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. v . . ' J,- J 'H W V-Q ,Q . l V s 1 . -if Q ,, ,- 'STL -1 . Q 51 s 1 i, - -1 , ft .4 .., f w- ,j K 7:.T 'E Inspired by the Study of Shakespeare We the Class of 1959 Present THE DRAMA OF HIGH SCHOOL LIFE The Rayen Annual The Rayen School Class of 1959 Youngstown, Ohio XX I ll All of Royens cu Sfcg +46 wi RMEN "All of Rayen's a Stage" Ancl all the students in it merely players Th . . . ey have their exits and their entrances And each one in his time plays many parts His acts being four stages, Lowly freshmen, wise-fool sophomores, Conceited iuniors and mighty seniors" fWith apologies to Shakespeare's "As You Like lf" Act ll Sc. VID SCHUGM +El Page Th ree Repertory of School Life Drama Foreword ........ Dedication .... Administration . . . Faculty ...... Clubs ......... Activities fE.C.A.J . Classroom Activities Sports . . . Freshmen . . . Sophomores .. Juniors . . . Seniors ..... Senior Index Advertising Index General Index . .. s.....s.................-..-....... . 2-3 . 5 .. 6-7 8-10-20 . 21-44 . 45-62 . 63-70 . 71-88 . 89-93 95-105 106-119 120-147 148-162 163 164 Commencement Awards 1958 Valedietorians: Vail Dunn, Timothy Heames, Suzanne Huestis, Lana Shagrin and Mary Wolsonovich Edwin S. Gregory for Essays: Vail Dunn, JoAnn Flamiseh: Secretaries' Association Award: Mary Wolsono ch Phillippine Kerwer Award for German: Lana Shagrirt: Praemium Latinum Henoris: Vail Dunn: Vaughn Tndd Award: Lawrence Weller: American Legion Citizenship Award: John Nelly D.A.R. Citizenship Award Nancy Altdoerffer. Page Four "All places yield to them ere they sit down, and the nobility of Rayen are theirs." fApologies to Caesar! MISS WELTHA KECK MISS HELEN POND I Dedication MISS MARY LOUISE IOYNTON We dedicate this Drama of School Life to those teachers who inspired a love for Shakespeare in us: Miss Weltha Keck, active Miss Helen Pond, retired Miss Mary Louise Boynton, retired -if Page Five IE'- "The evil ihai men do lives after ihemp The good is off inferred with their gradesp So lei if be wifh reporis." IApologies to Caesar! ADMINISTRATION--Directs the Drama of Rayen Miss Pauline Buroy, secrelaryp Miss JoAnn Myers, sozroiaryp Mr. Andrew M. lindsay, principalg Tish McKalvey, siudeni aide. 'Iii Page Six MR. ANDREW M. LINDSAY Principal BL 1 "Let me be recorded by the righteous Gods." fTimon of Athens Act lV:llU Assisting Director Conters with Staff Standing: C. Theodore, M. Nieastro, J. Ingram, M. McCu9cheen, P. Mirto, M. 0'NeiII, Seated: Mr. Clark White, assi. principal, G. Gourley, R. Renner, A. Pappas, B. Italiano. "For examine their counsels, and their cares, Digest things rightly Touching the weal o' common." fCariolanus l:l1 MAIN OFFICE HELPERS - found: JoAnn Myers, G. Barr, Pauline Buroyp standing: B. Italiano, T. McKeIvey, S. Sandler, S. Delmont, J. ngram. 'tif Page Seven "lf I could pray to move, prayers would move me: But I am constant as the northern star." lCaesar lll:ll2 Checking Attendance at Performances Row one: A. lortilacci, H. Sores, P. Mirto, J. Davis, J. Micehia, C. Krauss: row two: M. Parent, K. Walker, M. Guru, I.. Limburg, M. Delial, A. Pappas, row three: M. MeCutcheon, B. Rifkin, D. Thomasmo, M. DeSantls, D. Peitrich, M. Gillam, M. Neal. "You great benefaciors, sprinkle our society with thankfulnessf' fTimon lll:lVI Administering First Aid in Clinic Row one: D. lettera, A. Bertilacci, M. Gurss, C. Krauss, Mrs. DiDomoni:o: row two: M. Neal, J. Rosenberg, J. Davis: row three: M. Nizastre, M. Parent, P. Mirto, M. McCutcheon. -if Page Eight H+ MRS. IDA DI DOMENICO School Nurse "To guard a title that was rich before To guild refined gold, to paint the lily, To smooth the ice, or add another hue unto the rainbow, ls wasteful and ridiculous excess." IKing Johnl GirI's Advisor Assists Female Casting Standing: Becky Mullane, June Fiscus, French Hutt, Peggy Henderson, Renee Berkewitx, giareieRGi:ea, Barbara Freed, Penny Hume, sitting: Miss Willa l. When, not in picture: etty an e . MISS PAULINE BUREY MR. CLARK WHITE MISS Jo ANN MYERS Secretary Asst. Principal 59Cfef0fY if Page Nine lk "If you have tears, prepare to shed them now." fCaesar2 Retiring Teachers-1958 MISS MARY LOUISE BOYNTON English MR. JOHN F. BUSCH Orchestra, Band MRS. CAROL MARSHALL Commercial MISS HELEN POND English MR. WALTER A. SIMPSON Shop MRS. HILDA STIFFLER Cafeteria Director During the past year, Rayen has seen the retirement of several teachers, some of whom had been here for many years. Miss Helen Pond, who taught English at Rayen since 1930, is now living in Cleveland with her sister. Mr. Walter A. Simpson, after teaching wood shop here since 1929, has moved to the warm Florida sunshine. . I Mrs. Hilda Stiffler, former teacher, and cafeteria manager for the past thirty-four years, is traveling with her husband around the United States by automobile. Miss Louise Boynton retired last June but now teaches at Youngstown University. She had been at Rayen for many years. K Among those who have withdrawn from the faculty are, Mrs. Carol Marshall, who is now teaching in Indiana, and Mr. John F. Busch who is still conducting and teaching band at Hayes Junior High School. -if Page Ten lil- Faculty Members Guide Rehearsals of Scenes Mllovguoxz l.k.Sg::::L2:s2L.Thomaxg raw two: J. Ocker, F. Lubonovicp rear: N. Hull, 5. leebaw DISTILLS WATER "If to do were as easy as to know what were good to do, chapels had been churches and poor man's cottages, princes palaces. It is a good diviner that follows his own instruction: I can easier teach twenty what were good to be done, than be one of the twenty to follow mine own teachings." fMerchant of Venice l:ll2 -'Sl Page Eleven Understudies Make Debut "Pronounce that sentence then on me, my Leige." MR. JOSEPH WILSON English "l think my sword's as sharp as yours." MR. JOSEPH DALTORIO Commercial, Typing "To Sapashe go, Break open the shops, nothing can you steal, but thieves do lose it." "l have a voice and precedent of peace, to keep my name ungor'd." MR. ROBERT l. SAPASHE Industrial Arts "Brevity is the soul of wit. ll MRS. JEANNETTE M. HOGAN English MRS. LILLIAN KEEFER Cafeteria Director -'El Page Twelve li'- "Feast your ears with the music awhile." MR. LEWIS I.. ANDERSON Instrumental Music Directing Braille, Biology and Visiting "Why lhal's the lady, all lhe world desires her." . "l know my course." MRS. MILDRED WITTKUGLE Braille l DR. PAULINE POWERS Braille, Secondary "Good, my leige, lhe day lhal she was missing, he was here." "So I charm'd lheir ears." MRS. SARA TOLTON Braille Music "Therefore prepare lhee fo cuf off the flesh, Shed ihou no blood." "We cannot live on grass or berries, wafer and fishes, as beasts, and birds, and fishes." MR. MATTHEW A. FLOWER Visiting Teacher , . MR. JOHN K. RUSS Biol09Yf Annual Sales -if Page Thirteen 19" MISS RUTH P. WHITTINOTON Biology Spotting the Commercial Scene "I crave the law The penalty and forfeit my bond." "Give us some gold, good Hast thou more?" ITimor of Athensj "You have ended my business." J MR. MATTHEW SEVAKO Geography MR. DONALD M. KOMA Tvnins MR. CLIFFORD M. GANDER Commercial "You know the law, your exposition ll "They say miracles are past, and Hall' been mosl sound' we have our philosophical persons to make modern and familiar things super-natural and causeless . . . " MISS EUGENIA SHEEHAN Commercial Annual Editorial Advisor MR. STEVEN A. SEDLACKO English -if Page Fourteen li'- Guarding the King's English "Cunning in music and to instruct her fully in those sciences." MR. ROBERT D. HASSEY English, Speech, History "Her very silence and her patience, Speak to the people." "But that your royal pleasure must be done, this act is as an ancient tale new told." MR. DAVID HOWLAND Speech, English "Good sentences and well pro- nounced, they would be better if well followed." "The tellow has good judgement. ll MR. HENRY R. KALE English "A thousand businesses are brief in hand, And heaven itself doth frown upon the land." MISS WELTHA KECK English MRS. BARBARA KUHLINS English, Gimplrs Y-Teens -lil Page Fifteen B+ MR. DAVID PITTS English Training in Industrial Roles 1'As best thou art experienced since thou know'st Thy country's strength and weakness." MR. HAROLD W. LANSING History "Then bid them prepare dinner" "No port is free, no place, That guard, amid most unusual vigilance does not attend my talking." MR. HAROLD N. JOHNSON Mech. Drawing, Annual Advertising "Let your discretion be your tutor." "Let us meet and question this most fashionable piece of work." MISS JUNE WEAMER MISS GENEVA 6. SMITH Home Economics "And therefore haste away, For we must measure twenty miles today." MR. LEE E. GUISEWITE Driver Education Home-Making MR. FRANKLIN P. ERCK Printing MISS well.: D. HAwKlNs ,, , , , Hom, Economic, But give me worship and quiet- -fel Page Sixieen ii?- ness, I like it better than dangerous honor." Adding the Finishing Touches to the Play "ln faith she is a worthy gentle- woman, exceedingly well read." MISS MARION M. MAGUIRE Librarian "The eagle suffers little birds to sing." "He is often like a knight." MR. KENNETH PICKERING Hislory "I must begin the rudiments of art: to teach you gamut in a briefer sort. ll MR. JOHN J. BENNINGER Art, Annual Art MR. WALDEMAR NISCHWITZ Vocal Music "And bestow your needed counsel to our business." MISS MARIE KRYZAN Social Science, Home Room Council Advisor 'til Page Seventeen lif- "My bounty is as boundless as the sea." l MISS WILLA LUCILE WHAN Girls' Advisor-Hygiene-Hisiory They Sing in Foreign Tongues Ancl I shall lose my life for want "Your accent is finer than som thing you could purchase In so of language If there be here Ger- removed G dwelling man or Dane, low Dutch, Italian or d. MR. NICHOLAS CIPOLLONE Spanish English "I think Frenchmen become her surety." I for ,I A 1552 ' 1 ll I If l l l I 3 IIN! in ' . ,.,,, 355233 i X Lf 'N -:fi n i sf- e gg? :H fllirm, ,. it I I , , 2:25 Sgr 1 2::..- , ' 12257 ., ..., as 'wihfiffig 512250255 ii tw ag f Wimfzetfwsrfffwizs W2 mf"--'iQKt2f3'fQ 131 Ngiiilfl ,4 Y Zfijigzwl 8 , s ,gg,lI I gi g " ' '.,1 H43 '3 MISS CATHERINE WARY Latin, French -:El Page Eighteen Building Sets, Props, Illusions "But this reasoning is not in good fashion." MISS MARY E. CRAVER Mathematics "Believe then if you please, that I can do strange things." "But like a comet, I was wondered at: That men would tell their children, This is he." MR. LAWRENCE D. GILBOY Mathematics, Annual Sales "Stand by and mark the manner of his teaching." "l'll know no more drumming, a plague of all drums." MR. ROBERT C. KLINKO Mathematics "Thus your own proper wisdom Brings in the champion honor." MR. ROBERT H. GILLESPIE Chemistry MR. SAMUEL G. ROGERS Mathematics -,El Page Nineteen lik MR. DALE THOMPSON Gen. Science, Physics 1 Limbering Actors "My judgement is, we should not step too far till we had his assist- ance by the hand." MR. THEODORE THEODOSOFF Civics, Economics "To the tub fast . . . and to the diet." MR. OLIVER S. ELLIS History, Hygiene for the Show "Let every man be master of his time . . . till seven at night, God be with you." MR. CHARLES JOACHIM History, Phys. Ed. "Tis honor, with most squads to be at odds." "He cannot be too sweet for the King's tartness." MR. JOE A. HORN Civics, Asst. Coach MR. RALPH ROBINETTE Phys. Ed. eel Page Twenty B1- ll II Up yon hill, your legs are young i 'i"l gf ff MISS PATRICIA SIGLER , Phys. Ed., Hygiene Clubs Revolve Around Cast "To be, or not to be, that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the sting and arrows of outrageous fortuneg or to join u club against a sea of troubles." fApologies to Hamleti I 1 A RECORD MONARCHS Marlene Fossesca, queen: John Hueslis, king. "The play's the thing wherein they catch the spirit of Rayen." fApoIogies to Hamletl National Thespian Society Produces Row one: R. Schmutz, N. Brandt, M. 0'Neill, J. Schwartz, P. Haines, Miss L. Lee, row two: P. Stetts, M. Gurss, S. Zoss, E. Linder, A. Coombs, B. Lipton, K. Birch, J. Deimel, M. Greenbergerg row three: A. Papagan, W. Leebaw, J. Dennis, N. Gourley, S. Leebaw, ' G. Gourley, B. Randell, S. Kline: row four: P. Patrone, J. Burke, B. Carney, M. McCarron, D. Probert, T. Bucheit, P. Wollison, J. Loveg row five: S. Tracey, W. Hollander, J. Ferenchak, S. Label, R. White, G. Ballantine, S. Kornstein, Sandra Kornstein. I Thespian Officers Thespian officers: Phyllis Hai-nes, historian: J. Schwartz, president, M. 0'Neill, secretary, R. Brandt, vice- presrdent, R. Schmutz, treasurer. The officers of Troupe 479 of the National Thes- pians Society for the year 1958-59 included Judy Schwartz, president, Nicki Brandt, vice-president, Marlene O'Neill, secretary, Reid Schmutz, treasurer, and Phyllis Haines, historian. In the fall "A Roomful of Roses" was presented with Katie Birch, Judy Deimel and Reid Schmutz taking top honors. This was followed by patriotic choral reading, "The Voice of America," with Alex Papagan taking the role of the seer. Inasmuch as this was the thirtieth anniversary of the National Thespian Society, we held a formal initiation to which the parents of the members and the initiates were invited. At this initiation we installed Mr. Andrew M. Lindsay as an honorary member. Among the fourteen boys and girls initiated into the Rayen Thespian Troupe were seniors Betty Randell, Malka Greenberger, Barbara Lipton and Sandra Tracey. Juniors who earned their points were Jean Love, Nancy Gourley, and Ron White. Pete Patrone, Paul Stetts, Tina Bucheit, Pam Wollison, Wally Hollander, Stanley Label and Wayne Leebaw were the sophomores who made the grade. The play chosen for production in the spring was "The Thread That Runs So True" by Jesse Stuart. -if Page Twenty-two Ee "They did down the stage with tears Their clowns did make those laugh Whose lungs were tickled o' the sere." lHamleti "Act well your part" Dramatic Club Seated: E. Linder,A. Coombs, M. O'NeilI, J. Schwartz, N. Brandt, row two: M. Hume, C. Heames, J. Landau, B. Safier, S. Lackey, P. Luskin, row three: H. Brandt, M. McCutcheen, M. Cragel, S. Billet, M. Keyes, Miss Lucill Lee: row four: D. Noll, P. Grier, C. Murphy, G. Davison, P. Stetts. Officers: seated: J. Schwartz, E. Linder, A. Coombs standing: N. Brandt, M. O'NeiII. This year the Dramatics Club was run a bit differently. Under the supervision of Miss Lucille Lee and a few Thespians, the twenty-five members of this club met to learn and practice the techniques of acting. Throughout the year, several one-act plays were given in arena style, to which different home-rooms were invited. ' The Dramatics Club members also helped the Thespians put on "The Voice of America" program in February. The Thespian committee directing the club activities includes: Nicki Brandt, Alice Coombs, Elise Linder, Marlene O'Neil and Judy Schwartz. 'if Page Twenty-th ree lei:- "The French ambassador upon that instant. Craved audience: and the hour I think is come To give him audience." IHenry V2 Le Cercle Francais Row one: S. leebaw, J. levy, L. lobe, P. Passell, C. D'Amica, S. Sandler, C. Theodore, N. Frantz, M Guarnlerlg row two: J. Schwartz, C. Paranzine, M. Greenberger, C. Krauss, D. Brown, J. Dennis, raw three: P Lyden, J. Fiscus. S. Zoss, I. Rogovin, 5. Klein, S. Tracey, P. Davis, P. Barnes, row four: M. Kaufman, l. Silver- man, C. Jones, L. Kravitz, P. Haines, M. Logan, G. Gourley, K. Birch, J. Ipp. Once again Le Cercle Francais, Senior French Club, held their monthly meeting in a member's home. French was the language of the evening beginning with the business meeting and being carried right through the entertainment and the final "bon soir"-good night. The Christmas meeting was at the home of Josephine Robinson, whose parents acted as hosts. Other meetings were held at the homes of Barbara Rifkin, Sue Sandler, Jane lpp, Greta Davidson and Ernie Wilkoff. Committees usually serve the refreshments. Among the programs have been original plays, dramatizations of classroom stories, and contests using French proverbs and sayings. Working along with advisors, Miss Catherine Wary and Miss Florence Turowski, are this year's fine team of officers: Josephine Robinson, president, Greta Davidson, vice-president, Mark Tessler, treasurer, and Anita Thornton, secretary. Assistant treasurers are Marcia Gurss and Diane Orze. This year's members established a French commencement award of S25 to be given annually to the outstanding advanced French student. -if Page Twenty-four lif- Row one: H. Bowers, B. McCreary, S. English, J. Lomax, A. Averhart, L. A. Booker, row two: J. M:Creary, B. Randell, S. Karnstein, A. Tanowitz, P. Lieberman, M. Broidap row three: R. Daniels, J. Delloria, J. Ocker, B, Rifkin, S. Delmont, C. Carouino, S. Goodstain, S. Kaufman, T. Wishnevg row four: D. Webb, J. Bursackf R. Ball, J. Newman, S. Rosko, D. Dyer H. Piasky, E. Wilkoff, T. Kennedy, L. Abramovitx. Le Cercle Francais Officers Sitting: G. Davidson, vice-president, M. Tessler, treasurer, J. Robinson, president, A. Thornton, secretary, standing: D. Orze, asst. trans., M. Guns, F. Turowski, advisor. -'Sf Page Twenty-five li? "For mine own part, it was French to me." IApoIogies to Caesar! Le Petit Cercle Francais Row one: L. Patterson, R. Matheson, B. Shifman, l Marks, R. Gore, J. Janes, P. Fabian, J, Corcoran, M Hahn, row two: C. Bryant, J. Chuffo, R. Burgo, J Ellington, L. Coney, G. King, J. Phillips, R. Long, K Burley, S. Heard, row three: J. Waddell, D. Yarmy L. Douglas, B. Franklin, K. Black, M. Hunter, P Kimbrough, T. Harris, J. Winston, C. Conway, .I Genaro, row four: H. Kirker, W. Watson, R. Fleming B. DeAngelo, B. Summers, M. Mass, S. Ress, L. Jones L. Berndt, D. Probert, C. Jones, B. Londolt. Le Petit Cercle Francais Officers Officers: row one: E. Carrozzino, J. Solomon, B. chudie leoffwl. Bolton, row two: J. Hogg, M. Henderson, Miss . ary. Members of Le Cercle Francais enioyed skits, singing and social functions after school each month under the direction of Miss Catherine Wary and Miss Florence Turowski. The first skit presented was written by a sophomore, Peggy Henderson. Members of Le Cercle Francais also presented an entertaining skit about a dance. There were many quizzes on geography and history. Meetings were held bimonthly in the cafeteria. Refreshments were planned and served by different members each time. French was used during the business meeting and French songs were sung at the close of each meeting. -wif Page Twenty-six iii' r "The language I have learn'd these several years, Now must I forego." fRichard IU German Club Growth in number and activity has steadily been achieved by the German Club. Both first and second year students participate in its activities. Meetings of the group included one in December when first year students were entertained by a skit put on by the second year students. Then in February, the program centered around great German cities. At the April meeting the second year students were entertained by the first year students. Under the capable leadership of Miss Eleanor Beers, the group has completed another successful year. Officers for the year were Bill Hauser, president, Elise Linder, vice-president, Deena Schlosser, secretary, and Dave Williams, treasurer. Row one: M. L. Dickens, J. Hogan, B. Freed, M. Levick, B. De- Angelo, M. Broenelle, row two: P. Henkin, J. Love, A. Coombs, , G. Benson, Y. Ottenberg, M. Scott, D. Bassin, J. Goldstein, row three: J. Faye, C. Heames, N. Gourley, J. Burke, N. Hutt, J. Rousseau, H. Stollner, M. Lindert, R. Carstiny, row four: J. Towne, R. White, R. Schmutz, R. Roth, E. Shenk, H. Stadelbauer, B. Gold- man, H. Lowendorf. German Club Officers Sitting: Deenu Schlosser, secretary, Miss Eleanor Beers, advisor, Elise Linder, vice-president, standing: Bill Hauser, president, Dave Williams, treasurer. 