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RAMSAY HIGH SCHOOL BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 1950-1951TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION SENIORS UNDERGRADS STUDENT GOVERNMENT ACTIVITIES $ ATHLETICS © OUR RATRON S ADEDICATION With a deep appreciation for his unfailing patience and guidance through the years, the members of the class of 1951 dedicate their Annual to Ramsay's beloved and outstanding principal MR. J. R. GARDNER, JR.FACULTY J. R. Gardner, Jr.f Principal ADVISORS Mrs. Hulda Chase, Girls Toliver Alley, Boys REGISTRARS Ruth Norton Edna C. Dougherty Mrs. Nell Brown Elizabeth Eddy Mildred Ford Winifred Gallagher Claudia Caldwell Thomas R. Lawson (Athletics) COMMERCIAL Helen Smith, Head Ellen Bates ENGLISH Rosalie Wilson, Head HISTORY Frances Callen, Head Mrs. Mary McPhaul LANGUAGES Margaret Shell Dorothy Hix (Journalism) Ruth Harris Virginia Shook Mrs. Lila Redfem Mrs. Hulda Chase Opal Davis, Head Gertrude Fowler (Latin and History) Mrs. Bertie Harrison (Spanish and French) MATHMATICS Ethel Jones, Ae«mg Head Mrs. Johnnie Mae Foster N.P. Ardillo (Athletics) Mrs. Rob Spurrier SCIENCE I.S. Gerald, Head T.C Reynolds (Athletics) Carl L. Calvert Lonetta Weaver Willie Johnson (Spanish) Dorothy Smith (French) Alma Tharpe Mary Elizabeth Whatley Mrs. Mary Todd J.B. Vamell MINORS Evelyn Walker (Speech) W.A. Hudson (Vocal) Clementine Allen (Physical Training) Bernice McClure (Sewing) L.F. Conboy (Band) Edris Hughes, Head Ed Eubank (Athletics) J.H. King (Mechanical Drawing and Shop) Tolliver Alley (Mechanical Drawing) Florence Kennedy (Librarian) Sgt. Jay (R.O.T.C.) LUNCHROOM Mrs. Winifred T. GordonVernon Russell Arf- ANNUAL STAFF CO-EDITORS Leila C yfon Philip Zeldman ASSISTANT EDITORS Julia Bruce Business Merecjllh Newman Bwsincia Sam Pointer Spor fa Those Who Made 1+ PossibleSince its first graduating class in 1933, Erskine Ramsay. High School has ranked among the best secondary schools in the country, both in scholastic ranking and in every other phase of school activities. During our evaluation period this year we were again assured that despite our decrease in enrollment there has not been a corresponding decrease in quality of work. In the words of the evaluators, "Precious things come in small packages." This year a fine spirit is apparent throughout the school. Pride in Ramsay— her past record and achievements—predominates the feeling of the faculty and the students. Our auditorium is one of the finest in the vicinity. Our graduates have made an admirable record in every field of endeavor. We, the graduating class of 1951, are proud to call Ramsay our Alma Mater and feel wholly justified in our theme— "HATS OFF TO RAMSAY!"SENIORSWHO’S WHO IN ’50 MOST POISED Don Srnirl 5ordh M Kemie FRIENDLIEST France Bell i(y Etheridge MOST OUTSTANDING Potty Good all G ordon Joiner BEST PERSONALITY Robert Ketchic Pavla ftinion SMARTEST Harriet Hollock Harold AQolmsWy WITTIEST Carl RidouV 3o Ann Terrj BEST SPORT Clorke Southard Clive Daly MOST ATH LETIC Travis Lindsay Jean Chandler BE5T DRESSED Richard Lapidua Go e LongWHO’S WHO IN 50 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Henry MlNider Hazel Cotton MOST POPULAR Jo Ann Boyd Jimmy Nelson BEST LOOKING Jimmy Younq Katherine Mercer OUR PRESIDENT STEPS FORWARD SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Harriet Hoi lock Harold Apolinsfty Paula Binion STUDENT BOOT OFFICERS Julia Bruce Eleanor Greenwsld Patty Good allHAROLD IRWIN APOLINSKY, "Appy” S.R. Pres.; Lib. Assistant; R.O.T.C. and Ushers Club; Vice Pres. Honor Society; Major R.O.T.C.; Rifle Team ’49, ’50; Freshman Award; Pres., Senior Class; Head Marshal; Chairman Scholarship Comittee; Cabinet. JANE ATKINSON CAROL BARR, "Bar-B-Que” Sewing Club; Red Cross Club. FRANCES BEACH BELL Marshal; Honor Society; Pres, and Sec. S.R.; Health Committee; Schedule, Red Cross, Promoters, and Thespian Clubs; Cabinet. PAULA EUGENIA BINION Sec. S.R.; Promoters and Schedule Clubs; Recording Sec., National Thespians; Choir, Sec., Senior Class. JOE WILLIAM BOLIN R.O.T.C Club; Library Representative; Marshal. JOHN BOSWELL JO ANN BOYD Accompanist for Ramsay Choir, Thespian, Vocal Clubs; Senior Class Pianist; Sec., S.R. BETTY JEAN CHANDLER, “Teddy Bear” Sec. and Vice Pres., S.R.; All Star Volley Ball and Soft Ball; Cheerleader '49, ’50; Highlander Staff; Girls’ Letter Club; Marshal. HAZEL JEANNETTE COTTON Marshal; Sec. Honor Society; Pres. Schedule Committee; Choir Accompanist; Scholarship Cup. CLIVE DALY Vice Pres, and Sec. S. R.; Marshal; Y-Teen, Thespian, Vocal, and Promoters Clubs; Choir. FRANK JOSEPH DIGESU "B” Team Football ’46, ’47; Athletic Club.RALPH DILLON WILLIAM DAVID ETHRIDGE, "Billy” Football ’47, ’48, ’49, ’50; Track '47, ’48; Athletic Club; S.R. Pres., Vice Pres, and S«c.; Marshal. ROBERT CAMERON FITTS Hi-Y, Junior Hi-Y; 1950 Hi-Y Basketball Champion. PATTIE GOODALL Pres., Vice Pres., S.R.; Pres., Vice Pres., Sec., and Treas. of Girls’ Letter Club; Vice Pres. F.T. A.; Marshal; Head Cheerleader, Pres., Vice Pres. Student Body. JOHN EUCLID GRAY S.R. Pres.; Marshal; Hi-Y and Vocal Clubs. WINIFRED LEE HARRIS Marshal; Library Assistant; F.T. A.; Honor Society. HARRIET MINOR HOLLOCK Pres, and Vice Pres. Thespian Club; Pres. Honor Society; Vice Pres. Senior Class; Marshal; Sec. and Vice Pres. S.R. GORDON BISHOP JOINER, "G.J." S.R. Pres.; Service Committee Chairman; Circulation Mgr. of Highlander; Sec. Quill and Scroll; Honor Society; Publicity Committee; Head Marshal; Ushers Club; Cabinet. SANDRA FAY KAHN, "Sandy” Red Cross and Thespian Clubs; Vice Pres. S.R. JAMES WILLIS KEENUM Band; Choir; Vocal, Hi-Y, and Athletic Qub Track ’48, ’49, ’50; Football Mgr.’50. ROBERT WALKER KETCHIE Hi-Y and Red Cross Clubs; Library Assistant; Choir, National Thespian. JANE KINARD Art Committee Chairman; Art Editor ’50 Annual; Vice Pres. Red Cross Club.RICHARD MALCOLM LAPIDUS Vice Pres., Science and French Clubs; Hi-Y and Vocal Clubs; Choir; Marshal; Highlander Staff; SR. Vice Pres, and Sec. TRAVIS LELAND LINDSAY Pres. S.R.; Football ’47, ’48, '49, '50; Captain Football Team; Vice Chairman of Council; Pres. Ushers dub; Athletic Club; Cabinet. HAROLD PHILLIP LISCHKOFF Photographer for '50 Annual; Pres. Camera Club. GALE McBRYDE LONG S. R. Pres; National Thespian; Y-Teens and Vocal Clubs; Senior Play. SARAH PHILLIPS McKEMIE Pres., Vice