the Scholarship Society by Nlarianna linsz ancl .Kg-nes Rittinian. The following boys won honors for the class in athletics: Kenyon Richarcls. Russell 'l'oclcl, janies l'll1111C.6'il'ZLl1li Mitchell. jack joseph, ancl XYinifrecl llourety. if U' I 1 QL! jUN1oR CLASS Kenyon Richards, Russell Todd, james Hume, Frank Mitchell, ,lack joseph, Ernest VVing, Manuel Estrada, and VVinifred Dougherty won honors in athletics: The Junior-Senior Prom was the outstanding social event of the year. lt was held on Saturday evening, April 9, in the old study hall, which had been transformed into a gorgeous Oriental court-one could hardly recognize it! The class managed a basketball dance after the Hanford-Visalia game. lt was held to raise funds, and was a delightful success. The class was represented in the Scholarship Society by Josephine Adalian, Carmen Solis, Rosezelle Murphy, Constance Richard, Mari- anna Ensz. Mary Adelaid llovee, Cleo llelshaw, Lois VVilson, and .-Xgnes Rittiman. SOPHCMORE CLASS ll li Sophomore Class had a very eventful year. Election of class officers was the first thing of importance. After that the time was devoted to the Freshman reception. This was a big' event held in the school auditorium on February nine- teenth. The program consisted of a tap dance by Georgette Richardi, songs by Yera Nell Gilmer and Marjorie Mae McSwain: and games and dancing' by everybody. The Sophoniores participated in all school activities-debating, clubs, orchestra, band, dralnatics, athletics, scholarship. and both glee Clubs. J Q Q SOPHOMORE CLASS The class was represented in athletics by H. llarber, ll. llellefenille, ll. llorchers, A. Brann, G. Clark, C. Cunninghain, VV. Finclley, P. Hemp- hill, C. Hansen, F. Henry, H. Houghain, J. Larson, R. McKinney, li. lXlCPhail, McVVherter, R. hlangini, Ragle, G. Shaclinger, and H. Yosburgh. Most of these boys 111ZlKlC their letters. Some were on the first team in football, basketball, and track. Jack McVVherter was the captain of the lightweight football teani. The past work of the Sophomore Class proves that second year student. by persistent effort, can holcl an iniportant place and rank in the school. Expect to see this class achieve even greater honors during' the two years that remain aheacl! Mil? FRESHMAN CLASS llli lfreshnian Class of l93l-32, numbering' about two hundred strong, had a brilliant and successful year. Nlany meetings were held by the class. These were for nur- poses of electing officers, having' impromptu class proggranis. anl learn-- ing' yells and school songs. The lfreshman yells were a bright feature in every assembly because of the wide varieties and the enthusiasm in which they were given. The class was active in both draniatics and debating. There were also many representatives from the class in the school orchestra. the hand, and both glee clubs. FRESHMAN CLASS The most important social event was the Sophomore-Freshman Reception at which the Freshmen were the guests of the Sophomore Class. The following boys represented the class in athletics: lrlerryhill, J. Dougherty, E. Dreo, T. Fuchs, R. Godfrey, K. lchiyama, L. Logan, K. Maruyama, D. Miller, and F. Mattos. The two cross-country runs of the year were won by the Freshman Class, Guadalupe Gonzales taking first place in both of them. Others who placed were Logan, Dyche, and Clow. Although the foregoing is an unusual record for a Freshman class, we expect to continue as we have begung and we look forward with eager anticipation to new fields of conquest in succeeding years. Q 4 BAND llli llancl of 1931-32 has prohahly clisplayecl as much prominence ancl loyalty in school activities as any other association of the sea- son. lt has been present at nearly all athletic games. both football ancl lmasketlnall. lt may have been seen leacling a group of wilclly shout- ing' students clown Klain Street. ancl again it may have been marching seclately at the heacl ot well organized column of the elcler members of some civic organization. It took part in the Armistice Day Parade, as well as the Poppy liestival ancl other activities. lt vvas again placecl uncler the critical eye ol' the puhlic in the l lalloxve'en ljaracle. Much has been accomplishecl by this organization in maintaining the excellent opinion of our most illustrious and necessary tax-payers. The lmancl also appearecl at its ,best at the Teacher's Institute and at the lD'Miolay foncert. r Mr. llurris has put forth a great cleal of effort in organizing ancl instructing the bancl. He has been aiclecl greatly by the cooperation of the members. some of whom have remained with him throughout their three or four years in high school. ln its appearance at the athletic games it has clone much to support the stancling' of our musical organizations of previous years. :Xt times, when our athletic support tailecl us, we always hacl the support of our lmancl to fall lmaclq on ancl help influence the final score. ORCHESTRA HE orchestra of 1931-32 has again stepped to the front as a source of education for the participants and a source of entertaimnent for those benefitting by its activities. lt has done much in maintain- ing the already wide-spread fame of our musical organizations. Throughout its existence the orchestra has continued to increase in size and etliciency until it has arrived at its present excellence. This group has always been willing to supply a few moments or hours, as the occasion might demand, of entertainment of a most de- lightful sort. As a result of this ever-willingness to aid. the orchestra accedecl to the request to play at the Father-and-Son Banquet, as Well as the Civic Music Club and the Elks' Club Banquet. The orchestra also took part in many assemblies and programs throughout the year and de- serves the gratitude of the student body for helping to make these gath- erings a success. Mr. llurris. the guiding light of this melody-minded group, can not be praised too greatly for his efforts in making this organization one of the best in the school. " A A A A - HEAVYWEIGHT FOOTBALL H li heavyweight football team must be complimented on its team-- work and its ability to play football. The team had no particular outstanding player, but played as a whole and not as eleven individ- ual players. The few men who showed up markedly in the games were: S. lliane, ll. Mcliinley, li. Lowe, G. Cyr, P. Mansfield, and D. Ragle. The team was under a good captain, who understood the game and played it the way he understood it. E. Henry has made his letter in foot- ball every year he has been in high school and deserves all the credit one can give him. He was disabled in one of the games and was unable to take part in many of them, but he did play in the final game with Taft. Several of the members of the team were on the first string all- county team. and some were on the second string. Those on the first string were D. Ragle, S. lliane, and P. Mansfield. Henry. VVells, and fvlcliinney were placed on the second string. This recognition shows that Yisalia was well fitted for the county championship and deserved all the awards that it received. W'e shall have to give Coach Shidler all the credit we possibly can, because he whipped into a championship team a group of players that everyone thought was scrub team material. lt was because there was competition that he was able to accomplish this feat. Visalia played two practice games before it plunged into the league games. The first two were with Strathmore and Orosi. The team won the game with Strathmore by a score of 6-7. They trounced Orosi, 25- 7. The team's first league game was with lixeter. whose team was con- . A l T I A 7 t HEAVYWEIGHT FOOTBALL ' sidered one of the strongest competitions of the league. Visalia took Exeter into camp with little trouble with a score of 19-0. The team's next game, one of the hardest of the season, was with Porterville. The score was 6-O with Visalia at the big end of the score. The game with Lindsay was very much in favor of Lindsay, but the team showed real football in this game and surprised Lindsay by winning with a score of 8-0. The score also surprised the team and the supporters of the team. The following games were taken with ease with the exception of one. The scores follow: Tulare vs. Visalia, Z0-65 Visalia vs. Strathmore, 26-7 5 Visalia vs. Delano, 40-Og Visalia vs. Hanford, 12-6. The last turned out to be the roughest of the season, but Visalia came through and won the county championship. Visalia also had a game with Tulare on Armistice Day at Tulare. The team won again by a score of 13-O. Visalia next played Taft for the valley semi-finals, losing by a score of 33-6. Visalia totaled 131 points in the league games, while the opponents scored 19. The team won twelve straight games, losing the thirteenth to Taft. This year's varsity team should be given all the credit that the school can give. The rooters for the team age also to be congratulated on the support they gave the team. LINEUP Halfbacks:-G. Cyr, A. Evangelo, L. Hill, E. Lowe, K. McWilliams, I. Todd. Fullbacks:-S. Biane, I. Maruyama. ' Quarterbacks:-B. McKinney. Ends:-I. Baird, I. Cushman, F. Fasso, R. Morey, E. Henry, H. Heller. Tackles:-H. Franklin, S. Putnam, D. Ragle, C. Hansen, N. Wells,'R. McKinney. Guards:-B. Borchers, W. Daugherty, M. Estrada, P. Mansfield, A. Martin. ' Centers:-D. Adamson, I. Hume. ff In i A S1 "B" CLASS FOCDTBALL I.'l'llUUGll the lightweights did not have a championship team, they were second in the league. At the first of the season the team lost two of its first string men by accidents received in the games. This year's lightweights showed that they had teamwork and sportsmanship, for they could lose as well as win. The team lost only three games and these by a small margin. .Ns the team this year could not decide which of the two men it wished for captain, it made both men captains. Francis Henry was line captain, and jack McNVlierter, backfield captain. lloth men understood the game and always showed up well in their ability to play. Kenyon Richard was injured in the first game of the season and received a broken jaw, an accident which disabled him for the