'tif Page Twenty-seven Ee "And Rome must know the value of her own." fCariolcmusI Latin Club Studies Roman Stage Row ane: J. Krauss, P. Hume, M. Giber, M. Ferguson, G. Hicks, D. Brown, N. Hutt, J. Kranitz, C. Friedkinp row two: J. Dellaria, C. Ellis, B. Jennings, C. Greenwood, S. Fleischer, J. Eppstein, J. Goldstein, C. Goodman, P. Ferris, row three: K. Anderson, G. Adams, T. Banish, M. DeVolle, D. Bernard, M. Cragil, C. Kaizer, B. Kosta, C. Heames, J. Hogg, E. Daffy row four: G. Goroyanic, G. Denino, A. Kretxer, P. Greier, J. Dellaria, T. Busheit, G. Bogden, D. Freeman, P. Henderson, I.. Berndt, B. Hauser, C. Duncan, row five: B. Dyer, J. DelGuidi:e, M. Bender, W. Hollander, D. Alamac, D. Davis, E. Freeman, M. Gefsky, H. Brockman, T. Bennett, R. Klivans. Latin Class at board: F. Thomas, M. O'Neill, S. Tracey, J. Sehwartzp sitting: S. Kornstein, J, Dellaria. -if Page Twenfy-eight Ee Row one: S. Stewart. S. Rielutono, J. Schwartz, D. Bassin, N. Laflll Club officers Kohan, J. Marsh, J. Dennis, J. Phillips, J. Rousseau, A. Wine, K. Singer, D. Phillips, B. Mullane, row two: J. Schlosslaerg, K. Welker, K. Norris, M. L. Milliron, B. Logan, N. Solomon, N. Riddle, T. McKelvey, M. Scott, M. O'Neill, M. Waddell, S. Shobar, S. Nelson: row three: l. Norris, V. Peoples, W. Leebaw, R. Berkowitz, J. Palmer, D. Pallay, B. Glasberg, D. Passin, R. Merkin, B. Santer, K. Helen, M. Stanley: 'row four: P. Stetts, R. Millstone, H. Weaver, R. Sergi, D. Traxler, S. Label, H. Stadelbauer, C. Allen, D. Mega. J. Patrick, 0. Anderson, F. Thomas, D. Thellman, J. Rook, J. Womack, raw five: L. McCullum, D. Noll, J. Waddell, S. Korn- stein, P. Patrone, B. Shagring not in club: R. Solyn, R. Vesmas, T. Weiss, S. Mays, R. Mandel, M. L. Milliron, J. Thollman. Sitting: Judy Hubbard, Sandra Kornstein, Betty Randell, Jim Manchester, Pam Wollison, standing: Miss Lucille Leo, Miss Cath- erine Wary. Latin Club, under the capable supervision of Miss Katheryn Wary and Miss Lucille Lee, enioyed its forty-fifth year of activity. Opening the season, Jackie Dellaria gave a detailed talk illustrated with slides on the World's Fair in Brussels. Before Christmas they conducted a successful bake sale. At their annual Christmas party several small plays were given and Latin bingo was played. Refreshments were served and.Christmas songs were sung in Latin. Latin Club members and freshman Latin students went by Greyhound bus to the Buhl Planetarium in Pittsburgh for the Latin Exhibition and the Sky Show on February 22. Latin Week was celebrated from April 6 through April 12. During this week, the organized Latin Clubs in the city sponsored a speaker at Princeton Junior High School. This year's officers were: Betty Randell, president, Jim Manchester, vice-president, Judy Hubbard, secretary, Pam Wollison, treasurer. Senators were: Diane Bassin, Nancy Kohan, Sandra Kornstein, Stanley Label, Wayne Leebaw, Derek Noll, Sue Richstone, Judy Schwartz and Paul Stetts. -.il Page Twenty-nine Therefore, it is meet That noble minds keep ever with their likes, For who so firm that cannot learn Spanish." IApologies to Caesari Spanish Club Revives ii . . DiFiore, R. Jones, D. Roberts, R. Spokane, F. Green row four M sPam5h club oifflcefs Bledsoe, R. Conti, B. Jamison, J. Bertilacci, J. Sorvillo G Wrench Sitting Mike Morelll vice-president, Karen Pevow, secretary, Mr. F' Thomas' N Clppollone advisor Standing: Nancy Naples, treasurer, Missy McCutcl-neon historian Nat in picture: Mike Cappola, president. Spanish Club has been inactive for a number of years, but recently was brought back into existence by Mr. Nicholas Cipollone, advisor. One of the main purposes of the Spanish Club is to create more interest and desire in the further use of Spanish. The following purposes are in no way less impor- tant, namely: KU to give a deeper insight into Spanish culture and heritage 123 to practice parliamentary procedure C31 to afford an opportunity for students of the various Spanish classes to become better acquainted with one another C41 to offer supplementary reading material such as dialogues, short stories, and anecdotes. A student must have and maintain at least a "C" average in Spanish in order to be a member in good standing. A highlight of the activities of the club this year was a Spanish type Christmas party. The new idea of carrying a membership card was also introduced. Otticers for 1958-59 were Mike Coppola, president, Mike Morelli, vice-president, Karen Pevow, secretary, Nancy Naples, treasurer, Missy McCutcheon, historian. -if Page Thirty ii? Row one: G. Davidson, J. Diemal, M. McCarron, row two E Allen M. Bender, I.. Dominic, R. Dominic, row three: N Dominic S "They have pitched a toil: I am toiling in a pitch." fLove's Labor Losti Junior Achievement The Junior Achievement Association of Youngstown puts forth great effort in trying to prepare young men and women for their place in the business world of tomorrow. The association is made up of various miniature companies, owned and operated by the members and stockholders. These various companies consist of students from different schools. Among them is Rayen who boasts of thirty-nine students. Many seniors in the association have won numerous awards and have received special recognition. They are: Anita Thornton, Alexander Papagan, Mark Kaufman, Nancy Hutt, Joanne McCreary, Jean Dennis, Joe Hughes, Jo Ann Phillips and Robert Berkowitz. Anita Thornton is secretary of the City JA. Others who do their share in selling stocks and in discussing new charters and leases are: Mary Short, Marva Little, Kay Black, Joe Ferenchak, Barbara McCreary and Karen Pevow. One of the units which is unusual is the TV-production company which was formed this year at WFMJ-TV stations. Pupils write their own script, cast, produce and direct. Row one: M. Short, N. Rothwell, J. Humphries, M. Little, K. Black, H. Stollnerp row two: M. Milliron, A. Thornton, A. Papagun, J. Ferenchak, M. Kaufman, N. Hutt, J. McCreary, J. Dennis, row three: B. McCreary, D.H d J.Hh C.l. J.Ad'M.FI'.'h- f:T.T J.Ph'll' N. ernan ez, ug es, atessa, me un, aettn, J Viet , row our urner, r ips, Frantz, K. Pevow, J. Hogan, J. Keogh, D. Robert, F. Green, J. Bursuck, R. Berkowitz, row five: E. Wrobleski, R. Schmutz, G. Ballentlne, I. Saletru, T. Kribblo, J. Sorvillo, T. Bright, J. Keating, J. Humphries. 'il Page Thirty-one li" "The sweet degrees that this brief world affords To such as may the passive drugs of it Freely command." lTimon of Athensi National Forensic League Row one: Mr. David Howland, J. Ferenchak, E. Linder, A. Papagan, J. Ocker, D. Schlesser, M. Tesslerg row two: J. Hubbard, D. Phil- lips, J. Faye, C. Heames, M. Keyes, D. Bassin, A. Wine, S. Zoss, B. Carle, L. Kravitz, row three: R. Spokane, L. Cohen, J. Frank, P. Wollisan, D. Randell, L. Silverman, A. Kretzer, J. Marsh, row four: R. Berkowitz, J. Schwartz, D. Roberts, B. Hauser, M. Kaufman, l.. Reese, D. Traxler, J. Towne, row five: J. Kranitz, l. Tamarkin, J. lake, D. Williams, D. Dumas, R. Solyn, E. Wilkoff. For years the Rayen chapter of the National For- ensic League has gained distinction as being one of the leading chapters in the state, and this year has proved to be no exception. To mention all of their achievements would be practically impossible. During travels to such places throughout Ohio as Columbus, Euclid, Stowe, Cleve- land, Niles, Cuyahoga Falls, Struthers, Boardman and several Youngstown schools, N.F.L. members have comprised an impressive record consisting of gaining permanent possession of the Rayen Rotary Debate trophy, winning the District Individual Events trophy, and having the distinction of Speaker of the House at Student Congress. This does not include the numerous personal trophies won by individual members. Of course, mention of N. F. L.'s accomplishments would not be complete without referring to its advisors, Mr. David Howland and his assistant, Mr. Robert Hassey. National Forensic League Officers Officers: row one: D. Schlosser, A. Papagan, E. Linder, raw two J. Ferenchak, J. Ocker, row three: Mr. David Howland. -6-Ei Page Thirty-two K2- So call the held to rest and let's away, To part the glories of this happy day." Uulius Caesarj Trophy Club Row one: E. Linder, A. Pupagan, J. Ocker, A. Wine, L. Reese: row two: J. Foy, B. Carl, M. Tessler, J. Hubbard, row three: L. Cohen, D. Bussan, D. Phillips, D. Randall, A. Kretzer, D. Roberts, J. Towne. Membership in the Rayen chapter of the National Forensic League Trophy Club is an honor well worthy of praise, for it is accomplished only after endless hard work, preparation and determination. The requirements for membership in Trophy Club serve as evidence of this. To qualify one must take first place in a tournament, win three consecutive debates, or qualify for district or state finals. This year's members and the methods by which they qualified are as follows: N. F. L. District winners: Beverly Carl, Arlene Wine, OHSSL State Finals: Jackie Fay, Elise Linder, Judi Ocker, David Randall, Leslie Reese, Rayen Rotary Debate: Danny Roberts, Richard Klivans, Jonathan Towne, Larry Cohen, N. F. L. State Finals: Mark Tessler, Alex Papagan, Dianne Phillips, Judy Hubbard, Diane Bassin. 'tiff Pa ge Th i rty-th ree "This fortress, built by nature for herself, Against infection, and the hand of war." fKing Richard! Future Nurses Row one: C. D'Amico, secretary, M. Fossosca, president, K. Pevow Miss Geneva Smithp row two: S. Zoss, T. Castor, J. Rosenberg C. Paranzine, M. McCut:heon, R. Dominicp row three: J. Phillips J. Dennis, K. Burley, D. Ossa, J. Ellington, I.. Dominic, M. Broida C. Theodore, row four: D. Kiger, E. Bogden, P. Friedman, G. Hicks S. Kornstein, J. Ingram, M. McCarran, D. Brown. Officers Officers: K. Pevow, :ity treasurer-elect, Miss Geneva Smith, M. Fossesca, president, C. D'Amico, retiring city treasurer. One Tuesday out of every month, the Future Nurses meet at the Stambaugh Nurses home of South Side Hospital. The club consists of students from all of the public schools in Youngstown. Rayen officers in the Future Nurses include Carol D'Amico, treasurer, and Marlene Fossesca, school representative. Miss Geneva Smith, advisor, directs the activities of the group. Previously the Nurses Club toured the South Side Hospital, the student nurses acting as guides and explaining various rooms in the hospital for the students. ln December, they gave a Christmas party and exchanged gifts among themselves. At another meeting there was a speaker from Woodside Receiving Hospital. At another they viewed a movie on operations. Mrs. Gilda Millan, a registered nurse, is director of Future Nurses at the Stambaugh Nursing home. 'il Page Thirty-four lis- 1 1 1 "The skies are painted with unnumber'd sparksp They are all tire and everyone doth shine." fCaesar2 Future Teachers Row one: L. Jobe, J. Deimel, M. MeCuteheon, N. Kohon, M. Giber, B. Italiano, F. lubonovic, S. Sandler, G. Gourley, J. Ipp, D. Brown K. Blaclrg row two: P. Lyden, M. Bender, I.. Kravitz, J. Robinson J. Dennis, J. Burke, P. Hume, D. Bassin, G. Hicks, row three: N. Frantz, J. Goldstein, C. Kizer, B. Glasberg, B. Shifmon, D. Orxe M. Gurss, V. Benson, J. Vieth, T. Wishnev, J. Fiscus, row four: J. Rousseau, K. Birch, J. Humpheries, P. Greir, J. Krauss, M. Berko- witz, N. Gourley, G. Mills, J. Hogg, P. Scott, D. Yarmy, J. Rosen- berg, C. Krauss, J. levy. r r Future Teachers Officers A. Wine, secretary: D. Schlosser, presidentp J. Schwartz, treasurer, J. Love, vice-president: J. Weamer, advisor. The Frank W. Tear Future Teachers Club has an enrollment of fifty-one members. Future Teachers of America is a service club, and its members try to earn two hundred service points in order to win an F. T. A. pin. They work for these points by acting as office assistants, taking charge of classes in the elementary and high schools and assisting the teachers during P. T. A. meetings. Janie lpp, Sue Sandler and Judy Schwartz assisted with student teaching at Harding School. Arlene Wine tutored ci Braille class student. Galen Gourley and June Fiscus represented Rayen at the Family Life Institute. Delta Kappa Gamma Society entertained a group of senior Future Teachers at their annual recruitment day at Butler Art Institute. Officers are Deena Schlosser, president, Jean Love, vice-president, Arlene Wine, secretary, Judy Schwartz, treasurer: and Galen Gourley, historian. Miss June Weamer is the advisor of the club. Several seniors have applied for teaching scholarships in college during their senior year. -fjl Page Thirty-five lif- "We will not from the helm, to sit and weep, But keep our courses, though the rough wind Say-no." lHenry Vll G. A. A. Girls Athletic Association Row one: T. Castor, A. Lucaric, M. Stanley, G. Adams, K. Burley, E. Jones, J. Fiscus, J. Dalleria, row two: C. Smith, E. Mauzy, M. Little, Ma' Watson, C. Wilson, B. Gregory, L. Douglas, N. Thomas, row three: J. lngram, J. Lomax, L. Huff, T. Dycman, B. Dann, N. Rothwell, R. Fowler, row four: D. Orze, P. Davis, D. Osso, K. Walker, C. Stewart, M. Skoda, M. Fossesca, P. Lyden, row five: M. McCutcheon, P. Passell, C. D'Amico, B. Italiano, L. Douglas, B. McCreary, L. Singletary, J. Washington. Officers C. Paranzine, vice-president, J. Lotarski, president, K. Black secretary, B. Franklin, treasurer. G. A. A. proclaimed iuniors as the winners ot the annual class championship for basketball with Beverly Carl as its captain. Anna Marie Lucaric lead her orange team in a varsity basketball tourney to victory by trouncing the black team under the leadership of Carol Stewart. Officers for the year were: Joanne Lotarski, president, Carol Paranzine, vice- president, Beverly Franklin, secretary, and Karen Black, treasurer. Thus another chapter closes in the events ot G. A. A.'s program as many await the l960 season. Miss Patricia Sigler directs its activities. Our knees shall kneel till to the ground they grow." lKing Richard Ill 500 Club 500 Club Officers In front: T. Castor, C. Paranzine, C. Smith, Miss Sigler. -'El Page Thirty-seven Row one: C. Paranzine, T. Castor, C. Smith: raw two: B. Wilkie, Miss Sigler, A. M. Lucaricg row three: D. Osso, K. Burley, E. Bogdan, C. D'Amico, J. McCreary. Having achieved 500 points in Girls' Athletic Association, a girl is eligible for membership in 500 Club. Limited to a select twenty athletes, the organization has once again completed a successful year in athletics. Headed by the officers Theresa Castor, presidentp Joanne Lotarski, vice-president, and Carolyn Smith, secretary-treasurer, 'the club participated in bowling, basketball, volleyball and softball tournaments. Annual affairs consisted of the combination swim and dance party, and the May Banquet where various athletic awards were made to outstanding members of 500 Club. Last year Phyllis O'Hara was awarded the "Athlete of the Year" trophy, and a trophy for having earned 2500 points. Letters went to Gloria Bursack and Phyllis O'Hara for earning 2000 points each. Under the supervision of Miss Patricia Sigler, the 500 Club has kept up its high standards throughout the years. H+ "For Society is the happiness of Life." ILove's Labor Lostj Yolaso Y-Teens Row one: N. Barlsar, M. Fossesca, E. Allen, M. Logan, P. Smith, P. Barnes, D. Brown, R. Morgan, A. Lucaric, D. Gavlek, J. Phillips, F. Timpson, C. Bennett, D. Bennett, row two: P. Davis, S. Reynolds, P. Winston, G. Hicks, J. Rosenberg, D. Kiger, B. Italiano, M. Di- Santis, J. Ingram, P. Fabian, G. Kings, row three: M. Little, J. El- lington, M. Aulisio, J. Carter, l. Jobe, F. Lubonovic, C. Theodore, M. Cannatti, Y. Arriola, J. Mullidore, J. Robinson, row four: J Lomax, J. Jones, L. Douglas, B. McCreary, E. Patmon, K. Black, M. Skoda, G. Banakis, C. Stewart, D. Thomasin, L. Patterson, A. Averhart, B. Franklin, K. Black. Yolaso Y-Teens rang up the curtain participating in the City-wide Touchdown Toddle. A "Cookie Shine" in November proved to be a financial success as well as a beautiful display of delicious goodies. Local Braille students were very graciously honored at the annual Y-Teen Christmas Party. This party will always remain in the hearts of all the girls who planned the party. The sale of school stationery was one of the successful projects the Y-Teens undertook. Then the Spring Formal was represented very well from Yolaso, a final celebration for Yolaso Y-Teens. Under the leadership of Miss Geneva Smith, the Yolaso Y-Teens have reached many goals. Enjoying her guidance, we hope that she will continue to help future Yolaso groups. Carol D'Amico was elected Miss Y-Teen for the city at the city-wide Y-Teen May formal. 