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I 1561 fr wartf) %o?t 9S 9y FOREWORD DEDICATION STAFF ADMINISTRATION FACULTY JANUARY SENIORS MAY SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ADVERTISEMENTS 'P tetv id Breathes there the man with soul so dead Who never to himself hath said: This is my own, my native land." ' tAAs CjCo.. . £Aju JU jLs osr cC CJ7f" . . . X U xUa ZAjl, 0-00 - '-A z+uzC l ' r r - r -y f f r an r- »v % . £- s fjj "dHastrua, JHo- tsris " 'V wr : OS'Js A A, J 4 6 JkAfA'i ''f'tsi i nS-i, Alt As y “ ' She has instru Always ready to uri cteu I % nderstand, tc tided us, and led us by example, to sympathize, and to encourage, she has given freely of her time, her talent, and herself. Possessing an infectious enthusiasm and a keen sense of humor, she imparts her vast store of knowledge in such a clear and colorful manner that history is recaptured and brought to life in her classroom. With sincere respect, affection, and gratitude, we proudly dedicate the 1957 RAMS' HORN to MISS FRANCES CALLENSeated: Margaret McGehee, Jackie Gill, Miriam Fisher, Grace Snead. Standing: Michal Pierce, Jeanda Shannon, Mary Robinson. MIRIAM FISHER..........................................Editor-in-Chief JACKIE GILL....................Art Editor GRACE SNEAD..................Senior Editor MICHAL PIERCE..................Club Editor MARGARET McGEHEE...................Class Editor JEANDA SHANNON Class Editor MARY ROBINSON Class Editor ‘PrtHcifrcU MR. J. R. GARDNER, JR. Office Statf Mr. Toliver Alley, boys' advisor; Mrs. Frances Winfield, assistant registrar; Mrs. Mary McPhaul, girls' advisor; Miss Edna Dougherty, registrar. Mrs. Winifred Gordon, manager; Mrs. Clara Wellbourn, cashier. Mr. H. S. SwansonMiss Ruth Harris, Miss Mildred Ford, Miss Rosalie Wilson, Head; Miss Virginia Shook, Speech, Journalism; Miss Winifred Gallagher. Not pictured: Miss Elizabeth Eddy. Miss Dorothy Smith, Head, French; Mrs. Bertie Harrison, Spanish; Miss Gertrude Fowler, Latin. acuity (ZemmcncccU Science Miss Margaret Shell, Miss Helen Smith, Head; Mr. Foy Thompson, Mrs. Nell Brown. Mr. Carl Calvert, Mrs. Lucile Glaze, Dr. I. S. Garald, Head; Mr. J. B. Varnell. Not pictured; Miss Lonetta Weaver. £kqI£46 0?acu(tty ‘ffyia vtcf Miss Claudia Caldwell. Mr. Foy Thompson, Miss Frances Callen, Head; Mr. T. R. Lawson, Mrs. Ann Rinnert Stone. 0?H4Zt6e K tttc Mr. James Ivy, Mrs. Estelle Willingham, Miss Ethel Jones, Head; Miss Alma Tharpe, Mrs. Louise Echols. Miss Florence Kennedy, Librarian; Mr. Louis LeGrand. Mr. T. R. Lawson. Mr. Thompson Reynolds, Head Band; Miss Mary Bradley. Art; Miss Bernice McClure. Coach; Mr. James Ivy. Mr. Foy Thompson. Sewing; Miss Clementine Allen. Girls’ Physical Education; Mrs. Ruth Parker, Vocal; Mr. J. H. King. Mechanical Drawing, Shop: Not pictured: Mrs. Rosalind Carter, Orchestra: Miss l.cc Ola Dewberry. Driving.fltUUltVlCf,, $57 S ti i Osteen . President............................................EDWARD SMITH ALLEN Vice President.....................................IRBY MORTON COHEN Secretary......................................THOMAS HENRY HENDERSON MOTTO: Non palma sine labore COLORS: White and Emerald Green FLOWER: ChrysanthemumJESA ELIZABETH ALEXANDER Transfer student; Sec. of SR; Head Majorette; Honor Study; Marshal; Lib. Asst.; FTA; Sr. Y-Teens; Pep Club; School Activities Club; Annual Staff. EDWARD SMITH ALLEN Sec. stu. body; Nat. Honor Society; Pres. Senior Class; Pres., V.P., Sec. SR; Chief of Marshals; Head Marshal; Chr., Sec. Council; V. P., Sec. of Ushers Club; Cabinet; Service letter; Who's Who; Athletic, "R, " Vocal Clubs; Sportsmanship comm; Highlander staff; Football, track manager. REESE THOMAS ARRINGTON "A" and "B" Honor Roll; Pres., V.P., Sec. SR; Annual and Highlander Rep.; Marshal; Council; Ushers Club; Basketball, Track; Chaplain Jr. Hi-Y; Comma. JOHN MORGAN BRADFORD Pres.; V.P., Sec. Student Body; Capt. Football team; Pres.; "R. " Athletic Club; Track; All City; Pres., V.P. Ushers Club; Sec. Nat. Honor Society; Pres., V.P., Sec. SR; Who's Who; Service Letter; King Leap Year; Council; Cabinet; Head Marshal JOHN ROBERT CAIRNS Who's Who; V. P., SR; Football 53. 54.55.56; Track; Basketball; Athletic and "R" Club. IRBY MORTON COHEN V.P., Senior Class; Sec., Student Body; Chairman Stu. Council; Cabinet; Pres.; V. P., and Sec. SR and Camera Club; V. P. Nat. Honor Society and Ushers Club; Highlander and Annual photographer; Debate team; Service Letter; Who's Who; Band Letter; Chr., Publicity and Tutoring Comms.; Latin Award. ERIN DENE CRAIG Pres, of SR; Girls' Athletic Association; All-Star Volleyball Team; Y-Teens; Fashion Show; Chairman Big 8 Dance Committee; Annual representative; Vocal Club; Who's Who. SANDRA SUE CUNDIFF Transfer student; Fashion Show. MARY CLAIRE DARDIS "A" and "B" Honor Roll; Sec. of SR; Who’s Who; National Thespian; Choir; Ensemble; Operettas; All State Chorus; District choral competition; Y-Teens; Christmas Festival; Spring and Winter Concerts. WADE COWART EDMUNDSON President Ushers Club; Student Council Sec.; Cabinet; Pres, and Sec. SR; Honor Study; Marshal; 'A" and "B" Honor Roll; Choir; Stage Crew; Tennis; Pres. Camera Club; Radio Club; Library Assistant; Quarter-Hour Plays. JAMES EDWARD GOODMAN Pres., Vice Pres., and Sec. SR; Vice Pres. Ushers Club; Council; Head Marshal; Athletic Club; "R, M Vocal Clubs; Who's Who; "B” Honor Roll; "B" Football and Basketball; Honor Study Head; Football and Basketball Mgr.; Lib. SR Chairman. WILLIAM BROWN GRIFFIN Pep Club; Athletic Club; Varsity Baseball; "B" Team Football; "B" Team Baseball; Who’s Who.THOMAS HENRY HENDERSON. JR. Secretary Senior Class; Cap’t Basketball team; Pres, and Sec. Ushers Club; 2nd team, All City Basketball; Head marshal; Chairman Sportsmanship Comm.; Cabinet; Council; Pres.. Vice Pres., and Sec., SR; "Ram of the Month"; "B" honor roll; Honor Study Head; Who's Who. ANN HUGHES President Schedule Club; All-star volleyball, softball, and basketball; Ensemble; Glee Club; Club Council; Promoters; Jr-Y-Teens; Red Cross; Operetta; ”B" honor roll. KAY ELIZABETH HULSEY Cheerleader; "A" and "B" honor roll; Secretary SR; treasurer Y-Teens; Honor Study; Who's Who; Promoters; Pep Club; Lib. SR Chr.; Vocal Club; Choir; Christmas Concert. MARY LUCILE HUMPHREYS Girls' Athletic Association; FT A; Honor Study; Marshal; Spring Concert. KATHERINE RUTH JOHNSON Girls' Athletic Association; Pep Club; Club Council; Fashion Show; Jr. Y-Tecns; Vice Pres. Sr. Y-Teens; Sec. SR; Jr. Red Cross. JUDITH MARGARET LETCHER "A" and "B" honor roll; Sec. and V. P. of SR; Y-Teens; Marshal; Annual and Highlander representative; French, Vocal Club; Christmas festival and Spring Concert. Picture Not Available JANIE MAE McBRIDE Pres, and Vice Pres. Sr. Y-Teens; Secretary SR; Band; Jr. Y-Teens; Red Cross representative; FTA; Honor Study. MARTHA VIRGINIA McMILLAN Sec. French Club; Vocal Club; Y-Teens; Who's Who: Promoters; Thespians; Latin Award; Red Cross; Annual and Highlander rep.; “A" and "B" honor roll. MARS HELL PAUL MITCHELL Sec. SR; "B" team Basketball and Football; Lib. Assistant; Vice Pres. Sr. Hi-Y; Athletic French, and Key Clubs; Lib. SR Chairman; Marshal; Honor Study; Who's Who. MARY EMILY MORRISON Jr. and Sr. Y-Teens; Senior Promoters; Marshal Honor Study; FTA; Pep Club; Who's Who; Lib. SR Chr.; Red Cross; Vocal Club. SHIRLEY ANN NABORS Sec. and Vice Pres. SR; Sec. Jr. Y-Teens; "B" honor roll; French Club; Marshal; Choir; Library SR Chairman. NAOMI LEE SCOTT Transfer Student; Art Committee; Girls' Athletic Association; Varsity volleyball and basketball team; Senior class poet; Who's