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RAMSAY HIGH SCHOOL 1954 Birmingham, Alabamafe, his wealth, and him to the cause of education and to the growth of our com-f rminity, we dedicate this annual ? zccdty J.R. GARDNER, JR., Principal MRS. HULDA CHASE. Girls Advisors TOLIVER ALLEY. Boys RUTH NORTON Registrars Commercial HELEN SMITH, Head MRS. NELL BROWN English ROSALIE WILSON, Head ELIZABETH EDDY MILDRED FORD WINIFRED GALLAGHER History FRANCES CALLEN. Head CLAUDIA CALDWELL THOMAS R. LAWSON. Athletics GERTRUDE FOWLER EDNA C. DOUGHERTY MARGARET SHELL RUTH HARRIS VIRGINIA SHOOK MRS. HULDA CHASE MRS. MARY McPHAUL Languages OPAL DAVIS, Head MRS. BERTIE HARRISON. Spanish DOROTHY SMITH, French Mathematics ETHEL JONES. Head MRS. JOHNIE MAE FOSTER N.P. ARDILLO. Athletics Science I.S. GERALD. Head CARL L. CALVERT LONETTA WEAVER ALMA THARPE MRS. MARY TODD J.B. VARNELL Minors CLEMENTINE ALLEN. Head TOLIVER ALLEY. Mechanical Drawing W.A. HUDSON. Vocal L. F. CONBOY. Band FLORENCE KENNEDY, Librarian T. C. REYNOLDS, Athletics BERNICE McCLURE. Sewing J.H. KING, Mechanical Drawing and Shop CAROLYN CLIFTON, Speech MARY BRADLEY. An Lunchroom MRS. WINIFRED GORDON7Z t A 'rtyontt St M ELEANOR ANN LEVINGSTON Editor-in-Chief, January AUGUSTA FAULL Editor-in-Chief, June MAXINE KLINE Art Editor SALLIE ANNE FLORENCE Business Manager JANICE PARKS Sports Editor JANE SULZBY Club Editor Seated, left to right: Miss Bradley. Maxine Kline, Rosalind Siegel. Sallie Ann Florence. Augusta Faull, Eleanor Levingston. Standing: Jane Sulzby, Marilyn Cohen, Janice Parks. i JN; JANICE PARKS p ZH teisuf, “SeautyMACY APPELBAUM (Apples) Marshal; Honor Study Head; Tennis 51,52,53; Library Assistant; Library S.R. Chairman; Woodwork prize in Fair, ANNE WHIPPLE BARTLETT National Honor Society; Freshman Book Award; President, Secretary of S.R,; President. Junior Y-Teens; Marshal; Treasurer Senior Y-Teens; Chairman of Health Comm.; Safety and Scholarship Comms. ELEANOR BUELL BARTLETT Freshman Book Award; Editor and Assistant Editor of "The Highlander”; National Honor Society; Hi-Cub Reporter; Cabinet: Vice President Junior Y-Teens; Secretary and Treasurer Senior Y-Teens; President and Secretary Library S.R. Chairman; Vice President S.R. HOWARD BEARMAN President S.R.; Highlander; Varsity Football and Tennis; ■’B” Baseball, Basketball and Football; Ushers Club; Marshal; Honor Study Head. RHODA BLOOMSTON Marshal; Library Assistant; Red Cross Vice President; S.R. JEFFRIES M. CARLISLE Marshal; Red Cross Representative; Library Representative; R.O.T.C. PATSY RUTH CARROLL Band; Marshal; Choir; Highlander; Glee Club; Honor Study; Girls' Letter Club; Operettas; Minstrel and Spring Concert; Red Cross Rep. DORIS CURTIS Y-Teens; Girls' Letter Club; Honor Study; Marshal; Library Chairman; Who's Who. TOM DARNELL Vocal Club President; Glee Club; Choir; Junior Hi-Y; "B" Team Football; Vice President and Secretary of S.R.; Marshal; Lunchroom Attendant; Ensemble; Ramsay Quartet; Operetta; "B2" WALLACE MARTIN DOBBS "Mike" Basketball; Marshal; Vocal Club. LOUISE PROPST EUBANK Marshal; Assembly Comm.; Library Assistant; Glee Club; A Cappella Choir; Vocal Club; Operetta, “Forest Prince"; "Tulip Time." PORTER GAINES FOWLER "PoPo" Student Cabinet; Vice President and Secretary of S.R.; Honor Thespian; National Thespian; Vocal Club; Ensemble; Choir; Highlander Staff; Athletic Club; Marshal; Operettas; Library Assistant; Minstrel; Variety Shows.BETTYRENE FRIEDMAN National Honor Society; Marshal; Vice President S.R.; Thespians; Promoters; Red Cross; Y-Teens; Glee Club. DOROTHY GAY "Red- Marshal; Thespian; Vocal Club; Glee Club; Choir; Ensemble; Y-Teens; Red Cross. EUGENE LEE GOLDSMITH "Gene-Varsity Baseball; "R" Club; Athletic Club; Movie Projector Operator; Sportsmanship Committee; Marshal; Science Lab Assistant. JACK EUGENE ALLEN HENDERSON "Jackie-Secretary. Vice President Junior Hi-Y; Vice President. Treasurer, Chaplain Senior Hi-Y; Vice President. President S.R.; Band 50. 51. 52. 53. FARRIS EMMETT HILL Band 50. 51. 52, 53; Operetta; Glee Club; A Cappella Choir; Secretary S.R.; Hi-Y; Vocal Club; S.R. Vice President. Robert McClellan hinton National Honor Society; Cabinet; Head Marshal; Debate team; Ushers Club; Junior Hi-Y Chaplain; Scholarship Committee Chairman; Library Assistant; S.R. Secretary; Quiz-‘Em Team; Honor Study Head. PERRY LEE JAFFE Varsity Football 51.52.53; Varsity Basketball 51.52; Marshal; S.R. President; Sportsmanship Committee; "R" Club; "B" Team Basketball, Baseball; Athletic Club. EDWARD STEPHEN JAMISON "Baby" S.R. President; Vocal Club; Athletic Club; "R” Club; Football 49. 50.51; Track 50.51.52. MAXINE AUDREY KUNE President, Vice President. Treasurer Junior Red Cross Club; Y-Teens; Library Assistant; Art Editor Annual. BILL KRACKE Vocal Club; Marshal; S.R. President. RICHARD LANDE "Dick- Marshal; Red Cross Rep.; Track; French. Science. Athletic. Vocal and Red Cross Clubs; R.O.T.C. GAIL LANIER S.R. President; Secretary of Council; Vocal Club; National Thespians; Glee Club; Marshal; Library S.R. Chairman; Library Assistant; Ensemble; Highlander Staff; A Cappella Choir; Assistant Honor Study Head; Christmas Festival; Operettas.KENNETH LAWLER Vice President, Secretary S.R.; Baseball 52,53; Marshal; Athletic Club; Thespians; "R" Club; Honor St.; Quarter Hour Plays. SYLVIA ANN LECOUNT Red Cross Club; Y-Teens; Promoters-, Honor Study Head. ELEANOR ANN LEVINGSTON National Honor Society; Head Marshal; National Thespians; Editor of Annual; Annual typist; Debate Team; Publications