rest of the season. Russell Todd broke his arm during practice one evening and was disabled for the rest of the season. lloth of these men seemed to be first string material. Coach Kelly has proved to us that he is a coach by putting a group of inexperienced men into a team and having the team take second place in the league. The lightweight team had two practice games. The first one was with Strathmore. The team showed in this game that it had real foot- ball material by coming out on the large end of the score of 27-O. The team's second practice game was with llakersfield. l3akersfield was considered the strongest lightweight team in the valley and won from Yisalia hy a large score, 20-7. The first league game of the season for the team turned out to be successful, Yisalia winning by a score of 7eO "B" CLASS FOOTBALL in a game with Exeter. The second league game was won by Porter- ville by a close score of 8-6. This score was largely due to a mistake made by referees. The following game with Lindsay turned out to be an easy one for the Voodoos. They won from Lindsay with a score of 20-7 . Tulare's lightweight team was reputed to be the strongest in the county this year, but Visalia lost to her with a very small margin, the score being 12-7. The next league game was taken into camp by Visalia with a large score. It was played with Strathmore and the final score was Z6-6. The Delano team was a fairly strong team and kept Visalia from winning by a large score. The final outcome was in favor of Visalia. In the final game of the season the V oodoos proved that they could really play football. It was played with -Hanford's strong team. Visalia trounced the Hanford team by a score of 42-6. The lightweight team won six out of nine games, a record which is not a bad showing. LINEUP Halfbacks:--A. Braun, T. Hageman, H. Hougham, H. Leever, V. Lowry, E. McNeil R. Mangini, A. Morentine, H. Otani, S. Reich, and K. Richard. Fullbacks:-I. McWherter. Quarterbacks:-E. Dreo. Ends:-B. Bellefeuille, G. Caldwell, I. Clark, R. Huth, A. Mitchell, F. Mitchell, L. Shannon, R. Todd, and E. Wing. Tackles:-G. Casdorf, A. Clark, M. Decker, W. Findley, I. Ioseph, H. Mitchell, G Shadinger, H. Vosburg. Tackles:-G. Casdorf, A. Clark, M. Decker, W. Findley, I. Ioseph, H. Mitchell, G Shadinger, H. Vosburg. Guards:-H. Barbeii, I. Daugherty, F. Galante, F. Henry, P. Hemphill, L. Logan S. Rag e. Centers:--A. Bly, C. Cunningham, D. Larson, E. McAdams, E. McPhail, E. Ray. 7 s GIRLS' FALL SPORTS .Xl,l, sports, in which the girls' athletic classes engage, include basketball, soccer, and hockey. llasketball. the first seasonal sport. is the most important, as shown by the commendable turnout. VVith about twenty to twenty- five girls reporting, it was possible for some classes to have a second team. ln the final game, the Freshmen and juniors competed. The lireshmen showed their superiority by a 1-O victory. Soccer, the next fall sport. did not prove to be as popular as it had been in previous years, although all classes were eligible for intramural competition. Again the juniors were competing for championship hon- ors, but this time their opponents were the Seniors. .Nfter a hard fought game ,the juniors came out on top with a score of 1-O. Interest of the high school girls has been rapidly increasing in hockey since it was introduced four years ago. The competition this year was very keen because of the evenly matched teams chosen from the large number of sign-ups. ln the championship play-offs, the Juniors and Seniors were again participating. Class honors again went to the juniors, who challenged the Seniors and won by a 1-O victory. DEBATE .lESOl.YliD: that compulsory unemployment insurance should be adopted by the United States, was the question for debate this year. The members of the team worked very hard securing informa- tin from every possible source. Through all this work they were helped and guided by their debating coach, Mr. Lehmann. This year there were eight schools competing in this county. This was divided into two sections, the northern and the southern. The northern league, of which Yisalia was a member, had four schools. The system used was that on a designated day the affirmative team debated at Yisalia and the negative team at the competing school. ln this way two debates were held on the same day. Although inexperienced at first, our debaters through hard work and persistence debated to a place of high standing in this county. Visalia was well represented in the oratorical contest this year. This was a six-minute talk on some phase of the Constitution of the United States. ln the finals for this high school Arthur Primm was victorious. His topic was '6Constitution and Its Enforcement." Lois Dinend, speaking on "NVashington and the Constitution," was second. The judg- ing was based on preparation, material, and delivery. Arthur Primm entered the county finals. Although his talk was very good, he was defeated. The experience of participation and competition awakened in each speaker and debater a greater appreciation of forensic art, and developed considerable interest in debating throughout the entire student body. Affirmativez- Negative:- Naomi Godfrey Eleanor Lipson Floyd Feaver Marianna Ensz Debating Coach:-Mr. Otto Lee Lehmann. CALENDAR SEPTEMBER Opening of School. OCTOBER Football. Exeter at Visalia. Football. Visalia at Porterville. Student Body Dance. Football. Lindsay at Visalia. Football. Tulare at Visalia. NOVEMBER junior Class Dance. Football. Visalia at Strathmore. Debate. Extemporaneous Speak- ing Contest-High School Auditorium. Football. Delano at Visalia. Visalia at Hanford. Block "V" Dance. CALENDAR NOVEMBER 26. Thanksgiving Vacation. DECEMBER 5. Football. Visalia at Taft. 14. Practice Football. Visalia at Porterville. 2I-23. Teachers' Institute. 24-25. Xmas Holidays. JANUARY 6. Faculty Meeting. 8. Basketball. Visalia at Hanford. 9. Principals' Meeting at Fresno II, Girls, League and Boys' Federation Meetings. X Nswwl "' ' Afw 7 7' ' !'w 2f TAN rixw QQ' A3 ' ' Vu,Mf,gf'i'k X1 QR W swGym!WMS5y,mWv,QQ51Mf3ggf,11,1 . x A , A xix NM We ,ww-All rw-- x N5 W ' .3 - Q1 ff .W wgw- mg , gh I wxwxx-w14f,ax, ', Y v - Y Kx x xl K ' 4, 1 N 9 Q N N N. sw ' L 1'-x .. V' !x V ' !Q,:fxiI"f'fmW P - ' U 7 2, Q ' ' ' Aff", I5 251-fiiig' X wQXNV!lNg 55mM, jyxs5,,91 iffy Nm-my . M H N H' 'N fmf,-3 N 9' '75' ,-'y0f'4f 9!'f'.f! X X x 0 I ' Nw New ' '0 X x C 'E 1' -R AQQRTQX XMO'4y2.ff 0-51Q :ff4f5'1ff.g'2e1fZ M21 X my fa, ww! -df ,mfgf yqawwvfg I SAN MASQ 1 ' ' . X '-QL-"' Six in t " ' 'Y 1 -f'l'1 "i1f'f'?f,.,zf,-xv ,,r . X- ff ww if -ff -sw 4 kv xkzP:ffSSWNyL!vfE:5mL'5M 12? A QQ, .4 . x Thug., X: ,-55144 lzll,,, ,fy...5Ly.g,,,p,,11A ..1.?f,7 Q N ln--a-: 1wf 155s-X -N W9 xv--1' s-.ffifygsfkfsffrfm-,-fm Un. SZ., 451-'Q N15-1" 'xii 'N5.911:,.121'ig.q,:g.1,,,yf,ff ,v,g.,414W 1g,q,,A,f N -. X. 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" I Htl ,' f , I 1 Ill lp 1 fl 1-S1-Q'-' ' -1' I,-I Xl -r I I I ,4 VIII 5 ll 'lk fW'l!'f7WWW0llM7I x I glfllf I -:" X dum: xt, L, IUAIQQ ll If JZ ,,,,,, Q 4 u I .swdggqf Mi' !Wf,','f,0 0' I 1 , 1 .' 1 , , , . ,Y , '- J J "X f 'l "I-' , f'U." ' ml? ' 'XWWZ' H1 WW. WM ' A V N417 WP Q F 'KVA' "s I ' I uf f - llf Wfujfgi ,Jon iv ff f If H M71 H A5 1 1, 5 ' I I 'ffl I Hx 1 , f 4 ' ,f I 4,3 ,H . N ' I :ull I .7 III ,MII X 741K "fl lffeiifyg: -'7,'F',i:. ,' "..i lm- I ff fl .f J yf' ' A- ' 9 L-A KH I Q", 1, lp ll It Zi l l " '19 9 . ' 'Nl qqlfffglfdljlll Hof 17 .!z 1 6. uf ' J I' -,.'.M1f,np. M ,ff 0.4 f 1 '- . - p, . - ff' 11 ,. ,MM f f fflfffw A H f ff fa 5: 'Q f 1 'ff .ff 'ww wi' f 2? 2' ftl fl V yi I IMQI lllllfll X 191 'C 9 1 , ,I 7, I.. 11f,Qf,,I1ILWi, rl H 0. , QV, U. ljgvixfu 9 ,y I ,' 1 J I, 1 H' L I ' "N 11. ' 'N' '.'- 0 ,-"ff . ,. '. ,-I---1aY+:49f'W1wf , 4 IX H' . 1. , X6 I 11 , 9 ,I lla-2.15 I Il ll 'H ' ' lf! HI' ',I "I, 1 'i il' .I 1 I .1. 1 ' I ' n ' . ' l ' . ' 1 X 4 xxin W1 xl xmx I 'la is 1, I I I I I f l 'f'!,I 1, -.I1gf,,f ll! I I .1 lx ffjf X ,'fff'fr51 1' l f ,ffl 1,' NH 1' I ' , ,'llff!'6 'x -, .l H-LII!! X WI TER 1 'Z 3 5 G f x fr if K, u 1 1. v 1. -a 92 3? 1 F. ,. 4 -i. if 'vp g:v WINTER TREE VV hen you see A winter tree Etched upon the air, Spite of long lost minstrelsy, Strong and brave and bare Neither leaves nor trailing vine Whislmeriiig' to grow And no songs but yours and mine Heard above the snovv- VVhen you see A winter tree, Heed its song, l pray: "You will last Through feast and fast If you're brave and gay." . -Colletta Ryan. GIRLS' LEAGUE N UTltlliR successful year of the Girls, League has been com- pleted under the supervision of Miss Webb, faculty adviser. Officers and chairmen of the numerous committees have done their part to make this year a success. The Annual Convention of the Girls, League was held at Taft early in the fall. Visalia was represented by Mary Isabelle Babcock, Anna McSwain, and Miss VVebb, faculty adviser. Boxes containing generous gifts of food and clothing were given to a needy family at Christmas time. Entertainment, consisting of songs and carols, was furnished to the inmates of the Old People's Home and County llospital during the Christmas holidays, Through the Cour- tesy Committee, with Jeanette Lindman as chairman, messages of good cheer were sent to all ill students. Carrying out the Mother Goose motif, the Animal All Girls' Party was held in the old study hall. A large number of girls and their mothers came to enjoy the good time. During the second semester, the League was handicapped by the illness of the president, Mary Isabelle Babcock. The duties of the presi- dent were then assumed by Frances Acurso, vice-president. Officers and committee chairman for the year were President. Mary lsabelle llabcockg Vice-President, Frances Acurso: Secretary, Constance Richard: Treasurer, Vera Nell Gilmer: Lost and Found Committee, Mary Adelaide 'Boveeg Block "V", Maxine Reid: Civics Committee, Laura Alice Aveyg Bulletin Board Committee. Sophia Arnold: Social Service Committee, Lois Lambersong and Program Committee, Lois VVilson. BOYS' FEDERATICN HE Boy's Federation is an organization made up of all the make members of the Student Body. It