Pres., and Sec. S.R.; Marshal; Y-Teens; Sec. Schedule Club; Won Freshman Award. HENRY BENNET McNIDER IMarshal; Vocal Club; Rifle Team '48, '49, '50; Disc and Diamond Club; Captain R.O.T.C KATHERINE DOWE MERCER Cheerleader, SR. Pres, and Vice Pres. JAMES DAVIDSON NELSON Athletic and Ushers Clubs; Marshal; SR. Vice Pres.; Band ’47, '48; Football '48, '49, '50; Track '48, ’49, '50. THOMAS PACE Junior Hi-Y; Hi-Y. EDDIE PHARO Football '47, '48, '49; Basketball '47, '48, '49. CARL WILSON RIDOUT, "Kingfish" JAY RITTENBERGBARNEY HILTON ROBERTS National Thespians. RICHARD MAGNESS ROBERTS Band JAMES DONLEVY SHERMAN Tennis Team ’48, ’49, Athletic Club. MARGARET ANN SIMPSON, “Simp” Vice Pres., Sec., S.R.; Y-Teens; Thespians, Red Cross, and Promoters Clubs; Head Marshal; Annual Staff. DAN WARREN SMIRL S.R. Pres.; Baseball ’48, ’49, ’50; Football Mgr., '48, ’49; Athletic Club. CLARKE SOUTHARD JOSEPH JAMES SULZBY, JR. Hi-Y Club; Marshal; Pres., Sec., S.R. JO ANN TERRY Y-Teens; Vocal; Girls’ Glee Club; Marshal. JAMES HAMIL YOUNG Stage Crew; Thespians; Hi-Y Club. RAMS WITH UNCLE SAM Jimmy Bridges John Connally Robert Crozier Llewellyn Johns Baker Knight Jimmie Nelson Perry Nelson Richard Rees Jimmy Sulzby Tommy Taylor James Thompson Arthur Tri an to sJANUARY BEAUTY KATHERINE MERCER.JUNE BEAUTY MITZI BERMANWHO’S WHO IN ’5 MOST POPULAR Lo.Ua Clayton Joe Donold FRIENDLIEST Julia Bruce Jimmy Bridges MOST POISED Jackie Levinyston Key Fosler BEST LOOKING Mitji Bartnan Michael WITTIEST Maciog Sulton Arthur Tnarvtos BEST SPORT Joan Bittcnboum. Ha fch Bice MOST OUTSTANDING Eleanor Grccnwald Philip Zeidman MOST ATHLETIC Clara Cal am a Corky Tharg BEST PERSONALITY Pat Collins lommy William WHO’S WHO IN ’51 MOST LIKEITTD SUCCEED fLber+a Gibbs GLenn Cobbs BEST DRESSED Barbara Goldbero Bobby Gla c A » WE MADE IT Senior Class OP fliers Joan Rittenbaum Leila Clayton Elberfcj (Sihb-i Student BoJy Officers Sam Pointer Fred Sharp Key FosierMARY KATHARINE ARMSTRONG Dramatic Club; Auditorium Committee; Promoters Club; Marshal. PATRICIA ANN BAGGETT Marshal; Band; Evaluation Typist. LYNN LUDINGTON BARBER Y-Teens, Red Cross, Thespians, and Promoters Clubs; Health Committee; Marshal. NAT BARKER Marshal; Choir; R.O.T.C. Rifle Squad. MITZI BERMAN Girls’ Letter Club; Y-Teens; Pres. French Club. DAN McCOY BRADDOCK, JR. Promoters, Music, and R.O.T.C. Clubs. ELAINE BRODNAX Sec. French Club; Red Cross Club; Marshal. JULIA NELL BRUCE ’’Butch” Vocal Club; Choir; Marshal; Promoters Club; Vice Pres., Sec. S.R.; Band; Vice Pres. Schedule Club; R.O.T.C. Sponsor; Highlander Staff; Advertising Editor Annual; Tab Repo'ter; Sec. Student Body; Citizenship Girl. CLARA MAE CALAME, ’’Boots” Choir, Volleyball and Softball; Girls’ Letter Club; Highlander and Evaluation Typist. BEVERLY ANN CHACE Pres., Vice Pres., and Sec. S.R.; Vocal, Promoters, and Red Cross Clubs; National Thespians; Cheerleader; Sportsmanship Committee; Choir; Pres. Library Chairmen; Highlander Staff; Honor Society. JAMES MONROE CLARK, ’Monty” Pres. Speech Class; Treas. Science Club; Vocal Club; Choir. LELLA HUDSON CLAYTON National Thespians; Co-Editor Annual; R.O.T.C Sponsor, Vice-Pres. S.R.; Publications Committee; Cabinet. % MARGARET COBB Band; Music and Art Clubs. CHARLES GLENN COBBS Honor Society; Tennis '49, '$0, '51; S.R.Pres.; Ushers, Camera and Thespian Clubs; Sportsmanship Committee; Cabinet. DALFORD DAVID COLLINS, "Rip” Football ’48, '49; Baseball '48, '49; Basketball '47, ’48, '49; Hi-Y dub; Vice- Pres. S.R.; Sec. Speech Class. PATRICIA POWERS COLLINS Pres. National Thespians; Vice-Pres. S.R.; Promoters Club; Pres. Speech Class; Library Chairman; Auditorium Committee, Cabinet. FAYE COOPER Y-Teens and Thespian Clubs; Marshal; Vice-Pres. S.R.; Sportsmanship Committee. JO ANNE CRAWFORD Vocal and Red Cross dubs; Marshal; Art Committee. JAMES GORDON CREVELING, JR., "Crev” Sec. and Vice-Pres. S.R.; Pres. Schedule dub; Camera dub; Marshal. ANN LEROY DARRING, "Babe” Marshal; Sec. National Thespians; Sec. S.R.; Promoters Club. CHARLES L. DENABURG Marshal; Camera, R.O.T.C., Rifle, and Hi-Y Clubs; Disc and Diamond; Library Assistant. VIRGINIA BEANE DODSON, "Ginger” Choir; Sec. S.R.; Y-Teens, Vocal, Red Cross Promoters, and Thespian dubs; Cheerleader; Highlander Staff; Highlander and Evaluation Typist. JOE DONALD Marshal; Pres. Ushers dub; Pres. S.R.; Harvard Book Award; Sportsmanship Committee; Big Seven Rep; Honor Society Vice-Pres; Cabinet. NANCY PEGUESE ELLIOTT, "Nan” Pres, and Vice-Pres. S.R.; Marshal; National Thespians; Highlander Staff; Sec. Speech Class; Y-Teens, Promoters, and F.T. A dubs.CLIFTON ELLIS Baseball '$0. JIMMIE SUE ESTES Library Assistant; Evaluation Typisr, Marshal. KEY FOSTER Pres. Student Body; Ushers Club; Pres. Camera Club; Pres, and Vice-Pres. S.R.; Pres. Student Council; Marshal; Tennis 47, 48, ’49, ,50, ’51. LUCY FREEMAN Senior Play; National Thespians. FREDDIE HARRY FRIEDMAN Band; Glee Club; HiY and Music Clubs; Choir; Essay Winner. VERLA FAY GASKIN SARAH EL BERTA GIBBS, "Bert” Pres. S. R.; Chairman Election Committee; Sportsmanship Committee; Sec, and Vice Chair man, Council; Pres, and Sec. National Thespians; Assistant Chief Marshals; Pres. Honor Society; Highlander Staff; Pres. Senior Class. ROBERT PINCKNEY GLAZE Sec. SR.; Highlander Staff; Quill and Scroll; Pres. Promoters Club; Publicity Committee; Honor Society. BARBARA GOLDBERG Sec. S.R.; Marshal; Y-Teens, French, and Girls’ Letter Clubs. JERRY GOODMAN Band; Vocal, Red Cross, and Y-Teens Clubs; Vice-Pres. S.R. ELEANOR RAE GREENWALD Vice-Pres. Student Body; Editor-in-Chief, Asrr. or Mf Editor, Sports Editor, Highlander; Pres, and Vice-Pres. Qiill and Scroll; Annual Staff; Vice-Pres. S.R.; Marshal; Y-Teens; Honor Society; Publicity Committee; Cheerleader, Hi-Cub Reporter, Library Assistant. CECIL HOLLADAY Football ’47, '48; Track ’48, '49, 50, ’51; Athletic and Promoters Clubs; Pres., Vice-Pres., and Treas. Hi-Y Club; Pres., Vice-Pres., and Sec. S.R.; Hi-Y Basketball; Marshal; Hi-Y Council.PHOEBE ELIZABETH HOWELL Promoters Club; Associate Editor Highlander; Publicity Committee. CAROLYN HUGENSMITH, "Hugie” Thespians; Marshal. ROBERT GIGNILLIAT KENAN Ushers, Vocal, and Science Clubs; National Thespians; Honor Society; Pres. S.R.; Capt. R.O.T.C.; Tennis '49, ’50; Sportsmanship Committee; Marshal; Vice-Pres. Speech Class. JAMES ROBERT KENNEDY, "Big Jim” Marshal; Rifle Team. JANE