Comm.; Quiz 'Em; Schedule Club; French; Promoters Club. ELEANOR McNIDER Secretary of National Thespians; Marshal; Spring Plays; Chairman Aud. Comm.; Theater Arts Award; Cabinet. BARTIE SUE MOORHEAD Head Cheerleader; Marshal; Secretary Girls Letter Club; Vice President S.R.; All-Star Volleyball, Basketball, Softball; Tumbling Team; Publicity Chairman; Red Cross. ROBERT RAYMOND MULLINS "Bob" S.R. President; "B" Football, Baseball; Band; Athletic Club; Senior Hi-Y; Council; Vice President S.R. BEVERLY JANICE PARKS ”J.P." Cheerleader; Vice President, Secretary S.R.; Vice President, Treasurer Girls Letter Club; Sports Editor Annual; Highlander Staff; All-Star Softball, Basketball Team; Captain All-Staf Volleyball; Library Assistant; Red Cross. SHUFORD ROBERTS S.R. President; Vice President, Secretary; Usher; Hi-Y; Athletic; "R" Club; Baseball 50,51.52,53; Football 50.51. PATRICIA RUGGIERI Thespians; Glee Club; Choir. NANCY CLAIRE SHARP -Jinx- Student Body Secretary; Cheerleader; S.R. President, Vice President, Secretary; Band; Marshal; All-Star Basketball, Volleyball, Softball; Girls' Letter; Red Cross Clubs. KENNETH LARRY SHERIFF Science Lab Assistant; Movie Projector Operator; Honor Study Head; ROTC Club; Secretary Senior Class. ELIZABETH FRANCES STEPHEN "Betsy-Y-Teens; Highlander Reporter; Vocal Club; Health Committee; Highlander S.R. Rep. BILL STONE President of S.R.; Band 50,51.52,53; "B" Football; Baseball Manager; Hi-Y; Radio Club; Elections Comm; Athletic Club. JANE ALLISON SULZBY Student Body President; President, Secretary, Vice President Girls’ Letter Club; Vice President S.R.; Marshal; Club Editor of Annual; All-Star Softball. Volleyball; Basketball; Cheerleader; Sportsmanship Comm.; Library Assistant. JAMES KERUN TRAVIS “Jim" President National Honor Society; Vice President of Student Body; President, Vice President S.R.; Football 51.52.53; Basketball 50,52.53; Baseball 51,52, 53; Cabinet; Council; Band; Choir; Usher’s Club; "R" Club. JANE AUSTIN WEATHERFORD FTA; Art Committee 52,53. VIRGINIA WHITLOCK "Ginger- Vice President. Secretary S.R.; Head Marshal; Varsity Softball, Basketball, Volleyball; President Biology Class; Girls' Letter Club. MIRIAM JANE WILLIAMS “Miml" Secretary National Honor Society; Vice President S.R.; Highlander Staff; Marshal; Quiz 'Em; Publications and Scholarship Committee. KENNETH DALE WINGO President of S.R.; "B“ Football 50.51; Band 50,51; Varsity Football 52,53; Athletic Club; Council. JIMMY WOOD Band; Marshal; Vocal Club; Glee Club; Operetta; Lunchroom Attendant; Junior Hi-Y. ALYNE BECTON Y-Teens; Red Cross Club; Thespians; Library Chairman; S.R. Secretary; Marshal.Most Outstanding ELEANOR BARTLETT - JIMMY TRAVIS Best Personality PORTER FOWLER - JANE SULZBY Most Likely to Succeed HOWARD BE ARMAN - ELEANOR BARTLETT Wittiest GINGER WHITLOCK - EDWARD JAMISON Most Popular JACKIE HENDERSON - NANCY SHARP Most Athletic BARTIE SUE MOORHEAD PERRY LEE JAFFEBest Dressed BETTYRENE FRIEDMAN - DALE WINGO Best Sport DORIS CURTIS - SHUFORD ROBERTS Friendliest RHODA BLOOMSTONE - BILL STONE Most Poised BETSY STEPHENS - FARRIS HILLMost Likely To Succeed FRANCILE SCOTT - CHARLES STROUD Best Dressed CAROLINE DAVIDSON - DAVID KOPLONXBest Personality SARAH LEPP - BO KENAN Best Sport JOHN KITCHEN - SHIRLEY TAYLOREMILY LOYD June BeautySANDRA FRANCES ANGEL "Angel" Thespians; National Thespians; Red Cross; Promoters; Vice President of S.R. ; Vocal Club; Highlander Staff; Art Committee. CHARLES ANDREW ANTHONY ARCARA Vocal; Junior and Senior Hi-Y. RONALD BAGGETT Library Assistant; Athletic Club; Vice President of Schedule Club; Head Monitor of Shop Class. ALAN BERMAN "B" Team Basketball; "B" Team Football; "R” Club; Radio Club; Athletic Club; Varsity Football and Basketball. GEORGE LOUIS BETROS Hi-Y Club; Library S.R. Representative; Athletic Club; Football; Marshal; s.R. President. RONALD BROWN President of S.R.: Ushers Club; Student Body; "R" Club; Secretary of Council; Cabinet; Head Marshal; Captain of Football Team; Track; Sportsmanship Committee; Harvard Book Award; National Honor Society; Quiz’em on the Air. DELORES CALLAHAN "Dee" Highlander Staff. BEVERLY ANN CAMPBELL "Bev" Marshal; Thespians; Promoters; Treasurer of National Thespians; Spring Play 52; Secretary of Speech Class 52. JERRIE McREA CANTRELL Marshal; Head Marshal; Honor Study Head; Vocal Club; FT A; Junior and Senior Y-Teens; Band; Honor Roll. PEGGY ANN CARDON Library Assistant; "B" Honor Roll. ALEX CARPENTER "Ax" Head Marshal; President. Vice President, Secretary of S.R.; Vice President Junior Y-Teens; Senior Y-Teens; National Honor Society; Honor Study Head. RUTH CARPENTER "Buna- President of Junior Y-Teens; Senior Y-Teens; Secretary of S.R.; Head Marshal; ”B" Honor Roll; French Club; Honor Study.NANCY JON CASON "Cason" Choir; Marshal; Senior Y-Teens; Vocal Club; National Thespian; Vice President of Red Cross; Highlander Staff; Promoters; Honor Study. VIRGINIA CATO National Thespians; Glee Club; Choir; Promoters. JANICE CLARK President of S.R.; Library S.R. Chairman; Art Prize at Fair; Gold Key Award in Art; Art Committee; Honor Study Head; Marshal. CORNELIA MABLE COLLINS "Connie" Cheerleader; Girls' Letter Club; Marshal; Thespians; Secretary S.R.; Girls' Volleyball and Basketball Teams; Honor Study; "B" Honor Roll. DONALD JOE COLLINS Transfer Student; Vice President of S.R.; "R" Club; Athletic Club; Marshal; Football; 1953 State and City Championship Football Team; Vocal. GARY CRAVEN "Crusher- Football; Track; Athletic Club; Track