is maintained solely for the enter- tainment of its members, and is a thoroughly democratic affair. Its meeting are held entirely free of feminine influence 5 in other Words, itis a Man's club. The Federation has been maintained from one year to the next for many successful seasons. Successful in that it has remained amazingly free from social influence, and obligations. Perhaps that is because in the masculine mind there is no room for such frivolous activities as one finds most prevalent among the weaker sex! We men must have action! Therefore, the principal means of entertainment lies in sports of various types: wrestling, boxing, and other activities in which competition is keen. Class opposition runs high in these activities, and often a small sized riot becomes eminent, but it's all in good form. Everyone is there for enjoyment, and few if any are disappointed. Mr. VVilhelmson, "Polly", the presiding faculty member, has little to do, and the officers are capable of taking care of any occasion which might arise: principally because such occasions are few. The greatest difficulty is in discouraging the desire of the girls in their vain attempts to get a view of the boxing and wrestling. On several occasions the Principal has lent his protection. CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATIGN llli sixth year of successful activity in the California Scholarship lfederation of the Yisalia Union High School came to a close with the termination of the school year. The purpose of the organization is to foster a high standard of scholarship and general attainment on the part of the students of the secondary schools. In Visalia this purpose has been successfully evidenced by the gradually increasing interest and membership. To qualify for membership the student must make ten honor points each semester on the following basis: Three for a grade of AZ one for a grade of ll: and a permissible two points for extra-curricular activi- ties. Membership extends special study hall, library, and campus privi- leges about the school on the same basis as for the college students. To get the full award, the California Scholarship Federation pin and seal denoting life membership, the student must qualify for mem- bership for six semesters out of the possible eight. lily presenting the certificate of life membership at the college or university, the student may obtain the help, advice, and guidance of a National I'hi lleta Kappa member, or other scholarship agency, during his or her entire freshman year. I The Visalia Union High School has been afliliated since the second semester of 1926. During that time twenty-one members have been awarded the C. S. li. pin and seal. It is expected that live or six will be awarded to members of the graduating class this year. OAK STAFF Illi Oak Staff has done rather creditably this year considering the adverse conditions through which it has had to work. At the first of the year, it was doubtful whether the school finances would permit the publishing an annual but by constant effort on the part of the Editor and the Business Manager, with the assistance of the remain- ing staff, the Oak has again been made possible for the students of the Visalia Union High School. lly enlisting a number of lively salesmen from the student body an intensive sales campaign was conducted. Awards were offered to the three students selling the most Oaks by April fifteenth. Another means of increasing the capital was by assessing the club members twenty-five cents each for the club pictures appearing in the Annual. Very satisfactory results were obtained by these means and the probable expenses for this year's publication have been met. Through the combined efforts of the Faculty advisers, Miss Rou- leau, Mr. Sanders and Mr. Mitchell, together with Frances Acurso, Editor, and David Logan, Business Manager, and the remaining staff. it is hoped the 1932-1933 year book will be as successful as those that have been previously published. VVe want also to extend our appreciation and thanks to the students of the high school and the business men of Visalia for their aid in making possible the continued publication of the Oak. DRAMATICS cc llli R.'X'l'," a light comedy. was presented at an assembly early in the year. Two casts were used for the play: Marvin llarring- ton, Ruth lfrost, Arthur Primm, Kay Wiatanabe, Thelma Arnold and Paul Hougham. "Retribution" was presented at the Christmas assembly by the fol- lowing students: Herbert Hougham, Orlou Reddiclc, Gail Shaclinger, Iiay XN'atanabe' and Marvin 1-Barrington. .X short play, "The Return of Martha and George", was pre- sented at a NYasliington's l-lirthday program which was arranged and costumed by Miss McKenzie. The cast was as follows: George Fowler, Margaret XfYhitmore, Howard NVoodard and VVilladean Yan Deventer. .AX realistic play, "Honor Aniong Thievesf, was presented at the C. S. lf. Yalley Conference Program and was one of the four one-act plays on the spring program. Arthur Primm, George Fowler, Kenneth l.easure, Albert lledrosian and Marvin llarrington were the performers. During the year pantomimes and readings were given by Claire Sadlmyer, Naomi Godfrey, Ruth Frost, Lois Denend and Arthur l'rimm. MARIGNETTES Hli marionettes, made by the third year art students under the direction of Miss Rouleau, have given a great deal of pleasure to the various groups to which they have been shown. The marion- ettes are similar to rag dolls in construction with heads and hands made of paper towels and glue, modeled, shellaced, and painted. Strings at- tached to the knees, the arms and the head are fastened to cross-pieces and worked from above. After being paintd and dressed, the marion- ettes resemble minute human beings. Since a variety of characters had been made it was more feasible to give a vaudeville performance. Clowns were made by Lloyd Clark and George Fowler, a negro man and woman by Sophia Arnold, marionette gentlemen by Naomi Harvey and Edna Phipps, lady marionettes by Beatrice Hammer, Clementine Shueller, and Kathryn Costa, a Spanish man by Ruby Nell and a woman by George Cyr and Beatrice Hammer, a little girl marionette by Virginia N ee and a sailor by Eunice Meyers. Furniture and other stage properties were also made by the art students. Following the first public performance before the high school stu- dent body the cast was invited to give a marionette show for the Ivanhoe Parent-Teachers' Association, where it was enthusiastically received. V audeville shows were presented to the Visalia Rotary, the WOH1CH,S Club, and to the Visalia grade schools. The students having charge of the dolls wish to acknowledge their appreciation to all those who have co-operated with them in making the shows successful, to Mr. Montgomery, who arranged with the grade schools and who kindly helped to furnish transportation. to the bus driver. and to all others who provided cars. Thev thank the shop and the music department for their kind and willing assistance. SIYU SING Cl L I INllilQC'l.XI,Q I L I CIRLRI CSIQR IUXTIN CLUIK MUSIC.X1'l'R1iCIATION DRAMATICS CLUB IIUXIIQ ICCUNONIIC S Q I L I IQNULISII Q I L I QT .Xl'I'R Q rs XUTO NIIEC'l I. XNlCS CLUI SEN I UR SPANISH CLUL .FRENCH CLU I3 XIQCIIICIQY C11 l Qli ICXIQKIICR IZOYS' Ill X ClXXIliRA CLUB ARCH ITIQCTIIRAL CLU I3 I PRINTING CLUB JUNIOR SPANISH C'I,Ul l3OYS'TUMl1l,lNG CLUI Q-'GQ' AY IAT I O N CLUB DIEILXTIQ CLUB lan mn--M.. GIRLS' TUM BLING CLUB IFN .. K ..iv Msn b IKM., .A ., I ..' GOLF CLUB "A" CLASS BASKETBALL UR team this year was well supported by the rooters of Yisalia. even though it did not take the championship. Coach Kelly had experienced men up to the last half of the season, when some of the best players graduated. The following' grad- uated at mid-termzl S. lliane. ll. Mcliinncy, H. Heller, N. Wells, j. Cushman, lidgar Lowe, and .Xllen Martin. ll. Heller proved to be a worthy captain and in several games led in the number of points scored by an individual player. l l. lleller and ll. Nlcliinney were the forwards for the first half of the season. Klaruyama and l.. Hill filled their places very well dur- ing' the last half. S. Iliane showed his ability to play at center in all of the games. with Ci. Cyr taking his place in the second half. li. Lowe and Todd traded off at running guard. D. Ragle and P. Mansfield showed up well in their ability to play the game at standing guards. ln the second game of the league series. Yisalia beat their old rivals, liinuba, hy a score of 13-12. This game proved to be the most exciting of the league games played by Yisalia. Most of the heavyweight squad graduates this year. but there are good players coming' from the lightweight squad to take their places next year. LINEUP Forwards:-H. Heller, L. Hill. B. McKinney, R. McKinney, I. lvlaruyama, F. Glasgow, and R. Rausch. Guards:-D. Adamson, E. Lowe, P. Mansfield, D. Rngle, and 1. Todd. Centers:-wS. Biane, N. Wells, G. Cyr, Cuslnnan, and I". Whitney. "B" CLASS BASKETBALL H li lightweight team this year was a tairly strong contender for the county championship. Coach VVilhelmsen has proved to us that he knows how to handle teams and knows the game of basketball thoroughly. He had a good group of players from which to select a team. This was proved by the fact that he never started a series of games with the same lineup, and he always had several reserves on the bench. The outstanding players on the lightweight team this year seemed to be H. Otani, K. VVatanabe, Richard, R. Todd, A. Brann, and A. Bly. K. Wataiiabe was elected captain by the squad and proved to be a capable one. He was injured while practicing one night but was kept out of only one game. Several of the players will be heavyweights next season. Visalia ought to have one of the strongest heavyweight teams in the county next year. The lightweights, hardest competitor this year was Dinuba, Visa- lia's old rival. This is the only team that beat the lightweights by a large score. all the other games being won by small scores. LINEUP ' Forwards:-K. Watanabe, H. Otani, K. Richard, M. Mattos, E. Wing, G. Shadinger, T. Fuchs. Guards:-A. Mitchell, A. Brann, H. Vosburg, and I. McWherter. Centers:-R. Todd, A. Bly, and F. Henry. 