KENNEDY KINNITH KEY Football '49; Athletic Club; Marshal. SYLVIA ANNE KIMBRO Red Cross, French Y-Teens, and Vocal Clubs. JOAN CAROL KRAMER Marshal; Red Cross Club; Pres. Y-Teens Club. BOBBY LACEY Marshal; Camera And R.O.T.C. Clubs; Choir. JAMES LEE Honor Society; Pres, and Sec. S.R.; Representative on Laurie Battle Citizenship Tour; Ushers, Science, Camera, and Hi-Y Clubs; Marshal. JACQUELINE RUTH LEVINGSTON, "Jackie” Highlander Staff; Girls' Letter, French, and Schedule Clubs; Sec. Promoters Clubs; Treas. National Thespians; Marshal; Sec. S.R. Freshman Award, Evaluation and Highlander Typist. JOHNNY LLOYD, "Red” Marshal; Hi-Y Club; National Thespians; Band; Operates Public Address System.THOMAS LOGAN Football '48, '49, ’50; Track '49, 50; Athletic Club; Marshal. DONALD EVANS LONG, "Duck" Basketball '47, '48, '49, '50; Baseball '49, '50; Choir; Music and Athletic Clubs; Sports Editor Highlander; Treas. Quill and Scroll; Pres. S.R. Chairman of Council; Cabinet; Lunchroom Attendant. JESSE NEWMAN McCLUNG, "Sonny" Camera Club. ANN MONTGOMERY Pres, and Vice-Pres. S.R.; Cheerleader, Red Cross and Promoters Clubs; National Thespians; Marshal; Highlander Staff; Annual Staff; Pres. F.T. A. CHARLES HOWARD MOONEY, "Moonshine" Sec. Science Club; Promoters Club; Marshal; Lunchroom Attendant; Tennis '50, '51. BETTY MOORE Pres., Vice-Pres. Y-Teens; Red Cross Club; Vice-Pres. Promoters Club; Vice-Pres. Quill and Scroll; Sec. SR.; Honor Society; Highlander Staff; Annual Staff. DON MOORE Marshal; Sec. S.R.; Track '48; "B” Team Football and Basketball. DAISY FAYE MOORHEAD Marshal; Evaluation Typist. JEAN ELIZABETH MORGAN Marshal; Y-Teens and Promoters Clubs; Auditorium Committee; Library Assistant. BILL NELSON Football ’49, ’50; Baseball '50, '51; Athletic Club; Photographer for Annual and Highlander; Highlander Staff; Pres. S.R.; Marshal. MEREDITH NEWMAN, "Monday" Short Story Award at Fair; Treas. Vice-Pres. Y-Teens; Publicity, Publications Committee; Marshal; Associate Editor, Highlander, Business Editor Annual; Hi-Cub Reporter, Cabinet. EDITH MERLE SMITH Pres. Library Assistants Club; Vocal Club; Choir; Marshal; Highlander and Evaluation Typist; Library Chairman.JAMES NORMAN PARRISH Head Marshal; Band; Pres. Science Club; Hearst Trophy Winner; Rifle Team Captain; Ushers, Promoters, Rifle, R.O.T.C. Clubs; Captain, R.O.T.C; Trcas. Disc ana Diamond. ROBERT PARSONS Marshal; R.O.T.C. and Ushers Clubs; Sec., Vice Pres. English Class; Golf Team '49, ’50; Sportsmanship Committee; R.O.T.C. Officer MICHAEL PIZITZ Ushers Club; Program Chairman, Science Club; Chief of Marshals. JOHN BONNELL POER Treas. National Thespians; Choir; Science Club; School’s Radio; Auditorium Committee. ROSA MARIE PORTERA, "Rosa” CORNELIA POWELL Marshal; National Thespians. PATRICIA ANN RANDALL Vocal, Red Cross, Dramatic Clubs; National Thespians; Senior Play. HENRY REICH Library Chairman; Library Assistant; Marshal; R.O.T.C Club, Track ’49. JOAN RITTENBAUM Pres, and Treas. Quill and Scroll; Marshal; Managing Editor, Business Manager, Highlander; Sec. S.R.; Pres. Promoters Club; Annual Staff; Publicity Committee; Sec. English Class; Highlander and Evaluation Typist; French, Y-Teens, and Red Cross Clubs; Essay Contest Winner, Sec. Senior Class. FAYE SARASOHN Marshal; F.T.A.; Pres, and Vice-Pres. Red Cross dub. P EGGY JOYCE O’QUINN Marshal; Promoters Club; Rec. Sec. National Thespians. MARGARET SMITH, "Marge” Library and Vocal Clubs; Sec. Library Assistants Club; Marshal; Choir; Evaluation Typist. a- ftERNEST STEPHEN STATHAM Marshal; Camera Club. DO RAH HEYMAN STERNE, "Dody” Cabinet; Sec. S.R.; Honor Society; Vice-Pres. Quill and Scroll ice-Pres. Promoters Club; Red Cross Club; Associate Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Highlander; Head Marshal; Hi-Cub Reporter. PAT STEWART Pres. Biology Class; Choir, French and Vocal Clubs. MARIAN LEIGH SUTTON Band; Music Club; Marshal; Vice-Pres. S.R. BERT TANNER Pres., Vice-Pres., and Sec. S.R.; Sec. Camera dub. MARCIA CORINNE TAYLOR, "Kinn” Vocal, Red Cross, and Girls’ Letter Clubs; Marshal. JAMES THACKER Football '47; Track '48; Tennis ’48; Marshal; Hi-Y Club. JOYCE THARP Vocal Club; Marshal; Choir. PATSY THOMPSON Y-Teens, Vocal, and Thespians Clubs. DEAN TIMMONS Music Club. HOWARD WEINTROB CLARENCE JOHNSON WHITE Hi-Y Club.LEONA FAYE WIGINTON Band; Choir, Vocal Club; Marshal; Vice-Pres. and Sec. S. R. BILLY CARLTON WILLIAMS, "Willy” Marshal; Vice-Pres S.R. NORMAN THOMAS WILLIAMS Vice-Pres. Camera Club; Head Marshal; Ushers Club; Library Chairman. ELISABETH BROWNE WOOD, '‘Bette” Library Chairman; Choir; Red Cross, Vocal, and F.T.A. Clubs. JERRY RONALD YOUNG Marshal. PHILIP FISHER ZEIDMAN, "Flip” Publications Committee; Business Manager, Highlander; Co-Editor, Business Manager, Annual; Science, Camera, Promoters, and Ushers Clubs. GERALD ZODIN Head Marshal; Choir, Vocal Club; Thespians; R.O.T.C.; Health Committee. CAMERA-SHY Ralph Bice John Starke Thomas Tharp Eve Wilkinson The Annual Staff appreciates the efforts of Bill Nelson, Photographer, and George Patterson, Cartoonist, without whose work the Annual could not have been successfully completed.WHY WE ARE PROUD TO BE AMERICANS We are proud to be Americans now. There is not a one of us who does not feel pride in his American heritage. All of us, as young citizens of this country, are truly proud of our future in a democracy. We are free to choose our own careers and to work at those occupations of our choice, for in America the worth of the individual is considered. We are neither restricted nor expected to select the occupations of our fathers unless we so desire. In America we can walk down the street with our heads held high, for we have no fear of a government agent checking our movements. On Sunday morning when the church bells of many denominations are resounding throughout our city we know that we are free to attend the church of our choice and to worship God as we please. Our country is a land of plenty and a land of privileges.We feel sure that no other people in the world enjoy such abundance and have the advantages offered us, even though too often we do not show our gratitude. Have you ever thought why we Americans can contradict someone in a political position, sit in a congregation of a church of our own choice or read a newspaper free to print the truth? Our forefathers a century and a half ago fought and died to gain such privileges and freedom for America. Every time we see "Old Glory" waving triumphantly in the breeze, we realize as we grow older, that our pride in being Americans grows deeper and richer. Our magnificent flag symbolizes in each star and stripe not onjy the sacrifices of our forefathers and our present unity, but also our hope of a strong and lasting nation. May that pride which fills our hearts ever be seen in our faces. We are proud to be Americans! P at P attersonUNITED NATIONS TOUR Interesting Places Interesting People Seen By Interesting PupilsSHUTTER SHOTS GEORGE POWER BEHINDTHE THROKE RAMSAY'S DOLLS PROPS THINKING WHAT'S THIS ? BEAI)TY BEAST "VIOLIN MAKER THE FELLOWS THE PROPSUNDERGRADSI Left to right, 1st r» c Bodinc Borntracger, Nonna Berry, Beverly Ricks, Norma £ullen, Joan Kramer, Patty Wooten, Essenc Maluff, Sharon Kahn, Sandra Sokol, Betty Jo Franklin, jane Ann Coyle, Lynn Wallis, Clara Carney. 