Club; Vocal Club; Marshal; Glee Club; Thespians; Red Cross. ROBERT WHARTON CREVLING "Crev" Marshal; Honor Study Head. ROBERT SCOTT CROWDER, III National Honor Society; Ushers Club; President of S.R.; President, Treasurer and Historian of Senior Hi-Y; Debate; Quiz'em; Marshal; Member of Youth Legislature 3 years. CAROLINE BRADLEY DAVIDSON Qulz'Em; Cabinet; National Thespians; Debate; Highlander Staff; Library S.R. Chairman; Marshal. DORIS LOUISE DEMENT " Dottle" Vice President of Student Body; President, Vice President. Secretary of S.R.; FT A; Girls’ Letter Club; Y-Teens; Promoters; French Club; Library S.R. Chairman; Volleyball and Baseball Teams; Annual Com.; Marshal; "A" and "B" Honor Roll; Vocal Club; Highlander Staff; Health Comm. ; Head of Fashion Show; Publicity Committee. JAMES ALEXANDER DOUGLAS "Jimmy-Marshal. PATTY HOLMES DUNN Pat-Ty“ Vice President, Secretary of S.R. ; Girls Letter Club; Marshal; Thespians; Honor Study; "B“ Honor Roll.RICHARD WILLIAM FARRIS AUGUSTA MATTHEWS FAULL President, Vice President, Secretary of S.R.; Junior Y-Tecns; Vice President of Senior Y-Teens; Marshal; Honor Study; Editor of Annual; French Club; Lost and Found Committee; Latin Award 52; "B" Honor Roll. SALUE ANNE FLORENCE Cheerleader; Business Manager of Annual; President, Vice President, Secretary of S.R.; Red Cross Club; Library S.R. Chairman; Library Assisunt; Marshal; Highlander Staff. ANNE MAGRUDER FOUCHE Marshal; Y-Teens; Thespians; Honor Study; "B" Honor Roll; “A" Honor Roll. WILLIAM FRAZER "Bill" Camera Club; Schedule Club; Library Assistant; Head Marshal; Tennis Team. JANE HAYWOOD FRENCH President, Secretary of S.R. ; French Club; Marshal; Honor Study; "A", "B" Honor Roll; School Directory Committee; Elections Committee; National Honor Society. THOMAS BRADLEY FULKERSON "B" Team Football 50; "B” Team Baseball 51-52; Secretary of Ushers Club; C!ee Club; Quartet. ROSS GAGLIANO "Googly" MARGARET LOUISE GALLOWAY "A", "B" Honor Roll; Head Marshal; FTA; Promoters; President Senior Y-Teens; Honor Study; Choir; Christmas Festival 51. IRIS ANN GAY Highlander Staff; Band; Drum Majorette; Publicity Committee; Girls Letter Club; Library Assistant; S.R. Library Chairman; Honor Study; Lunch Room Assistant. FRANCES JOSEPHINE HAMPTON Library Assistant; Library S.R. Chairman; Vocal Club; Fashion Show; Vice President of Library Assistants; Editor of Library Bulletin. PETE HANNA Football 51,52,53; 'R" Club; Athletic Club; Track 53.SALLY TRIMBLE HARALSON Marshal; Y-Teens; Thespians; Vocal Clubs; Highlander Staff; Operetta of 51; Honor Roll; Honor Study; Vice President of S.R. EDWARD REEL (Ed) HARDIN Marshal; Vice President Ushers Club; Glee Club; Ensemble; Quartet:Operetta; S.R. Officer; "A" and "B" Honor Roll; Sportsmanship Committee; Business Manager of Highlander. DAISY HAYNES "Dado" Marshal; All-State Chorus; Glee Club; Operetta. "Forest Prince"; Music Festival; Spring Concert and Minstrel. BARBARA JOYCE HUGGINS "Bobbie" National Thespian; Publicity Chairman; President, Secretary of S.R.; Highlander Staff; Marshal; Library R.R. Chairman; Camera Club; Dramatic Club; Y-Teens. THOMAS EDWARD HUNT Health Committee; Choir; Glee Club; "B" Honor Roll; Radio Club; Vocal Club. KARL HUPPERTZ "Buddy” CAROLYN JOHNSON Secretary of S.R.; National Thespian; Glee Club; Choir; Highlander Staff; Marshal; Red Cross Representative; Minstrel 52; Honor Study. HAMPDEN DuBOSE KENAN "Bo" President. Vice President of S.R. ; Marshal; Highlander Staff; Football 51. 52.53: Basketball 51. 52.53.54; Chairman of Council; Quiz'em. JOHN KITCHEN "Jack" Football; Marshal; Athletic Club: "R" Club; President, Secretary of S.R.; Vocal Club; "B" Team Football; State and City Championship Football Team 53. DAVID HILLEL KOPLON Marshal; Science Club; Library Assistant; Band; Red Cross Representative; R.O.T.C. SUE LANDON Vice President of National Honor Society; Assistant Chief of Marshals; Cabinet; National Thespians; Highlander Staff; Secretary of Promoters; Debate; Chairman Scholarship; Quill and Scroll. SARA LEPP Secretary of S.R.; Schedule Club; Marshal; Honor Study Head; Secretary-Treasurer of Promoters; French Club; Thespians.BARBARA ANN LEWIS "Red- Glee Club; Choir; Operetta; All-State Chorus; Spring Music Festival; Concert; Marshal. NORMAN UPTON Baseball; Athletic Club; Science Club; "R" Club. EMILY LOYD "Em" Cheerleader; Girls’ Letter Club; Vocal Club; Varsity Softball Team; "R" Day Queen; Honor Roll. SUZANNE McPOLAND "Bridget- Vocal Club; Thespian; Glee Club; Minstrel Show 52. KAREN MOONEY "Butch- Marshal; Vocal Club; Thespians; Y-Teens; Secretary of S.R. GHIKA NICK MORGAN Cabinet; President, Vice President, Secretary of S.R.; Football 51.52,53; Baseball 53,54; Basketball; Athletic Club; "R" Club; Band; Secretary of Marshals; Chief Marshal; Chairman of Sportsmanship Committee; Highlander Staff; Choir. GAYLE MOSELY Red Cross Club; Dramatics Club; National Thespians; Highlander Staff; Treasurer of Quill and Scroll; Promoters Club; Treasurer of Y-Teens; Marshal; FT A; Spring Play 52. LESUE RHETTA MOSEMAN "Les" Publicity Committee; Captain Girls Varsity Volleyball Team; Captain Class Basketball Team. ROBERT MOSES Ushers Club; Choir; Library Assistant; Glee Club: Marshal; Vocal Club; Thespians; Camera Club; Radio Club; President. Vice President of S.R.; Lunch Room Assistant. MYRON NIRENSTHN Transfer from Emma Sansom High School in Gadsden. JAMES NELSON Hi-Y Club; Band; Football; Basketball; Baseball. KATHARINE LANGHORNE OLIVER Choir; Y-Teens; Thespians; Marshal; Red Cross