3 .. UC' CLASS BASKETBALL l l li Class C' liaslietball squad was very sueeesstul this season. and won eight games out ol thirteen. The members of the squad are to he congratulated on their ability to play. ftltliottgli little attention was paid to this team, it was one of the most itnportant teatns of the high sehool. The reason for this fact is that these inen would he our ll Class and A Class material for the next two years. YELL LEADERS llli high school this year had one of the most industrious yell leaders it has had for many years. l'at Dudley was a student from Vonntton, California. il le had several years of experience along this line and provecl his ability the few inonths he was a nieniber of the student body. l'at was assisted in leading' the yells by the two "tnidg'ets," jesse Arnold and liclwin Root. GIRLS' SPORTS PEEDISALL practice, held in the winter, created keen competition and enthusiasm in inter-class games. The Seniors and Juniors defeated both Freshmen and Sophomore teams in the semi-final contests, while the juniors were victorious over the Seniors in the final contest by a 5-O score. llaseball games were held May 4th and Sth. Miss Rehmke and Miss Hunsaker chose tour girls for each class as outstanding' players. ln the Senior class there are Thelma Shaffer, VVilma Lelllanc, Helen Hicks, and Virginia XfVallace. The juniors are credited with having' Pauline Ogilvie, Marian lileinhans, Eleanor Mangine, and lirmalinda lfinni, while Lofelia Anderson, Ellena Adalian, Georgette Richardi and Louise Simon are considered above the average in the Freshman class. Th Sophomores, represented by Antionette Cote, Bernice Goodreau, Laura Alice Avey, and Ercel Cummings, were out to win honors, BOYS' BLOCK "V" H li l3oy's lilock "YH is an exclusive organization consisting of all active male members of the student body who have distinguished themselves in some athletic activity and earned a "letter" for services rendered in some one of the varied outdoor sports during their high school career. A student can earn one letter for each sport entered in the course of a school year, if he possesses the necessary ability. The Block stands as the greatest defender of the reputation of our high school. lf the athletic teams are poor sportsmen, the entire school suffers from the same opinion. lf the teams are clean, fair- niinded. and inclined to take as much as they give, or more if necessary. the school basks in the reflected glory: therefore, the High School of Yisalia has acquired a reputation to be proud of. Our athletic teams have always conducted themselves in a manner befitting the reputation of our school. VYhen they enter a field against an opposing team, they are always ready to give their all in order to win: or, if they do not win. they lose as good sportsmen always lose, with a smile. The lllock UV" has greatly appreciated the support extended them by the student body throughout the last year, and would like to request as much support in years to come. VVe hope they are not disappointed. GIRLS' BLOCK "V" 1TH an active membership of twenty-one girls, the Girls' Block "YU of 1931-32 carried on a very successful year. Girls excelling' in athletic honors and interested in sports are members of this organization. A minimum of one thousand points is necessary for winning a letter. A "Boosters, Ball," in honor of the 1931 championship football team, was held in the gymnasium at the close of football season. Many former students, as well as former student members, attended the dance. The gymnasium was decorated with banners of funny papers and posters secured from various merchants. Many prizes, which were donated by local business men, were awarded the lucky ones. An initiation was held Friday, February 26, and the following' day, February 27, The initiates performed at a Girls' League assembly, at which they were compelled to do many tricks and other performances. After school they were taken to the ball park for the regular routine of initiation, which lasted about an hour. The girls then went home. On the following' day, Saturday, all the new and old members, accompanied by Miss Rehmlqe and Miss Hunsaker, went for an outing' in the mountains, a short distance above Three Rivers, The officers for the year were President, Rhoda Lankford: Vice- President, VVilma LeBlanc: Secretary, Lucille Delilordeg and Reporter, Marian Kleinhans. Miss Rehmke was the faculty adviser. CALENDAR JANUARY Assembly, Mr. Goodsell. Frosh and Soph Meeting Iunior and Senior, Senior Dance in Gym. Dinuba at Visalia. Basketball. Visalia at Woodlake. Assembly. Mr. Gedat from Berlin. Basketball. ' Tulare at Visalia. Girls' League Dance. Basketball. Visalia at Porterville. Whittier College Debate. Basketball. Visalia at Orosi. CALENDAR FEBRUARY Mrs. Carl. Basketball. Hanford at Visalia. P. T. A. and Principals Meeting. Iunior Dance. Basketball. Visalia at Dinuba. Basketball. Woodlake at Visalia. Stanford Aptitude Test. Basketball. Visalia at Tulare. Soph Party. , Assembly. G. McLaughlin. Basketball. Orosi at Visalia. Girls' Block "V" Assembly flnitiationj. xu,,,-..--., ,M f' ff' X f- " 3 4,.gf:t"-xg. 5. I 1, 4 I I ' 5 WW' I , IV z ' sf' i in , U1 A ,MJM Ml ,I .A ' GS. gf' !.,'--Avg, 'J f A 5, .. K ffffjiig -... , H-..,.H35ip2'5" '- ---.-: mga-2.1:-Z:'?Tf'f ','A' fTwn,,,',,.-,fe-""" ' ' x 'XS f W? TFF ECF HES 2 'Q 1 'S 'H r' -FF,X FJ mm V4 C hu E ' .f7 iq:wl1i1lle -11 lmlllwEHiIi m '7' " ' " - 6 ' Aw L... ' wBfuI: n , 3 5ff! 1f I :na 1,lWM'm?Bnfm'mmmmWHlWI If 'J W ' 'g HW was N... , , H A xl! .. I X , 31 I l'.f.f.T'- UTALA ff ,. M3 gil 4 'll 4? Mfgkbgqffgmx Rf r,, W ., , . - , Ill :sn :ee ' , gy, , U, ,X LJ.. ., 1 .' ' . ' 'Zim - ,V 1 : " ' I" - I l m ' ' I ., mx A JI, f." 'IIN' 2 W L I lu' wk- X 'N ,N A 'ix W ., 24,11 'IW '43 ,Wx , "M M V ,ysdwlukgigehsk xi my gh , Y -172,7 ' QZHQE l'f' N 'HRH 1 , ami PM 111135 ,V W 1wfJgfanwmHMWv, f v2 ' 5 44147: ,, -l ,"1, ri Jim S ,L 3 ' !, f gg 54 fp " MW! ., :ag 313 W H . 1, 1 V - """ , , q jhili ! .. "I ,P 'ji ff, . 1 Y . . N N 1 H-4 -iln1.',,,,,'.gf1:gT K Q N I I, M1 , 1 , Q A 145' ' , f- '-',.u-.4,-1. 1--:IM ,M lwwmmrmwmv-zfH uunn4vwM W .Ml ' l H H M, gy fivsv-pKL,,i,,,,W1 Q f fr, :,y.,1!4N ! .4 .i X W' U I mx 1'lkFa.4G4'1.?l:I.tY gh ,,az.',:!gg1,?:m'.V ,'I 1 . lr if li xl X 1 N"'W5!smM'ff'm"'1 Sr! ltau !'X'1', L 41, .LfXj1!ls'fllH"1' v'd"'1' " "" ' 'M' 1. W -wfl X-3W'.',Rl! LL Mw,1sll gm y 5 " ' Mui, i '-W Nl .wk v ww 1 wwkSwwfz1M4Q9+wi'f,, ,M-1 Am UQ RTX hx mtl wh gm-fulglls :All KL! J. ' 1 ,HW If ,j,"xg'N,,' .'1 li".!'l ' 'J ra-'1'fYM Ew 2w M M-H'm fwiizl-+f' M W mE wiWm:1xPwwwf .Aw -Q f- M : -Aim? XXHH' K If 1 Q r f lv U W-x"7 RP M l v ' i' V " :f Y qY'R"v5f,9g!5fgifyU lyliflvwl JV, d,,+..-"bMu9,1 M .'1L'11"1,fa'f?Mff , V, 41 ry ' ' M1 , Q-f1W fF'w"fH.ffa:Gaaf ' f " ff W , . x l - - u u SPRI Q ' 5 u n. 1 4 X 6, 5 'r ga 55 vi Ei ,Q +5 'el 2 5 SPRING MORN V The yearfs at the spring! The day at the morn 3 The morn's at seven: The hillside's dew-pearled: The larkys on the wing: The snail,s O11 the thorn: Godys in His heaven: All's right with the world. -Robert Browzzzhg FRESI-IMAN CLASS OFFICERS SPRING Pl'L'5I-dL'l7f - - ----- - Rolalawr CLrk'1'1ss VIAIY'-Pl'l'J'Il1'C'lIf - - - PAUL LOGAN Scc'ra'lary - - - MANVEL SHARES 'l'1'c'u.vu1'w' - - I1ERMAN IQINER Yrfl l,C'lIdC'I' - - IXRTIIUIL I,,xNc:c:L"1'1I SPRING I'rc'.fidw1t - - ----- - - STAIIFORIJ R,xcz1.E Virc-I'residcnl - - - - BERNICE Gooolaml Sc'z'1'c'tuf'y - - - - I5ET'1'Y IVIADDUX 'I'z'mx141'c1' - FRANCIS HENRY Yr!! 1,c'cldc'l' - - - Tom I'IANN,XlI "VJ: ,AHL x NNY '5- NI 'S --24' w' '. -K ,. if-.1 s JUNIOR CLASS GFFICERS SPRING Prexldent - - ---- - - BUDDY LOWE Vive-President - - - PAULINE OGILVIE Sc'c'l'cZury - - - - Lois WILSKJN Treanzrer - - - - ,CARL I-IANSEN Ye!! Lcudw' - - - IIERBERT HOUGUAM SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS SPRING Prc5ia'cnt - - ---- - GEORGE FOWLER V1'c'e-Pres1'dc'nt - - - - - IACK BAIRD Secretary - - - WILMA LEBLANC T1'ea:u1'er - - WINIERED NEWBERG Yell Leader - ------------ ALBERT BEDROSIAN , ., .,.. ., -11. R-my f w-sw.: -. AcURso, FRANCES Scholarship Society, I, II, Ill, IV: Vice-Presi- dent .Iunior Class, III Vice-President Girls' League, IV: Student Council, IV: M e ri t Board, IV: ldditol' of Oak, IV. AL:-oRn, DONALD Printing Club, 1: Fu- ture Farmers Club, II, Ill: Basketball. IV. ALLEN, ROBERT Operetta, I: Scholar- ship Society, I: Latin Club, I, II: Camera, Ill: Commissioner of Publication, IV: Stu- dent Council, V: Presi- dent .Ir. Spanish Club, IV. ARNOLD, Sornm Science Club, I, Il Athletics, II, III. French Club, III, IV: Girls' League Commit- tee, III, IV: Oak Staff. 1932 ADELSBACH, VIOLA Music Club, ll: Com- mercial C I u b, III: Girls' League Lost and Found Committee, III: Sing' Sing, IV, , ALFORD, LIONEL Science Club, I, II: Baseball, II, III: Cam- era, III, IV: Sr. Class Motto Committee. ANDERSON, WESLEY Jr. Spanish, III: Sr. Spanish, IV: Track, IV: Block "V," IV. Bmscocx, MARY I. Scholarship Society, I, III: Transfer, III: Dra- matic Club, III: G. L. Social Committee, III: Student Council, IV: IV, Pres. Girls' League, IV: Girls' Merit Board CChairmanJ, IV. BAKER, RUTH BAIRD, IACK Camera Club, II, III: Dramatics, I: Dance Recital, I: Tennis, ll Girls' League Comm., II: Girls' League Ex ecutive Board, III Senior Color Commit tee. x, BARBER, IDONALEE Spanish, I: Music, II: Glee Club, II: Dru.