Who; Red Cross; Class Artist. SUSAN DOUGLASS SMITH Pres. National Honor Society; Editor-in-chief. News Editor of Highlander; Sec.. Chaplain of Quill and Scroll; Treas. Promoters; Cabinet; Sec SR; Lib SR Chr.; Chr. Health and Safety Comm.; Marshal; Fashion Show Commentator; French Club; Jr. Y-Teens; Honor Study Head. CATHERINE JEANETTE SMITH Choir; French Club; Vocal Club; Treas. and Sec. Promoters; Who’s Who; Christmas Concert; Transfer Student. BOBBY EDWARD SNIDER Football; Vocal, Athletic, Pep Clubs; Red Cross; Vice Pres, and Sec. SR; Library Asst, and SR Chr.; Who' Who. VERNA VIVIAN STONE Transfer Student; Fashion Show ANNE ALSTON THARPE "A” and ”B" honor roll; Vice Pres. SR; Citizenship tour; Marshal; French Club; Jr. Y-Teens; Thespians; Promoters; Library SR Chr.; Marshal; Who’s Who; Highlander Representative; Honor Study. LOTTIE RHOADES TURNER Transfer Student; Vice Pres, and Sec. SR; Marshal; Lib. SR Chr.; Red Cross; Chaplain Sr. Y-Teens; Vocal Club; Choir; Who's Who; Feature Editor of the Highlander. RICHARD SHELTON VAUGHN "B" Honor roll; Pres. Key Club; Vice Pres. Vocal Club; Track; Who's Who; Glee Club; Senior Class Vocalist; French Club; Choir; Ensemble; Marshal; All State Chorus; Operetta; Pep Club; Spring and Xmas Concerts; District Choral Competition. BARBARA WEEKS Jr. Y-Teens; Pep Club; Pres. SR; Council; Sr. Y-Teens; Business Staff of Annual; Who's Who; Sr. Promoters; FTA; Highlander Rep. ; Vocal Club. GENETTE WHATLEY "B" Honor Roll; Vice Pres. SR; Sec. Biology Class; Treas. Jr. Y-Teens; Marshal; French Club; Thespians; Promoters; Publications and Health and Safety Comms.; Lib. SR Chr.; Jr. Red Cross; Vocal Club; Who's Who; Annual and Highlander Rep. SUMMER SCHOOL GRADUATES July, 1956 Tommy Agee, John Bishop, Gordon McDaniel, Mary Elizabeth Myatt, Rosemary Russell, Robert Lee Wright.JANUARY BEAUTY Martha McMillanSe tcon 7K At OutotoMdbu} JOHN BRADFORD and DOUGLASS SMITH THaaC Ca Succeed EDWARD ALLEN and ANNE THARPE SmemteAt IRBY COHEN and KAY HULSEY TVitUeAt Tfott PatAed “ScAt Sfuvtf WADE EDMUNDSON and MARSHELL MITCHELL and BILL GRIFFIN and LOTTIE TURNER MARY CLAIRE DARDIS BARBARA WEEKS706 'a 706 % edt jZooSUk 7H 4t “Papula t “Scat T icotcd BOB SNIDER and TOMMY HENDERSON and DICK VAUGHN and MARTHA MCMILLAN GENETTE WHATLEY EDEE CRAIG “Scdl PesuiaKalitif Tftatl s4t6letcc 0p l£ d(l£4t JIM GOODMAN and ROBERT CAIRNS and REESE ARRINGTON and JEANETTE SMITH NAOMI SCOTT EMILY MORRISON H incut, f ?57 Sencax @1 44, G ccen4 President......................................ALBERT HENRY KELLER Vice President.................................JAMES SMITH WHITTEN Secretary....................................MARGARET EARLE McGEHEE MOTTO: To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield COLORS: Blue and Silver FLOWER: Gardenia PAIGE MIGNON AUTON Thespian; Ad Club; Sec. SR; Cheerleader; Varsity Volleyball and Softball Teams; Club Council; GAA; Honor Study; Marshal; Promoters; French Club; Pep Club; Who's Who. GEORGE ALLEN BAKER Vice Pres. SR; Vice Pres., Chaplain Hi-Y; Hi-Y State Conference; Youth Legislature; Band; Marshal; Pep Club. FRANKLIN BLACKFORD, JR. Vice Pres. Camera Club; Lunchroom Assistant; "B" Honor Roll; Latin Award; Honor Study; Marshal. ROBERT NORMAN BLOOMSTON Vice Pres. Biology Class; Vocal Club; Jr. Red Cross; Jr. and Sr. Hi-Y; Choir; Camera Club; Boys' Chorus; Sec. Lib. Ass'ts. ROBERT WILLIAM BOND Vice President Student Body; Pres., Vice Pres. SR; Ushers Club; Marshal; Pres. Biology Class; "A" and ,,B" Honor Roll; Honor Study; Assembly Comm.; "B" Team Football; Who's Who; Transfer Student. ALFRED WAYNE BOWEN Pres., Vice Pres. Hi-Y; Youth Legislature; Chaplain Hi-Y Coun cil; Hi-Y Conference; Choir; Operetta; Spring Concert; Club Council; "B" Honor Roll; Marshal. MICHAEL ARTHUR BOYD Marshal; "B" Honor Roll; Transfer Student; Math Club; Science Club. MARY ANN BRADFORD Home Student; Second Prize city-wide Spanish competition; Reporter and Feature Writer "Wheel Cheer Magazine"; Jr. Red Cross. DAVID LYNN BRANDON "B” Team Football; Athletic Club; Vocal Club; Choir; Operetta; Honor Study; Tennis Team. JERRY LYNN BUCKNER Varsity Football; Track; "R" Club; Athletic Club; Marshal; Pep Club; Honor Study. EDNA LOUISE CANNON "A" and "B" Honor Roll; FTA; Marshal; Honor Study. GERALDINE CARLSON Transfer Student; Marshal; Vocal Club; Pep Club; Y-Tcens; French Club; "B" Honor Roll; Sec. SR; Honor Study; Dance Comm.; Fashion Show.CANDE CATHERINE CATES Vocal Club; French Club; Lib. SR Chrmn; Lib. Ass't; Choir; Operetta; Choir Accompanist; "B" Honor Roll; Pres., Vice Pres. Jr. Red Cross; Club Council; Vocal and Library Letter. FRANCES CATHERINE CHESNUTT Thespians; FT A; Transfer Student CHARLES TRUEHEART CLAYTON. JR. Pres., Vice Pres. SR; Council; Varsity Football; Track; ’ R" Club; Athletic Club; "B" Honor Roll; Thespians; Highlander Staff. ROBERT COFFEE COLVIN Head Marshal; Vice Pres. Key Club; Pres. SR; Council; "B" Team Football and Basketball; Track; Athletic Club; Tennis; "B" Honor Roll; WILLIAM HYDINGER CRAWFORD Choir; Ensemble; Glee Club; Vocal Club; Head Marshal; Operetta; Assembly Comm.; Sec., Vice Pres. SR; "B" Team Baseball and Basketball; Who’s Who. MARLENE HOPE CRAYNE Vocal Club; Thespians; Glee Club; Sec. SR; Operetta; Pep Club; Assembly Comm.; Dance Comm.; Choir; Marshal. MICHAEL FREDERICK CREAMER Pres., Sec. Student Body; Pres., Vice Pres. SR; Cabinet; Council; National Honor Society; Harvard Book Award; Ushers Club; Chrmn. Sportsmanship Comm.; Assembly Comm.; Varsity Football and Baseball; Athletic Club; ’’R” Club; Pep Club; Social Activities Club; Head Marshal. LEE SCOTT CUTCLIFF Varsity Baseball and Basketball; "R" Club; Athletic Club; Vice Pres. SR; Thespians; Transfer Student SYDNEY LENN DARNELL Jr. and Sr. Y-Teens;Jr. and Sr. Promoters RICHARD DAVIS Pres. SR; Council; Baseball; Basketball; Track; Football; "R" Club; Vocal Club; Honor Study. ROBERT BRILEY DILLARD Varsity Football, Basketball, and Baseball; Athletic Club; HR" Club; Pres., Sec. SR; Chairman Council.NORMAN RONALD DOWNEY. JR. Marshal; Lib. SR Chrmn; Athletic Club; "R" Club; Varsity Football; Tennis; Honor Study. ELLIS HUNTER DUNN Marshal; Vice Pres., Sec. Promoters; Vice Pres. SR; French Club; "B" Honor Roll; Honor Study; Vocal and Glee Club; Jr. Y-Teens; Red Cross. MYRTLE KATHLEEN EMBRY GAA; Girls' All Star Volleyball and Softball Teams; Lib. Ass't; Red Cross; Vocal Club; Honor Study. SHIRLEY ANN FERGUSON GGA; Y-Teens; Sec. Red Cross MIRIAM CLARE FISHER Vice Pres. Student Body; Sec. National Honor Society; Editor -in-Chief, Business Mgr., Club Editor Annual; Girls' State; Pres. French Club; Vice Pres., Sec. Jr. Y-Teens; Quill and Scroll; Highlander Staff; Pres., Vice Pres., Sec. SR; National Thespian; Head Marshal; Chrmn. Health and Safety Comm; Art, Assembly, Publications Comms.; Freshman Book Award Runner-up; Chrmn. Club Council; Cabinet; Council. JACKIE LEE GILL National Honor Society; Jr. and Sr. Y-Teens; Pres., Vice Pres. Jr. Red Cross; Runner-up Freshman Book Award; Sec. SR; Sec. Lib. SR Chrmn; Scholastic Art Awards; Red Cross Convention and Council; Art Editor Annual; Art Comm; FTA; Club Council. THOMAS CLAYTON GILLESPY Pres. Vocal Club; Glee Club; Choir; Ensemble; Quartet; Pres. Biology Class; Transfer Student. SUZANNE RUTH GOODMAN Pres., Vice Pres. Red Cross; Vocal Club; French Club; Head Marshal; "B" Honor Roll; Pres., Vice Pres.. Sec. SR; National Thespian; Choir; Council; Sec. Ad Club; Club Council; Vice Pres. Promoters; Who's Who. PATRICIA ANN GRAY Jr. and Sr. Y-Teens; Senior Beauty; Who's Who. PATRICIA FARRELL GREEN "B" Honor Roll; Vocal Club; Choir; Y-Teens; Pres., Vice Pres. Chaplain Promoters; Cabinet; Feature Editor Highlander; Asst. Head Honor Study; Chrmn Publications Comm.; Marshal. WENDY HALL Jr. and Sr. Promoters; National Thespian; Pep, Ad, and Vocal Clubs; GAA; Sec. Social Activities Club; Sportsmanship and Assembly Comms.; Marshal; Red Cross; Fashion Show; Transfer Student MARY MASON HAMRICK Sec. SR; MB" Honor Roll; Sec. Lib. SR Chairman; Promoters; Vocal Club; Choir; Honor Study.VERA LEE HANNA Promoters; Vocal Club; Jr. and Sr. Y-Teens; Marshal; Fashion show. JOHN HARRISON Vice Pres. SR; Head Marshal. HOWARD HUTTON HAWORTH. JR. Pres. SR; Vice Pres. Camera Club; Marshal; Council; "B" Honor Roll; Sec. Key Club; Sec, Ushers Club-DAVED GRADY HAYES Varsity Basketball; Varsity Track; Athletic Club; "R" Club. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH HEAD Transfer Student; National Thespian; GAA; Pep and Ad Clubs; Fashion Show; Dance Comm.; Chrmn. Assembly Comm.; Head Marshal; All-Star Softball Team; Volleyball Team; Vice Pres. Highlander Photographer; Cabinet; Club Council. JUDITH SHEPHERD HENDERSON National Thespian; Sec. SR; Treas. GAA; Vice Pres. Social Activities Club; Chrmn. Dance Comm.; Cheerleader; Miss Highlander; "R" Day Attendant; Most Beautiful Baby; Asst. Chief Marshal; Cabinet; Promoters; "B" Honor Roll; Transfer Student; Highlander Staff; All-Star Softball Team. DUDLEY RAY HINDMAN "B” Honor Roll; Vice Pres. SR; "B" Team Football and Basketball; Jr. Hi-Y; Marshal; Athletic Club. RICHMOND PEARSON HOBSON HUGGINS Varsity and "B" Team Football; Track; "R" Club; Athletic Club; Pres., Vice Pres. SR; Marshal; Council; Who’s Who. JAMES RANDOLPH HUMPHREYS 111 Pres., Vice Pres. Radio Club; Vocal Club; Choir; Operetta; Stage Crew; Honor Study. JANICE HUTCHINSON Jr. and Sr. Promoters; Jr. Y-Teens; Sec. Jr. Red Cross; Marshal; Health and Safety Comm.; Honor Study. BARRY PORTER ISENBERG Varsity Basketball; Athletic Club; Marshal; "R” Club; "B" Team Baseball. MILDRED JENNIFER JENKINS National Honor Thespian; Pres. FTA; Vocal Club; Choir; Operetta; Pep Club; Lib. SR Chr.; Runner-up Miss Five Points; Spring and Winter Concerts; Marshal.DAVID BONNER JOHNSTON Tennis Team; Choir; Vocal Club; Ensemble ALBERT HENRY KELLER, JR. President Senior Class; Vice Pres. Ushers Club; Vice Pres. SR; Schedule Club; Chapel Director; Band; Tennis Team; "B" Honor Roll; Latin Award. JEANETTE KNISELEY Head Cheerleader; Pres. SR; GAA; Pep Club; Varsity Volleyball; M Marshal; Promoters. EUGENIA LAMBETH Jr. Red Cross; Pres. Sr. Y-Teens; Volleyball and Basketball Teams; Club Council; Pep Club; Softball Team; Social Activities Club; Transfer Student. BARBARA LINDA LEE Transfer Student; Pep Club; FTA; Thespians Awards in Art. JACK FREDERICK LERNER Marshal; Sr. Hi-Y; Chess Club; Vocal Club; Radio Club; Choir. DOROTHEA LEE LEWIS Jr. Y-Teens; Jr. and Sr. Promoters; Sec. Jr. Red Cross; Honor Study. ROBERT LINER Choir; Band; Football; "B" Team Track; Treas. Hi-Y; Marshal; Honor Study Head; Sec. Vocal Club; Sec. Biology Class; All State Chorus. JANE CALVERT McDOWELL Vice Pres. SR; Sec. Marshals; Jr. Y-Teens; National Thespian; Jr. and Sr. Promoters; French, Pep, and Social Activities Clubs; "B" Honor Roll; Vice Pres. Biology Class; Sportsmanship, Publicity, Health Committees. MARGARET EARLE McGEHEE Pres., Sec. French Club; Pres., sec. SR; Sec. Student Council; Club Council; Pres., Vice Pres. Promoters; Chaplain Inter-High Promoters; Miss Citizenship; Annual Staff; Y-Teens; GAA; Marshal; "B" Honor Roll; Pres. Biology Class; Sec. Senior Class. LINDA JANE MAYES Sec. Promoters Club; Head Marshal; Chief of Marshals; Sec. French Club; Sec. Biology Class; Choir; Vocal Club; Ensemble; HB" Honor Roll. RICHARD EVERARD MEADE, JR. Athletic Club; Track; Varsity Basketball; Sec. SR; Honor Study; Who's Who.GLEN RAY MEALER Jr. and Sr. Hi-Y; Sec. Vocal Club; Choir. FRED NATHAN MEER Ushers Blub; Radio Club; Glee Club; Choir; Lib. Ass’t; ”A" and "B" Honor Roll; Head Marshal. LASZLO DANIEL MORRIS. JR. National Honor Society; Transfer Student; Head Marshal; Pres, and Sec. Schedule Club; Hi-Y. CONSTANTINE DEMETRIOS MORROS National Honor Society; Pres. SR; Council; Vice Pres. Radio Club; Camera Club; Marshal; Lib. Ass't; Choir. AMY SUSAN MOSS Band; Y-Teens; Promoters; French Club; Big 8 Dance Comm.; Pres. SR; Varsity Volleyball and Softball Teams; National Thespian; GAA; Cheerleader; Marshal; Pep Club; Pres. Ad Club; "R" Day Court. FREDERICK WHITTLESEY MURRAY. JR. Ad Club; Marshal; Highlander Staff; Stage Crew; Thespians. RICHARD ADRIN NEELY Varsity Basketball; Athletic Club; "R" Club; "B" Team Football and Basketball; Marshal; Sec. SR; Pep Club. CLYDE JACKSON ORRISON III Stage Crew Manager; Schedule Club; Hi-Y. STEWART HAMMOND PACE Varsity and "B" Team Football; Track; Pres. SR; Council; Athletic Club. DORIS PHILLIPS Sr. Y-Teens; GAA; Treas.. Vice Pres. Jr. Red Cross; "B" Honor Roll; Honor Study Head; Big 8 Dance Comm. WILLIAM LANNAN POOLE, JR. Vocal Club; Choir; Tennis Team; Marshal; "B" Honor Roll; Radio, French, and Social Activities Clubs; Spring Concert; All-State Chorus; Ensemble. JOHN RUNNELS PREWITT. JR. Jr. Hi-Y; "B" Team Baseball; Marshal; Promoters; Schedule Club; Who’s Who.JULIEN MASSEY RELFE. JR. Pres. SR; Camera Club; Vocal Club; Radio Club; Council; Choir; "B" Honor Roll; Marshal; Pres. Biology Class. JAMES WYNN RICKS, JR. Pres., Vice Pres. Radio Club; Camera Club; Marshal; ”B" Honor Roll; Aud. Spotlights and Projector Operator. CHARUES WYLLYS ROBERTS National Honor Society; Lib. Ass't.; Lib. SR Chrmn.; Jr. Red Cross; Sec. Radio Club; Stage Crew. LINDA ROWE Cheerleader; Pres. GAA; Vice Pres., Sec. SR; Treas. Ad Club; French Club; Marshal; Jr. Y-Teens; Promoters; Pep Club; Club Council; "A" and "B" Honor Roll; Varsity Softball Team; Fashion Show. POLLY BROWN ROWLAND Vice Pres., Sec. SR; Vice Pres. Schedule Club; Thespians; Marshal; Miss Five Points; Choir; Ensemble. JAMES TAYLOR RUSSOM WALTER SANFORD SEALE Pres. Vocal Club; Vice Pres. Choir; Pep Club; Marshal; Pres. SR; Council; Transfer Student. VICKY RAY SEARCY Vice Pres. National Honor Society; Vice Pres., Sec. Thespians; Honor Thespian; Ass't. Feature Ed. Highlander; Freshman Book Award; Pres. Biology Class; Dance Comm.; Chrmn. Publicity and Publications, Sportsmanship Comms.; Sec. Quill and Scroll; Sec. Marshals; Lib. Ass't; Editor Lib. Bulletin; Miss Fire Prevention; Head Marshal; Cabinet; Who's Who. JOHN CLEVELAND SHERMAN, JR. DELPHIA DELORES SMITH "B” Honor Roll; Cheerleader; GAA; Red Cross; Lib. Ass't; Pep Club; Social Activities Club; Honor Study; Fashion Show; Basketball Team. ELIZABETH ANN SMITH Jr. Y-Teens; Jr. and Sr. Promoters; Choir; Vocal Club; Ensemble; Latin Award; Club Council; HA" and "B” Honor Roll. ROGER SMITH Varsity Football; "B" Team Baseball and Basketball; Athletic Club; "R” Club; Track; Marshal.MARY CAROL SOS SONG Vice Pres. SR; Y-Teens; Thespians; French Club; Promoters; Marshal; Red Cross; "B" Honor Roll; Pep Club. GRACE MARIE SNEAD Pres. National Honor Society; Sec., Treas. Quill and Scroll; Editor-in-Chief, Associate, News, and Exchange Editor Highlander; Pres. Lib. SR Chrmn; Cabinet; Chrmn. Scholarship, Art and Publicity Comms.; Annual Staff; Publications Comm.; Head Marshal; Honor Study Head; Club Council; Pres. Biology Class; Glee Club; Choir; French Club; Promoters; Latin and French Awards. SAMUEL STOCKS, JR. Vice Pres., Sec. SR; Treas. Vocal Club; Choir; Lib. Ass’t; Pep Club; Hi-Y; Lib. SR Chrmn. BRENDA TANNER Jr. and Sr. Y-Teens; Vocal Club; FTA; Jr. Red Cross; Lib. SR Chrmn.; Fashion Show. BEATRICE JANE THORNTON Thespians; Vocal Club; Choir; Operetta; "A" and "B" Honor Roll. JOHN TILLMAN Varsity and "B" Team Football; Track; HR" Club; Athletic Club. BEVERLY GRASSE TOWNES Vocal Club; Promoters; French Club; Y-Teens; Choir; Marshal. JOANNA WARRENE TRAUTMAN National Honor Society; Pres., Vice Pres. Lib. Ass'ts; Thespians; Vice Pres. Quill and Scroll; Chrmn. Art and Publicity Comm; Lib. SR Chrmn.; Sportsmanship Comm; Cabinet; Art Editor Highlander; Co-Editor Lib. Bulletin; Sec. SR; Transfer Student. JOSEPH THOMAS TUGGLE, JR. Varsity Baseball; MB" Team Football; "R" Club; Athletic Club; "B" Honor Roll; Transfer Student. SHIRLEY ANN TUNNELL Pres., Vice Pres. Lib. Ass’ts; Pres. FTA; Sec. SR; GAA; Y-Teens; Club Council; Art and Publicity Comm.; "B" Honor Roll; Marshal; Choir; Highlander Staff. RAY LESTER VANSANT Chrmn. Social Activities Comm.; Co-Captain Football Team; Athletic Club; "R" Club; Track; Cabinet; Who's Who.ROBERT FOSTER WHITE Football; Track; Athletic Club; Sr. Hi-Y JAMES SMITH WHITTEN Vice Pres. Senior Class; UshersClub; Vice Pres. Choir; Boys’ State; "A" and MBM Honor Roll; Marshal; Operetta; Latin Award; Who's Who. MARGARETT ELAINE WIGINTON Transfer Student ALLAN SEYMOUR WILENSKY Ushers Club; Camera Club; Vocal Club; Red Cross; Key Club; Marshal; Lib. Ass’t; “A" and "B" Honor Roll; Vice Pres. SR; Chess Club; Publicity Committee. JANE HARDING WOOD Pres., Vice Pres. Thespians; National Thespian; Pres. Jr. Y-Teens; Vice Pres., Treas. Ad Club; Chrmn. Dance Comm.; Cabinet; Pres.. Vice Pres., Sec. SR; Attendant Courtesy Dance. LYNN COCHRAN WRIGHT Pres. UshersClub; Marshal; Athletic Club; "R Club; Vice Pres., Sec. SR; Varsity Football and Track; Lunchroom Ass't; "B" Honor Roll; Cabinet; Vocal Club. THOMAS HORN YOUNG Marshal; Jr. Hi-Y TROYB. SIZEMORE IN MEMORIAM 1939-1956 MARY JANE BRADFORD with classmate tutors From left: Lynnell Reese, Jackie Gill, Rachel Mathes, Grace Snead. Those not pictured who have taught Mary Jane at home this year are Jane McDowell, Ann Smith, Judy Letcher, Martha McMillan, Vicky Searcy, Shirley Tunnell, and Linda Rowe. She is an inspiration to all who have had the privilege of working with her.Tffacf, Se tuvi6’ OuCaCokaUh 7H 4t to SucetetC SmasiteAt MIRIAM FISHER and GRACE SNEAD and WARRENE TRAUTMAN and MIKE CREAMER BOBBY BOND DAN MORRIS Ti ttUCAt ‘Scat T %CA4€d "ScAt ‘P tAAHAllt S MARLENE CRAYNE and SUZANNE GOODMAN and MARGARET McGEHEE and EDMUND WEST JIM WHITTEN WALTER SEALE ‘Potted VICKY SEARCY and JACK PREWITT 2W doo4i u? PATSY GRAY and BILL CRAWFORD Pofudax JUDY HENDERSON and BUDDY HUGGINS 'pitendliett “Sett Sfittt %W s4td£ettc PAIGE AUTON and LINDA ROWE and JEANETTE KNISELEY and ROGER SMITH EVERARD MEADE RAY VANSANTPATRICIA ANN GRAYCAROLE ADAMS CAROLYN ALEXANDER MARILYN ALLEN JERRY ARMSTRONG BONNIE AYERS TOM BA REFIELD EDWARD BARKER BILL BARTHOLOMEW JACK BATCHELOR JOE BELSER GLEN BISHOP ESTER BOMCHEL JULIE BRANDON SHERRY BREWSTER HELM AN BROOKE ANNIE MOORE BROWN DOROTHY BROWN FRED BROWNING JEAN CAIN CAROLYN CHAMBERS ARTHUR CHAPPLE KAYE CHILDERS BETTY CLABORN LINDA CLARKE CAROLINE COLEMAN KELLY COLEMAN MONA COLEMAN SHIRLEY COOKE JACKIE COLLINS TERRY CRAWFORD KAREN CROUCH HENRY CROWDER MIKE CUMMINGS PHYLLIS DAVIDSON CHRIS DAVIS STEVE DAVIS RONNIE DEAR FOX DEFUNIAK KITTY ELLIOT BRENDA ENNIS ROBIN ERSKINE KATRINA ESSIS FRANK FALKENBERG JAMIE FRENCH MARY ANN FULLERCLARKE GILLESPY RI GREENE BILL GRESHAM MORRIS GRILL BILL HAAS JULIA HAGLER NANCY HALL DELRIDGE HARDEGREE NANCY HARDENBURG RICHARD HAWKINS JUDY HOWELL WILLIE HUDSON PAT HUGHES DAVID HUTTO DORIS INGRAM MARY FLORENCE INGRAM ALAN JAFFE BOND JOHNSON DORIS JOHNSON ANN JONES GENEVIEVE JONES NORMA JORDON PAT JOWERS MORRELL KANTER SARA KILPATRICK WARREN KINNEY CARLA KIRKPATRICK CONNIE KITCHEN VIRGINIA KRACKE DONALD LAMBERT DONALD LAYTON DALE LECOUNT CAROLE LEONARD BETTY LEWIS MARCIA LEWIS ROBERT LISTER EDGAR LITTLE BARBARA LOPEZ CHAMP LYONS MIKE LUCKETT david McDaniel LA MONT MAJOR JOHN MANCHA JOE MARBURY ELIZABETH MARTIN RACHEL MATHES FRANCES MEADOWS CHRISTINE MILAZZO JEANETTE MILLS LINDA MIMS HENRY MORRIS MARGIE MORT BILL MOSELEY DON MOSEMAN JOHNNY MOSEMAN SHIRLEY NELSON GILBERT ODEN BAILEY OUM GOLDIE OLIM LEE OVERTON LOUISE PALMER LOUISE PA RLER FRED PARSONS MICHAL PIERCE WAYNE PLASSE ROBERT PYLE ANTHONY RACO JUDY RAINEY LYNNELL REESE JOAN RICE ELIZABETH RODGERS GLENDA JO RYAN JACK RYE JOHN SAAB HOWARD SARASOHN LIBBY SCALES SAM SCALES JANE SCOTT MIKE SCOTT PATSY SEALE BONNIE SHAW BRAD SHEA KINGMAN SHELBURNE JOE ED SHIRLEY SANDRA SMEDLEY ANDY SMITH CAROLYN SMITH ELIZABETH SMITH FRANCES STONE JOHN SULLIVANJACKY SWANSON BILL THAXTON GEORGE THOMAS BOBBY THOMPSON DONALD TODD KATHLEEN TOWLES JARED TUCKER BETSY TURNER THOMAS TURNER BEN VAUGHN DAVID VESELY JOHN WARE LINDA WARREN GERALD WATKINS DAVID WATTS JACK WEAVER LETA WEAVER CHARLES WHITSON LAURA WILDER MARY LOIS WILKERSON RENE WILLIAMS ROGER WILLIAMS JACK WILSON MARCUS WIGINTON JANE WLLEN WOOD JANE WOOD BILLY WRIGHT BOB YOUNGSTEADT ROBERT ZIVITZ HUGH DILLON NOT PICTURED: EMANUEL BETROS SARAH BLALOCK BETTY BOYD BILLY BRYANT DON CHRISTIE JUDY DOSTER EDITH DURHAM CAROLINE ENGLAND JIMMY CHARLES GOODMAN MERLE GOSSETT NANCY GRAVES JERRY HUDSON DON MATHEWS MARTHA SUE PUTMAN NEAL SHEPARD HARRIET SMITHJoe Adams Betsy Albee Pat Allen Pat Am Kyle Badham John Baggett Hudson Barker James Barker Thomas Barker Bob Barnett Archie Battle Jimmy Baugh Rosemary Baumgartner Herbert Beckham Lynda Booth Ina Fay Bowen Phil Brooke Claiborne Brown Luther Cale Glenda Camp Joe Carey Jean Carpenter Carl Chamblee Kendall Childers Judy Clark Kenneth Clark Kay Collins Bonnie Corson Martha Cowan Eddie Coyle Mike Crenshaw Robert Denton Bill Derryberry Sarah Douglas Jackie Douthit Robert Dowda Rosemary Downie Pat Downey David Ellis Tommy Ellis Fred Erben Sara Kathryn Fant Victor Fichtner Vivian Fisher Alice FlemmingJimmie Frankum Dolores Freeman Johnny Freeman Bill Friese Sue Gahan Bernie Gause Judy Gilliam Alan Goldberg Robert Goldberg Norma Goodwin Bruce Gordon Beth Greene Katherine Harvey Marcia Herman Sandra Herring Mitzie Hodo Virginia Holland Margot Howell Tommy Howell Mary Ingram John Jarvis Glenn Johnston Virginia Johnston Carolyn Jordan William Jordon Carol Kemp Dodie Kessler Ann King Symmet King Howard Kitchen Joe Koplon Mary Seddon Lacy Sanford Lambard Tim Lambeth Howard Laughridge Henry Lavallet Edward Leader Ellen Linden David Luhrsen John Lusco Billy Martin Francis Lee Martin Mary Jane Martin James Massey Iris MazorChris Milazzo Mary Jo Milton Gail Minor Marilyn Miree Wimberly Miree Paul Mitchell Jill Moerlins Joe Monroe Elsie Montgomery Lucy Moore Emily Morton Jim Mullins Jane McCain Joyce McDaniel Ann McGehee Ray McGimsey Kay McLain Charles McManis Amelia McNutt Martee McPhersor Jackie Neal Miriam Morville Gayle Parker Dwight Patterson Peggy Perry Jerry Pharo Joe Polito Martha Jane Poole Norma Jean Pyle Jerrel Rasch Charlene Reagan Beverly Reeves Theresa Renfroe Tommy Resha Mary Wallis Robinson Sandra Saab Betty Jean Sansing Ellen Scott Albert Secor Judith Seidenspinner Jack Shannon Jeanda Shannon Sue Shelton Helen Shunnarah Carolyn SkinnerJimmy Skinner Julie Smcdley Bill Smith Bill Smith Margaret Smith Thelma Smith Nancy Spiegle Nell Srugley Shaffeur Stanford Glenda Stayer Fred Stewart Ann Sullivan Beth Tanner Joe Mack Thaxton Billy Joe Thomas Bobby Thompson Bob Tuttle Kenny Walls Anne West Fay West Tommy Whittaker Linda Williams David Wininger Margaret Yauger Chestley Yelton Sandra Zuck Not Pictured John Milazzo Jon Orendac Jackie Peterson Preston Thompson Lynn Walker Gil Wolfe Joseph Habshey Norman Habshey Ernest Knott James Lyon— • «Betty Adkins Ann Agee Billy Ansley James Arrington David Atwater Gerald Ayala