Club; Promoters; Vocal Club; Christmas Festival 50.LAWMAN PALMER Vocal Club. BETTY PHELPS Marshal; Y-Tccns; President. Vice President, Secretary of FTA; Choir; Christmas Music Festival 51; Library Assistant. JERRY SCOUT PIERCE "P.M." President, Treasurer of Thespians; National Thespian; President of National Honor Society; Ushers Club; Secretary of Student Body; "A". "B" Honor Roll; Highlander Staff; Choir; Glee Club; Head Marshal. CAROL QUINN Marshal; Thespian; Promoters; Vice President of S.R.; Library Assistant; Treasurer of Y-Teens. GLORIA ANN RANDOLPH "Glora" Y-Teens; Thespians; Debate; Secretary of S.R.; Vice President of S.R.; Latin Award 52; Honor Study; "B" Honor Roll. WILLIAM EDWIN REESE Marshal; Stage Crew; Lunch Room Cashier; Secretary, Treasurer of Senior Hi-Y. MARGARET FRANCILE SCOTT Associate Editor of Highlander; National Honor Society; Head Marshal; Secretary of Quill and Scroll; Senior Y-Tcens; D. A.R. Good Citizenship Girl; National Thespian; Promoters. FLORRIE LILLIAN SHEEHAN "Baby” Marshal; Red Cross; President FTA; Thespians; Girls' Letter Club; Dramatic Club; All-Star Volleyball, Soft-ball. Basketball. MARGARET SKIDMORE "Skiddy" Transfer from Tennessee; Recreation Club; FA A; Basketball Squad. BRITTON STAMPS Transfer Student; Hi-Y; Automobile Club; Assembly Committee. ELVA JANE STEEVES "Janie" Choir; Red Cross Club; Vocal Club; Vice President Senior Y-Teens; Honor Study; Thespians; Band; Majorette. SHIRLEY ANN STEPHENS Marshal; Cheerleader; Junior Y-Teens; Promoters; President of Schedule Club; Girls' Letter Club; Volleyball, Baseball, Softball Team.PICTURE NOT • AVAILABLE HARRIETT ELAINE TILLMAN Vice President Thespians; National Thespians; Highlander Staff; Red Cross Club; Spring Play; Library Assistant; Marshal; Dance Council. JAMES MAXWELL VALENTINE "Jimmy" Pan-American Club; President of S.R. WILLIAM VAN ALLEN VINES "Hootey" Football; Baseball; "R" Club; Athletic Club; Hi-Y Club. HINDMAN WALL "Hike" Basketball; Baseball; Football; All-City; All-State; President, Vice President. Secretary of S.R.; Marshal; Red Cross; Athletic Club; "R" Club. CAROLINE STOKES TEAGUE Marshal; Dramatics; National Thespian; President Promoters; Library Chairman; Highlander Staff; Y-Teens; Vice President Inter-High Promoters; President Quill and Scroll; National Honor Society. SARA KAY STRICKLAND Marshal; Glee Club; Operetta; All-State Chorus; Music Festival; Spring Concert; Library Assistant. CHARLES BOYD STROUD "Charlie" Vice President Student Body; Citizenship Tour; President Thespians; School Supply Salesman; Ushers Club; Red Cross Club; Marshal; Cabinet; Vice President National Honor Society; Vice President. Secretary of S.R.; Stage Crew; Oratorical Contest; Best Thespian Award; Lunchroom Assistant. NANCY SULLIVAN Glee Club; Choir; A Cappella Choir; Girls Letter Club; Marshal; Thespian; Minstrel Show; All-State Chorus; Christmas Festival; Lead in Operetta, "Patience." SAM BARRETT TANNAHILL "Pete" Sgt. R.O.T.C.; Radio Club; Marshal; "B” Honor Roll; S.R. Officer; Honor Study; Lunchroom Assistant. PATRICIA ANN TAYLOR "Pat" Choir; Ensemble; Christmas Festival; Treasurer of Radio Club; Secretary of Red Cross; Vice President Library S.R. Chairmen; Marshal; Vocal Club; Glee Club. SHIRLEY FRANCES TAYLOR "Shirr Head Cheerleader: Marshal; Y reens; Treasurer of G. L.C.; Council; Sportsmanship Comm.; Girls Soft-ball, Volleyball. Basjc tl arll All-Star Teams; Honor Study. SARA JEAN TAYLOR Choir; Glee Club; S.R. Officer; Transfer Student.THOMAS CHARLES WHITE, JR. Latin Club. MARK YOUNG (Buddy) Football; Baseball 50.51,52.53; Basketball 50,51,52; President, Vice President, Secretary of S.R. ; Secretary of Student Council; Operetta; Member of Athletic Club; "R" Club; Marshal. SHIRLEY YOUNG French Club. To the memory of our classmate, Martha Clyde, whose sincerity, friendliness and graciousness will always be an inspiration to all who knew and loved her.(Jld4ieA Penny Acton Robert Ad well Mike Alfano Bobby Alongi Peggy Armstrong Bennie Auxcr Maralyn Baggett Patricia Barefield Gerald Bates Donald Benham Eddie Blackwell Bobby Bowers James Boyd Walker Bragan Louise Bryan Tom Bradford Judy Breckenridge David Brook Jane Browning Betty Cain Doris Cannon Thurmond Cannon Catherine Caruso John Coggin Charles Colvin Kathryn Cooper Joe Cotlin Eddie Crandall Mike Crandall Tommy Crawford Henry Creekmore Sam Daidone Ronald Denaburg Nonna De Loach Towanda de Nogy Steve Denton Jim Donahoo Michael Donahue Stanford Downey Tom Douglas Beverly Draughon Moll ye DuClos Jack Earle Rank Eagan Johnny Edwards Olice Embry Mary Farmer Henry Ferguson Shellie Flowers Betty FloydLARRY KNISELEY BARBARA LAMBERT PHIL LAVALLET PAT LEDBETTER DONALD LEWIS MARY JO LINEBERRY EDWARD LOGAN KENNY LUBEL CATHERINE LUCKETT GLORIA McCAIN MARY SUE McCRANEY Gordon McDaniel JESSIE McDOWELL JOAN MACKUN CLIFFORD MANLEY SARAH FRANKLIN ROBERT FRIESE BENNY GILCHRIST MARY ANN GILES FRANCES GILMORE PEGGY GOODWIN GLORIA GRIFFIS BARBARA HAAS SALLIE HAMMIL LEONARD HEATHERLY NELL HAWKINS SHIRLEY HAWKINS HERBERT HOWELL SHIRLEY HAYNES JO ANN HENDERSON SANDRA HOLSOMBECK JENNY HUDSON JIMMY HULSEY ROSS HUTTON BRUCE INGLIS JIM INGRAM GRANTLAND IRWIN JOANNE JACKSON BARBARA JONES EUGENE KEENUM KENNETH MANN FRANKIE MARLES JOAN MATTHEWS JANET MERRILL CHARLES MILLS ROBERT MINCE BEBE M1REE HARRIETT MONROE JO ANN MONTGOMERY ANNE MORGANPEGGY MORRISON ANNETTE MOSS LUCIA NIX RICHARD O’CONNELL NELL A OPPENBORN EMORY O’SHEE CHARLOTTE PATTERSON GAIL PATTERSON SYDNEY PENDLETON SUZANNE PETERSEN JUDY PIPER PATSY POER