2nd row: Dottie Tyler, Eleanor Levy, Gloria Ann Wade, Danny Smith, Josephine Vircigleo, Tommy Woodruff, Robert Jamison. 3rd row: Emelil Davis, Norma Stanscl, Jane Meade, Carolyn Russell, Susan Ford, Fred Sharpe, Phil Watts, Roney Riley, Carol Bryan, Betty Eubanks, Jackie Baggett, Betty Hale, Donald Burge. 4th row: Sheldon Hackney, Wade Knowlton, Dick Campis, Gerald Lewis, Donald Myers, Bill Dantzler, Jimr Eubanks, Donald Denman, Ray Vaughn, Cordray Parker, James Gerald, Bobby Vise,-Lloyd Britton, Jim". Fowler, Jack Lohner, Charles Woolfolk, Jimmy Mercer, Wentworth Bethea, Shaheen Erbcn.FIFTH SEMESTER Left to right, 1st row: Beverly Williams, Jean Patterson, Joan Carden, Lucinda Brown, Peggy Haynes,, Nancy Moses, Rita Goldberg, Becky Short, Virginia McGimscy, Bernardine Johnson, Eleanor Jackson, Jane Swope, Jane Malkome, Isabel Lee, Rita Berman, Billie Anne Robinson 2nd row: Fran Shepard, Kathryn Tittle, loyce Gassaway, Mary Ruth Watkins, Merlyn Wilson, Dot Henning, Gene Radford, Johnnie Wood, Marilyn Drash, Betty Jean Wade, Janet Coleman, Kathryn Baggett, Gloria Butler, Phyllis Hutchison, Patsy Faulk. 3rd row: Sue Tucker, Virginia Kabase, Kathryn Hatcher, Ann Yates, Betty Ann Davis, Ruth Grafman, (Carol Nelson, Harriet Pankcy, Esther Heifer, Joan Goldberg, Martha Ann Lee, Leonora Hunter, Marguerite Dantzler, Rosalie Baer, Henrietta Fant, Rita Klein, Nancy Henry. 4th row: Feme Rotcnstricch, Louise Fletcher, Myrna Bonficld, Lynn Parsons, Celeste Wade, Celeste Hayden, Patsy Sear son, Christine Jacques, Carole Gotleib, Mona Harvey, Virginia Clayton, Betty Jean Clements, Martha Spencer, Jo Taylor, Shirley Ann Bradberry, Char lane Edmunson, Patricia Byrnes. Left to right, 1st row: Max Rosenthal, Billy Dunn, Ronny Leaf, Paul Moore, Carl Lerner, Mosely Meer, Ernest Billig, Bobby Levenson, Carol Woodard, Terrell Lanier, George Patterson, Dean Mims, Jimmy Barefield. 2nd row: Terry Fierman, Bobby Hunter, Drew Shelfer, Ed Hood, Sam Pointer, Guy Young, Dale Parker. 3rd row: Bill Yielding, Charles Blackburn, Donald Koenig, Gregory Dimijian, Johnny Thompson, Walter Coxe, Charlie Thompson, Ronald Largin, Wayne Patterson, Leroy Bearman, Billy Whitten, Richard Goodwin, Don Carmichael, Campbell Blake. 4th row: Earl Davis, Molton Smith, David Holland, Larry Walton, Edgar Nichols, Jimmy Williams, Charles Warren, Bill Byrd, Nim Cannon, Jimmy Askew, Carl Cole, Calhoun Johnson, Benny Fitts, Louis Peeler, Henry Rowland, Charles Church.FIIIII TII S E IIE S T EII Left to right, 1st row: Debra Litvinc, Kitty Moughon, Charlotte Jacques, Gwen Stevens, Linder Bourwcll, Barbara Allen, Lorraine Josof, Annette Rollins, Sandra Brodnax, Alice Blacb, Micky Frcidman, Barbara Scale, Mary Hale, Jean Ann Pierce. 2nd row: Richard McCalla, Katherine Taylor, Rita Broomall, Billie Ruth Hogg, Elaine French,Stephanie Etheridge, Jeanne Killingsworth, Rhoda Denaburg, Carol Hawkins, Mary Elizabeth Moore, Betty Rose Tittle, Sandra Smith, Barbara Parmenter, Lois Taylor, Edna Frances Snow, Bruce Robertson. 3rd row: Garr Williams, David Slaughter, Gene Mills, Gaston Stein, Wade Wood, Billy Calhoun, Pat.Patterson, Kay Chappell, Marie Hurvich, Donald Plasse, Bill Mullins, Jimmy Reynolds, Raymond Keenum, Martin Chandler, Anita Scofield. 4th row: Bill Lambert. Carev Phillips, Hawthorne Hawkins, Dudley Reese, John Durr, Dan Coyle, Jimmy Lindsay, John Darnall, Hilton Locke, Al Bailey, Albert Keenum, Lee Mancha, Harold Benton, Charles Robinson, John Barber, Derrell Holmes, Bobby Nichols, Gaydcn Latture. ?-oo io;oo ii,;oo i oo i: oo- z-oo 3:o0Left to right: 1st row: Barbara Westmoreland, Pat Morton, Jacqueline Smith, Peggy Green, Peggy Wofford, Barbara Thompson, Elizabeth Jones, Shirley Jaffe, Connie Ketchersid, Lonetta Lamb, Betty Jean Blackburn. 2nd row: Merle Gray, Brenda Weeks, Kate Foglcman, Shirley Bilbe, Ginger Cobb, Janet Graft, Petty Powell, Sally Nason, Steigerwald. 3rd row: Emily Lowery, Alice Stubbs, Nancy Williams, Anne Spinks, Betty Jean Humphries, Marjorie Collins, Ann Shannon, Sallie Sue Cole, Annie Mae Foglcman, Jane Weatherford, Gwen Terry, Lorcnc Blackman, Jean Succio, Anise Albert, Ann Carney Shirley Rees. 4th row: Jerry Torme, Grace Glenn, Alice Derrick, Betty Barnes, Corinne Brandon, Mary Alice Wilcox, Ernestine Till, Allison Brown, Rhonda Taylor, Sally Riley, Jo Ann Prior, Henri Hill, Ann Caddcll, Paula Hughes, Patricia Stevens, Jo Ann Kemp. Left to right, 1st row: Jerry Wise, Roland Inaram, Gene Newman, Donald Lawley, Charles Lambert, Henry McLain, Kenneth Harrison, Henry Lapidus, Billy Dixon. 2nd row: Edgar Daly, Harold Roberts, Alan Lubel, Tom Barnett, Louis Bakane, Dewell Crumpton, Edward Jamison, Bill Kracke, Bobby Denaburg, Richard Brown, Larry Evans, John Horton, Douglas Murdoch. 3rd row: Bobby Hunter, Jimmy Barksdale, Tommy McGregor, Randall Smith, James Nelson, Allan Owens, Gilbert Davis, Joe Cleveland, Jimmy O’Quinn, Tommy Robinson.SECIUII SEMESTER I.eft to right, 1st row; Maxine Kline, Robert Hinton. Pat Rugieri, Betsy Stephens, Anne Foucbc, Nancy Sharp, Stephen Baker, Martha Clyde, Gail Lanier, Roberta Roobin, Bill Stone, Sara Boulin, Dorothy Gay, Patsy Carroll, Rhoda Bloomstonc. 2nd row: Alync Becton, Marilyn Oppenborn, Jane Sulzby, Kenneth Lawler, Jimmy Wood, Dell Wingo, Alice Jeter, Jackie Henderson, Richard Joseph, Eddie Crandall, Dickie Lande, Shuford Roberts, Sally Florence, Pat Dunn, Janice Parks, Anne Bartlett. 