Garland Bailey Christine Barden Lillian Barkas Ann Barnett Billy Barnett Rebecca Barr Louis Bayer Luanne Bayne Elaine Blocker Louis Bohorfoush Penny Bond Donald Bowen Charles Boyd jo Bradley Walter Bradley Carolyn Braswell Dianne Brock Sue Browdy Robert Brown Sally Burgin Douglas Burnett Michael Carmack Evelyn Chalk Dorothy Chambers joe Chambers David Chapman Sara Childs Josephine Clark Martin Clem Bill Cleveland Rebecca Collins Beverly Cowan Woody Cox Donald Crawford Anne Creel Stephen Crouch Richard Crum Douglass Culp Don Davis George Davis Elaine Denaburg Jimmy Denny Chalice DeVaughn John Dixon Edward Donahoo Joan Doster Douglas Dunraan Josephine DunningJane Earle Eddie Echols Donald Edgar Monte Edins Bess Edmundson Lanier Ellis Margaret England Marty Erickson George Estes William Eubanks Bill Featheringill Tommy Gaskin Pctro Gippson David Glasgow John Glass Fred Goff Donald Goldberg Mimi Graham Alice Grantham Billie Gray Charles Green James Green Mary Guin Jimmy Hairston Robin Hall Wayne Hall Claudia Halliday James Hallums Linda Hamilton Hugh Haralson Linda Haralson Suzanne Hardenburg Roberta Harris Mike Hartsfield Sandra Hayes Linda Haynes Bob Henderson Ban Henson Bob Hewes Jim Hicks Delmar Hill Joel Hillhouse Betty Hobbs Kathleen Hogan Larry Holcomb Jack Horn Rebecca Hughes Reese Hunt Travis Hutcheson Jane Hutton Reva Jaffe Johnnie Johnson Shirley Ann Johnson Helen JohnstonShirley Johnston Barbara Jones Carlene Jones Jimmy Jones William Jones Taj Eddin Kawaja Brenda Keith Linda Keith Judith Kincaid Alice Lane Ronnie Lantrip Sylvia Ann Lee Elizabeth Legar Nancy Lewis Sheila Lewis Stanton Lindsay Jane Lineberry Kenny McCain Robert McCain David McClusky Mike McCoy Mary McDaniel Jane McLaurine Edna McNutt Mark Manley Don Marshall Judy Matthews Laura Meadows Barry Mesch Nathan Miller Dick Miree Jean Miree James Mitchell Bob Montgomery Junior Moody Larry Moon Charles Morgan Martha Morrison Elizabeth Murphree Penny Nation Sam Nelson John Nichols Ronnie Norman Erroll Norris Richard Ogle Sharron O'Hara Robert O'Neil Billy Osborn James Overton Sim Pace Carol Park Howard Parker Jimmy Parsons Peggy PateRichard Patterson John Patton Deni Petras Peggy Phillips Samuel Phillips Clyde Porter Nancy Post Joe Powell Timothy Prewitt Lynne Ready Jeannie Rice Judy Rice Penny Roberts Henry Robertson Toby Rodgers Carolyn Rollins Billie Rolls Dorothy Rosamond Jerrell Rosenbluth Earle Saeger Jeanie Sallee Joe Saul Patricia Scott Judy Siegel Nolan Self Dick Shea B. J. Short Betty Shunnarah Marie Shunnarah Baker Smith Cherry Snyder Jimmy Snyder Douglas Spotswood Buddy Spratlin Penny Stafford Lois Stallings Harry Stavros Frances Steele Joyce Stephens Joe Stone Susan Stuerke Bill Sulzby Carolyn Thompson Jane Patsy Tillman Ben Tingle Mickey Townsend Marian Trottier Bob Tucker Jeff Tucker Myra Annette Tyree David Walters Ronnie Ward Allen Weatherford Leslie WeatherfordCharles Weaver Jim White Wanda White Linda Whitten Marcia Wilder Tippy Williams Helen Wohl Johnny Wood Terrell Wynn Joe Young John McCombs Jerrell Mayhew NOT PICTURED Sloan Bashinsky Charles Blair Bill Coleman Pat Griffith Norma Hunt Bobby Oliver Harvey Pate Max Sanders Mary Lou Waldrop Dottie Whitson Prentiss Wilhite Ronny Wolfe fjeututvicf, 57 First row: Nancy Elmore, Valerie Everton, Marcia Greenberg, Florence Vance, Mary Hoffman, Alice Tucker, Cleonia Ellison, Linda Rikard, Ann Shiland, Tryna Stampfer, Maxine Mayer, Camille Stein, Helen Yomtov, Paula Martin. Second row: Tommy Berry, Hudson Ware, Judy Bearden, Bill Ingram, Harry Chappelear, Norman McCoy, Duane Bethea, Normandie Russo, Jane Dudley, Anna Lambert, Margaret Creel, Carole Kent. Third row: Ross McBride, Jimmy Jacobs, Tommy Sullivan, Juanita Wooten, Hershell McNutt, Helen Lewis, Jeannie Mabry, Julene Reese, Martha Treat, Marguerite Weaver, Ren Ellis, Anita Starr. Fourth row: David Gaylord, George Harper, Hampton Smith, Jimmy Dorton, Frances Riley, Larry O’Quinn, Charles Weaver, Wayne Beck, Beall Lemmon, David Barefield, James Lance, Ward Rickard, Gregory Gilbert. Not pictured: Joyce Cardin, Larry Heartburg, Ronnie Herrington, Betty Hobbs, Dorothy Pearson, Carolyn Utter, Joy Vinyard, Jerry Wooten.'?aU (ZcUUnet Seated: Mike Creamer, secretary; John Bradford, president; Miriam Fisher, vice president. Standing: Warrene Trautman, Ray Vansant, Judy Henderson, Pat Green, Douglass Smith, Wade Edmundson, Virginia Head, Vicky Searcy, Edward Allen, Grace Snead, Jane Scott, Irby Cohen. MIRIAM FISHER Vice President JOHN BRADFORD President MIKE CREAMER Secretary 0?aCt Student “SocCcf Sfnc t erfU tet Seated: Bobby Bond, vice president; Mike Creamer, president; Dale Lecount, secretary. Standing: Miriam Fisher, Grace Snead, Ray Vansant, Warrene Trainman, Jane Wood. Lynn Wright, Vicky Searcy, Robert Dillard, Linda Mayes. BCfcBY BOND Vice Ptesideni MIKE CREAMER President Sfrtut? Student SodySeated: Clarke Gillespie, Vice Chairman; Irby Cohen, Chairman; Margaret McGchce, Secretary. Second row: Elizabeth Smith, Jeanette Knisely, Sherry Brewster, Vivian Fisher, Glenda Stayer, Charlene Reagan, Margaret Yauger, Miss Lonetta Weaver, Judy Siegel. Third row: Tim Prewitt, Tommy Barefield, Joe Young, Billy Joe Thomas. Fourth row: Billy Haas, Jamie French, Charles Weaver, Edward Donahoo, Toby Rogers, Mike Hartsfield, Charles Clayton. SptCtU? OUKCtt First row: Buddy Stanford, secretary; Margaret McGehee, vice chairman; Robert Dillard, chairman; Sonny Seale, parliamentarian. Second row: Karen Crouch, Mary Robinson, Reese Hunt. Third row: Larry Heartburg, Betsy Albee, Sarah Fant, Betsy Turner, Bobby Bond, Helman Brook, Joe Powell, Jackie Neal. Fourth row: Dick Miree, Jamie French, Hugh Dillon, Bart Henson, Richard Patterson, Toby Rodgers, Jerry Wooten, Lynn Wright.‘ZtcAen Cci6 First row: Jimmy Goodman, vice president; Wade Edmundson, president; Edward Allen, secretary. Second row: Alan Wilensky, Fred Meer, Irby Cohen. Champ Lyons, Hugh Dillon, Helman Brooke. Third row; Mr. Toliver Alley, sponsor: Mike Creamer, Bobby Bond, Hutton Haworth, Bert Keller, John Bradford. Fourth row: Lynn Wright, Bond Johnson, Tommy Henderson. Jim Whitten. Reese Arrington, Dale LeCount, Jamie French. Seated: Edward Allen, Mike Creamer, Vicky Searcy, Warrene Trautman, Miriam Fisher. Standing: Douglass Smith, president; Grace Snead. Ri Greene, Dan Morris, Constantine Morros, Charles Roberts, Jackie Gill, John Bradford, secretary; Irby Cohen, vice president. TtatioHol Cotton. SocietyBradford. Second row; Champ Lyons. Fox DeFuniak, Jim Whitten. Wade Edmundson, Buddy Huggins. Walter Scales, Jimmy Goodman, Sam Scales. Jack Lerner. Alan Wilensky. Third row: Bruce Gordon. David McDaniel, Wimberly Miree. Fred Erben. Joe Mac Thaxton, Phil Brooke. Roger Williams. Bill Smith. Pat Downey. Fourth row: Robert Goldberg, Barry Isenberg, Wayne Bowen, Dudley Hindman. Buddy Stanford, 1 erry Crawford. Jerrel Rasch, Don Moseman, Massey Relfe, Luther Cale, Jimmy Ricks, Hudson Barker. Albert Secor. Seated: Vicky Searcy, secretary; Edward Allen, chief; Judy Henderson, assistant chief. Standing: John Bradford, Libby Scales, Bobby Colvin. Miriam Fisher. Mike Creamer, Linda Mayes.First row: Linda Mayes, Miriam Fisher, Judy Henderson, Edward Allen, Vicky Searcy, Libby Scales. Second row: Gerrie Carlson, Lucy Moore, Mary Ann Fuller, Judy Letcher, Suzanne Goodman, Katrina Essis, Jane McDowell, Theresa Renfroe, Jean Carpenter. Third row: Martha Jane Poole, Frances Stone, Caroline Coleman, Julia Hagler, Judy Clark, Virginia Head, Edna Cannon, Norma Goodwin, Jackie Neal, Nancy Graves. Fourth row: Rene Williams, Bonnie Corson, Carolyn Chambers, Bonnie