'til Page Thirty-eight lit- 1 Yolaso Y-Teens Officers Seated: Terry Castor, secretary, Carol D'Amico, presidentp.Carolyn Smith, vice-president, Miss Geneva Smith, advisor, standing: Pot Freeman, recording secretary, JoAnn lotarski, treasurer. Row one: M. Faletti, J. Thompson, N. Naples, B. Carl, C. Mochingo, D. Roebuck, R. Farraro, J. Domonic, P Burge, H. Seres, row two: C. Latessa, V. latessa, D. David, J. Ameduri, C. Gentile, J. Corcoran, K. Burley, D. Osso, M. McCuteheon, C. Paranxine, K. Tully, row three: C. Conway, J. Marsh, B. Thomas, B. Gregory, E. Mauzy, A. Wendland, J. Dennis, J. Swan, N. Monroe, A. limberg, A. Leonard, D. Heffronp row four: J Fiseus, R. Fowler, P. Lyden, J. Birkoltz, S. Williams, B. Dann, T. Dischmen, A. Brown, M. Watson, I.. Douglas V. Wooten, J. Hill, J. McCreary, N. Thomas. Two who went to New York: Beverly Franklin, Jackie Fossesca -YH Page Thirty-nine ICC- 1 "Love's heralds should be thoughts, Which ten times faster glide than the sun's beams." IRomeo and Julietl Gimpers Y-Teens Gimpers Y-Teens Officers Sitting: Janice Poghen, vice-president, Patty Roberts, president, Mary Ann Stanley, secretary, Mrs. Barbara Kuhlins, advisory Jackie Fossesca, Inter Club Council Rep., Joanne Noday, meditations, Linda lucanlc, treasurer. Row one: V. Peoples, J. Belt, J. Dickens, M. Butler, G. Nocera, L. limberg, M. Waddell, D. Castor, N. Campana, K. Anderson, J Bell, R. Morgan: row two: B. McBride, I.. Domanic, A. Fanfer, B. Rugh, W. Pritchard, K. Lysikowski, Y. Vinion, K. Monroe, B Roads, R. McKinney, S. Stewart, J. Womack, R. Gore, J. Talbott, M. Ferguson, row three: T. Banasik, A. Jackson, C. Wilson, B Zeigler, C. Williams, E. Singletary, F. Combis, G. Bushong, C Bibbee, C. Eddintton, R. Mathiesen, E. Koneski, P. Deak, W. Blank row four: R. Carter, P. Kimbrough, B. Miles, D. Terlesky, C. Kizarl R. Hope, J. Burke, K, Wright, K. Burns, P. Coward, K. Wendland, l. Flicklin, E. Roberts, C. Anderson, A. Ross, L. Coney, G. Fletcher. Boosting the morale of the football team, Gimpers Y-Teens sold orange and black shakers to the team rooters. Under the direction of Mrs. Kuhlins, they purchased and decorated a Christmas tree for the main corridor to add to the Yule spirit of the school. Although the city Touchdown Tocldle was postponed because of inclement weather, it was well attended by Gimpers at a later date. Also, they supported the Annual Spring Formal. Their officers include Patty Roberts, president, Janice Poghen, vice-president, Marianne Stanley, secretary, Linda Lukanec, treasurer. f Although only four years old, Gimpers takes the lead in many Y-Teen activities, utilizing the energies of freshmen and sophomores. -'El Page Forty H+ "For Brutus was an honorable man, So are they all, all honorable men." lCaesarl Hi-Y Picture One: row one: M. Milliron, J. Huestis, J. Robinson, Mr. Robert Hassey, M. Tessler, R. Schmutzi, row two: B. Summers, T. Huestis, J. Waddell, L. Ashmore, row three, G. Ballantine, P. Carlson, N. Lockshln, A. Papagan, D. Williams, J. Ferenchak, J. C. Argetsinger. Picture two: row one: J. Huestis, R. Milliron, J. Robinson, M. Tessler, B. Summers, row two: P. Stetts, J. Ferenchak, M.. Copollo, A. Papugan, J. C. Argetsinger, C. Elford, row three: P. Patrone, T. Huestis, J. Stras- berg, R. Geri, P. Carlson, R. Daniels, row four: J. Towne, R. Schmutz, D. Williams, J. Waddell, G. Ballentine. Hi-Y is a selected group of thirty boys, which are elected from the student body. The purpose is "To create, maintain and extend throughout the home, school and community, high standards of Christian character." Officers are Joseph Robinson, president, Malcom Milliron, vice-president, Mark Tessler, secretary, John Huestis, treasurer, Bert Summers, sergeant at arms. Mr. Robert D. Hassey is their advisor. -'El Page Forty-one "Cowurds die many iimes before iheir deafh, The valiant never fasfe of deaih buf once." ICaesar2 Rifle Club Row one: F. Watson, J. Mulholland, R. Thomas, E. Shank, C. Burge, E. Proyor, T. Jones, H. Cashbough, M. Oslingp row two: D. little, D. Frehman, Mr. Jessy Maiesiic, B. McBride, B. Reed, M. Thomp- son, D. Brown, M. Mass, M. Milliron, J. Waddell, row three: F. Alidoerffer, E. Wroblewski, W. Kerr, R. Conway, G. Goriani, J Mass, J. Salelro, R. Ruggierio, R. Deramo, F. Burge, C. Ivey. Rifle Club Officers Slonding: M. Milliron, secrelary-lreasurer, Dave Fromon, range officer, Fred Alldoerffer, range officer, kneeling: Donell Lime, range officer, John Waddell, president. if Page Foriy-two www QA' -H?" vw fuk HB1 AW--ai, ,.,,..M- .A is X . hd Activities Rehearse Acts of Life "Welcome shall they be, and all the honors that can fly from us, shall on them settle. You know your places well, when each his activity cloth fulfill." lApologies to AIl's Welll Girls' Octet Climbs High Kneeling: Jean love, Sue Loebawp standing: Elise Linder, Anita Thornton, Judy Schwartz, Deana Schlosser, Marilyn Broidap on ladder: Virginia Benson, Joan Rousseau, Barbara Lipton, Barbara Freed, Lonore Jones, Nancy Hutt. -El Page Forty-five R+ "The reasons of our school I cannot yield, but like a common and outward Man, that the great figure of a council frames by self-unable motion, Therefore dare not soy what I think of it, since I have found myself In my uncertain grounds to fail as often as I guess'd. fAll's Welll Home Room Council i 1 Row one: P. Stetts, B. Perkins, J. Robinson, E. Currozino, N. Riddle, J. Fayep row two: W. Kennedy, R. Schmutz, C. Lotessa, J. Epp- stein, N. Naples, K. Anderson, N. Wolsonovichg row three: C. Wilson, M. Mirto, C. Theodore, J. Burke, Row four: L. McCollum, B. Randell, H. Brandt, M. Ferguson, T. Helt, S. Label, J. Davies, J. Saletra, P. Patrono, L. Flint. Continuing their annual service to the school, the Home Room Council sponsored Open House for parents and friends during National Education Week and a tea honoring senior Honor Roll mem- bers in April. Among the successful projects undertaken by the council to raise money were the Fifth Annual Variety Show supervised by Mr. Robert Hassey and the Annual Sales Tax Drive. With the proceeds from these endeavors, the council purchased a tape-recorder and furnishings for a new student conference room. The council also actively participated in the Family Life Institute at the YWCA and the Dress Right Campaign under the direction of Miss Marie Kryzan. 'Et Page Forty-six Home Room Council Officers Standing: Miss Moria Kryzan, Dave Dyer, treasurer, sitting: Paul Carlson, vice-president, Dan Thomas, presidontg Jackie Fossosca, secretary. Ja- l "Appear before us? We'll yet enlarge that man." IHenry V1 A Movie Operators Row one: A. Wine, M. Kaufman, R. Conway, J. Levy, row two: B. Shantz, H. Gelfand, D. Mcgarry, J. Vitale, J. Miles, J. Waddell, row three: D. Reid, J. Ralston, J. Monaco, T. Mogul, standing: J. Kleln, J. Duel, W. Watson, R. Roth. H. lfirker, no picture: J. Patrick, T. Campbell. G. Miles, R. Sfara. "Doing the execution and the act." fHenry V1 Engineers and Custodians Row one: R. Zenko, G. Miles, R. Conway, R. Marciano, row two: Raymond Krepps, stationary engineer, R Sfera, A. Andrews, J. Gibson, building engineer, row three: Chuck Houck, asst. bldg. engineer, J. Miles. -lil Page Forty-seven 13'- "Pray, now, your news? You have made a fair work I fear me:-Pray, your news?" fLove's Labor Losti The Rayen Record Row one: S. Zoss, A. Wine, G. Davidson, J. Eppstein, N. Solomon I S. Richstone, K. White, J. Burke, L. Jones, row two: M. Gurss, J. Schlossberg, B. Logan, N. Kohan, B. Shifman, R. Merkin, B Santerg row three: T. Turner, B. Lipton, S. Sacks, R. Renner, C Heames, J. Krauss, R. Berkowitz, J. Goldstein, K. Norris, J. Deimal S. Ress, row four: W. Hollander, L. Silverman, F. Lubonovic, B Italiano, J. Ocker, C. D'Amico, J. Strasberg, B. Summers, B Weilly, J. Ambrosia, row five: H. Stadlebauer T. Kennedy M Kaufman, N. Hutt, S. label, G. Gourley, B. Shagiin, B. Manchester, R. Millstone, S. Kaufman, 5. Rath. Not in picture: J. MeCreary, B Franklin, D. Schlosser. The Rayen Record has improved its appearance and readability by changing from news-print to book stock. Increase in printing costs made it neces- sary for the staff to arrange various money-making proiects, such as dances and bake sales. Headed by Monica Guarnieri, editor-in-chief, the staff published nine issues of the paper, staged the Fifth Annual Monarch Ball in the cafeteria after the Rayen-Boardman basketball game and a dance in the fall after the South game. Page editors Janie Burke, Stanley Rosko, Bert Summers, Frances Lubonovic and Dave Dyer met twice a month to proof-read and make-up copy. Next year's Record will benefit from the return of the iuniors who did this year's editing. 'Ei i Page Forty-eight Record Editors Left to right: David Dyer, Errol Adels, Miss Turowski, Monica Guarnieri, Stanley Roska. B+ "O, that o man might know The end of this day's business ere if come." fCaesarj Home Room 315--Record Subscription Winners E Q 3 Row one: B. Perkins, S. Ballet, I. Eppstein, P. Neimack, B. Henkin, L. Conti, B. Collins, D. Broido, J, Mullholland, R. Fine, J. Klein, row two: T. Hahn, M. Keyes, P. Luskin, L. Luther, F. Combis, J.. Nescera, W. Pritchard, P. Rugh, M. E. Butler, J. Baker, C. Blair, row three: J. Landau, B. Morrison, L. Lindsay, G. Reiffinger. S. Lackey, S. Katz, S. Echart, N. Hart, S. Carnival, K. Roth, E. Ardmon, row four: I. Burge, P. Boyle, S. Nudle, D. Bennett, R. Booth, L. Reese, P. Burcoltz, B. Michels, D. Rondell, C. Goldberg, R. Gomez, R. McKee, H. Gelfond. Home Room l04--Record Subscription Winners rs SZ 'E E Row one: C. Heames, L. Marks, B. Logan, J. Kranitz, J. Krauss, J. Goldstein, B. Glosberg, K. Helen, row two: A, Kretzer, W. Hollander, R. Kuczyr, L. Limberg, L. Lucanac, R. Long, D. Green, K. Goodman, row three: S. Label, H. Kirker, H. Jonke, B. Kohut, P. Henderson, P. Hume, F. Hutt, Mr. Harold Lansing. 'tif Page Forty-nine lif- "Have more than thou showest, Among the 26 newly initiated members of Quill S ll peak less than thou lcnowest. fKing Learl Quill and Scroll Row one: F. Lulaonovic, S. Rosko, J. Burke, M. Guarneri, D. Dyer, M. Gurss, J. Schwartz, raw two: W. Nelson, S. Zoss, J. Phillips B. Franklin, G. Davidson, J. Ambrosia, Mr. A. Lindsay, row three Mr. J. Benninger, J. Davis, D. Kiger, B. Lipton, N. Hutt, M Kaufman, D. Schlosser, Miss E. Sheenan, row four: Mr. L. Gilboy J. McCreary, C. D'Amico, J. Bursack, G. Gourley, J. Strasbergl row five: Mr. J. Russ, C. Elford, B. Summers, B. Manchester, B Italiano, S. Kaufman, Mr. H. Johnson, Miss F. Turowski. 1 8. Scroll International Honorary Journalism Society are twenty-one seniors and five juniors. Their quali- fications for membership in Quill 84 Scroll came through writing, reporting, drawing, advertising, photography, selling or editing in any one or all media of communications in a school. The activities of the club are led by old members, Monica Guarnieri, Deena Schlosser, Judy Schwartz and James "Cooch" Ambrosia. Monica Guarnieri is president. Faculty members of the local chapter include Mr. John J. Benninger, Annual Art advisor, Miss Eugenia Sheehan, Annual Editorial Board advisor, Mr. Harold N. Johnson, Advertising advisor, Mr. John K. Russ and Mr. Lawrence Gilboy, Annual Sales advisor, Miss Florence Turowski, Publications director and Mr. Andrew M. Lindsay, principal. +2l l Page Fifty MR. JOHN J. BENNINGER Creator of Rayen Mural "Unfil fhe heavens envying earfh's good hop Add on immorfal fifle to your crown." fKing Richard IU K1 yan ofa Ye' un 90' 3-idx" B' eg Ycsnlhanem' N. ' 2 0 seW':Q.n 'Jigsaw A' N19 cd- sies is if Page Fifiy-one Record Monarchs A1 left: John Huestis, kingp Marlene Fossescu, queen NOWNEES MONPRCH . N-- X091 Haggis' V . 1. .xdg-,CII em 5 Nofsk' L e01 L -ng "1 3f'eW"eh' I B+ "There is a fide in fhe affairs of men Which taken af the flood leads on to fortune." fCaesar1 Home Room Reporters Row one: l. Douglas, C. Friedkin, S. Sacks, B. Logan, C. Heames, H. Seres, J. Schwartz, C. Theodore, K White, S. Richstonep row two: B. Perkins, J. Seiple, J. Jones, R. Berkowitz, R. Renner, J. Rousseau, R. Fowler B. Franklin, row three: D. Yarmy, B. Morrison, C. D'Amico, B. Italiano, J. Strasberg, G. Gourley, J. Deimal M. 0'Neill, J. lpp, M. Levickg row four: B. Summers, T. Kennedy, R, Solyn, P. Patrone. Not in picture: M Hunter, J. Dickins, E. Pritchard, R. Zagotti, N. Hutt. Annual Sales Row one: S. Sandler, F. Lubonovic, G. Mills, B. Carney, K. Birch, M. Gurss, G. Gourley, raw two: J. Ocker, J. Hubbard, H. Bassin, J. Papagana, K. White, J. Genirop row three: P. Lyden, S. Socks, J. Krauss, l. Milliron, S. Fleisher, C. Murphy, J. Viscusp row four: Mr. John Russ, R. Carlson, J. Cooper, Mr. Lawrence Gilboy. -'El Page Fifty-two lik' 1 "Be not too tame neither, but let your own discretion be your tutor, suit the action to the worcl, the word to the action." fHamlet2 Annual Board with Typists and Art Groups Row one: C. Elford, M. Gurss, F. Lubonovic, S. Rosko, N. Hutt, J. Schwartz, D. Dyerp row two: W. Nelson, J. Davis, S. Zoss, D. Kiger, G. Gourley, D. Schlosser, B. Lipton, J. Burke, M. Guarniori, row three: J. Phillips, P. Patrone, B. Summers, J. Bursack, J. McCreary, S. Roth, B. Franklin, B. Italiana, row four: Miss F. Turowski, Mr. J. Russ, Mr. J. Benninger, Mr. H. Johnson, Mr. L. Gilboy, Miss E. Sheehan. Annual Advertising Board "To pay ourselves what to ourselves is debt.' Row one: D. Brown, G. Davidson, M. Gurss, N. Hutt, G. Gourleyp row two: G. Hicks, B. Italiano, L. O'Neil, C. Paranzine, C. D'Amico, K. Birch, row three: M. Kaufman, J. Ambrosia, B. Shagrin, D. Thomas, row four: B. Manchester, S. Rosko, J. Strasberg, B. Weily, Mr. Harold Johnson. if Page Fifty-three B1- I The Truth is, I am only old in judgment and understanding." IKing Henry IV1 Library Council Row one: R. Yarow, A. M. lucaric, S. Sherman, N. Ipp, R. Gorip row two: S. Stewart, R. long, C. Blair, Miss Marion Maguire, librarian. The Library Council is a service organization made up of girls who spend one period a day assisting the librarian. The quiet-mannered "girl at the desk" does much more than take care of library permits, stamp due dates, and hand out books that are kept in reserve. When not busy with these duties, she is engaged in a great many other activities important to the welfare of the library. Among them are returning books to the shelves, keeping shelves in order, checking the condition of books, and helping to keep library records. ln addition to these services, Council members this year have helped to prepare for circulation more than two hundred new books and about one hundred and fifty books returned from the birldery. Besides the members of the Council listed with the picture, the library is indebted to Beth Shifman for her help during the second semester. ' -:El Page Fifty-four H1- "Music do I hear? Ha! Ha! keep time: - How sour sweet music is When fime is broke, and no proporfion kepf! So is if in the music of men's lives." IKing Richard Vi First Period Chorus I 1 3 E E Row one: B. Santer, A. Leonard, L. Marks, K. Welker, S. Richstone, B. Glassberg, N. Solomon, D. Bassin, D. Pamfllle, K. Anderson, J. Fossesca, M. McCarran, J. Solomon, row two: B. Carney, R. Carter, J. Womack, J. Lomax, P. Davis, P. Barnes, S. English, A. Fanter, K. Wendland, A. Wendland, M. Waddell, 5. Billet, K. Hellen, J. Schlosberg, row three: L. Reese, G. Dinino, C. Wilson, J. Dickins, B. McCreary, K. Burns, N. Cald- well, R. Adler, C. McRae, l. Norris, C. Anderson, A. Raules, M. Ferguson, M. Thornton, C. Mucci, row four: J. Mulholland, R. Mnllstone, D. Prather, J. Henderson, G. King, D. Green, I. Palmer, C. Stewart, B. Dann, R. Flower, Norris, R. Morgan, V. Peeples, L. Ficklin, L. Berkowitz, M. Milliron, row five: J. Levy, N. Wolsonovnch, R. Carlson, B. Reid, J. Ralston, C. White, D. Davis, K. Runyon, R. Deiter, J. Humphries, S. Jones, D. Fitzgerald, P. Boyle. Sixth Period Chorus E E Q i z Row one: G. Necera, B. Rugh, K. Monroe, L. Spilla, A. Leighty, S. Reid, B. McBride, M. Butler, J. Noday, M. Stanley, N. Campana, L. Bolton, B. Wilkie, B. Rhodes, B. Rogers, row two: N. Hankey, J. Goldstein, K. Lyslkowski, D. Terlesky, J. Seiple, S. Katz, S. Lackey, W. Prichard, A. Seminara, S. Echnrt, .P. Rauch, J. Baker, L. Monaco, T. Harris, J. Talbott, row three: G. Baglieri, B. Morrison, C. Murphy, B. Logan, S. Heard, E..Carozzino, J. Chufo, S. Stout, P. Henderson, B. Mullane, L. Berndt, M. Lindert, I. Hernandez, A. Roth, I. Hrckson, R. Gore, row four: R. Riley, C. Blair, H. Brandt, J. Porter, B. Perkins, M. Hunter, E. Roberts, R. Hope, M. lHunter, R. Flemming, R. Coleman, B. Gregory, R. McKinney, C. Williams, J. Belt, C. Bryant, G. Lewis, row flve:'J. Berkholtz, L. Beeman, R.'Magalotti, R. Banks, D. Randell, A. Hudock, J. Haus, L. Vitulla, G. McNeal, A. Linder, I. Petlfore, R. Atkinson, B. Jones, J. Harris, H. Jones. Q Q ni . 