- matics, III. Auto Shop Club, II, III: fPres.J: Baseball. ll, Ill. IV: Football, III, IV: Block "V," III, IV: Basketball, IV: V. Pres. Senior Class, IV. 1932 BARRINGTON, MARVIN Jr. Spanish Club, II: Dramatic Class Plays, IV: Dramatic Club, IV BEDOIN, EVA sing sing Club, III, IV BEGHINI, ROSE Jr. Spanish, I: Sr Spanish, II: Dance Re- cital, II: Athletics, II Maroon Masquers, III BxANco, IoE Science fTreasurerJ II Boxing, Ill: Printing, iv: Lt. Football, IV. BLY, ARTHUR Science Club, I, II Dramatics, III: Hi-Y V, Pres., IV: Basket- ball, IV: Football, IV Block "V" IV. BEARDSLEY, DELTIIA Glee Club, I, II, III, IV: Operetta, I: Music, I: Dance Recital, I, Il: Dramatics, IV: Secre- tary Senior Class. BEDROSIAN, ALBERT Operetta, I: Scholar- ship, I: Orchestra, I, II, III, IV: Music Club, I, II, III, IV: Concert Master, All County Or- chestra, IV: Senior Class Yell Leader. BENITA, FRANK Auto Mechanics, II, III: Printing, IV. BIANCO, MADEL1NE Commercial Plays, III: Commercial, III, IVC Treasurer, IV. BRYANT, PRESTON Agriculture Club, I: Auto Mechanics, II: Print Shop, III: Avia- tion Club, IV. BUBENI-IOFER, MARGUERITE Transfer, III: Glec, IV: Girls' Reserve, IV, SENIORS I SENICRS BULL, NOBLE 'l'I'8.hSfPl'. III: Dru- matics, Ill: Athletics, III, IV, Cmmnercial, IV. CAMPANELLI, MARY Cummercial, III. IV: Schularship, II: Home Economics, I, II: Cum- mercilal Play, III: Egli- I if 1' 01' Cuxumercizml Paper, IV. CARL'roN, MARJURIE CAYLIIIQ, EULA Tennis, I: Op:-rm-tta, I: Glee Club, I: Girl Re- serves, I, ll: Music Club, Ill: Girls l.ez1g'llv, IV. LIOFFEE, FINDLEY CUN E, l.1LA uh-Q Club, I, ll, lll, IV, Ilra-unatics, I: Imncv Recital, I: Scliulurship, III: Tumbling' Club, III: Sing' Sing, IV. 1932 BULLARD, PHYLLIS IXNN Mixed Dnubles. I I I 3 Girls' First Singles, IV, Iilnck "V". CZAREY, FLORENCE Secretary Freslinuin Class: D r a. in a tic s Club, I, ll: Frencli Club, III: Orclmestrzi, Illg Hand, III, IV. CARTER, FRANCES Glee Club, Ig,0pe1'vttu, Ig Home Idcwmmnics Club, II: Sim: Sing, I I I 3 Cnmniercial. IV. ciLAkK, LLQYD Science Club, I: Cum- era Club, III: lTrea.s- urerj. Coixwruu, Louisis 'l'rzmsi'ei', I l I 3 A1 li- Ietlcs, III, l'IILL, LELAND .Xviutiun Club: Gln-v Club, Auto Slmp. 1932 COURTNEY, IOCELYN Dramatics, III. IDOVVNING, RALPH Jr. Spanish Club, II: Sr. Spanish Club, III News Staff, IV. DUNWKDIRTH, IVAN Science, Ig Autu Shop, II, III: Future Farm- ers, IV. EVERS, CARL Auto Shop, II, Print- ing, IV. FOWLER, GEORGE Science Club, I: H-Y, Ig Camera, II, Track, III: Aviation Club, III, Dramatics Club, IV: President of Senior Class. CYR, GEORGE Transfer, II: Printing Club, Ill, Basketball, III, Football, III, IV: Block 'V" President, IV. DRABNICK, WALTER Science, Ig Camera Club, II: Treasurer Senior Class. EVANGELO, AUGUST Science Club, I: Auto Mechanic, II: Aviation, III: News Staff, IV: Printing, IV 1Secy.J: Football, 153 Track, IV. FISHER, EMMA Latin Club, Ig Dra- matics, II: Scholar- ship, I, III, IV, French Club, Ill, IV. FRosT, RUTH Dramatics Club, I, ll: Dance Recital. II, News Staff. III, Ten- nis Club, IIIQ Girls' League Executive Board, Ill, IV: Block "V," IV. FULLMER, BILLY Science Club, I: Auto Mechanics, II, III, Ull.lll1'l'12L, ll, IV. SENIQRS SENIORS Q47 I 11 FULWILLER, CLEONICE G Glee Club. l, II, III, IV: Operctta, I: Music, I, II, III, IV: Band, II: Orchestra Ill. 1932 ALANTE, FREDDIE Future Farmers I, Il: Boxing, III: Block "V" III, IV: Football, Ill, IV: Track III, IV: Hi- Y, IV: Tumbling, IV. CIARCIA, MANUEL VIILLESPIE, DELos Frosh Boys, I: Or- chestra, I: Cummer- cial, II, III: Schol- arship, III. Glee Club, I: Operetta, I: Latin Club, I: Schol- arship Society, I, IV: Band - Orchestra, II, III, IV: Tennis, IV: Science and Camera, IV. QILASGOW, FRANK GRANT, DAPHNE H-Y, IV: Baseball, II, Ill: Block "V," III, IV: Basketball, IV. Dramatics, I: Girl Re- serves, I, Pres.: Dance Recital, I, II, IV: Soph- omorc X7ICC-Ijl'0SIdf'l'1IQ Music II: Sing' Sing, III: News Staff, III: Editor of News IV. HARVEY, NEOIVIA HELLER, HAROLD Transfer, 2: H. Q Club. I, II: Operetta, II: Girls' Glee, II, IV Sing Sing. III: Girls' League, IV: Athletics, IV. HENRY, ELMER Block I, II, III IV: Football, I, II, III IV: Basketball, I, II Baseball, II: Aviation, III. Hxcxs, FREEMAN Future Farmers I, II Auto Shop, III: Jr. Sr Prom Committee, III Aviation, IV. Basketball, I, II, III, IV: Printing, II, III., IV, Sec. III: Block "V," II, III, IV, Secretary- Treasurer IV: Base- ball, III: Football, III, IV. HENSLEY, CIERALDINE Glee Club, I: Athletics, IV: Home Economics. II: Program Commit- tee: Esperanto, I: Sing' Sing, IV: Athletics, IV. 1932 HICKS, HELEN I.atin Club, I: Scholar- ship Society I, II, III: Ilance Recital, II: Ath- letics, II, Ill, IV: Dra- matics, II, IV: Sing Sing, Ill: Tumbling Ulub, III. HILL, I..EONAlID Aggriculture I, II, Pres.: Basketball I, II, III: Baseball I, II, III: 'Track I, II, III: Ten- n i s II: Sophomore Ulass Treasurer: Block II, Ill, IV: Foot- ball II, III, IV: Tumbl- ing' IV, Pres.: Senior Class Vice President. HCDIJSTETTEIK, FRED 'I'I'ansfer, III: Print- ing Club, IV: Glee Club, IV. HIGGINS, ELLEN Dance Recital, II: Dra- ITIRIICS, II. IVC Sing Sing, III: News Staff, IV. HKJFFMAN, MARIE Music Club I: Operetta I: Dance Recital I, II: Dramatics Club II: Glee Club I, II, IV! Archery III, IV: "News" Staff IV. HUGHES, BARBARA JEAN Block "V" I, Il, III. Dramatics II: Sing Sing III, IV: Sect.- Treas.: Glee Club III, IV: Dance Recital IV. IOIINSUN, LoA NOIIA IONES, LOLA Dramatics I, II: Cain- er-a III: News Staff III, IV. IQING, ALBERT Operetta I: Glee Club I: Science II: Auto' Shop III: Hi-Y II, III, IV. Music I, ll. III, IV? Athletics II, III: Band II, Ill, V: Dance Re- cital III: Orchestra Ill, IV: Glee Club I.V. LAMBERSON, Lois Operetta I: Dramatics Club I, ll: Dance Re- cital I, II: Scholarship I, II. III: Glee Club I, ll, IV: Girls' Merit Board III: French III: Oak Staff fAsst. Edi- l.0I'J. LANKRIIRD, RHQIJA Transfer II: 'I'uInbling' Il: Tennis II, III, IV: Illock UV" II, III, IV: Pres. IV: "News" Staff III: Tennis Club III: Ilancv Recital. SENIORS SENIORS 1932 2 LEASUIIE, KENNETH LE BLANC, WILLIA Transferll: Glee Club II, III, IV: Band II, Ill, IV: Orchestra Il, III, IV: Music II, III, Pres. III: Hi-Y III: Scholarship lll, IV: Debate Club IV. LIPSON, ELEANOR Scholarship I, IV: Ibra- matics I, II, Ill: Or- chestra I, Il, III, IV: Girls' League Comm. III: Junior Class Treasurer: Debate III, IV: Archery IV: Ten- nis Ill, IV: Band IV. LovELAcE, ELLEN Latin Club I: Dance Recital I, Il: Camera Club III: Tumbling Club III: Sect, Girls' League Ill: Snap Shut Editol' Oak IV: Block "V" IV: Merit Board IV. LUWE, VIRGINIA Jr. Spanish I: Sr. Span- ish ll: Dance Recital ll: Sing Sing III. MAIITIN, ALLEN Home Making' Club I: llramatics II: Block Il, III, IV, Vice Pres, IV: Sing Sing Ill: Glee Club III, IV: Sect. Senior Class. LOGAN, DAVID L Operettla I: Yell Lead- er of classes II, III, IV: Hand II, III, IV: Or- chestra II, Ill, IV: Tennis III: News Staff Ill: Oak Staff Bus. Manager IV: Hi-Y IV. OWE, EDGAR Operetta I: Freslinian Vice-Pres. Rand ll: Athletics I, II, III, IV: .ll'. Class Pres.: Box- ing' Club III: Block Ill IV , . MANsEIELD, PAUL Officer of I'-Boys' Fcd- eration: Future Farm- ers I, II, III: Athletics Ill, IV: Block "V" III, IV: Aviation IV. MATTIJS, MANUEL Auto Shop, ll, Ill: Printing, IV: Ilas- ketball, IV: Track IV: Block HV" IV. MCCLINTIDCK, MAR11-IA HIIUGIIAM, PAUL 1932 MCKINNEY, BILL Science Club I: Bas- ketball II, III, IV: Printing II, III, IV, Pres. IV: Baseball II, III, IV: Football I, II, III, IV: Block "V" II, III, IV: Hi-Y IV: Pres. Senior Class: Merit Board IV. MERCADO, IOHN Band I: Operetta I: Glee Club 1, IV, All County Chorus IV: SI' Spanish I, II, III, IV, Pres. III, Sect. IV: Mixed Chorus IV: Track IV: Hi-Y IV. NIITCHI-ILL, ALLEN Science Club I: Auto Shop II, Pres.: Base- ball II, III: Yell Lead- er Sophomore Class: Aviation II, IV, Sect. III: Basketball II, III: Football and Block III, IV: Hi-Y IV: Glee Club IV. NEW'BERRY, LORA LEE Operetta I: Dramatics I: Scholarship I, II: Dance Recital II: Girl Reserve I, II, IV: Jr. Spanish II: Music Club III: Glee Club I, II, III, IV: Band III, IV! Orchestra V: Senior Council: Girls' League Bulletin Board Com- mittee IV. OWINGS, ROBERT Tumbling , Club I: Archery Club II: Glee Club III: Football III. MENDENHALL, EUGENE Transfer, III: Science and Camera,IV: Glee, IV: Boxing, III: News Staff, IV MILLER, IRMA Dramatics I, II: Dance Recital II:' Glee Club II, III, IV. NEWBERG, WINIFRED Tennis I: Latin I, II' Scholarship Society I II III, IV: Girls' League Executive Board II: French III: English Club IV: Treas. Senior Class. OTANI, HAIQIIY Track I, II, IV: Base- ball I, II, III: Block 'V" I, II, III, IV: Bas- ketball I, II, III, IV: Football II, III, IV: Auto Shop III: Print- ing Club IV. PEARCE, RUBY Glee Club II, IV: Dra- matics I: Operetta II: Dance Recital I1: Mu- sic III, IV. PECHTL, MAIIIE Commercial ll I. SENIORS if I I I SENIORS 1932 UTNAIXI, LLOYD Sing Sing I: "News" Staff 1, Il, III: Future Farmers II, III, IV: Track I, II, III, IVE Football IV: Hi-Y I, II, III, IV. V2 . I II J R R R EDDICK, 0111.011 Home Economics I, Il: Sing' Sing' III, IV: Glee Club IV: Ilrumutics IV. EID, MAIIVIN Hi-Y: Junior Spanish Club I: Band II: Or- chestra II: Dramatics Club I I : Tlimblinpg Club l, IV: Merit lim-Ird IV: 'I'rzIek ll, III, IV. our, EDWIN Science Club I, II: Sophnniqre Class Yell Leader: Schnol Yell Leader II, III, IV, Architectral Club IV, Hi-Y IV. SADLEMEYER CLAIRE , Girl Reserves I: Dra- matics I, Il: President English Class I: Dance Recital Il: News Stafl III: Archery III: Ath letics III: School Play IV. SCHUELLEII, MARIE Operetta I: Music Clul T: Girl Reserves I, Ilramatics Club II: Glee Club I, II, IV: Dance Recital I, II, lV:: Archery Club III. RIIGLE, DICK Archery Club Il: Fu- ln- ture Farmers I I I : door Baseball Ill' Bluck "V" I, II, Ill IV: Basketball I, ll Ill, IV: Football I, ll, II, IV: Architectrul CIIIb I'res. IV: Student Council IV. REID, ISABELLA Dramatic Club It Dance Recital II: 'l'uInbIin2: ClIIb Ill: Latin Club IV: Schul- arship I, II, III, IV: Pres. IV: Athletics II, III, IV: Illocli IV. RI'I'zI5LI., '1'IIUIIsToN I"IlIlIl'0 Il'lll'IllCl'S Club II, IV: Aviatiun Club Ill: 'Friack III. RUNYDN, MALVA Orchestra I: Operettu l: Music Club I, Il, Ill: Dance Recital ll: Glee- Club l, II, III, IV: Girls' lleague Civics Coinrnittee III: Band II, Ill, IV. SCHUIQLLEII, FLORENCE Girl Reserves l, ll: Imnue Recital II: Sc- niur Operetta Ill: Or- chestra. III, IV: Glee Club I, II, III, IV: Music I, II, III, IV. IREMING, RAYMOND 1932 SHAFFER, THELMA Latin Club I: Camera 1, ll: Dance Rcital I, ll: Girl Reserves 1, 11: Tumbling Club III: Sing Sing III: Ath- letics II1, IV: Block "v" iv. SHANNON, LEE Agriculture Club I, 11, III, V. Pres, III: Track 111: "Pumpkin Rol- lers" III: Sing Sing IV: Football IV: Block "V" IV: Hi-Y IV. STANFORD, CLARENCE Baseball I: Auto Shop Club II, Sect.: Sing Sing III, Camera IV. STEVENSON, EDNA Dramatics II: Sing Sing II: Athletics III: Glee Club III: Girl Re- serves IV. STREEPER, VIOLET T Girl Reserves I: Dra- matics Club I: Dance Recital II: Tennis Club II: Glee Club 1, Il, IV. ATE, MAIKGARET Transfer: Glee Club I, II, Ill, IV: Sec. Fresh- man Class: Vice-Pres. Sophomore Class: Art Club II, III, IV: Oper- etta III: Poetry Club I, II, III, IV. SEARCY, CLARENCE Transfer IV: Basket- ball IV: Block UV" IV SMITH, MARGARET Dance Recital I: Schol- arship 1: Orchestra II: Music Club I, II: Band II, III: Glee Club III: Girls' League Social S e r v i c e Committee, III: Dramatics IV. STAUEFER, EDNA MAE Scholarship Society I3 Dramatics Club II: French Club III. STEWART, MELv1N Transfer III: Aviation III, IV. SUYEDA, BEN DENEND, Lois Glee Club, ll: Dra- matics Club, I, II, 111: Oratorical Con- test, IV: Debate Club, IV. SENICRS Q 1932 THEIBAUD, RUDOLPII Toon. IACK Science Club I. II: Opcretta Ig Sc-ience Ig . 