Shaw, Carole Leonard, Wendy Hall, Linda Rowe, Virginia Johnston, Mary Lois Wilkerson, Norma Jean Pyle. Seated: Barry Isenberg, Secretary; Grace Snead, Linda Mayes, Chief of Marshals; Vicky Searcy, Bert Keller, Assistant Chief. Standing: John Harrison, Fred Meer, Virginia Head, Bobby Colvin.First row: Pat Green. Rachel Mathes. Douglass Smith. Grace Snead Michal Pierce. Miriam Fisher. Second row: Martha Jane Poole. Claiborne Brown. Bonnie Shaw. Judy Henderson. Miss Virginia Shook, advisor; Ester Bomchel. Third row: Bond Johnson. Lamont Major. Mike Scott. Phil Brooke. Seated . Warrene Trautman. vice president; Pat Green, president; Vicky Searcy, secretary. Standing: Rachel Mathes. Grace Snead, Miriam Fisher, Bond Johnson, Michal Pierce. Douglass Smith.First row: Vivian Fisher. Ester Bomchel, Judy Rainey. Ann Jones, Sarah Blaylock. Mimi Graham Second row-. Billy Martin. Jon Orcndac. George Thomas. Wayne Plasse, Mike Crenshaw. Third row: Miss Florence Kennedy, sponsor; Latnont Major. Cande Cates. Vicky Searcy, Jerry Armstrong. secretary; Shirley Tunnell, vice president; Kelly Coleman, chaplain; Ronnie Dear, Betty Jo Martin. Not pictured: Warrcne Trainman, president. First row: Jennifer Jenkins. Brenda Tanner, Pat Jowers. Judy Kincaid. Josephine Clark. Sylvia Lee, Jane McCain. Lucy Moore, John Dixon, James Arrington, Joe Adams, Sanford Lambard, John Nichols. Kelly Coleman, Cande Cates. Standing: Lamont Major, secretary; Martha Jane Poole. Jane Ellen Wood, vice president. Miss Florence Kennedy, sponsor.Kneeling: Patsy Seale. Jeanette Kniseley. Head Cheerleaders. Left to right: Amy Sue Moss, Paige Auton, Linda Rowe, Judy Henderson. Delphia Smith. Connie Kitchens, Judy Clark, Shirley Nelson. Doris Johnson, Shirley Cooke. F““ roW: Ray Vansant. Vice President; Michael Creamer. Secretary; John Bradford. President; Robert Cairns. Buddy Huggins. Treasurer; Coach Reynolds. Coach Lavvaon. Second row; Coach Thompson, Barry Isenberg. td-mundWest. Kingman Shelburne, Bruce Gordon. John Mancha. Lee Overton. Edward Allen. Roger Smith, Chaplain; Hugh Dillon. Richard Neely. Third row; Coach !vy. Donald Layton. Robert Dillard. Lynn Wright. David Hayes, Tommy Henderson, Richard Davis, Robert Lister, Bill Haas.‘ScuuC First row: Glenda Camp. Dolores Freeman. Jesabeth Alexander. Martha Sue Putman. Jo Bradley. Jerne Tucker. Mr. LeGrande. Second row: Lynn Ready. Dottie Whitson, Peggy Phillips. Lois Stallings. Leta Weaver. Penny Stafford. Jeff Tucker. Third row: Joe Powell, Henry Morris. Rosemary Downey. Ronnie Ward. Tracy Kelly. Fourth row: John Jarvis. Errol Norris. Helen Johnston, Jimmy Parsons. Virginia Johnston. Howard Parker. Fifth row: Chestley Yelton, John Ware, Donald Crawford. Robert Dowda. Tommy Whittaker. John Lusco. Not pictured: Sandra Herring. Don Christie. First row: Connie Kitchens, Vice President; Linda Rowe. President; Shirley Nelson, Secretary. Second row: Beverly Reaves, Mimi Norville, Virginia Head. Ellen Linden, Phyllis Davidson. Mary Jo Milton. Merle Gossett. Marcia Lewis, Patsy Seales, Jeanette Kniseley. Paige Anton. Judy Clarke, Delphia Smith, Shirley Cooke, Linda Whitten, Sandra Hayes. Third row: Alice Grantham, Kathleen Embry. Naomi Scott, Mary Lou Humphreys, Laura Meadows, Shirley Johnston. Betsy Albee, Suzanne Hardenberg, Becky Hughes. Susan Stuerke. Rosemary Baumgartner, Ann Sullivan, Joyce Stephens, Miss Allen. Fourth row: Amelia McNutt, Ann West, Evelyn Chalk. Elaine Denaburg, Patsy Tillman. Jane Earle. Claudia Halliday, Tippy Williams, Wendy Hall. Jane McLaurine. Betty Adkins. Pat Allen.l:»rst row: Bonnie Ayers, Karen Crouch. Mary Robinson, Linda Mims. Sarah Blalock. Linda Clark. Jeanette Mills. Second row: Jackie Collins, Judy Rainey, Jeanette Smith, Cande Cates, Rachel Mathcs. Mary Lois VVilkerson, Mrs. Ruth Parker. Third row: Bobby Thompson. Charles Whitson, Jerrell Rasch. Tommy Gillespie. Billy Crawford, David Brandon. Rene Williams. Fourth row: David Johnston. Kelly Coleman. Bob Youngsteadt. Jimmy Whitten, Fox DeFuniak, Bcrnie Gause. (ZCecd First row: Gail Whitmore. Deni Petros, Billie Rolls, Margaret England, Mary Guin, Joyce Me Daniel, Charlene Reagan, Norma Goodwin. Judy Rainey. Second row: Jill Moerling, Jenifer Jenkins, Diane Brock. Sylvia Lee, Genevieve Jones, Julia Hagler, Bob Montgomery, Robert Me Cain, Martin Overton. Third row: Cande Cates, Johnnie Johnston. Ann McGehee, Rene Williams. President; Judeth Scidenspinner, Iris Mazor. Lynne Walker, Linda Warren, Bonnie Shaw. Caroline Coleman. Fourth row: Chalice DeVaughn. Betty Sansing, Gayle Parker, Karen Crouch, Rachel Mathes, Julie Brandon. Brenda Tanner. Beth Tanner, Martha Poole, Margaret Yauger. Fifth row: Linda Mims. Bob Youngsteadt. David Brandon. Bob Tuttle. Linda Clark. Jeanette Mills, Sara Blaylock, Martha Putman. Elsie Montgomery. Charles Whitson. Sixth row . Bob Snider, Jack Batchelor. Brad Shea, Jimmy Goodman. Ray Mealer, Clarke Gillespie. Tim Lambeth. Billy Martin. Mrs. Ruth S. Parker. Seventh row: Sanford Lambard, Kelly Coleman. Bill Derryberry, Brenda Ennis, Marlene Crane, Bill Gresham, David Brandon. Walter Seales. Fox DeFuniak, Bill Crawford, Tommy Gillespie.First row: Shirley Tunnell, President; Norma Goodwin. Vice President; Monte Edins, Secretary; Charlene Re3gen, Treasurer. Second row; Revajaffe, Edna Cannon, Jennifer Jenkins, Billie Gray, Johnnie Johnston, Penny Bond, Douglas Burnett, Jo Dunning. Third row: Lillian Barkas, Ann Barnett, Mary Lou Humphreys, Marie Shunnarah, Helen Shunnarah, Julia Smedley, Thelma Smith, Jackie Neal, Mrs. Stone, Sponsor. U JQUI? '■ " DWOfW! ■ First tow: Miriam Fisher. President; Jane Scott. Vice President; Martha McMillan. Recording Secretary; Jane McDowell. Mary Carol Sossong. Second row: Grace Snead. Margaret McGehee. Corresponding Secretary; Libby Scales. Geme Carlson, Kitty Elliot, Kathleen Towles. Third row: Judy Seigel. Carole Leonard. Nancy Graves. Ellis Dunn, Kay Childers, Miss Dorothy Smith, Sponsor.First row: Lottie Turner, Chaplain; Eugenia Lambeth, President; Jean Cain, Secretary; Marilyn Allen, Treasurer; Katherine Johnson, Vice President. Second row: Doris Phillips, Christine Milazzo, Goldie Olim, Carole Adams. Third row: Julie Smedley. Helen Shunnarah, Joan Rice, Louise Palmer. Fourth row: Thelma Smith, Bonnie Ayers, Norma Jean Pyle, Jackie Neal. Fifth row: Peggy Perry, Ann Jones, Betty Jo Martin, Pat Jowers. Sixth row: Mrs. Louise Echols, Jesabeth Alexander, Jane McBride, Jackie Gill. Seventh row: Patsy Gray, Vera Hanna, Edee Craig, Nancy Hall, Jackie Collins, Sara Kilpatrick, Mary Jane Dolly. puttion, “ty- 7ee t4 First Row; Edna McNutt, Vice President; Mary Robinson, President; Jane Hutton, Secretary; Marilyn Miree, Treasurer. Second row: Theresa Renfroe, Jeannie Rice, Elizabeth Legar, Mary Jane Martin, Judy Kincaid, Jeanda Shannon, Lay Member. Third row: Frances Steele, Penny Stafford, Martha Cowan. Fourth row: Sharon O'Hara, Brenda Keith, Linda Hamilton, Ina Faye Bowen, Mimi Graham. Fifth row: Beverly Cowan, Martha Morrison, Ellen Scott. Sixth row: Ann Barnett, Carolyn Jordan, Judy Gilliam, Faye West. Seventh row: Claiborne Brown, Luanne Bayne, Sally Burgin, Nancy Lewis. Eighth row: Alice Fleming, Elizabeth Murphree, Miss Fowler.tyuttco ‘ityt-'ty First row; Tom Barker, Fred Stewart, Ben Tingle. Second row: Larry Moon, Joe Powell, Eddie Echols, Robert O'Neal, Buddy Cleveland. Third row: Mr. Carl Calvert, sponsor; Billy Ansley. Howard Parker, Toby Rogers, Don Marshall, Jimmy Harriston. Standing: Robert Goldberg, president; Herbert Beckham, vice president; Jerrel Rasch, treasurer, David McClesky. secretary. Se tiox 'vtyt- First row: Bobby Liner, treasurer; George Baker, chaplain; Marshall Mitchell, vice president; Wayne Bowen, president; Ben Vaughn, secretary; Bob White, sergeant-at-arms. Second row: Ray McGimsey. Wayne Plasse, Jimmy Frankum, Edward Barker, Emmanuel Bctros, Robert Bloomston, Reese Arrington. Third row: Henry Crowder, Eddie Coyle, John Ware. First row: Margot Howell, Vice President; Michal Pierce, Treasurer; Annie Moore Brown, Secretary; Miss Virginia Shook, Sponsor. Second row; Helen Wohl. Bonnie Corson, Marcia Herman, Nell Srygley, Suzanne Goodman. Third row: Miriam Fisher, Vicky Searcy, Phil Brooke, Howard Laughridge, Jennifer Jenkins, Mary Florence Ingram. Not pictured: Jane Wood, President. First row . Jimmy Baugh. Arthur Chappie, Gerald Rosenbleuth, Howard Kitchens, David McDaniel, Fred Murray, Lee Cutcliff, Phil Brooke, Lamont Major, Billy Moseley, Howard Laughridge. Second row: Margaret Smith, Mary Seddan Lacey, Betty Parks, Kay McLain, Sarah Fant, Sue Shelton, Becky Barr, Douglas Burnett, Martce McPherson, Penny Bond, Mitzi Hodo, Lois Stallings, Margot Howell, Glenda Stayer, Annie Moore Brown, Vivian Fisher, Michal Pierce, Barbara Jones, Bitsy Edmundson, Nancy Post. Third row: Jeannie Sallee, Emily Morton, Carolyn Rollins, Virginia Holland, Cherry Snyder, Mona Coleman, Sara Childs, Dorothy Rosamond, Buffy Thornton, Katherine Harvey, Helen Wohl, Bonnie Corson, Marsha Herman, Nell Srygley, Douglas Spoiswood, Becky Collins. Fourth row-. Joan Doster, Jane Lineberry, Jackie Douthit, Linda Williams, Mary Lou Waldrop, Robin Hall, Judy Matthews, Buttons Clark, Carolyn Braswell, Dottie Brown, Vicky Searcy, Mary Florence Ingram, Suzanne Goodman. Fifth row: Tommy Ellis, John Sullivan, Bart Henson, Barry Mesch, Jim Mullins, Johnny Freeman, Victor Fichtner, Gerald Watkins, Robert Dowda, Nathan Miller, Mike McCoy, Monte Edins, Marion Trottier, Jo Dunning, Jennifer Jenkins, Marsha Wilder. « First row: Bobby Colvin, vice president; Dick Vaughn, president; Hutton Haworth, secretary. Second row: David Ellis, Donald Bowen, Warren Kinney. Third row: Kendall Childers, Allan Wllensky, David Luhrsen, Mr. J. R. Gardner. Jr., sponsor; Delbridge Hardegree. ScAecUde Ccc4. Seated: Dan Morris, president. Standing: Glenda Jo Ryan, Bailey Olim, secretary; Don Moseman, Tommy Barefield, Miss Helen Smith, sponsor. Not pictured: Judy Doster, vice president. (7 unerui Seated: Hudson Barker, president. Standing: Charles Morgan. Tommy Howell, secretary; Edward Leader, Joe Koplon, vice president; Mr. John King, sponsor; Michael Carmack.tycauon. IRed Sara Kilpatrick, secretary; Jackie Gill, president; Ester Bomchel vice president. Second row: Bonnie Ayers. Sheila Lewis. Cherry Snyder, Deni Petros. Marie Shunnarah, Frances Meadows, Louise Parler, Mary Carol Sossong. Third row: Sharon O’Hara. Ri Greene. Jer fell Rasch, Robert Goldberg. Carol Kemp. Alice Fleming, Dick Mirce. First row: Suzanne Goodman, secretary; Jane Wood, vice president; Amy Sue Moss, president. Second row: Helen Wohl, Dodie Kessler. Larry Moon. Linda Whitten. Paige Auton, Judy Clark, Leslie Weatherford, Johnny Freeman. Miss Virginia Shook, sponsor; Victor Fich-tner. Third row: Sharon O’Hara. Sarah Fant, Carolyn Alexander. Elizabeth Legar, Joan Doster. Suzanne Hardenburg. Becky Hughes. Lamont Major. Virginia Head. Fourth row:Cherry Snyder. Jane McCain. Lucy Moore, Champ Lyons. Jimmy Baugh, Nathan Miller. Billy Martin. Wendy Hall. Dorothy Rosamond.bust row; Constantine Morros. vice president; Jimmy Ricks n u „ v, „ ; s President; Charles Roberts, secretary; Dick Shaw. Second row: Sam Net Ison, Ronnie Wolfe, Joe u fI „ , . . P . .. ' Joe Chambers. Martin Clem, Mac Sanders. Charles Boyd. Fred Meer. Douglas Culp. Dr. . S. Gerald . ... . - , „ „ „ 7 or u',uia- sponsor; Woody Cox. Joe Saul. Ri Green Steve Crouch. s4t£ietic Cu6 First row: Gerald Mayhew, Bill Jones. Baker Smith. Fred Goff. Sammy Philips. Terrell Wynn. Ronnie Lathrop. Larry Holcomb, Jim Green. Allen Weatherford. Don Davis.- Jimmy Snyder, Harry Stavros. Reese Hunt. Second row; Jim Hicks. Chris Milazzo. Billy Smith. Joe Habshey, Robin Ersktne. Charles Spratlin. Lanier Ellis, Joe Mack Thaxton. George Estes. Henry Robertson David Atwater. Pedro Gipsm. Allen Goldberg. Shaffeur Stanford. Third row-. Everard Meade, Fred Erben. Mike Hartsfield, Richard Patterson. Kenny McCain. Ray Vansant. John Bradford. Mike Creamer, Robert Cairns. Don Edgar. Charles McMannus, Sammy Scales. Fourth row: Bruce Gordon. Richard Crum. Jack Shannon. Joe Monroe, Kingman Shelburne, John Mancha, Jack Wilson. Jimmie Mitchell, Billy Joe Thomas. Buddy Huggins, Roger Smith. Robert Lister, Johnny Tillman. Richard Neely. Fifth row: Don Layton. Barry Isenberg, Tommy Gaskin. Dwight Patterson. Edmund West, Stewart Pace, Charles Clayton, Glenn Bishop. Lee Overton. Edward Allen. Ronnie Downey, Edward Donahoo. Richard Ogle, Charles Weaver. Frank Falk-enburg, Mike Scott. Sixth row: Jerry Armstrong, Jamie French. Robert Dillard, Jerry Buckner, Stanton Lindsay, Lynn Wright, David Hayes. Tommy Henderson. Morns Grill, Richard Davis. Luther Cale. David Vescley, Hugh Dillon, Bill Haas. Jerry Pharo, Ernest Knott, Bill Leather-ingill, Mank Manley.Sherry Brewster, treasurer; Suzanne Goodman, vice president; Jeanette Smith, secretary; Margaret Me Gehee, president. Second row: Michal Pierce, Jane McDowell, Betsy Turner. Jane Ellen Wood, Beverly Townes, Julia Hagler, Kathleen Towles. Third row: Pat Hughes, Carla Kirkpatrick, Betty Jo Martin. Nancy Hardenburg, Margie Mort, Ann Smith. Pat Green, Louise Parler, Mary Hamrick, Kitty Elliot, Elizabeth Smith. Fourth row: Wendy Hall. Ellis Dunn. Vera Hanna, Bond Johnson. Robin Erskine, Billy Mosely, Jane Scott, Dale LeCount, Frances Stone. Lynell Reese, Janice Hutchinson. Mrs. Nell Brown, sponsor. 9 cation, 'Pnoatoteno. Martce McPherson, secretary; Becky Barr, president; Bill Smith, vice president. Second row: Lucy Moore, Linda Haralson. Ann King. Bitsy Edmundson. Theresa Renfroe. Julie Smedley. Jeanda Shannon. Martha Jane Poole. Peggy Pate, Jean Miree, Douglas Burnett, Penny Bond, Barbara Jones. Third row; Linda Williams, Carol Kemp. Ellen Scott. Margaret Smith, Alice Fleming. Thelma Smith, Carolyn Jordan, Judy Gilliam. Faye West, Emilie Morton. Sue Shelton, Bernie Gause. Pedro Gippson, Ann Agee. Mrs. Nell Brown, sponsor. Fourth row: Joe Monroe, Marilyn Miree.Future horaebreakers (Notice the plaids) Size number twelvemeet to eat.A marshal is helpful, and cheerful, and mean about O. K. s Silence reigns - for the time being, at least. Voting day Three heads are better than one.Before school A motley crew of freshmen Geniuses at work. f - Exercising the vocal Made it!Backstage after N. H. S. tapping RBERSXtLUA EW The Christmas program people from looking at the camera. Drawing boards, compasses, and T-squaresWolves at the door Campaigns. . . And what a day that was!