5 1, Q if ,,A: S as N W il ""' 'Ka' ' "'- 'A Q "'-' Wi, 'fiwf 'IPI ' . ff , A A V ff :,. . f X N " V. ,M ,A W rw g s I x X 9' 1 ' '0 1 i 1 A "The Lord Bless You and Keep You" is the wish the A Cap pella extended Mr. Waldemar Nischwitz on the thirtieth anniversary of his direction of A Cappella choir Among-other accomplishments of the present A Cappella choir may be mentioned the Winter Concert when silhouettes were used for the first time. "Carol of the Drums proved to be the favorite song with the audience both nights. Picruizs one: Row one: B. Freed, F. Lubonovic, D. Harris, M. Little, S. Shobar: row two: L. Marks, S. J. Dennis, D. Pallay, D. Phillips: row three: M. Fossessca, J. Lotarski, L. Tarantino, J. row four: L. Jobe, N. Frantz, P. Faber, T. Dycman, M. O'Neill, G. King: row five: N. E. Rogovin, M. Bender, H. Stollner, S. Leebaw, C. Theodore, P. Hume, D. Brown, row six: L. Jones, J. Burke, M. Broida, E. Duff, D. Kiger, T. Wishnev, N. Barber, B. A. Thornton- row seven R. Dieter T Bucheit G. Gourle J Deimel N. Riddle J Vieth, 1 5 - Y - 1 1 - M. McCutcheon: row eight: J. Nliles, J. Huestis, P. Wdllison, B. Randall, S. Fleischer, J. McCreary, K. Norris, M. Pesa: row nine: J. Mulholland, T. Kennedy, R. Harvey, L. Flint, C. Allen, W. Kennedy, R. Williams, P. Patrone, F. Charlton: row ten: B. D. Little, N. Chase, N. Domonic, D. Williams, I. Tamarkin, A. Papagan, J. Ferenchak, Waldemar Nischwitx at lower right without hood. PICTURE TWO: Goodstein, W. Cohen, Rousseau, M. Hunter: Gourley, T. McKelvey, E. Linder, D. Norris: Perkins, G. Banasik, D. Passan, S. Tracey, B. Landolt, S. Ress, B. Seber, N. Brandt, Hauser, J. Waddell, C. Elford, B. Hauser. Row one: S. Nelson, J. Fossessca, K. Pevow, S. Sandlers, C. Smith, A. Coombs, M. Greenberger, K. Birch, J Solomon: row two: K. Anderson, V. Benson, G. Davidson, C. Paranzine, M. Guarnieri, J. Hogg, N. Hutt, G. Mills C. Krauss, J. Fay, D. Probert: row three: C. D'Ami:o, D. Schlosser, J. Schwartz, B. Lipton, J. Love, D. Osso, C Jones, F. Hutt, C. Heames, D. Orze, row four: G. Williams, M. Watson, P. Haines, M. Friedman, P. Coward, S. Klein, M. Wolsonovichg row five: R. White, M. Broennle, B. Jones, T. Payne, B. Reed, B. Dahler, T, Huestis, J. Strasberg, B. Shagrin. .L Dickens, L. McCullum, E DeAngelo, T. Marino, S to "Then music is Even as the flourish when frue subjecfs bow To a new-crowned monarch." fMerchanf of Venicel Boys' Octet Top Io bottom: Cary Elford, Tom Huesiis, Mark Tessler, Dave Williams, Bill Hauser, leader, Levester McCollum, .lim Manchesier, Alex Pupagan, John Huestis, John Wolsonovich. "Music: awake her! Strike!" IWinters' Talej Girls' 'Octet From top clockwiseailise Linder, Lenore Jones, Bar- bara Freed, Susan Leebaw, Joan Rousseau, Virginia Benson, Marilyn Broida, accompanist, Nancy Hutt, Judy Schwartz, Jean love, Deena Schlosser, Anita Thorntong in center: Barbara Lipton, leader. "Then lef the trumpet sound The tucket sonance and the note to mount." fKing Henry V1 BO" WMO' 6 Forms Ana 552' Performing with ease and perfection on the field, the Rayen Marching Band, under the leadership of their new director, Mr. Lewis L. Anderson, has successfully climaxed another year. It was ascertained that there was no competition for them in any of their performances. The Marching Band, consisting of sixty-five members, also participated in various civic affairs. Those melodious tunes that were echoed through the halls prior to the Christmas vacation came from the Symphonic Band. Their performance for assembly programs at Hayes and Rayen and at the annual Spring Concert was superb., , -lil Page Sixty B1- "Filling the air with bafons advanced, 'nd darts, 'We prove this very hour." fCariolanus1 Battleship Formation Rowlonez L.. Hunt, R. MacElhaney, M. Bender, T. Mogul, B. Goldman, B. Ladig, J. Robinson, C. Burgo, L. Conti, A. Wine, J. Hogan, M. Giber, B. Freed, M. Milliron, B. Safier, W. Leebaw, P. Smith, K. Roth, R. Retflnger, M. Thornton, T. Halt, E. Ardman, B. Jones, H. Nudel, K. Goodman, O. Drabkin. Row two: J. Carroll, R. Berkowitz, L. Reese, R. Jones, A. Papagan, M. Duvall, M. Henderson, J. Ferenchok, P. Burge, J. Landau, N. Riddle. Row three: B. Kosta, J. Vieth, A. Thornton, L. Ashmore, P. Hume, D. Noll, J. Silber, H. Lewendorf, G. Gory- sneg, Hayes, R. Burge, A. Linder, Y. Ottenberg, J. Thellman, F. Burge, R. Henkin, J. Thellman, A. Wine, . ergl. V Majorettes Judy Hubbard, Susan Stout, Judy Ockert, Jackie Fossesca, Missy McCutcheon, JoAnn Davis -lil Page Sixty-one H+ "lf music be the food of love, play on." fTwelfth Nightj Orchestra Row one: A. Papagan, A. Thornton, N. Thellman, J. Ferenchak, row two: P. Hume, J. Dellaria, J. Rook, A Wine, K. Goodman, D. Passan, row three: Mr. Anderson, A. Wine, P. Burge, R. Burge, D. Phillips, M Milliron, M, Giber, B. Freed, J. Robinson, row four: J. Thellman, C. Hunt, R. MacEIhaney, L. Ashmore, J Veith, D. Noll, J. Hogan, W. leebaw. Concentrating on symphonic as well as light material, the orchestra showed growth and improvement. In the lighter vein, such pieces as "Laura" and "Temptation" have predominated while HandeI's "Song of Jupiter" has excelled in the heavier one. Their performance highlighted the spring Thespian play. As their final program of the year, they performed at graduation exercises. Although the orchestra is losing such fine members as Anita Thornton, Alex Papagan, Joe Ferenchak, Josephine Robinson and Arlene Wine, they hope next year will be iust as successful. -if Page Sixty-two HP "Belfer leave undone than by our deed acquire Too high a fame." Classroom Activities Advance Stage Skills and Trades 4 Chemistry Class Mr. R. Gillespie checks experiment f Galen Gourley, John Waddell. 'El Page Sixty-three lif- f wi sgmgwgv W if Ngew v 4 A ww :-..,. J Biology Class Back of Qablez M. Linder, E. Kosku, Mr. .Iohn K. Russ, D. Lillie, C. Kaizer, K. Heller, J. Krause, J. Kranilz W. Hallander. Back of room: J. Pogan, E. Benneft. Solid Geometry Class Bob Berkowitz, Nancy HUM, Cleofhus Duncan, M. Tessler, B. Randall, M. Greenberger, M. Broennle. W -'El Page Sixty-five lil' "Women are not in their best fortune strong." Homemaking Class FITTING A DRESS IN SEWING CLASS Sitting: Miss Lurile D. Hawkins, Lana Limberg, Delores Osso, Pat Coward, Ethel Roberts, Cecilia Williams. Left-back to front: M Fossesca, .I. Ingram, D. Heffron, D. Stafford, N. Thomas, right: J. Papugnu J. Humphries, M. Learh. TIME FCR LUNCH Planning the Stage Setting of Life Turning a Lathe Row one: J. Vitole, D. Parks, A. Andrews, T. Engleoff, Mr. Robert l. Soposhe, .l. Rolston, R. Conwoy, l'l Coshbaugh, C. Rogenski, M. Olsey. Mechanical Drawing Class Sitting at table in rear: Mr. Harold N. Johnson, row one: J. Corroll, R. Colemon, lorry Flint, row two: .l. ,Poyne, F. Birkoltzg reor: C. Villio, S. Ruberto. -'Ef Page Sixty-eight li'- Art Class Works on Posters Table one: B. Dieierp fable two: B. Whiiazre, R. Tilleryp fable three: L. Spilla, W. Smith, A. Rigeili, W. Revere, fable four: K. Monroe, W. Maguloni, M. MacDonald, R. Karstip table five: Green, .M. Cragel, R. Cashwell, F. Burge, R. Boolh, lable' six: D. Bennell, A. Baxier, A. Bankston, F. Balllsh, standing: Mr. John Benninger. Rear left: J. Rosenberg, standing: Miss E. Sheehan, middle row: 0. Anderson, N Typing Class Barber, M. Baker, D. Orze, M. Parent, right row: N. M. Holmes, G. Barr, R Chufo, J. Palcewski. WW 'El Page Sixty-nine lil- JACK BURSACK DEDICATES . ,I Q - 055, 'ro 'rl-me SENIORS or-' I959 .rp 4 . 0 4 0 S ' 'C E P . .'?'.F' " C "' "' 'ful' 375 4fI P T, , alfa? 2 5 '- ' ' I IES: g li, S. ' 3 ' X A ,Xi :rl 5 , 5' r , z -z III, I 'A I, V ..f.:'.?t- 3 IE D YZ ga: Iv ISM' , Q E"",,,,, NW 2 IIIIIIIMI S2 FN E . ,Sb '. I I - 3, J G I 1 N xxxwxwxxxxxxx N 31 an " IE, Q III' 9 gm I I' I 5 Q' IHI I4 . . g .JE II . I 'I 8' LE ! w S Q 'Nfx 8 T' I X I f CZ N A 'I' u- -4 E es' -72 05 '-B '1 I 2 : fax vb -as I I go 9:8 F1 bg '23 I- "' K A e 1 . "I , I: g 6' E 51 U 5 N WEE' I 3,0 :E 0 .SI 0:0 E 4 mz 1-O-U' F' -I ' ? t QV mu 4- A 4 m Z V T. i 4 O I f 73 'E C ,N,f 2 zfzflff 11 Q ffl Ill. , gnu rn 5 I rf 1.1100 giq ll Q! N R ,, DANGEROUS E END IT 5 A DIVINITY THAT ENDS OUR NAY, STAND AND uNFoLn . YOURSELVES I" ' NOTHING BUT SIT AND SIT" if Page S fy 13- I A "And now, you stars, fhof move in your righi spheres, gli Where be your powers. fKing Richard Ill Acts of Sport 4 1 1 Cheerleaders CHEERLEADERS Row one: Monica Guurnieri, Barbara Lipton, Frances Lubonovicg row two: Greta Davidson, Sue Sundlerg row three: Karen Pevow. prwseasamea "Even so, great men great losses should endure." ICaesar1 Varsity Football Squad Row one: l.. Pruitt, C. Cousin, J. Robinson, E. Martin, P. Ungaro, row two: R. Daniels, R. Ward, S. Roberta, A. Womack, R. Michalian, R. Burgess: row three: A. Hudock, A. Vechiarelli, J. Buddin, R. Reynolds, C. Pegues, R. Safara, row four: B. Summers, W. Kohut, J. Bertillacci, M. Cappolla, R. Gori: raw five: J. Del Guidice, R. Johnson, J. Green, J. H. Martin, row six: Managers: J. McKee, R. Dyer, J. Villio. The 1959 Rayen Tigers football team came up with an average season, led by senior lettermen, Lonzel Pruitt, Dom Vechiarelli, Joe Robinson, Frank Horvath, Pat Ungaro, Joe Saunders, Melvin Bledsoe and Casey Cousins. This hardworking squad was ably coached by Head Coach Robbinette, Joe Horn, Ted Theodosott and newcomer Robert Sapashe . Posting wins over Chaney and North in City Series competition, the Tigers de- feated East Liverpool and Mooney in out-of-league play. They tied their traditional rivals, South High and the rugged Struthers unit. if Page Seventy-two E1- Row one: M. Bledsoe, B. Jamison, J. Saunders, R. Miller, F. Horvafh, D. Venhlarellr row two L Booker C M'C.PllCAlI G.BlI' RA ' h.JY kRBIPPafrneA Offlir owe , . eq, o anime, . tkinson, row t ree' . otsnu us ea o Zenko, J. Conti, 0. Anderson, row four: H. Janke, J. Haus, C. Sammerone R Vesmas M Mrlllron A Randall, row five: R. Cohen, R, Hayes, R. Burgess, row six: W. Bolito, C Ashmore A Rlghettl Rayen Rayen Rayen Rayen Rayen Rayen Rayen Royen Rayen O 14 0 29 7 14 6 0 44 E. Struthers Chaney Ursuline Mooney Liverpool South Wilson East North The team finished the season with a 4-3-2 record. Halfback Frank Horvath received the All-City nomination and the Smokey Hollow Award for the Athlete of the Year Page Seventy-three ,ge- Senior Football Players 93 Page Seve nfy-four SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS Row one: Melvin Bledsoe, Joe Saunders, Frank Horvuih Co-captain, Pat Ungarog row two: Lonzel Pruitt, Co- capiain, Dom Vechiarelli, Co-captain, Joe Robinson Co-caplainp row three: Earvin Martin, Casey Cousin. AYEN LL OVER fam 007' 0 Afrczldjf lb -1 fb 13,6007 66466. Q 2 J 5i'ew3 0. ofrimf ef Mai' Jlafea - f' OU 8 . . Me un km car of aff' If Jlramm f rem AVI .solid fech Q neg-Z' Rhfls asf Page Se fy-five 134' "You have done our pleasure much grace fair ladies Sei a fashion in our entertainment." ITimon1 HOMECOMING Upper: lonxel Pruitt crowns Jo Ann McCreary, queen of Homecoming. lower: Football players meet court: Richard Michaelian, Anna Marie Bertilacci, Bert Summers, Anita Thornton, Pam,Santer, Lonzel Pruitt, Jo Ann McCreary, Joe Robinson, Halley Frank, Lucille Patterson, Mike Cappella, Carol Carroxzino. Page Sizily-six lif- "A holy parcel of the fairest domes." HOMECOMING COURT T. Huesfis, A. Thornton, A. Buriok, A. M. Benilacci, C. Jones, JoAnn M:Creary, P. Carlson, C. Currozzino, Bell, L. Pnnerson, P. Sanier, H, Frank. Right: Cor! Jonas escorts Jo Ann Mc- Creury, Homecoming Queen. D. -PH Page Seventy-seven 'Their bloody sign of baffle is hung ouf." Hard Play on the Grid Iron Rayen-Ursuline Game DOM VECHIARELLI fholds bnllj PAT UNGARO fdashes for firsf downj Page Seveaty-eight "That Nafure might sfand up and say fo all the world These were men." fCaesar2 Coaching Staff Robert Sapashe, Head Coach Ralph Robinene, Theodore Theodosoff, Joseph Horn. Page Seventy-nine ,.., i .5132 ' M , Q 'nh M . I Q , Y " "" M 'ifizg giswi , fy? 'ff Vx AA,,. 5? GI Y? Q jk "2 , .,,,, V.,,,,V ..A, 55 5' 3 2 and Upper: Scene from Boardman game. Page Eighty-one Below: During a Rayen she! for Ohe bucket "Be swift like lightning in the execution And let thy shots doubly redoubled Fall like amazing thunder in the net!" lKing Richard Ill Varsity Basketball Squad Row one: B. Dyer, manager, G. Dunlow, J. Kroyovich, P. Carlson, M. Coppola, C. Allen, row two: J. Robinson, J. Wolsonovich, C. Cousin, Mr. Charles Joachim, coach, L. Pruitt, C. Jones. The Rayen School Varsity Basketball team has completed the T959 season, tying for second place laurels in City Series play and advancing three games in the district tournament. The team was led by the seven lettermen: Lonzel Pruitt, John Wolsonovich, Casey Cousin, Joe Robinson, Carl Jones, George Donlow and Paul Carlson. Through their efforts, along with those of coach "Pappy" Joachim, the team piled up a l5-5 record for the season. The Tigers, after winning two games in the district tournament at South, were edged out by Chaney by a scant three points. The team posted wins over North, South, East, Ursuline and Mooney in City Series play while dropping tilts to Wilson and Chaney. They also defeated such non-league teams as Struthers, Niles and East Palestine. Some scores were: Rayen Ursuline Rayen South Rayen Wilson Rayen Chaney Rayen Salem Rayen Boardman Rayen Lowellville -:sf Page Eighfy-:wo W "lt is as hard lo come, as for a camel To ihread fhe posfern of a needle's eye." fKing Richard Ill Reserve Squad 1 Row one: B. Dyer, R. Bell, R. Reynolds, J. Kroynovicll, Mr. T. Theodasof, M. Coppola, J. Buddin, R. Schmutz F. Alidoerffer, C. Sammarone, C. Allen. Adding Zest to Games B. Lipion, G. Davidson, M. Guarnieri, S. Sandler, K. Pevow, F. Lubonovic. -if Page Eighly-Three lif- 1 Basketball Seniors Top row: Lonzel Pruitt, Curl Jones, Paul Carlsonp bohom row: John Wolsonovich, Casey Cousin, Joe Robinson. :if Page Eighty-four 19" "Theirs is like the spirit of May." New Cheerleaders Sitting: S. Stewart, J. Seiplep standing: M. A. Stanley, N. Riddle, S. Nelson. Majorettes ln front: J. Ocker, J. Davis, S. Stout, J. Fossessca, J. Hubbard, M. McCut:hean. Page Eighty-five li?- "I go, I go, look how I go, swiffer than an arrow from Torian's bow." fMiclsummer's Nighf's Dreaml 1958 Track Team Row one: L. Pruitt, P. Terlesky, R. Sfara, l. Shobar, P. Anania, F. Horvath, F. Tobscott, J. Robinson, R Eutsey, F. Leggett, B. Bretz, row two: J. Martin, R. Ward, C. Cousin, S. Jones, W. Kennedy, D. Henderson, J James, A. Ruggierio, J. Towne, J. Bertilarci, A. Zenko, M. Bledsoe. 1959 Track Team Row one: H. Kirker, H. Janke, A. Zenko, T. Vechiarelli, R. Sfara, B. Jones, Asst. Coach, Mr. Joseph Horn, row two: F. Thomas R. Cashweli, R. Michaelian, R. Ward, T. Womack, A. Booker, B. Kohut, row three: R. Beal, R. Atkinson, J. Dewell, R. Vesmas, J. Towne, E. Martin, E. Jamison, row four: A. Huddock, H. Thistle- waite, E. Voliak, M. Milliron, I.. Krause, S. Roberto, J. Buddin, J. Haus, J. Gelfand, B. Jones, E. Bagalotti, D, Cohen, J. Klein, C. Sammarane, l. Krauss. -vii Page Eighty-six ii? "The court's a learning place . . . and this is one." Tennis Team Row one: L. Abramovitx, R. Solynp row two: M. Tessler, P. Statts, H. Stadlebauer. Last year the Rayen Tennis Team shone brilliantly, as in previous years, with Mr. Robert Klinko as coach. Rayen again captured the Mahoning Valley Tennis Association crown, by having an undefeated season-defeating every team they played. David Bloomberger and Kenneth Pickering were the delegates to the District Doubles Playoff in Columbus. Helping to boost the team's action were Bloomberger, Pickering, Dick Jones, Paul Heinzelman, Mark Tessler, Leslie Abramovitz and Harry Cohen. eil Page Eighty-seven iii" "Rouse up thy youthful blood, Be valiant, and play!" lKing Richard Ill Golf Team N. Solomon, D. Lucarell, Mr. Joachim, T. Terlesky, D. Norris. With four lettermen returning to the 1959 golf team, a victorious season looms ahead for Rayen. These veterans are Normon Solomon, Dan Norris, Tom Terlesky, and Don Lucarell. The Rayen Golf Team of 1958, coached by Mr. Charles Joachim, had a fairly impressive year. The team won 12 out of 14 matches during the year, and came in second to Ursuline in the City Series. The highlight of the season was their victory over 20 schools in the Yankee Run Tournament with a score of 320. ' At the N.E.O. Tournament at Kent, Rayen was in a three-way tie for second place with Ursuline and Kent, with a score of 299. In the Sudden-Death play off, Rayen lost their chances of playing in the finals at Columbus. if -Page Eighty-eight lik' l "Why, mon, seniors bestricle the narrow world Like a Colossus, and we petty men walk under their Huge legs, and peep about to find ourselves dishonorable Graves." lApologies to Coesorl . Freshmen Perform Act I Girls' Gym Monitors ffwmg ' Row one: E. Duff, P. Henkin, R. Berkowitzp row two: M. Keyes C. Paranzine, M. Guarnieri, B. Glasberg. -wil Page Eighty-nine Home Room 315 Row one: B. Agnone, E. Ardman, J. Baker, D. Bennett, F. Berkholtz, R. Berkowitz, S. Billet, row two: C. Blair, R. Booth, P. Boyle H. Brandt, D. Broida, C. Burge, R. Burge row three: C. Burnett, M. Buther, J. Butinski V. Butinski, F. Campbell, R. Carlson, S. Car nival, row four: D. Castor, L. Cater, D. Cohn R. Coleman, B. Collins, F. Combis, G. Conn row five: L. Conti, L. Pallota, D. Danka, Jo Davis, row six: Jo Ann Davis, J. Dravec, S. Eckhart, C. Edclington. The first day of school and there we were, the boys and girls of the class of 1962. Some tall, some short, some thin, and some not so thin-all sizes. We had "Butch" cuts, long bobs, short bobs, sloppy loafers, and the inevitable bobby socks and each of us a heart full of excitement at becoming a part of The Rayen School! The Freshmen class proved its ability in Music when several were chosen for A Cappella, namely, Virginia Porter, Nicky Wolsonovich and John Mulholland. Besides, Bill Weber achieved the unusual honor of being accepted into Boy's Octet. Those who have taken up theixquestion, "Should the U.S. adopt the essential feature of the British System of Education" find the Debate Club exciting. Constantly eil Page Ninety li? Home Room 315 Row one: J. Engloff, E. Eppstein, R. Fine, S. Friedberg, H. Gelfand, C. Goldberg, R. Gomez, row two: S. Green, T. Hann, N. Hart, R. Hayes, T. Helt, B. Henkin, T. How- els, row three: W. Hulluck, C. Hunt, N. lpp, C. Jones, F. Jones, P. Jones, S. Katz, row four: B. Kelly, K. Kent, M. Keyes, J. Klein, Jimmy Klein, S. Lackey, J. Landau, row tive: P. Lclskin, A. Leighty, J. Levy, A. Linder, row six: L. Lindsay, K. Leskowsky, L. Luther, M. Magoletti. heading for higher goals in the club are Leslie Reese, David Randell, Michelle Keyes, Roger Berkowitz, Charles "Chuck" Goldberg and Peter Boyle. Those making the cheerleading squad are Judy Seiple and Barbara "Babs" Perkins. Among the maiorettes are Phyllis "Cookie" Greco, Susie Stout and JoAnn Davis. In the marching band you see Bob Henkin, Pat Smith, and Marnie Thornton. These, then, were the "small fry"-the freshmen who somehow didn't feel quite so lowly as their upper classmates sometimes made them out to be. We were determined to take our place in the activities and life of Rayen School at once. At the close of our first year at Rayen, we can point with pride to the zeal of our classmates. All Page Ninety-one 134' Home Room 315 Row one: B. McBride, G. Mc Bride, M. McCullough, B. Mc Kee, G. McNeal, B. Michaels C. Mitchell, row two: R. Mock K. Monroe, B. Morrison, S Moser, J. Mulholland, C. Mur- phy, P. Neimark, row three: G.Q Nocera, R. Novakowski S Nudel M Owen W Pegeus, B. Perkins, A. Pettiford, row four: T. Pettiford J Phillips D Pilla R Riper J. Porter, V. Porter, David Prather, row five: Donald Prather W Pritchard D Randell P. Rauch, B. -Reed, L. Reese, G. Refinger, row six A Roth E Roth K Roth S Roth C. Simmons. if Page Ninety-two Home Room 314 Row one: L. Ruclibough, N. Rugh, B. Scfier, J. Seiple, A. Seminara, R. Sfara, B. Shantz row two: S. Sherman, B. Shively, E. Smith, L. Spilla, G. Stevenson, T. Stewart, S. Stout row three: R. Sweet, M. Thornton, B. Towne, B. Turner, B. Uhran, M. Uhran, K. Untch, row four: R. Weber, R. Smith, C. Welsh, B. White- acre, row five: C. Williams, A. Wine, N. Wolsonovich, R. Yarov. Senior 'Inspiration to Freshmen Leslie Abromovin, Alex Papagun, Nancy Hun, Dave Dyer. Girl's Gym Class GYM CLASS REHEARSES SQUARE DANCING THIRD PERIOD GYM CLASS Square Dancing with bucks turned: B. Carney, P. Wollison and J. Faye, in the square: M. L. Milliron, P. Henderson, T. McKelvey, S. Sacks and J. Burke. LIBRARY SERVES AS STUDY Producing The Rayen Annual takes the co-operative effort of several teachers and many pupils. Through the direction of Miss Florence Turowski, the work is chan- nelled into several areas. Advertising is supervised by Mr. Harold Johnson. His 1959 staff produced more revenue in fewer pages than ever. Subscriptions are directed by Mr. John K. Russ and Mr. Lawrence Gilboy. Art is produced through the advanced classes of Mr. John J. Benninger. Editing the annual copy is Miss Eugenia Sheehan and her typing staff after the editorial board decides on the contents, theme and make-up. Then all work is co- ordinated through the board and Miss Turowski into the final product, The Annual. Page Ninety-four lir- "Men ai some fime are masfers of their fates, The fault dear Seniors, is not in our siars, But in ourselves, that we are underlingsf' fCaesarI Sophomores Undertake Act II Mr. Russ and His Violin -if Page Ninety-five kk- row three: R. Burge, S. Butler, J. Carroll, R. Carter, row four: H. Cashbough, R. Conway, S. Cren- shaw, E. Daff: row five: M. L. Delia, B. Dyer, E. Edwards, P. Ferris, D. Fisher, Home Room 103 Row one: G. Adams, R Adler, A. Anderson, D Bassin, D. Baxter, row two E. Bennett, M. Berkowitz F. Black, W. Blank, H Brockman, row six: J. Focessca, E Giber, A. Gillam: B picture: D. Alkema, J Birenbaum, R. Calvin, B Bakich. We need sympathy no more! Maybe we are betwixt and between, neither sophisticated like the upper classmen nor greenhorns like the freshmen! We have begun to pick up the confidence we lacked last year and we are gaining our equilibrium. Many of our number have buoyantly started the ascent to success. Voices worthy of A Cappella are owned by a host of our classmates, such as Clyde Allen, Bob Hauser, Sylvia Shobar, Robert Reed, Sandra Nelson, Nancy Solomon, Leslie Marks, Patricia Coward and Chris Heames. An even greater distinction is conferred upon those of our number who have made Octet, those are Levester McCullem and Jim Manchester. Among those in the band are Ronnie Sergi, Nancy Thellman, Mark Bender and Peg Henderson. if Page Ninety-six I Friedman, M. Gefesky, M Karenic, W. Porter. No Home Room 104 Row one B Glasberg J Goldstein, R. Hll, W. Hl lander, row two: C. Good man, C. Heames, J. Heckman P. Hume, F. Hutt, H. Janke, row three: K. Hellen, M. Hen derson, H. Kirkir, R. Klivans, row four: W. Kohut, S. Korn- stein, W. Leebaw, L. Limberg row five: J. Kranitz, J. Krauss, A. Kretzer, B. Logan, R. Long J. Manchester, row six: R. Kucyr, S. Label, R Mandel, L. Marks. Dramatically inclined pupils will find no better models than this delegation to the National Thespian Society, namely, Paul Stetts, Tina Bucheit, Pam Wollison, Wally Hollander, Stanley Label, Wayne Leebaw and Pete Patrone. N. F. L. members Diane Bassin, Dianne Phillips, Richard Solyn, Richard Klivans and Alan Kretzer proved their power of logic and persuasion. Judy Eppstein will be leading the teams on to victory with her cheerleading in the fall. Two who have made maiorettes are Judy Hubbard and Jackie Fossesca. Second period geometry class taught by Miss Mary Craver is an accelerated unit, and some of its members are Derek Noll, Peggy Henderson, and Rich Klivans. -:El Page Ninety-seven R+ Home Room 105 Row one: D. McGarry, L. McKelvey, J McLendon, R. Middleman, B. Miles, M Milliron, R. Millstone, row two: R. Mirkin J. Mock, D. Moga, M. Mullane, S. Nelson J. Noday, D. Noll, row three: K. Norris, M. Olsey, C. Orlando, D. Pamtile, D Passan, J. Patrick, P. Patrone, row four: D. Phillips, J. Ralston, C. Rogenski, D Reicl, row five: R. Renner, S. Richstone, P. Roberts, J. Rook, row six: R. Roth R. Runyon, B. Santer, J. Schlosberg. Several future world journalists are Joyce Kranitz, Bev Logan, Beth Shifman, Rene Berkowitz and Sally Sacks. Those bringing athletic honors to Rayen are Pete Patrone, Bill Kohut, Tony Vechiarelli, Anthony Hudock, Joe Haus, Bob Dyer, Oliver Anderson, Harry Janke, Joe Vitale, Paul Stetts, Clyde Allen, Robert Beal and Richard Atkinson. With such accomplishments and talents, this class sees clear flying ahead through two years even more memorable and more worth while than those already completed. ell Page Ninety-eight Rf' Home Room 107 Row one: T. Bucheit, P. Cowarcl, C. Ellis C. Friedkin, C. Greenwood, S. Heard row two: R. Karsti, S. McQueen, D. Miller J. Pogan, S. Sacks, R. Sergi, row three J. Thellman, B. Shiffman, S. Shobar row four: M. Smith, P. Stetts, D. Traxler row tive: A. Vechiarelli, B. Vinion, Y Vinionp row six: J. Vitale, M. Waddell L. Walker, T. Weiss, K. Welker, K. Wend- land. No fpicture: R. Reed, G. Scott Commercial Arithmetic Page Ninety-nine Hb I I I Home Room 109 Row one: C. Allen, C. Anderson, K. Anderson, O. Anderson, R. Atkinson, E. Bailey, J. Baldwin, row two: F. Ballish, R. Banks, D. Barnard, A. Baxter Jr., R. Beal, L. Beeman, J. Bell, row three: J. Belt, M. Bender, E. Benson, row four: S. Bibbee, M. Borders, W. Brandon, row five: P. Britton, H. Brock, E. Brown, row six: C. Bry- ant, C. White, K. White, B. Wilkie, P. Wollison, A. Worrell, D. Zinko. No picture for: M. Anderson, T. Banasik. 421 Page One Hundred Home Room 111 Row one: J. Buddin, L. Buggs, J. Burke, P. Burks, row two: K. Burns, G. Bushong, M. Coiwell, R. Cashwellp row three: H. Clinkscale, J. Coleman, L. Coney, P. Continenzay row four: L. Conyer, G. Cooper, M. Cragei, K. Cousin, row five: C. Davis, D. Davis, J. DelGiudice, J. Dellaria, G. Denino, row six: J. DeSalvo, M. DeVali, J. Dickens, L. Domonic, J. Douglas, row seven: R. Eckenrode, J. Eppstein, A. Fan- fer, G. Simmons. No picture: K. Burns. Page One Hundred One li" Home Room 218 Row one: R. Dieter, M. Ferguson, D. Fitzgerald, R. Fleming, G. Fletcher, L. Flickin, M. Gambrel, row two: P. Gardner, R. Gore, G. Goryanecp row three: C. Grace, R. Graham, M. Greenberg, row tour: D. Hagerty, J. Harris, T. Harris, row five: J. Haus, B. Hauser, F. Hernandez, R. Hill, J. Hubbard, A. Hudock, M. Hunter, row six: S. Ingram, C. Ivey, A. Jackson, O. Jennings, Bennet Jones, Bruce Jones, R. Hope, E. Morris. -if Page One Hundred Two Page One Hundred Three Page One Hundred Four WSF? A? ' ' 55532252 . -is . 'iyvgz K 'K ,S I . . Home Room 225 Row one: A. Bonston, G. Buehole, J. Cooney, P Grier, P. Deak, E. Drennen, row two: E. Franklin N. Hankey, row three: R. Venable, R. Vesmas, S Virgalitte, E. Vuliak, C. Walters, B. Washington, row four: F. Wotson, B. Wells, R. Welsh, E. West, D. Williams, R. Williams, row five: C. Wilson, W. Winford, J. Winston, row six: G. Wood, J. Womack, S. Woon- ten, K. Wright, B. Zeigler, R. Yancy. No picture: D. Wyszatycka. -Dil Page One Hundred Five Cooking Class pared football banquet. Sitting: G. Bushong, M. C lwell, P. Burks, S. lngraham, Miss Smith, T. Helt, D. Hagerty, W. Pritchardg Standing: M. Owens, G. Stevenson, M. Smith, I.. Conyer, E. Borders, S. Hill, l. Dominic, P. Neimark, D. Castor. Domestic Science class who served and pre- O Bra i I "Midsummer's Night's Dream Braille Students in Action Row one: Jo Ellen Anderson, Jeffery Capers, Cattier Lee Flickinger, Alan Gibson, Donald Hardy, Anthony Keras, row two: Diane McDevill, Kathy McGinness, row three: Donald Reisinger, John Seech, row four: Lawrence Sova, Barry Strirbens, row five: Martha Strohmyer, Jean Wauring. No pictures for: Del- bert Wittanauer, Ronald Abrams. BRAILLE BRIGHTENS WORLD June, 1959, brings to a close The Youngstown Braille Class's five happy years within the walls of Rayen School. The understanding and co-operation of the three faculties and student bodies of Harding, Hayes, and Rayen have made the lives of the blind pupils, purposeful and worth-while. The primary unit of the class is composed of one first grader, Martha Strohmyer, Howland, one second grader, Esther Lee Flickinger, of McDonald, four third graders, Jeffrey Capers, Hopedale, Diane McDevitt, Canfield, Donald Reisinger, Newton Falls, and Jean Warring, Ashtabula. In the intermediate class there are four fourth graders: Kathy McGinniss, Negley, Donald Hardy, Windham, Lawrence Sova, Youngstown, and Jimmie Donnan, Youngs- town. The fifth grade has two pupils, Barry Stirbens, Austintown, and Anthony Keras, Steubenville. Two seventh graders, John Seech, Youngstown, and Alan Gibson, spend their mornings in Hayes Junior High School, and one boy, Ronald Abrams, Salem, is finishing his school career this year. Although we lose but one student by graduation, the Braille Class is expecting five or six more students to ioin its ranks next year. if Page One Hundred Six ii? "Buf when fhey once affain the ufmosf rungp They fhen unfo the laffer turn their backs Look into the clouds scorning the base degrees By which fhey did ascend." fCaesar1 Juniors Prepare for Last Act Slunding: Mrs. Jeunone Hoganp sealed: J. Dewell, D. Yarmy, E. Herubin, E. Roebuck, H. Sacks, l. Berndh B. Gregory. English Class Preparing for their last scene in high school, the iuniors are looking forward to a great performance in their senior year, 1960, Helping to set the stage are Thespian members Nancy Gourley, Deanna Probert, George Ballantine, Alice Coombs and Reid Schmutz. Music supplied by Octet members Lenore Jones, Barb Freed, Jean Love, Marilyn Broida and Virginia Benson is backed up by A Cappella members Georgie Mills, Ronnie White, Nancie Frantz and Bill Dahler. These are instrumentally aided by band members, Leslie Ashmore, Pat Burge, Ronald McElhaney and Bob Ladig. ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENT Jim Bertilacci, George Dunlow, Alex Righetti, Alex Zenko, Richard Ward, Bert Summers and Bruce Jamison have scored high in the field of athletics. In golf, wizards Don Lucarell and Tom Terlesky keep a low tally for the team. ' Page One Hundred Eight Es- Page One Hundred Nine FOOTBALL LETTERMAN Row one: J. Saunders, L. Pruitt, D. Vechiarelli, P. Ungaro, J. Robinsony row Owo: J. Bertilacei, M. Coppolln, H. Janke, B. Jamison, R. Ward, row ihree: M. Bledsoe, A. Righefli, R. Sfura, I.. Booker, E. Mariin, F. Hor- vuthg row four: A. Zenko, R. Gori, A. Womak, A. Hudock, C. Cousin, O. Anderson. Home Room 303 Row one: M. Baugh, M. Brown, L. Conyer, J. Car- ter, L. Carter, row two: S. Champ, D. Clinkscale, J Conti, M. Coppola, B. Cunningham, row three V. Donaldson, R. Daniels, Genero, R. Gori, row seven: M. Marks, M. Prise, D. Rains, E. Reiger, M. Short. Page One Hundred Ten G. Danlaur, L. Douglas, row four: P Davis, S. DiFiore, R. Deram, A. Desantis, row five: C. Dickens, J. Domonic, N Dubase, S. English, R. Ferraro, row six: J. Fleming, J. Frank, B. Franklin, J I-3+ Home Room 306 Row one: E. Allen, W. Allen: row two: K. Anderson, W. Anderson, Y. Arriola, J. Bagileri, row Three: N. Bahny, P. Barnes, B. Belliie, M. Bender, C. Bennet, V. Benson, row four: L. Berndt, J. Bertilacci, J. Birkholtz, L. Bolton, A. Brown, M. Broido, row five: P. Burge, J. Burke, J. Bur- sack, R. Coppiello, row six: E. Carrozzino, B. Chudakoff. Dress right room representatives: row one: T. Castor, J. Ocker, L. Tarantino, P. Boyle, A. Thornton, D. Vechiarelli, P. Mirtop row two: J. Burke, C. Theodore, C. Heames, L. Monoco, P. Porter, P. Roberts, B. Safier, A. Jackson, R. Morgan, G. Davidson, row three: J. Carter, D. Knoll, A. Vechiarelli, T. Terlesky, J. Levy, C. Anderson, P. Laskin, J. Landau, S. Billet, M. DeVall, M. Kryzan, B. Carney, H. Sacks, I. Tamarkin, S. Mays, L. Steluto, J. Bursack, E. Morris, K. Naples, D. Orzeg row four: L. Pruitt, D. Dyer, D. Thomas, P. Carlson, C. Dickens, J. Huestis, G. Ballantine. Home Room 306 Row one: M. Close, L. Cohen, W. Cohn, row two: C. Conway, A. Coombs, J. Cor coran, B. Dohler, row three: P. Damore, B. Dann, G. Dycman, P. Fabian, S. Fleisher, L. Flint, row four: B. Foxman, N. Frantz, C. Gentile, B. Gibson, N. Gourley, M. Hahn, row five: R. Harvey, J. Hender- son, P. Henkin, J. Hogan, row six: C. Hunt, C. Hymes. FRENCH CLUB MEETING M. Broida, P. lolborman, C. Theodore, S. Sandler, S. Kaufman, G. Davidson, I.. Silverman. Those who excel in G.A.A. are Beverly Carl, Pat Faber, Janice Washington and Beverly Gregory. Among those who are active in Yolaso Y-Teens are Judy Corcoran, Linda Ross and Carol Conway. 'wal Page One Hundred Twelve lil- Home Room 306 Row one: L. Jones, J. Kranitz, row two: L. Kravitz B. Ladig, B. Landolt, P. Leiberman, row three: A Limberg, H. Lowendorf, J. Lucas, C. Machingo, J Marciano, M. McCarran, row four: B. McCreary J. Micchia, G. Mills, N. Monroe, C. Mucci, H. Nudel row five: K. Pevow, A bert, row six: S. Ress, S Rosenberg. LANGUAGE CLUBS Active in French Club are Judy Solomon, president of the Petite Cercle, Peggy Davis and Barbara Landolt. In Spanish Club are Sandy DiFiore, Mike Cuppola and Mary McCarron. Adding to German Club progress is Paula Henkin, while Mary Jo Ligan, Barbara Carney, Lynn Berndt and Sue Fleisher work away in Latin Club. Boosting the morale of the school and preparing for the co-captainship of the cheering squad are Monica Guarnieri and Karen Pevow. Future Teachers of America include Dick Yarmy and Georgie Mills. Jo Anne Carter, Nancy Naples, Evie Carrozzino and Larry Flint are leaders in Home Room Council. Already five juniors have made Quill and Scroll. Karen Pevow is treasurer for the City Future Nurses. Thus the iunior class, already assuming leadership, will be well prepared to direct and inspire others when they take over the leading roles in the activities in 1960. ssl Page One Hundred Thirteen 134- I I Phillips, J. Pitascia, D. Pro- Home Room 306 Row one: L. Ross, H. Sacks, row two: R. Schmutz, J. Schwartz, M. Scott, R. Seber, row three: G. Shook, J. Silber, L. Silverman, G. Singer, D. Stafford, row four: B. Summers, l. Tamarkin, A. Tanowitz, J. Thell man, G. Tully, J. Vieth, row five: A. Wenclland R. White, S. Williams, T. Wishnev, row six: D. Yar- my, J. Yotsnukis. No picture for: H. Staclelbaur, T. Kennedy, C. Jones, C. Pegeus. GERMAN CLASS Seated: J. Hogan, M. L. Dickens, B. DeAngelo, D. Williams, standing: L. Ross, E. Linder, M. Broennle, R. Schmutz, D. Schlosser, B. Hauser, Miss E. Bears. Page One Hundred Fourteen Home Room 307 Row one: B. Carney, L. Fitzgerald, B. Gregory, D. Harris, row two: T. Harris, D. Heffrin, D. Hernandez, E. Herubin, row three: T. Hickson, C. Hicks, J. Hill, J. H0992 row four: B. Holcomb, S. Holmes, J. Hoover, A. Hopkins, row five: L. Huff, J. Humphries, B. Jennings, H. Jones, row six: J. Jones, S. Jones, W. Karr, W. Kennedy, row seven: W. Kimbrough, G. King, J. Kreibel, J. Martin. No picture: S. Hill. +3 Page One Hundred Fifteen STAGE CREW G. Miles, R. Marciano, R. Sfaro, R. Zenko Home Room 310 Row one L Douglas, J. Kroynovich, N. Lavante row two: M. Lenarcl, M. Logan, J Lomax J Marsh, row three: E. Mauzy, R. Michaelian, D. Morris, J. Mraz, C. Naples, G. Naples: row four: Nancy Naples, Nick Naples, Y. Ottenberg, J. Payne, J. Pantone, C. Pattella: row five: E. Patman, R. Pesce, C. Powell, W. Revere, row six: J. Richards, D. Roberts, E. Rogovin. DRESS RIGHT CAMPAIGN WINNERS Laura Taroniinu, Pour loylo. Home Room 102 Row one: J. Ameduri, C. Batian, row two R. Marciano, T. McGarry, row four: R Miller, R. Olesksiuk, R Parks, P. Porter, row five B. Reed, M. Rocco, L. Ven able, row six: J. Vitale, L Vitullo, A. Zenko, D picture: J. Kossakowski. DRIVING CLASS Row'one: B. Detar, B. Mcgreury, J. Jackson, L. lobe, G. Benson, M. Nicostrog row two: M. Skoda, G. Bagller, S. Davelle, P. Henkm, row three: Mr. L. Guisewite, J. Butinski, S. Webb, P. Gumbrel, A. Zenko. D. Blazina, J. Davies, J. Evans, D. Froh- man, row three: D. Green, T. Jenkins, Hersemen, J. Collins. No Home Room 217 Row one: C. Chavez, R. Green, J. Keating, J. Keogh, C. Morris, S Reynolcls, S. Ruberto, row two: R. Ruggiero, J. Saletra, row three: H Seres, G. Smith, row four: J. Staples, H. Stollner: row five: J Tarintine, T. Terlesky, W. Thomas, C. Villio, L. Village, E. Wallace row six: R. Ward, J. Washington, W. Watson, E. Webb, A. Womack E. Wroblewski. SPANISH CLASS Row one: R. Naples, K. fevowp row two: N. Demonic, I.. Domonic, R. Spokane, M. Bender, row three: l. Flint, M. McCarran, D. Reins, N. Naples, J. Deimolg standing: S. DiFioro, R. Demonic, Mr. Nicholas Cipollone. Home Room 226 Prayor, N. Rothwell, row four: B. Ses- soms, D. Shacklock, J. Smith, P. Smith, ETIW one: J' Brown' N' gampanaf J- J. Solomcm, row five: N. Solomon, J. ufo' A' Coweman' P' F"'edmCmF 'OW Sorvilloy row six: R. Spokane, D. Turillo, two: B.. Grunt, E. Lcaricciag row three: C. B. Weilyl J. Zabosky, pu Zin. No pic, McAfee' R' MCElhC'neYf T' Mosul' E' ture: F. Kinney, J. Phillips, E. Ripple. -if Page One Hundred Nineteen B1- "lf is the curse of kings, to be attended By sloves, that fake their humors for o warrant To break within the bloody house of life." lKing John lV:llU Editors of the Annual 'David Dyer, Errol Adels, Franres lubonovic, Stanley Rosko, Cary Elfordg Not in picture, Marcia Gurss. "All fha! glitters is not gold." lMerchcmi of Venicei i Senior Poll Winners Row one: M. Morelli, D. Thomas, D. Williams, J. Towne, F. Horvathp row two! T. Sminara, C. D'Amico, C Carrozzlno, T. Custer B. Lipton, A. Thornton, M. Greenbergerg row three: L. Pruitt, E. Linder, B. Hauser B. De Angelo, J. A. llapagna, P. Carlson, S. Sandler, D. Schlosser, J. Ambrosia. -:El Page One Hundred Twenty 13+ "Bul this some day Musf end that work that fiffy-five began, And whefher we shall meel again we know noi If we do meef again, we'll smile indeed, If noi, 'fis frue fhis parfing was well made." fWifh apologies fo Shakespeare's Caesarl Seniors Present Finale Voted Most Likely to Succeed Bill Hauser, Elise Linder 'il Page One Hundred Tweniy-one lif- "We do here pronounce Upon the pari of fhe Seniors, in whose power We were elected theirs." Senior Class Officers Dominic Vechiarelli, Oreasurarp Carol D'Amico, secrolaryg Carolyn Theodore, vice-president, and Jim Ambrosia, president. Senior Social Committee Row one: Marlene Fossesscap row two: Josephine Robinson, .lim Ambrosia, Deena Schlosser, Terry Caslon row Qhree: Anita Thornton, Bridget Italiano, Marie DeSanlis, Judy Ingram, John Huestis, Barbara Lipton, Greta Davidson, JoAnne McCreary, Carl Jones, row four: Paul Carlson, Frances Lubonovic, Galen Gourley, Carolyn Theodore, Bob Shagrin, Carol D'Amico, Dom Vecharalli. Why some are born great, some Achieve greatness, and some have Greatness thrown upon them." ITweIflh Nightl Honor Roll--Class of 1959 Row one: Dr. J. Fred Essig, Mr. Andrew A. Lindsay, Judy Schwartz, Jonathan Towne, Malka Greenberger, K S' N H 5 d K ' - : D h B Ph ll' H ' Katie Birch, Marcia aren Inger, ancy utt, an ra Ornstein, row two orot y rown, y is ames, Gurss, Joan Rousseau, Joan levy, Greta Davidsonp row three: Betty Conn, Barbara Lipton, Peggy Mirto, Wilodene Nelson, Betty Randell, Judi Ocker, Sandra Tracey, Jacqueline Dellaria, row four: Dave Williams, William Hauser, Mark Tessler, Errol Adels, Oliver Drabkin. "All's well that ends well." Honor Tea . . . Senior Prom . . Baccalaureate Senior Banquet Alumni Reunion Commencement Commencement--1959 Tuesday, April 21 Through Courtesy of Home Room Council ...........................-.. Saturday, May 30 Stambaugh Auditorium, Lenny Esposito's Orchestra Sunday, May 31 Speaker: The Rev. John Williams, District ,Supt. Methodists Monday, June 1 Immanuel Lutheran Church . . . Wednesday evening, June 3 Friday, June 5, 10:00 A. M. Dr. Paul B. Sharp, Pres. Hiram College Q3 Page One Hundred Twenty-three lil' LESLIE B. ABRAMOVITZ RONALD ROBERT ABRAMS ERROL MICHAEL ADELS IAMES MICHAEL "Here comes a member of the i'I an! a irue Iaborerf I earn that "The h0UVef'lY fheloflf of 'him' AMBROSIO ,, , H commonwealth gel eye "Sole monarch of the universal French Club Honor Roll euril' Tennis Annual Co-Editor Quill and Scroll French Club, Treas. Dramatics Club Annual Adveriising Tennis Annual Ed. Board Senior Class President Quill and Scroll Annual Advertisng Senior Social Comm. THOMAS IOSEPH ANNESS "And he will make Ihe face of heaven so fine" 0"NEAL ANDERSON "I can live no longer by Ihinking" I. CAMERON ANNIE AVERHART MATHEW EDWARD GERALDINE A. BANASIK ARCETSINGER ll "Yes, In have gained my ex- BAKER , 'fAll hail, svvleet maclam, and fair "Sweet mercy is nobili!y's true penence "But thou art wise" Ilme of day bcdgell Y-Teens Y-Teens Foofbnn French Club A Cappella Track French Club Hi-Y if Page One Hundred Twenty-four lil' NANCY ANN BARBOR CHARLES A. BARNETT CLADYS LOUISE BARR ALBERT IAMES BARTOK "TI'? WOYSII fault YOU have is to f'He was my friend, faithful and "My bounty is as boundless as "Hiding his bitter iests in bl be nn love lust to me" the sea" behavior" Y'T99"5 ' A Cappella Football A CUPPUIIU Home Room Council Track Service Group Annual Sales ROBERT ALLEN BERKOWITZ "Robert, remember thy swashing blow" Junior Achievement Band DONALD A. BELL "I have neither the scholar's mel- ancholy nor the musician's" ANNA MARIE BERTILACCI "O, if the streets were paved with thine eyes" Homecoming Attendant Service Group KATHY I0 ANNE BELL "How hard it is for women to keep counsel" WILLIE M. BIBBS KATHERINE S. BIRCH "Yet still she is the moon, and I "Old fashions please me b the man" Honor Roll Annual Sales and Ads National Thespians French Club Future Teachers A Cappella Dramatics Home Room Council Annual Editorial Board KAY FRANCES BLACK MELVIN LEON BLEDSOE "And presently l will be with "All places yield to him ere he you" sits down" Y-Teens Football Future Teachers Spanish Club Varsity R. ELAINE BQGDEN HENRIETTA sowsks Hsu: shell we dence, if they de- "Now I gee the mvsfefv of YOU' si,-9 Us go" loneliness soo .Club French club Future Nurses BARRY C. BOWLEN "Youth, thou bearest thy father's face" RENICK BELL BRANDT A. MICHAEL BROENNLE "Is not this a rare fellow, my "But kindness, nobler ever than lord?" revenge" National Thespians German Club Rifle Club Home Room Council Dramatics Club A Cappella A Cappella Boy's'Octet IOHN BOWMAN "Though he be blunt, I know him passing wise" DOROTHY MAE BROWN GENE RAYMOND BROWN "Thou couldst please me with "Are all these things perceived speaking to me" in me?" Honor Roll Y-Teens Latin Club French Club Future Nurses Future Teachers Rifle Club A Cappella Annual Advertising NORALEE BROWNLEE MARINELLA BUDICIN KATHLEEN ANN BURLEY WILLIAM L BYHAM "I profess to be no less that I "Which is the greatest lady, the "And who can sever love from "He hears no music seldom he seem" highest?" charity?" smiles Y-Teens G. A. A. 500 Club Future Nurses Y-Teens u Y-Teens Service Group French Club MARGARET CANNATTI A showing of heavenly effect" PAUL WILLIAM CARLSON "Let me Elay the foolg with mirth and laug ter" Basketball Hi-Y Senior Social Committee Home Room Council-V. Pres. CAROL IEAN THERESA MARIE CASTOR DAVID MICHAEL DAVID N CHASE CARRQZZINO "SQeak but one rhyme, and I am CATQLINE gtzoarthou before be our ambos "She is a woman, therefore may sumhed "More than a prince of cats" C be Wann Y-Teens-Sec. A CUPPSHU French Club Senior Social Committee. Home Room Council aqua? Rl-urses Homecoming Attendant 500 Clubpres. Page One Hundred Twenty-seven ll'- RONALD IAMES CHUFO LARRY SANFORD COHN BETTY ANN CONN CASEY COUSIN, Il "And the nobility of Rome are "Now does my proiect gather to "Sir I am vexed: Bear with my "How many actions most ridicu- his" a head" weakness" Ious hast thou been drawn to" Rifle Club-Secretary A Cappella Honor Roll Football Junior Achievement -ibaskftball rac Varsity R CAROL ELIZABETH D'AMICO "Madam, you have bere II words" French Club Quill and Scroll Annual Advertising Y-Teens-President Future Nurses-Treas. Senior Class-Secretary Senior Social Committee A Cappella 500 Club Record Staff ft me DARLA DAVID "I must to the learned: In good time" Y-Teens GRETA FRANCES IUDITH LEE DAVIS DAVIDSON "You have a nimble wity I think" "A holy parcel of the fairest Quill and Scroll damesu Annual Ed. Board Honor Roll A Cappella Quill and Scroll French Club-Vice President Dramatics Club A Cappella Cheer eader-Co-Captain Senior Social Committee Record Staff Annual Advertising Service Group WILLIAM DOMINIC IUDITH ELLEN DEIMEL DE ANGELO ,R "Come give us a taste of your ' ' quality" "With spectacles on nose, and pouch on fide" Dramatics Club German Clu French Club A Cappella -vii Page One Hundred Twenty-eight b National Thespians Spanish Club A Cappella Future Teachers Junior Achievement IACQUELINE M. DEL.LARIA I have no other but a womens reason" Honor Roll Latin Club French Club Library Council SHARRIE ANN DELMONT "Silence is the perfected herald of icy" French Club 0 Home Room Council MICHAEL A. DeLUClA IEAN DENNIS MARIE A. DeSANTIS MARY LOUISE DICKENS "A true devoted pilgrim is not "We will solicit heaven: and "Ambition should be made of "Upon her wit doth earthly honor weary" move the gods" sterner stuff" wait" Y-Teens Y-Teens German Club French Club Service Group A Cappella Junior Achievement Senior Social Committee Service GrouP Dramatics Club National Thespians Latin Club Future Nurses Future Teachers A Cappella BARBARA A. DIETER LUCY ANN DOMINIC NICHOLAS A. DOMINIC ROSE MARIE DOMINIC "Now I seep she is your treasure" "why then you are in love" "To bela warrior, and command "Leave her to heaven" Latin Club G comp latin Club Spanish Club Spanish Club Latin. Club Future Nurses A Cappella SPOHISII Club Future Nurses Page One Hundred Twenty-nine I lit- OLIVER HERSCHEL CLEOTHUS DUNCAN DAVID CARL DYER RUTHANN EDWARDS DRABKIN "Youll worth is very dear in my "Good night, sweet Prince" "Sweets to the sweet" . . . regar " L!n2a::clZllh'n my mmd C' thou' L CI b iecordiAEst.EdEditor A Cappella atin u nnua o- itor ,'2:2s:,.Rs1',e, 'F'35lih"?'lU5c""' ., French Club Home Room Counci -Treasurer Band Orchestra IANICE M. ELLINCTON "To prove by wit, worth in simplicity" Future Nurses CARY MANN ELFORD French Club "Lights, more Iights" Record Photographer Annual Photographer Quill and Scroll Service Group French Club Hi-Y img' Ochet appe a Band FLORENCE ELAINE IOSEPH I. FERENCHAK IR. SALVATORE IAMES FESTA ERNEST LOUIS FIELDS FALCONY "Brevity is the soul of wit" "I talk of dreams which are chil- "Experience is by industry ,, . . , , dren of an idle brain" achieved" Kindness In women shall wm his NlF.L.,T,ea,u,e, love Junior Achievement-President Annual Art Staff . National Thespians N.F.L. Service Group Hi-Y Dramatics Club A Cappella Band Orchestra -,El Page One Hundred Thirty lk SCOTT L. FLETCHER MARLENE IOYCE ION C. FREEMAN PATRICIA ANN xgnozggegel be MBYYYI Ye? Willlal FOSSESCA 'gesfdfor a sciare of kingdoms you FRIEDMAN "She will a hqndmqyk bg QQ his 5 ou wmnge "You were born under a chant desires, A loving nurse" able star" Future Nurses-President Y-Teens-SecretarY ATCappellol 'Future CTLESBS - eens atin u Record Queen Home Room Council Senior Social Committee G.A.A. MARY ANN GILLAM "What we changed was innocense for innocence" Y-Teens Service Group DOLORES ANN GAVLEK "O, love, be moderate, allay thy ecstasy" Y-Teens GALEN ANNE COURLEY FRED GREEN, IR. MALKA CREENBERCER MARCIA E. CURSS "And fair she is, if that mine "A merchant of incomparable "This li'-'Cl HWY PYUVB U heal-'YBDUS "of Such divine Peffeclloni' eyes be true" wealth" flower" H R H onor o National Thespians A Cappella French Club Senior Social Committee Quill and Scroll Future Teachers Home Room Council Record Staff Honor Roll French Club Dromatics Club National Thespions A Cappella Junior Achievement Orchestra Page One Hundred Thirty-one iii' Quill and Scroll French Club-Asst. Treasurer Future Teachers Service Group National Thespions Dromatics Club Annual Ed. Board PHYLLIS HAINES WILLIAM LUTHER GWENDOLYN A. HICKS NORA HOLMES f'Thy wit is a very bitter sweet- HAUSER "The fair, the chaste, d - "W Ia t d henef'ts" essive she" mg "Like softest music to attending pr Honor Roll WVSH French Club National Thespians-Historian Dramatics Club A Cappella Future Teachers Honor Roll German Club-President iff onli' oppe N.F.L. G FRANK G. HORVATH "The pleasing punishment women bear" Football-Co-captain Track Varsity R Home Room Council that Annual Advertising Future Teachers Future Nurses Y-Teens Latin Club IOHN WAYNE HUESTIS "Uneasy lies the head, that wears a crown" Hi-Y-Treasurer French Club Record King A Cappella Boys' Octet Senior Social Committee Junior Achievement Uh UFIEX BQYO OYI1 D 0 I THOMAS LEE HUESTIS IOSEPH EDWARD IANET MARIE :He was ever precise and promise HUGHES, IR. HUMPHRIES eepmg , "Wilt thou aspire to guide the "But slow in speech, yet sweet as Hi.Y.T,-eq5,,,e,- heavenly car" spring-time flowers" A Cappella . . . . . . gays' ode, Jumar Achievement-President Junior Achievement-Vice-Pres. French Club Track Future Teachers Junior Achievement Annual Ed- Board Page One Hundred Thirty-two lil- NANCY BRYAN HUTT "For she is wise, if I can iudge of her" Honor Roll German Club Quill and Scroll Girls' Octet A Cappella Band and Orchestra Annual Ed. Board Home Room Council Record Staff UDITH HELEN INGRAM Love is your master, for he rnosters you" ll strong a note" Record Staff French Club Future Teachers Dramatics Club Service Group Senior Social Committee Library Council Y-Teens G.A.A. Future Nurses IANE MARTHA IPP BRIDGET IRENE "FoIIy in fools burns not so I1-ALIANQ I "When well apporelled April treads" G.A,A. Record Staff Annual Advertising Latin Club Y-Teens Senior Social Committee Quill and Scroll Future Teachers Service Group IESSE LEE IACKSON, IR. "To your own bents dispose you are ended Track Basketball Varsity R IOSEPH W IAMES Ill Be cheerful snr our reveals now ALFRED PIKE IENNEY "I should know you by descrip- tion" MARY LYNNE IOBE CARL IONES RICHARD NEWCOMB MARK EDWARD gl hhave in-larlfedu a thousand "Everyone brews of him to be a IONES KAUFMAN us es on er ace virtuous youth ,The kings coming, I know by HAM! eleeper 'han plunlmeys r-Teepscl b Rlqrsify R h1strumpet" sound, lll drown my book t' CI lo . Flsllvie Tezlichers Fgelllh Cllub Sparush Club geqcffd sau? H A Cappella Senior Social Committee Band Au' TnAd Ui- - Basketball, c.,.c.ptc.if. ggggff-I ,,'gggg mga' 'W Varsity R Dramatics Club Service Group .rllureiiar Achievement-President +R Page One Hundred Thirty-three lil' SETH MARVIN KAUFMAN DOLORES IOAN KIGER SANDRA LYNN KLEIN SANDRA GAIL KORNSTEIN "H6'S proud: and yet his pride "l had rather my book of songs" "All Ihat life can rare worthy in "Study is like the heavens glorl becomes him" thee" ous sun" Annual Ed. Board Quill and Scroll Future Nurses French Club Honor Roll French Club-Vice President Y-Teens Dramafics Club Dramatics Club A Cappella A Cappella National Thespians National Thespians Quill and Scroll A Cappella CHARL.ES IOHN KISH "His love and wisdom, approv'd so to your maiesty" ' Summer Graduate body rich" French Club Future Teachers Dramatics Club A Cappella Service Group ELSIE CORRINE KRAUSS "For 'Iis the mind that makes the Future Nurses French Club Service Group VIVIAN MARIE LATESSA MARGARET MARY IOI'IN HENRY LEE SUSAN LESLE LEEBAW "Hark, hark, I hear the minsirels I-EACH "Ta say nothing, to do nothing" "Wl"Uf 5705 do Shingle PWUVGD pIaying" .1 . . with such beauty" Ah, what sharp stings are In her Service Group mlldesl Words" 'French Club -tif Page One Hundred Thirty-four Br- Dramatics Club Home Room Council National Thespians A Cappella Girls' Octet TIM C. LEHNER TOM P. LEHNER DONNA IEAN LETTERA IOAN ESTELLE LEVY nw' be as pmiem as G genus fffhe duke hugh puf gn C, religious "Your plainness, and your short- "But I am constant as a Northern stream" life" ness please me welI" Star" Basketball Service Group Honor Roll Track Latin Club French Club Future Teachers NORMAN A. LOCKSHIN "A kinder gentleman treads not the earth" Band Junior Achievement ELISE LINDER "Honour is the subiect of my story" Debate Team Trophy Club National Thespians German Club-Vice President Service Group A Cappella Girls' Octet Band N.F.L.-Vice President ROBERT LOSER "You are great in fortune" German Club Home Room Council BARBARA SUE LIPTON "For stony limits cannot hold love out" Honor Roll I Cheerleader-Co-Captain Record Staff Quill and Scroll French Club National Thespians Senior Social Committee A Cappella Girls' Octet Home Room Council IOANE LOTARSKI "l doubt not but thy hath been noble" G.A.A.-President 500 Club Y-Teens-Treasurer Latin Club Future Nurses A Cappella FRANCES M. training LUBONOVIC "A golden mesh to entrap hearts of men" Annual Co-editor Record Staff Senior Social Committee Y-Teens Library Council A Cappella Quill and Scroll Cheerleader-Co-Captain Future Teachers the -'El Page One Hundred Thirty-five BK- ANNA MARIE PATRICIA IUDITH A. MACA WILLIAM MAGALOTTI ROBERT ASA LUCARIC xShe ddarnczs las Hgoddess-like to "Faiilh, gentlemen, now I play a MANCHESTER, IR, "According to the fashion and er G mule Cys mel-C cms pall "sigh F10 m0l'9f IGCIIBSI Sigh H0 the time" mere" Y.Teeng Record Staff G,A,A, Annual Advertising 500 Club' Quill and Scroll A Cappella Library Council Ti-ioMAs loser:-I RICHARD STEVEN MILLER nor "Thou art a strange fellowp a tailor make a man?" MARINO, IR. "Heavens make a star of him" A Cappella EARVIN MARTIN "He has wings" Track Varsity R Football MARIAN HATTIE MASS PETE D. MATSOURIS IERRY L. MILES "This livery is all that I request" "Thou seest a game played home, "I'lI not be tied to hours, the rich stake drawn" pointed times" French Club Future Nurses A Cappella Service Group -:sf Page One Hundred Thirty-six B+ MARGARET MARY MIRTO MICHAEL ANTHONY RAEMA IEAN MORGAN SANDRA DIANNE McAFEE "Whose beauty doth astonish the MORELLI "l mUSt l1UVB lB1'-W9 to FOSS" SHE' Wondfous quullllesf and mild ' H e avlor survey of richest eye "l strike quickly, being moved" Y.T9e,-,S ,l:o'g:,rppR3lL - Spanish Club-Vice President Service Group Home Room Council l0fANNE McCREARY "Her beauty hangs upon the cheek of night" Homecoming Queen Junior Achievement-Secretary Senior Social Committee French Club 500 Club IITEW n a Quiiluillea Scroll MARGARET PGWEU- Record Staff MCCUTCHEQN "And all my fortunes at thy foot l'll lay" A Cappella Spanish Club-Historian Future Teachers Dramatics Club Band-Maiorette Service Group Junior Achievement-Treasurer THOMAS IOSEPH McHUGH MARIORIE MARIE NEAL WILODENE NELSON lAMEs G- NEWMAN " 'Tis but the boldness of his "Me shall you find most ready" "Iron may hold with her, but "l Gm nonbfeechlng SCl'I0l0ll' in hand" never lutes" the schools A Cappella Honor Roll Ffenfh Club Annual Ed. Board Sefvlfe GYOUP French Club Quill and Scroll A Cappella 'il Page One Hundred Thirty-seven li'- MARY ELIZABETH ANTHONY R. NODAY DANIEL WESLEY jUDlTH RUTH OCKER NICASTRO "Give mel a staff of honor for NORRIS "She that is giddy thinks the Hshfu I '0mPU"9 Thee T0 G Sum- mme age "Msn's vows are women's trai- world mms roundu mers dawn Bend larsl' Honor Roll Service Group orchestra A Cqppgllq .f,":"'?1h Cclrgb Golf Team Futsray Teachers Band-Head Maiorette A Cappella Record Staff Annual Sales N.F.L.