CAROLYN PORTIS JANET POWELL ED POWER ABE J. RAND MAN LOUIE REESE ANN RICH MARGARET ROBINSON RANDY ROWE MILTON SMITH VIRGINIA SMITH MARTHA SNOW RAY SNIDER NINA STATHAM LARRY STEVES CAROLYN STILES GERALD STROUD GEORGE STUART MARTHA SUE TEAL MELANIE TERRELL MARVIN TORME MERVIN TORME ANN TRACY DWIGHT TRAY WICK JUNE TRAVIS ALFRED WALKER DICKY WARD NANCY WHITE BEVERLY WILLIAMS PATSY WILKERSON TOMMY WILSON ELIZABETH WOOD DAVID WRIGHT ROBERT LEE WRIGHT BILLY VAUGHN NORANNE YOUNG GEORGE SALEM JAMES SAWYER TOMMY SIMPSON VIRGINIA SHAW MARY GENE SIZEMOREMichael Acton Tommy Agee Joe Allen Tommy Anderson Nancy Lou Avara Way Bandy Lou Ann Bamo Dotty Becton Alice Berrey John Bishop Barbara Blackwell Bert Bloomston Irwin Bomchel Billy Borckardt John Bostick Earle Bowen Connie Bowers Gail Brittain Margaret Browning David Brunson Myron Butler Branch Burton Bill Byars Margaret Cale Joe Carmichael Bob Clark Carolyn Clark Jay Cohen Marilyn Cohen Jimmy Conrad Edee Craig Carolyn Croce Barbara Cunningham Mary Destin Florence Douglass Carmen Dunn Dan Dunn John Dunn Jimmy Eagan Jane Ellis Kathleen Embry Marvin Epstein John Estes Nancy Etheridge Gail Eubank Lee Fant Betty Fields Robert Fleisher Georgianna Fletcher Roberta Fletcher Charlotte Floyd Jewell Ann Fowler Renate FrankeAnn Goldstein Joel Goodwin Rose Graves Willie Green Sybil Greenberg Linda Grimes James Johnson Betty Johnston Freda Kay Carlynda Kopp Marie Keenum Dorothy Kelly Judy Kitchen Robert Kitchen Burton Koplon Bobby Kracke Sal lie Lackmond Eva Lammers Blse Leonard Carol Lepp Jim Linder Dice Lineberry Bobby Liner Carol LishkofT Gail Lohner Bobby Luey Joe Lyons Mildred Me Anally Jane McBride Beverly McClendon % Evelyn Gabbard Bill Gaines ftank Galloway Myra Gay Kathleen Gill Morton Gold faxb Theresa Habshey Yvonne Hall Helen Hayden Floyd Hayes Bill Haynie Bill Heard James Heatherly Dan Henderson SherTy Henry Lynn Hcwes Patsy Hill John Hillhouse Barbara Hogge Jane Holloway Jimmy Humphreys Sharon Jackson Harry Jarvis Lyman Jones Judith Powell Wallace Putman Mary Ellen Ramsey Mary Ann Robertson Diane Robertson Tommy Robinson Sue Runnels Margie Scales Naomi Scott Genta Sharp Jessie Shelburne Victor Sheppard Philip Shepard Mousa Shunnarah Lynne Shults Rosalind Siegel Nancy Simpson Beverly Smith Bill Snead Bob Snider Faye Sokol Gerry Spratlin Toby Starr Mamie Stanford Mickey McDougal James Me Lester Alice McNutt Helen Mabry Edgar Marx Stanley Mass Cynthia Meade Joseph Milazzo Seymour Moskowitz Mildred Mullins Charles Myers Neil Nation Carol Nichols Pat Nichols Myma Niraeroff Jane Ogle Robert Pace Marjorie Parker Susan Parker Sue Parsons Daniel Paul Billy Pattie Betty Lee Pond Dawn Posey Lollie Beth Statham Kay Stembridge Bettie Lou Stephens Ann Stewart Charlotte StockhamSam Stocks Ronnie Thompson Dot Till Carol Tingley James Trull Larry Vise Bobby Walker Gail Warren Barbara Whittington Sue Nell Wilson Steve Wise Don Wiseman Bill Wood George Zinzer Mack Hall Bill Leslie Shannon Phillips Emmanuel Betros ftanklin Blackford Phil Boissel John Bradford Bill Branch David Brandon Jimmy Sulzby Don Taylor Melvin Taylor Carlton Tanner Billy Thomas Edward Allen Reese Arrington Paige Auton Dixie Autry George Baker James Baker Cullen Bryan Jimmy Byrd Robert Cairns Edna Cannon Ronald Chandler Timothy Clarke Charles Clayton Irby Cohen Linda Connolly Bill Crawford Marlene Crayne Michael Creamer  ik T2w Li" i V A. rr V- 7 - Sydney Darnell Mary Claire Dardis Charles Davidson Richard Davis Linwood Dorriety Prince Dorough Larry Dowda Ronnie Downey Sam Drash Ellis Dunn Joe Dunn Jerry DuClos Nina Earle Wade Edmundson Shirley Ferguson Miriam Fisher Carl Franklin Jackie Gill Norman Glass Jimmie Goodman Suzanne Goodman Sonia Goldstein Betty Gray Pat Green Nancy Hall Vera Hanna Mary Mason Hamrick Arthur Harris Richard Hawkins David Hayes Tommy Henderson Dudley Hindman Elizabeth Hogge Wilma Hoobler Lynn Howard Willie Hudson Richmond Huggins Ann Hughes Jerry Hulsey Kay Hulsey Mary Lue Humphreys Jimmy Hunt Janice Hutchinson Barry Isenberg Jenifer Jenkins Katherine Johnson Bert Keller James Kitchen Kay Knight Jeanette Kniscley Arnold Knott Nelson Lacy Donald LambertDonald Layton Joe La Vecchia Judy Letcher Dottle Lewis Robert Lister Jimmy Louden John Luey Jane McDowell Shermon McEachern Margaret McGehee Martha McMillan Virginia McNabb James McRinnon Linda Mayes Everard Meade Ray Mealer Donald Mills Gail Minor Marshall Mitchell Bill Mooney Emily Morrison Johnny Mosemann Amy Sue Moss Fred Murray Maty Elizabeth Myatt Shirley Nabors Richard Neeley Sylvia Jean Oliver Jack Orrison Robert Pace Theodore Petros Anthony Pharo Doris Phillips Lanny Poole Neva Porter Jack Prewin Geraldine Preston Patsy Prestridge Marjorie Price Pat Prosser Martha Putman Anthony Raco Linda Rowe Polly Rowland Rosemary Russell Taylor Russom Jack Rye Vicky Ray Searcy Nancy Senior Troy Sizemore Mike Shapiro Pat Shean Albert Shunnarah James Shepherd 'SfuBlEMaxine Stinson Anne Stone Billy Swann Brenda Tanner Anne Tharpc Bobby Thomas Johnny Tillman Peggie Tiller Carole Tillerson Joyce Tippins Imogene Todd Bcverly«Tov pcs • Douglass Smith Roger Smith Grace Snead Mary Carol Sassong Nancy Stallings Richie Stiles Shirley Tunncll Lottie Turner Ben Vaughn Dick Vaughn Grady Walker David Watts Rose Marie Weaver Barbara Weeks Genette Whatley Jimmy Whitten Barbara Wells Edward Wiggins Janet Wilson Larry Witherington Jane Wood Lynn Wright Thomas Young Judy Leibold Johnny Sherman Tommy Sidertis Alice Skidmore Howard Slaughter Ann Smith Del phi a Smith PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE Adams, Carol Allen, Mary Sue Ayers, Bonnie Bloomston, Robert Brown. Annie Browning, Fred Cain, Jean Cates, Cande Collins, Jackie Colvin. Bobby Cordcry, Raymond Crawford, Terry Christie, Donald Courie, Louis Dillon, Hugh Doster, Judy Everett, Alex Gillispy, Clark Greene, Ri Grill, Morns Haas. Billy Harrison, Ernest Haworth, Howard Henry. James Ingram, Mary Frances Johnson, Donald Jones, Wallace Kinney, Richard Kitchen, Constance Lerner, Jack • Lewis, Marcia Lopez, Barbara Maddox, James McDaniel, David McDaniel, Johnny Mecr, Fred Merrill, Edith Malazzo, Christine Morros, Constantine Nelson, Patsy Nelson. Shirley Olim, Bailey Olim, Goldie O'Laughlin, Jane Overton, Lee Pharo, Joyce Pyle, Robert Raines, Johnny Relfe, Massey Raynor, John Ricks, Jimmy Roberts, Charles Robinson, Donald Schu, JosephSeale. Pat Self. Margaret Siderits. Tommy Smith, Harriet Stone. Frances Sutton, Daniel Sweat, Jo Ann Thapton. Bill Thompson. Douglas Tucker. Jared Victory, Don Wallace, Donald Ware, John Weaver, Leta White. Robert Wilkerson, Mary Lois Wilensky. Allen Williams, Roger Wilson, Jack Youngsteadt, Robert Zivitz, RobertCABINET First row, left to right: Nancy Sharp, Charles Stroud, Jane Sulzby, Miss Weaver, Sponsor. Second row: Robert Hinton, Eleanor Bartlett, Anne Bartlett, Eleanor McNider, Jerry Fierce. Third row: Gkika Morgan, Tommy Simpson, Bartie Sue Moorhead, Sue Landon, Bo Kenan, Ronald Brown. COUNCIL First row, left to right: Gail Brittain, Sandra Holsombeck, Milton Smith, Bo Kenan, Gail Lanier, Jimmy Goodman, Margaret McGchee, Miss Weaver, Sponsor. Second row: Mousa Shunnarah, Mark Young, Phil Lavallet, Billy Vaughn, Shirley Taylor, Jerrie Spratlin, Dale Wingo. Third row: Bill Gaines, Buddy Huggins, Bobby Alongi, Richard Davis, ftobert Fleisher, Troy Sizemore, Robert Kitchen, Phil Boissel. SiFirst row, left to right: Sue Landon, Jimmy Travis, Miriam Williams, Second row: Jane French, Alex Carpenter, Francile Scott, Eleanor Bartlett, Anne Bartlett, Eleanor Lcvingston, Bettyrene Friedman. Third row: Robert Hinton, Tom Bradford, Charles Colvin, Charles Stroud, Ronald Brown, Robert Crowder, Jerry Pierce. Not shown: Charlotte Patterson, Caroline Teague. SCHEDULE CLUB Melanie Terrell, Bennie Auxer, Anthony Raco, Donald Lewis, Nell Hawkins, Marilyn Baggett. Seated: Mrs. Foster.PROMOTERS First row, left to right: Norma DeLoach, Sara Jean Taylor, Sally Haralson, Caroline Stiles, Melanie Terrell, Myrna Nimiroff, Sandra Angel. Second row: Janett Kniseley, Faye Sokol, Toby Starr, Lollie Beth Statham, Margaret Galloway, Nina Earle, Emory O'Shee, Gayle Moseley, Martha Snow, Betty Lee Pond, Prcda Kay. Third row: Patsy Wilkerson, Frankie Maries, Richie Stiles, Shirley Stevens, Jane McDowell, Donald Benham, Beverly Campbell, Sallie Hammil, Margaret Robinson, Lynn Schultz, Lou Ann Bamo, Barbara Wells. Fourth row: Virginia Shaw, Kay Hulsey, Ellis Dunn, Anne Morgan, Dot tie Dement, Nancy Cason, Beverly Draughon, Louise Bayan, Roberta Fletcher, Rose Graves, Nina Statham, Katy Cooper. Lynn Hewes, Be Be Mixee, Mary Jo Lineberry. LIBRARY SESSION ROOM CHAIRMEN Left table, left to right: Jackie Gill, George Betros, Sammy Stocks, Beverly Williams, Carol Tingley, Bill Snead. Right table: Ronnie Downey, Pat Green, Frances Hampton, Mary Hamrick, Jeffries Carlisle, James Sheperd. Standing: Joan Macklin, Olice Embry, Pat Taylor, Miss Florence Kennedy, Sponsor.BOY MARSHALS First row, left to right: Sam Daidone, John Hillhousc, Gkika Morgan, Sue Landon, Charles Colvin, Buddy Huppertz; Jim Donahoo, Bobby Bowers. Second row: Richard Hawkins, David Brandon, Burton Koplon, Tommy Henderson, Tommy Douglas, John Dunn, Morton Goldfarb, Leonard Heatherly, Randy Rowe, George Betros. Third row: Wallace Dobbs, Ross Gagliano, Jefferies.Carlisle, Eugene Goldsmith, Myron Butler, Jay Cohen, Donald Lewis, Tommy Hunt, Robert Hinton, Tommy Crawford, Mike Donahoo, Jerry Pierce. Fourth row: George Salem, Sydney Pendleton, Dice Lineberry, Jimmy Conrad, Charles Stroud, Olicc Embry, Richard O'Connell, Bill Frazer, Robert Crowder, Hindman Wall, Joe Cotlin, Ronald Brown, John Bradford, Ed Reese. RADIO CLUB Left to right: Lanny Poole, Jimmy Humphreys, James McLester, Henry Ferguson, Ronnie Denaburg. Seated: Mr. Gerald.GIRL MARSHALS First row, left to right: Suzanne Petersen, Connie Collins, Margaret Cole, Mary Sue McCrancy, Nina Earle, Caroline Davidson, Gkika Morgan, Sue Landon, Charles Colvin. Bettyrene Friedman, Jane McDowell, Emory O’Shee, Elizabeth Wood, Freda Kay, Pat Ledbetter, Jessie McDowell. Second row: Cynthia Meade, Sybil Greenburg, Faye Sokol. Toby Starr. Ruth Carpenter, Jessie Shelburne, Jane French, Lou Ann Bamo, Margaret Robinson, Margaret Browning, Martha Snow, Melanie Terrell, Nancy Lou Avara, Imogene Todd, Jewel Anne Fowler, Millie Mullins. Third row: Gail Patterson. Carolyn Portis, Lucia Nix, Margaret Galloway, Kathryn Cooper, Louise Bryan, Karen Mooney, Georgianna Fletcher, Mary Jo Lineberry, Lollie Beth Statham, Francile Scott, Bebe Miree, Miriam Williams, Beverly Williams, Sarah Franklin, Betty Cain, Carolyn Cook, Gayle Moseley. Fourth row: Anne Fouche, Shirley Nabors, Vera Hanna, Joan Macklin, Shelly Rowers, Noranne Young, Anne Morgan. Doris Curtis, Virginia Whitlock, Eleanor McNider, Louise Eubank, Gail Eubanks, Gail Warren, Lynn Shults, Helen Hayden. CAMERA CLUB Left to right: Myron Butler, Bill Snead, Irby Cohen, Irwin Bomchel, Seymour Moekowitz, Burton Koplon. Seated: Mr. King, Sponsor. L1  GIRLS' LETTER CLUB First row, left to right: Shirley Taylor, Bartie Sue Moorhead, Janice Parks, Jane Sulzby, Second row: Millie Mullins, Nancy Sharp. Leslie Moseman, Marie Keenum. Florrie Sheehan, Sallie Florence, Ann Rich, Kat Gill, Shirley Tinnel, Shirley Haynes, June Travis, Jeanette Kniseley, Imogene Todd, Jo Anne Montgomery. Charlotte Floyd, Judy Kitchen, Patsy Prestridge, Doris Phillips. Third row: Pat Ledbetter, Lucia Nix, Kathleen Embry, Doris Cannon, Ginger Whitlock. Carol Tingley, Mary Lou Humphrey, Judy Powell, Betty Johnston, Patsy Pocr, Beverly Smith, Barbara Blackwell, Barbara Walker, Shirley Fergurson Martha Putman. Nancy Hall, Theresa Habshey. Fourth row: Miss Allen, Sue Wilson, Beverly McClindon, Carol Williams, Shelley Flowers, Noranne Young, Sandra Holsombeck, Joan Macklin, Mary Robertson, Miriam Williams, Doris Curtis, Mollye DuClos, Sue Teal, Caroline Portls, Beverly Williams, Susan Parker. Eva Lammers, Carol Clark. Margaret Browning, Bdee Craig. JUNIOR RED CROSS First row, left to right: Theresa Habshey, Nancy Simpson, Janice Hutchinson, Maxine Kline. Second row: I Eva Lammers, Shirley Haynes, Barbara Lambert, Dottle Lewis, Elva Jane Sleeves, Peggy Armstrong. I Third row: Shirley Ferguson, Barbara Jones, Nancy Cason, Branch Burton, Suzanne Goodman, Doris Phillips.SENIOR HI-Y First row, left to right: Mr. Vamell, Bob Mullins, Jackie Henderson, Sam Daidone, Robert Crowder, Bd Reese. Second row: Maurice O’Toughlin. Bill Stone, Ed Crandall, Kenneth Mann, Shuford Roberts, George Betros, Dan Dunn. JUNIOR HI-Y First row, left to right: Bobby Walker, Ronnie Thompson, Tommy Douglas, Reese Arrington, James Trull. Second row: Ray Mealer, Dudly, Hindman, Carlton Tanner, Willie Green, Tommy Young, Jerry DuClos, Jack Prewitt. Third row: Bill Gaines, Joe Carmichael, James Baker, Bobby Pace, Pat Shean, Jimmy Eagan, Mr. Calvert. bL LJUNIOR Y-TEENS First row, left to right: Dottie Lewis, Mildred McAnally, Nina Earle, Mary Elizabeth Myatt, Rosemary Russell, Judy Letcher, Shirley Nabors, Genette Whatley, Amy Sue Moss, Jane Wood, Rose Graves, Jane McDonald, Miss Fowler, Sponsor. Second row: Virginia McNabb, Barbara Weeks, Linda Grimes, Dorothy Kelley, Kay Stembridge, Richie Stiles, Mary Claire Dardis, Jewel Anne Fowler, Joyce Tippins, Grace Snead, Miriam Fisher, Douglass Smith, Florence Douglass, Elite Leonard. Third row: Katherine Johnson, Ann Stone, Carlynda Kopp, Barbara Cunningham, Ann Hughes, Ann Tharpe, Vera Hanna, Mickey McDougal, Paige Auton. Marjorie Price, Beverly Townes, Sybil Greenberg. Mary Carol Sassong, Margaret McGehee, Ann Smith. Fourth row: Mary Destin, Patsy Hill, Sharon Jackson, Lollie Beth Statham, Nancy Senior, Kay Hulsey, Martha McMillan, Sydney Darnell, Janet Wilson, Nancy Stallings, Hizabeth Hogge, Linda Rowe, Brenda Tanner, Jackie Gill, Lynn Hewes. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA CLUB First row, left to right: Joanne Jackson, June Travis, Florrie Sheehan, Sue Teal, Betty Johnston. Second row: Emily Morrison, Carol Lepp, Carlynda Kopp, Theresa Habshey, Sue Parsons, Judy Powell. Third row: Bcttic Lou Stevens, Catherine Caruso, Jane McBride, Myra Gay, Margaret Browning, Renate Franke. NATIONAL THESPIANS First row, left to right: Carolyn Johnson, Caroline Davidson, Jerry Pierce, Mrs. Clifton, Eleanor McNider, Harriett Tillman, Beverly Campbell. Second row: Sue L an don, Annette Moss, Nancy Lou Avara, Sandra Angel, Catherine Luckett, Rosalind Siegel, Marilyn Cohen, Faye Sokol, Sybil Greenburg, Eleanor Levingston. THESPIAN CLUB First row, left to right: Catherine Luckett. Sandra Angel, Caroline Davidson, Carolyn Johnson, Mrs. Clifton. Eleanor McNider, Harriett Tillman, Beverly Campbell, Margie Scales, Peggy Armstrong, Jerry Pierce. Second row: Janet Wilson. Annette Moss, Nancy Lou Avara, Rosalind Siegel, Marilyn Cohen, Faye Sokol, Carol Lishkoff, Sybil Greenberg, Eleanor Levingston, Polly Rowland. Third row: Sue Landon, Mildred Jenkins, Sonny Goldstein, Carolyn Croce, Ann Goldstein, Bebe Miree, Vicky Ray Searcy, Sallie Hamil, Mary Gene Sizemore.THE HIGHLANDER STAFF First row: Mrs. Clifton, Sally Haralson, Betsy Stephen, Eleanor Bartlett, Caroline Davidson, Barbara Huggins, Miriam Williams, Virginia Shaw. Second row: Janet Wilson, Catherine Luckett, Bebe Miree, Annette Moss, Carolyn Johnson, Sue Landon, Francile Scott, Vickie Ray Searcy, Sue Parsons, Janice Parks. Third row: Milton Smith, Jerry Pierce, Gkika Morgan, Perry Lee Jaffe, Bo Kenan. Bill Snead. Harden Tillman. SENIOR Y-TEENS First row: Anne Bartlen, Elva Jane Steves, Margaret Galloway, Jerrie Cantrell, Miss Virginia Shook, Sponsor. Second row: Betty Phelps, Francile Scon, Caroline Teague, Gayle Moseley, Augusta Faull, Carmen Dunn, Martha Snow. Third row: Maxine Kline, Barbara Huggins, Jane Browning, Mary Farmer, Carolyn Stiles. Judy Piper, Betsy Stevens. Fourth row: Nancy White, Shirley Hawkins, Janet Powell, Nancy Cason, Donie Dement, Louise Bryan."R" CLUB First row. left to right: Gkika Morgan, Ronald Brown, George Salem, Dan Collins. Second row: Nelson Lacy, Pete Hanna, Phil Lavallet, Mark Young, Leonard Heatherly, Ross Hutton, Anthony Pharo, Milton Smith. Third row: Edward Allen, John Kitchen. Perry Lee Jaffe, Bo Kenan, Hindman Wail, Alan Berman, Jimmy Travis, Van Allen Vines. ATHLETIC CLUB Pint row, left to right: Mousa Shunnarah, Dale Wingo, Gkika Morgan, Ronald Brown, George Salem, Don Collins, Howard Bearman, Johnny Edwards, Bill Leslie, Milton Smith. Second row: Nelson Lacy, Marvin Epstein, Joe Cotlin, Pete Hanna, Phil Lavallet, Mark Young, Leonard