3rd row: Sylvia LeCount, Juanita Carter, Sue Williams, Doris Curtis, Ginger Whitlock, Barrie Sue Moorhead, Irving Bernstein, Charles Arcara, Jerry Guinn, Bob Mullins, Malcne McEntyre, Judy Craven, Nissah Mesch, Eleanor Bartlett, Freeland Goddard, Marylin Jordan. 4th row: Eugene Goldsmith, Kenneth Sheriff, Melvin Shelton, Jimmy Travis, Porter Fowler, Alan Berman, Perry Lee Jaffe, Bobby Boron at, Terry Fierman, George Bctros, Farris Hill, Josey Page, Floyd Yeager, Tommy Darnell, Vic Goodwin, Macy Applebaum, Howard Be arm an.FIRST SEMESTER Left to right, 1st row: Shirley T ylor, Betty Fitts, Emily Lloyd, Peggy Veils, Carol Kessler, Bcttyrene Friedman, Paula Porter, Louise Eubank, SiUly H aralson, Margaret Haloway, Jo Ann Lay, Karen Mooney, Gloria Randolf, Carolyn Teague, Jane French, Mary Louise Green. 2nd row: Barbara Lewis, Daisy Haynes, Peggy Northcutt, Elizabeth Thomas, Connie Collins, Augusta Fault, Nancy Sullivan, Langhornc Oliver, Sara Lepp, Anna French, Mary McFarling, Annette Thompson, G a i 1 Mosely, Patty Dunn, Kay Strickland, Joan Brown, Ruth Carpenter, Alex Carpenter, Barbara Huggins. 3rd row: Nancy Cason, Dottic Dement, Sue Miller, Harriet Tillman, Peggy Karr, Ann Henderson, Florence Sheehan, Bobby Lee Looney, Eleanor Livingston, Eleanor Howell, Rebecca Hardin, Carol Quinn, Jackie Parker, Sally Stallings, Peggy Ann Carden, Shirley Stephens, Jeanette Stalcup, Lurla Cost. Left to right, 1st row: Jeffrie Carlyle, Norman Lipton, Bradley Fulkerson, Larry Murdock, Lawman Palmer, Joe Fleisher, David Koplon, Tommy Reizcr, Charles Arthcr, Jimmy Valentine, Ross Gazalino, Bill Farris, Lari McFarland, Tommy Henderson. 2nd row: Jerry Pierce, Eddie Loaan, Jimmy Julsey, Vincent Caruso, Mark Young, Robert Moses, Charles Summers, Sam Tannahill, Leonard Cohen, Ed Hardin, Robert Crowder, James Franklin, Ronald Baggett, Robert Tippins, Doyle Cooper. 3rd row: Donald Allen, Charles Stroud, Ronald Brown, George Salem, Bo Kenan, Claude Rigney, Bob Roberts, Robert Hughes, Valter Cornwell, Ghika Morgan, Hindman Vail, Van Allen Vines, Byron McCutcheon, Harry Steves.THE PAM5M0BILE the: big wheels the motors theuttle spokes EXHAUST PIPE RADIATOR THE SPARK PLUGS THE BODY THE SPARE TIRESLeft to right, 1st row: Lovelace Oden, Dorah Steme, Julia Bruce, Patty Goodall, Eleanor Greenwald, Leila Clayton., Betty Moore. 2nd row: Travis Lindsay, Gordon Joiner, Harold Apolinsky, Key Foster, Sheldon Hackney, Glenn Cobbs, George Patterson. Left to right, 1st row: Lovelace Oden, Jane Meade, Meredith Newman, Ruth Grafman, Pat Collins. 2nd row: Donald Long, Michael Pizitz, Fred Sharp, Key Foster, Sam Pointer,Joe Donald, Jimmy Parrish, Vernon Russell.Left to right, 1st row: Marilyn Drash, Fred Sharp, Cornelia Powell, Key Foster, Elberta Gibbs, Bill Dixon, Ed Logan, Tommy Ragan. 2nd row: Bruce Robertson, Louise Fletcher, Ann Bartlett, Robert Kenan, Fred Sington, Roland. Ingram, Jimmy Sulzby, Calhoun Johnson, Lenard Cohen, Gordon Joiner Lynn Wallace, Rhoda Denaburg, Billy Nichols, Stephanie Ethridge, Jackie Henderson. Seated at table, left to right: Bill Stone, Ann Chace, Joe Cotlin, Fred Sington, Nancy Williams, Kius Taylor, Phil Watts, Dot Henning, Janice Clark. Left to right, lat row: Jimmy Griffin, Tommy Wilson, Henry Rowland, Ralph Bice, Henrietta Fant, Donald Long, Jerry Peirce, Jimmy O’Quinn, Dick Campis. 2nd row: Bobby Hunter, Ronald Brown, Bruce Robertson, Linder Boutwell, Sarah Franklin, Loretta Maniscalco, Ann Bartlett, Jimmy Travis.M 4 R S H 1L S Left to right, 1st row: Sandra Sokol, Imogene Fogleman, Ruth Grafman, Eleanor Greenwald, Shirley Jaffe, Betty Moore, Ann Simpson, Elberta Gibbs, Marilyn Drash, Frances Bell, Edith Smith, Rita Berman, Cornelia Powell, Johnie Wood, Jackie Levingston, Carolyn Hugensmith. 2nd row: Dody Sterne, Susan Ford, Alyce Derrick, Judy Craven, Alice Stubbs, Brenda Weeks, Ann Montgomery, Gloria Butler, Peggy O’Quinn, Joan Kramer, -Corrine Taylor, Charlan Edmundson, Elaine Brodnax, Joan Rittenbaum, Margaret Smith. 3rd row: Jean Chandler, Paula Hughes, Silvia Dickerson, Ann Caddel, Frances Seal, Winifred Harris, Mary Katherine A r m s t ro n g,Julia Bruce, Jean Radford, Jo Taylor, Phyllis Hutchinson, 1 Martha Spencer, Edna Snow, Betty Ann Davis. 4th row: Gloria Wade, Virginia Clayton, Joyce Tharp, Betty Bames, Corrinne Brandon, Jo Ann Terry, Jean Morgan, Eleanor Levy, Jackie Baggett, Betty Hale, P c Baggett, Daisy Moorehead, Lynn Barber, Fay Cooper, Anita Scofield, Betty Jean Clements. Left to right. 1st row: Sam Pointer, Terry Fierman, Jimmy Parrish, Harold Apolinsky, Gerald Zodin, Gordon Joiner,, Tommy Williams, Jimmy Sulzby, Gerald Lewis, Billy Etheridge, Kinnith Key. 2nd row: Charles Denaburg, Ernest Billig, Donald Blasse, Shaheen Erben, Bobby Levenson, John Stark, Jimmy Askew, Joe Donald, Ernest Statham, Bruce Robertson, Robert Parsons, Cecil Holliday, Perry Lee Jaffe, A1 Bailey. 3rd row: Don Moore, Calhoun Johnson, Joe Bolin, Mosely Meer, Campbell Blake, George Patterson, Alan Lubel, Wade Knowlton, Louis Peeler, Jimmy Bridges, James Gerald, Leroy Bearman. 4th row: Robert Kenan, Henry McNider, Jerry Young, Jack Gray, Andrew Morris, Terrill Lanier, Richard Lapidus, Michael Pizitz, Billy Williams, Tommy Logan, Nat Barker.ACTIVITIESIII(1IILI IIEIt STIFF Left to right, 1st row: Jean Chandler, Jane Meade, Betty Moore, Donald Long, Lucinda Biown. 2nd row: Jo Taylor, Gene Radford, Sharon Kahn, Eleanor Greenwald, Philip Zeidman, Ann Montgomery, Bobby Glaze, Edith Smith. 3rd row: Miss Dorothy Hix, Sam Pointer, Elaine French, Pat Patterson, Sandra Brodnax, Dodie Sterne, Clara Calame, Gerald Lewis, Meredith Newman, Virginia Dodson, Julia Bruce, Gordon Joiner, Lorraine Josof, Jackie Levingston, Phoebe Howell, George Patterson. Left to right, 1st row: Anne Chace, Elberta Gibbs, Lovelace Oden, Norma Cullen, Harold Apolinsky, Sharon Kahn, Frances Bell, Winifred Harris, Betty Moore. 2nd row: James Lee, Gordon Joiner, Robert Kenan, Dorah Sterne, Bobby Glaze, Eleanor Greenwald, Joe Donald, Glenn Cobbs.SCIEIULE I!Lilli Left to right, 1st row: Mrs. Foster,. Johnie Wood, Gene Radford, Sharorf Kahn, Jo Taylor, Jimmy Bnreficld. Standing: Donald Koenig. LI It It A It Y ASSISTANTS Left to right, 1st row (seated): Sally Ann Florence, Edith Smith, Gail Lanier, Kate Fogleman, Shirley Bilbe, Beverly Ricks, Norma Cullen, Henrietta Fant, Jimmy Sue Estes. 