-Secretary HOWARD GLENN OLSON "Let me, if not by birth, have lands by wit" . A Cappella Track LORETTA ANN ONEIL "Play your whiles" Annual Advertising MARLENE LYNN 0'NE'll.l. DIANA HELEN ORZE Dol-DRES ROSE 0550 RICHARD Al-I-EN "flooring of her beauty and her "Now she cracks a noble heart" "5hGk?l0ff fhe 90ld9H SlUmlDBI' of OTTENBERG W" French Club repose :gzhlsrqauwas good sport in his National Thes ians-Secretary FUN-II'9 TBUCl1eI'S Y'Teen5 ' 9 Dramatics Club G-A-N Future Nurses A Cappella A Cappella 500 Clvb Future Nurses Junior Achievement G-A-A French Club Y-Teens A CUPPBHU Latin Club Service Group 'il Page One Hundred Thirty-eight lil- IOHN ROBERT PALCEWSKI ALEX ROBERT' PAPACAN IOANN THERESA ANASTASIA P. PAPPAS "And, beingia winner, God give "Friends, Romans, countrymen, PAPACNA "That I might touch thy cheek" you good night lend me your ears ,,.l.o nature none more bound., Yhhens G Band Service roup Junior Achievement-President Qf'.Il'e':':1L Sales PATRICIA DARLENE PASSELL "l will not budge for no mans pleasure" Dramatlcs Club French Club A Cappella Junior Achievement Home Room Council Orchestra N.F.L.-President National Thespians A Cappella Boys' Octet Dramatics Club Trophy Club CAROL IEAN PARANZINE "And feed upon the shadow of perfection" Y-Teens G.A.A.-Vice President 500 Club French Club A Cappella Service Group Future Nurses Annual Advertising MADELINE PATRICIA PARENT "When most I wink, then do mine eyes best see" Service Group LAWRENCE DENNIS LUCILLE PATTERSON MAIRY IGYNE :AYNE ff 1 ' ' " - ive me ,,FofArLR3g'nf Fm was simlzvzzhmbdlfh"dn" bow .4:c, mit, 9 Greek to me" French Club French club Rifle club IJISFSSNWS French Club , H e o ing Attendant Service Club om C m -FAI Page One Hundred Thirty-nine lie- MICHAEL A. PESA IO ANN PHILLIPS HENRY IOHN PIASKY DOROTHY IEAN "Tha Prince of darkness is a "She sings like one immortal" "HS HWY If-1WfUllY deal fm" PIETRUCH gen eman" U Quin and scroll French Club ?,hNev3r say that I was False Golf Y-Teens A Cappella 0 9'3" French Club Futura Teachers ..lUnIOI' ACl1I6V6men1 A CUPPBIIG French Club Future Nurses Annual Ed. Board LONZEL PRUITT "He lives an fame, that died in virtue's cause" Football Track Basketball-Co-Captain Varsity R AMOS RANDALL BETTY RANDELL "And was discipled of the brav- "We'll dg fhee hgmq GSI" ruled by thee" Tmlk Honor Roll Football Latin Club-President French Club N Service Group National Thespians A Cappella Orchestra Band ga an MAGDALENE PRUITT "O, How I faint when I of you do write" Future Nurses BARBARA E. RIFKIN "For far behind her worth come all the praises" French Club Future Nurses Service Group Service Group IOSEPH ELM ER ROBINSON "Whence honor but of danger wins a scar" Football Basketball-Co-Captain Track Hi-Y-President Varsity R -'El Page One Hundred Forty 181' IOSEPHINE l. ROBINSON "The honor of a maid is her name" Y-Teens-Secretary French Club-President Future Teachers Band Orchestra Home Room Council Senior Social Committee SAM ROTH "He reads muchy he is a great observer" Record Staff Annual Editorial Board Band Junior Achievement-President RICHARD Rossuclc IOAN LOUISE Rossmasnc STANLEY IOSEPH ROSKO "So like a courtier" "All this is but a dream" "And U man of Such P9'fecl'o" y.f R a-A e. Ed't r 5,,ff1'ffG,,,,,,, Aisle:-cf-Edieo'fo Future Nurses Quill and Scroll Future Teachers Ffefffll Club Junlor Achievement IOAN VICTORIA SUSAN SANDLER VINCENT LOUIS RQUSSEAU "Parting is such sweet sorrow" SANTANCELO 'fsome iusg love my lady, und Annual Sales "Hinder not the humour af his some Joan" French Club dwgn Hmlo" Roll Shiillelilg-Co-Captain Track l"ll'n, Club Service Group G"'l5 one' Future Teachers A Cappella Future Teachers Dramatics Club IOSEPH A. SAUNDERS "And when I ope my lips, let no dog bark" Football Track Varsity R Home Room Council-Vice-Pres. DEENA FAYE SCHLOSSER "Such beauty as a women's eye" Girls' Octet A Cappella Senior Social Committee Chairman Dramatics Club Future Teachers-President German Club-Secretary Quill and Scroll N.F.l.-Secretary Record Staff 'il Page One Hundred Forty-one 131- IUDITH RUTH THEODORE STEVE IEROME WALTER SERBEL ROBERT LLOYD SHAGRIN SCHWARTZ SEMINARA "His wordsuare bonds, his oaths "He thinks tag much: such men "Her beauty is exquisite, but her "More quick than words, do move me omclesl are dangerous favor Infinite" a woman's mind" fmquaa idvengsgng Honor Roll Sgillbr glacial Committee Annual Ed. Board A ecppena Quill and Scroll National Thespians-President Future Teachers-Treasurer Girls' Octet Latin and French Clubs A Cappella Dramatics Club l KAREN DONNA grammar long ago" Honor Roll Annual Sales Latin Club French Club National Thespians Dromatics Club "l know it wellp I read it in the Home Room Council SINGER ROBERT SINGER "Mathinks, I could deal kingdoms ta my friends" how her IAMES BURTON MADELINE CAROL SKODA EZELL SLEDGE, IR. CAROLYN SMITH SKILLMAN f'ln all these circumstances I shall "This was a man" "Whoever strove to s "Thou robed man of iustice, take msirud You menln thy place" G.A.A. G.A.A. Kecgggpiwjf Y-Teens g?geCgf.bgSec. Br Treas. Y-Teens-Vlce President +6 Future Nurses French Club A Cappella Page One Hundred Forty-two 13" RICHARD DALE SMITH NORMAN LEE SOLOMON IOHN WILLIAM STAPLES IOSEPH STEVENSON "I have an answer, will serve "Here did he practice tilts and "A proper man, as one shall see "The B0I1fl6mUn is full of V"'l"9 all men" tournaments" in a summer's day" Golf Varsity R IAMES A. STRASBERG "What a wit-snapper are you" Dramatic Club A Ca ell QullIp:ndoScroll MARK A TESSLER He draweth out the thread of his verbosnty Honor Roll Tennis Trophy Club N.F.L. Hi-Y-Secretary A Cappella Boys Octet French Club Junior Achievement-Vice President CAROLYN THEODORE "If ladies be but young and fair" Senior Class-Vice President French Club Future Nurses Y-Teens A Cappella Senior Social Committee Service Group Home Room Co uncil ANTHONY FRANK BARBARA IEAN THOMAS COREY M. THOMAS THOMAS "FromHwomen's eyes this doctrine "lit: mehn could' be content to be "I am humble, be from honored denve W ul l ey we name" Y-Teens Football Track til Page One Hundred Forty-three 151- DANIEL PATRICK FRANK DOMINIC WILLIAM IOHN THOMAS THOMAS THOMAS "ln our poor praise he humbled" "He gains the name of good by "Unfold to us some warlike re- his government" sistance" Football Football Annual Advertising Track Home Room Council4President Latin Club Spanish Club Varsity R ANITA LOUISA THORNTON ZTIEH sweetest flower of all the IE Service Group French Club-Secretary Girls' Octet Junior Achievement-Secretary l IANET LEE THOMPSON "Custom cannot stale her infinitl variety" Y-Teens l latin Club N Rm? ll - Orchzlsmg U Homecoming Attendant Senior Social Committee MARCELLA TILLERY "Ported with sugar breath" Home Room Council l DONNA MARIA JONATHAN B. TOWNE SANDRA M. TRACEY PATRICK IOSEPH UNGARO TOMASINO "Oh so light a foot!" "She, looks as clear as a morning "Cl'6iPlnf?, like snail. UHWIIIIHQIY "One good woman in ten" Honor Ron rose lo sc oo Y T Track Honor Roll FOOIIDOIII S' efms G Debate Team French Club Truck e"Y'ce 'Pup Latin Club Latin Club Jumor ACh'eVeme"l German Club Thespians Trophy Club A Cappella v.F.l.. R Service Group arsity if Page One Hundred Forty-four IB'- DOMINIC PAUL VECHIARELLI gllle iests gt scars that never et a woun " Football-Co-Captain Track Basketball Varsity R Senior Class-Treasurer Senior Social Committee ELIZABETH IEAN IOHN BUSH WADDELL KAREN IRENE WALKER VITULLQ "Thus will I save my credit in "Frailty, thy name is womanl "I will be master of mine own" The Shoo' G-A.A. Latin Club Junior Achievement French Club Rifle Club-President Hi-Y Service Group A Cappella Service Group WILLIAM I. WATSON "Making us proud of his hu- miIity" DONALD WEBB "Wit shall not go unrewarded" French Club RONALD WILLIAM DAVID L. WILLIAMS RONALD E. WILLIAMS ARLENE SANDRA WINE WHITE "l'll prove more true" f'Mqfk him Und wrife his gpeeghes "A better speech was never spoke "l:le is complete in 'Feature and in Honor Roll 'n he bcoku before mmdu A Cappella TYOPIWY CIUI1 Service Group' Hi-Y-Secretary N.F.L. Trophy Club ieleman filub Boysarggef eil -Treasurer Page One Hundred Forty-five 33+ Urcmatics Club N.F.L. Future Teachers- Bond Orchestra Service Group Secreta ry IOHN NICHOLAS GLORIA DEAN WOOD GRIFFITH WRENCH PHYLLIS SUE ZOSS WOLSQNQVICH "lf indusfriously, I' played lhe "Me Thinks in ihee some blessed "And she comes in shage ,,And ehher vmory or else U fool, it was my negligence" spirit doth speak bugger Than an agofe-slone H grave Spanish Club Record Staff B k 'b H Annual Editorial Board B25 fs' , Quill and Scroll A 78 CIF' Future Nurses V 9,PPif' French Club ms' Y N.F.L. Nalional Thespians Dramaiics Club ANTHONY f X BARTHOLOMEW "lf you do love me, you will find me out" NANCY DeCEORGE "My an is no? past power nor your cure" THOMAS ENGELOFF IAMES EDWARD DONNELI. LEE LITTLE DONNA RAE MEADER Hwhenlweblffll l0lI'l in league, l GAMBRELL "l would I knew his mind" "You have a quick ear" om cl am "Then iive me leave Ia read Rifle Club 'gracg Pllll0S0P Y" A Cappella an Page One Hundred Forty-six F34- No Pictures: ANDREW IOSEPH BERCHIK MARGARET HUNTER MARILYN IOHNS ROY IAMES IOHNSON LA VERNE PAYNE "And leave you to your graver steps" GARY LYNN MILES OTIS TURNER Beware the odds of June" "Go, play, boy, play" R fle Club Track A C II appe a Service Group The Curtain Falls . . . Senior Class History "We will shine in 59" has been the motto and inspiration of the class of 1959. Throughout- the year the "Fifty-niners" have demonstrated this by excelling in A Cappella, Junior Achievement, Sports and Thespians. In sports, Frank "Snooky" Horvath earned unlimited fame as he rose to a position on the All-City Football Team, while Lonzel Pruitt was chosen a representative of the All-City second string. Outstanding in basketball were Carl Jones, Lonzel Pruitt, John Wolsonovich and Joe Robinson, who led Rayen in a victorious season. The football squad elected Jo Ann McCreary, Queen, to reign over their homecoming game. Mark Tessler, Alex Papagan and Joe Ferenchak helped win the permanent Sweepstakes Trophy for Rayen. Erwin Martin and Jonathan Towne were two high rating seniors who excelled in the field of track. Mike Pesa, Dan Norris and Norman Solomon helped to keep the golf team of top, Richard Jones and Mark Tessler did the same for tennis.. Encouraging the teams were cheerleaders Great Davidson, Barbara Lipton, Frances Lubonovic and Sue Sandler. Head maiorette for this season was Judi Ocker assisted by Missy McCutcheon. Unholding the traditions of Rayen A Cappella were Dave Williams, Barbara Lipton, Elise Linder, Bill Hauser and Nancy Hutt. The Spring Concert was a thirty year tribute to Waldemar "Nisch" Nischwitz. Active Thespians for the past year were Judy Schwartz, Marlene O'Neil, Sandra Kornstein, Renick Brandt and Katie Birch. "A Roomful of Roses" headed the productions for this year. Joe Ferenchak and Marcia Gurss made a trip to Purdue University for a National Thespian Conference. A member of the fairer half of the graduating class stole all the honors as a representative to the NAJAC conference at the University of Indiana where she learned business organization. This distinction goes to Anita Thornton. Deena Schlosser presided over the Senior Social Committee this year as they paved the way for a new tradition at Rayen. .After every Winter Concert the Senior Class of that year will hold a party to welcome back the alumni. The first party proved to be very successful. Carol D'Amico and Pat Passell were hard to beat in rubber soled shoes as The list of names of those seniors who have aided Miss Turowski in her endless iob of organizing the Record and Annual Staffs are much too long to name here, And so the class motto has carried its members to success as they depart, they leave their challenge to every future class of Rayen. Page One Hundred Forty-seven lll' OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS RAYEN SCHOOL I UNE, 1959 S'lIL1diO QI 4-th Floor 'NH P CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES THORNTON'S Laundry-Dry C1eaninq-Fur Storage 234 Belmont Avenue Phone R1 4-O 155 SENIOR INDEX Abramovitz, Leslie-87-93-'I 24 Abrams, Ronald-124 Adels, Errol-43-120-123-'I24 Ambrosio, Ja mes-43-48-50-53-120-'I 24 Anderson, O'Neal-29-69-73-124 Anness, Thomas-124 Argefsinger, J. C.-41-124 Averhart, Anne-25-38-124 Baker, Mathew-69-124 Banasik, Geraldine-28-56-'I24 Barbor, Nancy-38-56-69-'I 25 Barnett, Charles-28-38-125 Barr, Gladys-69-125 Bartok, Albert-125 Bartholomew, Anthony-146 Bell, Donald-125 Stambaug!1 SUCCESS Thompson s to the c1ass of 1959 F I R S T for Hardware since 1846 from 10 Stores EMILY TIPP Downtown 114 W. Federal Street Your North side Tip Top Lady 1823 Be1mont Avenue -'tif Page One Hundred Forty-nine 131- Best Wishes to The Graduating C1ass of 1959 The Greetinqs from Patrons OHIO HARDWOOD CO. AUSTINTOWN BUILDING MATERIAL CO. H. ITALIANO 6 SON CO. CENTURY FOOD A FRIEND That is a STORES, Inc. FRIEND , RIPOLI CONSTRUCTION Youngstown, Ohlo CO. IOSEPH A. GUARNIERI Bell, Kathleen-125 Berchic, Andrew-148 Berkowitz, Robert-31-61-65-125 Bertilocci, Anna-8-'I 12-125 ibb 'll' B s, WI le-125 Birch, Katie-24-35-44-52-53-51'I 23 Block, Kay-31-36-38-126 Bledsoe, Melvin-30-74-126 -125 SENIOR INDEX Bogden, Elaine-34-37-126 Bowers, Henrietta-25-44-'I26 Bowlen, Barry-'I26 B J h -126 owman, o n Brandt, Renick-44-56-126 Broennle, Michael-27-57-65-'I I4-'I 26 Brown, Dorothy-24-28-34-35-42-53-56 123-'I26 ABRAHAMS FIRST IN FASHION 217 West Federal Six Floors in Two Stores Of Fine Furniture THE PENNER FURNITURE CO. 2718 Market St., Youngstown BEST W1Sl1'1ES ST 3-2017 The OHIO LEATHER 162 Bridge sr, sfmfhers Company PI.. 5-9109 Girard, Ohio +51 Pug OHdd Fifty Brown, Gene-126 Makes you feel pretty important, doesn't it? You've come throuqh twelve rough years of books and report cards, detention periods and childish Ways to find your future staring you smack in the face. lt's such an uncertain future-filled with nuclear fission and speeds faster than sound . . . big frightening hassles in the U. N. and trips into outer space. But the most important thing is that this future we're talking about is YOU! You'll make it or break it, keep the peace or fight the wars, harness the atom for good, or use it to kill and maim. Through your college years, into your professions and the homes you will build . . . our best wishes go with you, Graduate . . . we're depending on youl MCKEl.VEY'S YOUNGSTOWN'S owN srons SENIOR INDEX Carrozzino, Carol-24-25-120-'I27 Brownlee, Noralee-127 Budicin, Marinella-127 Burley, Kathleen-26-34-36-37-39'I 27 Byham, William-127 Cannatti, Margaret-38-127 Carlson, Paul-41-46-55-82-84-'I l 1 -120- 127 Castor, Theresa-34-36-37-39-67-1 l 1- 120-'I27 Catoline, Dave-'I27 Chose, David-56-127 Chufo, Ronald-69-'I28 Clinkscales, Anna-128 Cohn, Larry-128 Greetings ' THE SQUIRE SHOP 141 West Federal Youngstown, Ohio AZA Extends best Wishes to the graduating class of l959 Robert Berkowitz Larry Cohn Oliver Drabkin Ronald Mostov Sam Roth Norman Solomon WORKMAN'S SERVICE STATION Ehn and Madison RI 6-9207 Compliments of Robert I. Renner THE RENNER COMPANY if Page One Hundred Fifty-one f34' GREETINGS to the class of 1959 GOLDEN AGE BEVERAGES RI 3-3333 Best Wishes to Graduates MIRKIN AUTO SALES 805 Mahoning Avenue Youngstown. Ohio CONGRATULATIONS VICTORIA CAFE Banquet Rooms Available 1342 Belmont Avenue SENIOR INDEX Conn, Betty-123-128 Cousin, Casey-72-74-82-84-128 D'Amico, Carol-24-36-37-39-43-48-50- 52-53-57-120-128 David, Daria-28-39-128 Davidson, Greta-25-43-44-50-53-57-71 1 11-123-128 Davis, Judith-8-46-50-53-128 DeAngeIo, William-26-27-57-114-120- 128 DeGeorge, Nancy-146 Deimel, Judith-30-48-52-56-64-1 18- 128 Dellaria, Jacquelyn-25-28-36-109-123 129 Delmont, Sharrie-25-129 GOLDIE'S FLOWER SHOP 330 Belmont Avenue Flowers for A11 Occasions We Deliver Phone RI 3-9938 ITALIAN O SERVICE STATION Cities Service Products Tires, Batteries and Accessories 3216 South Avenue ST 8-0043 Ohio School of Beauty Culture Featuring Permanent Waves. Hair Styling. Hair Cutting. Scalp Treatment. Finger Waving. Goodbye from the Seniors of DELTA THETA A PI Carol Bender Iudy Schwartz K S' Bl h- -Sh - -1- - Greta Davidson aren Inger em uni AIMQEOSTE mhnq Sue Harshman Carol Strassels R- S- Douglass- PIOP- ?Z??L'f5Tde' s,f.i2"S.2Xf.'2 111 W- Commerce cmi Poem cm: Pianin Youngstown. Ohio RI 7-2843 Rhode Grwsmfm Rachel I-usiiq +51 Page One Hundred Fifty-two iii' VISIT ISALY'S FOR ICE CREAM AND LUNCHES THE ISALY DAIRY COMPANY 1033.. Mahoning Avenue Youngstown, Ohio SENIOR INDEX DeLucia, Mike-129 Dennis, Jean-24-29-31-34-35-39-56-I29 