1 . Sclmlarsliip I3 Clec Autc -Shop Y I lub III, vlub I- H: Studvnt AVIBUUU II- Cuunf-il II, Caniera II, IIIg Suph, and Jr. Class Pres.: Football, Das- lqetball, Track, I. II, III, IV: Block "V" II, III, IV: Buys' Fed- eratiun Off. IV: Merit lloard IV: Oak Staff IV, Sing Sim: IV. I-I-IOY,IJON Science Club I, II: Science and Camera IV. TUUT, LIIUISE Home I'1cunuIIIi4:s II: llramatics Ill: .lr. Sr. I'I'nIn Committee III: Science and Camera IV. T J UIIIE, Hfuuw Trangfm. H G i I' I Q, Baseball Ill, Sing' Sing ' ' . ' Club IV: "News" Stall l.eag'ue Bulletin liuard Cmnmittee II, Girl Rc. lv serves Il: SclIulaI'sIIip Ilg ,XUIIt'tICS-NllllII'l'2LI lllg Iflnglisli Club III: Girls' Merit liuard IV: Art Illditnr, Oak Staff. UIINI-LII, I ILAIII. lllp Auto Mechanics WIXLLINLIE, VIIICEINIIX Dance Recital Il: Ilra- lv matics Il: Sing Sing, III: Glec Club III, IV! Athletics IV. WALLAQII, CIROVER Future Farmers Ill. WATANABE' KM. WELl2I'I, ALTIIEA Science Club l, ll Baseball II: Track III, "7'Ul"iSh 'Wh 'Hi IV. mock --V-Y In IV. Hume Making' Club IV. Sing' Sing III, Sect. .lI'. Class: Basketball l, ll, III, IV: Ilraniatics IVQ Oak Staff. WELLS, NED PYLE, LILLIAN Science, Club I: Nvws Tennis I3 Il'lIQ'I'll2l' Stufl ll: Se,ct.,'l'I.t,as- QIUFILLI RPILLILIOH I, 11: .lr. Class: Camera ll. Sing Sing HI- III, IV, Pres, IIIQ Has- ketball and Football III. IV: Block MV" III, IV: Vice Pres. Iluys' I"cdel'atiul1 IV. . Ilrainatics Club I, ll, 1932 SENIOR VVELLS, SUSAN Scholarship ll: Home Economics ll: .Ir Spanish I ll : English IV. WILSON, LOUISE Home Economics Club I: Athletics II: Tumbl- ing Club II, III: Sing Sing IV. WOODAIIIJ, VIRGINIA V-audeville I: Dra- matics I, II: Dance Recital II: Tumbling Ill: Glee Club IV. WII.I.I.xMs, RAYMOND Science I, II: Basket' ball I, Ill, IV: Tennis ll, III, IV: Baseball III: Camera Ill, V, Pres. V: Track IV. WOODARD, HOWARD Operettra I: Football IV. WYETH, FRANK Transfer, II: Dra- matics Club: Cam- era Club. WYLIE, GORDON WYLIE, NAOMI Transfer III: Glee Club lll, IV: Music III: Se- nior Operetta: Auto Shop IV: Hi-Y IV. YEIIEMIAN, ISABEL Glee Club III: Sing Sing III, IV. YOUNG, SIJIID Jr. Spanish I, II, Vice President II: Sr. Span- ish III, Sec.-Treas.: Camera III: Scholar- ship I, II, III, IV: Home Economics IV, Pres.: Orchestra IV' Glee Club IV.- Transfcr lll: Service Club III: Glee Club III, IV: Girls' League Lost and Found Committee: Dramatics IV: Orches- tra IV: Band IV. YOAKUM, VIRGINIA- ZELLEII, BETTY Glee Club I, IV: Dra- matics I, Il: Girls' League Social Service Committee Il: Esper- anto III, Pres.: Golf Club IV. S I I GIRLS' GLEE CLUB I Nli hundred and forty girls entered the glee elnb this year. This is more than double the number that has joined in any preceding sehool year. Under the direction of Miss lleers the girls have progressed rapidly, and a number of exeeptionally good singers has been picked from the group. .TX representative group took part in the .Xll County Chorus at the Teaeher's lnstitnte in Tulare under the direetion of Miss lleers. The elnh sang for the Old lfolk's Home at Christmas time in eooperation with the tiirl's l.eagne. ln April they sang at the distriet P. T. A. pro- grani. They took part in the spring festival given by the ninsie depart- ment. They also assisted on the Colnlneneenient l'rogran1 and at the lledieation of the new auditorium. The pnrpose of the Glee club is to give those girls who are inter- ested in ninsie a ehanee to develop their ability in singing. mg BUYS GLEE CLUB HESE two groups have been very active during the past year in school activities. They took part in the civic music concert, and entertained at the Rotary Lodge a number of times. The members of these groups receive special personal attention from the instructors, and any students showing evidence of outstanding ability in vocal accomplishment are picked with care for the quartets and other similar groups. lf any student is especially interested in developing a strong, melodious voice, he may find a svmpathetic instructor, either in .Vliss lleers, for the girls, or Mr. llurris, forthe boys. Besides being a source of vocal development, these organizations offer a period of entertainment and relaxation to the much over-worked students who seek credit in these activities. Since there are perhaps three hundred students, more or less. included in these combined groups. one would expect results. TRACK H E track squad this year was much stronger than it was expected to be. lt was weakened by the graduation of some of the best track men the school has had for several years. Coach Shidler, however, put the squad into excellent shape for the county meet. Visalia was defeated by the strong Hanford crowd, but placed second in the county meet. Ray Morey, Kenyon Richards, Herbert Hougham, Alex Moren- tine, and Lloyd Putnam were the outstanding' men, Ray Morey was elected captain of the class "A" and proved his ability by making' a new county record in the 440-yard dash. Kenyon Richards elected captain of the "ll" class, took first place ill the 100-yard dash and in the broad jump. Herbie Hougham, captain of the class, repeated by taking first in the 75-yard dash and in the broad jump. Lloyd Putnam took third in the half mile. Morentine won third in the mile run. Guadulupe took fifth place in the mile run. Coach Shidler entered one team in the West Coast Relays. He also entered Richards in the 100-yard dash. The team consisted of Morey, Q4-10-yard dashj g Putnam, t88O-yard dashj 5 Morentine, tmilel 3 and Todd, t44O-yard dash Q. Visalia placed high in the total number of points in the Valley meet. The "ll" class relay team broke the record. The team consisted of Richards, Fuchs, Galante, and Otani. Ray Morey and Alex Morentine were the only men to qualify in the state meet. Ray placed first in the 440-yard dash in the valley meet and Alex placed third in the mile run. TENNIS NDER the auspices of Miss Rehnike, the Visalia High School tennis squad had a very successful year. Although Visalia is handicapped by having only two courts, the team made a good showing at the County Tournament held at Hanford April 23, at the High School courts. A delightful lunch was served at l2:l5 in the lligh School gymnasium for all officials and players participating. Claire Buckner, one of the valleys outstanding players, won first place in the girls' singles. Phyllis Bullard, Yisalia's choice player, won. second place in the girls' singles, while Rhoda Lankford and Delos Gillespie in mixed doubles and Miller Pannel in boys' singles competed as far as the semi-final events and then lost to their opponents- Tulare. Maxine Reid and Yenita Betts played in the girls, doubles but lost their first match to the Exeter team. Raymond VVilliams and Robert Allen entering in the boys' doubles lost their first match to the Porterville squad. Practice tournaments were held with neighboring towns including lixeter, Porterville, Tulare, Dinuba, Orosi, and Delano. Phyllis Bul- lard, Rhoda Lankford and Delos Gillespie were undefeated by all the contestants from the above mentioned schools. Members of the team included: Girls, Singles, Phyllis l-Sullardg lioys' Singles, Miller Pannelg Girls, Doubles, Venita Betts and Maxine Reidg Boys' Doubles, Raymond VVilliams and Robert Alleng Mixed Doubles, Rhoda Lankford and Delos Gillespie. ...I i .- I V A A ..., .Z ,,E,r.:, " .1 .- . :J . 2 'fi , N' W- V V .H -E 5 ,Q i f I E 553 E z H - ' 2:..X:+f il '-r ' f ': " '. .:'5 ff'--Fi:-' FV ' Hvisas:122-52555-sz!-'f ' . 4 J, . . ,X x... i -fa .H..,r . ., ff. --:f e-f - -- f .mom rw. fe .1 .-41. Y 'ef f. -- . f f .R - g: ,L W- 5, -7 R. ORVAL OVERALL LYN LARY LAWRENCE FRENCH OLYMPIC GAMES HE interest of the world this year is centered on the Olympiad to be held in Los Angeles this summer. The source of the modern Olympics was the ancient Olympics. i These games originated in Greece as a religious festival in honor of Zeus Olympus, the Greek god of gods. The Greeks prided themselves on their physically well developed bodies, and the games, which were held from 776 B. C. to 393 A. D., consisted of various trials of strength, skill, and endurance. In the ancient Olympics were included such events as horse racing, discus throwing, javelin throwing, and wrestling. The rediscovery of the site of the Ancient Olympic games gave im- petus for the modern Olympics. The ruins were discovered in 1766, but it was not until 1882 that the nations, led by a Frenchman interested in athletics, agreed that the Olympics would be revived in 1896, at Athens. They have been held every four years since that time. Between fifteen and twenty-five events have been included in the games. Sixteen events are to be held in Los Angeles this summer. Be- sides the regular events in which individuals or nations compete for supremacy, the country staging the festival gives a demonstration of an international sport and a demonstration of a native sport. Among the events to be held this summer are gymnastics, fencing, rowing, field hockey, swimming, and demonstrations of football a national sport. and lacrosse as an international sport. There will also be competition in the arts. HERBERT