Heatherly, Ross Hun on, Anthony Pharo, Joe Allen, Eugene Keenum, Mike Acton, Richard O'Connell. Third row: Edward Allen, Robert Fleisher, John Kitchen, Perry Lee Jaffe, Bo Kenan, Hindman Wall, Alan Berman, Jim Travis, Van Allen Vines, Herbert Howell, Melvin Taylor, Larry Vise.GLEE CLUB First row, left to right: Jessie McDowell, Dorothy Gay, Mary Sue M 53raney, Sally Lackmond, Suzanne Petersen, Tom Damall, Gail Lanier, Elizabeth Wood, Jenny Hudson, Marlene Crayne, Grace Snead. Pat Green. Second row: Joan Matthews, Gail Brittian, Alice Berry, Mary Claire Dardis, Georganna Fletcher, Charlotte Patterson, Sue Runnels, Kay Hulsey, Nancy Stallings, Miriam Fisher, Jane Ogle, Alice McNutt. Third row: Francile Scott, R. L. Wright, Jim Hulssy, Way Bandy, Bill Branch, Charles Colvin, Bobby Kracke, Tom Hunt, Bill Crawford, Dick Vaughn, Ann Hughes, Nancy White. Fourth row: Rosemary Russell, Ed Crandall, Jerry Pierce, John Bradford, Porter Fowler, Jim Lynder, Jack Earle, Tom Bradford, Jim Sawyer, Tommy Agee, Jimmy Wood, Dice Lineberry, George Stuart, Ferris Hill. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS First row, left to right: Olice Embry, Sue Wilson. Second row: Myra Gay, Judy Breckcnridge, Frances Hampton. Third row; Mary Destin, Sue Teal, Betty Lou Stevens, Peggy Morrison, Carol Lepp, Nell Hawkins. Fourth row: Bill Snead, William Frazer, Marshall Mitchell.USHERS CLUB First row, left to right: Bradley Fulkerson, Ronald Brown, Ed Hardin, Mr. Alley. Second row: David Brooke, Benny Auxer. Third row: Robert Hinton, Jerry Pierce, Jimmy Travis, Phil Loval-let, Mervin Torme, Howard Bearman, Marvin Tor me. Fourth row: Louie Reese, Tom Bradford, Jim Donahoo, Shuford Roberts, Robert Crowder, Charles Stroud, Charles Colvin. BAND Top row, left to right: Jimmy Hunt, John Lucy, Pegay Goodwin, Amy Sue Moss, Bert Keller, Ronald Chandler. George Baker, Howard Slaughter. Michel Shapiro, Phillip Shpard. Second row, left to right: Jo Ann Henderson, Myra Gay, Kathcrn Caruso, Harriet Monroe, Jerrie Cantrell, Nancy Ethridge, Connie Bowers, Mamie Stanford, Stanford Downey, Sherry Henry, Robert Adwell, Elva Jane Steves, Edward Wiggins, Farris Hill, James Heatherly. Bottom row, left to right (kneeling) Drum Majorette, Jane McBride; Patsy Walker, Iris Gay, Gloria McCain, Gale Warren, Dotty Becton, Mildred Mullins.VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM First row. left to right: Gkika Morgan. Hindman Wall. Perry Lee Jaffe, George Salem, Ronald Brown, Howard Bearman. Pete Hanna, John Kitchen, Alan Berman, Vann Allen Vines. Second row-. Phil Lavallet, Gerald Bates. Buddy Young, Randy Rowe, Leonard Heatherly. Jim Travis. Dale Wingo. Don Collins. Mousa Shunnarah. Ross Hutton, Bo Kenan. Richard O’Connell. Coach Reynolds. Third row: Coach Ledbetter, Larry Vise, Marvin Epstein, Mike Acton. Herbert Howell, Bill Leslie. Robert Fleisher, Joe Cotlin, Joe Allen, Melvin Taylor. Anthony Pharo, Eugene Keenum. Johnny Edwards. Coach Ardillo. CHEERLEADERS First row: Jane Sulzby, Nancy Sharp. Shirley Taylor, B tie Sue Moorhead, Marie Keenum. Judy Kitchen. Second row: Beverly Williams, Connie Collins, Sallie Ann Florence, Emily Loyd, Pat Ledbetter. Janice Parks, Sarah Franklin. Not shown: Shirley Stephens.PICTURE AVAILABLE MIKE ACTON HINDMAN WALL End VAN ALLEN VINES End BO KENAN Center ALLEN BERMAN PERRY LEE JAFFE Tackle DON COLUNS LEONARD HEATHERLY Tackle Tackle GERALD BATES JOE ANNEN MILTON SMITH ManagerSuite cutcC (?itq JIMMY TRAVIS Back RONALD BROWN GKJKA MORGAN Back GEORGE SALEM PHIL LAVELETT Back MARK YOUNG Back EUGENE KEENUM MUSA SHUNNARAH JOHN KITCHEN Guard HOWARD BEARMAN Guard DALE WINGO Center PETE HANNA CenterIn Any Language... A Job with SOUTHERN BELL Means a Good Future! SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY School and Art Supplies fr PLAZA DP-UGS Registered Pharmacist Birmingham, Alabama Phone 4-1706 Plaza Shopping Center 2232 Highland Avenue LA55£TTK AND COMPANY 1918 4th Avenue, North LOVETT'S FLOWERS 630 6th Avenue So. West Bedding Plants Wedding Decorations Funeral Designs After Graduating Attend Compliments of REDMONT HOTEL STYLES HOTEL j BUSI NE55 COLLEGE It'8 a Good School Best Wishes to Ramsay DPUG COMPANY 758 South 29th Street MOSS - TLIOJ2NTON COMPANY Phone 54-4996 "Have Your Doctor Phone Us" General Contractors Birmingham, Alabama Leeds, AlabamaAgain We Repeat Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and Meats Where Do All the Ramsay Girls Lovs to Buy Their Pretty Cotton Dresses f The Emily Shop Ol Course! ROOD STORE 1401 S. 15th Street "The Friendly Store" A ir -C onditioned HUGGINS FLOWERS FRESH FLOWERS DAILY DELIVER TO ALL HOSPITALS 2151 Highland - Phone 7-6558 JANE MEADE DRESSES 2007 South 11th Avenue 5 Points, S. Have Your Leadout at the Pickwick Owned and Occupied Exclusively by LIBERTY NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. and Brown-Service FRANK P. SAMFORD, President Birmingham, Alabamaremem Dei 'l ' I 11 H''UI I ■ • I t V •. 11 f 11 • m 11 1.1 V .iii ! w r ln pv v ;i II . 11 w i i uh-iiiIu-i 1 ’ 11 • I t • 1 • l 4-1 If • • 11 I ( £ fM | 11 r. W, II .i ! w .i ( » • i 1 11 11 i n.ui I ,i lei' .Hill V i 111»j f 1 Ml W 1 III 1 In i-.i i 1 . I i UII f 1 »l 111 I . u « .1 m i: • •tl 1 V .1 II 1 1 ■ • i t in r ill III i W 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 V 1 » 1 » 1 1 r t i 1 fiutay f A LITHOGRAPHED — YEARBOOK DALLAS TEXAS,y r vV Zr'y - K, Cf'" » T J t ' H r « %, Z'"’ 'T tykas, W JLc Jy j 'on W { Htzl$oN ■ ■ -o

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