■f irst row: Andy Smith, Bobby Colvin, Bill Haas, Hugh Dillon, John Bradford, Robert Lister, Buddy Huggins, John Mancha, Johnny Tillman. Second row: Kingman Shelburne. Robert Dillard. Richard Davis, Lynn Wright. Mike Creamer, Ray Vansant, Robert Caimes. Stanton Lindsey, Pat Downey, Glenn Bishop, Morris Grill. Third row; Henry Lavallet, Charles Clayton, Edmund West, Jerry Buckner, Luther Cale. David Vesely, Jack Wilson, Neal Shepherd, Jamie French, Dwight Patterson. Fourth row: Coach James H. Ivy, Coach T. R. Lawson, Mike Scott, Frank Falkenburg, Ernest Knott, Ronnie Downey, Jack Shannon, Stewart Pace, Coach Foy C. Thompson Coach T. C. Reynolds. “S 7ea H 0 First row: Mickey Townsend. Reese Hunt, Joe Mack Thaxton, Chris Milazzo, George Estes, Terrell Wynn, Baker Smith, Sammy Phillips, Larry Holcomb, Alan Weatherford, Billy Smith, Pat Downey. Second row: Jack Shannon, Lanier Ellis, Kenny McCain, Jimmy Mitchell, Edward Donahoo, Dwight Patterson, Billy Jones, Pedro Gipson, Mike Hartsfield, Alan Goldberg, Sammy Scales, Britch Goff, Don Edgar. Third row: Richard Ogle. Harry Stavros, Chuck McManis, Jim Green, Ronnie Lantrip, Henry Robertson, David Atwater, Sam Nelson, Mark Manley, Richard Patterson, Charles Spratlin. Tommy Gaskin, Coach T. R. Lawson, Bobby Hcwes, Manager. Fourth row: Jimmy Snyder, Bill Featheringill, Robin Erskine, Fred Erben, Charles Weaver, Joe Monroe. Don Davis, Delmar Hill, Richard Crum, Billy Joe Thomas.EDMUND WEST Left Half ROBERT CAIRNS Left Half MIKE CREAMER Fullback FRANK FALKENBURG Fullback The Captains Rams in action against West End RAY VANSANT. Quarterback and JOHN BRADFORD. CenterGLENN BISHOP CHARLES CLAYTON Quarterback Right Half JERRY BUCKNER Center HUGH DILLON Guard Anyhow wc clobbered them In basketball The Coaches REYNOLDS. IVY, LAWSON, and THOMPSON BILL HAAS Tackle JOHN MANCHA End JOHNNY TILLMAN End ROBERT DILLARD EndFuture Globetrotters m And furthermore Tennis, anyone?'"S" le ScuAetfaU First row: Reese Hunt, Edward Donahoo, Lanier Ellis, Fred Goff, Richard Patterson, Chris Milazzo. Second row: Jim Hicks, Bill Smith, Captain; Charles Weaver, Kenny Wallis, Ronnie Lamrip. Charles Spratlin, Kenny McCain, Dick Miree, Bart Henson, Coach Thompson.First row: Bob White. Tommy Gaskin. Ben Tingle, James Arrington, Billy Joe Thomas, Jackie Swanson, Robin Erskin, Jack Shannon, Richard Crum. Second row: Morris Grill, Dwight Patterson, Luther Cale, Hugh Dillon, Hudson Barker, Edmund West, Lynn Wright, Ray Vansant, Jim Green, Mike Hartsfield, Bill Jones, Bobby Hewes, Henry Lavallet, Eddie Echols. Third row: Bill Smith, Jerry Hudson, Joe Monroe, Butch Clayton, Mike Scott, John Mancha, Kingman Shelburne, Glenn Bishop, Jack Wilson, Jamie French, David Vesley, Frank Falkenburg, Bill Haas. First row: Mark Manley, Robert Brown, Joseph Habshey, Louis Bare, Gregory Gilbert, Norman Habshey. Second row: Harry Stavras, Jimmy Snider, Lee Cutcliff, Richard Ogle, Don Edgar, Billy Crawford, Mike Creamer, David Atwater. Joe Tuggle, Third row: Larry Holcombe, Terrell Wynn, Allen Weatherford, Chuck McManis, Jo Mac Thaxton, George Estes, Chris Milazzo, Alan Goldberg, Nathan Miller. VARSITY: Billy Crawford, Mike Creamer, Lee Cutcliff, Robert Dillard, Bruce Gordon, Gilbert Oden, Jerry Pharo, Bill Smith, Buddy Stanford, Joe Tuggle. 7eK U t7e u t First row: Ronnie Downey. Bill Bartholomew, Sonny Seale. Andy Smith. Jimmy Parsons Second row: Mr. Toliver Alley. Douglass Culp. Bert Keller. Hclman Brook. Chestley Yelton, Kenny Wallis. David Johnston. ™ ™ 1 —i fc via k Groan . . . loosen upl Free shot Paldon me madam| ScCcccatio .GRIFFITH DRUG COMPANY SOUTH HIGHLAND’S 1430 11th Avenue, So. BARBER SHOP Meet Your Friends Here McCAIN AND SON, Proprietors GLEN IRIS FOOD CENTER BROCATO SHELL SERVICE 1600 11th Place South 1500 11th Avenue, South 4-9406 Neighborhood Road Service For an A+ in Appearance CAI N 51 S HATCHER CAKE SHOP 2827 Seventh Avenue, So. 54-4772 MARINELLO BEAUTY SHOP 12 03 South 20th Street Wedding Cakes Complete Catering After Graduating Attend BIRMINGHAM MASSEY TYPEWRITER COMPANY BUSINESS COLLEGE 2331 5th Ave. North Sales - Supplies It’s a Good School Service - Rentals VARSITY DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT 2016 7th Avenue, South Enlarged for Your Convenience Pit Bar-B-Que Chili DogsYOU SAW IT IN aDESU A SHORTHAND 'l II II iT. A and 60 other NATIONAL MAGAZINES m 6 weeks Speedwriling Shorthand Schools In OVER 400 CITIES IN THf US.. CANADA. CUM. HAWAII Oil.. ,«W IK.I. LIFETIME PRIVILEGES FREEI No I Availably lo Sludontt of Any Other Shorthand Sytttml rOtf Lffotima rKtc NATIONWIDE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE F REf lifetime NATIONAL TRANSFER PRIVILEGE FR lifetime BRUSH UP CLASSSES NO SYMBOLS NO MACHINES USES o6c3 (Typing Available) Easy to learn ABC Shorthand—120 WPM in only 6 weeks. Used in leading H!ices and Civil Service. Come, observe, check graduates. Lowest cost. First leswn FREE. New Day or Eve. classes now starting. 201 Stallings Building alverson-draughon COLLEGE 7$avot imA Barber! MILK Barber's FPANK CHAMbERS ENGRAVING COMPANY 2106 5th Avenue, North Ramsay’s Favorite -Delicious COFFEE The South’s FinestELI'S SKY CASTLE DRIVE-IN 2830 Seventh Avenue South For Good Food and a Good Time ROMEO’S DRUG COMPANY 758 South 29th 54-4996 BOGUE’S RESTAURANT For Good Living and Good Eating 3 028 Clairmont Ave. DANIELS PRESCRIPTION OPTICIANS 2028 Highland Avenue CARLA’S FLOWERS - Flowers for Every Occasion 2018 11th Avenue South Compliments of KING’S DRUG COMPANY THOMPSON BOOTERY Quality Fit - Friendly Service Five Points East Lake HORST’S FLOWERS Flowers Express Thoughts Better Than Words 2427 Seventh Avenue SouthOwned and Occupied Exclusively by LIBERTY NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. and Brown-Service FRANK P. SAMFORD, President Birmingham, Alabama Compliments of STEWART’S VARIETY STORE 2228 Highland Ave. South Compliments of CLAIRMONT HARDWARE CO. 3902 Clairmont Ave. MRS. TODD’S CAFETERIA Serving 7 Days Weekly 3 Meals Daily DOUG DRUMMONDS GULF 728 8th Avenue South Birmingham, Alabama JEFFERSON PLUMBING MILL SUPPLY 1531 lsth Avenue South Birmingham, Alabama TO SUIT YOUR TASTE ELECTRIK MAID BAKERY 2011 Highland AvenueA Quality School Since 1888 School and Art Supplies WHEELER BUSINESS COLLEGE LASSETTER AND Ln a New and Modern Location COMPANY 173 6 First Avenue North Day and Night Classes 1918 4th Avenue, North ED , SALE MS DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT Two Convenient Locations 931 North 26th 3201 3rd Avenue, South SPORTSMAN’S - CENTER - 2901 Cahaba Road Mountain Brook Lovely Gifts for Lovely People LORNA FARRAR - GIFTS 64 Church Street Crestline VALLEY JEWELERS A Great Name 2822 South 18th in Dairy Products Homewood FOREMOSTFor the Best in Jewelry, Diamonds, and Fine Rings JOBE - ROSE JEWELRY COMPANY STEPHEN STANDARD STATION 731 6th Ave. South For Good Service and Accessories VIRGINIA COBB Smart Fashions No 1 Cobb Lane Just One Block From Ramsay Your Neighborhood Grocer DELTA FOOD CENTER 1401 South 15th Street GULF STATES A"BT SCHOOL COMMERCIAL ART AND PAINTING Low Monthly Tuition Night and Day Class Individual Instruction Enroll Any Time 1318 South ZOth Street After School Drop by jimmy's DRIVE-IN Five Points South Curb Service Best Wishes to the Senior Class JAMES A. HEAD COMPANY Office Supplies 2013 First Avenue North DIT5MINQMAM BUSINESS COLLEGE Hy-Speed Long-Hand Writing Gregg Shorthand Simplified 408 l 2 North 19th Street Phone: 4-5648 McCAIN’S BARBER BEAUTY SHOP 801 9th Ct. So. Everything in Music E. E. FORBES SONS PIANO CO. 1914 4th Avenue, North A. AND A. ASH JEWELERS, INC. 201 North 20th Street Best Wishes to All Our Friends at Ramsay. SNOW SUNDRIES 1400 South 15th ,f '5 7 SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY• • • and won t it Ik your photograph that you and your grandchildren look for first? That s a lot of looking ahead, but it illustrates the permanence... the interest... of a fine photograph. Fine photographs of you are our concern ...a photograph you will proudly give as a personal present...a photograph you will look back on happily years from now. We hope that when you want a fine photograph taken again, you entrust it to us—your official school photographer. PHOTOREFLEX srvoio ith Floor 0 unct ru« it«s6 COWV.Y o n»4 nut

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