WELCH MARION HOLLEY PHIL MORENTIN OLYMPIC GAMES We are especially interested in the Olympic Games, because, besides the fact they are to be held in our own state, we have several graduates from our high school who participated in the last Olympic games. Be- sides these fortunate ones, we have others who have distinguished them- selves in the various branches of athletics. Lyn Lary and Lawrence French were both members of the graduat- ing class of 1925 of Visalia Union High School. They were prominent on the baseball team-Lary, a short stop or third baseman, and French a pitcher. Lary attracted Pacific League baseball scouts while he was in high school and was signed up by Oakland club of the Pacific Coast League after his graduation from high school. Lary was sold to the Yankees and was given his first real trial by them last year. He was used most of the time as regular short stop or third baseman and ranked high in the list of the ten leading shortstops of the American League. Larry French had some trouble getting started in baseball but finally signed with the Portland League in the Pacific Coast league. He did a good deal of pitching for a young player. He signed a contract with the Pittsburg Pirates and last year developed into a regular pitcher. He was designated as a member of the big league all-star team, selected to tour the Orient last fall and returned about two months ago from Honolulu and Japan, where approximately thirty games were played. French pitched most of the games. He is now classed as one of the strongest Pittsburg pitchers and has a high record in the National league. OLYMPIC GAMES Orval Overall is another graduate of the Visalia High School who has distinguished himself in sports. At the University of California he was active in football where he was captain of the California varsity squad and a star guard. He did most of the kicking for the team. Overall was the only man who ever attained the University of California baseball captaincy in the same year that he was football captain. After his graduation from the University in 1904, he went into professional baseball. He was in Tacoma and Cincinnati ball clubs and pitched the Chicago Cubs to two world series championships. He lives in Visalia. He is the founder and former president of the Visalia Golf Club and is greatly inte rested in hunting, shooting and fishing. Miss Marion Holley is one of our Visalia Union High School grad- uates who has been prominent in sports. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Holley of Visalia. After her graduation from Visalia Union High school, Miss Holley entered Stanford University, where she was active in sports. She set a new record of four feet, eleven inches in the high jump, the previous record being four feet, ten and one-half inches. She participated also in the broad jump. Having been success- ful in the tryouts for the Olympic games participants at Newark, New Jersey, in 1928, she was fortunate enough to go to Amsterdam with the American team. Donald Blessing is also a graduate of the Visalia Union High School. At the University of California in 1924 he was a member of the victorious Freshman rowing crew against VVashington University. ln 1928, l-Blessing was a member of the VVorld Championship California crew which won at Poughkeepsie and set a new record for four miles, the previous record having stood for twenty-seven years. This record California still holds. ln the tryouts at Philadelphia for the Olympic Games, the California crew defeated Princeton and Columbia, and after- wards defeated Yale in the finals. Against Yale, the California crew set a new world record for two thousand meters. At the Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928, California, with Blessing as coxswain, defeated OLYMPIC GAMES ltaly, France, Germany, Canada, and England in the finals. ln the race with Canada, the California crew broke the Olympic Games record for the two thousand meters. Herbert VVelch and Philip Morentin are two recent graduates of Visalia Union High School who have distinguished themselves in track activities. Herb VVelch was a member of the graduating class of 1929. Phil Morentin was a member of the class of 1931. Welch won the half at the state track meet in two successive years. He set a new record of one minute, fifty-eight and six-tenths seconds. Morentin won the mile at the State Meet in Berkeley in 1930 and at Visalia in 1931. He set a new record of four minutes, thirty- one seconds. Morentin is now attending Stanford University where he is expected to continue his good track work. CALENDAR MARCH 4. Girls' League Party. Basketball. II 17. 21 Fresno at Visalia. . Orchestra Concert. Mr. Burris. St. Patrick's Assembly. . Principal's Convention. 24-25. Vacation. I 2. 9. APRIL Assembly, Miss Rouleau. Rural School Track Meet. Iunior-Senior Prom. 15. Oratorical Contest at Strathmore 23. County Tennis at Hanford. CALENDAR APRIL Public School Week. Track Meet at Delano CCoumy Student Body Dance. MAY Miss Beer's Piano Recital. C. S. F. at Visalia. Track Meet at Selma. Fresno State Board fDayj. Tea by Girl Reserves. West Coast Relays, Fresno. State Track Meet at Modesto. IUN E School Closes. , - , , . 7 , - Q , ' ww "Qu ' vw' ' .aw ' anti" .a'7Q.f 0 .Q-673 as ' JT' I 'S . af- 5 f mv- 3 mari rf Www L 'sc' f 'Ne' 3 '50 i Congratulations TO THQ GRADUATINC5 CLASS ot M932 'fa I", in their future business life we can he of assistance to them, we are only too glad to serve them. Wie have the interest of Visalia ancl Tulare County at heart, and will be pleased to clem- onstrate to the people of our community what real banking' is ancl what it does. '23 YOU .illtli .11I.liVfIl'.S' Mf'1il.C'Oillli A-17' THIZ Vl.S'fll,li'-I l3RflNC'H -Opu- Security-First National Bank oli Los Angeles as Mfr I, ,E I ff X VH V N 1 i i 'r 'L i N X flt's A ffQc1lCC5Yeat 1 A OMBINED with Americzfs greatest show, set hke n ievvei in the vnheyk finest theatre .... Your's to enjoy any- time - taiking, pictures supreme from id M C' M studios, Paramount Fox at . 1. . and R. K. O. studios. Coiumbia :md Universai productions. 1-1 1-1 . '1'HliflTI?1I SPIiCIAI,I,Y CON- S'l'KUC'1'1iIJ FOR SOUND PICTURES VVS YOUR 'i'Hii.XTRii XYTEND VY OVTXEN wonuis nu E sr uimne 'VHYQMEMKQRXKQQYX The Yztiiefs Finest Construeted Theatre LQ fwg Q35 G- I . sg .', xv . r ip, lf UQ, ,wt UV 1-F -if li i 2 ,Iii S07 Li-P 2 at elf' L 'sg-,P . par 3 '50 . 'Se' 3 at . 'Sa' Congratulations to the Class of 1932 'A:::XTulmlixlv ,::? ' , . .y ,, 3. s "1 0 yE'f1"37. , 1 4' vgvg' .5 62 f 1 .- v,i,j,lXQ: 'V ga 3 -, 'V QNQ O 2 5 -- f TY' , A - 5 f f 5.5 1. r' f 0 Q.. "ff,4Z."il1S1 K' P9 J' 41" ' ,N xv! 'I 1" X xiv' .kv 4f'a'-mg Bank of America National Trust SL Savings Association M A NS to flu Ll IDII O I We 'IHWGIIIQ you :- for thc business given us this your :mtl hopc thc plcaszmt contacts 11l21KlC with 111011113013 of the 1932 flfililllllllllg' Class will contimlc tlxroughout thc ycars lu Culllc. l'UR'I'R.lITS UF DlS'I'lNC'I'IUN PHONE 457 118 SO. COURT ST , . 1- , Q ,. Q , S. 0 as ' .aC': as., ' .2770 .XV-f. ' Q"-2"'Jf-.f 4 vw.. 0 as 260460:S t-'sel'SxL,Q.S,4,0-g'S6:"5r'A.0:"S0i Q lIl'CfIIL'SS S1'111jvZ1'C1'f-V Baa uf-V GENERAL Q EEEcrRrc Refrigerators M1 fgelts - JXQJ Tipes - TNQ ,Servicing Once Installed- Then Forgotten 'ross - orlock Gompcmy YlS.-Xl,lA, CAl,lFURNlA l,400,000 in Use-Not One Cent Spent For Service RADIOS- 4 , . - . Buclcmon - Mitchell R.Lcl1ol.1 Phiiw fm? ViCf0f INSU ROIQS Pl ANOS- MEMBEI, Kimball Gulbranson 'M AC X , Y Y K 1 . ASSOCIAT Manson 8. ll.unhn 'Warm IEIITS ELECTRIC 4 Q 4 REFRlGERATORS-- A1 th S, f C d The Norge Rollzttor Ways C lan O T00 v Insurance on Anything Anywhere .flQl9l9ins Music V 4 Store , 122 N. Church St. Visalia, Calif. 7 QQ. 'iw 3 vw 371. 7 any 'bmw 7 .aw :'Qf. T ,cv 779, T Q 3? 4 4 4 .4 4 J4 4 E. ft.. X4 f as 'Ts a'7"7".f 4 4 4 4 4 .4 4 4 4 4. ,J K3 J,. sf- . za- L sr . gn 3. mae I swf 3 -sf .iso 2 sz- :few IFISI-IIEIVS SERVICE ASSOCIATED STATIONS CJas--Oil-Greases-Tires and Accessories No. I No. 2 Main and Iohnson Court and Race Phone 744-W Phone 178 WE WILL CALL FOR AND DELIVER YOUR CAR VISALIA MANUFACTURING CO. I. G. Wishon, Pre.vidc'nl Herman W. Wood, Manager z V1sAL1A, CALIFORNIA Munufacturer.v of PURE CRYSTAL ICE AND BOTTLED SODAS ICE - REFRIGERATORS - COAL - WOOID SODA - BEVERAGES .4 Block of Ice Never Gets Out of Order McKESSON REMEDIES RUBINSTEIN BEAUTY AIDS PAGE 54 SI-IAW CANDY JIfGxier's Tharmacy Prescription Specialists Visalia Phone Q4 Calif 100 E. Main St. PROMPT FREE DELIVERY The Farmer's Supply Co. Dealers in GENERAL MERCHANDISE V GIVE Us A CALL PHONE 76 125 N. Garden St. P. O. Box 157 VISALIA, CALIF. . . L. -, W I- ,. . .WTO ac., 0 QC ' as v amd: .rms 0 ac Q as 0 Q77 .aw . A! ' ' ,lil lf' v.4,'w' "'- A . ' . -swoi. swf- . fsc.'-sr 4 f'sejn.Yj's' --1 Q ag - . W .. NEVV AND USED F U R N l T U R E ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS V Cooper's Furniture Co. We appreciate your patronage- F. W. Woolworth Co. 5, Io, ISC Store '23 -Where the Best is Cheapest- W e appreciate your Switzer-McCormic PATRONAGE- Drug Co. lwthluif Over Eastman Kodaks and Films 496 -HAAS CANDY- Sprouse-Reitz Co. Fountain Pens, Pencils Phone 120 Visalia, Calif Harrell Bldg. Watchmaker Ieweler Engraver C. T. KATHE FINE JEWELRY 116 West Main St., Visalia, Calif. Ii x Nun x 1 1 35 f fi- if-i Tr 3... ' ' -. .".ff,::::f:1f1:f'f"3fz 1- 2' 3,-:yiiiuuun . , wr ,ggi X .-F ' , .-fbi' ri: ' f - ' -' 35: ' 1 H , X A ,. 