2nd row: Miss Florence Kennedy, Paul Moore, Richard Fleisher, Ronald Leaf, Porter Fowler, Norvin Eubank, Josey Page, Andrew Morris, Jimmy Barefield.J junior hi - Left to rlfht, 1st row: Tommy Wilson, Larry Murdoch, Norvin Eubank, Tommy Darnell. 2nd row: Vincent Caruso, Doyle Cooper, Robert Crowder. 3rd row: Robert Branton, Freeland Goddard, Earl MacPhaulin. Left to right, 1st row: Carl Bryan, Philip Watts, Cecil Holliday, James Gerald, Hoyt Carter, Fred Sharp. 2nd row: Carroll Woodard, Leo Patterson, Edgar Cost, Billy Calhoun, Bobby Vise, Adrian Lowery, Jimmy Thacker. 3rd row: J.B. Varnell, Sponsor, Campbell Blake, Bobby Hunter, Gariy Evans, Don Burge, Jimmy Sulzby. 4th row: Jim Fowler, Clarence White, Lloyd Britton, Tommy McGregor, Robert Fitts, Tom Pace, Paul Walton, Charles Robinson.mi I! I CL II It Left to right, 1st row: Sandra Brodnax, Pat Patterson, Alice Blach. 2nd row: Kate Fogleman, Sara Rose Lepp, Rita Berman, Micky Friedman, Ruth Grafman, Sylvia Kimbro. 3rd row: Miss Dorothy Smith, Eleanor Levingston, Feme Rotenstriech, Rhoda Denaburg, Jackie Baggett, Marie Hurvich, Betty Hale, Patricia Byrne. MIL'S LETTER I'Ll II Left to right, 1st row: Barbara Thompson, Isabel Lee, Marilyn Drash, Ann Yates, Betty Eubanks, Mary Charles Hale, Louise Eubanks, Jeanne Ann Pierce, Marilyn Jordon. 2nd row: Sandra Smith, Elizabeth Thomas, Jane Sulzby, Loretta Lamb, Miriam Williams, Sally Ann Florence, Shirley Stephens, Jeanette Stalcup, Emily Lloyd, Mary Sue Stephenson. 3rd row: Sally Stallings, Alice Jeter, Jean Chandler, Ann Randall, Dorothy Ligon, Ginger Whitlock, Janice Parks, Clara Calame, Pattie Goodall, Essene Maluff, Jeanelle Stalcup. 4th row: Dottie Dement, Miss Clementine Allen, Betty Barnes, Sue Miller, Corinne Brandon, Ann Henderson, Nancy Sullivan, Florrie Sheehan, Sally Riley, Rhonda Taylor, Lu Yielding.(HULL All SCROLL Left to right, 1st row: Dorah Sterne, Eleanor Greenwald, Joan Rittenbaum, Gordon Joiner. 2nd row: Sam Pointer, Betty Moore, Donald Long, Miss Dorothy Hix, (Sponsor). un cross mu Left to right, 1st row: Faye Sarasohn, Shirley Jaffe, Mickey Friedman, Rhoda Denaburg, Roberta Roobin, Sandra Angel, Kate Fogelman, Dorothy Baker. 2nd row: Harriet Pankey, Anice Albert, Sandra Brodnax,Carole Gotlieb, Jane Coleman, Gloria Ann Wade. 3rd row: Bartie Moorhead, Nancy Sharp, Alyne Becton, Sylvia LeCo.unt, Nissah Mesch, Bettyrene Friedman, Alice Blach, Linder Boutwell, Harriet Tillman, Peggy Karr, Barbara Huggins, Loraine Josof. 4th row: Robert Ketchie, Betty Moore, Charles Stroud, Miss Edris Hughes, Lynn Barber Jean Killingsworth, Ann Bartlett.Left to right, 1st row: Charles Mooney, Jimmy Parrish, Richard Lapidus. 2nd row: Bobby Levenson, Monty dark, Philip Zeidman, Mr. I.S. Gerald,, Michael Pizitz, Terry Fierman, Lenard Cohen. Left to right, 1st row: Elizabeth Jones, Alyne Becton, Sylvia LeCount, Maxine Kline, Beverly Williams, Betty Ann Davis, Martha Spencer, Joan Kramer, Margie Collins, Mary Jane Smith, Lucinda Brown. 2nd row: Miss Virginia Shook (Sponsor), Shirley Bilbe, Ginger Cobb, Nancy Moses, Juanita Carter, Allison Brown, Fran Shepard, Anne Bartlett, Eleanor Bartlett, Jacqueline Smith, Charlan Edmondson, lex Carpenter, Mary Louise Green, Shirley Reese. 3rd row: Elaine French, Kay Chappie, Margaret Potter, Merlyn Wilson, Doris Curtis, Bettyrene Friedman, Josephine Verciglio, Alice Derrick, Grace Glenn, Celeste Wade, Janet Coleman, Ruth Carpenter, Sally Nason.CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Mary Charles Hale, Betty Jo Franklin, Shirley Jaffe, Jean Chandler, Bodice Borntrager, Ann Chace, Pattie Goodall, Barbara Seale, Betty Eubanks, Ann Montgomery, Eleanor GreenwaltT,Virginia Dodson, Ann Yates, Marilyn Drash, Eleanor Jackson. cfu row:Arthur Triantos, Betty Jean Clements, Ann Chace, Harriet Hollock, Robert Ketchie, Elberta Gibbs, Gale Long, Connie Gillon, Mary Katharine Armstrong, Richard Josof, Porter Fowler. 2nd tow: Miss Evelyn Walker, Calhoun Johnson, Bobby Kenan, Jane Meade, Pat Thompson, Ann Darring, Paula Binion, John Poer, Barbara Parmenta, Florrie Shehan, Barbara Westmoreland, NanElliott Pat Collins Sheldon Hackney, Hilton Roberts. ’ ’ 3rd row Cordray Parker, Billy Guin, Peggy Knapp, Virginia Clayton, Tommy Woodruff, Barbara Dunn, Bobby Hightower, Peggy O’Quinn, Bemardinc Johnson, Prances Bell, Lucy Freeman, Shirley Steigcrwald, Jean Succio, Harriet Pankey, Cornelia Powell, Gloria Wade. 4th row: Pat Randall, Ed Hood, Leila Clayton, Faye Cooper, Johnny Lloyi, Rita Goldberg, Jane Malkove, Shirley Jaffe, Virginia Dodson, Anne Montgomery, Phylis Hutchinson, Dot Henning, Annette Rollins, Norma Stansel, Myrna Bonfield. 5th row: Glenn Cobbs, Jean Morgan, Frances Seal, Louise Fletcher, Lyon Parsons, Lynn Barber, WadeL ]Wood, Bruce Robertson, Anyce Albert, Jimmy Young, Sandra Sokol, Jo Ann Boyd, Clive Daly, Pat Morgan,! fHenri Hill, Jackie Leviogston, Gerald Zodin, Carolyn Hugensmith, Judy Craven, Carole Gotlieb.Left to right, 1st row: Sandra Angel, Charlane Edmundson, Mary Charles Hale, Lois Taylor, Betty Rost Tittle, Janet Coleman, Carolyn Russell, Gene Radford, Bunny Johnson, Lovelace Oden, Gayle Lanier, Patricia Ruggieri, Kitty Moughon, Louise Eubanks. 2nd row: Gwen Stevens, Marie Hurvich, Annie Mae Foglemafl, Kay Strickland, Barbara Lewis, Frances Seal, io Taylor, Susan Ford, Betty Fitts, Marilyn Oppeobom, Marlene McEntyrc, Betsy Stephens, Lii Avars, lartha Clyde, Connie Ketcbersid. 3rd row: Margaret Smith, Lyon Wallis, Paula Hughes, Alice Derrick, Mary Sue Stevenson, Norma Stansell, Gerald Zodin, Tommy Woodruff, Porter Fowler, Dan Braddock, Sara Bolin, Joyce Tharp, Ann Caddell, Sylvia Dickerson, Fran Shepherd. 4th row: Suzanne Tissier, Luria Cost, Shirley Bilbe, Celeste Wade, Julia Bruce, Bette Wood, Carol Hawkins, Bettyrene Friedman, Sue Tucker, Barbara Levy, Billy Calhoun, Bill Dantzlcr, Fred Sharp, Ronny Riley, Freddy Friedman, Barbara Parmenter, Betty Jo Franklin, Joan Brown, Clara Calame. BAND Front to rear, 1st row David Holland, Margaret Cobb, Joe Cleveland, Patsy Faulk, Nancy Sharp, Dudley Reese, Eddie Crandall. 3»d row: Bob Mullins, Gene Newmen, David Koploo, Joan Carden, Jimmy Wood, Dick Campis. 3rd row: Bill Scone, Sally Ann Florence, Teddy Zgonc, Betty Jean Wade, Harriet Tillman, Richard Roberts, Jimmy Travis, 4throw: Stephan Baker, Marian Sutton, Stephanie Ethridge, Josie Page, Jack Henderson. 