DeSanfis, Marie-8-38-129 Dickens, Mary Lou-27-57-I I4-I29 Dieter, Barbara-69-I 'I 7-129 Dominic, Lucy-30-34-67-I I8-I 29 Dominic, Nicholas-30-56-I29 Dominic, Rose-30-34-I 'I8-129 Drabkin, Oliver-61 -I 23-I 30 Duncan, Cleofhus-28-65-I30 Dyer, David-25-43-44-46-48-50-53-69 93-I I I-I20-130 Edwards, Ruthann-130 Elford, Cary-41 -50-53-56-58-120-130 Ellington, Janice-26-38-130 Engeloff, Thomas-146 BEST WISHES to the Class of 1959 THE SNYDER-BENTLEY COMPANY HOLLYWOOD AUTO SUPPLY 1221 Market Street Phone RI 3-3093 "The Muffler Shop" H GHKGHIII I tothe graduating clag-.KKK +2f Page One Hundred Fifty-th ree IEP Congratulations to the Class of 1959 Zeta Alpha Phi Annie Averhart Kay Black Dorothy Brown Marillm lohns IoAn.n Phillips Iosephine Robinson Lucille Patterson lean Dennis Gwen Hicks Sylvia Douglas CCMPLIMENTS OF THE SCHWEBEL BAKING CO. YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO SENIOR INDEX Falcony, Florence-130 Ferenchak, Joe-31-32-41-44-56-61-130 Festa, Sal-130 Fields, Ernest-130 Fletcher, Scott-131 . Fossesca, Marlene-21-34-36-38-43-51- 56-64-131 Freeman, Jon-131 Friedman, Patty-34-39-131 Gambrell, James-146 Gavlek, Delores-38-131 Gillam, Mary Ann-8-131 Gourley, Galen-1-24-35-48-50-52-53- 56-131 Green, Fred-30-31-131 EDWARD'S FLOWER SHOP 818 Elm Street Phone RI 3-8935 Compliments of AMERICAN INSULATION COMPANY Handlers of Aluminum sidings, storm windows. Doors and awnings. Bert D'Amico. Prop. 105 Upland Avenue RI 3-3823 Congratulations RQDANS Classof '59 Conqratulates the qraduatinq ITALIAN RESTAURANT Class of 1959 25' N- Hazel Mark Kaufman Noonday Luncheon and Evening Dinner at popular prices if Page One Hundred Fifty-four 19" CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF '59 So nigh is grandeur to our dust, So near is God to man, When duty Whispers low, "Thou must!" The youth replies, "I can." STROUSS-HIRSHBERG'S YOUNGSTOWN'S DEPENDABLE STORE SINCE 1875 SENIOR INDEX Greenberger, Molka-1 1-24-44-57-65- 120-123-1 31 Gurss, Marcia-8-1 1-25-35-43-48-50-52 53-123-1 31 Haines, Phyllis-24-57-123-132 Houser, William-27-43-56-58-1 14- Holmes, Nora-69-132 Horvoth, Frank-72-73-74-120-132 Huestis, John-21-41-43-51-56-58-11 1- 132 Huesfis, Tom-41-57-58-132 Hughes, Joseph-31-132 120-121-123-132 Humphries, Janet-31-35-55-66-132 Hicks, Gwendolyn-28-35-34-38-53-132 Hutt, Nancy-1 1-27-31 -44-45-48-50-52- CLIFFORD E. SAMUELS GREETINGS 61 SON FROM Broadway and Wick Ave. AMOCO GAS RONDINELLI TUXEDO RENTAL We specialize in Tune-up, Carburetor, Generator, and Brake Service. CAFE 422 FAMOUS FOODS Youngstown Road Warren, Ohio NORTH SIDE RECREATION. INC. 18 Modern Brunswick Lanes Automatic Pinselters 6 Air Conditioning Ralph and Ioe Bevilacqua. Props. Phone Rl 6-4911 2031 Belmoni Avenue Youngstown. Ohio -'if Page One Hundred Fifty-five Hif- 'Ohio's Smartest Ballroom' CONGRATULATIONS from I THE ELMS 529 Elm sneer Home of the Name Bands in Younqstown L. A. Cavalier, Ir. BEST WISI-IES from PHI GAMMA SENIORS Lynn Chentow Marcia Gurss Sandy Kornstein Sue Leebaw Ioan Levy Betty Randell Barb Rifkin Linda Rosensweig - MGI- Arlene Wine Phone RI 7-8184 Cmhy Zoss Sue Zoss 53-57-59-65-123-'I 32 Ingram, Judy-7-34-36-38-66-93-I 33 Ipp Martha Jane-35-44-52-I33 Italiano, Bridget-7-35-38-43-48-50-52 53-I33 Jackson, Jessie-I I7-133 James, Joe-133 Jenney, Alfred-I33 SENIOR INDEX Jobe, Lynne-24-35-38-56-'I33 Johns, Marilyn-147 Johnson, Roy-147 Jones, Carl-24-57-82-84-'I 33 Jones, Richard-30-I33 Kaufman, Mark-24-31-32-47-48-50-53 I33 Kaufman, Seth-25-43-48-I34 BEST WISI-IES to The CLASS of 1959 from THE WILKOFF COMPANY 1609 Wilson Avenue Best Wishes from ALPHA THETA SENIORS Gladys Barr Iudy Davis Carol D'Amico Delores Kiger Marsha Knight Ioan Rosenberg Marlene Fossesca Carolyn Theodore THE HUGHES STORES 118 E. Federal Street Younqstowrfs Finest Sanitary Food Market Huqhes are never unclersold in high quality meats. -riff Page One Hundred Fifty-six IEC' ' ' . . I QI I IM Q V IIIII TIME I 'I to mark N I X .. 0 Q :J ,vo A'.' I ' 10 'Q , M - I "V :Y2,w.-" I 1 A 'IU your 'I SUCCGSS and wish every Happiness to the Class of '59 RAYMOND BRENNER Iewelers Since 1877 Federal-Hazel Streets SENIOR INDEX Kiger, Dolores-34-38-53-56-I34 Kish, Charles-134 Klein, Sandro-24-134 Kornstein, Sandro-25-29-34-123-134 Krauss, Corrine-8-24-35-57-134 Leebaw, Susan-24-45-56-59-134 Lehner, Tim-135 Lehner, Tom-135 Lettera, Donna-135 Lcnesso, Vivian-39-'I 34 LeVYf -I0Un'24'35'47'I 23-135 Leach, Margie-64-134 Linder, EIise-27-32-33-45-56-59-1I4 Lee, John-'I34 120-135 'VENETIAN RESTAURANT Available for Wedding Dinners Banquets By Reservation Phone RI 3-3535 James Ambrosio, Prop. 1931 Belmont Ave. Younqstown, Ohio BEADLING 81 COMPANY 501 UNION NATIONAL BANK BUILDING f Stocks + Bonds + Mutual funds Page One Hundred Fifty-seven Ik Lewis, Weinberger 61 Hill ACADEMY OF COSMETOLOGY Suite 303-Erie Terminal Building Youngstown 3. Ohio "Where the Hair Stylists of Tomorrow Get Their Training Today" SENIOR INDEX Lipton, Barbara-25-44-45-48-50-57-59 71 -120-123-135 Lockshin, Norman-41-'I35 Loser, Robert-135 PEN REPAIR .. . E A AW AMW f. 5.341 5 Guaranteed workmanship ' and genuine factory parts. 1 Also a complete selection E i of pens and desk sets, 'W featuring Sheaffer's new Snorkel Pen ond other if:5:5:i:i:i:3:5:5:5:5::' ., Quality writing instruments. 9 Mack's Pen Shop 12 N. PHELPS ST. Lotorski,Joane-36-39-56-135 RI 3.5359 Lubonovic, Frances-35-38-44-48-50-SZ 53-56-69-7l -l 20-135 Lucaric, Anna Marie-36-37-38-54-136 CHARLES HICKS I Concrete Construction Greellnqs Residential - Commercial from Sidewalks - Driveways Phone RI 7-4893 621 North Avenue Youngstown. Ohio PHI OMEGA SORORITY CONGRATULATIONS t To the Class of '59 BEST WISHES NAVINS from BELMONT FLOWERS 3235 Belmont Avenue Youngstown. Ohio Phone RI 3-5554 Mr. and Mrs. Elijah King 212 South West Ave. , -12-f Page One Hundred Fifty-eight lili- "lt was in making education not only common to all, but in some sense compulsory on all, that the destiny of the free republic of America was practically settled."-Lowell. Members of Local Union 1462 USA-AFL-CIO Dan Thomas, President SENIOR INDEX Maga, Judith-136 Manchester, Robert-48-50-53-136 Marino, Thomas-136 Martin, Earvin-136 Mass, Marion-26-136 Matsouris, Pete-136 Meader, Donna-136 Miles, Jerry-47-56-136 Miller, Richard-73-136 Mirto, Margaret-7-8-123-137 Morelli, Michael--30-120-137 Morgan, Raema-38-137 McAfee, Sandra-137 McCreary, JoAnne-25-31-37-39-48-50- Miles, Gary-47-115-147 56-137 Best Wishes to the Class of '59 1 I from the Conqratu ations NIGHTCRAWLERS , , , I.C.A I' FedAld lf Bob Beillggvsxger :lack Boclvfrlricfrl x lim Chambers Mark Kaufman Bob Manchester Dick Drennen Stan Hosko Ioey Hughes Ted Tumer . . . your top fashion store . . . Conqratulations from BETA CHI SENIORS Katie Birch Nancy Hutt Corrine Krauss Missy McCutcheon loan Rousseau Anita Thornton where you'll find high fashions from famous makers, plus inex- pensive collections chosen with the same discriminating taste . . . and there's a Livinqston's Wherever you livel Southside-Boardman Plaza Northside-Liberty Plaza Downtown-225 West Federal St. 'El Page One Hundred Fifty-nine 1-31- Compliments ot Youngstown Printing and. Youngstown Lithographing Companies 787 Wick Ave. Youngstown, Ohio McCutcheon, Missy-7-8-3O-34-35-36-39- 44-56-60-61-137 McHugh, Thomas-137 Neal, Mariorie-7-8-137 Nelson, Wilodene-50-53-123-137 Newman, James-25-137 Nicastro, Mary-7-1 17-138 Noday, Anthony-138 HINELY'S FINER FOODS 823 Elm St. Shop Where the Selection of Fine Foods Is Best We Deliver RI 4-2173 +3 SENIOR INDEX Norris, Dan-56-88-138 Ocker, Judy--1 1-32-33-44-48-52-60-61 - 1 1 1-123-138 Olson, Howard-138 O'Neil, Loretta-53-138 O'Neill, Marlene-29-52-56-138 Orze, Diana-25-35-36-57-69-1 1 1-138 Osso, Delores-34-37-57-66-138 Ottenberg, Richard-138 Palcewski, John-69-139 Papagan, Alex-31-32-33-41-44-56-58- 61-93-112-139 Pappas, Ann-7-8-139 Paranzine, Carol-24-34-36-37-39-53-57- 89-139 Parent, Madeline-8-69-139 Passell, Patricia-24-36-139 Patrone, Larry-139 Patterson, Lucille-26-139 Payne, .lane-26-139 Pesa, Michael-56-140 Phillips, JoAnn-26-29-31-34-38-50-140 Piasky, Henry-25-140 Pietrucl1, Dorothy-8-140 Pruitt, Lonzel-72-74-82-84-111-120-140 Pruitt, Magdalene-140 Randall, Amos-72-140 Randell, Betty-9-25-29-44-46-56-65- 123-140 Rifkin, Barbara-8-25-44-140 Robinson, Joe-41-72-74-82-84-140 Robinson, Josephine-25-35-38-46-61-141 Page One Hundred Sixty lk SENIOR INDEX Roebuck, Richard-141 Rosenberg, Joan-34-35-38-69-141 Rosko, Stanley-25-43-48-50-53-120-141 Roth, Samuel-53-141 Rousseau, Joan-27-35-45-52-56-59-123- 141 Sandler, Sue-25-35-44-52-57-72-120-141 Santagelo, Vincent-141 Saunders, Joseph-72-74-141 ' Schlosser, Deena-27-32-35-45-48-50- 53-57-59-114-120-141 Schwartz, Judy-24-28-32-35-44-45-5O- 53-57-59-109-123-142 Seminara, Ted-120-142 Serbel, Jerome-142 Shagrin, Robert-48-57-142 Singer, Karen-29-123-142 Sinkovich, Delores-142 Skillman, James-142 Skoda, Madeline-36-38-117-142 Sledge, Ezell-142 Smith, Carolyn-35-37-39-57-142 Smith, Richard-143 Solomon, Norman-143 Staples, John-143 Stevenson, Joseph-143 Strasberg, James-41-48-52-57-143 Tessler, Mark-25-32-33-87-123-143 Theodore, Carolyn-7-24-34-38-43-46-52- 56-120-143 Thomas, Anthony-143 Thomas, Barbara Jean-39-143 Thomas, Corey-143 Thomas, Daniel-46-53-111-120-144 Thomas, Nancy-36-39-144 Thomas, William-144 Thompson, Janet-39-144 Thornton, Anita-25-31-45-56-61-11 1- 120-144 Tillery, Marcella-144 Tomasino, Donna-8-38-144 Towne, Jonathan-27-32-33-120-123-144 Tracey, Sandra-24-44-56-123-144 Turner, Otis-148 Ungaro, Patrick-28-74-144 Vechiarelli, Dom-43-74-111-145 Vitullo, Elizabeth-145 Waddell, John-26-29-41-42-47-56-145 Walker, Karen-8-36-145 Watson, William-47-145 Webb, Donald-25-145 White, Ronald-27-44-57-145 Williams, Dave-27-32-41-44-56-58-1 14- 120-123-145 Wine, Arlene-29-32-33-35-47-48-61-145 Winston, Pearl-28-145 Wolsonovich, John-58-85-146 Woods, Gloria-146 Wooten, Vivian-39-146 Wrench, Griffith-30-146 Zoss, Phyllis Sue-24-32-34-48-50- 53-146 -ifl Page One Hundred Sixty-one li'- 350 Rancher Modern Homes By INTERNATIONAL HOMES, INC. YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO MINERAL RIDGE. omo -HEI Pug O H d ed Sixty-two 191- 2,3 Seniors A Cappella ............ Activities Division Page Administration ........ Advertising Index ..... Annual- Advertising Staff Editorial Board Sales ........ Art Class ........... Assembly Scenes ..... Athletics Division Page Attendance Helpers .. . Band ............. Basketball Reserves . . . Varsity . . . Biology Class ..... Boy's Octet ......... Braille Class ......... Cabinet Making Class Cafeteria ............ Cartoons ................. Cheerleaders .............. Cheerleaders on Division Page Chemistry Class ........... Chorus ............. Classroom Activities .... Club Division Page .... Coaching Staff ...... Cooking Class ........... Commencement Commercial Arithmetic Class . Custodians ............... Dedication of Annual ...... Dress Right Campaign . . . Dramatics Club ...... Driving Class ....... En Iish Class ............. 9 Faculty ...............,..... Biology, Braille, Visiting Commercial .......... English .............. Fine Arts ......... Foreign Language .. Homemaking ..... Incoming ....... Industrial ........ Math ............. Physical Education .... Retired ........... Science ......... Social Studies ...... 500 Club and Officers .... Football ............... Action .......... Seniors .................... Varsity Squad .................. Index to 1959 Annual 56,57 45-70 6-7 162 53 53, 94,120 52 69 .43 .74 8 60-61 83 80, 81, 82, 84 65 ss 106 . as 67 ......7o,75 ...71,s3,a5 ......71,85 63, 64 63, 64, 65, 66, 67-69 21-44 67 120, 123 99 47 5 .. 111,116 23 117 107 10-20 13 . 14 ,. 15 . 17 . 18 . 16 . 12 . 16 . 19 .. 20 . 10 .. 19 20 37 72-78, 109 78 . ....... 74 .. 72, 73 Squad with Homecoming Court .... 76 Lettermen ..................... Foreword ....... ................. Francais, Le Cercle . . . 109 24, 25,112 'if Page One Francais, Le Petite Cercle .. Freshman Homerooms ..... 314 ............... 315 ................ Future Nurses and Officers . Future Teachers and Officers Girls' Athletic Association .. General Index ........... German Club ......... Gimpers Y- Teens . . . Girls' Octet ...... Golf Team ........ Gym Class, Girls Gym Monitors HiY ............. Homemaking Class .... Homecoming .......... Home Room Council .... Home Room Reporters Honor Junior Junior Junior Roll ............ Achievement Class Division Homerooms . 301 302 . . . 303 306 307 310 217 226 102 ..... Latin C Library lub ........ Council .................. .... Linder and Hauser in Lindsay, Mr. Andrew Main Office ...... Caps a Maiorettes .............. Mechanical Drawing Class .. Montage of Assemblies . .. Montage of Club Events Montage of Dances Movie Operators ......... nd Gowns National Thespian Society ......... National Forensic League and Officers Nurses Aides .................... Orchestra ....................... Physics Quill a Record Class .... nd Scroll .. Monarchs . . . Reporters ......... Staff ................ Subscription Winners . .. Repertory .............. Rifle Club ............ . Science in Classrooms Picture ....... Studying in Library School Senior Index Hundred Sixty-three ' R'- 26 89-93 93 90, 91, 92 34 35 36 163-164 27, 114 40 45, 59 .. 88 .. 94 .. 89 41 66,67 76, 77 46 .. 52 123 31 ......107 107-119 108 109 110 .....111-114 115 116 118 119 117 28,29 54, 94 121 .. 6 6 61, 85 .. 68 .. 44 .. 43 .. 54 .. 47 .. 22 .. 32 8 .. 62 .. 64 50 ..21, 51 52 .. 48 .. 49 4 .. 42 72 2-3 ......112 93, 120-147 ... 149-160 Senior Poll Class Officers . . . Pictures ......... Social Committee Sewing Class ........ Shop Class ............ Solid Geometry Class Sophomore Homerooms 103 104 .. 105 .. 107 109 .. 111 .. 218 .. Abrahams . . . Alpha Theta . .. American Insulation Co. . . . . A.Z.A. Fraternity Beadling 81 Co. . Beta Chi ...... Brenner Jewelry Cafe 422 ...... Century Foods . . Chesshire Studios Coca Cola ..... Delta Theta Pi . . Edwards Flower Elms Ballroom .. ... ... -... ...... Golden Age Beverage Goldie's Flowers Hick's Construction . . . Hinely's Food ........ Hollywood Auto Shop Hughes Provision International Homes lsaly Dairy .... Italian Restaurant Italiano Service . King, Eliiah .... Lewis, Weinberge Livingston's .... Mack's Pen Shop McKelvey's ..... Mirkin Auto .... Navins Florist .. r, Hill Academy .....120 219... .......122 221 ... 124-147 225 .... . .. 122 Spanish Club... .. 66 Stage Crew ....... .. . . 68 Table of Contents .... . ,,, 65 Tennis Team ....... ... ,, 95-105 Thespians and Officers . . . 96 Title Page ........ . . . .. 97 Track Team . . .. .. 98 Trophy Club ........ . .. 99 Typing Class ......... . . . . 100 Whan's Assistants, Miss . . . . . . 101 Whit's Assistants, Mr. . . . . .. . 102 Yolasso Y Teens . . . .. . ADVERTISING INDEX .. . 150 Night Crawlers .... .. . , , , 156 North Side Recreation ..... . . . I I , 154 Ohio Leather ............... . . . I I I 151 Ohio School of Beauty Culture . . . . II I 157 Penner's Furniture .......... . . . III159 PhiGamma..... -'57 Phi Omega 155 Renner Co. Rodans .......... I Rondinelli Tuxedo ... I I I 153 Samuels Amoco ....... 152 Schwebel Baking Co. . . . ' " 154 Stambaugh Thompson .. ' ' ' 156 Strouss Hirshberg's . . . . ' ' ' Snyder Bentley . . . " ' 152 Squire Shop ........ . .. ' ' ' Thornton Laundry .................... . . . United Steelworkers of America Local 1462 .... ' ' ' 160 Venetian Restaurant .... ............. . . . ' ' ' 153 Victoria ........ . . . - -- 156 Ward Baking Co. ... 161 Wilkoff Co. - - - 153 Workman Service . . . . . . 154 Youngstown Printing . . . - - - 152 Zeta Alpha Phi .... . . . . - - - 158 Patrons .............................. . . . -- - 153 Ohio Hardwood Co. -- - 159 Austintown Building Material Company -- - 158 H. Italiano 81 Son Co. - - - 151 A friend that is a friend 152 Ripoli Construction Co. 153 Joseph A. Guarnieri CD Page One Hundred Sixty-four 13+ AUTOGRAPHS f Page fy-five 1- v -1. I' ,L 1 I 1 1 ,-ANA 1 11 1 1 1 1 v 1,1 .1 11 1 ,v 1 1 - 1 1 ui 11 1 A H 3 1 ! . 11,1 1 Q 1 .1,, 11 1 11 1 1 .. ,111 1 1 f' 11,1 ,I ,gd 11 f 1 - .1 . 1 1 .' Nl! !i"1 .!.. --A 1-,fm .. '1 f.!1sr1 "G 11-' IL. , . 1 1' 'L " V. .1 .. 1- ' U 1 -. N 11. 113 1- 715 1 " I' il .fILF'4l1i-!5'1'11 1135-f':E1- ' '. V , 1 !f' f57f:' -7 'Ml 3 sf" ' Z' Q ' "-YP! is - 1 1' '1 1 I - 11.15, , ' if -1 Rf- 'umrsv-H --11 A ES w:1,:11.1.- ,-1,1 fr-1,1-f i11,-N' ig. , .fy .f' 'r '. A -Y . A-1-F .7 -r- '. :,,,. ' l' f. . 114139-3?f'1.i"'2 u"4 TV .Q1 ' f l' -55 1111 , , ,I We iq, Ik ff A.. W jjj 1 r Y. . ling hw' I1., M41 1 ,haw ,443 wg .1 . V. 1-L 2. ir-4 5 !5ffsi"' 1 .- V11-ff 1-1. ffv11'4'f2 .1 . . A , .sf 1'1'1 f", x11 151' lg .ns . 11 ,-11 . 1. 111 1' - '11 H13 ,-xflrgii' .1 1" -1. 11""-. r ' Q-1' -' P. 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X17-X A . - V 11 1 '-A 1" -1 j "wF-is 11 1. .- A- I 9 1, Q gjrqgnlin--1 'lu 'QQJL1-RMFT1' ' ' 1 11.1,-,U HIM, .1 M., ,I m,Q..1H.- H . -lg! ,' L--J"lirp,' -irJ1 '1 Q ' 1 .1 '5L1w.,,sfIC:- 35 11 1175? 11' 1 ,-F15 1,2451 f5'7-W'-7' 115: 'Q',Q11'k 1!i-1A'rfT?'?12':!.5YE " 72' if 21115 PW f if 1 111- 1142 A-'f-'1-PM ' " 1 . - up-H - - 1,5 K: .:'1'1 1 'I-' f'l'L '1"jL.'Ly'f ':Q:4Q11'2l.I 'xnrJf'ftTP 4-'rmigg-'-:: .J , '. " ', .r ' 1'1x1'1-1411 1" Q51 1111, "1aA:1i.gaf-' ,J 1'3?m,Ldggj1.,,.2,ji. , , . 11f'a'5f'!1L-1111, - 11 1 - - - '1 11 2'-'M 1 ',1,,rf1f ' 1 a11:1:f5+ 2511 153111. 1 'rl' 'W f '11 v1,r gg. k11,g,..i3pa. 1Q1',1,5i-HI1,1f LE-1.4 -1 .,.'." L1 F5fff?3f1'f1 e ' 7 'A L1'.3gig1q,.-ywf.-,ff? 'L --' -..' ' 11V5QK1 f I ' 43 112: rf Q5 .1 f -, 1 1' ..:.,x1,,,. ,I-A' .- . .L , 1. 1 1, ..,. -.13 ' 1 1:11---1J" .11 . 1. -Q 11. ll Vi ff ' 1, I r1 .. .. ,1.-4.. vnu . 2'1' i E :KTVQH-f'1'.7f7?71.2 'V-' 'ff 1 .V-T 3 I- Y .qu N, 11 -, J. Q-. 1 -1: 1 x. 45 ,4 VI 1, ,?f .f 1. , .1 1 ., . 1 . 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