1 "xx ' 7' DR. F. G. KEi.1.1aNB1sRG o ifro M iQ'rR1s'r Phone 474, Visalia, Calif. Geo. TSCHUMY, Pres. LoR1No WHITAKER, Sccfy. W. B. MITCHELL, flss't. Secfy l Oulare County 'Abstract Company X8 304 WEST MAIN STREET Q ,K -.i 1- 99 0 -aw 0 vs. "Os, ' amy Tfgmf, 7 ,aff we T ,sq W ii Fj :Y 'sd' Q 'ae' W Axilwfsf- L SWF y 'beg' 1 1 'Sf' : 'S .LP 1 'SSC r 44 . liYERYTHlNG IN BUILDING M.'X'l'liRI.'Xl,S K U Q P T i T fi u , T2 Tulare County Lumber Co. T M E. M. HONVARD, TXIANAGIQR r E X 45 The Lumber Number 515 West Main Street T Tr T T T r , r T r T - 7 I? e e me r r r r e e I3 Qadfzzac La Salle 3 SALES ana' SERVICE ,Z bc QQQS v 'Q THELAN ffluro Go rg GET BEHIND THE WHEEL AND - Tc GET THE FACTS Q Tontiac A 4 VISALIA TULARE T '3- oog East Main Street Opposite Tulare Theatre Q Phone 70 Phone 27 if .aw ' T af. ' vmafv VVTY- ' 0 Q ' vw 0 K' 'SQ . Ns- L Si: 'se' L "'Ay" 'sip L Q,W.j":ve' i 'SQ' me- 1 'SQJIS CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS Ol? 1932 Sequnia Suffer Shun HVVCICOIIIC fo 'flzvc and Thy C0H1f7CllI'X'H A. ll.xR1:1s, Mgr. 123 VV. IVIAIN Harry L. Patterson Garage HIGH GRADE AUTOMOHTLE REl'AlRlNG ALL MAKES OF CARS M0050 B111'la'1'11g Plzmzc 302 DODGE BROTHERS MOTOR CARS -:- TRUCKS -1- and SCHOOL BUSSES PLYMOUTH PASSENGER CAR TOM SPEAR REMEMBER OUR SERVICE TULARE VISALIA PORTERVILLE CONGRATULATIONS, 1932 CLASS PETERSEN'S MEN 'S WEAR Formerly California Clothing Store Complete Wearing Apparel for Men and Boys , Q cf 0 44 25,4 T281 5 4 JQTS1 QL o QQ, PS- 4 .vw s. . Q . 0 4. .ll J 'D 9. f 4 pn lf J 'D 4. ll J m ll Q I vw Tis., ' af. ifw 3 JTf. v bmw ' as ""DQ. T T fv 7 -P23 L 'sf .gr 1 se- .90 1 Sw' lip' 1 'Se' 1 fy-.Lf JUSTESEINVS Food Stores FANCY and STAPLE GROCERIES and INSPECTED MEATS Consistently Sold For Less 227 East Main Street 120 So. Locust St. Visalia, Calif. AlE.Elruukz1 84 Su 11 Ellttnrrul lgarlurn SYMPATI-IETIC SERVICE MODERN EQUIPMENT AMBULANCE SERVICE Twenty-nine Years in Visalia 'ii PHONE o2.w Seney 86 Leeper AUTO MOTI VE El .ECTRICIANS EXIDE BATTERIES SPEEIX DM ETER SERVICE SALES AND SERVICE ON WINFIELD CARBURETORS gal l'l1onc 212. IIS So. Church St. Valley Meat Market Fresh and Cured Meats L Wc want your trade solely upon the merits of our goods. You will profil by lruding hww. THE BEST is our motto Phone 56 Visalia -. Aj, . L, . , .- . . V, ' .ew'.af. ' as as ' a'7NQ..'.a'7s 0 JTOQQ 4 .aQ'.as. f''-u,g.'sQ,e.''S0Q 1 if - . - . STAR LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING COMPANY Huis CiUCl1lC'd and Blocked Rugs Dry Cleaned uwmiwwa Visalia Plione 1300 Lindsay Plionc 153 PHONE 1353 - Roy Berry- 214 W. Main sf. ADVANCED Cgrigidaire THE BEST SOLUTION OF YOUR REFRIGERATION PROBLEM V Kindly mention 'The Ooh' so we may give all credit possible to our High School publication -The drug store that you can patronize with confidence, Where fair play dominates each sale. -H. L. GILMER. Tffunloon, ilovelace Q Gilmer ACCURACY WITH SERVICE PHONE 47-48 225 E. Main St. Visalia, Calif. .aw f -aw 7 -vs, 'iw 7 .ima :ima 7 vs. 79. 5 as., Tis.. 7 i 68.30 1 50.50 L AQPLYBQP 1 60.60 1 66.10 CITY QASH MARKET Meats-CQroccrics-X'egctablcs--Dcliczmtcsscn MEMBER OF I. G. A. Plume l33O 213 E. Main St. l 14 A. H. Kelly Lumber Co. Headquarters for We BUILDING IDEAS Hurry W .N 702 S. Bridge St.--Visalia, Calif. CON DlT'S - FLOWERS Amencan EQ L'NSURl'.fXSSIiD Y.lXl.UliS Fox THEATRE BLDG. VISALIA. CALIF. XIYIIIQRIQ York lD0l,l..XRS lXlI'2li'l' rlllllilk Y.xl.l'14: J. J. NEWBERRY 127 XY. MAIN Visalia, Calif. Steel Co. FRANK li.joI1Ns 901 12. Main St. l'houc l26 ae,mq,gI,l"Ck.9n wIz1.1. CXIXSING SHEET IIIITAI. HIQATING ,xml DAI Rx' EQUIPMENT . , . ,. .. ' -T'.af. v Q. ew ' .JT gf Q'-P 'fkff s'.2wf :aw . se- . me 4 nge-7. A-We . -'sc-LYS' 'Se'-47750 - . . Q . 68710 CX. Look for the nalne when 4 4 l you drink. 4 4. The assurance of the high- est quality beverage. L ECHO iBe4ve'rage Go. Phone 789 Coninieneenient is a big occasion in all girls' and boys, lives, and Footwear, of course, takes an ini- portant role. This store is ready to serve both girls and boys with the Shoes they need for formal or sport occa- sion. W Harry C. Locey CONGRATULA'1'lONS TO THE CLASS OE '32 and GREETINGS TO ALL STUDENTS OF V. U. H. S. l Qountain At The Lunch DRIVE - IN MARKET 4 400 WEST MAIN ST. .S'c111dic'1'vlzv.v and HCl1'l1IIl!l'gC'l'.Y and All Soft lJl'l'1ll?S -A Iso- Tlzc Best SOC llfcal in Visalia 4 SQ' 3 . 4 4 44. .lil 4 44. 5 4 ' 051681 0 fi 4 4 l 4 4 . f 4 f 4 ., . .H . , . . . , . .9 vw'Jw 0 Tw 0 amsvafw ' Q-.4 4 asviw ' Q16 "'s0.A,w.-se-."s04"-4,0.'sg,f-.-se-.'sf.-sf' -uf . if . i u sr TO THE CLASS AND Up 1932 DANCE W ,xt M gsm' + Sierra fPcwk Geo. Pedersen SHCJILS' 214 lizlst Main Visalia. Calif. 'ii Dancing VVccl. 81 Sa t. Nite " ' ' ' w Hyde Ranch TH15 D , CLEAN. wry WHOLESQME. Vrocluccrs :md HUNEST HQME DiSU'iblltOI'S X of ' X Q A 4 1? N GRAIJIQ ".-X" MILK V CC7NGRArI'Ul.JXTliS THIS HONEST. Cfclllgyiltllliltiolls W'HcJLES0lX1E Class CLASS of 14132 Ol? '32 , . ,4.,,f,,. ,.,,K,.,,1g,'T,y9f,,7,-s'..n..'vw ' v'v Ps St" '56 Art' n Q '56 'Sf' 54' 91? 2: 1 iz 2 'E-KL: pf 1 Ref 1 .2 z FREE DELIVERY P HQN 15 253-W Bi. and Bi. CLEANERS MRS. CLARA S. BOYD PERSONAL SUPERVISION OF ALL WORK 530 N. Encinu St. VISALIA, CALIFORNIA 9 A , Benham s p 'cifnm A W , Ice Cream p 11fHmH11f12 SUPREME QUALITY 52511132 FOR 24 YEARS CTOM STEWART, Prop.j FROZEN DAINTIES I BATTERY and ELECTRICAL FRUIT PUNCH A SPECIALISTS Etc. for parties and special OCCHSIOIIS 4. A A Gai, Oils, Tires, Tzfbes, t N Greaslng, Washzng BENHAM'S .:. Ice CTCHH1 p Telephone 236 sm E. Main si. Phone sfiw p A iii, N. Weir sr, Visalia, Calif. GCHQY LlI1Ql'c3l IPdl'lOI'S 410 VV. CENTER ST. PHONE 90 VISALIA . . L, Q Y, I. ,. , YY . as..'.af.fvwvof.-.a'W.vo"f.',vaf.,fas.vTw..v gi I 1- I1 41 I GI I o Q 4 .29 i R. 5 AAI 4 I 'I' M J. Ig J. If 'S If i K Ik, A , f I 4 4 I J .AG LRK1 . A-CQLP - Q I I Il. 1 P , me .pf 1 -sc,. se- L awe . eww . at ?'pe- . sc' .50 CIROVER HENIKX' QA? Visalia . ardware Colnpany QA! FISHING TACKLE SOCIAL and CUIVIIVIERCIAI, STATIONERY SCHOOL SUPPLIES Fountain and Candy Lewis Stationer H. WYETH, Mgr. 3 ATH1.ET1c Gowns .L N HARDVVARE If .1 Phone lj 209 W. Main St. I II3 W. Main SL. Phone 95 I , , 77 Y V I Y 7 Y Y ,, I1. 1 Q 50 4 5 '56 0 'SH' 4 -5, Sig 2 ,-55 9?'f Q ' .. ... IIMIIQLMHIIIDIINIICY l.L'lIfl'.Y 7710111 ,-Ill GAS, STORAGE AND REPAIRS 6734? CLIXRIDIQN and CIENTIER Phone 765 Q , ,- Q 7. 1 X , , aw' ' af. ' -21.70 as ' 57' Jaw ' ai. f'Js ' vs' " as Arlo '50 L GQ. me 5 wwe- 1 wwf 2 'sqlrfse 1111141111911 IIB A 1114? 11 11111 GET QE131M1111oQM111Q1f North Court and N. VV. Second Avenue YI SALIA, - CALIFORNIA Gongmtulations to Glass of IQ32 l VISALIA STEAM LAUNDRY I". O. 12111111.15 Phone 63 H. LX. C1,1x1:1c1uz n GOOD WASHING SUPIQRIOR VVINS DRY GOOD VVILL CLEANING gg! +g. .glwqf .QQ HQ ,gg f R n 1 P .. J w 11. 1: X 4. .15 '1 7-11. ,Fwy 7 1 I? 'x .15 1 5 fx 0 1 J p .. J 'S .. 4 if J F 56' 'Sf 18' of 'Sf' '59 'SI' '59 F' 5' 1 1f5' 1 N 145- 1 11 1 11 J. C. PENNEY Co. lVH1ilx'li SAVINGS ARE GRlIAT1i.S'T Corner Main and Locust Sts. T110 Most of flu' Best for flzc Least lfl LMS KODAKS DRUGS CJXNDI ES STATIONERY VTITSATIIQIIIA TIDTIRTIIIGEF MD. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS OUR COVERS VVERE MANUFACTURED BY Weber f McCrea Co INCORPORATED 421 EAST SIXTH STREET Los Angeles, California 9 ,. . . , ,. , Q ,Q .x.'.w.fas-'.asva'7v.,v.a'7Y.v.,,-s.' -as -sc 'Sa Arg Q so Q wwe 2 sip 4 A-0 is Sf 4 me-if 54- . SQ . -. .. is 1. ., .. .. .. . . 'I FOPMEDLY HUGHES I TIDTUN Wmrsnmug The Sfortv for Young M011 VVHERE NEVV STYLES PREDOMINATIE l f V - , A ma.: ' we w 1 ' 'Q ,Niiun pu: 1l,',-- ,.... I u - .W Rl! N Z-l: I ' I' V B, Ei' w' H ,-l 'W .,.... ii ...... R qxzav 393375 for Diamonds and Silverware and also that FREE Wrist Watch for HER and a BULOVA Strap Watch for HIM -SEE- williams at the Big Jewelry Store Around the Bank Corner IOS S. Court St. Visalia, Calif. N N TWINS For High Quality, Low Prices and Courteous Service '33 G 8: I Housewares Phone 905 H. S. Goldstein G 8: I Groceries Phone 900 lack Iseman '23 Visalials Safest and Best Trading Places Wu.soN Buos. I'IABERDASHERY STETSON HATS siiiiiiiilrsiiltairtniilwliaas fPl1one 1267 I04 East Main Street MENIS CLOTHING W1 I A iw I I-Q 4 all 4 I ,Aw +I 4.. J P .. ll J. -? R ' v"ur Ji ' me r fn ,l,, I qw I Jr I A is . . , , , , , - Z . .9 aw'-awvawfefvv .a'7Ng.0b'7X..fa-4.:Ts.4vs.:0w+.aK5 Q 'se-L. pf L 'sr .Lv 1 'swf . ga' L 'sc' Lf 2 A, i ew' L ,School and Qffice Supplies JU TGGNI f BRANCH Stationers Q-.Wx i i 1EE?F5f?5f ' qvl L 3? V 4 x O RADIUS- -1'AR'I'Y SUI'l'l,lIiS l.Y.S'l.S"l' OX- Tiamonb Gives arab Babes lluy Tl1c111 17117111 Your Dczllcr or Ebe ffxutomotive Supply Co. 1 lncorpomted Main amd GZl1'ClC11 Strccts 11110110 850 , 1 X ,, 1 , ,. , -. ,- SS ' if -.2-2. ' .QQ ' .177 JHY. T .970 .aw ' es.. 0 v me . sr- . 'so . -'su-,Q. 'swf . NQ. me ir' .Q i Y .1 ff., 77777VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV V V777 TCD EAC!-I AND EVERY MEMBER OE TI-IE CLASS of: IC932 ?i???79? 7 1 f w - 5 U11 .Stand Upon flu' llzrcslmld of .YU-zu and Gl'L'ClfCI' U1zdc1'fa k1'11gs- BEST WIS!-IES for flu' S1lt'l'L'A'S of all your CIlll'UClT'0l'S fs our x1 CVC IIICSSCIQIC 10 you- - V Hizmlizl Einwz - -Brita "VV UI' w 41 w 1 1 4 w 4 Q E , Q Q 1- 4 af., ' aT 0 TTR, 0 wg, Q -2. J 44. I 0 J. ' as 1 ' as 4 41. fi pf Ig I 9. r :J 'S g. .If 4 fi an 4 .15 4 Q J 5 4 .. J F -,,L,e'-.'sg,e-'lfsa-.f-,al-sa-lsf Gongratulations fr C50 you for your school achievements. May success he yours in the fue ture, and we hope to enjoy your friendship and good willalways. , sv 7 Q75 W X -'1 :Q 'P wxgxk ,,.3,' 5 ,505 0 5-2615 DY' Q5 E' ' ' GIIHIHIHIEB IIMINIDIIMIEQJIE IIDIIRCY 4841134011133 GEGD.. , , , EAT AT THE Vlsalla Weldmg y . . AND , Malnsandwlch Shop Radiator Works X The Biggest Little Place in Town BODY AND FENDER WQRK l h WHERE THE Bm COSTS LESS 206 W. MAIN P hone 574 y sam Inivine, Prop. , , -,Q -r T x, , ,W .2-1.73 as ' af. ' 537 aaa ' Q"T'v f Q. v .aw FEET. .v f Q hu 4 A ' X . ' .K W ,,.f:,5mgg'gggl,fg,, .xu -Q, , , , M. , . ,,. A , . 5 ,Y .131 555 3 ,gr xx k' ,.-fx v 4 my .,,A, 'I x Kg- . ' ' if 1 Qtr' xx- A 9524 M554 K., rr.. , 'Yr r . 3-M ' 75'-.' Q' ' +4 L- .4 K 4 Uk. .ga . 35S , was .xkf-Q ,-L5 4" f: .wi bv . I ,. f' , f A "far ., M m, , Q u , W AUTOGRW , , ,s-. . a 4 .3 T ' .1 X. . -r w. a i, -V f V y. 1 , 5 , u , '4 l , A Q D , -an - I K, xx. 5 '23 " I ' F W it ,, . .-,.--A. w'if,.f:A', f"N55".l T f'lx,.fY1s ,E by-,..,v+ -, xiii? wifi? "4-552. ug 'ff5Hf.If,"L Qw-52 u. ,V 65: ,, ,,,,.,. Qtvkiia- , ,Q ' r 1, , -lm! u 1 w ' -rl A '2"'.' ,- V., . ,sflgxg ' A ' f Wm1x.w,1. 3 x an ,- - " , 1'4?? M g.nqm.f - --15:ix:r:,' 'Q V ffl X-,1 1 ,y A mx i""fg-?5",' Y 1 -' I i - 1 fir 11 ' 'ft K ' ' ' ns' . ft . 1. ,Q-. ,' A ff, .1-jx :qv -"Dy ' 4 5. 1 4 Ai NZ- 'I A fy 1 4". , ' TA J . , - -f : 1 ' Ii, V l - r N ,, , W L. I-fn . ' . 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