5th row: Royce Thrash, Martha Ann Lee, Dale Wingo, Patsy Carol, Jerry Wade, Vick Goodman, Ghika Morgan, 6th row: Don Lawley, Dale Parker, Farris Hill, Geraldine Vaughn, Henry McClain, Jerry Gwin, Roland Ingram. MAJORETTES Center. Becky Short: Left to right, Rita Broom all, Alice Jeter, Rhonda Taylor, Mary Ruth Broome, Barbara Thompson, Jean Ann Pierce, Jean Patterson.ushers min Left to right, 1st row: Sam Pointer, Tommy Williams, Harold Apoliosky, Travis Lindsay, George Patterson, James Lee, Philip Zcidman. 2nd row: Mr. Alley (Sponsor), Glenn Cobbs, James Nelson, Richard Lapidus, Vernon Russell, Robert Parsons, Gordon Joiner. 3rd row James Parrish, Michael Piiitz, Joe Donald, Donald Carmichael, Cordray Parker, Henry Rowland, Charles Blackburn. i: iiiliit I cu ll Left to right, 1st row: Peggy Catr, Key Foster, Tommy Williams, Bert Tanner, Barbara Huggins. 2nd row: Johnny Thompson, Paul Moore, Gerald Lewis, John Starke, James Lee, Newman McClung, Mr. King (Sponsor). 3rd row Wade Knowlton, Bobby Robinson, Bill Dantzler, Alan Heldman, Bill Byrd, John Darnall, Jimmy GreveLiag' Ernest Statham.piti)iiiitnrs cliiii Left to right, 1st row: Virginia Dodson, Nao Elliott, Patricia Dunn, Rita Goldberg, Shirley Jaffe, Jane Malkove, Gregory Dimijian, Dorah Sterne, Jackie Levingston, Peggy O'Quinn, Peggy Powell, Connie Ketcherside, Clive Daly. 2nd row: Henri Hill, Mary Jane Smith, Ginger Cobb, Gloria Butler, Joan Goldberg, Kate Fogleman, Rita Berman, Ruth Grafman, Ann Chace, Alice Derrick, Lois Taylor, Grace Glenn. 3rd row: Jimmy Parrish, Pat Morton, Barbara Vestmoreland, Lorainc Blackmon, Julia Bruce, Mary Katharine Armstrong, Aon Montgomery, Joan Rirtenbaum, Marie Hurrich, Aon Darriog, Pat Collins, Ann Shannon, Nancy Villiams. 4th row: Charles Mooney, Richard Camp, Fred Sharp, Adrian Lowery, Bobby Vise, Gary Evans, Ann Simpson, Jean Morgan, Myroa Bonfield, Elaine Brodnax, Carole Gotlieb, Dan Braddock, Philip Zeidmfcn. FUTURE TEACHERS HE AMERICA Left to right, 1st row: James Gerald, Anice Abbott, Ann Montgomery. 2nd row: Jean Succio, Corine Brandon, Rita Klein. 3rd row: Ernestine Till, Peggy Wolford, Annie Mae Fogleman, Henrietta Fant, Lynn Wallis. Winifred Harris. 4th row: Joanne Kemp, Betty Barnes, Corrine Brandon, Frances Seal, Henri Hill.ii. . t. c. cimrtiW l Left to right, 1st row: Robert Kenan, Beverly Williams, Charles L. Denaburg, Sgt. Burkhart. 2nd row: Wentworth Bethea, Benny Fitts, Al Bailey, Richard Camp, Bruce Robertson, Bill Kracke. 3rd row: Earl Davis, James Duna, Calhoun Johnson, Nat Barker, James Barcfield. 4th row: Donald Koenig, Charles Summers, William Hughes, JamesJLambert, Gayden Latture, Louis Peeler. r ii »i rm m Left to right, 1st row: Harold Apolinsky, Sam Pointer, Leila Clayton, Robert Parsons, Max Rosenthal, Cordray Parker. 2nd row: Ronald Leaf. 3rd row: Sheldon Hackney, Richard McCalla, Bo Kenan, Tommy McGregor, Dan Braddock, James Lee, Nim Cannon. 4tb row: Bill Yeilding, Tom Darnall, Garr Williams, Freeland Goddard, David Baker. 5th row: Richard Fleishcr, Gregory Dimijian, Bobby Moses. 6th row: Bobby Hunter, Pete Tannahill, David Coplon, Joe Fleishcr, Richard Brown, Bill Dantzler, Terry Fierman, Gerald Lewis.ATHLETICSLeft to right, 1st row: Corky Tharp, Dan Coyle, Travis Lindsay, Ray Vaughn, Ralph Bicc, Robert Jamison, Fred Sington, Jimmy Bridges, Raymond Keenum. 2nd row: Shahcen Erben, Wayne Patterson, Leroy Bearman, Bill Nelson, Ronnie Epstein, Lee Mancha, Henry Rowland, Bill Ethridge, Tommy Logan, Ronald Largin. 3rd row: Derrell Holmes, Jimmy Nelson, Charles Blackburn, Jimrav Williams, Don Denman, Molton Smith, Jimmy Eubanks, Billy Whitten, Jimmy Lindsay, Albert Keenum, Richard Goodman, Jimmy Nelson, Gene Mills. Left to right, 1st row: Donald Allen, Ronald Baggett, Alan Berman, Charles Bainbridge, Louis Bakane, George Betros, Irving Bernsteio, Dale Wingo, Jerry Guio, Walter Wells, Edward Jamison. 2nd row: Gilbert Davis, Edfar Daly, Dewcll Crumpton, Ronald Brown, Bobby Denaburg, Dan Beaty, George Salem, Ross Gagliano, Melvin Shelton, Ghika Morgan, Jimmy Barksdale, Jimmy Travis. 3rd row: Jim Hulsey, Brad Fulkerson, Bob Mullins, Roland Ingram, Jimmy Valentine, Jimmy O’Quinn, Donald Powers, Perry Lee Jaffe, Shuford Roberts, Mark Young, Robert Tippins. 4th row: Bill Mullins, Larry Murdock, Eddie Crandall, Howard Bearman, Byron McCutcheon, Bill Farris, Wayne Shirley, Ed Logan, James Nelson, Hindman Wall, Jerry Pierce.THE PILOTS‘“oTHE EREW Hie Pi lob The Biq Be5b The CrewHELMETS OEE TO FOOTBALL Tommy Loqfln Jimmy ftridqeb Travis LinJboy Don Denman y m Ralph ftiec Jimmy 1 ubankKo Jad jhnerHELMETS OFF TO FOOTBALL Shaken frben Billy E thridcje Robert Jamidon Roy Vauqhn Bill Me Eon Corky Tharpe James NelsonSPORT SHOTS Bqllet boy Are You Ready ? No Gain Line Play Finders Keeper Left to right, 1st row: Dan Coyle, Jimmy Williams, Donald Long, Jimmy Nelson, Bobby Hunt. 2nd row: John Durr, George Patterson, Jimmy Lindsay, Raymond Keenum. Left to right. 1st row: Jerry Wade, Hindman Wall, Perry Lee Jaffe, Jimmie Travis, Douglas Murdoch, 2nd row: Ghika Morgan, Joe Cleveland, Tommy McGregor, Gilbert Davis, Donald Lawley, Mark Young.Tennis Lettermen Football Mrs iii;riiiiii Tennis 38 Ensley................... 0 14 West End................21 0 Phillips................ 26 15 Wood lawn---------------20 40 Fairfield-------------- 6 6 Sidney Lanier--......... 34 6 Tuscaloosa Co.—......... 6 7 Murphy-................ 19 6 Bessemer----------------- 0 Baseball 3 West End----------------- 0 8 Phillips---------------- 1 2 Wood lawn---------------- 5 6 Ensley-------------------- 4 5 West End................. 1 8 Phillips----------------- 2 6 Wood lawn-............... 2 8 Ensley-------------------- 5 Won City and County Championship. 5 Bessemer----------------- 0 4 Phillips--------------- i 4 Woodlawn---------------- l 5 West End---------------- 0 4 Ensley................ 1 5 Bessemer---------------- 0 4 Phillips---------------- 1 2 Woodlawn----------------- 3 5 West End---------------- 0 4 Ensley.................. 1 •4 Woodlawn................ 1 Won City Championship. Track 67 Phillips-----------------46 57 Woodlawn-----------------55 73 Ensley-------------------30 67 West End-----------------46 59 Bessemer-----------------54 Won City Championship. Won State Championship. •Playoff game.Left to debt, 1st row: John Durr, Don Burge, Bobby Hunt, Jimmy Lindsay, Carl Byran, "Buster Chandler, Bill Nelson, Clifton Ellis, Shaheen Erben, Drew Shelfer. Left to right, 2nd row: Douglas Murdoch, Gene Mills, Cary Phillips, Dan Coyle, Jimmy Reynolds, Fred Sington, Jimmy Williams, Donald Long, Walter Coze, Raymond Keenum, Guy Young.SCHOLASTIC An enrollment of 716 and a teaching staff of 47 compose Ramsay High School this year. Among them many students have distinguished themselves in various lines. In the Alabama State Fair Ramsay garnered 11 first places and 7 seconds. For their history papers, Enta Weinstein, Dorah Sterne, and Betty French won awards. Tom Screven won two prizes, one for a chan and another for a map. Charlotte Chambers also was awarded second place for a map. Vernon Russell’s poster,Pat Patterson's essay and Charlan Edmundson's short story copped prizes, as did Brook Paylor s hand made wool suit. Completing the list of individual winners are Mosely Mccr, James Thacker, and Jerry Young who won mechanical drawing awards. The school as a whole copped firsts for their monthly library bulletins and a scrapbook on travel. The HIGHLANDER placed for the fourth straight year, gaining second prize. In national contests, Janis Clark won two gold medals in the Scholastic Art contest, and Joan Rittenbaum was given $25 for her essay on "What Industry Means to Alabama." Ramsay's military prowess is something of which to boast. In the past two semesters, Major Harold Apolinsky, Major Max Rosenthal and Captaio Louis Peeler have been members of the city regimental staff, and Colonel Sam Pointer now heads the staff. Pointer was awarded a plaque as the school's outstanding R. O. T. C. student. The Rifle Team, composed of Max Rosenthal, Nat Barker, Don Carmichal, Calhoun Johnson, and Robert Parsons, won the Third Army Match in the city. Within the school Anna French, Eleanor Bartlett and Ann Bartlett received awards from the National Honor Society for outstanding scholarship during their first semester. Hazel Cotton was presented the Exchange Club trophy as the outstanding eighth semester student, and Julia Bruce was voted Good Citizenship girl. Sam Pointer will represent Ramsay in the Laurie Battle Citizenship Tour. The choice of Ramsay's R. O. T. C. Company M for first place in the city, with our own Company L «s runner-up is a good example of the school’s record—-we stand second to none!SPORTS Excelling in spring athletics, Ramsay made a fine record in city sports. City championships in baseball, tennis, and track gave her the best overall record of all Big Five Schools. In football, the varsity won only twu games out of nine but Thomas Tharp was the city’s leading scorer for the second straight year and represented Ramsay on the All-City, All-Star Football Team. The baseball nine won the city title losing only one game, and captured the county championship; but was eliminated in the district playoffs. John Baumgartner, star pitcher and outfielder, was offered professional baseball contracts from several major league clubs and finally signed one with the Detroit Clutv In tennis the blue and white of Ramsay also showed up to advantage, winning the city championship with but a single loss. Lcttennen were Don Drennen, Charles Kabo, Fred Rock, Jimmy Sherman, Glenn Cobbs, Herbert Hahn, Henry Simpson, Robert Kenan, Sheldon Hackney, George Patterson, and Key Foster. Winning the city championship and placing third in the state meet, our track team also showed well in competitive meets. Herbert Hahn, Thomas Tharpe, Wayne Goodsoo, Billy Whitten, and Jimmy Eubanks were chosen to represent Ramsay on the Alabama All-Star track team after their performance in the state meet. Though the basketball team had a dismal season, Donald Long was the third top scorer in the Big Five and was selected for the second team of the All-City basketball team. Despite the small enrollment at Ramsay, our athletic teams well represented our school, and the students showed good sportsmanship and backed the teams to the limit.OUR AUDITORIUM THEN NOW THE BOYS TAKE CHARGE THEPDEXY AND HEQ CABINETRamblinq Around Ramsay Twinkling Twiiu The Law Now What ? 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ZORIC DRY CLEANING i - POUNDS DRUG COMPANY 1201 11th Avenue, South Phone 7-1173 Free Motorcycle Delivery Steaks Pit Barbecue Chicken PIG TRAIL INN Where Friends Meet By Choice And Not By Chance Curb Service No Liquor BEST WISHES FROM BRODNAX JEWELRY COMPANY ATTENTION HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES!!! In the very near future you will need to rent on apartment or even take o mortgage on your own house. You should hove fire insurance on this home and its furniture. In addition, be sure to take out auto insurance. When the time comes, see us for the aforementioned needs. 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M. 1905 So. 11th-Ave. r- PATRONIZE OUR PATRONS HUGGINS FLOWERS Fresh Flowers Daily Deliver to All Hospitals 2151 Highland PH. 7-6558SCHOOL BOOKS - SCHOOL SUPPLIES NEW AND USED HAWKINS BOOK COMPANY 2123 Third Avenue No. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMALIBERTY NATIONAL Life Insurance Compani BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA HAMMOND ORGANS Mason Hamlin, Wurlitzer and Chickering Pianos Sheet Music and Books Phonograph Records Capeharf and Magnavox Radios Television and Phonograph Pictures and Fine Furniture Combinations All Kinds of Small Musical Instruments If You Can't Coll, Write Books of All Publishers SMITH HARDWICK 406-408 North 20th St. FORBES BIRMINGHAM 3, ALABAMA E. E. FORBES SONS PIANO CO. 403 N. 20th Street BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Open Evenings Until 9remember You’ll never forget your school clays, and we hope you'll always remember PhotoReflex, your Of f i cia I P 1.0to-grapher. 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Suggestions in the Ramsay High School - Rams Horn Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) collection:

Ramsay High School - Rams Horn Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Ramsay High School - Rams Horn Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Ramsay High School - Rams Horn Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Ramsay High School - Rams Horn Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Ramsay High School - Rams Horn Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Ramsay High School - Rams Horn Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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